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September 30

San Diego-based stargazing?

I aim to find me a dark piece of sky and do some stargazing somewhere within a few hours of San Diego. The only complication is that I work nights, so I can't really head out until about 10pm. How best to do this? [more inside]
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Take this job offer?

I turned down a job offer. I regretted it, and then I got laid off. Then I asked them again and interviewed with a bunch of other companies. I got the offer again, but there is another company I really like. Should I just take it since it's a "bird in hand" and it's the second time, or should I ask for more time and consider all my options? [more inside]
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Accidentally in an illegal sublet

I’m subletting an apartment while I find a new place and I just found out that it was a violation of the lease. (I’m the temporary subletter). [more inside]
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What's the learning-for-fun equivalent in diet and exercise?

I think we learn best not through rigid reading lists and assignments but when we follow our interests freeform. Yet habits, routines, calorie counting, repetitive exercises, and other finger-wagging components of "health as a necessary chore" seem to be the prevalent attitude in nutrition and physical fitness. How could one get really healthy through the fitness and diet equivalents of reading randomly for pleasure, tinkering, exploring, and problem solving for the joy of it?
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Where do I meet Older Lesbians in NYC who are into Younger Women?

Hi there! Where can I meet Older Lesbians in NYC who are into Younger Women? I've been scouring the internet, MeetUp, etc, but there has to be an event for this, right? NYC is supposed to have everything ;) Cheers, G
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I feel like I am living half a life. Or rather, that I am half a person.

I'm not hard-working. I am ambivalent about most things in general. There's nothing I really like doing per se. I have never taken the time to develop any special talents or interest and I wasn't endowed with any naturally. I really just occasionally do what I should and then spend the rest of my time doing....nothing. I feel like I have no personality and no goals and it's causing me a lot of problems. [more inside]
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Sleep medicine and ADD medicine

What is the best prescription sleep medicine for someone using Adderall to treat ADD? I will be speaking to my doctor of course, but I wanted to see if anybody had a sleep medication that worked well with your ADD medicine. Anecdotal help welcome.
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Songs that make you grit your teeth and kick life in the ass

Pretty straightforward, really. What are your favorite songs that speak to grappling with real, significant struggles, keeping your head up, continuing to fight and plug along? Songs that say "things will get better" without minimizing the depth of the current pain? Songs that give you a burst of fight and grit when you're feeling helpless? Not relationship-specific. I've been listening to "Ooh Child" and of course the classic Tupac - any genre welcome.
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Storm Door Clip

Does anyone know where I can get this replacement clip for my storm door? Thanks. Picture below: link
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oh, you shouldn't have.

what would be an appropriate birthday gift for a new fella? [more inside]
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Why Did FDR Initiate His Correspondence with Churchill?

I've known about the correspondence for years, but was curious recently about how it had actually initiated. So I picked up a copy of "Churchill & Roosevelt: The Complete Correspondence", and was surprised by what I read in that very first overture from Roosevelt. Can you help me sort it out? [more inside]
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I really wanna harmonize with a faraway friend

I've got a buddy who has recently returned to the opposite coast for a while. A big part of our friendship is singing together, which is right nice. The problem is we can't figure out how to do it now. Skype has that delay that always makes it feel like the other person is messing with you (and the volume goes down in my speakers when there's input from my mic?). Phone calls are weird when one person's trying to hold a guitar. Are there any solutions for this kinda thing yet, or are we reduced to sending recordings back and forth? [more inside]
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Simple, clean, non-realtime online chess options?

I'm looking to play chess long distance with an elderly relative, one move every day or so. Looking for: dead simple/clean interface and email notification when a move has been made. No need for a login and ad free would be nice, but not a deal breaker.
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Breaking a lease in NYC?

You are not my lawyer. About 5 months ago I broke my lease on an apartment in Queens (NYC). I was worried that the landlord wouldn't find a new tenant in time for the next month but luckily he did. I asked about the security deposit and he said it was on its way. Now he's claiming that I'm not owed the money back. [more inside]
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Are there connections between U.S. bankers and moguls and the Nazis?

Articles like this talk about links between the Nazi regime and the Rockefellers, Warburgs, and others. Is there any validation for this line of thought?
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A spike in interest

Where can I find these beautiful double-spike fake gauge earrings? I'm looking for exactly what ASOS is offering: small, gold or black, metal, and symmetrical earrings in this style. [more inside]
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How do you get to work in a studio apartment?

I've got a 480 square foot studio. The layout's fine, and I've got a desk and kitchen table to use, but I never want to do that, actually I don't feel like working at all when I'm home. How can I set things up so I will? [more inside]
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Give me a re Call!

My 2000 chevy malibu has an ignition recall. In looking up the other recalls this vehicle has had (but not vin specific), I see there is one that pertains directly to a problem I have been experiencing. Help me make sure this gets fixed! [more inside]
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Suggestions for intro to functional programming

I’m looking for a great, homey-but-mathematically sophisticated introduction to Functional Programming book / doc / etc. Don’t mind much what language. (Swift is my primary interest, but realize this is unlikely.) [more inside]
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Do you have experience?

Thinking about having bariatric surgery. Have you done it? What was it like for you? Do you regret it or love it? What's life like now? [more inside]
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Old US Coin ID question

Hi, not sure where to go to ask for an id on an old coin I found, thanks to anyone that might know what Im looking at here. link 1 and link 2
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Television shopping

I don't have cable. Just wifi. What television should I buy? [more inside]
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Rainwater flooding our garage

How do you suggest I approach fixing this drainage issue at the side of our garage? [more inside]
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How to give a technical software interview

I’m a software developer at a small startup. I'm giving a technical interview next week. My CTO will be doing the interview with me, and wants me to ask several algorithms/data structures whiteboard questions. I have very little experience either giving or receiving technical interviews, no traditional CS background, and am stressed out by whiteboard coding (also just socially anxious in general). What questions should I ask? [more inside]
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Is my Huffy Shimano bicycle worth repairing?

I salvaged a bicycle and, not knowing a whole lot about bikes and bike parts, I'm wondering if it's worth it to repair, or just scrap it and buy a new one? [more inside]
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Late Blooming Musicians

Can you think of acclaimed musicians who didn't put out their first album until 35 or later? [more inside]
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Can these salvaged doors be salvaged?

We trashpicked a couple of vintage wood doors - they looked like varnished wood, but it turns out they were painted and faux-finished to look like wood. Mr Jane has spent the better part of his weekends over the last month stripping them; he applied the stain last Sunday and there's still paint in the grain... [more inside]
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"There was only one catch and that was Catch-22."

I need a visa for a work trip from the United States to Brazil and am slightly punch-drunk from bureaucracy. Please help me by confirming whether I'm reading these requirements right, or not. [more inside]
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Best networked color laser printer for home use?

My wife's deskjet is dying and I'm using a 17-year old laserjet for printing so it's time to upgrade our home printers. I'd like to get a networked color laser printer that I can just plug into our ethernet and print from both our PCs or a laptop on the wireless (we're a primarily PC household but have the occasional mac laptop). I'd ideally like a printer that can do double sided printing as well. [more inside]
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Adventure Advice for Two Old Men

My good friend and I would like to plan a holiday for 7-10 days in February. Because Carnival will be happening around then, we are leaning toward South America. But where? [more inside]
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Good books about computer science fundamentals for newcomers?

My friend and I are interested in recommendations for books that explain fundamentals of computer science for readers without any prior knowledge - preferably not just about how to write code, but about computer science in a larger sense, and illustrated is especially helpful. For example, around 2003 I read a slim library book with explanations of fundamental computer science topics (including binary, machine code, and how compilers work) with cheesy 90s graphics, but I don't remember the title. What was that book, and what are others like it? [more inside]
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Considering a job with lots of travel -- give me your pros and cons

I have been looking for a new job for quite some time, and recently something interesting popped up on my radar. It's in my field, but in a different role than I've previously worked, and would require extensive international travel on a regular basis, but with promises of lots of time off in between trips. I have a spouse and two young kids. What does the hive mind think? [more inside]
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Cozy my living room!

Autumn is on its way and I'm looking for ways to make my living room as cozy, homey, warm, snuggly and relaxing as possible... while still keeping it tidy and stylish and without too much clutter. [more inside]
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MBA in self-management

Expert self-managers, how do you do it? [more inside]
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how much is a complete run of Animal Man worth?

a question for lovely comic book geeks. I have a complete run of Grant Morrison's Animal Man, in pretty much pristine condition (all still in plastic wraps). They were a fun read, but I don't collect comics and know nothing about collectors of comics. I was thinking of just dumping them, but then became aware that I could probably sell them on eBay or such. I'm trying to figure out if it's worth my while to do so - is it? How much might I get for it - how much should I offer if I'm going to try to sell?
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Ukrainian Nazi Mystery Photo - Please help identify this photo!

A friend of mine purchased a random box of photos from a Brooklyn yard sale over the weekend. Deep within the collection were several photos depicting life during and immediately after WWII. Based on the photos we have been able to piece together that they most likely belonged to a member of the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Galician). [more inside]
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Wall-of-sheep-in-a-box, 2014 edition

As a conversation-starter at a legal technology conference, I would like to set up a "Wall of Sheep". Assume I know what I'm getting into legally. Is there a "wall of sheep innabox" that would get me enough results in realtime to throw some stuff onto a screen at our booth? It has been years since I've fired up a sniffer myself. [more inside]
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Hamming it up

How would a ham have been presented in a church holiday food basket in the early 1970s? [more inside]
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I want to be a data cruncher - kinda

They say that if you love what you do, it's not like working at all, so here's the deal. [more inside]
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Help me not ruin my best friend's wedding photos!

I'm maid of honor in a wedding this Saturday. And I just realized I have a farmer's tan. How do I fix this? [more inside]
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New Yorker magazine app for iPhone: how to delete unwanted issues?

I have the New Yorker magazine app on my iPhone 4. I've downloaded several issues of the magazine to my phone with it, each one on the order of 25 MB in size. Do those remain in my phone's memory forever, unless I actively remove them? If so, how do I actively remove them?
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App for creating a home library catalog

I am now the steward of a collection of a few hundred books left behind by a deceased relative. I'd like to create a catalog of these books. What is the best and simplest app for that? (I don't mind paying a few bucks. iOS is preferred.) [more inside]
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Buying firewood in Seattle area

Hello, We have a fireplace for the first time ever and it's getting chilly enough to use it. Need to know how/where to get wood delivered to us. [more inside]
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What do I need to do to become a Technical Writer/Content Editor?

My background is chiefly Facilities Management/Procurement/Commercial Real Estate, however, I completed my Business degree last year as a mature student of 32. It is only recently (through exhaustive introspection after being made redundant 4 months previously) that my passion falls within the technical writing/editing arenas. Moreover,What colour is your parachute?enabled me to identify what skills I have utilized and subsequently enjoyed throughout my life/career, to facilitate a career of my choice as opposed to just falling into roles I do not like. [more inside]
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Watches for the 99%

I enjoy reading the reviews and ogling the pictures of all of the high-end luxury wristwatches on Hodinkee. Is there an equivalent magazine for less-affluent wristwatch enthusiasts? Those of us in the sub $1K price range? I would prefer a well-written news and review site to a forum of collectors, but if there are some forums of with exceptionally high-quality pics and reviews I would be okay with that.
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Can my American parents live in Europe after they retire?

My American parents are looking forward to their retirement in a few years, and for a variety of reasons are contemplating retiring in Europe - likely the UK, or possibly Germany/Austria. Is this possible? [more inside]
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Non-slip finish for hardwood floors?

My wife and I are looking at buying a new house which has all hardwood floors. (Nice!) However, when we were at the house for a showing, we noticed that the floors had a glossy finish that was noticeably slippery even with our sneakers on, and this on a perfectly dry day with no water on our shoes or the floor. We would like it to not be slippery. [more inside]
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How to quit sucking at writing?

What resources are available to make me a stronger writer (marketing/communications)? [more inside]
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Where should we go dancing in Berlin?

My wife and I are in Berlin until this Saturday morning (Oct. 4th). We'd like to go Out On The Town (i.e. Drinking and dancing) one night, but there seem to be no end of places to go and I'm kind of at a loss. Can anyone suggest any particular nights/venues/events? [more inside]
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Where to take wedding photos in Philadelphia?

My fiance and I are getting married in Center City Philadelphia in March. We'll be staying at the Sheraton Downtown, about a mile from our venue (The College of Physicians) and are interested in picking a few quintessential, fun, beautiful Philadelphia spots for our first look and other pictures, assuming the weather cooperates. We've thought about Love Park, City Hall, Logan Circle, the Franklin Institute and the Art Museum, but are looking for more suggestions and information about policies and permitting. Also personal experience would be great! [more inside]
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Two Monitors of Verona

I have two identical monitors, hooked up to a dual-HDMI graphics board. The board is a replacement for the previous, damaged board, and now one monitor clearly has display issues the other does not. In this link, the left image is the problem - note the white lines around the dark lines. Also, regular vertical lines vary in thickness on the left monitor, suggesting a resolution mismatch - but there's only one setting for that. [more inside]
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How does door work?

I have to replace a screen/storm door, and when I measured it, it was 80" x 33 1/3". That's... not a normal size, is it? How do you buy a new screen/storm door when the size is so wonky? They seem to come in 32" and 34" widths, what should I do? [more inside]
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Turning off mains power on Audioengine A2+ speakers

Can I turn off a pair of Audioengine A2+ speakers by cutting the mains power (e.g. flipping the switch on the wall socket)? Will this damage the speakers? [more inside]
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Cursing my Cursor and Quickbooks Too

I run Quickbooks Pro 2014 for windows on a mac using Parallels Desktop. Recently my cursor is delayed or doesnt work. Quickbooks support is horrible. I can't use my product. The cursor works fine in Windowa 8.1. Any idea of whar's happening here?
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How can I give the gift of easy meals in Oxford?

My sister just had a baby, and I was hoping to get her a gift certificate from a food delivery service. I've checked out hungryhouse, which does not deliver to her postcode, and Just Eat, which doesn't have gift certificates. Is there any other service like this or anything else that would accomplish the goal of getting some easy meals in the Oxford (UK) area?
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Seeking news and resources about homelessness

I'm looking for relevant and frequently updated sources of news (preferably online) about homelessness and related issues: poverty, supportive housing, etc. [more inside]
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Why am I so unhappy with my perfectly OK life?

I am having a hard time figuring out how to fix some of my mundane, yet very real, problems. Is it time for a counselor or psychologist? Any advice out there that could help me sort all this out? More (lots more) details inside. [more inside]
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This is a question for the experienced journalists of MeFi.

I'm a freelance journalist who is mostly self-taught. I didn't go to j-school and I've never worked on staff at a newspaper or magazine. While I'm confident in my research and writing skills (at least I know where I need to improve) there are a few "rules" of journalism that I feel like everyone else knows and I have never learned. Hence this question. [more inside]
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Fastest way to finish Bachelor's degree while working full time

Went to U of Utah for undergrad (1992-1998) and ended up leaving before finishing my Bachelor's to pursue a job opportunity. I did horribly in school (2.3 GPA) and had about 108 semester units. Now, I'm older (40 yrs) and arguably wiser and want to get my Bachelor's degree to possibly go after an MBA. I live in Santa Clara, CA now (Bay area) and work full time. I'm trying to figure out the fastest/easiest way to get a Bachelor's degree from an accredited school that also looks good on a resume and that I can use to pursue a higher degree. [more inside]
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Sliding hierarchy? Hypercube? How do I structure this data?

I have some data, it happens to be medically-oriented but that's probably not too important. How can I structure it? It appears to be intrinsically hierarchical, but the hierarchy can be organised in various ways. Is there a design pattern for this problem? [more inside]
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College student in 2014: Which periodical should I subscribe to?

I'm a college sophomore and I want to be well-informed about the world. Which periodical should I subscribe to? Requirements: not US-centric, broad and well-written coverage. I'd love something like Lapham's Quarterly, but I'm also considering something that might condense important, current world news because it's hard to keep up with the newspapers. [more inside]
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OK to ask out someone you know through an ex?

I like a boy. I'm pretty sure he likes me back. Great, right? There's one problem: said boy is someone I know through an ex. Is this ever OK to pursue? [more inside]
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recs for vets accessible by public transport?

So I am about to adopt my first cat (specifically this one, yay Mefi!). I'm looking for a vet for regular wellness checks in my area (Emeryville, CA, near Ashby Bart) - the catch is that I'm reliant on public transport, and I don't have a ton of money. Suggestions? [more inside]
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September 29

Poly-friendly therapists in/near Washington DC?

Looking for recommendations for sex-positive, progressive, poly-friendly therapists in the Washington DC region. [more inside]
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Coming Out When You Don't Know the Category You Belong To

Over the past few months I've been coming to terms with the fact that I am about 80% straight and 20% gay, and this NCOD I am thinking of making a video and posting it to Facebook to let my very close friends know. On the one hand this seems like a really rewarding prospect, because I would like to start being more authentic with other people and this is a part of my identity that I want people to know about. It's the specifics I'm not sure how to handle. [more inside]
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Nontraditional. Returning? Student?

Broke and in default on old student loans. Is it possible to go back to school? [more inside]
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Can anyone with Accountant / Tax knowledge help me?

Got my bill today from my accountant...Can anyone tell me if these fee's are legit? They seem pretty high and im hoping someone with knowledge in this could elaborate or confirm these fees are standard. Thank you!
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Well this is a whole new kind of horrible

My wonderful relationship is over; it's ending with love and kindness on both sides and is as amicable a break-up as I could imagine. But it's so, so much more awful than I thought it would be, please help me figure out how to keep it together. [more inside]
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Facebook URL in print?

I'm helping publicize an event via Facebook and print fliers. I would love to be able to include a URL for the Facebook event on the fliers, but the one that Facebook provides is a long string of nonsense. [more inside]
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Have you been to the Forevertron?

The Forevertron website says it's closed Tuesdays-- is it actually closed off? [more inside]
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What is the song in the new Jeep Commercial, September 2014?

The song has been stuck in my head - I believe it is a Michael Jackson song (it is NOT, I repeat, NOT "Love Never Felt So Good"). I can't seem to find it on YouTube or ISPOT, but it shows people doing "autumn" outdoor activities in various Jeep models. One of the scenes is a pick-up game of football lit by the headlights of two Jeeps.
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Make me the pie crust queen

I want to make the best pie crust ever. ever. ever. Help me. [more inside]
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Transfer of social work qualifications between Anglosphere countries

How well do professional social work qualifications transfer between Anglosphere countries (US, UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia)? [more inside]
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Accepting things as they are - parenting edition.

Can you help me accept my limitations as a parent? My child is going through a rough period and I feel like I failed them. I am not going to give any specific examples because I am looking for more general info. So, I’m looking for ideas (books and articles are also welcome) on how to deal with the fact that I cannot protect my children from unhappiness. [more inside]
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How to prepare a kid for a funeral?

Having not dealt with close family death often, i'm a little concerned about how to prepare my 12 yo daughter for the service etc. Thoughts? [more inside]
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What, if anything, could I, should I do about an unstable acquaintance?

I worked with a guy many moons ago. We hung out in the same social circle and I'd consider us friends back then. His behavior got increasingly erratic over the years, and he's been institutionalized a few times. At one point, he made a violent threat towards me, which I believe was just meant to be a joke in poor taste but I couldn't say for sure. He sort of dropped out of my life and that of the same social circle. Except he's now made a reappearance, and I'm a little worried about it. [more inside]
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SciFi Stories about Civilizations which have survived the "Big Bounce"

Looking for stories/novelllas/novels about civilizations which have survived the "Big Bounce" and persisted into the next universe. Is there any such thing?
posted by brownrd at 1:53 PM PST - 22 comments

I Need a Mantra

I have been dwelling on some negative thoughts and it keeps sending me into a sad-spiral of feeling terrible. I want to stop this, but I can't quite find the right/effective combination of things to tell myself to cut off the ruminating. Help me come up with my mantra; details inside. [more inside]
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How can I sell my 50% stake in a 10 acre property in Bucks County, Penns

A friend (no, really!) will officially be divorced next Monday, and will then own 50% of a residential property in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The property has one house (that's basically a teardown), currently occupied by their ex (with no intention of selling), and one barn. The rest is undeveloped property. The property is in a great school district (Central Bucks). Is there ANY way they can sell my 50% stake in the property. They're wiling to sell at a discount and talk to developers, banks, private investors, whatever.
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Can I get a city and state out of a list of latitude/longitude pairs?

I've found a lot of folks that promise the opposite. What I want to do is take a csv of lat/long pairs and get back something pairing them with the corresponding city and state. (I'd even take zip codes if it came to that bit that would be somewhat less useful). Is this something easily done?
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Reasonable Repair Estimate for MacBook Air Display Problem?

Help me figure out if my Mac repair place is on the level. [more inside]
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Salsa out overnight

Why has this not been asked before? I left half a jar of Green Mountain Gringo hot salsa out overnight. Can I eat it this morning?
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Uninviting people to Thanksgiving

My mother has been hosting a huge Thanksgiving for years now, and it's time to make a change. Only problem is, I'm not sure how to deliver the news to the people she's uninviting. [more inside]
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Undescended kidney stones: Surgical removal, "wait and see", or...?

I’m a male in my late 40s. I’ve had two acute kidney stone attacks in the last three years. I recently requested copies of earlier CT scans, and I was shocked to learn that I have multiple kidney stones (of various sizes) remaining in both kidneys. My former urologist had somehow neglected to tell me about those remaining stones. [more inside]
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...And the goblins will get ya if ya don't watch out!

I'm looking for creepy couplets, spooky sonnets, and other Halloween-y poems to share with younger children. Shorter is better, and I'm not interested in the overtly gross. [more inside]
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Nigerian Price / Mystery shopper Scam for the modern age

Recently I got involved with mystery shopper type . They sent over email to which i replied my home address. When I got the check for the mystery shopped payment and deposited , BOA flagged the payment as a fraud and put it on hold. After that I put the email on my spam and reported phishing in gmail. [more inside]
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Packable/collapsible shoulder bag

Hey mefites! I'm looking for a shoulder bag that packs down to nothing that I can throw into my luggage. I would use it to carry essentials on the other side. Timbuk2 magic messenger fits the bill but is no longer sold. Sea to summit sling is an option, but is there anything else out there?
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Love an apartment, but the ratings are terrible online, what do I do?

I found an apartment I really like, at the price I want, in the location I want, but the reviews online say that there are many problems with AC/Heat, water system and washer dryer units. Is there any way I can approach the leasing office with those poor reviews and get some kind of real assurance that those problems are fixed or maybe have the lease modified so we can get reimbursed if those sorts of problems occur, or should I just pass on it?
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Learning Logic

I would like to take a college course on logic. I am not currently enrolled in any college. And, I have missed registration for the fall semester for most community colleges and adult ed centers. I bought a book on logic but I am having trouble learning from it. Would prefer to use a book in conjunction with lectures. How should I proceed? Typically this type of course is offered in the philosophy department. My main interest is in dissecting arguments to find logical structures. I am open to taking an online course or even listening to a set of lectures on logic, especially if a workbook is required. thank you.
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Age in indie music

I realize this is vague and potentially unanswerable but there seems to be a decent sized community of indie bands and singer songwriters in their twenties and thirties. I realize that there are some musicians older than this in those genres but they seem to be a minority. Is this something that people tend to move on from because of a lack of a viable financial living for the majority or does something else explain the abundance of younger people creating this kind of music? Thanks
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For the kid who likes to read in bed

Micropanda (3) likes to read in bed after lights out, but for obvious reasons we don't want a light to stay on after he falls asleep. He has a flashlight that stays on as long as he squeezes the trigger switch, then shuts off on release, but it has died. He is sad and we are sad. We are having a devil of a time replacing it. Please help. [more inside]
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Help me read about men in porn

I would like to read non-lulzy articles, profiles, etc. of male porn stars. [more inside]
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Borderline personality disorder

What's it like to have borderline personality disorder? What helps? [more inside]
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Fix my back in Austin

I was diagnosed with bulging L4/L5 discs with spondylolysis and stenosis. Doctor convinced me to get epidural / facet injections. After the shots, I started getting very bad sciatica ( I think its sciatica ). I could hardly stand in the shower. Before the shots I was running half marathons. Now I can't run at all. I can't lift heavy things. Only walking makes it feel better. Its been six months with no improvement. The quality of my life is way worse than it was before. What happened post injection? Can anyone recommend a good back doctor / orthopedist in Austin?
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Dealing With Living Alone

I'm 29 I've lived with my mom and sister for the past few years. Before that I was married for seven years. So I've pretty much always lived with someone. I'm having trouble adjusting to living by myself. [more inside]
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How to erase a computer hard drive and installing free basic software.

This is going back to this question where I'm dealing with obsolete computer equipment. This weekend's discovery was a laptop at least 10 years old, a desktop computer of over 5 years not running on a Windows system, and another desktop over 5 years running on Windows Vista. [more inside]
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Build me a better Mouse Trap.

When you were a kid, did you love playing Mouse Trap? And by playing, I mean setting up the Rube Goldbergesque board and trying to get it to work right at least once every ten tries? I remember having a lot of fun playing with the Mouse Trap game, but not so much actually playing the game itself. Now that I have kids, I understand why. The game itself is terrible. So how could it be made better? [more inside]
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September 28

Almost 2 hour commute - is it worth it?

I'm really interested in applying for this job but it would mean a commute of around 1 hour and 45 minutes one way each day (by reliable public transportation). I live in the suburbs so I am used to taking the underground everywhere and to it being a minimum of an hour before getting to where I want to go (but I don't do this on a daily basis). I'm worried almost 4 hours total of public transportation a day might be pushing it. [more inside]
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I strongly advise you to stop giving me advice!

Please help me come up with some polite but firm ways of asking my father to stop giving me nearly constant unsolicited advice. I see him so rarely as we live in different countries, and I don't want the rest of his visit to be ruined. [more inside]
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What's in a name (to the TSA)?

I'm flying from the West Coast to the East Coast of the US in 24 hours and was about to check in when I realized my name was wrong on the itinerary. Say my name is Katie Smith - it's listed in my booking as Katiems Smith. I'm pretty sure Google Flight just mashed together my first name and Ms., but now it's appears at Katiems on the itinerary and obviously my passport and driver's license say Katie. What to do? [more inside]
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Landlord putting apartment on the market

The owner of the condo I'm renting has informed me that he's putting it on the market, and had a realtor check out the place and talk to me. He thinks any future buyer will likely be a professional real estate buyer, who will continue with the lease arrangement I currently have, but there's no assurance that this will be the case. Meanwhile, another apartment has opened up in the same complex, a complex which I love. Do I stay or move? [more inside]
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Make over my makeup kit! Difficulty: Rite Aid.

I'm officiating my little brother's beach wedding tomorrow, and I discovered WAY too late that my rarely-used makeup collection was a lot more, uh, congealed and icky than I realized. The only place I'll be able to stop to refresh it, though, is a Rite Aid. I'm not great at picking makeup to begin with, and the additional deadline is cranking the pressure up to 11! Makeup gurus of AskMe, I could really use your help... [more inside]
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A Tumblr blog for sharing kindergarten photos with parents

I would like to post photos for parents from our kindergarten class. I'm thinking of doing it on a password-protected Tumblr site. From what little I can find, it sounds do-able, but...? [more inside]
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Why don't we have a long-term vaccination for rabies?

I went down a rabies rabbit hole a couple of days ago after listening to this Radiolab episode (and today is, coincidentally, World Rabies Day), and I still don't understand why we don't have a long-term vaccine for it like we do for polio or smallpox. [more inside]
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So, how long have you been dating?

Like many other on-again, off-again couples, my boyfriend and I are having problems answering the question, "how long have you been dating?" [more inside]
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The One

Help me find my perfect everyday bag! [more inside]
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How are things in Thailand?

I'm considering a trip to Thailand in January. If you're currently living in Thailand or have visited recently, can you give me a sense of the political climate now? [more inside]
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Silver women's combat boots.

Help me replace my beloved Docs. [more inside]
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Taxaphobic in Chicago

We hate doing our taxes. Despite a professional familiarity with the basics of the tax code, or perhaps because of it, dealing with all of the paperwork really stresses me out, and my spouse doesn't like to do it either. Can you help us find an accountant in the Chicago area who will be competent and easygoing? Details inside. [more inside]
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Long distance D/s Relationship Tips

My wife and I are in a 24/7 D/s relationship - she's the Domme, I'm the sub. Work is requiring me to spend most of my time in a city hundreds of miles away - I get back for most weekends but am on my own working 12+ hours a day during the week. Her moving is not an option. Any tips on how to keep the intensity up while I'm away?
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Google Maps android app doesn't know my exact position

I have no problems with Google Maps as a navigation aid. It always finds my exact location and turn by turn directions works perfect. But when I first start the app (so I'm in map mode, not navigation mode), I get a large pale blue circle around my location. [more inside]
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Help me be stronger and more resilient

Self defeating thoughts make it hard to get things done. I want to be able to enjoy my time at school, but my low self confidence causes a lot of anxiety. Is there a way I can shift my perspective? [more inside]
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Please help me find this clothing brand!

I found my perfect shirt at a rummage sale and am trying to track down the brand. The tag has a capital "M" with a striped background, and has a picture of a crying girl on the back with a striped heart on her shirt. I tried looking up the RN and CA numbers with no conclusive results (I already know it's 50/50 cotton poly jersey). Can the hive mind help? Here are images: Front, Back. Thanks!
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This question is also a form of procrastination.

I have been procrastinating finishing up a project for work for months, only working the night before having to give updates. Tomorrow is the deadline with the client and it's a big event and once again I'll need to spend the night working on it. I have no idea if I'll be able to finish in time but if I don't my head will probably roll. [more inside]
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Know how to read Japanese? Please save my dinner!

Hello people who can read Japanese of Metafilter. I'm standing in the kitchen with a package of udon noodles from Japan and no ability to read the instructions. Anyone want to save the day and tell me what these instructions say? A photo of the label is here.
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Healthy ways to avoid the hurt of loneliness.

How do I safely navigate through life without having to succumb to loneliness? Is it possible? [more inside]
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How do I meet men?

I’m pretty and smart and friendly and funny, but I’m also fat and older. What hope is there for me? How can I meet men? [more inside]
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Push? Don't push?

What does this Bosh dishwasher button do? [more inside]
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Dare to glare at my chair repair query!

Several of the leather straps that support the seat of my Barcelona lounge chair have torn. How can I repair (or replace) them? [more inside]
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The value of online friendship?

I'm uncertain how to proceed w/maintaining an online friendship and if I should move on or not. Internet drama ensues. [more inside]
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Buying modafinil (Provigil) online? What's the deal?

Is it totally crazy to buy modafinil (Provigil) over the internet without a prescription, and how would I even do it? Please educate me about the legal, practical, and financial considerations of doing this. I'm in the USA. [more inside]
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Research Proposal from the Land of Make Believe

I'm in the process of putting together Ph.D. program applications and have run into a mental roadblock, namely being asked to put together a research proposal that I know is destined to be utterly meaningless. [more inside]
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Avoiding a dispute over the move out date, and the security deposit.

This is in Seattle, WA. I live with my landlord in a furnished house, where I rent a room. I gave more than 30 days written notice. My lease ends Tuesday, Sept 30th. I intend to be completely out of there, and completely cleaned up, by that evening, ready to hand over the keys. However, she wants to put off the key handover and walkthrough until Saturday, October 4th. Will there be legal ramifications if she does this? [more inside]
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Sorry, can't talk. Mouth full of foot.

Yesterday at Safeway I ran into a fond acquaintance, Jen, whose shifts occasionally overlapped with mine when we both worked delivering pizza. Jen brought up the subject of our former colleague, Al, a very cool, very masculine woman who, the last we'd heard, had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Neither of us could remember Al's name. I did recall, however, that it seemed to befit her gruff personality. "Butch...?" I suggested. "Rocky?" Then, still thinking of boxing: "Lefty?"... [more inside]
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Finding a high-resolution/print quality version of a WW2 image

I would like to find a high-resolution or a print-quality version of the image in this article to give as a gift to a friend. The image seems to depict a Berlin raid by allied forces. A Google Image search didn't help me much and I wasn't able to find who owns the rights to the image. Any ideas?
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Please help me not to deafen my coworkers

I use a very loud buckling-spring keyboard which is apparently even louder over Skype/Google Hangouts/etc., which have recently become a much bigger part of my job. I'd like to find a more directional microphone that will pick up more of my voice and less of my typing. [more inside]
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E-ink ereader with a strong screen - or a strong case

I've broken my second e-ink reader in as many years, by cracking the screen. Both breaks have the same basic cause: I forgot it was there and leaned on it. The second time was just for a second and not with that much weight, but it still cracked. And, of course, that means it is completely gone. Both readers were a full-size Kobo Touch. Are these readers more prone to crack than other e-ink devices? [more inside]
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Help me remember a cool video game!

I read a review in the past year-ish of a very cool new video game and my google-fu is failing me. The story was about a teenage girl who may have gone missing. Her parents were gone for the weekend, maybe? The house was filled with clues, and game play was first person discovery of clues. It was gorgeous, ethereal and mysterious. I recall the reviews being extremely positive. Is this ringing any bells?
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Trying to find Native American female author's name

I went to Ohio University, Athens,during or around the time of 1998/99. We had a female poet come and present her poetry to us as a part of school programming, a special event. Her work was very powerful, she may have recently won at award around that time, I do not think she was a professor anywhere. I am not sure where she was from, but I kinda think Canada. She wrote about her recovery from alcoholism and I think she talked about butterflies, that may have been a title of one of books or books of poetry. She also spoke about medicine women and how she could communicate with animals. Does anyone have any idea about what I am talking about? Thanks
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How should my Dad leave us the proceeds from the sale of his land?

My Dad owns about 20 acres of land in a small town that he wishes to give to my brother, my sister, and myself now, not when he passes. My siblings and I plan to split the proceeds of the sale of the land evenly amongst us. Which way, tax-wise, would maximize the amount of money we receive from the land in the end? Should my dad give the title/deed to us first and we sell it, or Dad sells it and then gives us the money from the sale of the land? [more inside]
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Big cat decisions

I have to make some big study/career decisions over the next few months that could possibly see me move from Australia to Europe for at least a year or two (maybe longer), but I don't know what to do about my cat. I don't really have anyone who would be willing to look after her for a year or two, so my decision is basically either to give her up or to take her with me. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? What did you end up doing? [more inside]
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Actors playing multiple roles

Who was the first comic actor to play multiple roles in the same movie, particularly with one of them in drag? [more inside]
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I want a dog. In New York. And not a Chihuahua. Am I selfish?

My dream for some time now has been to get a dog. I have a full time job. I'm scared the dog would hate his/her life. [more inside]
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Why kittens? Why!

Why have our two kittens started pooing on the cellar floor? They started this at about four months old. They arrived litter trained and have used the two covered, adult sized litter trays ever since. Then two months ago, with the run of the whole house, started the odd poo in the cellar. Its still only once every few days. We moved both the trays into the cellar as they spend a lot of time there (its cool when the house is very hot), but it persists. The majority of the poo is still in the trays. We change the litter weekly and scoop the trays at least once a day.
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What fun things can I do with my family in the UK in winter?

So, my brother and his wife are flying over from Australia, and my brother-in-law from India, in December. We're all Indian, and we generally get together (us and my parents) once a year or so for around a month. Usually the trips are in India and feature a few exciting things to look forward to: last time we stayed in a few resorts along beaches in South India, and stayed in a house in the country, a houseboat tour through backwater canals, that kind of thing. I'm wondering: what kind of similar-ish things can we book and where? [more inside]
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September 27

Help identifying writing on a Russian? bark painting

It is a little painting on bark. Trying to find out more information about it. But I am being stymied by not really knowing Russian characters while trying to google the writing on it. Pics inside. Thanks! [more inside]
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Help me get over and move on from this disappointing non-relationship

I recently came out of a disappointing "non-relationship" and am finding it hard to move on, and to know how to deal with this person (who is someone I see regularly). Hoping someone out there may have been through a similar thing and have some wisdom for me. [more inside]
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High-resolution, public-domain, landscape photography archives?

I'm looking for high-resolution (full-color or gray-scale), public domain archives of landscape photography (specifically of terrains and mountains). [more inside]
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Help me find the Dreamlifter!

Is there a way to find out when a Boeing Dreamlifter will be landing at Paine Field more than a few hours in advance? [more inside]
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Where to start in the business of printing and shipping my own poster de

As an illustrator/letterer living in Toronto and I want to start selling my posters, but I need to know how to handle the post-designing aspect of things (type of printing, best standard paper stocks, type of packaging, type of shipping/drop-shipping, pricing, ...). It is an overwhelming endeavor but I have to start somewhere. Any comprehensive, step-by-step resources on this sort of thing out there? [more inside]
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Bicycling from Coos Bay to San Francisco; routes, tips, and maps?

So my wife decided rather last-minute to tour the So. Oregon/California Coast from Coos Bay to San Francisco, as she wraps up a summer detail in NorCal. [more inside]
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What are your favorite videos of folks doing folksy things?

I've discovered that the missus and I really come together in our enjoyment of watching documentaries about interesting people doing interesting things in interesting ways. [more inside]
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How can a lawyer get a real job after a long absence from the workforce?

46, lawyer, musician. I have been fallow for an extended time and am coming out of a bankruptcy and divorce. I have a couple years experience as a criminal defense lawyer (from 4-5 yrs ago) but haven't really done much since. I don't want to continue in criminal law. I find jobs that are intriguing but my resume is spotty at best. So how do I write an effective cover letter and create a resume that doesn't reflect my lazy attitude toward work these last few years? [more inside]
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How do gf and I deal with different approaches to irritation and anger?

Our relationship is mostly great, but we disagree about the appropriateness of expressing irritation and anger at your partner. She can be outbursty, and I can be over-sensitive, so we might bicker, and then fight about the fighting, and we're trying to break the cycle. [more inside]
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Adderall and running

I have a prescription for Adderall, and I find it has a significant positive effect on my distance running. What does the running world think about this? Am I doping if I run a clocked race? [more inside]
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Knowledge mobilization?

I recently happened to come across a job posting (at a university) in the area of "knowledge mobilization." I'm interested in learning more about this career. [more inside]
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How to get some HEAT in my Chinese food

I live in an extremely whitebread town, and nothing I have done has induced any of the Chinese restaurants to make my food in the least hot. I say "extra hot" or "extra spicy" or "with hot peppers" and the food seems exactly the same. They must have had people complain that what they ordered was "too hot." What can I say in Chinese to get the point across? How do you say the pepper paste stuff that is made out of pepper flakes and oil, and then lots of it?
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Perspective on the idea of "growing apart" in a long term commitment?

I recently started seeing someone new, who happens to be the first person I've dated who's divorced. When he told me that he was divorced, he said they "grew apart," after over a decade of marriage, though he also indicated that his ex-wife didn't feel that way, and didn't want to get divorced. I had the sense (though this was a brief conversation, and we're just getting to know each other) that he didn't necessarily *try* to fix things. [more inside]
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RIYL The movies of Mike Leigh, BoJack Horseman

I've liked the Mike Leigh movies that I've seen - that sort-of-realistic, slice-of-life, kind of happy, kind of sad, this-is-how-we-settle-for-what-we-can-get-from-life-while-getting-what-we-can feel is pretty nice. What other movies, TV shows, & books can give me that same vibe? (BoJack Horseman gave me the same feel. Ditto Frances Ha, though it made me a bit more sad.) Thanks!
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E-mail doesn't sync across devices

I'm helping a friend who has started up a new business. We're having trouble getting their e-mail to syncronise across three different devices: a desktop running Windows 7, a laptop running Windows 8 and an Android-based phone, all using IMAP. What are we doing wrong? [more inside]
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Secrets for apartment hunting in Seattle?

I am interested in any resources and/or tips you might have for finding an apartment (preferably for rent by owner) in the current Seattle rental market. [more inside]
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Can a beginner dominate an experienced sub?

I recently started dating a woman who opened up about her interest/experience in D/s, and wants me to D. I'm in WAY over my head. Halp. [Some NSFW details within] [more inside]
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Rain into a barrel I know I know it's series-us

Please share with me your experiences with rain barrels linked in series. [more inside]
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I will begin teaching English for the first time this week. Any tips?

I will teach my first class ever this week, am nervous and looking for advice! [more inside]
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Solar power the world! Wait...

My father is talking to me about how a tiny patch of the Sahara could supply all the power needed by the whole world using photovoltaics. But how would it get from Africa to, for example, New York? Wouldn't undersea cable be inefficient? He tells me "superconductors" which as I understand them are not exactly a viable thing. Is solar going to be more of a per-home deal where I power my house with my personal solar plant? I don't know anything about this so please talk to me like I'm a doofus.
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Vintage Watch Identification

Need help identifying a Hamilton 24-hour wristwatch, or at least help pointing me to some knowledgable current forums. [more inside]
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Viewing files on a remote drive, on an Android device

How do I set up the sharing of a folder on a USB disk drive so that files within the drive, which is attached to a Win7 PC, can be played on an Android device? [more inside]
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Dallas- what are the best sources for information on live music events?

What websites, blogs, radio stations (do those even exist), newspapers, etc. do I need to look for to keep up with the Dallas music scene? Rock, preferably, some country.
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Did I mess up this job interview by being evasive?

I think I more or less lied by omission in a job interview that I had a bit over a week ago. I am feeling a bit guilty about it and kind of mad at myself. Do those feelings seem warranted given the situation? Would this be a red flag for you as an employer if you found out about it? [more inside]
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Persistent hairloss. So much for a social life.

Hi all, I've been dealing with severe hair loss since the end of my Accutane course in 2010. It's now coming up on 2015 and I've lost probably 90% of my hair. [more inside]
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In New York City from October 9 through 17th. Need suggestions please

We will be staying on Upper West Side at 73rd near Broadway from October 9-17. Could you please suggest places to go and things to do? 1. Favorite breakfast places nearby? 2. Favorite things to do in NYC, low to moderate cost? 3. Favorite restaurants for lunch or dinner, both moderately priced and splurgy? 4. Any special events or festivals going on at that time? 5. Any guesses about the weather and how many warm clothes to pack? 6. Inspirations that I haven't thought of? Thanks Hivemind. [more inside]
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I need help thinking of cool ways to spend $30k or more for high school physics equipment! If you're a physics teacher, or had a great physics teacher in high school (or college), tell me what equipment makes for inspiring and effective physics education. [more inside]
posted by Salvor Hardin at 10:44 AM PST - 9 comments

Peacock Express, Los Angeles Local.

Where (besides Manic Panic, ugh) can I buy funky, semi-permanent hair dyes in Los Angeles? Preferably today? [more inside]
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How to not let negative coworker get me down?

I work in the same department as a very good friend of mine, we'll call him Tom. Tom hates his job and is very vocal about it all the time. I don't know how to deal with this. [more inside]
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How freely do you discuss your pay rate with fellow freelancers?

How freely do you discuss your pay rate with fellow freelancers? [more inside]
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Ah! Paint thinner smell! How do I get rid of it?

I was carrying paint thinner in my backpack, and it spilled (probably about 250 ml)! I've tried carpet cleaner, laundry detergent, and even shampoo (!) to get the smell out and let it soak over night but it still smells really strongly! Any advice for what might work to get rid of the smell?
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Cheap but clean hotel/hostel in Rome at the end of November?

I'm visiting my brother, studying abroad in Rome, at the end of November. I was planning on staying with him, but he just told me that wouldn't be possible. So I'll need a hostel or cheap hotel. It'll be for nine days, so I'd really rather not break the bank. His apartment is in the Trestevere area, so hopefully I can stay around there. I'm not opposed to hostels or other "outside the box" ideas, as long as they're clean and relatively safe. [more inside]
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How can I collect real estate payments due from my ex-wife?

My ex-wife has not paid her monthly fees on the land I sold her in 9 months now. Confounding details within... [more inside]
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Snack packs for grownups--the hangry (hungry + angry) kind

I'm a grown woman, but when I haven't eaten and my sugar drops, the "hangriness" starts. The anger, irritation, total irrationality. I've tried carrying luna bars, etc, (though that doesn't help a ton) but I think I'd like to throw together some snack packs (like,a ziplock bag with assorted goodies) for myself to toss in my bag when I'm out the door. I'll also be traveling a lot in the next couple months, and definitely need to be on top of this. I'd love some suggestions on what kinds of food to throw in my snack packs.
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Making Breakfast in Bed

What is your favorite yummy thing to make for breakfast in bed? I have eggs, bread for toast, a good amount of spices, and most other options. I need recipes, but nothing involving raw food or rare ingredients.
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Which portable recorder for an oral history project?

I'm a researcher with no film experience, and am beginning to think about an oral history project, which best case would become a short film. The theme is regional accents, so audio quality is important. [more inside]
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Is this a normal thing to be charged for by an architect?

I feel like we're paying for our architects' professional development... which might be ok if they had given us a little more notice, but it came up suddenly and without much warning. [more inside]
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Like an ice cream headache, but not in my head!

For about as long as I can recall (roughly 30ish years) I've had an odd recurring pain in my collarbone area. What might this be, and has anyone else experienced anything similar? [more inside]
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They Had Me At "Helping Children" - Are They Legit?

I've had a brush with a Charity called Plan International. I want to make a one time donation to Plan International - but not of it is BS. Do you have knowledge of this Charity? They have positive reviews, but when the consideration is poor countries with corrupt infrastructure, I'm unsure. I've never heard of this organization before. Please impart your experience if you have direct knowledge with Plan International. Thank you. [more inside]
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Language for the purpose of study, travel and maybe work in Europe.

What European language should I learn for the purpose of higher studies, work, and extensive travelling in Europe? I am a bibliophile, cinephile, and love songs with good and meaningful lyrics. Till now I've been enjoying all these, I mean the ones from Europe, in the form of translations and with the help of subtitles. (I write too; not to publish but it's very important to me). [more inside]
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September 26

This is Halloween, This is Halloween...

Where's the best place online to buy quality baby Halloween costumes? [more inside]
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How do I find a forensic network guru with Apple experience?

I need a network forensic specialist with Apple experience in South Florida. What qualifications am I looking for? Everybody I can find only knows Windows environment. I'm a non-tech person and don't even know what questions to ask or where to start looking. Thanks!
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How much is my freedom worth?

What's a good rate for a DWI attorney in the Greensboro, NC area? [more inside]
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What are the pros and cons of supervising others at work?

What are the pros and cons of supervising others at work? I have never supervised others in my entire working career. Given my story beneath the fold, should I consider doing so? [more inside]
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Bootstrapping Music Projects - What Tools are Out There?

Are there any other softwares similar to Hooktheory's Hookpad? [more inside]
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Slap me twice: real estate sale

People answered my earlier question nicely and the tenant who was in the condo has left. I am going to sell the place, and I have a pretty bad history of understanding real estate transactions; please help (US market) [more inside]
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Too much free time - should I get a second job or learn some skills?

So, I recently moved to a new (small) city and started a job with a government agency. I am finding myself with more free time than I need, so I was considering trying to get a second job to pay off some debt. My other thought is to use this free time to build some useful skills, possibly something like programming or web development. So what do you thing? Am I better off working for money to help pay off debt or investing my time in learning skills that could earn me far more money in the future? [more inside]
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Can anyone relate to this abdominal pain symptom?

Trying to figure out an undiagnosed and refractory pain in my tummy. [more inside]
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How to get the music from my Ubuntu machine to my Airport Express?

How would you push audio from a 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 machine to an Airport Express? [more inside]
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Expert networkers: Help me routinize my networking

I've been freelancing in my profession for about a year. I've always been a huge believer in networking and I'd consider myself an above-average networker. But lately I've been struggling with making the time to keep my network fresh. I get busy with project details and other aspects of being my own manager, and I don't send the emails I need to send, or follow-up promptly enough (for my tastes anyway) with fresh contacts. Looking for tips and tricks to make space for networking in my day. [more inside]
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Fiddly Wordpress customization help

I am looking to get a wordpress theme with built-in icons for post types (such as sorbet, but I'm open to using another one to make this easier) to use icons based on categories or tags instead. There is a plugin for this but it doesn't work with the current version of WP and I don't think it's set up to replace part of an existing theme anyway. (It would also be nice if I could customize the color on those bar things too.) Despite my ambitions for awesome blog layout customization, I know very little about CSS and basically haven't coded anything for the web since we all used Netscape Navigator. How do I do this?
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Boston Back Bay/Camberville filter: earbuds with mic needed ASAP

I'll be in Boston tomorrow for a little bit, but without a car. That makes Microcenter hard-ish to get to, so I'm looking to the hive mind to steer me to someplace between South Station, Government Center, and the Back Bay that would have decent options for about $100 (preferably less). [more inside]
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What's a good birthday experience gift in NYC?

A very good friend of mine has a birthday right before both of us will be in New York with a group of mutual friends. I thought it would be fun to gift him some sort of experience or activity in the city, but I'm trying to stay away from stuff that's "too tourist". I'm looking for something more unique- I've been to the city many times, but have yet to live there. Bonus if you are a a current or past resident!
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Seeking DIY holiday gifts to create: shoestring budget, expensive taste

I want to get to work ASAP on holiday gifts and am looking for your favorite DIY gift ideas that have fairly broad appeal. Would prefer they not be holiday themed, so that they're gifts people can enjoy year round, or at least longer than the holiday season. They will also need to be tailored to my shoestring budget, but still reflect a sense of 'expensive taste' (I like things to look and be nice, and know this can be done without spending much money). Details on my personal DIY and crafting skills inside, as well as examples of DIY gifts I've made in the past, inside. [more inside]
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Reliable and fast VPN with servers in Columbus Ohio?

Hi, I need a reliable and fast VPN with servers in Columbus Ohio, and that somehow makes my internet disconnect if the VPN disconnects. Any recommendations? Thanks
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Career advice: where to go from admin work?

I've recently had some temporary administrative assistant positions and I'm looking to figure out how to move into some other field. [more inside]
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Divorce recovery: where to go, what to read

tl;dr: My life fell apart, I'm exhausted and not really sure where to go from here. Thinking seriously about a vacation/retreat; looking for suggestions on where I might go, and books/workbooks to take with me. [more inside]
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How do I get my money/ my violin back?

I worked out a private sale of a beginner's violin with a new friend met at a conference (complicated story; detail within). She didn't have enough money to pay me then, and because I had a good feeling about her I let her fly home first and worked out a plan to pay me later. It has been two months, I have not seen a cent, and she's ignoring my messages. What can I do? [more inside]
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How can non-profits accept car donations?

I work for a non-profit, and a donor asked about donating a used car to us. How does that work? [more inside]
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How to talk to girls at parties

I have a party to go to. It will be all women, most of whom have children and are doing the suburban mum thing. Although I share the first qualification, I don't have kids. Degree of difficulty: I will have spent the whole day at work being "on" for the general public and I am an introvert. Plus I have to do the same tomorrow. How do I get through this party? [more inside]
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Maximize! my credit card spend

I have three credit cards, and this is probably one too many. Help me figure out how to manage my credit card spend and maximize rewards. [more inside]
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where can i purchase ancap porcelain in nyc or toronto? or online (us)

I am specifically looking for the limited edition "righe vagabonde" espresso cups and moka pot, but I know that is a really long shot. I would like to be able to purchase the 2014 limited edition set or other decorative sets (not plain white). Thanks.
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To Quit My Job and Move to Montana in October or Winter in Chicago?

Mr. fancydancing and I are toying around with the idea of moving to Montana. I'm not super happy in my job now and both of us want to get out of the Chicagoland sprawl. But fear is holding me back. Why? And what kind of jobs can I apply for that are more in alignment with my interests and values? [more inside]
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Uber in Teaneck, NJ?

I'm attending a wedding in Teaneck, New Jersey in a couple of weeks. It's on a Monday night. I'd prefer to stay in Manhattan. For anyone who lives in Teaneck, what are my options for getting back into Manhattan around, say, 1:00 AM on a Monday night? Are there Uber drivers in Teaneck? How much would it be for a regular cab?
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Texas residency and in-state tution

Hi, I'm planning on starting graduate school in Texas in fall, 2015. Right now we (my husband and I) are living in another state. Then plan is to move to Texas in Augest, 2015. Husband would physically be in Texas but working remotely for an employer outside of Texas. Is it possible for me to qualify for in-state tuition rate? What needs to be done in order to gain residency in Texas? Thanks.
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Science Fiction Short Story ID

The gist of the story: Natives take potion which slows their movements and thoughts to match those of trees, who it turns out are sentient and out to get us. [more inside]
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I'm looking for real life food mysteries. Where would I find them?

I heard a story on This American Life HERE and it's a story about a sausage maker who inadvertently ruins their product by getting a new building. IN the end, it turned out the problem was they had shortened the route of the final delivery of the sausages and removed what was thought to be the unimportant work of a clerk named Irving. I thought it was fascinating and I want to find other stories like that. Where would I look for them?
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How do you wear a winter coat with a blazer?

I find myself in the realm of needing to wear a winter coat on a regular basis in the nearish future. A winter coat with other layers underneath. As a person who really hates cold, and owns a few blazers, I am hoping to wear them sometimes with a winter coat. But how? Is it as simple as wearing a blazer to the store and finding a coat the fits over the blazer? And oh god, how do you do that? [more inside]
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So many complex projects. So much information. How do I process it all?

I'm being crushed under the weight of all the information I need to process. Most of it revolves around my job. I've thought about it ad nauseum, and I sincerely don't think there's the option to just back off from certain responsibilities to lighten my load. Delegation to others is also not an option, at least at the moment. I just have to be able to absorb all the information coming into me, sort it, process it in my mind, generate new thoughts based on it, and then ACT on it. I need some way of keeping this all organized, and it should be malleable and adaptable since things change all the time around here. [more inside]
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Roommate and bed issues

My old roommate is out of the country for eight months and will be living somewhere else when he returns. He left his bed in my apartment because he didn't have another place to put it. So I have a new roommate. New roommate didn't like the old bed, bought a new, larger one. What do I do? [more inside]
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what are some steps that I can take towards my ideal career set-up?

I have an idea of what I think would be my ideal career set up (involving social, ethnographic and/or market research in China) , but am not too clear on the next steps to take. Can you help? [more inside]
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How can I print to my Lexmark X945e and have it staple every 8 pages?

At work I generate personalized 8-page PDFs that I get in one large file. How can I send these to my Lexmark X945e multi-purpose color laser printer so that each "set" of 8 pages is stapled? [more inside]
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Help me find an autumn/early spring jacket

The weather is starting to get a bit brisk and, once again, I lament my lack of owning a good fall jacket. A few years ago, I found this zip peacoat-style rain jacket on a bargain website and I LOVE almost everything about it. Unfortunately, I have giant norseman shoulders (44 jacket measurement) so a Banana Republic XL is just a *bit* too tight in the back. It fits perfectly... untilI need to use my arms, that is. I would like to find something in the same vein, if possible. [more inside]
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She couldn't care less; should I?

My daughter is almost two, still in diapers. I send her to daycare with a day's supply of diapers and at least one change of clothes. Every single day when I pick her up, she's inevitably wearing her top and diaper, and no bottoms. If I sent her in a dress and tights, she's wearing the dress but no tights. Is this a Problem, or Not a Problem? [more inside]
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Booze, Drugs & Creativity

A film professor friend is compiling a list of movies about drug and alcohol abuse in connection to the creative process. Got any suggestions? [more inside]
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Custom Switch Panel for a Tacoma

I am adding some accessory circuits to my Tacoma, for things like the Winch, air compressor, and extra lighting and I need to mount the switches somewhere. [more inside]
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Thinking Long-Term About My Vehicle

I have a good, reliable car that costs (in my opinion) too much money. I am not currently making the payments on this car, but I will start doing so soon. I am thinking of selling the car and getting a cheap one - but my mother (who is currently making the payments) adamantly believes that this would be a terrible financial decision. I can't see how she could be right. [more inside]
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Sacramento meeting place?

Where can a non-profit group of ten meet for a once-a-month evening meeting in the general Sacramento area? [more inside]
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Advice on the Camino de Santiago

Hi all, we are starting our planning to do the Camino de Santiago sometime next year. Just wanted to know if there are any MeFi members who have done the route and their advice on what the best time to do the route would be, and their recommendations on which route to go on? [more inside]
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Google apps gone screwy perhaps

I have several google apps accounts with email inboxes for each. On my Firefox toolbar I have bookmarks for each of those email accounts in the usual format with my different domains substituted for of course. Up until yesterday each one of those bookmarks dutifully opened the inbox of the right domain's email account... [more inside]
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Help me troubleshoot my hair

I am looking for some advice regarding recent issues I have been having with my hair, namely extreme bedhead troubles and problems with random spikiness and poofiness. I included details about my hair, my care routine (or lack thereof) and the recent issues I’ve had in the “more info” section. [more inside]
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Getting better all the time

I am nervous and excited to be tapering off Prozac. What can I expect? [more inside]
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Heathen medical missions

I am an atheist, and a nurse, and I would like to possibly participate in a medical mission, but all my options seem to be religious in nature. [more inside]
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Should I have to earn EDOs to cover excess family care time?

Boss is proposing that I accumulate EDO (extra) time and use it to make up time caring my my daughter when she's sick. He says the average days off (family care +personal sick days) at our company is 5 and I'm too far beyond that ( 9 total out of an entitlement of 3 family care + 9 personal sick days). I think he is going to bring it up again today. Is this a fair and reasonable request? [more inside]
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Early morning outings in Central Tokyo?

Difficulty level: no giant tuna auctions. Help me make the most of my free weekday morning in Tokyo! I travel to Japan once or twice a year for work - yay! I never get any free time to do anything - boo! [more inside]
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Explain the physiological aspects of my anti-depressant withdrawal

What is happening inside me as my body adjusts to an unexpected lack of anti-depressant medication? [more inside]
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Uncontested Change of Child Custody and Support in NM

How do I go about getting an uncontested change of child custody and support in the state of New Mexico? [more inside]
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La La La lady biking in the rain and snow and slush seeks jacket

I need a bike commuting jacket. I love love love this one from Betabrand BUT IT DOESN'T SHIP TIL JANUARY WHAT. Help me find an alternative to survive fall/winter in DC. [more inside]
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Is it possible to make a blog layout like this using Tumblr?

Is it possible to make a blog layout like this using Tumblr? Thanks in advance
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Where to find well-made, plaid wool blazers for women?

I really like these from Boden, but the colors this year are not so great. Who else sells well-made, tailored, plaid/check wool blazers for women? [more inside]
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Apps for young readers

What are your favorite iPad apps for 4 - 7 year olds? [more inside]
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Is there a Tumblr app for Android that isn't terrible?

I like reading my Tumblr feed on my (Android) phone. But the official app doesn't work. Are there any third-party options that do? [more inside]
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Far future, alien-feeling SF recommendations

I'm getting fairly tired of science fiction set in the near or medium future where society and motivations are an extension of modern life. I'd like something set so far in the future that there is nothing that really calls back to earth politics or history or culture, or something which may well be in an alternate universe because earth-like things never even come up. [more inside]
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Looking for Canadian company that will handle merchandising for podcast.

I'm looking for recommendations for a Canadian company that will handle orders for mugs, posters, stickers and other ephemera that I would design (with the logo to my podcast) but they would handle all manufacturing, printing, orders, shipping, credit card info, that sort of thing. And I would get a tiny percentage of the final sale. [more inside]
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Starbucks Dark Barrel Latte

I'd like to try the Dark Barrel Latte that Starbucks is testing. I live in Orlando, which I know is a test area (I had a Golden Maple Latte last week, which they are selling here instead of Salted Caramel Latte). I've checked a few stores and haven't seen the Dark Barrel Latte yet. How can I find a location selling it? Is there a location finder that searches by menu? Some published list of test stores?
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Do I fail at being an adult?

I hate to live alone. Does that mean I fail as an adult? [more inside]
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What are OTC alternatives to IAMS Intestine Plus Residue food for cats?

I recently got prescription cat food for my pet and it's been working fine at permitting him to have regular bowel movements without any diarrhea. Best of all, he now poops in the litter box like he is supposed to. The food provided to me is IAMS Intestine Plus for cats but it's fairly expensive. [more inside]
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How can I segregate my Google Play Books for different family members?

My kids have just started buying books from Google Play. All of our books are in one big library. How do I go about organising them so that we each only see our own books? [more inside]
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How likely is it that I've voided my warranty?

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone a year and a half ago. The screen stopped working today (not due to an accident or any other trauma) and Samsung are sending me a return envelope to get it repaired. However, I had the screen replaced by a third party after smashing it last Christmas. It was replaced with a Samsung part. Does this mean my warranty is void? [more inside]
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Google Apps for non-profits where non-prof is US but users are in UK?

I'm trying to work out if I can set google apps for non-profits up if the organisation is a US non-profit but the particular users that would use google apps are a chapter based in the UK? I don't believe we hold non-profit status in the UK, probably because we're a chapter of a parent US organisation rather than anything stand-alone. [more inside]
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Chef, I think we should start seeing other people.

My favorite farmer's market vendor's offerings have grown boring. Do I tell them? [more inside]
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Help keep my hyper baby happy

My wonderful almost-seven-month-old is very, very active. All the "things to do with your baby" websites/books assume the baby will just sit there quietly. What did/do you do with your little livewire to keep them amused? [more inside]
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How to produce an editable PDF doc?

I have a scanned document with some text that I'd like to edit. [more inside]
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September 25


I need to find a dry sauna that is awesome and fits a small number of reasonable criteria. [more inside]
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Hot as a synonym for spicy?

Do any other languages use hot as a synonym for spicy? Examples of spicy in other languages with etymology / literal translation are welcome
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Help! My favorite news website no longer delights me.

Is there a news/culture website that's like Slate used to be? [more inside]
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Commercial Car Insurance in Oregon USA

Just moved to Oregon and picked up a PT courier job, using my own car. Changing my insurance and registration over from out of state, the car insurance provider told me I need to have commercial insurance since I'll be using my car for work. She said pizza delivery drivers and I have this in common. The quote is 3X that of personal car insurance, and makes me think this part time job is not worth it. Asking y'all what the deal is. [more inside]
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Via con Dodos, Camino.

I've been holding onto the Camino browser as my primary web vehicle far past its sell-by date. Given a recent flash update and the impending modernity of mefi, it's time to find an acceptable substitute that will satisfy most, if not all, of all the features that i've grown so dependent upon. [more inside]
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What musical style is this song sung in?

Can some Mefite gifted in music analysis tell me about the melody, beat and style of "Nikolas Tesla Dood"? [more inside]
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Can I put companies' writing sample exercises on my own website?

I've had a few job applications leading to interviews and phone interviews without being hired. Can I post the various writing exercises I was asked to do on my own website as samples? [more inside]
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Help me find a waterproof jacket I can wear with my suit

I am looking for a shell-weight jacket I can wear with my suits, but is not a shell. [more inside]
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Salary for caring for an infant

Here we go guys, I found a perfect job for me: a baby with complex heart issues is in the hospital since March. Her mom needs me to be there for maybe two hours in some days to give her a break and help her get out of the hospital for a bit. She lives in the hospital with her daughter. I totally fell in love with Charlotte. She is the most amazing baby in the world. Now I start feeling guilty for taking money for what I do. I feel terrible for accepting money for other people's misery. What would you guys do? I just feel bad for her, and think what if she will not make it.
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Lidocaine patch substitute for child's neuropathy.

Looking for a cool (as in chilly), inexpensive, gel-like patch to replace Lidocaine patches for a child with nerve pain. [more inside]
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Chicago in November

I have an opportunity to go to Chicago in November for work. The meeting is at a hotel near O'Hare with a room discount. I'd like to pay for the extra plane ticket and bring my wife along. I don't know what question to ask so if I didn't ask one that I should have please answer that too. If this works then I would take vacation days that could make some of the things work that otherwise don't look like they would. 1. Car/no Car? 2. Things to do for my wife while I'm in meetings? 3. Possibility for Amish things? 4. Zoos? 5. General safety - around OHare, other places that we might walk, say downtown. I wouldn't ask this but we were in Dayton and I found out after that there had been near riots during the time that we were there. 6. Is public transportation good to get around? Thanks very much. PS I searched and I didn't find anything quite like this.
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This day in this history, that history, and this other history....

I maintain a small Twitter feed where I do a "This day in history as illustrated with cool books from Open Library" thing. I often use Wikipedia's day thing (today's example) and it's often all about the history of men, conquest, nation states/building and a bunch of other things that aren't always relevant to my interests. I need more options. [more inside]
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You're making me justify all the things

My SO has a tendency to ask a lot of mundane questions that make me feel defensive. Please help be less bothered by this. [more inside]
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Extent to which petroleum jelly degrades latex.

Will residual amounts affect latex to any significant degree? [more inside]
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How does giving to charity reduce tax liability?

I understand the literal answer to this question--if I donate $100,000 to charity, I can deduct that amount from my net income for tax purposes, and my tax liability will be significantly less. If I'm well into the 39.6% federal income tax bracket, I will reduce my federal taxes by $39,600. But I'll also have $100,000 less in my account. Can charitable giving increase the total amount I retain, even considering the amount lost by donation? [more inside]
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Shake it off

I would like to have my completed undergraduate studies cracked open based on the fact that I was severely depressed and overly medicated during the two years when I finished my degree. [more inside]
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Help me use my Samsung S4 as a phone

This is idiotic, I realize. How do I hold my Samsung S4 up to my face, for phone calls, without mashing random touch-screen buttons? Every time I use it in that way, I end up pushing things inadvertently with my cheek. I think it's very likely that I'm doing something wrong.
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Spoiling the "Legacy of the Aldenata" books

So I started reading the "Legacy of the Aldenata" books of John Ringo, and halfway through book three ("When the devil dances") I lost interest in it. Nonetheless, I would like to know how it all got resolved in the end, but couldn't get good spoilers on the Net. Now, how did the humans defeat those 12 billion Possleens on Earth, did they clash with the Darhel about their sinister plans, are they taking the fight to the Possleens, what happened to Michael O'Neil, any high points, please enlighten me!
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One nation [BRIEF PAUSE] with liberty and justice for all.

My kindergartener's class has started learning the Pledge of Allegiance. I told him he could stay silent during the "under God" part. Am I being too strident? Would there have been a better way to handle this? [more inside]
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Rolled R-less cultures

In which cultures/countries is it RARE for people to be able to sustain a tongue-rolled R? (Say, fewer than 1 in 10 people can do it?) In this case I mean sustain artificially long, say for 3 seconds.
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Is a travel crib a long term sleep solution for a baby?

Our baby (who is six months old) now sleeps in this Lotus travel crib. We did this because we travelled a lot when she was first born and were in the middle of moving. Now we're settled, and we're thinking of getting a proper crib -- but is there any harm in just letting her sleep in it permanently? [more inside]
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Transferring student loans from private to federal

Can I take out graduate Federal loans and use them to pay off my private loans from undergraduate, since my graduate school is entirely paid for? [more inside]
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Plan to move to across the country for love. How do I tell my parents?

Since having a manic episode about a year and a half ago, my parents started treating me like I was a minor again (I'm almost 30 now). How do I most respectfully tell them that I'm am going to move without turning it into "I'M NOT ASKING FOR PERMISSION, DAMMIT: I'M MOVING AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME"? Thanks, mefites. [more inside]
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Sony DVM63PS vs. DVM60PRR DVC tapes?

Can anyone tell me how these two (Sony DVM63PS vs. DVM60PRR) DVC tapes compare? Is this a trivial thing, here? Thanks! [more inside]
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70's Movies Set in LA?

Hey There Brilliant People! I'm looking for great films from the 1970's or docs about that time that show the sexual culture, gender politics, wealth, entertainment business, interior design, architecture, etc. Please recommend :) THANKS!
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It's a song. And a poem. But not a song-poem?

What's it called when a spoken-word poem has musical accompaniment? And what are some excellent specimens of the genre? To give you an idea of the sound/feel I'm looking for I've included a few examples below the fold, the tracks that inspired this quest for [more inside]
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Good English Walking Tours in Japan

What are some good English-language walking/biking (i.e. not bus) tour operators in in Tokyo and Kyoto? [more inside]
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What is the etiquette of tipping at a casino?

Please bring me up to speed on the etiquette of tipping various folks during a casino stay. Everything from the valet to the dealers to the servers. How do you know how much to tip, and how do you know how often? For instance, in poker, do you tip every time you win a hand? How do you know how much to tip a valet? Other folks in a casino experience that you should tip that I might not realize? (Personal anecdotes from people who have actually worked in a casino or work in one now are very welcome.)
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Teach me about the ouroboros

I am interested in academic texts that discuss the ouroboros - the snake that eats its own tail. [more inside]
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Kind of a lot of tamarind paste

I accidentally ordered 3 pounds of tamarind paste, thinking it was prepared tamarind chutney/sauce. [more inside]
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Fun variations on fried egg on toast?

I'm attending a Ghibli-themed potluck this weekend, and I've volunteered to bring fried egg on toast from Laputa. However, I have two reservations. First, 20+ people will be bringing food and a full slice of toast + egg per person is just too much. Second, egg-on-toast is only really good when hot and freshly made. So I'm looking for suggestions re: variations (in either letter or spirit) on egg-on-toast that a) are portionable, and b) will stay delicious past ten minutes! [more inside]
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Can you provide a source for this quotation about Utah bestiality?

Several times over the last 10 years a columnist for the Salt Lake Tribune has claimed that a representative in the Utah House voted down a bill outlawing bestiality, saying "Rep. Pignanelli just doesn't understand the pressures on the farm in rural Utah." Is there any truth to this claim? [more inside]
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Seeking fee-based financial advisor in Seattle

I have read all the AskMe answers describing why a fee-based financial advisor is the way to go. The Mr and I want to get advice on planning to pay off our credit cards, save for a home, and plan for retirement in the next 20 years (we are approaching 50). Can you recommend any good financial advisors in the Seattle area that you or someone close to you has worked with? If it would help figure out if someone is a culture fit, we are Gen Xers both from income-strapped childhoods but who are doing reasonably well in the tech industry, no kids, live in the city and don't want to move to the suburbs, have a vaguely hipster lifestyle with lots of foodie activities and travel. I have already seen this thread but it is 7 years old.
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Verizon email box emptied. Service rep blames it on a "foreign device"

Several days ago, I had about 200 emails in the inbox of my Verizon account that had been accumulated over the past several years. All of a sudden nearly all vanished and remainder followed the next day. I called Verizon and they advised me that a foreign device had entered my email address. The inbox content had automatically transferred to the new device and could not be recovered. They suggested that I change my password, which I have since done. Does anyone have any idea as to what happened? Is it impossible to recover my accumulated emails? Should I be concerned and should any further precautions be taken.
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How do I educate a customs officer on the meaning of a word?

Insanebureaucracyfilter:I'm applying for global entry. A decade ago, I got falsely arrested by a corrupt and quota-happy New Orleans cop for possession of weed. The prosecutor refused the charges because, you know, no evidence, totally innocent, all that jazz. The customs officer wants me to prove I was never convicted, but doesn't understand what the word "refused" means... and I AM a lawyer, for pete's sake! [more inside]
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What to do with my fireplaces?

Winter is coming, as they say, and I'm not sure what to do with my fireplaces. The prior owner of my house did next to nothing by way of maintenance on the house, and even from my lay perspective, the flues have lots of creosote that needs cleaning. But is it worth it to bother with a cleaning when a gas retrofit might be much nicer? [more inside]
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Help me dry my delicious mush!

I tried this recipe for beet black bean veggie burgers, and the results are delicious, but far too wet to stay inside a bun. I've got two cooked mush-patties in the fridge and enough uncooked mush to make three more patties in the freezer. Ideas for saving either/both for future meals that don't require a fork? [more inside]
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I can't find this one web comic

I'm having trouble tracking down this web comic. My description will thoroughly ruin the joke so I'll put the description in the extended explanation [more inside]
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Tracking reimbursements for employees

I'm in charge of a tuition reimbursement process in my company-- people give me their approved applications along with their grades and receipts and I calculate the reimbursement and send it along to accounting. Part of this process is keeping tabs on what's being spent on what. Right now, I'm using a massive Excel sheet to do this and it is messy. [more inside]
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Getting rid of our swimming pool.

Have you gotten rid of you in-ground pool? What method did you use? [more inside]
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Intersecionality and bodies

I'd like to read about the intersection of bodies, disability, race, gender, and class. All writing (and other?) genres welcome. [more inside]
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International wedding gift

What to get for a couple getting married in New York but who live in Moscow? [more inside]
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Can sideswipe be turned off in iOS8?

Updated my iPhone software the other day (iPhone 5) and now the sideswipe gesture seems to be on a hair trigger. There's a couple frequently-used apps I have where swiping in from the right with one finger allows you to delete a line; now instead it swipes the whole screen forward (into the next day on the calender, for example). Ditto in zoom --- if I'm zoomed in on a page with small print in Safari, I can't seem to move the page over to see the right hand side without Safari taking this as a "next" gesture and loading up a whole new page. Is there anyway I can disable a particular gesture in iOS8? Or has Apple changed something so that I'm supposed to be using two fingers or double tapping or some such in order to get back my "delete a single line" functionality? [more inside]
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Tips and tricks to adjusting to your spouse working the night shift

My husband will be starting the overnight shift at his job next week. Please give tips/tricks/suggestions on helping our family adjust. [more inside]
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Should I reapply to this job?

In mid-August I applied for a job and was brought in for an interview. After the interview I never heard from them again. Now, the same organization has posted the same or similar job. Should I reapply to this job or contact the person I spoke with? [more inside]
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Jeans advice: non-skinny designer jeans?

My goto jeans are Levis 527, which are their "boot cut" style. I typically buy them for $40 online. My problem is that after 6 months of moderate wear, the butt starts to sag and they look like old man pants. [more inside]
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Happy feet, sad body

My new insoles seem to be doing the trick for my plantar fasciitis. But they seem to be throwing the rest of me off. Will I just get used to it, or should I continue the search for the perfect insoles? [more inside]
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Help me plan our perfect 13 people vacation!

There are 4 of us that have been friends for a lifetime, and we all now have families that we want to get together. There will be 8 adults and 5 kids varying in age from 1 year to 13 years. All boys. We are in our 30s. 3 sets of families live all across North Carolina, and one lives in Illinois. Where can we go for a family vacation with a soft budget of $2000? [more inside]
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I'm going to London for about a week. I've never been before, and I'd like to have a really relaxing time - almost like a spa retreat - for not a million dollars. What are inexpensive activities to do, or cute little places to eat that would make me feel like "London is such a relaxing, peaceful place"? I don't want to tear around London trying to cram in as many sights as possible, I want a relaxed and curated look at the place, with some weird neat shops and surprising delights along the way. [more inside]
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How-the-world-works kind of book for a 5-year-old?

I am looking for a good, simple, kindergarten-level science/general knowledge/encyclopedia for my 5-year-old son. [more inside]
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Buying a home in the UK

My partner and I are looking into the possibility of buying a home in Edinburgh. We're originally from the U.S., and some of the differences have us mystified. Help us out? Specifics inside. [more inside]
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citizenship tax and student loans

I'm a US citizen with indefinite leave to remain in the UK. I want to apply for UK citizenship. I have defaulted student loans in the US and haven't filed my taxes in the US for ten years while I've lived here in the UK. Am I going to need to get straight with the US before I can naturalise as a UK citizen? I intend to pay / file what needs paid and filed but what order should I do it in?
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September 24

Parev (non-dairy) dessert that will keep (24 hours) and travel well?

I've been invited to Shabbat dinner at a colleague's house and been tasked with bringing a parev (neutral-- doesn't include dairy or flesh) dessert. Any suggestions? I'll be making it Thursday evening and will be able to store it in a fridge until I serve it. A caveat: I'd prefer something that is 'naturally' parev or better parev rather than something where I'm using a ton of margarine or oil to make an inferior pie crust but will make an exception for a really amazing dessert!
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Grim Outlook

I can't activate Office on a Mac because there is 'a temporary server issue'. [more inside]
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Veggie dishes that hold well in frigde or freezer?

When I make have five to seven servings of veg a day, I feel great and lose weight, regardless of whatever other rich foods come my way. Standbys now are roasted cauliflower, broccoli and asparagus. These all reheat well (and are great straight out of the fridge) but I'd like to expand the options. [more inside]
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I can't believe I'm using up a question on this

Is it okay to turn in a hand-written professional job application, when the job application provided is a non-fillable PDF form? [more inside]
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Cryptic number relating to Naval boot camp in early 1950's

My brother was in the Navy when I was very young. In going through his keepsakes after his passing last year I have found a note with some cryptic numbers on it. I need some help with what it means. [more inside]
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A weekend in Dubai...

I'll be in Dubai October 23 and 24. What should I do? Where should I eat? Specifically, I enjoyed this Ask, but I am not sure that being an American female traveling solo changes anything. (And I look the part too!) I'm there for work, and could have some evenings during the week free, so any suggestions in that direction would also be great.
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How can one learn to say "In a world..." like a pro?

What has been written about radio, tv and movie trailer announcers' voices? I'm writing an article about a particular radio announcer, including a discussion of the sound of his voice. [more inside]
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How does a person change his relationship with toxic parents?

I don't want to be around my parents, but my guilt keeps me in contact with them. How can I get to a place where I don't feel bad about not interacting with them unless it's on my terms? [more inside]
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Help me design a new bathroom.

What software should I use to lay out a floor plan and fixtures for a bathroom renovation? I've tried a couple of online alternatives, but they don't meet my needs. Requirements within. [more inside]
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Where is my Native American?

For years, I've assumed I was 1/32nd Native American. I've seen a picture of my great-great-grandmother, who's clearly part Native American. The story was always that she was half. That would make my great-grandfather a quarter, my grandmother 1/8th, my mom 1/16th and me 1/32nd. Except that when I look at 23andme results, there's no indication of that in my ancestry composition. Native American comes in at 0.0%. Is there a chance my results could be off?
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Packing it all away?

I realize this may be a validation post, with the best responses being akin to "Just try it, already!", but has anyone ever just packed up 90% of their belongings and put them in the garage for a time? Just to see how that feels? Moderate wall of text inside. [more inside]
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Dealing with dysphagia

I have an appointment with my Dr. tomorrow, but until then, any tips for dealing with dysphagia (difficulty swallowing)? [more inside]
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Make Me Mason

Since my most recent haircut has made me look a bit like Mason Verger off NBC's Hannibal ( proof) I've decided to make it my Halloween costume this year. I want to focus on his first appearance in the white fur-trimmed coat. ( Like this ) What the hell is he wearing and where can I find a reasonable look alike within the month? Something cheap enough that I don't have to work it into my daily wardrobe to justify buying it. [more inside]
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Cabin Rentals + Skiing in Vermont

Hello! A group of friends and I are looking to go skiing this winter (probably around December) in Vermont and we're looking to potentially rent a cabin. Would anyone with any experience in this domain be able to help us out with suggestions? [more inside]
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Earth Bootlegs

I dig the band Earth. I know Dylan Carlson has an open taping policy, and there was a taper at their recent Atlanta show. My question is, where can I find Earth bootlegs? I haven't had any luck at and Google is yielding nothing useful. Can you help me?
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Community chorus in Manhattan?

I'm looking to temporarily join a community chorus in Manhattan for a few months this winter. I've found but as far as I can make out it lists mostly pretty serious choirs and chorales. [more inside]
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How do I drink more tea?

I love drinking tea, especially the unique international varieties I have collected in my travels. But there are too many steps to making tea -- get water, put in pot, heat pot, wait for pot to boil, open cabinet, put bag in mug, etc. -- so I never think to do it. Are you a tea drinker? What rituals, storage trays, and methods can I use to speed up the process? And how can I display my tea in the kitchen (without taking up too much space) instead of hiding it in a cabinet? [more inside]
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My mother is financially irresponsible, is there anything I can do?

My mother is likely to have a lot of upcoming expenses; she is nearing retirement age, she has significant health problems, and she needs to sell a house that needs a lot of expensive repairs. But she is spending amazing amounts of money on things she doesn't need, and I am really worried about her future. I am living paycheck-to-paycheck and won't be able to help her at all. Can I or should I say anything? [more inside]
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season of the snacks

Give me your recipes for the sweet or savory snacks that scream out IT'S AUTUMN NOW [more inside]
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Archiving *everything* from Facebook (including tagged pics & comments.)

Facebook has a way to archive/download your data. However, last time I did that, I noticed that it didn't include any comments that friends had made on my posts or any of the pictures I was tagged in (that had been posted by other people), and probably a few other things in a similar vein. Is there an automated way to save those things? Perhaps a third-party product or app of some sort?
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More art, less pop?

I'm in my late thirties and feeling stalled out on new music. My all time favorite musical artist is Tori Amos. I also love Morrissey and Kate Bush. More details, if needed, under the fold. [more inside]
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Looking for a Pumpkin Bread Recipe

I am looking for a pumpkin bread recipe that meets the following criteria [more inside]
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What to do with hundreds of excess frisbees?

My company ordered up several hundred flying discs with the company logo, which are now surplus due to a name and logo change. I've been trying to think up something to do with them before they become trash/recycling. Any ideas? [more inside]
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Tools and things for managing development of 64 products!

I'm currently developing 32 ebooks and 32 apps for a Kickstarter, and I'm having a bit of trouble keeping track of all 64 threads. I'm starting to get a better feel for all of the steps involved in developing each of these products, and so I'm wondering if there are tools that might help me keep track of progress on all fronts, keep everyone on task, etc. Alternatively, are there people or services that specialize in this sort of thing and can monitor all the threads of the project and make sure everything is always progressing in some way? [more inside]
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Hip hop song in a movie

In the movie Presumed Innocent, around 1:29:00, there's a song played in the background. What is it? [more inside]
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Can MeFites become presidents?

What political candidates have posted embarrassing juvenile stuff on the Internet while growing up and still managed to stay in consideration?
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A ---- rags-to-riches story

I'm blanking on the name of this writer. Early 20th century NYC, wrote rags-to-riches stories. IIRC he had some Damon Runyon-esque elements (character names, people not being 100% on the level) and his stories had twists similar to O. Henry. I've heard his name used as a shorthand for these kinds of stories, but I'm having a mental block about his name or anything specifically that he wrote. Help?
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Them old consulting blues

Solutions to work problems that are not, strictly speaking, happening in a "workplace" framework? Weird details inside. [more inside]
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How do I manage my dream project when I'm sad and anxious?

I am faced with a hugely exciting, complex, challenging project of my own devising. It's a chance for me to build my dream and ... I'm sitting here crying instead of working. [more inside]
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Kotatsu Question: please recommend floor chairs

I need some floor chairs for a kotatsu. I've never used one before so I don't know what to look for. What is a good price for a floor chair that will last about 3 years? Are there particularly "ergonomic" floor chairs? [more inside]
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Pimp my Potter

How can I make my Harry Potter reading experience super awesome? [more inside]
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How do I adult?

I would like to adult better. I need to start doing things like eating healthily, actually going to the dentist, having a home that isn't a pit of filth and junk, going to bed early on a a school night, maybe even getting some exercise and having savings. What resources are good for working on this?
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Gin without orris root?

Can you find/recommend a brand or type of gin that is definitely made without any orris root? Browsing online thus far has indicated that gin is "often" made with orris, which makes me think there must be some without, but I haven't found any yet. I need it to help test a friend's incipient gin allergy, to try and figure out which botanical is the culprit. [more inside]
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Ready me for international conference and travel

My trip to Switzerland and Austria sneaked up on me. It's also my first international conference. I have hotels booked. What's left to do? What can I expect when I'm there? [more inside]
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Wifi Extender/Booster needed: But which one?

I need a wifi extender/booster. I lease a modem from Comcast. Which booster/extender do I buy from Amazon? [more inside]
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Can't find a job where I don't feel like ripping my hair out?

I recently left a job where I was verbally abused by my bosses; very intimidating people who lacked the ability to approach people about issues in the office in a professional way. I was offered a job by a former coworker in retail but it is proving to be even more disastrous. I'm not sure what to do about it all? [more inside]
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PLEASE help me switch iPhones & providers, & give old iPhone to friend

Normally I’d solve this by myself, but a severe bout of depression is making it impossible for me to think clearly. I’m so overwhelmed I’m barely keeping myself from bursting into tears at work. I’m basically asking AskMe to proofread my plan, point out vital information I’m missing, and let me know if there’s anything else I haven’t considered. Please keep your responses simple--providing links to websites with directions is fine, so long as you're sure that those instructions are RIGHT. Details inside. [more inside]
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California WIA/WIB re-training question.

Anyone with experience with re-training approval through WIA, I need some advice. Hope me? [more inside]
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Should I contact these potential employers, or wait it out?

I had a great job interview last week (on 9/18), and I seemed to be exactly what the company is looking for. I was told at the end of the interview that they would be making their decision in two weeks (week of 9/29, I guess). I sent them a nice thank-you email the day after. I've just now noticed that the job was re-posted on Craigslist today! [more inside]
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Help me make a default meal plan

What are some things that are tasty AND healthy AND easy to make that you'd be content to eat every day? I'm trying to make a habit of eating roughly the same things at roughly the same times. I know your taste may be different from mine, but throw it at me anyway. I'm looking for ideas. [more inside]
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Help me upgrade my toiletry game

I tried some boutique toiletries this weekend while I had the opportunity to stay at the Park Hyatt Milan. One was a Marvis mouthwash, the feeling/aftertaste of the mint was amazing. The Laura Tonatto toiletries they provided were of high quality and smelt amazing/as well. While there (near the Duomo, on the way from Via Monte Napoleone), I also walked by a shop that sold such items, but can't remember the name. Can you recommend any other boutique toiletry products that are worth the extra cost? Are there any physical locations that are dedicated to carrying these items? (Mr. Porter's Grooming section seems to have a nice selection, but would like to see in a retail location)
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Parental drama - and we're supposedly adults.

My (divorced) father is having a family party in a few weeks to celebrate his retirement. Due to recent actions he has taken against my mother, my younger brother will not attend, and is in fact not speaking to our father right now. Several people at the party are liable to bring this all up. How do I diffuse this drama so it doesn't blow up? [more inside]
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Can I eat this: leftover baked potato insides

About 7-10 days ago I made potato skins. I scooped out the insides, stuck them in the fridge, and forgot about them. Now I am making baked potato soup and just remembered them. It's just potatoes, no dairy or anything else. They look fine and smell fine. Has it been too long or can I add them to my soup?
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Temperature gauge fluctuations in a 2006 Scion TC?

Recently replaced the thermostat on my 2006 Scion TC, now the heat gauge is fluctuating again within the first 15 minutes of my commute, after which is settles. Am I going crazy? Is my car going to explode? [more inside]
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Spain Travel Logistics

We are leaving from Madrid airport at 1:25pm on a Wednesday to go back to the United States. We’ll be in Barcelona on Tuesday. How and when should we get back to Madrid? Please let me know what you think of our options, based on our travel itinerary inside. [more inside]
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New Old Car filter

I'm shopping for a used SUV. It's harder than I thought because I have specific requirements, essentially that it be exactly the same as the SUV I've driven for the last several years, which is a 1996 Ford Explorer XLT. I love it, but it's reached it's retirement. [more inside]
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What anesthetic was I given?

A couple of years ago, I received general anesthesia for a quick surgical procedure. Before losing consciousness, I was aware of a feeling of liberation. What was the drug given to me? [more inside]
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Strippin' for my money or me? How do I find him now?

I think I was hit on by a stripper / dancer over this past weekend, but I'm not sure if he wanted me or just my wallet. If he was looking for love, I'd like to find him but I don't think I have many options to do so. Wall of text inside. [more inside]
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September 23

How to end things with a one night stand? (Campsite rule in effect)

I met someone from an online dating site, we didn't have much to talk about, but had fantastic sex. What's the right way to say "I'm not interested in pursuing this?" [more inside]
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How are you supervised?

I would like to hear from health/wellness professional who are supervised (by choice or through professional obligation) on a regular basis. [more inside]
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Do I have an eating disorder/some other issue?

I'm 5'5 and 115 pounds. People tell me I'm too thin. Am I? [more inside]
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Name the song in this video

Name the song in this video. [more inside]
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NCIS New Orleans

The Wikipedia page for NCIS: New Orleans gives two footnotes to the "Futon Critic" who previews the next two NNOLA episodes. Tonight is the network premier. How and where did this site get this information?
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Can you get parasitic worm infections from packaged Smoked Salmon?

I'm a lover of seafood. So much so that I eat fish almost daily. Lately, I've been consuming a lot of smoked salmon -- the packaged ("ready-to-eat") kind that you find in the frozen food section of grocery stores. However, today as I was going through one package of smoked trout, I spotted several white dots buried in the flesh of several of the slices. These small white dots (approx. 1mm in diameter) were mostly concentrated on the edge of the trout slices, although there were a few white dots in the middle of the slices too. [more inside]
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Did something dumb - oil down drain edition

I had a jar of coconut oil that got contaminated with raw chicken (long story) and I mindlessly dumped it down my drain. I immediately realized this was the WRONG thing to do. How can I prevent a plumbing problemo? [more inside]
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Questions Regarding Artist Agent

I'm a freelance fine artist/illustrator. A good friend suggested an art agent for my work. I'm wondering what the best recourse for this is? [more inside]
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I need an attitude transplant.

I need to stop viewing my professional school classmates as boring, unintellectual people. It is making me contemptuous (which is a waste of energy) and interfering with the way in which I approach my schoolwork. [more inside]
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Knee agony when uncrossing legs from shoe-tying; what's going on?

So this morning, I went to put my shoes on, and as I have done for much of my life, I sit down, cross one leg up so that my right ankle is resting just behind the left knee, (like this) and put the shoe on, then put the newly-shod leg down-- but this time, as my foot moved along the top of my bent knee--- that knee EXPLODED IN SUDDEN AGONY. [more inside]
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Academic and creative freedom ... behind a mask or not?

Got a PhD, got a cushy research job that I really like, but have extracurriculars that I'd like to pursue and have concerns about pursuing them under my real (academic) name. [more inside]
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Visiting Raleigh, NC w/ 1 yr old, no car

Tagging along on my wife's business trip with our 1 year old daughter in a few weeks. Hotel is in Raleigh, and we won't have a car. Looking for suggestions on fun things to do with a child in town, with preference for public transportation and walking. [more inside]
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Why Does My English Suck?

I have been speaking English for 2/3 of my life, yet I still think my English sucks. Care to enlighten me why? [more inside]
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Job interview went well...but I left someone out

I had a job interview last week that I think went pretty well. However, I've realized in my online application I didn't put down a reference that I probably should have. [more inside]
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LCSWs, MFTs, Psychologists in Private Practice - how do you do it?

I'm an ASW in San Francisco, planning to have my LCSW by next year. I have many years of mental health experience and my ultimate goal is having my own psychotherapy practice. My mentors who are either LCSW's or MFT's are pretty negative about the state of private practice. Are there any clinicians in the Bay Area or elsewhere with success stories? Any words of advice on where to start? This is unfortunately not something they teach us in grad school. Thanks in advance!
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Found out I have a learning disability and a high IQ, what do?

My basic question concerns what I should do with my life, or how to find that out for myself. I'm 29 years old, have been in and out of colleges and tech schools my whole life and recently discovered that despite having a 130+ IQ I have a "massive and crippling" visual processing learning disability. I know I have the potential to do something great/interesting/satisfying with my life, so how do I get there? [more inside]
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Should I use CareCredit to pay for root canal?

I need a root canal that will cost roughly $1500. The dentist says that I can get a 0% loan for a year to pay for it. Is it worth going through carecredit as long as bill is paid on time each month?
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Why won't iTunes sync my music to iDevices? Difficulty level: Aneurysm.

Why won't my music sync and play properly?! I have been struggling with this since iOS 5? 6? Feels like forever - I am so beyond frustrated. So much so that I am ready to just stop using music on my iPhone and iPad completely. Which was the reason I got an iPhone in the first place. [more inside]
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Canadian with American clients: what currency to use?

I'm a Canadian working in Toronto with an incorporated business, a business chequing account with one of the major banks (Canadian currency only), and a Paypal account connected to that chequing account. What should I consider when deciding whether to invoice American clients in Canadian or American dollars? [more inside]
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Men's flip-flops for plantar fasciitis

I want to get my husband a new pair of flip-flops before we go on vacation next week, but he has plantar fasciitis. Can you recommend a brand of men's flip-flops that are good for someone with this condition? Requirement: I need them by next Monday, so purchaseable somewhere in downtown Seattle, from Zappos, or with Prime shipping from Amazon. Thanks!
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One off baby t-shirt

Where online can I print a PDF of a logo and some text on a Kelly Green onesie or baby t-shirt? the logo and text need to be printed white. [more inside]
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The Zen of Shooting the Shit

If you find social interactions to be a breeze, can you impart some of your wisdom on this envied ability? [more inside]
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Finding a book I read years ago: Jailhouse Lit edition

Years ago I read a funny novel from the public library, the premise of which I can best describe as M*A*S*H crossed with Hogan's Heroes and set in a maximum security men's prison. This would have had to be about 25 years ago or more. Wondering if this rings a bell with anybody who can tell me what it might have been.
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Just Like Heaven for piano and violin

Are there any arrangements out there for a violn/piano duet of The Cure's Just Like Heaven? Looking for sheet music, if possible. Are there sheet-music web-fora around for such a thing? How would I get this. How would I get my filthy paws on this
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How do I feature press coverage on my resume/cover letter?

I'm currently on the job hunt. My personal projects (which are directly related to my career) have been consistently getting attention from press and blogs. What's the best way to show this to prospective employers when applying for jobs? [more inside]
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How do I Oktoberfest?

I will be by myself in Munich next week, for about a day. I'd feel remiss if I didn't experience at least a bit of Oktoberfest, but I'm having trouble understanding it. Help me do Oktoberfest right in one day? [more inside]
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Licensing Texts for Use in the Classroom

I am considering ditching the textbook I currently use for my high school English class. I would like to create a digital anthology of poetry and short stories. Many of the texts I plan on using would be public domain, but what about those that aren't? Is there a cost-effective/user-friendly way to do small-scale licensing of short stories and poetry for use in the classroom?
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How to distill, organize, and process photos, for a n00b?

Okay, so I just got back from a long vacation, where I took something like 5,000 photos. How do I sort, refine, process, and organize them? [more inside]
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Quite the (tasty) jam we're in...

I need help figuring out how to use up two big jars of jam. [more inside]
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How to decide on a career?

I graduated in English Lit. around 8 years ago, and I've tried working in a few different areas - banking, hospitality, teaching. I've just relocated back to London and I'm looking to make a career change, but I'm not sure which direction I should go in. [more inside]
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SugarCRM proving bittersweet

Is your business or non-profit happily running along with SugarCRM CE? Obviously, server-side CRM systems are not fashionable at the moment but I would be grateful for suggestions for a good alternative or guidance on success with CE. I am okay with a lot of CRMs but the need for a server based solution requires some digging into what is out there. Either recommend a pathway for effective business management use of SugarCRM CE, or please suggest an alternative CRM solution. [more inside]
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Inkjet newbie

I just got an inkjet printer (Epson) for the first time and need help choosing ink cartridges. [more inside]
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iOS and apple newbie seeks remote desktop help

I'm trying to start learning iOS having a CS background but minimal exposure to iOS environments and apple products in general. I'm debating about whether to purchase an imac or macbook pro. [more inside]
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Should I attend this scientific conference?

I'm considering attending the Geological Society of America conference this October in Vancouver, BC. I'm an undergrad geology student, and a student member of GSA. I'm not making a presentation, receiving an award, or bringing a poster. Do people ever attend conferences like this for fun? Or would I end up feeling like it was a waste of time and money, attending a conference that really wasn't intended for people like me? [more inside]
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Active toys for my two year-old

What toys can you recommend for a two and half year-old kid that needs to develop a bunch of skills? [more inside]
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What are some resources to help me do better at confrontation?

I am in the second year of my first big-girl job working with and leading groups of people. I am looking for advice/suggestions for ways to a) learn how to confidently negotiate a confrontation without feeling physically ill and b) recognize my personal avoidance tactics for these situations and assess whether this is me taking the "easy way out" or if the actions I am taking really are correct. This is specifically for business situations. Are there classes out there? Is there a book I should read? [more inside]
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Snowflake Soup

I've recently been on a soup kick. However, my meager store of recipes I'm good at cooking has been exhausted. I'm looking for soups that are relatively easy to prepare, are healthy, and are cheap to make. I'm not really interested in cold soups at the moment. No particular restrictions or considerations beyond that.
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Looking for a marketing/sales consultant

I've been a freelance graphic designer for over 10 years but somehow, in all that time, have not quite figured out some basic marketing/networking skills. My clients (mostly large, multinational B2B companies) like me and my work and I've gotten by mostly through word-of-mouth marketing -- basically taking the work that comes my way. It's time to do better than that! I'd like to find a marketing/sales consultant who can advise me on growing my business. [more inside]
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Help my depressed mom has bed bugs and I am out state in school

Hi All, so long story my mom is moving in one month, to a house! And her apartment has bed bugs. She is already depressed-low mood, low energy and anxious. She has bed bugs. Please let me know what I can tell her to do that is 1.easy, 2. low on chemical exposure- thanks! this is breaking my heart, she is crying and feeling helpless and I am so far away.
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C++ for Snowflakes

I'm looking to get good at C++ fast. I have a math phd and many years of experience with collaborative python development (including just a small touch of cython), but now need to start coding in C++. What are some good resources to get me where I'm going?
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Configuring additional Google Voice account (or similar) for business?

I currently use a Verizon phone with Google Voice configured to my personal Gmail account for voicemails and some texts. I love it – I get transcripts in my inbox and can quickly text from my laptop when I want to! [more inside]
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Diet & Exercise

I have asked similar questions in the past, so I apologize if this seems redundant but I am not having any success with shedding the weight. I am roughly fifty pounds overweight and I don't like how I feel or look right now. I can eat very lightly for breakfast and lunch, but at night I tend to eat way too much. Some of this is related to a medication that I take, but I'm unsure how to counter this other than through sheer willpower. [more inside]
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I Can Haz Energy?

Please supply me with your over-the-counter/prescription med or lifestyle hacks for dealing with seasonal allergies that are accompanied by bone-crushing fatigue. [more inside]
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I need suggestions for a Men's lightweight jacket.

I need a lightweight jacket for the Fall. I live in Houston, and our temperature in October through December is fairly mild, so I don't need a heavy jacket for freezing weather. If needed, I already have coats for that. This is not a jacket for exercise, but I will be doing yard work, walking to the convenience store, that sort of thing, so there will be enough mild physical activity to keep me warm as long as I don't lose too much heat to the elements. [more inside]
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Confused about iphone photos backup

What is the correct way to make sure all of my photos are saved to my computer when I sync my iphone? I am on a PC, and I don't have iphoto. Are they being saved when I sync? Not sure about this. There is not nearly enough space in my icloud account for them all, so I have that turned off for photos for now. When I go to the photos tab in itunes, it allows me to sync additional photo folders on my computer but it says nothing about my iphone photos being saved to the computer with each sync. [more inside]
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Michelangelo quote translation help

A follow up to this Michelangelo quote question - Calling Italian & Urdu speakers for some translation help! [more inside]
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What can you do when a little girl has fine hair?

My daughter is five and has rather fine hair that's a little over shoulder-length. Because of the way our morning schedule works, I am her Primary Hairgiver. While the hairs are fine, the growth is reasonably thick, but it manages to wiggle its way out of any clip that we've tried by lunch. [more inside]
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Good Mandarin tutors in NYC?

This is a followup to this question. I work in Manhattan, live in Forest Hills Queens. I'd prefer a tutor because they move faster, and for something like this I want the ability to really control my learning. Ideally it'd be someone who knows how to teach a very difficult language to native english speakers, and knows how to tech pronunciation. Goal wise, I want to focus much more on conversation than reading or writing (per the previous question). Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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How to avoid getting caught up in gossip and back stabbing at work?

I am half at fault for this. My desire to be liked and accepted has led me to participate in making fun of people that I shouldn't. I have now seen the error of my ways. [more inside]
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Cleaning up the treasure haul

I raided our old family farm and want to clean up the goods! Most of the items will be repurposed. I want to maintain the aged patina the best I can. There is definitely some lead paint on some items. I don't care about their value it's all purely sentimental. Things that need cleaning... [more inside]
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In need of a holistic music detective

Can you identify this music from Dirk Gently? [more inside]
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Ways for an American to work in the UK?

Let's say I, a California software engineer and journalist, wanted to find an employer who would sponsor me to work in London. I've read a little about the work visa situation and various recent restrictions closing various avenues. Assuming the odds are probably pretty bad against succeeding, how might one try for this anyway? [more inside]
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Which leadership position should I run for in grad school?

I'm having a hard time deciding which positions to run for that'll be manageable with my school load. I'm currently in grad school, no job, no family to take care of. I have a 3.7 GPA and I'm very organized. I plan on pursuing a post-grad program that is very competitive so leadership roles would help me standout. Currently I already have 1 leadership role in a student organization and I'm looking to get another one. Here are the two options that I'm debating about: [more inside]
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Finger-picking not-so-good

My nearly-three-year-old daughter is developing/has developed the habit of picking at her fingers. What have you used to stop your toddler's harmful habits? [more inside]
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Born forty...

How to feel (and look, actually) younger?! [more inside]
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I'd like to build a drums out of card board rolls

I'd like to build some drums out of card board rolls [more inside]
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September 22

Looking for average voyage times in the Age of Sail

Hi, for a project I need a list of average travel times for sailing voyages during the 16th-early 18th centuries. Unfortunately, the web is unusually unhelpful- I can find travel times from Europe to America, but information for my other destinations is scanty. [more inside]
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Vet did unnecessary $3500 surgery--now what?

To make a long story short: my cat got an unnecessary abdominal surgery today and I'm on the hook for $3500 because a radiologist read the ultrasound scan wrong and the vets pushed for emergency surgery as a result. Now what do I do? [more inside]
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Why won't an app on my iPad get backed up?

I somehow lost an app from my iPhone - it's still on my iPad - how can I recover it from the iPad? [more inside]
posted by DandyRandy at 9:11 PM PST - 2 comments

What is this bug?

A friend just returned from a trip and found about 15 of these bugs squatting in his Maryland apartment (mostly in the bedroom). Each bug is roughly 1/2" long and 1/4" wide. He's pretty sure they're not bedbugs because their abdomens don't appear to be the right shape, but what are they? Any ideas?
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What to do with many tiny tomatoes?

This year's garden produced tons of tomatoes, but they're really small. The Roma/plum tomatoes are like golf ball-size, and the grape tomatoes are barely the size of grapes. What can I do with them, bearing in mind their tiny, labor-intensive size? [more inside]
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What is OK/not OK in therapy?

I've just started seeing a therapist for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to treat my ongoing depression. I have a few concerns about his approach that are troubling me slightly and would appreciate input about normal expectations/practice [more inside]
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Saving "Workspaces" on OS X....

I often have a group of files open that I'm working on as part of a project: maybe a Word doc, an Excel spreadsheet and a couple of others. Does anyone know an app that will let me "save" those as a group, and then open them all again with the same window positions? I sometimes use window managers but haven't come across something that will open the files as well.
posted by 43rdAnd9th at 7:16 PM PST - 4 comments

Treating treatment-resistant depression.

My boyfriend attempted suicide recently. He is resistant to help. How do I deal with this? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:51 PM PST - 28 comments

how to stay organized while booking bands from a shared Gmail account?

I've recently started booking for a small nonprofit that runs two events a month. I'm looking for a workflow, software, or any other magic to impose some organizations on a largely email-based workflow so that I don't forget to follow up or offer the same date to multiple people. [more inside]
posted by d. z. wang at 6:41 PM PST - 4 comments

Should I upgrade to the iOS 8 version of New York Times for iPad?

The NYTimes for iPad app was recently upgraded to v3.5 to match the style of iOS 8. When iOS 7 was released, the New York Times released v3.0 which "broke" several features for me, forcing me to downgrade to v2.x. Can anyone tell me how v3.5 handles "Saved Items?" [more inside]
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How do I enjoy my lavender marriage?

Hi MeFites, I post this anonymously because I don’t want readers to infer anything from my previous posts. I am a gay male in his 40s who married a straight female several years ago. She knew from the onset that I was gay and that I didn't like women, but accepted to marry me because she was in a bad relationship with someone who didn’t want to commit, and desperately wanted to found a family. Although my wife and I never had sex together, we have a son conceived through artificial insemination. She is a wonderful parent and we both love our son. How do I make myself being less bored by the situation? [more inside]
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Moving to the tropics, gonna eat me a lot of mangoes

We are moving to the tropics (specifically, Cairns, Australia) in January. I have never lived in a climate like this before. We are also going to be first time homeowners. Talk to me like I'm five and explain to me all the things I should know about this situation before I screw up my house, electronics, etc. [more inside]
posted by olinerd at 4:50 PM PST - 12 comments

My kid stumped me with a question about the speed of light

On a car trip yesterday my kid posed a hypothetical question. I was blown away, and I have no idea how to answer it. This is what she said. "So light takes 90 minutes to go from Saturn to Earth. What if, instead of shining a light on Saturn, you had a long metal chain that stretched from Saturn to Earth. A person on Saturn pulls on the chain. How long would it take the person on Earth to feel that pull?" [more inside]
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Chicago-based mover recommendations

I'm doing a long-distance move from Chicago to California and I'm getting a lot of quotes. Most of the quotes are in the $3,000 range but their business practices, price models and Yelp reviews are less than re-assuring. One company's quote was in the $15,000 range but this company had a much more re-assuring model and pretty good reviews. I'd like more recommendations from companies like this one. [more inside]
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Help Me Trace Leakers

I need to send a confidential email to a few hundred people, and I expect "leaks". No biggie, but I'd like to weed the recipient list before proceeding with this discrete project (nothing illegal; just best kept hushed until the appropriate time). My idea is to tweak punctuation, word choice, and spacing to make each version unique, so leakers (who'd likely cut/paste from the email) can be identified. Are there apps to make the job easier? Scripts? Suggestions? I could do this by hand, keeping a table to catalog the alterations, but it'd take hours.
posted by Quisp Lover at 4:23 PM PST - 20 comments

Having Trouble Finding/installing Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite Beta

I have been using the public betas of Mac OSX Yosemite for a while now, and I recently had to wipe my hard drive and start over. When I went to download the installer again from the App Store today, Yosemite is no longer listed under my "Purchases" as it had been before. Am I the only one this is happening to? [more inside]
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A smooth and painless transition from old wordpress site to a new one?

So I have a little website for my business. I made it using WordPress 3.3.1 and Thesis 1.8. Got hacked and website is ready for a refresh. I am ready to move to Wordpress 4 and thesis 2.1. Some complications inside. Help? [more inside]
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Keeping those bridges strong, strong, strong

Can filing for unemployment hurt your relationship with your previous employer? [more inside]
posted by geegollygosh at 3:58 PM PST - 14 comments

How to print Safari browsing history from iphone?

I would like to print out part of my Safari browsing history from my iPhone 4S. [more inside]
posted by amro at 3:27 PM PST - 4 comments

Walk me through setting up a custom email address

When we get married next year, my fiancee wants a new email address to match her "new" full name. The Gmail version of is taken and she's bummed out. I had the thought that it might be just as good to have, and then she can just forward it to her current gmail address. [more inside]
posted by rbf1138 at 3:19 PM PST - 29 comments

Which service clubs and volunteer organizations are LGBTQ-friendly?

I'm researching local chapters of various community service clubs and organizations and I would prefer to only join / volunteer for an organization that is officially LGBTQ-friendly, at least on the national or international level. While I can search each organization's national homepage for their written policies, I'd really appreciate the "inside scoop" from any MeFites who are current or former members of any of these types of organizations on how inclusive they actually are in practice. [more inside]
posted by Jacqueline at 2:25 PM PST - 8 comments

Help me buy a new bike!

I'm buying a new bike. I know, You Are Not My Bike Guru. But maybe you are. Help? [more inside]
posted by pdb at 2:17 PM PST - 8 comments

Apartment move-out cleaning question

Moving out of an apartment with no security deposit - how responsible do I need to be about getting it cleaned up for the new tenant? [more inside]
posted by norrington at 2:13 PM PST - 25 comments

Tips for dealing with SunTrust as our mortgage servicer?

The mortgage on our house was transferred from a local bank that we really liked to SunTrust. I would appreciate any best practices for dealing with SunTrust, which does not have a good reputation as a mortgage servicer. [more inside]
posted by SockISalmon at 1:42 PM PST - 9 comments

Loose Woman

Why can't I stop pooping liquid, ugh. TMI and unfortunate mental images below the fold. [more inside]
posted by Omnomnom at 1:18 PM PST - 28 comments

Scams in Prague?

Going to Prague soon. Will be careful about all of the usual perils that tourists face when they are sight-seeing in a different country -- keeping an eye on my possessions, trying to avoid becoming an easy or inviting mark for pickpockets, generally staying aware of my surroundings. Are there any non-obvious words of caution that the Hive can offer? [more inside]
posted by Slap Factory at 12:58 PM PST - 19 comments

I need a better title than "Jack of all trades"!

I was laid off last week, and after taking a few days to sleep in and dominate my boyfriend at Minecraft, I'm jumping into the job hunt. I feel like I've done a pretty good job on most of my resume, but writing out my position at my most recent job has me a bit lost. It's my only work experience in Quebec, and was the longest I've ever worked anywhere, so it's important I get it right. [more inside]
posted by hasna at 12:53 PM PST - 5 comments

Help me understand the history of the Middle East

The recent conflict in Gaza has reminded me that one of the things that I have wanted to read up on is the recent history of the Middle East, particularly Israel. Can anyone recommend comprehensive and (somewhat) objective books on the subject? [more inside]
posted by Grinder at 12:45 PM PST - 10 comments

temporary motor home housing during remodel

Does anybody have experience living in a RV (motorhome, trailer, etc) during a home remodel? My brother is planning some construction next month and thought that living in some temporary housing in the driveway may be a viable alternative to a hotel stay for a month or so. I would love some direction on how to look for this type of rental. Bonus points if you know somebody in Seattle that provides this type of service. thank you!
posted by jimmereeno at 12:16 PM PST - 13 comments

How can I help my husband's depression while still being fair to me?

My husband suffers from depression, which he says is worsened by things like the house being messy. But when he's depressed, he won't clean, meaning that if I want to get him out of his funk, I need to do everything. I want to help him, but I also don't want to be the one doing all the work, while he has all the fun - he won't let me have fun without him. What can I do? [more inside]
posted by sockmeamadeus at 12:12 PM PST - 134 comments

Non-violent Intervention techniques

I just failed certification for my state crisis intervention training. I have to retest in March. I have spatial issues and find it hard to follow choreography. I have to practice these a lot to be comfortable with them. I can't seem to find the official techniques online. More below. [more inside]
posted by unicornologist at 11:59 AM PST - 4 comments

is my post vasectomy experience normal?

(I'm going to ask some graphic medical questions about things that one would expect from someone who just had a vasectomy - if you know me in the real world and don't want to spend the rest of your life trying to scrub the images from your brain you may want to keep scrolling.) So I had a scalpel-less vasectomy on Wednesday afternoon. I'm on day five of recovery right now and I have to wonder if my recovery is going as it should... [more inside]
posted by crapples at 11:36 AM PST - 20 comments

Help me learn to play the piano using modern technology

I've got a Macbook Air, an iPad, an iPhone, and a USB-controlled MIDI keyboard. What's the best way to use this technology to help me learn how to play the piano? I know absolutely nothing about playing the piano apart from chopsticks.
posted by wordsmith at 11:29 AM PST - 9 comments

How do I reconnect with my younger brother? Esp. at his wedding.

My younger brother is getting married this week, and I've flown half way across the world to attend the wedding. Gearing up for this trip though, it's become obvious that we've drifted apart. More so than my relationship with other family members. Is there anything worth trying to help us reconnect? Or is this just part of growing up? [more inside]
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-Fine Quality- Bacmsfots Rgo Quassrmkg (Inquire Within)

At Deetjen's Inn in Big Sur, on the backside of one of the cabins, hangs this sign. Some sort of word game cipher thing. I tried rotational substitution in 1-step increments, but it's gibberish all the way. Any ideas?
posted by anazgnos at 11:05 AM PST - 22 comments

Is there such a thing as curry tea?

Coffee has lost its perk. Tea is far too mellow. Looking for something new to spice up my morning [more inside]
posted by Popular Ethics at 10:57 AM PST - 40 comments

Eye Bag to Differ

Im a mid-30s guy and I am extremely self conscious about my under eye bags. I started noticing it a couple of years ago and I thought it was due to diet or smoking or lack of sleep. Since, I have stopped smoking, I work out regularly and I have improved my sleep pattern (still not great, but a lot better). The eye bags in question are not black or red, but rather they are I look like I am hungover all the time. Beyond the way it looks, I can feel the pressure under my eyes and it makes me think I am tired. Anyone else experience this or thoughts on how to improve?
posted by frednorton at 10:41 AM PST - 27 comments

What can I eat when I'm hungry, but all food seems revolting?

What can I eat when I'm hungry, but all food seems revolting? [more inside]
posted by The locked room sockpuppet at 10:03 AM PST - 31 comments

Car is smashed. Help me pick another? Absolutely a snowflake.

Just lost our 2014 Turbo Sonata Limited in an accident Thursday. Won't be replacing it with a twin. Help us pick a new something? [more inside]
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Egocentricity, Buddhism and Self-hate

How critical is it to understand the egocentricity/self-hate concept when reading Cheri Huber's 'There is Nothing Wrong With You'? [more inside]
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Food for the mostly toothless

I'm looking for breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas for my 14-month-old. Help me out of my toddler food rut! We are both sick of rice cakes with peanut butter on them. [more inside]
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Write it Down

Due to some unforseen life events, I no longer want to write in my old journal. I'm looking for a new one and need reccomendations. [more inside]
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TaskRabbit Equivalent in Minneapolis?

TaskRabbit isn't available in Minneapolis. I need somebody to pick up some groceries, maybe a balloon, some items from the pharmacy, etc. and deliver to the apartment of a sick person today. Are there any similar services available, that could deliver today?
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Just relocated to NYC and need to choose United health care plan.

My wife and I were relocated to NYC a month ago and we need to decide by the end of the month, which medical insurance plan we should sign up for. [more inside]
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Please help me make tasty, low-carb popovers

I'm on a low-carb diet, but I'm beginning to get bored of a life without pasta, sweets or baked goods. So this weekend I made these low-carb pop-overs with almond flour. They tasted OK, but they had the consistency of rather compact muffins, not the fluffy lightness of pop-overs, and in fact they did not "pop over" the muffin tin but stayed inside. [more inside]
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Yes! Well...maybe.

How can I gracefully ask for more time to consider a job offer? [more inside]
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small batch business cards

I currently wear a bunch of different career hats, and I'd like to get small batches of three different kinds of business cards (say, 50 or so). Where/with what printing company can I do this inexpensively? [more inside]
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Should I contact the FBI, even if I don't have any hard evidence?

I'm a mid-level staff member in a multinational corporation. In the past three years, 2 employees who work in different departments from mine have been arrested and indicted for insider trading. Given this short time span and the financial stakes involved, it would not surprise me if there are others. That being said, I do not have any hard evidence. As ridiculous as it may sound, I have considered contacting the FBI about becoming an informant. However, when I was first hired, I signed a 20 page employment agreement which, amongst other things, included a confidentiality agreement. Should I just keep my mouth shut, and assume that the authorities have better methods of detecting criminal activity? Is having someone on the "inside" a moot point anyway, since so much of insider trading is uncovered by computer forensics? [more inside]
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Who can help evaluate a grad school application?

I'm applying to grad school after a long time - it's been 15 years since undergrad. Is there such a thing as a career counselor/guidance counselor for grad schools (ideally in the New York City area) that can help your evaluate and help you improve your application? [more inside]
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DC Apartment Buildings

My friend and I are looking to room together in Washington, DC, and we've decided to expand our search to include larger, company-managed buildings in addition to smaller, privately-owned buildings. I've rented twice from private landlords so I know how that works just fine, but big building rentals are new for both of us. Any advice, MetaFilter? [more inside]
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Looking for music that sounds like men in makeup.

I like T. Rex, Queen, and the rock-opera parts of the Rocky Horror soundtrack. What other music might I like, in the same vein? I am thinking of pick slides, female backup singers, and bombastic vocals. Should I be searching generally for glam? 70s vintage is a plus, but not required.
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Is starting an AirBnB business a good idea? London edition.

Is buying a small property (in London) for short term rentals on AirBnB a terrible idea? [more inside]
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Telephone Call A Scam?

[UK-filter?] For the past three weeks I have been receiving phone calls on my land line for a JG. It has been one call every two days. Every call has been automated: "We are looking to get in touch with JG. Please call us back at this number" - today the message changed to: "It is very urgent that we get in touch with JG. Please call us back asap at this number". Is this a scam? Should I continue to ignore this? Should I call back to say that JG doesn't live here? What's the worst that could happen either way?
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Is a once/weekly houseguest too much if you're rarely out of the house?

So my housemate and I are having a bit of a disagreement about houseguests, and I'd like a reality check and some advice on the situation. [more inside]
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Looking for 'sonic environments'.

I just read the Program Notes to Become Ocean, recently the subject of a post on the blue, and it contains the following: "[Become Ocean] gives almost no hint of the kind of linear structure of most Western music — no clearly defined episodes, no building of tension leading to moments of resolution, no sense of a narrative or journey with beginning, middle and end. It is not even a piece with themes and developments in any usual sense. Rather, Become Ocean is more a sonic environment in which to immerse oneself." I really like this kind of music. Can you recommend any more of it? [more inside]
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LA, you always let me back in

I'm a college student in Los Angeles who originally hails from NY. While home for the summer, I discovered two e-newsletters (nonsensenyc and theskint) that featured fun, cheap, often off-the-wall happenings in New York City. Now I'm trying to find an LA equivalent. [more inside]
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September 21

Ideas for a dairy-free soft foods diet?

I am having dental surgery soon and will be on a soft foods (mashable with a fork), nothing-spicy diet for two weeks. Ideas? Difficulty: I'm lactose-intolerant and a somewhat picky eater. [more inside]
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Minnesota bankruptcy

I am thinking of filing for bankruptcy - Chapter 7, as I am unemployed since February and have no assets. I have $0 in my bank account due to a levy by the Minnesota Dept of Revenue for 2013 taxes. (I have since talked to them and am in the process of getting that straightened out.) I have zero money, and if it weren't for the generosity of a good friend would be homeless. Are there any pro bono services in Minneapolis that can help me, or would filing myself (probably) be okay, as long as I follow the filing directions carefully (the MN bankruptcy court site has a pretty good page on what forms need to be filed, etc)? I don't have $1200+ to pay a regular attorney. Any advice appreciated. I'm completely overwhelmed and now afraid that any future job opportunities may be threatened due to the potential for garnishments, etc.
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Help me pull texts off of an Iphone 5....

I need the best way to save about a year's worth of texts on an iphone 5 to my PC, for use elsewhere... [more inside]
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Looking for a barely-remembered surreal webcomic

I'm looking for a surreal webcomic that I stumbled on a few years ago that I can now barely remember, so this is probably a long shot. I only remember one strip specifically, in which there was a (possibly levitating) goat/animal that suddenly spoke in Japanese, and one of the other characters (maybe a talking mountain?) said something like, "Oh, levitating goat only speaks in Japanese now." Much of the humor was similarly surreal and odd. It was drawn in black and white and most (all?) of the strips were three or four panels long. Thanks, MeFi!
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How can I delegate apartment-hunting in Cincinnati?

I need to find an apartment meeting a specific set of requirements ASAP in Cincinnati, Ohio. Unfortunately, I literally do not have any time to spend doing this myself. Is there a broker, independent realtor, or some other kind of service where I can send them into the world and they will hustle up some acceptable places to live for me ... for a modest fee? [more inside]
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The eternal shoe search

Comfortable, walking but sexy shoes [more inside]
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Securing my home network against my 7 year old.

My son recently turned 7, how do I filter my home network (and my phone) to keep him away from hardcore porn and such for a few more years? [more inside]
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Seeking an online forum for dating and identifying Buddhist art

I have acquired a Buddha and am curious about its origins. [more inside]
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What percentage of youth in foster care have parents who were in FC?

Research help: What percentage of youth in foster care are born to parents who were at one point in foster care of themselves? I'm looking for information on the prevalence of intergenerational child abuse and experiences of foster care. In addition to the question above, I am also interested in what percentage of perpetrators of child abuse were victims of child abuse themselves. I've done some digging myself and haven't been able to find any data on this.
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Career in communications or vet tech?

Pursee a career in communications or as a vet tech? [more inside]
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Feeling depressed, lonely, aimless - need help figuring out my life

I'm at a point where I just don't know what to do - I feel hopeless, aimless, and lost; I feel like there's little hope for my life getting better, and that I'll spend the rest of my life alone, just doing... nothing meaningful. I need help. [more inside]
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Babies in bars in Indiana

My family just moved to Tippecanoe County in Indiana, and we're baffled by the seemingly arbitrary rules that dictate when babies are and are not allowed in bars and restaurants. [more inside]
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Healthy, shelf-stable snacks for kids

Please suggest very healthy, shelf-stable snacks I can donate to my son's 3rd grade classroom. [more inside]
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I want to beat my athletic buddy in our next 5k. How?!

Amateur runner here. I have a friend that I ran a 5k with recently. Even though I train waaaaay more than he does, he whooped me by quite a bit. He's definitely more athletically gifted than me, but I would like to show him up in at least one race for various reasons. Mefite Runners/competitive racers: What can I do in the meantime before the next race regarding training/mindset/etc. so I can put him in his place at least once? Details inside. [more inside]
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Should I try to fix things with angry father-in-law?

My father in law blew up at me in an extreme way a few weeks ago. My husband wishes for his father and I to eventually reconcile, but I would like an apology first. [more inside]
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Dinner in Syracuse that will make me feel happy?

I have just arrived in Syracuse, NY, in anticipation of an interview tomorrow morning, to find a literal black cloud over the city and to be greeted by the receptionist at my hotel telling me, "Don't move to Syracuse. It's the worst." I want to turn my first impression of this place around. Can you recommend a great, happy-making restaurant for me to go to this evening? [more inside]
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Social Media Etiquette for the Networked Era

What is the current day etiquette around maintaining and removing connections on LinkedIn? [more inside]
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What should I be when I grow up? (Post-PhD edition)

Now that I've finally figured out that "tenure-track professor in the humanities" isn't actually a real job that exists in 2014, I'd appreciate help figuring out what job possibilities might be a good match for my strengths, weaknesses, and priorities. [more inside]
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Largest Choral Ensemble Ever?

Back in possibly the mid-to late 80's, or early 90's at the latest, I caught a bit of a program on television about a choral piece of classical music, which at the time was being billed as sung by (faulty memory may apply here) the largest choral ensemble ever assembled. It's also possible that it was the combination of symphonic musicians + chorus equalled the largest group assembled for a piece of choral music. [more inside]
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Said something dumb in class, should I apologize to prof?

Prof is really young and he blushed when I said something a bit extreme. [more inside]
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I need to make 200 hand-thrown projectiles that burst upon impact.

I need the projectiles to be heavy enough to be easily thrown 10 yards. I'm planning building broadcloth pouches, but I don't know what to fill them with. I need something cheap and heavy, but not rocks. Any ideas? [more inside]
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What's the state-of-the-art in paperlessness?

I would really like to be paperless. As soon as I receive them, I'd like non-junk mail and documents to be digitized, then shredded. [more inside]
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Man was not made to have infinite brush choices

Do you use a casual drawing app or program that constrains your choices in a good way? Tell me about it. [more inside]
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Help me track my mother's computer usage

My mother is 90-years-old and lives alone. We worry when she doesn't pick up for the phone or we haven't heard from her for a couple of days. She is actively-opposed to any sort of regular check-ins by phone or e-mail to us, and she also does not want to use any type of monitoring service for the elderly (such as Lifeline) She does, however, use e-mail and her computer on a daily basis. Is there any software I can install that would send out e-mail alerts to us when she has (or hasn't) used her computer in x amount of hours? I would, of course, ask her permission to do this, and I am fairly sure she would be okay with it. (Don't ask me what exactly the difference is between this and Lifeline, I think it has to do with the stigma of aging that a service like Lifeline implies, something she is quite sensitive about.)
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So what do I use now if I don't use Truecrypt?

I used to use Truecrypt to encrypt little enclosures so I wouldn't have to worry about my files so much when I, say, put them on a USB stick or backed them up to the cloud. There was a whole... thing with Truecrypt and now it's hard to say if I should use it anymore. Is there another program that's going to work well for this purpose? [more inside]
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To lawyer or not to lawyer?

Questions about legal proceedings for parenting time in an unusual 'divorce'. [more inside]
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Eating healthy on a tiny budget in Superior-Duluth

Need tips on how a household of 20-somethings can eat decently on a very small budget. Two large guys who eat like large guys, one average-size girl. They are trying to lose weight and get healthier. Difficulty: she needs to avoid gluten and dairy, and limit carbs somewhat (so they can't do rice and beans every night.) [more inside]
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Pivot table help for n00b

I need to provide some sales data but am unsure how to manipulate the data in a pivot table to get the specific details requested. I'm sure this is simple but my pivot table skills are, admittedly, terrible. Details inside. [more inside]
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My wife is overworked and stressed and it's making me resentful

My wife is overworked, underslept, and stressed, and I wanted to know if anybody had any advice that might be helpful. She has a job that requires long hours and causes her a lot of stress that she is committed to until the end of the school year. On top of that, she has a job for a few hours every weekend that she is committed to for a while as well. We also have a two year old daughter and we are climbing out of debt. [more inside]
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When to push back and how?

I have an amazing job which pays well. However, due to staffing problems I'm repeatedly being asked to drop everything and take one for the team, sometimes on very short notice, with not even an 'attaboy' to show for it so far. How do I push back against this professionally? [more inside]
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A platform-agnostic Journal app.

So I've been using Oh Life to keep a journal for the last two years. The most useful feature is that it emails you a daily prompt, then stores your response online. You can also export all of your entries as a single document at any time. Sadly, the site is going away in October. Are there any other online journal apps that have similar email prompts, and aggregate your entries? [more inside]
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What does "precious" actually mean?

I've seen the term "precious" used to describe artists' style. I'm not sure what it means. [more inside]
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Emotionally manipulative fiancee

Told my fiancee that she is emotionally manipulative when arguing. She is upset but I can't take it back because it's true. How do we proceed? [more inside]
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September 20

Calculating interior angles of an irregular hexagon?

I'm trying to create a 3D model of a six-sided area of my garden. I know the lengths of each side. Is it possible to work out the exact angle of each corner? Here's a link to a rough picture - note that the labels are correct but the sides and angles aren't to scale. [more inside]
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Should I contact my biological father?

We've been completely out of touch since I was about twelve. I have a kick-ass step dad, so no old resentments or difficult questions in regard to my biological father, I'm mostly just curious about his life. He has recently turned 70 and I feel like if I decide to get back in touch, I should do it sooner rather than later. But should I? And if yes, how to best approach this? More details inside. [more inside]
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Please tell me how to get through this breakup with sanity intact

I went through a breakup this summer and the mental aftermath has put me in a very bad place. Please help me find peace and perspective. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:23 PM PST - 9 comments

Grad school doubts, and it's only been three weeks!

I moved back to North America after living abroad for four years to start a Masters program. I’m here now, it’s been three weeks and I feel alternatingly very unhappy, stressed and panicked about the choice that I’ve made, and I'm hoping for some of advice on how to proceed. [more inside]
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Finding friends in Fresno?

My mother moved to Fresno 4 years ago, to be near her sister. She likes it here, more or less. However, she is 65, single, bored, and I have run out of suggestions. Can you help? [more inside]
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How does iOS 8 Photos app work?

I haven't yet pulled the trigger on iOS 8, but I'm trying to understand the changes to Camera Roll and Photos app before I upgrade. I have read the Ars Technica review among others and still am not clear on the changes to Photos. [more inside]
posted by ridogi at 10:07 PM PST - 8 comments

How Should I Learn How To Play Crusader Kings II?

Help me figure out how to play "Crusader Kings II", please. [more inside]
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Buying a used desktop PC—verifying functionality before handing over $

I'm thinking of buying a used desktop. It's probably an entry-level+ system by gaming standards, but much better than the "any desktop will do" aisle at Best Buy—which is exactly the performance for price I want. How best to confirm that I'm getting a working version of the parts advertised in a short visit to a stranger's house? [more inside]
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Traditional Bonfire Night?

We’re going to be in London for Guy Fawkes Night this year and we’re hoping to find an actual bonfire within an hour or so from the city by train. [more inside]
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Looking for a wordpress theme to replicate a tumblr theme.

Looking for a wordpress theme that replicates the "Chunky" tumblr theme. I like the old-fashioned newspaper-style layout but I need something responsive and a little more flexible and customizable. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!
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How can one deal with a client who might skimp on full-payment?

Okay, so recently, a friend of mine got me a freelance job to do the corporate identity for a friend of hers. The problem is, my friend tells me that her friend is not to be trusted. I really need the job at the moment, so how can I take it on and still protect myself? [more inside]
posted by cyrusw8 at 8:46 PM PST - 15 comments

What's the best way for a designer/artist to raise money for charity?

To be honest, I don't want to do any family/friends crowd-funding. I'm more interested in offering a design/art service--like "your name written in calligraphy" or "an ink drawing of your face"-- for a price that will be donated to charity. But how does one go about such a campaign and what are the best venues for such an endeavor? [more inside]
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What should I expect when looking for a room in Portland, Oregon?

I'm moving back to Portland in a few days to finish my senior year of college, and I'll be looking for a room in a shared house/apt over the next few weeks to move into November 1st while I stay in an AirBnb. While I have lived in shared housing in Portland before, my memory is a bit fuzzy regarding the difficulty. I'm wondering whether I should lower my standards due to scarcity or hold out for a room that fits my needs more. I also would like to know whether I should wait for a room that is available on my target date of November 1st or one immediately and pay more money? [more inside]
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Activities you do with your inner child

My therapist suggested that I do some activities with my inner child. What are some activities you've enjoyed and have helped you heal? (a variety of ages inside) [more inside]
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Identify this tree with berries

This tree has lived for 10+ years in my backyard, and we're getting a dog. Is this tree safe? Pics and details inside. [more inside]
posted by Cool Papa Bell at 7:23 PM PST - 4 comments

I took the road less traveled... to Destin?

Where are the fun things to do in Destin? Or on the way to/from Destin from Tampa? [more inside]
posted by honeybee413 at 7:20 PM PST - 2 comments

GSM Droid 4 Unlocking.

How do I do a full "Subsidy" and "Carrier" unlock for a GSM/LTE Verizon Droid 4? [more inside]
posted by loquacious at 7:00 PM PST - 4 comments

Meditative, calming Android apps (or websites)

I'm looking, roughly speaking, for a game, but it needs to be as un-game-like as possible. I'd like something interactive I can play with when feeling overwhelmed which is visually appealing, responsive, fairly simple, and has few or no objectives. Levels and world-building are too addictive for this purpose. I'd like to be able to start and stop playing quite easily, and to be able to play when my mind is out for the count (so no puzzles). Can you help? [more inside]
posted by lokta at 6:50 PM PST - 14 comments

iEffed Up

I traded in my iPad to Best Buy and completely forgot to cancel the wireless recurring charges before I handed it over. How can I cancel my recurring charge on my iPad 3G account...without the iPad? [more inside]
posted by MultiFaceted at 6:06 PM PST - 7 comments

Is this a cover of an English-language song?

Here's a German band, The Transsylvanians, and here is a Spotify link to their song "Debrecen," which sounds very familiar to me. Is this a cover of an English-language song? (Sounds Mekons-ish...) [more inside]
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Explain computers to me like I'm five.

Say someone is completely technologically inept; I mean, they can find their way around the Internet and Microsoft Office and the most very basic HTML but otherwise they are clueless. Say this person has a lot of free *ahem*unemployed*ahem* time on their hands and would like to brush up on their knowledge, and bring themselves up-to-date on the 21st century. What resources, ideally free, are out there for this? [more inside]
posted by celtalitha at 5:31 PM PST - 9 comments

Car ad featuring woman in car on narrow rock formation

For some time now (read: far longer than I care to admit) I have been trying to trace a car advert that I am sure was on UK TV in the 1980's. Briefly, it was of a car placed impossibly high up on a mountain/rock formation in the desert, somewere similar to Chimney Rock NC, in the car was your ISO blonde tanned glamour girl looking windswept. [more inside]
posted by RandomInconsistencies at 4:54 PM PST - 6 comments

[How] Can I bet on Premier League games online while residing in the US?

Tottenham face arch rival Arsenal next week and I'd like to demonstrate my support with some cold, hard cash. Can I legally bet on games here in the US? (Can't get to NV or NJ so going to a sports book is not possible.) COYS!
posted by wensink at 3:46 PM PST - 11 comments

Android Widget that displays Google Spreadsheet data?

Is there an Android Widget that will allow me to display a subset of data from Google Spreadsheets? I keep track of my budget in a spreadsheet, and I would like to display the balances in a quick way on my phone without actually having to open the Google Sheets application. [more inside]
posted by SpacemanStix at 1:59 PM PST - 3 comments

Transfering files to iPhone without computer?

I have a whole crapload of MP3s on my work computer. I cannot access iTunes at work or download it. My company blocks it. I have no working computer at home. How do I get these files on my iPhone 4S? Thanks
posted by DieHipsterDie at 1:57 PM PST - 8 comments

Kanji translation help

Can anyone tell me what this means? [more inside]
posted by Put the kettle on at 1:40 PM PST - 5 comments

Why is my cell phone coverage in England so bad?

I was recently in England, in Milton Keynes and then the Dartmoor area and Exeter, then into South Hampton. I was driven totally nuts by my cell phone barely having data signal even when I had full bars on "GPRS." Facebook was frozen until I got back to London and was on 3G, and google maps was useless most of the time because it couldn't get signal to map (even in Exeter - a city!). I have a US based iphone with Verizon, and was on the Vodaphone network. Is my inability to get enough data due to some problem with my phone/Vodaphone - or is this a problem all brits live with? I am particularly interested in any way to avoid this problem - I had a Nav system in the car this time, but probably won't next time I visit.
posted by gwen1234 at 1:23 PM PST - 15 comments

What is this pipe-connection for?

In my new airing-cupboard, there is a pipe-connection that looks very odd. Photo here. My initial thought was that something had corroded, but the cut-out areas are identical on each site, and look like they're supposed to be there. Is this right, or should I be getting someone to fix it? If it's supposed to be like this, then why? And should water be dripping from the top-pipe into the bottom?
posted by gregjones at 1:11 PM PST - 4 comments

Breakfast/Brunch near LAX?

Looking for early brunch/late breakfast options on Sunday near LAX. [more inside]
posted by downtohisturtles at 12:28 PM PST - 17 comments

Separation without moving out?

Can you have a trial separation while still both living in the same house? [more inside]
posted by El Curioso at 12:23 PM PST - 24 comments

My Computer Cannot Even

Need to replace my laptop at short notice. Should I blow my bank account and get a MacBook Air, or pick up a Chromebook (or the like) as a stopgap measure while continuing to save up for the Pro I really want? [more inside]
posted by Sara C. at 12:17 PM PST - 26 comments

Online English Grammar Resources Needed

I am looking for three things here: 1) Some kind of drill, preferably in game format but anything good will do 2) tools to run my writing through to catch my errors and 3) generic reference materials. Online resources are strongly preferred, in part because I get sick when I handle books and papers too much. [more inside]
posted by Michele in California at 12:15 PM PST - 3 comments

Is there an iOS app you can customize to check things off?

I am tracking what I eat by type of food and I am looking for an app to help me track it. For example, I want to eat 7 veg servings, 3 protein, 4 whole grains, etc. is there an app where I can enter the category and number that I want to eat per day and then as I eat them I can check them off? I can think of other uses, too, like tracking pills and vitamins or even household chores.
posted by jules1651 at 11:45 AM PST - 5 comments

How to commission a scientific illustration?

My co-authors and I recently got a paper accepted to a major scientific journal. If we can provide a striking illustration, I think we have a decent chance to make the cover. That would be really cool and might be worth paying an external illustrator for. I never commissioned any artwork before, so I have questions about how to proceed. [more inside]
posted by Herr Zebrurka at 11:35 AM PST - 7 comments

No erection blues

I've been dating a guy for two months, and he's gotten maybe two non-morning wood erections with a lot of sleeping over, cuddling, oral, and sexy grinding around. He is, I think, minimizing the problem, and I am at the point when I want to shout, "Go to a doctor! Your dick doesn't work!" Help me. [more inside]
posted by takemetosocktown at 11:25 AM PST - 48 comments

Can I eat it filter: Cooked vegetarian quiche left out

I accidentally forgot to put the quiche in the fridge after lunch and discovered it when I came back home. It was left out for about 5 hours, probably at around 70 degrees. I am getting differing opinions from my internet search. Should I toss it?
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How do I help an ex - or not - through impending bereavement?

My husband and I are separated, and he just called to say his father is seriously ill in hospital with multiple organ failure and the prognosis is pretty hopeless. I don't know what my role is supposed to be in this, if any. I'm looking for advice from people who have been in a similar situation please. [more inside]
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What to do with random cables and obsolete computer equipment?

I'm helping a buddy clean out his basement before renovating. We're finding a lot of miscellany including a large storage container of random cords and cables for electronic equipment. Also unearthed in the pile of boxes has been a scanner and inkjet printer from at least 10 years ago. What are the best options for dealing with this stuff? (More inside.) [more inside]
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Doc Martens - quality gone downhill? Also, sizing question.

I'm thinking about getting a pair of Doc Martens: questions about sizing and quality issues. [more inside]
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Senior residence w/memory care for two under 10k month in Chicago area?

Physically healthy couple in their early 80's with Alzheimer's and dementia want to re-locate back to Chicago. We need to try to find a good facility in the Chicago area that we can afford. More details inside. [more inside]
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Moving-In Nerves

So my boyfriend and I are moving in together next month. Needless to say, the pitfalls and potential problems make me nervous (neither of us have lived with a long-term partner; he's 31, I'm 26F, been together almost 2 years). What I need now are reminders of why this is a good idea: tips, anecdotes, rituals. What makes living with your partner a positive and special thing? I'm looking for what TO do, rather than what NOT to do.
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Resource for size-specific plastic storage boxes?

I have a semi-fragile object for which I would like to find a 16" x 16" x 16" plastic (rubbermaid-type) storage box/tote/bin. Googling for specific sizes is frustrating. Anyone know where I could find or cross-reference specific sized boxes?
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Help me choose the right 529 option.

My baby girl was born in May and I'm setting up a 529 for her. I've decided to go with one of the age-based options under the Utah 529 plan, but I can't decide between the domestic aggressive option or the global aggressive option. [more inside]
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Can I "walk through" a route in Google Street View?

Am I using Google Street View wrong? I have two destinations in Google Maps and the resulting route was calculated. What I would like to do is "walk through" the path in the full screen street view. Is this possible? Because it's not working the way I would expect and ironically my Google-Fu is not really helping me. [more inside]
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What's this metally thing?

Found this in the bushes while cleaning up around my house. No idea what it might be, though it seems maybe, possibly, automotive. pics inside [more inside]
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When I'm low, I'm low

How do you effectively seek treatment for anxiety and depression when the symptoms come and go? [more inside]
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The sibling who molested me is getting ordained

I am a woman in my early 30’s. Starting when I was around 8, my older sister (who would have been 11) molested me. We have never talked about this. My parents know but are in denial. In high school, she became interested in religion and became a Christian, which has endured since then, and a few years ago she decided to attend seminary and become a minister. I have thought about all the complexities of this, but I am still not sure how best to proceed, if I proceed at all. I want whatever I do, if I do anything, to be healing (mostly for myself), fair, and considerate of all involved. I’m putting more information inside, and, while I can’t boil this down to a single question, would love any thoughts you have on this issue. I am posting anonymously, but if you’d like me to contact you for any reason, just say so and I will PM you from my real account. [more inside]
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Camera for technique-savvy but tech-averse senior

Mother-in-law is an accomplished mixed-media artist. She likes to use a camera to document her work. The camera she's using is about to give out. House is computer-free, network-free and definitely free of cell phones. What's an easily-used camera of 2014 that she might actually use? [more inside]
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Best Kids' Socks

I have tried the Gap, Old Navy, and Target, and all those socks seem to lose their elastic around the ankle after only a few months and/or shrink. [more inside]
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Anniversary restaurant reccomendations in Minneapolis St. Paul area?

As parents of four year olds we don't get out much, and we're out of touch with the Twin Cities dining scene. Here's what we like; hoping someone has an inspired suggestion... [more inside]
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Can you identify this mystery ornament?

I inherited this ornament from my dad, who had inherited it from his father. I believe my grandfather found it in Ireland in the forties. Flickr photo set [more inside]
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How do actors shed their accents?

I'm very curious how actors are taught to shed their accents or mimic an accent. [more inside]
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Why were people so scared of "juvenile delinquents" in the 1950s?

I've been fascinated with 1950s-1960s stuff for a long time, and for just as long I've accepted that people back then were fascinated with evil, misbehaving youth, and indeed thought that "JDs" were a Huge Problem in Society (i.e. West Side Story, Blackboard Jungle, or Rebel Without A Cause). [more inside]
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September 19

Help me find this ink blob animation

I recall vivid fragments of a short film that used to be shown as filler on Showtime or Cinemax during the mid 80s (?), around the same time they would show the evolution segment of Allegro non troppo. It was drawn in a minimalist wiggly thickly inked style. The protagonist was a very thin guy in a ridiculously broad suit of armor. He escapes the "boss battle" by slipping out the back of his armor. The princess runs to hug the empty suit of armor and plummets off a cliff. I recall it as being mostly white backgrounds and the transitions were ink splotches. Dialogue was minimal or non-existent. Can you name this short?
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How to scare someone?

Recently I was surprise spooked by a figure on my roof as I was leaving my house in the middle of the night as a joke by my friend. I want to get them back in a big way. Short of anything super extreme or coordinating with friends (this is a solo operation) how can I scare them back? I need your best and scariest ideas.
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I can has a box?

I want to get a box about the right size for lying in or sitting down in (or both) for as cheap as possible, that will close tightly but with air holes and stuff. [more inside]
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It goes "POOM-poom pa-DUM pa-dum, dum-ba-dum-ba dum". Got that computer?

My brain often composes short melodies that float around my head for a while and then dissolve. Since my inner composer is twelve years old, these melodies tend to sound like the background music to old Nintendo games, early Zelda / Mario Brothers and that kind of thing. What they cry out for is to be put on loop while Link ventures out to boomerang Octorocks. I'd like to make this a reality. Presumably we're talking MIDI. Please suggest (a) software for this purpose, and (b) approaches to learning basic harmonization and instrumentation, especially in the context of some specific answer to (a). [more inside]
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Professors with interesting, quirky websites?

It seems like there's this trend for (usually senior) professors to have a website (usually completely devoid of any CSS) filled with advice to juniors, strong opinions, and notes on very specific topics. Do you know of any? [more inside]
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Standing Desk filter - Desk + Adjustable height keyboard stand

I have a somewhat unusual setup - I use a 26" TV set at 1360X768 as my main monitor, and a 17" monitor as my secondary. I will be adding a third. More... [more inside]
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Help me organize my email after losing Gmail push on my iPhone

As long as I've had an iPhone I've used the default email app, Mail, linked to my primary gmail address, along with my secondary gmail address that forwards to my primary mailbox. After upgrading my iPhone 5 to the 6, I've lost the ability to use an Exchange account for gmail so that new mail pushes to the Mail app. See here. [more inside]
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USB devices not working, PC, Windows 8.1

My USB mouse (often) and keyboard (sometimes) are not working on my Lenovo all-in-one running Windows 8.1. This makes Internetting hard. [more inside]
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Car accident - got hit, now other driver claims it's our fault.

So the day after my car got hit while parked (fault on this one was pretty clear, plus I got the other driver making a statement on video that it was her fault), my wife was driving on a local highway and got merged into. Nobody hurt, thankfully - the other driver admitted it was her fault on the scene, but here's the catch... [more inside]
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Scrapping Old Broken Silver

I have several old silver candlesticks that are largely broken and of no interest to me. They are marked "Sterling" but appear to be weighted, i.e. they are not solid silver. I am totally okay with trying to sell them for scrap value, but I have questions. [more inside]
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Why are some stray cats super pushy about getting snuggles?

As I write this, a cat is sdddaf constantly mushi`ng her face into my hands and keyboard. I've known a fair number of cats. There seems to be this subset of them that suddenly get really aggressively snuggly. What gives? What can I do to help them feel less needy? [more inside]
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How should I install a microwave shelf in plaster walls?

I just bought this microwave and would like to install a shelf onto which I can put it so I can free up counter space. [more inside]
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Will home gym equipment help my reduce-my-paunch-goal?

I feel terrible because of my paunch. I am otherwise mostly fit. I try to do some cardio, some light jogging, cycling on a roller etc. I am too self conscious to go to a gym or go to a trainer. Besides, I live in the middle of nowhere and don't really have any good gyms or so nearby. Are stuff like this (Thane Total Flex Home Gym) useful? [more inside]
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What are these little discolored bits I found in my ground beef?

I found two weird little green/blue/grey bits inside a 1 lb package of ground beef. Not spots on the outside of the meat but little 3-d bits of something found inside the meat while crumbling it into a pan. It is grass-fed beef from a local ranch. They have all their meat packed at a USDA approved plant and all. This is my first time ordering beef from them so I don't know what to think. I've never seen this in grass-fed or regular beef, ever. What could it be?
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On to the next chapter, onward and upward!

So I'm moving and getting roommates, any advice from the green on how to move forward with my life? [more inside]
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Relief for severe athlete's foot misery

It's time for my first gross Ask Metafilter question. I've been battling athlete's foot on and off for the past two years. Non-prescription antifungals keep it in check for several weeks, but it always comes back. I have the worst case ever now. The spaces between my toes are extremely painful, burning, oozing, bleeding chunks of falling-off skin. Weeks of Lotramin application have not helped at all this time. [more inside]
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Bookfilter: I have just finished the Outlander Series, what next please?

I'm having an Outlander series reading hangover, I loved it. I'm looking for some historical fiction romance. [more inside]
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What could be the possible reasons MS Killed MS Research SV?

What could be the motivating factors behind this decision? [more inside]
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Keep on trying with polyamory?

I'm in a relationship with one person at the moment who I really like and care about. But I'm someone who really craves closeness (insecure attachment style) while he needs a lot more space and independence. I am very lonely a lot of the time. While if I imagine my ideal life it would be with him and other partners or close non-sexual friendships this hasn't happened. I'm not sure whether to keep on trying? [more inside]
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I can haz hall pass?

Creative people of Metafilter, help me come up with a fun hall pass to use in my classroom of high school seniors. [more inside]
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My partner lied to me about alcohol. Now what?

My partner lied to me about alcohol. Now what? [more inside]
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What are some fun things parents can’t do?

My husband and I have been trying to conceive (a baby!) for several years. Please assume the medical aspect is under consideration. We remain hopeful that we’ll be successful. However, the ongoing sense of regular disappointment has taken the joy out of life for me. I feel a bit in limbo. Please help me revel in my hopefully temporary childlessness a little. What are some fun things that parents can’t do? [more inside]
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tat's the question

I have an idea for a tattoo (my first) that I would kind of like to put somewhere on my leggal region. However, I haven't seen a ton of leg tattoos that looked good to me, so I have some questions about placement. [more inside]
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What should I give my son for his birthday?

Yes, this is ridiculous, but I'm stumped. My son's 12th birthday is coming up and I have no idea what to give him. He loves Minecraft, Kahn Academy, putting together Spotify playlists, and reading. He doesn't know what he wants, either. Suggestions? [more inside]
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Help me find songs similar to "Brill Bruisers."

I really love the recent New Pornographers' song "Brill Bruisers" (from the album of the same name). I'm not entirely sure what it is that appeals to me, but I find it very catchy and joyful. I think maybe I like the...wall of sound quality? I'm not even sure that's the right term. I like the repetition in the chorus and the oooo-oooooo-oooo, bo-ba-bo-ba-ba-ba nonsense. I'd like to find more music like this. What else should I try?
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Looking for a web app to help me with my Google Merchant account.

Google's AdWords and Merchant Center dashboards are basically unusable for my purposes. Are there any web apps that I can use to give me added functionality? [more inside]
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Narratives - Neuroscience and psychology

What are good layman-level books and articles on how the brain interprets narratives (books, television, or any other form of story)? [more inside]
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Just how rainy is it in Cancun/Tulum/Zipolite right now?

I'm thinking of a last minute vacation to Tulum or Zipolite, but the weather is showing as rainy every day for the next seven days. I'm wondering if this just means short showers each day, and it's otherwise sunny enough and a fine enough time to visit, or if I should look elsewhere for a vacation? I could potentially go to Mexico City / Oaxaca first for a week or so, and then the beach afterwards if that might help the weather situation. Thanks for any and all advice!
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IOS 8 installed, not functioning

I recently installed IOS 8 on my iPhone. Unlike some, I had no trouble with the download per se. However, none of the new features seem to be present; and while it says on the software update page that it has been downloaded, the little 'number 1' is still showing up on the settings page. FWIW, the iCloud backup button (with the option to turn it on or off) seems 'frozen' as well. Might anyone have any ideas?
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"fun place to eat" near 45th & Madison, NYC

Meeting my sister and BIL tonight. She's buying drinks at Mad46, but in return I need to find a "fun place to eat". Party of three, no special dietary requirements. 9-10 PM, I suppose. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance, MeFi!
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Headset jacks-does the plug matter?

I am starting an on line class next week that requires a headset/mike with earmuffs and a USB connector. This is not as simple as I would like it to be. [more inside]
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Can you be my mapquest?

What other places could I live? Outside NYC/lower cost of living filter. [more inside]
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What's the safest way to transfer a large sum internationally?

Someone is trying to send money from Canada to the USA and it must not get lost, misdirected, or stolen. This has proven to be harder than it sounds. What's the best way to do this? [more inside]
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Hidden gems in Dublin?

You know when you get a recommendation on travel and you go in a place in a random city and there are locals there and they say something like "yeah, we love this place, but how did YOU know about it?" Well, do you have any current suggestions like that - food, drink, or other - for Dublin, Ireland, tonight through this weekend? Even the touristy places are great here but I'd love any insider info. Cheers and thank you in advance for any advice.
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Looking for a good pub in Seattle near Madison & Boren

I'm heading to Seattle next weekend and would like to spend at least part of the time checking out the local pub scene and sampling some tasty Seattle brews. I am staying near the intersection of Madison St. and Boren Ave.; can any Seattle-based MeFites recommend any not-to-be-missed microbreweries or anything or that ilk in the general area?
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Value of 1878-9 "Scientific American" magazine?

I ran into some issues of "Scientific American, dated February 23rd, November 30th 1878 and a third February 1st, 1879, all in good shape. I also have one copy of "The Contemporary Review" dated November of 1879, in OK shape. I am curious as to whether they have any collector's value at this point. I have no idea how I came to own them, as these were dated before my father was born.
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How do you cheat the system without cheating people?

I'm looking for an example of "cheating the system" in a positive way. Often times cheating the system results in people being cheated as well, when does cheating the system benefit people without hurting others?
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No bells and whistles --- just mileage recording!

So I try to log my daily bicycle usage, mostly for my own curiosity. I want a lightweight, simple Android app to do this. This is a very simple requirement but somehow I have not found an app that quite meets it. [more inside]
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i can't believe i am asking the internet another question about karaoke.

I seek Saturday night karaoke in Manhattan, with the following parameters: [more inside]
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AAA state guide book, but online, and for non-AAA members?

The AAA makes great guide books for each state that will list close to every city in a state, and tell you what's the most interesting thing to do by every little podunk city. But does this sort of information live online somewhere? And does it live online somewhere for free?
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What to do when someone is hearing voices/having paranoid delusions?

My fiance is hearing voices or random strangers talking about him/us. Really intimate details that no one could know. I am 99% sure this same type of thing cost him his job recently. This has happened maybe 4 times in the last 2 years that I've known him. On two of those occasions over been in the same place he has and I've not heard any of this. He tries to confront people and of course no one knows what he's talking about when he does this. [more inside]
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Droid X2 new OS

I was given a Droid X2 that I'd like to re-use as a music player, etc. The phone has been...reset? and is at the 'call Verizon' screen. I have zero experience installing operating systems on Android phones. Is there a way to install an alternate OS on this phone that would let me use it? All the walkthroughs I've seen assume you can install software on the phone. I have PCs and Macs available to use to help install what I need.
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Wer ist der deutsche Le Petit Nicolas?

My wife has a birthday coming up and I'd like to surprise her with a German book or two that she would be able to read... Eventually. [more inside]
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How Should We Sell Our Parking Spots?

My girlfriend and I are renting a house close to a large US University. We have a spacious driveway with at least four extra off the street parking spaces. We would like to rent out these spaces. What are our options? [more inside]
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Help me compare carriers of low-cost phone plans?

I'm wasting a ton of money on my current cell phone/home internet plan. To tighten up, I could pay the cancellation fee to AT&T, and for almost a third the monthly cost, give up the home network and switch to something like ConsumerCellular or (from a comparison website) T-Mobile's Simple Starter plan (600 minutes, 500 messages, 2GB; data pass available for unexpected overage; I can keep my iPhone 4). Roaming is not a big issue. [more inside]
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How can I protect inheritance money in a bankruptcy situation

Our business is not doing as well as we hoped and we're considering closing it. The problem is that we're in a 5 year lease and have 4 years left. I confirmed with our lawyer that despite our business being an LLC, we are personally guaranteeing this lease. From what I understand, the only way to get out of a business lease like this is to declare personal bankruptcy. The only asset we have (besides the equipment, etc in the business) is a small inheritance. I don't want to lose that. [more inside]
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On one hand, I do miss having a bit more space; on the other hand...

Which makes more sense: pension fund contribution or large down payment on a house? [more inside]
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Please help me tell good friends to not touch my newborn baby

I am a new mom to a six week old baby. My husband and I are part of a close group of friends we haven't seen in a while. They're eager to meet this baby and we'd like to let that happen next weekend. However, please help me firmly yet politely tell them they can't touch her until she's a little bigger. [more inside]
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What ghost story is this ?

I remember reading an anthology of ghost stories from all over the world as a kid. One story stuck with me, but I can't remember the book it was from. It had flying heads in it and was from China, I think. [more inside]
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Find me a beautiful kimono coat!

I love this gorgeous 70's kimono coat from Eileen Fisher, except for a few things. Can you help me find a replacement? [more inside]
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Where in NYC should my 15 year old online gamer visit?

I have to bring my 15 year old son to New York City with me over the Columbus Day weekend and am looking for ideas for entertaining him. He's a hard core online gamer (WoW, TF2, Smite and most other Steam games) and has little other interests right now. Is there any place in NYC– preferably Manhattan– that might be of interest to him? Are there any local hangouts where such gamers converge, maybe a shop that sells things that gamers love, or just anything, really, that a teenager gamer might find interesting?
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September 18

Resources for writing and revising policies, procedures, & regulations?

I work in state government and my position may soon shift to policy analysis, which would include writing and revising policies, procedures, and regulations. I have plenty of experience researching regulations, but not as much in the areas of writing and revising. Can anyone recommend any resources (books or websites) which may be helpful for this type of writing? Thank you! [more inside]
posted by onecircleaday at 11:53 PM PST - 6 comments

Bowie spins the best of the seventies

In 1979, David Bowie did a desert island discs kind of show on New Years Eve that was broadcast on an indie radio station in DC. [more inside]
posted by Mr. Yuck at 10:13 PM PST - 7 comments

Designing our (little) kitchen

After months of drawing and re-drawing, we have draft floor plans! Now we need more eyes on the kitchen layout. Looking especially for specific suggestions. [more inside]
posted by sibilatorix at 9:48 PM PST - 20 comments

My kids like to draw. So what's the next step for computer art?

My kids like drawing (5yrs up to 14yrs). They have played around with some animation software and computer art software as well as paper and pencils. I'd like to encourage them and give them tools to create awesome computer based drawings, but I don't know what those tools are. [more inside]
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We need a car. And we don't know anything about cars.

We need guidance on a few issues related to getting a car for our family. First of all, what kind of car makes sense for our needs? Second, should we buy or lease that car? [more inside]
posted by JubileeRubaloo at 8:28 PM PST - 47 comments

Two polar opposite friends clashing, who would've guessed?

When I was having a particularly rough time at home I told a good friend that I was thinking about living in my car for a while. Some time later he mentioned having told another friend about it, laughing about how ridiculous of an idea it was. I feel betrayed. I've told him how that made me feel and he doesn't seem to care so I don't know what to do. [more inside]
posted by blackzinfandel at 8:08 PM PST - 28 comments

Trans questions (Houston)

Looking for recommendations for services for a family member who is at the very beginning of transitioning from male to female. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:48 PM PST - 3 comments

How to maximize my chances of getting an AT&T iPhone tomorrow?

Mefite New Yorkers, lend me your ears! And thoughts. I'm interested in getting an iPhone 6 tomorrow (AT&T) but not sure where to go to maximize my chances of getting one. Definitely going to avoid the Apple stores, so I'm thinking AT&T stores are my best shot. Thoughts on the best place to get a phone? Better to go to midtown near work? Or stay on the Upper West Side (where I live) and try one of the stores around here?
posted by jourman2 at 7:23 PM PST - 3 comments

The Zen of drinking alone?

I prefer drinking alone, the problem is I tend to overdue it - what is the zen of drinking alone? [more inside]
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MeFi Writers, Help Me With a Personal Writing Project

I'm taking next week off to do two things. The first is to develop some habits that are conducive to me writing continually, daily and with presentable results. The second is to actually have a product by the end of the week. I'm thinking one good and fairly polished short story. Please give me advice and ideas about how to accomplish this. Do you need a place to work that is for "writing only"? Do you have a daily routine? Did you have to develop self-discipline? Do you have rituals like meditation or having tea or writing by candle light? Do you listen to music? With an entire week to do whatever I want, how do I best use my time for writing? [more inside]
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"I'm leaving this job because I already went to high school."

After less than six months in my new job (and on the advice of my boss), I'm looking for another one. I plan to go into major networking mode, and I need a good way to explain why I'm looking for a job after I just started one. Hope me? [more inside]
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Anxiety meds that won't cause sexual problems or hair loss?

Are there any traditional or non-traditional prescription medications for anxiety that don't pose a risk of sexual side effects or hair loss? SSRIs can cause both. Buspar poses a risk of hair loss, and benzos like valium pose a risk of sexual side effects. Is there anything that doesn't?
posted by iamisaid at 4:48 PM PST - 22 comments

Oh Wise Ones...I need your OkCupid Profile Help!

Getting back in the online dating saddle, and I would love some honest critiques of my profile. In the past I haven't had much luck, but I've decided to give it another go (and yes, I'm aware of the dismal stats on black women, but I also think my profile could have been stronger). So for those of you who enjoy this sort of thing, any advice you have to offer would be fantastic. [more inside]
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Sci-Fi short story search

I read a creepy utopia/dystopia sci-fi short story ~5 years ago, believe it was in an anthology and haven't been able to find it since... [more inside]
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Self- sabotage: A beast with two heads

For the past few years, I've had to deal with what seems like procrastination's more stubborn cousin. It's not just a tendency to put things off- it feels like a visceral, physically-manifested resistance to doing things that should involve no forethought in terms of effort whatsoever, or that do, but that would only serve to help me better myself if I managed to get them done. [more inside]
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DC-based pedicurist who will REALLY go to town on my calluses?

Can you recommend a pedicure-person in Washington, D.C. who will REALLY go to town on the rough calluses on my feet? [more inside]
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What should I do with my PhD?

I will soon be the proud owner of a PhD in neuroscience and pharmacology, and I still love scientific research, but I don't know where to go next. [more inside]
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Best public domain pulp short stories?

I'm looking for great examples of old, pulpy, short stories in the public domain that, as much as possible, match these criteria: Public domain only, Sci-fi, fantasy, or adventure themed, a small cast of characters, and, bonus if they feature child protagonists (though not a necessity). I want to make either some comic books or home movies with my kids in this vein but don't want to fret about copyright. Thank you!
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Moving to Marina Del Rey area - any hints?

I've just accepted a job offer in the Los Angeles area - the office is in Marina Del Rey- near the intersection of Washington blvd and Lincoln blvd. I'm now facing the (always fun) process of finding a place to live and figuring the area out. [more inside]
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Box Turtle Rescue - Two Questions

Found RIGHT ON the train tracks at the Watsessing Station - near Newark, NJ, and s/he definitely was NOT in a safe place, so I scooped the little one right up out of there - but now what do I do? [more inside]
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Grammar/style for mathematicians?

I'm interested in learning about the details of English grammar and usage, and also maybe in picking up some prescriptions or guidelines for writing well-styled/balanced prose (a la Strunk & White, though my understanding is that there's potentially a great many schools of thought to look at here). The kicker: my academic background is in math and computer science, including the very formal reaches of things like logic, formal languages, etc. Is there any way that this stuff can help me learn that stuff? [more inside]
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next summer vacation location

We are planning a long-awaited big summer vacation for July/August 2015. For many years, I've kept Croatia as a possibility for a trip like this, as it seems like it has a bit of everything we like - interesting cities, access to the outdoors and it seems to be a fairly 'easy' trip to enjoy without a huge amount of planning. For various reasons, I'm wondering if you could suggest other options. I've included a list of our desired trip components and would love specific suggestions! [more inside]
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Did I just find truffles in my front yard?

Are these things truffles? If they are, what kind are they, and, if they're edible, how should I prepare them? [more inside]
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Mac woes - how do I print my documents like I want them?

I have an Epson inkjet printer and a new MacBook Pro. In Windows, I can print manual duplex by simply checking a box (it prints even pages, then I flip the paper manually, then it prints the odd pages). But the driver doesn't support this in Mac OS X. HOWEVER, the reason why the simple solution (do it all manually! First print even, flip, print odd) won't work is that I want TWO pages per side AND duplex printing, i.e. four pages being printed on each piece of paper. How can I achieve this? I was thinking I could do a PDF print of two pages per side and then do the manual duplex, but whenever I've tried the output file is huge and the quality very poor. Also, this is a significant amount of extra work so I'd prefer a more straightforward solution. [more inside]
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Cracking my own code

I have just discovered that I have two public PGP keys from 1996 and 1997. I recovered the private keys, but I've forgotten the passphrase. Can this be defeated? [more inside]
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How to develop a positive worldview

I had a really lousy childhood, and it left me with the belief that the world is basically cruel and threatening and that people are just looking for excuses to judge you and put you down. I really envy the kind of people who feel like the world is good to them, that they are lucky, that people generally like them, and that things will turn out for the best. I'd like to shift my mindset, but how? Do you have any good techniques or reading suggestions that will help me develop a more positive worldview? [more inside]
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Question for film buffs

Here's a plot structure that I've seen in many films. A central character in the film is faced with a binary moral choice: (s)he can choose to go through the narrow gate or (s)he can choose the wide gate. (S)he knows that it's morally better to go through the narrow gate, but even so (s)he's tempted to go through the wide gate. We in the audience *hope* that (s)he chooses the narrow gate, and tension builds throughout the film as we wait to find out what choice (s)he makes. In the final scenes of the film, (s)he chooses the narrow gate. We in the audience are relieved that (s)he made the right choice - but there's a sadness too, because we know that the character didn't get to do what (s)he most wanted. Over the fold, I've made a short list of films that have this plot structure (spoiler alert). Please give me more examples! [more inside]
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How To find readings in the "How To" genre?

I am teaching a First-Year Composition course and we're heading into a unit in which students will write a "how to" or process essay. I'm looking for recommendations for readings that might go along with this unit. What readings can you recommend -- either essays, articles, or short fiction -- that are "how to"/process essays, or that use this format? [more inside]
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Less CRM and more CollaboratorRM?

Over the past year my role as a research project manager has expanded to include the management and tracking of dozens of conversations with potential collaborators (everything from individual scholars to large corporations), partners, (occasionally) funders, and others. I'm drowning in a flood of emails suggesting possible contacts, emails letting me know someone at my organization had a potentially productive conversation with a possible contact, emails from possible contacts introducing themselves, etc. I need a better system to keep track of this, but I'm not sure if standard CRM software is what I want. Help. [more inside]
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What exactly is ESPN 3?

My Comcast cable contract is up and I'm trying to decide if I want to cut the cord, or sign another contract in order to get my rate back down. The only thing not easily replaceable by Hulu / Netflix / Amazon is live sports. [more inside]
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Time Enough At Last?

What are jobs that would allow for nearly unlimited downtime? How do you go about finding one? [more inside]
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Quick stop in Tokyo riddled with specific shopping requests.

My dad passed away suddenly in July after slowly declining for about a year. He had a specific request that we were unable to fulfill in time and we are trying to make that right. I have a very quick stop to make in Tokyo where I can get these items, but I need recommendations on hotels and the best department stores. [more inside]
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Being more confident and less nervous when speaking

How can I be more confident when speaking in nervous situations? When I'm speaking to a friend, I'm fine and speak really well, deep voice, etc. But when I talk to a superior, like to a professor or mentor or an intense discussion group, my voice gets high-pitched and cracks and I don't speak well. How can I speak more confidently in these nervous situations?
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What do I do with this IPod Touch (5th Gen)?

I've had an unopened IPod Touch (5th Gen/32gb) for months now. Not sure what I should do with it. I've considered selling it to buy a smartphone (like a Moto G/X) since I still have a flip phone and in my field of marketing and graphic design, that is kind of weird. Should I get a smartphone, use Ipod Touch and hold on to dumbphone or trade Touch in for an Ipad mini or other tablet? [more inside]
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looking for a model for randomly selecting products online for survey

Hi - I'm not terribly tech-saavy, and I need to create a simple survey that looks at a number of products on For my purposes I need the product selection to be random, although it would be ideal if I could choose x number of products per department. [more inside]
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It's a prime age... but for what?

Dear MeFites, I'm turning 29 next week. What should I do/learn/consider while I'm 29? What did you do at that age that was great, or what do you wish you had/hadn't done? Practical + silly suggestions both welcome!
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Small SSD to Large SSD Migration

I want to move the contents of the current C-drive (128GB SSD) to a new 250GB SSD and wonder if it's best using a USB-SATA cable before the new SSD is properly installed inside the pc. [more inside]
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Engaging card and board games I can play with a 3 year old?

I need some recommendations for engaging, inexpensive card and board games I can play with my 3 year old son. Bonus points for any involving trains, building / architecture, plants / gardening, or monsters (not too scary).
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Steam oven basics? Recipes?

My house has a steam oven, something that I had never heard of until, er, I bought my house. So far, I've steamed some unadventurous vegetables and reheated a slice of ham. I have no idea what else I'm supposed to be doing with it. Any tips from the field? [more inside]
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Applying for multiple similar positions at a company (non-profit)

Applying for multiple similar positions at a company (non-profit). Can I re-use the same cover letter? [more inside]
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Relocation challenges out the wazoo......

I'm attempting to make a big change to help myself professionally and the challenges are proving much more formidable than I anticipated. [more inside]
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How do I walk this tight rope between employer, client, and recruiter?

A third party recruiter has contacted me about a position. After speaking with them, the position sounds very exciting and is an exact fit for my experience and interests. However, based on our most recent conversation, it is clear the position is with a client of my current employer (a management consulting firm). How do I move forward from here? [more inside]
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Need to shrink a PDF *and* retain full-bleed layout

I developed a PDF in Illustrator that is 30MB. I need to get it down to an emailable ~1MB. I've found two services to help me with this: Opening in OS X Preview and doing a PDF export, or using Both make them small enough. However .... [more inside]
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Two-Cam Simultaneous Video Recording in iOS?

Enjoying the "Walk Around the Compound" series of videos by BigCatDerek on YouTube, and I haven't heard back from him on this question so I figured I'd ask here. Which iOS app is he using to record simultaneously on both iPhone cameras? (I know he has an iPhone because he mentioned buying it awhile back).
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Obscure "12 Angry Men" question

There's a scene in the 1957 film version of 12 Angry Men where Juror No. 7 starts whistling and No. 2. tells him to knock it off. 7 replies, "Okay, okay, okay, killer...yeah." (At 56:50 here.) The way he says it, it seems like Jack Warden is impersonating someone, but I have no idea who. Any ideas? Or, if it's not an impersonation, why the clear change of voice from that character?
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"Real life" Reality Shows?

I need help with my netflix queue! I've always been a fan of "reality shows" that highlight a profession that isn't mine. Deadliest Catch and Dirty Jobs are probably the grand-daddies of this genre. Lately I've been watching "The Incredible Dr. Pol", which follows a big and small animal vet around, but I'm almost finished with that. What other shows are out there that I might like? [more inside]
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I'm going to my first Magic: The Gathering pre-release on Saturday, for Khans of Tarkir. What should I expect to happen and how can I best draft a deck that is fun to play? [more inside]
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Making up vocabulary words?

Is there a word that means "discriminating on the basis of religion"? The closest thing I can think of is "creedist", which isn't an actual word. Is there a word that means what "creedist" would mean if it were a word that existed? Thanks!
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Why does my 4g on my note3 keep disconnecting until I reset it?

I have 4g data on my note 3 here in Australia, using yatango as my service provider. After about 20 minutes of usage of browsing web on my phone, the 4g stops working (the download signal of data stops lighting up and nothing loads) and the only way to fix it is for me to "turn off mobile data" then turn it back on, fixes it every time. Why does it stop working and how can I fix it so I don't have to turn off and then back on mobile data every 20 minutes?
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A word for someone who is a follower of trends

Can you think of a single word for a person or organisation who aspires to follow new trends and fashions? Not "hipster", which is in the ballpark, but closer to the business idea of a "fast follower"? Doesn't need to have negative connotations.
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How do I explain the whole daddy dom thing to my vanilla husband?

First off I absolutely am not a gal on the whole 50 shades bandwagon. Let's get this straight right now ;). I'm talking about actual kink. When I say daddy dom, I'm not meaning full on age play, just doing the bratty sub thing. (Almost like a little but not quite to the same extent). [more inside]
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That's so metal. What? What is so metal?

So what are the cool kids listening to? What groups and subgenres should I know about? [more inside]
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Pork Belly Recipe Ideas

I have a magnificent piece of pork belly- about 2 lb/ 900g of succulent swine flesh... and I'm looking for some inspiration on what wondrous meal I should create with it! [more inside]
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September 17

Looking for the Goldilocks of Prii

The stars have aligned and I am looking to purchase a new car in the Bay Area. I am drawn to the Toyota Prius, but am confused by all of the different options and models (all the while being distracted by other cars). I've read a lot of reviews and write-ups, but would appreciate an updated on the Prius! [more inside]
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Need some clever car names

What are some fictional car names that sound funny or would get someone to raise a smile? I know there are some out there; I get asked about car names sometimes and want to put some fun responses together.
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Need a high-quality, but fast and easy, way to generate animated GIFs.

Are there any free high-quality GIF generator sites or programs that allow you to make animated GIFs from videos that don't add watermarks to your GIFs? [more inside]
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Searching for the cheesiest music video of near modern times

I'm looking for a music video from the era just before or at the dawn of youtube. It was an expensive, professional-looking vanity project that featured a man with long blonde hair singing a song in the sentimental style of Michael Bolton while being featured in a number of romantic, CGI landscapes. [more inside]
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Docking car stereos - do they exist?

My beloved car stereo is becoming obsolete, help me find a replacement! [more inside]
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My daughter appears to have zero athletic ability. What now?

She's six, and is kind of timid. The other kids like her, but she daydreams when the coach is talking, and is noticeably less athletic than her teammates. I was always terrible at team sports, but feel like I missed out on some personal development by not playing. Should I keep her in soccer, or are there better things she could be doing?
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I have "commitment issues", which are incompatible with what I want.

I've always known that I want to find someone and fall in love and raise a family, the whole bit. That's my end-goal, no other ambition in my life is more important to me.. But I always freak out in relationships. I'm almost always the one moving things forwards, because I know what I want, but I get so anxious sometimes.. I'm currently dating someone who is actually perfect for me. He's like me in every way, I've never had better. I don't want to lose him, and I'm not planning on it, but I'm hoping to get advice as to how to stop "freaking out". [more inside]
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Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

I'm self-aware enough to know I am a perfectionist with Impostor Syndrome, but I'm clueless as to how to fix this. I need to kick this before I crash and burn at my new, fabulous job. [more inside]
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Cartoons easy, poetry hard - New Yorker poems for the hard-of-thinking

Do you know of any sites or blogs or discussion boards about current and past New Yorker poems? [more inside]
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Much as I like touring the world with my trusty flash drive...

How do I turn ten text files into an AutoRun file? [more inside]
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Large electric heating pad for my pregnant wife?

While most things are going very well, my pregnant wife's back has really been hurting and her main relief has been an electric heating pad. However the heating pad is only 12in x 24in. I am hunting for a bigger heating pad if possible. Any help appreciated.
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Fuji Instax Wedding

We're having eight Fuji Instax cameras at our upcoming wedding and I'm trying to estimate how much film we'll need. [more inside]
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Domain hosting/Website Building/Not Working

I was working on a group project to build a simple website for a local business. Like a crazy person I assumed that once we finished the project it wouldn't take that much work to move the files to a hosting site and link from GoDaddy. [more inside]
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Hypoglycemia Filter: Fasting for abdominal ultrasound

My doctor is wanting me to have an abdominal ultrasound to rule out gallstones. This test requires fasting. I cannot go for long periods of time without eating because my sugar drops. Need advice. [more inside]
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What do you think makes the awesomest casual brunch/dinner party?

I've moved to a new place and need to meet some friends. I'm thinking of hosting some casual brunch/dinner parties to help fix this. Problem: I suck at dinner parties. How can I fix this? [more inside]
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New eyeglasses - third time's the charm...or not?

The new eyeglasses saga somewhat continues. Thought the third time would be the charm... seems like that doesn't ring true for this situation. [more inside]
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iPad best practices

My laptop died. Boo. I got a new iPad Air. Yay, I guess. How should I set up my privacy, security, and general user preferences? [more inside]
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Zero to Sixty In My Work Schedule

What are some strategies to keep my energy up, my motivation and my sanity when I start working two separate jobs next week? [more inside]
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Need help with getting Chromecast to work with my mobile devices

I just set up a Chromecast. Casting from the Chrome browser on my Windows PC works fine, as does Youtube on my Android phone (Droid Maxx running 4.4.4). No other apps (tried Netflix, Google Play Music & Movies, and HBOGo) work (won't even show the cast icon). I also tried Netflix with an iPad (running iOS 7, but not the latest version) and it didn't allow me to cast either. But I am able to successfully see the Chromecast device from both my phone and iPad using the Chromecast app. What might be the problem?
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Help with asking my father for financial support

My dad will be making his last child support payment to my mother next month for my brother who is 19 and no longer in full time education (he’s going to university). After then he will no longer financially support my brother - he hasn't financially supported me since I was 18 when he made his last support payment. I am now thinking of asking him directly to make a monthly payment to me and my brother since he isn’t supporting us in any other way. [more inside]
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How do you deal with seeing your ex with their new lady/dude?

Me and my ex are still friends, we still talk and we're friendly with each other but he never gave me a reason not to be anyway. We just started talking again a few weeks ago after being broken up for 2 years. [more inside]
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Extra large backpack, rolling backpack or maybe just get a dolly

I'm looking for the right backpack situation for my child who has to carry a huge binder, books, lunch, a jacket and a trumpet to school. What is the best backpack solution for her? [more inside]
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BSC in Computer Science in 2 years? Sketch or legit?

I am about to graduate in a liberal arts degree. I toyed with a lot of career options and I think one of my options is going to go back to school for computer science. I found a 2 year program but I don't know if it is legitimate or if it's a joke. [more inside]
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Is he interested in dating me after he gets over his ex?

This is a pretty specific case, but I'm hopeless when it comes to relationships. Plus I got such great responses on other questions, I thought you all might have some good feedback for me. Thanks ahead of time!! [more inside]
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What Should I do about Cat-Hating Bad Neighbor?

Last week I saw my snarly, reclusive next door neighbor dump something on the fence where the neighborhood cats come in, and then put a cap back on a jar the stuff came from. Twice in one week. Looked like a Drano jar to me from afar. I later snuck over to the fence and got a sample of it and put it in an envelope. So before I go off the deep end, where do I get this stuff analyzed? [more inside]
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Income or Skills for Disabled Student?

In March, I had a stroke the week before Winter Quarter finals and it resulted in right hemi weakness. I have made lots of good progress in recovery and continue going to physical therapy, but after a summer of my savings being eaten by medical bills, I am trying to figure out ways to make some money. My circumstances make that difficult. Details within. [more inside]
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Chemex vs Hario V60... go.

Having been thoroughly won over to the pour-over brewing method after experiencing excellent cups of coffee at local cafes, I am now trying to decide which pour-over method/equipment to start using at home. [more inside]
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Books that a 2nd-grade boy would enjoy reading.

My wonderful partner has a 7-year-old, 2nd-grade son who is having a little trouble keeping up with his peers in the reading department. We're trying to give him some extra attention in that area so that he can catch up, and we'd like to try and foster in him a genuine interest in reading. What books (or comics, or anything) could we give him that he might like, and which would be appropriate for his reading level? [more inside]
posted by Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival, The at 11:26 AM PST - 41 comments

3D renders with a rough "concept art-y" style?

I'm trying to find examples of 3D rendered artwork (images, games, videos, etc) that have a rough style to it/resemble concept art, but am coming up short, anyone have examples? [more inside]
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Life coach through employer: Good idea?

I'm struggling in a few areas of my life (mostly related to doing the bulk of the parenting for two little kids, with a spouse who works long hours and travels frequently) and having a bit of trouble staying focused at work. I was looking into our employee assistance program, which is run through HRI, and they offer "short-term counseling" and online/telephone life coaching. I would like to hear the experiences of anyone who has used this type of service; I have never used any flavor of mental health care. [more inside]
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How far from land were prison hulks placed?

I teach a course on corrections and while going over a brief history of the evolution of prisons I mentioned how decommissioned sailing vessels were used to hold prisoners. A student asked me how far from land might they be placed and I didn't know the answer. Does anyone know? [more inside]
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Baccarat and money laundering

Why is baccarat more conducive to money laundering than other casino games? Or is it just that it was already the most popular game in places (e.g. Macau) where there's already a lot of money laundering going on?
posted by neat graffitist at 10:22 AM PST - 6 comments

Saddest posts about dogs on the internet.

For purposes that I probably don't need to get into, I'd like your saddest and/or most heartwarming links / photos / stories / etc. on the internet about dogs and our relationships with them. [more inside]
posted by allkindsoftime at 10:17 AM PST - 32 comments

Background checks while trans*

I know that YANML, but does going through a background check to work in a state-licensed childcare center in New Mexico require that you disclose your legal name change? If so, who sees this disclosure: just the background check company, the state, or the potential employer? [more inside]
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Recipes for desserts made with goat's milk

I am looking for recipes for dessert made with goat's milk. Bakery items preferred, but any ideas welcomed. [more inside]
posted by vignettist at 9:29 AM PST - 16 comments

Texas earth quake statistics

I'm looking for graphs and charts that show how many earth quakes of various intensities have happened in Texas over the last ten or more years. [more inside]
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Feedback... not just for Jimi Hendrix?

Biofeedback machines... is there a good one out there? [more inside]
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Commuting four days a week away from my family -- how do we stay sane?

It's only temporary, but will likely last a few months. I'm looking for any tips for taking care of myself, as well as my relationship with my extremely supportive husband, and my wonderful children. Also, any Seattle-specific advice would be great (should I stay at the Homewood Suites next to the office? Should I get an apartment? How does one get a furnished apartment?? Should I get a UV lamp?). Thank you! [more inside]
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Spa in NYC

I'm planning on booking a spa day here in NYC at the end of October, and I need your help. I'm looking for spas that are (a) all about the pampering, and (b) not going to talk to me about my lymphatic drainage. [more inside]
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Big clothes in the big city? (DC-filter)

I'm a fat woman (US sizes like 26-28 at the moment), newishly arrived to Washington DC. Where can I buy some clothes my size, in a brick-and-mortar store where I can try them on, and if possible that's near public transportation? My job involves some physical work and can get a bit dusty/dirty; I tend to wear jeans or cords, and a button shirt with the sleeves rolled up. [more inside]
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What kind of critter lives in this hive or nest or whatever?

I just noticed this weird little thing under the eaves of my roof. [more inside]
posted by Right On Red at 8:38 AM PST - 12 comments

Windows Management Replacement

I need to find a windows management replacement for DM2 that is compatible with Win 7 and Win 8/8.1. [more inside]
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Best WordPress gallery for small museum and library collection

I'm putting a small (about 120 items) museum/library image collection online. My organization is using WordPress to create a simple website for this collection, and I need help finding the best gallery/portfolio plugin to display these images. What's your favorite WordPress plugin for this, and why? [more inside]
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Can/Should We Get Past This?

We moved in together, but things are going poorly. Not sure where to go from here. [more inside]
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Extending wifi from the wifi/router through an ethernet cable into what?

I would like to use wifi in the cellar but can’t pick up a signal. However I have an Ethernet cable that goes from my wifi router in the living room to the cellar (next to a plug socket). I’m not sure what type of device I need to plug the Ethernet cable into to give me a wifi network downstairs. [more inside]
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Non-synagogue ideas for observing the Jewish holidays?

I want to observe the Jewish holidays without going to synagogue this year. Ideas for non-traditional ways I can commemorate the holy days? [more inside]
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The little guy in my head

I have a BB in my forehead (my left eyebrow to be precise). I haven't had any issues until recently-- I've been having headaches with pain focused on this area. The BB isn't really noticeable until I raise my eyebrow, but you can definitely feel it. I don't know what kind of BB it is, either. [more inside]
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One USB wall charger to charge them all

I am looking for a wall charger to keep here at work to plug in my devices when they're low on juice. List of devices behind the fold. [more inside]
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Advice on teaching art to 6 year old

My brother decided to home school his six year old daughter. He asked me to help teach her art classes... via FaceTime. Questions below! [more inside]
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How serious is someone getting searched by a DEA agent?

I feel that something more serious is going on than a "traffic stop", but then again, I may be paranoid. Advice? [more inside]
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Lifelong struggle with mental illness - what else can I try?

I've been in and out of therapy my entire adult life (over twenty years) and am currently in treatment with a psychiatrist. The past few days I have been plagued with horrible feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness which culminated in crying uncontrollably this morning and unable to leave the house and go to work, and I barely managed to let my office know I wasn't coming in. I haven't been able to focus and I am sure everyone at work can tell how much my performance is slipping. I feel like a complete mess. No matter how good I can wind up feeling for a while, I always wind up back to this state. If I haven't managed to get to a good place in my life by now, how can I ever hope for improvement? Do I need more intensive treatment? What would that even look like? [more inside]
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Head Hunters in NYC?

I need a new Job. Seriously. I haven't had much luck with craigslist. I'm still working full time plus a lot of overtime (i need a new job)- so I don't have unlimited time to throw at the hunt. My therapist suggested contacting a headhunter, but I don't know how to go about finding one, or if there are ones that would be appropriate for me. I feel like i am a little under-experienced. [more inside]
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Rock the drums

How do you practice drums? Looking for a systematic approach. [more inside]
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Essential books for a school library

Recently on my booklog I got asked the following: "Suppose you could recommend 100 books for a high school library (ages 14-18). What books would you want the librarian to buy, and why? (Fiction, non-fiction… whatever you think it important for teenagers to read.)" What would y'all recommend? Note that this is not a hypothetical exercise, but would be a list of recommendations for an actual school library.
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Help Me Find Specific Photos of Scotland

A few weeks ago I came across a series of online photos of the Scottish countryside. It was a borrowed laptop so I can't search the history. I'm hoping the Mefi detectives can help me. [more inside]
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Are there vaccinations I should get before I explore my sexuality?

I'm mid 30s, gay, currently working in Adelaide, South Australia (my work takes me all over the globe, so some context). I'm wanting to explore my sexuality, but I am wondering if I should visit a doctor to get some vaccinations for STDs? (I've been reading about HPV on ask.mefi) [more inside]
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September 16

How do find a job or career where compassion, sensitivity are assets?

Are there jobs where having a *thin* skin is an asset instead of a liability? Where being loving, caring, emotional, sensitive are a good thing and you don't have to fight those tendencies, especially as a leader? [more inside]
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Can I legally make bumper stickers criticizing car dealerships?

I may have made a custom bumper sticker saying "has lying salesmen and bad ratings online" and stuck it on my car's bumper underneath the dealer's name/logo on the car. Someone looking at my car's back bumper might see the message that "(Car Company) of (City)" "has lying salesmen" etc. Is this legal to have on my car? [more inside]
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Android design specifically, and mobile design generally.

I have done a lot of research and I can’t make sense of this. I am a newbie mobile android visual designer. There’s no one else I can ask. I'm trying to understand resolution in terms of the android world for a native app design. [more inside]
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I really do know how to spell, I promise.

What should I do about typos on my resume? [more inside]
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Surely the internet will know-- exact copyright date for cataloging?

If I had an ISBN and CIP, including a copyright year, would the exact date of copyright also be findable? I have the year, but how could I get the month and day? [more inside]
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Is this the right dress? And also, accessories? HELP ME FASHIONISTAS!

I have a day at the Spring Racing Carnival coming up soon for work and I think I have finally found a dress to wear - but I'm not sure if it's appropriate. Please please give me your opinion, and if it is right help me accessorize! [more inside]
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Help name our firecracker

We are adding to our brood. Our current dog is a calm sweetheart and a real gentleman. We love him. The new pup we've only spent a short amount of time with, but he seems confident and not afraid to speak his mind. He has more fire. We're leaning towards British old man names, but we need some outsider suggestions. [more inside]
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Motionless waves

Recently, when flying over islands, I've noticed that the waves on the seashore appear to be motionless from cruising altitude. That is, you can see the white foam on the beach but it seems to be frozen in place and not ebbing/returning. Is there a name for this visual effect?
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I really need mental health resources in Portland, OR.

My anxiety has flared up recently, to the point where I am reluctant to leave my house unless absolutely necessary. This weekend, I checked myself into urgent care after having five panic attacks in 12 hours. The health care providers there were less than helpful, and I feel like I've hit a wall in terms of figuring out how to get the help that I need. [more inside]
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So, I sabotaged my coffeemaker.

Coffee Idiotfilter: In some kind of zombielike haze, apparently I put ground coffee into my water reservoir, and then water, and then brewed my lovely, lovely on-sale Intelligentsia coffee AND DIDN'T NOTICE (which shows you what a coffee connoisseur *I* am). Now I need to clean it out. How? The instructions say to not even use a cloth inside the reservoir. [more inside]
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How can I best fast-forward podcasts in my car?

My Honda Civic is quirky when it comes to playing and controlling an iPod for music or podcasts. I need a method to play lengthy podcasts over my stereo AND to retain the ability to fast-forward and rewind within those podcasts. I have many ways to stream or connect to play audio, but the only way I've found that allows me to fast-forward or rewind is also the one that apparently falls prey to a "known issue", causing me to get a random stereo "crash". [more inside]
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Secret languages of couples

I'm looking for a (Tolstoy?) quote about how couples develop a private language based on shared references and experiences, and how it's tragic when a couple breaks up because this language is lost. [more inside]
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What to do in Salt Lake City

My friend has just arrived in Salt Lake City. What decent things are there for him and his entourage to do in the next couple of days?
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Looking for recommendations for a Boston or Boston area getaway.

Where is a good place, in or near Boston, for a early October getaway? [more inside]
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Where can I buy waterproof mirrored acrylic?

I'm looking for sheet mirrored plexiglass, acrylic, polycarbonate ... [more inside]
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What midi drum kit should I buy?

I'm looking to buy an electronic drum kit to use for general practice and playing Rock Band, but I don't know where to start so I'd like some recommendations. [more inside]
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Looking to buy a fridge to fit a small kitchen. Suggestions?

Our previous fridge was on the small side, but certainly not compact; still, even after taking a look at many well-reviewed models, I haven't been able to find any that would fit our kitchen. Could you help us find a moderately respectable smaller-ish fridge? Kitchen space dimensions/etc. inside. [more inside]
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Silence of the lambs - 3 legs 1 oven - Calling all cooks

Dinner Party with fresh Leg of Lamb on the menu. Have 3 legs of lamb, each approx 3.5kg with only one oven to prepare for 16-18 guest with a 7pm start time. The oven itself is a standard one that can hold two legs (2 racks) but nothing more. Calling all Mefi chefs for help with this timing issue - any advice is appreciated. [more inside]
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Is anybody under five ALIVE out there!!

Am I missing a major children's music artist? [more inside]
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Gender Dysphoria or Schizophrenia or both? How to tell, what to do?

Looking for information and support for family of a man grappling with (maybe) emerging schizophrenia and/or gender dysphoria. [more inside]
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Cancer Survivor Wants to Attend College--Full Tuition Scholarships?

What resources are there for middle aged survivors of breast cancer? I am interested in full tuition scholarships for my mother. I have so far only located information for young adults with cancer-- not adult survivors. My mother wants to work towards her associates degree. [more inside]
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SQL Server Package Configuration

How do I use a value from a Package Configuration in the Connection Manager? I am using an SQL Data Source, not an Environmental Variable. [more inside]
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Motivation for a new runner

My son and I have started running, and I'm looking for as much motivation and wisdom as I can get. [more inside]
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Engaging videos for introducing globalization with undergrads?

Do you know of an engaging 3-6 minute video that introduces or gets student thinking about issues of globalization (for undergrads)? [more inside]
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And now I have shin splints...........

I've been participating in a training program recently to improve my stamina, endurance and speed when running. The eventual goal is to be able to run 1.5 miles in 12 minutes or less. First it was Plantar Fasciitis and now this!!!!!! [more inside]
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This is going to involve suspenders, isn't it?

Say I choose to live my life as a (superficially) middle-class educated man from the late 1920's USA, but, you know, with internet and healthcare. What fashion magazines/articles/pictures/blogs do I model myself after? What interior design resources inspire me? What kind of accessories do I use? [more inside]
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Movie ID- horror anthology

It's a horror anthology set in the old west. One segment involves a "prairie witch" that kills men by having sex with them. [more inside]
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Father in law insulted me

Is it time to chat with my father in law about how he feels in regards to my income and supporting his daughter? [more inside]
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Sharing relationship problems for advice with best friend

Is it okay to ever talk about relationship problems with your closest trusted friend(s) for advice or to vent? [more inside]
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Raccoon Eyes 4eva

Can you recommend a mascara that will actually wash off my face? [more inside]
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What to eat/see/do in Mexico City?

I'll be in Mexico City in mid-October for three days. What do I need to see & do? Priorities: a) great vegetarian-friendly eating (both budget and upscale), including fantastic pastries/sweets/ice cream, b) magical, atmospheric, walkable neighborhoods, c) cool groups of people to meet -- expats? others?, d) the very best museums, e) anything else.
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Things to do in Yosemite

Things to do in Yosemite when you only have one day and also the park is on fire! I'll be in Sequoia, finishing a backpacking trip on Tuesday, 9/22 around 10am, and was planning to drive up towards Yosemite from there. I want to be in San Fransisco by the evening of 9/24. I've never been to Yosemite and I'd love to see it, but not sure specifically where to go and what to do. [more inside]
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How true is this, really?

In your personal experience, how true are quotes like these? "In the end, we only regret the chances we did not take" or "Regret for the things we have done will be tempered by time. It is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.” [more inside]
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Ultracompact PC recommendation for behavioral research lab?

I work in a behavioral research lab. We use computers to record behavior from research equipment. Some of these computers are flaking out, and I'd like to get recommendations for replacing them with ultracompact PCs instead of the full-sized desktops we have been using. [more inside]
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Disarm a bomb (red wire or blue wire?)

In the movies --- the hero's wire cutters hover between the red wire and the blue wire of the bomb. As the seconds tick away on the digital timer, and at the last moment, he/she cuts the green wire, the bomb is disarmed and everybody is saved. [more inside]
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Destin area property management recommendations

Can anyone recommend a reputable property management company? [more inside]
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Simple software to circulate documents for approval and

I have been tasked with improving our office’s digital/paper workflow. We have an office of about 30 people and right now all of our documents (contracts, proposals and other text documents) are stored on a shared network drive and it’s up to each user to file their own documents which has led to disorganization. What easy-to-use software or service could we use to systematically collect feedback and approvals on documents, and also store completed documents for future access? [more inside]
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Representing American Craft Beer to Amsterdam

What American beers should I bring to Amsterdam to trade with a beer enthusiast? [more inside]
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Should I study to become a cranial osteopath?

I am not sure if I should spend 4 or 5 years training to be an osteopath in London, which is where I live, or if I should give up this idea completely. I've been thinking about becoming an osteopath for a while now, but I am 23 which means I will be at least 27 by the time I finish, which is quite late, plus will be significantly poorer. There are other things to take into consideration, explained more in detail inside. [more inside]
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Caught husband drinking after 25 years of supposed sobriety

Need help figuring out what I do now. [more inside]
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Nothing sounds good...

I suck at feeding myself. Nothing sounds appealing to me. I don't have an appetite but I still feel physical hunger, and this is leading to some silly food habits that I'd like to change. [more inside]
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Creating a Screencast/Tutorial for an iPad App

What program(s) do you use to create an iPad app tutorial? [more inside]
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How do I salvage these weird leftovers? (keep it vegan)

I would like to eat yesterday dinner's leftovers but they taste kind of weird. I experimented with making a vegan kale pesto (walnuts, nutritional yeast, garlic, lots of raw kale), and mixed it up with quinoa and white beans. Problem is, it tastes like a handful of cut grass, not in a good way, I think because there's so much uncooked kale in it. How do I make this edible for tonight's dinner? I don't mind cooking the kale pesto mix (in a dough?) but need to keep it vegan.
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Karaoke and karaoke rental in Boston

I'm getting married in Boston next month. We'd like to rent a karaoke machine instead of doing the standard DJ/dance thing. I know that many regard DoReMi Karaoke the best place in Boston, but I called them yesterday and they said their rental karaoke machines are out of order. They asked me to call back closer to the wedding date because they don't know how quickly they'll be getting them fixed, or even if they want to. Uh oh, I don't have any backup options! MeFi Bostonians, I need your help! [more inside]
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What is it called, this music that I like?

I've collected a small amount of music lately that I enjoy very much, but I'm at a loss how to categorize it and find similar music. I've found every label from "classically inspired textural post-rock", through "jazz fusion" to "contemporary classical" slapped on it. Can anyone help me put a finger on what these songs have in common? [more inside]
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How to nurture your playful, imaginative side as an adult?

I feel really sad that this part of me (maybe most adults) gets so buried and don't know what steps to take to begin to rectify it? It doesn't help that I am prone to hideous depressions and typically work with wounded people (though sometimes approach this creatively). I am passionate about a very serious project. [more inside]
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Do you have a goatee? Why?

Do you have a goatee? What motivated you to grow one? Why a goatee and not some other style of facial hair? What are your cultural associations with such a look? Basically I just want to know what kind of thinking goes into the decision to grow a goatee.
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September 15

Synthetic Human Funk

My hair looks best when it has not been washed in two days or so. After that it looks greasy, freshly washed it is super-fluffy. How can I simulate or maximize the sweet spot of day two dirt? [more inside]
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But I want to let myself feel the butterflies!

Started online dating. Having trouble processing a pair of dates I recently went on with someone – surely, it wasn’t just me? [more inside]
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Secrets, privacy, fibs or lies?

My partner frequently tells small lies. They also keep certain things secret, including behaviors they deem private. This is a lifelong strategy that long precedes me, and in many ways, has nothing to do with me, however, it drives me up the fucking wall. [more inside]
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Problem with hireright background check

My foreign husband found his dream job in the US (already working in the US in a different job, not dependent on job for green card) and underwent a background check with hireright. Hireright completed its report and has said that his university has no record of his education. This is categorically not true. [more inside]
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Looking for a vertically striped scarf

I need to find a scarf that looks like this in the next week and a half. Any ideas? [more inside]
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Desperate times, desperate measures.

Dangerously close to a quarter of a century old and I've really never really had an actual IRL, sit down and work job. Please help me, MetaFilter? [more inside]
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Keeping car battery charged over winter

Is a trickle charger the same as a 2 amp charger? [more inside]
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EPI writing about numbers and data for the non-mathematically minded

This is my first year in public health. I am writing a report describing data trends and prevalence rates regarding maternal and child health issues. I am trying to be a little creative in my writing. I feel as though I keep restating the same phrases, "the rate was", "a higher percentage of Asian women" , etc. Any tips on writing about data? For example, one in 4 children, one in ten women, etc. Any resources you can point me to in this type of writing? Basically, writing about numbers and data for the non-mathematically minded :)
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Abolition of Slavery and Attitudes Towards Childhood

I have lately and coincidentally been reading (American) pre-Civil War history and also some Transcendentalist work and fiction from the era. One thing I've noticed is how often prominent abolitionists and Transcendentalists are noted as being unusually indulgent towards their children; the point is often echoed in fiction of the era. Can you point me to any studies or commentary on the relationship between abolitionist thought and attitudes towards childhood? (Any country is okay!) [more inside]
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Should I start with a therapist or a psychiatrist for my anxiety?

I've had anxiety issues for years that are variable, but getting worse, and I'm having trouble coping. Should I make an appointment with a psychiatrist and try meds first, or start with therapy and add meds if necessary? [more inside]
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Bad candy, bad!

I want (bad) candy. I have been tasked with setting up a Bad Candy Day at work. The goal to have people bring in some type of candy that they dislike, and we'll all sit around and try the candy and laugh at how awful it is..... What awful candies can I buy to make people hate and love Bad Candy Day? [more inside]
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Article about using a point system to establish guilt or innocence

Help me find an article about using a point system to establish guilt or innocence. I read the article several years ago and the author was advocating a point system to establish guilt. I believe he dissected the evidence given during a major trial and awarded points based on the evidence. The idea was that some evidence was rewarded more points, especially if it was independently verifiable.
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Seafood restaurants in Monterey? Special snowflake requirements ho!

Seafood restaurants in Monterey? Special snowflake requirements ho! [more inside]
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Down payment assistance

I am saving up for the down payment on a co-op apartment here in NYC. I'll estimate the sum of said payment to be in the $30-$50K range, based on current co-op prices and a down payment requirement of 20%. [more inside]
posted by the hot hot side of randy at 3:12 PM PST - 17 comments

When/do I tell my ex about my new partner?

Earlier this year, my partner of 4 years and I broke up amicably. I'm seeing someone new. Ex and I both frequent some of the same territories in my city. Should I pre-emptively tell him about the new guy so that he doesn't find out from the grapevine, or seeing us out together? [more inside]
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So I met my online friend in real life! What are these mixed emotions?

I met an online friend of about 10 years today in person and feel oddly emotional. What just happened? [more inside]
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Naked Limes in the City?

While I was visiting NYC with a friend, we found this weird naked-lime-looking plant outside of a bodega. [more inside]
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Teachers (especially MA): is it easier to move up or down grade levels?

I have a B.S. in Biochem and Molecular Bio, but after messing around as a bench tech for a while and then substituting at elementary schools, I found I was so much happier teaching then spending hours alone in a lab. Never expected it. So I've substituted mainly K-4 for over a year now (with high praise from the staff), and a few times in Jr. High. I've also done a lot of one-on-one work as a paraprofessional for kids who require accommodations. Physical disabilities, learning disabilities, autism, behavioral disorders, etc. The Problem: I'm qualified to teach gr. 7-12 full time right now, but in order to teach 6 or lower I need to complete most of a masters program before I can even get initial (or preliminary) licensure. I'd be willing to teach Jr. High for a couple years, but I suspect I would be happier in the long run as an Elementary teacher. [more inside]
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New legal name, now what?

So for personal reasons, I've changed my birth name to my online name and now I'm chasing my tail trying to think of where I need to change my name. The givens are SSN (done), Driver's License, Passport, bills, lease, degrees, medical records (?)... But I'm wondering if y'all can tell me what I absolutely need to (like legally, I have to) change my name on and what I really shouldn't bother with. [more inside]
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Sex, Lies, and Drama

How do I deal with the fallout from two close friends cheating with each other on a third close friend within the same social circle? [more inside]
posted by christiehawk at 2:25 PM PST - 16 comments

Foodie with an ulcer

I am a foodie. I also have an ulcer. What should I be eating? [more inside]
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Christmas pudding tips!

Just received a pudding mold, anything I should keep in mind about using it? I've heard one should make an Xmas pudding months in advance - do I start now? Other questions as well! [more inside]
posted by miltthetank at 2:06 PM PST - 5 comments

rookie homeowners

Is asking questions of the previous owner of one's new house a thing that people do? [more inside]
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How should I go about becoming fluent in Chinese?

TLDR: I'm in a serious relationship with a girl whose whole family is native Shanghainese speakers. They are ok Mandarin speakers. If I'm gonna be with her long-term (seems likely), I want to have a relationship with her family and feel like I need to learn either Mandarin (or Shanghainese -- open to that). So I need strategies to get as fluent as possible as efficiently as possible. I can spend whatever I need to on this. Can't go live in China for a while, though can at some point in the distant future maybe. I live in NYC. More after the jump. [more inside]
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Soak it in

Now that there's a teeny bit of fall briskness in the air, I'm renewing my search for a gym in downtown DC with a hot tub. Google tells me this doesn't exist, but I'm hoping you all can prove Google wrong. Alternately, I'd love to find a non-skeezy other kind of place to use a hot tub now and again. [more inside]
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About to Step Into the World of Hashtags. Help!

I've got some blogs running and a successful business in the offing. About to jump on the train. How do hashtags work and how would I go about incorporating them into my projects?
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I like soup dumplings! Where can I get some?

The lovely mrspdb and I are going to be in San Francisco in a few weeks. Find me soup dumplings! [more inside]
posted by pdb at 1:30 PM PST - 10 comments

Help me be a better tutor!

I'm helping elementary school kids with their math and English homework. I really need math resources and strategies for helping kids with their reading/writing homework. Some are English language learners. [more inside]
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Lesser-known women in technology

Who are some important women in technology that are lesser-known in the world? Especially women of color, LGBTQ women, and non-American women? [more inside]
posted by divabat at 1:09 PM PST - 44 comments

Best easy paleo-friendly soups

Soon-to-be-metal-mouth needs your best soup recipes, stat. They also need to be paleo-friendly (no dairy, no grains, no processed sugars) and I would really prefer they be easy/quick! [more inside]
posted by rachaelfaith at 1:06 PM PST - 16 comments

Help Me Level Up My Tech Credentials

I'm a self-taught web applications programmer/sysadmin. How can I make myself more attractive to prospective employers? What certs/education should I pursue? [more inside]
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Help Me Replace My 1981 Trek 620 Bicycle

Please advise me on candidate bikes and/or other buying advice for replacing my Trek 620. (Details inside) [more inside]
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Examples of cities filling in big empty downtown spaces

Ottawa needs to finally develop a massive field sitting empty in the middle of the city. They want it to be a landmark. I'm terrified they'll screw it up like they always do. [more inside]
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How risky would it be to charge for playing a MAME arcade cabinet?

I saw (and played) a MAME cabinet in an arcade yesterday. It had about 50 games you could choose out of and it made no secret of it having a PC running an emulator inside. [more inside]
posted by Captain Fetid at 12:16 PM PST - 6 comments

How to get over a creative lull?

For something like the past four or five months, I've been in what I can only describe as a creative lull. I work as a comedy writer and have been doing this for roughly two years, but for whatever reason, I am not producing material that I'm happy with any more. I'm looking for advice from people who have climbed out of something similar, or any insight into why this is happening. I realize the awesome irony of asking this question in a very serious, unfunny way. [more inside]
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How do you manage groceries with cohabitation?

How do you handle groceries when living with your very-different-eating-style partner? [more inside]
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Russian song ID

This is supposedly a Russian childrens' song. The title as listed in my music book is "Little Rooster". Can anyone tell me more about the song, ie its actual title and its lyrics in English? Here is a YT clip of it.
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Baby sleep problems galore with generally-great baby! What to do?

12.5-month-old Supercoolbaby was a very good sleeper from early on (she slept through the night at 2 months and carried on with that until about 10 months, but never more than 2 wakeups during the night), but recently some problems have developed. Would love your thoughts/advice. Many details within. [more inside]
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Tech cable filter: What is the 100pin connector on cisco CABLE-24T1E1J1?

I am looking to build this cisco cable but at a much longer length than commercially available. While I have found the pin-out, I have been unable to find the connector and cable type used. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
posted by cheechman85 at 11:08 AM PST - 6 comments

Here's the knockoff, what's the original?

I love this bag, but it's made from PVC, not leather. Is it a knockoff of another, higher-quality bag? That I can buy? [more inside]
posted by homodachi at 11:07 AM PST - 3 comments

What does it mean "majors in the minors"

Is it referring to music cord or in college degree (like major in chemistry, minor in music). overall, it seems to refer the kind of mistake that take the minor thing and inappropriately treat it as a major thing. Thanks in advance for quick help. I am trying to translate it in Chinese, but didn't fully understand it yet.
posted by akomom at 11:00 AM PST - 16 comments

Harvesting (or scraping) a few sites with minimum programming

I need to capture about 40 student-made websites at about 5 points over the course of the semester. The students are building their sites on Google sites (via Canvas by Instructure course management system). I know this wouldn't be a huge thing to program, and while I could probably hack my way through it...surely someone has got this figured out already, yes? [more inside]
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Who gets to keep the apartment?

My boyfriend and I are moving in together, and we need a place to live. Currently, I share the lease on a great apartment with a friend. We've been there the same amount of time. I did all the (considerable) work of finding and most of the work of furnishing this place, but I'm also the one instigating this change. Who gets to stay?
posted by the_blizz at 10:26 AM PST - 28 comments

Son's childcare worker suddenly fired - what to think/do (if anything?)

Has anyone dealt with the sudden dismissal of a childcare worker? [more inside]
posted by wannabecounselor at 10:21 AM PST - 19 comments

Help me mix & match my new clothes!

I just purchased a bunch of new clothing at Theory, which is definitely a much hipper store than I'm used to shopping at. (My old standby was Banana Republic.) The sales staff was very helpful, and I'm very pleased with what I came home with, but I'd love some help in mixing and matching everything. Photos of (almost) all of the items I bought can be found here. [more inside]
posted by Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell at 9:31 AM PST - 9 comments

Glasses adjustment in Portland?

You have a difficult prescription. There is somewhere in Portland, OR that you trust to get it right. Where is this place? [more inside]
posted by curious nu at 8:56 AM PST - 4 comments

"In line" (?) WYSIWYG HTML editor

Does anyone know if there exists a website where you can insert a PHP code snippet which pulls through content you have created on a CMS? Basically I'm looking to allow a customer to be able to edit text and bullet lists, captions etc on a static website I hand-coded for him years ago. [more inside]
posted by dance at 8:39 AM PST - 6 comments

Can I salvage my headshot?

A headshot was recently taken of me by a friend, in front of an orange brick wall with a repeating interlocking Greek meander pattern (here is an example). I love the photo: finally, I look capable and presentable. But... does that pattern look too much like the Nazi cross? Should I try to get a new background? [more inside]
posted by troytroy at 8:37 AM PST - 25 comments

Undocumented workers and the LFPR

Does the labor force participation rate account for undocumented workers?
posted by wobdev at 8:35 AM PST - 2 comments

How to hire a sysadmin?

I work for a web-based software startup, and we need a kick-ass system administrator. Problem: how to find one? [more inside]
posted by Emanuel at 8:34 AM PST - 14 comments

Expat filter:How to ship small items to China from America?

As the title says, I want to be able to ship small items to China for my personal use without bothering my family members. Is there some service available? If not, how would I go about finding someone? [more inside]
posted by chinabound at 8:18 AM PST - 4 comments

Car buying/insuring/registering/drivers licensing in North Carolina

I have never purchased a car. I got a handmedown as a teen/college student, then lived in public transportation friendly locations the last many years. I'm now in North Carolina-walk me through the steps like I'm the idiot I am. [more inside]
posted by atomicstone at 8:17 AM PST - 14 comments

It's me isn't it?

SO and I are not being invited to smaller gatherings that spin off from our social circle. SO is noticing it lately and getting a little insecure while I'm pretty sure I'm to blame. Are there any remedies for this? [more inside]
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Make it, build it, mod it, fix it

I like Jimmy DiResta's videos. I like to watch people build things. DiResta's videos are nice because they are short and fast paced. Many other people on YouTube seem slow and not very polished. I don't mind didactic at all, but pacing is important to me. Do you have suggestions for other people who build or make things who I might like? Subject matter unimportant.
posted by OmieWise at 7:28 AM PST - 6 comments

What do I do with this herring?

I thought about switching up my breakfast routine this week and decided to hard boil some eggs and eat some fish with it. At the store, I bought a package of "smoked, salted herring". After breakfast this morning, I realized they are not really edible as-is. What do I do with them? [more inside]
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Need a good gay friendly therapist in Seattle

I've been struggling with depression and anxiety for years, and I'm tired of trying to struggle through it on my own. I've decided I need to get help, but I have no idea where to start. I'm gay and in Seattle. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:52 AM PST - 6 comments

My thighs used to be thunderous

I am a woman who, for whatever reason, builds strength and bulky muscle very quickly. My thighs right now are the smallest they have ever been, and part of that reason is that I had taken a year off from the gym. I am starting back up at the gym and I want to be fit again but I also want to do everything I can to keep from building so much muscle bulk again. Can I have fitness and strength without getting back the huge muscles? [more inside]
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How to cover an uninsured friend in Toronto?

How can we cover my recently-hospitalized, uninsured friend in Toronto? [more inside]
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Book recommendations for new primary teachers?

I've just started teaching ESL, and while I am relatively comfortable with my adult classes, I have a few hours a week of primary aged kids. I would like some recommendations for books that would be a good introduction to primary teaching, class management, and planning lessons and activities. What books are generally considered the best?
posted by jpziller at 5:01 AM PST - 3 comments

US credit score shenanigans

Non-American working in the US for 3 months, then returning to the US a year or two later. I want to use this 2 year gap to build a US credit score. How can I make this work? [more inside]
posted by Ashlyth at 2:59 AM PST - 7 comments

Welcome citizen to a generic science fiction utopia

You how there's always a scene in science fiction movies where a character enters some futuristic utopia and a robotic voice starts talking to them, saying something like "Welcome to Futureville, where all your needs are met" ? Is there a name for this trope? Can you think of some good examples? [more inside]
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Meds manage illness; side effect: motivation = zero

I have recently been put on a medication to manage chronic hives. It has one problematic side effect: my couch essentially becomes a black hole that adheres my ass to it with its gravitational pull. Once I get moving on a task the momentum sees me through, but getting to that point is like having to push a stalled car with a jammed emergency break slightly uphill before you can get it rolling downhill. How do I find ways to get myself moving? More detail and examples inside! [more inside]
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Japanese Horror Recommendations

I love Junji Ito. He's probably my favorite horror writer that I have ever read. I especially like the stories "Glyceride" "The Town With No Streets" and " The Window Next Door" . I like the feeling of dread they exude. Not really into jump scares, or torture porn at all. They're scary I guess, yeah. But I like the sort of slow crawl into absurdity ( The walls are suddenly leaking grease... Or the window outside is slowly creeping toward you, How bizzare is that?) So give me your best! I'm into short stories, manga, comics, and movies mostly, but I'll take novels, web stories, pictures, videos, or anything at all you can think of! Creep me out. [more inside]
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September 14

Solo Travellers - Tips for handling illness

Solo Travellers - what practical tips do you have for handling the unpleasantness of getting sick while on holiday? [more inside]
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How can I light a dark kitchen for a Youtube cooking show?

After studying a lot of lighting tutorials, I've settled on some form of 3 point lighting to illuminate the subject (me!) as I cook. The problem is that my kitchen is connected to my very dark, cavernous living room, and so the space tends to swallow up any lights I use. Can you give me pointers on lighting this space, and help me to purchase more lights (if necessary) to adequately light my kitchen? [more inside]
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Trying to make sense of my mom's post-hip replacement TIA

My mom had a full hip replacement on August 22nd. 12 days later, she had a TIA. The ER lab tests (MRI, CAT scan, and electrocardiogram) said there was no sign of a blockage. 2 days later, her primary care doctor said it was probably caused by a blood clot related to her surgery, and she shouldn't make any changes other than taking an aspirin, avoiding alcohol, and monitoring her blood pressure at home. Does this sound like a normal treatment plan for someone who had a TIA most likely caused by a hip surgery-related blood clot? [more inside]
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Do the Ostrich.

What are some of the most ludicrous exhortations in pop music? [more inside]
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Getting those pesky butterflies out of my stomach.

Moving on from an old crush... [more inside]
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Dear Literary God: What are the best techniques to analyze prose?

I signed up for a senior-year seminar class for prose fiction. My GPA cannot suffer. I'm willing to learn anything and everything on the subject. Book recommendations are also appreciated. (English TAs and Profs are preferred! You are the next best thing to Literary Gods)
posted by lorn at 8:22 PM PST - 5 comments

How can I open up to people?

I have a really hard time relaxing in life and sharing myself with others. It's making me miserable. How can I overcome this? [more inside]
posted by anon1129 at 8:08 PM PST - 9 comments

Maker Faire New York - Travel Advice

What is the best way to get to the New York Maker Faire? I'm driving from New England and pretty unfamiliar with New York. The Faire is in Queens at New York Hall of Science. Website recommends several ways to get there. I can't tell one from the other honestly. [more inside]
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Where can I watch the Scottish Independence Referendum returns live?

I'm hoping to follow the Scottish Independence Referendum returns live as we do here in America for our big elections. Does anyone know where someone in the USA could watch as the counts come in? (Does this even happen over there, making a night of it?)
posted by drowsy at 5:57 PM PST - 20 comments

How do I boost my old dog's quality of life?

My beloved border collie is aging rapidly. He still has lots of the old BC traits but his body can't keep up with them--how do I help him avoid disappointment and keep him happy? [more inside]
posted by stillmoving at 5:17 PM PST - 27 comments

How to tell my family we're engaged?

I am 90% sure bf neematoad is proposing this week. I have an emotionally close but geographically far family. We're not on social media. What's the best way to share the news? [more inside]
posted by neematoad at 5:09 PM PST - 18 comments

How to prudently withdraw invested money?

I am looking for guidance on how to go about withdrawing from investment accounts well before retirement. I know the generic advice is that you should be steadily socking away your retirement savings, not spending it, but I need access to cash at the moment. If you can direct me to resources (web articles, books, etc.) on the wisest course to follow when cashing out investments, I would love to hear about them. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:57 PM PST - 6 comments

Dinosaur Roar

Alternatives to the discontinued iPod Classic 160GB? [more inside]
posted by VikingSword at 4:26 PM PST - 16 comments

Any advice on writing a book?

With the encouragement of my significant other, what started as an article on foreign policy and international relations for a non-profit research centre is now being expanded into a book. I would like some advice on writing a book. [more inside]
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Remedy for carpenter ants in the home

I've been watching build up of moop from ants dining on my carport for a few years now. What can I do to remove these critters as they've seemed impervious to my attempt to remove them so far. [more inside]
posted by diode at 3:42 PM PST - 8 comments

Aloha! (except for you, puppy)

We're looking for recommendations for a hotel, resort or villa on the beach at Ka'anapali or near Lahaina that will not just tolerate a service dog but will welcome one. [more inside]
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How to Become an Expert in Foreign News?

I have been offered a somewhat prestigious job in foreign news. I have been working in other areas of journalism for the last decade, but am not particularly well versed in international news. So I am looking to bone up on, basically, the entire history of the world, all of its current political leaders/conflicts, geography, current expert thinkers/critics on regional international questions. Aside from getting a world map shower curtain, what else should I be doing? [more inside]
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Can I get my design image back off of Cafepress?

I made a design on Cafepress, and now I'd like to make a new one based on it. Unfortunately, I do not have the original image of the design anymore. I thought there would be a way to get it back from Cafepress, but I cannot find such a way. Is there one? Some info on what I've tried already inside. [more inside]
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Looking for a dirty bear

I remember an erotic bear automaton from a movie. I cannot find it. This is bugging me. [more inside]
posted by frykitty at 2:28 PM PST - 9 comments

Power supply requirements for external blu-ray drive

I have an external Blu-Ray drive very similar to this one (I think it's the same, but I'm not 100% sure), and I'm trying to figure out what voltage it needs from an external power supply. [more inside]
posted by primethyme at 2:27 PM PST - 3 comments

Skin reacting to ring

My girlfriend and I have silver wedding rings. Unfortunately, they apparently contain nickel, which we are having a bad reaction to. We love these rings and want to keep them. But we can’t wear them now. Do you know of a protective coating we could apply to the rings, or anything else we could do to wear the rings in comfort?
posted by maurreen at 2:27 PM PST - 11 comments

setting up my Photoshop docs

I'm using this tutorial to try to create weather icons in Photoshop - I'm having trouble getting the shapes to appear at the right sizes. [more inside]
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help me find a… warm piece of outerwear? for traveling.

This is a "what should I wear; please show me exactly because I haven't figured this out in twenty years of adulthood" question. Today's topic: a reasonable looking, but not bulky layer for traveling. [more inside]
posted by fingersandtoes at 1:40 PM PST - 19 comments

What could cause these vertical scratches on my car?

I have a 2007 vehicle that has some minor body scratches. Today, I noticed many of these small, vertical, scratches running most of the length of my vehicle on the right side. Here are images of my vehicle (a bit hard to see) [more inside]
posted by denverco at 1:38 PM PST - 9 comments

How do I get a (creative) job in gaming in Las Vegas with 0 experience?

I am moving to Las Vegas before the end of the year, and I'm looking for work. I'm a cartoonist/illustrator/visual story teller. I've applied for a few casino, and mobile gaming jobs, but have had no luck so far. I suspect that one of the primary sticking points is that I don't have industry experience, which is a qualification on every posting. I have spent most of my professional life in the production side of art, and now I'm trying to move into a more creative area. There are similar aspects, but it's not a 1:1 parallel. Is there a way to get this kind of experience, or comparable experience I might already have?
posted by hanzoschmanzo at 1:21 PM PST - 4 comments

Sending a gift to someone in NYC

Dear NYC-ers, I need to have a new baby gift delivered to someone. [more inside]
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Have you had a transient ischemic attack (aka "mini-stroke)?

What was the period after diagnosis like for you? What did you do differently? What, if anything, did you change? What would you recommend for someone going through it? Did you have any subsequent medical problems? [more inside]
posted by gingerbeer at 12:20 PM PST - 22 comments

SF/F short fiction encapsulating whole sub-genres or universes

I enjoy SF/F short fiction that takes a wide view of a sub-genre or universe, evoking its possibilities without spending much time on any given situation/episode. I can offer some examples, but I would be glad to read more. [more inside]
posted by Monsieur Caution at 11:58 AM PST - 10 comments

Healthier, Faster, Cheaper Dining

On the occasion of recently turning 30 and wanting to arrest my weight gain, I'd like to figure out ways to cook things that are healthier than the stereotypical bachelor chow I've been subsisting on for the last year. [more inside]
posted by Alterscape at 11:24 AM PST - 17 comments

How do I clean a pleather (faux!) jacket?

I have a cheap pleather jacket that I wear all the time - the inner lining is stained and I'm worried about washing it. The jacket says "dry clean only" but when I took it to the dry cleaners they said they'd charge $60+ to clean it because it was "leather" (it's not). How should I clean it? [more inside]
posted by rogerrogerwhatsyourrvectorvicto at 11:06 AM PST - 5 comments

Looking for the perfect daypack

I'm looking for a daypack that'll carry an SLR camera, an extra lens, a book, and a water bottle. I'd like it to be compact enough that it can't carry much else. I'd like it to offer some mild degree of protection to the camera and the lens. I don't mind if it's a backpack, shoulder bag, or sling. Style-wise, I'd rather it not look like a camera bag. And I'm a male. [more inside]
posted by SpringAquifer at 11:00 AM PST - 8 comments

Feelings, & Hacking the system

Is there a way to ignore how you feel and just get things done regardless of whether you feel like doing it or not? I don't understand why I am having such a hard time doing the things that I used to do? I used to be able to get a lot of things done, and now I find myself resisting almost all the time. Is there a way to just stop paying attention to the fact that you don't feel good or that you are scared or a number of other emotions?
posted by nidora at 10:46 AM PST - 16 comments

What brand are my jeans?

In my distaste for brands I tend to remove tags from my clothing, but in one case this has backfired - I found a brand of jeans which fit me perfectly. Sans tag, all I have to go on is the imprint on the buttons. It's a shield with a pointed demon tail (tangential ask: what is that pointy thing called and where does it come from?). Can you ID my jeans? Here is a photo.
posted by bkudria at 10:45 AM PST - 13 comments

Best place to buy glasses online in the UK

Are you in the UK? Have you recently bought spectacles online? Were you happy with them? If your answer to all these questions is YES, please tell me more! Plus any other advice or information about buying glasses online. [more inside]
posted by EXISTENZ IS PAUSED at 10:33 AM PST - 11 comments

Questioning my gender, need resources.

I'm questioning my (female) gender identity. I am looking for online resources, maybe a forum or online community that is specifically ftm or has specific ftm threads/conversations. I've combed reddit but the format of reddit feels less like a conversation and I don't feel comfortable posting there. Links I have found to specific resources are surprisingly mostly out of date or MtF specific. [more inside]
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Last-minutefilter: Where can I take Mom in Denver for her 96th birthday?

It's today. I know I should have started planning earlier - I was thinking I'd just get her some flowers and a card and take her to brunch, but now I want to make it special. I still have not gotten into the habit of thinking "This may be the last time ..." but it's true. I want her to go back to her independent living facility feeling well fed, well feted, happy to be 96 and loved. [more inside]
posted by caryatid at 7:51 AM PST - 7 comments

Classical piece with harp/oboe solos

I'm trying to find a piece of classical music from a few barely-remembered details. It had a number of short-ish solos (in a row?) of parallel structure. I'm sure that there were harp and oboe solos but I think that there were others as well. I think that part the name was some reference to Spain or Spanish (Espanola?). Any ideas?
posted by quiet coyote at 7:47 AM PST - 3 comments

A drum kit for a beginner

I want to buy a drum kit (as a gift) and have no idea where to start (this is in Melbourne if you happen to have some location-specific information). [more inside]
posted by wilful at 7:29 AM PST - 11 comments

Looking for metals, gems, (coins?) unique to Iceland, Arctic Circle

I want to design a simple wedding ring for my fiancee. She loves Iceland more than me. Is there any unique material or gem that could be used in a ring? Or a referent to the area?
posted by ebesan at 7:18 AM PST - 12 comments

Accommodations after hip replacement surgery

I have just had a total hip replacement (one week ago) and am recovering beautifully. I am female. I am supposed to use a toilet with a raised seat and have installed one in my primary toilet at home. I am theoretically allowed to go to a restaurant, but if they don't have a "handicapped" toilet (with a raised seat), what should I do? Can I only go to a restaurant that has this? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:20 AM PST - 4 comments

How to talk about life insurance without paranoia?

At a dinner party at our home a few years ago one of our guests brought up issues of life insurance and their concerns about adequate coverage for their family. They asked my husband and I how we manage our policies. My husband announced to the group that he refuses to get life insurance because he feels such a policy would prompt me to actively seek ways to end his life. He was serious. This has caused no small amount of angst on my part, and I need some advice. [more inside]
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September 13

Why are there so few Thai's in Canada?

Why are Thai's an underrepresented demographic in Canada? Canada has successfully attracted immigration from all of Asia with the exception of Thai's. Wikipedia says there is less than 1000 in BC. What makes it an unattractive immigration option for the Thai people? More Thai's seek US citizenship every year than the sum Thai expat population in Canada.
posted by Keith Talent at 10:52 PM PST - 7 comments

Reconcile me to singledom

Tell me, how does one give up on a desire that's been there since childhood - to be in a long-term healthy loving domestic relationship? How do you work out how to plan the rest of your life when the only person you're working for is you? [more inside]
posted by b33j at 10:42 PM PST - 40 comments

Short motivational videos specifically about accomplishing hard things

I'm looking for motivational / inspirational videos on YouTube that are:
  • short (< 3 minutes)
  • feature fairly well-known speakers -- politicians, athletes, or actors in movies
  • deal specifically with accomplishing great things and overcoming adversity / chipping away over time to do so.
[more inside]
posted by rouftop at 10:05 PM PST - 8 comments

"The" tarte au citron of my dreams...

There's heaps of tarte au citron recipes out there in the world, and I've tried a couple, but I wonder, Metafilter - what's your canonical recipe? While delicious, the texture of my filling is rarely the same as that I get in really good patisserie places, and sometimes the flavours seem a bit askew and imbalanced. Please hope me.
posted by nicolas léonard sadi carnot at 9:00 PM PST - 10 comments

Can you read/translate this Danish-language handwriting?

I have a photograph of my 3-greats grandfather, who was born in Denmark in 1848 and died in Iowa in 1926. There's text on the reverse of the image that is in Danish. I don't know what it says. Do you? Difficulty level: old person's crabbed handwriting. Thanks!
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You should give up/ try harder/ love yourself/ lower your standards

What is with the constant insistence to single people that they would meet someone if they just did X, Y, or Z? [more inside]
posted by rhymeswithcheery at 7:34 PM PST - 52 comments

Do "green" pharmacies exist?

I frequent the pharmacy, and every time I pick up my prescription they print off a ton of paper detailing the possible effects of the medication. I have told them I do not want this before, but that just resulted in the pharmacist throwing it in recycling (I hope that's what it was). How can I make this a greener experience? [more inside]
posted by tweedle at 7:33 PM PST - 14 comments

Print GeoPDF with Specific Layers on Mac OS X

I want to print US Topo Quads for use when hiking and backpacking. I usually toggle certain map elements off—especially "Land Cover"—but a printed copy still prints the land cover (using Adobe Reader, which is the only fully compatible Mac program (PDF) I've found). So: How can I print GeoPDFs from OS X that reflect the layers I toggle off or on? [more inside]
posted by Korou at 6:36 PM PST - 3 comments

Family-friendly spy movies

Just watched Hopscotch (thanks carsonb) with my 12 year old and we both really liked it. Can you point me to more spy movies that would be good for a tween and an adult? [more inside]
posted by latkes at 5:07 PM PST - 37 comments

Should I tell my therapist?

Seeing a therapist for extreme lack of self-esteem and fear of intimacy and I'm not sure if I should tell them about childhood trauma. (Trigger warning) [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:55 PM PST - 24 comments

What's the deal with my heart rhythm?

Every now and then I realise that my heart rhythm has gone wonky. I don't feel ill with it, it's just... different. What's going on, and should I be worried? [more inside]
posted by twine42 at 4:39 PM PST - 16 comments

Joining an Accutane Class Action

How can I make a claim for damages due to Accutane? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:24 PM PST - 5 comments

avoiding 'stuff old people say'

Looking for a friendly, non-textbook intro to modern thought on gender, sexuality, and feminism for boomers who want to stay up to date but don't know where to start. [more inside]
posted by alycoop at 3:53 PM PST - 9 comments

Chicago Hotel room for 3 adults

What's the best hotel choice in downtown Chicago for a hotel room for 3 adults, i.e, 2 beds and a cot/rollaway/sofabed? [more inside]
posted by mikel at 3:34 PM PST - 9 comments

They name cats, don't they?

Friends! This may be a bit of a stretch for this community but I need help naming a couple of kittens. Difficulty level: I don't know if I'm keeping both of them but I want names that work well together. [more inside]
posted by Jairus at 3:12 PM PST - 52 comments

I just need to *sound* smart

All of a sudden, I've found myself in more challenging academic circumstances, surrounded by more advanced students and really incredible faculty (yay!). But, I'm constantly afraid that what I have to say is dumb. How do I address that so that I'm not afraid to start participating? [more inside]
posted by R a c h e l at 3:03 PM PST - 13 comments

Safe to bring California bay laurel/pepperwood to Arizona?

Can I bring California bay laurel branches to Arizona without potentially causing an ecological problem? [more inside]
posted by pony707 at 3:01 PM PST - 6 comments

Should I cash out my golden ticket?

My home is worth at least 2x my mortgage. Should I sell or hold on? [more inside]
posted by momochan at 3:00 PM PST - 20 comments

My only friend is gone

My only friend killed himself and I don't know what to do now. [more inside]
posted by Aranquis at 2:39 PM PST - 41 comments

Custom glasses for charity?

My vision plan is flooding me with eyeglasses. Can I get creative with donating glasses to charity? [more inside]
posted by darksasami at 2:05 PM PST - 6 comments

Is this a known scam, and what are my next steps?

I believe I've just thwarted a scam being attempted in my name with my credit card. I have several questions about this: 1. Have I understood the scam correctly? 2. Does the scam have a name or is it something new? 3. Who should I report this to? 4. What steps should I take to protect my identity? [more inside]
posted by alms at 1:58 PM PST - 6 comments

Trade Shows

How do you find trade show events? [more inside]
posted by jellyjam at 1:42 PM PST - 3 comments

Trying to remeber a short story about alien archeologists

I'm trying to remember a short story I read years ago, in school probably, about alien archaeologists examining the only remains of earth after glaciers killed the last humans. [more inside]
posted by Canageek at 1:35 PM PST - 2 comments

Help me convert 20-year-old word processing files into a current format

I have a bunch of old word processing files created in the early to mid 1990s. I can no longer open them without turning them into a jumble of unformatted text and symbols, and I'm hoping there's some kind of amazing program that can both identify old file types and then convert them to a current program. Details inside. [more inside]
posted by bassomatic at 1:34 PM PST - 24 comments

Help for the beginner ballerina.

How can I best prepare for (and get the most out of) ballet as an adult beginner? [more inside]
posted by futureisunwritten at 1:30 PM PST - 10 comments

Latin Motto Help

I am looking to have the following phrase translated into Latin: "Two is one, one is none" [more inside]
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Best Australia bank/credit union?

Me and my partner are spending October through March on a working holiday in Australia. Our goal is to save money to bring back to the USA with us. What should we know about banking in Australia? How will we go about getting our money back into our US credit union while minimizing loss due to fees & exchange rates?
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How can I use genetic data for a real health issue?

I have been suffering from health problems with cumulated in a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Except most doctors I've seen don't think that's what I have, and frankly neither do I. As a long shot, I ordered a 23andme DNA test and ran it through Promethease. How can I use this data to further my quest for a proper diagnosis? Is that even possible? [more inside]
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Professors, teachers, academics: Give me your work tips!

Fellow teacher types, what have you started doing lately that's making your work time more effective? I teach discussion-based and somewhat writing-intensive college courses (think freshman-level Sociology, not English Comp.) and have spent way too much time grading, and especially procrastinating on grading. I want this semester to be different! [more inside]
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How to Transfer My iTunes Library?

My entire iTunes library is on a 2008 MacBook. That computer is running Mac OS X, Version 10.5.8. I’d like to transfer the entire library from that old laptop to my new laptop, a (brand new) MacBook Pro, and to my phone, an iPhone 5c. The problem is that the version of iTunes my old computer is running is apparently too old to be compatible with my new devices, *and* too old for any of the available updates. How can I transfer my library with as little cost and fuss as possible? [more inside]
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Bench warrant and the Canadian border...

I'm headed to BC (from WA) for a few hours for a class reunion. I had an unpaid ticket from Wyoming last year which likely turned into a bench warrant (am assuming, haven't gotten notice of anything, was due to not having my insurance card even though I had insurance). If I go to cross the border will they find that and deny me entry? [more inside]
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TAX??? Low earning American marries High Earning European

Okay. I have been in Europe now (and live as an EU citizen) for almost 10 years. I have no desire to ever return to the states. NONE. WHATSOEVER. NONE. I make very little money so have never passed the threshold to need to pay American tax. But if I get married to a high earner here in Europe. (we are talking 200k plus per year in salary) what happens? Is that joint income if we are married? And if we want to have, say- 3 children, in quick succession. How could this work? Could I have the children, pass on my citizenship, pay tax and then relinquish? What happens? I am completely fine with giving up my US citizenship, and my possible future husband has no desire to live in America- but I realize it could be beneficial to my children. I'm not sure exactly what to think. This is not happening at the moment. But it could happen in the next couple of years. Advice and anecdotes are most welcome!
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How to find / start a group exploring problems of 21st C. city life?

I'm a lifelong city dweller (New York is my town), and looking to connect with others who are having trouble coping with / adjusting to dramatic changes in city life that have taken hold over the past 15 years or so. The hope is to find or start a group: to find creative solutions, ways of coping, preserving sanity, and considering appropriate legal action when warranted. But I'm not sure where to start! [more inside]
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If this were a bug or a font, I'd know what website to use.

My neighbor is flying a flag I've never seen before. What is this? What does it mean? [more inside]
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Learning Programming Intensively != Intensive Bootcamp

How would you run the cost-benefit analysis of learning to program on one's own versus completing a programming bootcamp? [more inside]
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Productivity tips please! Difficulty level: Baby twins.

I am right now a work-from-home parent to 7.5 month old twins. I have a PhD I am trying to finish, a start-up I'm trying to run, and domestic chores that need to get done. I'm finding it really difficult to get everything done during the day and most productivity hacks seem to rely on you having uninterrupted time. Any tips for constantly interrupted parents? [more inside]
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Replacement knobs for old receiver - DIY or other?

I am thinking of getting a friend's old Realistic receiver (Realistic STA-65C, I think). I am not of the nature that I need an exact model replacement of the treble knob and am curious if there is a place online or a store like Home Depot or Radio Shack that might sell knobs that could fit or made to fit. I know eventually I may find one on ebay but don't need it to be a perfect match nor spend too much. [more inside]
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Will soldering heat ruin an 18650 cell?

Will soldering heat ruin an 18650 cell? [more inside]
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The pre-modern breast pump was a man? Tell me more about tetaires.

In The Discovery of France: A Historical Geography, the following sentence has prompted much speculation: "There were rebilhous, who called out the hours of the night, 'cinderellas', who collected and sold ashes used for laundering clothes, men called tetaires, who performed the function of a breast-pump by sucking mothers' breasts to start the flow of milk, and all the other specialists that the census listed under 'trades unknown' and 'without trade', which usually meant gypsies prostitutes, and beggars." So, uh, tetaires? [more inside]
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What's the fairest system for allocating items amongst a group?

I have a task to do at work in the next few days that I would appreciate some advice on... I have a limited number of items (eg 6 of this one, 3 of that one etc) to share amongst a group of people. They have each given me a list of their preferences (1st, 2nd and 3rd preferences). What's the fairest system I can use to make sure that as many of them as possible are as happy as possible with what they receive? [more inside]
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Pain Management Contract Question

Hi all, I had my first appointment with a pain management doctor last week that did not go well. I am curious about the legality of the contract that I was required to sign in order to receive care. [more inside]
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Suit: very good, NYC, semi-clueful me, a month to do it in?

I need help buying a suit for an interview for a massive job upgrade. For once, I'm willing and able to spend serious (semi-serious?) money. Advice on where to go/which expensive features to splurge for? (Anon so my current employer doesn't stumble on this...) Special shopping advantage: New York. Special disadvantage: I only have a month. Entrez snowflake: [more inside]
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Classical music that sounds like the earth vomiting?

I am looking for suggestions as to classical composers that are similar in style and feel to the darker, slower, heavier side of metal and post-metal. [more inside]
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Help me find a teddy bear clone

So, approximately 31 and a half years ago, my lovely uncle presented me with an adorable little teddy bear. Picture of said bear. I'm trying to find out where this bear would've come from (probably the UK), and if there are similar bears available anywhere? [more inside]
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What else can I do to prevent getting pink eye again?

I've gotten pink eye twice in two months. Other than regular hand washing and refraining from touching my eyes, what can I do to prevent myself from getting it again? [more inside]
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How do I learn to manage a large unfamiliar computer system?

I've been tasked with taking over the backup system for a fairly large tech company. The thing is I've never managed anything in my life. It's not that I'm clueless about the technology, but I'm dealing with a mess of barely coherent documentation left by the previous manager and a couple of guys who have a vague idea of how the system works. I've never done any sort of project management before, I've always been working under someone, but now this project is going to be all me. So what do I do here? Where do I start? What tools should I be using? Is there a book or a mooc that tells you how to do this? If I wanted to take a class, what class would i take?
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Independent financial advice in London

I've inherited from a family member. Not a house or enough actual cash to buy a house outright, but enough to get on the property ladder. I'm awful with money (amongst other things). It's time to get professional advice in London. Can you recommend someone? Or tell me how to find someone? [more inside]
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September 12

Who publishes lesbian erotic fiction?

From a first-time writer of lesbian erotic fiction: who publishes in this genre/where amongst them could a first-timer begin to seek publication? Any relevant advice greatly appreciated!
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Question about oral sex

After a divorce and some time, I'm dating again and have met a super awesome guy. We're taking things slow but there's chemistry. So I need help about an issue that could come up between us. [more inside]
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Where are my people?

I'm a 35-year-old American who has been living abroad for the past ten years, and I've had trouble making friends. The expat community isn't my scene (a lot of drama and drinking) and the locals aren't so welcoming to foreigners. I'm looking for some kind of online community that will give me the sense of belonging I don't have. [more inside]
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Makeup For Clueless Professionals

What products - types of products, not specific brands - should I purchase to create a 'starter makeup kit' for a young professional? [more inside]
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Tell me about the world

Today I read this article about Iraq, and I'm so glad I did. It is a well written history of middle east conflict, that's entertaining enough that I read the whole thing to the end. I know it isn't comprehensive (and I'm sure it contains details that are debatable), but it has turned me into a more educated news reader. Now I'm hungry to learn more about other places as well. [more inside]
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Mr. Teddy Bear can't pass the crumpets right now, he's checking GROWLr

A trope in our media and culture is that little girls disport themselves by holding mock tea parties with stuffed animals as the party guests. Two questions: ① Do 21st-century children actually do this? ② If so, how do they get the idea for it? Just from popular culture in which the trope is portrayed, or do some adults not in my social circle still actually hold tea parties which they're imitating,† or is it all via parents and siblings and peers communicating the idea to play this way? Or maybe toy manufacturers and advertising of tea-party-related toys and accessories? [more inside]
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Parallel Computing for better performance?

I have 3 older computers (4 to 8 years old) that run fine, and I use the best one in the living room as a sort of poor-mans HTPC. It was pretty good when it was new, but now days some of the bigger DVD rips and Blueray rips play back rather choppy. [more inside]
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Westerns for Newbies

My family and I are looking to watch some Westerns, but we are nearly complete newbies to the genre (other than what can be gleaned from culture white knowledge). We've watched High Noon and Red River, but so far that's about it. Can you give us some recommendations of films to start with?
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Looking to buy camcorder for recording live music

I'm looking for a camcorder or camcorder/microphone setup to record my band's practices and shows for uploading to YouTube. [more inside]
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How come charter schools are no better than ordinary public schools?

It would seem that charter schools have many advantages—administrators and parents who work hard to create a school, parents who are interested enough in their kids' education to enroll them, kids who are presumably somewhat better students on average, and longer hours. Yet studies say charter schools, on average, don't get better results. What could charters be doing so wrong that would offset their advantages?
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Mystery Bugs Menace Kitchen

So I have a lot of these bugs in my kitchen. [more inside]
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Help me find an old Victorian illustration of a person doing science

I use (this) for my current victorian calling card. My job description these days is more in the realm of data science (less domain specific although I still work at a museum of paleontology), but I'd still like to retain the same idea for my new card. So can you suggest any old illustrations (1800s or earlier) of people working with counting machines or such? Prefer black and white ones. Thanks
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Androgynous Seattle Shopping

Where are the best affordable places for a genderqueer person to shop in Seattle? [more inside]
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Anyone know a valid link to “America’s Peasant Mentality” by Matt Taibbi

I have been looking for a valid link to this piece, but can't find it, anywhere. Every Google search link results in a dead end.
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Successful cafes with a no-laptop/no-iPad policy?

Are there any cafes out there in the wild that have survived (or better, thrived) with a strictly enforced no-laptop, no-iPad (essentially, "no portable electronic offices") policy? I'm looking for reasonably well-documented examples of coffee houses that have bucked the student/mobile-office market and done well. The more it's presented as a business case, the better.
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More of that music, please.

I am obsessed with this album by Explosions in the Sky, The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place. I like it because it tells a story without words and is neither boringly adult contemporary nor super metal. It's melodic and beautiful, and somehow both relaxing and energizing. Is there anything else like this? Even their other albums aren't quite what I'm after. [more inside]
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I'm sure it's fun to have fun in Anchorage - but how?

Coming home from Iceland, I have a hour layover in Anchorage this Sunday - my flight gets in about 4.30 pm, and leaves again a little after 11 pm. What's interesting in town? [more inside]
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Should I buy this Shinola watch?

I'm in the market for this new watch. I toured the Shinola factory over two years ago and I was really enamored with the whole thing. So this is not an impulse purchase. I've been thinking about this for awhile. My apprehension is: I am aware that Shinola is owned by Fossil and many people think the 'Detroit Made' marketing is all hype. This very well may be true, but I couldn't help but be personally touched by the whole experience when I visited the factory. That said, I don't know much about watches and want to make sure I'm really getting a quality look and price/value here. Plus, I haven't found many reviews (at all) about Shinola online. If you'd recommend NOT buying this watch, I'd appreciate if you could recommend an alternative. What I'm looking for is a basic white, round face with date, larger face, with a leather strap. I'm 30 work in mid-management in a casual office so an everyday, slightly dressed watch in < $600 price range is the target. Oh and please do not say, Apple Watch. Thank you!
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Making Friends and Dating in Madison, WI at Age 32

Hi all, I've gone through previous questions relating to live in Madison, and it looks like I'm far from the first person to feel like it's super hard to make friends or find dates here at age 32. Before I give up and move, which I am very much considering, I want to know if there are options I've overlooked as far as meeting people goes. [more inside]
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XXXL Men's Clothing in Lansing/Detroit MI area

So the man in my life is a larger-sized fella. He usually shops at "Big and Tall" stores. I'm shopping for his birthday next month and it seems like there are not many stylish options available either on the web or in local shops. Any suggestions for affordable items (under $60) that look pseudo-hipstery-scifi nerdy for big men in or around Lansing? If there's a good shop in Detroit, I could drive there or similar distance too.
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Tallahassee, Carless Tallahassee

Hello! I have to go to Tallahassee for a weekend event in November. I don't drive. Help me have a fun time! [more inside]
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Cinematography basics

What are the best resources to learn the basics of cinematography? [more inside]
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Website Monetization

I am looking for four things here: A) Examples of successful one-man-shows or mom-and-pop shops that support the author B) Personal anecdotes if you have firsthand experience with making money online as an individual (or small shop) C) thoughts, analysis and maybe articles regarding which kinds of monetization work for which kinds of sites and why and D) what tools exist beyond AdSense, PayPal donate buttons, Café Press and the Amazon affiliate program for making money online? [more inside]
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Chilling out a puppy

What are your tips for getting a young dog to chill out and react reasonably to a situation he finds VERY EXCITING? Our 7 month old puppy is dragging our arms out of our sockets every time we drop him off at doggie daycare, and it's making me nuts. [more inside]
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Why do anti-feminists use "female" rather than "woman"?

Anti-feminists seem to often use the word "female" in the noun form, in places where people would ordinarily just use "women." (I don't want to spend a lot of time hunting up evidence of this, but here are some examples. There's also this and this.) I'm curious to know how/why this became a thing -- for example, I've wondered if it has something to do with military or police usage, because those are the only places I've previously noticed women being referred to as females. Does anybody know?
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Looking for nice post production desks/work stations.

I'm in need of two well built desks/workstations for my video editorial company. [more inside]
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Best place to see the Northern Lights: Seattle area/Western Washington?

I'd really really REALLY love to see the lights tonight and I'm willing to drive a couple hours to get there. I live in Magnolia in Seattle. Where do I go? [more inside]
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What are some of the best scientific graphing programs for Mac?

I'm working on some graphics for an upcoming presentation, and need a way to display some scientific data(scatter plots and bar graphs mostly). What is the next step beyond excel? [more inside]
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paper to grunting

HAve you switched from paper notes and reminders to using some sort of dictation? How did it go and was it easier to handle volume? [more inside]
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New York food walking tour

So I've always wanted to go on Calvin Trillin's walking tour of NYC hole-in-the-wall food in Chinatown, Little Italy, etc. But why should I pay $150 to get his recommendations, when I can get yours for free? Tell me the about your favorite Manhattan ethno-culinary delights! We're visiting in October.
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Is my computer hijacked? I downloaded what I thought was an update this morning, and now my Firefox "start" page is a search engine called Trovi. What have I done and how can I undo it?
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Help my friend get a "B visa" coming from Brazil

He would be working for my family assisting in the care of my aging spouse. We understand a letter explaining the need would be in order. But has anyone else already gone through this and how did that go and are there any other good ideas to help from this side of the equator? He speaks English and has no criminal record and all that, we just want to ease the process and not do something in error not knowing the ropes. Is there anything special about the B visa process for example?
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Which Kraftwerk night should I attend?

So Kraftwerk is covering their catalog in 8 separate shows at the Paradiso. [more inside]
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How to convert a PDF ebook into an actual print book?

Earlier this year, I published a 116-page PDF ebook about personal finance. Next week, I'm attending a conference with fellow financial bloggers. Is there a way to convert my PDF book to a physical print version (even if it's just one or ten copies) in just a few days so that I can show it to people? Cost isn't really an object. I know I've come up with this idea at the last minute...
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Aurora Borealis in Minneapolis tonight?

Is it going to be possible to see the northern lights in Minneapolis tonight? Will it be similar to a meteor shower, where one needs to get pretty far from the glow of the city lights to enjoy the show? Any tips/suggestions for how to make the best of it, or suggestions of particularly good spots from which to see it?
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Leather jacket cleaning/oiling?

I bought a nice Burberry leather bomber jacket a few years ago that I wear pretty heavily during the fall/winter months. Breaking it out again for the season and noticed that it's got a bit of accumulated grime on it and the leather has coarsened a bit in spots from exposure to the elements. Can anyone recommend a good way to clean or oil it to get it back into top shape? I'm also open to taking it in somewhere for treatment if that's advisable, but very wary of harsh treatments or chemicals (i.e., certainly no dry cleaning).
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Switching to T-Mobile in NYC

I have been impressed by T-Mobile's innovative new plans (offering things like unlimited data, international data included, no lock-in, wifi calling, etc) and am tempted to switch from AT&T. I live in NYC and don't travel much within the USA. If I do, it is generally to other big cities. I am wondering if any other Mefites have experience switching from AT&T to T-Mobile or if they can shed light on the general T-Mobile experience. I am grandfathered into an old AT&T plan that no longer exists, so I am somewhat hesitant to switch. That being said, it seems that I would save something like $20/month with T-Mobile. Thanks.
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Online communities for academics

I occasionally have questions that come up with regards to PhD work that I don't necessarily feel comfortable asking in person to other people in my program or to my adviser. Recently I've found myself wishing for an online community of other academics so I could get advice and share information in a pseudonymous environment. Are there any well known communities that fit this description out there?
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Create Our Local Guidebook

My wife and I want to create a personalized website/blog/guidebook for our city. This would be probably something we can send to our friends or friends of friends when we visit. This would be much more personalized or We're looking for sites or software/templates (i.e wordpress?) that can help us build the site. I'm pretty savvy technically with websites. [more inside]
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Is my daughter's cheer coach a tyrant - or just a, you know, coach?

Geek-Has-Athlete-Kid Filter: Late evening practices and threats of public humiliation: are the expectations and actions of my daughter's cheerleading coach typical of student athletics or is this beyond typical? [more inside]
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Help me find my mojo again

I've been signed off with stress, and am struggling to find any motivation to do things, even fun stuff that I used to enjoy. I'm looking for advice and suggestions to help me get out of this rut and back to my my old self. [more inside]
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A non-slip bath tub mat that actually doesn't slip?

You know those mats you put on the floor of the bath tub so you don't slip? Bought one and it's slipped once or twice. So is there a particular brand of these mats that you've bought and it has never, ever once slipped, say for years? The wife needs one that we can pretty much guarantee will never, ever slip. I'm not looking for "Oh just go buy one," but "We bought this specific mat x years ago and it's worked like a champ, through all sorts of soapy water, buy this one." Alternative suggestions for preventing slippage in the bathtub while showering are fine.
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Awesome tech gift around $100?

Last year I gave them Beats earphones, what can I do this year? [more inside]
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Herding cats. Very opinionated cats

I'm leading a relatively short meeting with a lot of ground to cover. How can I structure that time to yield feedback, healthy discussion and ultimately (it is to be hoped) consensus? Appreciate any novel ideas for effective brainstorming and feedback capturing. What are your best resources for this type of thing? [more inside]
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Annotating slides during presentations

I'm teaching in large classrooms where the blackboard isn't visible from the back rows. I'd like to draw and write on slides while they are being projected. Saving the annotated slides for later distribution would be nice. I'm using a macbook and am thinking about buying a Wacom tablet. What hardware/software/technique combination works for this? [more inside]
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Your five best tips for selling knowledge...

I know a lot about a particular type of small business. I aim to capitalise on my experience by creating a website that offers free tips and a ebook for purchase by people who would like to enter this business. Some of my motivation is sharing what I've learned, but as my potential readers will also be my potential competition I want to make some money from it too. [more inside]
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Clever, low-stress, RSI-friendly, eyecandy puzzle-adventure type games?

Need moar gamez, plz hope! (for Mac or iPad.) I love Myst-type, atmospheric, "wander around beautifully illustrated worlds and solve puzzles" type games, especially with at least a little narrative quality, and want to avoid timed segments (do this within a timed period or fail), explicit / realistic violence (I don't really want to be killing things or wandering around bloody rooms, etc.), or games where advancement hinges on say, physically jumping from one thing to another thing in just the right way, at the right speed, etc. Specifically, I don't want to have to do much or any repetitive clicking/tapping movements, because ouch. [more inside]
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Improving academic writing

I'm looking to improve my essay writing skills. I have two questions: [more inside]
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September 11

Can you translate this running-speak for me?

A colleague who is a very serious runner and would like to get into training people as a side gig has offered free coaching to me and a couple of others from work, in order to build up some experience, which is awesome. We've done a few runs so far, and I'm enjoying it. But there's a couple of tips he's given me on improving my form which I don't understand, and I'm hoping you can help me interpret them. [more inside]
posted by lollusc at 11:51 PM PST - 17 comments

New Home Buyer's Nightmare

I'm asking this for an acquaintance. She and her husband purchased their first home earlier this year in Texas. Some time after moving in, they realized that the floors were uneven and discovered that they had major foundation problems (concrete slab foundation). [more inside]
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What little-known (but interesting) music am I missing out on?

Help me find quirky, unusual, interesting music to listen to! [more inside]
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The dusties

Name-that-song filter, hard mode (?)... vintage soul heartbreak. [more inside]
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Poem ID: two lovers meet in a shop and touch hands over handkerchiefs

I've thus far been unable to find this poem online given only the lines I remember. It starts off with something like "she asked how much for the handkerchiefs..." and then she flirts with the store worker, and they use the handkerchiefs as an excuse to touch hands. And there's a line about the shopkeeper being in the back so he doesn't notice... [more inside]
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Suggestions on reducing traffic noise in a high rise apartment?

Anyone have any suggestions for sound dampening in a high rise apt near a freeway? [more inside]
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How can I be more courageous?

This could go into human relations, work & money, or a number of other categories. I am a daydreamer, and I am often motivated by visions of the future. The problem is that the world often disappoints, and after many rejections/failures (alongside the successes, of course), I have gotten to having a fair amount of anxiety on a regular basis. It sometimes feels compelling to put my head in the sand rather than probing for real answers. How can I be more courageous? [more inside]
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What are you wearing with your leggings??

Mefi ladies? What are you wearing with your leggings? Really, where are you getting cute shirts that cover your butt and shoes...well probably not sneakers. [more inside]
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How can I get the gasoline smell out of a car?

I spilled some gasoline in a rental car. How can I clean it and get rid of the smell before I return it in a few days? [more inside]
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Backed into a corner by niceness?

Around a year ago, I stopped communicating with part of my family. Since then, one member has persisted to try to maintain a relationship, but is doing so in a very boundary-pushing way. I feel caught between being a jerk or having boundaries trampled on! Help me boundary-setting mefi! [more inside]
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Does this tech wizard exist in SF?

All of my laptops inevitably, inexorably slow down noticeably, way before they should. I know this happens with all computers. I am reasonably tech-savvy. But my current ThinkPad slowed down in the first three months. I want someone to take my laptop, figure out what's making it slow (software and/or hardware), and fix it all. I just want my computer to not be slow. Does such a person exist in SF? Who are they, where can I find them, and how much do they charge?
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How should I respond to a classmate regarding racial bias?

I'm an Asian female attending a University. I wanted to run for a leadership position in an organization that consists of 70% Asians. A Caucasian classmate of mine who wants to run for the same position thinks that I'll get elected over him because of the group's demographic. I found out from a mutual friend that he might withdraw from the election. How should I go about addressing this issue with him? I really want to make it a fair competition and convince him that the group demographic should not benefit me in anyway because I have the same amount of interactions with them as he does. I also want him to know that I have other skills and attributes that would make me fit the officer role, and not my race. Thank you for your advice!
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Using elements from Arab culture to build a fantasy or sci-fi world

What elements of Arab culture (history, fashion, calligraphy, ...), including literature, would you choose to build a fantasy or sci-fi world (or any other type of word) that you'd like to visit time and again? [more inside]
posted by cyrusw8 at 6:19 PM PST - 32 comments

How to succeed in business without ever flying

What categories of (or what specific) jobs and/or career paths in large corporations are least likely to require travel with turnaround and/or distance that necessitates flying? What types of industries (while otherwise thriving) seem to be paring down their travel budgets and relying more on videoconferencing and similar tech? What about government jobs? Are you a highly successful ........ and don't, or at least have never been required to, fly for work? I would love to know about your job. [more inside]
posted by notquitemaryann at 5:05 PM PST - 27 comments

Early Morning Job Ideas?

Trying to revive my entrepreneurial spirit with a dose of early morning action and some financial security. [more inside]
posted by seatofmypants at 4:33 PM PST - 14 comments

Coping with failure and moving forward with life

I'm graduating college with the least desirable outcome possible--low GPA, no honors, no club involvement, no positive relationships with my professors etc. in kind of a useless liberal arts major, purely because of laziness. This in addition to the fact that it wasted over $200k of my parents money is making me feel really bad (as it should). How do I move on from what feels like a really big failure? [more inside]
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No, I don't have experience in Technology X.

Interviewing with yet another company who approached me first. But they want expertise in Technology X, something I don't have experience in. They saw my resume, right? Why are they interviewing me? [more inside]
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What should I look for in an attorney for the terminally ill?

I'd appreciate recommendations and suggestions for (and about) elder care attorneys in Portland, OR. Bonus points: not for an elder, but for someone with a terminal illness. [more inside]
posted by geckoinpdx at 4:16 PM PST - 5 comments

Looking for a veterinarian in downtown Portland, Or.

Reccomendations for a veterinarian in the Pearl/Old Town/China Town area? [more inside]
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Alcoholism in the workplace - spousal intervention

My spouse is an alcoholic who is at best partially compliant with medication and treatment. [more inside]
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Planning a special weekend for an out-of-town cutie.

What would be fun things to do when a long-distance makeout buddy is visiting? (other than, uh, make out) What little things would make this special and interesting and fun? [more inside]
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reputable canadian pharmacies, 2014?

i need to find a good canadian pharmacy. there have been a couple questions in the past, but far enough ago to ask if there's things have changed. the prices i've seen for my medication are pretty varied, so i'm interested in a few recommendations if possible.
posted by crankyrogalsky at 2:01 PM PST - 13 comments

Someone hit my parked car, did I do the right things?

Sorry - a bit frazzled here, so I'm asking for some advice and to make sure I did the right things. I had just finished some shopping at a local mini-mall, hopped into my car, and next thing I know, a person in a larger SUV/truck misjudged her turning angle while trying to park in the spot next to mine and hit/scraped my car. Now what? [more inside]
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Camcorder for recording dog agility?

(I have looked at the other camcorder questions and didn't find an answer) I am looking for a new camcorder for recording dog agility. Having a hard time wading through the choices out there. Reputably refurbished is OK. Criteria inside. [more inside]
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How to escape from a vicious cycle of low earnings?

How to escape from a vicious cycle of low earnings? [more inside]
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Can you recommend me a CD and radio component for a home stereo?

I recently bought a used "compact component system" home stereo. It had two parts - one is the volume/sound setting and cassette deck combo. The other half is a CD and radio combo. The CD part was busted though. Ideally I'd like to replace the entire CD/radio section. Can you recommend me a good replacement for that section or recommend a better way to complete my system which lacks CD capabilities? [more inside]
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Productivity (ugh) hacks?

Hello AskMe! What is your most effective hack (ugh, I know!) for productivity working at home/on the road/otherwise outside a day job? [more inside]
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How To Get Rid of a Nearly Full Gas Grill Propane Tank

I've got a propane tank for a gas grill which I estimate to be about 7/8 full. I don't need it, and I'm having difficulty getting rid of it. What should I do? [more inside]
posted by tckma at 1:11 PM PST - 21 comments

How to find last-minute vacation package deals

If I decided at the last minute to take a vacation, and wanted to get a really cheap deal on a flight and hotel package, and didn't really care where I went (let's say, "somewhere in Hawaii" or "somewhere in Mexico or Central America"), where would I look to find such a thing? Reputable vendors only, of course. Would it be better to search online or just to call a travel agent?
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Ft. Drum, NY

I'm heading to Fort Drum, NY in October visit someone during a weekend (arrive Friday night, leave Sunday afternoon). Where should we fly into: Watertown or Syracuse? Where should we stay?: Near Ft. Drum, in Syracuse, or? There's some time to see things in the area; what should we do and see? [more inside]
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Help us build a bitchin' crabitat!

My parents picked up a hermit crab for my son in Florida and now that we've got him (her?) home, I'm wondering what we need to PROPERLY take care of our new friend, Matt (yes, that is what my son named him). [more inside]
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Is there a term for rejecting something based on the people who like it?

Is there a formal term for situations where a person chooses not to buy something (or adopt some behavior) because the people who have bought it are "not like me"? [more inside]
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Aziz! Light bulbs!

Why do these light bulbs keep dying? [more inside]
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Boys' flannel- or fleece-lined uniform pants / chinos?

Starting this year, my son needs to wear a school uniform - the pants are a plain navy chino (any brand is fine). I am worried he will be cold if we get any awful days like we did this past winter. Is there such a thing as flannel- or fleece-lined navy chinos in boys' sizes? [more inside]
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Sub-letting a caravan: how much money can I make?

I'm looking for guidance on hiring out a caravan [more inside]
posted by Musashi Daryl at 11:40 AM PST - 2 comments

Strategies for reading in college

What are the best strategies for reading in college, and actually comprehending what you're reading to make connections? How do people read hundreds of pages a week and comprehend it all?
posted by markbao at 11:31 AM PST - 18 comments

Best audio recorder / software sequencer combination for PC?

For a while now I've been using Caustic to doodle around ith on my Android phone. It's a wonderful piece of software. I also use Reaper on the PC. However... [more inside]
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I'm looking for a great bike ride in Southern Ontario

I'll be in Detroit next Saturday for the Tour de Troit bike ride. I'd like to cross over into Ontario for some Canadian biking on Sunday. Can anyone suggest some good rides that start near the border? I'll be on a road bike, so paved roads are a must. Ideally the route would be around 100km. [more inside]
posted by steinwald at 10:58 AM PST - 6 comments

Career advice for a recent college grad looking to change direction

I recently quit my full-time job and I'm figuring things out. I have some ideas on what to do next, and I'm looking for some feedback and, as always, additional ideas and perspective. [more inside]
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Help me find this leather jacket, please.

I saw this leather jacket (and scarf, although a friend swears it's a sweater) on Tumblr but sadly the original poster didn't cite the source and doesn't have an ask box so I cannot ask him/her directly: [more inside]
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Help me maximize my Istanbul time

It turns out that the least bad of pretty terrible options for getting from Capetown to Ouagadougou on the day I want is via a 12 hour layover in Istanbul. Help me make the best use of my time! [more inside]
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Unemployment after voluntary retirement

I have new direct management and what was an occasionally unpleasant job has turned into a nightmare of forced meetings and overhead I've never had to deal with and won't in any way help me in my work. There's a possibility that instead of just quitting, I could take advantage of a voluntary "retirement" whereby I continue to receive a salary for some period of time after leaving. That brings up a question. [more inside]
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Seniors, Social Security, and Sallie Mae

Thinking ahead to my eventual retirement, I phoned Sallie Mae earlier this year, and spoke with a rep who was easy to chat with, and seemed well-informed and helpful. I asked her if there was any sort of discount or other concession made for student loan payments once the debtor retired and began drawing Social Security. Her answer was that, good news, once I provide Sallie Mae with documentary evidence that I am drawing Social Security, the balance of my loans would be waived. [more inside]
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Do solid jawbreakers exist anymore?

When I was younger, I'd get a bag of bulk 1/4" jawbreakers at the fair and they'd last forever. They'd be solid core, all panned candy down to a tiny seed in the middle. [more inside]
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What provocative opinion pieces have you read lately?

For a classroom exercise, I need a couple of mid-length (2-6 pages), somewhat provocative editorial-style essays. Difficulty: must be relatively self-contained (no extensive background knowledge required), of mid-level diction and conceptual difficulty (harder than the Daily Mail, easier than Malcolm Gladwell), ideally available online, and on a topic that might interest 18-20-year-olds. [more inside]
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But what exactly do my knees need?

I've read a lot of AskMes on what people wish they had done in their 20s/30s/40s etc., and one oft-repeated bit of advice is "OMG, take care of your knees NOW!!" But what exactly does that mean? [more inside]
posted by megancita at 9:35 AM PST - 18 comments

Favorite tent site in TUOLUMNE MEADOWS?

I'm planning a trip to Yosemite next July (15) and have heard that we need to book the campsites about 5 months in advance. Sounds like people like Tuolumne Meadows, so I was wondering if you have been there and which tent specific campsites are the best? 5 people, a couple kids, no pets, looking for reasonable privacy, 3-4 days, drive in. Thanks!
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Looking for pieces of vinyl

Some moons ago I found an online vinyl record store that seemingly had hundreds of thousands of records for sale for dirt cheap. I cannot seem to find this link in my bookmarks nor can I locate via standard Google searches. Since I lost my hidden gem, I was wondering where everybody else purchases their records. Musical tastes are varied, but mostly lay in the rock genre with jazz and classical right behind. Thanks!
posted by wile e at 9:17 AM PST - 8 comments

What are the best resources for Wordpress these days?

I started a Wordpress blog a few years ago and then ignored it soon after. This time around I'd really like to create the best Wordpress site that I possibly can. I'm looking for any resources that would help to achieve that goal -- themes, tutorials, podcasts, etc. I'd also like to learn more about search engine optimization and monetization in regards to a Wordpress site. Suggestions? [more inside]
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What is the statistical probability of me passing this class?

I just started grad school, and I'm feeling overwhelmed with my Biostatistics class. Can you recommend some resources to keep me from falling behind? [more inside]
posted by bluloo at 8:51 AM PST - 10 comments

Good curated Internet Radio stations?

I'm looking for good curated, genre-oriented streaming radio stations. I'm already a fan of Soma FM and Digitally Imported but am always looking for more variety. [more inside]
posted by mmoncur at 8:27 AM PST - 17 comments

How can I feel alive at 6am?

What can I do that will best ensure I feel awake and ready to get up when the alarm goes off? [more inside]
posted by meese at 8:12 AM PST - 36 comments

Wordpress not loading, index.php error?

I am having a problem with my wordpress site. It's not loading at all. I haven't gotten much help with my hosting customer service. I'm getting a white screen when attempting to view the site. I can get to all my files via FTP, but I can't make sense of what customer service told me. [more inside]
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Our server and Google Analytics really disagree on stats.

Our Google Analytics numbers are hugely inflated but we don't know why. [more inside]
posted by johnofjack at 7:34 AM PST - 9 comments

Which language should I learn after Italian: Spanish or French?

I plan to try to learn both eventually, it's just a matter of order. [more inside]
posted by Shadow Boxer at 7:29 AM PST - 15 comments

Confused about the best iPhone 6 plans for AT&T

My wife has an iPhone 4 on a market rate plan. I have an iPhone 5 with both a grandfathered unlimited plan and a discount through my employer. Together, we fight crime. No, wait, we look for bargains on our cell plans. Can you help us figure out what's the best plan or combination of plans for us, and how actually to upgrade to iPhone 6? [more inside]
posted by Admiral Haddock at 7:25 AM PST - 11 comments

Bachelorette Weekend destination ideas in February

Some friends are asking me to propose locations for my bachelorette party over Presidents Day weekend 2015. My challenges are: 1) finding destinations with comfortable weather in February 2) finding somewhere easy to get to from multiple locations: Philly/DC, Minneapolis, San Francisco 3) being mindful of cost 4) avoiding overlap with our honeymoon plans [more inside]
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Tights that won't attract (as much) cat hair?

I love wearing tights, but the ones I just bought are a magnet for cat hair. Have you found any that aren't? Does the amount of polyester in the mix make a difference?
posted by chaiminda at 6:53 AM PST - 4 comments

Best recording option for dictation in a moderately noisy environment?

I would like to dictate memos and documentation when away from my Mac, and then use Dragon to transcribe the recordings. This is in a somewhat noisy environment, similar in volume, tone and variation to a car traveling at a reasonable speed on the highway (HVAC equipment one room over, lots of random rattles and whirs and steady hums.) Not loud, but notable. [more inside]
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Metallurgy 101

I have agreed to a "drop the needle" style exam testing my ability to identify different kinds of heavy metal. Now I have to cram! [more inside]
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Lighting for ambiance - cheap?

Looking for lighting for a wedding reception. What light kit should I buy and other questions .. [more inside]
posted by xicana63 at 6:08 AM PST - 3 comments

Can you name some international careers, please?

I am in the middle of deciding what I want to do with my life, and I need your help. It has to be something I can do in several countries or remotely (free-lance is only possible if I can still get a visa.) [more inside]
posted by LoonyLovegood at 6:06 AM PST - 16 comments

Looking for title of a video from the 90's.

I am a librarian and had a phone call this afternoon which centered around a VHS set of videos a lady had checked out in the early 90s. She wanted to know if I could remember the name of them. [more inside]
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Moving around and renaming a massively linked Excel folder

At work I have the responsibility for an Excel-based model, which is a nested series of workbooks and folders with many links to each other. We need to be able to rename the master folder, move the folder about, and keep all links still linked to the enclosing folder. [more inside]
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Teaching on the sly

Music teaching n00b filter. I now have a tablet with ear training software I use in lessons and discovered the kids quite automatically pick up terms like "minor second" which I hadn't dreamt about teaching them yet. Just as they're in the app. Then when they're stuck on a melody on their instrument I say "go up a minor second here" and it works. Holy interval, batman! What are similar ways you use to teach musical concepts without being all obvious about it? Would it be correct to classify this as active/experiental learning and what are your favourite resources? [more inside]
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Is this phone screen unreasonable?

Just got sprung with a phone screen and wondering if it was unreasonable--any thoughts much appreciated. [more inside]
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How to reset my jailbroken iPhone?

I have a jailbroken iPhone 5s that iTunes will not recognize. [more inside]
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September 10

Fiction or other narratives that describe using primitive skills?

When I read the Earth's Children series (Clan of the Cave Bear and its sequels), the aspect I enjoyed the most was the detailed descriptions of how the people did things back then (hunting, foraging, skinning, toolmaking, shelter building, etc.). While how-to books abound, I enjoy the fiction or narrative nonfiction format more. Any recommendations? Thanks!
posted by Jacqueline at 11:38 PM PST - 25 comments

Can you translate this Japanese text?

What does this writing say? [more inside]
posted by Quilford at 10:33 PM PST - 9 comments

Mysterious Beach "Rock" Find

I expect this will turn out to be something akin to a lump of interesting concrete, but please take a gander at this object from a beach near Port Townsend, Washington, and tell me what you think it might be. [more inside]
posted by maxwelton at 10:22 PM PST - 9 comments

How to discuss possibly sexist behavior

Is there a way to have an open conversation with someone about behavior that may be discriminatory toward women (but could be explained in other ways too) without accusing them or putting them on the defensive? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:14 PM PST - 16 comments

Explain this phone scam...

My parents called in a panic about what sounds like a scammy voicemail message on their land line. Problem is I just can't figure out the angle. [more inside]
posted by drpynchon at 7:35 PM PST - 16 comments

Best practices for raising rates?

I am a freelancer. Please help me understand how to raise my rates. [more inside]
posted by BlahLaLa at 7:05 PM PST - 9 comments

How should I navigate this grad school minefield?

I've just begun working on my grad thesis and am having a bit of difficultly connecting with my advisor. I want to proceed in the most thoughtful way possible. [more inside]
posted by WaspEnterprises at 7:00 PM PST - 7 comments

Auto immune testing for person with extensive family history

YANMD. I've had all kinds of weird undiagnosable stuff going on. I'm 29 female. There is a history of auto immune disorders (asthma, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, gall bladder removals, rheumatoid arthritis, other miscellaneous stuff) on the maternal side of my family(mother and grandmother). [more inside]
posted by AlexiaSky at 6:43 PM PST - 14 comments

Awesome day trips from Prague, Krakow, and/or Budapest?

When I went to Copenhagen back in May, I went to the Louisiana Museum and the Viking Ship museum, both not too far from the city and incredibly awesome. I also went to Malmo, Sweden which was awesome in its own way as I got to experience a different country that was only 18 miles away. Recommend me awesome day trips for my trip that commences Friday night! [more inside]
posted by signondiego at 6:26 PM PST - 10 comments

Multi-factor security

The latest password hack has me wanting to beef up my password security, but I keep running into problems. What should I do? [more inside]
posted by synecdoche at 6:24 PM PST - 9 comments

How can I help my little brother? Or should I?

My youngest brother is trying to improve his life, but he's really, really messing it up. How can I help him? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:22 PM PST - 37 comments

Best female antihero characters?

What are the best female antihero characters in literature? [more inside]
posted by lewedswiver at 6:21 PM PST - 32 comments

Reggae breaks

What are some examples of non-Reggae songs with Reggae breaks/solos?
posted by ootsocsid at 5:52 PM PST - 9 comments

Furniture/Home Decor Shops in Sweden

My husband and I are traveling to Sweden soon. We both love Scandinavian design and would like to visit some furniture/home decor shops while in Sweden. What are some good, not too expensive furniture shops to visit in Stockholm and Sundsvall? We're interested in both local chains (Ikea not included) and boutique shops. Is it possible to buy furniture there and have the shop ship them to the US for you? Are the shipping costs generally reasonable? Thanks!
posted by wcmf at 5:22 PM PST - 9 comments

How well have you responded to antibiotics when you have bronchitis?

I have this problem: every time I'm stressed and the temperature changes, I start to get sick. Not really sick - just a sore throat and chest pain and a general feeling of being unwell. But then I get really sick - the sore throat disappears, I get feverish, I'm exhausted and I cough up tons of nasty mucus, and I am basically not functional at all. [more inside]
posted by thelivingsea at 5:15 PM PST - 25 comments

Internal communications gurus, I need your help!

I'm a former journalist and I'm interviewing for an internal comms position at a large corporation tomorrow. Before I got the interview, I didn't even really know what internal communications were beyond companies communicating with their employees. Apparently, as you internal comms professionals out there know, there's lots more to it. [more inside]
posted by timpanogos at 5:14 PM PST - 7 comments

What is Ford Madox Brown's lastname?

Is Ford Madox Brown's lastname properly Brown or Madox Brown? [more inside]
posted by Thing at 4:57 PM PST - 5 comments

Another one bites the dust

Instead of hand washing as I clearly should have, I ran two toaster oven pans through the dishwasher (bottom rack.) They were a light metal, probably aluminum. When they came out of the dishwasher they were covered in a fine gray/silver dust that came off on fingers and paper towels. The pans did not seem salvageable because the metal dust just kept coming off them. What happened chemically/physically (other than simply the pans breaking down), and is there going to be Bad Metal Dust hanging out in the dishwasher now?
posted by third rail at 4:50 PM PST - 5 comments

Anyone ever dealt with getting cracked brick house walls fixed?

My brick house has a number of cracks in its walls. We got the house inspected when we bought it, and the inspector said the cracks were worth taking care of, but weren't really serious. The cracks were repaired in the past, some of them repeatedly. Pics are here: [more inside]
posted by Slinga at 4:32 PM PST - 7 comments

Meal delivery reviews or recommendations?

Have you used a meal delivery service? [more inside]
posted by mibo at 4:31 PM PST - 18 comments

How should I handle my hunch that my boyfriend was abused?

How should I handle my hunch that my boyfriend was abused as a child -- when I am unsure about the future of our relationship in general? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:02 PM PST - 37 comments

Ghost in my iPhone 5?

iPhone was working this morning without incident. This afternoon, with headphones in, my phone is randomly turning down the volume, all the way down to mute sometimes. The issue is slightly better, but not completely, when I take off my Mophie case. Neither of my volume buttons seem to be broken. [more inside]
posted by roomthreeseventeen at 3:42 PM PST - 7 comments

How to hyperlink to a "share post" link on Facebook?

I am creating an email. In this email, I'd like to have a link that opens a message sharing a particular link with our link annotation. Then the recipient just needs to click "post" to share our content we need them to. I can do this on twitter but I can't figure it out on facebook. Any thoughts? Thanks!
posted by emkelley at 3:07 PM PST - 3 comments

How do we best donate to the family of a deceased colleague?

A friend and colleague recently passed away leaving behind two very young children. Although she did not have a substantial income, she was by far the primary wage earner for her household. Many of us at work and elsewhere are interested in contributing to the immediate support of her family and the future education of her children. Does anyone have suggestions about what the best mechanism(s) would be for doing this? Our office is in Maryland, and she and her family were residents as well.
posted by procrastination at 2:40 PM PST - 8 comments

How much vacating can we get done in 72 hours, anyway?

I need some fabulous 72-hour vacation ideas from DC! Mr. bowtiesarecool and I enjoy travel when we can, and we're in a good life stage for it (good jobs, some discretionary income, no kids, no sick relatives, no pets, no houseplants, easy to up and go when we want). Mr. bowtiesarecool has three-day weekends every week, but basically no leave beyond that. Please help me come up with an idea stash of fun, worthwhile ways we can get the heck out of Dodge in those three-day, two-night chunks! [more inside]
posted by bowtiesarecool at 2:12 PM PST - 29 comments

What are your ideas for a budget-friendly Spa night, at home?

I am in need of some pampering. So is my SO! We are just a little stressed from being busy, but we always set aside a few nights a week for just relaxing. What at-home spa activities do you like to do to help you relax? We have tried giving each other massages, clay masks, and baths. I want to know what you do, or want to do! Snowflake details inside. [more inside]
posted by bbqturtle at 1:44 PM PST - 12 comments

How do we get people home post wedding

WeddingNYC filter: We are getting married in a month and want to know if it’s a good idea or expected to call a cab company ahead of time and ask for cabs on hand at the end of the event? The venue is far enough out that public transportation is possible, but inconvenient. Details inside. [more inside]
posted by edbles at 1:24 PM PST - 30 comments

Looking for a Rockstar Endrocrinologist in NYC (Manhattan or Brooklyn)

Hello all - I'm not new to the thyroid game (I've was diagnosed when I was a pre-teen) but after years of VERY steady thyroid numbers (and a feeling pretty decent) I now need to find an endocrinologist in NYC - preferable in Brooklyn or Manhattan (downtown would be great, but I'll go fairly far for a good doc.) [more inside]
posted by carmenghia at 1:23 PM PST - 1 comment

What music is used in the reveal video for the new Apple Watch?

Here's the YouTube version of the video. I tried Google, Shazam, and Audentifi without any results. Does anyone know what the song or artist is? I understand it may be from an audio library or custom made for this video, but I thought I'd see if anyone can identify it.
posted by joshrholloway at 12:46 PM PST - 6 comments

Help Me Find a New Hot Sauce

I'm on the hunt for a new hot sauce that is spicy/hot without getting into the over-the-top novelty sauces. Bonus points if it is affordable and versatile enough to go on everything! [more inside]
posted by Willie0248 at 11:19 AM PST - 51 comments

Referral to a Pediatric Dentist

Our dental insurance only covers a pediatric dentist if it comes by way of a referral from another dentist. Our current dental office, which we actually like quite a bit normally, says that they won't provide a referral for my daughter, as "things seem to be going okay here without the referral." My wife has tried to have this conversation with their office twice now. [more inside]
posted by SpacemanStix at 10:26 AM PST - 12 comments

Ideas for literary or science knuckle tats for Halloween

Looking for knuckle tattoo ideas from which to base costume off of for Halloween - 2 word phrases about literature or science. Help? [more inside]
posted by barchan at 10:25 AM PST - 42 comments

Help me be a more accurate grammar pedant

Is there a concise term that signifies the difference between phrases such as "not all dogs are brown" and "all dogs are not brown"? [more inside]
posted by komara at 10:23 AM PST - 33 comments

Recommendations for bar or lounge in williamsburg/bushwick/ridgewood

attention nyc mefi - i am looking for recommendations for a place to meet up with work folks in brooklyn, but to fit our particular needs. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:57 AM PST - 10 comments

Vintage Record Player Whisperers Wanted

I have acquired a gorgeous vintage record player, which I would like to either repair myself, or find someone to repair in the Chicago area. [more inside]
posted by shaka_lulu at 9:55 AM PST - 8 comments

Baking class in Ann Arbor without a car

My mom and I are planning on taking a weekend baking class at Zingerman's Bakehouse in Ann Arbor. She could fly to Chicago and we could drive together, which will introduce some inconveniences, or she could fly to Detroit and I could take Megabus to Ann Arbor, which will introduce other inconveniences. Will we regret not driving? [more inside]
posted by telepanda at 9:42 AM PST - 10 comments

Is it possible to be with someone who has friends you cannot stand?

Is it possible to be in a relationship with someone who has friends you cannot stand, especially if one of them is female? [more inside]
posted by Fayrose at 9:41 AM PST - 29 comments

I need healthy ways to improve mood and concentration.

Lately I notice that I've been slipping into some unhealthy vices.... [more inside]
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So, my cat decided to jump into a burning pumpkin spice candle that was 1/2 melted wax [more inside]
posted by angrycat at 9:34 AM PST - 33 comments

St. Louis Light Rail, Airport to Downtown

Would you take the St. Louis Light Rail from the airport to downtown? I am staying in the hotel made from the old train station and flying into STL. I won't have much in the way of baggage. [more inside]
posted by dame at 9:11 AM PST - 10 comments

Background music from Mitchell & Webb

What is the background music used in the Mitchell & Webb "Inebriati" sketch, between around 2:01 and 5:00?. It sounds like Bartók or Stravinsky, but I can't quite place it.
posted by Johnny Assay at 8:39 AM PST - 2 comments

Mexican Airport Misery: Aeromexico VS Air Canada

Due to a late departure, various snafus in the Mexico City airport, and some extremely unhelpful and unsympathetic ground personnel, our recent trip from Acapulco (Aeromexico) to Toronto (Air Canada) via Mexico City turned into an expensive nightmare. I have googled various keywords, checked out several FlyerTalk forums and gone through similar MF threads, but I haven't located anything remotely helpful. I am hoping the hive mind can help suggest how to seek compensation. Unhappy details below the fold: [more inside]
posted by juifenasie at 7:58 AM PST - 17 comments

Inheritance Tax on estimated value of photo negatives left behind? WUTT?

An acquaintance's brother-in-law, a retired photojournalist (Newsweek, Time), has left specific instructions to destroy his negatives after his death so his family won't be hit by US inheritance taxes on the estimated market value of the collection. He sells through Getty and Polaris so this is a valid financial threat (he believes). Kinda sad, I think. He did a close up and personal pictorial project with a young Bob Dylan living in New York, and these rare shots would be destroyed, along with... [more inside]
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Sports like Dragon Boat for the colder months?

What sports are similar in the way they work out the human body to Dragon Boat, but can be done during the colder months/when the river is iced over? Even better would be a sport that also has the cooperative team element as Dragon Boating.
posted by GriffX at 7:30 AM PST - 6 comments

Is it acceptable to use a smart phone in a public talk?

I went to a talk by a well-known author yesterday in an auditorium. The lights were somewhat dimmed, but definitely not dark. The person in front of me spent about half of the talk live-tweeting bits from the talk. The lights were sufficiently dim that the (5-6") cell phone of the person in front of me was quite distracting to me, since it shined directly at me (the user actually turned the phone away from them a bit, which I wonder was due to the brightness of the screen.). However, I am somewhat more sensitive to bright light than other people. Has smart phone usage reached sufficient social acceptance to allow usage in a non-darkened auditorium? [more inside]
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Can I make my old iPhone 4s work for my mom?

I am an iPhone 4s user who has been holding out for the newest model. Yay, it's almost here! Now that I have a release date I'm wondering what to do with my old phone. I could sell it to Gazelle, but a more appealing option is giving it to my mom. Is this a good idea? [more inside]
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Caregiver for cerebral palsy

Hi, so last night I met a sweet family who hired me to be a companion/ nanny / caregiver for their son who has cerebral palsy. I am not a nurse, I work in a hospital but no patient contact. I have however, a few months of cerebral palsy experience from the time I volunteered in college . We were talking about money- and she said something : I usually pay my nurses 20/hour , but you know they are nurses. However, I am willing to pay you that if you will learn to do tube feeding. So I guess I am confused with what she said? I don't know how much she will pay me, cause she didn't say anything exact, right? Should I ask or should I let it go and see when she pays me? What would u do?
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But I wrote it!

Help me take my work with me after I leave my job. [more inside]
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is this a good use case for a gamma distribution?

I want to generate synthetic user-session data to predict how big a peak in application usage might be shortly before a weekly deadline (for timesheet submission - it's a time and labour tracking application). I've come up with a method that looks like it works - it involves a gamma distribution for the login time. But I don't have enough (in fact, any) statistical training to know whether I'm using that distribution meaningfully. Statisticians, please reassure me. Thanks! Excel functions inside... [more inside]
posted by rd45 at 4:49 AM PST - 3 comments

Downs Syndrome food trauma?

A friend of mine is looking for advice on how to get her Downs Syndrome son to eat after an incident of near choking a few months ago. [more inside]
posted by littleredwagon at 4:25 AM PST - 18 comments

How will Westminster be affected by Scottish independence?

Hello, could someone please point me to any recent thinking/speculation on what would happen to the UK parliament in the event of a win for the Yes campaign next week? [more inside]
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Seeking android music app which will sort podcasts

I want something that will separate podcast tracks into a separate playlist, and then sort that playlist by ‘album’. Does this app exist? I am _not_ looking for a specific podcast app for downloading/subscribing, just something to sort & order existing items. [more inside]
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September 9

Why do I have chronic vaginal itch? IKYANMD

I have had off and on vaginal itch for 2 years. I am a virgin in my mid twenties and have seen OBGYN many times, I don't have any disease or infection that they could find with urine tests, and from swabbing my vagina. The doctor yesterday said it's probably a skin problem, they just recommended me a 0.5% hydrocortizone cream, which from my understanding only treats the symptoms, and should only be used for a short time. I mostly wear skirts to keep the area dry, and I wear cotton underwear. I shower regularly, and my job is sitting in an office, and I live in a warm city. During my menstruation the itching usually gets more intense. What other things can I try? I just came from seeing a 4th OBGYN who also prescribed me a hydrocortizone cream. Thanks.
posted by anonymous at 11:19 PM PST - 41 comments

We lost the misprescribed bottle; what other evidence is there?

The pharmacy gave my mother double the prescribed dosage of Baclofen, which possibly caused or contributed to a condition resulting in a trip to the emergency room. My dad, unfortunately and perhaps not in a clear frame of mind, went to the pharmacy to give them a dressing-down, and returned the bottle. IF (and it's a big if) litigation is in our future, what other evidence or documentation should we be collecting now? [more inside]
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More storage for some free Google Apps users only?

We use the free Google Apps at our non-profit for about 5 heavy users who have hit storage limits, 30 light and another 30+ who need to access our Google Drive and other domain-limited sites. Previously we switched heavy users to a new account with access to the previous account, plus forwards as a work-around. Google's helpdesk says upgrade only as we're non-US. Does anyone have a better solution? We use Google spreadsheets and several marketplace apps, and otherwise are super-happy with Google but $4000/annually is a big upgrade bill!
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Is it a bad idea to connect a amplifier and speakers to a monitor?

I want to hook up my computer monitor with 3.5mm headphone jack on it to a pair of bookshelf speakers and an amplfier with a 3.5mm jack on the front for when i want to listen through my headphones rather then the speakers. I'm using this for my ps4 on a computer monitor. And my hd 558s don't quite get loud enough either through the monitor output jack or the the headphone out on the monitor. It seems like its roughly the same price of the playstation headset I was contemplating buying.
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What is this dance called?

Please help identify a dance from an old movie. [more inside]
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How do I find a chiropractor without the "woo" - ?

I like how I feel after a chiropractic adjustment, but I am deeply tired of the offices I have gone into where the whole place is like a wellness cult. How do I find a chiropractor in Chicago that's gonna make me feel better without all the woo? [more inside]
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Shipping container donation

We are looking to expand our lab in the university, but the uni doesn't fund construction projects (!). We can however get around this by setting up our lab in a converted shipping container. Are there organisations that donate shipping containers? I'm in Mexico, and the lab does research on animal behaviour with an emphasis on agricultural insect pests.
posted by dhruva at 7:52 PM PST - 3 comments

Halloween Calendar Project

Help me brainstorm ideas for small gifts/treats to include in a Halloween “advent” sort of calendar for my goddaughters. [more inside]
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Moving across the country: good idea, bad idea, or BEST idea?

Following a series of personal crises, our protagonist contemplates relocating to a warmer, albeit cloudier, part of the world. [more inside]
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Advice and/or book recomendations for getting R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

A close relative ("D") has just been thrust into a new position with a lot of authority/ responsibility over a small group of people. This is the first leadership position D. has ever had. What makes tricky: (a) The others D. has been asked to lead are solidly predisposed to *not* be very happy with being subordinate to someone so junior and inexperienced; (b) While the team is small, the people on the team (rightly) believe a *lot* is riding on the selection, and are incredibly invested in the outcome. Looking for some advice... more inside... [more inside]
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Help me find this poem from the annual Best American Poetry book

The poem's plot is something like this "I get impatient and want to hurry to where we were on our way to go when you stop to help animals by the side of the road or do other things that are softhearted, but I remember when I was in a similar place to those animals and you helped me so I could be where I am today." Notably, the author references snazzy alligator (or crocodile?) shoes at the end. The poet is male. [more inside]
posted by the young rope-rider at 6:03 PM PST - 3 comments

Can you translate this Arabic sign?

A friend saw this sign in a store and wondered what it says. Can anybody help translate? Thanks!
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Tools for detecting plagiarism when working with contract writers

I am working with contract writers developing content for a website. Due to the nature of what we're working on and the fact that we have very loose relationship with the contractors, plagiarism is a major concern. Are there any good online tools (free or paid) available for checking copy for plagiarism? [more inside]
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Gaming and Misogyny and 14 Year Old Boys

My 14 year old son and I have been talking a lot this past week about the Anita Sarkeesian videos (we watched a few together) and have been having some really great discussions. We've always talked about what games he can or cannot buy and the reasons for it. I'm really more concerned with the misogyny than the violence, although the violence doesn't thrill me. Now however, my son is concerned that I won't let him buy *any* games anymore because the misogyny is so pervasive. Is he right? [more inside]
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End it now?

Been dating someone for a bit. I am not sure about the sexual chemistry and connection, but was willing to see where it went until...she told me she is talking to her ex and doesn't know if it will become something again. Finally, taking an important test in a month or two and can't have drama. Do I break it off now to avoid messiness? [more inside]
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Is my new window AC a hazard or am I just being a worrywort?

I just got a window AC for my stuffy studio that never gets any airflow. I live in a very old brick building and the wooden window frame is TORE UP...likely from previous window AC units. I could only get one of the three screws to tie into the lower sash that attaches to the top of the unit (it's the center screw, if that matters). How likely is it that it might dislodge itself and fall six storeys down? Is this something I should natter at my landlord about? [more inside]
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What video games should I play?

I really like video games in which I can collect and build things. Occasional combat is preferred, but I'd like to find games where that isn't the focus. Don't Starve was pretty much perfect. I'm pretty new to the whole genre and haven't played many games aside from RPGs before. What else might I like?
posted by a hat out of hell at 4:13 PM PST - 17 comments

Middletown CT mechanic recommendations

I'm looking for recommendations for a trustworthy Subaru mechanic in the Middletown/Cromwell CT area. [more inside]
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How to talk to support staff without sounding like a condescending jerk?

I need to start to shift the work culture among a couple members of our support staff. Snowflakes and unicorns inside. [more inside]
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Seeking vet for cat with joint, skeletal, or related problem

Artemis is an awesome cat in Durham/Chapel Hill, NC, who walks, runs, and jumps, but not as well as she should. One vet, in March, found nothing wrong; another, in June, saw she was walking oddly and said to wait a while to see if it got better on its own. Now I'm looking for a vet with expertise or interest in feline musculo-skeletal issues for the next steps. [more inside]
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Modern Japanese design shops & studios

My wife and I are visiting Japan soon and would like to visit interesting shops or design studios that specialise in uncommon and/or beautiful products, specifically for homewares, textiles and children’s toys and decor. We’re interested in contemporary design and want to get a feel for the modern Japanese aesthetic. [more inside]
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What's a good option for a gift of cigars?

One of my dear friends is getting married and I'd love to give him a some nice cigars. I'd love some recommendations as to how best to allocate around $200 bucks on such a gift, whether a box or a few more expensive ones. [more inside]
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Where is the literary and cultural capital of the world...right now?

I'm watching a documentary on Netflix called "New York in the 50's" about poets, journalists, and free thinkers in the Village during the Eisenhower administration. The interviewees keep referencing a self-conscious attempt to emulate life in Paris in the 1920s. So two questions come to mind: 1) Where is this occurring today? Does it only appear in hindsight? Accordingly, 2) Where else have such flowerings occurred? Paris in 1848? Prague in 1968? Has the internet made this kind of location-based creativity irrelevant?
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How to eat together, at home, with two different households?

My significant other and I don't live together, and haven't yet come up with a practical or efficient way to cook and eat a healthful dinner together on weeknights when we're both busy during the day and don't get home until late. Looking for suggestions from other couples in the same situation who have figured out tricks, systems, routines, or plans that will help us streamline our dinnertime process. [more inside]
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Is there a Doggy Undertaker?

Our 17 year-old Shepherd-Husky mix, Gertrude, was diagnosed with lymphoma earlier this summer. Given her condition and advanced age, I worry that one day I'll come home from work or downstairs in the morning and find that she's passed. I've been fretting about what to do with her body, should this occur. [more inside]
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Best New First Person Shooters (FPS Console)

What new first person shooters are like goldeneye n64? Specifically I enjoyed the objectives of goldeneye, and skill level increments on mission selection, and ability to unlock cheats through timed runs. (more inside) also, What are the best fps to look at on the new systems? [more inside]
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Are there any good critiques of Neil Postman out there?

So I was assigned Amusing Ourselves to Death as a freshman, and strongly disliked it; much of it was over my head, and my takeaway then was that he was merely a reactionary who believed "Print good. Electronic media bad." However, I'm older and hopefully smarter and I'd like to come at it fresh, and see if I can get more out of it. [more inside]
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Seeking productivity tool that enforces realistic time management

Here's what I'm looking for: a dead simple goals/tasks tracking app that allows me to set and log hours spent on activities per week, after the fact. Can do web-based, Android, or iPad. [more inside]
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Taking dog from UK to US, and back?

I and an American living in the Netherlands, and have taken my dog to the US several times from Schiphol when I'm taking a long-ish trip back to the States. She has a pet passport, and it has never been an issue going back through Amsterdam. I'm moving to the UK soon, and for my fall trip I was wondering if I should take her from the UK to the US, and back (probably from Heathrow), or stick with Amsterdam. [more inside]
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What class ticket would the Wright Brothers have purchased?

Descriptions of pre-War transatlantic ocean liners make it clear that wealthy passengers traveled first class, and poor immigrants traveled third class, but I'm fuzzy on who exactly would be traveling second class. In particular, I'm not sure what class tickets Wilbur and Orville Wright would have bought on their various crossings, particularly the earlier ones before their first public flights. [more inside]
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Need streaming audio info.

I'm looking for a good source of info on selling subscription-based streaming audio. [more inside]
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Your favourite instructional video

Which short instructional videos do it really well? [more inside]
posted by tavegyl at 11:01 AM PST - 3 comments

Songs about bottoms.

What is the highest number of songs appearing in the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time having butts (or a single butt) as a primary lyrical subject? When was it?
posted by 2or3whiskeysodas at 10:31 AM PST - 10 comments

Best way to withdraw from a group without creating bad feelings?

I'm a member of the Board of Directors for a chorus; I'm also the librarian for the chorus. I'd like to withdraw from both positions by the end of the year (i.e., the choral year, meaning by May 2015), but I suspect it will be tricky to do without causing a fair amount of consternation. I'm looking for advice on the best way to go about it. [more inside]
posted by holborne at 10:21 AM PST - 18 comments

How can I get college students excited about working for my company?

I'm writing a presentation to give to college and grad students at the University of Michigan in order to get them excited about working for the software company I work for in Seattle, Washington. What sort of things should I focus on to set our company apart? [more inside]
posted by Cogito at 9:56 AM PST - 36 comments

Philadelphia weekend parking

Where can I park my car in Philadelphia for the weekend while I'm at a conference downtown? [more inside]
posted by msbrauer at 9:52 AM PST - 6 comments

Please help me find replacements for these subreddits

I think it's about time I unplugged myself from Reddit. But where will I get my hobby news/content/funny pictures? I'd like suggestions for replacements for my current subs that: (A) have variable time investment possible, (B) have decent, rotato (or at least not disgusting) comment communities, and (C) where the communication is focused around the topic (e.g. comments on a post) as opposed to the user (e.g. reposting to your personal profile). List of topics inside! [more inside]
posted by rebent at 9:24 AM PST - 12 comments

How to synchronize Twitter experience between desktop and iPhone?

I really like the experience of reading my Twitter feed on my iPhone, but when I sit down at my desk and open in my browser, I see my feed starting from the most recent tweet. Instead, I want to be taken to the last tweet in my feed that I read on my phone and vice-versa when going from desktop to phone. How do I keep my place when switching between desktop and iPhone?
posted by Xalf at 9:21 AM PST - 3 comments

Cheap Honda Mechanic Wanted in Seattle

I'm looking for recommendations for a budget-friendly Honda mechanic in the Seattle area. I have a late-80s Accord that will probably be sold within the next year, but have some repairs I'd like to address. (perhaps a rack-and-pinion replacement). Know anybody who does auto repairs in their garage? I'm in the city, but willing to drive to get the right deal! thank you.
posted by jimmereeno at 9:04 AM PST - 3 comments

Good Portland OR neighborhood for AirBnB?

On a whim, we booked a trip to Portland, OR for next month. Then I went to book hotels, and apparently it is marathon weekend, and there are very few hotel rooms available downtown, and all above $200/night. We are looking to AirBnb as an alternative, but it's unclear which neighborhoods are good and which are bad as a tourist base. Every single listing says it's in a great neighborhood with easy access to public transit, so any tips?
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Professional shoes for rainy weather?

It's that time of year again, when I need to put the sandals away and figure out what the heck to put on my feet for the next 9 months. Help. [more inside]
posted by rabbitrabbit at 8:23 AM PST - 22 comments

Portland, Oregon Auto mechanic recommendation?

As a result of a series of events, it looks like I will be driving my boyfriend's older Bronco as a daily vehicle for a while. Before I start doing this, the Bronco should be tuned up and given a once-over and determined to be mechanically sound. I don't have an existing relationship with an auto mechanic. Can you recommend one in Portland, Oregon? [more inside]
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Should I land at JFK or LGA on a Friday night? [more inside]
posted by miles1972 at 8:05 AM PST - 27 comments

Social undermining, Reply-All email edition

What is the proper response when you've just sent out an email invitation to a regular social group because it's your turn to host, and immediately one of the members replies-all to your email in order to publicly "correct" you. Only they're actually wrong. [more inside]
posted by hush at 7:48 AM PST - 55 comments

Je ne suis pas un escroc.

There are countless films and TV shows (often but not always period pieces) that are set in France/Germany/Russia/Japan/etc but which feature an Anglophone cast, speaking English (with the occasional "bonjour" or whatever), playing French/German/Russian/Japanese/etc characters. What are some examples of the reverse? That is, non-English productions set in the US or UK, with e.g. French actors playing Richard Nixon or Queen Elizabeth?
posted by theodolite at 7:48 AM PST - 9 comments

Gummy bear induced quest for Grateful Dead poster art

Please help me find that Grateful Dead poster or album art where... [more inside]
posted by letahl at 7:46 AM PST - 4 comments

Going to California near Huntington Beach in October. Need ideas.

We'll be in CA in Oct. for a week w/ husband and son. We need ideas on what to do beyond Disney/Legoland. [more inside]
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Help me model some curves that have a certain time profile.

I've got a bunch of curves that (I hope) show some common profile over time, although they maybe scaled versions of each other: at any index along in the curve >1, the next point is conditional on all (or some) of the previous. See this greatly simplified example. [more inside]
posted by ed\26h at 7:39 AM PST - 8 comments

Non-soppy wedding readings for non-heterosexual wedding?

My cousin is marrying his boyfriend and has asked me to speak at his wedding reception. I don't know my cousin but as nearly his only family there I would like to pull this off, preferably by dint of reading a poem. Please help me find the poem. [more inside]
posted by emilyw at 7:36 AM PST - 30 comments

ISO ENT doctor in Baltimore

I am looking for an ENT doctor (Ear, Nose, and Throat doc; otolaryngologist) in Baltimore, preferably one who is a participating provider in United Healthcare (and more specifically, The Empire Plan for New York State Employees). [more inside]
posted by merejane at 7:29 AM PST - 3 comments

Trying to find contact details for Jon Wynne-Tyson of Centaur Press

I used a quote in a greeting card but when I delved deeper I could not find a source for the quote. It is supposedly by Abraham Lincoln and it is: "I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being." [more inside]
posted by Quillcards at 6:47 AM PST - 6 comments

I'm not Jennifer Lawrence.

And I don't think I'm going to be the target of hackers anytime soon. But I am in a long distance not-really-kind-of-maybe-relationship with someone where we would like some kind of means of sharing photos and videos of a personal and sometimes-but-not-always sexy nature with one another without running into email attachment limits, needing to jump through a lot of hoops, accidentally sharing anything with the wrong people on social media, etc. What's our best bet? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:12 AM PST - 23 comments

Health insurance coverage for holistic stroke recovery?

I'm seeking recommendations for a PPO health plan that would cover an out-of-network MD, an MRI, and many sessions of acupuncture. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:12 AM PST - 5 comments

apple-eating kid

A relatively recent comedy (I believe) had this sub-plot: There was this obese kid that, for some reason, took to eating apples. Consequently he lost a lot of weight. But his parents, both obese, were upset by this. What movie was this?
posted by Opengreen at 5:46 AM PST - 2 comments

Weird faucet odor, vinegar edition

Our house's faucets occasionally smell like vinegar. What's causing that? [more inside]
posted by pepper bird at 5:33 AM PST - 7 comments

Attachment issues

I hate my new android cellphone. Please help me work out how not to hate it so much. I am coming off a multi-year iPhone habit and everything just feels like the biggest pain in the ass. Teach me how to stop worrying and learn to love the 'droid. [more inside]
posted by Iteki at 3:36 AM PST - 18 comments

Help me find out about a 'big question' site the BBC just launched

Watching BBC recently, I caught a bit of an advert with Frank Skinner and some others talking about a new bbc website (or maybe it was a series available on iPlayer) which features interesting questions. I've looked on and googled but have come up empty handed. Can anyone point me to the site?
posted by guy72277 at 2:22 AM PST - 6 comments

Advice for quitting stimulants.

I quit my job a few months ago to go to school and I no longer have health insurance. I've been taking Vyvanse/Adderall for exactly 2 years (to the day, actually) and I am going to run out in about 2 weeks. Please help me through it. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:55 AM PST - 11 comments

Relationship plagued by fear/anxiety or is it just bad fit?

How is it possible to feel anxious and questioning most of the time, but also feel genuine moments of excitement to see him and genuine calm/happiness to be in his presence? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:54 AM PST - 29 comments

How To Repair A Steel Security Door?

No idea how it happened, but there's a rip in our steel security door. Is this something that can be repaired? [more inside]
posted by Joey Michaels at 1:50 AM PST - 5 comments

September 8

Did I do the right thing? (witnessing others subdue attempted thief)

I came across three people pinning a man down in a parking lot for attempted theft/purse snatching. Just wanting to know if I assessed the situation correctly and if there is anything I could have done better. [more inside]
posted by orbit-3 at 11:48 PM PST - 19 comments

Is the commute worth it?

My boss is asking me to take on a long commute for no additional compensation. Is this reasonable? Snowflakes inside! [more inside]
posted by cosmologinaut at 11:19 PM PST - 18 comments

Should I overstate my income to qualify for Obamacare?

I want to qualify for the Health Insurance Exchange in a state that doesnt have health care expansion. But I don't make the minimum amount to qualify. What would you do? [more inside]
posted by chrisdab at 9:42 PM PST - 19 comments

Piano Lessons for a Small Person

I would like to start teaching my four-year old how to play the piano. I have basic piano knowledge but I'm not that fluent. Do you have advice or resources to share? I'm hoping to find some fun online videos and short play activities.
posted by bq at 9:34 PM PST - 4 comments

Trans* and trans*-inclusive word nerds, tally ho!

I need some examples of organisations using trans*inclusive language in interesting and welcoming ways - particularly on the web and on social media. When I need to communicate that a group is open to women and trans* people, but not cisgender dudes, I feel like I'm using the same clunky phrases every damn time. Help me find new ways to say it without tying myself in linguistic knots. [more inside]
posted by embrangled at 9:28 PM PST - 30 comments

Help me save my files!

I've saved a lot of files using the Firefox add-on "Scrapbook." Several thousands of files, actually. It has occurred to me that the internet being what it is, it is unlikely that the extension will work forever. I'm hoping that there is another way I can make permanent copies of webpages for later perusal. [more inside]
posted by gilsonal at 9:01 PM PST - 10 comments

please hope me find a pair of shoes

I have super high arches, a wide toe box, constant pain in my foot, and a weak ankle. Do you have any recommendations for a somewhat stylish but not-quite-formal dress shoe I can wear to work with slacks or khakis and a button-down shirt? I'm pretty butch and usually wear a leather loafer in a men's size 7.5 / women's size 9. [more inside]
posted by wearyaswater at 8:29 PM PST - 16 comments

Good Time Piano Songs!

Hi! I'm looking for rock songs that have a distinctive upbeatish piano section or riff in them fir a project I'm working on. [more inside]
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Sticky Work Situation - Worth Bringing Up?

I'm in a sticky work situation. My account manager, who I'm partnered with, is pretty great overall - tries to be understanding, gives me enough rope to succeed but enough support to perform, even spends extra hours with me for development. But we're all in our early to mid-twenties, which can be kind of a rough age. One of our other account managers is pretty blunt, quite potty-mouthed, abrasive with terrible delivery. For example, she will regularly say people "shit the bed" "absolutely fucking suck" "is a sack of shit" as a reason not to work with them. [more inside]
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What happens when Mom breaks the rules?

My sister smokes pot recreationally. She has young kids who know about it and are really bothered by it. Where does a concerned aunt step in? [more inside]
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