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I really enjoyed watching this explanation of Yuchan Lim's Rachmaninov 3 performance (which I discovered courtesy of beisny's MeFi post yesterday [thank you beisny!]). Can you suggest additional similar videos that break down musical performances and help convey why they're great? Bonus points if the performance's genre is jazz, western classical, or non-western classical or folk music.
comment posted at 1:48 PM on Jan-30-23

"I'm looking forward to meeting you and potentially other members whom I may be helping."
comment posted at 10:28 AM on Jan-30-23

I'm looking for song examples where the singer "speaks" over music in a more or less plain voice (possibly in a rhythmic fashion). The first forty seconds of The Butthole Surfers "Pepper" is the best example I know. I am not looking for rap or hip hop or trap unless it's very different. Not looking for people using recorded samples of speaking over music. I am looking for diverse examples of people using a speaking voice over music. It can be just a short section of a piece.
comment posted at 12:10 PM on Jan-29-23

Have you experienced or heard about one of the major fast food restaurants not being able to accept cards for that day, or so? If so, is it a one off thing, so need to make sure to have cash at all times, or could it happen again, and maybe even at more than one place? What is the conclusion that different people would come to as a result of that experience? P.S Is there a better category this question should be in? I guess it would be too late to edit after a day or so.
comment posted at 4:44 PM on Jan-28-23

A long time ago I watched an episode of a late night talk show where the guest (who I think was another late night guy, maybe Jimmy Kimmel?) was bantering with the host. The conversation was reasonably friendly but with an edge. At one point the guest said, "Well, what is the name of your [some type of staffer]?"
comment posted at 5:42 AM on Jan-27-23

I'm a longtime happy LastPass user, but the time seems to have come to find a new password manager. What would you suggest as a replacement? It's been discussed in some contexts recently on both the Blue and the Green, but I wanted to ask the question again in a place that is likely to get more attention that the recent MeFi thread.
comment posted at 9:12 AM on Jan-26-23

Is there a good app for keeping track of movies I want to watch? I use Goodreads for books and would like something similar for movies.
comment posted at 5:55 AM on Jan-25-23
comment posted at 9:50 AM on Jan-25-23

There's this film I remember reading about in the Village Voice a couple of decades ago . .
comment posted at 8:41 PM on Jan-24-23

Two weeks ago, I asked about returning to school, which got me thinking about film school, and the local university's well-respected film department was remarkably receptive at having an old guy join their ranks; but, looking from a practical standpoint, I don't know much about the industry today.
comment posted at 8:16 AM on Jan-20-23

My travel tumbler keeps getting jostled in my bag, unlocking, and spilling tea all over my belongings. It happened again this morning and I'm done with it. What tumbler should I be using to avoid this problem?
comment posted at 2:18 PM on Jan-19-23

I can't seem to access, let alone read in text form, my voicemail on this Samsung phone. Please help me figure it out.
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comment posted at 8:37 AM on Jan-19-23

Please recommend me some good collections or anthologies of essays (in physical book or kindle format). Classic/seminal works and/or modern takes all welcome. So either: a collection of essays by a single author, or a collection by multiple authors on a single theme (or perhaps just a collection?!)
comment posted at 5:40 AM on Jan-19-23

We adopted a wonderful male dog yesterday but still trying to find the right name for him. Time to name that dog!
comment posted at 2:03 PM on Jan-17-23

What are the best movies that deal with struggles and triumphs of immigrants trying to survive and make it in a new country?
comment posted at 3:25 AM on Jan-16-23

I'm looking for book/film/tv recommendations about someone who has been missing, returns home to their family, and their family believes (rightly or wrongly) that they are somehow not the same. Especially if they are believed to be an impostor or have lost some core essence.
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There are endless ads on YouTube (using my iPad or Android phone) these days. Can they be blocked? Or is it futile? There are ad blockers and I've tried a couple but I can't get them to work. I just read something that says YouTube has blocked ad blockers now for mobile devices (I have an ad blocker on my PC that works fine). What's the True Story about this?
comment posted at 12:41 PM on Jan-14-23

I'm going through a divorce and am having some serious trouble answering the following basic human question: since all relationships end in separation or death, what's the use in investing in relationships with others? If the pain of loss can't be mitigated and must be survived, how do we build resilience?
comment posted at 4:19 PM on Jan-13-23

I'm signing up for internet in my new home. It comes with a weird sounding deal that I can take or leave.
comment posted at 7:20 AM on Jan-12-23

I want to record an upcoming call on my Samsung S9. Sites like this are telling me to open the phone app, click the 3-dot menu, go to Settings and click "Record Calls" but I don't have that option. When I click the 3 dots and choose settings, I get a half-dozen or so options but none of them are about recording calls. I'm up-to-date on versions. I'd be ok with downloading an app to do this but all the sites I'm seeing look sketchy and are from companies I've never heard of. If the phone can't do it, what's a reliable phone-recording app? Thanks.
comment posted at 8:21 AM on Jan-10-23
comment posted at 11:44 AM on Jan-10-23

Are there houseplant equivalents to the pink tinsel tree?
comment posted at 9:35 AM on Jan-9-23

So my goal is to get to 100 pushups this year. I do 50 every morning and the idea was to add one a week and then boom, 2024, 100 pushups. But it's tough. And I'm wondering if doing it everyday is a problem? Should I be going every other day or is that not going to make a difference? Is there something else I should be doing WITH this to help me?
comment posted at 9:51 AM on Jan-8-23

How do I get someone else to sell a semi-rare book for me? I live in Montana so I can't go to multiple book re-sellers. I just want at least a 60% cut. I'm not interested in trying to sell it myself (see below).
comment posted at 6:02 AM on Jan-5-23

My wife and I have an ongoing disagreement in the kitchen about the best way to handle tough stains and build-up on dishes and the impact water temperature has on getting cookware clean. Can you help?
comment posted at 12:34 PM on Jan-4-23

Should my wife and I travel to attend my nephew’s coming of age ceremony or stay with our long time dying dog?
comment posted at 12:22 PM on Jan-4-23

I'm looking for a weekly planner (paper, not digital, although I'd consider an iPad app if it's pre-structured with templates and it meets all my other requirements). Ideally, I'd like monthly calendars (already numbered!), a weekly page facing a blank dot-grid page for each week, and paper that is sturdy, pleasing, and doesn't bleed through.
comment posted at 6:30 PM on Jan-1-23

What are some high quality trench coats that have thick fabric that will keep me dry but also keep me warm? My old, thick trench coat is to fray and come apart, and I'd like to get a new one. I considered buying a Burberry trench coat, but I put one on, and it was actually very thin and not one I would want to wear for colder days at all.
comment posted at 6:48 PM on Jan-1-23

My small houseplant collection needs more light, and I've been hunting for some standalone grow lights (i.e., can be placed in a table, floor or clamp lamp rather than suspended from a shelf or ceiling above). I don't know why, but I'm finding this purchase inordinately difficult. Do you have a set up that works for you?
comment posted at 4:32 PM on Dec-18-22

I'm wondering about feedback on a list of places to visit around Los Angeles (included on the more inside). Is there anything you would give a strong thumbs up to or say to skip, since we won't be able to do all of it?
comment posted at 5:43 PM on Dec-16-22

What are you general tips for using an ereader / e-ink tablet and finding the best deals on ebooks and / or other apps / uses for an e-ink tablet? Specifics after the jump.
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comment posted at 6:29 AM on Dec-16-22

Looking for recommendations for luggage that is light and manageable. Do you have one you like?
comment posted at 6:13 AM on Dec-11-22
comment posted at 4:06 PM on Dec-11-22

I've seen the footage of the Tampa police chief flashing her badge to get out of a ticket, and I'm confused.
comment posted at 10:55 AM on Dec-9-22

I've been invited to a large party (upwards of 300 people in attendance at a private home) but have declined going due to Covid. However, I am curious about the... "logistics" of attending since I've never been to such a thing. Questions inside.
comment posted at 11:14 AM on Dec-8-22

Recently bought a 900 sqft condo in the US and I appreciate thoughtfully furnished spaces and want my place to look great. But I have no idea how to decorate on my own. Willing to spend $50K+ on furniture, etc. But I don't know where to start in looking for a good interior decorator / viewing portfolios to see if we have similar tastes, etc. I move into the place in 10 months. Any advice on how to get started?
comment posted at 6:06 PM on Dec-7-22

I'm making an effort to replace internet browsing with reading! What can you recommend that is good, easy to pick up on the spur of the moment, and paced in a way that makes it easy to put down again after 10 or 15 minutes?
comment posted at 3:43 PM on Dec-7-22

Is pet insurance worth it? I adopted Dice this weekend. The vet says she thinks he's 1-2. We had a $670 pet visit (some of it was flea/tick meds and some dental chews) but we did a urinalysis for like $400. I don't really expect to have many more medical issues with him, but if he has urinary issues, maybe I will. If you have pet insurance you like, what is it?
comment posted at 11:53 AM on Dec-5-22

I recently discovered some covers by a band named Brasstracks that were like nothing I'd ever heard before. There's this Mariah Carey classic cover of Always Be My Baby, Drake's In My Feelings redone and what I think is an original song, XO Tour Llif3. Is this a genre that exists, or just this amazing band?
comment posted at 7:17 AM on Dec-4-22

I have been hoping to adopt specific breeds of dog when I finally have a backyard for them. I am doing regular research on reputable breeders and looking for rescues on Petfinder. Multiple people in my life are outraged by my desire to adopt anything other than a shelter dog. One family member told me point blank that I must support kill shelters, which was horrible to hear seeing as I donate upwards of $5k a year to no-kill rescues in multiple states. How do I talk about this?
comment posted at 5:49 AM on Nov-29-22

I need to mail a gift for someone fancy in the US. What should it be?
comment posted at 6:06 PM on Nov-28-22

I'm setting up the mass mailer for a 3000 person email list that belongs to a small library. Email goes out about twice a week. There's no way they can handle a sendy server of their own and the Easysendy evaluation has gone disastrously. Mailchimp seems to be the default here but the cost is prohibitive. How do you handle newsletters for your small, poor, technologically challenged organization?
comment posted at 2:19 PM on Nov-28-22

I learned that my partner stole a book from the library and feels no remorse about it. I am not a religious person, but libraries are about as close to a sacred space in my heart as a space can be. Is this worth breaking up over?
comment posted at 2:44 PM on Nov-28-22

In the 1952 movie The Narrow Margin, the police officer hero sends a message from a speeding train, apparently by writing it on a piece of paper for a railway employee next to the track to physically swoop it down. What is this device/interaction/method of communication ?
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