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A recent tomorrow was criticized for describing a mathematician as working with equations and "running the numbers". What are the canonical signs that someone doesn't know much about your field, or only picked up enough to make cocktail-party conversation? (categorized science and nature, but other disciplines welcome!)
comment posted at 8:48 PM on Sep-19-09

Are student papers a possible vector for H1N1? Is there a way to sanitize them without destroying them?
comment posted at 4:44 PM on Sep-16-09

Got any tips for creating a will for new parents?
comment posted at 4:14 PM on Aug-18-09
comment posted at 4:15 PM on Aug-18-09

Next semester I am teaching a class on Social Media Marketing. I want to deliver a relevant, high value course, and I am organizing each of the 12 workshops to address hard questions about social media. What questions do you have?
comment posted at 3:50 PM on Aug-16-09

Can anyone recommend a good bar in South Bend, Indiana?
comment posted at 5:57 PM on Aug-13-09

U.S. citizen considering potential move to U.K. within next five years. Has E.U. citizenship but no passport (citizen of Ireland via FBR - can apply for passport). What are the challenges I need to consider?
comment posted at 7:54 AM on Aug-11-09

How to tactfully break things off with a woman I just started dating?
comment posted at 4:21 PM on Jul-12-09

Cat behavior question: urinating outside (directly outside) the litterbox. Vet has ruled out any blood issues or urinary blockages.
comment posted at 5:48 PM on Jul-7-09

Downtown Chicago tour between trains?
comment posted at 10:00 AM on Jul-5-09
comment posted at 10:02 AM on Jul-5-09

Awesome / unique locations to see the July 3rd fireworks in Chicago?
comment posted at 10:14 AM on Jul-5-09

I am considering taking the patent bar. How should I prepare?
comment posted at 1:19 PM on Jun-25-09
comment posted at 2:46 PM on Jun-25-09
comment posted at 2:46 PM on Jun-25-09

Does anyone have experience with lysine supplements for cats?
comment posted at 9:22 AM on Jun-23-09
comment posted at 9:23 AM on Jun-23-09

Cat gone crazy? If so, what to do?
comment posted at 5:01 PM on Jun-21-09
comment posted at 5:45 PM on Jun-21-09

What kind of jobs are open only to a JD/MBA, or would be likely to express a strong preference to someone with both degrees? I have a general idea, but I'm looking for specific examples so I could justify (or, if there are few/no examples, forget about) the time & expense of a dual degree (vs. only a JD).
comment posted at 1:56 PM on Jan-19-09

Going to be in Chicago all weekend - what must i see and do. My fiance and I will be in the windy city all weekend - Friday mid-afternoon to Sunday night. I haven't been in Chicago for a couple of years and need advice on what not to miss.
comment posted at 1:24 PM on Dec-15-08

What is proper etiquette surrounding cash as a wedding gift.....?
comment posted at 11:21 AM on Dec-14-08

My work requires me to deal with attorneys. I sometimes have trouble relating to them and would like to learn more about the basics of the law so I can communicate with them better. Do you know any books or websites that would be good for learning general principles of American business law from? Something like a classic Law 101 textbook, but maybe easier to read, would be perfect.
comment posted at 4:11 PM on Nov-13-08

Lawyer type looking for possible non-lawyer work needs advice. Okay, you-are-not-my-career-counselor, but I am appealing to the hive mind for advice. I am looking for a job and I need a fresh set of ideas. My fact pattern is a bit odd, and I feel like I’m treading the same ground over and over again in my current search, I want to expand it and don’t know which way to go. Lengthy fact pattern to follow:
comment posted at 4:15 PM on Nov-13-08

As a first-time pet owner-to-be, what should I know about adopting a cat?
comment posted at 7:58 AM on Nov-5-08

What to do during a weekend in Chicago? What to do *this weekend* in Chicago?
comment posted at 8:44 AM on Oct-28-08

My kitten is snotty. Some sort of permanent virus he picked up in the shelter. I've talked to the vet about his health, but she had no tips for keeping my house mucus-free. Help?
comment posted at 8:48 AM on Oct-28-08

Chicagofilter: We are staying at the Palmer House. Where should we eat Saturday night prior to the Chicago marathon that is within walking distance?
comment posted at 5:32 PM on Oct-5-08

How does one become a patent agent in the United States?
comment posted at 12:58 PM on Oct-3-08

Can anyone recommend a nice restaurant in Miami for my anniversary that wouldn't make me look silly if I wore a jacket?
comment posted at 6:02 PM on Sep-30-08

After I pass the bar examination, but before I'm sworn in, what am I?
comment posted at 6:39 PM on Sep-30-08

I'm getting married next Fall (hooray!) in Chicago, and we're currently close to finalizing plans to have the reception at Maxim's. As we begin the process of looking for caterers, I'm interested in hearing about any Chicago-based caterers that MeFites have used, and any they would recommend.
comment posted at 5:55 PM on Sep-19-08

I'm interested in law with a special interest in science related issues. What do lawyers in this field actually do?
comment posted at 1:14 PM on Sep-12-08

Asbestos exposure and asbestos tile removal...did I screw up and what is my next step?
comment posted at 11:46 AM on Sep-4-08

I'm having a last minute panic attack about the travel arrangements for my trip to Ireland and I leave tonight. Should I have stuck to the bus/train?
comment posted at 2:45 PM on Aug-25-08

Good News: I'm a 1L enrolled in a Top 20 law school. Bad News: I'm no longer sure I want to be a lawyer.
comment posted at 6:45 AM on Aug-17-08

Good, cheap movers in Chicago? Or back to the Uhaul?
comment posted at 10:42 AM on Aug-14-08

Can you recommend some good Chicago souvenirs?
comment posted at 11:19 AM on Aug-9-08
comment posted at 4:58 PM on Aug-9-08

What not to miss on a trip to Ireland?
comment posted at 11:50 AM on Aug-9-08

I have a PhD in astronomy, and am considering careers outside of academia or NASA. What other careers could I most naturally transition to? So far I have come up with Patent Agent/Lawyer or researcher at a think-tank like RAND. What are these jobs like, and how do you get them?
comment posted at 12:16 PM on Aug-5-08

Is it worth it to date someone under these (non-exclusive) circumstances?
comment posted at 9:33 AM on Aug-1-08

Where do I buy Thai food ingredients in Schaumburg, IL?
comment posted at 11:50 AM on Jul-29-08

Medication for Sea Sickness? (Just in case)
comment posted at 3:24 PM on Jul-22-08

Proabably NSFW: What are the most tactful/smooth ways to ask if a new casual sex partner has an STD?
comment posted at 8:10 PM on Jul-21-08

Noisy Neighbors Filter: The construction at the house next door is waking me up every morning and they start before 8am. How early can residential construction in Chicago begin and what can I do to bust them if they violate that start time?
comment posted at 7:50 PM on Jul-21-08

I've been put in charge of a workplace cheese lunch. Introducing the staff to the world of fancy cheese, hopefully to convert them away from the usual radioactive-orange ... stuff ... that's out there. But I have no idea what to prepare. French bread, I think? And sparkling cider because we can't have alcohol on the job? But the cheese? What cheeses are near-guaranteed winners, and won't be overpowered by sparkling cider? Help! I wish to go down in history as the awesomest cheese introducer ever.
comment posted at 8:34 PM on Jul-19-08

Where are your favorite places to dine in Chicago? Romance is preferred, good food is a must, and I'd like to spend less than $100 for my wife and I.
comment posted at 11:41 AM on Jul-16-08
comment posted at 2:28 PM on Jul-16-08

It it worth it for me to put an amount of money into an immediate fixed annuity and take out a loan to pay for tuition, or is it alright to just pay off my tuition with the money available to me.
comment posted at 12:33 PM on Jul-10-08

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