July 27

Help make my workout more efficient

Hi there. I am looking for a breakdown of resistance training exercises by MVC (maximum voluntary contraction), similar to what is in the tables at the end of the linked article. Is there one single article or website that does this? Thanks in advance for any suggestions! The article: https://www.acefitness.org/education-and-resources/professional/prosource/september-2014/4972/dynamite-delts-ace-research-identifies-top-shoulder-exercises/
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Tipping etiquette: firewood edition

Do I tip the person that delivers my firewood? If so, how much? [more inside]
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Beautiful "alternative" wedding venues near(ish) Boston

My partner and I are getting queer married in the fall of 2022 (yaaaay!) and are in the midst of exploring venue options. There's a lot of BS on the internet when searching for wedding venues, and we're having a hard time sorting the wheat from the chaff. Maybe you can help? [more inside]
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How can I have a normal relationship with women?

I was born in a family with a lot of domestic violence. My parents immigrated from a part of the world where women aren't treated very well and unfortunately I blamed a lot of our family dysfunction on our "backwards immigrant culture". As I've grown older however I've become shocked at how common violence against women is, even among regular Americans or people you wouldn't really expect to be in that situation. [more inside]
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What is this object I found in antique store?

A printing plate, 1-3-5-9 repeated in a 10 by 10 grid. What could it be? (Pics inside) [more inside]
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Can you recommend more Lone Wolf and Cub-type tv shows and films?

Can you recommend more Lone Wolf and Cub-type tv shows and films? [more inside]
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2021 Olympics Online Footage?

I am working on a video editing project and want to use Olympic footage to make it. Preferably 4k and 60 (or more) fps. Namely of athletes competing, all kinds of shots: wide, closeup, etc. Where can I find this sort of footage to download? [more inside]
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Downsides to Taking Unemployment Insurance?

I have never taken unemployment before, but according to my state's calculator (Oregon), I may qualify for, what is to me, a significant amount of money. I teach year-round at a college on a class-by-class basis, usually teaching two classes at a time. A couple of months ago, due to low enrollment, I was dropped to teaching one class, and this may go on for some time. (Not sure if these particulars matter, but I thought I should include them in case they affect my question). Are there any downsides I should know about before applying?
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Getting sober without insurance?

The title kinda says it all. I have a family member who wants to get sober. He doesn’t have insurance and probably needs medical assistance for detox. What are his options? In general, what action plan can I give him and his spouse for getting him sober and on a course for continued sobriety? (I’m sorry. I didn’t search previous AskMeFi questions. I’m scared and stressed and at work.)
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July 26

Pursuit Race Riders

What percentage of pursuit race riders from 1900-1929 were heroin addicts?, or, who would you hire to find out the answer to that question? My first thought was research librarian. If research librarian is correct; Is there a way to hire a reputable research librarian per question?
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B-ing responsible

What are words that mean "reliable", "dependable", "responsible", "trustworthy", etc., but begin with the letter b, in English or any other language? [more inside]
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Can I pursue my pHD in computer science?

I'm older (36) and received my BS in International Business in 2007. I've been a professional software developer since then and have been more and more interested in theory. I've also enjoyed teaching through a bootcamp. I'd like to pursue a doctorate in computer science, is this possible? [more inside]
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Restaurants in downtown Cleveland

We'll be in Cleveland in December to see a show at the Keybank State Theatre, and are looking for input on where to eat beforehand. Any restaurants you love in the area? No dietary restrictions, and we'll have our car.
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What type of slide/transparency is this?

Recently found. A whole box of family photos in slide/transparency format. I can deal with the Kodachrome slides, but what are these slides? They are 2 3/4" squares measured at the outside of the cardboard frame. [more inside]
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Serious drinking before finding out I am pregnant

Hi Folks -- I know better, I really do. But, with the false sense of security of two negative early pregnancy tests, I went all out at a bachelorette party, only to come home to take another test, and voila, pregnant. More details inside... [more inside]
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How to disipline myself to eat healthier while combating food addiction?

I am trying to change my lifestyle to a more healthy diet and exercising routine, but it has not been easy and it is overwhelming at times. [more inside]
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Minimal(ish) cellphone for maximalist times?

I have an old flip phone that I'm happy with, but my carrier has informed me that the coming switch to 5G is finally going to render it obsolete. Looking for input RE: whether A) this is true; B) what some feature phones that meet my needs might be. [more inside]
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The best Olympic news of the day

Where can I go to find the best, coolest stories about the Olympics each day? I'm talking about stuff like this or this—the upsets, the unusual developments, the huge wins from smaller countries that might otherwise get overlooked, etc. Totally agnostic as to any particular sport or discipline. Just want good stories—thanks!
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Swapping Cars

My parent and I have have essentially permanently swapped cars. Both are paid off and insured. Is there a good reason to go through the process of changing titles/insurance/etc. Or is it ok to just leave it as it is? [more inside]
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moderate exercise feels terrible

I broke my ankle just before COVID hit and have been working my way back from a long period of being more sedentary than normal. I have been doing PT for months and have hit a wall because the new weighted exercises destroy me but I know being active is part of continuing to get better. what do I do? [more inside]
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A hair product that's nothing to sneeze at

After a lifetime of eschewing hair products, I need a hair styling spray for my fine, wavy (2b) hair. Difficulty level: sensitivity to fragrances. [more inside]
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More like this

I love this episode of 99 percent invisible, "wild ones live". i would love to have more things similar to this to listen to. Know anything? [more inside]
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Dry food for a cat that doesn't like it?

I have two healthy kittens - but one won't eat *anything* dry. Do you have suggestions for food & treats a cat with this quirk might like to snack on? [more inside]
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Paperback Protection (Entombment Edition)

I have some nice, collectible paperback books. I want to put them in some kind of protective case or holder that's more durable and perhaps permanent than the plastic sleeves they currently reside in, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Maybe you can help? [more inside]
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Why does drinking more water cause acne?

This is bizarre and I’m not fully sure if it’s not psychosomatic. But over the past several years, I’ve connected drinking more water with getting more painful cystic acne and more acne in general. As a result, I try not to drink or eat watery things but it’d be great if I could go back to normal. [more inside]
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Take me to Paris

I'm reading Nancy Mitford's foreign correspondence from France in the 1950s and am adoring it. Would love to continue being transported to mid-20th century Paris by other books and media- what should I read and watch to achieve this? (I do not, sadly, read French so recs will have to be English or in translation.)
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July 25

How commonplace is crossing one’s arms at Catholic communion?

How commonplace is crossing one’s arms at communion time, hands on opposite shoulders, to receive a blessing rather than receive the Eucharist, in Catholic churches? [more inside]
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Women's skirt - not quite bodycon, not quite pencil...

What kind of skirt am I looking for? Above knee-length, snug but not restrictively tight, thick fabric. Can't find the right search terms. [more inside]
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Recommendations for classical guitar music books with tablature

I am interested in sheet music books with a range of short guitar songs from beginner to intermediate level, that help build technique. Should have emphasis on fingerpicking, not as much chord strumming. For an example of the kind of music I'm looking for: Etude in E Minor by Tarrega. I lean toward Aeolian and Phrygian tunes. Ok if it has standard notation but must also have tablature. My local music stores don't have much on their shelves these days, and searching the web is too vast!
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How to find common literary ground: Dostoevsky vs Rick Riordan

Without a bunch of unnecessary back story, I used to be an avid reader, read many of the classics, but these days I tend to only enjoy teen drama/sci fi with quick pacing like Hunger Games, the Magicians, Percy Jackson, etc. I always preferred more contemporary stuff as soon as I was far enough in college to specialize (e.g. Thomas Pynchon over Austen), but now I feel like my taste is not on par with my education, and mostly I don't care about that because I like what I like, but part of me does care, and I wonder about trying to get back to some more literary/learned media. I say "media" because ideally I'd like to expand my tastes for tv shows and movies also. [more inside]
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Where can I find nation agnostic coverage of the Olympics?

I would like to follow the Olympics from the US without being subject to any jingoism or nationalism. Does anyone have a source of coverage that might fit the bill? I'm boycotting NBC and I've checked out various US based sports journalism sites without much luck. Also, I'm sorted with a VPN and BBC iplayer access, but they're going the full English breakfast. Focus on politically activist athletes would be a bonus. [more inside]
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Make my birthday awesome with a showstopping gluten-free dessert!

It’s my birthday soon and I want to make the best gluten-free dessert ever! I’m in the mood for a gorgeous, fussy project with multiple steps. 8 servings or so would be great. I’d like to prep most of it the night before, but I'm willing to hunt for ingredients and even buy a few tools. Off the wall flavor combinations are encouraged. [more inside]
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How do I find the right person to hire for this?

I am having an extremely difficult time dealing with applying for and enrolling in my state's ACA health insurance plan. Are there people who will do this for me for a fee? [more inside]
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How can my daughter get a checking account with no picture ID?

My daughter is 20. She has no driver's license or picture ID, but needs an independent checking account. Help? [more inside]
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Comic book storage and display

I have about 1000 comic books, most of which are the standard journal/large format (about 7x10) although some are digest size (about 6x4). Right now they are stored in four large, long cardboard boxes made for comics that I picked up at a comic book store about 25 years ago. I would like to put them on a shelf or display them in some way, but I can't figure out the best method. [more inside]
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Mobile data vs. data roaming abroad

Hello, I'm in the US, travelling abroad and just realized I forgot to turn off my cellular data. I'm scared I incurred a huge amount of charges that I will face I return home. [more inside]
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My mom is sick, my phone is bricked, and FedEx is no help

My parents called me the other day to let me know that my 85-year-old mother has a tumor on her lung. Either this week or next, Mom is scheduled to have more tests, at the large regional teaching hospital near me. The following morning, my phone bricked. I ordered a new one, which is to arrive via FedEx on Monday by noon. Staying in communication with my family is important right now. I would like not to miss the delivery of my new device. But the tools that FedEx has provided to ensure this are not intuitive. [more inside]
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Firefox Reader style website

I love the Firefox Reader! Would it be simple or complex for me to use Firefox Reader as my website style? If simple, please hold my hand and walk me through the steps. [more inside]
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Fixing a very old butane lighter

I got a butane lighter that isn't working. I tried to refill it and it's still not working. I can't find online instructions for a similar lighter so I'm not sure how to fix it. [more inside]
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Sealing concrete patio

My incontinent dog (see my previous questions) has been peeing on our unsealed concrete patio. It smells now. What can I clean and seal it with? Details after the fold. [more inside]
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Find me the right online synthesizer/MIDI for my needs

I have (literally) one bar of sheet music. I need to enter it into some kind of synthesizer, manipulate it to get the sound I want and then export it for use in a video. I have no experience with online music-making tools. [more inside]
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What were these transforming robot toys from the 1980s called?

There was a line of plastic toys in the mid to late '80s that could be found in cheaper US department stores. They were transforming robot toys that became simple 3D geometric shapes when transformed: an extruded rectangle, an extruded triangle, an irregular eight-sided thing shaped vaguely like a sarcophagus, a cube, a few others. All in solid red, gray, black, etc. They were around 6-12 cm in length and the robot instances were not terribly human looking. They had many little hinged hatches made of flat plastic hiding body parts and weapons. [more inside]
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Help me find this pixel art (?) how-to video

I don't even know how to Google this.....it was a video showing how to take a printed photo and cut it into a grid, and remove some of the pieces of the original in order to make a smaller, "pixellated" version. I recall they used a portrait of Geo. Washington as an example. Ring any bells?
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Sudden, odd network slowdowns

At my small office we've been having very odd, sudden, network slowdowns - they seem to come out of nowhere and are a real nuisance. It slows down the network CCTV (10 second lag), totally incapacitates the IP phone system, causes very slow web browsing etc etc. Restarting various switches and the main router - eventually something seems to help and normal service is resumed but if I'm not mistaken it isn't instant and takes an hour or so to 'recover' back to normal operation... [more inside]
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Why is the Olympic Rings logo different this year?

Why did the Tokyo organizers get rid of red, green, blue, black, and yellow? In every display of the 5 interlocked Olympic rings I've seen on Eurosport, all 5 are white.
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My body doesn't seem to remember vaccines??

I'm suspicious that my body doesn't remember vaccines as expected. Info? [more inside]
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July 24

Anti colonialist video games

Are there any good video games where you play as the force resisting colonialism that are not set in the future? I'm especially looking for any that let you take the role of guerillas. (Also, no Nazis, they're the easy, go to baddies) [more inside]
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Insomnia from jet lag

I traveled from HST to CDT five days ago. I still have significant insomnia. Please help me strategize ways to reclaim my "morning person" self. [more inside]
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What Belongs In A Go-Bag?

What with the state of the world I've been thinking about fire and flood recently. If I had to get up and go right now, what should go in my go-bag? How do I avoid putting all my eggs in one basket? Computer/digitisable stuff I guess I can have a back-up offsite or on a hard drive ready to go, but what about irreplacable/sentimental/unique stuff? How to keep important things safe but also separate?
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Easiest boat to get back into from the water?

I'm completely uneducated when it comes to boats. I want one for a very specific purpose. Help me find the perfect little boat for lake swimming! [more inside]
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Struggling friend of the bereaved

I am trying to support a longtime friend who very suddenly lost his young wife. However, I'm struggling to navigate my role. Looking for tips from those who've been there as well as any recommended articles, online groups, etc. I can't commit to regular meetings, but I'd like to find a place where I can talk about my own concerns and frustrations, like the one below the fold. [more inside]
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Pen with integrated clip in body

I have this pen I love this pen and have managed to keep one pen for almost 10 years because It is a pen I like and value, I carry it every day. The part I love is the integrated clip as part of the body. I do like the bolt action a lot as well but would leave it if I had to. While I like the pens integrated clip and action I really don't like the lines and the "tacti cool" look it has. I know the bolt action is a part of that but the lines and knurling at the top are what I want to get away from. To my question, what other pens have that style integrated clip? [more inside]
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What Are These Rock Formations?

Here is a pic I took in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. What are these rock formations?
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Help me use the letter 'n' as many times as possible in a sentence

The 'n' key on my work laptop broke last week, which became an amusing Friday diversion for my colleagues as they tried to decipher my emails and messages. I will get a new laptop on Monday. I want to announce the return of my 'n' key by sending them a message that uses the letter 'n' as many times as possible. Can you help me compose a sentence?
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Baby girl names?

Can anyone suggest strong baby girl names that aren’t classic European names? [more inside]
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What children's TV show am I remembering?

I watched an episode of some cartoon in the mid-nineties. All I remember is that everyone lost their face somehow. This meant that people had a blank area of skin instead of features like eyes and noses. I think the style was similar to Powerpuff Girls, but I couldn't find the episode by googling key words, so not sure if that's the right show. [more inside]
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Name this Cat!

Picking up this girl tomorrow and we having trouble coming up with a name that we all like. Wife doesn't like "human" names for cats. I don't like "food" names for cats. Doesn't have to have anything to do with her coloring, but bonus points if it does. Ideally the name would also have a cute nickname pairing. Thanks!
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Age-appropriate and woke: teen comedies to watch with a 10 year old?

Looking for suggestions of GOOD PG teen comedy movies to watch with my tween daughter. So many of the classics from the 80s and 90s and 00s that I remember fondly are so strikingly "problematic" on the re-watch. Would love to hear your suggestions of any that are good quality and bring the lols, but not offensive! [more inside]
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Is there a way to get a dog NOT to pee on a certain thing?

Area outside of a house. It's been peed on. Which then makes other dogs pee on it. Yellow rinse and repeat. So how do you break the cycle? Is there a scent there you can put to make them NOT want to use it? Or a scare crow for urination? Anything?
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NYC cassette tape to digital transfer

Can anyone recommend a professional in NYC to transfer an audio cassette to digital? I have the only copy of some interviews with a late relative. I don't want to risk mailing it.
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