Reading multiple blogs as a single stream and sharing the results via RSS
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I am reading about 30 student blogs this semester and want to combine them into a single stream that can be read with an RSS client.

I tried using Chimpfeedr but it doesn't refresh the content when new posts are made. Thanks for any suggestions. Googling has turned up a few solutions but the ones that look the most promising are now defunct.
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Google Reader let you combine feeds into folders and read the feeds in the folder as if from a single stream.
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Yes, I have used google reader, but the resulting combined blogs do not have their own RSS feed, if that makes any sense.
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Yahoo Pipes
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To clarify, do you actually need the blogs to have one single RSS feed for technical/computing reasons, i.e. for sending an email stream or something? Not just because you don't want to click on 30 different feeds, correct?
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Here are some fairly clear instructions on using pipes. I had seen pipes before, but they were somewhat confusing. These instructions are pretty clear.
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I would like the combined feeds to have a single RSS url so I can easily drop it into an iPad client and also share it with the students, so I can go "Hey, read each other's stuff en masse!"

So I'm trying the Pipes of Yahoo, and it would appear you can only combine ten feeds at a time with the "fetch feed" widget.
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Tried RSS Mix?
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How To Create A RSS Feed Bundle On Google Reader. Not exactly what you asked, but a possible solution.
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So far RSS mix appears to be working.
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