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I left a job I enjoyed for a similar job that had better benefits... but the new job is NOTHING like what we discussed during my interview and signing and the benefits are non existent. What are my options?
comment posted at 5:58 PM on Jan-18-09

When is it reasonable to fire your psychiatrist? Bonus question: If they can't be "fired", what's the therapeutic benefit to being forced to work with a doctor who you find unprofessional and do not trust?
comment posted at 6:30 PM on Jan-18-09

Just got a new MacBook Pro - What do I need to do to make sure this pricey investment lasts me a long time?
comment posted at 6:32 PM on Jan-18-09

What is the best wireless router for a Mac based household?
comment posted at 9:36 AM on Jan-18-09

Is my husband trying to kill me?
comment posted at 11:19 PM on Jan-17-09

Semantic question: When initially proposing a "getting to know you" predate, the common invitation is to go get some coffee or to go get a drink. If you don't enjoy coffee or alcohol (yet), what alternate phrase can you use that doesn't sound weird? "Get a soda" sounds like "let's go get a malted!", and proposing "getting a drink" and then not drinking alcohol yourself can be problematic — and engaging in even a one- or two-sentence-long explanation about how you don't drink takes the question's tone away from casual and into "sounds complicated-neurotic" territory.
comment posted at 11:23 PM on Jan-17-09

What scientific studies should you believe?
comment posted at 10:27 AM on Jan-17-09

Down's syndrom : do they know what money is ?
comment posted at 10:32 AM on Jan-17-09

So I went and got my nose addicted to dristan... How do I stop with the spray but still breathe?
comment posted at 11:05 PM on Jan-16-09

Getting married in September but my husband-to-be won't come clean about his finances.
comment posted at 10:31 PM on Jan-16-09

I've been looking for information on my therapist beyond the strictly professional, just out of curiosity, and it's impossible.
comment posted at 11:32 PM on Jan-17-09

We always hear that sex sells, right? Can sex give? Can we use our sexuality to help our veterans?
comment posted at 8:18 PM on Jan-15-09
comment posted at 8:34 PM on Jan-15-09

What books could you recommend that might help a slightly mentally challenged adult start learning to read?
comment posted at 8:14 PM on Jan-15-09

Who can I contact if I'm being harassed by a U.S. army soldier.
comment posted at 7:26 PM on Jan-15-09

What American-made automobile classics should I consider for purchase? (Challenge: $2000 budget!).
comment posted at 12:49 AM on Jan-16-09

Can you recommend a secure remote controlled garage door opener?
comment posted at 10:37 AM on Jan-15-09

I transferred to Los Angeles last Spring. I hate the job, but I love LA. There has always been a standing offer to return to my old Chicago office. How do you evaluate the balance between being in a place you love, versus being in a job that's satisfying?
comment posted at 11:54 AM on Jan-14-09

I am selling something via craigslist and the buyer has offered to pay me via paypal after which I will ship the product? Is it safe? or is it possible I might get swindled? I used an alias to post the ad and I am also concerned about my identity as my paypal a/c is my primary email account? What should I do?
comment posted at 9:31 PM on Jan-13-09

I am a graphic designer in Quebec and I have a long term client (8 years!) who abruptly fired me last week. They are a government-grant and foundation-funded non profit working in the (*snort*) social justice sector.
comment posted at 10:00 PM on Jan-13-09

Sexual assault recovery filter: It's been 15 years, I'm well, but I still have some physical scarring that I'm self-conscious about my husband seeing (newly married).
comment posted at 9:14 PM on Jan-13-09

What would be the conditions required on the moon of a gas giant to support Earth life?
comment posted at 12:43 AM on Jan-13-09

Should I eat it filter: Can of Bumblebee whole baby clams. Dumped them into my chowder only to notice that they looked a bit green. Google indicates this might be algae in their tummies? Should I eat them? Chowder is currently simmering, but will be tossed if that is what I need to do.
comment posted at 7:23 PM on Jan-12-09

What's my boyfriend up to? I hate these questions, but I could really use your help.
comment posted at 7:33 PM on Jan-12-09

My grandma (who I am very close to) recently went into a diabetic coma, had to have a leg amputated, and almost died. Obviously this has been a tough time for me. But, with the support of my family and many of my friends I am okay. What I find quite alarming was/is the absense of support from two of my closest friends.
comment posted at 11:27 AM on Jan-12-09

Did I pinch a nerve? If so, who best to go to?
comment posted at 9:55 AM on Jan-12-09

SmokedSalmonFilter: My wonderful fiancée gave me two vacuum-packed 1 lb. bags of smoked salmon for Christmas. (Each will keep for a week in the fridge, once opened.) How else should I eat it, beyond with bagels and cream cheese?
comment posted at 12:45 PM on Jan-11-09

Can this mommy friendship be saved? Please forgive my overly long background story...
comment posted at 12:55 PM on Jan-11-09

What do you think the probability of catching a blood borne disease would be from swatting a mosquito filled with fresh human blood of unknown origin? Another way of stating the same question: Would the risk associated with driving to the pathology centre to get tests exceed the risk of infection?
comment posted at 2:09 PM on Jan-11-09

Can I track the OMX Government Relief Index using Google Finance?
comment posted at 9:48 PM on Jan-10-09

Could/Should I contact my friend's therapist to deter my friend from making bad decisions?
comment posted at 6:13 PM on Jan-10-09
comment posted at 6:15 PM on Jan-10-09

I'm confused by my GP's bedside manner. I went to see Dr. B today about my sciatic pain after my physio recommended it. She assessed me and referred me for an xray, which is fine. After that, when I asked about relieving the pain of muscle spasms in my leg, she said "I have something that would work perfectly..." and "I'd be happy to give you a note so you can stay home from work..." She seemed to be either thinking aloud, or waiting for me to respond. In the end I walked away with neither. What's going on?
comment posted at 9:35 PM on Jan-8-09

Okay, so my friend cried in front of me. This isn’t usually a big deal for me, but for some reason this little episode has totally unnerved me. A huge plate of overthought beans await inside.
comment posted at 9:38 PM on Jan-8-09

Today I masturbated in the shower and as soon as I came I felt totally wiped out. It was like an incredibly strong headrush combined with very low blood sugar. I had trouble seeing and I was very weak. I had to quickly dry off and lay down for about 10 minutes before I felt comfortable walking around. What the hell happened to me?!
comment posted at 8:52 AM on Jan-7-09

I have a Macbook and a new external hard drive. I'd like to set up Time Machine, but I don't want to devote my entire new hard drive to back ups. I'm new to this, but I think I want to partition my drive- how do I go about doing that? And how large of a partition do I need for Time Machine?
comment posted at 8:58 AM on Jan-7-09

Is it okay if my boyfriend has sleep-overs with Sarah Palin?
comment posted at 10:44 PM on Jan-6-09

Say you had a desk, at your job, and say you were also pretty disorganized, and so your boss handed you an Office Depot catalog and told you to buy what you wanted as long as it was within reason. What would you buy? What are your ESSENTIAL office supplies?
comment posted at 10:55 PM on Jan-6-09

If you earned $2500 a month after taxes, and you paid about $1000 on rent/bills/groceries/fun, how much of the remainder would you pay toward a credit debt of $6000 at 9% and how much would you put into savings at 4.5%?
comment posted at 8:28 AM on Jan-6-09

I need some handbag care advice for my girlfriend. She has a golden-tan leather Furla bag that is starting to get a little dried out. We're not in a big city, so going to a professional probably isn't an option. What can she do to treat the leather so it stays looking like new? Specific brand names of products we can order are preferable.
comment posted at 11:42 PM on Jan-3-09

I need recommendations for Mac backup / archive software to make DVDs that fill each DVD to capacity with files from a group of folders. I'm using a MacBook Pro with OS X 10.5.
comment posted at 8:37 PM on Jan-1-09

Can you recommend a great florist in NYC who delivers? Extra points for unusual or exotic bouquets. Online ordering preferred but not essential.
comment posted at 8:28 PM on Jan-1-09

How can you make or have made an iPhone app?
comment posted at 8:25 PM on Jan-1-09

Does anyone have a clear understanding of changes to 403b investment rules that become effective today?
comment posted at 12:39 PM on Jan-1-09

Can a couple of cups of tea make me totally anxious, and totally unable to sleep? Even two days later?
comment posted at 8:46 AM on Dec-31-08

What might be causing the really bad (never before seen) blue-fringing around the guy on the left's shirt in this photo my wife took?
comment posted at 8:05 AM on Dec-31-08

I hate my kids. Do other people hate their kids?? What do you do?
comment posted at 9:06 AM on Dec-31-08

Is it insane to buy a house in this market?
comment posted at 1:17 AM on Dec-31-08

Legitimate reason to decrypt a credit card?
comment posted at 11:47 AM on Dec-30-08

What will help me stay awake without having to see a man about a horse every 20 minutes?
comment posted at 6:42 PM on Dec-28-08

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