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July 31

How can I turn 30 PDFs into a single file that is like a binder with tab

I have 30 PDFs that my unit uses as a desk guide for emergencies. We have printed binders with all 30 PDFs printed out with tabs and a table of contents. They are cumbersome and lugging them home every night/weekend gets old fast. I'd like to create a similar single "binder" with tabs and a table of contents that can be viewed on an iPad (bonus points if you have a suggestion for windows) [more inside]
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How would you feel if your roommate asked you if you were on drugs?

How would you feel if your roommate asked you if you were on drugs because you were were wearing sun-glasses at night one day?! Is this a common American idea?! [more inside]
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Maybe it's just the elves

Several times a week, I'll see some movement out of the corner of my eye. Usually it seems like something smallish and gray is moving about there. I turn, thinking it's a cat or squirrel or some other small animal, and nothing's there. I'm wondering if I should be worried about it, or if this type of mild hallucination (?) is common. [more inside]
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How does a millenial pay for cancer, in Florida, without insurance?

My brother has been diagnosed with an acute form of leukemia, and is currently in the ICU. What we know is that he's not going to die tonight. He's got some life left in him. They're not sure about the precise form yet, that will take some time. But in the meantime, we have a problem: he's 31, recently unemployed, and uninsured. My family is far from being able to afford out of pocket health costs. And from all the doctors, drugs, machines he's been hooked up to in the past 10 hours, I know the bill is already creeping into the many tens of thousands of dollars. So my question to MeFites is: what are our options? How do we pay for this? We have very few assets, although I'm sure we'd sell the family home to keep my brother alive for a few more years. But apart from that, we've got nothing substantial. (I'm a graduate student, and my mother is a self-employed seamstress. My father is unemployed). Are there any gov't programs available? Can he go on Medicaid? Etc. I'm having trouble finding hard info on people in his particular situation (not a minor, not elderly, and diagnosed with cancer). Help!
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How can I overcome my crushing health anxiety?

Just wondering how I can get over my major health anxiety. I've always had anxiety but now it's gotten much worse. [more inside]
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eBay devolution

What is with the bad photos on eBay? [more inside]
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Who are some notable people with the initials B.A.M.?

Who are some notable people with the initials B.A.M.? Living or dead, fictional or otherwise. Americans are preferred, but foreigners are OK too. Prefer people notable enough to have their own Wikipedia pages.
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Flying with a Loaded Backpacking (Wilderness Backpacking Backpack)

On August 23rd, I am flying to Fairbanks, Alaska for a week long camping/hiking trip in Denali National Park and would like to not have to check any items if possible. [more inside]
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Online poker in the US?

What are the best ways for a Texas Holdem enthusiast to play online poker in the U.S. these days? [more inside]
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Use a .ch URL for an architecture firm named [word ending in CH]?

[ten_letter_name_ending_in_CH].com is not available. But [first_eight_letters].ch is. Is it complete folly to make this 'domain hack' the primary domain for a combined architecture and photography practice? [more inside]
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Poor taste? Or exceedingly poor taste?

I've got a length of gorgeous African fabric...with the image of a terrible dictator on it. What should I do with this? [more inside]
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Which international labour rights charity should I donate to?

I would like to donate money to an international labour rights group on an ongoing basis, but I'm having a hard time picking one. Charity Navigator has been of little help. I've looked at International Labor Rights Forum, Clean Clothes Campaign, No Sweat, and Fair Wear Foundation. Do you know if one of these groups is more effective or better-run than the others? Do you have suggestions for other groups I might consider? Charities I should stay away from? [more inside]
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How can I enhance my experience of Beethoven's Triple Concerto?

I'm listening to Beethoven's Triple Concerto in C major (op.56), and it seems inscrutable to me. I'm unfamiliar with and unschooled in classical music. Any listening tips for this particular concerto? What should I be paying attention to? [more inside]
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Should I get an MSW?

A number of my peers are MSWs and I like the work. I would like to be able to advance further without moving into management. Is an MSW the right next step? [more inside]
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Music for woodwinds/brass + voice only?

I'm looking for examples of musical traditions or performances centered around (i) the human voice, and (ii) an instrument (or instruments) played by blowing (flute, trumpet, pan pipes, whatever). It's okay if other instruments are involved too, but they have to be secondary to the breath + voice combination. The platonic ideal of what I am after would be a thriving folk tradition in which a single performer alternates between singing and playing a flute. [more inside]
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Does using condoms pose a risk if I am mildly allergic to latex?

I have a mild but irritating latex allergy. Does long-term, regular latex condom use pose a threat to my health? [more inside]
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When did news of Waterloo reach the whole of England?

When did the news of the victory at Waterloo reach parts of England beyond London? I'm looking for a better understanding of the timeframe or pointers to an available diary. [more inside]
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Holy Moly! Help Me Fix These Awful Windows Fonts!!

About two years ago, I asked here if or how font rendering in Windows could be improved. None of the answers changed anything. Now, I'm working with a new Windows 7 install and the quality of the font rendering is still poor. Here are the stats: Nvidia 550ti card, with the current driver from Nvidia; Dell U2410 24-inch LCD monitor; Windows is set at the monitor's native resolution 1920x1200; font smoothing is on; ClearType has been tweaked. Font rendering still comes in a distant third behind OS X and Ubuntu systems. With my eyes parked 3 feet away, I can easily see stepped curves in headline characters. The monitor's sharpness is at 30 percent. If I set it higher, individual pixels become obvious. I know Windows takes its own approach to font rendering. But, that does not mean it is designed to make on-screen text look ugly and amateurish. Do people at Redmond put up with this? So... what can be done? I want non-spindly, smooth, clear characters. Can I get them?
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Last, last, minute vacation?

I took off next week (8/5 - 8/9) for a vacation. It fell through. Now I have the time off, the money saved up and no where to go. Suggestions? [more inside]
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Version Control for Writers

Surely there are some more sophisticated programmers' tools for storing and comparing multiple drafts, or versions, of a written document. Might we use those tools, to study written work, or to keep track of versions both linear and non-linear? Authors, editors, literary scholars, archivists: all eventually have to do work with multiple versions of a text. Can the existing tools be made more readily available to them? [more inside]
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Help me find this documentary about a kindly abortion doctor!

Maybe ten years ago at a Green Festival in SF my mom and I saw a documentary about a small town doctor, probably in upstate New York or some other part of New England, who gave safe abortions to women even though they were illegal, starting in at least the 1950s. My mom thinks the title was "Thank You, Doctor ------", but can't remember the name. This is bugging her, as she actually had an abortion with him back then. He saved hundreds of lives, but of course when I google search I end up with lots of anti-abortion propaganda. Can someone more skilled with searching help us out? It was a very small production. Thanks!
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How should I feel the day after yoga?

I took an integral yoga class last night. Today, I am sore and achy -- I feel as bad as I did after taking my first boot camp aerobics class (which combined aerobics and weights and was super hard). I expected the kind of soreness you get when you've stretched a bit too much, or maybe the kind when you've walked further than usual, and your muscles feel open and a bit tired and maybe certain movements twinge a bit. Instead, I have a lot of deep muscle soreness, like I've been moving lots of heavy boxes, and I'm incredibly tired and headachy. Is this normal? [more inside]
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Why is the THC in my hair follicles not reducing quickly?

I've been submitting hair samples myself with the Hairconfirm test. I understand the hair test, confirms usage within a 90 day period. On day 72, I submitted samples, and tested positive with a .53 pg/mg for THC Metabolite. On day 92, I submitted samples, and tested positive with a .45 pg/mg for THC Metabolite. On day 108, I submitted samples, and STILL tested positive with a .42 pg/mg for THC Metabolite. Why is the rate of reduction of THC Metabolites in my hair not reducing faster? [more inside]
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Gobble, Gobble!

I want to hunt for my own turkey in California this fall. I've never handled a gun before. How do I make this happen? [more inside]
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Any Goldie-Blox Experience?

We discussed Goldie-Blox back when it was just a Kickstarter, and I was wondering whether any MeFites have since obtained it for their kids. [more inside]
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Birthday Gift for my 16 year old niece

My incredibly awesome niece is turning 16!!! we are close and I'd like to get her something special but have no idea what that could be. [more inside]
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Not about the children on the planet where it never stops raining

Help me identify a science-fiction short story I read years ago. It's about the inventor of a remote-viewing device that also lets you view the past. [more inside]
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What's my maximum allowed contribution to both a Roth and a regular 401k

I have a Roth 401k from a previous employer that I've contributed to this year. I'm starting a new job where they only offer a traditional 401k. Now what? [more inside]
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ISO Aviator sunglasses with red lenses

Where can I get aviator sunglasses with (actually) red lenses? [more inside]
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Could we be together?

Contacted by a company in the process of buying another company. There is a position at the newly acquired company that is a perfect fit . Does this mean they actually want you, or are they just feeling you out? We know that no job is yours until you sign on the dotted line, but this is a new experience, being sought out without even applying, so we don't know how situations like this generally go. [more inside]
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Should I go back to school for accounting?

Accountants of metafilter! Should I attempt to become one of your number? I have a secretarial gig at a university. I want to continue working at the university for as much of my career as possible, and I'd like more responsibility and challenge. In my current role, I do some proto-accounting stuff unique to this position (some reporting, some tracking of numbers, some fancy work with Excel). I enjoy these parts of my job. This leads me to wonder whether I should get an accounting degree. [more inside]
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Smallerize Me

Seeking recommendations for a diet book with lots of sample meal plans & recipes, some flexibility in food, inclusion of some carbs, and not a crazy amount of planning. [more inside]
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Where to stay and what to do in Barcelona and Venice?

Mrs. Arbac and I are going to be taking a cruise from Barcelona to Venice at the end of August. We're getting to Barcelona a few days early and staying an extra day in Venice. Where should we stay and what should we see? Budget and likes/dislikes inside. [more inside]
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I need a supportive tri top.

Last weekend I participated in my first (short) triathlon and had a fantastic time. I discovered ahead of time that the pullover bra designed to go under my tri top was nowhere near supportive enough to run in, so I wore my regular sports bra (the Moving Comfort Fiona) instead. I got plenty of support that way, but the amount of moisture that it held onto after the swim wasn't ideal. [more inside]
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Coming soon to reality TV: "Hoarders: Web Bookmarks"

I am bookmarking websites like crazy, as I do research and online reading, and it's a mess. Help! [more inside]
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Need a creative gift for baby and/or mom. Nothing seems quite right.

A dear friend of mine who lives in another part of the country had her first child a few months ago, and I get to visit in a month! I want to bring something for the baby and/or for my friend. The catch is that my friend is VERY sentimental and quite creative and belongs to a community that also includes lots of creative types. As a result, know that she's gotten handmade quilts and handpainted onesies and all kinds of other very personal gifts. I would feel like a total goober just buying something at the store (I had some stuff delivered from The Gap when baby was born and feel pretty stupid about it). I am reasonably crafty and can do basic sewing and needlework and follow directions, but I'm not as good at coming up with projects and ideas on my own. [more inside]
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Meme of tv or movie characters driving someone out to a remote location

How many instances in television and film can the hive mind come up with that involve a character driving someone out to the desert (or some other remote location) to kill them, often having the victim (who is usually someone who has wronged the character, or can't be convicted in a court of law), dig a hole, only ending up unable to actually murder them?
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Should I do an undergraduate honors thesis?

I'm entering into my final year of undergraduate studies. As an Honors College student, I have the option to complete a thesis this year. I've already made it through the preparation semester and had my proposal accepted, but I'm not very passionate about the topic I selected, and I'm not sure if the effort of continuing with the project will be worth the reward. Details inside. [more inside]
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Sicily for 5 days / 5 nights at the end of August. Where to stay?

My sister and I are going to Sicily at the end of August. We fly into and out of Palermo, arriving on a Saturday morning and leaving the following Thursday morning. Where should we stay? Looking for suggestions on both locations and accommodation. [more inside]
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How do you do an anniversary?

It will be a year since my boyfriend and I have been dating! He's great, we're in love, living together since May. I want to do something but have no idea what. The problem is: The 1 yr mark is Saturday and we'll actually be away on an all day family outing so we won't have much alone time. I've gone back and forth about how to acknowledge or celebrate this. We are both introverts and don't like to make a big deal about things. But having him in my life has made my life so much better and it feels right and important to commemorate in some way especially since I was going through so much when we met. [more inside]
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medical tourism? what's it all about?

I'm interested in exploring medical tourism for a few procedures (some significant dental work, breast reduction, hair removal), but I don't know where to start. Please help me learn more about this trend. [more inside]
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Best practices for selling things on Craigslist? I have a bunch of random things I'd like to get rid of by selling them on Craigslist. But I have no idea how that works, so I have a lot of questions. What things sell well on Craigslist and what doesn't? How do you price stuff? Where do you meet the person? (I don't think I want randoms showing up at my apartment.) What's the best way to put up an ad? How to avoid scams? What happens between when someone responds to your ad and you decide to sell the item to them. Anything else I need to know? Things I would like to sell include some 4 or 5 year old Lego sets (Vikings, Star Wars, a house, and some others), an airport extreme, maybe a CRT tv, an few years old but never used crock pot, etc. If it's relevant, I'm in Chicago.
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Out of love, want back in

I have fallen out of love with my husband. I want to be back in love with him, but I don't know what to do. Help? Very extended details within. [more inside]
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One Extraordinary Facebook Post? Nope, that's not it.

So, I've been recently tasked with managing my company's Facebook page. I haven't been a big user of any social media sites before, but I'm managing ok.: new content is getting added, banners are updated, likes go up, a couple new users... that kind of thing. So here's what happened: one post got a huge Reach number compared to all my other posts and I don't know why. I'd really like to know why, so that, if at all possible, I can repeat it. [more inside]
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Stronger hair

A guy here with very fine hair and a ponytail. I would like to collect all my hair in the ponytail but the sides never gets long enough. Is there anything I can do to get it stronger and longer? Much annoyed by flying hair when the top is down.
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What makes a video game company independet?

Activision Blizzard is set to split from parent company Vivendi after a deal has been made to buy back the company for just over $8 billion.
Now according to many news sites "Activision Blizzard will become an independent company as majority of the shares will be owned by the public." That's it?
[more inside]
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Help me convert Mexican pesos (paper cash) into USD

I have about 6000 USD worth of Mexican Pesos in paper cash money, what are my best options to converting this to USD? I am in USA and don't plan on travelling to Mexico within a year. Also, I have an xe.com account but I don't think that helps in this situation because they said I'd have to deposit it into their account in Mexico. Obviously I'd like to pay minimal fees.
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Can you ID this plant?

This plant grows in my yard in Ann Arbor, MI. Can you tell me what it is? It's as tall as an adult. [more inside]
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Changing Careers Back (or The Once and Future Techie)

I made a career change (technology to law) a few years ago, and now I'd like to change back, as I had a decent career before and have a pretty foul one now. How do I do this? [more inside]
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In a state of utter confusion

My adult daughter was diagnosed very quickly by a psychiatrist with bi polar disorder. It isn't that I disagree, but unfortunately I'm concerned that she is showing signs of antisocial personality disorder....She cycles about every three months having at least 2-3 mini rage episodes a month. She told me today that she's scared because of thoughts she is having. She lives with me, as do her two amazing kids. Her ability to care for them on her own is out of the question in my opinion based on the fact that she has a pill addiction and has had 2 seizures over dosing. When things are bad she goes to the doctor, has good intentions, gets back on a "good" track when things are bad she is not capable of being a loving mother. [more inside]
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Is Paroxetine Any Good For Chronic Pain?

Is Paroxetine Any Good For Chronic Pain? [more inside]
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Help ID this (natural) mystery floral scent?

Every now and then this incredibly gorgeous floral fragrance wafts into our house, and I always thought it was a neighbor spraying on scent at a time when the breeze currents are just right for it to drift our way, but when I mentioned that I wished I knew what brand of perfume it is, my husband said that, no, it is actually a flower (or flowering vine), because he's seen and smelled it before, but he doesn't know what sort of plant it is, or remember what it looks like. I'd love some suggestions about what it might be. I'm sure it's not Jasmine, unless it's some specific type I'm not familiar with. We're in Greece. [more inside]
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MeFi CSI: Identifying a microwave from a blurry photo

I have just bought a house that was foreclosed on (yay for me, not so yay for the folks who lost their house to the bank). Before leaving, the last owners took the appliances out of the kitchen, leaving behind custom built-in cabinetry with specific cut-out dimensions. I would very much like to find out what microwave they had before hand, so that I can try to buy it (and the associated trim kit) to fit the existing space. But all I have to go on is a small listing photo showing the microwave installed in the cabinet. [more inside]
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Food in Marseille

I'm going to be in Marseille for the better part of a week in early August, but won't have a car. If at all possible, I'd like to find a place where I can have a meal that consists of wine, cheese, and bread. Where can/should I do this?
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July 30

How to keep from going crazy with boredom at my job?

I recently took a job as an overnight security guard. The entire job is standing at the entrance to a company's parking lot, from 10pm to 6am. In theory, I'm supposed to warn off people who look like they don't belong there, but that never happens. No books, smartphones, or other distractions are allowed. Sometimes I'll look at my watch and discover that it's only ten minutes since the last time I checked my watch, even though it feels like an hour has passed. Is there some kind of mental exercise or trick I can use to occupy my mind and make the time go faster?
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From where did The Orb source their Paradise Lost samples?

At several points during Prime Evil, an excellent track by The Orb, there are samples from what sounds like a particularly flamboyant reading of Paradise Lost. Were these created for the sake of the track or are they extracted from a larger performance of the poem?
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What does creepy mean?

People say that I say creepy things. But no one will ever give me an example. How do I modify my behavior if I have no idea what I'm doing wrong? Most recently a friend I had a fight with, and when I asked "like what" he wouldn't answer. I have seen a therapist for over 5 years in the past. I'm female.
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Californication: A post-college year in the Golden State

Having spent my entire life doing what was expected of me when and where I was supposed to do it and clinging fairly tightly to my parents and home life, I'd like to take the next year or so to inject some vigor and excitement into my young years before I settle for the rat race to the picket fence with my . I'm thinking the most drastic and simultaneously safest way to do this would be to spend time in California. I've been there twice and loved it each time. Trouble is that, given my unique set of circumstances, that's starting to look more like a pipe dream than a feasible reality. Is there any hope of finding a good, well-developed reason to move out there own my own, at least for a year? [more inside]
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Would this be a deal breaker for you?

If you were a passenger in a car your partner was driving, and the two of you got into an argument, and your partner punched the steering wheel to express their frustration while going 65mph in multi-lane interstate traffic, what would you do? [more inside]
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Something Borrowed, Something Brewed? Wedding Related Beer Puns?

My wedding is coming up this fall, My dad and I have brewed the beer to serve. Now we'd like to come up with some punny names for the beer. Please Help! What we have so far: Something Borrowed, Something Brewed (Speckled Heckle, A Spotted Cow Clone (A popular beer here in wisconsin)) [more inside]
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Animal lover and digital marketing job

An animal lover with deep experience in digital marketing needs help turning passion into proffession. [more inside]
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Why Is Fax So Prevalent In the US Medical Profession?

Looking for The Magical Technology Adoption... [more inside]
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Looking for help with divorce paperwork in LA.

I haven't seen my wife in almost two years. We decided to separate in late 2011 after 5 years of marriage. It was totally amicable, we got married too young, etc etc. For many reasons, neither of us pursued a legal divorce. Largely it was a matter of cost- She's a PhD student, I'm a Grad student, neither of us had the $325 filing fee. We fell out of touch and it kind of kicked around the back of my head. This year, taxes rolled around and we realized that we needed to pursue the legal divorce. And then we sat on it some more until I finally got one of those DIY Divorce Books. So, great, I got all the forms from the state, filled them out, scraped together the filing fee and then froze. [more inside]
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Tell me why do you want to leave your job after only a month?

On paper it looks like I want to leave my job one month after I started. Due to the relationship between the last two companies I have worked for I've essentially worked for the same company for ten years. How best to explain that on a resume and in an interview? [more inside]
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What is this mountain?

I got this print from a thrift store today. What mountain is it?
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"Afternoon Delight" ain't gonna cut it.

What song could I sing to my sibling to give the general message that "no matter what happens, I love you and support you"? Looking for something I can perform in front of a small crowd. I have an alto voice and am not a talented singer. [more inside]
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Puff puff puff

(NYS - Seneca) Native American cigarette brands now being sold in non-reservation retailers, in other states (PA). Does anyone have any knowledge of this move? Were they required to get some type of court ruling to be allowed to sell off-rez? [more inside]
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Seeking info about terraforming/modded humans for a sci-fi story.

I have this idea for a science fiction story, but I don't know enough science to flesh it out. Maybe you do? [more inside]
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Flagellation question

A person is to be punished by hundreds of lashes in Saudi Arabia. How, specifically, is the punishment carried out? [more inside]
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What is the job market like for technical writers in Ontario?

I am considering doing a college course in technical writing, but before I do I would like to know what the job prospects are in Ontario in the Kitchener/Waterloo/Guelph area, or in Canada/Ontario generally. Help?
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The ceiling above the ceiling

When and how did exposed ductwork along the ceiling become "a thing" in interior design for restaurants and shops? I'm fairly certain you didn't see this sort of modern touch in the 1950's, so something happened between then and now where this became more common and I'm really curious as to how it came about. Any interior design/architecture buffs out there know the answer?
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Pssst--wanna buy a t-shirt? Know anything about making/selling them?

Is there anyone in MeFi-land who runs a small--or not-so-small--online-based T-shirt/printed garment business who has experience in DTG/Screen print outsourcing through fulfillment companies? Looking for a company that is friendly to start-ups and/or carries higher quality print blanks… [more inside]
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"Congress created dust bowl"? What gives?

I recently drove from LA to San Francisco and back along I-5 and I noticed that there's a ton of signs along the highway that simply say "Congress Created Dust Bowl." There are a few other signs that mention Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic politicians, but it was difficult to get the full picture of what the signs were talking about. Can anyone provide some context/background to what these signs are about?
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Silver-wrapped Candy

York Peppermint Patties. 3 Musketeers Bar. Hershey Kisses. What other NAME BRAND, widely-available-in-the-United-States candies are there that have a predominantly silver wrapper. [more inside]
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Name that short story...

Looking for a pre-1985 story about a man turning into a tree. [more inside]
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Deisel and sustainability

I'm will be looking for a car soon. A USED car, as I simply can not afford a new hybrid or anything like that. I have heard of TDI Jettas being as few efficient as Prius's. I am aware that diesel is not so awesome environmentally. But I want to know if it evens out. I'm looking for links to reputable information on the topic. NOT - opinion of hear say. If you know enough to talk my ear off about it then you know where to find the information, then do so and send me a well resourced link to back it up. [more inside]
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Adopting a kitty

Cat vs kitten? Also, advice on prepurring for a furry new addition... [more inside]
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I'm looking for videos that induce frisson and make you want to explore.

I'm making a list of videos that create a very particular kind of frisson: the feeling that the world is a big place filled with experiences to have and explorations to take part in. Have some good examples inside - would love more. [more inside]
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Scrap Metal NYC

Is there anywhere in NYC I can go to browse through scrap metal and parts? I'm looking for broken machine parts or empty metal cases or just scrap steel, but not car parts. I've tried Film Biz Recycling and BuildItGreenNYC, but would like larger more useless items than what they carry.
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Transmission of Disease Through Clothing

Details aren't necessary except for sometimes when I have to sort clothes to be cleaned, I run into other people's garments that are soiled in some way. What's the likelihood that I am going to pick up anything unwanted as far as blood/fluid borne disease or any other nasties? My hands do not have any obvious sores or anything like that. This doesn't happen often and I thought I would ask here before I get too obsessive with my hand washing or badgering my doctor. Yes, I realize you may not be a doctor. Thanks in advance.
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How to extricate myself from an online correspondence...

Sorry this is so long. Last time, I came to y'all with a problem with online strangers wanting to barge into my life and take up all my time. You gave me some WONDERFUL advice on how to handle this, including giving me your express permission to resort to a completely made-up personal assistant. So I acquired Serge and am much happier. But... [more inside]
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How to Get More Light?

I recently moved into a new apartment on short notice. One thing I didn't realize when kicking the tires was that there is no natural light in my bedroom during the morning. This tends to make waking up an unpleasant and lengthy event—it's dark, and often I just fall asleep again. I don't want this to happen, and I've noticed that when I sleep in a room with good morning light exposure I wake up earlier and happier. So: how can I replicate a rising sun in my room? Full spectrum light (like for SAD) hooked up to a dimmer hooked up to a timer? Clever arrangements of mirrors?
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What blogs should I subscribe to?

Setting up a new reader account and was looking to ask the glorious hive mind for some recommendations. Some of my interests:... [more inside]
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Help me pick my next phone!

My contract with Verizon Wireless is almost up, which means I can get a new smartphone without spending an arm and a leg on it. I'm looking for recommendations for Android phones that are at least decently powered, have good to great battery life, accept microSD for expansion, and can be hacked into without exploding. My top contenders are a Razr Maxx HD or a Galaxy S3/4, but none seem completely satisfactory so I'm open to other suggestions. [more inside]
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Any automated way to print and stuff envelopes?

What is the cost for a machine that stuffs regular-size papers (8.5x11 and A4) into an envelope (folded) or larger manilla envelope (no folding)? Any tips on how to get one used/for the lowest possible price?
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6 Month Old Promotion Never Finalized Before Layoffs

I accepted a new position at my company with the caveat that it would take a significant amount of time to have the new position, and significant promotion, finalized by HR. It is in the same department as my previous position, but with a new direct boss (I work for a VP now, rather than a manager). I’ve excelled, despite the significantly higher amount of work, responsibility, and visibility to the higher-ups in the rest of the company. However, company wide layoffs (~90% of my building) were announced to occur at the end of the summer, and now I’m at a loss how to depict this on my resume. [more inside]
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Nice bathroom, but where do I put my stuff?

Need lots more storage in my cramped bathroom, but don't know how. Would prefer something that works well and looks nice, and doesn't require drilling or otherwise altering the walls. More details and pictures too after the break [more inside]
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Genital area itching...help?

I itch in a kind of specific spot in my genital area, and at kind of specific times and I'm hoping someone can help me get some relief. [more inside]
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New Hotel being built in downtown LA

There is a hotel being built in downtown LA, across the street from the JW Mariott. At the corner of Fransico Str. and W Olympic Blvd. What is the name of the hotel? [more inside]
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Remove musky smell from wood?

So we have an old tiny cabin (about 8x12 ft) that is a bit in disrepair. But the real problem isn't the drafty windows or creaky door, but rather that we apparently had mink or some other musky-smelling animal nesting underneath (the cabin is raised about a foot off the ground) for quite a while, and it has pervaded the whole cabin with a musky, urine-like smell. We're really hoping not to replace all the wood, which is old, sound, and worn in the best way. What's our best bet for removing this smell permanently? [more inside]
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Innovative programs for women and families

What are some innovative programs for women and families that you've seen, heard of, accessed, or wished for? I am on the board of directors for a small women's organization in a small city in Canada, and we are tired of the workshop model of community development. I want to start some new programs that have tangible results. [more inside]
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Shark-infested custard

Dear people of Mefi, please help me. I am a serial killer of houseplants. Two years ago I inherited my daughter's houseplants when she moved, including this small tree-like thing. I'll admit it's a bit twisted but it's not dead yet. But what the effing jeff is this stuff? How did it get there? What did I do? Why is it yellow? Will it kill the plant? Will it kill us all? How shall I deal with it, should I dig it up? Chuck the whole plant out? Why did it even happen? And how will I face my daughter now? tell you what, it's put me right off (Title refers to answer of well-known UK children's riddle.) [more inside]
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Which cooking oil(s) will be least likely to turn rancid?

I cook with Dutch Oven sometimes. After you cook, you clean and very lightly oil the oven. Problem is, I don't use the dutch oven often so the next time I cook, the oil is rancid. I've read that Coconut oil never goes rancid and is the best to use. I've read that Crisco never goes rancid and is the best to use. I've read the oil with the highest smokepoint (avocado oil) is the best to use. I've read that the oil with the lowest oxidation index is the best to use (I have no idea which oil that is). No one seems to know. If any one of you have advice or knowlege, I would like to hear it!
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"Can I help you find anything?" Well, now that you mention it...

There's a very cute, funny and witty librarian at my local library that I'd like to ask out. How do I best go about doing this without making it uncomfortable for her in her workplace? [more inside]
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Gardeningfilter - Horsetail. Ugh.

Hi folks, our garden has a moderately bad horsetail (marestail) infestation going on. I'm new to this gardening thing. So, any tips on getting rid of the stuff? [more inside]
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Programmers - staying organized at work?

Developers (and other professionals with too much to learn) - how do you keep everything straight? How do you stay organized? How do you deal with really steep learning curves? [more inside]
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Parlez-vous francais? No. Not for 13 years.

I graduated high school having been in french immersion and when I graduated I did the testing and I was offically bilingual. Hurray! However, that was over 10 years ago and I have hardly spoken it since I graduated. Now, suddenly, my job wants me to get my french proficiency tested to see if I can satisfy the required language requirements for my branch. (We need to have X# of people able to speak French because a percent of our clients speak french as their first language, and right now we're down a person apparently). Au secours! [more inside]
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Looking for fun, not-too-challenging 2-player games

What are the best games (both classic and new) for two people? Specifically, fun, not super challenging, about 30 minutes to 2 hours per session. Primarily seeking board games and card games, but video games for mobile or console are welcome too. [more inside]
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Using student loans to pay credit card debt, grad school edition

My partner and I have about $8k in credit card debt, built up over the last 10 years of undergrad followed by underemployment. I'm starting graduate school in the fall, with a fully-funded research assistant position and tuition waivers. I am thinking about borrowing ~$10k of the federal direct student loans I've been offered in order to pay down the credit card debt. What should I be considering? [more inside]
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Help for fresh woodworking enthusiast

Due to some large amounts of used wood lying around, I've recently enthusiastic about woodworking, specifically re-using used wood, but I'm already floundering on my first, super-easy project. I have a number of questions on this project and other intro-woodworking issues. [more inside]
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Best vegan/vegetarian Swedish/Scandinavian cookbook?

A friend of mine is going to move to Sweden next month. I would like to give him a book with vegan/vegetarian Swedish (or Scandinavian) recipes. The book can be in English, German or Swedish. Any suggestions? PS. In relation to this question what is the best place to buy Swedish books. It seems like there is nothing like Amazon over there.
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A job offer versus an interview

My friend has two job opportunities that are both interesting, but the timing of interviews & offers isn't quite right to make a decision between the two. [more inside]
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Accounts of Tehran in the thirties and forties?

Anyone know of any contemporary accounts (in memoir or fiction) of Tehran in the thirties and forties available in English? I'm hoping for things by Persians of the time, but accounts by foreigners (especially British) would be welcome, too. Or (a boy can dream) any sort of daily life history of the time and place? [more inside]
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Mac Mac Mac Mac Mac

I want to buy a new Mac to replace my 2008 Macbook, but I'm overwhelmed by the options. What will best fit my needs? [more inside]
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Goats: now even more relevant to my interests.

I have recently discovered Attaboy by Yo-Yo Ma and some other peeps. It's beautiful and I love it. Please recommend more music like it. [more inside]
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I am the parasite who travels two by two.

I've been experiencing fairly serious joint pain since returning from a Central & South American trip, and so has my travel buddy. Doctor found "many Blastocystis Hominis" in my stool sample. Normally doctors don't treat Blastocystosis, and it is usually more linked with GI issues than joint pain. Doctor has given me the option to a) Get medical treatment (that he will prescribe) or b) Wait for an appointment with a tropical medicine specialist (not until late August). YANMD, but what should I do here? [more inside]
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What does a new temp employee do when there's another opening?

I hope I don't seem too dumb, but I've never been in this situation before and I sincerely have no idea what to do. [more inside]
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Fosterhood tumblr loading page issues

I like reading the blog Fosterhood, but ever since I moved last week and got new internet from TWC (not sure if it has anything to do with it, but that's the timing) I'm only getting this on the loading page: "Not Found The URL you requested could not be found." I can access material in archives that has been posted since the move so I think it's me and not the site. How do I fix it? [more inside]
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Seeking cell phone advice for non-savvy pensioner

Advice please: (1) are there SIM only, pay-as-you-go cell options available in Canada (2) any recommendations for a solid, inexpensive, quad-band phone for a pensioner that probably won't use apps [more inside]
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Washington DC Dining?

I'll be in Washington D.C. between Christmas and New Year's, and I need suggestions for a restaurant for a bit of an occasion dinner. Please hope! [more inside]
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BSOD, Mac edition

My Macbook Pro will sometimes refuse to come out of sleep and show a blue screen instead. How can I keep it from doing this? [more inside]
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How do I convert Kingsoft Writer back to Word (and do I really want to?)

Kingsoft Office appears to have hitched a ride on some software I downloaded recently (thank you, CNET). In a further act of pushiness, it seems to have converted all my MS Word files into Kingsoft Write 2013 files. Is there any way to convert them back to MS Word and make Kingsoft just go away? [more inside]
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What are some good jokes about Winnipeg or the Canadian prairies?

A friend of mine is moving from Southwestern Ontario to Winnipeg next month. We're throwing a going-away party and I'd like to give a speech and tell a few jokes. What are some good jokes I can tell about Winnipeg or Manitoba or the Canadian prairies? Thanks!
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What is that book of cover art from self-released records?

I feel like an idiot "wasting" a question on this, but it's driving me crazy and I am experiencing uncharacteristic google failure. Some time in the last few months I read reviews of a book of cover art from self-released LPs. The hell was that book called?
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All your database are belong to us

Looking for media to help planning web based development. [more inside]
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Talk to me!

I have a job that currently bores me greatly, with lots of down time during the day. A coworker and I started texting during our workday recently, and I find it entertains me and passes the time, in addition to pushing a few of my other buttons. Unfortunately this relationship has gone a bit sour so I'm looking for a similar situation and I'm wondering if there's an easy solution. Special snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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Secret Room Literature

We've built a small secret room in our house for our children to discover. One of the features in the room is a bookshelf where we're putting secret room themed books. [more inside]
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I am aware of gravity, yes.

Why do blocks fall? [more inside]
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Humorous Responses to a Mundane Question

I work in a large health-care facility and thus see many people that I know in passing as I travel to and from various places. I have been shamelessly ripping off "Diamond" Dallas Page (who probably ripped it off from someone else) for his response to "How are you doing?" If I was doing any better, I'd have to be twins to enjoy it. This usually gets at least a chuckle, and I'm looking for responses in a similar vein. Generally light and humorous (I'd prefer not to say something darkly humorous) and DEFINITELY short, as this is usually said in passing. So, Metafilter, HOW YOU DOIN'?
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What factors are making my car uncomfortable for passengers?

We have a peugeot 5008. As a driver I find it a lot of fun to drive because for a hybrid 7 seater its pretty nimble and responsive. However, as a passenger, the car is a vomit inducing roller coaster ride. [more inside]
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How to go viral?

I'm trying to gin up a social media campaign on a very short timeframe (3 - 4 weeks). I am basically internet literate (witness my longstanding MeFi membership) but I have never done anything like this before. I do have a social media person at work to help, but given the nature of my organization, I'm going to be in the driver's seat. But I feel like since I know the issue, the constituencies, and how to use Facebook, that I'll be able to figure it out and just need to jump in and do it (although I realize it may be a failure anyway). So here are my questions: 1) Is this going to be more complex than I think? Am I suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect? Do I need to vet my strategy with social media "experts" to be successful? 2) Any quick tips for me?
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How best to deal with polite, yet really rude and selfish people?

This woman I've been friends with is like a sheep in wolf's clothing. Extremely polite, kind, caring on the outside, which totally draws you in to being friends with her. But in reality she's demanding, bossy, everything has to be on her terms, and really childish. I'm in a totally one-sided friendship with a friend and neighbor and I am having a really hard time doing the fade-away because she is so (seemingly) well-liked and established in our circle of friends and such a presence in our neighborhood. How, in your relationships, or circle of friends do you bring to someone attention that you are tired of always being the one doing the driving, inviting, hosting, etc. and that they need to step up and do their part? This person comes across as so sweet, kind and socially savvy that saying anything like this to her could seem to be really damaging, akward and embarassing for this person. She is non-confrontational, has been a total avoider in past relationships, and always comes across as holier than thou and as someone who always takes the higher road, etc. I'm so sick of having to cater to her demands and would really like to say something while maintaining a semblance of dignity, and politeness. Can you help with some suggestions? [more inside]
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Landmark/est equivalents?

What books/podcasts/videos have content similar to est/Landmark Forum? [more inside]
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So the medicine worked... now comes the problem.

We used a medicine to deal with colic. It worked almost immediately. There's just one problem... [more inside]
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U.S to Switzerland mailing times

U.S. to Switzerland by regular first class mail: in your experience, has that ever taken longer than 12 business days? (Item in question would be a flat 9x12" envelope, papers only, zero customs value, from east coast U.S.)
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Itinerary for 4 days in Fruili

Calling foodies and aficionados of remote North-East Italy! During the last week of August I will have the rare opportunity to visit the region of Friuli that I heard so much about, but I'm at loss at where to start and how to plan an itinerary... Despite flying in and out of Ljubljana, I want to skip Slovenia and Trieste, and instead fully concentrate on the Provinces of Udine and Gorizia. I will be traveling solo, however not backpacking (more like suitcase-ing). I'm there for the vineyards, the cuisine, the castles, the history and the ruins, and of course the ragged breathtaking Alps. Specific questions inside but ALL your recommendations, ideas, memories and address books are appreciated and dearly welcome! [more inside]
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Help! I have hobbit feet!

My feet are, frankly, gross. What can I do at home to make them less gross? [more inside]
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What's the next step in my chronological, geographical reading list ?

I've just read The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy (takes place on the West Coast in the 1940's), I'm currently reading In Cold Blood by Truman Capote (takes places in Kansas in the 1950's). Please help me find books in the similar genre that take place in the 1960's/1970's/1980's (possibly 1990's) *and* that move eastward of each other. [more inside]
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Books on philosophy and beauty, art, narrative, or metaphor

I'm well-read but pretty uneducated when it comes to philosophy, aside from having a working knowledge of the Post-Structuralists. I'm looking for philosophical books (it doesn't matter it they're canonical or not--I have not read most of the canon, but I also haven't read a lot of related books) that explore one or more of these areas: beauty, art, or narratives. (I just started Lyotard tonight, so no need to suggest him.) [more inside]
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Marketing of Popular Children's Movies?

The Smurfs 2 movie is about to come out. I live in Los Angeles where we are heavily saturated with movie premiere billboards and signage because, y'know, we eat our own. All the Smurfs in the adverts seem to be throwing "gang signs." Are these adverts actually depicting gang signs? Or am I mistaken? It seems like a promotion of a violent subculture, but maybe I'm old and just don't get it. Thanks!
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Find my family

Mom just passed away and we've lost touch with her brother's family (my cousins). I know their home town and their names but not much else. How do you find lost family?
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July 29

Dodge Dakota experiences?

We're looking at buying a used Dodge Dakota, probably early 2000s, V6. Does anyone have any information on them? [more inside]
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Just how germain is this law?

My SO and I have been living for thirteen years in the house that he owns and has mortgaged in his name only. He has willed the house to me should he die and believes that I would be able to assume the mortgage automatically. The Garn St. Germain Act protects relatives from the bank calling the note when inheriting a property with a mortgage, but what about unmarried opposite sex domestic partners? [more inside]
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Creating a professional, stylized graphic that would make Tufte proud

I'm trying to create a diagram for a business proposal and am really disappointed with the quality of the tools I have. I need help creating something polished and attractive. [more inside]
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Repair old car, or buy new car?

I have a 2000 Saturn LS1 which I have been driving for a decade with basically no problems; it has 120,000 miles on it. On the way to a camping trip this weekend the car broke down and the damage is apparently quite serious. Repairs to the car would cost less than buying a new car, but would I be throwing good money after bad if I repaired it? [more inside]
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Can you get Lipoplex / B12 shots for home use?

Where can I find b12 shots to administer at home? [more inside]
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Running staff meetings

At work, I need to run staff meetings. Please tell me how to run meetings that are helpful for employees and don’t waste time. [more inside]
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Books of stories to read aloud

We're looking for books of fairy tales well-suited to bedtime reading. [more inside]
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Seeking an app to track housework

We're looking for an app to streamline our current system. In an effort to curb our chronic clutter, my husband and I have devised a point system for household tasks. We earn points collectively (not in competition with one another), and redeem them for mutually enjoyable activities and purchases (a dinner out, a 6-pack, a trip to a museum, etc). We've been keeping track of points on paper, which is a bit tedious and generates a little clutter itself. It's also easy to forget if we marked points for a completed job, as we a just using hash marks to expedite point tracking. [more inside]
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Freelance advertising rate for creatives in NYC?

What should my day rate be for copywriting at a major ad agency in New York City? [more inside]
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Help make Outlook 2013 less terrible

I spend huge amounts of my work time in Outlook 2013. Please give me some suggestions to make it better. I am not even that picky about what "better" means, but anything that makes the calendering less painful to use (I would give at least one tooth for the ability to easily create appointments based on the text of an email, like the iPhone does), or gives me control over the interface would meet this criteria. Xobni did some of this back in the day, but most of its features are now out-of-date.
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Good / Cheap sunglasses online

Do such things exist? I was thinking $35-50 (cheaper would be better). Any recommendations for online stores?
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Bazzy Bazzy Why Ya Barfing? What is my cat actually throwing up?

One of my cats is barfing up some clear liquid. What is it? More cat barf details below for the non-squeamish. [more inside]
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Positive messages in Union Square

I'm going to an event in union square NYC where we'll be writing positive messages on poster board and holding them up in public for day/mood brightening purposes. I'm looking for inspirational things to put on my sign. [more inside]
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Prepping a car camping trip. I never take pork or chicken when camping in an effort to respect food-handling volatility guidelines. I do, however, ignore those same guidelines with respect to eggs and bacon (bacon is preserved and, well, eggs must be served with bacon at breakfast when camping). I have been requested to bring 'fresh prawns' to grill. There is no water onsite and there will be no temperature-assured cold storage, but we will have an ice chest with other cold-dependent consumables in it such as the eggs. The campsite is in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest and averages daily/nightly high-lows of 72/52 at this time of year. Cursory research appears to establish that prawns are in the same set of volatile meats that pork, chicken and crab belong to. It may be reasonable to source and bring hard-frozen prawns and cook them from semi-thawed. Departure to campsite expected drive time about five hours; departure to food consumption expected out-of-fridge storage time estimated nine to twelve hours. I am leaning toward saying no to the request. Hive mind, your analysis please.
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Laptop touchpad is jumpy

I have a new laptop (Acer with Windows 8) and the touchpad will intermittently go all goofy. It'll make the cursor jump around the screen randomly and open windows as if I'm clicking, even if I hold my finger perfectly still on the pad. My question: Is there any chance that a third-party power cord is causing this? [more inside]
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My new smartphone was stolen. I want a new one, without the price tag.

This past week, when i was away on vacation, my Samsung Galaxy phone was stolen. (I had the service suspended right away). It was a new phone, on a new three year contract with Bell Canada, signed in April. From what i can tell, there aren't any good options that don't cost me hundreds of dollars. [more inside]
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How do you get your doctor to realize you actually are sick?

I am sure I had a cyclospora infection. [more inside]
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Car Title transfer from an ELT state to a non-ELT state

Electric car title needs to be sent from California to Michigan. [more inside]
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Is there a large shopping/strolling/dining area in Minneapolis-St. Paul?

Visiting the Twin Cities in a few weeks with my girlfriend. She'd like to check out some walkable shopping districts with a vibrant, dense mix of stores and places to eat. But does this exist on a somewhat-large scale? [more inside]
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LGBTQ+ activism/volunteering while studying abroad in Barcelona?

I'm studying abroad this fall in Barcelona with pretty workable Spanish but very limited Catalan, and I'd love to do some work/activism/volunteering/organizing around queer or related issues (HIV/AIDS, youth development, homelessness, etc.) while I'm there. Is this possible given my language limitations? [more inside]
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What is this stuffed... thing?

I've had this stuffed object for many years, since a mystified housemate passed it along to me. No clue what it is supposed to represent. Does it look representative of anything in particular to anyone?
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Is it always a bad idea to file bankruptcy at an early age?

I'm 23 and thinking of filing bankruptcy. I have $16,000 + in debt - is this a bad idea? [more inside]
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Bad idea?

A friend who lives in suburban Scotland and likes to share funny, absurd and plain weird stuff recently sent me this link. I would really like to send him this exact postcard now as a prank. But would it get him into trouble? [more inside]
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Bars in downtown Minneapolis

Can you recommend a bar in Downtown Minneapolis? [more inside]
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Fantasy football draft-by-mail

Are there any web sites or software tools that can be used to facilitate a fantasy football draft where the team owners aren't online at the same time, and are too geographically widespread to participate in an in-person real-time draft? [more inside]
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Calendar "hacks" for incompatible digital/analog people?

I'm a software engineer who loves having the latest gadgets and spends much of my time online; she's a stay-at-home mom who avoids the Internet like the plague. This causes problems when it comes to our calendar. [more inside]
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What's the age and value of this Theodore Roosevelt campaign pin?

This pin must be from either the 1901 or 1905 elections. Can you tell me anything about it? Can you tell me its approximate value? If not, can you direct me to a website or individual where I might find out? Thanks!
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How important is a website's title for SEO?

I am an expert in "widgets". I own several domain names such as "widgetexpert.com", "widgetreview.com" ...you get the idea. All in all, I have about 5 domain names that are specific to my expertise for my consulting business. However, in the end, I only want to give clients ONE url to find my website (probably the expert.com one I listed above) and to put on business cards, letterhead, etc.. When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), how important or helpful is it to have multiple permutations of domain names as opposed to keywording in the website itself? I keep coming up with new catchy website names that I could buy and redirect to the main site, but I'm not sure if this is just vanity speaking or if there's real value in doing this. I have read another post indicating that this is not a very fruitful activity. Nevertheless, let's say for example, I was an expert in camcorders. Consequently, I would own camcorderexpert.com, camcorderreview.com, etc..But I also want to capture the question, "Should I buy sony?" Wouldn't that be captured "best" by shouldibuysony.com or whybuysony.com ...You get the idea.
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Where is my rolodex in the cloud?

My small highly mobile business requires a very basic cloud based address book, preferably with as much free form as possible so that key people in different time zones / locations have 24/7 access to a common address book. Think AZZ cardfile in the cloud. Where is it? All I've found are overtly complex and demanding of what goes on what line and are totally US centric. I am a great believer in KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) and want my keypeople to be able to operate the same way. Salesforce is not my answer. All input gratefully appreciated.
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LibreOffice Word Processor Locked Up

I have a message box on LibreOffice that says, "The last time you opened LibreOffice, it unexpectedly quit while reopening windows. Do you want to try to reopen its windows again?" (The program didn't quit unexpectedly during my last use.) There are two choices to click -- Reopen and Don't Reopen. Neither one of them works. The message box can't be closed and the software won't function. Here's what I've tried: [more inside]
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Need Help IDing Childhood Televised Nightmare Fuel

Two late night, basic cable TV/movie scenes, one involving death in front of children, and the other depicting the death of a child. Morbid details inside. [more inside]
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Science Fiction Book set in Boston/Cambridge Involving a Volcano Crater

Help me find this science fiction book set in Boston involving a volcano crater. A long time ago, I read the first chapter of a science fiction book set in Boston and Cambridge where the premise was that the greater Boston area was located on an extinct volcano crater. For the life of me, I can't remember its title, and Google is failing me. [more inside]
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Patience is a virtue, I guess.

How do you learn to be patient? Specifically, patient for a relationship to move to the next step? [more inside]
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What is this splotch?

I'm panicking a bit, because I really want to wear a certain shirt tomorrow. I don't have too much time to do internet searching so I'm taking a shortcut by posting here. I have a very nice 100% cotton wrinkle resistant shirt. It's got a nice sheen to it. I don't wear it very often. It is an Easter egg blue color. I just noticed that there are lighter blue splotches on it. I have no idea where the splotches came from. It almost looks like spilled milk. I can't tell if the shirt was in contact with bleach, or if it's something else that doesn't want to budge. I've tried a bit of Folex but that didn't work. Are there any "tests" to help identify what the splotch is? Any advice on how to clean something like this?
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How do I become a mature, professional adult?

I am a woman in my late 20s. Lately I've been feeling like all of the adults I know are more mature and adult-like in the way they hold themselves and behave than I am. I don't know how to get that or be more like that. What am I doing wrong? What to do? [more inside]
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What to consider when starting an online poetry journal.

Poetry Editors: I'm considering launching a mostly-online poetry journal, and I want to make sure I'm thinking about everything I need to be in the early stages. [more inside]
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What comes after dropping out of a surgical residency?

What are the future employment options / career trajectory for someone who has just completed their third year of a surgical residency and who has passed their third-year boards, but who has dropped out of the program? [more inside]
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The slow vegetable drip

Our garden is happily producing vegetables for us, and I want to take some of this fresh, homegrown produce and preserve it. However, we're not getting large enough batches of produce to actually can or pickle. How do I work around this? [more inside]
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How do I connect PC/TV/Surround sound so they all play nice together?

A year ago, I bought a new TV with HDMI capability and hooked it up to my PC to work as a monitor (with a straight HDMI cable connection). IT. IS. AWESOME. I just moved into a new place with more room and now want to connect my surround sound system (5 speakers) to this setup as well. This is the receiver I'm considering purchasing and from what I can tell, will do what I need. Extra potentially pertinent info:
  • PC has two HDMI ports (one on the video card)
  • Nintendo Wii connected directly to TV via RCA cables
  • BluRay player connected to TV via HDMI cable
I want my setup to allow me to use the surround sound at all times (when watching broadcast TV, when using the TV as the PC monitor, when using the BluRay player and when using the Wii (this is the least important)). I'm assuming the TV will connect to the receiver (via HDMI) and the PC will also connect to the receiver (via HDMI) and all other hook-ups will remain as-is. Thanks in advance for any advice or tips on how to make this easy! This will be my dream setup so I'm excited to get it right.
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Travelling sans gluten

What is in your gluten free travel "toolbox"? [more inside]
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Where to stay in Santa Fe?

How walkable is downtown Santa Fe? We'll be there for 3 days and are trying to decide whether we should restrict our hotel search near the Plaza or consider the cluster on Cerillos about 15 minutes away. [more inside]
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Are These Stones All That?

Are the Stones of Carnac worth asking my hosts to spend a bit over an hour driving us there? [more inside]
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Step-parents and their spouses, how did you integrate your families?

I am, for the first time, in a relationship as a single father. So far it's going quite well, which brings up a variety of questions about what might happen in the future. One day I would like to be married again, which would put whoever I marry in the position of being my daughter's step-mother. How would I get from here to there? [more inside]
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Is there a way to highlight the previous Chrome tab I was using?

I usually have 40-50 tabs open in Chrome, if I receive an email or whatever and switch to that tab I often have a hard time remember what tab I was just on. An extension to highlight the previous tab would be very useful, I can't find anything like this, anyone?
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I'd like a spinner ring, but I also need it to click...

My partner has suggested I get a spinner ring to help me avoid my obsessive skin pulling/picking (diagnosed trichotillomania). It's a great idea! But I can't find one that I know will work.... [more inside]
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Name kids movie with a (maybe) hook handed villian.

My brothers are trying to figure out the name of a movie they saw when they were kids (in the early 90's), their description: A kid searches for a crystal (or diamond) using clues (or one clue) written on a scroll hidden inside a hollow cross, and is being pursued by a villian with a hook (or possibly a peg leg). They said it's not animated, and not a muppet/puppet movie (i.e. not the dark crystal). Any ideas?
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Can't get company to fix wifi provided via apartment deal

We moved in to our apartment last October. It provides public wifi as part of the amenities. Problem is, it doesn't works consistently. "Works" as defined by not being able to simply go from one link to another without the computer/tablet being used dropping connection or lagging for over 5 minutes. We don't expect super streaming or anything. Just basic 1999 level internet. I have called Meraki (owned by Cisco) over 14 times since last October with varying responses and excuses and promises of call-back by managment, with few calls back. [more inside]
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Anger/lack of remourse in relationship

I'm not sure how to handle a situation with my best friend and an outburst her boyfriend caused this weekend which caused a huge rift between all of us. She has been dating for about 7 months and I have met him a handful of times, and truely was a huge fan of him until this weekend. I want to talk to her about it, but want to see if my take on the situation is appropriate and how to approach it. [more inside]
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Bad apples really do spoil the bunch. What to do?

I'm part of an adult amateur softball league. There is some very bad behavior going on amongst a few people, and I'd like some help brainstorming what to do about it. [more inside]
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Help, I’m in My Twenties and I Can't Get Out

After graduating into the recession in 2009 with a B.A. in neuroscience and English I spent the first couple of years of my post-college life just trying to get by rather than focusing on “What I Want To Do With My Life” or pursuing grad school or a career. Now that I’ve had a few years of job stability and the economic freedom to do something different, what should I start doing with my life? [more inside]
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Q: Why are you leaving your job at XYZ? A: Because of my boss

So, when someone asks "why are you leaving your job at XYZ?" I'm looking for a good and truthful answer that doesn't leave me in a bad light. [more inside]
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Chicken Lovers Wanted

Nope, not looking for recipes just those that have or had chickens before. I have 11 three month old chickens. They have a large coop with more then enough space. I've had chickens for about three years and this is a new group as my others got decimated by a neighbors dog. The usual routine is that they spend the night locked safely in the coop, are let outside during the day and automatically return to the coop at dusk. They did this until a couple of weeks ago. Now instead of going back inside they roost on top of fence outside the coup and high up in a tree and it's incredibly difficult to get them inside. Any advice on how to get them to stop this? [more inside]
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How should people deal with screw-ups?

I am a recent law school grad, who went in with the intent of going into government/politics (i.e. not to be a lawyer) and was fortunate enough to find such a job. I did not want to take the bar, nor needed to, but decided to do so anyway because it seemed like I should (I know, terrible reason). I know for a fact that I have not studied enough and am going to fail. [more inside]
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Book about parallel universes where only children could travel through

I read, maybe in the late 90s, a science fiction book about parallel universes where at first it wasn't quite clear what was going on -- children used some kind of slang for them that the adults didn't understand. Some disaster had happened, I think, so only the children could travel through the multiple worlds. There was a plotline about the protagonist's brother (I think?) -- his wife had died in that world, so in the end he went from world to world trying to find one where she was alive. I believe the protagonist was female and also the author. There might have been something about a house or doors or rooms moving around, or I might be confusing it with another book. Any ideas?
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Collecting a very late payment from an unhappy ex-client

A client who fired me for slow turnaround time owes me $687.50. She hasn't been in touch since I sent her an invoice two months ago and I suspect has no inclination to pay me at all. I provided services and expect to be paid. How should I proceed? [more inside]
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Hair's My Problem

I need suggestions for updos (up-dos?) for someone who has fine, thin, and limp (no volume) hair. And some helpful tips/suggestions/resources for getting better at keeping my hair looking nice. A huge novel inside. [more inside]
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Getting started with EVE Online

After reading yet another thread about EVE Online, I decided to sign up for a trial account. I don't know anyone else who plays. Do you have any advice for a first time player? [more inside]
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Which is the best credit card-branded gift card?

I'd like to send my sister some money to use while she's traveling, and for practical reasons (I have to mail it, some airlines only take credit cards on board the plane, don't want her carrying around lots of cash), I'd like to send her a pre-paid Visa/Amex/whatever gift card that she can use as a credit card. But I've heard horror stories about them being difficult to use. Is there one that's worth getting? Note that it will be for short-term use, so I'm not too worried about recurring fees; I just want to make sure that she can actually use the card I send her for things like buying food and paying for cabs (assuming she is traveling to a magical land where cabs take credit cards). She's traveling within the US. I have a local grocery store with a huge gift card selection, but also would be OK with buying it online if I can have it shipped quickly.
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Anything special about buying a car in a really hot, humid climate?

Is there anything I should look out for or try to get when buying a car in a really hot, humid climate? [more inside]
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What were itinerant street photographers called?

Im the mid 20th century there was a thing where photographers would snap pictures of people, usually groups of people – on major streets, in nightclubs, at the seaside – then give them a business card and shill them to buy prints. What's the phrase for this trade, or this job?
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Help me not second guess the decision I want to make

I've been agonizing over making a career choice for over a year. Now it's crunch time- I need to commit to a path like NOW and figure out how to live with it and not second guess my decision. Help. [more inside]
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I need a new dru-- er, beverage. One that won't make me sick.

I really enjoy Coke. (Yes, the soda.) I need a sugar-free or lower-sugar alternative beverage to drink at work. It's for dental reasons, not diet. Any ideas? [more inside]
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Short term or vacation rental in San Francisco?

Hi, I will be attending a conference at Moscone in late August and hotels nearby are either booked or way too expensive. Help me vet some alternatives. [more inside]
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DC Rental laws - Should we pay rent during emergency repairs?

We're living in an apartment in Washington DC. There was a leak in the building's water system that caused damage to several units in the building including ours. It took about a month to get it all fixed - drying everything out, replacing the drywall, tearing out and replacing the wood floors. Its all done now. It was a big mess for a while, with fans and dehumidifiers and torn up floors and walls. We thought about moving out but decided it would be more of a hassle than it was worth so just didn't use the kitchen while this was going on. The building's insurance paid for the repairs and the landlord has been very responsive and done what he could to get it done quickly. We agreed that we wouldn't pay rent until all this was settled. The landlord proposes to pro-rate the rent so that we don't pay anything for the days that the kitchen was unusable and we had to put up with the construction. I've tried to figure out what DC rental law says about this ("OS expects to have a complete, authoritative version of Title 14 available for viewing by mid-October 2009") but can't find anything definitive. My question: Does pro-rated rent abatement seem like a legally and ethically reasonable approach?
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How can I communicate with my boyfriend more effectively?

I don't know how to handle minor conflict with my boyfriend. Specifically, I don't know how to deal with myself when I do things wrong. I can't stop beating myself up in my head. [more inside]
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Can't turn off internal soundtrack and it's distracting..HALP

For the past 24 hours or so I have been unable to turn off my internal mental soundtrack (that is my library of remembered songs, in playback mode, just as if I was hearing them now). It's starting to make me tired. I can change the music playing (currently 'smooth operator') but I can't turn it off entirely. I had a lot of trouble falling asleep last night b/c of the music playing in my head. And today at work it's distracting me. The default song seems to be 'Blurred Lines' but the playback isn't limited to just that tune. Has this ever happened to you? How did you stop it? [more inside]
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Is this reasonable or am I being strung along?

A month ago I made a mistake and slept with a good friend who is in a relationship. He wants to end it with her and be with me, but says he has certain obligations/plans with her that means he can't for probably another month. How reasonable is this? [more inside]
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Should I have listened better in sex ed?

This is a snowflakey question about grey-area unprotected sex, spotting, and plan B. [more inside]
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How do I credit a Flickr photo licensed for commercial use?

Help me know exactly how to give credit to photos I want to use on my blog. [more inside]
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How do I tell a long-term friend that I want less of her in my life?

I have a long-term friend (25+ years.) For the most part, our friendship was a good one, but in the past 7 to 8 years, it's become a source of stress for me. I've tried talking with her about this, but she appears to be in denial and dismisses what I say, so nothing gets resolved, and the vicious cycle repeats. Because of our history, and my relationships with her children, parents, and brother, I don't want to cut her off completely, but I want less of her in my life. I've got to deal with this, but I don't know how. [more inside]
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The bottle makes it taste better

Where in Australia can I buy Opici Bianco in the fish shaped bottle? [more inside]
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LionSea Smart PC Fixer: threat or menace?

Is LionSea Smart PC Fixer actual malware, or merely superfluous? [more inside]
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Diet to a long life

Are there many examples of people on the Western Diet and living long and healthy? [more inside]
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How to save my brother from himself

My 33 year old older brother is sponging off my parents and isn't getting a job, I'm worried that he's going to get kicked out of my parents' house. He got fired a while ago and I'm pretty sure his main problem is depression/having given up; I'm pretty sure he's better than this though. [more inside]
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Where can/how do I commission pixel art?

I'm redesigning my blog and want some pixel art assets for it (background + a few sprites). I've tried rolling my own and have only succeeded in reminding myself that I'm a poor artist. The people I've found seem mostly interested in doing avatars and the like and this is a slight larger request. [more inside]
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July 28

Is it socially acceptable to tell my friends about a new car ?

I just bought a new car and was wondering whether it would be tacky to put up a picture of it on Twitter/FB or a blog.
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How can I unbind my life?

I'm in a bind. Six years ago I made the mistake of entering grad school in a humanities field, in which pretty much the only career trajectory is to become an academic. I'm now pretty sure I wouldn't be happy in a standard academic job. However, I have few other marketable skills. There's the added complication that I'm a foreign student without a green card, so if I quit the program, or finish and fail to find a job, I'd have to leave the US and go back to my home country, which I don't want to do. I feel there must be possible courses of action which I'm not seeing, and would appreciate help finding them. [more inside]
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Medi-Cal or student health insurance for a CA student studying in Texas?

Which option is best for a broke student going to school out of state? [more inside]
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Classic lullaby album?

I am looking for an album of classic lullabies. Any recommendations for a good one? Prefer one with vocals. (Will also take recommendations for non-classic lullaby songs that are good for rocking a baby to sleep!) Thanks!
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Needing Resignation Letter Advice

I currently have two different jobs, with two different bosses at the same community college. I have been offered to work at one of them full time and it happens to be the one that I like more and is more fitting for my goals. I have already made my decision, I just need to avoid burning bridges. [more inside]
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Are PhD's More Intellectual?

Obviously higher education is excellent and should be supported by those who have the want, desire, or ability to obtain a doctorate. The question however that was thrown on me the other night was that a PhD and a friend would have trouble conversing about politics and humanity because they are more intellectual. Thoughts?
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what song is this, part MCLVII

OK, I've got two tunes that have been bugging me for ages, so I finally tried to get them roughly into MIDI so that maybe they can be identified. First: I could have sworn this was a round by Moondog, beginning with the approximate lyrics "Birds are singing in the morning, in Gotham, where I live" [mp3], but I can't find it. Second: I think this might be a jazz standard or something? Please pardon the terrible timing. [mp3]
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Younger brother being a jerk or I am overly sensitive?

Younger brother being a jerk or I am overly sensitive? We are four siblings. Two sisters. Two brothers. All married. With children. I am the oldest sibling. The behaviour of my younger brother the past few years are really irked me. I have refrained from confronting him about it because I'd rather be a good guy and not rock the boat. We also work together in a family business. [more inside]
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What are (presumably) Catholic priests doing wearing robes in shades of

While on facebook, I saw a group photo of Catholic priests in India at St. Alphonsa's Tomb and Chapel, Bharananganam, Pala. While I am aware that it is the norm for Catholic priests in India (and some other countries considered tropical) to wear white cassocks as their street dress, and indeed, a number of the priests in the photograph were wearing them, there was something that was truly puzzling to me in spite of growing up Catholic and having attended mass and otherwise had contact with the Catholic church in two Asian countries, Japan and Thailand. In the picture of these priests gathered at this saint's tomb in southern India, there were some among them who were wearing robes or cassocks in shades of peach or puce, and light goldenrod. I have never seen priests dressed this way in any country, and I want to know if there is some special meaning to this. (For those who don't know about Catholicism, there is a lot of symbolic meaning attached to what priests and other members of the Catholic hierarchy wear, and why. There is actually a webforum devoted to people discussing what then-Pope Benedict was photographed wearing on public occasions and the philosophical and political implications of same). [more inside]
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Experience with emergency contraception?

What is your experience with taking Plan B One Step or other emergency contraception? [more inside]
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Alternative interface for browsing Kickstarter?

Kickstarter's arbitrary categories (staff picks, recently funded, etc) seem not to let me look at what I want to look at. I just want to be able to do what the link at the front says: 'See all 318 Games projects'. Except I just want tabletop games, and I want to be able to sort them how I want: oldest, newest, most pledges, about to end, whatever. Is there something online that does this? An app, perhaps? Or am I missing something completely about the existing interface? (To be clear, I am not looking for an alternative to Kickstarter. I just want to look at Kickstarter differently.)
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What happens if I buy one or more incredibly cheap houses in Detroit?

I just read an article about the real estate market in Detroit and they linked to a number of houses that were for sale for less than $500. Some of them have just preposterous asking prices -- like a 3 bedroom house for $39. I know nothing about real estate and tax statuses, etc. What would happen if I were to buy, say 1-3 houses that cost no more than $200 apiece? What would be the downsides of doing something like this? I wouldn't plan on living in them, I'd just own them.
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Speeding Up Ira Glass

I listen to podcasts at 2X speed. I'd like to listen to the This American Life archive the same way, but the online player doesn't seem to support it. Is there any way to force the Flash player to do this, or am I stuck at regular speed?
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Replacement for Innova Evo dry catfood

A couple of months ago Innova Evo dry catfood was recalled and I need recommendations for a replacement. [more inside]
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My itching ear canal is driving me insane

Why does my left ear canal itch, and what can I do to make it stop? It's driving me crazy! YANMD. [more inside]
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Need help identifying a song.

Posting for a friend. He remembers a song from a music video he saw on Logo many years ago back when they were still airing music videos. It's by a gay female artist, and the lyrics describe an old woman who falls down in her home and lies there for three days. There is a line about her never having noticed how beautiful the wallpaper was before. Other than that, all he remembers is that it's a beautiful song. Anyone have any ideas what it could be?
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How Much Vodka is Too Much?

My roommate drinks a half gallon of vodka a week. I know it's a lot but is it so much that I should consider an intervention?
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What application best for my photo-editing needs? and need tips...

I need to do a few things to about 50 photos, and would like to know what application I should use, and how to do those few things... [more inside]
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What are some good online resources for conversational Spanish?

I'm assuming Google+ would be a good resource, but are there any notable sites or service on the interwebs to converse with a native Spanish speaker?
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What should I learn first to develop Android app and game?

I need a guide suggestion on learning for developing Android app and game. First of all, I have no background in programming and I am never good in math. What I do have is artistic skill and two ideas for mobile devices, one calendar app and one time management game. [more inside]
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Best places in Montreal to check out the skateboarding scene?

My 10-year-old son would like to watch some good skateboarding in action. Where in Montreal is best? [more inside]
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Any pointers on coping with a sick cat by myself?

I asked a question about my cat a few weeks ago - he was fine then, but then got sick very soon after. We have both been through the wringer, and I'm having a very hard time assessing how his recovery is going because I've just been so sad and upset and can't tell if I'm over- or under-reacting to every move of his. (I'll try to keep the details short inside.) [more inside]
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Advice on getting out of the rut of Disney World vacations

My wife and I went on honeymoon to Disney World, then with the kids, then without the grown kids. I can't tell you how many times we've gone over the years, at least 15. Obviously we love the place, but we are wondering if folks could suggest other venues with some of the same advantages and attractions so we could mix it up a bit and not go every other year. Details within. [more inside]
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If I don't miss my ex, then why do I care that he has a new girlfriend?

Hi. I dated my ex for three years and we broke up a little over a year ago. At first I was very hurt and depressed, missed him terribly, was counting on getting back together, and couldn't imagine ever being attracted to or dating anyone again. Now I don't miss him at all and have no desire to be with him, and no longer compare every guy I meet to him. I thought I was over everything, but then last week I found out he's finally dating someone else and I can't help but feel hurt, like I've been replaced. I keep thinking about what she's like and why he likes her even though I do not want to be with him at all. To make matters worse my ex and I work together, so it's possible we might all run into each other, and that makes me want to vomit. I feel like I'm moving ten steps backward in my healing process. How do I proceed?
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Punch Me Up!

I'm having a garden party for 15-20 friends and would like to serve a sparkling punch. The menu is cold roast chicken, deviled eggs, cucumber gazpacho, crab cakes and an antipasto platter. [more inside]
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ADD coaching. Is it effective? Worth the investment?

Therapy and medications help, but I need more. Should I give coaching a shot? If so, how much should I expect to pay, what should I look for in a coach and who should I go to in Portland, Or.? Thanks! [more inside]
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Day trips/activities in Seattle for myself and my elderly mother?

We're going to be in Seattle from August 3rd to 10th for the Seattle Opera production of the Ring Cycle. What might you suggest for daytime activities? [more inside]
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What are some creative organizations with no centralized leadership?

I was remembering this year-old post on the Valve company handbook and wondering if the Hive Mind new of any other companies -- particularly companies with some sort of creative output, whether for-profit or non-profit -- that work without a hierarchical structure? Good and bad examples welcome. [more inside]
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Want: Music. Not want: CD. Want: Support local music stores. How?

Is there a good way to support local music stores if I don't have any interest in purchasing physical media (e.g. CDs, LPs)? [more inside]
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Cherenkov radiation

Is it safe to be in a place where you can view Cherenkov radiation with your own eyes? Is there a place where I can see some that I could get into without a ridiculous amount of security clearance --like a tour of a nuclear power plant?
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Blogs with a sense of place?

What I'm looking for are personal blogs that give a sense of the town the blogger is living in. Ideally, the focus should be mostly on the place but with details about the author as well. [more inside]
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Online Dating Profile 101: Building a Better "About Me" Section

After taking a break from the dating scene I'm ready to make some serious attempts to find the right match. I need some help refining my "about" description so that it accurately conveys my personality but also makes it clear that I am looking for a serious relationship and not something casual. Any input you have to offer would be very much appreciated. :) [more inside]
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Best motivational and enthusiastic cheers for race spectators to use?

"You got this!" "Looking good! Looking strong!" "Keep it going, almost there!" I have a few solid cheers up my sleeve, but looking for that quick one-liner that would help YOU feel supported while you make it to the finish line. [more inside]
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School me about eating Chia Seeds... please!

I'm interested in adding Chia Seeds to my diet, but confronted with many brand choices at the store, I get overwhelmed. So, help! ...please. Why do we eat Chia? What's the best kind/brand? What are some good ways to use the seeds? I try to be wheat-free - is that a concern? I thank you.
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How to choose a ventilation fan and estimate power usage for a costume h

I have a costume helmet that I'd like to have a forced air ventilation system for. I would like a small, low power fan (maybe from a laptop or small computer?) that I can run on batteries. [more inside]
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Help me figure out how to choose and set up an outdoor speaker system.

I would like to surprise my husband with an outdoor speaker system. Please give me advice about whether to go wired or wireless, which speakers to buy, other things I should know before I start this project. [more inside]
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Job pairing: A Physician and a ?

I am about to enter medical school. My partner works in an entirely unrelated field, but doesn't plan to stay in that field. It recently occurred to us that (with appropriate training) he could switch to a job in healthcare that would enable us to work together after I finish my residency and begin my practice. We are trying to come up with an exhaustive list of jobs that exist in the office of a primary care physician in private practice. Can you help us flesh it out? The things we've thought of so far are nurse, nurse practitioner, billing and coding, office manager, bookkeeper. Please point out if you know of someone who does this job in the same office as their partner/spouse.
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Sane eating and dieting rules

Since I was a teenager(so 20 years now) I've struggled with eating and I've to yo-yo'd from skinny (nearly anorexic) to 30lbs overweight. I have tried everything (starving myself as a teenager, weight watchers, Atkins, calorie counting, high fiber, one plate, cross fit, seeing a nutritionist) none of it has done what I want: a sane eating lifestyle that I can live with for the rest of my life and maintain a healthy weight. So I've decided to try and come up with rules of the road for eating and exercising that I can live with forever. [more inside]
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Where to eat late in downtown Milwaukee?

I will be arriving in Milwaukee just after midnight tonight to conduct a few days of business. Could anyone provide recommendations for late-night eating suitable for a solo traveller? My hotel will be downtown on Water Street, so locations in that area, or between the airport and that location, would be ideal. [more inside]
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Vintage shopping and foodie heavens in Dresden, Germany

This is a tripartite question, actually. Where to go in Dresden for: 1) Vintage clothing (not "antique stores," but if the only vintage is to be found in antique stores that'll do); 2) French hair products (see below); 3) genuinely good but inexpensive local cafes and restos? [more inside]
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What to do all by my lonesome in Minneapolis for two weeks?

I'll be staying in the UMN area for two weeks in August doing research, sans car and sans company. I'd love recommendations for good places to visit alone, either in the area or easy to get to on public transit. I am somewhat anxious/unadventurous, but want to make the most of my visit. [more inside]
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help me ID a documentary about a small town technology clash

I'm trying to find a documentary I watched sometime in the 90's, perhaps on HBO but at least on cable. It was set in a small town (New England?) where a burgeoning computer/IT company had just settled a large number of employees. the town's main industry previously had been a paper mill (or some similar industry) that hadn't been doing well, and coincidentally went out of business as the IT folks moved in. [more inside]
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How do I follow through and take my Prozac as prescribed?

I have untreated depression. It's starting to impact my work, family, and social life significantly. My primary care has prescribed 10mg of Prozac, but I still haven't taken it. How can I jump the gun and feel comfortable taking it, when health anxiety is also an issue? [more inside]
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Washington state labor lawyers

I'm looking for recommendations for labor lawyers in Washington state. [more inside]
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Visiting Grandfather in hospice, how can I keep him amused?

Looking for ideas to keep a mentally sharp but nearly blind and mobility restricted 95 year old Grandfather/former rocket scientist busy during my week visit to see him. [more inside]
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Transparent eyeballs?

If the human eye were completely transparent, what would be the effect on our light perception, colour perception, and ability to focus? Are there any species with transparent eyes? (I'm asking as background for an SF story).
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how to clean the leather seats in my toyota highlander

i have a 7 year old and a 9 year old and the backseat of my highlander has gotten filthy. i took it to get detailed and i was surprised at how little effect it had on the leather seats ... the grime is gone but they still look dirty. i want to get to work on it myself this week... any suggestions on how to clean leather car seats?
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Clostridium Infection in Golden Retriever--24 hours till Vet Reopens

Our Golden has had repeated bouts with gastro infections--one month ago he was treated for clostridium. He was given Metronadozole (2 weeks) and Fortiflora for a full month. Yesterday, he wouldn't eat and temp was 103.6. This morning temp down to 101.5. He is drinking water and will take a few Variety Snaps. Yes, we'll most likely get in to see the vet tomorrow--but this problem with his gut keeps returning. What is the next best step to beat this once and for all?
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K'' type bayonet lens mount on a digital camera?

My husband has several lenses from his Ricoh KR-5 Super 35mm camera. These use a lens mount: "K'' type bayonet with 65 rotating angle. Can these be used on a digital camera? If so, which camera(s). More info on the Ricoh camera and lens can be found here: http://www.butkus.org/chinon/ricoh/kr-5_super/kr-5_super.htm
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Why does my computer keep freezing?

Why does my computer keep freezing during video games and HDTV playback? [more inside]
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How do you come to terms with your feelings after a break up?

I've just broken up with someone I still love after a very tumultuous year and am struggling with feelings of shame. What ways can you suggest to deal with these feelings and come to terms with what has happened? [more inside]
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Can Kindle Paperwhite handle RSS Readers?

I don't own a Kindle Paperwhite yet but I do read a lot off my rss reader (currently using feedly). In an ideal world I'd be able to read my rss feed on an e-ink screen. Can the Paperwhite do this well? [more inside]
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At risk. How do I prevent my door from being kicked down during the day?

Is there a relatively easy, inexpensive way to reinforce my apartment door so that it cannot be kicked in during the day? Something very strong and secure but that is easily removable with minimal damage from the inside so that my security deposit won't go towards replacing the door? [more inside]
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How does a reclusive musician finally get out there?

"When I grow up, I wanna be a pro bass player"...I've been playing since I was a teenager (I'm 40 now) entirely within the safe confines of my home. For 20 years I've wanted to play with others, but I have yet to do so. [more inside]
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How do I point out these long work meetings aren't working?

On most days at work, I have three hour long meetings with a coworker. The vast majority of the time is spent watching her document every single change she makes to the system, and watching her compose emails. Both these tasks and the actual 'work'- changes to a system- could easily be done by one person. In fact, they are done by one person- the rest of us (around 3 or 4 people) just sit and watch. Sometimes she lets someone else use the keyboard, but she tells them exactly what to do. [more inside]
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July 27

What are quotes or proverbs that mean "You become what you pursue"

What are some quotes that mean, more or less, "That which you hunt (or battle, or focus on, or think about), you become"? Like Nietzsche's quote: "Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you." or, even "You are what you eat." If you want to give me slightly modified phrases, that would be great too. For instance, changing "You are what you eat" to "You are what you seek."
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Architectural magazines in Spanish?

I'm (re-)learning Spanish and am finding the stories in my "First Spanish Reader" to be somewhat lacking in interest. Since I enjoy thumbing through architectural/interior design magazines, I thought a print subscription to one in Spanish would be a fun way to learn. I've encountered the Spanish version of Architectural Living ("Arquitectura Viva"), which seems alright. I'd like to know if there are other options. For reference, my preferred aesthetic is stark modern with aged materials (examples: wabi sabi, Scandinavian and excessive concrete). Muchas gracias!
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My car is officially a money pit. Should I sell it or keep it?

When do you know the time is right is to give up a car? Special snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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Can my employer sue to recover past wages if they neglected to fire me?

Much like character "Milton" from Office Space, I've continued to receive a weekly paycheck long after my office was closed and all of the other employees were laid off. I've never been given any type of notification from HR that my employment was terminated. What should I do? [more inside]
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Just reset Firefox - best extensions, addons, scripts, styles?

I just reset Firefox after having a myriad of problems. I use Firefox 22 on a laptop running Windows 7. What extensions/add-on/Greasemonkey scripts/Stylish styles are must haves? [more inside]
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Who made these dishes?

My family used to have some neutral colored ceramic dishes with minimilist blue line paintings of traditionally costumed children appearing to be from the Netherlands. The children were facing forward in a rather two dimensional look. The images were of far lower complexity than what one might associate with Delft or Spode. Who made these? Where are they from?
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How to block those slide in or pop up boxes on websites

What are those slide in or pop up boxes on websites called? They often block the view or darken the entire screen until clicked away. This is different than pop-ups that used to appear before gaining access to a website--there are blockers for that and I use them. I most always use Chrome as my browser. Is there a way to prevent these newer kind of annoying & delaying boxes?
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Splitting an mpeg video into smaller files

I am in the process of transferring several home videos from vhs tapes to mpeg files on my computer. I have transferred each vhs tape to a single file on my computer. Each file is roughly 3 - 6gb. Each vhs tape consisted of several clips that were recorded on different dates. So, I'd like to split each of the larger files into several smaller files. Is there a simple to use program that will allow me to achieve this.
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Cologne to Marseille in 7 days - where to go in between?

My partner and I (early 30s) will be in Cologne, Germany for an event mid-September. The event ends on a Saturday, and we are flying out of Marseille, France the following Sunday. Please help us plan a wonderful, romantic mid-late September European vacation. [more inside]
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Wet watercolor artist. Can't remember his name.

Do you know the name of this wet watercolor painter? [more inside]
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Why does swimming make me nauseated?

After not swimming for a very, very long time (swam for a neighborhood swim team as a kid, swam a lot through high school but after that, nothing beyond splashing around) I'm trying to get back into it as an exercise regime. Only problem is, after only a few laps, I'm nauseated. What should I do? [more inside]
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Advice on how to grill on an electric grill?

We recently purchased the Weber Q240, which is an outdoor electric grill. It comes with basic instructions on how to cook things and at what temps, but I'm looking for advice on how to take gas/charcoal grill recipes and translate them, as well as tips, tricks, and other recommendations. [more inside]
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Freezing marinated chicken?

Hi! Quick question. My dear mother gave me more marinated chicken fillets than I can possibly eat at once. They've been marinating for a day, have not been frozen yet. Can I freeze some of them?
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Seattle-centric, experiential or consumable wedding gift?

My brother and his boyfriend are getting married in two weeks. What Seattle-area experiences/meals would be appropriate for two tech-y, slightly bookish vegan gay guys in their early 30s? I'd rather give an experience (or consumables) than a thing; they probably have enough things. Budget tops out at $250ish. [more inside]
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Advice for an aspiring CNC programmer/machinist

I will begin a course in CNC programming/operating in 2 months time. I want to be as prepared as possible going into it, make the most of the education while I'm learning and have realistic expectations about employment upon completion. What should I know before I start, focus on during school, and what do you know about jobs available for someone with these skills? [more inside]
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Tabletop RPG advice: How do you learn to role-play a character well?

I'm about to join a tabletop RPG group (Shadowrun) for the first time since high school. I'm not *that* concerned about the game mechanics – I'm usually pretty good at learning rules – but I was never particularly good at the roleplaying aspects of RPGs. Any advice for starting out, particularly in terms of setting up an interesting character to roleplay and really getting comfortable playing him/her? The other members of the group are pretty experienced, and have been playing together for nearly a year. In observing them, I noticed that they do a really good job with the roleplaying aspects, and I'd like to be able to keep up with them!
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I should just pay for a sock puppet account already. Ugh!

My friend's friend wants her to set us up. I'm into another dude who I'm pretty sure is into me but who knows where that's going and blah blah blah . . . Am I crazy for not wanting to go out with my friend's friend? [more inside]
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Pay-What-You-Can for Non-Profits

I work with a local non-profit advocacy organization that is working on changing behaviors (promoting walking & biking in town). We charge for membership, but recently someone suggested we expand our membership by making it a pay-what-you-can (or want) sort of system and possibly we would have more cash and volunteers to work with. Can someone point me to articles/books/anything about how has worked for other non-profits or businesses?
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Consequences for skipping jury service in US District Court?

I have been called as a potential juror in a U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, 200 miles and four hours south. I'm on the very far north edge of a federal court zone. For two weeks I have to call at 7pm and be ready to appear in L.A. at 11am the next day. This is my second notice. I filled out a questionnaire for the first, and now it appears that my request for an excuse has been denied. I am a responsible person - I've appeared many times for local jury duty - but I'm also practical. Arranging travel to L.A. on less than eight hours AND being on call to do so for two weeks is a huge disruption in my life. What are the consequences if I just ignore this?
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What are your favourite songs to play on the guitar?

I'm trying to expand the repertoire of songs I can play by myself, just me and a guitar and I'd like to know, what are your best songs to play without any accompaniment. [more inside]
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Question for mature members on Relationship

Would like advice from mature members here. What is your opinion on how to move forward in my situation? Do long distance relationships work? I really like this girl a lot...but she's gone. We met, the chemistry was amazing, we both fell in love. She's a very sensitive girl. Insecure. Quiet. Shy. A very sweet, and a good girl. Shortly after, knowing her for 3 weeks, she goes back home overseas. Her and her best friend were crying when they left at the airport. But she spent almost every day of her final three weeks with me (Not her friends) She made it clear that she wants a relationship. [more inside]
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How do I clean out a spider-infested shed?

I recently bought a new house and, after a few weeks of getting moved into the inside, I turned my attention to the shed. The previous owners left a LOT of stuff in there. Mostly cans and bottles of various things -- insecticide, paint, etc -- but the also left behind around a large population of spiders. I'd like to get rid of them or reduce their numbers to a more manageable level. [more inside]
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great neighborhood, dumpy house. best way to improve?

My husband and I just bought a house in a great neighborhood, and it has a wonderful interior. But the exterior looks like this, except with a completely flat roof (we live in Arizona). It is made of concrete block in the shape of Phoenix brick (a long thin kind of bricks popular around here). The concrete is painted white, with paint that is now peeling. We have talked about doing a roof-over with elevated pitch and spanish tiles, and/or about building a facade but have no ideas on what it might look like. Googling has failed me. Can anyone link us to houses that are made like ours: (a concrete shoebox) that have been renovated to have great or much-improved curb appeal? Or any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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Can someone explain this scam to me?

I received a package of 6 toothpastes from Amway at home yesterday. I didn't place this order. I called the enclosed number immediately and got myself expunged from their database. I have no desire to be involved with Amway. The order was placed by someone else, using MY credit card info (with no PIN), and sent to my address. [more inside]
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I'd like to install some home automation/home monitoring hardware in an apartment. [more inside]
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I Don't Know From These Berries....

CSA filter - I seek recipes to use the abundance of gooseberries (3 pints) and red currants (2 pints) I now have. Complications - single diner who's faced this problem before and already has jam from last year. [more inside]
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How can I twist the truth on my dating profile to attract my ideal date?

After coming out of a long term relationship 3 years ago, I've had a few short term relationships from online dating, but generally my dates compare unfavourably to previous long term offline partners. The more attractive profiles don't respond very often to me, or I mess it up early on when they do. I am starting to wonder if I should accept my situation and settle, or alternatively if I am doing things wrong. [more inside]
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Open bite caused by night guard?

Has anyone experienced a change in your bite after wearing night guard for grinding and did you have orthodontic treatment for it? [more inside]
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Why do my joints look bruised?

For the past several days, the skin above the proximal interphalangeal joints of the second and fourth fingers of my left hand has been discolored. Why? There is no soreness. I can't remember doing anything unusual. Here's a picture.
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Hack My Cat's Hair, How To

I adopted a great cat when he was just three weeks old. My daughter and I love him. However...we were told he'd have medium-ish hair and would be easy to take care of. Not so, very long hair everywhere. Everywhere. On everything. Hope me... [more inside]
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How do we deal with a possible flea problem?

While touring a house on Thursday, my husband was bitten around 40 times on his ankles. The house had a cat, so we're reasonably sure it's fleas. We may have at least one flea in our apartment now. What's our next step? [more inside]
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Help setting up the OBI100 (Google Voice questions/confusion inside!)

I need to set up a new google voice number to use my Obihai OBI100 strictly for work. However, I do not have an extra number to associate with the google voice account (and don't want to use my current google voice number that is used for personal purposes). What cheap options are there available to me to do so? [more inside]
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What should I do at work?

What should I do at work to occupy my copious but sporadic free time? [more inside]
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How To Keep My Morale Up When I've Never Had Any Type Of Relationship

How can I cope with the weight of being single pretty much my whole life (29 years old) - it's wearing me down and killing my self esteem. A few snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Bedbug panic, and how to deal with it

I found a single bedbug in a library book. I think I contained it and handled the situation, and should probably not be worrying, since it's been a month and no evidence of bedbugs. I need help determining if I should do anything further, and how to stop worrying and just accept my bedbug-fighting future if that's what's going to happen. [more inside]
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When detergents burn

If a detergent such as sodium lauryl sulfate burned (say it was a additive to gunpowder) what does it become? Does it stay as sodium lauryl sulfate, or does it change into something else?
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It's not escrow, it's not a down payment, its a rip-off?

My wife's aging parents are moving into an apartment in a retirement community which also has assisted living on-site. They are paying $5,000 a month for the apartment they will be renting. They are also being charged a $350,000 fee that will be held by the organization until all the assisted living costs costs incurred are paid off. The money then reverts to the heirs.They even have a closing yet no property is changing hands. A lawyer has looked at this contract and it is apparently legal. Does anyone know what this $350,000 fee is called? Is it a common practice in assisted living facilities to make aging persons pay this much up front for care?
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Looking for very cool coffee place in specific place in Philly

Meeting a friend who has introduced me to the cool places in Center City, Philly. Now my turn to reciprocate. Hope me? [more inside]
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Not sure I'm a good fit for new job

I'm not sure I'm a good fit in my new job. MeFites, what do you think and if so, is it redeemable or not? [more inside]
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Which shelter dog: quiet four year old or eager puppy?

We have narrowed down our choices to two dogs from a good shelter and would like dog advice. We are a big family with a toddler living in a flat next to a park, with one cat. We have had dogs always, but our last four all passed away and it's been a year without a dog in the house. One of our dogs was an abused rescue and bit children and was miserable a lot, so we really don't want to deal with another rehab dog. We did and will do obedience training and walks and plenty of time with the dog as there's always someone at home. The shelter is okay with either choice for us. [more inside]
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Story about a dragon untying a knot

Long-ago fantasy story: can anyone identify a story about a dragon that untied knots and tangles? Possibly a YA. I remember an incident where the dragon (a wise and friendly Chinese-type one) pulled a loop with a single claw. That's al i can remember except that i liked the story at the time. Ideas, anyone, please?
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Dollar bills, y'all

Piggybacking on this question: I've had several friends who have had success with Dave Ramsey/FPU, but I don't like the emphasis on "biblical principles" (among other things). But because we get easily overwhelmed by too many options, I think we'd benefit from a really specific financial program that tells us exactly what to do, step by step. Other suggestions, or should we just suck it up and, uh, go with God? [more inside]
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July 26

The 64,000 MB Question

What are some creative uses for micro SD cards? [more inside]
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About to interview with a recruiter

I have a great job as a designer but it has some long hiatus periods. I have an interview with a recruiting company on Monday. However, I also have a decent number of freelance clients, including some very large companies and I'm worried that joining with this recruiter might either not be necessary or worse. [more inside]
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Find MCM-style wallpaper used on "Big Brother"?

Wife watches "Big Brother" occasionally, has fallen in love with the wallpaper seen in this season's episodes (image). It's got a mid-century modern vibe and is super-retro-awesome. Where oh where can we find wallpaper just like this (or similar) - any ideas? Much obliged for any help!
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Dishes without onions or garlic

Two of my close friends are allergic to onions and garlic, and I'm running out of ideas for food to make when they come over! Please help me think of some new dishes to try. [more inside]
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Tips for surviving osteonecrosis of the jaw

I have a moderate case of osteonecrosis of the jaw (search google images at your own risk). Did yours get better on its own? If so, what did you do for it? [more inside]
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When the time comes, I will get a lawyer--

but right now, I just need some practical advice from someone who has experienced this. My family is estranged from my mentally ill homeless sibling (SiblingA. My father is quite old and ill, he is leaving his estate to my SiblingB and me. I am the executor. [more inside]
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Have you noticed that Maalox has been disappearing from store shelves? I am wondering why this is occurring and whether/when it will be stocked again. I have used this product often in the past but have not found it in stores for over a year. Any information would be much appreciated.
posted by (Arsenio) Hall and (Warren) Oates at 7:27 PM PST - 20 comments

As if the bar exam wasn't horrible enough.

I'm house-sitting. A moment ago, the lights in my kitchen dimmed, and then went out. The stove was on while this happened. The A/C has also stopped blowing cold air, although it was making a weird buzzing noise before I manually shut the blower off via the thermostat. Lights and the fan in the living room are working, but everything is dead in the kitchen except the stove. Upstairs A/C and lights are dead as well. [more inside]
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State of the art indie/hobby game programming tools?

It's been nearly 10 years since I've poked at game programming as a hobby (Hi smackwich!). What are the best platforms, engines or technologies for not-windows hobby/indie game devs these days? [more inside]
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What in the world do I bring to a Presbyterian covered dish dinner?

I have been racking my brain all week trying to figure out a main dish to bring to a Presbyterian covered dish dinner I have to go to this Sunday. Normally this would not require this much brainpower but of course, it has a theme: international. The other challenge-we are on a pretty tight budget at the moment. I need something edible, inexpensive, and with at least a tepid nod of the head to the theme. [more inside]
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A site or app that will let me check for DNA relatives

I'm trying to determine whether my dad is really my dad. I have my DNA raw data and my dad's raw data from 23andme, but results are not yet calculated for relatives. [more inside]
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OKCupid filter: I need feedback for unpopular profile

Encouraged by the response to my question a few weeks ago (http://ask.metafilter.com/243294/So-many-reasons-to-keep-lovesex-out-of-my-life-Are-they-realistic), I have dusted off my OKCupid profile, but am not getting any responses. I need help! [more inside]
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what fell out of my dryer?

Two of these weird spring, chain looking thingies came out of my dryer today. Are they the things that keep everything from bursting into flames? Thanks ever so much!
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What do I do with myself during a break from school + beyond?

Because of troubles at school, I have been forced to take some time off to re-evaluate. My question is, what would be beneficial things to do, what should I try and focus on, how can I improve myself within the context of my situation, etc. [more inside]
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Analyzing a large corpus of email data

I'm working on project for class which involves looking at a large corpus of email data for patterns in Gephi. Any patterns that we can find are fine, so long as we can justify them and back them up with qualitative analysis. This is my first time doing analysis on this scale, and I'm not entirely sure where to start. I've run a few different layout algorithms on it, and had the best results with Force Atlas 2, I've filtered out the nodes with 1 out-degree, and I've ranked node sizes by betweeness-centrallity. The graph is directed, with the edges being sized according to their weight (determined by number of mails sent), so a lot of the layout plugins I've been finding won't work (as they're tailored for undirected graphs). Is there anything obvious that I'm missing that might make for a compelling visualization, or show interesting connections in the network?
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Can/should I just go to another doctor for my psych meds?

Yesterday I went to a psychiatric nurse practitioner to get my anxiety meds refilled after having to change psychiatrists after grad school. He wants to take me off the 2 meds I've taken for years, put me on a new one, and doesn't agree with a 2nd diagnosis I had while in grad school. I feel uncomfortable with this and want to stay with my current meds. But it's not easy to see a psychiatrist soon as a new patient. Be my reality check here? [more inside]
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Lactose Intolerant In Russia

Help! I will be heading to Russia soon and I am lactose intolerant. What can or should I eat and what should I not eat? I will be located in Petersburg and I will not have access to a kitchen while I'm staying there. I do not speak the language.
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How is the jargon in Shadowrun translated in other languages?

Kind of curious about this. I know Shadowrun does/did well in Germany, and has/had at least a nominal presence in Japan. One of the (for good or ill) characteristics of the setting is the jargon and street slang. How are these translated into other languages? What are some examples?
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Looking for a hip hop track about a trumpeter... De La Soul, maybe?

So: the year was 1994? 1995? And I was obsessed with late night radio shows. I was driving around DC in the very, very early hours when a peculiar song came on the radio. It was during a hiphop show I think on Howard U's station. This song had a subtle beat playing under it but was pretty ambient. What was featured was a man's voice talking about playing the trumpet as a jazzer. Telling his own story (or so I remember). Interspersed was some rapping and a little trumpet playing. The effect was sublime. And I loved it. I waited until the DJ read off the songlist and I think he credited to De la Soul. Well, it either is or it isn't: all these years have passed and I've not found the track. Help?
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Angry violent current hip-hop?

I'm obsessed with Run the Jewels and Killer Mike, and am a fan of Death Grips. What are some other current hip-hop/rap artists who are mining the angry, violent vein of hip-hop? (and Yeezus doesn't count.) Stuff that makes you bang your head and shout lyrics that would scare the locals. Anyone really killing it in the related field of gangsta rap storytelling would be welcome as well.
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Should I file a police report?

A person I knew had sex with me when I was very drunk and I don't remember giving consent. But I'm reluctant to file a police report. [more inside]
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Help identify this book of imaginary animals!

I'm trying to find a book I read 20-25 years ago - an illustrated book of animals and ecosystems that never existed. If my memory is accurate (and it was a long time ago), the book was illustrated in a very realistic style, but the animals were all a bit bizarre looking. Things like giant carnivorous beavers, or tree-dwelling armadillos (I don't know if those were actually in it, but that kind of thing). I don't remember much else - I think it was fairly slim, and sort of a coffee table book, but that could be totally wrong. Any ideas very welcome!
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How to stop a collection agency from calling on a loan it doesn't own?

My girlfriend is continually being called by a collection agency, NCO Financial, on a student loan that we don't think they actually have the rights to collect on. How can we get them to stop attempting to do so? [more inside]
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Sci-Fi stories involving the Maitreya Buddha

Are there any sci-fi stories that involve the future appearance of the Maitreya Buddha? Looking for stories where the character is primarily identified as the Maitreya, rather than general "Second Coming" stories where the character could conceivably belong to a number of different soteriological interpretations.
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Is there a standard location for a tattoo listing allergies?

It just occurred to me that it might be handy if there were a standard location that medical staff could check for a tattoo listing known allergies. Maybe on the bottom of the left foot? [more inside]
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Where can I leave my car long term near Wickford, RI?

I'm living on a sailboat for the summer, currently in Wickford, ri. My car is down here but I would like to go away for a month or two. Currently I don't have a place to leave my (old but important to me) car. Can you suggest a very cheap or free place I can leave my car somewhere in the vicinity? [more inside]
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Accounting/Tax preparation software. Mac + Canada + idiot

I have looked at previous questions but truly don't understand what I am actually needing enough to judge suitability. Here's what I have and what I need. I don't know what to track (in the finer sense) or how best to track it but I have a fair bit of money coming in and out and I'd like to know if I am ahead this year and also whether I have (for instance) enough tax room to upgrade stuff that I can write off (ie new Macbook Pro, specific software for my stuff, specific hardware etc.). [more inside]
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Help ID a 'murder on a train' film?

Asking for an IRL friend - can anyone help name a 'murder on a train' film that either begins or ends up in New Orleans and probably includes a rousing version of "Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye?" [more inside]
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Put 2 DVDS on 1 DVD-r w/ Toast keeping original menu integrity?

I have an iMac and Toast 10 Titanium. I have several Video TS folders, some are movies, others exercise vids. How can I add two movies (2 existing Video TS folders) from my collection and either a)keep their menus intact, or b)have a menu where I can choose either movie and have whatever chapters Toast decides? I prefer option a) because some are fitness dvds that have exact breaks to start a new warmup whereas my movies, I don't really care where the chapters are inserted. I have looked online and there is such a wealth of opinions, some old links requiring another software like DVD2OneX or something else. Thanks in advance.
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Hotel, trip length, and transportation in Seoul

I'm going to Korea for the first time. It'll be a very short trip because I'm just attending/presenting at a conference at Yonsei University. I need help figuring out a reasonable trip length, a place to stay, and which of the many airport-city transportation choices is best. And uh, some other stuff. [more inside]
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Analyze my Bachelor Party Thoughts

I've whittled down options for my bachelor party, which will be quirky but fun. Intended audience, around 25 to 30 bros in the 30-35 year old segment around the country, but mostly east coast. Everyone has jobs, few have kids. All played or play sports or like them. Want some thing different, fun and memorable. My options: Chicago for a weekend, or Memphis/Ole Miss for taste of the South. [more inside]
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Longitude lines in perspective, what shape are they?

I'm drawing/painting a globe (in time lapse, so the sun appears to rise) and trying to figure out what shape, exactly, the longitude (not latitude) lines are when a globe is flattened into a circle (I know I can just trace them, but I've gotten curious). So, the outermost longitude lines are tangent to the circle, they are half-circles, and the centermost line is a straight line from pole to pole, it's the progressively flatter curves in between that I'm trying to figure out. Do they have a name? Are they catenaries? Are they the curves of progressively larger circles? How do I construct them (easily)? Example image: HERE
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Nicest Hyatt within weekending distance of NYC?

We have two free nights to use at any Hyatt in the US. The catch is that we must use them by Aug 31. We would like to do a weekend away from our home in Brooklyn. There are 3 of us -- two adults and a 7-year-old boy. We tend to spend very little on hotels, so this is our chance to treat ourselves to a special hotel. Can you recommend a very nice Hyatt property within reasonable driving distance of NYC? That could include Philly, Boston, upstate NY, Connecticut, Rhode Island, etc. More concerned with hotel "wow" factor than location, but a great location is certainly a plus! [more inside]
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Can you help me find a moisturizing body wash that actually moisturizes?

Looking for a body wash that accomplishes the same as a salt/oil scrub but without the exfoliating. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Chicago neighborhoods

I'm moving to Chicago in a couple months and looking for recommendations about specific areas and neighborhoods. Snowflakey details follow. [more inside]
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Gift ideas to celebrate creative thinking

My boss asked me to purchase gifts that celebrate "out-of-the-box" thinking. His suggestions were "a brass sculpture" or "a mousepad." I thought MeFi could do better. [more inside]
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Possible careers for an extrovert who is good with introverts?

I have a friend who's working out what she wants to pursue for a career. Her degree is in Communications, she's worked in marketing, and non-profit communications and outreach and been very good at those jobs - but gets frustrated with office politics and structural disorganization. Her most stand-out quality is that she's extremely sociable and friendly, and especially good at getting people out of their shells. Are there any possible career paths that would let her use those skills without trapping her in a large corporation or cubicle? [more inside]
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Web design: What are my options for adding a password system to a site?

Hi, I've recently completed web design courses in HTML and JavaScript with O'Reilly School of Technology. The courses were good but the main feature I'd like to add to my website is a password system. . [more inside]
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Technology aids to help grandma get more out of life?

My grandmother is in her mid-90s now. She's still fairly active, but her eyes bother her, and I've seen that take away two of the basic pleasures of her life. One is reading the newspaper. She can only read the headlines now. The other is mahjong. The combination of light and script on the tiles make her uncomfortable. [more inside]
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Best 'responsible' used car for less than $10k?

What are the best commuter cars from the past few years that I could get for less than $10,000 today? Snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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Quick way to query multiple search forms?

What's the easiest way to create an automated search of custom search engines? For example, suppose I wanted to create a search form that could take a query, run it through the respective search engines of three different newspaper websites, and then return the aggregated results. What's the very simplest way of doing this?
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Could a cigarette lighter USB charger drain my battery?

If something is plugged into the cigarette lighter port of a car while it is off (that is, no key in the ignition), can that thing inadvertently draw power (and possibly drain the battery) especially if it is cheap or faulty? Or does turning the car off remove that possibility entirely?
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LMGTFY sans snark?

So, I really like how Let Me Google That For You gives me the ability to send someone a shortened link to a specific google search. What I don't like is the built-in implication that the asker is lazy and that I am annoyed by the question. Are there any kinder, gentler alternatives to LMGTFY? (I don't want to simply use the search results URL because I don't want the results to be localized to me).
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I have a big task ahead of me today...

I have a new client, and I have to deliver a project by the end of the day. Doing the work I love is a dream come true, but in all honesty, I feel I will vomit out of nervousness. Any advice for someone beginning a challenging new career?
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Getting more out of Spotify

I signed up for Spotify recently, and I love having zillions of tracks at my fingertips. But at the same time, I feel like it's changing (and maybe diminishing) the way I listen to and explore music. Can you help me get more out of my listening experience? [more inside]
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Are there any real ways to extend my longevity before orgasm?

I've always been a pretty quick comer. It's been a huge source of angst for me. It makes it feel like it is very hard to please a woman. Now, I fully realize that one can have successful sexual encounters while still prematurely ejaculating -- I know. I get it. I've had it. But that doesn't mean that I don't wish my partners couldn't enjoy sustained penetration. And I would like to enjoy it as well. Is there anything I can do? This is an impossible subject to search online about, as there is so much misinformation and spam. And please, don't focus on how I should just learn to live with it blah blah blah. I have! I do!
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Current news on buying a Kurrant?

I would absolutely LOVE to buy this tiny electric car, but cannot find anywhere that sells it. [more inside]
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A crowdsourced poll repository?

A political pollster called me last night with three questions and afterward I wondered if there is a site that lets people who receive these calls enter as much information as they can about the questions and the organization asking them. Presumably such a site would be searchable and also yield useful metadata about the types of questions being asked and polling organizations themselves. My google-fu fails me. Do you know of any sites that are to what I describe?
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UAL Frequent Flier miles: What tix did I buy and might I get bumped?

So awhile back I bought a round-trip ticket on UAL with my frequent flier miles. I have seat assignments for all legs. But what bothers me is that I only paid 12,500 FF miles for the outbound flights instead of the usual 25,000. What did I give up? [more inside]
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The dog is great except for this one thing...

Help me help my neighbor's dog (and mine) learn to share. [more inside]
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Looking for a clothing website...

Is there any sort of website where you can input your measurements and it will tell you which brands or stores carry clothing that will fit you? My mom was telling me about such a site (the name of which she can't remember, and it was a few years ago, anyway) for jeans and I was wondering if something like that still exists and if one exists for clothing beyond jeans. Thanks.
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Is there such a thing as short term bedding linen rental?

I need to procure 60 sets of sheets, pillows, blankets and towels for four days. But, how? [more inside]
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Let's talk about ... virginity!

30 year old virgin. History of sexual assault as a teen. Terrified of sex for a number of related reasons. The fear is holding me back and stunting my growth. [more inside]
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Video game editorial outlets!

I've finished my video game, now I want to publicize it. I've sent news releases to about fifty sites in the appropriate format and with review codes where needed, but i am sure i have missed some. Like YouTube people and pod casters? Who else? [more inside]
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Transitioning peacefully from home ownership to renting?

After owning three, freestanding houses over the course of the last 15 years, we're moving to an apartment in a midrise. How do we keep from walking on eggshells about bothering the neighbors and breaking stuff? [more inside]
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A few questions about crime fiction

Why are police procedural novels generally written in the third person, while private eye novels are written in the first person? [more inside]
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What monthly maintence fee is appropriate for a 10k software project?

I'm a very inexperienced freelance programmer, who recently delivered a completed software project to a client. They liked it, and asked me if I'd consider "a small annual fee for three years to help with technical issues once it goes live". That sounds fine to me! Except that I have no idea what to charge here - I'd guess 10% p/a but that's pure speculation. Is there some sort of industry standard I could refer to for this sort of thing? If not, what do you typically ask for?
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Am I actually a Libra?

Though I dont act like one, standard sources tell me I'm a Sagittarius. Can I trust my memory of several years ago, in which there was some kind of across-the-board agreement that proper calculations- of whatever it is astrologists calculate- might make me a Libra? [more inside]
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July 25

lets play

I like to watch video game let's plays. I have yet to find a let's player who doesn't make me feel gross with the sexism and racism and all that. Who should I watch for non-yuck commentary? [more inside]
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Coffee without consequences

How do I drink coffee without getting stained teeth and coffee breath? [more inside]
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Help me find the right project management platform

I need to find a project management platform (like Trello, or Basecamp, or Asana) that allows admins to see everything, but that only allows regular users to see the cards they are specifically assigned to. Help? [more inside]
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Need awesome gift ideas for a girlfriend who is upset with me

I bought my girlfriend an accessory for her phone on amazon a few days ago and it came in the mail yesterday. So this morning, I say "I have a surprise for you!" to which she replies "is it my accessory?" I said in a sarcastic fashion naaaah of course not! I joke like this all the time. Now she had a particularly awful day today. And when I saw her this evening, I gave her the accessory and said surprise! Normally when I do this I get "the look" and she teases me. But she was really upset. Perhaps she thought my surprise was something that would make her feel better from her particularly awful day. Now it wasn't the immature upset, but more of a disappointed, you're not in touch with my feelings upset. So I'd like to do something really sweet for her and/or give her a real surprise. Something out of the box. Ideas?
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Factory reset to donate Blackberry

Trying to reset my Blackberry to donate it to a domestic violence shelter or service members. [more inside]
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West LA infant care

I'm trying to find an infant daycare in West Los Angeles - and I've applied to 2 places (with a total of 4 locations), but evidently the wait lists are somewhere between 1 and 3 years. At which point my future child will no longer be an infant, and also I need to go to work. LA parents, please help a clueless newbie! [more inside]
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Music like The Social Network soundtrack

Introduce me to music similar to the soundtrack for the movie The Social Network. [more inside]
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Project Management Suggestions

I am embarking on a large ongoing project, and I am hoping to incorporate some project management ideas to keep me on task. What I am hoping for is as follows: *Easily managed, intuitive, customizable database. *Easy date-tracking. *Automated "ticklers" (i.e. reminders) to check each part of the project at predetermined intervals (one month, three months, etc.). *Easy status tracking. What I am really hoping to build is a system to track a large number of similar items through a long process while still being manageable by one person, and to have the data available quickly. Any suggestions on where I can learn how to develop a system like this, or any suggestions on pre-established systems or software that would help would be greatly appreciated.
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Feral Cat Colony Filter

We're wondering whether there's any chance that the mother of the 10-12 week-old kittens is still alive, given the circumstances below. Extra points for ideas on how to catch kittens who won't go near the traps. [more inside]
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First interview for a sworn police position.

I've scored a first interview for a sworn position with a local police department! What questions should I be preparing for? I am already preparing answers for: "why law enforcement?" "why this agency?" "what do you know about our city?" "what are your strengths/weaknesses?" "what is reasonable suspicion/probable cause?" "what are you doing to prepare yourself for the work?" "where do you see yourself in five years?" The interview is supposed to last about a half hour. [more inside]
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How can I be more expressive?

I speak "flatly", with little inflection, tonal variation, or expressiveness. How can I change? [more inside]
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Yes, I made up video games as a kid.

80sNintendofilter: Was this really a game and if so, what was it? [more inside]
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Good Paris Hotels for Internet Access over the holidays?

Looking for Parisian hotels in Monmartre or in central Paris with US-quality wifi or Internet access during the Christmas season. No wifi tokens or credits or anything like that, looking for flat fee wifi within guest rooms for at least one device. That the hotel be nice to stay at is a plus.
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Online science resources for a liberal arts major?

I want to learn science. [more inside]
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Windows Home Server 2003 security certificate?

What changed so that I can't completely control my Windows Home Server? [more inside]
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My 9-month-old baby is waking up increasingly early. Help!

My 9-month-old, always a good sleeper, has been waking up in the morning earlier and earlier for the past two months. He now consistently wakes up between 5 and 5:30am, and sometimes before. This is hard on his poor parents. Ideas? [more inside]
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How to get rid of ants that are in between my window screen and window?

How do I get rid of ants that are between my window screen and window? [more inside]
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Wedding gift/token ideas for best friend getting hitched across the pond

My best friend is flying over to the US next week to have a very small wedding ceremony with her beloved and some family, before they both come back to England to live. It was all pretty late notice and none of her friends from over here will be attending. She's said she doesn't want a big fuss made and they will probably have a party over here next year to celebrate, but I'd still love to give her a little something to take along so that she knows I'm thinking of her. Ideas please! [more inside]
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Help Decode my Bike Lock

I have a bike lock that uses letters instead of numbers for the combination. I locked up my bike a month ago and, of course, have forgotten the code word. I'd love metafilter's help to create a list of dictionary words that are possible from the letters on the lock so I can try them all until it opens. There are four wheels, each with 10 letters. [more inside]
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A LoJack® for bicycles?

Has there been any development in the market for a LoJack-type tracking and recovery system... for bicycles? [more inside]
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When will the "Male Birth Control Pill" or "Male IUD" be a reality?

Realistically speaking, how long will it be until a male version of The Pill or The IUD is available in the US and approved by all the necessary government/health organizations?
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Where is this recollection of a ‘study’ coming from?

I seem to recollect an eye tracking experiment comparing the female body parts prioritised by men and the male body parts prioritised by women when looking at a stranger. Where is this recollection coming from? What is this study? [more inside]
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How do I convince someone not to do MLM (scam)...?

I'm really just looking for a definitive link from something like snopes.com that will call out a MLM company as a scam.. so that I can point my friend to it and say "see? it's a scam. don't do it." Specifically, I'm looking for a reputable website that says Ambit Energy is a MLM scam, and I don't really want to waste my time to tracking it down (esp since a simple Google search seems to be flooded with SEO-sleazeballs). Any help?
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Not my high school TI-82.

I'm taking Calc I this fall. I can borrow a graphing calculator for actual exams, but don't want to actually purchase one for day-to-day--or haul it around with me. I have an iPhone and a Nexus 7. Is there a graphing calculator app in one or the other app store that is clearly superior? I'm willing to pay, but under $10, ideally.
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Easy way to create a map app?

Is there free or near-free software that I can use to create apps for iOS and Android that will take location data and display the sites on an interactive map? [more inside]
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Nurturing person signs

What are some of the initial signs that you're dating a nurturing person who loves to take care of others? [more inside]
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What's the deal with run-flat tires?

I just bought a new 2013 Mini Cooper S. I researched the car beforehand but didn't put much thought into the tires. Well, the financing guy told me that the tires are run-flats, adding that if I were to get a flat, I'd have to have the whole tire replaced as "they can't be fixed." He also told me they're $400 each. Now, he was trying to sell me an extended warranty at the time, so I let this go in one ear and out the other, but now I have some questions. (More below!) [more inside]
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Can I get this colour on my head?

Is it possible to get my hair the colour I want using henna? [more inside]
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Is there a program out there that can sort my massive picture backup?

I have a huge number of pictures backed up. They are terribly organized and located in a thousand different folders, some by date, some by whatever was on my mind at the moment. Is there a program out there that can help me set this right? [more inside]
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Help me remember a SciFi story

I am trying to remember an old science fiction novel. I swear I heard of it on Metafilter, but my search skills fail me. It was weird, maybe a classic, maybe an embarrassment. Setting - far, far future. Earth winding down. No space flight. Remnants of humanity live in a chasm, rest of the planet is uninhabitable. The whole thing was online (on a geocities-level website), either public domain or never actually published. Author may be unknown.
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New kitten

So, in a weird turn of events, I've ended up with a stray kitten. A cute little fleabag who likes to cuddle a lot. I started by rinsing him off (oh the grime!), giving him a dose of Frontline, calling a vet to make an appointment, and setting out all the necessities. I could use more advice though: 1) flea management (he has quite the case, and though I've given him frontline, I still see a couple live ones wandering around his body); 2) keeping him healthy (suggested foods, etc.); 3) recommended books, blogs, tv shows, podcasts, etc. I won't know if he has any diseases until I go to the vet so this might not be long-term. But I will be keeping him if this works. I've never owned a kitten. I took care of someone else's cat for two years, so I have experience (a Bengal, too, so I have experience with extremely energetic cats).
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Find my chair

This is a long shot, but I have a chair at work that is extremely comfortable and I would like to buy the same chair for my desk at home. Does anyone recognize this chair and know the brand/model name? Alternatively, where might I be able to find a logo or identifying mark on a chair? (I haven't been able to find one so far, but I may not be looking in the right places on the chair.) [more inside]
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Return not advancing to next line on Word for Mac

Okay, gang: I'm typing a very long document on Word for Mac (I'm on page 48). Everything has been working fine until now, but as of about thirty minutes ago, hitting return doesn't advance the cursor to the next line. It just jumps about four spaces away from the end of the sentence, as though I had hit tab. But when I start typing, the word immediately jumps to the next line below. [more inside]
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Sketched out by repair guy but he has my computer.

The computer repair guy I found online took a longer time to get back to me, then appeared to have misplaced my machine when I called him for an update. After he located it and I agreed to let him continue fixing it, he sends me a highly inappropriate text message, very likely by mistake, the next day. I'm really skeeved out by now and would prefer not to continue working with this individual, but I'm not entirely sure what to do. Details within! [more inside]
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Looking for an independent housecleaner in Los Angeles

Massive overtime at work, and spending our free time cleaning is killing my husband and me. I think it's time to pay someone else to do this. AskMe, please refer someone based in LA! [more inside]
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How does one "date" at 42?

When do you know you're compatible emotionally, intellectually, and sexually? After a post-divorce period of saying "yes" to anyone who asked me out and then saying "yes" again to anyone who was interested in sex, I took a year off. I drank up the solitude, decided what I wanted in a companion, and started dating again recently. The thing is, I may have swung to the opposite end of the fucking readiness spectrum. I feel quite protective of my body and of my heart. I read in a mainstream woman's magazine that it generally takes 3 months before you (both) know if you're a good match for one another. What do you think? (Thank you!)
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Help me find the "perfect man" video clip

There was a video clip a while back (ok, maybe years now) that was a black and white film, about something like "the perfect man." [more inside]
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Did I just kill this bag?

I just got paint all over a Filson field bag. Do I have any chance whatsoever of cleaning it? [more inside]
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Books or movies like Dark Souls?

Along with a friend, I have been immersed in Dark Souls for over 100 hours the past couple weeks. Although we still have much ground to cover, we're obsessed with the beautiful world, tone and feel created by this game. Are there any movies or books that capture this? Don't know what Dark Souls is like? Explanation has lots of detail! [more inside]
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So, now, is it rude to decline?

my friend invited me alone to her wedding. I asked her about it. I'm invited with no guest. now, do I have to go? [more inside]
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Record of improper private medical information disclosure?

Would a U.S. health care service provider be required to publicly report the improper disposal and disclosure of health care records and other personal information? [more inside]
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Source of Gore Vidal quote about writing

Can anyone help me identify the original source of this Gore Vidal quote? "Write what you know’ will always be excellent advice for those who ought not to write at all. Write what you think, what you imagine, what you suspect. That is the only way out of the dead end of the Serious Novel which so many ambitious people want to write and no one on earth wants to read." Have been Googling for a while without any luck.
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Java developers: How do I push myself to the next level?

I am a Java developer. I am in a dead end job that used to be awesome but my company reorganized underneath us. Many of our group went to a sister company in the organization, including my old boss. I now report to someone in a distant city, though I am located in NYC. The relationship is good but he is hugely overloaded and very inaccessible and undependable. I've been interviewing, but I had two good possibilities fail recently. I think it's because I need to get to the next level. [more inside]
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Jealousy over the ignorance of others

I'm a very deliberate, risk-averse individual when it comes to big decisions. I make pro/con lists and spend days researching topics only to be stifled with indecision when I think the future is unpredictable. I see people who make the same decision easily, but when I question them about it, it's clear they haven't even thought about any of the factors I did. They seem to be blissfully ignorant over the possible ramifications of their decisions, and in some ways I am jealous that they can go through life so easily. Does this feeling have a name, and how can I get over it? [more inside]
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How can I help a loved one who is abusing laxatives?

A family member I am very close to has been abusing laxatives, probably for a very long time (maybe a decade or even more, possibly to the point that it's a miracle she is still alive). She is now gravely ill. It's all very complicated, I'll try to hit the major points without being too lengthy. [more inside]
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Spending a semester in LA: When to buy a car?

I'm leaving in about a month to study in Los Angeles for the semester (until mid-December). I'll need a car in LA for getting around and can't decide how to handle it. [more inside]
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What kind of women's pants are these?

Saw a woman wearing these cute pants and have no idea what words to search to find a pair. Can anyone ID? (sorry for blurry crap photo, I felt creepy enough taking it but thought it'd be creepier to ask her). Elastic waistband but not a sweatpants-kind of feel, looked dressy and comfy at the same time.
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Should I fix the A/C in my 2004 Honda?

I have a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid. The clutch in the A/C compressor is bad, as diagnosed by a well-respected mechanic. He doesn't want to do the repair, recommended the dealer. Dealer price for compressor replacement is US1165(ouch). Without A/C, trips of any length are pretty miserable. The noise from an open window at 70 mph is not pleasant, and I assume it affects the mileage. I can manage short trips up to an hour or so. It's been an especially humid summer in Maine so far. The Honda has 110,000 miles, and is in good condition. I question putting so much money into a car this old(Bluebook @ 6,200), though I expect to keep driving the car for the next several years. [more inside]
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How to prepare for a possible divorce?

A family member has confided in us that divorce is a distinct possibility. She has asked for advice on how to prepare for such eventuality. And I'm turning to the green to help us answer that question. Though as is customary, there is a monkey wrench thrown into the mix. [more inside]
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Design a Homebrew for FODMAP diet

What homebrew can I make that someone on a FODMAP diet can drink? [more inside]
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Weight loss, excercise, and calories?

I am a 56-year-old woman who needs to lose around 50 pounds. I'm going to the gym almost every day, and using the app LoseIt to count calories. I am shooting for a 2-pound-per-week weight loss, and the app says my daily calorie intake should be 1300. How do I compensate for gym time? [more inside]
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Best Android app for Twitter?

I've used Tweetdeck on my Android phone for as long as I can remember, but I read they were phasing it out a few months ago (since Twitter bought them) and as of lunchtime yesterday my app has finally stopped updating. Any suggestions on what the best app out there is? I'd like it to be free, but don't mind paying a few bucks for a really good app. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, so it should be able to download anything.
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Should people work to end sister city relationships with Russia?

What is the value in pushing non-Russian cities to drop their sister/twin relationships with Russian cities to protest the anti-gay laws and attitudes in Russia? This article from Radio Free Europe offers a summery of the issue, "Sister Cities Ramp Up Russia Boycott Over Antigay Law". [more inside]
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Boston-area salon that does finger waves

My friend is getting married in September in Somerville, MA. She wants her hair in finger waves. She's struggling to find a salon in metro Boston that can do finger waves. Any personal recommendations (especially reasonable-cost ones) from people who have gotten finger waves in the Boston area? The wedding is on a Saturday afternoon (so hair would be Saturday morning). Transit accessibility is not an issue; assume she'll have a car. [more inside]
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Is a verbal agreement in a lease/renting situation valid?

If I sign a lease for 12 months but a verbal agreement was made that I could hold it for 10 months and at that point be released, ie. the landlord said that I could leave after 10 months without any contractual obligation - is this valid? What if at the time of my duration, he says no? .. I'm a student renting from a Landlord and the written contract is for 12 months. But per our conversation and e-mail it is ok with 10 months and once I found out more information about my summer, I may go with the 2 additional months. Just can't find a place that will rent for just the 10 month school year.
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Well, I did say I love lettuce....

Help me find new, low-carb ways to use up my bounty of lettuce. [more inside]
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Road trip with my family across the US for 5 weeks - travel suggestions?

I've got a 5 week sabbatical next June/July and was thinking of taking my family (wife;3 kids) to see some of the national parks here in the US. I'm starting in Boston, and would like to spend time at the following: * Mount Rushmore * Yellowstone * Grand Teton * Yosemite * Grand Canyon * other I'm looking for feedback on the pros and cons of travel methods from place to place. Planes? Car rental? RV rental? Train? What are your experiences doing this?
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"Stop internet-ing and do your job!" ?

An employee in my office is scheduled to be fired today for "non-productive use of company time." That's a fancy way of saying, "Playing around on the internet all day instead of getting his work done." I happen to know that another co-worker is at risk for the same fate. Should I warn her to change her ways while there is still time, or stay out of it? [more inside]
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What exactly is really required for a Spainish student visa?

Can anybody tell me what exactly is necessary to obtain a student visa? Can even still pull this off? [more inside]
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If she tells me I'm same-sex attracted one more time, I will scream!

Even after taking a year off with no contact, my mother is continuing her negative comments toward my relationship with my lesbian partner. We followed much of the advice in this previous AskMe, and did the year of no contact and it actually seemed to work for a while. It seems to be wearing off and my mother is now making remarks to various siblings of mine (I come from a big Mormon family) that "Natasha's" and my children will not turn out right, comparing the situation to my cousin's who grew up with a single mom and how they turned out without a father home, that she just can't get comfortable with the arrangement, etc. How do I specifically tell my mom this is Not Ok and get her to knock it off? [more inside]
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How to tell a superior you are giving me too much work?

How do I handle someone important in my field who is making a small project of collection data into an ambitious project? I'm just volunteering my time and that's all I wanted to do... [more inside]
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What should we do in Spain/Andorra/Northern Morocco... in the winter?

My girlfriend and I plan to go to Spain, leaving Christmas day and coming back a few days after New Years. We are interested in both activities and places it's just nice to be for a while. Spain is the primary destination here, but we're open to side trips into Andorra and/or Morocco. And, hey, how about the Baleric Islands? [more inside]
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Anal-Retentive System Optimizer for OS X

I know that system optimizing/maintenance programs for Mac OS X are 90% pointless/useless, but I nevertheless get a pathological thrill out of using them. A person has to have hobbies. There are some pretty crazy ones on the Windows side, with all kinds of "program accelerators" and the like, but the ones I've used on OS X haven't been all that satisfying. Is there a program (paid or free) for OS X that's as insanely anal-retentive as System Mechanic Pro or TuneUp Utilities on Windows? I have used Onyx, Cocktail, iBoost, Magican, and Applejack. It doesn't have to actually accomplish anything -- it can even hose my system for all I care -- it just has to be crazily elaborate.
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Is taking Pristiq and 5-HTP together going to cause serotonin syndrome

Is taking Pristiq and 5-HTP together going to kill me cause serotonin syndrome? [more inside]
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Need a tattoo artist in Philly who's skilled with darker skin tones.

A friend of mine is looking to do a full sleeve with a lot of colors. The problem is that most tattoo artist in this area don't know how to mix colors that pop well on darker complexions. Does anyone have any recommendations for tattoo artists, preferably in the Philadelphia metro area, who are adept with working on darker skin tones?
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How to Handle/Support Boyfriend Battling Porn/Masturbation Addiction?

My boyfriend of 5 months has recently confessed that the sexual problems we'd been having are largely due to his addiction to masturbating/porn. He has decided that he needs to quit and "reboot" his brain-- he's joined "nofap" on reddit, and seems very committed to making this change. It's been about two weeks since he took on the "challenge." It's a bit hard for me because a) I want to support him in any way I can while taking care of myself and b) I feel a overwhelmed by the extent of his problem and how it interrelates with our relationship. Help! [more inside]
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Fantasy online romance

Few months back, I started talking to someone online that I have never met. Things developed from there and now all our conversations revolve around our feelings for each other. I am happy to keep this as a fantasy. Am I still going to get hurt here? [more inside]
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I want to "elope" in my home town

Planning my wedding in Atlanta - looking for a place for a really, really small wedding that's nice and not too expensive. [more inside]
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Tips on getting a job in Healthcare?

I am trying to make a career change. I'm really interested in healthcare but I'm having trouble breaking in. Most non entry-level jobs require direct healthcare experience but I only have some indirect experience (a couple healthcare clients from 5 years of traditional marketing/consulting). Any tips for someone looking to make a career change? Thanks!
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Is there a regulatory system that applies to accounting similar to ISO?

Is there a regulatory system that applies to accounting similar to ISO? More details inside. [more inside]
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How do I forgive myself for making a bad decision?

My girlfriend and I are relocating to a new city. We're in town to find a place to live and applied for two places. We were offered both and had to make a (what seemed like a difficult) decision. We went back and forth and eventually made a decision. Once we signed the lease i started feeling serious regret and loss of opportunity. [more inside]
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Downtime Learning?

To what productive use can I put the (soon to increase) downtime hours at my job? Learning something would be great, other suggestions welcome. Complications: no internet, limited space, no phone access and more inside. [more inside]
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Access Training similar to Excel Everest?

Is there a good Access training option where you learn it by working in the program interactively rather than just watching videos or reading text?
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Burglar-proofing your house before going away

I need some advice about making sure my house is safe from burglars especially when I'm not at home - without going overboard or getting paranoid. [more inside]
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LCD on 2009 Macbook has gone, worth repairing or give up on it?

Had my Macbook since mid 2009, it's one of the white ones. [more inside]
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July 24

Which essay is DFW referring to?

In David Foster Wallace's introduction to The Best American Essays 2007, he refers to one of the essays as a "brutal little treat." Is there consensus on which essay he's referring to? Quote inside. [more inside]
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Down with the sickness in Germany

I am a US citizen on vacation in Germany. I have bad stomach cramping. YANMD but what should I do here? [more inside]
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How to solve problems with roommate's cat--and roommate himself?

My roommate has a problem cat. The cat pees where she shouldn't pee, has created $400 in vet bills in one of my cats, and continues to fight with aforementioned cats. The problem: my roommate won't actually do anything about any of this. Now what? [more inside]
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White ink addresses on dark envelopes and USPS... Can they be friends?

If I mail invitations addressed with white ink gel pen on dark red paper, will they make it to their destinations? [more inside]
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Why is stomach gas making me feel so terrible?

Whenever I eat, I get a lot of gas in my stomach. It starts building up shortly after I start eating and makes me feel short of breath, extremely yawny, and tired - even dizzy sometimes. It lasts for hours. It takes dozens or hundreds of burps to clear this up, and when I can successfully burp enough it always resolves. Why might the gas make me feel this way? [more inside]
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What's new at Disney World in the last decade?

We last went to Disney World about ten years ago. What are the best new things since then, and what changes should I know about? [more inside]
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Should I take antidepressants?

As far as I can tell, I'm textbook dysthymic with occasional bouts of major depression. I also have generalized anxiety and binge eat. This has been going on since I was a teenager (I'm mid-20s now) and I'm sick of it and starting to wonder if life's too short to feel as generally terrible as I do. Complications are grad school, anxiety, and general terror about taking something that might interfere with my brain. Should I take antidepressants? [more inside]
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Massachusetts Tenant Blues

My landlord thinks that all Massachusetts tenants have the right to move their spouses into a rental property. For this reason, he wants to charge my roommate extra rent, even though his wife has no plans to move in. What rights do we have as tenants in this situation? [more inside]
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How to calm dog with new partner?

I recently started dating someone who has a 4-year old dog (a female terrier mix.) Every time we make out, the dog growls. She's started jumping up on me too. We're not sure how to fix this. The dog has taken obedience classes and seems a bit anxious but otherwise well-behaved. But she's been interrupting activities and freaking out when we hug and/or kiss. Help!
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Is it worthwhile registering/adding a domain name to my Wordpress blog?

I've been publishing a blog for a couple of years on Wordpress. Whenever I log into the dashboard, I'm informed that my domain "is available to be registered and added to your blog. (You can use it as your blog address.)" support page on domains is here. Are there any drawbacks to registering it? Will all the widgets work the same way? Will my SEO be effected? Will my wordpress followers still be subscribed? What else should I consider? It's a small blog updated with a couple lengthy posts each week; about 300 subscribers and 500 page views per day.
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What is the meaning behind saying "Hip!" while tossing things?

I saw a clip from the Disney cartoon series "Sofia the First". It's from the episode "Blue Ribbon Bunny". As Soifa tosses blueberries for her rabbit friend Clover to catch, she says "Hip!" during each toss. [more inside]
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How do you make a tasty fat ball?

At a teppanyaki restaurant in Okinawa the chef cut off the fatty tip of my steak and left it aside to render on the grill. He served it after the meal was finished, by that time it was black and about the size of a pea. It was the tastiest thing I've ever eaten. What is it called and how can I make it for myself? [more inside]
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What, if any, contact should my children have with their absent mother?

My ex-wife suddenly vanished over 2 years ago to her native Asian country, leaving behind a son (then 1, now 3) and daughter (then 6, now 8). Contact was intermittent (sometimes once a week and sometimes every three months). I asked her to commit to a regularly scheduled call and she refused to do so. I also found the phone calls to be borderline abusive to my daughter (the daughter would ask, "Mommy when are you coming back," and the mother would reply, "When are you going to come see me?" which caused the daughter to feel responsible for her absence - or the Skype video chats where the daughter would have the camera on but the mother refused to do so). I have since cut off contact with the mother in order to protect my daughter, though wonder if it is the correct decision. [more inside]
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LA Filter: Family friendly neighborhoods near Glendale?

Considering uprooting the pencroft clan for a new gig in LA. Job is a great opportunity..a jump up that could save a couple years in my field. Problem? I've never even been to LA and know nothing about it. [more inside]
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Last apartment question on AskMe maybe forever hopefully

Is anybody going to rent to us in Chicago? We are recent graduates with mediocre credit, part-time jobs and no rental history. [more inside]
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"My knees are too fat."

Does anyone remember this really obviously manipulative ad that ran in teen girl magazines in the US in the late 80s or early 90s? I'm looking for an image of it. [more inside]
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Every unhappy family .. how do I resolve my aversion to conflict?

I am the eldest child, have always been seen and portrayed by my family as attention-seeking, self-centred, a worrier, over-sensitive, over-serious etc. I thought I had got over this. However, the other night I had a discussion with my partner where he told me he feels hurt that I don't defend him or even believe him when he feels attacked/misunderstood by my family (My sister can be snooty and dismissive and self-absorbed like every-other 20something and my dad has zero social skills, and they have sometimes said things to him that I cringe at but I think he is being slightly paranoid - to complicate things, he also suffers from depression). This has made me realise that I try to avoid conflict with my family at all costs. [more inside]
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How bad is air travel for the climate, really?

I'd like to better understand the climate impact of flying, as someone who flies quite a lot but in a rather unusual manner. [more inside]
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recentish poem about thinking and dead fish?

I remember reading or hearing a contemporary poem that had a line about looking over silver glittery fish at a market, and thinking that they were all identical. The poem was intellectual rather than emotional or visual. A comparison was made to how humans are individuals, but fish (and by extension, categorical things) are just examples of an idea. This was the kind of thing I might have come across through NPR or the New Yorker - not obscure or anything. [more inside]
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need style ideas-- indie folk women

My indie folk band is playing a show, and I'm trying to get some ideas as to what to wear. I'm a short, un-thin (but I mean, not fat) asian girl. I'm also kind of a lesbian, middle-of-the-road in terms of gender expression (think My Drunk Kitchen). I like dressing up, but not the super girly stuff. What are some indie musicians whose styles could be an inspiration for me?
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How do people enroll in foreign clinical trials?

I want to look into enrolling in an oncology clinical trial that is being conducted in Germany. The lead researcher indicated my being Canadian could be an issue because I would have to live in Germany for the duration of the trial (four months) and because I don't have German health insurance. I know people go to other countries to take part in clinical trials, but how do they do this if they lack health insurance in the country where the trial takes place? [more inside]
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Help me design an ebook!

I just finished writing a novella length book. I want to publish it as an ebook readable as a pdf or on an ipad or what have you. It’s picture-heavy (with very high quality photos.) Probably every page will have pictures. I want the design to be magazine-like, with the words many times ‘on top’ of the pictures. I have Photoshop and a decent knowledge of it and I just got Lightroom, but I don’t know much about how to use it yet. I think I’d like to design (at least some, if not all) the pages in Photoshop. I have a lot of questions: [more inside]
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clone my jeans

has anyone used one of the sites where you send them a pair of jeans and they send you back a pair that they've cloned using the original pair? [more inside]
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Quick Mandarin Translation Help.

I have a 10" video with sub-titles that I would love a Mandarin speaker to tell me if they're correct or not. [more inside]
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Seeking information on how weddings are similar to funerals.

I am interested in learning more about anthropological approaches to family structure, and especially marriages and funerals. I have heard that anthropologists think of marriages and funerals as fundamentally similar because they are about shifts in who is a member of a family. A marriage adds someone, and a funeral takes someone away. Both marriages and funerals often take place in religious settings. Extended families are invited to both. A ritualized meal follows both a wedding and a funeral. These events are announced in newspapers, etc.. Can you tell me what anthropologists have written about these structural similarities of weddings and funerals? Any leads would be most appreciated.
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selling antique quilts

I have 5 quilts, handmade in PA in the early 1930s. They are in perfect condition, never used. I'd like to sell them. Can anyone tell me how to sell them and where I might get the best price?
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Great scrub massage in NYC

Looking for an awesome, exfoliating scrub massage in NYC. Salt, sugar, whatever the medium—I'm interested in trying anything. Thanks for any suggestions!
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Sew in need of garment construction lessons

I'm new at sewing. As in, "I took classes and learned how to make a tote bag and a zipper box bag" new to sewing. I looked through the "learn to sew!" books at the bookstore, but the projects were all for things like coasters and baby clothes, which I'm not interested in. I want to make dresses, eventually. Can I make tiny clothing in order to practice making clothing in less time, and with less fabric? Is that a thing? [more inside]
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My gmail inbox appears to be wiped out.

A few days ago I had 24,000 messages in my inbox; today I have 55. What happened to them? [more inside]
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Help me lower my monthly water bill, please.

Moving in to a new house in San Diego. Records show an average water bill of ~$175 a month. This seems exceptionally high (or is it?). Automatic lawn sprinklers and 2 adults who take quick showers. Looking for ways to lower this usage, please. [more inside]
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Present for Anglo-Japanese newborn

Good friends of mine are about to have their first child, a girl. What present can I get for the little one that will be both sentimental and personal, and which she can keep for her whole life? I'm currently thinking along the lines of a really nice children's book, ideally one with an Anglo-Japanese theme because dad is Japanese and mum is British - it would be nice to give something which will represent both of her inherited cultures. Any suggestions for presents with an Anglo-Japanese theme very welcome. My budget is about £30 / $50 and I'm in the UK. Thanks!
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Non Destructive Testing in Canada's Oilpatch - experiences?

I'm considering a career switch, and I'm looking at taking a certification (or more) in non-destructive testing, with an eye to working in the oilpatch. I'm curious about how work is structured and what the conditions are like. Any input would be appreciated. [more inside]
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Hack my commute

I need to commute from my home in Denver to my 9-5ish job in Boulder. Please help me reduce time spent in traffic! [more inside]
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Is it legal to throw up on a train on the New York subway system?

Is it legal to throw up on a train on the New York subway system? Inspired by something that happened to Griphus from the We Have Such Movies to Show You podcast.
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Nervous dog likes to terrorize other, more nervous dogs. Advice?

My dog is generally nervous and submissive (and usually a delight). But sometimes she'll pick up on the fact that another dog is even more nervous and submissive than she is, and she'll basically bully it. I definitely try to cut off such behavior whenever it starts, but is there anything I can do to, basically, chill her out?
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We only have it "in the bag" if the bag doesn't have any holes.

I need to find somewhere to purchase hard wearing messenger bags that my co-workers won't destroy. [more inside]
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For how much can I sell this stained-glass pendant light?

I know nothing about stained-glass, but I do know that at some point, someone spent hours making this and we're finally updating the room it's in, so it's time for it to go. Just wondering what I could reasonably sell it for, and if there are any good forums for doing so (other than Craigslist).
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Hired... now, radio silence. Huh?

I've accepted it and I'm moving on, but I can't get this out of my head. I interviewed for a job and a few weeks later got an e-mail and follow-up phone call, telling me they wanted to hire me. They said "send us your availability," so I did. It was the end of that work week, and I checked in again at the start of the next week. They said "we're working out the logistics; we'll get back to you." That was over a week ago. I've heard nothing since. [more inside]
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Help me get wonderful food to our guests.

I am organising a specialty holiday in Malaga, Spain for a fortnight this September. An awesome chef has come on board. Now what? [more inside]
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Name that shape

I cannot for the life of me figure out what this shape is called, and Google is failing me (or I'm not looking hard enough). Do you know what it is?
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I'm getting my first smartphone soon and want to learn a language...

I will soon be getting my first smartphone adn one of the "smart" things I would like to use it for is to assist me in learning a new language (Russian). I'm looking for suggestions on phones and apps to do this. [more inside]
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Drugs that would help you lucid dream on purpose

What kinds of drugs (medical or recreational) might you take in order to ensure you are able to lucid dream when you fall asleep? Far-out theories are fine as this is for a story. The more details the better, re: neurological elements involved with memory or self-awareness. Thanks!
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Short term (1 month) pocket hotspot recommendation for NYC?

I have a friend from overseas who is going to be visiting NYC for 1 month starting next week. She is going to be staying in a Bronx apartment without internet access of any kind and really needs a way to get online with her laptop & foreign iphone while here. [more inside]
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Crash course in "communications"?

I'm looking for a new job, and I find myself applying to a lot of positions with "communications" in the title. The positions seem like they'd be good fits, and I meet most of skill/experience/competency requirements, but I've never held a "communications" position, per se. What can I do to bolster my communications credentials and address this deficit in interviews? [more inside]
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That's, like, pretty deep, man

I need over-door hooks that will fit seriously deep doors - about 5cm, possibly a couple of millimetres more. Need to be buyable in the UK. Information about maximum hook depth is incredibly inconsistent and misleading. I have already bought multiple hooks from Amazon that turned out not to have been deep enough. [more inside]
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Canadian grants for immigrant tech workers?

Are there any grants available to Canadian businesses that would fund them bringing in a worker outside the country (From the US) to work in Canada? [more inside]
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How to deal with intense feelings after a very short fling?

How to deal with intense feelings after a very short fling? [more inside]
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Where to stop between San Francisco and Sea Ranch?

My partner and I will be driving from San Francisco to Sea Ranch, California one day soon. Returning a few days later. We'd love some suggestions for places to stop along the way for coffee or lunch and for my partner to take photos. Even some side trips would be possible; we have the whole day. Please tell me what you love along that route! Thank you.
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I wanna work part-time! Wah!

I've come to realize that maybe the key to my mental health is finding a situation where I only have to work 20-30 hours a week (supplementing income with an at-home gig). Are there fields where jobs like that are more common? In applying to such jobs, should I specify in my cover letter that I would like to work part-time, or does that just highlight what a lazy bum I am? [more inside]
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Arabic translation from an image

Hello, I am looking to find out what this tag reads in English: http://oi44.tinypic.com/w2j8t0.jpg Thanks very much to anyone who speaks Arabic and can translate this. Thanks
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We're a 95% match

How do I go about test driving a car that is perfect for my needs—in terms of price, personality, condition and fit into my life—except that I don't drive manual? [more inside]
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Great places to rent for a young person in NYC

22 years old here and I work full time and study part time and live on my own currently. I really really want to move out of my current place. I'm supposed to be getting an increase in pay soon and as such I'm wondering what are some good parts of the city (NYC here) that have affordable rent that doesn't eat a crazy chunk of income. Assume that my maximum rent is $1200 (but I would rather go a bit less - I'm looking at value over price, but not some run down place or a place in the projects.)
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Durable fabric for crafting baby items

I'm a novice to sewing and I'm also a novice to being an aunt. Suggestions for online fabric stores with durable/washable/adorable fabric? [more inside]
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In need of resources to help get through a relationship crisis.

Hi AskMefi folks. I am in need of resources and reading materials for a relationship crisis - things I (we?) can read, things I (we?) can consider, worksheets I can use to help guide conversations with my partner. [more inside]
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Following Up After Not Getting the Job in the Public Sector?

I recently interviewed twice (once over the phone and once face-to-face) for a position at a public university. I was not selected for the job. I know it is done in the private sector, but is it appropriate in the public sector to write a follow-up email thanking them for their time, consideration, etc. etc.? [more inside]
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What kind of doctor do I need to see for my knee/hip pain?

I am 28 and female. Overweight, but no other health problems. I've had deep, aching knee and hip pain since around 2003. Most of the time since then, I have been un- or under-insured. I'd like to finally get this figured out and treated, but not sure what kind of specialist I should go to. My latest trip to a primary-care doctor was useless. [more inside]
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Blog Info Display, Why you So Difficult!?

What's the best place to be able to make editable charts for a wordpress.com blog? [more inside]
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Can/should we use trip insurance as our primary medical insurance?

In 6 weeks' time, my husband and I are quitting our jobs to go on a 2-3 month road trip around the USA before moving to Europe. I have some questions about travel/trip/health insurance for folks who may have done this or something similar. Is it sensible or possible to use travel insurance as our primary health insurance? [more inside]
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What should my MIL do with this money to ensure a steady retirement?

After the untimely death of my soon-to-be-father-in-law, my future mother-in-law is expecting to receive a fairly large life insurance pay out. What should she do with this money to ensure a comfortable retirement without her husband? [more inside]
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Catchy ideas for attracting new clients?

I'm a creative freelancer and am currently working on building up my business by attracting new clients. (Well, like all freelancers I'm always working on attracting new clients.) I'm looking for some ideas for how to structure my emails and what sort of wording might be appropriate, particularly in closing the email, and would love to hear your tips. [more inside]
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Examples of characters unwittingly aiding their foes?

What are examples in fiction of characters who think they are subverting the bad guys only to learn that they were unwittingly doing what the bad guys wanted all along? SPOILERS follow. [more inside]
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It's an honor just to be nominated.

How do job candidate nominations work, particularly when a search consultant is involved? And what is the search consultant's role in the hiring process when it comes to screenings and interviews? [more inside]
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NJ tenant rights: how do I get my security deposit back?

After renting a room for almost 2 years, I broke the lease 1.5 months early (gave 1.5 months notice). I ensured that someone else was going to move into my room 1 week after I move out (so my landlord only has a 1 week gap in receiving rent checks). It's been almost 2 months and my landlord hasn't sent me my deposit, and is saying he will only give me 1/2 of it back. Details inside... [more inside]
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Why do my requests for a vegetarian meal on flights not work?

I take flights long enough to include meals six or eight times a year, and most of the time my request for a vegetarian meal doesn't come through. Anyone else experience this? Or have any tips for avoiding it? [more inside]
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kitchen with no storage space

I am living in an apartment with a kitchen that is driving me batty. Can you help me organize it better? [more inside]
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No, my email password is NOT wrong!!!

BTYahoo! seems to be developing signs of dementia. [more inside]
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Don't ask Don't tell taken too far

Do I have the right to request a statement of benefits if I am an ex-spouse of a federal employee? [more inside]
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What are good representative episodes of popular television shows?

If you wanted to explain to someone what a certain popular television show was (or is) like, which episodes would you recommend as examples? [more inside]
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How hard should reconciliation be?

My wife and I separated at the end of last year for a three-month period. We've now ended our separation and have moved back in together. Whilst things are often wonderful, they're equally as often stressful and hard work. My question is: how hard should it be? Snowflakes, wall-of-text inside. [more inside]
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July 23

Where can I find stories of other ppl who've had the same surgery as I?

I had a surgery in Finland by Sakari Orava (the same surgeon who did David Beckham's Achilles), where can I find stories, anecdotes, data, or anything about people who have had the exact same, or very similar surgeries, (on both legs at the same time is even better) I want to gain any information I can on prognosis, anecdotes, struggles, pitfalls, success rates, etc. [more inside]
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Asian cinema trivia: Font of English language subtitles?

What is the english language subtitle font used in many asian films, such as this one? Why is it so predominant, despite its lack of clarity? Any/as much information about it is appreciated.
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What is the box in a cop's locker called if they die?

CopFilter: Years ago I read in a book that cops have a box that they keep in their lockers. The idea is that if they are ever killed in the line of duty, that their partner would get the box and destroy it. I can't, for the life of me remember what the name for this sort of box is called, and what was traditionally kept in it. Can anyone who would be in a position to know help me out?
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Does Nintendo of America HQ still have a guest shop/visitor center?

We're in greater Seattle for the rest of the week. My sons are really interested in visiting Mario's office in Redmond and maybe picking out something for our oldest's 7th birthday on Friday. I know there used to be a visitor's center as recently as a couple years ago, but I'm seeing varying accounts as to whether it still exists. Or that it exists but you need to make arrangements to get in. Can AskMe help us out? Is there anything publicly accessible at Nintendo of America?
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Any ideas on how to diagnose a 'dead keys' problem on an iMac (Intel)?

One row of keys on the keyboard has suddenly gone dead, and none of the obvious fixes (switch keyboards, etc.) seem to work. [more inside]
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How to get content for a new blog?

I just started a new blog. Yay! But, it's the kind of blog, along the lines of Psychotic Letters from Men, PostSecret, and CakeWrecks that mines content from users. How do I get more content? [more inside]
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How do I have the best c-section possible?

I'm currently pregnant with twins and scheduled to deliver them via c-section this October. Is there anything I can do help with preparation or recovery? [more inside]
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How to best replace my laptop fan

My laptop (Fujitsu LifeBook PC Tablet, model T5010, refurbished) fan is suddenly dying, making sad whirring sounds, and not breathing hot air on my lap like it used to. What is the best way to replace the fan? [more inside]
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Where should I list my apartment for a week's sublet

We won't be using our apartment for a few weeks and it would be great to earn a few bucks on it, but this is a 'nice if it happens' thing so I am looking for the single listing site which jointly maximizes ease of use and likelihood of rental. I would say no Craigslist as I would like some sort of middleman and perhaps rudimentary authentication. I have never used these services from either side, so feel free to mention any protips. If it matters, this is in New York City. Comparable apartments are asking $400+ / night (no idea if they are getting it, obviously).
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Modern furniture in San Diego

Are there any worthwhile modern-ish furniture spots in San Diego? I'm a fan of HD Buttercup's stuff up in LA but would like something local.
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Are there medications available to counteract how much I sweat?

Basic facts: male. 30 years old. Very active, eats well. The problem: I have a really bad sweat problem. I will very easily sweat through the back and front of my shirt in this humid weather (I'm located in NYC). What are my options? Are there any medications to counteract the sweating? Is there are certain type of doctor I should talk to? Please help. [more inside]
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love pochin' #9

Is there such thing as an English-language, available in the US, version of "livres de poche" (pocket-sized books)? [more inside]
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Graphics card upgrade for Dell Inspiron 560?

For his birthday, my son would like to upgrade the graphics card on his Dell Inspiron 560. Little help here? [more inside]
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Trip to Italy, 6 week duration, 80+ year old user. Need pointers.

My mother is travelling to Italy (lots of relatives there) and would like to have basic cell phone access while there. I need to work out the details before she leaves in September. [more inside]
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Falling in love feels impossible to me.

To what extent should someone question their ability to fall in love after enduring countless "lukewarm" relationships? [more inside]
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You are not my orthopedist. But you might as well be.

Nine months ago, I fell down and split my kneecap into two parts. Or at least, I thought I did. After several months of it failing to fuse back together, my doctors are suggesting that the kneecap was already in two parts (bipartite patella) before I injured it. Is there a way to tell that this is true (without prior x-rays)? [more inside]
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Fight Planned Obsolescence!

We have an old Airport Express Base Station (model A1084), 2 Macbooks running 10.6.8, an analog receiver, and a set of analog speakers. Can we make these things play nice together? [more inside]
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Newly resurfaced bathtub: dangerous?

I'm moving into a new apartment and am concerned about possible toxic chemicals used to resurface the bathtub. Can you help? [more inside]
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Historical -- Modern Military Deployment Figures for the US

Where/how can I find comprehensive military deployment statistics going back to the Civil War? [more inside]
posted by clockzero at 5:50 PM PST - 2 comments

What are some free, or cheap certifications I can get?

I'm interested in getting certified for something that will help along my career. For example, I have a background in research, and universities. What if I wanted to learn how to get certified in an accounting system? What if I learned a certain computer program? Etc. I'm willing to put in the work, and have some ideas, but could use help brainstorming. [more inside]
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Any way to remotely reboot a Mac that is NOT connected to the Internet?

I am trying to access my home Mac remotely from the office (I use RealVNC). Unfortunately, there was an Internet outage, which is restored, but the Mac is no longer connected to the Internet. It is however connected to the router, which is accessible from the Internet. AFAIK the only way I can get the Mac reconnected is to reboot it. Is there any way I can reboot the Mac via the router? Or is there some other way to restore the Internet connection to the Mac remotely? I am pretty ignorant on these matters. Thanks for your help.
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Relax, have a homebrew

What are the best online and bricks-and-mortar outlets for purchasing homebrewing equipment in the UK (London)? [more inside]
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Please recommend some apartment rentals in Seattle

Can you recommend some apartment rentals in Seattle which are within walking distance to a Microsoft Connector bus going to the Bellevue office? Thank you! :)
posted by jchaw at 2:39 PM PST - 6 comments

Hospice care decisions - what do you wish you had known?

Our family is dealing with hospice decisions and not sure what to do for the best. Maybe you can help. [more inside]
posted by emilyw at 2:09 PM PST - 14 comments

Spicy desserts?

I'm going to a "spicy food party" this weekend, and I want to bring a dessert... [more inside]
posted by JoanArkham at 1:57 PM PST - 39 comments

You take a picture of it, you buy it. How is this sort of rule enforced?

I visited a hip re-thrift/retro collectables shop in Chicago (not naming names) that had signs posted around the store claiming "you take photo = you buy" indicating that if a customer photographs an item they are obligated to purchase it. I understand how the "you break it, you bought it" policy works, but how exactly would this "no photography" policy be enforced? The items are not copyrighted as they are second-hand, and the customer has not stolen/damaged the property by photographing it, so I am assuming they couldn't get law enforcement involved. They certainly can't legally detain a customer either and I doubt they would jeopardize their safety to try. I am under the assumption that all they can do is ask the customer to leave and then deny them entry later. Any ideas? I am super curious!
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Laptop shopping on a cell phone budget

I need a new laptop. It doesn't need to be anything fancy, so I'm trying to keep it under $350 (the less the better, though). I have a couple that I'm trying to decide between... [more inside]
posted by geegollygosh at 1:45 PM PST - 5 comments

What questions should I ask my recent ex?

I got dumped recently, and we're finishing the breakup tomorrow night. What questions should I ask? [more inside]
posted by jenlovesponies at 1:15 PM PST - 76 comments

Pull forward please, I also want to turn

Why do so many drivers not move into the intersection when waiting to take a left turn on a green light? [more inside]
posted by Dansaman at 11:47 AM PST - 141 comments

Should I get a counseling or social work degree in Oregon?

My partner and I are contemplating a move to Oregon in the next few years. I will have a masters in conflict resolution but would really like to become a mental health counselor. All the research I've done thus far points to a master of social work as I can be a counselor and have more job availability/flexibility. Part of me would like my second masters to just teach me the theory and effective skills of counseling rather than everything that comes with a MSW. I worked at a women's center and studied feminism as an undergrad so I am well aware of privilege and oppression in systemic form. If my plan was to settle in Oregon could I make it with a masters in counseling or are MSW's more easily finding jobs? This question is specific to the job climate in Oregon.
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How to express interest in a job after the first interview?

Last week I interviewed for a job that, after the interview, I decided I really want. The interview went well in that I got out everything I wanted to get out. The moment I got home I wrote thank you emails. They said they'd be in touch in 7 to 10 days. This is day 7. Would it be appropriate to write again to express my interest in the position or, as I suspect, am I just being impatient, if not needy? I've read in these posts and elsewhere that a huge mistake job seekers make is not outright asking for the job. In my thank you emails, I wrote that I thought my skills were a perfect match for the position, that I could easily fit into the culture, and that I was very interested in the position. So, write again, or would that just be gilding the lily? Thanks.
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Excel tips - Tracking deadlines

I have an excel spreadsheet that contains a bunch of random information about some work projects. I'm looking for a way to quickly highlight and summarize upcoming deadlines. I'm already using conditional formating to highlight upcoming dates, but I need more than that. [more inside]
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What are your recommendations for contemporary fixtures and finishes?

I am beginning the process of building a home that is going to be fairly contemporary in style. However, we are on a budget, so I am looking for your suggestions regarding the best budget-friendly, fixtures, finishes, appliances, etc. that would go in a contemporary home. I am really interested in clean lines, stuff that is well made, looks nice, but is affordable. [more inside]
posted by bove at 11:17 AM PST - 4 comments

Looking for LA related graphic artists and designers/agencies/brands

I am producing a TEDx like event entitled "Visionary Graphic Design - The Los Angeles Influence" A friends of mine requested a list of past and present graphic design/ designers /LA designers / agencies / brands from the area. This is what I have so far for artists: Saul Bass, John Van Hamersveld, Ed Ruscha, Gary Baseman, Charles and Ray Eames, Sister Corita. Any other suggestions of artists/agencies/brands?
posted by goalyeehah at 11:06 AM PST - 11 comments

Amityville Horror or Great Deal: What Wins?

How would you feel buying the neighborhood murder house? [more inside]
posted by extraheavymarcellus at 10:44 AM PST - 56 comments

Elegant answer to "What are you enjoying least about your job?"

Before my 6-month review at a new sofware development job, I have to answer some questions, including "What are you enjoying least about your role and department?" I need a graceful way to say a couple of things, or maybe help deciding if I should say them at all. [more inside]
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Dilbert Recurring Character Names

We know Dilbert's alter egos, megalomaniac Dogbert, evil Catbert, moronic Ratbert, plus the regular characters such as Alice, Wally and Asok. [more inside]
posted by KRS at 10:25 AM PST - 3 comments

Possibly the Most Boring AskMeta Ever

Guys, I've got some questions about commas. Apparently everything I thought I knew is wrong? Help. [more inside]
posted by BlahLaLa at 9:55 AM PST - 29 comments

Is it nuts to go to the Caribbean in September?

Next September, my fiancee and I are getting married. We have free access to a timeshare, and one of the places we can stay is in Guadelope, a small island in the Lesser Antilles. Everything I read seems to say that the weather sucks in September, because it is the hurricane season, and will be humid. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to go in the Caribbean in September? Is it worth going? Or should we delay our honeymoon?
posted by MisantropicPainforest at 9:54 AM PST - 8 comments

Comprehensive online directory of world festivals?

Does anyone know of a comprehensive online directory of world festivals?
posted by DreamStar at 9:52 AM PST - 2 comments

ain't no need to get down, I'm already low

Please help me compile a list of rap songs that clearly illustrate what it is like to grow up and live in poverty -- for example, Brother Ali's "Only Life I Know" [YouTube, SoundCloud, lyrics] or The Coup's "Underdogs" [YouTube, lyrics]. [more inside]
posted by divined by radio at 9:40 AM PST - 22 comments

Book mentioned on the radio

Recently, maybe in the last couple of weeks, I heard mention of a book -- most likely I was listening to NPR (via the Boston affiliate station WBUR). It mentioned a man who is a therapist of some sort who has put together a slim volume of anecdotes from his many years of listening to patients tell their stories, and from this has come up with some sort of philosophy or wisdom of life. I don't know whether there was going to be a radio story about this guy/book or whether this was the intro to another story entirely, but I somehow have the impression it was a newish book being mentioned. And that's all I got. Ring any bells? (Something about the description of the book appealed to me, and I can't even quite remember what that was either!)
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Where can I learn more about EC2?

I want to learn more about EC2 but am stumbling with what size instance I'll need. I also don't understand about the firewall aspect of EC2. [more inside]
posted by dukes909 at 9:27 AM PST - 6 comments

Sure, have at the ladybits, but hands off the baby.

Can I fire my obstetrician for delivery, but keep her as a gynecologist thereafter? Do I want to? [more inside]
posted by Bardolph at 9:21 AM PST - 25 comments

So I have ADHD. Now what?

So it turns out I resoundingly have ADHD. Help me be the best ADHD-addled person I can be. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:20 AM PST - 15 comments

"Feeling Good", the handbook ... or something else?

My sweet baby sister is struggling with some depression and self-esteem issues. She's not interested in therapy at this point but she's open to doing some self-help/at-home work. What book shoud I get her? [more inside]
posted by nubianinthedesert at 9:01 AM PST - 16 comments

Help me find a Not-So-Dumb Phone

I am looking for a simple, non-smart phone with the following features: * Long battery life * Bluetooth (to connect to a Parrot in the car) * Good speaker and microphone for hands-free * Low SARS rating This last point has been the hardest for me to find. For some reason, it seems that new smart phones have much lower SARS rating. I don't really care that it has a keyboard. I should also mention that I am in Europe so it needs to be 2G/3G/4G which I think is different from the States. Appreciate any help! I've been looking on CNET, Google and across the web without much luck...
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Is autocomplete spying on me?

Is there a privacy risk specifically associated with Google search autocomplete/typeahead? [more inside]
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Watch strap opinions and advice needed

Just looking for some opinions on straps for two new Tissot watches I picked up. They are the PRC200 chrono w/ white dial (http://imgur.com/nC4xD4z) and the Tissot PR 516 Visodate Heritage (http://imgur.com/236ZDlH). [more inside]
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Bertrand Russell, Elijah Mohammed, Apocryphal?

"The central problem of our age is how to act decisively in the absence of certainty" - did Bertrand Russell actually say this? [more inside]
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Where to stay in NYC?

I am planning an anniversary trip to NYC for the third weekend in October - we would like someplace fun and reasonable to stay (an actual hotel, so AirBnB is out). We plan on doing some touristy things (a Broadway show, some of the big museums), but we would like to spend the rest of the time in a part of the city that's entertaining and quirky and a bit off the beaten path. Any recommendations of where to stay, and things to do once we're there, would be welcome. [more inside]
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Is there a condition for when you say the wrong words?

A friend often says the wrong (but somewhat related) words when in a conversation. Like just now, she said "I didn't empty the dish drain this morning. I want to see if the other roommates empty it before I get home later today." She meant disk rack. This happens all the time. Is there a name for this condition? [more inside]
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Jade bangles in London?

Please can you suggest a good place to buy jade bangles in London? [more inside]
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How concerned should we be?

The other day we found a gun holster in our front yard by the street. This alone would not normally concern us, but in context of other activity that is going on, we are pretty freaked out. [more inside]
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Crush Limbo

Last week I hooked up and fell for a woman on a trip. She's moving to a nearby city in December (she lives very far away now). I've been thinking of moving there for unrelated reasons. I recognize, in the abstract, that I don't know her well enough to know if we're particularly compatible. How do I not drive myself nuts ruminating about her, as I am now? [more inside]
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I will see how many stamps I can lick in an hour, then beat that record!

How can I rejigger my brain to recognize engaging, rewarding tasks as "fun" instead of "work"? [more inside]
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Recommendations for wedding photographers in London?

Seeing prices of GBP 1300 - 2000, which is above what I'd like to spend, and the lower end seems to lack experience, am I just being a cheapskate? [more inside]
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Sure, I know the operating systems...which means what, exactly?

I'm currently filling out a profile on elance.com for web development jobs and am being asked to indicate which skills I possess. Some of the choices include MacOSX and Windows. I've also seen people list these on resumes(used to work in HR) in the same section where they list proficiency in MS Word, or even in a separate section for operating systems, for pretty much every kind of job, not just tech-related. [more inside]
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Millions of Minecraft?

I have an interest in purchasing a very large number (500+) of Minecraft licenses for public libraries. I know that bulk purchases of Minecraft Edu are discounted, but we'd much rather use regular Minecraft. I can't find contact information for anyone at Mojang to talk with about this. [more inside]
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Your experience with MBA programs and opportunities?

Is taking the GMAT in August realistic? And is this even a good idea? [more inside]
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Sci-Fi / Fantasy Novels with Travel to Unique and Well-Imagined Places

I'm looking for a particular type of escapist literature. For financial reasons, I can't travel that much at this stage in my life. So, I would like to read some fantasy or science fiction novels in which the characters travel to interesting and richly imagined worlds. I would like travel or exploration to be a significant part of the novels. I don't want to read about the same old faux-Tolkien worlds or generic galactic empires.
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Scarves for Women 101

I would like to start wearing scarves with my outfits, but I feel totally lost. Please share your advice on how to buy, wear, tie, and style scarves! Additional challenges: I'm short, big-busted, tomboyish, and I have long hair which I usually wear down. [more inside]
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Why don't Yahoo News articles pinch-zoom anymore on an iPad...?

Yahoo News seems to have re-designed their site in a way that's removed the ability to enlarge the text of its news articles on an iPad... Is there a way to get around this? The person behind this question is nearly blind and doesn't want to re-learn a non-Yahoo news web portal....
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July 22

More like Midlake please.

What artists and albums are most like Midlake's Trials of Van Occupanther?
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Can I preemptively object to a patent?

Is there a procedure for objecting to a patent? Someone in one of the hobbies I participate in is selling an object as patent pending. I have been designing something similar. There is plenty of prior art, but my concern is that there is an outside chance that a patent examiner might not find the examples of prior art, thus granting a patent. [more inside]
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What are the best Magazine themes for a Wordpress literary/culture blog

Looking to upgrade theme from the free stuff, and not spend more than $100 doing it. Would like a theme with a great slideshow/lightbox. We run comics and photo essays as well as regular articles. Lots of options for banner ads would be good too. What are your favorite magazine themes?
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Foolproof outdoorsmanship in the Bay Area.

Foolproof wilderness excursions (day or overnight) near the Bay Area for two people who are terrible at making arrangements. [more inside]
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Fried Cricket Stand at the Texas State Fair?

This is an idea I've had for a while and was just sparked again with the FPP on the blue about the Iowa state fair. The UN Food and Agricultural Organization has put out a report encouraging people to eat more insects for environmental and health reasons. To that end, there is a company called Chapul that makes energy bars with crickets as the main ingredient. The company is aiming to capture the active, crunchy, environmentalist demographic who are aware of these issues as the primary consumers of its products. Now, that may not be a good description of the typical Texas State Fair visitor, but a fried cricket stand would certainly (I think) fit in with the tradition of outrageous fried food there, and in my opinion it would be a revitalizing breath of fresh air for the tradition, given that just about every unhealthy food item has already been fried at this point. Personally, I would be pretty excited about trying fried crickets if I knew they were safe, though I've always had a very adventurous palate. I'm just not at all sure how to turn this idea into reality. [more inside]
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Citation, please.

Is there actual scientific research behind this oft-cited UI response time => human perception table? Or is it just "conventional wisdom." If not, I'd love to see the original research and know how it was conducted.
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Things to do in Destin, FL, with a broken shoulder?

My mother and I are going to Destin, FL, for a mother/daughter weekend this upcoming weekend. She is recovering from a broken shoulder. What are some things we can do together while we are there which will not bump her around too much (e.g. a bumpy boat ride) or demand the use of her dominant arm?
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How long should I wait before pushing my friend to pass on my résumé?

A friend offered to pass my résumé along for a job I want. How do I follow up with my friend without being rude? [more inside]
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Hong Kong Hens Party Moving Feast

What hens / bachelorette party themed snacks / canapes and drink can I serve at a hens party on a tram moving through the streets of Hong Kong? [more inside]
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Have I ruined the fancy champagne?

I bought three bottles of Veuve Clicquot. They are thank you gifts after a big project. One bottle went into the fridge to be shared out in person. The other two I left in a room to be sent home with two different individuals. The room was then sealed off for 8 off the hottest days of the year with no open windows or a/c. Oops. Have I ruined them? [more inside]
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Professional online photo gallery online

What options do I have for showing my photography portfolio online with the ability to sell prints to customers? [more inside]
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Kingdom Rush, Y U no save my gems?

I've been playing Kingdom Rush for a few weeks and am loving it. However, over the last day or so, I've noticed that when I close the game and go back in, it hasn't saved the gems I earned from the last time and instead just shows the same number (45) each time. Am I doing something wrong or is this a job for support? This is on iPad, running the latest iOS.
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What's the procedure for switching off life support?

My brother-in-law's girlfriend is on life support and has been for 2 days, her medical team were meeting with family yesterday evening to talk about switching it off, this seems terribly quick, does anyone know if this is normal? [more inside]
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How can I buy something from Cutco with the least amount of pain?

A family friend is selling Cutco knives (I know, I know). For personal reasons, I have agreed to have a "presentation" and will need to buy something. I don't need advice on how to say "no," I need advice on what will be available that will optimally represent the best value, if not the lowest price point. [more inside]
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How to Export All Sheets in an Excel File?

I am using Excel 2011 on Mac OS X Lion. I have a workbook created by a colleague with 25 worksheets in it. I would like to export all of these to individual csv files. Is there a way to do it all in one batch? [more inside]
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I Can't Help It If I've Got a Heavy Flow and a Wide-Set Vagina!

I am trying to make a decision about a temporary treatment course for my uterine fibroid and would like to hear any experiences people have had with Lupron Depot. Particularly--how bad are the side effects? Did the treatment have a major impact on your ability to lead your day-to-day life? [more inside]
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Android MP3 player feature request.

I'm looking for an Android MP3 player that has both swipe/gesture controls AND the ability to easily star rate songs. I have an iPod Touch right now, and while I have a great swipe app, there's no way for apps to change star ratings in the API. If you know of a good Android-compatible MP3 player for Windows too, that would be great.
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sticky-uppy, poofy, polished, soft, cool hair?

I am loving Tina Marjarino's hair in the new Veronica Mars Movie clips & promo pictures. How do I get my hair to do this (seen here as well)? I don't know what to even call it to use my google-fu! I just know that it is fabulous and I need to do it. Currently I'm growing out a pixie, so I should have the correct amount of hair. Sorry for such a silly question!
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But is it still fresh?

What is the best way to preserve a tinned fruitcake. [more inside]
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Yoga in the woods

What are some great yoga classes/retreats where you practice outside in a pretty natural setting? [more inside]
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Sewing pattern?

Please recommend a pattern for a simple shift dress. [more inside]
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Literature centered on "mentorship"

I have wanted to ask this for a while, and finally have a second example to broaden the scope of my search enough to be hopeful for hits. I am looking for literature that depicts a particular relationship between two main characters. Details to follow: [more inside]
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Ethical Shopping in NYC

I'm in NYC and would like to shop at establishments that give their retail and service workers a living wage and benefits. I'd also like to avoid the most egregious workers' rights offenders. Can you help me compile a list? [more inside]
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Help me stop worrying about drinking wine before I knew I was pregnant!

How can I stop worrying about drinks I had before I knew I was pregnant? And more . . . [more inside]
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Is there such a thing as Per Mile car insurance...

...That actually exists right now, and isn't just some thing in a trial state only available in 1-2 small locations? I'm paying a lot for a car i barely drive. [more inside]
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Is it worth it to move to ATL?

In light of this FPP, I'm having second thoughts about relocating to Atlanta. [more inside]
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How much is too much Grad student loan debt? Boston vs UIC Public Health

So I have a question. I am a MPH student and I have found my ideal school. It has awesome faculty who seem really passionate about their work and are focused on helping students succeed. The career services department is also very strong. I want to attend this school because I feel like the professors care, and that they will help me get a really great job after graduation and that career services will also help me leverage my new skill set into a good paying job. I cannot express how great everyone at the school has been to me thus far. I have felt not only welcomed, but that they really want me to attend the school and program. The problem is that this is a private school and VERY expensive. [more inside]
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National Lampoon's Nebraska Vacation

Some friends are road-tripping from Seattle, WA to visit family for a couple weeks in Lincoln, NE starting next weekend, and trying to save money where possible. I'd like to give them a gift of a meal or something else they can use along the way or during their stay in Nebraska. They are 2 adults, 2 kids around 10 (give or take) and an 18-month-old. I need to be able to buy it in Seattle or buy it online and print it out. Budget $40-50, but that can stretch for the right need. Click here for snowflakiness: [more inside]
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Frustrating Car Question

I have a huge car financing question that is giving me a headache. I plan to travel soon so I wish to pay off the amount I owe on a car that I've financed through Toyota Financial Services. This didn't seem like it would be such a huge deal, but then I run into this gem. [more inside]
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Do You Even Lift?

I have some questions about slimming down and bulking up inspired by a recent FPP subject. [more inside]
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One part Bob Vila, two parts clueless

I'm looking to develop a good maintenance schedule for my new old home. It was built in 1930, radiator heat, newish boiler and water heater. Beyond the standard cleaning, what kinds of monthly, yearly, semi-yearly things should I be doing to make sure it doesn't fall apart?
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Escalating the Freelance Billing Process

I did some freelance work for a small (seven person) webdesign company this past winter and haven't received the final 2/3 of my payment yet. After some missed deadlines on their part, what should be my next step in getting this money? [more inside]
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lightning blew up my power

There was a huge lightning storm this morning, in the middle of it my power went out. All the breakers on my boat are on, all e breakers on the power bollard are on. The odd thing is that the bollard has power to the meters and register 5v on the ac setting of my multimeter across live and earth. Also the RCD buttons trip out the breakers. This suggests that it has power. But nothings coming out. Any ideas for a) How come it has some power but no output b) Is there anything I can do. My electrical skills = I own a nice multimeter My fear of zappy death = relatively high [more inside]
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Latin legal phrase?

Does anyone know the Latin (?) phrase for when a judge authors both an opinion AND a special companion opinion (concurrence or dissent)?
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Running without turning into the wicked witch of the west

What are your best tips and tricks for making running outside bearable in hot, humid, urban-US-east-coast-summer weather? [more inside]
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How do you know if you should continue seeing someone or not?

I went on a first date with a guy i met through a few co-workers (he's their cousin). We texted/talked for about 2 weeks before hand, and now that we've gone out i feel like my expectations were too high. He seems to already know that he likes me, and i don't really know how i feel anymore. [more inside]
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Poetry and dance

What songs fuse poetry or spoken word with music? The closest I can think of are Baz Luhrmann's "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)" and Poe's "Hey Pretty". I'd be especially interested in mashups that do this.
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Tips/resources for raising Bees.

My Fiance and I will be raising bees. I have a few questions, but mainly would like to hear input on tips/tricks and resources that you have used. Any books, online resources, preferred equipment, and ANY tips/lessons learned you have. [more inside]
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Windows 8 Dual Monitors Question

Dual Monitors - One Touch Screen and One Nontouch...has anyone used this setup? [more inside]
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How to support wife whose husband is in hospital

My cousin's husband was just admitted into Sloan Kettering (NYC) with stage 3 cancer. They live about 90 minutes outside of NYC. She is exclusively breastfeeding their infant, who is not allowed to be on the husband's floor. They also have a 2 year old and a 4 year old. What resources are available for her? The primary concern is close to Sloan childcare for the infant so that she can visit. (The older two could be watched near their home.) Any recommended hotels? We do know about hoteltonight.com. What can we be doing to support her?
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Best handheld gaming experience for old side-scrollers

I recently got the itch for a new handheld gaming console, and I'm wondering about the best option. I'm especially interested in playing the side-scrolling Mario and Donkey Kong Super Nintendo games of my youth. [more inside]
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Best way to recruit web developers?

My employer is asking me to look into recruiting strategies for LAMP/PHP developers. We've been having bad luck finding appropriate candidates and actually getting them in for interviews (posting jobs on CareerBuilder & CL). I'm not really an HR person (nor am I a tech person), so I've never done this before. He's interested in possibly buying resume access on Monster, CareerBuilder, or Dice -- is one better than the others for this type of thing? Any suggestions for other strategies to use? [more inside]
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Funny radio shows / podcasts / audiobook recommendations?

I am looking for something I can listen to while working. Nothing too complicated--I write and design on my desk, so I want something that will enable me to have a laugh but also continue with my work. Kind of like when you're doing your homework with the TV on. At the moment, I don't want something that I have to pause so I can contemplate/decipher the plot, you know? I love Cabin Pressure and have recently started listening to Welcome to Night Vale. I also love the LOTR and Hobbit audio books. Lectures are okay, too (Sir Ken Robinson's "Do schools kill creativity?" TED Talk is perfect). Mostly I just really want to laugh.
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My fingernails are curling under, how can I get them to stop?

For as long as I can remember, I've had weak nails. The index and middle finger have always curled under after a bit. Now they're ALL curling under. Why? and What do I do? [more inside]
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Our Relaxing Portuguese Vacation

My SO and I are in the pre-preliminary stages of vacation planning for a relaxing fall trip to Portugal. Recommendations wanted! :) [more inside]
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Can I learn a color guard routine in one week?

Please help me learn a Color Guard routine in a week. I'm a complete novice who's horrible at following routines. Help! [more inside]
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Name that funk-sounding song...with very few lyrics...

What is this song I keep hearing (at restaurants, on TV, movies, etc.)? I don't think it's new, but you never know. It has very few words, and the ones I do hear sound like "good time" or "good thing" - maybe even "fun time". The pronunciation is stretched out, and it might have a cowbell. It's sort of a '70s "disco" or "funk" sound. *Please read the extended explanation for what I know it is NOT. [more inside]
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Should I give up my cat to a roommate?

When my partner and I wound up living apart for grad school, our girl cat went with him to his new shared house. In the past 2 years, his roommate has become very attached to the cat. However, my partner is moving to my place to share an apartment with me and our male cat - these cats have managed together in the past, but some specific challenges (within)... What would be best for everyone, but mostly the girl cat, in this situation? Warning - long! [more inside]
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Nail polish repair: possible?

I got my first pro manicure on Friday and the nail polish (acrylic, not gel) has already chipped on one finger. Sadness has ensued. [more inside]
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What's awesome on I-10?

In two weeks, I'll be driving solo cross-country on I-10. Trying to make the trip fairly quickly, so I won't have much leisure time. BUT - close to the highway - are there any restaurants, spots of immense scenic beauty or other roadside attractions that I shouldn't miss? [more inside]
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Are fake nails (professionally done) a good idea?

I used to be a nail biter but managed to break the habit a few years ago. Now my nails are actually growing and yay! They look pretty good! However, they are weak and as hell and break off. I have an important event coming up in two months where my hands will be looked at by many people. I would like to have nice looking nails, but I am getting paranoid that I am going to break a nail (or multiple) the day before or some such horror. Are fake nails a good idea? [more inside]
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Can I revive my dead iMac?

I have an iMac that appears to be dead. Can I use an external HD to revive it? [more inside]
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How can I get my 13 yo daughter's childrens book published?

My daughter is 13 yo & is a pretty good artist. She is extremely creative & she has compiled a great deal of pictures that she has drawn. What i find incredibly unique about these pictures, is that they are all of Puns... like "Running out of time" with somebody running out of a giant clock.... etc., etc., etc... Again, they are VERY unique. Every time i look at them, she's added a few, and they are all very clever. I thought it would be terrific if she could compile them together... with either captions under each, or even putting some words to them to create a short story...etc. Thereby, resulting in a book... based on these puns, the target audience would be around her age (say maybe 10 yo or so) & up. How would i go about or rather who would i contact, to present it to a publishing company? I welcome all thoughts & suggestions!
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And I like the part that goes, "Dum-dum-dum-DUN-DUN-TAH!"

Classical music (and opera) for a beginner! Where to start with hundreds of years of music? [more inside]
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Crisis and exhaustion

Brief explanation: I am in crisis emotionally right now, and there is a lot of related spiritual stuff that goes along with it. However, I still have a lot of "real world" stuff to do that isn't getting done, mainly because I can't stop sleeping right now. I have good meds and a wonderful therapist. See extended explanation for more info. [more inside]
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Lodging for Two to Three Weeks in Santiago, Chile

In November I will be spending 2-3 weeks in Santaigo, Chile. This is a long awaited vacation, and I want to make the very most of it! For now, I am interested in your recommendations for a place to stay (details follow). [more inside]
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East Bay Small Business Banking?

Any recommendations for small business banking in the East Bay? With one small exception my needs are pretty basic. [more inside]
posted by Ignatius J. Reilly at 7:39 AM PST - 3 comments

Songs That Do Not Contain Rhymes

I'm looking for examples of songs that do not rhyme. [more inside]
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Ineffectiveness of pain killers and a depressed mind...

Can someone who understands biology and brain chemistry please show me the (probably) glaring hole in my blinding flash of brilliance connecting my wife's mental health and her apparently abnormal responses to painkillers...? [ possible mental health triggers inside, I guess ] [more inside]
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Chrome if you want to

I'm about to retire a laptop computer from daily active service; thinking about going Chrome or pseudo-Chrome. [more inside]
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EPS (expanded polystyrene) building cladding. Any advice welcome.

Orange Board is a "fully compliant insulated cladding system". Basically, it's sheets of a foam-like plastic material that gets covered with mesh and stucco / render to serve as the external skin of buildings. I'd like to know how this or similar cladding systems compare to traditional building materials, particularly single-brick (brick veneer) and concrete. How does the longevity compare? Energy efficiency? How easy is it to restore the surface, and how often would it be necessary? I'd be happy for any information people can provide.
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Biographies where the subject dies long before the book ends

Can you recommend any well regarded biographies where the subject dies long before the end of the book? (The latter half of the book could be focused on the reaction to their death, an examination of the impact of their ideas or work over the following decades, etc.)
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Crochet telly

I've just finished Desperate Housewives, which was the perfect show for lunchtime crocheting. Looking for a replacement which has the same qualities I enjoyed in that show - and bonus points if it's something 80s or 90s that I was too young/British to see first time out! [more inside]
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How much does oil heat cost in Milwaukee?

I'm trying to find information on how much I should budget for heat in an apartment that uses oil heating. If you use oil heat, can you give me an estimate of your bills for that service as well as how many square feet you are heating? I'm in Milwaukee, WI.
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Notify potential employer about (potential) unavailability?

I have an interview this week for a casual job in a field relevant to my career. I told them I would be available on weekends, then full-time during the summer break. This was before I managed to submit a grant application for a project that would also be over summer break. I have since received an email that my project application was unsuccessful, but that the university committee would try to get me funding for it anyway. (This has worked in previous years, but there's no guarantee it'll happen this year.) Do I tell my interviewers about the potential clash? [more inside]
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Post to Twitter from a map?

For a Twitter account I'm thinking of setting up (tweeting interesting things I pick up on a police scanner, basically), I want the ability to quickly tweet from a map interface, with the tweet being geotagged with a chosen location. Does a service like this exist? [more inside]
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Home Sweet Home?

I have never gone through the home buying process before, and neither has my charming lady. She lives and works in SFO, and wants to buy a house here in PDX (moving here immediately after, or close enough). [more inside]
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Whats with the old news Facebook?

Since updating the Facebook app on my android phone I've been getting random status update notifications on my phone. How can I disable this "feature"? [more inside]
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Why do I only sometimes have a bad reaction to potatoes?

For at least the past year, I've been having a bad reaction to potatoes--but only sometimes. It's very inconsistent, and despite carefully tracking it for months, I still can't find a pattern. I can eat the same type of potato with the exact same accompaniments, and one time is fine and the other time I have near-immediate gastric distress. What could be causing the issues, and why is it so inconsistent? I don't have issues with any other nightshades, or any other food intolerances. I've already considered that it might be something else I eat with the potatoes, but tracking my diet has not borne that out. [more inside]
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July 21

Some like it hot

I'm trying to improve my husband's coffee experience with a birthday gift. His number one issue is that hot drinks get cold too quickly. He also doesn't totally love having two things to clean up (french press + coffee cup). So I thought I'd get him something nifty to solve these problems. Does anyone have recommendations? [more inside]
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Non-Americans! I'm beefing up my to-read pile (especially on my kindle), and I would like suggests of Great Classics of Your National Literature that would typically be assigned in secondary school. [more inside]
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Victorian homes for monsters?

Can anyone explain why Victorian mansions like the ones the Addams Family and the Munsters were depicted as living in were, apparently, widely seen as plausible homes for monsters by the mid-20th century? Bonus points for detailed / scholarly analysis of this question.
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Advance movie screening advice - Metreon - World's End

I won a spot at the advance screening of the Worlds End at the Metreon tomorrow. I have never done one of these before. Apparently I have to line up to get a wristband at a table by 2 (need to line up early) but there is no other info. How early should I go? There was already a comic con screening. Did anyone go to that or know if they'll confiscate phones or search bags? Any other info on having attended advance screenings at the Metreon?
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I just want to send a postcard to Victoria Australia from NYC

It's a greeting card in a regular envelope, medium stock I think. How many forever stamps must I slap on this thing so it get to oz, or must I take it to the post office? The online calculators are confusing me. [more inside]
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ooh ... ahh ... what's that called?

what are the things called when you make sounds that are not words, but convey some emotion? i remember reading an exercise, about the length of a paragraph, demonstrating the different noises people make. [more inside]
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Car AC service in Billings, MT

I am looking for somewhere reliable and reasonably-priced to diagnose/fix our car A/C, in Billings, MT. We are on a road trip and only there overnight, so need it done first thing Monday morning. [more inside]
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Gift robe for post-hysterectomy ?

My mother-in-law is having a laparascopic hysterectomy soon. I understand that her abdomen might be swollen for a while after. I'd like to get her a nice nightgown and robe, but am not sure of the size. She's extremely petite, so sizing up might not work. Maybe a maternity robe?
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How can I figure out if this painting has any value?

I've had this painting for many years. It belonged to my grandfather. He owned an antiques store and he traveled a lot in China. I'm not sure where it came from/how he obtained it. [more inside]
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Can I Eat This? Corn on the cob edition

I bought some fresh yellow sweet corn about a week ago, shucked it and stored it in a plastic bag in my fridge. Tonight I boiled it for supper and when it came out of the pot, several kernels on each ear had turned brown. Some are light brown, some are a bit darker and some are nearly black. The corn looked and smelled fine when I put in the pot. Why did this happen? Is it safe to eat?
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How to transition into software without a CS degree

Career advice filter: I'm currently an experienced research assistant at a major research university (three years out of undergrad) who developed serious programming skills working on NLP projects doing parsing and information retrieval. My undergraduate degree is in Linguistics. I'm attempting a career transition into a more purely technical, software-oriented, possibly NLP-flavored position. Do you have any practical advice for ways that I can showcase my programming abilities and/or convince prospective employers that I am solid candidate (despite the lack of CS degree)? [more inside]
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stop between Union station and Navy Pier

Family is taking the train into Union station tomorrow. Weather permitted we're walking to Navy Pier. We need a family friendly place to stop for lunch along the way chain restaurants OK, we have w 1 and 4 year who get picky eating out. We are trying to go direct as possible so no choices that would mean back tracking.
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maine camping trip

My boyfriend and I are planning a (somewhat) last minute camping trip to Maine. So far these are the details we have finalized. The trip will be from August 3-14, we will be staying in Kennebunk for a night, and we will spend 3 nights in Camden Hill State Park. [more inside]
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What a pain!

My 79 year old dad fell and hit his head on the metal bathtub door runner 3 weeks ago. He was outside of the bathtub, fell backward, and hit the base of his skull on the right side. It is continuing to hurt at a level that makes him not want to take care of his basic needs beyond getting to the bathroom. I am working on getting home nursing and custodial services set up, though he's convinced that if he could just get the headache to go away, he wont need any of those services. What's the cause, what's the treatment? [more inside]
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How to make cut flowers last a few days unattended?

I'd like to buy a bunch of cut flowers Thursday night and set them out, so they'll still be looking nice when the recipient returns Sunday afternoon. No one will be around between Thu-Sun. What's the best way to do this? More details inside... [more inside]
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Not the leather sofa!

Lost kitty found after 7 days missing! But apparently still a bit off-kilter. Potty issues have resulted. [more inside]
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Fresh homegrown tomatoes + ? = _____

I have finally reached the point where I have more tomatoes than ideas. So, please share ideas for using fresh, misshapen, split-prone tomatoes in recipes. [more inside]
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How do I put me singing within a still photo collage?

I understand that I cannot receive full technical assistance on how to do that here, so I would appreciate it if you could even steer me to the right website/forum/expert to learn how to do this: [more inside]
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How to fix this flooded kitchen floor?

Bought this house about three years ago and then learned that the water pipes, under the concrete-terrazzo slab, had burst and flooded the place (no, incompetent inspector did not notice this). The previous owner had then laid down an inexpensive woodlike floor. That was carelessly done but looked okay overall, except that residual water had stained and darkened a few areas. I had the house re-piped and the floor seemed to have dried and healed leaving just those few dark spots. [more inside]
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How to generate "grilling smells?"

So we're opening up a concession stand a local soccer field tomorrow, and we're going to have a grill at which we're going to serve typical grill stuff (burgers, dogs, maybe a few fancier things here and there). What can we throw on the grill (like in a saucepan on a side burner) that can blanket the fields with the smell of home-cooked burgers and generate some serious mouth-watering? The grill's fairly small -- a fairly typical four-burner suburban soccer dad fixture, and the stand will be open for about 2-2.5 hours each night. [more inside]
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Tips on managing crazy weight gain on birth control (Visanne)?

If I eat 3 meals a day, I can put on 2-3 pounds a day. If I eat 2 meals and a snack, I can maintain my weight. I am so hungry it is ALL I can think about. Halp! [more inside]
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Why does a jet need more fuel to land while still carrying bombs?

The latest ragebait going around is this story that a US training sortie burned too much fuel waiting for the range to be cleared, so they couldn't land safely without dropping their bombs into the sea near the Great Barrier Reef. My question is, how does dropping the bombs help the planes land? [more inside]
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Cover me!

I'm trying to build a small wardrobe of versatile, well made, neutral basics(who isn't?), with a twist. I have work clothes provided by my employer, so I only need happy fun time clothes. I have nice plain T's. I need some shirts that are a step up but not button downs; I have to wear them at work and hate them. I'm a woman, mid-forties, 5'3", pear shaped, size 4/6/8 depending on the brand. I have a small waist and enjoy emphasizing it in a fully covered, non-binding way. My budget is about $100 a piece. Suggestions?
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More voices like Obama's to help me understand race?

I have been struggling to understand and form opinions on racial issues in the US for most of my adult life. The whole conversation is so loaded with value-judgments that my thinking gets all tangled up. I feel like I'm missing a strong philosophical and moral framework from which to form opinions about individual issues. I'm ready to do some reading and heavy thinking so I can think more clearly about this. President Obama's speeches on race have really resonated with me. Any suggestions for books or writings with a similar attitude? [more inside]
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Vancouver, WA to Portland Airport

In the not-terribly-distant future, I will need to get from a hotel in Vancouver, WA to Portland Airport early on a Sunday morning. Looking at the airport website, they list a bewildering number of taxi and van services. Does anyone have a recommendation? Reliability edges out cost.
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where can I buy a standing desk in the UK?

I want to buy a standing desk, and I am willing to spend money on it. It doesn't seem possible to find the model I want in the UK. I'd also like to actually try the product before I buy it. Is there some kind of standing desk showroom I can actually visit (preferably, in London)? Do you have any other model recommendations? Details of search and criteria inside. [more inside]
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Ransomware and a compromised email password

My Dad received a spam email purporting to be from his email provider (BT Yahoo, fwiw) asking him to verify his account. In a moment of utter stupidity, I fell for the scam and entered his email password into a bogus website (I know, I know: STUPID). I was using his iPad at the time, and a ransomware website opened in safari, however the browser didn't lock, and I was able to close it straight away. I immediately logged into his email account and successfully changed his password to something completely different. Google tells me that there is currently no ransomware which can successfully hijack Apple devices, which my experience seems to bear out. I am a bit worried about the risk that I've accidentally compromised his email, though. Is there anything else I should do beyond what I've already done, ie changing the password? Should I contact BT Yahoo about it?
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Fostering Pets in an Apartment

I want to foster a shelter animal...but there are snowflake details and questions... [more inside]
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Is getting a cab from LAX to Anaheim going to be a hassle?

I'm landing at LAX tomorrow (Monday) at around 4 p.m. I'm heading to a hotel very close to Disneyland in Anaheim. My plan (to save time and discomfort) is to take a cab, but I sort of realized today that Anaheim is way the hell on the other side of town from the airport. Given that the cab ride is likely to cost $100 or so, am I going to have any trouble finding a cabbie to take me all the way to Anaheim? What about the return trip, when I leave my hotel around lunchtime on Thursday? Bonus question: Will I be able to pay with a credit card? (In case you're curious, I get reimbursed for the cab ride, so comfort and speed of service is more important to me than saving some $$$ getting crammed into a shuttle bus.)
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Do rental car companies track where you drive their cars?

Most car companies offer unlimited mileage if you stay within states that border the one where you rented the car, but how can they know whether you went outside of that range? [more inside]
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Looking for a job/community site for developers

As an editor and localiser, I currently use a job site / web community which offers the following features: (1) allows my profile to be sent to potential clients without me having to apply for jobs - they then contact me with details of the job; (2) allows users to rate clients as well as clients to rate users; (3) allows users to post sensible rates and descriptions of work undertaken; (4) allows users to discuss on forums and support each other answering questions about jobs they're doing. Mr LB is now looking for a similar website in IT development and I'm wondering if there is one. [more inside]
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How to break the cyle go to bed early? Is it procrastination?

I have an annoying tendency to go to bed very late, like 3 or 4 am and wake up at lunch hour. I've tried to change this by getting used to wake up when the sun comes up but I'm always breaking this habit and going back to sleep with the windows covered. I think I got this annoying habit because I procrastinate during the day and when the day comes to an end I don't want to go to bed because I didn't do what was most important during the day. So I try to do that important thing until like 4 am and them go to sleep. I want to break this cycle but it's so difficult!
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Where can I find reactions to the original Godzilla?

How did audiences in Japan 9 years out of WW2 react to the extensive use of war-imagery in the original 1954 Godzilla? [more inside]
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Screenwriting and storyboarding for a complete newbie

I am interested in joining a local film screenwriting contest. I have not tried writing a screenplay before but I've read several dozens of scripts in the past so I have some ideas on how to go about the writing. What stumps me is this line in the guidelines: Contestants must supply four (4) hard copies of their scripts, director’s proposal for a full-length documentary, or storyboard, whichever may apply. It must also include a storyline. Uhm, what? [more inside]
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Got the brush-off from Gmail support, now what?

My account was compromised earlier this morning to send a spam message. My contacts were missing, along with all my sent mail since January of 2009. I changed my password and rolled back my contacts, but couldn't recover my sent mail on my own, so I emailed support. Their response was swift and worthless. [more inside]
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Candida Kefyr, probiotic or fungal pathogen?

Why is candida kefyr an ingredient in kefir? Is it beneficial, neutral, or harmful? [more inside]
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Reinventing my (work)self - how does one start from scratch at 56?

My career as a high end photo retoucher for magazines seems to be winding down, mostly because of the shift from print to digital/ipad consumption of content. Seems that my options are to gear up my portfolio to work for ad agencies, or learn to be a decent illustrator if I stay with it. Even so, I'm not confident that there will be enough work as things move forward. [more inside]
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Text and calls for an iPhone 5 in four countries

I have an unlocked iPhone 5 with Verizon. (It is verifiably unlocked for foreign SIM card use -- and yes, even though it is Verizon it does have GSM as well as CDMA). I'm looking for advice on how to travel with it to four countries, with the ability to receive/send calls and texts. I'd like to buy and use one SIM card only. And I want to be sure that I don't use any data, which gets expensive. So the question boils down to: (1) Keep the iPhone or ditch it for my unlocked travel phone? (2) Use the Verizon international plan, or buy an offering from Telestial, Global, etc.? More inside. [more inside]
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Google streetview shows the wrong house - UK

Is there anything I can do to get google street view and satellite to show the correct location for my house in the UK? [more inside]
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Does a word for this exist?

Is there a word that means "sunrise or sunset?" [more inside]
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Re(le)nting in NYC

This will take a bit of time as I will go into some details but bear with me please.I have seen the earlier threads but the kinda of questions I had are, sort of, very different. I am in early 30's and have just moved to NYC. I am by myself now and expect my wife to join me after December. Currently, am in a hotel provided by my employer and can have this for a month more. My office is in mid-town manhattan (near grand central) and one client whom I would be visiting often is in long island city. I plan to use subway extensively for my travel. So, I have started my house hunting now. Q1: Is this the right time or am I too late and I should beg my employer to give me couple of more weeks? [more inside]
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July 20

Nudging the S.O. toward the Pro-Social

My sweet, slightly socially awkward boyfriend is about to meet my parents. When he's nervous or excited, he tends to talk a mile a minute and fill all silences with chatter, sometimes talking over others, or monologuing, or butting in before someone is really done speaking. Is there any way I can gently, er, make this stop? [more inside]
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Petro-carbo: too toxic to be good to be true?

Tell me about Petro-carbo, the miracle salve that's also a mystery (to me and evidently most of the Internet)! [more inside]
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Saving a hard drive/Windows install that is freezing up.

Our desktop computer is locking up in scary ways, and I'm looking for advice on how to save the contents of the hard drive, and/or just get it up and running again. [more inside]
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Old house - trying to fix up dirty moldy medicine cabinet

Just moved into a rental house. House built circa 1920. Medicine cabinet interior was completely lined with nasty old contact paper. I pulled off most of the paper. Now I'm worried about three things: 1. The paint underneath the paper is flaking. Is there danger of lead poisoning? 2. Black mold in the corner crevices under the paper. What's the best chemical for removal? Bleach solution? 3. What's the easiest cheapest way to get new shelves that will fit? PHOTOS. Any advice or encouragement is appreciated. How do I make this cabinet clean and functional? I don't like fixing old houses. Unfortunately there is much to do in this old house. The kitchen is a contact paper festival. The rental market is tight here, so landlords don't have to care.
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Social Site

I was just wondering if you come up with an idea for a social media type site, how do you go about protecting the idea as your own? Is there some sort of intellectual property or something you can get on it? [more inside]
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Best Beach Canopy To Shade The Family?

Going on our annual summer vacation an need to get a canopy for the beach that can: -provide shade -not fall over in typical beach wind -handle the sand [more inside]
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When did the calendars stop?

I had a random childhood recollection pop into my head recently that I haven't found the answer to. I was in the Girl Scouts for a few years in the early 90s. In addition to the cookie sale, we sold wall size and pocket size calendars as a fundraiser. When did GS stop doing the calendar fundraiser? I was in the Colonial Coast Council if it's relevant.
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Country music songs with catfish in them?

I'd like to surprise my husband tomorrow with a Spotify playlist of every country music song I can find that mentions catfish in the lyrics. [more inside]
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Structural Engineering Basics?

What are the best websites and books for learning the basics of structural engineering? [more inside]
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Can I eat these expired oats?

I found a few boxes of steel cut oats in the pantry that I'd completely forgotten about. They expired in February 2013. Are they safe to eat or should I toss them?
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Purple ball of gooeyness

Please help me identify this strange purple ball of gooeyness I found in my lawn. It's about the size of a golf ball, has a gooey purple membrane on the outside, and upon post-dissection examination, appears to be layered with a central core. Could this be a seed of some sort?
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Canine bladder stones

This is Roxy. This is Roxy's enormous bladder stone. [more inside]
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Wedding gifts worth taking overseas?

My wife and I are attending a wedding(ish) event, and are a bit stumped for gift ideas. The couple is currently in the US for the ceremony and attendant celebration, but will soon be heading back to Thailand, where they normally live and work. They didn't do any sort of registry, and obviously won't want to take anything bulky or heavy with them. Any brilliant ideas, other than cash?
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What would be the best gift for a tank enthusiast, somewhere in the UK?

I want to get a special gift for a friend of mine who is mad about tanks. There are various places in the UK you can have a tank driving experience but I don't know how to choose between them. What is cool about driving a tank, or tanks in general? What would an enthusiast most like to experience? Personally I'd like to pile across a field of battle blowing the shit out of enemy equipment - but I assume that's not available as a civilian experience.
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Best printable crossword puzzles?

My partner and I really like doing crosswords together when we're on vacation and have easy access to a newspaper. We don't get a paper delivered at home, so I'm looking for some online sources. She's a dyed in the wool, pen and paper crossword doer though, so I'd like to find some printable ones to work through together. I'm having trouble finding just the right source though. We're probably in the middle range of the spectrum as far as difficulty goes. The NYT Sunday Crossword is a little too tough, but the People Magazine one is boringly easy. [more inside]
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What book is this?

I read a book in the early 90's about a guy who was helping a run-away child with nuclear launch codes embedded in his heart. The older man was a former code child himself (I think) and they were hiding out in Northern California/San Francisco with hippies driving around in art cars called "Gluers". Any idea? Amazon, Google, Good Reads, Library Searches have gotten me nothing. I'm not sure if it's even any good, I just want to make sure I didn't hallucinate the whole thing. Thanks You!
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Buy a new mac or upgrade the OS?

My early-2007 Macbook Pro is still going strong, besides the fact that it gets very hot and that the battery is kaput. The biggest problem I have with it is that the OS (v.10.5.8) is far enough out of date that I can't update most of my software, and have a hard time acquiring new software. Is it worthwhile to upgrade to the latest version of OS X, or would I be better of just springing for a new mac? [more inside]
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How to co-habit in a small space with a new pets that I just took in

I offered to take in my friend's cat and dog to my very small studio apartment, with a separate kitchen. [more inside]
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Do you recommend getting a PHR/SPHR certification?

Where I work, no one has a PHR/SPHR. I don't know enough HR professionals (or, more importantly, non-HR types who hire HR professionals) to determine whether it makes sense to pay this kind of money to get the PHR/SPHR certification, in general. Advice is welcome from anyone who has either data or anecdotes. [more inside]
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4 weeks in the Balkans by train and bus

Planning a four weeks long overland trip around the Balkans in September/October. [more inside]
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Just cut my hair off, already.

Where in or around North County San Diego can I find a hair stylist who will cut my hair in a short, edgy style without fretting over how short is too short for a woman, or what hairstyles suit a tall body or a oblong face? I'd love to find somebody unafraid to have fun with my hair, who has experience doing more alternative-looking cuts. [more inside]
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How does a physical trigger spot work?

What causes a person to get a strong emotional (psychological) reaction from having a body part touched? [more inside]
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Getting audio from my Android stick computer to my TV

Bought stick-computer that has HDMI, USB, and Bluetooth. TV only has DVI (and older) inputs. Can't figure out a way to get the audio hooked up. [more inside]
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Technical Theater for Kids

I'm trying to find out if there are summer programs for kids (~13-15) who want to get involved in technical theater or backstage work in NYC. There seem to be a lot of paid summer acting classes, but I'm not sure where to find or look for backstage volunteer work for young people. If anyone has specific programs or places to start looking, I'd appreciate it.
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Why Does My Frozen Fish Smell... Fishy?

Salmon was on sale at the store, so I bought 3 lbs, cut it up into approx 0.5lb pieces, and froze each piece in a ziploc bag for later use. A week later, the same thing happened with cod. And then, at some point (days - 1 week), my freezer began to smell of fish. Then my fridge too. And finally my kitchen. Where did I go wrong? [more inside]
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Easy wheat- and dairy-free lunch and breakfast ideas

I've recently cut wheat and dairy products out of my diet, and need some creative ideas/recipes for both breakfast and lunch. Vegetarian and meat/fish-containing suggestions are equally welcome. The higher-protein, the better. Easy recipes please since my cooking-fu is minimal. Since I eat lunch at work a couple of days a week, I want something easily portable (by bike) and ideally not requiring reheating (there's a microwave at work, but it's a bit inconvenient for me to use). Breakfast has no such constraints since I eat it at home (I usually eat scrambled eggs for breakfast, but this is getting old). Bonus points for recipes containing tahini, since I was recently given some excellent organic tahini but the usual method of using it as a dip with bread is obviously out.
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What Trainers Does Own Wilson Wear in The Intership

I know someone will be able to give me the answer to this (hopefully) Can someone please tell me what Nike trainers Owen Wilson's Character wears the Internship film, they are Blue and white (I think) you can see them here They look pretty cool, and I would like to get hold of a pair!!
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RAIN exhibit at MOMA: linebeating hacks needed.

Please help me beat the line t see RAIN at MOMA. [more inside]
posted by Hennimore at 12:47 PM PST - 3 comments

Notification of xbox live messages

Is there any way to get notification of xbox live messages via text message, email, instant message, or social network message? [more inside]
posted by aerotive at 12:45 PM PST - 4 comments

Help me get only GarageBand sounds from my speakers.

I have a Roland RD-700 SX keyboard and I'm using an iRig MIDI to connect to GarageBand on my iPad mini. Currently, the XLR outputs of my Roland keyboard are connected directly to studio monitors. The iRig Midi's IN and OUT are connected to the keyboards OUT and IN, respectively. The problem I've having is that I'm hearing only the Roland's build in sound through the speakers, not the GarageBand sounds, which is all I want to hear. Is it possible to connect things so I only hear the GarageBands sounds? Or do I need more equipment? I'm new at all this so please go slow in your explanations. Thanks.
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Where in NYC to repair or recover data on CF card?

Arrived last night in NYC on assignment to write/shoot a story on paddling the Bronx River. Went out this morning, shot 300-plus pics on a GXT 4G compack flash card. Near the end of the paddle, the card stopped working. Now back in the hotel, my card reader won't recognize it. Any way I can recover the pics? Any place open in Manhattan now (it's Saturday afternoon) where I can find out in a hurry? Or better ideas? Or should I start panicking now?
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Tips and Tricks for living in a shared house

If you've lived in a house with a lot of other people in it, what has helped keep the peace and made things run smoothly for the household, short and long term? [more inside]
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Ergonomic keyboard with 6 on right side?

Are there any reasonably-priced split keyboards that put 6 on the right side? [more inside]
posted by at home in my head at 12:08 PM PST - 6 comments

Job misery and baby

My "glamorous" job just got worse and I have a baby now. Good time to quit? [more inside]
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What pillow should I buy?

I need to purchase three pillows. I have the internet, Costco, Sam's Club, WalMart, Target, Kohls, and the other usual suspects from whom I can purchase the thing. What's the best pillow to gt? [more inside]
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ISO Good Mystery Series (novels)

I think I'd like to begin following an author who writes mysteries featuring a regular protagonist and cast of recurring characters, but I have some d'ruthers. Can you help match me up? [more inside]
posted by taz at 10:55 AM PST - 30 comments

Is CarBuyCo a reputable service? Experiences?

CarBuyCo is offering me my asking craigslist price for my vehicle I haven't been able to sell? [more inside]
posted by lattiboy at 10:49 AM PST - 10 comments

How to get at something stuck between dashboard and dash in VW Jetta?

This morning, I tossed the RFID parking strip that automatically opens the gate for my building onto the dash and it slid under windshield. I can't see it, but when I slip a thin piece of cardboard in, I can feel it rattling around. Has anyone else ever experienced this and have any suggestions? Is it possible to remove the dash?
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Breakfast, tomorrow morning, between Harwich and Colchester

I'm coming in on the 06:30 ferry at Harwich, England. I'm headed to Colchester on the train. I remember I did this last year, also on a Sunday, and realized that once I got to Colchester that early, the busses were not running and nothing was open so I couldn't get breakfast for hours (and even then, it was at a random hotel, who let me pay for their hotel breakfast). I'd like to avoid this tomorrow morning. I don't need to be in Colchester until the afternoon. Where can I have a nice breakfast? I'm not averse to Ipswitch or Harwich, but I do have a dog. Suggestions of sit-downs or take-outs (like bakeries) are welcome.
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How to gift artwork to a society far away?

What's the etiquette, practicalities and social norms of sending a piece of artwork to a society as a gift? [more inside]
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Painted tile floor - something to paint on for a durable finish?

My wife and I are redoing a powder room that had some hideous tiles on the floor. We have neither the time nor the money to redo the tiles, so we've decided to paint over them in a semi-gloss white. [more inside]
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dog as rabies vector?

I was walking my dog off leash in a wooded area about an hour ago. From about 100 yards away I saw her playing with and nosing something I assumed to be a dead animal. Yelling "drop it," I headed over to her. She finally dropped it and i saw it indeed was a squirrel -- but not dead, just really sick. The squirrel lay on its side panting heavily while my dog now watched it curiously. My dog could never have caught a healthy squirrel in this woods filled with squirrel-escape-trees, and so I am very sure my dog was playing with an already-sick squirrel that she found lying on the ground. [more inside]
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Dressing up! Difficulty level: girl who hates girly things

I need to go to a wedding in 2 weeks. I own no clothes except jeans & shorts. I'm 25. I haven't worn a skirt or anything since I was 15, and it was awful then. But I would like to wear clothes that are awesome. I really like this pinboard, and in particular this outfit, though with less pattern & scarf. Basically I've been looking enviously at awesome lesbian wedding pictures. Where should I shop? What should I buy? I am totally at a loss. [more inside]
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Help! I'm a newbie freelancer who needs guidance on taxes

I'm new to the world of freelance writing but not making enough to hire a tax advisor. Should I start paying taxes in September? And how can I write off the depreciation of my laptop? [more inside]
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Build Me Up / Bedframe Baby

We have a king-size bed (Mattress, boxsprings) that is just sitting on the floor of our bedroom, taking up a big chunk of real estate and looking sort of shabby. To free up space, I would like to move the bed into a narrow alcove-like part of the room. This means we wouldn't have room for nightstands and so need a headboard w/ shelves. For aesthetic reasons, I would like a frame to cover the sides of the boxsprings. No need for the bed to be raised, it will still rest on the floor. For money reasons, I would like suggestions on how to build such a thing myself, or recommendations for good but economical products. [more inside]
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Eurostar Jumpseats

I'm traveling solo from Paris to London on Monday on the Eurostar and I just realized I've been assigned a jumpseat rather than an actual seat. Reading around it sounds like as a solo traveler they severely limit seats they will assign you in advance, so there may be seats available when I arrive. My question is how likely is it I'm going to be stuck on a folding seat, and if so is it bearable or should I pay to upgrade to a car with seats?
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Where do I go to get my artwork printed?

I have digital illustrations that I'd like printed out, framed and on the wall. I'm not sure where the best place to go is. [more inside]
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Best choice for migrating from Drupal 5.21?

In 2007 or so, I built a Drupal site for a client who is a local media personality. The front page is a blog of his latest activities. The rest of the site serves as an archive for about 150 photos from his career, with a handful of videos and mp3s. He's ready to upgrade the site, so it's time to bring him into 2013. [more inside]
posted by Josephine Macaulay at 8:09 AM PST - 2 comments

Is there any point in stockbrokers?

How much professional advice do I need to manage $600k of investments? Advice for meeting on Monday please! [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:30 AM PST - 26 comments

Chest pain, partner won't let me call 911. What can I do?

My partner is having serious pain right now in the shoulder and chest. He doesn't think it is a heart attack and will not let me call 911. What can I do? [more inside]
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My work crush has a GF??

Help me get back to Friendzone and leave Crushville far behind... [more inside]
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How to stay positive in dating despite MANY confusing rejections?

It seems like there might be something wrong with me that has led guys to reject me, a hetero female, a dismal number of times over the past year or so. But I'm getting discouraged because I can't seem to figure out what it is. Feeling sad, lonely, weird. [more inside]
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July 19

How can I become one of those people who can build/fix anything?

My grandfather was one of those people who could build anything he needed and fix everything else. My dad can do much of the same but I don't know if it was as instinctual to him or he just learned it all from his father. How can I become one of these people? [more inside]
posted by Beti at 11:14 PM PST - 34 comments

I'd like a quippy comeback / response...

My dear friend from high school - who I still love and adore - has a husband who isn't, shall we say, on the same wavelength as me. I don't want to damage the relationship with 'dear friend', but at the same time... game on. [more inside]
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What is there to do in Pascagoula this weekend?

I'm going to Pascagoula this weekend to see some family. What are some interesting, 10-year-old-kid-friendly things to do there?
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Is it at all possible to bring a cat into a house with 6 dogs?

Can a street cat be brought into a home with 6 large dogs? My dad has 6 dogs, all very docile except for the female dog, and he wants to possibly bring his porch cat inside at some point over the next 4 months. Is this possible? [more inside]
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YouTube MMO parody video?

I feel like this video was something I saw on Metafilter a while back. It started out as two guys speaking in super bombastic theatrical voices but it turned out to be in some kind of video game, maybe an MMO. One of the characters died over and over. That's... all I remember. Help?
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What do you call yourself to your pets?

When you are talking to your pets, what do you refer to yourself as? [more inside]
posted by lpcxa0 at 8:24 PM PST - 134 comments

Summertime skin rash

Embarrassing skin issue between my breasts and on my butt, please help. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:09 PM PST - 13 comments

Who's my sperm donor?

Help me find my biological father: artificial insemination in the 1980s edition! [more inside]
posted by kthxbi at 6:37 PM PST - 5 comments

Barbershop Etiquette

I'm afraid I don't understand the ways of the barbershop. Perhaps you can help? [more inside]
posted by jaksemas at 6:15 PM PST - 10 comments

Possible live-in nanny job vs. new apartment?

Following up on my loneliness question earlier this month, I might have found the perfect solution for it... just a little too late. A couple of hours after signing the lease to my new apartment right next to campus, I got the opportunity to work as a live-in nanny for a German family. Special snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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Recovering stolen property without the police?

Looking for advice on how to recover stolen property if I know the thief's identity but the police won't act. [more inside]
posted by aqhong at 6:09 PM PST - 16 comments

I am planning to leave my boyfriend ... in 30 months time...

Is it immoral or unethical to stay in a relationship just long enough to get into a situation where I can leave? [more inside]
posted by the fish formerly known as sarcastic fringehead at 5:26 PM PST - 56 comments

Cities that aren't cities, but have city things

Rural(ish) towns in the U.S. that have city(ish) things. Does this kind of place exist? [more inside]
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Any tips for photography of the Los Angeles basin and minimizing haze?

So I've been hiking around Griffith Park lately and really want to drag up my camera and tripod to take a decent panoramic/wide shot of the Los Angeles basin from Mount Hollywood or the observatory. The problem is it's always hazy. How can I time things to get the best clarity for a photo op? [more inside]
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Major life decisions ahead…

My wife and I are at a crossroads, in a good way. We have a few very interesting opportunities, and each carries its own pros and cons. Please help us consider our options. [more inside]
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What's up with my face?

The skin under my eyebrows and between them is gross and flaky. Occasionally the flakiness will travel a bit upward, but that is rare. What should I be doing about this? Recommendations for (mens?) facial scrub or moisturizer or whatever appreciated as well. [more inside]
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Affordable Care Act: wait, what?

Does anyone know how the Affordable Care Act will affect Healthy San Francisco/SF Path participants when it begins?
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Running my own midnight movie

I've got a notion to organize a movie screening of some sci-fi movie at a local theater, and sell tickets. It seems to me that the easiest legal way to do this is to buy the performance rights and rent a screen at a franchise theater. Assuming I know ahead of time what those costs are, Kickstarter could be the ticket sales mechanism. [actual question inside] [more inside]
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No, Seriously, Pardon My French

Native or longtime speakers of French, as it is spoken in France: How does my spoken noob French come across? Link to embarrassing sound file inside. [more inside]
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Looking for a new author

I'm looking for an author who writes long books with engaging characters, intricate plots, preferably in first person.
posted by GnomeChompsky at 2:49 PM PST - 15 comments

Payday loan suggestions

I am going to get a payday loan in the amount of around $1000. (I know, with complete certainty, that I will be able to pay back the loan and interest within ten days.) Can anyone offer advice on this process, particularly online payday loans? Are there more reputable sources that I should work with? What should I watch out for? [more inside]
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Please help me find my new hairstyle

Help a girl have her mid-40s rebellion: I'm fat and I want short hair. I'm totally willing to break the "fat girls shouldn't have short hair" rule, but what I don't understand is what kind of style will work because my hair is naturally wavy in the "jew-fro" style. [more inside]
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BRCA2 mutation...cancer risks...kids?

Looking for anecdotes from anyone who has been in a similar situation. [more inside]
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Un-registering my copy of Quickbooks 2012 so I can sell it.

I have a copy of Quickbooks 2012 for Mac that I just put up for sale on ebay. (The program just wasn't for me.) I am getting a number of inquiries from interested bidders about the transfer of the license of the software. I do not recall if I ever officially registered the software after i installed it or not. I played around with it for a little bit and decided it wasn't for me. I uninstalled the software and it has sat in a box until I put it up today. How do I go about ensuring that the software and license have my info removed so that the winning bidder can install it on their computer with little to no hassle? The Intuit/Quickbooks website offers a lot of contradictory information. Much thanks.
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Apple TV-friendly, beautiful video art

One of my friends is playing cello for a bunch of others at my place, and I'm looking for beautiful videos that I can project on the wall next to him as he plays. I have Apple TV, so anything on Vimeo, YouTube, or Netflix will work. The longer, the better. [more inside]
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1200+ dpi online print shop?

I'm looking to print business cards. 300 dpi seems to be the standard online but that isn't sufficient for my design. Anyone know an online company that prints 1200 dpi (or higher)?
posted by Izner Myletze at 1:11 PM PST - 8 comments

How can I make a keyboard case for the HTC One?

There appears not to be a commercially made keyboard case for the HTC One. Can I make one from a case for another phone? [more inside]
posted by lettuchi at 12:57 PM PST - 1 comment

Israeli/Jewish tattoo artists in LA?

Getting some ink done in Los Angeles that has Hebrew lettering in it and I would like it if the artist were Israeli or at least familiar with Hebrew letters. Anyone know any artists?
posted by You Guys Like 2 Party? at 12:48 PM PST - 18 comments

Silverfish at the bottoms of my recipe books

I have silverfish in all sorts of places in my flat (the toilet/bathroom when I don't clean it more than once a week, various cupboards in the kitchen at various different times). But this is the worst. They're collecting at the bottoms of my recipe books. Like, four a book. [more inside]
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Searching for a server rack/cabinet…

At my place of employment, I have been charged with physically securing our two servers. The decision has been made to bolt them to the concrete floor in a cage. I don't know how to shop for a server rack. We have an old one that they're on now, but it's an open rack, without sides or locks. I need one that's more of a cage, to keep people without the key out. It'll have to fit at least 8U worth of servers, and also accommodate a midsized tower somehow, and be 1000mm deep minimum. How do I shop for this? I can't find any information on whether any of the racks I'm looking at are bolt downable.
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Is there any answer I can give that won't result in more pushups?

I need advice for gracious, loving, kind, and assertive ways to deal with a very specific type of bullying. I don't really know what to call it, but I will describe it as best I can. [more inside]
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Need to find and completely remove all hyperlinks/URL's from a Word doc

I have a 100-page Word document full of miscellaneous content from different websites. Unfortunately, after each section taken from a website, there's basically a citation for where the content was taken from that contains the URL for the website. I need to find a way to find all these hyperlinks and delete them completely from my document. They're all from different websites, so really, the only commonality is the "http://" part.
posted by beammeup4 at 10:55 AM PST - 2 comments

How do I go about appraising this stitched tapestry from Srinagar?

A friend of mine was in Srinagar in the 60s, and bought a small tapestry with Arabic writing on it. How do we go about getting it appraised? What does the writing on it say? [more inside]
posted by yoz420 at 10:45 AM PST - 14 comments

Seeking LSAT help.

Please help me find the best LSAT prep course or tutor available in the Bay Area. Extra special edition: returning student at the ripe old age of 38. [more inside]
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FeMENist magazines

Are there any magazines out there like Bitch or Bust, or Ms., but targeted toward the hetero-male gaze? I'm talking about magazines that hold values inherent in third-wave feminism in relation to current events, topics like bypassing heteronormativity, overcoming masculism, fighting homophobia, speaking out against domestic violence, working toward gender equality, supporting reproductive rights, ending rape culture, etc. Zines are also ok. [more inside]
posted by oceanjesse at 10:27 AM PST - 5 comments

Waterproof/water-resistant case for iPod Touch 5th generation?

I've been having trouble finding a waterproof or water-resistant case for an iPod Touch 5th generation. Any suggestions? [more inside]
posted by jb at 10:15 AM PST - 5 comments

Seeking reverse-lookup by address for US and international businesses

I need to find online directories that will let me do reverse lookup of businesses by address, and only by address, for various cities in the US, Europe and Asia. Essentially I want international versions of local.ch, the online Swiss phone book. [more inside]
posted by daisyk at 10:10 AM PST - 3 comments

This is Our Emergency

How to create a comprehensive and effective emergency plan? (NYC Edition) [more inside]
posted by melissasaurus at 9:40 AM PST - 15 comments

Help me understand color theory from a mechanistic perspective

How can we (as precisely as possible) characterize what colors go well together? What underlying physical/biological or mathematical explanations underpin the recommendations of artistic color theory? I am particularly interested in the culturally invariant component of these models, if any such components can be extracted. [more inside]
posted by Jpfed at 9:28 AM PST - 6 comments

Oxytocin and Pets.

Is the hormone oxytocin released in the human brain when you interact with any pet, or does this only occur with cats and dogs? [more inside]
posted by Flood at 9:28 AM PST - 8 comments

Freeware garden and deck design software?

The parents are wanting to redesign the deck and garden. They found a few pieces of software but nothing yet that allows them to upload a photo and paste 3d mock-ups of a plan onto the photo. If that isn't something that's reliably done (out of my depth here), perhaps just a great piece of free-ware for deck and garden design? I guess they could 'design' in the existing garden space prior to the deck design. Thanks!
posted by Slackermagee at 9:03 AM PST - 2 comments

Getting work done in short periods of time

I have a difficult time starting or working on something when I only have a short period of time. What tips do you have to overcome this? [more inside]
posted by Silvertree at 8:22 AM PST - 11 comments

Isn't it Ironic?

Looking for a short story, in which an elevator figured prominently, used to demonstrate literary irony in a gifted-talented/advanced placement middle school class. [more inside]
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best kindle book ever

Kindle book recommendations: I'd like to get my sister a kindle book for her birthday (she has the kindle. I'd like to send her a kindle edition of a book). I'd love recommendations! [more inside]
posted by mirileh at 8:01 AM PST - 18 comments

Best way to get from Colon, Panama to Boquete?

My husband and I are taking a repositioning cruise this fall and will end up in Colon, Panama at 8:00 am on a Saturday morning. We'll have about 10 days to spend in the area and Boquete looks like it has everything we're looking for. The problem is, we're not sure how to get there. Here's what I've learned so far... [more inside]
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Need a Crashplan plan.

I’m finally signing up for an unlimited Crashplan package this weekend. This is my first time using web storage for any of my backup needs. Can you let me know if I’m thinking correctly about 1) what I back up online and 2) what makes sense for backing up in the future? [more inside]
posted by Admiral Haddock at 7:54 AM PST - 11 comments

How to fix my dumb landscaping mistake?

My boyfriend got a chimenea for Christmas and we figured we'd create a safe little area in the backyard for it. Problem is, we just dumped the gravel over the existing grass, and you guessed it - the grass and weeds are now growing up through the rocks. It looks completely insane. [more inside]
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Is this mold on my jam?

Is this cream-colored crystallization on top of a jar of strawberry jam mold or something else? And either way, is it still safe to eat if I spoon the stuff off? (pic)
posted by shivohum at 7:41 AM PST - 32 comments

"We do what we can because we must."

I remember the phrase "We do what we can because we must" from watching TV as a child in the 70s. This phrase was comically reversed in the Portal soundtrack, which generated a meme and rendered it ungooglable. What was the source of the original phrase?
posted by rlk at 7:09 AM PST - 5 comments

Cards Against My Sanity

How do you encourage clever play instead of ironic ___ist pairings? Do you try to? Am I worrying too much? [more inside]
posted by skrozidile at 6:34 AM PST - 26 comments

Will my fingernail heal?

I accidentally pushed my cuticle back too far and now my nail is, well, missing a spot. Like the nail wasn't finished forming and I disrupted it, so it just didn't form for a horizontal length of about 2 or 3mm. It didn't bleed, but I'm worried that there's irreversible damage to the spot and my nail will never grow there again. Has anyone ever had this happen before? Did it eventually go back to normal? How should I care for the blank spot while it grows out? Pictures: 1 2
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What can I do about the blister that I ALWAYS get on my baby toe?

Whenever I wear basically any leather shoes that aren't boots, I get the EXACT same blister on the baby toe of my right foot. (Not just leather shoes, actually—sandals, Crocs, etc do it too). In most cases I feel pain in the first few SECONDS of wearing them. What can I do about this short of amputating my toe? The pain really becomes unbearable quickly and it's really hard for me to wear dress shoes because of this. Band-aids help somewhat but am I doomed to be putting them on my baby toe for life?
posted by saltykmurks at 6:11 AM PST - 29 comments

What are some hacks to not crave my ex?

I am already doing no contact and no exposure to my ex. Still, I get very regular cravings, thoughts, and dreams about them. It takes time out of my day, and disrupts my other relationships. I don't imagine I can make this stop, maybe ever, or for a long time. It's already been about a year. What are some practical, concrete tips to make this impact me less? [more inside]
posted by htid at 4:23 AM PST - 17 comments

Place to find information on Motorcycles

After reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance some time ago I started being interested into motocycles. So I was wondering if anyone could recommend me some websites or resources where I could find more information on them. Both to learn about the actual motorcycles that are being sold and information in general. Also, can anyone identify this bike for me? [more inside]
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July 18

Toddler activities in Twin Cities, Minnesota

Asking for friends: They have a 2-year old and are looking for various toddler activities around the Twin Cities (accessible by public transit a plus, but farther away may be worthwhile for something really awesome), especially both downtowns, Roseville......... Swap groups (clothes, toys), sports/physical classes, play groups, a swimming pool with shallow toddler area, music and art classes, dance (esp. tap dance, including shows if young kids can't participate), etc. TIA.
posted by Ky at 11:02 PM PST - 6 comments

My hair keeps turning orange. What can I do?

I don't want orange hair, but nothing seems to work. Please help. [more inside]
posted by amodelcitizen at 10:53 PM PST - 20 comments

Collection notice or ploy to get me to renew subscription?

Is this an actual collections notice or just an aggressively worded ploy to get me to renew my magazine subscription? [more inside]
posted by lovableiago at 9:17 PM PST - 24 comments

Help me become a better, more confident driver

Until very recently, I lived in a college town where having a car was completely unnecessary. Though I had my license, I rarely drove. I am now in a place where having a car isn't absolutely necessary, but more convenient. At my parents' behest, I also now have a car, which I'm very grateful for. However, there's such a mental block for me to drive said car that I haven't driven anywhere for over a week. Any suggestions to overcome this general avoidance of driving? [more inside]
posted by gemutlichkeit at 8:14 PM PST - 32 comments

Home Renovation Software

Buying-Our-First-House-Filter: Planning Edition. I've already read some of the other great AskMe threads about first homes and renovations and all of that, but one thing I haven't really seen (here or on the oft-recommended DIY blogs) is a solid recommendation or list of reviews of planning software related to home reno/landscaping. [more inside]
posted by Doleful Creature at 7:59 PM PST - 7 comments

Once upon a time there was a cat...

Help me find the link to a short fantasy story that was posted here about a japanese cat who goes on a great adventure. [more inside]
posted by TorontoSandy at 7:32 PM PST - 5 comments

Protecting a cell phone while working outdoors

What is the best way to protect a cell phone while working an outdoor job? [more inside]
posted by zainsubani at 7:32 PM PST - 15 comments

How do I find a lost person?

My fiancee's mother moved to Puerto Rico a number of years ago, and in a move lost all her mother's contact information. Google hasn't really helped, because her mother has a very common name. I need to find her, and I really don't have a good idea where to start looking. [more inside]
posted by mephron at 7:11 PM PST - 8 comments

How long should you hold long-term muni bonds?

How long will it take for medium/long-term municipal bonds to recover from inevitably increasing interest rates? For instance, taking into account the interest payments what is the timeframe necessary to hold longer term municipal bonds before you break even from increasing interest rates? Relatives of mine are invested in FHIGX and I know that as rates increase the face value of their bond portfolio will decrease but when is the expected break-even based on a historical average of say 5% short-term rates? Thank you for your help with this question.
posted by gibbsjd77 at 7:00 PM PST - 10 comments

Want to quit but don't want to look like a jerk on my resume.

I was going to write a long explanation of why I want to quit, but really, none of it matters. I'm a PM in Advertising - I have worked at small agencies and probably never want a long term, real FT gig at a big shop. I would be okay contracting at a place like that. If I decide to quit this job, I will likely do so in favor of a contract, and will likely avoid a real FT gig for some time due to agency burn out (unless I get an offer from a known quantity, which is a possibility but not a certainty). All in all, I'd much rather be without anything to do and the option to do what I'd like instead, rather than where I am now, which is nothing to do and ready to lose my mind. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:42 PM PST - 7 comments

School me on RSS.

It has, ahem, belatedly come to my attention that I have neglected to engage with what seems to be the cornerstone of Internetlandia for many web travelers: the RSS reader. I am interested in getting in on this party, since I currently rely on the Chrome bookmarks bar and I know I'm leaving lots of stones unturned given the bookmarks bar space constraints. [more inside]
posted by sevensnowflakes at 6:25 PM PST - 14 comments

Some lawyers are happier than others, right?

What kinds of lawyers are happiest? Personality types, practice areas, employer types -- or any other relevant factors. Anecdotal evidence welcome, although certainly non-anecdotal information would be great, too. [more inside]
posted by J. Wilson at 6:19 PM PST - 31 comments

Is that an autograph?

Is this Jean-François Lyotard's autograph? And can anyone decipher this scrawl?
posted by cropshy at 5:39 PM PST - 9 comments

Give me that sweet ocean view

Give me that sweet ocean view, and by "ocean view" I mean "diving board into the Pacific", not "you can see it vaguely in the background" [more inside]
posted by Calicatt at 5:26 PM PST - 13 comments

Sailors of Metafilter: gear me up!

I recently started sailing lessons (on the windy, wavy waters of the San Francisco Bay) and am at the point where I need my own foul weather gear (and some other stuff…) [more inside]
posted by hapax_legomenon at 5:13 PM PST - 14 comments

State Constitutions

US Supreme Court decisions and how state law can limit them has made me curious about state constitutions. I understand that the 10th Amendment grants to the states powers not explicitly given to the Federal government. [more inside]
posted by CollectiveMind at 5:13 PM PST - 14 comments

Why do I lose spaces after italics in my HTML blog posts?

Why do my spaces disappear after I close an italics tag in HTML? I write blog posts that get published on a custom CMS that works more or less like Moveable Type, WordPress, or TypePad: You can type in a box and then use the interface's buttons to bold, italicize, or make links, or you can paste in your own HTML-coded text. I like to type up my posts with my own code, meaning I type the <whatever> </whatever> in with my prose. This works great, except I sometimes lose a space after closing an italics tag, even though it's typed in correctly. For the life of me I cannot figure out why the CMS seems to eat those spaces. I use em, not i, if that matters. [more inside]
posted by Charity Garfein at 5:02 PM PST - 13 comments

Quick, I need kids shows about going potty on Netflix Streaming

What EPISODES about potty or potty training are available on Netflix streaming? I've only found 1 episode on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (season 1 ep. 10). Amazon Prime suggestions also welcome.
posted by bq at 4:44 PM PST - 10 comments

Dystopian ITV or BBC pilot from 1980s?

I am trying to locate a MeFi link from perhaps a year ago to a cancelled or unaired ITV/BBC pilot from the 1980s, and none of my MeFi/google/youTube searches in the past hour has unearthed it. Please help! [more inside]
posted by dickyvibe at 4:35 PM PST - 7 comments

Information on regional (and international) variations in Chinese food?

Philadelphia Chinese restaurants have dishes that I haven't seen elsewhere: Tomato Yat, fried gizzards, etc. I'm wondering about other regional and international variations in Chinese food as it is served to locals (not Chinese immigrant populations). What are some well-known variations? [more inside]
posted by Deathalicious at 4:34 PM PST - 23 comments

What's in a Name?

For various reasons, I urgently need to rename my company and I'm having a hard time coming up with something useable. We've been in business a little over five years and this transition has been difficult and not of our choosing- which is probably what is making it difficult to find a name. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:40 PM PST - 20 comments

Can you identify this WinTrek-esque game?

Can you help me identify a game I played that was like EGA Trek/WinTrek, but was not actually either of those games? [more inside]
posted by Gin and Comics at 3:01 PM PST - 4 comments

Help me spend my professional development money

I am very fortunate to have an employer that gives us $1000/year to spend on professional development. Help me spend it! [more inside]
posted by nosila at 2:57 PM PST - 9 comments

What to get for lunch at Target

The easiest place for me to get healthy food for lunch near my college campus is a Target with a grocery section. Keeping in mind that there is nowhere on campus for me to store any food, and that I already have enough to carry around in my backpack and so won't be taking multi-serving things out of the store with me (unless they are so light as to be not noticeable), what are some healthy single serving lunches I can make out of things I buy in Target's grocery section? I am not asking about things I can make at home and bring with me*; I'm talking about things I can get at Target and eat at the table in the front of the store, or take to a microwave I have access to on campus. [more inside]
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I recently sent my father (who lives in the Middle East) a Roku as a gift. Thing is, Rokus don't have any advanced networking options and we need to change his DNS in order to watch the programming he desires. The shitty modem/router that his ISP provides does not allow for changes to the DNS. It does, however, allow you to put in DDNS settings (screen shot here). Would altering the DDNS settings override the DNS settings in the router? While changing ones DNS to appear like they're in the US is easy, I have no idea what, if anything, should go in the boxes on the DDNS page of his router. Thanks.
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TF2 Troubleshooting

Why isn't Team Fortress 2 starting? For the past day or two, whenever I try to open up TF2 on my Windows 8 computer, I get a message that simply says "failed to start game (unknown error)". This seems to be a somewhat common problem but I can't find any answers for why this is happening or how to fix it. So far I have tried re-installing TF2, deleting the "appcache" folder, and verifying the game cache in Steam. Other than that, I have no idea what to do. Any suggestions?
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Creepy crawlies in my brain

We've had an unusually wet year, and we've seen more roaches than normal INSIDE OUR HOUSE. I'm starting to perceive roaches everywhere. This is not normal; what do I do? [more inside]
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Nicest way to remove extended family from Facebook?

I would like to remove my extended family from social media to make my life simpler and happier. I know that removing them isn’t super “nice” in the first place, but I’m not sure what the best option is. [more inside]
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Proper Mark As Read Behavior in RSS Readers?

I've been using Feedly as my Reader replacement because it seems to be the closest to what I want, but just like every other Reader replacement it doesn't do "Mark All As Read" correctly. Is there one out there that does? The incorrect behavior is as described here, but every single RSS reader I've tried has the same behavior. [more inside]
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How do you interview for a Company Representative?

I have a meeting with an overseas company, to discuss their need for an east coast representative. They are expanding. It is a high-end, energy efficient product. I have some knowledge in the area, and the product, but more as a consumer, never as a rep, (with ANYONE) We have worked together a bit, but this would be a new role, relationship. I need some clues on how this might go; how might it be structured? what will they expect? how is compensation figured? I am inclined toward keeping my mouth shut, listening, and asking a few relevant questions. Interview hints 101.
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Do I smell bad or something?

Over the last several months, I've noticed a job hunting pattern. I apply for a job. I get called for an interview. Yay! However, despite going on MANY interviews over the past 8-9 months, I'm not able to actually close the deal. What am I doing wrong? [more inside]
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How to write a story, pulp style

Specific story-writing method published by a '20s/'30s crime writer? [more inside]
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Training for a big relay race: help me stay injury free!

A friend signed me up for her company's Hood to Coast team. I have about 30 days to ramp up from running 3 miles a day, 4 days a week, to running about 14 miles in a 24 hour period. How can I train for this and not injure myself? [more inside]
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Should I quit my day job and work for this start-up?

I've got a new job. I like it. But I've also ended up with a second new job - working evenings for a startup. Long-term, I need to pick one. Which? [more inside]
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Recommendations for finding the right sapphire?

The bf and I have started talking engagement (eeee!) and at some point I ended up with my heart set on a peach sapphire. We've talked with two jewelers and it's been a couple months at this point and neither one has been able to turn up a stone that fits my requirements. I didn't think I was being that fussy but at this point I'm starting to wonder. [more inside]
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How do you kill a RHEL process that you cannot see?

How can you kill a RHEL process that does not show up in either top or ps -ef? [more inside]
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Denver to Yellowstone in a rented RV

My wife and I want to visit Yellowstone National Park in September. We have two weeks and we're thinking about flying into Denver and renting an RV, which we've never done before. We'd like to get input from others who have rented one (like what size and what companies to use or avoid) and hear any other suggestions that will help us have a great vacation.
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Need your proposal for the best way to make collaborative proposals

Hairs are being pulled out. I don't have many left. I propose you take a peek inside for details... [more inside]
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How do I get my URL out of the wrong hands?

Someone snagged my old Blogger URL and made it live again and is using it to post lousy marketing copy, mostly, it seems, to generate some income for Google ads. The problem is - the URL is my totally unique professional name. So, if someone were to search for my name, they would find my old blog, filled with some else's crap content. [more inside]
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How to track my work by annual goals?

Hi Folks, I'm in a new job and would like to briefly track my work on a daily basis, organized by goal and date. I have ten goals for the year and I want to be able to make a few short notes at the end of each day about what I did to move toward accomplishing any of them, whether I did something for one goal or multiple goals that day. I've been considering a spreadsheet or a Word document, but I haven't his on a good solution yet. Ideas? TIA
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Take me from Nottie to Hottie.

I'm a beauty noob. Make me into a beauty pro. Who can teach me how to hair and makeup? [more inside]
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Layover in Panama City, Panama

I'm flying back to Santiago, Chile, on Saturday, and I have an overnight layover in Panama. Should I do my best to explore the city in the time I have? If so, what to do/where to stay? [more inside]
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This will end well.

Seeking movies where there is a lot of chemistry/tension/buildup before the two main characters finally get together (or back together). Caveat: not romantic comedies. [more inside]
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Giving internet access as a gift?

I have a friend who, because of financial reasons, doesn't have internet access at home. I'd like to somehow hook her up with access as a gift. Is there a way I can do this? [more inside]
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What is the deal with this phantom "missed call"?

I missed a call this morning, and the number showed up in my missed calls. I called it back, and the guy on the other end was really angry and insisted he hadn't used his phone since the 12th. [more inside]
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Comedy Bits About Music, Musicians and/or Bands?

I'm looking for stand-up comedy bits (1-4 mins) on the subject of music -- ideally making fun of bands and/or musicians. I am NOT looking for comedy music -- i.e. no songs please, only stand up talking bits. An example of what I mean is this bit by D'Elia about rappers laughing: http://youtu.be/pI5LZEn0qEU Any others out there, preferably not about rap since I already have that one? Thanks :)
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New York City must-see theatre this weekend

I'll be in New York City for a 2 day workshop this weekend, staying in Long Island City, and have a free evening on Saturday night. I love theatre and have no problem going alone, but I won't have time to visit TKTS. Are there on-line last-minute ticket sites people recommend? OTOH, if Long Island Cityites have suggestions for fun Saturday night activities I'd love to hear them. Restaurants or bars with live music or dance performance would be great. I'm looking for a friendly atmosphere where a single woman would feel comfortable; I'm on my own this weekend but not looking to hook up.
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A searchable, secure story database/repository

I work for a small nonprofit. Part of what we do is collect and share first-person, nonfictional stories. I've been asked to find a better way to organize and keep these stories. [more inside]
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Last-minute vacation rental in San Diego for two families

We will be in San Diego from Saturday July 20 through Thursday July 25. We booked some accomodation last month, but it seems to have fallen through, and now we need to book a new place at the last minute. [more inside]
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How to cope with fears for ex's mental health and his suicidality?

Last week I asked this question. I am still no-contact with him on the advice of literally everyone I know, but I am obsessed with worry that he will kill himself (or already has) and guilt for leaving him in this state. [more inside]
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I just want to send money to France from the USA without hassle

I'm trying to send money (less than 100 USD) to a friend who lives in France. He/She does not have any American bank accounts. I've tried to do it through paypal (they have a paypal acount as well) but i'm receiving an error "We're sorry, but we can't send your payment right now." This appears to be a very common problem without a clear solution. My Paypal account is verified and I've just used my paypal account to purchase other things within the month, so I know all of my info is current and correct. [more inside]
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Help me get variety without the salt

So due to high blood pressure I've been advised to give up most of the sodium in my diet and lose weight. And the last week I've managed to do it, but only with a very limited array of foods. How can I get more variety within my limits? Lots of special snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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Knowledge Management MeFites - I need your help

In a week's time I have to give a short (under 10 mins) presentation on Knowledge Management. I know nothing about this subject and so I'm asking for the help of the hivemind. [more inside]
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What should I expect from my new running club?

I'm going to my first running club meeting tonight. I'm inexplicably nervous. What should I expect? [more inside]
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Chicago/Evanston places to go?

Visiting northwest side of Chicago this weekend, staying in Evanston. It's been YEARS since I've been back and I'm noticing on Yelp all my old favorite places have closed or gone terribly downhill. Can anyone recommend any cool places to check out? Chicago sights/tastes for my partner who hasn't seen much of the city? [more inside]
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How wet is too wet for a basement carpet?

The basement floor drain where condensation from my AC unit drains backed up, leading to a minor leak which soaked a small section of carpet (maybe 50 sq feet). I'm guessing it was 4-8 gallons of water total that leaked, and that it had been wet 24-36 hours before we noticed. The back up now is fixed. I've got every fan in the house blowing on the area of carpet. Do I need to do anything else? I'm thinking I don't need professional help given the amount of water and that a few days of the fans blowing in that corner of the basement will dry it out without permanent damage.
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There can only be one, frame that is..

So, two bad backs need a solution. Has anyone tried two twin long mattresses in a king platform bed frame? One of the details is that the mattresses will be of different heights from each other. Would it simply be better to have two separate twin bed frames and push them together? How have you solved the two bad backs, two mattress type problem? [more inside]
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'La' / 'lah' - help me understand Singlish

So I've just come across the interesting world of Singlish and the concept of 'la'. As I've understood the concept from the internet, it's used as an intensifier, a verbal exclamation mark, and so on. There's more I'm hoping a Singaporean can clue me in on. More inside. [more inside]
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one tooth, one paranoid me

My upper left front tooth had a filling back in late March. The dentist was perplexed as to why I'd have a cavity there-- she said it's a very accessible place (brush 3 times, floss twice a day. Never miss). After the filling the tooth was a tad sensitive for a day and then all was fine. In the last month or so, I some times get a "cold sensation" in the area of that tooth but couldn't pin it down but I think it came from the filled tooth. It just feels like a cold feeling from the inside. Then this morning I got a stronger "cold feeling" in that tooth after taking a sip of warm coffee. Should I go back to the dentist? I am very worried. I don't want this to turn into something worse. In the mean time, just seeing the dentist cost a lot of money. [more inside]
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How much should I bill my landlord for maintenance work?

My landlord asked me to stain the deck and paint the front door. I have no handyman qualities, but said I'd do it. They asked how much they should pay me on an hourly basis for doing it. I have no idea. Suggestions?
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Finding graphic design jobs in Canada

I was reading interviews with various successful graphic designers, and realized that most of them cold-called their future employers and sent them samples of their work. Are there any resources out there that list design studios, book publishers, editors, writers, ... that one can send work to? Is it possible for an immigrant designer to gain an edge on the competition in the graphic design job-hunting game in Canada? [more inside]
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Professional education/seminars?

My employer has allocated $500/year as a benefit to me for training. I have not used it yet this year - suggestions? Areas I'd like to focus on - accounting, excel, QuickBooks, management training. I'm open to other things if they would be useful. [more inside]
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I seek, what I call, a "flippy little skirt."

I need a casual summer wardrobe staple: a short, jersey knit black skirt. Alas: because there are further specifications, I cannot find it anywhere. [more inside]
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Are there full service movers that do very small moves in Stockholm?

This would be an international move, Stockholm to San Francisco. I do not have very many things, but some of it is unwieldy enough that I'd love to have movers treat it right, and I will get some relocation money to do so. In the states, this isn't too hard to find, but I'm not sure who to contact out here. I'd really appreciate any suggestions. I'm asking anonymously because I haven't given my notice yet.
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Help me get excited about my wedding again!

I'm getting married in a couple of months. When we got engaged, I was so excited--I planned most of the basic details of the wedding in a haze of extreme happiness. Now that it's getting closer, I'm no longer excited. I'm actually mildly dreading it and I'll do anything to avoid getting out of wedding prep stuff. [more inside]
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Can someone clarify whether or not this is correct grammar?

It drives me insane when someone says "request for," e.g. "I requested for a seat change." Isn't it just "I requested a seat change"? This is different from when someone says "I made a request for a seat change." That doesn't bother me. Googling doesn't help me with the answer for this. Am I wrong for this to feel like nails on a blackboard?
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Advice on buying a new refrigerator?

I can't really complain that my refrigerator has just died: as near as I can tell, the thing is somewhere between 32-35 years old. Okay, that's been good service, but it's dead and now I need to replace it. Any recommendations on brands (either to avoid or preferred), designs (top freezer or bottom?), recommended places to buy from (I'm in northern Virginia --- is Home Depot okay?) or anything else you can think of is deeply appreciated! I'm not looking for anything fancy --- no double doors, fancy finishes, or water spigots in the door. Just a good, solid, dependable refrigerator that will last.
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I needs to travel home on the cheap! (From Tokyo to Ohio)

I am going to be moving back home from Japan (Narita or Haneda) to Ohio (Cleveland-Hopkins) in about 3 weeks to a month. I have not purchased a plane ticket yet, and have no clue where to start. I am considering doing a bit of traveling in between, but don't have too much money to spend so I would like to iron out the details of my return plans first. Help me, Metafilter! [more inside]
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London on the super-cheap

Even though I'm totally broke, I'm going to London for nine days at the end of August. Yes, the most expensive time to go. Plane tickets were bought with miles, and I'm staying with friends-of-friends. This is why I'm able to go at all. But I'd like some tips on how to have a good time while spending as little money as possible in a place I am totally unfamiliar with (and I want to bug my hosts as little as possible, too). [more inside]
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Where can I find the best documentaries from the past 30 years or so?

The Oscar nominees would be natural candidates, but as of '93, Ebert was complaining that the selection committee was completely unqualified: http://www.rogerebert.com/festivals-and-awards/oscarvoters-slight-best-documentaries . (As an aside: do his criticisms apply to the Academy Award documentary nominating committee today?) Where else should I look for credible lists of the best documentaries made recently?
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July 17

Woman Next Door Making Herself Throw Up Every Night

I'm up again listening to this poor woman torture herself, it's so loud. [more inside]
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mystery fridge shelf

We have a refrigerator/freezer shelf that fits in the door of our GE Profile fridge, but isn't shaped in a way that actually holds anything...if we put stuff in there, it just falls out. Dr. Google and the GE website are not helping me. What is this shelf for and can we use it for anything?
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Need miracle cure for acne

I'm sick of my moderate adult acne. I feel like I've tried everything. I want to know what worked for you-- specific treatments/remedies but also lifestyle changes/diet/etc. [more inside]
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Baby spiders all over my house - I want them GONE!

Some baby spiders were hatched in my house about a week or two ago. Every night before bed, after they have come out in the kitchen, I vacuum up about 10-20 of them. I have been doing this almost every night but they aren't stopping. They are just constant. It's mostly in the kitchen, but they gravitate to the upstairs bathroom as well. I have found at least one in just about every room in the house though. I don't know how fast house spiders grow, so maybe even more hatched. Just a few minutes ago, I felt what I thought was just a stray hair on my shoulder and it was a freaking baby spider (it might have fallen on me minutes earlier when I was trying to vaccum it up). I cannot take this anymore. It's disgusting and I am afraid they will get in my food (which I do cover up) or in my clothes I leave on my chair. What can I do? (More below.) [more inside]
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Why is this Bukowski poem poetry?

Yesterday I was reading a Bukowski poem, and as much as I enjoyed it, I got to wondering: "Why is this poetry?" [more inside]
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Jobs that would give me time to work on my own creative projects?

Are there paid jobs I could get that are non-demanding enough that they would give me long hours of free time to work on my own creative projects? [more inside]
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Should I get a window a/c for the bedroom even if we have central air?

We have a 2000sqft house with central air. We are fine keeping it at 76 or warmer during the day, but like a cold bedroom at night. Surely getting a window unit for our bedroom and closing the door makes more sense than cooling down the whole house at night. Even if we did close all the nonbedroom registers every night--which would be a chore I'd rather avoid. Is there any downside to this I'm not appreciating? Ot would it make no difference to our bill? Woulf it put less wear and tear on our central unit?
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What's the optimum carry-on rolling bag size?

On a recent trip from the US to Canada, my girlfriend's carry-on rolling bag was taken away from her on some flights, while mine was not. Strangely, they were picky on the A320 flight, but not the flight on the smaller Dash-8 propeller-driven plane. So, what's the optimal size for a carry-on rolling bag? [more inside]
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Looking to extract more info from this database

We are storing information about application hits in a database. Sadly my database/excel skills are pretty limited and I'd like some help getting more info out of the information we have. [more inside]
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Hangout spots near Andover, NH?

I have a lovely chance to get together with an old friend this weekend. I'll be picking her up in Andover, NH, where she'll be for a scientific conference. I don't know the area at all, and would love a recommendation for a near-ish spot that we could hang out, have a beer or two, and where my dog would be welcome to lounge on the patio. After all, my former roommate would put a hurt on me if I didn't bring the pup along. [more inside]
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Need a recommendation for an ADHD doc in Toronto

I need diagnosis and treatment. Looking for a good ADHD doc/clinic in Toronto, someone who can offer or at least refer me to psychotherapy as well as prescribing medication. Preferably someone who would take a referral from my family doc and will take ohip/insurance, but I'm willing to pay out of pocket if necessary. I'm located in the east end, someone on a subway line is preferable.
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When selling something on Ebay, how do I pay the final selling fee?

I'm new to ebay, and despite reading more FAQ pages than I care to admit, I still don't quite understand the process of selling something. [more inside]
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Drupal 7 Book for Web Developer

I'm a software developer by trade, primarily in .NET and web technologies. I know my way around HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery. I am building a new website for a church from the ground up, and I feel that Drupal is a good choice for the CMS. [more inside]
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Getting an advanced degree in a different subject than your undergrad?

What are the options available to me for getting an advanced degree in physics when I have an undergraduate degree in a completely different field? [more inside]
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History's most intriguing lost items

What are history's most intriguing lost items, including film footage, photographs, books, or inventions? [more inside]
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Advice needed re physical therapy

I am a 42 year-old who needs to get into shape. After trying and failing numerous times, I finally found a methodology I really enjoy. It is a boot camp at the local park. It is fun, different every time, encouraging, and worth getting out of bed at 5:15 am for. However, I've tweaked my knee, need physical therapy, and I have some questions. [more inside]
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.... ...... ..... so...

What are some fun games/safe foolproof topic for awkward silences? [more inside]
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Old-school country father-daughter dance songs?

What are the good old-school country songs I can two-step to with my dad at my upcoming wedding? Looking for stuff along the lines of the old country royalty - Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, etc. [more inside]
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Metaphors for the idea of America

For a song I'm writing, I'm looking for images that represent the positive ideal of America, however naive. Bubblegum, the beach boys, Jimmy Stewart, you get the idea. The song is titled 'Miss America' and I'm looking for images that represent the America I miss in present times. This is far from a rah-rah composition -- they really don't have to be unambiguous -- in fact the ambiguity is something I want to drill into in the song. But I'm looking for people, places, things, ideas that have at one time represented an ideal of 'America', in the abstract, that I can play with as images in a song. No wrong answers. Thanks.
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What are the job prospects for people 50+?

I was continuously employed for almost 30 years. I never came close to being fired and was actively pursued by many companies in my field. Less than a year after my 50th birthday I was laid off. That was over 4 years ago and I have been unable to get even an interview since then. I feel like trying to find employment is becoming more futile as time passes. My question is "Have you heard of anybody over 50, out of work for over 4 years being hired in any field? If, as I suspect, the answer is no, then what are my options? I have worked freelance jobs in order to survive, but I have also used up all of my savings during this period. At this point I am way in debt, I have 2 kids going to college, I am unable to afford health insurance and my marriage hangs by a thread. I suffer from depression and my confidence in my skills has been severely shaken. I am not prepared to spend another 20 or 30 years in these circumstances, but what choice do I have?
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I need a really good online shopper or a shoemaker, or both.

I need some help, pretty please. I want, nay need, these shoes. There is a very big problem. [more inside]
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Interesting foods to pack in the calories?

I need 3000 to 3500 calories a day to maintain my current (healthy) weight. Currently, I eat like a normal person, plus a full-sized bag of chips. This keeps my weight stable, but is obviously not ideal. Sometimes I have a fourth meal instead. I also eat a lot of peanuts. I love cooking and eating, but I'm kind of annoyed by this. It's feeling a bit like a chore. Ideas for foods / meals that are high calorie and healthy?
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What to expect from the NHS for mental health in London?

What should I expect if I go to my GP in East London about my mental health? [more inside]
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How does the whole exercise-improves-energy thing work?

I'm a newish mom who works from home. Mini-me sleeps through the night and we get plenty of rest, but I'm still utterly exhausted every day and it seems to be getting worse. I know it's time to start getting more exercise (I work from home now so I feel like I'm just on my butt all day every day) but I need delicious facts to convince my brain to go to the damn gym already. What type of exercise should I be doing and how long do I have to do it before I start to see an improvement in my energy levels?
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Shenanigans: Facebook or other?

On Facebook, I received a friend request from Miller. Did Miller send it? [more inside]
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"Late" to the game - Cultural/Therapy/Educational Qu. - Snowstorm?

Hey folks. I'm having some hang ups lately about arriving "late" to some areas of culture and life. I'm also still in a "phase" where I am reaching out, establishing new social circles, and attempting to validate a sense of self(I just* turned 24). Largely, I am wondering if any Mefites happen to recall stories of success, especially on a grand scale, of folks who pursued passions academic or not, a wee bit later in life and still fought/worked/finessed a means of becoming successful/happy/prolific in their fields or passions - especially after a means of difficult time or trauma. Super inspiration, please? Motive to keep going, work harder, even if you feel like you've been pretty beaten up/down and out for a little while? Stories of life-changing occurrences or pick-ups in character/pace, in a positive/radical/tremendous way? [more inside]
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How can I help my friend cope and accept her dogs death?

One of my best friends is having a really hard time with her dying canine. She has had this dog since I have know her (14 years) and since the dog was a puppy. She has had some tough times in the years I have known her, and this dog has been her constant companion and helped her power through those times when she struggled even to get out of bed in the morning. She is (rightfully) having a really hard time letting go, though at this point it is the right thing to do. [more inside]
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More output!

What are some unusual output devices that might provide me with hours of entertainment and nifty physical items? (With as little hands-on maintenance as possible.) [more inside]
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Learning disabled artist blogs?

Who represents learning disabled artists? Or how can I find blogs or catalogs that feature learning disabled or developmentally disabled artists working in any media? Europe and South America especially but welcoming feedback about the rest of the world. Thanks!
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Not-too-easy/Not-too-hard German books

Question for German speakers: I would like some reading material to improve my German. I've studied it for a while and have passively absorbed many words, but usually in the context of vocabulary lists and such. I don't want anything really easy however. [more inside]
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How do I let go of the bullshit?

I just authored a very public, very high profile work of art. This is my first big entry into a field that I have been working in for a couple of years. I'm very proud of it, and, for the most part, it's been received really well. But, of course, there have been people who have nitpicked at it, and I find myself dwelling on those criticisms. [more inside]
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The best housewares from around the world!

What are the best household items or life accessories from around the world that most Americans probably aren't familiar with? [more inside]
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Carry-On Travel Bag for Lots of Various Electronics Items?

I'm looking for a travel bag that will hold the following: 15.6" laptop, 10" DVD player, 9" tablet, small camcorder, Kindle e-reader, mp3 player, various cords and power adapters. Any and all recommendations welcome. Bonus points if I can purchase it with 2-day shipping.
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Help me buy a smart phone, please?

My contract for my dumbphone is up and I think it is finally time for me to upgrade to a smartphone. However, I have a few questions about the type of phone and the service provider. [more inside]
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Help with finding a specific, free wingding character?

Looking for font help. [more inside]
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I need a break from myself

Six weeks ago I was flying high! Nothing could go wrong in my life and I woke up every morning with the smug satisfaction that life was superb and nothing could bring me down....Unfortunately, everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong in the last few weeks and I need help bringing myself out of this funk. [more inside]
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Looking for books about narcissistic parents

I’m looking for books (fiction and non-fiction) about children dealing with narcissistic parents. The kind of parents I want to read about will present a perfect front to the outside world, but in private will emotionally abuse their children to serve their own needs. These parents are attention seekers, self-pitying, deny that hurtful incidents occurred (gaslighting), play family members off against each other, are infantile and manipulative, are obsessed by others having a positive view of them, undermine their children’s autonomy, disregarding their privacy and personal space (give their possessions away, denigrate them in public, eat food off their plates) – but ALWAYS claim that the abuse is for the child’s own good and are usually seen by other adults as very good parents. The abused offspring I want to read about – both children and adults – become compulsive caretakers, are frequently confused by their parent’s behaviour, learn not to trust their own feelings and experience overwhelming feelings of inadequacy. For a long time they may be duped into believing the myth that their parent is loving and that they (the child) are the cause of their own unhappiness. If possible I would like books that focus entirely on emotional abuse rather than it being part of a broader spectrum of abuse. Thank you!
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Best Art Bell episodes?

I grew up listening to late-night spooky radio like Art Bell and George Noory. Recently on a road trip I burned a few CDs sort of at random to keep me company. Now I'm interested in digging through the archives to find the best episodes ever. Do any stand out to you? Please share!
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Do latest-generation external hard drives work seamlessly?

I am considering buying a new Macbook Pro with a solid-state drive, but the drives built into the laptop do not offer enough storage for me. If I buy an external Thunderbolt hard drive, will the laptop be able to seamlessly play music and video from files stored on the hard drive, or is there likely to be an annoying lag? Apart from portability, are there any technical issues with relying on an external hard drive for primary storage and everyday use? I am a fairly ordinary but media-heavy user.
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Roth IRA early withdrawal: am I doing this right?

I have made 20k in Roth IRA direct contributions over the past few years. That investment is now worth 25k with interest earned. I wish to withdraw 5-10k from this account. Will that withdrawal be tax and penalty free? [more inside]
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Safari does not show xkcd images?

In my annals of bizarre tech questions this has to be the oddest. When I use safari as a web browser and try to view xkcd - the comic flashes on the screen briefly but then is replaced with an empty space. I tried reseting safari, manually deleting the cache file, disabling extensions but it keeps happening. More maddeningly it does not happen on any other website as far as I can tell. But - it also happens when i try to view xkcd images in newsblur (rss reader). and - when i open webinspector in safari the image displays in there just fine. (here is a screenshot ) I'm again going mad - what could be causing one website to blank its image? btw if i click "open image in new tab" then i can see the comic but not in a normal (or news blur) window. (running safari 6.0.4 on Mountain Lion 10.8.3)
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How do you just... not talk?

My voice is possibly damaged; I can speak, but I probably shouldn't. Any tips on how to remember this? [more inside]
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What comics originating in Spanish should I read?

I'm attending San Diego Comic-Con this year, and it occurs to me that while San Diego is right next to Mexico, I know nothing about native comics in Spanish-speaking countries. This prior AskMe is more interested in learning Spanish, what I'm more interested in is works originating in Spanish rather than texts I'd be familiar with. I've read comics originating in Europe and in Japan, and it surprises me to think I can't think of any originating in Spanish. Older, new, comic books, comic strips, editorial cartoons, even webcomics would apply.
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Low stress jobs for art school grad

I just graduated from Bath School of Art and Design with a BA in Graphic Communication (mainly graphic design and illustration with some film and animation) and I'm not sure what to do next. I'm not really interested in becoming a graphic designer which is what most of my uni friends are doing. My favourite thing is film and I've been thinking about pursuing film editing or animation, but I'm worried that the film industry might be too high pressure. I'm bipolar and I have social anxiety so I can't handle a lot of stress. What are some relatively low stress careers for an introverted art school grad?
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Where is this magical place?

I'm looking for a place in New York City to dance to 90s pop and hip hop djs. Would love to avoid expensive, velvet-rope clubs and I'm not a fan of techno/house/electronica. [more inside]
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Question about "adult" behavior by children

How disturbed should we be by our 5-year-old's sexual behavior toward her father? [more inside]
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How to choose a couples counsellor?

We're seeking couples counseling. We're in London, so there seem thousands of options; how do we pick out the right person for us? I don't think there's anything super-remarkable about our situation, so we don't need a expert in something super-specialised, but it seems like lots of listings are for general-therapists rather than specialists on couples - is this a problem? If so, how do I find the latter kind? If anyone knew someone in London who they'd had good experiences with, that would be super helpful too!
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Why is there a rack of really old greeting cards at the conveniencstore?

The newsstand / convenience store in my office building has a half-empty rack of really old greeting cards. Is there a business reason why these cards are taking up prime retail space in the store? [more inside]
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Nice country pub lunch on the A34 between Oxford and Winchester (UK)?

I'm off on a longish drive down to the Dorset coast a week tomorrow. Would like to stop off for a spot of lunch, and I'm thinking at some point on the A34 between Oxford and Winchester. Does anyone know of a nice gastropub type establishment close by? Say, within a 10 - 15 minute drive of the main road? Would much prefer a rural setting than going into Oxford as well. [more inside]
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What can a woman wear to an office with a business formal dress code?

I need to make sure I have the right wardrobe for my new job. The new gig involves a business formal dress code. As a woman who has never worked anywhere with a strict dress code before, I am a bit confused/concerned about what to wear to the office. Is it okay to "recycle" the essence of the same outfit throughout the week, like guys tend to do? [more inside]
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This is a long shot

There's a particular comedy actor I've seen in a few movies (which I can't remember) and I'm trying to identify him. I don't have much to go on here but maybe you guys can help. [more inside]
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Looking for an ideal field bag for science in the bush.

I've just finished a few months of fieldwork and my thoughts are turning to how I might make the next expedition go more smoothly and comfortably than the last. I have realized that I really need a separate bag for field gear -- for camera equipment, dissection tools, chemicals, etc. I think I know what sort of thing I'm after, but I don't know how to find it. [more inside]
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How do I back up a diary?

I have a diary I write in every night. If it were to be lost or damaged I'd be sad, as I like to look back in it. Any advice on how to back it up? If I'm going to scan it, how do I organize it on my Mac? [more inside]
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Feeling terrible dealing with my dad's cancer

My dad who is 84 years old lives in Asia and he was diagnosed with stomach cancer 2 months back.I am his only daughter now as my brother met with an accident and passed away 4 years back.My mom died 20 years back too.He is under the care of my wonderful cousin.I went to see him a month ago and spent some quality time.He was doing fine till last Friday.I have been talking to him twice daily.Suddenly he has started deteriorating and doctors feel his end is very near.I am feeling terrible now.I didnt feel this much when i lost my mom & brother!but i am close to my dad.Thats why probably. [more inside]
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Favourite examples of foreboding or suspense in literature?

What are your favourite examples of building tension or suspense in literature? Ideally these are brief moments, single paragraphs or small scenes, compelling the reader to continue on, worried about what will follow. [more inside]
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I love my wife AND my parents...so...HELP!

My parents are both getting older and it seems likely that their health will continue to deteriorate over the next few years. This means that I (and my lovely wife) are being called upon more and more frequently to help. So....the good news (depending on your point of view) is that we have successfully convinced them that they really need to 1. move to a one-level home that is more suitable to their lifestyle AND 2. move closer to us so that we can help more. Special snowflake details after the jump... [more inside]
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How can I get a perfect credit score?

How can I get a perfect credit score? I have no debt and plenty of cash. [more inside]
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Excel Chart Coloring Issues

I've got three pie charts in excel that show the same cut of information (location of sales) for three time periods: current month, current year YTD, last year YTD, with each chart fed by tables that rank locations by total sales for each time period. I want the color for any given location to be the same in each chart, regardless of its rank for each of the three time periods. How do I do that? [more inside]
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Is EquityKey available in the UK?

I've heard of any equity release scheme called EquityKey. It's based in the US. Is there anything similar in the UK? [more inside]
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Recipes For Stale Bread

I have an endless supply of baguette and ciabatta, thanks to my current brokeness and my teenage background as a dumpster-diving crust punk (pun intended). It's preservative free, high quality french bakery bread that is about 12 hours old when I acquire it. It's already a little stale, and moulders within two days. I'm looking for tips on storage and for about a million recipes I can utilize to use it all up. [more inside]
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Papercuts on my labia?

What's going on with my lady bits? [more inside]
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Hiding chronic illness from people

I have been living with chronic illness for around 10 years now. I am only able to work part time, but I look completely healthy on the outside. Nobody apart from my family knows about it. I hide it for many reasons but unfortunately this makes it unable to get really close to anyone. What to do? [more inside]
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Have I been hacked? If so, how, why, what do I do about it?

I've been getting strange emails telling me relatively benign things. Should I be concerned? [more inside]
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Cheap accomodation in Toronto for the 2013 Film Festival?

I am visiting Toronto for the Tiff film festival on the 5th September, and can't find budget accomodation.... [more inside]
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Surely somebody sells a basic red and white striped t-shirt?

I'm headed to the beach next weekend. I have a spiffy boater hat for sun protection. I would love to find a red and white striped t-shirt to complete the Victorian/Edwardian-ish seaside look, but I am having a heck of a time finding one. [more inside]
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Looking for bandana print handkerchiefs.

I have a single bandana-paisley print handkerchief. I would like to find more, but I am having trouble. What I want is something all cotton that ranges from ~12" square to ~16" square. Regular bandanas are great, but the standard 22" square size is too large for what I am looking for. Can you help? [more inside]
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Can you recommend a media asset management solution for small workgroup?

Looking for software suggestions for a media asset management system for a small workgroup setting, mostly on OS X hardware. [more inside]
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How much do attorneys / law firms spend on advertising every month?

I know this question is rather vague since the size of the law firms may be different, and localities affect advertising rates. But in your experience, how much do law firms / attorneys spend on advertising every month?
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Voltage drop, amperage increase?

We had an electrical incident where I work a couple of nights ago, and I'm trying to wrap my brain around it. Our house engineers have maintained systems at 150 amps on legs with 200 amp fuses. The power company reported a power dip, shortly after which we blew two of the 200 amp fuses. What happened? We had a drop in available voltage, so our amperage demand shot up? [more inside]
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What's a good small-group organisation system?

I have a group of friends with whom I'd like to organise miscellaneous stuff, mostly various different conversations but potentially also the usual complement of files, todo lists, and photos. At the moment we have one massive email thread that everyone replies to, but there must be a better way to keep multiple conversations going at once! [more inside]
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July 16

Learning about Tucson (online) from people who live there.

Know any blogs, websites or online publications that talk regularly about Tucson, AZ or are authored by people that live in Tucson? Particularly interesting might be ones that lean toward "lifestyle" "craft" "cooking" "outdoors/hiking" or even "mommy" blogs from the Tuscon area... [more inside]
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How can I change the name on my Comic-Con guest's badge?

I have a "Professional" registration for San Diego Comic Con. They give you a guest badge with that and you have to specify the other person's name, which I did back in January. My original guest decided not to go, and I want to change it to another friend. The email I got with my reg ID said "there is no onsite professional registration and no guests will be added when you arrive. If guest corrections are needed, log in to the EPIC online registration system with your Comic-Con Member ID and last name and make any necessary corrections." (Emphasis in original.) Ok, great. But how do I actually do that? [more inside]
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Name this fake documentary style nature show from IFC from 15 years ago.

I saw this series of shows a while back. 15 years ago maybe. 12? 17? I think they were on IFC, but that could be wrong. They were fictional nature shows, sort of like Discovery Channel style. They just had a voice over guy I think. Not a host. Except for that last show I think, where he froze to death or died somehow. I think. I might have also been some side project from a famous actor or something. As you can tell, all these details are pretty grey. Any of it ringing a bell? Thanks.
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How many diaries are sold in America per year?

How many (new, unmarked) diaries are sold each year in America? Roughly what percentage of them are actually used?
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Italian Greyhound puppy and 8yo boy - what next?

My son just got an Italian Greyhound puppy for his 8th birthday. This is his first pet other than a couple of goldfish, and neither my partner nor I have had a puppy since we were young children ourselves. Please help us do our best not to muck things up in the first few weeks. [more inside]
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Is this better? Or this?

How do automatic optometric machines work? Why don't U.S. optometrists use them (or why do they do a manual followup?) [more inside]
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What's the skinny on medical marijuana in AZ?

I moved to Arizona a while back and get prescription for medical marijuana. I am unfamiliar with the process as I moved from a state without medical marijuana. I've read the FAQs on the AZDHS website and I know that any doctor is available to prescribe this to me. However- how do you go about finding a doctor when there are so many to choose from? [more inside]
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Stair walker?

My 90 year old grandmother lives by herself in a house in which she needs to use stairs, but it's getting harder and harder these days. I know about electric lifts, but I recall a news story about a year or two ago in which a British teenage girl made a simple but brilliant invention: a track is posted on the wall above the stairs, and a large handle swings out perpendicular, and you grab onto the post/handle and pull yourself up or down the stairs. What is this invention and where can I get one online? Googling is hard because I can't think of what you'd call this...stair walker?
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Keep this dog out of my bed

My puppy was neutered yesterday and today the incision area seems to be infected. How do I keep him from jumping up on and down from my bed during the night? [more inside]
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Boric acid use by doctors

I went to the ear nose and throat doctor today for a ear problem and he "puffed" boric acid powder into my ears that was in a clear glass bottle with a metal horizontal straw that puffed the white powder. Is this usually pure boric acid powder or do they dilute it with cornstarch or baby powder or something. It seems like it would be too strong to use the pure stuff but what do I know.
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How do I stop relationship doubts from becoming self-fulfilling?

I'm having doubts about whether I'm in love with my partner and whether I want to stay with him. We've been together 5 1/2 years and lived together for almost 4. Because I've started thinking more about doubts I have, I think I'm becoming more sensitive to things about them that bother me, which makes me doubt even more. They also make me feel guilty and isolated from my partner, which makes things feel even worse.

I'm not asking whether I should stay, but for advice on how to stop doubts from metastasizing and making me feel miserable 24/7, while still working through them. Also, for advice on how to be kind and honest with my partner during this time.

PS I have a therapist I was seeing a year ago, yes Mefi I'm calling her right now... let me know if there's anything in particular I should ask her about - CBT etc? [more inside]
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Where to buy girls' cotton nightgowns?

I'm looking for 100% cotton summer nightgowns for Go Banana jr., which is proving to be much more difficult than expected as everything appears to be polyester (so they don't burst into flame, apparently). I found exactly what I want through Boden, but alas they are entirely sold out in her size. Where can I buy these? It would be ideal to buy them in person in the Toronto area, but on-line is also fine. I'm looking for size 7-8.
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Photo Scanning Service - 2013 version

It's been asked before, but what's the current best recommendation for a service that can scan several thousand family photos? [more inside]
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How to handle a negative review on Yelp?

I'm a hostess at an upscale restaurant on the weekends, I have a higher-paying full time job during the week. I have many ADD symptoms I've struggled with, so it's much more challenging for me than the average person. I'm proud of myself for taking the job and building upon my weaknesses (i.e., low spatial intelligence). I was taking a look at the Yelp reviews while working there tonight and my heart SANK - a customer wrote a very nasty review about me, and specified the date, so it can be traced back to me. It was a busy night and I'd had an extremely stressful day before I got there, I know that's no excuse, but I was doing the best I could. Is there anything I can do? Should I message the person explaining/apologizing? If I do, should I ask them to take it down? Should I just quit so they can find someone better? I hate feeling this way. I was laughing, having a good time with the servers tonight, then after reading this felt like crying, everyone could tell something was wrong. I thought I was doing something good for myself by taking this job.
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What's this movie about a mall and debt?

Inspired by a comment on the blue, I can't stop thinking about this. I seem to remember a movie where people who got into debt were forced to work at the mall (maybe the mall was a corporation?) until they paid it off. Help me not go insane... [more inside]
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What's in a name? Name an integrated human services center

My employer, a nonprofit in the Denver Metro area, is opening an integrated human services center. We desperately need a name. [more inside]
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We maybe should have gone with the cupholder add-ons

Coasters! We just got a new beautifully crafted wood table. It's super fancy with removable leaves and an inset layer (for puzzle doin'!) and extra doohickeys for boardgaming and it's going to be for games, eating, laptopping, and more. Problem: I am a slob. Problem 2: I have never been in the habit of using coasters. Problem 3: We don't own any coasters right now I can make myself use right away. So, how did you get yourself into the coaster-using habit? Would you do some window-shopping for really lovely/amazing/innovative coasters and share links with me? And, what should I do when I inevitably forget to use a coaster to minimize any damage? In the past I've either not cared enough about the furniture for it to matter, or it's not been wood. [more inside]
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I just want to scroll down!

Yesterday evening the down arrow key on my laptop computer started behaving strangely. [more inside]
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How many mistakes do most people make in a day or week?

I worry that I make an abnormally large amount of mistakes at work. How often is "normal" to make mistakes? [more inside]
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Great mini-tattoo artist?

I'm interested in a mini tattoo and am looking for recommendations for an exceptional artist. It's a hard thing to do (Oliver Peck is obviously the best) so any thoughts you have for anyone you know about (ideally in the Boston or San Francisco area) would be appreciated.
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Burned a lot of bridges

I wanted to start this post with an apology to everyone. I have been going through a rough period of time and am realizing that I am not the person that I thought I was. I've been told that everyone goes through rough periods in life, and I wanted to ask what others have done when they realize that they have some serious issues that they need to sort out. [more inside]
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how to clean kitchen after plumbing disaster?

A plumbing disaster in my 100 year old apartment building led to a geyser of black water in my kitchen sink. How meticulous should I get when cleaning it up? [more inside]
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Long time no poop:

I'm recovering from food poisoning. It's been a week now without a "proper" bowel movement. I feel mostly OK otherwise. How long is too long? GI and minipoop details inside. [more inside]
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How should four roommates go about getting a couch in NYC?

I'm down to buy a couch, but I don't want to own a couch. I think everyone else I'm living with feels the same. But we have a big empty living room and need a couch. [more inside]
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Can you help me to rewire this very old telephone?

As part of my ongoing efforts to remain stuck in the twentieth century, I'm trying to rewire and use this telephone. [more inside]
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help me figure out what I might like on Steam.

Looking for game suggestions to buy on Steam. [more inside]
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local,non internet connected , wifi browseable photo album

A local bar takes a lot of photos and currently lets people look at them later in real world photo albums. They already get cds of digital images at the time of printing and future picture taking will increase the number of albums to be stored and handled. They currently have no internet access and they have no wish to just dump the images online. Seeing the librarybox and its parent Piratebox i was thinking of a similar setup w php and ,say, tiny web gallery( no db needed) installed to allow local wireless browsing. Resized photos on a 32Gb drive. Cheap ( approx £60 ),no moving parts, runs quiet and cool. Simpler than an old laptop ,rPi or mac mini. Is there something simpler than this or already made up? Any better ideas ? i see lots of solutions for music handling but not images. There may be multiple groups looking for pictures of themselves from years before as worst case.
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How should I transport my steno machine?

I'm looking for a bag to carry my steno machine around in and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. [more inside]
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How to use IOS / MMS Group Messaging effectively

IOS (and maybe MMS in general?) group messaging seems broken from a conceptual standpoint, and I want to understand: 1. How is it supposed to work 2. Why doesn't it work this way 3. How cell phone users can petition the responsible parties to fix it. [more inside]
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Great illustrated version of "The Hobbit?"

My 11 year-old nephew has "The Hobbit" as one of his summer reading books. I'd like to find him an illustrated copy. [more inside]
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Is there a smoke/carbon monoxide alarm that is dark?

I need to add some hardwired combined smoke/carbon monoxide detectors to my house. I like it to be very dark when I sleep and so I would like to install alarms that do not emit light (either steady or blinking) during normal use. Does such a thing exist? [more inside]
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fb is fb & other sites are other sites, and never the twain shall meet?

facebook/big brother-filter: in what ways is facebook (and for that matter other email/social media sites) passively connecting logged-in users to other sites they visit? [more inside]
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ExcelFilter: Why do my arrow keys select objects instead of nudge?

Excel 2010. Inside a chart. Arrow keys select other objects/elements inside the chart, instead of nudging. In an identical chart in the same worksheet, the arrow keys work fine (they nudge objects/elements). Scroll Lock is not enabled. The "select objects" option in the Find and Select menu does nothing. Google shows nothing. Help!
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Whitman pastiche/parody

Years ago I read a parody of Whitman (mostly a pastiche of A Song of Joys, IIRC) which I have largely forgotten, except for a single line: playing on WW's tendency to exhortations and his supreme self-regard, it was along the lines of "Lumberjack, fell your mighty tree! But not until I, Walt Whitman, am safely out of the way." Googling this fragment, parts of it, and variants of it avails me naught. Anyone else recall this?
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How to dress with a knee brace?

I broke my leg 10 days ago, and had surgery on it this past weekend. While I've been fine hopping around the house and to doctor's offices in shorty-shorts or mens basketball shorts I've started thinking about what I should wear back to the office. [more inside]
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Stop the nightly grind

For the past couple of months, I have started to regularly grind my teeth, loud enough to wake my boyfriend and cause me a significant amount of jaw pain. I really want this to stop. I have tried two different drug store nightguards--the boil & bite one did not fit so great, and another non-boil one which seems to fit pretty well, but neither one of them seems to stay in my mouth while I sleep. I am a very active sleeper, and I suspect I am taking them out of my mouth while I sleep since I have woken up a few times with the nightguard in my hand. I have seen my dentist, but I am not sure what else I can do. More details below. [more inside]
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Watch your vegetables first, then dessert

My ten year old wants to spend most of her summer days on the couch streaming TV over our roku. It is a zillion degrees outside with 200% humidity, so I sort of understand the couch potato impulse. How can I direct her so that her couch potato time doesn't spud her brain? [more inside]
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Good free (or really cheap) system to poll an audience while lecturing?

Does anyone know of a good site or software that is free or cheap that lets you: 1) Ask a poll or multiple choice question during lecture and, perhaps, in the next slide, populate a graph with the results? Again, thanks in advance for any good links here. [more inside]
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"historacle" just feels silly to me

Is there a term for a seer/diviner/oracle that is only able to see into the past? I'm willing to grab one from a non-English language if there is a word that means specifically "a seer who can only see the past", but English is prefered. Antiquated terms are OK. Bonus points for interesting etymological details (or links to interesting etymological details). [more inside]
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How to find a former occupant of one's home?

I keep getting a bank notice for a former occupant of my home who has a relatively common name. This person needs to know about the bank notice. Is there a way for me to find her? [more inside]
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Advice for applying to grad school and coming up with a backup plan.

I need to figure out what I'll do if I don't get in. [more inside]
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Tracking Changes in Google Calendar

I swear I found an answer to this before but I am stumped now. I have a scheduling conflict at work and I use Google Calendar for staff scheduling. Two people have requested vacation on the same day and I need to know who entered the request first.
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At what point do I step back from being the supportive friend?

I need help deciding how to set boundaries with a friend - if I should even BE setting these sorts of boundaries. More within. [more inside]
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Studying abroad at the London College of Fashion , what not to miss?

My interests include historical fashion (BBC dramas!), bird watching, music. I'll be there from late-August thru November 2013. More info inside: [more inside]
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Trip to Nashville/Mammoth Cave on a budget?

I'm looking to do a mini road trip to Nashville from Aug. 2nd-4th and drive through Mammoth Cave on my way home on the 4th. I want to maximize awesomeness while minimizing cost. I'm pretty open in terms of ideas, but I like museums, music, and antiques, and I plan to at least do one of the tours of Mammoth Cave when I get there. I will have camping equipment with me but I'd prefer to have shower facilities while in Nashville. Any suggestions? Things to see? Free attractions? Ways to save money (especially on food)? Favorite Mammoth Cave tour?
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finding a working 45 player

My awesome father in law has amassed a huge collection of 45 records. He would really like a dedicated 45 player (so he can play them without using a converter). His birthday is coming up in a couple weeks. How can I find him a player that works, and how much should I expect to pay for it?
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Of course it was the fried rice. It was always the fried rice.

How do I make restaurant-quality fried rice at home? [more inside]
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How to keep track of exhibitions and gallery shows?

I live in a major city with a ton of interesting gallery and museum exhibitions. I've too often found that I missed a show. Is there an iphone app that will easily keep track only of shows I'm interested in seeing, listing their opening and closing dates? Or has anyone found a successful way to keep track? Bonus: a reminder letting me know when they're closing soon. Also interested in evernote and google calendar solutions.
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Beyond Capitalism: A Corporate State

What scholarly or popular works are there out there exploring what a world would be like where nations have been replaced by corporations in a complicated, non-dystopian way? [more inside]
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Cheap(er) international book/media shipping?

I need to ship a bunch of books internationally; is there a better option than USPS M-bags? [more inside]
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What would be the PPP impact of cancellations of debt?

Economics question regarding the relationship between the relatively high purchasing power of the "developed nations" and the debts (sovereign and other) of the so called "developing nations". If the Make Poverty History campaigns to cancel debts of developing nations are successful will this result in a noticeable reduction in the purchasing power of average people in "creditor nations" like the UK, USA, Germany, etc? [more inside]
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What does it look like when it's real?

I have been out of a relationship for two years and working on myself emotionally, socially, and spiritually to clear out issues and limiting beliefs I have around dating and intimacy. I am currently in individual therapy to deal with personal stuff and have recently agreed (with prompting by my therapist) to participate in group therapy specific to dating and relationships. [more inside]
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Looking for some kind of California/Nevada resort that has baby care

So I'm dating this single mom with a 6 month old. It's been going well but all our dates end with her rushing to take care of her baby - as a mom should. But she clearly needs a rest and I'm trying to figure out if I can take her on a vacation anywhere. Is there somewhere in the Northern California/Nevada area that is some kind of resort with stuff to do AND offers babysitting for a six month old as part of the package? Is there a name for resorts or vacations or recreation options like this? As a single guy with no kids I have no idea what the options are here. So please...educate me.
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Best prepaid cell phone option for emergencies-only phone?

What's the best prepaid cell phone option for an emergencies-only phone? [more inside]
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I have had an intermittent toothache for the last week and a half.

It comes and goes. Some days I feel completely fine and on others I am in 7/10 degree agony. I have no dental insurance and finally ponied up to be examined today. The dentist took an xray and did an examination and everything looked perfectly fine. She showed me the xray and although she's the professional not me, I have to concur that I saw no abnormalities. She said the gums look fine and that there should be no reason for me having pain. The affected tooth is the second molar in from the back on the bottom lefthand side. [more inside]
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Having a bit of a mental health crisis, not sure what to do next

I've hit a low and am considering psychiatric hospitalization, but none of the psychiatrists in my area seem to treat the condition that seems to be at the heart of my problems (ADHD). I'm also very, very depressed. What can I do to get through the next hours, days and weeks? [more inside]
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Pitting Medela against Medela in the breast pump faceoff

OK, similar questions have been asked here but I'm looking for a very specific answer. My insurance covers two kinds of Medela breast pumps (which friends tell me are the best): The Pump In Style Advanced (at a cost to me of $89), and the Freestyle ($159). It also covers the Medela Advanced Personal Double Breast Pump, about which I know nothing including the cost to me. I've read mixed things about the two pumps: That the Freestyle is great, or that people have experienced reduced flow after using it; and that the Pump in Style is great, but that it's very inconvenient. If you're among the lucky ladies who've had personal experience with these pumps, can you tell me what you think? This is our first kid and I think I'd really benefit from your advice. Thanks!
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How can I help Marissa Alexander stand her ground?

What can an ordinary 20-something do to help Marissa Alexander who was sentenced to 20 years for firing a warning shot? [more inside]
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How do I teach my children to swim? Help me be a better swimming teacher

I have two little boys ages 5 and 3. The five-year old won't put his face in the water, so it is hard to teach him to swim correctly. The younger one is just starting to go in the water, so I would like to do what I can to make him comfortable. What advice can you give me to help teach my children to swim? How can I help my older one get over his dislike of water in the face? [more inside]
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Best Online Writing Groups/Workshops?

What are the best online writer's groups or workshops, especially for genre (scifi/fantasy) fiction? Active community of geeks wanted. Help a writer get serious about her stories. [more inside]
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Adobe Premiere Suddenly hates a video clip I use EVERY DAY.

I have a little 11 second video clip (Vanity Clip) that I put on the beginning of all of my videos. I have been using the same clip for 2+ years. I have multiple, multiple, copies of it backed up. All of a sudden this morning, Premiere is cutting the clip EXACTLY in half horizontally. On the top is just black. Every other clip in the project is fine. [more inside]
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how can a violinist, a guitarist, or a percussionist sound like trumpet?

I am a violinist/violist in a band with a guitarist/vocalist and a percussionist. We are an indie folk band. For a new project, I'd just LOVE to have the sound of a trumpet play a little melody. We could just get a trumpet player for a rehearsal and the show, but we really like to try to do everything ourselves as much as possible. What are some ways we can achieve a sound as close to a trumpet as possible? [more inside]
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What is this mystery thing?

In the top left of the main photo on this website there is a large balloon/bag-like thing that seems to be hanging from the ceiling. Any ideas what it could be?
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how much water does our garden need?

My wife is an avid gardener with a permaculture bent. We have a 1/3 acre suburban lot. Of our available gardening area, 1/3 is lawn which we do not water, 1/3 is stuff that we do not water. 1/3 is dwarf fruit trees, berry bushes, raised beds, vegetables, fig tree, a variety of plants. How can I understand what an appropriate amount of watering is needed for this amount of garden? [more inside]
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And more importantly: are they made for walking?

Dear internet people of Metafilter, What boots is this woman wearing? Shallowly yours, Skyanth
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I need to shed some land in Colorado.

Due to a ridiculous series of events, I am in quasi-possession of some land in Huerfano County, Colorado. Due to what I understand is a Colorado-specific difficult process of inheritance, the land (in my late wife's name) is more expensive to transfer to me than it is worth and since it is in her name, I can't even gift it. It costs me $100 or more annually to hold onto this acreage, and I am considering abandoning it. [more inside]
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Austin: Seeking quality ongoing manic-depression / bipolar support group

I spoke last week with a close friend who recently found out -- in an interesting way -- that she has this manic depression illness, aka bipolar disorder. Knowing that I've dealt with it myself over the years, she asked me if I have found any helpful F2F support groups here in Austin. My answer -- I have not. She's looking for a group to join, a place to meet, talk with, support and gain support from a community of people suffering this thing but willing to do the work to kick free, such as they are able to. She's open to starting a group herself, and/or even hosting it in her South Austin home, if there are not currently any good meetups available. [more inside]
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Help me feel at home.

I just moved house... and I am sad. This is stupid. Please help me make a new home for myself. [more inside]
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Back Filter: Support me night and day

I've a problem with my back which I've asked about previously. I'm seeing a physiotherapist who has given me some advice about supporting it. First, to wear supportive shoes, and second, to sleep using an extra pillow for support. Can you help me out with both of these, fellow sufferers? Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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July 15

You say heatwave, I say tomato, no, what?

Over the past few days, I've seen reports in the British media about the upcoming heatwave featuring sky-high blazing temperatures of over 30C. What? [more inside]
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Dostoevsky's Novel "The Idiot"

Reading the novel in English translation, I was surprised by the characters "blushing" in any number of situations. It seemed excessive and un-natural. Or perhaps the translator used "blush" for a word that doesn't have the same meaning in Russian. Can a Russian speaker, having read "The Idiot" in the original, tell me why this constant "blushing" in the English version?
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Coding in a corner of the world

I’m a US citizen and would like to go somewhere for a coding 'vacation' for a few months. Essentially I just want to live somewhere cheap and work to improve my software development skills – learn new languages, build a couple projects, etc. Where could/should I go? [more inside]
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Looking for a new public high school in nyc....

SO. My friend is about to get her teaching certification from the NYC Teaching Fellows program. Very exciting! At the end of the program, she will be eligible to teach at a high school in NYC. HOWEVER, apparently due to some current hiring freeze, she's only able to apply to jobs at public (non-charter) high schools that have opened in the past three years. Is there some database online that lists...um... dates when particular nyc schools opened? Or, do any of YOU know of a public h.s. in your neighborhood that opened in the past couple years? We're at a loss as to how to search for these schools! Anywhere in nyc will do.
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Recruiting Company for Employer Requesting Credit Report

I have been offered a job in the city I'm moving to -- only the recruiting company that the company offering me the position uses for hiring processes not only wants me to submit to the regular drug screen and background check -- but also to a credit check. According to my state's law, this may be illegal. I have hospital bills spanning from a surgery I had to get a few years ago after I lost my job/ insurance. Can I spin this in my favor at all or am I screwed? [more inside]
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From One Battery to Another

How long can I use the battery in my vehicle to charge my smartphone without the vehicle running before I drain the battery too much to subsequently start my vehicle? [more inside]
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How can I find Budweiser Select 55?

My favorite beer in the world has disappeared! Ralphs does not carry it and all the vendors listed on the bud 55 website seem to not carry it anymore. I have searched for news that it's been discontinued but nothing comes up. How can I more directly contact Budweiser to find out where on earth I can still get the stuff? I think I'll buy 500 bottles just in case! I have tried contacting them through their website with no luck! This stuff is vital in keeping my husbands weight at a steady number as well.
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What did I eat and what do I do about it?

I just had a bite of a popsicle that tasted like saltwater and/or salty chemicals. The bite reached the back of my throat and then I spit it out and rinsed/gargled my mouth with lots of water. I can still taste salty-chemical-somethingness at the back of my throat. Now what? [more inside]
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Cusco: What did I just drink?

In the plazas in Cusco the vendors sell some kind of sweet tea, but my Spanish wasn't good enough to figure out exactly what was going into the tea. On the right side of the cart were five or six bottles filled with brightly colored liquids. In the middle of the cart was a cauldron of boiling water and herbs. The herbs had small leaves and lots of seeds - it wasn't coca. The tea was made with a shot of sugar syrup, splashes from each of the colored liquids except for the dark green one (never the green one! and not all carts even had the green liquid), and a large scoop of the herbal tea. The result was a sweet, somewhat fruity, hot tea. If anyone is familiar with this, do you have any idea what any of the herbs or syrups were?
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Ideas for Bride/Groom Wedding Shower Gifts - Outdoors/Nature Inspired

My two good friends are getting hitched in September. Both are going to be present at the 'wedding shower'. I'm trying to come up with a good gift to give them that is outdoor/nature themed. My original idea was to get them something like a double person sleeping bag (way too expensive though.. $200+) and now I'm still trying to put something together. I will probably add in a giftcard with $20 on it for them to purchase midnight snacks, smores ingredients. As their wedding gift I will be getting them the National Park Annual Pass which is why I'm hoping their gift now can be used during their camping/hiking adventures. They have all the typical gear like tents, boots, etc. Any other clever ideas out there?
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Ultrabook recommendations for summer 2013.

I'm in the market for an ultrabook with the following specs:
  • 13" or larger
  • 256 GB SSD (or user-upgradable)
  • 8GB RAM (or user-upgradable)
  • available with Win7
  • touchscreen, tablet mode, and other niceties strictly optional
I'd like to spend less than $2000 all told. What are my options?
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Great essays and analysis about Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP?

I just finished the iOS indie game Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (previously) and I feel the need to contextualize what I've just experianced. I'm looking for long-form essays, analysis, YouTube critiques, and anything else that will let me understand more about what I've just played.
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How can I tell waitstaff to leave me alone (without leaving me alone)?

I don't have anything against chatty waiters. I'd just like to know a nice, polite signal I can give to indicate that I'm not up for small talk during my meal.
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Received promotion with disappointing pay raise. Should I ask for more?

Just received a long-awaited promotion. However, the accompanying pay raise was a massive disappointment, and now I'm strongly considering looking for a new job. Is it worth it to ask for more money? If not, should I stay at my current company or find a new job? [more inside]
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What's happening with this degree symbol?

I'm looking at this web page using Windows 7 and the degree symbol (in the phrase "are referenced to 60 ..." for example) won't render correctly. [more inside]
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How do I rent an apartment on behalf of a small business?

How do I rent an apartment on behalf of a small business? [more inside]
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Why is eye contact so scary to me?

I've recently realized that I rarely make eye contact with people, so I've been trying to get better by consciously remembering to do it in conversation. But, why is it when I do make eye contact with people, it's terrifying? [more inside]
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I am pretty sure these don't belong behind my fridge's coils!

My freezer (the one that's the top portion of my fridge) stopped working and I've called an applliance repair person. I just pulled the fridge from the wall and I noticed styrofoam (2 pieces) wedged behind the coils. The coils look like this. I am pretty sure they were there (as packing material?) when the fridge was new and the previous home owner did not remove them. I can't imagine there should be styrofoam wedged in there! Should there be? [more inside]
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Can I Eat It Filter: Refrigerator Left Open Edition

We left the refrigerator door open an inch this morning before going to work today. Is our food still okay to eat? [more inside]
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I Once Was As You Are Now Maybe

Looking for films and literature based on a theme of an older person discovering that many people younger than they are, are old themselves. Meta-theme: the meaning of aging.
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The ultimate carrying-wheeled-backpacky thing

I want a shopping trolley with wheels, because I live close enough to a supermarket to walk there, but I buy more than I can carry in my backpack or bags. [more inside]
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Free method to combine PDFs?

Is there a free / easy method to combine multiple PDFs into one long PDF? [more inside]
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How to do "no contact" when you can't disappear, or ask them to?

I'm a part time trainer for a very specific type of sport. I started dating someone that trains at my facility. She ended it. I fell way to hard for her, and seeing her at the facility is not helping me heal. The only way for me to get over her is no contact, but I can't quit my job (or augment my teaching schedule) or ask her to not come to the facility during times that I teach. I have already changed the times when I go to work out myself. Seeing her makes me feel like I've been punched in the gut. How do I go no contact, when there has to be some contact? [more inside]
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how to plan a San Fran wedding in 30 days or less

We just decided to get married in San Francisco, in about a month. Do you have any recommendations for a wedding planner who will help with venues and food? We are thinking of an outdoor ceremony followed by a dinner at a restaurant or catered venue. Or a boat cruise with decent food. We don't need flowers, music, dancing, invitations, decorations or seating arrangements. We basically need someone to suggest an available venue (and get the requisite permits if needed) and organize the food reception afterwards. This will be for about 20-30 guests. Any suggestions on a specific location, or for a wedding planner? The goal is something like a cross between eloping and a wedding. Fast and fun! [more inside]
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ComEd AC cycling: Anyone do this?

I noticed that my electricity provider, ComEd, offers an annual $40 credit if you allow them the option of cycling your central air conditioning off and on. Does anyone have any experience with this program? My house is well insulated and we keep the temperature set pretty high with a programmable thermostat, so our AC cycles on its own. I know that constant cycling is bad for the compressor, so if this has the potential to do damage, I'll skip it, but if this is an easy way to save 40 bucks, hey, why not.
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I'm Shipping up to Boston

Hello MeFites, Mr. Kitty and I are spending a long weekend in the fall up in Boston for our anniversary. We would love to find some amazing restaurants to try. [more inside]
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I need a sequential, easily-changeable, dateless online to-do list.

I'm looking for a digital to-do list that doesn't force me to set dates and can be rearranged easily. It can be either a website or a program that syncs to the cloud. I envision a simple list of tasks where I can quickly move the tasks up and down depending on how their relative priority changes. I would like to be able to assign an approximate completion time instead of setting a finish date since I never meet dates due to an ever evolving list. I plan to use this for keeping myself on task at work. The solutions can be free or paid. More preferred attributes inside. [more inside]
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Dog's post-Tightrope cruciate ligament surgery expectations?

If a dog has the Tightrope cruciate ligament repair surgery, is it possible to tear it again? [more inside]
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A completely frivolous question about women's purses.

My wife's purse is worn out and I want to buy her something nice. Can you recommend a high quality, hand-made bag for under a gazillion dollars? [more inside]
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Lloyds UK bank account suspneded while I am in the USA!

Hi all, So my UK Lloyds regular bank account was suspended while I was in the USA and now they want me to show up in a local branch. I have spent three days on the phone explaining to them that I cannot because I am in the USA at the moment. They insist that I do and until then all my funds are frozen! Nightmare! It looks like I will have to fly home just to show my face at the branch so I can access my funds. Anyone had anything like this? Do I really have to fly back to the UK just to ID myself? Thank you!
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Please help me find kid-friendly sites on the Upper West Side?

Please help me find little kid-friendly sites on the Upper West Side that are near the American Museum of Natural History. Preferably free or cheap, preferably air-conditioned, and preferably not the Children's Museum. [more inside]
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Looking for a moving company to move stuff from Bronx area to York, PA

Asking for a family member: can anyone suggest a specific moving company (or somewhere to look for a reputable moving company) to help move stuff from the Bronx and Jersey City to York, PA? Thanks!
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Marathon training: class vs. solo

Should I sign up for a class to train for my first marathon or train by myself? [more inside]
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Where can I find sample arithmetic problems like this one!

I'm taking a standardized test on Wednesday with the Government of Canada and they ask individuals four types of questions. The type that I struggle with are the arithmetic problems... specifically determining the formulas to solve word problems. I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the direction of a website or easily accessible textbook to practice today and tomorrow before the test. [more inside]
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I want to be your focus... group

How do you go about finding (paid) focus groups to be part of either virtually, by phone or locally? I found a couple of consulting firms in town, and signed up with them, but online searches for remote or phone interview groups make me a little uncomfortable because I don't know which ones are legit and which ones are just click-bait.
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Suggestions for Peru tour package

Can anyone recommend reliable, reasonably priced tour operators for a honeymooning couple spending two weeks in Peru? [more inside]
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Apartment searching in competitive area... tips?

I have started searching for potential apartments almost two months ahead of time to get a feel for size / rent for places in the neighborhood I like. I have quickly learned it's a very popular place to live, and I could use advice on etiquette when going through this process. I feel like it's almost like a job interview. Below is a scenario I encountered and if it doesn't work out, then what can I learn from it? Any owner/landlord input would be greatly appreciated! [more inside]
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Why the arts matter.

I would like to read all of the best things about why the arts -- and in particular literature -- Matter(s). [more inside]
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At what pressure is water released from a whale's blow hole?

K, so I've found out through researching this that the water can come out at 200mph, but does anyone know how much pressure the water comes out at? (I've done a fair amount of research on it, but have only found the 200mph bit out. Was hoping I might get some help from the hive.)
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Auto-Unlock Keyring Manager In Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

I have just installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a Lenovo Ideapad that was running Win XP SP3 and wish to bypass the password manager so the annoying message: " enter password" (which I do correctly), this is then followed by "Enter password for keyring default to unlock". I Googled this and found lots of conflicting answers but none of them work for me. I cannot find the 'keyring manager' to leave a blank password as some suggest, so I'm at a loss and frustrated. I don't really want to reinstall Ubunto! Please help, stating the steps one by one that I have to take.
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I am not your mom

How do I handle tenants who live in my house and don’t clean up after themselves? I am a landlord/resident who is not there daily. [more inside]
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Busy baby needs a place to chill out

Seattle, WA-Mom has obviously totally screwed up her day care search. Help please! [more inside]
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Is it possible for a relationship to be rekindled after infidelity?

My girlfriend of about 2 years cheated on me. She first decided to break up with me a few days after she cheated. She made up some reasons which didn't make very much sense. Then a few days later after not speaking she admitted why she had actually broken up with me. I didn't say very much back, I didn't get very emotional towards her. She continued to text and try to contact me, telling me how much she misses me and how she screwed up so bad, but I've been completely ignoring her. Part of me wants to get back together with her... though logically this seems like a terrible idea. [more inside]
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Looking for recommendations for a lawyer in a property line question

My neighbor and I share a retaining wall which is going to need some repairs soon. It's become abundantly clear to me that I need to sit down with a lawyer, a bunch of documentation, and a list of questions just so that I know where things actually stand here in terms of obligations and what this shared ownership actually means as a practical matter. So, as far as AskMe goes, I'm hoping to get recommendations for lawyers in Minneapolis that people have worked with on property line issues like this.
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What's eating my apple tree?

What is this pest on my apple tree? [more inside]
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Any ideas for an in-class writing exercise using a model essay?

I want my students to learn something from reading a "model essay." But how do I do this? [more inside]
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Long Lost Cable Channel

Can you help me find the name of a long lost 1980's/early 1990's cable channel or show? [more inside]
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Please help me find this Norwegian bottle opener!

My friend has a bottle opener from Norway that can also be used to cover/seal a bottle that's been opened but not entirely consumed - it says it's a "combination opener and closer." I must have one of my own! Unfortunately, what I thought would be a simple Amazon search turned up nothing, and even Google hasn't been very helpful. [more inside]
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My Anorexia is History - There's Just One Symptom Left

That one symptom has developed into esophagitis after 30 years. I still can't stop it - it's almost automatic. What I'd like is to discuss this among people who've already healed from Anorexia/Bulimia which I had way back. I eat fine, the eating disorder is completely behind me - no purging or urges to to so. At all. There's one tiny blip - that's all - it's not even major - if it weren't for the esophagitis - I'd just ignore it. But the body is wise and it's trying to get my attention - well - it's got it. So - I'm just looking for a forum - not for those in the throes of the dis-ease but for those who've emerged on the other side which I consider myself to have done as well. This *thing* is more automatic than anything - almost subconcious. If anyone would know what to do about it - would be someone who's already been there. Thanks for any assist with this guys.
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A Lady Pens a Note?

Is there a female version of "A Gentleman Pens a Note"? [more inside]
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Do you know the origin or history of the term splinter skills?

I had never heard this phrase before and came across it in an article about autism. Curious about it, I searched online, but was unable to find much. [more inside]
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Thanks, Dad!

Please bear with me, because there's a lot of background here. The simple question: My dad gave my phone number to someone I'm not interested in talking to. I need a list of my options and a plan. [more inside]
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Where to take my family to eat in Berlin?

Hello! My (English-speaking only) family is coming to see me in Berlin! Yay! Where can I take them to eat? [more inside]
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All your friends posted on your timeline...except one.

Facebook Filter: Possibly beanplating the etiquette of birthday wishes on social media. Details within. [more inside]
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Special Collections Librarians, To Me!

Where can I find a good introduction to best practices for cataloging a newly fledged popular culture document archive? [more inside]
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Women cannot live on maple syrup alone!

In order to sustain our Vermont sightseeing, we need food. What are your suggestions in the Burlington and Middlebury areas for early August? Sightseeing suggestions welcome as well. [more inside]
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Anyone have experience with whole house water filters?

We are considering one. Seems like there is zero consensus on what type of filter is best - we feel like reverse osmosis is out because of the waste water it creates, but beyond that we're lost. Consumer Reports seems to prefer under-sink filters to whole house filters. Does anyone have any thoughts on the subject? We live in Los Angeles.
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Brooklyn MeFites: please help us find a co-op aprt in Kensington/Ditmas

We have a buyer for our current co-op, which means we really need to get a move on finding a co-op to move to in Kensington or Ditmas Park. Brooklyn (or nyc) MeFites, help us out here. [more inside]
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Clear labels with silver printing: What? Where? How much?

I'd like to order a bunch of small transparent adhesive labels with metallic printing. What is this printing style/technique called? How much should I expect to pay? And can you recommend someone who does this and can handle smaller runs? [more inside]
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Quirky Brazilian Music to accompany a clown invasion

In 2011 a group of friends and I had a clown invasion on Ipanema beach. I'm currently making a video of the set up and event, and need music to accompany it. Ideally it would be quirky and fun, with a definite Brazilian flavour. In my head I'm imagining a Brazilian twist on the Amelie soundtrack. Current reasearch has led to Chico Science & Nação Zumbi (a little hardcore), Adoniran Barbosa, João Nogueira, Paulinho da Viola, Zeca Pagodinho and Alceu Valença (who are all very nice, but...not exactly quirky), and O Teatro Mágico, who definitely seem like a fun band, but are a bit poppy. Any suggestions? If it helps, this photo shows what we ended up looking like.
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Prescription assistance from drug companies--what's the catch?

What do pharmaceutical manufacturers get out of "assistance" programs? Why would they give away expensive products for free or at a drastically reduced cost? [more inside]
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Spontaneous trip to Colorado?

Planning a spontaneous, very-short-notice 6-day trip to Colorado. I'll arrive at DIA and will rent a car. Looking for killer outdoorsy itinerary suggestions!
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But I really really want THIS one

I've been looking for the Fujifilm x100s camera for over a month and it's just not out there. I'm traveling at the beginning of September and really want to get this camera before then. Is there any possibility of that or am I being silly? Does anyone know any good places to look? Does anyone know when the shortage will be over? I'm in the Chicagoland, USA area if that helps. Thanks.
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Living in NYC, what are my health insurance options right now?

I am newly graduated, living in NYC, and wondering what my options are for health insurance. My school offers a continuation plan, but the price seems outrageous. [more inside]
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Sleeping at the Burlington airport / bus depot.

Can you sleep at the Burlington airport and/or attached Greyhound bus depot? [more inside]
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How to talk to my partner about having kids when I don't want them

I know there are some variations on the question of having kids on MeFi, but I have something a little bit different. I am leaning towards not having kids, which my husband says he'd be ok with, but his actions tell me that he really wants them. How can we have a real conversation about this so that we have no regrets? [more inside]
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I'll take the pill that makes me fat and angry.

Please help me alleviate my fears about going on hormonal birth control for the first time. [more inside]
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Help me find a women's backpacking backpack!

Living in Minnesota for the past few years, I've finally taken an interest in camping. It's been real fun and I'd like to progress from car camping to backpacking. There are a lot of recommendations online for men's backpacks but not so much for women. [more inside]
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Sun hat for a man that has good back of the neck protection?

It's hotter than hell here and Mr. gudrun is spending a lot of time outside in the hot sun. He needs a good sun hat, and preferably one that will shade the back of his neck, as sunblock alone is not cutting it. He's not crazy about the hats with flaps attached to the back, but is willing to give one a try if the flap can be removed or tucked away when not needed. (Please help me prevent skin cancer!).
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She has cats. I have allergies. Can/should we live together?

So perhaps I'm burying the lede, because I have other concerns than the cats, but we've been dating a little over 2 years and she'd like to move in. I have significant reservations about sharing my space generally but her two cats are the most conspicuous aspect I object to, due to allergies and general not-wanting-pets. [more inside]
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Taking the meds that won't make you sick and kill you

Are you taking anti-psychotics or other crazy meds? Have you managed to get the weight gain under control or indeed back off again? Share your experiences! [more inside]
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International driver's license help, Netherlands & USA addition

I have a semi-emergency situation involving US and Dutch driver's licenses. Complex situation inside. [more inside]
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Wrist pain two years after the injury--suck it up or get treated?

Two years ago, I sprained or broke my wrist in a classic trip-and-fall on ice. I still have pain, weakness, and impaired use of my wrist. Is this something I should just cope with, or did something fail to heal correctly? [more inside]
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Learn Spanish in Puerto Rico?

I am thinking about doing an intensive Spanish language program in Puerto Rico. Is that a good idea? [more inside]
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Help me stop being blinded by positives

Nearly 8 months after leaving a bad marriage and (eventually) initiating a divorce, I'm looking to move on with my life. Not necessarily by dating just yet - I've still got a lot to sort through before I'd inflict myself on anyone - but eventually. One of the things that I need to work on is my tendency to see the positives in any situation, which often leads me to ignore the negatives. How can I train myself to find a better balance between the positives and negatives? [more inside]
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Light fixture/ceiling shade mystery.

Looking for plain shades for light bulbs in the ceiling. Having a heck of a time finding the right search terms to find something to buy something online. Pictures and details inside. [more inside]
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July 14

Where can I meet single dads (parents) for dating?

I've been trying online dating, having been a single mom for a few years now, but I'm not finding very many single dads out there. Where are they? [more inside]
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Cool things to do with a Mac mini server hosted in a datacenter?

I recently got a Mac mini server hosted in a datacenter in order to host my CRM server, and now I'm wondering what other useful things I can do with it. [more inside]
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Words in non-English languages that look English but really aren't?

I'm fascinated by the efforts of Deutsche Bahn to get rid of the "Bahnglisch" that litters the service with expressions that look English but aren't the sort of expressions that any native speaker of English would actually use, and it occurred to me that this sort of thing is common in German outside of DB, and probably all over the world. [more inside]
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Help me get smarter about SmartMeters

We've had PG&E SmartMeters installed at our building for awhile, and our landlord is very concerned about the health risks and surveillance risks he believes they pose. He's sent us a bunch of "literature" to read and it all reads like wackadoodle conspiracy theories with no basis in science, as does everything else I've found online. As easy as it is to just roll my eyes and dismiss his concerns, I feel like I should make a good faith attempt to discover if there's really anything to be concerned about. Are there any good, reality-based reasons to be anti-SmartMeter? Any science-based studies from reliable sources on their safety? Any well-thought-out articles on the subject that don't include the phrases "molecular earthquakes" or "like hundreds of cell phones being on at the same time"? Help a skeptic out!
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Fellow curly gals! I have long, curly hair that needs an update. Help!

I've had the same hair for a few years now and am looking for a change--however, I'm completely stuck. I'm thinking about bangs to help give structure to my face, but curly hair and bangs don't easily mix, do they? I'd like a style that's compatible with both straight and curly hair. All length suggestions welcome, but I feel my face won't suit a super short 'do. If you have pictures of your own great curly manes, please post! Pictures after the jump. [more inside]
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Name this bike!

Can you help identify this bicycle brand, seen on the streets of Toronto today? It's a ladies' bike, vintage-looking. The particular one I saw was forest green chrome-ish with white/cream accents. It looked to be a single speed or 3 speed mixte, and had green fenders and a built-in bracket on the back. The cream accents said something like "bike in style" or "bike happy," and the name of the bike contained the word "velo." I need this bike. Thank you for your help, meta-sleuths!
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How do I thank the vet?

My sweet kitty died today. He passed away before we could get him to the vet, quickly and, I hope, painlessly. He's been sick since the beginning of the year and we've spent a lot of time at the vet; they've been terrific. I'd like to send them something as a token of thanks. What's appropriate? Chocolates? Incredible Edibles? Just a card? Any other ideas?
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Things Mom Told Us

I'm trying to think of Things that Our Moms (or possibly Public Service Announcements) taught us while growing up, things that most of us learned are the 'right' way to behave, and that have ended up as commonly-held edicts for those of us who grew up in North America. Stuff like 'chew with your mouth closed' or 'it's rude to stare' or 'look both ways before crossing the street' or 'don't take candy from strangers'. [more inside]
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Podcasts on my schedule with Android – the impossible dream???

Why nothing like iPhone Podcaster on Android? Beyond Pod, Doggcatcher, Podkicker Pro, and Pocket Caster fill me with blinding rage. [more inside]
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Mathematics-related accessories and clothing for women

I'm learning to accessorize! I'd like to find some little mathematics-related accessories, kind of like the women's equivalent to a (relatively subtle) mathematics tie or cufflinks, that are work (think secondary school educator) appropriate. Simple and relatively understated is preferred. I'm also interested in clothing that would be work-place appropriate (not t-shirts!). I had a lot of fun with my regex skirt from XKCD a few years ago. [more inside]
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Is space in a relationship important? What is space?

So I just met a new guy 1 month ago and we spend a lot of our free time together. He has a traveling job so I can only see him in the weekends. However, for the past month he saw me 100 percent in the weekends to the point that I think I frustrated him. He doesn't really say it but whn we fought he said that with his job schedule he feels super stressed to date and that dating is difficult. I must be demanding and that is why I make him feel it is never enough. Now that we worked through the problem I wanna ask you how to properly give him space so that he still feels love and important but not smothering him? I feel extremely insecure and codependent and I have to force me to give him space. I feel that if we don't spend every weekend together it is like we broke up. Please help me to make this relationship work.
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Looking for recommendations for light, heat-insulating floor tile

I'm looking for recommendations about how to insulate the floor of a sauna on a second-floor porch. [more inside]
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Batch process emlx to pdf?

I have a bunch of emlx files that have been provided to me outside of the mbox format. I would like to convert them into pdf files. There are Windows programs that handle this, but I can't find anything for the Mac. My limited Automator skills are also not up to the task. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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Image permissions and Anonymous art

I'm handling the image permissions process for an academic text that will be published with a major university press early next year, and this is one of the images that the author really wants to include. She originally found it on Facebook when a contact of hers posted it on their wall. I predictably haven't had any luck sourcing it via a reverse image search – the only relevant link that Google returned was to this Twitter account. My previous image licensing expertise has all involved credited photographers and artists, so this intersection with the intentionally anonymous politics of Anonymous has left me scratching my head. How and where would I go to extend my search for a high-res "original", and if obtainable, how would we go about clearing it for publication? Thanks in advance for your help!
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Looking for a user script to improve the tumblr dashboard: 5-6 columns?

I'm hoping to find a user script for Tumblr that will go from the default 1 column layout to something that has 5-6 columns to take advantage of my widescreen monitor. I've found a userscript that gets partway there ("minimal three column layout"), but it suppresses the Like & Repost buttons. I've tried modifying it to have 5 columns instead of three, but I don't know java for beans. Would someone in the hivemind be able to tweak this appropriately, or know another way to get a better layout?
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Sopranos with Attitude

I am trying to accept that, as a lyric soprano, I do not sound anything like Annie Lennox or Rufus Wainwright, and singing along with them is not the best use of my instrument. [more inside]
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Looking for a particular kind of mood music...

I love music that makes me feel like I'm in a really, really old church (like 500 years +). The spookier the better. I have heard some really good electronic pieces, with a swirling feeling, that create this atmosphere. Older stuff is good too (medieval and baroque). What should I check out next?
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Best bike rides in the San Francisco area... and apps to find more

I'm in San Francisco for the summer again, and looking for can't-miss bike rides as well as apps that will help me find more of them. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Like boldomatic, but for a desktop browser. (*sigh*)

I'm looking for a dead-simple tool that generates an image consisting of text on a plain, colored, rectangular background for posting to social media. (Please stop yelling. I agree with you. A family friend has asked me repeatedly for a recommendation. Saying, "no," is absolutely not an option here.) Is there an existing, uncomplicated tool that does this already? Browser-based would be fantastic. [more inside]
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Here's your, uh, roll-thing.

I just started working as a waitress at a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles. I am overwhelmed by the menu and the cultural differences with the rest of the staff. What are some good place to look for information on Japanese food, specifically sushi? And what are some strategies to help me fit in and go with the flow as the only non-Japanese speaking person in the front of the house? [more inside]
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Please share relish recipes!

Last year I played around with making refrigerator pickles, but this year I want to be bolder and try making some tasty relishes etc. with all the awesome produce that's in season. So have at it, cooks of askme! Give me your pickles, your relishes, your chutneys, your chili sauces! Recipes, advice and inspiring resources appreciated. Pressure canning isn't an option but I do want to make proper 'canned' stuff as well as refrigerator preserves. Thanks!
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yet another iPad set up question: kid edition

What did you do to set up an iPad mini for your tween child? [more inside]
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Best and safest way to privately sell a car.

I am in Missouri. I have a car that I'd like to sell, but I'm concerned about how to do the transaction safely and securely. It's a desirable used car on which I owe about 12k. Similar cars with more mileage are selling in the $17k-$18k range (trade-in is in the $15k range). We're going to replace this car with a lease with payments I'm happy with, so I'd like to cash out that equity. [more inside]
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How to evaluate value an LLC for buy-out?

Hi - my partner decided to leave our LLC and now we need to evaluate how much is it worth. It's a spa business with