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October 17

Buying HeartGuard without a prescription

I am trying to get a six month supply of Heart Guard to a person in Northern CA who has lost everything in the fires. I can easily find the meds but not a prescription. I was thinking of contacting the Humane Society in Sebastopol where she is staying to see if they can help. I am willing to pay for the meds, and if I have to, a Vet visit, but would like to skip that last part if possible. Any one have any other ideas?
posted by cairnoflore at 2:16 PM - 10 answers

October 13

I'm a bee magnet!

There are bees that fly around outside my school's cafeteria. They flock to me. Nearly every single day at least one follows me for a good distance. How do I make myself less attractive to bees? And what's the best way to get them to leave you alone? [more inside]
posted by blackzinfandel at 10:16 AM - 19 answers

October 11

Adopting an ESA with Medical Needs

I'm looking to adopt a dog as an emotional support animal to help with my anxiety and PTSD. I found the most adorable senior dog at the shelter who I really clicked with. However, I am uncertain if her medical needs would make her an unsuitable fit for me. [more inside]
posted by Malleable at 11:54 AM - 11 answers

October 9

Who names a kitten "Roxbury," anyway?

It's time for another round of Name! Those! Kittens! [more inside]
posted by Vervain at 11:11 PM - 21 answers

October 6

Do you brush your cat's teeth? How is that working for you?

So, the vet pointed out that our cat's little gum was all reddened and suggested that we start brushing her teeth. Tips would be appreciated! [more inside]
posted by Frowner at 7:07 AM - 18 answers

Two cats, one (not litter-scattering) box

I have two adorable cats. They love to frolic, and by frolic, I mean "kick litter out of their box like it is their job." This is no longer tenable, especially as dog friend is very interested. What are the best closed-top or otherwise litter-trapping boxes that can accommodate two fluffy Maine Coon mixes? (Pictures of cats fitting in things duly provided) [more inside]
posted by corb at 6:17 AM - 14 answers

October 4

Benefits of snail in shower?

A small snail has moved into our shower room. What are the pros and cons of moving it outside? [more inside]
posted by sacchan at 3:55 AM - 15 answers

September 26

How can I discourage my cat from urinating outside his litter tray?

How can I discourage my cat from urinating outside his litter tray? [more inside]
posted by Murderbot at 7:31 AM - 11 answers

September 24

Pet culture vs non-pet culture

We used to be invited to another couple's house for Thanksgiving dinner. They live about three hours away so the trip there, dinner, and the trip back is a long day for us. I have pets that need to be boarded if I'm going to be away that long, and for a year or two we could manage it, but this couple would extend their invitation a week or two ahead of time and I started to have a hard time finding room at the boarders. [more inside]
posted by Rufous-headed Towhee heehee at 1:50 PM - 16 answers

My cat has a tic. What could be going on?

Please take as a given we already have an appointment with our home vet first thing tomorrow. Our (otherwise very healthy) cat has had a small but noticable tic for the last 30 hours. She doesn't have the tic all the time, but when she does both front and rear paws lightly tic. When she has the tic, she still does her normal cat things - lies on her back, eats food and drinks water, etc., runs around the house. What could be going on? [more inside]
posted by arnicae at 10:04 AM - 5 answers

September 23

When is it time to put a dog down?

He's 14, a golden doodle, and the love of our family, but he's failing and it's so sad to see. What is the best course of action? [more inside]
posted by terrier319 at 5:54 PM - 12 answers

A Squirrelly Conundrum

It's hot. There's a squirrel that likes to sleep next to our window AC. We're going out of town. Squirrel experts of MeFi, what are the chances this thing is going to invade our apartment and terrorize our cats while we're gone? [more inside]
posted by Orange Dinosaur Slide at 8:24 AM - 11 answers

September 21

Which dry cat food is better for preventing UTIs and blockages

Which is the better dry cat food for a male cat (desexed) to prevent UTIs and blockages? [more inside]
posted by Murderbot at 5:11 AM - 14 answers

September 19

Dog Losing Weight and Other Symptoms

My 6 year old spayed female Maltese has been exhibiting some worrisome symptoms of what? In July, I took her to the vet after she was throwing up and having diarrhea and walking around kinda hunched up, not acting herself. [more inside]
posted by Sassyfras at 3:13 PM - 10 answers

What does cat stress grooming look like?

My adorable cat Ember has been over-grooming for a couple of months. She's got bald patches on her legs and on her back. I'm not sure if it's stress grooming or a food allergy. When she bites or licks herself, it's sudden, like something is biting her, but we're 99% sure that it's not due to bugs. MeFites with cats that stress groom or have in the past, does sudden biting and licking mirror your experiences, or does it seem more like some sort of allergy? [more inside]
posted by Fister Roboto at 8:24 AM - 12 answers

September 18

One-time cat breeding. Is it possible?

My family is thinking of getting a cat. I would like my kids to have the experience of a cat birthing a litter and raising its kittens until it's time to give them away. This would be just one litter, and then we'd have the mother cat spayed. What is the best way of accomplishing this? [more inside]
posted by Winnie the Proust at 9:15 AM - 37 answers

Oh cat, I really wish you wouldn't do this

I am writing this at 3 in the morning because for the millionth time our cat had diarrhea, stepped in it, and tracked it around the entire apartment. It took half an hour to clean up. What can I do to prevent this living nightmare from ever happening again? [more inside]
posted by shapes that haunt the dusk at 3:17 AM - 19 answers

September 16

What's the deal with Plott Hounds?

Looking to bring another dog into the family and seeing quite a few but not familiar with the breed. [more inside]
posted by shesbenevolent at 6:39 PM - 7 answers

Helping partner through sudden pet death

Seeking advice to help my partner, and myself, through the sudden and unexpected loss of a pet. [more inside]
posted by ominous_paws at 12:33 AM - 8 answers

September 15

If peeing the carpet is cool consider her Miles Davis

Can you help me figure out why my dog isn't housebroken anymore, and what I can do about it? [more inside]
posted by quiet coyote at 8:45 PM - 6 answers

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