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August 31

How can I create own automated "StumbleUpon" like pages?

I want to be able to easily create links to websites that I share on Facebook, that link to the site but with a small strip at the top crediting me, possibly providing an ad... how can I easily do this? [more inside]
posted by Unsomnambulist at 11:40 PM PST - 2 comments

3 stacked dice = One serving of cheese

Like many modern US Americans, I've come to realize that I have a VERY inflated idea about what a "normal" portion size is. I need to get my head right, so that this is normal, not this. I want to be one of those people who gets nauseous at the very idea of eating too much food, and I want every tip/trick/mental hack/and idea in the book to do it! Tiny portion eaters of metafilter, please show me the way. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:33 PM PST - 44 comments

Wait, don't I know this already?

What are some good historical sources on the Reformation? [more inside]
posted by Sara C. at 9:21 PM PST - 13 comments

help me take a shower

i just moved to my new apartment. i can't get the shower to work. the bathtub turns on, but nothing makes the water come out of the shower head. [more inside]
posted by millipede at 8:45 PM PST - 19 comments

What to do when your equal-division-of-labor spouse is too hurt to help?

My husband got into a pretty bad accident this week and will need surgery in a few days. He is at home and his pain is managed, but he can't move around much. I'm now in charge of doing everything in our house as well as taking care of him, and I'm having trouble coping. [more inside]
posted by oysters oysters oysters eat eat eat at 8:39 PM PST - 28 comments

Tingling toes after standing for a long time?

I've just started a new job that involves a lot of standing, some walking, and at the end of a shift, my two big toes are somewhat numb and tingling. [more inside]
posted by jb at 6:32 PM PST - 12 comments

Do you live in Boston? Do you have curly hair? How?

I'm white, I have curly hair and I live in the Boston area. Around this time of year, every year, I have massive problems with frizz (my hair doubles in size, and not in a good way). I don't have this problem when I'm a few states south, in the tri-state area. I'm seeing tons of girls with curly hair in Massachusetts right now who don't have this problem. What's the secret? [more inside]
posted by topoisomerase at 5:59 PM PST - 16 comments

Who's the most bored MLB player?

What is the longest streak of at-bats a fielder has played through without being part of a play?
posted by Hollywood Upstairs Medical College at 5:55 PM PST - 8 comments

Aviator sunglasses for a small face?

As said, I am a woman with a small face and most aviators are too large. Ray ban aviators (3025) come in small (55mm) and large (58mm). The smalls suit me fine but I would like to find other brands of a similar small size that curve or wrap around my face a little more as the Raybans are pretty flat across, even though the aviator shape is perfect. Can you suggest any? I have some Marc Jacobs which I also really like but they too are too large, I look like I'm playing dress up. I'm in Australia but am happy to ship if I find something I like.
posted by Jubey at 5:45 PM PST - 8 comments

Ask Your Metafilter If Zoloft Is Right For You

You are not my doctor. I have a doctor, and clinical depression. Am I not tolerating the Zoloft he prescribed? Is it not working? Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
posted by Native in Exile at 4:46 PM PST - 17 comments

Can I Eat It? Sprouted Beans Edition

The pinto beans have been "soaking" for about 36 hours at room temperature. I opened the pot and saw that the beans have expanded past the water level, and the ones on top (out of the water) have sprouted. I know some people eat sprouted beans on purpose. Is it OK that the soaked beans have been exposed to the warm/room temperature air for maybe 24 hours? [more inside]
posted by domnit at 4:39 PM PST - 6 comments

Books to enhance the experience of travelling in Germany

So, I'm looking to do some travelling in Germany either this fall, or next spring. Right now, Munich and Berlin are on my list. I'm hoping for some interesting books to read before the trip on the history and culture of the places I'll be visiting. [more inside]
posted by backwards guitar at 4:28 PM PST - 13 comments

What do you want to know about online privacy?

I need advice on setting up a resource that breaks down online consumer privacy in the simplest and most effective way possible. [more inside]
posted by bluelight at 4:27 PM PST - 5 comments

Need a cashier's check in nyc but my bank is in a different state.

How can I purchase a cashier's check with funds from a local bank in NC that I can deliver to a landlord in NYC within one business day? [more inside]
posted by fromageball at 4:01 PM PST - 8 comments

How can I best pounce on tickets for an upcoming Broadway show?

I really really want to see the upcoming Broadway production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch starring Neil Patrick Harris, and will be planning a trip to NYC around it as soon as I have tickets. The show is supposed to premier Spring 2014. Tickets are not yet on sale, and all the sources I've found say there's no information available yet about when they will go on sale. So how far in advance to tickets to Broadway shows generally go on sale? What are the best Twitter accounts, mailing lists, blogs, etc. to follow to find out the on-sale date as soon as it's announced? I'm usually pretty good at this, but I'm having a surprisingly hard time finding this stuff out, and I really don't want to miss it!
posted by rhiannonstone at 3:45 PM PST - 10 comments

Disposing of a very broken cell phone?

I have an old Palm Pre with a very shattered screen that probably doesn't power on anymore (I haven't gone near it since it shattered). What is the best way to recycle it? I live in Seattle and the city recycling does not accept e-waste. I know there are a number of places you can mail cell phones to be recycled but I'm very unclear on if they accept non-working cell phones with broken screens, etc. Anyone have personal experience with any of these services?
posted by tigeri at 3:40 PM PST - 8 comments

Financial therapy?

Is it possible to see a professional who is kind of a cross between a financial advisor and a therapist? I've spent my life getting deeper in debt and I can't bear it anymore but I feel I need not just practical help but to understand why and sort out my head. I'm an intelligent person with a good job but I'm broke and stressed every month and no matter what I try it just gets worse... I am in the UK.
posted by KateViolet at 2:50 PM PST - 4 comments

Your tried-and-true vegetarian Southern food recipes?

I have been tasked with cooking or baking something for the regular themed potluck at my husband's workplace tomorrow. The theme this time is (American) Southern cooking, but I don't cook or eat meat so this is a cuisine to which I have paid zero attention previously. What should I make that would come out nicely if done vegetarian? [more inside]
posted by charmedimsure at 2:43 PM PST - 30 comments

Vinyl separated from car roof. How to fix?

Hi everyone. I have an old 1992 Toyota Camry. The interior vinyl has separated from the car roof, as you can see in these pictures. How do I fix this? Any suggestions very much appreciated.
posted by Alaska Jack at 2:42 PM PST - 8 comments

You pinkie swore!

Looking for perspective about a breach of trust in my relationship, albeit on a teeny tiny scale. Am I making too much of this, or is a promise a promise? [more inside]
posted by little_dog_laughing at 2:39 PM PST - 49 comments

Hindi Man of Constant Sorrow

Heard a version of "Man of Constant Sorrow" sung in (Hindi with instruments like Tabla drums on the radio today, but didn't catch the artist. Does anyone know where I could find this (the station's playlist is down, and they haven't responded to my question)?
posted by drezdn at 2:36 PM PST - 2 comments

Marriage & Work Filter, opposing schedules edition

What non-obvious effects can I expect if I take a job with hours that are very different from my wife's? [more inside]
posted by jon1270 at 2:01 PM PST - 21 comments

How to ask out a coworker?

How to/Should I ask my coworker, who may not even know my name, out on a date? [more inside]
posted by Robocat at 1:52 PM PST - 22 comments

For $60, I should be the customer, not the product.

Now that Smugmug has pretty much broken their site with the redesign, where should I host my baby pictures? [more inside]
posted by Ralston McTodd at 1:40 PM PST - 4 comments

Pink eye

I got pink eye about a month ago, used over the counter bacterial drops and it mostly cleared up in three days, then last week it got a bit irritated again. I've been using the drops all week and it's not getting worse, but just seems to be in a holding pattern. I made an appointment with my doctor for Tuesday morning, there aren't any walk-ins open over the long weekend (wtf). Is there anything else I could be doing to help clear it up? [more inside]
posted by Dynex at 1:22 PM PST - 10 comments

Subverting the "Magical Negro" Trope

Can you name some instances, in literature and film, in which the magical negro trope is turned on its head? [more inside]
posted by Miss T.Horn at 1:15 PM PST - 9 comments

ATK is my kryptonite.

What are some Low Carb Cooking Shows? [more inside]
posted by zinon at 11:52 AM PST - 1 comment

Give me all of CCTV's eyes.

The recently released movie Closed Circuit uses London's extensive use of the CCTV technology in ways I had only envisioned in my own screenplays. What movies within the past 10-15 years or so also do this? I am thinking more like how the Bourne movies used the technology than movies like The Conversation and The Lives of Others. What movies use CCTV's in an interesting way? Bonus points if it's in London, but it can be anywhere.
posted by signondiego at 11:39 AM PST - 11 comments

Monolingual kids, monolingual teacher - two different languages.

I am teaching weekly hour-long classes (stories, songs, etc.) at a public school where about half of the primary classes are bilingual - which, in kindergarten and first grade, means those kids are pretty much all monolingual (in Spanish). This is fine for me, but not fine for the teachers who share my lesson plans. What can they do with their Spanish-speaking classes when they don't speak any Spanish? [more inside]
posted by goodbyewaffles at 11:23 AM PST - 10 comments

What 20/21 century literature classics do you recommend reading for GRE?

Hi everyone. I am an international student considering the option of going to the US to do my graduate studies. I am currently studying for the GRE. As I am not a native English speaker (Portuguese), the verbal section is really difficult for me because of the vocabulary. As I got bored of studying vocab flashcards, I am know thinking of reading a book with a great diversity of words. What recent books do you recommend reading? (remember that I am completely unaware of the what the best english literature may be)
posted by tsuwal at 10:48 AM PST - 16 comments

The End is Nigh

Could you recommend books about the history of apocalyptic thinking? I am especially interested in any academic analyses about how apocalyptic thinking relates to or has related to conceptions of mental illness. I'm not necessarily looking for dense dissertations on the subject, but something reasonably footnoted would be nice. Any opinions or anecdotes about tendency towards apocalyptic thinking and how it relates to mental illness are also welcome.
posted by garuda at 10:11 AM PST - 9 comments

What kind of spider is this?

This spider bit my son this morning, and while he seems okay, it really would be nice to know....
posted by daisystomper at 8:48 AM PST - 18 comments

When are corrected times and class winners announced in a yacht race?

I'm writing a story about the Newport Bermuda Race, and having trouble with one detail in particular: I know that there's a total elapsed time for the race, and then a corrected time which determines the actual winner in each class/division, but I don't know when a crew would be informed of their corrected time or of where they placed in their division. [more inside]
posted by Narrative Priorities at 7:29 AM PST - 5 comments

Everyone in me is a bird, but landlords won't rent to any of us.

My current rental house is too small, so I'm looking for a larger house or apartment to rent when my lease is up next month. I have excellent income and strong credit and good references, with roots in the area. I'm friendly and professional. But I have a feeling that potential landlords may be refusing to rent to me because they suspect I am pregnant. (I am not.) [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:13 AM PST - 28 comments

How do I cope with the end of the world without making others unhappy?

I'm not a survivalist, but I don't feel good about the world. I feel like conversations (around the lunch table, with friends and family, etc) are all sort of hovering slightly above desperation, with regards to things like the financial system, wars, politics, surveillance, technology, depression, etc. It feels like every room is full of elephants and nobody knows what to say about them. Sometimes I feel like I'm draining the joy from the situation -- though I mostly keep all my fears to myself, I worry that I somehow remind everyone of "the darkness." It has something to do with suppression. I don't think I'm alone in feeling like this, so I wonder if there are any intelligent resources for the psychological and social aspects of it.
posted by mbrock at 7:04 AM PST - 32 comments

Specs dammit! I need specs!

My current computer (a Dell desktop from 2008 or so) has served me well, but is about to shuffle off of its mortal coil. I'm looking to get a new laptop that will support some pretty resource intensive work, specifically Pro Tools/audio work and perhaps like, Sony Vegas/Final Cut Pro/Aftereffects video stuff. I'm wondering if you guys could help me spec out a new computer based on these needs - both the best Mac and the best PC I could potentially get, given my needs. Budget = $2500
posted by to sir with millipedes at 6:34 AM PST - 8 comments

How can I make my mother see she needs to see a psychologist?

Hi all, I don't live at home anymore, as I studied abroad, but frequently come home during holidays. During such return visit, and the ocassional visit by my family, I always get a good taste of my mother's uglier side. I dont want to diagnose her myself, but can say that her bipolar and control freakish behaviour is affecting the whole family (my father and brother) for as long as I can remember. I would dare to even describe it as abusive; minor problems like a dirty plate forgotten on a kitchen counter can escalate into agressive full blown shout out, and in general there were moments where I really had to remind myself that, whoa, this is my mother. [more inside]
posted by ahtlast93 at 6:22 AM PST - 13 comments

Examples of websites that display pairs of items side-by-side?

I am designing a website for a set of museum exhibits. The curator designed the museum panels so two items are displayed on each panel and the viewer experiences them in each other's context. If we were making a book instead of a website, we would place these items on facing pages. What is the equivalent of facing pages in web layout? Can you think of websites that pair items so they are experienced together (i.e. without scrolling down)? [more inside]
posted by heatherann at 6:12 AM PST - 11 comments

Tense but catchy '80s-esque synth-pop

Help me discover more music with that semi-creepy, edgy, yet also catchy and melodic (i.e. not too experimental) quality of certain '80s pop/new wave/prog artists. Looking for kind of the same feel of "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" by Genesis or "What I See" by Planet P Project (and props to MeFi for pointing me at the latter). Instrumentals OK, but again, must be catchy.
posted by Z. Aurelius Fraught at 5:44 AM PST - 25 comments

Banjo lessons over Skype?

There are a number of instructors who offer banjo lessons over Skype. Does anyone have a personal recommendation? I am interested mainly in bluegrass style, though would be open to other styles if the instructor is strong. (I currently live in South Asia, so local lessons do not seem feasible.)
posted by whitewall at 1:06 AM PST - 4 comments

How can I become more musically productive?

I have the desire to be a musician, and I have some pretty nice resources, but I can't stick to anything! Help? [more inside]
posted by cosmicbeast at 12:15 AM PST - 9 comments

Stress Dreams Ruining My Sleep

I am waking up in the middle of the night every night due to panicky stress dreams/half-dreams that are about my job. Is there a way to stop this without having to find a new job? [more inside]
posted by windbox at 12:13 AM PST - 11 comments

August 30

Why did getting a bruise help my keratosis pilaris?

I got a wicked bruise on my upper arm about a month ago. It's basically gone, but there is a totally keratosis pilaris free space where the bruise used to be. Why did this happen? And/or, how can I replicate it for the rest of my arm? Specific feedback about the bruise thing, as well as any pro tips about remedies for kp, are welcome.
posted by c'mon sea legs at 9:56 PM PST - 11 comments

A car that's beautiful on the inside...

I live in a busy urban center and need to park on the street, and I've watched a number of beautiful new or used cars parked in my area rapidly degrade from the sunlight, from being hit or scratched as others park, or from being keyed. My old car - meh on the outside, pretty nice on the inside, a combination that worked well in the neighborhood - is in its death throes, and I'm looking to "upgrade". If I wanted to get a used car that was a good deal because it looked blah on the outside but had a really nice, modern, well designed, roomy interior - I'm thinking black leather and bluetooth - what's the most "luxurious on the inside" used car I can get in the $7000-$10000 range? [more inside]
posted by I EAT TAPAS at 9:51 PM PST - 10 comments

Recomend me movies where the main character discovers true reality

I want more movies where the main character is living in a fake, controlled, contrived, world, and later discovers/breaks free into the true reality. Good examples are: Trueman show, Matrix, Metropia, 1984, soylent green etc. Thanks a lot!
posted by crawltopslow at 8:04 PM PST - 50 comments

How to prevent someone adding me to their bank and other accounts?

How do I prevent my mother from adding me to her accounts? [more inside]
posted by winna at 7:33 PM PST - 9 comments

first traffic violation ticket-- should I get a lawyer?

I got a ticket for "disobeying traffic control device" for $138 and 2 points on my license. I've only ever had parking tickets in the past so I don't know if I'm supposed to fight this or what? [more inside]
posted by DayTripper at 7:22 PM PST - 19 comments

Good rental space in Cambridge / Somerville MA to host BYOB event?

I'll be hosting a brew off for a bunch of friends in early November and am looking for a good venue in the Cambridge / Somerville area. I'm guessing we'll have 50-100 people and our apartment is simply too small to host that number. I'm looking for an affordable rental space that can accommodate the crowd and will allow us to bring in our own alcohol (it is a brew off after all). Nothing fancy needed, just some open space and perhaps a couple tables. Does anyone have any hot tips for places that might fit the bill?
posted by teradude at 6:47 PM PST - 5 comments

Sprint iphone on credo

I am a happy customer of Credo mobile, but I don't like my phone very much. My older sister has a Sprint iphone that she plans to upgrade this coming winter. She would like to give me her old iphone. Is this possible?
posted by Sara Anne at 5:51 PM PST - 4 comments

Help, I need to become more frugal. Immediately.

I am a lot poorer since February, due to my ex leaving me (he was splitting the bills with me, so I am down about $500/month from where I was). I have some savings but I've been blowing through it because I haven't been able to get myself to stay on a monthly budget. Help me be frugal! [more inside]
posted by sock puppetron on wheels at 5:18 PM PST - 27 comments

He's the one who made things awkward, so why do I feel like a jerk?

A co-worker/friend drunkenly confessed romantic feelings; I reciprocated; now he’s acting cold to me. Do I try to clear the air? Or let it go? [more inside]
posted by gimleteye at 5:06 PM PST - 21 comments

Which self help/self improvements books changed your life?

I know self help books have a bad reputation, but some transcend the genre. Any subject, from parenting to finance to spirituality is ok. [more inside]
posted by cherrybounce at 4:52 PM PST - 29 comments

Dilemma, old job, new job-should I stay or should I go now? Where?

Old job, new job, should I stay or should I go now? About 6 months ago I was ready to quit my job...they were cutting our hours and mismanaging the site I was at, out of the blue corporate asked me if I wanted a managerial purchasing job (they have no purchasing dept) I would start up this position monitoring supplies for 17 facilities....cutting back on spending etc. [more inside]
posted by irish01 at 4:37 PM PST - 4 comments

How to help things go well

My friend began dating an acquaintance a few months after meeting, and became pregnant 2 months after that. She is in her later 30s, divorced, he is in his mid 30s, never married. She decided to keep the baby. [more inside]
posted by galenka at 4:35 PM PST - 12 comments

How to find secure, student-priced housing in Strasbourg on short notice

I'm an English teaching assistant who will soon leave for France with no housing pre-arranged for me and no help from the schools employing me or from any other government organizations, despite numerous polite requests for assistance. How can I find low-cost and secure housing in Strasbourg as soon as possible? Are there reputable agencies to help individuals in my situation? [more inside]
posted by datarose at 4:22 PM PST - 6 comments

Help me find the ultimate toothpaste to buy online!

I want toothpaste that does NOT have Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, but does have fluoride (that's important) whitening, plus anything else that's good for my teeth and GREAT TASTE! I'm surprised by how hard it is to find SLS free toothpaste that also tastes good. I'm currently using Tom's Clean & Gentle, Peppermint. But it doesn't taste very good. It doesn't taste bad. It's just blah. What's the best of the best? [more inside]
posted by 2oh1 at 4:15 PM PST - 22 comments

Finding good furniture in Toronto

As an addendum to my previous question, I am now looking for some good furniture choices in the Toronto downtown area (central York, near Davisville Avenue to be specific). It is important that it is good quality / relatively cheap and that the place delivers it to the apartment for a nominal fee. I'd rather buy new stuff because I'm a little uncomfortable with getting used furniture. Any suggestions/advice? [more inside]
posted by omar.a at 4:11 PM PST - 3 comments

When do you need to pre-heat the oven?

Is it always necessary to pre-heat the oven? [more inside]
posted by 5_13_23_42_69_666 at 3:57 PM PST - 21 comments

jam my jam jars please

i have recently gotten into making natural homemade skincare products and i bought these cute jam jars. i may well go crazy and start giving them as gifts to people. since this is for cosmetics i'm wondering are regular 1-piece lids available to purchase somewhere? i haven't found any so far. or, is there a way to make the lid stick to the band so it works in one piece? i'd like to not permanently alter the lid in case someone wants to reuse the jar for canning. as i'm sure you can guess i don't make preserves, or even cook really. thanks!
posted by wildflower at 3:42 PM PST - 7 comments

Will watching Breaking Bad trigger my meth addiction?

As a meth addict who hasn't used in 10+ years I've been avoiding watching Breaking Bad. I have seen clips and references to it but I'd like to watch the show because I hear is how great it is and for the most part I'm sure I'd love it. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:53 PM PST - 30 comments

I may have admitted fault at the scene of an accident.

I got into an accident yesterday. It was my first accident so I really had no idea what to do. The other driver kept insisting it was my fault and I just kept apologizing (which is admitting fault?). How does this play in during the insurance claim? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:52 PM PST - 16 comments

help me avoid cover letter pitfalls

I'm writing a cover letter applying to film casting internships in NYC. When I explain why I want to work for specific companies how do I avoid sounding fanboyish? Also how do I broach the subject of my age? [more inside]
posted by timsneezed at 2:37 PM PST - 7 comments

My true calling in life was apparently to be a bug tester

So, I just bought a new computer! It's shiny and powerful and it smells good and I ❤ it. But it has Windows 8. I have some philosophical disagreements with Windows 8 (the short version: I don't like the trend of making computers more like locked down, spy-on-you-y Consumer Electronics Devices a la smartphones) but I'm more or less happy with it. Except, oh wait, right clicking anything makes Explorer crash. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE, INNOVATIVE AND TERRIBLY USEFUL FEATURE! Please help me help my new electric dream not do that anymore. [more inside]
posted by byanyothername at 2:34 PM PST - 5 comments

Acoustic guitar shredding?

What are some albums that feature fast and virtuosic acoustic guitar playing/shredding? For example, I really like a lot of the Candyrat guitarists (Ewan Dobson, Gareth Pearson), and most recently I really enjoyed Paul Gilbert's Acoustic Samurai album. I also know that Van Halen and Yngwie Malmsteen have done some acoustic shredding. Any really good ones you could recommend?
posted by archagon at 1:59 PM PST - 31 comments

How to arrange getting new dog?

What's the best way to get a new dog in this specific situation? [more inside]
posted by Philosopher Dirtbike at 1:39 PM PST - 10 comments

Garbage Out, Garbage In

The HOA representatives here have decided without owners' vote and with very limited input that trash cans/garbage bins will be kept inside garages rather than in the individual outdoor alcoves specifically designed to conceal them. [more inside]
posted by vers at 1:34 PM PST - 16 comments

Am I overthinking these lab results?

I've been seeing an internal med doc for the past year and a half to figure out what's going on with me, and my blood work seems to indicate some kind of inflammation/autoimmune issues. My doc doesn't seem to be concerned, but I have the feeling he may not be looking at everything in totality. Should I just go ahead and see a specialist? More details inside. [more inside]
posted by Taystee at 1:23 PM PST - 11 comments

Where have all the losers gone?

How do I get a daily mid-day email with stock market movers? [more inside]
posted by letahl at 1:14 PM PST - 5 comments

Can you read and translate the Greek (?) text on these caps?

What does the text say on these pink bottle caps (image 1, image 2)? As I'm told, these were sold as inexpensive caps at a brew-your-own beer supply store in Texas. I'm guessing the text is Greek, but I'm just guessing. Thanks!
posted by filthy light thief at 1:05 PM PST - 9 comments

By the way, your web designer is no good.

How should I handle advising my former employer that their contracted web designer does terrible work? Or do I stay out of it? Details inside. [more inside]
posted by daisies at 12:59 PM PST - 25 comments

Making great videos with a laptop webcam

What is the highest quality videos I can make using a laptop webcam? I have been using a digital camera to take HD video for some educational courses I do, but the inconvenience of having it set up separate from my computer is getting to be too much. [more inside]
posted by brenton at 12:52 PM PST - 9 comments

Where to buy six colored six sided dice?

I would like to purchase six sided dice with the following characteristics: 1. Each side is a different color - not the pips/numbers, the full side of the die. 2. Each side is marked one through six (with pips or numbers) like a normal die. 3. The color of the pips/numbers is unimportant (they all could be white, black, etc.). Anyone know a source where I could order such dice? Thanks!
posted by JamesD at 12:44 PM PST - 11 comments

Help me help my cat to want to pee in the right places ...

Mango (pic here of course, the smaller, less white one) has taken to peeing inside the lobby door inside the front door. He started when we had a workman in - we think the workman might smell strongly of his own, elderly cats. I am calm and understanding with him, not angry, I try not to reinforce it, we have had him checked and done many things (see list below) but it's still happening and it's not great. Have you successfully stopped your feline companion weeing in an inappropriate place and how did you do it? [more inside]
posted by LyzzyBee at 12:11 PM PST - 17 comments

How much water covers the earth?

If you looked at the planet Earth from space and were able to view the whole of the globe, on the average, what percentage would be water? (not as simple as it seems) [more inside]
posted by dances_with_sneetches at 12:03 PM PST - 15 comments

Mobile auto engine steam-clearing in the Portland OR area?

We have a car that can't be started following a serious oil leak. The mechanic in the family has requested me to find someone who will steam-clean the engine on a mobile basis. I called a bunch of places, but none of them makes house calls, except for a guy who does pressure-washing, which our mechanic says won't work—the pressure will damage the electrical components of our elderly VW Vanagon. Do you know of anyone in the Portland OR area who does mobile steam-cleaning? Or another way to degrease the engine besides towing the car to the steam-cleaning place and back?
posted by ottereroticist at 11:58 AM PST - 4 comments

Fry Me Twice

Daughter has again introduced liquids to the innards of a laptop computer. This time a 1.5 y/o Macbook Pro. She wiped it off, assumed it was fine, but then it slowly and inevitably died. She is showing up at my house in a few days with the still-viable hard drive, which the Apple Store removed for her. I have a 3 terabite external hard drive and a Macbook Pro. Can someone tell, or link me to how to get her files off her hard drive and onto this external drive? [more inside]
posted by Danf at 11:44 AM PST - 7 comments

Supporting boyfriend through grief

This past month, my boyfriend lost his job. Yesterday, his good friend lost his battle with cancer. How can I best support him during this? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:34 AM PST - 7 comments

Adding a photo to my work Gmail signature?

I am trying to edit my work Gmail signature so that a small photo of me appears on the left with my name and contact information next to the photo on its right. [more inside]
posted by michellenoel at 11:00 AM PST - 7 comments

Will my dog ever swim?

Has anyone ever changed a non-swimming dog into one who likes to swim? [more inside]
posted by InkaLomax at 10:57 AM PST - 13 comments

Has anyone ever studied the long-term effects of tagging wild animals?

I am just wondering what the long-term affects are in regards to tagging mammals & animals in the wild? Does anyone ever analyze or study what effects the tag itself will have on that particular animal or the nearby respective animal community that has not been tagged? Do other animals recognize the tags as foreign objects or do most species accept the tag as a normal bodily feature after it has been attached? Is there a species where the tags were deemed "wierd" or foreign enough to cause that animal to be ousted by others? [more inside]
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Bullying in the workplace:Federal employee edition

After three months of being harassed and bullied by two individuals in my workplace, I have decided to write a formal grievance letter to request being moved to a different branch. I work for the Federal Government. [more inside]
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Moved to Santa Cruz with cat. Landlords don't like kitties. What to do?

I recently relocated to Santa Cruz, CA because I was offered a job. I brought my cat but now I am having a difficult time finding a place to live. I have a stable job and am a stable person but it seems like all the housing is being snapped up by students. I don't want to have to send my cat elsewhere just so I can live in this city :(. [more inside]
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What do tween builders build?

What did your Lego-loving builder move on to when he'd outgrown Lego? [more inside]
posted by not that girl at 10:05 AM PST - 32 comments

I am making a post-apocalypse map for my friend. Critical elements?

So I am making a map of the United States after climate and disaster induced apocalypse, what are the critical elements of such a map? What is crucial to illustrate for the post-apocalyptic viewer? [more inside]
posted by occidental at 9:32 AM PST - 26 comments

Foreign Film Search

Looking for the name of a movie about a young woman who gets unexpectedly pregnant and the bookseller she befriends who also makes audio recordings of trains. I'm about 80% sure it's Japanese (with English subtitles). [more inside]
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Where can I buy a set of stilts in the SF Bay Area or online? [more inside]
posted by latkes at 9:20 AM PST - 4 comments

I'm trying to find a story about a pope and a bloody slipper

So I remember reading this short story once. It was about the pope and he had some kind of an infected toe. And it made him ornery and unforgiving. And then at some point the toe bursts, he feels better, it bloodies his slipper (which he doesn't change) and then he just starts forgiving everyone and everything. Does this ring any bells for anyone?
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Dropbox infinite update loop

All of a sudden, Dropbox has decided it needs to continuously update every single one of my files. I have no idea why, and its slowing everything down hugely. [more inside]
posted by googly at 8:44 AM PST - 4 comments

Flogging Vodka to the Finns

In the 80s, it was said that you could sell your jeans in Russia and fund your stay. An article by a US writer suggests you should buy cigarettes at Duty Free and sell them in London pubs to fund your trip (which is possibly illegal and very likely to get you thrown out). What other 'foreign' goods, legal, grey or outlawed, do tourists and travellers (not traders per se) tend to sell at their destination? Do you get, for example, Canadians flogging prescription meds to pay for their LA holiday apartments, or Latvians selling cheaper spirits in Scandinavia? Has the internet killed this kind of trade?
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Why is her verizon email not arriving at other verizon addresses?

(For a relative.) For a few weeks, any time she sends email from her email address to another email address, the mail does not arrive. Incoming mail is fine, and sending to non-verizon addresses is fine. What gives? [more inside]
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Looking for new jeans!

Does anyone sell jeans that are similar to Levi's Low Skinny 531's? I got a pair in a clothes swap and adore them to death, but they don't seem to be made anymore. I know I can get them on eBay but I'd like to do that as a last resort. I'm not Levi's loyal so any brand will do (in fact, the less expensive, the better).
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Some time ago I had my diplomas and certificates framed. Now I no longer have an office and I'm tired of storing the frames and moving them from home to home. I want to unframe the documents and sell the mats and frames. [more inside]
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Looking for a cheap cruiser bicycle, bike thieves should rot in hell.

Less than 3 months ago, I bought a Raleigh Retroglide cruiser bicycle from my local bike shop. I loved it; it was stolen from the train station last week. I want to replace it this weekend. I noticed the slightly cheaper Northrock OCM cruiser at Costco. Should I try that, get another Raleigh, or do something else? [more inside]
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What craft supplies do you keep on hand regularly?

Looking for a list of any and all "standard" craft supplies that you keep around. What are some great things to have on hand in case you want to make someone a gift? [more inside]
posted by royalsong at 6:10 AM PST - 31 comments

advice about getting out of this parking ticket saga PLEASE

....also serves as a cautionary tale about owning a car in nyc, timeline follows (apology for the long-winded-ness): 1. bought a car in 2008 and got a new NY state license / 2. moved from nyc to seattle in 2009, mailed back the license plate to ny dmv and got a WA state license / 3. moved back to nyc in may 2010, but kept my valid WA state license for about 3 months (was looking for a job so not sure if i would be in NYC permanently) / 4. almost immediately got a parking ticket due to "expired NY state registration" although the car was not even a NY car. curiously, the ticket was issued against my OLD NY state license #, which i sent back to government more than a year ago / 5. responded to NYC City Finance immediately, but have never heard back since.. / 6. fast forward, five weeks ago got a letter from NYC City Finance saying that i have TWO parking tickets due from 2010. / 7. responded to their advocacy unit that the tickets were lodged against an expired license / 8. was told just now that i can no longer argue against these tickets as they are more than a year old. so basically pay up or my car gets booted. / [more inside]
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What are the rewards of studying Chinese language?

Hello, According to Heisig, there is a high dropout rate for Chinese courses. According to another author, there will be high demand in future for people who have knowledge of Chinese language and business studies. I was wondering if anyone had any more information I could use to boost my motivation when studying Chinese, e.g. the low cost of living in China? Thanks.
posted by Musashi Daryl at 5:20 AM PST - 20 comments

What is the deal with my range hood?

I bought what I thought was a more powerful range hood but it moves very little air at all. [more inside]
posted by dukes909 at 4:52 AM PST - 41 comments

What is with "fake internet"?

You're at a location with available WiFi. You have a signal, the signal is reported as "strong," but no web pages will open up. I have noticed this regularly, usually in hotels. I would understand it if the signal was marginal, but why does this happen with a strong signal?
posted by megatherium at 3:49 AM PST - 19 comments

Lower Right Back/Side Pain Every Morning

Other than having a bad mattress or sleeping in a weird position ... is there any potentially serious medical condition that would cause me to wake up every morning with pain in my lower right back/side? The pain wakes me up every morning (usually after about 6 hours of sleep). It goes away after I have been up and moving around for 30 minutes or so. Note: I do have a small tear in my rotator cuff - I'm wondering if I'm compensating for the shoulder issue and sleeping in a funny position?
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Plantar fasciitis progression and recovery?

I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot. I've read about it on the web, and it feels like either everyone else is understating the pain and mobility limitations or mine is much worse than everyone else. Help me manage my expectations for my recovery. [more inside]
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August 29

Kids doing the splits in martial arts and dance.

In Chinese martial arts and dance (in China) it is traditional to have kids try to do the splits (the sideways, or lateral kind). The kids will try to push their legs apart as far as they can, and then the teacher will come along and push down on them to get them further apart, causing the kids to grimace in pain. Is this bad? Or is this good? I'm sure that Americans (like me) will balk at this in a strong reactionary way, but I'm also sure that there are countless people who have had this done to them in martial arts and dance classes as a child (outside of America). Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, all those amazing Chinese gymnasts, etc have certainly undergone this kind of treatment. Jackie Chan is still going strong. Is this "American reaction" unfounded? [more inside]
posted by strangeguitars at 11:48 PM PST - 22 comments

Amazing ideas for writing a Cat blog (from perspective of cat)???

A friend of mine would like to start a cat blog (maybe with social media add-ons - Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc.) which would center around pretending to be her pet cat writing the blog. Beyond this , what would be some fun things for the blog to specialize in? This is just for fun (neither she nor the cat is not seeking fame and fortune through this project; it might be for a public audience though). She turned to me for suggestions but I'm tapped out. What do you guys think? Not too time-consuming or complicated, ideally. Something she could do tens of thousands of times without getting bored (I am trying to quietly encourage my friend's transition into full-blown Cat Lady status, so please help.)
posted by zresearch at 9:44 PM PST - 17 comments

How do I stop tying my self worth to my income?

I'm a 31 year old man who lives in NYC. This has been a problem that has plagued me for a very long time, and it's really making my life miserable. Snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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Cracks In The Ceiling

Cracks in our concrete condo ceiling are leaking water from the channel to the dryer vent. Can we patch the concrete? [more inside]
posted by fatbird at 8:41 PM PST - 8 comments

Non-stereotyped shoe shining picture?

The professor with whom I co-teach a class used a picture of a man getting his shoes shined in order to make a (weak) analogy in class today. Very unfortunately, he picked a picture depicting a black man shining a rich-looking white man's shoes. Can you help me make the most of this situation? [more inside]
posted by lab.beetle at 8:32 PM PST - 13 comments

Ushuaia vs. Iguazu Falls?

My wife & I will be in Buenos Aires for two weeks in November for a 10th anniversary trip. I initially wanted to take a side trip to Ushuaia while we're there to kayak on the Beagle Channel, hike and view the beautiful scenery of Tierra del Fuego, maybe see a penguin or two, etc. However, the flights are pretty pricey, and it seems a bit extravagant to spend all that money for a couple of days' worth of adventure. Another nature encounter that was recommended was to hike the falls at Iguazu National Park. The flights to that area are cheaper, it's closer, and we could do it in a couple of days, so we wouldn't lose as much time exploring Buenos Airies to take this side trip. So, for those of you who have been, is it worth it to trek all the way down to Ushuaia, or should we do the cheaper, closer option of Iguazu, which we've also heard is very impressive?
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Existential and/or thought-proking anime?

I am out of the loop with anime, and itching to watch something new and exciting. I am specifically looking for anime recommendations of the existential and/or thought-provoking variety... [more inside]
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How to find an advisor for international personal finance issues?

How can I find a fee based financial adviser with expertise in international situations for personal banking, investing, retirement saving and tax planning? I am a Canadian expat, former UK resident, and immigrant to America (living in Chicago) and will have income and retirement savings coming from multiple countries and uncertainty about where I will ultimately end up. How can I find someone who can help me with my particular situation?
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Holding the dog over the toilet, yes or no.

100% hypothetical question. I saw a tiny dog being walked today who couldn't have weighed more than 10 pounds. I wondered if such a tiny creature had to be walked at all, couldn't you just train it to go when you held it over the toilet, if it was going to remain tiny for its entire life? Please note I'm not planning to do this. I just want to know if it would be possible. I don't have a dog, and I don't want to have a dog, toilet-trained or not. This is just not an easy or quick thing to google because people use "toilet/potty training" to describe general housebreaking. Thanks for any insight you can provide.
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What are some surprising suggestions for better health?

What are some health tips you've recently heard that surprised you? I'm making a list, aiming to get one that corresponds to each body part. For example, for the eyes- wearing blue-tinted sunglasses when on the computer at night to have less exposure to light and therefore better sleep. Any ideas?
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How do I sync a never-synced iPad to iTunes without any data loss?

I lost my iTunes installation in a hard drive crash. I have a backup from many months ago. I have an iPad and iPhone that have never been synced to iTunes because I got them since the hard drive failure. I'd like to re-install iTunes from the backup and sync my iPad and iPhone to the re-installed iTunes without losing any data or re-installing apps. How would I do that? [more inside]
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Form with Numbers and Text

I want to create a form with Open Office that lets me enter numbers in the right column of a page that corresponds to the text in the left. I want to be able to past the entire text document into the right column and have the left column remain blank for my entries. A spreadsheet won't work because the text won't word wrap. I've also tried a table and inserting a column into a text document. I've also tried to write in the margin, but I'll be moving a lot of documents, so I don't want to do a lot of specific typing, which would likely be spread across thousands of pages of documents. I'd like to automate and past as much of this as possible. Think of how books of poetry or philosophy number each line of corresponding text, making it easy to find a specific verse. That's the form I want to create. Or if it has already been created and exists somewhere, I'd gladly download it. Help.
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Witty sentiment for a Sushi/Japanese theme B'Day card.

It's my partner's birthday next Saturday and I have a variety of small gifts on a Japanese cooking theme. His favourite food is Japanese and the main gift is a class at an excellent Asian cooking school. I found the PERFECT card for him which has sushi on the front and says Happy Birthday in Japanese inside. I want to write something funny or clever, that is sushi or Japanese food related but I can't think of anything. Please help me!
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Where can I buy a yoga mat in Banos, Ecuador, or Quito, Ecuador?

Where can I buy a yoga mat in Banos, Ecuador, or Quito, Ecuador? [more inside]
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How to set up a wireless router as an access point via powerline?

I have: two D-Link D655 routers, and two D-Link PowerLine AV+ adapters (DHP-309AV). I understand that I can plug the cable modem into one of the wireless routers, and that router into one of the powerline adapters, and then stick the second adapter in another room, with a second router as an access point, to share the cable connection across the house. Both the internet in general and previous questions suggest that this is a simple thing to set up. Difficulty: I am neither a network guy, nor a tech guy, and the tutorials I am finding online have really irritating gaps in their instructions. Need help getting this set up! [more inside]
posted by curious nu at 5:37 PM PST - 6 comments

How freaked out should I be about Fukushima? Gimme science.

I'm seeing a lot of conspiracy doomsday stuff on the Internet about Fukushima, tainted food in the Pacific, radioactive rain, etc. How much of this is hyperbole, and what are the realities? [more inside]
posted by hamandcheese at 5:28 PM PST - 24 comments

how do i rent or make money from my email list (don't want to sell it)

I want to rent my 1000+ email list of women in the fitness/exercise niche. How do I do it? High quality, active list - double opt ins. I grew my list from my blog that focuses on a fitness trend aimed at women / also sells my ebook
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How can I tell if there's still glass in my foot?

I stepped on a little shard of glass- it's basically like if you put a needle in there and pulled it out somewhat unevenly. It's a little cut, no bigger than a speck at the end of your fingernail. But it hurts to step on it. I basically assumed this morning that it was gone- it welled up with blood a small amount, I rubbed, problem solved.... or so it seems. This whole day it has been hurting and hurting. So... should I dig? [more inside]
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Find me a bike in London (with my particular annoying needs), please!

We just moved back to London, joy! But our very heavy Dutch style bike does not lend itself to our new flat. What is your advice for finding a light compact bike relatively cheaply, ethically sourced? [more inside]
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Finding physiotherapy for the elderly in Paris, France?

I have an ageing relative who lives in Paris, France. He is highly functional and cognitively intact, but he has lost a lost of muscle mass in his legs and has fallen twice in the last year. How can I find a physiotherapist for the elderly in Paris? More beneath the fold. [more inside]
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Legal settlement, we don't know where to begin.

My mother endured injuries while working for the post office that left her mostly immobile. She was eligible to retire early due to these injuries. She sued her doctors and they agreed on a settlement of 475,000 (Before misc fees and deductions). I believe its for lost wages. [more inside]
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Help me build secret passageway doors

Help me build secret passageway doors! You know, the kind where you pull a certain book from a bookshelf and a secret door opens. [more inside]
posted by mcav at 3:11 PM PST - 8 comments

Interesting things in Aalborg?

Food, drink and sites in Denmark's fourth city? [more inside]
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Buying used phones?

Mysteriously, my Samsung Galaxy Nexus is dying. I have a year left of the two year contract, and can't upgrade early without paying a $175 fee. I'm on Sprint, and while they have some refurbished phones none of them look up to the quality of the Galaxy Nexus. Google is selling their Nexus 4 online for $200, but it doesn't work on Sprint, and it looks like they stopped selling the Galaxy Nexus online around April. Is there a reputable way to buy a used cell phone these days? I'm not sure where to look and would worry that anything I was buying was just a stolen phone. [more inside]
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Smiling or expressions of delight right before death?

15 minutes before my mom died she suddenly opened her eyes, looked straight ahead (not at me) and smiled beautifully as if she was seeing the most wonderful thing imaginable. This gave us all a tremendous sense of peace. I once heard about a priest who was on his deathbed and he kept saying over and over "Its so beautiful, its so beautiful.." before he died. I understand his eyes were open and he was, also, looking straight ahead. We often hear about the body's processes shutting down at the time of death and the the lack of oxygen on the brain as its closing down but I'm referring to the hour or so before death - what are they seeing? Is the shutting down process starting early? Even so I don't think just seeing a light at the end of a tunnel was making the two cases mentioned so ecstatic. I always thought that my mother was seeing someone she knew and loved very much - it was that kind of smile - delight upon recognition. I have 2 elderly stage IV cancer patients in my family right now so death has been on my mind a lot lately.
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Living in Uruguay

We are wondering about Uruguay as a destination for living overseas and are curious as to what the living conditions are there. [more inside]
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Should I perform a DIY Fecal Transplant on myself?

I've been suffering from chronic abdominal pain, diahrea and nausea for about 5 months. I feel that a year and a half use of the antibiotic tetracycline may be responsible for my symptoms. I greatly regret taking tetracycline for so long but I was ignorant to the effects of long term antibiotics, my doctor assured me it was safe, and my parents took it for years for acne problems and they did not experience these side effects. (I wrote all of this in earlier questions but it is still a psychological hindrance to me day to day.) I am thinking of trying a DIY Fecal Transplant which may alleviate my symptoms. This method has already had amazing success with C. Difficile patients and Ulcerative Colitis patients. I have asked a G.I. doctor I'm seeing and he said that this could not be done for my condition currently. I though think it is worth a shot if I can find a donor who is healthy overall, has good digestive health and doesn't smoke and has a limited history of antibiotic use. All doctors seem to suggest is eat more fibre and take tylenol for the pain. I have found this to be unhelpful. Other than that they do not have any ideas as how to ease my pain and stop the other symptoms. I hope that this process will infuse healthy bacteria into my colon and alleviate my symptoms. What do you think about this idea?
posted by Jack V at 12:29 PM PST - 46 comments

What are three good vegetables to eat over and over, semi-obsessively?

I can't keep up with the process of buying and cooking a variety of vegetables. I need a specific few that I can build a repertoire around and buy/eat repetitively without thinking about it. Otherwise everything will keep dying in the fridge. What are the three (subjectively) smartest vegetables I can choose if I am limiting myself to three, with regard to nutrient density (not versatility, and disregarding seasonal aspects.) [more inside]
posted by thegreatfleecircus at 12:16 PM PST - 52 comments

small cups for my legs

What I'm search for may not exist. We have recently purchased a new metal-framed coffee-table with legs that taper down to ~1/2" at the floor. With the legs being so slender, they are creating little holes in the pile of the rug that they rest on. I'm looking for something like this, but perhaps only 1/2" wide so they aren't so obvious in the middle of the living room. The smallest I've been able to find is about 3X that size. Thoughts? I'm aware of the stick-on rubber/felt pads that are available and may need to go in that direction, but thought I'd see if anybody has some other ideas like above. thank you.
posted by jimmereeno at 12:14 PM PST - 10 comments

Labor Day Weekend first come, first served camping in California?

What are the best first come, first served camping sites within a five hour drive of Los Angeles? Sites preferably for car camping, but a mile or two of hike is also fine. Keeping in mind that this would be for this coming Labor Day weekend, i.e. tomorrow. [more inside]
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How to usefully download posts and comments from a secret Facebook group

I have been running a Facebook group since 2012 and I got a grant to do research with the findings from it. I need to download the group's postings and responses into a table and thinking the most reliable way to do so is with SQL. However, I have only just started with SQL and although I have found some ideas on Github for doing it, have no idea how to get started with pulling the information. I am seeking advice and possible alternatives. Can you help?
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Help me keep a bob haircut stylish

So I should start out by saying I have awesome (brunette) hair. It's shiny, healthy, straight, not to0 thick or too thin, it will pretty do whatever you coax it to do, and every hair dresser I've ever seen has complemented me on my great healthy shiny "easy" hair. The problem is that I've never learned how to care for it on a daily basis. So while it looks fantastic coming right out of the hair dresser, when I care for it, the part is out of place, it's tucked behind my ears, it doesn't stay in place etc. etc. The other problem is that the hairdresser will spend an HOUR blowing drying it with a round brush to make it look that way. I do not have anything like an hour in the morning to spend on my hair. So, I would like to get a haircut like this: And then I would like tips, tricks, and products for caring for it on a daily basis that will not take long in the morning. I really have a fantastic hairdresser, so I don't think the problem is him, it's me. Thanks for any tips!!
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Treating for Lice

Daycare texted that son has nits. He was itching his head so much she took him to the doc office, and he most definitely tested positive. Best and fastest treatment possible, especially for a kid incredibly sensory defensive about his head? [more inside]
posted by zizzle at 11:40 AM PST - 34 comments

Specific Ideas for a November Date

Where Relaxation and Romance Unite! [more inside]
posted by Jangatroo at 11:36 AM PST - 5 comments

Why would China and Russia veto a security council resolution on Syria?

Like most people, I've been reading a lot of commentary on the situation in Syria the last couple of days, and what the options are for the US and Western Europe. One thing that consistently comes up is that even if the US or somebody else were to invade for humanitarian reasons, that invasion would be illegal because there hasn't been a security council resolution authorizing it. And there's not going to be a security council resolution, because both China and Russia would veto it. But I haven't seen a clear explanation why. [more inside]
posted by gkhan at 11:27 AM PST - 18 comments

Make-ahead freezer blueberry pie

So I got this great recipe from Cooks Illustrated's Cooks Country for a make-ahead blueberry pie. I have previously frozen fruit pie fillings (in a foil lined pie plate) without the pastry (remove from pie plate once frozen and stack in freezer); but this recipe has you freeze the whole assembled unbaked pie--pastry and all, for popping in the oven still frozen when you are ready to serve it. Only after putting in the freezer did I start to think about the glass pie plate I made it in--I am SURE it will crack if I put it right in the oven from the freezer, but recipe specifically says not to defrost before baking or you will have a soggy crust. Help! what should I do? [more inside]
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Name that Word

What word describes a statement where the second clause negates the first? [more inside]
posted by Dolley at 11:08 AM PST - 12 comments

French-language ebooks (that have an English-language equivalent)

Where can I acquire the same novel in a digital format, in both French and English? Really, I just need to find French ebook translations of English novels or French novels that have an ebook English translation. [more inside]
posted by serelliya at 10:57 AM PST - 2 comments

Damn you, timing.

After a year of therapy, intense self-exploration, and work on myself, I've met a fantastic man. Complication: I'm moving. [more inside]
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Inherited 401K from sibling

One of my siblings passed away unexpectedly a few weeks ago and I am one of the beneficiaries for her 401K. I would like some basic information on my options for handling the money. My share is not quite enough for me to pay a CFP (low $40K range) and I'd like to have some idea of where I stand before getting all the paperwork. [more inside]
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Incredible breakfast place in Amsterdam needed

Where to wow colleagues with breakfast on an early Amsterdam morning? [more inside]
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Find me cheap month-to-month or prepaid cellphone plans!

I recently came back from Japan. I will be staying in Cleveland, Ohio for the next few months and need a cheap-ish smartphone but would not like to lock into a contract. Month-to-Month or prepaid seem to be the only viable options, but the only one I really know about is T-Mobile. Are there any better options? [more inside]
posted by Kamelot123 at 9:51 AM PST - 16 comments

Very specific probability question

Hi guys: I hope that the green can help me on this- perhaps it's an easy problem for you: I have 9 different playing cards and 2 players. The first player can take between 3 to 5 cards and the remainder are given to the second player, and then the game begins. How many different starting hands (collectively between the two players) are there? The order of the cards in each player's hand does not matter. Thanks in advance!
posted by JiffyQ at 9:44 AM PST - 20 comments

What is the best air mattress?

What are some great air mattress options? [more inside]
posted by amicamentis at 9:38 AM PST - 12 comments

Is this really an "ancient Chinese proverb"?

I very much like the sentiment of this quotation, which an acquaintance informs me is an ancient Chinese proverb. But I'd appreciate any thoughts on its actual provenance, especially because I have no idea whether this statement (or something like it) is an ancient Chinese proverb or not. "The faintest stroke of ink in a record-book is more illuminating than the most vividly-recalled memory." Thanks for any suggestions!
posted by Mr. Justice at 9:33 AM PST - 11 comments

An IKEA hack idea grows in the Bronx

Is it possible to find someone in the Bronx, or in NYC proper, who would do a hack for me on a FÖRHÖJA cart? [more inside]
posted by droplet at 9:32 AM PST - 5 comments

Really need help

I really need recommendations for a therapist who deals with loss and grief, not just for bereavement situations. I'm in DC and need to use Metro. Thanks.
posted by jgirl at 9:24 AM PST - 1 comment

What are good, somewhat secret, subreddits?

I'd like to find some good subreddits that you wouldn't necessarily locate using a simple, type-in-a-likely-name search. Two pairs of examples: r/AskHistorians and r/twoxchromosomes (intuitive titles, but maybe you'd try r/history and r/feminism instead), and r/Wheredidthesodago and r/InternetIsBeautiful (impossible to imagine locating via a search).
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Referrals for Real Estate Lawyer or similar near Las Vegas?

A good friend owns an underwater house in a suburb of Las Vegas. Payments are current and house is in good shape. The friend reported that a similar home in the development recently sold for several thousand (something like $50-80k) less than his current mortgage. If I can provide referrals to knowledgeable local people so he can get good, sensible information on his options, that would be a huge help. [more inside]
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Need quick, simple offline animation software with character templates

I need to find a piece of software with similar functionality to Powtoon but which I can download free / reasonable price. Having trouble with Powtoon saves has meant I have lost some work, and I need to make a humorous 4 minute (silent) animated cartoon with text for Monday staff training. Cute/funny characters, easy interface that I can learn quickly. Have Macbook Pro 13" and iPad - will want to export a video I can play on a PC. Can you help?
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I tried to look this up myself, but I couldn't find the answer, so...

What is the origin of ending a sentence with a trailing "so..." ? Who is on record first using it? How did it spread? I am talking about the annoying unfinished sentence word: "We would have gone cycling, but I couldn't find my bike, so..." I am not talking about the legitimate adverb: "I love biking so!"
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As you can see, Lola has taken up unicycling.

Help me think of some out of the box ways to liven up photo updates on doggies I'll be watching for the next 3 weeks, in the style of Dave Engledow. [more inside]
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52 weeks in a year, 52 cards in a deck... ....

It's a slow news day around the office, and someone mentioned that there are 52 weeks in a year, and also 52 cards in a deck of cards. [more inside]
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What I should have said was . . .

I’m trying to come up with a list of comedy albums to buy for my girlfriend. Her favorite is Mike Birbiglia, so I’m interested in finding other comics in his vein - story tellers, not too profane, pretty nerdy. My list is below the fold. [more inside]
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Porch swing recommendations

I live in Toronto and was hoping to get a porch swing for my parents backyard. I was wondering if people knew good stores in Toronto or the GTA where I could get a porch swing and also what people look for when purchasing a porch swing. I like wood but I feel that snow may destroy it quickly.
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Where to get my hairs did in Fishkill? Style recommendations?

I will be traveling to Fishkill, NY in September for a wedding. Due to an unfortunate current hair style from growing out a pixie cut I am feeling pretty frumpy and would like to have my hair professionally done the day of the wedding. [more inside]
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I'm looking for some French or Dutch language podcasts

I'm looking for some French or Dutch language podcasts that I can use to practice my comprehension. However, I'm looking for something more like Uhh Yeah Dude, Jordan Jesse Go!, or another "two people talking, being funny, and themselves" type podcast, rather than an NPR type show. Do any shows come to mind?
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My Gmail tab continues blinking after I've read the Google chat message

Why does my Gmail tab continue blinking indicating I have an unread Google Talk window when I've already viewed it? It's been getting progressively worse for months, and I have several friends who have this same issue. The only way to get the tab to stop blinking is to open an email or something similar, which then "clears" the blinking name ("Steve says...") out of the tab. [more inside]
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Having the PhD Cake and Eating the Friendsloversandeverythingelse Cake

What do people do when they have to move for their PhD but don't want to leave their old life behind? [more inside]
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What's this poem about Hamlet?

I'm trying to remember a poem, maybe French or Russian, about Hamlet. [more inside]
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"So, about that thing I did..."

A person from my Past has friended me on fb out of the blue. I haven't seen him in around 15 years. We didn't part on good terms and I've had a lot of regret and shame over the years. He sent me some general messages. Now, should I apologise for the past or leave it alone? Many details below. [more inside]
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What should I name my business?

So, I have a bunch of product prototypes, packaging, access to a great web/graphic designer and a few months of mostly-free time to get my little skincare business off the ground. Unfortunately, I don't know what this business is called. [more inside]
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Gardeners, what is this thing?

Gardeners, what is this thing called? [more inside]
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What's going on with the comma placement ,here?

I'm on a dating site and I've noticed that in the profiles and messages of some non-native English speakers there's a pattern of irregular spacing around commas. I don't believe that it is a random typographical error, as I have seen it repeatedly by different writers. Here's an example: "I like to go to the party ,park,movies ,I like to go hike ,swimming ,travel " The above example is from a native Arabic speaker. Is this related to the grammatical construction of a particular language, differences in keyboards, or something else?
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Prisoners as firefighters?

I am looking for information on how the California Department of Corrections' use of prisoners to fight fires works. [more inside]
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August 28

Help me apply to Google! (post-postdoc version)

I'm leaving academia (math), and I want to apply to work at Google and some other companies in the SF bay area. This will be my first job that isn't teaching/research, and the MANY potential opportunities are overwhelming me me a bit. Can you help me figure out which vaguely described jobs are likely good for me? [more inside]
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Why won't my Windows 8 laptop 'talk' to my Canon Pixma printer?!?

I have a new Samsung Ultrabook running Windows 8, and a Canon Pixma iP4600 inkjet printer. The interwebz tell me that I should just be able to connect the two, and print away. I can't. Now what?? [more inside]
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Where is Germany's gold? And does it matter?

A friend mentioned something to me about the U.S. "losing Germany's gold," and I hadn't heard anything about this story. I did some research online and read about Germany's gold holdings in the Federal Reserve Bank, and how the Fed has refused to allow Germany to audit its holdings in the Fed vaults in New York City. [more inside]
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Should I risk buying (x-country) ski boots second-hand or overseas?

I need to buy (NNN) cross-country ski boots for classic-style skiing, mostly day tours in the back country. My local ski shop sells them for $200 (for these) or $400 (for these). Those are their only two options. Ebay often seems to have boots for about $50 (with $50 extra for postage to Australia). If I know my size in one brand (from hiring boots in the past), how transferable is it to another boot in the same brand, or to another brand I haven't tried? Is it madness to buy ski boots without trying them? Alternatively, I am likely to be in Minneapolis in January. Should I wait and look for boots there? Are they heaps cheaper in the USA? [more inside]
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How to find NSA not-sex?

Please help with ideas for a straight 30-year-old guy to find NSA sex that isn't actually sex. [more inside]
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I am flipping out about moving. How do I not flip out?

I am flipping out about moving to Los Angeles. How do I not flip out? [more inside]
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Visual Culture Films

I need suggestions for movies to show in a series I'm curating. The series is associated with a Visual Studies program, and so I'm seeking films that relate to visual culture or non-cinematic modes of representation in some meaningful way. In other words, the theme of the series is intermediality. [more inside]
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Best College/Career path for working abroad?

Asking for a friend-- "I need advice on a career path: How do I prepare for a career working abroad and helping people? [more inside]
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Thank you ideas for NYPD officers who helped me get my iPhone back?

You guys, it was cray: I reported a stolen iPhone to the police this morning, and they actually helped me get it back! There was even a sting operation involving plain clothes officers. Any ideas about how I can express my thanks to the sergeant? A simple thank you card, or something better?? Thanks!
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Need help translating Chinese text

Will someone please help with a translation question? We can't run it through google translate because it's an image, not text. [more inside]
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An illustrated post apocalypse.

A few years ago I saw a series of illustrations about a post apocalyptic Earth. The people had regressed to medieval life and there were still advertisements and cars and passenger planes from the previous era. [more inside]
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Do I stay or do I go-ooo, now?!?!?

I don't know what to do regarding this waning relationship. We have already downgraded as far as we can because of my mental health and physical health issues. How much further can we go? [more inside]
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Startpage and Ixquick Hang

I want to do proxy-protected searches using Startpage or Ixquick. However, they hang on every search. I've left the rotating basketball up for half an hour, but it never resolves. What settings may be blocking it? I run Win7 and Firefox 23.
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What are the journalistic best practices for indie blogs?

I run a small blog (three part-time people, all editorial) in an industry known for having a cozy relationship between press and marketers (fashion). I didn't go to J school and never expected to be a journalist. Is there a useful best practices / ethics guide for folks in my position? [more inside]
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Bumper Stickers!

I want to slather the tailgate of my truck in bumper stickers. I am a science-minded, fun-loving, environmentalist, social-justice-oriented, politically-progressive dude who fancies himself a connoisseur of the pithy phrase. (So, pretty much your average MeFite.) What are some of your favorite bumper stickers that you think a chap like me would appreciate, and where can I buy them? [more inside]
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Real Question: Can I stop wearing deodorant?

Can I stop wearing deodorant? Also tell me your deodorant stories etc. [more inside]
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iPod amplifier for car

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive portable amplifier to use in my car so I can listen to my iPod? [more inside]
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Trumpet concerto premieres

I would like to know the years in which a couple of trumpet concertos were premiered: Johann Wilhelm Hertel (1727-1789), Trumpet Concerto in D major; and Johann Stamitz (1717-1757), Trumpet Concerto in D major.
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Wordpress theme for community radio station

Our community radio station currently uses Google sites for their site. We want to move to a Wordpress site and I am looking for premium theme and plug-in recommendations. Also links to other community radio stations that use wordpress would be grand. [more inside]
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Best of NYC

Can you tell me your suggestions for where to go for the best versions of specific food items in New York City? [more inside]
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Are Israelis really worried that they'll be hit by Syria in retaliation?

Israeli (or Israel-located) responses only, please. :) I'm flying to Israel this coming Sunday morning for a week-long vacation with my wife. The current plan is 1 day Jerusalem, 1 day Ramallah, 4 relaxing days on the beach in Tel Aviv. Now I'm trying to figure out whether I'll be flying into a war zone. [more inside]
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Greenpoint me!

Cityboy and I have 4 days in Brooklyn over a long weekend in early September, 5th to the 8th. Please point me to your favorite must-see, must-eat, must do Brooklyn experiences. Staying in Greenpoint - subway stop Greenpoint Avenue on the G line - and will rely on subways or buses for transportation. We love art, crafts, theater, and our fave - eating at little neighborhood restaurants so good they draw from outside the neighborhood. We are adventurous eaters and drinkers, looking for a friendly atmosphere. Price is not as important as authentic quality and honest presentation, and I'm not interested in 3 hour waits unless they are REALLY WORTH IT. Quality is way more important than buzz. We will also go to Manhattan for museums and shows, but our taste is more Fringe than Broadway, so I'd love recommendations for slightly askew productions or visual art shows in either borough. Have already seen the James Turrell show at the Guggenheim and felt a little underwhelmed after epic waits, but we might give it another try on a weekday.
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Time off needed before accepting a job

I interviewed for a job a few weeks ago. Today they called to offer me the position and sent me the offer letter via email. I sent a follow-up email to confirm receipt of the offer letter, and also sent a list of three upcoming dates (the soonest being a month away) that I would not be available to work. The response from HR was basically that they'd have to see what the staffing situation would be before confirming I'd receive those days off. [more inside]
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Can a skittish cat ever share his home with a dog?

I have a scaredy-cat. He runs away from anything loud and/or fast. He is barely older than 3, and hopefully he'll live for a long time. Can I ever hope to get a dog while he's around? [more inside]
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Iphone app to make playlists easily

I'm looking for an iphone app that will allow me to make playlists easily while listening to music. In the standard music app there is no way to add the song that I am listening to onto a playlist without going back to the playlist, clicking edit, searching for the song in the list then adding it. There has to be an easier way to do this, aside from just going into iTunes on my computer. Any suggestions? I have downloaded a few different music players but none of them seem to do this. Thanks!
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Wedding accordion tunes for legal signing

Accordionfilter: tunes for civil partnership wedding? Specifically a 5 minute part in which documents are signed. [more inside]
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Is two weeks vacation standard?

Is two weeks vacation standard? Help me decide if I should accept this job. [more inside]
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Why do all VPN's give me the BSOD?

I have tried several VPN's on two different PC's running windows 7 and they all crash both my computers with a BSOD. How can this be? [more inside]
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What are the chances of pregnancy using both methods of contraception?

I am now in a committed relationship with a woman, and both of us are virgins. We have discussed at length our desires, concerns, dislikes, and fears about sex, and we are both horrified of an accidental pregnancy. [more inside]
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Good basic digital CCTV camera?

I'm planning to install a simple CCTV system in my house and am looking for recommendations for an entry-level camera. [more inside]
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Marriage versus home and parents

I'm stuck. My wife and I have been married for a little over a year, and there's a looming issue I haven't been able to shake off since the engagement: being close to my home and family conflicts with my wife's goals and what's good for our marriage. [more inside]
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Should we risk a trip up north?

My spouse got into a stupid situation with another family member about four years ago, resulting in a misdemeanor charge. Now we want to take a day trip to Canada and the admissibility rules are confusing. Can we go? [more inside]
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What to do if the “butt out, do nothing" is not the right answer?

What’s the best way to sensitively encourage someone with (potential) mental and financial difficulties to get help? Complex family situation – snowflake inside. [more inside]
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Wondering what is going on in sentences like this, because grammar.

Lately I've been seeing something crop up a fair bit in casual writing where an entire explanatory clause is humorously collapsed to "because X." You've seen it: "And then I ate four of the muffins, because chocolate." Or writer Tabatha Southey tweeting about newborn Prince George: Okay, now I am happy the baby is here and I want to put its tiny baby foot in my mouth, because baby. What's happening, grammatically? How might a linguist describe it?
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Tips for the newly fingernailed?

I have been biting my fingernails for 30 years. I’ve stopped for short periods of time (a week or two) over the last 10 years but its never stuck. I’m 30 days into not biting them right now, and I’m thinking this could be the “last” time I quit. I have a few questions about the end of nail-biting and about general fingernail-related things that I guess I never figured out when I was an adolescent and didn’t have any. [more inside]
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how can an introvert infiltrate a tight-knit group of super-socializers?

my SO of about a year has a very large family that is heavily into socializing, and i'm an introvert. can we peacefully coexist? [more inside]
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Voila! Looking for charming French cartoons in the US

My husband would like to improve his (very limited) French comprehension by watching cartoons or other children's shows in French with our four-year-old daughter. We have access to Netflix streaming, Amazon prime, Roku, a DVD player etc., and are willing to spend a little $ for something charming that will appeal to adults and children both. [more inside]
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Need Help Finding an Expert Witness for Maltreatment of a Dog in NY

I took my dog to the vet clinic for what I thought was a simple spay but she almost died because of maltreatment and negligence. We ended up taking her to emergency and spent almost four thousand dollars. The doctor has refused to take responsibility for her actions. We have decided to sue her and will have our day in court next week. However we need an "expert" witness someone with a medical background that has a lot of experience with dogs to come or our case will not be heard. Hive could you help us find such an individual in NYC? We are willing to pay. [more inside]
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Fructose malabsorption? Are you freaking kidding me with this?

My nearly seven year old daughter was just diagnosed with fructose malabsorption disorder after years of chronic constipation and abdominal pain. We're on a confusing elimination diet, her pain isn't getting better, school starts in a week, and I'm tearing my hair out. Help! [more inside]
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Can I look and feel fabulous in 24 hours?

I am attending a wedding tomorrow night, have been on a diet and am thinking of some last minute things to do before hand to get myself ready to look and feel good. Any advice/strategies apprecaited :) [more inside]
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Where to go on a tropical vacation in Latin America?

Where should a family of 3 go for our vacation in Central America, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil or the Caribbean? [more inside]
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Photo organization/naming software for construction inspectors?

I need to tag/organize a large number of photos taken on a daily basis by a group of construction inspectors. Preferably something Windows-based and that would prompt the tagging/naming immediately after the photos are taken. [more inside]
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Need help finding affordable vet for dog's home euthenasia

We live in the greater Boston area. We are facing the decision to put our very elderly black lab down, probably within the next few days. He can't walk and moving him at all causes terrible pain. We live in a 2nd floor walk-up with even more stairs down to the street. He is very heavy: 95 lbs. Bringing him to the vet to be put down would cause him awful pain, so we want to find a vet who will come to our house to do it. Our regular vet won't make a house call. I actually found a place that will cremate him, if we bring his body there ourselves, for a reasonable rate. But I can't find a vet that will come to our house for less than $350. We simply cannot afford this. Any recommendations?
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Since moving to Kansas City to get Google Fiber is not an option

What DSL modem should I buy? [more inside]
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Malaria medications for pregnant women

YANMD, YANAD, etc. I need to sort out the differing opinions on malaria medication for pregnant women. [more inside]
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Cat hair in Roland Keyboard!!!

hey everyone. A while back I took my Roland Keyboard into the shop and was told there was cat hair between and or under the keys. The man fixed the keys and told me to protect the keyboard from this. And I did, for a while. I know this makes me sound like an idiot, but as time went on, I completely ignored the man's advice, and now it's happened again. I do not want to take the keyboard in to be fixed (at least not by the same guy) and was wondering if there was a way I could clean it from home. If anyone is aware what kind of tools i might need, I would appreciate it. I am not going to let this happen again it if I can fix it. If anyone can help, it would be awesome!
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Easy craft ideas for ladies night?

I want to have some female friends over to my new place as a "party-trial," sort of ... see how the rooms flow, if I like how things are arranged, etc. I was thinking of hosting a ladies-only craft night, possibly to make crafts for the actual housewarming party (probably within the month following the party-trial). Any ideas on what to make? [more inside]
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I like properly covered butts and I cannot lie

I guess it must be the season for questions about lady undies. I haven't bought underwear in, like, 8 years. Could someone clue me in on what's out there for breathability, value and invisibility? [more inside]
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Fourscore and seven million visitors?

I was thinking of taking my daughter to Gettysburg this coming (Labor Day Weekend) Saturday. How are the crowds at Gettysburg, or other National Historic Battlefields, during the LDW? Are they hyper-crowded because this is the big weekend, or are the crowds all getting drunk and the lake and the beach, leaving the historic parks to the (relatively) serious? Bonus points if you know of other fun things to do with a 12 year old girl this specific weekend in the MD-DC area. You can assume we're pretty well-informed about the general lay of the land (smithsonian, zoos, aquaria, capitol, etc).
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Does HPV vaccination increase cancer risk in carriers?

People who are already carrier of HPV 16 or 18 viruses increase their cancer risk by 44.6% by getting vaccinated. Or so anti-vaccination activists claim. Can anyone judge if this claim is true? [more inside]
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How do I deal with men mansplaining my emotions or ideas?

Quite frequently, I have to deal with men - not just strangers, but people I care about - mansplaining to me what I "really" feel, what I "really" think, or what I "really" believe. This is absolutely enraging to me. It feels like I am being patronized and denied agency. How do I explain this better or deal with it better? [more inside]
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Searching for a poem that Pete Rose recited at his father's funeral

My mom has asked me to find a quote that she used to carry around with her after her mother died, but that she has recently lost. As she remembers it, it's something that Pete Rose recited when his father passed away. I've spent an hour searching for it, but my Google-fu appears to be weak today. Anybody have an inkling what she's looking for? My mom's question to me is inside. [more inside]
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Taking photos of my educational records?

My educational institution will provide me with in-person access to my student file (as is their responsibility under U.S. FERPA law), but will not allow me to make photocopies of anything in it. Can I legally take photographs of pages in the file with my iPhone's camera while I am reviewing it? [more inside]
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Wifi emergency. Not my router, password too short for Apple devices D-:

Any hacks to force an Apple device to accept a 7-character wifi password? [more inside]
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Shipping container office in London?

I'm a PhD student based in London. I would like my own private office space and yesterday I had the idea of renovating a 20ft shipping container and using it for this purpose. Essentially it would need a desk, an office chair, a few shelving units and an external power source. As for location, almost anywhere is fine provided it's within an hour or so of my home in North London... wasteland, an industrial estate... it doesn't really matter. How viable is this? And how much would I be looking to spend in order to achieve this, taking into account land costs / rent etc?
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I'm just not that into you!

How do I discourage someone who is pursuing me for friendship? [more inside]
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My order, fill it!

We have four departments and each has their own way of managing their student lists, I'd like to find one solution to rule them all. [more inside]
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Tourist visa extensions in the Schengen area

My family and I would like to spend an extended time (5-6 months or more) in Europe. My wife is a US/Canadian citizen (the rest of us are Dutch citizens), and that seems to present a problem if we want to stay more than 90 days, which is the maximum length of Schengen tourist status. I'm not getting very far trying to figure out if and how that time can be extended. The process seems to vary from country to country. We're pretty flexible about which countries we stay in, so which countries make this relatively easy and cheap? [more inside]
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August 27

Archaeological, historical sites worth seeing in Southern California

So my mom (from Ireland) will be spending September with me in California, she's been here many times and we've covered most of the West Coast on numerous road-trips. We will almost certainly do another this time, probably about 10 days travelling down the coast from San Jose to San Diego, then we'll most likely swing east through the deserts and work our way back along the Owens Valley towards Lake Mono before crossing the Sierra back to the Bay Area. Apart from finally stopping at Hearst Castle and visiting The Getty in LA (which has been closed every other time we've been in the area). We're looking for sites of archaeological, historical or geological interest. When my mom asks about archaeological sites she's thinking things like Chaco Canyon in NM. The Google has mostly failed me, so here's hoping Mefi can do better. So I'm looking for places to visit with interesting history that are reasonably accessible, (4WD and dirt roads to get there is OK), she can walk but not hike up a hill. As a bonus question, I'm pretty interested in geology and so I'm going to go find some really old rocks (they're kinda scarce in Nor Cal) and maybe some trilobite fossils. But I'd love to hear other ideas.
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Which Premier League team should I learn to love?

The EPL has finally comes en masse to American TV. NBC is broadcasting three featured matches a week, and making most if not all other matches available for live streaming online. So you've got 20 teams playing 38 matches for the Premier League itself. That's 760 fixtures right there. Among them are countless derbys, inter-regional rivalries, full of so much intensity and history that they shouldn't be missed Then there's the FA CUP, the League (Carling) Cup, and a few other smaller 'cups' I can't remember the names of. There's also the UEFA Cup and the Champions League, in both of which EPL clubs compete Between the EPL itself and all the tournaments and 'cups', the sheer number of matches is a bit much, a bit dizzying, for a clueless American who loves watching soccer, but doesn't know shit about the teams themselves. So who do you love--and, by extension, who do you hate--in the EPL, and why? I don't know enough to think for myself when it comes to Arsenal or Aston Villa, Man City or Sunderland. But now that I can watch them for myself here, in the states, I'd like to learn to love one or two clubs, albeit vicariously, for now, with a little help from those in the know. Thanks
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Pursuit hampered by object in center; what's this called?

You know the scene, from many an old comedy or cartoon. A is chasing B. B runs around the edge of an object, such as a large table, so as to put the obstacle between himself and A. Perhaps A and B run around the table a few times. Then A starts to get tricky. A starts to go clockwise around the table, B goes clockwise to get away, A switches direction hoping to run into B coming the other way, but B also reverses, keeping the table between them. Feint back and forth a few times, usually keeping close to the edge of the table. The usual end gag is for A to somehow overcome the barrier of the table and short-cut directly to B; such as leaping over the table, throwing the table aside, or opening the table in half and walking through it (if it's one of those tables where you can add panels to the center). What is this 'circular back and forth chase around an obstacle' called? [more inside]
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Power steering rack and windshield wipers. Any connection?

The power steering rack in my 2000 Honda Civic was replaced last week. Today, I noticed my windshield wipers only work on the highest setting. They were working fine right before I took the car into the shop. Could these two issues be related, or is this likely just a coincidence? [more inside]
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You Say It's Your Birthday!

A quick question about Korean culture and receiving gifts. [more inside]
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Is this proposed business transaction a scam?

My sister was contacted by a Texas company to perform cleaning services for recently vacated, corporate-provided apartments. These apartments are in a capital city in Western Canada - this is where she and I live. While there is more inside, in a nutshell, my question is: why is a Texas company hiring an inexperienced new one-woman cleaning business for this, instead of a local cleaning chain? Because it's a scam, right? Please help me figure this out. [more inside]
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Can I dance to it?

What cover songs or remixes add a dance beat or strong rhythm to the original? [more inside]
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Is is normal for a niche academic publisher to ask for a subsidy?

I am concerned about the potential stigma associated with paying for publication and would appreciate some advice - is this something that is normal/becoming more common? Do people just avoid talking about it? [more inside]
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Got fired, consulted an attorney. I have 3 options. Help me decide.

I don't want to sue. I don't want money. I just want to be able to apply for jobs without holding my breath. Consulted with two attorneys. Should I hire one of them, try to do this on my own, or just walk away? [more inside]
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How do I set up a new MacMini without a display?

Just bought a new MacMini and need some help with getting it set up and onto my network as a headless file server. [more inside]
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Eeew, that's disgusting. Elementary school lunchtime social resilience.

How can I help my son to not feel embarrassed socially for having the healthy (and admittedly a little weird) lunches that I give him for school? [more inside]
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On the boulevard of broken china

My parents sent me some china and glassware through USPS (they insured the package) and some of it broke. It is old. What should I do? [more inside]
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I'm looking for a waxed canvas/ waxed cotton bag..

I'd like to get largeish waxed canvas or waxed cotton shoulder/messenger bag. Large enough to hold a number of vinyl records (12x12), bigger is ok, smaller won't work. I'm looking for waxed cotton because it is waterproof and looks cool, but other fabrics would be ok if they don't have logos and are also waterproof.
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Unnecessary Roughness: pre-skin cancer treatment

What to expect from using Fluoroplex cream on my face? [more inside]
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Should I do this boudoir shoot?

I recently purchased an online deal for a boudoir photo shoot after checking it out on Yelp and seeing that the company had decent reviews. I have some privacy concerns. [more inside]
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How much will the surgical practice get for doing a procedure?

Negotiating self pay medical bill. I want to have an idea of how much the surgical practice/surgeon would have been paid if the patient had had insurance. How much will they get if they hire a collection agency? Do they get a percentage or just sell the debit for a fixed price? The patient is being billed 1850.00 self pay for the procedure. The procedure was at a major Boston hospital and the patient is being billed self pay due to a temporary lapse in subsidized insurance. The hospital has already written off the bill. The billing date was sometime around the end of March 2013. The patient has been told by the billing organization that represents the surgeon that they have to deal directly with the surgeon or their practice.
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wedding dot tumblr dot com

At our wedding, we'd like to have an instant camera next to the guestbook so that people may take pictures of themselves -- not 5x7s but not teensy stickers either -- and leave them in the book. We're probably never going to use this camera again, so it doesn't have to be anything fancy, just functional and sturdy. Anyone have any model recommendations?
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Employer wellness screening and pregnancy

Medical mefites: How much will my pregnancy skew my employer-sponsored health plan wellness program biometric screening (blood tests only)? [more inside]
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How do I research the manufacturing of a handbag?

I want to research the possibility of having a certain design of handbag made, in quantity, to sell. It's a large version of a tiny handbag I see in a number of stores. What's the way to start on this path? [more inside]
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Working parents, how does this childcare thing work?

I am gearing up to re-enter the full time workforce in a few weeks and I am worried about childcare. How do people plan for the the gaps in the school child care? What other tips can you give me to make the transition go smoothly? [more inside]
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What kind of vehicle should we buy for our vintage clothing business?

A friend and I run a small-but-growing online vintage clothing business. We've recently branched out into showing at vintage truck shows in the Chicago area. As of now, we've been using a friend's Saab hatchback. Unfortunately, this isn't a really a sustainable option for us; it's also a bit of a tight fit for our 200ish garments, 2 - 3 clothing racks, bust, and table. We're interesting in purchasing a used vehicle so that we can continue to travel with our merchandise. Ideally, we'd like something that is reliable, safe, and has some extra space to grow alongside our business. Unfortunately, our budget is on the low side: we'd like to spend less than $5000... the cheaper the better. Thoughts? Recommendations? Should we rent instead of buy? Thanks for sharing your wisdom! [more inside]
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Mid 20th Century American Culture Recommendations

I am interested in the time period right before WWII (late 30's) up to the Counterculture (Mid 60's). I would like some cultural recommendations from that period. I am interested in books (fiction and nonfiction), movies, tv shows, and music that was either created in that time period or takes place in that time period. Any recommendations would be appreciated!
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Searchable image database service

I'm looking for a service that will allow a group of people to upload and tag images to a single album, and then enable anyone in that group to search *in that album only* for a given tag and see all of the images that match. Bonus points if I can browse by tag.
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I'm looking for a great laptop bag.

I've been lugging my laptop around in a red backpack for the last twelve years. Its been on nearly every continent, survived several career 180s and a divorce. But all things must come to an end- My everyday carry is much different than it was twelve years ago- My PC laptop, an iPad, a yellow legal notepad and maybe a paperback. [more inside]
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Boise for Labor Day weekend: The mellow version.

We will be in Boise this weekend (Aug 31-Sept 2). Throw me your recommendations for relaxing & trying to enjoy ourselves despite the circumstances. [more inside]
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Boxer briefs for curvy ladies?

I want to wear long-legged underpants, to minimize thigh chafing and eliminate wedgies, but I'm not sure how. If you are someone with a large-ish body and hips who wears something like boxer briefs, can you tell me your secrets? [more inside]
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Cuckoos in New York City?

Hello. Does anyone know of a bricks-and-mortar store in New York City that sells cuckoo clocks? Doesn't have to be exclusively cuckoo clocks, of course. Some clock repair shop that might sell them? An antique clock place? Or a German specialty store? It does have to be a bricks-and-mortar place, though. Classic cuckoo clocks. Halp me, I'm cuckoo for cuckoo clocks! Dankeschön!
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Is this breakup necessary, and if so, how can I survive it.

After 20 months, we're still passionately in love, but he "wants to make a life with me" and I am not sure either way whether that is what I want. But breaking up is really hard because we are really in love. [more inside]
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penny stock

Need help in finding a brokerage. [more inside]
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Need a jeweler to make this ring!!

I found a ring on Etsy and contacted the seller several times over the past month. She has not gotten back to me, but I really like this particular ring. [more inside]
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Help me figure out the term for this

In popular culture, there's a "meme" of sorts involving a person helping another push someone over. I've seen it in goofy images and comics: someone kneels down on all fours behind the victim's legs (often smiling) while a person in front pushes the victim. Is there a term for this?
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Identification of a wild plant

This bit of invasive greenery has been occupying a growing corner of my back yard. In the spirit of this excellent previous question I'm hoping someone knows what it is. [more inside]
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Easy to use drum and synth tools

Bedroom musicians - I need some tools to create basic drum and synth parts while recording. It needs to be stupid easy (as in "I am stupid, make this easy") to use. What are your recommendations? [more inside]
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Computer advice for elderly

I need to purchase and configure a computer for my 95-year old grandmother so she can make Skype calls to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She lives in another state, so hands on assistance is not possible. My 70-year old mother is going to set things up for me; I just need to get the hardware and configure the software. [more inside]
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Wordpress theme for sports stats site?

I'm building a website that will offer in-depth player profiles and statistics. I'm looking for a Wordpress theme that lends itself well to this use -- I'm picturing the homepage being a list of teams & players, with each player name linking to his/her individual profile page. Are there any themes, free or paid, that would suit this purpose well? Simple & minimalist themes a plus. [more inside]
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Terrified and sad

How to deal with devastating and terrifying news about my unborn baby? [more inside]
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Is Ritalin safe with heard palpitations?

I get occasional heart palpitations, is it safe for me to (legally) take Ritalin? [more inside]
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Is it worth it to paint a porcelain tub, or should I just get a new one?

We're getting our 1960's era home ready to sell for as cheaply as possible. It comes with two porcelain tubs in lovely shades of avocado and beige, and never-been-updated bathrooms... [more inside]
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Best way to scan books & documents at home?

I need to scan some documents and sections of bound books at home, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to do so. If I were only scanning documents, and if cost were no issue, I'd go with the Fujita ScanSnap iX1500. But since I need to scan books as well, it seems that I'll need either a flatbed scanner or a pen scanner. Or possibly a camera with good lighting? But I need the scans to be output as PDFs with OCR, and that's proven difficult with document photography in the past. My priorities are quickness, ease of use (including software), and suitability for documents (vs photos - I don't care about photos). Plus Mac compatibility. Any suggestions?
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Electronic Signature and Validation via Tablet PC

Is there a standalone tool which would allow one to create an offline form which must (1) be completed via Tablet PC stylus - that is, accept handwritten entry; (2) prompt the user if required "fields" have not been completed? [more inside]
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Is there a language where I use less brackets?

Linguistics filter: Are there languages with an inflection of whatever type that denotes indeterminacy in its category? [more inside]
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Am I on the spectrum? Does it matter if I am?

I recently spent a while babysitting for a pre-teen girl with Asperger's. I found her behavior to be eerily reminiscent of myself at that age, with the key difference being that I have never had an Asperger's diagnosis. I *do* have a diagnosis of chronic anxiety and ADHD. [more inside]
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An eBook reader app for programmers?

I'm wondering if such an animal exists (for Mac): An eBook (PDF or ePub or basically any format that O'Reilly supports) reader that focuses on the needs of computer programmers. Specifically, handles copying code well (removes unwanted characters, spacing, page footers, etc.), inserts syntax coloring, and allows for reading without page breaks/footers.
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Outsourcing strategies (freelancer edition!)

You're a freelancer and you've outsourced some of your admin/non-creative tasks by hiring a skilled assistant or specialized service. How did you identify what to outsource and to whom? [more inside]
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Ouigo oui or non?

Traveling to France and want to visit Paris and Provence. Has anyone tried the new Ouigo train? (10 EUR from Paris to Lyon in 3 hours). How is it? Worth it? Anything to look out for? I'm leery because the website has no English version, and I've heard some tales of non-French credit cards being declined as well as something about needing a French mobile phone number. Someone to tell me what I need to know! [more inside]
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Has anyone used The Window Store, or been a "model home?"

The other night I had a salesman come to my door from "The Window Store Home Improvements, Inc." He gave me a nice spiel about how they're looking for homes in my area that are willing to put advertising signs out front, and willing to be listed on their website, In exchange they can give me new windows at wholesale cost instead of retail. The salesman also said that their windows are warranteed for 50 years, which he said was much more than typical warranties. [more inside]
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Someone I love has intense insecurity issues - how can I help them?

I ended my LTR a few weeks ago, but can't shake the feeling that I'm abandoning someone in their hour of need, so to speak. My ex was a delightful person, but suffered from the most bizarre and extreme inferiority complex I have ever witnessed. (It was so bad at times that he would sometimes escape from parties by exiting through a window in a back room somewhere.) It got to the point where his behavior was starting to wear me down, and things unraveled from there, but it tears me up to think that he'll no longer have someone to help him stave off his self-loathing tendencies. [more inside]
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What can I do with my domain(s)?

I'm looking for ideas for good, useful, or fun things to do with domains that I have hosted at Dreamhost. I have a blog, a couple email addresses, and an Out of the Park Baseball league on various domains now, but I feel that there's much more I could be doing. [more inside]
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people who LOVE their day job? do they EXIST?

Hope me break a mindset! Please tell me about anyone you know or have heard about who loves their day job. [more inside]
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Should I Sign an Informal Child Custody Agreement?

My ex-spouse and I share custody of our son. He is now in kindergarten five days a week, necessitating some adjustments to his weekly schedule. We have come to a basic agreement, and my spouse wants me to sign this agreement. Even though we are principally on the same page, it feels a bit weird. Should I do it?
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Chicago Northside Party Space?

Please recommend a party venue (probably a bar backroom) on the north side of Chicago - details inside. [more inside]
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Schooling on the East Coast

Hi all, I am looking for resources for figuring out the best pre-schools and schools on the East Coast (public and private both are fair game). Is there a national database ranking the schools? I am particularly interested in the Boston/Cambridge area, but am curious for my own personal reasons about schools in NYC as well as Chicago, and maybe the East Coast in general. My kid is 7 months old and definitely not ready to go to school just yet. But as I am originally not from this country, I'd like to familiarize myself with the system fully before I have to enroll her in school. In my humble opinion, schooling is very important - if it wasn't for a good school, I won't have the necessary life skills myself (irrespective of the professional and grad training), so I am hoping to be aware of the US school landscape before my little one starts going to preschool. Many thanks for your kind help. Have a nice day!
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Please don't ask me

How do I kindly decline my struggling-writer friends' numerous requests that I submit their screenplays to my agent, without causing any bad feelings or strife? [more inside]
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Help me find a specific Doonesbury strip.

I am looking for a specific Doonesbury strip for which I remember most of the dialogue. One of the female characters is talking about how hard it is to find a man in New York who isn't gay or married. She yells to a man out of panel and says "hey jogging shorts, gay or married? ". From off panel, the man replies "both! " I do know that it is not a recent strip. Please help? :-)
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Wanted: A Blog To Help Me Find Clever Music Videos

I like music videos that feature clever ideas, wittily executed, and I'm hoping to find a music video blog curated by somebody with similar taste. Some of videos I've enjoyed include Her Morning Elegance, Woke Up New, Bad M*therF*cker, and anything by Spike Jonze or Michel Gondry. What blogger (or tweeter) will help me find more videos I love? [more inside]
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HOWTO: Living in New Zealand (or Other Suitable Locale) for a Month!

I've been traveling in South America and India for about five months now at a fairly frenetic pace, and am looking for a change. I've decided I want to settle down in one city from around September 15-October 15, and I'm thinking New Zealand is the place I want to do it (but I am open to other cities in other countries that meet my criteria, so feel free to throw them out!). I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts you have on the best city, the best way to find lodging, transport, etc. - details on what I'm looking for below! [more inside]
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Looking for an emulator for the Casio CFX *color* series

I'd like a PC emulator for the Casio CFX-9800G 3-color graphic calculator. Is there one? Where can I get it? [more inside]
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Quiet place to meet for 5-10 people in SF/ Oakland/ Berkeley for cheap

I am looking for suggestions for spots in San Francisco or East Bay, public transportation accessible, for folks to meet up for a small, professional meet-up group. [more inside]
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August 26

Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake with nuts and dried peas?

Once a long time ago, I was a few hours outside Beijing during the mid-Autumn festival, in a pretty rural area. We were given these amazing mooncakes with nuts and vegetables that were way tastier to me than the sweet bean-paste/egg/lotus-paste/etc. ones you normally get. Help me find the name of them so I can buy/bake my own. [more inside]
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Mom, I'm breaking up with you.

I grew up in an abusive household, and severed ties with my abusive father after moving out. Over the years, I cut off more of the family because they didn't understand why I couldn't forgive and make up with my father. (They also had their own drama). But I've staying in touch with my mother, though at arm's length. I'm now seeing she wasn't the "good guy" in all this, or maybe a lifetime of being in a terrible relationship made her unbearable. I've made the decision I don't want her in my life, but I'm not sure what the best way to make it happen. [more inside]
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Tell me about the Walden University M.A.T. in Early Childhood Education.

Can you help my girlfriend become a licensable early childhood educator? [more inside]
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Help me build a basic apartment tool set!

I am at the stage of life when I need to move from a random collection of tools to an organized tool set that equips me for basic home/apartment maintenance. What do I need? Budget: just-finished-grad-school poor. [more inside]
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metagoogle: image search query: farmers (japan|korea) fighting police

Some years back, some farmers were fighting battles with police, I think in either Japan or Korea. Due to rules that govern how police are allowed to escalate their response, the farmers were able to stage full battles with home-made armour, with blunt weapons, in formation, and the police responded with equivalent force without employing lethal weapons. I particularly remember a pre-battle photo of police and farmers, in formation, just waiting for the battle to start at the allotted time. Anyone remember more details than that?
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Taking my teenage autistic brother out for dinner, what should we do?

My well-meaning boyfriend offered to take my 18-year-old autistic brother with very low social skills out for dinner to celebrate his graduation. We're not sure what to talk about with him. [more inside]
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Subflooring subflooring...

I'm installing cheap laminate flooring (I know, I hate it) over lousy floorboards that I won't replace, and I'd like to get a few years (of sock-footed padding like a cat) out of it. The floorboard plywood sheets are gapped and uneven at the gaps and the builder didn't use spiral or ring-shank nails (but I'm adding screws). Can I just fasten thin plywood subfloor over plywood? [more inside]
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I'm dating-challenged and dropped the ball. How I do pick it back up?

Over last weekend I spent a whole bunch of time with a lovely woman--dinners, picnics, walks, wine under the stars etc. These weren't explicitly dates, but it all seemed pretty romantic. At the end of the evening on Saturday and Sunday we had these awkward pauses when my insecurities and my desire to--give a goodnight kiss? Express my attraction? Or something--were warring. I don't know what she was thinking but it was awkward on both sides. Now I won't see her for a month. Do I email her and explicitly say that I'm interested? [more inside]
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Etiquette for correspondence with a professor under whom I may work?

I have emailed a professor about volunteering in her lab and, propitiously for me, she said that she'd be happy to give me this opportunity and will be in contact with me in September. Where do I go from here? [more inside]
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Thank you. I don't believe you.

Our dog was missing for over a week. We're suspicious of the people that returned her. A reward is at stake. Help us settle the debate as to what happened and whether or not we should pony up the reward. [more inside]
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How to talk to new boyfriend about his relationship with alcohol?

I have been dating a lovely man for two months. We met online. I'm concerned he may drink too much and would like to talk to him about it. [more inside]
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Like water off a duck’s back

You are chill. You’re not a worrier. Being under pressure hardly ruffles your feathers at all. How do you do it? [more inside]
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Should I just google this?

What do I need to know about promoting my small online business using Google AdWords? [more inside]
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What might this pincer claw-like thingy be / do?

picture 1 picture 2 We found this in the kitchen, so we thought it might be a bottle or jar opener, but it doesn't quite have the "grip" to be either. Any more ideas what it could be used for?
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"Noble Salvage" as a name for an antique business: inspired or lame?

Give me your opinion about my stupid smart business name idea. [more inside]
posted by crazylegs at 6:00 PM PST - 77 comments

Wheat After Corn

I want to know more about the first picture on this page (right click and view for full size) [more inside]
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A semi sweet chocolate glaze for yellow cupcakes

I have on hand semi sweet chocolate chips, butter, honey, confectioner's sugar, vanilla, whole milk. Can I substitute honey for light corn syrup? Or, can I substitute milk and butter for heavy cream? [more inside]
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Calls via Google Voice only?

Is there a way I can set up my home (VOIP via cable company) phone to only ring for calls that come in via my Google Voice number? [more inside]
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I bought a beautiful problem

An art newbie wonders: just how does one properly store an oil painting? [more inside]
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No medical insurance, but I need prescriptions refilled

I have no medical insurance and cannot afford to see my physician to get my prescriptions refilled. Any idea(s) on how I could possibly get then refilled for nothing ? [more inside]
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Where can I find a word-count tool to track my writing goals?

I'm looking for a word-count tool that will allow me to: set a goal for words written by a specific date, enter in the words I have written each day, see how many words I remaining toward my goal, and how many words I will need to average each day to reach my goal. [more inside]
posted by Tevin at 4:39 PM PST - 7 comments

How do I know the virus/malware is really gone?

Every once in a while I'm called upon to help a family member or coworker who has gotten a virus or malware on their computer. I generally just have the virus/malware program get rid of the offending files using its default method, and almost always when I run another scan it comes up clean. But when I research the specific files to find out what they do, I find posts detailing multi-step processes using multiple programs to completely remove the infection. So I have to wonder, is letting the virus/malware program that detects the bad files take care of them really enough to secure the computer system, presuming that subsequent scans come up clean?
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Grad school exit interview

I'm leaving my graduate advisor's lab (engineering/biochemistry) after getting a PhD and spending some time as a postdoc there as well. The two of us are going to have lunch in a few days as a farewell/exit interview, and I'd like advice on what questions I could ask him that would be the most helpful for me. [more inside]
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Metal case for dental floss?

Looking for a vendor to make me a metal case for a pack of floss as a gag gift. Importantly, it is for a new beau. Thanks in advance! [more inside]
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I haven't got time for the pain ...

I've got a herniated disc (L5-S1) that is causing excruciating pain across the top of my right foot. I've had 2 of 3 lumbar epidurals (3rd one is scheduled for Sept. 5) which, thus far, have not helped. I have a consult with an orthopedic surgeon scheduled for Sept. 11. I've got vicodin, flexeril and OTC naproxen. But these are doing far too little to alleviate the pain. My question: Any tips, ideas on how to deal with this pain for the next 2-plus weeks without going crazy. Snowflakes within ... [more inside]
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How to handle this messed up dental implant! Help!

I just got back from getting my dental implant crown. Unfortunately it's awful and doesn't look at all like what it should. It's very messed up and needs to be fixed. How best to procede? Full story and photos inside. [more inside]
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Elegant replacements for wide tables?

Web design question: I have an arbitrarily wide set of data that I'm currently displaying using and it's breaking the layout (see example). The companies on the right handside can be thought of as owned by the user at the left. I would like an elegant way to display this information. What are my options? Both static and dynamic solutions would be appreciated, thanks.
posted by prunes at 4:17 PM PST - 7 comments

"Best of" recommendations for 80 days of backpacking in India?

I'm planning to leave in a few weeks for India to travel with a budget of several (<7) thousand dollars. I may stay up to 80 days (but have the opportunity to come back earlier). Have any of you done a trip like this? Can you point me at any (good) links or recommendations for itineraries, or even out of the way one-off points of interest?
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I feel like I'm imprisoned at my current job. How do I get out fast?

I've been working at the same company for 8 years. I initially started working there as a temp and wanted to quit within the first week, but didn't for some reason, and then I was hired permanently a couple of months after temping. Anyway, while I do have more duties since I was hired, my basic job has not changed at all. I work in an insurance company mainly doing data entry, project work and anything else they throw at me. [more inside]
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Mixed Reactions to Jajangmyeon

What's with the (possibly perceived on my part) mixed reactions I get when I ask for this Korean dish? [more inside]
posted by Rykey at 3:58 PM PST - 11 comments

We Can Dissertate If We Want To

How do you force yourself to work hard when you just don't care? I'm looking for practical tips/tricks, cognitive/behavioral strategies, and MacGyver-ish life kludges for pervasive procrastination. [more inside]
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Looking for a Gap military style jacket, circa 2009

Around 2009 / 2010 I bought a military surplus style jacket on sale from the Gap. It was green, made of a canvas type material, had elasticy cuffs, a French collar, zipped up the front, and had a secondary pocket on the breast which zipped vertically. It ended up getting paint on it, and I had to throw it out, but this was a great jacket, and I'd really like to have another one. The only problem is that I'm having trouble tracking it down. [more inside]
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Moth Proof Dry Cleaning Bags Toxic?

My local dry cleaner sells what they describe as moth proof plastic clothing bags. They're blue colored and have a slight chemical smell. You're supposed to twist-tie the tops closed. The dry cleaner says he has no information about them. Anyone know anything about these bags and what the chemical is?
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Showering two moms at once

I am hosting a baby shower for two sisters-in-law this weekend. How can we make the present opening fast and fun? [more inside]
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How to make an application work again on a Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet?

My Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet updated itself yesterday. I was in a hurry and did not pay attention to what was actually happening but when it had finished updating, certain apps no longer worked, notably Chrome, Kindle, VLC and the Sims Freeplay game. They started and then closed immediately. I uninstalled and reinstalled the first 3 apps, losing any parameters set previously, no big deal, but I don't want to lose my Sims (or more precisely my young daughter doesn't). [more inside]
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Limit on the NUMBER of Debit Card transactions per day?

The cash is in the account. (Free and clear, not waiting on holds to drop or checks to clear.) The Debit MasterCard is declined. I call Customer Service. The rep tells me that the account has exceeded the daily transaction limit. It’s 4pm on Monday. Special Snowflake details inside. The cash is in the account. The Debit MasterCard is declined. [more inside]
posted by RevRob330 at 2:49 PM PST - 18 comments

Recommend good woodworking shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn?

I am trying to get a custom plywood/laminate table top made, and I have other things I would like to create in the future. I would like to find a good, honest woodworking shop that does small, piecemeal projects like this that I can have a relationship with. I have been in touch with a few, including some I found on Craigslist, but they are all remarkably flaky; won't answer the phone, won't return calls, don't reply to emails, don't show up to appointments. Any suggestions?
posted by gentle at 2:47 PM PST - 9 comments

I have time and tamarind paste

I would like to make worcestershire sauce in my kitchen. I have an extensive spice cabinet and I can get my hands on anything and everything else necessary. I'm willing to toast, mince, simmer, ferment, and strain for as long as it takes. [more inside]
posted by mgar at 2:37 PM PST - 4 comments

Old, Sad Anime Movie

I'm trying to identify an animated Japanese movie I saw when I was a kid, but my web-search-fu has come up empty. [more inside]
posted by The Tensor at 2:37 PM PST - 7 comments

Surely there's a productivity tracker to fit our needs?

I work for a 25-person agency with horrifically outdated software practices. Help us join the 21st century of project and time tracking! [more inside]
posted by meghosaurus at 2:22 PM PST - 3 comments

Jeep or pickup truck or...?

We need to replace our Subaru, and my wife and I both want to have something rough and tumble and fun to bounce down the road in. Help us find the right car, please! [more inside]
posted by sleevener at 2:09 PM PST - 21 comments

I'm letting a household employee go, have I done anything wrong?

I am letting my nanny go for a variety of reasons, and feel both bad and awkward about it, but still think it was the right choice for my own family, and would like to know if I handled this appropriately. [more inside]
posted by tylerkaraszewski at 2:01 PM PST - 48 comments

Accessible resources on ADHD management

I'm looking for resources about managing ADHD for people with ADHD that would be accessible to a highly literate, intelligent 11 year old. I'm thinking books, videos, etc that provide specific strategies for managing daily life. Kid already has medical management, professional support, medication, and loyal and loving community. But at this point, she has a lot of responsibilities that she needs to be beginning to take the lead on herself, and she needs more tools for managing those responsibilities - things like bedtime routine, schoolwork, navigating social relationships, etc. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:56 PM PST - 4 comments

Birthday cake me, bitch

I want to get something like this cake for my husband's birthday on September 20th, which happily coincides with the second to last episode weekend. Is there a bakery in NYC that will do this for me?
posted by roomthreeseventeen at 1:48 PM PST - 6 comments

Flaming fox doesn't appreciate interruptions...

Help me make Firefox less cranky when losing/restoring tethered network via android phone? [more inside]
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Quick, Help! Birthday Event in Central Park Planned, Now Rained Out!

Where can I bring about 20 friends who were planning to meet me tonight in central park for a birthday gathering? Storm clouds are brewing and I need a good backup, like a bar. Help me save the day!!
posted by amoeba at 1:18 PM PST - 8 comments

Semester bill part II

I went to academic advisement around the time when I made this post. [more inside]
posted by antgly at 1:15 PM PST - 16 comments

Friend kicked out of home in Florida - what resources can I recommend?

An friend just got booted out of her home in Florida with an hour's notice by her boyfriend. She has no money, important possessions from small to large in the house, and pets. I advised her to call the police but beyond that I had no idea. Later I found the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and sent her the hotline number. But there must exist checklists or articles for this sort of situation, seeing as it happens so often in abusive relationships! [more inside]
posted by L'Estrange Fruit at 1:13 PM PST - 6 comments

I finally have a good idea of what I want to do! Now what?

I have been very slow when it comes to getting my career off of the ground. I've decided that I need to focus on what I can do right away to begin working in the field that I love. I want to help teenagers or adults with low literacy learn how to read. [more inside]
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Life is fatal. Why isn't it easier to die gracefully?

In the event that I have any control over it whatsoever, I want to die well. Recent family events and yesterday's NPR segments (1, 2) on end-of-life issues raise a fresh wave of questions about how to plan now for the best possible end later on. Is there anything in the works that looks like a living will but allows us in our younger healthier years to document the preference "if a, b or c happen, just guide me to the light with morphine"? I want to be able to die as peacefully and (perhaps almost as) easily as my pets can. And perhaps I should reserve this additional loaded question for a separate post, but what the hell: why do people care so much? [more inside]
posted by AnOrigamiLife at 1:08 PM PST - 22 comments

Help me make this semester a success

I'm going into my fifth year of college and I still have had no jobs, no internships, no relationships with my professors and no references/recommendations. I don't think I'll be able to get a job with the current state of my resume. Please help me figure out what I need to do to change all that this semester. [more inside]
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Husband playing with fire - chances *I* will get burned?

Husband has always been friendly with women, but never too flirtatious. Husband met a woman in the course of his workday (on his commute) and they struck up an "aquaintanceship" based around their daily metro commute. Things have progressed a bit too far for my tastes and I'm trying to understand his mindset. [more inside]
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T-shirts or clothing for a new American?

I'm looking for patriotic garb for a new American citizen. [more inside]
posted by madajb at 12:54 PM PST - 10 comments

Portland (Oregon)! In September! Twentysomethings edition

Two twentysomethings going on a trip to Portland for the first week of September. We’ve got some tickets to MusicFest NW, this guide to biking to microbreweries, and a sweet AirBnB apartment in the Pearl District. I definitely want to check out Stumptown, Powell’s Books, Voodoo Donuts, and Pok Pok but I’d love to hear about some of the places/activities/neat things that people love that might not be so obvious. [more inside]
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Name this show tune I randomly heard on the radio?

I was driving around up near Boston a few months ago when I heard a show tune on the radio, and I haven't been able to get it (or more accurately, the novelty and good execution of its conceit) out of my head. If memory serves, it was a female solo piece. The lyrics began with the question Parlez-vous français?, but proceeded to cobble some common French phrases and famous names (I think I remember hearing Maurice Chevalier) into enjoyable rhyming gibberish, before finally ending with a belted Oprah Winfré! A Google search for what little I remember has proven useless. Does anyone here have any suggestions as to what the song was and where I might purchase it?
posted by The Confessor at 12:26 PM PST - 7 comments

How often have you had to replace your windshield?

The cost of replacing my cracked windshield will be out of my own pocket because it's less than my insurance's deductible. Is this likely to happen again, and is it therefore worth paying for a lowered deductible? [more inside]
posted by Greg_Ace at 11:28 AM PST - 31 comments

What is a certified kitchen?

I live in California and cannot, for the life of me, find any documentation, web site, or book that defines this. I know that foods for public consumption (for the most part) have to be produced in a certified kitchen. Are there certain fixtures or appliances REQUIRED in a certified kitchen? [more inside]
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Jump back!

On September 28, 1988, James Brown led police on a two-state high-speed chase, for which he ultimately served three years in prison on a six-year sentence. This spectacle has been memorialized in two songs I know of: Big Audio Dynamite's James Brown and Pop Will Eat Itself's Not Now James, We're Busy. Are there other songs that chronicle this event? [more inside]
posted by Admiral Haddock at 11:14 AM PST - 5 comments

Allergy-Friendly Dinner in Toronto

I'm a vegetarian with several severe food allergies and I'd like to hear your suggestions for restaurants in Toronto. [more inside]
posted by kate blank at 10:40 AM PST - 8 comments

Low-Carb Tips and Tricks

How did you ease into a low-carb lifestyle? [more inside]
posted by dinosaurprincess at 10:33 AM PST - 18 comments

Is it okay to stop maintaining contact with a longtime 'friend'?

I have a 'friend' with whom I am not interested in maintaining a friendship any longer. She seems to feel otherwise and is being a bit persistent. I keep ignoring her emails and phone calls, but still, every few months or so, there she is. I really don't want to have to tell her that I don't want to be her friend anymore. What can I do? [more inside]
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Physical Therapist in Madison

Where can I get in, quickly, for a PT appointment in Madison, WI? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:31 AM PST - 2 comments

Marisha Pessl's "Night Film" as eBook

Based on some of the negative reviews, it sounds like the more stylized portions of Marisha Pessl's "Night Film" are a mess on Kindle devices. Can anyone comment on how it is using the Kindle app on an iPad, or in iBooks?
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Learning composition by transcribing music?

I have read that John Zorn and Unsuk Chin, among others, learned music composition by transcribing music. Am I correct in thinking that this means copying an existing score? Is this a good way to learn music composition (and are there any others)? Does one copy the piece verbatim, or is there a strategy for targeting significant parts?
posted by myitkyina at 10:17 AM PST - 11 comments

I want to play GTA 5 the instant it comes out. I'm also lazy.

Hope me, mefites with experience pre-ordering video games in Canada! I want to play GTA 5 right away but I don't really have the inclination to go to the store and get one. I ordered it from with priority shipping (1-2 days) but my order confirmation says the delivery estimate is Sept 23/24 - this is not ideal: release date is Sept 17. a) it this in your experience correct? and b) can another online retailer do better? I'm in Vancouver, if it matters. [more inside]
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Recommend music similar to the Copper theme song.

Mrs. Jeffamaphone and I have a long road trip coming up. We've been watching Copper and she really likes the opening music and has asked if we can listen to "music like that" on our road trip. So please recommend some? [more inside]
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How can I deal with grief about selling my house?

I owned a beautiful new home for seven years and had to sell it this year due to practical factors such as distance to work for my wife, daycare, and so on. I am struggling with a kind of grief about it. The new owners move in today and last night I had a farewell party with some friends at the house which helped, but I stayed there all night taking photos and crying and trying to memorize every inch of it. I'm talking literally crying on the front lawn and feeling like I couldn't breathe. [more inside]
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I miss living at college. Can I replicate it as a working adult?

Going to college in Ann Arbor was great in that everything was located conveniently, public transportation was great, and the city was filled with extremely intelligent people. I want to live somewhere like this eventually again, if possible. More criteria inside. [more inside]
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What is the quickest way to sell a huge box full of baseball cards?

My husband has a huge box of baseball cards, many too many for me to go through or sell individually. He says they're worth around 10k or so and i need to unload them and dont know where to start. [more inside]
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Bitcoin mining -- 2103 outlook w/free electricity

I have access to a location that has free (to me) power where I could hook up a Bitcoin mining rig or two. Is this still worth doing, or has that ship sailed? [more inside]
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What are the antennas on the trucks for?

I see a lot of large trucks carrying multiple antennas. What are they for? Are they HAM/CB by any chance? If they are what are the truckers talking about? [more inside]
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I need a new dishwasher!

So, it seems my Whirlpool dishwasher has finally bitten the dust - rather than actually washing, it kind of groans for the entire "wash" cycle, without actually, you know, spewing any water onto the dishes and cleaning them. Unfortunately, my local appliance store closed due to the owners retiring, so I can't ask their expert advice. Has anyone here bought a splendid new dishwasher lately? I need recommendations! [more inside]
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Need more shade to be thrown!

Exhausted current stock of non-fiction podcasts, more recommendations please? Tastes under the fold. [more inside]
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Google: the evil hour cometh. Looking for a new webmail provider.

So how evil is [more inside]
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Excel imported my dates as day-month instead of year-month. How to fix?

How do I fix this? I "imported" a table from a PDF (big mistake). In the pdf, the dates were formatted as AA-BB, where AA was the month and BB was the year. Excel interpreted that as AA is the month and BB is the day, and gave them all 2013 as the year. So now the date reads as 11-Jan instead of Jan 2011. I no longer have access to the original dataset because I only just noticed the mistake. I am using Excel 2010 on Windows.
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After Kitty Hawk: First Aerospace Programs

Which aerospace program came first: the one at MIT or the one at the University of Michigan? [more inside]
posted by Francolin at 7:15 AM PST - 3 comments

Custom t-shirts for sale to a limited group?

A large group of friends will be running a 5k in October. I'm wanting to get some custom team shirts designed for the group, but I don't want to have to fool with collecting money from everyone. So what I'm looking for is somewhere...
  • I can upload my design for the shirts.
  • I can send out a link to the participants and let everyone order on their own.
  • The shirts are not openly available to folks outside the group. (I understand that someone might be able to forward the group's link. I'm just not really wanting it available on the open marketplace.)
  • From what I'm seeing on sites like Cafepress or Spreadshirt, I can't limit who can buy or will I have to place the whole order myself. It is entirely possible that I'm missing something, though. Decent quality is a plus as well. Thanks in advance!!
    posted by MrToad at 7:13 AM PST - 12 comments

    Pick-up shredding services in NYC?

    I am a bit of a pack rat. I’ve made a lot of progress in dealing with this problem but I still have several garbage bags’ worth of paper in my apartment that I don’t need and want to get rid of. [more inside]
    posted by the hot hot side of randy at 6:29 AM PST - 5 comments

    How upset should I be about my boyfriend's temper?

    I've been dating my boyfriend for 5 months. I'm 25, female, he's 36. He's been the best boyfriend I've ever had. Dedicated. Loving. Caring. Kind. He's funny, super smart, handsome, great in bed...I've never been in a relationship this good. Since we started dating, I've seen him get angry a few times. Usually he calms down relatively quickly, apologizes, we talk, and everything is fine. He's mentioned he has a temper and can get very angry, but I had never really seen that side of him. [more inside]
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    Tips for living with hard water

    What simple, cheap things can we do to lessen the damaging effects of hard water on our fixtures and appliances? (Apart from installing a water softener which is not cheap or easy for our living situation.) [more inside]
    posted by like_neon at 6:10 AM PST - 8 comments

    Suggestions for a poetry collection book

    Looking for recommendations for a book of poetry collections for someone new to poetry. [more inside]
    posted by dbirchum at 5:37 AM PST - 17 comments

    Anything but "We are the Champions"

    I need a song suggestion (or 20ish) for how it feels at the end of a ridiculously over complicated project. Or maybe at the end of a marathon. Basically I'm looking for the perfect "YOU DID IT!" song.
    posted by DigDoug at 4:55 AM PST - 23 comments

    Economic Fantasy And The Anti-Anthem.

    Settle a bet: Friend claimed that Terry Pratchett's "Going Postal" and "Making Money" where unique in the fantasy genre for dealing so much with the economics and " white collar" systems of a fantasy setting. I said that couldn't be true but couldn't think of any examples ( they abound in Sci-Fi, but we're talking wands and robes here, and the Baroque Cycle is only kind-of-fantasy). So, what are some examples of fantasy novels where things like labor unions, mediums of exchange, guild politics, trade imbalances, commodities markets, hostile takeovers and government regulation are both explored and woven into the plot? [more inside]
    posted by The Whelk at 4:43 AM PST - 30 comments

    I Need Help Saving My Relationship

    I might have pushed my boyfriend past his limits. After an ensuing huge fight, he now wants some time to himself and rethink the relationship over. Possible breakup. I love and care for him, and want things back to normal. Details inside. [more inside]
    posted by milque at 12:16 AM PST - 53 comments

    August 25

    Explaining disossociation

    Disossociating is a frequent problem I experience and I sometimes need to ask friends to help ground me. How can I explain what happens to people with no experience with mental health? [more inside]
    posted by kanata at 10:52 PM PST - 15 comments

    how to cope with starting a new job that I don't want?

    I love my part-time job, but it doesn't pay the bills. In order for it to become a full-time job that pays the bills, I have to go back to school and get a master's (library science - yay for very little career opportunities!). In order to go back to school, I need to get a full time job and earn some money to pay for school. I just accepted a full time office assistant position in a law firm. I'm not excited at all. Help! [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 10:21 PM PST - 16 comments

    How can I live a better life?

    After years of depression and self-medication I'm trying to live a better life. What should I be doing? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 10:21 PM PST - 15 comments

    How do you forgive yourself for wasting 4 years of your life?

    I'm 30 and still writing my first graduate dissertation. It's been quite a winding road to find direction and purpose in life. I spent (or probably wasted) a total of 4 years after high school exploring unrealistic paths to find happiness, satisfaction and wealth. Today, back to the real world, it sometimes stings to look back on all that wasted time and speculating where I would now be had I chosen the more reasonable and constructive road. Any useful thoughts to help cope with this mostly useless regretful thought of mine? [more inside]
    posted by Basque13 at 10:10 PM PST - 35 comments

    Please solve my complicated luggage situation!

    I need luggage for three situations and I'm hoping I can wind up with just two items (and not spend too much money). I need a rolling case for my MacBook Pro and books for school, a piece of carry-on luggage for an upcoming trip, and a sturdy but not too heavy suitcase. [more inside]
    posted by wintersweet at 9:25 PM PST - 7 comments

    More Jevity

    How do I get nutritionally complete food for the cheapest possible? [more inside]
    posted by curuinor at 9:12 PM PST - 15 comments

    How to get the most out of my new Sony RX100?

    I've been wanting to pick up photography as a hobby for a little while now and last week took the plunge with a Sony RX100 due to the great reviews, compact size and limited future potential spending (i.e., no expensive lenses to purchase). I'm wondering how to go about getting the most out of it when it seems like most photography resources are for DSLRs. I also have a specific question about an issue that I've noticed in some of my photos. [more inside]
    posted by imalaowai at 9:10 PM PST - 10 comments

    Teach me about logging operations!

    How, physically, does clearcutting happen? What sort of equipment is used to cut down trees on steep hillsides? How is lumber and paper so inexpensive given all the work it takes? How do companies decide what sections to cut? (Some of the patterns cut are really odd!) Also, since different companies often own sections of timber accessed from the same (privately owned?) mainline, how do access deals play out?
    posted by ArcAm at 8:28 PM PST - 14 comments

    Professional etiquette: I don't want to step on toes

    I've been invited to sub-contract on a proposal by a friend/colleague who works for a larger firm that's putting in the bid. While my role would only be related to one specific piece of the overall project, I'm reading the draft of the whole proposal, and I think the document needs significant polishing. Can I tell my friend/colleague? How to approach it? Snowflakes -> [more inside]
    posted by dry white toast at 8:21 PM PST - 5 comments

    Help me plan my birthday in Seattle

    I'm new to Seattle and about to celebrate a milestone-ish birthday after a super hectic year - help me figure out how to plan an amazing day! [more inside]
    posted by DuckGirl at 7:57 PM PST - 13 comments

    Name This Dog, Terrier/Otter Edition

    Dear AskMetaFilter, I never thought this would happen to me! My partner and I adopted a terrier mix and we are stumped for a name! (Well, strictly speaking, this isn't true; we each have ideas, but we can't agree.) Your collective wit, whimsy, and wisdom are required within. [more inside]
    posted by scody at 7:56 PM PST - 54 comments

    Help remembering title of a book I had as a child - 1970s

    It's driving me crazy - the book was about fishing/fisherman and featured dark linocut illustrations. I think the cover was blue and black. My recollection is that the tone of the book was sad. This was in Canada, early 1970s, if it matters. Help!
    posted by SpecialSpaghettiBowl at 7:34 PM PST - 6 comments

    MetalFilter - I know what I like, but not how to find more of it

    So, there's a particular flavor of music that I like, but there's a lot of music in its genre that doesn't scratch my itch. Pandora gives me too broad of a variety, and I'm not enough of an aficionado to know the specific subgenre, or labels, to search for. Some examples I like are Wounds by Masterplan, and Starfall by Dragonland. I think my tastes generally fall under "power metal", but a specific variety of it, and I don't have a name for that subcategory. [more inside]
    posted by NMcCoy at 6:52 PM PST - 11 comments

    What does "a fish on a stick" mean?

    Everyone's talking about "waving a fish on a stick" - but no-one can explain what it means or where it comes from. Can you? [more inside]
    posted by girlgenius at 6:44 PM PST - 12 comments

    What was the deal with my obsessive childhood interests?

    I was a raging fan of several different media properties as a kid. I'd like to read or learn more about individuals who are likewise obsessed. [more inside]
    posted by PhoBWanKenobi at 6:06 PM PST - 34 comments

    Vegetarian fillings for Pide.

    I'm making pide for dinner tonight. I am sick of my regular fillings - what do you put in your pide? I am especially looking for vegetarian fillings. Thanks!
    posted by smoke at 5:35 PM PST - 8 comments

    Have I damaged my Kool Tie?

    I recently purchased a Kool Tie from REI. Before reading the instructions, I dunked the Kool Tie in water and froze it. Unfortunately, I assumed it was meant to be frozen before use. Have I permanently ruined the crystals in my Kool Tie? Or can I just thaw it and continue on with regular use?
    posted by horizonseeker at 5:34 PM PST - 4 comments

    I hate iPhoto, except for the fact that it imports and organizes by date

    After years and years of agony, we're quitting iPhoto for OS X. For now, we're using Lyn plus existing cloud backup rather than paying another monthly nut for Dropbox or the like. The only problem is, I like that when iPhoto imports photos, it organized them by year, month and day. I'd like to find a way to replace this functionality -- Apple script, existing software, whatever -- without actually importing them into iPhoto.
    posted by blueshammer at 5:26 PM PST - 2 comments

    I'm so tired.

    How do I improve my nutrition and overall well-being in these circumstances? [more inside]
    posted by annathea at 5:22 PM PST - 22 comments

    How to get time off new job for mental health reasons

    I recently started a new job that has a very strict attendance policy and I have no vacation or sick time accrued. My doctor has recommended to me that I attend a 2 week inpatient program for the mental issues I've been dealing with. I'm still thinking about it, but if I did decide to do it, who at my company do I need to speak to and what should I say so that I don't end up losing my job for taking that time off. This is my first job so your answers can assume I know absolutely nothing about how these things work.
    posted by theshire at 5:15 PM PST - 11 comments

    Breastfeeding help for two month old

    I've looked at the archives but couldn't find much specific to my situation. I have been breastfeeding my nine week old since he was born, but recently things have gotten more painful. It's never been easy or pain free, but lately nursing has resulted in so much bleeding that my poor little guy is spitting up pink/red after a feeding. I have four days left of maternity leave and an appointment with my OB in two Thursdays, but is there anything I can do in the meantime to make feedings a little less upsetting for both of us? [more inside]
    posted by House of Leaves of Grass at 4:35 PM PST - 28 comments

    Things to do in SF during Burning Man

    The burn is about to begin, and San Francisco and the East Bay are about to vacate. I, however, have been left behind, holding down the fort at work while others party in the desert. Things aren't all bad though, as being in SF during Burning Man comes with some advantages - like being able to actually find parking or not having to wait as long for a cone at Humphrey Slocombe. What are other things to do in the Bay Area that are busy much of the year but not as crowded during Burning Man?
    posted by eschatfische at 3:59 PM PST - 8 comments

    Lost Document

    I recently saved a document in Microsoft Word. I closed it, and the next time I opened it, it was blank. I figured I had just forgotten to save or done something stupid, so I re-wrote the document and saved it again. I emailed it to myself for good measure. Next time I opened it, it was blank again. I'm very frustrated, and it was an important document that I would like to recover, if possible, without having to re-write it a third time. Has anyone experienced this situation? Can anyone help me recover my document? I'm desperate.
    posted by Lee Shore at 3:57 PM PST - 9 comments

    Devices for speech-to-text for child with learning disabilities

    I am looking for a device that will do speech recognition (speech to text) at home for my son. He is a great writer, as in storyteller, and creates great stories every day (ten pages single spaced when I transcribe them) but his handwriting speed is about two or three words per minute. What would be most convenient is if an Android tablet (e.g. Nexus 7) will do the trick, because that is the first choice for some other purposes. Is there any reason that this would be a poor choice -- is there something that is far better? [more inside]
    posted by winston at 3:49 PM PST - 7 comments

    Excel 2007 Scroll-bar going to end of sheet

    I have an excel 2007 spreadsheet in which the vertical scrollbar covers the whole 1,000,000 rows i.e pressing ctrl - end takes me to row 1,048,576. I would like it to only scroll to the end of my data. [more inside]
    posted by mataboy at 3:00 PM PST - 9 comments

    Water quality testing

    I have previously posted that my water appliances like hot water pot and coffee machine quickly descaled when i moved into my home. I never could figure out why. If one were to get home water tested, is it necessary to know what I am testing for? Anyone know of any reliable testing outfits?
    posted by dougiedd at 2:30 PM PST - 5 comments

    What should I be looking for in finding a dietitian? Recs for DC area?

    1) How do I go about finding a dietitian for help with weight loss? 2) Does anyone have recommendations in the Washington DC area? Preferences and particulars below the fold, but even just general advice on those 2 questions would be helpful really. [more inside]
    posted by NikitaNikita at 2:16 PM PST - 4 comments

    Security issues to consider?

    I'm making a small app (website) that stores arbitrary encrypted data on a server. It's always encrypted on the server; encoding and decoding the information takes place in the browser via JS using the Stanford Javascript Crypto Library. [more inside]
    posted by jsturgill at 2:06 PM PST - 28 comments

    Basically, if Disney did webcomics.

    I am really overwhelmed by the world of webcomics. I have no idea where to start, although I have stumbled across a few that I really like. Can you help me find some that I would like, based on my current preferences? - which are below the fold. Thanks guys! [more inside]
    posted by Ziggy500 at 1:53 PM PST - 25 comments

    Boston Ikea how-to: difficulty level, no car

    Boston-area Mefites: share your wisdom! We are looking to furnish our Medford, MA, apartment. We'd like to shop at Ikea. The problem is, we don't drive (we aren't legally qualified, so Zipcar doesn't help). Ikea will deliver from the store, which is great but leaves one problem: How do we get to and from the store? Any advice helpful; more details inside. [more inside]
    posted by grobstein at 1:51 PM PST - 9 comments

    What happens at "Duck Dynasty Live"?

    What happens at a live "Duck Dynasty" appearance? [more inside]
    posted by jbickers at 1:48 PM PST - 5 comments

    Can I find out what happened to the man who caused my friend's demise?

    My friend was killed in an accident two years ago. He was a passenger on the back of a motorcycle. The driver had minor injuries and he was later charged with DUI and first degree manslaughter. It happened in Amity, Or. When I google it I find the original story...but nothing else. Maybe he hasn't been tried yet? Or maybe (who knows) the charges got dropped (I sort of doubt that, but these days it seems like anything can happen). Can you tell me specifically if I (a non-relative) have any rights to information about where things stand? My friend didn't have much family that I know of. Who would I contact? The DA? Would they talk to me? Is there any type of procedure to follow? Thank you!
    posted by naplesyellow at 1:40 PM PST - 6 comments

    Best podcast handler for archival/organizational issues

    Better podcast handler/podcatcher wanted. My current setup is iPhone 4S 32GB / Windows 7 / iTunes - I have been using iTunes since my first iPhone and I'm ready to switch. I am an avid podcast listener and this is where iTunes and I have come to a parting of the ways. [more inside]
    posted by clerestory at 1:25 PM PST - 5 comments

    Why wear a Tyvek suit for a Perp Walk?

    I've noticed that the NYPD has a habit of doing perp-walks with the suspect in a Tyvek suit. Why? [more inside]
    posted by wrok at 1:02 PM PST - 3 comments

    Best fun kid-friendly restaurants in DC?

    What are he best kid-friendly restaurants in DC or thereabouts which also have a fun ambience for grown-ups (eg maybe outdoor seating) and good food?
    posted by shivohum at 12:56 PM PST - 10 comments

    6 mo Bengal cat with diarrhea - maybe tritrichomonas foetus, maybe not

    I have a 6 month old Bengal male cat with persistent diarrhea. We narrowed it down through testing to tritrichomonas foetus and gave him 30mg/kg dose of Ronidazole for two weeks. The diarrhea went away while he was on Ronidazole, then returned within 48 hours after going off the Ronidazole. I am taking a sample back for testing (which is really tricky with tritrichomonas foetus) on Monday and see what the vet says. But I am wondering if anyone has any experience with this. [more inside]
    posted by alcahofa at 12:25 PM PST - 6 comments

    Coca Cola Commerical

    There was a Coke commercial a million years ago (or closer to 10-20?) where the narrator was saying all the moments coke was enjoyed and the words had an accompanying picture of a bottle or glass of coke. [more inside]
    posted by fruitopia at 12:02 PM PST - 4 comments

    Does this batch of kombucha look, umm.... normal?

    My first quart-sized batch of kombucha didn't look like this at all. It looked pretty normal. I'm not sure if I just need to wait, or if this is mold and I need to throw out the juice and start over, or what. Judging by these pictures, can you tell if this batch is a variation of normal, or a flop?
    posted by luciddream928 at 10:58 AM PST - 12 comments

    40th birthday experience ideas needed!

    I need ideas for an outdoorsy/active October 40th birthday weekend getaway from Boston. [more inside]
    posted by floweredfish at 10:33 AM PST - 6 comments

    Android App Search

    Android App Search Question: I'm looking for a specific type of Android app (a music player which has a large "time elapsed" display). I'm new to the world of apps, and am completely confused as to how to sort the apps in the Play Store and even begin to narrow down the options. It looks like the only search criteria are "Free" or "Paid" - either way, I get like a bajillion returns. Am I missing something? How do folks either (a) narrow down your searches, or (b) navigate the overwhelming choice?
    posted by forallmankind at 10:17 AM PST - 6 comments

    Good temporary agencies in NYC?

    I am looking for recent, first-hand recommendations for good temporary agencies in NYC (beyond the three mentioned in this thread). I have a background in nonprofits, but I cannot limit myself to niche agencies. I would also (secondarily) welcome current insight into the temp world. Thank you! At least I know Excel this time around
    posted by skbw at 10:13 AM PST - 6 comments

    Lab-appropriate Hair?

    Women scientists - how do you keep your long layers and bangs from catching on fire at work? [more inside]
    posted by arabelladragon at 9:56 AM PST - 37 comments

    Are medical negotiators legit?

    Are sites like this legit? Basically, they promise to negotiate your medical bills; if they save you money, they take a percentage of it (often 35% of your total savings). If they're unable to help you save, they don't charge anything. I have a super-high deductible insurance plan, and have long known that most bills can be lowered by me calling the billing department and asking. I've had bills lowered any where from 1-40%, with the knowledge that the remaining amount generally must be paid in full relatively quickly. Has anyone used a site to negotiate for them, and if so, did you feel like their negotiating was better than what you could have done on your own? Note: This is hypothetical, as I do not currently have any large medical bills looming. Assume that I do have the resources to pay a large bill in full if it saves a hefty percentage in the long run.
    posted by csox at 9:30 AM PST - 6 comments

    Should I stay... Or really, how should I go?

    How do I navigate a breakup with this woman who I respect and love, in a way that might encourage her to get better and find some happiness? Or should I even break up with her, given the potential good things that might come along if she did process through some of her stuff? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 9:16 AM PST - 32 comments

    How do I start running even though I have disc problems

    It's been a few years since I had an MRI but I have two degenerated discs that give me problems now and then. What do I need to do to start running for exercise? [more inside]
    posted by Thrillhouse at 8:32 AM PST - 11 comments

    What do I need to know for my first art walk showing?

    I'm going to have my photography featured in an Art Walk, and this is my first time doing anything like this. I'm excited but don't know what the heck I'm doing. What do I need to know? [more inside]
    posted by Autumn at 5:01 AM PST - 8 comments

    Movies that show the aftermath of a stylish party?

    I'm looking for movies which show the aftermath of a hip or elegant party. There's a scene like this in Breakfast at Tiffany's, when Holly Golightly wakes up looking like a hot mess the morning after her swinging house party. Can you think of any others? It could be the morning after, or in the middle of the night when everyone's asleep or gone home.
    posted by peter1982peter at 3:36 AM PST - 39 comments

    How to write a cover letter to overseas employer?

    How should mention my nationality when writing a cover letter to employer overseas? I have read that I am not supposed to say anything about my marital status, religion, etc... But since I am a foreigner so I don't want the recruiter to find it out in my last paragraph kindda. I feel that I should at least tell them why I am relocating and such. However, it's also weird to bring it up in the first paragraph either (and get thrown to trash right away...). In fact, I am a US citizen writing to Canadian employer so it is basically very similar to letters to my local companies. Unfortunately, it is harder than I thought due to the citizenship and job market, I guess. I have searched and couldn't find any sample letter for employer overseas... Do you guys have any idea or experience how I should put it better?
    posted by lanhan at 1:06 AM PST - 14 comments

    August 24

    Identify this reality-bending TV show episode

    I once saw a show, which I remember as being from The Outer Limits, where two people discover that reality isn't as they thought. [more inside]
    posted by jiawen at 11:59 PM PST - 11 comments

    Is there any way to repurpose a peek pronto?

    So there is this device that used to be on the tmobile network called the Peek Pronto, which was soley good for emailing, SMS, Facebook and Twitter. It was discontinued in 2012. I found all this out after I found one in my mom's room, and she doesn't know how she came by it. My question is, is there anyway to re-purpose this phone for something else? It has a TMobile SIM, but maybe there's some way to alter it so it can access wi fi? I dunno, I'm a sucker for upcycling/reusing, and also for obscure mobile devices. Peek Pronto Review.
    posted by Cybria at 11:53 PM PST - 2 comments

    What bird call is in this Band of Horses song?

    On the Band of Horses song "Infinite Arms," what bird is calling in the intro? [more inside]
    posted by herrdoktor at 11:47 PM PST - 4 comments

    Please help me find more novels to read!

    Lately I've been reading novels and memoirs about unconventional/rough upbringings. Please help me find more! I especially liked The God of War, so more books with the same "feel" would be welcome. [more inside]
    posted by easy, lucky, free at 11:39 PM PST - 24 comments


    Groupwork assignments - should I find a different partner? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 11:05 PM PST - 14 comments

    Do you know any California vacation rental spots in modest locations?

    My large family (it's going to be between 10 and 14 people - not sure yet) wants to gather for a few days at Christmastime. Money is an issue for some of us and so we can't do more than three nights. Understandably, most of the available rentals that would accommodate a group our size are in high demand areas, and they want a longer holiday stay than we can afford (and in many cases more money per night.) The thing is, we can be totally flexible with location. Anywhere in California between, say, Santa Rosa and San Luis Obispo would be fine, as long as it isn't snowy in December (ruling out the Tahoe area.) [more inside]
    posted by fingersandtoes at 10:39 PM PST - 11 comments

    How can I work full time from home and take care of a baby?

    I am a 32 year old female and have a full-time job. I've been working from home for 6 years now. My boyfriend and I are talking about marriage and having a baby. We're trying to figure out if it's going to be possible for me to still work full-time from home while also raising a baby. I found a lot of articles about it being possible to cut back on hours or work part-time only, but I don't want to do that (insurance and financial reasons). He works full-time as well and not from home and we want to try to avoid day care (or at least use it minimally). Has anyone ever successfully done this? If so, I'd love to know how. What was good/bad about it?
    posted by mlk915 at 10:30 PM PST - 40 comments

    Help me identify and banish this funkyfunky odor

    My house smells like vomit. There is no vomit in my house. It has been driving me insane for several months now and I must. kill. the. smell. [more inside]
    posted by raspberrE at 9:37 PM PST - 25 comments

    Health Savings Accounting

    Can I really use my now empty Health Savings Account plan to pre-tax reimburse myself for expenses in the past, if I contribute to it today? [more inside]
    posted by lpctstr; at 9:16 PM PST - 2 comments

    very sore hip flexors after a new workout--help?

    I tried a new ab workout on Thursday and I must have been cheating with my hip flexors too much because today (two days later) the soreness is incredible. If I describe my workout and my symptoms, could the hive mind try to identify which muscle is sore and suggest ways to stretch it? [more inside]
    posted by d. z. wang at 9:13 PM PST - 4 comments

    Sweet, sweet summer

    Summer fling is over and I am sad that it is not continuing into the fall. I am also unhappy about how it ended and feeling unresolved. We never discussed how/if we would stay in contact and so far the past week there has been no contact. Want to move past this but I need advice for how to do this. [more inside]
    posted by thesnowyslaps at 8:47 PM PST - 14 comments

    LAFilter: On the hunt/looking for a comeup/where is fucking awesome?

    A friend and I are planning to go thrift-shopping in LA in a fewweeks. Neither of us have been thrift-shopping out there, though we're both pretty hardcore about thrift-shopping in general. So, tell me your secrets, LA MeFites, for finding the good stuff. Here's what we're interested in... [more inside]
    posted by Ghostride The Whip at 8:30 PM PST - 13 comments

    Short story where the main character is tricked into becoming God

    It starts with the main character's death where he meets God. God presents him with some kind of question or riddle to solve. The guy eventually gets the right answer. In the end it turns out that God deceived the man into getting the correct answer so he could be free of his immortality.
    posted by laptolain at 7:52 PM PST - 6 comments

    Tell me more about this Russian jacket

    I like the jackets worn by the 6 people focused on at 2:20-2:27 of this video. Are they part of some kind of uniform/cultural reference, or are they made just for this video? Where can I learn more about them?
    posted by JDHarper at 7:43 PM PST - 4 comments

    Beginner Blackroom

    I just got an older enlarger and want to get back into developing photos. I haven't done this since high school. Please recommend A. Beginners resources for blackroom devloping and B. Internet sites to buy cheap chemicals and paper. Thanks MeFies!
    posted by hiddenknives at 7:20 PM PST - 4 comments

    Son's ahead of his preschool-mates. Should I be concerned?

    My son is in a pre-K program for 3 year olds at a local charter school for 3 hours a day. The teacher sent home a break-down of all the stuff they'll be learning this year. My kid knows all the stuff already. Should I be worried about him being forced to re-learn stuff he learned over a year ago? Will he be arrogant, bored, frustrated? Will he pretend not to know? [more inside]
    posted by kristymcj at 5:47 PM PST - 22 comments

    Starting Over

    I wanted to ask others what they would do if they were losing their mental abilities? I have seen a therapist for about seven years and I have frequently told him that other people can do things that I just don't understand. He has always normalized this by telling me that it is simply practice and that if I persist that I will be able to do what others are able to do. If you were seriously on the decline in the mental health aspect of your life, what would you do? My thoughts are that medication cannot solve everything. I am lucky to have a job right now, but I don't know whether I will be able to continue to work unless something starts getting better in the mental area such as my memory.
    posted by nidora at 4:36 PM PST - 26 comments

    Telling between a tic and the same thing from a "normal" cause?

    Can people who have tic disorders (such as Tourette's) that cause them to do things that everybody does once in a while tell when they're doing that thing because of the "normal" cause and when they're doing it because of the tic? [more inside]
    posted by Flunkie at 4:20 PM PST - 5 comments

    ISO creamy Greek salad dressing

    I'm looking for a tried-and-true recipe for creamy Greek salad dressing. When I lived in the Boston area, the Greek salads I got from my neighborhood Greektalian pizza places (like Aram's #2), as well as from the small local pizza chain Upper Crust, came with a wonderful creamy, tangy dressing. Here in California and everywhere else in the country as far as I can tell, Greek salads come with a vinaigrette-type dressing, and searching for Greek salad dressing recipes returns nothing but vinaigrettes as well. I've spent some time experimenting with ingredients, but I'm hoping someone here is familiar with this type of dressing and has a good, tried-and-true recipe. Are you? Do you? I'm looking for recipes only, please, not suggestions for what might be in the dressing.
    posted by rhiannonstone at 3:28 PM PST - 8 comments

    Looking for a replacement wire pin-back for a button

    Looking for a replacement wire pin-back for a button [more inside]
    posted by vanitas at 3:22 PM PST - 2 comments

    What is this tree/shrub thing?

    I am trying to identify a tree (or shrub thing pruned into a vaguely tree-like shape) that I walk by every day. It has purplish/magenta-ish blossoms and it smells lovely. No it is not a lilac. It is currently in bloom (in the Pacific Northwest). Pics inside. [more inside]
    posted by dersins at 3:11 PM PST - 8 comments

    How do I adjust the sound sync on my TV?

    When I watch TV, the sound is just a little bit off and it looks like everything is dubbed. What can I do about this? [more inside]
    posted by The corpse in the library at 2:51 PM PST - 12 comments

    Orange Senegal APN & Internet pack

    Does anyone have the settings for internet on Orange in Senegal? [more inside]
    posted by jago25_98 at 2:50 PM PST - 2 comments

    What was this contact reminder program?

    A while ago, I came across a handy little program/script, which I think worked roughly like this: you give it a table of various friends' names and how often you want to stay in touch with them, and at appropriate intervals it will give you a "hey, you haven't emailed Jeff in 3 months" type reminder. [more inside]
    posted by pont at 2:40 PM PST - 4 comments

    Organization that educates public about social and emotional issues?

    I recently discovered CASEL, which supports social and emotional learning in schools. This is something I think I really want to support, but I'm more interested in social and emotional learning for a general audience (voters, other Metafilter members, etc.), rather than the young students that are CASEL's focus. [more inside]
    posted by amtho at 2:29 PM PST - 2 comments

    Videos or Articles About Adult Opinions of Teenagers

    I'm going to have my students create a mixed-media project that shows what it's like to be a teenager now, and I'd like to start the project with some videos or articles that show the stereotypical way that adults view teenagers. The more offensive and stereotype-laden the better, and bonus points for fear-mongering oh-noes-the-death-of-civilisation-at-the-hands-of-teens. [more inside]
    posted by guster4lovers at 2:23 PM PST - 9 comments

    How do I implement external navbars in HTML5?

    For a website, I want to have one nav.html file and include it across the site to provide a write-once horizontal navbar at the top of each page. Is there a way of doing this without server-side stuff like PHP? [more inside]
    posted by milkb0at at 2:12 PM PST - 9 comments

    Cheating: Clueless girlfriend edition

    How do I move on after infidelity? I recently discovered that my BF has been cheating on me. Need advice on how to proceed, mentally/emotionally - snowflakey details inside. [more inside]
    posted by tillei at 1:43 PM PST - 18 comments

    What is the best soundbar for a flatscreen TV?

    What is the best soundbar for a flatscreen TV which includes bluetooth for my iPhone music, but does *not* include a subwoofer, and is under $200? [more inside]
    posted by deern the headlice at 1:32 PM PST - 4 comments

    Best banking solution for being paid in pounds, but living on euros?

    For the next three years, I will be paid in sterling pounds as an UK employee. However, I will be living in the Netherlands for the next 1-3 years (so, potentially during the whole contract). What is the best solution for a bank account that takes in pounds, but allows me to spend euros? I would like a Dutch, euro bank account for the time that I am in the Netherlands. I want to try to avoid transferring all of my salary to euros, as I may move to the UK soon... and transferring pounds to euros and back to pounds seems like a waste of money. [more inside]
    posted by Peter Petridish at 1:17 PM PST - 9 comments

    Liability with untransferred car title

    Can my parents be held liable for a car that they sold but still hold the title on due to buyer negligence? [more inside]
    posted by btkuhn at 12:47 PM PST - 4 comments

    Identifying a large white tank on google maps.

    What is this large white tank used for?
    posted by 517 at 12:38 PM PST - 8 comments

    What are the most affordable and helpful wine stores in NYC?

    What are the most affordable and helpful wine stores in NYC? I'd like a wide selection of bottles $15 and under sold by nice, helpful, non-pretentious people. I am aware of Trader Joe's Wines and Astor Place Wines. I'm in Fort Greene, so anything in Brooklyn or Manhattan below 60th St is most helpful!
    posted by Viola at 11:49 AM PST - 11 comments

    Getting to know shrews...

    Gray wolves mate for life, honeybees know the world is round and ducks have corkscrew penises. Tell me more! I'm looking for thoughtful and fascinating introductions to the features, behaviors and "character" of particular species of animal. [more inside]
    posted by stuck on an island at 11:18 AM PST - 17 comments

    Help Me Find My Next Job

    What job titles should I be looking for? Help me think outside the Educational Sales box. I recently got laid off from a job as a Field Sales Rep for an educational publishing company. Prior to that, I worked in field sales positions for companies focusing on technology for people with disabilities. I’m looking for a new job, and maybe a new career, but need guidance on job titles I should be seeking. [more inside]
    posted by ms_rasclark at 11:07 AM PST - 2 comments

    How to get a dog, without getting a dog

    I think my father would love to have a dog. My mom, however, is allergic, and so getting one that would live with them is not possible. How else can my dad get access to regular doggy goodness without actually having his own dog? [more inside]
    posted by nat at 11:02 AM PST - 18 comments

    Name this plier-like culinary tool!

    I was at a vacation home recently and came across this cooking impliment. It had a corrugated stationary anvil and a flat (IIRC) moving head. When closed the device has its drainage off to the side of whatever's being squished, sugesting that the juice is the thing here and the flesh of whatever's being pulped is neither desirable, retained, nor delicate enough to require much straining past the rather large holes. What's it for?
    posted by Ogre Lawless at 10:51 AM PST - 11 comments

    Sudden sore throat and lost voice. Make it not hurt!

    I woke up Friday with a sore throat that quickly escalated to a painful cough and lost voice. What can I do to make the coughing, my lungs, and my ribs no hurt so much? [more inside]
    posted by Room 641-A at 10:09 AM PST - 14 comments

    What is this bread?

    I was at a Mexican corner grocery last night, and on a whim bought this bread. It's really good, and I want to know what it is. It's really dense and wheaty, with a bit of sweetness (kind of like a honey wheat.) The only label is the one in the picture (enhanced). I've tried searching the word in label, and get nothing! What is it?
    posted by Wulfhere at 10:02 AM PST - 4 comments

    Where to get Haircut and lip waxed in Roxbury, Boston MA on the CHEAP?

    I am new BU Med student and just moved to Boston- in the Roxbury neighborhood. I need to get my hair cut and styled and my lip waxed on the cheap, ASAP. I am used to getting these service done in Chicago in different ethnic areas for super cheap. So where to go and how can I get there from the Roxbury area or Med campus? Thanks!
    posted by TRUELOTUS at 10:01 AM PST - 1 comment

    Help me tweak my bike fit and/or technique

    I'm getting a bit of pain in my left knee when cycling recently, so I stuck my bike on the trainer and shot a couple of videos (side, front). I'm planning a trip to both the doctors and a professional bike fitting, but in the mean time (seeing as I still need to bike to work everyday), I was wondering if any of our cycling MeFites could take a look and see if there's anything obvious to fix? On a first look at the videos, it looks like I'm really stretching at the bottom of my pedal stroke (even though it totally doesn't feel like it on the bike) - should I lower my saddle and try to keep a more level foot? In case it's relevant, I'm interested in comfort and not at all interested in speed, so feel free to recommend stuff that will make me slower if you think it'll result in a more comfortable ride!
    posted by primer_dimer at 9:47 AM PST - 5 comments

    Dog bed for two cats can haz

    My cats need a new bed -- help me find one! (Yes, photo inside.) [more inside]
    posted by gnomeloaf at 9:46 AM PST - 10 comments

    What was I doing in my first kungfu class?

    So I finally bit the bullet and went to a kungfu class. Things moved quickly and I struggled to keep up with the others, who are more experienced. I was determined to search on you tube when I got home and practice. The trouble is, I can't find what it is that I was doing. [more inside]
    posted by mateuslee at 9:37 AM PST - 7 comments

    How to help aging parents financially

    My sibling and I (in our 40s) live in the same city; our parents (in their 70s) live in a nearby state. They are retired and in financial dire straits, due largely to various ill-advised decisions they made over the course of several decades. We need to figure out how we can help them in a way we can all live with. [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 7:46 AM PST - 11 comments

    Good replacement watch band for calculator watch?

    I wear a Casio CA53W calculator watch and I need a replacement band. [more inside]
    posted by ChrisHartley at 7:16 AM PST - 8 comments

    Tips & tricks for capturing the 'voice' of a piece of fiction?

    How do you go about consciously aping the voice/tone/style of a particular genre of fiction or writer? [more inside]
    posted by Erberus at 5:10 AM PST - 8 comments

    Dog + Delivery Driver + Paws through window pane ≠ good times

    Eleven hours ago our 80 pound dog, Oscar, put both his front paws through a small pane of glass in a set of french doors which resulted in lacerations to the "back" of both front legs. Thankfully we were home and reacted quickly by summoning our neighbor who is an exotic pet veterinarian. She was able to wrap up both legs and call ahead to the ER vet. Even with this quick reaction Oscar still lost a lot of blood and did pretty serious damage to one of his legs. The ER vet was able to repair the severed (partially or completely, they did not provide specifics) muscle, tendon and artery and we were able to bring him home about six hours ago. Now what? [more inside]
    posted by FlamingBore at 3:27 AM PST - 16 comments

    Simplest way to generate many chart images from a csv?

    I have been looking at Chartbuilder and d3.js as a means to generate chart images for clients. We make them a video and instream advertise it. We report monthly impressions and views of the video. What would be the best way to present this data? [more inside]
    posted by andendau at 3:02 AM PST - 6 comments

    Stopping Staph Infections

    What are you supposed to do to minimize being reinfected with staph? So far the only advice I've gotten from doctors is "wash your hands more" but I do that already and it's not helping. [more inside]
    posted by These Birds of a Feather at 12:14 AM PST - 15 comments

    August 23

    hepatitis A vaccine in seattle?

    Where can I pay ~$50 and get a Hepatitis A vaccine in Seattle on a Saturday? I'm near 1st and Virginia. [more inside]
    posted by zeek321 at 9:29 PM PST - 6 comments

    Please recommend a good, cheap printer

    I need a cheap, reliable printer with cheap(ish) replacement ink that can print in black even if other colors are out. Mac, if it matters. [more inside]
    posted by Camofrog at 9:08 PM PST - 26 comments

    Which film should I see at the Montreal World Film Festival?

    I will be in Montreal during the World Film Festival and would love to catch at least one film during it (subtitled in English), however there are 400 something films to choose from, and thus it's extremely difficult to narrow it down. Does anyone know of anything exceptional that will be there, or perhaps an amazing director's next film that shouldn't be missed? [more inside]
    posted by haveanicesummer at 8:44 PM PST - 1 comment

    I want to buy a PS3. I think?

    How much will PlayStation 3s come down in price after the PlayStation 4 comes out? [more inside]
    posted by fishmasta at 8:02 PM PST - 16 comments

    Use of Luna beads for Kegel exercises

    I have Luna Beads (kegel exercisers) from Lelo, and have been putting one blue one (which is a heavier weight than the pink ones) in before showering, wearing it throughout the shower, and then doing a few "sets" of holding the ball in while tugging on the string to remove it. But I don't really know what I'm doing, how to know if this is an appropriate level of exercise, when to move to two balls, when to sterilize them, etc. More specific questions within [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 8:01 PM PST - 8 comments

    Watch your step.

    In the spring I made a decision to move back home to find myself and really figure out what it is I want to do with the rest of my life. I'd like to tread water carefully with my next adventure. What makes sense for me? [more inside]
    posted by signondiego at 8:00 PM PST - 8 comments

    Like "I Shouldn't Be Alive" but with kids?

    My pediatrician's office had a book in the waiting room--true stories of terrible accidents told by the kids and teens who managed to survive them. Anyone know the title? [more inside]
    posted by Baethan at 7:59 PM PST - 3 comments

    What movie/show/book am I thinking of?

    I am struggling to remember where I saw this scenario play out, I'm hoping it will ring a bell to someone out there. I only remember vague details so I may get some things wrong. It's about a drugged out couple helping a stranger rob them and only later realizing what happened. [more inside]
    posted by ZackTM at 6:02 PM PST - 8 comments

    Russian translation for Android App

    I am creating an Android app and it would have some attraction to Russians, especially in the West, so I need a small amount of translation done. [more inside]
    posted by falsedmitri at 5:28 PM PST - 8 comments

    Help! Entering HR career from JD/MBA

    I'm in the middle of a JD/MBA. How can I plan my time to enter HR as a career? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 4:09 PM PST - 6 comments

    Suggestions on making cats sound adoptable

    I currently have two foster kittens that I'm returning to the Humane Society soon. They will then advertise these kittens for adoption. In order to help them find their "forever family", the Society has asked us to write descriptions of the kittens. They haven't provided any guidelines, just to "write about their personality etc". [more inside]
    posted by mosessis at 4:08 PM PST - 13 comments

    Are my expectations out of whack? Is this guy a jerk?

    I've been very casually involved with a guy for the past couple of weeks. I am not a subscriber to the "He's Just Not That Into You" theory for a variety of reasons, but my patience is running thin and I could use a little outside perspective. How do you know if a genuinely busy dude is blowing you off? How do I bring this up if/when I see him this weekend? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 4:07 PM PST - 41 comments

    Is this a thing, or am I just being pointlessly obsessional?

    I don't seem to have a single "resting heart rate" - it keeps changing each time I try to measure it! Is this more-likely-than-not bad, or a crapshoot, or...? And, more to the point, does it have a name? [more inside]
    posted by Fee Phi Faux Phumb I Smell t'Socks o' a Puppetman! at 4:06 PM PST - 16 comments

    Procrastinator needs to write 9k words in 3 days. Please advise.

    So, I made a previous thread about my general tendencies to dither and procrastinate. On some fronts I've made progress since then, but not recently. I've come back from my year abroad placement at college and I have 3 papers to write to make the year count. They're 3k each. [more inside]
    posted by lethologues at 3:52 PM PST - 16 comments

    Is my new puppy happy?

    Week 4 with the new pup. I *think* I'm giving him a great life but sometimes he gives me a look that says 'i want to go back to the shelter, i'm bored and this sucks'. Is this normal as a new pet owner? How can I relax and not stress about being the best. owner. ever? What's a normal 'life with a dog' schedule like? [more inside]
    posted by BlerpityBloop at 3:37 PM PST - 31 comments

    Help me heal my fatty liver? IKYANMD

    I'm a 57 year old Mexican woman with "fatty liver". My liver enzymes are elevated (790.4) and I'd like to heal this fatty liver but it hasn't changed in the past 8 months. I am diabetic, non smoker- non-drinker, 150 lbs, I am mostly vegetarian and exercise 3 times a week. I am on insulin and janumet. Thanks (I know you are not my doctor)
    posted by kikithekat at 2:42 PM PST - 18 comments

    Anybody know about the Teacher Insight assessment?

    Any Mefites out there have experience/knowledge/insight about the Teacher Insight assessment produced by Gallup? [more inside]
    posted by Ginesthoi at 2:39 PM PST - 3 comments

    I need a single Outlook E-mail inbox, Easy

    I own my own business. After a screen crack on a lap top, I bought a new laptop. I also bought Office 2013, with Outlook. How can I get a single inbox? It wants to set up multiple inboxes and I do not want to have to check different inboxes. I had a single inbox on my Outlook 2010. Every link I see on Google has ridiculous levels of power user requirements that I have neither the time nor the ability to do. Can anyone help? Running Windows 8 on an HP Pavilion.
    posted by Ironmouth at 2:35 PM PST - 3 comments

    Can I switch to some other elctric company to save money over AEP? Ohio

    My mom uses AEP electric and her bill is pretty outrageous, but she doesn't want to cut down on her usage. I think I have seen advertisements before, for some no name company that will provide the same electricity for 10% to 30% cheaper. Who was it and is it legit? What are my other options for switching electric companies/lowering my electric bill. I already had her sign up for low income assistance Thanks.
    posted by crawltopslow at 2:31 PM PST - 5 comments

    Should I take this job?

    After interviewing for a full-time position, I was offered the job as a contract-to-hire. Should I take it? [more inside]
    posted by zooropa at 2:21 PM PST - 29 comments

    Best books for teaching yourself a new skill?

    What are the absolute best books for teaching yourself a new and interesting skill starting from scratch? [more inside]
    posted by pracowity at 2:19 PM PST - 21 comments

    How to enjoy winter in Northern Europe?

    I'm heading to Europe in the thick of winter mostly as part of field work for a research degree. Amsterdam, Berlin are definite destinations. All advice I have is that winter in Northern Europe sucks hard and isn't a great time to be going. Can someone please explain why that's so apart from the cold? Can someone else explain why that's completely wrong? How could I get the most out of the experience? [more inside]
    posted by zaebiz at 1:54 PM PST - 32 comments

    Learning new skills, then had it shut down by co-worker, response?

    I've been learning new skills to grow at my company, and seemingly successfully, but then suddenly asked to stop by a co-worker (who's been here longer but isn't my supervisor or anything). Story of details inside, but looking for the best response: accept this, or if I can argue against it how best to do so. [more inside]
    posted by blue_and_bronze at 1:46 PM PST - 27 comments

    Is booking through a travel agent necessary in South Africa?

    My wife and I will be visiting South Africa for 2 weeks in December. We have no familiarity with the area, so were probably going to go with a travel agent. Does anyone have tips/help on booking travel within South Africa? [more inside]
    posted by thewumpusisdead at 1:45 PM PST - 5 comments

    Help me find a GTD website I used to use

    A few years ago, I used to frequently use a website I liked that implemented Getting Things Done. I stopped using it, and I don't know why. I think it would be useful to start using it again. I remember aspects of the interface, but I've been unable to find it, unfortunately. Please help me find it. [more inside]
    posted by tckma at 1:28 PM PST - 2 comments

    Duck Hunt Lyric Decipherment

    Can you help me decipher the lyrics from a song called "Modular11"? It is part of a compilation album of songs based on the NES Duck Hunt theme song. I find the song very catchy but I cannot for the life of me figure out what some of the words are. [more inside]
    posted by Juffo-Wup at 12:34 PM PST - 5 comments

    Boob pockets and panty stuffing

    We're going to Vegas in 3 weeks and I want to be able to spend my days walking around without having a purse always looped over my shoulder. My clothes don't have pockets. Fanny packs are the work of Satan. Is it a terrible idea to keep my often accessed stuff (cash, credit cards) in my bra and more important stuff (like health insurance card, driver's licence, etc) hidden in my panties? What should I do with my phone (that is also my camera)? [more inside]
    posted by PuppetMcSockerson at 12:27 PM PST - 53 comments

    What to do for a business honeymoon in Montreal?

    My husband and I will be attending the same business conference for a week in Montreal. We will be leaving our toddler at home with family for the first time, so this is the first time in almost three years we are alone together without having to watch our child or rush back to a babysitter. What should we do while we're in Montreal? [more inside]
    posted by msladygrey at 12:10 PM PST - 13 comments

    Standalone utilities to analyze 23andMe raw data

    Looking for standalone applications to analyze 23andMe raw data for non-geek user. [more inside]
    posted by zaxour at 11:40 AM PST - 5 comments

    Where is there surfing near an all inclusive resort with a calm beach?

    Where in the Caribbean or Mexico can I take surf lessons, while staying at a nearby all inclusive resort that has a good beach for swimming? [more inside]
    posted by Kololo at 11:31 AM PST - 11 comments

    Is 2 better than 1?

    I'm considering sending my kid to 2 preschool programs. Is this insane? [more inside]
    posted by rabidsegue at 11:30 AM PST - 10 comments

    Where can i buy a pipe on the Vegas strip

    Where can I buy a glass pipe on or near the main Las Vegas strip? I am in the middle, near Bally's.
    posted by mrgrimm at 11:21 AM PST - 14 comments

    Where to start when setting up a trust?

    My mother has asked me to help her with setting up a trust for some assets. I get that I should contact a lawyer, but where should that lawyer be based? [more inside]
    posted by doctord at 11:19 AM PST - 9 comments

    Transmasculine / Masculine-of-Center Fashion Blogs

    I'm a queer girl who sometimes likes to dress like a boy. I would like suggestions for fashion blogs that focus on genderqueer/butch/trans fashion. I'm especially looking for style aesthetics other than the very popular "dapper" look. [more inside]
    posted by Juliet Banana at 10:55 AM PST - 6 comments

    Looking for sturdy computer desk / cart for lab use.

    I manage an academic lab with a lot of equipment, each with its own computer rig on a separate cart. We are looking for better computer desks / carts to replace the cheap particleboard ones we have now. Ideally, we'd like something small (2' x 3' or smaller), durable (will last ~5 years), and not too expensive ($100, but we could go higher for the perfect solution). Ideally, we'd like something with casters. Even better would be a desk / cart that includes a monitor arm for dual monitors, to free up desk space. Most of what I've found is either very cheap and shoddy or very expensive. Has anyone seen the perfect computer cart?
    posted by pombe at 10:53 AM PST - 3 comments

    One outfit to rule them all

    I will be trekking/travelling/volunteering in South America for 6-8 months early next year. I am looking for what to wear and bring. Ideally, comfortable, water resistant, fashionable, lightweight things. [more inside]
    posted by saul wright at 10:37 AM PST - 12 comments

    Funky horns, please.

    Making a funky horn mix - please give me your best examples! Mostly interested in instrumentals. Stuff like this- [more inside]
    posted by jammy at 10:36 AM PST - 30 comments

    Excel to Word mail merge for envelopes. Should be super-simple. ISN'T.

    Whoever is formatting this excel sheet sucks. I need to find a way to fix it that doesn't entail me retyping the whole thing each week. [more inside]
    posted by A neighbourhood park all covered with cheese at 10:11 AM PST - 34 comments

    Legalzoom for legal documents?

    I will be helping an elderly relative prepare legal documents. It seems like LegalZoom is a helpful and convenient resource for setting these up. Am I missing something? [more inside]
    posted by Potomac Avenue at 10:05 AM PST - 10 comments

    Where can I find this set of (foam) children's chairs?

    Our local bookstore has a great children's play/reading area. In that area, there is a (child-sized) chair and table set. The chairs look like this. The table is a similar pattern. They seem to be made of some kind of high-density foam - they are sturdy and moderately heavy for their size, but have some "give" to them; they are not wood or plastic. I can't see any markings on the chairs or the table and no one at the store knew where they were from. Any ideas of where I can find these?
    posted by Betelgeuse at 9:49 AM PST - 4 comments

    Suppose you're never going to have any friends for the rest of your life

    I have no friends. I have no reason to believe I'll ever have any friends. Is it even possible to have a worthwhile life? [more inside]
    posted by dekathelon at 9:19 AM PST - 167 comments

    Need mammographer familar with sexual trauma in Baltimore

    I have to get mammograms every 6 months or so. Due to past sexual trauma, I get badly triggered and end up dissociating (not that big of a deal) then freaking out. Have developed some ways of making this all bearable (take the full day off work, take a friend who has specific instructions about what to do when, etc.). My therapist suggested I try to find a mammogram office that is used to dealing with this type of issue and may have other suggestions and be willing to work with me on making it less stressful. [more inside]
    posted by QIbHom at 9:15 AM PST - 5 comments

    How much of a danger is this oil leak?

    I found out last night that my car is leaking oil onto my exhaust system. (That certainly explains the hot oil smell I've been smelling.) The guy at the lube shop said I should only use the car for short-distance driving until I can get it fixed, lest the exhaust get hot enough to cause the oil to catch on fire. Complication: I was planning taking a 45-mile trip this evening (and a 45-mile trip back afterward). I would hate to have to cancel. How big of a risk is this, really? [more inside]
    posted by escape from the potato planet at 9:01 AM PST - 18 comments

    Can I repair a Pizza Stone?

    Williams/Sonoma , made of "cordierite ceramic", broken in 1/2. Is there anything to join them together that is ok in the oven, and ok with food?
    posted by ebesan at 8:44 AM PST - 20 comments

    Relationship expectations I have are to high?

    I need to figure out whether I have high expectations in a relationship, or the guy I saw for three months is just a jerk, or emotionally unavailable. [more inside]
    posted by barexamfreak at 8:22 AM PST - 35 comments

    Looking for stories where humans are the monsters.

    Many monsters in fiction are scary in large part because of their inherent, biological abilities: acid blood, teeth, claws, wings, etc. Inspired by this tumblr thread (via this Omni article), I'm looking for stories in any genre that avoid or (preferably) subvert this trope, making humans out to be inherently frightening, gross or dangerous.
    posted by Skorgu at 8:09 AM PST - 38 comments

    Green Acres Redux: From Boston Metro to NH or RI

    My husband and I live in Boston. As part of its annual employee survey, his employer is asking whether he would be willing to relocate. The most likely locations would be facilities in southern New Hampshire or northern Rhode Island. It would be theoretically possible to stay where we live and he would reverse commute to those locations, but based on past experience, it would be over an hour each way. So, if his job were moved, we might relocate—and so we turn to you, MeFi, for your perspectives on those locations and whether we’d be happy living there or nearby. [more inside]
    posted by Calamity Jen at 8:02 AM PST - 11 comments

    What is the difference between Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder?

    My friends tell me--not very helpfully--that D&D and Pathfinder are "the same but different." They're speaking in High Gamerspeak to a tabletop RPG n00b. I understand that the games are owned by different companies, and that Pathfinder is based on an earlier edition of D&D, but they sound pretty much the same to me. Is the "flavor" of the game different? I'm really not sure what questions to ask . . .
    posted by jackypaper at 7:55 AM PST - 9 comments

    A Surprise for the Band

    How do I surprise my friend who's a touring musician -- long distance? [more inside]
    posted by Miss T.Horn at 7:48 AM PST - 8 comments

    What is the best thing to do with loose electrical jacks?

    I have two electronic devices with loose jacks or poor connections, one laptop where the power cord no longer has a solid connection, and a portable music player with a headphone jack that needs jiggling to get left-channel audio. [more inside]
    posted by filthy light thief at 7:41 AM PST - 7 comments

    Helping a pregnant friend from a distance.

    How can I make life easier for a long distance friend who is expecting triplets? [more inside]
    posted by futureisunwritten at 7:32 AM PST - 26 comments

    Chicago-area camping for beginners

    I'm looking for a place to go camping for a night, preferably on/near Lake Michigan, over Labor Day weekend, within a 4 hour drive of Chicago. I have never camped before. I have a tent and a tarp. I need help with location, how to make fire, what to do about food, and other things a 32-year-old camping virgin should know before setting out. More details inside. [more inside]
    posted by norrington at 7:26 AM PST - 21 comments

    Will dry ice "smoke" damage equipment/surfaces in enclosed space?

    Dry ice question. I need to keep some dog food frozen for a week-long road trip. I can use dry ice, that's not a problem, but I don't want to have the cooler in the car because the smell of the "smoke" bothers me (even with the windows cracked, etc.). I'll have my pop-up A-frame camper with me so I can keep it in there, but it will be folded down and therefore a totally enclosed, unventilated space. The standard advice on the internet is not to store it in enclosed spaces such as boat holds--but is that just because of the danger to your health if it builds up? Will the "smoke" damage or discolor any of the equipment or surfaces inside? The walls on these things are basically thick styrofoam with vinyl wallboard. Then I'm also wondering about the stereo, refrigerator, light fixtures, etc, both the wiring and the plastic exteriors.
    posted by HotToddy at 7:26 AM PST - 23 comments

    Help me get through tomorrow!

    I have my first shift tomorrow at a job that requires me to be socially switched on (be friendly, enthusiastic, make small talk) while learning a lot of stuff I'll be new to. The shift is super long and I don't know if I'm going to be able to last that long mentally. What's an introvert to do? [more inside]
    posted by cucumber patch at 7:15 AM PST - 10 comments

    RAID-0 HD Replacement After Laptop Repair?

    What do I need to know about my RAID-0 configured hard drives before removing them to send my laptop away for repair? [more inside]
    posted by Alabaster at 7:08 AM PST - 5 comments

    Numbness in hands after a few miles of biking.

    Actually, just the left hand. I know a professional bike fitting is my best bet, but I wanted to get any other ideas first. [more inside]
    posted by Right On Red at 5:27 AM PST - 23 comments

    Where can I buy a couch & chair for my elderly dad with bad knees?

    Hi hivemind. I'm in Northern California and stumped. I decked out my lovely, elderly parents' place, but foolishly bought stylish soft couches/chairs with no arm rests. I now need firm couches and sturdy chairs before either of them has a fall because of balance/knee issues. But when I google, I often find articles about how important the right furniture is, but one one site that offers a selection of furniture options for seniors. Or I find sites that seem to sell such furniture in bulk, to senior living facilities (and often don't list prices without starting a business account). I'm wondering if I'm just looking in the wrong place, and if so, where should I look? Or, have you bought great furniture for someone with limited mobility? Where did you look? What do you like? Thanks!
    posted by anitanita at 5:12 AM PST - 6 comments

    Any ideas for marketing on low budget for a mandarin school?

    I am running a Chinese school in Beijing now to teach mandarin. Even it can not earn a lot of money right now, I still love this job and want to help more people learn Chinese and experience life in China. I really need help to develop the school, so that will be good if any one can give me some ideas for marketing on low budget to expats in Beijing for a mandarin school. Thanks!
    posted by love888 at 5:01 AM PST - 5 comments

    Where to buy a good cheap computer for minecraft?

    I want to buy a computer, for homework and minecraft, for less than £300 in the UK. Where can I find one? [more inside]
    posted by Gilgongo at 3:29 AM PST - 8 comments

    Tell me about your frugal, toasty ways, Metafilter

    Can you share all the information, products, tips, etc., about weatherstripping and all other ways of keeping my house from leaking heat--and letting in cold air--when it's cold? [more inside]
    posted by A Terrible Llama at 3:14 AM PST - 37 comments

    How to emulate Android on a Windows PC?

    Hello, I recently downloaded an Android emulator called Youwave but am finding it very difficult to use due to small font size. Please could someone explain how to install a reputable Android emulator so I can use Android apps on my Windows PC? Thank you for your assistance.
    posted by Musashi Daryl at 2:39 AM PST - 3 comments

    The Second Shift, Again?

    I really enjoyed The Second Shift by Arlie Hochshild and Unequal Childhoods by Annette Lareau. What other books will I like? [more inside]
    posted by carolinaherrera at 1:38 AM PST - 19 comments

    Help me choose smoke detectors

    I am in an apartment and unsure what smoke detectors to choose to replace the existing ones. [more inside]
    posted by Chaussette and the Pussy Cats at 1:18 AM PST - 7 comments

    August 22

    What's this song about no fun in two wheel drive?

    I heard a song today, and can't figure out what it was! The chorus was something about "No fun in two wheel drive" or "can't have a good time in two wheel drive" or SOMETHING like that. It was old school and brassy, something that might show up on a Ray Charles pandora station. It was definitely NOT a country song. Sorry I can't give any more details. Any ideas, Metafilter?
    posted by Grandysaur at 11:55 PM PST - 1 comment

    Why do travel agents still exist?

    Recently I went to a travel agent, and tentatively discussed some travel plans. The dude pulled up some flight options for me on his computer. I went home and looked them up myself, and quickly found a range of other options that were 20-30% cheaper. It got me thinking why so many travel agents still exist; they don't seem to be any easier than booking online, and far from being cheaper, were actually incredibly expensive.
    posted by dontjumplarry at 11:19 PM PST - 40 comments

    Name some paranormal young adult fiction cliches so I can avoid doing it

    Please name some Paranormal Young Adult fiction tropes and cliches (obvious or obscure) so I can avoid doing them myself in the book I am writing. Thanks! [more inside]
    posted by Sully at 8:26 PM PST - 23 comments

    Help me find a Spanish-language alphabet fabric.

    I have made several cute things for my kid out of this fabric. A Spanish-speaking friend recently had a baby, and I'd like to find a similar pattern (but in Spanish) to make them a gift. [more inside]
    posted by Siobhan at 8:16 PM PST - 4 comments

    Moving to Colorado and living the dream?

    I would like to move to Boulder/Denver-area, CO early in 2014 and want to switch careers. I would love to be a race (running, not driving) director/event manager, work in race timing, etc. What can I do in my current situation to help my odds at success? [more inside]
    posted by thewestinggame at 7:41 PM PST - 9 comments

    What would YOU make?

    A small computation of geeks are gathering in a month or so. We have access to a Replicator2 and want to make three cool door prizes. They can be the same or different. [more inside]
    posted by TangerineGurl at 7:16 PM PST - 7 comments

    Is this public transit plan safe? Chicago edition.

    Is 4AM late at night or early in the morning? [more inside]
    posted by stoneandstar at 7:04 PM PST - 26 comments

    What kind of spider is this?

    What kind of spider is this? San Diego, CA, if helpful.
    posted by delladlux at 6:57 PM PST - 9 comments

    What do I need to connect my smartphone to a single speaker?

    This should be so simple. I bought an classic but broken 1950s console TV to turn into a bar. I pulled the tube and all the electronics, except the speaker. Now I want to add a small amplifier to which I can connect a smart phone or iPod and which will power the single speaker. I bought this neat little stereo amp, but it turns out you can't just mash the lefts and right outputs together and attach them to a speaker. So what do I need to do this? Difficulty level: No electronics experience of specialized tools.
    posted by LarryC at 5:57 PM PST - 18 comments

    Help me find this abandoned highway in Northeastern Massachusetts

    Several years ago I read about an abandoned stretch of highway midway up the North Shore in Massachusetts, possibly in Danvers or Peabody. Google has turned up this page about an abandoned road in Newburyport, and a reference to an unfinished onramp in Lynn. I could have sworn there was something north of Lynn and east of the Merrimac River, but all my searches have redirected me to those two pages. Am I hallucinating this, or is there an unused onramp or stretch of road south of Newburyport and north of Lynn?
    posted by pxe2000 at 5:31 PM PST - 7 comments

    Can this cheese be saved?

    I just came home to find a box containing some lovely Asiago cheese, sitting in my mailbox. In Arizona, where the current temperature 101°F, and today's high was 109. It was shipped to me from Italy (straight from the town of Asiago!), about a week ago, so has spent several days in transit. This is not aged cheese, but semi-soft younger Asiago as is more common in Italy. It smelled ripe, but not unpleasant, and there was no mold or anything visible. Can I eat it? Will it kill me or make me sick? Is it likely to still taste good, even if it's technically edible? Is there anything special I can do to preserve whatever integrity of the cheese may be left? [more inside]
    posted by Superplin at 5:29 PM PST - 12 comments

    How much should trauma scene cleanup cost? Is my dad getting ripped off?

    A trauma scene cleanup company is quoting my dad $2100 for materials and 20 hours of labor to clean up the biohazardous material in the tiny bathroom my uncle died in. Is this a reasonable estimate of labor? [more inside]
    posted by efsrous at 5:20 PM PST - 19 comments

    What science fiction books from the 1980s don't assume the Soviet Union?

    I'm re-reading Eon by Greg Bear which is starts set in the near future (around 2000) from when it was published. The US and the USSR are of course still very antagonistic. This made me wonder: is there much science fiction published in the 1980s where the author doesn't assume the Soviet Union still exists (or alternately, it still exists but the US and it are not antagonistic)? [more inside]
    posted by R343L at 5:09 PM PST - 7 comments

    How to get an NY landlord to pay what they owe?

    After nearly two years of us complaining, our old New York landlord sent us a check for our security deposit. (It was more than $2k.) Surprise, it bounced. What next? [more inside]
    posted by feets at 4:40 PM PST - 18 comments

    How do you find out more about an abandoned property?

    So every day on my neighborhood walk I go by what was once a beautiful house that is clearly abandoned and in disrepair. Overgrown yard, two rusted out cars filled with trash, 4-5 years' worth of phone books piled on the front stoop, etc. It's surprising because the other houses in the neighborhood are all pretty well kept, and the house itself is striking and appears well built. Recently I've been fantasizing about buying it and fixing it up; is this even possible? How can I find out what the status of the property is and who owns it?
    posted by annekate at 3:58 PM PST - 14 comments

    Business Travel In Bulgaria?

    I'm traveling to Sofia for a week next month and I have a couple of questions about money and phones. [more inside]
    posted by delicious-luncheon at 3:36 PM PST - 2 comments

    Alternative careers for Ph.D scientists

    My husband is a biochemistry postdoc. He's having a difficult time in the biotech job market and he's considering looking for greener pastures in a different field. Wondering if you all have any advice. [more inside]
    posted by gerstle at 2:56 PM PST - 12 comments

    Interesting ways to display my eyeglasses?

    I've been wearing glasses nearly my entire life, and own many pairs of prescription glasses. Since I wear glasses every day and have been doing so for so long, my various frames are as much fashion accessories as vision correction. But they pretty much just sit in hard-shell cases in my drawer, and I've been thinking that I'd like to have them displayed on my dresser in a way that lets me see all of them at once, like a jewelry display. Can you recommend a creative way to display my prescription glasses (currently 8 pairs in frequent rotation) on my dresser top? DIY and store-bought options both welcome. Complication: glasses are front-heavy, because I am extremely visually impaired, and will topple over if left open and set down themselves on a flat surface.
    posted by juniperesque at 2:47 PM PST - 18 comments

    Help track my tool

    I’m looking for a reasonably priced (GPS?) device that will remotely track an object's whereabouts and share that info with the public, online or via smartphone. [more inside]
    posted by sixpack at 2:45 PM PST - 4 comments

    Are you my Mama?

    I (think I feel like I remember that I) read a spoiler filled review of the movie Mama (2013) but cannot find it anywhere. [more inside]
    posted by J0 at 2:39 PM PST - 2 comments

    Recommendations for the Douro Valley

    We have ten days to explore the Douro Valley in northern Portugal, seeking any recommendations for good places to visit, stay, eat. [more inside]
    posted by biffa at 2:07 PM PST - 4 comments

    salt potatoes syracuse

    What restaurants in Syracuse have salt potatoes on their menu? [more inside]
    posted by brujita at 2:04 PM PST - 12 comments

    What weightlifting can I do at home to increase upper body strength?

    I regularly walk 6+ miles a day. I'd like to extend my exercise to increasing my strength. Ideally, I'd do bodyweight exercises, but I've tried to do some recently, and my upper body strength is not capable of more than two pushups, nor a single chair dip . So, I need to build my upper body strength with weights, and I want to do so at home. I can get a set of dumbbells. Please tell me which ones, and how to use them. [more inside]
    posted by ocherdraco at 1:39 PM PST - 31 comments

    Easy piano classics

    Hi pianists of Metafilterland! I'm looking for suggestions for easy classical piano pieces to learn. [more inside]
    posted by hollyanderbody at 1:19 PM PST - 15 comments

    Mexico City recommendations: cool 'hood, what to do, etc

    I'm going to Mexico City in late October and have a bunch of questions! [more inside]
    posted by TheGoodBlood at 1:17 PM PST - 1 comment

    Slow Down!!!

    Have you successfully gotten your city to install "traffic calming" measures on your street, such as speed humps or traffic circles? If so, I have a few questions. [more inside]
    posted by PSB at 1:12 PM PST - 37 comments

    Medical anthropology and history: what to read next?

    I'm about to finish The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down. Before that, I read Nancy Scheper-Hughes' Death Without Weeping. What's next? [more inside]
    posted by oinopaponton at 1:11 PM PST - 8 comments

    Best cheap option for basic mobile phone while visiting Scotland

    I'm visiting Scotland in a month, and my cheapo Tracfone US cell phone will not work in the UK. I understand there are various inexpensive pay-as-you-go options for mobile phones -- tell me about the best balance between cheap, good coverage, and not totally garbage. I don't need or want a smart phone, and I don't want to unlock my Tracfone and put in a UK sim (I mention these two things because countless travel forums I have Googled derail uselessly into discussions of those two areas). I just want something super-basic and really cheap that will work in the Highlands, Skye, and Islay to call ahead to B&Bs and make restaurant reservations with. Thanks!
    posted by aught at 1:10 PM PST - 10 comments

    DC Carefirst Dental HMO patients: dentist recommendations?

    I have DC Carefirst BCBS Dental HMO, and a moderate fear of dentists. Can you recommend a dentist who takes my insurance and isn't a nightmare? Bonus for in-network oral surgeon recommendations. [more inside]
    posted by crunchysalty at 12:41 PM PST - 2 comments

    Looking for a 10+ year old book about a stuffed bear in a classroom cave

    Years ago I picked up a book at random that I thought had "Creative Education" or "Classroom" in the title, but every search I've done comes up empty. It's written by a teacher that used a stuffed bear that lived in a cave in the corner of an elementary classroom. I also recall a chapter on a 'Mr. Pen'. I'd like to find it again. [more inside]
    posted by lysdexic at 12:15 PM PST - 2 comments

    Identification of a wild plant

    I am trying to identify a wild plant at the edge of my property. I live in Montreal. The plant is growing under the canopy of a large maple, and it is growing as a thick colony. The plant resembles honewort (AKA wild chervil – Cryptotaenia canadensis), but it does not have a taproot. Instead, it has rather thin, shallow, spreading roots that seem to give rise to new plants. Each plant consists of three or four smooth stems. At the top of each stem is a leaf divided into three leaflets. Cross-sectionally, the stems are triangular. The leaves and stems smell somewhat like parsley or celery when crushed. Although this colony has been on my property for many years, I have never noticed any flowers, which suggests that they are small and inconspicuous. The plants are presently 30 to 35 cm tall. Please see attached photos. Thanks for your help.
    posted by kirsti at 12:12 PM PST - 9 comments

    Indoor NYC mosquitos. KILL THEM ALL

    There are mosquitoes in my NYC apartment. I need a solution for getting rid of them. [more inside]
    posted by larthegreat at 11:34 AM PST - 30 comments

    Family computer desk/table?

    I'd like to acquire some sort of family computer desk or table. Ideally, it would be something like this so-called mega desk from Pottery Barn, but actually designed with computers in mind (i.e., space to hold CPUs, cable management, etc). We need space for at least 2 desktops with large-ish monitors and space for a laptop. Any bright ideas? [more inside]
    posted by monju_bosatsu at 11:05 AM PST - 5 comments

    Old Mercedes Filter: Venting a car battery?

    Old Mercedes Filter: I have an 82 Mercedes 300TD, I just bought a new battery and my tube to vent the battery isn't long enough. How necessary is venting the battery? [more inside]
    posted by Duffington at 11:04 AM PST - 9 comments

    "On the road to find Pie in the Sky" songs?

    For a writing project, I'm trying to find songs (hopefully folk/traditional songs, but anything can work) that promise happiness if you can travel to "Big Rock Candy Mountain"-style mythical places. [more inside]
    posted by OolooKitty at 10:43 AM PST - 33 comments

    Telling a new boss about a medical condition?

    My mom found out that she has cancer. Things are looking okay, but she'll need to travel a few hours away for surgery, followed by a week off work. Over the next couple of months, she'll need daily radiation. The twist is, she started a new job within the past month and a half. How should she share this with her boss (or should she share it at all)? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 10:43 AM PST - 13 comments

    Silent wireless charging on Android 4.2.2?

    I just purchased a Motorola Droid Maxx, and I was excited about wireless charging, but there's a hitch- there is a loud beep from the phone when one starts wireless charging. It is annoying and prevents me from using the wireless charger at home, as the sound would likely wake my wife. I've done some looking, but so far, I haven't found a solution. I'm hoping someone will have some ideas. [more inside]
    posted by JMOZ at 10:41 AM PST - 12 comments

    Looking for a quotation

    I am looking for a quotation making the same point as "tempest in a teapot"/"mountain out of a molehill" type quip. I want to make the same point to dismiss someone's complaint but don't want to use those, and I am hoping for a more witty or erudite version that really undermines and makes the reader smile.
    posted by dios at 10:29 AM PST - 19 comments

    Too much, too soon?

    After a painful breakup, I'm slowwwwly trying to ease back into the dating world. I met a guy online last week...he's a few years older than me, never married, no kids but has been in several long-term relationships. We just started talking on the phone 3 days ago. Since then he's called me every night, and we have plans to meet this weekend. My issue is this: he's currently going through a trying situation; one of his parents in very sick and the doctors have said it's best for the rest of the family to fly in. Things are looking grim. He texts me updates on the situation; he's apologized for laying this on me since we haven't met yet but says he likes talking to me. I'm not sure how I feel about this....I feel very bad for him but the fact is, we don't know each other. I'm not sure how to respond other than, "hope things turn out ok." Considering his parent might die, I feel terrible but I also feel this is too heavy for "us" to be dealing with since there is no "us"....should I tell him maybe we should postpone meeting until his crisis has passed? I've gently suggested he should stick with his family/friends during this time and replied that he will but that he hopes we can still communicate. What to do?
    posted by kribensa at 10:07 AM PST - 24 comments

    What's the non-lawyer legal job market like?

    A friend of mine has suggested that I apply for a job as a receptionist in a law office, with the suggestion that they tend to promote internally and that it could be an avenue into work as a legal assistant/paralegal. Could this be a huge mistake? [more inside]
    posted by pullayup at 9:49 AM PST - 19 comments

    Are you a Vet Tech?

    I have some questions around being a Vet Tech/the day to day work. [more inside]
    posted by ladoo at 9:45 AM PST - 15 comments

    Help us find a vacation rental for the end of Sept in NYC

    We're driving to New York City at the end of September for about a week. We plan to park at the Weehawken, NJ, ferry terminal ($15/night, quick trip into NYC). Finding a place to stay in NYC is a bit of a problem. [more inside]
    posted by mbarryf at 9:07 AM PST - 13 comments

    Cheap dinner with wine/beer in Midtown West, NYC?

    I'm going to be in NYC Fri-Sun and have arranged to have dinner tomorrow evening with an old friend before heading up to the Bronx (Fieldston, near the Horace Mann School) where I'll be spending the night (so I need to be in a useful place to catch the 1 train or an express bus). I had been thinking of Luigi's, which was my standby thirty years ago (great cheap Italian food!) and which I was delighted to see was still in business, but they don't serve booze. Any suggestions for a good place in the Columbus Circle area? Must be reasonably cheap: my friend is broke and I'm not exactly flush. [more inside]
    posted by languagehat at 9:00 AM PST - 9 comments

    Mortgage advice for a young couple in Houston

    I married my wife this spring, and we're ready to get out of an apartment and into a house or townhouse. We're going to talk to some mortgage broker she found online today, and I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do. I've printed out all the forms they've asked for, but I have no clue what questions I should be asking. Our communications with the guy we're seeing have been great and he seems helpful, but I'd love to hear your mortgage advice/stories. Also, if any Houstonians have specific recommendations I'd love to hear them as well. [more inside]
    posted by DynamiteToast at 8:13 AM PST - 14 comments

    Name That Group/Album [early 1990s LA gangster rap edition]

    Looking for the name of a group and their album from Compton (I think). Google-fu has failed. [more inside]
    posted by kuanes at 8:00 AM PST - 5 comments

    Strict Pomodoro Enforcing for Safari

    Is there a way to implement selective Pomodoro-timed site-blocking in Safari? [more inside]
    posted by Andrhia at 7:44 AM PST - 5 comments

    Commuting Via Scooter

    I have a short (3.5 miles) commute, and in considering my non-driving options, I've discovered electric scooters. What are the advantages, disadvantages, and best practices for using an electric scooter for commuting? [more inside]
    posted by superlibby at 7:43 AM PST - 12 comments

    Chicken Coop Mechanical Engineering

    I will be building a custom chicken coop in the next few months and (being a tech person) would like to get very fancy with the features I install. I have a few features I need help sourcing the parts on and would like input. Help me make a fantastic chicken coop. (I primarily need suggestions for the electrical parts I can use, Motors, remote controls, etc) [more inside]
    posted by Twain Device at 7:40 AM PST - 23 comments

    Looking for suggestions for [definition inside] karaoke songs!

    There are, of course, many ways to define "awesome" when it comes to karaoke, but here are some of the key attributes we're looking for: [more inside]
    posted by mccn at 7:36 AM PST - 24 comments

    RFID for fun and profit

    I just got my hands on a Sony Xperia with near field technology. In the box were two Xperia SmartTags. I am exited but lacking inspiration. What can I do with my tags? [more inside]
    posted by Iteki at 7:28 AM PST - 4 comments

    Mathematics for the innumerate

    I'm developing a Data Design curriculum for Art college students, and I'd like to teach some basics of maths and statistics in ways that the non-numerically inclined will understand. For this, I need some simple explanations for complicated ideas. [more inside]
    posted by Elizabeth the Thirteenth at 7:07 AM PST - 3 comments

    Grammar question du jour

    You know how semicolons are used to separate items in a series if the items themselves have commas? What if only one in the series uses commas? Such as: I'd like a jug of whiskey; sacks of flour, coffee, and bananas; and a glass or water. [more inside]
    posted by angrycat at 6:51 AM PST - 30 comments

    What should I do next week in NYC?

    In an effort to distract myself from my life, I've decided to spend next week in NYC. I've never been, and am getting a little overwhelmed trying to decide what to do there. Oh yeah, and I'd like to not have to sell my firstborn to pay for everything. [more inside]
    posted by jenlovesponies at 6:15 AM PST - 44 comments

    How Can I Tell a Lithograph from a Drawing?

    Without using an eraser :) I have 3 quite nice drawings/lithographs by a pretty famous artist. I'd like to sell them - but first I need to determine if they are drawings done in pencil or lithographs. How can I do that? Thanks
    posted by watercarrier at 4:44 AM PST - 9 comments

    How to Spend 36 Hours (or a little less) In Toronto for the 1st Time.

    After nearly five years of being a PR in Canada, I finally get to see your biggest city. But time is short! What are your highlights? [more inside]
    posted by Kitteh at 4:07 AM PST - 12 comments

    Is Uplifting Drone a Genre?

    Is "uplifting drone" a genre? Because that's what I need: many more tracks that sound like Blanck Mass at its most altering. Layers and layers of sound; a structure that builds and builds; an intense, relentless, and repetitive melodic payoff that goes on for longer than you'd think was feasible. So basically, Fuck Buttons, but a little less percussive. Or something along the lines of this. My profile should indicate what is—and is not—currently on my musical radar. Thanks!
    posted by Sonny Jim at 3:17 AM PST - 18 comments

    Name that book!

    I've been trying to find a great book I read about ten years ago. It is told (I think) from the POV of a young boy. He travels around from town to town with his mother, who enters a series of bad relationships and then they skip town each time. The kid in the book is very precocious, I think he is supposed to be quite young throughout. Eventually the mother settles down with a boyfriend, they move into his house I think...and at the end the kid murders his mother's boyfriend. I keep thinking the title has something to do with Light and Motion, and I think it refers to him watching the streetlights pass as they drive from town to town. Any help greatly appreciated.
    posted by drunkonthemoon at 3:14 AM PST - 5 comments

    Teach me hip-hop

    What are the best resources for learning about hip-hop from the very beginning to the present day? [more inside]
    posted by tavegyl at 2:12 AM PST - 12 comments

    Dying from knife wounds, but only after several days in hospital?

    Recently there was a stabbing where the victim was attacked on Monday, brought to hospital immediately, but died from her wounds on Thursday. What I don't quite get as a layperson is how a stabbing victim can perish in a modern, First World hospital after being kept alive for several days? The newspaper accounts were understandably short on detail. Are there blood vessel injuries that simply cannot be surgically repaired or replaced? Or might there have been secondary injuries due to the initial blood loss, ie brain damage, that prompted life support to be discontinued after a while?
    posted by Harald74 at 1:13 AM PST - 12 comments

    August 21

    Does anyone know of any good cooking classes in SF?

    I'm looking for cooking classes in SF. My ideal would be a multi-week, multi-day-a-week type course, but I'd also be open to one off, or maybe a weekend series. The only things I've been able to find online are "make pasta then eat it!" type things which are fine, but ideally I'd like something a bit more serious oriented towards teaching people who to make delicious, repeatable, high-quality food. Anyone have any suggestions?
    posted by wooh at 9:53 PM PST - 5 comments

    Can't live like this...

    If social media and crowdsourcing is good for anything, I figure it's to find some sort of answer to questions like these. Here goes nothing... I'm a 23 year old with cerebral palsy and while I'm very much a special snowflake in that I've been gifted with normal function as far as most of my life is concerned-most importantly in terms of intellect- there's one part of my CP that's made my life smaller and more miserable than any wheelchair could. It's affected my relationships with and opportunities for friends, dates and jobs, and for a richer life in general. Help me find a way out. Snowflake details inside. [more inside]
    posted by marsbar77 at 9:43 PM PST - 24 comments

    How can I edit metadata (e.g., author's name) for a .mobi file?

    So I've been downloading books to my iPad's Kindle app from Amazon, and also downloading from Project Gutenberg to my desktop PC and mailing them to my Kindle address to get them on the iPad. And I've got a small but annoying problem. In the ebooks it sells from its site, Amazon lists the author as, for example, "Doyle, Arthur Conan," while the .mobi files from Project Gutenberg list the author as "Arthur Conan Doyle." Thus the Amazon files sort under D for Doyle while the Project Gutenberg files show up under A for Arthur. Is there a way to edit the .mobi files to change the author's names to match Amazon's format and get everybody's works to come together in the same place?
    posted by Naberius at 9:09 PM PST - 8 comments

    I need a song off of this CD but can't find it for sale anywhere!

    My wife, a Zumba instructor, is trying to find the song "Este Party Esta Prendio" for use in one of her classes. It's on discogs but I can't find neither the album nor the tracks for sale anywhere. [more inside]
    posted by neilkod at 8:39 PM PST - 10 comments

    For sale: one bed of indeterminate value

    When I moved into my apartment, the previous tenant left behind his kid's twin bed, which has been sitting in a corner covered with books for the last year. I want to finally get rid of it (on Craigslist or similar) but I have no idea what the asking price should be. Details inside. [more inside]
    posted by Merzbau at 8:33 PM PST - 11 comments

    Best way to get my girlfriend a Foreign Visa K2 etc?

    Me an my girlfriend are planning to get married next year. Right now she is living in Japan. She mentioned to me that a K1 visa is what she will need to stay in the United States once we get married. Does anyone know of any caveats to this visa? Would it be best to hire a lawyer to help us make sure the process goes smoothly? Also, are there any other options for visas that she could potentially get? My idea is to propose to her when she visits me on a 3 month visitor's visa and then get married within that 3 months. Any relevant experiences are welcome. Thanks for you help.
    posted by locussst at 8:28 PM PST - 14 comments

    how did this get here I am not good with cell phone

    This is probably a question that has been answered before and I am just too panicky to figure it out right now, but what is the best option for saving my US phone number while I am abroad? Is Google Voice a solid option? I leave in two days, I use Virgin Mobile, and I want to save it indefinitely. Additional small side question about Swedish phones (specifically iPhone use in Sweden), but mostly confused about porting a number for usage abroad. [more inside]
    posted by Papagayo at 8:12 PM PST - 11 comments

    Seen this GAP shirt?

    My wife is looking for this shirt from the GAP website. Looking through their offerings it cannot be found on their site. Any ideas where she could pick one up? Northern IL, North East WI or online preferred.
    posted by dstopps at 8:06 PM PST - 3 comments

    Remembering what you chose to forget

    How have you gone about investigating your moments of childhood religious doubt as an adult? Interested in why I "gave up" Christianity but cannot remember my actual process of thoughts and feelings. Snowflake details inside. [more inside]
    posted by elephantsvanish at 7:44 PM PST - 31 comments

    Help me find clarity!

    I am having trouble completely moving forward as I am delaying desires/dreams that I truly wanted to do. Should I just let these wants/desires go? [more inside]
    posted by wak5700 at 7:34 PM PST - 5 comments

    Loosening chronically tight muscles/stiff joints

    My neck and lower back muscles are very tight from years of sitting in front of a monitor. This causes me discomfort and is gradually decreasing the range of motion of the relevant joints. What can I do about this? I practice yoga three times a week, which helps only a little. I can't afford regular massages (let alone Rolfing or craniosacral therapy, both of which have been helpful in the past). What else can I try? Tai chi? Acupuncture? Specific stretches?
    posted by zeri at 6:50 PM PST - 25 comments

    How bad are these debt problems?

    YANM financial advisor. My domestic partner has a large student loan that has been in default for years. Like many in the current economy, he was unable to make payments for many years after graduating (at least 5) due to lack of steady income. Now he has a Good Job (yay!) and could afford to make payments, but it's been almost 2 years now and he hasn't made progress on dealing with the debt. How bad is this? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 6:37 PM PST - 4 comments

    Help me find an expat accountant

    I recently moved from the U.S. to Melbourne, Australia, and I have some questions regarding taxes and accountants. [more inside]
    posted by milkcrateman at 6:18 PM PST - 8 comments

    Dancing at parties and clubs (for women)

    I'm looking for tips to become a better dancer for the kind of dancing that happens at house parties, weddings, clubs, etc. I've got down the basic step back and forth, but when I try to do more I feel pretty awkward. If there's a mirror I can see that I look a bit awkward too, but it's hard for me to pinpoint why. The other women look like they're having so much fun dancing away! I don't expect to be great, but i'd like to be good enough to feel comfortable and have fun. Specifically, I'm wondering what kinds of dance class would be the most helpful to improve my club/party dancing skills (i.e. probably not ballet). I think it would be fun to take some dance, but other tips are welcome too.
    posted by Gravel at 6:08 PM PST - 15 comments

    Bike fixes on the cheap?

    What's the cheapest place in Philly that I can get a decent bike tune up done? [more inside]
    posted by Flashbullzeye at 5:30 PM PST - 8 comments

    What is this thing?

    My sister found this at a friend's house; she wants to know what it is. If I had to guess, I'd say it's part of a breast pump (with a little milking stool inside), but that seems ridiculous. Anyone else?
    posted by LeLiLo at 5:16 PM PST - 17 comments

    Filter for Canon Rebel lens

    I just got a Canon EOS Rebel Tsi camera and I would like get a filter for the lens as protection. Back in the olden days with a film camera I had a UV filter. Is that still the way to go? Also, any recommendations? They start at $3 on Amazon and go up to $30, quite a spread. Thanks.
    posted by mikedelic at 5:04 PM PST - 11 comments

    I can only identify the 1UP's and the power-ups

    I have no background knowledge in mycology whatsoever. But I would like to improve my mushroom-identification knowledge from zero to at least beginner-101 level. What resources [online, print books, or other] might be most useful for someone [me] who wants to be able to recognize the mushrooms near his home in Upper Valley VT/NH? Bonus points for resources that will help me to understand whether the mushroom is dangerous for dogs to ingest. [more inside]
    posted by .kobayashi. at 4:54 PM PST - 10 comments

    LGBTQ High School Alumni Group?

    A fellow alumnus of my Catholic high school has expressed interest in forming an LGBTQ alumni group. This is a very nebulous concept at the moment, but the current idea is to be visible and, where possible, provide outreach to students. Do you have experience with this or guidance to help us solidify this concept? [more inside]
    posted by bfranklin at 4:48 PM PST - 4 comments

    NYC vacation for a California family

    What would be some fun and interesting things to take a five year old child from Southern California to do in New York City next week?
    posted by Dansaman at 4:29 PM PST - 12 comments

    What's the name of this John Updike story?

    The other day a stranger described a John Updike short story to me that I'd like to read. He said that the story was called "f-stop" and it was about a detached family man who was taking photos of his kids at the beach (?) but was so focused on his photography that his children ended up drowning as he watched. I have been unable to find any mention of an Updike story called "f-stop" online or any other story that fits this description.
    posted by timsneezed at 4:26 PM PST - 8 comments

    Soliciting Angie's List reviews?

    I've updated my Angie's List listing. I have no reviews as of yet, although I've been in business since 2005. Is it ethical to solicit reviews from clients? I'm thinking of sending an email saying something like, "I'm now on Angies's List. Feel free to write a review, should you wish. Here's the link." Nothing begging or hat-in-hand, of course. What's the protocol? Is there a protocol?
    posted by BostonTerrier at 3:59 PM PST - 13 comments

    Turn my tiny bathroom into a spa--with a new bathtub.

    My existing claw foot tub doesn't fill deep enough. I would like to replace it with a deep soaking tub, of course for the best value possible. Give me your ideas please. [more inside]
    posted by ethidda at 3:58 PM PST - 13 comments

    Office security for a windowless room?

    I work in a public defender's office with a dozen lawyers. Four of them are in windowless offices, and two of those offices in particular are buried near the back of the building, where it's hard to hear if you aren't standing outside the door. For the vast majority of clients this isn't an issue, but how can we keep our office safe during closed door meetings with clients? [more inside]
    posted by Happydaz at 3:46 PM PST - 9 comments

    Dishwasher repair -- how? And should I?

    I have a 7-year old Whirlpool dishwasher (GU2200XTSB to be exact.) I got the 7 clean-light-flash error signal, and was able to clear that (so control panel seems good.) Heating element -- still hot. Water fills? check. But then it just hums when in the past the big chugging washing motion would begin. So it sounds like some kind of pump/motor problem. The water isn't getting pushed around. The little detergent door is opened but the detergent is still there, barely wet. I am pretty handy and have repaired several other major appliances before. so -- 1) how to diagnose pump vs. motor vs. ???? 2) Is this just stupid given the age of the dishwasher? I'd rather pay $50 or $100 than $500, but....
    posted by msalt at 3:03 PM PST - 7 comments

    Library on a cart!

    School librarians of Metafilter! So, the number of classrooms in our school has outgrown the number of class periods available for the library. Oh no! The solution: seven periods each week are double-booked. Another teacher will teach "library" in one classroom while I teach the other class in the library. Every few weeks (months?) we'll switch. For K-1 this is easy: you read them a story and do a craft either way. But what about the rest? We'll have grades 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8 in this situation. [more inside]
    posted by goodbyewaffles at 2:41 PM PST - 6 comments

    Light, neutral scented, men's deodorant for hot yoga?

    I'm a guy. I do yoga in a heated room. I don't want to want to bother others in class with massively perfumed deodorants, but I also don't want to have bad body odor. Which deodorant do I want? [more inside]
    posted by bluecore at 2:38 PM PST - 38 comments

    Mysterious Concrete Slab

    I'm the new owner of a 1950-built home in Whitefish Bay, WI. While doing some landscape regrading around an addition put on sometime after the initial construction (which we think included an expansion of the basement), we discovered this mysterious concrete slab buried underneath some bushes, next to one of the basement windows. Why is it there? And is it doing something important? [more inside]
    posted by gerryblog at 2:17 PM PST - 23 comments

    advanced adulthood primer for parentless children?

    My parents were absent for much of my childhood, and I have been estranged from my family for years. I've been fully independent since my late teens, but I still learn best by example and rote memorization, and I did not really have anyone to learn from. I've built what I think is a good life, but I am still lacking a lot of practical information. What sort of resources are available for people in this position to figure out what they've missed and get themselves unstuck? Is there a book, checklist, or set of guidelines that I could use? Something like Advanced Adulthood for Dummies? [more inside]
    posted by divined by radio at 2:02 PM PST - 23 comments

    Costume Query

    I'm almost done with my Booker DeWitt costume for DragonCon - only thing left to do now is to finish the shirt. But seriously, what is up with this shirt? Can someone, accomplished costume-maker or otherwise, make sense of my reference image? [more inside]
    posted by Urban Winter at 1:35 PM PST - 10 comments

    U.S. citizen moving to Canada needs bank account

    What's the easiest, best, and cheapest way for a U.S. citizen moving to Toronto to get a Canadian bank account? Ideally before I arrive, if that is possible. [more inside]
    posted by grouse at 1:21 PM PST - 24 comments

    Give me your best drive in movie tips!

    I need your best drive in movie tips! Difficulty level: motorcycle. [more inside]
    posted by mollymayhem at 1:05 PM PST - 13 comments

    Cross-border marriage - what are the issues?

    Due to a series of very bad events, my wife and I have ended up employed in two different countries. We are both American by nationality and university professors by profession, currently employed in the Netherlands. Her new position, for which she is applying for a visa now, is in Scotland. She cannot have her old job back, and I do not have a position in Scotland. So we are both foreigners in the countries in which we are employed, and we are (or, rather, will be soon) employed in two different countries. What are some of the immigration issues we need to consider here? [more inside]
    posted by Philosopher Dirtbike at 12:49 PM PST - 8 comments

    1st time Traveler tips to South Africa needed

    The Mrs is going to S. Africa scouting resorts (Sabi Sabi and someplace in Cape Town) and I'd like to send her prepared...1st time Traveler tips to South Africa needed. [more inside]
    posted by doorsfan at 12:39 PM PST - 5 comments

    Animating fabric being folded, cut and stitched.

    I want to explore animating fabric being folded, cut and stitched in 3D. Is there any particular 3D software that would make simulating this particularly easy, or even just marginally easier than others? Or is it actually pretty basic? I can spend a bit... [more inside]
    posted by dpcoffin at 12:32 PM PST - 9 comments

    Yet another "should we breakup" question

    Yet another "should we breakup" question [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 12:29 PM PST - 40 comments

    When to quit your personal trainer?

    I have been working with a personal trainer for about three months. I am about to run out of sessions. Should I re-up? [more inside]
    posted by Brittanie at 11:10 AM PST - 14 comments

    Google analytics? I have the tracking code. What now?

    This is for work. It's a wordpress site. According to a wordpress plugin that's already been installed, I have a google analytics tracking number that has been on the homepage for several months already. How do I see analytics about the site's visitors. When I go to Google analytics, it makes me enter an email address, my site URL and generates a NEW tracking number. I don't want a new tracking number. I want to use my existing number that has been on the homepage for months already. so how do I use google analytics if all I have is a tracking number and a URL. I don't have the email associated with this tracking URL, if there ever was one. That was before I was hire. Thanks.
    posted by caveatz at 11:07 AM PST - 7 comments

    What to Do About Altitude Sickness in Quito?

    I (American) flew into Quito last night and now have what I am pretty certain is a case of altitude sickness. I've had a headache since the flight. Then, this morning, I've been unable to walk even short distances (e.g. across a hostel courtyard) without waves of hot/cold through my body, nausea, weakness, chest pounding, a swimmy feeling in my head, and on a couple occasions a sense likes I was going vomit or faint very imminently. I took a nap and felt better, but as soon as I walked outside, the symptoms hit me again. In the absence of having my regular doctor around -- What do I do? [more inside]
    posted by soundproof at 10:41 AM PST - 28 comments

    Good Lav Mic with Mini Plug

    Can someone recommend a good lav mic to accompany a Sony PCM-M10? [more inside]
    posted by jacob at 10:24 AM PST - 3 comments

    Help Me Find A Book

    I am looking for a book that was published in the late 1980s. I cannot remember the title or the author, only that it is a memoir, and that the cover of the book (oft advertised in the New Yorker) had a small picture of a boy jumping between two rocks. The design of the cover was very much like this one for Lewis Thomas' The Fragile Species, with the picture of the jumping boy there in the center. The only other thing I can remember is that the author's name started with two initials, i.e. T R Something or A R Something. Please help!
    posted by chavenet at 10:01 AM PST - 2 comments

    I hate cars

    Is what my tire shop did negligent? Or am I in the wrong for not being more thorough in my description of what was wrong with my car? [more inside]
    posted by whistle pig at 9:45 AM PST - 24 comments

    Tools For the Spatially Challenged: Couch-Movers Edition

    Wizards of Hive, Before I buy that 90" couch from a friend, how can I make sure I'll be able to get it up my L-shaped stairs? Sure, there are a lot of variables. But is there a tool or methodology for figuring this out ahead of time (presuming I know the depth and height of the couch too)? I don't think I have the cardboard to build a mockup. This couch is 50 miles away and can't be returned. Thanks!
    posted by baseballpajamas at 9:37 AM PST - 14 comments

    Am I overreacting or is this totally illegal/wrong?

    The new job I applied for called a work reference I did not authorize and I got a bad review. Should I leave this entire job off my resume? Bonus general career anxiety/issues inside! [more inside]
    posted by themaskedwonder at 9:30 AM PST - 29 comments

    How should I acknowledge my job references for helping me land the gig?

    I recently started a job that I'm really excited about. Part of the reason I was hired is because I got great endorsements from my references. I'd like to send flowers to the Manhattan offices of each one, but if you have a better idea for a considerate thank you gift for three smart, accomplished women in their late 20s/early 30s, I am all ears! I want to send something nice that makes it clear how grateful I am for their confidence in me. [more inside]
    posted by andromache at 8:59 AM PST - 12 comments

    There may be a Burning Man in my future.

    My husband and I have been throwing around the idea of going to Burning Man for a few years now. I am ready to put my foot down and commit to going in 2014 or 2015. What should I do in the next year (or two) to get ready? [more inside]
    posted by Fig at 8:44 AM PST - 21 comments

    Family drama plus holidays = awesome.

    I come from a generally easygoing family which lately has developed a schism between a family member and his immediate family, and because of this a holiday invitation has created drama. [more inside]
    posted by ricochet biscuit at 8:34 AM PST - 13 comments

    Finding an apartment in Toronto

    For someone (and his accompanying elderly mother) who is in search of a good apartment rental in Toronto, what are the best online/offline options to go about it (apart from hiring a real estate agent)? It is difficult for him to roam about the streets looking for posters (although I've read that this is probably the best way to find good deals) because he needs to find it before he arrives. It can be as small as a studio apartment, but it is important that the neighborhood is safe and that the price is somewhat cheap. It is also important that the flat is comfortable for the elderly mother (proximity to subway stations, bus stations, hospitals, stores, ...) since the son will be spending most of his time at work. [more inside]
    posted by omar.a at 8:18 AM PST - 13 comments

    Tape backups - yes / no? What's my options?

    Are tapes still the best bet for backups or are they considered antiquated now? I want to replace our organization's existing tape backup system. [more inside]
    posted by dukes909 at 7:58 AM PST - 11 comments

    Improving working memory in a dyslexic teenager (bonus! verbal skills)

    This was last asked in 2007 for improving working memory in an ADHD teenager and I'm hoping there are new resources, especially geared to dyslexics. What are the current tools and thoughts about working memory improvement when there is a known deficit? [more inside]
    posted by viggorlijah at 7:57 AM PST - 3 comments

    What type of typography should I use with this image?

    I´m trying to make a flyer to advertise some classes I´m teaching. There´s an image I really would like to use, but it has very light and very dark areas, making it very difficult to add text to it. [more inside]
    posted by Fermin at 7:55 AM PST - 11 comments

    So I became a stalker

    My ex dumped and me coldly and cruelly one day out of the blue. We lived together and talked about marriage and kids. It was my most serious relationship. One day he came from work and told me to move out in 24 hours and it's over. Then he cut me off like I never existed. This was 1.5 years ago. I still can't let go of my feelings of anger and resentment. [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 7:53 AM PST - 49 comments

    Escaping a sick system

    It's clear to me that my job is a sick system, and I don't know how to get out. [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 7:53 AM PST - 12 comments

    University library card privileges?

    Inspired by the rap battle over in Meta, does anyone have suggestions on how to get a library card at a US research university without being a current student or faculty member? Is there such a thing as an independent researcher?
    posted by leotrotsky at 7:36 AM PST - 15 comments

    Dust to Dust

    How can I clean dusty surfaces more effectively, so that it actually gets removed rather than moved around? [more inside]
    posted by pianissimo at 7:27 AM PST - 13 comments

    Required Reading about the Armed Forces

    I've started to become more and more interested in parts of military operations and I can use some help finding the hopefully all encompassing resources available. Specifically how certain characteristics are developed and decisions are made. [more inside]
    posted by ACEness at 7:27 AM PST - 7 comments

    It's not the heat, it's the humidity. Using a mini fridge part time.

    So I have a seven year old mini fridge, very similar to this one, only seven years older. How can I use it minimally? Or should I let it go 24/7? [more inside]
    posted by tilde at 7:26 AM PST - 5 comments

    Will photographers do green screen photos with fictional backgrounds?

    My fiancée and I want to have our engagement photos done. Rather than pose in front of scenic backdrops, we'd like to have photos taken in front of a green screen, then have vistas from video games that are special to us inserted behind us. For instance, in the finished product, we're in front of the castle from Super Mario 64 or a Paris nightclub from Sly Cooper. Is this something that professional photographers can/will do? I know there's green screen photo places, but will they add the game backgrounds that we provide? Are there licensing/copyright issues in play that will get in the way of this?
    posted by Servo5678 at 6:48 AM PST - 7 comments

    How is the job outlook for vocational rehabilitation counselors?

    I'm considering a Master's program in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, but was wondering how the job outlook is. Specifically, I'd like to live in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and was curious if there are many openings in this region, or if I'd have to relocate. If you're in the field of vocational rehabilitation counseling, did your internship turn into a permanent position, or did you have to spend months and months applying for jobs?
    posted by Nobodyinparticular at 6:46 AM PST - 2 comments

    I'd like to have my 1950s era blonde wood kitchen cabinets restored.

    My 1950s era split level house is still in remarkably original condition despite its years, with most of the original fixtures and walls. Perhaps it's coolest feature is the original blonde wood kitchen cabinets, with panels that slide along grooves instead of hinged doors. They're in poor condition and long overdue for replacement but before I do so I'm considering having them restored as part of a planned general restoration of the house to its original specs. I'd like to know the following: 1) how can I determine if they're unique design and period age makes them even worth maintaining; 2) who should I consult to get an estimate for the job; and 3) if I decide to tear them out, is there a 1950s collector's market where I could put them for sale as-is? Even if I don't want them, I'd bet that someone else might.
    posted by Jamesonian at 6:29 AM PST - 3 comments

    Fun things to do with a 4-year-old over Skype

    My daughter's on the other side of the ocean for a little while, but we keep up with daily video chats. We talk, goof around, make faces, play with puppets, but I sometimes wish I had more ideas to keep her entertained. Can you think of any other fun things we could do? [more inside]
    posted by muckster at 6:24 AM PST - 10 comments

    Please tell me about Arabic alphabetical lists

    Can anyone who writes Arabic tell me what a proper Arabic alphabetical list should look like? Can anyone who knows XSLT help me with this Arabic list once we know how it should look? [more inside]
    posted by Skyanth at 5:51 AM PST - 3 comments

    Partner lied about previous sexual partners & his faithfulness

    A lie of omission, to be more accurate. When I met my (now) husband he understood that I hadn’t had sex and didn’t plan on it before marriage, and that I was looking for someone with similar beliefs about sex. Because he knew this, he was honest and told me that he had been in a long-term relationship with someone before for 7 years - I was fine with this. But I recently discovered that he had sex with 3 different women right as he was getting to know me, (one of whom I've since met at one of his work parties, and cringe to think I was the only one in the group who didn't know about this), and he didn't feel it was important to tell me about it when he proposed to me. [more inside]
    posted by Zee101 at 5:23 AM PST - 45 comments

    French speakers; shameless free translation request

    Going through family papers, my partner recently found a 1950s newspaper article in French, detailing his grandfather's visit back to the area of France in which he spent most of his time in WW1. Google Translate gives us a stilted, semi-incomprehensible translation. We've recently been transcribing his grandfather's war letters and this article would be a wonderful addition to the document. I would be very grateful and owe a favour to anyone willing to have a go at turning it into English for us. It's only 276 words, so hopefully not too difficult. Text is under the cut. [more inside]
    posted by andraste at 2:26 AM PST - 9 comments

    Help me figure out the next steps please

    How do I recover from my mistakes and rough start in work life? [more inside]
    posted by ichomp at 12:57 AM PST - 9 comments

    August 20

    How do I seal this deal?

    I fell into an opportunity that I'd like to pursue. How do I not screw this up? [more inside]
    posted by Athene at 10:52 PM PST - 21 comments

    Good quality sunglasses that are worth the price?

    According to my eye doctor, my $10 Target sunglasses need to go (he saw some very early indications of possible macular degeneration at my eye appointment today) in favor of higher quality sunglasses. He specifically mentioned brands like Oakley, Rayban, and Fendi as having good quality sunglasses. I'm willing to pay to get good quality protective sunglasses, but I want to pay for quality, not a name. What are some good quality sunglasses (either brands or specific pairs) that are worth the money (and not just the name brand)?
    posted by McPuppington the Third at 10:05 PM PST - 32 comments

    Any recommendations for non-US and non-UK Web Hosting Providers

    Does anyone have experience of using non-US and non-UK, shared-hosting, web-hosting providers. I am thinking about re-locating my site away from the US. I am in New Zealand but prices here are quite expensive in comparison to the US at least. I am just looking for a basic, shared-hosting provider for my Wordpress blog. You may be able to guess why I am asking at this time. I am not looking to debate the merits or otherwise of doing this [at least not here!], just looking for experiences of those that have actually used shared-hosting providers outside of the UK and the US.
    posted by vac2003 at 9:53 PM PST - 4 comments

    Can't fix the past; can I mend the present?

    I have just found out that my ex and the father of my child did something twenty-odd years ago that has had permanent ramifications for both our child and his daughter with his former wife (the daughter is 9 years older than our son). I was unaware of this until Sunday, when I visited the former wife (who lives in another city) and we had a long and intense conversation under the shadow of the terminal diagnosis she received earlier this year. What do I do now? [more inside]
    posted by jokeefe at 8:54 PM PST - 23 comments

    Help me find a multi-line (4-8 lines preferred) scientific calculator!

    One of my chemistry courses this semester requires that I use a non-programmable, scientific calculator on all exams. Do you know of any multi-line calculators with a similar keypad to my TI-84+ Silver edition? A lot of the calculators I've looked at on Amazon appear to be of the 2-line variety; the ones that have 4-lines don't have the ability to take inverse logs or to create custom-defined exponents. It'd be really nice to have as large a display as possible; money is no issue.
    posted by lotusmish at 8:49 PM PST - 5 comments

    Does Google still use primarily cheap hard drives/infrastructure?

    Since 2007, does Google still use the Buy Cheap method to grow infrastructure? Or have they moved on to more traditional hardware growth? [more inside]
    posted by Phyltre at 7:13 PM PST - 6 comments

    Help Avoiding Sunburn in Hawaii

    I have a trip to Hawaii planned. The last time I was there, the sun seemed much stronger than I'm use to in California, and I tend to burn even under the best circumstances. It being vacation, I'll probably be outside more often the normal and maybe even wet more often than normal. What's the best way to avoid getting burned? [more inside]
    posted by willnot at 6:44 PM PST - 37 comments

    How much should an editor of an online publication be paid?

    If I want to hire an editor to manage the blog for my ad-driven website, how much should the pay be if it's full-time? What about part-time? Other than creating and managing content, managing writers (and bringing on new ones), and promoting the blog and the site on social media, is there anything else I should list in a online editor's duties? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 6:38 PM PST - 4 comments

    What words can be pronounced more precisely?

    I remember in Six Degrees of Separation, Will Smith's character practices pronouncing the 't' sound in 'bottle', so that he doesn't do what most people do, which is to say, "a boddle of beer". Another example: the first time I heard someone pronounce the 'n' in gover*n*ment, I was surprised. I'm not looking for examples like the 'k' in knife, which is silent for everyone; I'm looking for words that most people pronounce one way, but can be correctly pronounced in a more precise manner. Thanks!
    posted by surenoproblem at 6:33 PM PST - 132 comments

    Northern California Restaurant with a Tasting Menu

    I'm looking for a culinary experience for a date in the SF Bay area or Sacramento area. Preferred budget ~$30-$60 person without drinks. Special details within. [more inside]
    posted by agentofselection at 6:24 PM PST - 12 comments

    i need better resources for dealing with debt in ontario.

    I have some bad consumer debt from a period when I was un- and under- employed. I contacted two different professionals for help in sorting it out, and as far as I can tell, they both gave me terrible advice. [more inside]
    posted by windykites at 6:13 PM PST - 3 comments

    Need practice boleros for dance class

    I've been tasked with coming up with a few practice songs for a bolero dance class in a few weeks. (more inside) [more inside]
    posted by coldhotel at 6:12 PM PST - 0 comments

    How to capture clips from streaming video on a Mac?

    Is there a good way to capture short clips from online streaming videos on a Mac? [more inside]
    posted by Orinda at 6:05 PM PST - 8 comments

    Is there a reason I shouldn't apply for/get a few more credit cards?

    Lately I've been thinking I should apply for a few more credit cards in order to take advantage of points, cash back, and other bonuses. Assuming I am not currently in debt, I already own a home and don't foresee needing any loans in the near future, and assuming I pay my bill every month, is there a downside to doing this? [more inside]
    posted by bondcliff at 5:59 PM PST - 14 comments

    Someone is using my Gmail & old personal address to sign up for things

    A few months ago, I started getting emails thanking me for signing up for things like, Monster, and a few newsletters, all of these were using a personal address that I haven't used in about 7 years. I figured it was a weird spam thing, since the user names they created for these accounts were just random letters (like djfdksjafkasjvnckdfja). Today, I got four different responses from auto insurance companies about quote requests that I didn't actually make, all using that old address as well. I think I need to delete my Google account to stop this, but I'm very very hesitant to lose access to all my paid apps. Any suggestions what I could do?
    posted by shesdeadimalive at 5:34 PM PST - 11 comments

    What is this mystery object my grandmother found in her home?

    What is this mystery object my grandmother found in her home? Pics inside. [more inside]
    posted by spikeleemajortomdickandharryconnickjrmints at 5:30 PM PST - 36 comments

    Like Sookie Stackhouse circa season 2.

    So I'm about to embark upon a year that will be chock-full of free time. I'll be working an 8 to 5, but other than that I'll be in a small town with few leisure options. I've decided that my chief self-improvement goal for said upcoming year is to get a body like this (NSFW-ish). Help me totally crush this. [more inside]
    posted by sevensnowflakes at 5:22 PM PST - 10 comments

    How to save some money for a rainy day?

    I've recently acquired a small sum of money and I'd like to put it somewhere where I can't touch it, except in emergencies. It's not a massive amount, but its more than I usually have on hand and I'd rather not squander it. If I just leave it in my bank account I know I'll end up using it up. Where can I put it so that its aavailable in emergencies but is still hard to access? If it gains interest that would also be good. I'm in Australia.
    posted by Charlemagne In Sweatpants at 5:15 PM PST - 6 comments

    Recipes using cooked duck

    We had a Roast Duck for dinner last night, but we still have half a duck left! What are some not too complicated recipes that I could make using the extra meat / skin / bones.
    posted by jonathanstrange at 4:48 PM PST - 16 comments

    Oh, you're going to Atlanta? You should...

    I'll be in Atlanta, Georgia (US) the second week of September for a work conference. The conference ends on Thursday night, so I'll have all day Friday and Saturday morning to myself. My current to-do list contains one item: visit the aquarium (whale shark!). What else should I see or do while in Atlanta? [more inside]
    posted by RogueTech at 4:41 PM PST - 24 comments

    My mortgage was sold, now it's lost. What do I do?

    Our mortgage was sold a few months ago. We were assured nothing would change. This month, no mortgage statement. I went to the mortgage co. website. It says, "This mortgage is closed." No, it's not. I called the 800 number. That got me nowhere. I can't mail the payment to the old address - it won't be received or processed. The website does not recognize our account number. The people on the phone don't know what they're talking about. What do I do? [more inside]
    posted by clarkstonian at 4:31 PM PST - 18 comments

    Looking for an article from National Lampoon

    I'm looking article that appeared in National Lampoon in the late 1970s or early 1980s, probably between 1979 and 1981. The article was called something like "Pens as seen through the eyes of 8 year old boys". [more inside]
    posted by Rob Rockets at 4:18 PM PST - 3 comments

    Fundraising websites 101

    Help me find a website that meets the needs of the small, nonprofit fundraising event I'm organizing. [more inside]
    posted by itstheclamsname at 4:03 PM PST - 5 comments

    How do I load a file of stamps into Adobe Acrobat Pro?

    I have Adobe Acrobat XI Pro. I have a PDF of proofreading markup stamps that my client sent me to use. Can anyone tell me how to load the stamps into Acrobat Pro so I can use them to proofread a file? [more inside]
    posted by orange swan at 4:01 PM PST - 2 comments

    How do I grad school: management skills edition

    I'm a grad student in the sciences, going into my (mumble) year. I've been assigned an incoming grad student to show the ropes. Great! What the hell do I do? [more inside]
    posted by kagredon at 3:46 PM PST - 9 comments

    Maybe we need to upgrade the installer too?

    The house we bought years ago came with an existing home theater system, speakers wired into the walls, TV installed above the fireplace, components tucked away in a cabinet, all cables hidden away in the walls. It has been pretty awesome, but some of the components have started to fail. We bought a new TV, and the installer is talking about having to open up the wall to run the new HDMI cable alongside the existing cable that is already running through the wall from the TV to the component cabinet a few feet away. We really don't want to cut the wall open if we don't need to, and it seems to us that it should be feasible to use the existing wiring to pull through a new HDMI cable. Are we wrong? [more inside]
    posted by ambrosia at 3:35 PM PST - 7 comments

    What guitar is this?

    What guitar is Jack Hues playing in this awesome Wang Chung cover of a Modest Mouse song?
    posted by xmutex at 2:51 PM PST - 10 comments

    Help me find that shakedown beat!

    Looking for songs that sound like I Need You Tonight (INXS), Another One Bites the Dust (Queen), and Shakedown Street (Grateful Dead). [more inside]
    posted by evil otto at 2:46 PM PST - 20 comments

    Are there kitchen trashcans that have decently sealing lids?

    We are currently having roach problems in our apartment, and sadly the monthly visits by our landlord supplied pest guy are not having any effect. We are being ultra-careful about leaving out food/water, but this seems pointless when there is a trashcan in the kitchen containing perfect roach food! Our current trashcan has a hinged lid but it doesn't seal. I've tried to look online but can't find any trashcans specifying that they are air/bug tight. Do they exist? [more inside]
    posted by blu_stocking at 2:36 PM PST - 13 comments

    Surprise! Your wedding isn't paid for at all! How to fix/deal?

    Funding for our wedding was initially going to be split between family and myself/my partner. It's a month before the major bill is due, and the "family" part dropped out, leaving us holding the bag. We, as it stands, will not be able to make this payment, potentially canceling our wedding that people have already bought plane tickets for. Help us either fix this, or deal with the emotional fallout both in our relationship and outside it. [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 2:19 PM PST - 77 comments

    Short notice resignation snowflake-y justification

    My contract with my employer is at-will (and I work in an at-will state), and I need to get out of here asap, but I don't want to give too much notice... [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 2:17 PM PST - 13 comments

    Does anyone know how to make a PDF act like Excel does?

    How do I make a PDF fillable form do a few of the things that Excel does for me easy, like turn the Trademark notation into superscript TM, like this? ™ [more inside]
    posted by Jim On Light at 2:04 PM PST - 1 comment

    Better sound, less space

    Are TV sound bars a good solution? [more inside]
    posted by pdb at 1:56 PM PST - 7 comments

    How to compile handwritten letters, printouts, and pictures for son?

    What is the best way to put together years of handwritten and typed letters along with photos for my son that can be added to and later given as a gift? [more inside]
    posted by grablife365 at 1:51 PM PST - 7 comments

    what's this pointy thing? WWII-era butt plug?

    here's a photo. it appears to be aluminum and it's weighty for its size. It was among the possessions of an elderly, career US Navy retiree. Any ideas? Phone's for scale-- I know what that is.
    posted by Mayor Curley at 1:45 PM PST - 17 comments

    Put A Ring On ... Me

    I'd like a distinctive but minimalist (i.e. no filigree) men's wedding ring, preferably in black metal. I absolutely need the fit and metal to be of the "I completely forgot I have a ring on" variety. Keywords to help me Google are just as welcome as specific rings, stores (web/NYC), guides, etc. [more inside]
    posted by griphus at 1:43 PM PST - 19 comments

    I have an idea but I don't know what to do with it.

    I have an idea for a product. I live in Chicago so I feel like there have to be some ueful resources around. I have never had something made or produced. How do I do that? And once I do that, what comes next? [more inside]
    posted by smeater44 at 1:39 PM PST - 9 comments

    Name this Soviet-era musical film

    It featured a jolly musical number on the difficulty of obtaining all the signatures one needs on one's paperwork. [more inside]
    posted by scrambles at 1:28 PM PST - 1 comment

    Help me become a better singer!

    I am a trained multi-instrumentalist, and I know music theory, have good ears for intonation and rhythm, etc. I've been writing songs and singing backup in my band, and would like to improve my singing. I have a mezzo soprano kind of range. I really like the voices of zooey deschanel, abigail washburn, and hannah hart-- that sort of low, a little bit breathy, rich, folksy voice. When I sing and record myself to listen back, I can get the breathy part down, but then the tone is not great (as in, the voice sounds thin, lacks body and complexity... like a really cheap violin as opposed to a good one). When I sing with a more "solid" kind of voice, then I sound super nasal-y. How do I get a fuller-bodied voice that's still has that kind of breathy quality? [more inside]
    posted by atetrachordofthree at 1:28 PM PST - 8 comments

    Field Club at AT&T Park?

    A friend and I will be seeing a baseball game tomorrow at AT&T Park -- Section FC 107, behind visitors' dugout. Other than going in by a special entrance, what are the benefits of sitting in Field Club level? I want to take advantage of the advantages, since I'm sure the tickets cost $$$$$$$$$$$$.
    posted by wryly at 1:18 PM PST - 3 comments

    Did I destroy everything with this nail polish? Help!!!

    I accidentally washed a bottle of hot pink nail polish with a load of laundry. There are now streaks and splotches of hot pink nail polish covering all of the clothes in that load, plus the interior of the dryer. HELP. How can I fix this? Are all my clothes ruined (they are all dry at this point)? Can I get it off the inside of the dryer? [more inside]
    posted by galenka at 1:08 PM PST - 12 comments

    Please, turn it off.

    I have an on-and-off relationship with even my favorite music. My occasional loathing and indifference coincide with illness, though they outlast it; they do not occur with other symptoms of depression, which I have enough practice recognizing in myself. Has anyone had similar experiences or read anything on this or a related topic? Writing out of curiosity, not for help. [more inside]
    posted by mcoo at 1:08 PM PST - 5 comments

    Wordpress order scheduling solution?

    I run a business where people order equipment online and then I have to call them to arrange pickup. I have a Wordpress site and using WooCommerce. I am trying to find a solution where someone could place and schedule an order using a drop down calendar 48 hours or more in advance . any advice on plugins or solutions I should be looking at?
    posted by parmanparman at 12:05 PM PST - 4 comments

    Where can I buy a German-style pencil case?

    This is the sort of thing I had when I was young and it was so practical. I'd love to get something similar for my elementary school kids.
    posted by Dragonness at 11:54 AM PST - 20 comments

    Yet Another Thyroid Question

    Are there any alternatives to prescription thyroid supplementation? I'm working with a doctor but the process is slow, and in the meantime I'm exhausted. [more inside]
    posted by unannihilated at 11:37 AM PST - 9 comments

    Help me find this music video?

    I recently watched a music video with someone, and am trying to locate it. It features a highly photogenic man and a woman in their 20s/30s wandering around sunlit fields, looking at various objects. At one point something happens involving the woman in front of car headlights, and perhaps a horse head(?). I think it was probably filmed relatively recently, less than 5 years ago, and the music is probably from a smaller independent band. The band name was probably two words, and the song title was one word, if that helps.
    posted by suedehead at 11:18 AM PST - 3 comments

    I dread to consider re-ripping to FLAC

    My third 500 GiB Archos 5 IT just died on me. I'm out of the loop and I need a new mp3 player. What's the best large-capacity mp3 player for me to get? [more inside]
    posted by turkeyphant at 11:10 AM PST - 22 comments

    Legitimate work-from-home opportunities in northern NY state?

    Greetings all. I'm looking to move to northern NY state - most likely Clinton County, within an hour or so tops of Plattsburgh. I was wondering if anybody happens to know of any good websites or other resources for finding telecommuting jobs in that area? I ask this because there seems to be legions of "get rich quick" scams masquerading as legitimate employment opportunities, as well as telecommuting jobs in other areas. (I've never telecommuted in my life, and from what I gather many such jobs do require physically traveling to a job site every now and again.) Any useful links, and/or accounts of your own telecommuting experiences (preferably in the aforementioned area) would be much appreciated. For the record, I'm already familiar with Monster, Craigslist, Trovit, and Snagajob. Thanks in advance!
    posted by DavidfromBA at 11:06 AM PST - 13 comments

    What early childhood conditions should I read up on?

    Our four-year-old is hell-on-wheels. We have an appointment this week with his pediatrician to discuss his behavior. What do I want to read up on before this chat? [more inside]
    posted by colin_l at 10:52 AM PST - 19 comments

    Is there a special term for silvered mirrors being used for optics?

    Do specialized mirrors for optics projects have a different name for a "glassless" mirror, or a specially silvered mirror which has a glass quality to minimize any internal reflections? [more inside]
    posted by shipbreaker at 10:45 AM PST - 5 comments

    Pick Up Artist giving a "talk" at at Nerds Meetup Group

    I'm a long time member of a nerdy Meetup group. What can I do about a pick up artist related event that's going to happen today? [more inside]
    posted by FJT at 10:35 AM PST - 28 comments

    More than one tab would be just great

    Laptop freezing semi-regularly with internet use, need suggestions. [more inside]
    posted by carnivoregiraffe at 10:21 AM PST - 9 comments

    Completing my prequisites online

    I have a Quebec high school diploma. I want to apply for to distance learning programs provided by schools based in other Canadian provinces, but since Quebec high school ends at grade 11, I'm missing a whole slew of pre-requisites I'd already have under my belt if I had done grade 12... [more inside]
    posted by ohmy at 10:05 AM PST - 6 comments

    Storing info about images of paintings?

    What's a good way to keep track of information about images of paintings I've downloaded (artist, title, year, museum, and so on)? [more inside]
    posted by kristi at 9:49 AM PST - 4 comments

    Hand me the kettle bell, I'm going in

    After a month of at-home kickboxing and adjusting my diet to include more than tacos, I'm beginning to feel the love for physical activity and healthy living. Now I find myself looking for CrossFit gyms in Philadelphia that won't scare me away. Snowflake details inside. [more inside]
    posted by picklesthezombie at 9:26 AM PST - 9 comments

    How can I change the schedule of my bowels?

    Question on the timing of bowel movements; details behind the jump so as to protect the squeamish. [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 9:23 AM PST - 18 comments

    Should I become a plumber?

    I’m seriously thinking about becoming a plumber (or possibly an electrician). Does this idea make sense for me from a personal and financial perspective? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 9:22 AM PST - 28 comments

    How do I establish an account for a small, informal organization?

    I'm taking over the reins of a small, amateur sports team. Our budget is under $5,000/year, mostly donations solicited from sponsors. How do I manage this money? [more inside]
    posted by entropone at 8:37 AM PST - 11 comments

    Golden birthday on a budget

    My golden birthday is coming up, and since you only get one, I'd like to do something special. But I'm pretty much broke. [more inside]
    posted by catatethebird at 8:29 AM PST - 6 comments

    Virgin Mobile, shut up!

    I have a Virgin Mobile android phone, and the following has happened to me about forty times now: I will be on a phone call and all of a sudden a Virgin Mobile song -- some kind of ad song for Virgin Mobile with guitars and synths and a perky lady singing "Virgin Mobile" every now and then -- interrupts the call. Is there a way to make this stop happening? [more inside]
    posted by onlyconnect at 8:29 AM PST - 18 comments

    Science on depression?

    What do scientists currently understand about depression? How, broadly, is this problem formulated as a subject of study? What are various scientists' opinions on the existing treatments, such as medical versus nonmedical approaches? What is the degree of consensus on these various issues, e.g. different schools of thought? What areas or aspects of it are still being poorly addressed? [more inside]
    posted by polymodus at 7:57 AM PST - 10 comments

    Why am I insatiably hungry after benadryl?

    I take Benadryl occasionally as a sleep aid. It helps a lot, but I always wake up with a weird, gnawing hunger that won't be satisfied. It's far more intense than the hunger I usually feel in the morning--it's almost desperate--and doesn't go away for a couple of hours. Am I crazy? Is this normal? Is there a pharmacological explanation for this? Most important, presuming that I'm not crazy, is there anything I can do to combat it (I'm trying to watch my weight)?
    posted by scarylarry at 7:46 AM PST - 9 comments

    new website for users who find EBay too complex

    I saw a notice for a new site that was described as "EBay for Dummies" and I'm not able to find it again. It had the word "Simplify" or something similar in the title ~ anyone else out there see the notice? It'd be awesome to be able to sell my things without hiring a techie! thanks kindly, Jeanne3
    posted by Jeanne3 at 7:02 AM PST - 8 comments

    Help help I’m trapped in a Graham Greene novel

    I am in a foreign country. I just had an encounter with another foreigner, on his way back to his own country, which went along the lines of “You’ll never make it here, you are destined to be unhappy, these are people for whom lying is second-nature.” I just moved here and I feel like I’m being sabotaged. [more inside]
    posted by spaceheater at 6:41 AM PST - 36 comments

    Best places to do freelance work in Manhattan

    I'm in Manhattan for a few weeks and am looking for good spots with free (or cheap) wi-fi. [more inside]
    posted by jtothes at 6:37 AM PST - 7 comments

    San Francisco public transit from SFO to Nob Hill area?

    I'm travelling to San Francisco today for a conference. It'll be my first time there, and I'd like to take public transit from the airport to my hotel - the Fairmont, on Mason St. It looks like I can take a train (BART?) from the airport to Powell St., Montgomery St., or Embarcadero, and walk from there. Is it reasonable to ride the train at 7 PM with a largeish rolling carryon bag and a backpack? Which station should I walk from, if I don't mind a bit of a walk but want to avoid overly-sketchy areas?
    posted by pocams at 6:13 AM PST - 23 comments

    Short break in Victoria, Australia?

    Husband and I need a holiday. Problem is, we won't have much money because we've just bought a house, which came with a lot of bills. Suggestions for weekends away for the next few weeks or short breaks in September school holidays, leaving from Melbourne, Victoria, that cost less than $180/night? Complication-- I'm 19 weeks pregnant. [more inside]
    posted by jojobobo at 1:30 AM PST - 10 comments

    August 19

    Looking for recommendations for our first trip to New England

    Spending the first week in October exploring Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. We will be flying in and out of Portland, and plan to spend the first few days in Maine. Looking for recommendations for the best places to explore, eat, drink, and be merry. Details inside. [more inside]
    posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson at 9:51 PM PST - 22 comments

    How to track down a teacher

    Is it possible to track down a teacher through the NYC public school system? [more inside]
    posted by Sara C. at 7:44 PM PST - 5 comments

    Am I being scammed?

    I returned from vacation to find out that my car had apparently been keyed and my neighbor, who is also an employee of my landlord, had it repaired for $80. What's the best way to handle this? I don't want to be taken advantage of, but I feel obligated to reimburse him. [more inside]
    posted by abirdinthehand at 7:00 PM PST - 50 comments

    in the lightspot spotlight

    This otherwise perfect second-hand suit I just bought has a few tiny white (threadbare?) spots near the bottom of the jacket. I want to wear it to an interview on Wednesday. Hope me? [more inside]
    posted by threeants at 6:33 PM PST - 6 comments

    I love eggplants. Can I grow them indoors in the winter?

    Eggplant is my favorite vegetable, and while you can get them year-round, the prime eggplant season is rapidly coming to a close. It is possible to make some rig in my decent-sized apartment to grow them in the winter? [more inside]
    posted by Fister Roboto at 6:04 PM PST - 9 comments

    Movies where there is much more than meets the eye.

    I'm looking for movies where paying careful attention to every frame and detail yields secrets that are quite different from the "main" surface story. [more inside]
    posted by naju at 6:00 PM PST - 39 comments

    Concrete garden?

    How do I beautify a concrete "garden" space without relying on my green thumb? [more inside]
    posted by rustcellar at 5:07 PM PST - 16 comments

    Good source for PowerPoint templates?

    I have to put together a PowerPoint presentation for an upcoming conference and am bored by the Microsoft templates. Can anyone recommend free/Creative Commons templates that look awesome and aren't seething with malware?
    posted by orrnyereg at 4:29 PM PST - 4 comments

    E.R. Bill HIGHER after submitting Insurance

    After submitting an ER claim to insurance, my bill from the hospital INCREASED. Is there any way to fight the hospital on this? [more inside]
    posted by unmouton88 at 4:26 PM PST - 26 comments

    Best vacuum for cats? Difficulty level: on a budget

    I recently got a really wonderful cat! While my old cheap-o vacuum did just fine before getting the cat, it is now seriously out if its league. I clearly need to replace the vacuum with something more powerful, but the prices of vacuum cleaners scare me (I am a student and so money is tight). Any suggestions on vacuums that will get the job done with pet hair but not totally break the bank?
    posted by rainbowbrite at 3:47 PM PST - 26 comments

    San Francisco for teenagers.

    My younger brother, a rising senior in high school, will be visiting me in the Bay Area next week. We will have 2-3 days to spend in the city (really, any place accessible by Caltrain). I need an itinerary of fun places to check out. The main criteria are that anything you recommend should be easily accessible by public transport, not too remote, and also immediately spectacular for teenage boys and other people without particular interests. Yes: museums with minimal reading, weird architecture, cable cars, great views, robots and video games, and so on. No: major league sports, "funky boutiques," "must-eat restaurants." The rest of our week will be mostly spent outdoors, so indoors is OK. Thanks for suggestions!
    posted by Nomyte at 3:24 PM PST - 36 comments

    "The Devil Wears Prada" West-Coast edition?

    I'm writing a story set in the modern-day film industry: please recommend your favorite documentaries, movies, articles, essays, blogs, or books (preferably non-fiction) about the realities of working in Hollywood! [more inside]
    posted by Zephyrial at 3:16 PM PST - 26 comments

    Future mapping -- what do I do about school.

    I'm 29 and finally ready to attend college for the first time. A year ago, I fixated on a program (up-and-coming) and a school (local, private, VERY well-regarded). Since last August I've been admitted, laid off, rejected for loans, hired, rejected for *more* loans. Last week I came to terms with not attending this September. Today I was unexpectedly approved for more aid that will almost cover my tuition (but none of my living expenses). Orientation starts in two weeks. [more inside]
    posted by itesser at 3:11 PM PST - 14 comments

    Help! I'm tired of being mansplained to!

    I have a co-worker who, despite being ten years younger than I am and much less experienced, really enjoys explaining things to me. He mansplains things that I know a lot about, things I know a little about, things that he knows very little about, you name it. Today, we were talking about business failure, and he said very authoritatively, "Well, it's very important to understand failure and then build sustainability in to the next venture." I'm like, um, you know nothing about building a business. Stop explaining this to me. I find myself on the receiving end of these long mansplained lectures, and I'm tired of smiling and nodding. What's a snappy comeback to shut this guy up? I'm also wondering if there's something I'm doing that suggests I don't know what I'm talking about?
    posted by airguitar2 at 3:02 PM PST - 64 comments

    Translation from medical latin....

    This phrase: "dilaceratio cruris sin Vulcera centusel. multipl." appears on a German birth certificate from the 1940s. Am I right to guess that it means something like "multiple wounds in the leg without ulcers"? If so, what are "ulcers" in this context? Infections?
    posted by RandlePatrickMcMurphy at 2:54 PM PST - 1 comment

    Looking for a specific swimming hole near Kaaterskill Waterfall, NY

    Please help me find the specific swimming hole that I went to 7 years ago near Kaaterskill Creek in the Catskills, or recommend other nice swimming holes in the area. [more inside]
    posted by at 2:31 PM PST - 6 comments

    What open-ended questions will help pregnant daughter mull her options?

    Our daughter, "Mimi," is a divorced single 38 year-old mother of three who lives about 4 hours away. Over the past two years we've become quasi-surrogate parents to "Kato," a 26-year old guy who we like very much. Kato recently moved into our guest house and so six weeks ago he and Mimi met when she and her kids were visiting: obvious sparks. We promptly left on a four week trip and surmised that they were hooking up. But no one said anything after we returned and we kept mum, thinking that perhaps it had run its course. Last night Kato dropped the big bomb: Mimi's pregnant and they want to keep the baby and "make it work." [more inside]
    posted by MySockyWocky at 2:25 PM PST - 50 comments

    What are good Web Based Tools for Building An Announcements/Events Board

    What are good (ideally free) web based tools for building a Calendar and also an Announcements/Events Board? And can these tools produce content that I can embed in a web page? Ideally I'm looking for two features, so it doesn't have to be the same product: 1) Ability to post announcements. Ideally like the List feature in SharePoint, where you can post announcements to a list and set a timeframe for it to start appearing and then an end date for it to stop appearing. 2) A calendar. We already have a Google Calendar account, but it can't hurt to see what else is available. [more inside]
    posted by gov_moonbeam at 2:20 PM PST - 2 comments

    Help me survive my kitchen renovation

    What is the best way to microwave leftover delivery pizza? [more inside]
    posted by NoraCharles at 2:11 PM PST - 15 comments

    Help me crochet and knit without patterns

    I want to find pattern books that aren't written in pattern shorthand. [more inside]
    posted by msali at 2:09 PM PST - 12 comments

    Dearest human can see through walls!

    What's the best way to monitor a webcam over a local area network? [more inside]
    posted by VTX at 2:01 PM PST - 5 comments

    Looking for social work jobs in San Francisco...

    I'm an ASW in Southern California and I'm relocating to San Francisco. What are some good resources/agencies for finding social work jobs in SF? I've used Indeed, Craigslist, and the UCSF website, but I don't know of enough agencies/hospitals up there to know which websites to check for job openings. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
    posted by blackcatcuriouser at 1:59 PM PST - 4 comments

    What can I use as a psychological substitute for dessert?

    For some reason, probably a combination of sweet tooth and several years of conditioning, I don't feel full after lunch/dinner unless I eat something sweet, ie. a dessert. But I would like to change that, especially after witnessing family members dealing with medical issues which would benefit from a healthier diet and observing the daily negotiation for/extortion of candy in exchange for a few bites of food between a toddler and his mother (not me, thank god). So I'm thinking about starting a new habit, some after-meal routine which would make my brain and stomach know I'm now done with eating, in place of eating a piece of cake or chocolate. [more inside]
    posted by gakiko at 1:55 PM PST - 45 comments

    What was this particular web typography plugin/package called?

    I used a HTML typography package years ago and can find neither hide nor hair of it any more. It converted HTML to include proper dashes, curly quotes and other typographic elements. It may have been a blogging engine (or included with one). What was it? [more inside]
    posted by jquinby at 1:51 PM PST - 5 comments

    Please don't be a Ceti Eel

    Woken up from sleep with a worm/larvae crawling on my eyelid. What was it!? [more inside]
    posted by WickedPissah at 1:50 PM PST - 9 comments

    I need a video editor that trims videos but doesn't rerender them

    I'm working on a webinar library. The webinars are all slide shows, with the presenter speaking over. I need to convert and edit these (36 webinars, 9GB total) and upload them to Vimeo. Currently each webinar has have an introduction and wrap up that only applies to the people watching the webinar live; it's useless to anyone watching the recording. I would like to trim this off of each webinar before uploading to Vimeo. [more inside]
    posted by hotelechozulu at 1:50 PM PST - 10 comments

    Help me learn to dance to "Bowlegged Woman"

    What would the dance genre be called for the type of music Pokey Lafarge plays on his self-titled album? [more inside]
    posted by OlivesAndTurkishCoffee at 1:46 PM PST - 4 comments

    Help me use a solar panel and splice it all together!

    I'm in over my head on a DIY project involving electrical terms I don't understand. I want to use a solar panel to power both a water pump and a computer fan, and need to know if this is possible with the components I have, and if possible how can I splice/connect these non-matching wires? [more inside]
    posted by croutonsupafreak at 1:34 PM PST - 9 comments

    Let me tell you how it will be: there's one for you, nineteen for me

    SO has job offer 1800 miles away in beautiful California. Yesterday we were told by friends to expect over 50% of his salary to be taxed, leaving us with net income not far from what we make now in landlocked midwestern state. Should we be concerned about being destitute if we take this job and make the move to Ventura County? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 1:32 PM PST - 28 comments

    How Do I Sell a Watch?

    I have a very sell-able and somewhat valuable watch that I would like to sell. I have no idea where to begin, though. [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 1:31 PM PST - 4 comments

    What are the best online communities besides metafilter?

    I am interested in meeting people that like learning and value their education. I have come across a forum that I like a lot: PhysicsForum. I also like coursera, udacity and edX communities but, unfortunately, there are seldom meetups in my country. I would like to make some "geek" skype friends to know how the education is on other countries and exchange some ideas.
    posted by tsuwal at 1:26 PM PST - 1 comment

    How can I be more "on" in the morning?

    In my ideal world, work would start at around 10 and not involve talking to or interacting with anyone until 11 or so. In reality, I need to be at work and "on" at 8 every morning. This coming school year, I will also be reading a book out loud every morning. Help! [more inside]
    posted by charmcityblues at 12:48 PM PST - 33 comments

    Good Online RPG for an 8-year old

    Looking for an online RPG that's age appropriate for an 8-year old. Fantasy worlds, dungeon crawling, D&D style would seem a good fit. Does such a thing exist? [more inside]
    posted by Otis at 12:46 PM PST - 7 comments

    Starting the nuvaring mid-month

    Planned parenthood tells me it's okay to start the pill any day of the month, and one should use additional protection for seven days following. Does this apply to nuvaring as well? [more inside]
    posted by R a c h e l at 12:22 PM PST - 4 comments

    Software/websites to help manage a scientific project

    What software/websites would you recommend to help a team of not more than a dozen individuals at different sites manage a collaborative project? [more inside]
    posted by docgonzo at 12:10 PM PST - 6 comments

    Making life more bearable in a province/lifestyle we hate?

    My husband and I are dying to move to another province where we have tons of family. People are much more laid back there; they know how to have fun without spending a lot of money. They enjoy each other's company, chat with strangers, tell great stories and place a lot less value on money. It's a beautiful province with lakes and tons of beach access. Houses have decks and fireplaces. To me, it's paradise. The family component is wonderful for my daughter. The problem is that in our home province, we make crap-tons of money. Moving to the other province could mean as much as a $50,000 pay cut. We've decided to stay here another 2 years to build up some super-savings. My question is: What can we do to make our lives here more bearable until we are ready to move? If worthwhile, I could spend up to $500 a month on any changes. [more inside]
    posted by kitcat at 11:40 AM PST - 40 comments

    Balcony railing planter box

    Looking for a balcony railing planter box like this one (which is out of stock). It's a metal basket that you place planters into, and it has adjustable brackets that clamp on to your railing. Thanks!
    posted by Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell at 11:34 AM PST - 2 comments

    Software for a small (church) library

    I am helping manage a church library and would like to update the catalog software. I am looking for these features. This is more for inventory purposes than keeping track of circulation. I don't mind programs that take a little bit of work to install. Requirements *Under $100 (free or cheaper is better) *ability to scan UPCs using CueCat or phone *must work with DVDs/videotapes Nice to Have: Export to web Scanning with iPhone or android phone ability to make bar codes for items not in an online database
    posted by tracer at 11:32 AM PST - 8 comments

    How to monitor internet bandwidth

    My company is considering moving our software into a cloud solution. I'd like to figure out a way to continually monitor available bandwidth (not usage), at defined intervals throughout the day. [more inside]
    posted by slogger at 11:14 AM PST - 7 comments

    Books and Movies that Connect Disparate Time Periods

    I really enjoy books and films that feature narratives strewn across different time periods. I'm looking for recommendations. [more inside]
    posted by Lutoslawski at 11:04 AM PST - 50 comments

    What to make at home next?

    My wife and make a lot of stuff at home--from home made pasta, to scented fuel for an alcohol lamp, to guitar pedals--and we generally find that making at home is better and more fun than buying at the store. Can you recommend any other worthwhile home projects? I'm looking for enjoyable projects that are better than store bought--not necessarily for cost-saving. [more inside]
    posted by Admiral Haddock at 10:44 AM PST - 39 comments

    Question about Walking Dead comic book [spoilers...]

    In the Walking Dead comic book series, when did Rick and the crew... [spoilers] [more inside]
    posted by pwb503 at 10:32 AM PST - 5 comments

    Is running supposed to be hard even if you are cardio-fit?

    I thought I was cardio-fit. Jumping rope for 30-40 minutes makes me feel good and doesn't leave me exhausted. So why is it that running feels so damn hard? I just started running outside and I can barely do a mile in 10 minutes. I have to seriously push through the first five minutes and after just one mile I am DONE. How can this be? Does it mean that I am doing something wrong? Do I need running lessons? Or is this a typical newbie feeling that will go away soon? Details: female, early 40's, low BMI. I don't have any running goals, just want to enjoy running outside.
    posted by rada at 10:29 AM PST - 24 comments

    I feel pretty... hideous

    How do you feel pretty on bad days? [more inside]
    posted by dinosaurprincess at 10:20 AM PST - 35 comments

    Not yet for sale by owner.

    Seeking advice on how to prepare for making an offer on a house that's not on the market. That our friends rent. [more inside]
    posted by deludingmyself at 10:20 AM PST - 13 comments

    Is it unwise to take up gymnastics as a middle-aged adult?

    Is it unwise to take up gymnastics as a middle-aged adult? I'm early 40s, female, and can still do a cartwheel. I'm not particularly athletic otherwise. I don't want to get injured, but I am mostly interested in sports that result in cool tricks. My child is 4, so it'd also be good be active with him. Is it a foolish idea?
    posted by xo at 10:14 AM PST - 12 comments

    Classics online education

    Is there any university (based anywhere in the world, operating in any language) that offers a completely online B.A. program in classics (or specifically in Latin or Greek)?
    posted by John Raskolnikov Gilson at 10:05 AM PST - 4 comments

    How best to account for child care expenses in taxes?

    I'm putting my daughter in preschool and want to know the cheapest way to pay for it. [more inside]
    posted by tylerkaraszewski at 10:05 AM PST - 2 comments

    Washer/Dryer Scratch Repair Recommendations?

    Best solution for touching up appliances? [more inside]
    posted by cccp47 at 9:52 AM PST - 1 comment

    Good online database solutions that hold images?

    I'm looking for a good online database app thingy that would let 50 teachers and 200 students easily and quickly input sentences in two languages *as well as pictures* and be easily searchable by all participants in the future. Any ideas? [more inside]
    posted by sdis at 9:43 AM PST - 4 comments

    Where can I afford to live around Worcester, MA?

    I'm thinking of taking a postdoc in at UMass in Worcester, MA but am having trouble ironing out cost of living expenses. Where can I can I afford to live around there, preferably with a (relatively speaking) easy commute to Boston? [more inside]
    posted by The Bishop of Turkey at 9:08 AM PST - 19 comments

    Looking for Evergreen shrubs happy in partly shady spot in zone 5.

    I am looking for some evergreen shrub/bush/small tress suggestions to plant along the front of our house. I am originally from Australia and have little idea of plants etc here in the US so any help or suggestions appreciated, and I'm happy to try something people might think is unusual if it meets the requirements. We are in Zone 5 (Northern Indiana) and the spot we'd like to plant them is part shade in summer and pretty much full shade all winter. We'd be looking at around the 3 to 5 foot range in height and are happy to prune them thought I'd prefer them to not need pruning all the time but also not to be so slow growing they take years to reach the desired size. I am not planning on trimming to fancy shapes so the plants don't have to be hedging style plants, just keep their leaves all year around. [more inside]
    posted by wwax at 9:05 AM PST - 4 comments

    I know I live here, but what should we do this week in Boston?

    Suggestions on activities in and around Boston for my brother and I this wk? We are up for comedy shows, arts, music, boating, etc. [more inside]
    posted by Carialle at 8:50 AM PST - 13 comments

    Free/Low Cost Therapists in Berkeley/Oakland?

    A friend is in a bit of a tough spot right now and needs to talk to a therapist as soon as he possibly can. Money is a bit tight right now. I'm looking for all free/low cost therapy options in the Berkeley/Oakland area, who are familiar with depression and burnout.
    posted by melodykramer at 8:50 AM PST - 3 comments

    Best driving route Philadelphia to/from Long Beach Island?

    Google is giving me several suggestions for driving from Philadelphia to/from Long Beach island... which is the best? [more inside]
    posted by valleys at 8:26 AM PST - 8 comments

    Searching for a series of paintings.

    I've been searching for a series of recent paintings (I think they're paintings, but I can't be sure) to no avail. Here's what I remember: they're of well-dressed women who are peeling back their skin to reveal viscera. I recall that they're by a Spanish artist and they're fairly recent. Please help me hivemind, all my google searches are coming up empty.
    posted by ob at 8:25 AM PST - 3 comments

    How do I get where I'm going when I'm through going places?

    Death and DIY-filter! My dad, who is older but is not quite elderly or in dire straits with regards to his health, has always expressed a wish to be buried in as natural a way as possible. Think '1920s home burial with family dug grave' instead of 'put me in a biodegradable box made from reclaimed, waste wood fiber next to fifi the cat in a manicured cemetery' and you'll have the gist of what he's thinking. What are the ins and outs of making this happen? Look inside for specifics regarding our family situation/location/skillset... [more inside]
    posted by RolandOfEld at 8:23 AM PST - 7 comments

    I can haz gmail?

    Please explain Google accounts to me like I'm a child. [more inside]
    posted by yawper at 7:36 AM PST - 10 comments

    Found this book, then lost it again

    My brother and I are searching for a loved childhood book. He found it on a rare book website, paid for a copy, and never heard from the seller again. We're more interested in finding the book than tracking down the bum. The problem is, we've forgotten the author, and are uncertain about the actual title. It's about a boy who wants a dog, and goes to sleep (I think the night before his birthday) and has a hallucinogenic dream about a giant dog and stairways to the sky and a giant door with an inscription on it. When he wakes up, there is a real puppy waiting for him, I think as his birthday present. I remember the cover was green. It was an oversize picture book. I think the title was "The Wishing Tree" but I can't find the book under that title anywhere. I read it in the mid-60's. Thank you for your help!
    posted by aimeedee at 7:18 AM PST - 2 comments

    Help me visualize future time

    Help me visualize future time. [more inside]
    posted by stenoboy at 7:14 AM PST - 18 comments

    Looking for Germany Football (Soccer) Shorts

    Looking to buy shorts for the German National Football (soccer) team online. [more inside]
    posted by dbirchum at 5:26 AM PST - 6 comments

    How can I be less emotionally invested in my technical ideas?

    Why do I get so emotionally invested in "eureka" ideas that them having done before leads to a crash-and-burn for me? How do I avoid this? [more inside]
    posted by gadha at 4:55 AM PST - 9 comments

    August 18

    Dance Performance in NYC (Aug 20th)

    I'm in NYC for one more week, and I'd like to go see a live dance performance this Tuesday. I'd prefer something more modern, or even circus-y, to ballet. (Sorry - I don't have the right vocabulary to talk about dance!) Budget is $100 for good seats at the right show, but I'd prefer cheaper. Do any of the NYC mefites have recommendations?
    posted by Metasyntactic at 10:34 PM PST - 4 comments

    An Excess Of Arugula

    Due to some miscommunication, I am now the proud owner of three huge boxes of baby arugula. My typical tactic of making simple onion-and-Parmesan salads is feeble before this gross excess. I am looking for recipes that require great heaping handfuls of arugula. I'm a decent cook and I'll eat anything, but I don't particularly enjoy non-smoked, non-fried seafood. Labor intensive recipes are fine.
    posted by The Whelk at 10:03 PM PST - 34 comments

    Are there good reasons for not contacting this former student?

    warning: outside US (cultural caveats apply) I (30) am tempted to facebook message a girl (18) who I taught last year in a nighttime high school for dropouts. She gave birth early this year and dropped out once again before her baby arrived (she was no longer in my class then). I am also working as a tutor in a very flexible and comprehensive special program for socially vulnerable youth, at a different school, which is particularly suitable for teenage single mothers as her. I would like to contact her to let her know about this educational option, offer my help, and maybe suggest a meeting to discuss this alternative. So far, not so bad, yet... [more inside]
    posted by Basque13 at 9:46 PM PST - 57 comments

    Blogs, books, and other resources like The Happiness Project

    I recently listened to The Happiness Project and started reading the blog. I have enjoyed this and found it insightful, so I'm looking for more resources like this. I'm currently listening to The Happiness Hypothesis. Basically, I'm looking for information (with or without personal anecdotes) on possible means of achieving a happier, more balanced and enjoyable life that might not otherwise be obvious.
    posted by wansac at 9:32 PM PST - 12 comments

    I need more music in my life!

    I want to listen to more music, but I also want to read more and be provoked to think more about music. What resources would you suggest to help me get the most out of my limited music-listening time? [more inside]
    posted by elmer benson at 8:21 PM PST - 17 comments

    Waxing on the object, thinking about the subject?

    Blogs devoted to objects, fascinating and everyday? [more inside]
    posted by actionpact at 7:54 PM PST - 6 comments

    is there any chance this is not a cockroach. any at all.

    Ugh. I am moving and cleaning out my place after 6 years. 6 glorious, bug-free years. And then I found THIS GUY. Please hope me! [more inside]
    posted by like_a_friend at 7:27 PM PST - 13 comments

    I need a new Terra Nova

    What is another show on Netflix that is "Terra Nova" like and suitable for the entire family? [more inside]
    posted by jseven at 6:41 PM PST - 27 comments

    How does the real estate situation of the Brown family work?

    We watch some fascinatingly crappy reality TV shows in my household, but nothing as fascinatingly crappy as the show "Sister Wives" - the one that follows a polygamist family. This season, the family is building and moving into brand new houses in Las Vegas, one of each wife, and I'm curious about how the process worked. [more inside]
    posted by gertzedek at 6:32 PM PST - 13 comments

    Best Caesar Salad Dressing

    What bottled Caesar salad dressing should I buy at the grocery store to most closely approximate the awesome Caesar salads I get at good restaurants? [more inside]
    posted by decathecting at 6:22 PM PST - 24 comments

    Hepatitis B: what is the reason for the vaccination of children?

    I have just become aware that it has been added to the schedule of routine immunizations for children. I'm wondering why.
    posted by francesca too at 6:14 PM PST - 14 comments

    Baby Maybe?

    Considering starting a family but what happens when baby comes? Do I stay home and he works? Does he stay home and I work? Snowflake details inside, basically help me evaluate my options. [more inside]
    posted by quietta at 5:42 PM PST - 29 comments

    How to accept failure when your best isn't good enough?

    Last week was difficult for me; I am a student at a truck driving school and I failed my road test on Wednesday. [more inside]
    posted by 8LeggedFriend at 5:34 PM PST - 16 comments

    That didn't go how I planned

    A rough first impression . . . [more inside]
    posted by chainsofreedom at 5:25 PM PST - 25 comments

    Will throwing money at it solve my problem?

    I have $10k, chronic to severe depression & obesity. Can one cancel the other out? If so, how would you do it? Location Brisbane Australia. I rely on public transport, and have some flexibility with schedule. [more inside]
    posted by b33j at 4:57 PM PST - 50 comments

    A friendly rejection

    What's the friendliest way to decline future dates from someone you've been out with a few times but just aren't that into? [more inside]
    posted by greta simone at 4:54 PM PST - 15 comments

    How do I reduce my feelings of guilt and anxiety?

    These feelings are with food and my mother mainly. My eating disorder started in 2010 when I was living with my alcoholic mum and her abusive boyfriend for a few months to try to get her to leave and start a new life elsewhere. Since then it has gotten out of hand, I lost around 20 pounds and gained almost 40 in a year. [more inside]
    posted by lovisa91 at 3:44 PM PST - 16 comments

    Is anybody doing good sci fi/fantasy/horror book reviews?

    I used to really enjoy the reviews at an old website called Inchoatus, their focus was sci fi. But they went dark a long time ago. So are there any decent independent sites doing thoughtful, in-depth (and, sure, snarky) reviews of sci fi and horror (I'm less interested in fantasy, though I understand that it's part of the whole thing) books these days?
    posted by turbid dahlia at 3:41 PM PST - 5 comments

    Insure? Sure!

    How does one insure fine art? A friend of ours recently inherited a piece of art. At the time they thought it was just a print and the estate valued it as just that. Turns out, it's the real deal! They have home owners insurance, but not sure if they should be getting something additional now that they know they have a seriously high value piece. They don't want to contact insurance company and raise a flag/ premium if it isn't something you normally do. So, I turn to the experts...
    posted by MayNicholas at 3:19 PM PST - 13 comments

    Required courses question

    I went to a very elite, prestigious college that had no required courses: none, no math, no English, none. Would someone point me to a list of colleges and/or degrees that do not have core requirements? [more inside]
    posted by fifilaru at 3:15 PM PST - 37 comments

    Boston bars where a bro can have beers with his MacBook open?

    Is there a bar in town where I can work on my computer whilst enjoying a local brew and plates of unhealthy appetizers? [more inside]
    posted by bamassippi at 2:39 PM PST - 7 comments

    When can I remove a bike locked to my property?

    I know YANML but if someone locks their bike to my gate, at what point am I allowed to remove it? Must there be a posted sign? And, then, am I responsible for the removed bike if it is damaged in the process? Do I have to hold it for the owner? If I do, can I charge $100 a day for this service? What exactly are the laws governing this kind of situation? If location is relevant, I'm in NYC. [more inside]
    posted by Obscure Reference at 2:33 PM PST - 7 comments

    Delicious, peanut free and family friendly. Oh, and Fancy!

    Going for a family dinner in Toronto to celebrate some recent milestones. I have no idea where to eat and it's my job to find a kick-ass restaurant. Difficulty level: Five Year Old. [more inside]
    posted by csmithrim at 2:32 PM PST - 4 comments

    Like a cobbler for an umbrella?

    My beloved umbrella is broken. Several of the arms that attach the ribs to the shaft have come unattached -- the little hinges that hold them on have twisted and rusted and broken. Is there such a thing as an umbrella repair person? Like a cobbler, but for umbrellas? If so, what is this person called? (And can you recommend one in Seattle?) If not, do you have any ideas about what other kind of tradesperson might happen to have the tools or skills to fix it?
    posted by librarina at 1:31 PM PST - 3 comments

    An inquiry concerning the cooking and preservation of rice.

    What's the best way to keep rice (primarily brown rice, although I could see other grains being used in the future) in the refrigerator overnight? [more inside]
    posted by jason's_planet at 12:53 PM PST - 23 comments

    Baa baa scapegoat boyfriend

    I have a lot of crap going on in my life to be frustrated and angry about, but for some reason I keep focusing it all on my totally blameless boyfriend. How do I stop this madness? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 12:50 PM PST - 5 comments

    To Catch a Predator, Home Edition

    A friend of a friend has a suspicion her family is being spied on through a shared attic-type space, but currently feels powerless to do anything without proof. Is there a camera a person could hook up in an attic that would take images without any kind of indicator light showing that it was on and without any additional lighting? [more inside]
    posted by DirtyOldTown at 12:34 PM PST - 15 comments

    Help improve my chess openings

    I've been playing chess casually since I was a kid. I feel like my middle and end games are decent, but my openings are weak, mostly because I haven't properly studied common openings and mostly make moves intuitively. What is the best method/resource (preferably online/interactive, but book suggestions are fine too) that would work as an "introduction" and later a way to strengthen my opening game for a non-beginner?
    posted by coffee and minarets at 12:17 PM PST - 8 comments

    Off on the Road to Singapore

    Traveling for work later this week to Singapore with a colleague. We both enjoy interesting bars. Any particularly odd sights to see? We have a couple mostly-open days to recover from the 12 hours in coach. What will impress two business travelers whose previous travel focuses around Northern Europe and the USA? [more inside]
    posted by chiefthe at 11:43 AM PST - 7 comments

    Keeping track of recurring tasks

    I've kind of started to implement htid's excellent advice regarding breaking depression-based habits, but I don't have a good way to keep track of my goals. So, what's a good way for me to keep track of how many times I've done multiple different tasks? Paper and pencil doesn't really work for me. Something I can do on my iPhone would be best. [more inside]
    posted by SugarAndSass at 11:41 AM PST - 9 comments

    Winner Winner Chicken Pox Dinner

    I have a 3 year old who has gone through at least round one of the chicken pox vaccine (not recently, so this is not about vaccine reaction). Last week she had a rash on her back. Friday she was peckish (but probably skipped her nap at daycare which has been happening occasionally). Saturday she has a few (no more than 5) moderately (not all the time, I guess more occasional) itchy blister type spots in random places.. [more inside]
    posted by TheLibrarian at 10:35 AM PST - 13 comments

    Where to watch Breaking Bad tonight in Los Angeles?

    Are there any bars / cafes / parking lots in the Los Angeles area showing Breaking Bad tonight? The usual googling hit a dead end.
    posted by the jam at 10:32 AM PST - 3 comments

    Most joke-dense movies of the 70s?

    I'm looking for movies from the 70s that have the highest joke density. They don't have to be good jokes, they don't have to be a particular type of joke and I'm not even looking for good movies - I'm looking for quantity over quality, a dizzying number of joke attempts per hour. What should I watch? [more inside]
    posted by I EAT TAPAS at 9:22 AM PST - 49 comments

    Music alarm app for iPhone

    I want to wake up with music. What are the best music alarm apps for iPhone with a clean, modern and intuitive interface. [more inside]
    posted by nevan at 8:48 AM PST - 7 comments

    Should I be the one who got away?

    Two women, two very different paths in life. Is there a third option that I can't see? Excessive detail inside. [more inside]
    posted by MyFrozenYear at 8:36 AM PST - 33 comments

    Am I being too cheap and not rewarding myself enough every now and then?

    During the past 4 years, I was working part-time (23-30 hours a week) at an optical department in JcPenny. Other than a 10 minute drive from home/school, the pay was not great as to be expected within the retail sector. I was thankfully laid-off in early March and came across another gig that was 40 hours a week with benefits to boot & making $3 more a hour. Now I'm making twice the income in a month's time. [more inside]
    posted by tnar23 at 8:28 AM PST - 18 comments

    Can President Kennedy ride the DC/Maryland bus?

    Do WMATA (DC/Maryland SmartTrip-equipped) buses take half-dollar coins? [more inside]
    posted by pavane at 7:20 AM PST - 6 comments

    What are the steps I should take to improve my life?

    I have made a succession of poor decisions. What are the steps I should take to improve my life? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 6:16 AM PST - 19 comments

    What is biting me?

    Lately I've been waking up with insect bites. It's really getting irritating and I don't want the same thing to happen to guests staying at my place, so I'm trying to figure our what this pest is and what I can do about it. Any ideas? [more inside]
    posted by Mechitar at 6:00 AM PST - 19 comments

    Horror manga

    Give me your recommendations for your favorite horror manga.
    posted by Bunny Ultramod at 3:55 AM PST - 12 comments

    Help, I entered an obstacle run and I hate running

    So I entered this mud race this morning, kind of on a whim after a friend told me she entered. I was going to do the 12k with friends, but it was full, so I'm doing the 6k by myself. I'm really concerned about the running part because I hate running with a venomous passion. [more inside]
    posted by nerdfish at 3:33 AM PST - 8 comments

    How do I disable the hardware buttons on my CanoScan LiDE 600F scanner?

    I'd like to completely disable the hardware buttons on my CanoScan LiDE 600F scanner. I never use them, and they are constantly getting pressed accidentally. May need a registry hack. [more inside]
    posted by snarfois at 2:42 AM PST - 8 comments

    August 17

    Is my data written to a TrueCrypt volume only when it's dismounted?

    I'm very interested in TrueCrypt, and am experimenting with moving some of my files (especially stuff I keep in my Dropbox) into TrueCrypt containers. But there's one possible scenario that concerns me, and about which I can't find any solid information -- not on TrueCrypt's site, not via Google, and not here on the green: What happens to my newly generated data if my computer crashes before the TrueCrypt volume I'm working in is dismounted? [more inside]
    posted by Artifice_Eternity at 11:50 PM PST - 7 comments

    Precious Bodily Fluids

    Call me a cheater vegetarian. I love vegetables and grains, and I love the juice and rendered fat from meat. The meat flesh, eh, I can live without. Most of the meat flesh I cook I feed to my cats and crows. Got recipes? Got tips for extraction of meat flavors knowing that the meat may be discarded?
    posted by maggieb at 11:17 PM PST - 12 comments

    Pocket clip for DIY knife sheath

    I am making a small felt sleeve for an antique pocket knife, to protect it from car-keys and loose change. Easy enough. I'd like to add a clip to it so it can discretely ride at the top of my front pants pocket or shirt pocket for quick access, like some eyeglasses cases have. Insanely difficult. Are such clips sold anywhere for crafters, or am I stuck cutting, bending and polishing my own from sheet metal? How do I even go about attaching such a thing to a felt sheath?
    posted by Slap*Happy at 10:40 PM PST - 8 comments

    Should I send my ex-wife an article on "Sensory Processing Disorder"?

    I am recently divorced as of August 7. I believe one of the contributing factors leading to divorce was my ex-wife's tactile defensiveness. [more inside]
    posted by speedoavenger at 10:35 PM PST - 26 comments

    Welcoming foster children.

    My sister has three foster children arriving on Monday. I'd like to help her mark the occasion for them in some way. [more inside]
    posted by megancita at 8:49 PM PST - 13 comments

    Website where each click adds to the story

    I remember a site where you load it up and it says something simple, like "I like tea". And then you click tea and it expands so it says "I like really good tea." And then you can click other words, over and over, until there's finally a whole paragraph. Love the site. Can't remember where it is. Can anyone remember?
    posted by jragon at 7:09 PM PST - 5 comments

    One day in Vancouver.

    What should a person do with one day to kill in Vancouver? [more inside]
    posted by maleru at 6:43 PM PST - 13 comments

    I want to watch The Spectacular Now, RIGHT NOW.

    Help me find a way to watch The Spectacular Now online. Doesn't have to be free. [more inside]
    posted by DayTripper at 6:25 PM PST - 3 comments

    Looking for lovely view around NYC (no car)

    Can I get to a view like this (which happens to be Douglaston, Queens) without a car, coming from Manhattan, NYC? Where there might be a bench or I can bring my little sand chair? Most important things are (1) that I need to be able to get there by public transportation, and (2) that I not require a resident's permit or any such thing to be allowed in.
    posted by DMelanogaster at 6:17 PM PST - 16 comments

    Washington DC: when?

    We are considering just after Christmas or the week of March 17. Which should we choose? [more inside]
    posted by cccorlew at 6:10 PM PST - 13 comments

    The AZ Humane Society killed my friend's dog... basically.

    My friend and her roommate found a wounded stray dog, turned him over to the humane society in hopes that his family would find him, and discovered that he had been send to the pound a day later and then euthanized last night while all week she was desperately trying to find his family AND get someone at the HS to tell her where he was. If she had not been lied to, she would have adopted the dog before he was killed. My friend is a highly involved volunteer worker in our community and she wants to take this public and do something to improve the situation... help us figure out what we can do! [more inside]
    posted by celtalitha at 5:54 PM PST - 21 comments

    Still having problems -- "greatness", self-comparison, etc.

    I initially felt better after last week’s question, but everything came back... I think the answers last week (which were very helpful, by the way) helped me resolve specific career questions, but not the underlying emotional issues. I’ll try to explain it better this time. [more inside]
    posted by myitkyina at 4:36 PM PST - 22 comments

    Help create the Magic™!

    We're going to Orlando, FL for 10 days in September. Help us make this theme-park-heavy adventure as good as it gets. [more inside]
    posted by mazola at 3:54 PM PST - 20 comments

    Scritch Scratch

    Fibro and itching? I'm itching like crazy lately. Is this also a type of nerve pain? I've ruled out allergies and Benadryl doesn't help. It doesn't seem to be dry skin and lotion doesn't help. No changes in detergent, etc and we use free and clear type stuff anyway. The only thing that helps (kinda) is a hot shower. [more inside]
    posted by kathrynm at 2:25 PM PST - 15 comments

    How can I stay motivated without concrete, guaranteed benifits?

    I used to think that I was lazy, but now I find that I can be motivated, dedicated and extremely efficient...but only when there are concrete and guaranteed benifits to my actions. Right now, I want to expand my portfolio and gain some new skills for the sake of increasing my employability and maybe getting a different job. But since this goal is far-off and not guaranteed, I'm having trouble sticking to it and I've been getting nowhere. Is there a way to operate that allows my actions to have short term and guaranteed benefits? [more inside]
    posted by jumelle at 1:33 PM PST - 7 comments

    I need supplies for entry-level leatherworking. Difficulty : cat toys.

    I want to learn how to make cat toys for Captain Tightpants. I've got the design, I know exactly what I want to make... but I lack supplies and some knowledge. [more inside]
    posted by radiopaste at 1:03 PM PST - 7 comments

    How many people physically dependant on opioids live in the US?

    For some odd reason, I can only find statistics estimating the amount of regular heroin users in the US. I'm interested in all opioid based medications, both legal and illicit, prescription or otherwise. I'm interested in both people who are addicted and those who are physically dependent due to pain management. Do reliable statistics exist that encompass this entire population? [more inside]
    posted by WhitenoisE at 12:31 PM PST - 2 comments

    slow cooker reccomendations

    hi which slow cookers do you guys have and what do you recommend. also tell me about blogs and websites on slow cooking etc. [more inside]
    posted by beshtya at 12:28 PM PST - 12 comments

    Shoo fly/come hither, fly

    I believe that attractant-type insect traps like bug zappers, fly bags, CO2 traps et cetera work best if you put them in the vicinity but not too close - 15-20 feet. You want them to go "oooh, hey, what's that over there? Hey, everybody, this thing is over here!" My husband would wear a bug zapper around his neck like Flava Flav if that were feasible, on the principle that he wants all the bugs that come near him to go there instead. [more inside]
    posted by Lyn Never at 12:16 PM PST - 7 comments

    what is the name of this scientific (I think) concept?

    There is a concept I remember reading about but can't remember the name of, and none of my flailing Google searches are coming up with anything. Basically it's the concept of... repeatability? Our assumption that the laws of physics remain constant? The notion that if something occurs once, that given the same circumstances it will happen again, eg every time you add vinegar to baking soda it will foam up and after repeating things enough times we can assume that it will always happen- it won't suddenly burst into flames or turn into a radio or whatever. I remember reading that this assumption is both what science is based on and something we can never know for sure, since all it takes is one instance of flammable baking soda and vinegar to disprove it and maybe that'll happen tomorrow. I'm also not 100% sure this is a real scientific concept and not something I read in science fiction. :[
    posted by insufficient data at 11:44 AM PST - 17 comments

    SFW Rap

    I like to rap, and I really like to rap at work. However the silly, popular, well-known verses I've memorized are getting a little stale and I'd like to learn some more. My key requirement is that they can't be misogynistic, cussy, or overly tasteless. What are the catchiest popular rap verses that are safe for work? [more inside]
    posted by carsonb at 11:43 AM PST - 32 comments

    Old car repairs

    The catalytic converter needs to be replaced. The car is old and I don't have much spare money. What should I do? [more inside]
    posted by lewedswiver at 11:38 AM PST - 25 comments

    Which houseplants are the least tasty to cats?

    Please recommend cat-proof plants. [more inside]
    posted by mermily at 11:28 AM PST - 13 comments

    Red bumps on the roof of my mouth?

    I noticed red bumps on the roof of my mouth and one on each side of my throat I took a video of it here what is the cause of it?
    posted by john123357 at 11:23 AM PST - 9 comments

    Bugs: secret superpowers?

    I have sort of a bozo question about insects and physics. Why is it that when I shoo a wingless insect from, say, my arm, said insects falls the human equivalent of many storeys to the ground and doesn't die? Physics was never my forte, but this seems to defy some basic law, does it not?
    posted by SpecialSpaghettiBowl at 10:38 AM PST - 12 comments

    Cheap eating in my future? What kind of apple trees do I have?

    What sort of apple trees do I have in my backyard? I'm in Northern California. Photos: Apple: one two, Tree: one two
    posted by porn in the woods at 10:37 AM PST - 13 comments

    Information or experience about the online store,

    Has anyone used this online store? It is legit? [more inside]
    posted by ragtimepiano at 9:51 AM PST - 8 comments

    Dating, touching, "sparks", and so on... what should I be looking for?

    I'm an late-20s-guy finally starting to date for the first time. Overall, I'm finding the process fun, but as someone completely new to relationships and how they form - and someone who's self-analytical to the point of over-analyzing - I feel a little uncertain as to what's expected of me, and how I should behave on the first few dates. I've found a few useful resources on the Internet, but there's a lot of creepy advice out there, and I'd like to get some feedback from real people. So: when should I expect to feel a "spark"? Do you start touching your date in small ways before you feel a connection, or do you really only do that if you feel something? And what are the expectations surrounding that first kiss? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 8:30 AM PST - 23 comments

    How to paint all sides of small wooden things

    I've got some small wooden pieces (from a board game) that I'd like to paint a different color. I'm unsure of how to accomplish this. There are too many to realistically hand-paint. The pieces don't weigh much and if I spray paint them, they're going to tumble around and end up with some paint on the bottom. (That means that they'll probably stick to whatever surface I try to dry them on). Same goes for dipping them in paint - I'm not sure how would I dry them afterwards. I feel like there has to be some ingenious solution that I'm just not thinking of. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
    posted by chrisamiller at 8:10 AM PST - 10 comments

    It's a big, good, really big, good vocabulary.

    I can't remember a word. It denotes the emotion of recognizing that another person shares the same form of subjective experience as you. When I read it, it implied, to me, a poetic opposite of solipsism. I believe it was single, simple word, English-sounding, and not merely a string of Latin or Greek roots. Seems like I read the definition on Mefi. Can you help me recall this word?
    posted by rlk at 8:05 AM PST - 16 comments

    Worm Sign?

    Are automatic 401k enrollments, with no employee notifications, normal? [more inside]
    posted by The Monocled Puppet of Sock at 7:40 AM PST - 18 comments

    Advice for coping with abusive partner when I can't simply leave

    My partner of 6 years is behaving more and more violently each day. The worst of it manifests as screaming threats to divorce me or hurt me, but even on "normal" days I walk on eggshells to avoid triggering my partners's sensitivities. I've fled my house on more than one occasion in the last month. I've called on about as many friends as i can for temporary housing, and I have no family left in this world who would care for me longer term. I can't just leave my house because I hold sole responsibility for the mortgage (plus the down payment and the refi and the majority of the income that keeps this whole thing going). Also, my beloved pets live here and if I disappear to avoid abuse, I don't know what would happen to them. "Just leave" is not a solution. What reasonable actions can I take to protect myself, my pets and my property? Yes, I have a lawyer and a therapist and neither have ever dealt with someone who is splitting from a partner that is so awfully mean, so I am short on constructive strategies. [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 6:53 AM PST - 32 comments

    What do we need to know before this reality show interviews us?

    The producers of a very famous reality show* are going to be in my place of employment today, "casting" employees to be part of a possible new reality show. What do we need to know to before we talk to them? [more inside]
    posted by MexicanYenta at 6:39 AM PST - 20 comments

    A few questions about my first curry.

    Earlier this week, I made this 'Asian-Style Chicken Curry', and it was delicious. I just have a couple of questions on altering the recipe. [more inside]
    posted by graventy at 5:52 AM PST - 13 comments

    Am I overreacting or is my friend a narcissist?

    Am I overreacting or is my friend a narcissist? [more inside]
    posted by stedman15 at 5:36 AM PST - 23 comments

    Where to stay in Sydney, Australia?

    I'm going to Sydney for a weekend and I'm looking for your recommendations of reasonably cheap accommodation - either cheapish hotels or hostels. I'm not looking for anywhere with a party vibe, but I'm open to suggestions apart from that. Ta!
    posted by EatMyHat at 12:35 AM PST - 11 comments

    August 16

    Entocrort vs. Prednisone?

    I have ulcerative colitiis. I'm interested in hearing about your experience in tapering prednisone and intrtoducing entocort. [more inside]
    posted by janey47 at 11:34 PM PST - 2 comments

    Oh....huh, yeah, uh, that sounds totally reasonable!

    How to deal with feeling duped about something that (in retrospect) should've been clearly a lie/exaggeration? [more inside]
    posted by myntu at 10:25 PM PST - 20 comments

    Did my mom just get scammed?

    A strange man approached my mom at work tonight claiming to be from Verizon, asked for her by name, and insisted she take a backup battery charger from him. (Full story with additional weird details below the fold.) This is surely some sort of scam, but how? Have you heard of this happening to anyone else? [more inside]
    posted by rhiannonstone at 9:57 PM PST - 40 comments

    Where's a good outdoorsy night spot in Seattle?

    I'm in Seattle with a friend for the weekend. It's 8:30. We're looking to wander a bit tonight, hopefully outside, hopefully with a good view of the city or some impressive natural phenomenon. Any suggestions? [more inside]
    posted by vecchio at 8:40 PM PST - 5 comments

    Strong Single Woman? Is there like...Cliff notes for this or something?

    I'm single again. I know...KNOW that I MUST learn how to be OK with myself single. I crave being that strong, single women that people are drawn to and admire. But I'm to the point that I can't just say "I'm amazing!" and *snaps fingers* everything is peachy keen again. I need some specific things to do in order to move forward, distract myself from my loneliness, and learn to like being single. Can you add to the list of things to do? Come on in! [more inside]
    posted by MultiFaceted at 8:23 PM PST - 26 comments

    Globalisation might not be working for me

    I'm still feeling very lonely and terribly homesick over a month after my first question. In fact, it's been getting worse, and I think I might have developed some serious issues. Special snowflake details inside. Thank you for reading. [more inside]
    posted by LoonyLovegood at 7:54 PM PST - 9 comments

    ChoirFilter: Please help vet my song choice -- first time auditioner!

    I have an audition with a classical community choir in a few weeks and need some help choosing music, and tips on surviving the experience. [more inside]
    posted by apcmwh at 6:05 PM PST - 12 comments

    It wasn't that bad, but I'm reacting as if it was.

    In short, I'm looking for advice on how to heal from situations that have caused the sort of reaction you get from abuse without the situation actually being abusive. [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 6:05 PM PST - 27 comments

    Songs about letting go of unrequited love?

    I'm trying to make a playlist to help me get past an unrequited-love situation. I'm looking for songs where the people actually know each other, not ones where they're in love with a stranger. [more inside]
    posted by Autumn at 5:42 PM PST - 38 comments

    How to present a copy of a ribbon-themed poem as a wedding gift?

    I have commissioned a poem for some lovely, non-materialistic friends, who requested no gifts for their wedding. The theme of the poem is the leminscate (a figure 8) as a metaphor for marriage, and it evokes the word's greek meaning of "decorated with ribbons." This would seem to lend itself to some interesting, crafty ideas for how to frame or print a copy of the poem, but I am not crafty, and am drawing a blank. And it probably shouldn't look like one of those "Support our Troops" ribbon icons either. Any better ideas?
    posted by yarly at 5:28 PM PST - 7 comments

    Who is that smooth character?

    Between sketchily edited track titles, Google Play music uploads, and Bluetooth stereo sync, somehow a Chinese character (link to picture, with apologies for sun glare) got encoded on the artist title of this song playing on my car stereo. Can any sinologists out there identify this character? I know it's just an artifact, but maybe it's something serendipitous.
    posted by planetesimal at 4:39 PM PST - 3 comments

    TV Filter: Name That "Wings" Episode!

    In which episode of "Wings" does Lowell pretend to be Fay's boyfriend? [more inside]
    posted by Michele in California at 4:18 PM PST - 4 comments

    Bad live sound: Venue or band?

    I saw a reasonably popular rock band in a smallish venue a few months back and the sound was atrocious. It was all bass and drums and I could barely hear the guitar, keyboards or vocals. This band in no way plays bass heavy music. Is the band or the venue at fault? [more inside]
    posted by cnc at 3:54 PM PST - 13 comments

    Can I make Fire + Wood Deck = Safe?

    We will be building a deck in a few weeks, and another aspect we would like to have with our new outdoor environment is a nice small fire to sit around for the cooler Minnesota evenings. What are our options without risking burning the deck (and/or the house) down? [more inside]
    posted by SquidLips at 3:51 PM PST - 11 comments

    How many dollars is a human life worth to the US government?

    On NPR today, I heard an explanation of why there are less safety requirements for cargo planes than for passenger planes: Every time the government (USA) wants to implement a new safety measure, they are required to run a cost/benefits analysis. Since an accident on a passenger plane can kill a whole bunch of people, while one on a cargo plane is likely to only kill the pilot and the copilot, it's more difficult to get a safety measure past the required threshold on the cost/benefits for a cargo plane than for a passenger plane. This to me implies that they must have put a dollar value on each human life; otherwise they couldn't compare cost in dollars versus benefit in lives saved. What is that price? [more inside]
    posted by Flunkie at 3:38 PM PST - 7 comments

    Photoshop (CS6, Win) Filter: Can't seem to turn off color profile? Help!

    For some reason, photos that I edit in CS6 that look fine in Photoshop, and also fine after saving when then browsing them in Windows Photo Viewer - appear much, much redder when browsing them from various web services (Facebook, Phanfare, Dropbox photo viewer), regardless of browser selection (FF, IE, Chrome). [more inside]
    posted by bitterkitten at 3:35 PM PST - 2 comments

    Bulk Produce in Vancouver

    In August, I usually buy a bushel of tomatoes and make a 12-month supply of canned sauce, soups, and salsas. Where can I buy a bushel of tomatoes and other bulk produce in Vancouver, Canada?
    posted by Apollo's Favorite Mistake at 3:21 PM PST - 4 comments

    Intensive programming "bootcamp" in California?

    I'm interested in taking a month or possibly two off work and focusing intensely during that time on a very practical course of study related to web development. What are my options in California similar to this program? [more inside]
    posted by jsturgill at 3:16 PM PST - 7 comments

    Help the frustated gamblin' man get his small money fix.

    What would be the most accessible and cost effective way for a U.S. resident to get a small value daily gambling fix? I enjoyed the daily stock market positions on Intrade (RIP), for instance. Day trading? Other gambling sites? Betting sidewalk strangers on coin flips? [more inside]
    posted by bepe at 3:08 PM PST - 9 comments

    Blondes have more fun?

    Is there a trick to maintaining blonde hair when your natural hair is a medium to dark brown? [more inside]
    posted by toerinishuman at 2:54 PM PST - 8 comments

    What else to do with a bumper crop of plums?

    Near our house, we found a delightful Damson plum tree, that's busting at the branches. We picked too many. I need your best preserving/canning/fermenting plans that can use up the rest of these. [more inside]
    posted by furnace.heart at 2:52 PM PST - 12 comments

    I work with ER patients, not bed bugs, thankyouverymuch

    How do I prevent getting bed bugs while working in two emergency rooms? this is pretty much the question, but if you like details, there are some inside! [more inside]
    posted by carlypennylane at 2:41 PM PST - 6 comments

    What's your best tip for Burning Man?

    We've gone to Burning Man for a few years. This year a friend is joining us who is a burgin. We know there are things that have become automatic to us that we won't remember to pass on - and probably things we've never figured out that are great ides. What's your best tip, or tips, for Burning Man?
    posted by rednikki at 2:02 PM PST - 16 comments

    Kiln In the Name Of

    Thinking of getting a kiln. Can my house's wiring handle it? (UK) [more inside]
    posted by popcassady at 1:55 PM PST - 4 comments

    Best short folktale?

    Looking for a short, entertaining folktale that I can tell, that is under ten minutes long. What's your favorite?
    posted by storybored at 1:47 PM PST - 13 comments

    Help me with my LED Light Motorcycle Jacket Project (in California)

    I'm planning a project to put strips of LED lights on my jacket to increase my day-time visibility in heavy LA traffic, which I commute through every day. So far, I have a general plan, but I'm a little unsure of California laws regarding lights, and I have never actually worked with LEDs before so I'm looking for tips/tricks/suggestions to make it work. [more inside]
    posted by brenton at 1:18 PM PST - 7 comments

    Suggest how to change Tumblr images into mountable photos

    I am doing an art project. Looking to be brought out to speed on the next step as it has been a long time since I have printed photos. How can I transfer these images from laptop into photographs?
    posted by goalyeehah at 1:17 PM PST - 1 comment

    A directionless 20-something, how original.

    I need help figuring out the next step to take in my life. [more inside]
    posted by bluloo at 12:56 PM PST - 10 comments

    Old Short Film?

    My memory suggests there was a very short film in the early days of HBO that had a father and son sharing a family ritual around drinking out of a chalice in an unexpected way. Can anyone point me to this? My -fu failing.
    posted by sagwalla at 12:48 PM PST - 2 comments

    Un-comfortably numb. Is this right?

    Stupid question filter: how are (prescribed) narcotic painkillers supposed to make you feel? Is painkiller a misnomer? Do they really reduce / relieve your pain? [more inside]
    posted by falldownpaul at 12:41 PM PST - 42 comments

    Seeking pretty, engaging games with no violence.

    Need non-violent game recommendations. Have Xbox 360 (never used), a badass PC, and iPad. Like pretty, detailed environments, exploration, puzzles/deduction, mystery, adventure. Dislike all but the most very mild violence, and also not very good with things that are time-sensitive (like having to do things very, very quickly or have a good reaction time to succeed). Many years ago in the mid-late '90s I enjoyed Myst/Riven, The 7th Guest, Zork Nemesis, the X-Files game, the Titanic game, and a couple other exploring worlds/figuring things out things that I can't remember the names of. [more inside]
    posted by rabbitrabbit at 12:14 PM PST - 48 comments

    With a boulder in my basement, I'm feelin' kinda older

    How can get a GIANT BOULDER out of my basement? It's from the old foundation, and it's too big and unwieldy for four people to lift. It also won't fit through the door unless it were somehow shifted to it's narrow side (on which it wouldn't balance, so it would have to be supported by the four people who can't lift it). Is there some way to break it apart? (I've got no overhead to swing a sledge hammer). Or any other thoughts? This feels like something the geologists and engineers could help me with!
    posted by largecorp at 12:13 PM PST - 25 comments

    Is there a way to bulk download all metadata from my YouTube channel?

    I have been tasked with collecting information to report on my company's YouTube channel so we can be more consistent with tags, descriptions etc. Is there a way to bulk download everything from the channel except the video files? [more inside]
    posted by under_petticoat_rule at 12:01 PM PST - 2 comments

    Timing Belt Replacement on 2002 Honda Civic

    My daughter is embarking on a longish road trip in September. She as an '02 Civic that has a bit over 92K miles on it. I want to cover doing whatever is necessary to make this car not break down. [more inside]
    posted by Danf at 11:57 AM PST - 13 comments

    Mental health and the aging parent, part million

    In short, my 60something mother who struggles with chronic depression has taken a turn for the worse, and I don't know what to do about it. I know this issue has come up a lot on the green, but would like some help and advice with our specific situation. Snowstorm inside. [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 11:49 AM PST - 5 comments

    Wedding gift for an intensely practical friend who has everything?

    I have a very good friend who is getting married - I am her maid of honor. She is having a destination wedding, and told guests that she and her husband do not want any gifts, as us making the trip is gift enough. I got a couple small, sentimental things for her that will be meaningful, but I also want to get a nice gift for the couple, especially since they got us some generous gifts from our registry when we got married. More inside... [more inside]
    posted by emily37 at 11:44 AM PST - 32 comments

    Why is my MacBook so slow and will downgrading to Snow Leopard help?

    (Late 2008 Aluminum Unibody MacBook. Currently running Mountain Lion. 2GHz C2D, 2GB 1067 DDR3.) Over the past year or so, it's been slowing down significantly. I'm getting lockups, especially with web browsers (I use Chrome most of the time, Safari on occasion) where I get the pinwheel for quite a while. It takes a decently long time to boot up. And when I open it up, it usually takes a minute or so to fully exit sleep mode and become usable again. [more inside]
    posted by Modica at 11:38 AM PST - 27 comments

    [UK E-cigs filter] Can you recommend menthol e-cigarettes?

    Asking for my partner - she is looking to give it another go at quitting smoking and would like to try e-cigarettes, can you recommend menthol-based brands and perhaps share some experiences? [more inside]
    posted by coffee_monster at 11:27 AM PST - 1 comment

    Where are the Worms players these days?

    I played the PC game Worms years ago. Which of the many current sequels (if any) has that community moved to? [more inside]
    posted by 4th number at 11:24 AM PST - 2 comments

    Ergonomic chair setup... but for knee issues, not back

    I have found I am hastening the deterioration of an already gimpy knee by virtue of my office chair sitting habits. I tend to perch or sit with my legs tucked under me. Or I cross my legs to the point where it looks like limb braiding. I'm trying to decide if I want to move to something like a yoga ball to sit on, start using some kind of footstool, or something else. [more inside]
    posted by Wossname at 10:56 AM PST - 6 comments

    What sort of soccer play was this?

    Awhile back I saw a soccer match where there was a play something like a penalty kick, something like a free kick, but not either of those exactly. I'm pretty sure it was taken within the penalty box, but not at the usual spot. The announcers were talking about how rare it was and how many teams don't practice for it. Anyone know what this could have been?
    posted by aerotive at 10:41 AM PST - 6 comments

    Should I tip when I get food at a food truck?

    I live in the U.S. What's the etiquette in that situation? I'm not trying to avoid paying a tip. I just don't know if it is usual or expected. Should a tip be paid as a matter of course or be reserved for special situations? All of the food trucks seem to have tip jars and many (though not all) have a way to add a tip when you pay with a credit card. [more inside]
    posted by Area Man at 10:39 AM PST - 37 comments

    How do I become more direct with my communication?

    I need to be more direct with my communication, and I just find it very difficult to do it. What are some ways I can get over the fears in my head and be more direct, as in, ask for what I need directly and stop being such a pushover? [more inside]
    posted by greta_01 at 10:28 AM PST - 11 comments

    Nanny Share/Co-op Day Care Searching

    I live in Seattle, and am looking for resources on how best to navigate the world of nanny share/day care co-ops [more inside]
    posted by Ideal Impulse at 10:22 AM PST - 8 comments

    Hospice care - Medicare coverage for room and board?

    I am hoping that someone will be able to point me in the direction of any programs that cover room and board in an inpatient hospice care facility in Michigan. The patient is my boyfriend's mother, who has refused chemo and is ready to call hospice to make her remaining time comfortable. She was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in May and has just been given the prognosis of ~3 months. [more inside]
    posted by slyboots421 at 10:10 AM PST - 14 comments

    I'm Not Really This Terrible At Games, Seriously.

    What Is My Best Controller Option for a Win8 Laptop? [more inside]
    posted by joelhunt at 10:10 AM PST - 10 comments

    New England Boiled Dinner, or any tips, really

    I will be spending a few days in Boston and Burlington soon, using I 89 to get between the two. I need the advice of NE mefites on 2 fronts: 1) where can I get the best NE boiled dinner? 2)what are the best roadside attractions/eateries on I 89? thanks!
    posted by CookieNose at 10:07 AM PST - 8 comments

    There has got to be a twist

    Help me find an arcade with a ton of pinball machines in Rehoboth Beach. [more inside]
    posted by Diskeater at 9:12 AM PST - 5 comments

    Phone Recommendation! Difficulty: Telus QWERTY

    What is the best QWERTY Android phone I can buy right now, to use on the Telus network?
    posted by Jairus at 9:12 AM PST - 11 comments

    What is the federal poverty guideline for 100% paid medical aid for HCAP

    I live in OHIO we have a program called HCAP. If you are under 400% of the federal poverty guideline, you get SOME % of free medical care. If you are within a certain threshhold you will receive 100% free medical care. I assume that the income threshold is some % of the federal poverty guideline. What % is that and how much money is that (maximum income allowed to receive 100% free medical care)? Thank you here is another link to HCAP
    posted by kikithekat at 8:28 AM PST - 7 comments

    No-tahini hummus that tastes as close as possible to classic hummus?

    My daughter will have a sesame-allergic child in her kindergarten class, so I can't make her my usual hummus for lunches. I would like a substitute for tahini that results in a hummus that is the most like classic hummus (chick peas, tahini, olive oil, lemon, garlic, salt) for taste and texture -- the best would be if she doesn't realize it's any different. Any suggestions?
    posted by palliser at 8:22 AM PST - 24 comments

    Who coined "at play in the fields of the Lord"?

    Where does the phrase "at play in the field[s]of the Lord" originally come from? I've seen Ray Bradbury quote it, and it's title of a book by Peter Matthiessen and a couple different movies, and it's used in various articles here and there. I assume it comes from something older.
    posted by shivohum at 8:13 AM PST - 4 comments

    iPhone contacts: image issue

    All contacts on my iPhone have the wrong image associated with them. [more inside]
    posted by kalapierson at 8:04 AM PST - 5 comments

    What are the best American historic sites east of the Mississippi

    My husband and I want to carefully plan a series of American History field trips for our family, to take place over the next 3-6 years. We live in Northern New England and are, ourselves, pretty conversant in US History. Can you help us plan what we should see and -- most importantly -- what order we should see it in? [more inside]
    posted by anastasiav at 8:02 AM PST - 36 comments

    How does the mother bird know which baby bird to feed next?

    Little daughter and I were watching a birds' nest this morning where four little sparrows were getting fed by their mom (or maybe dad?) Each time the mother bird came back, all four sparrows would screech and open their mouths wide and the mother would give one of them some food. My question is: how does the mother ensure that each chick gets enough food? I can think of at least two theories: 1. The adult bird has enough working memory to know who got the last bit of food, or even who's gone the longest without food; or 2. Hungrier chicks screech louder and the adult bird gives food to the loudest screecher. Do we know which of these is right, or whether the real answer is something else entirely?
    posted by escabeche at 7:41 AM PST - 8 comments

    Working remotely... from my living room

    Is it possible/remotely feasible to use my PC remotely from another room in the house? [more inside]
    posted by missmagenta at 7:11 AM PST - 11 comments

    Trying to remember a poem - "three than four then many more"

    That's really the only string I can grab at it "Three then four, then many more" or maybe
    posted by Atticus Swanson at 6:53 AM PST - 1 comment

    Silence incoming phone calls during music play on blue tooth speaker

    With a Motorola Droid Razr HD, is there a way to silence incoming phone calls and/or texts so that when using a bluetooth speaker, the music played from an internal playlist is uninterrupted?
    posted by morganannie at 6:52 AM PST - 8 comments

    How long to get ADHD diagnosis?

    I've never had insurance before and am getting it soon. I have seen counselors in the past and have been told that I might have some sort of ADHD and maybe depression. I do have trouble in school, especially in math and science classes. In order for the disability services at my school to provide me services, I need a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist to evaluate me. How long after I sign up for one of these will I start seeing him or her? How many sessions are there usually before they can evaluate me properly? I need to do this in a span of 4 months for spring semesters classes so I can receive accommodations. Is this asking too much? Will it be too quick? [more inside]
    posted by eq21 at 6:48 AM PST - 17 comments

    A message to brighten a day

    My windows look out onto a train platform where thousands of tired, stressed, or lonely people stand and wait every day in New York. On other platforms I've seen people put signs up in their windows as messages for the folks waiting for a train. What message could I put up in my window to make people smile or make their days just a little bit better?
    posted by gregoryg at 6:47 AM PST - 37 comments

    Check your phone at the (classroom) door.

    Are there compelling legal or safety reasons that would make a blanket "cell phones off" policy in a college classroom a bad idea? [more inside]
    posted by Austenite at 2:44 AM PST - 42 comments

    How do I find the Chinese weather forecast from CCTV online?

    Hello, Someone told me that a good way to practice Chinese pronounciation is to try to imitate the Chinese weather forecast from CCTV. I'm having some difficulty navigating the CCTV page. [more inside]
    posted by Musashi Daryl at 2:28 AM PST - 4 comments

    Drama with a potential roommate - time to cut and run?

    I've been planning to move to another city, and become roommates with a friend, but things got a bit weird this week and I don't know whether to fight the urge to run away fast or instead listen to it and head for higher ground. [more inside]
    posted by six sided sock at 1:53 AM PST - 39 comments

    August 15

    Help Me Find This Woven Cat Blanket

    My friend has this woven throw blanket with cats on it that she's had since she was a little kid (ie 1994 or so). It's getting sort of threadbare now and I would really like to find the exact same blanket and give it to her for Christmas this year, but I have no idea what kind of blanket it is nor do I know who might have made hers. I figure it's either super rare, or crazy ubiquitous, but "cat woven throw" yields weird results on Google. Better leads needed, please!
    posted by Hello Darling at 11:04 PM PST - 6 comments

    What short story collection was the story story "Pagent Wagon" in?

    Wikipedia claims that "Pageant Wagon" by Orson Scott Card has only ever been in the short story collection The Folk of the Fringe (1989). This is wrong, as I've read it, and I've never read an OSR short story collection. I can even remember exactly when and where I read it, but not the name of the short story collection. So, what other short story collection has it been in? Possibly under another name? [more inside]
    posted by Canageek at 10:45 PM PST - 5 comments

    What is going on here? (Relationship clarity)

    Some advice needed on a newly poly marriage...issues regarding imbalance of resources/effort, feelings of rejection, control issues, etc Please PM me if you think that will be more helpful. [more inside]
    posted by queenba at 10:20 PM PST - 41 comments

    Natural Gas Smell

    I did something colossally stupid this evening: Put up some pasta on the stove and then fell promptly asleep for a little while on the couch. Woke up to a terrible smell of natural gas. Found the water in the pot had spilled over and doused the flame of the burner it was cooking on. With the gas on high. It was probably like that for about 10 minutes or so. And now, four hours later, the house still has a strong-ish odor. Here is my question: does the smell indicate that gas is still present in the house, and if so, should I be concerned for the health and safety of my small children, who are sleeping a hallway away from the kitchen? [more inside]
    posted by zarq at 10:13 PM PST - 13 comments

    Maxima vs Acura TL smackdown

    Debating a new car. Nissan Maxima versus Acura TL? Or something else entirely? [more inside]
    posted by treehorn+bunny at 9:47 PM PST - 9 comments

    How did you get so toned? I have no idea...

    I want to tone up a bit. I'm female, 30yrs, very satisfied with my weight and overall body shape. I've always been on the thin side and eat pretty healthy so I'm not looking to lose weight or improve my lifestyle. I have a lot going on right now so I don't want to commit to the gym or an exercise regimen. I just want to get toned by doing things here and there in my normal day to day life. I'm looking for ideas that I can do when I do other things, such as squats when I brush my teeth, or push ups in the ad breaks when I watch TV. Arm curls with cans of soup while waiting for the pasta to cook , that kind of thing. I'm not very creative in a fitness sense, so please help me brainstorm and get toned!
    posted by Youremyworld at 9:35 PM PST - 24 comments

    What is the SAFEST / cheapest way to get from Baltimore to DC at night?

    I'm spending a weekend going from Baltimore to DC. I would prefer to bring my car and drive but I think with the hassle of trying to find parking or actually having to pay for parking in the DC/Arlington area it would be easier to take the train. I'm not too familiar with Baltimore's Penn Station at night and I'm a concerned for my safety if I were to park in a garage and have to return to their at night. Where is it safe to park at night at Penn Station? And how much would it cost? ... Are there any other alternative ideas? Thanks in advance!
    posted by proficiency101 at 9:27 PM PST - 13 comments

    Stoner/Sludge Metal: Where should I start?

    Thanks to a recent mefi comment, I have become aware of Stoner Metal and Sludge Metal, and I am intrigued. Listening to a few bands on youtube (Ufomammut, Horse Latitudes, Capricorns) it reminds me of the late 1970s/early 1980s when I was a teen listening to lots of early heavy metal (Black Sabbath, Saxon, Deep Purple, etc.) I've been out of touch with most of heavy metal for 20 years; what 21st century bands and/or albums should an old-school Sabbath fan listen to?
    posted by fings at 9:15 PM PST - 29 comments

    Addicted to bad foods

    Please anyone with any knowledge or experience in binge eating with junk food please help me. I am a 27 yr old male who has been struggling with binging on fast food and junk for the past 15 years. I am tired of it, but my brain is not. IF that makes any sense. I just crave this trash constantly. I love it, but I hate it. I try to quit everyday. I wake up go running. Try to imagine how sweet my life would be fit and healthy. And by the end of the day I am attacking the vending machine at work or hitting up some fast food. This has truly ruined my life. I quit hanging out with friends, feel disgusting when I talk to girls. Feel disgusting in my own clothes. I am tired of it, but still I manage to attack every bad food in sight. I have been addicted to painkillers, and trust me these cravings are 10x worse. I quit painkillers, but I cannot quit eating bad. ANybody with any advice please help.
    posted by Truts83 at 8:39 PM PST - 33 comments

    Recommend books or textbooks on political communication?

    I'm going to be teaching a second-year journalism-school course in political writing. I'd like to expand the curriculum a bit to build in elements of the study of political communication: The rhetoric, the language, the semiotic warfare of politics and persuasion. But I'm a working journalist, not an academic, and my understanding of such things is largely self-taught. So I need a book or textbook to formalize my own understanding and develop course materials from. Any suggestions? (Bonus: Suggestions for Canadians, which we happen to be?) [more inside]
    posted by bicyclefish at 8:08 PM PST - 2 comments

    Trying to understand privacy in the Snowden era

    What identifying info does your laptop send? [more inside]
    posted by LonnieK at 8:03 PM PST - 8 comments

    Moving to Warsaw for a few months!

    I'm moving to Warsaw this winter for a few months. I'd love your help in figuring out where to live, cool things to do, etc.! [more inside]
    posted by carolinaherrera at 7:51 PM PST - 2 comments

    Things to bring to France?

    I'm going to France for seven months to teach English to French high schoolers with a program through the French government. I'm incredibly excited to try my hand at teaching and improve my French. As someone with a chronic medical condition, I'm also excited to be enrolled in the Sécu and the MGEN - I imagine my medical costs will be some of the lowest in my life! Anyway, my question is what to bring to France for seven months, 1) for general quality of life, and 2) as teaching materials for my high schoolers. [more inside]
    posted by Devika at 7:50 PM PST - 9 comments

    How to see inside something? Hot water flow pattern? Fiber Optic?

    I have a project where I need to see inside a sealed cup to see water flow pattern. The water is hot. I was thinking of a fiber optic camera, but need some help. The idea would be to make this repeatable. So the top and bottom are punctured to push water through at brew time. Any thoughts on device? Setup?
    posted by strangej at 6:57 PM PST - 8 comments

    Brine AND dry rub chicken?

    I always brine my chicken before BBQing, like any good cook. I have a new jerk dry rub from the farmers market that instructs me to leave it on the chicken for 24 hours. How can I get the benefits of the brine and of the long dry rub exposure both?
    posted by Cosine at 6:11 PM PST - 11 comments

    Ok, so we've split up, now who gets custody of the book idea?

    My ex and I had a couple of ideas for books before we started dating. They were joint ideas and something we were going to work on together. Unfortunately our working styles clashed and very little got done on even the main one. I want to have the option to actually put the hard work in to develop the story from the tiny amount of info I have now into a finished story at some point in the future. So is it possible, wise, legal or even moral to ask him to sign something saying he relinquishes the rights to the ideas in return for a very small royalty IF I finsih the books and get them published? [more inside]
    posted by Ranting Prophet of DOOM! at 5:36 PM PST - 13 comments

    Can I eat it: stanky milk custard edition.

    My sweet boyfriend just cooked me some delicious Bird's custard. I learned (after it was cooked) that the milk he used was the old one - the date on the container is 7/29. I sniffed it and it smells stinky to me. It is not lumpy. When you make the custard you do bring it up to a low boil, not sure if that will be a factor. Should I eat it? Would you eat it?
    posted by sleepykitties at 5:23 PM PST - 11 comments

    Yep, Still Sucking Hard

    As previously mentioned, my best pal has a really ugly case of ovarian cancer happening right now. The situation is terrible, the outlook grim. But I know how to make her laugh, which is one of my official jobs on Team Sick Friend. But I need more material! [more inside]
    posted by BlahLaLa at 4:53 PM PST - 18 comments

    Making eye contact while singing in front of a close audience

    I sing with a small group of vocalists and instrumentalists on a monthly basis. Often it's in a bar/restaurant or other situations where the audience is very close to me (sometimes sitting right in front of me.) Sometimes I sing solos, and I can't figure out where to direct my gaze when I do because of the closeness. Should I make eye contact with the audience, even when they're right in front of me? Should I move my head back and forth and survey the entire crowd? What should I be doing as a performer? Thanks very much for any help you can give me.
    posted by Jenesta at 4:51 PM PST - 10 comments

    Show me instances of fans/coaches directly affecting a sports event?

    I'd like to see instances of fans or coaches directly (hopefully legally, and positively) affecting a sports event, I know there are baseball catches by fans, and Doc Rivers calls time out. [more inside]
    posted by crawltopslow at 4:30 PM PST - 18 comments

    Massive knee-jerk reaction. Literally!

    What does it mean when the doctor hits your knee with the rubber mallet and you kick like a Rockette? [more inside]
    posted by hellameangirl at 4:15 PM PST - 9 comments

    Timeline of fitness gains with added core strength training

    Starting with a personal trainer doing strength training 1x/ week. How long before I start to see real results? [more inside]
    posted by mmmmbobo at 3:54 PM PST - 7 comments

    A Gentle Man, Not a Girly Man

    I'm a bisexual man looking to date bisexual and gay men. In the "what I'm looking for" section of my dating profile, I'm trying to describe the sort of man I'm attracted to, and I need some help. [more inside]
    posted by user c at 3:26 PM PST - 26 comments

    What's the best cell phone for texting?

    Not your usual question. I'm on a family plan with unlimited everything so I'm not asking about plans or providers. I just want to be able to text a lot without strife. [more inside]
    posted by The Biggest Dreamer at 3:18 PM PST - 21 comments

    I know I want to keep it, but can't. So can you, library dearest?

    In order to declutterize myself, I'm thinking of donating some stuff to yon local library. Thing is, I would like to be certain that it would end up on shelves and not in the dump. So how do they choose what to keep...rarity? Value? Usefulness to the common public? Is there anyway I can persuade / convince the library to keep my donation? [more inside]
    posted by ditto75 at 2:57 PM PST - 25 comments

    How can I script changes to a few hundred files

    I have a few hundred text files, all in the same directory , each of which contain a single line of text that looks like so: string OR string OR string ... OR string OR I need to add "EID(" to the beginning of each file, and replace the last "OR " with a ")" I am on a Mac and am fine with Terminal- it is how I got this far. At this point though, I am totally failing at getting the right awk or sed to make this happen. Hope me? [more inside]
    posted by rockindata at 2:35 PM PST - 6 comments

    How much help should I accept from my husband who left me?

    After being partners for 18 years, including 10 years of marriage, this week my husband left me because he "loves me but isn't in love with me". He is being very kind about it, which I deeply appreciate, but I don't know how much of his help it is healthy for me to accept? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 2:34 PM PST - 54 comments

    Seeking ftm top surgery recommendations!

    I am beginning to seriously look into ftm top surgery (double mastectomy for a more masculine chest) within the next couple of years. I would like your recommendations of surgeons to look into. If you or someone you know has had a good (or bad!) experience, please let me know. Looking for names, locations, ballpark cost, and any specific requirements I should know about. [more inside]
    posted by blnkfrnk at 2:18 PM PST - 6 comments

    Do I have to buy Photoshop/Illustrator?

    I'm 27 and I want to learn design on the side just for the hell of it, not because it has anything to do with the job I have now. Does that mean I have to buy Photoshop and Illustrator to start with? [more inside]
    posted by Busoni at 2:11 PM PST - 19 comments

    But wait, there's more!

    Do you like RedLetterMedia? What else do you like? [more inside]
    posted by hayvac at 2:02 PM PST - 7 comments

    Big Ol' Map

    Does anybody know about a huge relief map of the US? [more inside]
    posted by John of Michigan at 1:55 PM PST - 7 comments

    I think I've got the basics down; how can I improve my bicycle skills?

    I'm new to bike riding as an adult; I'm riding to work but would like to improve in the areas of balance, stamina, and pace. [more inside]
    posted by stellaluna at 1:40 PM PST - 23 comments

    What questions should I ask when going to look at a flat to rent?

    What questions should I ask when going to look at a flat to rent? [more inside]
    posted by sockpim at 1:24 PM PST - 11 comments

    Where talk music?

    MFers where do you like to go to discuss or read discussions about music, specifically modern electronic music? I don't mean where to read articles, reviews, interviews; those are nice, and I read those websites, and I know most of those websites have forums... but most of them don't seem to be very good, and to be honest I haven't really, really explored them. Is there anywhere that consistently has a high level discourse from users? Or is it all 90% signatures, images, and yelling "BIG TRACK" ... [more inside]
    posted by J0 at 1:20 PM PST - 9 comments

    Looking for a YA novel about boats

    I'm looking for a YA novel that was: - published before 1989 - omniscient third-person narrator - is set sometime between the 17th and 19th centuries - is set on a large ship (a schooner, I believe) I read a book matching this description as required reading in my eighth grade English class. Can you help me figure out what it was?
    posted by pxe2000 at 12:53 PM PST - 5 comments

    Resizing and Creating a PDF from an AI file

    I have a 39KB AI file I need to resize into a 20MB PFD - while retaining all image quality for print. Thank you so much!
    posted by brookem at 12:39 PM PST - 15 comments

    Stream tv over wifi

    Is it possible to stream a tv signal from my computer over wifi to a mobile android device? [more inside]
    posted by peacay at 12:22 PM PST - 18 comments

    Good Rap With Minimal Swears

    After perusing the current Kendrick Lamar thread, in which people are squabbling about whether or not "bitch, motherfucker" is the essence of rap, it seems worth it to ask for some recommendations of good rap music with no swears. [more inside]
    posted by Going To Maine at 12:11 PM PST - 35 comments

    Money, money, mon-ey. Mo-ney. (on a Mac and iPhone?)

    I’m looking for a money management app for Mac that also syncs with iPhone. What do you use and why? (I’ve looked here on Metafilter and found little to nothing that’s recent). [more inside]
    posted by brokeaspoke at 12:11 PM PST - 10 comments

    Best Dallas thrift/second hand clothing stores

    So, I need to start building a decent work-ready wardrobe and I wanted to try going the thrift second hand route. I'm a 35 year old male with pretty sedate tastes in clothing that skew in the heritage and ivy league directions. Any places in DFW I should look? thanks
    posted by senseofsurreal at 11:59 AM PST - 3 comments

    Where to Stay on the Big Island?

    In February my family (couple and 9 year old) are going to the Big Island of Hawaii for 9 days. We're arriving in Kona at 9:30pm on a Friday, and leave the following Sunday at 10:30pm (a red-eye). We're haven't made any reservations for where to stay yet, and I'm wondering where and what are best choices. [more inside]
    posted by ShooBoo at 11:58 AM PST - 9 comments

    How to I navigate this open-ended offer to expand my (entry level) job?

    How to I navigate this open-ended offer to expand my (entry level) job? And which tasks would be appropriate. [more inside]
    posted by winterportage at 11:52 AM PST - 4 comments

    Say ftp for me

    Say I was a cartoonist who needed to set up an ftp site ... [more inside]
    posted by lpsguy at 11:51 AM PST - 17 comments

    Dyson won't work with vacuum storage bags.

    I have a bunch of vacuum storage bags, but I own a Dyson DC25 upright vacuum cleaner. The attachment nozzle doesn't work for vacuum bags since it has a protrusion for attaching different heads. [more inside]
    posted by krunk at 11:46 AM PST - 5 comments

    Alternative to post-op shoe for broken toe?

    I broke my pinkie toe and have to immobilize it for at least a month. This means buddy-taping, no pressure on the toe, and wearing a post-op shoe if I'm walking further than the confines of my studio apartment. The shoe is both terrible and, technically, optional. What could I replace it with? [more inside]
    posted by thesmallmachine at 11:41 AM PST - 15 comments

    I don't want to cry, but I also don't want to have to not pay attention

    I am an epic ugly crier, and I cry incredibly easily. I have always been this way, and a lot of my family are the same way. We attribute it to my grandmother, who we always joked must have her tear ducts connected to her bladder. Happy things, sad things, frustration, excitement. Not pain for some reason, but just about any emotion will make me cry. When I really get going I hyperventillate, lose the ability to talk (relating to the hyperventilating I guess), my skin goes super blotchy, and man... it is just ugly. And it takes a long time to calm back down. Added bonus is that I usually top all this off with an epic cry headache afterwards. This is a problem because I am getting married in a month and I seriously don't want to be ugly crying my face off the entire time. As it stands I can't even READ the ceremony without getting teary. I have no idea how I am ever going to get through saying my vows. [more inside]
    posted by PuppetMcSockerson at 11:03 AM PST - 41 comments

    This question is about vomit. I apologize in advance.

    Why does a person vomit on a schedule when they are sick? Like every 2 hours or something until it just stops? Or is this just me? [more inside]
    posted by magnetsphere at 10:40 AM PST - 12 comments

    Need to find a specific patch

    I need to find an embroidered patch that is a picture of a ticket. Specifics inside. [more inside]
    posted by Lucinda at 10:12 AM PST - 2 comments

    Non-salad wheat free lunches?

    I need some vegetarian wheat-free lunch ideas that are not salad based. Thanks! [more inside]
    posted by JoannaC at 10:07 AM PST - 24 comments

    Best screencasting app for Mac?

    This question has been asked before, but long enough ago that I'd like to see if things have changed: What's the best screencasting app for the Mac? [more inside]
    posted by Pater Aletheias at 9:59 AM PST - 7 comments

    Help a struggling freelance metallurgist/jeweler

    My mom's current gentleman companion, "Fred", works out of his home as a metallurgist/jeweler. He has been making Southwestern style jewelry for decades, and from what I can tell he is very talented. He also makes gorgeous knives and tomahawks. He is older, not particularly tech-savvy, and he is having trouble making ends meet. Help me to help Fred become more successful. [more inside]
    posted by forkisbetter at 9:22 AM PST - 16 comments

    Do you think that graduating from college with a low GPA is the end of

    Do you think that graduating from college with a low GPA is the end of the world? If someone graduated from college with a 2.5 or 2.6 overall GPA, could that person still be successful in his or her career, live a rewarding life, pursue hobbies, and travel around the world? Or would that person be confined to flipping burgers or working at Walmart for the rest of his or her life?
    posted by annanyc at 8:57 AM PST - 71 comments

    Help me find a webcomic equating unethical behavior with climbing stairs

    I'm trying to find an old webcomic I read years ago, possibly linked from metafilter. I remember that it was a really text heavy comic (large walls of text in speech bubbles). It made an analogy between committing immoral acts and climbing stairs. You don't just do evil things outright, you bend what is acceptable to you a little bit at a time, like climbing stairs one step at a time. I also think the webcomic overall had a feminist theme.
    posted by fingo at 8:46 AM PST - 3 comments

    How to easily build a Lucy Van Pelt advice stand/desk?

    I'm going to be a regular for a friend's live show once a month. My "schtick" is to be a Lucy-esque sidekick to her as a host. The stage is small and I will be transporting it in a car. Any suggestions on how to build something low maintenance and portable? It doesn't have to be fancy or complex, I just have no idea where to start in terms of materials and potential construction ideas. TIA!
    posted by patientpatient at 8:44 AM PST - 11 comments

    Name our co-op!

    We're trying to start a co-op in the greater Boston area. Our values are kid-friendliness, parent-friendliness, social justice, and intentional community. We'd like it to be a peaceful, welcoming place. What should we name it?
    posted by woodvine at 8:35 AM PST - 13 comments

    Recommendations for int'l packers/movers from NYC to South America?

    I'm helping someone move from Queens, NYC to Bolivia, and I'd appreciate recommendations on reliable packers/movers that have international moving experience. This would be a small apartment's worth of clothing, kitchen items, TVs, etc, but no furniture. The largest item would be an upright piano that, ideally, could be packed by the same company but, otherwise would be separately crated and shipped with the household effects. In the event that no great int'l movers come to mind, recommendations for a great packer and a great international freight forwarding company would be appreciated.
    posted by the sobsister at 7:38 AM PST - 6 comments

    Any recommendations for washing machine repair companies in Toronto?

    Our washing machine decided yesterday that spinning was no longer something it was required to do. Sadly it did this mid-load. I am not handy and so I am hoping someone has a recommendation on a washing machine fix-it guy in Toronto. [more inside]
    posted by machine at 7:28 AM PST - 5 comments

    Depositing international checks without a hassle

    I have a checking account at PNC Bank. I want to be able to deposit Canadian checks (in Canadian dollars) and they make it a really huge hassle: phone calls, forms, exorbitant fees and then a six week hold on the funds. Are there any US banks that will allow me to open a free checking account and deposit Canadian checks with a minimum of fuss, fees, and delay? I'm entirely willing to look to online options if that makes sense. I'm in Pennsylvania.
    posted by ootandaboot at 7:23 AM PST - 18 comments

    How can I help my mother out of an abusive relationship?

    My mother needs help leaving a bad situation. What do I do? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 7:02 AM PST - 9 comments

    Should I tell my boss our new employee is still looking for other jobs?

    I work in an extremely understaffed department of a financial institution, and our newest employee (a woman I recommended) told me yesterday that she's continuing to "pursue other opportunities." Do I tell my boss? [more inside]
    posted by skycrashesdown at 6:04 AM PST - 34 comments

    Taking care of an old poster

    I just scored an amazing poster from the seventies. It's spent the past few years rolled loose in a storeroom and it's a little bit crunchy. How can I ensure that its wonderfulness endures. [more inside]
    posted by Iteki at 5:43 AM PST - 4 comments

    Dinner ideas for devout Muslim friend

    I have a good friend who is coming to visit us this weekend ~ Yay! She is an observant muslim, and adheres to the dietary guidelines of her religion. We are both keen cooks, and I would like to exhibit a little of my passion, but want to make sure that the food is in keeping with her requirements. Curly issue: we are both in Italy, so pasta and risotto with various vegetable and sauces are already a mainstay of her diet. I am in Umbria, the land of pork, and there is no halal butcher around for 100s of miles. Any ideas Hivemind?
    posted by Flashduck at 5:00 AM PST - 18 comments

    DIYers: How to make XL-XXL men's t-shirts feminine and fashionable?

    I recently lost a significant amount of weight and now the men's t-shirts I found most suitable and comfortable for my body type when I was severely overweight are now too big for me. I don't want to give them away because they're immensely soft, stretchy, and comfortable, have sentimental value, and they have edgy printings that are, from what I can tell, currently in style in the Women's department with the exception of the shape and fitting of the shirts. I intend to start with shirts I don't want as practice. As I don't know how to sew (yet), can someone offer suggestions, supplies, and skills needed based on their own DIY experience? I'm in dire need of fashion advice as well. Isn't square neck, boat neck, scoop necks flattering on bigger breasts? Belts around the waist? Leggings? Bootcut jeans? Cardigans? Vests? How do you layer clothing? What goes good with what? I'm at a total loss for fashion after 20-something years of hiding my body in black baggy clothing. For the first time in my life I actually want to look like a woman. Please help.
    posted by ProfSaraBellum at 4:19 AM PST - 15 comments

    Getting into Paris (difficulty level: travelling with a senior)

    My mother is here in Europe for a visit. Unfortunately, she's not up to par in terms of walking fitness in recent months, and I've booked us a trip via Ryanair to Paris. I'm quite clear on getting out of Beauvais via the shuttle, but 1) would it be worth it or is it possible to take a taxi directly into Paris; or 2) how do I go about getting a taxi once we're in Porte Maillot? My French is extremely basic but we're both fluent English speakers. She's also very used to cars.
    posted by cendawanita at 3:24 AM PST - 5 comments

    Channeling my inner Whedon.

    Hi, writers of MeFi! I am an unpublished writer of fiction. I think I am good, or at least, not terrible. No great stylist, but readable. However, I am awful at writing witty dialogue. I can do awkward, I love writing arguments, but I can't do funny. Can you help? [more inside]
    posted by Ziggy500 at 2:39 AM PST - 12 comments

    Is there such a thing as a melatonin hangover?

    I am jet-lagged. But I've been on the right schedule for a couple of days in terms of sleeping. And then I took a 3mg melatonin tablet last night and slept for 18 hours. Now I feel crap. Does it seem more likely that the crappy feeling is jet-lag, melatonin-induced, due to oversleeping, or that I'm coming down with something? [more inside]
    posted by lollusc at 12:37 AM PST - 19 comments

    What IS human exertion?

    Most machines are very predictable when in motion- their movement can be graphed in terms of speed, acceleration and jerk quite easily. Generally, the graph flattens out when you get to jerk. Can the same be done with humans? Or are our movements chaotic at a fundamental level? I know that ultimately we exert motion through force (=ma) but is it possible for us to increase the rate at which we increase the rate of force, and even increase the rate of that? Would we be able to register anything on the graph of m/s5? [more inside]
    posted by Greener_pastures at 12:08 AM PST - 4 comments

    August 14

    Cinematic Albums.

    Are there any albums which have had every single song included on a movie soundtrack? [more inside]
    posted by empath at 10:36 PM PST - 24 comments

    Which schools have strong programs in digital librarianship?

    What schools have strong programs in digital librarianship or digital curation? [more inside]
    posted by Polyhymnia at 8:56 PM PST - 9 comments

    What the hell do I do?

    My friend just told me she is planning on killing herself in a week. I know her name and address. What the fuck am I supposed to do? She's in another state so I can't do anything myself. Do I just call 911 and get her locked in a psych ward? I'm more okay with the fact of losing my friend by betraying her wishes than by letting her die, obviously, but I still want to do what is best for her. She's in GA, I'm in KS. Thank you.
    posted by trogdole at 8:07 PM PST - 49 comments

    Help me figure out a career/educational path

    I'm current at my first job out of school and have been here almost two years now. It hasn't been what I expected, and sadly, not in a positive way. It's a very niche field with limited cross-applications and, frankly, I have no interest in delving deeper into it. It's definitely time for a job, if not career, change. My dissatisfaction with my current circumstances, however, still leaves me with a myriad of other options that I'm having trouble narrowing down and I'd appreciate it if people could weigh in a bit and maybe resolve this analysis paralysis I'm having. [more inside]
    posted by ndr at 7:41 PM PST - 8 comments

    canine design

    I'm going to get a pembroke corgi dog within the next year. Unfortunately, so many of the necessary supplies of dog ownership are just plain ugly. My apartment and my clothes reflect to me my love of all things beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. I love clean, sleek modern design AND ornate, vintage, antique things. Please show me the most beautiful dog related merchandise available! Crates, food/water bowls, leashes, anything and everything related to (beautifully) owning a dog.
    posted by skjønn at 7:34 PM PST - 31 comments

    Experience with Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP)?

    I'm searching for a therapist to help me deal with ongoing anxiety and insecurity issues. I came across someone who looks promising and practices ISTDP, which I had never heard of before. I did some googling and it looks legit, but wondered if any of you have any experience with this? thanks!
    posted by meb123 at 7:19 PM PST - 4 comments

    Need sexy-but-scientific items to watch "in bed"

    Can you recommend some sexy-but-scientific things to watch to get us in the NSFW mood? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 7:11 PM PST - 13 comments

    "Sounds like you did everything you could to protect yourself, but..."

    Looking for information after receiving positive HPV screening result, several years after Gardasil vaccine. [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 6:39 PM PST - 7 comments

    (W)ringing my hands

    Should I get my rings removed now, before I give birth, or hope I won't need them removed at all? Fun details after the break. [more inside]
    posted by fantine at 5:49 PM PST - 18 comments

    Best Civil War History from the Confederate Side?

    I've been reading Bruce Catton's history of the Army of the Potomac, which is excellent. It occurs to me I've only ever read Civil War history from the Union side. So, it's all about those terrible Union generals and all the mistakes they made, and Lincoln's frustration, and how eventually superior manpower and manufacturing, and the Emancipation Proclamation, crushed the feisty Rebs. Now I'd like to read about what the Rebs were thinking during the Late, Great Unpleasantness. Who's the Bruce Catton of the South?
    posted by musofire at 5:23 PM PST - 9 comments

    My friend is befriending a rapist. What do I do about it?

    How do I advise my (male) friend whose social circle is intersecting with a rapist? Seeking resources as well as advice. [Trigger warning] [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 5:19 PM PST - 48 comments

    NSFW question about strip clubs

    I am not a regular strip club attendee, so when I went to one today I had an unusual experience that I don't know if it was normal, and if it is how others handle it. It's NSFW and embarrassing, so details inside. [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 5:17 PM PST - 15 comments

    Short plays for a very small theater company?

    What are some great, dramatic, one- or two-act plays that work with three or fewer actors and require minimal stagecraft? [more inside]
    posted by jbickers at 4:36 PM PST - 15 comments

    History Filter

    Is there a statistical measure that I can rely on in evaluating papers or articles in a historical subject? If you teach history, what measure would you rely on in evaluating student papers and take-home exam essays for plagiarism? [more inside]
    posted by bad grammar at 4:06 PM PST - 2 comments

    Peers in PDX

    I'm moving across the country! What resources should I use to make friends in the Portland, OR area? More details inside... [more inside]
    posted by cosmicbeast at 3:59 PM PST - 12 comments

    How do you go about setting up an elearning course@?

    How could a company set up an online e-learning type training course? How much might it cost, and what would be needed in terms of resources to make it happen - would it need to be developed by a specialist company or in-house? I'm in the UK - more details inside! [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 3:43 PM PST - 13 comments

    P is for Pledge

    What are the benefits of preschool and elementary age children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance? [more inside]
    posted by Dansaman at 3:42 PM PST - 32 comments

    Concept albums

    Two of my favorite albums are Hospice by The Antlers and In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel. What are some more spectacular concept albums?
    posted by goosechasing at 3:30 PM PST - 43 comments

    Bike & crosswalk rules and behavior in Somerville/Cambridge, MA

    What is the legal and/or good behavior when you are riding a bike and come upon a pedestrian crosswalk (no lights) and want to cross the street? What about as a rider who is riding on that street, and there are other riders right behind you, and you see the person trying to cross the street? I'm in Somerville, MA, very close to the Cambridge border. [more inside]
    posted by miomiomio at 3:27 PM PST - 11 comments

    What are some dishes that emphasize texture?

    My mom may have permanently lost her senses of smell and taste due to a complication from a nasty virus she had in the spring. This is understandably depressing for her. What are some suggestions I can give her for foods that emphasize texture to help her find new ways to enjoy food?
    posted by torisaur at 3:14 PM PST - 22 comments

    Ride to abortion in NJ?

    Hello. I have scheduled a pregnancy termination for this Saturday, August ex isn't returning my calls or emails requesting a ride/company, and I really don't want anyone else to know about it. I have been told that I will need a ride home and that I can't take a cab; the driver needs to wait for me. I was wondering if anyone happens to know of any volunteer organizations or similar organizations in NJ that might help me out. I'm happy to pay whatever it might cost....thanks!
    posted by anonymous at 3:01 PM PST - 6 comments

    Roast Beef & Pizza. Pizza & Roast Beef. Why?

    We moved to Massachusetts from upstate NY last year and this has been nagging at me ever since: Why are most of the pizza shops here pizza & roast beef shops? Roast beef is not paired with pizza in my mind. The roast beef isn't usually a pizza topping, and some of them don't really even seem to serve roast beef as a specialty (just one of many normal sub options). Can anyone offer an origin story?
    posted by Kriesa at 2:38 PM PST - 9 comments

    She has started to work in the same company with me, what now ?

    I was a perfectly happy man 3 months ago. Then i met a woman by early May, we were in a relation two weeks later. It was too good to be true and apparently things unfold to a rebound situation on her end. We peacefully broke up. I was struggling at first but knew that things will get back to normal soon... after all it wasn't a relation lasted for years. This was until she started to work in the same company with me 2 weeks ago. Now i feel like i am stuck in this limbo forever. [more inside]
    posted by yamamato at 2:07 PM PST - 11 comments

    The whole world...on my wall.

    I would like a large, wall-sized print of the 1931 John B. Sparks histomap, originally printed by Rand McNally. It appears to be out of print - any ideas? [more inside]
    posted by Dr. Fetish at 1:50 PM PST - 6 comments

    Please help me find tall & skinny pants-like jeans(or jeans-like pants?)

    I have the worst time finding bottoms that fit. I currently own only 2 pairs that fit correctly. Suggest a pair, website, or brick-and-mortar to shop at for me? I've been looking for a new pair for almost a year now... Details inside. [more inside]
    posted by tenaciousmoon at 1:44 PM PST - 5 comments

    looking for a specific article on food/cultural imperialism

    Looking for the full text of a specific interview/discussion between Eddie Huang and Francis Lam published on Gilt Taste in 2011. [more inside]
    posted by leedly at 1:04 PM PST - 2 comments

    Seeking a Chinese booze (preferably near Louisville, KY)

    Inspired by this question, I have a Chinese mystery-spirit question of my own. I got this potable years ago at a Ranch 99 Supermarket, and find it pretty interesting, but I'm running out. Does it have a more conventional name than "ng-ka-py", and can I get it here, in the middle of the country? [more inside]
    posted by jackbishop at 1:00 PM PST - 6 comments

    Poppin' my hair cherry!

    I'm getting my hair dyed (well, highlighted) for the first time tomorrow. When should I work out? Should I keep using sulfate-free shampoo, or should I switch to special stuff for dyed hair? BONUS: give me stories about being extremely happy after dying your hair :). [more inside]
    posted by obviousresistance at 12:33 PM PST - 19 comments

    Legging newbie seeks knitted pants guidance

    I'd like to start wearing leggings, but I don't really know how to style them. I am a bit of a priss and am nervous about leggings and don't want to look too sloppy. [more inside]
    posted by kmennie at 11:59 AM PST - 19 comments

    SMS to phone call. Is a call center the best option?

    I'm looking for a service or program that will convert a SMS/text message into a phone call, approximately 100 times per month. When making the phone call, the service or program needs to navigate through a simple "press 2 for support, press 3 for sales" before relaying the contents of the SMS to person that answers the phone. [more inside]
    posted by Hermanos at 11:50 AM PST - 5 comments

    Workout apps for iPad

    I have an iPad. I am looking for a good workout app to coach me through routines involving little or (better) no equipment. What do you recommend?
    posted by nitsuj at 11:50 AM PST - 8 comments

    Where can I find Planet Earth?

    For a project, I need (well, want) to find a 3d CAD drawing of Earth. Any file format is workable, but .dwg and .3dm are preferable. Does anybody know where I might be able to find this? [more inside]
    posted by rensar at 11:38 AM PST - 5 comments

    Looking for a Chinese and English GCSE science book

    I'm looking for two books, one biology, one chemistry. They are related to GCSE, they say that on the front of the books, but I don't know if they're licensed. One has a green cover, one has a blue cover, but they both have pictures on the front. The good thing about these books is that they explain scientific concepts through diagrams in one-pagers, which are conveniently in both Chinese and English. Help me find these books? [more inside]
    posted by sarae at 11:30 AM PST - 3 comments

    Easy design collaboration and version control

    Does something like GitHub exist that's optimized for design files? [more inside]
    posted by roll truck roll at 11:26 AM PST - 10 comments

    What small, cool things can I put in the secret compartment of a box?

    So, I finally finished my dad's (now extremely late) Father's Day gift: a handmade wooden box with dovetail joinery and a "secret" pull-out compartment. Now I'm wondering what cool thing I can put in the secret compartment before I send it. Any ideas? Further details and dimensions, etc., within. [more inside]
    posted by aecorwin at 11:13 AM PST - 15 comments

    Why does my tea taste like soap?

    I drink good-quality tea (Harney & Sons, loose, black), brew it in a clean and thoroughly rinsed pot, and drink it from a clean and thoroughly rinsed mug. Occasionally, my cup of tea will taste like soap. I have noticed this with two different orders of the same blend brewed in two different pots (one glass, one ceramic). What's going on?
    posted by before and after at 11:10 AM PST - 20 comments

    Syncing files on a remote web server with Windows 7

    I have an interesting file syncing problem. As part of my responsibilities, I have to keep track of changes in the US export regulations. The Dept. of Commerce makes the regulations available in two formats, HTML and PDF. The HTML versions are oddly formatted so I prefer the PDF versions even if they are harder to search. They're available in PDF on this page. I have been regularly going out to the page and downloading relevant documents that have changed but I'd like to automate this if I can. But there are some gotchas. [more inside]
    posted by tommasz at 10:51 AM PST - 3 comments

    Locating recently filed lawsuits

    How might I locate recently filed lawsuits alleging a particular product defect? [more inside]
    posted by dredge at 10:40 AM PST - 7 comments

    Most cost effective way to purchase Office 2010 in volume?

    What is the most cost effective way to purchase roughly 50 Microsoft Office Standard 2010/2013 licenses? [more inside]
    posted by lattiboy at 10:38 AM PST - 2 comments

    Gaming the System

    We're building a new PC. We're also an avid gamers. What OS do we want (and/or monitor and mouse/trackpad combo)? [more inside]
    posted by Diagonalize at 10:32 AM PST - 21 comments

    The grass might be greener, but I don't want it to be!

    I don't especially want to leave my boyfriend, but how do I stop feeling like I'm going to regret it for the rest of my life if I don't? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 10:22 AM PST - 36 comments

    How do you "keep calm and carry on" after a massive screw up?

    I messed up big time at work. Like...really big time. How do I deal with the ball of stress and panic and guilt burning in my stomach? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous at 9:18 AM PST - 35 comments

    What's the process for a doctor specializing in multiple fields?

    If a doctor goes to school for, say, pathology, but later wants to also practice family medicine or cardiology, what's the process for them being able to do those things? Do they have to go back to school or just pass board certifications? I realize this may not be standard, but let's say that someone had the funds and drive to do it; what would be required to make it happen?
    posted by ofcourseican at 9:17 AM PST - 6 comments

    Best waterproofing spray for clothes

    Fall will be here soon enough, so it's time to refresh our waterproof jackets. What are your favorite brands and methods of application? [more inside]
    posted by frizz at 9:05 AM PST - 8 comments

    Looking for a type of phobia that results in fight rather than flight.

    If you have, say a spider phobia, are you the "Run away!!" type of phobic or the "OMG SMASH SMASH SMASH HIT IT WITH A BOOK TURN OVER THE TABLE SET THE HOUSE ON FIRE... is it dead?" type? Is there a term or specific type of phobia for the second option? [more inside]
    posted by The otter lady at 8:53 AM PST - 7 comments

    Plus-size women's polo shirt sizing in Denmark?

    I'm from Canada and I am attending a conference and need to select my t-shirt size from a supplier in Denmark. Does anyone know how a women's 2XL compares to a 3XL in Denmark - like what the bust and waist measurements are? Would these sizes be similar to a US/Canada 2XL and 3XL? Here is the polo t-shirt that we're getting. Thank you!!
    posted by blake137 at 8:51 AM PST - 2 comments

    Is it a bad idea to upgrade my iphone 4 to the 4S instead of the 5?

    I've had an iPhone 4 for a couple of years now. It's seen better days; the home button works only half the time, etc. My fiance recently got his first, a 4S, and the difference between it and the 4 is amaaaaazing. I am sorely tempted to upgrade to that for a hundred bucks, rather than wait for the new 5's to come out (esp since there's no guarantee now that the original 5 will come down in price). [more inside]
    posted by flyingsquirrel at 8:34 AM PST - 19 comments

    Help me name a genome!

    I'm working on a new book and I need to name a genome. I can't handwave it-- while the book is SF, I don't want people in the know to be able to look at it like people look at Law & Order address (ie, nobody from New York would ever think that's a real address. Nobody in science would ever think that's a real genome.) [more inside]
    posted by headspace at 8:30 AM PST - 11 comments

    Dream opportunity for a machine design engineer?

    Help a business-illiterate engineer formulate an approach for evaluating an exciting business/career opportunity. [more inside]
    posted by myriad gantry at 8:14 AM PST - 5 comments

    Best CV/resume resources

    Writing a resume is tricky business. Make one mistake and it gets thrown into the dustbin. Are there any (free) resources and tips for how to write and design a well-written, eye-catching resume (particularly for (a) school administration and (b) design jobs)? [more inside]
    posted by omar.a at 7:58 AM PST - 21 comments

    What's a good way to protect a long term ETF portfolio?

    The reason I turn to ask mefi here is that most of the resources I find on the webs are catered to more active investors. I've spent the last few years dollar-cost averaging into several different ETFs, indexed to large markets. Since the ETF's are products of my brokerage account, I can trade them for free. I haven’t done any selling, and have some decent returns as things stand now. The real question now is, what is the best practice for defending my portfolio against another 2008? My thoughts are that the smartest and most conservative approach is a stop-loss adjusted monthly to about 15% off the high... and then start the process again... buying in incrementally to take advantage of either falling stock prices or a slow recovery. I'm not looking to outsmart the market here... just the best way to play it safe. Best help for me would be broad concepts about tax implications (you'll lose me with anything too technical), thoughts about 'flash crashes,' or any other ideas. Thanks folks!
    posted by shimmer at 7:43 AM PST - 10 comments

    Handling Interior Workspace

    So, my workspace moved, and I now no longer have access to windows. What can I do to help me not feel disoriented at the end of the day? [more inside]
    posted by zizzle at 7:31 AM PST - 12 comments

    If he only had a brain...

    My husband has epilepsy which has unfortunately proven difficult to treat with anti-epileptic medications. We met with his neurologist yesterday, who suggested that the accepted protocol nowadays is to start pursuing the option of brain surgery early rather than as a much later, last resort. This is scary stuff, complicated by the fact that we have a baby on the way and that the epilepsy is not so serious that it's a rush/emergency situation. What should we be thinking about as we proceed? (Apologies in advance for this getting long.) [more inside]
    posted by catch as catch can at 7:14 AM PST - 14 comments

    Big & Tall People of Metafilter -- what do you drive?

    A very good friend of mine is car shopping, and to say he's getting frustrated is an understatement. He's a pretty big and tall guy, obviously wants to be able to fit comfortably in his car, is looking to buy new, and is having absolutely no luck finding a car that matches his requirements. [more inside]
    posted by cgg at 7:12 AM PST - 47 comments

    EXIF data

    Will editing a photo in a program like Photoshop destroy the original EXIF data from that photo? If I cut and pasted part of a photo and saved it as "NEW" what would the EXIF data of that "NEW" photo show? [more inside]
    posted by BillyAnne at 4:43 AM PST - 11 comments

    Hello Mr. Blue Collar, You've Hit a Milestone!

    I'm looking for ideas for anniversary gifts for 1, 3, 5, 10, and 20 year marks for employees my company. I work in a very blue collar maintenance field. Details inside! [more inside]
    posted by assasinatdbeauty at 3:47 AM PST - 28 comments

    Social anxiety with strangers?

    I seem to be developing social anxiety as I get older. What can I do about it? [more inside]
    posted by mrfuga0 at 2:28 AM PST - 9 comments

    Trying to be an ex-codependent

    I have this habit of emotionally lunging toward people. If I feel disconnected and alone, I find one person and I throw myself at them, hoping that I will stick. I've thrown myself at so many ex's and "people I used to date" by now that I've gotten to a point where I can recognize when I'm backing up and preparing for the jump. [more inside]
    posted by Cybria at 1:45 AM PST - 10 comments

    What are California Employer Obligations to keep employee data private?

    I would like to know if anyone knows what a California Employer's obligations are regarding keeping an employees data private . For instance, if your employer knows that other employees are or can view your computer screen but your employer also sends personnel links out to employees through work emails (links to 401k plans or to employee benefits), does the employer have a legal obligation to tell the employees that confidential information can be viewed by other employees? If employees get personnel links sent through company mail, does the employee have a right to expect onscreen privacy?
    posted by gt2 at 12:52 AM PST - 3 comments

    Standalone calendar app for iPhone

    I'm looking for a free calendar app that will work without being synced to either my iPhone calendar or my google calendar. [more inside]
    posted by ellieBOA at 12:06 AM PST - 6 comments

    Water stain on unfinished/raw leather...what to do?

    I have this bag. Like an idiot I spilled sparkling water on the inside, where it appears to be raw untreated leather (the outside is pretty smooth leather). Now there are water stains on the inside. [more inside]
    posted by long haired child at 12:06 AM PST - 4 comments

    August 13

    What distinguishes a friendship from a romance?

    Somebody I've known for a year rather suddenly told me that she "felt attracted" to me. We've agreed to have dinner when she gets back into town. New as I am to dating, I'm confused as to how I should proceed. [more inside]
    posted by d. z. wang at 11:01 PM PST - 20 comments

    Help me find a biotech recruiter

    Recent Ph.D. grad would like to work with a recruiter/headhunter to find an industry job. Can you help me find a recruiter in the Boston area, or give me pointers/tips on working with one? [more inside]
    posted by htid at 10:32 PM PST - 1 comment

    Does iOS 7 sync with iTunes 10.7

    Does iOS 7 (beta) sync to iTunes 10.7 or will iTunes 11.0.x be required? I have held back on upgrading iTunes past 10.7, but I am wondering if I'll be forced to upgrade to 11.0.x once iOS 7 is released. I sync via USB on a Mac with 10.6.8. I'm not inserted in WiFi sync and don't use iCloud.
    posted by ridogi at 10:19 PM PST - 4 comments

    To persuade people, should we emphasise common ground?

    I remember reading a few years back about a piece of research or a theory in social psychology. The research found that a speaker should emphasise common ground when trying to persuade their listeners to change their opinion. By contrast, if they stressed how much their opinions diverged, the listeners would actually move further away from speaker's ideas than they were before. In other words, a conciliatory tone might be better than a strident attack if we want to persuade people. Does this ring a bell with anyone?
    posted by dontjumplarry at 9:48 PM PST - 15 comments

    Soda water bottle, have a banana?

    In the curious 1975 comedy Linda Lovelace For President, there's a scene in which, faced with the bankruptcy of her campaign, Lovelace starts inexplicably chanting the phrase "Soda water bottle, have a banana." This is picked up on by members of her marching band, and then becomes a series of calls and responses. The scene, completely safe for work, can be seen here. What on earth is this a reference to?
    posted by eschatfische at 9:06 PM PST - 8 comments

    Can I get a medical device for less?

    The co-pay is still high, because the device's mark-up seems ridiculous. [more inside]
    posted by Leontine at 9:02 PM PST - 6 comments

    I want to leave my high-paying job to sell BMWs -- am I crazy?

    Long story short, I graduated two years ago and broke into a prestigious industry with high pay and high stress that I thought I would at least find interesting Very soon after joining, I quickly realized the job was not interesting at all. I believe my role does not have as big of an impact as I initially thought it would, and most of all, I don't believe in the industry anymore. I'm tired of the politics and I started off on the wrong foot, which ultimately tainted people's perception of me early on. As a result, I've had motivation issues from early on and my performance has been average. I am one of the few people in my class of hires who was not promoted this last cycle. Oh, and I had been dealing with social anxiety and depression for the longest time, which had a huge, huge, huge impact on my performance. [more inside]
    posted by 6spd at 8:51 PM PST - 25 comments

    New landlord by inheritance, lost and frustrated

    How shall I decide what to do with an inherited property I have neither inclination nor time to administer myself, but don't need to sell and recognize it could be good if it stayed good to maintain it as a rental? [more inside]
    posted by jet_silver at 8:28 PM PST - 13 comments

    Please help me find this leder rucksack

    Looking for the brand for a convertible leather backpack of German origin. [more inside]
    posted by Sublimity at 7:50 PM PST - 6 comments

    Can a relationship bounce back from a bad period like ours?

    My boyfriend and I are currently at a low point in our relationship. I have been irrationally jealous and as a result we have fought every week for the past month. He seems to be very ok with me the day after our fights but I can see how he would want out. Should we keep trying? [more inside]
    posted by 01080591 at 7:47 PM PST - 29 comments

    Image Map Help

    I needed an image map. I'm no coder, so I went looking for a map and code that I could run, change and run it again to see what changed and if I had to change it back. I built a map that seems to be working, except for an small black square icon in the upper left corner. Before I removed the "img scr" line, there was a red "X" in the box. Now, it's just the box itself. I thought that whenever you saw a box like that, it meant the image couldn't be found. But, my entire image is there. When I preview the page in IE and Firefox, the map works and all of my links are where they're supposed to be, but the box won't go away. What is it? Should it go away or will something happen when I publish the site that will make the image nonfunctional? Will it be there when the site goes live? Here is the code -
    posted by CollectiveMind at 7:47 PM PST - 2 comments

    Dress code for a casual retail store?

    I'm managing a shop that sells electronic cigarettes and I'd like to come up with a dress code. The shop is a casual, friendly environment. I'm thinking 'neat clothes that fit' is the basis for it. I'm trying to come up with a good reason to support wearing shorts. Obviously, I'd throw something in that covers "tasteful, no holes, and no Daisy Dukes". Do any of you wear shorts while working with the public? I think it's fairly common in bike shops but we don't have the same physical aspect at my job.
    posted by JV at 7:37 PM PST - 17 comments

    Recommend a good Dutch immersion course in the Netherlands

    I find myself in the extraordinary position of having two weeks' vacation to use up by the end of the year, and I've decided that what I want to do is to go to the Netherlands and take an immersion beginner's Dutch course, likely in November. [more inside]
    posted by sldownard at 7:36 PM PST - 6 comments

    How to build an anonymous discussion / Q&A website?

    How would you build a website where people can have an anonymous Q&A discussion with you? [more inside]
    posted by roaring beast at 7:23 PM PST - 4 comments

    A good job for my wife to supplement my income

    A good job for my wife to supplement my income? Actually she is not my wife yet but soon when we move in together she will want to take some sort of job. Mainly this is for the money, but also we will be living somewhere different so for her it will be a way of meeting new people and hopefully making some new friends. [more inside]
    posted by locussst at 7:10 PM PST - 23 comments

    Help me deal with the large amount of work e-mail I send/receive each we

    Help me deal with the large amount of work e-mail I send/receive each week. [more inside]
    posted by JPowers at 6:37 PM PST - 11 comments

    When does a casual hookup turn into dating? When does it not?

    I have been seeing this guy since December about once or twice a month, and am possibly on the verge of having feelings. Trying to figure out how to reasonably navigate this. Tell me about your experiences? [more inside]
    posted by anonymoosemoosemoose at 6:30 PM PST - 10 comments

    Leo Marks- "The Life That I Have", History?

    Does anyone know the history behind this poem? I know that he wrote it for a fiance that died in a plane crash and that it was written on Christmas Eve 1943, but wondering about its involvement during WWII? I have heard it was used for codes but am looking for a little more depth of information. I am planning to read it at my grandmother's memorial service and she was a history buff so I would love to talk briefly about it's background and story. Thanks so much! [more inside]
    posted by Hmeleu at 6:29 PM PST - 3 comments

    I suck at cover letters

    Please give me your tips for the ever essential skill of writing a knock out cover letter. [more inside]
    posted by Phalene at 6:25 PM PST - 35 comments

    Any way to make chrome page scaling work like firefox text scaling?

    When you do cmd+/- on Firefox, it scales the text up or down. When you do cmd+/- on Chrome, it scales the entire page up or down: text, images, layout. I prefer the Firefox scaling. Can I get this on Chrome somehow? [more inside]
    posted by danny the boy at 6:18 PM PST - 2 comments

    I want a new job. I'm not well qualified. What can I do?

    I've been working a data-entry job for almost two years now. I got it as a temp position shortly after finishing college. It became full-time a year later. I graduated from a good school, but late, and with mediocre grades in journalism, my major. I stuck to the temp job because I bombed out of freelance work. This failure aggravated my self-loathing and convinced me to abandon journalism, for which I have shown little talent. I abandoned it for a dead-end job. I would like a job with better chances for promotion and with better pay. How, if at all, do I find such a job, considering my mental health, which sabotages each stage of the hunt, and my poor qualifications, which don't help? [more inside]
    posted by Rustic Etruscan at 5:56 PM PST - 13 comments

    Success stories where "one that got away" was really not "the one?"

    Are there any success stories of people who have gotten over relationships that you /know/ could have been fixed if circumstances had been different and have gone on to find greater happiness, especially with successful, committed relationships? I am worried that my recent relationship is going to turn into one of those "the one that got away" situations, and he's made it clear he doesn't want to work on it anymore, so I can't do anything about that. I had thought I would be settling down in a city with a long term partner by now, and the fact that that is not happening is really tough to handle. Help!!! I need encouragement. [more inside]
    posted by dubhemerak3000 at 5:54 PM PST - 22 comments

    Help me get started writing a REST interface in Java.

    Help me get started writing a REST interface in Java. [more inside]
    posted by deathpanels at 5:30 PM PST - 4 comments

    Do IT Jobs REALLY Have to be This Way? Is It Me?

    Hello all. I'm a software developer, and I seem to be a magnet for batsh*t when it comes to jobs. During interviews, I've been outright lied to. Once I get on the job, I invariably find the positions I take are just not what the interviewer made it sound like they would be. Ultimately, I find these jobs descending into madness. Literally. I've found myself on the receiving end of everything from disrespect to downright mentally abusive behaviors. [more inside]
    posted by Grimmie at 5:25 PM PST - 19 comments

    Help me feed a teenage boy healthy school lunches

    I pack a lunch every day for a 15 year old boy (not my son - I have only been doing this for a year so I don't intimately know all of his likes and dislikes). This year he has asked for "healthier" lunches, as he plays sports and is pretty small in stature but wants to get bigger and stronger. I have NO idea how to get any healthier than what I am doing, given his particularities: [more inside]
    posted by raspberrE at 5:24 PM PST - 30 comments

    Should I tell my supervisor the