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What gives you hope for the future, in 2022?

These are difficult times, everywhere. The bad news feels all-consuming and inevitable. What gives you hope for the future? How are you staying hopeful? [more inside]
posted by summerteeth to Grab Bag at 8:55 AM on Jan 16, 2022 - 23 answers [62 favorites]

How do you spend your time after work?

Like a lot of people with energy-vampire jobs, I get home from work and collapse into a pile on the couch and then arise, zombie-like, six hours later to get into bed. This is...bad, and has gotten much, much worse now that there aren't weeknight social events or dinners out that require me to put on pants and do the thing. In covid times, when there are few reasons to leave the house, how do you structure your non-work hours? [more inside]
posted by goodbyewaffles to Health at 10:11 AM on Jan 17, 2022 - 39 answers [51 favorites]

Show me great articles/books about running restaurants, stores and more

I love reading about the practicalities and experience of running physical stores, restaurants, etc. and would love your favourite articles or books written by people who have done so. [more inside]
posted by fabius to Work & Money at 10:53 AM on Jan 15, 2022 - 14 answers [28 favorites]

Soups & stews that freeze well

Please give me your most delicious and non-fussy recipes for soups and stews that can be frozen for future meals. I no longer eat meat, but fish, shellfish, dairy, tofu, etc. are fine. No allergies. What recipes are yummy both after you make them and after you freeze them? Thank you for helping feed me, hive mine!
posted by Bella Donna to Food & Drink at 7:13 AM on Jan 20, 2022 - 21 answers [26 favorites]

Help me get someone else to help me with my life

I think all the time about having some kind of organizer or assistant to help with tasks that I find really difficult (as a person with a cognitively demanding job and ADHD). But I also have a paralysis of choice and struggle to take even small steps towards this. I want to spend money to save time and improve my life. Can you help me, with clear and simple steps, figure out how to get this to happen? [more inside]
posted by lookoutbelow to Human Relations at 11:27 AM on Jan 15, 2022 - 7 answers [25 favorites]

What could hetero dating culture learn from LGBTQ+ dating culture(s)?

What differences have you noticed between heterosexual dating norms, expectations, assumptions and practices and those in LGBTQ+ dating? Where do you think one does better than the another, and what would you like to see cross-pollinate between them? [more inside]
posted by d288478 to Human Relations at 10:45 AM on Jan 18, 2022 - 14 answers [23 favorites]

Chekhov's plot is coming from *inside the house*

I like a particular trope in (typically spooky) shows where the the big evil thing/twist is subtly introduced right from the start, but you probably won't pick up on the clues until you're a good way through it. This is an I'm-asking-for-recommendations question, so I guess be careful clicking through if you're very spoiler sensitive. [more inside]
posted by phunniemee to Media & Arts at 4:55 PM on Jan 18, 2022 - 36 answers [23 favorites]

Lay your new music favs on me

After reading this FPP I'd really like to hear what your new music favorites are! I'd like pop and rock and soul music, made in the last, oh, 5 years or so, and I'd be most happy to hear from women artists, though any will do!
posted by Rufous-headed Towhee heehee to Media & Arts at 12:42 PM on Jan 20, 2022 - 36 answers [23 favorites]

What Are the Best News Aggregators in 2022?

I've largely unplugged from social media over the past year. This has been mostly good, but I am trying to rebuild how I get my news (used to be Twitter). [more inside]
posted by alsoran to Media & Arts at 8:20 AM on Jan 16, 2022 - 10 answers [22 favorites]

Chaos isn't a pit. It's a game I want to play. But like, literally.

Suggestions for video games where the sole purpose is to restore order to a messy place? [more inside]
posted by moons in june to Sports, Hobbies, & Recreation at 1:03 PM on Jan 16, 2022 - 19 answers [22 favorites]

What are funny, smart, quirky 13 yr olds reading these days?

I've always loved my niece, but the older she gets the more everyone is starting to say "she's just like you!"  If I tell you what I'm like can you tell me what books she'll like? [more inside]
posted by Jenny'sCricket to Media & Arts at 2:52 AM on Jan 16, 2022 - 13 answers [19 favorites]

Dental Tourism

My mouth is in a helluva state. I need implants and god knows what else. Though I have dental insurance (Aetna PPO), my out-of-pocket cost for even a part of the work needed is several grand. I live within driving distance of Tijuana, Mexico though (I have an American passport) so I was wondering about getting the work done there - or somewhere else? Have you done this? Is Tijuana safe at the moment for me? How does it work? Other threads on this are pretty old. Thanks for any insight!
posted by pH Indicating Socks to Health at 4:21 PM on Jan 20, 2022 - 11 answers [18 favorites]

To be young and in love (and in Europe)

I’m looking for novels of people moving to/living in continental European cities (London and New York work too), navigating relationships, work, and so on. Think a literary, nuanced version of Emily in Paris. My city is essentially in lockdown so I cannot do much at the moment and would love recommendations.
posted by bigyellowtaxi to Media & Arts at 12:35 PM on Jan 16, 2022 - 23 answers [15 favorites]

Dr. ADHD Needs a New Career

How can I best help my depressed, recently unemployed, ADHD partner find the structure he needs to find a new job after a long career in academia? [more inside]
posted by hollisimo to Work & Money at 6:15 PM on Jan 19, 2022 - 19 answers [15 favorites]

Best way to do a language crash course

Do any language courses focus on quickly *returning you* to decent language skills? I took years of French in high school and would love to prepare for a French fluency exam as quickly as possible. I need to review everything but I don't need to spend hours on "bonjour, ça va?" if that makes sense. Any recommendations would be welcome!
posted by slidell to Education at 1:13 PM on Jan 17, 2022 - 12 answers [14 favorites]

Remote workers' Zoom group

Earlier in the panny I read about Zoom groups for remote workers, where you join in and just have a little human companionship and mild accountability while you are working, sometimes featuring a few minutes of chatting before getting down to work. Now that I would like to join one I can't seem to find the right search term. Can you help?
posted by HotToddy to Computers & Internet at 10:13 AM on Jan 18, 2022 - 8 answers [14 favorites]

Password manager?

Hello; Do you use a password manager? If so,which one? I have been googling and there are several out there. I don't mind paying for one,but which one?lol. I would like a simple one. Running Win.11,Chrome on desktop. Thanks for all your input :-)
posted by LOOKING to Computers & Internet at 6:10 AM on Jan 20, 2022 - 38 answers [14 favorites]

My students are making me nuts

I have a handful of antagonistic students in my Zoom college-2nd-year Gender Studies 101 class of 50 and I am losing sleep about how to deal with this graciously. I am burned out and a parent to toddlers and just don't have the energy to give a shit about this... but somehow I do. [more inside]
posted by athirstforsalt to Education at 9:26 AM on Jan 21, 2022 - 36 answers [14 favorites]

Are you not entertained?!? well, no actually...

How to keep up an actual esprit de corp among teammembers when your work life is virtual? [more inside]
posted by alchemist to Work & Money at 11:28 PM on Jan 17, 2022 - 13 answers [13 favorites]

How do I make peace with being child free

I'm 36 and because of various reasons [economy, covid, climate change, take your pick], it seems increasingly unlikely I will have children, no matter how much I desire them. I'm interested in hearing how other people conquered their own feelings of longing? [more inside]
posted by anonymous to Human Relations at 2:10 PM on Jan 14, 2022 - 16 answers [27 favorites (12 in the past 7 days)]

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