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June 30

Post Brexit boredom

Living and working in Europe has been a big part of my past and going back to live in Europe permanently was my major goal for my future. Now thanks to Brexit I've lost a major interest from my life as it is very hard to pursue European affairs here in Australia (I'm a dual national Australian-British). I'm at a loss to know what else to do with myself instead - please help me work this out! [more inside]
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Help me change tech hardware

I've been a web developer for 14 years and am now a real estate broker. I've swapped my super-powerful MacBook Pro for an iPad Pro. My needs aren't as intense but is there anything I'm missing? Tips wanted. [more inside]
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Home Improvement 101: Covering a Hideous Concrete Protrusion

I live in a split level house where the bottom floor is partially below ground. In several areas, there is a concrete protrusion (part of the foundation) that sticks out from the wall, along the floor. The builders covered some of the areas, but not all. I am a home improvement noob. How do I cover these concrete ledges easily? [more inside]
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Why do I have a second mouse stuck in one location on my Windows PC?

I'm dealing, suddenly, with a very annoying problem on my Lenovo laptop. It's running Windows 10 and is about 1.5 years old. When I opened it this evening, there was a second visible mouse cursor in a little bubble on my screen, and it won't go away no matter what I do. Uh oh... [more inside]
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(pulp) fiction about adventure aviation

I'm looking for recommendations for fiction, perhaps pulp fiction, about aviation, specifically the golden age of aviation in the '20s and '30s. I really enjoyed reading the Doc Savage novels, especially the ones with more of an aviation focus, but now I'd like to branch out beyond the Man of Bronze to other fast paced books that feature lots of flying in fantastic machines. Non-golden age aviation fiction recommendations welcome as well, if they capture the same sense of open mouthed wonder about flight that came through so strongly during the golden age.
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What self help workbooks would you recommend for me?

I am looking for a book that will help me work through issues with intimacy and being emotionally distant, anxiety surrounding myself and my life, self esteem issues, getting in touch with my emotions, and just dealing with a lot of latent frustration. Overall, a book on tools to develop emotional maturity is what I need. If anyone knows of a workbook with exercises that would be best since they tend to keep my attention, but if not a regular self help book would be awesome. [more inside]
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Which neighbourhood in Victoria, British Columbia should we live in?

My partner and I are moving to Victoria from St. John's, Newfoundland. What neighbourhoods should we focus on to find an affordable stand-alone house to rent? [more inside]
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Is there a better solution than Excel?

I have over a hundred vintage sewing patterns (and about half again as many modern ones) and a fabric stash sufficient to make at least 2/3 of the patterns. I am looking for some sort of cataloging option. I'm using Excel, but it does not handle pictures well (right now, each pattern has a link to its page--assuming it has one--at vintagepatterns.wikia.com, but fabric swatches are not really archived online) and I'd like a system that's both visual and descriptive. [more inside]
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Do I squash the seed of leaving or just let it grow?

I've been thinking a lot about my relationship. Maybe it was a mistake asking a question before, but now I can't stop thinking and debating, feeling guilty and exhausted about my relationship. Please advise for hopefully the last time I bring this up. The snowflakes are falling inside and it's a long post, sorry. [more inside]
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help me remember this old punk song

It seems like a lot of people have had success with this, so I'm going to give it a shot. [more inside]
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I want to travel but I don't want to go anywhere

I need that mind-clearing, get-away-from-your-everyday byproduct of travel. But when I open up a trip planning site, I just get tired. I don't want to sightsee, I don't want to hike, I don't want to party. So what else can I do that I'm not thinking of? [more inside]
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random sampling invoices for errors?

To check for errors, what would be a good number to sample? [more inside]
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Things to do in Reykjavik when you're too early for check-in

As seems to be the trend around here, my wife and I will visit Reykjavik in October. However, our flight gets in to Keflavik very early. Any suggestions for entertainment in the mean time? Additional questions inside. [more inside]
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How to find grace as an atheist?

How do I find grace - the feeling that no matter what, I am loved and lovable - as an atheist? [more inside]
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Living with an alcoholic boyfriend

I am in a pickle. My boyfriend is an alcoholic (probably the functioning kind- whatever that is,) and we live together. We have been together for almost two years. I can't stand the drinking anymore, and I have tried nearly every avenue to remedy it within the relationship. The only thing I can think to do now, is move out so that I can distance myself from his alcoholism. [more inside]
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What is this bedroom suite worth?

My 75-year-old mother is selling her home in NJ and moving to TN to live closer to me (hooray!) She has a bedroom suite that may be worth some money, but neither of us is attached to it and we'd prefer not to move it. I'm chasing leads for consignment shops and the like, but haven't the faintest clue how much a suite like this would sell for. Details and pics below the fold. [more inside]
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Amazing dental topical anesthetic: what is it?

I'm very squeamish about having my teeth cleaned, and a few years ago, my dentist's office started using a topical anesthetic that was a total game changer - a thousand times better than what they used previously. Now I want to change dentists and I don't want to call and ask the old dentist what the new topical was. But when I'm looking for a new dentist, I want to find out if the office uses it. Any ideas on what it might have been or how I can otherwise ask? [more inside]
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Engine in Excel

Now this may be a ridiculous long shot but does anybody remember seeing an Excel workbook circa 1993 which featured an elaborate color drawing of an internal combustion engine? It had shading, many colors, and took a couple of minutes to "render" on the Mac we had at the time. I think it came from a magazine cover disk but I could be wrong. If anyone has this I'd love a copy.
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Name That Movie...

Years ago... maybe in the 2000-2003 range?... I saw a movie involving a team trying to get passports or travel documents of some kind. I think the country/place they were in was a communist state or other dystopic place. [more inside]
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Name That TV Show: British/PBS 1980s edition!

Someone emailed my office trying to remember the names of two TV shows, possibly British, that aired on U.S. public TV in the 1980s. Can you and your wayback goggles help? [more inside]
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Can I chalk this all up to anxiety/stress? (YANMD)

I had a stress breakdown a little over a month ago and have been dealing with various physical symptoms since then. A few things in particular have been bothering me over the past 1-2 weeks and I'm curious if my hypochondria might be getting the best of me. [more inside]
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Help me find a monitor for my mac mini

I want a 23"/24" monitor for my mac mini. I do a lot of writing/reading PDFs + long texts plus fair amount of photo editing. Speakers wanted.Not sure if webcams in monitors are worth it. Would be used in sunny room in FL, so anti-glare advice welcome as well. Thanks.
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How can I used my iPhone SE in Canada?

I'm traveling to Canada this weekend from the states (Oregon to Vancouver BC). How can I use my unlocked, GSM iPhone SE (currently on Ting) while on the trip without incurring massive data fees? [more inside]
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Your hair is spun like what?

Chemists of Metafilter: Please help me decipher the second formula on this old-timey comic strip. [more inside]
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Help my friend improve her TV diet!

My friend has taken a vow to only watch television shows that have socially conscious casting and writing, and she's doing this by applying what I'll call "The Nanton Test." Can you recommend well-written shows that fit the bill? [more inside]
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Representation without....

So, it looks like my Maine taxes did not get filed (or "accepted"). I filed through Tax Act, but see no documentation from that they actually charged me or submitted my taxes (I do have the accepted notice from the Feds, and we're all square with them). I discovered this because we owe the state money and have been patiently waiting for them to contact me with the payment agreement as they have in years past. I don't think they yet realize we have not filed or paid. What happens now?
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How to share photos of my child

I'm trying to figure out how to share photos of my child with friends and relatives. I have a vague sense that posting photos to Facebook is a privacy violation, but I'll admit I don't exactly understand how. And I don't have a better idea. Do you? [more inside]
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Help me find out more about this artist

How can I find more information on the artist Henry E. Traumer? Did he really just paint one warship and then vanish? [more inside]
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YANAD, but my mother is slowly deteriorating and I need help

Why does my mother have wheezing and shortness of breath since starting Vancomycin and IV Fluids? X-RAYS SHOW NOTHING [more inside]
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Is there a protocol on sharing a hiring referral bonus with a friend?

When you refer a friend, and they get hired, and you get a nice big bonus for the referral... is it cool to share some with them? [more inside]
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"Hell House" script wanted!

Where can I download or view a "Hell House" script, as used by Christian churches to warn teens of the evils of abortion, homosexuality, etc? (These used to be sold as kits, but I can't seem to find where to order one.) A scene by scene breakdown would also be useful... Thanks in advance, sinners!
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Virtual Windows Environment Service Provider

I would like to find a service provider or cloud-based environment that will allow me to offer a Windows-based environment to more than one user at the same time. [more inside]
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Inexpensive. Heavyweight. Black. Jeans.

The last of my much-loved and discontinued Carhartt B161BLK jeans are showing their age. They're regular/relaxed fit, hard-wearing 14oz denim, black-black, fit over boots, and they cost about $40 when they were still being made. I should have bought a dozen pairs, but I didn't. Is there a decent and reasonably-priced replacement?
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Recs for website or app that recommends eyewear based on design specs?

I.e., frame size, materials, style, weight. Alternatively, actual recs for a frame are welcome! [more inside]
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DNA test for Hispanic heritage

For her birthday, my adopted sister would like a DNA kit. She was adopted from Mexico (though since she was adopted from a border city full of a transient population, she could very well be from a Central or South American county) and her main interest is learning more about her ethnic heritage (e.g., Maya, Nahuatl, etc.) She is, right now, less interested in using a DNA test to find biological relationships or medical information. I have looked at a few different kits and am having trouble figuring out which ones offer the most data related to Hispanic ethnicity. [more inside]
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Cats got sick after apartment complex used pesticides on the wrong day

Both of my cats got sick (vomiting/fevers) after my apartment complex had pest control come on June 27 in addition to the regularly scheduled June 20 which I opted out of. What are my options/the law renting in Texas to get them to cover the bill? [more inside]
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Just call me Betty, Sweaty Betty

I've always been an extraordinarily sweaty person. I mean, not ALL the time, but definitely more so than the average person. Why is this? [more inside]
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Computer games/apps and toys for micro engineers

My son turns 4 tomorrow. His fine motor skills are behind the curve (but within the range of normal). He loves Rube-Goldberg devices, Making Things That Do Things and sandbox worlds. His favorite toy is gravity. Please recommend me. [more inside]
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Introducing and managing TV time for toddlers

We don't have a TV and don't really plan on getting one, and our now 2 year old, until recently, had never watched any. Now we've relaxed the rule (we have an infant now and needed a little time so did it on a whim) and now I have no idea how to control this . . . [more inside]
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Hi air bnb, I'm your neighbor

Have YOU ever lived next to an air bnb? If there a way to make my lease less binding/long term in this scenario while I see what living across from a 'hotel' is like? [more inside]
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Loved OneNote 2003-2010. OneNote 2016 is breaking my heart.

I’ve used OneNote happily for years—it’s the notebook program I would write if I could write programs. Unfortunately, my laptop died a few months ago and took OneNote 2010 with it. I have tried to make the switch to OneNote 2016/OneDrive and I am absolutely lost—actually shed tears of frustration over the damned program. If it were a person, I would DTMFA because, you know, there are plenty of fish out there. But, I’ve already checked out so many alternative note-taking/organizing programs and nothing comes close. OneNote is THE ONE. [more inside]
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Should I tell my friend her comments about my hair were offensive?

i'm really really really really really tired of being a black woman in America and dealing with ridiculous comments people make when I do something as simple as wear my hair the way nature designed it. Most of the time I'm happy with who I am, but simply being myself is like death by a thousand cuts and there are some days when things really add up and they get to me. [more inside]
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Is Dr Amen a legit recommendation?

Therapist recommended a book and I'm no longer sure I trust her judgement. It's 'Magnificent Mind at Any Age' by Dr Amen. [more inside]
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Tips for dating a busy entrepreneur/startup owner

What are your tips for dating a busy entrepreneur/startup CEO who has very limited time and emotional energy? What are some tips to help me be more patient/understanding, and what can he do to make the situation better? [more inside]
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Weed nerds-- Help me find a hookah alternative with a similar vibe?

My husband and I currently spend the majority of our time together wrangling our two year old. We have been getting in an 'adult time' frame of mind about twice a month by smoking weed from a hookah. It's awesome. However, I'm concerned about the health effects. Looking for an alternative that preserves the relaxing ritual feel. Snowflakes below [more inside]
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June 29

Direct TV and AT&T Wireless combo - feedback?

I just moved and it looks like I am going to be forced to go with the DirectTV and AT&T Wireless bundle for a variety of reasons. Any and all reviews and feedback are appreciated.
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Please help me write a request in many different languages

I live in an apartment with a bedroom window that overlooks the parking lot. People come home late at night and lock their car doors remotely, with that annoying chirp of the horn. Some people give it half a dozen honks, every single time. What I'd like to do is post a friendly note by the mailboxes, in as many different languages as possible, just asking that people kindly refrain from the horn honking in the parking lot. [more inside]
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Feminist Princess Encyclopedia Needed

Friend's kid wants a princess encyclopedia along the lines of Marvel's The Avengers Character Guide. But is there one that isn't all princesses waiting for rescue? Help!
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Grace and Equanimity

How do I learn to live with a little more grace? [more inside]
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Can I stop worrying now?

I found some suspicious bites, but the exterminator's search turned up nothing [more inside]
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Where to begin looking for film PA jobs in NYC?

Simple enough-- I live in NYC am interested in finding on set work and have only freelance stage-building work experience under my belt. I'd be happy to get some experience on student films, no pay seems to be the expectation for someone like me and that's fine-- I just have zero clue where to look! Any help would be super appreciated!
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Recommendations for apt/condos in Toronto or a renters agent

I've rented in Toronto many times before, but I don't have the time to do the full search myself this time, please hope me! [more inside]
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Did you take your family to Jamaica? How did it go?

We're thinking of doing Jamaica for Christmas. We're hearing conflicting reports about how safe it is, how serious harassment by hustlers and panhandlers is, etc. We've heard ten different schools of "common knowledge" ranging from: okay if you stay in a resort to okay if you keep your head about you to completely okay and shame on you for doubting. I'm tired of asking my pal Google and I'm looking for first hand experience. Specifically, we're interested in Negril/Montego Bay. [more inside]
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WordPress setup to replace Evernote?

I use Evernote for storing a combination of random reference bits (including photos) and writing ideas. Now that they're switching the basic version to only access by two devices, I'm wondering if I should use my webhosting and a WordPress install to achieve the same thing. I had a general idea of what I might do, but could use specific recommendations from anyone who's tried to do something similar. [more inside]
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Custardly deeds - make them thick and smooth!

I've tried making custard buns both these and these and can't get the custard to come out properly. It doesn't come together smoothly, clumps and then over thickens. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I was hoping for some help! [more inside]
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403(b) rollover - to traditional or Roth IRA?

I have about $8K languishing in a 403(b) (similar to a 401(k) but for nonprofits). My current company doesn't have a 401(k). I just opened a Roth IRA, and I was going to rollover the 403(b) to the Roth, but then I realized I'll have to pay taxes on it, so now I'm not sure. Should I open a Traditional IRA in addition to the Roth, and rollover into that instead? [more inside]
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How can I find out if my doors are solid or hollow?

I need to hang up some large mirrors on these doors and the mirror dude said they must be solid doors. How can I find out without taking the doors off the hinges? [more inside]
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Rugs and hardwood floors--overthinking it?

We had the hardwood floors in our home refinished in October. Two coats of Swedish finish. We're about to put area rugs down. I know that by now the finish has cured. Should I use a pad under the area rugs? If so, is there any particular kind you would recommend and why? [more inside]
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Go away food smells, go away flies

Hi, I'm having trouble with cooking smells lingering in my apartment. Plot twist: My windows have no screens and anytime I open them I get at least three flies in my apartment, which drives me nuts and grosses me out. Seriously, even if my window is only open a few minutes, flies get in. What can I do? I can't bear the food smells and I can't bear flies in my home! [more inside]
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Gastric bypass for the not-so-obese?

I'm slightly overweight (5'3", 150 lbs.) so I don't qualify for gastric bypass in the U.S. However, I have heard of people going abroad to get the operation when they aren't fat enough, or haven't been fat enough for long enough, to qualify for it in the States. How does one do that? If you've had experience with that, how did it go? How much does it typically cost? Thank you in advance.
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How do you complain to your landlord the right way?

I got stuck in the elevator of my apartment for ~30 minutes today. It has been acting weird for months so I put in a maintenance request and called our office to say it needed to be fixed because we're all scared we will be stuck one day. This was a couple of months ago that I complained. I don't know if it was ever fixed. Well, now I actually got stuck in it! [more inside]
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Does anyone know what happened to the chrome extension 'silencer'?

Does anyone know what happened to the chrome extension silencer which muted twitter trolls and spoilers? Is there still a way to get it? Or if not is there a replacement somewhere? [more inside]
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Rock tumbler recommendation for a nine year old

I want to get my son a rock tumbler for his ninth birthday. He loves rocks, jewels, jewelry and processes of transformation. [more inside]
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Baby daddy or baby granddaddy?

Can genetic links in this particular scenario be diferentiated? [more inside]
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TV shows while the kids get their iPads

I need a few good TV shows to watch while the kids are watching their iPads. More details inside. [more inside]
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What natural phenomena are worth a trip?

I just returned from a trip to Central Mexico, where there was much talk of how I had to come back in fall when the monarch butterflies would return. This got me to thinking of other natural phenomena that are worth a trip to go see. What are your favorites? [more inside]
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Butter chicken spice substitution?

I'm a lazy cook so instead of going out and buying all of the suggested spices for this butter chicken recipe, would it still taste good to use Penzey's chili powder and smoked paprika?
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Need a broader perspective than what Gawker Media provides

I usually skim through several Gawker Media sites over my morning coffee at work (Gawker, Deadspin, Jezebel mostly). I am finding that I need a bit of a broader perspective, or at least some relief from the same journalists and commenters over and over and over again. [more inside]
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Should I move to Humboldt County to work?

I want to move to Humboldt to work in the healthcare field. Has anyone else worked or lived in Humboldt? How is it? Do you like it? Was it the right decision? [more inside]
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YouTube woodworking channels

I love watching videos on YouTube of people making things out of wood (furniture, vases etc) with no speaking and timelapsed. The two channels I've found that fit this perfectly are JimmyDiResta and Kyle Toth. Can you recommend some more?
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Michael Mann I like your sound

Okay, friends. It has been nearly an entire year since I discovered the Manhunter soundtrack, and the shine has still not worn off. It is so great. Seriously, go listen to it. I want more movie (or tv, I suppose!) scores/soundtracks like this. Please. [more inside]
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Instrumental music for a show about bullying

Hi all -- I'm putting together a radio programme about bullies and am looking for instrumental music to use in between the interviews -- somewhat creepy and menacing but not too melodramatic, if that makes sense. Any (and all) suggestions are welcome. Thank you for your help.
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psychologically and physically dealing with sudden weight gain?

Within six months of starting a prescription known for its tendency to induce weight gain, I gained over 50 pounds. I went from a size 0/2 to a size 12/14, just under 110 pounds to just over 160. I don't recognize myself in the mirror and feel like my body isn't even mine anymore, but I know losing this weight is going to be incredibly difficult. Can you help me find a way forward from here? [more inside]
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A workbench of one's own

I've recently taken up traditional wood carving, which requires a sturdy waist-high work surface, decent lighting, and the ability to hammer things without disturbing people with the noise. I'm on the Peninsula in the SF Bay Area, and finding an inexpensive place to do this after work is proving difficult. [more inside]
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How should I decide when I became unemployed (...or who should I ask?)

How should I decide when I became unemployed (...or who should I ask?) [more inside]
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Is this what the kids are saying these days?

I've got a list of supposedly trending slang terms among the middle-to-high-school set, and I need to know whether it's accurate, especially for different regions of the U.S. [more inside]
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trying to find a replacement wallet

I have a wallet that I love very much, but I've had it for maybe 10 years and it's in rough shape. I'd like to find a replacement that's as close to it as possible. [more inside]
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Laptop Recommendation for Video Streaming

Cut the cable cord a couple months back, looking to purchase a laptop that will be used primarily (almost exclusively) for live video streaming, connected to my TV. Do you have a recommendation of a laptop that is optimized for streaming? [more inside]
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Audio resources for language learning

I'd like to learn new languages - specifically French, German and Latin. The only significant time I have to do this is a daily ~2 hour commute. So, recommendations please for offline audio-based language resources (something that is, or can be put, on a CD). [more inside]
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Can you help me get in touch with Airbnb by phone or live chat asap?

There is no # or way to do this listed on their site, but I need to speak with someone. Please help if you can. [more inside]
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Help with creepy shower curtain liner

I am looking for a solution to keep the shower curtain liner in my claw foot tub from drafting in from the corner when the shower is in use and clinging rudely to the showerer. [more inside]
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What's a good kid-friendly stop-motion animation app for Android?

My 7-year-old is interested in using her Android tablet to make stop-motion animated videos. There are lots of apps out there that can help do this - which one do you recommend? [more inside]
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Vintage/ Classic Car Websites?

I am looking for recommendations for websites/ blogs that feature photo-heavy articles on classic and vintage automobiles. I already follow Petrolicious. I wouldn't mind something that skews a little more American muscle from the 80's and prior, but any and all recommendations from any genre are welcome.
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Recursive food

Searching for foods (or recipe ideas) along the theme of recursion (i.e., repetition of items in a self-similar way). At some point I'd love to have a dinner party with the theme of recursion. Further info and examples below. [more inside]
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Origin of the term Engineer's Disease?

I've seen the term "engineer's disease" on Metafilter (and used it myself both here and elsewhere) used to describe engineers and other technical folks assuming their technical knowledge of systems (usually computer, mechanical/electrical) gives them expertise in solving other complex issues. Where did the term start? I'd like to be able to give a reference to people when I use the term, but running a search for the term yields either links about autism or about being too creative, neither of which I am looking to talk about. [more inside]
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Separated guy ends it what now?

My divorcing bf of 5mo ended it, saying he wants to fall in love with me and give himself wholeheartedly to me but can't let himself and needs time to heal from his marriage. He messaged next day saying he has set up counselling and will sort everything out, I responded to say he should take the time he needs to heal. He messaged again to say he enjoyed every minute with me and is sorry he's not himself at the moment. Every time he messages it's hard as I miss him but I don't want to cut contact as I hope he'll come back. What should I do?
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How to present back-and-forth movement on a resume?

I worked at a place for around two years, then decided to try a new kind of job at a different place. This experiment did not quite work, the job was a poor fit for me, and I was let go after about a year. My original place has hired me back part-time to do part of my old job while I look for something more permanent, which is great! But I'm not sure how to present all of this on a resume. [more inside]
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How do I export/save the autofill email address from Outlook?

I am not the best at putting things into contacts and rely heavily on autofill for email addresses in Outlook. I would like to capture all of the addresses that are currently in my Outlook autofill script/file. How do I do this? [more inside]
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YouAreNotMyLawyerFilter: But I feel discriminated against as a mom.

I believe my HOA and condo management are unfairly targeting families and children, are being disrespectful to our needs, discriminating based on disparate impact, and allowing one "squeaky wheel" to run the show. It is ruining our health and well-being. Please help me to find what the parents of our neighborhood need to say or do to get the board to listen. [more inside]
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Well, actually, Aristotle...

Has anyone ever argued, more or less, that Aristotle's famous theory of tragedy in Poetics is severely flawed? That he totally or largely failed to understand the tragic poetry of his own culture? [more inside]
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There must be something better than a rolodex in my head

Writers, how do you keep track of your submissions? Or versions of your work? Can you share some tips on how to be organised with your files? [more inside]
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Un-put-down-able novels for a fiction hater

I've browsed a lot of book recommendation questions here but haven't found a thread that quite suits my interests. I'm a mostly nonfiction reader, but most of my all-time favourite books are novels. I'd like to read more fiction but I'm having a hard time finding novels I like. All suggestions appreciated! [more inside]
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Travelling to Norway from UK tomorrow: Least worst currency option?

Going to Oslo, Norway tomorrow at short notice - what is the least worst option for getting Norwegian currency with the current terrible state of British sterling? Airport exchange will not accept pre-orders for collection due to market instability, usually a reasonable deal. Should I just draw cash on my debit card when I get to Oslo?
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How to deal with the fear of physical confrontation

How do you overcome the worry and anxiety caused by the prospect of a physical confrontation and the psychological aftermath? [more inside]
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Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival

I have just ordered a Surface Book (low end - i5, 8gb/128gbSSD) and I have a few questions for those that own or use one. [more inside]
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June 28

Evenings + a Morning in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale. What to do, where to go?

I'm about to be in Miami working at the comic convention from the 29th to the 5th. I'll be working at the Miami Beach Convention Center, staying at the Hyatt Regency on 2nd, and for every day but the 5th will only have a few hours free in the evenings. On the 5th I need to be in Ft. Lauderdale by 3, but I have the morning free. I am expecting to dislike Florida in a multitude of ways, but want to remain open minded and have fun and learn something despite that. [more inside]
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A refund for HVAC job that didn't take?

Long story short: I called an HVAC company that I used to work for because our boiler was having issues. They came out the next morning, gave me a deal on the labor rate, and reset the whole system. Less than 12 hours later, it's on the fritz again. I feel awkward about asking for a refund because they gave me a deal and came out right away, but they only temporarily fixed the problem. Should we or shouldn't we ask for a full or partial refund? [more inside]
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How can I rectify a needy relationship? I was the needy one.

Hello everyone, Gonna try to be as honest as possible so that I get better advice. I'd like insight, and not sympathy. (I mean, sympathy is nice, but truth first.) So, for the past few years, my life has not been ideal, I've moved a lot, had a lot of abusive jobs, and been super isolated. I've been trying to scrape my way out of it, but it's been difficult, and I recently reached a bad, dangerous point with my anxiety. I think I'm only now starting to get out of it. Through all of this, I had a very kind friend who was supportive and tried to help me through it. I didn't view her aid, or her sympathetic ear as out of the norm. I thought she was just being a friend...but I realize how, and this is in her own words, that she was feeling like a counselor, especially since I was not making fast improvement. [more inside]
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Looking for read aloud chapter books for a 5-year old.

My daughter enjoys having chapter books read to her, and despite her age, seems to attend to and enjoy longer, more complex stories. Off the top of my head, over the past year or so we've read everything by Roald Dahl, the Wizard of Oz, and all the Little House books through Silver Lake (she started getting restless during that one, I think the language got a bit too high level and the plot more subtle). [more inside]
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Could Michael Jackson read?

I have a very strong memory of reading an article about Michael Jackson that suggested he may have been functionally illiterate. The article argued that he never went to school, and that neither his dad nor his brothers never made sure that he was meeting his tutors. Are you aware of any references that support this contention? [more inside]
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Marine Corps Marathon

Are there any tricks to getting a bib transfer into the Marine Corps Marathon? [more inside]
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Tell me about life when a JD doesn't open doors to a career in law.

By now, it's pretty well understood that a law degree and bar membership does not guarantee that one will be able to have a legal career. The law school scamblog movement has done a great job of exposing and denouncing the abuses committed by law schools. But while some news stories profile law graduates who struggle after earning their degree, the overwhelming majority of unsuccessful lawyers just seem to vanish. Where are the stories of the people who gave up on the law because they couldn't find work? [more inside]
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Can you decipher this signature? Because I can't.

I've been trying to figure out this signature for several days. Here is a picture of the artwork that it's on. Thanks!
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Salon highlights gone bad, how to fix it myself?

I got my light brown hair highlighted last week and the stylist did exactly the opposite of what I asked. Now that I've blown my whole hair budget on nothing, I want to try to achieve my original blonde hair wishes at home. [more inside]
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Mess Makin' In the Kitchen

I am teaching a cooking class to smallish children at a summer camp next week. Help me figure out what do/make with with time constraints and young children! [more inside]
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From A to B to Xe(la)

I am departing this Friday (three days!) for a three week trip to Guatemala, the first two weeks of which will be spent at Escuela Montana. Hooray! Then my dad got involved. Uh-oh! Many, many cautionary e-mails later, I am considering hiding under the bed for three weeks and just telling people I went to Guatemala. Esperanzame, Mefites! [more inside]
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Transgender therapy?

I want to transition. How can I find a trustworthy gender therapist in the Philly suburban area? [more inside]
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How do I find a homeless person?

A homeless guy I've known for years had dropped off the grid. Help me make sure he's ok. [more inside]
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Hottest ginger cordial recipe

I'm looking for a recipe for seriously firey, not too sweet or floral, ginger cordial. I'm not looking for a recipe that I'll sip and say "bloody hell that's hot", I'm looking for one that will temporarily rob me of the power of speech. [more inside]
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Bringing the Power of STEAM to the Classroom

I recently developed a new invention that combines art, music and technology together in a pretty cool, very interactive way. I've received several requests from teachers in my state asking me to bring this project to their schools and asking what my fee would be. I don't know what I should charge for my time, travel and materials, and I'm not sure if I should charge the schools directly or if I should look for external grants to fund the cost. [more inside]
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Help me ID these weeds

When I moved in to my flat a few years ago, I inherited a tiny plot that was mostly weeds and managed to develop a nice-ish lawn. Now it's worse than before. How do I fix this on my own? [more inside]
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Hiking with a puppy?

How old should a dog be before being taken on long hikes? [more inside]
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Blind dog flinching on walks

I have a 13 year old Pomeranian with diabetes and cataracts. He can discern light and the absence of light but that's about it. He's been pretty good at navigating his environment for four years now. Certain things would always cause him to flinch, like sharp noises. But recently, about three weeks ago, the flinching started to occur his during walks, and it's more extreme, to the point where I think he is hurting from all the stress. What seems to trigger it is light and shadow. [more inside]
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Getting some on the side, with permission.

My spouse has given me permission to have sex outside of our marriage, has expressed a desire for me to do so. This is not something that I have necessarily wanted to do, but I believe it is something I should consider for reasons I will explain inside. Have you or someone that you know done this? If so, what are the pitfalls? What are some good ground rules? What worked and what didn't? What should I consider before taking this step? [more inside]
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My mp3, she is busted

A few years ago, I'd amassed an impressive mp3 collection, organized obsessively on an internal hard drive. One day something happened: some of my mp3s suddenly became... other mp3s. Not just one other mp3, but several in a row. [more inside]
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Best way to photograph paintings with iPhone

Hey iPhonographers, I need to take a bunch of photos of paintings (6x4 feet) and drawings (18x10 inches) with my iPhone. How can I get close to taking professional shots? The setting for the large paintings will be outdoors, and I will have a helper to hold the art vertical. The drawings can be flat indoors, but domestic lighting. I can buy a few items (like a tripod) but not an expensive light kit. I have an iPhone 5.
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Shared Interest + Consistent Meetings = New Friends?

I want to join a committee, board, or club, and have a regular reason to meet folks a couple times a month to some specific end. Ideally, the other people in the group would be of both genders, and some would be in their late 30s or 40s. I live in Brooklyn. What’s available to me that I don’t already know about? [more inside]
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Why do I feel wired?

So I’m dating a great guy for about 6 weeks now and it’s going well in many ways. A few days ago he invited me to watch a movie at his sister’s. We picked up some food and went over. I met his sister and her husband, we watched a movie, then went to the kitchen area and were talking for a bit about movies. They are perfectly nice people, but I felt awkward the entire time. [more inside]
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Office Admins - what do I need to know to excel at your job?

Office Admins - what do I need to know to excel at your job? After a career where my highlight was being a support consultant, making presentations across England on the benefits of Internet marketing (my degree was in marketing) and also updating basic brochureware sites, I am seeking to return to the workforce after a long time as a caregiver. [more inside]
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Post Brexit money moves.

My wife and I have several thousand quid sitting in a UK bank account. Is the pound going be stable at this rate? Drop more? Bounce back? [more inside]
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Tell me about interventionism

In the run-up to the election, I keep seeing debates about whether various candidates (ok, specifically Clinton) are too interventionist. I would like to read more about the subject of interventionism by America, and the various arguments for and against it. [more inside]
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started from here now we here

ISO cute / fun / odd staycation ideas for a july weekend in Toronto! [more inside]
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How to repair damage to floor?

One of the casters in my bedframe fell off, and the bare metal of the bedframe gouged out a chunk from my floor (pictures here ). The floor isn't hardwood, it seems like some kind of engineered wood product with a veneer of grain on top. Any ideas of how I can repair this, or am I a dingus who just lost his security deposit?
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Hip Hotel with Conference Space in Downtown LA?

We're looking to book a hotel with a conference space and some social spaces for a design/tech conference next year in downtown LA. Something hip/trendy/contemporary that can accommodate 150 people or so. Any recommendations? [more inside]
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Medicare requirements on sale of a house

I am negotiating to buy the former home of a person who has recently gone into assisted living on a permanent basis. The price is set at the tax-assessed value, which apparently is what Medicare requires for such a sale. Is this a hard and fast rule (no use trying to negotiate) or would negotiating a lower price (say, in anticipation of repairs on this old home) be possible?
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What to do in a layover in Amsterdam?

I have a 5-hour layover in Amsterdam on Thursday as well as a 10-hour layover in Amsterdam on Monday. What do you recommend for a solo female who's never been to Europe? [more inside]
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Another Find-Me-A-Laptop-Bag, difficulty level: large laptop, not black.

SonR got a new laptop for college when the old hand-me-down he had been using died. So, we're looking for a new sturdy bag. Most bags for 15" laptops don't fit. We've looked at office/business stores (OfficeMax/Staples/uni bookstore) and perused old Asks but most bags are too small or feel/look flimsy. [more inside]
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Can I see the northern lights-5 days free to drive from Louisville KY?

Please tell me all the stars are aligned to do this or am I crazy. I am off the next five days. Thanks.
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How to discuss with my wife her quitting her job?

My wife told me yesterday that she wants to ask for a sabbatical off work and, if this is refused, she wants to quit. She wants to do this tomorrow. I support her decision, however I feel we need to discuss the implications (which are many) before she pulls the trigger; she does not really see the point and gives the impression she doesn't really care about the implications. I think I have convinced her to have a discussion this evening, however how do I have this discussion without it ending up in a confrontation? [more inside]
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Why is depression so seductive?

When I feel depression creeping on, there's almost always this voice in my head that tries to convince me not to do the things that I know will make me feel good (like go out with friends or exercise). Except that the voice doesn't feel at all external - it feels like me all the way down. Except that it wants me to feel worse, even when I know there are things that will make me feel better. Why is this? Is there a name for this experience? [more inside]
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Hiking in Zion

I am headed to Zion National Park to do some solo hiking over the 4th of July weekend. From what I understand it is going to be extremely hot and crowded. For anyone who has been there before, can you offer some tips on logistics, stuff to pack, recommended hikes, beating the heat, etc. I will be staying in Springdale. I would like to do The Narrows but will avoid Angel's Landing due to my trouble with heights. Any info you can provide that would make this awesome would be much appreciated.
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DashClock Setup Issues On Samsung S7

I’m trying to set up DashClock on my spiffy new Samsung S7. I am running into trouble because the instructions say I’m supposed to make sure that “Enable Widgets” setting is enabled, but I can’t find that setting anywhere. All the instructions I find also say that I should swipe to the left, a plus sign will appear, and then I click on that to add DashClock to the lock screen. However, no matter how much I swipe to the left, no big plus sign appears. Thoughts?
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Best way to sign PDFs received in outlook on iPad?

What is the best (fewest steps) to returning an emailed pdf with my signature on my iPad? [more inside]
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What do you think every new makeup artist should know?

I am starting to learn how to put on makeup as part of my retail career now. What would you like every newbie makeup counter person to know from both sides of the counter, as a client and as a professional? [more inside]
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Why is abuse so formulaic?

After reading around forums on parental abuse, I'm struck by how often my mother has a behaviour/opinion/specific threat or saying that is so common it could've come from an official handbook. My parents didn't have a parenting 'philosophy', they just did what they liked and didn't give it much thought. How is it possible that these isolated, fairly unaware people could be reproducing the exact same abusive behaviour I've read over and over, committed thousands of miles away? [more inside]
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Becoming an Accounts Payable Clerk

Tomorrow, I'm interviewing for an accounts payable clerk position with a large nonprofit media organization. I really want to get this job! Please help me prep for the interview. [more inside]
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combo holiday from US and AU

Friends and I want to holiday together but they live in central Florida and I live on the east coast of Australia. We like to visit each other but a holiday together might work out well too in terms of fight costs/time spent in travel. [more inside]
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June 27

Carp Mold: Where?

I saw the Carpe Diem cone in the Minnesota State Fair post. They caught my eye and seem like fun. [more inside]
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What is the best mp3 player for audiobooks?

Basically I want a MP3 player that is of good quality and will last a few years. I love the functionality of my old Sansa Clips and would love something similar but better quality. I am willing to spend up to $300. I want multi-book bookmarking, podcast bookmarking, and minimum 10GB of memory, prefer a smallish size (but it's not a dealbreaker), also want a sleep function, I will also be using for music. Thank you all! [more inside]
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How dangerous is traveling to Africa without shots?

I'm going to be traveling to Tanzania next month, a family trip. I'm trying to decide whether to get Hepatitis A and B shots before I go. [more inside]
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You know my name; look up my number

I want to change my middle and last name. But I also want to buy a house, move, apply for fellowships and grad school, and/or get a new job, not necessarily in that order or with equal degree of certainty. When's the best time to do the name change given these life factors? [more inside]
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Noise cancelling headphones that can sound like open-backed headphones?

If I switch off the noise-cancelling feature on my noise-cancelling headphones, they become regular closed-back headphones. But I want them to sound like open-back headphones. And surely that's possible... [more inside]
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Hard sleeping surfaces?

My room gets really hot at night, and my mattress doesn't help! I'd love a surface to sleep on that doesn't retain heat as much. I'm not sure what keywords to use to search for this online - everything seems to loop back to nonscientific woo, and all I want is a good sleep. What should I look for? Am I approaching this right? [more inside]
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Today in "because I'm an idiot..."

I just noticed that my OH registration tags on my car expired 3 months ago. I'm living in Mississippi and moving to WA on 7/15. I thought about trying to renew my OH registration before I move, but it takes 10 business days to process and requires an emissions check number, which I don't have (it's also very expired). Is there anything I can do at this point to get registered and/or avoid getting ticketed until I can?
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Ars Paradoxica codebreaking hints?

Anyone out there listen to the Ars Paradoxica podcast? It's terrific -- I'm really enjoying it -- but now I'm breaking my brain trying to crack the codes at the end of each episode. Any hints? More inside, with some spoilers for stuff I've already figured out. [more inside]
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Campaign button needed

Please help me find this old campaign button [more inside]
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New kitten seems stuck on eating adult cat food

I was unable to resist adopting a stray kitten from a co-worker. During the five days the co-worker had her, she was eating dry food meant for indoor adult cats. Now she won't switch. Is this a problem? [more inside]
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Love and Freindship

I’m reconsidering friendships I’ve had for over a decade based on an unkind interaction I had with two of them recently via Skype. One of them has an overseas wedding coming up that I need to decide about soon. Should I confront them? Am I overreacting? [more inside]
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Sewing knits: Do I want a serger, an overlocker, or something else?

Mefi Sewers: I want to start working with knits (altering off-the-rack t-shirts to better fit my body, as well as sewing fairly easy patterns from scratch). I had a disastrous first attempt with my sewing machine, where I sewed just as I do with woven fabrics and got a horrible wavy edge with weird bunching. [more inside]
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All work and no play...well, you know the rest.

I'm great at fulfilling my obligations, but awful at doing things for fun or pleasure. What has helped you get better at doing things for enjoyment? [more inside]
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How do I change the color of this text?

I am helping a friend with her WordPress customization and I've run into something I can't seem to fix. One bit of text on the website does not seem to be controlled by the CSS. How do I change it? [more inside]
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Is cooking meals a good use of time?

Time is tight. Cooking takes time. One of the biggest catch-all tips in every time management book I've ever read is "delegate what you can". Cooking meals sure seems to me like one of the easiest things to delegate. Yet there seems to be a sense that cooking is worthwhile, even if time is scarce, and other people do it cheaper. Is it? [more inside]
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Aliens and the arts

Can you name some films or stories where aliens become enraptured with humanity's creative arts (music, painting, poetry, etc.) and thereby see their redeeming value? Similar but not exact tropes include "Alien Arts are Appreciated" and "Klingons Love Shakespeare".
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Why are some USB cables better than others at charging?

Exactly as it says above - can someone explain what makes some USB cables better than others? [more inside]
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Help me find the best pair of glasses in the world...again.

Or something extremely similar. Pictures and details inside. I've had this amazing pair of glasses for roughly 18 years. They never lose their shape and seem to be nearly indestructible. And that's why I'm scared. I'm afraid I'm going to lose them and end up with a new pair that's inferior. I never see anything similar to them anywhere. Help me find similar glasses, so I'm not up a creek without my eyewear when that terrible day comes that I can't find them. [more inside]
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What should I ask my doctor to do about pregnancy leg pain?

I have what is likely pregnancy-related sciatica. I also have an OB who is happy to refer me to any services or specialists I might desire. What should I ask for here? [more inside]
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Dog-Proof Bedroom Trash Can

My dog is good at jumping, climbing, and loves to eat literal garbage trash. I'm sexually active, have a roommate, uh....there are reasons I need a trash can in my bedroom that my dog ABSOLUTELY CANNOT GET INTO. What are my options? [more inside]
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Advice for a newb's Peruvian bike tour

First bike tour in Peru; looking for advice on health, happiness, and safety - in terms of packing for a long cycling tour, and being in Peru generally. [more inside]
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Song ID in between acts at a recent concert

I went to see Panic!/Weezer in Va Beach last week, in between bands they were playing music videos on loop. Others included Sia (♥︎), Dangerous (Big Data), Harlem (New Politics), and a bunch of other blah top 40 hits stuff. There was this one video, however, that I loved. Help me find the song! (description within) [more inside]
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Database software for managing pricing information / quotes

I'm looking for database software for managing vendor quotes (for industrial equipment). [more inside]
posted by beepbeepboopboop at 10:29 AM PST - 3 comments

Friendships with the elderly

Are you friends with someone a lot older or younger than you? [more inside]
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Automate email to FTP file transfer

I have a vendor that would like me to place a daily report on an FTP server (either mine or theirs, preferably theirs). The only way I can do an automated export of this report is a CSV attachment via email. Is there a way to automate an email-to-FTP file transfer? [more inside]
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Accountant won't provide key tax documents

I’m the beneficiary of a (small) trust which my old accountant, let’s call him A, also prepares the returns for. I’m switching to a new tax accountant, and A is now refusing to provide me the K1 for this trust. [more inside]
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Heat issues with laptop

I don't hardware well. Can you tell me why the sensor utility on my laptop gives me a fluctuating "maximum" temp for my computer? And for bonus points, whether I can do more about the fan? [more inside]
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You are not my doctor or my ethnomusicologist

How much physical force is required to play an Anglo concertina? More specifically: if I'm recovering from surgery and not allowed to lift anything heavier than a milk jug, will playing a concertina be kosher or not?
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How to deal with a questionable eBay bidder?

I am selling a mint vintage item on eBay, and am halfway through a ten day auction. I stated in the item description that I reserve the right to refuse high bids from any bidders with questionable feedback, location, or reputation. I now have a couple of bids from someone who fits this description. What is the procedure now? How should I notify the person and/or eBay?
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Is there any safe space right now to chat, adultly, with others?

I find myself wanting to chat with others. Both M and F. Without any sort of BS rules or tons of ads. I know chatroullette and omegle used to be the places to go, but they seem to have fallen to the ad markets. Is there anywhere someone can go who just wants to chat (and yes, perhaps engage in adult behavior)? And no bots or stupid robot ads?
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How to remove a webpage of log-in credentials from Google?

A forum I used to frequent had its log-in credential database hacked several months ago, including user names, passwords, and the email associated with the account. My email is on there, and it includes my full name. The text file of the hacked info was available on tor sites previously, but yesterday I googled myself and discovered that the file had made it to the normal www and was featured prominently in google results. How do I get this removed from google results? Google's help pages for removing content are not super helpful; more details inside. [more inside]
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San Francisco - list of accidents available?

Is there a sort of online police blotter for San Francisco where crimes/accidents are listed? Asking for a friend with a relative who was an alleged victim of a hit-and-run. [more inside]
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Advice on reading Greek tragedies

I've always wanted to become intimately acquainted with the Greek tragedies, but there's a huge part of me that says, "If you're not going to learn Greek, what's the point?" So, are there translations that truly do justice to the source material? Perhaps more to the point, are there longstanding translations which have themselves become more or less a part of the Western canon? If so, can someone recommend any particular editions? I'm particularly interested in Antigone, The Bacchae, and The Oresteia. And finally, does anyone have experience learning Classical Greek later in life for the purpose of reading the plays and epics? Was it worthwhile?
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I can't believe it's not a real stream!

Water features all look manmade. I want to make one in our yard that would be mistaken for a natural stream. How? Is there anyone doing this, preferably with photos online? If it's not possible, why not? How close could I get? [more inside]
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I wanted to invest a small amount of money I have lying around into now cheap DAX-Stocks. But I only want to invest in those that got the biggest discount going due to the Brexit, so I don't want to simply buy a DAX-etf. Is there an easy way to get the stock prices of all 30 DAX-Stocks of the last 5 days in a nice .csv or .xml file? Or do I have to manually copy-paste this info? This is also something I want to know for the future, so I can play analyst a little bit. Thanks!
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$10kish used car – input needed

Looking to spend around $9k-$10k (plus tax) on a used sedan or hatch back for city driving in Toronto. Priorities are – reliability, low risk of costly repairs in the next 4-5 years, decent gas mileage, 4 door, automatic, AC, reasonable truck space. [more inside]
posted by walkinginsunshine at 5:35 AM PST - 12 comments

Before I call the plumber . . .

Sink has been draining slowly for about a week, and last night it stopped altogether. I'm willing to call the plumber if it comes to that, but what else can I try that I haven't? [more inside]
posted by archimago at 3:53 AM PST - 15 comments

Share memorable grandparent/preschooler activities and traditions

What creative, offbeat fun do your preschoolers enjoy when they stay with their grandparents? [more inside]
posted by Elsie at 2:24 AM PST - 13 comments

Automotive Matchmakers, Match Me With A Premium/Sports Compact Car?

I'm finally retiring my well-loved 2001 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T after 14 years of use and looking at replacing it with something in the "premium compact" or "entry-level sports car" segment costing under $35K (new or used). Driving enjoyment and safety are relatively higher priorities than fuel efficiency, luxury accoutrements, or technological bells and whistles. Brand status does matter a little. Snowflakes lie within. [more inside]
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June 26

The doctor will (not) see you now

I met a guy in November who lives a mile away but works more than half the time on the East Coast. When I'm with him, it's great. He's great. But he's also a top surgeon in a demanding specialty at an understaffed hospital AND he's disorganized and bad at making plans. When he's out East, he's working 16 hours (often more), exhausted, and there's a 2-hour time difference. I get sweet texts and an occasional phone call. When he's "home," he's consulting, flying off to speak at conferences, and trying to see his college-aged children. [more inside]
posted by SockPuppetOfShame at 8:29 PM PST - 31 comments

Name these dogs.

Can you help name these beautiful creatures? [more inside]
posted by a sourceless light at 8:18 PM PST - 23 comments

"By hand" on a hand delivered thank you note

I have observed that when thank-you notes written by people from old money families are personally delivered, the annotation "By hand" is invariably added to the bottom right corner of the envelope. Can anyone educate me as to the origins of this practice?
posted by Turtles all the way down at 8:10 PM PST - 5 comments

What happens in Kindergarten? What do I do with this kid?

Kid is four and a half but already finished kindergarten standards through lazy homeschooling. She can't go to kindergarten until next year. Preschool sucks. I have worries. Can you answer my question about what happens to kids like this in kindergarten and whether or not we've got the right plan? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:40 PM PST - 38 comments

Physical therapist in NYC

Can you recommend an excellent physical therapist for scoliosis in Brooklyn or Manhattan? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:39 PM PST - 2 comments

who wrote that welfare is not charity but protection money?

I'm looking for an article which argues that even if one has no interest in helping the less fortunate, one should still support strong welfare programs because it is dangerous to have a large, disaffected underclass. [more inside]
posted by d. z. wang at 6:20 PM PST - 4 comments

Fill 'er up

Can you tell me about your experience with dermal fillers like Juvederm? [more inside]
posted by unannihilated at 6:06 PM PST - 4 comments

Troubled for a job question

I got a job with a super nice relocation assistance. They pay me very very well. I accepted the position. But they hire more people. [more inside]
posted by barexamfreak at 5:49 PM PST - 14 comments

Film Movements and what to watch next

I’ve just watched about 7 Italian neorealist films from Criterion and I have a 2 part question. 1: Do you know of a really good list of film movements with examples? 2. After the neorealist, what movement should I dig in to new?
posted by captainscared at 5:04 PM PST - 8 comments

Mashup artists similar to Girl Talk?

Looking for skilled mashup artists with a talent level similar to or better than Girl Talk. [more inside]
posted by the bird at the bottom of the tree at 3:15 PM PST - 27 comments

What was this childhood playground game?

So back in 1980s Massachusetts we used to play a game during recess, more frequently in the winter and it was icy and we couldn't run around. [more inside]
posted by emd3737 at 3:05 PM PST - 27 comments

What Can I Accomplish in Two Months?

I'm a Boston-area high school teacher and for the first time in many years, I'm not working summer school. This means I have NOTHING I have to do for the next two months. I want the time to be relatively productive as well as very relaxing. What types of activities/hobbies/skills can a person pick up in two months? [more inside]
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Project Tracking Software for a Beginner

What's a good piece of non-cloud software to track project completion for a small office? [more inside]
posted by Ndwright at 1:15 PM PST - 9 comments

How can I get involved in the Hillary Clinton campaign?

I have signed up three times on her website to volunteer. I have not received any instruction. I have only received solicitations. [more inside]
posted by maurreen at 12:04 PM PST - 11 comments

Adorable animals to follow on Snapchat 🐾

I'd love to follow more Snapchat accounts that feature cute animals! Extra bonus points for: [more inside]
posted by dire at 11:42 AM PST - 5 comments

Need an App or Script to Parse Diffs in Different Text Versions

I'm on a project where I frequently need to compare two versions of bits of text (< 100 words) to find changes. I'd love an app or script where I can quickly paste version 1, then version 2, and be shown the changes, ideally in editor's markup (even better if it can ignore spacing/styling diffs). Sleek workflow (i.e. minimal # of actions) is essential. I'm on a Mac, but happy to use Terminal (especially if I can script the process). Any suggestions? Or should this be a MetaFilter Jobs proposal? [more inside]
posted by Quisp Lover at 10:09 AM PST - 17 comments

Tell me why it's gross/disgusting to eat someone else's leftovers?

Not from a cultural, societal point of view. But medically, scientifically, health/welfare, risks?? Is the germ/fluid exchange different from say, a kiss or handshake? And different if doesn't involve a food with an actual bite-mark (ie the fries not the hamburger?) [more inside]
posted by Xhris at 9:10 AM PST - 26 comments

Wie sagt man das

"clean sheet" (as in a shutout in football) in German?
posted by wensink at 8:43 AM PST - 2 comments

Uh... I don't get it

I don't understand last week's Oglaf comic [NSFW ads]. Do you? And can you explain it? Thanks!
posted by Too-Ticky at 7:25 AM PST - 10 comments

How best to manage YouTube on an iPad for a child?

My four-year-old loves our iPad, but I don't want him to use it for nothing but YouTube videos. I'm also unhappy with some of the videos that Google considers to be OK for children. How can I manage his viewing, in terms of both time and content? [more inside]
posted by Zonker at 7:11 AM PST - 16 comments

Nice Car. Brave choice of overalls.

What is the car that Justin Timberlake just finished washing in the background of the "Can't Stop The Feeling" video? (At abot 1:38s, dont know how to link sorry.)
posted by paulash at 4:23 AM PST - 4 comments

Grassroots organizations working to influence Brexit negotiations?

What are some non-party organisations working to unite the progressive left behind an exit process and subsequent deal that will be of greatest benefit to humanity and the environment? [more inside]
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June 25

Leaving Job I Like With Very Little Notice for Job I Would Love

There's a very solid chance that on Monday I will be offered a job with an organization I admire for work that is very much in line with what I want to be doing. I currently have another job which I like, but I am very ready to leave. The problem? New job wants me to start on Friday for very good reasons, and my current job is not one that I can leave with that little notice and not cause major issues. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:06 PM PST - 32 comments

Anxiety in mother

My mother has always been a high level worrier but as years pass her anxieties are posing limits on her and my father. She's not been receptive to discussion of this in the past. Is there a way to broach this with her and possibly help her get the help she needs to live a more enjoyable and less restricted life? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:06 PM PST - 11 comments

Friend fraud: To reach out, or let it be?

A friend from long ago has been accused of business fraud. I am struggling to process this information, and am conflicted about reaching out. Please help me outline a way forward. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:06 PM PST - 14 comments

How unrealistic is a tour of multiple countries in Asia in two weeks?

We're hashing out honeymoon plans. I've never been anywhere in Asia and he has been to Japan and the Philippines but hasn't really had time to fully enjoy his trips. He likes Japan and would like to see more of it. I am interested in squeezing as much of east Asia as possible into one trip, because I probably won't have the time/energy/money to plan a second trip anytime soon. Please talk me out of this if it's crazy? [more inside]
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Musicians who play their signature instruments

Which musicians have actually "real" signature models of their instruments available or previously available? [more inside]
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I've had this song chorus in my head since 1990. Please send help.

I went to summer camp in northern Minnesota in the late 80s/early 90s. I was exposed to all kinds of awesome music there from kids all over the country, which was a huge big thing for young midwestern me. I remember sitting on a cold lake beach listening intently to a mix tape one of the older girls was playing, and there is a song that has stuck in my head ever since. The chorus is something like "So wave goodbye to everything you knew." I can still noodle it out on piano and guitar, but I can't identify the song. Please help. [more inside]
posted by erst at 8:48 PM PST - 15 comments

Help Us Watch Things!

My SO and I enjoy watching (and discussing) shows with each other, but need more recommendations. Special show-flake details below the fold! [more inside]
posted by dotgirl at 8:08 PM PST - 27 comments

How clean the outsides of my 3rd floor windows?

Our apartment windows are double hung double glazed. Only the bottom window goes up; the top window doesn't move. How can I clean them? The magnetic window cleaners won't work because of the double glazing. Is there some sort of magic cantilevered tool, or I do I have to call the professionals with their scissorlift?
posted by HighLowKitty at 7:40 PM PST - 6 comments

What to do when my job title doesn't match my skill-level?

I have the title Marketing Manager, but I only have three years basic experience and have never worked in a Marketing department or under an actual Marketing Manager. My experience is limited, and now I'm finding my job options are. How can I fix this? [more inside]
posted by littlepeeo at 7:34 PM PST - 10 comments

Name that Tune!

Mr. Darling found a video on YouTube of a gentleman driving his 1959 Mercury and the perfect song is playing on the car's radio. The question is, what is the tune?
posted by tafetta, darling! at 7:18 PM PST - 3 comments

I think I'm in over my head...

I love old Sierra adventure games. I am currently obsessed with making Gold Rush! work on my Macbook. It was going so well at first. But now the number keys are mapped as directions instead of numbers (emulating in Boxer). The weird thing is that I COULD type numbers when I started the game a few hours ago! I've read everything I could find that seemed relevant in the last hour, and still, I can't type numbers; typing numbers is required to move to the next stage. Hope me relive my childhood game, hivemind! [more inside]
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Recommendation for place for a good cocktail in Hyde Park ? (Chicago)

Very old (70+ with one young one) friends getting together for a stroll around the campus and 'would like to wind up with a good cocktail (or two) in the environs. 'Been a long time since we were out there - anyone have any ideas on a nice place for us? Thanks very much.
posted by Tullyogallaghan at 6:00 PM PST - 6 comments

Learning to drive in Seattle

As much as it pains me to admit it, I'm a grown-ass woman who can't drive. 33 years old, living in Seattle. Looking for help/advice, places to practice driving. [more inside]
posted by skycrashesdown at 4:42 PM PST - 30 comments

Webcam recommendations

All I want to do is get a relatively cheap webcam for video unboxings that films beautifully and has auto-focus. Got a good rec for me? Bonus: tripod recs. [more inside]
posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome at 4:35 PM PST - 11 comments

Best iOS Twitter app?

What's the best Twitter app for iOS these days? I have been using the official app but the increasing amount of ads is getting to me. One feature that it does well is let me hide thumbnails in tweets. Is there an alternate app that gives that option? I've seen Tweetbot and Twitterific mentioned, but don't have any experience with either. Thanks!
posted by cozenedindigo at 4:22 PM PST - 10 comments

Mac software for electronic music creation

My daughter took a songwriting class at school this year and they used Logic. Her laptop is a Macbook Air. Is there something similar or is compatible we can get for her Mac? She wants to make mostly dance type music. Is it worth getting a keyboard to go with the laptop? And do we want to think about getting something that she can record with? (she also has an acoustic guitar.) Any advice for the budding electronic musician would be appreciated!
posted by vespabelle at 4:22 PM PST - 6 comments

If Black Panther's special moves were all emory douglas style, bingo.

How difficult, as someone who basically can't code at all, to find an emu for a Capcom marvel fighting game and then to switch out the images of the characters, backgrounds, and special fighting moves to something RADICALLY different? Imagine a hacked version that has Captain America versus Black Panther (as the only pickable characters) and special moves that include the cointelpro stomp and the free breakfast program blast. (Obviously, I am not trying to make money off this; I want to make something awesome for my kids.). What's the couch to 5k for this?
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Make my aging Macbook great again.

My Mid-2010 Macbook Pro, which currently runs Mavericks, has been fuddy-duddying around as of late. Beachball city. As such, I finally pulled the trigger on upgrading my hardware: I bought a new SSD (the Samsung 850 EVO 500gb 2.5'') and 16gb of RAM. I'm preparing to install the SSD, and am trying to figure out how best to migrate my data from the old hard drive to the new one. I'm also wondering whether now would be a good time to upgrade to El Capitan. Help? [more inside]
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Dumb Dremel Q: How do I attach an accessory?

This is definitely a silly question that I'll feel dumb for asking later, but right now it has reached COSMIC MYSTERY levels of frustration. Today I popped out and got myself a Dremel 4000 kit. I opened it up and went to attach my first accessory. None of the accessories that come withe the 4000 seemed to fit in the Collet. "Well, that's dumb", I thought to myself. I went back out and dropped another couple bucks on the set of 4 collet sizes. Came home, same issue. [more inside]
posted by GilloD at 3:58 PM PST - 4 comments

What can I do with a pound of shattered chocolate Easter bunny?

I was gifted a giant Palmer hollow milk chocolate Easter Bunny (this one, The “GrandBunny”) that’s cracked into a bunch of pieces. I took the pieces out of the box and put them into a plastic bag in my fridge. What can I do with this chocolate? [more inside]
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Medical Marijuana for Social Phobia (Strain? Form?)

I just got approved for medical marijuana and was surprised at how "wild westy" the whole field is (this is in Massachusetts, where seemingly you could go in with a stubbed toe and be approved). I'm not interested in trying to grow it on my own and so will go to a dispensary, but just was seeking recommendations on best form to take it and what strains might be expected to work best with social phobia? [more inside]
posted by Jon44 at 2:59 PM PST - 10 comments

Help an (ex-) Tucsonan learn to love Phoenix

I'll be spending time in Phoenix the first week of July. I'm ready to see Phoenix with new eyes. What should I look at? [more inside]
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Reasonable quality drill bits for home use

What set of drill bits should I get for general purpose drilling needs around the house? I only use them occasionally and typical materials include sheetrock, wood, and plastic. [more inside]
posted by unus sum at 2:43 PM PST - 9 comments

Sending framed photo to England w/o crazy shipping costs?

I want to send my dad, who lives in England, a framed photograph (preferably the stand-up-on-a-desk kind rather than the hang-on-the-wall kind). I'd like this photograph printed and framed by an online company that will then mail it to him. I thought I could pick a British company so as to avoid large shipping costs and a long delay, but the sites that I've tried won't accept payment from a credit card with an American billing address. Anyone know of a place that would accept an American credit card, or have clever alternatives?
posted by pie_seven at 2:16 PM PST - 4 comments

Name that Music Video: '80s New Wave/Pop Edition

The band is playing in the middle of a (house) party and the video pans around the party. I want to say I remember there being general 80s weirdness/fashion and maybe some skulls? I also want to say the song was one of those that could seem like a double-entendre for masturbation, or else kind of sexually suggestive in some way; unfortunately googling "80s songs about masturbation" didn't help. Also, the band may or may not have been British. Can anyone decipher which song I'm thinking about?
posted by sevenofspades at 1:44 PM PST - 10 comments

Young adult with mild development delay has social needs I can't fulfill

Our daughter, age 23, has what might be called a mild developmental delay. She seems to relate to others like an 8 year old. She can do many things such as travelling alone, shopping and self-care. However she lacks good judgement and often, common sense. If someone befriends her, she'll be at their door several times a day, not respecting social boundries. [more inside]
posted by Coffeetyme at 1:16 PM PST - 11 comments

NYC July 8th-11th

My partner and I are coming down for the weekend in early July: are there any interesting things happening that weekend worth checking out? [more inside]
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Looking for casters with a small base

I have a c table (like this) with a tubular metal base. I'd like to put casters on it, ideally vintage/antique looking dark colored ones. The metal tubes is 1" in diameter with no existing holes or mounting options. I've seen lovely stem-type casters but assume there is no way of attaching them. Any advice or ideas of what might work?
posted by arnicae at 12:08 PM PST - 5 comments

What's the story with my grandma?

My grandma is in her 90s and she broke her neck. I'm not sure I'm getting the story straight from my father so I just want to know what's going on and what to expect. What I know is inside. [more inside]
posted by aniola at 11:37 AM PST - 13 comments

How can I follow the Iceland election in English

I would like to follow the Icelandic election... can your recommend some news sources [more inside]
posted by chapps at 11:25 AM PST - 2 comments

New Scientist Live, worth going?

I'm in London in September and wondering if it's worthwhile to attend the New Scientist Live exhibition. There's a 4-day pass available and a variety of single-day passes. Anyone been to this in the past? What was it like?
posted by storybored at 10:54 AM PST - 1 comment

Looking for amusing advice podcasts

I'm looking for podcasts where the host and/or guests take listener calls or letters and answer them, but in a funny way. [more inside]
posted by reenum at 10:52 AM PST - 14 comments

Manager question: excel formatting

I have a question on how to set standards for an ambiguous process. Part of my job involves having my directs "body-shop" powerpoint/excel charts - i.e. organizing things on the page, making tables look nice, filling in / fleshing out commentary, etc. (I'm in consulting). How can I help them do this better? [more inside]
posted by The Ted at 9:47 AM PST - 8 comments

Paw Patrol pre-school bribery in NYC

I bribed my two three and a half year old girls (identical twins - super cute) who are obsessed with Paw Patrol in the way that is hard to explain, that I was going to a country where they sold Paw Patrol everything - but now I can't find anything, help. [more inside]
posted by Augenblick at 9:45 AM PST - 14 comments

Classical CD stores in Cologne/Bonn and Helsinki

Shops with a reasonable stock of classical music CDs in Cologne/Bonn and Helsinki? [more inside]
posted by Logophiliac at 8:01 AM PST - 4 comments

Debunking Dr John Sarno / TMS / Healing Back Pain

Can someone help me understand or explain why there seem to be so many people (including many on the green) who have claimed to have been helped by Dr Sarno's books and his whole 'TMS' diagnosis? I just read the book, and it seems like complete quackery, especially in his advice around herniated lumbar discs. What gives? [more inside]
posted by sxtrumpeto at 6:43 AM PST - 10 comments

How to disengage from a narcissistic, manipulative mother-in-law?

My mother-in-law is a classic narcissist. I've known her since the mid-nineties, and she has always gone after me with offensive little comments and digs. If I objected she would say something along the lines of "I'm sorry you took it the wrong way," "You're just being oversensitive," or "I shouldn't have to watch what I have to say." [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:18 AM PST - 46 comments

A book for learning something...that's good in small doses

This is perhaps a somewhat weird question. I do a lot of my reading in small bits - standing in line for 5 minutes at the grocery store, going down an elevator for a couple minutes, a 10 minute taxi ride, etc. Given the start and stop nature of that, it's tough to read very deep things where you really need to finish a long passage in one sitting or remember everything that had been said in the chapter or section. But I love reading books where I learn something - American history, how the internet came to be, becoming a great chef - all kinds of topics. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:18 AM PST - 11 comments

Getting diagnosed with bipolar II

I think I may have bipolar II. How do I get help? [more inside]
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June 24

They thought they got away with it

Can you provide examples of movies that end with a particular kind of reveal? [more inside]
posted by Otto Franz Joseph Leopold von Soxen-Puppetten at 11:38 PM PST - 32 comments

Bamboozle me! I want to plant a bamboo screen.

I live in zone 5b (Deerfield, MA), and I want to plant a bamboo screen along the road in front of my house. Spectabilis would work, but I'd much rather have something that tops out at 10-12 feet, not 25 or 30, for many reasons. Is there such a thing? [more inside]
posted by Camofrog at 10:15 PM PST - 13 comments

Change color of tab bar in Google Chrome?

I'm using Google Chrome Version 51.0.2704.106 m on Windows 7. When I launched Chrome tonight the very top bar, where the 'new tab' button is located, is a bright blue. I hate this. I'd like to either change it back to what it was previous (a light grey I guess?) or at least set it to a lighter color via settings or extension or whatever. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.
posted by moxiequz at 9:28 PM PST - 11 comments

Midweek getaway, PNW Edition

Our landlord is going to be replacing the kitchen floor next month, and as a result my partner and I need to be elsewhere for a few days. Since we'll be paying for lodgings anyway, we'd like to make it into a bit of a vacation! But where? [more inside]
posted by Vervain at 9:18 PM PST - 9 comments

Is it too late to be great at my job?

I've been in my role for almost 3 years and want to end on a high note before I leave. How? [more inside]
posted by watrlily at 7:22 PM PST - 5 comments

regional confederations

Sometime ago I read an argument for European nations - and by extension all nations - to devolve down to more manageble regional sizes, arguing that nations had grown too large and unweidly, and that regions were better suited for self-government in transational frameworks - think of an EU with Occitania, Liguria, and Bavaria etc., instead of France, Italy and Germany. The autor was I think Brit, maybe Scottish, possibly a MeFite. Ring any bells? [more inside]
posted by the man of twists and turns at 7:15 PM PST - 2 comments

ask to resign or accept my layoff? How to spin it in interviews?

I took a job at a preschool and was just let go a few days before the 90 day probationary period ended. Before this, I was temping as an administrative assistant. My plan is to go back to the temp agency. Will it look better to prospective employers if I resign, or does it even matter since I'm going into a very different field of work? I'm mostly worried about prospective employers calling the preschool to confirm employment ; asking if I'm eligible for rehire, and hearing "no". [more inside]
posted by Leaves22 at 7:13 PM PST - 9 comments

Kids' books to read before a camping road trip up the US west coast

In six weeks, we're taking two weeks to drive from San Diego to Seattle, car camping along the way. What books should I read with my 5 year old before we go? Think Jason Chin's Redwoods, for example.
posted by billtron at 7:10 PM PST - 3 comments

Longshot filter: current, updating, blogs about French music in Quebec?

I'm finding it harder than I figured to keep up with Quebec music, two years after moving to Ontario. I'm looking for websites or blogs that are currently active, and focus on French-language music in Quebec.
posted by Shepherd at 5:34 PM PST - 2 comments

Most effective donation: recurring monthly, or seasonal matched?

I have several charities that I donate to each year. Some of these charities reliably have a period during the year where all donations are matched by some program. But I also know that charities like having reliable recurring donation streams as it allows planning etc. Is it better to set up a recurring monthly donation to them, or to wait and make single annual donations during their matching programs? Assume that I will donate the same amount of cash either way.
posted by the agents of KAOS at 2:55 PM PST - 11 comments

Grabby baby meets mom with personal space issues

My 7.5 month old baby explores the world with his hands and feet... I don't like to be grabbed. Help. [more inside]
posted by toomanycurls at 2:44 PM PST - 23 comments

Which flavor of awful should I buy: Norton Vs. McAfee edition

I am holding my CEO's credit card in my hand and cannot leave work without purchasing either Norton or McAfee today (thanks to our sales guy who keeps getting malware on his computer). Running a Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro-1370 with Windows 10 and Windows Defender, however, they are not convinced this is sufficient and are forcing me to buy/install one or the other today. Help? [more inside]
posted by Unicorn on the cob at 2:10 PM PST - 21 comments

Decent PSD to HTML / Wordpress Services?

I'm in need of additional web development resources, and wondering if anyone has any high quality PSD to Wordpress services that they would recommend? (Or recommend to avoid, for that matter...)
posted by spilon at 1:51 PM PST - 4 comments

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it mean

I want to avoid pissing people off with incorrect terminology. What are some common terminology that outsiders get wrong that really grind the gears of insiders? [more inside]
posted by Mitheral at 1:32 PM PST - 175 comments

Which heat pump to get?

My heat pump (a 10 SEER packaged unit) is dead. It would cost at least $800 to fix it, assuming it's an easy fix. If not, it would either be unfixable (because no one makes the coils anymore), or cost well over $1k (if, for example, the reversing valve needs to be fixed/replaced). So I've had a few different quotes on new heat pumps, and can't decide what to do... Can anyone shed some light on the best route to take? [more inside]
posted by kethonna at 1:31 PM PST - 7 comments

the story about a person where a thing happens

I read a short story about a woman living in a city where no one answered knocks on the doors of their homes because if they did, they would be violently dragged into the streets and murdered by some unknown force. Other details of the story are vague. I believe it was set in some kind of metropolitan dystopia. One or two of the woman's partners answered the door and were pulled into the street and torn to pieces. I can't remember where I could've possibly read this. My Google skills are failing me. Please help me!
posted by quadrant seasons at 1:25 PM PST - 3 comments

Could you translate this German occupation to English? Prok.d.Fa.

The full occupation from 1940 is Prok.d.Fa. Natermann & Hurm and they lived in Bremen. What is Prok.d.Fa. ?
posted by cda at 1:01 PM PST - 10 comments

What are the best novels about the American West in the late 1800s?

My knowledge of books is sadly lacking on this question. I'm currently reading Twain's Roughing It and want more, preferably written in the last fifty years. Books about Oregon in full or in part are even better. [more inside]
posted by angrycat at 12:48 PM PST - 16 comments

Cheapest place in Europe to fly to NYC one way in August?

I'm off to Europe for a three-week vacation from NYC and have bought just a one-way ticket for now because I found a good deal and don't know yet where I want to return from. [more inside]
posted by Dragonness at 12:27 PM PST - 6 comments

What's the best way to heal a poison ivy rash?

I got poison ivy. Boo! The rash is no longer itchy. Yay! But what do I do about the rash itself? [more inside]
posted by sutel at 11:58 AM PST - 7 comments

A retainer to keep my crooked teeth crooked--is it worth it?

In the last year or two my previously non-crooked teeth have become noticeably crooked and crowded. I'm worried they will only continue to get more out of alignment. I asked my dentist for some options and she suggested a retainer to wear at night to keep them from shifting further. Does it make sense to do this without having them straightened first? [more inside]
posted by whistle pig at 11:48 AM PST - 7 comments

How can I cheaply repair this curb damage on the fender?

Whoops... had a bit of a scrape this morning: http://i.imgur.com/2rVDhM6.jpg I can simply buy some touch up paint and paint over this? Or are there other steps I should take to make this better? It's about the width of a dollar bill.
posted by Mushroom12345 at 11:37 AM PST - 9 comments

Children's Books Around the World

What is your country's top children's book? [more inside]
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Do you and your SO sleep in separate beds but still get along?

My GF and I were talking over plans to move in together. One of the ideas that I raised was getting a two bedroom apartment so that we could each have our own bed to sleep in at night for comfort/sleep quality and also a space that is ours within the apartment (and our relationship). We would sleep together from time to time when we feel like it. She was a little apprehensive, but open-minded. Have any of you devised a similar cohabitation arrangement? What have you found to be the pros and cons? Thanks!
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What Possible Evolutionary/Biological Purpose Does Toddlerhood Serve?

Why did the toddler phase of human life evolve as it did? [more inside]
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How do I shut down offensive conversations with friends and family?

This isn't a unique problem, but I need help dealing with it. When family and friends engage in political (or not) conversation that veer into racist/sexist/bigoted tropes, how can I shut down the conversation quickly? I don't want to engage in a debate, but I also don't want them to casually rely on old, offensive tropes around me. [more inside]
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cardio = panic attack

Raising my heart rate to cardio-levels has a really high chance of making my body think it is having a panic attack and I want it to stop doing that. [more inside]
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Preventing a kid and his grandfather alone on a boat, without insult

My 75 year old dad is not as sharp as he used to be (recent example inside). However, he still has a motor boat that he takes out on the water (Long Island Sound) when he's up north for the summer. The problem: he continues to want to take my seven year old son out on the boat with him -- just the two of them. How can I make sure that I or my husband always accompany my son on the boat, without insulting dad's competence? [more inside]
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Small dog has turned into large poop machine

In the past couple of days, our terrier/schnauzer mutt has suddenly starting pooping so much that it seems to defy the law of conservation of mass. Help me decide if this is a bland-diet-for-a-couple-of-days situation, or a get-thee-to-a-vet-now situation. (Sorry for the wall-o-poop inside) [more inside]
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I'm Down 0-40, a double break, and two sets to none

I hurt my arm while playing tennis back in October. Saw a doctor in April, May. I'm still in pain. I don't know where to go from here. Recommendations? Location: Mid East Coast VA. [more inside]
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Identification of a poem and its source

I can't remember the place I read this poem as a grade-schooler. Google has some people asking about it but no answer. Does anyone know where this poem is from, especially author and where it was published in the 70s? This is as much as I remember: (poem inside) [more inside]
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Are my interns getting screwed?

My university department was recently awarded an industry grant to provide minority students summer internships working with us. For some reason this program has gone a bit... sideways. Unlike our other hourly student employees, this cohort is being paid a monthly stipend, and issued a 1099 instead of a W-2. Is there some gray area between independent contractor and employee I'm not aware of? [more inside]
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Plant identification filter (x2): Maine edition

Our neighbors have these two perennial plants growing on the side of their hill, next to the sidewalk. They seem to be the only hillside plants that really gain any traction and spread from year to year. What are they? [more inside]
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How do I find good men's dress shoes?

This sounds like a simple enough question, but how do I find good men's dress shoes? I wear size 12 to 12.5 (US), and I like to try on shoes first, plus my budget isn't terribly large, so I've failed to find anything a number of times when looking at lower-cost shoe stores and sections. But I realize I've had the same 4 pairs of shoes for 5+ years, so I could probably splurge once a year on a new pair and not break my budget. Bonus points: shoe stores in Albuquerque or Santa Fe, NM. [more inside]
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RECOMMENDATION NEEDED: Easy way for a team to share ideas?

My colleagues and I are looking for a simple way to clip and share ideas with each other. The keyword here is simple. Any recommendations? [more inside]
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What are the best pro-migration groups in the UK?

I want to turn the sadness and anger I'm experiencing with the leave vote into something positive. My main thinking at the moment is that pro-migration groups are the best way to do this. Does anyone know of any good ones? [more inside]
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Citizenship question

Can you help me understand the citizenship application process for a US citizen with a parent who was a UK citizen at the time of my birth? (With some extra questions about Scotland and the EU...) [more inside]
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Can I give a recruiter a fake SSN?

I've seen a number of posts asking about the safety of giving out the last 4-5 of your SSN, but if I want to pursue something and they insist, is there any reason not to give them an alternate number? [more inside]
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What are the best (and worst) fake accents?

On a scale from 1 to "Meryl Streep in Sophie's Choice", what are the most standout examples (for better or worse) of fake accents in movies and on TV shows? [more inside]
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How to get help during a mental health crisis?

I'm dealing with a double career/relationship situation that has completely "destroyed" me. I'm eating and sleeping; I have savings for several months, and I'm not going to hurt myself or anyone else. But, I'm nonfunctional, going in circles, suffering terribly, and I want it to stop, and I want to move on with my life. [more inside]
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Can a Non-Brit Complain About BBC Treatment of Trump Re: Brexit?

Trump flew to the UK to score free media from Brexit fallout. BBC.com is obliging him by giving him coverage comparable to UK politicos re: manifestation of this English tribal panic. Is there a place for non-Brits to register a complaint?
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Best places to live in Scotland (or Canada)?

The UK voting for Brexit has turned my 'I'd like to live in Scotland someday' to 'if there's even a whiff of independence I'm am definitely moving up there - back up plan = Canada'. So where are recommended places to move to? [more inside]
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Songs to leave Europe to

So, presciently, my apocalypse themed birthday party is happening tomorrow (Saturday). Obviously, the mood has dimmed a bit with Brexit, so I want to put together a banging playlist to cheer my party guests up while we dance. [more inside]
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New job! But there's a catch. Help!

I have an absurdly stable job with great pay and benefits. The problem is, it is not what I want to do long-term and it is not a good cultural fit for me. I have a much more relevant job opportunity with a very prestigious organization but with dramatically lower pay and benefits. Do I follow my heart or brain? [more inside]
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Looking for a wood stove / bbq for outdoor heating and cooking (UK)

I'm looking for suggestions/advice on outdoor heating/cooking options for my garden. I want something with the following properties: [more inside]
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Ate something bad - but what?

Often when I am feeling unwell due to eating something bad, I'll think back over what I've eaten, and one particular item will stick out and make me feel queasy. Is there any science or fact to this?
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How to request airport shuttle cart

I'm injured but I need to take several international flights this summer, and I'm wondering how I can request special support at the airport to get from gate to gate. Bonus points: some of this travel will be in Russia, so information about how things work there would be much appreciated. [more inside]
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Brexit has happened: what does that mean to me financially?

Brexit has happened and the pound has lost a significant amount of value - but I'm not sure what this means to me (in the UK) personally. Could more economically informed Mefites explain what this means to my financial situation now, and possibly in the future? I realise that any future predictions are by their nature tentative, especially in the light of political uncertainty. [more inside]
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How do I learn to cope with other people's unwanted opinions about me?

How do I learn how to set aside people's comments and assumptions about me -- brush off the unimportant interactions, but defend myself when necessary? [more inside]
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June 23

Song with lyric: "The lights are out all over Europe"?

Thoughts of Brexit tonight put a song in my head — or, more accurately, a line from a song that I just can't place. I've tried to Google the lyric with no luck. Can you pin it down for me? [more inside]
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Firefly LED light wand! I want to make one.

There is an LED toy that I want to recreate. It was the length of an umbrella, without the canopy, and looked like the person was being followed by a bobbing, waving band of fireflies. Details inside. [more inside]
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Namibian Beach in July

My husband and I are going on a tour that ends in Swakopmund, Namibia in the middle of July. How long should we stay there and what should we do? [more inside]
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Is it ever a good idea to force resolution in dating?

I had a few dates with a guy that I work with but not in the same departments. Even though everything was going well, last date was kind of flat. I get the impression that's the last date we will have. Should I clarify that or just let it fade naturally? [more inside]
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Is it common to tip auto mechanics at holiday season?

I have found a great automotive repair shop. Honest, qualified mechanics and qualified office staff also, fair prices. I was surprised to get a call from them in December, wishing me a happy holiday. Now I'm wondering if that's code for "Hey, throw a few bucks our way since we've helped you out this year." [more inside]
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Dress shoes for walking

Dresses and walking, together [more inside]
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How do I purchase German stamps in the US?

I'd like to send a self addressed stamped envelope to Germany so that someone can mail something back to me in the US. [more inside]
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Best travel insurance for Americans visiting the US from Japan?

Hey there! My wife and I are two Americans living in Japan, so we've gotten used the idea of being able to see a doctor if we need to, and now that we're in our thirties it suddenly occurs to us that maybe we should make sure we have health insurance for our three-week trip to America, because otherwise it could pretty easily mean just sort of running out of all of our money if something goes wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions for good travel insurance companies to go with, or ones to avoid?
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I am really angry at the guy who hit me with his car. What should I do?

A few weeks ago, I was hit by a car while riding my bike. I know I need to contact a lawyer, and one is calling me tomorrow for intake, but really what I need help dealing with is my anger. [more inside]
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Who do I address my query to?

So, I finally wrote a novel and I'm ready to start looking for an agent. I found this via twitter, and the agent looks like a good fit for my book. The submission guidelines at her agency say "Please mail submissions to the attention of ETHAN ELLENBERG". [more inside]
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Can electronics, hard drives survive in a car for a week?

I will be shipping a car in the US and this is estimated to take 4-6 days in an open transport. I will leave some things in the trunk (yes, I am aware it can be stolen). Since it is summer weather, the car may be potentially on the top, so it will be subject to significant heat, I wanted to ask if things such as hard drives and electronics will make it through the trip. Thanks.
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Bought a house -- how to track expenses?

We just bought a two-family house (yay) jointly with another family member. How do we most efficiently keep track of the joint expenditures? I *can* make a spreadsheet to track mortgage payments, plumbers, etc., but there's got to be a better way. [more inside]
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Hotels with breakfast

I am planning a trip in a month to see friends. And once again I am irritated and confused. I enjoy a hotel that has a good breakfast buffet: eggs, cereal, fruit, etc. Yeah I know a "free" breakfast isn't free, it is built into the room rate. But upon searching for hotels that offer breakfast, the only search option is either yes or no. Not the type of breakfast. Much to my chagrin I have discovered hotels that offer coffee and muffins in cellophane as breakfast. Other than going through the hassle of contacting each hotel individually, are there any global search engines that are more granular in this aspect?
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They don't ask, so I don't tell

I’m starting to think that I don’t know how to make small-talk properly, or else people tend to find me very boring. Or maybe both. Most of my conversations (aside from those with close friends or family members) revolve around the other person. Should I do something differently? [more inside]
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Ubuntu mp3 sync script help needed

I am looking at writing a script for my Ubuntu system that synchronizes the latest (as in, last added) N (say, 10 or 20) files from one of my home folders with one of my Dropbox folders. Rsync seems to offer all but one needed feature. [more inside]
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My music tastes are stuck in 2004. Find me new music to love!

I used to really love being up on new music, but I got old, got boring, had a kid, and got out of touch. I'm getting kind of sick of my music collection and would love to find some new tunes. [more inside]
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Square Clash

I have used Square Cash for a few years with a debit/credit card from my credit union (a Visa.) Recently, I received a new debit/credit card (Visa with a chip in it.) I've been able to use the card at retailers, including on Square terminals, but sending money through Square Cash with it keeps failing. Why? [more inside]
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I think you need therapy...

I really want my partner to try therapy but she really doesn't want to. How do we resolve this? [more inside]
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How to handle an odd social phenomenon

Let's say I travel with my coworkers - let's call them Anne, Bryan, and Casey - to an offsite event near our office. How should I handle the awkward situation that sometimes plays out? Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Storing gasoline

I have a house. It has a walk-in basement, it does not have a garage. I have ~3 gallons of gasoline in appropriate containers. I think it's probably unwise to put this in my basement (with a water heater, electrical stuff, etc. not to mention the whole being effectively inside my house thing). Is storing it outside in a storage tote a good solution? Why or why not? [more inside]
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Fiction recs for Philosophy class!

I'm teaching an introductory ethics course, and I'd like to see if the hivemind has better suggestions for short fiction that deals with either the purpose of a social contract, or demonstrates how social contracts go horribly wrong. [more inside]
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What do French women actually eat?

I read all the time about how French ladies indulge in carbs and fat but never gain weight. I'm assuming that the portions are smaller and they don't snack between meals. However, croissants and Brie every day? Really? I haven't been able to find what people actually eat for meals and snacks. [more inside]
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How to give a good informational interview

A few times a year, I receive requests for informational interviews from recent graduates interested in entering my field. I'm always happy to accommodate these requests, but I want to make sure I'm not overlooking any key information or advice that I could be passing on. If you've given informational interviews yourself, or if you're someone who has benefited from good informational interviews as you got started in your field, I'd like to hear from you! [more inside]
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Our home was raided by the government. Any suggestions how to process?

Our house was raided by the government a few weeks ago, which was incredibly traumatizing for me. More inside. [more inside]
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Divorce attorney in the Boston/Cambridge area

Hi, I am looking for a divorce attorney in the Boston/Cambridge area. Would love any recommendations, thank you!
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Looking for a therapist in Portland, OR.

I'm looking for a therapist in Portland who is great at helping with bipolar II. My disorder has gotten out of control lately and my moods are cycling much too quickly for me to handle and I'd like to find a regular therapist and also someone that could help with medication. Curve ball: I either don't have insurance or I am on the OHP but don't know how to use it. I'm also jobless, so low-cost/sliding scale is the best option. My old therapist was the greatest, but currently I can't afford to pay her. Any recommendations? Let me know if I should memail you for any other details. Thanks!
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Tuning out distractions while reading

I find it almost impossible to read when someone is watching TV in the same room or having a conversation at the next table. These are situations where I don't have control over my environment (I can't make people stop talking or turn off the TV). I'd like to be better at "walling off" the distractions mentally so that they don't disrupt my reading so much. Is this a skill I can develop? Are there techniques I can use to improve my ability to focus in these circumstances? [more inside]
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Recommend pots and pans please.

I would like to purchase a few new pots and pans. The ones I've been using are very old and pretty crappy. I am overwhelmed by the options. [more inside]
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Suggestions for a roadtrip songbook?

My friends and I are working on a fairly large project of assembling our favorite songs to sing along to, plus a book of lyrics that can live in the backseat of the car so that people don't actually need to memorize the song. I was hoping people might have suggestions for the book that fit the following criteria: [more inside]
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What is this miniature stove and where can I buy it?

How can I identify the make/model and buy a duplicate of this miniature metal stove? It's at least 50 years old and has no brand markings. front top bottom Exact dimensions unknown but small enough to hold in one hand. The individual items (pans,bucket) are not attached and can be moved.
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Wonder how I disabled my MacBook Pro keyboard

I was replacing a trackpad in my MacBook Pro (about 2012 model). After I booted back up the keyboard stopped responding. Is there anything obvious I could have unplugged or damaged to make this happen?
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Say something or don’t. What to do about a crush?

When my partner and I first got to together a few years ago, one of her friends jokingly said something like “I saw you online, too but ‘Sally’ got to you first” (she was also doing the online dating thing as most of us who were single seemed to be doing at that time.) I laughed it off; she seemed to be kidding around. She – I’ll call her ‘Rebecca’ – is a member of one of my partner’s friendship circles. We’re all women in our 30s and 40s. [more inside]
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What's the best way to find a developer job in another city?

I'm a former .NET developer that moved from NYC doing large enterprise apps to a small smartup in a much smaller city doing really cool bleeding edge Javascript apps. I really like being out of the enterprise space and doing product development. However, everything in the town I am in is either enterprise or very corporate and I'm just burnt out on that. What's the best job search method to look for something in a city with more opportunity? I'm thinking SF or back to NYC but willing to live anywhere. [more inside]
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Recommend some Fitbit Flex bands that won't cause irritation

I love my Fitbit Flex but my skin doesn't love the band. Now that the resulting skin rash is almost healed I'd like to wear it again but would prefer a band made from a different material. [more inside]
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What are the unknown unknowns of opening a restaurant?

I may be part of a team opening a new restaurant and bar..... [more inside]
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The learning styles of the world’s greatest inventors and thinkers?

I am looking for resources on the learning styles of famous inventors and thinkers? [more inside]
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June 22

driving from nashville to austin

My husband and I are driving from Nashville to Austin via Memphis. The plan is to spend one night in Nashville, one in Memphis, and then end up in Austin. A few questions: 1.) Lodging recommendations in Nashville (between $100-$150 a night and centrally located) 2.) Is it possible to drive from Memphis to Austin in one day? I saw this post detailing the horrors of I-35. Is there an alternative? Google maps says it will take approximately 10 hours. Is that accurate? 3.) Is it better to split the drive between Memphis and Austin into 2 days? If so, where should be stop for the night? 3.) Lodging recommendations in Memphis. 4.) If you could spend an additional night in either Nashville or Memphis, which would be preferable? We are a young couple who like spicy local food, cheap outings, scenic views, and live music.
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Snappy comebacks for when people joke about my name

My name is Joy. People often say things like "Happy happy joy joy" and "joy to the world" and "joyous Joy" to me. I find this practice insanely irritating (I know, I know, very first world problem). It's not just colleagues who do this, it's receptionists and delivery people, radiologists, baristas, people I meet in a social setting. It's like an automatic response when someone sees this particular name. Give me something to say that isn't serious or rude but may discourage them. [more inside]
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Why is my mother suddenly not receiving my texts?

I am able to receive my mother's text messages, but she doesn't get my replies. We've both tried a number of things to fix this, including calling tech support for our respective providers. This started happening suddenly after our texts always working fine. More inside. [more inside]
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In search of helpful financial information

So I think I'm basically trying to find an Ask MetaFilter for financial questions. Anyone know of any websites? Thanks.
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How to cook bluegill fillets?

My neighbor just dropped off a bag full of bluegill fillets. I love fish, but don't know how took cook most fish. Help? [more inside]
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How to get uncrumpled bedsheets?

Mefi laundry experts: Is there some way to wash and dry good quality bedsheets so they aren't hopelessly crumpled? [more inside]
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Period’s very late suddenly, not pregnant, what do?

My period is very late. I’m not pregnant, I will be seeing my doctor but not until the 12th, what should I do now? What should I ask them? Ugh! [more inside]
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Do we REALLY need to obey pelvic rest instructions?

13 days ago, I had a laparoscopic surgery to treat some endometriosis-related concerns. YANMD, but you are also not what I find when I Google this ("pelvic rest" seems to turn up pregnancy-related concerns only). Short version: my partner and I want to do. it. soon. But the printed instructions my doctor gave after surgery say no. [more inside]
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Developmental assessment when a baby is tired

I had some concerns about my 7-month-old not meeting his gross motor milestones, and I set up an evaluation with our state's Early Intervention program. The team was late and by the time they showed up at our house, my son was way overdue for his nap and very tired; when the team was done, my son nursed himself to sleep in about 30 seconds. The team agreed he had some mild motor delays, not enough to warrant services. But then the developmental therapist, who did her evaluation last and was looking at some combination of cognitive and fine motor skills, said my son was three to four months delayed. This came as a big shock, since we hadn't had any concern in those areas, and obviously worries me. While I wait to ask the DT who will be assigned to us, I'm hoping the hive mind can help me tease out what effects my son's exhaustion might have had on this evaluation. Specific concerns and questions are under the fold. [more inside]
posted by wyzewoman at 4:19 PM PST - 18 comments

Should I attend boss's farewell party?

Our account head is leaving our firm for greener pastures. Should I attend his farewell party? [more inside]
posted by mrbeebz at 4:16 PM PST - 10 comments

How did I lose weight?

How did I lose weight? [more inside]
posted by Evilspork at 3:35 PM PST - 71 comments

Hey Girl With Those Pretty Glasses, Where Did You Get Them?

Today I tried on this pair of glasses & I loved them. I did not love the price tag - can you help me find them (or a very similar style) within my budget? Difficulty level: UK but happy to internet shop. [more inside]
posted by kariebookish at 3:18 PM PST - 8 comments

Help me find a long lost half-sibling in the US

My mother gave up a son for adoption in 1979 in the state of NJ. She hid this from me for most of my childhood, and now I would so much like to find him. I have her consent and a few bits of info, but am unsure how to proceed. Where do I go from here? What are my next steps? [more inside]
posted by quinnsett at 3:03 PM PST - 15 comments

Landlord Problems

We gave the rental company 30 days notice, its now 2 days from the latest possible turn-in date for the keys without incurring a penalty. Here is the problem. My building manager, didn't show up for my first scheduled walk through or even return my calls asking for an explanation and a reschedule. I emailed and called and left (multiple) messages to the actual company, they have not deigned to respond. [more inside]
posted by deadwater at 2:44 PM PST - 6 comments

What would Rosemary Kennedy be diagnosed with today?

If Rosemary Kennedy were growing up today, what would she likely be diagnosed with? Is there a good source of information on her specific problems? [more inside]
posted by amicamentis at 2:08 PM PST - 7 comments

What kind of company would clean my grimy, dirty basement?

In a few weeks, I'll be moving into a house with a very dirty unfinished basement. I want to hire a company to really, really clean it, but I haven't been able to get any good responses from the local companies I tried. It seems like there is dust and grime everywhere. After everything is moved out, what kind of company would do this sort of clean up? [more inside]
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Tag! You're it! Can I get to know my local Taggers?

I've always enjoyed seeing graffiti tags... I know they're considered "bad" but I feel like I know some of my local taggers: dead fish, stelr, lady ace, etc. They're like familiar friends. But how do I get to KNOW this network? [more inside]
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Where to go in Los Angeles with my cat on Friday afternoon?

On Friday, my building will receive a much-welcome visit from The Exterminator. That means that I'll have to be out of my loft for about three hours with Garbo, Queen of All She Surveys. We can't really go to a neighbor's because the whole building is being treated, and so far none of my friends have offered to host a visit. Anyone have any suggestions about where I can go in LA with a pissed-off cat, preferably air-conditioned? [more inside]
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We are grateful, really grateful - we just had too much going on.

My baby is four months old, and due to a plethora of reasons, we never ended up sending out thank you cards after the baby shower. I know there's a period of time after which you just don't... but is it too late to send out thank birth announcements? What is the best way to show our appreciation for the gifts we were given for the baby months later? [more inside]
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Alamo car rental billing me for damage I didn't do to their car.

I returned an Alamo rental car to an airport early enough in the morning that the agency wasn't open yet. I put the keys in the night-drop box and went off to catch my flight. A few weeks later, the company contacted me claiming that I returned a badly scratched car, and wanted ~$500 for the repair. [more inside]
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Can you ID this winged insect?

Warning: the link goes directly to photographs of an insect. I apologize for the poor quality of the photos, which were taken from a safe distance and then cropped. Can you identify this bug?
posted by mama casserole at 10:22 AM PST - 9 comments

What's the general best-practices word for "cultural inclusion"?

What's the general best-practices word for "cultural inclusion"? This would be for a mental-health center consisting of both professional providers and peer support, and we want to get across the idea that we are respectful of cultural diversity and also aware that we may have blind spots. (I realize I may be trying to be overly ambitious in capturing all that in a single phrase.) [more inside]
posted by lazuli at 9:59 AM PST - 18 comments

Great 2-Player PlayStation 4 Games

What are some awesome two-player (as in simultaneous play, from the same couch) PlayStation 4 games? Can be versus or co-op. [more inside]
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What should I see/do on a car trip from Northern Virginia to Seattle?

I'm moving from NoVA to Seattle, and only taking things that will fit in my car. Im expecting the trip to take 6-10 days. I don't have much experience with road trips so would appreciate any recommendations on places to stop/see and trip tips in general. I'm hoping to experience parts of the country I haven't seen in a long time :). [more inside]
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Online support system for new sci-fi writers

I'm starting to write short science fiction. Where should I look (online) for support, guidance and, eventually, publishing? [more inside]
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What should we do with appliances after kitchen renovation

I'm about to kick off a kitchen renovation in Brooklyn and trying to figure out what the best thing to do with the appliances is. [more inside]
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Somewhere in New England to go camping over 4th of July?

My 4th of July plans seem to have exploded, and I'm trying to make a backup plan. Since it's a 3-day weekend, I'd like to go camping somewhere—but I'm expecting that all the decent campsites are going to be packed and I'd really like to avoid that. Do you have any suggestions for where I could go with a couple of friends to enjoy a little camping without having to deal with too many other people? [more inside]
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Secret sauce

I'm cooking a bevy of fried green tomatoes for a group that includes a person who won't touch "white dairy products" (including mayo, which, yes, is non-dairy, but there you go). What kind of non-standard dipping sauce can I make that is not ranch-like and does not contain milk, buttermilk, mayo, sour cream, yogurt, or raw eggs? Need not be vegetarian or otherwise vegan. (N.b., none of the other tomatoes are ripe yet, so a fresh tomato thing is out.)
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Looking for decent PHP-based (or hosted) web forum software

I'm looking for good, open-source PHP forum / message board software. Or a straightforward hosted solution. [more inside]
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How should I pitch this potential project?

How do people who design and build things bid or pitch a potential project? [more inside]
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Help Identifying/Translating Turkish or Arabic? Writing on Artifact

I volunteer in an archaeological lab and sometimes people bring in things they find in their yards or on the beach. A woman brought in this spoon that she found buried in her yard. None of us here have any idea what it is other than it is a spoon. [more inside]
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Trumpet and female voice over electronica, pre 1984. Anyone?

This is a long shot, but I'm looking for a particular electronica track from before 1984. It featured a trumpet and female voice over a repetitive electronic...not really a baseline, but more ....just a background for the trumpet and voice to contrast to. i heard it on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's "Dreamtime" program one day in March or April 1984. That program is long gone, and no-one at the ABC seems to know if any playlists still exist, so I don't know the artist OR the title. So....anyone??
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Should I expect one-on-one childcare?

Sibling and I had babies within a month or two. They are the first grandkids. Grandmom (my mom) is watching the sibling's kid full time, 9-5, Monday-Friday. Grandmom can watch our kid then too, but of course there will be two babies there. [more inside]
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What's new in Berlin since 2005?

I booked a secret weekend away in Berlin for Mrs SpacemanRed's 40th birthday, except it now turns out she was there for 5 days in 2005, so it's not going to be the novelty I was hoping for. Please hope me. [more inside]
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June 21

Where's my period? Should I get a second opinion?

I'm in my mid twenties and healthy, except for the fact that I haven't had a period for over a year and a half. [more inside]
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Have any tips on getting adjusted to an office job?

I have worked all my life in restaurants. Today, after a lonnnng job search, I scored a really good job with a really great engineering company as a Customer Service Assistant in an office. I am 23. Like the question above says, do you have any tips for adjusting well? I really want to do great in this role and make great impressions. [more inside]
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Small Run Full Color Book

I want to print 250 books with about 25 pages, but I want all of the inside pages in color (laserjet and copy paper quality is fine). I would love for the books to be spiral bound (so they open flat), but perfect bound would be fine. What's the cheapest way to do this?
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You can't make me! o(>< )o

I-can't-believe-I'm-asking-this-filter: what is the zen way of dealing with a minor, accurate correction from an abusive person? [more inside]
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A dog's coat keeps it cool: fact or fiction?

I see a lot of lightweight articles of dubious scientific merit claiming that one should not shave down a dog's coat in the summer because it actually helps keep it cool during the summer. Can someone point me to actual science that upholds or refutes this claim? [more inside]
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I want all guns to disappear in America

Who should I give my money to? [more inside]
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Oxford and then...?

I will possibly be in London in August, and would like to take the time to not only see Oxford, but to spend a day or two in a smaller, more peaceful town or village. What are my best options? [more inside]
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Can we stick a stamp on a dog?

The death of a family member means a dog (jack russell terrier) is probably coming to live with us. We need to find a way to get the dog across the country safely on its own. Train? Plane? Dog-mobile? [more inside]
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Is there a web service that will organize all my online past ('90-'16)?

I told my grandchildren I'd leave the task to them, but now I'm concerned that some pieces are disappearing as I write. I have writing, photos, art, conversations, etc. all over the web ... under many different 'nyms' -- [more inside]
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How do you "be there" for someone that pushes people away?

A friend of mine is pushing people away that he doesn't see on a regular basis. How do i let him know i'm around and i care? [more inside]
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Care to talk me out of a bad business idea?

The quick and dirty: I'm selling my house and downsizing. I'm using VA loan for my new primary residence so my proceeds can go directly to a down payment for an investment property. I did almost the same thing about 20 years ago and it worked well for me...this time I'm thinking about spreading the wealth a little bit by starting an LLC or something similar in which I can include co-investors and also invest in the names of my kids to purchase and manage properties for the sake of accumulating a little wealth. (more inside) [more inside]
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European destination(s) for the thrifty & disorganized?

I have about two weeks to spend in Europe next month and my original plans recently fell through. Where should I go, and how should I get there? [more inside]
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Dealing with Unexpected Death

Last week my Mom died very unexpectedly. It doesn't feel real. How can I start believing it so it doesn't crash in on me later? [more inside]
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I don’t want to be a woman

How did you “know” you’re trans? [more inside]
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What are some great music theory blogs?

I'm getting deep into music theory and I'd like to update my RSS feed accordingly. So what are some great blogs that post things like discussions of music theory books, musicological analysis of popular music, music theory related trivia, etc? How can I be more of a nerd in this way?
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Electronic keepsakes are hard to keep

Can you help me back up SMS messages stored in Hangouts on an old Android Nexus 5? Difficulty: I've entirely forgotten the passcode for this phone. [more inside]
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I am looking to buy a nice home office chair- comfortable and sleek

Greetings HiveMind: I am looking to buy a nice home office chair and I do not know where to start. This office chair will be on wood floor- just in case you need that information. What is most important to me is a chair that is comfortable- that will offer good support for my back and bottom. [more inside]
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Is Utah v. Strieff the first Supreme Court case in which all the women voted one way, and all the men voted the other? (Not counting unanimous decisions before 1981, of course.)
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Tracking down a Zika study

Many of the articles I've read about Zika state that most people who get infected with the virus don't show symptoms. The CDC says that 80% of the infections are asymptomatic. Does anyone know where this statistic is coming from? I'm assuming there had to be some sort of study done to arrive at this number. [more inside]
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Recommendations for LGBT-friendly custom clothiers in S. Ontario/GTA?

I'm getting married in the fall, and I'm also a queer, nonbinary person (assigned female at birth). I'm planning on wearing a suit, and I'd really like to have one custom made. I'd also like to avoid any gender-policing BS from potential tailors, so I'm looking for suggestions. If anyone knows of any shops in Southern Ontario (Greater Toronto Area would be ideal) that are known to be LGBT friendly, I would greatly appreciate being pointed in their direction!
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Can I Eat This? Slow Cooker Tomato Sauce Didn't Finish Cooking

So, this morning, I made some slow cooker marinara. Threw everything in the pot, turned the cooker on low for eight hours, and left for work. Got home. The sauce is... not hot. It's not cold. [more inside]
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How can I tell a rabbit felt hat from a beaver felt hat?

I picked up a nice cowboy hat at a yard sale. Is it rabbit or beaver? [more inside]
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Looking for the perfect anniversary getaway!

My boyfriend (24M) and I (23F) are looking for an anniversary vacation spot in mid-September! I'm open to any commentary on my shortlist below and options I haven't considered. [more inside]
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Is my boss negging me?

My manager, who I'm not sure is my biggest fan, has lately taken to commenting on my appearance almost every time I see her. What do I do about it? [more inside]
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Printing photos in the woods

As part of an art project, I would like to be able to use my Canon Selphy CP910 portable printer to print about 30 4x6 prints while at a remote campsite for 5 days. I was thinking maybe I could get a portable, rechargeable UPS like this. How do I figure out how many prints I can get out of something like that? Is that the best option? [more inside]
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what's it like to tell coworkers your partner is trans?

Soon my husband will begin publicly transitioning. I want my coworkers to start addressing him as my husband in casual conversation, but I'm kind of at a loss for the protocols or tactics for such an announcement. [more inside]
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How do I get Zika tested?

My family spent the past 6 months living in the Caribbean where there is a Zika outbreak. During that time my wife, child, and I have all had unexplained illnesses which symptoms may have pointed to Zika. My spouse and I want to have a second child, so we have mothballed our life in the Caribbean and moved to the East Coast. We want to get tested for Zika before conceiving, I'd like to know if anyone has had experience with how to go about doing so, expediently. According to NYS doctors/state health departments/CDC they mandate that either: a) the woman is pregnant or b) the man is symptomatic before administering the test (note: only 1 in 5 men show symptoms...). We can travel to a different state to get tested. Does anyone have experience with getting Zika tested and how to do so without having to go through a ridiculous eligibility process?
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Getting a temporary sticker for a vehicle in a different province

I moved to Montreal last year, but my motorcycle is still in Toronto. I hope to remedy that this weekend. The bike has been off the road for a while though and the license plate sticker is expired. If I go to renew the sticker at an office in Ontario on Friday, will they ask me for my driver's license or some other proof of address? And, if so, will a Quebec license be a problem? Do I go get a new plate here before then instead?
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Give me your best Korean movies

Seeing as it's been 12 years since this question has been asked - fan fave Old Boy was released in the meantime - it might be a good time to ask this again: what are your favorite Korean movies? Anything goes, but bonus points for dramas that depict modern city life.
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How to fall sleep during sleep study?

I just went in for a sleep study the other night. My complaint is needing too much sleep, being sleepy during the day, and having a hard time waking up. So it's extra-ironic that I, a champion sleeper in regular noisy/bright locations, could. not. fall. asleep. during the study. Have you dealt with this? Any tips or tricks? [more inside]
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Dem survey - real or fundraiser in disguise?

So.. I got the "Official 2016 Democratic Election Survey" in the mail today. I can't decide if it's mainly a fake survey to increase fundraising, or if my answers will actually be tabulated and used. Any thoughts from the hivemind? [more inside]
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Preemie Prep

It looks like my friend's wife will be having a premature baby any day now - suggestions on thoughtful, considerate gifts? [more inside]
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How to kill potential roach eggs without hurting a plant?

A roach crawled out of my orchid pot today. I killed it but want to make sure any eggs it may have left behind are also D-E-A-D. How? [more inside]
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Baby Model

Everyone thinks their kid is gorgeous. Our baby really is a cute baby. We've had strangers ask if our baby does baby modeling enough times to start to consider it. We'd like to look into the possibility of having our baby do some modeling, but we have no idea where to start. [more inside]
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Should I change doctors?

I might not be thinking straight, based on a variety of factors, so I'm hoping the hive mind can help me sort through my snowflakes and decide whether to change gastroenterologists. [more inside]
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Vacation that's driving distance from Montreal? With 1 year old?

So this summer, we're all off for the last two weeks of July. We originally didn't plan a vacation because our budget has been tight, but we now have a little wiggle room and would like to do a short getaway with our 12 month old daughter. We'd like to stay in Canada due to the exchange rate, and would prefer to stay within a reasonable driving distance from Montreal for baby. Where can we go? [more inside]
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how do I shade?

My backyard is way too sunny and hot. Retractable awnings seem too good to be true, the way they sort of dangle in midair. Are they? Your experience please. [more inside]
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where are entrepreneurship critics?

Where are the cliques/clutches/coven of people with critical perspectives on entrepreneurship, particularly social enterprise? [more inside]
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Kiwi Filter: Where should we live in NZ?

Like the title says, we'd love some insider info as to which towns/regions would best suit myself and my partner. First things first: It absolutely must be sunny: i.e., lots of sunshine hours, relatively little cloud, little rain and wind (adios, Wellington). [more inside]
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The permanent dead skin has got to go...

For the past five years, I've had a patch of dead skin on the inside of my cheek. I am determined to get to the bottom of it... [more inside]
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Remote Access on an iPad?

I have an older relative who has just gotten an iPad, but they live far away. Is there an app I can use to remote view their iPad desktop to help them navigate the internet?
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Fitting time for a Fit?

It's been a while since I've had to do business with a car dealership. Are they likely to run sales or have incentives just before the new model comes out? Are they likely to be substantial? [more inside]
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Rubix cube themed bedroom for kid

My kid really wants a rubix cube themed bedroom. I said I would see what I can do. So....... any ideas on what I can do? I love this kid more than breathing so I'd really like to make it special. [more inside]
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Nonprofit ticket sales for London theatre with 24-hour turnaround?

A friend just bought two tickets for The Book Of Mormon tomorrow night in London which she now won't be able to use. I've looked at the nonprofit ticket exchange sites but they don't necessarily seem to be up to date or geared towards theatregoers. Can anyone recommend, from personal experience, the best site to turn this around in about 24 hours?
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Living in the DC area without despair

I currently live in Portland OR. There are many things to love here. I'm happy to be here. Why should I leave? [more inside]
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Puerto Rico. Y'know, for kids.

Traveling to Puerto Rico next week. Seeking suggestions for family fun. [more inside]
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Can you tell me the name of this traditional Irish air?

Here's the first part, pretty much the only part I can remember precisely: http://audio.loresjoberg.com/unknown-air.mp3 [more inside]
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Bodyworker for senior in NYC

Trying to find a bodyworker and modality in NYC for my physically fit 75-year older who dislikes massages, but is having persistent hip and buttock pain, and headaches even after working with a physical therapist. [more inside]
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One Update Across Multiple Social Media Sites?

In a continued effort to find my people, I want to be able to update my social media without going insane. Currently, I have Instagram, Tumblr, Etsy, Twitter, Pinterest, Ello, and Facebook and jeez I do not want to have to post to each individually. Is there a service that can do this in a way that will make each site's update look right (no Instagram #tags on Tumblr, etc)? Cheap-as-in-freely? [more inside]
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Best Public Transportation

I would like to know the best cities for public transportation outside of the obvious. [more inside]
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Flickering Laptop Screen

I have a Lenovo Ideapad that is approaching 2 years old. It's been a pretty good computer and has held up fairly well, but over the last month the screen has started flickering in many positions that aren't just straight up and down. E.g. if I'm on a couch and it's in my lap, the screen may flicker if I adjust my legs. If I have it resting at a an angle to write in bed, the screen tends to flicker any time it moves, until I can get it into a relatively stable position. Is this fixable, and if not, how much longer is my laptop for the world?
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it's not Vox but what is it?

Looking for a novel that involves a character whose job is to immerse themselves in a topic for about a month, write a column about it, and then move on to a new topic. [more inside]
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What are people's motivations to work on open & collaborative projects?

I'm interested in finding the (psychological) reasons why someone decides to start and contribute to an open and collaborative project. After some research into open-source software (a typical example of open and collaborative projects), it seems to me that necessity (scratching an itch, or improving a product someone or her business is using) is the main driver. Is that so, and what are other motivations and incentives for people to work on open and collaborative projects?
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Help me reboot my work life

I just turned 43 and need to transition out of my current physically-demanding and unpredictably remunerative profession of massage therapy into a job I can still physically perform up until retirement, that will allow me to have a life outside work, and that pays decently. [more inside]
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June 20

Tingling and numbness on soles of feet after prolonged walking

What are the odds that is peripheral neuropathy, and if it's that, what can be done about it? [more inside]
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I want to write a family history book but MS Word isn't cutting it...

I have 30 years of family history research, documentation, photos, interviews, notes - I also have a bunch of info between my ears that I never got around to writing down. Funds are tight right now, so paying someone to write a book for me isn't going to happen. I need recommendations (as in, you've done this) for software, open source is best, which will help me organize and publish my family history as an ebook, with the option to pay a publisher some day for hard copies.
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Keeping it Zen

Life is stressful right now. Please give me your best stress relief hacks. [more inside]
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Strolling in Iceland: looking for short, flat, remote, and scenic trails

We are a small group of photographers spending 2 weeks in Iceland. For us, somewhere that feels remote is way more appealing than checking off the can’t-miss attractions alongside everybody else. However, this is in conflict with our hiking ability: the group can handle moderately rough trails (no scrambling, but some loose rocks are fine), we are probably OK with up to 2km round-trip per hike, but hills are a problem (please, no more than 30m elevation change.) Just like everybody else, we’re driving all around the island, including the westfjords, and have a (questionable) 4x4. [more inside]
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Relationship anxiety-- Unable to express my true feelings to my friend

I know it;s normal to be nervous, but my level of anxiety is too much and I need help [more inside]
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Minecraft on an Android tablet for $200-ish... Can it be done?

My seven year old has saved an amazing $200. He'd like to get his own Android tablet that can handle Minecraft PE. Can this be done? Currently he uses my wife's iPad 2. But the lag is driving him nuts. Would a tablet in his price range be any better?
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Reconciling parenthood with "risky" fitness hobbies

My wife and I are getting serious criticism from her parents about activities that are extremely important to us -- endurance road cycling (me) and long-distance running (her). They believe that as parents to a 4-year-old, we are being irresponsible to continue these extra-curricular passions. Are they right? [more inside]
posted by M.C. Lo-Carb! at 7:13 PM PST - 63 comments

Statute of Limitations on Saying Nasty Things After a Bad Breakup

Long story lots of snowflake details to follow. First girlfriend and I broke up about 10 years ago. Haven't spoken since. I made the mistake of looking at her social media accounts recently out of curiosity, and uh...she has been saying some pretty mean things about me. [more inside]
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Artists of MeFi: Can You Tell Me About This Art?

I stumbled on an type of artwork that fascinates me and I'd like to know more. Link to art and specific questions inside: [more inside]
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When a Sir Mix-A-Lot video extra goes to Wall Street

How do I build an age-appropriate business-y end of business casual wardrobe as a very pear-shaped, early 30s lady? [more inside]
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Donald Trump "calling in"- what's the deal here?

Please explain like I'm 5: why is it bad or unfair that Donald Trump has been allowed to "call in" to TV shows? [more inside]
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Mathematical patterns

Does this math pattern have a name? How can I find more like it? [more inside]
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Iridescent custom die-cut vinyl stickers?

Please share with me your favorite places online to order custom die-cut vinyl stickers, preferably iridescent or glitter or iridescent glitter, using art I provide. I'd ideally like these to be about 2 square inches, and really shiny or sparkly, but with good (outdoor-quality) staying power. I have a few different designs I'd like to have made, in quantities of about 55 each. [more inside]
posted by limeonaire at 6:35 PM PST - 3 comments

Instagram direct message mystery

How can I be sure a person read the message I sent them recently? I follow them, they don't follow me. The "seen" or "eye-with-username" icon under my message is nowhere to be found BUT the person liked one of my pictures yesterday, so I assume they did read it...? Otherwise they definitely wouldn't have checked out my profile. More details inside. [more inside]
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Bday present for guy who likes to control stuff with his phone?

My special person likes techy gadgety things. He has an iphone 6s. He already has a nest thermostat and can control his light switches too. What else can he control with his phone? [more inside]
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How young is too young for a babysitter?

I'd like to know the youngest age that mefites would consider acceptable for a babysitter for your kids. I realize every babysitter's competency/maturity is different, but is there a bottom age you won't consider going below? [more inside]
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Unplanned day trip to Seville tomorrow--help, please!

My husband, our five-year-old, and I are vacationing in the Algarve, and we suddenly have a free day tomorrow to do whatever we'd like. We want to use the day to see Seville. However, we haven't had time to plan. What do we need to see? What do we need to avoid? What do we need to know about that I'm too tired to think to ask you about?
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When grilling meat - how do you measure the temperature?

When you're grilling a good size piece of meat (a large steak, a pork tenderloin) - how are you supposed to measure the temperature? I have a good thermometer (http://www.thermoworks.com/Thermapen-Mk4), but the issue is that different parts of the meat will be wildly different. E.g., with a tenderloin - the narrow ends will be 140° while the thick center is less than 100°. When a recipe calls for 140°, for example - how do you decide when that is? When the coolest part is that temperature? When the average of several different spots is that temp?
posted by stuehler at 4:23 PM PST - 6 comments

Train the cats, train the kids?

I have inherited two kittens (now almost a year old). One of them is continually scratching my elementary-aged kids. I have had no luck training the kids in cat body language, because it seems to go from cuddly-and-purring to face-scratching instantly. [more inside]
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Cocktails in Latin American Literature?

Looking for cocktails featured in Latin American literature for a library event to be held in October. [more inside]
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Simple software to print basic music?

My teacher has helped me work out some areangements of public domain pieces suitable for use by an adult onset harper (me). My messy notation is holding me back. Exists there a simple program to let me enter my scrawly notes and produce a tidy, easily read sheet of music? [more inside]
posted by Nancy_LockIsLit_Palmer at 2:36 PM PST - 8 comments

bad movie art movies

In the latest episode of the Canon podcast, Devin Faraci said that They Live occupies "a liminal space between being a bad movie and an art movie." I realized that this succinctly characterizes a subset of art I tend to love, and I'd love to find as many examples of it as I can. What are some movies, books, TV shows, etc., that might fall into this middle-space between great and garbage? I'm thinking, I don't know, a lot of stuff by PKD, Bryan Fuller's Hannibal, Shock Corridor, etc. Can't wait to dive into your recommendations!
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How to entertain my in-laws without going nuts

My husband's parents are coming to visit us in Denver next week and due to physical and mental issues we are a little stumped on how to entertain them while they are here. This is not necessarily a question specific to the Denver region! [more inside]
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One sock two sock red sock blue sock

Where to find decent solid color men's socks? [more inside]
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Hot weather hacks for the ice-cream averse?

This summer our family is going to try to wean Grandpa off his "pint of ice cream per night" habit. Help me with your ideas? [more inside]
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Defense anxiety

I'm about to defend my dissertation on Thursday. I got two responses from committee members last week on the final, final draft and they were ... Lukewarm? How do I prepare to come out of this alive? [more inside]
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Vacation, all I ever wanted...vacation, had to get away

Paralyzed by vacation options, restrictions, and desires. Please help. [more inside]
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The fridge says, "HRRMMWMMMWMMMWMM"

Help me make a noisy evaporator fan . . . less so. [more inside]
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script tease

What script is this painted text written in? This feels like an embarrassing sentence to write, but I suspect it's either a Brahmic script or something from Tolkien. (Bonus question: What does it say?)
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Looking for the name of a Street Fighter 2 Knock Off

I've been working on building an arcade cabinet running MAME. There's one game in particular that I'd like to locate. I've searched for it but haven't had any luck. Here's what I remember: It had pretty poorly animated 2D sprite based graphics. It was a particularly blatant rip-off of Street fighter 2. It came out before 1995. One of the characters was a Kabuki man. Some characters had weapons. It was not Samurai Showdown. The final boss would use a combination of special attacks from the other characters.
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What are some good workplace-friendly collections of 8 things?

So my department of 8 people has decided to give everyone an icon to represent us on our planning board. We can choose the theme. Other teams have chosen things like Star Wars Lego characters or Marvel superheroes. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves has been suggested as a group of 8. But there must be something better!
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Atlanta trip for two artists

My girlfriend and I are heading down to Atlanta in August. We're two artists who, obviously, love art. Any places to recommend? [more inside]
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Puppy Poop Schedule

How often does your dog need to go outside (pee or poop) and how do you know when it's time? [more inside]
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Wacky shit to do with Python

I am no longer a novice learning Python; no, as of this weekend, I am a (baby) Python programmer! So um what do I do? What nutty things (impractical OK!) can I do now? What's the coolest thing you have done using Python? [more inside]
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Rambling UK journey between London + Cornwall. Where should we visit?

We've got 6 days, a car, and an unlimited appetite for adventure and beauty. Where should we visit if we're bumming around in the area/countryside between London and Cornwall? Open to suggestions for delicious places to eat and lovely places to stay as well.
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It's a series of tubes.

How should I learn about internetworking? [more inside]
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We want to ride our bicycles!

A group I'm involved in wants to track how many kilometres are travelled by bike/walking over the summer (rather than driven in a car.) If it's possible, we're looking for a way to track this on our website. So I ride 5k to a group event, I can pop online and add my 5k to our group tally. Maybe there's a graphic representation of our progress? [more inside]
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Two bureaucracies, both alike in dignity

A relative of mine is at an impasse trying to get copies of their late mother's birth and/or death certificates; they can't get one without the other. [more inside]
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Need pretty alternatives to ugly hair clip...

Form and function: Hair clip edition [more inside]
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What do you do better than I do?

I've recently made some changes in behavior that go against the grain of how I lived, or against my expectations anyway, previously and I'm the better for it. What are the, considered or automatic, decisions and actions that you take on a daily basis that improve your life with zero or near zero net additional effort? Optional snowflake info inside as well for those that like to read. [more inside]
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Can cessation of an SSRI cause new issues?

Since quitting Zoloft, I am experiencing issues that are arguably more debilitating than the issue that I was prescribed this medication for in the first place. I am wondering if anyone has had similar experiences with new mental health issues emerging after quitting a psych medication. [more inside]
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Sippy cup without a valve

We have a sippy cup that operates without the internal addition of a valve. Instead it seems to have a rubber gasket built into the sippy portion that keeps water from spilling until suction is applied. It is unbranded. Can anyone point me to sippy cups that are two pieces (cap and cup), rather than three (cap, valve and cup)?
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Kitten Nurses on Himself

My 3 month old kitten began nursing on his own nipples 3 days after adopting him. I've owned him for two weeks so far. He does this ritual immediately before preparing for bed (with my husband and I) and sometimes during the day before he naps. Is there a way this can be stopped, or has it already turned into a (bad) habit? Someone suggested a (pet's) shirt that can cover his nipples. Another suggested "calming" spray just before bed. Is there an ointment I can rub on his nipples that tastes DISGUSTING to prevent him from continuing to do this? Please help!
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How do I get this guitar tone from Bettie Serveert's Kid's Allright?

What gear do I need to achieve this specific guitar tone from Bettie Serveert's "Kid's Allright"? I'm looking to replicate the sound the guitar makes from about 2:29 to 2:42. I really like that heavy, machine-like grinding distortion. I assume there's some kind of effects unit that's key to getting this sound. Any suggestions as to what that might be?
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Where can I buy this kind of silk fabric?

I am interested in purchasing patterned silk fabric, like the kind you see used in J Crew's kid's neck ties. Usually some kind of repeated pattern over a solid colored background. Kind of preppy looking. Does anyone know where you can get fabric like that? Is there some sort of secret underground network of suppliers in Italy or something? Thanks in advance!
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Cats gonna cat

Most mornings, when I get out of bed, my 2-year-old cat jumps into the just-vacated spot and digs furiously into the sheet. Then he usually runs around the house at full speed. What's going on here? [more inside]
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Most bang for 500 bucks at Pottery Barn?

I have a gift certificate for $500 at Pottery Barn. I never shop there because it's so expensive! And every time I look at item, I think to myself, "It's ridiculous to spend that much on something." However, we are moving into a new house and need many household items. If I could be convinced that something is really worth the money, I would have an easier time using this gift certificate. What is the most efficient use of $500 at Pottery Barn? [more inside]
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Is my body composed of a different set of atoms from when I was born?

I would like to know if this statement is scientifically correct, or if it's hyperbole, or if it's basically correct but requires qualification: "Most of the atoms that formed your infant body at birth are now dispersed, as your present atoms will be again, if you have the good fortune to live a few more years on this oxygen-rich planetary home." [more inside]
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Can I put this on my face?

What are the odds my face wash got contaminated with my grody eye bacteria? [more inside]
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Best resources for learning more about machine learning

Looking for recommendations on reads on machine learning. [more inside]
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Windows PC Crash

I'm using Amazon Streaming for the first time, and it crashes my Windows 7 PC. Whats up? [more inside]
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Finding a place to rent after leaving behind a dirty apartment

I recently graduated from college, and will be finding a place to rent within the next month or two, likely in either the SF Bay Area or NYC (so the market will be rather competitive). While in college, due to being five young guys who were apathetic about cleaning, we didn't leave our apartment in the best condition, and incurred significant cleaning fees (~$450), much more than our landlord usually charged. (Not that we literally destroyed anything, though.) How badly would this affect our rental applications in the near future, and what should I say if asked? [more inside]
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June 19

What are conversational topics that work magic as instant icebreakers?

I've recently come across an instant ice breaker that works nearly instantaneously for certain category of people. This icebreaker topic concerns asking people about their pets and it usually works like magic. Are there other topics that the hive mind has found that can act as almost instant ice breakers with people without the topic delving into personal areas that are not appropriate for, say, work, or while at a bar, or making talk with someone with whom you'd like to establish a rapport or a sense of connection? [more inside]
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How to catch a kitty?

I need your help catching this kitty and potentially finding a new home for it! [more inside]
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Over the river, through the woods but NOT to grandmother's house we go

We have time off from work the week of the American Thanksgiving (late November) and are trying to figure out an interesting family trip to new destination. Two 50-something parents, two twenty-something adult children. Challenge: Child A is adventurous and would be exceptionally bored if asked to just hang out with family for a week, even in a pretty location. Child B has issues with chronic pain so on her good days is limited in how active she can be and on her worst days focuses on just making it from the bedroom to the kitchen. B is Ok with being left behind sometimes but we want there to be some fun family options that include her. [more inside]
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Super Toothpaste - What is it called?

A colleague once mentioned to me that he has never in his life had a cavity in his 50 years of living. He attributed it to a toothpaste and/or mouthwash combo that he grew up with and still uses. He says that it is available in Indian grocery markets. [more inside]
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Where to look for tech support, QA, or other jobs that allow remote?

I have a close friend who is a stay-at-home parent. It's critical that she finds a source of income (for a number of personal reasons) and I'm helping her with her search. The catch is she needs something remote as she lives far enough from any major city to make commuting possible. She'd be a killer customer support person or entry-level QA tester. Any suggestions for other places or strategies to help someone looking for jobs like these or other remote work? [more inside]
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When should I quit my job?

I just accepted a new job that starts in mid-August, and I'm struggling with when to tell my current job that I'm leaving. [more inside]
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Bluetooth to Aux adapters?

My new to me 2011 Camry didn't come with a bluetooth enabled stereo, but it does have an Aux jack, There are bluetooth adapters that work by plugging into the aux jack, and they seem to get universally good reviews on Amazon. The $15-20 price point for them is appealing. Does anybody have personal experience with them, for both streaming music from your phone and hands free phone operation?
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Los Angeles assisted living - best resources for this process?

My father concedes that is no longer able to live alone. He has no money other than his rather meager social security. He is mobile, mostly rational, eighty years old next Monday, an L.A. native, quite independent, a daily library patron, and for his small-but-crucial social needs would like a street nearby on which to buy his daily paper and coffee. Is this possible? I wish to help my brother with the beginnings of a way to secure this.
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Epic Dad Pranks

Since it's Father's Day in the USA, I want to ask you a question. Mefi dads, or kids, have you ever pulled (or had pulled on you) an epic "Dad Prank"? [more inside]
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US Immigrants experience wanted

A friend of mine has won the US visa lottery, and plans to travel to the United States in August or September to settle there. The thing is... he knows next to nothing about the country , knows absolutely nobody and wants to know whether there are any resources or support network available for newly arrived immigrants. Also, which states or areas currently offer the best economic opportunities ? [more inside]
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Professional training course recommendation?

I'm in the UK. My employer will pay £800 for work-related training. I've mostly stumbled into my current position, and I'm not British, so I don't really know the system here. Attempts to find something useful online have been unsuccessful, so I'm looking for suggestions from people who might be more familiar with this sort of thing. I think what I want is something project management related, but I'm not quite sure. More below on the specifics. [more inside]
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Looking for Lovecraftian Fiction that Engages with Racism

I just finished Matt Ruff's Lovecraft Country (verdict: pretty good, although it's more a set of linked short stories than a novel), and I read (or rather listened to) Victor LaVelle's The Ballad of Black Tom earlier this year (verdict: very good, but too short), and I'm looking for other fiction (preferably novels) that build on Lovecraft's influence but also addresses racism. [more inside]
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How long do Links Survive on the Internet?

I linked to an article on LinkedIn in January of 2016. I went back to it yesterday, and it was gone. As I work on other projects, I notice that many links that don't seem very old (less than a year) return a "404" error message. [more inside]
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Chic go-bag for cables, aspirin, thumb drive, etc.

I'm looking for a nice little bag or case to put in my brief case or backpack which has the essentials: thumb drive, Chargers, headphones, pen, painkillers, external power thing, etc. [more inside]
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Can you suggest an intermediate Quad Capter/Drone?

I'm looking to move into the higher end drones, such as the DJI Phantom series, however, before I do so I want to get my flying skills as proficient as possible. Having pretty much mastered the Syma X5C can anyone suggest the next step up? Thanks in advance! A.
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This made me look at this, then this and now I am asking this?

I was intrigued by a post a little while back on a Family Dog concert, it that post were references to a great site about identifying lost live grateful dead shows. [more inside]
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Can I trust this drive again?

My iMac hard drive is having issues. The computer wouldn't boot, etc., so I started up disk utility to repair the disk and got an error. Should I replace the entire disk? [more inside]
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Events like the World Domination Summit? Including invention fairs!

I'm a big fan of the yearly World Domination Summit, and plan to attend every year until it ceases to be fun. I'm looking for similar events in the U.S. or perhaps Western Europe. Snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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mid-century, not necessarily so modern

I recently read Marjorie Morningstar and The Women's Room, and I'm looking for more some mid-20th-century books that have some of the qualities I liked about these two: sprawling plot, cast of engaging characters, and a sense of what life was like at the time. Preferably U.S. or UK. Perhaps books that have been unjustly forgotten but still hold up well today -- neither of my examples is really "forgotten", but you don't really hear people talking about Wouk or Marilyn French much these days. (I didn't mind the retrograde gender politics in Marjorie Morningstar at all but I would prefer to avoid Roth/Mailer-style misogyny.)
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Medical FSA and dependents

What happens if I pay for my daughter's medical care with my FSA card, and it turns out when I file my taxes that she wasn't a dependent (e.g. didn't enroll for classes as expected so wasn't a full-time student for five months, or was claimed as a dependent by her mother)? [more inside]
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Do you live near a camp-meeting town?

I have an ongoing research project to document and map locations of camp meetings, which originate in 19th century religious revivals. I've mapped more than 50 (listed inside), including some famous ones like Oak Bluffs, MA, Bay View, MI, and Indian Springs, GA, and am now looking for others. I'm interested in three kinds of sites: current active camp-meetings that still operate as a religious camp or revival; "legacy" sites where the camp meeting evolved into a town or incorporated secular association; and defunct sites where a camp once was before being abandoned. Any and all links, vague memories, and coordinates welcome! [more inside]
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Name for LIterary Fiction Genre?

Is there a name for the kind of novel that's basically a biography and (often quirky/odd) family history? [more inside]
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Replacing cloth suitcase handle?

So I recently ripped through a cloth suitcase handle (photos attached below). I would like to know it it's possible to replace the cloth part or the whole assembly fairly cheaply (<30USD) or if it's worth tossing the fairly cheap luggage in question. [more inside]
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It's buggin' me

What are these bugs? [more inside]
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How do we dance to this song?

We've chosen Marie's Wedding as a father-daughter/mother-son dance for our wedding next week. It's in 4/4 as far as I can tell. We just realized we have no idea how to dance to it. Difficulty level: we don't know how to dance anyway. [more inside]
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Telling your friends you bought a property

Is it generally wise to tell anyone such as your friends that you have bought a house? It is specifically for an investment to rent out to tenants. Or is it generally not a good idea? Or it doesn't matter?
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Did anyone record opinions on codpieces?

So codpieces were... a thing. Are there any records of what people who couldn't flaunt them, particularly court ladies, thought about dudes walking around with them?
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Help us enjoy the Scottish Highlands!

We have 9-10 hours to spend in Scotland around Inverness (arriving in Invergordon). We are interested in seeing some beautiful Scottish highland scenery. We are interested in suggestions for routes to take to see the most dramatic scenery, and what would be some worthwhile local sights/castles/picturesque villages to see. We have heard about the road from Durness to Ullapool, but are not sure if there is time for that. We do not have a car but might be able to hire a driver. Thank you for any help!
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Adopted by an injured stray cat! Chicago and general help

Somewhere in the middle of last night when I had passed out from a migraine, a cat adopted my wife. [more inside]
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Bewildering ads featuring incoherent men

I'm searching for commercials featuring a very specific aesthetic: grown men, overcome with Feelings about Something Profound, mumbling incoherently to themselves. To sell things. Because commercialism. The ad should be played completely straight; no wink to the camera. Two very recent examples linked below. [more inside]
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Help me furnish my new pad

I recently got the keys to my new house (finalllyyyy, yayyyyyy) so now it’s time to buy the furniture and and other household things -drapes, towels, bathroom sets, sheets, flatware, cutlery, pot sets generally everything that i need to get to start out- I don’t know where to start. [more inside]
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A career in theater tech? At my age?

How do I go back to school for theater tech in my 40's? [more inside]
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Cruelty-free meme sites?

My 13-year-old loves memes, the kind that are a photo with amusing text over them. Unfortunately if he starts looking for them, they quickly become racist, sexist, degrade people with disabilities, etc. Is there anywhere safe to look for this kind of humor? [more inside]
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Where to get legal advice for at-fault accident in Georgia?

Last year we were in a car accident and at fault. We are in Georgia. No injuries were reported on the scene, but we recently found out that there is an open medical claim from this accident. We had crappy coverage, so I'm guessing the claim will be over our maximum injury coverage. We've never been through this before and are pretty anxious. Since our insurance company is not a resource for legal advice, what kind of lawyer or other advocate should I seek to understand and best cooperate with this process?
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June 18

How to clean like the pros

I hired a housekeeper for the first time to help me with a move-out clean. She did an amazing job in a fraction of the time it takes for me to clean. How can I learn to clean this quickly and effectively? [more inside]
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Amazon prime or google delivery etc.

Do any of you use these services? I have three Young children and not believe how many different options there are! It's nice but overwhelming, o mean how many memberships do I need?! Target delivers, Costco will deliver online orders, Walmart does the buy your groceries and pick them up. I'm wondering what is the best to pick and just stick to one. Thanks!!!
posted by tangomija at 8:38 PM PST - 29 comments

Building online marketplaces for dummies?

How does one go about creating a global online marketplace from humble beginnings and with no programming experience whatsoever? [more inside]
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What ergonomic lounge chair should I buy?

I am interested in buying an ergonomic lounge chair for my living room, and I am wondering what kind I should get. I am tempted by Ekornes Stressless recliners, but I am wondering if there are better, perhaps more affordable, options. What do you recommend? Any tips would be most appreciated.
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What's the best way to help homeless people in a camp near me

I live near a large homeless camp which I pass a few times a week out running or in my car. I live in a nice apartment and have everything I need, they live in tents, shacks and broken down cars. I would like to help them in some way but don't know what the best way would be. [more inside]
posted by pocketfullofrye at 6:20 PM PST - 24 comments

Sweet, fuzzy, vicious: how do I stop my cat from killing everything?

My young, vigorous male (neutered) cat is an extremely proficient killer. How do I get him to stop? [more inside]
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Best way to buy new Nexus 6P in Canada (BC)?

I am with Telus, and have been for years and years. My current contract will be over in a little while and I'd like to get a new phone. What is the best way: purchase Nexus 6P outright, or get a new plan from Telus or one of the other major carriers? [more inside]
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It better shine It better cut I know it is expensive but

I'm looking for an inexpensive imitation/simulated diamond engagement ring style piece of costume jewelry. I'm thinking under $150, a metal that plays nice with sensitive skin, princess cut solitaire on a silver/platinum color band. Is there a company you can suggest? Anything to look out for? I know it won't look real to anyone who cares - I don't care - I just think it'll be a fun trinket to put on from time to time.
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Baking filter: how to toughen up?

Today we made these pineapple cakes. They taste great, but the shortbread is very crumbly so that they're hard to pick up without falling apart. MeFite baking scientists: how would we want alter this to make the pastry part tougher -- a little bit chewy instead of crumbly?
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Brother gets violent

My brother gets violent during arguments. How can I relay that his behaviour is unacceptable? [more inside]
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Diminished Value on Rear-Ended Vehicle

Have any Mefi drivers successfuly gone through the process of applying for and receiving payment for a car in an accident that was not your fault? [more inside]
posted by Elsie at 11:47 AM PST - 1 comment

Foolproof family video chats direct to TV?

My elderly relatives live far away, and I would like to find a way to set up a completely foolproof video chat solution. We use skype and facetime, but they don't like crowding together on the couch, their computer doesn't have a great screen, and their lighting is really poor. They are not terrible with technology, but the solution needs to be really simple. [more inside]
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Why scapular protraction during some pressing exercises and not others?

I know with an exercise like the bench press you should keep your shoulder blades retracted throughout. However, I've also read that with push ups some people recommend scapular protraction at the top. Testing it out, it does feel easier on the shoulders doing it that way. However, I'm having trouble understanding the mechanics of why that is the case. Where would, say, a standing cable press fall in this retraction vs protraction dichotomy?
posted by theshire at 11:12 AM PST - 2 comments

Tutti Frutti Face

Can you help me identify this bit by a comedian? It played on a local comedy station (Funny1260 AM in Phoenix) yesterday morning around 9:00 AM. It sounded like an old school comedian because he rolled his "R"s like an old timey orator, and the bit was about how he compared his wife to the delicious things in life; her face was a tutti frutti, delicious cuts of meat, desserts. [more inside]
posted by Barry B. Palindromer at 10:11 AM PST - 2 comments

Received a post card from an unknown person - should I be worried?

I received a slightly creepy postcard from someone whose name doesn't ring a bell at all. Sending me a card means they know my address. Should I be worried? [more inside]
posted by LoonyLovegood at 10:02 AM PST - 34 comments

Strange irrelevant referring sites to my web page.

I have a web page for my music store and I get the normal google and forum site referrals, but I also get a bunch from Russia ,dozens of them and they are really random and have nothing to do with music. Often it is some sort of dating ,or information site of questionable value, often sex related. Why is this happening? [more inside]
posted by boilermonster at 9:45 AM PST - 6 comments

How do I talk to my brother, who I think is abusing pain pills?

For a few years I’ve had the suspicion that my brother is misusing? overusing? addicted to? pain pills. Something. He was having lots of back pain, which is how he began taking the pills about four years ago. [more inside]
posted by gigondas at 9:34 AM PST - 8 comments

How much importance could a forged document have?

A current FPP about a forged apocryphal Biblical text made me wonder: could any forged document really have world-shattering significance? Suppose the forgery were undetectable; could any plausible forgery of any document more than(say) 100 years old have a large impact outside academia?
posted by Joe in Australia at 6:55 AM PST - 26 comments

What's the US equivalent of British MPs' constituency surgeries?

Every week, a British MP will return to his our her constituency to hold what's known as a surgery. These events allow any constituent to walk in off the street and meet face-to-face with the MP to discuss whatever problem they (the constituent) is experiencing at the time and seek the MP's help in sorting it out. What would be the nearest equivalent in the American system? [more inside]
posted by Paul Slade at 4:57 AM PST - 18 comments

Medication for public speaking phobia?

I have a severe public speaking phobia, and am considering asking my GP about short-term medication to get me through presentations. Very concerned about being labelled a drug-seeker, though -- how to avoid this? Snowflake deets inside. [more inside]
posted by jejak at 4:02 AM PST - 19 comments

What are my rights in this rent situation if I am not on a contract?

[UK renter question]. I don't have a contract/lease and I'm being asked for rent beyond my move out date. What are my rights? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:55 AM PST - 9 comments

Marriage, Law Enforcement, and Social Media

My spouse works in law enforcement at the federal level. Recently, she has become increasingly paranoid about just about everything. She has told me to edit or remove some Facebook posts. She has asked me to delete an Instagram account I use for a local sports league I am involved in as well as my personal Twitter both of which are not public. She prohibits me from posting photos of our child. She demands I not post political things that might "make her look bad". I am not involved with or know with anyone she works with. Should I be upset or is this normal in the LEO world? It feels a little over-controlled and she will not discuss options or compromises. Any help would be appreciated.
posted by anonymous at 2:55 AM PST - 40 comments

June 17

Suction issues with Ameda Platinum breast pump

I'm using a rented Ameda Platinum hospital-grade breast pump to pump very frequently. Within the last day, it's started to gradually lose suction on both sides equally within a few minutes of the start of each session, and I can't figure out why. [more inside]
posted by liet at 11:18 PM PST - 13 comments

What to do in or near Fort Collins, CO

I'll be in Fort Collins for the next week and a half, which means I'll have a free weekend (6/25-26). I'm alone, and I'm not a beer fan, so brewery tours are not advised. I have a rental car, so I can travel a bit. Any suggestions for fun things to do?
posted by blurker at 8:55 PM PST - 9 comments

Two nights in Hanoi! But where?

Hotel recommendations for Hanoi, for a couple nights in August? [more inside]
posted by Rash at 8:54 PM PST - 8 comments

Name not on the invite, but 99% sure I am invited to the wedding...

So, live-in boyfriend of three years brother is getting married in September. We live in a different state from him and they're not particularly close, so I've only met his brother a few times and his fiancée once, but I'm on friendly terms with the family (I spend Christmas with them, etc). Boyfriend probably talks to his brother about every 6 months. [more inside]
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Give me your best baby puns!

I'm hosting a baby shower tomorrow for my sister and brother-in-law, both of whom are terrific punsters. Help me shower them with as many groaners as possible! [more inside]
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Maybe if I'd lived in a better school district, I'd Ask Metafilter less.

When did public schools become "bad"? And did the quality actually change, or are statements about the inferiority of public education the racist shibboleths I've come to assume that they are? [more inside]
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Moving to the Bay Area

Is it possible to rent a house for ~$3k? If so, where? [more inside]
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Finger Picken

So, I really like a rolling finger-picked guitar (and/or other strings). Song's like Steve Miller's I Love You, The Dead's Friend of the Devil, and I suppose anything that Leo Kottke ever did, ex. Ojo. But al of those are almost fifty years old. Help me update my listening.
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How to register my lease car in Florida

Hi I lease a GM- Chevy Malibu in Ohio I am moving to Florida and I called the registration office and they say that they need the title... Florida holds the title in their office and not the lienholder?? I am so confused about this This is crazy- GM owns the car not Florida
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Future DNA modeling tech?

Is it theoretically possible to design a computer program that can take an organism's DNA and produce a model of that organism, without being given any other information? (It does not need to be possible with current tech, just theoretically possible.) This is, of course, for a story. [more inside]
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Should I take a big pay cut for a really compelling opportunity?

I recently interviewed and received an offer for a new job - it's a really exciting opportunity, a really awesome company, and a wonderful team atmosphere. But, it's a 50% pay cut in terms of total annual salary + bonus. Is it worth it? [more inside]
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Timex Indiglo-- It's time for me to move on!

I've been wearing a black leather band, Timex Indiglo watch pretty much forever. I'd like get a newer, prettier watch, but I really like being able to push a button and illuminate the watch face. Any words of wisdom? [more inside]
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Late 30yr Little Person keep getting hit by Married (fetish) men. Advice

My case is very similar to this woman's story. Otherwise I feel I'm at my wits end regarding this issue. Would appreciate thoughtful answers, as I've asked this in other forums and have gotten some of the jealous lot who say I must be a flirt, I must dress sexy, I'm a hoe, etc. -- which all are not true and are really the opposite. I have strict rules of having male friends to only past work colleagues, classmates and social circles. [more inside]
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Death and Taxes and Paperwork

What paperwork will the IRS accept that proves I am authorized to sign my deceased Mother's tax returns? [more inside]
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Benzos (Ativan) during the day? Are effects noticeable to others?

I'm currently dealing with a number of stressors - Mom's leukemia, underemployment, etc - and take Ativan at night as-needed for sleep. Relatives (Some I like, a few notsomuch) I haven't seen in a while are coming in to see Mom today, and I'm getting pukey thinking of having to deal with them while I'm barely holding myself together. I'm considering an Ativan before I meet them, but I don't want to seem loopy or zombielike. Those who take a benzo (Ativan in particular) during the day - do people notice? Can you function? [more inside]
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I'm looking for synonyms for the word "create," but not just the kind you'd find in a thesaurus. [more inside]
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No, no they can't take that away from me!

In light of iTunes "disappearing" chunks of my playlist (several selections of which I bought from them), I'm switching allegiance to Pandora. I much prefer the variety, and honestly, I was getting wearing of the same ol' 500-plus tunes on my playlist. [more inside]
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Looking for a nice Minecraft PE Let's Play

I'd like to watch some Minecraft PE (not regular Minecraft) let's play videos with decent production values that aren't narrated by 12 yearolds and/or super silly. Are there any? [more inside]
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Fairness in Splitting Housing Expenses as a Couple

My fiancé is moving in with me (hooray!) and I'm trying to figure out how to split the mortgage and other things equitably. [more inside]
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Cheapest way to keep landline phone number but not service

I have a VOIP landline (through Time Warner Cable). I want to get rid of my landline service but keep that phone number and have it forward to my cell phone (Verizon). What is the cheapest and easiest way for me to do that? Thank you!
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I'm compiling chapters in a single Word file, and I'm doing the thing where I strip it of formatting before I paste it in and apply styles, but the endnotes are all fucked up. And I'm confused about how to do the Table of Contents. [more inside]
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Cheapest laptop able to play Steam?

Over the last couple of years I've bought a good many Steam game keys for my son, who is turning eight next month and ready (I think) for an ultra-cheap laptop. Anyone have any suggestions for the cheapest one that could handle those games? Thanks!
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Plastic books?

Is it possible to use the technology that makes polymer banknotes to create books? [more inside]
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Pickering non-valve-based high-pressure management system

I tried connecting my hose to my shower and something is Wrong. [more inside]
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The ants are winning

My interlock patio is under siege. Ants have moved in and are spreading out, disrupting the sand between the paving stores and generally making a mess of things. I have a spray bottle of ant killing chemical, but I’m playing wack-a-mole here. [more inside]
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Short and long term solutions for middle of the night panic

So, I've recently started waking up in the middle of the night totally panicked-- racing heart, wide awake, but no corresponding thoughts/memories. Obviously, I'd like this to stop. Any advice for the short-term or longer-term, is there any particular therapeutic approaches that might help? [more inside]
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pimp my driveway

Just had a new driveway put in and there is about a 6-8" gulley on each side it. Help me keep the dirt from flowing away. [more inside]
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Babushka lady behaviour

I'm looking for examples, real or fictional, of people acting in noticeably (seemingly) strange or incongruous ways during important events or crowd scenes. Babushka lady (of JFK assassination fame) was the inspiration for this question and is a great example of the sort of thing I'm looking for.
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Should I be the way I don't like in life to succeed, too?

I recently see someone that I have worked with is going to start a job at where I could only imagine in dreams. I don't envy about how rich and beautiful people are doing but I feel very upset about life all of a sudden, how sad... Do I really envy him? Yes and no, I guess. To me, he hasn't done anything bad to me so I have no reason to dislike him, I just know that this person has not been a nice colleague to work with based on his work ethic and quality. There are more people deserve that opportunity but he got selected, I really don't know why. [more inside]
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June 16

long-battery PC/Mac to recommend?

Hi, I've been trying to find a long-lasting laptop/ultrabook. I'm querying MF for suggestions. The problem is that the actual performance of the laptops, once you get them, is materially different from the manufacturer's supposed battery life. For instance, I bought a Lenovo T450 which is supposed to have a massive battery, only to find out that the life is 6 hrs tops, when new. And the laptop itself is a heavy beast. I have looked at the XPS13, and am considering the Macbook Air 13", upon which I'd run Windows (because I need Windows for work). Any advice?
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Yosemite when Obama is visiting

We're going to Yosemite this weekend - and so is Obama. Where should we go to avoid crowds and closed areas? [more inside]
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When do we spay our kitten?

I'm getting conflicting information and would like to make the best decision for my kitten. When is it best to spay? [more inside]
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Raising boys/brothers book list

Baby is a boy! Now, I want to read all about raising boys/brothers. Fiction and nonfiction suggestions welcome. [more inside]
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TV news - big local hole, tiny amount of local news - why?

Why does the local TV news carry so much national and international news (that is then repeated on the national news show) and so little local news? [more inside]
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Applying for permanent residency in Canada: seeking help/advice

I recently had to move to Canada for work, and now I need to apply for permanent residency. Even though my employer got me legal help, I'm totally overwhelmed. Are there any services or professionals, or even just good books or websites, designed to help people navigate this process in an efficient way? [more inside]
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what should I put in this fathers day pinata?

Going to a cookout on Sunday and I'm gonna have all the dads wreck this cheap pinata I got my hands on. Looking for ideas on what to put inside (besides beef jerky and corn nuts, obviously). Doesn't necessarily have to be editable, feel free to be ridiculous
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I want to buy a diary [more inside]
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Looking for collections of interesting letters

I am looking for published collections of fascinating letters. NOT by writers. [more inside]
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The uncomplicated computer games of my childhood

Two computer games from the early days (1983-84ish) of home computing are both lost and unrequited to me. Hive mind, I have but two dimmish memories as clues: a character like Vitruvian Man (PC) and a map showing game tracks as two bear prints (Apple). [more inside]
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How do I sync events from a Macbook calendar to a Google calendar?

I have been using the Calendar app on my Macbook - running Yosemite - and would now like all the various events (or “calendars” - the color-coded categories in the sidebar of the Calendar app) from it to appear in a Google calendar. [more inside]
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Looking For Cool Practical Apps.

It is a very general question. I am looking for cool practical apps for my smartphone. Apps along the lines of YP, MiMoment, etc. Price comparisons, shopping, weather apps...What apps do you use for your daily duties? I am a writer/fashion designer/yogi/farmer's market junkie. Random suggestions are fine.
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Toddler Safety at a Lakefront Vacation Rental House

Please suggest tips and gear for keeping an active toddler safe for a week's vacation at a lakefront rental house. [more inside]
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Looking for a "biography of Detroit"

I'm hoping to find a readable non-fiction book that covers Detroit's history, from its birth to its rise and then it's death, for lack of a better word. (Even if the city isn't dead--it's hard to argue that what Detroit used to be isn't dead.) Is there a recent "definitive" book in this vein?
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Queering gestation

Can anyone recommend resources for people whose pregnancies and related other life changes messed with their sexual orientation and/or gender identity? [more inside]
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Help me choose network and security infrastructure for an office

We're looking at moving into a shared office building with a couple of other companies, in total about 40 people plus a small specialized school with another 50 students or so. This is a very nice opportunity, and I've been tasked with figuring out the shared network and related (phone, access control) infrastructure. I have a pretty good idea of what to get, but I'm not as up to date on options as I used to be, and I might be missing stuff. Help me with suggestions for good, economical equipment options. [more inside]
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How often can I work out? (Strength training)

Currently I'm seeing a trainer twice a week for an hour each time, and working out on my own one other day. It is exclusively strength training, mostly involving resistance bands, dumbbells, cables, and leg extensions. I recover extremely quickly - he works me to exhaustion but I am nearly fully recovered in a few hours and I'm rarely sore the next morning. Can/should I work out every day? [more inside]
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Pregnancy Blogs - Emphasis on Running

Looking for blogs with weekly updates on pregnancy and running. [more inside]
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Unlikely allies

I need some help regaining hope in humanity after the last few days. Something that can help is to see instances of someone standing up for someone else, when you think they wouldn't. [more inside]
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Please help me understand the joke in this Peter Arno drawing

A man and woman approach a motorcycle cop. The man is holding a car's back seat. The man says: "We'd like to report a stolen car." I don't get the joke. I feel dumb. [more inside]
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Phoenix vs. Dallas

I am flying American Airlines from New York to Grand Junction, CO this July. Is it better to transfer in Phoenix or Dallas (DFW)? My primary concern is avoiding delays/cancellations, weather-related or otherwise. [more inside]
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I want to be the things I see: Asheville, NC edition

Heading to Asheville, NC this weekend and would like recommendations for obscure or unique experiences that are off the beaten path. [more inside]
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Any tips for booking something last minute in NYC area.

My son is attending a "theater camp" in NYC in 2 weeks. He's staying with the group, we were planning to do touristy stuff during the week. We had booked an Airbnb a couple weeks ago in West Orange NJ. This morning it cancelled on us. This was an awesome place that had a pool and other amenities that my wife was looking forward to help keep our other children busy during the days that I would also be working in Manhattan. Needless to say we're pretty disappointed. [more inside]
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Identify this film which is ruining baklava for me

It was either in French (most likely) or German (may have had English subtitles). It was about a poor kid having grown up to be a rich man, and the story was being told via flashbacks. The detail I remember is some scenes about him being invited to a rich kid's house for a dinner. He took homemade baklava as a gift, which was looked down upon. His family may have been Turkish immigrants to this European city. [more inside]
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My focus is all crocused

I am having trouble getting work done and work, waking up, and going to bed because of distractions on my phone or on the internet. Lots of details inside, but what strategy has worked to "cut back" on distractions in your life? I know "stop doing all of these things" is the obvious answer, but how specifically would your recommend I try to stop? [more inside]
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At-Home Summer Math Program for Reluctant Teenager?

We have a 15 year old (entering 10th grade) staying with us for the summer, who needs significant help with math. He worked pretty hard this past semester to bring his math grade up to a C - and I don't want him to lose that knowledge. What can we do to work on his math skills this summer? Open to all ideas - books, online tutorials, games.
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Best framework for a dev team's internal metrics site?

I manage multiple software teams and would like to create a cool web dashboard (for wall screens) that radiates useful team info: build status, test run results, food truck schedule, number of live customers ... whatever. What is a simple set of tools for cobbling this together? [more inside]
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Foot Arch Soreness- Who to Go to?

I've had soreness, slight pain in my foot arch for almost two weeks now. This is annoying when walking and eliminates running. I'd like to see a medical professional without as many hoops and as easily as possible with minimal cost (I have decent insurance). What are my options? Do I see a GP (urgent care), Ortho, Podiatrist, or PT? I'm in NYC if that matters. (suggestions if you have them too!)
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Looking for a really unique envelope/letter/stationary

Looking for a really unique envelope/letter/stationary to use for a job application thank you note. [more inside]
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That sweet sweet perspective

Thanks to a comment on the Blue, I found a wonderful YouTube series about GamerGate, complete with synopsis and perspective from both sides. I want more of this! [more inside]
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Can I liberate my Vitamix blades to a new container?

I got a Vitamix Pro 300 last winter. The container has developed a crack, and it is being replaced under warranty with a whole new container. I have been told to dispose of the old container when the new one arrives. My question is - if I were to buy a smaller 16oz container from eBay without blades, could I transfer the blades and retainer nut from the cracked 32oz short container into the smaller 16oz container? I would do this if I can in order to give myself some more options to blend smaller amounts of food! [more inside]
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Best agent/site to book a round-the-world flight?

What websites/travel agents have you used to get the best price for a round-the-world flight? [more inside]
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Could a bridge be built to float if it collapsed?

I was told in San Diego that the bridge to Coronado Island had "air pockets in the concrete" so it would break up into buoyant pieces if it collapsed and not block the navy ships in the bay. I never quite understood this and Wikipedia says it's an urban legend, but would it even be possible from an engineering perspective? Has any large bridge been built this way? Is it even a realistic problem?
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Should I rebook my German airbnb on a private site?

Germany no longer allows whole apartments to be rented via airbnb. My host has requested we move my booking to a private website. Is this a good idea? [more inside]
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Lightweight, luxury, consumables for a hiker?

You've been hiking for 2 months and this is only the beginning. Internet service is intermittent, but not uncommon. You reach a town and pick up your resupply box from the post office. Inside are the essential vitamins, energy bars, crackers, and sriracha packets you loaded it with. The person who mailed the box added something extra that brightens your day. What is it? [more inside]
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June 15

Dude, it's buckshot.

Is it true that the Kaiser ordered captured American solders executed for possession/use of a shotgun during W.W.I.
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Gift delivery in Seoul

A friend's parents hosted my child and I for a few days in Seoul and were very generous as hosts. I'd like to have a gift delivered to them to thank them. I'm thinking flowers or fruit. I need to be able to order from the US, in English. Taking suggestions for what would be appropriate.
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outlook.com: How do you get inline quoting of text when sending a reply

Outlook.com has changed its interface and its all snazzy and everything. But I used to be able to reply to a text message and that msg would be displayed inline with angle brackets on the left hand side. This is a feature that goes back to the ancient days, but now I can't figure out how to do it with the newfangled outlook.com (formerly hotmail) interface. Help! [more inside]
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What's the word for placing heads on pikes as a deterrent?

Isn't there a particular word for the deterrent method of putting thieves' heads on pikes outside a village perimeter to discourage further attacks on the villagers? [more inside]
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Vancouver-filter: Bars with (free or low-cost) party rooms for booking?

I'm hoping to organize a party with about 40 people in the next few weeks in Vancouver, BC. Ideally, it would be in a place that would have a low spend-limit, or free. Not picky about location. It would be more drinks than dinner, although I could order some apps for sharing. Does anyone have any leads or previous experience with this? I'm doing this a bit last minute and not super hopeful, but if the geniuses of AskMe can help, I would be ever indebted!
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bouncy bouncy fun fun fun fun fun

We bought a 12 foot trampoline for our back yard, and it's on a slight slope (not sure of the degree, but it's not much). The normal advice is to dig a bit of a trench where the legs are higher. For various reasons, that's difficult. Is there anything practical and safe that can be used to slightly extend the legs on the other side, or prop them up a bit? I'm pretty sure something like this could work, but I don't want to just put bricks and wood under there is something else is better suited. Any ideas?
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"She's good people." Origin, please?

I was telling my 8-year-old about a trustworthy, kind, reliable woman I know, and I finished up by saying "She's good people." My daughter and I both now want to know the origins of the "[One person is] good people" phrasing. [more inside]
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Help me understand myself. Why do I get so anxious?

I get a lot of anxiety from dating (and from my life circumstances), and I'm not sure why that is. I'm trying to narrow down the factors and pinpoint what the deal is and how to move forward. I could use some advice or life-experience stories from other folks. [more inside]
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How do I handle an antagonistic internship supervisor?

I may be sensitive, but it is my fourth day of my internship and I already want to give up. I also have cried in the car twice. This has to be my worst internship experience yet. Am I just being a little too sensitive or not? I'm not sure whether to ask for help or suck it up. Please help. [more inside]
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I have a lot of specific questions about police procedure

I'm about 98% done with the rough draft of a novel and have a lot of questions which I'm not finding answers to in various (U.S.) law enforcement manuals online. I'd ask the police, but I can't imagine they have time to field rhetorical questions from every aspiring novelist who might contact them (I'm not a famous author; I haven't even had a short story published). [more inside]
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The Calendar Application That Doesn't Exist...

I teach adjunct at different colleges. I maintain a calendar for students (and me!) that tracks links to notes and videos and "here's what we did in class" summaries. You can see it here. It's done manually in Google Docs and I move the months to the bottom when the month ends. [more inside]
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Idiot-proof CRM

My reservations staff are going to kill each other... I need a simple CRM to keep track of email reservations. We use a single email inbox to manage incoming reservations, and multiple people have access to this inbox. We need a CRM that can integrate with this inbox... and restore sanity. [more inside]
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Uhhm, a better (actually correct) custom printed shirt, please??

I got a shirt printed through Spreadshirt and am less than happy. What are your favorite printers for these (uh, pretty basic) requirements for a single custom tank top for small women? [more inside]
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Unofficial evolving MetaFilter group sing-along chord-and-lyric songbook

Problem: You're at a campout or other casual gathering with a bunch of MeFites. Some people have guitars and maybe other instruments. People want to have an old-fashioned sing-along. Sadly, nobody knows all the words or all the chords. What are good resources that can be brought together and cherry-picked to create a printable-for-sharing evolving, unofficial, fun songbook for such an event? [more inside]
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Help me live-blog a bunch of drunk industry colleagues.

I've been asked to ''Live Facebook'' an industry event tomorrow night, and I have no idea what I'm doing! I'm usually good at tech related things, but this one has me stumped. Details within... [more inside]
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Should I speak up or shut up?

I have a family member that, in my eyes, is far too trusting. This has led him into some problems (large and small) in the past and he's in the middle of one of these situations now. He's lost some money to people in the past that he's considered friends, but whom he didn't actually know well. But he's got money to spare. There is little chance that he will end up totally destitute by trusting a con artist in the future. Should I just butt out? [more inside]
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Urgent suit + tailoring in Berkeley or SF (on the cheap)?

Asking for a friend: Vacationing in Berkeley and will fly straight from here to a job interview in another city. I don't have a suit with me, interview is a surprise (yay). Need to procure a freshly tailored new (man's) suit between right now and Friday afternoon. Also, budget is a thing. I know it can't be good, cheap and quick, so I'll sacrifice good. Where do I go? (Must be BART/AC Transit accessible.)
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Bargain NAS or Bad Idea?

Would a PowerEdge R610 and a Powervault MD1000 make a reasonable NAS setup? [more inside]
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What alternatives are surprisingly worth it?

What are some "alternatives" or substitutions to everyday products/tasks that you've found you liked better than the original? Relatedly, what have you stopped doing altogether that had unexpected positive benefits? [more inside]
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Piano for showoffs

Please direct me to the sheet music for the flashiest, show-offy, fun piano pieces you know. (solo piano or 2 pianos/4 hands, any genre) [more inside]
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Office cube items to encourage conversation, interaction

What do you have on your desk or in your cube that encourages interaction with your co-workers? [more inside]
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Solidarity for a different kind of motherhood

I'm looking for websites, forums, groups where I can talk to people about pregnancy, birth and childraising without all the stereotypical societal crap. Realism and respect for ambivalence appreciated. [more inside]
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Was my catalytic converter stolen?

Subtitled: Why is my car running so loud? Details below. [more inside]
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Eight legged friends

I found this interesting looking web in the alley next to my house (Amsterdam, NL) right next to the spot where I park my bike. Is it home to one of these (NSFarachnophobes) or could it be something else? [more inside]
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ISO: Bedtime "reading" materials

I am looking for free, online sources of engaging materials in STEM subjects. PDFs, videos, and webpages that can be downloaded to an 8" tablet for offline consumption. [more inside]
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Fictional depictions of jealousy

Looking for examples of songs/films/books/tv - anything really - which depict or explore jealousy - in particular retroactive jealousy, or relationships haunted by the ghost of someone from the past. [more inside]
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Quebec City: Low-key Restaurants and Attractions

So we will be getting away from the kids for a few days the last week in June to Quebec City. Where should we eat and what should we do to relax? [more inside]
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iCloud Photos: importing photos from external drive

I have an external drive with 100GB of photos that I'd like to upload to iCloud Photos. How can I do this? [more inside]
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Debt Collectors not leaving voicemail

tl;dr: incurred debt as resident of FL, debt collection agency leaves no voicemail. What are my options when I am planning to change numbers? [more inside]
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Tattoo artist in NY in the Mo Ganji style

I have fallen in love with single-line tattoos in the style of Mo Ganji, but he's in Berlin and I'm in New York. [more inside]
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speccing out a website for Dummies

I need to put together some kind of document outlining how my smallish company would like our new website to be laid out. [more inside]
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Solutions to this particular driving visibility issue

Seeking hacks or vehicle recommendations for safely navigating cramped urban neighborhood intersections with too many parked cars and poor visibility. [more inside]
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Fables about workplace behavior: focus on your job instead of mine

Please share your published stories/fables/whatever that communicate this simple idea: focus on your job instead of mine. I'd especially like something geared toward children. [more inside]
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Best platform for photo and text blogging advise please

Please try to answer this as if speaking to a 7 year old. We are a small group of independent photojournalists and text journalists who wish to provide written content augmenting photojournalism in 3 languages and thus reach a wider international audience. Please suggest how we should do this together with your reasoning. Things to consider below the fold: [more inside]
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Information about the history of poetry publishing

I would like to study the history of the business of poetry publishing. Where should I look? [more inside]
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Why would a farmer replow and replant fields of corn?

I drive past multiple small farms on my way to work every day. All of the farms plowed and planted their corn several weeks ago. One farm in particular had already planted, the corn was growing in its little rows, etc. But then one morning this farm's fields were empty again-- completely replowed. Now, a short time later, a new crop of new corn is growing. Why? Why would a farmer decide to scrap multiple fields of a crop that is already growing? I've been seriously tempted to knock on the farmhouse door and ask, because I'm so very curious about what would justify the expense and lost growing time. Help me understand with your agri-wisdom! [more inside]
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What kind of car do I want?

Car shopping! I want a car that has a higher profile, bluetooth, domestic, and isn't a sedan. [more inside]
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What are your favourite long, 'ambient' Youtube videos?

I love this three-hour video of Bison grazing at Yellowstone. When I work from home I just have it running via Chromecast on my TV. When friends come over I stick it on as we listen to music and chat. I also love this video of a pushbike ride from the Arctic Ocean to British Columbia. What other long videos on Youtube do you like? [more inside]
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Do you have to be 100% sure that you want to marry someone?

I know this might sound like a somewhat dumb question, but it's something that I'm honestly confused about right now. So I'm hoping that some of you who are older/married/divorced/more experienced could help me. [more inside]
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Moving to SF!

What 'hoods should we look at as we plan a move from NYC to SF? [more inside]
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June 14

How to support an abusive friend?

I have a long-term friend who recently assaulted someone at a party. My peer group has basically cut them off at this point. Is there any way to be a good ally AND a good friend or am I going to have to choose sides and end one of the longest relationships in my life? [more inside]
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Buyer's remorse: buyer breaches real estate contract

What are the consequences for breaching a real estate contract on the buyer's side? [more inside]
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Math education resources

I am aiming to create extracurricular programming for people of all ages (but I'm particularly focused on teens and adults) to illuminate the neat areas of math that aren't covered in school. (Graph theory, mobius strips, pascal's triangle, things like that.) However, I don't have a very official background in mathematics myself. 1) What resources can I use to teach myself about math in those areas, or math leading up to those areas? 2) What resources are out there for kids/teens/adults to increase their math awareness? [more inside]
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Why did my friend stop talking to me?

I'm 20s, F. My very good friend, 20s, M, abruptly cut off contact. When I approached him about this, he gave me a non-answer. As far as I know, he's been doing well. What happened? [more inside]
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Searching for the mysterious Lost Diary of Whatchamacallit

Sometime back, I believe on Metafilter, I saw a bit about a primitive diary. I believe it was from Central or South America, maybe Mexico. It was filled with odd ink sketches of people and things... very simply drawn. [more inside]
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Flag to fly for an ally?

Half the houses on my street have rainbow flags waving. I'd like to add my support, but as a straight, cis male I don't know the etiquette. [more inside]
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Vintage condo water damage problem - Chicago - whose fault is it?

We live on the 3rd (top) floor of a 100 year old 6 flat on the north side, near Wrigley Field (Go Cubs!) see details.... [more inside]
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Attorney ethics question

Dear lawyers: I have an ethics question. [more inside]
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Multi-day hike while recovering from a cold?

Is it a terrible idea to go on a multi-day hike in wintry conditions while recovering from a head cold? I've been planning to go on a 3-day, 3-night hike with a group this coming weekend, but at the end of last week I came down with a head cold which I'm still recovering from, and I need help deciding whether I should back out of the trip. [more inside]
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Salary (Re-)Negotiation?

I'm on the hunt for a new job and, because I'm an idiot, low-balled myself when Company A asked for my intended salary. Which they happily seemed to accept without any protest. [more inside]
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Are netbooks/"mini" laptops even still a thing?

I have an exciting opportunity to expand my transcription business by taking on some work transcribing real-time lectures at the local universities next semester. However, with all of the equipment I'll need to carry, I fear that my everyday laptop is too big and heavy to drag around all day. I'd like to buy a used, maybe a few years old, lightweight device that I can transcribe from, but I'm not sure what I should be looking at exactly. [more inside]
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California to Santiago, Chile by car? Uh, nope?

A family friends daughter & brand new husband (in their early twenties) are planning on driving down from Cali to Santiago, Chile. Yes, for serious. in one of those hippie WV vans. I'm worried they'll be kidnapped or something! Looking for some stories/info/advice to hopefully make them rethink how they might do this trip. [more inside]
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Don't you want me, baby?

Found out I'm not a potential employer's first pick. Do I keep interviewing, or take myself out of the running? [more inside]
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The consistency is off-pudding

I had a momentary craving, so I made a batch of chocolate pudding. Oh right, I hate pudding's texture and consistency. The flavor is delicious though. What do I do with all this pudding? [more inside]
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Mutual fund, or ETF based on the same mutual fund?

Vanguard provides this handy chart to explain the difference between ETFs and mutual funds. But are there any circumstances where one should prefer to buy directly into a mutual fund rather than an exchange-traded version of the same fund? [more inside]
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Adjusting to partner's tattoo

My partner would like to get a tattoo on his upper arm. The subject he's chosen is adorable and not problematic. However, I'm having trouble with the concept of a new, permanent thing I'll be looking at every day. [more inside]
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nervous about flying because i can't stop thinking about death

I've always been terrified of flying yet I've always managed to do it. Now I've started envisioning very vivid, gruesome flight-related death scenarios. I have two Transatlantic flights and two cross-country (USA) flights coming up in a couple of months. How do I chill? [more inside]
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Which 80's Anime/Cartoon Am I Forgetting?

With the remake of Voltron, I've gotten that nostalgiac bite. But there's something I don't quite remember. (more inside) [more inside]
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Attention VMware experts: Seeking 2nd opinion on this proposed build

I put together a proposed build for a white box ESXi 6.0 host. The last time I did something like this, I found out (too late) that the on-board SATA controller was incompatible with ESXi. So I’d like someone to verify that I’m not doing something stupid this time. [more inside]
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Basics of raw food diet for dogs

Please tell me all the secrets to successfully feeding my dogs a raw diet! What mix of meats do you use? What percentage of organ meats? What add ins like yogurt, veggies, and eggs? What disasters and successes you have had. Finally, has it made a difference in your dogs health?
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Stores for stylish mens dress shirts in NYC

I am looking to upgrade my work shirts but would also like to be a bit more fashionable. I am looking for a few smaller stores in NYC to check out. Brooklyn / off the beaten path is fine. I am pretty sure I know about all the department stores and chain stores already. I work in financial services and typically wear a suit or thin wool pants and a nice shirt.
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Bricked chromebook, how to clean?

For nearly two and a half years I was the proud owner of an HP 11 Chromebook. The power socket crapped out on it last week rendering it effectively useless (will not charge, battery is dead, will not turn on). It's a cheap machine and has already been replaced...that's not why I'm here. [more inside]
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two weeks = nine months, to lawyer up or no?

During recovery from complex PTSD, I am presented with the alternative to suffer in one of two different ways. Which do I choose? [more inside]
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What is this ankle/shin thing?

I've had a nagging injury/pain thing happening toward the front of my ankle on the inside, sometimes traveling up my shin. I'd like to get back into the training/running groove I was in back in January, but I keep having to take a few days or a week off here and there and it's driving me crazy. [more inside]
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Word 2016 on OS 10.11 Printing Issues

My office just did a technology upgrade. The gist is that we went from 10.8 to 10.11 and Office 2011 to 2016. Now, there are printing issues. We are using the same printer as before (Lexmark MS810de), but the printer will not print as close to the edge of the paper as it used to, so it is cutting off the footer on documents. The second is that all old files want to print at a fraction of the size of the paper (maybe 10% or so). More info in extended section. Any ideas would be appreciated! [more inside]
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Gift idea for colleague with insomnia and very loud neighbours

My lovely colleague's birthday is this weekend, and i want to gift her something nice for around 15-20$. She's in her 50's, and recently ( possibly menopause related ) has been sleeping really poorly which in turn makes her super cranky. She lives above a restaurant and the noise insulation is terrible, and that's not helping her sleep. She's in an ongoing fight with the restaurant owner about the noise and is looking to move out as soon as possible, but that might take another year. [more inside]
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Breakfast, brunch or lunch with a view in Manhattan?

My mom and I will be going to NYC next week to see Hamilton (!!!!) and I'd like to take her to a nice breakfast/brunch/lunch with an interesting and beautiful view of the city on Tuesday. [more inside]
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A long lost website - http://cnfsn.tripod.com/

http://cnfsn.tripod.com/ existed years ago and I would love to find a copy of the site. I can recall completing it - the last puzzle was a sticking point for weeks - but since tripod.com closed I cannot find a replica anywhere. Or do you know somewhere? Thanks. [more inside]
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driving instructor bookers?

Is there an Uber for learning how to drive a manual car in the UK? The driving school market has collapsed and it is very difficult to find anyone at the moment.
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How do you keep track of seasonal and annual home maintenance?

I'd like an easy way to keep track of what I need to do on a seasonal, annual, and 5-year basis to ensure my home is functioning well. I'm looking for a way to keep track of when the last time various systems were serviced and/or what I need to do in the next month. How do you keep track of your maintenance cycles and tasks? [more inside]
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I want to start a reviews site. How to protect myself from lawsuits?

I'm wanting to start a reviews site where people can report unethical members X_PROFESSION. Clearly, members of X_PROFESSION will not be happy to see themselves reviewed on my site. What is my legal risk in running this site? How can I protect myself from lawsuits? [more inside]
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Told my boss I'm depressed, what now?

Since December I have been struggling with depression (and increasing anxiety). I told my boss today and now I'm freaking out and don't know what to do. [more inside]
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Make Facebook Boring

How do I separate posting, notifying, & consuming content on Facebook? [more inside]
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How do you attract good people and rebuild broken trust with bad apples?

Is it possible to consistently attract good people (or luck of the draw) & how do I rebuild my trust in men after these experiences which have left me jaded. Where am I going wrong and how can I do better? [more inside]
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Do I need to appear in Los Angeles small claims court?

I know you are not my lawyer, etc. We have had a serious family death and I need to pack up everything to move across country in the next few days, for an undetermined amount of time (6 months, one year?), but I am supposed to show up here in small claims court in July. Need advice. [more inside]
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More stories like Phil's (Season 2 of Grace and Frankie)?

I'm fascinated by Phil's backstory (spoilers below the fold) on season 2 of the Netflix tv show Grace & Frankie. Are there any novels, short stories, movies, or TV episodes with a similar theme? I'm an atheist, so "religious-inspirational" might not be my cup of tea, but I'll try it anyway. I really do want to read these stories. I'm not much interested in Phil's current story (spoilers below the fold) -- just his backstory. [more inside]
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How can I make my thin, fine hair wavy for a whole day?

I have long, thin, fine, hair and I fantasise about wavy tresses like these for my wedding next month (I am doing my hair myself). I have previously had zero luck with rollers or metal curling tongs + hairspray and/or mousse, they leave me with sticky, flat, straight hair after an hour or two. Help? [more inside]
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June 13

Me vs Verizon

Traveled to Mexico. $800 in charges. Verizon doesn't care. Help me understand whether or not this is my fault. [more inside]
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Not enthused about sibling's engagement. What to say?

My older brother just proposed to his girlfriend of ~1 year. Red flags have gone off at every turn in his rapidly-progressing relationship with her. Yesterday, he sent a message to me and my parents announcing his intentions to propose, and then it happened before I got a chance to talk with him. My question is, how do I respond to him? More details and a TWIST! inside. [more inside]
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My summer just fell apart

I don't feel I can stay with my parents for the remainder of the summer. Is this justified? What do I do? [more inside]
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Kosher Kids Snacks

I'm going to a multi-day event where the homes/restaurants/event halls are all kosher. Give me your top 3 kosher kids snacks. [more inside]
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Folate makes me crazy. But we want to get pregnant sometime soon.

Folate makes me tense and irritable and unhappy. But I know it's important before/during pregnancy. What might I be able to do to balance the need for folate and the need to not be extra crazy? [more inside]
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Should you describe a beautiful landscape as 'soporific'?

I'm reading a book right now where a British author uses the term 'soporific' a lot, particularly to describe landscapes that are beautiful and inspiring (he describes them this way as well). Is that right? [more inside]
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How should I bring up my desire to change roles in a down industry?

I'm currently a mechanical engineer in one of the very large oil & gas companies. Because of the price of oil, there have been massive layoffs recently. I survived the latest round of layoffs which involved every engineering group in the company. I've been with the company for a few years and have been feeling like the engineering role I'm in is not a great fit for many reasons that have to do with job content and team culture. This is not my first job in the oil industry and I feel like by now I have a pretty good inner compass in order to be able to determine a more suitable role for me. I would like to look within the same company for a new role, however, since the mass layoffs, I feel like there is no ability for me to move. [more inside]
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Mexico City and beyond with children?

My family is traveling to Mexico City in August for a 10 day vacation. It will be myself, my wife, and our three boys - ages 5 years, 3 years and 8 months. We're planning to spend four days in Mexico City, two near Teotihuacan, and the rest is to be determined. What are your recommendations? Is there another side trip after Teotihuacan we should consider spending 2-3 days at before flying home? [more inside]
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What's good, Chicago?

We're hitting up Chicago this week, from Wednesday through Sunday, for a wedding on Saturday. Looking for tips on what not to miss. [more inside]
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Wall Sconce Woes

I purchased this Wall Sconce cover in Morocco. It unfortunately does not come with a lamp base. What are my options for hardwiring something to the wall that can then be covered by this sconce? [more inside]
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What is this plant?

Several stalks of this plant with serrated leaves and small yellow flowers were mixed in a bag with some supposedly ready to cook spinach. What is it, and is it edible?
posted by Kriesa at 5:26 PM PST - 3 comments

Will dry frying salt do anything?

This recipe recommends dry frying salt "at low heat for about 10 minutes until it turn a brownish color". Would this actually change the salt at all? [more inside]
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Frozen duck

Why is Adium freezing? [more inside]
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Lift up your toes ... one at a time...

Looking for inspirational material. I hesitate to use the word inspirational, as it implies a meaningless aphorism in cursive script on an 80s-ish sunset. So many people I know are are sad and deeply disheartened right now ... what are some ideas - youtube clips, quotations, books, websites, etc - that have an effect of emboldening or comforting? For an example, this is one of my go-tos.
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Maybe I just made too many lucky guesses on the letter chart?

I think somehow my optometrist has underestimated how strong my glasses need to be. (My vision is still blurry after giving myself a month to adjust to the new prescription. When I put on my friend's glasses, who has a stronger prescription than mine, it gets dramatically clearer.) Is this a "ask them to fix it for free" situation or a "suck it up and pay out of pocket for a new prescription" situation? And is there anything I can do to avoid getting mis-measured again in the future?
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Growing cilantro

I am a serial killer. A cilantro-plant serial killer. Help me stop. [more inside]
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No more slacktivism!

Looking for volunteer opportunities in Oakland, SF, and/or Berkeley [more inside]
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Best Chinese food in San Francisco (with special details)

Hi! We're going to be in San Fran this weekend and are looking for somewhere awesome to eat in Chinatown. Where do you recommend? But there's some considerations... [more inside]
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Revised southwest trip for inexperienced travelers; need logistics help

I posted my previous question last week. We've decided to follow the advice of several of you, and instead of driving from L.A. to the Grand Canyon and back we'll be driving from L.A. up the coast and back. [more inside]
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Should I try to be superwoman?

I have an awesome career. I'm pregnant with my first. And I want to pursue a professional Master's part time. Is this too much? What have I not considered? [more inside]
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Fiction about people failing and then succeeding?

I'm going through a rough time in my life, and I'd love to consume some FICTION (especially sci fi / fantasy) where the characters have some kind of big important failure, and then recover. (Doesn't necessarily have to end with them succeeding at the same thing they originally failed. Them finding a different goal would be just as interesting.) Books, movies, TV, anime, webcomics, etc. all welcome. Please don't suggest nonfiction.
posted by Alioth at 2:07 PM PST - 25 comments

Where in the Southern hemisphere would you take a 10-month old baby?

Boyfriend and I are planning on taking our (blessedly low-maintenance so far) will-be-10-month old on an international family vacation come Thanksgiving, for about 16 days. We are well-traveled, but newbie parent-travelers. Which is the most practical country(ies) within Africa/ South America/ Oceania with regard to experiencing much of what the region has to offer, in which to travel with a baby? I hope I'm asking the right questions in my post below. [more inside]
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Downside to a hysterectomy?

I’m considering a hysterectomy. I had an endometrial ablation a few months ago, but did not see any improvement in my symptoms. I have an upcoming appointment with my doctor to discuss the specifics of a hysterectomy as the next option, and want to gather info so I can go into that conversation as prepared as possible. [more inside]
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Help me save money for a self pay surgery.

I need a surgery, which is elective but that my physicians are recommending for me. This surgery will increase my quality of life. My employer based insurance (BCBS HSA Plan) excludes this type of surgery. Not a loop hole in this plan at all. My employer does not offer any plans that cover this surgery. What are your tips/tricks/advice for saving a large sum of cash? [more inside]
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Help me understand my laptop + Google

When my laptop (MacBook Air) wakes up from sleep, I have a really hard time reconnecting to Google stuff: my Gmail, my google docs, even just plain old google.com. At the same time that all of this is happening, I can connect to all sorts of other web pages. [more inside]
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Who are the women on this billboard?

Who are the women on this billboard? [more inside]
posted by kirkaracha at 12:27 PM PST - 8 comments

Why Won't My Dog Do Her Business in Our Backyard?!!

Hive Mind, please help us figure out how to get our dog to do her business in the back yard. [more inside]
posted by Hanuman1960 at 12:25 PM PST - 17 comments

What to do about a title change at work

I was a department manager. My company was recently acquired by a much larger company that doesn't have my department. I went from being "Deli Manager" to "Store Leader," which, to me, sounds made up and childish. Is it reasonable for me to be annoyed by this, and should I pursue it? [more inside]
posted by blackzinfandel at 12:20 PM PST - 9 comments

Wait, what's my name again?

I changed my name on my marriage license (years ago, in California) but nowhere else. What's my legal name? [more inside]
posted by pennypiper at 11:48 AM PST - 13 comments

How do I separate these two metal poles?

I have a hammock frame that I'm taking apart with the hopes of bringing it with me on a trip. The last two pieces don't want to separate and I'm out of ideas. I have tried: - standing on it and pulling - standing on it and twisting (can't get leverage) - applying an ice pack to the place where the rods are connected (it doesn't seem to help) [more inside]
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Tags of mystery

I was in the Willamette National Forest this weekend and came across this tag on a tree, and I'm really curious what it means. googleing any of the strings on the tag return useless results and calling what looks like a phone number didn't get me anywhere either. Has anyone seen anything like this before?
posted by Dr. Twist at 11:19 AM PST - 2 comments

Where should I live?

What U.S. city should we move too. It needs to be small, near the mountains, and with a moderate climate. [more inside]
posted by Seamus at 10:30 AM PST - 40 comments

Sex ed and self defense for a recent high school graduate

My younger sister just graduate from high school this year and will be attending a local university in the fall. Although I won't be far away, I'd like to give her some practical graduation gifts. The incidents of campus assault and rape have worried me for some time and I want her to be prepared. [more inside]
posted by CosmicSeeker42 at 10:11 AM PST - 31 comments

How do I quit my job?

Seriously, what do I say? [more inside]
posted by shesbenevolent at 9:53 AM PST - 14 comments

Paywalling podcasts in 2016?

Wondering what the good options are for a client who wants to put part of his long-running podcast behind a paywall. [more inside]
posted by johngoren at 9:47 AM PST - 5 comments

Some guy made a website fifteen years ago about cultural assumptions

There was a website I first enjoyed around 1998. I am pretty sure it was still around circa 2010. Here's what I remember: [more inside]
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Time to end a 7+ year relationship?

Been together since we were kids, we're both now 25. The relationship isn't awful but it is a long way from perfect. Living together and trying to cope with past cheating, feel like I need to decide whether or not to give it everything and try to make it work or cut our losses. [more inside]
posted by sunbear at 8:25 AM PST - 45 comments

Help me plan a Canadian Rockies road trip

I want to drive from Calgary to Vancouver with my partner, most likely in October. Every aspect of our trip is so flexible that I'm having trouble nailing down an itinerary, plus we've only got a few places we definitely want to see and thus could do with some suggestions. [more inside]
posted by terretu at 7:36 AM PST - 18 comments

Office-Wide Bluetooth issue?

I'm in a small office that has all newish Mac desktop computers. The last week or so- five of us have all been experiencing connection issues with our wireless keyboards and mice. They disconnect and reconnect at random, but I can't figure out why this is happening. What the heck is going on? [more inside]
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How to draw like a medieval illustrator

Are there any books/guides/tutorials out there on medieval drawing techniques? (I mean this kind of thing.) Ideally it would have some kind of step-by-step for a basic illustration.
posted by danteGideon at 5:39 AM PST - 7 comments

Swashbuckling animals!

I recently enjoyed The Builders by Daniel Polansky immensely. I also enjoy other books about anthropomorphised or semi-anthropomorphised animals in a medieval, heroic or fantasy setting like the Duncton Wood books and (to a lesser extent) Redwall. It's so much fun! Any recommendations for similar books in this genre? [more inside]
posted by Ziggy500 at 5:29 AM PST - 20 comments

I never thought I'd be so embarrassed to seek relief.

IBS-C thinking about trying to conceive - how go I get off over the counter laxatives? Please help. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:55 AM PST - 18 comments

How to handle an episode of aggression by cat toward baby

Our older female cat just got annoyed with the baby and tried to bite the baby. What should we do? [more inside]
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June 12

Entertaining Data Sets

I'm looking for a whimsical large data set. Something bizarrely specific, or just an area you'd never guess there was that much to measure. For example, the amount of materials used by the Teddy Bear industry or the shifting volume of animal feces at major zoos. I've been searching through the many big data set sites to no avail. The ideal set would contain around a million nodes and, if relational, a few hundred thousand connections. A factor of ten either way would be reasonable though.
posted by Tell Me No Lies at 9:14 PM PST - 6 comments

Luggage Recommendations?

I've been using a set of $30 cheapo luggage bought on clearance for a few years now. It's starting to show its age, and one bag in the set's already been wrecked by airport baggage claim. So, I'm in the market for a new set. But the choices are overwhelming! Help me out? [more inside]
posted by PearlRose at 9:12 PM PST - 19 comments

Renting a Car without credit card in hand

I am going to be renting a car in a few days. I have a credit card account, but I lost the actual card and will not be getting the replacement before I am renting the car. How does this work? [more inside]
posted by 3urypteris at 8:34 PM PST - 8 comments

How to cut out the pretension and make new friends.

I'm currently 26. Mentally capable, polite, reserved, and forthright. And most everyone bugs the fuck out of me. I'd like to not experience that! [more inside]
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What to do with my medical hardware

I broke my elbow bad enough that required a plate a couple of screws. A couple of months later I had said plate screws taken out. I was lucky enough to keep all hardware and currently have it sitting in a box. The plate it's self is about 7 inches long and has a slight curve that went around the tip of my elbow, with all screws varring in length from 1 inch to 4inches . I'm looking for something creativity to do with the hardware now, any ideas are helpful. Thanks
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Did shakespeare's actors breath at the end of each line?

There are some who say that shakespeare's verse is meant for the breath to be taken at the end of the line rather than at the end of sentences and ideas (as is the natural way people take breaths). What proof is there that Shakespeare's actors actually did this? [more inside]
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Help me find this song?

Hi. I have a really vague description of a song, and I'm wondering if it rings a bell for anyone. Looking for an 80's/90's song with the possible chorus lyric of "hush now, don't say a word." Female vocalist. I also remember some synthesizer in the song as well. I've uploaded a really bad humming version of the song you can listen to here. Driving us crazy! Thanks for your help.
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Replacing old thermostat -- two problems

I'm trying to replace an old analog, mercury tube Carrier thermostat with a programmable one. I'm having two problems. [more inside]
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What should I consider in deciding on housing?

How can I choose where to live for the next year? What should I listen to among the competing desires, interests and needs? [more inside]
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What happened if you died abroad in the British Army in the 1890s?

Looking for details of the lead-up, journey, death, notification of family, etc., for British soldiers who served and died overseas in this very specific time period. [more inside]
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Extracting Text from PDF WITHOUT also extracting images

I'm looking for an easy, free way to extract text only from a very large PDF file and create a word document. [more inside]
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Liquidating Barbie

How can I sell a collection of Holiday Christmas Barbies that no one seems to want? [more inside]
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Does global warming mean we shouldn’t buy this riverside lot?

My husband and I are thinking of buying a particular lot on a river. If we built there, it would be outside of the 100-year flood zone, but not by a ton. Does global warming make that too risky? [more inside]
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Robot food

I'm not sure how to describe the type of easy recipe I'm looking for, so bear with me. [more inside]
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Beyond "On the Road"

Looking for fiction and nonfiction about road trips. Ideally the narrative would be 80% about the journey rather than the destination, but that's not a hard rule. [more inside]
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Audible trial bang for my buck

Just got a 90 day Audible trial and as best I can tell that lets me choose three books. I would like good looooong books, well read, quite possibly scifi or urban fantasy, recommendations? [more inside]
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Facebook Tag for Event =Pretenditation?

My older sister tagged me and my three kids about a fundraising event she was doing. No other communication about said event. None of us responded. The day after the event she expressed she was hurt and disappointed we didn't show or rsvp. [more inside]
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July 4th in Seattle

We will be in Seattle on July 4th - the last full day of our 3 week west coast holiday. What would be the best place to sit on a blanket and watch some fireworks? Preferably not the MOST crowded spot, but somewhere with a bit of a buzz would be fun. We're staying downtown if that makes a difference, but open to walking or public-transporting elsewhere.
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Is this a 4 or an 11?

DH got an estimate for an upcoming medical procedure and the handwriting is unclear whether the amount due is $422.13 or $1,122.13. [more inside]
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Best new stand mixer

My 14 year old Kitchenaid Artisan, while making cinnamon rolls, started to give off smoke. So it is time for a new stand mixer. I use it a few times a week, it will live on my counter. I mostly do muffins, cookies, cakes, quickbreads, white bread etc in it, with the occasional multigrain bread, though mostly I do fewer because I didn't trust the mixer. This mixer's large bowl (5Q I think) is a bit too small, and the dough hook is terrible, and I absolutely do not want the same one. What is my best choice? [more inside]
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What is this marvelous academic cap?

I was at the UCLA graduation ceremony for the School of Engineering, and throughout the entire ceremony I was mesmerized by the academic dress that one of the professors was wearing - specifically, his cap. It was a vibrant blue, and looked like it might have been a fez, but I can't say for sure because the top rim of the cap had a blue satin fringe that extended the entire length of the cap. On top, there was a very large pompon. It wasn't a tam, it was something rigid and tall. [more inside]
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Happy Forgot a Website Day!

There was once a website called something like "You Look Nice Today" that had fake first-world-problem entries for every day, along the lines of "Happy Left Your ID at the Overpriced Bar Day," followed by little second-person ficlets that may or may not have related to the day. Do you remember what this website was actually called, and do you have a link to it (or to its archive if it's defunct)?
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When did newspapers start using bylines?

Was this a journalism issue? Why?
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How can I get better at the skills of being alone?

Earlier this year, I broke up with my partner of several years. This left me living on my own for the first time in my adult life; I've always lived with roommates, or my partner, or family. Since then, I've basically sidestepped figuring out how to live alone by being consumed by coursework and by having constant companionship from my best friend. But now I've got a break from school for a couple months, and my best friend is living in a different town for the summer, so I don't see him every day. Turns out I'm really bad at living alone. Help me get better. [more inside]
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Help me identify two 90s punk/indie/hardcore songs (male/female duet)

Back in Riot Grrrl days, a pen pal made me an amazing mix tape. It was 90% mostly-west coast hardcore (Los Crudos, Spitboy) and 10% Guys and Dolls soundtrack, I shit you not -- obviously the best ever. I have no idea what her name was and I don't have the tape or the liner notes, but there are two songs that were great and haunt me. Please reach into your knowledge of 90s punk and hc, and help me identify them. [more inside]
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How to get help for brother who seems depressed?

My brother seems depressed - how do I suggest he get help? [more inside]
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Things to do in Montreal when you're grieving.

Tourist in Montreal for the first time, and overwhelmed by what I didn't quite leave behind. Looking for gently-paced, self-care itinerary suggestions to get through the next 10 days. [more inside]
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Single mom building a business- $50K in bank- what to do?

I’m meeting with a CFP next week, but also wanted to see what guidance I could get here. What would you do if you were me/how would you spend vs save? Details and numbers inside. TIA [more inside]
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Can't install Ubuntu on new Lenovo

I just got a new Lenovo laptop with Windows 8 and I want to install Ubuntu on it but so far it hasn't worked. [more inside]
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Link me to more cunning linguists.

Recently in another question, someone linked to a fascinating article about New York Jewish Conversational Style. The article detailed quirks of this conversational style and discussed the implications of it on others who don't share the same style. Do you know of other articles that detail the conversational style of certain groups? Perhaps about people of certain genders, ages, areas of the country, socioeconomic statuses?
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A Book on the Ideological Philosophical Legal Theory of the Magna Carta?

I"m looking for a more philosophical (political philosophy / legal jurisprudential) work on the Magna Carta. A book that discusses the text and its ideological and philosophical context. For example, on the conflict between feudal customary law and theocratic canon/roman law at the time. Do you have any suggestions of texts or authors that would offer trustworthy relatively academic commentary on the text and context? [more inside]
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How do I use heart rate as guidance to run faster?

I am a lifelong runner in my early 40s who’s having trouble getting to the next level. I have a pair of friends who are the same age as me, have been running as long as I have, and train about as much as I do, but they are much faster. One thing I’ve noticed from their Strava files is that they’re able to sustain a much higher HR for longer amounts of time than I can. [more inside]
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Productivity / life hack / well-being bloggers who aren't white?

I procrastinate by reading about being productive and complicate my life by reading about how to simplify things and read about healthy eating while eating Pringles. Lately I've kind of hit my limit for tech dude perspectives, "clean eating" blogs that feature recipes that use "Asian" as a descriptor and don't like how much of lifehacker.com is devoted to selling me the next great gadget via Amazon. [more inside]
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Online Old-Time Radio Streams

I'm looking for some good radio streams from the early part of the 19th century. I love to have it on in the background during the day. [more inside]
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If one witnesses bullying in the workplace, should one do anything?

If one employee witnesses a second employee bully a third employee, should the witness do anything? If so, what? [more inside]
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June 11

Insure my laptop -- against myself?

Can I insure a computer against my own foolishness, e.g. spilling a glass of water on it? [more inside]
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I just want to heat my food in the kitchen, not the living room!

Weird electrical issues (or possibly poltergeist) in my kitchen that are making my microwave and stove not function optimally. [more inside]
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Tailgater Haters

I don't tailgate though I am tailgated a lot. Sometimes they're so close that I can't see the hood ornament. [more inside]
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A thoroughly modern magi

A young heterosexual couple in San Francisco try to give each other gifts for their anniversary. They give up something of value to themselves to buy each other a gift, but when the exchange occurs they realize that what they bought for the other is dependent on something the other has already given up. What have they given each other, and what have they lost? [more inside]
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Awkard question after awkward question after awkward question

Can you help me learn to talk with someone who has a difficult (for me) conversational quirk? [more inside]
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What song starts the Classic Album: Physical Grafitti documentary?

Right as the Classic Album Under Review: Physical Graffiti documentary starts, there's a lovely instrumental playing. What is it? [more inside]
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A team of soldiers who stopped a war?

What large-scale conflicts of the past 50 years have ended as a result of a single, small-scale military operation? Any country, any government -- it just needs to be Vietnam era or later. Please give details and be as specific as possible for this military history n00b. Thanks!
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Pros and Cons of Having a Bat Box?

Hello! We, thankfully, don't have much of a mosquito problem, but are considering installing a bat box just for general insect management. Anybody on MeFi have any experience with one? If you do, what do you like about it? What could you do without? I have two concerns: 1) Bats getting into the house 2) A collection of nasty bat poop under the bat box That's pretty much as far as I've gone in my research. No further snowflakes. Thank you!
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What's a good cafe or bar in Oakland, CA with comfortable seating?

What's your favorite cafe, bar, or restaurant in Oakland, CA with really comfy seats? I'm imagining something like the front area of The New Parkway theatre with all the couches, except with a bit more privacy/space since this will be a date... does such a place exist? Thank you!
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Little-Known Terrible Movie for Party

Our friends host an annual weekend gathering for our geeky circle, and for the third year in a row I am in charge of the Bad Movie Showing and riffing. I'm on the search for this year's feature. Snowflakes below. [more inside]
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Bird words

I am looking for bird-related words. Feel free to get as tangential as you like. I'm particularly interested in colloquial names for birds like chickie, robin redbreast, etc.; names of birds in literature/art/film/song; words describing things birds do like chirp, warble, soar, etc. Pretty bird-related words in other languages are good too. But there may be entire categories of bird-related words that I'm not thinking of. Thank you!
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Literal Poet Voice

I'm looking for examples of poets with distinctive voices. I mean their literal auditory voices. So that I can develop impersonations of them. [more inside]
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How to write a letter/flyer advertising painting and handyman services?

Hi all, I am struggling on how to word a letter (or a flyer) advertising my buddy's company that provides handyman services to property management companies. I've been putting it off for weeks and the google is failing me. Is anyone good at this, or can you recommend a source for how to write or format such a letter? Many thanks! [more inside]
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Who controls the Spice?

I picked up a Buffalo Wing habit down in Texas. Now I live in NYC. So does my friend Tony. We need wings. [more inside]
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Improve my cross-country drive!

I'm driving from Memphis to Seattle alone with a dog in July. What can I do, aside from the obvious podcasts, audiobooks, etc., to make the trip minimally stressful and (hopefully) fun? [more inside]
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Shh; *they* could be reading this question at this very moment

I'm looking for examples (in film, etc.) of a certain aesthetic of paranoid conspiracy theorism, as exemplified by The Milkman Conspiracy from the game Psychonauts. [more inside]
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How to get out of a coaching agreement?

Almost halfway through a six-month coaching agreement, I've made my relationship with my coach somewhat uncomfortable, and I just want out. What should I do? [more inside]
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Are people really buying new, unlocked iPhones for $1000+ on eBay?

I have a new-in-box, factory unlocked iPhone 6s to sell. eBay shows that some of these phones sell for a ton of money. What's the deal with that, and if it's real, how can mine be one of those? [more inside]
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Nice bar in Amsterdam showing Euro 2016

Does anyone know any nice bars in Amsterdam showing the Euro 2016 football? [more inside]
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Can you search only the message body in Gmail?

My company switched from using Office365 to Google for our online stuff, and the one thing I miss is the ability to filter emails based only on the message body. In Outlook, you could filter based on just the message body and on the actual html of the message. I can't figure out how to either of these things in Gmail. Is there a way to do it?
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text messages to iPhone stopped syncing to iPad and vice versa

Since I got my (wifi only) iPad three years ago, all texts to my phone number would show up in iMessage on both my iPhone and iPad, and same with text messages to my email address -- until yesterday. [more inside]
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This happens more than I even want to admit to myself

Caught my cat lapping from my glass. I sigh, grab myself another glass of water and continue about my business. But then... [more inside]
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more publishers east or west of the Mississippi?

I'm looking for some confirmation either proving or disproving my theory that there are more publishing companies east of the Mississippi than west. [more inside]
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AA Ethics/Options for concerned family

Chris lives is in a far-off state and needs help with accountability in overcoming addiction and other personal/financial issues. Family is at wit's end and wants to help but cannot travel. We are currently limited to what Chris shares, and all parties know that that's not good enough. [more inside]
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I was just handed a HUGE negotiating chip. Help me cash it in.

I am on the verge of quitting my job over excessive work, low pay, etc. I just discovered that a project I alone have Implemented is bringing in a huge unexpected financial windfall for my company. Help me translate this into more sustainable working conditions, for I am a well meaning sucker who is bad at negotiating and business confrontation. Extended details inside. [more inside]
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Can/should this relationship be saved? If so, how?

Got it together with friend, relationship seemed to be going amazingly, then he did a sudden about turn and ended it. I am hoping the situation can be resolved. How can I make things better? Or am I kidding myself and do I just need to move on? [more inside]
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Novels that contain recipes?

What are some novels you've enjoyed that have contained recipes? Either as part of the narrative, in between chapters, or as an addendum. [more inside]
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Ooh Rah! Give me all the military kink.

Currently in a phase where I would like to watch movies or TV series + read books that focus on special ops, special forces, miltary action, or any army/navy/marine group inserted in a mission. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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June 10

Please help me with my lovely Donkey Dog.

The latest of my series of newbie dog questions. The good news from the last question is that after boarding (which went wonderfully) she now walks with her dog walker-- at least most of the time. The bad news is that while walking with me she has started to refuse to go home. Here is a picture of her going crumpledog at the intersection to my building. How do I get her to stop this? It is making me crazy and late for work. [more inside]
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Help me identify this Apple II game.

We all have some vaguely remembered but of childhood that we'd like to revisit. Mine was on an Apple II. Can you help me? [more inside]
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What is this coin/token?

We were letting the kids dig through our mountain of foreign coins today. They came up with this one and we have no idea where it's from or what it is. [more inside]
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Which classic book cover uses this typeface?

I'm going nuts trying to remember which piece of classic literature/famous book cover uses Lydian: https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/mti/lydian-mt/pro/ [more inside]
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Gift for a Polish doctor going back to school?

I've been working with a Polish MD for a few years (as a secretary) and he is now going a different way, I am hoping to give him a gift to remind him of me, or at least leave him with a good impression. [more inside]
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Nonsense Characters When Attempting Sign In To Facebook Or LinkedIn?

Pretty much just like it says. Sometimes, but not always, when I try to sign in to Facebook/LinkedIn (or go to the page if I had been there recently and hadn't signed out) I can only see garbage characters, such as this: ßW•½ÎŒä¤Õ ‘²pþþ8®Ç:ïy]ö}Ÿ¿$ÒSoå¾^buµë¯+vy©ª¦YÆ„%Ààz>. It fills the page. I've tried logging in using Firefox and Chrome with these results, but oddly I can get in with Edge. Thoughts?
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Help me identify this modern architectural painter/artist

I saw one of this artist's pieces at SF MoMA back in 2011. It was like an isometric or orthographic view of a rooftop or several adjacent rooftops. There may have been water towers or rooftop vents, etc. The colors were bright but unsaturated like sky blue and rust orange, it had a 60s/70s vibe to it. [more inside]
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Help me remember this Irish / Scottish novel!

I read a lovely Irish or Scottish novel between ten and fifteen years ago. It was a newish paperback at the time, greenish-blue cover. The title was long and obscure. The novel centers around a retired woman -- maybe she was a schoolteacher? [more inside]
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Historically, where did the idea of "the nine pillars of ___" originate?

Nine pillars of weight loss, history, business management, war, peace, what have you. Pick a topic, and you can probably find someone who has written an article or book about its nine pillars. But where did it start? [more inside]
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We only get what we give

What are some activities and endeavors where there is a fairly linear relationship between the effort you put into it and the results you get back? Examples inside. [more inside]
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Can I find out how many LGBT youth there are in my metro area?

Any ideas on where I can find a reasonably accurate estimate of the LGBT Youth population in the St. Louis metropolitan area? I've tried several things (listed inside) but keep coming up empty. [more inside]
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Modern day homage to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers?

I recently started watching the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and really enjoyed the homage to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, "Settle for Me." Please help me find more like this--contemporary (within the last couple of decades or so) song and dance numbers that pay deliberate tribute to this style. [more inside]
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What would you sell in *your* beachside state park gift shop?

I am the new manager of a coastal state park concessionaire. The inventory I'm inheriting is very generic cheap junk that you could get anywhere and doesn't sell very well. I'm looking to spice up the selection by including funkier, independent vendors in the mix. [more inside]
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Slightly complicated quitting question

Got a new job offer with a start date in August. Would it be a dick move to take a month leave before giving notice? [more inside]
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Simply, good-quality digital photo printing?

I have hundreds of digital photos that I would like to make photo album-sized backup prints (in a handful of cases, 8x10s) of. In the past, I've used Snapfish, but I've never been happy with the quality of the color reproduction, and I want to do this right. [more inside]
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I moved to a new city and don't like it. Should I stay or should I go?

I lived in NYC for almost 20 years. Then I moved to Portland. I don't think I like it. What should I do? Many details below the jump. [more inside]
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The Intersectional Feminist Name Game

Are there questions about race and culture that my fiancé and I should be asking ourselves as we figure out the answer to the dreaded Last Name Issue? [more inside]
posted by Sara C. at 1:43 PM PST - 53 comments

Down in a Hole

I'm stuck in a hole in Minecraft. Is there a way out of this mess? [more inside]
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Calling Londoners of Mefi - Is this a reasonable commute?

Is it feasible to commute from Bethnal Green to Peckham Road, Camberwell? [more inside]
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I've been terminated. So has my insurance.

This question contains two questions. One regarding the life of unemployment and the other is in regards to navigating the world of the uninsured. Help me adult these situations. [more inside]
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How are helium tanks filled?

Just something I was wondering about. Are helium tanks vacuum-pumped before filling, or are they just full of air? If the latter, how does the air escape? Are they suspended valve-side downward so that the helium goes up past the air and pushes it out or something like that?
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China visa: two blank pages on arrival or application>

I currently have a valid mainland Chinese visa, and the facing page is totally blank. It is the last blank visa page in my passport. Will I be denied entry or refused boarding? [more inside]
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Camp Hero State Park After Dark?

Is getting a fishing permit the only way to be allowed into Camp Hero State Park after sundown? And if so, are there any other spots nearby that'd be just as good for astrophotography? [more inside]
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Looking for beach-friendly rugged analog radio under $75

I'm looking for a father's day gift - a durable, water-resistant radio with a long battery life. Analog radios are a thing of the past, so my choices are really limited.... [more inside]
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One night in Western Massachusetts- where should we stay?

We're driving from Boston to Lake Algonquin over the next few days and need to stay somewhere along the way tomorrow night. What's lovely in Western Mass? [more inside]
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Chrome is displaying fonts slightly differently. WHYYYY

For whatever reason, when I turned my computer on this morning Chrome is displaying fonts in a way that it just slightly different enough from the usual way to drive me insane. See here. [more inside]
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Gift ideas for a poet

My best friend recently had her poem published for the first time (and got paid!). I'm very excited for her! I'm seeing her tonight for dinner and would like to give her a nice congratulatory gift. I was planning on a simple bouquet of flowers but I'm wondering if there are other ideas? Ideally something I could pick up after work and give tonight but I would also consider something to give her later if it was special enough to wait for. [more inside]
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Ways to keep worms safe while digging in the garden

I really hate it when I'm digging in the garden and accidentally slice a worm in half with my shovel. What are the best ways to prevent this from happening? [more inside]
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Restaurant recommendation in Paris

Difficulty: teenager. I'm visiting my family in France for the first time in a while, and we're going to Paris. Does anyone have recommendations for not-terribly-expensive restaurants a 13 year-old girl will be okay with? When I'm in Paris I rarely visit the same places twice other than L'As du Fallafel in le Marais, which obviously I'll recommend to them. We'll be close to Le Centre Pompidou.
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Argh, the sweat!

Tips for dealing with SSRI-exacerbated sweatiness? [more inside]
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what fancy beauty products/things do I need from Japan?

Husband flying to Japan and China shortly. I like beauty products and skincare, and asian beauty products are nifty and not always readily available in the states. What do I want him to pick up for me? [more inside]
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Why are my legs so squishy?

Have you ever gotten marks in your leg after wearing tight socks all day? My legs and feet do this to an extreme degree. Maybe you know why. [more inside]
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Dealing w/ Stalkers when trying to publicize + being a Recovering Addict

I've filed a civil harassment order against a former college professor for stalking me online regularly in the last 4 years that has started to take its toll on me. [more inside]
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Worth it to replace ducts when central air is replaced?

My central air system for the upstairs has croaked and I am replacing the chiller and air-handler. I have two quotes in hand from my chosen vendor: one for a 2-ton chiller (using the existing flex ducts, circa 1994) and the other for a 1.5-ton unit plus new, R-8 ductwork. The cost difference is pretty big; will the smaller-capacity unit save me enough in electricity costs to pay for the duct work? [more inside]
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How much will it cost to run window air conditioner all year in PA?

I am considering moving into an apartment where I cannot adjust my own heat, although management takes care to make sure everybody's happy in that department. But due to my health probs, I still may need to run the window air conditioner a LOT, most of the year. [more inside]
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Is blocking someone on Facebook really a permanent action?

I unfriended and blocked someone on Facebook and we’ve since made up but I can’t refriend him even after unblocking him. [more inside]
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Almost 30 with No Skills, How to Correct?

I'm almost 30 with no real marketable job skills and I'm having a hard time figuring out a way to correct this. [more inside]
posted by Firestorm 2018 at 6:16 AM PST - 9 comments

Merging several documents into once document in Word 2010

I'm helping a friend format an edited volume for submission to the publisher. I have 12 chapters, each with different formatting. I need to put them all into one document, in order, and remove all the formatting quirks from chapters 2-12 so that they match the formatting of chapter 1. Is this possible? [more inside]
posted by still bill at 3:44 AM PST - 7 comments

International Sim

I'm off to Germany in a few weeks and would like to ensure that I have available data there. What's the best way for a UK person to have a gigabyte or so mobile data for a week in Germany? [more inside]
posted by Just this guy, y'know at 2:27 AM PST - 3 comments

My friend died and I can't forgive myself

I found out last week that someone I considered one of my closest friends had died. I feel incredibly guilty because, towards the end, I wasn't there for her. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:29 AM PST - 20 comments

Energetic, melodic drum and bass recommendations?

I'm looking for some good, exciting drum and bass to listen to as I exercise. The problem is, I'm looking for a specific type, and I don't know what it's called or how to find it. [more inside]
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Is there a forum or community dedicated to documentary audio recording?

I don't mean music. I might mean spoken word. I think I mean "sound effects" and I definitely mean documentary. I'm wondering if there is something analogous to Flickr or photography forums but for audio. Documentary audio, the way people do walkabout photography. [more inside]
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June 9

Gifts for my gay husband

My husband is a gay man. I am a straight woman. This is not a problem. Finding a birthday present is the problem. [more inside]
posted by chausette puppette at 10:39 PM PST - 27 comments

Will my 50 inch TV fit on a 60-100 inch mount?

Reading that question it seems like the answer is "Duh, No" but I figured I'd query the hivemind. I came into a free wall mount for an LED TV. The mount is rated for VESA 600x900 and says 60-100 inches. My TV is 50- Will this mount work or do I need to get a new one?
posted by GilloD at 9:59 PM PST - 4 comments

Spin Spin Spin Songs for the Road

What are your favorite cycling spin songs? I'm heading out for a 150 mile bike ride this weekend and need to beef up my playlist with stuff that makes big wheels keep on turnin'. [more inside]
posted by mcstayinskool at 9:57 PM PST - 10 comments

Can you identify this song about Creole and Cajun cooking?

There is a song that plays sometimes on the WWOZ-2 radio stream, which doesn't post playlists, and it has proved impossible to Google because all search term combinations just spit back a bunch of recipes. [more inside]
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things to do to avoid slipping back into troubled relationship

I left a physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive relationship for the second time a couple months ago. It was the first romantic relationship i ever had, lasting from when i was 16 until March of this year (I am 40). I need some help. [more inside]
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Scandinavia related gift ideas for Father's Day

Looking for a Father's Day gift for my dad related to our upcoming trip to Scandinavia. Need help with ideas... [more inside]
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Selling Stuff to Strangers Long Distance

What is the safest (yet reasonably priced) way to finish a sale long distance. I have a couple of bottles of old liqueur and found someone via a web site that would like to buy them for around $5,000. He is a thousand miles away so hand delivery is not practical, so I want to make sure both of us are comfortable. Does something like escrow.com make sense? I think that protects the buyer but what if he just says he didn't get the delivery or that they were broken? How am I protected?
posted by rtimmel at 7:56 PM PST - 6 comments

How do I make a VBA macro run "silently" in the background?

I have a macro in an excel sheet that successfully displays or hides tabs in the workbook based on the value in a particular cell. I'm pleased with this! There's a problem, though... [more inside]
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How to help friend deal with break up

My close friend was broken up with recently and I am wondering how best to comfort her. She has had a few guys hurt her one after another, and I think she probably feels quite sad about this now. I want to be a good friend, and would like some advice on the best kinds of things to say to someone in this situation. [more inside]
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What Am I Doing Wrong?

I have inadvertently become a nomad without a cause, and I'm kinda tired of not having a home, but I don't really have a place to go back to now either. If I just stay where I currently am (where I don't actually know anyone) simply because I don't have the energy to go to the next place (wherever that may be), then is that OK? [more inside]
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How to avoid invoking cruelty and remain friends, post breakup

I don't like being in relationships, but I enjoy being friends with my exes. I always ask to be friends instead. However, almost all of them have lashed out cruelly either during the breakup or post-breakup. How do I stop causing this behavior? [more inside]
posted by kinoeye at 5:39 PM PST - 40 comments

Mediate my baby-naming debate :-)

We are having a unique disagreement over a potential baby name. I'm looking for some tie-breaking feedback. [more inside]
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I'm moving into a new apartment and about to start graduate studies, after many (many) moves. How can I cultivate a sense of stability and warmth in my new home? How do I "nest" in a more meaningful, emotional sense? [more inside]
posted by elephantsvanish at 3:38 PM PST - 18 comments

coping with a potential crush

I have what seems to be a crush on a good friend. She is not available. What is the best way to handle this? [more inside]
posted by aaabbbccc at 3:17 PM PST - 20 comments

Software for dissertating, 2016 edition

I'm writing a dissertation (specifically, an ethnography). What writing software do I need (Mac OSX)? [more inside]
posted by a sourceless light at 3:15 PM PST - 9 comments

Cordless Vacuum

Whats the best cordless vacuum? [more inside]
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World history telecourse from the 1970s? Later on PBS...

I took a telecourse on world history at a community college in the 1980s and I think I'd like to take it again but I forgot the instructor/lecturer's name. [more inside]
posted by cda at 2:19 PM PST - 3 comments

Montreal - Do internet cafes still exist?

I'm temporarily in Montreal and need to do some work online for my job back home. My laptop is on the fritz and I need access to a computer for several hours per day. Can anyone confirm whether there is an open internet cafe downtown? The closer to Berri station the better.
posted by oceanview at 2:12 PM PST - 10 comments

Classical music newbie needs suggestions

I'm a classical music newbie and need suggestions on composers and pieces that are similar in vein to Wagner's Tristan & Isolde. [more inside]
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Was I "getting to know you" too hard on a first date?

A woman, who I met through the gym and who eagerly interacted with me on social media and dating sites, told me the day after a first date (that I initiated) that she felt weird about dating someone from the gym. What did I do/not do/say that completely changed her mind about me? Was I asking too many deep questions for a first date? [more inside]
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Resources for a woman in tech facing a lot of gender bias at work.

A friend is a senior engineer at a small company—the only woman in a senior technical role at the company—who, after years of working for them (she was literally the first hire) is hitting a lot of resistance from the men above, most of it the typical "Women in the workplace" b.s. She strongly believes in the work and the company, but is getting regularly undermined. I'd love to find some resources (books, blogs, forums, strategies, etc.) to help her deal effectively with the people making the workplace ridiculous. [more inside]
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Chinese Please

Can anyone translate the Chinese characters on this vase? I don't think it's valuable, but maybe it says something other than "Made in China"?
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Buying toys from Japan, when I'm in the US (California)?

I collect toy robots including vinyl toys. How do I shop and buy from Japan when I don't speak Japanese and don't have an address there? [more inside]
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Going to Cuba. Help me avoid landing in a jail cell.

Ok, that was a little dramatic. But seriously, This is my first time on the "sunny island for shady people" so I'm soliciting the wisdom of Metafiler to help me make the most of it. [more inside]
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Help me choose a (second) gravestone

I need a gravestone for my brother which needs to go in front of my father's headstone (local authority cemetery, Catholic part, uk). Need the hive mind to think about it as I can't right now. [more inside]
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Construction for spectators?

My 3-year old son is obsessed with construction sites and trucks, to the extent that he will just randomly close his eyes and scream with glee at the things he sees in his imagination. How can I get him some live action safely and without being too weird? [more inside]
posted by Ignatius J. Reilly at 9:30 AM PST - 39 comments

Can you recommend a decent, fairly cheap, paring knife?

My paring knives keep disappearing. I need a couple, either new or vintage. I'm looking for something that feels decent, not a chintzy little one. Not Made in China would be preferable. I really don't want serrated ones. I like nice solid black handles but it's not mandatory. Budget is $25-50 for 3-5 of them ideally. I'm fine with buying used ones on eBay if you have suggestions.
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Europe in Late September - Where to?

I have the opportunity to spend a week on vacation in Europe in late September, and I'm paralyzed by all the possible choices of where to go. Help me decide! [more inside]
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Another Baby Sleep Question.

I believe I have the worst sleeper ever. Help. [more inside]
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Car backed into, the driver wants to handle without insurance

I left my car on the street in front of a friend's and it was backed into by one of their neighbors while I was out of town. My friend took the guy's info, but the driver wants to handle without involving insurance. What should I do? [more inside]
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I'm looking for gift ideas for a surfer.

Hi! I have a friend who has a birthday coming up. Male, in his 40's. Loves to surf. Lives on his sailboat. Any ideas? Something that can be ordered online is best, I don't have access to stores. Price range <$100. Anything you can recommend that is surfing related, or useful on a sailboat would be greatly appreciated!
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Recommendations for secure file transfer service?

My company needs a service whereby we send out a link by email to a client, they click the link and it asks them to upload a file or files. Does such a thing exist? [more inside]
posted by pipeski at 6:52 AM PST - 9 comments

Where do I take my indecisive mom and her dog on vacation?

My mom is retiring this year, and I promised to take her on a trip to celebrate. Initially, we had planned on a 10-day road trip through the northeast in the fall to see the leaves change. However, she now wants to bring the dog (for good reasons - he gets violently ill if she boards him), so flying is out of the question. She doesn't have anything at all in mind for what she wants to do or see, only that we spend time together. We will be driving from south Louisiana, and can probably do a 10-hour or so day in the car each way. We have 7-10 days for the trip. Where should we go? [more inside]
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How do I create an automated copyright line in WordPress?

I'm still a novice at WordPress, and I know next to nothing about PHP, so forgive me if I use the wrong terminology for anything. How do I make a function that displays an author's name and the year to automatically generate a copyright line? [more inside]
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Awesome gift for 11yo niece in Japan

As it says in the title - visiting Japan soon, and need a gift for an 11 year old girl who likes "small, pretty things" (per her mom). I'm looking for something that will feel a touch exotic - something specifically American, though globalization makes this a tad more challenging. [more inside]
posted by telepanda at 6:31 AM PST - 24 comments

Advice about my non-automatic turntable

I have a non-automatic turntable for the first time (Systemdek IIX), and it has a decent cartridge and stylus on it. Sometimes I leave the room when a record is playing and can't get back before the record ends. How harmful is it for the stylus to be in the (spinning) runout groove for a while? How long is a while? In short, should I always remove the stylus from the record before leaving the room?
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Computer noise at startup

I bought this computer off an Ebay store where they assemble it for you. On cold mornings, it would make noise after turning on (power supply fan related). The noise would stop for a while. I got a replacement power supply (PSU) from the company and the noise stopped for a while. Now it's almost summer, it's not that cold, and the noise has started again. I'm thinking maybe it's not the PSU but maybe the flimsy case enters some resonant vibration? With the previous PSU I tried to buffer the spaces between the case and the PSU with tape, didn't do anything. With this new PSU, I tried to tighten the screws again, didn't do anything. I'm sure the noise isn't coming from the case fan, as, when I had the previous PSU, I disconnected that fan to make sure.
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ID a Bollywood song

I am trying to find a song from a Bollywood movie. Please hope me if you can, based on the little I remember. Difficulty: I don't speak Hindi. [more inside]
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Broke Girl. Big Raise. What do?

Hi. I'm a late-twenties woman who, due to some combination of fluke and skill (I guess), ended up in a high-paying (to me, anyway) low six-figures job without a graduate degree. I grew up in a single parent family, broke as a joke, and managed to get into a top college on a scholarship; perhaps needless to say, I have NO idea how to handle this influx of money. [more inside]
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LDR breakup logistics?

I think it's time for me to breakup with my long distance GF. The "if I should" questions aside, when should I do this, and should I do it in person? [more inside]
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Is there a doctor on board?

I have a longstanding irrational fear of flying due to the thought of panicking or losing control during a flight. [more inside]
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Sick & sexified exercise music videos

I am curating a playlist of music videos (of any genre, and of any era) featuring exercise (of any kind) done in a sexy or titillating way. Current tracklist and granular criteria within. Bonus points for depictions of men doing sexy workouts. [more inside]
posted by thetarium at 5:26 AM PST - 34 comments

Can you recommend some history podcasts?

I'm looking for more good history podcasts to try. I'm most interested in pre-20th century. Any area of the world. Caveats: do not like Dan Carlin. Do very much like, but have already listened to, Mike Duncan's History of Rome and Revolutions. [more inside]
posted by Diablevert at 4:16 AM PST - 18 comments

Help us plan our non-London UK trip!

My friend and I are looking to travel around the UK for 4-5 days (leave London on Monday, return on Friday) in July. We're Americans and know nothing of the UK beyond London! Help us decide where to go. Possibilities I've considered so far: York, Edinburgh, Bath, Cornwall, Cardiff, Lake District, Glasgow. [more inside]
posted by tango! at 3:49 AM PST - 16 comments

How do I coffee?

Staying at an AirBnB and they provided a French press which I've never seen before and can't quite figure out how to use. The plunger has two separate filter-y parts and most perplexing is the fact that there is no spout, so if you put water and coffee in the main part and press it as usual there seems to be no way to pour your coffee (you can try to pour, but only a thin dribble comes out). [more inside]
posted by EmilyFlew at 2:58 AM PST - 6 comments

Movies/TV shows with Korean subtitles in the US itunes store?

Looking for stuff in the itunes store with Korean subtitles, the shows/movies don't have to be Korean. Is it right to assume that Korean-produced movies will all have Korean subtitles? What other stuff has subtitles? Any way to search for this?
posted by molla at 12:58 AM PST - 2 comments

June 8

Medi-Cal estate claim with joint ownership

YANM(mother's)L - My mother and her two brothers have joint ownership of a home in California (left to them as an inheritance). One of the three has been on Medi-Cal for many years, and another was on it for only a few years. [more inside]
posted by klausman at 11:20 PM PST - 2 comments

Recommendation for a business attorney in the UK

Does anyone have a recommendation for a general business attorney in the UK? [more inside]
posted by 3491again at 11:00 PM PST - 4 comments

Looking for plastic hex pieces seen in Stephen Hawking's Genius Series

I'm looking where to buy these plastic hexagonal pieces we saw on Steven Hawking's Genius on PBS in the US. In the episode What Are We?, the volunteers use little plastic hexagonal pieces with embedded magnets to form different shapes. They come in around 13:30 in the video link above. Some images here. Anyone know where, if anywhere, to find these?
posted by nightwood at 7:20 PM PST - 8 comments

Our larger team is now ready to use Slack! How do I make this happen?

I created a Slack account for my sub-team of 5 people a year ago. Now our larger team of 40 that consists of other sub-teams wants to use it too. We want all of our sub-team's chat history to remain just available to us. Because all of our chat history is in #general, I can’t make it into a private channel. What do I do now? [more inside]
posted by allison00 at 7:14 PM PST - 6 comments

Hi-Tech 21st Century Meeting Room AV Equipment?

My business is growing like hot cakes and will be expanding into a new location that has more meeting rooms but fewer offices. My plan is to let my team telework and I want the new meeting rooms to have flat screens on the walls that are fully equipped for everything: video conferences, audio conferences, the internet, everything. I want all of my off-site staff to be able to see the rooms and vice versa, but I also want the rooms to be able to view live internet video streams as well as local PowerPoint presentations from any device. Can anyone offer suggestions as to the best stuff on the market for this? Is there a turn-key set-up that will accomplish all of this or will I need to hire a design/build firm?
posted by Jamesonian at 6:40 PM PST - 6 comments

Romantic birthday evening in Lisbon

Looking for romantic things to do on June 19th for my girlfriend's birthday in Lisbon. [more inside]
posted by senterstyle at 5:26 PM PST - 5 comments

These boots are made for... stinking?

So I have these shoes, and I really like them. However, after the first few months, they began to smell like feet (naturally). [more inside]
posted by madonna of the unloved at 5:21 PM PST - 21 comments

Watching people grill drives me crazy

Summer is nearly upon us, and it's not only the temperature that's rising -- it's also my anxiety. At other peoples' lovely homes, I can't enjoy their hospitality because I'm too distraught from the horror of witnessing egregious food handling errors around the grill. [more inside]
posted by _sirmissalot_ at 5:07 PM PST - 47 comments

Is there any way to safely get a tan in 2016?

I am extremely white. I am looking to get a LITTLE color. I just want to look a little healthier. The other issue is that I work indoors 50-60 hours a week. I belong to a gym with tanning (Planet Fitness). I've never tanned, so I don't know how often you go. Obviously I'm concerned about the health risks. I am in my late 30s (I've heard statistics about tanning when younger). Is there any way to safely get a tan? I'm mostly concerned about having a little color for the rest of the summer. Spray tans? Booths? Rub on creams?
posted by kbbbo at 5:01 PM PST - 10 comments

How to prevent online spending with Apple TV

I'm asking for a dying friend's caregiver. We want to give him his Apple TV, but are concerned about the potential for online spending (and exposure to fraud). We want to figure out if it's possible to prevent online spending through Apple TV (or another platform). I know there are parental locks possible, but I think that will mean he can't purchase movies and music, which we'd like to allow. [more inside]
posted by Gorgik at 3:51 PM PST - 12 comments

Looking for profiles of people who dared to attempt big life changes.

I'm curious to read up on folks who decided give up one life for another, entirely different life. Could be individuals or entire families. Could be a different career, a different place in the world, a different identity. Extra points for a bunch of profiles of this sort of thing. Also, they don't have to be happy endings, necessarily. Stories of chasing the dream and failing are fine, too. I've taken a look for this sort of thing, and I'm a little surprised I haven't turned anything up.
posted by harold at 3:10 PM PST - 19 comments

Replacing outdoor unit of home HVAC system with a used unit

The outside condenser unit for my AC, which provides AC to the second floor of my house, has a bad condenser/motor (it's seized). I've had two techs look at it, and both recommend replacing both the outside unit and the air handler in the attic, since the condenser is old (20 years) and runs on R22. Can I just replace the outside unit with a used R22 condenser without worrying about the air handler? [more inside]
posted by drobot at 2:15 PM PST - 5 comments

getting my money out of Flattr

I make a little bit of money on Flattr each month, and want to transfer it to a bank account. A transfer to my Sallie Mae money market account was rejected; seems they don't accept transfers in Euros or may need some handholding to set it up. What's a decent US bank (preferably of the internet bank variety) that will accept money transfers from the EU in Euros without a lot of bother? [more inside]
posted by joeyh at 1:51 PM PST - 2 comments

Buying a house in a town I don't live in

Buying a house near my aging parents when I don't live in their state. Is this a good idea? [more inside]
posted by Zosia Blue at 1:03 PM PST - 22 comments

What is your favorite* closing track for a music album?

I need some help wrapping up a playlist that I'm working on and the closing track is really giving me a headache, so I'd like to know if any of you have recommendations for songs that close out an album perfectly. More details inside! [more inside]
posted by Fister Roboto at 12:57 PM PST - 56 comments

Non-academic career suggestions for Psychology PhD

I am considering leaving a tenure-track faculty position in Psychology in order to have a more normal life. I would be very grateful for suggestions on non-academic careers. More inside. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 12:56 PM PST - 28 comments

What happens if my father dies without a will?

My father has just been diagnosed with a pretty terminal brand of cancer. The last will he made is about 20 years old. I'm an only child and he's still married to my mother, but he seems completely uninterested in making a will. Whenever I ask him about it, he says he'll make one "eventually." I don't think that he gives a shit and I doubt he'll make a will. What now? We're in Alberta. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 12:55 PM PST - 10 comments

Do you like Owen Pallett? I like Owen Pallett!

Having established that we both like Owen Pallett, please tell me what else you like that seems Owen Pallett-esque. [more inside]
posted by Frowner at 12:52 PM PST - 15 comments

Help me minimize my card exposure

A couple of weeks back, somebody cloned my debit card (I'm fairly certain it was skimmed, as the uses were all local) and used it to rack up some fraudulent transactions. Everything's sorted now, but I'd like to figure out how to establish a limited card I could use in cases that are higher risk while minimizing exposure should the card be compromised. [more inside]
posted by Pope Guilty at 12:22 PM PST - 25 comments

These Toes Ain't Loyal

I have an issue that leads to foot pain, but I can't seem to identify the problem. Hope my toes? [more inside]
posted by Kitty Stardust at 12:01 PM PST - 6 comments

Vegan mirror glaze

Does anyone have a tried and tested recipe for a vegan mirror glaze/glaçage? I am trying to do something like this for a birthday cake. [more inside]
posted by asok at 11:37 AM PST - 9 comments

Dentist Search: Unusual Anesthesia Equipment Edition

We need a dentist in the Portland, OR area who has specialized anesthesia equipment and is covered by our insurance. How do we look for one? [more inside]
posted by sibilatorix at 11:29 AM PST - 3 comments

Mac download manager

Since Speed Download is no longer being updated, I'm looking for an app that can download stuff. I use Transmit for anything FTP but I want a way to download from web sites. [more inside]
posted by nevan at 10:55 AM PST - 3 comments

Exercise @ Gym for Severe Depression & Brain Shift

I am looking for input or even some plans that might help me keep on track and ultimately get my brain and body in better shape. My main goal is the brain shift and habit and then if I lose weight that is awesome. [more inside]
posted by chicaboom at 10:54 AM PST - 14 comments

Why does my Windows 10 box switch to French on every restart?

Every time I start my Acer laptop (Windows 10), its default language (on every program as far as I can tell) is French. But this is not what it says in my Region + Language settings, where it says English (Canada), with English (United States) as Windows display language. [more inside]
posted by philip-random at 10:22 AM PST - 7 comments

Flight with formula fed, crawling baby

I'm finding mixed facts and advice regarding how much prepared formula you can bring on international flights? I am flying solo with a 10 month old (first flight) next month and I'm trying to figure out if I can put water into 3 seperate bottles (4 oz each), if I can pre-mix some of the formula, and how much. I am trying to avoid making the bottles after I go through security as I will be on my own and making bottles before/during flight seems impossible especially if I have to buy chilled water. She will drink room temperature water so the only thing I can think is to fill her bottles with mixed formula or just water so that it is room temperature on the plane. I am very stressed about traveling alone for the first time so I am trying to make it easier on mylsef. We have a connecting flight that allows us 45 minutes in order to reach our international destination (the flights are 2.5 & 3 hours long), right around bed time so she will need about 4 bottles. Also, should I bring my stroller even though we dont have time on lay over, it seems if I gate check it I worry it will hold me up waiting on it, when I just need it for the destination.
posted by MamaBee223 at 10:20 AM PST - 21 comments

A poster of Steve Wozniak

I'm looking for a poster from the 80s of Steve Wozniak. Wozniak was depicted as a wizard holding an orb with lightning coming out of it. It may have come from a convention that Wozniak spoke at. Can you find a picture of this poster? [more inside]
posted by dilaudid at 10:04 AM PST - 13 comments

Fashion emergency! Underclothing for see-through dress TODAY!

I want to wear this dress to a wedding this weekend, for which I am leaving tomorrow. I just realized this thing is totally see through and I don't even know what to look for to wear underneath due to the cut of the dress. Help! [more inside]
posted by tristeza at 9:38 AM PST - 25 comments

Murky business is afoot in the neighborhood

Some of my neighbors and I have noticed suspicious characters regularly and discreetly picking up small packages off of my neighbor's porch. Our first impulse is to call the police, but that thought is complicated by two things: 1. The neighbor is himself a cop who works in an evidence room. 2. We live in a place where corruption is well known. What should we do in this case? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:18 AM PST - 32 comments

Quick-fix inexpensive stair railings for just-out-of-hospital Mom?

My Mom the Superhero is busy recovering from her third bout wth cancer, and is almost ready to come home. The issue - she's a fall risk, and her stairs don't have anywhere to hold onto. What can I stick up short-term that will keep her steady for when she has to use the stairs? Aesthetics aren't a concern at the moment (could look like cardboard for all we care); top priorities are speed/ease of installation, stability + low price. [more inside]
posted by CottonCandyCapers at 9:11 AM PST - 9 comments

Lyrics to "Electric Boogie" (aka "Electric Slide")

Can anyone make out the words to the rapping portions of the song Electric Boogie? They occur at 0:28, 1:40, and 3:09.
posted by Johnny Wallflower at 9:02 AM PST - 9 comments

Buying ex-council flat or flat above shop in London?

Just that really. More specifically in Hackney, London. [more inside]
posted by heavenknows at 8:42 AM PST - 9 comments

Looking for dog foster care

How do I work this? My dog, a wonderful black lab/dalmatian mixed breed, needs companionship for a few months while I'm in recovery... [more inside]
posted by nj_subgenius at 8:14 AM PST - 12 comments

Does my malware finder have malware?

I installed Malwarebytes on my home machine, and it immediately found what it identified as a Trojan inside its own folder. I'm trying to figure out whether this could be a conflict with Norton, or whether it's something worse. [more inside]
posted by Linda_Holmes at 8:14 AM PST - 9 comments

Soothing musical loops

I've been really into Swedish electro artist The Field lately. His music features a lot of slow building loops, complex layering, and hypnotic beats. I find the repetition very soothing and it helps me focus at work. I'm looking for more artists with a similar style: electro/synth, no vocals, more repetition than variation. More description within. [more inside]
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Temporary Child Custody: Sweden to the United States

My Sister-in-Law (SIL) wants to get temporary custody of her niece, who lives in Sweden. The child's parents want this to happen too. How does she start? [more inside]
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Where can I see a bear in the wild on Vancouver Island?

I'm visiting Vancouver Island this week and next. I have a free weekend. I am from Australia and have never seen a bear. Apparently Vancouver Island is full of them, but presumably not in downtown Victoria. I've seen tours advertised to go look at grizzly bears, but they are at least 3 days long, over a thousand dollars in price, and I don't care whether I see a grizzly or a black bear: I just want me some bears of any of the varieties. [more inside]
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Encouraging people not to vote

Imagine a political ad which addresses GOP voters and tries to persuade them to not vote at all in November. That is, it doesn't promote any candidate but simply targets GOP voters and tells them to "This year, stay home". Would such an ad be regarded as illegal, inappropriate or "bad sportsmanship" in the US? Or are these kind of "stay home this November" ads commonplace? Asking from outside the US!
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Was my computer hacked?

While browsing Wikipedia I got a pop-up message on my screen: "Your IP [address redacted] has been blocked. Error message zk3.com". Then this: http://imgur.com/nHhXNub. Then using Logmein I was communicating to a person who showed me on my event viewer that I had 53,,906 admin errors, and to fix these I needed to pay Secureweb LLV $240.00. I said they were holding me to ransom and closed the session. [more inside]
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How to stop my laptop from doing its own thing

My Dell Inspiron 11 3000 series is acting crazy again. The cursor won't stay still, under my control, and it scoots around opening and closing programs, even when they're in the bottom taskbar. [more inside]
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Question following blood work

I (30, male) just got the results from routine blood work. My testosterone is pretty low (377 ng/dL on a reference range of 348-1197). I also had lab work done 6 months ago that showed a similar result. My vitamin d levels also seem lower than I'd expect given that I supplement daily. I'd like to naturally raise my testosterone levels--but also am unsure whether this is something I should even be considering. [more inside]
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Shipping stuff from Sweden to US

There are many potential shipping options. Does anyone have a specific shipping company to recommend for getting books, small furniture, etc. back to the US from the greater Stockholm area? Have much less than a container's worth but too much (too heavy and/or awkward) to ship via mail. Help much appreciated!
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Buying a bike to shuttle kids

It's time for me to buy a bike, and this bike also needs to work for transporting one or more children. Do you have tips on buying a bike to carry around a little one? [more inside]
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Most cost effective way of adding a monitor to an NVR (Hikvision brand)

So this might be testing the boundaries of what AskMe is for, but I'm aware there are some hugely techie people here...but this is quite specific! We have a Hikvision NVR which is brilliant, and which we have linked up to a HDMI monitor and then over the network an RTSP substream from the NVR feeds an instance of VLC in another location. Now we want to add another substream location with the least cost and equipment possible... [more inside]
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Breakfast/Brunch recipes for a slow cooker (device, not person)

Every year around July 4, I host a brunch party. I got one of those triple slow cooker things for a wedding gift almost 5 years ago and haven't used it yet. I would love to use it for this party, somehow. Tell me recipes to utilize this thing. [more inside]
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New car, old tree

My driveway has a magnolia tree and I have a new car. I'm resigning myself to more frequent washing but would like to do a regular quick job rather than a huge undertaking. What are your car washing / sap / driveway tree maintenance / bird dropping hacks? [more inside]
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Catching up with a former colleague?

A former colleague (whom I previously supervised) will be in town for an extended stay this summer. She's inquired about catching up. [more inside]
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EU husband/US spouse move to Scotland to live and work?

If hubby is successful with Italian citizenship, is he allowed to live and work in Scotland as a member of the EU? Can I live with him in Scotland, and work there as his US citizen spouse? [more inside]
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I'm an accidental consultant - can I list my client as an employer?

An unsuccessful job application has turned into a part-time “consulting” arrangement with the company. May I list that company on my resume and linkedin the way I would an employer? [more inside]
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June 7

Ink Art

I am looking for resources (books especially) on making art whose primary medium is ink. (Not alcohol inks, which I use and love, just all matter of "regular" inks.) More inside. [more inside]
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Please make me feel better about my partner hiking the West Coast Trail

My partner is hiking the West Coast Trail in two weeks. They are going as part of a for-hire group that provides most of the necessities. But! They have not trained specifically for it, though they have SOME hiking and camping experience, and have the required gear. I am scared shitless that something terrible will happen. Please give me hope? More inside. [more inside]
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Giving up the boob tube

I'd like to give up watching tv. I watch 1 to 2 hours a day now and it's a huge waste of time. What are your hacks for giving it up? [more inside]
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Why won't they just let me pay for my car?

Short version: Bought a car with ex in 2012 with "and" instead of "or" between our names. MISTAKE. Refinanced the car loan with a new lender a little while ago and was told by that lender that all I needed to do now was to record the lien with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and I could worry about updating the title later. They even gave me a pre-filled form to record the lien I just needed to sign and turn in. Unfortunately, PennDOT is not having it. What is the best way to proceed? YANML. [more inside]
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Setting up an organization on the interwebs

Can I set up this website myself or do I need to call in the professionals? [more inside]
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Who is/was/are Virgil Kalyana Mittata Iordache? What are their quotes?

On goodreads, there is a page dedicated to fifteen looong quotes from a writer ostensibly named “Virgil Kalyana Mittata Iordache”. This writer exists nowhere else on the Internet. They are a complete mystery. It seems likely that VKMI is a pseudonym for some other writer, a bundle of misattributed content, or a deliberate puzzle. If anyone can help solve this mystery, whether by identifying the authors or sourcing the quotes, I’d be grateful. Thanks! [more inside]
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Social media event/hashtag display on the cheap?

The small natural history museum I work at is looking for a way to let visitors tag photos on instagram (or twitter, or facebook, or whatever, but instagram is the one they asked me about) with a hashtag about our upcoming temporary exhibit, to be displayed on a 60" display in the gallery. The exhibit opens next week. The service we used for this last time shut down last week. All the other services I can find either have no moderation tools or are super expensive. Help? [more inside]
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inexpensive, decent vacuum cleaner?

It's been 20+ years since I bought a vacuum cleaner. The other day that old Hoover dramatically gave up the ghost by belching dust onto a black rug 30 minutes before a photographer was due to photograph the room (long story for another time.) I need a vacuum cleaner. I don't want to pay a bunch of money for it. What do I get? [more inside]
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Is there any good way to deal with a disappointing teacher?

Caveat up front: It's entirely possible that I'm being ... childish ... in this situation. I honestly can't tell. Do I have to adjust my expectations and grow up? Do I suck it up, keep my mouth shut, and endure the class? Do I go to the administrators? Or do I get more hands-on? Short novel to follow. [more inside]
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Identify round metal whatsit thingamabobber?

It's mostly flat, and short metal sticks come out of the edges when you turn the top knob. [more inside]
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Raising a Glass to the Tony Awards in Minneapolis

Basically, where can I go to watch the Tony Awards this Sunday night in Minneapolis or St Paul? I must, must, must see Lin-Manuel Miranda in as real time as possible... but I don't don't don't have cable and I prefer to be in a crowd anyway. Help me be surrounded by my Hamilton people on Sunday night!
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Can you carry a parasol without looking super dumb?

I'm a heliophobe looking for some extra sun protection, and I'm really tempted by the idea of carrying a parasol occasionally but don't want to look like a complete ass. Are there hip fashionable parasols that won't make me look like quite as much of a fool? [more inside]
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What was Brock Turner's sentence?

I want to know exactly what Brock Turner's sentence is, and it doesn't seem to me that any news outlets have been reporting this information. I do not want to debate or discuss the sentence. I am aware that the media is reporting 6 months in county jail, followed by 3 years of probation. My question is: what is the penalty if he violates the terms of his probation during those three years (what is the incentive to report to probation, test negative for drugs, etc.)? ie. what period of incarceration is probated for a period of 3 years? [more inside]
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Can I lease a car? How does it work?

I own a huge truck currently and live in the city. I'd like to get something smaller. I currently own ~13k in a loan on the truck. How does this work? Does the leasing company pay my loan and then charge me for a lease? Help me understand this? [more inside]
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Credit as a copywriter?

My photographer client does not want to credit me for my accompanying copy or provide me with a testimonial for my work. Suck it up or cut him loose? [more inside]
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Help dress my head!

I had a lovely informal courthouse wedding. Next Friday I will be having a large formalish party thrown by my parents. I'm wearing this dress in champagne with nude pumps. But what the heck do I wear from the neck up? [more inside]
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How do I make laundry/laundromat easier?

I live 6 long blocks (steep downhill there, steep uphill back) from the laundromat. It's such a hassle for me to get clothes there that I frequently put off doing laundry for a very long time. What am I missing? The solutions I've tried (and haven't tried) inside. [more inside]
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Requirements for Video Editing

I'm learning to edit video and high-res pictures for a new project, and can buy new equipment. I'm reluctant to blow the bank for an Apple laptop, though! What are the minimum requirements for video editing for a new laptop (i5, 4GB RAM, etc)? Any recommendations? (Most of the material will be for web display.)
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Help writing Trade Name Public Announcement

My state requires people starting new businesses that have applied for a Trade Name to publish a simple Public Announcement in your local newspaper. I've found it surprisingly difficult to find a simple template to follow for writing my public announcement. Can someone here help? Thank you.
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Available comics for non-reading young girl w/ strong visual story

Looking for comic title for non-reading young girl with strong visual narrative. [more inside]
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What restaurant is this? My first thought was Chic-Fil-A or Five Guys, but the cup wasn't match and I can't think of any other fast food restaurants with that color scheme.
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UK parent gifting me, a US resident alien, not yet citizen

My father is going to give me around £20,000 within the next couple months. YANML/tax expert. [more inside]
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Coney Island on a budget.....

i've never been, my bff declared it was time that i go. help me plan the trip? [more inside]
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Fitted, flattering house dresses please!

Inspired by this question, and having recently moved to the South, I am in need of some house dresses to get me through the hot, humid summer. Instead of the loose, drapey kind though, I really prefer curve-hugging, stretchy dresses. Can you recommend some? [more inside]
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How does a ceiling fall?

I am looking for information about leaky roofs and ceilings. Our roof has water leaks in the rain. The ceiling is made of acoustic tiling and the tiles are starting to pull apart and crack. The ceiling is stained with water damage and leaks when it rains in three locations in the house. How long will it be before the ceiling collapses or the tiles start to fall? If you've ever been in this situation, what was the timeline and what different events occurred as the ceiling went from "OK" to "On the Floor"?
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Hack my sangria party!

I am hosting an event tomorrow at a nonprofit and have promised a free sangria bar. I have three types of sangria in mind, but in the interest of saving money, I'm wondering if I can buy fewer ingredients that I can duplicate over two or all three recipes. I'm getting overwhelmed by all the potential combinations, plus a general lack of knowledge on how different liquors will mingle with certain fruit/wine flavors. Help! [more inside]
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How to prevent Norton pop up

At start up of my OS X a pop up appears from Norton for a sign up to ZIP Cloud. Does anyone know how I can get this off of my system?
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Well, this has got me a little CO'd.

How important is a Certificate of Occupancy for an addition? Especially when it's all about one nonsensical thing? [more inside]
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ISO a backpack-y convertible backpack tote

I am looking for a convertible backpack/tote bag that leans more toward the backpack end, i.e. a backpack with tote bag straps rather than a tote bag with backpack straps. Examples: [more inside]
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Distraction free writing tools - 2016 edition

This was asked back in 2008, and maybe some of the answers haven't changed since then, but I thought I'd ask. What are the best writing tools for a distraction-free experience? I'm looking primarily at hardware right now, but software is welcome too. Or hell, if pen and paper is the best, say so. [more inside]
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Working on an expired contract?

My temporary employment contract expired a couple of weeks ago. HR told me that I am clear to continue working and they would issue me a new contract by the end of last week. I'm still waiting and HR is not responsive to my requests for follow-up. How best do I proceed? I'm in the UK, working full-time, and hopefully being paid for it! Details below the fold. [more inside]
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My plants need a lawyer.

My neighbor caught my ivy growing on their wall. They're a coop. I own my attached building. Their tree sticks its branches into my walkway. What kind of lawyer handles these types of disputes? Have any of you had experience with this and can recommend someone? We are in Manhattan.
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How to track data when it changes rapidly and unpredictably?

When you are receiving updates to data or a project in rapid and unpredictable fashion, how do you keep track of these changes? [more inside]
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Swimming hole (or any other outdoor) recommendations near Phoenix, AZ?

Heading to Phoenix mid-July for work and will have a couple extra days off to explore around Phoenix. Would love to find a nice, scenic and quiet swimming hole (or maybe a great shaded hike with awesome views) within short drive from Phoenix. Can you help? [more inside]
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Kindergarten and Public Schools 101. What do you wish you knew?

Help me navigate American public schools. What is Teacher Appreciation Day? How do birthday treats and holiday treats work? Do I have to join Pinterest to keep up with the crafts? Tell me how classroom gifts work, and what you wish you knew before your kids started school. [more inside]
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Help me find a new SF/F review site to read.

All my favorite science fiction and fantasy book review sites are dying, with two of the best (io9 and SF Signal), fading in the last month. I know there are still a few podcasts, but I would rather stick with something I can read. Are there any good sites left with news about new books (or audiobooks) and authors, as well as intelligent reviews? I'd also be willing to follow Twitter feeds that do the same.
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What is the dark side of American boarding school life?

I'm seeking stories, preferably non-fiction ones, that explore the negative side of the boarding school experience from the student's point of view: bullying and other forms of harassment isolation, emotional neglect, hypocrisy, classism and so forth. I'm not looking for accounts of sexual assault. [more inside]
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Gift horse or red herring?

Out of the blue I've been offered an opportunity that could lead to leaving London, but is it the right reason to go? [more inside]
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What do you do about a love triangle?

I'm finding myself in a very complicated love triangle between my partner and our mutual friend (his best friend of many years). My boyfriend and I are in an open sexual relationship, but I believe I'm emotionally cheating on him. I have no idea what to do, or where to even begin in trying to fix this. [more inside]
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When is it time?

My middle aged cat has been grappling with some ill-defined health problems for the last month or so. She's been through the gauntlet of vet visits and pilling and has taken a turn for the worse. Next step is back to a weeks' hospitalization with a biopsy and feeding tube. In my heart I've already said goodbye to her. I don't know why I am feeling this and whether it's the right thing to do. [more inside]
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How can I tell if I'm in an emotionally abusive relationship?

Hi I’m a bisexual female in my 30s in a long-distance monogomous relationship with a man the same age. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 10 months now. We visit each other, talk every day, he is a charming, good looking man and our family and friends get along. However, there are some problems behind this surface and I am begining to wonder if perhaps we are entering into an emotionally abusive dynamic. Though he is funny with his friends, he suffers from depression and doesn’t seem to have the energy to charm me when we are alone. Often after a party he will stonewall me for having unintentionally embarrassing him and when I try to talk about it, he gets very defensive, and fights with me in an angry condescending tone, twisting my words out of their original context, mocking and belittling me. [more inside]
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unhappy endings you actually value?

I teach the paradox of tragedy (e.g. why do people go to see films/plays they know to be sad if people normally dislike feeling sad?) but I find the grounding examples a bit suspicious. Please tell me a film that i) you definitely treasure and would be willing to watch again but which ii) has a definite sad/tragic ending? [more inside]
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H'improve my h'accents!

I would like to learn to do a passable amateur version of some basic British regional accents-- a Cockney or two, Somerset, Yorkshire, Scottish, RP. Where should I start? [more inside]
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Building boundaries for custody and childcare

I'm separated, getting divorced, and have 50% custody of our child. We both have busy jobs. My ex regularly leans on me to provide child care when he is in her custody. With spousal and child support, at the moment, she has considerably more income than me. At times though she either cannot or will not sort out child care at her end. Halp! [more inside]
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Help a guy keep his eyes on the prize in dating and romance

I'm a straight man in his mid-40s who has lost the ability to romantically fantasise. After a late start with the business of touching other people, and some relationships with awesome people where I just wasn't having fun, I've gone too cynical and lost sight of the fact that intimacy makes people happy. Are there stories or dramas that will help me imagine a fulfilling love life? [more inside]
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Marital Finances - Am I As Big an Idiot as I Think?

I am more and more stressed over our household finances and I'm feeling horribly resentful and ungrateful. I would like some impartial advice/opinions. I have a therapist's session scheduled for next week but this is eating at me and I feel like I'm spending too much energy letting it roll around in my head. I make $135K per year, he *should* (key word) be making at least $300K a year, both gross figures. I pay 90% of the household bills. I have a hard time communicating with my husband. He often bends the truth or has a different version of the truth when pressed on an uncomfortable point. I like to think I am more fact-based, and when I press him, he often resorts to stonewalling or making statements that don't make logical sense. He does not have any expensive habits, he doesn't travel, drives a paid for car, and is generally a nice, well-liked guy. Where is all the money that seems to be normally expected in a practice like this? How do I explain to him that paying the majority of the bills is not working for me? [more inside]
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What to expect? 20 month old son has cyst on his penis.

My 20 month old (uncircumcised) son has a cyst on his penis. We going to see an expert but we have to wait a few weeks to get in and are feeling quite nervous. I am wondering if anyone has experience with this and what we should expect. [more inside]
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Can the economy grow if the population shrinks?

It seems to be a given that population growth helps the economy. Is there any way the world economy can grow if the number of people is stable or declines? [more inside]
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June 6

Renting in San Francisco - Young and Broke edition.

Private room in shared house/apt in San Francisco. Near Potrero Hill/SoMA. ~$800. I'm in my early twenties. Is this possible? Help. Hope. [more inside]
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Where should I live in the US?

I'm lucky enough to have a job that I can work 100% remotely. I'm currently living in the Los Angeles area and looking for a change. Where in the US should I move? Details inside. [more inside]
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How do we sell this lot to the neighbors?

We have a small vacant lot with neighbors on either side who would like to buy it. How do we navigate this 100% legally, while also encouraging healthy competition and not being assholes? Also, what steps without a realtor? [more inside]
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GPS and not getting lost

What is your recommended GPS gadget that can notify authorities/or family for hiking/camping emergencies? [more inside]
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Graphic design 101 for health sciences

I am just about to start my masters degree in public health, and I'm trying to develop a few extra skills for my postgraduate career. I want to learn some basic graphic design principles, primarily when it's relevant to creating posters, power-point presentations, and making information generally beautiful. [more inside]
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Can We Wine From a Nearby Location?

As my AskMefi history will reveal, mah wahfe and I are heading to SF and Napa/Sonoma region in early July. My remaining question is a simple one: is it feasible to stay in Santa Rosa and still enjoy wine country? [more inside]
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Sedation Dentist - NYC

I have pretty bad ptsd from some very traumatic dental experiences. About 30 minutes ago I cracked my molar (a whole chunk off the top). I am freaking out, both because of the tooth and also because I know I need to go to the dentist. Does anyone know of a sedation dentist in NYC that you would recommend? Preferably one that takes guardian dental insurance? Many thanks in advance.
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How do I describe "what I do" without gainful employment?

I'm in the US and I know that matters. I am frequently faced with the question of what I do for a living and I never know how to answer it. I am not working due to health issues that aren't immediately apparent. But I also am passionate about a couple things that often lead to questions about who I am. I just don't know what to say. [more inside]
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A wet blanket on dry land

Is it realistic for an adult to learn to swim in deep water safely enough for recreation? Will I always be more likely to drown in open water? Every summer the news is full of stories of weak swimmers dying in boating accidents and while I'd like to enjoy the water, I don't want to be another statistic. Is it worth the risk to try and learn? [more inside]
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I need money for a divorce attorney. Ideas?

Today is my 18th wedding anniversary. Yay. Except... my wife moved out four months ago, leaving me financially destitute and destabilizing my existence. I need to hire a divorce attorney to protect my rights, but don't know where to get the money. Maybe you are clever enough to help. [more inside]
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Beer-Money Jobs: Non-Transcription Edition

I am in need of a way to make some small amount of money in the short term. Can you help me brainstorm some legitimate ways of making money while still being available to my "real" job? Or alternately, some legitimate ways of finding these jobs. (By legitimate I mean, "is not a Ponzi scheme, and will in fact pay actual money for goods or services.") Main restrictions: no transcription jobs, because my hearing is poor, and no driving-based jobs, as I have no car. [more inside]
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bedroom furniture?!

What bedroom furniture goes with this bed? [more inside]
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Suggestions, tips for southwest trip for 2 travel noobs

My 18-year-old son and I are traveling to L.A. and points southwest at the end of this month. Both of us are inexperienced travelers and a little anxious. I want to get feedback on our planned itinerary and get any general tips or advice. [more inside]
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Moving Forward After Marital Infedelity

I just found out that my husband of 6 years has had multiple affairs. I am devastated and I have no idea where to even start. [more inside]
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Ramadan appropriate greeting?

Is there a greeting, or something us non-practicers can say to people observing?
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Make my crispy chickpeas less meh

So I made this "veggie chorizo-spiced chickpea" recipe last night and the results were... meh. The spicing was great but the texture was all wrong. I was expecting extra crispy on the outside, meaty on the inside but wound up with a very slight crispiness and a sort of mealy interior. Is there a way to vastly improve the texture or am I asking too much of my chickpeas?
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Which pre-paid SIM card to buy for cross-Europe travel?

Please give me some suggestions on a prepaid sim card (unlocked iPhone 5s) for a three month trip to Europe, based out of Germany. I need 1-2 gigs of LTE data per month and hope not to be gouged while roaming in a few other countries. Specific company suggestions would be much appreciated! [more inside]
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Medicating in 90 Degrees

How do I store medication in the summer when I don't have central A/C? [more inside]
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Repair missing partition on hard drive w/ corrupted disk structure?

The partition information for my USB hard drive appears to be missing. Is it possible to rebuild or recreate it? I'd like to keep the file structures and names without going through a data recovery process. The files appear to be intact when viewing through recovery software. [more inside]
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Manning up isn't going that hot.

I'm a transmasculine transgender person, who was assigned female at birth. I got my first shot (50 ml?) 10 days ago in the Endocrinologist's office, on a Friday. I'm scheduled to take shots every two weeks. If I get no more shots, how long will the testosterone currently last in my body, and when will my hormones balance out again? [more inside]
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What's a good, lightweight women's bike that does well on hills, <$1200?

Looking for a bike that will last me a long time, that I can do long rides on mostly asphalt (some gravel), and that will take me up hills with less effort than my older hybrid provides. I'd like to keep the cost under $1200 and ideally under $1000. Also, are there accessories or modifications I should look into? Primary goal is long (40-50 miles) rides and ease on hills. Thanks for any recommendations!
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IoT toy for busy teacher/parent? Nabztag in 2016?

My sister didn't persevere through Lego Mindstorms NXT setup, so what kind of interactive, maybe internet-connected toy could I get her? [more inside]
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More collaborative puzzle-solving opportunities like Post Hunt?

I participated in the Washington Post puzzle hunt this year and loved it. What are some other opportunities, either local to DC or virtual, to employ the same kind of creative, collaborative problem-solving that is involved in Post Hunt? [more inside]
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Pimping the Pontoon Boat

Mom & Dad just bought a new pontoon boat. I'm putting together a boat necessity package for them. What should I include for both safety and convenience? So far I have a fire extinguisher, lifejackets for all possible occupants, oars, wet wipes and a corkscrew.
posted by sarajane at 9:23 AM PST - 27 comments

Looking for tips on the itch

A member of my family has had itchy skin recently. We're trying to diagnose it. Is it the showering habit? The detergent? More inside... [more inside]
posted by circular at 8:57 AM PST - 24 comments

The history of the world is but the biography of great men. - Carlyle

When my mother was a child, she had a book that was 100 short biographies of "great men of history". I am wondering if such a book exists for the modern age. [more inside]
posted by anastasiav at 8:55 AM PST - 8 comments

Sometimes my air feels not so fresh

I need a new air freshener for the bathroom. The one I loved was discontinued and I kinda hate all the other ones I've tried, or if I don't hate them they cost one million dollars. Please give me suggestions for a new one. [more inside]
posted by holborne at 8:54 AM PST - 12 comments

Run, run, run run, everybody run run

Are there any fun videos about running? [more inside]
posted by Enchanting Grasshopper at 8:27 AM PST - 6 comments

Culturally Inclusive Security Questions

I'm trying to come up with a list of online account security questions that are secure, memorable, and considerate of class & cultural differences [more inside]
posted by chara at 8:08 AM PST - 36 comments

I need pants

I saw these pants on the street: tailored, narrow-leg, bright blue, silk-looking, with a slit from knee to ankle and a tie at the ankle. I must have them, but I cannot find them. Can you? [more inside]
posted by dizziest at 7:22 AM PST - 1 comment

Organize my Trash!

I am looking for a way to organize for multiple recyclables, compost, slops, etc. [more inside]
posted by aetg at 7:09 AM PST - 7 comments

I got a new job without a raise but I'm happy and don't care, should I?

Last week I got promoted to a new job. . . it was the job I want, and it's much more interesting than my previous job, and honestly I've wanted this job for about a year. [more inside]
posted by winterportage at 6:37 AM PST - 9 comments

I want them both - how to choose? (nyc vs new love)

I've got an incredibly tough decision in front of me - and I'm not sure how to even begin to make a choice. Do I choose an exciting new job and new york city, or do I choose a wonderful new relationship here? [more inside]
posted by graywoolsockpuppet at 6:29 AM PST - 44 comments

My new job is a giant over-promotion and I am horrified

One week into my new job and it has dawned on me that I have absolutely skipped many steps in my career and I am unqualified. The pros: More money! More challenge! The cons: It feels like a countdown to me being discovered as a fraud and getting fired. How do I position myself for the best outcome? (Very long, if you need a good book) [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:24 AM PST - 23 comments

Where did all of our money go?

As a society, we once had enough money to build great stuff. Now we don't have enough to even maintain these places. Where did it all go? [more inside]
posted by bellastarr at 5:59 AM PST - 58 comments

Songs to shout- or talk-sing along to: What are your favourites?

Please can you recommend any songs with shout-singing or talk-singing instead of proper singing? [more inside]
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Please help me understand this Dalek joke

On the cover of the most recent issue of the British satirical newspaper Private Eye are a series of Brexit jokes. One shows a Dalek saying, "sorry luv, I've dried." I don't get it, can anyone explain?
posted by johngoren at 4:27 AM PST - 3 comments

Gift ideas for an overworked, overscheduled preteen?

Looking for a gift that could help a young girl deal gracefully with the stress of her teen years. [more inside]
posted by Anyamatopoeia at 3:47 AM PST - 21 comments

Moving back to the USA as Duty Free as possible...

I'm returning back to the United States after living overseas. All my stuff is going to get sent by a moving/delivery service soon, and it suddenly dawned on me that I'm going to be way over my $800 duty free limit, and I'm 11 days short of saying a full year to qualify my household goods as duty free. AUGH! [more inside]
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June 5

Help flesh out an itinerary for eight days in Taiwan

I will vacation in Taiwan shortly, arriving late afternoon on Saturday, June 18. I have a reservation at the W Taipei from then until Thursday the 23rd. That Thursday, I figure on leaving Taipei and traveling to elsewhere on the island, maybe taking the train down the west coast to Tainan and Kaoshiung, then returning to Taipei or Taoyuan the night of Saturday the 25th and catching my flight out the morning of the 26th. My interests for the trip include food, contemporary and traditional art and culture, food, areas of great natural or architectural beauty, nightlife, and food. [more inside]
posted by strangely stunted trees at 10:32 PM PST - 8 comments

Stickers on a MBP and heat

How will stickers/decals on the lid of my (2014-ish) MacBook Pro impact the heat dissipation? Major impedence, or negligible?
posted by curious nu at 8:41 PM PST - 3 comments

Source for military customs, prejudices, traditions

I've been reading a book in which a US-like military and its organization are frequently discussed, and I'm curious about informal traditions and unspoken rules within the military, like how commissioned and non-commissioned officers feel about each other, how certain ranks defer to one another in certain circumstances, why sergeants are (apparently) hated by privates, and all that. Any good FAQs, guides, blogs, that sort of thing?
posted by BlackLeotardFront at 8:04 PM PST - 2 comments

Help me make the most of my tiny Vegas vacation.

I"m flying in monday, june 27th and leave thursday. Traveling with my SO who will be busy with a conference in the day, free to hang out/do market research in the pm. I'm content to sip painkillers and hang at the pool but would also enjoy checking out local counterculture. I hate casinos but will enter them if there is considerable reason. My SO is in the bowling biz so I should seek out bowling places that crank. We will be lodged at the Mandalay Bay. Seeking general advice and on the ground likeminded hopeless libertine bohemian fellow time travelers.
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Seeking interactivity for outdoor mural (QR codes need not apply)

We're working with an artist to have a mural painted in our neighborhood that will depict some interesting, historic things about the area. We also would love for people to be able to whip out a phone, snap a pic of an icon below each part of the mural, and see a video depicting that event/person. [more inside]
posted by steve.wdc at 7:34 PM PST - 10 comments

Hiking shoe recs (not boots yet)

My current NBs are worn and the insides are flattened after 4 years. I need new shoes. [more inside]
posted by asockpuppet at 6:06 PM PST - 14 comments

Bike goes flippy-floppy: need kickass double kickstand

The used hybrid I got for $200 a few years ago needs a proper, robust kickstand (ideally a double kickstand) to replace the weakass kickstand it has right now. I need something strong enough to hold the bike steady when loading the back rack with groceries, but I'm not thrilled at paying half my bike's cost for a model like this one. I've seen cheaper ones like this, but some reviews suggest that it rides really low when folded back. And this one is in-between in price, but I'm wondering about how effective it is. Suggestions? Easy shipping to Canada or a local store in Toronto would be appreciated.
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Seeking to be more mature and less insecure in my marriage

We have been married for 2 years, and had a crazy amount of stressful things come our way at once. I don't have the best upbringing or modeling for the healthy relationship I strive for, but I do try. I need examples of healthy ways to think about these situations, healthy self-talk mantras I can use, and tools I can use to determine when I am being unreasonable and when I am being appropriate in my expectations. [more inside]
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How do I make a map like this?

I want to make a map that's a cross between Google Maps and Waze and Yelp. What software do I use? [more inside]
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Help with my Sweaty Specs.

So, a few months back, I started wearing glasses. They've improved my life a lot. However, in summer months, my workplace gets really warm, which makes me sweat, and makes my glasses slide dowm ny nose, which is a major league nuisance. I've asked my glasses-weaing co-workers if they knew a solution, and none of them did. But I figure the mefi braintrust might have some ideas.
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Help me compile a list of locations from fantasy/sci fi series?

I am making a gift for a couple and I need your help! Part of the gift will contain a list of fantasy locations (i.e. LOTR - Mordor) from different sci-fi and fantasy franchises/worlds, with the overall theme being "Home is whereever I'm with you". My list only has three locations on it so far, and I'm struggling to come up with more. Don't constrain yourself--it doesn't matter if the locations are from movies, TV, books, anime, or something else. The couple is in their mid to late 20s, so contemporary-ish is probably best, but I'll take anything you've got! If it helps, I know they love Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and other shows/movies in that vein. Thanks!
posted by lucy.jakobs at 5:32 PM PST - 25 comments

Can I fix my depression to save my relationship?

I'm 26 years old, my fiance is 27. I'm not sure how much information to give, I don't want to post a wall of text. I'm mainly posting this question to hear about other people's experiences, good and bad, with working on their depression while being in a relationship. [more inside]
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ISO better Linux laptop

Last year I took my old Acer Aspire One and replaced Windows with Kubuntu, and in general I was quite pleased. I have been carrying it around in my backpack with my work Windows laptop. I use it for personal/educational development projects, and in general things that go easier on a laptop than a tablet (real keyboard, larger hard drive and screen, standard *nix software, etc.) [more inside]
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I am looking for a way to download and convert realplayer files.

I am a fan and subscriber of the site Reelradio.com. It's a site of old airchecks. Presently I must listen to the airchecks while on the internet which they link to realplayer. Is there a way to download these files directly onto my Mac computer? They probably do want their subscribers to do this so I'm throwing this out to the hive. When I click the links a .rm file opens and allows me to play it using realplayer
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App for transcribing?

Is there an iPad app that will allow me to transcribe specific people in real time? [more inside]
posted by zardoz at 2:37 PM PST - 4 comments

Getting junior college to expunge records

I want my records expunged from a junior college who doesn’t have a policy of doing so. How do I go about this? [more inside]
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How to deal with the knowledge that I will probably develop Parkinsons?

I was recently diagnosed with REM sleep disorder. During the appointment, my doctor informed me that 50-70% of patients with REM sleep disorder go on to develop Parkinsons. How do I deal with this information? [more inside]
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Best iOS app for groceries?

Can you suggest iOS apps for groceries that you like? Must be able to sync with another iOS user, and an Apple Watch app would be nice if well done but not critical. [more inside]
posted by leahwrenn at 11:01 AM PST - 17 comments

how do you make the jump to self employment?

I want to get to a point in my life where I'm my own boss. I don't know how to do this. [more inside]
posted by INFJ at 10:55 AM PST - 13 comments

How to stop wanting things: practical advice

I want things. All the things. All the time. Things are fascinating and beautiful and shiny. My desire for things is so impulsive, and absorbs so much of my energy, it's maddening. I am seeking out practical advice - actions; habits; constructive methods for self-reflection that I can work on putting in place - to help me change my outlook on life and reduce the importance I place on possessing and desiring material things. [more inside]
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Can I still plug a mouse into a laptop with broken USB ports?

My cheap Dell laptop has finally lost both of its regular USB ports. (Sooner or later you jerk either the laptop or the mouse, and the little plastic rectangle snaps off where the USB plug connects to the laptop.) If I buy a USB-to-HDMI adapter, could I plug my mouse into my laptop's HDMI port? Or if I go to a repair shop, will they be able to fix the USB ports?
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Identify this Plant

Can anyone identify this plant? It seemed to shoot up overnight and its huge! pic 1, pic 2, pic 3 [more inside]
posted by missmagenta at 8:47 AM PST - 10 comments

Should I give my baby a middle name?

Just had a beautiful and healthy baby boy a bit earlier than expected, and my husband and I are still trying to decide IF we'd like to give him a middle name. Thoughts on if? (Followup extra credit question: if yes, then what?) [more inside]
posted by Jaclyn at 8:09 AM PST - 70 comments

Negotiating Salary at a New Business

I left my job about a month ago, and have recently been offered (kind of) an opportunity to act as front-of-house manager at a restaurant that hasn't opened yet. My primary discussions so far haven't been with the owner, so I need to figure out how to address getting paid/ starting work. [more inside]
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When should I take bupropion to avoid brain fog between 8 a.m. and noon?

I take bupropion 300 daily, first thing in the morning. It works well for its purpose but as others have said, it does seem to create brain fog. Trouble is, I'm writing a book, trying to concentrate on it usually between 8 a.m. and noon. [more inside]
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Help make our trip to Europe amazing, Venice edition

Our family will be spending a few days in Venice in July. We're traveling with kids, so our plan is for a mostly low-key trip filled with lazily exploring the city. But we're also looking for other unique or special experiences we could do as a family that would really make our trip special. [more inside]
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Please help me choose songs for a funeral

I need 3 songs for a funeral. Specifications within [more inside]
posted by lifethatihavenotlivedyet at 5:06 AM PST - 26 comments

How many Americans are incarcerated abroad?

I'm looking for the total number of Americans in prison abroad from a reputable source (ideally but not necessarily the US government or an academic study). It would be great to have some stats for Americans in prison in individual countries (especially Mexico and Canada), but my googling has failed miserably! PLEASE HELP!
posted by matthew.alexander at 5:06 AM PST - 1 comment

Found the guy. Now, about that ring...

It's time to get an engagement ring, or is it? [more inside]
posted by LoonyLovegood at 1:59 AM PST - 18 comments

Transferring from LAX international to terminal 7

I have done this flight from Sydney to LAX numerous times on United, which connects to a domestic flight in terminal 7 or 8. Each time, I have left the International Terminal and walked along the roadway all the way down to terminal 7/8. Am I doing this wrong? [more inside]
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June 4

Disability insurance for maternity leave in NYC

I live and work in NYC and am hoping to become pregnant within the next few months. Right now I am employed as a contractor, which means I don't qualify for any parental leave benefits, according to HR. Are there any ways I can soften the financial blow, besides putting aside savings? Is disability insurance one of them in NYC?
posted by anonymous at 11:32 PM PST - 2 comments

Want to get pregnant, but travelling to the Philipines in January

My boyfriend and I want to start trying for a baby. But we have a 2,5 week trip to Hong Kong and the Philipines planned for January. How should we proceed, considering zika and (possibly) travelling when pregnant? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:32 PM PST - 4 comments

How to get jobs as a screenwriter/script doctor?

Simple enough -- how to get work in this line. Examples from real-life cases/people who did it are appreciated. [more inside]
posted by Peregrine Pickle at 11:28 PM PST - 9 comments

Science/evidence based help/treatment to grow longer nails?

My nails grow so very slowly, and I want longer prettier nails. Are there any supplements or external topical treatments to help them grow faster that have actually been proven to work by science?
posted by skjønn at 10:01 PM PST - 13 comments

Ideas may die, but how do you kill them?

CGPGrey explained how internet arguments are self-selecting in order to symbiotically grow two opposing sides who mostly just badmouth the other side with increasingly inaccurate stories. That wouldn't be a problem, except sometimes the process spirals out of control and spills over into harassment, doxxing, violence, etc. So, if we understand how the process works, how do you stop it? Is there actually an effective way to treat the angry thought-germs CGPGrey described?
posted by jsnlxndrlv at 8:53 PM PST - 11 comments

Seeking specific song incorporating The Andrews Sisters' "Apple Tree"

Asking for a friend trying to find a song she heard once. [more inside]
posted by lore at 8:08 PM PST - 3 comments

Living with a Badly Placed Toilet

Deeply embarrassed, but need to tap the groupmind for brainstorming on an indelicate subject: using a badly placed toilet for a year's time or more. [more inside]
posted by WCityMike at 7:51 PM PST - 22 comments

Canon Scanner Troubleshooting

I have purchased a new scanner to scan our photos and photo slides, but my computer doesn't recognize that it's hooked up. Help? [more inside]
posted by China Grover at 6:52 PM PST - 4 comments

What is this credit card provider fraud department doing?

The fraud department of a US-based credit card provider and card services provider got in touch with me via Google regarding fraudulent use of their customers' cards on one of my (non-US) employer's websites. I do not understand why they are doing this - surely there is a better way to contact a merchant regarding disputed payments? [more inside]
posted by Busy Old Fool at 6:35 PM PST - 8 comments

Acclimating Kitten in Bedroom

I'm bringing a kitten home next week. I was told he should be separated and placed in a quiet area away from my dog, then slowly introduced. My apartment is VERY SMALL. My bedroom is carpeted and I don't want him peeing there, or on my bed while he's in there with a litter box. He may learn that's where the box will ALWAYS be and it's ok to go there. If I lock him in the bathroom, it has no window and he'll be in tight quarters for AT LEAST a week to acclimate to smells/sounds. However, THAT IS the location I prefer one of his litter boxes to be. Also, how could I teach him he'll have his own bed to sleep on at bedtime and it WON'T be mine.
posted by scarbo at 5:59 PM PST - 41 comments

French toast recipe that isn't so eggy?

The kids want French Toast. My wife hates eggs. I get to cook. Yay? [more inside]
posted by WinnipegDragon at 5:00 PM PST - 21 comments

Looking for an italian poem about rain

I am trying to find a poem I studied twenty years ago in Italy in an italian-language literature class. It was about the aftermath of a rainstorm. It was not 'Dopo La Pioggia' by Gianni Rodari. I remember a few things about the author: At latest early twentieth century. Liked to use antiquated (italian) words. Was a very sad person who didn't believe that happiness existed, only the absense of unhappiness. I spoke italian pretty fluently at that point in my life so it might have been part of the canon taught in Italian high school or middle school curricula. I also remember studying a poem about a fountain by the same author (maybe). Ring any bells?
posted by bq at 4:04 PM PST - 3 comments

Using iPod as free cell phone?

I'm in my late 30s and I've never owned a cell phone or text messaged in my life. I was gifted an iPod Touch for Christmas and (if possible) would like to know how to use this device to do these things. I'm poor, so free methods are best, although the drawbacks of the free methods would be good to know. And, ok, maybe there aren't free methods. [more inside]
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Cork, Cobh, Ring of Kerry in 7 hours?

We are docking in Cobh in mid-June and have about 7-9 hours in the area. We would love to see the famous Irish greenery and landscape but aren't interested in the really touristy things like Blarney. Cork and Cobh both sound worth seeing, but will we get a flavor of the countryside in that area, or should we travel to the Ring of Kerry and try to see some highlights there? Thanks, hive mind!
posted by xammerboy at 2:07 PM PST - 7 comments

TGV train seating during the strike

Hi everyone. My wife and I are traveling from Paris to Lyon on the TGV Monday. Our train has apparently been cancelled, but I've been told by SNCF that I can board any TGV that's running that day, with the caveat that there's no guaranteed seating. When I board, are the reserved seats clearly marked, so that I'll know where the free seats are? I've only ever taken the TGV during regular conditions, so this is all very new to me. Thanks all.
posted by reformedjerk at 2:04 PM PST - 6 comments

How to Netflix for my parents

Which device is the best for setting up Netflix for my parents? Their computers are PCs, and their TV does not support streaming on its own, so I'm looking for an external dedicated device. (I don't even own a TV myself so I really have no clue what's out there.) [more inside]
posted by nat at 1:49 PM PST - 29 comments

Shoes & Lunch

My cousin's coming to Toronto to go to the Bata Shoe Museum with me next Saturday. We'd like to have lunch before we check out the shoes of antiquity. Can any recommend a good and inexpensive place for us to have lunch in the Bloor & St. George area?
posted by orange swan at 12:40 PM PST - 11 comments

Malvertising, drive by downloads

How safe is it really, to surf the web these days on a modern Windows PC? [more inside]
posted by inner_frustration at 10:57 AM PST - 11 comments

Uber or Lyft in DTW or is a car necessary?

Can we get by on Uber or Lyft, or should we rent a car for two nights in Detroit? [more inside]
posted by masquesoporfavor at 10:44 AM PST - 10 comments

Camping/hiking on the cheap in Utah, NM, CO, AZ, etc.?

I have about 8-10 days I want to kill in the Southwest between events in Pueblo and Santa Fe. I would love to spend it camping, hiking, driving through scenic areas, working on photography, etc. I've read some other questions here and poked around my needs are kind of specific and I'd like advice on where to go. [more inside]
posted by pdq at 9:52 AM PST - 14 comments

Recommendation for durable, dishwasher-safe, non-stick cookware?

Best answer would be available at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
posted by Exchequer at 9:36 AM PST - 10 comments

Dealing with a compulsive liar...run away or confront?

I met a person that I really enjoy the company of, and feel a very strong connection with. On the other hand, they're a compulsive liar and extremely manipulative. It's gotten to the point where I don't know what is truth and what are lies and having to keep track of it is becoming an obnoxious, draining task that is putting a strain on things. What is my best course of action? [more inside]
posted by Young Kullervo at 8:34 AM PST - 45 comments

How can I verify whether somebody is detained by the NYPD?

Asking for fiction: If one wants to know if somebody unrelated to them (a friend) has been picked up by the NYPD, what is the procedure? Or is that information protected? [more inside]
posted by angrycat at 7:27 AM PST - 6 comments

Neurovascular surgery and advance directive planning

As mentioned in a previous question, doctors found another problem. [more inside]
posted by feckless fecal fear mongering at 6:09 AM PST - 12 comments

Is there anywhere I can find more lego instructions for a given set?

My kid really loves playing with legos by following the building instructions. It looks like most kits let you build only say 5-7 things, even though there are a lot more lego pieces than that. Is there anywhere we can find more instructions for a given kit, without having to buy more kits? Or something else so we can (cheaply) scratch the same itch? [more inside]
posted by forza at 5:43 AM PST - 13 comments

Difference between three 100mg Bupropion and one Bupropion 300mg XL?

Should I worry? [more inside]
posted by drthom at 5:28 AM PST - 8 comments

Help me support a friend who will not have a kid?

I have a very good friend who has tried most ways to have a child of her own. (Adoption is not really a possibility as she is not partnered). The ways she has tried have all failed, and she has had medical advice that she is "at the end of the road". Have you been told you won't ever conceive? What did your friends say that helped? Or not say? [more inside]
posted by esto-again at 5:12 AM PST - 28 comments

Therapy options for the geography- and internet-challenged

Life's got me down. I would like to get some therapy. But I don't have access to flesh and blood therapists where I live and I don't have a reliable internet connection. What are my options? [more inside]
posted by Ziggy500 at 3:34 AM PST - 7 comments

How to date ethically when you're at the top of a hierarchy?

Everyone says not to do it, but you're going to do it anyway: how to approach dating ethically within a hierarchical community, when you're at the top? I'd like to protect myself, the person I'm interested in, and the other community members who may be affected as much as possible. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 12:21 AM PST - 15 comments

June 3

Essential cleaning supplies?

What cleaning supplies do you feel should be a part of everyone's inventory? [more inside]
posted by GlassHeart at 11:03 PM PST - 25 comments

Where should we visit in England: York, or the Lake District?

Mr. T. Horn & I will be traveling a good swath of England this summer, and have a few days to kill before heading back to London after our visit to Haworth/Bronte Parsonage Museum. Where would be more enjoyable, affordable, and fun for 2 grad students on a budget, traveling by train and bus: the Lake District, or York? Or somewhere else? [more inside]
posted by Miss T.Horn at 9:05 PM PST - 15 comments

I've been evicted--now what?

I just received a 60-day eviction notice. I am pretty sure it is because the owner wants to sell, and I am interested in buying so that I won't have to move. I don't know the owner directly since they use a property management company. What is the best way to proceed? [more inside]
posted by insoluble uncertainty at 8:14 PM PST - 13 comments

Having fun, but lacking sleep (still)

I am 26. I keep waking up at 3 am. I may have to give up my hobby and start going to bed early to compensate. Please help me process this. [more inside]
posted by dean_deen at 8:10 PM PST - 17 comments

Head-to-head code testing platforms?

I am looking for a platform that would allow me to engage in friendly competition with my programmer friends. I'm aware of sites like HackerRank and TopCoder where you can complete challenges against a set standard or against the rest of the user base generally, but I'm looking for a platform where I could compete specifically against friends. As in, myself and my friend are both given the same challenge, complete it on separate machines, and then the platform evaluates each solution and declares a winner.
posted by ABCApplePie at 7:51 PM PST - 3 comments

Station Question

Radio station WOSB-FM is one of four repeater stations owned by Ohio State University. The others are WOSE-FM, WOSV-FM and WOSP-FM They are all retransmitting WOSA-FM, which is OSU's classical music flagship station. WOSA was created so WOSU-FM could broadcast NPR news and other programming. Oddly, WOSU is also not listed as an NPR member station. [more inside]
posted by CollectiveMind at 7:40 PM PST - 9 comments

how realistic is it to use one home server for multiple applications?

I'm wanting to set up a home server that I can envision having multiple roles. Is that a realistic thing to attempt for your above-average technically informed user? [more inside]
posted by diode at 6:58 PM PST - 11 comments

brain teasers for kittens

We have a very active six week old kitten. What puzzles are age-appropriate for this kitten? I need more ways to redirect this cute kitten from tantalizing wires! [more inside]
posted by aniola at 6:54 PM PST - 22 comments

Stray cat --> Outdoor pet?

So, yay - I've been chosen! But I can't have a cat, not really - my entire family is allergic to cats, and I have two pets now (a dog and a bird) who would NOT be okay with a cat in the house. My question is really about whether it is kind to try and keep a stray cat as an outdoor-only pet. [more inside]
posted by rocketing at 6:40 PM PST - 24 comments

My castle in the clouds... New Rules for data architecture.

I need a cloud storage service and I know just enough to be overwhelmed. Halp? [more inside]
posted by fritillary at 5:51 PM PST - 2 comments

quitting job to day trade for a living, Need Advice

male, 43 yrs old, married with two kids (7 and 2), the only wage earner in the family. i know this step is incredibly risky and probably selfish too, but i am tired of my job and don't see a future even assuming i finally climb to the top of my career track. figure this is probably my last chance to do sth i would remember on my death bed. details below [more inside]
posted by kingfish at 4:58 PM PST - 146 comments

Shipping things halfway across the world

I have an antique armchair that lives in Vancouver and I want to know if it is feasible to move it to Berlin. What's a reasonable amount to expect to pay to have it shipped? Also, if I have some boxes full of things what's the best way to send them? [more inside]
posted by anybodys at 4:26 PM PST - 3 comments

Mysteries with Character

I am looking for mysteries that don't focus just on a dead body, but whose plot is more puzzle like. More under the fold. [more inside]
posted by azalea_chant at 3:11 PM PST - 37 comments

Replacing our bed with futon to save space?

My boyfriend and I are moving into a much smaller apartment, and would like to conserve as much space as possible. Is sleeping on a futon in the living room every night a reasonable arrangement? [more inside]
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Best practices for handing a customer bills + coins in change?

I was having a conversation with a friend recently about returning change to a customer for a cash purchase, and we got curious about the methods, and their rationale, for handling a mix of bills and coins. Help me understand this territory! [more inside]
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Where is this Gif from? Odd man skipping in the water version.

Is there a story behind this gif? I seem to need to know this answer more than I need to work today, but with your help maybe I can get back to being productive. Odd man skipping in water... Thank you!
posted by Vaike at 1:59 PM PST - 5 comments

Support organizations for Navy parents?

My son ships out for Navy boot camp later this month and I'm looking for online support resources and organizations to join. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:54 PM PST - 1 comment

How do I adjust to a non-sexual, companionate marriage?

My husband of 15 years and I haven't had sex in seven months. We are mismatched sexually and are otherwise happy. How do I let go of the idea that sex with him is necessary? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:53 PM PST - 24 comments

Bubble bubble no toil and no trouble

Do you have a relatively easy and very non-toxic way to clean your oven? A method that you really like? [more inside]
posted by flourpot at 1:45 PM PST - 14 comments

don't pander to public opinion, or do

I'm trying very hard to remember what I think was a book (likely with pictures) from my childhood (so probably the nineties) that involved pandas and the phrase (possibly as a moral) "don't pander to public opinion," but every combination of these things on google suggests I dreamed this or am misremembering it in a big way. Any ideas, hivemind?
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Where to stay in Cleveland

I'm fulfilling my childhood dream of seeing the Monkees - at the Hard Rock Rocksino in Northfield Park this Sunday. I was planning to go with a friend, who was going to drive us there and back, but she had an emergency and can't make it. I can't drive at night, so now I need to pick a hotel with a shuttle to the Rocksino, and it's making me a bit crazy. Details inside. [more inside]
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Seeking librarians' input on hotspot lending

Our local library will soon start lending mobile wi-fi hotspot devices (similarly to what BPL and KPL have done), and I am interested to learn about the experience of others who have engaged in similar projects. [more inside]
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Co-workers in hate

How to deal with co-worker that you dated and now have to work closely with, but your angst doesn’t stem from having dated, but just from the fact that you know too much about them now and really don’t like them as a person? [more inside]
posted by greta simone at 12:16 PM PST - 12 comments

How to keep the sun off while at the beach, snowflake edition?

We're moving into a house that will be an easy bike ride to the beach. We want to obtain a shelter solution that will fit our needs. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Seeking a nonfiction book about how private resources become utilities

People who wanted water used to have to live near a well. Businesses that wanted to use electricity had to generate their own, so they had to be located near mills. I read a book about this. [more inside]
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High-deductible health insurance plan: Who do I pay?

I have a high-deductible health insurance plan ($6,000) and this is the first year I will max it out due to a costly and ongoing medical issue. Bills are beginning to arrive from my GP, my specialist, and the hospital where I had bloodwork and surgery (outpatient but full anesthesia). There will be more as treatment continues. How do you figure out who to pay first? [more inside]
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Summer edition: high protein, low carb make ahead meals

I've had great weight loss success by moving more and doing meal prep in advance. I don't love to cook, but in the winter I make chili, soups, and stews and portion them out into individual meal-sized containers for lunch and dinner. I'm happy to have found a system that works. Last summer I ate bean salads as well as fresh green salads with lots of veggies and chicken almost exclusively. The thought of doing that again just makes me want to eat out. [more inside]
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Sushi in Vancouver

I'm looking for a good, inexpensive sushi buffet in Vancouver that is easily accessible via skytrain or bus. We'd also like some place that doesn't serve sharkfin soup. [more inside]
posted by Canageek at 10:42 AM PST - 13 comments

Dress-spotting from the past?

Some years ago I spotted an almost certainly designer dress (blue, maxi, sleeveless, buttons) on the sidewalks of Manhattan. If possible, I'd like to ID it so that I can stalk on eBay/resale sites. [more inside]
posted by aperturescientist at 10:39 AM PST - 5 comments

FSA reimbursement requirements (paperwork)

Are the requirements to get reimbursed standardized? It seems like my spouses's firm requires an awful lot of hoop-jumping. [more inside]
posted by egk at 10:31 AM PST - 7 comments

Custom printed bandanas?

For our Boozy Summer Camp-themed wedding, soon-to-be-Mr. Dorinda and I want to get bandanas with our made-up camp logo printed on them to give out to our campers/guests in their welcome baggies. We'd also like to not spend a gazillion dollars on what is in the grand scheme of things an incredibly minor part of our shindig. [more inside]
posted by Dorinda at 10:27 AM PST - 6 comments

Bed Delivery, Bent Mattress

Bed Delivery guys bent my pocket spring mattress in half to fit it into an elevator. Is my new bed damaged before I have a chance to sleep on it? [more inside]
posted by tabubilgirl at 10:17 AM PST - 9 comments

Subject verb agreement

OK, I can't believe I'm wasting a question on this, but can you help me with this subject verb agreement question? [more inside]
posted by widdershins at 9:43 AM PST - 37 comments

Opposition research

I am trying to get informed on a wide variety of political topics so that I can speak intelligently about them when they come up in conversation. I am looking for reputable sources for both the left/right sides of an issue, but would like to learn more about the Republican/conservative/right side as those are the opposite of my political leanings. [more inside]
posted by chaostician at 9:35 AM PST - 4 comments

That Barton Fink Feeling

Can someone help me thematically tie together a bunch of elements in Barton Fink relating to Jewishness? [more inside]
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I need more mystery in my life.

I love cozy mysteries, and I need more of them. Hit me, mefi. [more inside]
posted by backwards compatible at 9:06 AM PST - 33 comments

Looking for a Leuchtturm

Where can I go in the Twin Cities metro area this weekend to see a selection of quality journals/planners? [more inside]
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Make my hair an oil slick!

I really want to try oil slick hair color. What do I need to know about the ins and outs of nontraditional dye? BONUS: Recommendations for a great colorist in DC. [more inside]
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how to handle ending an engagement when we love each other.

It's becoming increasingly evident that my fiance and I need to break our engagement and part ways. This whole thing has been fraught from the start, but I am so, so, so, so, so sad and I don't know how to manage this. I feel like I am melting. If you have broken an engagement, can you give me tips/advice/helpful stories? [more inside]
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How do you deal with shame around a mentally ill, aging parent?

Who has lived with severe untreated mental illness in a very public way, for a lifetime, and has burned bridges with people left and right? [more inside]
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Balancing new house projects with daily life

How do you balance new house projects with full time jobs, child, and daily tasks of living? [more inside]
posted by wannabecounselor at 7:25 AM PST - 11 comments

Propane grills for dummies

I just moved into a new apartment, and the previous tenant very kindly left me his propane grill. He said it's clean, but the tank is empty. I've never used a propane grill before, and I'd like to use it this Tuesday to grill some hot dogs and hamburgers. What do I need to know to use it properly? Assume minimal knowledge of grills in general. [more inside]
posted by ocherdraco at 5:50 AM PST - 24 comments

How do I "talk transactions" at a Renaissance Faire?

Having never been to one before, I'm headed to my first RenFaire at the end of the month to vend (I know!). I have been doing extensive reading and practicing to prepare, and have come across several useful guides on "How to Speak Renaissance" - addressing people, casual conversation, even hawking wares. But none of these seem to cover the delicate subject of sales transaction itself. [more inside]
posted by turtlegirl at 5:22 AM PST - 16 comments

Everyone I like likes everyone else I like and no one likes me

How to deal with seeing a glimpse of 'your people' but them not wanting you? [more inside]
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Personal Finance Software

I NEED a personal finance management app. There are many around, so i need help going throw options. [more inside]
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Rock back inside my heart, to the house dresses of yore

I need more cheap cotton floaty comfortable-but-still-somewhat-miraculously sexy somewhat disposable dresses that I can garden, read, and drink wine in. Examples below. Any ideas? [more inside]
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How NOT To Wear Your Emotions On Your Sleeve?

I have become aware that I wear my emotions on my sleeve. Specifically, bad emotions. How can I stop doing this? [more inside]
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June 2

Name a film that includes a transition/mix between soundtrack elements?

Curious to know if there exists a film in which two songs (ideally not score material) are essentially mixed as though they were selected by a DJ. One or both of the music sources can be visible on screen (band, radio, etc.), but stuff like a live band segue or DJ set doesn't really qualify as what I'm looking for. Or maybe this is super common, and I just never realized it?
posted by Jack Karaoke at 11:26 PM PST - 5 comments

Help me change minds about the recreational use of marijuana

The audience: family, including 80-something mother who has a drink or two every evening before dinner, may drink a bit more on special occasions/parties (not meant to imply that alcohol is problem); 50-something brother and sister-in-law who are virtual teetotalers—she, because she "doesn't want the calories" and I guess he's keeping her company (they don't socialize much as a couple). [more inside]
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Sick of being sick

I am chronically ill. My former GP blew me off, and the stress of being constantly sick ruined my mental health, which led to a full on nervous breakdown. I'm seeing a psychiatrist this weekend. What is that like? [more inside]
posted by Ruki at 10:25 PM PST - 10 comments

How can I avoid "mindfulness"/meditation training program at work?

My employer, a multinational corporation, in Sydney, decided to take put employees on this most recent corporate fad, mindfulness/meditation training program. [more inside]
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Combining multiple json files in a batch: Help!!

I have about 12K json files that I need to combine into one or two. The only tools I can find online require you to select each file one at a time (or are super pricey for a one-time use). This isn't really feasible with 12K files. Ideally, I could select all files, click upload, and the tool would generate a joined file. This is way beyond my limited coding knowledge. Any thoughts? Thanks!
posted by emkelley at 10:12 PM PST - 14 comments

Looking for a "Bathing" Vase

I saw a massive vase in the Pillowbook where it was used as a bathing vessel. Any ideas where I could buy such a item? I suspect it would be 40 - 65 gallons. Wooden barrels don't count.
posted by Alt255 at 10:11 PM PST - 7 comments

After one sleep-deprived night, I'm OK the 1st day, tired the 2nd. Why?

Here's a pattern that happens to me a lot. Say I sleep 4-5 hours on Sunday night, instead of my preferred 7-8. I feel fine all day Monday, then sleep 8 hours Monday night. On Tuesday, I feel exhausted and mentally foggy. Is this pattern documented in others? Is there a physiological explanation? [more inside]
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How can I make Toastmasters work for me?

I joined Toastmasters and I'm worried I made a horrible mistake. I would love to be able to speak naturally about my work in front of colleagues, without hemming and hawing and saying "like" and "um" and talking too fast and getting nervous and flustered. I do not want to become a motivational speaker. How do I achieve the former without ending up sounding like the latter? [more inside]
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Best Online Drawing Course -- free or cheap (let's say $20 or less)

So let's say a guy is interested in learning how to draw (realistically, not cartoon). Anyone got a free or chap online course they think is especially worthwhile? Specifically I am eventually interested in figure drawing, but need not be that focused at this level, of course.
posted by michaeldunaway at 7:17 PM PST - 5 comments

Things that go bump on the ears

What's going on with our cat's ears? [more inside]
posted by emelenjr at 6:54 PM PST - 6 comments

Is there a DC company that I can pay to film a political stunt video?

Is there a company that I can pay to film a video of someone walking behind Paul Ryan ringing a bell and yelling "Shame!"? [more inside]
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Advice for object of possible identity theft/tax fraud/mail fraud?

A neighbor in my former apartment building saw a letter out in the mail area addressed to the IRS using my partner's name and almost our correct previous address as the return name. What kind of problem could this become for him, and how can we make it not a problem? [more inside]
posted by slanket wizard at 4:46 PM PST - 3 comments

Advice on remodeling with Ikea kitchens?

Do you have an Ikea kitchen? We're planning a kitchen remodel, and the pricing is very attractive. Is it worth it? Would you do it again? Any tips for how you went about doing it, particularly if you're not a DIY sort? [more inside]
posted by stewiethegreat at 4:45 PM PST - 27 comments

Designing a modern city from first principles

I'm looking for writing that envisions cities designed from the ground up, for the modern day, ignoring all the urban planning assumptions that have persisted for centuries. [more inside]
posted by ejs at 4:37 PM PST - 29 comments

Hope me shop: new skin, new beauty products! (Australia edition)

Tell me your favourite winter/stress oily acne-prone skin care products. I’m going into Sydney CBD tomorrow. I know there’s a Kiehl’s, a Body Shop, a Lush, and a well-stocked Priceline. I need new face wash anyway, and probably new… lotion? What do I need? (Reasonably priced is always good too!) Help, I hate shopping and have no idea what I'm doing or looking for! [more inside]
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Captioning a video?

I would love to upload a video to Amazon's Direct Video service [more inside]
posted by silsurf at 3:53 PM PST - 6 comments

Power on the Playa

What are my options for power while on the playa at Burning Man for 4-5 days? I don't want to buy or use a generator. [more inside]
posted by otherwordlyglow at 3:07 PM PST - 19 comments

Have you felt like this about someone?

The question of "has a slow start ever made it" has been asked many times, but I can't find something specific to a relationship I'm experiencing. We are not "dating" but I am experiencing an emotional/physical connection with someone in a profound way that makes me anxious that it's the real thing. It makes me want to run because I am not ready, but it feels inevitable. How do I deal? [more inside]
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Confidence issues & Making friends

As long as I can remember, I've always felt unlikeable, insecure and lonely. Even as young as 8 years old and in my home country, I remember feeling like I wasn’t fitting in, peers didn't like me or didn't think I was cool, and constantly feeling hurt by others' words and actions. [more inside]
posted by rhythm_queen at 1:55 PM PST - 12 comments

Looking for one and two chord songs for my 8 year old to play on guitar

My (very nearly) eight year old has progressed to the point on guitar where she can play root positions pretty cleanly. Any suggestions for songs that are pretty simple - one chord across the verse, no quick changes. Can be folk or pop or whatever. I'm digging through Rise Up Singing right now.
posted by mzurer at 1:53 PM PST - 12 comments

Looking for a lunch I can pack frozen and eat later, cold

I am looking for fun lunch ideas that I can pack frozen and eat, thawed at room temperature, by lunchtime. I am trying to avoid having to pack an ice pack! [more inside]
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Registering a Service / Emotional Support Dog - where to even begin?

I have recently been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and depression stemming from PTSD. I've been taking psychiatrist-prescribed medication as well as regularly seeing a talk therapist in addition to the doctor prescribing the medication. My doctor has noted the prevalence of my dog in my pursuit of a healthy daily lifestyle and offered to write a letter to help get my dog certified as a service / support animal. [more inside]
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Why does my electric oven shut off when it gets to 500F?

My oven is a Whirlpool WGE32000 30 inch model. A basic econo apartment style range/oven. Why does it shut off when it gets to 500 degrees? And what I can I do about it? [more inside]
posted by Fred Wesley at 1:19 PM PST - 20 comments

Two weeks in Ireland

To celebrate finally getting my Irish Citizenship, I'm planning a trip to Ireland. Two weeks in Ireland: What shall I do, where shall I go? [more inside]
posted by sarahdal at 1:14 PM PST - 14 comments

Can I renew Illinois Driver License online without renewal form?

Just noticed my ID/License expired last month...I never received a license renewal form in the mail but meet the other conditions of the "Save Driver" program to renew online, is there anyway to do this? [more inside]
posted by andruwjones26 at 12:35 PM PST - 4 comments

Calling all web dev bootcamp alumni -- what does a gal need to know?

I'm going to be doing a web development bootcamp in Toronto. How can I make the most of it? [more inside]
posted by crawfo at 12:28 PM PST - 5 comments

Gmail inbox problem - why did it change?

My gmail inbox is different and I don't want it to be. How do I make it like it was before? [more inside]
posted by crazylegs at 12:03 PM PST - 10 comments

Setting up to sell online the right way - from the beginning.

New email, online checking account, paypal and ebay accounts all linked together in a closed loop. Am I being smart, too paranoid, or setting myself up for problems later? [more inside]
posted by ApathyGirl at 12:02 PM PST - 9 comments

21st-century safety deposit box protocols?

I opened up a safety deposit box, and was surprised to learn that my bank uses a "face recognition" program (not working at the moment, don't worry, we'll fix it soon) to control access to the vault. And thus, the box I'm renting can be unlocked with only my key. Is this practice standard for big banks these days? [more inside]
posted by QuantumMeruit at 11:33 AM PST - 8 comments

Notification of Movies / TV series availability on DVD/Bluray

Several years ago I found a website that accepted titles of movies and TV series that had not been issued on DVD and claimed to send you an email when they were. I input "Witchblade", with no expectations. (Surprise inside) [more inside]
posted by DBAPaul at 11:25 AM PST - 6 comments

Dealing With Critical Persuaders

At work I regularly work under someone who is, I am sure, a decent, friendly person. But we often end up at loggerheads because I find him critical and aggressive. I'm looking for new ideas on how to deal with this. [more inside]
posted by andrewcooke at 11:16 AM PST - 13 comments

You can pick your nose, and you can pick your cat, but can your cat...?

Why does my cat lick my nostrils in the middle of the night? [more inside]
posted by Sara C. at 10:55 AM PST - 14 comments

How much is a postcard selling for in your location?

I am making postcards for my local museum as a fundraiser and I need to know how much tourist stops are charging for postcards these days. [more inside]
posted by cda at 10:34 AM PST - 10 comments

How to sleep better after working out?

I've recently started running in the evening and on those nights I have been sleeping poorly. What can I do to get better quality sleep? [more inside]
posted by nolnacs at 10:07 AM PST - 13 comments

Penny wise and pound foolish?

You are not my lawyer, my accountant or my financial planner. Which makes sense, financially speaking, or, what factors should I consider, in figuring out which way to credit my ex for his portion of our marital home. My choices: (1) Pay him 85K cash; or (2) credit him 90K in his tax-deferred Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) from my marital share. I am in the U.S. [more inside]
posted by youdontmakefriendswithsalad at 10:06 AM PST - 8 comments

One website, two sellers?

Is there a way to have money go directly to a third-party supplier when selling their goods online? [more inside]
posted by jammy at 10:04 AM PST - 2 comments

How would a British matron be verbally absuive to a gay man in 1860?

I would like to know the terms a venerable but extremely acerbic British lady (Think Dowager Countess but deliberately mean) in the 1860's would use to be verbally abusive to a gay man, starting with the mildest possible terms and escalating to full blown, hate crime levels of verbal vitriol. [more inside]
posted by Jacen at 9:42 AM PST - 37 comments

Talk to me about my new old house (asbestos, other weird stuff?)

Boyfriend and I just bought our first house, built in 1923. I'm starting to worry we got in over our heads. [more inside]
posted by catoclock at 9:20 AM PST - 28 comments

Any experience with AlphaSights?

A friend has been approached by AlphaSights, who seem to be some sort of a "connect SMEs to companies seeking new markets and earn cash!" organization. There's not much out there about them that's not news linked to the company itself. Has anyone had any interaction (that they can talk about) with AlphaSights that would be useful for my friend?
posted by A Friend of Dug [sock] at 9:15 AM PST - 2 comments

Font identification

What font is pictured on these album covers? (1, 2) Go, give mind, go!
posted by duffell at 9:15 AM PST - 7 comments

What non-string instrument should I learn to play?

For years I have played strings but have a craving to learn another kind of instrument, maybe a woodwind. Help me figure out what the most interesting and fun new instrument for me is. [more inside]
posted by epanalepsis at 8:36 AM PST - 21 comments

Explain bottle-feeding a breastfed baby as if I were also a tiny baby

My parents are visiting to meet my 3 week-old baby, and we're all hoping they can introduce a bottle of breast milk to her while I run errands. Can some seasoned parents please explain the finer points of how and when to pump so that I don't mess up my milk supply and breastfeeding relationship with my baby? [more inside]
posted by Viola at 8:29 AM PST - 20 comments

Looking for doctor or hospital system recommendations for Philly

My long-term family doctor in the suburbs retired, so I need a new general doctor. I now live in the city and would like to switch to one of the hospital systems down here. I'm looking for specific doctor recommendations (general and dermatology) or opinions on UPenn vs Jefferson systems. I have a slight preference for a DO instead of an MD based on positive past experiences with DOs. [more inside]
posted by sepviva at 8:28 AM PST - 6 comments

Flower ID

What is this flower? It's been identified as a yellow lupine, but my better half doubts it and wants a second opinion. Since I don't know any group of people more opinionated that Mefites, here we are.
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Meditation Music like Kay Gardner's A Rainbow Path

I'm looking for music like this album: good for meditation, loosely "new age" or spiritual, musically rich and not cheesy. (It doesn't have to be chakra-related, but that's a bonus.) Any leads at all are appreciated.
posted by thetortoise at 7:11 AM PST - 6 comments

My fingernails are terrible.

For years I had strong fingernails I kept polished all the time, with no ill effects. Then I got cancer, and had chemo. It's been a year since my last treatment but my nails are still really weak, breaking frequently and peeling at the ends. What's the best strategy for getting these suckers to heal? [more inside]
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Do I tell my daughter that her disowned grandmother remarried?

My ex-spouse broke all ties to their widowed mother a few years back. Since then, I've been the conduit for communication between Daughter (11 years old; lives with Ex; I have her for summers and some other holidays) and Grandma.