April 4

Zoom Safari

I just watched the "Customer Safari" episode of Superstore and want to brainstorm a Zoom version of this. [more inside]
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Plague stories

I'm listening to the audiobook of A Journal of the Plague Year and I find it oddly comforting as a reminder that we as humans survive these catastrophes. Can you point me to other epidemic literature? [more inside]
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Frog bra alternatives?

Recommend me a sports bra that's the next best thing to Title Nine's Frog Bra, but without the big ugly straps. [more inside]
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What does this fine print mean?

My hair salon sent out an email asking people to buy gift cards now while they're closed. I was all set to do it, but then I read the fine print, and I'm a little confused. [more inside]
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Obscure Song Filter: A Secret Place

This is such a long shot but I'd love to hear this song again - an indie recording circa 2001 - 2005 [more inside]
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How Do I Find Out What Shoes I'm Wearing?

Please help me, if you can, figure out what model running shoes I have. I need new ones and can't go in to a store to get fitted. Details after the jump. [more inside]
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The most fun you can have with the lights on

Help me think of indoor activities for couples, besides the obvious one. (Or, at the risk of chatfilter: what hobbies and projects are you and your partner doing to pass the quarantime together?) [more inside]
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How do I... put my camera on this tripod?

I bought a Cameron T100BH tripod, and the top of it looks like this. My camera (Fujifilm X-70) has the normal screw-type thing at the bottom to attach to a tripod. I was too embarrassed to go back and ask the camera store about this, but is there a way this camera can attach to this tripod that I am missing, or is there an adaptor I can get? [more inside]
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Can I paint an N95 mask with watercolors?

And have it still more or less work? [more inside]
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Help me visit nature in my mind

I was watching a movie today with many scenes set in nature and noticed that if I concentrated on the scenes, I could feel as if I was in a forest or another natural settings. Are there any guided meditations available online that take you on a journey through nature, where you are focused on the sensory experience? Thinking of narratives/meditations where all of the senses are engaged (in your mind).
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In search of a pasta receipe that uses canned artichokes!

I need a recipe FAST for a pasta dish that uses canned artichokes. I have: pasta. two cans of artichokes. some half and half. Parmesan cheese. I do NOT have spinach or lemon or tomatoes. [more inside]
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Artisan Chocolatiers in Your City

One of the ways I'm trying to a) support local businesses and b) keep some fun in my life while I sit at home is by ordering fancy chocolate. Do you have a local chocolatier in your area that delivers nationally? [more inside]
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The Blog of an Orthodox virgin

Years ago I read a great anonynous blog by an Orthodox Jewish woman who was unable to be matched with a husband of her liking in her community, so she expected to be single for life. She wanted to experience sex, but couldn't figure out how to do it without compromising her values or safety. She wrote thoughtfully about this predicament. Anyone remember what the blog was? [more inside]
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What is this thing on the ceiling of a hallway of our new house?

We bought a house before the pandemic - a good move it turns out, thank goodness - and were finally able to move in this weekend. While the move has been surprisingly smooth, we're puzzled by a 3-4" something on the ceiling of a small hallway above the laundry nook. It neither looks like a sprinkler or an electrical box. Any ideas?
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sharp shoulder spasm

I have experienced sudden onset of intense spasm. upper inside corner of my right scapula. mostly when I breath too deeply or move a certain way. I have full range of motion in my arm and do not feel that my breathing is obstructed. normally I would call the advice nurse (which I am going to do) or just go in, except not a great time, is it? [more inside]
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M.E.T.A. brought us together

What might be the significance of wearing white robes in Theravada (or other Buddhism schools), especially after having worn saffron? (Song lyric question.) [more inside]
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USB C Hub stops USB A Headset from working

Problems with remote work setup. Details below... [more inside]
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Make a PDF of all the first pages of PDFs

I have a large number of e-books in PDF format. I would like to print just the covers and put them in a folder so I can browse through them. The easiest way would be to extract the first page of each to a single PDF and then print that. How to do. I am on a windows PC and don't want to spend any money.
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Mansard? More like man-hazard!

How can I protect myself against my own eavestrough? [more inside]
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Best scripts for table reads with friends?

My group of friends and I want to start socializing by doing Zoom table reads of different scripts and screenplays. What are your suggestions? [more inside]
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Pandemic Bingo

In an effort to break up the boredom and provide some stress relief, we'd like to start a Bingo game amongst our group of stay at homers. Instead of numbers and letters, we're using COVID-19 pandemic themed phrases and words inside the boxes to mark off. We need a few more to fill out the bingo cards. [more inside]
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The mixer is dead. Long live the mixer!

The noises and smell say that I just about killed my ~20 year old 325W Kitchenaid mixer. 575W Kitchenaid or Bosch universal+? [more inside]
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Cozy cheery

I'd like to learn more about designing cozy apartment spaces -- less Design-y design, more cheerily lived-in and generous. But I'd still like to find frameworks/ways of thinking about design. Any books, videos, podcasts, etc you'd recommend? [more inside]
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Should I go to the dentist?

I am not sure whether I should go to the dentist now, or wait. Can you help me work it out? [more inside]
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Is there any way I can pay my rent without going to a bank branch?

I make a deposit into my landlord's business bank account. [more inside]
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COVID19: can/should I go home again?

I left NYC at the end of February to help out with a family emergency. I subsequently got COVID and recovered. Should I go back to NYC? [more inside]
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Questions about being unfairly accused of assault

I have been accused of an assault I didn't do. My anxiety levels, which were already through the roof due to coronavirus, are now life-threateningly high. I have never been accused of anything more serious than parking illegally, and I know very little about the courts. I am hoping that people can answer some of my more basic questions about how this process goes, and that a lowered level of uncertainty will help me calm down. [more inside]
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Boss spreading misinformation about Covid-19. Help.

On Monday, I overheard my boss at a weekly pep-talk meeting with his road crew explain that the coronavirus isn't airborne and that you only have to worry about direct contact with someone who is showing symptoms. [more inside]
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Where are tall fences common in the U.S. other than California?

I like living in dense areas but also really value having private outdoor space. In cities like L.A., it's common to have tall fences in both front and back yards. I'm sure this is partly because the weather is so nice it's possible to outside most of the time, and yards are also tiny. Where else are fences like this common (or even allowed)? I'm interested in much less expensive cities. [more inside]
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(Shitty) love in the time of coronavirus

I was just walked out upon and ghosted. By someone I've dated for months. I want some guidance about how to respond while I'm feeling really angry. [more inside]
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April 3

Another Coronavirus/COVID-19 custody question

I've read the earlier post about this issue but my situation is slightly different and I'd like an outside perspective. I'm one of the parents in the custody arrangement but I'll phrase the question as neutrally as possible to avoid bias. [more inside]
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Never believe the first report!

My father was a foreign service officer for many years, and vividly recalls on someone’s desk in the late 1960s or early 1970s probably at main State but perhaps at the Pentagon or even in an officer’s quarters in Vietnam a sign which was something to the effect of “general so-and-so’s rules for dealing with Southeast Asia.” [more inside]
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I love single-player PC games, especially RPGs, but I am useless without automatic targeting and an easy difficulty mode. I like a good story, amazing graphics and walking around talking to people. What game would you recommend? I asked you this six years ago, and you really came through for me -- what's new? Please suggest only new games -- games from the last six years or so. [more inside]
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SUPER far fetched - findig someone in nyc

i'm in va, a friend has gone missing in nyc. how can i help look for him? [more inside]
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Is my electrical outlet damaged? Unsafe?

An iPhone charger was loosely plugged into an outlet in my kitchen, partially hanging out, when a piece of aluminum foil bumped onto it. The foil formed a short between the prongs of the plug, resulting in an arc and tripping the ground fault protection of a nearby outlet. [more inside]
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Home Electrical work

No, you are not my electrician, and maybe I should hire one. but I think my homeowner skills are up to this. I've added plenty of outlets and switches but my most complicated wiring was a new 3-way switch setup. I want to add a new 20A circuit breaker/circuit to my main electric panel. The original panel is inside, and the outside main was added before my time when service was upgraded. Can I do this safely w/o compromising the service/load? [more inside]
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NYC rent strike / withholding resources

My building is attempting to organize. Housing Justice For All promised a toolkit available April 1, but I don't see it on their website. What resources should my building be aware of? How should we go about exploring various options? [more inside]
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Online Business

A friend of mine is a speech therapist. Due to social distancing and quarantine, she is finding a lot of business success with online speech therapy. What other service related business which have traditionally been face-to-face will also become successful in a Zoom connected world? For example, I would imagine some form of physical therapy could be achieved remotely, albeit not as effective as face-to-face.
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Home made facemask question: floppy ears edition

We are attempting to make our own facemasks here with a bandana. But as it says in the title I have floppy ears (I used to absently fold them all the time when I was a child) and now because of this the elastic straps don't stay on. We've created a version when it just wraps around the back on my head but it keeps slipping. Could anyone offer any tips on how to create a good fitting mask with my Bert from Sesame Street ears ?
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Tablet closest to pen and paper for grading essays?

What tablet will most closely resemble the experience of grading papers with a pen on an 8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper? I [more inside]
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How are you washing your produce?

I'm trying to work out if I should change my produce washing ways during this time. I usually rinse them (and rub) under cold water if it's a large piece of fruit or vegetable (like apple or potato) and soak in a mix of vinegar and cold water and then rinse clean with cold water for small things (grapes or brussels sprouts). These days, I have heard of people using hot water and even soap. Is that really necessary?
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Give me your livestream recommendations!

For the past few weeks at noon PST on Fridays, Colin Meloy of the Decemberists (@dullandwitlessboy on Instagram) has been performing on Instagram live and it's been such a nice thing to look forward to. What upcoming or regularly scheduled stuff on Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, etc. are you watching? Music is great, but I'd love to hear about anything that's bringing you joy.
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Should I buy a sewing machine?

How have you found having a sewing machine materially useful? Or is it more of just an aesthetic hobby? [more inside]
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Mystery Snack

Way back in the 70's my grandmother (in Louisville, KY) used to have these chips/snacks that I can only partially remember (I was like 8 or 9) as coming in either a bag or a box that had a cartoon on the back which illustrated the manufacture of said snack. I can't remember much, but the illustration showed (I think) potatoes being sliced then they were being expressed as flakes onto a conveyor belt. [more inside]
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What is this recipe: red wine and cherry pie edition

I used to have a recipe for a very special cherry pie. It had a chocolate crust, and called for one or two lbs. of dried cherries that you soaked in red wine. Where did this recipe come from, what is it called, and would anyone be willing to send it to me? I’ve decided that this is the stress baking project I need today. Thanks, folks!
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Can I eat FROM it? White specks on my Wagner Ware Magnalite roaster

I have a Wagner Ware Magnalite roaster that I use and love. I recently used it like a humidifier kettle on top of our wood stove, and white specks appeared on the sides. Was it safe to use for cooking before this happened, and is it now? [more inside]
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Stick with the big name realty office or use the individual realtor?

We're talking about moving. Should we use the same realty office (owned by a big name realtor who is a family friend) we used to buy our current home, or should we go with the amazing realtor who did our showings and is now out on his own? [more inside]
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YouTube Channel - best way to substitute edited video for livestream?

My organization did a livestreamed event on YouTube this week that has been getting a lot of views on the archived livestream. We've now edited the subtitles for the published one, and we're putting it up. Anything to keep in mind in that process - not breaking other people's links, etc? [more inside]
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What is the best paint pen for touch ups on chipped paint.

I need to touch up chipped paint on both furniture and my white or off white walls. Thank you in advance.
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I can see clearly now, the grime is gone

Please help us get our windows clean. Complication: we're on the third floor. [more inside]
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Helping my brother with covid19 in NYC

My immunocompromised brother in NYC has covid19. I want to get him some supplies, but am a continent away and deliveries seem to be slow to nonexistent. What are my options? [more inside]
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Ideas for play space in a smaller yard?

We have a small sandbox. Other ideas? Kids range in age from 4-9. If there’s something with a mid-century look, we’d especially love that. [more inside]
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What is the best translation of this from Latin to English?

Robert Boyle quotes Paracelsus (in De Mineralibus Tractatus) as saying this about minerals: "Sed et hoc verum est, in terra multa adhuc condi, quae mihi incognita sunt, sed eadem nec alii norunt. Certum siquidem est, progressu temporis tot tamque varia à Deo adhuc proditum iri, de quibus nemo nostrum nedum unquam somniavit." [image] What is a good translation of this into English?
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Show me the absurd side of Twiter

OK, so People dancing to Steely Dan hit me the right way--silly, witty, a little absurd. (Soviet Soldiers Dancing isn't quite as good for me, but has the right idea.) Which other Twitter accounts will hit the sweet spot of ridiculous pairings that make me bark-laugh? Need not be dancing--just amusing juxtapositions of any kind. (Other styles of silliness welcome. If it makes you cackle, share, please.)
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Dog likes being petted but doesn’t show it

My dog, who is otherwise expressive and affectionate, lays like a lump on a log while being petted. She occasionally rolls over to offer her belly or bears into a head scritch and she always reacts when I stop petting, but for the most part there is zero movement. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to get her to let me know what she likes and doesn’t? [more inside]
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Other Instagram accounts like Livinthefuture?

Do you know other Instagram accounts like Livinthefuture, mentioned previously? It's a graphic novel presented as the Instagram account of a fictional protagonist.
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We're not doing the pottery wheel scene from ghost.

It's my 9th Wedding Anniversary. So I need some ideas of pottery themed activities that can be done in London in Late June. Please do bear in mind the possibility that we may (or may not?) still be living in a terrible dystopian future at that point. [more inside]
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I wish there was no knead for this question

Another baking question: I've done 6 or 7 loaves following the Jim Lahey book basic recipe and technique to the letter (I believe). The crust always comes out super tough and bitter/burnt tasting, although not overly dark I don't think. I'm baking in a dutch oven, and using a hanging inside the oven thermometer so I think the temp is ok. How do I get a more tender crust?
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Resources like "Back Mechanic," but focused on ppl who use desks/comps?

I'm someone who needs to use a computer. I found Back Mechanic, but it didn't seem to speak directly to the specific set of issues facing people who sit (or stand) at a desk all day. I'm looking for resources that have a similar "outlook" to Back Mechanic (well researched, based in clinical experience), but specifically oriented towards desk workers. [more inside]
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How to move internationally now?

I was offered a stable job in my home country. I am currently in Japan. How does this work?? [more inside]
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