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July 31

Does SFG southpaw Madison Bumgarner ever lose his cool with Caucasian players?

San Francisco Giants star pitcher Madison Bumgarner has won many accolades for his clutch performances. He's also had many notable run-ins with opposing players. Here's one list of conflicts he's had, including today's bench-clearing dustup with the Texas Rangers. As a close follower of the National League West, I've noticed that I've never seen him lose his cool at a non-Hispanic or non-black player. Has he shouted at or admonished a non-Hispanic white player at any point of his Major League career? I'd be delighted if someone could find an instance in which he has done so.
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We need to take out a plum tree. Mr. K can easily cut it down, it's still small, but it will leave a stump and roots where we'd like to plant something else. How to get rid of the stump? [more inside]
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Can management automatically renew an apartment lease and what to do?

The end of my lease is coming up at the end of August. On their form that was given to me it states "We do require notice to vacate or renew... Failure to give proper notice to vacate will result in an automatic extension of your lease at the proposed renewal rate, plus $150 additional each month for month to month fees". [more inside]
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Baby's first home renovation.

We're converting half our attached garage into finished space. We got a single quote from a general contractor and now we're considering doing the bulk of the project ourselves. We are new at this, but want to get better. How do we start to tackle a fairly serious renovation, possibly without a general contractor? [more inside]
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What is this bump on my shoulder?

I just noticed this inexplicable bump. It's right where my collarbone meets my shoulder. No pain, no itching, no redness, no bite mark. What the heck is it? No "How to Get Ahead in Advertising" jokes, please.
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Horrible highlighting job at salon. What next?

Need some hair advice (more inside). [more inside]
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Will a Visa gift debit card work for in-air purchases on an airline?

I won't have any other credit cards and American Airlines declines cash. [more inside]
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Did I mess up this salary negotiation?

Moving from NYC to Minneapolis, had a great job interview and was offered a job! Yay! But I may have REALLY messed up the salary negotiation and lowballed myself. (more inside) [more inside]
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Spouse's birthday... with complications

My spouse is having a milestone birthday. She's been fighting cancer for the better part of a year. I'm strapped as to how to show her how much I care. [more inside]
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Did the Branston pickle recipe change?

It looks and tastes different. Does anybody (besides me) care? [more inside]
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pondering job offer in Austria

I am contemplating a move to Vienna, Austria from the US. I have a job offer in Vienna and I am considering a move there from the West Coast of the US. Please advise me! [more inside]
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Multi-platform graphics for writing a retro-style game / game engine?

Can you recommend a multi-platform development tool / environment / API / SDK that I could use to write a video game? The game would be "retro" in sophistication - I specifically want to use NES or SNES-style graphics and sound. Would also accept existing game engines with those parameters, I suppose. Please don't say Flash. [more inside]
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External numberpad (Bluetooth?)

I am looking for an external numberpad for a Dell M3800. I would prefer Bluetooth in order to not having to use an USB receiver. It seems there are not many options. Thoughts? Alternatively, any recommendations for a cable free numberpad using a receiver that also supports a mouse and is super small? [more inside]
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Filling meals and snacks for Disneyland trip

I'm making my annual solitary pilgrimage to Disneyland/California Adventure for 3 days in August. It's summer, and their diamond celebration is going on, so I anticipate mad crowds. I'd like to avoid eating in the park as much as possible. So what can I eat to keep me full (meals and snacks)? [more inside]
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Best tutorials for amateur book designer and photoshop newbie

I'm an indie writer who wants to learn how to do good covers. I am also completely new to photoshop. Would like to know of good tutorials that will teach me photoshop AND good book cover design. Preferably at the same time. The web is littered with sites and video that's supposed to help. But I'm hoping someone here will steer me to something really good.
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Physical Computational Thinking

What are some fun physical games and activities that can be used to teach computational thinking? Good topics would be algorithmic processes, graph and network theory, cryptography, boolean logic, computational problem solving, etc. These would be for beginners, but examples at any level (elementary, primary, college) are welcome.
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TriBeCa Recca Menda

Can you personally recommend a vegetarian friendly restaurant that serves healthy, "clean" (i.e. not oily or rich, so sadly not a lot of foods from delicious traditions) food in TriBeCa that is not gazillions of dollars a head?
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How long does a thrombosed hemorrhoid hurt?

How long does a thrombosed hemorrhoid hurt? [more inside]
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One of those good problems . . . estate/trust questions

My SO receives a (small) monthly check from a trust in which she is named (distant relative). We want to know how to proceed with understanding details of the trust; what kind of estate lawyer we need and about how much that might cost us. Details below the fold. [more inside]
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Calling the Nurse Advice Line...

I'm considering becoming an RN/BSN, with no intention of being a nurse in a clinical setting. Is this a good idea... or a terrible one? [more inside]
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What can I store in insulated, but unvented, under-eaves storage spaces?

I just moved into a new house. I want to store things in the under-eaves storage areas. The spaces are insulated, but of course they aren't heated, vented, or cooled, so it gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Can I store fabric, or shoes, or anything made of paper in there? I had been planning on hanging a closet rod in one, to use as an off-season clothes closet, but now I'm rethinking it...
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Quincunx for non-Gaussian distributions?

Galton's quincunx machine was a machine to demonstrate the bell curve. Are there any such machines for non-Gaussian probability distributions? [more inside]
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Can I battle the parquet floor bulge?

What can I do about parquet floor squares that are bulging away from the floor because of water? [more inside]
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How would you transform this high school IT class?

I may be inheriting a high school class that, for the past couple of years, has consisted of students obtaining certifications in Microsoft Office (see here for the framework). I'd like to transform this class, either a little at a time or in giant steps. Halp. [more inside]
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How to DTMFA....when they are disabled

How to end a relationship with a partner who is physically dependent on you? How to deal with the guilt? [more inside]
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Help navigating USA insurance and employment for a sick relative.

One of my relatives has cancer. They’re getting treatment right now and understand the treatment plan. But since we’re in the US, of course there are insurance and employment woes messing it all up. I need help helping them navigate these issues. [more inside]
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I thought the insanity was just about the prices!

In short: almost everyone we talk to about buying a house in the East Bay (California) states plainly that we will need to waive the appraisal contingency to ever have an offer accepted. This seems utterly insane. Am I missing something? [more inside]
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looking for the perfect telephone headset for conference calls

I'm in a different location than most of my co-workers and spend a lot of time on conference calls. I have a problem with different participants being at different volume levels. I'm constantly adjusting the volume but still end up missing what the quieter participants say (generally those calling in using office phones in other locations) and getting my ears blasted by the louder participants (generally those calling using their personal cell phones). What I need is a headset with that will normalize the volumes of the different callers. Is there such a thing? Any recommendations? [more inside]
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She leaned across the counter and said, "Gimme the good stuff."

Can I order off menu at my local Chinese restaurants? If so, what is the best way to go about it? [more inside]
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Babette's Feast c 2015

I'm traveling to France this September with my mother and we're going to be there during the Fête de la Gastronomie, which is great! Except that I don't know what we should do or how we should do it. [more inside]
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How to plan a weekend of binge-writing?

I'm close to an important academic deadline, and I need to hole up somewhere this weekend and just churn out words. My goal is to produce about 10-12,000 words of rough draft in the next 3 days (there will be time to edit so I'm not too worried about polish at this stage). I would like some tips on how to maximise my chances of getting this done. [more inside]
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CA Property Assessment

Our home was assessed for more than 100K over the purchase price. It's been 5 years. What can I do, if anything? [more inside]
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Can I go to AA meetings and still use cocaine recreationally?

My drinking is out of control. I've tried to cut down and I can't. It's ruining my relationship, making me irritable and anxious throughout the day, and I've made incredibly dangerous decisions while drunk. I have no one to talk to about this and I want to try AA. However, I would like to continue using coke on occasion. [more inside]
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Need informant from the human species to help me understand their ways

What type of therapist, counselor, or other "mental health professional" would be best suited to help me understand my difficulties with sociality? [more inside]
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layperson's guide to thumbnails?

I used to upload photos from my camera straight to my hard drive, and they would transfer in the original file size, eg 720x960. Occasionally when I have gone back to copy one, it shows up only as a thumbnail (75x75), and I can't find the larger format (ie doesn't seem to function as a shortcut to larger file). Some end up as thumbnails, others from same batch do not - problem seems to be random. Why is this happening, and is there any way to resize the thumbnail?
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Restaurants in DeKalb, IL

My sister (early 30s, kinda foodie) is moving to DeKalb, IL for the year and I'd like to get her a gift certificate to a restaurant or two. [more inside]
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Is our Bali itinerary realistic?

We are almost at the end of our time in Sydney, Oz and have three weeks (but could stretch to another 3-4 days) to visit Bali. I have a long list of stuff for us to see/do but am not sure how much of it is really possible in our time frame. Bali people/lovers, do you have any tips/tricks? [more inside]
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Outsider by choice: how to become more active?

I find it very hard to find the motivation to get involved in social interactions or group activities. I am happy observing, only speaking up when I feel I have something unique to contribute, like when I see nobody else is saying what I have to say or is able to perform something I can do. I don't want attention for the sake of attention and am used to being an observer, but I need to change as this behavior is beginning to have a toll on my life. Details inside. [more inside]
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Is DVD Maker (or a DVD maker) in Windows 10?

Is DVD Maker (or a DVD maker) in Windows 10? [more inside]
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July 30

restaurant etiquette: used tissue on finished plate?

In a middle-of-the-road restaurant (i.e. not upscale, but not fast food), is it or is it not okay to leave a bunched-up, used tissue on a finished plate, alongside a bunched-up napkin, leftover food scraps and used cutlery?
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Which "common" items look different from common American items?

What are some common items that look very different from the American version? [more inside]
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Who can tell me what this is? (classical music buffs, this is for you)

Hey Hivemind, I'm looking for the name of two recordings on this video: https://​www.youtube.com​/watch?​v=Xni9nYEkSCQ​&index=22​&list=​PLRJgr20Cck​0tbQl4K_Q6​-wE7te20N3ETh The first one starts at 03:36 and the second one at 22:06 Thanks all
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Help me know what I don't know...career advice edition

What do I need to ask/know before accepting a job at an online company? See inside for more details. [more inside]
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What is the view of trans men in India and the Philippines?

I'm a white American project manager who works extensively with engineers in India and the Philippines (almost all male). All of them know me as female but I am going to come out as a trans man fairly soon. I have no idea how transgenderism (and specifically trans men) are viewed in Indian/Filipino culture. What might I expect? Should I handle the transition any differently with them than with American/Euro colleagues? [more inside]
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Anything Better Than Plain Old Signup Sheets For Collecting Emails?

Mrs. Cowlick will be at a flea market this weekend selling her wares. During past events, she's simply has folks sign their email addresses on paper to join her mailing lists but many emails are either illegible or just plain misspelled. Has anyone tried a different way to collect emails? We were going to feed these emails to Mailchimp if that matters.
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What's up with this oven wire?

Isn't there supposed to be a rubber coating on this oven wire? [more inside]
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Convection Oven - Yes orNo?

Do you have a convection oven, or a convection/conventional oven? What are the pros? What are the cons? Do you use the convection part of the oven for everything, or just some things? Do you have a specific model you would recommend?
posted by wittgenstein at 5:06 PM PST - 18 comments

If your plane is crashing is there anything you can do to save yourself?

I travel a lot and I often wonder if you know your plane is going down is there anything you can do to save yourself. For example, could you turn the spare liferaft into a parachute? Or would it be better to try to move to the back? Assume the plane can't be saved. What would mcgiver do?
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How to get into personal training?

Should I become a personal trainer, and if so, how? [more inside]
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Help me make a dairy-free lasagna that doesn't have weird substitutes

I'm looking for a lasagna recipe that doesn't have cheese. I'm sure I can probably just leave the cheese off and have it come out fine but I want the recipe to be a little more filling and have the leftovers last longer than if I did that. [more inside]
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Difference in facial appearance b/w healthy and unhealthy weight loss?

People who have low body fat due to anorexia, disease, etc., look visibly unhealthy. People such as body builders and actors who have low body fat look healthy. I guess I can understand that "little amount of fat over large amount of muscle" looks healthy while "little amount of fat over little amount of muscle" looks unhealthy, but since people generally don't lift weights with their faces, necks, etc., it would seem that their faces would look the same, but that's not the case. What causes the unhealthiness of anorexic/disease/etc. weight-loss to be apparent in the face and neck?
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Remember those sheer, layered dresses from the late 90s?

Around 1996 I bought a dress from a mall store (Express or similar). It was short-sleeved, ankle-length, comprised of two or more layers of sheer, silky, solid-colored pastel fabric, and the style was that you would knot or tie up the top layer to reveal some of the bottom layer underneath. I can't seem to find a picture of it anywhere online - can anyone find an image of one of these dresses?
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A break from the internet, but with internet tools?

I'm planning an internet/app/social media free week, and could use some advice on the best way to do this. Specifically because some of the items I want to work during my internet break require online tools. Also, my phone doesn't work well without data; making this extra special snowflake-y. [more inside]
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Current PC Game(s) to Utilize My Graphics Card, but Easy on Processor?

I have never been a PC gamer...until now. I have a new gaming laptop that has a GTX970M with 6GB RAM, but only an i7 4710HQ (2.5/3.5Ghz). The only "game" I have for now is X-Plane 10. This is actually very processor-intensive and hardly uses my graphics card at all (about 1.8GB of VRAM according to in-game tools), even with the graphics-driven settings maxed-out. Are there any current games out there that will melt my GPU but leave my processor alone, comparatively-speaking? [more inside]
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Great songs that discuss unequal emotional labor?

Strongly overcome with the desire to compile a playlist that discuss and highlight emotional labor and when it's unequal. Can you help? [more inside]
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contacting employment lawyer

I need to reach out to an employment lawyer regarding a recent discrimination-related incident at my workplace. I have the lawyer's contact information. What next? [more inside]
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Three weeks in Italy in August: where would you go?

I am taking an impromptu solo vacation in Italy, three weeks starting Sunday when I land in Milan from NYC. Help me plan a brilliant, immersive trip! Where would you go in my place? [more inside]
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Garbage People

When did the phrase "Garbage People/Person" become popular? [more inside]
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Why are some albums missing from streaming services?

Why are some albums missing from an artist's collection on streaming media services like Spotify, BeatsApple Music, etc.? For example, Nitzer Ebb's discography is missing Showtime, and Throwing Muses seems to not include Hunkpapa and the first Throwing Muses (reissued as In a Doghouse). While I'm sure the vague handwavy answer is "because contracts", I'd love to know the detailed rationale. Bonus points if any one actually worked in the sausage factory that hammered out some of the contracts.
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SF Book Collection: Its value and to whom.

I'm moving. Many of my SF books can go away permanently. Who where how? [more inside]
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Contractor Abandonment in Wisconsin?

I know YANML, but might someone know if there's a statute in Wisconsin law that defines the time period by which someone might declare abandonment by their contractor? [more inside]
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Low-key budget software?

I'm looking for a more exciting way to track my budget than the pen/paper/envelope method. But I hate Excel and Mint/YNAB/Quicken seem like overkill for what I'm looking for. What are the best options for tracking monthly expenses tese days? [more inside]
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Car insurance for temporary move from Canada to US

I live in Montreal and am taking a 1-year sabbatical in the United States (North Carolina). My car will be coming with me. Can I insure the car in NC without importing it into the US? [more inside]
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I own a flat and haven't told the guy I am dating about it.

I haven't told him yet and feel like a liar. I haven't told him for a reason, but want to tell him now. How should I tell him and how much should I go into detail? [more inside]
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Making a card for a dying uncle. Need suggestions/advice.

I need help making this card. It seems simple but I'm having trouble and I'm on a very tight deadline (tonight if possible). [more inside]
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What is the best replacement for the Costco American Express card?

The TrueEarnings American Express card from Costco will be discontinued next year. What is the best credit card for me to use instead? I use a card for several thousand dollars of business expenses per month. The balance is paid monthly. I want rewards that I can cash out, or points I can redeem, NOT a credit to my statement, which is what the rewards for the new 'SimplyCash' business credit card from AmEx would do.
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Where/how can I find a trader in financial markets with whom to invest?

I've recently been looking into trading financial markets (e.g. forex, shares, etc.) However, my conclusion is that it takes a very long time and a lot of effort to do it right. I could put this effort if need be, but would prefer to focus on my career at this point. I had the thought that it would be nice to find someone who has achieved a degree of success in trading to manage an account for me (i.e. division of labor). But where would one find such a person? [more inside]
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Cooking for Company

Looking for recipes and meal ideas for hosting (usually a couple of people) for dinner on weeknights with a bit of a wow factor. Prep around or under 1 hour, vegetarian, reasonable clean up time are all helpful! [more inside]
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Bathing in San Francisco

Along the same line as this post that inquires about bath houses in Los Angeles, I'm looking for a place to get clean in The City! [more inside]
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Online Economics Course Recommendation for Prospective Teacher

My friend needs to teach AP/IB Economics soon. He's already fairly familiar with many concepts, but it has been years since he's done economics and he can't do the calculations or explain finer points anymore. What online course would you suggest? It should start soon and (ideally) be able to be gone though at his own pace. It a course is not available, what resource would you recommend? Thanks!
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DC Housing, Green line edition

I'm now working near Navy Yard in Southeast DC, and the extended commute from Northern Virginia is wearing thin on me. Outside of the area immediately near my office, I know nothing about what's going on in Southeast DC and Maryland. What neighborhoods should I be looking at? [more inside]
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Online Payment Processing in existing SaaS application

I'm a dev for a SaaS application. Usually we handle client payments completely outside the application (invoices). We now have a client that will allow their users to "buy" the service in discrete chunks on their own timeline. I'm doing my own research, but I wanted to get the advice of the Green about how best to accomplish this. [more inside]
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Giving the gift of cash

My sister had a baby. My brother and I are giving her a larger-than-normal for our family chunk of cash for her birthday. Please help me write a card that doesn't make me sound superior, or her obligated. [more inside]
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Driving from DC to Wilmington: Queer family filter

My little queer family is driving down to the Wilmington, NC area from the DC area and we are looking for tips for places to stop every few hours (small kids) that are also "safe" for a very visibly queer family. [more inside]
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Where have all the instantly recognizable film scores gone?

What is the most recent piece of instrumental music from a film score that the general public could immediately identify upon hearing, and why is it the theme from Jurassic Park? (many) Details inside! [more inside]
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Moving help in Madison, WI

I'm moving out of my 1 BR apartment in Madison. Most of my possessions will be shipped. Illness set me back on getting ready, and now I need to find folks (paid or charitable) who can help me pack and ship last minute. More details inside. [more inside]
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Millions of peaches, no peaches for me

Sudden onset of allergy symptoms, out of the blue, from a peach? [more inside]
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Bum boats, gun boats, slow boats, row boats, I like boats.

And yachts, dinghys, paddleboats, battleships, canoes, schooners, tugboats, and catamarans. I love reading about boats and life aboard them. Fiction or non-fiction, freshwater or salt, genre and era unimportant. Please recommend books about boats! [more inside]
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Please help identify this science-fiction book from my youth

AskMe is so good at this kind of thing! I read a science fiction novel when I was young, in the early 80s, although it may have been written earlier. The protagonist was a teenage girl who had been kidnapped because of her rare ability to see and travel through interdimensional portals. [more inside]
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time can heal, but this won't: the playlist

Working on a playlist of fun, catchy pop songs by women whose underlying (or overt) message is simply, "No, seriously, fuck you. FOREVER." Can you help? [more inside]
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Fun English language books set in Prague and Budapest

What are some fun genre books set in Prague and Budapest? I'm going on vacation there soon and would like to get in the mood beforehand and also have a few things to read while traveling. Any genre, mystery, thriller, ya, romance...literary is fine as long as it's fairly accessible. Thank you!
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BOS>NYC via Uhaul

I'm driving a U-Haul from Cambridge, MA to Brooklyn and within Brooklyn on Saturday -- can you confirm my route is OK and a couple of other sundry questions? [more inside]
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Indigestion for months

A few months ago I was in a situation (detail within) where I had to eat a lot of heavy food (lots of meat etc) regularly for about a month. I developed GI symptoms that I choked up to indigestion. I've since resumed my normal healthy diet and lifestyle, but I continue to have stomach troubles. YANMD, I know, but any thoughts on what I could do? [more inside]
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July 29

Running Hurts the Arches of My Feet

Whenever I run more than half a mile, the bottom of my arches feel like hot needles are getting poked in them. What is wrong with my feet? How can I fix this? [more inside]
posted by rue72 at 9:29 PM PST - 17 comments

How to get dye fumes out of my kitchen

I recently dyed a piece of fabric in iPoly's blue with it's color fixer, with all doors and windows open and several fans blaring. Hours later, the fumes are still there. How much cleaning/trashing do I need to do? [more inside]
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A "Novel Cure" for anxiety about the future?

Inspired by The Novel Cure, I'm wondering if I can get any book recommendations (preferably fiction) that deal with anxiety/worry about the future? [more inside]
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Securing the girls

I just had gallbladder surgery and the idea of a conventional bra sounds uncomfortable at the least; painful at worst. I am largish and need something to wear under clothes (when I go back to work) that would minimize jiggling or wobbling. Help me hack this? Extra points: I don't have hours of time and energy to go shopping. Name brands and personal recommendations are appreciated. Thanks.
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non-ipod mp3 player with on-the-go playlist function

I'm looking for a non-ipod, 16Gb+, nano-sized mp3 player that has the equivalent of the old ipod "on-the-go" playlist functionality, where you could add the currently playing song to the on-the-go playlist by long-pressing a single button. I'll probably buy used, and the budget would be approximately what a used nano costs: $60-ish. [more inside]
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Where can I find a list of monthly internet challenges?

Nanowrimo, Inktober, One Book July...where can I find a list of such challenges so that I don't miss them next time? [more inside]
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90s flashback - Do you remember the name of the shampoo in a carton?

I have fond memories from the 90s of using a shampoo that came in a recyclable carton (milk carton-style), but I can't remember the detail that will help me locate it. It may have been cruelty-free or it may have carried an environmental message? I remember that it smelled a little sweet and the shampoo was similar to conditioner in consistency. The package may have been purple and green... Grasping at straws. Anyone remember? [more inside]
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Can I install a new gas dryer by myself?

Twelve years ago, when I bought this house, I had a gas line run from the kitchen to my new stacked one-piece washer and gas dryer. The plumber who installed the gas line hooked up my dryer. Now the washer has died and I have ordered a new laundry set - a front loading washer and separate gas dryer that will stack. They are due to be delivered next week. Yay! [more inside]
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Help me with this Art Terminology

I've recently started noticing the phrase "lens-based artist" popping up everywhere. I would like to understand what exactly this means and why it has supplanted other terms that refer to an artist who primarily works in photography. [more inside]
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Got a PPD tattoo - now what?

My husband and I are honeymooning on Gran Canaria and, in a silly mood, got henna tattoos from a stall on the oceanside. Back at the hotel, I googled for tips on henna tattoo care and discovered that the vendor used "black henna" containing PPD, which can cause severe skin reactions and further health problems. [more inside]
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Pride and Prejudice Continued

I'm home sick today and need something to occupy my brain so I'm looking for recommendations of Pride and Prejudice continuations. [more inside]
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Dramatically overcharged by service provider...how to move forward?

We've been overcharged by thousands by a service provider that can't refund the charges immediately, but wants to pay us back over time. We paid via credit card, but doing a chargeback would likely put the provider out of business. What is the right thing to do? [more inside]
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Need help finding a life insurance company

What's the least expensive 20+ year term life policy in the US for a diabetic with no other health issues? Is there anything under $1,000 a year? [more inside]
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Where can I find replacement cushions for my patio set?

This seems easy, but it's not. I've looked all over the internet and cannot find this size. The seat is 22W X 25L and 5D. The back is 22W X 17H X 5D. They are two separate cushions. [more inside]
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Help me choose a swamp cooler design and source parts!

I'm going to Burning Man this year and would like to build a swamp cooler for my Hexayurt. Tricky part is that I'm noticing there are a TON of designs out there, many with optional recharging circuits involving Arduinos and things, which seems much more complex than I actually need. Can someone recommend a specific parts list and instruction set that I can simply order online, and assemble over the course of a couple of hours? [more inside]
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Good place to buy several varieties of avocados in LA?

I just moved to LA (yay!). I've heard you can get lots of avocado varieties here that don't make it back East. I'd like to buy high-quality examples of several varieties and have a taste-test. I've found many articles on restaurants with good avocado dishes, but nothing about where to buy them whole. My location is West West Adams, near Culver City.
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Something somewhere about being oblivious to flirting

Maybe here, maybe elsewhere on the Internet or in a book. Almost definitely text. Basically it was about (I think) people who oblivious to flirting and romantic advances until they were bluntly told, but after that they developed serious romantic affection and loyalty quickly. I wish I could remember something else about it. I have suspicions it refers to personality type or mental health but don't want to send you off on wrong path.
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What headlights can I buy in the US that will fit a 2006 Toyota Voxy?

Some friends of mine are visiting the USA from Guyana. In Guyana they drive a 2006 Toyota Voxy. This car is not sold in the US. They want to buy brighter-than-stock headlights for it while they're here in the US, to take back to Guyana with them. But because the car isn't sold here, they can't find any information on which headlights might be compatible. [more inside]
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How to determine which RAM to buy for laptop?

It's been a while since I have fiddled with computers. How do I figure out which RAM to buy online? My son needs to buy some more RAM for his circa 2011 Acer Aspire laptop (I replaced the hard disk a while ago so it's still got life in it). It's got 4GB of RAM, but I'd like to boost it to 8GB. Do I need to worry about a specific variety of RAM, or is it all the same. [more inside]
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Leaving my 4 year relatioship, never left anyone before?

After 4 years, and recent realization of my boyfriends distasteful behavior towards me, I am deeply considering leaving my first adult relationship. I've realize that quite possibly I've never been happy. I've been plagued my anxieties and insecurities throughout most of it. It has also had it's fair share of issues. It probably isn't a good sign if leaving our relationship makes me feel more sane. I think I need advice. Inside will be most of our history of issues and some more specific questions. [more inside]
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Looking for Romanian-language ebooks

Does anyone know of any online resource for buying ebooks of popular fiction that are in Romanian or have been translated into Romanian? I checked Amazon but couldn't find anything there. Thanks for any tips!
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Why can't I sleep between 22:00 and 01:00?

No matter how tired I am I find it impossible to sleep between about ten at night and one in the morning. If I feel sleepy all evening come ten I'll get wakeful and won't be able to rest until about one. If I have fallen asleep earlier in the evening I will inevitably wake up about ten. Why is this and what can I do about it?
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What's a normal way to navigate friendships?

I feel as though I have a lot of trouble navigating friendships with same way other people do. More specifically, I feel as though my normal is not anyone else's normal vis-a-vis level of contact, time commitments, etc. How do I address this? Lots of snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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RSI Recovery 2.0?

I have RSI symptoms in just one finger. I've recovered from RSI before, but I'm not sure how to proceed now. I'm looking for names of diagnosticians, and general tips from anyone who has had similar finger problems, either from computer use, or some similarly repetitive motion. I'm in NYC. Wall of text within. [more inside]
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Can I compress this dosage schedule?

I need to take six pills on the first day. But, I only got the prescription early this afternoon. Can I compress the dosage schedule? [more inside]
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Will I see increased performance if I buy a new cable modem?

My internet service is the "Internet Premier" tier from Cox which is a 100Mbps plan. I currently have an (Motorola) ARRIS SurfBoard SB6121. Would I see increased performance in my current plan if I upgraded to an ARRIS SurfBoard SB6141? [more inside]
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What are the weirdest foods on Amazon Prime?

What are the weirdest, strangest, wrongest edible items that I can order RIGHT NOW and have in two days via Amazon Prime? Gummi chicken feet is a good place to start.
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Uses for lots of unneeded space on my desk?

I have a rather large desk (probably about 2' x 5') at my new job, but I only need my laptop to get work done. What fun, or useful, things can I put in the remaining space? [more inside]
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Why does diesel cost vary so widely in Los Angeles?

I'm more curious than anything else at this point. I moved to LA in February and since then I've noted that CA Diesel #2 (that's what they call it out here) is *either* about $2.50-$3.00 a gallon *or* about $4.25-$5.00 a gallon. What gives? [more inside]
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Like Beer But Not Beer

I'm trying to cut down on my alcohol consumption. What are some beverages that satisfy some of the same taste experience as beer or wine? [more inside]
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Recommendations for WordPress maintenance services for nonprofits

I help a nonprofit manage their WordPress.org site. I am looking for recommendations for services that backup, update, and secure WordPress sites. [more inside]
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How to write a "thanks but no thanks" email in a tense situation

A long time family friend has offered to put in a good word for me at his place of employment. Sweet! The problem: he and my mom were dating. More complications after the fold. [more inside]
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Fishing for remote/PT technical work

I found a job I liked, but it's too far away for me to commute every day. How can I pitch myself as a contractor / consultant for the parts of the job that can be performed remotely or on a part time basis? Many snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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I look like a space alien, and wish to stop frightening small children.

I do a lot of online video conferencing from a home office. I’m looking for desktop light fixtures that create a video image that makes me appear to be a good guy, as opposed to someone you want to avoid at all costs. The lighting is good during daytime hours, but at night I look creepy. I need to find lights that provide even, gentle, and warm illumination. [more inside]
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Open water swimming in New York?

I'm a mediocre ocean swimmer who mostly practices at Aquatic Park, a protected cove in San Francisco (so clearly I don't care about water quality or temperature.) I might wind up relocating to Queens, NY. Is there anywhere similar to Aquatic Park where I can go swimming? I'm not into big organized swims as much as ad-hoc individual swim opportunities, ideally with non-club/public showers and lockers. I can't be more specific than "somewhere in Queens" and long transit journeys are acceptable.
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Triangle best

I'm moving away from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. What should I be sure to do before I leave? [more inside]
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DC motor control with Arduino and relay shield- coding question

Trying to run a DC motor with an Arduino UNO and a relay shield - need help with the code! [more inside]
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Good Cincinnati area Mazda mechanics?

We're acquiring a 18-year-old Mazda Protoge. Although it's been barely used — about 35,000 miles — for obvious reasons I'm having it checked out. Can anybody recommend a good mechanic in the Cincinnati area (preferably around Blue Ash)?
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How much financial influence can be exerted from the grave?

Due to paranoia about and hatred of my spouse of nearly 20 years, my elderly parents have informed me they have set up their estate as a bloodline trust. 50% to me (I'm an only child) and 25% to each of my children once they hit a certain age (I assume 30 or 35). Fine. I'm happy that my kids are being taken care of even if it's years down the road. My question concerns my research into this type of trust. [more inside]
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Where can I find this Google-able infant toy?

In mid-2007, I found an item for infants on the Internet. It was essentially, a printed-out piece of glossy cardboard. You cut it out, and put tabs in slots, and it's a glossy cardboard cube. 2" all around. [more inside]
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How do I bring up emotional labor in my relationship?

The emotional labor conversation on the blue has really affected me but I don't know how to deal with it. [more inside]
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Missing Facebook Blue Bar?

Using Firefox... I woke up this morning to find that the top blue bar on Facebook is missing. I turned off my ad blocker and also started in safemode. I tried to login with Chrome, but forgot password. I also notice my timeline is showing only 2 entries at a time. Anybody else having similar problems? Is this only happening in FF?
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Can I replace my dishwasher's drain pump myself?

The dishwasher that came with the home we bought 9 years ago started making a crunching sound, and then it stopped making the sound, and now it doesn't drain. I suspect a bad drain pump. I know where to buy the replacement part online; is this a repair I can do myself or must I hire someone? [more inside]
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Flower power

I would like a black, floral pant suit. This is turning out to be more difficult than I thought it would be. [more inside]
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How do I sleep alone again?

I'm ending a relationship of 5 years (37F). It's hard and sad to begin with, and then there's the fact that I have always hated sleeping alone, and I'm beside myself with anxiety over doing it again. What do I do? [more inside]
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Alcohol problems, in a closed community

I am drinking more than I want to be drinking. I don't know that it meets the criteria for a "problem" ... except that I can't seem to cut down. I live in a closed, orderly community where I don't have control over the availability of alcohol, or access to an AA meeting. I need help with a) some strategies to cut down or cut off my drinking and b) online support. Details inside. [more inside]
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I want a divorce, he doesn't

After a long consideration phase, I have decided that I want a divorce but my partner is refusing to start the formal process. What can I do? [more inside]
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July 28

Turkish Hip-Hop Translation: Roadside Picnic

I recently interviewed a Turkish band who introduced me to the group 'Roadside Picnic', who make fantastic, alluring left-field hip-hop. I've been hopelessly hooked on this live version of what I presume is a new song from the duo. It's titled "Bir Ustamızın Havası", and I'd love to know what the song is talking about. [more inside]
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Planning a trip to Thailand for hair transplant & Lasik eye surgery?

I am a semi-professional goalie with average eye sight. Lots of professional (and amateur) goalies are getting lasik to improve their vision, and are reporting phenomenal results. (Having excellent vision is really helpful particularly for goalies). I also would like to get a hair transplant while I'm there. Help me decide. [more inside]
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2011 Mac Mini DIY fusion drive issues...help please

The stock drive on my mid 2011 mac mini, model 5,2, recently became a brick. So, I got the idea I would create a fusion drive using a 120gb SSD and 1tb HDD. When I start the machine in (command+R) recovery mode, the SSD and HDD appear as separate drives. I had been expecting for disk utility to list the drives in RED with the option to "fix". How can I turn these two drives into a fusion drive? Is a Fusion drive even necessary? (~more info below~) [more inside]
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Pedestrian Game Recs?

Keep meaning to ask. Does anyone have any recommendations for videogames which are particularly of interest with regard to the urban-as-in-city pedestrian experience? Assume that I'm aware of e.g. the GTAs and Saint's Row (love #3!) style games and prefer exploration over random aggression. I'm particularly interested in anything from any era, any genre which either foregrounds the pedestrian experience or which in your opinion incorporates/exaggerates it particularly well. [more inside]
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Help me compare a 2002 and 2006 Prius - both low mileage

Similar to this question, but I am looking at a 2002 and a 2006 Prius. Both have similarly low mileage, but the 2006 is listed at ~$5000 more than the 2002. I would prefer the larger interior space and the newer car, but am not sure it's worth it. What else should I consider? [more inside]
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how can I start my own interpretation and translation company?

I am going to start my own interpretation and translation coorperation. I have the money, time and people to do it. But I really have limited information about starting this business. So I really need a lot of advice about it.I live in columbus and going to start it here. What license do I need to get to start the cooperation? What kinds of certificates should my interpreters get, and how can they get those certificates, like medical interprter's certificate, court interpreters's certificate? I am willing to pay for the necessary training and certification for the interpreters who are going to work in the cooperation. [more inside]
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Your best resources for evaluating the health of relationships

Without going into detail, I've been given pause about a romantic relationship and am trying to get some perspective on it. Having only the vaguest of itches, I decided to skip laying it all out for fellow MeFites this time in favor of something more universally applicable: what outside resources do you use to take the temperature of your interpersonal connections on your own?
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It wasn't scary, scary but...

What was this movie trailer that played before What We Do in the Shadows? [more inside]
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Should I fix or replace something that isn't all that broke?

MacBookFilter: Help me decide whether to upgrade or replace my increasingly decrepit 2011 MBP. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Lost my iPhone 4s in Manhattan

My iPhone 4s was lost in Manhattan today, and has been traced to a very different neighborhood. I went there with a friend and it's in an area with lots of cars and apartments, so finding it's exact location is not as easy as if it were in a house that had a big yard. Or any yard. What else can I do to potentially get my phone back? [more inside]
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How can I land this management job with no management experience?

I've been out of work for 4 months. I'm in the running for a management job. I don't have any management experience except a senior position in which I led the team for 5 months because my manager left her job. And that was 8 years ago. How can I pitch myself as the right person for the job? [more inside]
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Is this normal? My dog wakes himself up barking

My dog is about 5 years old. I've had him for 3.5 years. In the last month or so he has started barking in his sleep. Sometimes he's puppy-dreaming and quietly yipping and moving his feet. About half the time he barks really loud and wakes himself up. This is a definite change in his behavior. Should I be worried? [more inside]
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Why doesn't my computer reliably connect to the internet?

My wireless network seems to work for every device we have except our actual computer. Please help. [more inside]
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Help translating a flyer from English to Portuguese

I have volunteered to help out with a thing, and now I have a (short) bit of text that I am hoping someone can translate from English into Portuguese for me. [more inside]
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What are the going rates for online game dialogue writing?

A friends son is very keen on creative writing - he publishes online via Reddit and his own blog. He is currently negotiating with an online gaming company (based in the Netherlands) to write dialogue for their new game that is in development (they send him prompts and basic outlines of the game sequence). Can you give me any advice about the average rates for online writing. Do you you charge by the hour or for a written piece? What would you recommend would be a good rate, considering his age (17) and his skill level (he is still in high school!). From my research I have seen a range of quotes - anything from $20 per hour or $50 per article up to $900 for skilled writers. Any advice much appreciated.
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Wanted: Dependable cross platform (Mac/iOS/Android) text note syncing.

I'm a huge fan Notational Velocity (Actually NValt), and store bunches of stuff in it, as plain .txt files. I'd like to be able to access them on iOS and Android devices, without losing or duplicating data, but have trouble keeping up with the ongoing saga of sync backends. [more inside]
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Help Little Fluffy Grads + Postdocs Fly The Nest

What can a Professor do to help Grad Students (post-Masters) and Postdocs when they go to another country? What problems did you, as a grad/postdoc, have abroad? What helped? What resources exist to help such people? [more inside]
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Wireless options for a 200' Internet connection?

Is there a reliable and low latency wireless option for a point to point network connection? [more inside]
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Want to move across country. How do I do it?

I'm itching for change and would like to move to preferably in the next year. I'm looking into San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and Portland. I've moved before and to different states/ cities, but this would be the biggest move ever in my life. I need advice on how to find jobs out of state, finding a place to live, and how to get all my junk across country as well. Is it easier to just save up a bunch and move and find a job when I get settled or should I try to get a job and then use that opportunity to move? Any tips or advice would be appreciated. [more inside]
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Foreign income exclusion via physical presence test?

I am a U.S. citizen. I moved to a foreign country on July 1, and will officially started earning income in the foreign country on August 1. If I quit and move back to the U.S. on July 1, 2016, will I receive foreign income exclusion on my taxes for both the 2015 and 2016 tax years? [more inside]
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Doing the networking dance

A few weeks ago i ran into an acquaintance and mentioned that I was looking for a new job. She said that she knew the CEO of a company that she thought I would be a good fit for, and gave me his and the company's name, along with permission to mention that I got his info from her. What do I do with this? [more inside]
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No, no, not THERE

How do I keep my cat off of my computer? [more inside]
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Name That Bug!

What kind of bug is this? [more inside]
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guess I should have thought about this 8.5 months ago

Looking for articles, anecdotes or books about coming to terms with motherhood identity. Nothing sappy, heavy handed or mommy-culty. [more inside]
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Used/new hybrid hatchback car with manual transmission?

Hi there, It's nearly time for another car. Does this exist (new or used): a high-mpg hybrid hatchback or wagon with a manual transmission? [more inside]
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Biographies of Place

I'm looking for suggestions for non-fiction books of an ilk I can only describe as biographies of place; works that strongly evoke a sense of landscape. [more inside]
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Shady Paid Parking Lot and Tow Truck Practices

What's my father's best course of action here? His believes his truck was improperly towed from a parking lot. [more inside]
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Verizon Blackberry sending my Gmail msgs from vtext.com

My brother just got a new Blackberry. (I know.) And a new phone number. He uses Verizon in New York. When he sends me a text, his messages come to my Gmail account as emails from [hisnumber]@vtext.com. Whyyyyyyyy? Please help make it stop. [more inside]
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How to confront thieving contractors?

Hired contractors for a house where I am an out of town owner. They said they would buy supplies at home supplies store and I would reimburse them once they provided me with receipt. Called the store today and they sent proof that supplies were returned (supplies they needed to do the job I specified).. What do I do? Not too much longer DETAILS INSIDE [more inside]
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ipad games for a 5 year old, please.

I'm looking for ALL the iPad games that are simple enough for a 5-year old. Easy, addictive, repetitive - this is what I'm looking for. [more inside]
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Belgian Malinois puppy problems.

Asking for my next door neighbor who just got an 11 week old Malinois puppy who is biting more than an average puppy. There is a reason people call them Malingators. He bites and does not release. Malinois owners what has worked for you to break this problem? [more inside]
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Cool specs, smart guy

What style glasses is Michael Douglas wearing in Ant-Man? [more inside]
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Escape from US & Canadian Internment camps during WWII?

I'm trying to find out if anyone successfully escaped from a Japanese-American or Japanese-Canadian Internment camp during World War II. [more inside]
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Fun things to do near Zurich

I have two days to kill time starting either in Lugano or Zurich. Where should I go? [more inside]
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Is 511 Rideshare a useful transit option in the SF Bay Area?

I've got a job offer in San Rafael. Great! I live in San Francisco without a car. Boo! Since public transit outside of SF proper is a nightmare and buying a car is a deal-breaker for me, is 511 Rideshare a reliable option? [more inside]
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Can it really cost thousands of dollars to post an app in the app store?

My question, in a sentence, is this: given that my app works perfectly, what is a reasonable cost to pay someone else to place it or post it in the app store? [more inside]
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How do I do the train in Norway and Sweden?

I am going on a vacation to Norway and Sweden at the end of August, which involves flying into Bergen and taking a series of train rides around until I end up in Stockholm. I am a complete train newbie, how to trains work? [more inside]
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My guy friend (and crush) blushed when I gave him a compliment

I've liked this guy for quite a while. We're part of a meetup group that he leads. We are around the same age (early 30s, he's two years older). I've always found him to be a great leader and great person all around, despite my crush on him. Recently I told him this, and it wasn't in an overly gushing way. Just a sincere compliment. I was almost crying when I told him, so I was speaking from the heart. [more inside]
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How to ethically spend/allocate leftover grant funds?

Hi. I work at a nonprofit organization, and we have a non-governmental grant that pays for my salary and program expenses. It's coming up on the end of the grant year, and I have leftover funds. I'm not sure I agree with a directive coming from my boss about how to allocate the leftover funds in the budget. I need some people with on-the-ground nonprofit experience to tell me if my ethical line is stricter than the general best practices one. [more inside]
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Good source for concert or album posters?

I'm looking for a reputable source for high-quality posters. Is there a "best source" online for these types of things? [more inside]
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Shelves for IKEA Samla boxes?

I'm accumulating a lot of IKEA Samla plastic storage boxes, particularly the 11 x 7 x 5 ones, using them for toys (Lego, Hot Wheels, etc.). Has anyone found a shelving system that these will fit neatly into? Thanks! [more inside]
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California State Tax Troubles

I won some money in California and taxes were automatically withheld, even though I'm not a resident of CA. I filed CA state taxes to get the withheld amount back, but I didn't hear back about my refund. When I tried to contact California's Tax Powers-That-B, they have no record of my filing and I've conveniently lost all of my paperwork to prove that I did it. [more inside]
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ID a short scifi/fantasy story - Beetles steal a museum scarab

Short story I read as a kid, so published before 1990. Beetles meet in (?Central) Park to discuss, or succeed, in stealing a scarab from a major museum. The cockroaches have a chant - 'Blatt Blatt Blatt go the Blattodea!'
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How do you stack?

Where can someone learn about modern technology stacks / enterprise computing? Is there an equivalent to How Computers Work but for corporate computing? If I wanted to see how CRM, ERP, PaaS, ETL, ESP, DMZ, NoSQL, and GitHub might be used together at Walmart / Acme Co., where would I go? Is What is Code the closest I will get?
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Middle aged blues. Just got fired, what now?

I was fired two weeks ago, and I'm devastated. Special snowflake details inside... [more inside]
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July 27

Visuals that come to mind?

I am trying to create symbols and images that children can associate with certain words. Can you help me come up with all the visuals that come to mind for the words "advisor" and "luxury" (these are the two that I am stuck on because of how complex and non-accessible for children they can be)?
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Replies to sexist remarks for feminist allies

My husband's co-worker is making leering, sexually suggestive remarks to him the attractiveness of their women colleagues. He is at a loss for how to tactfully reply in a way that does not spell professional suicide but also makes it clear that this is not cool. [more inside]
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How to muffle washing machine noise

Our neighbor just put in tile for his laundry room floor, and now the noise of his washing machine every single morning is quite loud and even vibrates the walls of my room. [more inside]
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Mortgage Question

I am thinking about buying a house. I have a great salary but essentially have no money to use as a down payment because I have been focusing on paying off student loans from grad school. Am I eligible for a loan when I could only put down maybe 5% of the purchase price? Again, with my salary i can support a fairly big loan I just do not want to wait the year or so it would take to save the down payment. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Putting many miles on a Mini

My partner owns a 2010 Mini Cooper S. He loves the car, but doesn't want to drop big bucks every time he needs an oil change. Are Minis so special that he can only go to the dealership or a specific import mechanic? Or can he venture to Valvoline? [more inside]
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What is the picture on the cover of “Dumb Flesh” by Blanck Mass?

It looks kind of like a human body, but wrong. Any description of what it is and/or how it was made would be welcome. Thanks!
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How do I breakup with my partner in a way that is fair?

I know I need to breakup with my partner but I have several concerns and would like to ask the community for some advice. We have been dating for about 9 months and I have been away on a job for about the last 2, will be back next week and I am feeling guilt about the details of the breakup even though I know it has to happen. [more inside]
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Kill Bermuda Grass!

The house I rent has a yard full of succulents, cacti, and drought-tolerant natives. Unfortunately, the tenants let go a bit of Bermuda Grass which has now run rampant over half the yard in between the other plants. I've previously gotten rid of the stuff by digging a foot down and pulling out all the shoots. But I don't want to kill all my other plants! This stuff is tough as nails and if you leave bits of the shoots it comes back. How do I kill it? I'm not adverse to chemical solutions. Does Roundup kill succulents? Is there something that discriminately kills Bermuda Grass?
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Please help me install a window air conditioner safely

I own this relatively new (only one season of use) 6000+ BTU GE window air conditioner, but have lost the plastic framework that allows it to be installed in a window. Does a universal kit exist that will fit this A/C (and if so where can it be ordered online)? Also, please share your tips for successfully and safely installing a window A/C unit that won't ever fall out? [more inside]
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How do I sell two large-ish book collections?

There are two focused book collections that I’d like to sell, preferably as lots. I’d like one to go to an academic institution. I’m indifferent to the destination of the other. I’ve never brokered deals like these before. How do I proceed? Many details and my current ideas inside. [more inside]
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Relaxation Techniques for an Eating Disordered Gal

I am battling an eating disorder and need some strategies to calm down, relieve anxiety and clear my brain before and after meals. [more inside]
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What is the most useful email in the world?

A while ago I came across a webpage where the author provided a short, one-line email to use in business situations where you are being ignored or not receiving a timely response. For the life of me I can't recall the exact wording of the message, nor the webpage. Ring any bells?
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How realistic is The Peripheral?

Specifically, how likely is something like the "jackpot" in Gibson's new book to happen? Spoilers below the fold. [more inside]
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How/where to buy/build an outdoor container for emergency supplies?

As everyone here in the Pacific Northwest freaks out simultaneously about the Big One, I'd like to store our family emergency kit somewhere outside for easy access, just in case. Where/how can I buy/build a container for that? [more inside]
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Which Dominion expansions are the best?

My girlfriend and I love playing Dominion together, and we want to take the experience to the next level by adding some expansions to the base game. Dominion players, which expansions are your favorites? Is there a reliable source for reviews? Thanks!
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Rain gear for those who run hot?

Recommendation needed for jacket. [more inside]
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Twitter 102

Explain this crazy little thing called hashtags to me. How do you use them? How do you find good ones? What the heck are good ones? Why are they good? What do you do with them? Also, twitter culture and relationships. [more inside]
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Should I be a yoga instructor or massage therapist or..?

I've been giving some thought to becoming certified to teach yoga, or to be a massage therapist, or to be a physical therapy assistant. I'm not sure which one makes the most sense, given my inclinations and limitations. [more inside]
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Should I switch jobs?

I just got a job offer but am in a pretty good place now. I'm trying to decide whether I should take it. Part of that decision is also deciding if I should move to Colorado from Boston. [more inside]
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Is installing a cistern worth the trouble?

We recently bought a 3 acre property near Ojai, CA. Over the next few years we will be building some new structures and rebuild the existing house. The land used to be an Apricot orchard but has been barren for decades. All the vegetation left are some beautiful Californian Oaks and two Olive trees. In May we planted the perimeter with 171 drought tolerant trees and bushes and have put a drip irrigation system on it (currently 1 X 30 min per week). This should take care of our privacy and hide the fence. [more inside]
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Last minute trip to Spain

I just got an invitation to spend a week in Toledo. We leave in one week. What must we do/see/eat/buy/absorb? [more inside]
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Looking for children’s books that tell a non-standard narrative

I’m ordering 300ish books for a children’s library. After reading this thread asking for books featuring feminist-anti-racist-queer-ally characters I realised that our collection is full of books focusing on straight, white (usually male) youth in nuclear families and it’s seriously lacking. Can you folks recommend any books to help me improve our collection? [more inside]
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Why aren't gun stores held liable?

This may sound simplistic, but how do gun stores and/or manufacturers avoid liability when there's a mass shooting? [more inside]
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Happy or Sad

How do I deal with my unexpected strong feelings about my estranged father's death in light of my recent discovery that I am pregnant? [more inside]
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What careers pay reasonably well but don't require 40 hours

I'm trying to find the right career. I'm currently employed doing something that while I don't dislike I'm not crazy about either. In particular I'm interested in jobs with a lot of flexibility. More details inside. [more inside]
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Williamstown MA: surely there must be a place to have lunch?

Hi there, Yelp alternative. Visiting the Clark in the afternoon on a Saturday. Looking for an afternoon restaurant. Layers of fussiness inside. [more inside]
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The PMP Exam is changing -- Should I return my study materials?

I very recently purchased some study materials for the PMP exam and now I see that the exam is changing. Should I try to return my study materials? [more inside]
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Dealing with our child's anxiety-related need for total control

Our adopted child has a crazy need for control and we're worried about how it will impact their socialization in school. [more inside]
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Help me access my credit.

For some reason, it seems like I'm locked out when trying to access my free credit reports at annualcreditreport.com. I don't see a way to contact them. More inside the fold. [more inside]
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Literal pain in the butt

My dad is experiencing pain in one side of his buttock. It is worse in the morning after waking up and is relieved by vigorous walking. What could it be? [more inside]
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You have allergies. You wear contacts. You use allergy eyedrops.

What allergy eyedrops do you use? [more inside]
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"Warm White" or Yellow LED Reading Light?

I try to reduce blue light at night and am looking for an LED reading light that has a warm color. [more inside]
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What is a good, secular, reading for an outdoor wedding?

Friends are getting married and have asked me to select a reading for the wedding. What are some good readings for weddings? (This will not be a religious wedding.) [more inside]
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How many more months of formula are ahead with an 11-month-old?

Should I buy formula in bulk for an 11-month-old baby? I want to follow his lead on weaning, but I also don't want to waste money or formula. I'm looking for advice from parents who let their babies self-wean. [more inside]
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What 3 letter word should I get engraved on a knife?

I want to buy a cheap rainbow folding knife and get it engraved with something rad. I only have three letters to work with, however. [more inside]
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Brick-and-mortar stores that carry replacement locks for file cabinets?

Are there any bricks-and-mortar stores that carry replacement locks for file cabinets? I've tried two stores, one from a chain that used to carry them, without success. I would prefer a lock such that the replacement key couldn't be ordered by a cashier reading the sales receipt, or by someone looking at the outside of the installed lock, but these days that might be asking too much.
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What's in an excellent camp care package?

My 11 year old nephew is away at camp for a month and I want to send him a care package. What should I put in it? I'm not sure what is / isn't allowed at this particular camp. I'm thinking candy to share? What else would be awesome?
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B&B/Hotel w/a Nice OUTDOOR Pool Near NYC?

We've got a nine-month-old who's never really been in a pool. We'd like to plan a short two or three day vacation built around playing with him in an *outdoor* pool somewhere that's within a three hour drive of NYC. Please recommend a hotel or bed and breakfast that's got a nice, baby-friendly pool. Before the baby, we stayed at resorts in Arizona and California that'd be perfect for this sort of thing, but we can't seem to find anything similar on the east coast. Thanks!
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Plumber and electrician needed

Looking for recommendations for a good, reasonably priced plumber and electrician in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. [more inside]
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You suck at working in a foreign culture bub.

Short of saying flat out what I said in the title, how can one help people learn to become “bicultural” and adapt to a foreign work style if they are unaware of the need to do so? [more inside]
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Lush filter: discontinued product ID

Can anyone identify these ancient Lush products? [more inside]
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Getting and using full MS Office with zero internet access

How can I buy a physical copy of full Microsoft Office with all the features enabled, that works without ever needing internet access for setup or use? I can purchase a physical copy, but the end user will have no internet access whatsoever.
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Kids left in car??

My partners kids (two-8 year old twin girls) came home last night after spending a weekend at their other home with their other parent. They were telling us about their weekend and told us that they were left in the car twice (Walmart & Target) while their mom shopped. They said the first time seemed like an hour & the second time they were scared so hid where people passing by could not see them. They said she left the doors locked, air conditioner on, car running, and that they were told not to open the door for any reason. I feel really uncomfortable with this for so many different reasons!! So my question is: Is there any way leaving kids in the car is ok? My feeling is 'absolutely not'!! and my partner feels the same. I'm new to this (no kids of my own) so I'm trying to determine if my really really uncomfortable feelings about this are in any way an overreaction. Thanks all!!
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Part-time jobs for creative people

I'm looking for part-time jobs that I might not have heard of or know exist. I am sensitive to the environment I work in and I want to work with people who have other creative pursuits and have a part time job to make ends meet (or alone is fine too). [more inside]
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How can I adapt to apartment noise?

I've lived in apartments for a long time, but I've always been very easily bothered by noise. My partner is not affected the way I am. Is it possible to train yourself to be more easygoing, like her, when it comes to the noise you inevitably encounter living in the city? [more inside]
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Why did my waxing not work and what can I do?

I've had some hair waxed by a beautician three times and every time it has grown back immediately and stubbly as though it's been shaven. Infuriating!! Details within. [more inside]
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Cute avatar-making program?

Seeing as Yahoo seem to have stopped their avatar-making service, just wondering if anyone can recommend me a good substitute? I thought their avatars were so cute! Must allow me to use the avatar away from their site but happy for it to be labelled like Yahoo used to be. Thanks!
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facebook privacy settings

Within the mystery of the Facebook algorithms, is it possible for me have two friends that I can interact with, Liking, Commenting, wall posting etc, but not have them aware of each other, receiving no notification of the other's existence, no suggested friends etc?
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July 26

And the ugly duckling turned out to be ugly for a reason

When I was younger, I somehow got the message that having acne, thin hair, tendency to gain weight, being emotional-- constituted some sort of moral failing. I spent years feeling like I had to apologize for my ugly existence. Now I'm learning that those aspects of my appearance were symptoms, not reflections of the fact that I was an all-around inferior person who didn't take good care of herself. I thought I'd be glad to get a diagnosis, but instead I'm upset and not sure where to go from here. [more inside]
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What's the best / earliest way to buy Studio Ghibli Museum tickets?

I am an idiot who cannot count to three or read a calendar. As a result, I completely missed the July window to buy international tickets for the Studio Ghibli Museum for a date in early October. I know I can buy through bridge.jpn, who will grab tickets for me from Lawson. However, they only sell October tickets starting from 1 September. Is this the earliest October tickets are available from Lawson? [more inside]
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How to talk to my kids about the Police

My 6 year old daughter asked me this today: "Mommy, [therapist] said the police are our friends. So if I get a ticket I wont go to jail right?" [more inside]
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Help me bike commute in Boston without pain!

I have a three mile commute to work. On public transportation it takes 45-60 minutes. On a bike it’s under 20, but I don’t ride every day because biking hurts. Please help me get pointed in the right direction for cycling comfort! [more inside]
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Help me search Craigslist Housing More Efficienctly

I am currently searching for housing on Craigslist and have found some really good places and gotten good responses from them. The one thing that determined whether people responded was if I reached them on their cell phone or could text them. Those who permitted you to contact them via the craigslist-coded email almost never responded [more inside]
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Great housecleaning services in Harlem needed on short notice!

Help! Two of my dearest friends have movers coming in the morning, but they're both incredibly sick with the flu. Can anyone recommend a great housecleaning service that will help them out on short notice? They're in Harlem below 125th St., and the recommendations we've found so far don't cover their neighborhood. (Any other moving-while-terribly-ill advice appreciated, too—I'm half a country away or I'd be there doing it myself!)
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Over my Head in the Sony DLSR Swamp

7 months ago I bought a Sony A7II DLSR camera. Though I knew there was a steep learning curve going in, I still haven't mastered the thing. I need some resources (hopefully a class) that will allow me to learn how to take non-grainy pics with this camera. [more inside]
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One day - an Ozark Trail Thru Hike

You were once a novice hiker and camper. You loved easy 2-3 mile day hikes, but you wanted to up your game. How did you do that? What made you an avid and great hiker/camper. What training, locations, products etc? Local context is Missouri State Parks.
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What are some unusual things to see and do in Montreal?

My friend and I are headed to Montreal for 4 days in August and would like some tips on what to see and do. We've got the usual stuff down but are looking to add some more (less touristy) things to add to the list. [more inside]
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I need a printer for my Mother. Strange requirements inside

So my Mom's old came from who knows where printer has finally died, and she has requested a new one. Easy! We just got a great Epson that comes highly recommended from Wirecutter! No problem! But wait she has ....esthetic concerns. [more inside]
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Kindle vs. Kobo?

After spending a while researching Kindle vs. Kobo, I bought a Kindle Paperwhite. I've only had it for half a day and I'm starting to think I made the wrong choice. Help me figure out whether I should return the Paperwhite, whether I should buy the Kobo Glo, or whether I'm barking up the wrong tree entirely. [more inside]
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What should I do with all of the eggs?

I have so many eggs at the moment that it's silly. Please tell me what to do. [more inside]
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Setup for computer calls that doesn't involve a headset

I take work calls from my computer, and want a solution to improve my sound that isn't a headset or Bluetooth. Any ideas? [more inside]
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Great looking rocket posters

I am looking for some great looking rocket posters for a child's bedroom. Fictional, real, whatever. Lots of little rockets, one big rocket, whatever you think looks great.
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Save the Date but No Invitation?

Received a Save the Date for a wedding for a couple we'd like to be less close with, but didn't receive a real invite. What to do? [more inside]
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Voice-activate voice memo app for iOS?

I'm using my iPod's built in voice memo tool. It's ok, but I'd like one that is entirely voice activated. That is, I don't want to have to control start, stop and other features by touching the screen. Is there one that will respond to simple voice commands? If not, how about for Android OS?
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Help with cat smell

We recently returned from a three-week trip to find our house smells likes cat pee. Please help us restore it back to its (relatively) smell-free state! [more inside]
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Joining a samba school for Carnaval 2016 in Rio

The Lonely Planet Brazil guide has a single paragraph suggesting it's possible for foreigners to participate in a Sambódromo parade, but it doesn't really say how. Have any mefites actually done this? How did it work? Who did you talk to? Please help this samba newb make my fiancée's dreams come true. [more inside]
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Business Nomenclature

I'm writing several form letters targeting different types of business and would like to use the proper terms with each type. For example, lawyers have clients at their practice. Theaters have patrons at their venue. Doctors have patients at their clinic (or practice). Stores have customers at their business. What are some other examples I could prepare? [more inside]
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Is there a cure for summertime itching?

It's a summer thing. The instant I get into bed, turn out the light, and descend into sleep, I feel like something's crawling on the hair of my arms, my legs, and my head. I turn on the light and there's nothing there. Usually it's not something I need to scratch. If I just tamp on it, it goes away. [more inside]
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Best camera for £400 ($620, €560)

What's the best camera I can buy for around £400? [more inside]
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Where should I look for a house in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill?

I'm going to fly out to North Carolina, The Triangle, for a few days to start scouting for house. It's a big area. I'm not sure where to start. I work from home so the commute isn't an issue. It's more about finding a nice place to live. [more inside]
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How to fix a stuck iPhone 5s home button?

The screen around my iPhone 5s's home button is cracked and the button is now no longer pushing in. Is it possible to fix this? [more inside]
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What should I do about cultural appropriation in the Y-Princess program?

How can one dad help reduce the amount of cultural appropriation in his and his daughter’s Y-Princess “tribe”? [more inside]
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Help child afraid of needles at dentist today?

I am about to take my little girl to the dentist for an unexpected issue that may require an injection. She has a fear of needles. How do I help her through this in the best way? [more inside]
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Converting Word97 Files on a Mac

I'm a Mac user with a lot of Word 97 files from the mid-1990s. Even if I add extension ".doc", I can't get Pages or other word processors to open them. TextEdit will open them, but with a lot of nonsense characters. Worst of all, Spotlight's not indexing the files (not sure why). [more inside]
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Ant-man English Version in Tokyo?

Can I view an English language version of Ant-Man at a theatre in Tokyo this week? Japanese subtitles not a problem of course.
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Where can I get my auto-winding watch overhauled in NYC?

I have a nice watch, an automatic Baume & Mercier. Can anyone recommend a reputable watch service place in New York City? Most of the watch repair places I find don't do much beyond replace bands or batteries... I need a proper overhaul. [more inside]
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Excelfilter: Get max from selection of items based on another column?

I have an Excel question. I have a list of items, some of which are duplicates. Each item has a figure attached. I'd like to find the maximum value for each duplicate item and put that in another cell. [more inside]
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Can you help me find resources for journalists?

I am looking for journalistic organizations that, (1) provide statistical number crunching and (2) legal interpretation to help to reporters working on complex stories. Whenever I've had an ethical question, I sought the help of Poynter, but on this current project, I need more specific help. Are there non profit journalistic entities whose mission is to help freelance reporters and/or their organizations with their legal and quantitative research?
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what do people incorrectly believe to be universal?

I'm looking for tasks where (1) each person consistently does it in a particular way, (2) believes that everyone else does it that same way, and (3) is wrong about (2). [more inside]
posted by d. z. wang at 10:03 AM PST - 188 comments

How to be sexy?

My 3-year relationship ended a couple months ago, and while I'm not at all ready for (or interested in) jumping into another relationship right now, I wouldn't mind having some fun, casual hookups. But after years of being in relationships, I'm accustomed to projecting a friendly-pal vibe; I'm not sure how to be alluring. Please coach me! [more inside]
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Is it safe to shoot a compound bow that's been strung for 25 years?

I have a compound bow (about 50 pound draw) that's been in a hard case for about the past 25 years. Is it safe to shoot? Are the limbs likely to shatter? If it's not safe, is there anything I can do to save it?
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Finding temporary accommodation in London

A friend of mine is moving from Israel to London on the 28th of August. Their living arrangement just fell through, and as well as getting in touch with people they already know in London, they are looking for resources to find short-term rental housing there. They are looking for temporary accommodation for one to two weeks while trying to find a more permanent arrangement. What resources (preferably online) are available for finding a room for a short-term rental?
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Iconic album covers...

Doing a design project for a record store and am looking for iconic album covers that only feature text? For instance, Live at Leeds, Masters of Reality, or Ornette! would all be good examples. Looking for ones where if someone were to substitute other words, what was being referenced would be obvious. Thanks!
posted by You Should See the Other Guy at 9:23 AM PST - 31 comments

Post break up advice

I broke up with my girlfriend of three years yesterday night. I told her I missed a part to fully love her and commit in the same way that she is committed to me. I feel shitty now. What should I do now? [more inside]
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Laptop shopping

What's the decent, cheap laptop to buy these days? I asked the same question 3 years ago, and got good suggestions. I'll buy something this week, or today, if there's a good buy. [more inside]
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Should I seek an autism diagnosis?

Should I seek an autism diagnosis? I was assessed for aspergers ten years ago, which was negative for a stated reason that I believe was incorrect, based on my own research into how autism presents in females. Is it worth trying again? [more inside]
posted by bluebell at 8:02 AM PST - 11 comments

Help me learn to cook/Cookbook recommendations

I’m spending a fortune on NYC takeout and want to start cooking. I know NOTHING. Like can't even cook an egg. So I’m wondering if you kind folks might suggest a) some basic resources on cooking fundamentals and b) some really easy vegetarian cookbooks. Thanks so much.
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A paper planner for the natural world

I am looking for a paper daily or weekly planner that includes information about natural phenomena - astronomical events, solstices, animal migrations, moon phase, average time of sun/moon rise and set, traditional activities associated with the seasons, etc. I live in DC, so something semi-regionally specific would be ideal, but I realize that's unlikely.
posted by ryanshepard at 6:53 AM PST - 6 comments

Not name the song - name the *statue* from a song

Can anyone recognise a particular statue that's part of the background of a Eurovision performance? [more inside]
posted by sleepcrime at 6:10 AM PST - 3 comments

Looking for an evergreen climber for a north-facing wall. In Scotland.

We have a stone house with a little doorway area that's just perfect for a trellis and a climber - we could eventually support something to about 12-14 feet high and 7 feet wide at its widest point. We'd love to plant something that would stay evergreen all year round and ideally would flower at some point in the year. [more inside]
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Nursing degree - associates or another bachelors?

I have a fifteen year old B.A. degree in a liberal arts field with a mixed bag of grades in minor science coursework: A's in Physics, B's in Biology and Calculus, C's in Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. I don't have any Anatomy or Physiology. I ideally want to always be able to find a job when I need one, and I like the idea of getting paid to travel and work abroad. To that end I'm not sure if getting a BSN is necessary or if an associates is enough. Any insights appreciated.
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Awesome minor solar/wind-energy diy projects?

We'll be on holiday with our two just-teen kids in a house on a Spanish island that's off both the water and the electricity grid, but with plenty of sun and wind. What are some cool little projects we could do - without having to ship out complicated gear/components - to own and appreciate the situation, and its potential? Self-built solar cooker? Makeshift wind turbine? Would love suggestions plus pointers to how-to's. [more inside]
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July 25

Help me be a nice mom

How can I interact more with my kid at times when I'm super annoyed by her? [more inside]
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i love you, but your happiness is smothering me

As someone with a history of transcience and instability, can I be happy in a relationship with someone who's had a very conventional life? A looooong explanation follows. [more inside]
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What differentiates clipper blades and clipper guide combs?

We have an Oster Classic 76 hair clipper that the wife uses to cut my (thick, no-joke) hair and we love it. We have a full set of guide combs but only ever use 3 of them (#4, 5, and 6) for my head and I'm considering getting those size equivalents (0A, 1, and 1A I think) in blade form with the hopes of making the job easier for her. Could you help me understand if this is dumb because I might have this all wrong and not be doing any good buying said blades?
posted by RolandOfEld at 10:34 PM PST - 5 comments

Help me find a certain amazing photographer artist!

I stumbled upon a photographer's website a few years ago who did amazing work. I don't remember who he is anymore. Help me find him. [more inside]
posted by wym at 10:29 PM PST - 3 comments

What's your favorite MOOC?

I've got an unexpected five days off work to be spent on bed rest. Any suggestions for a MOOC or lecture series to fill my time? [more inside]
posted by whitewall at 9:51 PM PST - 9 comments

How to get rid of this bronchitis for good?

I'm a non smoking female in my 30s. Developed serious allergies over the past 3 years. Found out I'm allergic to any mold and dust. Was going for the shots until I found out I can't take them if I have chest congestion. What can I do? [more inside]
posted by InterestedInKnowing at 9:35 PM PST - 12 comments

Best drafting table for an amateur artist?

I recently received birthday cash, and I would like a sturdy drafting table. I have researched drafting tables, and companies like Studio Designs, Alvin, and Mayline pop up. Despite the many options present on sites like Amazon, I haven't found information reliable enough to whittle down to the best table for the space. Would anyone be willing to recommend a table that fits the specifications below, based on experience? Are there any tables too good to not recommend, regardless of space or cost? [more inside]
posted by TemporaryTurtle at 9:12 PM PST - 3 comments

how to appropriately distance myself?

hi there, since my sister & brother repatriated themselves for education and work purposes, my mother has suddenly begun calling several times per week and asking me to spend time with her frequently- essentially trying to become my mother and confidante after years of completely neglecting our relationship. [more inside]
posted by nephilim. at 7:11 PM PST - 22 comments

Are Peanut Buster Parfaits smaller or am I just bigger?

As a young kid it seemed to me a Peanut Buster Parfait was hugely tall. Like 12 inches of ice cream. Now they just seem smaller. Is this a trick of my memory or has DQ downsized the parfait?
posted by arniec at 6:35 PM PST - 5 comments

How can I organize this mess?

I had to re-wire the power cord on my anova immersion cooker, and while it now works perfectly, the wires are exposed. Any suggestions on an easy way to wrap or otherwise contain the wires in a preferably waterproof way? Plus, is what I did to this thing ok, or is it going to burn down my apartment? Pic and details after the break. [more inside]
posted by Huck500 at 5:31 PM PST - 9 comments

Why are Russianized family names more common in Central Asia?

Why are Russianized family names more common in Central Asia than other parts of the former Soviet Union? [more inside]
posted by pravit at 4:00 PM PST - 5 comments

Non-profit Reading Materials

I'm interested in starting a political non-profit organization. Can anyone recommend some reading material for me? I'm most interested in best practices for structuring the organization, tips on administering meetings, etc. I think most of that information can be broad enough for all non-profits, but I would love any materials that talk specifically about political ones too.
posted by ZackTM at 3:43 PM PST - 11 comments

I'm losing control of my (battery) life!

What is going on with the battery of my Samsung Galaxy S Tab and how can I fix it? [more inside]
posted by Promethea at 3:07 PM PST - 12 comments

Kindle to pdf / jpg / etc

Whats the best way to get a Kindle children's picture book into a format that I can display in Google Slides or PowerPoint? [more inside]
posted by rossination at 2:50 PM PST - 3 comments

[InstantRamenIdentification] HALP!

Had a 5-pack of instant ramen from my local oriental grocery store. They don't have it anymore and I stupidly threw away the packaging. [more inside]
posted by kuanes at 2:04 PM PST - 10 comments

What can I expect from my first visit to a mental health support group?

My therapist has suggested I try out visiting a local bipolar support group, and I'm curious, but I'm also very nervous. There's a meting this Monday and I'm considering going, but I can't decide. I suspect that knowing what kinds of things I might be able to expect would help with anxiety around the unknown. [more inside]
posted by terretu at 2:00 PM PST - 3 comments

Best practices for (re-)setting up a facebook account?

The last time I used facebook was five years ago. I 'deleted' that account back then. Now, I would like to set up a fresh facebook account, completely unrelated to that old one. What are the best privacy practices and settings in this day and age of facebook? [more inside]
posted by zyxwvut at 12:47 PM PST - 7 comments

What's the best combination for my safe?

Please help me find the most secure setting for this rudimentary push-button safe. [more inside]
posted by MinPin at 11:48 AM PST - 14 comments

classical music that is fast moving and upbeat.

I am looking for classical music that is fast moving and upbeat. The type that is really great for study, in that kinda wakes you up and is mood lifting. I like violin and cello. I like this, but fast paced, Henry Purcell: The Golden Sonata; Voices of Music
posted by TRUELOTUS at 11:24 AM PST - 20 comments

Bar Mitzvah Gifts Nowadays?

Oy vey! Jews of Metafilter, help me out: what is an appropriate bar mitzvah gift in 2015? It's been years since I attended one, but the first one from the next gen of my family is happening soon and I need a gift, shortly to be followed by the kids of a bunch of my friends. Back in the day, a Cross pen was considered a good gift and I just know that moment has passed. More details: [more inside]
posted by BlahLaLa at 11:06 AM PST - 17 comments

Travel Planning

I'm traveling between Warsaw and Budapest the first two weeks of September, where should I go and what should I see? [more inside]
posted by velebita at 11:00 AM PST - 2 comments

I need a microphone

And I'm on a very tight budget. What do I buy? [more inside]
posted by nightrecordings at 10:18 AM PST - 12 comments

How to tell when people actually don't like me?

I feel like I'm having a hard time making the transition from friends that I see at parties to friends that I can call up for a random happy hour or the like. The anxiety-ridden part of my brain has me convinced that this is because these people don't actually like me. How can I discern the truth and take next steps? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:40 AM PST - 11 comments

My Mom and Dad aren't in the fairy tale marriage I thought...

...and it freaks me out! Mom gets snippy and negative with Dad a lot more these days while he tries to sweep it under the rug. My little sister left home last year, and with an empty nest it seems things are changing for them. I'm worried about my parents. More inside. [more inside]
posted by johnpoe50 at 9:10 AM PST - 34 comments

Head gasket compomrised?

I have a 2002 Honda Civic LX which periodically overheats. If I refill the radiator with coolant/water, it'll go another 150 miles before overheating again. In principal I could just keep the radiator filled up, and go this way for quite a while. I don't want to do that, but I want to figure out as much as I can before committing to any expensive repairs like replacing the head gasket. [more inside]
posted by Coventry at 8:50 AM PST - 14 comments

Bow out gracefully?

The wife of one of my office' higher ups has a birthday coming up, and a colleague's wife is planning a lavish birthday blast. Can I bow out early without hurting anyone's feelings? [more inside]
posted by LoonyLovegood at 8:45 AM PST - 16 comments

wellbutrin worries

I am in the process of starting medication for major depression. I just quit Prozac after a few months (with MD's approval) because it was actually making me much more depressed. Wellbutrin is the doctor's next suggestion and I just started on it but I have a question. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:05 AM PST - 31 comments

Help with tricky NZ and Australia trip itinerary

I need to be in Auckland one weekend and Melbourne the next, and I need help figuring out what to do with limited time before, after, and in between! [more inside]
posted by lettersoflead at 6:51 AM PST - 7 comments

Boyfriend asked for space, how long should I wait?

My boyfriend asked for space after going through a pretty rough week. I'm leaving on holiday in a week (going away for two weeks) and I would like to sort things out before then. Is it a bad idea to contact him myself in a few days, or should I wait for him to make the first move (but risk going away for two weeks without having seen him)? [more inside]
posted by Vulpix91 at 5:50 AM PST - 23 comments

How can I sleep through the night?

I've always had off and on issues with sleeping straight through the night, but the last few months I've fallen into a consistent pattern: go to sleep between 10-11pm, wake up completely awake around 3am then struggle for the next ~1 hour to fall back asleep. Every. Single. Night. [more inside]
posted by the foreground at 5:41 AM PST - 29 comments

Security for a laptop repair?

I have a laptop purchased from Costco at the end of 2013. It is dead and needs to be repaired, but I'm concerned about the theft of my data. [more inside]
posted by imjustsaying at 5:39 AM PST - 5 comments

Is installing Plex on Ubuntu with an external hard drive really hard?

I'm medium-capable with computer stuff; not afraid of a command line, but not a lot more sophisticated than mkdir and mv commands. I've got an ECS LIVA box that I'd like to try putting a Plex server on. I've installed Ubuntu 14.04, and connected it to a 5TB external drive, but I'm getting a bit nervous. Is Plex on this setup within my skill range? [more inside]
posted by Shepherd at 3:44 AM PST - 8 comments

Macbook Pro or Lenovo or something else entirely?

I need a new, powerfulish laptop, and I'm finding myself confused by the options. The consensus in previous AskMe's seems to be either Macbook or Lenovo, but I am wondering if there are newer options that I am not considering. I probably need this spelled out to me as if I am a not particularly bright child. [more inside]
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London Maltby Street Market

Anything to eat/see at Maltby Street Market/any open store fronts there during the work week? Visiting on a Wednesday in Sept. and website only lists Sat/Sun market times. Thx!
posted by sunrise8 at 2:03 AM PST - 3 comments

A cake "recycling" service

I want to start a business that takes leftover cake from parties and turns them into cake pops, to give back to the party people. Is this feasible? [more inside]
posted by ichomp at 1:01 AM PST - 32 comments

I Want My Old Happy Self Back

How can I snap myself out of negativity and turn back the clock to when I was a bit less weighed down by emotional baggage? [more inside]
posted by christiehawk at 12:00 AM PST - 4 comments

July 24

On another's sorrow: helping a friend facing the loss of a spouse

A friend whose spouse went into the hospital with pneumonia on Wednesday went on home hospice this evening and I am looking for concrete ways to help and support them. [more inside]
posted by faineant at 10:59 PM PST - 9 comments

USB DAC for studio monitors!

I have a pair of active powered studio monitors with balanced inputs, and am looking for a USB DAC to drive them. [more inside]
posted by TrinsicWS at 10:52 PM PST - 7 comments

Help me come out to my psychiatrist!

I have an upcoming appointment with my psychiatrist at the end of the month. I want to tell her that I'm transgendered and want to start HRT. I have a general outline of the things I want to say, but I want to make sure I'm not missing anything significant. Snowflakes: Bipolar II, broke up with my partner about three-four months back. Insurance via N. California Kaiser. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:56 PM PST - 11 comments

48 hours in Yangon (Rangoon)?

As noted in an earlier question I will be in Myanmar/Burma for two weeks in January. Most of this will be on a cycling tour, but I will have 48 hours of time to just be a tourist in Rangoon with one of my best friends. [more inside]
posted by frumiousb at 9:22 PM PST - 3 comments

What are these bugs I'm hearing near Pittsburgh?

It doesn't seem to match the cicada or katydid noises I've found around YouTube. It's outside a suburban window - it is a "buzz" (it sounds a bit like a "hiss" in the recording, but was buzzier to my ears), with ~2.5 seconds of noise followed by a ~2 second pause. Listen here.
posted by Seeking Direction at 8:42 PM PST - 2 comments

How to repair doser on a coffee grinder?

I recently obtained a used Anfim Best grinder for a great price, but the doser was not working and missing a few parts. I've bought the spare parts now and nearly have it back to working condition, but need some advice on the handle and gear mechanism which is causing me problems. [more inside]
posted by joz at 8:16 PM PST - 4 comments

poster tube post

What's an alternate place to Staples buy a poster tube? I'm thinking of the hard shell plastic kind with a strap for easy carrying, versus the cardboard mailer version... [more inside]
posted by Tandem Affinity at 8:02 PM PST - 11 comments

Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome

Podiatrist is 90% sure I have this, as my symptoms are a textbook case. I'm a little nervous about the testing and the treatment options sound like either stretching (does this actually work?) or surgery. I'm looking to hear what others' experiences with this have been. [more inside]
posted by onecircleaday at 5:59 PM PST - 5 comments

Chances of getting hired to teach for the upcoming school year?

I want to teach high school social studies for the upcoming (2015-2016) school year in Virginia, USA. I would have to be hired with a provisional license. How can I make this happen/what are the chances of this happening? [more inside]
posted by EmptyEmpire at 5:24 PM PST - 8 comments

Wedding guest hairstyle suggestions for a grown-out bob

I'm going to an outdoor wedding tomorrow afternoon, and it will be hot. I am also the type of person who tends to get sweatier than most, and I'm having difficulty figuring out what to do with my hair. [more inside]
posted by pandalicious at 5:11 PM PST - 12 comments

aspergers, adhd, anxiety, or appropriation?

Is there any benefit to pursuing a diagnosis for neurodevelopmental disorders (specifically autism spectrum disorder or adhd) as an adult? Are there reasons not to seek a diagnosis in that realm? Are online screening resources useful for them, or is the use of those resources problematic? Is it better to stick with anxiety and depressive disorders, both as a means for seeking treatment as well as a means of self-understanding? More to the point: Am I trying to figure out what's wrong with me, or am I just trying to earn a Golden Sympathy Star? [more inside]
posted by mittens at 5:08 PM PST - 14 comments

Is there anything I can do to reduce the amount of this bill?

A bill went missing two years ago. Now the interest has made the amount huge. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:28 PM PST - 8 comments

Vyvanse - adderal equivilent dosages?

What is the Adderall XR equivalent of 20 mg Vyvanse? More below. [more inside]
posted by rudd135 at 4:23 PM PST - 1 comment

Ergonomics and Shoulders

I have a new job that requires a lot of continuous, fast typing on a laptop. I'm already experiencing repetitive-strain problems with my left shoulder blade -- a chiropractor did some work on it but it's still bothering me and I don't want stuff like this to be a deterrent to my ability to do the job. It's an independent contractor gig, so I'm responsible for all ergonomics decisions and medical costs I might incur. Sort me out, MeFi. Give me some very specific actions I can take that won't cost much money. [more inside]
posted by mirepoix at 3:47 PM PST - 22 comments

Arsenic and Old Plates

I like the look of vintage and antique dishes and utensils, but unlike certain old ladies, I don't want to slowly poison anybody. How do I choose items that are food-safe when I'm in an antique store or thrift shop? [more inside]
posted by wintersweet at 3:24 PM PST - 3 comments

This will definitely be the first web hit for "Armenian-Tongan" now...

Can you estimate how many people of Armenian-Tongan descent there currently are in the world? [more inside]
posted by pretentious illiterate at 3:20 PM PST - 8 comments

Analogies for Someone Stuck in Their Comfort Zone or Resistant to Change

What are some good analogies to inspire someone who's stuck in their comfort zone or are resistant to change to embrace an open mindset towards the idea of positive change/transformation? [more inside]
posted by purefusion at 3:14 PM PST - 17 comments

I'm looking for a webcomic.

Recently, I've seen a few strips of a webcomic around the internet. I am trying to figure out what comic this is, but can't figure out the right search terms. The comic is in black and white, says [something].tumblr.com in the lower right hand corner, stars a dude who kind of looks like a bug, generally involves mundane but awkward situations, and in the last panel the bug-dude's nose starts to look weird and he talks about his eternal soul dying or something along those lines. Can anyone points me in the right direction?
posted by srrh at 2:13 PM PST - 2 comments

Hey random stranger, get your mutt out of my yard

We live at the end of a semi-rural cul-de-sac and random people keep stopping at the end letting their dogs out to use our yard as their personal bathroom. How can we get them to stop this? [more inside]
posted by patheral at 2:05 PM PST - 42 comments

Euthanizing Tropical Fish

What is the easiest, most humane, and least gross way to kill dying fish in our office fish tank? [more inside]
posted by ldthomps at 1:56 PM PST - 17 comments

What should it be called: ATM or Cash Machine?

Explaining researching that uses data point around ATM/cash machines for both American and international audiences. In the US, people know them as ATMs. In the UK, they are often called cash machines, or cash points. I can only pick one for this work: which should I pick? [more inside]
posted by troytroy at 1:53 PM PST - 27 comments

Japan Itinerary: I'm Stuck

Hoping you can help me finish out my Japan trip itinerary for late October/early November. I think I've got it all worked out, but need to wrap up with an awesome 2 nights... [more inside]
posted by ecorrocio at 1:51 PM PST - 9 comments

Random weird thing on the web

I googled a subject and stumbled upon random porn links on a nursing home website. What's going on here? [more inside]
posted by generic230 at 12:31 PM PST - 5 comments

Routing hotline calls to volunteers' cell phones

You work for a hotline or for a service provider that works with one. The hotline has volunteers. Calls to the hotline are routed to volunteers' cell phones. Tell me about that. [more inside]
posted by pinetree at 12:31 PM PST - 6 comments

What, exactly, is this court notice? (Location Filter: Maryland)

Someone rear-ended me about two months ago. The police officer gave her a ticket. I just got a court document in the mail informing me of a trial date and time; she is apparently contesting the ticket. Do I need to go to court? If so, what can I expect when there? [more inside]
posted by tckma at 12:27 PM PST - 24 comments

Can't open Quick Books!.......Help!

While on vacation a month, or so, ago my laptop froze up & I was stuck with a blue screen resulting in a trip to the local computer repair shop yet all was well by the next day. Ever since then, however, it's been getting progressively harder and taking longer to open my QuickBooks program but it always seemed to open......until today. After repeated reboots I continue to get a "QuickBooks has stopped working" message. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! A.
posted by tangyraspberry at 12:26 PM PST - 4 comments

How can I turn my mind off from these pervasive thoughts?

I recently suffered a near catastrophic medical experience and am having emotional difficulties dealing with the aftermath. I had been ignoring symptoms for days and only went to hospital because my spouse and kids were leaving town for a few days and figured what the heck, go to the ER, it would be a pain for them to come back abruptly. At the hospital, I had emergency surgery that was unnecessarily risky (I'm an experienced medical professional, so please, assume I know what I'm talking about) in that it could have led to an intraoperative complication that would have left my 5-year survival at less than 25%. I also would have been in the same boat if I chose to ignore my symptoms. In the end, surgery was successful and what was thought malignant turned out to be benign. I have some lifelong medical follow-up to pursue, but for all intents and purposes I'm OK know. So what's my question? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:55 AM PST - 26 comments

Working with a technical recruiter

I'm considering working with a recruiting firm to find a new job. Is this a good idea? How do I do this to make it work to my benefit the best? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:54 AM PST - 7 comments

What books seem to have been written to be re-read?

What books hold up so well to re-reading that it makes you suspect they were engineered that way? Are there examples of books that seem to be MUCH better on second reading? What kind of things did the author do to achieve that?
posted by kk at 11:47 AM PST - 70 comments

A Therapy Cat for My Cat?

My sweet geriatric (14.5 years old) kitty Lulu is experience an indeterminate health crisis that is causing her a lot of anxiety and I'm looking for ways to ease it. [more inside]
posted by brookeb at 11:40 AM PST - 6 comments

ISO specialty cat groomer in Los Angeles

I acknowledge that I am a terrible person, but I want to get my cat Nosy a dinosaur haircut so he looks like Toothless. [more inside]
posted by Space Kitty at 11:27 AM PST - 6 comments

Should we use large portion of retirement savings to pay off mortgage?

The problem: We built a cob (monolithic adobe) house 15 years ago which we initially financed and refinanced. It is a one of a kind house and there are no other adobe homes in the area. Since the big mortgage debacle, underwriting guidelines have changed with regard to comparable homes and we cannot refinance our own home, nor could anyone else secure financing to purchase it. [more inside]
posted by lzw at 11:24 AM PST - 18 comments

Cuddlin' on the Couch With the Elder Gods

I recently read (and adored) Scott Hawkins' "The Library at Mount Char". If I could find a real-life product similar to the apprentices' robes in the book, I'd be SO delighted. Here's every description of the robes that I could find: "rough cotton", "a gray-green cotton thing along the lines of a kimono with a hood, tied at the waist with a sash", "vaguely monk-like", "loose, oversized sleeves". Any idea where I can snag such a thing? Thanks, Hive!
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Where on earth do you get pregnant human pee?

I was looking for a good place to buy equine chorionic gonadotropic (eCG) hormone for science reasons today and stumbled across this listing for the more commonly used hCG. It's listed as being sourced from "Human Pregnancy Urine." Where on earth do biomedical companies get enough human pregnancy urine to distill a compound like this? Is there some sort of secret cottage industry of pregnant ladies selling their pee to biotech companies? Where does the pee come from?
posted by sciatrix at 11:18 AM PST - 6 comments

What to wear with a light pink dress to a summer wedding?

I found the dress now I need the rest! [more inside]
posted by winterportage at 11:07 AM PST - 14 comments

Stupid newbie doesn't understand smog testing

First time I've ever had to smog a car. It did not go well for the car's previous owner. I just got a ton of repairs done on it, but what else do I have to do first? [more inside]
posted by jenfullmoon at 11:00 AM PST - 10 comments

Is it possible to become a specialist without working inside?

Is it possible to transition to becoming a technical specialist without going to work for someone else? [more inside]
posted by Chaussette and the Pussy Cats at 10:41 AM PST - 0 comments

I'm seeing pink!

Help me get washable marker to actually wash out of my laundry! [more inside]
posted by peanut_mcgillicuty at 10:18 AM PST - 4 comments

Fat-bottomed boy shorts that make the rockin' world go round?

This is a follow-up to to this question about high-quality cotton boy shorts underwear for women. I would like exactly that, but with the caveat that they must accomodate a rather large ass (since many of the answers in the original question mentioned that the recommended undies ran small). [more inside]
posted by missrachael at 9:20 AM PST - 11 comments

What is this book about girls in love, aliens, and immortality pills?

Asking for a friend: Any leads on what this book might be? "Two girls become friends. Girl #1 realizes she's gay and gets a girlfriend, through which girl #2 realizes she's in love with girl #1. They lose touch until years later, when they are both grown. One plays the flute and rides horses, one is a famous sculptor. They fall in love and start living together. At some point, aliens are introduced and give folks on earth pills that allow them to achieve immortality for as long as they are taken."
posted by c'mon sea legs at 9:09 AM PST - 2 comments

Can I teach myself to make this HTML form?

I want to build a simple (?) HTML form that will generate, from user selections, a line of text that a user can then copy to the clipboard. This would make workflow easier for myself and about a dozen of my colleagues, and also reduce spelling errors. [more inside]
posted by mama casserole at 8:57 AM PST - 6 comments

The Handyman Can (Maybe Charge Too Much)?

My mother lives in a condo building; they have a handyman they recommend for minor repairs since their responsibility 'ends at the walls of the unit', or so says the unit owner's book. She's wondering if he overcharged her in a big way - snowflakes inside. [more inside]
posted by ThePantsAvenger at 8:23 AM PST - 14 comments

It's knot a mental block, or is it?

I'm trying to learn hitches, knots for times when I need them but failing miserably..halp! [more inside]
posted by dukes909 at 8:17 AM PST - 13 comments

Designing and building a simple outdoor shed: advice?

Have any of you done this? I'm looking for quality designs online and any general advice from your experience. [more inside]
posted by cgs at 8:14 AM PST - 10 comments

Help me identify a song from my childhood!

For the last two weeks I've been trying to figure out how to get my hands on a cassette from my childhood since a song from the tape won't get unstuck from my head (more inside). [more inside]
posted by ofcourseican at 7:56 AM PST - 3 comments

Looking for some outdoor gear (apparel) for a trip

I am planning a biking/hiking and cycling trip in the Fall and I am looking for some suggestions for things to wear (I have all of the other essentials - food, tent, supplies, etc). [more inside]
posted by dbirchum at 6:09 AM PST - 7 comments

New (older) Home Purchase - List of Must Haves and Must NOT Haves

Hello! We were asked by our RE Agent to provide a list of "must have, " "would like to have," and "definitely must NOT have" items as we start our search. We pretty much have the first two sections covered, but haven't really thought out the "must NOT haves" for our future home. We've started a short list, but we don't know what we may be missing... any suggestions? [more inside]
posted by funfunfun at 5:10 AM PST - 85 comments

My parents are very perplexed by all this

Tell me about your transition from white collar to blue collar work. Bonus points if you're a woman or in a trade union. [more inside]
posted by showbiz_liz at 5:09 AM PST - 18 comments

July 23

Advice for subletting a room - when you have a flatmate?

My roommate and I signed a 16th month lease back in January. Great place in SF. But I just made a positive life decision which means I need to move out. Have you ever sublet a room? What advice do you have? More details inside... [more inside]
posted by Mushroom12345 at 10:33 PM PST - 18 comments

Cheap parking in Sydney near The Star for two nights?

I'm unexpectedly staying at Astral Tower and Residences at The Star from this Sunday until Tuesday. Is there a cheap overnight-plus-day-plus-overnight parking alternative nearby? [more inside]
posted by malibustacey9999 at 8:12 PM PST - 5 comments

Will I ever be able to be trusted if I have been "the other man"?

My girlfriend is having a difficult time trusting me after I revealed I had in the past canoodled with a girl who had a boyfriend. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:10 PM PST - 68 comments

ESL classes in Atlanta metro area

Can anyone recommend any places/people (universities/community colleges, private teachers, nonprofit organizations, etc) that do ESL lessons in the Atlanta metro area and that do a good job for their students? [more inside]
posted by dubhemerak3000 at 7:27 PM PST - 2 comments

Iceland with young boys over Christmas

My family is going to Iceland over Christmas vacation! Yay! But.. well, the reasons are mostly "it's cheap to get to" and "it's different than anywhere we've ever been" and "it's time the kids start learning how much bigger the world is than the United States". Are we insane? [more inside]
posted by DoubtingThomas at 7:13 PM PST - 7 comments

The equivalent of copy prn in ubuntu

I currently use an xp computer with the command window (run--> command) to send a file over the parallel port with the "copy prn" command. I haven't been able to figure out how to do this under ubuntu, but need to switch over to using an ubuntu laptop that I have here. Seems like it should be a straightforward task? I am not too clear on what the copy command is doing, really, though, even.
posted by Nish ton at 6:13 PM PST - 6 comments

Are potential employers finding something negative in my background?

Is there a way to find out if potential employers are finding something negative in my background check? [more inside]
posted by bolquist at 6:11 PM PST - 18 comments

A jury summons mess.

I was away for a bit, on vacation. During that time, a federal jury summons came in the mail (with no postmark date). I got it today, when I got my big pile of mail that arrived while I was gone. It wants me to report on Monday, July 27th. Monday, July 27th is my first day in a new role/new department at work and I cannot miss it. [more inside]
posted by millipede at 5:54 PM PST - 26 comments

Should I switch therapists?

I'm trying to figure out, a few sessions into therapy, whether my feelings of initial apathy, now verging on annoyance, are a reason to consider looking for a new therapist or not. Special snowflake details inside. [more inside]
posted by mister pointy at 5:41 PM PST - 8 comments

My girlfriend & business partner has been refused a visa. What can I do?

My Colombian girlfriend/partner has just been refused a visa to come to the UK (this is the refusal letter). More details inside, but in short – she was here for a couple of years. She bought a return ticket to London for two reasons: we're launching the app in Edinburgh that we built together together and it's our 1 year anniversary. She got refused visa today. What can I do?! [more inside]
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Bankcard Technophage

I am with Scotia Bank in Canada, and between every 3 and 6 weeks, my bank card just stops working. Scotia has prevented people from swiping it. It leaves me without cash. I cannot take money out, and I cannot use it on POS terminals. [more inside]
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Little Free Library for Dummies

Where can I find the simplest possible instructions for building a Little Free Library, from wood, from scratch? [more inside]
posted by mermily at 3:48 PM PST - 7 comments

I've made a huge mistake

I've started shooting photos with film. What are the differences between the kinds of film? [more inside]
posted by the man of twists and turns at 3:14 PM PST - 18 comments

No dirty limericks, but a veiled sonnet would be nice

Wedding poetry recommendations for a pair of active, late 20-somethings? [more inside]
posted by a lungful of dragon at 2:37 PM PST - 12 comments

SO wants to Probate his dad's will on his own, how hard is it?

His dad passed away suddenly 2 weeks ago, it's been an extremely difficult time and he and his sisters just want to get through his financial things and move on. They feel uneasy about paying such high fees for a lawyer to probate it and are looking into doing it themselves, is this a smart move? [more inside]
posted by bluehermit at 2:11 PM PST - 16 comments

Help us plan a decentralized wedding reception!

"Can't travel? Hate the relatives? Let US bring the wedding to YOU!" That's our upcoming pitch to family/friends, anyway. Help us elope and eat our cake, too. [more inside]
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Best aggregating art exhibition calls website?

I loved artpoints.net/calendar, but apparently they've shut down as of June 14th. Is there another impartial aggregator of art exhibition calls? I can search callforentry.org or other commercial sites but they only list opportunities run through their own service. I liked that artpoints.net/calendar was a one-stop shop that listed regionally, by date, with call restrictions and details.
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Am I Actually Employable?

I got a Masters in Entomology in May of 2014 and I've been looking for a job doing...pretty much anything in science since then. After a pretty crushing rejection earlier this month from a position I thought I'd get, I'm starting to wonder - am I even employable anymore? Snowflake details below the fold. [more inside]
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ovary much want to give my eggs

A friend recently asked me to be her egg donor. I'm looking for reliable resources that explain complication risks, and also any anecdotes with regards to this process. [more inside]
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The perfect grad school bag?

I'll be starting a 2-year master's program in August, and I want the perfect school bag! Requirements: 1) stylish, 2) fits a 14" laptop and a couple of textbooks, 3) made of soft leather or sturdy canvas, 4) not a backpack, and 5) reasonably comfortable to carry. [more inside]
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Home-exchange website recommendation

Home-exchange websites: Do you have any recommendations? I'm looking to do a simultaneous swap of my 2 BR Manhattan apartment with someone in Oakland, CA (or maybe Berkeley), for 1 to 3 months, start date flexible. I live alone (non-smoker, no pets) and would be happy to take a smaller apartment. Thanks for any tips!
posted by Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell at 12:04 PM PST - 3 comments

What the fuck makeup do I wear?

I've been into fashion for awhile, but I have yet to really learn much about makeup outside of bb cream, bold lips, and cateye eyeliner. I want to develop a more versatile daytime look for my (soft autumn) coloring/look. (Blonde hair, hazel eyes, warm + fair skintone.) [more inside]
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Talk to me about flushable cat litters

We've got a single cat, in a fourth-floor walkup with the garbage room in the basement. It would be nice not to have to run to the basement every time I empty the litter box (and I'm not so thrilled with the idea of letting a few days' worth of cat poop accumulate in a bin before carrying it out to the trash). What is the situation with flushable cat litters? Are any of them worth using? Any downsides I should be aware of?
posted by nebulawindphone at 11:52 AM PST - 35 comments

Help me devise a customized spending reporting system

I want to provide updated weekly or daily report of our spending to my wife. Here's what I want to do: 1. Track expenses in MS Money (I've been using for 11 years, not negotiable) 2. Export Report from MS Money into a drive on my computer (or can e-mail csv to an e-mail address) 3. File gets synced somehow 4. Wife goes to a URL and can read the csv, potentially formatted in her browser whenever she likes. [more inside]
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How much should my ceiling fan installation cost?

We're looking to have two ceiling fans installed, and have gotten a couple of estimates that are much higher than we anticipated. Any educated guesses as to what this might cost in your neck of the woods? [more inside]
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What's a good US naturalization present?

My brother-in-law got naturalized on Tuesday and my wife and I want to get him a present. I'm thinking something tied to America, nice quality and perhaps something he can hang or display, though I'm flexible on that last requirement. [more inside]
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NASA just identified an Earth-like planet. What's next?

NASA has identified that Kepler-452b is Earthlike. How do we find out more about Kepler-452b and similar planets? [more inside]
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Why won't Google show me a URL for an image search?

When I do a search in Google (in every browser on my Mountain Lion Mac), in the URL field there is the URL for the google search. Of course. If I click on "images," instead of a URL showing, I now just get the search response (ie, searching for "what the hell", instead of showing 'https://google.com/search+whateverblahblahblah' it just shows "what the hell" in the URL field. This is new since yesterday! Any ideas to reset it? Thanks.
posted by betsbillabong at 10:46 AM PST - 8 comments

What is the least-sucky Android phone with a physical keyboard?

My current phone, a Samsung Galaxy S5, is all sorts of smashed and dying. I would like a replacement that runs a recent build of Android, works on my carrier (Verizon), and has a physical keyboard. Halp? (Details inside.) [more inside]
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Nature is scary. Help scare me more!

I am obsessed with extreme nature - tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, harsh environments (think Mt. Everest or deep oceans), extreme weather - basically anything about how big and scary and unpredictable the earth is. I want to get my hands on more articles, books, and documentaries (preferably available online) to quench my appetite for more. [more inside]
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What do I do with this money?

I find myself in possession of $2500 that isn't mine, and due to a series of events I'm not sure what to do with it. [more inside]
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Beginner Programmer Salaries in NYC?

I'm a brand-new full-stack web developer (with an emphasis on front-end) at a small NYC startup. I'm on contract but will probably be asked if I want to permanently join the team next week. What offer would be too low for me to say yes? [more inside]
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Seeking a rewards credit card that will email me my balance daily

I'm looking for a rewards credit card that will email me my balance--not just my purchases--daily. My current card will email me all my purchases as part of its fraud alert service, but I still have to log in to check my balance. Do you have or know of a card that will email me my balance? I'm pretty sure I had one like 15 years ago, but I don't remember what bank it was with.
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Someone Talking about Debbie Harry

I am reasonably certain that at some point in the last 10-15 years, I saw a very short clip of someone talking about the Blondie disco song Rapture making rap safe for America: something something about all it took was a white girl from Jersey. [more inside]
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If one of us has to fold, I'd prefer it be the Salux Nylon Cloth

Origami aficionados of MeFi: please help me fold a Salux Nylon Cloth into a comfortable washing mitt! [more inside]
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Trying to understand adolescent 'stepkids'

I sometimes spend time w/ my SO's kids. (late teens, boy and girl) Sometimes things are smooth, sometimes rocky, mostly kind of polite, but awkward. [more inside]
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Shower in PVG

Is there any place for me (and possibly up to 12 other people) to change and shower in Shanghai Pudong airport prior to a long flight?
posted by btfreek at 7:39 AM PST - 6 comments

Gamifying an interactive book

Suppose your favourite childhood book is being brought to the iPad (tablet), how would you gamify it? I'm setting this as a challenge for my game design students but I thought it was such an interesting question, I'd love to hear all your thoughts.
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Mary needs a room (no Wise Men or Guys, pls)

I am a poor planner and need a hotel room tonight in New Jersey, but I'll be driving most of the day. Metafilter, will you please find me a hotel room? [more inside]
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What is a beagle, really?

Say you have two pure-bred dogs: a pug and a beagle. If you breed them, you will end up with a crossbreed of two purebreds: a puggle. Is it possible to breed two true puggles and end up with a dog that is by breed standards (or genetic standards?) identical to a pure-bred pug or beagle? Thank you.
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USA -> U.K. candy suggestions

I am shipping a work related box to colleagues I barely know in London (field: medical research). There is some extra room in the box and I thought it might be nice to send them some simple, small treat you can easily buy in any US convenience store but that might be difficult to find or would at least be a novelty there. What would you suggest or should I just resist this urge and stick to business as usual?
posted by roue at 7:07 AM PST - 44 comments

Who fixes my garage floor?

What tradesman would I call to fix a busted (not just cracked) on-grade slab concrete floor in my garage? [more inside]
posted by Admiral Haddock at 6:43 AM PST - 6 comments

No, really, you shouldn't have

How do I react to someone else's emotional labor? [more inside]
posted by chainsofreedom at 6:42 AM PST - 38 comments

Help me get INTO hot water.

Does running the hot water on full help the hot water reach the faucet more quickly than running a hot/cold water mix? [more inside]
posted by Tehhund at 6:39 AM PST - 7 comments

Books about consumer technology standardization

At first there was HD DVD and BluRay and there was a sales war. Presumably, both standards sold, but BluRay sold better and the consumers who bought HD DVD technology were left with junk. I'm looking for books that describe this type of process of technology standardization and adoption in technology. [more inside]
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Tax payment on annuity payout.

I recently received some money (less than $50K) from an annuity held by my late mother. No taxes were withheld at the time. I'm pretty sure I need to pay income tax on this money -- do I need to pay it now, as an estimated tax? (This is in the U.S.) I seem to recall reading that if I wait until next April I may be subject to some kind of penalty. What I think I need are links to info -- I'm not readily finding what I want to know at the IRS website.
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Help us get our kitty back with lojack

This scamp has a habit of visiting our neighborhood park. There's a greenway behind the park where he will ramble during the day. We're looking for a kitty GPS (or RFID and reader) that will give us a bead on where he is. [more inside]
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Car won't start--ruled out the usual suspects..what next?

I have a 2008 Dodge caliber base model, CVT. It's been making more noise than usual lately, and sometimes it feels like it's going to stall out at traffic lights. I got an oil change yesterday, and that seemed to help with the noise a little, however when I got home, I started it to show the noise to a friend (it was difficult to describe) and, although it didn't die while on, after turning off then it now will not start. [more inside]
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New York in a Day

I'll be able to visit New York City on the 3rd of August. I'll be there for just the one day. I'll be in Manhattan, that's where my friend works and I'll be going into the city with her in the morning. She has to work, while I'll have the day to wander and explore. [more inside]
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Is this what a hard drive does when it's dying?

All of a sudden since yesterday my computer has been practically unusable. I originally thought that Windows Defender was going crazy because everything had ground to a halt but I could still see it accessing files via the resource monitor. I eventually killed it, but nothing improved. I'm starting to think my hard drive is dying but I've never had a problem like this before. [more inside]
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An easy solution to a single website login?

The situation is that I manage a bunch of websites & web services, all with their own separate user accounts. It would be useful to unify all these logins. The problem is that the software infrastructure necessary to support unified logins is way beyond my capabilities. Is there a suitable technology shortcut or a way I can cheaply buy such a service? [more inside]
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Gift-Filter: 10-year anniversary next week. Halp.

Next week it'll be ten years since Mr Bookish and I started dating. Somehow it feels like my go-to gift ideas are not an option for this momentous event - and I am notoriously bad at thinking of gifts anyway. Help me out here. [more inside]
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What Seattle restaurants serve 'authentic' non-American cuisine?

Looking for recommendations for Seattle restaurants serving cuisine from other countries that are notably popular with people from that country. Chinese restaurants loved by people from China, Swedish restaurants frequented by people from Sweden, Italian enjoyed by Italians, Ethiopian patronized by Ethiopians, et cetera. [more inside]
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July 22

Did people actually say "shwench"?

Many years ago I read this William Safire article in which he claims that "shwench" is 1985 slang for a female college first-year. Did anyone ever actually use this completely bogus-sounding slang term? [more inside]
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Was the art of film making developed with white skin in mind?

I've read that the art of film making was developed with white skin in mind. Are there articles or books that describe this bias in more detail? I remember reading somewhere that The Wire, having to film many scenes featuring only black people, developed techniques to film black skin more effectively. Is that true? Thank you.
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iTunes Media Kind Stuck on Music

I burned an audiobook from CDs, but I cannot change the Media Kind. It's stuck on Music. [more inside]
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Black and silver damask sweatshirt

I saw a woman in downtown Seattle today wearing a black, long-sleeve pullover sweatshirt that had an all-over print of shiny silver damask - not unlike these leggings, except in sweatshirt form. Google hasn't turned up anything, but I desperately want one! Any ideas where to look? thanks!
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Employment contract question

I signed a contract with an employer and once I started I found out they were not honest with me regarding the type and volume of work to be done. They said I have a lot of two types of exams when I have few of those, and I have many exams of a type I have little experience in and do not care for. They also told me it would be a busy environment but in reality it is very slow, some days I do none, or maybe one or two exams all day. There is not enough work to justify having a person in my profession on as full time. [more inside]
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All Hail the Great Pumpkin!

For the first time ever in my life, I have a giant display window at the front of my house, and I want to do the biggest, baddest Halloween display ever! But I have no idea what to do! Help!! [more inside]
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a few nights in Paris...family vacation edition

Am looking for recommendations of a house or other no-shared-walls place to stay, in Paris and/or surrounding area. It's key that we rent something like a house because my 1-year old screams loudly at night and we don't want to disturb neighbours (has happened in the past, in a hotel). More below! [more inside]
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How Does One Thank A Lawyer Who Works For Free?

A family acquaintance (he and my parents belong to the same hobby group but are not particularly close) is a lawyer who is negotiating down debt for me after an extremely expensive medical issue was not covered by insurance. He has been exceedingly generous with his time, and refuses any payment. But just saying 'hey thanks' and going on my way feels awful. [more inside]
posted by Ink-stained wretch at 7:53 PM PST - 22 comments

Escaping the Ivory Tower -- as a middle-aged, tenured professor

Is it even remotely possible for me, a middle-aged, tenured professor in the humanities with a child to support, to leave academia? If so, how do I do it? Way more details follow below. [more inside]
posted by pleasant_confusion at 6:50 PM PST - 31 comments

Norwegian/Scandinavian food?

So... the ethnic food thread got me wondering. What restaurants are there where you can get more "authentic" Norwegian/Scandinavian food? [more inside]
posted by Zalzidrax at 5:53 PM PST - 13 comments

The dirt on Branson

Is Branson, Missouri worth a visit? The visitors in question are gay guys who would be flying in from all over the country. [more inside]
posted by roger ackroyd at 5:46 PM PST - 21 comments

How do I deal with contemptuous people?

Without going into too much detail, I'd love to know the most effective way to combat contempt amongst coworkers, bosses, and fellow members of social circles. I have attempted "killing them with kindness," but it seems to have little impact on diffusing situations where I am treated with disgust. Any help would be much appreciated.
posted by aristotlefangirl at 5:17 PM PST - 20 comments

Gift to Wedding Officiant

The priest from my church will be marrying us. He is not asking for a fee, so we'd like to make a contribution to the church and a gift to him. Any thoughts on what would be appropriate? [more inside]
posted by noonday at 5:06 PM PST - 15 comments

How do I make the most of this apartment layout?

I am considering moving into an apartment that has couple of pillars inside it and I want to know what the best way to design around them is. [more inside]
posted by miles1972 at 3:43 PM PST - 19 comments

unhack the planet!

An old password of mine has been compromised, and someone has been using that information in the past 30 minutes or so. What can I do? [more inside]
posted by ghostbikes at 3:25 PM PST - 17 comments

How to back-up iPhone to iTunes then restore

Should be simple, right,? But I am being thwarted at every turn. [more inside]
posted by Dorothea_in_Rome at 3:25 PM PST - 4 comments

How to entertain people on a bus ride?

I will be taking a trip with 20 customers and their wives in a bus. We will be riding on the bus about 3-4 hours daily. I will have access to the bus microphone as I am the pseudo tour leader. What are some great ways to keep them entertained ? Creative game ideas?
posted by djfreex at 3:16 PM PST - 14 comments

Communication vs Communications

A recent question here involved a job title with the word Communications in it. I thought, from the job description, that Communication (no s) was the more appropriate word--but apparently I was wrong. Can someone explain why? [more inside]
posted by mpark at 2:55 PM PST - 9 comments

Survey tool

Looking for a free (or inexpensive) online survey tool that will allow a group of users to scroll through a list of 700 items and select any number of about five checkboxes alongside each. Yes, 700 items. And I place a high priority on not having to retype them into the form builder. All of the tools I've seen so far don't seem to allow importing of text. Are there any that do?
posted by Framer at 2:43 PM PST - 6 comments

UFOs, recreational suicide, and Texas kitsch, in song.

I had this album in the early 90s that featured a woman singing songs about committing recreational suicide, being abducted by UFOs, and Elvis, and I remember really adoring it. But now age and senility have caught up with me, and I have no idea who this woman was. Help? [more inside]
posted by Pecinpah at 2:40 PM PST - 12 comments

Last Day of Ireland Vacation

My family (two American Gen Xers and a 17yo) has one day left in our trip, and we would appreciate suggestions of how to spend it. [more inside]
posted by chaoticgood at 2:20 PM PST - 7 comments

Garrrr...zzz... Pain makes me sleepy

Whenever I get low nagging pain (toothache, for example) it always triggers tiredness. What is this? Is it normal? [more inside]
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Where are the hipster barbers in north-central Massachusetts?

Tell me about your excellent barber in the greater Gardner/Leominster/Fitchburg area who keeps up with current trends! Criteria: Knows what the hell I'm talking about when I tell them I'm trying to achieve a "slicked back undercut". [more inside]
posted by usonian at 1:47 PM PST - 4 comments

What jobs* involve sorting lots of junk and determining its value?

*not including thrift stores. I have very strong feelings about the horrific amount of trash generated by a consumer society with a fixation on cheapness and disposability. I would love to work with an organization that had sustainability high on it's list of priorities. Here there be snowflakes. [more inside]
posted by contemporarySlob at 1:18 PM PST - 15 comments

A way to automatically generate a list of hyperlinks from directory tree

I have the need to periodically crawl our FTP archive and generate HTML hyperlinks for each file in the tree. This seems like the sort of thing that would be perfect for a script to do, but I have no idea where to start. I have shell access to the server. Is there a relatively simple way to do this? It doesn't need to retain the "tree" structure, even just a pile of filenames converted to hyperlinks would be fine. [more inside]
posted by xedrik at 1:04 PM PST - 7 comments

Are physical signature cards required for safe deposit box access?

While accessing my safe deposit box at Bank of America, I discovered my branch has eliminated their paper signature card system. This concerns me, aren't banks required to maintain physical signature cards for safe deposit box access? [more inside]
posted by jamaro at 12:55 PM PST - 10 comments

Help me chill out

I need to create more (some) airflow in my apartment. I will be using fans. What's the best way to do this? [more inside]
posted by cotton dress sock at 12:51 PM PST - 12 comments

Before this, is was "Ace of Spades"

My iTunes car setup is such that when I start my car, iTunes starts playing my songs in alphabetical order. That means I always hear the song "Abacab" by Genesis first. While I like the song, I'm wondering what other songs out there (available through iTunes Music) might be even earlier in the alphabet that I could hear instead. Suggest them to me! [more inside]
posted by Lucinda at 12:50 PM PST - 21 comments

What are the best online stores that build custom gaming computers?

I'm looking for any online stores with good ratings that will build custom computers. As in you pick out all the specific parts you want (case, motherboard, cooling, storage, etc..) and they build it for you. I thought about doing it myself but i just don't know enough about it all to do that yet. I know that NCIX does what i'm wanting but i've heard a mixture of bad and good reviews so i'm not sure if i should go with them or not.
posted by earthquakeglue at 12:49 PM PST - 7 comments

What is the most politically correct way to say you don't want kids?

Neither I, nor my partner, ever want kids. One problem- due to my profession, 85% of my clients are pregnant women, my services center around childbirth, and potential clients almost always ask me about having kids. Polite, cheerful, brief, honest replies ("No, not for us") have lost me potential clients. Suggestions from the hive mind?
posted by anonymous at 12:30 PM PST - 52 comments

YANMD: Vitamin B injection side effects?

I have been getting Vitamin B-6 and Vitamin B-12 shots on a semi-regular basis for a few months and I've got some questions about possible side effects. [more inside]
posted by janey47 at 12:17 PM PST - 1 comment

Heart-shaped box of coffees, please

I wanna eat a coffee bar. Does it exist?? [more inside]
posted by artdrectr at 11:18 AM PST - 14 comments

Is it time to put my '99 Honda Civic to pasture?

'99 Civic Four-Door. 101k miles. $2k in repairs over the past year. Now needs new O2 sensors and brake lines, coming to $850 or so. Should I stay or should I go? Snowflake details inside. [more inside]
posted by HeroZero at 11:01 AM PST - 22 comments

What's the safest way to buy something remotely on craigslist?

I'd like to do what craigslist clearly says not to do: buy something remotely without meeting the person, or seeing the item in person. I live in Austin, and I found an item I'm very interested in… but it's in Omaha. What's the best way to do something like this, ensuring safety for both buyer and seller? [more inside]
posted by jeffxl at 9:51 AM PST - 23 comments

Posting the same link from an RSS feeds to twitter several times a day.

Is there a (free) service which will allow me to automatically post the same link from an RSS feed (in other words my blog) automatically to twitter four or five (scheduled) times a day? ifttt.com only allows you to do this once as its posted and Buffer only allows for a single scheduled time or different links at different times.
posted by feelinglistless at 9:30 AM PST - 5 comments

I planted chicory, and I got...?

We have a small garden that we planted with chicory and bishop's flower. What we got was not. What is it? [more inside]
posted by SemiSalt at 9:24 AM PST - 4 comments

To woo or not to woo, and how to woo if I do?

I went on a date with an amazing woman, she told me she thinks I'm amazing but just isn't feeling the chemistry. Been there, done that, but this time I'd kind of like to *not* just give up. I know rom coms have lied to us all, but surely it's possible to try to court a woman without coming off as a creepster? [more inside]
posted by rkriger at 9:13 AM PST - 72 comments

Difficulty in landing a higher-education position in New Jersey

So, we're thinking of moving to New Jersey to be closer to family - my partner's mother is older and my family is aging and splintered. Sigh. Although we like our current city, we believe Jersey may be our best option. Shake the snowglobe, 'cause there's snowflakes inside. [more inside]
posted by singmespanishtechno at 9:09 AM PST - 11 comments

What green vegetable did I buy at the farmer's market?

Vegetable ID question: what edible green did I buy at the farmer's market? [more inside]
posted by Knicke at 9:02 AM PST - 4 comments

Is it foolish to try to train for a career as a welder at age 45?

I quit the corporate life and I'm not interested in going back. I've always thought welding was an awesome skill, so I found a school in Ohio called Hobart that has an 18 month certification course in welding. It's not cheap but I'm willing to invest the money if I have a good chance of finding employment as a rookie 45 year old welder. Is this unwise? Will my age make it impossible to find an entry level welding job? Will I be discriminated against indefinitely or do skills matter more than age?
posted by spicynuts at 8:52 AM PST - 10 comments

Trying to find these vintage-style toggle switches

Can anyone identify a manufacturer who makes these toggle switches? I'd like to get ahold of some, and want to know if they're still being manufactured, or, alternatively if there's a good source for them. This photo is of a Technics RS-263AUS cassette tape deck. Thanks for any help!
posted by dmalashock at 8:28 AM PST - 8 comments

BookFilter: Gimme Non-Fiction...

...preferably about the following subjects: The British Isles, London, food, travel, weird or interesting history in general. [more inside]
posted by Kitteh at 7:55 AM PST - 29 comments

Oh, er sorry, wrong floor.

If you hit the wrong button in an elevator, is there a way to "de-select" that floor? [more inside]
posted by grateful at 7:37 AM PST - 17 comments

How is the channel quality & user experience on the Tablo DVR?

I had a Simple.tv, but it stunk. Channel quality was terrbile with my Mohu Leaf - when I plug the Leaf directly into my TV I received more channels, and in better quality. With Simple.tv not only did I not get all of the channels, but it was also terrible to use, constant freezing, needing to reboot, stuttering picture. I'm considering the Tablo or the Roamio OTA, but the monthly sub for the Roamio is $10 more than Tablo's.... are there any satisfied Tablo owners that can give me the green light?
posted by fumbducker at 5:50 AM PST - 2 comments

So, when does the blacklist happen?

My friend has been evicted before and is in the process of possibly being evicted again (currently in the midst of court proceedings). Will she end up on the blacklist for landlords immediately or is there time? [more inside]
posted by rancher at 5:44 AM PST - 26 comments

Jade Plant Collapsed, why?

I checked my plants on my porch today and noticed that one of my jade plants had folded over like a popped balloon. Looking around online I think it sounds like it got a bad case of root rot, but is that right, and can I do anything but throw it out? Picture here. [more inside]
posted by 23 at 1:42 AM PST - 7 comments

What kinds of futuristic things would tweens want to learn about?

What are some cool futuristic-related companies or organizations that would be interesting subject matter for tweens? I produce kids programming, and I'm looking for interesting subjects--robots, flying cars, tech, 3D printing/electronics, drones, etc. Time to poll the mega-interesting members of MeFi!! [more inside]
posted by bienbiensuper at 12:58 AM PST - 15 comments

July 21

Help me come up with a job title

I will soon be starting a new role at the school I work at that combines a lot of different stuff that I'm currently doing. I want to come up with a title that emcompasses all three jobs. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:51 PM PST - 5 comments

Did I mess up my security clearance by confirming other citizenship?

I didn't know I was a citizen of another country, as well as of the US, at the time I got a position of public trust clearance. I now know that I am, and I know because I asked the other country and they said "yep, sure are." Did I screw up my clearance? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:50 PM PST - 14 comments

What should my job title be for this communications work I do?

I need help coming up with a job title that is related to communications and writing. Would folks in the field take a look at what I do and offer some ideas? The goal is to get a job title that reflects what I do, but also positions me well for when my career progresses beyond my current role. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:50 PM PST - 12 comments

I know that I hung on a wind-rocked tree, nine whole nights...

The Norse god, Odin, in his guise of the Traveller, is usually described as wearing a blue or black cloak and a broad-brimmed hat. Cosplayer MeFites: what *kind* of hat would you wear, based on that description? [more inside]
posted by hanov3r at 10:18 PM PST - 6 comments

Help me find a quote like this?

I'm trying to find a quote that fits a romantic (but not overly saccharine) mood that basically says "I do this because of my love for you, I believe in it because you believe in it, I stand by your side against adversity because I know I am with you."
posted by cyrusw8 at 9:59 PM PST - 15 comments

Help me find my people - online or group support for infidelity

So this is me. My husband cheated on me (twice), and at this point, I really need a safe place to share my experience and the experiences of others. There seem to be an endless number of online forums for this, but the ones I have explored have all been really religious (not my thing), really hostile (understandable but not my style), or all about reconciliation at all costs. Please help me find the support I need. [more inside]
posted by Lamb_Chop at 7:52 PM PST - 13 comments

give me your colorful, cute, glam office supplies yearning to be free

I'm trying to find colorful and/or cute and/or glamorously lady-style desk accessories and office supplies. Where should I go looking? Are there blogs that I should look at? [more inside]
posted by joyceanmachine at 7:17 PM PST - 20 comments

What are these artifacts in pictures taken on my phone camera?

My wife and I both are using MotoX (2014) phones that are only a couple of months old, and we both keep finding strange artifacts in our photos. For an example, see this picture: Image with artifacts. (look at the faces) [more inside]
posted by chrisamiller at 6:59 PM PST - 19 comments

Introduce us to Chicago

We’ve never been to Chicago, but we’re moving there. A reconnaissance trip is in order! I’m looking for some pointers on what to do, where to go--and possibly also how to find an apartment. [more inside]
posted by snorkmaiden at 6:50 PM PST - 17 comments

Should I stay or should I go now?

I'm asking a question for my boyfriend. We currently work at a large company and our department is soon, i.e. the end of the year, to be dissolved and all of us will be losing our jobs. They will be providing severance packages. [more inside]
posted by hazel79 at 6:27 PM PST - 16 comments

Good iphone/ipad apps for chinese (esp character) practice?

So I decided to take the plunge and begin studying the chinese characters (before now I was still studying chinese, but only focusing on pinyin and speaking). My chinese teacher is elated! And I'm deflated. What are some good tools for study? [more inside]
posted by wooh at 6:13 PM PST - 7 comments

Noise insulating headphones for my mutant ears

Noise attenuating headphones needed. Difficulty level: broad-brimmed hats and mutant ears. [more inside]
posted by Dreadnought at 5:53 PM PST - 11 comments

How to construct a stage platform to reduce footstep noise / bass?

Historically I have not been an incredibly handy person, but I currently find myself in the process of DIY building a few modular stage platforms from 2x4s and 3/4" plywood which will be clamped together to serve as a stage for a blackbox theatre space that I run (used for improv, sketch and stand-up comedy). Does anyone have any construction tips or recommendations to dampen the noise from footsteps? [more inside]
posted by adamk at 5:44 PM PST - 10 comments

Why is this song difficult (for me) to sing?

We use Gillian Welch's "I Dream a Highway" for a car sleepy song for our kids. I can sing along alright, but when I try to sing it by myself (without the song playing) I can't seem to get the tune right... [more inside]
posted by pennypiper at 5:43 PM PST - 10 comments

Where to find cheap housing in Seattle area?

I'm considering relocating to Seattle from the Midwest for a new job but am very concerned about affordable housing. Looking for a house or apartment rental within an hour's distance via public transit, if possible. Would like to spend between $1,000 and $1,500 if possible. Can go a bit higher. Would like a lot of space -- ideally, 1000 square feet. This would be for my wife, myself and our dog. Any advice about where I should be looking would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
posted by DougieGee at 5:01 PM PST - 18 comments

Convert "drawn" diagrams to visio-like diagrams ?

Does software exist which will convert "drawn" diagrams to visio-like diagrams ? [more inside]
posted by southof40 at 4:14 PM PST - 6 comments

Aruba - what to do; where to eat

Going to Aruba with the spouse and two teenage boys (13 and 16) next week. I am a sit on the beach kind of guy, but they like activities. Two questions: [more inside]
posted by qldaddy at 3:11 PM PST - 6 comments

Advanced Istanbul

I'll be spending 2 full days in Istanbul at the end of this month. It's my 5th time in this city; I think I've done all the touristy, central Istanbul things over the past three years. So what have I missed? What's worth a visit out in the suburbs? What about a day trip somewhere by train/coach? [more inside]
posted by sarahdal at 3:09 PM PST - 13 comments

Depression Triggered By Overeating? The Wrong Food?

Before we get going on this....Some will say this is psychological, but I need to say that whatever goes wrong, it's like a switch is thrown and it lasts for days. I seem to have a depression set in when I over-eat, or perhaps ingest the wrong ingredient. There is something physical going on that causes me to drastically not think the same. I start flip-flopping on things I was firm on, I have no strength mentally for socializing, and certainly none for confrontation to the point where I would get taken advantage of without fighting it. That isn't me. when it goes away, it does so fairly quickly, within a half of a day. [more inside]
posted by Shylo at 3:03 PM PST - 32 comments

Actually educational toddler / preschool apps

There are so many terrible educational apps which seem to be a combination of flash cards / slot machine with in-app purchases or hard to avoid ads. What are your favorite tablet apps which actually have taught your toddler something other than randomly swiping around the screen? [more inside]
posted by benzenedream at 2:31 PM PST - 21 comments

It's a cat food question

My question is essentially what is the best food option for an elderly cat with tooth problems (and potentially digestive as well)? And the caveats are that this is in the UK, on a limited budget, and the owner is both somewhat frail (so labour-intensive options are out) and stubbornly determined that she knows best - so I'm looking for personal experience and online resources/guidelines that I can present in the most straightforward manner. [more inside]
posted by an opinicus at 2:29 PM PST - 11 comments

Wordpress DB growing too large?

I have a wordpress site running WooCommerce. I'm getting a couple dozen notices from Webfaction each day saying that a mysql query has taken longer than a minute and has been killed. [more inside]
posted by humboldt32 at 2:26 PM PST - 13 comments

Nighttime San Francisco for the introverted solo traveller

I'm going to be stopping in SF for a few nights next week (Sunday-Thursday) en route from London to Portland, and realise I've no real idea of what to do with myself in the evenings (daytime is fine)... [more inside]
posted by influx at 2:15 PM PST - 18 comments

Are career counsellors offering this advice now?

We're hiring at my office. A fair number of applicants have sent emails/called asking basically this: I have applied (or I plan to apply) for the job, can I set up a meeting with you to discuss my qualifications and how I might be a great match for the position? [more inside]
posted by Lescha at 2:15 PM PST - 22 comments

Does the Oregon Lemon Law cover motorcycles?

I purchased a 2014 Genuine Stella Automatic last fall, and it has been in and out of the shop ever since. I'm trying to figure out if I have any recourse for getting a refund or a replacement. [more inside]
posted by o0dano0o at 2:07 PM PST - 6 comments

How to interview and old friend

I'm preparing to video record an interview or interviews with my friend who is 95 years old. I'm making lists of questions and another friend has the video equipment, editing software and experience using them. But I'd like some sources of information about how to best and most creatively accomplish this project -- the interview, the editing, and the final format. [more inside]
posted by partner at 1:32 PM PST - 8 comments

Malaysia reading materials

Recommend to me books about Malaysia, its history, politics, culture and society. [more inside]
posted by tavegyl at 1:22 PM PST - 6 comments

Why did my student loan payment go up?

I am on income-based repayment plans for my student loans. When I renewed them for this year, one of my loan servicers increased my payment by over $100 per month, even though my income and family size haven't changed. Why? And what can I do about it? [more inside]
posted by Cash4Lead at 12:57 PM PST - 11 comments

Should I live with a complete stranger?

So I'm thinking about renting a part of my home to a complete stranger. Now what?? [more inside]
posted by fresh-rn at 12:55 PM PST - 9 comments

Coastal property purchase in light of recent sea level predictions?

How seriously should I take James Hanson's sea level predictions as I decide where to buy our vacation/retirement home? [more inside]
posted by BigLankyBastard at 12:31 PM PST - 14 comments

More like Faith No More

I've recently become enamoured with Faith No More's catalogue after only being familiar with the famous "Epic" from when I was a kid. I want other heavy-yet-tuneful music recommendations. [more inside]
posted by oceanview at 12:27 PM PST - 40 comments

Translation of Hebrew Signage on Small Building

There is this odd little building in my neighborhood and I would really like to know what the sign on it says and what it could possibly be used for. I saw it being built over the past year, but I have no clue what it is. Here is the building and this is the sign on front.
posted by Julnyes at 12:11 PM PST - 5 comments

Vacation reading sought, car trip with a young child edition

I'm looking for absorbing newer fiction in two genres: 1) young adult fantasy and 2) 'literary' with female protagonists (for example Room, the Secret Life of Bees, anything by Alice Munroe). Snowflake details inside. [more inside]
posted by kitcat at 12:10 PM PST - 21 comments

My pants dreams are wrought of a cotton-nylon blend

So, I found these super bright red cargo-ish pants on sale for $20. They are AWESOME. Super comfortable, great for everything from gardening to dance practice. If I could get them in other colors, that would make my day! Help me source pants? [more inside]
posted by aecorwin at 12:03 PM PST - 6 comments

What are your best practices for vacationing in a car with a dog?

We're headed on a family vacation next week that will take us down the east coast from Connecticut to Florida and back. The trip will last about 14 days and we'll be in a Mazda5 (micro minivan with a 3rd row) with 2 adults, 2 kids (8 & 10) and our adult rescue dog, Henry. We've never traveled with a dog before and so are looking for suggestions on how to make this process go as smoothly as possible. [more inside]
posted by victoriab at 11:52 AM PST - 23 comments

Hit me with your best shot

What (good, tested) cocktails are made from shelf-stable components only? [more inside]
posted by carrioncomfort at 11:41 AM PST - 42 comments

Help framing request to neighbor to limit noise

We live in a fairly upscale apartment complex. I’d say that the ages in our complex range from late-20s to mid-60s ; it’s not a student-y area. The sound insulation is decent; we don’t hear a lot of everyday noise from our neighbors. Nevertheless, we’re having noise problems with our upstairs neighbors, and I’d like you’re help with fabricating reasonable requests, because I’m sleep deprived and feeling unreasonable. Venting below the fold. [more inside]
posted by Kriesa at 11:31 AM PST - 20 comments

The Name of That Band I Liked Last Year

I'm trying to remember the name of a band that I got pointed to last year (2014) and really enjoyed but can't remember now. They are a duo, I remember them being Scandinavian, the music was indie pop and vaguely Bon Iver-ish. I remember that the music video for their hit single (such as it is) told the story of a couple at a beach house and ended with a bonfire on the beach. Can anyone hope me? I'd really like to listen to the album again.
posted by Inkoate at 11:28 AM PST - 4 comments

Your one-stop cure for racial injustice denialism

Help me compile a list of links to specific, credible studies (and accessible summaries thereof) which demonstrate that anti-black racism is alive and well in America. [more inside]
posted by escape from the potato planet at 11:01 AM PST - 9 comments

OMG Save me from my adware!

I seem to have some viruses or adware installed on my computer, help me get rid of them! Images inside! [more inside]
posted by crawltopslow at 10:45 AM PST - 11 comments

Introducing honoured guests

I am responsible for introducing (in English) a number of honoured guests from Japan at an event in Canada. I am looking for the appropriate English honorifics (His Excellency, Her Honour, etc) for some specific government officials, as well as some general honorifics. [more inside]
posted by arcticwoman at 10:04 AM PST - 8 comments

How can I stop putting the carcass zone in Carcassonne?

I need help to stop finishing dead last in Carcassonne without resorting to cutthroat strategies that alienate people. I've researched strategy guides, but none that I've found is written in the "explain it like I'm five" style that I need. Please hope me learn how be competitive.
posted by lord_wolf at 9:46 AM PST - 14 comments

Engineering 101

What is the load on each of these suspension points? [more inside]
posted by Mr.Me at 9:45 AM PST - 16 comments

Can I cut down this big scary plant?

Is this Giant Hogweed or something else? [more inside]
posted by PhoBWanKenobi at 9:44 AM PST - 6 comments

Non-Basic Web Programming Resources / Workshop

I need recommendations for resources (esp. a workshop) to help improve my code, organization, and process. I work in JavaScript and PHP (Drupal). I'm not a rank amateur, but have no formal training and operate on my own. I'm essentially a junior Dec without a senior, and I expect my work is about as ugly as you're probably thinking. I need help beyond the CodeCademy / Treehouse type stuff - they're far too basic. [more inside]
posted by SirNovember at 9:07 AM PST - 7 comments

Laura Ingalls Wilder's Gold Pin

I have been searching for years for an image of the gold pin that Almanzo gave Laura when he returned from New York on Christmas Eve. Has anyone ever seen a picture of it? The description from These Happy Golden Years is: "She lifted its lid. There in a nest of soft whitecotton lay a gold bar pin. On its flat surface was etched a little house, and before it along the bar lay a tiny lake,and a spray of grasses and leaves."
posted by earlygrrl at 8:56 AM PST - 14 comments

Archived emails read on Android still showing up as unread

This is a small issue but it's been bugging me. I use AOSP Email for Android (Motorola Moto X, Android 4.4.4). I like to go through and read and archive emails on my phone. But when I look through my archives on my desktop email program (Thunderbird), the messages I archived using my phone are there, but they are still marked as unread. [more inside]
posted by mcmile at 8:31 AM PST - 3 comments

Man talking in a 90s song

What's that 90s song with the guy talking? [more inside]
posted by morganannie at 7:53 AM PST - 43 comments

What to expect from a thryroid scan?

I have 5 thyroid nodules that are over a centimeter. So the next step is a thyroid scan, where they inject radioactive iodine into a vein in my arm and then hold my head and neck in an uncomfortable position while they scan it and see which nodules are likely to be cancer. I'm wondering if anyone has had this procedure and has feedback, and also if I'd be better off at another doctor. [more inside]
posted by Melsky at 7:38 AM PST - 9 comments

Online resources for teaching basics of good document design?

I'm looking for some compact, relatively self-contained resources (posters, handouts, Youtube videos, the like) that lay out the fundamentals of usable document design in terms beginners could understand: just very basic principles like white space, balance, choosing fonts, use of color, etc. [more inside]
posted by Bardolph at 7:09 AM PST - 8 comments

Licensed divorce mediator in the Philadelphia area

I'm looking for one, any recommendations appreciated. Many thanks! [more inside]
posted by life moves pretty fast at 7:08 AM PST - 4 comments

What are the best full live concerts on youtube?

What it says on the tin folks. Having a fine old time watching Amy Winehouse at Glastonbury and the Chili Peppers at Slane Castle and wondering what other full live concerts are awesome and available to watch online (on youtube or elsewhere)?
posted by roolya_boolya at 7:00 AM PST - 23 comments

Car kill stickers for bike

WWII fighters had little icons / emblems reflecting each enemy "kill". It seems like there should be an equivalent to stick on my bike for each collision with a car that I survive. But I can't work out a good google query. Do such things exist? [more inside]
posted by andrewcooke at 6:38 AM PST - 12 comments

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

I'm searching for a new job. What are some tips or things to look out for so I can avoid being in another toxic work environment? [more inside]
posted by MeaninglessMisfortune at 6:32 AM PST - 6 comments

Is this an investment scam?

A foreign investment group cold called me with a 'fantastic investment opportunity'. This is a scam, right? If so, it's a very sophisticated one. How can I find out for sure? [more inside]
posted by A Very Muddled Alpaca at 6:23 AM PST - 16 comments

How does anyone afford to go to college?

Asking for a friend: after many false starts my friend has decided to pursue a BS in biology with the long range plan to teach middle or high school. But he is totally broke and has no plans to go into deep debt for his degree since teaching is not a lucrative career. [more inside]
posted by shaarog at 5:29 AM PST - 23 comments

Help an old guy move

I don't get along with my ex very well but always liked her dad. When his wife died and he decided he wanted to move down here I was all Yaay! My son's last grandparent wants to be near him. [more inside]
posted by Mr. Yuck at 4:49 AM PST - 13 comments

Hacks for timely responses to emails and texts

I used to be great at replying to emails and texts; now I am not. I need some ideas for methods to help me reply to people in a timely way. I could also do with some input into what is realistically considered "timely". [more inside]
posted by Ziggy500 at 4:30 AM PST - 10 comments

Risks of shipping in lieu of packing it on a plane?

Asking for Gnik Nus. Flying across the country to go rock climbing, a sport which relies on lots of heavy (and need I say pricey) gear. Will also be taking a bus from the airport to the destination. So, in an attempt to avoid lugging all the equipment, thinking about using USPS flat rate shipping boxes to have the stuff go to the house that's been rented specifically for this trip. [more inside]
posted by Neeuq Nus at 4:13 AM PST - 12 comments

Domain name squatting advice

ABC Street Association would like to have new website: www.abcstreet.com Business X, located on the street, currently owns www.abcstreet.com.au, and would like ABC Street Association to pay $20k for the address. Business X has not updated www.abcstreet.com.au in over 2 years. What should we do? [more inside]
posted by travellingincognito at 3:58 AM PST - 11 comments

Help me become Roger Ebert

When watching films or TV shows, on what basis do you deduce that screenwriting, directing, acting, casting etc. are good/bad? [more inside]
posted by frantumaglia at 3:51 AM PST - 14 comments

Making analogue photography viable

I like shooting 120 film, but due to the cost of processing and printing, I have about a dozen rolls that have been hanging around waiting for development. Is there a way for me to easily cut down the cost? [more inside]
posted by mippy at 1:44 AM PST - 17 comments

Slow internet (ADSL) since new router - is it my line attenuation?

Nothing's changed with my connection apart from I swapped out the router. So in theory microfilters etc shouldn't come into it as I simply swapped the ADSL cable that went into the back of the old router and put it into the new one. [more inside]
posted by dance at 1:38 AM PST - 5 comments

Money money money

I have a friend that I met while living in West Africa who seems to think that I'm now a lifeline, which is unsustainable and I'm unsure of what to do. [more inside]
posted by Enchanting Grasshopper at 12:21 AM PST - 17 comments

July 20

It's got to get bad before it gets good

How do you make yourself keep taking medication with unpleasant side effects? [more inside]
posted by Year of meteors at 9:56 PM PST - 16 comments

Why won't this print properly?

Why aren't the text boxes/fields in this PDF file showing up when printed? [more inside]
posted by Venadium at 9:15 PM PST - 7 comments

Font Identification in Progress....

Would anyone be able to help me identify this font here? No luck scouring the internet. Thank you!
posted by SpacemanStix at 9:08 PM PST - 4 comments

I'm invisible in real life, but do well in online dating [27/m]

In real life women don't flirt with me, smile at me in public, or glance at me when they walk past me. However, with online dating I do really well. What gives? I'm starting to suspect I'm just really photogenic and I'm a bit of a dog in real life.
posted by GiveUpNed at 8:50 PM PST - 25 comments

Low-fee checking with 2-factor authentication & fast check deposits?

I'm shopping for a new basic personal checking account at a bank or credit union in the L.A. area, because I no longer qualify to get the monthly fee waived at my current bank. Must-haves: Need to deposit paper checks reliably, with a fast availability of funds. Online banking must have two factor authentication. Lower fees: say, under $10... under $5 would be better... free would be excellent! I've put a list together... can you help me think of other candidates? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:24 PM PST - 9 comments

Is getting people to sign up for an email list worth the hassle?

I run a small monthly arts event. We do publicity with posters and online through social media (no budget for buying ads) and also have an sponsorship with a local radio station to promote us online and on-air. When I say "we" I mean "me" because I'm the only one who handles all that. We have a website, Twitter, Facebook that I keep updated. But a few people have told me I should collect attendees' email addresses and keep a list and send out notifications that way. [more inside]
posted by emjaybee at 7:19 PM PST - 21 comments

Cost of a point on a CA drivers license?

I recently got cited for a one point moving violation in San Francisco and I'm trying to decide if its worth taking the driving school option to keep the point off my drivers license. I haven't gotten a ticket in ten years, so my main concern is about how much this will cause my insurance to go up. Do you know how much a single point ticket on my otherwise clean driving record will cause my insurance to go up? I'm married and insured by AAA.
posted by pombe at 7:18 PM PST - 11 comments

How do I become more creative, especially in technical work?

I'm entering what is probably my last year of college, and as I look towards my career plans, I'm worried that I'm not creative enough to do what I want to do. How do I fix this? Special snowflake details follow. [more inside]
posted by sqrtofpi at 6:36 PM PST - 8 comments

Should I Just Go Straight to Crone Island?

How do you date while being a feminist? I was thinking about trying online dating again. Then I read the amazing emotional labor thread on the blue, which made me question that. Are there tips and tricks for finding a male partner who is willing to do emotional labor? [more inside]
posted by JustKeepSwimming at 6:06 PM PST - 49 comments

Anna Akhmatova expert needed, stat.

I am working on an article that's due today. My editor wanted me to get some quotes from those who were influenced by/familiar with the work of Anna Akhmatova. Somehow, all but one of my contacts didn't work out, and I only have a couple lines. I am looking for a writer, scholar, translator, etc. who can answer a few questions in complete sentences for a general audience and can do so via email or phone today. Any suggestions?
posted by mermaidcafe at 5:13 PM PST - 4 comments

Podcast with interviews of people who were struggling, now are successfu

I'm looking for podcasts featuring interviews of people who, for a time in their life, were really struggling - terrible luck, financial disaster, serious illness - who were able to pull it all together and become comfortably successful. [more inside]
posted by WasabiFlux at 4:49 PM PST - 11 comments

Yet Another Bed Bug Question

I'm am currently at the airport on my way home from a hotel that had a bedbugs. What should I do to mitigate the damage? [more inside]
posted by unhappyprofessor at 4:16 PM PST - 7 comments

How can I find legal advice on the other side of the continent?

I am getting divorced and I need a family law lawyer. I live in Vancouver, but it seems that I need to find a Toronto-area lawyer and I'm not sure how best to find one. Friend-of-a-friend recommendations and websites aren't making me feel less nervous. What should I do? [more inside]
posted by justsomebodythatyouusedtoknow at 4:07 PM PST - 3 comments

Blood Work and Booster Vaccine in the Same Visit?

Can I get my blood drawn and get a booster Td shot in the same doctor's visit? [more inside]
posted by Avosunspin at 3:19 PM PST - 5 comments

How can I learn to love and respect myself as I CURRENTLY am?

I’m constantly trying to improve myself. I often ponder areas that are wrong in my life, such as bad habits and behavior patterns. I've become great at pinpointing areas that I believe are holding me back from the life I want. It's become an obsession. Self improvement, breaking old habits, and forming new ones is extremely hard though, and I often fail. This all leads to a relationship with myself that is very critical. I am often disappointed in my shortcomings, and my motto might as well be "I won't love and respect myself (or be worthy of love) until..." [more inside]
posted by ggp88 at 2:56 PM PST - 32 comments

Why is there a fringe curtain at the Jefferson Park CTA stop?

My initial ideas were that it provides shade or shielding, but I don't see any monitors or equipment that it shades, and it only covers a small part of the stop. I haven't noticed fringe at other stops. here is a picture.
posted by bleary at 2:06 PM PST - 16 comments

Actor ID?

Does anyone know the name of this actor? Thanks in advance...
posted by lrnarabic at 1:44 PM PST - 7 comments

new project for family collaboration - tools and tips?

My family has a vacation home, which my mother has managed until now. She has created an LLC in order to turn over the responsibilities to her 3 children and 2 adult grandchildren (all living in same region, within 6-7 hours of the place). What collaborative online space would you recommend for this purpose? If you have experience with such a family project, what tips or suggestions aside from Web collaboration? [more inside]
posted by mmiddle at 1:22 PM PST - 3 comments

What do we call the type of noun following the verb "effect"?

You can effect a change but you cannot effect a banana. Change and banana are both nouns; is there a specific name for the type of noun that "change" is but "banana" isn't? Or is this a case where it can't be described in the way I'm hoping. TIA!
posted by ftm at 1:14 PM PST - 25 comments

Saving a Friendship... the "plus 3 year old kid" edition

My very treasured friendship of ten years has become very challenging. The issue is: when my husband and I hang out with my friend, her husband, and their kid, the hubbies hang out and talk shop together, and I hang out with my friend and her kid. I try to help, but I'm kinda ignored and really bored. And I actually LIKE kids. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:13 PM PST - 40 comments

Smoothie Newbie needs help with proportions.

Here is my blender. Here is my favorite 16 oz. tumbler. Below is a list of ingredients I have in the house. I need help with proportions! [more inside]
posted by BostonTerrier at 12:53 PM PST - 5 comments

Emotional Labor Checklist/Self-Assessment

In light of the thread on the blue about unpaid emotional labor, I'd like to construct a self-assessment checklist so that I can actively work on being better at emotional labor. I've got 20 or so line items already written down (posted below the fold), which I've amassed from trying to distill the thread. What additional items should I add or change to more fully flesh out this list? [more inside]
posted by Maecenas at 11:57 AM PST - 76 comments

Toddler Trike Training

I just bought my 2.5 year old a small trike. He could use a little help learning to pedal. Tips/tricks or just let him figure it out on his own eventually? The goal is for him to be able to ride it around inside in the winter. Plus his little legs could really use some strength work. [more inside]
posted by MayNicholas at 11:43 AM PST - 8 comments

Do you have any experience with a non-malignant growth in your throat?

Mr.K has a growth in his throat. When he went to an ENT clinic, two months ago, the doctor looked at it, said he had no idea what it was but was sure it wasn't cancer (didn't do a biopsy). In the last 3 days it has doubled in size. Mr.K has an appointment on Thursday, but is wondering if he should be considering the ER. I can't even do online research on this; all I get is info about throat cancer. Any personal experience out there? [more inside]
posted by kestralwing at 10:39 AM PST - 18 comments

Help us plan our trip to Cuba!

My fiance and I are going to Cuba TOMORROW. We've got our flights (departing 6am tomorrow, returning a week later) and hotels booked, but nothing else planned at all. Please give us all your tips on what to do & see. [more inside]
posted by wutangclan at 10:32 AM PST - 10 comments

Resources and info on the history of Boston MA pop music

I just moved to Boston and don't know much of anything about it's history as a music town. I mean I'm generally aware of classic rock bands being from Boston, and then Mission of Burma, but what else? What books, documentaries, websites, magazine archives, etc should I read to find out more about the Boston (and surrounding area) scene? [more inside]
posted by Potomac Avenue at 10:22 AM PST - 22 comments

IIS 8 Handler Mappings

I am trying to get an IIS 8 server to process classic asp inside of files with a specific extension. [more inside]
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Co-worker drama over complaining

Navigating the post-friendship relationship with someone in a small work environment. [more inside]
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Question About Using Python to Post to Twitter

What is the easiest way to automate a daily twitter status update with an image? The project is a twitter account that is counting down to a future event. I am working to create a daily update for my twitter account using python. Right now I'm running it off my computer, but the eventual goal is to host it online somewhere virtually. [more inside]
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How do I get an international money order in the US to send to Portugal?

I need a 20 euro money order to get some documents from Portugal. How can I get this in the United States? [more inside]
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Where should I submit my illustration portfolio?

I'm a freelance illustrator. I'm trying to find lists of print publications, web sites, blogs, magazines, and any other outlets that pay (and accept unsolicited submissions). More specifically, I want to find appropriate/welcoming/well-fitting places to submit my portfolio, given the style of stuff I tend to do. Samples below the fold… [more inside]
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Will you please help me find a Catholic quilt pattern?

I've been asked to design the program for my Grandmother's funeral later this week. She was a devout Catholic and an avid quilter, so I'd love to find a way to include both. [more inside]
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How to select tires

What's your process for selecting new tires for your vehicle? [more inside]
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From the 1940s on, what songs/artists are key to trans* issues in rock?

This coming week begins the revisiting of my intro to rock music course syllabus. I will need your help. One key topic is considering transgender issues in rock music, from~1940s to present. What songs and artists are essential to discuss here? [I'm] not quite asking for a list of trans artists, but for songs, themes, and personas that open up to questions of queerness. [more inside]
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Microsoft Word find+replace - How to do this?

I have to "clean" a Word file by getting rid of all names before a tab mark. [more inside]
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Blow up bed needed for picky parents.

My parents occasionally stay over at my tiny Brooklyn apartment, and they really, REALLY hate my futon. Can you suggest a good blow up bed I could buy for them? [more inside]
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Time tracking issues through GitHub

I'm charged with coming up with a system to help developers track time spent on bugs. Everyone is in support of this, so now we're just looking for a super-lightweight system. (We're a library with just a few developers, not a big firm.) Our developers already use GitHub to track issues and close tickets, so do you have any favorite GitHub extensions that let developers enter time spent and generate reports from that data? I've seen a few out there, but would love to hear specific recommendations. Thanks!
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What To Expect When You're Totally Neurotic

I'm in my first trimester of pregnancy (Week 7) and making myself miserable worrying about all the ways I might be injuring the baby. How can I return to a more balanced state of mind about this? [more inside]
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Recommendation for a safety razor for leg-shaving?

If you're a woman and use a metal-handle, old-fashioned safety razor for shaving your legs, give me your recs! [more inside]
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What are the actual legal benefits of getting married?

Me and my partner are both of the same gender (male, if you really want to know), and we've been together on and off since late 2002. So that's...12 3/4 years? Something like that. Anyway, after everything we've been through, I'd be surprised if I ended up committing to anyone else, and although my personal marriage philosophy mirrors Joni Mitchell's ("we don't need no piece of paper from the city hall/keeping us tied and true, no!") the truth is that if I couldn't be by his side when he's on his death bed in the hospital, or if I got kicked out of my house by his brother or his nieces and nephews after he dies, I would absolutely lose my mind, and might actually end up hurting someone. [more inside]
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Laziness, fleas and urine, oh my!!

I'm trying to bitch myself up and put my foot down...but I don't know what to say or do in this situation. Please help me, MeFites...apologies for the dissertation.... [more inside]
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How does a museum work?

A series of questions about what happens behind the scenes of a museum. How does an idea turn into an exhibit, and who ultimately approves its content? [more inside]
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Where to host a small poetry reading in the Bay Area?

I'm publishing a chapbook of poems this month, and I'd like to do a short reading when I visit the SF Bay Area at the beginning of August. I'm looking for a small, intimate venue where I can host this public event. [more inside]
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2001 Space Odyssey music during landscape to water transition

During Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, during the smorgasbord of visuals and the aggressively modernist music, there is one moment of auditory consonance which I'd like to hear more of: as the red and blue landscape gives way to the false color images of open water, there's a fantastic sound: what is this sound, how is it made, and where can I hear more of it? 7:43 in: stargate sequence
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Lead-gen plugins for Wordpress

What's the best, easiest, most elegant way to hack my Wordpress site to do leadgen? [more inside]
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Amsterdam/Netherlands ideas

Can you suggest offbeat things to do around Amsterdam? [more inside]
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Averaging standard deviations for combined populations

This seems like an easy question but my math skills are underdeveloped, and I do not understand the answers I've found through Google. I would like to know how to appropriately average together standard deviations when all I have is the means, sample sizes, and standard deviations for two or more groups. [more inside]
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Well, this is awkward...

A week after interviewing with a company - a vendor in my industry - they are now partnering with my company as we will be using their product. The man I interviewed with is even on email threads and possible phone meetings with me. What's the most professional way to handle? [more inside]
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July 19

Are noise-cancelling headphones damaging my hearing?

According to my understanding of how noise-cancelling headphones work, the headphones detect low-frequency ambient noise levels near my ears, and emit a frequency which cancels out the ambient noise, so that instead I hear silence in place of the noise. Although I can't hear these noise-cancelling frequencies, I'm wondering whether they might be having a cumulative negative effect on my hearing. Is it only audible frequencies that have the potential to harm? Or can prolonged exposure to inaudible frequencies have a detrimental physical effect?
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Restaurants similar to Resto in Seattle

Currently visiting Seattle and went to Resto a few weeks ago and loved it. Can anyone recommend a restaurant that has a similar style of food, caters for a vegetarian and may have bookings available tomorrow (Monday)? We leave here in a few days so would like to fit in as much good food as possible.
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Beer is proof that God loves hepatologists and wants them to be billing

What would the most nutritionally useful beer have in it and what would the process be for making it? [more inside]
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Photo Storage, long term formats and other questions

I have about 25 GB and growing size of photos. These are a mix of photo shoots, family vacations, parties, festive occasions and general-on-the-spur photos. While I am somewhat clear on how to keep them named, separate etc, there are a host of things I am struggling to define and create a workflow for formats, storage, duplicates, software etc. [more inside]
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Dish drying rack

Basically, I am looking for the best dish drying rack ever. [more inside]
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Help me fill all these random drawers!

I have several drawers in my house that I'm not sure how best to use. Metafilter, share your wisdom and help me get organized! [more inside]
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Are rebound relationships (and rebound sex) really often helpful?

Looking at the end of a significant LTR that's probably going to be crushing once I get over the shock. They say that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. I have no experience with this. Is it really often true? (they also say that low-fat deserts and education debt are good for you). [more inside]
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Is prematurely-cancelled British thriller "Utopia" still worth watching?

I saw the first episode last night and liked it very much. But I read that the show was very prematurely cancelled after two seasons and the creators were denied the chance to finish the story in a two-hour special. Is the show such that it's still worth investing the time in the two existing series? Or is this a recipe for frustration?
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And the Intercontinental Thumb War Champion for 2015 Is...

What are some fun things a family can do together while waiting in long lines? [more inside]
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A very expensive puppy

My puppy just caused hundreds of dollars in damages. Help? [more inside]
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Shirts should not be see through.

I like cheap tshirts. When they get ruined during lab work (tiny holes seem unavoidable!) Or playing with my toddler, I am not sad. But my standard cheap tshirt haunts (Target/Khols) have predominantly see through cute tshirts. Why are basic v neck shirts see through now??? Any tips on stores/brands where one can still find a basic tshirt that doesn't reveal bra color?
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Alternative base for Saarinen tulip side table?

I've found an authentic Saarinen side table top (16") for sale, and I'd really like to buy it! The only problem is, I'm not sure what to use as a base for it. [more inside]
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I have to have a root canal on ole #19 and its rather "touch and go"

Has only a 50% chance of success (internal resorption.) Is there anything I can do to help the procedure survive? If it fails its going to be a huge problem as its an anchor on a 4 tooth bridge and it will have to be extracted, etc. - causing me a bundle of money. Anything I can do to help it along....diet, vitamins, pillow adjustment, abstain from alcohol?? Thanks.
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This Is Why I Can't Have Nice Things

I just snapped the stem on one of my great-grandma's cordial glasses. Is it fixable? [more inside]
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I fail to see how removing functionality equates to an upgrade

On the "new" Google Maps interface, I don't see a way to zoom into a specific map area, is that still possible? [more inside]
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The perfect desk chair

I'm looking for a chair for my bedroom desk. Requirements: white, comfortable and supportive for a person with short legs, not too office-y looking, minimal assembly required, under $650 but cheaper is better. Any tried-and-true recommendations? [more inside]
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Need to get 5000 photos from my husbands iphone

My husband recently passed away. He has over 5000 photos on his iphone that I need to get onto my computer. [more inside]
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Under $75 Headphones with Removable Cord

Ask Mefi helped me buy my last pair of headphones, but they broke, so I'd like some suggestions for a replacement. I am not interested in modifying headphones, and I would like over-ear headphones with a replaceable cord that plugs in. [more inside]
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How do I solve my 6 block puzzle?

More than 10 years ago, I got a 6-block wood puzzle at a market in Portland,OR. It's NOT the standard Burr puzzle, even though it results in a similar shape, with a meatier core and less sticking out on each side. I used to be quick to solve it but alas, I no longer can figure it out. I think it's beautiful but also don't have use for 6 pieces if I can't solve the puzzle. Anyone know the puzzle? Can you help?
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How to Correct a Brownie Recipe That Came Out Underdone?

How do I correct a recipe that resulted in under-cooked brownies? [more inside]
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Nuclear Engineering Resume Review

A family member of mine has asked me to help them with their resume, and frankly it's a mess. It's also in a field that I know very little about (engineering). Where can I go to find recent sample resumes and/or best practices for folks in this field so I can help my relative fix their application up? [more inside]
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Russian Surname Transliteration

What possible Russian surname is "Goloumachaya" when badly transliterated into Roman script? It comes from a mid-1900s English source, but has no search results on the internet. [more inside]
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new laptop, please help, hate technology.

I've had mac laptops in the past but I'm over it. My laptop is dying and I need to get a new one. I internet, stream things [netflix, hulu, mets games on sketchy websites, if that matters], type papers for school. [more inside]
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Help me pick an appropriate level of first aid training

For general life preparedness and education, I'd like to take a course for First Aid, First Responder (FR), or Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), but I'm finding it hard to decide. I'm leaning towards FR or EMR because I think this field is interesting and want to learn more, and because I have time to invest in it. However, FR and EMR have additional requirements which sound potentially onerous for someone who doesn't actively practice in the field. I'm in Vancouver, BC. [more inside]
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Bookfilter, I am at a loss

My question is two questions: 1) what's a good book that emphatically demonstrates the reality, persistence, and mechanisms of radicalization? and 2) what's a good comprehensive book that digs deep on the general process of "fact-checking"? [more inside]
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Snowbird/Salt Lake City what to do?

The kids and I will be accompanying my husband when he goes to a conference at Snow Bird for a week. My kids range from 10 to 15, love science, nature and hiking. We plan to go at least 1 day to Antelope Island and to look at the Temple. What are some not to miss things to do, hikes to see while we are in the area? Please put approximate lengths for hikes if you know them. Awesome museums, historical sites and others also welcome. We will be there Monday through Friday. Thanks.
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bought portable dishwasher, trouble removing sink sprayer hose

I bought a portable dishwasher and the instructions recommend removing the sink sprayer and capping it off. I cannot budge the hex bolt. I have tried liquid wrench and I am using a basin wrench (pliers won't fit in that space). 1. Any other suggestions? 2. If I've turned off the water to the sprayer, do I really have to remove the hose? [more inside]
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How to do B-12 (Vitneurin) injections?

I ordered Vitneurin (B-12) from alldaychemist.com, as seen here. It came in ampules which look like they have to be broken. I have no idea how to do this, or what sort of needle/syringes to buy. Can anyone offer more info? Thanks!
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Bedbugs and thrift store donations

What sort of processes do Goodwill, Salvation Army and other major thrift stores follow to treat donations that might be infected with bedbugs or other pests? This is for a situation where someone has recently had bedbugs and is afraid to go through with some planned donations to charity, but also hates to throw perfectly decent items into the garbage.
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Boyfriend thinks therapy is a waste and other issues?

I asked my boyfriend why he changed his thougts on me going to therapy. He used to think it was a waste of time and money, and it turns out, he still thinks it is. This lead to a series of very dysfunctional conversations and I know I now feel very uncomfortable. I don't really understand how he feels or what even happened during that evening. I need help figuring out what happened because I feel lost. [more inside]
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What is the best service for running a small mailing list?

I want to start a small mailing list to discuss a particular topic with friends - maybe ten people. I want this to be something web based, not something I run on my own server. I know Yahoo Groups does this. Are there any alternatives that you would recommend I use instead?
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Should I tell my friend I'm mad at him?

One of my oldest friends (since we were teenagers, and we're middle-aged now) blew off an invitation I sent him and my feelings were really hurt. Should I call him on it or just let it pass? Wall of text inside. [more inside]
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New car for big and tall guy

My old Buick has reached the end of the road. Please help this tall fat guy find a new ride! [more inside]
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Beer Mile!!!oy vey!!

I have to do a beer mile with a bunch of friends today. Im overwight and outta shape, and of course I didnt prepare for it at all, but i can drink some beer prettty damn good. Anyways, Im not trying to come in first by any stretch of the imagination but I don want to finish and have a good time. Some of my friends are awesome runners (Marathoners). Any tips that will help me not look like a complete jackass and be able to finish. Thanks Everyone!
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Resources for a mock-up marketing production schedule

Made it to 1st stage of interviews at a mid-size contemporary art gallery. Need resources for my screening test. Please help me land this exciting job opportunity! [more inside]
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Where can I buy the New York Review of Books in Portland, Maine?

Where can I buy a copy of the NY Review of Books? I've been to a few stores and haven't seen it. Extra points for someplace in walking distance of Marginal Way.
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Roland Demo CD?

In the 90's, I had an audio CD which was a demo containing an albums-worth of tracks done by various studio musicians on (what I remember to be) Roland products. Help me find it again! [more inside]
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PlantID: Tomatillo, or weed?

This plant has sprung up as a volunteer in my friend's garden box. No tomatillos have been anywhere near the garden box, or the compost used to enrich the garden box. My husband claims it is definitely a tomatillo, because it looks remarkably like our tomatillo plant. I say it can't be, because that makes no sense, and it has to be some kind of weedy nightshade. Settle our bet, Metafilter.
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"It's sad that our husbands don't talk anymore."

How do I respond, if at all, to an out-of-the-blue message from the wife of my husband's ex-friend, telling me: "It's sad that our husbands don't talk anymore. I know [my husband] misses your husband." [more inside]
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She is backing off, should I walk away ?

What to do when she suddenly backs off: she stopped calling , we're still texting but she takes a very long time to respond to textmessages. Should I walk away and go no contact or keep low contact and keep my texts short? I know she’s not ready to hang out again so I dont’ have any intention to ask her out any time soon. (It's kinda complicated, see extended explanation for further details) Thanks in advance! [more inside]
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Tips for commuting on foot in a snowy city with a suit?

I'm moving from a city with basically no annual snowfall to one which which averages 70+ inches per yer. My commute will be 15 minutes, walking. My attire at work on most days will be a men's business suit. I won't have my own office. Any tips from similarly situated individuals on how this can be done most easily and comfortably?
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Permission to judge this OKCupid profile! (31F in NYC)

Hey guys! I just re-joined OKCupid a month ago and haven't received many messages. It's nerve-wracking to post my profile here, but who knows: maybe you can help! [more inside]
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Best beaches in or within a day of Seattle?

We're new-ish to the Seattle area and we'd like to find the best beaches for us and our 14-month-old to hang out and build sand castles and stuff at in or around the Seattle area. Bonus points if they have a playground also but we'd prefer awesome beaches with no playgrounds to okay beaches with them. [more inside]
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Literature with a hook for a science class?

My cousin needs ideas for a joint class she'll be teaching for a college--she teaches literature, her teaching partner teaches science. (Which science, I don't know, but she says it's not relevant and he can touch on most scientific topics to the required degree.) They need suggestions of literature--poetry, short stories, novellas, or short novels--that she can have the class read, and then he can take them through the science of it. [more inside]
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How can I recreate this website scrolling effect?

What do you call the scrolling effect on this webpage? How do I implement it? [more inside]
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From Reykjavik to Rome: Complicated Itineraries Edition

I'm planning on going on a trip from DC to Rome in October and we'd love to stop over in Iceland for a couple of days on the way back to the States, but now I'm completely overwhelmed by trying to sort through all the options for international flights. [more inside]
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How to practice articulating my opinions?

I've never been one to enjoy or seek out debate, arguments, or conflict. I'd much rather stay completely neutral and non-reactive when someone says something I question or disagree with. However, I've also never learned how to articulate my opinion when it's called for, and it makes me feel very insecure and resentful. Are there specific strategies that I could try out to practice this skill? It's affecting my relationship with my partner, but is a problem for me in all situations. [more inside]
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What is the name of this PS1 game?

As I've aged, I've become more interested in nostalgia! Back when I was but a wee child, there was a 3D PS1 RPG that I really liked. For the life of me I can't recall the title, but, and I know how useless this is, it involved airships, pirates, etc... [more inside]
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I need to leave, right?

I have been seeing someone for 3-4 months. His future plans are to look for a job outside of a current city and move within the next 12 months or so. Am I wasting my time? [more inside]
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My dog does bark but my neighbour is an asshole

Our dog has been barking but we're trying everything to stop it. However the neighbour is going mental about it and won't stop texting me or emailing me about it. I admit some culpability for dog... but this is too much. Help! It's really wearing on my mental health. [more inside]
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Please explain this fraud

A fraudulent order was placed on Apple online store using partners credit card, contact info, and secondary/Apple ID. Please help use figure out how and why this happened, and what else we need to do to protect ourselves. [more inside]
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July 18

Help me help a meal-skipper!

My long distance s.o. came down with a stomach bug a few weeks ago. As she deals with the subsequent G.I. troubles, she's been a little more sporadic with meals than usual. How do I encourage her to do a better job with her nutrition 1) when I am so far away and 2) without coming across as pushy? [more inside]
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I’m overwhelmed by the enormity of California. Where should I live?

I’m a school psychologist from the Northeast who’s looking to move to a city in California. Problem is I don’t know a thing about where to choose. Are there cities/regions in the state that I’d like to live in more than others? [more inside]
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Confused by the outcome and would like your opinion on what caused his c

I was dating someone for about 2-3 months. When I felt that his behaviour was changing slightly towards the end, I initiated a talk to clarify where things were going in relation to us. I was not expecting the response I got considering he had been the one who seemed very keen in pursuing me consistently right from the start. [more inside]
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Young anxious student out of Lexapro on first trip abroad to London

My young cousin is on her first international trip and also one of her first trips away from home in London on a short study abroad trip. She is supposed to travel home Monday but unexpectedly ran out of Lexapro this week, which she takes for anxiety. She's now incredibly anxious. She was able to alleviate the anxiety by going to see Wicked last night, but now the rest of her weekend is looming ahead of her and she's alone. No earlier flights available. Study abroad program can't/won't help. Can anyone provide advice on emergency NHS assistance for a non EU citizen on a weekend? We're just trying to get her through to her flight home Monday.
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15 animal selfies that are shaking up the science world.

This had got to be the stupidest question, but I really can't tell at all and basic googling has not helped. Is @cnni a parody account or a legit CNN account?
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Help me forgive myself...

How can I let myself off the hook and move on from past mistakes / pain? [more inside]
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Interesting stories of court cases

Again, writing a story (well, stories) which takes place in a law office. I'd like to request something more specific … for interesting, funny, absurd court cases or clients can you tell me about. [more inside]
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Kids in the Hall sketch about an aging rocker who now likes jazz

I think it's Bruce. I think he's wearing a denim jacket. He's raging against OR telling the young people to rage against the impending onset of liking jazz that happens when one ages.
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I want to build a digital catalog of my art collection.

Software suggestions for the Mac? I have simple needs. I want a catalog number, date of origin, artist name, and a photograph of each piece. Sorting, filtering and searchability required. [more inside]
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Best & least expensive way to ship bunch of empty boxes cross-country?

Thanks to a recent move, have many lightly-used Uline cardboard boxes of various sizes (including big wardrobe boxes). Cost hundreds of $ to buy. Now need to move an apartment from NJ to CA. It might be less expensive to ship the boxes to NJ than buy new ones again. What's the best way to do that? [more inside]
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What tricks do you use on your brain to stop impulsive behavior?

I am very impulsive. My brain often persuades me to do things I shouldn't, like play games when i need to do work, spend money to eat a terrible meal when I'm on a diet, etc. It starts as a thought i dont think I'll act on, then grows fast from there. Impulsively inclined people: When your brain is trying to convince you that doing something you know is bad is fine 'just this one time', what tricks do you use on your brain to get it to cut it out? [more inside]
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Where did I see this image of dragons around a jeweled book?

There's an illustration I remember fairly vividly from when I was a kid, but I don't remember whether it was a print or in a book. It depicted tiny dragons, smoke curling from their nostrils, lounging around and/or on a big, beautiful book with cabochons and other jewels either set on or around the book, perhaps with candles and greenery nearby as well. [more inside]
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What is this scifi story (novel?) that I dimly remember.

I only remember a few details, but it left an impression. Protagonist a very stable, socially responsible woman. The Powers That Be for reasons I can't remember offered her rejuvenation therapy... [more inside]
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Boyfriend wants to do a naked bike ride?

So, I am 22 and my boyfriend is 25. We've been dating 9 months. the other day he asked if I wanted to do the world naked bike ride with him, and I said probably. Well it's tonight, and I told him I'd go by honestly I'm not sure if I want to. Idk, something about it makes me feel really uncomfortable. I dont know what to do? [more inside]
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A good certified Agile/Scrum Product Owner course in London? :)

Recommendations, please, for a good certified Agile/Scrum Product Owner course in London - preferably running between now and October :) Thank you :D
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Help me guide someone through fair use in scholarship

Help me guide someone through fair use in scholarship. Or not, as appropriate.

I work in academic technology support. We were recently contacted by a faculty member asking for help downloading videos from YouTube so that they can host them on our institution's private video streaming service. Our first instinct is to push back, shut them down and maybe start monitoring and deleting because of the possibility of copyright infringement. But, since my understanding of fair use in academia is fuzzy (possibly because the intersection of fair use and scholarship is so fuzzy) I thought I should see if there's anyone here who has handled a similar situation and can provide guidance, copyright education resources, sample policies and/or advice. [more inside]
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Home Power Generator Question

Every summer and winter, random weather related power failures (as well as those caused by people knocking down power poles - it's rural with lots of winding roads) leave the house without power for hours to days. So I'm thinking about getting a Generac 8kw gas-powered portable with a manual transfer switch. A Generac 10kw propane powered installed with an automatic transfer switch is at least 6 six times more expensive and I don't see much of an extra benefit. [more inside]
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We're being flood controlled out of our home. What should we expect?

A few weeks ago our neighbors knocked on our door and surprised us with the news that the city we just moved to has instituted a flood control plan that will take our new house out of the 100 year flood plain (where it is now) and put it into the flood zone. And! the city will, in all likelihood, condemn not just our home and property but the entire neighborhood. [more inside]
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Cell coverage

Thinking of taking the Amtrak Silver Star or Silver Meteor from Virginia to Florida this fall on a weekday. I have a Verizon mi-fi. Will it work well enough that I can get work done during the day?
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Therapist/Counselor recommendations in Edmonton, AB?

I'm looking for a therapist/counselor in Edmonton, but I'm having a hell of a time finding one. There are some relationship issues that I'd like to work on. Are there any really good ones in the Downtown/University area or in North Edmonton that anyone can recommend? It looks like there are a lot of good ones in the south side of the city (and in the surrounding areas), but it's not really feasible for me to travel that far.
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How to pick a topic for a blog?

I'm hoping to someday change careers into a more writing-focused field. The advice for this is always "start a blog and join Twitter." I would like to do both of these things, but I have so many interests, and such difficulty thinking about how any of them would translate into a blog, that I'm stuck at the screening phase. How to pick one? [more inside]
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Intel SGX - Software Guard Extensions - bad DRM or useful?

In looking for news about Skylake, I saw some discussion about Intel SGX, which will create some kind of enclave inside of a system. Some folks classified it as a useful way to stop malware, while others characterized as widespread DRM that is invasive and problematic. For future PC purchases, is Skylake something I should avoid as a result?
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Kitchen Pantry Cooking Challenge!

Your fridge is [mostly] empty. You're too lazy to drive to the grocery store, but not too lazy to stay in and cook. You may even have an impossibly tiny food budget. What great meals do you whip up from the storage in your pantry? [more inside]
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Buying A Burner Smarthphone For A Week In London

Spending a week in London soon. Here at home in the US, my wife and I are quite used to using Google Maps on our smartphones to help us get around in unfamiliar places on vacation, but we know we won't be able to use our regular phones when out and about in London. We've been thinking about buying an inexpensive Android phone once in the UK entirely for the purpose of using Google Maps to help us get around. is this a good idea, and, if you think so, where would you go to get one? [more inside]
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Help me find a place to live in Amsterdam!

I've never visited Amsterdam, but this week I accepted a permanent job there, and am planning to start on August 10th. I'm incredibly excited but also terrified and a little clueless, mostly because I don't have housing sorted, and I don't have a lot in savings to manage a relocation. How can I make this move as painless as possible? [more inside]
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Provider to install wi-fi from Ethernet for an event in San Francisco

Seeking recommendations on a provider who can set up wifi for a small event in a large room in San Francisco that has Ethernet but no wifi. [more inside]
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Any Healthy Shelf-Stable Meals?

I'm a sensitive flower when it comes to digestion. I follow a sort 40-30-30 / paleo'ish diet and like to have a constant stream of good quality protein coming into my body. Are there any all-natural shelf-stable meal options that have good quality protein in them? [more inside]
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How can I rebuild my self-esteem in the wake of his porn addiction?

My husband appears to prefer porn as his primary sexual partner. I'm not against porn, but I thought part of the agreement couples had was that porn was an appetizer and sex is the main course. It's killing me. I know I need to leave, but I live out of state from my family and friends and don't have anyone where I live with whom I can ask to stay. How do I remember his intimacy problems/porn addiction are about him (per my therapist) and not internalize all this more than I already have until I can cut the cord? [more inside]
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Help! Should I add water to my portapotty?

Dear friends are having a wedding reception, today, on a beautiful property, far from everything - which is delightful except for one problem. The portapotty water level is VERY low - it barely covers the bottom. With 100+ guests using it over a day, will we have a problem? If I cannot get in touch with the vendor, anyone know if it makes things better or worse to add a few gallons of water?
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Thai kitchenware in Bangkok?

I'd like to get a Thai-style granite mortar and pestle while I'm in Bangkok later this week, on a Thursday. Any ideas on where to go? [more inside]
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Career Advice Filter: what am I?

I've given out the odd bit of career advice here, but now I find myself in my own bored, unhappy rut. Jobhunting throws up hundreds of results because I am a jack-of-all-trades, but all I can muster for all the options is total apathy. Help! [more inside]
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Searching for answers regarding lack of success in romance

Why am I also so disappointed and unsuccessful when it comes to dating, romance, and relationships? [more inside]
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July 17

You're the one with a bad case of ass burgers, not me

Can you help me help neurotypical people to see that Asperger's and autism are more than just "acting like an asshole"? [more inside]
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Electric scooter vs bicycle in 2015, kid in tow?

What should I consider when deciding on buying either an electric scooter or a basic bicycle with a kid seat to be used for short trips of up to 6km with an active preschooler, replacing either walking or walking and public transit? Very interested in hearing from parents who bike with their kid every day or people who use electric scooters every day. I have no car and no intention of getting a car and live in a city with great public transit. Specific questions after the break. [more inside]
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Name my...eel?!

Yep, my (very large) saltwater tank has a new inhabitant, a blue ribbon eel. Now, normally I don't name fish, but eels are different and tend to have personality so I thought why not. This eel is about the width of a stick of gum, bright electric blue with a yellow stripe running the length of it and anywhere between two and three feet long (they don't swim much and hide in rock so it's hard to tell). He eats prawn and other chunks of fish. Fun names are great, as are puns, I'm open to anything.
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Help to design a nursery around my husband's favorite chart?

Because baby needs to learn not to invade Russia [more inside]
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What can i realistically do about my neighbors awful kid?

I live in an apartment that's very close to the next building over. In that building, there's a family with a kid i initially thought was a toddler... he's actually 5-6. Every day at the strike of 8 they open all their windows and the kid runs around the house screaming. He also does this for hours after school/summer camp. [more inside]
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How Do I start/design/implement a website for myself?

For a novice. Who doesn't have a lot of money to spend and wants to learn how to do this himself (asking for a friend). [more inside]
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JFK Airport questions

I have two questions about flying out of JFK Airport tomorrow. I'm going to take the E subway from Mahattan, then AirTrain to the airport. (1) Earlier this year, at the AirTrain, I paid $1 for a new card and then $5 for an AirTrain ride. This seemed excessive since I already had two MetroCards (my unlimited monthly card and another one), but I couldn't figure out a way around this on the spot. (2) President Obama and his family are on a personal weekend trip in NYC and are apparently going to fly from JFK to DC tomorrow night. Should I expect this to lead to significant delays (in my American Airlines flight to O'Hare) which should affect my planning?
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Help an experienced hiker prepare for a cycle tour

I'm an experienced hiker and runner with a reasonably good level of fitness. A friend of mine has a big birthday coming up, so I have agreed to join her for a cycle trip in Myanmar/Burma at Christmas. How do I prepare when I don't have a bike, and don't live in an area where road cycling is easy? (Difficulty Level: I live in Hong Kong.) [more inside]
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The Best Historical, Educational, or Informational YouTube Channels?

I'm looking for YouTube channels that are dedicated to providing education about or insight into interesting subjects. They can have humor in them, but I'd prefer for them to be primarily informative rather than humorous. [more inside]
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Older Adoptee Asks, What is a litter box?

We recently adopted a stray and she is clueless about the litterbox. [more inside]
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It's the "Which one of my components is screwed up?" game!

My desktop PC has taken a turn for the worst and after some troubleshooting I'm still not exactly sure whats going on. PC doctors of mefi - help! [more inside]
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Replace iPhone battery

Are independent phone repair shops an okay place to have iPhone batteries replaced? [more inside]
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As seen on TV men's shirt hems?

Help me find shirts like the one the guy from Royal Pains wears (please!). [more inside]
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Resources for teaching a STEM elective course?

So the school year is close to starting here and I was recently told I need to teach a STEM elective course. This is a brand new course and there are no real guidelines so I need to build it from the ground up. I have some ideas but I need to quickly find ways to get material resources most of all, but also a strategy to plan a cohesive year-long course. [more inside]
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Last Minute Travels in Iberia - help us find the right bit of coast

(1) We have about 20 days to spend in between Barcelona and Lisbon (2) We can get anywhere but won't have a car once we're there...no license (3) We want coastal, but not built up like Barcelona (or even like Italian/French Riviera) (4) Our budget is somewhat flexible (ballpark of $200/nite), but it's more about the feel of the area [more inside]
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Rethinking my MA thesis topic - is it too late to change direction?

I submitted a prospectus to my thesis committee last month, but haven't started work on the thesis. Since I submitted the prospectus, I've come to have some doubts about whether or not this is the thesis topic for me. I'd like to take things in a slightly different, but still related, direction. Is is too late for me to do that without coming across as flaky, uncommitted, or reluctant to accept criticism? [more inside]
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Effective Corporate Social Media Presence

What are some good examples of effective corporate presence on the various social media networks? [more inside]
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Another Plant ID Post

What the heck is this bush that is popping up ALL OVER my yard? [more inside]
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Weird Furniture Phenomenon: Please Explain

Hi MeFites, I have a furniture puzzle for you to solve. Riddle me this… [more inside]
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How to disable Credit/Debit Card use at specific businesses?

I need to figure out how to make my cards useless at a few locations near me. [more inside]
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Bad doctor, bad diagnosis, or bad luck?

How do I respond to a puzzling prostate cancer possibility? [more inside]
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Figuring out your relationship as a younger sister

I have an older half-sister, who I refer to as my sister because we are (were) very close. She is 14 years older than me. I am 23. Due to the age gap, we now have an odd sibling relationship, and I'm trying to figure out my place in it. [more inside]
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Similar shoe to the Nike Juvenate in Olive?

So I've fallen for a shoe but it's sold out everywhere I look. The Nike Juvenate in Olive. Well, I mean there are some size sixes out there, but I'm a 10.5. I'm looking for something similar. Things I like: simple, clean design. Logo is the same color as the rest of the shoe. Lots of air flow. Packs up small to be shoved into bags.
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Parent Plus Loans for a student in the USA?

So our son was surprised at registration time with notice that he needs 12K for school this year. The ever so helpful financial aid office recommends we take a ParentPlus loan to pay for the cost. Anyone ever done this, is it a decent loan for parents to take on? We've literally just learned bout this hours ago after thinking we were all set for his bachelors. [more inside]
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How to shut off the sun?

Hi. When I'm walking around, the sun is unpleasantly bright and hot, which makes me wonder: How much stuff, and what type of stuff, would we have to dump into the sun in order to stop fusion from happening? Or is there no such amount of anything? [more inside]
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Short movie collection online?

I have a bunch of shorts clips I would like to access online? [more inside]
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Ég tala ekki íslensku. How do you say "subtitles" in Icelandic?

I... well you see... okay, can we just accept that I have a reason for asking this? I don't speak Icelandic (I even have a t-shirt to attest to that fact). Google Translate is ambivalent, suggesting either "texti" or "Undirtitill" or just throwing up its hands depending on how I phrase it. Are you from Iceland? What do you call the words on the bottom of the screen that translate what a character is saying? Kattullus, are you out there?
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Shaking off irritability at the world

How do I shake things off when I'm really irritable? Lately I will have days where the world just pisses me off. It seems like everyone is being stupid, narrow minded, or judgmental of others. I try really hard not to be those things but it seems like I have days where I AM being moody and judgy. I need help figuring out how to shake off that mood and get my mind in a more positive, open mindset. [more inside]
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Best Hidden Gem Vacation Spots in the US

I'm taking a trip with my family and mid-August and I'm looking for some great but lesser know vacation spots stateside, preferably close to a large body of water (lake, ocean, etc). More details inside. [more inside]
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Japanese without the hard parts

So I know Mandarin Chinese, as in speak and read it pretty much as well as English. I also have a community of Japanese speakers I can tap to help me with the very esoteric task of learning Japanese from scratch. I don't have any incentive curiosity and time to kill, so given these factors, are there any things the almighty green would recommend to learn Japanese better/faster/smarter, especially from the unusual approach angle of a USian gaijin? [more inside]
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How is the money in an armored car organized?

Because of this article I'm wondering how the money inside an armored car works. [more inside]
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advice for the medically-complex sibling experience

Did you grow up with a chronically-ill sibling? Were you the chronically-ill child? Or the parent to this type of sibling set? How did it affect you growing up? I'd love to hear more about your experiences. [more inside]
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Reaching out to hiring manager after blowing phone screen

Applied for a dream job on the dream organization; a couple of days later got an email directly from the hiring manager (director of department) to schedule a phone chat. I fully meet the qualifications and personality traits but for crazy reasons I completely blowed the phone interview. The director closed the conversation emphasizing how impressive my resume was. [more inside]
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Last employer is claiming I owe them for my last paycheck

My official last day at my last position was at the end-of-June, so when a direct deposit came through on Wednesday, I figured it was the last check they owed me. However, I just got a note from my former supervisor that this check was sent in error, and that I'm to pay back the gross amount and not the net amount (which is 35% higher). Is this correct? What is the best course of action here? Please help me navigate this issue.
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Can you recommend some novels that are good tearjerkers?

For reasons I don't fully understand, lately I find myself wanting to read novels that make me cry. For personal reasons, I'm not interested in books about cancer or abuse, but I'm open to most other subjects. So, can you recommend intelligent and well-written books that are likely to make a reader cry? Themes of lost romantic love, grief, troubled or lost friendship, or painful family relationships are all possibilities. Some authors seem emotionally manipulative, and I'm not looking for that, but I recognize that's a tough line to draw.
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Can this bike be saved?

So, I dug an old bike out of my parent's basement a while back. I know zip about bike maintenance. How can I tell whether it can be made safe to ride? (Janky photos here.) [more inside]
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Childhood book filter: Frozen younger brother

Seeking the name of a kid's book from 70s-ish timeframe. Story set in eastern europe or russia-ish forest area. Parents leave the house and leave older brother in charge. More plot, more inside. [more inside]
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Best Cheap Car Rentals NYC

My usual car rental strategies in NYC are falling apart! I need new help. Looking for cheap ideas for renting a car for a weekend or week in/around NYC, usually going to Boston/NH. [more inside]
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Operations managers: what do you actually do? How can I be you?

I'm an Operations Manager and I'm looking for a new job. When I look at job ads for Operations Managers, what they want varies widely. What do you or your Operations Manager do? And what can I do to broaden my appeal? [more inside]
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Best, cheapest way to send money electronically under a pseudonym?

Best, cheapest way to send money electronically under a pseudonym? I want to use a company name but don't have a company bank account and I'm struggling to get PayPal to allow this. [more inside]
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What games can I play on the subway?

Recommend some games I can download to my iPhone 6 that can be played on the subway with no cell phone connection. [more inside]
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Why is the Civil Aeronautics Industry so special?

A piece on NPR this morning about the Iran sanctions being removed noted that most US companies nevertheless will NOT be allowed to do business in Iran. Notable exception is the civil aeronautics industry ... Boeing is going to be allowed to sell some umpty-bajillion dollars worth of aircraft stuff to/in Iran. Why would that one industry get to be exempt from the rules? Is this as simple as "Boeing has the best lobbyists" or is there something more going on here that I don't understand? Just curious ...
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Is there a polygamy/crazy cat lady museum in St. Ives?

My wife and I are taking a trip to the UK in late August/early September. The primary purpose of the trip is for my wife to attend a conference in Exeter, but we're turning it into a bit of a vacation. Nonetheless, I will still have a few days in Exeter essentially by myself. What can I do? Is there enough in Exeter to maintain a tourist's interest for three full days? [more inside]
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Recommendations for an answering service for a small business?

I run a small business and I'm looking for an answering service that can handle scheduling when I am unavailable. Does anyone have any recommendations for answering services they use? [more inside]
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Foscam hacked

On Wednesday night my baby monitor (Foscam) was hacked. I heard a man's voice saying obscenities in my kid's room, I went in, and it was coming from the Foscam. I unplugged it and called the police. The police checked it out and assessed that we were safe and left without anything further. We are physically fine, but it was very disturbing and we feel violated. This is not ok. This is a thing. What can be done? [more inside]
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How do I get a job as a programming teacher in a coding school?

Apart from contacting schools directly, are there effective ways of getting oneself "shopped" by recruiters or recruiting websites for this sort of position? [more inside]
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What is this mysterious green Japanese seasoning?

My son wants to make rice balls that he made in his Japanese class and his teacher was kind enough to give him some of the seasoning they used. It looks like this (flickr). [more inside]
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What ate my data?

According to my carrier, my iphone 5S had two registered data usages at 12:00am on the 15th for a total of 575MB. The problem is, I was asleep at the time, and the phone should have been accessing our wireless connection. So what ate the last of my data? [more inside]
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July 16

Can this Dutch oven be saved?

I let my Dutch oven get really, really gross. Can I safely return it to usable condition? [more inside]
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Niche Blog in the Age of The Stream...Am I Insane?

I've had a moderately popular niche blog since 2006, and hoder's article got me a bit nostalgic for the olden times. I blog in a field with few serious bloggers - there are others who post periodic podcasts and other media, but few consistent long-form writers. My blog discusses the controversial issues in my field while advertising my services as a consultant (I don't display any paid ads). Is there hope for thoughtful content these days? And how do I get heard? [more inside]
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Gifting cab rides

Is there any way that I can gift someone a cab ride? Can I do the logistics (or not), pay for it, to let someone I care about get a ride to where they need to be? All while I don't leave my house?
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NYC Trip on a budget

I'm heading to NYC for a short, 5-6 day trip starting tomorrow! I did a bit of planning myself, but I'll be on kind of a tight budget (I'm staying with a family member in Queens). Any fun things I should check out while I'm there from July 17 - 22? I love: music, food, festivals (of any kind) and especially anything comedy-related. Thanks!
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Help finding the most power in a small laptop?

I am working in data science (genetics) and am looking for a small but powerful laptop, here is what I have found, is there a "perfect" option out there? Thanks! Everyone loves the new 13" Dell XPS 13, but I need more than 8gb ram. The 12.5" Thinkpad x250 (a similar small laptop from Lenovo) has 16 gb, but the Intel HD 5500 could be better. The Alienware 13 sounds incredible, but just a little too big for just the inclusion of a dedicated graphics card.
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How do you remove those pesky broken rivets from a MacBook Air keyboard?

I took apart my MacBook Air to replace the keyboard. When I pulled the old keyboard off a lot of the rivets broke off and stayed behind, stuck in the little holes. So how do I remove them? I've tried a Phillips screwdriver, tweezers even but it doesn't work. Right now my computer is in 100 pieces with deadlines looming. Any ideas would be appreciated from those brave souls who have tried this and succeeded! [more inside]
posted by lillian.elmtree at 4:52 PM PST - 9 comments

Any legit way to view current Spanish and French films?

I have enjoyed quite a few Spanish and French films at my local arthouse cinema over the years, and others on DVD too. However sometimes a film is deemed not popular enough to get a UK release on DVD, other times I read about it online (I get e-mails every week showing listings at my favourite Barcelona cinema) and would love to see it then, rather than much later. In the UK we have Curzon Home Cinema and Blinkbox offering (at a premium) to ability to legally stream some films at the same time as they are in cinemas, and others not long after. Curzon is more arthouse and Blinkbox more mainstream. Does anyone know if there's an equivalent to these in France and Spain. [more inside]
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We're selling our house soon and need help knowing stuff.

What do I need to know about selling a house that I don't currently know? [more inside]
posted by pdb at 4:03 PM PST - 11 comments

Should I go with this real estate broker?

Or should I just see places via the brokers of the sellers? [more inside]
posted by manderin at 2:43 PM PST - 8 comments

How can I fix Ubuntu so we can play our favorite games again?

Whenever I try to run any SDL games, I get the following error. Despite checking online, I haven't found any solutions to it. Unfortunately this means some of our favorite games have stopped working, and my son is showing signs of gamer angst. [more inside]
posted by circular at 2:40 PM PST - 11 comments

Appropriately, Respectfully, Feminist-ically

Assume I'm not from this planet. What is the appropriate way, if even allowed, to approach a woman at a bar? [more inside]
posted by bonje at 2:33 PM PST - 42 comments

What to do about a broken tooth away from my insurance area?

I'm visiting my partner's family in Southern Oregon for the next ~3 weeks. Last night, I broke a tooth (my first molar, lower right). I have insurance in Minnesota via the state exchange, but I haven't been able to find anyone here who takes it, or who is willing to talk about it after they find out I have free insurance. I probably need a crown, but is there some temporary procedure I could request for the interim so I don't do more damage/get an infection? Is there some easier way to find dentists besides calling everyone from Yelp/the Yellow Pages? [more inside]
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What can I do with all these leftover Nuun canisters?

I'm training for a marathon, it's summer, and I am going through a lot of Nuun. The tablets come in these little canisters kinda shaped like film canisters but skinnier. What the heck can I do with these puppies that's not throwing them in the trash?
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Help me hack my TDS! (Tamale Delivery System)

Due to popular demand, a friend and I find ourselves going into the tamale business. We've got our recipes down, our salsas are good, we've worked out how to mass produce them without losing quality. What we can't figure out is how to deliver the samples. [more inside]
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Quality place for eyeglass frame adjustments in San Francisco?

Where can I find a good place to adjust eyeglass frames in San Francisco? [more inside]
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What is this thing?

Asking for a tattoo artist. [more inside]
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Need möre epic/ängry föreign müsic

I'm going through an intense Neue Deutsche Härte phase right now. Trouble is, I'm running out of stuff I like. NEED MORE. Seeking recommendations along those lines, though not necessarily German. Examples follow... [more inside]
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Befriending the Ex

My girlfriend wants to reconnect with a former partner and would like to invite the ex to a Big Event taking place next year. I am not comfortable with this. What to do? [more inside]
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Can I save my relationship? Is it worth saving?

I have been with my fiancée three years, but he doesn't communicate with me, and I'm at my wits end. Is it worth ending an otherwise good relationship if he won't listen to you? [more inside]
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Does email testing software stand a chance against today's servers?

I have been using mailtester.com for several years. It still confirms the mail server. But "server doesn't allow email verification" seems to be the case pretty consistently now. I assume this is some kind of adjustment, or filtering, in the server that has become SOP? Can you recommend a worthwhile email address validator?
posted by John Borrowman at 12:32 PM PST - 3 comments

Where do Grad Students Hang Out Online?

Where do graduate students (especially in STEM disciplines) hang out online for the purpose of complaining about grad school and/or getting support for common grad school challenges?
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Bike newbie (ish) - what should I look for?

Late-30s chick, short, and fat. Would love to pick up a bike and start riding for commute and pleasure, but have no idea where to start. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Powerpoint slides as non-fuzzy images

I need to put images of slides from a PowerPoint presentation into another document. However, the slides invariably look fuzzy in the new document. I've tried adjusting the pixel dimensions of the images on the PowerPoint export, adjusting the resolution of the images to match the physical size I need for the final document, but I haven't found the right combination. I'm going from a full slide to a 2.67x2 inch image. Help? Bonus points if it's a Mac answer.
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Selling a car from 2,400 miles away

My friend lives in California. Her car is in New York. She would like to sell this car. Assuming no trusted intermediaries are available in New York, and travel to New York is not an option right now, how might she go about doing this? [more inside]
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Windows audio volume control not putting out

Let's say you found some nice music on Utoob but the volume is a bit lacking. The 'toob's volume slider is all the way up. All the Windows Mixer sliders are all the way up. So you figure well, that's all the louder there is in this vid, tough beans. And yet, ... (posting form says move some of this mess inside, sorry). [more inside]
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Rest stops / amenities on US road trip?

Driving from central Illinois to DC area, only have limited experience driving in the US. What's the best route and what to expect (rest stops, food, etc)? [more inside]
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Greencard - Change in citizenship (non-US)

I am a greencard holder. When I applied for my greencard I was a citizen of an EU country. It seems that I am not not a citizen of this country anymore, but am still a citizen of another country (non-EU) in West Europe. What happens if I want to leave/re-enter the USA using my greencard with a passport I have not used to enter/leave the US before. Does anyone have a good contact to get a solid answer about this? Or - even more basic - what happens when I try to leave the US with a passport I have not used to enter it?
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workplace woes: my boss seems to love correcting + debating minutia

During unofficial, in-between-meetings office banter, I tend to speak "loosely" and casually, giving estimates instead of precise directives. Everyone does this -- it's normal in many breezy conversational settings. Unfortunately, my boss seems to love correcting people or debating minute points, even when they're just riffing informally. I'll be spitballing hypothetically and he'll take that as a super literal representation. I need tips on how to deal! [more inside]
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How can I filter out certain episodes from a podcast feed?

There is a podcast I subscribe to that posts two episodes each weekday. This show has some recurring segments that I generally like to listen to, but I skip the rest. The episodes that I don't listen to are cluttering my podcast app and sometimes I miss the episodes I do like in the mess of all the episodes I don't necessarily care for. Is there a way I can filter out the episodes I don't care for? [more inside]
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Can pregnancy and an art studio mix?

I recently learned I was pregnant. Just before that, I put down a deposit on a rented workspace. Artists work in adjacent spaces, using paint, pens, etc. The place does not actually smell fume-y. Should I be worried about safety? [more inside]
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Finding a Small Business Niche

I've wanted to start a small business for the last couple of years, but I'm not sure what product or service to provide. I enjoy sales, customer service, and accounting/finance work. I know most about (and work in) the food/beverage/hospitality industry. What commercial niche should my small business fill? What product or service should my business provide? [more inside]
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Hospitals in northern Virginia DC metro area with best reputations?

My mother recently had a wretched time at Reston hospital. She doesn't want to go back there, nor do the rest of us. We'd like to have a plan about a better hospital to go to the next time there is an emergency. We've looked at Yelp, etc., but would like some more filtered insight into our options in the area.
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Can you Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind someone virtually?

Yeah, that question is a weird one, so I will try to sum it up; boy meets girl, girls sleeps with boy, boy is a stunning wild Ukrainian flower that does not take life seriously and sleeps around on a daily basis, girl gets deeply attached, boy does not. However, I have become addicted to masochistically googling his name so I can view his social networks' pages (mostly Instagram, but also his VKontakte page). It became a daily ritual that deeply interferes with the fact that I absolutely know I should forget all about him and move on, cause as some of you know, this is a cul-de-sac and it hurts. So, I was wondering (perhaps very naively) if there is some way, or even some kind of a paid service, that will make it practically impossible for me to do this. It will make it impossible to google him, OR will block his social status pages from me. [more inside]
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I've got 25 miles and a very sore bum [Long distance biking question]

Last year, I rode in a 25 mile charity ride and used a hybrid bicycle. It was one of the worst experiences because the shocks on the bike really made it hard to propel myself. I'd like to make cycling a part of my life, but am not ready (or able) to invest upwards of $500 for a decent bike. What are your recommendations for a good distance cycle for road riding? [more inside]
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3D Modeling: Part-time? Contract? Freelance?

Can professional 3D Modelers work part-time? On a contract basis? Freelance? We are considering it as a hypothetical career when my partner returns to the work world, but we would like a flexible schedule so that we can still provide plenty of care for our primary school age daughter. [more inside]
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Looking for a really cheap web hosting

Looking for a cheap web host for less than $35 per year. More info inside. [more inside]
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Lush products with SPF: any good?

I really want to splash out on one of the Lush facecreams with SPF - Million Dollar Moisturiser or British Nanny (possibly also sold as Lifesaver?). If you have bought/used either of these, are they worth the price? [more inside]
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Swing away on a new swingset

We are moving and I need to get a new swingset for my kids. They love our current one, but I got it off of craigslist, so I don't have a brand or anything to look for another version of it. I looked online, but the selection is ridiculous so I was wondering if people had any particular brands to look for or avoid to help me narrow things down. Thanks! (details about what we want in a set are inside) [more inside]
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Help understanding Plains beadwork design

Hi all. Long shot, but - I saw this design in the Garst Museum in Ohio, where the Annie Oakley collection is kept. The design is worked onto a pair of leather gauntlets. The label said that the gloves had been a gift from Sitting Bull; it's possible, but also might be apocryphal. I'm interested in quoting the design in an art project, but before I do, would like to know whether anyone recognizes the motif or knows its associations. [more inside]
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Too late to back out of staying in a pricey room for a wedding?

I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding this summer which will take place 30 minutes from my house. The facility has cabins which guests are invited to stay in. Awhile ago the bride told me that she is paying for the wedding party to stay overnight. She asked if my boyfriend would be staying overnight and I said yes, assuming that he would be covered too. I just got an email pay-pal request from her for $80 for my boyfriend's share. [more inside]
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Experience with sperm banks in NYC?

A young relative is transgender and will soon be transitioning to female. Before doing so, she'd like to freeze sperm. Where should she go? What do we need to know? [more inside]
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live-streaming American radio

I’m looking for some good American radio stations that live-stream through the internet. [more inside]
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So I'm moving to Copenhagen...

I'm starting a one-year position at the University of Copenhagen shortly. I'm a Canadian currently living in Germany, and I have a few questions. [more inside]
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How to present a book on Facebook?

I'm currently writing a book on a dedicated Facebook page, but the chapters appear chronologically in the page's Timelime without the possibility of navigaging from one chapter to the next. So basically, to read the entire book, you need to drill down to the bottom on the Timeline and work your way up. Since there is and increasing followers base, I want to make it easier to browse. Is there a feature on Facebook that can help me do that?
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July 15

History of Canada - recommendations?

Are there any good, entertaining, well-written single-volume histories of Canada? After years of promising myself to do it, I want to learn more about Canadian history. I remember some vague facts from junior high school but ask me about Confederation and I'm mumble city. I'm looking for a survey history, maybe even a good textbook perhaps. Suggestions? [more inside]
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What to expect when...your mom has been involuntarily committed.

My 62-year-old mom with "pseudodementia" was taken to the hospital last night after a psychotic episode, and now she's in the neuro wing of the hospital under involuntary commitment...what should I expect to happen, and what could be wrong with her? [more inside]
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How can I wear earrings again?

I got my ears pierced more than 20 years ago. Within the last two years or so, every time I wear earrings, they start bothering me after six hours or so. When I take them out, the area around the piercing is swollen and hard but does not hurt if I push at it, and the actual piercing may have a bit of dried blood. Because of this, I haven't been wearing earrings more often than once every two or three weeks, so that may be contributing to the bleeding (I often have to poke and prod a bit to open the pierced hole all the way to get an earring through). What should I do to be able to wear earrings regularly again? [more inside]
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Non-dessert uses for prickly pear fruit

What can I do with prickly pear fruit that isn't a beverage and isn't a dessert? Are there any recipes that use it as a component in a savory dish? [more inside]
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How to navigate our child's illness when no one seems to know anything?

I know, YANMD. But how do we know how to find proper medical advice for our son's rare condition - or even whom to trust - when there doesn't seem to be a doctor who actually knows the answers yet? [more inside]
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Help me waste a day in central east Florida.

I'll be at Cape Canaveral an extra day and my initial plan of an introductory scuba dive (or just doing snuba) is not working out. I've already toured Kennedy Space Center and I'm looking for something scientific/geeky/bizarre to follow it up with. A little help?
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Depression takes no bedfellows

I have depression. I won't go into very many details, only because my Ask history is revealing enough. It's pretty bad though. I'm trying to change medication and get into decent, affordable therapy ( tips on doing the latter in NYC appreciated). The thing is, I know that chipping away at some of the crushing isolation that has defined a large part of the last two years of my life would go a long way toward moving me forward. [more inside]
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How can I make my own derivative work?

I want to make my own version of these very similar logos but I also want to get that authentic handmade look. How do I do it? [more inside]
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How much wine is too much wine?

Friend called expressing concern about my recent drinking habits. Not sure if she has cause to be legitimately concerned or if she's overreacting. [more inside]
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Longing in another language

I know there are words in other languages for things we don't have words for in English sometimes. I am looking for a word that means something along the lines of "longing for things that one feels one is missing out on due to circumstances beyond ones control". In addition I am looking for other words that describe specific types of sadnesses or happinesses. These can be in any language.
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What portion of the surface of Pluto and Charon will New Horizons map?

For reasons perhaps best understood by wasting way too much time in Kerbal Space Program, the difference in fuel and cost between a flyby and an orbiter can be considerable. As such, NASA's New Horizons craft zipped through the Pluto system at considerable speed, before continuing out into the Edgeworth–Kuiper belt. Will the craft produce high-resolution maps of the complete surfaces of both Pluto and Charon, or will the flyby approach only allow for a portion of the surface of each body to be surveyed?
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Psychiatric crisis resources in Jacksonville, FL?

I'm in a crisis (I'm hospitalized right now) and I need psychiatric help and help affording treatment. How can I get these kinds of help in Jacksonville FL? Can you recommend a low-cost counselor, or a program to help me get affordable medical coverage? I'm an adult in my late twenties but am financially dependent on my father, and programs have rejected me because of his income. [more inside]
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What's in the bag?

Your work commute is a 1 hour train ride each way from the suburbs into the city. You use a backpack as a travel bag. What goes in the backpack? [more inside]
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You deserve way more than an apple.

Help me brainstorm gifts for my daughter's early intervention team, who will be discharging us from care soon. [more inside]
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Ankle support for swimming?

My partner who is hemi-plegic would like to go swimming but when he walks out of the water (with assistance) he feels like his ankle is going to snap and break. I guess we need some kind of ankle support specifically for his situation. Help! [more inside]
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English vacation logistics help

I'm returning home to England for a visit next month and I haven't been home since 2011. Please help me prepare properly. [more inside]
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Software Dev Career in SF Bay without a Bachelors in CS, I'm Floundering

What can I do better to get a paid internship or an Entry level Position with limited work experience, a Psych Degree and an Associates in Systems Programming? [more inside]
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Acts of kindness and affection beyond romantic relationships?

Can life be as rich and wonderful without that deep intimacy with someone romantically? Can one channel openhearted and loving acts of kindness and affection in other ways that are just as fulfilling? [more inside]
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Hard Drive Help

I would like to get information off of a hard drive without installing it in a computer, possible? [more inside]
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Is there a term for this phenomenon?

When there's a news story about one cow that escapes from a slaughterhouse, everyone cheers and wants to donate money and adopt it. But when millions of cows die every day, no one bats an eye. Similarly: when one homeless person gets attention for her particular "down on her luck" story, or does something ordinary like returning a lost wallet to its owner, everyone cheers; people offer money, clothes, jobs. But the countless homeless people everyday don't cause the same reaction. Is there a name for this phenomenon - where a single example, pulled from the crowd, triggers compassion, but the crowd itself gets only apathy? [more inside]
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How to Shop for Directors & Officers Liability Insurance for a NonProfit

I'm doing some work for a small but growing nonprofit based in the State of Wisconsin. They are looking into getting Directors and Officers Liability Insurance and asked me if I knew of a good policy provider. The providers I'm familiar with would not work with a group this small (small board, Executive Director, volunteers...donation receipts about $200K+). I'm unsure of how best to vet a provider that I don't have direct experience with...any advice?
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Is there a decent magsafe power adapter?

I own a 2008 macbook pro which is still doing okay, but I have been running through power adapters like mad. I've had two of the inexpensive knockoff variety quit in the last year, but the expensive apple-brand ones don't seem any better. What should I do? [more inside]
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How to self-study science from textbooks like a boss?

I'm an (older) grad student doing research in applied physics. I've ticked all my class requirements but have a shortlist of subjects I feel would be useful to my research and my career. I've translated these into a list of reputable, recommended textbooks to read. I've started reading those, usually in the evenings after all daily tasks are complete, and I enjoy it very much - but does anyone have tips to maximize the payoff of those reading hours? [more inside]
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But elastic is supposed to stretch

A while ago I asked a question about finding the perfect pair of work appropriate footwear. I finally found them! But there's just one catch - part of them is too tight and leaves marks on my feet. Is there any way to fix this? [more inside]
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Canadian Tax: Art Division

As an artist who makes very little money from art, so can I write off a portion of my rent because I use my apartment as a working art studio? [more inside]
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If I have Global Entry do I need a visa to go to Brazil?

I bought a really cheap fare to Sao Paolo for Christmas. And I was expecting to have to get a visa at some point to go. But then, when I had some downtime from work, I got Global Entry approved. And now I read that Brazil is a part of Global entry. Is it? Or will it be by Christmas? And do I still need to blow $130 bucks and a day of running around to get a Brazilian visa?
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Ettiquette in tiny art galleries / open studios

Artists with open studios or small gallery owners: how do you want me to behave? I'm completely ignorant about visual art and often unmoved by it, but interested in visiting the various tiny galleries and open studio events around my city. From experience, I'll often be the only person -- or one of very few people -- there at the time, aside from the artist. Should I duck wordlessly in and out, ask you to talk about the work, something else? [more inside]
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PMI on FHA loan. How do I kill it with fire?

I am attempting to figure out what it will take to drop the PMI from my mortgage payment and, wow, the internet is really leading me on all sorts of wild goose chases in attempting to figure out what the actual criteria are. Loan details within. [more inside]
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I Wanna Get Away™

My boyfriend and I are travel novices, so we need advice about whether this is an OK idea or a stupid plan. (Southwest Airlines/air travel edition.) [more inside]
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What should I put in my terrarium?

I'm planning to buy a terrarium like the one pictured here for my office. [more inside]
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A blog with MP3 hosting. How do?

I have an idea for a blog/website where I post my own music and write about the music theory/arrangement and mixing/mastering techniques behind each MP3 snippet. What's the most idiot proof way I should go about this? [more inside]
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Why might people want more sex in my writing? Why don't I?

I'm no prude. But I don't like writing sex scenes. I've been told on multiple occasions that my writing suffers from a lack of detail when it comes to getting it on. Are you a writer? Did you face a similar issue? How did you resolve it? [more inside]
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Acoustic guitar advice (buying online today vs decision paralysis)

Amazon.ca (that's Canada) has some big discounts on acoustic guitars. As an acoustic newbie, should I take the plunge, or is purchasing one without trying it first a bad idea? [more inside]
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Good-for-now work shoes

Asking for my husband: what's the best moderately-priced shoes for occasionally standing for 12+ hours/day? [more inside]
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Tips for surviving MRIs as an anxious person

I am having two MRIs with contrast this week and I'm absolutely dreading it. Do you have any tips on how I can make it more bearable? [more inside]
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What song did I hear at Too Much Light... on May 16th?

I went to Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind on a trip to Chicago in May. During one play called Shred, a super awesome song was played and I really want to find it again! [more inside]
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Help me keep an orchestra amused

I'm one of the tour managers for a university orchestra tour. We've got a symphony orchestra of 70 students mostly aged 19-21, and we're packing them into a coach and driving them to the Netherlands, which will take a fairly long time. How can I force them to have fun, ideally while they're on the coach? [more inside]
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Salary for a webdev in Seattle or New York?

I'm interviewing for a web developer job at a large tech company. One of the pre-screening questions is what compensation I want. As I live in Chile, I don't know what's to ask for. The job could be in Seattle or NY. [more inside]
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Where can I find more music like this?

I recently watched Herzog's Even Dwarfs Started Small and really loved one of the songs that was featured on the soundtrack. I can find very little about this song, other than it was reportedly recorded by Herzog in a cave. Any idea who is on the recording or where I could find music in a similar style?
posted by Otis at 8:50 AM PST - 3 comments

I don't want to be a sleazy landlord but I will need to withhold some $$

What would be considered normal wear and tear in a rental property to deduct from a security deposit after 6 years? The place looks pretty bad. [more inside]
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bed bugs and beyond

Most mattress companies allow customers to return mattresses within a given time frame. I would like to know exactly what the mattress companies do to sterilize/de-louse returned mattresses before re-selling them? Have you ever purchased a "new" mattress that seemed... icky?
posted by flourpot at 8:29 AM PST - 6 comments

Shower gels... is one better than another?

I'm happy with the shower gels that I use. It's an assortiment of Sanex products (I like variety). On paper or on the web, that company is all about the pH balance this, hydratation that, skin protection here, deep moisturization there. But does it really make a difference, or is soap basically soap? [more inside]
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How are pictures and logos painted on vehicles?

I've been curious for a while about how pictures and logos are painted on trucks, company cars, etc. Is it done by machine, and if so what is this machine like? I've noticed on some trucks that, when viewed at a close distance, the pictures have Ben-Day dots (think color comic strips in newspapers, or Roy Lichtenstein's work), so I'm imaging a machine akin to a printer, except I don't really know how that would work for painting a vehicle.
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Explain negotiations

How do negotiations like the Iran nuclear deal work? When doors are closed, what exactly is happening? [more inside]
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Faster rate of mutation in bacteria problem in isolated ecosystems?

Spoilers for Kim Stanley Robinson's "Aurora" ahead. So, the story is like this: A multigenerational arkship is on it's way to Tau Ceti, they find their primary target for colonization hostile and discuss whether to move to another planet in the same system, live there in domes while terraforming it. One reason for not doing this is stated thusly: [more inside]
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Which Las Vegas hospitals take psychiatric emergencies?

Trying to locate a family member who was taken by first responders to a hospital for a psychiatric emergency. I've called a few hospitals without luck. Anyone know where individuals with Medicaid in psychiatric emergency are taken in Las Vegas?
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Low-income housing in the Bay Area

Are there options for low-income housing in the South Bay? I'm asking for my mother-in-law because we're trying to get her a place near us. She doesn't have any money of her own, so we're trying to find a place that we can afford. Thanks.
posted by massofintuition at 2:12 AM PST - 7 comments

Can you help me identify this Eastern sculpture?

The sculpture shown here was given to me by a friend, who had bought it from a second-hand store. I have in vain searched the internet for the figure in the sculpture. It is a male person with slanted eyes, which rules out an Indian origin. He wears a tall hat with six attachments resembling ears or wings. His chest and shoulders are covered with a garment that may represent his status. He is seated cross-legged, holding a large, almost oversized bowl in his lap.
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July 14

Baffling OKCupid situation

Help me understand what’s happening with my OKCupid profile. In the first 36 hours on joining I had 382 likes and 76 messages (none worthwhile). Since then, not a thing. What’s your take on this? Bonus question: is OKCupid the right place these days to look for a long-term partner? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:23 PM PST - 15 comments

How and whether to combine bank accounts?

My husband and I have had separate bank accounts, and are starting to finally merge them. Is there any point to keeping my banking separate? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:22 PM PST - 29 comments

How to approach supervisor about moving from 1.00 FTE to 0.75 FTE?

Another department recently offered me a 0.25 FTE position, and I'm sort of nervous about approaching my current boss about asking if my current department would support/allow this. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:21 PM PST - 3 comments

Wine and light?

I own a wine rack that holds 13 bottles, which is quite a supply for a single guy, so bottles end up on the rack for a few months. It's as much an art piece as it is a place to store the bottles, but the wine is strictly for consumption. In other words, none of the wine is valuable. I only buy 'em to drink 'em. How long can wine sit in a wine rack at room temperature in a well lit room before the wine starts to go bad? [more inside]
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I love you, little house!

In keeping with the recent question about buying a house in a competitive market... Those of you who have written letters to get a seller to pick you when you aren't the highest bidder - what did you write? Tips, suggestions, don'ts, samples all welcome.
posted by jrobin276 at 7:32 PM PST - 10 comments

Good, cheap laptop under $200?

What good, cheap (old?) laptop could I get for under $200? [more inside]
posted by lhude sing cuccu at 6:36 PM PST - 8 comments

The Body in Ancient Greece

Can anyone point me to some interesting readings, online or off, about the ancient Greek philosophy of the body and the understanding of physicality in general? [more inside]
posted by vecchio at 6:06 PM PST - 8 comments

Do I need to take any additional action against this facebook harasser?

So, I posted a smart-alecky (but honestly, mild) joke response to a weirdo fringe comment on a news organization's Facebook post. The fringe weirdo who posted it called my place of employment, said I was bullying him, and that I should be fired. [more inside]
posted by tumbleweedjack at 5:58 PM PST - 8 comments

Power animal for this specific branding project.

I am trying to find an animal that fits the whole medicinal/body care/spa kind of vibe because I want to create a logo. I thought of swans, but I am looking for animals that could appeal to a broader demographic (if that makes any sense).
posted by omar.a at 5:56 PM PST - 24 comments

Help me find a quote like this

I'm trying to find a quote that fits the general mood of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and "Spirited Away". I know that is a weird mix, but the more layered and moody the quote is the better. Something about memories, yearning, and remembrance. And not that Alexander Pope quote that was mentioned in ETOSM please. Any ideas?
posted by cyrusw8 at 5:51 PM PST - 18 comments

All-purpose classy-looking daily shoes/boots that will last for a while?

I'm looking for a pair of shoes/boots that will effectively function in as many different environments as possible: walking, hiking, sun and rain, dressing up for more formal occasions. (I'm a traveler and I only have room for a single pair of shoes in my life.) Comfort is a huge priority; I want them to feel as cozy as house slippers. Waterproofing would be a welcome bonus but not essential. [more inside]
posted by archagon at 5:51 PM PST - 18 comments

Half Saved iPhone

A few weeks ago, I got my phone wet (dropped it off a raft...) and I immediately put it into rice for three full days. Turning it on, lo and behold it worked. For a few days, anyway... [more inside]
posted by Old Man Wilson at 5:38 PM PST - 7 comments

Sexiest steel-toe shoes ever

Proving that you never know where your library degree will take you, I'll be at an oil rig next month. I need steel toe shoes. I'd love not to hate them. Also, it will be Houston in August. Any women have steel-toe shoes/boots for the field that you really like, either from a comfort or style vantage point? Bonus points if they look stunning with a flame-retardant coverall.
posted by chesty_a_arthur at 5:23 PM PST - 25 comments

circadian rythms and sleep timing

Is it possible that shifting when I sleep very slightly (say 11-7 instead of 10-6) can make a difference in how well rested I feel? [more inside]
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Should I buy it? House edition

I have been wanting to buy a house in my city for several years and am finally in a position of stability (financial and otherwise) to do so. This is exciting! I want to make sure pursuit of this particular goal does not foolishly jeopardize other long-term goals, and need some help sussing out genuine rational concern from irrational fear of commitment. [more inside]
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Our pup is getting spayed tomorrow, I have all the worries.

A few weeks ago we were going to take care of a found puppy for "a few hours" which has turned into forever. We are having her spayed tomorrow, and I have all kinds of things I'm nervous about. I know you're not my vet, but I'm more hoping for some real pet owner experiences to know exactly what to expect, and what we do need to do, and what may be being overly cautious. [more inside]
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Can you help me find men's work clothes that aren't awful?

I need to build a small set of work clothes that I can combine and re-combine. Unfortunately, since this is retail sales(with attendant conservative clothing policies) , there are some severe constraints in place. Feeling creative? [more inside]
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Over-Pruned Cherry Plum - will it survive?

We had some landscape type people come in to trim back the bushes and such in our yard and part of that involved trimming back our cherry plum tree. I came home and found that they left nothing but the largest primary branches , having taken EVERYTHING else off. Will this sad thing make it through the summer? [more inside]
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Can I Eat It: Dog Park Edition

A local dog park as a very large quantity of edible berries (chokeberries and chokecherries to be exact). They're located right inside the dog run, though. I'm curious weather or not the concentration of dog poop/pee might effect the berries in terms of flavor/nutrients? Is there such a thing as too much "fertilizer"?
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What is "a strategy"?

At various times in my life (mostly work situations, but not always), I've been asked to come up with "a strategy" for something. Embarrassingly, I'm still not clear on what "a strategy" really is..... [more inside]
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Helping a Friend in Need: What Are the Limits?

A close friend of mine is going through some difficult financial times. I want to help as much as I can--and I have for a while now. But I'm worried that he's beginning to see me as an ATM and I'm beginning to feel guilty about saying no or putting limits on how much I will give. I need suggestions on how to draw an appropriate boundary between being helpful yet also not feeling used. [more inside]
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Cat fanciers: color my cat!

I've done some internet reading about the fascinating world of cat genetics, but I'm still not certain what color my cat is. Help me figure it out! [more inside]
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Help me find high res shots of beautiful old trees.

Inspired by yesterday's Your Shot post on National Geographic, I bought a print. Now I want more [more inside]
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Hilariously over-the-top badass movie quotes needed

Needed: over-the-top movie (or other media) quotes that can be construed to be about winning. [more inside]
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The closet is poisonous

My partner of 11 years is gay. Now what? [more inside]
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Where to begin with VOIP

I need to find new VOIP hardware for my office. I don't even know where to begin. [more inside]
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Privacy and Pregnancy

I'm a very private person. I'm also pregnant, and starting to show, and having issues with the fact that I can't keep this as private as I normally would something like this. My main question is about when to tell people at work, but I'm also concerned about strangers and just people in general. [more inside]
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Physical therapist it kinda pushy...

So, I tore my rotator cuff a while ago, and I'm going to a physical therapist for that, and she's really pushing for me to go to the local swimming pool and take the aqua-aerobics class there. I really don't want to, but she won't shut up about it. [more inside]
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Social platform based around repository of documents?

Would Ning be suitable for creating an online community based around sharing curriculum for educators of teachers? If not, what tools would be best? [more inside]
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Where to find advice and support after Dad's mesothelioma diagnosis

My father was recently diagnosed with mesothelioma at age 83, caused by exposure to asbestos at his former workplace. Multiple doctors have urged him to seek a settlement by engaging an attorney. Is there any way to know which firms, if any, are reputable? The ABA website was no help. Also, where can we read about the experiences of other asbestos victims and their families to better know what to expect w/r/t his condition and also with w/r/t their experiences with claims for compensation? [more inside]
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Can I Eat It: Honeydew or Honey Don't edition

Deliciously ripe honeydew made my throat scratchy. Never been allergic before. Can I eat this? [more inside]
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Multiple Alarm Watch

My wife is looking for a wristwatch that can set multiple daily alarms. All my searching comes up with sport stopwatches. A smart watch is probably overkill and too expensive, but I can't figure out a middle ground. Any suggestions?
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Cats now? Or cats later?

After being catless for almost three years, we're finally ready to adopt again. Not sure about the timing though. [more inside]
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I'm sorry - but I'm not really "sorry"......

I need to apologize to my friend again, but I don’t feel sorry for what was said – only for having hurt her. How can I do that successfully? [more inside]
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I need a new go-to site for film criticism

I loved The Dissolve as a film site with good, smart writers who wrote thoughtful reviews and features without all the linkbaity cruft found almost everywhere else. I enjoyed their upper-middlebrow approach in that they could speak intelligently about both art and mainstream films. Is there anything else out there like The Dissolve that I could seek out as a substitute? [more inside]
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Where is the secret list of potential US natural disasters?

Inspired by this New Yorker piece, it seems like there ought to be a list of natural disasters that will possibly, probably happen and that we're really not preparing for (like the Yellowstone supervolcano). [more inside]
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Leather Key Chain?

Where can I find a nice-ish leather key chain that I could possibly have personalized? [more inside]
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Yet another search for the perfect bag

I'm in the market for a new handbag, that will hopefully last me forevermore (or at least long enough to justify the monetary investment - I don't want to be buying a new handbag every year because the old one wears out). Lots of snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Is there any way to rescind this invitation?

I have a milestone birthday coming up and an incredibly lovely friend has taken it upon herself (with my blessing) to invite people to my place for a low key celebration (yay!). Unfortunately, she also accidentally invited a friend of mine whose boyfriend I can't stand. [more inside]
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Memoirs and philosophical works on death, loss

Please recommended memoirs, philosophy, and/or classics on coping with death, the meaning of life, etc. [more inside]
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best on-site desktop training program?

What's the best on-site program for learning InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator basics in an integrated way? Maybe a weeklong event with a lot of individual attention to leaners? [more inside]
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Apple Migration Assistant Workarounds?

I'm trying to migrate from an old iMac to a new MacBook Pro, using Migration Assistant over wifi. It stalls out at "Less than a minute remaining." Apparently this is a common problem. Are there any workarounds - for example, backing up to an external disk and connecting that disk to the new computer? I do have Time Machine but it hasn't backed up in about 2 weeks (a different problem I've been dealing with). The old iMac has USB and Firewire ports; the new Pro has USB and Thunderbolt.
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The Will and the Windows

What are these peculiar protuberances in three windows of a Manhattan skyscraper? [more inside]
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Are fan heaters (almost) 100% efficient?

So, most electrical heaters are extremely close to 100% efficient in terms of converting electrical power into heat. But is this true of fan heaters as well? In other words, how much energy goes into operating the fan as compared to the heating of the elements? [more inside]
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Dear Sir, Gis-a-job.

I intend to apply for a software position at a company. Before applying, I'm going to send an email enquiry. What should I ask? [more inside]
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How to react when an artist gives you an unsolicited portrait?

Yesterday I was minding my own business, working on my laptop in a "McCafe", when someone approached the table and handed me a sketch (portrait of me) they had drawn. I thanked him and complimented the drawing. But how would you react? [more inside]
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Vet w/ heartworm experience in Denver?

We recently adopted a rescue Australian shepherd. He is super cute but heartworm positive. He was given 2 (of the recommended 3) shots for treatment before we adopted him. When we got him, he tested positive. Vet recommended antibiotics (4 pills per day for 30 days) because it was just baby heartworms remaining. Recently finished the antibiotics and he is still testing positive. [more inside]
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Fragments of Old London Still Visible in Modern London

Fragments of Roman Londinium are still visible around London. Bits of old London Bridge have been worked into St. Magnus the Martyr Church. What other leftover bits of old London are still hanging around the modern-day city? [more inside]
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What repairs are worth doing on my car that's about to be sold?

Hi there. Everyone. I was hoping you all could help me with a question. It's time to sell my beloved 2005 LE (82K miles, good condition, new tires) and I wonder if it's worth doing a few things to help with the sale: It needs new bumper inserts, 1 new hubcap and has some scratches. If you were selling, would you make these fixes: is it worth it? Worth detailing, as well? Many thanks for any thoughts or ideas, CC
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July 13

Am I setting myself up to be hurt?

I was dating a guy for a few weeks and now we've become friends with benefits. After we talked about experiences in the past when we were victims of sexual assault, he brought up related fantasies. I'm not sure how to feel. [more inside]
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What to do near Sedlec Ossuary (Kutna Hora, near Prague, Czech Republic)

I'm going to be spending about 2 hours travelling to Sedlec Ossuary tomorrow, then another two hours back. What else should I do while there, as I'd rather not go, spend I don't know, an hour at the church, then go back to Prague if I can help it. [more inside]
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explain to me about semiprecious stone jewelry?

I have a weakness for flashy colored stone jewelry. Should I buy all the things online? I don't know if these prices make sense. [more inside]
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F. Paul Wilson for cranky leftists?

I'm interested in reading more F. Paul Wilson, but put off by his close association with libertarianism - what should I pick up? [more inside]
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Should my accountant pay the interest here, or is that not how it works?

The accountant who did my 2011 taxes did a lame job (on several levels). I was notified at some point in 2012 that she'd made en error on my federal return and that I owed more money. Now I just got a notice from the state, saying that I owe them money for the same year. [more inside]
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freeze dried fruit addicts (not so) anonymous

I’m addicted to freeze dried fruit. Are there dangers to eating too much? And if not, where can I get more freeze dried to feed my habit, on the cheap? [more inside]
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Do roommate-finding services work for people who are middle-aged?

My current roommate is taking a job across the country. For twenty-odd years, I've roomed with a friend or friends, so the last time I had to actually look for a roommate, I placed an ad in the paper. Ha ha ha. How does a single forty-something woman find a compatible roommate in Chicago nowadays? Note: Please do not suggest that I move out and find a studio or one-bedroom on my own. That is not on the table at the moment. [more inside]
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Three body problem: vacation for people from MA, NY, and MD

We are trying to organize a family vacation for a long weekend (August 28-30) of this year. We are three couples with complicated variables and at least one satellite moon. Help us put this together! [more inside]
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Nine months is too short, 21 months is too long. What now?

I'm not receiving a raise after nine months on the job because I haven't yet worked a full calendar year. This is the first I'm hearing of such a stipulation. Should I bring it up to my boss and if so, how? [more inside]
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Can this friendship be saved?

I e-mailed a friend of 8 years recently, saying I'd be in the area and asking if she wanted to get a drink. [more inside]
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She's making jewelry now

I'm always fascinated by once-noted musicians or actors who have disappeared from the spotlight into a "straight" job. Do you know interesting tidbits about what so-and-so is doing now, 15 (or whatever) years later? [more inside]
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Help me own the car that I have owned for the last 10 years

You have no idea the kind of self-shaming feedback loop this has been causing me. I've had, and continue to have, immense internal resistance to fixing this problem, but I must fix it and need your help. When I bought and financed my car 10 years ago, the financing dept got my last name wrong. It has been wrong on my registration and title (since I paid it off 5 years ago) ever since. I'm looking to trade this car in for a new one and need to get this fixed. How? [more inside]
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Help me get around Chicago on Public Transit

My SO & I will be visiting Chicago next weekend - arriving at O'Hare on Friday morning, staying at the Hilton on Michigan Ave, departing O'Hare on Monday morning. We'd like to be able to use bus/train exclusively, so I'm looking for tips & tricks - what are the best apps to use, helpful hints on how/where to buy tickets, etc. Thanks in advance!
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Is it possible to play my old "Ceremony of Innocence" CD ROM?

Back in the stone age (the late '90's), I bought an interactive CD ROM titled Ceremony of Innocence. I loved it. I'd like to play it again. [more inside]
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Best Coloring Pencils For Adult Coloring Books?

Or, like gel pens? I was given a couple of coloring books and love them but I really know nothing about the best stuff to use for them and really can't afford to purchase a set I'll just be irritated with and need to replace to give me he results I want.
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Where does the potential energy go?

So, imagine we have a 100 meter tall tower, a 100 kg weight, and a rocket. Consider the following two, very similar scenarios... [more inside]
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Help me automate a PDF-merge task!

For work, I've been doing a task that involves taking all PDFs in a directory, merging them, and giving them a name based on the name of the folder. I'd like to automate this task. [more inside]
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I want to know what food is. I want you to show me.

Can someone point to good resources for real science-based nutrition? [more inside]
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Does veggie broth make ramen more nutritious?

I've taken to making instant ramen with half veggie broth, half water or thereabouts — improves the taste and texture. But is using broth actually giving me any extra nutrients, or just doubling my dose of sodium? (I'm not deficient of anything, and my diet is otherwise pretty decent, this is just my go-to quick lunch at home)
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Help me find food in Atlanta please!

I recently moved to Atlanta from Texas late last year. So far things have been fine, but the food situation here is very dire. Who knew the food would be so different! Can you help me find these food items? [more inside]
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Quirky and meaningful wedding gift

My niece is getting married soon, and I need ideas for a wedding gift that fits her (and her fiance's) quirky sensibility that will also be meaningful to them. [more inside]
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Does my platonic friend have romantic feelings - and what should I do?

Does a platonic friend who is in a relationship feel more than he is letting on? [more inside]
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Should we buy this house?

We're house-hunting in the craziest market ever - SF Bay Area. Will you help me think this out? [more inside]
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My OKCupid profile is an experience. Help me make it a good experience. [more inside]
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Is there asbestos behind this sheet vinyl floor?

I'm fixing up a condo that I'm going to rent from my parents in 2 weeks. The kitchen floor is sheet vinyl on a concrete slab. I think my father said it's a floating floor. It's really worn out with large gouges and it's peeling up on the edges in some places. My father and I are planning to tear out the sheet vinyl and replace the floor with nice new vinyl planks. [more inside]
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Where Can I buy this desk?

I saw this desk and quite liked it, but I can't for the life of me find it anywhere for sale: L- Shaped Desk A link to buy it or something extremely similar would be great. (just in case it comes up - I am not interested in building it myself or having it built by someone)
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Spam solutions that avoid (silently dropped) false positives?

Sudden drastic surge in spam to my primary email address, that has lasted a month at the same steady intensity. Time for me to finally consider server-level spam filtering? The catch: my FIRST priority is avoiding false positives. [more inside]
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How do I apologize for mixing friends, family, and business?

I made a mistake. I'm helping my in-laws buy a house, and I introduced them to a long-time friend and Realtor, in the hopes of providing my friend with a reference client, and my in-laws with an extremely trustworthy advisor. At first everyone seemed very happy with this arrangement, but it's gone off the rails. [more inside]
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Sending videos to the old folks at home

What device or electronic setup would enable an elderly, non-tech-savvy person to straightforwardly view photos and videos with a minimum of fuss? Difficulty: no wifi, no 4G, no DVD player, no ongoing tech-support access, nursing-home setting with mild theft issues. [more inside]
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Name my reoccurring music blog feature!

I run a blog about punk, garage, and DIY music. I'm starting a new feature where we list 3-4 facts about punk which are all untrue except one. First person to email us with an accurate guess as to which fact is made-up wins tickets to an upcoming Chicago show. I'm thinking of calling it something like "Fact or Fiction?" but would love more suggestions. [more inside]
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update on the Barier, floating soccer-ball dwelling?

I'm trying to find out what's up with this structure, designed for maximum resistance to earthquakes and flooding. [more inside]
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Effexor and sleepiness

Will Effexor XR continue to make me this tired? [more inside]
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Costumers? Buying/Dyeing a tux? Help me get this right.

To start, I have a budget of about $250USD +/-. I need a hunter green tuxedo with tails, jacket and pants, matching. I cannot find one online at any price. [more inside]
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Silverware or flatware that is weighted, simple, modern?

Need to purchase moderately priced set of flatware/silverware for a guy with shaky hands. Looking for heavy or weighted flatware recs. Yes I know there's a lot of stuff for people with ADL, tremors, etc. but I am looking for something elegant, simple, unadorned that doesn't look "medical." Pottery barn, crate & barrel, Target-looking stuff. Needs to feel heavy in the hand but look good in a bare, simple sort of way. Thanks.
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Latin Translation

Need help translating a phrase into Latin - "Efficiency in all things." Google Translate says it's "efficiendum est omnia" but I don't trust it 100% and want to avoid ending up with the Latin equivalent of "Macho Business Donkey Wrestler" as a motto.
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Tell me about your favorite sophisticated-looking backpack.

I have been using an LLBean backpack every day for my commute and to take my kids places. But my husband has grown weary of finding my belongings in the backpack every time he wants to use it. In his defense, I bought the backpack for him and it has his initials on it. Help me find a replacement backpack to call my very own. Some details below... [more inside]
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"I'm better now..." How to respond?

I need some advice on how to deal with my Borderline parent when we're on the phone. I have a hard time dealing with his constant declaring of how much better he is than before. He constantly says that he's been "all positive" lately, when in actuality his borderline behavior has been escalating. Should I call him out when I know what he is saying is BS? [more inside]
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Brother has anger issues; family pretends it isn't a problem?

My mom brushes off my brother's anger issues. It's detrimental to the family environment but she does not want/has not addressed it. [more inside]
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I need a project. Or a job. Or a hobby. Or SOMETHING ... at home

One of my children received a complex developmental diagnosis this year, which unfortunately means I won't be going back to work as planned. Now that we're out of the "total panic" phase and into the "settling into a routine" phase, I don't have a lot to do, and I am BORED OUT OF MY MIND. I'm flailing between the universe of "pick anything you want!" and "meet these constraints where you have to do it from home." I need some kind of intellectual work -- paid or unpaid -- to give me focus, a goal, and something to do. You guys know me pretty well; I thought you could help me narrow it down. Details within. [more inside]
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Living abroad temporarily: cheapest way to deal with currency exchange?

I'm living abroad temporarily and need advice for dealing with currency exchange in the cheapest way (withdrawing from ATMs, making card purchases, and paying rent). [more inside]
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I'm Taking My Teen Boy to London; What to Do?

Like it says on the box. I'm taking my youngest kid to London for a week in August, we're staying by Gloucester Road tube. Through a miracle of connections, I was able to score us tickets to see Liverpool vs. Stoke but other than that and a show at the Globe, we have no plans. [more inside]
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Anachronistic medieval Eastern European settings?

I am sick and tired of roleplaying games using horrible, historically-inaccurate mishmashes of medieval Western Europe as a setting. Give me ideas for the Eastern Europe version instead. [more inside]
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July 12

Dear MetaFilter,

Help. I am suffering from the most debilitating crush (on a guy) I have ever had. Interest is being returned; obviously not quite as strongly as I am feeling it inside. That's fine; the real problem is that my past relationships have been abnormally fast paced and for a variety of reasons this one is going to have to be of the sustained-effort variety, something I have no experience whatsoever with. How do I steadily build up this relationship and what is reasonable for me to expect from him (and him from me) as time passes? [more inside]
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help me with a clever slogan for these pregnancy tests!

I am a licensed midwife who will have an opportunity to market my practice at a table at a community event. I ordered whole bunch of individually packaged hcg pregnancy tests. I am going to put a sticker on each one with my website/phone number & maybe something else clever? Any ideas? Also, any other clever marketing ideas for a midwifery practice welcome.
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I miss feeling, in general

I feel extremely apathetic and flat. I'm being worked up for some endocrine issue. I know it makes sense to make a diagnosis before initiating treatment, but I don't know how much longer I can stand feeling so apathetic. [more inside]
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My microphone with my new headset suddenly stopped working.

So I bought a new logitech headset with headphones and a mic recently to communicate with friends on steam. When I first got it, everything was working, and then the other day my friend says he can't hear me, although I can still hear him through the headphones. [more inside]
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Bedroom decor for a scientifically inclined six year-old

DirtyOldTown and I have a pretty great six year-old boy child who is spending the week at his grandma's house and during that time, we're moving him into a larger bedroom. His last room was Lego-themed, but we want to give him a room that's a little broader and a little less merchandising specific this time around. Really, we are less about a theme and more about filling the room with cool stuff he would like, so that when he comes home and sees it, he'll be drawn to it and start enjoying some independent time. (He never enjoyed hanging out in his tiny bedroom he was in before). Looking for fun (and not overly expensive) ideas for knick knacks, doo dads, wall art, etc. to make an inquisitive junior scientist excited about his new lair. [more inside]
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New York, Paris, Rome, oh my!

You get to spend a week in New York, Paris or Rome, during which money isn't much of an object. You're not a millionaire by any means, but for once you're going to have a romantic holiday where you're not cutting costs by backpacking or AirBNBing or packing your own lunch or commuting from the outer rim every morning. [more inside]
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Graduate Student Needs Statistics Software Help

Choosing a BUGS software package...one with a comprehensible manual or understandable tutorial to allow progress to continue on thesis. [more inside]
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Pantone color values for the old Digital/DEC PDP-11 computers...

Does anyone have good matches for the Fuscia/Magenta-ish colors used by DEC for their (very) old PDP series of computers? I'm trying to use the colors and am looking for near matches. Optimally, I'd love to find what DEC themselves would have used for promotional materials, as well as paint mixture codes if I wanted to paint stripes of matching colors on my walls. ;)
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Should I keep talking to this guy?

I'm having trouble discerning if this guy is worthy of my time or not as I feel like I'm into him. We've been texting each other for a couple of weeks and met up once in person. He's very funny and we seemed to have mutual values and clicked well through our convo. He texts me a lot everyday yet he never calls. He said he's not a fan of talking on the phone. [more inside]
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What is the easiest way to track individual mahjong pieces for analysis?

My goal is to analyze the randomness of mahjong shuffles. So what I am imagining is taking a set and putting something in or on each piece such that after every shuffle I can take an image and know where every piece is. In this way we could know how pieces tend to drift hand to hand and if a particular side is doing a bad job or something.
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Smart phone needed ASAP; home has poor cell coverage.

I'm a couple of months away from the end of my 2 year Verizon contract, and my LG L2G2 may have finally croaked a day after its battery was replaced. I'm headed to the hospital for surgery in 36 hours, so no time to research options re: decent, reliable phone and possible carrier switch. Hoping you all can help with cell recommendations and reception improvement hacks. (I live in California, and wonder whether our state Public Utilities Commission ADA guidelines would mandate carrier to provide free signal booster/whatever due to disability.) (details inside) [more inside]
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help me find word lists to build better bots!

I need an easy way to find lists of words related to specific topics, preferably ones of particular parts of speech, for my bots. [more inside]
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DEEP CLEAN... The House

We live on a farm property, with a well and and a leach field. We need to clean the bathrooms and kitchen to showroom quality, without killing our leach field and destroy our delicate plumbing. Advice? [more inside]
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Why is he still staying in our bedroom when he split up with me?

My partner split up with me 2 weeks ago after a difficult year which included a baby loss, illness and exams (me). We are both in our early 40's, have been together 3 years and living together for 2. Obviously there were good and bad times throughout the year. He has said before when we had disagreements that he wasn't happy but during the times in between he was very caring and told me he loved me. [more inside]
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Citation trails for journal articles

What is the best tool out there for efficiently examining and searching for all of the journal articles/publications that cite a particular article? [more inside]
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Can you help me find a cheap, happy place to escape to for August?

I currently live in Brooklyn, but I'm headed to Vancouver for grad school in the fall. I have a few part-time freelance writing gigs that I can take with me, so I thought I could leave my higher-paying job in NYC, satisfy my wanderlust, and get out of the city for August. I could go anywhere, with relatively cheap flights/rent and wifi-access. But where should I go? [more inside]
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What is this plant my dog loves?

My dog races to this plant and eats it every chance she gets. She acts like it's pepperoni! What is it and will it kill her?
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New York Times?

Where can I get the Sunday New York Times in Prague (on Sunday morning -- or at worst afternoon)? [more inside]
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us visa bwah?

YANA/MI(mmigration)L, but can you help parse what a friend who is an immigration lawyer is saying relating to US green cards, especially the EB-1? [more inside]
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How can I blend in socially in my field, esp. at my new internship?

I am currently interning and hope to work long-term in the environmental field (but office-based). I like outdoor activities but I am a bit overweight, out-of-shape and am inexperienced. Most of the people in my field are super fit and outdoorsy, and have already invited me on a variety of excursions that are way above my skill level. I've had to decline them all because I know it would be unmanageable at my current fitness state, and I'm worried people will just think of me as anti-social and unlikeable. How can I deal with this? [more inside]
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Where can I find a reading light with a low (or adjustable) color temp?

I'm looking for a reading light for a recently purchased standard kindle, but I'd like something that has a low (or adjustable) color temperature so reading at night doesn't mess with circadian rhythms as much. [more inside]
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How are babies fitted with glasses?

After watching this precious video, I wondered, how are babies fitted with glasses? Optometrist visits in my experience have been highly interactive: tell me what line you can read, what looks better this or this, etc. How do they do this for babies who don't have language skills yet? How do they know they have the right prescription?
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Where is the Radisson Hotel that has the water park inside?

Hi, A friend of mine told me once that she went to a clean, nice hotel named the Radisson that was just down the street from the Mall of America. She said it had a big water park inside of it. [more inside]
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How long will it keep? Oat bar edition

I'm new to almond and cashew butters. I made these delicious oat bats last night. How long will they keep in my fridge? Can I freeze them? Thank you.
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What compact SUV has seats that fold down fully flat?

I'm car shopping. It's an ordeal. Trying to do as much internet research before torturing myself by walking into a car lot. My requirements include a used AWD or 4WD in a small, compact SUV (2010 or newer) but here's the snowflakey thing that is hard to check out online: I want the rear seats to be able to fold down completely so that there is no gap between the driver's seat and the rear seats to make maximum use of storage.
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Help me maximize fat loss without bulking up more

Is yoga and pilates (plus diet) enough to slim down my lower half without bulking up more? [more inside]
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Looking for a specific version of this Russian folk song

Which albums contain this specific version of Song of the Volga Boatmen (Эй, ухнем!)? [more inside]
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How to experience military camraderie? Without joining the army?

Looking for ideas on ways to have short, intensive experiences with a group of adults working together towards an (important) shared goal. [more inside]
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Email hosting with NO SPAM PLEASE

In my quest to stay away from GMail's clutches, I've been using Polarismail to host my email for a few years now. They're great, except for one thing: the spam filtering, which used to be fantastic, is now completely awful. Help me find something better! [more inside]
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Least sprawling cities

Where in the US would you live if you wanted to live in an urban environment while maximizing your access to rural or wilderness areas? [more inside]
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Question on the ethics of storytelling

I write and I am a white Southern woman. I have a fantastic idea for a novel set in the far future, five hundred years from now, in a particular town in the South where I grew up. It would feature no white viewpoint characters. Should I do this? [more inside]
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How to talk about sexual dissatisfaction

My partner of twelve years is kind of selfish in bed, but also pretty sensitive about talking about it and hasn't taken any initiative after previous discussions. How should I approach this? Am I asking for too much? [more inside]
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I want to do some Roomba hacking.

I have a Roomba 650. I want to be able to control it over Bluetooth with a program. How do I get started? (It is not a Roomba Create, which is neat, but I am still interested in vacuuming, which the Roomba Create does not do.) [more inside]
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Fridge compressor died, or maybe not?

It seems like there have been a lot of broken refrigerator questions here, but none really addresses what happened to mine, so here's another one! I /think/ my compressor broke, but the freezer and fridge are still cold. [more inside]
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Face droopage after jaw surgery

My face (skin? muscles?) did not tighten up the way I'd hoped after jaw surgery. What's next? Are there exercises I can do? Would losing weight help? Do I need a facelift or face lipo? Has anyone had that done and not looked cartoonish? Any way I would I could get insurance to cover it? Can you recommend me doctors to see? [more inside]
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July 11

What do I send to a new baby in India?

My friend is an Indian woman living in India who is having her first baby in a couple of weeks. I'd like to send something for her new baby when he or she arrives. [more inside]
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Can I list class projects on my resume?

I'm a recent college grad applying to some research positions. For this opportunity, they're asking for someone with qualitative research experience. I've been able to do some research with professors, but the bulk of my experience in using qual methods is under classwork. [more inside]
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Help with Credit Report and a Collections Agency

I owed Verizon Wireless $38 and now it’s in collections. I need some help with how to handle this situation. [more inside]
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Self-acceptance after breakup with asexual, aromantic girlfriend

My girlfriend and I broke up because while I felt unloved and unwanted, she felt I was putting too much pressure on her and setting unreasonable expectations on the relationship. After the breakup, she told me she now identifies as ace + aro, neither of which I am. I feel guilty I didn't know much about this topic while we were together, and the more I read about it the more I get depressed and dwell on mistakes I made unknowingly. How can I respect myself after this? [more inside]
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How screwed are our wood floors after flooding?

We came home this afternoon to find that a toilet water line had detached, flooding a few rooms in our house -- some of which had newly refinished wood floors. We got everything cleaned up, and the flooding lasted at max a few hours, but there's some minor but definite cupping on the affected parts of the wood flooring. Fans are running and things are drying, but how serious is this? Do we need to call somebody ASAP, or will things settle out on their own over time? Are our floors totally hosed? [more inside]
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Is my Macbook Pro doomed?

So I played a bit rough with my Macbook Pro and when I switched it on its hard drive started whirring/clicking loudly. This continued last night and this morning. However, it now seems to be working normally. Will this be OK or is the hard drive doomed?
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Clock and Selectors

What is this piece of furniture with a clock, large sector to 150 and a smaller selector? [more inside]
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Is it something like "hoarder"?

What's a word for someone who, with the best intentions, fills up every drawer so that you either can't open the drawer, or break something trying to get your stuff out? Feel free to suggest something - the fewer letters the better!
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Where can I play "correspondence Go?"

How can I play the game Go against another person, at a leisurely pace, by way of my android phone? [more inside]
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Conflicts in a law office

I'm writing a story in which some of the characters are employed at a law firm. I'm looking for realistic conflicts in such an office that would involve senior partners, junior partners, associates, paralegals, and staff. Not life and death struggles like a John Grisham novel, but more day-to-day things.
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Help me ID a whale skull

Found a good-sized skull off the NC coast and I'd love to know the species. Possible odotoceti/toothed whale? [more inside]
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R in lieu of a Graphing Calculator: doing it wrong?

I'm studying calculus. I don't have a graphing calculator but I do have R and decent amount of experience using it to do light data analysis. It seems like R ought to be able to do anything a calculator can, but so far that hasn't panned out. [more inside]
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Cheap way to set up travel hammock on deck at home?

I bought a travel hammock off Amazon (link inside). I'd like to use it on my deck at home as well, but I don't think my deck posts are sturdy or tall enough to hang it properly. I'm assuming I need a stand, but everything I'm finding is $100 or more. I'd like to hear some inexpensive methods for the layman for securing a travel hammock on a deck, stand or otherwise. Thanks! [more inside]
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Anyone ever prepare an an Alteration Type 2 Fence Permit in NYC?

I need some advice on filing for an Alteration Type Directive 14 for rear yard fence (over 6') and (electronic) filing at DOB. I can get it signed and sealed, if prepared correctly. I need a section thru the proposed fence and a plot plan? Combustible materials allowed? On property line? Do I need a survey?
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I lied on my rental application.

I was informally evicted from a lease in the past year. I skipped it in my rental history on a new application. Now what? [more inside]
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Classic film studio tours, film museums and Hitchcock?

Best Los Angeles film studio tours for classic films, a film museum of sorts and anything Hitchcock? [more inside]
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Urgent search for a blind spot mirror with "lane-change corner" line

Hoping to find a convex blind spot mirror like this, with a "corner line", indicating whether the car behind you is far enough away for safe lane-changing. Google and Autozone etc. have plenty of convex blind spot mirrors, but none with the all-important line. What is the name of this feature/do you recognize this product? [more inside]
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Asking my depressed boyfriend to move out so we can work on ourselves

My previously solid almost 2 year relationship is hanging by a thread. My bf of almost 2 years has been experiencing a depressive episode since May. I'm thinking of asking him to move out and seeing each other a couple of times a week. This is because his depression is rubbing off on me and I want us to have some space while we work on our issues, which will take time. [more inside]
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How to keep cotton skirt from sticking to itself

I have this beautiful polka dot swing dress with a very full skirt, and it's probably my favorite dress. The problem is, the fabric's texture causes the skirt to stick together and bunch up when walking. [more inside]
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what (medical?) device(s?) was this man wearing?

Saw a man on the subway with gauze wrapped around his head from which a bundle of wires emerged and ran to a pouch strapped to his chest. He also had a pouch strapped to the front and another to the back of his waist. What was this equipment? [more inside]
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What are some reusable patterns in cooking from world traditions?

I do the cooking for myself, wife and son. I'm fine as a cook but the repetition gets hard. A stack of recipes is overwhelming, but basic, flexible patterns are useful. Think meat and veg (paleo if you must). [more inside]
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Style Me Plz

I'm going to a wedding late August and am wearing this dress. I'm looking for was to dress it down a bit, as it's an afternoon outdoor wedding. Selfies and details within. [more inside]
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Can you recommend companies for life insurance (prefer online quote)?

Looking to get life insurance. Was wondering which companies to consider? No health issues to take into consideration. Would you recommend term life / whole life? I was thinking of going term life and then converting to whole life later.
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Can you recommend a community based goal setting website?

I miss 43 things and I would like to find a 'replacement' with similar simplicity in its layout. [more inside]
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This trainee coach would like your help with naming her blog

Reaching out to the hive mind to help me name my blog - I am doing a masters in coaching and mentoring and trying to carve out a niche for myself working with research students/researchers/academics - this is the bulk of my "clients" at the moment (in inverted commas as all of that is unpaid and part of the training). I really enjoy working with this group as an ex-academic myself and wanted to share some of that enthusiasm via a blog but can't come up with anything that sounds right. Help?! Some further requirements below. [more inside]
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Unenthusiastic would-be wedding attendee

My partner's former roommate is getting married and we're invited. I want to go in the interests of not rocking the boat. But I have reasons for not wanting to go. [more inside]
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Company going under

I'm 99% sure that my company is going under, how do I work my resume in that instance? [more inside]
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put put put put put put put goes the flashy speed boat

What is a good contemporary first piano method for a four-year-old these days? I was taught with the Schaum method, and taught my children up to about grade 4 after which they moved on to other teachers. But when I think about it, children I've known who've learned guitar, say, have had much more of an intro to musicality and enjoying music, and trying out different things. Reading music and getting the notes right is important, but imo, with hindsight, the effects of Schaum were a bit rigid. So I'm asking, has anyone any recommendations for a first piano course with emphasis on pleasure in music, widening horizons and appreciating different genres?
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Leaving group therapy, no hard feelings on my end

but the therapist isn't letting go so easily. [more inside]
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Introvert needs help with impending death etiquette

So, my spouse of 20 years has weeks to live according to the hospice nurse who came today. [more inside]
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July 10

Doctors are for the sick. So how does a healthy person find one?

Tell me about finding a doctor for the first time, like I’m 18 (even though I’m in my mid-30s). [more inside]
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What's a good mixed-skill, active gift?

GiftFilter: what active/outdoorsy gift can I give my athletic boyfriend to use together with my wannabe-active self? [more inside]
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Should I buy this Toyota with a scary recall?

So I'm looking for a new car, and lucked into a 2007 Corolla that has only about 40K miles, is reasonably priced at $7.5K, has no rust (a big deal in Maine) and nothing sinister in its past. EXCEPT. In the course of my Carfaxing, I noticed it's subject (as of mid-June) to this terrifying recall. [more inside]
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What's the social media now for LJ?

I used to be on LJ and loved it, making online and RL friends until I began editing myself to silence because my ex was not keen on what I wrote etc. Now I'd like to talk to people again but how's that done in 2015? Twitter, Tumblr, Myspace? I want to be able to write short random posts, but what I miss most is the interaction and sense of community, reading a group of friends and having conversations in comments and messages. Facebook feels like shouting across a mall.
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My 8 year relationship lacks passion... should we move on?

I am in my early 30s and have been in a loving relationship for over 8 years. We live together and our lives are very intermingled. But the passion is gone, and I am beginning to wonder whether we'd be better apart. [more inside]
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Low roller wants low prices for Vegas trip

I have always heard that one can fly to Vegas and back inexpensively, and stay and eat cheaply while there. Is that so? How would one find the best deals? I have no particular interest in gambling (well, maybe drop $50), but many things nearby interest me.
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Rev up my aging iMac!

I recently had an SSD installed and upgraded to Windows 64-bit, which sped my mid-2011 27" iMac up dramatically. It's extremely exciting--I'd assumed I'd have to buy a new machine this year. Are there any other helpful tips out there for getting the most out of this nice piece of equipment and prolonging its lifespan? [more inside]
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To iMac or not to iMac

Should I get a 27" Retina 5K iMac, or a MacBook Pro plus a 4K monitor? [more inside]
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Can I make this monitor work with my components?

I have this monitor. I use it with my 2012 15" Macbook Pro. I am curious about using it as a TV. I have questions about some of my older components and an adapter I saw on Amazon. [more inside]
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Truckin' to Truckee; what to do, where to eat?

We'll be RV camping for one week in Truckee and will spend some time at Lake Tahoe with our kayaks, we're also bringing along some dual sport motorcycles (200 & 230cc's). We'll be attending a concert in Stateline one evening as well but what's fun to do with the rest of our time there in Truckee and where to go for good food when we don't feel like cooking?
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First Comes Love, then Comes....?

What are other ways of creating and defining commitment in a relationship besides marriage? [more inside]
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Help me ID this post-WW2 B&W movie - I never saw the end!

Trying to find this very stylish black and white comedy movie with an American morals task force in postwar France. [more inside]
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How to talk about arguments?

I moved in with my boyfriend a month ago, and now he lashes out whenever I ask for help around the house. What gives, and how can we talk about this constructively? [more inside]
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How do I overcome selfish cowardice and breakup with a nice person?

I've been dating this woman for almost a year. For most of that time I've known that she is not "the one" but has been very loyal and is head over heels for me. We've helped each other a great deal over the past year and it has been nice to have someone to call when things come up. We also have a pretty good report and she is mostly kinda and sweet. Our sex is good and fun. But I feel like I'm pretending. I've never told her I love her and have been honest about that with her. I know it hurts her that I don't tell her this. I do care about her and we have fun together. But as I get older (45) I feel like I'm spinning my wheels in this relationship. [more inside]
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Building a non-traditional website for law firm. Photo ideas needed.

Client is requesting photographs to complement a homespun website. Links and examples of non-corporate looking websites are encouraged. The client specializes in financial and estate planning, and would like to utilize images in, and around, the neighborhood where firm is located. [more inside]
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Trying to ID a necklace I saw at the National Gallery Museum store

I saw this necklace at the National Gallery museum store. Didn't buy it when I had the opportunity, now the museum store neither has it in stock nor knows anything about it so I can track it down. To me it looks like a lightweight opera-length geometric necklace or cube chain, but google searches have not turned up anything. It was just over $100. Can you help me find this, or something like this?
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Dog-Friendly Day-Trips from Duluth

Where are some a good places within a few hours' drive of Duluth, MN, for my husband, my pooch, and me to visit? [more inside]
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Midwesternish amusement park recommendations for hasty WA-VA road trip?

Embarking tomorrow morning on a VERY hastily planned road trip from Seattle to Richmond, VA. Criteria: 1. Must arrive by evening of 15th (so, beeline, I'm guessing). And, 2. Need SOMETHING to relieve tedium halfway through. I'm thinking either a water theme park or, most likely, a (dry) amusement park. I've spent very little time between coasts, but it seems like I read somewhere that there are scads of full-on, seedy-in-a-good-way amusement parks dotted throughout. SO: how about it? [more inside]
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Styrofoam crown molding- pros/cons?

Our contractor is recommending styrofoam crown molding for our reno because it'll be better able to maintain its integrity as the building settles (we live in a century-old multi-unit Brooklyn building that definitely has these issues). If you've used it, what has your experience been? Does it look any different from wood/composite? Any concerns to be aware of?
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Wearable sleep tracker that isn't FitBit

I'm attempting to start an early-morning exercise routine 3 days a week. I need to make mornings as painless as possible. Inspired by this post, I'm looking for an Android-compatible (or standalone) device I can wear on my wrist that will wake me up at the optimal time (i.e. not during a REM sleep cycle). [more inside]
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What's fair to ask for here when a seamstress makes a crappy mistake?

Straight pins from alterations to my wedding dress were accidentally left in, with rather painful results. I would like the boutique to make it up to me--what's fair to ask for here? [more inside]
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Songs in a miner key

Lots of laboring jobs have a history of singing while working. Does mining? Are there miner songs?
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Best Bangkok Non-Guidebook Sites, Attractions, and Food?

Will be heading to Bangkok with my boyfriend and a bunch of his friends from grad school to Bangkok from the end of July to the beginning of August, with a long weekend trip to Koh Samui. (We're in our late 20s-early 30s.) We have a few Thai friends but they won't be able to play tour guide the whole time. [more inside]
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First Time Visiting LA - Any Must See Spots?

I will be visiting Los Angeles in September for the first time and staying for a week. I'm soliciting opinions on places to go and see while I am there. I enjoy photography so any scenic places would be first on my list. Thanks!
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Why is the second quarter tax deadline on June 15?

Why is the second quarter tax deadline on June 15? [more inside]
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What if my drums have bedbugs?

I have been storing my beloved drum kit at a friend's house for three years. But now I have room for them in my house, so I'm bringing them home. Yay! Alas, my friend recently went through a bedbug episode. What should I do when I bring my drums home to keep the bedbugs out? [more inside]
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Help me plan a trip to Temecula!

Planning on taking my wife to Temecula in mid-October for our first anniversary. I know the gist of what's available (e.g. wine, hot air balloons), but are there any specific recommendations you have? [more inside]
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[Mountain Bike] I have a question about tires on a mountain bike

Can I pump my tires over the recommended psi? and should I?... [more inside]
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Tipping in a booth rental situation

My hair stylist is moving from a commission job to a booth rental situation. I have always heard you are not expected to tip the owner of a salon -- because he/she is not working on commission. Does this apply to booth rentals as well? What about in this special snowflake situation? [more inside]
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Yet another "should I contact my ex" question.

We dated, became engaged, lived together, went long-distance, and then she broke up with me. This all transpired over a ~4 year period in the mid 1990s. I think the last time we spoke was in 1999. I recall that I was still really hurt by the whole thing during our last meeting; She initiated our last conversation, and left the ball in my court, so-to-speak, for me to initiate any future conversation. I was uninterested in doing that for many, many years. [more inside]
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What are some trainings/conferences in my field that I don't know about?

I work as a director in for an equality non-profit in my state. There is money for travel and registration for trainings, conferences, etc in our budget that I want to make the most of. I know of Creating Change, the EQ Fed's Summer Meeting, and some random conferences by the LGBTQ Task Force, but what are ones I am missing?? [more inside]
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Educate me about a specific hair look

How do I achieve this hair colour Here. I am concerned about damage. Questions inside. [more inside]
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What do I call my multi-functional team?

I manage a small team in an IT organization. We do knowledge management and documentation, employee training/certification, and change management. We are currently called the "Documentation Team" but I hate the name because we go so far beyond that. My bosses will let me call the team whatever I want but I need a better name. [more inside]
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Help me remember a movie quote about wanting things one way

It's on the tip of my tongue and I can almost visualize the actor saying it, but for several days have been coming up blank. The quote is like "you keep wanting things to be one way but they're not" or "the way you want things to be isn't the way they are." Halp please?
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What's the life for me?

I've never been a career-person and have done many different things from college to now. Is it realistic to keep jumping? Is there an ideal job for me that I'm not thinking of? [more inside]
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Have you flown WOW Airlines? Question about weighing baggage

This specifically refers to flying WOW out of BWI, but I'd also like to hear from you if you've flown WOW anywhere else: At what point, and how often, do they weigh your bags? [more inside]
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Two free days in San Diego for adults.

Two free days in San Diego next week with my 66 year-old mother. Assuming we're not going to visit Sea World/the Zoo/Legoland - what do you recommend we do (and where should we eat)? [more inside]
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Help! Avoiding traffic en route to Pearson Airport during Pan Am games

I'm going to Toronto Pearson Airport for a 9 am meeting on Saturday, July 11 - the second day of the Pan Am Games. I can't tell how much time I need to get to the airport from midtown Toronto. [more inside]
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It's me vs. git, and git is winning

I'm having a hell of a time learning git. I've read dozens of articles and tutorials, and I've made some progress...but it's been slow and agonizing, and I've only achieved a rudimentary level of competence. I'm usually pretty good about picking up new technologies, but this one has me stymied. Help? [more inside]
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From perm to...temp?

I'm wondering if it would make sense to quit my permanent job in order to temp, given my circumstances. Also, any information about what it's like to temp in 2015 would be helpful. [more inside]
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Recommend a therapist in Nashville?

Can anyone recommend a wise/insightful therapist in Nashville? This would be for chronic depression, not debilitating but definitely restricting quality of life. The situation from which it arises cannot be changed, and the best comment I got from making the rounds several years ago was "but do they respect you"? (no; then "well, how can I help?"). [more inside]
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My life is empty. Wat do?

19 year old dude here, history of disabling depression and social anxiety, with nothing to occupy his mind. [more inside]
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To cohabitate or not to cohabitate...

Making big relationship decisions while working through mental health issues and questioning yourself every step of the way. [more inside]
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Best place for men's haircut near Union Square/Flat Iron NYC?

What is the best place for men's haircut near Union Square/Flat Iron NYC? [more inside]
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What is this very tall cupboard used for?

This odd piece of furniture is in an upcoming auction in my area. It's called a "map cupboard" in the listing. Was it made to hold incredibly large rolled up maps? I've never seen one before.
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Are there any benefits to having a real-estate broker when buying?

I've been looking for a place to buy. At first I was just visiting open houses, but then I decided to use a broker because I thought they could show me listings that I couldn't find myself. [more inside]
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Leaving my baby ... for work! Help me make it not suck for her

Littlest MadMadam is 16 months old. She's very much a mama's girl. Starting next week I have a series of 3 business trips. I'll be gone for 4 days at a time, 3 weeks in a row. I'm looking for suggestions of things I can do to ease the pain for her, daddy and her big sister. [more inside]
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Yet another iTunes problem

iTunes on My wife's old iPhone 3s has gone haywire; yesterday it spontaneously attempted to download the entirety of our laptop's music library (yes, "manually manage music" is and was checked) and since then there are hundreds of greyed-out songs listed on her phone that do not show up in iTunes when we hook it up to the laptop (and therefore cannot be manually deleted). [more inside]
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What is the ideal format for this convention badge?

I'm trying to come up with the ideal form factor for the entry badge to be used at a geek convention. The badge needs to be cheap to produce, and simple in design so registration can be achieved quickly by volunteers, but also sufficiently hard to modify to discourage misuse. I'm currently stuck between the different options available. Is there a magic solution I'm missing, or is this just a variation of "fast, good, cheap; pick two"? [more inside]
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Help me remember this movie

i watched a movie where an American writer, disappointed in love, goes to some remote location to write and is assigned a Spanish (?) speaking housekeeper. Of course, they fall in love. The main scene I remember is that the writer loses pages of his manuscript in the lake, and his housekeeper jumps in after them. I can't find this movie on Google - please help hive mind.
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State of the EDM Nation

I've recently re-discovered the joys of my old DJ mix albums. But they are old! I am old! What is new? [more inside]
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July 9

How rare are Mushroom Islands really?

A simple question about Minecraft that I'm finding no firm answer for online. With the default settings and without mods, how frequently do mushroom islands come up? [more inside]
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NYC super tip

How much should I tip the super of my NYC apartment building in this situation? [more inside]
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Is there an automated way to keep track of time in Gmail Account.

I access four different email accounts from my gmail web browser. One of these accounts is for a job I have providing customer service for a business. I am supposed to keep track of the time I spend because I get paid hourly. Is there any automated app or way to track the time spent with a specific gmail account? Using chrome on Windows 8.1 Thank you.
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Judge My OKCupid Profile!

After getting out of a long relationship, I relit my OKCupid profile. And the response has been essentially nonexistent. Can you point to anything that I'm doing wrong? [more inside]
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1001 Crohn's Disease nights

Newly diagnosed with Crohn's. Many questions below. *with graphic details so don't read if you don't like poop* [more inside]
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"They just write it off." "Write it off what?" Tax question!

What does "writing it off" really mean? Explain it to me like I am a small child. When people say, "At least you can write it off on your taxes," is that really a silver lining? My personal scenario inside. [more inside]
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Being positive despite not getting a plus 1 to a wedding

I just want to get over this hurt feeling before the wedding happens in August [more inside]
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I hate change, how to REVERT to OLD Google DRIVE and Word 2010 layout

The first issue is pretty basic, I no longer see the 'go back to the old google drive' option? Is it there somewhere? How can I switch back? Also, just updated to Word 2013 in Windows 7, but I like the page layout better in Word 2010, anyone know what I am talking about and how to get that layout back? it just looks weird in 2013- can't put my finger on it yet, but its ticking me off as I do not like change (I know, I know, but humor me).
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Quick/fun birthday gift ideas for new boss

I need to get a birthday gift for my new boss (I've worked there just a couple of months and this is the first office birthday since I started). I'm told we do gifts around $10 plus lunch for the birthday person. Extra layer of difficulty: the birthday is early next week. [more inside]
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Help with ambiguous Excel for Mac error message?

My other half uses Excel for Mac (14.4.3) to help with work scheduling. When he went to open his treasured scheduling file today for the first time in a few months he got the message "Excel saved changes to the file before the application quit unexpectedly. Do you want to open the last saved version of the file?" What do the choices "cancel" and "open?" mean in this circumstance? [more inside]
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Applying for an internal job: use home contact info or work contact info

This feels like a super-dumb question but Google isn't giving a clear answer. My resume has always had my full personal contact info on it. For an internal application (municipal government job, management level) should I change it to all my work contact info? [more inside]
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Cooking for a College Student?

I've moved into an apartment and am trying to become a Real Adult. I've got some basic cooking skills, but would like a cookbook or something to follow since I lack variety. I cook a lot of soup at once and freeze/store it as my next few meals due to time constraints. I'm looking for advice, guides, sites, real-life books. [more inside]
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Help me choose a 4-in-1 apple tree

I'm in Toronto and have space for one apple tree. Help me choose a good 4-in-1 one. [more inside]
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Relaxing beachy honeymoon with no cell and no internet?

Looking for a warm-weather relaxing, luxurious, winter honeymoon getaway destination where NO ONE CAN CONTACT US. No cell, no wifi-- and some of the following: beach, yoga, meditation, fresh healthy food, nature. Any ideas? [more inside]
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Should I meet a friend and deal (again) with assholes from my past?

I got a message from a friend inviting me out with a group for dinner + drinks. I'd normally be happy to go, but he usually invites a few former college friends that I now don't like at all due to their bullying and negative attitudes. They talk behind others' backs, and insult me to my face in front of strangers for how I would act when I used to hang out with them in college. How do I decide whether to go to this event (and events like this in the future)? [more inside]
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How to deal with unruly dementia behavior

We've been hosting my FIL with mild dementia in our house for the past 6 months or so, after his living situation suddenly changed. Things were OK for the most part until recently. The novelty of living in a new house (to him) has worn off and he has exhausted his interest in his normal hobbies. He has become quite bored and lonely. [more inside]
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Fun parts to not drive be on a freeway from St. Louis to Chicago?

We're renting a tiny sports car and driving from Chicago to St. Louis and back on a 5 day weekend to visit some family. On the way back I would love to take the car off the freeway and maybe drive around some corners. [more inside]
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Plant nurseries in DC area?

We have friends who just purchased a new home, and we'd love to get a gift certificate to a really good nursery in the DC area. She is an avid outdoor, non-edibles gardener. Can you advise where the best place for us to get the card at?
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States that don't discriminate on SO or GI in public accomms?

What are the states that have a statewide law protecting gender identity and sexual orientation in public accommodations under state law? Many articles I read cite "several states" but I don't know which states.
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Stand-up comedy albums on Spotify?

I'm going to be making a long drive this weekend, and to entertain myself I like to listen to stand-up comedy albums on Spotify. Unfortunately, I've listened to most of the albums from comics I know and enjoy, so I need suggestions for new ones that I might enjoy. List of comedians I love inside. [more inside]
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How would you do a 'deep dive' into a particular subject or field?

I'm planning on doing a few week-long 'deep dives' into AI, health/biotech, energy, and other fields to understand them better and see if I want to make them into a career path. How would you structure such a deep dive? What strategies for finding information would you use? (Some ideas inside.) [more inside]
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Can I eat this? (Cat spit edition)

So, fellow ask-mefites, it comes to this: Exactly what level of "a cat may have licked it" does a food item need to reach, pre-microwaving, before you would consider it inedible? [more inside]
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Best ways to find a commute rideshare

I have a reverse commute from midtown Manhattan to Fairfield County, CT on Metro North, 3-4 days/week, at times when it would be faster to drive. There are surely at least several hundred people making this drive at the same times, and I'd like to pay them to take me along. How do I find them? [more inside]
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fire between the cheeks

Last night I did sit-ups and rubbed my butt raw. Help me figure out what I did wrong. [more inside]
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Minced garlic storage length?

How long does an open jar of minced garlic stay edible in a refrigerator? [more inside]
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Looking for a little more than the second largest twine ball on earth...

Seeking suggestions for a group vacation/outing! [more inside]
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Looking for particular kind of volunteer opp (SF, CA)

I want to find a one-time contribution/volunteer opportunity that will be low impact to me and big impact to recipient, the way a kidney donation would be, that isn't a continuing time commitment or a donation of money. [more inside]
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What's my best strategy for this word game?

I've become hooked on a word computer game that effectively mimics the game show Lingo. You have five chances to guess a mystery word where all you know is the first letter. With each guess, you are shown how many letters from your guess are in the mystery word, and which ones, if any, are in the right location. Help me maximize my strategy for my first guess! [more inside]
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is there any way to buy 2 houses at one time?

Is there any way to maximize credit/income by purchasing two houses at one time without the bank knowing about it? And is it legal to do so? [more inside]
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Where's "Film Critic She-Hulk"? Seeking women's voices in film study

Where can I find excellent movie discussion, analysis, reviews, dissection, etc by women? I feel like I have a stable of great film-related youtubers, writers, and podcasters that I enjoy, but they are largely male -- I'd love to discover more current work from women in this area. Thank you!
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Why do Americans spend so much on housing?

I have been reading some articles about housing costs in the U.S. and I'm interested in learning why – historically, culturally, economically, or otherwise – Americans spend a larger portion of their incomes on housing compared to other developed nations. [more inside]
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Is there another E in my future?

37 weeks with baby #2. Traces of protein in my urine, blood pressure tip toeing up, very minor pitting. Is pre e coming my way again or normal end of pregnancy stuff. [more inside]
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Why do some novices resistant to advice & best practices?

Why do some novices disregard advice and/or best practices? What can be done to persuade them to heed general guidelines? I'm an aquarist, and repeatedly I see a significant number of people doing things that will result in the harm or death of their fish, and it's due to well known problems. Yet many novices attempt those things anyway, with predicable results. I'm trying to understand to explore what advice could be given that would change the outcome. [more inside]
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How do I convince my employer to let me go from full-time to part-time?

I plan on leaving my current job to pursue making art for a living before summer is out. This means my wonderful, supportive wife and I will be dependent on her salary alone until I can get all that sweet, sweet art lucre flowing. This will be a sustainable situation, but won't necessarily be an ideal one. I'd like to attempt to ask to go from full-time salaried to part-time salaried, for some added financial peace of mind. I am not sure how to best approach my manager about this. [more inside]
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Need help with joints/tendons in Ontario

What can I do to get appropriate, up-to-date care for joints and tendons in Ontario? [more inside]
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New Basic Refrigerator

We are on the verge or buying a new fridge. Needs to be only 30" wide. We are considering a Samsung, [more inside]
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Will a Sleep Number C2/C4 mattress bottom out on me?

I tried various models of Sleep Number mattress in their store, and I liked how well even the lower-end models (C2/C4) conformed to my body. However, when I got off the C2, I noticed that the edge collapsed, since it is foam. I am just under 6'0" and roughly 200 lbs. My "number" was 35 on the C2 and 40 on the C4. As they are only 8" and 9" thick, respectively, can anyone tell me from experience or otherwise if "bottoming out" will be a problem during the night? If so, will a memory foam topper solve this issue? [more inside]
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Journaling: Pen or Keyboard?

Have you made the transition from paper journal to digital journal? [more inside]
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Where should my husband and I volunteer in Atlanta?

What organization should we volunteer at for 20 hours prior to September 3? [more inside]
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How to get details of annuity

Annuity company told me I'm a beneficiary and will get $X. Sent me half that. Now what? [more inside]
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Hot Wife Not Wanting to be a "Hot Wife"

Two years in to our marriage, my husband told me that he had developed a “hot wife” fetish. He was having sex dreams about me having sex with a stranger in front of him. I told him that if he had wanted that sort of thing that he had married the wrong kind of woman. He let it drop, but then began talking about it again after a couple of months. This started a cycle of interactions that has been going on for about five years now, and it is causing enormous strain on the marriage. [more inside]
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Bring me all your best popsicle recipes.

I have shiny new popsicle molds. I wish to spend the rest of the summer making all sorts of tasty frozen treats. I'm sure there is going to be a certain amount of "throwing some fruit and juice together willy-nilly and seeing what happens", and we have a paleta-making friend we will consult for his advice, but I'm appealing to the hive mind for recipes or ideas. What unusual flavor combinations might we not think of? What awesome recipes can you send my way? Help me have the tastiest summer ever. [more inside]
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What do I do about my cat's late-night triumphant yowling?

My cat Omar is a huge orange-and-white 7 year old domestic short-haired male, and he's pretty well-behaved most of the time (if a bit suspicious and stand-offish). His late night yowling is SUPER loud though! Help! [more inside]
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How do I convert old French currency?

I'd like to convert 729 livres in Lyon, France in 1736 to contemporary US dollars. [more inside]
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What to do about a work colleague texting me inappropriately?

A colleague has been sending me Facebook messages pretty much everyday and making some rather inappropriate remarks. I have no feelings at all towards him. I'm quite repulsed by him. I don't think he actually wants anything to happen, but these messages have been making me feel uncomfortable and that they are crossing boundaries. How do I deal with this professionally? [more inside]
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What are some good hyper-local community/talk radio shows?

What are some good hyper-local community/talk radio shows? [more inside]
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How do I keep mosquitoes off my porch?

We have a nice back porch but I am constantly bitten by mosquitoes when I sit on it, especially in the evening. We're in a city but there's a tree growing up through the porch and I think that makes the whole porch buggier. I do not want to be bitten by mosquitoes anymore. [more inside]
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My New York relative needs a good meal

I will be going to dinner with my aunt who lives in NYC -I live in Atlanta (within the city or ITP). I would like to pick a restaurant that would be representative of our fine city. There are so many choices!! [more inside]
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I'm Desperate - What to do when not seeing any progress in counseling?

I have been dealing with depression for the past 5 years of my life. It got really bad 6 months ago, to the point where I feel immobilized and suffocated by it. I have seen counselors but am not making any progress. I know there have been numerous threads like this one but I am desperate now and don't know where else to go. [more inside]
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House has been inspected. Can I bail on my offer?

Hi, MeFi. So I put an offer on a house, and it was accepted. But after getting the results of the inspection, I'm having second thoughts. Details below. [more inside]
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What would I need to make my in-wall speakers work?

The house we have just moved into has in-wall speakers (Jensen EHT-8) and outdoor speakers all wired to a bunch of jacks in the wall where, as I understand it, they would have had an AV receiver connected. I don't own a TV or video, but I wouldn't mind using them for music if there's a relatively cheap way to do so. Is there? What manner of thing would I have to buy to make the music that is currently on my computer play through these and how would I hook it up? [more inside]
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"Hacks" filter: white-collar office work

What are your tips for being the kind of person who thrives and is well-liked in an office environment? [more inside]
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July 8

Help me identify the lighting style used in this photograph.

Help me identify the lighting style used in this photograph. [more inside]
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Dying at home

My husband is terminally ill and probably won't live more than 6 months. We have a 7 year old son. What will it be like for our son to live at home while his father continues to decline and during his eventual death at home? [more inside]
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Value and disposal of signed first edition books?

I'm culling books and have discovered that I have 2 Pulitzer Prize winning books, first editions and signed by the author. Sadly, no dust covers. The books are A.B. Guthrie's "The Way West" and Allen Drury's "Advise and Consent." While the other books are getting donated to to a worthy non-profit, I think I'd want to sell these if I can pick up some pocket change. I've done a little research but hope the hive mind can help me, too. [more inside]
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Do I split the referral bonus with my roommate?

I recommended a friend to our apartment complex, which earns me a $200 referral bonus. My roommate has never met this friend, nor did she know I had recommended the place to her. My roommate seems to expect half of the bonus. Do I split it? If not, how do I bring it up? [more inside]
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Where can I find organic GMO food?

I'd rather buy organic food, but GMO and organic seem to be inseparable. Ignoring the question of whether GMO, organic, or any combination of these are good/bad for one's health, where can I find organic GMO food? I'd like to support biotechnology and genetic engineering, but not be subjected to pesticides.
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Can a place cause depression? Help me get over this.

I had an awful experience during my PhD. Managed to finish, and have been happily employed across the country for the past few years. This summer, I made the mistake of signing up for a 2 week workshop back on campus. I'm only 3 days in, and I'm stressed, lonely, anxious... the way I was for much of grad school, but not since. I can't leave before the workshop ends, and I have no friends or family here, and no access to professional help. How do I survive this, while being productive with my work and putting on a cheerful facade?
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now c here

I'm looking for a good anthology of time travel stories to give to someone. [more inside]
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To be or not to be (a rental shark)?

We were given the power to get rid of a tenant in the apartment we want. It's the perfect suite for us: affordable, clean, luminous, located at the edge of downtown in a heritage-style house in a cute neigborhood. The landlord is game: we can have the apartment if we want it. But there is a rub! The tenant only wants to sublet it for 4 months. The landlord, however, has given us the choice whether to rent long term, or only till tenant returns. [more inside]
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Name that super-specialized job title for the engineer-turned-marketer

Severalish months ago I read an article that described a new kind of professional: the engineer-turned-marketer. This new breed excels as a marketer or growth hacker because s/he is also part data scientist / software engineer / systems architect / etc. and can use this background to thrive in environments that call for technical expertise. The author used a trendy word or portmanteau to describe the job title. [more inside]
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What is the meaning of the -core suffix?

In words like normcore, krishnacore, and all the words on this list, what do you think the meaning of the suffix -core is? What do you think people are trying to signify by adding -core to the end of words? Also, can you think of other examples of words that end in -core? [more inside]
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How do you edit foreign-language dialogue in a documentary?

I'm working on a documentary project where much of the dialogue is in Bengali and we plan to subtitle it in English. We have transcripts of everything but the editing process is still challenging: we don't know exactly how to cut the clips we need so that the dialogue still makes sense in the native language (respecting grammatical structure, etc.) Is there a standard way this is done? [more inside]
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Why do tomato plants "give up" branches?

I've grown tomatoes three times now, and have noticed that my tomato plants seem to "give up" certain branches/stems. The affected stems turn yellow and do not flower; if I don't prune them off right away, they eventually turn brittle and snap off the plant easily. [more inside]
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Mourning the loss of a loved one as you knew them?

My dad had a massive stroke in January. He has made remarkable strides, but he will likely never be the same as he was. How do I learn not to be sad about this? [more inside]
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Served a deadbeat and hostile roommate with eviction notice. Now what?

Posted on behalf of a friend, who lives in Florida: Me (Master Tenant) and 2 others (Co-Tenants) lease a house from a property management company. We have permission & authorization to sub-lease. I had to give proper notice for eviction due to failure to pay rent today. If he doesn't vacate, and I have to take him to court... do I have any reasonable expectation to actually collect un-paid rent and legal fees? [more inside]
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How do I become a travel agent?

I have been a writer and publicist for 7-plus years, but I'm ready to blend all my skills and become a travel agent. How do I do it? [more inside]
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Most professional way to get out of doing my "Extra" job

For a few months, I have been the acting head of my office while my supervisor went on unexpected leave. I want to give appropriate notice that I am no longer comfortable doing this without a pay raise. How do I do this with the most professional grace? [more inside]
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Please help me ID a non-legal career for competitive talkers!

Other than law, do you know of a career field that affords both: (1) opportunities for public speaking, and (2) up-or-down, win-or-lose competition? Thank you for donating your time to a worthy effort--helping to boost me out of my deeply unhappy career. [more inside]
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Need quick thoughts - apartment hunt crisis!

Apartment hunting in Brooklyn moves a mile a minute and we have a quick decision to make. There's a good apartment in park slope. We love the idea of it but there's one weird thing: there's a "bump" in the ceiling. The ceiling is sort of tiled, and the area under the light fixture buckles down into a ~meter wide contact lens-like shape. It's odd, and the landlord doesn't plan to "fix" it because he says there's no problem. There's no sign of mold or leaking there or anywhere else in the apartment for that matter. Questions: 1) What concerns should we have and 2) should we sign a lease? For those who don't know NY housing hunts, if you don't decide, someone else will and then you're back to square 1, so hoping folks can weigh in with everything we should be thinking about! (and I don't know how to post a picture, but will if someone tells me how!)
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Books and suchlike about contacting old friends?

Books (scholarly preferred), journal articles, etc etc about contacting old friends, about reunions with old friends. [more inside]
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cold lake, summer vacation

I live in the Deep South; everyone goes to the beach for vacation. I hate the beach in the summertime (it is way too hot). Where should my wife & go on vacation this summer? I would like a cold, deep lake to swim in, hiking trails, and some privacy. She would like a cottage or cabin on said lake. Would prefer an area that is LGBT friendly (will settle for agnostic), and that we can get to on Delta (we have vouchers to burn).
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Help me remember the name of a 90s cooking show

Help me remember the name of a cooking show that starred an old man and younger woman that aired on public access TV In the 90s. [more inside]
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Cheap laptops - what to buy?

Macbook pro died, need a super cheap laptop stat. [more inside]
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Restaurant Unicorn

We're looking for a *fancy* restaurant with an excellent cocktail menu that has at least one well-thought-out not-pasta-with-sad-veggies vegetarian entree in Chicago that IS NOT Green Zebra. Must take reservations and not be Asian food. Would like an entree option that is meat or fish. Who knew mixed marriage would be so hard? Places that have been suggested and the reasons they are not quite right inside. [more inside]
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Grout: the biggest mystery of housekeeping.

Recently I've tried using Clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach and then (yesterday) just straight laundry bleach to clean my floor grout. Neither had impressive results. Now I have some Zep, which contains hydrochloric acid. If I use this today and there is still bleach residue on the floor (I did mop with water), might I poison myself via a chemical reaction? The area is decently ventilated.
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The Best of Virginia Wine Country: Vineyards edition

What are your favorite vineyards (the vineyard property, not just the wines they produce) in the northern Virginia area, specifically Fauquier County and Rappahannock County? [more inside]
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Explain it like I'm five: hiring movers to unload a truck.

In about two weeks, I will have around 12 hours in which to unload a whole lot of stuff into a fourth-floor walkup apartment. I have a few friends who have offered help, but given the amount of crap to be moved I'm pretty sure I will need to hire movers too. I've never done this before. What should I look for in a moving company? Can I ask my friends to help in addition to hiring movers, or will the movers need us to stay out of the way? And how do I estimate how many person-hours of help I need?
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Anyone have experience with a social media platform "Mass Planner"?

www.massplanner.com Googling mostly gets me info on planning a Roman Catholic service... Appears to allow for posting automation across all the major platforms, along with other bells and whistles. I can kick the tires on it and decide whether it's better or worse than Hootsuite - my major question for AskMe is - has anyone heard of it, and is it legit? [more inside]
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Videogames like Her Story

I'm going through major Her Story withdrawal. What game should I play next? [more inside]
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Please recommend a diaper bag based on our lifestyle

rockindata and I are reproducing, and while we’ve done pretty well at accumulating baby crap so far, we’re sort of stuck on a diaper bag. Please just tell us what to buy. Here are the considerations: [more inside]
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What would happen if businesses only paid a gross revenue tax?

If every corporation/business had to pay a fixed percentage of its gross revenue as a tax, what effects would there be on prices and the economy at large? [more inside]
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I might have been born yesterday: is a free trip a free trip?

I spoke with a woman from Global Travel Network who says I won a free vacation after entering a contest recently. I did sign up for the contest, and she had my correct information. The claim is that this should be thought of as a bribe so that I would use them in the future. [more inside]
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ISO dressy comfy nude flats under $100

I've struck out in my hunt for dressy but comfortable nude flats that DO NOT have pointed toes (round toes FTW!), and cost under $100. Can any fashion gurus here help outfit my feet for work and a wedding? [more inside]
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How do I deal with this intimate relationship with my ex?

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my divorce. The ex, our child, and I just spent the weekend with his extended family, visiting them in another state. We laughed, played darts, had a great time. We have been doing many things together (volunteering, gardening, walking, watching shows, going out) over the last month or so. Today he broke up with his girlfriend, because, among other reasons, he and I spend so much time together. But there is a problem. [more inside]
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Atheist Recovery Resources in El Paso

I have a friend who is interested in recovery and is struggling to find Atheist/Agnostic resources in El Paso. Does anyone have any good leads? [more inside]
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Exactly which piece of paper do we need?

(Asking for a friend.) My friend just applied for a credit card and got a letter back asking for a letter on original letterhead from her bank with her home address, and we don't really know what would make the CC company happy. [more inside]
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Navigating Parent Wedding Politics

My mother is super-excited about my upcoming wedding. She is driving me crazy. Special snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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a big ole bag of confusion, a possible engagement, and me

When faced with sexual confusion, mental health struggles, and a possible engagement, what is a guy to do? [more inside]
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PGY 4 Surgical resident contract not renewed - what now?

My friend would have been a PGY4 surgical resident this year but her contract was not renewed (aka she was fired) due to low test scores and slow to improve laparoscopy skills. She wasn't able to get anything and is now unemployed. Her program director has left her program, and never supported her so she is left without any guidance on what to do. Without any guidance she is a bit a drift. It would be helpful to know: 1) What are her chances of getting another surgical position 2) What are her chances of getting any medical position and how does she do that (she mentioned she would need to find somebody to sponsor her into the match) 3) Is there a job she can get right now? 4) Are there any resources (aside from her program) that she can contact for help? [more inside]
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Help me find the right volunteering opportunity

For a few reasons including networking and the desire to contribute, I've been thinking about volunteering for quite some time. Trouble is, I'm not sure where to direct my energy. Maybe you have some ideas? [more inside]
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Databases and reporting, the non-technical person's guide

I'm looking for suggestions for databases and reporting tools that can deal with relatively small amounts of data, don't cost loads of money, and don't require super technical expertise. Details beyond. [more inside]
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New job, planned vacations and possibly needing to sacrifice

Between losing my last job and transitioning to a new one with less pay and possibly less flexibility, I had planned a longer vacation and a weekend out of town. I'm now realizing taking this much time off when I'm new to my position may not be a good idea. How do I decide what to do while still maintaining some sanity? [more inside]
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Is Symbaloo a virus?

I recently bought a new laptop. I signed into Windows on the new PC with my old Microsoft account. Symbaloo seems to have been transferred from my old laptop. [more inside]
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Bring On the Spooky History

It's time to take my love of spooky history to a new level. What are some shows, movies, podcasts, etc that do it well? Preferences within. [more inside]
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Going offline with personal organisation

I have good systems for keeping myself organised online, with a combination of calendars, to-do lists, and notetaking. When I look at the time I spend staring at various screens to manage my life, it's scary. I want to try going back to pen-and-paper organisation. What tools or methods would work best? [more inside]
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Move from Campfire to Slack for team communication?

My work team has been using Campfire for communication for the last three years because of this post. We are at a place now where we would like to switch to a free tool. We are considering Slack. We also need to export our chat transcripts from Campfire. [more inside]
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Packing a loom for travel as checked baggage?

I have a small loom that I would like to take from Los Angeles to Vienna as checked luggage. Assuming that the airline lets it on as oversized luggage, I am not quite sure how to wrap it to ensure its safety. [more inside]
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Starting a new job during early pregnancy

Recently hired at a decent job with good benefits. The job requires some occasional heavy lifting. The hiring process was long and in the meantime I have become pregnant (yay!). [more inside]
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Answer a question about managing inherited property

My family has inherited a piece of property that generates income. Whereas the property once had a single owner, now it's split among myself and two or three other people. Some questions inside about how to manage/title things--most importantly, how do I title a bank account for this? [more inside]
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July 7

What are some creative ways of disrupting or stopping a heated argument?

As a third party, how can I creatively stop or deescalate an argument I see happening between two others. I have been trying to creatively break up the many arguments I see in my family on a regular basis. I am witness to some pretty intense, basically borderline freak outs on a fairly regular basis. [more inside]
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Plant Identification Alert

I am designing a table centerpiece for an upcoming party, and I would like something very similar to the corked bottles in this Pinterest image. Can you identify the plants that are inside the bottles? [more inside]
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How do I save all my emails from Outlook?

I'll be leaving a database and would like to take all the emails I have received in my outlook with them to back up as message files. I have read around about various VBScripts that could be used to accomplish this but the explanations have been confusing even for someone like myself who is pretty savvy with scripts and working underneath the hood of some Microsoft Office Applications. [more inside]
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Options are good

Coding bootcamp, or other options for the smart but school-averse [more inside]
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The unwritten tipping rule that I never knew about

Did I break some unwritten tipping rule when I "generously" tipped on a free meal? [more inside]
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Does the perfect quiet blender exist?

I'm looking for a special blender: powerful enough for ice crushing and smoothie making, glass jar (no "BPA free plastic"!), and as quiet as possible - I'd like to be able to attach a stainless steel smoothie cup to it as well so I don't have to clean two dirty smoothie-encrusted things. I would like to make smoothies after 630pm when my kids go to sleep without making the biggest ruckus ever. I'd also like for it to look nice. It doesn't have to be large. Does my blender exist?
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Where to look for jobs these days?

Say you're a person in your 20s with an Associate's degree and you're looking for a new FT officey job. United States, based in a mid-size city. Receptionist, light bookkeeping, phones, etc. Where do you look? What do you need to do online? [more inside]
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What are some good movie versions of operas?

I'm looking for recommended movie versions of operas -- an example that comes to mind of the sort of thing I'm talking about is Ingmar Bergman's Magic Flute. I am NOT looking for filmed stage productions (like the Metropolitan Opera Live productions) or movies where only parts of operas are featured (like Amadeus) or movies based on operas where significant changes have been made from the libretto (like Carmen Jones), but whole operas filmed as movies. It's okay if they didn't get a normal cinematic release.
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STEM Mentoring/Educational Resources for a 12-year-old girl?

Hi everyone, My younger sister is 12, very smart, and has expressed interest in becoming a scientist. She loves physics and astronomy, especially, but she may have some untapped interest in other scientific fields as well. [more inside]
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What can go wrong with an exit interview?

I'm leaving a toxic workplace and officially declined an exit interview with HR, but the org is trying to sneak one in. Some snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Passive Aggressive Notes: Snoring Edition!

This morning I woke up to a (very polite) note on my apartment door from a neighbor about my snoring. Not quite sure what action is appropriate to try and remedy the situation, or if it's my problem at all. [more inside]
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Living in Sydney is awesome, right?

My partner and I are considering a move from Adelaide to Sydney: help me learn to love life in the big city! [more inside]
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What is a word for the unpredictable imposition of irrational standards?

What is a word (or phrase!) for the unpredictable imposition of irrationally high standards? Further description/examples inside. [more inside]
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Parents of teens: would you allow co-ed sleepovers?

Ok go easy on me, this is my first question ever. My super responsible 14yo daughter wants to have a couple of boy friends stay the night along with a couple of girls. [more inside]
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LA LA LA LA LA! I can't hear you!!

It's the same old story, partner loves his parents, they make me a little crazy (and I think make him unhappy). Help me better understand them, and their family dynamic, so I can better navigate the minefield, watch out for potential negative affects on my children, not let their negative patterns become our negative patterns, help my husband be his happiest self and not let it make me a neurotic mess. [more inside]
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Question for nurses

For all new experienced nurses- I am in my second week in hospital for clinical rotations .i am going for my BSN. I feel I want to cry- so much I need to learn, so little I know. [more inside]
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Mefites with young children: what do you love/hate about your house?

I will be moving to a new city for a new job soon, along with my husband and 1-year-old. We're trying to work out which features of a house/flat we would really benefit from and which we don't need so much. [more inside]
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Best way to get my own Mondrian-esque art?

A dear friend is buying a house soon. His favorite artist is Mondrian, and he is partial to the earlier, simpler abstract works (the ones where the fields of color are large) rather than the later, more complex ones like Broadway Boogie-Woogie. I want to give him a nice Mondrian reproduction to hang in his new house. What's the best way to do this - buy one or make it? And if I make it, how? If I buy it, where? [more inside]
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How to survive life post-divorce?

Need advice from the hive mind on life after divorce. More inside... [more inside]
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test clip with one insulated jaw

I need to temporarily (20 minutes to a week) attach a test lead to a gold pad on one side of a printed circuit board. The gold pad is about 10 mm in diameter and the center is about 12 mm from the edge of the board. There are surface mount components on the other side of the board, so an alligator clip would be sub-optimal. The input signal is a few millivolts. [more inside]
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How to find a very specific Calvin & Hobbes cartoon?

I'm looking for a very specific but imprecisely remembered Calvin & Hobbes cartoon. it is Calvin grousing about life lessons or learning experiences, and saying that how whenever his Dad says something like that, it's going to be awful, or why is it whenever you have an experience that's a "good life lesson" that it is a pain in the butt? [more inside]
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Stay or go: Interview Edition

I applied for a lateral transfer, but would miss significant aspects of my existing job if I took it. I waffled over email after being offered an interview, first declining due to personal reasons and then saying the personal issue was resolved. I'm having trouble parsing what would make me happiest and what professional ramifications would be for either choice (in particular, how insane I look now and/or will look if I back out again now or after the interview.) Thank you in advance and I really appreciate any help I can get. [more inside]
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Which of these flowering climbers should I plant?

I have an arbor that I'd like to have some climbing woody flowering vines or other plants on. I'm in hardiness zone 7a and the plants must be in containers. Jasmine, clematis, honeysuckle, climbing rose? [more inside]
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A look of mild panic exit strategies

Inspired by this, I'd love some advice about how to exit* from unpleasant or unpromising dates. [more inside]
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Moving to Lancaster, PA area from Florida... alittle help please...

I"m taking a new job in Columbia... I figure i can live in York, or Lancaster.... All my (new) co-workers tell me Lancaster is better... To us (wife & 2 kids) it's about the school districts.... We're gonna rent for a year before we buy, but want to ensure where ever we rent, that if we in fact do buy in a year, will be in the right area where we won't have to move the kids out of school (again)... We both like live music... are we going to have a hard time making friends, or my wife finding a job??? [more inside]
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I Want Less Money and No Power!

I was a software developer for the first 10 years of my career (1998-2008) before going into management. I'm now an executive at a Fortune 500 company with a high-stress job overseeing 250+ engineers layered within four levels of management under me. It's a great job - I'm incredibly lucky to have it - but I need help planning my exit. I want to be a software developer again. [more inside]
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What should I use to coat my fossil?

Help me give my fossil the "wet look". [more inside]
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Searching for news report of Australian marathon runner...

Sometime during the mid or late 1980s, I remember my parents discussing a news report of a marathon run held in Australia during the height of summer. One runner, the focus of the report, had apparently run so long (without rehydrating? maintaining electrolyte balance? resting?) that their leg muscles denatured or "cooked" and parts of leg needed to be surgically removed. Is this real? Can anyone guide me to a news report or similar evidence? Case study? Exhibit of medical curios?
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Foreign Language Editions of Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Need help finding foreign language editions of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. [more inside]
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Git training experiences?

Has anyone taken actual instructor-led training in git, and did it help? (flurries inside) [more inside]
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Grill, baby, grill

How does one use the grill portion of an AKAI AK MW 2300LS? It's the microwave-oven combo that came with my new rental. The only ones I can find online are not for free and it seems insane to have to pay to use a microwave.
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Might be about to burn some bridges. How to deal?

Currently waiting for a contract for an internship that would start later this year. But I've been waiting so long for it to be official, that I've only now realised that maybe it isn't the right thing to do. Help? [more inside]
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Gardening at night, in the morning, whenever.

I'm looking for images of residential gardens that embody high design standards--websites are fine; books are great. [more inside]
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Therapist Recommendation in Somerville or Cambridge

Could you recommend a therapist in the Somerville/Cambridge area who takes Cigna? [more inside]
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D3 and me?

I'm taking 5000 IU/day, getting sun, and am still deficient. What now? [more inside]
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What is a healthy response to trying to do a thing that is hard?

My response to trying to start a challenging task is to become cranky/grumpy/etc., and my partner's response is to avoid doing the task. What is a healthier approach? [more inside]
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question about making jam

I don't have the equipment to make a hot water bath (specifically, I have nothing to pick up the hot jars with). Can I just skip it if I am planning on eating the jam in the next two months anyway? [more inside]
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Help me figure out where to live for Long Island commute?

I got an amazing job offer, but not sure where to move [more inside]
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Quit my job for an other job? the expat coming home edition

I have been working as an architect for an international company in China for 14 months now. My previous boss has just asked me to come back to my home country to give me back my job. Should I accept? [more inside]
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J'accuse! Who's selfish?

What is the best and mature way to defend oneself from unfair (in my mind) accusations of selfishness in a dysfunctional family? [more inside]
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What do you get when you cross a coloring book with a notepad?

I'm looking for notepads/notebooks/sticky notes printed with coloring book-style line art, so I can color them in at my desk - but also use them for writing down notes. Do these exist? [more inside]
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Restaurant recommendation in Edinburgh

I'm looking for restaurant recommendations in Edinburgh. Specifics inside. [more inside]
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What is the name of this book?

My brother just had a baby (the first in our family). And I would like to give him the same book to read to his son that my father read to us as children (in the later 80s). Unfortunately my memory is unclear on many things related to the book. So, hopefully someone with a good memory can help out! [more inside]
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Are there any flat Greek islands?

Mr Shibori and I are planning a trip during the second half of September. We want sun, sea, and food...relaxation but not isolation. Our first choice is Santorini but I am recovering from a leg injury and there seem to be a lot of steps in Santorini. [more inside]
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Can I eat this? Canned Garbanzofilter

Opened can of garbanzos; a cloud of sulfur/egg smell emerged. When I rinsed the beans and the can, they seemed more frothy than usual. Am I being paranoid or can I eat these?
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Help me find food in NYC I can't find in HK!

NYCers, please direct this hungry but overwhelmed-by-choice Hong Konger to your favourite Middle Eastern, African, Scandinavian, Eastern European, Central Asian, Caribbean, and South American food! I will be there for six days in late July, party of one/two adults, based in Midtown East, takeout acceptable, weird/early/late hours acceptable, happy to travel to the outermost reaches of the city (no car though!) and make bookings, informal/reasonably-priced preferred. [more inside]
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