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Can anyone predict how Net neutrality is going to work out? Please refer to the likely European experience - if that is even possible.
comment posted at 3:14 PM on Nov-21-17

My iPad mini is creaking but still useful. However, Safari crashes often (I've noticed it when browsing news sites like independent.co.uk in particular). Have you got any tips for improvements, things I need to check or change in settings or other management? Cheers!
comment posted at 8:06 AM on Feb-20-16
comment posted at 2:18 AM on Apr-25-16

Hi all I want a standard set of folders for a bunch of other folders [imagine folders 1-10, all with the same name, copied into folders A-Z, all named differently. I imagine a copiable template or model structure. I cannot use the Google Drive Folder on my PC [it doesn't synch with the web]. I cannot use scripts or downloaded programs. I am not an administrator in this firm. Will Google let me do this?
comment posted at 9:44 AM on Jun-26-15
comment posted at 10:33 AM on Jun-26-15
comment posted at 7:57 AM on Jul-1-15

is it possible to sort Google docs [in a google Drive folder] in date order? I don't mean 'date last opened by' or 'modified by; I do mean by numerical order, or even 'date closest to the present day' [whatever the formatting style of the filename].
comment posted at 2:55 PM on Jan-28-14
comment posted at 3:50 PM on Jan-28-14
comment posted at 4:34 PM on Jan-28-14
comment posted at 4:21 AM on Feb-17-14

Hi all, I've done my research and cannot see how Chrome multiple homepages works. I thought that I did have multiple homepages up until recently so I believe this is doable, and I cannot use javascript [locked down work PC], only tweak settings. Have you done this? Can you teach me?
comment posted at 10:06 AM on Sep-4-13
comment posted at 10:15 AM on Sep-4-13
comment posted at 12:38 PM on Sep-4-13
comment posted at 4:24 PM on Sep-4-13

Why does the microwave heat up my mug before the tea?
comment posted at 5:25 AM on Apr-11-13
comment posted at 5:33 AM on Apr-11-13

How do I stop a christian page in my facebook timeline?
comment posted at 7:59 AM on Feb-26-13
comment posted at 3:20 PM on Mar-6-13

It seems that google Drive aka google docs doesn't open .odt files any longer [tho a search of the web implies it used to]. Of course, neither does Word 2003. 1. Is there any reason why? And 2. can I - without admin privileges on this machine - open an ODT in some other way [preferably to be able to save as a .doc]? cheers
comment posted at 3:09 PM on Nov-23-12

Name 2 things that have gone to the political right in the last 20 years.
comment posted at 3:02 AM on Aug-5-12

UK specific iPhone/SIM question: I need to activate my old iPhone 3GS 16gB, preferably without my own SIM. I am giving it to my nephew as a games device, not to use as a phone. I have reset and now it insists on a SIM. 1. are there workarounds so I don't have to buy a SIM, activate it then throw SIM away? 2 This was my O2 UK phone [on a company contract], so if you know anything about the iPhone elsewhere, it probably won't apply. 3. If the answer to the above is 'jailbreak it', can I use iTunes after? 4. if the answer is 'use your old SIM just for activation', will this link it to iTunes in some way? Bear in mind, I still use my SIM in my newer phone [actually purchased more recently, but an 8gB 3GS in reality. Yes, I know...] Cheers John
comment posted at 6:25 AM on Jun-6-12

Someone used my Gmail address for receipts on iTunes. How do I tell him about his mistake? I am in the UK, he is Rhode Island, USA.
comment posted at 8:01 AM on Jan-21-12
comment posted at 8:10 AM on Jan-21-12
comment posted at 8:45 AM on Jan-21-12
comment posted at 5:01 PM on Jan-21-12

Anyone know what this bug is? A pic is here - found in Oxford UK today.
comment posted at 2:39 PM on Sep-2-11

Why doesn't Apple allow me to export my SMS messages to a file on my PC [3GS UK O2 iphone]?
comment posted at 2:49 PM on Aug-12-11
comment posted at 3:12 PM on Aug-12-11
comment posted at 4:39 PM on Aug-12-11
comment posted at 6:08 AM on Aug-13-11

I have a formula for inputting into my expense sheet but it doesn't populate the field like it should. I stole the formula from my time sheet, and that does populat the column for the 4 weeks after I manually put in date 1. It is: =IF($B$4=0,"",SUM(B4+1)) So...why does it work in one sheet but not the next?
comment posted at 9:45 AM on Jul-1-11

2 part question: 1. I used to be a member of a movie site which made recommendations based on your likes and your friends likes and movies of a similar genre, but I've forgotten what it was called. Do you know of a site like that? Maybe I can recover my membership if I can find it again! 2. Can you recommend a social network for the cinema? Preferably one with similar characteristics to the one i used to know, with a good number of European & British, as well as US, content & users.
comment posted at 7:54 AM on Jan-1-11
comment posted at 4:05 PM on Jan-1-11

Is there an app which allows my iPhone to view files on my hard drive? I have a wi-fi router from Virgin, which allows my phone access the net. The router is cabled into my PC. It seems that I should be able to do this, but I don't know how.
comment posted at 12:51 PM on Dec-4-10
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Help me locate this statue...
comment posted at 5:46 AM on Nov-20-10

How can I make sure my recycling is not ending up in a landfill?
comment posted at 4:11 PM on Nov-11-10

Does anyone know anything about the amazing dancers in the Raindance video which is all over YT & FB at the moment?
comment posted at 8:47 AM on Oct-22-10

Itunes tells me my iPhone has 1.06gB 'other' used space [as opposed to audio/video/apps/photos]. How do I discover *exactly* what this other is comprised of?
comment posted at 1:49 PM on Oct-13-10
comment posted at 2:00 PM on Oct-13-10
comment posted at 3:53 PM on Oct-13-10

I need inspiration for a playlist - all songs about actors [OR by movie stars that don't normally sing]. So - Gorillaz - "Clint Eastwood", works well, as does Clint Eastwood - "I talk to the trees". I prefer songs about the stars, but by is acceptable too.
comment posted at 3:52 AM on Sep-23-10
comment posted at 3:52 AM on Sep-23-10

UK banking query: I bank at the Co-operative Bank, which has just one branch in my town, miles from where i live & work. Can I i) pay cash in at any other bank [eg HSBC, Barclays, etc] via the counter and deposit in my account; ii) does this cost money? iii) does it take time to 'clear'?
comment posted at 2:24 PM on Sep-12-10
comment posted at 2:42 PM on Sep-12-10
comment posted at 3:04 PM on Sep-12-10

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