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Service for converting my email list subscriptions to an RSS feed? Referring to emails sent TO me, not from me.

My Google-fu is failing me -- every gushing review I've found of such services leads to defunct sites. Even the most recent previous AskMe on this topic is already outdated! So I would really appreciate recommendations from people who are currently actively using such a service themselves.

I am on several email lists that I would rather receive as RSS feeds but they are not offered in that format. I am looking for a service that will allow me to set up a new email account, subscribe that email account to a mailing list, and then all emails received by that account would be published to a RSS feed that I could then subscribe to in my feed reader.

Desired features:
- A service that actually still exists and seems likely to continue existing
- Doesn't require any technical knowledge to set up
- Strictly online, software-as-a-service (I don't want to have to install anything on my own computer or server)

Features NOT required:
- Password protection or other privacy (since this would be for lists that anyone can subscribe to), although I wouldn't mind hearing about such options
- Free service (the number of defunct sites suggests that offering RSS-to-email for free is not a viable business model so I would be willing to pay a reasonable subscription fee)

Preemption of offers from kindly MeFites: Yes, I know that many of you could easily set this up for me on your own servers, but I'd prefer to go with an established business with a track record of offering this service. (But hey, if the answers reveal that no such service exists or isn't being done well currently, please feel free to take this AskMe as market research that at least one person would be willing to pay for such a thing.)

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I have a super-positive experience with It's been around at least two years, it's free and anonymous, you can set up as many or as few feeds as you like, and it's ridiculously simple.
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Thanks, seems to work great!
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