December 11

Favorite Brand Of Opaque Tights?

Or other sorts of semi-consumables. That is, I'm Christmas shopping, and I'm looking at the 'socks and underwear' area. I don't want to get my college-age daughter socks, because socks seem to be a thing in her peer group, and she has a horrifying, baffling oversupply of socks in various designs. But everyone always needs tights. So, I'm looking for the kind of brand where you're paying twice as much, but they last twice as long, or ideally you're paying 50% more and they last four times as long. Any favorite brands? And generally, what are other presents in that category? [more inside]
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Dentist Recommendation in Greater Boston Area

Looking for recommendations for an awesome, trustworthy, nonjudgemental dentist in the Greater Boston area. [more inside]
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Most efficient path to WordPress proficiency?

What's the best path to becoming expert at WordPress? Online courses--which? Specific books? I've messed around with the CMS a bit (site is linked in my profile), but am mostly a newbie. I want to be expert enough that Automattic would hire me for support. What method or learning do you suggest if I've got all the free time in the world?
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Getting vomit out of fake fur coat collar

Is it possible to get vomit out of fake fur? If so, how do I get vomit out of fake fur? It's a fake fur coat collar, attached to a winter coat. I love this coat. Can it be saved? [more inside]
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Thinking calmly about anxiety medication

I think I'd like to give medication a go, after years of trying to manage my mental health issues in other ways (yes, including therapy). I'm apprehensive, to say the least. I know the key is a good psychiatrist, but I have no idea how to evaluate psychiatrists. My prior experience with mental health professionals has ranged from actively negative to merely okay. How do I, a layman, discern whether or not a psychiatrist is competent and to be trusted? [more inside]
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Why am I so wet?

IKYANMD, and I'll see a dr if there's reason to. I've had a Mirena IUD for over four years now, so haven't ovulated in that time. Suddenly I'm very very wet for no apparent reason (no sex or recent masturbation) and I wonder what's causing this. [more inside]
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What should I serve with penne alla vodka tonight?

What should I serve with penne alla vodka tonight? [more inside]
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Know anything about South American tortoise myths?

We have a wonderful children's book by Gerald McDermott called "Jabutí the Tortoise: A Trickster Tale from the Amazon." I think the story would make a great play for a children's theater that I work with, but I cannot find the source, and Mr. McDermott is dead, so I cannot ask him. [more inside]
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Is vitamin D supplementation a good idea for me?

Recently had bloodwork done as part of a routine physical, which included a vitamin D test because my doctor recommended it. It came back as 26 ng/mL, which is within the range the results sheet says is "normal" (20-80 ng/mL). My doctor is nevertheless recommending supplements (2000 IU of vitamin D per day), which seems weird to me, since it's "normal," and pretty close to what Wikipedia suggests is the optimum level of 30. [more inside]
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When and where were t-shirts common on college campuses

I'm trying to find out more information (their popularity and context) about this t-shirt design that I associate with universities and colleges in the USA. [more inside]
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Bitter Tea

I'm looking to replace my post-dinner drink with something non-alcoholic and without caffeine. Are there any varieties of tea that I can brew that are bitter or extra herbaceous? Something that forces you to sip rather than just drink. Does fernet branca come in tea form?
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Word count within sentences

I am doing some branded content work where for SEO reasons sentences need to be 20 words and under. I would like a website, app, etc where I can post my copy into a window or something, click a button, and it highlights either entire sentences that are too long, or highlights from the point they exceed the sentence word count.
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Rugs: Upgrade Pick.

We're in the market for a new rug, but want to go a step above our normal $150 rugs we have bought over the years from Overstock. These are large rugs, 5 x 8 that go in our living room. We're looking to go one step in magnitude up, to $500-$600. Where should we buy for best quality? We're in NYC but shipping them is fine.
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What was the Italianish insult my grandma used to use?

When she got riled up, my grandma would call my pop something that sounded like - I think - "scusdamadh." Maybe that last consonant was a rolled r with a dropped vowel after it - it's hard to know. Gram and Pop were both the children of early 20th century immigrants from southern Italy so spoke a little bit of that older Italian. [more inside]
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I'm not sure if my boyfriend is trustworthy?

Boyfriend has lied a bit to me over time, and now I just feel like I can't trust him. [more inside]
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Tips for painting terracotta pots

I had some pots laying around. And a silver marker. I did a thing and I LOVED it. A dozen pots later and my metallic markers are bone dry. I want to take the next step in painting pots. I plan to buy a stack of terracotta (red) pots. Can you please recommend for me (A) a type of paint that would work well on stoneware and (B) "traditional" or other colors that look great on terracotta.
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Not a litteral toss?

There is a bunch of chatter about how the President messed up the coin toss at the recent army-navy game. I just finished watching several Superbowl coin tosses trying to figure out what he did wrong and they all seem to be the same as the President's. I'm obviously a sports bumpkin; can someone ELI5 what he did wrong?
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It's 1979-82, you're 19-25, you live in a small Midwestern city...

...but you're not in college, and you're middle to lower class. If this was you, I want to hear your recollections concerning your daily life: hobbies, habits, patterns of socializing, etc. [more inside]
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Should I get my Irish passport, or should I continue to be English?

I am a UK citizen with the opportunity to apply for an Irish passport, as I have an Irish-born grandmother. However, I've never lived in nor visited Ireland, and my grandmother died before I was born. Is it ethical for me to claim citizenship? [more inside]
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December 10

How can I keep up to date on hit songs before my classmates?

I'm in college and I wanna be one of the first people listening to the next big hit song. I know that I won't be able to be the first person but I'd like to get in early on the curve. Is there a website I can watch? Mostly interested in rap, but whatever college kids listen to is fine. For example recently it was Sheck Wes Mo Bamba
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Battery discharger

I have some commercial off-the-shelf LiFePo4 batteries which are wired internally to a nominal 12V / 130Ah. I need a fast, controlled way to discharge them unattended. [more inside]
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Book for My Dad for Christmas

My dad is smart and retired and in the earlyish stages of dementia and suffers from anxiety. My mom thinks he'd like a book for Christmas. What should I get him? [more inside]
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Yet Another Laptop Question

What laptop would you recommend for an elderly person, who mostly just uses it for email and Skype? [more inside]
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Mystery of the chemical smell on my dishes

Despite cleaning out every part of my dishwasher, my dishes have a strange taste and smell when they come out of it. [more inside]
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Reasonable amount of time to spend in NYC?

We are possibly taking a trip to NYC to see a Broadway show - the timing will depend on when we can get tickets, but likely April-ish. We've never been before, and would love to do some sightseeing - how long is long enough for a quick trip to actually see things? Recommendations welcome! [more inside]
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Allergy shot advice, please.

I'm getting allergy shots, and get a huge welt of a reaction. It lasts a day or two, my allergist knows about it, nobody is medically concerned, etc. I'm wondering if you have any techniques for dealing with the lump that I might not have considered. [more inside]
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Your favorite journal

I'd like to get some flavor of journal. I want something with writing prompts of some description; blank pages are not going to do it for me right now. I don't want something too flowery, but the "Wreck this Journal" type journals seem a little much in the other direction. Do you have a favorite journal, and what do you like about it? [more inside]
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Should I subscribe to my friends' Patreons?

Me: sellout tech job. Friends: fulltime artists. Cool or uncool to support their patreons? [more inside]
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what is jimmy buffett talking about?

in the song coastal confessions Jimmy sings the line "i believe that down on the beach, where the seagulls preach is where the chinese buried the truth". what the heck does he mean with the line about "the chinese"???
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Above the Treetops I Can See More Music

I am looking for ghostly, otherworldly, cross cultural music/songs similar to Above the Treetops. I want to use additional music with ATT in a lengthly slideshow presentation.
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Finding Furniture by Size

I am looking for a sideboard type, low cabinet thing for my dining room. It needs to fit under a window and the other dimensions have some limits as well. I'd love to be able to narrow down my search by dimensions. Are there any websites that do this? I thought would do it, but it only seems to allow maximum dimensions. Also, I'd like to be able to search multiple retailers. Filtering by other features like color and price would be ideal.
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Velvet peanut butter problem

I am considering purchasing a new couch, an IKEA Ektorp. It seems pretty comfy but I am interested to hear how yours held up after a year or two? Both in terms of fabric and structure. [more inside]
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Where to get ears repierced?

A couple earring holes closed enough that I can't push an earring through them. Where should I go to get this taken care of? (NYC or general selection criteria.) [more inside]
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Something like fantasy baseball, but different? Or not?

What's an online activity we can do as a family that's asynchronous, engaging and a bit competitive, not too complicated, and doesn't require much extra equipment or good reflexes? [more inside]
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Would you eat this?

Finally, my very own "would you eat this" question. I'm sick and just had some groceries delivered. My box of Kraft mac and cheese had a rip in the side on the seam--doesn't look deliberate and nothing is falling out. I'm just getting over a stomach virus and probably am more gunshy than normal. Would you eat this?
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estrogen level for surgical menopause HRT under 40 years old

YANMD. I have my estradiol level lab results, but my surgeon is on vacation, and the reference ranges do not cover my specific situation. [more inside]
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Recommendations for kid-friendly solo board or card games

I'm looking for recommendations for solo board or card games that are interesting for an 11 year old (mainly online) gamer, and currently in print and available for purchase in the UK. [more inside]
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Online calendar or scheduler

I need a simple appointment scheduler/calendar for clients to use for a one-time scheduling of meetings with me. Ideally this would be a Google Calendar appointment scheduler function, but they seem to reserve this for "work or school accounts" . I assume this means gsuite and I don't have a good reason to have it otherwise. Is there another option or should I bite the bullet and pay for GSuite just for this one function? [more inside]
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Limit for stray plastic in municipal paper recycling collections?

I appreciate that everywhere which collects recycling has different systems/providers (I live in London but there was a different recycling/rubbish collection company when I lived a couple of miles away, let alone different parts of the country or even overseas) but I'm looking for a baseline on how much this matters. [more inside]
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Things to do near Tokyo in late January

I will have 2.5 free days during the end of January in Tokyo after a snowboarding trip in Hokkaido (Niseko) and I'm looking for recommendations on any new and interesting things in the Tokyo area. Also seeking advice on a day trip like Kamakura during the winter time. [more inside]
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What has helped you with driving anxiety?

I need to get a grip on my anxiety related to driving in the Greater Toronto Area. I panic when merging. I need to get over it - what’s worked for you? [more inside]
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How to distinguish between superimposed pre-e and severe pre-e?

My doctors aren't sure whether my pre-eclampsia presentation should count as "pre-eclampsia with severe features." They're also discounting some symptoms because they don't happen at the exact same time as a high blood pressure. Because of this confusion, I'm struggling to make the right choice about when to push for early delivery. [more inside]
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Can I swap my Windows 7 drive into an i5 6th-gen computer running Win10?

I have an SSD running retail-installed Windows 7 in an old Dell Inspiron desktop that I'd like to just install in a new computer and be off and running. I just bought an i5 8th-gen Dell Inspiron whose motherboard doesn't support Windows 7 (oops). If I buy, say, a Dell 3650 with 6th-gen installed and attach my SSD, will it just run? Or will I need to do some installation or driver adjustment before attaching it? I know very little about this stuff. Please no lectures about why I want to stay with Windows 7 rather than reinstalling all my programs in Windows 10. :) Thank you for your help!
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Can I eat this? Leftover Curry Edition.

I bought some delicious red curry on Thursday with plans to eat it Friday for lunch. That didn't happen and I forgot it in the office over the weekend. It's now Monday and I really want to eat it. It's been stored safely in the refrigerator. Can/Should I?
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Facts About Social Justice Activists Not Related to Their Activism

We are trying to integrate stories about civil rights and social justice activists in ways that go beyond the "textbook" narratives. For example, each year we will celebrate Rosa Parks on her birthday by making her pancakes (recipe here) (and we eat them on many other days, too - peanut butter pancakes, who knew they could be so delicious (and easily made vegan)). [more inside]
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How to pick a pet bird?

What bird would your recommend that's: 1. low maintenance; 2. friendly; and 3. quiet [more inside]
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Interior Design help- please suggest resources to learn basic knowledge

I work in an interior design adjacent business. I think I have a decent eye, and a basic knowledge of furniture eras and color theory, but I'd love to learn more... [more inside]
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How Do I Help My Teenage Child Record Music?

My 14 year old child plays piano, violin, baritone horn, and is also taking voice lessons. What would I buy if I wanted to set them up with the ability to do some basic home recording and music production as a Christmas present? [more inside]
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mmm, cheese

Please share with me your favorite cheeseball recipe. [more inside]
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Pension explainer

Conservatives and neoliberals say pensions are a "crisis" that will bankrupt our cities and states. Progressives say... [more inside]
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Art-deco and pun driven '90s indie comic series?

I have a serious lacunae. It's one of my favorite '90s indie comics ever, and it's film-noir in a retro-futuristic art-deco way, with compelling characters in absurd plots, and everything was a pun. It's about the only comic I can remember where the art overwhelms my memories, even tho the writing was really, really good. I can't remember the title. American, not European, from an interwar impression of the big American cities of the time and the bold promises of the future. There is a pulp-fiction adventurer who puts on fake fights with newly discovered "missing links" - hominids that are staged - and a fight with a robot that is not... it's a fantastic comic. I just can't remember it's title.
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Say My Name, Say My Name

My WASP American father (age 70) cannot (will not?) pronounce my non-American husband's name nor my child's name which comes from my husband's culture. What can I do? [more inside]
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"Continuous employment" letter - asking employer not to list gaps

I've been with my current US-based employer for a year, but with two gaps - one was for 2 weeks and one was for 4 weeks. How do I ask them to write a "proof of work experience" letter and not mention the gaps, without telling them it's for Canadian permanent residency? [more inside]
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Picture This?

Dear Mefites, I'm hoping somebody can help me with my Christmas present logistics. I've bought an antique map for a gift and I need to get it framed before the 20th of December. The dimensions are 17 x 22 inches and I found a frame online with these dimensions but realised I want something that has a mount to more display the beauty of the map. What kind of dimensions do I need to look for? The closest I can find is A2 which is 23.4 x 16.5. Which is a little too big and a little too small.. Can anyone advise what I best look for in terms of dimensions? Thanks in advance.
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Proofreading/translation pricing negotiation for JPN-ENG documents?

I've been doing some technical translation work for an automotive company, and was asked last week if I'd like to proofread/edit the Japanese employees' English translations as well; this would involve going through the original Japanese and verifying that their corresponding English translations are accurate. I am not sure how to price this sort of work. Based on my current translation rates for said company (see inside), what do you think would be a fair price that neither party would be dissatisfied with? [more inside]
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Did you move to an EU country without a family or ancestral connection?

Did you move to an EU country without a family or ancestral connection? I want to hear how you did it and what the experience was like, in as much detail as you're willing to share. [more inside]
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I need help to plan a New Year's Eve Brexit dinner.

For the last few years we've hosted a dinner party on new year's eve for a few friends. The numbers vary between 6 and 12 depending on who's around. Each year I try to cook something that pushes my capabilities and is insanely stressful. This year I want to up my game. I want to serve around 10 dishes, each being a signature dish from a different European country. [more inside]
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Prepositions for advanced learners

Someone who speaks English almost fluently but as a second language has asked me for some resources to help her brush up on prepositions in formal and business writing as she is feeling rather rusty. I am looking for any recommendations, preferably online, and especially any used by ESL teachers, that I could direct her to.
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December 9

Introducing female cat to play-aggressive male cat

We recently introduced a 1 year old female cat to our similar aged male cat, who shows significant play aggression towards us. The male cat constantly wants to play, but the new cat hisses and growls every time. We're running out of ideas on how to make it work and any advice would be much appreciated! [more inside]
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Quiet bar in Manhattan?

Where's a quiet bar (preferably that also has good food) for my friend and I to actually talk, on a weeknight? [more inside]
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