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August 31

Sexual and consumptive abstinence as a yard-stick for sapience?

Are there any examples of non-human animals intentionally curtailing either resource consumption or reproduction in a way that would indicate a kind of understanding of ecology? Are there animals that, given super-abundance of resources and/or lack of predation will alter their behavior in such a way that obviates population boom and bust or general unbalancing of their ecosystem? [more inside]
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Calling all airbrush paint masters!

I would like some advice from airbrush artists on how to paint my cloth mache dragon with gradient layers of vibrant colors so that the colors merge nicely. [more inside]
posted by ConnieL at 9:18 PM PST - 5 comments

Identify either of these mid century designers?

Wondering if any Danish modern fetishists can tell me who designed these two pieces, a step table and a sofa. [more inside]
posted by Smearcase at 7:02 PM PST - 3 comments

Sauna by the hour in New York City?

Any pay-per-hour Finnish saunas in New York City? [more inside]
posted by atmosphere at 6:50 PM PST - 6 comments

Could this system go online? Mailing checks for cash donations

I volunteer for an organization where, at the end of providing a free service, we ask people if they'd like to donate (cash) to the organization. (The tips don't go to us, they go to the organization.) Then we mail a check, for the equivalent of the cash, to the nonprofit. Is there an easy way to do this online that would have the necessary documentation attached? [more inside]
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Are you Photoshop savvy: shiny engraving of a different color?

I have a 300 dpi photo of a blank #2 pencil. I would like to use Photoshop to recreate the proper shiny green lettering of a Ticonderoga pencil. My attempts have not gotten me far. Specifics and pics inside. [more inside]
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Can I offer to buy this bird?

I feel sorry for my neighbor's pet bird, and would like to offer to buy it. What is the best way to approach this to get an ideal outcome without offending anyone? [more inside]
posted by ThreeSocksToTheWind at 5:05 PM PST - 22 comments

Can I rent out my basement?

I want to find a roommate for a room in a basement but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to - or if I should. [more inside]
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How to stop myself from talking?

When I try to argue a position or advocate for myself, I blather on and on so the message gets lost and I lose credibility. How do I keep things concise? [more inside]
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What kind of lawyer to obtain my own medical record?

I got an EEG done by a neurofeedback place that told me I had brain damage, and that it sounded like some neural events I've had in the past year are seizures. I looked into it and it does seem like they're seizures. I had a clean MRI of my brain in 2015 (was having nerve issues at the time) so I need the EEG results to give to my neurologist in order to be taken seriously; my GP agrees this is very important and I should not go to the neurologist without the images. It has now been almost three months and the neurofeedback place will not give me my EEG results, despite my telling them the seizures (or whatever they are) have begun recurring in the past few weeks and I REALLY need the images. I have been sitting on my neurologist referral worried that something bad is going to happen to me. What kind of lawyer do I contact? [more inside]
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Is it me or does this occur at other workplaces? Reality check please.

Is it common (or better yet, reasonable) practice to expect an employee to figure out a way to procure more training that is necessary to perform one's job in an competent manner? [more inside]
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Can I eat this - soaked chickpeas edition.

Two nights ago I put a bag of dried chickpeas in some cold tapwater to soak overnight. Yesterday morning I woke up with a stomach bug and knew I wasn't going to be able to cook so I put them in the fridge. So: 48 hours soaking, first 12 non-refrigerated, last 36 refrigerated. I didn't think to change the water. Would you cook them and eat them tonight? Internet search gives mixed answers so I'm coming to you.
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How does residency and access to health care work in Italy?

My partner has metastatic breast cancer and we've been strongly recommended by her doctors here in Romania to get out of the country to continue her care. We've started talking with a cancer research center in Italy and it looks like just what we need (in addition to being close to her family). I have some questions about how access to medical care works for EU citizens residing in Italy... [more inside]
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These shoes are made for walkin' (and standin')

I'm looking for multi-purpose shoes for work and play. I stand and walk a lot in my office and commute by public transport so need something I can dash to a bus with. Dress code at work is relaxed smart casual. I'd also like the shoes to work with jeans for weekends, skirts in warm weather, running errands, walking the dog, etc. [more inside]
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CUPS backend to discard all jobs?

Can anyone tell me how to configure a CUPS backend that will send all jobs to /dev/null? [more inside]
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Bocera Green Balls for washing clothes?

A friend of mine gave me those Bocera Green Balls for washing clothes. They are like a round plastic basket, with special pieces inside, and they are supposedly good for 1500 loads of clothes. She is using them and says they are great. If you have used them or use them, do they work? If you use them, do you take them out of the washer for the rinse cycle? These came as a gift, and yet I have easily a years worth of clothes washing soap, thanks Costco. [more inside]
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Windows 10 is a drag!

What is the best way to drag in Windows? I've used Apple laptops for years and I've grown very accustomed to performing the click-and-hold necessary to drag something a particular way. But I've recently used a range of Windows laptops and find my style of click-and-hold leads to problems on all of them. Longtime Windows users, how do you do it? [more inside]
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Tell me about your experiences buying tights in bulk

I've been revitalizing my wardrobe lately, and I've realized that I look and feel much more comfortable in skirts and dresses than pants. That means I'll need some tights for my fall/winter wardrobe. I'll need at least 15-20 pairs and I don't want to spend $8-10 per pair. MeFites who have made this happen, how? [more inside]
posted by capricorn at 10:47 AM PST - 23 comments

Wedding ring rash, but can't get ring off

Underneath my wedding ring and engagement ring I've developed what I assume is standard wedding ring rash - red, itchy, the skin there feels extra thin. I know the solution is to take the rings off for a while, but I CAN'T. I've gained about 30 pounds in the last year and these babies are just not coming off. What do I do? [more inside]
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Help me pick a backpack to use as hand luggage

I'm finally starting to fly without checking hold luggage. So far, I've been using a fairly small backpack as my carry-on; the type that you'd use for school or commuting. But it's clear that I need something that's slightly bigger and more suited to carrying clothing. [more inside]
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Amicus Curious (Latin-Translation Filter)

I'm getting married in September and will be giving my fellow-attorney Best Friend (this in lieu of "Best Man," as she's not the latter) a wristwatch. I'd like to have it engraved with something relevant to our shared profession that's sincere, but with a touch of whimsy. [more inside]
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Culinary Conundrum

Help me find meal suggestions and recipes for a friend with a smorgasbord of dietary needs! [more inside]
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Received random unexpected verification code

I just received a random verification code text on my phone. I am aware of the two-factor authentication scams. The text did not identify what account or service the code was for, the phone number doesn't come up on searches (and doesn't answer when called). I'm at a loss for what I should be guarding against. [more inside]
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Leaving counseling at counseling

My spouse and I are about to start marriage counseling. I anticipate that counseling will make things worse between us before it makes them better. How can we keep the peace at home--especially around our toddler--while dealing with difficult issues in counseling? [more inside]
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More Like This

I love curated sites like Brain Picking, Boingboing, and Kottke. Where can I find more site like these that have the best of culture, technology, and media?
posted by captainscared at 6:42 AM PST - 19 comments

DNS only works in safe mode w/ networking

This problem is driving me crazy. I have Windows 7. Yesterday I noticed that some web sites were having DNS issues, and after checking with Spectrum to make sure that they were fine, I ran MalwareBytes, Windows Defender, and rebooted my computer. No viruses found, no malware found, nothing. If I boot in safe mode with networking, DNS works fine. If I boot in normal Windows, I can get to Metafilter but not, say, YouTube or Google. Which is a classic virus/malware behavior, right? So I run all the things again after updating definitions, and still nothing. [more inside]
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How to stop a pulsing fan hum from somewhere outside.

Outside my apartment window, there is a persistent, 24-hour, fan noise hum that pulses at a low vibration. It would be different if it were steady, but it pulses like an alarm, but low. It's driving me crazy. It even sneaks in through earplugs. I went looking to find it, but there are complications in terms of zeroing in on it. I need to find a way to stop it. [more inside]
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Bike storage: gimme more

Looking for product suggestions for a better, bigger bike shed [more inside]
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Just the books, Google, only the books!

For some time now (I don't believe it was always this way), Google Books has been padding its search results with books that do not themselves contain the search terms entered. Is there any way to only get results that are actual books containing one's search terms (and not just results from across the web)? [more inside]
posted by tenderly at 3:23 AM PST - 6 comments

History of Propaganda

I'm looking for your suggestions of a readable but reliable history of propaganda.
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First aid class in NYC (or other resources) for infant choking?

How can I best learn how to respond to a choking baby or toddler? The baby CPR class we took only gave it about five minutes' coverage. [more inside]
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Are smoothies actually healthy?

What's the scientific consensus? - I'm assuming smoothies made of just whole fruit, no added juice. [more inside]
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August 30

Name that muzak!

Help me identify this muzak that was playing at my 7-11 (sorry about the horrible sound quality, it was playing very quietly so the mic picked up a lot of ambient noise).
posted by Bugbread at 11:41 PM PST - 2 comments

Post-season swimsuits in NYC

I need to buy women's swimsuit that I can try on in store by the end of this weekend in New York. Requirements beneath the fold. [more inside]
posted by greta simone at 8:06 PM PST - 26 comments

Austin Eats

Going to be in Austin for a week. I'm a foodie trapped (well, of my own making) in rural Montana. The only thing I miss about civilization is the food, oh lord, the food. Where should I go while I'm there? [more inside]
posted by so fucking future at 7:47 PM PST - 24 comments

Home sleep study vs. in lab, also - hire online?

Special snowflake question about doing a sleep study. Sleep techs out there? [more inside]
posted by falcon42 at 7:42 PM PST - 4 comments

Lease from hell??? Move out cleaning and replacement charges

We have lived in our apartment for 15 years. It has recently been sold to a new leasing company, and one page of the new lease we are supposed to sign is a lengthy list of move out cleaning and repair charges. It says that "the following charges will be assessed regardless of how long the resident occupies the apartment." [more inside]
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Conservation Themed Wedding Present: Hawaii Edition

A dear friend got married two weeks ago and I was unable to attend due to financial issues on my end. I haven't sent a card or a gift yet either because the couple did a honeyfund for their registry and every experience has been fulfilled by others. Since I can't afford to send them something fancy, I'd like to make donations to two charities or initiatives dedicated to preserving their honeymoon destination, Hawaii. [more inside]
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Strange interview experience

I recently came back from an interview for an internship where the interviewer seemed a bit condescending. I think he was joking and trying to make me more comfortable but it just made me feel strange. However, I wonder if some of this is because of how responded to my phone interview and because of how naive and inexperienced I seem. [more inside]
posted by sheepishchiffon at 5:52 PM PST - 27 comments

Should I take this job offer?

I am generally happy at my job. During a bunch of staffing changes I applied to a different job with the same agency, and today I was offered the position. I need help deciding whether to take it. [more inside]
posted by kittensofthenight at 5:24 PM PST - 18 comments

Fare-well Wells-Fargo

I'm about to pay off my mortgage a little early (6 months early, $12K). What do I need to know? [more inside]
posted by falsedmitri at 4:58 PM PST - 6 comments

Dispute Over pro-rated Rent And Improperly Delivered Notice

What recourse do I have in fighting 5 days of pro-rated rent that was verbally going to be waived if I was out by the first? [more inside]
posted by argylesockpet at 4:25 PM PST - 3 comments

Park & ride outside SF for a couple of days?

I'm visiting some friends in San Francisco this weekend and wanted to park my car somewhere north of the Golden Gate Bridge for Friday night, pick it up on Sunday morning. It seems like this will be a much less-expensive option than trying to park in SF proper. Is there a multi-day park & ride with transit down to the bridge where my car won't definitely be broken into?
posted by curious nu at 3:16 PM PST - 14 comments

Help Me Help My Dad

I am visiting my dad who lives out of state. He had cataract surgery yesterday and needs to take a bunch of drops for the first week and fewer over the next three weeks. He has phone problems, money problems, and more. Help! [more inside]
posted by Bella Donna at 2:58 PM PST - 15 comments

Need resources in Sacramento, CA for mom and kid who can't go back home

Trying to stay in California until the waters down south recede. Difficulty level: I'm running out of money and our families are trying to "teach us a lesson" about poor planning? [more inside]
posted by polly_dactyl at 2:54 PM PST - 16 comments

Grad student bag x2

Bagfilter: I'm looking to replace my frustrating laptop bag with something better suited to my grad school needs. I want one that I can get quick and cheap to hold me over while I save up for an expensive/durable one--I'd like recs for both. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
posted by brook horse at 2:35 PM PST - 9 comments

Paws Touch Grass

Looking for grassy dog parks in Chicago. Do they exist? [more inside]
posted by Miss T.Horn at 2:31 PM PST - 8 comments

I need modular food

Please give me ideas for meals that can be broken down into individual components in order to accommodate a range of needs. I am cooking for one person on a low-carb diet, one person on a vegetarian diet, and two small picky eaters. Example 1: Beef fajitas with green peppers and onions, black beans, rice, and tortillas. Low-carb person can eat beef and veggies with a few beans. Vegetarian can eat everything except the beef. Picky eaters can eat rice and tortillas. Example 2: Pasta with meatballs and tomato sauce. Low-carber can eat meatballs, sauce, small amount of (whole-wheat or alternative) pasta. Vegetarian can eat pasta with sauce. Picky eaters can eat plain pasta. [more inside]
posted by bq at 1:19 PM PST - 23 comments

Calendar of varying intensity

Is there a calendar/agenda/task app (web-based ideally, or ios/mac) that can visualize varying levels of importance/intensity? For example, sometimes I schedule weeklong events, like a conference or a vacation, but other times I just want to note that I have Blue Apron scheduled all week, or X movie is playing at the art house all week. I'd like for those low-key events to be displayed differently from the regular appointments. [more inside]
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How to make the most of TIFF at the last minute

I want to take my son to TIFF next month. We do not have a membership and did not get a package, so it's either individual tickets or rush tickets. What's the better option? [more inside]
posted by methroach at 11:35 AM PST - 3 comments

What's a better name for my Alexa to avoid accidental activation?

Basically saying "Alexa" for my Amazon Alexa apparently sounds a lot like other things I say. And other people say. And the TV says. So I want to rename her into something less prone to accidentally being said or it's soundalike. I was thinking of Elwood but then thought about how many times I say the word "hell" and "would" every day. So that's out. Others I came up with had the same problem. But there has to be a perfect name just like Orange has a perfect inability to rhyme. What is it?
posted by rileyray3000 at 11:15 AM PST - 10 comments

Fun corporate event for 60+ in Bay Area

My company will be holding our annual retreat in the Bay Area this October. We're looking for a fun evening event we can stage for the entire staff (a little over 60 total) that's social and inclusive. We have a very diverse staff in every sense of the word—all sorts of ages and backgrounds. We will be staying in the East Bay. Last year, we did a dinner cruise in the Bay, which was a success. Your ideas for something different are most welcome!
posted by Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell at 10:55 AM PST - 8 comments

Help me brainstorm rewards for myself

I want to try peppering my projects and daily tasks with motivating rewards, but I'm having trouble thinking of enticing things to reward myself with. I don't want to use food, since conflating eating with merit seems potentially harmful. Any ideas? All suggestions are helpful.
posted by delight at 10:54 AM PST - 9 comments

What to do, where to eat in Phoenix in Sept?

I'm coming into Phoenix, AZ for three days and two nights (Sept. 13-15), for work, staying near 1st Ave and Washington. Is there anything to do in town on those nights? And anywhere within easy walking distance I should go to eat?
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How to make a federal government resume when you're a freelancer?

I am applying for a specific position in the federal government (a "design agency" under the GSA); I am really impressed by the folks that work there and the job mirrors my private-sector work pretty well. But with lots of warnings about how different the federal resume style is, I am a little worried I don't know what I am doing. [more inside]
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Bizarre computer behavior

Twice in the last week while watching videos on on my Chromebook, my computer has transcribed the audio from the video and texted it (presumably using Join) to the last person I either telephoned or texted. This is not a feature of either C&L or Join. How on earth is this happening and how do I get it to stop? Note that it happens in the background and I never know until the person texts me back with "WTF?"
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Simple astronomical observations to make in a dark, clear sky

This weekend, my spouse and I will be traveling to the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York. The stars are stunning there. What sorts of simple astronomical observations can we make with just binoculars and an iPhone? [more inside]
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Swim Spas – Sink Or Swim?

So I’ve had the crazy idea of training for a triathlon. I’m super unfit and have a long way to go, but it’s something to work towards at the very least. I’ve got the running and cycling covered, but the swimming is something that is going to be a big problem for me. I’m not a strong swimmer, and it’s what im going to need to work at most before I even consider competing in an event. Long story short, i live out in the sticks and have no access to a public swimming pool anywhere closer than a 2 hour drive away. [more inside]
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How do I neti pot/sinus rinse safely?

For the past 6 months, I've used a Neilmed sinus rinse everyday (once in the morning and once at night). I've found that this greatly reduces the frequency of headaches and also helps me sleep better at night. Help me not die from it. [more inside]
posted by rbf1138 at 8:38 AM PST - 16 comments

Coolers and crates vs. end table or furniture

My housemate, due to the nature of his work, has lived a pretty transient lifestyle despite being a homeowner for 20 years. He often gets mobilized on short notice and stays 6-36 months in random locations for work, and as such, has a battery of storage crates and coolers that he uses for his extended road trips. He's repurposed these into living room furniture, which is not ideal in my book (I feel like I'm camping; also, we are not in our 20s). Does anyone have any ideas on practical storage furniture? [more inside]
posted by OneSmartMonkey at 8:36 AM PST - 5 comments

Repairing damage from an ice dam: who do we need?

We have an area of roof above our garage, where the roof intersects an overhang, that formed an ice dam a few winters ago and opened a leak. Where do we start with repair? [more inside]
posted by Dashy at 8:10 AM PST - 3 comments

Understanding impact of private healthcare schemes on the NHS

What impact does the rise in private health insurance have on the NHS, in the short and medium term? [more inside]
posted by metaBugs at 8:04 AM PST - 6 comments

Cleaning up from Hurricane Harvey

Help me understand how on earth the people in Texas will clean this up. [more inside]
posted by kinsey at 7:03 AM PST - 12 comments

My dentist REALLY likes essential oils.

Yesterday my dentist told me that purple Listerine can help stop incipient cavities from progressing to the point they require filling. She said this was because of the high fluoride uptake (relative to other brands) and the essential oils. I believe the fluoride part... is the essential oil claim true or Woo? [more inside]
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Merit Badges for Adults

I like the idea of Boys / Girls Scouts for adults. Are there any programs / websites I can enroll in to earn merit badges with the ultimate goal of being a more useful and resourceful adult? I would love to tell my kids that dad and his friends are now Level 4 knot tiers and Level 2 campers.
posted by jasondigitized at 5:49 AM PST - 17 comments

Finding a reliable European moving company

Sometime later this year my wife and I will be leaving Britain (the Brexit brain-drain is real!) and moving to my native Sweden. What is the best way for us to go about finding a reliable company to move our limited amount of stuff for us? [more inside]
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Canadians: Where should I donate a cell phone?

I'm in Canada for the week (Cape Breton Island) and I bought a prepaid flip phone that I never activated. I was wondering if there's some charitable organization I could donate it to? Googling just turns up recycling options, which doesn't seem right for a brand new phone. Any ideas? I could mail it before I leave or drop it off.
posted by JanetLand at 5:19 AM PST - 2 comments

Job Change Checklist?

I haven't changed jobs in a while- help me checklist the transition. What do I need to do to ensure the departure from being a FTE at Current Job to being a FTE at New Job doesn't leave any dropped balls? Not work stuff, projects or task transfer- I'm talking my benefits, personal items, insurance etc. - stuff for ME. (Midwestern US location)
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Using an unlicensed contractor?

How bad is it to use an unlicensed contractor, in terms of homeowner liability or legalities? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:24 AM PST - 16 comments

The house is getting fogged

A member of the family has asthma and the landlord thinks there might be harmful mould in the house due to some recent leaks. They want to "fog" the whole house with a product called "GM2000". There's not a lot of information around on what this product actually consists of. Any ideas on what's in the fog?
posted by Dag Maggot at 1:53 AM PST - 4 comments

August 29

Put these hands to work

I'm looking for a simple, practical hobby or activity that involves making something with your hands and is compatible with my disabilities. [more inside]
posted by bizarrenacle at 8:59 PM PST - 26 comments

I'm local and have time to kill. Where in Houston needs volunteers?

I am located between Galveston and Houston. Where do I find information about volunteering? [more inside]
posted by CtrlAltD at 8:01 PM PST - 12 comments

My older brother has always had the ability to hurt my feelings.

Even now that we are senior citizens I find myself trying to please him and this, sometimes, is successful but many times it isn't and I will get a hurtful put down in response -even in front of my husband or strangers. Any idea what the sick dynamic involved here is? Thanks.
posted by Tullyogallaghan at 7:35 PM PST - 17 comments

Preparing myself for a busy season at work.

What are some tips for maintaining good physical and mental health while working a desk job? [more inside]
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Help me find people to follow on Flickr

I have been posting pictures on Flickr for over a decade. I just like having my pictures in one place and I don't need feedback or anything like that. But I would like to follow some interesting people. [more inside]
posted by selfnoise at 6:29 PM PST - 7 comments

Adult friend making

We are in New York City. We need to add some friends to our circle- where do adults hang out- specifically? Is there a trick to this? [more inside]
posted by Blisterlips at 6:13 PM PST - 15 comments

In my 30s, losing my edge, bumming myself out. Help.

I am afraid I am getting old and set in my ways... I am in my early 30s and I thought I would have been on more adventures by now.... [more inside]
posted by shalom at 5:51 PM PST - 14 comments

Help me ID this light sci-fi about religion, Godlike power and chickens

It must have been one of the many mass market paperback sci-fi novels I picked up through my local library. Don't know when it was published, but I read it in the early 90s. I only remember a few things for certain: (1) The main character was a guy who, for the lulz, had invented his own religion centered on worshipping chickens. (2) Said worship included a ritual where he would wave a live chicken over his head and chant -- and I remember this distinctly: "Oh chubby mother, let me rub-a your belly!" [more inside]
posted by The Pluto Gangsta at 5:24 PM PST - 8 comments

Not your every day carry - solo day hiking

I have some questions about what I really need to carry for safety and comfort during solo day hikes through Yellowstone and the Rocky Mountains, plus what I should carry it in. I'm not new to the outdoors but I'm not used to solo hiking in relatively remote areas. [more inside]
posted by AFABulous at 5:04 PM PST - 32 comments

How *do* people seem to know I'm an only child?

I'm an only child and whenever people discover that I'm an only child they always say something snappy like "I knew it!" or "that explains everything." I'm perplexed by this reaction every time. So, people with siblings... what gives it away that I'm an only child? How do we act differently from people with siblings? A Dick Cavett interview with Truman Capote (two famous only children) inspired me to ask this, because Cavett complained about the same thing!!
posted by VirginiaPlain at 4:47 PM PST - 42 comments

Ethical Nonmonogamy in Music

I'm looking for music with lyrics about nonmonogamy. Not cheating songs, not about being the "one and only" or relationship possessiveness. I already have Snake River Conspiracy's You and Your Friend, but there's got to be more out there. Any genre, preferably in English.
posted by MuChao at 3:08 PM PST - 28 comments

New York! New York! It's a Wonderful Town! Help me plan a special trip?

Will you help me with a whirlwind itinerary in NYC to show one of my best friends the town on her first visit here? How is our time best spent, given our limitations? Sparkly snowflakes below the fold. [more inside]
posted by alwayson_slightlyoff at 2:38 PM PST - 6 comments

What's a good base for exploring the American West?

I've lived in the Northest/Mid-Atlantic US my whole life; lately I've been toying with the idea of temporarily moving somewhere out west so as to facilitate exploring more of it. What city/town/region would be a good base for such an adventure? In my fantasy we spend about six months based in a cool city out west and take lots of weekend trips and several one-to-two week roadtrips, but I'd also like to be someplace with cool stuff to see/do every day, and walkability/bikeability would be a big plus. [more inside]
posted by mskyle at 2:36 PM PST - 20 comments

Slaveholder ancestor

Help me understand this 1799 will, written by a Virginia slaveholder. TW: Slavery, racism. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:17 PM PST - 10 comments

Waterloo, ehm, Battle...TO??? Battle to London...

does anyone know how I get to the QE11 centre on time for a 9am start? Living near Battle East Sussex and all the train times are currently showing Victoria as my only direct option. I know there have been problems with Waterloo engineering running over...but HALP?
posted by Wilder at 1:22 PM PST - 6 comments

Help me find more music that sounds like this 90s lofi indie rock song.

Can you point me to songs that sound like "Anytime You Want" by Eric's Trip? This is a short, fast, fuzzed out punk song with contrasting vocals on a poppy hook, a prominent low end, a few drum fills, and pretty crappy production. That's what I like about it! It also lacks a guitar solo, but I could go either way on that. [more inside]
posted by kensington314 at 1:08 PM PST - 21 comments

Avoiding fungus gnats in houseplants

I just had to throw out all my houseplants (8 of them) because of fungus gnats. This all started with one plant that transmitted them to the others. I've read up on how to make one's existing plants less hospitable to fungus gnats, but how do I identify plants that may be harboring them in the first place and avoid bringing them home?
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Furniture and home decor that will still look great in 10+ years

Starting to plan for finding, buying, decorating, and (possibly) remodelling a house soon and everything I see is already starting to look dated to me (more detail on what that is inside). However, I can't seem to figure out what the next 'thing' is - and I feel like if I knew, I could start to figure out my own style and how it relates and doesn't relate to that next big thing. [more inside]
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Luteinizing Hormone 13 on 1.7-8.6 Way elevated. What's happening to me?

Male - 30s, Blood test was done following a car accident. TSH 0.809 on 0.450-4.5000 Reference Interval. Luteinizing Hormone 13 on 1.7-8.6 Reference Interval. Prolactin 11.2 on 4.0 - 15.2 Reference Inrerval. [more inside]
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How does the US child mental health system differ from Canada's?

How does the US child mental health system differ from Canada's? [more inside]
posted by shockpoppet at 11:38 AM PST - 17 comments

Smart card for Windows Login - 10 years later

How can I use smart cards to log into my Windows 20016 Server domain? [more inside]
posted by nostrada at 11:38 AM PST - 8 comments

How to be Pete Best?

I was kicked out of something like a band -- now I'm not sure how to proceed. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:32 AM PST - 10 comments

Should we get a third cat?

We have two cats and a dog. There's been a real sweet boy cat at our local shelter since April. My husband and I both think he'd make a good addition to our home. But maybe four pets is too many? [more inside]
posted by Bistyfrass at 9:51 AM PST - 31 comments

Fruit flies in the ice maker

Fruit flies are breeding in my ice maker, or perhaps in the water line that goes to it. I've thoroughly cleaned the bin where the ice falls, but they were back within a day. I put some vinegar jars in the freezer, but they only helped temporarily. What can I do to solve this problem at the source, not just collect already hatched flies?
posted by mermaidcafe at 9:45 AM PST - 6 comments

What's up with our water heater?

We have a swimming pool, which has a gas-powered water heater. Until fairly recently, it seemed to be working well, we'd just turn it on a while before we wanted to use the pool. Now, the pilot light seems to go out with fairly regular consistency, and my mom has noticed a "foomf!," sound every so often, as if something is blocking the gas flow, or maybe the gas just turns off and on for some reason? [more inside]
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How do I even (malpractice) lawyer up? (Connecticut edition)

I've seen prior questions regarding this, but have noticed that most responses stress how jurisdiction specific any advice can be, so here's hoping y'all can help me out regarding medical malpractice lawyers in Connecticut. Any recommendations as to how to find a reputable lawyer, as opposed to using Google and the phone book? A way to find out who to avoid? [more inside]
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...did Anthony Bourdain ever visit Berlin?

I'm getting ready for a trip to Berlin; my current conception of "German food" is "uh....sausages and chocolate, I think." There's got to be more - hit me. [more inside]
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Will iPhone security be pointless with facial recognition?

So it seems like facial recognition is all the rage with the new upcoming smart phones. Wont't that absolutely destroy any ability to decline to unlock your phone in the case of police stops? [more inside]
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but is it art?

at MOMA a few years ago (let's say 12 years?) there was a piece of... "art" displayed. if i recall it was a black cube or a single color nondescript painting (memory suggests cube sculpture but i might be wrong). hung near it was a legal affidavit sworn out by the artist and signed by a judge etc legally defining it as NOT art. i don't remember the language, but the gist was: "i created it, it's not art". who is this artist, and what is the non-art called?
posted by chasles at 7:35 AM PST - 2 comments

What are you doing to deal with political stress? What should I do?

Like everyone else, political stress is getting to me - I've been sick a bunch since the election and I'm having some other problems. I'm having trouble managing stress and this is compounded by the fact that I do political activism - I can't just unplug. Details and specific questions inside. [more inside]
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How to know when to use pepper spray in self-defence?

My girlfriend is interested in using pepper spray or mace for self-defence, but is unsure when you know when to use it – specifically, it seems like there are lots of times at night when it’s ambiguous whether someone is following her. The line between a harmless (?) creep vs. a potential attacker seems impossible to know. Can you help her out with this? [more inside]
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When in Rome, stay where MeFites have stayed!

Travelling to Rome at the end of January and looking for accommodation recommendations. I'm looking for something that's away from the most touristic areas, but still within a 5-10 minute walk of public transportation. Open to hotels, guest houses, or apartment rentals. I welcome your recommendations of places you've stayed in the last 2-3 years.
posted by bkpiano at 6:04 AM PST - 12 comments

High school filter: Help me transition to teaching teens

I'll be teaching teenagers in multi-age low-level ESL setting after years of elementary ed. Can you help me be an awesome high school teacher? [more inside]
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New job, more income and poorer than ever

I tripled my salary this year by becoming a software engineer. I also moved to the Bay Area and sextupled my rent. I have student loans and credit card bills and frankly, I'm underwater. How can I find some hope? [more inside]
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Books or resources besides RAIIN?

A friend is looking for useful resources for parents of victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse. I was a bit too frazzled to recommend Raiin at first, so I'm glad they found it, but it's not enough. Suggestions? [more inside]
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white communities that fit the low-tech subsistence farmer stereotype?

You've seen this movie opening: a jeep full of white explorers, missionaries, etc. bounces along a dirt road, heralded by a pack of kids running alongside. As the jeep pulls into the village, the inhabitants put aside their work to greet our heroes. They were engaged in handicrafts, food preparation, herding, or subsistence farming. Maybe even hunting and gathering. Electricity and fossil fuels are not unknown, but draft animals and human muscle are a major part of the energy supply. They are a simple, hard-working, joyful people. Possibly with a problem only our heroes can solve. They are invariably people of color. Are there any remaining communities where this scene could plausibly be filmed with white people? [more inside]
posted by d. z. wang at 2:43 AM PST - 9 comments

August 28

Cat behaviour research and resources.

Can anyone point me in the direction of some up to date resources on domestic cat behaviour and theory? Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Poland for hipsters

Warsaw, Poznan, Krakow, Wroclaw... What is there to see and do? And eat :D [more inside]
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Childhood book about a science fair bubble gum machine.

Looking for a book I'm pretty sure I either read , saw or fever-dreamed as a child. It was an illustrated story book about a science fair? And one of the projects being some big weird machine that produced bubble gum, and everything gets covered in bubble gum. [more inside]
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Why do I stink of ammonia?

When I shower after a workout, I smell ammonia. What's behind this? [more inside]
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The decline of manual labour?

I like watching factory videos. After watching documentaries like this one, I get the feeling that not as much manual labour has been replaced by automation as pundits like to suggest. Is there a way to quantify my feeling and see if there's anything to it? If there is, what do the numbers say?
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American Historical Looks 101 Resource Help

I'm going to be part of a project that involves looking back at American history & pop culture, and we're encouraged/requested to come up with multiple looks that evoke particular time periods. I'm not American so I don't know all that much about American history. What resources can I look up that will give me a good overview of those time periods, especially those that can serve as visual references? [more inside]
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Infections at Work

Since taking an antibiotic for an infection after some dental work, I've noticed that old skin discoloration around cuts and scrapes on my ankles are clearing up. I've had these blotches on my legs for at least a couple years but I noticed soon after starting the medicine, they began to fade. [more inside]
posted by CollectiveMind at 8:24 PM PST - 4 comments

Where to live in the NE US?

My partner and I are late thirties and experiencing a bout of severe wanderlust. We have way too many options and need more advice. We currently live in Atlanta, and if I have to endure one more 90F excessively humid summer here that lasts six months I'm going to lose my damn mind. So where to? [more inside]
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Creating something new with silk flowers

Looking to cheer up a friend who is going through a rough patch. Can I do something with cheerful and fun with these silk flowers? [more inside]
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Looking for a private, multi-user wiki

I'm looking to create a wiki to be editable by a group of people and only accessible to that group. I have some specific requirements for it though and thus far I haven't found much that meets that criteria. [more inside]
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Recently Fired - Transwoman Science Post-Grad Job Search Help

What should a recently fired science PhD grad do to get back on their feet? How can I utilize my skills and unique background to land a dream job? [more inside]
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Online Memorial tool?

Have you used an online Memorial tool to put together a memorial for a loved one? [more inside]
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Salary Negotiation While Claiming Unemployment

I was laid off last month, and while the job search is slow, the app->tech screen->onsite pipeline is looking promising. What I'm trying to figure out now is, how do I navigate unemployment 'suitable work' criteria while negotiating salary? [more inside]
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Better Twitter

What parts of twitter are weirder, interesting-er, less hot-takey and more experimental-arty, or funny, or innovative? [more inside]
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Is my lawyer guilty of misconduct?

I have been in the process of a divorce for the past several months. My lawyer only informed me last week that I used up my retainer long ago. She refused to tell me how much I owe, and I think she wants my Ex to foot the bill. Ex and I are handling things amicably, and he has agreed to assist me financially with however much we owe my lawyer. I have read that in cases of misconduct, at least a portion of your retainer/dues may not be assessed. What should the Ex and I really be paying? [more inside]
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is cat food harmful for dogs?

Searching the Web, I see that eating cat food can give some dogs diarrhea. But is it actually harmful to a dog for some reason? One vet said yes, but all others I've asked say no. I have given up trying to keep them from kitty leftovers.
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How can I avoid Facebook, Google and Amazon?

How can I replace Facebook, Google and Amazon while retaining their functions? [more inside]
posted by maiamaia at 1:55 PM PST - 14 comments

Are there companies that are experts in digitizing pages of numbers?

We have many physical volumes of public international census data we'd like to scan and OCR with high quality. Is there anyone out there occupying that niche? [more inside]
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Nursing shirts: what's with all the solid colors?

I'm looking for nursing tops that aren't just plain solid colors. Where are the bright, bold patterns? Specific products available for purchase now, please! [more inside]
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Which one: DNA analysis edition

So, I'm super curious about the recreational DNA testing as noted in this FPP. However, I'm not sure which one to try and what fun I can have with aftermarket apps. Any thoughts? [more inside]
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How can I get the most out of three sessions with a personal trainer?

I recently won a drawing at my gym and have the opportunity for three free sessions with a personal trainer. I cannot afford to continue with training beyond the three free sessions, so I really want to get the most of of them. I'm interested in establishing a strength training routine to do alongside my already-strong cardio habits. What should I ask the trainer to show me/teach me/tell me? Is it okay to just say "help me set a routine I can continue for the next X months" and if so what kind of stuff should I ask to have included in that routine? Relevant details below the cut! [more inside]
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London Heathrow to Euston Station the scenic way

I've asked before about a short London jaunt, and then reported failure. But this time it's happening for sure. I fly into London Heathrow, arriving at 8 AM, and take a train out of Euston Station to Manchester at 4 PM. Help me join the dots in the most scenic way possible? [more inside]
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University Student Subscriptions?

My daughter is starting university today working towards a degree in animation. Her school is providing her with software subscriptions or licenses as part of the deal (Adobe CC suite , for instance.) It's come to our attention that many subscription services (newspapers (NYT, WaPO), magazines, software, music streaming, Amazon Prime, etc.) provide cut rate access for students. As a gift, I'd like to supplement what she gets as part of her program. What are some subscriptions you might recommend for new university student (bonus if it's very useful to a student of the arts)?
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Balancing safety after stalking vs. professional presence?

Does failing to turn up in social media search results really scare prospective employers away? [more inside]
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Resources for partner unsure about parenthood take 2

This was me-- well, I was the partner unsure about parenthood. I still am. (To be honest, I'm not sure how I missed this question a week or so ago, but I did.) Things came to a head this weekend when we got far enough into talking about separation and divorce to start splitting assets. I need the aforementioned resources for unsure partners more than ever, with some more specifics about what's going to help under the cut. [more inside]
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Body positivity, calm pragmatism, I'll take whatever!

Last December, I had a much-needed surgery and am fortunate that so many things went right. How can I be more forgiving and body-positive about the things that didn't go great and still don't look 100% right? [more inside]
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'The hole' in theory and thought

I am interested in 'the hole' in its conceptual, metaphorical, and literal crossovers. Who has written about holes? In the ground? In theory? In myth and fiction? [more inside]
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empty DIN syndrome

Moving from a double DIN stereo to single DIN - what creative thing to put in the newly empty space? [more inside]
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Brazil beach recomendations

My gorgeous wife, our 10 year old son and myself are planning to vacation in Brazil this February, somewhere near São Paulo. Where should we go, what should we do? [more inside]
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Travelling without laptop or tablet...

I'm considering travelling around Spain for 3 months and not taking my laptop or tablet, just my phone (Galaxy Note 5) and paper notebook. Everyone I've mentioned this to says I'm crazy and "should just bring in case", but when pressed cannot give a good reason why--"in case of what?" Not one person thinks this is a good idea. Are there any good reasons for worrying about travelling in another country (I'm Canadian) without a laptop? Also, any Android apps that might be useful for someone without a computer? Thanks!
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What European City should I visit next?

I love traveling to Europe and would like to decide where to go this coming November. So far I've already gone to Barcelona, Prague, Florence, Venice, London and Paris. Which city should I visit next given that timeframe? I am a jazz and classical music fan, an art gallery and live theatre addict, a foodie and also delight in the slightly offbeat (e.g. Secret Cinema in London!). The ideal destination would have some special November event that would be worth checking out. Thanks for any suggestions.
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What fresh hell

I have a rash that at first thought was related to the flu, and now I'm terrified is caused by bed bugs. Do either cause the type of rash described herein? [more inside]
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What is a good foreign language song for 13 year old girl to sing?

Hello, My teen has sang recitals for years and has a pretty good range. She has sang German and Italian songs before. What foreign language song do you think is challenging enough for a 13 year old but not over the top hard? We have already done Caro Mio Ben and I forgot the German song. Thanks.
posted by lynnie-the-pooh at 7:58 AM PST - 21 comments

I want to create a signature file on my ipad and get it onto my PC

I can sign documents just fine on my iPad. But [more inside]
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New England Food Writing

I'm interested in finding writing about New England food history, can you help me? [more inside]
posted by backseatpilot at 7:27 AM PST - 15 comments

Making a decision in regard to the safety / danger of motorcycling

I commute 2hrs and a half every day, via public transportation mainly. My SO's office is exactly opposite to mine in relation to where we live. He commutes to work on a motorcycle and it takes him roughly 25-30 minutes one way. I would like to shorten my work commute and therefore move closer to my workplace. I found some districts that would work well for both of us in terms of distance but the thing is : instead of driving at a max 50 km / h across the city my SO would drive at 70 km / h on a three lane highway (with a lot of trucks). [more inside]
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Sniping, Not Ebay

I would like to find Sniping software that will work on this auction site. All my searches return Ebay sniping software.
posted by flummox at 6:20 AM PST - 2 comments

Proportional sliders à la Humble Bundle

I am looking for example code to make a similar set of sliders as those on the Humble Bundle site. They let you split 100% of funds in a responsive way, pulling one slider up moves the others down. What is this called and where can I find code to adjust for my needs? [more inside]
posted by J.R. Hartley at 2:00 AM PST - 5 comments

Did the Challenger disaster affect Reagan's Star Wars at all?

Did the 1986 Challenger shuttle disaster in any way hasten the downfall of the Strategic Defense Initiative? [more inside]
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August 27

Recommend me a quiet restaurant in London!

Your favourite restaurant in central London that is yummy, moderately priced and quiet? [more inside]
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The year of Barbie Girl, Princess Di, and Ally McBeal.

Please tell me absolutely everything about living in 1997. [more inside]
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What happens if you're arrested at a protest?

Everything I know about jail comes from TV so I'm interested in specific details of the process. Assume a non-violent protest(er). I know that prisons are different; I'm not asking about that. [more inside]
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Plan for being evacuated for Harvey

How do I optimally prepare my two story house for a mandatory flood evacuation due to Harvey, or to be stranded in the house if there's no open road? [more inside]
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Help making a career shift from marketing to data analyst

Hi everyone, I currently work in Facebook marketing, and I'd like to move into data analysis so that I can begin developing the skills and knowledge one needs for full-fledged data science. I graduated with a BA in Psychology, so as of now, I unfortunately have little in the way of mathematical or programming experience. [more inside]
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"How do I become a virtuoso like you?" "For you, the answer is never."

I'm looking for a quote that I remember as something like this. I think it was in the musical context, where a beginner asked what he needed to do to become like the virtuoso. The virtuoso answered something like what I've put in the short question, I assume because the virtuoso possesses qualities that are innate. The point the virtuoso made is arguable of course, but I'd like to source the quote.
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Profit sharing. Small business. How much is fair to ask for?

I am the operations manager/lead technician of an automotive repair shop that is entering the adolescent stage of business. What percentage of the profits should I ask for? How often should it be paid out - weekly, monthly, quarterly? [more inside]
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Aloha my wardrobe

I have just moved somewhere that's always warm. I am also pretty much always warm. Help me dress like a grownup and not melt into a sweaty puddle. Difficulty: no Hawaiian shirts, ever. [more inside]
posted by Emperor SnooKloze at 7:25 PM PST - 18 comments

Because food is a social lubricant too

What are some traditional feasts or food-centric social events which: (1) follow a familiar and establishment menu or format; (2) are typically undertaken by a group of friends and family (rather than a restaurant or professional cooks); and (3) are known by name (such that you could say "we're going to a $TYPE_OF_FOOD_EVENT on Saturday", and your audience would know exactly what sort of dishes you'll be eating and how they'll be served)? I'm thinking of things like clam bakes, pig pickins, or even fondue parties: traditional formats for informal social gatherings, centered around food. [more inside]
posted by escape from the potato planet at 7:04 PM PST - 68 comments

Help Me Track the Landings of a U.S. Government Plane last week.

Last week a U.S. government plane was in Montana with a Senator and the Secretary of the Interior aboard. How can I find out if the U.S. government plane landed in Bozeman, Montana? [more inside]
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Teaching Debate and Public Speaking

I have been asked to teach Debate and Public Speaking at an American Style International School in China. I have never done that before, though my background is in Humanities and I have some theatrical experience and have done a little drama teaching. I am mainly looking for sources of good advice and/or inspiration. I would welcome suggestions of the very best and most useful books to read, websites to look at, videos to watch. Perhaps even online forums where like-minded teachers of a similar ilk may share ideas and kind of mentor each other. Any help will be very welcome and most appreciated.
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Care and Feeding of Indian Rosewood Carving?

I recently salvaged this gorgeous carved fretwork panel from my grandmother's headboard. Can anyone share their expertise in how I can safely clean and revitalize this piece of rosewood? [more inside]
posted by Mizu at 5:12 PM PST - 8 comments

Why would someone want to pay for a year's rent upfront?

I am landlording for the first time -- with the help of an established property management company -- and they tell me that they have found a family who wants to rent my house, but the family wants to pay a year's rent upfront. I'm delighted to have a renter, but I'm just paranoid enough to try to figure out if this is some sort of tenant scam. [more inside]
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Women's clothes made to last

Two years ago I pared down my wardrobe to two tees, two long sleeved tees, one blouse, two jeans, leggings, a sweater, a funeral/wedding dress and work clothes. I love it but my ten-year-old j. crew stuff is finally disintegrating. I need new clothes but I want something built to last. I am willing to pay a little more for a quality item, but the brands I once thought built-to-last (J crew, Gap, Banana Republic, even LL Bean) are kind of shitty. [more inside]
posted by pintapicasso at 2:45 PM PST - 23 comments

Donation Pick up in Brooklyn (with Tax Receipt)

Hey all, what organizations do clothing pick up in Brooklyn, and leave you with a receipt for your taxes? All the resources I scour are outdated. Thanks.
posted by Kombucha3452 at 2:35 PM PST - 4 comments

What does a paramedic call the patient?

(Fiction filter) How does an EMT/paramedic/etc refer to the person they are transporting to a hospital -- patient? victim? subject? In the US, California if that makes a difference.
posted by BlahLaLa at 2:26 PM PST - 10 comments

Friends caring for a cancer patient need central calendar

Our beloved friend is dying and there are about 12 of us who are delivering meals, coordinating news, making visits, etc. Thus far we've been just using an email list, but something like Lotsa Helping Hands could be useful... [more inside]
posted by Gusaroo at 1:53 PM PST - 3 comments

Help my watch the BBC IPLAYER Website on my ipad while away from the U.K

I'm trying to watch the BBC using the BBC Iplayer website on a safari browser on Ipad. I have tried using a VPN but it's not working. Seems the BBC site knows I am using a VPN. However a friend in the same house using the same network is getting the BBC though a BBC IPLAYER App on his laptop. I Am using the same VPN app as my friend but on my ipad (tunnel bear) and it's not working for me. I'm trying to use it at a different time than my friend and it still recognizes I am using a Vpn. HELP! Also maybe you could recommend A VPN service that you are using to watch the BBC on your ipad? Thanks, Hive
posted by citybuddha at 1:40 PM PST - 4 comments

How are these pouches/boxes of food shelf-stable without refrigeration?

I don't understand how you can put curry or soup on a shelf at room temperature for months at a time without any preservatives and it still be safe to eat. I enjoy the convenience of these items, but it kind of freaks me out. Can anyone explain? Specific examples after the jump: [more inside]
posted by AppleTurnover at 1:18 PM PST - 14 comments

Professionalish shoes I can run in

I just started a job where, in addition to being on my feet all day (which I'm used to), I sometimes need to be able to run. What are some non-sneaker shoes that will allow me to do that? [more inside]
posted by goodbyewaffles at 12:44 PM PST - 20 comments

The purple French tail lights and thirty inch fins are next

I'm looking for some help on connecting a new cable to my car stereo so I can charge my phone. [more inside]
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Can I get great at managing my time and tasks? Did you? How? How it is?

I’m pretty okay, I think, at time management. But I’d like to get better at it. Did you or someone you know make this transformation? I’d like to hear about that. How did you make it happen? What was the experience like? Is it even a realistic goal? [more inside]
posted by ManInSuit at 12:08 PM PST - 6 comments

Gladiator: Theatrical or Extended cut for a first time viewer?

I'm about to show my partner one of my favourite movies for the first time ever. She's a strong minded lady who will turn off anything which fails to grab her or throws too much halfbaked stupid in her face. She's resisted watching Gladiator (2000) because it's her estranged (and awful) fathers favourite movie... I want to maximu-uh, ise my chances of her being entertained by this experience and would appreciate the advice of any connoisseurs out there. [more inside]
posted by tzb at 11:53 AM PST - 6 comments

Which bug could be responsible for this strange bite?

Two weeks ago I was bitten by a mystery bug. The bites (two of them, on my ankle) remain sore and have a spreading rash. I’ve never had a reaction like this before; can you help figure out what bit me? [more inside]
posted by bored_now_flay at 11:40 AM PST - 10 comments

How to support a vine without making my neighbors view less attractive

We planted bouganvilleas on our side of a shared fence. Some of the vines really need to be supported and we don't want to loop supports around the fence as part of the fence is 3' from our neighbor's living room window. How can we support a heavy vine without making our neighbor's view less attractive? [more inside]
posted by stewiethegreat at 11:36 AM PST - 4 comments

How can I learn to do an effective job search?

I've never had a great methodology for searching, finding and applying for jobs. How could I learn to do this effectively? [more inside]
posted by diode at 11:29 AM PST - 3 comments

Reverse Mortgage - Medicaid Dilemma

My parents didn't make the wisest real estate decisions (IMO) and now there are limited resources to pay for long term care. Please help me to understand the options related to a reverse mortgage and the use of any/all resources to pay for long term care. [more inside]
posted by kbar1 at 10:54 AM PST - 6 comments

I can't smell that smell

I tried a scented oil diffuser and it hurt my lungs. Is there any way for an asthmatic to use a diffuser or scented oils without harming my lungs? [more inside]
posted by RichardHenryYarbo at 10:23 AM PST - 8 comments

WOW air baggage weight on connecting intl flights

If you have flown WOW Air from the U.S. to Europe, with a stop/layover (1 hr) in Reykjavík, does WOW Air weigh your carry-on bag *again* in Iceland when connecting to your final destination? Or is the carry-on weighed only once in the U.S.? Asking in order to avoid fees in Reykjavík.
posted by Jason and Laszlo at 9:58 AM PST - 3 comments

How to contact Facebook without an account

I am in a bit of a bind. I need to make a security bug report to Facebook; however, when I try to use their web form to report an issue, it tells me that I need an account. [more inside]
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Weed identification: southern Quebec

The culprit. [more inside]
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How do I survive my fiancee's suicide?

4 weeks ago today, my boyfriend, who I had planned to marry, took his life. I found his body first. I loved him more than I've ever loved anyone. My future was with him. His death has destroyed me emotionally, but it has also left me essentially homeless and destitute. How do I survive this? [more inside]
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How Can Unqualified 22-Year-Old Kid Get a Job in Brooklyn?

Kid is 22, some college, very presentable, smart, articulate, no work experience at all because depression + privilege + misunderstanding of world. How to advise kid how to get his first job in NYC? He's in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. NYC Youth programs are for underprivileged kids, which he is not.
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Packing help needed: bus tour

My mom is going on a bus tour of the American west/southwest next month. She's in her 70s. She doesn't know anyone else on the tour. She's worried about what to bring. What great suggestions do you have?
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Best Noise-Blocking Solution for Light Sleeper?

I just moved across the country for grad school. Unfortunately, I have discovered that my apartment is smack-dab in the center of an undergrad party neighborhood, and the noise is keeping me up well past 4 AM. I have yet to find earplugs that don't make me crazy. HELP! [more inside]
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I need help leaving work stress at work

I really, really like my job. Certain situations at my job are causing stress. I need help to prevent this stress from leaking into my not-at-work life. [more inside]
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Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Don't Mind Losing my Fantasy Football League

I am joining a fantasy football league (on ESPN's site, playing against my regional AIGA chapter - yay designers playing fauxfootball!). I need help finding my guys. [more inside]
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Excellent purse for 40 y/o man

The man bag search is not going well. He carries a backpack and wants something smaller and more professional. Smaller things look fairly feminine. [more inside]
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I may need to give up my job due to disability

I have a long-term health problem which affects my ability to work. I am currently working part-time and may have to give up work altogether. How do I cope with this on a practical and emotional level? [more inside]
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E-commerce businesses startup question:

Where should we register our company? [more inside]
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Setting up a scholarship for African American students

My white family wants to set up an endowed scholarship for African American students. What should we consider to ensure that it is done appropriately and will not cause unintentional distress or discomfort to community members or potential recipients? [more inside]
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How common is this cold company culture thing?

I've worked for two months in a small ad agency. One aspect of the culture has me puzzled, and I wonder how common it is. [more inside]
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Hacking Baby Strollers. Yeah.

So, I really want to get into hacking a baby stroller and make it into something else - either a shopping trolly or a bike trolly with a few adjustment here and there. [more inside]
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August 26

How does one sonic attack?

After revelations that there has been some sort of sonic attack on embassy workers in Cuba causing brain damage and hearing loss - I have to say, what? Is this possible and how? [more inside]
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What is this indie song?!

This has been in my head for weeks like an itch I can't scratch. Here is what I know: The chorus sounds a lot like the chorus of "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire, but it's definitely a different song. The chorus sounds like a group of people all singing "Hella! Hella! (pause) HellaHella! Hella! Hella! (pause) HellaHella! Hella! Hella! (pause) HellaHella! oh oh OhOH oh oh oh!" [more inside]
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Mystery hot powdered peach "tea" drink mix

A long time ago I used to buy this sugary, peach flavored powdered drink mix (think hot apple cider mix) in single serve packets that was served hot like apple cider, from an asian grocery store in canada. Does anyone know what it was or where I can still get it? [more inside]
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Spies and First Ladies! (childhood books filter)

I was just reading this thread asking for good mysteries for children. I wanted to chime in with a great story/series which of course I cannot for the life of me now remember. As I recall it was at least two, maybe more short stories or novellas. The letter Q always seemed to be involved (nod to James Bond no doubt?). There was one which I think was entitled The Four Quarters which featured a kidnapping solved by triangulating homing pidgeons. [more inside]
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videogame recs?

I've been thinking lately about buying a new game to play, and I'd like some suggestions. [more inside]
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Finding the best climate, with technology?

Is there an online tool that lets me find locations in the US (or world) that meet searchable climate criteria? [more inside]
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Feeling stuck - fix my life!

Bit of an exaggeration: obviously there’s no easy fix for such a thing, but all thoughts greatly welcomed. Me: 30, female, single, only child, living in a big city on the Canadian west coast, artsy degree, medium-term underemployed at an entry-level communications job with no prospects and feeling stuck all around. Problem: Recovering anxiety sufferer, medicated for depression, need to start making personal and professional progress - start a satisfying career, find a partner - and looking for any insight, ideas, suggestions on how to do that. [more inside]
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Spreekt u Engels?

I will be traveling in Europe for a couple weeks. I am only fluent in English. What's the best way to communicate effectively without being rude? [more inside]
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From old Mac and external HD to new Mac and external HD

I've got a Mac from 2009 and a new(er) Macbook Air from 2011. Ever since I got the 2009 model, it has been the one I use for managing my music library, which has for years lived on an external hard drive. Now I'm trying to swap both, and I'd like to do it with as little pain as possible. [more inside]
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Help me reboot my career

I'm planning on moving to Denver at the end of October. I've been on disability for mental health reasons for the past few years, but am ready now to try re-entering the workforce. My education record is strong, but my work history since then has been spotty. I'm sure the time gap between jobs doesn't help either. Ideally, I would like to find a part time or contract position in supply chain management or logistics. Is there any hope to make this happen? What steps would you take if you were in my position? Thanks!
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Fear of Sharks while Stand up Paddle Boarding in Southern Cali

How can I get over my fear of great white sharks while while stand up Paddle boarding in the open ocean in Southern California? [more inside]
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I Feel So Exposed

Does it matter which direction I park to minimize heat to car? [more inside]
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Laptop Bag for a newbie Executive

Hit me with your favorite laptop bags. I have seen the previous threads and yes, I have some unique needs. [more inside]
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I'm looking for short audio documentaries that are full of natural sound

No, not necessarily THAT kind of natural sound. I'm looking for audio documentaries or short podcasts or podcast segments that use of a lot of documentary/actual sound of the topic being reported on. [more inside]
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Is this safe?

My husband wants to cap off a heating duct. Is this a reasonable way to handle the problem? [more inside]
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You are not my Optometrist.

There's a part of my eyeglasses prescription that doesn't make sense. I ordered my glasses anyways, and now I fear the glasses I got aren't right. [more inside]
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People who would be arrested if they came to the US?

Is there anywhere a full or partial list of people who would be arrested if they came to the US? I think Roman Polanski was potentially such a person but maybe this is a mistake or the perhaps whole trope doesn't make sense in the first place. Thanks!
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How do you roll your eyes?

My daughter's friend told her she rolls her eyes wrong - she just looks up instead of rolling them around in a circle. I have the feeling that a brief upward glance (rather than the more dramatic circular motion) is actually the most typical everyday eye roll. But I have no evidence to support this belief. Give me actual evidence for or against my gut feeling. How do you and the people you know perform an eye roll? [more inside]
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Overhead lighting vs lamps

Are there differences in personality between those who prefer lamps vs overhead lighting? [more inside]
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Do I need to tell my bank to whom I'm wiring money?

My U.S. retail bank refuses to send a domestic wire transfer from my account unless I first tell them the purpose of the transaction. I think it's none of their damn business. Am I in the wrong? [more inside]
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I don’t know what turns me on. What next?

I enjoy sex when I get turned on enough, but have trouble getting turned on. I want my SO to woo me and help me get in the mood. But I have no idea what gets me in the mood and there doesn’t seem to be much consistency in what works for me. How can I get in touch with what turns me on? [more inside]
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What interesting detective stuff can my daughter read / watch ?

My daughter (7 yo) craves detective stories. I'm looking for books, comics, movies recommendations to build a collection of material suitable for her age.
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Why is it "charley horse" and not "charlie horse"?

"Charlie" is a much more common shortening of "Charles" than "Charley." But the North American phrase for an involuntary spasm in the calf muscle is always spelt "charley horse." How's come? [more inside]
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August 25

Help me identify this older Christian song.

I have this bit of music in my head that I cannot positively identify or find online. The time I would have heard it would have been early or mid 80s, probably '83 or '84. I think it was sort of spoken word, set to music. It was (mostly?) about the crucifixion of Jesus. [more inside]
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Returning from separation

I separated from my spouse for the summer. Now I'm going back. What should I be considering? [more inside]
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Atypical gallbladder symptoms and second opinions from distracted gastro

Hello AskMeFi, I know YANAD! But a second opinion from a gastroenterologist about gallbladder issues has me confused. Have you had my symptoms? What would you do? [more inside]
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Help me find men's skinny jeans for a tall person

I go through jeans at an alarming rate. My current/all time favourite pair, are Uniqlo's Miracle Air skinny jeans, but sadly it looks like they've discontinued them. Do you know of any jeans that are similar? [more inside]
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creatine vs a natural testosterone booster?

Hi - I'm a 50-something athlete who's been hearing a lot about both creatine and natural testosterone boosters as a way to, among other things, build strength and quicken recovery times. I've never taken anything prior but I'm, if nothing else, now curious to know more. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Experiences? Thanks in advance!
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How Do I Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Tour

My partner would like to take a guided tour of Taiwan during our vacation. I always do self-guided travel and am afraid it will be awkward. Is there a way for it to not be? [more inside]
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Where in the world should I live?

Requirements: cheap cost of living (this is the most important factor!); no need to learn a language beyond English (also crucial!); warm weather (75-90˚F/23-30˚C); fast internet; safe. Thoughts and advice? [more inside]
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Is there a website that has modern-style historical world maps?

I want to find a website where I can look at a map of the world, set a point in time, and see the lands and borders of that day/month/year, preferably on a modern map, such as a blank/generic Google map. Does that exist? [more inside]
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How to find a non-profit account and lawyer for cheap/free help?

I am part of a NYC resistance group that formed after the election, and we are looking for a free/very cheap non-profit accountant and lawyer for advice. What is the best way to find some specialized assistance? [more inside]
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Strategies for Firefighter Relationships?

I'm coming up on five years in a relationship with a career wildland firefighter. He proposed a while ago and I happily said yes, but what does building a life together mean when he's gone for a huge chunk of each year? I have so many questions about how to sustain a marriage through the chaos of firefighting, and don't have anyone in real life to discuss with that's in the same or a similar situation. Hoping there are some firefighter spouses or partners who can share some of their wisdom with me! [more inside]
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Install rails on camper shell

I have a Yakima system installed on the roof rails of my car. I would like to be able to simply lift the entire assembly (towers, bars, and box) and put it on the camper shell of my truck. Is it possible to install similar rails on the camper shell? Photos here
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Help with a medication name

I was furiously scribbling down a list of medications being given to me over the phone. I'm normally pretty good at translating the sounds into something I can at least type in Google and get the spelling corrected, but I'm stumped on this one. I wrote down "tranosylpranine sulfate." The "o" is hesitant enough that I may have been trying to write a different letter. The list is mostly psychiatric medications that would help with depression, ADHD, and/or narcolepsy. Any ideas?
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Amanda Hugankiss, and other terrible (wonderful?) Punny Names

I overheard what sounded like a risqué punch line to a joke. So now I wonder... is there an actual joke whose punch line is "Sal Pinkingside"? [more inside]
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Things to do in Milwaukee?

Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated! I'm going to end up with a couple days in Milwaukee next month. I like everything. What should I be doing?
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Smoothing plywood edges

How can I create smooth, exposed edges on my plywood projects ? Specifics inside. [more inside]
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Workbook with Tips for Networking and Social Anxiety

Yay me I am looking for a new job. I have been told that I need to 'get out there and network.' But I already struggle with social anxiety. The idea of going to coffee with someone I am not super close with and asking about job leads feels disingenuous. Is there maybe a good blog post on this, or a workbook? I would appreciate any tips or advice.
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Books about Australia for an 11-12 year old

One of my kids gets to go to Australia next year thanks to a kind relative. This same relative wants kiddo to prepare for the trip by reading about Australia. What books would be good for the kid that age to read? I'm looking for recommendations for non-fiction about Australia (or portions thereof) as well as fiction set in Australia. Kid is 11, will turn 12 relatively soon, and reads at least a couple grade levels ahead.
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What should I be doing with my hair?

I'm 23 years old and way too neurodivergent to understand the beauty world. I want to start taking care of my hair better, but I don't know where to start and am getting overwhelmed with all the information and products. [more inside]
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Should I want to be the next Steve Jobs?

I have been a 'web professional' here in the UK for around 15 years, largely on content management/platform development across web, social, mobile, film and, recently, VR/AR. My manager now wants me to move into a ‘pure product’ role. This is way less of a thing here than in the US and I have doubts on whether it's a good career choice for me, can you offer perspective? [more inside]
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Everything is terrible. I need a new game.

I am not A Gamer, but I've been known to play a PC game or two. I need a new distraction so I can turn my brain and anxieties off for an hour or two a night. I am ridiculously picky. Do you like a challenge? I have the snowflakes. Brace yourselves. [more inside]
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Cape Town Vellies

Hey, Cape Town-ians - I'm traveling to your fair city in October of this year, and I'd like to purchase a pair of genuine, ladies veldskoen, aka vellies, aka Southern African walking shoes. Can you recommend shops in Cape Town where I might find them? I'll be staying in the Gardens / Tamboerskloof / City Centre area with access to pubic transportation, so you'll earn bonus points for easily accessible locations!
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What major gender or racial discrimination cases have failed, and why?

In the aftermath of the Ellen Pao case, I'm interested in other major gender or racial discrimination cases that have failed. What is the reason these cases fail? [more inside]
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what's the most succinct way to phrase this rule?

I want to have Just One Rule in my MS classroom this year, under which all other rules fall. What I have so far is "make learning your #1 priority." I like the concept but I'm not wild about the phrasing. Help me punch it up! [more inside]
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Help me find a high quality notebook

I'm looking for a high quality notebook that will be part of a gift. There have been similar questions on this topic, but all the ones I found have different requirements. Anonymous because this gift is for someone who knows my MeFi username. [more inside]
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It's our turn to ask the windfall questions

We got a windfall of $250k. It came in the form of a personal check and has been deposited in our savings account for now. After reading all the relevant Metafilter threads I could find, here's everything I think you'll want to know: [more inside]
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Looking for a 90s video with a weeble wobble person

I recall a music video on MTV in the early 90s with a weeble wobble person. They didn't feature prominently in the video. It was as if they were bulky wearing weeble wobble overalls. They might have been making signs with their hands. They slowly bobbed back and forth in just a couple scenes. [more inside]
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Awesome, inspiring girl names besides Jane or Moana or Katniss

Suggestions for a first name for our baby girl. I've been reviewing lists of women scientists, activists, feminists, kick ass literary characters but nothing yet that we love. [more inside]
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Freaked out by workplace anti-Semitism

My coworker offered to tell me an anti-Semitic joke. I am ethnically Jewish. Can you help me move on? [more inside]
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How to paint over exterior oil paint?

10 years ago I built a wooden shed and painted it with oil paint. Now it needs repainting and no one sells oil paint anymore. What to do? [more inside]
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Help me not feel guilty about reading during the day.

I have a freelance writing/editing life with a workflow that varies and a schedule I regulate, at least in part. I have nice gaps of open time, some days more than others, but my schedule is nicely flexible. [more inside]
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Looking for a Minneapolis curly hair stylist without the Deva nonsense.

I'm looking for a hair stylist in Minneapolis who is good with curly hair, but will do a wet cut. Any recommendations? [more inside]
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Please help me unpack this

I had a rather negative reaction to a video posted on Facebook and I need to process why it bothered me and if my reaction was warranted. [more inside]
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Possible to fix "checked" / split cedar posts?

I had some fencing put in last year, and a number of the posts have "checked"--i.e., split. Depending on the weather, the cracks are really big--up to 1/4" wide. Installer was unmoved. Is it possible to reduce the checking--i.e., glue together when the cracks are smaller? Or will future changes of humidity cause the cracks to open again? [more inside]
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Quantifying my cranky lungs

I've had what I refer to as 'cranky lungs' (asthma, but also the 'every cold goes to my chest and moves in for several months' and some residual lung scarring from a pre-teen bout of bacterial pneumonia.) It's annoying, but I'm used to it. I want to track symptoms better. What to use for tracking turns out to be a challenge. [more inside]
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What do I do with my marriage?

I thought we were on the same page about having kids. In fact, we have been actively trying since April. He has moved pages. I haven't. What do I do? Extremely disjointed wall-o-text inside. [more inside]
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Advice, tips or experiences purchasing a rental vehicle?

I am considering buying a Hyundai Sonata that was previously part of the Hertz rental fleet. Does anyone in MeFi-land have experience buying a car that was previously a rental? [more inside]
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Whole House Water Filter vs. Single Sink Water Filter

We're updating our kitchen and want some sort of built-in water filter. Looking at either having a built-in (under-counter) water filter for the kitchen sink only, or a whole-house filter. More thoughts under the cut. [more inside]
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Help me name our wi-fi network

I see all these clever wi-fi network names and I get so jealous. Why can't we have that? Wait. With your help, maybe we can! [more inside]
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Help me negotiate feeling pressured to move in with my boyfriend

My long-distance boyfriend of nine months has just moved to the city where I live. He's been dropping hints and making suggestions about moving in with me, which I've been vaguely agreeing with because I understand why he wants to. But I've had a previous bad experience which makes me worried and uncomfortable with the whole situation, and I don't even know how to start approaching this. [more inside]
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August 24

Bicurious... maybe?

After 34 years of considering myself straight, I've had some feels lately that have me wondering if maybe I am less straight than I thought? Along with those come lots of other feels about appropriation and being an impostor and feeling kind of confusingly scared and sad. How do I even start unpacking all this? [more inside]
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italy late September

Go north? Milan, Bergamo, Tuscany? Or south? Rome, Puglia, Sicily? Thoughts and suggestions?
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Joss paper

I was thinking of using some hell money purchased in Penang, Malaysia, to decorate a small item of furniture using decoupage. Would this be considered disrespectful? Obviously I will not do so if that is the case. Answers from people from the appropriate traditions or with actual familiarity with them only, please.
posted by tavegyl at 10:04 PM PST - 6 comments

How to refinish furniture?

I'm in the position where I need to refinish a piece of furniture quickly. How do I do this? The piece of furniture is currently stained wood, with scratches. My understanding is that I need to sand with coarser sandpaper (carefully and evenly) until I don't see scratches, and then sand with finer sandpaper until the surface feels reasonably smooth. Then I do a coat of primer, wait for it to dry, and then paint the color of my choice? Help?
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Can I get feedback on my okcupid profile?

Following up from this question about finding my fellow weirdos on dating sites, I would love some feedback on my OkCupid profile. [more inside]
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Scenic Upstate NY town with amtrak stop

I'm going to be visiting Albany in the fall and won't have a car. I'd like to plan a trip via amtrak to somewhere further Upstate. Looking mainly for a town with some accessible natural beauty. I probably will want to do it all over a weekend. Any ideas?
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Yet Another "Where Should I Live?"

What neighborhoods should my girlfriend and I (and our two cats) look at renting in, in West Los Angeles / Southbay? She just got an offer in Long Beach, and I work in Playa Vista. [more inside]
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Do doctors really order unnecessary tests to make more money?

I'm in California, first-time pregnant (over age 35), and have a platinum level Affordable Care Act (ACA) HMO plan with $0 deductible. I am really new to both medical treatment and insurance as I grew up without having any medical problems or insurance. So regular OB referred me to a specialist OB since I had expressed interest in the NIPT test (blood test for DNA for Down's syndrome, etc). The specialist OB ended up doing my anatomy scan, and he said everything looked fine. However, he also ordered a fetal echocardiogram for 2 weeks later and a follow-up ultrasound a month later. I was reading about the fetal echocardiogram and did not recognize any risk factors applying to me. [more inside]
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Where should I be posting my photos?

I like to take and share photos of landscapes, and I like wide, panoramic aspect ratios. I enjoy Instagram as a platform for sharing photos, but it is hot garbage at panoramas. Also, I'd like to have somewhere with a little sharper focus on photography as an art form, where I can be exposed to and learn from the works of people who are more skilled and experienced than me. Where? [more inside]
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Is there a site/hub with pre-written custom Google Analytics dimensions?

Hi, I just inherited a GA account and clicking around I realized I could build my own reports but I am limited to few basic dimensions like excluding pages and stuff like that. Does a site exist that has some of these custom dimensions and metrics available to copy and learn from? Thanks!
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Tips for Activism

I am interested in becoming involved in activism on my campus. What's the best place to start? [more inside]
posted by thedarksideofprocyon at 4:25 PM PST - 12 comments

Books or other resources for parents of children with mental illness

I'm looking for books or other resources for parents of children with mental illness. Some parameters: Books for parents of school-age children preferred. Less interested in diagnoses like ASD or ADHD, which are pretty well covered here and elsewhere; more interested in major depression, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and others.
posted by chesty_a_arthur at 2:43 PM PST - 5 comments

Books about dragons for a precocious 11-year-old

My 11-year-old niece is a big fan of How to Train Your Dragon. What other age-appropriate books revolve around dragons? [more inside]
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Street Photography In or Near Cancún

My wife and I (Americans) have been invited to join relatives who own a timeshare in Cancún for about five days in October. The further away I can (safely) get away from tourist culture while I'm there (at least for a day or two), the better. Difficulty: I will have no car, and I'm not wealthy. [more inside]
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Resources for transition away from family/individuation

Looking for worksheets, reading material, etc, I can work through to process thoughts and feelings from the process of individuating/transitioning away from my family, particularly anger/guilt. [more inside]
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Words for a particular scattering of ashes

I was health care proxy and general carer for a man in our Quaker meeting who lived in a local nursing home. He died in May, and a very small group of us will be scattering his ashes this Saturday. I am usually very good at finding readings for things but I am at a loss this time. More details below. [more inside]
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Consulting vs full-time work as the parent of a toddler?

I'm still struggling with how to balance work and home as the parent of a toddler. An update on my options is inside -- I could move ahead with a full-time job or become a consultant. It's a nice problem to have, I realize -- but what do you do when you can't figure out how to move forward, when your emotions keep vacillating even after lots of thinking, getting advice, and talking with your significant other? I simply can't figure out what to do, and I'm way past the deadline to make a decision. [more inside]
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One discount house for here, please.

Where in the US can I buy a house for 100k? Even better, where can I do this and meet a few key criteria along the way? [more inside]
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Looking for an all-in-one typewriter/word processor/printer for office

I'm a doctor in an office that still uses paper charts. My handwriting is horrible and, despite my pleas, we won't be converting to an electronic record until after the older partners retire. I'm looking for a device on which I can type and quickly print text that can be taped into the paper chart, almost like a label maker or old-school word processor. Ideally, it would print on a 8.5" x 2" strip of regular paper (not a plastic label), but full pages would be ok too. Does anyone have suggestions for me? Thanks!
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Treating diastasis recti in New York

Can anyone make a recommendation for a physical therapist to treat diastasis recti in New York City? [more inside]
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Adopting kittens: Avoid the doppelganger?

I had to euthanize the best cat ever (with apologies to my surviving cat) on Tuesday. I'm going to adopt two kittens sometime soon. One of the kittens available for adoption near me looks a lot like the cat who passed away. I immediately scratched her off the list because of the resemblance, but I don't know if that's a silly reason to disqualify her. [more inside]
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Why do women who aren't my wife touch me but only when I'm with my wife?

So this thing happens when I'm with my wife in mixed company where women will touch my arm, lower back, and side. Usually it's a glancing touch while they're talking, but somethings it's more lingering. One woman tugged my beard right in front of my wife. I haven't been able to ascertain any pattern (some are older, some younger, some women of color, some white, some immigrants, some born citizens). Yet it never happens when I'm not with my wife. Why does this happen? I'm at a loss.
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Newer developments in antidepressants for this member of the 60%

The 60%, that is, of people who take anti-depressants and do not get any benefit from them. [more inside]
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Is there a way to see what Twitter client someone tweeted from?

Way back when Twitter used to display what client someone tweeted from, but that's no longer the case. I believe this information is available via the Twitter API, but for us layfolk is there an easy (ideally web-based) way to find this out for a given tweet?
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Why does my stomach hurt after eating?

This morning I woke up fine, ate some oatmeal for breakfast, and had to lie down halfway through from sudden stomach pains. After around 15 minutes, the pain disappeared. I went to work, ate a piece of fresh fruit, and 5-10 minutes later the exact same thing happened. What's going on with my stomach? [more inside]
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Vacation Rental for 35 in North East USA

I am looking for a place to rent for 35 people for a week next summer. Requirements: * Not more than 2-3 hours from an airport * Near a lake, river, or ocean * Has a kitchen * Anywhere from Delaware, through Connecticut (including Pennsylvania and New York) - people will be coming from DC, NJ, Boston - ideally most could drive * Budget $10k. I looked on VRBO and Google but have not found much. Camping is not under consideration. Any ideas?
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Why Does The Mind Do Such Shoddy Detail Work Re: Dream Imagery?

In dreams, any sort of writing appears blurry/squiggly/unreadable. It seems apparent that we lack the cognitive bandwidth to fully populate such data-rich imagery on the fly, so we fudge (and our dream narration finds excuses for it). Other detail fudging occurs in dreams, as well. Might there be anything interesting to discover about cognitive power by testing the parameters of this shortfall, e.g. via lucid dreamers who can consciously evoke given imagery? Also: any speculation as to why the mind does such lousy CGI?
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Help me survive a terrible layover in Singapore

This Saturday I will be flying from Jakarta at 6am and arriving in Singapore at 8am. Then, at 10:30pm ON A DIFFERENT AIRLINE AND TICKET, I will have my final flight home. I am desperate for a place to rest/nap for a few hours before possibly going to explore Singapore for the afternoon and returning to the airport for my final flight. Ideas? [more inside]
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Office fight club

I'm currently working a job that's on a temporary contract that lasts until the end of this year. There are five of us on these contracts and a few permanent staff on the team. One of the permanent staff has left to take on a new job elsewhere and her permanent job is now being advertised internally. A few people on the team really want the damn job. What was previously a pleasant, harmonious team has turned super-competitive and it's starting to get to me a bit. What do I do?! [more inside]
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How have you learned to live with depression?

I have been in therapy for nearly ten years. It has helped tremendously. I have been focused on fighting depression, beating depression, curing depression - you name it. But I'm starting to wonder if it would be more helpful to gently accept it into my life and learn how to live this way. I'm tired of fighting. [more inside]
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Taming fine, unruly 2A/2B/2C hair. Difficulty level: No blow dryer : (

I'll most likely be away from a hair dryer for a month. I'm going on vacation, and there will be nice pictures taken all over Europe... I don't want to look like something the cat dragged in. I'm not sure what to do about my hair. Details below the fold. [more inside]
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How do see the To: address on forwarded email without opening it?

I have a domain, and give every company or website who needs an email address a different one. So if my domain is, Amazon sends email to, costco to, etc. This theoretically lets me figure out who had let out my email address, as well as easily filtering anything to that address, if I started getting a lot of spam. Everything sent to any address in that domain gets forwarded to one gmail address. [more inside]
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Identify Amsterdam busker

Can anyone identify the artist in this BBC podcast at 12:55, seems to be a street busker in Amsterdam, very engaging. A long shot as he may be completely unknown. I emailed the BBC but no response. Also googled song lyrics, checked for youtubes.
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Executive-ish Job Offer Negotiation?

I'm considering a Senior Vice President job at a media company - by far the most senior level position I've been considered for. I'm an attorney by training and have helped friends negotiate their offers in other lines of work (usually doctors) but I'm not used to being in the position of negotiating an executive level job offer beyond some general basics (sign-on bonus, salary, equity, etc). At a certain level, should I hire my own attorney to help negotiate the offer? Have people done this themselves? Did it help to have another attorney involved?
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What sites get comments right?

I'm working on the design of a blog. Can you point to any sites that just nail comments? I am hoping to find some inspiration. [more inside]
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How to start a house renovation?

We have a huge chunk of work that needs to be done on our house... and I have no idea how to start. Help! [more inside]
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Knoxville/GSMNP trip recommendations, 2017 ed.

My partner and I will be taking a week-long trip to the Knoxville/Smoky Mountains area of Tennessee this October. What are the things we should definitely plan to do? [more inside]
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Biggest problem ever: where do we go for our 'free' vacation?

I have 140K+ points on Southwest and some must be spent by Dec 31, 2017 or I will lose them all (I don't think I need to spend them all). And we need a vacation. So my husband and I decided to take a long weekend....somewhere. I also have a good number of Marriott points so we could potentially use those if it works out. But we cannot decide...a lot of destinations sound 'nice' but nothing is particularly attracting us and since we will need to layout some cash for things like rentals, food, etc., we are just paralyzed. WHERE should we go? Constraints and wishes inside.... [more inside]
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Mold in air conditioners questions

Found some mold in window air conditioners, trying to figure out what to do now. [more inside]
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Getting a person at my office to leave me alone.

For the past two months I've worked a contract position for a well-regarded, mid-sized company in my field. This feels like a big break for me, and for the most part I've acclimated well to the job and to my coworkers. Unfortunately, one very weird woman at my company is making me uncomfortable. [more inside]
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Can you ID these two flowering plants?

I would love to plant these in my yard, but I need to know what they are first. Can you identify these 2 plants growing in a front yard in upstate NY?
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What should I do in New York City next month: evenings only

I will be in New York (staying in Midtown) for a couple weeks for work next month. What's the best stuff to do & see if I can't get out until the early evening? [more inside]
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August 23

Emergency Supply of Medication - Sweden

I can't find my US prescribed medication - can I get an emergency supply here in Sweden? [more inside]
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Help Me Pick a Layover

On way to Rome from New York with points. Layovers are Helsinki (7 hours) vs. London (12 hours). Time of Year is mid-November. Travel Pros here and bags will be checked through to destination. Assume number of points and difference in fees. We like cities and something different (unique food, art, ways of life) [more inside]
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would you rent an apartment with a windowless living room?

Thinking of doing a conversion on a 1BR apartment that I currently rent out. The neighborhood is full of students and most of them can't afford to rent a 1BR because they like to live with a roommate to split the rent. The apartment I have has an enormous living room that is 25 x 17 feet that could be split in half such that the front half that has the windows could be another bedroom. That would leave the living room in the interior without any windows (although it does connect to the kitchen, which has a small window on the side). What do people think about the windowless living room? I've seen it on many apartments in Manhattan. Would it make the apartment less desirable for having a dark room or more desirable (because two people could split the rent)?
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Burning playlists onto CDs from iTunes in true AIFF format

Hi All, So I ripped my CD collection onto iTunes recently and strictly in the AIFF format. First question...does iTunes truly preserve the full integrity of an AIFF file or does it dumb it down in some backhanded way? So first I want to know if I have a true blue AIFF file on my hands (in iTunes) if that's how I ripped it. [more inside]
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What is this Dystopian Book that I read?

It started out with this person, in a winter area, who then had to travel. [more inside]
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Is it a good idea for me to buy a condo?

I am thinking about buying a condo. Struggling between 'life is in transition right now' and 'if I don't do it now, I might never be able to afford it.' Special snowflake details below. [more inside]
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What to say in a request for identifying information letter

My state allows adoptees to request the names of their birth parents, but the adoptee is required to include a statement with the request. There are examples online of what to include in a non-identifying request, but what should I put in my identifying one. What should I say to make the most effective letter? One important note: I'm not allowed to include that might identify myself. [more inside]
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Good current blues?

Please recommend contemporary blues I should listen to. [more inside]
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What's the easiest way to protect a decoupaged wall?

I'd like to decoupage a wall with some old book pages, but I don't want to destroy my drywall. Ideally, I'd like to find something simple to install as an underlayer that will allow me to take the whole thing off relatively easily. Is there anything (inexpensive) that people use to do this? I've googled, but I didn't find a lot related to this specific issue. Thanks!
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Headphone recommendations?

I need something through which to listen to sound while I'm at work, to drown out distracting conversations happening around me. Earbuds are often uncomfortable for me. I'm a complete novice to audio. Any suggestions? :) Ear bud solution: not breaking quickly, not hurting in ear, staying on if moving, cancelling sound (but maybe not always), wireless for exercise?, not broadcasting sound to everyone. Prepared to have buds or on-ear. [more inside]
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What good does a dollar in the bank do vs. a dollar given to charity?

Is there any quantitative analysis in existence comparing different allocation of a single dollar and the differing amounts of good those allocations would make? There are many ways to put a dollar to work, but what is the best one? [more inside]
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Gimme your hopeful songs - preferably dancers...

Can anyone recommend some tunes for general promotion of joy, frenzied dancing and it's-all-good-no-matter-what vibes? [more inside]
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Workout Routines for the Time Constrained

I've been trying to lose weight and get in shape this year. So far, so good! I've dropped 25 pounds, and worked my way up to 25 pound dumbbells at the gym. I think I'm hitting the limit of my workout routine... and I don't have a lot of time I can spend at the gym. Where do I go from here? [more inside]
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Reasonable J-E technical translation rates per source character?

I'm to be translating a ~50 page Japanese technical auto manual into English, and the client would like an estimate. The material is fairly esoteric which would justify charging a bit more, but I'm a relative newcomer to the field which would justify charging a bit less... though I'll be doing more work on research, etc than someone more experienced. How would you go about things in my situation? (I'd like to charge per source character, since it seems simplest to estimate.) [more inside]
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What is this scam

My parents and I keep getting calls from a 'company' stating they can help us access funds from the sale of a property we have in trust, in exchange for a cut. They won't stop calling. I don't even understand their scam. Can you help? [more inside]
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I can't afford these office lunches

How can I decline work celebration lunches? [more inside]
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My Google-fu is not strong enough for this question

Not asking you to do my homework but... I'm trying to find the volume (in US$ terms) of diaper rash creams and baby lotions sold in the USA each year and I'm unable to find it. Most leads point me to paid report such as this one. Does anyone know how to frame the question in order to obtain good results? or which Search Engine is most appropriate for that kind of search?
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How should I go about looking for acting jobs?

I see Netflix, Showtime, HBO, Hulu, et al. putting more and more billions into original content every year. How do you suggest I begin looking for acting jobs in my area (central Florida)? [more inside]
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How to Build Me a Software

You may remember me from this question. I have come a long way since then and, for a different company, have built my Portfolio Management Database too. It's very nice, thank you. What would I have to learn to turn it into standalone software? [more inside]
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Is retirement fun? What do you do all day??

My partner and I are having ongoing conversations about saving for retirement, and something I'm coming up against is a lack of imagination for how good retirement can be--a retirement "dream" to plan for. So please share your retirement anecdotes and realities with me! [more inside]
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Financial Advice

Should I use my mutual funds from my 401K rollover to pay off my debt? [more inside]
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Make-ahead camping meals/snacks that don't need refrigeration

I'm going camping this weekend and I want to make snacks and possibly meals ahead of time. [more inside]
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Airport to work in: IAH or EWR?

Which airport is more comfortable to spend a full day working in airside: IAH or EWR? Flying United. Both are the same fare. Looking for a good place to sit down with power plugs that has a table or desk-like space so I don't have to prop my laptop on my actual lap. [more inside]
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Photo posting and backup workflow with Slack and Dropbox

I'm working as a photographer for a show. I have a multi-step process involving photos that requires me to do a ton of repetitive steps involving backing up to two separate Dropbox accounts and then posting links from one of those accounts into a group Slack channel. I'd love to automate this. [more inside]
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Trying to find an airplane disaster

I'm looking for a particular plane crash story. [more inside]
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Give me greasy music, please

Ray Wylie Hubbard performed his "Snake Farm" in concert recently, and called it "greasy" ("That one's so good'n'grEEEzy," he said, in case inflection makes a difference). What does this word mean in this usage, and can you give me more of it? [more inside]
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I'm Gonna Show You Crazy

Similar songs to Bebe Rexha's I'm Gonna Show You Crazy? Loving the lyrics and overall feel of the song. Just left an abusive relationship and looking for similar sounding songs to take my power back.
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Why are someone doing this?

I'm running a small blog, and recently I have been getting subscribers to my email list, about 50 a week, from accounts like They are all outlook accounts, but don't respond to emails and emails to them are not bouncing. I have no idea why anyone would do this. Has anyone else seen this? I'm using Feedburner.
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Should I disclose my PTSD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder to HR?

In order to provide myself with more security at my job, I am considering requesting reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Despite years of participating in weekly therapy sessions and taking (many) prescription medications to manage the symptoms for diagnoses of PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Dysthmic Disorder, I have experienced bouts of insomnia, anxiety, or panic attacks that have negatively impacted my performance with other employers. I always managed to persevere and perform well, but only with a lot of fancy footwork and struggling. I want to know if I have legitimate options to handle this in a better way with my current employer (a large university). I would especially like to hear from a) people who work in HR at large companies or universities, b) psychiatrists or therapists who have played a role in this process for patients, or c) individuals who sought reasonable accommodations for mental health issues like general anxiety disorder, PTSD, or depression. [more inside]
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Hiring: evaluating collegiality and "fit" without bias?

I'm a member of a small research group that is making some hiring decisions and I've been asked for my feedback on a few candidates. Could someone point me to some resources/best practices about how to evaluate whether or not someone seems like they'd be a good colleague, without imposing a notion of "a good fit" that could be unfair (especially to under-represented minorities)? [more inside]
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What do I do with a sudden influx of cash due to divorce?

I am about to have a large amount of money due to divorce and the sale of my former home. What do I do with it? [more inside]
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Fast cheap and...not out of control, hopefully

Trying to find a fast, light, cheap road bike for commuting. Looking for something that is single speed and can get me from here to there, can take a beating, and that's about it. The lighter the better!
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ISO kitchen storage

I am looking for kitchen dry good storage that meets the following: [more inside]
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Do I need to lose these 7lbs? (Content warning for weight loss)

I recently discovered I weigh seven pounds more than I thought I did because it turns out I've been using a faulty set of bathroom scales: 8 stone 7 (119 lbs/54kg) instead of 8 stone flat (112 lbs/51kg) and I feel like I need to get "back" to what I thought I was. [more inside]
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August 22

How to handle MIL who has invited herself on a trip

Bear with me: I know there are lots of riffs on "MIL inviting themselves on vacation" type posts. This is my situation, which is a little different than any I've seen so far. I am separated from my husband (her son, obviously), have been for two years. Long story, but it was a sad ending, and MIL only knows a partial, simplified reason for why it ended because she and FIL are very judgmental and I was worried about them treating my husband badly. (My reason: he's still a nice guy, good dad. Our marital issues are not their concern.) [more inside]
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Yet another mystery book question

In the vein of cherished childhood YA books, there's one that I can't quite remember, but would dearly love to find. Blurry details below. [more inside]
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What's up with the cars parking on the off-ramps?

So here's a stumper. In the mid-80's or so I drove south down I-5 to LA to meet up with I-10 and go from there to Phoenix. All along the southern part of I-5 there were cars parked along the sides of the off-ramps, tons of cars. All I could think of was that maybe there was such a huge population that this really was actual broken down or abandoned cars waiting to be towed or something, but does anyone know what was really up with that? There were a lot of them and they were on every single off-ramp.
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What was it like to have terminal syphilis in the US in the 1920s?

My father's father, an middle class Irish-American, died of syphilis in the midwest in 1924 when my father was about 14 years old. Since everyone with direct knowledge is long gone, I don't have any relatives I can ask about this episode in family history. I'm interested in informed comments and/or citations to works of fiction or nonfiction that would shed light on what that experience was like for my grandfather, my grandmother, my father and his younger brother, the family unit as a whole and the larger community. [more inside]
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Try Before You Buy Engineering

I'm an electrical engineer currently in the market for a new job. A smaller company I just interviewed at for a full-time position asked if I'd be willing to do a small project on a freelance basis. I've been out of the market for about 10 years is this the New Normal? [more inside]
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Skydiving after breaking your back?

If you have broken your back in the past and then, years later, gone skydiving, I would love to know how your experience was. My doctor is saying neither yes nor no. I had a compression fracture of my T-12 21 years ago. I still experience some pain. I'm not asking whether or not I should do this or not--rather, I would love to hear from anyone who has had a similar injury and went on to do a tandem jump. How did it go for you?
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What's the best way to magnify an eclipse? With two viewers?

So the eclipse was amazing, and an acquaintance watched it with binoculars and managed to see a solar flare rise up and curve back into the sun at the last second of totality. That sounds amazing and so I want to see awesome(r) things in 2024. What good options do I have for looking at a magnified image of the corona during the totality? [more inside]
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Non-comedogenic, dry makeup primer?

Last year I received a sample of makeup primer, and I was surprised at how much improved my skin looks with it. Since then, I have been trying out a few different primers and haven't found a perfect one yet. They either feel too silicone-ey and greasy, and/or they seem to break me out. Does a dry-feeling, non-comedogenic primer exist? (Bonus if it also has some glow to it but not required).
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What are some great looking AND super comfortable dress shoes?

So I've got very big trip planned. My last one of those, I bought some dressy hiking boots with solid reviews that I intended to use as my main shoes. The hybrid of looks and comfort didn't pass muster and my feet paid a price. I know that I could just go with standard walking shoes but anything that looks like it could be on Hiker's Monthly, isn't going to be appropriate for a more upscale urban tourism. And I'm trying NOT to lug around two sets of shoes. So IS there anything that does both? I'm willing to spend to make it happen.
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Experiences similar to total eclipse

What other experiences could I seek out that are on par with the wonder of seeing a total solar eclipse? [more inside]
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European soccer crazed son -- birthday idea(s)?

My son (15), who BTW does not play soccer, is obsessed with European soccer. Doesn't matter what league. It probably stems from a fascination with the XBOX game FIFA, but it has extended to watching the real thing with a passion. I'd love to take him to a quality game in Europe -- ANYWHERE -- but I have no idea where I might get the best bang for the buck. [more inside]
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Recurring lip ulcers

What do recurring lip ulcers mean? How can they be prevented? [more inside]
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My neighbor's dog bit me. Now what?

I went over to their house on Sunday to bring them something. She brought the dog out with her, holding it by the collar because it was barking and trying to approach me. It lunged at me and sunk two teeth into my upper thigh, through my athletic shorts, before she pulled it back. Now what do I do? [more inside]
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Clear zippered storage bags

Can you point me retailers of various sized clear zippered storage bags? Looking for the type that American sheets and comforters are typically sold in. [more inside]
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Twinkle Twinkle Little aaaargh

We just bought a house. Previous owners had small kids, and it turns out the doorbell plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, which is unacceptable for us. Chime unit doesn't look reprogrammable - can we buy a new chime unit and get it to work with the existing doorbell or do we need to buy a whole new set including new doorbell? [more inside]
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How do I tell if my toilet cleaner is the type that damages the flapper?

I bought a whole bunch of toilet cleaner tabs, the blue pucks you put in the tank. They were on sale for 100 pucks for $100 so I thought they'd last a couple years. But I just read online that they may damage the flapper because of the chemicals, and now I'm worried. How do I know if the cleaner I have is safe? [more inside]
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Crashplan is ending. Who to use now?

Crashplan has just announced it won't service home users anymore. The options it suggests are crashplan for small business or carbonite both of which are very expensive. What cloud backup solution should I consider instead for multiple computers across three locations. [more inside]
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Learning Spanish at home as a couple.

My husband and I are learning Spanish at home. Best programs / work books / resources / etc for each of us individually and as a couple? We are open to paid options. [more inside]
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Looking for online diaries and journals

I'm looking for online diaries and journals, such as travel journals or diaries kept by immigrants or settlers - ideally, ones with short entries in simple language. [more inside]
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Family Dinners for People Who Hate to Cook

Working Parents Who Hate To Cook: what should be on our list of easy family dinners? [more inside]
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How do I get my landlord to stop fixing stuff??

My landlords are ALWAYS around. They are always working on the house, which is great, but makes me feel ill at ease in my home. Its always noisy, I feel uncomfortable in my home because someone can always be expected to be at a window, and I'm frustrated as important things that should have been fixed long ago, like the air conditioner and dish washer are still unusable. How do I talk to my landlords so that they fix the important things, and then let me live here without interruption? [more inside]
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Did I make a mistake in filing a protective order?

Should I cancel my protective order, and put into place a no-tresspass instead? [more inside]
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Eliot Waugh is my favorite

I am done with Season 2 of The Magicians. I need more fantasy-based television with some caveats. New or old shows are fine. [more inside]
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iPhone switcheroo guidance, please

I currently have a working iPhone 5c, which I would like to transfer to Mr Jane, as he has decided to finally ditch his old flip phone. My plan is to buy a used iPhone SE, from Swappa or Gazelle, for myself, based on this previous ask. We have a shared plan with both phones on AT&T. Is it just a matter of taking the phones to the ATT store and having them reprogram the numbers/switch the SIM cards or whatever voodoo magic they perform? Please explain it to me like I am 5 years old.
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Best Handheld System For Retro Game Emulation?

I'm looking to get a handheld system for retro video game emulation and am wondering if anyone has any advice on what to get. [more inside]
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Whelp now we're *those* parents

My daughter got a dud fourth grade teacher assignment we were notified about last week. We are pushing for re-assignment. Please offer advice as to how to do this effectively without any of those involved dealing with significant future awkwardness. [more inside]
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Trying to determine whether I should get MRI on my shoulder or not

I work at a grocery store where I lift heavy shit, do repetitive motions over and over again, and collect the shopping carts by hand which exerts alot of force on my shoulder. I've also never had the best posture in the world either. Long story short I've been to 3 different doctors about 5 times total over the last 3 years.And I am trying to determine whether or not I should go through with the mri or not. [more inside]
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Why have my colds started to turn into months of post-nasal drip?

For the past two years, I have been getting colds that turn into months of thick, sticky mucus dripping down my throat from the back of my nose. For all of my lifelong nasal problems, this one is new. A complicating factor is that I moved across the country to an infamously polluted West Coast city in the midst of the first of these episodes, although later experience shows that they are not limited to my new place of residence. [more inside]
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Writing revision for language learning

I'd like to find a language teacher or service who will do what the now-shuttered site Lang-8 did: namely, let me submit journal-sized writings (say, a hundred or couple of hundred words) on a regular basis and have them corrected/revised. I'd rather pay someone with some experience than depend on dubious free/crowdsources services. Is this a thing? Any recommendations for how to find what I'm looking for? [more inside]
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To report or not to report?

I was terminated as a grant-funded Project Coordinator and I'm aware of issues. Help me parse out how serious these issues are, whether they'll effect my own ability to apply for funding in the future, and the pros and cons of reporting these issues to the funding agency. [more inside]
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Public Online Coin Toss Decider

Is there a good way I can settle a 50/50 decision between two third parties at a distance, so that both will be sure that the decision was random? [more inside]
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Help me get out of temping and into data analysis?

I want to switch careers. But are there really that many jobs in data analysis? [more inside]
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It's still nepotism even if it's not your nephew, right?

I found out that the new colleague, who was referred by the supervisor as a professional acquaintance, is in fact their partner, and their entire professional profile was constructed by said supervisor to make them appear as the ideal candidate. Please help me navigate this professional landmine. [more inside]
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Should I put my dog down?

Should I put my dog down for behavioral issues? There's a blizzard inside, of course. [more inside]
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Buying an ex-local authority property in London - advice requested

I am asking this question on behalf of my mother who is considering moving to an ex-local authority property in London. [more inside]
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August 21

Teaching an old dog... to type.

I need something to distract me for a while, so I decided to learn to type. Probably to go along with this is some basic grammar and spelling. My typing now is two fingers while I stare at the keyboard. Any good tutorial you'd suggest? I really hate voice writing, and I doubt we'll get to the "shoot a chip in his head to make him a perfect touch typist" level of tech any time soon
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The sub-$500 Folding Electric Bike

My mission, if I choose to accept it (which I do, otherwise this post would be pointless): Build a transportation system that can ride on bike trails, tow a 60 lb kayak while walking/carrying a dog, and fold up small enough to fit on the kayak for the paddle home. Also, less than $500. [more inside]
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How to get a notification when my Mac Mini reboots?

I have a headless Mac Mini with OSX El Capitan 10.11.6 with Server installed. It reboots every now and again to perform regular software updates, and then gets stuck at the login screen waiting for me. How can I automatically have a notification (Tweet, iOS notification, IFTTT, etc) be sent to me when I need to login?
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Help me access my education at my job.

I work in the financial field. The last time I submitted a request for an education grant that I am entitled to per our employee hand book, it was declined; citing my area of study basically had nothing to do with the company and could in no way benefit them. I want to take another go at it but how do I... [more inside]
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I want to hear from people who didn't have a great experience at college

I really expected my college years to be the best years of my life, particularly since I like to consider myself an (ugh) "artsy", "intellectual" person. I have just a year left, and the reality has been... not great. I never found "my people" and found my courses mostly dull- a couple were good; none were life-changing. It kind of feels like there's something wrong with me! Any accounts I read of people having less-than-stellar experiences (as in the responses to this earlier thread) always end with "but eventually I found my niche and everyone in my wedding party was from my university." I'm not looking for advice as much as reassurance that I'm not totally alone in having had this experience, and that it will get better. So: what are your stories as academic-minded people who nevertheless just didn't fit at college? Did you ever find your community? How?
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Seeking short-term furnished apartments in Zurich

Hello! I'll be moving to Zurich (for work) and living there from mid-Sept to mid-Nov and need to find housing. Can anyone recommend sites where I can book a furnished apartment for about two months? Thank you!
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Do eye exams test for whether text looks lighter or darker?

On my recent eye exam with an optometrist in New York, I was asked, at one point, "Do the letters look lighter or darker?" They didn't look lighter or darker in either case. But the optometrist seemed annoyed, and I decided to interpret his question as "does the text look more blurry or more clear?" A month later, my prescription seems iffy, and I'm not sure I did the right thing. [more inside]
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Titles in Literate as Real Estate Headings.

For a piece that I’m writing, I’m looking for the titles of well known of literature that could double as the heading of a real estate listing. [more inside]
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Advice sought for travel to Spain

I'm travelling to Spain (Barcelona/Valencia/Oliva) for the first time from Canada from Sep 5 thru Nov 29. Looking for advice for things to do on those dates as well as info on how best to handle getting a SIM card for an Android phone (Note 5). Specifics on the More Inside. Any advice appreciated! [more inside]
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Light rugged camera with more to offer than an iPhone

I'm looking for a new camera which suits my specific needs. My last two cameras have both been Lumix point and click cameras (my last was a LX100). I'm very happy with the series in general but I find the mechanism in the lens/body doesn't last well (I give them very heavy use) and I need to replace more frequently than I like. Should I stick with Panasonic, or is there something better for me out there? [more inside]
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[What about my] rental deposit with ownership change during moveout

We're moving out of our triplex at the end of the month. Yay. The building is under contract to be purchased and the prospective buyer plans to rent our unit out when they take ownership. The current owners aren't doing anything with our unit to entice the buyers or make it turnkey rentable again. YANML but can you help me understand what'll happen to my deposit? [more inside]
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Choosing a style guide for civil engineering proposals

I'm create a communications style guide for a civil engineering company, which is mainly for their proposals but will likely be used for other communications. These are proposals for engineering services for municipal, residential, and commercial developments, ranging from 5 - 50 pages. I haven't worked in this field before, so I'm wondering what standard text I should choose as the underlying style reference? [more inside]
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Ideas for Ohio-themed bridal shower?

Throwing a bridal shower for a friend who grew up in Ohio and loves her home state more than anyone I know. Ideas for food / decorations / drinks that would celebrate the Buckeye State? [more inside]
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Hope for the Job Seeker

My partner has been unemployed for a year now and I want to be as encouraging to him as possible. How can I help? [more inside]
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Cooperstown NY, Quebec City - what to do?

We're leaving Chicago Sunday for a much-anticipated roadtrip, and would love your input toward making it a memorable occasion. Our rough plans are to visit Cooperstown NY for the baseball hall of fame, then push on to Quebec City. Aside from having reservations at a B&B in Cooperstown for Tuesday and Wednesday nights, we have no firm notions about where to go or what to do. [more inside]
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What is jinxing my mayonnaise making?!

So up until a week ago I had been happily (and smugly!) making mayonnaise using Jamie Oliver's recipe... [more inside]
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Should He Stay or Should He Go Now? How 'Bout Now?

The 17-year-old arrived at college (Bard College at Simon's Rock) on Saturday. He already wants to leave. [more inside]
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Choose my bike, please.

I don't get why people make a big deal about bikes. Please visit the kijiji link inside and just tell me which one I should buy. [more inside]
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Figure-outer and get-doner for the super-rich. Does this job exist?

I'd imagine that really rich people have someone(s) on their staff to whom they outsource a lot of the details of their life - researching what products or services to buy, where to go on vacation, contractors to hire, etc. Who does that? Does this job have a title? How does one get this job? [more inside]
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Talking about feelings with a friend

I drunkenly made out with a friend and have been trying to meet with him to talk about it and possibly see if he's interested in dating, or to at least clear things up and go back to being friends without awkwardness. He has been stalling and/or had legitimate reasons to not meet up until now, but him dragging his feet has me questioning what I should say or whether I should even still meet with him, as I fear I'm just making him more uncomfortable (which is worse than outright rejection, in my opinion). [more inside]
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Drawing: Just a Little Better Than Stick Figures

I can’t draw. I don’t really like to hand-address envelopes for fear the mailman won’t be able to read my lousy handwriting. Please help me draw just a little bit -- but not very much -- better. [more inside]
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Non-bureaucratic web forms

I'm a hobbyist programmer. Due to a combination of how I learned to code (PHP and MySQL) and my particular interests, I end up working with web forms a lot. By nature, they're pretty bureaucratic, and so I'd like to see examples of more humanistic forms. [more inside]
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Did I just blind myself while looking at the eclipse?

I just looked at the sun while wearing Soluna eclipse glasses backwards, and now my eyes feel ever-so-slightly funny (dry, warm, stingy). Or maybe I'm imagining it. Am I going to go blind? [more inside]
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Should I shave my face?

Thanks to the wonders of aging, I (female) have grown numerous noticeably long white hairs on my chin and upper lip. I've been plucking, but am wondering if shaving is the way to go. The internet seems mixed on this. Are you a female-presenting person who shaves, and does it work well for you? [more inside]
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What cool toys should I buy for my 3 year old.

So we have this small human, and they are getting a little too old for the soft toys and blocks we've acquired thus far. Give me your recommendations for toys for a UK based small child. [more inside]
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LOL Lemonade???

I was at an event honoring a urologist that felt like a roast at times and it was suggested that this urologist encouraged people to drink lemonade to avoid needing to see him. Why? [more inside]
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Archetypal Top Universities

The School TM to go to for business, according to popular culture and wider society, is Harvard. For music, Julliard. For engineering, MIT. What other Archetypal/Stereotypical Schools are there for each subject? [more inside]
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Anyway to get boyfriend back?

My boyfriend of a year said he's started to feel unsure about the relationship but doesn't want to breakup as he hopes the feeling is a phase. He's said it's built up overtime and is likely a product of chasing my insecurities. We live together and he goes through happy/unhappy about the relationship. I asked him several times if he wanted to breakup and he said no. I'm worried that he's rounded that corner. Also, [more inside]
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Handle extender for short stroller?

We have this stroller and we used it for the first time yesterday and boy the reviews weren't kidding; it is SHORT. What is the best way to extend the handles? [more inside]
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which quote or text should we print on the ceiling of our elevator?

Our office building manager has decided he wants to order a custom sticker to place on the ceiling of our elevator, which is in need of a little facelift. He wants to have a "fun" or "feel-good" quote to brighten people's day when (if) they look at it. Only he doesn't know what text exactly. I'm in charge of the graphic design for said text, but i'm personally not convinced we should have a text there at all, so i'm turning to the hivemind to convince me with your great ideas. [more inside]
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Where can I find eclipse glasses in Oregon before 9am?

I fucked up and put off eclipse glasses because I am terrible, forgetting I promised my kid we could go. I am currently in the process of trying to be less terrible, currently driving south along I5 to hit the totality in Oregon. Halp. If you know or can think of a possibility, no matter how bizarre, I would love to hear it.
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Help identify these sneakers!

Hey, could anyone please identify the sneakers this guy is wearing? That's all, thanks! :)
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Local computer scientist stumped by IRL stable matching problem

I’m a queer woman. Should I ask out a guy who lives in the same house as me when I’m about to move back to the other coast in five days? How? Plus many more complications. [more inside]
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August 20

Tarot resources for self-reflection and brainstorming

I love tarot decks and their artistry and their imagery, but I don't believe in their powers of divination. I'm looking for more resources on the use of tarot for self-reflection, introspection, brainstorming, etc. [more inside]
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Best platform for teaching music online?

I would like to be able to offer music lessons online to students outside of my geographic area (piano and vocal coaching), but have always been deterred because of a lack of simultaneous audio in both directions between myself and the student. [more inside]
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Can I make my US Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7 work in 5 countries?

I'm taking a trip in October to France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Italy. What it the most economical way to make my US Sprint Galaxy S7 work for voice calls while traveling? BONUS QUESTION: Same. but for data. [more inside]
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This water was made for walking

I am supposed to walk in a pool. Any recommendations for a public pool where I can do so in NYC (particularly downtown Manhattan/Brooklyn)? Extra points if it's near some type of transit. Many thanks.
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How do I renew my lease when my landlord wants old late fees?

I asked a previous question about late fees from my landlord over rent payments. I haven't paid any of the late fees yet. Now, it's time to renew the lease and, and I want to stay, and the landlord wants the full amount. How much should I offer my landlord, and how should I handle it with her? [more inside]
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How to sue former therapist in NYC

Does anyone have experience suing a therapist? I'm trying to sue for NIED (Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress) and am seeking any lawyer resources. The kicker is that I'm below-poverty line, which is partly why she did what she did - she knows I can't fight back. Are there any NYC legal aid or pro-bono lawyers that do therapist abuse cases? If no options, I will find money somehow. Any resources are helpful, especially personal experience. [more inside]
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Not getting many replies on OKcupid: NYC 20-something woman edition!

I just made a new OkCupid profile after being single for a week. It's how I met my last boyfriend. I'm looking for guys 23-26 who are average attractiveness and are looking for serious relationships. I'm not model hot but I think I look okay in the pictures I have up. And I think my profile is a good representation of my personality and interests. So why am I barely getting any replies? I usually send guys messages asking about something interesting I saw on their profile. Link to my profile. [more inside]
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Can you help me find a sleeve for my iPad?

My favorite electronics sleeve, Waterfield's Suede Jacket, is not longer in production for the 9.7" iPad. Can you help me find a suitable replacement? Nitpicky details inside. [more inside]
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Trying to find the perfect (short but very wide) watering can

I'm trying to find a watering can with some pretty unique specifications. It needs to have a fairly open top (the place that you put water into it) and needs to be no taller than 7 1/2". Diameter is not an issue - in fact, we'd like to find as large a capacity watering can as possible, so the wider the better. Any ideas (beyond cutting the top off a gallon of milk, which is what we're doing now)?
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Recent-ish memoirs set on college campuses

I recently read Jennifer Boylan's She's Not There. I loved the setting in a New England college campus, among artsy, English department types. What are some other recent-ish memoirs (late 1990s - present) set in that environment? [more inside]
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Rapping 4 Kids

I'd like to introduce my kids to Hip Hop (they are tiny, 3 and 1). I play it for them (I have a couple playlists of censored songs), but I'd like to show them some performances. What live performances or music videos or concerts can I play, specifically of rappers rapping but without either curse words or copious beeps? [more inside]
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how can my young friend stay in college?

A close family friend is at college on a sports scholarship. This past spring he contracted Lyme disease and after months of neurological and physical struggles, he's been told he can't play sports for the foreseeable future. I'm looking for any and all options he may have. [more inside]
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Sinus cyst

Anyone here has a sinus cyst? It was seen a couple of years back in a X-ray panoramic of my teeth and now I have an appointment to see an ENT because I am feeling some pressure Did they take yours out? How was the surgery? How big was yourcysy? Did you have any symptoms?
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Gifting a tree

Some close relatives of mine are getting married this September, and I would like to gift them a weeping willow tree. They live in suburban Connecticut. I live in a different state, and unfortunately I have no ability to pick-up/deliver a tree while I'm visiting during their wedding weekend. I see that there are various online tree delivery stores, but I'm concerned about quality and hardiness. I don't want to pay $150 for something to be delivered that dies within weeks. Have you had success with this? Also, do you suggest waiting until the spring? I read that weeping willow trees can be successfully planted in either early fall or early spring.
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Jack and the tomato stalk

I prune my indeterminate tomato plants with much success but I always have the same problem come August: my tomatoes are about 12 feet tall. Can I decapitate them? [more inside]
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Eclipse: I want to see the sky?

At this moment, I'm sitting in the path of totality in Kansas City. But...clouds! Should I stay or should I go? [more inside]
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How do I get in touch with interesting/trending/emerging music?

I'm an arty 30-something creative professional who moved to the middle-of-nowhere a few years ago. Between aging out of 'what's cool osmosis' & rural isolation, it's become increasingly difficult to discover new music - what's trending, what's interesting, what's indie. My only local terrestrial radio stations are 50 Shades of Christian Pop. (Many of my neighbors have never heard of Taylor Swift or even AC/DC, folks. That's the level of isolation here.) Where can I go online to quench my thirsty ears? [more inside]
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Medical Marijuana and COPD/Asthma

Should I tell my doctor that I've been vaping? [more inside]
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How to feel better until I can afford therapy?

Lonely depressed introvert needs help staying afloat. [more inside]
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Transportable food gifts from NYC?

I'm visiting NYC this week and i'd like to bring back some tasty snacks that will still be tasty a day later. [more inside]
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Safe eclipse viewing with 1 year old?

We are traveling to the path of totality as I type! We also have a one year old toddler with us and a debate between his parents: can he safely be outside? [more inside]
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Best wellness/spa vacation by the ocean in October?

My husband and I can not take vacation at the same time this year and decided to travel separately. I haven't done much traveling so this feels slightly overwhelming and scary. I’ve decided on the last week in October for around 4 or 5 days max. My ideal vacation is on the ocean, and some of the wellness/yoga/spa packages look really appealing. [more inside]
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Remove yellow fungus from house plant

I have some yellow fungus growing in the soil around a Pachira Aquatica which has grown quite tall. [more inside]
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August 19

There's a racist flag in my neighbourhood

It's on their front door in a very publically visible area. It looks like this. [more inside]
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Stop Oversharing via Email and iCloud?

I'm going to troubleshoot this issue for some friends on Monday. They claim that emailing photos using an iPhone provides the recipients with a link to *all* their files stored in iCloud (including personal documents). [more inside]
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What to bring and how to strategize for Toughest Mudder

I'm running Toughest Mudder next weekend, which is an 8 hour race from midnight to 8am. I've done mud runs and I'm in good shape (do CrossFit 5 days a week and run quite a bit on the side as well). I feel good about the physical aspect of the race but need help with what I should pack and how I should fuel throughout the race due to its long duration. Bonus points for thoughts on strategy and how to attack this thing in the best way possible.
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Is this a bed bug?

Is this a bed bug? Link to flickr album: It seems to match a lot of descriptions I've found online. Unfortunately I did squish it due to freaking out which apparently doesn't help with ID'ing.
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Why does the bread taste like detergent?

I am presently in Costa Rica on vacation. It's my second trip here, I am a pretty experienced traveler, but I swear to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that much of the bread tastes like detergent to me. I thought it was just the Bimbo brand breads, as those are sweeter breads, but I just ate some tortillas and those had the same laundry detergent aftertaste. Is it the plastic the breads are wrapped in? I also tried some bread from the Alemagne bakery and it had less of a detergent flavor, but it was a plainer, more salty type of white bread. This is so odd to me. I didn't notice sweet-detergent bread the last time I was here, but now that I think about it, I didn't eat as much bread on that trip. Any explanation?
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What are these spherical nest looking things on power lines in Mexico?

I just came back from San Miguel de Allende, where I saw a lot of these round things on power/phone lines. Here is a picture in context. Are they bird nests? Which birds? [more inside]
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Lewis Mumford - where to start?

I would like to read some Lewis Mumford. Where do I start? What do you recommend? [more inside]
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Why does the TSA love my left ankle?

I fly 1-2 times a month, and I generally go through the millimeter wave scanner. 87% (yes I've tracked and calculated!) of the time I've gone through the scanner in the past year and a half, I have been asked to step aside so an agent can pat down the back of my left ankle. I have no idea why! Do any folks familiar with how this works have any idea why the machines might be flagging that specific part of my body so reliably? Answers to your immediate questions inside... [more inside]
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Gift for an illustration student

I am looking for a birthday gift for a friend studying illustration, worth up to about $100. Any ideas outside the ordinary (art supplies, a drawing tablet)? Or any examples of exceptionally good art supplies or digital equipment?
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Advise for older toddler starting daycare

Our littlest gnome will be starting day care for the first time at age 3. Most guides about the day care transition seem to be for 6 months to a year. Does anyone have experience with an older toddler going to day care for the first time?
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Help me know what to do for possible child abuse

My son told me that on Friday morning, his school bus seat-mate told him that their father punched them that morning for leaving their backpack outside all night. Help me do the right thing. [more inside]
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Dark Meat

Eclipse viewing in St. Joe, MO, Monday; a free day in KC Tuesday--where do we find the best BBQ? Question absolutely certain to spark turf wars over what's "best", and of course that's part of the whole fun of BBQ culture--fire away! [more inside]
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Can I eat this smoked salmon?

We just found in the back of our pantry, on the top shelf, where it was out of sight, an unopened package of smoked salmon that was a gift from someone who bought it in Canada. It has no expiration date in it. It is clearly labeled "NEEDS NO REFRIGERATION". It is at least one year old, but may be as much as four years old. Is it still safe to eat? Is it still desirable to eat? [more inside]
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Writing Prompts for Creative Non-Fiction

I'm trying to flex my writing muscles a little more often. Specifically, writing in the creative non-fiction / memoir / personal experience category. What are your favorite writing prompts? [more inside]
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How do you know when it's time to euthanize a pet?

We have an 18-year-old indoor cat, and we are all very attached to her - we've had her since she was a kitten. Lately, she has been showing her age, and when I took her to the vet today, he suggested that we consider euthanasia at this point. More details inside. [more inside]
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Thrillers or crime novels with characters that come alive

I like novels written in first-person point of view, think Raymond Chandler's Marlowe, but less chauvinist and dated. Good characterization and an eye for detail is paramount - unfortunately, that excludes lots of contemporary thrillers and crime novels. Authors I like: Jonathan Kellerman, Ben Aaronovitch, Jonathan Gash, John Burdett, Tyler Dilts. Please help: What else might I like? [more inside]
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Fantasizing about a better life

Should I chase this need for a better life or will it end in disaster? [more inside]
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Help identifying Jewish/Yiddish Music

I've written before about how I provide some metadata for the Internet Archive's aircheck recordings. I'm hoping someone can either identify the following songs/artists or can suggest how I might research them. [more inside]
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Cheerful hostile music!

I've found my perfect work music: songs that are cheerful, melodic, and upbeat but with aggressive, hostile lyrics. Help me make a playlist so I can crush my job. [more inside]
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Point and click games for mac

Looking for games I can play on my macbook that are like the ios games I like that basically boil down to like putting shapes into the right place, connecting shapes together, etc kind of like the same brainspace as knitting. But I'm only finding narrative, role-playing, choose your own adventure type games. [more inside]
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Friends to dating to friends

Can this be done if there are still conflicts and grudges from one side? [more inside]
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Where is the picture of the four cats in a band

What it says on the tin. I think I saw it on Twitter just recently: a picture of four cats on a dock with one cat looking to the side, and the others squinting at the camera, as an example of the ideal band pr picture. [more inside]
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Best cities for single moms?

Asking for a friend - what would be the best possible city for a new mom and her 6 month old infant to relocate to? [more inside]
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Help me replace dairy without soy

I'm dairy and soy free at the moment for the sake of my baby who has an intolerance to it. I need to be quite strict and I'm finding it difficult to find reasonably low fat high protein alternatives to milk and yoghurt. [more inside]
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Help my family Switch

I'm going to get a Nintendo Switch setup for my family: two grownups, one seven-year-old and one four-year-old. Help me get everything I need! Budget isn't an issue, I just don't know what to buy. [more inside]
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Picnic friendly food available in Louisville or Knoxville

I'm driving from Louisville to Knoxville on Sunday. On Monday, I'll be in Knoxville with intentions of seeing the eclipse. On Monday, I'd like to focus on finding a good spot to watch the eclipse, so I think it would be helpful to have lunch packed in advance. But, I can't just let that meal opportunity go to waste. What delicious food can I buy the day before and eat without cooking or preparing anything? [more inside]
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Who is crying for help? My heart or my depression?

Relationship question #9783: I've been feeling trapped and unfulfilled with my relationship lately but I can't tell if its actually because of my relationship or my depression that has gotten worse and is telling me to withdraw completely. Sex problems and a wall inside. [more inside]
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Need to renew an NJ driver's license. But I live across the river.

I have an NJ driver's license. I need to renew it. I've mostly lived in NYC the last decade. Renew, transfer, or what? [more inside]
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How to give meaningful gifts to a thesis committee that saved my life?

My thesis committee for my creative writing MFA, made up of two fiction writers and a poet, saved my life last year. In the depths of depression, about to abandon school forever, they invited me to their homes, fed me dinner, talked with me late into the night, helped me finish my thesis and defense, and recommended me for future jobs in academia. Back on my feet and newly graduated, what in the world kind of gifts could I think to give to such learned scholars and wonderful people who truly went above and beyond for me? A thank you card doesn't seem like enough and none of them drink. Please help!
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August 18

Invasion of the Roaches

I have roaches in my new apartment. How did they get there, and what's the best way to get rid of them? [more inside]
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Telemundo! Univision! What to watch?

I've been working on improving my high school Spanish, largely by reading YA Spanish novels (slowly and with my kindle to click on words I don't know, which is a depressing percentage of nouns) and by skimming the local daily news in Spanish online. I previously lived in a market with NO Spanish media, and now I live in a market (Chicago) with Telemundo and Univision and Spanish-language radio and Spanish periodicals, and I intend to take advantage! What ought I watch? [more inside]
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How can my partner and I stop getting exploited by his family?

My partner had a stress-induced psychotic break from the demands of caregiving for an elderly, chronically ill parent. His family is taking advantage of him (and me). YANML or social worker, but any advice on how to deal with this situation is appreciated. [more inside]
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Flying with (not my) wheelchair

I'm taking an international flight next month and I need to bring a folding wheelchair with me, for a grandparent. Can I check it without further packaging as part of my baggage allowance? I am able-bodied myself, don't know if the regular wheelchair rules apply for a non-user.
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How to encourage a person's aesthetics?

A young man I know is adept at quickly memorizing, reading through, music, art literature. But I get the nagging feeling that he is following lists; critics top 100s; etc. for it's own sake, and almost intentionally skipping over the ideas or emotions or messages behind them. [more inside]
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Cold Feet: Seller Request Release of Earnest Money

I'm in the process of buying a duplex that needs a lot of work. Things have gone well so far but the sellers have presented me with an unexpected bump in the road. The seller has requested that I release my earnest money. The reason they have conveyed is they are concerned I will get cold feet in the next month as we wait for the sewer and electrical work to be completed. Contractors are booked out far in advance in my city, making it difficult to get the work done in a timely manner. This has pushed our initial closing date from the 8/23 to at least 9/28. While I understand their concern that I will back out before then, I have my own concerns with releasing such a large sum of money or even a portion of it. I'm curious if anyone has had an experience similar to this as either a buyer, seller or a real estate agent.
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Yet another half-remembered sci fi story question

It was a short story. The basic plot was: guy who lived a life he really disliked (it was boring, he didn't take risks, denied himself pleasures) because he thought that would earn him brownie points in the afterlife wakes up dead, only to find that the afterlife is not clouds and golden harps, but basically just a re-creation of the earthly life. What was the story title and/or author?
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Do I have lice?! What the HELL are these bugs I found in my hair?

I just got back from a vacation and for the past few days, every morning I have been noticing about 3-4 of these bugs in my hair. Are they lice? I don't think I'm particularly itchy, but I keep finding them in my hair every morning! What are they?! And if they are lice WTF do I do?!? [Picture Inside] [more inside]
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Can an arrest be made without a warrant in a different state?

If a person commits a felony in State A, but a warrant was never issued and they were never charged with anything, can law enforcement officers arrest him in State B without a warrant for the same crime? And does it change things it it is just a misdemeanor? Neither state would be Florida.
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Why are so many vinyl records I buy from bandcamp low quality?

It goes like this: I find a rad artist on bandcamp, I buy their (physical, vinyl) record, and I end up with a pressing that sounds terrible. It's happened three times now. I've compared songs, digital stream vs. physical vinyl, and there is a hugely noticeable difference, with the vinyl sounding muted, dull, lower quality. Almost like a 64k mp3 file, with a bad EQ. [more inside]
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How do I home office?

I'd like to put together a sort of office nook for myself in a corner of my large bedroom. I'd like it to be pleasant (rather than a huge mass of black plastic) and functional and semi-separated from the rest of the room. I'm on a tight budget. I have no idea how to do this. Help? [more inside]
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Appeal MTEL Teaching Licensure Test

Is it possible to appeal your test scores? I recently took the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure Exam for Foundations of Reading and failed by 1 point. I already signed up to retake the test, but do I have any other options such as king for a re-verification of score, appealing my test, etc.. I tried googling this and official MTEL and Pearson education websites are of no help. So turning to Mefi for some personal experience help.
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What can my cat eat after dental work?

My cat had a lot of teeth extracted today. The vet advised wet food for a week, but my cat will not go near wet food. I've tried it over the years, and it doesn't matter what brand or flavor or how I give it to him; he won't eat it. The vet tech said I could soften his dry food with hot water. What else can I try while he recovers? He can't have chicken, but no other dietary restrictions.
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Vegan meals that are nut-free?

Hello. I have a dear friend that will be visiting and she is sensitive to nuts and identifies as a vegan solely. I am wondering if there are vegan dishes to make that are nut free and filling? She said she can eat hemp seeds and sesame seeds; if that contributes to anything. I am sensitive to certain pastas, so we will have to balance out what will work out for the two of us. Any filling recipes to make? [more inside]
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What should we do in the San Juans?

We're staying on Orcas Island for almost a week soon. What should we do? [more inside]
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How do you merge personal videos into one video?

I have an I-phone 6 and I want to merge some videos into one video. Would it be easier to download an app and merge the videos on my phone? Or is it easier to download each video separately onto my computer and then use a computer program to do it? The easier the better, as I am not computer savvy, and if you have any names of apps or programs that you specifically know of, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
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Matching on Tinder... 30 years later.

I just matched with a woman who attended middle school with me. I was able to instantly recognize her face and recall her name after over 30 years and was able to verify it was her via mutual "friends" on Facebook. How to message her? [more inside]
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Should I present at an open forum about a Confederate memorial?

I have the opportunity to speak to a county conservation board about the removal of a Confederate memorial in my state. Should I do so? [more inside]
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ISO metal and movie soundtracks for weightlifting!

AskMe is great for workout music recommendations (spinning, running, intervals). I'd love to find some good weightlifting music, which for me means mostly epic, bombastic, and metal-ish -- but all kinds are welcome! [more inside]
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Granite, soapstone, or marble?

Persuade me to choose one or the other of these stones. I'm interested in durability, staining, etching, etc. I'd love to hear your experiences with these (in any form - countertops, etc.). What is your regular maintenance for the stone? Which would you buy again? Which would you not recommend to your worst enemy? [more inside]
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How do I enter a product key for Office 2016 on OSX

I have an MSDN subscription and a valid product key. My Office365 account is tied to work and they are only licensed for 2011. I need to install 2016, I can't figure out how to do this as the only way to activate it seems to be by logging in. Googling shows old documentation.
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Academic affiliation in publishing a zombie paper

I have a PhD in social psychology but have not been involved in academia for almost a decade. A paper that I assisted with in grad school is being polished up for re-submission and now the question has come up about how to list my academic affiliation. Complicating factor: as a freelancer, I'm unaffiliated with anywhere when it comes to research. [more inside]
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Upgrade part or whole of gas hot water system?

We have a gas boiler and an indirect water heater. Boiler seems to date to 2002, and water heater from 2001. Water heater has a leak in the port for the aquastat, and we were told it needs to be replaced. Shall I replace just the heater, or should I upgrade the otherwise-working-but-15-years-old boiler, too? [more inside]
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Trans in the trades

I'm seriously considering changing careers and moving from public librarianship to an apprenticeship in my local carpentry union. I'm also trans. Is this a terrible idea? [more inside]
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Help dress me for a conference - broken bone edition

I'm in New York to attend/speak at a conference, but I broke part of my arm/shoulder the other day, and need to change my planned outfits. I'm wearing something vaguely like this (but grey) to stabilize my shoulder. Can you help me find women's clothing available in store in NYC or available for delivery by Tuesday which is business casual-ish, and can be put on using only one arm and very little assistance? [more inside]
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What's your favorite boba tea flavor?

I'm in a bubble tea rut. I pretty much always get some match of mango, passion fruit, or lychee slush/jelly. Tell me what your favorite flavor matches or drinks are so I can try something new! No chocolate avocado shake though, I already know that one and while I want to like it, I just...don't. I'd particularly like reccs involving egg custard, not sure what to get with that. Thanks!!
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Help me find more actual play podcasts

I love The Adventure Zone and have spent the last couple weeks devouring Campaign. Please recommend some other podcasts of nerdy people playing role playing games. [more inside]
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"Flickr and Yahoo are now part of “Oath” blah blah" ...implications?

Logging in (I'm old school) to Flickr, where I'm a Pro user, now gives a new message: "Flickr and Yahoo are now part of “Oath” and are members of the Verizon family of companies. Beginning 15 September 2017, we plan to share some user information within our new family. Learn more" - what's the implications of this in real, concrete, no PR terms? [more inside]
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New York Library or City Hall Filter

Defenders: Season 1 Episode 2 features Jessica Jones looking through a New York Library Card Catalog / or City Hall Records. Is this still done? Are these things not in some sort of Lexis/Nexis catalog online or something of the sort? Do people still have a use for card catalogs? What records departments (anywhere) still use this sort of system? [more inside]
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Kitty needs a night light

My 16-year-old cat is having some vision issues and needs light in order to use the litterbox at night. I'm currently leaving the dining room light on with a dimmer, but I don't think this is a long-term solution. I also don't understand electricity and am concerned about fire. Snowflakey problems inside. [more inside]
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How do I improve my storytelling?

Some people can tell the most boring story and keep an audience on the edges of their seats. On the other hand, when I try to tell people about the most interesting things I've experienced (and there are some pretty interesting ones), it tends to land with a thud. I seem to have no natural talent for storytelling, but I'm hoping it's something I can learn to improve. [more inside]
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Ways to learn French without taking a class?

After having a French class at the local community college canceled twice due to low enrollment, that looks like a non-starter--what are some other ways I can work to learn French? I've already done Duolingo for a while and I'm pretty sick of it (and ready to move onto a more structured method.) Thanks!
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How to avoid saying why I really quit?

Due to really bad drama, I am about to submit my resignation to my position in the board of an organisation. How can I graciously avoid answering questions about my reasons? [more inside]
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Long Employment Gap + Debilitating Depression

I've been unemployed and unoccupied for a year and a half and can't get moving on finding a new job. Complications: I'm depressed and lonely and anxious, have crap for social skills and no local friends, don't know how to explain my time off, and don't want another office job even though that's all I'm qualified to do. I understand this vicious cycle is feeding itself but don't know how to break out of it. I will also be alone at home for a week starting on Friday and am worried about this extended solitude's impact on my mental state. Please share practical and mental health solutions to help me get my shit together and get a job. [more inside]
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Physical Experiments for Proving/Disproving Simulation Hypothesis

In the novel After On, there's the following phrase: "[a]lthough some people have proposed actual physical experiments to test the Simulation Hypothesis ... ", going on to say we don't have the technology to do it yet (to which the author muses 'by design?'). My Google searches aren't honed enough, and I'm getting too much chaff and not a clear answer. Assuming the proposal of the physical experiments was itself not fictional, can you point me towards a description of the proposed physical experiments?
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Eclipse traffic, South Carolina edition

I had plans to stay on a barrier island east of Charleston, SC for the eclipse, but my afternoon flight from NYC to CHS was just cancelled due to weather. One option is to get on a flight to Savannah tomorrow morning and have a friend pick me up to drive to the John's Island area, but I am worried about eclipse traffic. Does anyone local have a read on what the traffic situation is expected to be like? I don't know this drive at all.
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My racist in-laws

My husband's entire immediate family is pro-Trump/republican/conservative, pro-white (or on the less-evil end, "colorblind", uncomfortable with LGBTQ (unless they know someone personally or like a celebrity), anti-immigration, etc etc. How to handle this going forward, especially with my 3 year old? [more inside]
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Your Vision Quest experience

My therapist has suggested that I may be ready for a Vision Quest. So I am researching what that might mean for me. [more inside]
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What Else to Listen to?

I like to listen to DJ mixes but am not great and finding new music to listen to. I have been following the Essential Mix each week this year and saving what I like on Soundcloud. Please help me find new things to listen to. [more inside]
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So 6dollarshirts is out. What else is out there?

Mr. Too-Ticky was thinking of ordering a bunch of T-shirts from, since many of his current shirts are falling apart all at the same time, and they have some fun, geeky stuff. But they also sell this (the Gadsden flag) and we're both all '.... Nope'. [more inside]
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August 17

How are Nazis and cake different?

Help me to see what I'm missing in terms of the difference between banning Nazis from online places and same-sex couples being turned down by a baker. [more inside]
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I Have Two Cars, You Have None

A close relative of mine is in need of a car. I’d like to help out but I need help figuring out how in a way that feels good. Advice, please? More under the fold! [more inside]
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Transitioning to evil by killing family members or loved ones

Does anyone know examples of characters from any kind of media who, in becoming truly evil, killed a family member, loved one, or good friend? For example, Voldemort killed his father, Darth Vader killed Padme -- stuff like that. A bonus would be that the villain has magical or supernatural powers. Thanks!
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North by Northwest, the Novel

I'm in search of stories of ordinary people caught up in espionage, conspiracies, and the like, and somehow managing to pull through despite the forces arrayed against them. I've read most of Robert Ludlum's oeuvre, Six Days of the Condor, among others. [more inside]
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Creative uses for an Amazon IoT Dash

I read somewhere that a guy had programmed his AWS IoT Dash button so that he could press it whenever Drumpf said something hateful and send $5 to the ACLU. Mine was delivered today and I'm seeking creative ideas for what to do with it. Donating money is sadly not in the budget right now nor is shopping in general. [more inside]
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Best Hugo short story anthology?

What's the best anthology of Hugo Award-winning short stories? I'm less interested in Hugo-winning novelletes and novellas, and the collections I'm seeing from a short Amazon search seem to include these rather than just short stories. ('There is no such thing - you're stuck with a mixture of all three' is a totally fine answer.)
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Best co-op Talisman-like board game to play with my kindergartener?

My kindergartener really enjoys playing cooperative second edition Talisman with me. What board game should we try next? [more inside]
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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I've had it it mind to go watch the eclipse. I'm in Maine, have family in Ohio who I could visit, then drive to the tip of Kentucky to view it. Weather is looking a bit iffy, but probably okay. I would have to leave tomorrow morning (Friday), so that I have plenty of driving cushion. I have seen an annular eclipse, very cool. [more inside]
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Why are so many gmail addresses being created and linked to mine?

As one of the earlier gmail adoptees, I have an address that people frequently mistake for their own (basically it's, only with my actual name). I'm used to getting other people's mis-sent emails and erroneous newsletter sign-ups, but lately I've been getting an abnormal number of new gmail addresses being linked to my account, all following the same format. [more inside]
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When the doctor completely blows you off, but might be right, what next?

I've been having strange symptoms that have lasted 10+ days that are reminiscent of mononucleosis or lymphoma. Doc basically shooed me out of his office with "it's a virus" without so much as even touching me. [more inside]
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Eclipse Glasses - the safe, not safe, safe again saga

I purchased Daylight Sky brand eclipse glasses from Amazon. A week ago Amazon refunded my money with a note that they could not verify that the glasses were safe. Sometime in the last four days the AAS has added Daylight Sky as a Reputable Vendor. Would you feel OK offering the Daylight Sky glasses to others? Would you feel OK using them? [more inside]
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Parenting tips for children with a mentally ill parent

I need parenting tips for children who have a parent with severe mental illness. [more inside]
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Resources for a partner unsure about parenthood?

My partner and I are both in our thirties. When we first started dating (mid 20s), I didn't want to have a baby, but I slowly changed my mind over the years. I've been very open about my mind changing. My partner is still on the fence about parenthood but thinks about the possibility and promised to think more about it. Meanwhile, I'm now at the point where I think about having a baby a several times a day, and it's definitely something I want to do in my life. I'm deeply saddened and worried by the fact that my partner is still unsure, and I'm hoping for resources that might help those who are unsure about parenthood (not including therapy, which is an option we're working on). Anecdotes, stories, articles, podcasts, and books are all good. Anything will help. [more inside]
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How real are described experiences to others?

Point me to some research about how well people can understand things that haven't happened to them directly. e.g. If you haven't experienced PMS, how well can you understand and empathize with someone going through PMS? "How well" is pretty hard to quantify, and I don't know what to Google for, so this may be fruitless, but I thought I'd take a shot.
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Help me with a meaninful slogan for a middle school classroom.

For Reasons, staff at my school have been told that we must come up with a ritualized way to end each class before we dismiss kids- think a catchphrase like "return with honor," "be people of integrity" or "be well, do good work, and keep in touch." Help me come up with something. [more inside]
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Looking to wander around some new blogs and sites

I'm looking for some new blogs to lose myself in, to take my mind off of the train wreck that is U.S. politics these days. My current favorites these days are Unfuck Your Habitat (cleaning and tidying), Budget Bytes (cooking), Lifehacker (family of sites that cover gadgets and life tips), Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools (gadgets and new uses for existing products), Apartment Therapy (small home decor), and this Metafilter family of websites. The brain weasels thank you.
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Could you help me pick out a bathroom mirror?

We're renovating our bathroom, and I'm looking for a mirror to put above the sink. I've been having trouble finding something I like. I sort of like the look of this mirror from Restoration Hardware, but I'm not sure about the $650 price tag. Could you help me find something similar but less expensive? Or suggest something else entirely? [more inside]
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Top social science journalism you've ever read-- go!

What are your favorite long magazine features (or books) on topics related to psychology, sociology, economics, anthropology? Looking for work that blends serious reporting with excellent writing.
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What kind of professional will help this Canadian get new ID?

Asking for a friend of a friend, a Canadian citizen (living in British Columbia, if that's applicable), who is wondering what kind of professional (legal or otherwise) might help him sort out a complicated situation regarding proof of citizenship. [more inside]
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Photographing people during the eclipse?

I won't be spending the eclipse snapping away instead of enjoying it, but I'd like to get a quick picture of our family. The eclipse photography guides seem to focus on the sun itself. I have an SLR and a couple of lenses to choose from. [more inside]
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What have your experiences been with antidepressants and alcohol?

The manufacturer's leaflet says to avoid alcohol altogether with citalopram; the UK NHS website says you can consume alcohol with it. What are your experiences? Including people who had not very many side-effects, please. [more inside]
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(Literally) Crying Over Spilled Milk...

In the past two weeks, two drinks with large amounts of milk have been spilled in my car. It's past my personal DIY comfort level to clean, but I'm getting conflicting recommendations from the professionals. More details inside! [more inside]
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Advice for Amorgos?

I'm going to Amorgos! I know nothing about Amorgos! Any advice? [more inside]
posted by silverstatue at 11:13 AM PST - 2 comments

Is This Bathroom Occupied?

The other week there was a puzzle on FiveThirtyEight about the probability of the sign on a bathroom being correct given the behavior of different people in an office (solution). Can you help me figure out why my approach doesn't work? [more inside]
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What fitness tracking armb..wat.. THING is right for me?

I'm shopping for a fitness and health tracking device, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the choices available, and having a hard time finding which one has the features I want, will do a decent job, and won't cost an arm and a leg. [more inside]
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Thank god we didn't meet before we were 30

I'd love to hear stories of people who met and fell in love after 30, especially if they're still going strong years later. And especially if they've experienced isolation and other adverse life experiences that make it hard to believe you'll find that kind of love. Did you meet your long term partner after 30, and maybe some struggles? And do you think you're better off because of that timing? [more inside]
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How to respond to Whataboutism?

In the wake of Charlottesville, the right is ramping up its use of whataboutism. I'm actually finding that it's an oddly difficult rhetorical move to effectively counter, and I'd like to hear some potential strategies. [more inside]
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How to convert a pdf to an image

I have a pdf document that I'd like to convert into an image. The document contains a lot of text, so I think .png would be the best format. I've tried a few online services (like, but the fonts seem to get messed up in the conversion. Is there some way to do this that will reliably convert the document?
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Moisturize me!

I am in the process of overhauling my skincare game and the one missing piece is a lightweight, mid-price moisturizer for hot weather. It doesn't need to have SPF, as I have a separate sunscreen. Fragile orchid skin details within. [more inside]
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New Orleans recs please!

I will be in New Orleans in October for a family wedding. I haven't been since 2006, when a lot of stuff was still closed. I am hoping Mefites can recommend some restaurants and shops and things bc I will have a bit of free time. [more inside]
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Help stop my keys from jingling

I absolutely hate when my keys jingle. [more inside]
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How can I be more open to friendships?

I've found that as I've gotten "older" (I'm only 29) my friendship-making skills have diminished! Through work and the grad school program I'll be entering this fall I'll have the opportunity to meet tons of new people (classmates, other people in the field, etc.). I really want to try to make an effort at making new friends, but... I'm not sure how to sharpen my friendship skills! Any advice? [more inside]
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Is my dog depressed?

My dog is a four year old Rhodesian Ridgeback. He has so little energy that I worry he is depressed. Should I pursue this with the vet or is it just the way he is? [more inside]
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Can I wind PLA filament onto a different spool to fit my Flashforge?

I recently purchased PLA filament for a Flashforge Finder printer. After extensive research I ordered some spools, but didn't think about the width of the spools and how that would relate to the internal width that my small printer can hold. [more inside]
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Magical, Offbeat Chicago

I will be visiting Chicago in the fall. Please tell me what gives Chicago its own unique sense of place. Bonus points for places you would take a special person, places with a strong sense of place, things that are highly typical of or unique to Chicago, restaurants with wonderful food, striking or unusual architecture, neighborhoods to explore [more inside]
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Another Honda Fit question

I test drove a 2015 Honda Fit yesterday (30k miles), and it was kind of terrible. Do I try again with a new (2017 or 2018) Fit, or look for a different subcompact (and if so, which one)? [more inside]
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Sturdy, cheap queen bed platform in Fairfax Co. VA pick up tonight??

After spending a night on the couch, I'd like to replace our cheap broken Ikea platform frame with something sturdier (but still cheap)...that I could pick up on the way home tonight. [more inside]
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Places to eat near Vaughan, Ontario

We're visiting the Toronto area and staying in a hotel near the Vaughan IKEA. For lunches we'll be in Toronto, but for dinners we'd like to stay within a 10-15 minute drive of our hotel (we've got a 1 y.o. so we're on his schedule). What are some good places to eat in this area? Thanks!
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Zucchini plant problems

My zucchini plants aren't producing male flowers. How do I solve this? [more inside]
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Trailer and trailer hitch basics

We have a 2013 Subaru Forester, and I would like to get a little utility trailer to transport small equipment (mower, snow blower), take stuff to the dump, and to take home bulky purchase from Home Depot (e.g., insulation batts, mulch, plywood sheets). If I'm buying a trailer, I'd likely get an open bed and stay off highways, but I'd like the ability to rent a trailer I might vacation with. A bike rack is also possible. I know absolutely nothing else about trailers and hitches. Help? [more inside]
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Testing eclipse sunglasses

Purchased 'fake' eclipse sunglasses on Amazon. Amazon sent alert, and refunded my money. However it's hard to get hold of eclipse glasses now so soon to the eclipse. The seller claims they are 'ISO certified.' Is there any way to test this? The glasses are plastic, manufactured in China, and seller (who is replying to other Amazon purchasers and does not have english as a native language) does not make much sense.
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What has 2 player split screen mode been removed from most modern games?

Back in the day most games used to have a 2 player split screen mode. Playing IRL with friends was one of my fondest childhood memories. However, these days finding a split screen mode on a game is super rare. Why?
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Overwhelmed with options. Laptop me?

I've determined that there approximately a basquillion and three PC laptop options available for purchase at this time. I only need one. I'm completely overwhelmed, don't know what I need, don't know where to start, don't know much about history, don't know much biology..... wait. That's not right. Anyway, details of what I want to do with the thing inside. Please tell me where to shop, or what to search for, or (in a perfect world!) what specific laptop and where the best price for it is. Thanks! [more inside]
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Word --> PDF Help - crappy image conversion

I have a Word document (Word 2016) with a simple company logo in the header. The logo is a jpg (150 dpi). I converted the word document to PDF using "save as". [more inside]
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August 16

Forgot 106 year-old fruitcake, help me make edible fruitcake

The whole interest in the Antarctica fruitcake (Mefi link) made me realize I've never made fruitcake and don't know if I've ever had a good one. The last ask me on this is 7 years old, so what's the best fruitcake recipes today and your tips and tricks? [more inside]
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Rental and Reasonable Expectation

My land lord wants things to be quiet from 11 pm to 6 am which is fine. She claims that she gets migraines and is an incredibly light sleeper, and any noise can wake her up. [more inside]
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Bad dreams: Is it the trauma or the drug to treat the trauma

I have bad dreams, a lot. They usually revolve around trauma I experienced when I was younger and my family's reaction = woefully inadequate, hurtful, not something I can stop thinking about really. Well, all of the trauma took place within the family. So I take 20mg of Lexapro a day. I have heard that Lexapro can in fact cause bad dreams, or is really just stuff sticking around in my head that I haven't fully processed, despite having several years of therapy. [more inside]
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Leave job after a month? - not meeting (my wrong) expectations

Hi metafilter, what would you do? Been in new job for a month full-time equivalent, and it matches job description but not my interpretation of said job description. Other positions that match what I thought I'd be doing have been advertised. Current job is contract till end of year and isn't critical to current project, while advertised are contracts till mid or late next year (so no difference in stability). It's a small industry. Apply or not? [more inside]
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Espresso Patronum!

We have an espresso machine that we use constantly for lattes. What are some good espresso beans for us to order? [more inside]
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Crafty people of metafilter please help!!

I bought these jeggings. The fit is great so i'm keeping them but I want to get rid of the "two tone" look. How do I make them one uniform shade of dark blue? Should I bleach them first? Or dye them as they are? The fabric is 64% Cotton, 34% Polyester, 2% Elastane.
posted by skjønn at 7:53 PM PST - 6 comments

Sad thermos

I have this thermos and lost the inner stopper, so it is unsusable. I have contacted Alfi, they do not have replacement parts. Any ideas about where to go for this or ideas for similar replacement? I loved this thermos. I have looked on eBay as well. Maybe someone has better eBay-foo. Thank you.
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Obstructed Seating at Radio City Music Hall

Hello! I bought tickets to see Dave Chappelle at Radio City next week and then noticed after the fact that they say OBSTRUCTED VIEWS on them. [more inside]
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Chemistry Filter: How did this happen?

I bought my daughter a cheap rubber (?) ball at Michael's a while ago. Last night it ended up wedged up against our cabinets all night. This morning the lacquer seems to have become liquid where it was in contact with the ball. [more inside]
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Help me avoid a panic attic/crisis

I just ended my job of nearly a decade. I am freelancing with a very large and prestigious firm that has a real possibility of turning in to a permanent job. I have a lot of experience in my field of expertise, close to 20 but the new place works at a much faster pace. I am prone to anxiety and panic attacks... [more inside]
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What was your life coaching experience like?

I'm trying to get an idea of what people have experienced as clients of life coaches. What was the problem you wanted to work on, what did you do to work on it, and how did it work? Where did you do it (online, in person, via email, etc.), how much did it cost, and would you do it again? Anything else you'd like to share is welcome. Any kind of life coaching (no matter the system) is OK. Thanks!
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How can I become sexually healthy again?

I am suffering from sexual burn out – physically and mentally. Help!!! [more inside]
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Which Jiu Jitsu? Why Aikido?

I'm interested in studying martial arts with the girlfriend, but we're at a loss for a discipline that would satisfy both of our interests. More details beneath the fold! [more inside]
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Can I turn a phone into a kid friendly mini tablet?

I want to turn an old phone into a kid friendly mini tablet fun thing. Is it possible? [more inside]
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It's a two-parter!

My partner is out of town for a week and I need some downtime suggestions. Namely, what movies should I watch and can you name the best San Francisco bars/restaurants to read a book alone in? Specifics and preferences inside. [more inside]
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My jeans, they're not hip enough..

I have a bunch of kinda baggy Levis with the right color (no distressing and comfort). Since I bought them (well just 3 years ago), styles have changed and I've moved to Brooklyn. I'd like to tailor these so that they're less baggy and don't scrunch up (I'm not opposed to rolling, but doesn't seem to work). Is a original hem jean tailor make sense?
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Advice for daytime privacy with light?

We just moved to a ground-level apartment with lots of foot traffic close by. I want ALL the light I can get and if possible the ability to see out, but also privacy from casual viewers. I'm considering making curtains from cheesecloth. Will low-grade (e.g. grade 10) cheesecloth work for this, or would I need to get a denser weave? Any other suggestions welcome. [more inside]
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Help me be a better informed opponent of Islamophobia.

I encounter Islamophobia either in media or in actual conversations with people on occasion, and I feel out of my depth in responding. I understand that practicing Muslims are a diverse group across many dozens of countries, cultures, and political viewpoints, but beyond that I need some help. What are some sources for learning? [more inside]
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Help me learn more about Robert E. Lee...

The recent controversies regarding the Confederate statues has caused me to re-examine what I know about the Civil War. What are the best books that critically examine Robert E. Lee's life (both good and bad), and specifically his life before he was the leader of the Confederate Army. [more inside]
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Cardio exercises with a slipped disc in my neck?

I have a bulging/slipped disc in my neck between C5/C6, which is causing lots of nerve pain. Prior to screwing up my upper back, I regularly did 45-60 minutes of cardio exercise 4-5 times a week. Usually a combination of elliptical machines, rowing machines, and stair climbing machines. I'm looking for suggestions of cardio exercises that I can do that don't put pressure on the neck and won't have me shutting down from irritated nerves after a few minutes. Any ideas? [more inside]
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Making-of documentaries

The other night, I was scrolling through my Hulu looking for things to watch, and I found The Beach Boys: Making Pet Sounds from Showtime. Serendipitously, I'd just been talking to my wife about what a genius Brian Wilson is, and you know how, in writing workshops, they say to "show, don't tell"? Well, this one really showed. I'd like to find some others that are similar. [more inside]
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Art workbook after "Drawing on the Right Side"

In December I completed the book and workbook “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.” I would like to find a similar workbook to take me another step forward. It was really useful to have a discrete workbook with a clear end that I could accomplish in a specific time period. I also quite liked how there was a variety of methods, media, and subjects. What structured, self-guided artistic guides do you recommend?
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How do I finish this dollhouse?

I am making a dollhouse for my kids out of plywood and the building part is almost done. What do I do about staining and protecting it? Pics. [more inside]
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I understand why this happens and what to do. Browser caching woe.

Sometimes when someone goes to one of our older websites they get say yesterday’s image and wonder what’s up -- why does it look wrong. I explain that it “cached” and that they should refresh their browser or manually clear it. All’s fine – that works. They see the image that was loaded today. [more inside]
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What is this emotional-relational process called?

I am embarrassed that I don't know the answer but the Hive Mind is very smart. I trust you to help me figure out what this problem or process around emotion and communication is called so I can deal with it better. [more inside]
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You're a delicate flower. You got in shape. Tell me about yourself.

I'm a couch potato at heart, but I'm interested in working out and getting in actually good shape. Trouble is, every time I've really set out to commit to an activity that I like, I've injured myself, spent a month or two in physical therapy, and stopped exercising. Can you recommend a strategy or an activity for me that will stretch me physically, but won't injure my apparently fragile self? Details and snowflakes within. [more inside]
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Regional comedy and music

Who's the most famous musician or comedian that no one outside of your state has heard of? [more inside]
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How can I go to job interviews when I'm working office hours?

I'm working a bit outside London (but living in London), with awkward transport options once I get outside tube range that mean I leave London at about 7 a.m. and return around 6 p.m. So I can't pop out at lunchtime, nor start and finish work early to go to an interview at the end of the working day. [more inside]
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Finding a Jewish community

With everything that's been happening lately, I've started to want more of a connection with my local Jewish community. Problem is, I don't know where to start. [more inside]
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Question about the tearing down of Confederate monuments

I've got a friend who, like me, fully supports the long overdue dismantling of Confederate mounments across the country - especially after we learned that many of those monuments seem to have a suspicious correlation with Supreme Court decisions that further oppressed black people. She believes that antifa and allied orgs should expand their targets to include Jefferson, Jackson, and the rest of the American Heroes crew that's got an awful lot of blood on their hands. How do I explain to her that this is going to send the wrong message, though?
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Why can't I write a Google restaurant review?

I had an unpleasant experience with a restaurant and want to share that with others. I think the most effective place to share is on Google reviews, where it's associated with the address/store hours/etc and also not associated with scammy Yelp tactics. I have written Google reviews before without issue. This time, every time I try to click on various write-a-review links (I tried them from every spot) it doesn't do anything. [more inside]
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What's the name of the kind of con game that involves fake news stories?

So I know that the name of the con where a conman sets up a fake betting parlor, or fake prizefight is called a "Big Store" con. Yellow Kid Weill used to do a thing where he'd get fake copies of magazines printed saying he discovered a mine and insert them into libraries for his marks to find and validate his claims. Is there a SPECIFIC name for that kind of con?
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Why isn't donated money being given to Grenfell survivors?

I read this brief article, and once again I'm at a loss. I donate because I want to help in some small way, especially when it's in a place I can't physically volunteer. Yet there always seems to be an issue with the money actually getting to the intended people. Does anyone here have knowledge, maybe through working for one of these organizations, as to why this continues to happen? Is there any place to donate in times of crisis where the majority of funds will actually reach the people who need it?
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Help me find videos of well-known people saying college is necessary

Please point me toward video clips of people expressing the idea that attending college and getting a degree is a prerequisite to getting a decent job and joining the middle class in the United States. In particular, I'm looking for well-known people making these statements - politicians, business leaders, celebrities, athletes, musicians, etc. These can be anything from speeches, to college promotional videos, to movies and other pop-culture.
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How do you decide what's a dealbreaker for you in a relationship?

I have dated several people who were essentially great matches for me, but in each case, something ended up feeling like a dealbreaker for me when it came time to consider marriage. I would like to get married eventually. How can I best decide when something should or shouldn't be a dealbreaker? A couple of example inside. [more inside]
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What are the best ways to encourage workplace volunteerism?

My workplace wants to start a program to encourage employees to volunteer with local organizations. What are some of the best (or worst) practices you've seen to encourage staff to participate? What are the most effective ways to contribute time to charitable causes? [more inside]
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Want to build website showing nearest location

Is there a template or site builder where you can enter a bunch of location points in a database, and the user can find out the closest point and distance to based on their zip code?
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What do you do while you're in medical limbo?

About 6 weeks ago I started feeling inexplicably tired and dizzy, then gradually started having other symptoms. I've only missed a few days of work in total but it's draining my ability to do much else, and I don't know what's wrong with me. I've got another doctor's appointment in a few days but I think they're probably going to send me for more tests which could take a while. What do I do in the meantime? [more inside]
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Protesting McConnell fundraiser this week. What goes on my sign?

Mitch McConnell is coming to town and I have time to make a sign but not print one or do anything complicated. Otherwise I'd go with this. It's a fundraiser for him and a senator with $2500-25000 entry fees. We'll be outside in a mostly residential area, so the sign's audience is mostly attendees unless there's press, which there might be. What words go on my sign? Help me pick something big and bold and terse and accusatory. [more inside]
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August 15

What's a good value in a basic display calibrator?

So I just ordered a new laptop, and I know I'm going to want to calibrate the display right off the bat. However, I know absolutely nothing about display calibration tools in 2017. What should I get? [more inside]
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Online resources for gender-questioning person

Looking for resources for a socially anxious man who is questioning his gender identity. He said he's starting to feel that his is "more fluid." At his request, I'm working on finding local resources, but can people suggest online resources/forums where he might find some community? He's in his 50s, so I'm a little worried about sites that skew really young.
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Relearning Math concepts again as an adult

I am looking for a good book and/or resources to revisit all major mathematical concepts. I am not looking for an all academic kind of in depth book but one that would be inspiring, cover breadth and let me dig further into a specific concept more. I have a technology background but to be honest i have forgotten mathematics.
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How to feel about room service upsetting my trip?

Should room service ever enter your room to pick up trays that may or may not exist, when they think no one is there? [more inside]
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iPhone app for tracking daily scores/ranks?

I am looking for an iPhone tracking app that lets me enter a score or rank for each day in a category. [more inside]
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First credit card for college freshman

Are there any credit cards aimed at college freshmen without a credit history? [more inside]
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Any experiences with the Centers for Vulvovaginal Disorders?

My friend is considering visiting one of the Centers for Vulvovaginal Disorders to address her long-term, unresolved issues with (what appears to be) yeast. She's been to multiple generalists and specialists with no luck. Has anyone tried them? How was it?
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Hiking in the alps in September

Can anyone recommend a good base for hiking in the alps mid September (perhaps the Dolomites)? I have looked through various sites and other asks but the options are overwhelming... I am going to be travelling on my own and can only do four or five nights. I will be travelling from Paris and then to London at the end. [more inside]
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Is this is a cockroach? (And what do I do?) [more inside]
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Can you help me think of ambient sounds to sample for my music?

Calling all sound designers, musicians and generally creative Mefites! I've recently been getting into sampling sounds in nature (i.e "found sound") and then using them as percussion and other elements in my music (loosely categorized as IDM, EDM, whatever). I will be vacationing next week by the ocean and trying to do some advance thinking and get some inspiration for my trip. I acknowledge upfront that this is a broad question with broad answers, so to help focus the question there is . . . [more inside]
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Help a procrastinator out: Solar eclipse glasses version

Virtually all online outlets are sold out of solar eclipse glasses. How do I get two pair before Monday? [more inside]
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Please help me live with bedbugs

I live in a building that has ongoing bedbug infestations. I need coping tips for living with them for the next few years. Difficulty level: single, 30's, and actively dating. [more inside]
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Stunt memoir recommendations

I have a huge weakness for books which the author is documenting some sort of personal year-long challenge. I guess you'd call them stunt memoirs? I've already read a bunch, but I want even more recommendations. [more inside]
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identity politics: why it matters

I have been communicating with a younger online friend for a few months. Lately, he's gotten the idea in his head that "identity politics" are the root of all evil in this country, that we should be judging people as individual and ignoring things like race, gender, etc. All well in good, except as far as I can tell, that's not how the world actually operates. What are some good arguments and sources that I can use to help him understand why the group matters in politics? [more inside]
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What investment options do I have for a chunk of cash I need in 12m?

I am looking for a way to earn some interest on savings that I know I will need within 12 months, more details & requirements below. [more inside]
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Help me find the shovel of my dreams

At work we have a small shovel that is perfect for planting perennials. I'd like to get more of the same kind. Close up for measurement of blade. I want something really close to this - a longer blade won't work, a longer handle won't work, a narrow blade also won't work. We call it a "lady shovel" and I've seen similar ones called drain shovels.
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How do I find T-Shirts that fit like... some of my other T-Shirts?

I started working out a year or so ago, and my formerly-scrawny upper body has noticably changed shape as a result. This has created a pretty stark divide among my former T-Shirts, all of which felt much the same before this started - two in particular are now outrageously flattering, while most are now uncomfortable to wear (usually tight at the front of the neck) or look slightly silly. [more inside]
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How does an advanced MS Office user get more advanced?

I, like lots of people, use Microsoft Office almost every day. I like to think of myself as a power user, I can do some basic scripting in Excel, do some cool stuff with Styles in Word, etc. However, I realize that most of the skills I learned in Office I learned a decade ago, and, while they are still supported, there are probably lots of other cool features and shortcuts that have been added, as well as new, better approaches to using these packages. So, my question is twofold: 1) How do I, as an advanced user, learn more advanced things (as opposed to reading stuff written for beginners) and 2) Are there any amazing Office tips/approaches anyone can share?
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How do I prevent losing friends as soon as I make them?

I have always been an introverted, shy person (also moderately anxious) and have always had issues with keeping friends. In my past, I've been pretty good at making friends fast but not good at keeping them. I think it’s because I open up to people really easily, I am nice, I am a decent conversationalist, and some people have said I can be really funny and fun to be around. [more inside]
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Identify This Vintage Toy

This toy dog looks so familiar, and yet...I can't remember what he is called. Google isn't helping and friends recognize it but also can't remember the name.
posted by 41swans at 10:26 AM PST - 3 comments

Why does my brain feel fried?

I was just in a business meeting for an hour and a half and I had trouble focusing or being able to think coherently towards the end. I am very tired and I feel like I need a nap. I did have enough sleep last night. I still feel overstimulated and somewhat overwhelmed. How can I expand my attention span and reduce my sensitivity? [more inside]
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From 0 to Kevin Shields in one tap.

Help me figure out the best route for using my electric guitar with a (laptop + VSTs + some kind of pedalboard) in a live context. [more inside]
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Cobble together an ia Writer Pro share sheet in iOS 10/MacOS

I write in ia Writer Pro on macOS and iOS. (I'm not gonna change that: I like apps I actually own.) Its only drawback is no share sheet. Can you boffins tell me how to use existing automation tools to provide share-sheet functionality? [more inside]
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Problem with close-up photos showing light/dark banding pattern

I use my iPhone to take close-up photos. When I swapped-out my old incandescent bulbs for LED bulbs, I started seeing light/dark bands (stripes) on the photos. How do I fix this problem? [more inside]
posted by akk2014 at 9:43 AM PST - 17 comments

Looking for brown leather sneakers w/dark soles

I'd like to buy a pair of men's brown leather sneakers, specifically with dark soles, along the lines of these shoes (but hopefully cheaper). Most brown leather sneakers I have found online, however, have light-colored soles. Any suggestions? Thanks!
posted by Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell at 9:03 AM PST - 8 comments

How does one do "aqua therapy"

I have postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and chronic fatigue. My doctor has prescribed 10-15 minutes of aqua therapy 2x, to be gradually increased as it becomes more tolerable for me. YANMD, but do I need a physical therapist, or is this something that I can do on my own? [more inside]
posted by brook horse at 9:01 AM PST - 8 comments

Will I qualify for New York State paid family leave?

New York State recently introduced Paid Family Leave. I'm pregnant, and I need to make a decision that may affect my eligibility. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:59 AM PST - 2 comments

Where to buy fine jewelry without the designer brand markup?

I'd like to buy my mother a very nice piece of jewelry (gold, gems, etc.), and I can't seem to bridge the gap between department store jewelry counters (or online counters) and designer brand stores likes Tiffany and Cartier. The former seems to be of questionable quality, and the latter appears to have a huge markup for the brand name and box. Any recommendations for lesser known jewelry stores with high quality pieces? Thanks a bunch!
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Just to be abundantly clear, there is no porn stash

I've inadvertently created the impression that I have contraband hidden in our house. Help me lean into that with suggestions for things I could hide around the place that appear illicit at first (and maybe second) glance but are actually entirely innocent. [more inside]
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Help my friends get rid of a deadbeat tenant

Friends of mine, who live in New York, bought a house not too long ago. Its a two flat. They are living in one and renting the other , which is below them. Their tenant has not payed rent since May and informed the owners that they are not able to pay rent and will not be leaving. They say, brazenly, they know how the system works and will take full advantage of the laws protecting them. While no one is really protecting the owners. While they are starting eviction proceedings, it could take up to 8 months for them to get the renters out. Can you think of any ways , without violating the laws of the state of New York, to get these folks out or make the place unbearable? In this case the landlords are very good people being taken for a ride and taking a huge financial hit
posted by citybuddha at 8:40 AM PST - 20 comments

What's a good gift for my superstar summer intern?

My summer intern's last day is Thursday. I'll be offering references since he knocked the job out of the park in his time here. Additionally, I'll be getting him a card and would like to get him a nice small parting gift of...something. [more inside]
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Getting from zero to USB MIDI in as few steps as possible

I have (a) a USB MIDI keyboard, (b) a licensed copy of Reaper, and (c) kind of an understanding that there are things called VSTs that make the keyboard go 'boop'. What's the best/fastest way of understanding how all this works? [more inside]
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Mr. Always Right

I just read this question and it basically mirrors my situation, minus the marriage. But I feel stupid because I still love parts of him and don't feel ready to leave although everyone is telling me to get the hell out. Help me deal with this situation in the best way possible and figure out the best course of action. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:15 AM PST - 33 comments

Collaborative, university-like institutions out in the "real" world?

It's been 7 years since I graduated university (computer science), and aside from a few years of work at a startup, I've been working on app projects all on my own. I like the independence and the pursuit of my own destiny, but lately I've been feeling terribly lonely. More than anything, I've been missing the institutional feel of college. [more inside]
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App for anonymous agitating

I would like to facilitate group chats/discussion for a group of people where comments would either be entirely anonymous or done via pseudonym. Ideally this would be phone-based. Can you please suggest an app? [more inside]
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August 14

YANMA (you are not my accountant), but...

I'm a freelancer/independent contractor, and a dual U.S./Canadian citizen. I now make money from clients in both countries, deposited to bank accounts in both countries. How the heck should I approach taxes? Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Jobs MN Edition

I recently moved back to the Twin Cities and am looking for jobs! I would like advice on employers I should consider and/or websites to search. [more inside]
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Seattle toddler opthalmologist?

My 1-year-old has one eye larger than the other, and his primary care provider recommended getting it checked out. But all the pediatrician eye doctors we came across either (a) only see older children, (b) only deal with complex conditions or surgeries, or (c) are optometrists. Any recommendations for a Seattle opthalmologist who works with toddlers and can help with our issue?
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How old should a kid be to fly unaccompanied?

Airlines allow kids to fly as unaccompanied minors at age 5. My husband's kids are 6 and 9 and have flown with parents frequently and successfully. Is this too young for a direct 100-minute flight? [more inside]
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come on and zoom zoom zoom a zoom

Do you like your telephoto lens for an iPhone 6+? I'm a little overwhelmed by the online choices and by the divergent opinions in the ratings. So I'm hoping for some tried and true or otherwise fairly solid recs here. [more inside]
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Where to find eclipse glasses in Seattle?

I have come to terms with the fact that the eclipse glasses I ordered online are never going to arrive. I am struggling to find them locally (Seattle, WA). Is there anywhere that definitely has some in stock? [more inside]
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Ferritin up, but the fatigue remains

I had a severe iron deficiency, diagnosed in June. My numbers have improved a lot but I'm still.... really, really struggling, in more ways that one, and my doctor has no idea what to do. [more inside]
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Free Meeting Spaces in Toronto

I am looking for quiet, free, public or publicish places in Toronto to meet with 2-15 other people for talks. Do you know of any? [more inside]
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Teach me to dye curtains and un-grayscale my house

I have light gray curtains. (How) can I successfully dye them a color like a vibrant marigold orange or golden yellow? If that's not possible, what about a turquoise or a cobalt? I think they are a natural fabric like cotton or linen, but I'm not sure. How do I find out what fabric they're made of so I can select the correct kind of dye? And, to help match the color scheme, what color should I paint the fireplace mantle? [more inside]
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How I learned to stop worrying and love interruptions (work edition)

How do I learn to just go with the flow and accept the never-ending flow of communication and requests at work? My INTJ brain is always bracing for the worst! [more inside]
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Help me decide what car to buy

Currently I drive a large SUV and have decided that my next car will be a Prius. But I'm torn over whether to buy new or used. Details below the fold. [more inside]
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Olive + tea tree oil: what else can I do with it?

A while ago I mixed a little tea tree oil into maybe a cup and a half of olive oil (non-extra-virgin). You were supposed to wash your face with it. I tried that and didn't like it, and now I've had this bottle of oil sitting in my shower for months. What else can I do with it, especially without putting it on my body? (The googlenets say to put it on my hair... *shrug*?)
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Another please help me find this book from my past question

I am looking for a book I read when I was in primary school. I have always thought the title was Sister, but the name is too vague to bring up any good matches on Google or book sites. Read in Australia between 1990 - 1995. [more inside]
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Is there an online community dedicated to finding movie locations?

This has always been one of my greatest interests. I get such a thrill out of visiting and searching for locations used for films (or TV, I guess). There doesn't seem to be a whole lot out there. There's the Filming Locations page for each entry on IMDB, there's and other similar things, but I'm looking for more like a community/forum where people can ask and discuss and figure things out.
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How much should I sell a gun safe for?

I have a Fort Knox Defender 6026 gun safe, 2004 edition. Per internet search, new models of the safe sells for well over $2000, though the new version has fire rating of 90 minutes, while mine is rated for 50 minutes. I plan to craigslist the safe, but I want to see if the hivemind can advise what's a reasonable sale price to expect. [more inside]
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Best Kids Podcasts

During a long car ride this past weekend, I put on some episodes of Wow in the World for my four year old, and he loved them. I particularly liked that they were better than his usual request of poppy kids music. Unfortunately, episodes only come out twice a week. What are other podcasts, preferably short and educational, that are aimed at young kids?
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B.S. Psychology grad here: Best route towards becoming a UX Researcher?

My background: B.S. in Psychology (with a Minor in Anthropology). Just graduated. I haven’t found a job yet (I graduated in May) and am wanting to become a User Experience Researcher. With zero experience in design or the tech industry, I’m wondering how to break into this field. I learn best through a structured in-person setting, where I can learn alongside others and have access to mentors. Should I get a Master’s in HCI, or should I take General Assembly’s User Experience Design Immersive course? [more inside]
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Is starting a new bachelors worth it in your thirties? Which one?

I recently switched jobs within my field and ended up working at a university. It offers employees a small tuition allowance. If you were in your mid-thirties pining for a higher paying career path, would you take advantage of this? If so, what degree would you get? [more inside]
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Blood tests to sort out reason for fatigue

I have been dealing with symptoms of extreme fatigue for about a month now, sleeping 10+ hours a night and still desperate to take naps during the day. I am so drowsy sometimes that I feel it might be unsafe for me to drive and do other necessary functions during the day. [more inside]
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Well designed blockquotes / pull quotes / external references?

I'm working on the design for a website. Can you point to any websites that have an excellent style for block quotes / extracts from external references, pullquotes, citations, and similar elements? I am hoping to find some inspiration. [more inside]
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"Diabolically" difficult clue about a current news story

In my daughter's AP Government class over the summer, her instructor is posting little clues to help her class know which news stories they should be aware of. Most of them have been relatively simple, like "Oh Lordy," "Mooch," "Fire and Fury," etc But they have different levels, and the most difficult one, posted on 8/4, was simply "49 48 23" [more inside]
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Cross-country Amtrak advice

I am flying out to Portland OR for the eclipse and then taking Amtrak back to NYC with a bunch of stops to see friends and family along the way. I'm so excited!!! What can I prepare to minimize the inevitable discomforts and maximize the awesome? [more inside]
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Help troubleshooting HDMI audio on an (old) TV?

Shortly after installing a Switch, I've started having audio problems with my TV across all HDMI devices. Is there a way to systematically troubleshoot this or is my TV finally done for? [more inside]
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Family question re siblings

Mrs. L’s two grand nieces (A. aged 11) and (S. aged 14) are back home with their mother from staying with their father for the summer break. This has been happening for the last several years with no problems. However, A. (previously very much a Mommy’s girl) now says she is unhappy and wants to return to live with her father. [more inside]
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Is this argument a logical fallacy?

" Because children and innocents all over the old are killed by America in foreign wars etc. , grieving for "white" Americans or Europeans ( while NOT grieving of all the other nameless innocents who are killed) is hypocritical." This statement is obviously problematic and not entirely reasonable but I'm trying to determine if it falls within some logically false argument, I can't quite think of one it fits into. Thanks for the help.
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Seeking greater work/work balance

I've recently moved into a role that's supposed to be 50% project management/client relations and 50% project work (from a role that was basically just an individual contributor). The project management side of things is going well, but I'm finding it hard to carve out the time and space for actual project work. Does anyone have tips for wearing multiple hats and still being effective in diverse aspects of a job? [more inside]
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Short podcasts for a road trip

I want to listen to podcasts that have a definite beginning and ending. Suggestions? [more inside]
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Two men enter, one man leaves

Very recently started dating a man from my friend group. How should I disclose to him that I was sleeping with another member of our group right up until we started dating? [more inside]
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How to fix stove igniter that won't stop sparking?

I have a four burner gas cooktop with electronic ignition. The igniters won't stop sparking unless the top left burner is burning. What part should I replace? [more inside]
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Best notebooks for Marcy Uchida LePen

I just got a pack of LePen pens and I love them, but they bleed through the pages of my usual cheapie marble notebooks. I'm willing to upgrade my notebooks, but need recommendations for ones where a LePen won't bleed through (so I can write on both sides of the paper), and is standard bound rather than ring/wire-bound. Direct links to purchase welcomed/appreciated!
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Oyster Bar in Vancouver BC

What are your personal recommendations? I'm probably the only person in my traveling party who is looking forward to this, so bonus if the place has a good cocktail/wine list or a nice view. But I want to know which is your recommendation for its oysters alone. Thanks!
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How to share a chair

I need to work in a very specific chair due to some medical concerns. I spent many years of trial and error, research and money finding an ergonomic solution which culminated in the purchase of a special chair years before I met my partner. When partner and I initially moved into together, I was the only person who used this chair. Then, little by little, they began using the chair for their own work when I wasn't around -- and now they insist on sharing it even when I am around. I actually need this chair for medical reasons and I feel that it is "mine". They think the chair is now "ours". How do we proceed? [more inside]
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What to do/see/eat on an Oregon/NoCal coastal roadtrip?

I will be driving from Seattle to Monterey, CA. I've already got plans set up for the Oregon Coast as far as Newport, and also have plans for San Francisco and Monterey on the other end, but I have a block of about 6 days between Newport and SF that is unplanned and open to suggestion. See inside for details. [more inside]
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Marketplace Health Insurance Got Cancelled - How do I get it back?

My marketplace got cancelled. I was late on payment. Eventually paid but payment got sent to an old account, my account got cancelled. I'm appealing but not hoping for much. In meantime, I'm trying to buy a health insurance plan through private market but I keep being told I can only enroll through the marketplace. (which won't allow me back in - Huh?) [more inside]
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Should I tell you I don't remember who you are?

I'm fairly physically distinctive, and as such, people generally don't have a hard time remembering who I am/where they know me from. Unfortunately, in other places (e.g. on public sidewalks or in grocery stores) I don't always recognize them. Sometimes they start conversations with me. If you were the other party--you know who I am, I don't--what would you prefer that I do? Would you like me to admit this and ask for your name/context? Would you like me to pretend I recognize you and hope you'll drop some clues? Something in-between? [more inside]
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Cheap circumaural bluetooth headphones for an open-plan office

The microUSB charger to my nice CSL bluetooth headphones broke at the weekend and I'm in crisis. I would rebuy the same ones, but I can't; I got some "iFetta" £22 ones on Amazon, but despite all the good reviews they're buzzing with interference and have a lot of sound leakage issues. A good sub-£50 replacement is what stands between me and utter insanity. [more inside]
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Where to find intraday pricing for a specific stock on a specific date?

My access to a (very expensive) financial services tool doesn't include the ability to look at the movement of a stock on a specific day (and only that day). What gives? How can I find this? [more inside]
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Need Financial Help: Loans vs. Refi Mortgage, for Law School

Our son has applied to law schools and will most likely begin attending in August 2018. We want to help him finance this because we have access to much cheaper money than he has. [more inside]
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40 hours in Puerto Escondido

As part of an upcoming trip, a friend and I will be in Puerto Escondido from December 1-3. Does anyone have any travel advice? (specifically regarding the Manialtepec Lagoon, but also some other things) [more inside]
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Where should we spend one day in Switzerland?

SO and I have an unexpected free day in Switzerland tomorrow. We're at the tail end of a work trip, fly out of Geneva on Wednesday and will see the city then, and are staying in Aigle. We both speak French and I speak passable Italian. [more inside]
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Need suggestions for high-protein breakfasts

Dear god am I sick of Greek yogurt. TL; DR: I've been aiming to eat more protein lately; getting between 30-50g at breakfast would be ideal. I feel I'm in a bit of a rut, however --- I have been switching up between greek yogurt w fruit, smoothies w protein powder, and omelettes. I need more ideas. Any help? [more inside]
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Origin of "Overt/Covert White Supremacy" pyramid graphic?

Does anyone know who the original creator of this graphic going around social media is? I would prefer to be using/sharing it with proper attribution, but I'm having trouble tracking that down. I know I've seen it before this weekend, although it's making the rounds again in the wake of Charlottesville.
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UsedCarFilter: EV? Hybrid? Diesel? Dunno. Please advise.

I drive about 500 miles per week, 75 miles minimum each way. Help me find a good used car choice. [more inside]
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Go West, young man

I have a loose itinerary for a road trip from Milwaukee to Wyoming and Colorado. I want to run it by y'all to see if it's realistic or too ambitious, since I'll be solo (car) camping. Priorities for places to stay: quiet, DARK, scenic. Not interested in cities/town, food, or lodging. [more inside]
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Parenting as an abuse survivor

Please recommend books for adult parents who survived abuse themselves as children. Any "must-read" books for abuse survivors in general are welcome too. [more inside]
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The only Korean I know is Bonchon :(

At the very least I would like to learn some conversational Korean so my boyfriend's family doesn't feel so isolated. But I don't know where to even start. Details to follow. [more inside]
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Is there any way to view / edit photo titles on iOS?

In on the Mac (and on you can add a title to a photo, which appears under the photo in grid view if you have that option turned on. There doesn’t seem to be any way to display or edit that information in the Photos app on the iPhone, but the data is definitely synced across, because you can use it to search for photos. Is there some trick that I’ve missed? Or more likely, is there a third party app that can do it? [more inside]
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Shoes/Clothing for European Gallivant

I'm going to Europe with my sister for her 30th birthday (yay!) and I've never been before. We're flying into Rome and planning on going to Barcelona and possibly somewhere in Portugal as well. The trip is about two weeks long, and we leave in early September. I have no idea what to wear, and my shoe selection is particularly thin on the ground! [more inside]
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I Want to Dye

I received this gold silk scarf for my birthday. Alas, the dull gold colour doesn't suit me at all. Can I dye this scarf some other, more becoming and beautiful colour, and if so, how? [more inside]
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What to do in Mexico (Missouri, that is)?

(Asking for a friend) We’re headed to Mexico MO next weekend for the eclipse. Rather than fight traffic, we’ll be arriving on Saturday. So what do we do when we’re not watching the eclipse? We like interesting hikes, nice restaurants as well as dives/local gems, and anything on the quirky side or unique to the area.
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Help me find the fountain pen I want

I'm looking for a fountain pen. I have a Rotring 800+ mechanical pencil that I'm very happy with. I'd like to have got a fountain pen from Rotring, but they don't quite have what I'm after in current production, and discontinued models can be rather expensive. [more inside]
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Panic-regretting break up, how do I make it through this?

I decided to break up with him after finding out that he had been lying for months into our relationship. I feel heart broken and I'm regretting the decision and all his pleading started getting to me and sounded plausible the moment I saw him walk out the door. [more inside]
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When communicating seems to make it worse

I tried to be open with my wife about my feelings for another person and it went wrong. Help? [more inside]
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Keeping my own insecurity in check

I am a hardworking, high achieving woman of color in an extremely competitive field. A younger POC has recently started seeking my advice. I am happy to be as helpful as possible-- I want him to succeed!-- but I am also noticing myself feeling competitive and insecure, and sometimes have the urge to bring him down a notch. How do I keep these things in check? [more inside]
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What was your experience with the Capturing Kids' Hearts program?

My district has made the decision to have my school pilot this program and I have two full days of training in front of me. Tell me how the Capturing Kids' Hearts program and/or training has worked in your classroom or at your school. [more inside]
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Progressive rural or small town communities in northern CA?

In looking for a place to move, how can you get a sense of what the community there is like? Where (ideally in California) might one find a rural / agricultural / DIY thing going on and a sense of community with liberal / progressive values? [more inside]
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August 13

What do I do in 2017 with a working Macintosh SE?

I very recently got my 29-year-old Mac SE (20 MB HDD, 2.5 MB RAM) out of storage, and - wonder of wonders, it boots and runs OK! Now what? I'd like to be able to, at the very least, be able to download the contents of my hard drive. What hardware/software would I need for that, with a Windows machine on the other side?
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Girlfriend doesn't let me know when she's running late until last minute

My girlfriend has a really annoying (to me) habit of only letting me know she's running late either at the very last minute or after the time when she's supposed to have turned up. It's caused us to get into a couple of big fights recently and it happened again tonight as I was cooking her dinner, so I told her not to bother coming over at all because I knew we'd just get into another circular argument about it. [more inside]
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Winter Comforts

Looking for some ways to make my home extra cozy for my significant other during the winter/the holidays this year. [more inside]
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Help me reset my sleep schedule... quickly.

I have a trip coming up (flying out midnight Tuesday), and I'd like there to be as little misery on the sleep end as possible. Unfortunately, I've severely offset my sleep schedule over the last few months. AskMe, please help me reset this schedule quickly! [more inside]
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Do most blind people keep their eyes open or closed?

I saw a video of Andrea Bocelli, and it looked like his eyes were closed the whole time. But a blind lady in my building keeps hers open (she is 100% blind, I know because I have had conversations with her about it). So what's the deciding factor ... I assume it's more of a natural/physical thing than a learned behavior? Does it have to do with blind-since-birth vs. once-sighted-now-blind? What are the factors behind this that I don't know about? No hidden agenda here, I am truly just curious.
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Please help me pamper my face!

I'm trying to take more time to pamper myself, and I really like pampering my skin by using facial masks. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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Determining the ranking of a series of items?

I have a set of items that people have voted on and given a score out of 10. For the sake of discussion, let's say they're movies. What's the best way to use those votes to determine a list of the top 10 movies? [more inside]
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A question for the Liberian Cabal

I've been making it my goal to only read books by non-cishetwhitedudes this year. Yay for me! But I'm wondering, since I get most of my reading material from the library, is there any tangible impact on society? Besides adding my +1 to the amount of times these books are checked out, is there any greater significance? Do the authors get any benefits? Librarians, please let me know if checking out and reading books by women, people of colors, LGBTQ, etc is nothing more than screaming into the library void.
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best way to sell silver coins - Seattle

I've been given a small collection of silver American coins - dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars from when these coins were made entirely or mostly with silver. Looking at a couple different coin websites, the value of these coins based on their silver content is roughly $400. How can I get the maximum amount of money for selling these coins? I'm in Seattle. Thanks!
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Turn grayscale scanned documents into clear B&W

How can I make scanned grayscale pdfs into crisp, clear white background black and white pdfs? (example inside). [more inside]
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I'm contemplating quitting my job without anything lined up

I'm looking for perspective on how bad or good of an idea it is to quit my current job without another job lined up. [more inside]
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Fun, "medium-fiddly" recipes that take less than 2 hours, all in?

I've been having a rough couple days, need to get off the internet, and would love to immerse myself in an engaging, fun, new dinner recipe that won't leave me frustrated and hungry. [more inside]
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Help me make my doctoral program a success

I am a non-traditional student who will be starting a doctoral program this fall. I am looking for concrete strategies, resources, and practices that will help me to have a successful experience, despite a variety of life challenges. [more inside]
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VocabularyFilter: what does a dupe, mark or patsy do?

I need a word that describes an action taken by someone who has been tricked into participating in a scam, but who is neither intentionally participating nor directly affected by it. Think of a person who receives a misdirected package and is asked to send it on to the "proper" recipient. (The scam would be that the misdirected package is actually stolen, or contains contraband, or something like that.) [more inside]
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Stepthrough/mixte hybrid bikes for tall people.

I'm a 6'1" skirt-wearing human looking for an appropriately-sized hybrid bike for my daily commute with a $400-$900 budget. [more inside]
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Need suggestions for music to play for a candlelight vigil tonight

I'm running around trying to set up a local candlelight vigil tonight for Charlottesville. No luck so far finding anyone with a guitar or anything, so I'm trying to come up with a playlist for background music, etc. [more inside]
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Working in ESL without teaching?

I'm a former ESL instructor who had to give up a career in college-level teaching. I still want to work in the ESL field somehow, or have a hand in materials development or something else that helps students learn, without actually teaching. How can I go about doing this? [more inside]
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Brands/clothing types for "healthy" female body type?

I'm helping my girlfriend look for brands or styles that work well for her body type. [more inside]
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Your incredibly absorbing summer reads: omnivore edition

I need to distract myself from thoughts of the impending apocalypse and am looking for recommendations for books that you just couldn't put down. My tastes lean towards crime (true and fiction), psychological thrillers, mystery, politics, psychology etc. but I am pretty much open to anything these days, as long as it keeps me off Facebook and CNN. [more inside]
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I love the country, but I can't stand the scene

This is not a time to be disengaged from politics. Engaging with politics is making me ill. What can I do? [more inside]
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Looking for earbuds for travel

I'm taking a trip to Europe for a month (yay!!) which involves a lot of travel from place to place by bus and by plane. I'm looking for mid-range earbuds that won't break the bank (around $100 USD). Sound quality is more important to me than popularity. Beats and Bose are out, for their underwhelming sound quality and extortionist price points. More below the fold. [more inside]
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Audio that isn't a traditional podcast or audiobook?

I'm a bit burnt out on podcasts (but you know what I'm not burnt out on? Blue Apron!) and I find it hard to concentrate on audiobooks which has me wondering, what other kinds of interesting audio are out there to consume? [more inside]
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How big a print can I make of a digital drawing?

I've used Procreate to make a number of drawings on my first-gen iPad Pro (using the "screen size" setting of 2,038 x 2,732), and I'd like to print tests of several of them in a large format (local commercial print shop offers 4' x 3'). [more inside]
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What's a good cute/punny name for an animatronic bird.

Can you help me come up with a name for my animatronic bird? I'm working on making my own animatronic bird, based on the birds in the Enchanted Tiki Room in Disney(World/Land). Those birds are named José, Michael, Pierre and Fritz. And I'd like a cute/punny/Disney name for this first prototype. [more inside]
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Teach me how to teach

I just got a teaching fellowship at the philosophy department of a prestigious university, for a semester. I finished my undergraduate degree in philosophy five years ago and haven't really engaged seriously with the discipline since, apart from reading for pleasure on philosophical topics I enjoy and that too not all that mindfully. I am terrified of facing a classroom full of clever and high-achieving young people and exposing myself as a fraud. Please help me? [more inside]
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Advice on Replacing Window Grills?

We've lost some of the interior grills on our old windows. We're not replacing them in the near future (why are windows so expensive?), but I'd like to find some way to get the grid look back in our windows. Looking for feedback on options like this (either that one specifically or another one you've tried).
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I want all Confederate monuments gone.

Many, many courthouses in Virginia still have confederate monuments. I want to find a way to have my local courthouse's Confederate monument removed. And, with any luck, inspire folks in other VA localities to start similar movements. What do I do to start this process? Advice? Links with info on how others have successfully pushed for the removal of Confederate monuments and flags? [more inside]
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Linus in need of post-breakup blanket

I'm totally shaken after a breakup (and my response to it). What are some things I can do to regain my sense of self-respect and control, and feel emotionally safer? [more inside]
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pre-marital counselling in NYC for Chinese-American/white couples?

I'm thinking seriously of marrying someone of a different culture (second-generation Chinese-American vs white and been here longer than the country). I'm looking for non-religious pre-martial counselling to help us figure out whether this is a good idea and how to make it work. I'm especially looking for someone with experience with this particular combination of cultures, who can guide us toward discussions of things where we might not realize we have very different assumptions. Personal recommendations would be great. Must be in NYC.
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August 12

How do I remove my kitchen faucet?

I can't figure out how to unscrew the faucet from my kitchen countertop. Help? [more inside]
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What's the easiest and cheapest way to add subtitles to a video?

I have a video between 30 and 60 minutes long. I have the script. I have a translation of the script into another language. The video occasionally deviates from the script and I can edit the translated script. How how do I turn the translated script into subtitles? [more inside]
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VacationFilter: South Pacific

Daydreaming about getting away over the holidays has turned into some serious planning for a week in the South Pacific. Have you stayed somewhere amazing? Please, do tell! [more inside]
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How do I navigate this breakup?

My girlfriend broke up with me and now she's insisting that I have to work to regain her trust, and I don't know what to do. [more inside]
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how to print flashcards at home

I would like to bulk print some Spanish/English vocabulary flashcards onto cardstock. My thought is that I can print 30 or so cards onto a single piece of 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock, front and back and then cut the cardstock into multiple cards (each one about 2.8" x 1.1" ) . The exact details are not important - just the basic idea. [more inside]
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I phone 4S doesn't like wifi away from home. Why?

I have an iPhone 4s that I use in conjunction with a Payd card reader at an outdoor market (they're connected with bluetooth). There's wi-fi available in the square, but my phone is very iffy about picking it up, and seems to have more trouble than other people's phones. I was in the public library yesterday and it wouldn't connect at all to the library wi-fi. It always connects at home with no problem. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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Latest in immersive theater in NYC

We’ll be in New York at the end of the month and I’m looking for recommendations for immersive theater—along the lines of “Sleep No More,” “Then She Fell,” and “The Grand Paradise.” Performances where the action is happening around you, where there isn't necessarily a linear story, where you are generally free to explore, and where your experience will likely be different from someone else attending the same performance. I’m seeing several options, but which are “immersive” in the same way those are? (“Seeing You” looked like it would have scratched that itch, too.)
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Show Your Work

I wish to be recognized as helping. How can I do that? [more inside]
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Can you help identify this large bug?

What is this bug? We are in Newfoundland. It doesn't seem to have antennas (antenni?). Hand for scale. My seven-year-old really wants to know...
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Help with Wedding Awesomeness

Please help me find miniature replicas of the classic Quaker Oats container that I can buy online. I'm looking for plain cardboard. I'll print the labels. [more inside]
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What is the deal with Googlebooks and No Ebooks Available?

So I need one of set of books on google books dating from 1743 and what luck! Volume one it turns up. what I really need, however, is a later volume in the series, and it turns up as well, but unavailable for preview for unexplained reasons. It also lists a new copyright date of 2011 by Bibliobazaar. [more inside]
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Do I really need to pay to look at the sky during the eclipse?

I am planning to be in Nebraska or Missouri for the eclipse. There are a number of places I could go that have festivals, fields you can pay to park in, etc. What are the chances of just randomly finding a place off a rural road where I can park, throw my camping chair on the nearby grass, pop open the cooler, and enjoy the day in peace away from people and traffic? [more inside]
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Considering canceling wifi

I've been thinking on and off about cancelling my home internet service. Partly because of the money it would save me, but mostly because of my internet habit. I'm interested in hearing from other people who have either gone cold turkey (by removing internet service from their homes) or have found other ways to manage the internet habit. Bonus points if you do this with inattentive-type ADD. [more inside]
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What's the word for this manufacturing principle?

There is a concept or principle in manufacturing whereby each operation done to manufacture a part makes the part increasingly valuable. In other words, a block of stock is not worth much, but as it is transformed step-by-step into a part, the value adds up. Is there a name or word for this?
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Going nutty for nutty butters

Please recommend all your delicious nut and seed butter combinations (but not Almond, ew). Some ones I’ve tried that I love: Soom's chocolate tahini, Earth Balance’s coconut + peanut, Peanut Butter & Co’s White Chocolate Wonderful, and Manna’s cashew coconut. And obviously, Gianduia. [more inside]
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Quick suggestions for easy activity w 90yo in Chicago

We are in Chicago for the weekend visiting an elderly relative. He doesn't get out much beyond his immediate area and I'd like to take him somewhere today for a little visit and variety. He's not very mobile, but doesn't use a wheelchair. Someplace nice to sit with a coffee is fine, or a nice neighborhood to drive around, any other creative suggestions would be really helpful!!! Easy parking for us is key.
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How do I access the screws on this Toto toilet seat?

Toto toilet seat is loose. Need to access the screws to tighten it up. There appear to be plastic tabs covering where I need to get to. How do I remove these tabs without breaking them? Here are two pictures: Toto Toilet Seat pics
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T-rex hands and feet

How do I heal my dry scaly hands and feet? [more inside]
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Parents of three, children in family of five -- what worked?

Agonizing over third child decision. I know questions have been asked before, but, of course, there are More Details. [more inside]
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Is there a way to fly & see the full eclipse? From the Philly/Balt area?

Can fly out of Philly or Baltimore - the eclipse is happening on a milestone birthday of mine. Mrs. Filmgeek said - yeah, I should fly somewhere and see it (taking a little filmgeek too.) Is there an airport I can fly into in the morning, see the eclipse and fly back? It doesn't have to be a beautiful field. Is Nashville the best bet? Some other city?
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Is there a cure for sleeptalking?

Is there a cure for sleeptalking?
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What's up with sanitized closed captions?

R-rated movie on Amazon captioned as if it's on broadcast TV. What gives? [more inside]
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On the brink of catastrophe, 'round the clock

My family-- individual members, as well as as a unit-- tends to feel like it is constantly on the brink of catastrophe. The description of generalized anxiety disorder doesn't resonate with me. Are there other terms that might describe this kind of mindset or world view, so that I can learn more about reshaping this way of thinking? Do you have any suggestions for reshaping this way of thinking? I am trying to identify sources of chronic stress in my life, and I think this could be one of them. [more inside]
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Book Identification: Collection about Nuclear Anxiety

This is a long shot, but I'm trying to find a collection of writing about nuclear anxiety I read 10+ years ago. Few remembered details below the fold. [more inside]
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Painting assistance needed in the metafilter aisle

Do I need primer for this situation? And would it be dumb not to paint the ceiling at the same time? [more inside]
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I'm skin-care illiterate and I am getting old

So I saw a post or two related to my question but figured there may be some new favorites so I'll ask a similar question. I need help picking out some options among the millions of bottles of lotions, oils, washes, etc., that I can buy so I can look young forever ;) [more inside]
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Where to donate to fight climate change?

I'd like to make a donation to some international organization whose main focus is combating climate change. It's ok if they work on other environmental issues as well, but the thing I'm most concerned about is climate change and would like to see the majority of my money spent there. It also should be international, as opposed to US-centric. Does anybody know of some good ones?
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What makes a CPU good for gaming in 2017?

I like to build my own computers, though I don't really know what I'm doing. I thought that processor speed, followed by number of cores, were the determinants of CPU quality, and I have bought the fastest I could afford. But now I find that some slower processors are more highly rated than much faster ones on Tom's Hardware and PC Gamer, and I'm confused. Could you explain CPU quality-- and gaming builds in general -- like I'm five? [more inside]
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The most basic of playing cards

I want to print out a deck of playing cards for a game that's pretty much in Shitty First Draft mode. I don't need to be fancy - I'm happy to print stuff on regular paper, cut it up, and paste it onto regular cards if needed. How should I do so? [more inside]
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August 11

Dental Phobia: National Sterilization Scandals Edition

I am Asian and live in an Asian country which just experienced two sterilization-related scandals in a row due to medical negligence. I have a dental appointment booked for Tuesday and I am terrified to go. What should I do? [more inside]
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Need help or suggestions in reporting data falsification

I work for a contract company in a Science-y Field doing tech transfer. During our latest process, A Thing failed but was fixed quickly. It made 1/3 of the data collected in real time look awful. Cleaning up at the end of the process, I turn around to see my co-worker "fixing" a screenshot of the data in MS Paint. [more inside]
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Easiest way to learn German?

What is the easiest and most constructive way to learn German? Would it be best to start with the prononucitations first, since they seem the most difficult to grapple with? Should one learn how to spell it first or speak it first? Is a tutor worth the financial investment and time? How long does it usually take to learn casual German? Thanks.
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Help me find the perfect dentist etc. in Kennewick/Richland, WA.

I'm so excited, I have a new teaching position in Kennewick, WA! However, the sad part is I have to leave behind my favorite health care and personal care people behind. [more inside]
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Best used car for under $15,000

I get very easily overwhelmed researching cars. I'd love any advice or input. I'm looking for a used car around/under $15,000 that fits the following criteria: safe safe safe can comfortably haul 1 adult, 2-3 kids under 10, a dog and camping gear sits higher than my current compact not a noisy highway ride decent on gas, both city and highway I don't need a lot of bells and whistles. I just want something safe, dependable and roomy. I live in an area with lots of snow and very cold in the winter, and hot hot heat in the summer! Hoping to do road trips but nothing rugged. I am curious how old I can go, and what kind of mileage I should be considering for this price. Thanks in advance!
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All inclusive?

All inclusive resort for 3 or 4 nights. We need your advice! [more inside]
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Do I still need AirPort Express on my Mac?

I haven't paid attention for ages to my router and just discovered that I have an AirPort Express (version 6.37) connected to my Verizon router. Might someone know if I still need it or could I just use the Verizon router? I honestly forgot what the AirPort Express even does. Thanks! (MyMac runs OS Sierra 10.12.6).
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My Euphorbia has fallen and it can't get up

Help, my Euphorbia Lactea Dragon Bones got too tall and now it's in danger of falling and puncturing a person hundred of times with poisonous sap. Here is the situation (it's now leaning against the counter, just waiting to fall on a curious child) [more inside]
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What is Potchefstroom like to live in?

Has anyone here had experience with living in Potchefstroom, in South Africa? Is crime there as much as a problem as it is in the larger cities? Is commuting to Johannesburg (e.g. by a partner who might not find work in Potchesfstroom themselves) at all feasible? [more inside]
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Not unlike Jim Carrey in The Mask

Looking for the best indoor smoker recipes. [more inside]
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How is this trick -- I mean illusion -- done?

I'm a big fan of close-up magic; the large Copperfield productions... not so much. I usually don't even care how they're done, but this video of James Galea's trick for Australian TV has me really curious. How was it done? [Video contains one bad swear]
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What happened to the fatosphere?

Back in the day, I used to read fat acceptance blogs. In particular, Shapely Prose and its big community of commenters was really important to me at a difficult time in my life (and that blog is just archives now). Where did these people go? Does anyone have any recommendations for where I could find a similar experience, for good writing and especially an online community?
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How do I research

I'm a nurse in a public hospital. I have an idea for a research study that I think would be relatively easy. But I know nothing about research and maybe more importantly, about the human relations part of how to raise this proposal with the relevant clinic, our research department, etc. Advice? [more inside]
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There was a mouse so I blew up the block

We have a mouse and I'm pretty sure it's "commuting" from behind the stove. I stuffed the cracks by the baseboards with steel wool and sealed them with caulk, but I have no idea how to close the giant hole surrounding the gas pipe. (About 2-3 inches around.) It turns out steel wool and expanding foam sealants are VERY FLAMMABLE, VERY BAD. How do I safely seal this? [more inside]
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What can I buy to perform accurate no-contact architectural measuring?

The dream is to put a device in a secure fixed position, let it take images or whatever, and output accurate measurements of what it's seeing. [more inside]
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When to communicate I've left my current employer while interviewing?

I've been deeply unhappy with my most recent job and began job searching in earnest about a month ago. Since then, I've been interviewing for several positions. But I also recently left my employer. When and how do I communicate this fact? [more inside]
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Help me trash better.

I have a problem with my kitchen trash. I buy a trash can, everything seems fine, and then after a year or two the can develops a terrible terrible smell that I cannot get rid of. Is this normal? What am I doing wrong? [more inside]
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Recommendations for Jeet Kune Do training in Portland OR?

I'm interested in taking Jeet Kune Do classes and would love to get recommendations in Portland, preferably at a place that won't try to rope me into long-term contracts because my schedule is usually random/busy. Also, I'm not married to JKD and open to other styles as well. Thanks!
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External Harddrives Not Mounting

I have a couple external powered hard drives that won't mount to my Macbook when attached to a USB 3.0 powered hub. I just purchased a new Anker powered hub with more power but still no luck. [more inside]
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Other virtual turntabling sites?

I'm totally geeking on today's Google Doodle. Alas, I have no DJing equipment—where else can I do turntablism online?
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Can't contact friend, I'm worried, what to do

One of my best friends is in a new city a few hours away from me. He contacted me almost two weeks ago saying that he realizes he has a problem as he's depressed and been doing a lot of drugs (nothing like heroin but still) and can we talk tom or the next day. I haven't heard from him since. [more inside]
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Secure passwords, layman's edition

The recent news stories about Bill Burr regretting his earlier advice about strong passwords made me rethink certain of my own passwords, and I hoped to bounce a couple of layman's password questions off of the hive mind's security boffins. [more inside]
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Theory re User Experience's Impact on Human Interactions

I'm curious how various social media platform's feature sets contribute to how users communicate. I want to learn how structural decisions create different cultural experiences. What search terms do I use to find the theory in this area? Is it in computer science? Is this what community managers talk about over drinks? [more inside]
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Family Fighting Over Inheritance

Asking for a friend. My friend and her sisters have inherited a house from her mother, which they are supposed to sell and split the proceeds. The difficulty is that one of the sisters isn't willing to sell at anything less than top dollar and is just generally being difficult (doesn't respond to offers on the house, doesn't answer her phone or reply to calls). [more inside]
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Wiring my house for recording sound?

Is there a reasonably inexpensive, reasonably not-crazymaking way to wire a few rooms of my house to record (preferably automatically) sound using my Mac and iPads? My very young children's speaking skills are advancing rapidly, and as a result they are quickly losing their idiosyncratic pronunciations, diction, and use of invented or malapropisms. They are skittish, as wild animals often are, and I would like to record without being present. I don't anticipate doing this for long, so if it's really expensive I don't think I can do it.
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Help us find grey mouse

Our cat Strider loves his toy mouse (the one in front of him), but it is getting worn to bits, and is often lost in the apartment for weeks at a time. I would love to buy him a dozen of these but can't find them in any store, and he has no interest in any other mouse toys. It makes a light rattle sound when shook. He has had grey mouse since he was a kitten and even took it with him for meals.
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Will it cost much to have my gas oven on all night in the UK?

Will it cost much to have my gas oven on all night in the UK? [more inside]
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Where to go in New York/Boston for authentic feel

My partner and I have saved a bit of money as we want to go on a 'special' holiday. After discussion - instead of going on a beach holiday we've decided we'd love to go to America and were thinking of New York/Boston. We're not particularly into shopping but would love to go and see the 'real' New York - like in the Sopranos! Also Boston like the bar in Cheers. Any suggestions?
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Is this short sci-fi piece online anywhere?

This thought experiment from 1981 is making its way around social media because of its obvious timeliness for current events. Seeing it again reminded me that I've never read Nancy Collins' 1991 short story, Iphigenia, which is based on the same premise. [more inside]
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Inspirational fitness documentaries or shows

I got a stationary bike recently that I like parking in front of the TV on days I don't run. I've found that watching videos/documentaries on fitness of any kind (whether marathon running or dancing) really keeps my motivation up when I'm spinning. What should I check out in this category that's worth watching? [more inside]
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How to reset and stick to boundaries with abusive client I can't fire

I have an hour or two to prepare for a very uncomfortable conversation with a client who is abusing me and my team. Please help me stand strong as I set multiple boundaries with them. [more inside]
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Books on the history of housekeeping

I'm reading At Home by Bill Bryson, and it's a pretty fun book, but what I REALLY want is the actual housekeeping side of things rather than the recent history of Western people as told through the house, which is what this book is serving up. [more inside]
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AirBnB feedback question

I stayed in a lovely AirBnB house. The host was great. I noticed a staircase was missing several balusters. Should I mention this in the private feedback to the host? [more inside]
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Creating a continuum of care for a stroke survivor

My dad had a major stroke 2 1/2 years ago. He continues to have ongoing health problems. None of his doctors talk to each other or me/my family. How can we fix this? [more inside]
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Advice needed: Blue Ridge Parkway / Skyline Drive

Next Saturday my family and I will be driving from Boston to Roanoke, VA, continuing on to Nashville on Sunday. I'd like to get in a scenic drive if I can, but I have some questions. [more inside]
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question regarding a home generator purchase for emergency power

wondering about the differences between Generac and Honda (besides 3-4K)... [more inside]
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A Wee Bit Of Scottish Travel Advice Please?

We'd appreciate some advice for hiking and staying in Scotland next month. [more inside]
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Recommend some good books on corporate training?

Okay, so I know the material must be relevant to the audience and to the culture of the organisation. The trainer must have interesting content and be engaging. But what else? [more inside]
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You are about to inherit the best digital file archive in the world!

Tell me everything you love or hate about digital filing methods you've encountered in corporate settings. I need this information so I can not be that sucky person who leaves an unholy mess of files for the next person ... [more inside]
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I do this, you do this, we do that, they do something else

Simplest way of delegating tasks in groups of varying size - by paper, app or unladen swallow. [more inside]
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August 10

If you liked books A & B, you might like C.

What other books would you put in the same category as "My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry" and "The One-in-a-Million Boy"? [more inside]
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GIve me Epistolary NOvels

I've been hankering for some stories written in the form of letters, diary entries, and related literary detritus of late. Can anybody recommend good ones? I've read Dracula, lots of Lovcraft, and the Newbury-winning Nothing but the Truth. [more inside]
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Finding a woodstove installer in St Paul. difficulty level: HIGH Why?

So we bought this woodstove (the high style) . Hooray! It's gorgeous and we can't wait to get it up and running. However, we're having terrible luck finding someone who will install a stove that they didn't sell us. We've contacted several places and with one (very expensive*) exception, we haven't had anyone who will take the job. [more inside]
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Should we cancel our Montana vacation due to the wildfires and smoke?

My partner and I are planning to spend a little over a week in Missoula, Glacier National Park, and the Columbia Falls/Whitefish area starting this Saturday, 8/12. Our plans include a lot of outdoor activities, but I'm increasingly worried about the air quality. Is it still worth going on the trip? [more inside]
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The roofs are alive with the sound of HVACs

What will residents living in a group of houses (25' tall, 1200 sq. ft) have to endure sound-wise if a nearby apartment development places their HVAC system 45' up on the roof of their structure? [more inside]
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What's there to do in New Orleans super early on weekday mornings?

I'm going to be in NOLA and will be up and about at 5:30AM. How can I make the most of the city at such an early hour? What's open? [more inside]
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How can I set limits for my visiting sister with my five-year-old?

My sister's visiting. I love her but we are complete opposites on politics and religion. How can I tactfully but firmly make those topics off-limits with our five-year-old? [more inside]
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Cat introductions: new apartment edition

My cat has been living with my family while I've been in college. My partner and I are about to move into our first apartment, at will be taking my cat with us. My partner also wants to get a cat of their own, but we aren't sure how to best introduce the two cats. [more inside]
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Can this pulled pork be saved?

Help! I was slow-cooking a chunk of "pork picnic roast" in my crockpot all day, 7 hours on low, but it's so tough I feel like I'm trying to rip apart phone books. How can I salvage this? [more inside]
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Should I contact my ex-husband to say the things I never said?

This was me. Oof. Divorce is final and I'm happy to say I'm doing quite well. I wish I could travel back in time and tell the old me how ok she'd be. I didn't think I'd be ok. (Unsurprisingly, you guys were right!) I've had zero contact with my ex, which has been helpful in many ways, although it's also been painful to feel so discarded, so abandoned. There is a part of me that desperately wants to tell him that, but I don't know that it would serve me. Snowflakey inside... [more inside]
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thoughts, experiences on doing a celta course in Melbourne Australia

Just looking for experiences, thoughts on doing a celta course in melbourne australia. Im 61, have studied french to intermediate level and am looking for a pathway into the future, either volunteering or helping people with limited english learn to read or something. Is it worth the money? Is it useful if you have no teaching experience? Its also a pricey course, can't get any discounts or help loans for it. Any feedback appreciated!
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Help me not drive to Salford to pick up a bloody lamp

Has the internet yet sussed out how to defeat 'collection only' eBay? How does one filter out all the 'collection only' eBay items for any given search? [more inside]
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Eclipse Safety

Help me feel safe about looking at the Sun, even though I understand my hardware has been deemed safe. [more inside]
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Advice on relationship with Chinese girl

Hi everybody, I have 2 questions concerning a this girl I met in my class. We are 24 (me) and 20 (her) and we've been "checking each other out" for one year now. I have 2 questions to make sure I don't mislead her and have the right expectations, especially since she is shy and I cannot really ask her these questions directly anyway. [more inside]
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atl to nola, potential flood edition

Should I drive from Atlanta to New Orleans in the morning? [more inside]
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Huffduffer and WFMU Playlists?

I want to add shows from the WFMU archives to Huffduffer, but I can't seem to get it working. For instance, how do I added this show to Huffduffer?
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Bluetooth earbud alternatives?

I don't like earbuds that create a seal in your ear because it makes a thumping noise when I run, and I prefer to be able to hear *some* ambient noise when I use headphones. Is there a wireless headphone designed for physical activity (like running) that isn't an earbud? [more inside]
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Stay home or go back to work once baby is born?

I'm just beginning my second trimester of my first pregnancy and my boss is asking me what my maternity leave plans are. I'm having trouble deciding whether I should be a stay at home mom or go back to work. Help me weigh my pros and cons please! [more inside]
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Online resources for indy iOS developers

What online resources are available that cover the business and marketing sides of iOS development? I'm interested in discussion boards, blogs, articles, professional resources. [more inside]
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If you had to start a nonprofit...

I want to obtain the "Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional" certification, a minor industry cert for (mostly non-CPA) bookkeepers and similar. A prerequisite is that I hold a position of financial responsibility in a non-profit for a certain period of time. The easiest way to do this is for me to start my own non-profit, but I'm not sure what I'd do with one if I had one. [more inside]
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Look for the union label in Congress

I'm trying to find out which members of the US Congress were also members of labor unions, either at the time of election or in their pasts. [more inside]
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Not As Stressful As Air Traffic Control, But Close

My Irish BFF and I have been trying to take a co-vacation for two years and it's finally happening. Yay! But the first half of my own part of the itinerary is tricky - for both airline scheduling AND personal reasons. Help! Details inside. [more inside]
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How can I get you to give me a donation?

I want to draft a letter for donations/sponsorship for a youth-centered program I want to introduce. But I don't know how to put that on paper let alone making it attractive and interesting enough for persons to see its worth and want to invest/donate. Pointers please. [more inside]
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How do I overcome trauma / PTSD / depression / learning-disabilities?

I have a childhood history of sexual abuse (non-family member) and psychological, emotional, and physical abuse and domestic violence (from family). I need to move on. What can I do? [more inside]
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How can I scan hundreds of old family photos easily and cheaply?

I have several hundred family photos I need to scan and digitize within a short time, and am looking for the most efficient and cheap way to do that while I still have access to someone who can help me add dates and times and place names to the photos. Looking for equipment recommendations, process explanations, or even commercial services who might do the work economically while also balancing the hope to scan the pictures at high resolution for the future. [more inside]
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I'm bad with faces, and worse with names and need a fix.

I am awful at networking and I need to get better. The biggest hurdle here is that I am really bad with names, and sort-of-okay with faces, but am really bad at recalling that information later. [more inside]
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Have you ever done a trial run before seriously moving in together?

If moving in is pre-engagement, is this pre-pre-engagement? Long distance couple looking at a future of more long distance and would like to move in together for a short time before making deeper decisions. Is this just too extra? Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Connecting iPhone video to composite in a Honda Odyssey

This week, my wife and I discovered that the 2010 Honda Odyssey that we bought in December has (female) composite inputs. Help us think of cool things we can do. [more inside]
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Listening to the Fab Four, all of them.

I want to listen to every single goddamn Beatles song, many of which I have never heard, in more-or-less release order. What's the best way to make sure I don't miss anything? [more inside]
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What does these sentences mean?

This is from"The Fallen Idol" by Greene. I 'd like to know about some vocabularies. [more inside]
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What's the best approach to create this website

A company I work for is building a hi-rise condominium building, and hired a drone to take still images of the views from where each floor will be located. So potential buyers can see what views a specific apartment would have. I have received all these images and need to present them with some kind of user interface…I am picturing a website that would display these images. [more inside]
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Where to find a co-author for a business book?

I'm looking for co-author(s)/ copy-writer(s) to write large pieces of a business book for executives based on academic research. This book will be co-authored with leading scholars in this particular field. There will be compensation, writing credit and royalties. Are there any recommended websites/agencies to help link me with potential partners? Thanks in advance!
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What was the purpose of a ballista in Medieval warfare?

I watched this previous week's game of thrones and my wife and I had a discussion of what the actual use of a ballista was in warfare of the Middle Ages. I have to admit I don't really get the use case. A Catipult could send huge stones to destroy walls and infrastructure and, of course, kill people in its path. Grape shot is like being able to fire numerous sling bullets. But I can't quite picture the use case of a ballista. Was it to fire at infantry? If so why was it better than other tools?
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Grown Up Lady Work Dresses.

I'm 35 years old, I I'm getting promoted, I look very young for my age, I worry about this in a career context, and possibly contributing to this is that I'm still wearing jersey-knit nonsense dresses to work. This has got to change. Easy part: I know what I want. Hard part: I'm petite, proportionally tiny in the shoulders and rib cage, yet hippy and large-assed, picky, and extremely uninterested in toting everything I buy to the tailor. Seeking: SHIFT DRESSES. [more inside]
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Article about voice teacher's opinions about metal singers?

A few years ago, no idea how many, I read an interesting article in which a voice teacher(?) listened to famous heavy metal singers and talked about their techniques. I believe she(?) talked about Rob Halford from Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, possibly King Crimson, and possibly more. Can you find it for me? Yes, I've tried to Google it. (Inspired by this post.)
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Looking for legal resources to address pay case in federal government.

I work for the federal government. They messed up my HR, and I'm being told they don't know when they will fix it and that there will likely be no backpay when they do. This impacts me financially very greatly. What do I do, or where do I go to figure out what to do? [more inside]
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How do you read the Washington Post?

I have a digital national subscription to the Washington Post. It seems useless because it won't keep me logged in on my phone, but the app is very hard to navigate for what I want (mostly Hax and Petri.) Am I doing something wrong? [more inside]
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Stroke neurorehabilitation units in the UK

Does anyone have any direct or indirect experience with the following neurorehabilitation units: Royal Leamington Spa Rehabilitation Hospital, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, Northwick Park Regional Rehabilitation Unit, Colman Hospital, and National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery? [more inside]
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I have no willpower! (can't stop eating junk food)

I'm trying to eat more healthfully for all the reasons people often do (improved health and energy, weight loss, etc). Each day I start out eating well but by mid-afternoon my lack of willpower has reared its ugly head and the day is shot. Help! [more inside]
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help me find saddlebags to help me lose my saddlebags

I am seeking recommendations for saddlebags/panniers for bicycle commuting. [more inside]
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How to get Mac SCSI Disk Mode working?

I have a Power Macintosh 8500 (System 8.5.1) which I am trying to connect to a PowerBook G3 (System 9.2) via SCSI Disk Mode in order to transfer off old files and photos for nostalgic reasons. I recently purchased an HDI-30 SCSI cable for this purpose, yet I can't seem to get it operational. [more inside]
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Recording acoustic guitar

How do I record acoustic guitar into Garageband without spending a fortune on mics? [more inside]
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As a translator, what should I charge a publisher?

I translated a book, and the original publisher wants to use my translation to try to sell the foreign-language rights. What should I charge? [more inside]
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August 9

YA Fantasy - book identification

Driving myself crazy trying to remember (and Google and such) a book that I read as a teenager. [more inside]
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Tenting for termites, tenting for shelter?

Got an email from my landlord today telling me he'll be tenting the building for termites in two weeks. He wants to just waive rent for those four days, but my household is three adults and a dog and we can't stay (and eat!) in any motel for that little. What do I do? Complications inside. [more inside]
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A slight step up from Google Sheets?

What's the next step after using Google Sheets to track artist merchandise contracts at a folk festival? I'm looking for some kind of cloud software that lets me set up various database tables and then lets non-technical users add and update entries through a straightforward interface. [more inside]
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Can I get retroactive PPI insurance to cover old artwork?

Is it possible to get retroactive PPI insurance in the UK. If it's not, is it worth me selling old pottery that I've made if it won't be covered by my current insurance? [more inside]
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Please recommend a wrist health tracker to replace dying Fitbit Surge

Since I bought it 14 months ago my Fitbit Surge has continuously decayed (fragile wrist band, slow syncing, refusal to sync, poor sleep tracking). I expected better for $250, so I am looking to buy a new fitness/health tracker of better quality (you can try and convince me my Fitbit experience was a fluke). Details after the break. [more inside]
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Did a violinist smash his instrument during Carnegie Hall concert?

Legend has it that a famous German violinist played at Carnegie Hall after the war. Public criticism, fueled by anti-German sentiment, said he was talented only because of his Stradivarius. During his performance, people applauded at the end of the amazing first movement, instead of waiting until the end, to signal their snarky opinion. The violinist waited politely until the applause died down, and then smashed his violin to pieces. He turned to the shocked and silent audience and said "And now I shall play my Stradivarius." Did this actually happen? When? Who?
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Does anyone ever point out that Hannibal rhymes with cannibal?

That's it really. I've watched the films (a long time ago) and read Silence of the Lambs, and I've just started Hannibal. Ta.
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How to dab en español

Native Latin Spanish speakers of Mefi, how would you translate the sentence "Dab that thing." into Latin Spanish? Subject is you (understood), context is a short celebration at the end of a workout, sentence is said by a man to a child playfully just before the speaker himself dabs. If you don't know what el dab is, please see here. [more inside]
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Can you help an incredibly picky person find shoes?

I'm looking for casual women's shoes. Difficulty: big, severely flat feet, and Chicago winters. What looks good and doesn't hurt these days? [more inside]
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Mysterious ancient writingfilter

Experts in Egyptian hieroglyphics, classical Chinese, and Arabic (or maybe Persian)! I need your help! [more inside]
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Legalizing our love

We're a happy, communicative common-law couple, new homeowners, and planning to marry. We bring different assets and debts into the relationship. We'd like to draft a pre-nup that is actually FAIR, not just legal. Can you help us figure out what to consider? Details within. [more inside]
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I don't want to princess-shame my kid

We had a shit milestone this week: Age 3 3/4, first body image related meltdown. I need a crash course in guiding my princess-obsessed preschool daughter to differentiate what she wants to be from what other kids tell her she should be. [more inside]
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Additional house deductions?

We sold our mom's house and now filing her return. [more inside]
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Hack me Da Secret Sauce

While vacationing in Hawaii, I tasted and fell in love with Da Secret Sauce. It's "Hawaiian chili pepper water." Can you help me replicate the recipe at home? [more inside]
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Experiences with removable wallpaper

Recommendations for/against particular brands? Any tips for application? General experience? [more inside]
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Could fatigue cause this? Short term memory problems

Asking for a friend who will be seeing the doctor but would like to come up with questions to ask. Can you have an episode of short term memory loss due to fatigue? If not, what would cause it? [more inside]
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Moving Closer to Grandchildren: Yes or No?

My daughter and grandchildren live in a foreign country. I hate that my grandkids are growing up without me. Should I move to their city? Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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How the bleep do I bleep these bleeping songs?

I'm looking for software/workflow suggestions for better ways to remove bad words (according to the FCC) from my music collection to make them radio friendly. I currently use Audacity but it I'm hoping there may be a better way. Mac or Windows software suggestions are both fine. [more inside]
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Best friend is a pathological doormat. Should I give up on him?

My current best friend (and someone I was trying to date seriously) is a doormat or a liar or both. After learning the latest ridiculous way in which someone has taken advantage of him I lost my temper and am refusing to speak to him until I have real clarity. I need perspective. Did I overreact? Is this friendship worth all the turmoil it puts me through on a consistent basis? [more inside]
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Rooftop Antenna Location

Antenna Experts: I just upgraded our rooftop antenna, and while it's got a direct sightline to the CN Tower here in Toronto, it's mounted on the old satellite arm which is on the dormer/third floor wall of our house. I'm wondering if it's being under the overhang and so close to the wall hinders the signal in any way, and if raising it up by mounting it on the roof fascia so the antenna just clears the roof will get me more channels... or if that's not worth the hassle. Currently averaging about 25 channels. [more inside]
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How to deal with a breakup where neither party will let go?

My sister was recently abruptly dumped by her partner of a number of years. Prior to the breakup, the couple were living together. The breakup took the form of sister's partner abruptly leaving one day and requesting space. From what I gather, sister believed that her partner would return and partner has made many promises to do so, but has yet to appear. I believe the relationship is over and she needs to go no contact. Advice on how to lend support would be appreciated. [more inside]
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Kitchen sink for the soul

I'm on Day 3 of not being able to use my kitchen sink, and I'm getting a little desperate. Any tips or techniques a very non-handy person could try? [more inside]
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Laptop can't hold its liquor

My husband spilled whiskey on his Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro laptop and did not do the many things you're supposed to do in that situation. I'm trying to diagnose the result and give a prognosis (yes, possibly repairable by someone who knows what they are doing or no, your laptop is now a brick). [more inside]
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Parenting young children in the era of climate change

I'd like to know how those with young children are dealing with the likely impacts of climate change during their children's lifetime, both existentially and as a parenting matter. (More under the fold; I'm hoping this is not chatfilter.) [more inside]
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How the heck do I pick out paint colors?

I need to paint the interior walls in my new house. I am completely overwhelmed by the process of picking out paint colors. How does anyone do this?!? Please help me deal with the intersection of interior design, executive function disorder, and choice paralysis. [more inside]
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Scared pup in the city

My new dog is having trouble adjusting to city life. Looking for pointers and trainer/behaviorist recommendations (San Francisco). [more inside]
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Yet another "help me remember a book" question

I'm trying to remember a book I read in the mid-00s, and was probably pretty freshly published. It was a YA novel, and the part that sticks in my memory was that it was about a bookbinder who was tasked with creating an infinite/endless book. [more inside]
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Best way to get Health Insurance for International Student on an F1 Visa

Hi all, what's the best way to get Health Insurance for International Student on an F1 Visa? Private? Would she qualify for ACA? ANything else I'm not thinking of? NJ If it matters.
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Moving the scenery during the take?

A while back I saw a video on youtube showing how a party scene (dinner party, I think) in a film or TV show was filmed. As the camera was pointed one way, the crew was busy moving the walls in or out to grow and shrink the room. I can't recall the film or show, or anything else about it. (And yes, I understand how vague this is.)
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Pros and cons of therapist not covered by insurance!

I am a graduate student and money is tight. I have been working with an amazing therapist who is outside of my insurance's network. I am trying to decide whether or not to pay out of pocket to continue with her. Perspectives, experiences, any number of cents welcomed! [more inside]
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Modern classical for philistines

I really like the more pop-oriented works of Philip Glass -- Metamorphosis, Glassworks, and a lot of his film scores. I like Glass's busy, rhythmic style; I like how thematic they are, with the same melodic throughline being developed in various ways; and at the end of the day I love how goddamn catchy his compositions are, how easily they get stuck in your head. I know almost literally zero about modern classical music -- are there other composers doing this sort of thing whom I should be aware of?
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529 plan in New York

My daughter was born a few months ago and I'm now getting around to 529s - which one should I choose, though? [more inside]
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How do you figure out where to live and how to make it work?

I love the Bay Area, but I'm not totally happy living here, in no small part because of the suffocating cost of living. I'd like to get out and go someplace less overwhelming, but my partner has a great job here, and we're worried about being able to relocate and still find work/culture/people that will be fulfilling. [more inside]
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😭 I've only had it since March 😭

My car sustained a bumper injury. How much do I need to care? Photos within. [more inside]
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How do hairdressers *do* hair dusting (split end removal)?

Split ends aren't necessarily that easy to see in my hair. I feel that if I were looking at hair like mine, it would take me hours to get most of the split ends out by just looking around hair with a pair of scissors. (The ones in my hair aren't just at the cut end of the hair; there are some throughout the hair.) How do hairdressers do it? Do they fail to remove most split ends, even when that's specifically what you've asked for? Or do they have a special tool? Or what?
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Looking for suggestions on where to buy/register domain names

Hello Hive, I'm looking for suggestion on who to give my domain registration business to. Short and sweet...What says ya?
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Salon Tipping Etiquette: Complimentary Trim Edition

My new hair salon offers complimentary neck and bang trims between hair cuts. Yay! Except I'm not sure how much to tip... [more inside]
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Baby Facebook-ing

How do you handle announcing pregnancy and posting baby photos on social media? Especially managing expectations of family members who overshare online? [more inside]
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Old rucksack with disintegrating waterproofing

Found a Lowe Alpine II at a thrift store - yay! Upon closer inspection, the interior waterproofing - it seems to be some kind of thin rubberized layer - appears to be rotting (boo). The waterproofing is supposed to be clear, but is now opaque white in places, and is sticky. If I touch it the stickiness transfers to my fingers (gross). Can I somehow save this? Thank you!
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Help me see the eclipse in and/or near Columbia, South Carolina!

Driving down Monday morning from Charlotte into the PATH OF TOTALITY, and don't have a real plan. Want to avoid as much traffic as possible, and make sure we have a clear viewing site. Could be a field or a parking lot. Send me your suggestions! [more inside]
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Credit Union > Bank

Thinking of ditching Wells Fargo and consolidating all banking with a credit union. I already have a savings account at the CU - looking for some assurances that the shared services model with other credit unions works fine, as the CU is affiliated with my alma mater and is about 700 miles away. Mefites banking with a credit union that is not local - it it all really just as easy has having a bank branch nearby?
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How do I make my eyeglasses super sparkly?

I wear glasses. I follow the cleaning instructions given to me by my optometrist--a thorough going over with little wet wipes for optics and then some reasonably vigorous swipes with a dry microfiber cloth. But this isn't good enough. [more inside]
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Store-agnostic book linking

Inspired by this question: if I wanted to link to information about a book, but I didn't want do so in a way that was tied to Amazon or any other bookseller, what would be a good way to do so? [more inside]
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Logistics of laying off our house cleaners

When letting our house cleaners go, should I tell them when they arrive, when they're getting ready to depart, or between visits? [more inside]
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Support group for non-traditional caregivers?

Hello metafilter, you've helped me in the past and I hope you can help me now. I'm a early-50's husband and father of two school-age children, and my wife is suffering from a series of chronic, debilitating medical issues that severely limit her daily activities ... [more inside]
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phd fit?

I'm starting a humanities PhD program this fall, which is awesome, except my research interests have changed big-time from what I described in my statement of purpose and the program (though really wonderful) is no longer a super great fit. I'm extremely sad and worried about this. Plus other stuff. [more inside]
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Roof leak and mold in townhouse - I'm going bankrupt, aren't I?

I live in a townhouse as part of an HOA, and our side had a roof leak over my unit. The HOA kicked the can for too long and now I have mold. I'm pretty much going to go bankrupt, aren't I? More details inside. [more inside]
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Shaken after verbal assault

How do I get over being upset by an interaction on the street? How should I have handled it? [more inside]
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August 8

Please help me ID this super creepy metal video!

Any metal heads here in the Hive mind? I have been trying to identify this creepy animated metal music video for years now. Description is long, so of course there is.. [more inside]
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Bike Stolen In Seattle! Where do I start?

My bike was just stolen in Seattle, out of the Green Lake community center parking lot. Lock was broken. Bike was practically new, so pretty upset. Already spoke with the police and gave them the serial number, what are my next steps? Are there any bike/pawn shops that are known to buy stolen bikes? Can I call them directly? Any websites other than Craigslist where people try to unload stolen bikes? Do thieves usually wait a while before selling or try and sell right away? Help! :/
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Living in USA, Working Overseas - What advice do I even need?

I relocated to the USA this year (Oregon, specifically), and my old employer back in Australia would like me to work for them again remotely. Great! Finding a new job is terrible, and I enjoy working with these guys! But, logistically, how do I actually do this, or more specifically, who do I need to find/pay to give me advice on doing this correctly? [more inside]
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One ISBN, two completely different books?

If you google ISBN 9781550545265, you'll find that it appears associated with two different books. What is going on here? [more inside]
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A question on "I dunno"

I am a frequent user of the "I dunno" sound, where you slur together the three syllables until it is one elongated vowel going from low tone to high tone to rising tone - like Homer Simpson, but not quite - I'm talking about when the utterance is characterized entirely by the rising and falling tones, and the mouth doesn't articulate at all. The vowel can be nasal (mm-MM-mM) or not (uu-UU-uH). Is the meaning of this utterance immediately apparent to non-anglophones hearing it for the first time? Are there equivalents in other languages, where the entire phrase gets reduced to a single aspect of variation, not just truncating/shortening the words?
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Why are so many tomato varieties and cultivars from Russia?

It seems like 75%+ of tomato plants from my local nurseries are from Russia. I'm growing 5 right now. What's the history of this? [more inside]
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What kind of therapist should I look for?

Inspired by a similar question that was posted earlier today. I have social/behavioral and sensory issues I want to work on with a professional who has clinical training. Might be autism, not diagnosed. What type of professional should I look for? [more inside]
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A Can of Worms

Do the majority of people in developed countries carry internal parasites? If so, where do they acquire them from? And if they do, are they all 100 percent bad for human health? Sources, other than Google or New Age health books, would be highly appreciated. YANM expert, I am aware. Thanks. [more inside]
posted by Crystal Fox at 6:08 PM PST - 10 comments

A Night and a Day in North Carolina in November - what to do?

I will be leaving Asheville NC after lunch and need to arrive in Chapel Hill some time the next day. The trip will be on a weekday in early November. I will have a rental car and 24 hours for the perfect solo retreat - where should I go? [more inside]
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This ground turkey smells very strongly of turkey

I have cooked with ground turkey for years. Tonight, we went to make tacos using the usual ground turkey I buy. I opened the raw meat package, which looked fine and wasn't expired, and immediately I noticed that it smelled more like turkey than usual. I didn't think much of it, but upon cooking, the house became filled with an intense turkey smell, and the tacos tasted REALLY like turkey. What does this mean? Am I going to get sick? [more inside]
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Highway traffic Saturday/Sunday before the eclipse, PNW?

Dingowife's close friend is going to be in the Seattle area from across the country. We live in Oregon and decided to try to meet up. Friend booked a trip over Eclipse weekend/day without realizing. How bad is it gonna be to try to drive from Eugene to Seattle-area on Friday, and back to Eugene on Sat or Sun? [more inside]
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Help me buy a computer for Steam in my living room.

I maybe want to play some Steam games in my living room and also need Windows occasionally for random projects, help me buy a computer. [more inside]
posted by Uncle at 4:46 PM PST - 7 comments

Cell phone: cheap, simple, and maybe international?

I'm overwhelmed by cell phone and plan options! Seeking something that is... Under-$20/month, no particular need for a smartphone or data service. In fact, just voice and text would probably be preferable. If it can take SIM cards and work outside the US, that could be useful - otherwise, a month-to-month plan would be best, since we'll probably be traveling in the near future.
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Do I really need to take a whole hypnobirthing class?

I really want to try hypnobirthing, but am not sure if I must take a whole course (either in person or self-study like Hypnobabies) OR if I can get the same benefits by simply reading a book or listening to a couple of good CDs over and over again? I assume a good book or full course is about providing exercises and drills that force me to practice something (although what I'm supposed to practice I'm not sure), whereas the CD may not?
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Before my daughter was old enough, I saw a puberty education video from

Before my daughter was old enough, I saw a puberty education video from Norway or Finland National Health Services ? It was an educational cartoon, I think for schools , with funny/goofy/70's science'ish graphics (mostly black background) of a boy and a girl separately in a lab and test tubes and the voice over of a "scientist" going over the stages with a dry delivery of the whole process of the changes to expect - maybe it was 25 minutes . I admired the mix of information and humor; would like to find it as it seemed a solid basis for starting a conversation .
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Remote casserole delivery service

DC Mefites! I have a friend with two young kids whose husband passed away last week after short illness. We can't get there (and, quite frankly, they don't need us right now with the amount of local/family support on-hand), but we'd like to do something for them to ease some of day-to-day burden at some point, without being an impersonal fruit basket. [more inside]
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I just got my first laptop. It's also my first Mac. I have questions.

I've recently become the proud owner of a new 12" macbook. It's the first laptop I've ever owned, and my first mac. I'd like to hear input on your favorite software, hardware, and services to support my new device. [more inside]
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Help me find socks!

Where can I get socks like the ones I used to get from American Apparel? [more inside]
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have you seen this dining chair???

I have 4 dining chairs like this that I bought some years ago. I need two more. The chain where I bought them has been unresponsive. My dream is to find two more like this to buy, but I'd be willing to purchase two of another, coordinating style, if I could find one that looked reasonable. [more inside]
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What is the best biography/history of the Rothschild family?

Googling for this is hard for probably obvious reasons. I've read the wikipedia page and in the notes I see a few options, but 1.) I want to really make sure I'm not wasting time with anti-Semitic conspiracy craziness and 2.) I'd like something readable and hopefully not dry. By best, I really just mean readable - I'm more of a pop history person.
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Take One Eighty-Three to Thirty-five, exit Twenty-two Twenty...

Asking because my coworker from China is very confused: How would you describe the "pronunciation" of numbered roads in the US? Is there grammar for this that English-speakers have universally accepted, or is it regional? [more inside]
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How to start finding other options for intimacy

I am in a basically sexless long term relationship, which for *reasons* needs to continue for the time being. I would really like some advice on coping with this along with help on how to start finding other partners for sexual contact. [more inside]
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What's a Good Resource for Troubleshooting PC Video/Temperature Problems

I have a self-built PC (Win7, AMD A10-7850K Kaveri / Radeon-7, Gigabyte mobo) that had been working reasonably well, but started acting up (reboots, powering off with no warning, etc). Usually, it would recover OK, but (predictably) one of the reboots screwed up Windows, and that escalated into a mess. [more inside]
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Help identifying Ikea sofa from c. 2000

Please help me identify this Ikea sofa (the 3-seater on the right), purchased around Summer/Fall 2000. [more inside]
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Is the Vicodin/Norco of today different than what it was 10 years ago?

Has the "default" narcotics prescription changed in the last decade? I haven't required strong pain meds in a while, and my current experience is much different than it was in 2007-ish. [more inside]
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SW Connecticut to Otisfield, ME on a Friday afternoon in August

I'm heading up to Otisfield, ME in a couple of weeks from Southwest CT. I've done the drive before but have always done the 91/90/495/95 slog. Unfortunately, I am leaving Norwalk, CT at around 5pm (hahahahaha...sob). I've resigned myself to accept that I will be sitting in traffic, but in an effort to make the drive a little nicer, I thought I'd try 91N to 302 across NH into ME. [more inside]
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Does my ideal exercise game exist?

I love Wii Cardio Boxing, but I've been playing it for nearly a decade and would love to try something new. Are there any similar games that satisfy my picky requirements? [more inside]
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It's not me; it's you

So I was listening to/watching Prince's famous cover of "Creep", and as ever my head spun about the way he flipped the song from first person ("I'm a creep/What the hell am I doing here?/I don't belong here") to second person ("You're a creep/What are you doing here?/You don't belong here"). While I can think of many, many cover versions that flip the gender to change the song dramatically, I cannot for the life of me, think of another cover that flips the voice from first person to second like that. Are there others? Or is this another case of Prince being a singular genius? [more inside]
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Adjusting to progressive lenses

Progressive lenses are making me dizzy and nauseous and miserable. How do I make them work for me? [more inside]
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Okay, but how *do* I dry my laundry?

If you live in a climate that is damp in the winter (like me in the Pacific NW, or perhaps those of you in the UK with your damp grey underwear, how do you dry your clothes without a dryer? What works best? [more inside]
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Adding a sunroom to our house - any tips?

We're thinking of getting a sunroom added to the back of our home and were wondering if you folks had any tips or experiences that might help us make the right decision or avoid terrible mistakes. [more inside]
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A buttercup plant: Japanese library edition. Tell me more, please.

Record 1,000,000,000 (one billion) in OCLC's WorldCat is a plant in the buttercup family. The original entry in Chiba University repository is (both Japanese and English versions) mostly in Japanese, which unfortunately I don't speak. Struggling with Google Translate. Can you provide more information in English on this particular plant and/or catalog entry?
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Staying dry in the greater Denver area this week

My dad, brothers, and I just flew in to Denver on Saturday for a week-long camping trip up in the Rockies. Friends camping last week apparently were sharing pictures of sunny trails, but it turns out we managed to schedule this during effectively a week long thunderstorm. Help? [more inside]
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Arachnaphobia Zoo Cure - preparing for hypnotherapy

Dear mefites, in the coming months I will be attending this event at Edinburgh Zoo to help with my terrible arachnophobia (note the page doesn't contain any photos of spiders). The afternoon consists of some information on spiders, hypnotherapy sessions, and then a chance to work with some spiders in a controlled environment. I am kind of cynical about the hypnotherapy aspect, but I am really committed to getting over my phobia. Any advice on how to prepare? [more inside]
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Help plan my trip from the Land of Lincoln to the Sunshine State

We're taking a round trip the first week of November from our home in Springfield, Illinois, to Miami. Major cities hit include Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta and Valdosta. I'm looking for can't-miss suggestions for places to visit and things to see on the way. [more inside]
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What genealogy software do you use, and why?

What genealogy software do you use, and why? [more inside]
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DC to Oregon I-90 Gay Road Trip Adventure

Later this summer I'll be doing a massive cross-country road trip from the DC-area to the West Coast. I'm trying to figure out all the practical stuff (where to camp, where to stop for a few days, good spots to eat, good places to take a break from driving, really pretty back roads). [more inside]
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Is my porch light a genius? Or just an alien?

My new house has this porch light. Instead of a regular bulb though, it has this weird flat bulb, with the light coming out in a ring around the edge of the bulb, and electronics in the middle (pic inside). Help me figure out what it is! [more inside]
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How can I use a smart outlet/switch to solve bedroom light issues?

I'm trying to understand how I can use a smart outlet and/or switch to solve a weird issues with our beside lamps. [more inside]
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Are All Car Commercials Filmed In LA?

I live in Los Angeles. I don't watch much TV, but when I do, it seems as if almost every car commercial that includes shots of cars driving against a skyline of buildings is shot in LA. Got me wondering if people in, say, Cincinnati see their skyline in the commercials they see. Anyone know?
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Simple & pretty games for my Apple TV

I've got some Shit To Do in a house that is not mine and I like unwinding in the evening playing some simple video games on the Apple TV. I've been enjoying Alto's Adventure and Crossy Road. They are beautiful to look at and listen to, not that challenging to learn, have simple and brief turns where I can trade off with my partner, and don't use too much of my brain. I also liked Symmetrica and Osmos (for the iPad) for the same reason. I've liked What else would I like? [more inside]
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In search of the origin of a breakfast quirk

Growing up, I've always put ketchup on my eggs & omelettes. Is this just some habit unique to my family or are their wider cultural origins? [more inside]
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Please help me figure out why my dog is so itchy?

My dog is scratching herself like crazy and I can't figure out why. I took her to the vet but they had no answers aside from theorizing that she's allergic to something she is laying down on, because it's her undercarriage that seems to be itchiest (along with her legs). The only other clue is that this happened the previous two years as well, around this time of summer. So it's seasonal and it's localized in her tummy/chest and legs. There's nothing unusual in her environment - same old hardwood floors, rugs, and lawn that she always hangs out on. And there are no fleas. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? She's so uncomfortable.
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Streaming service directory?

Does a site or app exist where I could type in the name of a TV show and it will tell me what streaming services (if any) its available on? [more inside]
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How to Choose a Technique, "Shop" for a Therapist?

Seeking new therapist after 15 years. Hoping answers to this might be meta-useful: (a) Does a listing exist, understandable to patients, of different therapeutic techniques? (b) How can you intelligently shop for a technique or therapist or life coach? (c) What metrics help you judge if it's working? After the fold, I describe some of my history/issues - (d) recommendations as to specific techniques or Chicago-based therapists would be useful. [more inside]
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Find my perfect exercise routine: 30 minutes and done.

I’m looking for a routine I can do in the evenings when I feel particularly energetic or when I’ve decided not to walk in (raining) or the gym is full (tiny gym, huge office). [more inside]
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We want to stretch, but not necessarily sweat.

Looking for recommendations for yoga videos that are 15-20 minutes long and are relatively easy to do (rather than intense and difficult). [more inside]
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Tiny luxuries

I've had a rough several days, personally and professionally. If this were winter, I would snuggle into my warmest blanket with some hot chocolate and watch Blackadder. What's the best summertime equivalent that can become my ritual to detach and laugh at the world? [more inside]
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Recommendations for free class/audience response platform

I've been using mQlicker very happily in my university philosophy courses but they've decided to shut it down. I'd like to hear from the hive about alternatives that they use or know about. Example use and desirable / essential features inside... [more inside]
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OITNB trivia team name!

Quick time sensitive question - what's a funny name for an Orange is the New Black trivia team??? I'm flailing!
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August 7

Bought a 12 mo unlmtd dance studio subscription...they closed 2 mo later

So I bought a 12 month unlimited subscription to a dance studio, not knowing that they were about to go under a couple months later. Now what? Can I dispute this on my credit card? What options do I have to recover my money?
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Spice racks without noses?

I've never been able to smell things - not toilets, not food, not smoke, nothing. So when it comes to cooking, I don't have a good idea of what different spices do. Is there anyone that can advise on which spices I should keep around, and how to use them? [more inside]
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Digital contact sheets - need a new workflow

I produce client moodboards as 'contact sheets' (using Echo Images' freeware- the least dodgy source . So far I select images in Picasa, export to a folder to copy file names (via tokens in cmd line) and to compose a contact sheet eg then I delete the files. Once I've masked the image they look nice and the process is very fast. [more inside]
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My cat just died... and I'm on vacation abroad

I just found out that my cat died well, the cat my family had for 17 years, I guess she was technically my parents cat) and I'm on a vacation in Europe and I don't get back for another week. I just feel so depressed and I don't want to do anything. How can I enjoy my vacation? I just feel awful. [more inside]
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So, um, what's the worst thing that could happen in this situation?

I have a family relative that showed up very excited and announced to the rest of us today that for the last couple of months he's been a business partner in a venture with his future son-in-law. Do you think there could be any problems coming ahead? More details after the fold. [more inside]
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Which dating apps in Chicago skew toward the weirdos?

I'm dipping my toe into the meeting people waters after a recent divorce. Which apps or sites should I try next? [more inside]
posted by We'll all float on okay at 6:37 PM PST - 6 comments notifications when my wish list books get added?

I prefer reading via audiobook. When I find a book I want to read that's not on, I add it to my Amazon wish list. Sometimes, months later, I will do a search and discover that the recording has been added to Audible. Is there a way to get notifications when the audio recording is made available for a book on my Amazon wish list?
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Deciding on a new tub...what size should I get?

We could go up to 66x32, we have the space but the space is very modest and I can't decide if losing 2" of floor space is a dealbreaker or not. I looked for one that was 66x30 (saves floor space, can still stretch out) but that size doesn't really exist. My choices are: 60x30 (regular), 60x32 (medium) or 66x32 (large). How much more awesome is that 2" inside the tub? [more inside]
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How long should it take to get cough variant asthma controlled?

YANMAllergist Filter: I was diagnosed with asthma for the first time this winter (I am in my late 30s). I've been seeing a specialist (an allergist at an asthma and allergy practice) since December and despite taking ALL THE MEDICINES, my symptoms are a lot better but I can't seem to get WELL. Fellow adult-onset asthmatics, how long should it take to find a regimen that controls my asthma, and when should I consider seeing a pulmonologist instead of or in addition to my allergist? Many more snowflake details behind the cut. [more inside]
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The (false) belief that climate change causes weather

Weather is local, climate change is global. The former cannot be attributed to the latter. This is what I've always believed because it's what I remember hearing climatologists say. Meanwhile, newspapers and news channels again and again attribute extreme weather to climate change. Either I'm wrong or they're wrong. [more inside]
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Trusted cat vacation feeder: LA edition

Which are the best sites to use to find someone I can trust to feed my 3 cats while I'm on vacation? [more inside]
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Help when will Delicious let me export my bookmarks?

Suddenly Delicious closed and the site's been closed now ever since! [more inside]
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Inspector Who? Inspector What?

My 4th floor walk-up co-op apartment in NYC has sprouted a number of cracks in the sheet rock. I'm looking for the right kind of expert to help me figure out what is causing this problem before I go fixing it. [more inside]
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Talk me down from buying all the things

I can't decide what devices I want to own. I have a laptop I don't enjoy and a tablet that I love, but is probably not that long for this world. I'm trying to decide whether I should spend some money now to update my laptop or buy a completely new one that will replace some of the things I use my tablet for. Help me future-proof myself, and possibly recommend small, lightweight laptops that are sometimes happy to be tablets? [more inside]
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What's the deal on rights for a newspaper clipping?

So I got a membership at a newspaper archive site to get clips about old crimes for a docu project. SUCCESS! I found them. Now here's the question: do I have to get the rights FROM the newspaper to pan and scan the article in the video project? What if it includes a photo? I mean I paid for the right to the archive. Does that give me the right to use the clipping or no? How does Ken Burns do this stuff?
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How to balance work & parenting with a toddler

I'm a parent of an 18-month-old toddler. I've accepted a new job with longer hours (mostly due to a longer commute), but I'm having really big second thoughts and all kinds of feelings like "I never wanted to go back to work in the first place!!" Can you let me know what mattered most to you as a parent of a toddler, in terms of balancing work and home time, and let me know what you'd do in my situation? [more inside]
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Too much in my crockpot -safe to eat?

I packed two whole chickens in a crock pot and cooked it overnight. I know the chicken took a long time to get hot, and chose not to risk eating it the next day. Was I wise or too did I throw away good food?
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What's next after sexist high tech?

I'm a woman in high tech. I am very rapidly burning out on working for my sexist boss and souring on the industry. What is my next move? [more inside]
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Craft cocktails in Atlanta

Heading down to Atlanta for a conference this weekend and interested in suggestions for the city's best craft cocktail bars. Staying downtown but don't mind taking a car to get somewhere worth going. Thanks for your tips!
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What's a good headset for running?

Similar questions have been previously asked, and I read those answers, but technology speeds along, so I'm bringing it up again. I want to be able to call my friends while walking in the woods. I know, I want to be that person. The cell phone connection can be spotty (trees, hills), and static bothers me. I'd like to keep it under $200, but that's not a hard line. What headset would you recommend? [more inside]
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Teach me to defeat my baking nemesis

Please share your best sponge cake recipes, tips and tricks. [more inside]
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How do I control the exact position of a motor with Arduino?

Through code, I am looking to tell the motor what position to go to at a specific time (always one rotation direction, but stopping at different positions along the way) - what kind of motor do I need for that? [more inside]
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Favorite cold noodle salads

I want all of your recipes for cold noodle salads! [more inside]
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First rate, hard rock, not English

Tankcsapda is (a) a first rate - high-charting, award-winning - hard rock / metal band, (b) who sing in their home language (not English), and at least partly as a result of (b), they are (c) scarcely known at all outside their immediate region. What other bands fit the same description? [more inside]
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Recruiter etiquette

I've kicked my job search into gear and I've been communicating with recruiters, but I've never done this before.I'm wondering if I'm going about it the right way, and if these are normal interactions. I'm looking for tips/tricks to make the most use of them. Context: I am looking for IT project manager and business analyst jobs. [more inside]
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Has anyone ever bought "The Shower Shelf"? Or know of any alternatives?

Moving into a new place where the only place for bath storage I have available is by utilizing the towel bar located inside the shower itself (roommates have occupied all the usual storage spaces). Looking for a storage system. [more inside]
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How to store / organise CV's in a useful manner

I have about 120 CV's on file which will grow. What is a good way to organise them? I am using excel at the moment and it's clumsy. I tried to find CV organizer software and all I find is recruiter stuff which I am uninterested in. I am not recruiting, I just have a large amount of potententially useful CV's for when needed. I was thinking maybe to use Access but that gave rise to its own problems mainly me I think. Any suggestions as how to do this?
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Gift or other "thank you" for realtor/lender?

We are in the process of buying a house, and have really loved both our realtor and lender (they work together). So far whenever we have had a meeting, they have offered to pay for coffee or whatever -- I think because they were trying to get our business! Now that we are reaching the end of the sale (and obviously have chosen to work with both of them), I am wondering if it is appropriate to get a thank you gift? Or is the fact that they are both making plenty of money from the deal make it weird/inappropriate? [more inside]
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What is the Proper Way to Prepare a Toothbrush to Brush Your Teeth?

This is an embarrassingly simple question. I am having a disagreement with someone over the proper method of preparing to brush your teeth. We agree that it is either a one-step or two-step process. I take my tooth brush out of the holder, put toothpaste on it and start brushing (one-step). This other person insists that I am leaving out a step. Either before I put the toothpaste on the brush or after, this person insists I should wet the toothbrush (two-step). [more inside]
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Where can I find high-quality visual art tutorial or process videos?

I'm looking for videos that show how artists create visual art, namely collages, printing, and painting. Either step by step tutorials or video of people making art are what I'm after. I would prefer that these be fairly accessible for a person without fancy equipment or tools, although if I'm compelled enough, I could buy them. I am a novice artist. Thanks!
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How to Purchase 400 Conejos Mezcal in the US

I'm trying to purchase this brand of mezcal for my BF's birthday later this month. We had it when we were in Mexico and he liked it a lot. I'm not finding much options online and not seeing anything that would ship to the US. Anyone know any other ways? I'm in Texas.
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PNW smoke forecast?

Should we cancel our outdoor activity-based trip to the PNW next week? [more inside]
posted by Dashy at 8:19 AM PST - 8 comments

Tips for NYC (Brooklyn)

I'll be moving to Clinton Hill in just under two weeks for a new job (thanks to Ask for the apartment hunting advice). I've visited NYC briefly a few times, and feel pretty confident about moving there, but would be interested in small tips that people wish they'd known before they moved there. [more inside]
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Is it worth it to buy a more expensive fishing rod?

What's the difference between a $30.00 fishing rod/reel and a more expensive one? Is it worth it? [more inside]
posted by bondcliff at 7:51 AM PST - 9 comments

My co-worker is increasingly flaky. What's the ethical thing to do?

One of my co-workers has become increasingly flaky, forgetful and late. We share duties so this means I have to remind him to do things, or do them when he forgets. He's always apologetic, but the underlying behavior isn't getting any better. I'm thinking of talking with our boss about it, but I don't want to throw my co-worker under the bus. [more inside]
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NiMH Rechargeable AA Battery Pack Mystery

What would cause not one, but two different 6xAA rechargeable battery packs used in a portable bluetooth speaker to charge on one occasion for 30 minutes before the speaker indicates the battery pack is fully charged (followed by only app. 45 minutes of playback before "low battery" indicator comes on, without being able to use on max. volume at all), while the next time, it reverts to normal behavior and charges for the expected 4 hours, followed by the usual 2 to 2.5 hours of playback, often on max. volume? [more inside]
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August 6

The best problem to have - investment advice needed, Australian edition

We have received an unexpected inheritance in the ballpark of $300k. We've read all the general advice for handling windfalls, and we have no debts, separate retirement savings, no immediate needs really. We just want to park it somewhere for 6-12mo while we figure out what to do longer term...where though? Should we just stick it in a term deposit attached to our bank account, or pick a managed Vanguard fund (does it matter which one?), or something else? As above, we're in Australia. Thank you in advance!
posted by anonymous at 11:57 PM PST - 9 comments

You are not my doctor. Um, who should be?

I'm a mid 40's white male, US, probably somewhere on the autism spectrum. Six years ago, after a progressive neurological collapse, I was eventually diagnosed with paired idiopathic vitamin B12 and D deficiencies. Continuing medical care has been essentially non-existent, often because there seems to be no one who understands the disorder. I would like to talk to someone with understanding of how recovery progresses and my particular case... who would that even be? Snowflakes are thataway... [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:56 PM PST - 7 comments

How do I semi-urgent-care doctor?

I have a minor health issue (details below the fold, but think "minor infection" not "unknown major ailment."). I have insurance and should should see a doctor about it, but for various reasons, I'm not quite sure how. [more inside]
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Recommendations for books about 40 year old space probes

After the recent wonderful NYT article on the ageing scientists and engineers of the two Voyagers, still silently transmitting from outside the heliosphere ( the Voyagers, not the engineers), I wonder whether I could get some recommendations on literature about the probes' journey and discoveries.
posted by fordiebianco at 11:19 PM PST - 5 comments

Help Me Explore a Spanish Philosopher!

Do 'very good' English translations of Trías exist? Got a secret source? [more inside]
posted by j_curiouser at 10:03 PM PST - 1 comment

Help finding the Bob Ross of handwriting lessons in the 1970s

There was a white woman with long brown hair and a soothing voice who taught handwriting on, I think, public television. I used to watch and write along with her, probably in the early 1970s. I would love to know her name and find some videos of her shows. My google-fu is failing me. Can you help me, Mefites?
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Bob Ross, Jim Henson, and Fred Rogers walk into a bar....

I recently saw a clip of Jim Henson talking about making puppets and he had this totally zen, chilled-out vibe that reminded me of Bob Ross and Fred Rogers (and Cheech and Chong). Both relaxed and relaxing. [more inside]
posted by bq at 7:38 PM PST - 14 comments

Is it rude not to pack my own groceries?

When I go to the grocery store without a self-checkout option, whether it's Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, there always this awkward moment where my groceries start piling up next to the register and I wonder if I should swing over to the side and start bagging my own groceries. Am I supposed to do this? [more inside]
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Talk to me about ice skating lessons for adults

I'm considering taking ice skating lessons. I'm 50. What do I need to know? [more inside]
posted by BlahLaLa at 7:08 PM PST - 12 comments

High-concept vegan baking / pâtisserie recipes?

Looking for tried-and-tested recipes that are vegan, delicious, posh, and look impressive/elegant. [more inside]
posted by runincircles at 4:59 PM PST - 14 comments

Costco board member who disliked poor people

I think it was during the 2012 election that I read an article about a Costco board member (or someone like that) saying something to the effect of "it's poor people's own fault that they're poor" (paraphrasing with hazy memory here). My google fu is failing me, does anyone remember this and can you point me to an article about it or a mention of it someplace? They were definitely with Costco and they were definitely either on the board or on some other internal group of leaders or financiers or something. Thanks!
posted by Rufous-headed Towhee heehee at 4:47 PM PST - 10 comments

Help me save my phone!

I have a GalaxyS3. Lame as it is, this is probably the nicest phone I've ever had. After charging it the other day , I found it in Safe Mode. Can you help me get it out? [more inside]
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Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!

The other night, I went to a restaurant and ordered a dish that was served inedibly salty. Well, when I say "inedibly," I speak figuratively, because we ate it. We didn't enjoy it, but we ate it. Which raised the question: when is it acceptable to send something back as a restaurant and ask for a replacement not because it's actually defective, but because it's just plain bad? [more inside]
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Sarah & Duck

Baby Kitty LOVES Sarah & Duck. What other shows are like it? [more inside]
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One who loved and was loved...

I need an epitaph for a dog. Must be 15-25 characters to fit on a copper disc to be placed where I scatter her ashes. Quotes from works of all sorts and creeds are fine, but space is limited. Would like something dog worthy. (Whatever that means...) [more inside]
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Bike rides in southwest Oregon/northern California.

I was planning on hitting up Crater Lake on the 14th, but it's pretty iffy whether that's still going to happen with the nearby fires. Looking for suggestions for another scenic + safe ride within a few hours' drive of Medford. I'm camping on the coast over the weekend so somewhere between Coos Bay and Crescent City would also work well.
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Awkward Living Situation

Roommate has overstayed his welcome. How do we (gently and compassionately) ask him to start packing? [more inside]
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What resources do you use to find new music to listen to?

I’m in a rut in my music listening. Hit me with your strategies for finding new tunes! Interested in streaming platforms that might help with this, but also any other resources or suggestions. [more inside]
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The bookmoth, or protecting your books from vermin

I found a moth in my bookcase. It's probably not a big deal, but now seems like a good time to ask if there are any steps I should be taking to avoid insect damage to my books. [more inside]
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Where can I buy matting and glazing for my framing project?

I've become a hobbyist frame maker and I'd like to find cheaper alternatives to the materials I've used before. [more inside]
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Alternative vacation centers in the States?

I had a great week learning mindfulness meditation, doing yoga, running in the mountains and learning from like-minded people at Spain's Cortijo Romero earlier in the year. I've heard good things about La Roane in France too. What vaguely similar places are there in the US? Not necessarily new age, health-related or outdoorsy, but vacations where I can learn something with thinking people a little bit off the beaten track: anything from Porcupine Freedom Festival to JoCo cruise might fit the bill.
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Best cheap(ish) GPS watch for marathon training

I'm not really a runner. But I got into the New York Marathon and during my training my phone's Nike+ app has proven to be inadequate for run tracking in many ways. Runners, what are your recommendations for an affordable running watch? (I've looked at previous questions on AskMeFi, but the last one is two years old, so looking for more recent recommendations given tech development). [more inside]
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Just give me a darn tissue

My husband hates it when the pop-up kleenex falls inside the tissue box and he has to fish around to pull one up. He's taken to pulling all the kleenex out of the box and depositing the bare stack on the counter, which I think looks messy and is certainly unsanitary. [more inside]
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Transferring club money without a fee

I've recently become the administrator of our school's grocery club. Every two weeks, people give me checks, I deposit them into the club's bank account, contact the grocery store, and the store transfers money from our bank account and reloads the participant's prepaid cards with the balance, less 5% (so we make 5% on each reload). I'd like to eliminate the check part of the process and have people send money electronically to the club's bank account. [more inside]
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Help with cyclical, one-sided pelvic pain

Looking for ideas on ways to manage cyclical pelvic pain without surgery or hormone-based treatment. [more inside]
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Wool Bedding, recommendations and uses

I have a bit of disturbed sleep and i get very hot no matter how I sleep. Until I can get a sleep study done, I'd like to shift some of my bedding to wool materials. Help! [more inside]
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Please help me to navigate a difficult situation at work

How can I work with 2 women who I find difficult to work with and who undermine me and make me feel uncomfortable. [more inside]
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My ex-wife is my coworker. How do I make this work?

My wife and I have worked for the same small company since we got married 15 years ago. Lately, things took at a turn, and after years of counselling, we're getting a divorce. I'm having trouble figuring out how to have a relationship with her on a day-to-day basis and could really use some advice. No kids, no debts, btw. [more inside]
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Can I Eat This: Gratin left out overnight

I made this delicious summer squash gratin last night and left it on the counter to cool. I accidentally left it overnight. Is it still ok to eat? [more inside]
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August 5

Thanking/compensating a friend of a friend for driving

I have a friend who occasionally invites me along to activities that require a car to get there (ie. hiking). Now this friend has another friend who is the one who is doing the driving (and who I don't know so well). We usually drive to these places with three or four of us in the car and are driving a total of three to four hours to get there and back. I would like to be properly appreciative/offer proper compensation to the person driving, I just want to feel less awkward about it.... tips? [more inside]
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Delicious, creamy, fluffy ...stuff?

At the department brunch yesterday I had a bowl of creamy, fluffy, super delicious stuff! [more inside]
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down to my last fraying wires, practical steps needed

I'm in a life-entire freefall state, money politics relationships depression...all contributing to a cluster of chaos. Help me with practical organizing solutions to get me through the next week and a half. [more inside]
posted by zinful at 5:17 PM PST - 28 comments

Homebodies, what do you have at home that help you enjoy it so much?

I am 47 now, 48 in November, live alone in the UK, and have been giving some thought to how to enjoy my life better. For the last year and a bit I have focused my time and effort Meetup events with others, as well as getting out of the house more alone (mostly arthouse films by myself or visiting coffee shops). I want to ease off on that and pursue making my apartment nicer so that I enjoy being at home more. (I know some people would say get a pet, but they are not allowed on my lease and I'm allergic). If you are someone who is at home most days, but loves it, what are the details which makes you love being at home so much? Am prepared to invest up to £500/$500, possibly more. [more inside]
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How long does a ship take from London to Montreal?

How long does it take a ship (of the kind that would carry mail) to travel from London to Montreal? Note, I don't mean how long it takes sea freight to be shipped in total - I can find answers to this, which is that it takes a couple of weeks. I'm curious about how much of that time is actually the ocean transit (if a direct route is taken), and I can't find this info by googling at all. [more inside]
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How much money should I sink into repairing a 2012 Macbook Pro?

I just got off the phone with Apple, troubleshooting a trackpad issue with my Macbook Pro 2012, and it looks like it is a hardware issue. I am bringing it into the Genius bar tomorrow and will most likely get a quote to repair the trackpad. Otherwise, it has been running just fine, and I was hoping to get a couple more years of use, so I am inclined to want to repair it, but I also don't want to invest money in repairs if I should really just be getting a newer laptop. [more inside]
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Apple republic

We all know about banana republics. If you were to coin the term "apple republic", what would you be talking about? What characteristics of apples or their eaters or growers or owners would be metaphors for the state? What characteristics of the state would make it an apple republic instead of a banana republic? What real or imaginary political entities would you apply "apple republic" to, if any? [more inside]
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Charity fundraising and ethics

Why would someone chose to go through the work of running a charitable organization in such a way that only a small percent goes to their cause? [more inside]
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What is the best book you know on the Dutch Revolt and subsequent Eighty Years War / Dutch War of Independence that ended with the Treaty of Munster?
posted by the man of twists and turns at 3:29 PM PST - 1 comment

How difficult is it for a Canadian to receive UK Citizenship?

Is it even possible? Are the chances rather slim? I believe one would have to reside in the UK for five years. Yet, landing a solid job there is mighty difficult if locals are able to fulfill the role. Any tips or advice? I would really like to reside in Scotland or Ireland for good. Would doing a Masters in the UK help that at all? I really prefer to live in the UK. Are there any UK Citizens on MetaFilter that moved to the UK to live there for good, if so, please tell me more about the process and how difficult it was. My Great-Great-Grandfather was from Ireland and Great-Grandmother is from London; so I cannot obtain citizenship since the lineage is too far back.
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Apples available in southern CA most like Empire or Cox's Orange Pippin

I like apples like Empire and Cox's Orange Pippins: small, tart eating apples. What varieties are available in southern California that are most like this? I find Fuji, Gala and anything with "pink" in the name too bland, but they are all I seem to be able to find in sizes smaller than a softball/child's head. The more easily available the better, but I have access to good farmer's markets. What should I be looking for?
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Cracking the (almost certainly simple) code

I have a programmable bike-spoke light system. Amazon calls it something else, but all its internal branding calls it the "FTL FH-801". It's programmed by putting a file on a microSD card (unlike most which use either a cable or Bluetooth to push the data onto the lights themselves); it comes with a Windows utility to write these files. Due to some combination of (a) using Linux typically, (b) wanting a command-line, precision interface, and (c) willful perversity, I'd like to write an open-source utility to program this thing. Naturally, this involves reverse-engineering the file format, and I am pretty certain I'm not approaching that as well as I could. [more inside]
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Friend not inviting my girlfriend to his party

My friend is having a moving-in party, but won't invite my girlfriend. I think he should. Am I wrong? [more inside]
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Really good historical fiction?

I have some travel coming up and would love to load up my kindle with some really well-written historical fiction. There are three things that seem to come up a lot in this genre that I want to avoid, see inside for snowflakes. [more inside]
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What scam is this?

I got this phone call unsolicited -- no one in the condo committee admits to having asked for this, and no actual companies names were left in the message, nor was my name used in it. I'm sure it's a scam, but what is the goal here? [more inside]
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How to protect car interior from excitable Jack Russell terrier?

How can we protect our car interior from being ripped by our zealously protective Jack Russell terrier? [more inside]
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Autism services for Adults Cradle to grave?

Can anyone offer resources to compare which states are the most accommodating for cradle to grave services for non verbal adults (age 24) with autism? [more inside]
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Minecraft laptops, 2017 edition

Seeking laptop recommendations for my nephew, who mostly plays Minecraft plus a few other games of middling-requirements. What should we be looking at in 2017? Budget isn't too much of an issue. It does need to be a Windows laptop. [more inside]
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Texting into the void

Why do people text, and then let vast expanses of time go by before they reply? [more inside]
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DC-Metro area traffic issues: who's blogging about this?

I'm trying to learn more about the problems that cause motor vehicle traffic, and possible solutions for remediating said problems. I'd like to find transportation-focused blogs and Twitter accounts I can keep up with. Subject matter should include gridlock, infrastructure funding, bike lanes/safety, accident prevention, funding, and government contractors hired to research and implement said proposals. Bonus points for DC Metro area extending into Virginia, even as far south as Fredericksburg, or Richmond. [more inside]
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Male friend asked me to go on a camping trip alone with him

Is he expecting stuff to happen? [more inside]
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More running shorts, please!

Hello friends! In the past couple years, I've taken up running. When it's cooler, I like to wear running tights. But in the heat, they're just too warm. I have one pair of shorts that works pretty well, but I need to find more. Help me find shorts to my specifications: [more inside]
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Should I call the police BEFORE I confront the store manager?

Should I call the police and run this by them before I ask the T-Mobile manager to confirm that this new iPhone 7 was purchased in full by me on Tuesday? It was a gift for someone who has Cricket. Cricket's policy is that T-mobile calls them and gives them the code/number so they confirm it's not stolen. I would like to be optimistic... [more inside]
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What's the printing industry like these days?

My first career was in the printing industry. I started at a Service Bureau in "Electronic Pre-Press" in the early 90s. I mostly worked there but eventually moved to working at a small RIP manufacturer by the early '00s. [more inside]
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coder or liar?

I am talking online to someone I suspect may not be who they say they are. They claimed to be a software developer, but their description of what they do doesn't ring true. Please sense check it for me if you are a real developer. [more inside]
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German Medical Insurance

I am a German citizen living and working abroad. My company provides Medical Insurance. I would like to do my own medical insurance in Germany. What do I have to do.
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Friend wants to meet my mom but my mom doesn't like her. How to handle?

I live in a studio apartment, across the country from where I grew up. My mom is visits me in my apartment every year, and stays with me for 2 weeks. I've lived out here in CA for 6 years, and have met really nice friends and built a social life all on my own (for the first time in my 34 years). One of the first friends I met out here, let's just call her J, she is a bit older than my mom (J is in her mid-60s and my mom is in her early 60s). J was my first friend out here and we met through a mutual love of taking long walks and we enjoy each other's company. [more inside]
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August 4

Comfortable, plus-size professional clothing

Thus far in my professional life, I haven’t had to wear business attire, but I’m currently looking for a new job and I think it’s possible I’ll have to get a new wardrobe for my next position. I don’t know how to dress this body for this, and also I absolutely hate being uncomfortable! So I’m hoping the hive mind can help me with specific suggestions for garments/outfits that can work for me. Lots more info on what I want and need within! [more inside]
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Tell me your fumigation stories

We have to fumigate our house and the logistics of clearing out the house of people, pets, food and more is giving me a migraine. Give me your hopeful fumigation stories and perhaps any tips for the process. We'll be out of the house for about a week.
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Am I the one being biased?

I'm a woman in a male-dominated industry (tech) and even more male-dominated office. I can't tell if the men around me are undervaluing my contributions because of my gender, or if I am being oversensitive and reading into things. Help me get some objective perspective. Any advice is appreciated. [more inside]
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I have a significant "gap" in my right leg's quadricep.

My right leg looks like someone took an ice cream scooper and literally scooped out part of my leg. [more inside]
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ISO More Movies like "Malice" (1993)

One of my favorite re-watchable movies is Harold Becker's Malice (1993) featuring Nicole Kidman, Bill Pullman and Alec Baldwin. Can you help me find more like it? [more inside]
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depression, anxiety and memory loss

I have depression, anxiety and memory loss. I take adipex-p, 1/2 of a 37.5 mg tablet once a day in the morning; Serzone, 150 mg at night, and Klonopin, 0.5 mg at night. I am titrating off of Fluoxetine and will be done with that medication next week. Nothing seems to be working. I know the Adipex P is risky but it is the only thing I have tried that works for appetite control. Off it, I feel like eating all the time and often binge. [more inside]
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Being a good introvert parent to an extrovert child.

Inspired by this thread, I'd love to get your ideas on better parenting my loud, ADHD child as an anxious and quiet mom. More inside. [more inside]
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Air B-n-Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Has anyone else noticed that AirBnB's site has been loading its search map REAAAAAAALLY slow lately, or is it just me? [more inside]
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What is the “grayscale” setting for in accessibility options?

Looking through the accessibility options on a Mac or iPhone, I can guess at the kinds of issues most of them might alleviate. But I can’t quite work out what problem is solved by changing the entire screen to grayscale. Does anyone here prefer this setting, or know someone who does? Can you briefly explain how it helps? Please pardon my prying/ignorance.
posted by Ryon at 4:29 PM PST - 12 comments

Will installing really old software "brick" my computer?

Inexpensive, but my only, laptop runs Win 10. I'm curious about installing software designed for Win 95/NT. Will it brick my machine or make a mess? [more inside]
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(How) can I get my formerly feral cat to let me pet her?

I adopted a litter of feral kittens that shows up in my friends' backyard when they were 4-6 weeks old. Two years later, two of the three are now happy housecats who love to be pet (by me and my partner, anyway; still super shy with others). The third (a calico -- my vet says they're genetically predisposed to be standoffish?) still does not want to be touched, and I'm trying to figure out if I should give up on petting her. [more inside]
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Why are jars often so hard to open?

Why do food manufacturers regularly package food in jars with lids that are too large or too tight for a not-insignificant portion of the population to open? [more inside]
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Moving to Montréal - short and long term accommodation advice needed.

I am moving to Montréal at the end of this month. I work in IT and am arriving without employment but I have money in the bank to survive without income for awhile. Of course my intent is find a job immediately, if not before I arrive, but i do have some spending leeway that I don't wish to use foolishly. One last important detail is that I will be arriving with a cat. I would greatly appreciate advice on finding a place to stay at first that will take a cat, and tips on getting more permanant lodging. [more inside]
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10 and 7 year old - should I let them be latchkey kids?

We currently pay $450/month for afterschool care for our two boys, 7 and 10. They mostly color or play boardgames in the cafeteria, and they like it OK. We can afford this, though of course it would be nice to have that money freed up for savings or family trips. We already let the kids walk to and from school together (about a 20-minute walk). If we were to stop using afterschool care, the kids would walk home and be home alone for about 45 minutes to an hour before a parent arrived. They are generally pretty responsible and get along with each other OK. They don't seem to have strong feelings about this idea one way or the other. We have experimented with letting them stay home alone for short periods (for instance 20 minutes while I run out to get milk) and it's gone just fine. I can't figure out if this idea is empowering, free-range parenting or short-sighted miserliness! I'm totally torn and would love additional perspectives!
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Why hasn't the stock market crashed yet, and why is it doing so well?

As it says up top, I'm wondering why the stock market hasn't crashed since Trump took office, and why it seems to be doing well. I would have thought that the predicted chaos of having an inexperienced tyrant in office would have tanked the markets. I imagine some of it is carryover from Obama, but what else explains this effect? Investor faith in a conservative economic agenda? Or is this upswing actually a bad thing, like a false spike before a crash? Or something else completely? [more inside]
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Where can I get this NSFW-ish image printed as a poster?

I want this public domain image printed as a poster and have hit a few snags in trying to accomplish this. Help? [more inside]
posted by lovableiago at 12:54 PM PST - 22 comments

A serious yet accessible film discussion podcast?

My searches have been fruitless, so I come to you, AskMe. I'm looking for a podcast where multiple people discuss films—not just new releases—and they actually kind of know what they're talking about. Like if Siskel & Ebert hadn't had time constraints on their show. But I have further parameters: [more inside]
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Asian Trail Mix Staple: glazed umami rice puff with strong umami. Name?

Looking for the name of an Asian trail-mix staple: It's often a pillow-shaped rice flour puff with a shellac-style glaze to it that's strong in umami/soy/vaguely-fishy flavor. Image here. [more inside]
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How to back out of a job interview process?

I applied to two jobs. I got an offer from Job #1 and accepted it. Then I got invited to an interview with Job #2 and went. (I assumed I was out of the running when I accepted with #1.) I realize now that this is kind of a Big Deal and could use some advice about how to get out of it. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:58 AM PST - 21 comments

Let's create a 5-6 week Salad Guide, with plans and grocery lists

I'm starting to bring food to work! Yay! However, I have limited bandwidth and would like to automate the planning aspect. My goal is to generate a 5-6 week rotation of salad greens and toppings, with associated grocery list and prep plan, that will make efficient use of ingredients. I would like this to be self-contained and not rely on us having particular leftovers on any given week. "Throw in whatever you have in the fridge" is exactly what I want to avoid. [more inside]
posted by telepanda at 10:47 AM PST - 15 comments

Eastern Canadians- are ATMs working where you are?

Apparently one of Bell's fibre lines was accidentally cut earlier today. There's no cell service for most customers east of Ontario, news reports are saying that stores aren't able to do debit or credit transactions as a result either and they are unsure of how long it will take to resolve the issue. Before I run out of the office in a mad panic, does anyone know whether the ATMs in Atlantic Canada are affected by this issue as well?
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An art world word and background info for kitsch sculptures?

I've been working on a series of photos of those kitsch statues that you find in amusement parks and miniature golf courses. They're life size or larger, made of. . um. . fibreglass? Cement? Plaster? And they are dinosaurs, zoo animals, monsters - you know what I mean. What do you call them? Statues? Sculptures? Is there a word? Where do they come from? What are they made of? Who makes them? Are they mass produced or individually crafted? Help I need to write an artist statement in like an hour.
posted by mygothlaundry at 9:32 AM PST - 9 comments

Personal items damaged at work…Recourse?

While on vacation, one of my personal office decorations was damaged. How do I handle this, and what is the possibility of being reimbursed? [more inside]
posted by Big Chief Little Pants at 9:09 AM PST - 23 comments

Keep out (please)

How do you signal to a politely knocking stranger that this bathroom is occupied? [more inside]
posted by dreamphone at 8:08 AM PST - 82 comments

Excel 2016 doesn't like the taste of Hacker's Diet macros :-(

Does anyone know of an updated version of the HD spreadsheets that would run on my system? Could I hire someone to update it, reasonably affordably? [more inside]
posted by dancing leaves at 8:07 AM PST - 7 comments

Classic Books on Interior Design?

About a year ago, we bought a house. We're very slowly getting around to setting it up beyond just using all the furniture we already had, and I'm interested in looking at some books on interior design. What are the classics? The house is a 1931 Cape Cod, so I'm especially interested in books that talk about or capture that time period.
posted by thursdaystoo at 7:00 AM PST - 8 comments

Meta-Family-Dinner Friday night near Washington Square

Where can I take my family to have a relaxing, not overpriced, and convenient Friday night dinner near Washington Square in Manhattan? [more inside]
posted by sesquipedalia at 6:13 AM PST - 10 comments

Gianduia... where are ya?

Where in the Alexandria/Arlington/DC area can I find Gianduia? Or online, without paying an arm and a leg? Nutella will not suffice anymore, and I need some gianduia. I am seeking any and all available forms - spread, tube, candy, gelato, etc... I've checked the Italian Store - no luck. Carluccio's on King Street used to carry it, but they recently closed. Where else can I find this rich amazing deliciousness?
posted by raztaj at 1:45 AM PST - 12 comments

Mom Nature sabotaged our vacation! Now what?

[Coastal PNW filter] Lesson learned: Never plan for 10 days of camping, hiking and mountain biking in August. Vacation starts tomorrow. Wildfires, unhealthy air quality and high temps have foiled plans for the Cascade Loop. Fleeing toward the coast and south—except Oregon's on fire too!—where to? [more inside]
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August 3

Help me understand and deal with my cynical comrades

I love my leftist allies, but their attitudes can sometimes turn me off, and I am looking for resources to help me process this. Deets inside! [more inside]
posted by shalom at 10:12 PM PST - 14 comments

All theory, no action got very, very old

I'm finally ready to start taking risks and being vulnerable and actually meeting available men. I'm extremely burned out of online dating, however. What are some things I can do to make online dating feel different and exciting, or new strategies/mindsets/sources of encouragement I can access, with the goal of rocking some "hell yes, I'm doing this, this is going to happen" energy? (Snowflakes inside.) [more inside]
posted by elephantsvanish at 10:09 PM PST - 4 comments

How to investigate/mitigate $29,000 wire transfer scam

The staff at my senile father-in-law's company fell victim to a hacking or social engineering scam, and transferred $29,000 to the scammers before cluing in. We're not 100% sure how this happened. My wife and I are tech-savvy but they are not...we need to quickly look at all angles to a) ensure that nothing further happens, and b) see how the money could be recovered (longshot, I know) [more inside]
posted by wutangclan at 9:45 PM PST - 14 comments

Where in the neighborhood do we watch the eclipse?

I suggested an eclipse viewing party for my office and the higher-ups loved the idea, so I bought some eclipse glasses and am ready to get our eclipse on. But I have also been tasked with finding the best viewing location in our neighborhood and I'm kind of stumped. I'm in NYC and my office is right by the South Street Seaport. The eclipse will be peaking around 2:45. Is there a way to determine where in the sky the sun will be around then? Do I just find high ground? (Part of me wants to say we all go on the Brooklyn Bridge but that sounds like it would be ridiculously crowded.) This may be super obvious but I'm drawing a blank and welcome any and all suggestions.
posted by Neely O'Hara at 8:41 PM PST - 8 comments

Holly Hunter's awesomest

The Big Sick reminded me how great Holly Hunter is. Please tell me your personal favorite performances from her, so I can have a well-curated binge. [more inside]
posted by latkes at 8:19 PM PST - 33 comments

How do I keep my ice from being nasty?

Our built-in refrigerator (which came with our house, so we didn't get to choose it) has an ice maker that delivers ice into a bin in the freezer (no dispenser in the door). I find that once the ice cubes are even 2 days old, they start to get nasty. They shrink a lot and smell sour. Is there anything I can do to correct this? [more inside]
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Should my iPad stay or should it go nowwww

My good old iPad mini suddenly has cracks in its screen. Should I drop a little money on fixing it (which may not work) or should I drop a lot of money on a new one? There's no warranty. [more inside]
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A Small Bag Question, Or a Question About A Small Bag

I need a new bag for everyday use. There are a bunch of threads about bag purchases. They all seem to recommend larger bags than i need. Halp! [more inside]
posted by softlord at 6:40 PM PST - 9 comments

Anxiety about not knowing the path forward to becoming a UX Designer.

I'm looking for some guidance towards becoming a UX Designer, and I have no experience in a design or IT field. I've just graduated with a BS in Psychology. [more inside]
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Security lock and hard case for 2017 MacBook Air?

Does anyone know of a security lock for a 2017 MacBook Air that can also be used with a hard case/shell? [more inside]
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Old fashioned birth scenes in film or tv?

Looking for examples of birth scenes in film/TV that either take place in a rustic, lamplit setting (read: not a hospital) or in olden times. Examples along the lines of the "Children of Men" birth scene or the "Noah" birth scene. Midwives are a plus. Thanks!
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$0 on rent/mortgage in credit card application or a made-up number?

Is it better to say you spend $0 per month on rent or mortgage in a credit card application, or use a made-up number, if you don't technically have either expense (but have an mostly-equivalent expense)? [more inside]
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Is it possible to watch Rick and Morty with my 10 yo?

Rick and Morty is awesome. My son would love it, it could be our favorite show ever, except, well, it's Rick and Morty. And he's (almost) 10. [more inside]
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Improving my video

I project videos over a friend who plays music. Recently it's gone from projecting pre-made clips over one friend, to projecting live mixed clips, loops and effects over two. I'm wanting tips on good software to investigate, and where I should focus my efforts on skilling up. [more inside]
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Country songs to learn for one newly arrived in town?

I've moved for a stay in a new town and would like to learn some songs to sing with my mandola that have some relevance to this; I also want to expand the rather slim repertoire of country and western songs that I know. What songs should I look at? [more inside]
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Hotel between Mtn View and Oakland

In October, I am planning a visit to the Bay Area that will include an evening show in Mountain View and a weekday at the Oakland Zoo. I will fly into SFO and rent a car. Where should I stay? [more inside]
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Training, equipment, and preparation tips for GORUCK Heavy?

I'm signing up for a GORUCK Heavy challenge with my partner slated for Sept. 29th and I need preparation advice from those who have been in similar conditions (or even done the challenge themselves). Primarily concerned with endurance, sustained energy, and avoiding or treating blisters during the event. [more inside]
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Flower identification resources

My 3 year old loves to know the names of flowers. Can you recommend a simple flower identification book for common garden and wild flowers (of upstate NY)? I think she’d really enjoy that. It’s important that it’s not just wildflowers - she asks more often about garden flowers and I know less about them. Or, I suppose, which garden catalog would be most enjoyable for a preschooler? Also, can you recommend an app that I could use to ID flowers when she asks while we’re out and about?
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Best brand for Methylfolate supplement?

Can you recommend a good brand of Methylfolate supplement? A doctor has recommended this product, but I don't know if the recommendation has anything more behind it than "here's the first one I found on the amazon website!" I know that the vitamin and supplement industry is the Wild Unregulated West, and I want tablets that live up to their labeling and use fillers that aren't egregiously objectionable. Is this one worth buying? Would you recommend another?
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Facebook ads/ad sets/campaigns are driving me batty.

I don't know if I am misunderstanding how ads, ad sets, and campaigns are used to group and organize paid Facebook ads, or if my understanding is right and I just can't figure out the how. Fellow professional social media managers, please help. [more inside]
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Are organic and grassfed important? Or just expensive?

I'm having a lifestyle change so I can (please gods!) get off some of the 28 prescription medications I currently take. I've got the what to eat part figured out. The "what kind" part has me a little confused. How important are organic produce and grass-fed or grain-fed or organic meats as opposed to their "regular" counterparts?
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Too stressed out to figure out what to do in this situation

Visiting out of state family members of a neighbor backed into the side of my car, hitting the back driver side bumper. It looks like fairly mild damage to me, but I'm not a car mechanic. These people tried nearly every trick in the book to get me out of taking down their insurance information and it's left me very frustrated and unsure of what to do. [more inside]
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Recommendations for Internet service in LA?

Seems Spectrum is actually worse than Time Warner, and my internet is now $90/month. Anyone have an idea of what options I have? [more inside]
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What's the science behind "vinyl safe" exterior paint?

I'm buying a house! I want to repaint it. It has vinyl siding, which is in good shape and fairly new. I understand that I can repaint the siding, but need to be careful about color selection. I'm having trouble finding unbiased, specific advice about selecting a paint color. I could use some paint expertise. [more inside]
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Please hope me with post-shoulder surgery hacks

I will be helping a person with general self-care after they have extensive shoulder surgery (basically a rebuild, with bone grafting). We have meds, the ice machine - all that stuff for when we get her home after outpatient surgery. I'm looking for tips on how to make the next few days more comfortable. Any pillow-propping tricks? Good sleeping positions? Sweatpants so getting pants on and off is easier? Things that I wouldn't think of, but that you found helpful? Thank you!
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How to recover music from MiniDisc?

I have an old MiniDisc from around 1997 with music I love and can't find anywhere on streaming services or Amazon. It can't be read by any MiniDisc players I've tried (I believe it's a TOC issue). Is there a data recovery service that could salvage this music and save it to MP3 files?
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How do I become comfortable with a partner's opposite sex friendships?

My partner's female friend has been showing up more than usual recently and I am struggling with jealousy. It got me to thinking about how to recallibrate my thoughts on the issue? [more inside]
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Y Gwyll in Cymraeg?/Hinterland in Welsh?

I love Hinterland/Y Gwyll. I'm not a Welsh speaker but I'd really like to experience it in Welsh. However, I'm in the States and can't figure out how to get access to it. Can anyone help a not super techy language nerd out?
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How do you budget?

We are a married couple, with 2 kids. Husband makes 6 figures, I stay at home with the littles, and we live in an expensive suburb of NYC. We have always just kept an eye on expenses as they happen, but now, 3 years into being a one-income family, we are feeling broke. We want to start using a REAL budget for the first time, to reduce our debt and build our savings. Can you recommend one? More snowflakey info after the jump. [more inside]
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Sorry, the grill has been cleaned and isn't available. ??

If a food joint has lunch service until, say, 2:00 p.m., when should items from the grill stop being available... because staff are starting to clean the grill? [more inside]
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Help navigating dim sum at Jing Fong in NYC

Our group of 4 (plus baby) has agreed that we'd like to do dim sum at Jing Fong in NYC this coming Saturday. I'm slightly anxious though because I have no idea how to dim sum, nor do my companions -- I had one great dim sum experience but that was courtesy of a friend-of-a-friend that sat on the other side of the table and made sure we got delicious things. Stories of chasing after carts for the best items have me wondering how you identify the best things. Can you point me to a primer, or provide one, that can help us understand what's what, and how to get it, specifically at Jing Fong?
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Just got Invisalign, Just got pregnant. Toxic combo?

I just got Invisalign, and I *just* found out I'm pregnant. Now I'm freaking out about the effects of a mouthful of plastic & dental adhesive on a growing fetus. Perspective? [more inside]
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Is silent farting a skill everyone can pick up?

I'm curious. I am pretty good at farting without making any noise whatsoever, but I hear that this is not a skill that everyone possesses. Since my technique involves routing the nascent fart through labial folds, are the possession and configuration of those necessary to silence the release of air? Or are there are other ways to achieve the same objective? Enlighten me!
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Firefox not displaying GIF pages

Firefox 54 is not showing GIF pages. As example. These pages show fine in other browsers.
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Small-but-smooth-driving car recommendations for an injured driver?

We're thinking of buying our first car to reduce my wife's commute time. She has a history of lower back area issues: a herniated disc, a misaligned pelvis. A bumpy drive is painful for her, but we can probably only afford a smaller-sized used car. Any recommendations for mid-sized sedans or something smaller that offer the comfortable ride of a larger vehicle/something with a higher suspension? [more inside]
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Can I learn to play guitar with carpal tunnel?

I'd like to learn how to play the guitar, but I have carpal tunnel and would like to know if it would be possible for me to learn to play without exacerbating my condition. [more inside]
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Wait, collusion to do what exactly?

I've lost the plot with respect to Russian collusion. The campaign feels like it was approximately 52 years ago and I never got a chance to catch up on everything. So I know the current status is that every WH employee and their wives ate dinner with Vlad every night from January to November last year [fake, sarcasm], but I don't know what they actually colluded to do. And what did the colluders actually accomplish? Can you give me a tl;dr of wtf happened? [more inside]
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Can you refuse a DMV-issued license plate if it's offensive to you?

Can a person refuse a license plate issued by the DMV (in other words, not a personalized plate) if they are offended by the sequence of letters and numbers? [more inside]
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My 18-month-old is completely nonverbal. Please help me help him.

My toddler has been diagnosed with expressive speech delay - his receptive communication is advanced for his age. We are quite worried and want to get him help as early as possible. [more inside]
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Interviewing for a postdoc position because it's nearby

My partner is giving a Skype interview for a postdoc position to which she applied primarily because it is close to where I'll be starting a job as an assistant professor (although she is otherwise qualified for and interested in the position). If she gets the job, it will entail changing continents. I assume they will ask why she wants to move. What level of disclosure is appropriate? [more inside]
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Is this Ethical?

Employee has been on probation for a variety of complaints. Now they are leaving with triple the normal severance package. Details below. You are not my lawyer, laws vary from state to state, etc. [more inside]
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Pantry makeover, 100+ pounds dry goods edition

My walk in pantry is in a terrible shape and I need help deciding on how best to organize it, especially since I like to buy in bulk. The room is 3' 11" (~1.2m) deep by 6' (~2m) by 6' tall (~2m). As you can see it is a mess (pic) (pic) (pic). How would you design your ideal pantry, starting from scratch? [more inside]
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How do I stop myself from being abusive?

I'm not very good at coping with my emotions. I get angry, blow up, cry a lot, say mean things and more recently I resorted to throwing objects around like an angry toddler but worse, because I'm an adult and healthy well adjusted adults don't do that. I hate myself and I'm finally starting to see why. How can I become the person I want to be? [more inside]
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Handyman in Philadelphia?

Personal recommendations for a residential handyman in Philadelphia? We're up in Fishtown.
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Taking supplements on an empty stomach

I'm taking Xiao Yao San herbs for women's health issues per my acupuncturist. I'm supposed to take them on an empty stomach several times a day. I'm finding conflicting information about to time this. I've been waiting 2 hours after I eat, taking the dose, then waiting 45 minutes to an hour to eat again. Is this sufficient time for 1.) the food to digest, and 2.) the herbs to get into my system?
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The Air Is Hot and Full of Smoke

Not used to extreme bad air conditions. Looking for useful coping mechanisms -- somehow I don't think those paper masks would make a difference, but maybe? [more inside]
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why aren't we all wearing star trek unitards yet?

I struggle to find clothes that I like. This morning, I stumbled on a top that seems perfect. It's work-appropriate, has sleeves, doesn't have buttons, and just looks easy to wear. I also think the fabric seems stylish and nice, but even if it were very plain, it would be a huge improvement over basically every other top I can find (why shoulder cutouts? why peplum? why bell sleeves? why high-cut???) I don't know how to find more tops like this one, but I suspect others may have better ideas about where to look. Calling on the hive mind for help!
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Should I eat it?

Or does coconut-milk rice go bad when left out overnight? [more inside]
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Little Guy Induction Top Fault

Little Guy Coffee Maker: induction top turns on, turns off immediately [more inside]
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Recommendations for Pensacola?

We're flying to Pensacola this weekend to get in some beach time and I'd love some recommendations for things to do/see as well as places to eat. I skimmed previous posts but they're from 2008 and earlier so I was hoping for an update. I've never been though my husband's family made regular visits while he was growing up to visit family. We're definitely going to Lambert's in Foley, AL for the sake of family nostalgia, so anything up that way is also fair game. I currently plan on eating as many shrimp as my greedy heart desires. I'm deliberately leaving this pretty wide open so we don't miss potential neat things!
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Speak & Spell

Robot CART options for Deaf attendees at impending conference? [more inside]
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How do I stop my gmail originating email being marked as spam?

I have a long standing and rather generic email address. Over the last year or so it has become effectively useless for communicating with anyone from a company that runs a spam filter. Is there a way to address this? [more inside]
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Men's suits in the UK - a waist of a question (Geddit?!)

I can't believe I'm wasting my question on this...but it's been so long since I bought a suit and the last one I had was tailored in the far East so actually I've never really bought one off the peg. Can anyone recommend a retailer for a man's suit in the UK? Presumably it will have to be a national chain. Thanks!
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Help me stop weeping

I am in the middle of a depressive episode and I can't stop crying. [more inside]
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August 2

The Fire Next Time

I need to get my BBQ on. What brands and suggestions for barbequing in Australia? When is the best time to buy? Who should I buy from? [more inside]
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Sorry about my ladyparts

My period came early and I bled in someone else's boardroom. I apologised at the time. Should I also follow up with an apology email/call? [more inside]
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The very best cheesegrater money can buy

My dollar-store cheesegrater is rusted and blunted. I want to buy a new one which will be the only cheesegrater I will need for the rest of my life. Criteria over the fold. [more inside]
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Do you like luxury? Honeymoon edition.

My husband and I are taking a belated honeymoon in the first week of January 2018, very generously financed by his parents. How and where can we have the most luxurious, relaxing experience possible in five days with a generous budget? [more inside]
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Is requesting an apology to my kid going overboard?

My kid did not like the "jockular" attitude his camp counselor had toward him. I plan to talk to the counselor about it, but should I ask him to apologize to my kid as well or is that taking it too far? [more inside]
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Can you help translate this Japanese plaque?

A family member wants to understand what this plaque says...something connected with a gift of the key to the city of Yokohama? Given to a relative in the 1970s. Thanks!
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Boyfriend and I want to move in together, but...

We are both 24 and have been dating since around April, though we have a history together. I live in my own apartment and am struggling about financially, and he just moved to the city I'm in (our hometown) to live with his parents and go back to school. He has debt and isn't very respknaible, but I do love him and want to live with him. What should be my stipulations about moving in together? [more inside]
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Help with my writing skills?

I've found it increasingly difficult to be able to write well. Writing papers in college has been very time consuming and feels very awkward to write. Whenever anyone proofreads my paper, they always comment on how I have very poor and awkward phrasing. When I do write, I often find myself forgetting which word I want to use and struggle for phrases to fit well together. Recently I'm having a hard time writing cover letters and find myself agonizing for hours over one. Does anyone have any tips to write well?
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Finding serious partners without monogamy

I'm looking for a serious relationship but I don't do monogamy. I live in an area without a lot of polyamorous folks, and 95% of those I know of (through my personal life and through poly groups) are married and seeking secondary partners, which is not my thing. Any suggestions for finding new serious partners? [more inside]
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Changing Cell Phone Number, Stalker Edition

An ex has become a stalker. It is serious enough that in addition to other things I am doing (police, restraining order), I need to change my cell phone number, which I've had for a million years, and which is also my work phone number. Is there any easy way to do this? [more inside]
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How do you move on from a friend breakup?

I had a bad friend breakup several years ago and am still not over it and miss that friend. How do I move on? [more inside]
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Can I Eat This?: Mini Bratwurst Edition

I have a package of mini bratwurst cocktail smokies with a "sell by" date of July 20th. They are vacuum sealed and fully cooked. Can I eat this? [more inside]
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Lost my job, eligible for discount on my out-of-pocket health insurance?

I've been paying out of pocket for a health insurance plan on my own, and then I lost my job. Am I eligible for any sort of discount on the plan? Details below. [more inside]
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Looking for a good dance spot in NYC this weekend

I'll be in Manhattan this weekend for the last three Phish shows (Fri-Sun), and for the first time I'll be rolling solo (or can choose to do so) after the shows. At least one night, I would like to go out post-show and enjoy some dance club vibes, but I need some help finding the right spot. Details inside. [more inside]
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Solution for digital and paper notetaking systems coexisting

I've been taking personal notes like to do lists, ideas, recipes and various subjects in a mix of notebooks, scraps of paper, Google Keep and computer over the years. I need an integrated system so my note taking isn't disorganized. I want to use a mix of digital and analog. I have a planner, phone, bullet style journal and laptop with word. [more inside]
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Re-learning piano as a grown-up

I took piano lessons as a kid. I'm pretty sure I can still read music. I'd like to learn to play again, with an eye toward being able to play simple accompaniments and jam with people who can play guitar and ukulele, even if I'm just playing the bass line. Here's the question: [more inside]
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Epromos any good? Need custom poker cards

Custom playing cards? [more inside]
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Is this a workplace red flag and if so what could I even do about it?

Thanks to a friend connecting me with her network, I am about to get a job offer. The new supervisor did something a bit strange that is giving me cold feet. Meanwhile I'm being courted by someone else in the company. Help. [more inside]
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Building a blog's audience?

I'm starting an online blog. I want to grow its readership. How can I do this? [more inside]
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Recommend me a fragrance-free volumising shampoo

Recommend me a fragrance-free volumising shampoo. [more inside]
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The Ten Essentials of College, 2017 Edition

The firstborn of the baseballpajamas family is leaving for college in three weeks. Aside from condoms and a laptop, what should he bring with him? [more inside]
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Do you know a good software/template for org charts?

I need to make several org charts that are a little bit too complicated for the MS Office "SmartArt" function. What software or templates should I be using? [more inside]
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Non-hideous ways to prevent birds from flying into windows?

I'm looking for aesthetically appealing, or at least not-terribly-ugly, ways to prevent birdies from flying into the windows of my craftsman bungalow. Help?! [more inside]
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If I quit my job next year and travel, what about Health insurance?

Where can I find other options/resources to look into as alternatives to COBRA that will be cheaper and still not be counted as a "lapse in coverage" (Both for while traveling and after traveling but before any new job)? A few more specific questions inside. [more inside]
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Dentist's office demanding money I don't have and didn't expect to pay.

Dentist's office demanding money I don't have and didn't expect to pay. The title is the short version - more explanation below. [more inside]
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Am I sabotaging this new relationship or is it not to be?

I'm having trouble discerning whether my new relationship of three months has legs, or if I should make a clean break. Complications: a) the new boyfriend has several connections with my ex and a big part of me would like to wash my hands of that whole scene, and b) I'm 38 and would love to have a family. Wall of anxious text inside. [more inside]
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A lot of my tomatoes, from several different varieties, all have these weird bullseye splotches on them. What is it? [more inside]
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Are salon shampoo/conditioner better than shop ones?

I spent a lot on the shampoo/conditioner my hairstylist recommended. I'm not sure it's making any particular difference (lots of split ends, tangly, hard to comb, despite doing pretty much all the things that people recommend for looking after hair). Are salon products really, genuinely, better than supermarket products?
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Logistics of an LDR: shuttling stuff back and forth

Did you grow up in two homes or have a medium-distance LDR? Please share your hacks for packing and transporting stuff between places. [more inside]
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Sci-fi books filter, bioships may be involved

Amnesiac protagonist is definitely involved. A bit gorey in the details, but not sure if it was a short story or novel. [more inside]
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I'm down on myself. Please help me be brave.

I'm struggling with depression (diagnosed, under treatment). What I need are written reminders to help me resist the lying internal monologue. Maybe you have a favorite passage, essay, or mantra that might help me be braver in shutting this voice down? [more inside]
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Very bad review

I just got out from an evaluation that was generalized, vague, and had some outright lies in it. [more inside]
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Car insurance conundrum

One day when my spouse and I weren't home, a stranger doing a three-point turn in our city driveway hit our leased car hard enough to do nearly $900 worth of damage to the bumper. They then merrily drove away. Our car insurance would cover fixing this (minus a $500 deductible) but punish us with a raised premium. Paying out of pocket would be an inconvenient but affordable expense. I'm more stressed out about this than is probably reasonable. What do we do? [more inside]
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August 1

When an abstraction is on the tip of your tongue

I'm thinking about some art I saw, possibly sculptures at MIT, where 3D trajectories were calcified behind flying or moving objects. Anyone know the name of the pieces or the artist? [more inside]
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gimme chompers

Where in NYC (pref. Manhattan) would you go if you wanted to buy some synthetic resin teeth on the cheap? [more inside]
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Teenagers and Feelings

How to let a group of teenagers know that they were not chosen. [more inside]
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Pfeffi in the USA?

I am flying to the states for Burning Man in a few weeks, and I really would love to bring some (a lot of) pfefferminzlikör to my campmates. If I can find a vendor in the States I can order a case to my friends, but I haven't found one yet. Berliner Luft would be an acceptable choice too, but I really want the cheap neon green garbage.
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Lead paint/dust in house w/kid. How urgent is this situation?

Just moved in to a pre-1968 rental in So-Cal which had had significant renovations in the last two months. We signed the lease based on assurances no lead had been found as part of the renovations, but there was no full lead-testing report. I'm anxiety-prone, so when I saw cracks in the windowsill paint in the kid's room, I swabbed for lead, and yes, it's positive. How much should we panic? [more inside]
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Best Quality Pool Cues for a Gift on a budget

I would like to surprise my friend by replacing his old, warped house cues with at least two new cues at the end of his cancer treatments. I can't afford anything too fancy, but specific details are below the fold... [more inside]
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How to prevent a lost toenail nail-bed infection.

My index toenail separated from nail bed and mostly fell off. How do I keep the toe bed cavity clean and free from infection? [more inside]
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Potty training for preschool

My 3 year old son is not potty trained. We don't want to stress him out but preschool says he has to be potty trained to graduate from the Toddler Room to the Preschooler Room at school. Looking for a reality check, resources, advice. [more inside]
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Software suggestion to extract messages from iPhone backup

I'm looking for software suggestions (Mac) that would allow me to get into my iPhone backup and extract the messages in a way that would make it possible to then save and print. I have an extremely important thread that goes back a few months and I need to file it away for safe keeping. I searched previous Ask MeFi posts and saw a couple from 5 years or so ago that say PhoneView might be the one to look into. Does anybody have any experience w/ it? Any other suggestions? Any/all information would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Houseplant ID, please I want this. It's in the window of a gift shop. It gets very bright, unobscured east light, and seems to be thriving for at least a year now. Owner of the shop doesn't want to sell, and has no idea what the name of the plant is. Any ideas?
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Roadside America: Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska edition

Doing a road trip that starts and ends in Denver and hits Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska. Is there anything (ridiculous or iconic) I'd regret not seeing in this thousand mile loop? [more inside]
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Status of printing shirts and stickers on demand, 2017

I've been thinking about making silly, simple t-shirts and stickers for a while, after seeing the (flooded) marketplaces like Society6 and RedBubble. Is any platform considered better than others, or is it more of a standard practice to upload your artwork to multiple platforms? And are any better suited to (or less critical of) fandoms? [more inside]
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Adoption group posting "private" email on Facebook

My beloved and elderly adopted pet was euthanized a few days ago, and I thought I did the right thing by sending an email (not Facebook message) to the group he came from to let them know of his passing and to thank them. [more inside]
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Mismatched libidos or expectations for sex in a long term relationship?

My partner and I are in our mid 30's, in a heterosexual relationship for less than one year. We both very much want this relationship to be good for the long haul. Last night I initiated a conversation about the amount of sex we're having (not much), which ended with me in tears and him frustrated. I'm hoping for some advice on how to revisit this conversation. NSFW inside. [more inside]
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Is it possible making 50K-70K doing Help Desk/ Desktop Support?

I live in California and my salary is at 40K a year for Help Desk at a Private Small School. What are the chances of pulling in 50K to 70K a year for Help Desk or Desktop Support Work? [more inside]
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Looking for an Android app for simple sound manipulation

I'm looking for an Android app that is basically a sampler with a few effects, for manipulating soundfiles I would load onto my phone. [more inside]
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scene from a movie where character sings i want you to want me by CT

I feel strongly there is a movie scene ..I want to say with John Cusack...where the character sings I want you to want me by Cheap Trick..and i want to say he is in the shower when it unfolds. I am convinced of this just as I am that the person's face being painted over when the door is opened in a sitcom REALLY happened. Is this a glitch in the matrix? Does anyone know what movie this is?
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History in the present tense is making me tense

I've noticed that in the past few years, historians have moved from describing historical events in the past tense and have moved to the present tense (or past-present-perfect-whatever-it's-called tense). Example below! [more inside]
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Leather staining clothes

(asking for a friend) My lovely boyfriend gifted me a leather messenger bag for my birthday, but when I wear it, it leaves brown stains on my pants. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening so that I can continue to enjoy the bag and clean pants? Thanks in advance for your leather advice and leather wisdom.
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Court and Spark, maybe? Nah.

I'm building a website listing organizations who fight for progressive causes in the courts. What should I call it? [more inside]
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Battle of the IKEA sofa beds