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April 25

What's the Best Way to Remove a Little Bit of Tile?

There is a mosaic tile backsplash in our kitchen that was installed flush to the bottom of the microwave over the range. That microwave is now broken, and we have a new microwave to install. Because nothing is ever simple, the new microwave is just enough taller than the old microwave that I now have to remove a single row of tile so it will fit. How do I do that? [more inside]
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Please recommend a knee sleeve for support to use when running.

My knees need support when I am running. Both knees have been hurting me the last few days and the last time that happened I bought a knee sleeve that helped but I don't think it was very good or comfortable. Can you recommend a reasonably priced effective knee sleeve. I am training to run 10km( 6.2 miles) shortly so I'd like to get something very soon to use while I train. I am training on an indoor track -I never run on concrete and I have excellent runners.
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Reasonable to skip a tricky wedding? difficulty level: mom

An extended family member, who I am cordial with but not at all close to, is getting married in a multi-day event, far from where I live with very limited transportation. If it were anyone else I had a similar level of relationship to, I would have already sent regrets. My mother will be very unhappy if I do this, regardless of the logistical difficulty in doing so. Is there a way I can skip it? (more details inside) [more inside]
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April 24

Houseplant is dying. Help?

My venerable old houseplant is dying (pictures). Can it be saved? [more inside]
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Czech to English translation of an old postcard

My great-great grandmother in what is now the Czech Republic wrote this postcard and sent it (around 1913, I think) to her son who had emigrated to the US. Attempting to transcribe the message into Google Translate, I've misidentified enough of the handwritten characters to make a nonsense of it. Can you do any better?
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US District Court jury exemption

I received a summons for jury duty with he U. S. District Court in Rochester, NY and would like to be excused from it at this time as the primary live-in caregiver of my aging father. Can you help me make an effective request? I am asking to be excused at this time rather than for a postponement because I cannot predict how and when my father's health and other considerations of aging will change. (Website asks that you provide alternative dates within 6 months if requesting postponement.) [more inside]
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What do you call the mechanical life sized horse that you used to find outside of grocery stores?
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Can I make Gmail behave like other imap clients in Apple's iOS email app

I access four email accounts through on my iPhone. Three of these are standard imap accounts. The fourth one is a Gmail account. For the three imap accounts, swipe left deletes a message and swipe right archives it. For the Gmail account it's the opposite: swipe right deletes a message and swipe left archives it. Help! [more inside]
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West Side Story musical using original musical book, or movie book?

The lyrics for the movie version of West Side Story and the original musical are different (particularly for the song America; the movie version is much improved.) Does anyone know if the musical will be using the original lyrics or the movie lyrics?
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April 23

Cleaning booze stains off of nice shoes

I splurged on some nice shoes a while back (these but in a different color), wore them to a bar, got some mixed drink stains on them, and hid them away in shame. This was dumb, and I’d like to try and get them clean. The one leather store we’ve taken them to so far was pessimistic and suggested the best tactic was suede cleaner applied with a brush. I’m giving it a shot but their grim prognosis has clouded my mind. MetaFilter, how can I get these booze stains off of my shoes? [more inside]
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More Instant Pot recipes like this one (single pot dinners)

Here's an Instant Pot recipe we love because, after a little sauteeing, it's very "throw everything in and you have a complete dinner." (Also it's delicious.) What I mean is you don't even have to make rice or any go-with because there's quinoa in there so it's a self-contained meal. Looking for more like that, for weeknights. Thanks!
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How to compare Lactase units?

How does 9000 FCC of Lactase in Lactaid(tm) compare to Dr. Tobias' 500 ALU of Lactase? [more inside]
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Selective Internet outage on a Spectrum line

I have Spectrum Internet, and for a second time in a month or two most sites are down (notably Google stuff), but some sites still work, albeit slowly (Facebook, and obviously Metafilter). I called the Spectrum tech support line, and they say that there is indeed an outage for my area. I'm curious why some sites work and others don't, and how that makes sense from the ISP side. [more inside]
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Hospital insurance - accidental ER admission

I have a young baby. The pediatrician told us to head to the hospital for a jaundice blood test. They said they put in the order and to go to the "main entrance" and get directions. Before I realized what I'd done, I got us admitted in the pediatric ER and am now freaking out about getting billed $2k for an ER visit when I was supposed to get a simple blood test. [more inside]
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What are some blue things that are native to Los Angeles?

I’m looking for some things that are blue and native/exclusive to Los Angeles. People, places, flora, and fauna. This is for a short story set in the 1970s. I have Dodger Blue and Paul Newman’s eyes—what else should I include?
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Is there ANY way to challenge a majority government

In a parliamentary democracy with a first-past-the-post system? (Specifically, Ontario, Canada) [more inside]
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Contacting movers: timing given complications?

We're moving cross-continent in July, and I know we need to contact movers soon. We want to hire full-service movers, who will require an in-person visit for an estimate. Do we contact them now, even though the house is in disarray and ~25% of our stuff is going to be sorted out/not taken with us? Or do we wait until weeks from now when we've gotten rid of a lot of it? [more inside]
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Ten hour layover in Venice with a four year old?

In the process of booking a flight from O'Hare to London, and we potentially have the option to have a ten hour layover in Venice on the way over. We (two adults and a four year old) would arrive mid-morning after an eight hour flight. [more inside]
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I'm not a Pediatrician, but I play one at Daycare...

How should I handle a situation where our daycare teacher basically told us that our pediatrician is wrong, when it comes to treating our daughter's constipation issues? [more inside]
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Where should we stay in Nashville?

I am looking for up-to-date recommendations for an area of Nashville to stay in for three days in September. [more inside]
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Burnout prevention please

I don't have enough time to get my work done, due in part to unrealistic expectations. Help me figure out what to do. [more inside]
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How to make a flat roof fire resistant?

I am putting a new roof on my house. The roof is flat. I want to make it as fire resistant as possible (particularly with respect to falling embers from wildfires). How do I do that? At this point cost is not an issue. Thanks!
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Recommend someone to do courthouse document retrieval in Chicagoland?

I'd like to directly engage a regional document retrieval person rather than work with one of the national document brokers. [more inside]
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Do I Need to Find a New Vet?

My husband and I are not experts on kitten care and vaccines. We rely on guidance from vets. A year ago, we adopted a 9 month old cat from a rescue organization in our area (Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids, IA). We were given his paperwork that showed he tested negative for feline lukemia, had been neutered, and had all his required shots. We named him Yusuf (of course, because our last name is Stephens). [more inside]
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Movie/TV scenes (on the web) with Awful, Awkward, or Great Introductions

I’m pulling together a training on how to make empowering introductions, and I’d love to find a few video clips to show as examples. Can you think of a a TV or movie scene where one character introduced another one in an effective — or deeply ineffective — way? I’m thinking the Office must have some... [more inside]
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Poetry identification - beast of blood and bone

I'm looking for some help identifying the poem in the first two minutes of this programme. It sounds like a Middle(?) English poem that has been partially translated to my untutored ear which may be preventing me from successfully googling fragments of it. The repeated "Beast of blood and bone" is similar to the Middle English poem "Foweles in the Frith" but it's not that.
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Why am I so upset by my friend not sharing a difficult time with me?

My best friend's mother-in-law just passed away after a long illness. My SO and I had been supporting my friend over the last few months as she dealt with all that was going on, but she didn't tell us that her mother-in-law had died because she didn't want us to worry. I'm irrationally hurt about this and I don't know how to deal with it. Help! [more inside]
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April 22

What to do with an apartment that I need to leave

Sorrowfully, I have not hit it off with my roommates. They are being horrible to me and pushing me to leave. There has been some strong arming to make this early as possible, and I expect more to come. This rental company is not the easiest or most ethical either, so it hasn't been straightforward to get my money back (my deposit). I have nowhere to go, and this has made staying in my space an anxious proposition. I expect harrassment - legal harrassment is a possibility too. Despite this, I have done nothing wrong, and want to make the best of my space. It's one that's paid for for another three weeks, and that many people would benefit from. How can I turn this bad situation into something good? [more inside]
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Standard-issue red flag, or extra-red red flag?

OvuView, the fertility tracking app I've used (and recommended on here!) for years, just merged with TempDrop. Neat, I thought, since I'd been idly thinking of getting a TempDrop wearable thermometer anyway. Then I read their privacy policy, and I can't quite tell if it's as icky and insufficiently private as it sounds. AskMe, I need a second opinion. Relevant links below the fold. [more inside]
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Can [my cat] eat this [plant]?

I'm finally in a place with more sunlight, including a deck. Yay! My cat will eat any plant, indoors and out. I've googled the hell outta this, and still I need help. [more inside]
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Some combination of Detroit + Toronto, Niagara Falls

This summer we are looking to do a 4-5 day trip (a little flexibility on length) with my 4-year old, 7 year-old (boys), and my husband and I. We live in a big city so are comfortable getting around. We are planning on a Detroit Tigers baseball game as that's on my husband's list. I suggested either also hitting Toronto or Niagara Falls in the second half - possibly taking the train from Windsor or driving from Detroit (we'd have a car there for sure). Has anyone done either or both of these with young (but not tiny) children? Is there one you'd recommend? We like nature, cities, museums in about equal quantity.
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How can I best get over burnout?

Thinking of moving home, moving apartments, taking a course or going traveling for a while. [more inside]
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Charging 2018 Macbook Air with a feeble charger: wrecking my new laptop?

I've been charging my 2018 Macbook Air at home using an Anker charger (Powerport II IQ) and a USB-A to USB-C cable (a 3-foot amazon basics one). The laptop has had a couple of strange behaviors lately (not adjusting screen brightness, running the fans constantly) and I'm wondering if charging with a lower-wattage charger than the OEM one is damaging it somehow. [more inside]
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Dental protocol on "free" cleaning

My dental insurance offers two free cleanings a year; but is that "free" like beer, or "free" like loss leader, and how do I keep it free? [more inside]
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dependable, solid foaming soap dispenser?

I get Method soap refills and put them into an existing foaming soap dispenser. The dispenser stops working way too soon. I'm willing to buy a good one, but last time I tried this, it stopped working pretty soon too. Can anyone recommend one that is dependable? [more inside]
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Any tricks for more Google Voice phone number choices?

Used to be, when signing up for Google Voice, you could page through tons of available phone numbers until you saw one you wanted. Now, for each area code or town, it only presents a dozen or so choices. Are there any tricks for seeing more? Or for getting a number on a desired exchange when a town has lots of exchanges (all within one area code)?
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April 21

Dress a mother for a wedding.

Son's/DiL wedding will be in mid-July in WI. I need to find a dress that makes me happy and comfy so I'm not self conscious when I celebrate them. I want a fun mother of the groom party dress! [more inside]
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Don’t know much about biology 🎶

My mom, who is not always a trustworthy source, has claimed that she and her mother reached menopause in their mid-30s. I know this is possible and am inclined to believe her, but she’s also a difficult person who is fond of both family lore and telling manipulative spooky stories to control me. Is there anything I can do to help me proactively forecast my fertility? [more inside]
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What is this quote about being scientifically illiterate?

I heard or read a quote in the last couple months (although the quote itself may very well be older than that) describing how being scientifically illiterate was totally acceptable among "educated," "intellectual" groups of people. It was an argument along the lines that saying at a dinner party that you didn't understand science -- particularly Physics, I think -- was totally acceptable in a way that saying you didn't understand literature was not. I think I remember a comparison between the Schroedinger equation or the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle and Shakespeare, although I could be misremembering the details. Does this ring a bell for anyone?
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Show mentioned on NPR this weekend?

I was listening to an interview with the lead actress in a new (HBO?) movie coming out and I remembered that I wanted to watch it but all I can recall now is that the lead character is a lesbian in a prominent role in her society. She always and only wears black, mourning for the death of a previous lover. I remember the actress said that she had access to diaries and papers written by the actual historical person. Help me find it? Thank you!
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