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What are my best options for a cloud-based service where I can do free-form writing and store it until I am ready to print it or submit it elsewhere?
comment posted at 6:48 AM on May-17-24

I'd like to compile a list of significant* fictional places with specific "gateways" or portals to access them, like the wardrobe for Narnia, the rabbit hole and looking glass for Alice, Platform 9 3/4 for Hogwarts, etc. I'm thinking more books or stories than TV, films, or games, but all are fine if it's something especially memorable / interesting. Can you help me find the way there?
comment posted at 10:53 AM on May-14-24

Headed to Toronto in June. We are big walkers and would love suggestions for areas that showcase the city’s diversity. We will have a car and are staying in Toronto Metropolitan University student housing. Shopping centers or malls count too if they’ve got interesting stuff
comment posted at 10:57 AM on May-14-24

I have a book group. Members have some pretty specific preferences and are unfortunately well-read. I'm looking for lesser known classics that meet certain criteria:
comment posted at 9:32 AM on May-2-24

I've got an Australian passport, a modest inheritance, and psych meds. Where could I go for 2-3 months?
comment posted at 2:51 AM on May-1-24

The source of the photo is this article at the CBC
comment posted at 8:58 AM on Apr-26-24

Can anyone recommend a USB-C keyboard that feels nice to type on? This is for my Android-based e-reader. Using a Bluetooth keyboard with it was glitchy, so I want something that is USB-C based (cable -- not dongle), and it's been harder to find this than I expected.
comment posted at 6:59 AM on Apr-26-24

That's an open question! I met with a fancy client company this week, and the meeting involved use of an LG Cinebeam projector. It amazed me—I didn't realize the technology had come this far—and I'm curious if there's something more affordable that comes close on some of this model's features.
comment posted at 9:22 AM on Apr-26-24

When I put plastic containers in the dishwasher, half the time they flip over and don't get fully washed or rinsed. What works well for you to keep that from happening?
comment posted at 10:05 AM on Apr-25-24

My relative wants to buy new food storage containers and a larger water bottle (64oz) for keeping water in refrigerator. She is concerned about plastics but can not use glass or stainless steel. I am looking for suggestions of the "safest"/"healthiest"plastic containers we could order.
comment posted at 10:10 AM on Apr-25-24

I went to a tailor who I've gone to not often but before. I brought in cuffed pants that I needed shortened. I tried the pants on, he measured and charged me $28 which felt like alot and were almost half the price of the pants.
comment posted at 2:28 PM on Apr-23-24

Ok, this will probably sound weird but I hate soft and fluffy bath towels. They shed and never absorb moisture which defeats the whole purpose of having a towel. The only place I've ever been that has the perfect towels is my nearby spa and they don't know where theirs come from. Where can I get some that are thin, kind of rough, and also super good at drying? I need both body and hair towels. Microfiber is not a good fit.
comment posted at 12:17 AM on Apr-23-24

Dog companions: what's your monthly budget and cost breakdown for taking care of your furry friend?
comment posted at 6:39 AM on Apr-22-24

Favourite backpack broke. Sad. Need new one. Must be 18-25L, laptop compartment, blue or green, external water bottle side pocket, good internal organisation e.g. pen holders, smaller pockets, not too outdoorsy, not too formal, water resistant and handsome looking. Not much to ask for? Any price is a good price.
comment posted at 9:26 AM on Apr-21-24

I am not a techy person. Puzzling through buttons and menus does not come naturally to me. I don’t hunger for new devices and when forced to use new devices I often get anxious and irritated. But if something is genuinely useful and labor saving and not too hard to learn, I will get the hang of it and then wonder how I ever lived without it.
comment posted at 4:55 PM on Apr-19-24
comment posted at 3:46 PM on Apr-20-24

I'm going to be dog sitting in Los Angeles for two and a half weeks. I'll be in Eagle Rock, and will be working and looking after said dog (who's old and has needs), so this isn't exactly a vacation, but I will have some time to go do stuff. I have a short list right now, mostly museums. Do you have suggestions for anything particular I should see or do -- or eat? I lived there briefly in the early 90s and haven't been there since.
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comment posted at 2:42 AM on Apr-17-24

What is the best content on audible that is included with a standard subscription? So far, for example, I have found the complete Sherlock Holmes read by Stephen Fry, and a handful of shorts set in METAtropolis by some of my favorite authors, a couple Scalzis, the first Murderbot. What else should I look at (har har). Outstanding reader and outstanding content both welcome.
comment posted at 2:39 AM on Apr-14-24
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comment posted at 5:47 AM on Apr-14-24

What, in your experience, is the best company that prints business cards. Price is not the first consideration. Quality is, and variety.
comment posted at 6:12 PM on Apr-11-24

In my cohort of white or white-adjacent urban/liberal I-don't-call-myself-rich-but-really-I-am parents, every single kid's (i.e toddlers) birthday party has a big disclaimer of "No Gifts!" Is this toddler thing, a rich person thing, an urban we don't have space thing, a cultural thing or a Millennial parent thing.
comment posted at 3:05 PM on Apr-11-24

I've been riding a bike casually for about 30 years, but I still feel like my balance isn't very good! How can I get better? Is there something specific that I can practice that will help me?
comment posted at 10:57 AM on Apr-11-24

Yeah, I'm looking for a great sneaker WITHOUT laces (a "slip-on" shoe).
comment posted at 6:20 PM on Apr-7-24

What are some songs about emotional labor?
comment posted at 6:07 AM on Apr-6-24

I would like to attach a lightweight monitor to a secretary desk. The desk is something like this one. The idea is to screw the mount to the underside of the top of the desk, inside one of those slots, with a very short arm extending outward that I can attach the monitor to. The desk does not need to close when the monitor is attached.
comment posted at 7:14 PM on Apr-4-24

Should I switch to an iPhone or stay with Android?
comment posted at 12:09 AM on Apr-3-24
comment posted at 3:24 PM on Apr-3-24
comment posted at 5:09 PM on Apr-12-24

I track my sleep using my Apple Watch and look at the information in either Apple Health or Gentler Streak. I take a nap almost every day. A few weeks ago my naps suddenly stopped showing up. Nothing had changed in my sleep habits. Why have my naps stopped being counted by Apple Health?
comment posted at 4:26 PM on Apr-2-24

Hi all, I could use some help with a Mother’s Day gift. I’m looking for anything and everything you have given or are planning to give for this occasion.
comment posted at 8:57 AM on Apr-1-24

I have a ring made out of recycled aluminium. I wear it on the ring and middle fingers of each hand randomly. It leaves a dark blue, ink-like mark only on the top side of my right middle finger that comes off with some scrubbing.
comment posted at 11:43 AM on Mar-30-24

The Google Podcast app will no longer work after April 2nd. I could merge all my podcasts onto Google Music (which I pay for), but the interface is crowded and clunky and I would like to keep my music separate from podcasts. What free Android podcast apps do you recommend?
comment posted at 11:44 AM on Mar-30-24

I listen to audiobooks when I run. Knowing that I have a fun book to listen to gets me out of the house, without it I don't run.
comment posted at 6:09 AM on Mar-30-24

A relative has broken a rib and is in a lot of pain. They received two days' worth of opioid painkillers at the hospital which have been used and they are still in too much pain to sleep or work. Before requesting an additional prescription, we wanted to know what the typical prescription is for a broken rib.
comment posted at 10:20 AM on Mar-28-24

And my iPhone got fooled and thinks they're real!
comment posted at 7:08 AM on Mar-28-24

My gut says that having the capacity for faith/belief/spirituality is as born in as being gay or right handed. Have there been any studies on this?
comment posted at 5:47 AM on Mar-25-24

On a whim I ordered some Faraday cloth and tape. It came today and I don't know how to test if it really works.
comment posted at 6:27 PM on Mar-22-24

Have you seen people wearing waist/hip/fanny packs as crossbody bags and if yes, where? I live in Portland OR and have noticed many people choosing to sling their waist pack across the chest or carry it like a purse. If this is you, why not wear it at your waist? This category of small bags seems to have had a resurgence (maybe because of music festivals?).
comment posted at 6:58 AM on Mar-21-24

I am at my wit's end having spent a lot of time searching for an answer, and hoping someone here can help me find missing text messages.
comment posted at 5:03 PM on Mar-17-24
comment posted at 5:03 PM on Mar-17-24

I buy diapers for my daughter from Amazon. The price varies from $50 a pack up to $95. I've got a camelcamelcamel alert set up so that I know when low prices happen, but sometimes there are long stretches between low prices and our stock runs out. I see that there's an option to "Subscribe and Save" 5%-15%, but... what's the subscribe-and-save price? Is it whatever the price is that day, i.e. it'll bounce around between $50 and $95? Or is the price locked in when you first subscribe?
comment posted at 12:22 PM on Mar-16-24

You have a coworker or acquaintance who often wears glasses. You find out that they don't actually need the glasses for medical or eyesight reasons; it's more of a style preference that they opt into when the mood strikes. Is this annoying or gross or who cares?
comment posted at 9:34 AM on Mar-14-24

Do any computer companies still make ultracompact (sub-13 inch), high-performance/high-end laptops? Something like the old 11-12" Macbook (/Air) or the Thinkpad x280. All I see in this space are Chromebooks and 2-in-1s that lean more on the "tablet" side of things. (I would get an iPad Pro with the keyboard in a heartbeat, if only it ran an actual proper OS.) Is there any sort of activity in this space, or is it just completely dead?
comment posted at 2:23 PM on Mar-13-24

I co-lead a group that partners with Vote Forward to write letters to people in swing states, encouraging them to vote. Because research has shown that an insert with the letter increases the recipient's inclination to vote, we came up with four prototype bookmarks (#1, #2, #3, #4) to send with the letters, which will be mailed in October. Could you weigh in on which design you like best, why you like it, and any other comments/suggestions you have? The printing costs will take a big chunk of our funds, and we really want to get this right. TIA
comment posted at 2:27 PM on Mar-13-24

The Apple Watch can send signals by bluetooth (audio, for instance), but can it receive bluetooth signals? Is it possible to build a trigger that when pressed makes the watch do something like play a sound or change screens or whatever? Are there any examples of such a thing on the market?
comment posted at 7:29 PM on Mar-12-24
comment posted at 2:24 PM on Mar-13-24

I was recently dating someone who has a German Shepherd, Fido (name changed to protect Fido's privacy). It got weird, IMHO. I don't know what my question is, exactly. I guess it's, "Is this as weird as I think it is?" or "What the heck went on here and what was the meaning of it?"
comment posted at 3:51 PM on Mar-12-24

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