February 18

Could This Even Be Possible? (Figure Skating Edition)

After boasting to a friend about how wonderful MetaFilter is, she asked me to ask her question here, as a last resort. Years ago (vague about date, after 1970, probably) she saw a figure skating competition on television. Two skaters had the front tips of their skates chained together, medium length chain, and they skated a traditional program while chained together. [more inside]
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Why does my exhausted brain feel sunburned?

I have been keeping logs on periods of depression due to exhaustion over the last few years and noticed an accompanying symptom which makes me curious. I call it "brain scorch" because it feels like the top-front of the inside of my head is sunburned. A nap fixes this issue about 99% of the time (in most cases I found that bad sleep is the cause of my depression), but is there any literature on this accompanying "sunburned" sensation? I wondered if there are medical terms for it that would help me understand any deeper mechanisms. Thanks!
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Santa Fe vacation

Based on your responses to this question I think we've decided on Santa Fe. There's still more work for you to do, though. [more inside]
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Non-visual Thai tourism?

I'm totally blind, and visiting Thailand for the first time in many years, and trying to get a sense of the grandeur and history, without the pressing crowds. Can people recommend books, podcasts, etc which might be less visual? [more inside]
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recovering and moving on from long-ago rape (trigger warning: sex, rape)

I'd like to hear suggestions about recovering and truly moving on from a rape that occured many years ago. If you, a male, and I were dating, what would you say if I told you about this before we had sex? I simply don't know how to answer the "are you a virgin" question without launching into an intimate story. [more inside]
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From the East to the West

I'm planning to move from New Jersey to southern California by the end of the year. How do I pull this off? Advice would be much appreciated. [more inside]
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What cables connect a laptop to a video projector?

I have a 2018 Dell XPS 13 which it seems has Displayport and Thunderbolt ports. I want to be able to reliably connect it to video projectors at academic conferences around Europe. What cables and adaptors do I need? [more inside]
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How Not To Swim With Alligators

Seeking recommendations for pool bots that can handle abundant quantities of leaves and pollen without dying in a month. [more inside]
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New Orleans breakfast/brunch convenient to I-10

I'm flying into New Orleans Monday night, and need to leave town by about 10:00 a.m. the next morning to drive to Gulf Port, Mississippi. Staying at an airport hotel. Where should I stop for an interesting breakfast brunch for one? [more inside]
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Should I be worried about bipolar disorder?

I'm studying bipolar disorder in my clinical psych program and getting a little bit of med student syndrome, except in a prospective "oh god what if this happens to me" kind of way. The problem is I have family history that places me at risk. Please either a) reassure me, or if I am actually at significant risk, b) tell me what I can do proactively to keep an eye on any developing symptoms. [more inside]
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Is this grammatical?

I'm helping a friend with a job application and we're wondering about the opening phrase of her cover letter. If she says something like "As an experienced widget-maker who has won an award for my gadgets, I'm skilled at..." is "has" correct? It sounds strange to me. She could possibly rephrase to something like "As an experienced widget-maker, I have won an award for my gadgets, and I'm..." but is hoping to keep this structure.
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Insurance and laser/electro hair removal.

I need help finding hair removal clinics that offer direct ACA or WA insurance billing. [more inside]
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Books on Comforting the Soul During Chronic Illness and Death?

Looking for books that will comfort a person who is dying written from a spiritual or Judaic perspective - or both. Thanks
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Looking for a Sydney Guidebook

It's my mum's birthday son and I'd like to get her a Sydney Guidebook so she can get ideas for what she wants to do when she visits me. I've recently moved here and while there are no current trips booked I'm sure there'll be at least one this year. [more inside]
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Point Reyes, West Marin, CA - where to stay for last-minute getaway

A last minute opportunity has arisen for Mrs. AFAC and I to make a short getaway, next week, sans the offspring. Looking for ideas on where to stay, in West Marin, CA [more inside]
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Lost phone. What to do?

I left my Pixel 2 in a Lyft yesterday. I have Google Fi. Google's "find my device" tool can't find it. The Lyft app has a "lost item" feature; I booted up my old phone and sent a request and used a number from Tempophone as the reply number--but no luck yet. I don't see a way to contact the driver directly. I can't access my texts because I use Signal and haven't set it up on any other devices. Am I hosed? Options?
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I don't feel prepared to go on a trip

In three months I'll be going on a trip with some friends. I'm probably the most sedentary and shut-in person I know. I'd love to be able to get to know the place I'm going as much as possible but I fear I'll be physically and mentally exhausted after a couple of days (and it's a month-long trip). What can I do to prepare myself?
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What to do when a tenant says they have bed bugs?

A tenant just informed me they have bed bugs. I have no idea what to do, or what my obligations are. I'm a landlord in Illinois. [more inside]
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Has anyone used a Boosted Board or similar?

Caveat, never skated and this is in NYC. I want to use it for commutes and going those extra three blocks. I almost bought a hover board but those seem to have been a gimmick.
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Books in which people shop for clothes

I love scenes in books in which people go shopping or make clothes, with loving descriptions of the clothes themselves. Bring 'em on!
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Shelving it.

My apartment comes with deep, built in shelves that run the length of the wall. I've been using them for books, but that's only in the first row and in the lower shelves so that they stay visible and accessible. I haven't quite figured out how to utilize all this extra space in a useful fashion. Difficulty: my apartment is a veritable dust magnet so whatever I put there would need regular dusting. Any ideas, clever people of MeFi?
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Needs, wants, scarcity, abundance

What are some resources (books, essays, experiences, practices to try, whatever) to ameliorate a scarcity mindset? [more inside]
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Adulting: nice wood furniture recommendations?

I am fortunate to be in a position to upgrade some of my furniture pieces this year. [more inside]
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Favorite YouTube cardio for a small space?

I have found some great yoga channels, but I’d really like to find some equally great 30-minute cardio sessions on YouTube. Special requirement: needs to be doable in a 4 x 6 space surrounded by furniture. [more inside]
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Ethics reporting fallout?

I reported my manager for an ethics violation. Not-my-employment-lawyer, not-legal-advice especially welcome! [more inside]
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Abstract Reasoning Practice Test Help request

I have to take an Abstract reasoning exam. The organization offers a practice test but no answers on the practice test. [more inside]
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What type of software engineering would most suit me?

I've heard a lot of people complain that the traditional algorithmic interview process doesn't reflect what software engineering is actually like. But I actually love solving interview problems. Is there a field of programming that DOES resemble the very cerebral, abstract, puzzle-y nature of an algo interview, and how do I break into it? As usual, there are snowflakes below. [more inside]
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Charging an Electric Car With Long Cord

I want to get a plugin hybrid but the closest I can get a car to my house is 70'. Do I need to give up on 220V charging and just get a very heavy extension cord and use the Level 1 handle that comes with the car (which would mean letting it sit out in the weather--and put a plastic bag over it)? Other solutions? Thanks!
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Best way for users to manage files on Wordpress

I'm building a Wordpress site for a local company and it will feature a PDF price list which will be updated every quarter or so. What's the best way of allowing them to upload the new file through the dashboard without sending it to me and still have the link on the Home Page work? Additional complication is I would like to directly link to the PDF so it is viewable in the browser, not have the file automatically download. [more inside]
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Need a book to learn Jazz/Blues piano improvisation for a beginner

I am an intermediate piano player and I’d like a VERY basic book to walk me through how to learn to improvise. I mean basic. I know nothing and need baby steps.
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ID the Actor

Who is this man in the Big Mac commercial NBC is running every 15 minutes during the olympics?
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Head shrunk, mind expanded?

I just finished A Really Good Day, Ayelet Waldman's rather astonishing microdosing memoir. Although it's been a couple decades since my last hallucinogen-fueled adventure, my interest has been rekindled, and then some. I'm ready to take another trip... only this time, instead of hanging out at Hot Topic for hours, grooving on the blacklit Hendrix posters and watching the cashier's face melt, I want to find a therapist willing to help me maximize the benefits of the experience. Is this even possible? [more inside]
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February 17

Therapist Filter - London (UK)

A constellation of life events have me feeling increasingly, grindingly depressed. My old therapist retired, so I'm looking for someone new to help get me through this rough patch, and beyond. Do you have any personal recommendations for great female therapists? Or strategies for finding one? [more inside]
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Drugs for social anxiety?

Are there drugs you can take for social anxiety and still be able to socialize "normally"? [more inside]
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Keeping medications cold in the heat

I have medication that needs to be kept at room temperature (under 25 C). It cannot be stored in the fridge. Complication: My air conditioning is broken, it's summer, and my apartment is very hot. [more inside]
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How to deal with new neighbor who refuses to leash his dog?

My dog got into a scuffle with a former neighbor's dog 3 years ago and I've kept my dog away from other dogs since that time. New neighbor moved in 2 weeks ago, has been letting his dog run around off leash, and has made it pretty clear he has no intention to leash his dog. What do I do? [more inside]
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Good travel shoe for young men

Can you tell me if this shoe is good for a week in Germany? I'm concerned about slipping and comfort. [more inside]
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What stone are these made of, and how do I clean them?

I bought a chess set cheap on eBay. It was advertised as agate and jade, and mouldy. It's certainly mouldy, but I'm pretty certain it's not agate and probably not jade. Can anyone take an informed guess at what type of stone these are made of, and how to clean mould off them? [more inside]
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Jasper/ Banff vacation recommendations

I’ll be traveling to the Jasper area in late June with a 6 and a 2 yo. Can anyone recommend some really good hikes that would be doable for us? [more inside]
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Solo, analog / card / pencil+paper based distraction suggestions?

I often find myself with long stretches of time on my hands to fill - I'm looking to spend less of it on social media and, after 35 years of near-compulsive reading, have temporarily burned out on that as a stopgap. What are some solo analog / card / pencil+paper based games or other, related activities that you find soothing, focusing, compelling, or amusing?
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What jobs allow mostly-solitary, focused, part-time work?

I described my ideal workday inside; what jobs does it sound like? To summarize: independent, relaxed but focused work that requires some thought/creativity, doesn't require much interaction, and has part-time hours with a stable ~$25k salary. Basically I'm trying to figure out specific jobs I'd enjoy, so I can minimize bumbling around in positions that are poor fits since I'll be basically entering the workforce at the age of 31 or so. [more inside]
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Glamping in the PNW

We want to do glamping/yurt camping with some amenities in the Pacific NorthWest. We'd absolutely like to be able to swim. Please suggest locations. [more inside]
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So, what’s my job title?

I’m on the market for a new job. Unfortunately, I’m not really too sure what my exact job title is. eCommerce experts will likely have the best insight on this. Job details can be found below. [more inside]
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Sci-Fi episode about civilization that decides optimal career at birth?

I have such a vague memory of a tv episode - I think it was something like Star Trek TNG or of that timeframe (1990's). The group visits a place where all of the citizens have their ideal career path chosen for them, calculated since birth. [more inside]
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Best non-US alternative/indie radio stations available on TuneIn

I've been listening to a lot of cool interesting alternative US radio stations on Alexa via TuneIn (WFMU, KXLU etc.) Having been introduced to the amazing Fip, I'm interested in exploring indie/alternative/ecletic non-English language DJ-ed music stations outside the US (all music genres welcomed). Any suggestions for great ones to try?
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What is happening with these Twitter posts?

A currently-running car commercial leads to a previously-unknown Twitter meme. [more inside]
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Name that Cat!

Yup, another cat naming question. We adopted a new little cutie today and I could use some naming brainstorming. [more inside]
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Wellbutrin + Lamictal= awesome?

YANMMD etc. I’m suffering from a pretty severe and frustratingly long lasting case of Post Partum Depression. I am currently taking 200mg of Lamictal. It definitely helps but things are still pretty tough on the homefront. I’m thinking about asking my psychiatrist about adding Wellbutrin. Would love to hear from others who take those two medications in combination. [more inside]
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Let me steal your family traditions

I'd really like to start some family traditions in my own family, and I'm thinking I need to be more proactive than just saying they will come naturally. I'd love to steal some of yours. What were your favorite traditions you did as a family when you were a kid? [more inside]
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Seeking advice regarding issues with getting my security deposit back

I know you are not my lawyer. The condo is in Chevy Chase, Maryland. I am unemployed, and I really need to get my security deposit back to put done on a new place, also, I need to give the deposits back to my two subtenants. Who can I contact in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Montgomery County, for legal assistance? Details below. [more inside]
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Hey, Genealogists! A question about weddings in the 1930s

I'm doing some genealogy, and I just got a copy of my grandparents' marriage register (1931, New York state). It's signed by a pastor and witnessed by the pastor's wife. [more inside]
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UK civil servant competencies

Hi, I'm applying for a grade 6 data scientist role in the civil service in the UK. It is my first application for a civil service role, there are a lot of hoops to jump through when it comes to the application. Does anyone have experience or any good resources for writing good examples for the competencies (this is specific to the UK civil service)? [more inside]
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Physical Spaces that Inspire Activity and Wellness

What are good examples of physical spaces/places that influence people to be active and fit? What are some factors that cause these spaces to inspire wellness, activity, self esteem, good mental health, etc?
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Using browned butter in baking

As I understand things, once butter has been melted it's no longer suitable for recipes that call for creaming butter with sugar—even after the butter has cooled and resolidified—due to chemical changes that occur in the process of melting. Have I discovered an exception to an otherwise sound rule or is this just a myth with no basis in science? [more inside]
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Trump tax reform

Tax break and benefits to employees [more inside]
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Best of mid-length Youtube

What are the best good quality mid-length (10-30 minutes) videos on YouTube? Alternatively, what are your favourite sources or lists for these? [more inside]
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Not your secretary

I'm a female graduate student co-TAing a class with a younger, male graduate student. He refuses to work as a team and makes course and grading decisions unilaterally. I feel like I'm being treated as a secretary. Are there any strategies you recommend for fixing the situation? [more inside]
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What's the best way to meet poly people these days?

My girlfriend told me recently she wants to open up our relationship. I'm new to this, so I've been going through a lot of grief and excitement and general stress about it. We're five years in, and I love her and trust her completely, and I'm mostly into it, so far, but I'm worried about one practical consideration: How does one meet a new person these days, for either casual fun times or a real romantic relationship, when the situation is poly? What about meeting a couple? Does Craigslist still work, or is it a wasteland? Are there better options? Are there ways to navigate this on mainstream dating services like Tinder or OKCupid? [more inside]
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Should I dump/replace my shrink?

I've seen my current therapist for about five years, for depression and ADHD. I've had periodic depressive spells, but one hit quite hard late last year and hasn't really abated. I'm pretty dissatisfied with therapy, but it's hard for me to tease out whether my dissatisfaction has to with my depression or my therapy. [more inside]
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February 16

Little and big social goals?

Help this socially anxious introvert brainstorm some little goals for increasing sociability! [more inside]
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