Ask MetaFilter Guidelines

What makes a good question on Ask MetaFilter?

A good question should have a purpose, goal, or problem to be solved.

If you're new to Ask MetaFilter, take a look at other questions to get a feel for what sorts of questions and answers are already there. If your question is similar to one already there, explain why yours is different. Give people as much information as they might need to help you. Use spell check and write so that you can be understood.

Before You Ask

Try using Google or another search engine to try to answer your question. Next, try searching for previous threads about your topic. Pick the most unique keywords you can and search for earlier similar questions, or check the Ask MetaFilter tags.

After You Ask

- Check in on the thread to see if people are asking you for more information and follow-up or refine your question if necessary.
- Mark a best answer if there is one. You can mark more than one.

What makes a bad question on Ask MetaFilter?

- If your question is regarding MetaFilter, MetaTalk, or Ask MetaFilter, please post it to MetaTalk.
- Open-ended chatty questions that don't offer a problem to be solved.
- Hypothetical or jokey "What would happen if" questions with no goal.
- Questions that are thinly veiled rants about specific bands, industries, websites or people, like "What's the deal with U2, do they suck or what?"
- Questions asking for very specific personal information about other people.
- Questions that needlessly self-link - if you need to include a link to illustrate your point, that's fine.
- Questions that are not solving problems but instead looking for interview subjects or people in specific geographic locations to do favors.
- Please avoid "help me name my kitten/computer/website" and "help me make a mix CD" questions.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your question being removed. Serious violations may result in your posting rights being revoked, or your account being banned. If you have any questions, feel free to contact an admin or chat with an admin.