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Rhyming Aphorisms/Superstitions/Pieces of Folk Wisdom: (ie. Wind from the east, fish bite the least). I can't get enough of them. Please tell me more.
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Motivational cliches please! I have a client that ends his emails with, "so you're going to have to knuckle down," or, "we need all hands on deck," which of course I ironically find utterly de-motivating. Can you think of others?
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What's the best way to physically baby-proof my computer? Our 10-month old daughter is showing alarming signs of mobility, so we're baby-proofing our house. I really like having the family computer in the living room, but I have visions of my little girl doing chinups on my CD tray (or worse). We'll be watching her like a hawk, but she's already pretty quick and we'd like to limit the riskier possibilities.
comment posted at 9:17 PM on Apr-11-05

Who has sold more albums total, Usher or MC Hammer?
comment posted at 12:05 AM on Apr-8-05

In CSS, is there any way to make the background image have a set distance from the bottom of the div?
comment posted at 6:54 PM on Apr-7-05

Anybody have a clue what's going on at BovineUnite.com? Billboards started showing up here in the Baltimore area a week or so ago. The site is registered locally, but the execution of the site seems too good to be just some local prank. So far, the only Google reference to the site is a Craigslist ad looking for people to travel around Maryland wearing the cowsuit. What are they advertising? Skim milk? Chick-Fil-A?
comment posted at 9:49 PM on Apr-6-05

What classical works sound like birdsong?
comment posted at 10:34 PM on Apr-6-05

What is the best way to remove a 6-year-old's lower front tooth that is almost ready to come out on it?
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I have been invited to a wedding by my friend the bride. My mortal enemy is also a friend of the bride, and has been invited to the wedding also. The bride is unaware that my enemy and I do not get along. Would it be acceptable to tell the bride that this person and I do not get along, and ask her not to seat my enemy and I near each other? Or should I try and get there early and move placecards if need be?
comment posted at 11:31 PM on Apr-4-05