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I have two MacBooks in the house: a 2015 MacBook Pro that actually has a couple of USB ports, and now my new work laptop, a 2019 with four lightning ports and nothing else. Every ding dang thing charges by regular USB and not lightning. WTF do you do with all this stuff?
comment posted at 6:13 AM on Apr-20-21

What to buy for the person who really is impossible to buy for.
comment posted at 6:42 AM on Apr-19-21

YANMPT. I have plantar fasciitis and I've been doing the prescribed stretches 3x/day, wearing shoes with support, etc., for almost a week. The recurring sharp pains in my arch and heel have transitioned into more regular dull pain, and I'm wondering if this is a positive sign. If you have recovered from PF, do you remember how your pain levels changed over time? How did the sensations change in your foot/feet? And how long did it take?
comment posted at 12:22 PM on Apr-17-21

Do you have any short and wonderful videos of animals, nature, activities like baking/sports/travel or science? Or a source for them? They need to be very short - 1 to 3 minutes long. And have very little to no narration. No music preferred, quiet music ok.
comment posted at 6:44 AM on Apr-14-21

Half a lifetime of wearing crappy shoes and not challenging the feet = plantar fasciitis, pain, dysfunction. I'd like to strengthen and rehabilitate my feet, curious about your experience and recommendations.
comment posted at 6:41 PM on Apr-13-21
comment posted at 6:30 AM on Apr-14-21

I'm looking for information about buying covers for our Ikea sofas from third party sites. Do you have a set of covers from Bemz or Comfort Works or Soferia or Etsy or any of the other sites that create custom covers? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Was it worth the price? What was the process like? Bonus: Any Canadian companies doing this?
comment posted at 2:57 PM on Apr-10-21

With my s9 I could press the "home" icon on the always on screen to wake the phone up. With the s21 I can't figure out how to set it the same way. *super pout* *hope me*
comment posted at 7:48 PM on Apr-9-21

My 9-year old MacBook Air is finally giving up the ghost, so I need to buy a new laptop. I think at this point I’m inclined to just stay in the Mac ecosystem even though I know there are plenty of great Windows laptops out there. Can you please tell me which Mac laptop to get and what specifications to get (amount of memory, etc.)?
comment posted at 7:53 PM on Apr-9-21

What are some examples of platonic dance scenes in film and tv?
comment posted at 5:52 PM on Apr-5-21

Can you point me to a WordPress theme that looks similar to this Squarespace page?
comment posted at 6:48 PM on Apr-3-21

I want more ideas of sauces to put on udon noodles. I’d like to buy 3-4 bottles to have on hand to quickly make tasty noodles with some tofu (is it possible to buy nice fried stuff?) and vegetables. If you have a different favorite noodle, a favorite noodle topping, vegetable, or protein let me know too.
comment posted at 7:00 AM on Mar-30-21

I have a giant toddler with huge wide feet. What shoes will fit?
comment posted at 6:40 AM on Mar-30-21
comment posted at 6:48 AM on Mar-30-21

Recommendations for an indoor tree that will grow to 5 foot+ height that can survive in the NYC region? I have east-facing exposures and am hungry for something that can eventually become a 5 foot+ height. Difficulty-level: no palms (spider mite memories...) and can't need significant grow light support in the winter. Thanks in advance!
comment posted at 7:11 AM on Mar-30-21

I managed to catch on the "YouTube Music New Alternative Channel" a woman with an immense vocal range and a more than pleasantly "reedy" voice that she used to melt into the dash the car stereo over Bluetooth with her sheer intensity. Unfortunately, I was navigating roads under repair, and could not follow up with at the time. The music appeared to be folk rock of some sort, another plus, and she was toying with us mere mortals at the end of her song with her vocals. I would very much like to listen to this song again when not in a minivan going through Pennsylvania roadworks.
comment posted at 6:07 AM on Mar-28-21

The album is Look at the Time and can be heard here.
comment posted at 6:18 AM on Mar-28-21

She's playing on Friday 8/20 in Lexington, KY. On Sat 8/21 I'm in Columbus, OH for work, and I'm thinking about flying to Lexington on Friday to catch the show, staying over, then doing the 3-hour drive to Columbus Sat morning. I saw her open for the Cowboy Junkies in the late 1990s, and Uncle Tupelo in the early 2000s, and she didn't impress either time. Lackluster live shows were fairly common for her at the time, but that was long ago. Has anyone seen her more recently?
comment posted at 4:18 PM on Mar-22-21

I have access to a sewing machine but have never used one. I would like to sew my dog a new cover for her Casper dog bed. Should I do this or will it lead to misery?
comment posted at 8:26 AM on Mar-21-21
comment posted at 3:13 PM on Mar-21-21
comment posted at 1:52 PM on Mar-28-21

I bought the new Macbook Air M1. It has the latest operating system on it. It keeps doing two things that infuriate me: When I put a CD in the external drive, it starts randomly playing music from my music library; it asks me repeatedly to sign in to the iTunes Store and no amount of doing so pleases it. Help?
comment posted at 8:31 AM on Mar-20-21

My trusty Kindle Paperwhite is approaching 6 years old and showing it. I'm investigating new ones and before I just buy another Kindle I wanted to make sure that I'm not making a rash decision and overlooking something better from the competition.
comment posted at 5:58 AM on Mar-17-21

I own an usual (mostly records) store run out of my loft in Toronto. During the pandemic, I've been approaching great, hard-to-find magazines about stocking their publications. The first two I'm carrying are Apartamento and Noon. Berlin Quarterly is next. What are some uncommon, keep-them-forever magazines that you love that you have difficulty sourcing?
comment posted at 11:47 AM on Mar-13-21
comment posted at 7:42 AM on Mar-24-21

What is this ball? I bought a set of two years ago and the label on the tube is gone. It is about 1.75 inches and very firm rubber. So too small to be a racquet or lacrosse ball I think? Too firm to be a squash ball. I’m desperate to find another one as it is the only thing that gets the knots out of my shoulders after a day hunched over the laptop. I’ve been googling for 3 days and can’t figure it out. Photo here
comment posted at 7:40 PM on Mar-9-21

I suck at googling. I own a book and a flyer and I'd like to find out more about them but can find no proof of their existences online. One is for Carl Hansen & Son / Hans J Wegner and the other is for jazz label Impulse! Records. More details inside.
comment posted at 7:50 PM on Mar-9-21
comment posted at 7:33 AM on Mar-10-21

I am writing a book pseudonymously (at least the surname is) and I would like to create social media accounts to promote it, but I don't want people who only know me professionally to find out about it. I created a new Instagram account using only my phone number and somehow it still gets suggested to all my contacts (professional and personal) there.
comment posted at 5:46 AM on Mar-7-21
comment posted at 5:47 AM on Mar-7-21

Please share anything in film or video format, from Tik Toks to documentaries to fiction films, that effectively makes a case to decrease police and prisons.
comment posted at 5:14 AM on Mar-4-21

The sudden death of my older brother has us in eventual need of a service to clean up a small somewhat messy condo apartment in Toronto. Does anybody have any advice and/or recommended local service? The constraints are that my younger brother and I live in the U.S. and it is only my very elderly parents living near Toronto so we can't really supervise (because of covid border crossing issues) and we don't really want our parents to have to be too involved (covid-19 risk, grief and their own age related frailty).
comment posted at 8:43 AM on Mar-1-21

This is the best magnified picture I could get, it's stuck on blue painter's tape. It's between 2 and 3 millimeters long.
comment posted at 6:40 PM on Feb-21-21

Sometimes I like a little drink before bed to help me wind down and fall asleep. I don't drink much in general though, so I never have, say, an already open bottle of wine, and I kind of find spirits a little much last thing at night, so my current nightcap of choice is Lillet Blanc. What other - I guess, liqueurs? - would make for a not-too-strong night-time wind-down drink?
comment posted at 6:45 PM on Feb-21-21
comment posted at 7:19 PM on Feb-21-21

In June 2013 during a road trip from Altea to Valencia, a friend and I noticed a peculiar occurrence. Friend is now a social worker and suggested an entirely possible but disturbing explanation. Could there be any other explanation that we're overlooking?
comment posted at 7:22 PM on Feb-19-21

Contribute your favorite sentences to help me with my letterpress project.
comment posted at 6:31 PM on Jul-23-20

Are there any thoughtfully written books, or movies, (or poems even) about two people who stay faithful in their marriages, yet sustain decades of deep affection and loving support for each other?
comment posted at 5:52 AM on Jul-18-20

Looking for song recommendations about anxiety.
comment posted at 4:25 PM on Jul-16-20

I just picked up an Onyx Boox Nova 2, mostly because I wanted something lightweight to travel with that I could also hook my bluetooth keyboard up to for writing. Main uses for the tablet are reading and writing. How should I maximize those activities and what other suggestions do you have to get the most out of it? Graphic novels? Manga?
comment posted at 5:46 PM on Jul-12-20

My husband needs some new shorts but he has specific requirements.
comment posted at 10:26 AM on Jul-12-20

This is obviously none of my business, but I've always been curious and he's dead, so: how did Harlan Ellison make a living? He wrote a bunch of short fiction over the years, sure, and intermittently wrote for TV (mostly in the '60s and '70s), but it doesn't seem like it'd be enough to get by. Was one season of "The Starlost" plus the settlement from The Terminator plus short fiction royalties really enough to live on for the rest of his life? (I always wondered if he'd inherited money...)
comment posted at 5:52 AM on Jul-6-20

Weird, unsettling, ugly, violent, perverted and just plain odd preferably foreign movies?
comment posted at 7:54 AM on Jul-3-20
comment posted at 8:14 AM on Jul-3-20
comment posted at 8:32 AM on Jul-3-20

Sometimes if I’m really sweaty or if I haven’t showered in a couple days, I’ll notice that the soap suds smell different when I’m lathering up. Like, it smells bad. It doesn’t affect the whole bar, it’s just while I’m washing up. I buy different kinds of soaps with nice scents but is there something about body chemistry that is making this change happen? Is there a way to fix it? This has stumped me for all of the pandemic and I need to know the answer. Halp me, oh Metafilter!
comment posted at 12:03 PM on Jul-2-20

I have not been successful in searching for modern stereo components that look nice. I want a bluetooth-capable receiver or integrated amp that looks as nice as a ca-1978 Akai receiver, i.e. shiny or sleek.
comment posted at 7:03 PM on Jul-1-20

I'm typically an English speaker, but am spending more time talking in Spanish lately. My Android phone keyboard app is terrible. It tries to correct every second word to English and getting to the diacritics is endlessly frustrating. Does anyone have a bilingual keyboard that they like and isn't terribly annoying? The number of options are daunting and the first few I've tried are actually worse than the original. I'm happy to pay for a good one.
comment posted at 5:18 AM on Jun-30-20

Whenever rain is depicted in a film, it's a downpour. Right? I've seen a thousand scenes in movies that take place during a gullywhumper, but I don't know if I've seen any that show a milder type that in the real world makes up 90% or so of rainfalls. Know of any scenes in movies that depict a mist, a drizzle, perhaps a "wintry mix"? Fill me in below, please! I'm not formally researching this; I'm just curious about what seems to be a consistent misrepresentation of weather in film.
comment posted at 10:18 AM on Jun-23-20

My manager, who is a highly successful and capable woman, says “irregardless”. My instinct is to leave well enough alone, but if it were me, I would be absolutely mortified and want to correct that ASAP. What’s the ethical course of action?
comment posted at 11:00 AM on Jun-23-20

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