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September 30

Belt that signals which direction you are facing.

A few years ago I read an article about a study where the subjects wore a belt like device that vibrated on the four cardinal directions. If I remember correctly the subjects were able to determine which direction they were facing even after the device was removed. I am trying to find the article again and am having no luck. AskMetafilter powers activate!
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Subwoofer appears dead but who is to blame?

About a week ago, the subwoofer attached to my Onkyo SR304 receiver made ominous popping sounds even when its audio input signal was removed. First time in 5 years. Now it makes no sounds, but the little green light on the front comes on and the fuse appears okay. Do you think the subwoofer died a natural death, or was foul play involved?---for example, do you think some kind of grounding problem caused its demise?
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Why are half of the buttonholes on my blazer's sleeves unopened?

A new blazer I purchased has 4 buttons on each sleeve, and 2 functional buttonholes, 2--towards the end--which are unopened--why? [more inside]
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Encoding for transcription

Let's say I've got some arbitrary data (a jpg image, or a PGP-encrypted message) that will need to transmitted through manual transcription (a human reading from a piece of paper or listening to someone reading from one). Are there any encodings designed to aid speed and accuracy of human transcription? [more inside]
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Fugazi - mouse shoes - Andy's room

In my late middle school/early high school years (2002-5?) I read a short story in a teen magazine that blew my mind. I think it was called "In Andy's Room," and the narrator and her crush, Andy, talked about the band Fugazi. She fretted about her flats that were pointy, like mice, and at the end of the story she sat in a tree outside Andy's room, thinking about him. Help me find this story! [more inside]
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How often do I HAVE to see my shrink?

The doctor who prescribes my Ritalin and Lamictal is telling me that the state licensing board in Maryland requires that he see me once every three months. I've never heard of this before. I believe that it may be recommended that a doctor see a patient on some defined basis, especially with new prescriptions, but I've been seeing him for years, been taking these for years and never had any issues. The only justification I can imagine is the overall crackdown on Schedule II prescriptions. I really don't want to spend the time and money to sit there and tell him everything is fine 4 times per year. Is he really required to do this? Is it medically justifiable and necessary?
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When it rains....

I am not looking for a new job but I got a call from a recruiter. It would be the perfect opportunity if I didn't already have an almost perfect job. [more inside]
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And that is why they call me Rolf.

Please suggest books, ideally fiction, about everyday life of common people in wartime Nazi Germany, or other people who ended up on the wrong side of history. [more inside]
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What are the most recent iPhone apps now available on Android?

I know that it takes a while for many of the best iPhone apps to be adapted for Android and other platforms. Is there a site or some other list of these recent migrations that gets updated fairly frequently?
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Printing t-shirt design with trademarks?

My fraternity created a cool design that uses the outlines of a lot of the things that we like into our Greek letters. Unfortunately, this design incorporates a lot of different trademarks from a lot of different franchises, and as a result, we're running into different people saying that they can't print our design since it includes trademarks. Is there a way we can get around this? Can we get it printed as fair use somehow? [more inside]
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My boss invited me to a pyramid scheme.

When a person holds some sway over your career path, how do you tell him that you don't want to join his network marketing team? [more inside]
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How to price and market art work?

I've decided to try selling some of my art work, however I have no idea how to go about valuing my art work. I'm also not sure of the best place to sell it or how to market it. [more inside]
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Cutting off abusive parents AFTER they have tried to make amends?

My parents were abusive for over a decade of my life, profoundly and in many ways permanently impacting my physical health and emotional and social well-being. Since that time, they have apologized, but I am still incredibly angry and hurt by the choices they made. Could cutting off contact help me move on? Mefites who have been in similar situations, please share your experiences and suggestions for healing. More details below. [more inside]
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Bondage 101?

My SO and I are starting to explore our kink side and need help navigating the maze of bondage techniques. [more inside]
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Ideas for fifth wedding anniversary

What amazing fun thing can we arrange for our fifth wedding anniversary when we have 6 months to plan? Relevant details inside. [more inside]
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How do I use digital technology to let people know about a funeral?

My grandfather is likely to die within the next few months. I am trying to figure out how, when it comes to that point, to inform people of the time of the funeral and the shiva, because I do not want to have to think about this when he dies. I do not want to phone or text anyone except two or three of my close friends. How do I inform other people? [more inside]
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How does DailyLit split up books into bits?

How do sites like DailyLit split up large text files into smaller files and then email them? [more inside]
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Help me win PUA hearts and minds

I have a rare opportunity to tell a PUA about how repugnant I find the practice. I want to do this with uncharacteristic diplomacy. [more inside]
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Need help troubleshooting PS3 power issue - not powering up from standby

I have a 1st gen PS3 (the fat one with the power switch on the back) which appears to be dying on me. Googling only turns up info for the 'yellow LED of death' or the 'unresponsive power button' issues which don't seem to apply here. More details inside [more inside]
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Angling for a promotion in a restaurant - help!

I am working as a restaurant hostess, and I am making, on average, maybe $14/hour, often with really short shifts. This is not enough. I have some serving experience, I want to be a server, but I'm not sure how to best go about it. Working in a restaurant is a good fit for my lifestyle right now (low monthly expenses, need the flexibility) and I am happier in a job that has me running around than sitting at a desk. My original plan was to try to supplement my hostessing income with another part-time job, but finding a keeping and scheduling such a second/third job is not really working out right now. Should I stick it out at one restaurant, or just look elsewhere? [more inside]
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Need iPad music App (iOS 7) that displays song lengths in playlist view

I need a basic iOS 7 music app for iPad 2 which will display the song lengths in playlist view mode. [more inside]
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How can I eat it? - the 10th anniversary edition

This coming Saturday, my husband and I are celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary with our family. As part of the event, we would like to serve the top tier from our wedding cake. What's the best way to do this, given my inexperience at decorating cakes and the time constraints? [more inside]
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Does the Surface (RT) make sense for kids and homework?

I'm considering a Microsoft Surface (the cheaper one with Windows RT) for basic productivity work, but it's been so maligned that I'm scared of it even though it seems to make sense. [more inside]
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A good book for an anxious kid's mom.

Can you recommend a book or two about dealing with a very anxious pre-teen? [more inside]
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SF story about a man who shows up in a world of women wanting adventure

I'm trying to remember a science fiction story about a peaceful future in which there are only women and a time-traveling man shows up wanting adventure ("What, you don't have war? No soldiers?"), and I can't remember the title and can't google it up. Maybe by Joanna Russ? (End-of-story spoiler inside.) [more inside]
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Ideas about how to understand mortgage loan history statements

I'm helping someone in a foreclosure fraud case; s/he's suing Pro Per with a bank as the Defendant. So far, it's going well. The bank has released the Plaintiff's loan history for examination. The loan history is replete with codes and cryptic remarks (most, self-serving to the bank, but that's another story). We asked the bank (via a Production of Documents request) to provide the codes, but they objected. We tried a Motion to get the codes, but it was overruled. Does anyone have any ideas about how I might go about accessing someone who understands the codes, or if there is a guide to what the codes mean. It's crucial that we're able to decipher the codes, because the loan history docs to contain incriminating evidence against the bank. I was thinking that I might be able to find out what the codes mean via "interrogatories" (one vehicle for discovery). Anyway, ideas appreciated.
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One, two, three (in another language) classification for expertise?

What's the system for learning and following the rules that's described by the numbers one, two, and three in what I think is an Asian language? [more inside]
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Is the new Nexus 7 good for reading PDFs?

I have an old Kindle that works fine for novels, but I'd like a tablet to read PDFs of reference books. Nexus 7 has a snazzy looking 1200x1980 screen. Is the new Nexus 7 good for reading PDFs or should I be looking for tablets with a bigger screen?
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How can I best interact with this guy?

I have a teammate at work and I need to know how to make our working relationship more effective. He has trouble with social interaction and exhibits behaviors that I've often heard in discussions about Asperger/autism spectrum disorders, but more to the point, he has trouble with anger and I'm not sure how to respond to it. I understand that I can't be sure about my armchair diagnosis, but I don't need to know the cause of his behavior so long as I can find ways to work with him. [more inside]
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Lost Skydrive Account, Lost OneNote Files

Updating to Office 2013 led to find that my recent notes had been stored on Microsoft Skydrive instead of locally... and that I can no longer access them. Oops. [more inside]
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Am I breaking some unwritten cell phone rule?

When people call my cell phone and don't leave a voicemail, I tend not to call them back. Should I? Is there a pervasive cultural expectation of which I am unaware that one is obligated to return missed calls? [more inside]
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If I could take burritos to Wisconsin, I would

I'm visiting a friend in Milwaukee, WI and would like to bring something from LA (or California in general) that maybe one would not be able to easily obtain in Milwaukee. She's been to LA before, and recently had a baby, so at the very least I will take adorable baby stuff, but a region-specific gift would be fun, if I could only think of something worthwhile! It has to be something I can carry with me on a plane.
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What's your experience navigating life errands as a non-native speaker?

What's your experience navigating life errands (especially grocery shopping) as a non-native English speaker in an English speaking country? Any experience as a non-native speaker in any country would work as well. This is for a research project. [more inside]
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my boyfriend's ex accused him of abuse; how to proceed?

In a recent conversation with my boyfriend of four months, it came up that in the divorce papers his ex-wife had served him with, she had accused him of abuse. [Specifically spitting, pushing, and kicking, as well as emotional abuse.] He denies all of it, and says that instead SHE abused HIM, both physically attacking him and subjecting him to emotional abuse. I knew that their relationship had been acrimonious--but this seems like something else entirely. [more inside]
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Hi, I’m Anon and I want to leave my 12 Step Program. How?

I’ve been a member of a 12 Step program. I've successfully quit my addiction and now I want to leave the group as quickly and painlessly as possible. How do I do that? [more inside]
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What is the best interactive anatomy atlas for OSX?

I am looking for an anatomy atlas to use on my Mac (running Mountain Lion) that lets me see the body in 3D, rotate it, peel away layers, and shows as much detail as possible. It must use Latin names. [more inside]
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Keeping the Surprise a Secret

I've chosen the destination for a surprise trip and have all the basics planned - how long can I can keep the secret going and how/when should I plan the reveal? [more inside]
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Compression socks: Where did the fluid go?

On the advice of my podiatrist, I have just started wearing compression sock. And, they work! But, where did the fluid go? [more inside]
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What makes a ringtone audible in an urban environment?

Even with the ringer set on maximum volume, I tend not to hear my phone ringing when I'm out walking on a busy London street. I'd like a ringtone that will be audible over traffic noise, but not be earsplitting or annoying when I'm indoors. Are there any acoustic properties (other than sheer loudness) that I should look for in a ringtone to help it stand out against a background of car engines and other street noise?
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What the hell did I just do?

I have asked a previous question about my situation and was really grateful for the advice. So last week I took it, and I told my SO that I thought we weren’t working and it would be better for both of us if we separated. So we did at the weekend. And now I don’t know if I’ve made the biggest mistake of my life. Where do I go from here? Oh so many, many details below. [more inside]
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Reputable budget online jewelry?

I'm interested in finding online sources of precious-metal jewelry at a low cost. For example, a site that had solid gold/gold plated/solid silver chains to put other jewelry on. I know ebay has a good selection, but I have found that things have been mislabeled (ie something marked solid gold that is obviously not). I also know there are some things like that on Etsy, but there has to be a source of their supplies. I'm more interested in the low cost side than the artful jewelry side (I already have lots of sites like that to drool at!).
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How to trim a toddler's bangs

I don't want to take my toddler to the salon every three months, can I realistically trim her wispy bangs myself? Can you talk me through it, or what online resource can you recommend? [more inside]
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Tell me all the cool things to do and places to go in Rotterdam

I can show you all around Amsterdam, Haarlem, even Alkmaar and Utrecht...but I know nearly nothing about Rotterdam. I have friends visiting soon, so I'm looking for suggestions. [more inside]
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Detroit historical tour of area where 1967 riot took place?

Over the last decade, I've heard many rumours of informative guided tours, of groups and individuals, BY groups and individuals, of the area destroyed during the 1967 riots in Detroit. I have always wanted to go, and am now trying to plan something with a friend the weekend of October 12th. The only solid lead I had, an elderly history buff and longtime Detroit resident who had given tours to family friends in the past, is no longer giving tours, and google doesn't list any tours with this particular theme. I am very much hoping someone here can help!
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Insecticide related freak-out

Worrying about long-term exposure to insecticides in my home - what to do now? [more inside]
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How to prevent vision deterioration from excessive computer use

I use the computer for 16-18 hours a day becasue I have a online business and I have noticed my vision worsening since doing this. I really don't want glasses and have seen a eye doctor who said I don't absolutely need glasses my vision is 20/25 I think he said. I used to have better vision before I spent so much time on the computer. I'm wondering if there any any "techniques" used by OSHA or anything to prevent eyestrain or vision deterioration from excessive computer use .
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Thinking about applying for a transfer to a position in China

Question written by my boyfriend but asking for both of us. Boyfriend is a western game developer considering a job in Shanghai. The position would be a promotion within the same corporation, but to a different studio. We have some questions about salary and the cost of living in Shanghai, with a bonus question about a visa for me, the girlfriend! [more inside]
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September 29

Relational databases for a research project

Is FileMaker Pro right for this? If so, please help me understand the costs/benefits of setting FMP up for certain project-specific functions. [more inside]
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Does happy lifelong singledom exist?

At 30 and after almost a decade of being unable to click with anyone at a romantic level, I'm starting to consider the possibility of my having to live as a single for the rest of the journey. Not that I plan to quit trying in the near future, but given the poor results so far, I am trying to imagine and anticipate what perpetual singledom may be, especially as one grows older. My questions are related to the possibilities for happiness, fulfillment and emotional stability while chronically single. Are they real? Do you think a person can be alone all his/her life and have a meaningful and fulfilling life? I have a clear sense of what sort of contributions I want to try to make to my environment and society, but I wonder if this purpose will be enough to keep my life motivation burning as I get older supposing that I do stay alone. [more inside]
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Population of ranked lists

I have a statistics question about ranked lists. This is not a homework question. [more inside]
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South Beach Hotels

What is your all time favorite hotel in South Beach (Florida) and why? Looking at an early November stay. Heartfelt thanks fellow hive members!
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agh, my faaaaace....

They're not zits, but they turn into zits. What do I do about them?? [more inside]
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When to give up

Following my previous questions, I went back home during my summer break of grad school in Tokyo and felt a lot better, while still anxious about going back to Tokyo. I have been back at grad school for four days out of which I have spent every single one crying. Or actually weeping and sobbing like a child. I can't take this any longer, but I don't know what to do. [more inside]
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Double expresso please

How have significant others helped you while you were under exam pressure ? [more inside]
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"Works on Contingency? No, money down!" How does this work in Australia?

You are, of course, not my Australian lawyer. However, my SO may soon be hiring one for a suit against a hospital. To ensure that the lawyer we're hiring is the kind that we think we're hiring, she's asked me what the difference (if any) is between a no-win, no fee lawyer, and a lawyer that is hired under a contingency agreement. [more inside]
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What chocolate brand do you recommend, hopefully available online?

I want to buy delicious chocolate, online preferably. I would prefer pure chocolate (milk or dark with no nuts or any distractions) or truffles (creamy with no flavor other than chocolate). I have seen a couple of websites online, but would like your recommendations... [more inside]
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What to do about a difficult roommate?

I freely admit I'm not good at having aggression directed towards me, so I can't tell what to do. Essentially, cultural differences are making it really hard to get along with my roommate. Please help this co-op living delicate flower (me) coexist happily with my very German roommate! Like everyone, I am a special snowflake. This is long and detailed because I'm processing as I write. [more inside]
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iPhone app that sets reminders based on BOTH location and time?

Is there an iPhone app that allows me to set reminders that are shown only if I'm in a specific place at a specific time? [more inside]
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Pushing spouse to next stage in seperation. Please help.

My spouse won't move with me to the next step in our separation and I don't know what to do. [more inside]
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Podcasts for German language learners?

I'm taking an introductory German course and am looking for some good podcasts that will supplement what I am learning and help me get to fluency quicker. What should I be listening to? [more inside]
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Visiting Vermont (Burlington)

I am trying to visit a friend in Westfield, Vermont, which is up near the border, and then another friend in Montreal, but I'm having a hard time figuring out the logistics. [more inside]
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What can I do during a short break from studying to refresh myself but w

I've figured out that taking short, 5-10 minute breaks while I study helps a lot but I'm having a hard time taking a break without getting distracted and forgetting to go back to work. What is something I can do that's relaxing or interesting but doesn't last long? [more inside]
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Where can I get a used mattress sanitized (baked) in Atlanta, Georgia

So I recently learned that sanitizing used mattresses by baking them at 230 (+/-) degrees for several hours is something required by state law in several states is a thing. Now that I know it can be done, I'm interested in doing this to our new (used) mattress that hasn't yet come into our home in Atlanta, Georgia, but can't find a service provider. [more inside]
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What are some easy, fun art projects or DIY decorations I can do for zero dollars? [more inside]
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How to deal with a loss of a career due to chronic injury

Hello, I am worried about my mental health because I am about to give up a career that I love because of a health issue. I work in a very competitive industry and I have, after many years of hard work been given my dream job. My work is exciting, varied and creative. It is also extremely physical. I am at the edge of achieving all my goals. But my condition means I am struggling to do the job. I am only in my late 20's My questions are: How can I deal mentally if I have to quit? I feel to a large extent defined by my work. I feel everything I worked for over the last 10 years is about to be ruined. I'm worried that I wont have anything else in my life that I can truly excel at. For those of you that have had a similar loss how did you cope? (Loss of a career, sport, hobby, etc) Thanks
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Which Twitter Feeds will spoil Breaking Bad in real time?

I don't have cable or the ability to stream live TV, but I watched the first two seasons of Breaking Bad on DVD and have been following a lot of info about it via various podcasts and have my own predictions. Tonight during the series finale, I'd like to follow the show plot-point-by-plot-point live during the show. Are there any twitter feeds that are likely to do this? Spoilers are A-OK and expected and desired. Nothing held back. Who should I be following tonight? Also, what time does it start? (I'm in the Central Time Zone US.)
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Are there any webcams that do at least *60fps* at 1024x768?

I'm building an interactive art piece that processes video from a webcam using Processing. The piece would look much more fluid if I could get 60fps at a minimum resolution of 1024x768 from the webcam. I'd love to spend $100±.
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Waterproof Kitchen Cabinetry?

We have standard-issue Maple kitchen cabinets from 2008 construction. The kids had fun with our sink's spray and now we have several darker spots in the panel nearest the faucet. There are about twenty-five spots and all are smaller than a dime. They gave off no smell until I tried to rub them out with a little bleach water. Since then it has gradually increased so that now our kitchen smells like a home I helped clean out after a flood. Their appearance has not changed since we discovered them three weeks ago. [more inside]
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Selective Service Indeed

Guys singled out to the exclusion of girls. Why? [more inside]
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What is the name of this classic Sci-Fi story?

I'm looking for the name of this classic SF story about a handful of astronauts stranded in space in radio contact but slowly drifting away from each other and running out of air. [more inside]
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Is my phone replacement a dud?

Someone recently stole my Iphone 4 and with my upgrade coming up in December and not having insurance I had to resort to alternative means to acquire a new phone. I purchased a HTC thunderbolt online with a cracked screen for fairly cheap.When I first got it the "device" worked great. I can browse the phone and connect to wifi and have no SD card issues but when I went to activate it at verizon they stuck a 4G LTE SIM card in it and tried activating it for over an hour then eventually told me they were stumped and to buy another phone or call customer support. [more inside]
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Non-profit career help in Britain?

Last October, I started a charity that since April I have won some good grants, grown over the last three months from 10 to 54 clients. Well enough, I am happy to continue working on it as a volunteer and board member. But, it doesn't need full-time employees. I have got some consulting work beginning in November. I would like to find a full-time job. Explaining "I did this, it is going well, now I need some money" is difficult. I am trying to find a non-profit or NGO career consultant in England or the EU to help sort this all out. Can you help?
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What do I need to know about teaching in Sydney, Australia?

Will I even be able to get a job there?? [more inside]
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Human rights cases involving female discrimination and voice projection?

There is currently a bylaw in Ottawa that prevents street performers from amplifying their voices. A street performer has taken the city to a human rights tribunal, claiming that as women find it harder to project their voices than men, this bylaw is unfairly discriminating against female street performers. I run an advocacy group for buskers, and am very keen to see her claim upheld. So, I'm looking for studies or previous cases that may lend support for her argument. And any advice on where I might look for more.
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Best software or websites to manage my small company

First of all, if there are better places on the internet where I should ask these types of questions about project and company management, please let me know. You guys are awesome, but I have plenty of other types of questions I'd like to ask in here, and, plus, I need to find the best source for answers to specific questions like this and fast. I need the proper technological solution for managing the flow of tasks and information of an entire company. The company is about 20 people in the office (half of them engineers) and about the same in the fab shop, so it's small. I am not the owner, but the oft-ignored second-in-command. See my other questions (here and here) for more details about my specific working situation. Right now, the company can only be described as chaotic. We have taken probably on probably too much work, people (especially me) aren't aware of what others are doing, collaboration takes place in inefficient bursts in the conference room, and the massive amount of information we generate per job and in the rest of the business is never easily found when needed. The owner causes a lot of these problems with his capricious style of running the business and tends to only add to the entropy, but I think that centralization of information and communication may save it before it's too late. I need the proper tool or tools to do this. I'll discuss where I am thus far, and we can go from there. [more inside]
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Product / Category Description on page in Wordpress/Woocommerce

I have searched to the end of the earth trying to figure out how to do this but cannot find a thing that fits. I sell soap with various scents. The scent descriptions are written as "Category Descriptions" and "Product Short Descriptions". I would like to create a new page which lists all the scents with their descriptions. I'm okay with hard coding the name on the page (in fact, I hyperlinked the name to the category page) but would love to call the description from one of the two places it already exists so that three places need not be updated if a description is changed. I've looked at functions and shortcodes and just can't make it fit. I'm sure I'm missing something. I have Canvas (child theme). Any thoughts are highly appreciated and I will be forever grateful! Holly
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The dream of the 1890s is alive in my work dress code

What's the best way for a woman to wear classic menswear? [more inside]
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Help me find more groups like John Brothers Piano Company Quintet

Help me find more music like new group John Brothers Piano Company Quintet. Youtube link inside. [more inside]
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So... my passport is coated in massage bar.

It's a long story how, but a Lush massage bar melted in the drawer where I keep my passport. The barcode and picture are clear, but it is sort of waxy feeling and every page appears to be coated in wax/cocoa butter. I am in Canada and am planning to travel from Vancouver, BC to Seattle, Washington by train in two weeks. Should I pay the exorbitant fee to get a rushed passport, or hope that they won't have a problem since the picture and barcode are clear?
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Cardigan--too tiny?

Fashionista filter: I love cardigans and as a Librarian I have quite a collection. But one thing always bugs me, if your cardigan cannot button up comfortably does that mean that it is too small for you? I don't wear mine buttoned up, but I do see people that wear them open and it looks like they barely fit--and there is almost nothing worse than a too tight sweater.
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Strange USB behavior on laptop

My laptop has been having problems recognizing USB devices recently. Either it takes a really, really long time for the device to be recognized, or it's recognized nearly immediately but the device doesn't perform correctly. For example, I have a wireless bluetooth mouse that used to work, but currently the USB receiver is recognized (it makes the connection sound) but it doesn't read input from the mouse. I attach my phone, and either it's not recognized at all (despite making the connection sound) or it's recognized as a CD Drive instead of as a removable drive. No major changes to the system recently, aside from having the Norton subscription that was on here run out and replacing it with MSSE. The problems started before switching the AV software, however. It's a Win7 64 bit system. Other information available if needed.
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How to Express a Dating Deal Breaker Respectfully

Later tonight I will be going on a second date with a new guy that seems like a promising fit. One thing he brought up during the first date is that he's about to go to Amsterdam for a few days and that while there he's looking forward to relaxing and smoking pot. Pot use is a deal breaker for me, but I want to make sure I have all the facts before I let him know that. How do I collect that info respectfully, and then let him know that pot's a deal breaker for me without sounding really weird? [more inside]
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Shave and a Haircut in the Bay Area

My father is getting married next week in Berkeley and I thought he, my brother and I could get a shave and a haircut the day before as a special wedding male bonding kinda thing. [more inside]
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What's leaving this on my windowsill?

What's leaving this on my windowsill? [more inside]
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Video Game Design Software

My son, who will be turning 12 this month just told me that he wants a video game design software program for his birthday. He is already adept at website coding and has Microsoft's Kodu game design software, but finds Kodu very limiting. He is better at Photoshop than most of my colleagues at work and is generally very computer literate. His favorite game to play is Minecraft, so I expect that this is an example of the type of game that he would like to be able to create. [more inside]
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Does anyone know about whole-house water filtration systems?

I'll admit to being massively confused by the hype vs. non-hype of the water filtration industry. For those of you who have gone through this, which WHOLE HOUSE water filtration system did you decide on and why? I can't seem to find adequate customer reviews that I feel are objective and believable. The only decision I have made is that I do not want a reverse osmosis system. My entire house is under construction and everything is easily accessible, so this is the perfect time to get this handled. If it matters, the home is in Los Angeles, Hollywood Hills specifically.
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Bought a new monitor for pc gaming. Should it look like this?

I just bought the Asus VG248QE after reading many reviews stating it was excellent for pc gaming. While it appears to be pretty damn good, I'm a little thrown off by how dark scenes look in a few games I've tried. I also can't seem to recall if they looked like this on my old monitor also or if this is a symptom of the new one. [more inside]
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What happens to bird feces when sanitized, but still physically present?

Ok probably sounds disgusting, but I just have a theoretical interest in this ever since I moved to my new apt with a balcony frequent by the flying rat kind. I don't have time in the morning but I frequently spray some bleach water solution on the pigeon feces to scrape off later, and then I was wondering what chemically happens to the feces (or well, anything organic that contains pathogens and bacteria) when soaked in bleach. Are the soaked feces on the railing theoretically "clean" and sanitized? What happens??? What is left over? I don't intend to leave them there, just curious. BTW: any tips to keep pigeons away while at it? We covered all the balcony railings in reflective tape. It looks like a camp, silver palace now, but they still like it.
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Do I sell this coin collection?

My mom's uncle left me a "Heritage of America Coin Collection" when he died several years ago. I'm trying to decide if I should sell/get rid of it or not. [more inside]
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Why must everything with this car be complicated? BMW Coolant Edition.

Do I really need to buy the BMW brand coolant like the manual tells me, or is there an equivalent coolant that will work just fine? [more inside]
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Best Bubbly Bath Bomb?

I tried my first bath bomb/epsom salt mix a few days back and I loved it, but I wanted more. I want my tub to temporarly become a high powered jacuzzi. Where can I find ( or how can I make) the most aggressive, bubbly, foamy, churningly tingly bath time additive?
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American Shibboleth

With the global saturation of American culture I've gotten to wondering about a question relating to American identity that is surprisingly difficult to answer well, are there any Shibboleths that Americans today could use that would reasonably identify other Americans while also excluding non-Americans? During WWII GI's would quiz suspicious soldiers claiming to be American on baseball knowledge, as the sport gets more popular elsewhere and less popular in the US, is there anything left that Americans today could use? What would be culturally ubiquitous enough to reach everyone in the US without also reaching the world? [more inside]
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baby gifts for germany

I would like to give my friends baby things that they may not be able to get in Germany. [more inside]
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I can't eat. Please advise.

My depression took a turn for the worse a couple of weeks ago and I've barely been able to eat anything. This is bad for my psychiatric as well as physical health. I could really use some advice on how to take care of myself despite my loss of appetite. [more inside]
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What is this maroon capsule-looking thing?

I found a couple of these in a bag of old clothes. The maroon "shell" is thin, rigid, and cracks under pressure (the one in the picture was originally whole). There is a ridge on one side (visible in the second picture) that looks like the result of being sealed in a machine. The inside is lighter, somewhat whitish, and looks a bit like the inside of a bean. When I squeezed one of them a sort of white fluid came out, which was sticky. The outside looks inorganic and the inside looks organic (although I guess the whole thing probably is organic). I haven't touched them with bare skin so I don't know how they feel. Any insight as to what this is? Thanks!
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Help me be a better actor.

I recently landed the role of Lennox in a local production of Macbeth—uh, "The Scottish Play"—despite very little experience in acting. I enjoy roles with fewer lines, so I was pleased at first. Now that we're well into rehearsals, however, I'm struggling with my personality and the character's. Lennox is a thane, a soldier, and I'm a weedy introvert. I need some help. [more inside]
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Help me handle a tricky family situation.

My sister-in-law is doesn't hang out with my kids and my mother-in-law thinks it's my fault. How do I defuse the situation? [more inside]
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Breaking Bad Finale viewing Party, D.C. Area Edition

Help me mefites! I'm in the D.C. Area on business, and my hotel doesn't have AMC!! I have tried googling to find a finale viewing party in this area, but to no avail. Does anyone know of any finale viewing parties in the Washington, D.C./McLean, VA area? Maybe a bar that's showing it? Im desperate to see how the show will end, preferably with other fans of the show and/or fellow Mefites...any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance!!
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Please help me find this brand of jeans again. [Korean jeans filter]

My favorite pair of jeans are about to die. I love how they fit, the quality is exceptional, and I have no idea where to find them again. The brand is Nix Jeans. I've tried eBay, Amazon, and Google, and the only thing I've found is one ugly pair of jeans on eBay that I definitely don't want. I bought them in an open air market in West Africa so there's no possible way I can return to the source. Here is a picture of the label. Does anyone have any idea where I can buy Nix jeans?
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Need some new nature documentaries.

I love nature documentaries (good ones), but I'm all out and need some recommendations. More inside for what I like, and what I've seen. [more inside]
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Looking for a resource on grammar

I am learning French and am struggling with how to relate French grammar to its English equivalent. The problem: I have no general understanding of grammar. Six months ago I didn't even know what an adverb was! [more inside]
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September 28

Psychiatrist practicing talk therapy

Hi! I recently moved to Bellevue, WA. I am in need of a psychiatrist who also practice talk therapy. If anyone knows of any such doctors, please share... Thank you! :)
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Is tequila an upper?

I am in an argument with my friend who claims tequila is somehow a stimulant or upper. I think this is ludicrous and all alcohol is a depressant. I am trying to prove her wrong via the internets but all the sources I can find are completely unsubstantiated crap. Is there any reputable source that will settle this preposterous argument?
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He's got the index cards out again.

What are some creative and cinematic DM scenarios/tools I can use in my D&D 3.5 game? They do not have to be D20-compatible or even necessarily from tabletop RPGs. I just want to spice the game up a little past the rules and the setting. The examples inside should illustrate what I mean better than I am explaining it. [more inside]
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Polyurethane mattresses -- what's all the fuss?

I'm trying to figure out if there's anything to worry about putting my kid on a polyurethane mattress. [more inside]
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What's your favourite (protest) music of the moment?

Post Australian Federal election, faced with my nation of birth demoting science, closing the Climate Commission and being assholes about asylum seekers I'm feeling angry, but also pretty hopeless. And that's just the major Australian issues of the last fortnight. I need music to keep me going. What are your favourite protest, activist and resistance songs that are just plain good music? (Bonus points for relevant artists that aren't bolshy white men.) [more inside]
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Has anyone taken a miksang course?

Has anyone taken a course on miksang contemplative photography and how did you find it? Did it apply to all your images, i.e. stills and portrait photography. Can you provide some details on the learning process?
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Can I find out why the FBI raided my neighbor's house?

A few weeks ago there was a pretty intense raid on my neighbor's house that involved flashbangs, the FBI, and the DEA. The whole shebang lasted about 3 hours, and although there were heavily armed and armored agents standing around in the street it clearly wasn't a "standoff" situation. Eventually all the armed people disappeared, some evidence tech type people removed some things from the house, a vehicle was towed, and a few (but not all) of the house's occupants were arrested. [more inside]
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Career in public health?

I'm currently a registered nurse in New Zealand. I'm about to start post-graduate study here in NZ with an eye towards a masters degree. I assumed I'd be working toward a masters in nursing (for obvious reasons) but I've always been quite keen on public health and I'm thinking of working towards an MPH. I have a school and course of study in mind already (my interests are cardiovascular health, population health, informatics, and epidemiology). Also thrown into the mix, I'm a citizen of the United States, but I completed all my university schooling in New Zealand. I might like to potentially move back to the States one day. What, if any, are my job prospects like in this instance? Any advice from current MPH students or graduates?
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Old-Style Q-Tip Equivalent

Up to maybe 3 years ago, Q-Tips were loosely wrapped with an extra cushion of cotton at the tip. Doctors told me they hated the design, but I found it perfect. In fact, I used to fluff them out with my thumbnail. That made them perfect for getting water out of my ears. (I KNOW that I should never do that, but it's the only way to get them dry.) Fluffing the cotton out gave me plenty of warning before hitting the eardrum. These days, they're tightly wrapped with no extra at the tip, and they're nearly impossible to fluff out. Does anyone know of another brand in the old Q-Tip style?
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What do you use your phone for?

I wish for my smartphone to have more utility. What do you use yours for? [more inside]
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Early-stage career regret and what to do about it

Recently, fresh out of school, I had two job offers. One was a dream job in Silicon Valley and the other was a job with a team I had worked with before. For what I now see as stupid reasons, I took the second job. But two months in, I wake up every morning kicking myself for turning down my dream job. I'm unsure what to do... [more inside]
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Restorative Justice in NYC

I help run an arts organization in NYC, and recently, it was brought to our attention that a person's behavior has made some of our other community members feel unsafe. The person has agreed to stay away from our organization and its events until invited back, and seems genuinely repentant. I'm looking for information about restorative justice - either resources on how it works, what standard practices are, and also (ideally) any organizations in the NYC area that could help us understand and navigate this situation. Please understand I can't provide any more details than this, for obvious reasons of confidentiality.
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Feeling discouraged with weightlifting - vegetarian edition

I started lifting weights at the gym about 8 months ago. Initially I made some small gains, but I quickly plateaued and now I feel like I'm putting way more in than I'm getting out of it. As a vegetarian, should I drink like 4 protein shakes a day? [more inside]
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Bricked my computer updating my BIOS. Help!

I updated my BIOS and now my computer won't boot. Please save me. [more inside]
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Best for bicep beginner: dumbbells or barbell?

Weightlifting beginner looking to bulk up my biceps purely for aesthetics using free weights. I don't do any other weight training currently. Would I be better off with a dumbbell set like this or an EZ Curl barbell like this?
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What's a reasonable moving timeline for the SF Bay Area?

We're going to move from the southern part of Alameda County to somewhere between Martinez and Oakley in eastern/northern Contra Costa County. We have a few complications (of course!) and not much moving experience. Can you tell us how to plan? [more inside]
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HoneymoonFilter: France and Italy in 10 days

Looking for guidance and travel tips on a trip I am planning - driving from Paris to Toulouse and then heading over to Italy. Where to stay on the way down to Toulouse for one night and what's the best way to get to Italy from Toulouse? [more inside]
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Roaches! Not for the first time, not for the last time.

We have a roach infestation in our new apartment. Ha ha ha. What's a good gameplan? Is it weird that I've accepted it? [more inside]
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Can you recommend a bass guitar technician in Los Angeles?

I need to get my bass guitar set up this week. Sam Ash and Guitar Center have been pretty hit-or-miss for me with regard to... everything. Does anyone know of a good bass guitar tech in Los Angeles that could turn around a setup in a couple of days? [more inside]
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Do I need a second set of social media accounts?

I am about to launch a project that I think will get a lot of attention. I have personal/business social media accounts already, but do I need a second set of social media accounts just for this project to keep my personal/business ones from getting cluttered?
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Alcohol intolerance - delayed reaction and increasingly bad hangovers

My hangovers have been getting worse, even though I've been drinking less. It's also taking longer for my hangovers to start. Is this normal? [more inside]
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Bar where I can watch Breaking Bad finale in Phoenix?

Anybody in the Phoenix, AZ area know of a bar or similar locale that will be showing the breaking bad finale when it airs tomorrow? I don't have any way to watch it at home, and I thought it would be fun to watch it with other people, too. I've googled, but only come up with references to the "phoenix" episode... I also figure places showing it might be nervous to publicize?
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What is the DJ trying to do?

Help me understand electronic music! [more inside]
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Not Outside Over There

My daughter is trying to remember a picture book from her childhood. It involves "goblins that capture these children and then turn them into food that kind of has characteristics that explain the children, like there was a fat one that turned into pie because he liked pie a lot, and there was a huge feast. A girl came in and realized that they were about to eat the children, and she has to figure out how to get the children back. She tricks the goblins into eating food that looks like the food that they made out of the children, but it's actually real food, and she rescues the children." [more inside]
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Woodworking filter

How do I put text on this woodworking project [more inside]
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Social skills and workplace ch-ch-changes

Very soon, I will be in a position where I will need to help lead a major change in the workplace, and one where many of the people I work with will be unhappy. How do I do this? [more inside]
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Going it Alone, Reunion Edition

My 15th university reunion is next weekend and since I now live back in the area of my alma mater, I'll be heading to the party at least for the day. Except, I will be going solo. How do I make the most of the experience and not give in to my wallflower, introvert tendencies? [more inside]
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How can I improve my writing?

My writing tends to be very brief, and it's difficult for me to write long essays that are good. Also, I would like to start writing literary and cultural critiques and would like MeFites' advice. [more inside]
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Sonic Masterpiece Albums

With Fall around the corner I am looking for some new music to drive to and take long walks with. I listen to a lot of music but find myself returning to many of the same records. Most are sonically complex and feature lots of layers. I like the fact that I feel like I hear something new after the 1000th listen of the Fragile. What albums sound as good to you after the 100th listen as they did when it was new? [more inside]
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Replacing a ceiling light fixture, what is up with these wires?

We had planned to replacing an old ceiling light fixture (70's?) in our 1927 home, and after carefully taking down the old light, have uncovered this mess. We'll be calling our electrician on Monday, but in the meantime, can someone explain what we're looking at? [more inside]
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Google Voice ok for business use? Or what else?

"It is not advised that you use Google Voice services for your business as we do not provide enterprise support. Use at your own discretion." Carry on, or find another provider? [more inside]
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Good gardener in Pasadena or vicinity?

Does anyone have a gardener who will do more than mow and blow, but has the knowledge, ability, and experience to do some planting, trimming, and maintenance? [more inside]
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When will the internet ever care about sports?

I'm looking for a site or Chrome extension that will, with one click, show the scores of the teams I follow. All of them but no other teams. [more inside]
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"We kissed on the corner then danced through the night"

I'm going through a hand-lettering obsession lately, and becoming more interested in using text in artwork. I'm pretty comfortable with the parameters of fair use in terms of visual reference - using a photo to inform a painting, for example. But what's fair use if I want to paint a phrase or lyric or quote on a sign? The title of the question is my example: it is a line from Fairytale of New York. Is it a large or significant enough fragment that I would need to secure a license of the work if I wanted to create a painting and offer it for sale? The subject would be the text - more or less like this, versus a painting that included other elements with the text. I know there is often a range of ideal practice versus ordinary practice. Is this more formal like quoting a lyric in a book and giving copyright credit, or is it more informal like "I don't think Nick Cage signed off on the You Don't Say meme."?
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Probiotics during/after antibiotics?

I'm on a course of antibiotics, so I'd like to begin re-colonizing myself with some helpful gut flora. Totally willing to get whatever from wherever; there are Whole Foods and various hippie stores (no slight intended) around where I can purchase food or pills, if I need something not available at a mainstream big box retailer or grocery store. [more inside]
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Natural Gas Furnace Producing a Whole Lotta Gas Smell

Last night around 5 in the morning, we woke up because it smelled like natural gas--hard. After determining it wasn't coming from the oven, I remembered groggily to check the maintenance closet in our hallway, which contains two water heaters--one for our apartment, one for the apartment next door--and the natural gas furnace that heats our apartment through vents. I think something is happening to our furnace that causes it to do this, but I don't know what; I managed to stop it, but I'm not sure how. [more inside]
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Fantastic breakfast potato recipes?

What are some amazing breakfast potato recipes that you have tried and loved? No hash browns, please. Crispiness a must. Cool flavor combinations, e.g. spicy/sweet - or other interesting/creative aspects a plus.
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Help me not fry my laptop

I have two laptops, both Dells. I'm going on a trip and would like to take only one power brick. Can I do it? Specs inside. [more inside]
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Emulator like NESten for Mac os?

My favorite NES emulator is NESten because it has an amazing "cheat finder". I loved finding cheats for old games but I only have a Mac now. If anyone is familiar with the cheat finder in NESten can you recommend a similar emulator for Mac os? [more inside]
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Perfect fabrics for work wear

I'm trying to dress better for work, but some of the nicer fabrics that I like require extra care. I'm looking for nicer-business-casual fabrics that can be callously dropped off at my local laundromat. [more inside]
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help me navigate the world of retail/hospitality part-time jobs

I need a part-time job to make some sort of income while I'm completing a post-bacc. I am okay with mindless jobs because my classes exhaust my brain enough. I am trying to decide between the hospitality industry vs retail. Share your knowledge so that I can have a better grasp on the pros/cons of each. [more inside]
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Place in Baltimore (Mt. Vernon area) to watch the Chicago Bears game

I'm visiting Baltimore and am staying in the Mt. Vernon/Midtown area. Is there a good place nearby to watch the Chicago Bears game tomorrow?
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Raita filter: what's the best way to thin a raita?

Usually when I make raita, I just chuck some mint and cucumber in with some yogurt and let it sit overnight. Tasty, sure, but when I eat out, their raita is *much* thinner. Is it a different yogurt? Should I just use water? (Lemon juice, even a little bit, seems to add an undesired flavor). Something else? Thanks.
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Help me zine.

I'm planning to make a set of fanzines for an upcoming zinefest. I've done this once before (made zines for Doctor Who, Pushing Daisies, Discworld and Les Mis) and was very happy with the results. Now I need to pick fandoms for the next set, and I'm paralyzed with indecision. [more inside]
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Login with Facebook not working

I'm using the example code from here I've put in my app id and channelUrl but its not working. [more inside]
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chocolate in the UK

Is my sense of taste changing with age, or have chocolate bars become disgusting lately? It now seems massively oversweet to an oppressive degree, plus some other intense taste that might be salt, and with very little chocolate-ness. It's become a sort of 'why would I eat that?' thing for me. Cadburys, Nestle, Thorntons (!), Mars, Rowntrees, Ferrero roche, and especially Guylian. I haven't splashed out on luxury chocolate recently so don't know if they're part of this taste disappointment syndrome. Is anyone else noticing the same thing? Why might this be?
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Is it appropriate for me to attend my friend's grandmother's funeral?

After a slow, sad decline over the past decade, one of my best friend's much beloved grandmother has passed away. While I never met her ouma in person my friend has often shared stories of her life, the things she had taught her and more recently the sorrow of her drawn out illness and her fears for the future as it became clear she didn't have very long left in this world. My question is: is it appropriate for me to attend the funeral service this coming week? [more inside]
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Creepy mysterious packages sent to my house- help!

A few weeks ago, a package was sent to my apartment from someone I didn't know in Chicago ( I live in California) They had my full name and address and I had never heard of their name. The package contained one cheap hairbrush with the tag still on. I assumed it was a mistake and forgot about it. There was no note. [more inside]
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September 27

Pants have always been a problem for me.

I am a 6'3" slender man (< 180 lbs) in my mid 30s. I am a grad student and I work in independent media. Don't jump to any conclusions but you're probably not too far off in your pigeonhole. I don't have workplace dress codes, but I would like to find some nice non-denim pants. I'm looking for something like casual-hip/casual-dressy. I generally like svelte-fitting pants, which may or may not be still in style. [more inside]
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Help on my Bandit Keith cosplay (sooo many buttons!)

I've decided I will be cosplaying Bandit Keith from YuGiOh at my next convention. I've found an appropriate jean vest which I will be dying black (hard to tell if it should be black jean or leather). I'm still looking for the most patriotic bandanna in existence. But what I'm most concerned about is the shear number of gold buttons spread out on the jacket. [more inside]
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Feeding Teenage Cats

I have two six-month-old kittens. I am worried I'm not giving them enough food. Advice? [more inside]
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NW Passage - Who is the backup singer?

I love NW Passage by Stan Rogers, but I am particularly into the backup singer whose voice rises above the rest on the chorus. Do you know who that is? I would love to hear some of his songs.
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Yoga for clumsy but active person with chronic pain

I'm looking for a beginning yoga course (web-based or dvd) for myself. I have chronic pain due to a back injury, and I want to improve my flexibility and balance. I don't know anything about yoga. Please help! [more inside]
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Boycott my brother's wedding?

What’s my moral obligation here regarding my brother’s wedding? A doozy inside. [more inside]
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My diabetic cat is compulsively walking in circles. What should I do?

My cat has been walking in counterclockwise circles pretty much constantly for an hour and a half. He seems a little agitated but basically okay, not shaking or crying or hyperventilating or anything like that. An hour ago he ate his normal dinner, circling between bites. From time to time he lies down, but even lying down he keeps looking over his shoulder to the left, then after a minute or so he rolls over (always in the same direction) and resumes circling. This kitty is 9 1/2 years old and was diagnosed with diabetes about a year and a half ago; I give him insulin shots twice daily. I thought this circling business might be hypoglycemia and mixed some syrup in with his food, but it doesn't seem to have helped much if at all. Google suggests everything from vestibular disease to an abscessed tooth to a stroke. What's going on? What should I do? Can I wait until my vet reopens at 8:00 tomorrow morning, or should I try to find an all-night animal hospital? [more inside]
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All you need are gloves, gloves; gloves are all you need

Hi Metafilter! Can you help me find winter-lined leather gloves made in a developed country (the U.S., the UK, the EU, etc.)? I want them in black, in a women's size 7.5. I want to buy them online, but not from Leather Gloves Online.
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Feel free to take anything you want from me. Ok... maybe not so much.

Why is my DSL connection getting clogged by Bittorrent even after closing it? [more inside]
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What is the ideal age gap in heterosexual relationships?

A growing body of scientific research suggests that the ideal age gap between a man and a woman is fifteen years, provided that the latter is younger so as to mitigate the effect of the midlife crisis. Yet, conventional wisdom posits that the half-your-age-plus-seven rule and that the three to six years rule are equally valid. What do you think? [more inside]
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Insurance in the Time of Arson

In the light of several recent arson cases in Somerville, MA, we would like to get additional home insurance for our condo unit. I'm not sure how to go about it. [more inside]
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Michigan Auto Insurance - Can Premium Rise b/c of Not-At-Fault Accident?

In the state of Michigan, USA, can your auto insurance [liability+collision+comprehensive] premium be increased as a result of a collision claim for which the driver/policyholder is judged 'not at fault' by the police or court? I thought that it could, but I have a friend who is sure it cannot. Can any of you provide a definitive answer?
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Heeft een van de commentatoren in deze video hebben W. Vlaamse accent?

Does one of the commentators in this video have a West Flemish accent? [more inside]
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How can I meet people in Prague (and elsewhere in Europe)?

My wife and I are in Prague for three more weeks, as part of our plan to travel for several months in Europe (and beyond, we hope). We're interested in meeting people, especially locals, but we're not very good in bars and clubs. [more inside]
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What are free trade zone (FTZ) and free trade area (FTA)?

What benefits/advantages can a person or a trading company obtain from there in FTZ or FTA? What are the principle beneficial policies over there attracting people? Thanks in advance.
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'90s sitcom redheads?

Help me brainstorm a list of red-headed sitcom characters from the 1990s. [more inside]
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What are the best resources for learning advanced soccer juggling skills? [more inside]
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A friend in Mexico does some consulting for a US company. He has an account in a US bank, where he receives payment for that work. The bank just sent him a W-8BEN form and we are not sure how to fill it. [more inside]
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Help me figure out a customer service system for my website

I have been working for a small non-profit for a little less than a year, and one of my major projects has been to manage a newly created website where we sell our publications. I don't have much experience with website administration, and have learned a lot on the job, but I seem to have hit a wall with coming up with an efficient, streamlined process for keeping track of all of the customer service and order related pieces and correspondence. I figure there must be existing programs or systems that I could use, instead of having to come up with something from scratch, but the caveat is that it would have to be free or at least low-cost. More complications inside. [more inside]
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Tricky COBRA question: COBRA and new group plan simultaneously?

I'm trying to help someone be in the best position with healthcare benefits. It sounds like they may be able to be covered by both their COBRA continuation plan *and* a new group plan through a spouse's employer. There's some tricky wording in the COBRA rules. Is this possible? [more inside]
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How to deal with jealousy and loathing; Sibling edition.

Can you give me some tips how to deal with an increasingly antagonistic brother? I'm a pretty soft-hearted slow-minded wuss who can't keep up with his clever snarky retorts or find a diplomatic way to rise above them and still resolve the issues which we are unfortunately linked together to. How, in preparation for a future when I will have to face up to him, can I learn to be stronger and ignore or deal with his attitude? Long winded whine inside. [more inside]
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How good it is to sit in the shade and talk of love.

Friends, I am finally getting around to watching the 1981 version of Brideshead Revisited, and I have some questions about it. [more inside]
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Explain Capital Gain/ Loss as though I'm 3

Great Aunt Sue gives me a ring. She doesn't wear it because it was given to her by an ex many moons ago, so she doesn't care what I do with it either. I don't like it, so I decide to sell it. It is vintage and very valuable. Turns out it is worth 20K fair market. I sell it for just that to an individual. How does that work as far as capital gains/ loss go? Is it considered a gift or income? Does it get reported, do I report it, do they, should she have for giving away the jewelry, does the bank flag the deposit and report it? No clue. Everything I have read is in regards to stocks, real estate, or inherited stuff. Can you explain this to me? This is all hypothetical, I'm just curious, so please don't send me off to an accountant/ lawyer/ taxman.
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Yellow fever vaccination. Risk factors? (any MD here?)

Can I get a yellow fever vaccination if I have a contraindication? [more inside]
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Tell Me The Best TV Shows About Rich People

I love watching television about rich people. What shows should I be watching? [more inside]
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Resources for launching a personal consulting business

I've decided to quit my corporate job and try my hand at launching a personal consulting business. What are some excellent resources that cover all manner of logistical necessities in this domain? [more inside]
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Across America by bicycle … in about 8 weeks!

I've always harbored an ambition to ride across the U.S., but I thought I might have to quit my job to do so. My company just implemented eight-week sabbaticals though, so maybe I won't have to! I'm considering doing it next year, and I'd like some advice from people who've done a similar trip. [more inside]
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Insurance problems...

My wife was rear ended twice back on August 28th (she is fine, no injuries). Our 2012 Focus suffered rear bumper damage. The driver of the other car failed to stop after my wife and another vehicle in front of her, waited to make a left-hand turn. [more inside]
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Living next door to a "unsound" house

About a year ago, my wife and daughter leased a house in a new housing complex. We didn't realize it at the time, but The House* next door has large holes in the roof (only visible from the side), and my wife is worried about mold/health issues. I'm also not quite sure how to google this as details (which may or may not be pertinent) abound. *I am told by my wife it must be referred to as "The House" [more inside]
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What's the best website for learning about your favorite music subgenre?

I'm interested in learning about music based on specific subgenres. I feel like I acquire new music in a sort of scattershot way, hearing things randomly and liking them or not liking them. Which is mostly fine! But I don't think I have a good sense of how different musicians have influenced each other or how people who make music define the sort of music they make. I would like to focus on one subgenre at a time and learn about it, try to figure out how it works and what I think of it. So pick your favorite niche subgenre and give me the single best website for learning about that genre. [more inside]
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Weather balloon?

What happens to the balloon part of a weather balloon? [more inside]
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How to get into technical training career (biotech field)

I want to quickly transition from a researcher/scientist with pharma development experience to a person doing technical training work. I have a passion to teach others, enable others. I feel very fulfilled when I see/hear people learn new things, overcome inhibition, be more creative. Dear fellow Metfilters, can you help me do this career change? [more inside]
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Can I live on the road for <$45/day only including hotels

How can I find out more about the economics of living in certain parts of the United States or in other parts of the world but for short time periods (i.e. likely 3 month to 6 month intervals?) Limited to places that would cost a max of $45/day. [more inside]
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Adventures in Love Poetry

I'm writing an essay that, in part,discusses love poetry. I am--pardon the pun--well-versed in poetry and know a lot of love poems,but I'm looking for interesting historical facts or anecdotes involving love poems. (The only good story I have is Dante Gabriel Rosetti sending guys to reclaim the poems he'd thrown in his wife's coffin.) Thanks!
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Shouldn't have snooped, feeling anxious: Part two

I find myself in exactly the situation of this recent poster, with one difference: My girlfriend knows that I snooped but hasn't confronted me, and I haven't confessed. What now? [more inside]
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Google Web Fonts are rendering horribly on my Firefox/Chrome browsers?

I apparently have bad or damaged Google Web Fonts installed on a Windows 7 machine. Fun fact, they are not in the Windows Fonts directory. Text is coming up gnarly, super aliased, big and chunky in both FireFox and Chrome as they appear to be loading a local cache of the font(s) as opposed to hitting Google for them. Where are they? How can I fix this? [more inside]
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Get Out Of My Head!

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, a la Cheryl Strayed in Wild, is a great example of a solitary experience that brings one out of one's head. Looking for other ideas. [more inside]
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What's the deal with the MSL degree?

Goes by several names: Master of Studies in Law, Master of Legal Studies, Master of Science in Law. Wikipedia says: "a master's degree offered by some law schools to students who wish to study the law but do not want to become attorneys." I'd never heard of such a degree until recently -- is it present in the public consciousness? I read MBA or MFA and I have intuition for what those involve, but not so much MSL. [more inside]
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Brockley (London) on a Budget

Spending a week in accommodation in Brockley, London, in early October. To be specific, Manor Avenue Brockley London, SE4 1TE. As London seems to be the place where you literally breathe out money in order to survive, keen to do this on as low a budget as possible. Will not have a car and prefer walking where possible. [more inside]
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Tipping super in a rent-stabilized building?

I live in a rent-stabilized apartment in NYC. Our super lives in another building down the block run by the same company, and is pretty responsive to problems. The work we call him for isn't hanging curtains or changing light bulbs, but rather fixing reasonably-tough problems— stuff like tightening a loose faucet or fixing mild water damage in the shower ceiling from a leak upstairs. When would it be expected to tip? After repairs, or a gift around the holidays, or what?
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Fairy Godmothers!

Which people, figures, deities, beings, etc personify the concept of the fairy godmother - a caring compassionate motherly figure who grants wishes? There's the fairytale stock character, but there's also Oprah (and to some extent Ellen). [more inside]
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Taking action about a dangerous road/intersection

Near where I live in Boston, there is a dangerous road, and a particularly dangerous intersection. I'd like to take action to have someone take steps to remediate it. Can you recommend specific resources and data to use to make the most compelling call to action? [more inside]
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What do I need to get my son started playing Dungeons and Dragons?

My son (11) has expressed an interest in playing Dungeons and Dragons. I would like to help him but I know nothing about the game and Amazon reviews of the basic starter set confuse things even further. What exactly does he need in order to start playing? [more inside]
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Moving from academia to consulting

I recently left a tenure-track position(!) for geographic reasons (spouse's job). At this point I am not wedded to staying in the faculty track, and have been applying for admin positions as well as faculty ones. However, I recently saw an ad for an analyst job in a higher ed consulting firm in a topic area where I have experience and interest, and I am very seriously considering applying. I have some questions about how to format my resume and cover letter . [more inside]
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Keep or toss expired tomato sauce?

I have an unopened glass jar of store-bought vegetarian tomato sauce that has an expiration date on it of 2010. Other than being a little dusty, it looks brand new (no rust, no bulging on the cap, etc.). Is it safe to eat? [more inside]
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I need the official opinion: Can one wear socks with Sperrys?

Are socks with Sperrys acceptable or a complete no-no? Not white socks - duh. [more inside]
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What is this thing called, love?

What would you call this thing in this razor handle kit? It's decorative chrome, and it's got a threaded hole and a rod. I'd like to order around 10 of them, but I only need that one part, and I'm having trouble figuring out what to search for.
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How urgently do I need to see a doctor?

YANMD. You may not even be a doctor. I was out on a 10 mile run this morning; at the end of the run, I realized that I had blood dripping down both my legs, stemming from a mole on my inner left thigh. [more inside]
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Curtain fabric for maximum light, minimum visibility?

Moving into a new apartment (yay!) with big windows, and I love me some sunlight. The problem is that the apartment is on the first floor and located in a pretty busy area where people will be walking and driving right by my windows a lot. Thus, I want curtains and I'd like to make them myself. My question: what fabric would allow the most light to enter the windows but also provide me with some decent privacy? [more inside]
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Posted from my Mapple MyPad

Looking for examples of fictional analogues of real-world newspapers/magazines - they may be pseudonyms, pastiches, pisstakes, or merely given a slightly similar name to escape lawyerly attention. Think The Devil Wears Prada's Runway (Vogue), or Playdude from The Simpsons. (30 Rock had TGS, but I don't think that was specifically based on SNL.)
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Upgrading android regrets

In a previous version of the android operating system there was a function to be able to take a picture of a moving object and have its motion captured in one image. Like this. The most recent andoid OS (Jelly Bean) doesn't have this function any more (that I can find). Help me find something that can do the same thing! [more inside]
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Who was that guy?

I know Walter Benjamin treasured a drawing by Paul Klee, Angelus Novus (angel of history).. So much so that he wrote about it in his essay "Theses on the Philosophy of History". [more inside]
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September 26

iMessage - I just want it to work

Have looked up what seems like every bit of help for iMessage, but can't get it to work for us. Situation is: I have an iphone 4GS, latest iOS. iMessage is now working, on my own apple account ( Have sim with texts and data included. Husband has my old iPhone 3GS, updated software, iMessage will not work. Is on another apple account ( Has sim with texts and data included, same network as mine. Bought my son an iPod touch 4th gen, iMessage will not work. On his own apple account ( [more inside]
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If it were a horror movie, I know what they'd be for.

What are these spikes on the ceiling in the parking garage? [more inside]
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Is Harvey Mudd located in a safe area?

My younger brother is about to apply early decision to Harvey Mudd. What's the area like there? [more inside]
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Two sinks, no storage

My new place has a great bathroom with two separate sinks...and NO storage. Two sinks is clearly overkill, what can I use the sink area (it is a flat top with a large sink bowl and plenty of vertical space above) to create some storage? I'd love it if it was a slightly more elegant solution than a wire three-drawer thing from Ikea. Thanks!
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Is there an Apple of carmakers?

Which carmakers these days (that sell in the US) have really good build quality? I'm thinking high quality interior materials, excellent fit and finish, as well as well thought out interior components like control layouts, displays, and compartments? Maybe carmakers (or models) that are known for little surprising details? I'm now starting to look for a smaller sedan or maybe hatchback/wagon under $40K. Some of the models I'm looking at so far are the Volvo S60/V60, Subaru Legacy/Impreza, Toyota Prius, Audi A4, maybe BMW X1.
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Help me help my neighbor avoid a hit and run charge

My neighbor (and friend) has been trying to get her drivers license and her friend has been letting her drive him around. Yesterday she was driving (with him in the car) back to her place. She clipped a car and took off the mirror. (You are not her lawyer....) [more inside]
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No sugar tonight...

Mefites who have given up sugar (or some other beloved but harmful substance): does it get any easier? [more inside]
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Help me move forward - from the shallow end.

I recently started swimming laps about four days a week. I do breaststrokes, backstrokes, and forward crawls. Unfortunately, those latter two are harder than they ought to be, because my kick does no work. When I try to swim forward using only a kickboard and my legs, I don't go anywhere. Sometimes, I even start going backwards. Maybe my legs are too weak and my body too heavy, but I suspect it's a fault in my form. I'll talk with a teacher soon, and I'll probably take lessons again at the next available session, because this feels like a basic problem. (Personal) instruction aside, what online resources - videos and whatnot - are there to help me with this? How do you swim a length on a kickboard? [more inside]
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Humane pest control, fly edition (don't laugh)

I have tiny flies in my kitchen and I would like to get rid of them without killing them. [more inside]
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Cosigner for an unsecured personal loan?

I need to borrow about $20,000 to $25,000 in order to clean up high interest rate debt and get back on my feet. I can't do this on my credit and I have no assets to secure a loan. I do, however, have a dear friend who is wealthy and who, I am pretty sure, would cosign on a loan for me. How does that work? [more inside]
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I want to show a movie clip in a public talk. Is this legal?

I'm giving a public talk about Goldbach's Conjecture. There is a crazy Spanish movie in which a character is famous for having proved the conjecture. Can I show a clip or two from this movie in my public talk? The talk will be in a bar, and there's a $5 suggested donation, so I don't know if that counts as charging people (if that affects the legality of my idea). Thanks!
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Google's Info Box and My College

So you know how when you look up a company or in my case, a college, on Google and you see a box on the right side with all their information (map, contacts, etc)? I work at a museum at a college, and we'd like to get our information set up this way. [more inside]
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Windows XP, have Avast Antivirus program, now I have McAfee Virusscan...

I don't know how this happened, I have used Avast Antivirus for years, now my computer is telling me in the Control Panel on Security Center I have McAfee Virusscan running and it is up to date - but I can't find the program - I tried looking in Add/Remove Programs and by searching for it and it is not coming up. If I leave my Avast Antivirus running the Security Center tells me I have two antivirus programs running and need to remove one. If I could figure out how to operate the McAfee Virusscan to update and scan it I would consider taking the avast off. Any suggestions appreciated.
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Satyr-day Night Fever

Looking for a tutorial / advice on making satyr-style digitigrade stilts for a Halloween costume. [more inside]
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ex tried to kill himself and now wants to see me: what to do?

My ex attempted to committ suicide three months ago; I've come to know about this just today as I've been made aware of the fact he asked about me to a friend of his. I'm torn between not going and keeping him and our relationship in the past to protect myself or going and risking having him think that means we can become close again. [more inside]
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Canonical mistakes for people whose first relationship is in their 20s?

I strongly believe that every human endeavor has a few canonical newbie mistakes. In machine shops it's ignoring the kerf. In many dances it's excessive flourishing. When you first started dating in your twenties, what mistakes did you make? Now that you have had some experience with (preferably stable, happy) relationships, what advice would you like to go back and give yourself? I would much rather learn from your mistakes than make them all myself. [more inside]
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Seeing an old ex stirred up more feelings than expected

So more than 4 years after the breakup and we only dated 6 months. But I see her car in the parking lot at the grocery store I go to. I've never seen her there before. I keep looking and see that it's definitely her in the car. We didn't talk. I don't think she saw me. I was leaving as she was pulling in. But my heart definitely raced and all sorts of emotions came flooding back. I was disappointed that it affected me as much as it did. Does this need fixing? How would I fix this? [more inside]
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That went well, right?

Had a great first date with a woman who seems pretty busy. She cancelled our second date, asked for a rain check, and I haven't heard from her since. What's the etiquette here? [more inside]
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Do I need to take my recently-acquired formerly-stray cat to the vet?

Do I need to take my recently-acquired formerly-stray kitten to the vet for a check-up or anything? She had fleas but we washed them off and put a flea collar on her, and they haven't returned. Other than that she seems in good health, and I'm wondering if there's any reason to take her to a vet or not. (I can get her spayed and vaccinated for really cheap, but, a vet visit costs a lot more...)
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NYC Haunted Houses

What are the best haunted houses in the NYC area? [more inside]
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Boundaries: I need them.

How do I set up the right boundaries regarding intimacy when dating new people. Difficulty level: history of abuse, disassociation and social anxiety! (nsfw) [more inside]
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3 Monitors, One mac mini

I'd like to have 3 monitors on my mac mini. How do I do this? [more inside]
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Passport Woes

Can I finish my passport application in person? Why didn't they accept me?! [more inside]
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Firefox tab organiser plugin recommendations ?

I used to have a very useful Firefox plugin which would allow me to manage my numerous tabs. I lost it during a machine crisis and I'm looking for a replacement. [more inside]
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Can I do MoCA over Wifi?

I have fiber cable/Internet that allows me to do connect my setup devices over Ethernet or Coax. This is great, now I want to connect my set top boxes over wifi using their Ethernet port, is this possible? I have a fast wireless AC router... if I bought a wireless to wire AC bridge, would this work? At least in theory? I would think at the physical layer there's no detection possible of what is wireless and what isn't, but this is beyond my knowledge.
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How do I move past regret for a potentially overzealous princpled act?

I just gave up an awesome internship offer for my principles. Yay! Except I am feeling an overwhelming sense of regret. How do I move past this, stop feeling sorry for myself and remember why I did it? [more inside]
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Password protect a Word 2010 template

My staff use a number of Word 2010 templates that I need to restrict the editing of. I want users to be able to double click on the file and be able to make any changes they need (not just adding text to fields), but opening via right-click-open would require a password to save changes to the original template. I need to keep the .dotm files as they are. Everyone involved is using Windows 7. [more inside]
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Fee-based financial planner in NYC for non-ultrawealthy?

Financial advisor-filter : Can anyone recommend a fee-based financial planner in NYC? Or are there sites/review sites that don't have shills on them? For DINK couple looking to save for apartment purchase and make general financial plans for the future. [more inside]
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What was it like to be in college on 9/11/2001?

What was it like to live on campus at a residential U.S. college on Sept. 11, 2001? How and when did news spread about the attacks? How did students around you respond? Did people flood outside, gather in small groups indoors, congregate at television sets? Did professors cancel class, or set rigid attendance requirements? I'm interested in generalities as well specifics. What was the mood like on that day and immediately afterward? How did the pulse and the life of the campus alter that day? Especially interested in colleges and universities NOT in communities that were directly attacked.
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Where to live in the south Seattle area?

I have accepted a job in Auburn, WA and need to relocate to the Seattle area within the next month. What are some good neighborhoods to look for rentals for a late-20s couple (no kids)? We are hoping to stay under $1600 for a 2-bedroom, preferring a townhouse or small house over an apartment. We need to be somewhat central since my husband will be looking for a job and would potentially need to commute in a different direction. [more inside]
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That's me.

How much might one make over the course of decades from sampled music? In a dizzying exploration into the internets last night, I discovered that not only did Jay-Z sample the drum riff from Billy Squier's The Big Beat in his hit 99 Problems, but the same song has been sampled over 100 times. What might be an estimate of what a sampled artist might make over the course of several decades? Thousands? Tens of thousands? More?
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The Internet checklist says it's not fleas, so what is it?

Teeny brown scab-like things on the dog I'm pet-sitting. Picture here. What did I do wrong, ahh? They first appeared on his ear tips, but I removed them and now they've concentrated on his paws. [more inside]
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The ins and outs of having a car stolen in Chicago

Our car was stolen. Police here seem to shrug it off. Is there anything else I should or could be doing, or just take it as a rather abrupt lesson in the transience of possessions? [more inside]
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Seeking "Twist Ending" Story Anthologies

Can you guys recommend any short story anthologies whose theme is twist endings? The one requirement is that all of the stories must feature a twist ending -- so books like Guy de Maupassant or O. Henry collections, or even Twilight Zone anthologies, in which only many/most of the stories feature twist endings, are disqualified. I'm not sure whether such an anthology even exists, but I'd love to find out. Thanks for any recommendations!
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What's this line from this play?

I'm trying to remember a line from a play I saw performed years ago, and sadly I can't remember the title or the playwright. A woman tells her guy (boyfriend? husband? ex?) that there has to be some point of his life where she doesn't matter, otherwise their relationship is no good. Does that sound familiar to anyone at all? [more inside]
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How can I fix up an old VW Beetle on an almost non-existent budget?

I don't have a lot of money, or experience, or tools, and about a year ago I asked about fixing up an old Fiat. Most people told me that wasn't a great idea, and that I should look into Volkswagens, and since then I've fallen in love with the VW Beetle. My question is this: what are some ways I can (1) find a VW Beetle that is a good candidate to wrench on that probably won't need everything but the chassis replaced and (2) get into the "old Beetle enthusiast" community without having a ton of disposable income? [more inside]
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Something like Audiosurf for OS X?

Is there a game like Audiosurf for OS X that doesn't involve shooting stuff? [more inside]
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Tacos for many, many teenagers.

I have volunteered to make a taco dinner for 70 high school students and could use some advice. [more inside]
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Will Travel Backwards as Long as it's Forwards

Which roads in the world travel opposite their lane direction designation for at least a mile or more? In other words, say you are traveling northbound on Interstate 35, but for a short time the road bends so much that you are actually traveling south, even though you are still in what started as the northbound lane. [more inside]
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Opaque but clear

Is it possible to get mirrored sunglasses that are opaque to other people, but clear, or very low tint, to the wearer? I can't work out if this is possible! Special details inside. [more inside]
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What to do about suspicion for a cheating fiancé?

Engaged to be married quite soon. Lots of money already out of pocket, personally and across many other people. Recently confronted with evidence of what, at a minimum, seems to be an inappropriate emotional relationship between SO and another person. [more inside]
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Thanks for the horse, now show me the teeth.

I'm a law student who has received an offer to clerk for a reasonably well ranked local firm. At what point can I ask how much they pay their associates? [more inside]
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iOS 7.0.2 update question

If I have an update already downloaded OTA but not installed on my iPhone, will updating through iTunes delete the OTA download once the update is done? I want to know this because I tried to install the 7.0.2 update on my iPhone 5S (running 7.0.1) and it was unable to verify the update a number of times when trying to install it. So I plugged it into iTunes and did the update through a Mac. Does the OTA download get deleted on the iPhone when the update is done through the Mac? I don't want to have the update taking up room somewhere on my iPhone.
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Yes, I want all the text messages. iPhone text message transfer woes.

What program can I use to save 4+ years of iPhone texts and iMessages and then load them seamlessly back onto my iPhone 5? [more inside]
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Our Friend, Inchy!

Can you identify this worm? [more inside]
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We know nothing about screened-in porches except that we want one. Help?

Mr. DrGail and I want to devote some of our huge wood deck to a screened-in porch. We've met with a few contractors and the cost is within our price range but there are so many possible variations that we're overwhelmed. So, MeFites who have, have had, or even just know something about screened-in porches, please enlighten us: what are the design features you love, hate, or wish you'd done for your own screened-in porch. All thoughts and suggestions are welcome! The particulars: We live in the Chicago area so we have cold and snowy winters. The current deck is 20x24, about 3 feet off the ground, has two stairways to the backyard, and is accessed from the family room. The dog crosses the deck to access the backyard for his business as well as generalized squirrel chasing and other mayhem.
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Favorite state parks in Southern Utah or Northern Arizona?

We're planning to go to Zion National Park and the north rim of the Grand Canyon next week. If the government shuts down and national parks are closed, what state parks or other sites should we go to instead? [more inside]
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Suicide in the animal kingdom

Are there examples/theories of suicide in the animal kingdom?
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Halloween costume for someone with long curly black hair....

Have any ideas for a Halloween costume for someone who has long curly dark hair?
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Looking for a particular memetic image

Vague identification question: I remember seeing a meme/joke about graphic design that was an image with text on it to the effect of asking the reader to hire the creator or use the creator's design. It included the phrase "I did everything right". Does anyone remember this and know where I can find it?
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Closest Apple Picking to NYC?

What are the closest/best U-Pick apple orchards to NYC (Manhattan)? [more inside]
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Bent in-ear earbuds?

My three-tier silicone(?) earbuds now have sharp bends in the lowest, most flexible part of the bottom and middle tiers (despite only storing them in the provided receptacle). Is there anyway to return these things to their proper shape, or do I need to buy new ones? It's affecting the seal.
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Is there a good, NON-JAVA, non-MS project management tool out there?

I will be starting to work on several small, overlapping projects soon and need a lightweight tool. WANT: Ability to manage 2-3 resources (mostly me, really), schedule tasks, create and output Gantt charts. DO NOT WANT: The security hole of suck known as Java, so Project Libre, OpenProj and the like are right out. MEH, WILL ACCEPT IF NEEDED: Cloud app. I really prefer desktop programs for various reasons, but if the best solution is on the cloud, so be it. A PLEA: I'm going to a presentation on Office 365 tonight with a devotee of MS Project. Please arm me in advance against the call of the dark side! [more inside]
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Do male polar bears hibernate?

Female: yes, it seems. But what about the males? [more inside]
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fear and self-loathing in medium-sized city USA

New(ish) city, new jobs, still at home, mental health issues: I'm at a very transitional place right now, and can't seem to get any traction. I recognize the value in stability for stability's sake, but feel like I'm doing it for somebody else (my family, an idea of what I should do) versus what I want. How do I go forward without sputtering out? [more inside]
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Need a truck recommendation.

I need a pickup truck that is: a) 4-wheel drive / AWD ; b) is a crew cab (we have a child who needs to ride in a carseat; and c) does not get incredibly crappy gas mileage. What do I want? [more inside]
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What national TV programs have featured candlepin bowling?

Have any nationally-broadcast fictional TV programs (sitcoms, big 4 dramas, etc) featured candlepin bowling? New England sitcoms seem like they'd be fertile ground for this, but Cheers's From Beer To Eternity is big-ball bowling, and while Google tells me that Newhart had an episode in which Stephanie discovers she likes bowling, I can't seem to find whether it's real bowling or big-ball bowling.
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Most enjoyable books for the world history neophyte

My wife & I share an interest in history, but where I had a succession of quite good history teachers, she did not. We're many years out of college now, but she wants to broaden her knowledge through (relatively) easy reads. [more inside]
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Proposals, blessings and in-laws

So I'm planning to propose and I'm already hitting a few snags... [more inside]
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Easiest-ever car question for Americans

What is this American, possibly 70's or 80's car? It's at 39:21 minutes on this video (Valley Girl). [more inside]
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I hate when docs say: "This has never happened, you are so unlucky"

I had an appointment for my copper IUD to be removed last night and jokingly said to the nurse practitioner, "I sure hope it comes out easier than it went it". didn't come out. The strings broke and the 'T' is still in there somewhere. The NP went to get the doctor who said "This has never happened here before - you are very unlucky!". Um yeah, thanks, I know. The doc tried to fish out the IUD with some tool, but didn't have any luck. They both had very sorrowful/concerned looks on their faces and sent me home. I am awaiting a phone call today to see if they can get me in to see someone (anyone) early next week. Fingers crossed. [more inside]
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Why do I have strong emotional reactions to smell and music but not art?

Why is it that people have super-strong reactions to different types of sensory stimulants? Do you have any tales of experiencing strong reactions to visual art as opposed to sounds and smells? [more inside]
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How many things can be tracked over the internet?

In addition to the well known sites for tracking Planes and Ships I've recently discovered I can track SHARKS! What other things can be tracked on the internet? I'm specifically keen to see sites with a map of the world (or I suppose a more local region if that is appropriate) with all the things moving around in real time, but any aggregation of real world data would also be interesting.
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Bottle-blonde for dummies

I have typical Irish colouring (not stereotypical, think The Corrs), healthy brows and very little interest in maintenance. What do I need to know if I want to try going blonde. [more inside]
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New iPhone Help For Senior

I'm about to introduce an older deaf man who is not good at learning new technology (but is quite smart) to a new iPhone running OS 7. I am looking for some good advice on how I can help him master use of the device for his needs. [more inside]
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Do-It-Yourself 3D video?

I have two Sony Digital Handycams, each one has Firewire / iLink DV output. It strikes me that I could get a big 2x6 piece of wood and mount both cameras onto it, and record on both simultaneously and from two different eye viewpoints. [more inside]
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Sad Bastard Music?

I'm looking for some new suggestions for good sad bastard music - that is, stuff that can leave you nice and melancholy when it's late at night and you want to feel comfortably down & depressed. To frame this a little I should note that Nick Drake, The Softies, early-period Belle & Sebastian, and The Mountain Goats have been go-to choices in the past. Thanks!
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Concise, fun science treatments like XKCD's "What If" and ASAPScience?

I'm slightly obsessed with well-put-together science-y treatments like those done by XKCD's "What If" and ASAPScience. Given this obsession, where are other places I might be able to get my fix? :) (Note: Video is fun, but I'm not opposed to reading, either!) [more inside]
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September 25

Do I have to register w/ the police in China within 24 hours of arrive?

I am a student in a university in South China, but right now i am visiting friends in another provice (Changsha hunan) and staying in her apartment. I called the local police and they said I need not register.. But I always heard I have 24 hours to register with the local police upon arriving in a new place in China. FYI I just arrived here from USA, I am in pei yuan qiao kaifu-qu changsha hunan province. Do I have to register? Where do I go to register? (I'll be heading to my school in a different province where I am a resident on a 6 month student visa) Thanks. Thanks a lot
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I Need a New Job

I need a new job, and I have no idea what job I might be good at and enjoy. Please give me ideas for some jobs that I haven't thought of. I'm in my late 20s and working as a research analyst for a large firm, and I can't take the feeling that I'm not doing anything worthwhile (or even enjoyable) with my life. I'm not sure what to do. Do you know of any unconventional careers that might be a good fit? Please give me an idea of where to get started. [more inside]
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Say I wanted to move to the Netherlands...

I like the Netherlands and think I could happily live there. How might I achieve this with my specific, mostly academic skill set? [more inside]
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How to deal with parents who euthanized pet too soon?

I am almost positive my parents made the wrong decision to put their dog to sleep, and I don't know how to deal. [more inside]
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How would I get a job as clinical research physical therapist?

So I'm a physical therapist that's looking to move into clinical research. How do I find a job doing that? Is it true I need a DPT/PhD? (I have a Master's.) Are there clinical research positions that are NOT faculty positions? I don't have enough experience to teach. Nor do I particularly want to but I'd be willing to try. Basically I'd love to further the field of physical therapy and patient care in general by doing clinical research but I'm at a loss as to how to get started. Thanks!
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In search of kathleen hanna's man dress

how/where do i go about getting a dress with a man print like this one? i'm at a loss as to even how to search for such a dress - as man print gives me either leopard print, or mad men dresses. i'm based in australia - but happy to buy o/s and i'm a large size - around a aus 14. i'm fine with change - going without sleeves, finding a print option where i just get one made, finding a large man print fabric and getting a dress made - i'm just looking for how to go about getting one.
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Help me plan a San Francisco elopement

My partner's brother and fiancée are coming to San Francisco this weekend to get married. The very tiny ceremony is taking place at Point Reyes National Seashore, and I'm looking for recommendations for a restaurant for dinner afterward and a romantic hotel for them, either along the coast between Point Reyes and San Francisco, or in Sonoma. Priorities are good food and a scenic location, in that order. [more inside]
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renting to a group of friends

renting to a group of friends - how to make this attractive to landlords [more inside]
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Fashion innovation - is it IP?

I absolutely love the first pic in this BBC photo essay and I want to wear that. I have a problem with the morality in asking someone to riff on it. [more inside]
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Any Vets in the house? Thinking of adopting a dog that's Heartworm+

I've been looking for a dog that matches me for about 2 years. Today I found a dog at the local pound but the dog is heartworm positive and undergoing treatment. Medical records and info/questions inside... [more inside]
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Or we can just mass-order Crayola

Can I get my color printer to only accept color documents in its queue? [more inside]
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What's with the special 'Share this video' link on YouTube?

Why does each YouTube video have a special 'Share this video' link, at the domain? Is there a meaningful difference between using the link provided and just copying the URL from the address bar? [more inside]
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What should I say?

I'm a nurse. Recently, a police officer approached me at work to ask me some questions about a patient. I discussed the issue with my supervisor who clarified my hospital policy on talking to the police, but how do I figure out my personal legal and moral obligations around this? [more inside]
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Let's pretend this job never happened...

Do I have to disclose a job that I only worked at for one day on employment applications? [more inside]
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Chicken in a Bizet?`

I just woke up from a nap, and the song in my head is a chicken singing (byuck-ing) the Habanera aria from Carmen. I could have sworn this appeared in a cartoon or movie or commercial, but can't find anything on YouTube or Google. Sounds like it could have been the Muppets? Please help me find it so that I may feel a little more sane.
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permissions repair on Macs

What do messages such as the following mean: Permissions differ on “Applications​/​Resources/zh_TW.lproj/​UniversalAccess.nib”; should be drwxr-xr-x ; they are -rwxr-xr-x . I know that the "drwxr-xr-x" and "-rwxr-xr-x" has some meaning in Unix, and I know OS X is based on Unix, but other than that, I don't really understand what I'm looking at. Anyone have any ideas?
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Songs featuring the slide guitar

I was just listening to Tiny Dancer by Elton John and really enjoyed the slide guitar in that song. What are some other particularly good songs I could listen to featuring it?
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Baroque Religious Music

Looking for recommendations for Baroque religious music, especially performances made by kids choirs (adult choirs will do nicely, too). Something like this. [more inside]
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Help me enjoy my visit to Vancouver and source good local eats.

I'm in Vancouver this Saturday through the following Saturday, primarily for a conference for work. I have personal travel questions and work-related pizza-and-beer-and-bakery questions. [more inside]
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Where to buy — and test — knives in NYC

Seeking suggestions for good stores in NYC to buy high-quality kitchen knives where you can test them out before purchasing. Even if they don't let you actually cut or chop anything, are there places that at least let you hold the knives in your hand, to get a sense of the grip/feel/weight, etc.? Thanks!
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Am I associated with the criminal underworld?

I've noticed some odd things about some acquaintances' vehicles recently. One acquaintance has multiple (new/new-ish) vehicles that have never been fitted with license plates (this is in the US, in a state where one gets temporary registration before receiving plates mailed from the DMV). Surely this is not simply to save on registration fees, or to avoid red-light-camera tickets...? Another acquaintance purchased a new Hyundai from a dealer and it has the standard "objects in mirror are closer than they appear" written exclusively in Korean on the passenger side mirror. That's not normal for the US, is it? Will definitely not act on any ideas; just curious.
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Why is my smartphone (Android) burning through my dataplan?

I have a Samsung Galaxy for TMobile, with a fixed dataplan. Two months ago, my phone began burning through data. Can you help me figure out why? [more inside]
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Is a Thursday to Sunday trip to Costa Rica advisable?

Arriving noon on thursday in San Jose, departing 11am from San Jose. Would you say this is worth it and if so, where would you recommend going? [more inside]
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Brief example of a rant / ineffective written argument?

Brief example of a rant / ineffective written argument? Possibly from a discussion forum, content thread, or review site? [more inside]
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Modern Zoombinis?

What is the modern equivalent of 1995's lovely LOGICAL JOURNEY OF THE ZOOMBINIS computer games? They taught math logic skills rather neatly for children, but I don't have a computer that will run the old games.
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I'm looking for a fake cheap guitar from ten years ago

About ten years ago I thought about buying an electric guitar. I remember seeing one I liked the look of, and now I can't find it. I doubt it is the guitar for me, but it is bugging me that I can't find it again. It looked a lot like this, but sloppier and cheaper. [more inside]
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Listening Music

Help me find more electronic music like this, please. [more inside]
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Too late to begin applying for PhD program in Sociology for this fall?

Or should I wait until Fall 2014 to apply? [more inside]
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A fainting child

Why did my 5-year-old faint during class, and how worried should I be? [more inside]
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Should I go to my ex-coworker's memorial tonight?

Should I go to my ex-coworker's memorial tonight? He committed suicide a few weeks ago. I kind of don't want to go because I'm more pissed off than I am sad. [more inside]
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Engagement ring bought online-- need local jeweler for maintenance

My engagement ring is from Blue Nile (online Canadian retailer). My partner saved a lot of money and I absolutely love it. Apparently, I'm supposed to get it "serviced" every 6 months; however, I do not want to send it back to Blue Nile for this. Who do I go to locally to get this done-- cleaning + checking that nothing is loose/has been damaged? Do local jewelers provide this service for rings that haven't been purchased from them? [more inside]
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Cool stuff for an "Innovation Starter Kit"

I'm looking for interesting things to add to what will amount to an Innovation Starter Kit for a small group of faculty who I'm trying to encourage to think a little differently about education. So far I'm thinking about things like Sugru, Chromecast, a Leap Motion Controller, maybe some light-sensitive paper... What else can I add? [more inside]
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Pittsburgh Photography Locations

My wife started her own photography business about a half-hour east of Pittsburgh; so far the jobs she's had have all been located east of Pittsburgh, and usually even further east than we live. She has been approached by a friend-of-a-friend to do outdoor family portraits and is looking for a location sort of in the middle for both parties. We are located in the Monroeville area, and the client is in the South Hills/Beechview area. The client is looking for a location that won't be super crowded (thus, comfortable enough to be photographed at), has a lake or pond, and hopefully without anything unsightly in the background/on the horizon. Any suggestions? (Bonus: If there is anything unique about the location - ie: an interesting bridge or unique architecture, has a great location for sunset, has some sort of overlook, etc.)
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Why do non-swimmers hang out by the pool at my gym?

I can't believe I'm wasting my question on this, but I've been wondering about it for months. So at my gym, there is a "wet area" with a lap pool, a sauna, a steam room and a jacuzzi. What puzzles me is that there are people (usually men) who sit for long periods of time on the bench in the wet area. Some of them are still in their gym clothes, which makes me think they're not, like, taking intervals between sauna and steam or whatever. They definitely do not swim. They just sit there on the bench. [more inside]
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How do i create an app ?

I like to learn the technology behind creating apps for smartphones or tablets. What are the programming languages i need to know ? Is it possible to learn from beginner to advanced level ? I would be grateful, if you can recommend books or websites relating to apps development.
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How many endings to stories are there?

Various writers and critics through the years have claimed that there are only X plots (with X being pretty variable) and at the end of the day, all stories boil down to one of those plots. But today I'm asking specifically about endings. How many different endings can there be, and what are the main ones? [more inside]
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Can you invite people to a bridal shower and not the wedding?

My best friends daughter just announced she's getting married when her boyfriend comes home on leave. It's going to be a very small wedding with immediate family. Can we have a bridal shower with friends and cousins if they aren't invited to the ceremony?
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Communes are looking increasingly appealing

I am a college grad with a fairly useless degree, I've been in an industry that I just sort of fell into for two years now, I am pretty certain I would like to NOT be in this industry in the future, and I have no idea what to do now. [more inside]
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sew lost

Best beginner-level small or handheld sewing machines under $75? [more inside]
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How would MacGyver build a remote freezer temperature alarm?

I work in a research lab and one of our most critical pieces of equipment is a large chest freezer that normally runs around minus-80-degrees Celsius. It is an older unit with audible alarms built in, but no in-built remote monitoring capability. We'd like to install a simple means of detecting out-of-range temperature conditions and sending out a text message, etc., if the unit starts getting too warm. What's the best way to go about this? [more inside]
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Songs with Whistling

What are your recommendations of pop songs that feature whistling?
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Little're not that strong!

A hummingbird is trapped in my garage...and it seems to be a pretty stubborn one. The real problem is that we have a fixed skylight-type window that it constantly tries to fly out of - it won't go any other way. We opened the other window and the garage doors, but it's just so darn stubborn! [more inside]
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Restoring Mac using Time Machine... exactly how do I do this?

I did a bad bad thing and it should be a rather simple to correct it but sadly, I've never understood how Time Machine works. [more inside]
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I just refinished a hardwood floor. How to speed up the drying process?

I used Minwax polyurethane (oil-based) to refinish a hardwood floor. It's been a day and still is a bit tacky. I understand that I should wait until the floor completely dries to move furniture back in, but I don't have anywhere else comfortable to sleep and I am getting antsy (it is my bedroom/workroom!) Any ways to speed up the drying process? Maybe I could use an electric ceramic heater - or is that dangerous? Or maybe a fan? How stupid of an idea would it be to move some of the furniture back in (in particularly my workstation) approximately 24 hours after the finish has been applied? [more inside]
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I need more Onion in my life. A lot more.

Is there a way to access random pages fetched from archives of the Onion? Something similar to Wikipedia's "random article" function? [more inside]
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IT Security Assessments: How much do they cost?

I've been tasked with figuring out what firms charge to perform IT Security tests, penetration tests, etc, for commercial clients? What kind of metrics do they base their charges on? Is there a standard rate for this kind of work? Alternately, do you have any tips for getting this kind of info from the companies that do this kind of stuff? [more inside]
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Help me entertain him ... senior stroke version

So, the end result of my previous question was a stroke a week later after the warfarin was readjusted. His stroke presented in an atypical manner, so was not treated with clot busting drugs (a decision I concurred with at the time, due to the Doctors reasoning - and we have since discussed it and are on same page with his care). Mostly it's just been a whole bunch of bad luck, so we go on from here. So, I need suggestions for games to play and tasty treats to prepare for Mr. B, details below. [more inside]
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Managing a crush that needs to stay a crush

Are you the anxious type who often escapes into the excitement/newness of crushes and find yourself taking things too far? How do you calm yourself and keep yourself from going overboard? What strategies can I use to make sure I keep cool and normal about this? [more inside]
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stupid sensitive skin

So I've looked at some previous questions, and since they're not quite what I'm looking for, I'm hoping the hive mind can help me out. I've always had somewhat sensitive skin, particularly on my shoulders and back. When it's hot out, I tend to get irritated hair follicles and something akin to cystic acne (big welts), particularly in areas where I sweat. Changing t-shirts extra often helps a bit, but only so much. Now that I'm training for a marathon, it's so much worse. Weird random (possible rub spots?) on my legs, sides, and the regular trouble spots are just a mess. Any help is sorely appreciated!
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It's not you, it's your coffee

I just found out that starting October first, my partner's going to be working from home two days a week. This is going to be lovely for him, but less lovely for me--in part because he's a big coffee drinker, and I can't stand the smell. Help! [more inside]
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Home made super hot chips?

Would it be easy to make a homemade version of these potato chips? They are really expensive, but I am a hot foods junkie, and am bored with just dumping ghost pepper sauce on things. [more inside]
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Where to get a russian SIM card

Where to get a prepaid SIM in Moscow with a good data plan? [more inside]
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How do I keep my cheekbone off the iPhone?

I use an old iPhone 4. I can't be the only person with this cheekbone issue, hoping there's a stupid simple solution. [more inside]
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Little Miss Sunshine

How do I start smiling and laughing more? [more inside]
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Marketing a body positive personal training/group fitness business

I subscribe to the Health at Every Size paradigm so I don't want to use weight loss challenges, before and after pics or any other body shaming marketing to promote my business. What suggestions do you have? [more inside]
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Where to Find In-Flight Almonds (Besides In-Flight)?

I lubs lubs lubs almonds. I'm looking for a brand or line of almonds which best approximate in-flight almonds (if in-flight almonds still exist). Smoky, salted, but with that extra bit of zip somehow, without being all gunky. [more inside]
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How can I get the most out of my first major academic conference?

I'm a second-year grad student in the humanities going to (and presenting at!) my first major academic conference in about a week. I already have business cards, a list of sessions I'm interested in, and a probably absurdly high amount of anxiety. Fellow academics of MeFi, what do you recommend to maximize my conference experience?
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10 Hour Layover in Reykjavik - Enough time for downtown and Blue Lagoon?

I've got a layover in Reykjavik Keflavik next month that lasts just over 10 hours. I definitely want to check out Blue Lagoon, but will I have time to go into town and stroll around there briefly too? [more inside]
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Gifty/Crafty MeFites, Lend Me Your Brains!

Suggestions needed for gift/craft ideas that'd mark a friend's presentations at two academic conferences. [more inside]
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What are those old rules about why no one is replying to your post?

This is making me crazy, but google is failing me: Isn't there some ancient list of "why no one is replying to your internet/forum/list post"? Stuff like, "nothing more needs to be said," or "something else." It's only like 3-5 items, and I think it's a classic, but I can't seem to dig it up.
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“And are you still with company x?” – advice for interview tomorrow

Shortly after telling my boss I wanted to move to another department, I was given 4 weeks notice and my position filled. I’m coming to the end of that 4 weeks. There is another person doing what was my role, though I’m still technically employed with the company.
[more inside]
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Programming Boot Camp - Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I'm currently enrolled in a programming boot camp to facilitate a career change. I feel like I've learned a lot, but the teaching seems to have slowed dramatically. [more inside]
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Shouldn't have snooped, feeling anxious

My SO left her Facebook and email accounts open, I snooped, and I didn't find anything suspicious. Now I'm feeling extremely guilty and paranoid that she will find out. Advice? [more inside]
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Best Way to Measure my Internet Speed Before Calling Cable Company?

Over the past week my internet speed seems to have taken a dive, and I'd like to make sure I'm correct before calling the cable company. [more inside]
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Fragile, delicate, tarnished brass necklace. How to clean it?

I bought a beautiful necklace a couple of years ago, and it tarnished almost immediately. How do I clean it? [more inside]
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Don't pee on the new dog roommate! Help me with my dogs' new behavior.

Why is my dog, who is generally well-behaved, displaying this dominance-related behavior with the new roommate dog and how can I correct this behavior? [more inside]
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Dating men with children

Dating someone for 8 months, knew he had a 16 year old (he's 35) from a previous marriage. Just found out he has a 5 year old from a different woman. He didn't come out and tell me about second child, and that is what is making me feel indifferent. Should I be okay with this? [more inside]
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Winter is coming...and I ain't no Jon Snow

Can I raise my internal temperature/reduce my sensitivity to cold? I've always lived in cold regions (midwest, new england) but I've equally always been the one whining when it's 50 degrees out. Literally, it is 50 right now and I just got out of bed and put a big fluffy bathrobe over my long pjs and was still cold. I know all the obvs things to do to get warmer in the moment (bath, hot coffee, layers, long underwear, etc) but is there any way I can stop being so sensitive to it in the first place?
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Size queen!

I am terrible at visualizing size differences, but was able to get around it by using (plugging in dimensions to generate images you could compare against each other). Unfortunately, the site is now dead. Are there any other sites that do the same thing, or are similar enough in nature?
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Reputable, informative sources regarding South Sudan

I'm looking for news sources, reports written by reputable NGOs, detailed maps, long-form magazine articles regarding newsworthy events and other general info on the current state of politics, economics, stability and other issues of geopolitical interest related to South Sudan. I would like to dedicate approximately one or two full working days to informing myself about the past 10-15 years of history and the current state of the country.
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Nanny behaviour

Our 20 week old daughter (who was 7 weeks premature) was screaming as loud as she can, I had never heard her scream as loud.I found our nanny pouring water over her in the baby bath, she was shivering uncontrollably and her teeth were chattering. I insisted the nanny take her out and warm her up immediately. The nanny insisted that it was a 'normal' bath. I checked the water and it was barely warm. The nanny insists that she knows best and that I shouldn't interfere. I don't think it is acceptable for a small baby to take 15-20 minutes to stop shivering after a bath. What should we do about this?
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How can I keep my knees warm this winter?

I have a weird problem: my knees get really cold, really easily. I live in LA, and even in the middle of this unusually warm summer, the slight temperature drop at night is enough that by morning my knees are freezing and I have to put on warm sweat pants (much to the bewilderment of my wife, it being the middle of summer, and us not having AC). [more inside]
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September 24

Help me send my embarrassingly late birth announcements & thank yous

Okay, so mini me was born over 7 months ago and I spent a fair bit of money printing lovely birth announcements with matching thank you cards. Then, of course, I neglected to ever send them and now have no idea what the polite/appropriate thing to do is. [more inside]
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How to keep my hair dry while swimming?

My mid back length hair is very thick and is color treated. I've been thinking about lap swimming for exercise, but how can I manage my hair? I usually wash it once a week, do not use hair dryers and like to let it air dry. It usually takes several hours for my hair to air dry, which is fine for once a week, but I can't imagine having wet hair 5 days a week. Another concern is the chlorine effecting the dark blonde color and turning it green. A swim cap would be logical, but my research shows they are not waterproof. How do I keep my hair healthy while trying to keep my body healthy?
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Over-fragranced co-workers; HR hems and haws.

I need help. I understand this has been covered in Metaland; I even cut and pasted part of the prior posts when I left the worst offender a note. She promised to tone her perfume down; and she did for a bit. She was very sweet. Then she started popping microwave popcorn every day. (It's a large room with about 20 cubicles.) She's next to me and the smell makes me ill. I e-mailed HR, who said, "Get your supervisor involved" and "We'll bring it up at the next policy meeting." That'll be ten years. My supervisor retired this summer and I am waiting for the replacement person. We now have new people, one of who thinks it's OK to splash on after lunch. I am pretty desperate. Thanks for any ideas, outside of one of those masks...which would certainly send a message....
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Whale Nipples

Do whales have nipples? Do they shrink when they get cold? What do they look like? Is there such a thing as a whale milk farm? How would/is that done? Is there a proper technique for milking whales? Seriously. Whale nipples. Wow.
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Chicago activities with kids...

Trying to figure out off-the-beaten-path ideas for Chicago-land activities with family during a Thanksgiving visit. We (Mrs. jferg, jferglets (5 & 7), and I) will be staying with my aunt and uncle in Valparaiso, IN for the days surrounding Thanksgiving; Wednesday-Saturday. Sister will be visiting her SO's family a little north of Milwaukee at the same time. Would like to meet up with sister and SO in Chicago area for one of those days. I'm looking for something fun to do that isn't going to be completely packed with other tourists and humanity (or, $DEITY-forbid, Black Friday shoppers), where we can actually interact and have fun rather than spend all day following each other around a crowded museum. We've done most of the standard Chicago tourist fare (museums and tall buildings) on previous trips, and after the packed (and expensive) aquarium trip last Black Friday, I kind of just don't want to set us up for that again. Weather is always a crap-shoot in November, so zoos and parks are ... not guaranteed to be an option. Suggestions from natives or people with more Chi-town knowledge than I? [more inside]
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Can a Git Branch Contain Only a Sub-Set of the Repository?

I'm new to Git but as I understand it, a branch is typically for working with a copy of all the files. Would it work for what I have in mind, if the branch only contains a sub-set of those files? [more inside]
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Why did this weird sensation happen?

This is maybe the most awkward question I've ever asked - but I can ask the green where I could not ask the CT technician who probably could have answered it for me tonight. [more inside]
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What has replaced Hypercard?

From my youth, I remember playing with Hypercard on a Mac and being amazed at how much you could do with it. Over the last few years, I've stumbled upon a number of articles that were similarly nostalgic, demonstrating the uses of Hypercard as a web site, presentation slide deck, rolodex, database, and more. I know that Hypercard itself is no more…but is there something equally versatile that exists today? [more inside]
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Cetylpyridinium chloride and rinsing with water before use.

Why does mouthwash with main ingredient of Cetylpyridinium chloride have a bullet point saying to 'rinse with water if used after brushing'?
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What are the best sites for science fiction and fantasy book reviews?

I like reading reviews of books, both to learn about new things to read, and to gain insight on things I've already read. Right now, almost all the books I'm reading are science fiction and fantasy. What are the best, most comprehensive sites that review books in these genres? I'm looking for review quality above your standard Amazon reviews—not just rehashing the plot with "I liked it" or "I didn't like it", but thoughtful, high quality analysis.
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My Magic Mouse went for a swim...

I forgot that my Apple Magic Mouse was in my front jeans pocket, and it went through the washing machine. Strangely, it still works fine, even with the same batteries. I admit I'm impressed. BUT... [more inside]
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I am curious, pink

I'm having a tiny nervous breakdown and I think one thing that might help me feel better would be to make a radical change to my hair. [more inside]
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New friend always invites me on group outings. Help!

I have a friend who includes me in events, which is nice... except, I don't really like her buddies. At all. I've met multiple groups of her friends and not really clicked with them. But when I suggest hanging out one on one, she's usually too busy. Not having been in this situation before, what do I do? Again, invites to hang out one on one are usually consolidated into some group event, where I find out lots of other people are invited. What is the most polite solution?
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How effective is running in place?

If you ran in place with sufficient vigor, could you achieve the same CARDIOVASCULAR results as you would on a treadmill? Why or why not?
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Arabic language music for a wedding

A good friend of mine is getting married soon, and is looking for some Arabic language music for her wedding ceremony. She is of Lebanese Christian descent, and I believe would prefer more secular music. Any poppy, or dance floor-friendly, or romantic, or classic, or beautiful suggestions would be much appreciated!
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Found Film: Is it Valuable?

I recently purchased 15 rolls of black and white 35mm negatives from a thrift store and had them developed. There are over 500 images from late 30s Italy, mostly Naples. The photographs contain images of: Hitler on parade with King Victor Emmanuel, shots of fascist youth, Pompeii, a building with a big 'Heil Hitler' sign on it, farming, boating, lots of images of a Mobile Oil plant, ships coming into Manhattan, people enjoying themselves, etc. My question: Are finds like this valuable? Who might purchase a collection like this?
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If he likes it, he should put a ring on it. Right?

After nearly two years, my live-in boyfriend still doesn't want to get married, but he's becoming more open to it. I'm ready to go for it. Can this work? [more inside]
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How can I teach myself AutoCAD?

I recently started work at a company that does a lot of design and manufacturing using AutoCAD and CNC. I'm working in a different department, but since I'm looking to stay at the company for a while and move up the ladder, I figure it would be a good skill set to learn.
  1. Can anyone point me to a solid resource on learning AutoCAD from basic competencies through intermediate and advanced? I'm thinking possibly a college syllabus of some sort?
  2. B) I have a Mac at home, and AutoCAD for Mac, but the company uses PC. Will it be a huge problem down the road jumping from Mac to PC, or will it just be a minor interface change? I'm comfortable with both systems, and could possibly purchase a PC laptop for home use with my training.

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Just how selective was Selective Service, anyway?

Question for gay men who are about my age (40 years, give or take). Were you still required to sign up for Selective Service when you were in high school? They've always made a big deal about how you (meaning college age males) have to be signed up to get student loans and such. But of course, up until "Don't ask, don't tell" got the ball slowly rolling for gays to openly serve, you'd have been required to sign up to be potentially drafted into an army you couldn't serve in, right?
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Mobile App Versus Mobile Optimized Website

Four years ago, we hired a 3rd party to develop a mobile app for our not-for-profit business league. It’s pretty basic. The main functionality we wanted and got was a membership directory. Since then, we have completely revamped our website, which is now optimized for mobile access. All of its functionality, including the membership directory, is perfectly and conveniently usable on a smartphone. So, is there any point in keeping the app? [more inside]
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Where do I sell higher end clothing in SF?

I'm familiar with Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads, but I have some nicer stuff (BCBG, DVF, Elie Tahari) that I wouldn't mind selling. Consignment sounds like a pain in the ass but if people really insist it's my best bet, I'd consider it (if so, where is best?). If no other options for selling, BE>Crossroads, right?
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Buy a laptop now, or wait a few months?

I'm in the market for a new laptop, but have been completely ignoring hardware improvements and release cycles for years. I'm looking for something under $700. Are new models on the horizon? Should I buy something now, or wait a few months for a better deal? I'm not in any particular rush, so if new processors are coming out soon which will drop prices on old models substantially, I'm down to wait a month or two. What should I buy and when should I buy it? Requirements insides. [more inside]
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Windows Macro Recorder

The macro recorder in Microsoft Excel allows me to automate repetitive tasks with relative ease. Is there something similar that would allow me to do the same thing outside of Microsoft Excel? I'd like to be able to record my keystrokes and mouse movements in a similar way, regardless of which program I'm using. I'm using Windows 7.
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Best suggestion to solve an outstanding debt?

Have a lawyer, but uncertain of services rendered so far. Tricky, complicated situation - more details inside! [more inside]
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What particular keychain USB thumb drive would you recommend?

16 gig capacity or higer would be nice. I don't care how it attaches to the keychain, just want one that won't break off in 2 weeks or 2 months. Sturdy it must be. What do you recommend?
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Looking for inexpensive recipe box

I'm going to give a collection of my recipes to a number of people this Christmas. I've not had any luck finding an affordable, plain vanilla, box (made of any kind of material), to hold 3" x 5" cards. By affordable I mean under $10. I'd like these boxes to match my old wooden recipe box which is the standard 5.5"w, 4"h (including lid), and 3.25"d. If I can't find such a box, the alternative is to make my own. Again, there's a dearth of information online about how to do this, especially for a box of the above dimensions. Does anyone know of such a product or DYI info?
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Canadian working for a US company from Canada

I am a Canadian citizen and resident. There is a US company that is interested in working with me. They are okay with me working remotely if necessary. What are my options? [more inside]
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Would it be legally feasible to open a Japanese-style love hotel in SF?

Would it be legally feasible to open a Japanese-style love hotel in San Francisco? [more inside]
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Things to do/see in the evenings in Warsaw?

I'm going to Warsaw next week for work and I'll have a few hours free in the evenings. What should I see and do? [more inside]
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I seem to be allergic to work.

Ok, joking aside, why am I always sneezing and sniffling while at work, and nowhere else? Am I allergic to something here? And if so, what can I do about it? [more inside]
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Gift receiving etiquette

I'm a stickler for thank you notes. I send them promptly (within a few days to a week). A big reason I like to send them promptly is so that the giver knows I received the gift and that it didn't get lost in transit. I do wonder, though, if I should also call or text the giver immediately (and sometimes I do). My question: is it ever rude NOT to acknowledge receipt of a mailed gift immediately - by phone, text, or email - when a mailed thank you note is imminent?
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Murder investigations and the trial verdict

If a defendant is found not-guilty following a murder trial do the police re-open the case and continue to search for the true murderer? [more inside]
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Please help me work up the nerve to start lap swimming again

I've done lap swimming very intermittently over the last 20 or so years. I think I'm an okay swimmer - I always did well enough when I was in practice - and I always liked the activity itself (made me feel a little more graceful than IRL). I can keep myself from drowning but I am way out of shape. I am motivated to start exercising and swimming is going to be the best option for my needs but I am really anxious about going. [more inside]
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A friend has asked me to be the photographer at her party Saturday. As a budding amateur, I want to assure I get good shots. [more inside]
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Selling a cello, hoping to not lose a sister, too.

How do I tell my sister I'm selling our mother's cello? [more inside]
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Upgrading apartment entry/camera system

Do you have an awesome system that works well? I am looking for advice, experience and any general wisdom as I look to find a replacement entry and video security system for a multi-unit condo building. [more inside]
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Dimly Remembered Kids' Book About a Flying Squirrel and His Friends

I've been racking my brain trying to remember a book I liked when I was a kid. As I recall it was a small chapter book, with a reading level somewhere in the 2nd - 3rd grade range. It was about a group of forest animals, and I think most or all of them were nocturnal. The main one was a flying squirrel. [more inside]
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Are you an Audiologist? Quick Question

This previous question was me: Speak into my good ear? Since then, I've taken the advice of many Mefites and had my ears checked for ear wax build up, and seen an Audiologist today. I was told today that I score a '20' and that I have mild hearing loss but nothing requiring a hearing aid. My very basic questions are: -Where can I compare my test result to a scale to see how bad my hearing is? -Should I be bummed out that I have mild hearing loss, but not bad enough that it can be fixed? For some reason this is really bringing me down.
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Are some paper shredders less noisy than others?

I'm looking to buy a shredder that is not obnoxiously loud. For reference, I use an Office Max cross cut shredder, and it is extremely unpleasant due to the almost teeth grinding sound it makes, so any recommendations for "less noisy" shredders would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Wordpress self-hosted private customer chat?

Is there a plugin you can recommend for Wordpress for one-on-one private discussion between site admins and site users? If an admin is logged in, then a user on the site can ask them a question and have a live chat? [more inside]
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Best sampler/combo options at San Francisco restaurants?

When I eat out, I like getting sampler dishes with a few bites of different things. Dim sum is the obvious example. Please recommend your favorite "a little taste of everything" dishes at San Francisco restaurants. [more inside]
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Facial Hair for Halloween

Last year I was Walter White, the year before I was Ned Flanders, and before that I was Magnum PI. I'd like to keep up the tradition of using my beard/moustache in a Halloween costume, but I don't really have any ideas this year. [more inside]
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Good spider or bad spider?

This spider has made its home on our front porch, and now has an egg nest. I was leaving it alone but now that I see the eggs I'm a little nervous. Can anyone tell me whether this spider is harmless? Here's another pic, which isn't as good but includes the eggs. Thanks!
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On-line men's fashion sites. Where?

Looking for great sites along the lines of "The Sartorialist" Sites that show more of a unique personal style along with what is current
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Fix it or Sell it

Over the past month or two my car has started exhibiting several problems, and I'm trying to figure out if it's worth the expense and hassle of repairing it or start looking for a new car. [more inside]
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Why are you showering at 3am?

My SO wakes up in the night sometimes, let's say at 3am, and starts to get ready for work. Like, 3 hours too early. After 5-10 minutes he usually snaps out of it and comes back to bed. What is this? [more inside]
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Wow, it's beautiful, please can I take it back?

For a sentimental family occasion, my inlaws got me a very sweet present of some expensive jewelry-- after being told very clearly that I don't like expensive jewelry and don't really wear it. How terrible would it be (politically, ethically, relationally) if I were to return the item in question to the store? [more inside]
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Shoes for walking on city streets

What shoes or insoles can I wear to help my feet when I do a lot of walking on city sidewalks? [more inside]
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Cats! This behavior is unacceptable!

Cats are deliberately avoiding the litter boxes: how do we get them to stop? (Obligatory photos and snowflake details inside.) [more inside]
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Smallest airline-safe PFD?

Trying to find an extremely small personal floatation device which is airline safe and suitable for a non-swimmer; any recommendations? I am aware of the various "belt-pack" devices, but all of those I've found thus far rely on CO2 and are not especially suitable for non-swimmers. [more inside]
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Thank you in advance

"Thank you in advance." This is a phrase that annoys me. Should it? [more inside]
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A running app that does (almost) all the work for me

Can you help me find a running app that does all of these things? [more inside]
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Modern Greek or Roman fiction not centered on military or leaders?

Ancient Roman and Greek civilizations set my imagination ablaze, and while I've loved Homer's works right now I'm interested in works written in, say, the last century that take place in those times, or thereabouts. [more inside]
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Should I stay, or should I go?

I just discovered I'm pregnant and due in April. While thrilled, the timing wasn't well planned... I've been looking for a new job opportunity and am starting interviews. Here's where I would love your advice: continue my search for a new position or tread water at my current job for another 1 to 1.5 years? [more inside]
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How do I make the best use of a month-long personal retreat?

I've been off work for a number of months with severe depression. My spouse is allowing and encouraging me to go away for a month to get away from daily family life. How can I best make use of this time? [more inside]
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Seeking a definitive account of the siege of Sarajevo

I am looking for definitive nonfiction accounts of the siege of Sarajevo. Preferably a history or a work of journalism, not a memoir or polemic--although a well-reported one might be OK. [more inside]
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I'll go green once I understand it.

I'm interested in purchasing electricity that comes 100 percent from renewables. I need to understand the costs, but I'm confused. Help me understand the cost of purchasing electricity from renewable sources. [more inside]
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Need Quaich, Can't Travel

I need to find a quaich (Double handled loving cup) in the next five days. I live in NYC. I can find out where to buy one online, but I don't think I can get one that will ship to me in time to be sure of it. I will travel anywhere in NYC. Is there a brick and mortar store that might carry this? Or somewhere that ships ridiculously fast? [more inside]
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When is a contract not a contract?

If a contract on a house is signed 'subject to finance, building and pest inspection', what does that actually mean? If the buyer wants to pull out of the contract, must they provide proof that they were not approved for finance? And how much needs to be wrong on a building inspection before the contract can be broken? I guess what I'm trying to ask is, is a contract just to protect the buyer, or does the seller have rights too?
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September 23

Is that Jackson Pollock? Nope! It's mold!

Is it possible my moldy unit pushing my already run-down self over the edge? How much mold is too much? For how long? [more inside]
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Probem synching Outlook, Gmail, Windows 8

Probem synching Outlook, Gmail, Windows 8 hey all, I'm having trouble synching Gmail with Outlook 2007 on Windows 8. It may be because Windows 8 has a mini Outlook app that syncs with Gmail already. I have connected the Gmail account with Outlook, and it is sending and receiving, but strangely about 50% of the messages that go to Gmail online don't go to Outlook, so I'm at only a 50% sync rate. This is quite strange - does anyone know how this may be?
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The care and maintenance of jackets

How do I remove sunscreen stains from waterproof-breathable fabric? [more inside]
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Jazz ad lib tool

Know any free tools or software that will play a chord progression for me? [more inside]
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Android App for battery usage/management for older, non-technical user

I'm helping an older gentleman get going with his first smart phone. He is traveling without a car, camping without power, battery consumption management on the phone is CRITICAL. The app needs to FIRST be simple to setup and use, second allow him to easily see what is using the battery, and third have tools to kill wasteful usage. Free would be nice, but willing to pay for a SIMPLE app that does what he needs without confusing him with bells and whistles. [more inside]
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may his passing cleanse the world

I recently ran across a cartoon, late at night. It showed a pony or donkey with some sort of problem, and was sort of my-little-pony-ish, but the last frame of the cartoon was a giant sandworm from Dune coming out of the ground and eating the pony, and the ritual saying of the Dune Fremen, "Shai-hulud, may His passing cleanse the world." It was literally the best thing ever, especially since I am rereading Dune. Can anyone find it for me?
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14 month old waking crying at night for extended periods

My 14 month old baby has crying thrashing wakeful periods during the night on a semi-regular basis (roughly speaking, perhaps once every fortnight). He wakes up crying and can’t be consoled – arches his body and pushes away from me while in my arms (but cries harder if put down in his cot). [more inside]
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Help me find this ridiculously obscure book.

Help me find this ridiculously obscure book. [more inside]
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How should I present this gift?

I need a pretty package. [more inside]
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Children's books that include children of color?

I'm looking for board books that do not just portray white children. Books appropriate for ages 1-4 would be fine, but I'm buying for a 2-year-old so a bit on the simpler side is better. Thank you!
posted by the young rope-rider at 6:17 PM PST - 47 comments

Disherwasher safe DIY Pint glasses

I am looking for recommendations for decal paper that is durable and dishwasher safe for use on pint glasses or other options for DIY dishwasher safe pint glasses. [more inside]
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Fixing the stinky hat: how to remove perfume & hairspray odors

It's an old winter white wool felt portrait hat. It stinks: hairspray and perfume. Odorzout and Smells Begone have been enthusiastically recommended here, but I'm concerned that spraying liquids on a felt hat will deform its lovely shape. Any suggestions for dry fragrance fighting? My only thought was filling the hatbox with cedar chips, but then it will smell like cedar chips, which is only marginally OK for this asthmatic and will probably make other sensitives gag. I've digested the copious hat-, felt-, and destinking-related advice here on MeFi.
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Best free budgeting software or tool? Australia edition

Good morbling. I am deciding to try a fun experiment by setting myself up with an easy-to-use but relatively feature-rich budgeting program thing, for what I can do my budgets on. It can be an app or a website or a spreadsheet. Two people will be using it. We are Australian people. Any tips?
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Divorce in Michigan with minor children but without Friend of the Court

My wife and I are getting divorced. We have three minor children. We will be sharing custody and time with the children equally. Neither of us wants child support from the other, we have comparable incomes, and we do not want Friend of the Court involved. The divorce is uncontested and we are trying to use LawHelpInteractive.Org (it was linked by the Circuit Court) to fill out the paperwork. The paperwork it generates seems to include Friend of the Court by default and I can't figure out how to get Friend of the Court out of it. Can I file as is and file the opt out paperwork separately after the case is created?
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Why the fedora hate?

It seems like people go out of their way to hate on people who wear fedoras. Not fedoras specifically, at least not that I have seen, but specifically making snarky remarks about people who wear fedoras. Lena Dunham made a remark in a piece basically insinuating that all you needed to know about an early crush of hers wore a fedora. [more inside]
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Does housing inventory correlate with price?

In US metro areas, housing inventory shows seasonal patterns, with the inventory greatest in the middle of the year and lowest in the winter. Does lower inventory help, or hurt, a seller's ability to get their asking price for a house they are selling? [more inside]
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What to do when a supervisor is facing dementia?

One of my friends has a supervisor (director of a non-profit) that is showing major signs of dementia. He forgets what happens in meetings, doesn't do tasks he is supposed to do, forgets what keys are to be used for which locks, etc. It is hurting the organization, and hurting her in particular because it is causing her to have major burnout taking care of everything going wrong. She is also worried about how she can get him to take better care of himself, and recognize/treat what is happening. He is married with no kids. What should/can she do? FWIW this is in Texas. *Let's assume we know there is a real cognitive decline, not just stress, etc.
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GoodReads Replacement?

I've been using GoodReads to keep extensive lists of the books I've read, the books I want to read, and the books I've tried to read and didn't several years now. Since the Amazon buyout, lots of my friends left the site, and new changes to their guidelines have me rethinking my continued use. Can you recommend a replacement? More details inside! [more inside]
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Yoga body?

Since starting on birth control about a year ago, I have gained SO. MUCH. WEIGHT. (Almost 30 lbs) I want to look like a yogini. Hope me! [more inside]
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HAL - HP Windows 7

I've seen something that pops up interrupting what I'm doing. It's from HP, it pops up a black box. I may have uninstalled it. Now my friend has the same problem. I want to make sure that I uninstall/deactivate the right thing. What's it called?
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The Next Half

Earlier this year, I realized that I'd checked off pretty much everything on my to-do list. My life hasn't been a blazing success by any means - I had a dozen modest goals that I chipped away at for the better part of 15 years, and now I find myself looking for something bigger to do. [more inside]
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Cool ideas to make neighborhoods more fun?

Our city (Ottawa, Canada) is making grants available to fund neighborhood improvements. Ideas include things like Little Free Libraries, pavement painting, microparks, porchfests and neighborhood lunches. But the possibilities are wide open. I'd like to hear what other neighborhood activists have done. What cool neighborhood projects do you know about? Budget for the entire effort must be less than $30K, and the project has to be completed within a year. The $ aspect may not be a hard limit because if the idea is exciting enough, volunteers may step forward to help.
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Help me find a fun/inexpensive vacation for my boys and I!

Mother of two sons here - they are all grown up and we are talking about taking our first out-of-state vacation in years. The problem is that we are vacation-planning inept and don't know where to start. It has to be as cheap as possible, but I'm not sure how to search or how to find deals. This is where you come in handy! We live in Cleveland, Ohio and are looking at somewhere on the west coast (perhaps San Francisco) or even Mexico/South America. (Europe is also an option, but perhaps very expensive?) We want it to be far enough away, and not too chilly (a bit is okay, and temperate is fine as well). [more inside]
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Intellectual approaches to abolishing borders?

I'm undertaking research that deals with national identity and immigration issues and I'm really interested in any scholarly (or non-scholarly, really not super picky) works that critique and discuss alternatives to the modern nation-state paradigm. [more inside]
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StorySourceFilter: Guy dies; god is disappointed he didn't travel more

I have a half remembered parable that I'm trying to source. The gist is that a guy dies, and when he gets to heaven, God is disappointed he didn't take time to see all the natural beauties of the world. [more inside]
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lift alone?

I hate "fitness culture" but I want to learn to lift weights. I have access to a small mostly unstaffed company gym. I would prefer to do this alone - is that reasonable or safe? [more inside]
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Does this work bag read feminine?

I would like to replace my husband's deteriorating work bag (which I gave him many moons ago) for our upcoming anniversary . I like this nylon one, but fear it will read as being made for a woman. I have past experience with this seller and she will customize a bag. If this does read as feminine, what makes it so? Thank you.
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Why is this lawyer charging me again?

I recently met with a lawyer to get a document reviewed. I had sent him my document that morning to look over before we met. At the end of our meeting he said once I had put in his suggested changes I could send him the document and he'd look over it again. His charge was $60, which I immediately paid. About a week later I sent him the document with his changes incorporated to look over again. If it matters, I had added a clause of maybe three sentences to the document that wasn't in the first version. I've now received another invoice for $60 from the lawyer, charging me for a second review. I didn't expect to get billed again since he was the one who offered to look at it again. Is he justified in billing me for a second review? What should I do if he's not justified?
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Need a Seattle family photographer

Looking for a Seattle photographer than can shoot some quirky outdoor family photos for us. [more inside]
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Condominium By-Laws Pets

My mother received two letters from her Condo association stating that she is in violation of a pet by-law for having me visit her at her home and bringing my dog(over 35 pounds). Here is the law as written: 10.8 A limit of one four legged animal, not weighing more than thirty-five (35) pounds is allowed per unit. I've spoken with the property management and they state that this law means no dogs over 35 pounds are allowed on property at all. As this law is written could that legally be in forced if i continue to visit with my dog? [more inside]
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Singing multiple notes at once

Is it possible to sing more than one note at a time? [more inside]
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Horror iPad games like the Dark Meadow?

What are your recommended scary, immersive iPad games? Based on a previous question, I bought The Dark Meadow and was very pleased. Then I finished it. What are some other recommended games in that genre? [more inside]
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And here I thought cancer was bad.

In this Time magazine interview, Google founder Larry Page talks about the new Calico project. One particular quote jumped out at me: "Are people really focused on the right things? One of the things I thought was amazing is that if you solve cancer, you'd add about three years to people's average life expectancy," Page said. "We think of solving cancer as this huge thing that'll totally change the world [...] but in the aggregate, it's not as big an advance as you might think." Err, really? Can this be true? Or is this one of those statistical tricks - like the one with life expectancy in the middle ages, where we think people died in their mid-thirties, but in reality, once you adjust for infant mortality, people actually typically lived well into their sixties? I tried asking Mr. Google but his answers were confusing.
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Tell me about making and selling "bath & body" products in the USA

I'm toying with the idea of branching out and adding a couple of mens' grooming products to my Etsy shop. Specifically, moustache wax and bay rum aftershave. What I need to determine next is whether it's worth the hassle to do so legally (and safely, of course.) [more inside]
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I want to ride my bicycle... but I don't have a bike

All my good friends are getting bikes and going on rides on local green lines/green ways, or having group rides. While I had only kind of wished I had a bike before, I rented a bike at a local park and went on a 14 mile ride with a couple of friends yesterday, and now I really want one. I also know now some of the things that I definitely want in a bike, that I would have thought didn't matter before. How to select one at a reasonable price?! [more inside]
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Great histories of Boston and/or the American Revolution?

I recently moved to the Boston area, and realized that I don't know anything about it, or the main period that it's famous for. Please recommend me some non-fiction page-turners. [more inside]
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Individual health insurance when moving states

I am recently unemployed (as of Sept 1st) and will be moving from Texas at California in late October. Please help me figure out what I need to do for health insurance. [more inside]
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By the way, I have a new boyfriend

Ex is now a neighbor and attempting to establish to let him know I'm happily in a new relationship? [more inside]
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Good looking, tough, comfortable shoes

I have a job that calls for a very particular combination of attributes in (men's) shoes, and I'd like any recommendations you all can give me on pairs to try. [more inside]
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Tell me about your experience going back to school to get a Master of Ed

I'm thinking of returning to school (I have a BA) to become a teacher. What are your experiences, stories, insights, and words of caution? [more inside]
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See a doctor soon, now or right now?

I've been feeling a little out of sorts since the weekend. Should I go bug my GP or am I being a hypochondriac? [more inside]
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Non-euro fantasy stories?

Looking for fantasy that's not based on your standard European/Tolkien background. Pretty much any flavor of fantasy is alright (straight, urban, science, what have ye). Just finished reading Barry Hughart's Master Li/Number Ten Ox books and enjoyed them. Would definitely prefer "adult" fiction versus YA, but no preference for novels versus short stories.
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How do I approach my needs with a guy without seeming to nag?

How do I discuss my needs with a guy that I care about without nagging? [more inside]
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Need ideas for spaghetti squash as a side dish.

I can't find a way to make spaghetti squash side dishes taste good. Please help. [more inside]
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Best video editing software for adding text and intros to screencasts?

Looking some sort of editing software to help me add titles, text, and brandings to the existing videos and screencasts I have. [more inside]
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Looking for an indie "Reunited" by Peaches and Herb

I'm getting married next month to a guy I dated 30 years ago in college! Help us find the perfect music! [more inside]
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Assembling a drinks menu

I’m holding an Agents of SHIELD watch party tomorrow and still need a few ideas for Avengers-themed drinks. Some more requirements under the cut: [more inside]
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Fortune-tellin magazines: who they is?!

Green clan members: please help me identify those magazines / newspapers / quarterlies that have been (and probably still are) particularly prescient. [more inside]
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Help identify this scifi short story about political revolution !

Can you identify this vaguely remembered long lost scifi short story? I read this story in London when I was a kid... but it may not be British, just English language: the basic plot goes something like this - the human narrator is telling an anecdote about the pitfalls of universal translator technologies. He relates the story of a lone human scientist (perhaps a biologist or an anthropologist) studying life on an alien planet. More plot details [and SPOILERS] in the extended explanation !!!! [more inside]
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What is the name of this book that offers financial advice in a neat way

At the airport a while back, I stumbled onto this book written I think by the people at MSN Finance. The book was called something like "Do this or that?" and the arrangement was as follows. A question was posed such as "Should I rent or stay with my parents to save on rent?" and two colorful pages were devoted to explaining which option was better. Another such question was "Should I rent or buy" as well as "Should I pay monthly for a gym membership or pay everything at all once." Its structure was similar to what one saw in those "Eat This Not That Books" that are so popular among dieters. The book I am talking about is fairly new and probably pretty popular as it was one of the titles at this airport I visited a month ago. The book was in hardback and had lots of colorful pictures. Thanks
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So it seems I'm functionally retarded. What to make of this?

Whenever I've taken an IQ test, in childhood or adulthood, I've scored fantastically low. I probably shouldn't have the cognitive faculties to be typing this right now. Help me make sense of what's going on? [more inside]
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Where can I buy bandannas that are nice and soft?

I always carry a bandanna that I use as a handkerchief. Mine were received as gifts or found randomly here and there, so I don't have a good source for buying new ones. I'm looking for nice soft cotton bandannas, ideally USA-made, that make good handkerchiefs. I looked at Amazon and eBay, but Amazon reviews vary from person to person, and I was hoping someone here had a good recommendation. As far as pattern/color go, a standard paisley or whatever is fine.
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Is ACN A Scam?

I friend of mine is telling me about this ACN (American Communications Network Inc) service she is getting into. Does anybody have any experience with them? [more inside]
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I'd like to sell my wedding ring and get the most out of it. Advice?

My wedding ring is maybe 2 karats? How best to monetize? [more inside]
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How do I thank my lawyer?

My (dramatic) divorce will be finalized in 3 weeks. How do I acknowledge how awesome my lawyer is? [more inside]
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Looking for similar music - classical/orchestral buffs needed!

Can anybody help me find similar music to this John Williams song from Indiana Jones "Marion's Theme". I need songs that are similarly bittersweet and romantic. I'm looking for pieces with a strong dose of heartache, rather than just lovely romantic music. It's about love, but something is awry and there is pain. More of a longing sound than a fulfilled love. Can anyone tell me anything that they think is similar? Who might have influenced Williams with this piece? Or any composers from any era that had pieces like this. Also if anyone could tell me what's going on here musically that gives it the atmosphere it has that would be amazing.
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Cat first aid advice needed

My 13yo cat has a head wound on her forehead by her eye that she will not stop itching. It started out as 3 small scratches (like our other cat had kicked her in the head or similar) but every time it scabs over she itches the scab off and so it has expanded into a hole in her head that is now encroaching on her eye. We've tried putting cat hydrocortisone and lidocaine cream around it, covering it up (can't find anything bandage-like that'll stay on her head), tying a sock on her itching foot (she yanks it off) and putting her in the cone of shame (she itches around it. Somehow). I'd like to avoid a vet visit if possible because they terrify her and I am poor.
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Yoga Blogs for the Dejected Runner

I'm a runner who likes reading blogs written by other people who run. Except I've been injured for the past six months, so right now reading those blogs makes me sad and jealous. Help me find blogs written by people who do yoga instead, so I don't spend my free time weeping over all of my unused Clif Bloks and wishing tendinitis on random strangers! [more inside]
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Iconic Images of People Celebrating or Otherwise Being Happy

We're looking for iconic/popular images of people having fun and want to photoshop in a crying kid (all in good fun!). What are your suggestions? [more inside]
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How to give performance feedback on a very unpleasant colleague?

I just received a request for performance feedback from a manager at my company concerning an employee I've worked with in the past year whom I did not like at all. I am uncomfortable telling the manager what I really think. Before I started working with this person I was warned by others to expect a difficult relationship. [more inside]
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Am I the type that always wants what I don't have?

I'm dating someone fantastic, but I feel nothing. [more inside]
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What's under Emmy's skirt?

While opening up the morning news sites I see this picture of Jeff Daniels holding his newly-won Emmy statuette. (Congrats, Jeff). The picture shows a lengthy text affixed to the underside of the statuette. What is it? It sure looks like more than just "(C) 2013 ATAS/NATAS: Don't Sell Me". Cleaning instructions? A secret message from the Illuminati? Anyone know?
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I'd love free ChickFilA, but...

So there's a new Chick Fil A opening near me next month. I could be one of the first 100 and win free chicken, woo hoo! But... [more inside]
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Looking for SF-based therapists: how's United Behavioral Health?

I'm looking for therapists in San Francisco and I just found out that I'm covered under United Behavioral Health. I'm wondering if people've had any experience seeing a therapist or a psychiatrist through them, and how I might go about finding someone in their provider directory who'd a good match for me. I'd also really appreciate any recommendations for therapists in SF who take UBH. [more inside]
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Haaaaave you met Ted?

I don't know how to meet women. [more inside]
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Unevenly sized icons in Windows 7 taskbar

I'm having an odd issue with the display of the Windows 7 taskbar. [more inside]
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Perimenopause: what helped you?

Older women of mefi, what have you used to help with perimenopausal symptoms, both prescription and alternative? What worked and what didn't? I'm having horrendous hot flashes, periods from hell, mood swings that . . um. . . oh, and mental fuzziness. Yes, I'm going to make a doctor's appointment but I'd like to have some possibilities in mind to talk over with her when I get there. [more inside]
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Is it possible to install windows 8 on a computer without a disc drive?

I bought a 2012 Imac without an optical disc drive. I researched difficulties others have had with this process and windows 7, like the thread here. After a week of trying I'm no closer than I was when I started. I have a copy of Windows 8 system builder that I want to install. The problems I face are these. *Microsoft only allows upgrades of Windows 8 to be downloaded. Stand alone copies are only available on a disc. Apple says Bootcamp does not work with the upgrade * it seems impossible to get an actual legal copy of the windows 8 iso. Digital River has only Windows 7 iso's. * I purchased an ASUS optical drive from Amazon that came without cables but the sata cables linked with this device do not fit with the back of the iMac.I am probably sending the drive back to Amazon, but am not sure where I go from there. Any suggestions?
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St. Louis Cardinals Socks

Looking for a place to buy the St. Louis Cardinals "high sock sunday" socks. Can anyone help me? [more inside]
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Minecraft culture on Halloween question

So the kids want to go as Minecraft characters on Halloween. They've ordered masks so that they can go as Steve, Enderman, and Creeper. (Don't ask me, I don't know either.) If they were going as comic-book characters, I would have some idea what I could dress up as in order to be consistent with them. With respect to the Minecraft universe, I have no idea. Any idea what other costumes would be consistent for me to wear that fit inside the Minecraft context?
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Miley twerking?! MeFiNK needs a regular pop-culture schooling.

MeFite, No Kids here. Where do I dedicate 15 minutes a day on the internets toward study of what's fresh, even if it's stupid? [more inside]
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Just had my allergy breakout (Hives) and my face looks like a map

I have never had an allergic reaction before so I don't know what to do. I just had hives that lasted for 2 weeks. I went to the doctor and they gave me some shots and it was gone in a day, but it came back the second week - I kept taking my meds so the hives are mostly gone now. Some spots were still kind of itchy but its mostly just dark marks on my face. I was wondering if anybody knows how to remove these dark spots on my face because I really feel uncomfortable looking at the mirror and seeing myself like I'm looking at a moon. [more inside]
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September 22

Sacramento to NYC by way of 40 hours of driving

Driving cross country for the first time from Sacramento to my soon to be new home in NYC with my dog and my brother. Tips, advice, route help are all welcome, please. [more inside]
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French MOOCs

Is there a French equivalent of or other websites hosting free online courses? The French language offerings on Coursera itself are limited to technical classes and one history of religion class.
posted by lirael2008 at 11:14 PM PST - 2 comments

Moldy fire pit

So we have a fire pit (like this). It came with a cover, which we naturally assumed was waterproof, and left the cover on unused for about a month. We went outside tonight to start a fire and uh, the logs and bottom of the pit were completely covered with orange mold. We threw the logs away in plastic bags without touching them, and then threw some new logs on and started a fire, thinking it would kill the mold that was left. We also tried not to breathe in any of the smoke and pretty much stayed at a far away distance. Are we going to get sick? My paranoid mind is already feeling a sore throat coming on. Tomorrow we plan on cleaning it with vinegar or bleach. I assume leaving it uncovered is the best option for the future?
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Should a Cat Shelter Smell this Bad?

I don't expect an animal shelter to smell like fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies and flower arrangements, but I think I may have hit on a poorly run or at least oversaturated facility. How do I tell? Details inside. [more inside]
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I need a pillow for reading in bed

I need a pillow for when I'm sitting up in bed reading/computing so I stop screwing up my back trying to get comfortable. There are a lot of options, though! What's best for back/neck support? Traditional reading pillows (the kind with arms) or wedge pillows? What material will work well for this?
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Beautifying my backyard, and I need a little help!

I live in zone 9b (northern CA) and I'm looking for good ground-cover plants that are hearty, can withstand moist/rocky soil, and need lots of water. The challenge is that this area (about 8 square feet) is right next to the foundation of our house, and the gutter pours water into the area. Details below the fold. [more inside]
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A well-spent Thanksgiving

My husband and I typically spend thanksgiving alone (together). It's always nice but a little quiet sometimes. Help me find something(s) to do to add to our day, whether volunteering, a great restaurant, or something recreational. Geographical considerations inside... [more inside]
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Cocktail advice for gorgeous white raspberries

I have gorgeous white raspberries around which I would like to craft a cocktail to celebrate my lady-friend's return from a week abroad. What do you recommend? [more inside]
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What's a good town for a single man in his late 30s...

What's a non-US city that might be especially good for a 38-year old divorced straight male looking to meet a woman and settle down? Much more specific details inside. [more inside]
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European man whom carried many pounds of gear everyday -Website or link

In the 2004-2006 timeframe I recall discussion on websites I frequented at the time (which I cannot recall now) about a European man whom carried many pounds of gear everyday. Things like writing pens, hand tools, survival tools, lighters, etc.... There was also a particular website that detailed all the items he carried, mostly in his coat and on his belt, including photos. My google skills are failing me. He was/is northern european, maybe French, Belgium or English. I would like some web=links to this information, if still available?
posted by wylde21 at 7:13 PM PST - 3 comments

Approaching Fitrah

Young and modern Muslims of MeFi, what are the best resources out there - blogs, Web sites, podcasts - for someone who finds himself considering a deeper connection with the faith? [more inside]
posted by mykescipark at 7:08 PM PST - 9 comments

Behold, as a wild ass in the desert, go I forth to my work.

Suggestions for interesting space-related conferences taking place before end of 2013? [more inside]
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Is it right to delay a breakup?

Should I delay a breakup until after an important test? [more inside]
posted by R a c h e l at 6:59 PM PST - 31 comments

Retroactively dissolve an LLC

YANML. I know this. I have an LLC registered with the State of Massachusetts that I meant to dissolve a couple years ago but never got around to and forgot about. A couple days ago, I received a letter from the state saying that I had to a file report and pay a $500 fee last year. Is there any way I can tell them I wanted to dissolve it before that and start the dissolution process, thereby avoiding the filing fee?
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What was the halter dress I saw at the festival?

At a recent folk festival, I saw a halter dress made of thin fabric, short, possibly a style the wearer wraps herself. Where can I buy one? [more inside]
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How do we extend our doorbell range?

I live in an apartment building with no wired-in doorbells. Everyone just buys their own wireless doorbell and puts it at the apartment building gate. Unfortunately ours can't punch through all the concrete to reach our door. We upgraded to a longer range doorbell and that didn't reach either. Can we get some sort of repeater for it that we could put between the gate and our door? As far as I can tell, doorbell "extenders" (e.g.) wouldn't work, since that would require us to put the chime itself in a common area of the building.
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Help me overcome sleep inertia

If I don't have to be somewhere by a certain time, I turn my alarm forward in increments between ten minutes and an hour and a half until mid-afternoon, never waking up enough that I don't feel like I couldn't and don't want to fall immediately back to sleep. On days when I do have something to do, I set my alarm an hour early, reset it to the real time when it goes off the first time, and wake up immediately after that. [more inside]
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Help me do something nice for my parents -- 30th anniversary edition

My parents are celebrating their 30th anniversary on the 30th of this month. What do I get them? [more inside]
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Ma, it hurts!

As I get older (34f) I'm finding that when I stub my toe or accidentally bump myself somewhere, it hurts so much more than it used to. I used to bounce back pretty quickly. It's not like I bruise more easily, just the immediate pain is more acute and lasts a bit longer. Got any tips on how to bring back more resilience?
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1st time working as a private tutor. How do I go about negotiating pay?

I'm a 3rd year chemistry student at a university. I have had about 2 months of experience working as a tutor for a lecture type class. I recently was asked to tutor chemistry to a high school student. I only talked to the mother briefly on the phone and she asked me how much I'm being paid right now and I told her I'm being paid $10/h working for the university as a lecture type tutor. She did not give me an offer right away. So at the first private tutoring session, the daughter told me that her mom would like to offer me 2x what I'm being paid right now, which is $20. Then at the 2nd session, the daughter gave me a check signed by her mom, which pays for both sessions, and it's $30 instead of $40. When I brought up the last offer, the daughter told me that it was a misunderstanding and her mom said $15. I don't know what to do. Is $15/h a good rate for private tutoring? Should I approach her mom to confirm this? I don't know what the right thing is to do. Thanks for your advice!
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What's the best gaming PC in the $1,500 price range?

My Steam-addicted 13 year old son is about to turn 14 and I'd like to surprise him with a new gaming PC. He's currently using a generic Dell from a few years ago that he says works fine but he'll need new hardware to keep up with the technology (and the competition). My goal is to find the best gaming PC as close to $1,500 as possible, preferably a laptop but I'll go with a tower if it makes sense. Any recommendations?
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How does the completions metric work with pages in GA?

I was working up some custom reports in Google Analytics, and dropped some goal completion metrics into a report with the "Page Title" dimension. My first thought was "well, that shouldn't work" because ... well because I'm not sure why, but something to do with most pages not being part of a defined goal. [more inside]
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Shaped grip stickers for phone backing

The back of my cell phone is slippery. I'd like something similar to egrips' non-slip sticker, but I don't just want a large black rectangle. [more inside]
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What's the name of this particular type of cotton rug?

I'm trying to figure out what this particular type of cotton rug is called, so that I can Google it or search for it at other stores. It's a very particular style and I've seen it in a lot of places, but every time I've seen it it's just been called a "cotton rug" or given some marketing name. Does anybody know?
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Middle School Woes

Help me understand my daughter's middle school transition. Please. [more inside]
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Worst kinds of people at Halloween attractions?

I'm working on a post about the worst kinds of people who go to haunted attractions (ie, the annoying dude who keeps trying to scare people in line with him). However, I feel like I may have a read a similar article in the past couple years. In spite of extensive searching, I haven't found this post, if there is one. So, MeFites -- if out there, can anyone help me find this post?
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How do we get this mirror safely standing?

We need to put a large (perhaps 5' tall by 3' wide) rectangular mirror up against a wall of our apartment ... but we're not allowed to mess with the wall in any way. How do we get it to stay there? [more inside]
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Tattoo Convention Etiquette

I will be attending my first tattoo convention if a few weeks. While I have gotten several tattoos over the years, I don't know too much about tattoo culture. I'd like to enjoy myself, take in some art, and possibly get inked. What are your tattoo convention dos and don'ts?
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How to handle working with a slacker

I've been assigned a project with a coworker who has, historically, done as little work as humanly possible. I don't know how to manage this. [more inside]
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What sexual positions will not irritate a hernia?

My (male) partner has an inguinal hernia. It was repaired with mesh 3 years ago, but is bothering him again. He has a surgical consult soon. In the meantime, what sexual positions could we employ that would alleviate the stress? [more inside]
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How can I get my husband to the hospital for our baby's delivery?

My husband's boss just told him that he won't be able to take time off for the delivery of our baby. What should we do? [more inside]
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New England weekend getaway

Where, within 3-4 hours of Providence, RI, can a couple find a nice B&B with easy access to impressive foliage, good hiking, and some really excellent dining? We're particularly interested in VT and NH, although perhaps there are some options in MA. All responses welcome.
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How to get Emory to Rescind Award to Anti-gay Activist?

Emory University is planning to give a distinguished alumni award to H. Eddie Fox, who has been leading the fight against the inclusion and equality of gay Methodists in the Methodist Church (among other accomplishments). Students/staff/faculty are currently mobilizing to have that award rescinded. We have less than a week left. What is the most effective way to pressure Emory to rescind that award? [more inside]
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Something Pepe le Pew would approve

What is a thoughtful gift (in the $100 range) for someone who loves perfume, but whom I do not know very well? I obviously wouldnt choose a scent for her but would still like to give her sonething relating to her love of perfume. She is in the UK and I am in the USA, so if I send her a gift certificate to a perfumerie it needs to be one she can visit in London. However if there is a non-gift card present you can recommend as well, so much the better. Thanks!
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Half a weekday in DC

Hello D.C. Mefites. Later this month I'll have half a Monday to spend in D.C. The rest of the week I'm working until dinner time. I'm flying into Reagan around noon on a Monday. I'd like to cram as much Capital type stuff into the afternoon as I can. Any suggestions on what to do? A friend has suggested I rent a bike and cruise around the Mall, monuments, etc. Also, I run and would like to run two or three time the week I'm there. Any suggested multi-mile routes near the Pentagon or Crystal City area? I'm completely unfamiliar with the area, but would really like to avoid the hotel treadmill.
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How much sun does a pyracantha really need?

I have a beautiful pyracantha that's presently 3 1/2 ft. tall and 5' wide with orange berries. Regrettably, I don't know the exact species and don't have full sun where I want to plant it. How can I feed it to make up for the missing sunlight? Other suggestions? I live in Zone 7A, thanks kindly, Jeanne3
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Given the symptoms, what could be wrong with my cat?

You are not a vet (but maybe you play one on TV). Inconclusive cat symptoms: what could they mean? [more inside]
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Pokemon LARP?

For our son's birthday, Mr. Corpse had the idea of Pokemon LARPing. We know little about Pokemon, and less about LARPing. Please advise. [more inside]
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Baby monitor from webcam? (portable screen connected to wi-fi?)

We have a foscam webcam with night vision and the works. We can access it via wifi on our phones and computers, but want a dedicated screen to use as a baby monitor. Portable and/or plug-in... what are our options? Thanks!
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origin of OkCupid "How is this Site Treating You?" question

Where does "How's your luck on the site?" come from? [more inside]
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Career Crisis- How to get hired after only 2 months at current job?

Hello, Metafilter! Long time lurker (10 years), first time poster. To sum it up- after a failed stint as an AmeriCorps VISTA (6 months) following graduation from the University of South Carolina with a degree in International Studies and a minor in Economics- I have spent a year unemployed, a year as a bank teller, another year unemployed, and over a year as a server and a tax season as a tax pro at H&R block. I went back to school during the time as a server to get enough credits to sit for the CPA (one computer apps class away from obtaining accounting certificate at a local community college). Moved back to SC and spent from 07/12-06/13 as an Assistant Service Manager at a car dealership (hated it because A, I have asthma and missed a ton of work due to complications from working outside, B, I knew nothing about cars, and C, I am not a fan of Customer Service/commission pay). [more inside]
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Are there non-modernist architects in London?

Going through architecture sites, it looks as if all residential projects in London are of the mostly-glass, super clean type, like this one or the output of these fine people. Are there residential architects who like to do thing in a more, hm, bohemian, messy way, or is that totally out of fashion?
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Looking for bifteki (hamburger) and other Greek recipes

My fiancee and I recently returned from a vacation in Greece. We thoroughly enjoyed the food in Greece. We want to recreate some of the dishes we enjoyed. In particular, I want to know how to make "bifteki", the small hamburger patties served with tomatoes, onions and tzatziki. The few recipes I find on Google seem too simple to believe. [more inside]
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Is there a good way to chop whipped cream chargers in half?

Steel whipped cream chargers are a problem at Burning Man. Most of them end up in landfills, largely because recyclers don't want potentially pressurized containers. I've found an outfit in Reno that will accept them, but only if they're cut in half to prove that they're empty. What's the best way to do so on the Playa? [more inside]
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Where can I get clear instructions for this type of Kindle publishing?

My book is in an HTML file, not Word. I'm going to use kindlegen to convert it. Everything is working great, except I can't figure out how to include the cover, start page, and table of contents. Amazon's directions are spectacularly opaque. Where can I go to find out what to do?
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How to charge for essay/general editing?

I have previous tutoring experience (as well as being an Ontario Certified Teacher). I'd like to get back into some tutoring/editing work on the side, but I'm not sure how to charge for what I'm hoping to do. I don't really have the time or the flexibility to offer one-on-one tutoring, so I was hoping to offer "editing online" types of services where someone would email me their work and I'd send it back in x amount of time with corrections, editing suggestions, etc. I've done this in the past for journalists, law students, etc. and it seemed to work well. Here's the problem: how do I set up a reasonable and attractive fee structure for this? [more inside]
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Organized at work

What are your best tips and tricks for being organized and efficient at work? I’ve read books and taken a webinar on time management/productivity in the last few months, but I found them less than helpful because they seemed to assume that: a) I can make the decision to eliminate certain tasks and b) I can delegate tasks to someone. Neither of these things is true. I am the low person on the totem pole here. [more inside]
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For career and appropriate tech: Should I be an electrician or plumber?

I'm currently in the application process for the plumbers/pipefitters and electricians unions in my area. I'm trying to decide which one I'd prefer, if I get a choice. I like that both are licensed trades where I could work on big industrial/commercial projects but also have good residential skills. Also, I'm interested in alternative/appropriate/transition technology -- and I'm wondering which trade would give me more versatile skills for that sort of application. Any advice on which trade might give me more skills to make appropriate tech? [more inside]
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Slideshow Options in Blogger

What are some good options for embedding a photo slideshow in Blogger? [more inside]
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Problems with How do I limit the damage?

My computer has been redirecting me to for about the past 2 months. I've only just found out this is malware. Please could you advise me on what to do? [more inside]
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How to be the Ozil of Tuesday nights

Tips for a lifelong 11 a side football (soccer) player making the switch to 5 a side? [more inside]
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September 21

Help me find more songs like Soul Searchers' "Ashley's Roachclip"

Help me find more songs like Soul Searchers' "Ashley's Roachclip" [more inside]
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Date night with a time restriction. Some ideas for a night out?

My wife and I have two little kids. Recently, we've found that we really needed to get away for a date night at least once a week. Budget is not that lavish, so we often have 2-3 hours to get away and do...something. We live in Burbank, CA. [more inside]
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I'm the jerk who adopted cats and now cannot keep them..suggestions?

I adopted two stray kittens just under a year ago. I am mildly allergic and planned to keep them temporarily, but grew quite attached. I am constantly on the road for work take them around from hotel to hotel with me, which is not ideal. On top of that, my permanent living situation is changing and I will be living with someone with severe cat allergies. I need to find a home for these two as soon as possible. I have exhausted my possible friends and family options. I really would like them to be able to stay together, as they are quite good buddies. I don't like the idea of giving them to a shelter, though I am beginning to see it may be the only option here. If it's useful, I am going back and fourth between Scranton, PA and Pittsburgh, PA right now, in case anyone has suggestions that are location specific. Does anyone have advice about facilities or other ways that I might try to find them a home? Tobias and Tzipora and I thank you.
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I'd hammer in the morning/hammer in the evening/all over this land

I lust signed up for a proxy service so we can watch US Netflix from Canada. Now that I have this shiny new hammer what other nails can I use it on that were previously blocked from Canada? [more inside]
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How to have a... less than authentic Bangkok experience?

Where do I go in Bangkok for slightly better quality 'imitation' handbags? [more inside]
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Where to find pineapple tamales in Los Angeles?

Where can I buy sweet pineapple tamales in Los Angeles WITHOUT raisins or nuts or anything else mixed in? Ideally, I wouldn't need to buy at least a dozen or order them ahead of time. Thanks!
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Meet the new dryer. Same as the old dryer.

Old clothes dryer stopped blowing hot air. We replaced it with a new dryer only to discover it does not blow hot air. [more inside]
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How do I install a cargo rack on a kids bike

My daughter bikes to school on a 24" kids mountain bike. She needs a cargo rack for her bike to carry her backpack. The only cargo racks I can find are for adults. They attach to the frame in pre-drilled holes beneath the seat. Kids racks do not have these holes. Anyone figured out how to attach the front supports of a bike cargo rack on a kids bike?
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2nd spinal surgery

Had my second operation yesterday. First was an unsuccessful laminectomy in May,2011. This one is a neurostimulator. Anyone have ideas for a good rehab regimen and/orpitfalls to look out for?
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Canon Rebel XTi to Fuji x100s to ?

I loved my Canon Rebel XTi, then sold it and got a Fuji x100s. There are things that frustrate me about the Fuji, and I need some help figuring out what camera might be a better fit for me. [more inside]
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How do I get over my neighbor?

I casually dated a guy for about a month, then he started ignoring me. Twist: he's my next door neighbor. How do I maneuver this situation? [more inside]
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How do I best coach my son's Gr. 7/8 school soccer team?

I've decided to help out my son's grade 7/8 soccer team this year as a coach but I have no experience with the game or coaching in a team environment. What can I do to make this fun for everyone involved? [more inside]
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Sealed small city map for Traveller pnp rpg

I'm looking for a map for a small city for my Traveller (science fiction) roleplaying game I'm GMing in a few hours. Doesn't have to be particularly detailed, but my Googling has turned up nothing useful. The city is on a planet without breathable air, has about 800,000 people and is a mining colony. Does anyone have something that might fit the bill?
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How to not let a mean family member (and people in general) get to me?

I have an extended family member that likes to poke fun at me - I consider the fun to be mean spirited, he doesn't. He doesn't let up, and it makes me dread family gatherings, because I know that I will get peppered with rude comments (about what I'm wearing, my sexuality, etc.). I have a hard time knowing what to say in response, and I find this to be the case when dealing with many people that I would consider to be "assholes". How to cope and not let myself get scared away from events by people like him? [more inside]
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Avoiding friendships over attraction

Is avoiding friendships if you are attracted to that person a bad thing? [more inside]
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How to get money back from the IRS?

I estimated and sent money I thought I owed in taxes to the IRS when I filed for an extension on my 2012 taxes. I finally just did my taxes and I actually got a refund instead. How do I get the money I sent the IRS in April back now? [more inside]
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basic monthly wall calendar

I'm looking for the most basic, clean, monthly wall calendar for 2014. Something like the Field Notes calendar (scroll down a bit), but large enough for me to write notes on individual days. [more inside]
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Should I be worried about a blood count issue?

I regularly give blood in the UK and am currently taking part in an interval study, which involves studying the donors' blood. Yesterday, I received a letter from the organisers of the study that includes the rather alarming sentence, "We have noticed that part of your blood count is outside the range we would have expected." The letter then says, "There are no urgent issues regarding your health. However, we would like to take a second sample and recheck your blood count." Should I be worried? [more inside]
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Taxes On Used Car Purchase Chicago?

I am buying a used car in Cook County, IL. (I am in the dealership right now.) Is the dealer correct to charge me 9.5% tax? [more inside]
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Child's Gift to Germany by Tuesday! HOPE me, Mefites!!

Sending a child's birthday gift by Tuesday! We have had awful problems on a variety of German sites because we are sending this gift through a UK address! Help! [more inside]
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GTA V writing staff demographics?

What is the racial makeup of the Rockstar North writing team? Specifically, how people were involved in the writing of Grand Theft Auto V were black?
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Help us get a passport so we can go to Mexico

My husband was born in the US and moved back to Canada as a baby with his Canadian parents. Apparently he received a proof of citizenship card when he was a teen but now it is lost. I understand that he will need this to apply for a Canadian passport. His sister is getting married in January in Mexico, where he will be in the wedding party. We have applied for the replacement citizenship card already about a month ago but have gotten no confirmation so far, and I just read on the website that it will take 6 months. This is not enough time to get it and the passport before mid January. Now we are panicked. Is there anything else we can do? Can he apply for an American passport instead in order to travel to Mexico? He has dual citizenship since he has an American birth certificate. Thanks
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vga to dvi converter: did I buy the wrong one?

Need help troubleshooting my new monitor set up. Problem is my new VGA to DVI adapter [more inside]
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My traditionally terrible timing + need for a new phone = disaster?

I need a new smartphone. I am tech savvy and an informed consumer, but I also have terrible timing (in general). So though I'm looking at the options, my terrible timing + T-Mobile's expensive new phones make me very unsure of what to get. Halp? [more inside]
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Neighbor foreclosure

What can we do in preparation for our neighbor's foreclosure? [more inside]
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Not Loving Podcasts in iOS 7

Actually, I'm kind of not loving anything in iOS 7. Perhaps it is the shock of the new. Or just realy ugly design. Anyway, that is not my problem. My specific issue is that iTunes is now apparently arranging my podcast feed at random, rather than alphabetically or any other sensible system. Looking at online forums, there doesn't seem to be a way to fix this. Is there? Or, failing that, is there another podcast app that would work better for me?
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Graduate school or babies? Or both?

I'm considering applying to graduate school, but I also want a family. Can y'all help me figure this out? [more inside]
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16:9 video still has black borders on YouTube!

I am making a video composed of still photos that I'm finding on the internet. I want to put the final video on YouTube, so I'm converting them into 16:9 aspect ratio because I've been told that that's what YouTube needs in order to fill the whole screen with no black bars. But the video still has vertical borders! [more inside]
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Is any pro-Obamacare action going on in DC?

I imagine a lot of people are angry about what the House is trying to do in de-funding Obamacare. This combined with other recent actions seem likely to lead to some kind of protest, but I can't find information about any event like this. [more inside]
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Monkey pull lever, monkey get what?

Many years ago, I used to play a game on my elderly Mac called "Enigma", by Freeverse. Not the modern Oxyd clone, but a version of Mastermind, where you had to deduce a pattern of colored dots given a certain number of hints. You put in your guess and pulled a lever; the game would taunt you, make weird comments, or throw a monkey wrench into things and screw up your guesses. The premise of the game was that you were solving the puzzles in order to open a golden briefcase. I never did manage to get the briefcase open--can anyone tell me what was inside? [more inside]
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What colour belt with these shoes?

Short question that has me stumped. What colour belt with these shoes? They are a reddish brown/oxblood colour. I don't own an oxblood belt, must I buy one?
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Kerning on Mac for Text Tattoo?

I've finally decided on a tattoo. Yey! I'm trying to put together a mockup on my Mac, but Pages doesn't allow me to any kerning. This makes the text look weirdly spaced. Any suggestions for software on a mac that will allow me to kern? Freely, if possible? [more inside]
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Seeking: Someone to talk to in NYC

I'm searching for a therapist in Astoria, NYC (close to the N/Q line in Queens) or somewhere easily/quickly accessible from there (also close to the N/Q line, but I'm not going to Brooklyn). I have insurance (Blue Cross). I'd love to get in soon. [more inside]
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How to get rid of squirrel nests in trees?

My dog has become a tortured soul due to the delicious, oh-so-chaseable, and yet just out reach squirrels that have built nests in two trees in our backyard. [more inside]
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ATT vs T-Mobile in the Boston area

We are currently on an (expensive, $180 / month) ATT family plan with out iPhone 4Ses. We want to upgrade to the 5Ses and are wondering if t-mobile's coverage in the Boston area is good enough. Also, what plan would you recommend for the following parameters? Thanks for your help! [more inside]
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What cool cases exist for the new Kobo Aura e-reader?

I just got a new Kobo Aura e-reader for a trip I'm about to take. Ordinarily, I'd check out Etsy for a creative case, but this is new offering from Kobo, so it's a different size than the previous Kobo Aura HD. Anyone know of good options? I'm open to a standard protective case, or more interesting and unique models.
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Problem with providing proof of a past employment for a new job

In order to accept a job offer I have to provide documentation as proof of a past employment. Problem: I don't think there is any. What should I tell the company who have offered me the new job? Can documentation for an old job be acquired 6 months post-leaving? [more inside]
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What play features Freud's On Dreams?

I'm going through some boxes of old books I had in storage and came across this one, which isn't what it seems. I suspect it was created as a prop fro a play, but I can't think of a play I worked on, or have read that features this book. What play might have used this book prop?
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Mysterious scroll bar appears when I use two fingers on the trackpad

I apologize for the sheer banality of this question, but when I use two fingers to scroll through a web page using my work-supplied Thinkpad T430, a small floating scrollbar appears. When I place my pointer over it, I get that rotating circle "busy signal." It's always there, like a fly on a screen door. How do I get rid of it? [more inside]
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swimming scenes in fiction

What are some memorable scenes from literature that center around swimming, and/or use swimming as a metaphor? [more inside]
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bored traveller: south of england variety

hello from an American in reading, UK my periodic travel destination. I have access to a car this weekend, I have my handheld gps for geocaching, extra batteries, and hiking shoes. plus i'm generally hungry at the right times and love the pub experience. so... where do I go hiking and geocaching and generally sightseeing this very weekend? [more inside]
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Intermittent Fasting Schedule

Looking for recommendations or suggestions on how to continue intermittent fasting with my schedule and my desire to keep going to the gym 5 times a week. Also looking for help with doing intermittent fasting properly. [more inside]
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Where are all the ready-to-settle-down men in London?

You are male, single, employed, 20/30-ish, looking to settle down and start a family with a similar lady within the next three years or so. Where in London do you go to find potential dates? (Asking for a friend.)
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September 20

Melasma: Just how common is "common?"

Is melasma ever a symptom of something, or is it a symptom of melasma? [more inside]
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I'm riding my bike to the moon and have some questions.

In two weeks I will be riding this bike tour. I have never done an organized ride like this and I have a few questions... [more inside]
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Disallowing non-US Paypal account from bidding on my eBay auctions?

Am I being a dick for not allowing bidders with non-US Paypal accounts from bidding and paying for my eBay auctions? [more inside]
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Finders Keepers

How do I say "Finders, Keepers" in Latin?
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Modern Yeerk (Alien Parasite) Invasion

I'm planning an RPG for a group of friends, using the Animorphs series as inspiration. I'd like to set the game in the modern US, the modern world. I need to at least sketch out how an alien race able to parasitically take over human bodies (gaining access to their thoughts and memories in the process) would plan out the first stages of an invasion. Their eventual goal is to enslave all humans as hosts. During the first months and year of the invasion, trying to keep the invasion under wraps, who would they target and infect, how would they spread their numbers and influence? [more inside]
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Academia and travel/living abroad

I would like to become a professor but I'm a little worried about picking a spot in the U.S. to live for the rest of my life... [more inside]
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Meditation + for Adult ADD

I was recently diagnosed with ADD. (I am a 35 yr old adult male if that helps.) I had a hunch before as I have had years of anxiety and impulsiveness that has morphed to anger bursts. I am on the path to seeing a counselor for behavior/organizing modification but not yet on meds for ADD. In the meantime and for lifestyle choice, I am looking for any input on meditation techniques for those who have very busy minds. I have been practicing breath counting on a 4-2-6 count for 30 days and seem to be more distracted than ever though it worked for a little while. I know persisting in meditation with one way is helpful and am not expecting nirvana but a slower pace in thinking and talk would be helpful. (For what its worth, I do exercise 3 times a week with weights, slow stretch, and eat very healthy.) If you want to share any other things such as books, blogs, or sites, I am open to whatever, too. In closing, I will state that I am on an anxiety med and to take the ADD med I would have to titrate off that for 4 months, which I am willing to do though is scary. Life is good but it has been a bit harder and harder.
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Make DVDs from MP4s?

I need DVD authoring software that can create DVDs from individual MP4 clips. Paid or free is A-OK [more inside]
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Can you translate these lyrics French ->English?

Can anyone translate the French lyrics of Grenadine's "Sainte-Flavie" into English for me? Google Translate results are typically incomprehensible. Lyrics inside. Thanks! [more inside]
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Down to the wire

I'm looking for an Oct. 1st roommate share in Brooklyn, and so far I'm coming across shockingly few places listed on Craigslist. Is there another list I'm not aware of? I already put word out to my network. Details: -- I've lived in BK for six years (Crown Heights + Park Slope), and have never had trouble finding a place before. --Budget is $1100 and under. --Looking to stay for 6 months or longer --I'm searching under "rooms & shares" AND "sublets & temporary" Thanks!!
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What's a good Wordpress Advertising plugin that is lite on coding?

I am looking to monetize my WP self-hosted site with custom banner/sidebar ads. (Not google ads) Ideally it would work out to be one of a dozen or so ads that appear randomly on every page/post refresh. I'd like something with little to no coding involved. What are the best plugins?
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Dressing nicely in cold bus commute

If I'm wearing ugly but comfy boots to commute and change into flats at work, what do I do about my socks? Put on cold sweaty socks at the end of the day or schlep fresh ones? Please show your work. I've already given up finding shoes to change into that will hide my socks and can go with dresses and pants. [more inside]
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Organizational Restructuring for Dummies

I work at a small non-profit academic organization (30 staff). We're currently in a period of "organizational restructuring," spurred by the (coincidentally timed) resignation of several of our key leaders, and I've been asked to be part of the team that helps decide what this new structure should look like. Help. [more inside]
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Please stop making me take sides

How can I navigate the breakup of my close friend with my sister, which is still causing problems years later? I’m caught in the middle trying to be friends with both and it’s very frustrating! [more inside]
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Help me think of Baltimore-themed non-perishable food items

We live in and are getting married in Baltimore. Most folks will be coming from out-of-town (generally West Coast or Midwest), and we want to showcase our super cool city as best we can. As wedding favors, we plan to make gift bags of unique Baltimore food items. So far, we've got Zeke's coffee, Berger cookies, and Old Bay seasoning (not that anyone really wants Old Bay). We will serve pit beef and crab cakes at the wedding, but, for obvious reasons, can't include them in the gift bag. What are we missing?
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How can we get my mom to eat?

My mom had a stomach tube placed before radiation for throat cancer, because she had previously lost 20 pounds (she's 4'10", so that's a lot to lose) after surgery for the same cancer. She's now a month out of radiation, eating very very little (like 2 bites a meal) and getting most calories from feed tube. She had relatively mild dementia before all this; it's now progressed to pretty severe short term memory loss, though she is still on pain meds (vicodan) which could be skewing things. She is in skilled nursing but medicare will no longer cover and the recommendation is for a long term nursing home placement. [more inside]
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Why Is David Bowie Referenced By Parliament?

On the opening track of the album "Mothership Connection" by Parliament, there's what sounds like a reference to David Bowie. More specifically, it sounds like a reference to David Bowie as someone who is making a noteworthy contribution to some strain of funk music, along with the Doobie Brothers and Blue Magic, a strain markedly inferior to the uncut pure funk on offer by Parliament. So my question is: am I misinterpreting this? Would David Bowie, in 1975, have been on anyone's radar as a funk musician, or as an influence on some of them? Or would the Doobie Brothers have been? What exactly is the Lollipop Man getting at here?
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Looking for Android text editor with specific (but simple) capability

Hi everyone. I just got an Android phone. There is something really simple I want it to do, but I haven't found the right text editor that will let me do it. Given the hundreds of text editors out there, I figured I'd ask here. [more inside]
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Building a lens filter system

What would be a good system/brand for lens filters without costing the earth? [more inside]
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Fixed price taxi app in San Francisco?

Uber is very handy, but my pet peeve is that you can't get a price quote in advance. In fact, during times of "peak demand," some folks have really been soaked by Uber. I want something like in Paris, but for San Francisco. I input origin and destination and get a firm quote. Bonus points for being able to schedule that for a specific time, inclusion of gratuity, and the ability to see the driver assigned to me as she is on route.
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A remote control car with a "booster"

What is it and where can I find one? [more inside]
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String cheese tracking?

Why are individual string cheese packages inside a larger multi-pack numbered? I've seen it in several different brands, but most recently noted on Trader Joes brand string cheese. It appears as a teeny number on the bottom of the back (or flat) side of the string cheese (I can post photos if necessary). I can't think of a practical reason for this- I don't distribute the cheeses in order (unless I'm really paying attention), so it doesn't really help me keep track of them any better than a glance at how many I have left would. So, what am I missing?
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how can I avoid answering standard, polite questions?

I hate responding to small-talk interrogations. I'm a private person, and I just don't feel ok with giving relative strangers answers to personal-feeling questions, even though the questions themselves may be fairly innocuous. I also get confused and flustered when people ask me a lot of questions, and I will make mistakes, even though they are about me. How can I avoid answering these kinds of questions? [more inside]
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Can I make amends for backing out of a childcare position?

I backed out of an in-home childcare position with woefully short notice. Is there anything I can do? [more inside]
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Why is there no post-gallbladder diet?

I'm one day post-hospital release after emergency gallbladder removal and just starting to eat. There is no specific information on foods and meals to eat because apparently, as the Mayo Clinic says, "there isn't a set diet people should follow after gallbladder removal because the guidelines depend on the individual." Well, thank you not at all. What should I be eating? [more inside]
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Looking for a way to make Japanese language partners in Ohio!

I am visiting home in a suburb close to Cleveland, Ohio and am looking for a way to practice my Japanese with native Japanese speakers - I was living in Japan for a number of years and would like to get back, so I don't want to get rusty. [more inside]
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How do we convey to our cat that his kill is appreciated?

What can we do to validate our feline family member's "gift" of a dead mouse on the porch? [more inside]
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Google disagrees with me on what "petite women's work pants" are.

Can you recommend durable, somewhat fitted, not outrageously expensive work pants that will fit a small woman (5'0", 100 lbs, athletic build)? And by work I don't mean office-appropriate: I'm a carpenter and I spend my days at a grimy construction site. [more inside]
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What "style of design" would you call this label/ font?

I'm a graphic designer and I should know this. I'm also over-thinking, as usual. What would you call this style of design used on This label of italian candy ? I've always loved this look and described it as many different things but I've never known the exact style of lettering/ overall general design term. I usually just describe it as "vintage hand drawn really fancy lettering, old school labels." which is, you know, super professional of me. thanks!
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Someone I grew up with has seen me in mental health treatment. Now what?

And I'm not talking just a visit to the shrink-- I'm in a program for the "severely-disabled mentally ill" and this man walked in as part of a group of social work students touring the facility. I am nearly 100% sure he recognized me and understood I was there as a client. He and the other students will be coming back to the program to volunteer over the next few weeks. They will be signing confidentiality agreements at that time, but haven't yet. I have social anxiety/phobia and this presses all my buttons. How do I deal? [more inside]
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I'll take everything but the odor, please.

It's almost baby-time (our first) and we're still in the process of getting stuff we need (or just think we might need.) There's a very obvious and willing source in my sister-in-law, who has very generously offered SO MANY THINGS to us, all of which we would love to have, espcially for free. The problem is that she smokes and everything that comes out of her house smells like cigarettes. This is a two-parter. [more inside]
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How do other people handle extracurriculars and visitation?

Hello, everyone. My daughter visits with her dad every other weekend. We do not share any level of custody, she lives with me most of the time. He lives about 30 minutes away from our town. My daughter is 9 and really needs to be able to join clubs and sports teams and take classes. Her dad has so far refused to take her to the scheduled classes and meetings that fall on his day (with a few exceptions, but his agreement did not come easily...). We don't communicate well at all, it's a long story. My daughter now has an opportunity to take a great class with a great instructor and of course the classes fall partly on his days. [more inside]
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Help me replace a faucet and save $457.50 (plus tax!)

How do I replace a shower faucet? (difficulty - Stripped screw) [more inside]
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How to manage emetophobia when you have a small child?

A friend of mine has emetophobia and a small child. The school year's started, stomach-virus season is around the corner, and she'd like to try to find a treatment for the phobia. We're in Brooklyn (south Brooklyn). Do you know anyone who treats these kinds of phobias in Brooklyn or Manhattan? [more inside]
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Post or crown or something else?

My partner (28 years old) had, on the same upper back-ish tooth, two failed root canals followed by a tooth extraction. They're still waiting for the extraction to heal. But they told us that a post is impossible since his bone is too thin. I hear a crown requires root canalling neighboring teeth, which we really don't want. Can we just leave it as is without teeth shifting significantly? Is there another option that doesn't requiring destroying MORE teeth? [more inside]
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How can I best save my DNA?

It seems that we will likely be able to grow new organs or bodies in the future. I would like to save my own DNA while i'm still young and healthy, so that I can have a less degraded blueprint available when I need it. I am having a hard time making sense of the options available to me; does anyone have any knowledge (academic, anecdotal, or personal) that would be useful here? Thanks in advance, dgstieber.
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The archwire in my braces broke 4 times, do I dump my dentist?

There is a spot in my lower teeth where there is a sharp(ish) bend between two molars. The arch wire in my braces keeps breaking at that point: 4 times in 4 months. It usually lasts about 4 days before breaking. I pointed this out to my dentist (he is not an orthodontist) and he said we just have to keep replacing it each time because I'm not ready for a thicker wire. I've completed 4 months of having braces so far. During one visit, he said not to worry about the disconnected part because another area in my mouth was more important, and left it disconnected for about a month (it's my very edge tooth, so the remainder wire was thrown out). Now it's back to breaking-time. I know little about having braces, but this seems way shady to me. I've already spent a lot of money, but should I switch to someone else? Or is this sort of thing normal? Thanks for your insight!
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Wrote TV Spec Script, Now What?

So, I finished the first draft of a TV spec script this week. I checked to see if the show even looks at spec scripts (it does) and I got a bunch of scripts off the show to study the style and length, etc. Now what?* The only writing gigs I've gotten before have either been people coming to me, self-publishing, or people with their own agents bringing me in as part of a package deal. My only experience with the slush pile is cartoon selling (and I've done well there in so far as you can). I don't have representation of my own. After the writing part of writing is done, how does the selling part go - at least for US TV? [more inside]
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Need lawyer recommendation for employment law in California

My employer, a large multinational based in CA, is letting me go under very dubious circumstances. I need a lawyer to help me understand my options. [more inside]
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Where do Pittsburgh hipsters thrift?

I'd like to try setting up a small booth in a Pittsburgh flea market or antiques mall, but where? [more inside]
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Are the "750 Jahre Berlin" posters still obtainable in Berlin?

As part of Berlin's 750-year celebration in 1987, special posters were printed featuring a variety of artwork. Are these posters, with the "750 Jahre Berlin" printing at the bottom, still available for purchase? I am particularly interested in "Requiem fur Luise."
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Professional headshot photographers in Seattle?

Who do you recommend as an efficient, good photographer in Seattle for a professional headshot? [more inside]
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Best places to shop for books for kids (age 1-4) in Chicago?

Please recommend your favorite stores for books for kids in Chicago. I am interested in finding used books, quirky books, and progressive books. Not necessarily all three and not necessarily in that order. Toddler Xalf is almost 1.5 years old, but I'm happy to buy books that will be over his head for the next few of years. Any part of Chicago is fine. Suburbs too, especially those to the north.
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I care, but not enough to play Candy Crush...

A twelve year old I'm related to keeps sending me invites to play horrid money wall Facebook games. Said kid is going through a hard time and I like the idea of playing with her as a small, regular form of reaching out. However...Zynga Poker ain"t gonna happen. What kind of easily accessible games suitable to a 12 year old are out there for me to suggest? Specifics under the cut... [more inside]
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Dance music emergency!!!! Also seeking Gogol Bordello-ish recs!

I need some additional music to play at an event tomorrow night, and I have exhausted all the AskMes on this question. Recent dance music and dance music that meets the somewhat bizarre criteria inside needed. [more inside]
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Chicago bound

My dad and I are going to be in Chicago for a few days next week, and I'm trying to bash out an itinerary. Specifically, I'd like our focus to be a mix of sampling local beers, architecture, and nerdy things in the historical vein. I need the most help with the first part. Any suggestions for: Microbrews with public taprooms? Good bars with extensive local beer selection? Good neighborhoods within which one could happily wander? [more inside]
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Rome in a Day

I'm going to Rome. I have one free day to use as I see fit. What should I do? [more inside]
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New Years Eve Near Athens GA

My lady and I were planning to go somewhere less cold than NYC for New Years eve. We were thinking, like, Florida. But now my friend is getting married in Athens GA 4 days into the new year. Hooray for him! But our travel plans are all jumbled now. We don't want to fly somewhere, hang out on NYE, then fly to GA and go to a wedding. So, where do we go? [more inside]
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Wordpress help, please -- frontpage links to categories?

Are there any frameworks or templates out there that would let me have a widget with a grid of image links to category blogs? [more inside]
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"Floating face" portrait? K-mart portrait? Deluxe glamour shot?

Is there a term for the type of portrait that contains two angles of the same person's face in the same photo? I'm thinking of this style (Will Ferrell). Another example here. These were really popular in the 70s and 80s. I want to get one of the style portraits taken but I don't even know how to describe it, or how to search for it. Does anyone know a name for this style, or even a way to explain it? Also, have you ever seen it being offered these days, and if so, where? I have seen these previous Askme's (1, 2) but they don't really help. Also my google-fu is useless except for that Will Ferrell portrait.
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Help me find cheap/free mental health care in Cleveland, Ohio.

I am unemployed, and (thankfully) was able to get onto a government-assisted program through MetroHealth in which all of my medical expenses are being paid. I am having personal/family issues and am in desperate need of quality talk therapy, but the counselor I just visited was awful. [more inside]
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Someone used my email address to order a cell phone. What to do?

This morning I got an email requesting confirmation for ordering a phone through QLink Wireless, which provides government-subsidized phones to low-income individuals. I didn't order this phone, and have no need to, thankfully. But what should I do about it? [more inside]
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Help me understand SPF - the email kind, not the sun kind

I'm seeing neutral/softfail errors on our SPF info on remote email servers - how do I correct this? [more inside]
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September 19

How do I become a continuing legal education or general CE provider?

How does one go about becoming a continuing legal education (CLE) or CE provider in the US and Canada? [more inside]
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The State of the WWE: Pretty Good or Purified Garbage?

So I stumbled upon recent episodes of Raw and Smackdown, and wrestling seems like something I can get into again after, oh, 20 years? How far back should I go to better understand who these people are and what the heck's going on? (And does every show start with a Daniel Bryan in-ring speech being interrupted?) [more inside]
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What are some savory vegetables that can be prepared like sweet fruit?

What are some savory vegetables that can be prepared like sweet fruit? And vice versa? [more inside]
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What is the cord for?

The keychain shown in this ebay listing has a loop of cord, fixed in place to the steel semi-circle. The "trolley" part of the keychain slides freely up and down the cord, which passes through two separate holes in either end of the flat trolley piece. Is there any practical use for this, or is it just for fun? [more inside]
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how to recover my contacts and photos from an iphone 4 incomplete backup

bullet points: - i recently had to get an i phone 5 for work at a new job. - i backed up the previous iphone 4 to i cloud. - when i re-entered i cloud, it said the backup is incomplete. - i thought i had changed my apple id username, but i have only been able to use the old id so obviously i must have done it incorrectly - i cannot sync my old contacts and photos to my new i phone. - i assume all the contacts are on the old sim, but it doesnt fit a 5. - i probably dont have access to the old handset. - i might be able to use my girlfriends handset, but not reset it. - i want the photos and contacts. i am starting to really hate apple. how do i do it - is there a way or have i lost all my contacts?
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Best Voice Recorder for Mostly Mac User

I am looking a voice recorder that is less than or around $100. It needs to be compatible with a Mac and PC. It needs to record both interviews and large classroom lectures. I looked at this thread but the models recommended are either too expensive and/or out of date.
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Buying online and shipping O/S. UK -> Aus

How do I purchase this cooker in England and get it shipped to Australia? [more inside]
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Fazenda de Inhauma

I found an old MP3 with "Fazenda de Inhauma" as the title, some blog track I picked up years ago. I googled it and as best I can tell, it's a song about a neighborhood in Rio de Jainero that's been covered tons of times. So, what's the deal? Is it a favela party standard? Who made it big? Why are there so many versions? What does the song mean, lyrically? [more inside]
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Can Two Jobs Lead To None?

I got an amazing job offer. I don't really want it. Is it wise to leverage it against my current employer? [more inside]
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How to become the legal guardian of this minor?

How to become the legal guardian of this minor? My daughter-in-law, Dil, has a brother Kiddo, a minor aged 15, whose father is deceased and whose mother is currently hospitalized, and is unable to care for him. I have a raft of questions, one of which is How to find a competent, affordable, lawyer. [more inside]
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Why do you make me so mad?

There is someone in my circle of friends who I dislike, and recently I have become increasingly preoccupied by that dislike, to the point where it's actually making me uncomfortable. What's going on here? How do I cut this out? [more inside]
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Windows program that thumbnails photos and videos?

Can anyone recommend a program that reliably thumbnails photos and videos? [more inside]
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The intransigent Word table

I really ought to know how to fix this, but I'm stumped. I copied a table with text from an html page (yes, probably my first mistake) into a Word document. [more inside]
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Custom-printed pet wear for adoptables?

I volunteer with a rescue group that fosters and adopts out tiny dogs. I am looking for someplace that will custom-print either a collar or a pet bandana with the group's logo, so it's similar to the"adopt me" signs that many adoption groups use. Likely I'm going to want less than a few hundred, which seems to be below the radar for most commercial outfits. Any suggestions for a company that might do that without costing an absolute fortune?
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WordPress theme for college newspaper?

The website for my college newspaper is undergoing a bit of an overhaul and we were looking for a good WordPress theme to replace our current one. It should be simple, with a header image, something to feature a "front page" story as well as categorical images for sports, campus events, etc.
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Pro-science Anti-anti-vaccine Animated Web Video from Australia or NZ?

I recently saw a great animated piece expressing exasperation (that I share) with the anti-vaccine, pro-feelgood-pseudoscience crowd. It was from Australia or New Zealand (maybe somewhere in the UK?), it rhymed, it was clever and stylized in a way I want to reference to an artist friend. Ringing any bells for anyone, or have the vaccines rotted your brains, too?
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Let's see, should I wear blue, blue, or blue today...

How come the only color that looks OK on me is blue? [more inside]
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Need a remote audio performance set-up

I am a performer looking for some type of system to remotely control audio. And I have no idea where to begin. [more inside]
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Gross Ice Baby

The freezer (and only the freezer, not the fridge) smells. We have done everything we can think of and the freezer still smells. Help. [more inside]
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My bills WERE all paid 4 years ago, but now they want more?

So imagine you attended a private Pennsylvania University. You received your diploma and all the certified transcripts you needed for your job search. Now, 4 years later, you ask for another transcript but are told there is a hold on your account because they think you owe over $1,000 due to a mistake they apparently made six years ago. Phone calls, emails, certified mail have all failed to get action, and you NEED the transcript, but you don't have that kind of money. What are your rights in this case? Can they just hold your transcript hostage? Ideas? Anyone? this is extremely frustrating!
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Pickles without brine?

I have a bunch of pickles just hanging out with no brine. Just pickled cucumbers, right now sitting in a bowl loose. I have a big jar I can put them in, but...what liquid should I put in there with them? Do I need any liquid, or will they keep without? If I do need liquid, what kind? There are a *lot* of pickles. I have water, a variety of vinegars, and about a cup of brine that's in another pickle jar that I could maybe repurpose.
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Temporary move from Android to Blackberry - freaking out...

In a vain attempt at not spending lots of money, I attempted to replace a cracked screen on my Galaxy S3 and managed to make it way worse. I've managed to borrow a phone for a few weeks until I can afford to get it fixed properly but it's a Blackberry! I've had an Android phone for the last few years so am used to being able to being able to have a wide choice of free apps. Once I get over the shock of being so limited, what apps to I need? I can't even find a podcast app... It's a Blackberry 9900 and I'm in the UK. Thanks in advance.
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"Fluffy" isn't gonna cut it

Cat name help! [more inside]
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Help me stop this annoying post-nasal drip!

I had a cold for a bit, which started and is now ending with the predominant symptom being post-nasal drip. I must be doing something wrong. I use the NeilMed Sinus Rinse daily and I've tried decongestants (prefer not to take antihistamines, as they will make me sleepy and unproductive), the occasional nasal spray (although I prefer to keep that use to a minimum as I know that dependency can readily develop), and even heavily scented cough drops. What's your solution? [more inside]
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Who Said Something about Revolutions and Ordinary People?

Looking for a source for a quote about revolutions being made by ordinary people--Nelson Mandela? MLK? Looking for a direct statement from a speech or interview more than an observation by a journalist or writer.
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Imagine Bill Bryson wrote an intro to running book...

What's a good introduction to running book? I'd prefer a quick read, not too technical, humorous but not insulting. Something that starts with the basics (shoes, feet, clothing) and goes on to talk about things like all weather running and maybe even the basics of marathon training. [more inside]
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Should I reach out to him?

I have been seeing a great guy non-exclusively for about three months (yep, the dreaded three month mark). We're both 27. Everything had been going very well up until this past weekend, when I met up with him and his friends at a concert. I was supposed to attend the concert with my best friend but we had a huge falling out the night before and I very inappropriately chose to drink my feelings. While I didn't do anything awful, I felt like my behavior was unflattering. He dropped me off after the show and the next day, I texted him an apology "for being annoying" and said I had a good time with hregardless and have a good day. 8 hours later, he responded asking if he made me uncomfortable. I said no, not at all, but I was self conscious that I had drank more than I intended. Two days later he responded "it's fine." I haven't heard from him otherwise. Communication up to this point had been good, and almost always initiated by him. I feel like I shot myself in the foot, but it also seems silly to throw away something good over something so minor. Is his silence indication that he's through? Should I give it more time to see if he comes around. or should I try reaching out again? [more inside]
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How to replace the audible alarm in a 9v water leak detector with an led

I have a 9v battery powered water leak detector (this one: ). I'd like to open it up and replace the audible alarm with an led. How do I do that? [more inside]
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Please help me dress for work.

What color tights can I wear with a navy skirt? [more inside]
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Tell me the title of this song!

Dude singing softly... "You're my favorite" (this line is repeated multiple times throughout the song)..."I can't explain it"... Sorry. That's all I got. I tried a Google search but I keep getting referred to some country singer (Jason Jones) with a song by the same title. BTW, what's a good Android app for identifying songs?
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You Keep Me Hanging Oooooon ....

I'm looking for a sturdy travel mug that's easy to sip from and comfortable to hold. [more inside]
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Name That Tune #964,323...

Early 80's hip hop. The only fragment i can remember is a single male voice repeating (something like) "just a rockin and a shockin and a burnin it up/c'mon everybody, pump it up." Possibly Zulu Nation, but i think I've ruled out Trouble Funk's "Pump Me Up." Oh great hivemind, unfold your wisdom and kill this earworm for good!
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Gatsby dresses in Philly

I'm going to a Gatsby-themed party next week! I have nothing to wear, nor any idea where to get it. I'm in Philly. Where can I get (affordable) 20's themed women's clothing for the party? I'm thinking flapper dress, shoes, accessories. I can go to the suburbs if needed, but would prefer to do my shopping in the city.
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There has to be more to know besides cost and maximum occupancy...

What are the best questions to ask when checking out a potential wedding reception venue? [more inside]
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Quickbooks, you need to open

I am attempting to install Quickbooks 2012 on my work computer. It installs perfectly well, but will not open. I am going insane. Details inside. [more inside]
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Good books about finding meaning and purpose in adversity?

I've found Viktor Frankl's work inspirational. I would like to be pointed to some other authors (writing either fiction or non-fiction) dealing with the struggle of individuals to raise above environmental constraints. Good topics would be transmuting adversity into resilience, and commitment with a worthy cause.
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Do you know of any RSI experts in the bay area, ideally SF?

For the last year I have had mild RSI, though it began pretty bad and I quickly changed things up so it would be better. That said, it hasn't gone away and I want to talk to a broader base of experts to try and nip this in the bud before it becomes more than just a nuisance. Ideally, I'd like to find a doctor that specializes in RSI, physical therapists (though I'm sure said doctor could refer me), and then whatever else people know...massage therapists, whatever else could help. But I'm looking for people who really know RSI and have worked with people with RSI before. I'm tired of doctors just saying "this is what happens when you use a computer." I'm in San Francisco, but can travel into the bay area if I have to.
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Broken iPhone screen, picked nose, and glass dust.

I broke my iPhone's screen, continued to use it, and then picked my nose without thinking. I feel like there might have been some glass particles on my finger. Did I breathe in glass dust? Is there any risk of developing silicosis or other health problems? [more inside]
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I Need To Hire Some Moving Help In Providence Next Week

Next week I'll be moving from NYC to Providence. I'll be driving a rental truck one way with all my stuff in it and as I'm new to Providence, I'm looking for recommendations for people to hire to help me unload the truck into my new place. [more inside]
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Guerrilla art ethics.

When (if ever) is it appropriate to take a piece of guerrilla art down and keep it? [more inside]
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BJs or Costco, that is the question.

There's both a BJs and a Costco near me. I'm not a member of either. Are they worth the price of membership? Which is better overall, and which might be a better choice for me in particular? [more inside]
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Health insurance for millionaires?

Unfortunately we did not win Powerball last night but it sparked an interesting conversation. Do wealthy (US) people have health insurance? I would think that once you hit a certain amount of wealth you could go ahead and drop it, right? Like $50 million or so? Which made us discuss how someone like Sunny von Bulow could be kept in luxurious surroundings for most of her comatose life. Would her family have paid out of pocket or are rich people dealing with same health insurance BS that the rest of us do? I mean she was in a coma for years, it had to have cost a small fortune.
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Hey, do you mind if I eat your arm?

Why am I craving meat all the time? [more inside]
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Do I really owe you?

Once a debt has gone to collections, is there any reason to pay it off? [more inside]
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What hobbies/occupations can you tell just by looking at someone?

Guitarists get callouses on the tops of their fingers, former ballet dancers stand and walk with a specific alignment, active violinists have a callous under the chin. What are other examples of telltale physical cues and behaviors that can identify what a person does for work, sport, or hobby?
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Advice on really appreciating/taking advantage of living abroad?

How I can make the most out of a few months living in a foreign country? If you've spent time living abroad, what kinds of things were you most glad you did (and/or most regret not doing)?  What helped you feel like you were really experiencing/appreciating a different culture?  (Definitely interested in general advice, but FYI I'm in Buenos Aires if you have specific thoughts.) [more inside]
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I need a reality check about a Krazy Kat Lady situation.

A lady asked me to adopt a foster kitten. I did. Now, the lady is freaking out about the cat. She is also a co-worker. Boom goes the dynamite, and details within. [more inside]
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Desperately seeking non-silicone contact lens recommendations

What's a good replacement for Acuvue 2 contact lenses (non-Oasys/non-silicone) that I can get in a hurry? [more inside]
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Books with mix tapes/playlists?

When I read The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I made a copy of "One Winter," the mix tape that Charlie made. I find I like this odd way of interacting with a book, and I'm interested in finding other books that have mix tapes/playlists in them. I know some authors have web sites that include playlists of songs that they identify with a book and its characters, but that's NOT what I want--I want the mix tapes/playlists actually IN the books, as part of the characters' activity or interplay. [more inside]
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How do I ask for a raise in this tricky situation?

How do I negotiate a raise given an increased cost of living, lower-than-median pay, but also a list of great accomplishments and accolades? Do I present it all, just parts of the situation, or something else? I know that traditionally you just make a case for your value to the company and leave it at that, but I feel more is at play here. [more inside]
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What are your favorite "True Music Facts"?

As a creative outlet, I have started writing up "True Music Facts" to write to a friend once a week. (I turned one of them about the Steve Miller Band into a post on the blue last week.) My supply is running out much more quickly than I imagined, because I want the fact to be a fun story. So, a TMF isn't something like "the Beatles had the most number 1 hits" or "Boston's debut album sold X million copies." It's more like the story of the Beatles' "Butcher Cover" or Jethro Tull's odd Grammy win for best hard rock/heavy metal performance, or the etymology of a strange band name like Three Dog Night or a song like Cracklin' Rosie. So I ask of you: what are your favorite "True Music Facts?"
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A custom-recorded message button (like you'd find inside a toy)

My boss has a completely un-politically correct way of insulting/complimenting people. So, I want to make her a button that sits on her desk which, when you press down on it, it says: "You're a massive ______". Where can I get a good quality button (like the "that was easy" button), on which you can record your own presets? There are low-quality versions I could find online, but I want good stuff. Building one is out of the question (I have zero tools). Suggestions?
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Where to buy a tuxedo shirt online?

Where can I find a decent tuxedo shirt online? [more inside]
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Did attorney general John Mitchell - or someone - say this?

"I was not privy to the thrust of his aegis." I've carried this quote in my head from the Watergate days, believing it was said by John Mitchell in all his magnificent arrogance. I thought it was a famous quote, but Google search comes up empty. Am I imagining this?
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Activism Meets Practicality

A question for librarians (school and otherwise) - if someone donates a recently-banned book to your library, is that a help or a hindrance? [more inside]
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How do I let a coworker know I'm unequivocally interested in him?

With the caveat that I know 'shitting where I eat' is a bad idea, I'd like to let a coworker know I'm interested in him. Asking him out isn't an option too, because I'm pretty shy and would probably blush and flub anything that's supposed to be casual. How do I do this? We have zero interaction. [more inside]
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No one walks in L.A.

I am in Torrance, C.A. I am flying out from LAX at 8pm. What can/should I do between noon, and getting to the airport at 7pm? [more inside]
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Should I pursue my complaint about BT via the ombudsman?

Four years ago I set up what should have been a phone/broadband package with BT. I have contemporaneous notes of the phone conversation to do this. It has only recently come to light that BT actually set up two separate accounts. Because I opted for online billing, I only saw details of one account when I checked payments. I knew another payment was going out of my account, but I thought it was line rental. I know that I should have made absolutely sure exactly what all the payments were for, but the bills and the details on my bank statements do not make that easy and I had no reason whatsoever to suspect that all was not in order. I am certainly out of pocket, although it is difficult for me to work out by how much. I have followed BT's complaints procedure and have been offered £65 as a final offer. I don't think this is enough, but wonder whether I have a strong enough case to make taking the matter to the ombudsman worthwhile. I would really appreciate advice on this. Thank you.
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Help Make this Space happen: Suggest your favorite tools and resources

I am tasked with stocking up a Maker Space gallery that will be part of a museum. I'm very much a crafter and maker myself, but am looking for the Makers of MetaFilter to tell me your favorite tools, especially ones for small hands (we will be catering to kids and families, as young as 3 years old). We will be doing simple woodworking projects (already looking at Japanese Pull Saws), sewing, circuitry, paper art, lots of tinkering (including activities with recycled materials and new materials). We are focusing on "real" tools (no plastic Fisher Price kids stuff, please), and I expect to buy a couple different versions of some items (hammers for smaller people, hammers for bigger jobs). The tools will get lots of use, so I'm happy to spend a bit more if it means I don't have to constantly replace broken items. I am especially looking for specific recommendations for specific tools, reviews, or resources ("these sewing scissors are amazing for the price" or "don't buy this brand of clamp" or "this site sells very good quality paper punches"). Thanks in advance!
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Specfic writing workshops in the Midwest

Are there any speculative fiction writing workshops in the Midwest? [more inside]
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I want to build a timelapse camera that sends photos over 3G/GPRS

Where/how should I start putting together a device that will take a photo at a set time everyday and send it over a mobile network to a specified location or recipients? Click inside for all the whys and wherefores but in a nutshell this needs to take reasonably high quality photos and operate unattended in a location several hundred miles away from me for at least six months at a time (ideally indefinitely). It'll be indoors and mains power is available, I don't care about saving the photos on the device (in fact I'd rather not in order to avoid having to manage storage) and the only access to the internet is over GSM networks. I'm working on a reasonably limited budget (ideally under £100) with more of a broad understanding than detailed knowledge of the technical concepts involved (ie electronics and programming) but I do have a fair amount of time, enthusiasm and sheer bloody mindedness on my side. [more inside]
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Sleep No More

I've been struggling with two sleep-related issues: anxiety over going to bed and waking up early feeling overheated. Tips on how to manage either problem? [more inside]
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I need more slipper socks, it's getting cold.

I live in the UK, and I've never really nailed down a place to get great slipper socks. I really want these Acorn slipper socks, but nowhere seems to ship to the UK. Can anyone recommend either a place to buy them, or very similar ones?
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Become a better engineer and deal with being not-great in the meantime?

I want to design and make things but I keep making silly mistakes at work. Calculations for even the smallest projects feel like a house of cards, and inevitably I've overlooked something crucial, messed up some math, or made a very wrong assumption somewhere along the way. While I did well enough in school, I was not the most responsible student, and I feel like nothing from my education really stuck (calculus, beam equations, material properties, statics, even high school physics). It's embarrassing and I feel like I can't trust myself even after quadruple-checking. [more inside]
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September 18

Chicago - fun, shopping, must dos for a solo visitor

Hello, I'll be in Chicago soon, alone, for a conference in a hotel near the Navy Pier. I'll have two half days on my own, so I wanted suggestions for cool things to do for an art, design, food, music and comics nerd that will work with my limited time. [more inside]
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Is my father a Belgian citizen or Dutch?

Is my father a Belgian citizen or Dutch? I *think* so? I'm confused by the internet. [more inside]
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Not sure how to tell my dad I want to join the army.

My dad paid for 200k worth of schooling for me, i got a BA in Economics from a good school, went on to do some independent film production, quit my job with my boss 6 months ago, finally saw the last film I helped produce premiere at TIFF, and I've been re-evaluating what I want to do with my life. (Currently 24.5 years old.) I want to join the Army and become a Ranger, like my uncle (who my dad despises) but I don't know how to go about telling my dad. [more inside]
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What do I need to know about a French Canadian sailor's lament?

What is the structure and rhyme scheme of a French Canadian sailor's lament? Anglophone sailors have the sea chanty, a song for work... but I understand francophone sailors in the Maritimes have both upbeat songs for work, and slow, sad songs for downtime, called laments. How are these structured musically and lyrically? Are there any translated examples?
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Use headhunter as well as the boss-approved method to get an interview?

I was contacted about a job with a company by a HR recruiter (not from that company) on LinkedIn. I was aware of this job from the company’s website and also I have a friend who is working at that company in a peer position. That friend said he spoke to his boss, and his boss said I should apply for the job via the company's website, so I did. Would there be any benefit following up with the HR recruiter from LinkedIn anyway? [more inside]
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Asleep on Adderall

I work full time, 8-5, and I also go to school online, which means I start my academic work every day when I get off work. Thus, I need to take my prescribed ADD meds much later than what I would consider ideal. Of course, this makes it tougher to fall asleep. Help me! [more inside]
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The answer is not "just a pole"

One of my friends posted this picture on Flickr with the caption, "After several months, there's still no billboard on this thing. So what is it?" I have no idea so I'm turning to you.
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I pay the creditor or I pay the government... any other options?

I'm on SSI for disability, with a long-outstanding credit card debt that's gone to collections. They keep offering me settlements, but a settlement would produce a 1099-C, and Social Security would count the cancelled debt amount as unearned income, which they take dollar-for-dollar out of my SSI checks. That's no better than paying the debt in full (which has been impossible for years and will be for years to come). Do I have any options other than continuing to ignore them? [more inside]
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What do I do (anorexia nervosa or naturally thin)?

So this is my problem. My doctor thinks I have anorexia nervosa. I'm naturally very thin...I eat...a lot sometimes. Well not that much. I eat an average amount of food, I don't purge, I don't binge...I don't weigh myself often. Sometimes when I'm stressed out I loose weight. How do I get these doctors off my back? They're really heavy to carry you know...
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Can I see your staples?

What are your grocery staples that get the most bang for your buck? [more inside]
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In search of zero calorie beverage inspiration!

I'm trying to lose weight, again. One thing I perpetually struggle with is the impulse to snack, especially in the afternoon and evening. I'm trying to distract myself from snacking with new and exciting calorie free beverages, and I'm stuck in a rut. I love Diet Coke, but am trying to reduce my intake of chemical sweeteners. Plain water is obvious, and seltzer with citrus is only a little less so. I've experimented with cold brewing green tea, and I like that, but I am looking for more creative ideas. What are your favorite ZERO CALORIE beverages? I am really not interested in anything that involves any form of sugar. Ideally your idea does not involve artificial sweetener, but if it's an enchanting concoction that REQUIRES aspartame or sucralose, I'm down. I am in the U.S., if that matters, and you may assume I can procure just about any ingredient/beverage within reason. I'm interested in product recommendations as well as recipes, and note that I'm fine with a moderate level of fiddliness, as a project recipe that ends in calorie free indulgence will keep me away from the chips and ice cream for MINUTES AT A TIME. :)
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Should I go to school for public health?

I need a (new) career direction and am thinking of going into public health, probably through a Masters’ degree. Cost is not an issue; my health problems are. Also, I have no idea how to pick a school/degree track and what sort of work to expect after I'd graduate. Please help? [more inside]
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What's this little yellow flower?

Some neighbor dropped off this flowering plant (picture 1, picture 2), and I'm trying to figure out what it is, and (BONUS QUESTION) whether it's toxic to the cats. Little four-petalled yellow flowers, thick waxy-feeling leaves, roughly a foot tall in its pot. Okay thanks for reading, for your time here's a nice pic of Thunder Perfect Cat on cat tranquilizers
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Please don't Facebook our wedding photos....yet

My fiance and I have hired a fancy photographer for our wedding and would prefer that our guests refrain from uploading their iPhone snaps to Facebook et al until we have had a chance to formally release 'the wedding photos'. One guest that we asked is being....difficult, wondering if it's even worth asking the other guests. Are we being unreasonable? How to best phrase the request, if at all? [more inside]
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It's App-ademic

I recently bought a Nexus 7 (I love it!) as a companion to academic work. I've primarily been using Google apps for communication and collaboration over Drive and Gmail, in addition to traditional tablet tasks like web browsing and social media. However I'm less than impressed with the bundled PDF reader, and would really like suggestions (first) about good .pdf reading software that allows for rich annotations in documents. Secondly, I'm interest in any productivity apps for Android tablets that others have used for academic / writing / office style work. [more inside]
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"Please don't pull any punches" (or something) in French?

Let's say you wanted to ask something like "Do I look fat in this?" Doing so would cause many or most people to take your feelings into account when answering, and so if the answer really were "Yes, you look fat in that", you might not get an honest answer. So, if you really did want an honest answer, in English you might also say something like "Please don't worry about hurting my feelings", or "Please don't pull any punches", or "Please be brutally honest". How would one say the same sort of thing in French? Not necessarily direct literal translations of those phrases, but preferably a standard (and perhaps idiomatic) phrase getting the same point across.
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Should I go on this trip?

Should I go to Tokyo next week? If I should... where in/around Tokyo? [more inside]
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How hard is it to learn Quickbooks?

How to quickbooks? I'm computer and internet literate, can add/subtract/multiply/divide (usually with a calculator, just to be sure) and I think I understand how to double entry bookkeep. I am clearly not an accountant. Can I learn enough about quickbooks to justify applying for a job requiring it? [more inside]
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Dating filter: I like this guy - but he only talks about himself

I'm interested in dating and otherwise be-friend a guy. We have common interests and he seems to be "nice" and has a high level of intelligence. That said - Every conversation revolves around him. I love to ask people questions and let them "talk freely about their life or whatever"... but at some point you want to have a two-sided conversation. How can I politely make this point without coming across in the wrong way? This is not someone I have known longer then a couple dates.
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iOS app to sync text notes AND bold / italic / strikethrough formatting?

What iOS app syncs with Notational Velocity and preserves all three of NV's formatting options (bold, italic, and strikethrough)? [more inside]
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What should I do about this potential iPhone screen repair scam?

I brought my shattered iPhone 4 to a screen repair place in a strip mall. This particular dude is only charging $55, which from what I understand would lead to pretty marginal profits. I left it with him for 45 minutes, and when I returned, my phone no longer turned on. [more inside]
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Find role model for middle school student with sorting talent

Which famous person in history is know for being neat, good at sorting and organizing thing? [more inside]
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I need fun snail mail sent to my young kids.

My 5-year-old (and therefore also 3-year-old) loves snail mail. How can I get more of it for him/them? [more inside]
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How to deal with probably unwarranted jealousy

Been dating my SO for about 6 months. Recently I've noticed them contacting an old friend more often. I'm feeling jealous, and kind of think I'm crazy for feeling that way, but I can't shake it. [more inside]
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How can I help my girlfriend with two dogs we just got after breakup?

I'm about to break up with my girlfriend of two years who I live with. We've had intermittent fights of me not being happy where it was going. The latest one happened just last week, the day before we picked up two dogs. She's going to keep the dogs (hard decision for me) if we break up, but what can I do to help? I feeling like I'm abandoning her with kids we just had. [more inside]
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Cat has colitis, had an "episode" yesterday and has been lethargic since

My 10 year old cat Leo has colitis and occasionally has episodes where he kind of stiffens up, probably in pain, but it usually passes in 10 minutes or so and sometimes he throws up, but then he's back to normal. Last night he was like this and threw up after dinner, but then he's just been really lethargic ever since, almost like he's drugged or something. [more inside]
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Do people MacGyver Alton's cooking contraptions

I've been watching a number of old Good Eat's shows and one thing that's really struck me is how over-the-top some of the contraptions he designs seem to be. Some almost bordering on the point of unnecessarily complicated. Are these truly something that people replicate? [more inside]
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Facebook -- Photos -- Not Tagged. What??

My FACEBOOK page has a section called "Photos", and subsections called "Photos of Me", "Your Photos", "Albums", and "Not Tagged". [more inside]
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how to access a CD's embedded liner notes

I got the lovely new Sam Baker CD "Say Grace," and it says, "Lyrics and credits are embedded on this disc." So how do I get at 'em? I loaded the songs successfully into iTunes (11.05, on my iMac), but I don't know if the liner notes got loaded somewhere. I tried listening to a song and going to File --> Get Info, but the Lyrics tab is empty. Apparently that's where you paste lyrics you find on the web. Any ideas?
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What Will It Cost to Work in Seattle?

I'm considering a possible tech job in the Seattle area (actually Kirkland). I live in Montreal. We're not planning to relocate to Seattle as yet -- it's a 9-12 month contract only. What sort of expenses should I factor in? A two bedroom apartment my family can visit, a car, health insurance (as a dual national, I don't pay for health insurance here in Quebec), trips home... anything else? I'm trying to figure out how much I would net after the temporary relocation expenses. (The company does not pay relocation expenses.) What sort of non-financial factors should I consider, based on your experience temporarily relocating without your family?
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A star to steer by...

How do I find a new job without burning any bridges? [more inside]
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Stats and game nerds, lend me your beanplates.

I have a list of 15 people. Each person has between 1 and 3 entries in a lottery, for a total of 35 entries. I need to select 9 people from the list of 15--nobody can win more than once. What is the most transparent, most random, most low-tech way I can do this? [more inside]
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Health insurance options for unemployed in NYS

I'm temporarily unemployed in NYS. My wife's a grad student, and her college provides health insurance for the two of us for about $7500 for the year, paid up front by the end of September. That's $2500 for her, and $5000 for me. We can afford it, but it seems very steep. Can the hive mind suggest any alternatives? Amazingly, this seems like the best deal I can find. [more inside]
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Help Me Change My Outlook on Outlook

If my work email inbox changes, even slightly, my anger meter goes immediately to 10, and I spend entirely too much time being grumpy and fussing about it. How can I reframe these annoyances as opportunities for zen and personal growth, instead of a blood rage that leads to ultimately futile quests to have everything exactly the way I want it? [more inside]
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Free/Low Cost Project Management Software for 2013

I have started a new position where I will be responsible for managing the projects (timelines, delegating work, etc) for a small group +/- 10 at the moment. This is basically the same question as this but two years later. This group has marginally used Asana, but nothing much has been done with it, and I am just checking to make sure there are no other, better options before I start really utilizing it. Thanks in advance!
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What is the legal definition of an owner occupant in Columbus Ohio?

I am wondering what it takes to satisfy the legal definition of an owner occupant in Columbus Ohio. Is this spelled out anywhere in a code or lawbook? And is there anything that automatically makes you non-owner occupant (For example you live at the property and charge your roomates rent?)Thanks a lot!
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Master Degrees for getting into United Nations

Since United Nations requires a masters degree for most of their jobs, what qualifications I can upgrade to in order to secure a job with UN. [more inside]
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What is a resident agent's role in probate?

Someone I know has been asked to serve as a resident agent, in an estate probate case where the estate's administrator does not live in the state where the probate is venued. What could possibly go wrong? [more inside]
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Automunging Bibliographier Gizmo Site

Is there a simple text-only blibliography-in hyperlinked-bibliography-out website? [more inside]
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Does vision therapy work, and is it worth it?

Does anyone have experience with vision therapy? I have difficulty focusing both eyes at the same time, and I have been told by optometrists that I basically just have to live with this. But I recently read about vision therapy, which seems promising. If you have gone through it, did it work, and was it worth the time and expense? [more inside]
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Watching Arsenal/Stoke game

I'm going to be in New Brunswick NJ on Saturday morning and I want to watch this game. Where should I go in New Brunswick that will be showing it? Bonus if it will be full of Arsenal fans I can troll in person.
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Intro to Deleuze's concept of the "nomad", "nomadology" and "nomadicism"

I am looking for an introductory text (preferably available online) that will outline these concepts for me. Thanks.
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New Year's Trip to North Africa, Middle East, Southern Europe?

My extended family is trying to put together a trip to someplace interesting, warm and beach-y, to occur around New Year's. For a variety of complicated reasons related to where people will be traveling from, the Middle East, North Africa and far southern Europe are the most feasible destinations. Where should we consider going? [more inside]
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Am I feeling what you're feeling?

How can I learn to be a bit more empathetic? [more inside]
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What's the secret to a very fluffy omelette?

What's the secret to a very fluffy omelette? I had an omelette at a non-fancy cafe today, and the texture was very fluffy, completely unlike most omelettes I've eaten or cooked. It was a folded omelette, did not have the wrinkly texture of many "country style" omelettes, and was not particularly brown on the outside. I don't believe that it was a french omelette (it wasn't cigar shaped). A quick google turns up a few different tips: add cold butter cubes to the beaten egg (today's omelette did not taste rich at all), or beat the whites into peaks before cooking (this cafe wasn't very fancy at all). Can anyone shed some light? Thanks.
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Help me compose a letter/buy a flat

I'd like to buy a flat in a particular building. I'm going to do a hand-written letterdrop, but would love some advice about the best way to execute this. [more inside]
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Best "Robotic" Massage Chairs?

A family member with ongoing back and neck issues finds monthly massages from a masseuse quite effective at maintaining their functionality. Recently, they tried a demo of one of the high-end "robotic" massage chairs (Panasonic MA-70) at a trade fair and were quite impressed with it. Has anyone had experience with owning and using one of these chairs over a longer period of time? If so, what are your recommendations? [more inside]
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Can You Take Me High Enough?

Is there a particular name for that uplifting key change for the ultimate or penultimate chorus of many pop songs? Examples, with video links, behind the cut. [more inside]
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Severance package settlement confusion: Difficulty – Canadian taxes

I need some advice on how to best manage a severance package cheque I’ll be receiving in a week or so. I have room to contribute, approx. $15k or so into my RRSP (this may be understated, going from memory) Details I want to stay reasonably liquid, I’m not sure how long it will take me to find a new position and I will be living off of this settlement in the interim Is there tax benefit to contributing to my RRSP now, and withdrawing in the New Year? If I just take it all, I’m thinking I’ll get a decent tax return when I file – true/false? Is there any benefit to asking for 2 cheques, one now, one after January 1st? Total severance will be around $70k or so, gross Thanks for your help!
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I can't go topless

Busty women of Metafilter, what the heck do you wear with skirts? [more inside]
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Large-button controls for iTunes on desktop mac?

Can't believe I've had such trouble finding a set of larger 'big button' controls for itunes. I'm using iDisplay and an Android tablet to declutter my screen, but the lowest-resolution option for the tablet in iDisplay still makes things [and in particular the iTunes mini player] unusably small when dragged onto the tablet screen. [more inside]
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Can you please just stab me repeatedly with a needle?

I am trying to schedule getting a tattoo appointment with an artist I have previously worked with. It's proving to be more difficult than expected, and I don't know how long to wait between messages and how direct to be with him (I have generalized anxiety disorder). Snowflake-y details inside. [more inside]
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Why will Comcast only let you pause something for 5 minutes?

Why will Comcast only let you pause something for 5 minutes? [more inside]
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Best Beer in Buffalo

My beer-loving girlfriend and I will be in Buffalo for a weekend, and I want to take her out. Where to for beer? [more inside]
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Why is my ISP changing physical locations?

While signing on with my VPN software recently I noticed that my ISP's physical location has changed. I live in Cleveland and when ever I would use my VPN software, as I do a few times a week, there is a map that tells me where my ISP resides. Recently, after years the map now shows that my home ISP is now in Kansas, however searching for my ISP address on various websites, it says my ISP is in Pennsylvania as well. Confused. I am aware that my home ISP changes frequently but it has always been in Cleveland. I have rebooted my modem and router a few times and it still reads the location in Kansas. Any Ideas?
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One of my tenants is acting erratically, and I am scared

One of the tenants in my house is sending me increasingly angry and delusional messages. I don't know what to do. He is set to move out at the end of the month. [more inside]
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The agony of da feets

Please help me (a hefty male) find shoes sneakers that are comfortable! Requirements: US size 10.5-11, wide width (3E), wide toe box for bunion comfort and vegan. Preferably shoes that don't look like Herman Munster's. Actually, that's totally OK. [more inside]
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How does salon dyeing work?

I'm new to colouring my hair, hence this probably very basic question about how it works and reasonable expectations. Way too much info inside. [more inside]
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September 17

The perfect black leather messenger bag for a geek with sensitive skin

So I found this black leather messenger bag, and it meets my needs in just about every way...but I'm wondering whether I can find a better one in this vein for a similar price. [more inside]
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Help me find a jean company to take my money!

My best friend rides horses, and all of her jeans are boot-cut, dark wash, with high contrast stitching. I think they look amazing, and I know they would look amazing on me. Problem: Hobbit size. [more inside]
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What could have caused this quarter-sized hole in my drywall?

I found a small tree frog in my kitchen today, and while I was searching for its point of entry I found this quarter-sized mystery hole in my drywall in the adjacent room. It is located behind my washing machine (please see the pictures attached below) about six inches off the ground and directly beneath a window. I'm curious if insects or rodents could have created this hole. [more inside]
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Help with post-nap

My three year old has a very hard time waking up from his nap in the afternoon. Today he cried and screamed and complained for almost an hour. Help me find a way to avoid this. [more inside]
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Recommendations for small online jewellery makers

I'm looking for a 30th birthday present for my wife who loves jewellery. I know there are some amazing small artists out there creating their own things and selling them online but it's incredibly hard to find them. She's incredibly open minded on styles but loves sapphires and silver and it would be lovely to find an artist who sells things for under $1K. Any recommendations from people on the little known artists worth looking up online?
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In your opinion what are the most interesting topics in medicine today?

My original proposed topic for a publication I'm writing in was about printing organs and bone marrow but it may be rejected because someone else proposed the same idea. I'm currently brainstorming ideas before tomorrow. Currently I'm thinking of writing of genetically engineered humans. Any other ideas?
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Oh my aching neck!

A friend was injured in a fall a few days ago. We were told by family members that he had broken his neck and might be paralyzed. His spouse has given some puzzling information about his treatments and my question is if these treatments seem plausible. YANHD etc. [more inside]
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(NSFW) Easy sex positions for my wife and I

My wife can't spread her legs do to her disability. I can just about get my head between her legs with lots of stretching to eat her out but thats about it. [more inside]
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Travelling without boyfriend

I want to travel but my boyfriend is always in an uncertain position with his job. I am sick of waiting for him so I might (again) travel without him, alone or with friends. But I feel kind of bad for not waiting for him. [more inside]
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Large-scale polls for the establishment of a basic income?

Has someone who knows what they are doing with respect to statistics ever asked a bunch of people of some place whether they would like basic income (or citizen's income, something akin to the Manitoba experiment) or not? Has anybody published on this?
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How do I start my own business?

I have a couple thousand dollars and a decent amount of free time, with no idea where to allocate my time and money. Where do I begin? [more inside]
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Help me give my Sci-Fi Elective slightly more structure

As a sort of follow up to this question I posted last school year, I am now four weeks into the Sci-Fi elective and am worried about the lack of structure I have in my class. I'm looking for ideas/activities to do with my students in class. More details below the fold. [more inside]
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Advice for a new/soon-to-be paraplegic?

I have been disabled for years, but there is a good chance I will be completely paraplegic soon. I have spinal cord cancer, which was treated with radiation, chemo and the removal of the tumor a few years ago, but it seems to be growing again. I'm going to have another MRI in two months to see if it really is growing or if I have just injured myself somehow, but I think it is more likely that it's growing. The first operation and the tumor itself damaged my spinal cord, but the likely next step will be removing that section of the spinal cord entirely, leaving me completely paralyzed from that point down. This obviously sucks, but it gives me at least two months to prepare for it, which most paraplegics don't have. I'm trying to get my house made accessible as soon as I can, and I've watched videos about how to select a wheelchair and (ugh) bowel programs. I know a place that can fix up my car so I can drive it again. Please tell me anything you can think of that might help make the transition a little smoother. Thanks.
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Asking someone out after job rejection

So I didn't get the job, sadly, but I'm interested in asking out one of the people who interviewed me (not the hiring manager). I'm female, he's male, we're both in our early 30s. Would that be weird? It's a fairly casual organization, but I may be interested in applying for another job there in the future...
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Help me switch my phone from one provider to another

Can someone help me with the technical aspects of switching my cell phone from one provider to another? [more inside]
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Healthy habits for anxiety?

I'm looking for suggestions for healthy habits to help fight anxiety. [more inside]
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Possible reasons for engine idling higher, and "auto revs?"

Carfilter: Car had been running fine all summer. Saw a bit of this yesterday, more during today's commute. Engine idling slightly higher and it revs itself at rest. Otherwise, it runs normally under load. [more inside]
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What can I do about a haircut with really dumb looking bangs?

I got my haircut yesterday and asked for some bangs. I now look super derpy and remind myself of that Peter Pan meme guy. It just looks bad. [more inside]
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Queer Country on a Motorcycle

Please help me think of historical LGBT locations in the United States. [more inside]
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Division of labor

I support a division in a large corporation. My supervisor seems to have a long-standing issue with someone in management. How to proceed? [more inside]
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New job, old presentation template?

I will be giving a talk at a job interview, about scientific research that I did several years ago. The powerpoint slides use the (somewhat gaudy) template of my former employer, the institution that funded the research. Should I keep the template or change it? [more inside]
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All-mountain bike under $1500 USD - what do I look for?

I'm a bicycle n00b who wants to get into riding mountain bikes, and I'm baffled at all the options. I need some pointers on what brands, models, and features to look for in an all-mountain bike. I'm planning on riding places in the Seattle area like Duthie, Tiger Mountain, etc. [more inside]
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Airbag off by design with 100 pound passenger. What to do?

I frequently drive with an adult passenger who weighs about 100 pounds. The car is designed so the Passenger Airbag Off light turns on for a passenger under about 100 pounds, which the car assumes is a child. This isn't a defect. It's definitely by design. I'm concerned about safety with the airbag off. What to do? [more inside]
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What do you think will happen at the end of labor?

I like to hypothesize solutions to big problems. This one has me stumped. Is there a way to prevent total societal collapse as technology replaces workers? I've read several futuristic stories set after this shift where robots basically do all the work, but never anything during the process. [more inside]
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Making a fruit infused gin - what brand should I buy?

My CSA has damsom plums in it this week and I decided to make damsom plum infused gin. Damsom Gin [more inside]
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zipper stuck with plastic bag fragment - can it be freed?

My partner accidentally jammed a plastic carrier bag in one of the zippers of my travel bag and then yanked it - with the result that a fragment of carrier bag has been pulled inside the zip, jamming it completely. All the tips I see are for fabric becoming stuck, but in this case there is a fragment of plastic inside jamming everything, which can't be pulled out. Attempts to pull it out just pulled off the protruding ends, making things worse. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks!
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How can I help my brother?

A few years ago I posted here to ask for help after having my identity stolen by my mother. It turns out that this has now happened to my younger brother as well, but he isn't being smart about it. How can I help him? [more inside]
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Thailand Travel Pros: Bangkok, Samui, PhiPhi. Is Angkor too much?

Traveling with an international travel Angkor Wat too much to add to a Thailand itinerary that already includes Bangkok, Samui, and Phuket / PhiPhi? Timeframe: 2 weeks. Also...think more hot-stone massages and less hostels this time around... [more inside]
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Picture Book Filter

Do children care about old, out-of-date picture books? Should I weed these books? [more inside]
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recommend a looping station/looper pedal to use with viola please!

Hi all! I am looking to buy a looping station soon. Here are my perimeters: 1. price<300 2. have more than 30 seconds of loop time (basically, what I want is a Line6 DL4 with longer loop time!) 3. half time playback, and can record in half time to have double tim playback 4. reverse playback a plus but not essential 5. undo a plus but even less essential no delay or reverb necessary but I don't hate them. No drumtrack necessary. I'll never use it. Right now I am considering DL4, TC Electronic's Ditto Looper, and maybe a Boss RC-3. But I need more ideas! none of them are perfect! thanks!
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What, me 40? I swear I was 27 yesterday!

I'm turning 40! I want to mark the year by doing 40 things, or one activity 40 times. Suggestions? [more inside]
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I am tired of labeling my microcentrifuge tubes by hand.

This seems like it ought to be a simple question but I'm not finding the answer myself. Someone here must already know. I would like to buy sheets of printable adhesive labels suitable for sticking on 1.5ml/2.0ml microcentrifuge tubes. Ideally I would like both dots for the caps and little rectangles for the sides. They don't need to be able to stand up to particularly tough conditions, except that they shouldn't run if they get wet. Also, they should be cheap as I am a grad student and would be buying them out of my own pocket. I am just sick of writing the same teeny tiny letters over and over and over again with an ultrafine Sharpie. Can somebody here point me to a product that I can buy that would suit my needs? [more inside]
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Help me hack the computer in my new Camry to kill the nag screen.

I just got a new 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid. It's by far the best car I've ever owned or even ridden in. The small bug in the soup is the annoying nag screen that pops up on the sound/navigation screen when I start up, reminding me to be careful, obey traffic laws, buckle my seat belt (which I always do) and always look both ways before going into the street. The dealer says the nag is programmed into the computer and can't be turned off, but there's got to be a way. Has anyone done this?
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Identifying a woodsman song

I'm trying to identify a song about a woodsman that is used in the US Forest Service documentary "An Axe to Grind." Here is a link to part of the song. I've tried googling bits of the lyrics to no avail. Anyone recognize it?
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Can I use Mainstage 3 instruments in Garageband '11?

My wife is a keyboard player (I play guitar) and we are trying to use our new MacBook Pro for our practice sessions. She got her MIDI keyboard to play through Garageband but wanted better piano sounds, so I bought Mainstage 3 for $30 (after Googling the question). Mainstage 3 has much better sounds like Hammond B3, Rhodes, etc. [more inside]
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Help me optimize my elevator travel

I work in a building with two elevator banks, six cars per bank. One covers floors 2 - 20. The other covers floors 20 - 38. Both, obviously go to the lobby. My office is on floor 20, so my co-workers and have our choice of which elevator bank to choose from for our trips up and down. [more inside]
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Any ideas for a scavenger hunt prize?

What kind of prize can I give college students who have completed a fun scavenger hunt? [more inside]
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Just don't let him eat marshmallows all day

I need recommendations on articles and books on kindergarten/elementary school education and how it affects someone's later success. My friend is worried that her son's kindergarten program isn't high quality enough. I'm of the opinion that home life is more important at this age, but maybe I'm wrong! Where should I start reading? [more inside]
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Kindle Classic vs Paperwhite

Back in the day I owned a regular kindle (it died), and I'm considering getting a new one. Since Amazon recently came out with their new Paperwhite e-reader, it seems the big rage with all sorts of praise. I'm trying to understand what the real advantage of the Paperwhite is over the regular kindle and all I can come up with is that Paperwhite lets you read in the dark. I have no interest in reading in the dark so this isn't an issue for me. Am I missing something? Should I just go for the regular Kindle?
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How to add footnotes to Adobe XI PDF?

I can find google answers for Adobe X, but not XI, and the instructions for X don't work for XI. So. I want to add footnotes while editing my PDF document (something I wrote in word and saved as a PDF, but for various reasons I don't want to work on the original word document). Unlike in Adobe X, there is no "edit page design" button now. Is there a way to add footnotes to your PDF in Adobe XI? Looking up "footnote" in the Help menu yields nada. Thanks!
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Help feed my Kindle! Books for a long time away

I've been in South America for six months and running out of books to lose myself in. I read a lot of big long books-do you know of some more? [more inside]
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Narcissist, emotionally unavailable....whatever it is someone slap me!

Prince charming to "we met at the right times in each others lives, I hope I showed you what kind of man deserves your spoils and you showed me that there are good woman out there and that I don't need to waste any more time wondering if there are." Seems condiscending to me given that I don't feel he is the type of man who deserves my spoils, and clearly I'm not that great of a woman in his eyes for him to walk out on. Help me find my closure...if you have the time...negative/positive feedback welcomed, sometimes people need to hear the hurtful truth. [more inside]
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Bye bye Kitty teeth, hello Cat that hates me?

Mrs Binkleton aka Binky is a glorious tuxedo cat with a huge problem...... she has terrible Stomatitis and has to have a full tooth extraction next week. [more inside]
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Please Tell Me Where to Eat in Austin, Texas

This mid-November my wife, her brother, and I will be traveling to Austin, TX to attend the Formula 1 race at the Circuit of the America, and we have some pretty focused culinary goals, but no idea how to achieve them. [more inside]
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Weird iPhone behavior: virus? Malware? Hacked? Punked?

Why is my iPhone doing these things? [more inside]
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Best system for tracking questions and clarifications on project tasks?

When tracking tasks on a project, what's the best tool you've found for logging the follow-up questions and answers? Trac? Jira? Something else? [more inside]
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Help Me Suspend My Disbelief?

So, I'm listening to Jody Piccoult's The Storyteller, which has a number of incredible elements although the very real events of the Holocaust in Poland lie at the center of it. And she has a narrator relate that the night after his wife's transport from the Lodz ghetto, her husband's hair turns entirely white. From grief, not washing out hair dye. But isn't that actually impossible? I can't believe this is a Real Thing.
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Looking for an awesome heated mattress pad

Winter is coming and so is my arthritis. I think it's time for me to invest in an excellent heated mattress pad. [more inside]
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Please help me find a vaguely-remembered graphic novel

I'm trying to help a friend find a graphic novel he read years ago and would like to re-read. Here's what he remembers: There were three volumes, each a large (8 x 12) soft cover book of around 100 pages (about an inch thick). There was no indication that they were published in serial form previous to these volumes, which were probably published in the mid 90's. The art was simple and unadorned, pen and ink, and mostly in regular equal square frames. The story was a real-world fantasy about spiritual awakening, but it was not religious and there were no battles; it was a story about a seeker finding himself. The title may have included the word Journey and the author/artist may have a name like Wasserman (though I've googled the hell out of those two details and had no luck.)
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Logistics of having an instrument checked out before sale

In the last 10 years, I've moved my french horn about twice as many times as I've played it, so I finally put it on craigslist. I have a few buyers interested, and they have asked to have it checked out by someone before purchasing. That seems entirely wise and I'm happy to comply, but I'm unsure of the logistics of how to do this. Obviously, I'm not going to just hand the instrument to some stranger who comes to my door and promises they'll bring a bunch of money back to me if they like what they see. On the other hand, the buyer probably wants to have actual contact with the person who does the checking, and not just take my word that everything is fine. What is the standard way to make this happen? I imagine it would be something like what happens when you get a prospective used car checked by your mechanic, but I don't know how that really works either. Bonus question: I assume somebody has to pay the guy to look at the horn... buyer, right? I would also like to spend as little time as possible dealing with this.
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Eye see what you did there

I recently discovered that I have diabetic retinopathy. I have been a diabetic for the last fifteen years or so and have feared this moment since my initial diagnosis. Several recent changes to my vision have caused me problems and I am trying to learn to cope with this new development. (Apologies in advance for the flurry of snowflakes inside) [more inside]
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To breathe or not to breathe

I am currently living about 5 miles from a coal-fired power plant. The smoke plume is obvious and seems somewhat ominous. Should I be worried about adverse health impacts? [more inside]
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We want to cut the cord, but our metal roof is crimping our style

Mr. Darling and I have been fantasizing about ditching cable and relying solely on over the air channels and streaming. We have the streaming, but our metal roof is apparently not compatible with successful antenna reception. We also probably can't mount the antenna on the roof because to receive the local stations, it would need to be mounted on the front of the house, which is unattractive and not what we want. So, how can we still get our local channels without enriching the local cable company? Should we cut back to basic cable? Is there some other way around this?
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Help me get better at jogging

I have always enjoyed (casually) running, and I've started running with more regularity, but I feel like I could be doing it better. Some times I get a good cadence going, and other times I feel like I'm running through jelly, even though I'm running in the same areas. Oh, and my running partner is my dog, who I'm training to ignore various exciting things while we run. More inside. [more inside]
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Should I add a third cat to our humble home?

Should I add a third cat to our humble home? I've read this and this from previous questions but our situation is slightly different. I'd like advice from other folks to help me make a decision. [more inside]
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OM NOM NOM: Manhattan, South-of-Times-Square edition.

Tasty slightly-reworked versions of beloved ethnic food in Manhattan, south of Times Square? I've been to Baohaus and Bonchon and Caracas Arepa Bar and love them both. Clearly, there have to be others!
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What to do with thin brick construction debris.

I recently removed an interior wall covering of about a ton of thin ( and joist bending ) brick like this, or this, and now have sheets of plaster and/or broken brick and plaster. Is there any other use for it around a house or yard; I don't like throwing it away and I'd have to take it to a construction dumpster due to its weight. [more inside]
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Help me get my groove back

I have been working at the limits of my abilities for a decade or more. I am running out of steam and need a long break, but family and work responsibilities prevent that. What immediate, short-term tricks do people have to boost their energy levels? [more inside]
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How can I find this pumpkin spice whiskey?

I had no idea how much I wanted a pumpkin spice whiskey until I turned up this via Facebook this morning. But! It's only sold in New England! I can't find anywhere to buy it online and I don't know anyone who lives in New England. Am I out of options? Please let me know if you have any ideas/suggestions for obtaining this. (I live in Seattle, if that helps.) Thanks!
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How do I open port 8080 on my Mac?

I want to try the game Card Hunters. It requires port 8080 to run. No matter what I do, I cannot get it to run on my Macbook Pro running Mountain Lion. [more inside]
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Someone bumped into my car this morning

Her car edged forward and bumped into mine while waiting on a red. What should I have done? [more inside]
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Tablet Salvation

To cover or repair my device [more inside]
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Recording in Audacity causes distortion

I'm in the middle of a project creating educational podcasts to be distributed as part of a digital curriculum. Halfway through the project, literally in the middle of a podcast, my audio quality went from being ok (or at least comparable to other recordings that the company has) to sounding like I'm recording things underwater. I'm using Audacity on Windows 8, and haven't touched the settings of either--any suggestions would be helpful! [more inside]
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*Insert Eye of the Tiger music here*

I want to get in shape for an activity holiday I'm going on in a few months. Unfortunately, all my experience of fitness to date has been 'dieting for weight-loss' and I don't have the slightest clue how to build my strength so that I can handle rocky terrain, bike for a few hours, or trek for a day. Difficulty level: high - I am overweight and clumsy. [more inside]
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How do I match fabric from a sofa that is no longer manufactured?

I need to find a fabric match for a seat cushion, but the furniture manufacturer doesn't exist anymore. Is there any hope for me? [more inside]
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Will my boyfriend's lack of rental history make cohabitation difficult?

I moved into a new apartment a few months ago and now my LDR boyfriend of many years has joined me. To include him in the lease, he's submitted a standard rental application and has great credit history, no criminal record, but lacks rental history since he's lived at home his whole life. Landlord is making it difficult and asked me why he doesn't have prior rental history contacts and sounded a little judgmental about it. Since I already signed a lease with solid rental history (and have made more-than-on-time payments), should it even matter that he lacks previous rental information? Should I be honest about the situation? Or will that risk application rejection? And, really, why does Landlord care so much?
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What and when are more?

How long do you give yourself and your non-boyfriend to make up your minds? [more inside]
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September 16

Drag my a** to therapy!

Help me be brave enough to schedule my first therapy appointment and actually go. The whole idea completely freaks me out. What can I expect? And how do I be a good patient and get the most out of it? I have never been good at talking about things, to the extent that I used to leave even my mom notes, slide them under the door, and hide. Obviously, I need to go - but *ack*! [more inside]
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Looking for a nonviolent, relaxing, top-down building game with a plot

I liked Sim City, Age of Empires, and Civ, but I don't feel like fighting or freaking out about taxes or earthquakes. Click-management puzzle games and sandboxes are just boring. Glitch was awesome-- nonviolent, open-ended, good graphics-- except it wasn't really a top-down building game and I don't care about involving friends. Katamari Damacy was great, but too fast-paced and again, not a building game. What game am I looking for? Preferably for a PC; can't do zombies or apocalypse as a theme, very light cartoon violence might be OK, don't care what era it's from. Puzzles or video board games might be OK if they have complexity beyond the actual game. I'm aware that this might be too specific; looking for suggestions even if they aren't a perfect fit.
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Is there any way to deworm cats without visiting the vet? [more inside]
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What are the red/orange specks in Clif Bars?

I've tried two flavors of Clif Bars recently - White Chocolate Macadamia Nut and Crunchy Peanut Butter. In both, I noticed tiny reddish-orange specks throughout the bar. There's nothing in the ingredients list that stands out to me as being the cause of these specks. (They're about the size of a period and quite intensely colored - more than I would expect from, say, carrot flakes, which aren't a listed ingredient anyway.) Any idea what the specks are?
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Handwriting without tears.

I never learned to hold a pen correctly. My extremely awkward method involves pressing my index and middle fingers hard on the top of my pen. As a result, my hand quickly gets tired and cramped. Can I change this? How much practice would be involved? It's easy to find descriptions of better grips, but I don't find advice for adults who want to change long-established bad habits.
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A (vegan) night in San Francisco

I’ve gotta take a quick trip to San Francisco this weekend. I think my Saturday and Sunday are full, but Friday night is still open. So I’ve got one meal to make the most of. What’s the best vegan option for one meal in the area? I’ll be flying in to San Jose, and staying somewhere between there and Santa Cruz, but I’ll have a car and am happy to go anywhere in the area. So where should I go?
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How to respond to someone else's quest to find their sperm donor?

Asking for a friend. In a nutshell: My friend has been contacted by at least two different people seeking to identify their biological father, a sperm donor. My friend has enough information to make an educated guess about the identity of the sperm donor. How should he proceed? [more inside]
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Two HDs, how do I copy over only the files that the other is missing?

Two hard drives. HD2 with a bunch of lossless music. HD1 with the same music plus a bunch more music that I've acquired in recent months. I want all of my collection on both drives in case one fails. Besides copying over each new file piecemeal, or deleting everything on drive 2 and just copying the entirety of drive 1, is there a more elegant way to do this? Is there a program or method that will only copy over the files that HD2 doesn't already have?
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Phonics-based "first reader" books in French?

I have a child starting grade 1 french immersion, and am looking for some (very) early reading books in French. Said progeny responded astonishingly well last year to a phonics-based early literacy series in English by Usborne (this one). Can anyone recommend an equivalent in French? Is phonics even a thing in French? [more inside]
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Why are there numbers on this Egyptian flag?

I saw a poster showing a photo of a protest in Egypt. This image of an Egyptian flag was featured prominently. Why does it have numbers (0128648788) under the central bird motif? Is it a date? A phone number? The image is probably from an Al Jazeera website. The bird doesn't look quite like the official one, either. Is this the flag of some group other than the Egyptian state/
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Friend's Dad is Dying of Emphysema...

My friend's dad is dying of emphysema. I'm not sure what stage he's in. I don't think he's ready to die yet, but he's not in good shape at all... [more inside]
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Could my language learning process be useful to someone?

My favorite way of learning a language is translating text back and forth. Could the translation work of a careful beginner be useful to anyone at all? [more inside]
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Vacation Destination for Thanksgiving Weekend?

Trying to decide on a location for a mini family vacation over Thanksgiving weekend, with me, my dad, and his girlfriend. Seeking suggestions for where to go and what to do there. [more inside]
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What song did Gail Davis sing?

I need some help from the fans of TV’s Annie Oakley, Gail Davis. My mom sort of remembers a song that Davis sang either at the end of her shows or on a show. Sounds like a lullabye to me. The words are something like “Go to sleep baby, your mama and daddy love you very much.” Anyone know this song?
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please help: might I have lost everything I own?

I dropped off all my possessions (pretty much everything I own) in boxes at a local storage facility in the UK (in awful circumstances - details below) and failed to get a receipt, only a verbal agreement that they would do my paperwork by email, and deliver my boxes in a month's time. I then had to leave the country. Four weeks later, I've yet to receive any invoice or confirmation. I've called and emailed several times and have been told in a genial but rather brusque way that they will get in touch, but so far no email. I'm heading back to the UK soon and want to get my boxes delivered this weekend. Still no invoice or receipt. I am FREAKING OUT that they are being so flaky. I am having panicky visions of them losing or selling all my things, and me showing up in the UK with basically the clothes on my back and nothing else. Have I made a terrible mistake? Is there anything I can do? Apologies in advance for long freaking-out-ness below the jump. [more inside]
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Unavailable movies, worth screening, that can be legally shown?

What movies aren't readily available via Amazon, Netflix, or similar, but are worth watching and can be booked for a legal public event in the US? [more inside]
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Opthamologist Recommendation: Silicon Valley

It's time for me to consider strabismus surgery for myself and I'm hoping that someone here has experience doing this with an opthamologist in or around San Jose. A little help?
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Should I give readers a heads-up that I'm killing one of my websites?

I am a professional publisher who produces four lifestyle websites loved by lots of people. After four years of non-profitability, I've decided to kill one of the websites at the end of the year. Should I give the site's 175,000 monthly readers a heads-up that the site is dying? [more inside]
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Please help me identify this globe cluster chandelier

I'm trying to replace this lighting fixture and need a match. [more inside]
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What do I do about an overbearing person on a recreational sports team?

I feel like he doesn't respect my boundaries, but on the other hand he seems like a decent guy. [more inside]
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Name that Cult-of-Personality?

What is the cult-like communist organization based in possibly (but not definitely) Chicago which has a fairly slick newspaper (but isn't "Socialist Worker") operation featuring inspiring words from a "dear leader" type with a neatly trimmed beard?
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Mixed signals -- office edition

My (married with child) female co-worker (please see this question) is giving me mixed signals. Is there any chance of logical explanation? [more inside]
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Lookbooks for going out clubbing

I just got a Bonobos lookbook in the mail, and thought, "wow, these people are absolutely dressed the most stylish way possible for the portrayed situations." But, those situations were: being a cabana boy; bird-watching; and going to the state fair. Most of the time I want to look good, it's to dress up for NYC nightlife with my girlfriend. Are there lookbooks geared toward that kind of dress?
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Vitamix vs. Ninja Blender

Through a strange set of circumstances, we recently came into two high-end blenders, and I'm having a hard time figuring out which one to keep. We were first given a Ninja BL660 and I've already used it a bunch. It's approximately 1000x better than our old blender. It turns out, I LOVE the single-serving glasses for quick smoothies and protein shakes because it saves washing the huge jar out. Then we were given an insane Vitamix Pro 750 which looks like it'll do anything except my meal planning. We really only need one blender: we already have a food processor, and a stick blender. What is the advantage of the Vitamix over the Ninja? Bonus: any great smoothie or juice recipes? [more inside]
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Is this guy being overly enthusiastic?

A guy sends a FB friend request after after meeting you for the first time at a meetup group, AND promises to FB msg to ask if you're coming to a second event of that meetup group. Being pushy or what? [more inside]
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Help me assess this housing situation

Yesterday I moved into a room in an old Toronto house that has some character but a lot of issues. A couple friends are planning on joining me on the top two floors starting November 1st. A friend of one of them has lived on the mainfloor for seven years and is quite attached to the house. But the landlord appears to be absentee and what I learned yesterday gives me further misgivings about what we may be entering into. [more inside]
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What to read while travelling Northern Germany?

Can you recommend an intelligent, entertaining book about the Hanseatic League? [more inside]
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How do I can applesauce in small portable amounts?

We just went apple picking and have a ton of great apples for making apple sauce. How do we can apple sauce in small, portable quantities (is disposable a bridge too far?) that my kindergartener can bring to school? [more inside]
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I have two 32 oz boxes of flaxmilk and don't know what to do with it. [more inside]
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Opening a home-based business in Canada

I know a woman who is extremely talented in making baked desserts. She wants to open a home-based business. How can she go about doing that in a city like Toronto? Are there any legal/accounting stuff that she needs to know about beforehand? Is there some sort of governmental health supervision program that needs to see the house where she does her work? Can you give me some tips on how she can go about selling her product legally?
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Extreme Angst: 11 yo Version

I need advice, a life coach, a parenting coach, a therapist. In the meantime, please help me to determine the seriousness and most of all what to do when my 11 yo son is so distraught over a series of seemingly trivial events. Please help me know what to say. [more inside]
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Bought it. Opened it. Don't like it. Keep it?

What happens to most items (price range US$20 - $80) returned to stores? I'm asking because I tend to return a fair amount of stuff, and I don't want to be unethical or wasteful about it. [more inside]
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I want a QUIET dehumidifier...which won't catch on fire.

The title says it all. EVERY SINGLE dehumidifier I have for my personal use, as well as the ones we use at my workplace's records storage rooms have now been recalled. Has anyone used anything worth buying? I want one which is quiet and will auto-restart/retain settings after a power failure [more inside]
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How to sell a Verizon iPad?

I have an iPad 3 which is both WiFi and cellular compatible on the Verizon network. I would like to sell this device on Craigalist, but I want to make sure that I have removed it from my Verizon account in a way that is appropriate both for me as well as for the person I am selling it to, who I am certain will want to activate it on Verizon. [more inside]
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Landlord used city lease form for suburban rental, is he bound by RLTO?

We rented a house in Skokie, and the landlord used an office-supply-store-pre-printed lease form for the city. It included a copy of the Chicago RLTO as part of the form. Understanding that YANML, does this incorporate the requirements of the RLTO into the terms of the lease? If so, he'd be required to submit receipts meet deadlines for the return of the deposit. Or is he only bound by State Law (which for a single-family home, seems to require bupkus). He only returned half of our security deposit. Is it worth fighting for the other half ($600)? If I accept and deposit the $600 he sent, am I hurting my chances of getting the rest? [more inside]
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Facebook friend request from a stranger?

What might be going on here? [more inside]
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Stratford-upon-Avon Day Trips

I'll be in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK, for a week from Boxing Day through New Year's Day. I'm looking for ideas for day trips for five of the seven days of my trip. I like cultural sites, nature, homes, museums, local color, history, literature, restaurants. I will have access to a car and I'm also not averse to the train.
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What Other Chicago Neighborhoods Are Most Like Andersonville?

In a few months, I am moving to Chicago. I will be working in Hyde Park, and am trying to decide where to live. I am rather enamored of Andersonville. What other neighborhoods might I like? [more inside]
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Vegetable soup without immersion blender?

I'm looking for a recipe for a seasonal or all-season (for southern Ontario, and this week) vegetable soup recipe (potato, tomato, both, other--whatever) that does not need a blender (immersion or otherwise). Do you have any recommendations? [more inside]
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How to avoid training a competitor

My husband and I have a small business. It is beginning to do well so we are thinking of hiring a part-time commission-based sales person and even have a specific guy in mind. However, this makes us very nervous: the whole business is predicated on relationship-building within a rather small, tight-knit industry, coupled with not-commonly available knowledge of how certain things work. How do smart small businesses manage their salesforce without essentially providing paid training to a future competitor? [more inside]
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Help me jack into the cyberrealm

So now I have a job I'd like to splash out on a gift for myself for Christmas. I'd like to upgrade my aging desktop rig to something that can handle the Oculus Rift and give the kind of smooth, reliable performance it requires, preferably without breaking the bank. Some advice on recommended specs would be much appreciated. [more inside]
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Help me with this (potentially triggering) childhood memory

I have this memory that's been bugging me for way too long. I don't know if this might be triggering for some of you, but I do want to give you a heads-up that it might be. It has to do with an encounter I had with a gym teacher, when I was six. I'm wondering if what this gym teacher did was at all *not* as intensely creepy as I feel it was. [more inside]
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Help me improve my new apartment's dismal lighting situation

My recently purchased 1000 sq ft one bedroom apartment has terrible lighting, and I have no experience retrofitting lighting. What are the best resources for learning about lighting? Where can I buy decent light installations without breaking the bank? If I have a limited budget, what should be my priorities? [more inside]
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Gifts for a Loveable Nerd

Lastminutegiftsfilter: My boyfriend's birthday is coming up soon, and I have no idea what to get him! We're both geeky but his interests run far more deep than mine do in terms of comic books and gaming and things like that. The problem is: he owns everything already! I plan on consulting with his roommate, who shares many of his interests, but I'd love some input from the hivemind on this. For reference, he's 28, works at a video company and we both live in Los Angeles. [more inside]
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It's My Thumb in a Box

I recently half-remembered a story I read way back in elementary school (late 80s-early 90s). I am not sure if it was a standalone short story or part of a novel, but what happens is the narrator has a big plastic bloody novelty thumb that he slips on and uses to prank the person he's with at the movies. [more inside]
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Three Questions Regarding a Wedding in San Francisco.

My handsome fella and I are getting married in San Francisco, CA in early October! I was hoping to get some Mefi-approved recommendations for a restaurant, a hair salon, and a photographer! (I'm not expecting all three in one, but how amazing would THAT be?) [more inside]
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Tips for biking the Howard 'Bizz' Johnson trail near Susanville, CA?

Family of four, going to bike the Howard “Bizz” Johnson rails-to-trails trail next weekend, near Susanville, CA. Help us make this an awesome ride for us/our kids. [more inside]
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I'm bad at being insincere. How to toast to the bride and scumbag groom?

I'm looking for suggestions on how to construct a brief, vague, and impersonal maid of honor speech for a wedding I 100% disapprove of. [more inside]
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How do I reach freelancers in NYC

Hope me Metafilter! I have a service I am trying to market to freelancers (of the mostly digital kind -- designers, photographers, etc) in NYC. I am on a shoestring budget. How do I get my message out in front of them? Where are freelancers hanging out in this city? I'm open to any and all suggestions about reaching freelancers in NYC. Thanks!
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Can I fix this, or do I need to suck it up and get a new phone?

I've had my phone (a Samsung Galaxy S Blaze) for about a year and a half, and it is no longer under warranty. Recently, it has developed two problems relating to aspects of the hardware. I need to determine if I (a person with little to no experience with fixing electronics) can fix these problems inexpensively, or if I should just bite the bullet and buy a new phone. (I'm a student, so buying a new phone after less than two years is not something that makes my wallet happy.) [more inside]
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New music to listen to

So I haven't been up to date with the latest music releases these past couple of years. What great songs/albums did I miss? How do you keep up-to-date with incredible, new music? Snowflake-y details inside. [more inside]
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Meet the Parents

My parents are terrible house guests. How do I make it better? Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Last minute SF East Bay dress shopping

Where in the San Francisco East Bay area (ideally Oakland / Berkeley) could I be almost assured to find a dress in size 12 to 14 suitable for a rehearsal dinner? [more inside]
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Granny Square scarf pattern

Metafilter, please help me find a pattern for this scarf. [more inside]
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Houseplant suggestions needed

I'd like to get some suggestions for small houseplants. They will sit on the windowsill above my kitchen sink, getting direct sunlight in the morning. I need plants that can remain in smallish pots (no more than 6" diameter), and require minimal upkeep. I'd prefer it if they can be watered by adding an ice cube once or twice per week.
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Help me deal with my gym's passive aggressiveness post-breakup stalking

I had a gym membership. Then I had a baby, and cancelled the gym membership in March. I was out of contract, paying month-to-month. Now they're trying to collect on post-cancellation "debts" for April through June. Help! [more inside]
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Should this be a massive red flag, or just a small yellow one?

Asking for a friend: If your significant other gets massively angry but doesn't ever direct it at you, how much of a worry should it be? [more inside]
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My documents are trapped in two different embassies.

So I have sent documents (birth certificates and a wedding certificate) to two different embassies in the U.S. that belong to a Middle Eastern Gulf country. One of the embassies is in Houston and the other is in Washington D.C. The documents need to be attested (verified) and then they will be sent to this Middle Eastern nation for additional processing so that my family can receive their residency permits. The documents were Fedex-ed and arrived five weeks ago. I've called both embassies and left messages. Often the email boxes are full. 1) Should I get new copies of all the documents and hire someone to walk them through the attestation process? 2) Is there someone I can hire in the U.S. to fix this problem for me? [more inside]
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Please help me track down an anime based on my vague memories.

About 8-10 years ago I watched an anime that I'd like to track down again. Unfortunately I remember very little of its details. [more inside]
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Medicare supplement through Transamerica Insurance?

I am shopping medigap policies for my husband. We have decided to go with part F and were leaning towards the BCBS plan which most people I know in this area selected. Through the Illinois Bar Association we have been offered a Part F plan that is slightly more expensive than BCBS standard F(but price difference eliminated if you pay in advance or automatically). Only difference seems to be that the IBA (Transamerica) plan is "issue-age" rated, meaning if bought during enrollment period when you turn 65 the rate, although not frozen, can never be increased for reason of your age increasing, which is not guaranteed under BCBS. This sounds like a no -brainier but I have no experience or familiarity with TransAmerica. Are they good to work with? Have they been (and will they continue) offering/writing Medigap policies for a while? Do any of you metafilterites have this policy through IBA or another professional association?
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Help my brain not turn into mush at work

I get a little bored at work, and like to read sites and articles dealing with maps, current events, GIS, science, natural resources, women in tech, cultural/material history, and archaeology. But, I don't want to look like I'm not doing work. Solution, email! What are the best digest or listservs I can subscribe to? [more inside]
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What's the best way to have flowers delivered in Germany from Canada?

I would like to order flowers online here in Canada and have them delivered to a German address. A quick Google search has turned up a few options, but I'm not sure which to choose. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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Ubuntu 12.04 - wireless passwords rejected. Why?

Ubuntu 12.04 is suddenly unable to connect via two different routers. When the (correct) passwords are entered, it attempts to connect, but then brings up the pwd entry form again. This is a new problem, as of last Mon. [more inside]
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Advice for first time investor

Changes in my career over the last couple of years have meant that I now find myself, for the first time, being in the position of having a significant amount of spare income at my disposal. Since I have recently entered my forties I plan to invest this in the financial markets, with a initial 15-20 year timescale in mind. I am looking at investing something like $1000 per month into a managed plan split over several funds. Given that I am a total newbie when it comes to investing, what advice can people give me on splitting my pot of money across low to high risk? What are classic first-time investor mistakes? I am currently thinking about something like 90% of my investment split across low to medium risk, with the rest reserved for high risk. Does that sound reasonable? Would I be shooting myself in the foot if all of my pots were in the same currency in the same geographic location or should I diversify as much as possible? [more inside]
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Good place to find earcons / auditory icons examples

Several years ago I remember there was a web site where you could find an assortment of earcons/auditory icons/station id's/etc. The NBC chimes, the Intel Inside tones, the jazzy Comedy Central stinger, etc. Now my Google-fu is failing me, and I'd like to find all of these to include in a presentation. I can find some of them on YouTube, but not all the ones the site I remember had. Failing this, can you recommend a good studio who creates these that has an online portfolio I could check out? I'd like to use the short jingles/earcons in a branding presentation for my students. Thanks.
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Looking for a simple divorce solution in PDX area

Paperwork makes me droolingly stupid. I have taken a stab at doing the divorce paperwork myself, but it always ends up crumpled up on the floor. The parenting plan business (required by Multnomah county) was the easy part. I am looking for someone who will handle the paperwork and filing and just get it done with. [more inside]
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Delayed Police Visit - Is this a real thing

A police officer showed up to our house today stating that there was a complaint about reckless driving involving our vehicle. Six hours earlier. When we first hesitated to answer and asked for more details, it turns out this police officer was off duty and witnessed this supposed reckless driving. He threatened to write us a ticket when he showed up to our house. More information inside. [more inside]
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The ethics/practicalities of an older woman dating a younger male virgin

[This post contains somewhat graphic descriptions of our intimate experiences and sexual topics generally, so if you are sensitive or perhaps at work it is good to know that.] I am in my early 30s and my new boyfriend is in his mid 20s. I am the first woman he has ever dated, the third he has ever kissed and if we progress in the relationship I will be the first he has ever had sex with. He is a phenomenal human being and I can hardly believe how lucky I am to know him let alone get the chance to have a relationship with him. I am worried about a few things, however and want to weigh them carefully before proceeding any further. [more inside]
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Help me stay asleep!

What can I do to fall back asleep when I wake up in the middle of the night? [more inside]
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Setting up LAN & WLAN Homegroup-ed computers in Win7

How do I set up my desktop and laptops so that they can all see each other's network folders, in Win7, when some are on a wired connection and some are on a wireless connection? [more inside]
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A careless Facebook friend request has caused some larger problems

Hey guys, help me resolve this awkward situation that started with a Facebook friend request and has now blown up out of proportion. [more inside]
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Portuguese cemetery wall vaults?

I was recently in a small village cemetery in Portugal. In the cemetery there was a wall with coffins interred on shelves, with a modern lockable double glazed door over each vault so that you could look in at the contents. [more inside]
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Shop by Keyword

Is there a service that will let me plug in things I want ("empire waist dresses", "cardigans") that will send me deals for items I like without bothering me with other crap? [more inside]
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September 15

List of famous people sorted by age of death?

I'm looking for a comprehensive list of famous people throughout history who died at age 27. Google only throws up short lists of the "27 Club" of famous musicians. [more inside]
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Great, long lasting drugstore hair dye... does it exist?

Can you help me find a drugstore hair color that suits my needs? [more inside]
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What are the best poetry Twitter accounts to follow?

I feel certain that there must be poets who tweet their poetry. Please tell me if you know of any that are quality. Also acceptable would be accounts of people who tweet lines of poetry from various poets. [more inside]
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Is there a map of dirt?

New England dirt is brown. In the south, it's red, and in other places it is almost black, or more like tan. Is there map that shows dirt colors throughout the US? Or even just an article or two about regional dirt colors? Please point me in the right direction, dear Mefites! [more inside]
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How can I track visitors to multiple url-shortened URLs?

I post a lot of URLs to social media sites (and since one of those is Twitter I often use url shorteners) that point to my own publishing company's website, and also directly to where I sell my books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. I know services like will track how many clickthroughs a url will get, and I think they can give me multiple shortened urls for the same target url. I'm wondering if any url shortening sites will also let me keep track of all of my shortened urls and give them nicknames or make notes (so I can note where I've used them) and give me a chart or spreadsheet or something that shows me which urls are getting the most traffic. Or if there's an app or separate website where I can enter the info that will then collect the tracking data. I'm trying to avoid having to manually check every url's visitors data.
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Dealing with alcoholic mom ?

Hi. My mom really lives far away- when I am talking far away I am saying in Europe and she comes to visit twice a year in us. I love her, she is my mom but she is an alcoholic. This hurts me extremely hard because I wish I could fix her but I don't know how. So it hurts me when she drinks very high amounts of vodka. Today it was the apogee. She drank and then she started cursing me. I don't know how to deal with this. I know I am not in charge of anyone else's happiness that myself. I know I can't fix her but I am trying. I am codependent. I grew up with her being drunk all the time and I am sometimes codependent and clingy in my relationships. Do you think that has something to do with why I am clingy and needy with my bf? What should I do? Please help me cause I am lost. Should I tell my bf about my mom? I am scared he might break up with me thinking that I am part of a bad family. I am only dating him for 4 months.
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How to get your information from a dead web service

Way back in 2008, I started logging my son's milestones and growth on, which mysterious closed earlier this year. (Here's their defunct Facebook page). I'd like to get that information back. How does one effectively contact a dead website?
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Jammy wine recommendations?

Last year we found a cheap red blend that we liked that was on the sweet side and had a very jammy taste, all for $5. Unfortunately, no one else seemed to like it, as it's been discontinued (Flying Heart from Trader Joe's). Looking for something with that sort of flavor profile, preferably less than $10.
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how to stop spammers from hijacking your backlinks

I was reviewing my link profile and found out that I had links from shady websites I have never requested links from. they apparently link from a page but when you click on it, you get redirected to a porn site. my question is how can they achieve that? second how do you stop it or prevent it from happening. here are some of the examples: [more inside]
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Crypton Super Fabric - really truely super and duper?

Need to save sofas. Have big stinky dogs. Is Crypton the fabric or choice? Or is there something better? [more inside]
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You Can Make It If You Try

I am a big believer that motivation is everything. I have some things I want to accomplish and am in a motivational slump of sorts (call it apathy). I am not depressed. What are some motivational tricks or strategies you use to build motivation levels? For example:listen to "eye of the tiger" real loud (i've done this).
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Looking for a good historical overview of life in the US from 1945-1950

auto-mats, greyhound buses, Pan-Am, radio, TV etc. Pop culture and day-to-day life. A book with lots of pictures would be ideal.
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Legs: How do they work!?

I'm a 42yo overweight female. I've been on an ongoing and very successful weight loss program, and have no issues with my diet at this time. My issue is, I seem to have forgotten how to walk... [more inside]
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Advice: Am I Dealing with a Sociopath or Not?

Hi all, I am in quite a complicated situation. Would love advice from all in terms of who I am dealing with, and the best path forward. I will try to summarize as much as possible, and please let me know if I am unclear in any area. [more inside]
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Stylish rain gear for a rainy city (Vancouver) ?

Moved to Vancouver not too long ago, I'm still getting used the rainy weather that's upon us. I'm looking for outerwear that can withstand the rain and still look pretty stylish. So, parkas and other standard North Face/MEC outdoorsy gear is out of consideration for now. Male, late 20s here. I'm a fan of the classic raincoat but most look too baggy on me, or seem too unwieldy. Is there any hope for me? Thanks (:
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A body therapist for the mind

What type of therapist, counsellor or coach am I looking for? I have integrated a lot of my childhood traumas and abuse - both physical and psychological - into my body which has resulted in having a great deal of resistance to taking care of myself. I am seeing a talk-counsellor and I have a solid intellectual foundation in psychological health but it's not helping me take care of my physical health. Woo and professional suggestions welcome. [more inside]
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Awesome gift for science loving nephew.

So my nephew is turning 7 in a few weeks. We live at quite a distance from each other, but have good contact via FaceTime, etc. im flying up to be at his birthday and want to get Hume THE BEST PRESENT EVER! He's very into science, and has said that he wants to win the Nobel prize when he gets older. So... I need advice on the best thing he could ever want. Steer me in the right direction!
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How was a fake SMS message sent from an iPhone? Was it hacked?

Last night my sister claims her iPhone received a text and somehow her phone replied to the text. Neither the sender nor my sister sent the message. Both of them own iPhones and were dining together in a restaurant when the messages were sent. My sister hadn't noticed the text exchange until this morning. [more inside]
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Favorite things in southern India

I'm off to southern India at the end of the year (Mumbai and below). I'd love to know what towns, regions, temples or places of interest you thought were awesomely and unexpectedly amazing. [more inside]
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Tenant's Rights / Electrical work question - Hudson County NJ

While I was dusting the blades on one of our ceiling fan/light units it made a loud grinding/zapping noise and fiery sparks flew out. Needless to say it is now turned off at the wall and will stay that way until an electrician takes a look at it.

Short version: our landlord doesn't want to send an electrician. I on the other hand do not want to be electrocuted or burn the building down. Is there a ballpark figure for how much an electrician might charge to inspect/repair the fan? And has anyone had experience with similar tenant/landlord issues in Hudson County NJ? [more inside]
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Looking for music featuring children sing. Tiny voices - Huge perfomance

Do you know any albums or artists that heavily feature very young voices done in a serious matter? Something like this: [more inside]
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Disclosing a crush

If you have a crush on someone, is it okay to tell them so out of the blue? [more inside]
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recruiter woes

I received an email from a recruiter at a prestigious place of employ in a (STEM) field that I would like to be in. I had been considering applying at said place for a few weeks. The recruiter mentioned a project that I had completed some time ago in a complimentary way and asked whether a particular date and time would be appropriate for an informal interview. I responded, gave my CV, and suggested a date and time that would be more convenient than the one suggested. It has been more than a week since I responded (long past both suggested dates) with no response from the recruiter. I have three questions. [more inside]
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How should I re-make my engagement ring?

I received an engagement ring that used to be my grandmother's. Photo here and here. I love this ring! I would keep it exactly like it is, but I'm a manual therapist and so I'm touching people all day - this ring is SO tall and scratchy. Right now I'm taking it off when I work, but I'd like to be able to wear it at work. How should I have it re-made? Please assume I know nothing about rings, weddings, or jewellery design. [more inside]
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How can I feel clean and ungrimy after a workout?

Is there anything I can do to feel less disgusting post-gym? [more inside]
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How do I wear white ankle boots? With what?

I wore these white ankle boots at my wedding. Can I also wear them 1) to work this fall in New England, or 2) ever again in any context? If yes, what do I wear them with? [more inside]
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We All Have Our Own Hands / But We Come From Different Moms

In Daves I Know, the classic Kids in the Hall song, I've always wondered what the lines "We all have our own hands / but we come from different moms" means. Am I missing something?
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You had me at 'hello world' in n log n operations.

I want to duplicate the experience of taking a college course on algorithms and data structures. I am unlikely to stay in sync with a fast-paced online course with firm deadlines. What are my best options otherwise? [more inside]
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Best/cheap Pokemon title for Nintendo 3DS?

So I have never played any of the Pokemon titles, but they seem like something I would like. The game stores around me seem to have several different titles for the Nintendo 3DS that they are selling used pretty cheaply. Which Pokemon title for the 3DS would be OK to start with, assuming I've never played any of them, with bonus points for an older one that might be cheaper? Or should I have started playing from the first title and I'll be hopelessly lost about the gameplay now? [more inside]
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Music Education Filter: "The History of Recorded Music" for Grades 3-8?

I'm brainstorming a volunteer presentation to give in schools on "The History of Recorded Audio". Probably 2 or 3 45-minute sessions. Has anyone written or presented something similar? [more inside]
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Make supplemental income

I asked earlier about how to invest my savings (twenty-five thousand). And although a lot of the answers were good, many were not realistic for someone living in Canada, as our tax laws are different. Also, I have decent retirement fund already so I don't want to put anything into that. So for now I'm just keeping it in my 3% savings account until I decide later what to do with it. [more inside]
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Sofa, not so good

I need new sofa cushions. Help! [more inside]
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Spamalot "I'm All Alone": what does "It's a Perfect Way to Hide" Mean?

In Spamalot, King Arthur sings "I'm All Alone". At one point, he says: We must be lonely side by side / It's a perfect way to hide. What do these lyrics mean? [more inside]
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What is this book?

Do you know the name of the fiction book which was likely published in the last decade, takes place around the mid-1800s to early 1900s about an immigrant Jewish woman, who is either sent away as part of an arranged marriage or she runs away? [more inside]
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Why did our cat become an asshole?

So we have two cats, an older tortie (12) and a middle-age tuxedo (9). The younger one has always been a complete sweetie, who only play gnawed with his teeth and never used his claws. So he got out, and got lost. He was gone for 7 days and we found him at the local humane society. Ever since he's come back he's been 1) aggressively affectionate with us and 2) a complete asshole to the other cat. He also now makes use of his claws. The other kitty has now confined herself to about 2 hiding places in the house, where she also uses the bathroom. Our house doesn't allow us to put them in separated areas of the house. What the heck is going on and how do we fix it?
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Another "is this food safe to eat" question

Hi all. I've tried googling and looking through past answers but would love a bit of guidance for my specific situation. Unbeknownst to me, my toddler turned off the fridge yesterday. I estimate it was turned off for about 24 hours before I discovered it and turned the fridge back on. It was probably between 60 and 70 degrees in the house during this period. Items in the fridge were not cool at all to the touch. [more inside]
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A bit of a flutter!

I'm in London again, and having a whale of a time thanks to all the advice I garnered last year. One new thing I want to try this time is having a little flutter-I want to place a small bet on something. I don't expect to win, but would like to know how to bet intelligently so as to improve the odds. [more inside]
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How to best help a tame, stray pregnant cat?

An adorable stray pregnant cat has been hanging around my house for the last week or two. She seems to be quite young, and is friendly and tame - definitely not feral. I don't believe she has an owner, as I see her wandering the streets constantly, especially at night. She looks relatively healthy, though very skinny. I had suspected she was pregnant, but last night was the first time I could really confirm it. I have no idea how far along she is. I fed her last night, so I'm sure she'll be back. I love cats, but I have an older female cat who does not get along with other animals, so taking her in is not an option. When she comes back, what would be the next best step? Catch her and call a cat rescue? Catch her and take her to a vet? And when I do catch her, I wouldn't bring her in the house, so could I keep her in an enclosed area in the garage until I find a place to take her in? We live in Southern CA, so it does not get cold (and where we are, it doesn't get too hot either).
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Trying to find an old SciFi Story

I'm trying to find an old sci-fi story set in a vaguely dystopian future in which, early in the story, a man sits inside what is ostensibly a vast computer, in his underwear, a cigar in his mouth, answering questions posted to the computer. Essentially a variant on the original Turk. I keep thinking Kutner, P.K. Dick or Brunner, but I can 't find it in my collection. Thanks.
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How to frame concert posters without "ruining" them?

My boyfriend collects posters from the many concerts he attends. He is averse to using store-bought poster frames because he thinks this will ruin the poster. Is this true? If so, is there a cheaper method to protect the posters than custom mounting and framing for over $100 apiece? [more inside]
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Proxy allowing access to live Youtube streams blocked in the US

I would like to watch the official live Youtube stream for the America's Cup races this afternoon. These live streams are blocked in the US. I believe this will be the stream for today's racing. [more inside]
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sex and rhythm [nsfw]

I'm in a new relationship with a guy. We've started having sex, and when he gets really close to orgasming, I lose the rhythm somehow, and he can't come. Help. [more inside]
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Doxycycline ramp-up time - sanity check

My wife and I are traveling in Malaysia at the moment (and going on to Thailand afterwards), and brought along prescriptions for Doxycycline for Malaria protection. Doxy takes some time to start taking effect, can I get a sanity check on our instructions? [more inside]
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How to help others

I finished my masters in counseling psychology back in December. I have not taking my licensure exam yet which is the NCE. In order to become a therapist I have to pass the NCE and eventually get my LCPC after I have accumulated my hours. The question I have is how should I decide on being able to utilize my skills so that I can help others? I have read quite a lot on autism and I have a moderate amount of experience with helping children and adults with Asperger Syndrome. The question though, is where should I begin with all of this? There are a wide variety of different disorders that I am familiar with. I would eventually like to be able to help people with all sorts of problems, but I'm not sure what is the best way to go about this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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[Book Recommendation Filter] A comprehensive history of Savile Row

I'm looking for book recommendations for thorough, engaging, and rigorous histories of Savile Row tailoring and/or books that talk about the history and philosophy of fine men's tailoring and dress. I'm not averse to books with technical information, as well as historical and cultural information. Thank you!
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Please help me find cartoon versions of great literature.

My 5-year-old really like cartoon versions of literary classics. Help me find more. [more inside]
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Sealing a door from exhaust fumes. Difficulty level: rental.

There is a door between my apartment and my landlords' garage. On the garage side, the cracks around the door are taped over with some sort of tape, and there is a big piece of styrofoam which blocks noise reasonably well. There is a nice air exchanger system in the apartment. But right next to this door is a bathroom which is a bit of an air circulation dead-end, and still smells a bit exhaust-y on occasion. What additional non-permanent steps can I take, affecting my side of the door, to further seal it off? [more inside]
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Identify a recent Radio 4 documentary

I'm trying to identify a BBC Radio 4 documentary I heard within the last week or two. It was about a French woman who creates experiences to communicate science and technology ideas. Examples included building a chair that shook and moved as a simulation of a rocket launch, and trying to reproduce the sound of walking and driving on moon dust. It ended with a friend of hers at NASA reading a recommendation letter to support her application to become an astronaut. [more inside]
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Yeah, I know....

When someone tells you some fact or story, is it rude to tell someone you already knew that? [more inside]
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Light Fixture Wiring?!

I bought a light fixture yesterday at Ikea and I was all like YEAH THIS IS GOING TO BE SO EASY. Ha. Can you help me not die? [more inside]
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Forget already!

I have accepted an offer on a MacBook air I sold on Craiglist. I am ready to take this to the buyer. I can't get the damn thing to forget my network password. Need to do this ASAP so I can hand it over. [more inside]
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Unwanted Adderall XR side effects, how to make them go away?

Asking for a friend: This is a question for people who have experience with Adderall. I just went on Adderall XR 20 mg about 5 days ago. I have very bad ADD and the Adderall is definitely helping with that so far. I am however concerned with some of the side effects that I am experiencing. [more inside]
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Help me find a Junot Diaz quotation about writing and politics.

I'm looking for a Junot Diaz quotation about writing and politics, and google is failing me. I saw it in the last year or two in the form of a tumblr-type image, though it was not this one about Elvish. It went something like this:
Interview question: How do you make sure your writing has good politics?
Diaz: When you grow up in a society that is as repressive as ours, that bad politics is going to come out in your writing no matter what. I have to struggle constantly to examine my writing and make sure I agree with the politics and get misogynistic or otherwise reactionary political content scrubbed out of it.
The interview question may or may not have been present. I of course can't phrase Diaz's response as eloquently as he did.
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Help me track down an advertisement.

I'm looking for a Mitsubishi advertisement that screened in cinemas five to ten years ago, if memory serves. It was distinctive because it was animated in 2D in a very anime-esque style. It featured a little girl travelling in the back seat of a car through a spooky landscape. That's all I remember. Can you track it down for me?
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Is 43 degrees safe to store food?

My new mini fridge will not get colder than 43 degrees and I have it cranked up to max cold. I have gone through 2 of these fridges now and it seems they don't get colder than that. Is it safe to store food in there or will it make me sick. My fridge thermometer that I bought says than anything above 40 is in the "danger zone" .
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Guess vs Ask, grieving edition

Dealing with grief, unsure how to ask friends for support, if at all. [more inside]
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Tell me what DVD copier / player to get

I have a shipload of DVDs that are continually getting scratched. I want to set up a server with lots of DVDs so the kids can play them from the server rather than from the media. Stipulating that I would only do this if it were legal in my jurisdiction, what setup will:
  1. Allow me to store DVDs intermittently with the minimum amount of key clicks;
  2. Let my kids play DVDs with the least amount of parental intervention on a Sunday morning;
  3. Preferably work without an Internet connection, because WiFi is pretty bad at that end of the house - but if it makes adding DVDs easier I'll work something out.
I don't especially care about recording TV shows; I just want an easy way to add DVDs into the system and an easy way for the kids to access them. Assume I can use a command line but only with recourse to manuals.
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September 14

Trying out team sports when out of shape

I want to try a new sport this Fall and was thinking of taking up rowing. I am a bit out of shape, however, and this makes me nervous. Tell me about a time when you started a team sport even though you were kind of out of shape, and what advice you have for someone in my position. And any advice for a novice rower would be appreciated. [more inside]
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MAC will not print documents

Sorry to be asking this question here, I have tried the usual places but no luck. Just bought HP Officejet Pro 8600. I am running OS 10.6.8, ran a software update and installed my drivers online. Set up went well, I can wirelessly send commands to print diagnostic things like cartridge alignment, network status print outs etc. All that stuff works. I am supposedly successfully set up. Documents however do not print and just idle in the print queue. Went through same set up with pc and it works fine. I can't figure out what's blocking me, no error messages, all seems ok except for the silence of the printer. Any ideas?
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Gmail emails deleted?

Why do some of my emails in my Gmail account no longer exist? [more inside]
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Products that have been repurposed

Does anybody have any examples of products that have been repurposed, and are as well known or now better known for their new use? An example would be Excel, which is as commonly used to display tabular data as it is for its spreadsheeting functionality.
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Mold inspection in DC?

I live in an apartment in Washington DC. I suspect that my air conditioning/heating unit is filled with mold. Any recommendations for mold inspection services? [more inside]
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Are 24"x12" wall tiles too big for a standard 5' bathtub surround?

We fell in love with some large travertine tiles but I'm worried that they may not be appropriate to the size of our bathroom. The large-sized wall tile examples I see online are all in big rooms with soaker tubs or oversized walk-in showers. I can't tell if this is because large tiles aren't suitable to "real world" bathroom sizes or if these floor-to-ceiling applications just showcase the tiles better. [more inside]
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Help me find the fantasy series about fencing and Norse gods!

Back in 1998 or so, I read a fantasy book - first of a series - about college kids, all members of their school's fencing club, who go back home on break. They run into werewolves (followers of Fenris Ulf), the favorite uncle turns out to be a norse god of making things (or perhaps just a dwarf?), and somehow or other they end up in a world of norse gods and, of course, use their fencing skills to bring the first book to a successful conclusion (with the help of a bunch of WWII vets armed with BARs and silver bullets). I'd like to re-read this book, and/or read others in the series, but have had no luck finding it. Help please.
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Please help me save my frozen foods

My cat Trilby has long been able to open every cupboard in my house and has now figured out how to open the freezer. I need to get some kind of childproof lock that he can't possibly figure out how to open. I was wondering if some of you MeFites had had experience with such locks and can advise me as to a kind of lock that requires opposable thumbs and will last for years. Obligatory pic of a certain freezer-opening, ice-cream loving pussycat.
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Why Doesn't My Smartphone Stay Unlocked Abroad?

I live in Spain and travel regularly to London. I have a Sony Xperia Arc S which I unlocked when I changed mobile companies. It works fine here in Spain for voice and data. HOWEVER, when I go to London, voice works fine but I cannot get data to work. [more inside]
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Where should I take my parents to eat in Chicago?

My parents are coming to visit in Chicago and I'm trying to think of restaurants to take them. Doesn't have to be fancy, but they're in their mid-50s and 60s so nothing divey. They're not into ethnic food (although Thai is ok) and nothing super spicy. [more inside]
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How to give our cats an outdoor screened porch experience?

We're moving from a place with a screened porch to an apartment with a balcony. Our cats love (love, love, love) sitting out on our screened porch and basking in the sun. They only get to do it supervised during the daytime, but it is their favorite thing, EVER. The new place has no particularly obvious way to screen the balcony and nothing that we can really secure screens. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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We're Not Spammers, Honest

My company's email domain has apparently been triggering spam-blocking filters at other companies sporadically for the last several months. We're not in the habit of sending out spam emails, so I need to find a way to uncover where any spam is coming from, stop it, and get ourselves off of whatever blacklists we're on (preferably without paying unreasonable ransoms for the privilege). [more inside]
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Movie suggestions

Looking for some Mystery/Suspense/Thriller movie suggestions [more inside]
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Blue twist-front top

Help me find this adorable shirt (possibly from anthropologie) I saw on the checkout girl! [more inside]
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Need sex advice: Possible to learn to enjoy dominance/submission?

New to MeFi, so sorry if this is an odd post... I just started dating a guy - let's call him Michael - who has noted several times that he likes to be a little aggressive in the sack (and although we have not yet had sex, this became clear when we made out/fooled around recently... he was pretty man-handly/dominating, did a little dirty talking, etc.). I have next to no experience in even very mild dominance/submission stuff and honestly have never had any interest in it. I can be a good sport and do a little dirty-talking if it's going to make someone's day, but it has always felt too contrived for me to enjoy it for my own sake. And I've never tried anything beyond that. That said, I really like Michael, am very sexually attracted to him, would hate to end things with him prematurely because of an unexplored difference in our sexual styles, and, frankly, couldn't help but feel a little lame/boring/conservative if I put an end to it for that reason. So, my question: as someone who isn't naturally inclined to be interested in dominance/submission, is there a chance I could learn to like it, or is it pretty much something you like or don't? [more inside]
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Temporary dyeing of beard

I'm thinking about trying to temporarily dye my beard green. I've been reading up on how to do this with food coloring. I'm looking for advice or personal anecdotes which can help! [more inside]
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Baby/Mother gift ideas -- for a seventh child!

Help me find a gift for someone I care about who is about to have her seventh baby. Snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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Good events/things to do in NYC as nerdy, arty tourists in October?

We hit the Met and the Society of Illustrators Museum the last time we were in this fair city and loved them; can the hivemind suggest events or other semi-touristy things to see that will be going on between the 13th-15th of October for a couple to do? We enjoyed the EMP Museum in Seattle, and the Huntington Gardens in LA; we're occasional swing dancers and fire spinners, so we might like something dance or circus-oriented, and I'm up for most classical/representative art museums or nice areas to amble outside.
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Can I use blackstrap molasses in my whitewash recipe?

I am whitewashing my brick house with this recipe. Should it matter if I'm using clear molasses vs. the blackstrap kind? [more inside]
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Hanging ceramics on a wall

I have a ceramic set like this and one like this. they have holes in the back for hanging like the last picture in this ebay listing. [more inside]
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Don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story

Are there any films/tv which do this: have a moment where it seems like a character is breaking the 4th wall and speaking directly to the camera/audience only to have the camera pull back to reveal the person they were actually talking to? [more inside]
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How's she gonna eat it if she can't bend down to reach it?

Our 20 year old cat is having a really hard time with some functional issues in her golden years. We're running out of ideas. Help? [more inside]
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Need help identifying this ship docked in Lunenburg on June 2, 2011

For the longest time, I had thought that I had taken rare photos of the masts of the Bluenose 2 on June 2, 2011 in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. But I just read a news article from September 2012 that claimed that the masts had not been in Lunenburg for two years, making this impossible! [more inside]
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Need a Word specialist. Difficulty captions

I'm working on a book to Microsoft Word. Every time that I go to do a figure (which gets added in the actual page layout process), I have to repeat the figure call out three times. Once in the text, once in production directives, and once in the caption. Some chapters have as many as 60 figures. Meaning if I want to rearrange things, that life becomes very painful, and fraught with mistakes. It seems like word has the ability to put in to track of this, but not triplicate. Hopefully, someone reading this will have expertise to tell me how this is done. I'm using word 2011 on Mac.
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Gradual transition method of learning language?

Has anyone seen examples of a language-learning method where you begin reading (maybe along with audio narration or subtitled video) in English and over time the syntax and vocab gradually shift into the new language? If it's not a thing, can you imagine why not? If it is, can you help me find it?
posted by subarctic_guy at 1:16 PM PST - 14 comments

Where to buy ketchup chips in Philadelphia/Delaware?

I had a sudden craving for ketchup chips a few days ago while chatting with a fellow Canadian-in-America. Prices on Amazon are ridiculous--$9 for one large bag of chips! Are there any local sources in Philadelphia or northern Delaware where I can buy Lay's (not Herr's) ketchup chips at a reasonable price?
posted by serelliya at 12:51 PM PST - 4 comments

Best resource for cheapo improv travel?

What are the best resources for last-minute improv traveling on the cheap? I'm not looking for a specific destination, I'd rather peruse deals and pick one that looks good. I've found the Delta page for these, but wondering if there are more general forums?
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Should this cat-owning/trying-to-conceive couple get a dog? If yes, how?

I want to know if I am crazy or not, because the last thing my life needs right now is More Bad Stuff. I am going through a very tough time lately (due to infertility and a dying parent). I also own two (neurotic) cats. I think I need a dog because an outpouring of goodness and unconditional happiness is sorely needed. But I'm trying to get knocked up, both my husband & I work full time, and I've never owned a dog before. Snowflake details inside, plus bonus question: if we get this dog, should it be a puppy or adult? From a breeder or a shelter? [more inside]
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Online games

My wife and I will be living in different cities for the next 2 months and won't be able to see each other in the meantime. We've been enjoying playing chess through and scrabble through What other online games are available to play that don't require both people to be online at the same time?
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Where to find parts for an Akai reel-to-reel tape recorder

My stepfather has an Akai GX4000D reel-to-reel tape recorder. Somehow he has lost a capstan, which is the little pulley thing that the tape moves around as it plays. Akai no longer supports any of their reel-to-reel equipment and we've been unable to locate replacement parts. Does anyone have an idea where we might find a capstan?
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What do I do with a dying rat?

My pet rat has a giant, growing tumor and I'm unsure what to do about it. [more inside]
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What butterfly is this?

This attractive butterfly was just in our northern new jersey driveway, sipping from some crushed crabapples. [more inside]
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How to split a restaurant bill.

When should a restaurant bill be split evenly between all parties? [more inside]
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Lady Creative Directors, Speak Out!

What are some good blogs written by women in the field of advertising? [more inside]
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Colorado Flooding, Uncle missing

My uncle and his brothers are camping in Estes park, no one has heard from them since Thursday, I'm just finding out now. My brother and I are in Denver (rest of the family is in St. Louis). What can we do? Where should we be looking to see if they've checked in anywhere? Are there any organizations listing names of people who have been rescued but are still without cell/Internet service, or does the fact that we haven't heard from them mean that they are likely still stranded somewhere? [more inside]
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I just need more time!

I had an interview with Firm A on Wednesday. I liked them a lot and felt very comfortable at the interview. I guess they liked me, too, because they called me on Thursday morning with an offer and wanted an answer by Friday. I was taken by surprise, and said that I needed the weekend to consider it... upon consideration, I'd really like a week. What is the best way to ask for more time without jeoprodizing the offer? [more inside]
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How to make objects in a picture fade in?

I am making photo collages in Photoshop, then pasting them onto a timeline in Windows Movie Maker as the visual accompaniment to a song. Is there any way to make certain objects in the photo fade in? [more inside]
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Why can't my cat stand up

Bridget [pics to follow] has been a little bit clumsy lately (missing jumps, etc) and she also went deaf fairly quickly over the course of several weeks. Still, she's been basically spry and happy - she's oldish at approximately 12 to 14 years old, but her weight is fine and she checks out fine. This morning I woke her up and she has been very unsteady on her rear feet. She fell from standing, and she's having trouble walking without falling over. We can see it's making her upset but when we pick her up she's happy and chases treats with her paws. But the falling is really scaring the crap out of me. Does anyone know what might be going on or if there's anything we can do for her? Really worried right now - thank you in advance for any advice.
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Excellent mailing lists on philosophy, politics, and culture?

What are some still relatively active and interesting listservs on philosophical, political, and cultural topics? Preferably old-school mailing lists, please -- no Yahoo / Google groups unless they are really exceptional.
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Going away present for someone moving from Boston to Seattle

My sister is moving from Boston to Seattle. Looking for recommendations for going away gifts. They could be related to Boston or Seattle, or just nice going-away gift ideas in general. [more inside]
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NYC to Princeton University: take a bus or NJ Transit?

I am looking to travel to from NYC to Princeton on a Thursday - early afternoon. I am trying to decide between the two options. Both are priced about the same, and the slight time difference in trips does not matter much to me, as I will not be pressed for time. Both Penn Station and Port Authority are about equally easy for me to get to. I will carry one suitcase and a backpack. Has anyone had experience taking either a bus (e.g., Suburban Transit) or the NJ Transit train to Princeton Junction and transferring to the Dinky? Is one option much better than the other? I suppose my criteria for "better" include: more pleasant, easier to navigate the stations/terminals, and with a drop off closer to campus. Thanks!
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Help me locate the origin of a quote please

I vaguely recall a quote along the lines of the following: "What people really want is for tomorrow to be more or less the same as today." I think it might have been from a Terry Pratchett book. Can you help me locate the source and the actual quote?
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Shying away from touch after past assault... how to move forward?

I'd like to try dating... if not for the flashbacks. Difficulty: poor college kid. Snowflakes inside, trigger warnings all the way down. [more inside]
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Help me solve this maths problem

The average length of unemployment in the UK in 2005 was 170 days. For people aged 45 and over, the figure was 220 days. What would the figure be for these aged under 45?
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YouTube + Firefox issue.

For the last few days, I've had trouble getting YouTube videos to play in my browser of choice, Firefox. Not even advertisements will load and I suddenly get the error message: "An error occured, please try again later." However, the video works perfectly in Chrome. [more inside]
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Congolese Spider Bite ID

I know this is a virtually impossible task- any ideas? [more inside]
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Losing hair or not?

A little while ago I switched to washing my hair in plain water, and I only use shampoo irregularly. The effect on my hair condition has been good. However, I notice many more lost hairs in my comb and brush. I am female. My guess is that normal loose hairs which used to be washed out with shampoo are not being dislodged during my new washing routine, so I see them when I comb. However I am sometimes concerned that I am experiencing real hair loss, for some medical reason such as anaemia, and the new hair wash regime is just a coincidence. In other words - might I be ignoring a significant symptom, because it has happened this year I have gone shampoo-free? Have other water-only washers noticed this side-effect?
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Vancouver public transit apps (iPhone)

That's it. What are the worthwhile public transport/transit apps for iPhone for Vancouver (for a tourist, if it makes a difference)? Free preferably, but paid not a problem it the app is worth it. Thanks in advance.
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Uk autumn/winter based bicycle clothing suggestions please

I have been cycling around 10 miles a day round trip to work and back and have managed quite well in shorts and tshirt all summer. I have just been on holiday and come to the realisation that it is going to be wet and wild in Britain from now on. I need some great clothing suggestions please! Waterproof, cold proof, breathable items are a must!
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September 13

Who is Mitchell Miller?

I have this book by Jack Sendak, with illustrations by Mitchell Miller. All I know or can find about Mitchell Miller is that he illustrated two books for Jack Sendak, as did Sendak's brother. Thing is, Miller's work looks awfully familiar.
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The bank knows I've got the money

We're trying to buy a house (first timers). The seller has asked for detailed proof of funds. More detail than I'd normally like to give a private party before they accept the offer. This isn't a cash deal. Does that seem odd? [more inside]
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Advice for a homemade zombie animal Halloween costume?

My kid wants to be a zombie weasel for Halloween. Help me make it awesome! [more inside]
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What kind of foam cuts well on a router-based CNC machine?

I have a CNC machine and I usually use it to cut plastic, wood, metal, etc. But recently I've been doing a lot of my own g-code programming and I'd like to do some testing with foam materials. [more inside]
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Looking for the Unified Modeling Language of philosophy and ideas

I'm looking for a way of diagramming the component parts of ideas and arguments, and their relationships to each other, formally and visually. Does such a thing exist? [more inside]
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A mariachi cover of Billy Joel's "Piano Man"... but who made it?

In August of 2000, I was visiting Mountain View, CA on a work trip, and one evening, we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. They were playing mainly mariachi music, and a song came on, a cover of Billy Joel's "Piano Man", but in a mariachi style, with spanish lyrics. I asked someone what was playing and they said it was a muzak-like system, and that they didn't know song names and such... I've been searching off and on since then, but haven't found it. Does anyone know anything about this? It was a really enjoyable cover, and really funny, being that there was no piano in the song...
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Set indent size?

How can I change the indent size in Word and OpenOffice? Not the first indent for paragraphs, but for a whole chunk of text. Basically I want to create a bulleted list without the bullets. Bonus question inside. [more inside]
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I need tips for surviving a really hard breakup. With children.

Summary: I still love my children's father. We had a lot of problems in the four years we were together, but the last year or so I truly thought everything was getting better and we were happy. Then he suddenly broke up with me. And last night, he pocket-dialed me from a new girlfriend's house where I got to hear all the gushy giggly happy voices that used to be mine, as well as some x-rated stuff I am now trying to burn out of my memory. How am I supposed to cope with this? The only way I've ever gotten over an ex is to go no-contact, and rid my home/environment/live of everything that could possibly remind me of them; but, we have two small children together. I am going to have to look at his face three times a week for the next eighteen years, let alone the daily reminder of the children themselves, and I don't know how I'm going to cope. I'm in a horrible mental place right now and have no resources. Please help me. [more inside]
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Woman dancing in the Berlin Chair film clip

Who is the woman dancing in the film clip of Berlin Chair, by You Am I? There's plenty of info about PJ the boxer (in the spangly suit), but I can't find anything about the woman. I recall this was the case even when the song came out (almost 20 years ago, gah). Who is she? What has she been up to since 1994? [more inside]
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Help me figure out how old this sign is?

Approximately how old is this sign, and what font is it? The stucco facade could date from as early as the 1920s, but the lettering on the signs looks to my untrained eye to be from the 70s or later.
posted by Pruitt-Igoe at 5:53 PM PST - 20 comments

Do vegetarians still recognize/appreciate/cook with umami?

If you're a vegetarian, can you please report whether you (1) know what umami is, (2) enjoy it, and (3) cook with it? [more inside]
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Find me a game like Miner 2149!

Back in the days of the Palm Pilot, I really enjoyed Miner 2149 (review here). Do you know of any games similar to this one? iOS games would be ideal. Thanks!
posted by Stephanie Duy at 5:45 PM PST - 2 comments

Shopping for shopping list apps

Grocery shopping list app for iOS, as simple as can be, does it exist or is it not allowed? [more inside]
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Help me learn to art

I would like to start learning how to draw, after 16 years of stick figures. I am keeping a sketchbook to practice in frequently, but I was wondering if anyone had some good resources for jump-starting my artistic development (there are overwhelmingly many such resources on the Internet). I am also interested in general modern art, metal art, sculpting, lithography, and photography. Thanks in advance! ^_^
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Don't mind if I dolma

I am one broke grad student. I love dolmas, and I know I like Divina dolmas. I'm thinking about getting a HUGE can of Divina dolmas (please note I am just one person) so I can always have dolmas. Can I freeze them? How long will they last? I cannot eat a giant can in any quick range of time. [more inside]
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Harvard Square - Moving Truck Permit on Sunday and Truck Routes?

Hi all, I am moving from Cambridge to Providence on Sunday morning. I'll be picking up a 16 foot truck from Penske at 436 Riverside Ave in Medford at around 8:30am that morning, and driving it to Harvard Square, probably to Linden St between Mass Ave and Mt. Auburn. And once it's loaded, on to Providence. I need help knowing whether I need a permit, and about the best way to drive the truck through the streets of Medford, Somerville and Cambridge. [more inside]
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What is the name for the irregular objects that break up a surface?

I've heard a term that describes the irregular objects such as boxes and antenna that are used to break up a surface (such as on a model spaceship). Apparently this can make it more pleasing to the eye then a smooth surface. An example would be the surface of a Star Destroyer in Star Wars, where it is basically a triangular prism with some big features, then a lot of small, indistinct things that makes it looks unnaturally perfect. Does anyone know what this term is? [more inside]
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How to buy new car for cash...

I plan on buying a car in the next few days, for cash. My question is when do I pull out the checkbook and announce that I am not financing but want to pay by personal or cashier’s check? A few more details, of course... [more inside]
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Coaster no-go doesn't have to blow!

We bought theme park tickets but decided not to go. How can I assure my partner that it's really okay? [more inside]
posted by horizonseeker at 4:23 PM PST - 16 comments

Cheap restaurant in Dallas for 13 people?

My girlfriend is having her 21st birthday tomorrow, but she's still not sure what she's going to do. She had planned to reserve a table at a pizza place and pay for everyone to get something, but that plan fell through due to the fact that she lost an employee discount she had through a family member. Now doing that would be too expensive for her. The party is thirteen people, and she can spend around $5-8 dollars per person. She would like for it to be a place that serves alcohol, or at least is BYOB. Any kind of restaurant would be fine, but it would have to take place at the venue (so no ordering pizza). I've suggested cici's pizza, but she said that that's a "kid's place". I get the sense she wants someplace like Campisi's, but that would be too expensive. Ditto for Dave and Buster's. Does the hivemind have any suggestions?
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I can´t box, but can I get my nose pierced?

I don´t know if it´s how my nerves are arranged, or if I have an air passage too tight, but whenever I get hit on the nose, even if it isn´t too hard, I start sneezing uncontrollably a few seconds later. Now, I want to get my nose pierced (nostril, not septum), and I´m a bit afraid of that. [more inside]
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How do I hide a picture of a cat in a music file?

Thanks to this comment on the blue I've learned that hiding images in audio files is a thing. How do I make my own? [more inside]
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Unsung Short Story Masters

I want to know about that favorite short story writer of yours that no one else has ever heard of. [more inside]
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How do I, as a reporter, tell the story of a student being bullied?

The question came up in a thread on the blue linked within and it was suggested that I come here. How do I tell the story of a disabled student's fight against bullying? How do I not make her a victim while still making an impact? [more inside]
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What can I do to feel better after I jolted my body in a fall?

I fell on the back of my head yesterday while playing kickball. I did the right thing and went to the ER, and got the all-clear: no concussion. I felt fine but headachey last night. Today I feel quite bad, and I'm not sure what I should be doing. Sporty-people, help? [more inside]
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How to correct "can't load Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) error"

I recently installed EndNote on my mac and have since been getting an error whenever I open Microsoft Word that says "can't load Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) error". How do I get rid of it? [more inside]
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Interacting with someone who has Alzheimer's and depression

I'm visiting my grandfather for the weekend at his nursing home and I'm frequently at a loss for what to say and do with him. He's always been a quiet, stoic guy, but compounding that is the fact that he has Alzheimer's, major depression, and he lost his wife (my grandmother) six weeks ago. If I ask him what he'd like to do or where he'd want to go, he has no idea. [more inside]
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"But I don't even HAVE one."

How do I gracefully rebutt compliments I genuinely do not deserve? [more inside]
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Why am I having brain zaps while still medicated?

I know you are not my doctor and I will ask him as soon as I can but I'm wondering if anyone here has experienced "brain zaps" while on antidepressants that are not withdrawal related. [more inside]
posted by legendarygirlfriend at 1:01 PM PST - 11 comments

Pictures of the moon?

I'm looking for paintings, sketches, and other visual art that features the moon. Show me your favorite moon-related imagery!
posted by aaanastasia at 12:49 PM PST - 23 comments

What's the best online store to sell live oysters for consumption?

Trying to let people order oysters online for home delivery. The trouble I'm running into is finding a system that can handle the special shipping requirements. [more inside]
posted by one4themoment at 11:34 AM PST - 7 comments

Fly Fishing Northern Virginia

Can anyone recommend a stream/river/lake or two within an hour of Leesburg, VA to go fly fishing this weekend? Push comes to shove I'll just drive up to Harper's Ferry and wade into the Potomac, but something a bit more secluded and slower flowing would be better.
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Help me find a desktop PC on a budget

My 4-year-old laptop is dying and I want to replace it with a desktop. What is the least computer I could buy now that would still be upgradeable enough that I could keep it and upgrade it for several years? [more inside]
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New Blue Cross member, looking for doctor, where to start?

Hello, asking for a friend of mine: Looking for a new doctor in Santa Clara/Alameda Counties (California) in the Blue Cross network, recommendations? [more inside]
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Where to see the stars (the space ones) +/- 2 hours from LA?

Good news: After a long period of being broke as a joke, I fell into a little bit of cash. I'd like to take the lady friend on a trip. She recently mentioned that she'd never seen a real night sky. I'd like to change that. Where, say, plus/minus 2 hours from Los Angeles can two young folk go see a sky full of starts? More inside. [more inside]
posted by GilloD at 11:16 AM PST - 20 comments

What World War II-era technology is this?

A friend of mine found this picture of his grandmother working at Westinghouse Air Brake (or possibly Union Switch and Signal?) in the early 1940s and is trying to identify what she is working on. [more inside]
posted by mkb at 11:01 AM PST - 16 comments

When life insurance goes sour...

I am fairly sure that the terms of my life insurance policy were unfairly changed during a merger. The policy was issued in NY, and I need help understanding what my rights are and what type of policy was substituted for the one I purchased. Does anyone know of a nonprofit, legal clinic, or other organization that can help me interpret and advise me on how to proceed with a dispute with a life insurance company? I have already contacted the State Department of Financial Services and they were not helpful. [more inside]
posted by mylittlepoppet at 10:41 AM PST - 3 comments

Feeling sick/faint after running long distances

I am training for my first marathon, and my recent long runs have led to me feeling like I'm going to faint right afterwards. Looking for advice about what to eat before/during a long run. [more inside]
posted by barnoley at 10:28 AM PST - 21 comments

Is there a way to create this Facebook promotion?

I would like to create an offer for our company's Facebook followers, but I'm not sure if I can do it the way I want. [more inside]
posted by Laura in Canada at 10:23 AM PST - 8 comments

It's clearly Korean seasoning mix

...but that's all I know, since I don't know any Korean. [more inside]
posted by ditto75 at 10:15 AM PST - 6 comments

Physical health reboot -- how do I get back on track?

I've been languishing in my fitness goals for the past few months and it's bringing me down. How do I get back on that horse? Flexing snowflakes inside! [more inside]
posted by Kitteh at 9:49 AM PST - 18 comments

No-Christmas Christmas

I'm interested in passing Christmas (24/25 December) somewhere that does not celebrate Christmas at that time. The shops and monuments should be open, the people should be doing their thing, and life should be going on more-or-less as normal. For a number of reasons, I'm particularly interested in doing this in a place that celebrates the Orthodox Christmas (6/7 January). Have any of you spent the holiday season in such a country? Which one? What was going on during the 24/25 Dec? Would you recommend visiting? I'm also curious to hear about your New Year's experiences in those places, but it is less important. (If you have a really awesome idea in another region I'll hear you out for the sake of others who may have a similar question.)
posted by whatzit at 9:40 AM PST - 25 comments

Help me find a '90s PC game.

I'm looking for a PC game that came out in the mid to late 90's (after 1994.) It was a Sci-Fi RTS/first person shooter hybrid game. I want to say it was one of the first of those. It was not the Battlezone remake though I believe it came out around the same time. The main FPS element was you driving around a futuristic tank. [more inside]
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What is a Memory Man ?

From "The remains of the day"by Kazuo Ishiguro.- In one regreattable case,which I myself witnesses, it had become an established sport in the house for guests to ring for the buttler and put to him random questions of the order of,say, who had won the Derby in such and such a year, rahter as one might to a Memory Man at the music hall.- What is "a Memory Man" ?
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American Football Strategy and Tactics Resources

Are there any books/websites that offer commentary on (American) football strategy and tactics in a concise way? [more inside]
posted by Steely-eyed Missile Man at 8:56 AM PST - 5 comments

RPG-filter - Looking for software to help with Pathfinder

A group of friends are starting a Pathfinder RPG campaign. Pathfinder is a 'fork' of D&D. We spent 3 hours last night with the DM creating characters, flipping lots of pages, and writing on character sheets. By the end of the night, we were wondering if there was software or sites that helped players keep track and calculate the bonuses of characters online or in software. Can anyone one point us in the direction of good tech to help us spend more time bashing monsters and less time erasing & re-writing. Google shows a variety, but not what's the best stuff. Thanks!
posted by Argyle at 8:41 AM PST - 9 comments

Just let the clients design the interface

I'm looking for a piece of software (webapp?) that will allow someone to upload and position (and maybe re-size) some static images around on the screen so they can get their ideal combination of objects and positions. [more inside]
posted by antonymous at 8:37 AM PST - 6 comments

How do I take a digital copy of a very old photo stuck into a locket?

I have a very old photo of a family member, Edward Mackintosh, who died during the First World War in the Quintinshill Rail Disaster. As far as I know it is the one remaining photo of him. Sadly it is in very poor condition. It is in a locket (photo) and has adhered to the glass. We're fairly certain that it isn't glued, but it has been worn my my Mum for many years and has suffered dampness and perfume etc, which has caused it to stick. I'd really like to take a good quality (or best possible) scan of the photo to give to my Grandfather. Is there any way to achieve this? Ideally I'd remove the photo from the glass so I could take it to a local photo shop for scanning. But if that's the wrong approach I'm happy to take advice!
posted by ElliotH at 8:20 AM PST - 13 comments

Seeking to re-squeak dog's favorite toys

My small dog loves squeaky tennis balls and will chase them incessantly, morning and night. However, he is also quite adept at de-squeaking these toys, sometimes within minutes. While he does continue to play with the balls after they have lost their sound, these are far less alluring. As neither my budget nor my house has room for the infinite supply of fresh squeaky balls he desires, I seek to re-squeak these balls with fresh squeakers and some super glue. [more inside]
posted by zachxman at 8:09 AM PST - 12 comments

How I Joined Black Flag - Spoken Word?

When I was a teenager I heard a spoken word track about how someone came to be in the band Black Flag and I've been fascinated by it ever since. I presume it's Henry Rollins but if it is I've not been able to find out which track it is. [more inside]
posted by halcorp at 8:06 AM PST - 6 comments

Fire On Exoplanets?

How likely is it that fire (as in open flame) will exist on extra-solar planets? [more inside]
posted by quin at 7:52 AM PST - 7 comments

How can I clean this jacket or remove a fishy smell from said jacket?

How can I clean this jacket or remove a fishy smell from said jacket? [more inside]
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Squashes, how do they work?

There has got to be a better way to deal with winter squashes than the hacking/swearing/brute-force method I'm using right now. What is it? [more inside]
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Please help me to understand the drinking culture of my boyfriend

My boyfriend is german and I am spanish. We are both in our early 30s and are together for 2 years. Our relationship is good and in general we deal quite well with the fact that we come from very different cultures. However, there is a topic where we always fight. In my opinion, he drinks too much and too often beer. In his opinion, he is doing what all his friends and family are doing and he even drinks moderately compared to them. He doesn't like to get drunk every time he drinks but he likes to get boozed. [more inside]
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Who Do I Need to Ask? [Song Edition]

Hi Mefites - Help me figure out a song I heard [for the wife]! The only clear lyric I could make out was a male singer singing, "all you have to do is ask me to" as the chorus, or so it seemed. [more inside]
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Wisdom tooth gum go ow.

Dental pain in Montreal/Outremont- There's something seriously inflamed about my wisdom tooth. How much will this cost and how can I get rapid care to make the pain stop? [more inside]
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September 12

Oh my darling, oh my darling mandarin

I have a small bag full of mandarins (clementines to you yanks) that are kinda past their prime. They're not completely off (ie not mouldy) and also don't have that semi-dessicated dryness that some mandarins get. They taste more like orange juice that is a couple of days past its use-by date: slightly fermented. I do not like this taste and don't want to eat them raw, which is what I normally do with mandarins. What can I do with them besides throw them away? I've never cooked with them before and also don't know what would work well to get rid of that slightly off taste. I don't have the equipment to turn them into mandarin marmalade even if I liked marmalade (which I don't) so I would appreciate non-jammy solutions.
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The Couch is Not a Bed, Right?

My significant other (with whom I share an apartment) falls asleep in front of the TV every night and sometimes doesn't make it to bed. I am annoyed. Should I be? [more inside]
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Frontlne Plus seems ineffective and messy. Any decent alternatives?

I know I'm applying it correctly. Even going above and beyond in application. However, it's still messy and my dog still has fleas. [more inside]
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Salad Sadness; Why doesn't salad for lunch work for me?

Today I had salad for lunch. Greens, carrot, cabbage, roasted pepper, crunchy noodles and Asian style dressing (in a pack from the grocery store) and I added a single serve can of pink salmon. It was yum, but it left me feeling starving! I could have eaten another lunch on top of that. I've lasted an hour now and I'm ravenously hungry. Why? What is going on? [more inside]
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Surprise Weekend Trip - West Edition

I want to treat my lovely bf to a weekend getaway somewhere within a few hours flying distance from the PNW. Details inside. [more inside]
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Might have been scammed at a car dealership

What are the ramifications for unknowingly leasing a new car that has minor damage? [more inside]
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Was my boss rude today? Or was his response reasonable/normal?

I think my boss didn't handle things well today, but I need some help because I have lost all perspective on this situation. I'm only 7 months in as a system analyst (programmer) and I guess I don't get the biz yet. [more inside]
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Help me understand credit scores

In aug and this first week of sept, I have managed to pay three of my four cards off completely. I kept the highest balance the one because of it's age and it's the lowest %. So, now I have a credit card and a mortgage. Was paying them off a good idea? I applied for a starwood Amex and got denied. I understand it was too early but when will I see a jump in my credit and will I? I paid about 10k at average of 22%. It is a huge huge deal for me!
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Breast lump, no insurance, no money, looking for options.

Having found the lump a year ago this June, it took me until today to find the courage to try doing something. Many of the sites I found said to go through my local health department, so I finally worked up the courage to walk in today. They had no idea what to say, and no longer offer any program that would help. I walked out with a pamphlet for a clinic in another town that they think "might" have a program to help with a sliding payment scale but they weren't even sure about that. [more inside]
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Please help me make a decision about my motorcycle

I made what I believe was a mistake in purchasing a used (90s) cruiser motorcycle on CL. It starts very inconsistently and frequently dies at stoplights. I need help determining the best course of action. [more inside]
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Is it possible to tell what this bruise is from and how old it is?

1) Can you tell if this is a fresh bruise or one that is a couple of days old? 2) Can you tell if the bruise is the result of someone grabbing the arm? [more inside]
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Malware removal help!

Need help with removal of malware...and I've done things out of order :/ [more inside]
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Where / How to obtain Italian birth and marriage (Jus Sanguinis)

Trying to obtain Italian citizenship via Jus Sanguinis. Found all relatives born or married in the US and now moving back toward Italy, but running into a wall with Italian records. Does anyone know how to obtain birth and marriage licenses from Italy either online or in person? Family would be from the 1880s-1920s and primarily be from Sicily, Puglia, Calabria, Campania, and possibly Basilicata. Gov't records would obviously be ideal, but Catholic Church records would also be an option. Thank you! [more inside]
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Where to buy a Tamagotchi?

Looking for a tamagotchi. My searches on eBay and amazon reveal that they are typically 30+ dollars. Surely there must be cheaper places to buy these things? [more inside]
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Hunting education

I want to learn how to hunt for food. I have zero background in this. I am a woman living in Chapel Hill. I would like advice and perspectives on the best way of going about learning this skill efficiently and proficiently. [more inside]
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Too old for babysitting, so what now?

What do you do when you can't (but have to) leave a 15 year old alone overnight, but he has no friends/family to stay with? [more inside]
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how to have hobbies?

I waste so much of my free time doing mindless things. I want to have hobbies and be productive but I don't know where to start. [more inside]
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Books that are about or are set in France?

I'm traveling to France (Paris and Provence) in a couple of weeks and I would like some good France-themed plane reading. I like both fiction and non-fiction, though if its non-fiction it should be some sort of narrative. Ideally I would like a book set in or about modern France (no Les Mis, no Tender is the Night, etc). Thanks!
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So this is research?

How can I stay focused when starting a new job and not get too despairing/frustrated? Research assistant edition. [more inside]
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Where to find unique cycling socks in Seattle?

Is there a bike shop in Seattle that sells cycling socks that would make a good souvenir? [more inside]
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Can you recommend tiny, customized, permanent I.D. labels for gadgets?

Can you recommend a source for tiny, personalized, permanent adhesive labels I can use to I.D. my gadgets 'n' doodads 'n' stuff? [more inside]
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How to have a better dog-walking experience… for both of us?

For the past year I’ve been taking my SO’s seven-year old border collie on my cardio walks. She loves our adventures together, and so do I. One down side is that she is apprehensive about meeting other dogs, which are plentiful in our semi-rural locale. Nothing bad has happened… yet. How can I take charge of this? [more inside]
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I don't know how to buy a used car, but I need to buy one soon.

The family's cars all got busted around the same time. They need to be replaced. I, individually, need to buy a used car. This will be the first car I buy on my own account. I have a tight budget, and I can't afford a mistake. I don't want to buy a money sink, but I don't want to sink all my money up front, either. I don't know cars at all: How can I find a good deal? What should I avoid? Details inside. [more inside]
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Um, why is my sushi glowing?

How do we know whether the fish we eat is essentially free of Fukushima radiation? [more inside]
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Love and Summer and ... Death?

Love and Summer by William Trevor: What was the nun's death about? [more inside]
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I want to control lights and/or thermostat with my phone, from anywhere.

It seems like all the home automation device/app combos allow me to only control my lights or devices while inside my house where, you know, I can actually just walk over to them and turn them on and off already. [more inside]
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Media Overload - Help Me Find Some (New or Old) Quality Content

What websites or tools do you use to weed through and find new quality media content... Movies, Music, TV Shows, Video Games, Magazines, Books, other... both old and new? [more inside]
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Violinists of Metafilter, please save my neck!

I have recently started rehearsing for a show in which I will be acting and playing the violin. Exciting! But also, painful. How the fuck do I relax my neck? Help! [more inside]
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Getting back together and breaking the yo-yo cycle

A while ago, my ex ended what had been a yo-yo relationship (on and off and on and off again) for 1.5 years. Now we are in different states and he wants to reconcile. Can this work? Has anyone done this and gone on to have a happy, healthy relationship? [more inside]
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Please help me remember the title of this book

I read a book in 2006 or 2007. I believe it had just come out. It was a compilation of chapters by accomplished female authors; I think largely chick-lit authors. It was sort of quarter-life crisis type of book. I specifically remember one chapter by a woman who broke up with her boyfriend repeatedly, and then he died. Her friends remarked that if she had married him line he wanted, she'd be a widow and she said she would rather have been his widow than be his nothing. Is there anyone else on earth, or on AskMe who's read this book and can help me out with a title, author, or editor?
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My boyfriend calls off work a lot.

I am partly worried about my boyfriend's job, partly frustrated with his priorities, and on the way to getting very angry. [more inside]
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I want to accrue a new tattoo, formerly taboo. A clue?

I want a tattoo. I don't know what I want a tattoo of. Terrible idea or opportunity? [more inside]
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Basic, easily updatable photo-heavy web site?

It's time to create a better website for our store. What are the best options for a non-techy site that are free/cheap? [more inside]
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Looking for a replacement for Googledocs

O hai! I'm a Google avoider. I've managed to not use Gmail, and to stop using Google as a search engine. I do have a Google account, but I use a separate browser to log into that, and log out and close the browser when I'm done. My online Google-avoiding life would be complete if only I could find a good replacement for Googledocs, preferrably free. [more inside]
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Help us have a great info booth!

I'm looking for tips, tricks, and any advice on how to make our festival info booth useful and interesting- to both patrons and volunteers. [more inside]
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Fibromyalgia... that's a thing? Help me understand.

My wife is in the process of being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I want to be informed, helpful, and sympathetic. More than that, I'd like to make sure I'm free from any crapulent and wrongheaded misconceptions about it. Can you point me to some resources that could give me a better understanding of fibromyalgia: what it is, how it works, some practical science background, etc.? [more inside]
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Song ID: UK house hit, late '80s - early '90s

I'm trying to rebuild a mix tape made for me by a London friend around 1989-1990. One track I'm having trouble finding started out with "Are you sitting comfortably? [Good.] Then I'll begin," which is a sample from the BBC's "Listen with Mother" radio series (click on the second old time radio for a clip, starts at the :16sec mark). After that it had a very deep man's voice saying "Welcome," over and over again while the music ramped up behind it. I always thought the man sounded like Worf, from ST: TNG. Any leads?
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Low mood be over: how?

Low energy/mood/will in the past weeks- now feeling the desire to get back on track, but I'm unsure about the way to go about it. I'd love to have your take on some ideas I have and how to put them into practice. [more inside]
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Fresh corn recipes

It's fresh corn season and I just bought a big bag of corn on the cob. I've got a well-stocked kitchen but I don't want to do any deep frying. Other than that, what delish corn recipes do you have to share?
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Is this just a special-snowflake-petty relationship concern?

If your partner did something wrong when you first started dating and you didn’t find out until later when you were deep in a happy relationship, what would you do? How much of the past do you let go and how much of the past do you let define the present (e.g., break up)? [more inside]
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I need to figure out how to figure out what I want to do in life.

Executive summary: I'm approaching 40 and feel pretty burned out on my current line of work. But I'm not sure what new lines I should look into. I'd like to hear about resources or techniques that people found useful for figuring this stuff out in similar positions. [more inside]
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On the trail of Vikings

We're planning a three-week trip to Scandinavia next summer, with the Vikings legends as our guide. But, um, where do we find Vikings? [more inside]
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Help me get my shit together work-wise

This is a work question, but probably is more psychological than practical. I’m 32 years old, currently unemployed. That’s no big deal given the economy. What is a big deal is that despite my “best” efforts, I’ve been in and out of work or dissatisfied for my whole working life. [more inside]
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Heart of mountains

What songs go well with Sprawl II -- Mountains Beyond Mountains (Arcade Fire) and Heart of Glass (Blondie)?
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Is fertilizing a lawn really necessary?

What will happen to my lawn in the long run if it's not fertilized? My wife and I aren't lawn-obsessed and we don't want to contribute to the chemical runoff that's a consequence of Americans' quest for the perfect lawn. We have a mixture of turfgrass, crabgrass, ground ivy, clover, violets, and various other plants, and that's fine with us. We just want it cut every week or two so it doesn't get too unruly. [more inside]
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No Carb Woes

I've done a very strict no carb diet for 3.5 weeks now, and haven't lost any weight, haven't seen any change in clothing fit, never felt particularly terrible (ie never saw a "carb crash"). BF who is eating the same exact diet has visibly shed pounds and looks fantastic. I know women tend to loose weight much slower then men, but this is feeling a little rediculous. Should I stay with the diet? [more inside]
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What can I learn in 10 singing lessons?

I have my first ever singing lesson in a couple of days, and I'd like your advice on how to set my expectations. [more inside]
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How many species of dinosaur have paleontologists discovered?

That's it...that's the whole question. What is the sum total of individual dinosaur species that have been identified? (Asking for my 6 year-old, and myself of course)!
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Software to use to make great title sequences for screencasts

I make screencasts using Camtasia Studio which works well ... but seems limited when it comes to making great title/opening sequence. Looking at some demo videos, it appears that Title Designer of PowerDirector might be suitable at a reasonable price (which is an issue ... so no AfterEffects recommendation please) but I wonder if there aren't better options.
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Compatibility without conversation

Can you build a successful romantic relationship without conversational "flow"? [more inside]
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Special Snowflake Cover Letter

Can you give me some feedback on drafting a cover letter? The special snowflakes flurry within . . . [more inside]
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What are films where main characters succumb/overcome disappointment?

Can you name some movie titles where the main characters work on a grand project that involves public acceptance and either succeed or are met with disappointment? I'm working on a film program for a fledgeling movie house and am trying to come up with an optimistic/aspirational track and a pessimistic/snarky one. Optimistic: Field of Dreams Pessimistic: Big Night. Waiting for Godot. Thanks!
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Relying on the panopticon to find my panopticon

Can you help me find an online newspaper article, potentially from the early 2000s, about a workplace in a rural area that had instituted many of the design concepts of a panopticon? [more inside]
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ID the pantyhose comedian from the early 90s?

Probably a long shot, but I'm trying to identify a stand-up comedian who I would have seen live in Peoria, IL in the early 1990s (definitely before 1994). I don't know if he was strictly stand-up or if he went on to any kind of career in mass media. He was a young black guy with great physical comic presence. The part of his act I have never forgotten is a very accurate and hilarious imitation of the contortions women go through to put on pantyhose, which ended with the comment that he loved the fact that every woman in the room would be thinking of him when they put on their hose from then on. I STILL do, after 20 years. Help me remember who I'm thinking of?
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Software for low-res screen capture + audio

As part of an effort to better track my time and increase self-accountability while I'm working from home on easily procrastinatible projects, I'd like to record what I'm doing online and provide an running commentary. For example, I'd like the video to capture that I'm typing this question on mefi, and my voiceover explaining what I'm doing and how (if?) it contributes to what I'm trying to accomplish. I need something more than apps that track how much time on which websites. The apps and methods I've tried or seen are aimed at distribution of the final product for videos, on-line training, etc. They require a lot of processing power and produce large files. I'm looking for something that's lightweight and saves (by default, not by compression later) as a small file. Resolution is not an issue; the lower the better. The easier to install and use the better. [more inside]
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Verizon iPhone to T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 -- how?

Verizon to T-mobile, iPhone to Android... how does this work? [more inside]
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Me--planning to quit job. Work--planning grant funded projects for me.

[For folks that work in the non-profit sector] I feel at a loss for what to do. I work for a non-profit that I have been planning to leave for some time. I am taking the GRE this month, applying to schools and even applying for school-compatible part time jobs. At the same time, my non-profit is trying to pull itself out of a budget hole by applying for a multitude of grants. Most of the deliverables are things that I am supposed to deliver and the only other person left to deliver would be my immediate supervisor. I like my supervisor and don't know how she would even get all the work done if I left. My work would not be easily transferred to a new hire. I feel overcome with guilt as each new grant proposal goes out the door because I'm not planning on being around to do this work. I know it would be really dumb to say that before I have an offer in hand for school or a new job. What is the right thing to do? Should I let them build their plans around me when I'm not sure I'll be around? [more inside]
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What hat should a stylish, poor musician/poet wear?

Asking for a character. I'm a chick and sartorially challenged when it comes to hats. Surely not the infamous fedora? [more inside]
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Site search with protected content

We want users to be able to search our website for content, but not for them to be able to view search results and content that their usergroup doesn't have access to. We are changing our website around a bit, and there will be sections of the site that will be available to the general public and then there will be several password-protected sections for diffe