February 24

I Can't Pronounce It, But Can I Freeze It: Galaktoboureko

My lovely partner made a whole pan of yummy, syrupy Greek custard pie with phyllo. It's delicious, but there's a lot of it, and only two of us. And I'm on a diet. Can we freeze this stuff without ruining it? If I can't, how much time do we have to eat it? And if I can, what's the best way to defrost it? Here's the recipe they used.
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Washing Machines

Have you recently bought a washing machine? Do you like it? Can you tell me what model it is? [more inside]
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Shiniest laundromat in Chicago

I'm looking for a laundromat or service with a large, extremely clean washing machine to get my new queen-sized comforter cleaner than new, using my own fragrance-free/propylene-glycol-free detergent. Open to dry cleaners also. I'm also open to the idea that all dry cleaners do this, or all cleaners do this, but I'm skeptical at the moment. [more inside]
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Which writers are taking us to "vertiginous heights"?

Writers like David Foster Wallace, or Hunter S Thompson, go so hard with their writing. Italo Calvino, maybe. (FWIW, I am not a white male). I haven't kept abreast of the best writing in the last, say, decade, maybe more, whether fiction or non-fiction. The last book I remember that felt a little like that might have been House of Leaves. Which recent books or writers have really been trying to strain beyond what can normally done on the page?
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Stumped About Loans

Explain this loan situation to me as though I know nothing about loans (because I know nothing about loans). [more inside]
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Help me control my reaction to this.

A person has made a decision which has impacted myself and my partner. It's upsetting me a lot but I have no control in the matter at all. All I can do is manage my own reaction but I'm finding that really difficult. I don't want to be angry and bitter, I want to come to a calm place of acceptance, even compassion. Can you share what has worked for you in similar circumstances? [more inside]
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February 23

Vegan side dishes with yellow rice?

Hi. I am looking for some tasty vegan side dishes with yellow rice. It can be any crusine as long as it meshes well with the yellow rice dish (salads, tofu, etc.) Thanks!
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Driving in snow to go skiing, scaredy-cat edition

So my family is interested in learning to ski. But my wife and I do not have much experience driving in snow. We've canceled trips already because of fear and uncertainty about road conditions. We aren't clear if we have the right gear, or what conditions are part of the experience vs. a definite do-not-attempt. Snowflakes inside, har har. [more inside]
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Gifts that say 'world traveller'

My brother has saved up enough to take a six-month round the world trip. I'd like to give him a gift pack of stuff for the trip. Things I already have: a lounge access membership, some packing cubes, a travel journal. I'd love to find something more creative, too. [more inside]
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Looking for comedy clip on border wall

I'm trying to find this video that my husband and I remember watching. It was a comedy clip where a group of people are hired to build a Mexico-border style wall, then the builders figure out how to get over, under, and through it. [more inside]
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Massage and Acupuncture Etiquette

When my treatment is done, my Massage Therapists and other wellness professionals have always told me to take my time, when they are done the treatment and are leaving the room to let me get dressed. Do they mean ‘please get up slowly, you’ve been lying down for a while’ or do they mean ‘by all means, lie there another minute or two before getting up’? [more inside]
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Strange movie recall: Severed hands edition

I'm looking for a movie I saw in the nineties, and can't seem to find the right search terms with google. The villain kidnaps people to cut off their hands in order to give them to his daughter so she can play the piano. [more inside]
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What color is your Target employees' shirts? Black?

I couldn't find a sub for what I wanted at the store but I didn't think I looked like I really needed help. A Target employee in black approached me. Do they wear black ever or was this security? [more inside]
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Website Host and Builder Reputation

I noticed that a company called Dragify was offering website building and lifetime hosting for $50. The company is unknown to me and I'm unable to recover any opinions about it. It does sound too good to be true but for a freelance writer it is very tempting. Does the company and the deal pass muster with the green? Thank you
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One missed period and two negative pregnancy tests

Can I drink? [more inside]
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It's 600 times sweeter than sugar, so help me dilute this.

I bought some pure sucralose and I would like to make it into something usable. Help me figure that out. [more inside]
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Writing a character with a disability

I've been working on a story where the protagonist is a person with a congenital disability. Help me make her life truthful and interesting. [more inside]
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Dinner and breakfast near Logan Airport?

My family (adults and children) will be spending the night at the Hilton hotel that's attached to Boston's Logan Airport. Recommendations for places to get dinner and breakfast? Going into the city is fine, but we'd prefer not to spend too much time on public transportation because we'll be in the middle of some long days. [more inside]
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Friendly office mate suddenly cold

I'm new at the job. My peer (who is the unofficial second in command) was super nice and friendly and helpful for a few weeks, and over the last week has become much less so. How should I handle this? [more inside]
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Anxiety over making an important phone call to a total stranger

I've located descendants of someone I'm researching. My professor and others are encouraging me to call them, but I've been super anxious about doing it. This is an important call, and I've never made one like this. I have a few practical questions that would make me feel more confident. [more inside]
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Shower me with ideas!

My very best friend is about to have a baby, so it's officially my job to throw her the BEST BABY SHOWER EVER! So, um.... How do I do that? [more inside]
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Searching for alto recorder music and info

I dug my old alto (treble) recorder out of storage and want to play it, just some little tunes and things (nothing fancy). I'm looking for some good resources for music, and bonus if I can simply adapt various arrangements. [more inside]
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Blade Runner Beverage Brainstorm

I'm going to a friend's house for a double-feature screening of Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 tomorrow. I'd like to show up with a pitcher's worth of delicious, non-alcoholic, themed beverage. Whatever this post-apocalyptic punch is made of, it's going to be called Tears in Rain. I need help with an appropriate mocktail recipe! Replican't you help me, Hive Mind?
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I'm reading a letter from Berlin 1932 to America in which the writer refers to a post rehearsal meal: "Strenuous music, then conversation with two-thirds-sandwiches and beer". Two-thirds-sandwiches? The letter is in English, the author American, the phrase so off kilter that I have to wonder if it was a thing either in Germany or America in 1932.
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Teaching ESL Abroad, Difficulty level: Cats

I am thinking about teaching English abroad, but I have two cats, and no-one who can really keep them for me for too long. I need to work out if I can take them along. [more inside]
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Best practices for presenting a workshop via Skype?

I have a two-hour workshop I teach on Topic, which I'm an expert in. I'm a great presenter, the workshop is always fun, and I get great feedback. Now, for the first time, I'm going to be delivering this via Skype. What do I need to know about teaching in this manner? [more inside]
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How to make an office into a community center

I volunteer periodically at a non-profit with a fairly strong membership and outreach component. Though the office has a large open area to welcome guests/members who would be interested in meeting, hanging out or doing work related to the non-profit, no one does this. I have the opportunity to make the space more welcoming - but how do I do this? [more inside]
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Total Noob

How do I use my unlocked cell phone in Germany? [more inside]
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Prague in May

I'm going to Prague for work for a week in May. I have never been. I'll be by myself socially and presenting at a conference for two or three days during the week. What tourist things can't be missed? What are the best restaurants? Any general recommendations for traveling in Prague? I will not have car.
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Urban, Suburban, or Rural?

In surveys, I'm sometimes asked whether I live in an urban, a suburban, or rural environment. I am overthinking this question. [more inside]
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Software that creates realistic room scenes?

My company sells flooring and would like to be able to superimpose a room scene with furniture, walls, ect over pictures of our planks. [more inside]
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No nerve damage, but terrible residual shoulder pain

I have a relative who had shoulder problems and pain, probably from poor laptop ergonomics for years. He did rehab, and the doctor performed a test for nerve damage, and said their was no more nerve damage, but if someone lightly hits him on the shoulder he is in terrible pain. [more inside]
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Slow, heavy, sludge-country cover of "Surrender" by Cheap Trick?

I heard it in a bar last night and really liked it. Shazam didn't know it. Do you? [more inside]
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New embroidery Hobby - help?

I have some questions to do with my new embroidery hobby and, specifically, with making one of these butterflies. [more inside]
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understated regalia

What are good examples of simple, or understated, honors, regalia and awards that are extremely important? I'm thinking of things like the Roman grass crown, a crown of grass and wildflowers that was considered the highest military honor, or the Hellenic white silk headband diadems that showed kingly authority.
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Can you ID some contemporary art?

I'm trying to remember the names of two art pieces: 1. a video piece involving young men playing an absurd fictional sport; and 2. a very recent piece about the sexualized relationships people have with their phones. [more inside]
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How do I get in shape to enjoy my vacation?

How do I prepare physically for hiking in mountains in 4 months when I live in a flat, cold place? [more inside]
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open the source!

How did you start contributing to open source projects? Looking for advice on identifying an appropriate project and participating in a (healthy) OS community. [more inside]
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How to make ASCII art display in HTML email cross platform?

Hi, I run an event series that uses ascii art to advertise our shows each month in a email blast formatted in HTML. We send through mailchimp. The Ascii displays correctly across all browsers and mobile platforms except the Gmail android app. Any advice for how to ensure this displays correctly in the Gmail android app? Thanks so much.
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How to talk to the love of my life?

I’m in love with a man I’ve been with for six complicated years. My ten year old girl believes this man is her entire world. Honestly, he is our entire world. I don’t know that he feels the same way for me anymore. I think he’s interested in a woman he works with as I’m not allowed to visit his workplace even though I know many of his workmates for decades. I digress. Three weeks ago, my younger sister told me she has cancer. I found out two and a half weeks ago that I have cancer. It’s in it’s early stage, so I’m lucky. I don’t know if I should tell this man I love that I have cancer. I don’t think he’s in it to win it with me and I don’t want him prolong the relationship with me because he feels bad for me. He stayed with an old girlfriend for several years because he felt bad breaking up with her while her mother was dying of cancer. Do I bother telling him I have cancer?
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What do you keep in your office/cubicle that makes work more enjoyable.

I've been a bit of an employment nomad for years and so have never really kept much "stuff" at work - tell me what items you keep in your desk/cubicle/office make it a better place. [more inside]
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BFF's dog died in tragic accident; how to best show sympathy/support?

My best friend's ex accidentally ran over their beloved dog yesterday and she is devastated. I loved the dog as well and am heartbroken. He was just buried hours ago where he was killed. I'd love to do something nice to memorialize her dear pet and show sympathy and support. What are some thoughtful ideas, mefites? Thanks so much.
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Monologues for 16 year olds on the theme of 'contradications'?

Looking for 2-3 minute monologues on the theme of contradictions for a class of 15-16 year old students. Plays ideal, TV and films also good - even poetry or books at a pinch. [more inside]
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Dental Tourism?

On two subsequent plane rides, I ended up talking with people who were bragging about how they went to Mexico and got a full set of dental implants. In both cases, the men said they paid 75% less than what they would've paid in the U.S. I don't remember where in the country they went, but it might've been Mexico City or a dental office in the outskirts. [more inside]
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How to make a Sri Lankan guest welcome?

Our hospital is having a couple of Sri Lankan visitors for two weeks to observe and take notes around improving their hospital back home. We've volunteered to host one of them. What I know: he's male, a manager of an emergency department, so I assume middle class, Tamil and Hindu. What can we do to make his stay as comfortable as possible? [more inside]
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February 22

Menu suggestions for vegan and FODMAP-avoiding guests

I am going to serve dinner for four including two vegetarians, one vegan, and one of the vegetarians needs to avoid FODMAP-rich food. [more inside]
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Superseding indictment

Do the superseding indictments in the Mueller investigation add to or replace the original indictment? [more inside]
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After work anxiety

I have moderate anxiety related to work. I often get home and panic that I may have done something wrong. Sometimes my ocd sends me back to work to verify that I did not make a mistake and all is well. I would love to hear from someone who has also done this and how they learned to quit doing it. Thanks
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Radiator ptoblems

I moved into a new place that I like, but it's a studio with the radiator in the main bedroom area. If it's all the way on it's hellishly hot. If it's all the way off it whines. Is there a fix I can do right now to solve it without involving a plumber? [more inside]
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Hidden Gems in University City

Spending tomorrow in the University City district, what is there to eat, drink, see, do? [more inside]
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English grammar for non-English speakers

I'm looking for a grammar book for an ESL student. She's around a 3rd grade reading level but has gaps in her knowledge. Starting with the basics is good. Can you recommend one? [more inside]
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Please help shoe me - pregnancy slip-on edition

Hi all - I'm pregnant and starting to have difficulty getting shoes on now. Sigh. I'd love a pair of shoes that are truly slip on without me bending over to put my heel in, are not ugly, and are comfortable. I've read some random internet articles about this, but I'd love some first hand anecdotes and advice if you have them. Some additional details below. [more inside]
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Another round of Name Those Cats!

We're adopting two rescue cats and we can't agree on names. [more inside]
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How to get my sister out of a dog loan

My sister bought her ex a dog on credit. He wanted a $4K dog, and had no credit, and my sister, who is low IQ and disabled but legally an adult got a loan with some sketchy puppy mill loan company. Since the loan is in her name, the dog is too. Her ex pays her back monthly in cash but isn't diligent about it. He's refusing/too busy to do things like get the dog his necessary shots, so my sister is doing stuff like that out of a fear that the dog could give a kid rabies and sue her since the dog is in her name. He still owes something like $3K on the dog, and they are both using this as an incentive to keep each other in their lives, keeping their terrifically unhealthy relationship alive. How can we get the dog in his name or get the loan company to switch the loan into his name? [more inside]
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How do I teach myself conversational Hebrew?

By way of Eytan Fox's movies, and plenty more after that, I have recently developed a taste for all things Israeli, and I want to learn basic spoken Hebrew. I will probably visit the country within the next two years and I like the idea of knowing at least a few words in advance. I have watched a ton of Isareli movies with subtitles, but all I've been able to gather so far were Shalom for Hello and Tov for good/well. [more inside]
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Which is - objectively - the better side of the road to drive on?

For the first time in my life I'm in former british colony countries that drive on the left side of the road. I find some things a lot easier now. And I'm wondering if there's any study or facts that say which side of the road IS better to drive on. Like our eyes reading left to right. Or reaction time for non dominant hands on wheels. Is there any math that says one side is better than the other?
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Maintaining energy levels after adrenaline rush

I get adrenaline rushes at work when conducting interviews. Afterwards I am exhausted, but need to continue working. Is there any way to come-down after a rush and still have energy left to to work? [more inside]
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Lenovo Ideapad won't turn on or charge

I'm wondering is the problem most likely with the adapter plug/power cord or is it the power socket in the laptop itself? [more inside]
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How common are misdiagnoses in cancer pathology?

I was recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma on the basis of pathology results from a lymph node biopsy. There seem to be some doubtful or anomalous things about the findings. Is it reasonable or feasible to try to get the samples retested to exclude all doubt, and if so how do I go about it? YANMD etc. [more inside]
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Recs for fiction, memoirs about healing family estrangement

CW: trauma, alcoholism, abuse (nothing graphic) Looking for comforting, validating, or revealing fiction, memoirs, or stories dealing with repairing relationships after abuse. Snowflakes within... [more inside]
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