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I'm working on a podcast where I interview interviewers. For journalists and whatnot. What should I name it?
comment posted at 7:21 AM on Feb-2-17

What's on TV while the atomic bombs are in flight?
comment posted at 2:19 PM on Sep-9-13

We've got too many magazines -- how to store them for collecting purposes, but also keep them accessible for reading and research?
comment posted at 8:53 AM on Dec-19-12

Am I going to overdose on Snapple?
comment posted at 10:06 AM on Feb-13-11

I'm not much of a sports fan (or a cook), but we have been invited to a Super Bowl party at my brother's place. He's a big Steelers fan, and I want to bring food that says "Pittsburgh."
comment posted at 1:28 PM on Jan-28-11

Is there a website that tells if a movie is available on a premium, on demand or netflix instant watch, and where to find it?
comment posted at 6:05 PM on Jan-16-11

Dark Teen Movie?
comment posted at 4:10 PM on Dec-14-10

Flying Airtran from Orlando tomorrow. Last time I was on a commercial plane was over 30 years ago and I sat on the floor. What do I need to know?
comment posted at 8:06 AM on Dec-8-10

What options do I have for a Windows 7 install/upgrade?
comment posted at 7:59 AM on Dec-7-10

Where should I book a hotel in Minneapolis?
comment posted at 5:01 PM on Dec-2-10

Places to stop to eat or perhaps drink while blowing through Pennsylvania via I-80?
comment posted at 9:10 PM on Nov-22-10

TSA. So. What are some good humorous acronyms for it?
comment posted at 9:40 PM on Nov-21-10

I have a relative who enjoys Drambuie but absolutely hates the bottle redesign from last year. Is there anywhere in the US where I can still buy it in the old style bottle? Ideally somewhere in the area between Detroit, Michigan and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? I realize I can buy an empty bottle on eBay or what have you and present it as a "decanter" with a new bottle, but I'm hoping I can maybe find a place with a cache of the old style bottles.
comment posted at 12:09 PM on Nov-17-10

What is the best dictionary for a 5th grader?
comment posted at 8:24 PM on Sep-26-10

Why do people use kitchen sponges? Are they somehow better than just using a regular dishcloth?
comment posted at 2:38 PM on Sep-19-10

I want to do the responsible thing and buy my children health insurance when our COBRA policy expires this month. I am being told that this is simply not possible due to the "unforeseen consequences" of healthcare reform going into effect 9/23/2010. Surely I'm missing something. Can someone explain what's going on and what I can do before they go uninsured 10/1?
comment posted at 3:14 PM on Sep-11-10

So my boyfriend posted his first app to the Android Marketplace. I want to get him a cookie cake thing to celebrate it. But I need a witty and Androidy related phrase to have written on it. I'm not witty. The best(i use that word in the lightest sense) I've come up with is "Condroidulations!" That is stupid. Please help! Portmantos(obviously) welcome!
comment posted at 9:37 PM on Sep-8-10

I'm currently staying in Las Vegas and it seems silly not to have a go at playing some roulette and maybe some blackjack. The GF would like to try playing some slots. Where can we go on the mid-strip which is suitably classy but at the same time has low limits?
comment posted at 7:02 PM on Sep-8-10
comment posted at 10:03 PM on Sep-8-10

I have lost my beloved ipod Shuffle! Will the newer model do the tricks I want it to do?
comment posted at 1:43 PM on Aug-28-10

Videos like the new Cee Lo video, where the text appears on the screen as the words are spoken - what's that style called?
comment posted at 8:52 AM on Aug-28-10

Instead of paying high fees to watch my favorite NFL football games on Direct TV, is there a decent software package or Internet subscription to follow my favorite football teams live on the internet? I am willing to pay a small fee for this service. Any assistance would be appreciated.
comment posted at 10:19 AM on Aug-26-10

What's the best way (or ways) to get around in Minneapolis?
comment posted at 10:06 PM on Jul-21-10

Some magazines have regular features, pages or sections that they seem to be well-known by or that one would associate with that particular magazine. Examples might be Harper's Index, NYMag's Approval Matrix or even Glamour's Do's and Don'ts. Heck, the entire Vanities section of Vanity Fair is kind of like this.
comment posted at 4:39 PM on Jul-5-10

Pre-teen/early-teen acne solutions?
comment posted at 11:33 PM on May-18-10

Is there an excellent Android calendar app? I'm in the market to ditch my Blackberry and pick up an Android phone (HTC Incredible, I'm lookin at you!), but I need to know if there's a calendar that will work for me.
comment posted at 4:15 AM on May-15-10
comment posted at 4:25 AM on May-15-10

Please point me to the weekly prime time schedule for every network, from the beginning of television to now. (someone simply must have scraped this together into one chart somewhere on the interweb)
comment posted at 6:38 AM on May-11-10

Brownulated sugar. I think Domino's calls this a new product but I swear I remember it from my youth, so sometime in the 60s or 70s. Anybody else remember this product name?
comment posted at 6:38 PM on Apr-27-10

What is the best day and time to get the most exposure and thus answers to a metafilter question?
comment posted at 5:06 PM on Apr-26-10

Where is the best place to buy fresh seafood in Pittsburgh?
comment posted at 10:10 AM on Apr-26-10

What movies have awesome songs that play during the end of the movie?
comment posted at 10:38 AM on Apr-21-10
comment posted at 3:54 PM on Apr-21-10

Do people really enjoy roller coasters?
comment posted at 6:52 AM on Apr-20-10
comment posted at 8:07 AM on Apr-20-10

Are there any automated wake-up call services that include options such as reading a summary of the latest news, weather, etc? Alternatively, is there any way to schedule a Skype call without the computer actually being on?
comment posted at 6:57 PM on Apr-2-10

Schadenfreude filter: I am looking for music videos that clearly convey a sad plot. Happy ending acceptable, but not necessary.
comment posted at 7:52 PM on Mar-10-10

What's the earliest tv show you can remember that used Family Guy - style cut-away/flashbacks?
comment posted at 8:30 PM on Mar-8-10

What organic alternatives to traditional snack food are better than the original?
comment posted at 8:20 PM on Mar-5-10

Fist incidence of 'crazed killer, internet rantings?' I'm looking for the earliest incident where someone killed another person or persons (using a plane, car, gun, bomb, toothpick, poison, etc) and the media coverage quickly or immediately went to the web for the background, and found it.
comment posted at 7:22 AM on Mar-5-10

I keep finding websites in my husbands email, that are nothing but a list of names. ie..............neville armstrong, neville wishes, neville mp3, neville design, bowling on neville island,who is neville?. This goes on and on with "neville" this and that. It takes up the hole page and is one big list. Any ideas as to what this is??? Please no lectures on reading his email..........
comment posted at 3:23 AM on Feb-22-10

What are the coolest/most interesting annual US events and festivals to attend?
comment posted at 7:50 PM on Feb-19-10

We're planning to have a baby. How can we do so without getting our names on mailing lists for baby-related junk mail?
comment posted at 12:03 PM on Feb-18-10

Why aren't the Olympic medal ceremonies being televised?
comment posted at 7:31 PM on Feb-14-10
comment posted at 7:43 PM on Feb-14-10
comment posted at 10:43 AM on Feb-15-10

Another Olympic-themed question: is the Men's Downhill event going to be televised live?
comment posted at 7:56 PM on Feb-14-10

What's going on with the Wii Fit availability? How can I find one in a brick-and-mortar store?
comment posted at 10:51 AM on Feb-4-10

Yesterday, my husband clicked on that little balloon in the System Tray of his Windows XP desktop asking him to install unspecified "Software Updates." Windows proceeded to install XP Service Pack 3... and now his computer is unusable: stuck in an endless reboot loop. How can we snap the computer out of this?
comment posted at 9:13 PM on Jan-25-10

Tell me about chain restaurants still operating near you that had been successful in the distant past, but where there's now only a few remaining restaurants nationwide.
comment posted at 8:41 PM on Jan-17-10

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