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I was talking with someone about rereading A Brief History of Time and we were wondering if there were similar books/literature available from BIPOC authors. We're reasonably scientifically/mathematically literate so it doesn't need to be entry level pop-sci, but that's fine too. We were specifically thinking quantum- or astrophysics and the like, but other natural science topics (ocean life, geology, chemistry and genetics, etc) would be great too.
comment posted at 11:11 AM on Dec-11-20

I want to enjoy watching sports, because it seems like a fun and social way to escape from the world for an hour or two at a time. But I can't seem to enjoy it. What's a good way into sports fandom?
comment posted at 9:16 AM on Nov-13-20

My daughter is almost four and is still having problems with the potty. Suggestions?
comment posted at 4:31 PM on Nov-7-20

As I've gotten older, I have found that I can only sleep in exactly one position. As I've gotten even older, even that position doesn't feel sustainable due to a number of factors. Can I learn how to sleep in other positions? Is there something I can buy to fix this? Where do I even begin tackling this? Stomach-sleeping edition, so, so many details within.
comment posted at 3:11 PM on Oct-27-20

I'm looking into learning full-stack web development as a hobby. There are a ton of resources out there for learning, but they seem geared in a particular direction, which seems less useful to me, because I do programming for my work, but mainly stats/ML stuff in Python and R. Is there a way you think would be good that would allow me to get my hands dirty and learn a lot?
comment posted at 10:09 AM on Oct-17-20
comment posted at 10:10 AM on Oct-17-20

So I neglected our hot water heater for basically 9 years. It's now making weird noises. Should I try to drain it, replace the anode, etc., or is it too late?
comment posted at 10:12 AM on Oct-17-20

I've had plenty of times when I have woken up w numbness/tingling in my hands, and it goes away pretty quickly. This morning, I woke up with pins an needles in my right ring and pinkie (pinky? Hmm) finger that have persisted for three hours, not improving any nor getting any worse, just still there. I'm sure it is another manifestation of cubital tunnel stuff.. I've had troubles like it before, just never persistent like this. have you had this go on for a few hours ? What happened next, did it go away and then you forgot about it and moved on? (Fingers crossed). Thanks metafilter.
comment posted at 10:58 AM on Oct-15-20

Trying to find Hebrew TV and movies to help a partner improve their listening and comprehension.
comment posted at 3:40 PM on Oct-14-20

Because of my ADHD tendencies I find it easier to focus in video meetings if I have a very simple online puzzle game to occupy my mind at the same time. The NYTimes Vertex puzzle works perfectly for this -- but they only release one per day and it takes about 5-10 minutes to complete, so I burn through that pretty fast. Can you recommend other similar puzzles?
comment posted at 11:51 AM on Sep-22-20

I'm looking for new games that I can play for short amounts of time, but almost all my recent games have been games that require a lot of time or focused attention. Recommend new games for me!
comment posted at 10:41 AM on Sep-16-20

Looking for guidance on how to shop for an office chair. Ideal budget is 500USD, can go higher if necessary. Hard mode: I live in a small city in China (well, by Chinese standards).
comment posted at 10:48 AM on Sep-16-20

I am finishing up an intense two weeks of all Criminal Minds, all the time. What should I watch next?
comment posted at 12:13 PM on Aug-27-20

What are your ideas for meals that both Feel fresh and healthy to make and eat, and are also calorically efficient (Makes us full, gives us energy)
comment posted at 7:32 AM on Jul-24-20

How much should we care about the school system when buying a home while pregnant?
comment posted at 7:18 AM on Jul-24-20

Looking for a journaling/self-help guide for my partner, something that maybe gives journaling prompts or ideas for men to "get to know themselves better."
comment posted at 7:21 AM on Jul-24-20

The scene in Fury Road where Max fights Furiousa is one of the best fight scenes I've ever seen. It's in broad daylight, with multiple characters and agendas, yet it's always crystal clear who's doing what and why, while the various personalities of the characters and their motivations make perfect sense. Show me other fight scenes with such clarity please.
comment posted at 2:29 PM on Mar-20-19

While I know there are specific healing-oriented-style meditations and apps you can use, I was wondering if there was a practical non-woo book in the "healing your body with your mind" area that you guys might recommend (if such a thing exists). Seems like even ones that profess to root themselves somewhere near science are mostly woo and pseudoscience. Maybe such a guide does not exist? but figured I'd ask. Thanks once again, mefiters. : )
comment posted at 9:39 AM on May-2-18

What are the magic words I need to use to get a therapist to call me back?
comment posted at 4:25 AM on Apr-20-18

Our baby is due in 2 weeks and we've been trying to settle on a name for 9 months! Please help!
comment posted at 7:46 AM on Apr-20-18

My feet and lower legs often/always feel quite achy -- it's not especially severe, but it's noticeable. It feels a bit like my feet are swollen, maybe, and like my ankles/calves need stretching? A foot massage helps a lot (especially while the massage is happening), but I'm wondering if there are other things that I can do to prevent/help this achiness. (Compression socks? Elevating my feet? Soaking them? Drinking more water?)
comment posted at 1:38 PM on Mar-19-18

I think I'm a CPAP failure. I wore it religiously for 3 years. Finally I got sick of it.`
comment posted at 4:56 PM on Feb-25-18

Low carb diets have some true believers. These believers believe in the carbohydrate-insulin hypothesis. So far, studies have failed to support this hypothesis. Anecdotally, I've had success with low carb diets. My hypothesis is that low carb diets work not because the whole carbohydrate-insulin thing, but rather because low carb diets are more easily followed than an "everything in moderation" diet. Has this hypothesis been tested? Can this hypothesis be tested?
comment posted at 5:29 PM on Feb-23-18
comment posted at 5:30 PM on Feb-23-18

In the interests of becoming a more well-rounded person, I'd like to absorb some nightly wisdom but without getting so sucked in that I can't sleep. Can you point me in some interesting directions?
comment posted at 7:56 PM on Oct-11-17

In the past year I've gained 50 pounds in my mid-section. I have learned this is a lot from stress aka cortisol. Am I doing the right things to lose it? Tips and help please.
comment posted at 11:08 AM on Aug-16-16

Another baby naming question (girl edition). Parental disagreement and other special criteria inside.
comment posted at 9:32 AM on May-19-16

Two pronged question: Has anyone had carpal tunnel surgery with an infant to look after? Also, please read my litany of things I've tried and tell me if there's an obvious treatment I'm missing.
comment posted at 9:12 AM on Apr-29-16

Have you been diagnosed with atypical depression or dysthymia? What is it like for you? What has helped?
comment posted at 12:52 PM on Mar-24-16

I live in a townhouse (condo) in VA that sits partially on top of someone else's condo. Our disposal leaked without our knowledge and caused some drywall damage to the downstairs condo. We replaced the disposal as soon as we were made aware of the leak. The condo association says that the two of us owners need to work it out between us. I has assumed I should pay for this, but googling makes it seem like legally I'm only supposed to pay if I was negligent which makes me think that maybe I shouldn't. It's not a very large repair so it's probably not worth getting insurance or lawyers involved, but it's not like I have extra money to be handing out just to be nice. So am I supposed to pay legally? And if not, should I do it anyway? And if I'm not going to do it, what's a good way to word a response to my neighbor?
comment posted at 2:06 PM on Mar-4-16

I'd like to have a vague plan for what to do at the gym when a.) I don't want to feel like I'm wasting my time, and b.) I can't commit to going on a regular schedule/keeping track of progress/etc. because [REASONS]. All of my lame excuses and beanplating within...
comment posted at 6:55 PM on Feb-18-16

I spent a sizable portion of my adult life, a good 25 years, searching for a therapist who would truly understand me. In 2005, I did. After a a few years of not going, I went to see her again. As usual, she made me feel so much better that months passed before I called for another appointment. Then I learned she passed away suddenly. I honestly don't know what to do now. She had a private practice, so no colleagues, though I did reach out to a former associate of hers from a while back. I'm not sure if he's taking new clients, though. What are your suggestions? Any ideas would be much appreciated.
comment posted at 7:46 AM on Dec-25-15

I recently got my annual review, and some of the helpful negative feedback I received was that I can be condescending at times. I won't dispute this. I think it's true, and I think it's something I can and should work on. However, I also know the origins of this, and I would like suggestions on how to address it.
comment posted at 1:28 PM on Dec-22-15

I like to wear pants, long sleeve shirts, and hoodies. It's what I feel comfortable in. Even in the summer. Even when the heat is cranked up high during the winter. Many people feel compelled to comment on my attire. What's something I can say to brush it off?
comment posted at 1:34 PM on Dec-22-15

I used to walk in heels, run in heels, practically sleep in heels, and its finally caught up to me. Help?
comment posted at 6:51 AM on Nov-29-15

My recent blood work came back with a high fasting blood sugar. I need to cut out as many carbs and sugars as possible. A low GI diet that does not include animal products is the goal. This is a long-term thing, not a temporary diet
comment posted at 7:49 PM on Sep-26-15

I'm good at doing my best and resting easy when I'm alone with my kids, but I get very anxious about them in social situations. My 5 year old son is strong willed, very physical, and likes to make people laugh. It's a rough combination--all three of those traits produce behaviors that have the potential to offend people and/or be against the rules. Any tips for dealing with this kind of anxiety?
comment posted at 1:41 PM on Sep-15-15

I need to lose a lot of weight, but I have trouble sticking with tracking my food or an exercise routine without backsliding into depression and frustration with myself. Please help.
comment posted at 5:01 AM on Aug-11-15

I am a runner and I am trying to get over plantar fasciitis. That means among other things getting better casual shoes. I need some summer sandals and something to wear around the house like a slipper - but with really good arch support. I'm a pronator. Under $100? Help!
comment posted at 5:28 PM on Aug-8-15

This has happened several times, and I react differently every time, and never feel like my response is correct. My son is 18 months, and at various playgroups/events/playgrounds, he has been hit or pushed over by children that are older and larger than him. In every single instance, the person meant to be watching that child was not, and the only response to the act would be coming from me.
comment posted at 10:01 AM on Aug-7-15

I saw a sports doc for recurring issues with my calves, feet, and possibly the Achilles tendon. I'm going for PT on Tuesday but I'd like to look into local classes with exercises that target these issues in the meantime. Details below the fold.
comment posted at 5:20 AM on Jun-28-15

I am 45, recently single after a long-term relationship, and not looking to date. I would like to socialise online though, ideally with people in a similar situation to myself. I read AskMetafilter every day, like many of the comments on the Guardian website, have found some useful info on Reddit (but it doesn't feel like a place I would be comfy participating in). I've also tried The Well for the last couple of months but the discussions I am interested in (e.g. the Singles discussion area) are very quiet - I fear I've joined it two decades too late! What are my other options where I might find enjoyable discussions without too many trolls?
comment posted at 9:43 AM on Jun-3-15

It seems to me that there is a ridiculous amount of money to be won in competitions, in the UK at least. But how does somone tip the odds in their favour, to give themselves a better shot than everbody else? This persons "edge" is an IQ of 154. Method one: enter every possible competition going. Disadvantages are its very time consuming, and doesn't use my edge. method two: only enter competitions that are incredibly difficult, such as crosswords, thus thinning the field. Disadvantages are it will take time to learn new skills. Method three: Gambling. Dont even go there. Method four: the sure thing - a game show. Zero risk, almost guaranteed a hefty cash prize or a car. Disadvantages arevthat these are massively over subscribed, with waiting lists measured in years. So Mefites, any suggestions? (Before its mentioned, already have a decent job!)
comment posted at 10:06 AM on Jun-3-15

Whether or not you agree, guns and knives, and even pepper spray, are a hot button issue in the realm of self defense. Some states don't permit them, some areas are incredibly restrictive regarding type, and certain businesses or buildings won't allow them on the premises. Not to mention the social stigmas of everyone and their mother who will take issue with whatever you use. I am not asking about guns, knives, and pepper spray, all three of which I've already researched laws and possibilities of, and _may_ decide to obtain at some point. I'm asking, where are the websites and reviews for OTHER self defense items?
comment posted at 10:09 AM on May-19-15

"We've had this conversation before. I don't want to have it again." I'm finding myself on the receiving end of this line way too often, from both my spouse and my employer. The problem is, I keep repeating bad patterns like forgetting to turn off the light as I leave the room at home, or not managing my project time effectively at work. I'm aware of the problems and I know how to fix them... I just don't think to, in the moment.
comment posted at 5:15 PM on Apr-17-15

What are some interesting health-related audiobooks and podcasts I can listen to that will help keep me motivated to develop a healthier lifestyle?
comment posted at 12:20 PM on Jan-19-15

I would like to give a few members of my firehouse each a small, folding utility knife, engraved with their name, as a gift. Because I'm getting several of them, I'd like to keep costs under $35 or so. I've looked at Benchmade and Buck, as I have each of those brands and have found their quality to be good, but I'd like to find the absolute best knife I can for the price. Extreme durability under conditions of brutal misuse is a plus.
comment posted at 11:03 AM on Nov-25-14

I have some pretty serious anxiety issues and depression. These have been tremendously exacerbated by some rather overwhelming recent events. I'm seeing professionals for help, but I am getting stuck, for many hours a day, on these thought loops where I imagine in vivid detail the worst case scenario for whatever is bothering me. If I don't have anything to latch onto at the moment, I just feel constant general physical anxiousness. Are there any methods that have worked for you to break out of a similar cycle/pattern? Not looking for medical advice, but for anecdotal advice.
comment posted at 12:15 PM on Oct-16-14

I developed a really bad case of pregnancy induced carpal tunnel. It mostly went away after my son's birth, but my arms are still waking me up at night. See details for oddities.
comment posted at 11:49 AM on Oct-6-14

Self defeating thoughts make it hard to get things done. I want to be able to enjoy my time at school, but my low self confidence causes a lot of anxiety. Is there a way I can shift my perspective?
comment posted at 10:12 AM on Sep-30-14

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