September 19

How can I get someone to make me a custom religious-medal type pendant?

I have something I want to make into a necklace. The design would be sort of like a two-sided coin or a religious medal, probably cast in silver, and would have simple, specific iconography on each side. I would be willing to spend a fair amount of money on it. Where could I get such a thing done? [more inside]
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Best looper and DAW setup for singer/songwriter and/or vocalist types

I'm looking to purchase a looper as a gift. I'd love to hear stories of your favorite such setups. I'd like to get one that is easy to use, yet also extensible and a perhaps a notch or two above "basic" (unless basic can be made delux via daisy chaining a few together, if that's a "thing"?) [more inside]
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Shingles rash location: coincidence or conspiracy?

I just got back from the ER tonight where the doctor took one look at the large rash on the left side of my neck and said, "You poor thing. You have shingles." Got my meds, got my treatment plan, got a question about why my main rash is on a previously insulted area of my neck. [more inside]
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How do I make myself a marketable editor?

I'm trying to figure out what resources are worth investing in upfront before I apply for editorial positions, and how much my experience is worth. [more inside]
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Ontario privacy, should I be worried?

A short-term gig I worked on lost some paperwork I'd filled out, with personal info. How bad is that? [more inside]
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Minimal, Lightweight Non-Java F/OSS Mind Mapping Suggestions?

Looking for recommendations for some very simple F/OSS mind-mapping software. Absolutely not Java, because reasons. It doesn't have to have every feature under the sun, I simply want to make a few circles/oblongs and drag around a few coloured lines round between them plus any words input. Ability to export to .txt is absolutely fine (.csv a bonus). Really simple, doesn't have to be a big project or even currently maintained but would like recommendations from people who've used the software they're suggesting so I know it's functional! Platform: Windows 7
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Amending Name/Gender on Consular Report of Birth Abroad Form FS-240

I am a dual US/Canadian citizen residing in Canada. My Canadian identity documents have been updated with a different name and gender marker and I need help/advice to do the same with my American birth certificate. [more inside]
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Books on the financial crisis, economics/money, bad businesses

Help me build my library of books about the financial crisis, money/economics, and business gone bad! As examples, I love Michael Lewis’s work and I most recently enjoyed “Bad Blood” by John Carreyrou, about Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes. List of books I already have inside! [more inside]
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Laptop passwords do not work - what have I done?

I have a Macbook Air. This morning, I could log into my account using a password at start-up. Now I can't - it gives me an error message. This is the administrator account; the other account's password doesn't work either. What to do? [more inside]
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Halloween and other spooky events in and around London

Any recommendations for year-round or seasonal haunt or horror themed events or activities to check out in London in October? [more inside]
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Advice on how to make an angler fish mask

I want to be an angler fish for halloween! I am pretty crafty, but i dont know anything about making masks or fake teeth or anything like that. I need advice on how to execute some fake teeth, attach them to my face, or make some sort of mask thing. I probably also will need some make up advice! [more inside]
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When should I celebrate this year's Great Bugpocalypse? [more inside]
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Is is possible to find more of this (engineered) hardwood flooring?

I purchased flooring from Lumber Liquidators about 9 years ago, and now need just a few more pieces, but they don't carry it and don't know what it is. I have pictures, and if someone can help me identify it to see if I can get more, I'd be eternally grateful! [more inside]
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#TreatYoSelf - Charleston, SC Edition

In a few weeks my raggedy crew is making our annual pilgrimage to Charleston to celebrate our friend's birthday. This year we've coalesced around the idea of adding a "pamper day" to our routine and it's fallen on me to plan. The problem: we're a granola group that's better versed in setting up tents than scheduling spa treatments. Can you help me plan an awesome pamper day? Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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iPhone backup experts wanted! Most logical ways to backup iPhone stuff?

I want to be able to delete photos from my iPhone, even if I just took one, and then quickly access it and view it and/or download it from the cloud. What backup or storage service should I use, and how should I best configure it? Help me simplify and streamline a backup workflow, that can transfer from phone to (new) phone each year and save me in case my phone breaks or is lost, too. [more inside]
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Do you live in downtown St Louis, Kansas City or Cleveland? Compare 'em?

This is a follow up to my previous question about cities for living downtown and car free. I really need to emphasize that I'm asking about living in these downtowns, not near them but in them. I'm a downtown loft urbanite kind of guy. I'm originally from the east coast, so I feel like I have a decent grasp on what Cleveland is and isn't, but I haven't been there in a long time. I've never been to St. Louis or Kansas City. How do they compare? [more inside]
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Supporting the Reds in the Riviera

Where can we watch the Liverpool-Napoli Champion's Cup game in southern France on October 3rd? [more inside]
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Resources for family of depressed teen

I am looking for excellent books, websites, articles, and other resources aimed at parents of teenagers diagnosed with major depression (non-psychotic). Personal advice for family members is also welcome. [more inside]
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Soroban (Japanese abacus) training for third grader?

If you are familiar with soroban training for kids - popular in the southeast Asian community - or if you are an elementary teacher, can you please tell me if you think it's worthwhile as a method to teach a child who is struggling a bit with simple adding and subtracting (what her third grade teacher calls the math facts? [more inside]
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Getting up in the morning with spouse...together or seperate

For all you married or living together couples out there, do you and your other half wake up together in the morning at the same time or does one wake up and leave before the other gets up? [more inside]
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Resort/lodging recommendations in Belize or Costa Rica?

I usually go AirBnb but for this trip I'm looking for something a bit more all-inclusive. [more inside]
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NYCFilter -- Building Gas Shut Off

Hi All! A month ago the cooking gas in my building was shut off by ConEd. I was hoping that service would be restored quickly, but ConEd says that the landlord has to do something, and the landlord says that making the fixes is too expensive, so they're just going to supply everyone in the building with a hot plate and call it a day. That's not acceptable to me, and I want to figure out what to do – somewhere between asking for rent abatements / repairs vs. just moving out. [more inside]
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Side dishes side-eye

I've been thinking about the shade thrown at potlucks, where people judge one another on the way they prepared their dish – like, if someone has dared to put raisins in their rice pudding (or not.) Trying to come up with other examples. [more inside]
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more like this

Hi all - can you help me identify organizations that are like this one? The key things that stand out to me are these: the work of the organization involves data science to some degree; the mission is a beneficial one; the people employed by the organization are diverse and have different but complementary educational and professional backgrounds; the projects seem intellectually challenging. The context for my question is that I am trying to help someone with a background in economics/data find a new job that makes the world a better place, is interesting and engaging, and offers the possibility that coworkers will become friends.
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Help my headaches

About once every 3-4 weeks, I get a sort of dull mostly-persistent headache. I can't figure out what the trigger might be (other than unspecific stress, I guess), or any reliable way to deal with them except wait it out. I am looking for suggestions on how to deal with them, and perhaps prevent them. [more inside]
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Pinterest-type software for audio/video/text - for songwriting?

I keep track of a bunch of media for songwriting purposes. YouTube videos, full songs or audio samples (mp3s), visual art, lyrics - full or fragments, poems, quotes. Does there exist a Pinterest-like tool where I can assemble them all in a grid and sort by various criteria, create new boards, etc? Does Evernote do this?
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Things to do in LA with a 4-year-old

I'm dragging my wife and preschool-aged daughter to LA next week for a conference. We're (unfortunately) staying at the conference hotel, the Loews Hollywood at Hollywood & Highland, but will have a car. A trip to Griffith Park is in the plans, but what else might they want to do while I'm schmoozing all day Thursday and Friday? [more inside]
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She's Felix. I'm Oscar. Helpful hints from Heloise?

My partner and I have wildly different levels of comfort when it comes to cleanliness in the house. I have some major gaps in my housecleaning education. Can you help me come up with a list of chores and the frequency with which to do them? [more inside]
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Asset management training: What can it do for me?

For the last three months I've been running a tool tracking program for a mid-size fabrication and engineering company. We design, build, and maintain liquid process systems like dairies and breweries. I have exceeded expectations, and the senior management is looking to hand over more responsibilities incrementally. I'm curious about whether AMCL certification and ISO 55000 training would be useful. [more inside]
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Visual / feel references for 50s USA / Flying Saucers

I'm working on a game about flying saucers set in (an expy of) 50s USA. I'm trying to find references - images, movies, TV, comics, etc. for the visual style and general feel of the game. This is not an era I'm actually very familiar with, so I'd love any pointers for things to look at, especially obvious ones.
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Tool for bulk-reporting abusive tweets?

I report antisemitic and racist tweets using Twitter's browser interface. I can usually find several tweets to check off in the first up-to-five box, but when I find an abusive one further down the timeline, subsequent boxes show the new tweet along with the same few recent tweets. It gets quite tedious to report an account with many abusive tweets because it takes six clicks for each one. Is there a tool or plugin that makes this easier? When I do a Twitter search for, e.g., "jew: @account" it would be nice to be able to select and report many at once.
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September 18

How to promote a debut fantasy novel?

My debut novel came out six weeks ago. Hooray! It got an enthusiastic starred review from Publishers Weekly. Hooray! Then nobody else reviewed it, and it sailed into oblivion. What do authors of weird small-press literary fantasy novels do to find readers? [more inside]
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Hand Me a Logo?

Isn't there a famous logo with two hands cupping a ball of some sort? I can't seem to place it. It looks vaguely like this or this.
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Level Up: Artistic Career

In Australian arts terms, I'm probably now a "midcareer" artist. What can I do to make the best of my current career path? [more inside]
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Older cars don't understand their younger phone cousins very well

If I have a 2015 Civic and I think the whole way it connects with my iPhone, plays music and does Handsfree really sucks (some being Siri's fault and some being the car's fault), would switching to Android help? And/or could I think about replacing the entertainment unit? [more inside]
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city clerk was impolite, any recourse that's not merely cathartic?

Applied for a marriage license today. When I asked the clerk how to fill out my parents' names in the form, she explained that "normally, in this country" the man does not change his surname upon marriage, and "normally, in this country" the woman does. She spoke loudly and slowly, with unusually simple sentence structure, and repeated herself nearly verbatim three times until I gave up asking for clarification. Is there anything I can do that would be likely to reduce this sort of behavior? [more inside]
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Favorite Source for Logic Puzzles

We have a sudden mania for logic puzzles in our house! What are your favorite sources for logic puzzles? (Online, print, whatever.) I would double extra love a site with a "logic puzzle of the day" (or even week) that I could put in my RSS reader. A range of difficulties would be great.
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Mystery Shoulder Blade Pain

I have a mysterious nerve-like pain in my left shoulder blade. Help me figure out what it is. [more inside]
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How much sympathy/consideration can I expect from a flatmate

Dear all, after my mum and best friend died this year I am struggling finding space and getting understanding from my flatmate. I wonder what is ok for me to expect and how I can best deal with the situation I am in when I have very little energy. [more inside]
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How to wash nice clothes?

I am not a fashionista by any means and don't aspire to be, but I've recently decided to stop looking sloppy all the time and ended up purchasing some nice blouses and dress(ier) pants. However, I have no idea how to wash them. This is where you can help! [more inside]
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What questions should I ask a prospective pediatrician?

My wife and I are shopping around for a pediatrician to take care of our forthcoming progeny. What kind of questions should we be asking during a meet and greet appointment? Thanks.
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"So...does anyone in the office want to have an Insecure watch party?"

Job hunting and wondering if I should ask about an employer's commitment to diversity, or how to navigate a possibly great job as one of the only POC in the office? (No, I will not actually propose watching Insecure to the office, y'all brazy.) [more inside]
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Where can I find Aida fabric that is this color green?

There's an Etsy pattern that I love that is depicted on this green Aida cloth. I can't find that color of Aida on sale anywhere... is there some place I'm not looking?
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What can I cook with shaved steak?

Once every few months, I get a pound or so of shaved steak in my meat CSA. I know it's beef, but I'm not sure of the cut other than what it says on the label -- "Shaved steak." It's cut extremely thin -- so thin that it's often torn. Over the past year, I've made the obvious (Philly cheesesteaks), and have also tried it in pho and in gyudon, but I've run out of ideas. What else can I make with shaved steak?
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Help me wait while my boyfriend decides our future

My partner isn't sure if he wants to stay in this relationship, but he's going to therapy to figure it out. How do I handle the wait while my partner decides if he wants to stay? All the details inside. [more inside]
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I need an Android app for tracking PT exercises

I need a checklist of exercise tracking app that works specifically for PT exercises. [more inside]
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Audiobooks to fall asleep to

In search of recommendations of audiobooks to listen to in bed as I fall asleep. Characteristics I'm looking for and good examples under the cut. [more inside]
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Appeals Hearing for Healthcare Marketplace: Good Luck Hunting

I have a hearing (by phone) with a Healthcare Marketplace Appeals Federal Hearings Officer. This is the last stop on the appeals train when your coverage is terminated. Not seeking legal advice- just any other experiences, tips, or wisdom before making the call? [a bit more inside] [more inside]
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Is there a jitterbug for home music management?

I have researched on askme and reddit and have only found answers that are over my head or don't sound like what I want. I am so fed up I am looking around my house thinking where can I shelve 500 cds? In 1995 I never had any problems listening to my music. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ [more inside]
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Relaxing places to go in October

I'm looking at taking some time off of work the last week of October to try to relax before the stress of Nov/Dec. I'd like to stay in the US, but I'm willing to take any suggestions within that limit.
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books in advance of Japan trip?

I need readable novels or popular history to help me prepare for a trip to Japan. [more inside]
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Are there any nutrient smoothie powders for people with food allergies?

I'm looking for a nutritional shake powder that I can use on a semi-regular basis as part of a meal with greek yogurt, milk, and frozen fruit blended into a smoothie. I need something that focuses more on micro/macro nutrients than necessarily on protein (which is what most seem to.) It also needs to be something that doesn't use dairy (the milk I use is lactose free), nuts, beans, or soy. I realize I could just take a multivitamin but I've had a lot of trouble digesting them in the past and I'd prefer to see if I can integrate it into a meal. What is out there that I should be looking at?
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Looking for recommendations on books on emotional/comfort/binge eating

I'd like to find a book to help me stop mindlessly binging on food. A couple of books that showed up when I searched on Amazon were Breaking Free from Emotional Eating by Geneen Roth, I Can Make You Thin by Paul McKenna, and a book called Brain Over Binge. Are those any good or does anybody have any other suggestions? Also open to things like podcasts, websites or other sources of info. To clarify I'm not really looking for books that suggest diet plans or snacking on low calorie foods or anything like that, I'm looking for books focused on the root causes. Thanks!
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Best Day Hikes Near Portland, OR?

Any particularly recommended day hikes near Portland, OR? Mount Hood, the Gorge, the Coast? [more inside]
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Need a way to make a one-to-many daily announcement. How?

I deal in (rare) vinyl records. Each day, I list 3 on my site for sale. When I list the records, I send a text to my subscribers (which I've gathered into a "Group" on my texting app, Textra). "Today's records are up!" and then they all have the same opportunity to purchase. Some literally sell within 30 seconds of being listed. Lately, multiple people have complained they're not getting the texts and they're missing out on records. I fear I need another solution, especially as the list grows, but what? [more inside]
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really considering a coding bootcamp- looking for insights

I am aware of the downsides already and think the positives outweigh them [more inside]
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Choice Instrumentals

I'd like to listen to more instrumental music like Depression-pasillo by Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire; Ctzar by Rhapsodija Trio; and [untitled] by Neutral Milk Hotel. (Spotify links) [more inside]
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Daycare/childcare in Providence, RI for four days next week?

My two-year-old and I will be in Providence for four days next week to take care of a relative. I will also be working from home during that time. Is there a drop-in daycare or a childcare provider in the area who would take good care of my precious kraken for four days next week? [more inside]
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I need a specific cat litter delivered to me today. Help! (Chicago)

I am currently unable to lift anything heavy, so I need to have it delivered to my home. I am also unable to drive at the moment. I need this cat litter, and no other, and I need it now. I screwed up by not ordering in advance (I thought I had another box in the house). I need it today. Unfortunately, I am striking out on the usual same-day delivery options.... [more inside]
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Solo day in or around Las Vegas

I'm going to be in Las Vegas for a week in October. The first three days will be climbing at Red Rock Canyon, the last three days will be a conference. The middle day I'll be by myself and I'm trying to decide what to do! Not as interested in the typical Vegas strip type stuff, and also willing to do a longer day trip... [more inside]
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