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June 30

20's American in Japan, visa expires soon. Considering Grad school.

I'm a 27 year-old living in Japan teaching English, with my visa running out at the end of August. I'm trying to decide on what to do next - work (more) or pursue a Masters in Asia-Pacific studies. I am rather scatterbrained, and have no clue where to get started logistics-wise in going for a graduate degree. If I were to go down this route, I would also like to narrow down some career paths I could take post-graduation. [more inside]
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Problem with a broken window lock

We have a problem with a broken window lock. [more inside]
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Help me to have harder bones without harder poop.

Friday my doctor informed me that I have osteoporosis and am at high risk for spinal fractures. I'm now taking the generic of Fosamax and my doctor has recommended that I supplement my daily diet with 1500 - 1800 mg of calcium and 2000 units of vitamin D3. While I'm not questioning the need for added calcium, I'm worried about the constipating effect it will have. I've tried taking calcium and vitamin supplements in the past (brand names like Centrum and Tums) but quickly gave them up because of problems with constipation. [more inside]
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What was the business book I read five years ago?

I read a business book about five years ago that was about creativity and success in the workplace. It was a creative approach to business for hip young professionals. I remember it had red/pink drawings/scribbles on the cover and came out some time around 2008. It had a rather clever title. Do you know what I'm talking about? [more inside]
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so, like, what do couples, like, do? what happens now?

I've never before been in a healthy relationship, especially not one that lasted more than about six months, and I don't really have a framework for how things go from here on out. I also tend to drift away from most friendships after about a year, so that doesn't provide much guidance. Snowflake fun inside! [more inside]
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US equivalent of Desert Island Discs?

Please help me identify a program I heard on US public radio in the late eighties or early nineties. The choreographer Mark Morris brought some of his favorite records to play and discuss. A search for his name on the BBC Desert Island Discs site returns no results, so this must have been a different program with the same concept. TIA, hivemind!
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Caring for a cloth coffee filter -- how?

How do I care for my reusable cotton (flannel) coffee filter? [more inside]
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If this washer's a-rockin'...

We moved into a home that has a front-loading washer on the second floor. We hate it for a number of reasons, mostly because it shakes the whole house when it runs. (It's level and it does it every time regardless of load size.) What can we get that won't break the bank? [more inside]
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How do extroverts deal with unexpected alone time?

I'm an extrovert. I can't stand alone time. At all. This may be due to a recent falling out with a few friends making me feel lonelier than usual - I don't know. But recently any large gaps of alone time has made me feel incredibly depressed, often to the point of tears. Extroverts, how do you handle being alone? [more inside]
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The Couch to 5K of Flexibility Training

Can you recommend a "Couch to 5K"-type plan for flexibility training? [more inside]
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Everything I need to know about doing an art fair booth?

So I've decided to try my hand at a booth for my photography at art fairs. What do I need to know? [more inside]
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My boyfriend spent the day with his female friend, how should I feel?

My boyfriend of 5 months has a great old female friend who he never had any romantic relationship with. We hang out a lot together with her and she is great, but they also spend some time together alone as well (such as occasional dinners and drinks when I am working or in school). My BF rides a motorcycle and loves going out of town during the weekends for the day, I usually sits behind him on the bike. Today I was working and he took his female friend out of town on his bike for the whole day. They went hiking, lunch, swim in an isolated lake, and visited a nice town on a lake. I know they don’t have any romantic thing going on, but this whole thing bothered me a lot. How should I feel about it? I feel like no other girl would be happy about that, nor he would be happy if I did the same thing with a guy friend. I feel so frustrated by this.
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Where to start with an elevated hip?

My right hip joints hurt. I think it's elevated. Where do I start? [more inside]
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Is the transportation/logistics industry worth getting into?

I fell into an entry-level transportation/logistics job. Is it worth following as a career? [more inside]
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So, uh, how does a late 20's professional dude score pot in a pretty straightlaced city? [more inside]
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I want to smell nice. I have eczema. How can I do this?

I've been diagnosed with eczema for several years now. I'm fortunate not to have a bad case of it and I don't get many flares, but I know it's partially because I'm very careful about avoiding triggers - I use fragrance-free detergent and soap, I use Cetaphil moisturizer, I take brief, lukewarm baths, I even wash my hair with my head upside-down so the scented shampoo runs off my head instead of down my back. However, I miss using scented lotion and body spray. Is there anything out there for eczema sufferers? [more inside]
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Where around Cambrigdge, MA to aquire a better physique.

For the longest time I have been doing some kind of lifting or mild strength training (benching or pushups, curls, etc. mostly free weights) and am in fairly decent but skinny shape. At the moment I am regularly running 5 to 8 miles every other day and, without access to a gym, doing my darnedest to wing it with the free weights I have and pushups. I am looking to put on a good amount of muscle and am willing to put in the time and effort if I can find an approachable and worthwhile gym. Some googling suggests Total Performance Sports might be worth a look. I am a male in my 20s and I'm hoping to do a couple weeks of personal training to help get a routine down. Any suggestions, Hivemind?
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Help me live well while my father slowly dies...

My father was given a terminal diagnosis almost a decade ago. I am so lucky that he is still here. But I'm exhausted from living with the specter of his imminent death all these years. And I feel like I've been missing out on living my own life. How do I find more space for myself, even as I try to cherish the time I have with him (which now does seem to be running short)? [more inside]
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Help Me Plan An August Trip to Scotland and Wales

A friend of mine has expressed an interest in spending 10 days in Scotland and Wales toward the end of August. However, she has no idea what she wants to see in either! I lived briefly in London and have traveled around England, but have never been to Wales and haven't been to Scotland beyond a long weekend in Edinburgh and Glasgow. What should we do? What can't we miss? What's the best way to organize the trip? [more inside]
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I am Jarritos soda, destroyer of worlds

I picked up a to-go order of food, which included a bottled soda. My hands were full for the walk home, so I put the soda in my shoulder bag so I could carry everything else. When I got home, the soda bottle was empty, and my bag—containing my laptop and iPad—were full of sticky soda. Turns out the server had loosened the bottle cap, but didn't tell me. [more inside]
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Best transportation between PHL and ROC?

During the last year, my long-distance boyfriend and I have gotten used to making the trip between NYC and Rochester, NY for weekend visits. Now I'm moving to Philadelphia, and we need a new plan. What's the fastest, least painful, least expensive way to get between Philadelphia and Rochester? [more inside]
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Are there still car stereos with decent knobs?

How can I find a decent replacement stereo for my 2005 Audi TT roadster? One with real knobs and no laser light show? [more inside]
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Delivering French canapés to a nursing home in Austin, TX: possible?

Through work, I have struck up a correspondence with an extraordinary translator and writer located in Austin, TX. Advancing age, declining health, and (from what I have gleaned) lack of local family members have conspired to put him in a nursing home. He's mentioned a craving for better food -- specifically for French canapés. Is there any French bistro or gourmet market in Austin where I could arrange for some beautifully prepared treats to be delivered to him?
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Yellow Watermelon in the Boston Area?

Boyfriend and I had some wonderful watermelon salad at Stella in the south end, for which they gave us the most basic recipe. Tastes delicious, even out of my kitchen, but their version had red and yellow watermelon, and I can only find red. Anybody know of a source in the Boston or north suburban area to find yellow?
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How to remove DVD encryption from ISO's

Does anyone know of a method to remove encryption from DVD (movie) ISOs? I have OSX and Windows at my disposal, and can install any flavor of Linux if it will help solve my problem. [more inside]
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Is it possible to keep the collars of white shirts clean, and if so how?

Yellowish stains on the crease and wings of my shirt collars - can they be removed, or should I kill them with fire? Yellow snowflake details inside... [more inside]
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Itazura na Kiss, Zainichi Koreans, and Japan

How is the character of Kinnosuke Ikezawa from "Itazura na Kiss" viewed in Japan? [more inside]
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Talk me out of law school

Career Change: Nurse or Lawyer [more inside]
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How to Refuse a Loaded Request from Boss

My boss just majorly promoted me and then snuck in a weirdly punitive request at the end of what was otherwise an absolutely outstanding/stellar review. Why would he ask this of me in the first place given my promotion, and how can I say no? [more inside]
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Vinegratte is kind of...thick. WTF?

I’m roasting some cauliflower, and the recipe I’m using has you make a vinegrette to drizzle on top during the roast. I mixed together EVOO & Balsamic Vinegar... I turned my back to stir the cauliflower and the vinegrette unexpectedly thickened. It's like a thick barbeque sauce consistency instead of suspended particles. What just happened? [more inside]
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Can you fly with otitis externa (swimmers' ear)?

I have a nasty case of otitis externa (swimmers' ear) in both ears and am scheduled to fly in three days. The ears are being treated with antibiotics and I have some heavy-duty pain meds, but I can't imagine that it will be totally cleared up in a couple of days. Outer ear canals are swollen pretty much shut (though eardrum is fine). Can I still fly? How can I make it bearable, when just touching my outer ear makes me want to scream?
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How do I find the best route from Seattle to Kampala?

When I say "best," I mean with the least travel time. Cost is a factor, but not the deciding one. There are dozens of ways to get from Seattle (SEA) to Uganda (EBB), but how can I find the optimal route without sifting through hundreds of less desirable options? This is for mid-November. For example, United.com has Seattle > Chicago > London > Kampala, at a travel time of 26 hours and 6,000 miles. But how can I know if there's not something more direct using other airlines? Many thanks!
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Non-commerical fabric softener for line drying?

I line dry, I want to make my own fabric softener. [more inside]
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Is this originally a French proverb? And is my grammar correct?

"Beauty is the sister of vanity and the mother of lust". My translation in to French: "La beauté est la soeur de la vanité et la mère de la luxure." I originally saw this phrase in French as "La beauté est la sœur de vanité, et la mére et la luxure". So that would roughly translate as "Beauty is the sister of vanity and the mother of lust". I have also seen it expressed in English as "Beauty's sister is vanity, and its daughter lust." My translation would be: "La beauté est la sœur de vanité, et la fille de la luxure." I asked on Yahoo Answers if my grammar was correct, but one of the responses said it should be "la mère" and not "la fille". Hence, my question. Is it originally French in origin? And if so, is it mother of lust or daughter of lust? Either way my translation would be: "La beauté est la soeur de la vanité et la mère de la luxure." Or La beauté est la soeur de la vanité et la fille de la luxure. Are these two translations grammatically correct? Also, is La necessary before "beauté"?
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Short story collections like Skeleton Crew and Night Shift?

If Stephen King's short story collections Skeleton Crew and Night Shift are my favorite short story collections of all time, what other short story collections might I enjoy?
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Where can I get three columned index cards?

I'm looking for 3"x5" index cards with a three column layout and with the first horizontal line very thick and visible. I can only find blank, ruled, and grid layouts and I'm getting a little frustrated. [more inside]
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Why Shore I'd Like to Get Out of Paris for the Day!

Help two American first-timers to France choose a town for our "Get out of Paris" day. The catch: it has to be a shore town, somewhere between Le Havre and Dunkirk. [more inside]
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Lost cat in Manhattan; need pet detective.

Please recommend a pet detective in Manhattan for my lost cat. [more inside]
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Need help drawing human anatomy and perspective again.

Are there any good exercises online (video or otherwise) that help? Or possibly some books? [more inside]
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Best option for completing two college math courses

What is the best option for a working professional to complete two undergraduate level math courses - linear algebra and differential equations - in order to bolster my graduate school application? [more inside]
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Which is better maintaining a cool temp or cooling down a hot house

Which would take less energy - running the AC throughout the day to maintain say 75F (outside 95-100) or letting the house get to 90F+ throughout the day and then cooling it down at night back to 75F?
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Does this profile secretly spell out "I love Charles Manson"?

I am back in the dating pool and suffering from my worst response rate ever on okc. I'm willing to accept it is just luck, or maybe age, since it's been a few years since I was last here, but I am curious if there is anything that jumps out to people who don't know me. (I've run it by friends, and they think it sounds like me, but they also already know me.) [more inside]
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Does my ideal iOS reminder app exist?

I'm looking for specific functionality from a task reminder app. I'd like to be able to schedule regular chores and tasks at specific intervals, but have the next reminder time be automatically updated at the time I complete the task. [more inside]
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Switch from academia to counseling?

I've been working as a non-tenure-track professor in the humanities for the last few years. I'm considering a career shift, and I'm thinking counseling might be a good fit for me. I imagine myself having a private practice where I primarily provide therapy to women. I am hoping this kind of change might offer me more career options and personal fulfillment than what I’m doing now. Still, I'm cautious. I need your wisdom! [more inside]
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Going to Thailand on a a whim? Crazy?

I am writing my PhD thesis and this is my final year. I am worn out and it's winter where I am so I saw a nice holiday package for a beach resort in Phuket, 6 nights. I am single and can just take off. Is it crazy to consider this? [more inside]
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translate this asian-character t-shirt for me?

Having now worn this t-shirt for a few years, perhaps it's time I, you know, learned what it says? It's a nike design, bought something like 4 years ago. I doubt it's anything offensive, but one never knows...flickr photo [more inside]
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Caring for brand new tile and grout

When our bathroom renovation is complete this week, our house will have tile and grout for the very first time: white subway tile with light gray grout on the shower walls and porcelain faux slate with dark gray grout on the floor. How do we keep it clean? [more inside]
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Google Reader replacement with feeds from folders

One of the nice things about Google Reader was that you could set up a folder and then get an RSS feed from that folder. I used this to put a kind of self-updating blogroll on a WordPress site. Do any of the alternatives provide the same facility? I can't see it on Feedly or the Old Reader, and can't see it mentioned in earlier threads.
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basic personality theory textbook

I'm looking for a basic textbook on personality theory. [more inside]
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What TV show should I watch next?

I'm looking for an AMAZING show to watch next. Something short-form, well written, emotional, the kind of thing I will tell everybody around me to watch. I don't care what genre it is in. [more inside]
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Can I use this bike as furniture?!

I'm bike-sitting for a friend for the next 6 months. Her bike will be in my room. Is there any way that I can make it a functional part of my room? Or, barring that, a more decorative part? (Basically, is there any interesting way to make it look like this bike is intentionally here rather than just a random bike propped up against the wall?)
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How do you remove a remover?

I spilled antifungal nail liquid (undecylenic acid) on the seat cushion of my fabric couch. It dried out before I had a chance to rinse it out. I searched on line for things like "remove antifungal" but just got results like "antifungal removes", "remove antifungal from cell membrane", etc. I called Sally Hansen and they said if water didn't get it out, to go someplace like Home Depot and they would know what to use. I removed the seat cushion cover and tried rinsing it, but it didn't work. Rather than making a trip and possibly finding out that they don't know exactly what to use, or getting sold the wrong thing, can anybody here tell me what to do?
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Getting some static seeking this Radio novel...

A few years back, in a dusty Brooklyn used book store I found, purchased, and subsequently lost a novel I've been unable to track down since. [more inside]
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Music sets my soul alight. How do I actually make it?

I love music and I want to be a person who makes music, but I haven't been very successful with learning an instrument so far. How do I get out of this rut, or am I barking up the wrong tree? Details inside. [more inside]
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June 29

Actually, that isn't my name

My name is Stephanie*. I go by Stephanie and always introduce myself that way. People shorten or change my name a lot - I get Steph and Stephie frequently. I don't like this, but can't think of a non-rude, non-awkward way to ask work colleagues and casual acquaintances to quit it (I don't have this problem with friends). How have others dealt with this, or should I just get used to being called Stephie, which makes me feel like some sort of repugnant plush unicorn? *Ok, not really, but something similar
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Help identifying a 1970s comic book where the villain was a gas pump...

Probably early to mid 1970s, color, possible a free giveaway, likely newsprint cover, maybe ecology / gas shortage / conservation themed? Cartoony superhero style probably. I remember getting this as a kid at an outdoor public event on the west coast of BC, Canada - but I assume it wasn't a location-specific comic. It might have been a premium / advertising / educational thing. I've been trying to identify it for years, but that's about all the info that I can recall. Does this ring a bell with anyone?
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I get knocked down, how do I get back up again?

Can you help me get going again? Over the last decade or so, I feel like I have just been stagnating and everything that was important to me (career, health) seems to be going downhill... can you help me get started again? [more inside]
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Help me find a movie!

Please help me identify this movie. I've forgotten everything about it except one scene. [more inside]
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Just stay inside where you're safe kitties!

How can we keep our cats safe when they sneak out the door? [more inside]
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Can you help me find a good book on African mythological creatures?

I've found some kids' books and some extremely brief online articles, but not much more than that. Can you help me find something more in-depth?
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Books and movies/documentaries about founders/makers/rebels?

What are some great (and accessible) books/movies about people who are founders of companies, people who build things, people who purposefully or inadvertently change the status quo? (Examples after the break) [more inside]
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Electric smoker safety questions - help save tomorrow's BBQ!

I just plugged in my Craigslisted electric smoker for the first time and it melted my (short, heavy duty, indoor/outdoor, properly rated) extension cord. Do I buy another extension cord and try again, or is this thing a fire waiting to happen? [more inside]
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Laundry problem - any hope for food stains I already dried?

I washed some clothes (cotton-heavy colors) and dried them, and they have dark food stains on them. Is there anything that could possibly get the stains out at this point? Ideally I'd prefer to use a spray or something easy to use, but soaking is an option if I can do it in a bin in my tub. [more inside]
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Should I plead guilty?

I caused some very minor damage (probably less than $100 worth) to the gutter of a storage unit building, by driving a truck in too tight a turn. The storage unit business had just had a bad experience with a similar accident, which destroyed one of their buildings. As a result, the receptionist was conditioned to respond very aggressively, and immediately called the police. The police told me that because it had been called in, they had to give me a citation for an "improper right turn." They gave me paperwork to send in, and told me I should decide how I want to plead. I said of course I'd plead guilty, since there is video footage of my mistake. The police seemed noncommittal, though, replying "Yeah, well just decide how you want to plead and send it in." So, is there any reason why I would not plead guilty to this? Is it worth talking to a lawyer about? [more inside]
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Potassium Prevarications?

FDA recommends 4700mg of potassium intake per day. That translates to appr. 11 bananas or 5 unpeeled potatos, to pick two common and beloved examples among potassium-richest foods. Various other foods (dairy, nuts/seeds, fruit) also offer up to a few hundred mg per serving. But how is anyone able to meet 4700mg without overeating, especially those who are active and lose potassium through exercise/sweat? [more inside]
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Shading in Gmail Icon

In my (Firefox) bookmark list, the Gmail icon is a wide red "M" with thin black lines continuing the inner strokes of the M over to the opposite feet of the letter. This leaves two white triangles below the middle strokes of the M. For no reason I can figure out, the right-hand triangle is sometimes shaded gray. What does this mean? (I know that it doesn't mean i have unread messages or un-sent drafts.)
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How can I get over a mild fear of heights and enjoy my balcony?

I live on the 24th floor of a highrise apartment building. I have a kick-ass balcony. Seriously, the view is incredible, and I get some amazing afternoon sun. However, I also have a mild (??) fear of heights that keeps me from really appreciating it. Now that our fleeting summer's here, I've realized I don't want to go another year not being able to enjoy my balcony! [more inside]
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How to make people stop explaining simple English words to me?

I speak English with a foreign accent. Some people assume I don't speak Engish as well as them. And then speak to me like I'm a child. How can I tell them to stop? [more inside]
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Cirque du Soleil tickets--now or later?

I'm going to see Cirque du Soleil Mystere in Las Vegas on July 31st. Should I buy tickets now or wait until I get there? [more inside]
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Is there a history of librarian collusion and resistance to repression?

In this New Yorker blog post, Internet Archive's Brewster Kahle mentions this in an answer: "Libraries have had a long history of dealing with authoritarian organizations demanding reader records—who’s read what—and this has led to people being rounded up and killed. As a librarian, you take this very, very seriously." Is there a concise history of this somewhere?
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Is a "thank you" expected for a greeting card?

If I get a greeting card in the mail, am I expected to reach out and say "thank you" right away, or is it OK to wait until I happen to come into contact with them? If I forget to say it when I see them, is this something that somebody would be offended by? [more inside]
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New Router - What (else) can I do with it?

So I've upgraded my router recently (old one was 10+ years old). I also have a nice Samsung Smart TV, and a Macbook Pro laptop. I use the router simply for wireless internet on the laptop, and some basic apps on the smartTV. What else can I do? [more inside]
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Can you sell the opportunity to post ads on a private facebook group?

A professional association (non-profit) of which I am a member has a private facebook group and a dead-tree newsletter. Advertising a job opportunity in the newsletter costs a few tens of dollars. The association wants to include the advert on the Facebook group as part of that fee, and prevent anyone posting a vacancy on Facebook unless they pay the same fee. Aside from its innate stupidity (these jobs are always on mailing lists, LinkedIn, twitter and so on anyway) this feels to me like it must be in breach of Facebook's TOS somehow. But googling "pay to advertise|post| on facebook" just leads to SEO-marketing hell, and it would be a real shame if the organisation gets its group banned or closed. Does anyone have any idea if this is a legitimate thing to do?
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Leaking flat roof on relatively new house in NM => pvc membrane roof?

Our house is a six year old flat roofed house in New Mexico. Every time it rains or snows, the roof leaks in several places. We've gone up there with tar and sealant about 5 times in 18 months. Sometimes we fix it, but not before another leak forms elsewhere. We invited several membrane type roof vendors over for estimates and they range from $20K-$26K for a roof with a lifetime guarantee. The membrane roofing seems like a good idea. Does anyone have experience or advice with finding a permanent solution to a leaking flat roof.
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Textbook Cross-reference for different editions

Is there some place I can find cross-reference guides to match up material and problem sets between different editions of the same textbook (specifically math textbooks) ? [more inside]
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We're hard on food processors. Help us find a new one?

Our family has burned through two Cuisinart 11-cup models in five years. I'm trying to find something more robust in between the ubiquitous Cuisinart/KitchenAid models and $1000+ restaurant equipment. [more inside]
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Moving for job prospects versus moving to your dream city

Pondering my options (kind of far in advance, it is summer I have a lot of free time to think about life and stuff) for when I finish grad school about a year from now. I feel like it would be logical to move to DC if I can't find a job in my current location, but have always wanted to live in Boston. What sort of thought processes have you gone through when making similar decisions about where to settle? How did it work out? And what are your thoughts on DC versus Boston for job prospects? [more inside]
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Putting the bun IN the oven isn't so easy

He says he's on board with making babies, but can't wrap his brain around actually doing it. More inside. [more inside]
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A phone smart enough to cross the Atlantic?

I am in the U.S. and in need of a new smartphone. Catch is that I am temporarily relocating to Europe in a few months, for 9-18 months. Do I sign a contract? Buy a phone and switch to a European provider when I get there? What kind of phone do I get? [more inside]
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Amtrak tips and tricks

This August my best friend and I are going from Minneapolis to Seattle and then on to Oakland via Amtrak. What useful things don't we know about long distance train travel? What should we take to eat? [more inside]
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Help me rig my air conditioner

My apartment has a heater/air conditioner combo-unit that looks like this. It outputs cold air via the vents along the top. PROBLEM: There's no way to direct the air flow. This means it's pointed at my desk (BrrrRRRrr!!!) but it's not sending cool air to the rest of the room (HOT!). Can you think of anything clever I can clip to the front vents to redirect at least some of that air?! [more inside]
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Steering wheel on a tank?

Can a tank have a steering wheel? How does it work? [more inside]
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Can I get this caftan cheaper?

I Want It Now Filter - footstamp mix: I want to get this caftan and swan around in it all summer, I do not want to pay AUS 500 for it. Does anybody know where I can get a dupe for it, or some similar fabric?
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Should I get Comcast's new X2 DVR box?

Does anyone have the new Comcast X2 box? Can you let me know what you think of it? Is it slow as dirt? Can you forward through commercials on recorded shows with ease? Can you access content easily? Do you prefer it to their previous DVR box?
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Cheapest Place to buy new MacBooks?

Looking to purchase a new, non-refurbished 13.3" MacBook Air with the following specifications: 128 gb flash storage 1.7 ghz Intel Core i7 processor 8 GB RAM Apple store for education has it for $1279. Any website that would have it any cheaper? I've checked amazon and new egg and neither have the exact model I want. Probably can't get it any cheaper, but just wanted to check. Thanks for your help!
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Hitch hiking snails?

We have a fish tank (freshwater). We had two yellow apple snails, they died. Last weekend I found two large brown snails in a local lake. We added them to the tank. Now we have two large snails and at least 15 identically-sized small snails (just under half an inch or so in diameter). Where did they come from? [more inside]
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Friend just gave birth. Leaving her husband. What does she need to know?

Not the happiest circumstances to bring a new child into this world. After years of supporting her husband, financially and emotionally, she's reached her limit. He's dealing with some addiction issues, and has become increasingly hostile with the birth of this baby. Maybe they'll work this out one day, but right now she doesn't feel safe, has filled her car with personal belongings and is staying with family. She left him a lengthy note, but does not want to talk to him in the next few days. This has been a long time coming, and while I don't imagine it will be a surprise—his family has actually encouraged her to do this—he won't react well. What sort of legal precautions should she begin taking? [more inside]
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What makes a propaganda film?

How can a film rely solely on the opinions/viewpoint of a (social, political) activist without ultimately becoming a propaganda piece? If a movie focuses on an activist, does it have to feature his/her dissidents for it to be objective? Can't the film just allow for this person to tell his/her story and still not be classified as being sympathetic towards him/her? Are there any prominent examples of films that focus on such figures, for which the filmmakers have been later praised/vilified? [more inside]
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Pro-Choice Literature

Recommendations for pro-choice literature inspired by this mefi comment? [more inside]
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Finding a solicitor in Edinburgh.

I am an American moving to Edinburgh soon from the Netherlands, and I want to begin speaking with a solicitor about what steps I need to take to prepare to purchase a home within the next year (or even sooner if possible). I need someone who has experience working with foreigners. I want to work with someone who is knowledgeable and a straightforward communicator. A personal recommendation from someone with prior experience buying or selling in Scotland would be helpful. Any agencies or individuals that you had a good experience with?
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Where to get a good chop?

Bostonians/Cantibridgians/Somervillagers: Know anywhere to get a WICKED AWESOME haircut for around 60 bucks? Bonus points for being near inman. Not looking for anything crazy-fashion, just something easy to take care of, chic, doesn't require blowdrying, bonus points if it has a slimming effect. (if you have anything specific to suggest along these lines, send me a picture!) Don't mind waiting a bit for an appointment, but probably not more than a month.
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Ipad puzzlegames

My dad has an ipad 3 and he recently discovered that he can play games on it. He loves games like Machinarium and The Room, were you have to think and solve puzzles. Do you know any other games like that? He has an upcoming birthday and I want to give him a list of games he can play.
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Visiting Japan -- September or October weather?

I'd like to visit Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, somewhere between Sept-Oct. Ideally, I'd like to go when the weather is ~70F (~20C), and not raining cats and dogs. [more inside]
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Career vs. SAHM

Seeking wisdom from the experienced: pros and cons of working full time vs. raising kids full time ? [more inside]
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Great speeches in Spanish?

I am looking for short videos with examples of good public speaking in Spanish. I'd like to avoid English with Spanish subtitles, and I realized that I don't have many (any) examples from the Spanish-speaking world, so I've come to you for help. I don't necessarily mean grand political speeches - story-telling (Moth-like?), spoken word (would love to see this), monologues from plays, even rousing sports speeches from movies - all would work. [more inside]
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June 28

How can I deal with a hostile coworker in a professional setting?

I'm currently working at a small (less than 40 people) engineering office with a former classmate. Both of us have been there for about half a year, so we're relatively new to the company/industry. This former classmate is angry at me to the extent that at a happy hour with about ten of our coworkers, she reamed me out while talking to another coworker (speaking loudly enough that she knew I could hear, and dropping enough hints that this coworker would know who she was talking about without out and out saying it). I would like to be able to leave this outside the office as the "issue" is not related to our work, and I am more than capable of still interacting with her professionally (I don't know if she is though). How should I go about dealing with this situation? Should I just ignore it/her or should I confront her quietly either via email or person to person? (see special snowflake details below) [more inside]
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What to name this word game app?

My husband built an android app that is one of those word games where you are given a rack of seven letters and have to find as many words using those letters as you can. It's basically a Scrabble trainer, but he wants/needs to avoid using the word Scrabble in the name so as not to piss off Hasbro. What should he name it instead? [more inside]
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How do healthy people feel in the morning?

I’m not sure what I should be expecting anymore. How I feel, energy-wise, especially in the morning, varies quite a bit depending on... well, so many factors I can't keep track of them all. I want to know what I should be aiming for as I work with my doctors (or, perhaps, hoping for at some indefinite point in the future if I can't influence it now). [more inside]
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Analytic Philosophy: Word games?

Recently I've been listening to some very interesting podcasts on the mind-body problem and I've been caught up in the various different approaches that one can take to the problem. I was really excited until, upon further reflection, it seemed to me that most of what we use to attack this problem in America (analytic philosophy) is basically just word games, logic puzzles and thought experiments, with no real basis in reality. Help? [more inside]
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Coworker is not taking constructive criticism well

I'm working on a group project that involves the group doing a lot of review and critique of each other's work before it becomes the final product. A coworker is not taking the criticism well and I'm trying to understand what is the best way for *me* to handle this and also what is reasonable for me to expect from the coworker. [more inside]
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Roadside Visual Pollution?

I'm looking for a term to describe this - a barrage of garish commercial signage, on the roadside in suburban or rural areas - so I can find more high res, creative commons licensed pictures of it.
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What are the best cities to launch a freelance career (cost of living)?

I currently live in NYC - uber-expensive. I'm planning to quit my job very soon (maybe Monday) and go fulltime with my own consulting business. Its technology related and I've had 2 clients thus far and I have evidence I can charge a sizable hourly rate and there's a market for it, but I haven't had time to really market it and the biggest problem is I am not available to make sales calls during the day. I've had inquires from Fortune 100 companies where I come off totally unprofessional unable to even schedule a call during business hours so I think its time to free up my schedule. [more inside]
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Recommend me a new kitchen faucet, please

I have a four-hole sink with a gooseneck Moen. The cartridges seem to leak quickly in my experience and are expensive to replace. Is there a plumber here who agrees? I'm sick of dealing with this endlessly leaky nightmare, and I'm about ready to replace the whole faucet. Does anybody make a good faucet with simple washers anymore? I don't mind replacing those! Short question: I want a recommendation for the simplest and most sensible faucet there is. My absolute top price is $200. Must be gooseneck and must not be Moen. I'd prefer to pay $100. Or explain to why Moens are actually okay and that I should just tough it out.
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I'm Thinking of Backpacking in South America

I'm thinking of backpacking in South America. Does anyone have experience with doing this? [more inside]
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How accurate is the white house siege in the film "Olympus Has Fallen"?

I read online that the director did a lot of research and consulted with military experts on how an actual terrorist siege on the white house could work. Of course, he also said that white house security experts have already planned for such an attack. I'm curious what would have been done differently in real life by the white house and DC security?
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Why offer a witness who may hurt your case?

Martin/Zimmerman filter: Why did the prosecution call John Good to testify today, knowing Good would say Martin was on top of Zimmerman making 'downward motions' with his arm? IANAL, but if you are, or not -- help me understand the calculation.
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A la recherce de temps perdu in Rockaway Beach

My dad, who has some health problems that limit his mobility and sometimes his mental acuity, asked me to investigate the possibility of spending 3 days at the beach near where he grew up, which is Belle Harbor. I live in Brooklyn but don't know anything about Belle Harbor, including exactly what it is. I think it's more or less the same as Rockaway Beach, and I've found some rental bungalows around Beach 110th Street. My question--is that where Belle Harbor is, and could my mom and dad and I enjoy three days there with no car? Given that leisure activities could basically be the beach and just my dad soaking up the nostalgic vibe of his native 'hood, could we find restaurants, simple groceries, a quiet bar and other essentials within a very limited walking distance?
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Help me brainstorm presentation ideas for higher ed job interview

I have to give a 10-minute presentation as part of a job interview for a career advisor and instructor position in the career services office of the business school at a large public university. I'm having trouble coming up with ideas, and would love some help brainstorming. Details inside. [more inside]
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Resources to help locate campgrounds in the PNW

You are driving through the PNW. Suddenly, you become [tired/inspired by the scenery]. You wish to find a place to camp in your vicinity. >OPEN GLOVEBOX >LOOK MAGIC CAMPING MAP [more inside]
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Use for betel leaf/la trau (Piper betle)?

I took a risk and bought a small package of "la trau" leaves, not knowing what they were, hoping I could use them to make wraps of some kind. Research when I got home showed them to be betel leaf, the medicinal kind. I'm not going to try the traditional route of finding an areca nut and slaked lime to wrap up and chew (gross), so can I do anything else with them? [more inside]
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Where can I find a list of accounting software that uses an SQL backend?

Doing research for an Exec about software that can integrate with SQL-based accounting software. She's going to want a list of her options. [more inside]
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hello history wonks!

I am looking for quirky, engaging or art & music related US & world history media. [more inside]
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Help me convert this graph into a table.

I have a bitmap of a chart (in polar coordinates) that I would like to convert into a format that some plotting package can recognize, and then retrieve values from the chart at specific intervals. How do I do this? [more inside]
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HVAC hacks for a VERY large space?

The organization I run rents a large, old theater for once-a-week film screenings. Problem: the air conditioning is broken, and the theater doesn't have the capital to fix it before the summer ends. But we have screenings scheduled weekly through the end of August. Are there any good ways to keep a large space cool without a working AC system? (How did people keep cool in indoor spaces historically, pre-AC?) [more inside]
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There are a lot of things I need to protest and I need help

Is there a website that exists that does all or most of the following: a) bring up notices of new laws that are trying to be passed (and offers a listserv or something) and gives a timeframe for actions you should take c) provides info on who to write to/call about the issue d) lists any active petitions related to the issue or links to petition sites to create petitions e) allows a system for informing people of or setting up protest times and locations f) provides basic printable legal information as a resource for potential protesters [more inside]
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Let them Eat Cake

You've got a City Market near you, and you've ordered (or eaten) their cake. How was the customer service, and, more importantly, the cake?
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Text Messaging is Overrated...?

I can't find a text messaging app that does everything I want, so I use multiple apps and confuse my friends with multiple phone numbers. Is there a better way? [more inside]
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staying cool on Kauai

We're traveling to Kauai next week, staying in Kekaha. I need some ideas for staying cool, especially at night. [more inside]
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Best place to watch the New York City July 4th Fireworks

It's that time of year again, and ever since the fireworks moved to the West side, it's been a struggle to sort out the best place to watch them. How far north/south do I have to go to NOT battle the insane crowds? [more inside]
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Tweets with links don't show up in hashtag search.

Need twitter help. My tweets with links don't show up in hashtag searches, but my tweets withOUT links do show up. Has anyone had this same problem? How did you fix it, if ever? [more inside]
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Can I put something bad-tasting on my hands to discourage bitey cat?

I have an adult (5ish years old) foster cat who is very friendly and mostly trusts us (we've had her for over 2 years now). She's very loving but is very much her own cat, and would prefer her space be respected at times. I'd like for her to express her moods in non-biting ways. [more inside]
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Analysing email for statistics

I have over 10 years of sent email sitting in a folder. Are there any tools (preferably for OS X or *nix, but anything interesting is welcome) that I can use to generate interesting statistics, or draw pretty graphs, word clouds... basically anything interesting that works on a huge number of emails.
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Best hair products for short fine wavy hair

I recently have gotten a hair cut that looks best when I wear my hair wavy. In the past when I wear my hair wavy the results have been mixed. Sometimes it looks great, and others dull and frizzy. I have tried a different types of products and find most of it to be inconsistent. Since my hair is shorter now and can't go to a pony tail, I am having to suffer through the bad hair days. Are there any products or styling regimines to have this happen as little as possible? [more inside]
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I think I got ripped off by contractor - need a reality check.

Is it normal for a concrete contractor to charge more than the price quoted because he needed to use more materials than he thought he would? [more inside]
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Radiant Heat Effect on Global Warming

Does the mass of human construction radiate enough heat to contribute to global warming? [more inside]
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Buying an older diesel car (80's) for daily use

I am looking to buy an 81 VW Rabbit diesel (turbo diesel, non-intercooled) as a daily driver. I have experience with gasoline engines, and routine maintenance, but diesels are new to me. [more inside]
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Calling them would be too easy

Making the switch from Verizon to AT&T and I have a few basic questions. [more inside]
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Can I get perfectly centered business cards printed?

I want to get business cards with borders. I was looking at moo, and they recommend not using a border because cropping may not be even on all sides. I'm not talking about scientific precision, but I would like my cards to appear even on all sides. Is this realistic, and are there other companies that do this better? I would also like to be able to get rounded corners and some sort of smooth matte or glossy finish on both sides.
posted by lgyre at 9:21 AM PST - 14 comments

Andy Capp Hot Fries

Was there ever an instance of Andy Capp actually eating "hot fries" in the actual comic strip either as a basis for product as a cross promotion later?
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What can I use to test responsive web design?

What tool can I use to test out media queries/responsive web design with my PC? I can see that they're working on actual mobile devices, but the changes aren't showing up in any of the browser-based tools I've tried. [more inside]
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Speed me up!

I've noticed recently that my "natural speed" for various mundane physical tasks eg hanging out washing, folding clothes, putting stuff away, and even getting out the car, grabbing my stuff and shutting the door, is slower than average. How can I get faster at these things without feeling like I'm rushing (and slightly stressed)? [more inside]
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what should i line my kitchen cabinets with?

I started moving into my apartment last night and found they had painted the insides of all the cabinets and drawers with brown matte paint. It feels gross and I know will be a pain to clean. So what should I line them with? [more inside]
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Need to up my chicken & vegetables game.

We do chicken and vegetables for dinner at least twice a week because it's quick, easy, cheap, and healthy. But it is so BORING! I think I need seasoning help. [more inside]
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House buying nightmare. How do do this when I have challenging dependant

We need to sell hour house on contingent due to my elderly father, 2 dogs, and a toddler. Sellers don't seem to like contingency. We're passing up buyers because we have nowhere to go. Need a new plan. Suggestions? [more inside]
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How to make simple 3d images

Hello Graphics Minded MeFiers. How can I (ungraphics minded MeFier) make a simple 3d image like the one posted below? I have spent a week or so with several programs but all have proven too complicated or look too ugly. Isn't there a simple program out there that I can "paint" 3d ribbons with like in the linked image? thanks all! http://imgur.com/QB3Aisg
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I can't sleep. I like sleep.

I usually sleep OK. Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep (mind racing, problems at work, etc, etc) but once I'm out, I'm out. I'll wake up once a night maybe to take a leak, but other than that, I'm good. Now, not so much. [more inside]
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Food and cooking on a budget in Manhattan?

How does one do food shopping and eat healthily on a very constrained budget in Manhattan? I'm looking for resources: specific stores that have 'dented' food items, websites for good local deals, etc. [more inside]
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What's the best short term high speed cellular data solution?

I'm taking a 10 day driving trip from Atlanta to Cooperstown (and back) in about two weeks. I want to be able to connect multiple devices, so a hotspot is needed. Where is the sweet spot in terms of initial investment, bandwidth allowance and data rate with no contract?
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Adventures in Napoli

I'm heading to Napoli (Naples) from Rome in three hours. Napoli being Napoli, and apparently totally odd, a friend of mine suggested turning the 36 hours over to Metafilter, an idea I love. So please give me an adventure! [more inside]
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I Do Not Want My Silence to Be Used Against Me. What's the Script?

I've only today discovered the SCOTUS ruling of Salinas vs. Texas and want to ensure I understand it and know what to say if I'm ever talking (especially informally) to the police. As previously discussed, this ruling determined that unless a person specifically invokes the right to remain silent at any time when speaking with police, their silence can be used against them. YANAL, YANML, and I am not looking here to critique this ruling, what I'm looking for is an exact script to say to the police whenever I'm talking to them. [more inside]
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Dealing with casual bigotry?

What strategies do people have to deal with casual bigots when the situation mandates basic politeness? [more inside]
posted by Cannon Fodder at 4:44 AM PST - 28 comments

Romances like Georgette Heyer

I love Georgette Heyer's regency romances, but as I'm not regular romance reader, the signal to noise ratio when trying to find something similar is very low. My searches have yielded mixed results, can you help? [more inside]
posted by smoke at 3:15 AM PST - 24 comments

How Are School Libraries Different Now than 20 Years Ago?

How Are School Libraries Different Now than 20 Years Ago? [more inside]
posted by Sully at 2:03 AM PST - 13 comments

Looking for Durians and Fritessaus in SF Bay Area

Hi all! I'm looking for some very specific foodstuffs while looking in the SF bay area: fresh durians and the Dutch Fritessaus. That said, I have no idea where to start looking for these sorts of things. Where are some good places to look at for these items? Thanks!
posted by pipian at 2:00 AM PST - 8 comments

UK Do I have to "register" a business name to do business under a name?

I'm in London UK and I'm working for as an independent consultant for some businesses in the UK and Overseas (non EU). Currently I'm trading under my given name but I'm wondering if I can just start using a business name instead. just for the appearance of more "professionalism". Can I just start using "XYZ Consulting" as my business name on contracts and invoices etc? Or do I have to do I have to register something. I"m not that fussed about limited liability etc. [more inside]
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June 27

My feet hurt

I am looking for good sneakers to wear while exercising. I have high arches, small (size 6 women's) wide feet, and all the shoes I've tried don't stop the pain when I do lunges, jumping jacks, or yoga poses where I stand on one foot. [more inside]
posted by k8lin at 8:46 PM PST - 29 comments

Best point and shoot camera with wireless photo upload

I just broke my point and shoot camera and want to replace it with something more modern. I have a 4GB eye-if SD card that I configured to auto-upload to my online photo storage for me, but I'd like to find a camera that has this feature built in. A quick google (an 4 hours later), it doesn't seem like I can find such a camera -- is my google searching rusty, or is the camera market missing "automatic, easy picture upload" as a built in feature? I don't want to use my eye-if anymore. Any suggestions for a camera that does it all?
posted by thankyoumuchly at 8:14 PM PST - 5 comments

Famous cases where nobody remembers the original complaint?

Windsor v. US will be remembered as a decision on gay marriage but was originally a question of estate taxes. Griswold v. Connecticut is remembered as a decision on constitutional protection of privacy, but it was filed to challenge a statute prohibiting contraception. Capone v. US is the trial that shut down a notorious gangster, smuggler, and murderer, but the specific charge was tax evasion. What other examples are there of famous cases where the actual complaint has become kind of obscure for most laymen? Is there a term for this sort of case?
posted by d. z. wang at 7:36 PM PST - 19 comments

What size security deposit should I require for a 1-month sublet?

I'm subletting my room in a Capitol Hill, Washington DC rowhouse for 1 month. I pay $1250 for rent, and I'm thinking about charging $1050 in rent for a subletter to make sure I get someone for July. My security deposit with the landlord is about $1000. The landlord knows I'm subletting it and is totally OK with it, as long as I'm responsible for any potential damage. So would it be unreasonable to require a $1000 security deposit for a 1-month sublet? How about $750? $500? [more inside]
posted by catquas at 6:09 PM PST - 15 comments

1979 HBO show Whodunit : The Greatest Unsolved Myseries

I have been dipping in and out trying to track this show down. I had previously been looking for the clip on the Zodiac killer when I posted this specific question on the Zodiac in 2009. [more inside]
posted by snap_dragon at 6:00 PM PST - 6 comments

Is there a free program similar to illustrator that I can use on a mac?

I'm a teacher and would like to make a few custom posters for my classroom for next year. I'm pretty decent with Illustrator but don't want to invest in it for rare projects such as this. I need something that will let me a bit more nuanced formatting than just a word doc. Any ideas?
posted by shrimpsmalls at 5:51 PM PST - 15 comments

What word-guessing game site did I go to? I can't find it anymore.

The computer I was using at the time is gone, so I don't have the bookmark. Google hasn't helped. I'm hoping someone here knows what I'm talking about. [more inside]
posted by cellura p at 5:26 PM PST - 2 comments

The reeducation of an English major

Having spent the last few years as an attorney, I am contemplating returning to school, with the goal of eventually doing a PhD in Political Science. Potential issue: my background is not in Political Science. How best to fill in the gaps? [more inside]
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iMac burn-in?

Considering this desktop screenshot, am I right in thinking my iMac's screen has burned in? You can see the outline of Twitter and Mail. I have a 27" iMac (core i7). Kinda bent about it.
posted by xmutex at 5:09 PM PST - 14 comments

I want to start learning how to DJ digitally immediately

Pretty much what it says in the question title. I have no idea what the current state of software is- Serato? Traktor? Who uses what, and what's best for a beginner? Are skills learned in one program easily transferable to another, or do the workflows differ significantly between software packages? [more inside]
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How to spell "love" in Lao?

I tried google Translate and got a bunch of spellings, but many of them had different senses of the word. I want the one that means love as both a noun and a verb- like we do in English. It's going to be a tat, so I don't want to accidently be wearing something on my body that's lewd. [more inside]
posted by puddinghead at 4:25 PM PST - 5 comments

Where can my wife go to be given injections in the Houston area?

My wife will be traveling in a couple of weeks to Houston, and will also be on a series of injections for IVF at the same time. Unfortunately she is unable to do the injection herself (physically and mentally) so will need someone to administer the shots. [more inside]
posted by KirTakat at 4:04 PM PST - 14 comments

Are my gauged ears a lost cause?

I'm having some issues with my 2g ear holes. Perhaps you could help me address them. [more inside]
posted by starbaby at 3:51 PM PST - 14 comments

Help me not focus on my lust for a guy that's bad for me.

About a month ago, I started dating an absolutely lovely man, and I immediately called things off with my friend with benefits at the time without much in the way of closure. I'm enjoying my time with the dating guy A LOT, but the fwb is texting and calling and I feel tempted. Help me with brain hacks to let go of this lust. [more inside]
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Travel videos for download

Inspired by these posts, can you direct me to other videos of train rides (or boat rides) that are available for download in high quality? I have a digital picture frame that plays videos and I'd like to find a few nice videos to play in it.
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Which Selling Platform is Best?

I am working on a list since 2004 that I think would be salable. It's publicly available contact information for radio, TV, magazines, syndicates, newspapers, book publishers and agents. I'm a freelancer and I originally started it because I wanted to be able to reach these sources to interest them in my content. But I realized it could be a product. [more inside]
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How can I handle a web designer working for our competitors?

I'd like to hire a web design and marketing company that is specialized in my industry. They provide the best product out there -- great sites, great logos, great marketing with super industry knowledge. I noticed that our #1 competitor in the local area has a website "under construction" and a new site coming soon from this same marketing company. How can I handle this situation? [more inside]
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Dev help: Facebook invites, mobile apps, custom strings?

Calling other developers: I've got an app right now with a problem that I'm butting my head against... [more inside]
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Trampoline + uterus.

What did I just do? [more inside]
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Jamaican Wedding License in Italy

I've taken an exciting job in Italy! Everything has gone well with the immigration process for me, but I'd also like my wife to get here too... [more inside]
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How do we collaborate on a video online?

A number of us want to collaborate on a web video. Basically, we'd love to find a site where each of us could record a short clip via web cam and someone could edit them all together. Nothing fancy, just a video like those super cuts of a character doing a signature phrase over and over again. Are there any sites that make this easy?
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Movies/television shows: Ordering food or drinks in an outrageous manner

I am looking for suggestions where characters order food or drinks in an outrageous manner. The scene can take place at a restaurant or bar (not a private party). Their behavior can be funny, rude, or just strange. It is not about what they order, but how they do it. [more inside]
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Is NYC the only city in America that is off-limits?

I've long considered New York City to be the one place in America that your normal person just can't live in. Generally speaking, is it? Can someone making very little money thrive there? Tips? Advice? Stories? [more inside]
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What are some actor-friendly jobs?

Hello, MetaFilter peeps! I am funemployed (mostly unemployed, maybe had too much fun and now not having much at all) and trying to find a job that is flexible enough for me to audition and take some classes. I feel like I am doing this wrong - how do I look for a job outside of my usual network of soul-crushing, time-sucking production gigs? [more inside]
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iPod stolen by a superhero

Since returning from a Palo Duro Canyon (Texas) trip, I’ve been torturing myself: How the heck was my iPod stolen from my car? Is there such thing as an alarm-disabling device? Is The Flash alive and well, phasing through car doors to swiftly swipe 7+-year-old iPod Nanos? I’m anal retentive about the alarm/locks. I always set the alarm. It’s ingrained in me. The storage compartment between the front seats was opened and left open, and the auxiliary cable and iPod were taken. The back armrest was pulled down and left down. Nothing else was gone from the car – not the few dollars stuffed into the ashtray, not my camping gear, not my delicious fruit and nut hiking snacks. [more inside]
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Is there a good replacement for BBC Mundo Radio?

I am looking for a good replacement for a dearly-departed Spanish language news podcast, BBC Mundo Radio. [more inside]
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Did I ask for too much money?

I’m being laid off, and my exit interview is tomorrow. I would like to ask the HR manager’s advice on what salary I should request at my next job. Help me work out how to phrase my question, please. [more inside]
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It looks nice, but....

They finished painting my house today, and the bill is exactly as I expected. However, I didn't exactly get the service that I expected, although the house looks great. Is it too late to try to negotiate a lower rate? [more inside]
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Anyone else have a sexist mom?

Looking for recommended feminist reading as well as personal anecdotes towards helpful dialogue with Mom, and to examine and deal with the crazy, effed up, sexist ideas with which I was raised and may have accepted as normal and true. [more inside]
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Half-remembered children's book of creation myths

I actually am not sure if I'm asking about one book that had a few creation myths in it, or a few books, each with one creation myth. I'm hoping for the former! [more inside]
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Cape Cod Rentals

I'm totally overwhelmed by the rental market for Cape Cod. Seeking info and/or recommendations. [more inside]
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Rockets and Tubes: Why not?

Why do we not launch rockets out of tubes? If the most expensive bits of launching a rocket are the first few feet off the ground, why don't we put the rockets into a tube to make launching more efficient? [more inside]
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I am undergoing chemotherapy. It is very difficult to get marijuana.

My situation. About 2/3 months ago I happily said goodbye to a massive tumor I had apparently been gestating in my intestine. I am receiving FOLFOX chemotherapy. The primary thing that is keeping me functioning, working and being a parent is marijuana. Which I have to buy on the street to the tune of about 800 bucks a month. I have spoken to my oncologist. I have spoken to my pain management team. No one will help me get what I need: a prescription/license for pot and sufficient financial help or program to be able to afford it. Where in Ottawa can I be connected to a network or physician who can help me? And I mean now. I need someone to carry the water for me because I am somewhat shattered. [more inside]
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Vegan cooling: Mirrors on the roof?

I have lots of mirrors. Put them on the roof? Y/N, Why. [more inside]
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School me about ODesk

Someone just turned me on to ODesk.com. I am going to need several demo videos edited over the next month and I'm interested in using ODesk to find a video editor to do this. Having registered, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the thousands of freelancers who seemingly fit my requirements. Give me your ODesk tips and tricks please. How can I get the most from it? Have you had a bad/good experience with it?
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Is Bissell carpet shampoo worth it?

We just rented a Bissell carpet cleaner and the shampoo was $22 per 32 oz. bottle. Over on the shelf they have some other brand for $10. I think I know the answer to this, but is the Bissell shampoo really better? [more inside]
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House/flat rentals in Lagos, Portugal?

A friend is interested in renting a house or flat for a couple of weeks in late July or August in Lagos, Portugal. Recommendations for reputable agencies to go through/web listings/anything else that might help them find a nice place?
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Spraying/misting something in the walls = terrible idea?

Will spraying a mixture of peppermint oil & water inside my condo walls cause damage in any unanticipated ways? [more inside]
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What's causing Word and Facebook to break at the same time?

When I'm working, I often have Word 2010 document open and Facebook open in a Chrome browser tab. Every so often, I'll try to close a Word doc and it'll hang with "not responding". Simultaneously, I'm unable to do anything in Facebook - can't scroll, click, etc. Every other Chrome tab works fine, every other Windows application works fine. I can close the FB tab, but the Word doc is still stuck. Restarting Chrome and Word doesn't do anything. Task Manager doesn't show any unusual activity or processes running. [more inside]
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Recommendation for Keylogger/Activity Monitor

I believe that my autistic/mentally ill son is using our family computer when he should not be (i.e., while everyone in the house is asleep). I need facts about whether or not he's doing it and what he's doing while online. I'm primarily looking for screenshots/keylogs with timestamps. I'm hoping to get recommendations and anecdotes from people who've used software like this. The machine in question is running Windows 7. I am not interested in a discussion of the ethics of it. Thank you.
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Is this a kind of idiom?

In a film,a teacher says to a student who is going to fight with a classmate. "Tidd! You take one more step and you'll think you were born in detention. Get back to your seat." What does "born in detention" mean? I googled it and I only found some articles like,"Uncertain future awaits babies born in detention.." So is this a sort of exaggerated expression of "being detained"? And is this a common phrase in your country?
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Bargaining chips for buying newish used car

Is purchasing a used car outright with cash a bargaining chip for negotiations? What add-ons should I turn down from the dealership? [more inside]
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How can I do... anything? with this JSON file?

So, I've found the source of all the data I need in my database, but it is in a JSON file. MSSQL cannot read JSON and the entire internet seems devoted to telling me how brilliant and easy JSON is and then giving me 20 pages of code to deal with it. I don't have time to implement a JSON parse in C or anything like that. I just need to put this perfectly simple bit of data into a database. Can you help? [more inside]
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My face is on fire.

I'm having problems with my skin and I can't figure it out. [more inside]
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Help us decide where to move to in NH

Can you help me decide where in NH would be a good fit for us to live? Or possibly elsewhere? [more inside]
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How to downsample quality on many .wav audio files?

I have several hundred recordings of research sessions which are .wav audio files, and they have nearly filled my external hard drive. How can I reduce the file size while preserving quality? [more inside]
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My sister's super stole her laptop. What do I do?

My sister's laptop was taken by the super after she died. The locks were changed and he was the only person who was in and out of the apartment. Two days after she died someone started using the laptop. They used it on and off for two weeks and then it was returned to the apartment 1 day before I arrived to clean the place out. It was, 1 day before I returned, destroyed by submerging in water. [more inside]
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Tips and tricks for life with a hearing aid...

My 6 year old son got a hearing aid yesterday.....I've educated myself about his hearing loss and his device....I want to shorten the learning curve and get advice about living with a hearing loss.... [more inside]
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Book Filter: Dystopian/Utopian Novel with Roman Setting

Tyring to recall the title of a book: a society which follows a largely Roman style of rule. There are (IIRC) three real social classes: male Centurions, male slaves/servants and women. From the outside, it appeared that the military structure was the ruling class, but the women were breeding out aggression and seeing that all aggressive men became Centurions and the others appeared to be slaves/servants.
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Managing multiple monitors

How do we control a secondary display when it's around the corner and out of sight? [more inside]
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How do I prevent a webpage from logging me of?

There's a webpage that keeps logging me off for inactivity. Signing in again is a hassle. Is there some snazzy piece of software that anybody knows about that will periodically "poke" the page or something to keep it open indefinitely? Thanks to any who can help.
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June 26

Edible plants to grow in the shower?

I have a large bathroom/shower room. It is a Japanese bathroom where the whole room gets wet and has a drain in the middle. I am looking for edible plants that like that type of wet/humid/warm environment. The room has a large northerly facing window but does not get any direct light. Maybe some kind of tropical fruit?
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Do you like your ceramic kitchen knife?

After a close encounter with a garbage disposal, my 15-year Chef's knife is now defunct. Thinking of replacing it with a ceramic , but have some concerns about durability and sturdiness. Specifically: 1) The claim is that a ceramic blade never needs sharpening. Is this true? 2) Is the blade heavy/sturdy enough to do heavy chopping? Could you de-bone a chicken with one? Very interested in any and all other advice and thoughts from cooks that have made the switch from steel to ceramic. Thanks
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The care and feeding of your supertaster

I'm the cook of the household. Husband is very open-minded about food, but really hates certain things — onions, peppers, fish, horseradish. He claims they are too strong, and ruin the dish because it's all he can taste. After a recent raspberry cobbler tasted incredibly bitter to him (and it was well sweetened with sugar), I'm beginning to suspect he might be a supertaster. If this is true, is there anything I can do or do we just have to avoid those foods forever? Are there methods of preparation to make things taste milder or less bitter?
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Microsoft Outlook 2010: calendar reminders via email

Does this Visual Basic script do what it says? [more inside]
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Superfan Twitter accounts with huge followings

I'm curious about a phenomenon I've observed many times on Twitter. In the reply threads of tweets by Justin Bieber and other pop celebrities, you see a enormous amount of nearly content-free chatter by superfans ("Follow me please", "I love you", "OMG", etc). What's puzzling is that in the majority of cases, despite their inane content, the accounts posting this stuff seem to have enormous numbers of followers (many are 5000 or 8000+, more than many actual public figures), despite only following a modest few hundred accounts themselves. Where are all these followers coming from? Is this some sort of Belieber-specific phenomenon?
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I've seen her type before: scandalous Brooklyn dining

Brooklyn dining, scandalous dress edition. Boyfriend's birthday is next week and I found a great low-cut, backless dress that will look ridiculously out of place in most dining establishments I frequent in Brooklyn. Suggestions for dinner with good food (emphasis on good food), price not an issue, where I won't feel crazy for dressing in a Manhattan scene-y way? Park Slope is home base but absolutely willing to travel.
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The mysteries of my hotel room

Where is the thermostat in my Doubletree hotel room? [more inside]
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I would like to upgrade the harddrives on my dad's 2008 macbook pro and my wife's 2010 macbook to SSD. I have questions? [more inside]
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Kite Photography/Video

I have one of the last Flip videos made. I want to send it up as high as I can on a kite, and while I'd prefer it not plummet to Earth and smash this isn't really that great of a concern (especially if I could still get the footage off this). [more inside]
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How much branding is too much?

I'm looking for examples, good and bad, of corporations or institutions pushing a decorative element or motif across all of their branding. Note: this decorative element must be in addition to and distinct from the expected logo/wordmark. [more inside]
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A rising HS senior is foundering in search of post-high-school options.

My younger brother is an unimpressive student who doesn't show much evidence of being able to apply himself. His grades are B's and C's pretty much across the board in both the sciences and humanities. He wasn't making much progress at sports or with a musical instrument, and after a year or two his motivation fades. I have provided him with learning tools for some technical computery stuff, but that hasn't really been paying off either. He likes drawing and sketching, but not intensely, and the complexity of 3D and animation quickly turned him off. Generally, he likes hanging out with friends, riding bikes, watching TV, and playing video games. But what the hell is he going to be doing a year from now? [more inside]
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Please help me identify this comic

Can you identify this comic/graphic novel? Coming-of-age type story about a girl who is gay, Canadian, has a degree in (I think) ceramics or something else she doesn't use, and makes ends barely-sort-of meet by working as a bike messenger until some art or writing starts to pay off. It was likely autobiographical or partly so. Looked like it was written and set anywhere from the late 80s to mid 90s. I believe it was offline originally, but put online maybe ten or so years ago. [more inside]
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Looking for a shoe. A very specific shoe.

So, I desperately wanted these shoes... ...but I waited for them to go on sale and now they're sold out in my size. None available on Ebay either. Help me find a similar pair, metafilter geniuses! This seems to be a hard style to find. I've looked around the internet a lot but my searches have been fruitless. Thank you!
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Cutting edge technology in new house

I am about to build a new custom house, and the tech side of it is causing me anxiety. I want to have cutting edge stuff in it, at least so that in 5 years it is not missing some "must have" technology that will make it hard to resell or give me tech-jealousy. It seems a lot easier to put all the wiring/infrastructure in place during the framing stage now instead of wiring later after the walls are all up. I have several questions inside about wiring, what internet setup I should try to get, etc. [more inside]
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Does striking down DOMA involve immanentizing the eschaton?

What was my conservative Christian Facebook acquantaince talking about when he said that we were "grind[ing] towards the end of the first societal transition phase"? [more inside]
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Direct Me Towards the Perfect T-Shirt?

Please help me, Mefi!!! I have been looking for the perfect t-shirt for years, with little success. I want those t-shirts I see all the other women wearing - soft, lightweight but not completely see-through, baggy but not boxy, loose but still flows nice on one's curves. (Pictures Inside) [more inside]
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Missing persons' email accounts

I'm curious as to what the protocol is for police being able to access the email accounts of someone who has gone missing. If the person has no living relatives to grant permission, can the police still access the missing person's email? How many days does someone have to be missing before the police are allowed to read their private emails?
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Waiting, waiting to feel attractive...

I'm a female in my very early twenties. I feel like I've been waiting for my entire life to "become" attractive, and this kind of thinking is becoming a drag. [more inside]
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Would this antenna thing actually work?

I was perusing an online deals site, when I happened upon this. I live less than a mile from my office, and my home DSL is much faster than my office DSL. This got me wondering: Could I install something like this at home and use my home DSL at work? [more inside]
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how about that DOMA, huh?

I went to a dinner party the other night and was totally miserable. I literally had nothing to say the whole night. I'm going to another one this weekend and I need something to talk about. [more inside]
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Looking for a site for people to share photos/comments after an event

I'm Looking for a site for people to share photos/comments after an event, in as easy a way as possible, ideally without having to sign up with a password or use facebook. [more inside]
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What flooring would you want in a Miami condo?

We have inherited a dated 2 bedroom condo in Sunny Isles, Florida that we intend to sell in the autumn. The market for permanent residents and snow birds is pretty strong, and we've decided not to do a gut reno, but do want to "neutralize" it somewhat with fresh paint and flooring. White paint is easy to decide, but how to replace the 10 year old blue carpet is puzzling us. As a Floridian, would you want / expect ceramic throughout a 2 bdrm condo or laminate "hardwood"? Why? Our realtor advises ceramic tile throughout, but as Ontarians, that seems weird for bedrooms. I have seen this question but our situation is really focused on immediate resale in an upper middle class community - universally attractive is more important than durability.
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The cat is driving us crazy.

After moving to a new apartment my cat has spent nearly 100% of his waking hours HOWLING at the door. Pacing in front of it. Jumping up and batting at the knob. When we open the door he BOLTS out, down the hallway and to the stairs where he just lays down and looks pleased with himself. [more inside]
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This tenant does not look good on paper

I'm trying to help a friend find an apartment to rent. She is on a low fixed income which will not meet the gross-income-must-be-3x-rent formula most landlords around here require their renters to meet, but she will be receiving assistance from family to ensure her expenses are covered. What kind of support or advice could I provide to help her find a place that will rent to her? [more inside]
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Old storm window lock.. what is this called?

Does anyone know what this old storm window thumb screw lock is called? [more inside]
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Why do I get so congested after I eat?

I'm trying to figure out why I get congested after I eat many types of foods. Often after I finish a meal, I get very congested in my chest 10-15 minutes later, and my throat and chest feel somewhat tight. Not wheezing-I-can't-breathe tight, but tight like how things feel during a panic attack. When this happens I have to cough a lot and clear my throat to get the phlegm out of my chest. Then, after about 15-20 minutes, everything goes away and I feel normal. What's going on? [more inside]
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Latin translation help

Trying to write "Victory Over Dragons" in Latin. Google translate etc... keep telling me it is Victoriam Dracones which translates back to English as dragon's victory which is the opposite of what I want to say! Any help would be appreciated, trying to make a shield for my kid and sine I keep reminding him that getting the little things right is important I would like to get this right...
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Absolutely cheapest merchant fees?

How can I arrange for the absolutely cheapest possible merchant fees when processing a credit card online? [more inside]
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What to absolutely get from The Body Shop?

I have a $20 gift card to Body Shop. What do I absolutely have to get? So I have a gift card thing that expires in two days. I thought I'd go down there in a few hours and use it. [more inside]
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Please Help Me Decide If I Need Help

I am struggling with my relationship with my family. My parents are older (in their 70's) and things are not as bad as they were when I was young, but I still struggle with issues of blame and anger over what I consider to have been their borderline abusive treatment of myself and one of my siblings. I don't want to cut my family off, and I would dearly love to be free of these negative thoughts and feelings for once and for all, but every visit with them (and the weeks leading up to and following them) are a minefield for me. Details inside. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:51 PM PST - 20 comments

Falling in love is the easy part.

I'm looking for movies about relationships that aren't about falling in love. [more inside]
posted by ruby.aftermath at 1:35 PM PST - 30 comments

Common pitfalls starting a professional services partnership?

Friend is likely to start up a partnership (specifically a Limited Liability Partnership) in the UK. Aside from the usual problems of running a business in the current economic climate what particular issues are they likely to face? I'm interested more in the softer 'issues' like the difficulties of coming to decisions between the partners if they all have an equal stake, or how to put in place good procedures for equity partners to join or leave rather than more 'harder' legal aspects of say how to incorporate at Companies House. [more inside]
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What conditions can cause chronic vertigo?

What medical conditions are out there, particularly ones that do not necessarily involve the ears, that can cause bouts of long-term vertigo? [more inside]
posted by IndigoRain at 1:06 PM PST - 20 comments

Verizon and iPad data

Have an LTE Verizon iPad 3. Want to be able to discontinue data plan during months when I don't need it but easily reconnect if I am traveling etc. Was able to do this in the past (with ATT on an earlier iPad) but now seems only way is to cancel which may require complex dealings with Verizon to reestablish LTE sim. Easy on and off was the attraction for getting a Verizon in the first place - now they seem to have changed policy without any warning. Help
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Help me find long-lasting, men's casual button-down shirts

Help me find men's button-down casual shirts that have breathable fabric, are easy-to-care for (and they won't crash and burn after a few washes) in solid colors, with a lighter fabric that is not transparent. A basic button-down with no embellishments, one that looks good with jeans or chinos. The cut should be average to slim fitting.
posted by nanook at 12:20 PM PST - 25 comments

Clonazepam/Klonopin Withdrawal

I took Klonopin as needed maybe once or twice a week. I took a 1 mg dosage. Last Thursday I decided to come off of it and I haven't taken any for 6 days. When do I know I am in the clear and I will not go through withdrawal? I know withdrawal can be horrid. Tomorrow it will be one week since I took any medication but I know they do have a long half life.
posted by Jack V at 12:06 PM PST - 14 comments

Anyone good at math, semi-circles and areas PLEASE HELP!!!!

So I am trying to figure out how to charge for a product that is a semi-circle. I charge per square feet. The client ordered a product that was 25 feet in diameter and 6 feet deep (radius if it were a full circle), then changed it to 20 feet in diameter and 10 feet deep (radius if it were a full circle. I tried to figure out the area of the space as half of 3.14 x radius squared. But there is no part of the equation accounting for the change in diameter... a little confused since this is the first time we are doing a semi circle. I feel like the it shouldn't work out to the same price. If I were charging $1 per square foot, what would the difference in price be?
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Chicken before the egg ?

Help me decide how to engineer a relocation and/or career change. [more inside]
posted by Pogo_Fuzzybutt at 11:56 AM PST - 3 comments

Help me watch teevee!

Looking for television shows I will like as much as Being Erica, Six Feet Under, and the Mindy Project. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
posted by 3491again at 11:39 AM PST - 44 comments

Bathroom Design Color Mismatch

Bathroom renovation snafu. The adobe-colored corian stripes in the shower don't quite work with the dark brown floor tile. [more inside]
posted by Quisp Lover at 11:34 AM PST - 21 comments

Financial planning for the poor?

I'm a formerly broke person who is beginning to become unbroke, although not without stumbling from time to time. I have a few strong goals - buy a house, get my student debt in order (not paid off - just in order), save up enough for a couple of large ($5000) purchases, improve my credit score to mortgage-minimum. I need help getting there. [more inside]
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Where are images for Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 stored?

I have Adobe Photoshop Elements, version 9.03, on my Mac. I use it to resize images for posting on various blogs. I save the images to my desktop. I've had it a couple of years and I'm wondering, are the images also stored on some Photoshop Elements file? I have to think that, if they are. they're taking up a ton of space and I'd like to delete them. I've read the online documentation and have perused various forums, to no conclusive solution. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks.
posted by holdenjordahl at 10:58 AM PST - 5 comments

What made 911 fail?

Yesterday, when I called 911 twice after a car accident, I got an error message both times. (I don't remember what it was because I was probably in shock.) Was it my phone (an ANCIENT LCD Nokia candybar), my location (on a major highway in the SF bay area, but surrounded by fields), or my service (AT&T)? Or other? I have a commute of about 80 miles RT, sometimes 100 miles RT, and I want to be safe! [more inside]
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Pain management program - What is normal?

Are my expectations of my pain management program unrealistic? I feel like my pain doctor is more than happy to leave me in pain for extended periods of time, and I just don't know what is normal in a pain management program. [more inside]
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One job offer in the hand is worth two in the bush?

Should I take a job I don't really want, or pass it up in the *hope* that my old work hires me back in a month or two? [more inside]
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Help me recover my lost package sent to me here in China from USA

My SO sent me a package via USPS (and it is EMS on this end) on June 17, from Ohio. I can include the tracking number if that would be helpful but the tracking website's latest information says "Processed Through Sort Facility June 18, 2013, 10:29 pm ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS) PO to Addressee" Inside the package were just some inexpensive gifts, nothing that I think would get stuck at the border. Is my package lost? What steps can I (or the sender) take to recover it? any advice would be much apreciated
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Help me remember this webcomic/illustrated story.

I've Googled and Googled and can't find it nor any reference to it. Several years back, I read this illustrated story/webcomic (I FEEL like I found it via Metafilter but that might be wrong). I think it was about the origins of spoken language? It featured a group of cave-dwelling protohumans, scenes of sex and female copulatory vocalizations, and possibly psilocybin mushrooms. Did I dream this? If not, what is it and where can I find it again?
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Android Update Infrastructure

I'm thinking about replacing my current mobile phone with an Android device and I'm having a hard time understanding how the Android update / security patch infrastructure for the core system is supposed to work. [more inside]
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This oath, I swear. Until I swear something else.

How did classical philosophers or ethicists handle the fact that attachment to oaths, creeds, promises, allegiances, etc, can (and often must) evolve and change over time? You swear an oath and uphold it until such time as you discard it for something better or more useful. Did any famous philosopher ever outline how that process should work when it's appropriate?
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How to be a good interviewer

So we'll be hiring for an accounting assistant in about a month. I'll be reviewing the resumes, and conducting the majority of the interviews. I have interviewed people before, but it's been a while, and it was mostly for administrative positions. Can you suggest any resources for me to use to become a good interviewer? Books, blogs, etc? [more inside]
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How can I "autocorrect" an entire document at once?

I have some large documents that are riddled with errors (I am copy/pasting from PDFs), and correcting each error is prohibitively time consuming. Is there a resource that will autocorrect the entire document in one sweep? Right now it is just a Google Drive document, but I can convert to Word, etc. Thanks for any tips.
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Texas bird identification

Can you help me identify this baby bird? [more inside]
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Need to find: Article read about life expectancy vs hunger at age 10-12

I read an article about how going through a period of severe hunger during age 10-12 can lead to longer life. It was based on birth and death records crossed referenced with annual crop yields for some European country prior to the 20th century. Help me find it? [more inside]
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How Can I Help Adult Brain Injured Son on Disability Get a Part-Time Job

My son is 36 years old, I have POA and am his advocate. Prior to receiving benefits, he was a very hard worker always fighting to do his best despite his ongoing associated issues. We've worked with brain injury groups to attain his independence and he's married now for the 5th time. (another story) They include cluster headaches with profuse vomiting, slurred speech, hand tremors and poor reading skills. (Doing better with medication now) He has permission from the state's "Ticket to Work" program to work part time and we have sought their help to no avail. (Out of funding). He's has gone to the manager of many fast food places, grocery stores, etc but his slurred speech and tremor makes him look like he is high on drugs, thus rendering him unemployable. They always tell him to go online and apply for the position but his work history *appears* to be sketchy and he has been on disability for 4 years now. How to explain all of this online??? [more inside]
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Help me find passages from speculative science fiction regarding food.

Looking for sci-fi writers' imaginings of gastronomy in the future, innovative cooking techniques, haute cuisine of the year 3000, that sort of thing. Descriptions can be mundane, fantastical or technojargony. Can include imaginary or extraterrestrial ingredients. Any medium is fine (film, TV, book, etc.). Adjacent genres such as fantasy would work too.
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Medium has invited me, should I RSVP?

Medium, a 'thingy' on the web, which is apparently in beta, has just sent me an invitation to come and write. Its been difficult searching for reviews or information about them due to their name. I've been recently burnt by Posterous' closure with the sudden demise of a popular* group blog I'd initiated. I would appreciate your thoughts on this medium (heh), whether I should consider writing there, particularly wrt its longevity or survival, and any other insights on its target audience, reputation and/or credibility, before investing time, effort and original content once more. [more inside]
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Harnessing the power of Pinterest

What do YOU use Pinterest for? [more inside]
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Should we get straight-married in California this week?

We're a straight couple who has always said we wouldn't marry while our queer friends couldn't. We have other issues with marriage, but it's clear that there are a lot of practical and long-term financial advantages. We live in Wisconsin (boo) but we're in California for a week (yay). What are your political, ethical and practical insights about whether we should get married here this week? [more inside]
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Looking for a quote about Mary Shelley and travel writing.

Who wrote something like "all great writing is travel writing and Mary Shelley was the best travel writer"? I think I read this on the Internet in the last 10 years, written by a currently living book reviewer. I'd like to read the article again. It was an article about the importance of travel writing.
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How to boost a cell signal in the wilderness?

Are there any products out there that will boost a 1-bar 4G signal in the middle of the woods? [more inside]
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ISO: Confit Reference

I have an immersion circulator. Confit is delicious. What's the best reference for making lots of interesting confits? [more inside]
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Searching for history of NYC's Empire Hotel

I'm working on a story and was looking for some historical information on the Empire Hotel in Manhattan, one of the oldest hotels in the city. I'm not experienced in research, and my google searching did not produce much. Can you all steer me in the direction of how to research the history of this hotel? [more inside]
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What's the best way to figure out someone's mailing address?

I'm writing a book, and I just got the following task from my editor: get a sizable (50+) list of high profile people who have written blurbs or reviews for similar books, and get their mailing addresses. Here's the kicker: I'm not supposed to contact them directly, unless I already know them personally. So! What's the best way to do this? I hear there are search engines that charge a monthly fee for this kind of information, but I'm having a hard time finding out which ones are good and which are scams. What do lawyers use when they need to track people down to serve them? [more inside]
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Toronto Condo: York Condo Corp and Pro-House management

I am getting ready to buy a property in toronto-- it's a renovated condo. The condo is under the York Condo Corporation and Pro-House management. I am new to this market, and the internet is filled with things these companies say about themselves. So I am looking to the hive mind: do you know anything about these companies? their reputation, your experience, stories you've heard...anything. PM is welcomed too, if you feel inclined. thanks!
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Need to buy a blazer or suit in NYC

I left my standard blue blazer on another continent and will be speaking in front of a group of 400 people tomorrow in Manhattan. I'll be there by 1pm and don't know where to get something that fits. I'm thinking of a) finding something else a bit more stylish, b) would buy a suit if necessary but doubt it could be ready in time, but I'm open to that if there is a great recommendation.
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How to be a kick-ass wedding MC?

Seeking ideas for being a witty, interesting and entertaining wedding MC. [more inside]
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Dear Insomniacs, please help me cope

I'm an advanced insomniac, so I'm not looking for tips on how to sleep. I just need some help coping emotionally. What do you do? [more inside]
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Best practice for introducing two cats?

What's the best practice for introducing two cats? I have a separate room with closed door, litter box, food, but how long do I keep the new cat in there for? [more inside]
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It's interview question day. Here's mine.

I have an interview in a few weeks for a Project Administrator post. But a question about prioritising work has stumped me before. Can you help me be better prepared this time? [more inside]
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When people get frustrated with "human stupidity"

Dealing with an SO who thinks "people are stupid." [more inside]
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"What you look for in a bag was once found in a sack"

Is there a Swedish speaker in the house? In the Swedish film Call Girl, one of the characters utters a phrase that is translated in the subtitles as: "What you look for in a bag was once found in a sack." To me it's a total non-sequitur... Any idea what it means? Here's the clip on YouTube. Thanks!
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Teach me meat science, pretty please

So, my meat business is spinning up. We've registered with the tax office, it's an official thing now. I've got a lot to learn, and a lot of things to figure out. We're going to be making and selling sausages, ham, smoked meats, all manner of things. Primarily we're going to be sending things online, as well as catering and possibly having a food truck to get the name out to drive the online sales. Special monkeywrench: this will all take place in Japan. [more inside]
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June 25

Audiobooks For A Person With Snowflakey Preferences

This past year, I started listening to audiobooks while driving. I'm particularly drawn to how well a great audiobook reader can draw out the subtleties of the text. The reader who performed Gatsby was particularly amazing. Can folks recommend some particularly well performed audiobooks I may like? They must meet my criteria: [more inside]
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if i liked the movie l'avventura, what books will i like?

i really like the slow/subtle treatment of ennui/cultureshock/different manifestations of love/and the engaging "nonplot"
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Help, my boyfriend is a bad listener!

Need advice on how to deal with my lovely boyfriend who has trouble shutting off. [more inside]
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E-books in Spanish?

Help me find eBooks in Spanish! [more inside]
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Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew

What is this bug that I just found on my shoulder while laying in my bed? It's a little squished, because I slapped it when I felt it on me. It's just under half an inch long. [more inside]
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What should I do to protect my neck during this roommate situation?

I moved to a new city and I'm currently living by myself in a decent sized but single bedroom apartment. I recently met a friend who's looking for a place to stay with his girlfriend for one month so they can save a little money to get on their feet again. Raising all sorts of red flags already? That's why I love you guys. Besides "Just say no", what can we both do to protect our interests? [more inside]
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Can a company track web usage on a company laptop not on the network?

I recently took a job for a new company and received a company laptop. However, I'll be a remote employee working from home and travelling. The company is a small independent subsidiary of a large Japanese company who hires out their IT functions to an independent contractor. I won't be googling any super-weird stuff, but hey, it gets boring in hotels sometimes. How can I know if my company can monitor any web usage remotely? [more inside]
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Ulcerative Colitis Filter: Tell me about your poop.

Am I normal? [more inside]
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A big bike for a big human!

I'm 6'8, 375lbs and want to get a bike. What should I be looking for if I want to spend $300-$500? [more inside]
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Card carrying members

I need to find resources to produce a small batch of membership cards for my club. [more inside]
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SF Apartmentfilter: What happens when my lease's up?

I'm a first time renter in SF and I'm not sure exactly what happens when my lease expires. [more inside]
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How do I change style in Word doc based on first character of paragraph?

I have a long (260 page) Word 2010 document, on Windows, and I'd like to tidy it up a bit - it originally comes from the web. It consists of normal paragraphs, and quote paragraphs. Each quote paragraph starts with a ">". Is there a way I can automate changing the style on the quote paragraphs? [more inside]
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Is There A Butcher In The House?

I have received a gift of some beautiful beef and I have no idea how to break it down for cooking or storage. I don't want to freeze the whole pieces because they are huge and I'd have to thaw them before cutting them up. That's probably not the right way... [more inside]
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Best food for the very old cat

Zad is a 19-year-old cat. What kind of food makes the most sense now? [more inside]
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Custom tote bags with custom, wrap-around artwork?

I would like to have a batch of canvas tote-bags made with custom artwork, with the following design caveat: The logo/artwork wraps around each side of the bag. What specific companies can do this for small batches (50-100, max)? [more inside]
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Help me be a better interviewee

I am generally a good interviewee when I'm asked about anything other than me, but I struggle with the personal questions. One kind that often gets me is the "tell me about a time when you were X." Another would be"list three things your friends would find surprising/annoying/etc about you" or "what is a particularly stressful situation that you encountered in the last x months". My problem with these questions is in responding quickly. Once I think of a relevant example/answer I am pretty articulate, but the timing is an issue. [more inside]
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The best camera is the one you have with you... unless it's an iPhone

I'm ready to up my photography game. I live in a gorgeous place with lots of interesting things to photograph-- wildlife, birds, water and mountains, abandoned infrastructure-- and my iPhone 4 can't produce pictures that are rich or detailed enough to do it all justice (or blow up for prints, or be good blog fodder). However, I'm not interested in a DSLR because I know I'm unlikely to actually have it with me when opportunities present themselves, and at this point I'm not really technically proficient enough to justify the cost. What point and shoot models should I consider? [more inside]
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Insurance company denied coverage for $1300 blood work - what now?

I had a blood test done to check for a gene mutation that my family recently discovered we may have. It was just blood work from an in-network lab so I assumed it would be covered, per my "schedule of benefits." Today I received a letter from my health insurance provider saying this testing is not covered. The cost is $1300 and I definitely do not have $1300. I haven't been billed by the blood lab, but I imagine that it's coming soon and I will be fucked. My insurance company also said that these limitations on testing are available to view in their policy bulletins, of which I have obviously never checked or even knew existed -- I was going entirely off my "schedule of benefits" and I believed that in-network blood work was just my co-pay. More details below: [more inside]
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Job change and health insurance coverage for the gap?

I am currently employed full time with group health insurance. I've accepted a new position at a different company starting August 1. If I put in my 2 weeks notice and quit on July 12, will I still be covered for the remainder of the month? [more inside]
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Everything is regulated, thank god

My Google-fu sucks. Help me find a specific argument for government regulation of society that I came across in the past. [more inside]
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Choosing the best neighborhood in Baltimore

I am moving from San Francisco to Baltimore. I've been living in the Haight Ashbury, and I like Inner Sunset, Hayes Valley, Duboce Triangle/Castro, Mission, and SoMa. Can I get a similar environment there? [more inside]
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Best "white glove" cross-country moving service for a "van load"

My septuagenerian parents are moving about a van load of their belongs (computers, television, clothes, kitchen dishes, etc.) from coast to coast. Ideally, the company hired would come to their house and respectfully pack everything and then ship it across country where, once again, they would unpack everything. Do you know of such a service? (Related, but not exactly: do you recommend a service for moving a car – vehicle – cross country?) Thank you!
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Comfortable shoes for NYC businessman edition.

I just trudged 3/4 of a mile down 42nd street. My fancy black dress shoes (Allen Edmonds) are NOT cut out for this. My pinky toes have been replaced by blisters. What are the most comfortable shoes I can wear to work? I work in the financial industry but the dress code is business casual: slacks, button down shirt, maybe jacket or tie, rarely a full suit. Both black and brown shoes are needed, men's size 12. Must withstand walking in NYC.
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We're getting married then having the ceremony...?

My fiance and I are signing our marriage license well before we have the ceremony. When is our anniversary? Is the exact date important? [more inside]
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Pros and Cons of using a fake address for job applications

I've just kicked off a job search, and am mostly looking for jobs outside of the city in which I currently reside. I'm considering changing my address on my resume so that it shows that I'm living in the cities in which I'm applying to jobs. Is this a good idea? [more inside]
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Electrical Enclosure CAD software on a budget?

Looking for electrical enclosure CAD software on a budget. I would appreciate your recommendations. [more inside]
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Which iPhone carrier has the fastest cellular data service?

I'm looking to replace my iPhone 4s. The most important factor to me is cellular data speed and reliability -- accessing the Web, syncing iCloud data, YouTube, stuff like that. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay region), but it would be great if it worked well in New York, L.A. and other parts of the U.S. Should I go with Verizon or AT&T? Also, any pointers to websites with tools/reviews/resources to help me make the selection? [more inside]
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When do you know a marriage therapist isn't right for you?

What are reliable questions that a person in marriage therapy can ask to determine that they are probably not with the right marriage therapist and should try someone else? Put another way, how can a person in marriage therapy know that the match with the therapist is a bad fit, as opposed to the problem being with the patient himself/herself? [more inside]
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Like Rick Astley, but without the Meme

I'm getting married next week. Eeep! I've scoured the archives, but am still looking for the right song to end the ceremony. Special snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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What are best practices / tools for non-disposal sink

I really really like having a garbage disposal, grew up having one, and have had one in most of my apartments, but I'm moving to an apartment that is great in every way but doesn't have a garbage disposal. In the past when I've used non-disposal sinks (regular sinks I guess) my main gripe is that even when I scrape off plates and pans, particulate food matter gets into the sink, into and around whatever catcher is in the drain, and is just disgusting. My question is, what do people generally do to keep their sinks pretty clean when they don't have a disposal? [more inside]
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What are the best online resources for public domain films?

I'm starting a new project and am in need of public domain films (think MST3k worthy) to use. I know of archive.org already, but what are the best repositories of public domain films out there? Bonus if they include a brief explanation as to why they are believed to be in the public domain and if they have links to high-ish quality downloads.
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How do I do this simple HTML/image task?

I have a lot of images for a card game I'm working on. I want to put them on a single web page in printable form. Automatically, if possible - there are a LOT of images. (They're all in one directory, though.) Bonus points if the size of the images can be easily rescaled so they can fit the sizes of cards from other games (so they can be sleeved together, for instance.)
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Where can I find classic pajamas?

I want new pajamas! I really love the look of the old, classic style of pajamas (example here), but I'm having trouble with search terms and finding what I want. [more inside]
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Finding an apartment/roommate at Boston-Grad Student

It looks like I am going to Boston University - School of Public Health in the fall. How do I go about finding affordable and safe housing? I am from Chicago, so I was thinking of paying $900 for a studio. I have quickly learned that will not happen in Boston. So hivemind, what is a safe neighborhood that I should look into that will be close to campus? And, how do I go about finding a roommate? I learned of a program house called Fisk house which is only 1800 a semester and is a women's grad co-op- but it is full.
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A Cilantro-Hater in Thailand, China, and Japan

Asking for a friend who does not share my intense love for cilantro: "Can someone please translate some simple cilantro-avoidance phrases into Thai, Mandarin, and Japanese for me?" [more inside]
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Which cool, stylish pants will help me not hate summer commuting in NYC?

Hot summer days in New York can be miserable with the heat and humidity. I feel like I'm on an endless quest to find the perfect summer pants. What should I wear to keep cool and look stylish without being over or under dressed? [more inside]
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How does applied kinesiology work, and is it ALWAYS a scam?

I think I got scammed at the Chiropractor's office yesterday, but I don't understand how. [more inside]
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Does anyone know of a thorough taxomony chart for Chordata?

I work in an animal related field and sometimes people ask how closely related is x to y. Is there a thorough chart of Chordata (big category I know, but my focus is on aves and mammalia) I can study or reference? I am also personally interested. [more inside]
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Want to sing, but without the pain.

I've had a long term singing problem that has been difficult to solve. I have been to a medical voice clinic and had some of the fancy tests and vocal cord images, and I will be going back, but I have a new idea to float to the MD and I wonder if anyone has encountered this issue. [more inside]
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Decent double entry bookkeeping accounting software?

I'm trying to find accounting software I can live with, but I'm running out of ideas. I'm looking for something that supports double entry bookkeeping, but also syncs across devices and is fully-featured. I'm happy to pay for it, just want something that works, and nothing so far has fit the bill. [more inside]
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Looking for simple rules/sayings that your three-year-old knows

I'm compiling a list of simple, abstract rules that three-year olds are likely to know, along the lines of "green means go" or "a smile means they're happy". I need some more rules/patterns/abstract properties that kids this age in the US usually know about. [more inside]
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Where can I read the diary of charles whitman the texas shooter

The texas clocktower shooter had a diary seen here that looks like it was published but where can I read it?
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Who shops at an open-air market for dental tools?

Does New Orleans have an open-air market for dental tools? Back in the late '90s, I visited New Orleans with my parents. I have one memory from that trip that I am still bedeviled by. One afternoon, we headed to a big open-air market -- rows and rows of stalls, I think under some kind of canopy, various goods for sale. I guess this was probably the French Market, but I don't specifically remember. As we got further and further into the market, the stalls started to get a little funny. Everyone had POW-MIA flags, and I saw one that read, "KILL THEM ALL AND LET GOD SORT THEM OUT." [more inside]
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Older dog won't accept puppy

I have a 9 year old pitbull female. I've owned her all her life and she is very attached to me and other members of my family. She seems to remember some past abuse and is not friendly to strangers, especially men. She did get in a serious fight once, with my son's dog who normally she enjoys playing and swimming with. I bought a very young puppy and... [more inside]
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Help me learn the French accent with speech recognition for Mac?

I am looking for a currently supported Mac product to help me improve my atrocious French accent. I would really like software that uses speech recognition for a good chunk of the lessons, because I can read well enough (despite being a rank beginner) but need all the help I can get on the conversational side. [more inside]
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So, you terminated someone without cause, can you ever tell them why?

My partner had to let someone go from their job, and they were terminated without cause. This means they can't give explicit reasons for the termination. The person was not able to see their impending dismissal, despite repeated efforts by management to the rectify the situation. So, is it ever possible to reach out post-dismissal and make clear the reasons without setting yourself up for legal problems? [more inside]
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No-cook main dishes for summer?

What are your favorite main-dish recipes that require NO cooking? As in, not even boiling pasta? [more inside]
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Where to set up a development environment for personal projects?

I'm working on some personal full-stack projects and trying to figure out what my options are for setting up a development environment. For work stuff, I'm used to deploying a dev environment on a machine inside the corporate firewall and then either VPNing or SSHing in to work on it remotely, but I'm not sure what the best choice is for personal projects. [more inside]
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MacBook Air (2012) freezing while streaming video?

Hi MeFi! This is My First Ask, so my apologies in advance if I do something incorrectly. My MacBook Air that I purchased Nov. 2012 from a Mac store freezes while streaming video from Netflix and Amazon. I have tried both Google and Safari, and it happens on both browsers ... [more inside]
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All he did was looked at him

What should you do if you are the target of a PTSD-induced outburst? [more inside]
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Now that I'm a mother I'm not sure how to be kinky anymore.

How do I bring my sexy back now that I've had a kid? Complications abound. [more inside]
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Adoption in the UK

My partner and I would like to adopt, one day. We haven't figured out when yet but... should we? How long does it take, or what is the likely range of time, from the point at which you fill out the first form from the day you have a new member of the family under your roof? [more inside]
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US Taxes in Canada

I need to file an amendment to my 2009 US federal and state taxes - I lived in the US (California specifically) half of the 2009 year and the rest of the year in Canada (GTA). I think this will be very simple (nothing but paycheck income to claim, no assets like trusts, property, stock, etc), but I am overwhelmed with the choices of accountants and tax people here, even the ones who specialize in cross border taxes. Can anyone recommend a decent tax person who could help with this? Preferrably someone near Etobicoke, although Mississauga/Oakville fine too. I've had numerous people warn me against the nearest chain type tax place, so I'm looking for someone independent or a small accounting type firm.
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What is going on with Youtube's vote up/down icons?

What is going on with Youtube's vote up/down icons? [more inside]
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Have you seen this bag?

Can someone identify the purse in this commercial? [more inside]
posted by gagoumot at 10:27 AM PST - 9 comments

The amazing CPAP weight loss plan?

CPAP users: Did you manage to lose weight after starting CPAP? [more inside]
posted by Rosie M. Banks at 10:24 AM PST - 11 comments

Scarring on lips?

Sometime last winter, I developed cracks at the corners of my lips (angular chelitis), which tends to happen to me during the colder months. It persisted for 3 months or so, healing and then re-cracking, until I went to the doctor and got a bit of steroid cream which helped clear it up for good. Now, however, I have a small amount of raised tissue at one of the corners of my lips, possibly scarring, which periodically gets inflamed if I open my mouth wide again. It's not terribly bothersome, but it's noticeable (at least to me) and I'd like it to go away or be minimized, if possible. Anyone have any suggestions for what to try? FWIW, it's been 3-4 weeks since my lips have fully healed.
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Suggestions on a Workplace Splurge

What are the best purchases to improve your office space? [more inside]
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Help us find a location for a family trip

11 of us from age 3 months to 67 years want to meet somewhere in the world. Help us find where that could be! [more inside]
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Help me become a Cinema4D expert in a year

I have decided that in a year's time I would like to be a Cinema 4D expert-- or at least more of an expert than I am now. What are the best resources out there for me to make that happen? [more inside]
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what could these creepy sensations be

This doesn't happen all the time but rather during certain periods. It often happens after spending prolong periods at home without much social interaction, things going on in my life, or connection to the outside world, so that leads me to believe it's psychological. [more inside]
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Best way to sell assortment of fine vintage clothes and items?

I have a small assortment of rather choice* vintage clothes, textiles and miscellany. I would like to sell it all. I'm already eBaying a large volume of other stuff, I am an average photographer with an average camera and honestly, eBay doesn't seem like the best place to sell these things - a couple are rare collector pieces. What are some good ways to do this besides eBay and what are your experience of them? Also, how can I figure out what is a reasonable price if I do sell to a dealer? I'd be glad to hear from you as a dealer or as a skilled amateur. [more inside]
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My cat needs help eating his dry food.

My cat, Mars, recently had most of his molars removed and now he's having a bit of trouble chewing his dry food. Is there something tasty and nutritious I can soak it in before feeding him? I was thinking some kind of broth or stock but I'm curious to see what other people have done. Thanks!
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What to do with a will where there are no assets or liabilities (MD)

The decedent was a resident of Maryland and died in Maryland. All of his assets were held jointly with his wife, or else named her as sole beneficiary, and therefore pass by operation of law. He had no real estate, no car, and no personal property of any significant value. He had no liabilities (no credit card balances, mortgages, medical bills). He left a will, naming his wife as sole legatee. I see that filing a will with the Maryland Register of Wills is required. What's the downside to not doing so? [more inside]
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iPad math apps for a 10-year-old?

My son is 10 years old and going into 5th grade in the fall (but he usually does 6th grade math). He likes Stack the States, and we're looking for a math app with similar appeal. We already have Sushi Monster and his younger sister loves it, but I'd like something more challenging for him.
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Where can I print from a laptop or USB drive in London?

Over the next month or so, I may occasionally need to do some printing in London (never more than 10-50 pages). Is there anywhere near the Waterloo station where I could bring a usb drive or a laptop and easily and inexpensively print out black and white documents using a laser-printer? Self-service would be preferable. Perhaps there might be one or more chains of printing places (like FedEx/Kinko's in the US) that offers this service throughout the UK? Many thanks for any suggestions.
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Things to do with tweens in London

The family I babysit for has invited me along on their vacation to London in August. I am determined to come up with the coolest possible things for the kids to do. [more inside]
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Bio-Clean for chronic slow drains?

We have slow drains in both the bathroom sink and the tub - drano only improves flow somewhat. A plumber recommended Bio-Clean to us but despite the positive reviews online we are skeptical that it can help. Do any mefites have professional opinions or firsthand experience using Bio-Clean for slow drains? [more inside]
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Examples of secret infrastructure?

So, I know Los Angeles has the Packard oil well that's disguised as a windowless office building (pic here about a third of the way down), and NYC has an emergency exit for the subway disguised as a brownstone (link). What are other industrial or infrastructure things hidden inside fake buildings?
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So funky you can smell it

I'm making a playlist of deep in the pocket funk tracks. The emphasis here is on really great bass lines. Suggest your favourite booty-shaking songs. [more inside]
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Find Yahoo Search Trends Like It's Not 1999

A freelance writing client of mine wants me to do some articles basically chasing Yahoo search trend topics. Not debating the wisdom or efficacy of this. It pays; that's all I care about. What I do need to find out is a better way to track these trends than just going to Yahoo's front page and seeing what is listed as Trending there. There are only ten topics listed there, with no indication of rising or falling activity. Try as I may, I can find no page dedicated to this on Yahoo. To complicate matters, the phrase "Trending Now" appears to be a section they have in their News that has nothing to do directly with trending search topics. All my Google-Fu ends up pointing to that. Am I missing something? Can someone toss me a link? BONUS: an iOS app that I can see all this from!
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Prepaid (micro-)SIM cards (with data) for Iceland

I'm going to Iceland for a few days soon, and am looking for a prepaid local SIM card to put in my iPhone 4S. It has to be a micro-SIM (though they can be cut down to that size) and to have a data allowance (I'll only be there for a few days so it doesn't need to be huge; I intend to use it for basic things like ). (It staying alive after I go back to the UK would be a nice feature, as I'll be back in Iceland again.) Is there a local mobile phone company who have a recommended prepaid SIM-only package, and if so, where in Reykjavík could I pick one up?
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super quick passport renewal?

Is it humanly possible to renew a passport in a day? [more inside]
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Abortion in the US (Canadian)

I am a Canadian in the states for the rest of the summer and I just found out I'm pregnant (Through a pharmacy pee-on a stick deal.) I don't have any real support networks where I am, and leaving isn't a viable option. I haven't been to an actual doctor yet because I'm not entirely sure HOW to see one in the states, but from what I understand false positives are unlikely. I don't want to keep the baby. What are my options? [more inside]
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Tivoli, and what else?

I'm travelling to Copenhagen in August with my daughter (who's the world's greatest 8 year old ever). Looking for advice on which neighbourhood to stay & cool things to do. Also, bicycle rental for kids? [more inside]
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All-day-event alarms at 11:50 PM are evil.

On my iPod Touch, I use the Calendar app, which is synced to my Google Calendar (which is Google Apps for Education, if that matters.) I like having a reminder/alert for most events that occurs 10 minutes before the event. (It has saved my bacon a couple of times when I forgot an appointment, and I find it useful for keeping me on track during the day.) However, I do not want to hear an alert at 11:50 PM before All-Day events. [more inside]
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Is there life for an active couple in their late 50's in Sarasota Fl?

We are looking to live near the water and have tried Miami and LA and are now on the shoreline of Ct. The only problem is; we can't afford to buy a house here and the winter is a bit of a deal breaker. Thinking of moving to the West coast of Florida for the water and the warmth and would love to hear anyone's experience of this area. We have thought of Sarasota and would be open to other cities or large towns. We are both active, still working, (self employed) very liberal and interested in great food and a community of interesting people. We couldn't be somewhere where everyone is retired. Any thoughts?
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Am I slowly dying?

For the past few weeks, I've had the worst insomnia. I'm writing this at 6am, after my third sleepless night in the past week. I think I've had about six hours of sleep in the past four days. [more inside]
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Any tips for dishwasher repair?

I have a Siemens dishwasher which has suddenly stopped working properly. It doesn't seem to be heating water. I've found plenty of ideas online about what might be wrong. I'm quite handy and would be happy to have a go at fixing it myself, but I'm not sure about the degree of difficulty here. I don't want to risk setting the thing on fire. My question is: have you repaired something like this yourself? Or it is definitely a "call the repairer" situation? I don't like to throw money away on things I can fairly easily do myself (eg in an afternoon), but safety is my first consideration.
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June 24

Forgotten song is driving me nuts

So it's that thing again where you half-remember a song ... It's by: I think an indie band from around 1996/1997 - I thought it was Laptop but it isn't (probably). I think British. Singing: a man with a mid-range voice, not high, not low. Kind of Gene like. Feels like he may have a skinny suit on somehow. There are MAYBE bits of answerphone message in there (but it's not the Laptop song with the answerphone) Video: do not recall one. Lyric: something to do with times through the night being mentioned "it's 3.59 and I'm on the street, it's 6.15 and ..." maybe with some answerphone messages. Several different times taking you through a night which seems not positive. What it's not: The Cure, 10:15 on a Saturday Night (ha - you all have that in your heads now); Mr Brightside (because of the narrative of an evening, but when I heard that song it reminded me of this mystery one). Come on Hive Mind, I know you can do this!
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Where can I access reports of surgeon/hospital/surgery success rates?

I have heard that hospitals and surgeons have to report success rates for specific surgeries. Do you know where these databases can be accessed? Thanks!
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Life would be so much simpler if I just didn't like anyone.

How do you stop yourself from developing crushes on people? [more inside]
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feed my ears, my eyes are busy

I need recommendations for TV shows, audiodramas and audiobooks that I can really sink my teeth into. I'm asking for both in the same question because I need to be able to listen to the TV and still catch most everything; this is stuff I want to have on while I'm doing stuff with my hands. I'm a fan of fantasy, science fiction, drama and snark. More information and a list of favorite things after the jump. [more inside]
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Weird screen glitches on Hp pavilion dv4 laptop

A friend's laptop is experiencing some strange graphical glitches within Windows, and she is desperate for help!! [more inside]
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I want to put my tuition on a credit card and then pay it off.

So, I pay my surreal tuition with loan money- $15,000 at a time. It dawned on me the other day that its dumb to just let that money slide by without cashing in on it somehow. I hatched a hairbrained scheme: Put the 15k on a credit card, cash in on rewards points / airline miles, then immediately pay it off with the loans. Two Q's below. [more inside]
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Forgotten Toy Filter

So, today, for no readily apparent reason, I was visited by a very vivid memory of a toy I had as a kid, some time in the early 70's. They were these die cast metal planes with little plastic landing gear and cockpits, kind of futuristic looking, in jewel-tone colors, that you flew on a little zip line setup that involved a little gun like thing with a little deck for the plane to sit on until you released it. Looking on Ebay reveals nothing like I remember. Anyone know what these things were called.
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CareerStarterFilter: What kind of goals can I set as I begin working?

What kind of goals do you suggest setting for someone starting his or her work life? Both concrete goals for the job and general motivations for earning money [more inside]
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Graduate School Choice!!!

So I've been debating where to take my masters for some time. I'm not here to specifically ask for opinions on schools but more so styles of school. [more inside]
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Thunderbolt Display won't wake up.

I have a macbook air and a thunderbolt display and as of today, nothing happens when I plug the thunderbolt into the air-- I've tried resetting the pram/nvram and the smc on the macbook air, unplugging the display for several minutes and plugging it in with the macbook air off and on. System information says that there's nothing connected to the thunderbolt port. It worked just 3 days ago perfectly well, I've never had any problems with it in the year or so that I've had it. The power from the thunderbolt is getting to the air just fine. Anybody have any ideas or do I need to drag the thing in to an apple store?
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trying to remember the name of a childrens book about a bowl

The bowl was Spanish, and didn't want to be warrior... it just wanted to smell flowers... anyone remember or know what book this is?
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Where should I tell online dates that I work?

I work for a well-known company and I'm never sure what to say when a guy I've met via an online dating site asks where I work. I don't feel comfortable giving this information out, just like I would never give someone my home address. Obviously 99% of the time it would be fine, but it's very easy to find my company's address, and there are some crazies out there who could conceivably show up at my office if things ever turned sour. [more inside]
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Where to buy floor heat vent covers?

I want to replace my floor heat vent covers with solid metal plates but my Amazon-fu and Google-fu are failing me. Online shopping geniuses of MetaFilter, please hope me! I'm in the USA. [more inside]
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How can I make calls that show my business name on the caller ID?

I've just started a small business that involves some calling to get new clients. I have an 800 number via an online voicemail system for which I pay a small monthly fee. I realize now that what I want to do is be able to call people and have my 800 number and/or biz ID name show up on the caller ID. I have a good quality land line, a personal one for our house. Is there a way for me to dial a service which forwards my call as if coming from an 800 number and also gives call forwarding and voicemail service? [more inside]
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How to sell a house in Lima, Peru—from the U.S?

A close relative has been made the executor of a will that basically leaves a house to her and three siblings in Lima, Peru. Basically there is a house that must be sold and then the proceeds divided among the various children (my relative/the executor and her siblings). (More inside.) [more inside]
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How to play cribbage

Ok. So based on answers to more than a few AskMes about good games to play for two people, a friend and I got interested in cribbage. Trouble is, neither of us knows how to play, and we don't know anyone who does know, so it's down to deciphering rules/wiki/YouTube. Not easy - I get the gist, but some specific play questions remain. [more inside]
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How to make the most out of a father-daughter new driver road trip?

My 15 year-old daughter get's her driver's permit on Friday. I'm planning a road trip over the weekend to give her plenty of driving experience. I'm a bit nervous. Not so much that we'll end up in a wreck, but that I'll be spending a lot of alone time with a teenager I'm beginning to realize I don't really know. What advice do you have for driving instruction and/or understanding teenage girls? [more inside]
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Porn Addiction and ED

I just found out that my boyfriend's erectile dysfunction stems from an addiction to porn. What now? [more inside]
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Conservation of Heat

I read a method for making iced coffee that set off my bullshit detector. The gist of it was "if you put ice in a bunch of hot coffee it will melt and you will have warm liquid", but! "if you brew drip coffee over a pot of ice, since there is only a small amount of hot coffee hitting the ice at each moment, you will have lots of cold coffee!". That's bunk, right? [more inside]
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Why doesn't my light fixture work?

The bulb blew out on Friday and I replaced it, and it won't go on. I've tried more than one bulb, including a bulb that works in another fixture. My boyfriend has also tried installing it (admittedly, however, after a long day at a baseball game and then bar hopping) and he couldn't get it to work. [more inside]
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And one app to rule them all

Is there an iOS app that will schedule accessibility and/or block access selectively to other apps depending on the time of day? I have an ipod touch 5g. [more inside]
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Most Scenic High-Rise... Trousers

I am a lady with a small waist and a generous booty. I look best in "high-rise" or "high-waisted" pants because, well, my waist is pretty high, which means that the popular "low-rise" and "mid-rise" trousers leave acres of billowing flesh exposed between my actual waist and the waist of the pants. What brands or specific jeans or pants (or skirts) can I wear? I've had decent luck with Simply Vera for Kohl's skinny jeans with stretch. Any other suggestion from like-waisted ladies? [more inside]
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How should I use my potential Rosetta Stone subscription?

I just got a new job where I will have access to Rosetta Stone for a single language. I don't need to learn any languages for work so please help me decide how I'd like to use it. [more inside]
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Help for the Helper?

I'm fairly new to my career in social work and am looking for book recommendations for when the counsellor needs help moving on from a crappy situation involving a client. Everytime I try to search for this, all that comes up are the books that help clients who have been mistreated by the therapist. But what about us? [more inside]
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Point-and-shoot digital camera advice.

I'm thinking it might be time to upgrade my digital camera. Is it worth it? If so, what models should I be looking at? [more inside]
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Why Write for x Hours Every Day? What Then?

A number of sources suggest that writers write for x number of minutes a day. I wrote for 30min/day for 2 months, but stopped because I could not determine a benefit. In addition, I was (and remain) totally unclear on what one is supposed to do with the writing afterward: read it (if yes, soon after writing, or later)? Edit it (if yes, again, soon after writing, or later)? And for what purposes? I hope some established writers can direct me in the proper use of this tool, or debunk it in favor of another method. If it helps, I am writing creative non-fiction, travel narrative, etc.
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No PC sync on Canon 6D? No problem!

What are your best workarounds for the lack of a PC sync port on the Canon 6D? And, additionally, I'd love to hear your experiences with the 6D vs the 5D MK III.
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Can I leave my deck unstained?

I have a beautiful new treated pine deck and I'm confused about the finish. I've read that it is very important to stain the deck for protection and preservation. I've also read that stain is primarily for looks, and if you have no objection to the grayish color that comes with aging (I don't, I rather like it) there is no need to stain. Which is it? Details: Deck is in mid-Michigan. Will get the full brunt of the elements (sun and rain/snow), but since it is raised a good four feet off the ground, it is well ventilated against mildew and mold and should dry quickly. Any wisdom to offer?
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fifty nifty United States-based care packages?

Help me create a list of mailable, share-able, care-package items from all the U.S. states/DC for my college student son and his friends. [more inside]
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What's an attractive tree for an oversized cat?

I have two cats. The larger one is 3' tall standing, 16 pounds, and growing. He desperately wants to stand and scratch, and currently, the only available thing that's tall enough is the chair. I'd like to find him something else. [more inside]
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Which zoos in NE USA/Canada offer animal encounters?

I am looking for a zoo which offers a "behind the scenes" encounter with monkeys, ideally in North East USA/Canada. [more inside]
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I am my brother's keeper

What's the best way to protect my younger brother from my father, without also causing trouble with Dad? (blizzard ensues) [more inside]
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Something Special from 1943

My Dad is turning 70 in a few weeks and I would really like to buy him something special that was made in 1943. I have looked around and there are a few ridiculously expensive vintage wines and some very kitschy coin collections but I have not been able to find anything that really fits. [more inside]
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New to Scuba in NYC

[Scuba filter] I live in NYC and received my PADI open water certification this weekend (woo!). I'm interested in weekend dive trips for beginners. [more inside]
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Furniture recommendations: simple, functional, well-made, reasonable?

I'm moving to an apartment later this summer, and I need to get furniture for it (starting from nothing). I really like a particular kind of furniture: severe, simple, anonymous, functional. Think of the Lehni Bed 1, beautiful but bare Shaker woodworking, Donald Judd's standing writing desk, Aalto's Paimio chair, and so on. All of this stuff is crushingly beyond-super-expensive. I'd love to get suggestions for alternatives, cheaper things in that style from major retailers, craftspeople who make pieces like these, and, in general, furniture along those lines that you don't have to buy from Switzerland for a million skillion dollars -- stuff that's well made but with adult-reasonable prices. (It would be great if this was available in the New York City area, as well, but I welcome answers beyond that, to make this question useful to people elsewhere with similar interests.) Thanks!
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Trying to track down the source of an annoying verbal tic

The past year or two I've noticed a dramatic uptick in "I was gonna say…" as a conversational prefix. Especially when used to try to take credit or trump a previous comment. (Example below) I think it's intended to mean "I agree", but it always comes across as "I'ma let you finish…" Have you come across this? Did it spontaneously generate, or is there a popular culture origin? [more inside]
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iOS app for my son so he can message a restricted list of individuals?

My son has an iPod touch and pretty much everyone in our family has iPhones and iPads. I would like to find a way that my son can text chat with only a small approved list of people. [more inside]
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Help me find more personal anthems

I'm looking to add particular kinds of upbeat and positive songs to a current very eclectic playlist. Details inside. [more inside]
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Is my employer legally allowed to track where I go during work?

I work a desk job in an office building. There are about 4 doors on our floor that require a keycard to access. One leads to a bathroom, the other leads to the kitchen, which has the coffee maker and water fountain. The other two go to other departments. My employer has notified me that they have registered a very high frequency of passing through these doors. They run reports on what keycards are used to open doors, and how often they are used. I drink a lot of water and coffee at work an urinate frequently, hence my passing through these doors. Can they legally do this? Can they punish me in any way? Obviously, I'm in the US.
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Degree in market research with no math background? Quickly and cheaply?

Could I get a master's degree in market research or market analysis, even with a poor foundation in math? How long would that take? And could I qualify for any scholarships or anything to do it for cheap or free? (It might be a wild fantasy, but I have to ask.) Basically, I want to be that person that helps organizations target their advertising and campaigns in an impactful way by analyzing consumer behavior and consumer demographics. Details below: [more inside]
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A few specific questions about Sandusky, OH

I will be visiting Sandusky for a week in August, renting a house with family members for a few days. We will have 7 adults and 2 young kids (2 and 4). Hoping someone can help us out with some specific questions. [more inside]
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Where can one watch the Stanley Cup in Stockholm, Sweden?

What bars or restaurants will be showing these last few Stanley Cup games in Stockholm? Are there any that will remain open that late?
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Vertical Search Market Share

For the classical search engines the market shares are well known. For example during April 2013 it is 66% for Google and 17% for Bing. What about the state of vertical searching sites? Such as google shopping, bing shopping, pricegrapper, shopzilla, etc. I read an article which stated that vertical search is gaining momentum and it may we wise to seek out the shares in this department of search market. Any insight on this topic is also appreciated.
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What's happening with these friend requests?

Facebook is adding friends that I've never met and giving the message saying that I've requested the friendship (as in: "So-and-so has accepted your friend request"). To the best of my knowledge, I have not. In both cases these were recently created profiles, but unlike spam profiles I've seen in the past, these are both related to some friends that I actually do know in real life, and aren't obvious scams with super model photos. This happened two days ago, and yesterday. [more inside]
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Benefits of living together (either married or not) versus living apart?

I've read about Living Apart Together (LAT) relationships and I can see the benefits of this arrangement for some specific situations/couples. I can also see the drawbacks. Living together -- either as a married or unmarried couple -- also has benefits (perhaps many more) and some drawbacks as well. [more inside]
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Help me name my car

I will be picking up my brand new Kia Rio EX (5 door, manual transmission, black). I name my cars. Help me name this one like a boss. [more inside]
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Best way to store a house full of stuff while we're between homes?

We're in the process of moving across town. We sold our house and close on it mid July, but we don't close on the new place until the end of that month. This leaves us 'homeless' for two weeks. My family will be staying with my parents for that time, no big deal. The question is what to do with all of our stuff? What's the best way to store a house full of stuff for a short time? [more inside]
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We love cheese! Who will drive us around to eat a lot of it?

Mrs. Arbac and I will be up in the Bay Area this coming weekend. We had hoped to take a Cheese/Wine tour through West Marin Food and Farm Tours after reading about them in a recent newspaper article. But sadly, they're all booked up for Sunday June 30th and their tour starts a little too early on Saturday to make it up to Marin from SFO Saturday morning. Does anyone have recommendations for an alternative tour operator?
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Beach camping in Oregon?

I'm thinking of driving down to Oregon (from BC) this coming weekend. I'd like to camp somewhere near the ocean, preferably within walking distance of a beach. Recommendations? [more inside]
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Ego pain and art: advice?

I'd like to spend more time reading serious literature or viewing art, but I find my ego keeps getting in the way. Advice, please? [more inside]
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PRISM is watching you poop.

Amazon item showed up at work and at home. Please explain to me how this happened. [more inside]
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Should we be afraid of our friends' new house?

Our friends are about to move into a house that was built in or around in '60. They've had contractors rip out a lot of carpet and tile to replace it with hardwood, and the husband friend casually told my husband that there might be asbestos in the tile but he'd have to get it tested to know for sure. [more inside]
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My classmate, my would-be boss

I just realized that the contact person/potential supervisor for a job I'm applying for was in my graduating class at our tiny alma mater. This could obviously work very much in my favor, but I'm also afraid it might not for snowflakey reasons. What's the best way to approach this in my application? [more inside]
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Laying the Golden Egg: Employer unilaterally shifting my contract.

I took a job which I initially really enjoyed and was doing well at in a small company, by far exceeding standard targets across a variety of measures. Shortly after my six month review, my employer has began to play loose with the terms of a pretty weak contract, and it's impairing my performance as I weigh whether I need to shift my own priorities. Is this symptomatic of problems ahead or just a lack of business sense that I can leverage myself sufficiently to deal with? What is my next move and how do I go about it? [more inside]
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Ow. Ow. Ow.

I'm afraid of my roommate's cat. It doesn't "play" so much as "viciously attack," and I have a body full of puncture wounds to prove it. Is there anything that can be done about this? [more inside]
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Downsides of getting street address deliveries to my new post office?

My small town post office is offering a new feature I'd never heard of, street address deliveries to it, so you don't have to have anything delivered at home anymore. Given that the mailbox of the house I've been renting a room in is extremely insecure, this seems desirable. But given that every action I've taken in the last 10 months has gotten turned to the worst possible outcome, I want to know what the downsides are. Would it affect my credit rating? Would it make me look suspicious? What would be the downsides of using it as a residence address for my drivers license, which is up for renewal before I find a stable situation? [more inside]
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I'd like to live in Provistonfansisco

Can you compare living in Boston with living in Providence? [more inside]
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GF said "I love you" and we've only been dating for about a month

Girlfriend said "I love you" after only 1 month. I didn't respond with anything and now she's mad. [more inside]
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To do in Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow

Help me plan a perfect day visit to Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow NY this Saturday! [more inside]
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Speeding on the highway and lost my warning ticket!

Last Saturday, I was speeding on the highway leaving West Bloomfield, Michigan on my way to Cincinnati, Ohio. A police officer pulled me to the side and forgave me for the transgression by issuing me a speeding ticket warning that carries some sort of monetary penalty that my parents have to pay for. I lost the ticket stub itself and don't remember where I was on I-275/if I was even on I-275 and my Mom said that if I don't get it to her ASAP the fines will triple and I'll be grounded. Do any of you guys know if there is a central repository of tickets issued in Michigan that I can go to to see the warning ticket number since locating the exact spot on Google maps is difficult? If not, what can I do?
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How do I get my guides to work across all layers in Illustrator CS6?

Is there any way that I can get guides to stay visible across *all* layers in Illustrator CS6, instead of disappearing when I turn layers off? I'd rather not replace them every time I add a new layer. My google-fu is failing due a bad combination of search terms that keeps returning tutorials. Thank you!
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Help me start off on the right foot with my new project team.

I'm a newly hired, but experienced project manager who is taking over a project that is already underway. I've been out of work for a while so I'm super glad to finally have a job but I'm feeling overwhelmed and unsure of myself. I want to do an awesome job. [more inside]
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Loan Etiquette?

When is it too late to increase the amount of a consolidation loan request? [more inside]
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Do dogs like novelty?

Do dogs like to go new places on their walks? Do they get bored of the same routes? [more inside]
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Didn't finish doxycycline am I effed?

Went to Southeast Asia a few months ago and just didn't finish my doxycycline (30 days 1 pill a day). I stopped about a week short. I am a fool. I don't think I have malaria or any other bacterial infection but have I effectively done myself harm in some way?
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How to keep mildew at bay?

Is there a best practice for keeping my walls free of mildew? [more inside]
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extreme hunger weightloss edition

Been exercising for a few months now. Lost 20 lbs. Suddenly hungry all the time, and also really tired. What is going on?! [more inside]
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July 4th without a BBQ?

My mom, my brother and I will be celebrating July 4th by ourselves in my small apartment. I'd like to have a nice comfort food meal with them, but I don't have a barbeque or grill available. Here's what I do have: [more inside]
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What is this mushroom?

We have a mushroom growing in the ladies' toilets at work. My abilities to identify it have failed. [more inside]
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NH Specific Question: What to do in Barnstead with a dog?

Spending a day in Barnstead NH with my dog. What can we do for fun? [more inside]
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I live in London and need an ISP that's not horrible.

I've just moved and need to find a good UK ISP. My priorities are reliability, good service from human beings, and refraining from shady practices like traffic shaping or overselling the network. Price, decent data allowances and not being owned by Murdoch are also desirable. [more inside]
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Confusing website - what do they want?

Last week I saw an ad for what appeared to be a search engine in the London Evening Standard. I presumed it was viral marketing as the ad was pretty opaque - but the website doesn't seem to be advertising anything or indeed make sense. What's going on? [more inside]
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Body positive personal training, but called something else...

What should I call my body-positive personal training business? [more inside]
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Primary Source for Leonardo da Vinci Qoute

I'm looking for a primary source for this quote. "Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.” The quote is attributed to Leonardo da Vinci. Thanks in advance!
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Leaving job after signing contract, but before starting

Hi all, I have a slight problem. [more inside]
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June 23

I swear I saw the man on the moon

Following the recent 'supermoon' in Australia, it brought back a vivid childhood memory that I'd like to either confirm (which would be awesome) or chalk up to an overactive child imagination. [more inside]
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BMW 1 series hatchback, Volvo V40, or Audi A4 Sportback?

Buying a car. Prices on imports are way down right now in Seoul, so we've moved up from the Hyundai i30 we'd planned on and are looking at the BMW 1 series hatchback, the Volvo V40, and the Audi A4 Sportback. (The Audi A3 Sportback would be our choice, but it's not available in South Korea.) [more inside]
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I'll be in Seoul for about 11 hours, what to do?

Hey! I have a long layover in Seoul (landing at Incheon, 5:20AM, departing, 4:30PM, about 11 hours) this Thursday, June 27th. Is it reasonable to head into the city (or somewhere) for food or drink or other amusement in this short span? Can you suggest a micro-itinerary that seems fun to you? I'm also interested in other options, including walking around the city with MeFites.
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Things to listen to with a minimum of futzing around

I'm working at my desk for 8 hours a day: what should I be listening to during this time? I've been listening to a lot of NPR Tiny Desk Concerts, which I like because I just click start and I'm good for the next 1/2 hour, without ads, and I like the consistency of the same artist for the entire chunk of time. I'd appreciate links to albums or performances that I can stream for free! Some specific music tastes outlined inside. [more inside]
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Lost that loving feeling

I used to quite often feel love and warmth in my heart and body, in a natural way. Lately I do not feel this. I still act loving but I have been feeling somewhat cold; my "loving" comes from my head, not my heart. I want to get my heart back. [more inside]
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Reading Catullus 85 out loud (in Latin)

Help me remember how to read Catullus 85 ("Odi et amo ...") out loud in Latin. [more inside]
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Do actual blind dates still happen?

My wife and I were watching a recent comedy that spoofs, as many comedies do, blind dates. Discussing it, we talked about how the two of us had never been on a blind date, and how despite seeing people get together in all different types of ways in our lifetimes, we didn't know anyone - from the 80s to the present - who had actually been on a proper blind date, where both parties were entirely unfamiliar with each other before the date. Which leads us to wonder... have you? [more inside]
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Anyone have an add-on like Autopager for Firefox, but doesn't suck?

Need add-on to automatically load series of pages in Firefox [more inside]
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Help identify my skin issues, please? Picture included.

I've been getting open sores on my chest area that start as pimples for about five years. A few days ago, I got an especially bad one. Dermatologist says it's a "staph abscess", but I'm not so confident. Any ideas? [more inside]
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Where to browse publication layouts?

The weekly university newspaper I work for is aiming to launch a print / web re-design in a few months. We're meeting next week to go over possible design elements, and we've been encouraged to contribute anything we like to the design casserole. [more inside]
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How to Purposefully Have a Bad Job Interview

I got myself into a situation where I have to go for a job interview for a customer service position at an insurance firm tomorrow. I do not want this job. For reasons I will explain inside, I cannot just say "I do not want this job." Please help! [more inside]
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Help a (male) librarian dress for success....and the summer

What should I, as a new librarian working on a short-term contract at the reference desk, wear to work in the public library in the summer? [more inside]
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How can I update the Android OS on a phone from abroad?

I have an unlocked(?) Samsung Galaxy S2 that was originally purchased in Saudi Arabia. I'm in the US and can't get it to update the Android OS from Jellybean to Ice Cream Sandwich. Please help. [more inside]
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Please help me affix an Uno lampshade to an old lamp

So, I have this old, ugly lamp. In the hopes of improving the appearance of this lamp, while at the World Market the other day, I bought a new shade for it. Because I am a noob who has only bought cheap lamps in the past, I didn't notice that the shade was an Uno shade (in fact, the Internet tells me it's an Uno downbridge lamp shade) whereas the lamp has a harp fitting. But! The socket is also threaded, so theoretically, it should be pretty easy to turn this into a regular Uno socket, right? [more inside]
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NSA collecting phone numbers: only from Verizon?

I am curious as to why the NSA would only collect phone numbers from Verizon since there are so many other carriers. I have seen no other carriers mentioned in the news. Can you tell me what I'm missing here? Thanks.NSA
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Heartbreaking, sad, depressing music / Redeeming music

I'm looking for music to listen to tonight while I work on some sad writing and wanted recommendations for the most heartbreaking, saddest, depressing albums you know. I've googled and read lists on music websites, but would love your opinion. (I also read a MeFi post on optimistic/pessimistic music.) But I will also be writing coming-through-the-storm stuff, so I'm also looking for recs of albums that are redeeming, like they really make you feel like you've survived or you're a better person for having heard them. I mostly listen to indie rock and classic rock. I like a lot of contemporary classical, but I prefer music with vocals. I am also looking for albums rather than individual songs, preferably. Thank you!
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Limiting a single OSX Application's use?

Does an OSX app exist which will limit the use of a single application? Nothing in the parental controls seems to be able to limit time spent in a given application. [more inside]
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Had to move suddenly due to scary roommate. What will happen to my mail?

I had to submit a change of address at the last minute, and I'm very reluctant go back to my old address to get any mail that doesn't get forwarded. I have some questions about the mechanics of mail forwarding. [more inside]
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Whats the best Headphones for my son who just joined the Marines?

My son is in Camp Pendleton in Boot Camp right now for the Marines. I'm thinking I want to buy him some awesome high quality over the ear headphones that sound great and can take a beating(because they will). A warranty would be great. What are some good sounding Marine proof Headphones. These will take lots of Abuse. He's not too picky, but I want something that will last him the next 4 years, and he can use for his music, videos, and Skypeing back home. I'm looking to spend under $200.00, that is my budget..(He graduates Sept 6th, so any advice would be awesome)
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Online Vintage Ad and Fine Photography Site?

I'm looking for a specific seller of vintage ads and vintage fine photography [more inside]
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What is wrong with the washer?

We have a 9-year-old front-loading Kenmore washing machine that has for the last month been giving off a musty/moldy smell. We've tried everything we can think of, cannot make it go away and cannot identify the source. What's going on and what should we do? [more inside]
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Baked goods that are also refreshing on a hot day?

We're looking for inexpensive, "refreshing" baked goods that we can add to cupcakes at a farmers'-market vegan baking booth for the dog days of summer. Ideas? [more inside]
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Help me keep the hose on my rain barrel from wandering into my roses

The rain barrel in my garden has a plastic flex clip on it to hold the hose that's attached to the barrel. Or rather it did. Half of it broke off months ago. I've checked Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Rona, and none of them carried a replacement clip. The rain barrel was installed about five years ago courtesy of the City of Toronto as part of their drainpipe disconnection program, so I don't have the option of going back to the supplier for it. Does anyone know where I can get a suitable replacement clip on the internet?
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How to find day labor / packing & cleaning support in Belmont, MA?

I am looking for a couple of people to help someone pack and clean a room in preparation for moving. Little heavy lifting required, just need a couple of strong bodies to take direction for a few hours. Is there a resource for finding (hopefully inexpensive) day labor in the Watertown/Belmont/Waltham area? Out here in California, for example, I would look into a Job Center, but am not coming up with a similar resource in the Boston area. Thank you for any information!
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How university works in the UK

I'm US-ian, married to a Brit. We live in the UK with our fifteen-year-old, who will probably want to go to university. No one in my husband's family has completed university, and I want to make sure our child has the best chance to succeed in his application and time at university. I know how college and grad school work in the US. What might I not know about how things work in the UK? He's interested in science, if that makes a difference.
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Is it a terrible idea to buy an iPhone on eBay?

My phone contract is coming to an end, and I've decided I'd rather purchase an unlocked phone and move to a prepaid plan than continue in my current cell phone contract. I have an iPhone 4 but want to upgrade to a 4s or 5. It looks like I can get one on eBay for a solid $100-$150 cheaper than I can get one from the Apple store. Having a new vs. used phone is of zero consequence to me as long as it works fine and isn't stolen. Is it a terrible idea to buy a phone off eBay? What pitfalls should I watch out for?
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Fiji/New Zealand/Malaysia/Thailand/Nepal suggestravaganza

Please help us create itinerary bullet points for a massive trip to Fiji, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia! [more inside]
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What's the best way to catch up on 3 years of tax returns?

There's nothing nefarious about this, I got too caught up in work. What's the best way to catch up on a few years of tax returns? [more inside]
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This could be a sitcom plot...if it was actually funny.

One of three mutual friends of mine (who are all roommates) has been behaving very strangely and it is making things awkward. Should I address this or hope it goes away on its own? [more inside]
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Best sing-along version of the Star Spangled Banner?

I need to provide a recorded version (audio only) of The Star Spangled Banner for a bunch of patriotic middle-aged to elderly women to sing-along with at the opening ceremonies of a convention. Can anyone point me to a good version that isn't just an instrumental and isn't too showy? Whitney Houston's is probably way beyond the average vocal range for this group.
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Best dual us/uk bank account

"What are my options for a bank account that can have deposits and withdrawals in both the US and UK, with minimal transaction fees and good exchange rates for $-£ and £-$." [more inside]
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How can I get a license to teach ESL in Massachusetts?

I have several years' ESL teaching experience, but none in American public schools. I live in Massachusetts and would like to get licensed. I've seen websites that purportedly explain what I need to do, but I would love to hear from someone who has done this.
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Compensating for lack of "intellectual stimulation" in a relationship?

Lack of intellectual stimulation in my relationship is bothering me. Projecting feelings onto therapist as a result. How can I remedy this? [more inside]
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Audio solution for apartment: iPod + TV

I live in an apartment and I'd like some sort of speaker/sound system to plug my iPod/iPhone into for playing music. Additionally, if possible, I'd like this solution to allow me to plug my TV into it and get better sound out of that. I know next to nothing about speakers or what I'd want (soundbar? Normal speakers?) so any general information would be welcome. I'm not looking for a multiple-speaker setup but just something that would enhance both my music and TV sound. Thanks for the help.
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What to do now so I can get into a top-ranked MSW program next year?

I applied to one of the most competitive MSW programs with hopes of becoming a clinical social worker. I didn't get in. I'd rather not lower my standards and go to a less competitive school. This particular school is the one where I want to get my degree. What can I do now to boost my application for next year or the year after that? I know the obvious answer would be to volunteer. More specifically: Where should I volunteer? In what capacity? How do I write an awesome essay and get great recommendation letters? Also: what are some resources for the MSW application process?
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Driving barefoot.

Is it a bad idea to drive barefoot? [more inside]
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Building a house. Don't want AV guy to know I'm a noob. Help please.

I have some pretty basic questions that I'd rather ask someone other than the man with the power to charge me out the wazoo if he senses I am clueless. They pertain to wiring the house for cable and phone and internet, and they are as follows: [more inside]
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Where can I find an attorney who's familiar with my field of work?

I am a web developer in NYC who will soon be working as a contractor. How do I find an attorney who's familiar with contract matters related to this field to draft a contract and related matters? [more inside]
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Kerouac's Blue Canvas Shoes

In which book of Kerouac's does somebody ask for his blue canvas shoes? [more inside]
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Book recommendations in the field of psychology?

Not looking for pop psychology, but for fundamental texts that are unmissable. Work covering specific topics/subtopics (e.g., "this is the best book about borderline personality disorder") is fine too. I'm not going to be able to pursue another graduate degree for a while, so I'd like to start background and introductory reading for pleasure now (but I'd eventually like to work in the field). I have university library privileges! I've seen this ask, but it's a few years old and answers were rather thin. Go!
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Calm Cartoon, Cartoons WITHOUT LOUD NOISES.

I'm looking for some excellent mellow and relaxing cartoon suggestions à la Hey Arnold! - See, i think that show is so damn chill with the nice smooth Jazz playing in the background, soft pleasant voices and oozy coolness - it's perfect for when I'm getting ready to sleep and trying to relax after a long day (I've been in a 90s-and-earlier-cartoons-at-bedtime mood as of late) . I can't stand how many cartoons these days ARE LOUD AS SHIT with constant random bells and whistles and noises and needless yelling and shouting and noisy irritation constantly going off. So I don't want those. I'd love suggestions of mostly uniformly quietish yet still entertaining (preferably older) cartoons...like Doug, or I just watched Top Cat and it was lovely as well because no jarring sudden noises! You get the idea... I very much appreciate your suggestions, folks!
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Resources for learning to learn more effectively?

I'm looking for resources for evidence-based processes, tips, hacks, improvements, ideas, etc., for learning more effectively. [more inside]
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Baby bird fell out of nest.

I noticed a baby seagull running up and down the sidewalk outside my flat. It's not able to fly and the mommy seagull is flying above it, but has apparently stopped feeding it. Should I pick up the bird and move it to a park? (I'm in the middle of the city.) I've always been told that touching a baby bird will leave a human scent on it and the mother will abandon it? Is this true?
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Where should I go in Eastern Europe?

I'm planning a trip in late August/September, for about 2 weeks, and St. Petersburg is looking very tempting but I would love other ideas! (Budapest? Somewhere in Croatia?) I am a woman who will be traveling alone. I like art and history and eating where the locals eat. I'm not much for the nightlife. [more inside]
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I don't want to blow up, but I also want a cleaner oven.

I have an old, small gas oven in my new apartment that desperately needs cleaning. The problem is that it has pilot lights. Help me! [more inside]
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Kid-Friendly Flash Builder?

My 9-year-old daughter likes to animate things on GoAnimate.com. The website allows you to upload flash animations, and she'd like to make her own animations of, say, the Sesame Street characters. The canonical program for building flash animations is Adobe Flash Professional. I'm guessing that is beyond her capabilities (and may be beyond mine!). Are there simpler programs that allow a patient but unsophisticated user to build very simple flash animations?
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Why did Ed Snowden not go the Wikileaks route?

With Wikileaks reporting that Ed Snowden has now landed in Moscow on a commercial flight from HK en route to a thus far unknown 'democratic nation', has anyone seen any explanation anywhere as to why he did not involve Wikileaks from the start and instead went directly to the press?
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How did we get from "tax haven" to "tax heaven" to "tax hell"?

Has anyone come across good sources on the history and evolution of the term "tax haven"? I am looking for sources detailing at least its first appearance in written or spoken English, and if possible the date in which it was (wrongly) translated into French as "tax heaven" (paradis fiscal). [more inside]
posted by ipsative at 7:40 AM PST - 6 comments

Looking for suggestions for a pair of aviator-style sunglasses.

Need suggestions for a pair of "aviator-style" sunglasses that will fit my face. [more inside]
posted by dbirchum at 6:23 AM PST - 12 comments

Resources and advice for maintaining a koi pond?

Just moved into a house with a really nice koi pond. It has a waterfall, rock bridge...the works. But I have no idea how to do anything with it. I don't even seem to have the right language to search the web for detailed advice. [more inside]
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How can I be more enthusiastic about my job?

I have a really great summer job that I enjoy, but I'm afraid that all my coworkers think I hate it. How can I get better at *showing* my enthusiasm for the job? [more inside]
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enclosure for SanDisk SSDs?

I bought two SanDisk 480 gb SSDs. Now I realize I need to buy some sort of enclosure for them in order to connect them to my Macbook Pro. What do I want to buy here? [more inside]
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good high-rise, bad high-rise

My city banned the construction of high-rise buildings in the eighties. Political winds have shifted (along with economic growth) and now city hall is set to make some permissible again in a new specific plan for the downtown. My layman's intuition combined with some background reading tells me there is a big difference between a well-designed high-rise and one that's poorly designed. I want to be more conversant with the design issues involved so I can contribute intelligently to the civic discussion. What key articles, reports, manifestos or monographs should I read? [more inside]
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Lust, Spirituality, and Religion

Why is lust, pornography, masturbation and unregulated sexuality (i.e., sleeping around) seen as an unfavorable thing for many (if not most) of the world's various philosophies and religions? [more inside]
posted by The ____ of Justice at 2:30 AM PST - 35 comments

In Superman II (1980) does Superman kill General Zod?

In Superman II (1980) does Superman kill General Zod according to A: your memory, B: the scene?
posted by TheophileEscargot at 12:35 AM PST - 18 comments

How to communicate with someone who just lost their speaking?

My grandma likely suffered a stroke this past week. She was speaking fine before but now she tries to talk and what comes out is sometimes Yiddish, sometimes Polish, occasionally English, but most of the time gibberish. We know she's still mostly there mentally but of course she is very frustrated. [more inside]
posted by cman at 12:02 AM PST - 11 comments

Twitching eyes and night sweats - just my anxiety?

Are these symptoms just the usual stress-induced annoyances or potentially something else? [more inside]
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June 22

Freezer meals for the summertime?

We're about to have our second baby...basically any day. We're a little late to the game, but we'd like to have some meals in the freezer for the postpartum period, like we did with our first. But our first was born in February, when things like soups, stews and lasagne make a lot of sense. This is summertime, in a house with no air conditioning. What the heck do we eat? [more inside]
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Separating Twins into Different Classes at School?

My (boy / girl) twins will be entering kindergarten this September. We've been asked if we want them placed into separate classes, or left together in the same class. Need to give them our answer by Monday and frankly, I'm at a loss and have no idea what I should do. If you are a parent of school-age or older twins, can you please share what you did and why? If you yourself are a twin, how did your parents handle it? How did it work out? Other knowledgeable anecdotes and advice welcome. Links to any online resources I can read on the topic would also be appreciated.
posted by zarq at 10:15 PM PST - 28 comments

Restoring double hung windows

I'm fixing up some double-hung windows in my turn of the century house, and am weighing (ha!) my options with regard to sash weights vs. spring balances. [more inside]
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Jazz for dark, lonely nights of the soul

Jazz songs like "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat/Theme for Lester Young" by Charles Mingus? [more inside]
posted by facehugger at 7:57 PM PST - 13 comments

How do you deal with an adult bully at night school?

I teach a late evening class for young adults (aged mostly 18-20) in an impoverished school one night a week. I have recently been having trouble with one disruptive young man. He interrupts the lesson by arriving late, entering in a purposefully noisy way, shouting greetings to other students, making entirely inappropriate comments (e.g.: about sport results or his last night adventure)in a loud voice throughout the lesson and making verbal sexual advances on female classmates, everything conducted in a clear attempt to become the center of attention. [more inside]
posted by Basque13 at 7:43 PM PST - 36 comments

Should I upgrade my bike's wheels?

I am a recreational bike rider and would like advice on whether it would be useful for me to upgrade the wheels on my bike. I ride a Marin Flat Bar Road Bike that I've had for a couple of years now. I'm wondering if it would be worthwhile to upgrade my wheels to a wheel set in the $300-500 range. [more inside]
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I'm Held Captive by Dior's Eau Sauvage Parfum! What Else Is Similar?

I'm a huge fan of Dior's perfumes, but I picked up a sample of their Eau Sauvage Parfum and I'm destroyed by it. What else am I missing out on in the Fumiverse that is reminiscent of this group? [more inside]
posted by Lipstick Thespian at 6:54 PM PST - 8 comments

Looking for the Silver Insulation

If an absentee homeowner's property is condemned, can I take legal action against them for a loss in value of my own house? [more inside]
posted by endotoxin at 6:52 PM PST - 9 comments

Other sites like American Science and Surplus?

I do quite a lot of building small music devices using DIY kits and recycled cases and parts. What are the best sites for for weird, bulk supplies? What are the other sites like American Science and Surplus (http://www.sciplus.com)? [more inside]
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Help me find a website: mash your keyboard and lines of code appear

That's about it - it was a one-trick website with a programming version of Guitar Hero, where you would mash your keyboard and lines of code would appear in that rhythm. Help?
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Why does a low refrigerant charge cause an evaporator to ice up?

I have read that a low refrigerant charge in a refrigeration system can cause the system's evaporator to ice up. I happen to have a dehumidifier which is exhibiting this symptom. I do not expect to be able to repair the dehumidifier but, as something of an HVAC enthusiast, I am curious as to why and how this happens. [more inside]
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What makes someone a slam dunk in a job interview?

Hiring managers, have you ever encountered a spectacular candidate who blew your mind while searching for a new employee? What did they do that made them so memorable? [more inside]
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Downed tree, city in storm aftermath, what to do?

We've had a giant storm and an incredible number of trees are down including many blocking roads. One downed tree is mine, although thankfully it's not in the street. I was actually in the process of getting an arborist out here to get it taken down next week...and now it's down! Er, mostly down! And that's where I don't know what to do. [more inside]
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What do you know about being management in a union environment?

I may, in the future, have the opportunity to move to a management role in a union environment at a state university. Some state universities have professional unions and some have service employee unions. Do you have experience working or managing in an environment like this? How is it different from working in a non-union academic environment? If I were to make a move like this, how could I be the best manager for both union and non-union people possible?
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Cats are weird... wet food edition

Why do my cats keep losing interest in wet food they've happily eaten for weeks? [more inside]
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More examples of a specific type of metaphorical 'pun' in song lyrics?

I really like metaphors and I really like song lyrics. Every once in a while I run across a particular type of cleverly extended metaphor in a song lyric. I'm trying to develop this idea a bit and looking for more examples of this particular thing. I've included some explanatory examples I've found. [more inside]
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Oh that was TODAY

Looking for an Android to-do app that manages a single to-do list (and/or calendar events) between two folks' phones. [more inside]
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It'd be improper to tell him his joke made me suicidal, I guess.

I keep finding myself in a peculiar and incredibly disheartening group social dynamic. I need practical guidance on how to "fix" the latest one, and maybe some suggestions on how to head these things off before we get to Suicidal Ideation pass. [more inside]
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Best equipment for juicing many many lemons & limes?

Say I wanted to make a huge amount of sour mix (you know, just theoretically). I would need large quantities of lemons and limes juiced. What's the best piece of equipment to do it quickly (and easily enough to not want to die afterwards)? High-quality hand press (or two)? Inexpensive lever-assisted press? Electric juicer? Budget: $100 max (pref under $50). Don't care about filtering all traces of pulp.
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Improving reception of under-cabinet kitchen radio

I have a Sony ICF-CD543-RM kitchen radio/CD player that mounts under a cabinet. It has poor FM radio reception for stations that come in fine on other radios. [more inside]
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What digital media/newspapers should I subscribe to

My media/news needs are not really region specific, so I am looking for the best English language news media available regardless of location [more inside]
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petfilter: how to find reputable dog breeder in chicagoland?

Hi hivemind - My wife and I have been living in Chicago for a while now and just got a house (Western burbs if it matters). Now that we have space and a yard, I'd really like to help her find a puppy. [more inside]
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Dealing with performance anxiety, procrastination and discipline

I've been putting off important tasks due to anxiety and a big fear of failure. What books would you recommend that teaches concepts or techniques that would help? [more inside]
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I just made knitted/crocheted leggings. How do I hold them up?

I have found other questions here about garter belts and garters, but those probably apply more to the flimsy-ass tights material than what I'm talking about. Yarnie folks who have done this, let me know what you'd recommend! [more inside]
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Finding a lost package on the weekend - USPS

Hi all, this is a far fetched question, but I'm hoping that someone here has an idea of what I can do. I shipped some fish out to Spokane, WA from New Berlin, WI Thursday afternoon, using express mail. The package did not arrive. I've contacted the 1800 number and opened a "research" case on it, but haven't heard anything. Today's latest news was nothing new. I'm hoping to try and chase the package down myself, as I or the receiver are willing to drive where ever it is stuck and get it ourselves. [more inside]
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Sure, I was arrested. But what does it MEAN?

YANML. Five years ago, I was (rightly) arrested for shoplifting in New York City. A public defender pled me down from a misdemeanor to a Disorderly Conduct charge, with the (apparently fairly standard for first-time offenders) addition that if I didn't get in trouble again for 6 months, my record would be cleared. I didn't get in trouble; presumably my record was cleared. But what does that actually mean? Is it like I've never done anything at all? If someone decided to dig for dirt on me, what would they find? [more inside]
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Good idea, bad idea: Leaving first job before a year's up

I last asked a question about moving or J-school. Most answers encouraged the former. I do want to move now, but should I relocate if doing so at the optimal time would mean I'd be at my first job less than a year? [more inside]
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Health question - World War Z related (minor spoilers)

A question about unconciousness and bladder/bowel control. (Minor World War Z spoilers) [more inside]
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Figurative acrophobia

How do I fight my inner self-saboteur? [more inside]
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South Bay Area day trip?

I have a free day in San Jose, CA tomorrow. Where should I go? Especially interested in redwoods and the coast. [more inside]
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Suggest some fun worldbuilding/milieu stories?

I love stories incorporating multiple settings/cultures. Think Lord of the Rings, with Rivendell (elves), Moria (dwarves), and the Shire (hobbits), all with a distinct "feel" to their societal standards. Can you suggest a book/series I would enjoy? [more inside]
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Too much diet soda?

What are the health risks if a person drinks diet sodas pretty much to the exclusion of water or any other type of beverage? Average amount consumed is 3.75 liters a day, about a liter is caffeine free, brand name is any and all. [more inside]
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Audio cracking in Chrome on OS X Mountain Lion

I upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion from Snow Leopard, and now all audio crackles in Chrome. YouTube, Bandcamp, SoundCloud.. everything. It starts out clear and then after about 10 seconds it begins to crackle and gradually increases until the audio is unlistenable. Crackle volume changes with volume controls but intensity does not. Audio is fine using Safari and Firefox or any desktop application like iTunes or Spotify. [more inside]
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LLC then what?

After you've incorporated, what are the daily, monthly, and yearly behaviors and fees associated with having an LLC? [more inside]
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Quotes about secrets and confessions

Do you know any great quote about secrets and confessions? Something about bearing one's innermost thoughts and feelings to people? I would love it if the quote focused on a corporal approach to the confession metaphor, something like "giving one's heart away" or "bearing one's gut for all to see", ...
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Learn Adobe in a Flash

Two part question. 1.) Roughly how much does it cost for a company to hire someone to do one on one training for a new hire in Adobe Flash? 2.) Company likes you so much they offer you a job and are willing to pay out for your training on said and/or similar software, but give that as a reason for (insert too low salary range here) being the pay scale. You want to negotiate the best salary for yourself. Is it unheard of to ask for your salary to be increased the following year because the training will no longer be a hit to the budget?
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Mobile Game Development

What's the best platform for developing cross-platform (ie mac, windows, android, desktop, tablet & mobile) games these days? [more inside]
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Check for a long-closed probate

How do we cash a check for a dead relative whose probate we closed several years ago? [more inside]
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Deficit? We don't need no steenking deficit!

Why can't the US Government just mint 17 of the trillion dollar coins and be done with it, and just pay off the whole deficit in one go? [more inside]
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What is the best faucet-mounted water filter?

What brand/model of faucet-mounted water filter works best? [more inside]
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June 21

Paris on Bastille Day: Alternatives to Les Crowds & L'Oontz-Oontz-Oontz?

What are some alternatives to the large-scale celebrations of Bastille Day in/around Paris? [more inside]
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Help me be a loving partner as I watch my SO throw his money away

I don't want to tell my boyfriend what to do with his money. It's his money. We don't live together so that (among other things) we can keep our finances separate. Plus, it's not like I'm some damn genius or Rockefeller. But I am seriously watching him throw money away and he's not even burning it so as to get the pleasure of watching the flames. Help me be a nice person, stop worrying about it, stop caring, and just let him have his fun. (SO many details follow) [more inside]
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What kind of flower is this?

I think it's some kind of wild rose, though not sure. The photo was taken in Ireland. Photo here: http://instagram.com/p/a1USOGv3BP/ Found something called a Winged Thorn Rose on Google images - but the petals of that rose were not jagged like the one in my photo. Officially stumped!
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Help me navigate my relationships with well-meaning former coworkers.

I left a toxic workplace six months ago for a new job. I'm happy with my new gig, but running into former coworkers still puts me in a funk -- and I see them constantly. How do I handle interactions with them if I work in the same field and/or travel in the same social circles? Snowflakery inside. [more inside]
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Hospice workers and disclosure

My mom has been in hospice care for pancreatic cancer for a few months now. It's obviously at a pretty late stage at this point. Whenever either she or I talk to the hospice care nurse, the nurse really doesn't want to talk about anything in the future, though, except in the vaguest of terms. [more inside]
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Identity Theft Victim Needs a Therapist

Very short and to the point question. A family member has been the victim of identity theft, and are doing very poorly in terms of mental health in the process of trying to cope. They have severe phone anxiety, social anxiety, etc, and this is emotionally destroying them. I need a therapist in the Atlanta metro area, preferably Dunwoody/Norcross area that is taking new patients ASAP and who has experience with ID theft and anxiety issues. Bonus if they take Blue Cross Blue Shield GA's Blue Choice POS insurance, but willing to pay if they don't.
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Get Therapy. Yeah, I'm going to need a little more help than that...

I think I might be a little depressed. Sometimes more than a little, but usually at least a little. And I know I have issues with anxiety. So, I've decided to get therapy. And I've called my insurance to figure out how to go about doing that. So my question is: now what? I don't know if I need a psychiatrist or a psycologist. I know that a psychiatrist perscribes medication, but I don't know if I need that. Knowing that seems like their job. [more inside]
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Inappropriate touching during surgery

I was touched inappropriately during my oral surgery today, and I would like to get some advice on what to do about it. Full details inside. [more inside]
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Open Source GIS software for public education projects

I learned some basic mapping in ArcGIS in school, but I no longer have access to the ESRI world as an independent consultant. I would like to work on a few independent projects using publicly available data and (hopefully) shape files from school districts. What are the best open source products I can use? [more inside]
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Wow, that's... a lot of moaning.

My upstairs neighbors have, within the last week, begun having extremely noisy sex directly above my living room in the middle of the day. [more inside]
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Left luggage/baggage storage in Vancouver?

Where do I store my luggage, preferably in/close to downtown Vancouver, on a Friday afternoon and Monday during the day? [more inside]
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What is this Game of Thrones character wearing under his shirt?

Ser Jorah Mormont of Bear Island, the knight exiled from Westeros, spends a lot of time in season 2 of Game of Thrones with his shirt half open (thank you, Gods). But one thing has been bugging me. What is the leather strap he always has on underneath his shirt? It's the piece that goes over one shoulder, across his chest, and under his other arm. Is it just a costumey accessory to make him look like a rugged medieval cowboy, or does it serve a practical purpose?
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How do I get better at being in therapy?

I’ve got an appointment with a new therapist next week. I’m really excited, because wow do I have some things to work out, but I’m also wary because I’m crap at being in therapy. This new therapist seems to be a good fit, at least on paper and according to a recommendation I’ve gotten. Does anyone have any constructive ideas about how to be a good patient in therapy? [more inside]
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Can I translate the live stream?

I am attempting to "cover" a conference in Italy which will be livestreamed. I do not speak Italian. Is there any automatic translation software I can use in real time to have a prayer of understanding what's being said? [more inside]
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Good neighborhood to around in in Nashville (also restaurant rec)?

I'm with a few friends in Nashville for the day, we're looking for a good neighborhood to around in, also a restaurant [more inside]
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Political science + math = ?

What can I do with a B.A. in Political Science and a B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and Statistics? [more inside]
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Sound of da police

Why do police cars use different variations of their sirens? Sometimes it's a full on siren, but other times it's "woop...woop...woop" with a second or two in between. And other times they don't turn on the sirens at all but just haul ass down the street with the lights flashing. I thought it was about reducing noise to the neighbors if it's late at night, but that isn't the case. I haven't been able to figure out a pattern. Is it something about the urgency of where they're going to?
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Giving my kid a positive and realistic message about her body

My daughter is 10 and in the midst of puberty. She has noticeable armpit hair. She's also fairly naive/unaware of standard social stuff - not clued in to what's "cool" etc. She also gets teased about being weird pretty regularly. She's also going to sleepaway camp for the first time this summer, and will be wearing a bathing suit a lot... [more inside]
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Too many people on the lease... what are the downsides?

I'm trying to arrange private student accommodation for next year in a smallish university town in the UK, as part of a group of four students. Decent shared accomodation for four people is few and far between -- but three-person houses are abundant and awesome. How bad an idea is it for one of us to be a permanent 'guest'? [more inside]
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Authors: Do you stock up on copies of your own book(s)?

I got a book published a couple of years ago. I love being able to give copies to people once in a a while. I expect I'd like to be able to keep doing this for many years to come. Thus far, I just order new books as I need them. But is it likely that at some point it'll no longer be possible to order more copies? Should I be stocking up on the book? How to other authors out there handle this? I'd rather not have to keep a million copies around if I can avoid it (it's a small place I've got) but I'd hate to find, that, say, in ten years, I'm out of copies to give away, and no more can be had anywhere...
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Why are kissing and hungry presented as opposites?

Help me come up with a funny Father's Day card based on this weird baby book [more inside]
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Find standard deviation in Excel, but first develop a labor-saving trick

Help me with statistics and Excel. Especially help me if you know any labor saving methods. I want the median, mean and standard deviation for the average price of all items sold, but my spreadsheet-full-of-data doesn't tell me the price of each sale -- just the average price per store, and the number sold at that store. Something like this: [more inside]
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Is "polywood" (recycled plastic) patio furniture worth the investment?

We are getting a new patio soon (woo hoo) and are looking at furniture. We are in favor of using recycled materials, and we are not good at staining/storing our outdoor stuff. Someone told us about polywood (which is made from old milk jugs?) and it looks pretty sharp. All of the polywood sales sites promise 20-year or longer warranties, say that no maintenance is required, and promise that the stuff is basically weatherproof. But I'm skeptical. So, does anyone have polywood furniture? Does it perform as advertised? Is it comfy? Does it look nice? Are there any brands that are clearly better than others?
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Is today's casual groom attire tomorrow's 70's blue tuxedo?

We're holding a small, very causal, non-traditional outdoor wedding and are trying to figure out what the groom should wear. There is a trend in various combinations of vests, bowties and suspenders,. We're thinking about going with something like this, but we don't want it to look like a 70s blue tuxedo in a decade. We're excited about everything we've decided so far and we definitely don't want to go with something overly formal. If the groom wears a vest and tie or bowtie and suspenders, is it going to look trendy and terrible in 10 or 15 years?
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The personal database of the future?

So I've been using Evernote for a while now to organize research, projects I'm working on, collecting articles, recipes, etc. I've used Backpack in the past to organize projects and plan trips. I'm curious about possibly upcoming/newer solutions that are in this similar vein that might be more robust, have better search capabilities, etc for collecting and organizing all the information in your digital life. What do you guys use? What comes after Evernote? What is the precursor to "Computer.. pull up all recipes that involve chicken, cheese, and cilantro." or "Computer.. all articles on Ruby on Rails relating to PostgreSQL databases." or even... "Computer.. all guitar tabs I've collected by Modest Mouse" (Who knows, maybe I just have to wait for Evernote to advance) [more inside]
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Book of humorous Christian short stories for men?

Can you recommend a Christian book for men, that contains a humorous collection of short stories? [more inside]
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what makes for an excellent- or terrible- massage?

So you've been for a professional massage therapy treatment and something about it stood out to you as being really great or making you want to see that therapist again. Or You've been to a massage therapist and hated something about it, and left vowing never to return. What did you love or hate? [more inside]
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Fiesta Fiasco?

Should I leave tonight and drive 700 miles to replace my crappy, crappy dishes? The Fiesta tent sale is this weekend and I am conflicted. Durable, colorful, glazed-stoneware snowflakes inside! [more inside]
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Why is the IWW known as the Wobblies?
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AEDs: extreme camping edition.

Please help me find the perfect automatic external defibrillators for wildland fire crews! These AEDs will be exposed to extreme temps and altitudes, smoke, dirt, possible water immersion, guaranteed rough handling, and then months of neglect while being stored in the 'off' season - a.k.a winter. Potential operators will be laypeople, EMTs or Paramedics, most with limited medical experience. So a simple and straightforward model, without a lot of bells/whistles/maintenance needs, is preferred. Probably goes without saying: reliability is priority one, but the more budget-friendly, the better. Many thanks, hivemind!
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What cool and unusual things can be done with low-power community radio?

Some friends are interested in starting a low-power community radio station in my hometown. What fun, interesting, and unusual things we could do with this? [more inside]
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Do any Westerners have experience working with Singapore team members?

I collaborate remotely with a technical team who are based in Singapore; I am based in North America. The Singapore staff all speak English as their native language (it's not a second or foreign language). However, making simple requests or explaining is usually excruciatingly hard. Any reasons why this might be so? Simple change requests within a document are ignored, often repeatedly. When collaborating on some simple database stuff, simple processes are ignored in favour of more complicated (but easier) processes. We're working folks who are well-educated, and have a great work environment. They're technical, but also creatives as well (so I don't think it is a left brain/right brain conflict). I'm wondering if there is some sort of cultural code to crack.
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Struggling with anger

How do I let go of anger, bitterness, and resentment? [more inside]
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New DM needs help running his first one-shot D&D/Pathfinder session.

Calling all Dungeon Masters! Help a clueless new DM run a one-shot Pathfinder session. I have a series of questions inside about basic story-pacing, motivating player action, and game creation. [more inside]
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How long do things last?

When should I replace a window-mount AC unit? [more inside]
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How do I get my foot in the door at a small production company in NY?

I have two dream jobs: one is working as a producer at a small independent production company in NY, the other is being a casting director. I don't want to be some big hollywood producer, but I'd love to work at a smaller media company. Whenever I've managed to get a foot in the door somewhere, I've done well. There are two problems. One is I have no idea how to land an entry level position in such a company. The other is that I'm starting out late at the age of 29. [more inside]
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Deck Design Demands Deliberation

Details: I am making a low deck/platform to sit inside a screen tent. This is to be a fun summer sleeping tent for my daughter and her friends. Some moderately challenging requirements inside... [more inside]
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Mindfulness without stasis.

Pardon if this misses the point entirely, but is there a guide to practicing mindfulness that does not revolve around sitting meditation? [more inside]
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Deleted iPhone apps won't go away

How do I remove deleted app history from iTunes? [more inside]
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Please live in my house.

My previous housemate (a decades long friend who found a super cheap place on his own) moved out and I'm not having much luck finding a new housemate. [more inside]
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Anxiety Builds up at work - I quit, find another job - Rinse, repeat

I seem to be in a pattern of working someplace for 4-5 years, slowly getting more and more dissatisfied with where I am and what I'm doing. Finally I quit the job and find another only to repeat the same process. Help me break the pattern. [snowstorm inside] [more inside]
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Lenovo T530 or Apple Macbook Pro Retina

Which of these laptops should I get? It is a personal preference or is one better than the other? This will be mostly used for business. But I will be taking it home with me in the evenings and it will be my main primary laptop for everyday use. Both laptops have 8 GB ram, 256 SSD hard drives. 15" screens. The Lenovo has a optical drive and more ports. The Macbook Pro doesn't have an optical drive and only two USB ports.
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Mushy summer foods?

We have my 90 year old father in law over for dinner once a week. He suffers from Parkinson's, which has progressed to the point where he is having trouble swallowing; but we soldier on. We've had good luck with risotto, tuna noodle casserole and chicken & dumplings - but those seem like fall-winter type foods. Do you have any good summer soft textured/casserole-y recipes?
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How to create a feed for feed-less websites

How can I track changes/updates to a webpage when it doesn't have an rss feed? [more inside]
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Rainy days on the Olympic Peninsula?

My girlfriend and I are going to drive to Port Angeles, WA Friday night and stay through Monday. We originally planned three days of hiking and Sol Duc Hot Springs but now it looks like it is likely to rain at least one day, maybe more. We're bringing books and a board game, but what other things would be good rainy day activities in the Port Angeles area? Are there wineries or other things to see that you would recommend?
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Back-to-school kit for 51-year old single mom

My mom, who hasn't been in "school" since 1980, is going back for an associate's degree. I'm super proud of her, and I think she needs some extra support. What can I put in an awesome "back to school" package for her? [more inside]
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Need sensible criteria to choose a new filtered water solution.

We were kinda-sorta thinking about getting an undersink RO system, but now it has escalated, not to "urgent", but to "let's get this thing done". [more inside]
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Enough is more than likely enough, right?

I have a client that I essentially inherited from a previous job. I left that place, and they sought me out for my services. My partner and I are now working on two large projects for them, and have agreed to a retainer on a contingency basis. More than you ever wanted to know about some stranger's consulting business inside... [more inside]
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Is this unprofessional conduct, or just being generous?

Someone in a position of authority, whose professional endorsement I'm seeking, put me in an awkward position. [more inside]
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self-financing a real estate sale?

What are the pros and cons of self-financing the sale of my house to the tenants? They are excellent tenants and love the house, would buy it except that their credit is wrecked from husband not paying taxes. As I understand it, if they pay me a down payment, I would transfer title to them in exchange for a promissory note for the balance of my mortgage, and they would continue to pay me monthly, payments which I continue to turn over to the mortgagor bank. [more inside]
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What should I do given all these variables (home mortgage edition)

I'm getting married! And buying a house with my fiance! And I'm so, so confused about the best plan (longish question, totally special snowflake focus). [more inside]
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What's the best way to search for a good post-doc position?

I am 12-18 months from defending my dissertation. How do I find the best opportunities for post-doc positions?
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Could We or Couldn't We do something? - usage

If someone wants to "go out" and says, "Mum, couldn't we go out?", is this wrong? Shouldn't they say "Mum, could we go out?". "Couldn't we go out?" sounds wrong to me, unless it's used in the past tense with "why" tacked on the front. Could it be the influence of a German-type sentence construction? Can anyone clarify please?
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A Google Trends question

Why are so many geographic (and other) terms trending consistently downward on Google Trends since 2004? For example, Vermont, New Hampshire, Idaho, Florida, Netherlands, Kansas City, Arizona, China, australia — or pick your own. (Or look at this 5-state trends comparison.) [more inside]
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What should I do with my car?

I have a 2001 Honda Civic with 110k miles that I need to decide if I should keep or sell. I'm not sure how to weigh all the important factors. Can you help? [more inside]
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Sophisticated Cissy

This morning I was talking to my wife about Lee Dorsey and the Meters, and we put on the tune "Cissy Strut." The Meters also have a tune called "Sophisticated Cissy." I was wondering - what does the word "cissy" mean to the Meters? Are they using it the same way i would use the word "sissy"? Or did it mean something different in 1969 than it does now?
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Coffeehouse moral panic?

I'm trying and failing to find a 17th or 18th Century tirade about the deleterious effect on culture caused by coffeehouses. It's a good everything-old-is-new-again moral panic. And my google fu is failing me.
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June 20

I have drama with my *gym.* Yep, gym. What to do?

Five months ago I joined a local, very expensive CrossFit box. Problems have arisen involving public scolding and, of all things, scheduling. I genuinely don't know how to proceed. [more inside]
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Looking for a modern cover of "It's Only A Paper Moon".

I was in a shop today and heard a snippet of "It's Only A Paper Moon" played with what sounded like a synth beat. Unfortunately the clerks weren't able to help me figure out the artist and sorting through the 813 versions of the song on iTunes has proven slow work. Does anyone know of a track like this? I may be off in my description a bit, but it definitely wasn't your standard jazz cover.
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What to say to my alcoholic dad

I feel compelled to say something to my dad about his drinking, after he hurt himself while drunk recently. I don't know if I should even bother. [more inside]
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So many reasons to keep love/sex out of my life. Are they realistic?

I haven't had sex since 1999 (back when I was married) and haven't dated since 2006. I really want to meet men and date and have romance and make out and kiss and have sex, but there are so many obstacles! Are they all just manifestations of low self-esteem or are they real--or some of each? [more inside]
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Ever been a concierge?

I might get a job offer for a concierge position in a high end hotel. What is that like? [more inside]
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What are some good iPhone apps for getting around Philadelphia?

I'm visiting the city of brotherly love for a week and won't have a car, so I was wondering if there are any good iPhone apps for getting around the city either with public transit or taxi-type services.
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I sync I have a problem.

I'm absolutely bumfoozled about how to manage my PC and my iPhone to be able to download library books. Confusion inside. [more inside]
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Canadian Content Political Podcasts

Looking for new podcasts with Canadian content. [more inside]
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Facebook feminism

A male friend just posted: "[Insert College Name Here] is a school of feminists who don't know how to be feminists. (Ladies: communicate. Gents: don't be jerks.)" It rubbed me the wrong way. Am I overreacting? If I'm not overreacting, are there resources you would recommend for explaining why statements like these are not the best way to sound like an enlightened feminist? [more inside]
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Fun activities for a 12-year-old girl in Los Angeles?

My little sister -- an athletic, smart, totally awesome 12-year-old -- will be staying with me in the greater LA area in a couple weeks. I've been living here for a few years, but most of my spare time is spent on things like galleries/museums, strange, arty movie theaters, or experimental music shows (either watching or playing). This is the life for me, but I don't expect it to be enjoyable for my kid sister. So what are some fun things for a smart, conscientious pre-teen (tween? I don't know the terminology anymore) girl that likes to be outdoors or reading? [more inside]
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The ball's in my court (I think). Now what?

I have been halfheartedly looking for a new job. My current position does not leave me much time or energy for searching, plus I have had a lot of illness in my family in the last year, which is time-consuming and emotionally draining. When a supplier I work with mentioned that someone in her company had left recently, I asked her whether she plans to replace him, and she said she does. I emailed her my résumé, and she sent me the job listing. In her email, she asked me whether I was interested, and if not, to let her know what my concerns are so they could address them because "your résumé is great!" How do I respond in the most effective manner? [more inside]
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All Carrots, No Sticks?

I've been a self-studied, involved Christian for most of my adolescence and early adulthood - first as a Catholic, now as an Episcopalian. Here's the thing: I'm pretty sure I don't believe in sin. So, what am I, exactly? [more inside]
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Help me pick a windows tablet

I am a professional poker player and I want to get a tablet that runs full windows operating system so I can play poker on the go (for example get 10 minutes in while im at the bank, or doctors office or waiting for a bus). It must be able to run regular windows programs like a desktop pc would. It must be able to take a sim card so I can use 3g Internet, and be carrier unlockable so I can use it in other countries. I would prefer used or refurbished, and the option for an external mouse and external keyboard would be a nice bonus. Long battery life would also be nice (6 hours+ of internet usage). Please give me specific tablet ideas and give feel free to mention more things I should consider, specs, or problems i haven't anticipated playing poker in public that I hadn't considered yet, etc.
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Full of it.

What do you do when you are overwhelmed in a good way? What do you do with those feelings? [more inside]
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End of the world as we know it

This is macabre, I know. However, I really enjoy documentaries on past or future disasters: Rogue waves, wild fires, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, pyroclastic flows, etc. I often wake up at 2am, and these past/future documentaries get me calm and able to sleep again. What are your recommendations on this subject? There are so many internet sources on this material, and I've seen a lot, but please give me your comprehensive picks!
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I want to read things that squick me out, but are still well written.

I would like to read some truly disturbing novels. Give me some recommendations, AskMetafilter. [more inside]
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How to help a blind person organize.

I'll be helping a blind person organize his personal items this summer. How can I help him organize things (and avoid offending him)? [more inside]
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70s Anime ID

Super Hard TV/Movie ID: I am trying to ID an animated film/tv show I saw in the 70s. I recall it having an anime look, like Speed Racer or Star Blazers, but I am reasonably certain it wasn't either of these. [more inside]
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One for you, One for me...

What are some meal ideas that feature items where each person gets their own thing -- like an individual meat pie or individually wrapped up spanakopita triangle? [more inside]
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What Makes You Smile?

What, when you see it, instantly makes you smile? [more inside]
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Is taking a demotion career suicide?

I've been out of work for over a year, and the job search hasn't been going well. I recently received an offer that is $15k less than I was making at my prior position, and is a demotion in title(From "Senior Programmer", to "Developer I"). I'm very discouraged, but feel like I don't have much choice, given the financial situation I'm in. Will I be committing career suicide by accepting it? As always, complicating details inside. [more inside]
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looking for recommendations of point and click games

I've always hated playing point-and-click games because of the lack of logic to the puzzles, but I recently loved playing Yesterday on my tablet. The story pulled me in and the puzzles (mostly) made sense. Now I need more... Can anyone recommend something similar, either on android or windows?
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Short-Term Help for Anxiety

So, I suffer from occasional anxiety. I usually manage this by doing things like visualization, breathing exercises, and taking Lavela lavender supplements. However, I am staring down the barrel of a scary medical situation and freaking out. My question pertains to getting some extra help via a doctor. [more inside]
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Looking for videos on running and muscle use

I'm just learning how to run, and I don't think I'm doing it correctly. For one, I don't seem to engage my hamstrings much at all, and I suspect I over stride, etc. I'd love to watch a visualization or video of proper running form with the muscles highlighted as they are in use. I've found a few videos on youtube, but none that show the muscles and how they work throughout the stride.
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Burn mark inside microwave. Manufacturer wants it. Cause for concern?

I have a Panasonic microwave that is about 1 1/2 years old. I called support regarding the door latch having issues, but I mentioned a burn mark while talking to the CSR. They escalated immediately to a supervisor and now want me to ship it back. They also asked if I have contacted medical staff, lawyer or home insurance. Should I be concerned/worried? The microwave functions fine as it is. Should I get it checked by some lab before I send it back? Should I get myself checked out?
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One-on-one dinner with boss after meeting

My boss and I went to a meeting yesterday. He invited me for a bite afterwards and I initially said "no, not if you have other things to do". He said he didn't, so by mutual agreement we decided to. Ended up being a proper dinner, but it was just pasta at a bistro/restaurant type place where there were lots of other people. Did I do the right thing by not refusing outright? Here are the other facts: [more inside]
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Solutions for 'renting' internet while in a remote location?

I will be renting a cabin in a remote area in the US (mountains outside of Asheville, NC) and need to have internet access from my laptop for one day. I looked at maps of coverage and it seems like only 1 local carrier has a nearby tower. What are my options? (more inside) [more inside]
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What did I read about the terrible beauty of nuclear weapons?

Sometime around the year 2000, I remember reading something on the Internet about nuclear weapons that was written in a very unique style. The first half focused on the beauty of the bomb components, describing in great detail how accurately they were manufactured, and the incredible precision of the sequence of events during the reaction. I seem to remember something about a perfectly smooth sphere. The second half abruptly switched to an equally detailed and pretty horrific description of the effects of this weapon on its targets. I don't know if this was a standalone essay or some kind of excerpt of a larger work. I remember reading it as a chunk of plain, unstyled text. What was it?
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Wordpress Image Gallery Manager needed

I need a plug in or other solution to manage a bunch of images on Wordpress, so I can easily pull them into galleries based on theme, artist, museum, or other categories, and then be able to dynamically create thumbnail galleries and slideshows based on this data. [more inside]
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How fast is China Post EMS express mail service from Shanghai to London?

What's the fastest and second fastest available service (how long does it take and how much does it cost) for Chinese postal service's EMS express mail service for mailing an ordinary document (2 pages) from Shanghai to London? Thank you very much for any help - I was having trouble finding this online (trying to compare it with DHL/FedEx/UPS ) Thanks!
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Not always attracted to Fiance. May break up, need some advice!

Not always attracted to Fiance. May break up, need some advice! [more inside]
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What are your favorite wok recipes? (W/ a bonus question re: soy sauce)

It's been a long time since I've had a wok. (At some point, the old one became repurposed as a popcorn popper and, while it was very good at that task, it was no longer useful for its intended purpose.) Besides popcorn, what are your favorite things to cook in your wok? Specific recipes welcome, or general ideas, with sauce ideas being of particular value. I'm not huge on seafood, but anything else is okay. (We cook heavy on the veggies and tofu.) [more inside]
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Overnight retreats near Minneapolis

Help me relax for a night away near Minneapolis. [more inside]
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How to protect an infant from hazardous smog?

Where can we find a N95 respirator mask for a small infant, and how else can we protect a baby from very polluted air? [more inside]
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Searching multiple specific domains with Google?

I want to set up a Google search that searches a set of 15 domains. Google's "Advanced Search" doesn't do the trick. Is there a workaround? [more inside]
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Take my couch, please!

Looking to offload (donate/sell/giveaway) some furniture in Berkeley CA this week, but don't know what's the best route. We need help! [more inside]
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What to serve for a crowd?

We're expecting 25-30 people and we need a main dish for an outside lunch-time gathering where it'll be 95+ degrees. There's isn't a grill or electricity where we're meeting so we need things we can bring pre-made. We'd like to keep costs down and prep to a minimum (though I'd probably trade prep for costs). [more inside]
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Router needed but...

Wife has trouble getting wi fi on cell in bedroom and router/modem downstairs...Router is pretty old and not I think a good one. Would like one that I simply take the two wires from old and put into new, strong one. No messing with it beyond that...is this possible and what should I get ? [more inside]
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What Manga Should I Read Next?

I have read Monster, 20th Century Boys, and Pluto, and plan to read the rest of Urasawa's oevre. What other long-form manga series (preferably concluded) should I read now? I have also previously enjoyed Beck, Akira, Drops of the Gods and Death Note (mostly). [more inside]
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Seeking a Wedding Venue Near Boca Raton, Florida

Hi there! My fiancee and I are looking to get married in Florida in either the spring or fall (hopefully when it’s not boiling hot). We plan to invite about 200 people and we’re looking for a venue where we can have both the ceremony and the reception (and if it were a hotel as well, all the better). We’re looking for someplace within a 45-minute drive of Boca Raton, so we’re talking about places like Delray Beach, Boca del Mar, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach all the way down to Fort Lauderdale. (There may be other places nearby besides the ones I’ve listed.) The trick is, we’re looking for an INDOOR venue that’s more than just four solid walls. Ideally we’d like something with lots of windows and a view, and maybe even a patio. If anyone has any ideas, we’d be very grateful. TripAdvisor or Yelp links are *especially* welcome. Thanks everyone! Much obliged to MetaFilter!
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sick of Apartment Therapy

I like looking at Apartment Therapy for tours and DIY ideas but it's gone annoying and stale. What are some other decor blogs with fresher content? [more inside]
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Weigh in with your experiences.

Weighted blanket: good idea, or recipe for pickier sleep habits? This special snowflake travels a lot for work, has dust mite allergies, and dehydrates easily during sleep. [more inside]
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Should I divulge my psychiatric disorder when applying for a job?

I don't intend to volunteer this information but some job applications include mandatory questions specifically relating to 'disabilities', which include psychiatric disorders/mental illness. When a job application specifically asks, what's the best course of action? [more inside]
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Mummies and Daddies, Ghouls and Boys

Please help me come up with a - clever name- for a local parents with kids meet-up group. We're goths, we don't have special snowflakes, we have coal dust... [more inside]
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So bright you gotta wear shades

Can someone please point me to a step-by-step on how to fix this type of bad photo? I do not have photoshop, I can download GIMP or whatever freeware is popular and easy for home use these days. [more inside]
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Looking for a specific Cuban Restaurant in Detroit area

If my memory serves me (it often does not), awhile ago I went to a Cuban restaurant in the suburbs of Detroit (probably north) that I'd like to find again. I remember that it was small (seating-wise), non-chain, not very fancy, off a very small (residential?) street and the food was great; I think the interior was yellow and there was writing on the walls everywhere. It was popular and full when I was there last. I've done by due diligence with google and yelp but haven't found it there; I don't think it's Vincente's (downtown) or El Guanaco (Troy); any ideas? I'm open to suggestions in the area if you don't know the specific restaurant. Thanks!
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How to appreciate my boyfriend

I'm having a bit of difficulty figuring out what I can do to appreciate and care for my new boyfriend. What are some things you do to make your significant other feel good? [more inside]
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Migrating to DevonThink

Need help migrating to DevonThink Pro with very large, scattered files. Questions on initial organization and workflow. [more inside]
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Basic Multimeter Question

I have a multimeter, and a I have a hub dynamo built into my bike wheel. I want to attach the multimeter probes to the wires that power my front light, and see what, if any, power comes through those wires when I spin the wheel. What do I set on the multimeter to see that happen? PS: I know nothing about electricity.
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Eardrums, planes, and how they interact

I realize you folks are not my doctor or my pharmacist, but maybe someone among you has been in this situation before and knows the way out. Just over a week ago I contracted an ear infection which subsequently spread to the other ear. The infection is on the wane but not yet over, but my eustachian tubes are are still gummed up, rendering me about 90% hearing-impaired at the moment. I was put on basic antibiotics (amoxycillin) last week and as of a couple of days ago, was switched to some more heavy-duty stuff (biaxin), but I am still pretty clogged up. The tricky part: in three days I have to get on a plane. [more inside]
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Nobody came

What is the significance of a funeral with no calling hours? [more inside]
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Need recommendations for low-cost/sliding scale psychiatric care in NYC

Asking for a friend of mine who lives in Brooklyn. She's suffering from some acute anxiety, and really needs to see someone, but the healthcare she gets through her company do not cover mental health expenses, and she cannot afford to pay out of pocket. [more inside]
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What should I expect from my ADHD assessment?

Going to a specialist ADHD clinic for an assessment next week. So far I'm (blech, I'm the worst) self diagnosed. What should I expect? I'm willing to go on medication but concerned that stimulants will make me anxious and crazed. [more inside]
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Most libertarian culture in history

What culture throughout history has most closely approximated the Ayn Randian ideal of the libertarian state? [more inside]
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Moody Gardens: Rainforest: Tarantula: Colon: The Question

My family and I want to go to Moody Gardens in Galveston tomorrow to see the new Rainforest Pyramid. My wife HATES spiders. The pyramid has a tarantula. For those who have gone, are the animals clearly marked so she can skip the spider part?
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Best hidden features of popular apps?

I recently downloaded MeatText () because of Troika's comment in this post () on the blue, tried it out, and the person I tried it out on replied "How is this better than Google Maps"? Turns out GMaps for mobile has a similar feature but its pretty well hidden. I had no idea it existed. What are some other features or functions of popular apps (web, mobile, tablet, or other) that may be hidden or just unnoticed that you find particularly useful?
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VPNs and multiple users under Mac OS X

Is it possible for a VPN to affect only the traffic of one logged in user under Mac OS X? [more inside]
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'Stuff' found in the supplement gelcap, what my action should be?

I found something in supplement gelcap, what should be my course of action? [more inside]
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When did childhood immunizations become so controversial?

When did childhood immunizations become so controversial? I don't recall their being any issues with immunization because the science clearly shows it is helpful to mankind. So I wonder what the issue is. I thought of this while reading a news story about it just now.
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hyphens vs. en dashes

How would you use hyphens and en dashes in the following phrase: "one to three year jail sentence"? [more inside]
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dealing with intrusive thoughts

Hi Hivemind. So, when I was a kid I suffered badly from intrusive thoughts. I am a LOT better now, but every so often my intrusive thoughts get triggered, usually from being in a particular place where I had a bad episode as a teenager. I have to go there regularly and often at night when I am trying to go to sleep I'll have another episode. How to deal, apart from therapy? I'm on the waiting list. [more inside]
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How do I unpickle my California arrest warrant?

I (think I) have an outstanding arrest warrant in California. I'm in the UK. I don't have any references, dates or details. [more inside]
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Similar eyeglasses to Sama Underground

My husband is in the market for new glasses frames, looking for something similar to Underground model by Sama but costing under $150 [more inside]
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What´s the title of this science fiction short story?

It´s a story about a man who gets a message in his dreams coming from a civilization that´s living in a pore in the skin of his hand. He is told that every time he scratches his hand this will cause a catastrophe in their little universe, which has already happened several times before. Finally he agrees not to scratch his hand for a while.
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Dress advice for software developer in corporate office

I am starting a new job soon. It's my first job in a corporate office, instead of a startup. What should I wear? [more inside]
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Best Coffee Shops for Writing in DC?

I'm a writer and I like to write in coffee shops. I'm looking for a coffee shop in DC. I live in Logan Circle and work downtown, but don't mind taking the Metro or a bus anywhere. I'm looking for something a little more low-key than Tryst. Any suggestions? I'd like free wi-fi and a graduate student vibe. No need for anything fancy. This is where I used to go when I lived in Philadelphia and I'd like to find something similar. Thank you!
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OSX Networking Problem -After an hour or so my net connection just stops

I have a bug with my networking on OSX Mountain Lion, Put simply after an indeterminate, randomish amount of time (from 30 minutes to 10 hours) my laptop will simply stop loading or fetching new websites. This happens both over wired and wireless networks - In both cases the connection will appear to still be connected,but loading a webpage will just hang on "sending request" and a traceroute to google.com which works fine beforehand, just fails (nothing in terminal after the command). I've struggled but can't find much indication at all about this bug on the internet - can anyone help me fix this problem? [more inside]
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Seeking a gemstone epoxy

Calling all gemmologists and jewellers: I need to adhere natural diamonds to a synthetic surface. I have been told that standard epoxies will cause the diamonds to appear black (?!) What are my options? [more inside]
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Help me pick a Ting phone

Based on an answer to an AskMe question on Tuesday, I'm very interested in switching to Ting for wireless service. I don't have a phone that can be brought over to Ting, so a new one is in order. Help me decide! [more inside]
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Tell us the secrets of Edinburgh!

We’re moving to Edinburgh in the fall. We’re terribly excited, and have dozens of questions, so please answer as many or few as you feel like. Our special snowflake details are inside. [more inside]
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What's a good tool to annotate text-based webpage with more text?

I'd like to be able to store and annotate a copy of largely text-based webpage, with simple text annotations of no more than a sentence or two. What's a good tool to use? Preferably compatible with Chrome, although I could live with Firefox. [more inside]
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June 19

Recycling dumpster always full. Seattle landlord blames tenants.

The recycling dumpster shared by about 30 people in an apartment complex fills up to the top and overflows the second or third day after it is emptied. It's been this way for a few months now, after some changes in the tenant count and removal of one dumpster. Landlord says people need to use the recycling dumpster space more efficiently, refusing to get more recycling space and passing on overflow pickup costs in building fees. How can I fix this problem? [more inside]
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Laid off from work, cashing out my 401k

Hey everyone, I read some other threads in regards to 401k but it seems like the audience is divided. My recent company (industry giant who laid off 8000 employees and gave our jobs to folks in India) has laid me off and I need to cash out my 401k. I am wondering who has experience with this as of the past year or two? I live in Mass so Fidelity says I will have to take out 20% out of my total sum for taxes but they didn't say anything about a penalty. My amount is less than $11,000 and I want to use some of it to start my own agency. Has anyone cashed out their 401k and if so, was there a penalty? PS. Please spare me the 'noo dont cash out, its a bad idea' -- I'm knee deep in $115k for student loans and my life could not get worse and more complicated so I'm confident cashing this crap out is my only way out to some sanity and inner peace. Thanks!
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Cell contract finally over! Now I want to port my number... how?

How do I port my AT&T phone number to Net 10? [more inside]
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Salivating for Satire

Can you point me toward good satirical fiction? [more inside]
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Headed to overtime again?

After Game 1's epic triple overtime and Game 2 went to overtime as well, I went out on a limb and predicted that this Chicago-Boston series will break the record for longest Stanley Cup series in history, in terms of total minutes played. Only problem is, I can't find what the current record is! [more inside]
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Is this an individual quirk or the norm for some group?

Something very strange happened to me yesterday, and I'm trying to figure out whether this sort of behavior was an individual quirk or if I've run afoul of some obscure but very strong taboo. More detail inside, but basically I asked somebody to step aside by tapping her shoulder and she ended up shouting at me and slapping me several times with both hands on my shoulder. I don't understand quite what happened there. [more inside]
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If it's depression, it sucks.

I'm pretty sure I'm depressed but I don't have the energy or motivation to do something about it. I'm not sure what to do. [more inside]
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Help me buy my son a Wii U

I'm planning to buy my 9-year old son a Wii U this weekend. I'll get the 32gb one (more gbs are better!) although I'm not really sure what how much space one needs. [more inside]
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What are some delicious savory recipes that call for potato chips?

Seeking unsweet recipes involving plain-flavored potato chips. Healthiness is no object. [more inside]
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Looking for baby monitor that comes with screen AND wifi ability.

I'm looking for a baby monitor that comes with a camera, a monitor, and also the ability to use an iphone or tablet to view the camera feed. From the quick research I've done so far, it seems like its an either/or thing. My idea is that I'd like to have the monitor in our bedroom permanently, but would also like to view the feed from anywhere in the house on a phone or tablet when needed. [more inside]
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Easiest ways to mark up PPT presentation on the fly?

Need to give a PPT presentation: would like to be able to ink slides as I talk: nothing fancy, just handwriting. Any suggestions for a technophobe?
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Do I have to spend thousands to stream-and-record quality audio & video?

Live streaming video from Conference-setting in Dallas. Advice? [more inside]
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What is the current hospitality exchange network of choice?

Around 2007 and 2008 I was quite active on couchsurfing.org (now couchsurfing.com), both in staying and hosting, and I loved it. In the next few months I may have the opportunity to start hosting again but I've found a lot of not so nice commentary of the couchsurfing organisation (particularly their terms of service, which do make me very uncomfortable), the website has gotten much harder to use and most of my contacts there are no longer active -- and there seems to be an issue with dormant accounts generally. Can any hospitality exchanging mefites give me the up to date low down on couchsurfing and its alternatives? [more inside]
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I want to get all up in this grill.

I was just given the (very generous!) gift of a charcoal kettle grill with GET THIS a pizza stone, pizza peel, and this brilliant thingy to convert a kettle grill into a pizza oven. I have not only never grilled anything before, I've never been remotely interested in doing so until pretty much today. How can I stop worrying* and learn to love my new grill? [more inside]
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AT&T Uverse software bug screwing up Chrome's functionality?

Chrome won't let me access the Metafilter homepage--among other issues. I am not having this problem with Safari or Firefox. [more inside]
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Help me find my hard drive

I have an iMac running OSX 10.7.5, and a few days ago my hard drive went missing from the Finder. [more inside]
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Help me understand fractions

Dear math people: please help me understand fractions and ratios intuitively. [more inside]
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What are some good outdoor cafés in Toronto?

I'm looking for a place where I can grab a coffee and read a book preferably outside. I live in the St. Lawrence Market area of the city, so someplace around there would be preferred. [more inside]
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Teaching children in Africa.

Please help me fulfill a promise that I didn't expect to be so challenging. [more inside]
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Car insurance and the marriage discount

My ex-husband is still listed as my spouse on my car insurance policy and I just recently found that it's been giving me a discount on my premium for the last two years that we've been divorced. If I send the insurance company my divorce decree, it will remove him from my policy and increase my premium by $100. I'd like to keep him on the policy and continue to get the discount. What penalties (if any) would occur if I did this? [more inside]
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"He swirled his brandy counter-clockwise?! Bah!"

Imagine you are in 19th century Britain and sharing a cocktail and a cigar with some upper crust gentlemen. What are some subtle actions that, while not essentially rude in nature, would still come across as a huge faux pas or violation of etiquette in that time period, specifically among the wealthy? I'm more interested in actions performed incorrectly, rather than spoken statements which are unintentionally offensive.
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Active recreation in Palo Alto, CA.

I'm a recent transplant to the South Bay. I live and work in downtown Palo Alto. I don't drive, but I do have a bike and live near a Caltrain station. I'm looking for some kind of structured, regular physical activity to do outside the house. Recommend good things near me. It doesn't necessarily have to be athletic. Think outside the box. A list of things I don't want is inside. [more inside]
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Tips, tricks and maintenance cycles for long-term RV living

My father has recently moved into a fifth wheel in an RV park and it is clear that we know nothing about the maintenance and requirements of long-term living for a fifth wheel that doesn't travel. Especially after last week's plumbing related disaster. On the upside, I now have a literal understanding of what it means to be in a s**tstorm. Further complications below the fold. [more inside]
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Tight singer, sloppy band

I've been enjoying the hell out of Van Morrison's recordings with Them, and Janis Joplin's with Big Brother. I've realized they have something in common: a singer with impeccable rhythm, phrasing and timing -- better than nearly anyone in rock music, and up there with the greats of soul, jazz and gospel -- backed by a much sloppier, garage-ier bunch of instrumentalists. To a lesser extent, The Who and the White Stripes have the same thing going on: I'd say their respective frontmen had "good enough" rhythm rather than anything brilliant, but they were definitely the ones holding the whole band together from the top, while the rhythm section flopped and flailed around underneath. So: where else does that combination show up? (Doesn't necessarily have to be in rock, either, though the examples I've got all are. If you've got some long-lost recording of Nas, Nina Simone or Elvis Presley backed by the Shaggs, now's your chance to bring it out.) [more inside]
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Mo' camera, mo' problems- Lightroom vs. Aperture, 2013 edition

I finally made the jump to a prosumer camera (Sony NEX-6), mainly to take pictures of my painfully photogenic boy. Now I'm faced with a dilemma of what to do with the photos. I currently use iPhoto, rather messily, and am looking at Aperture vs. Lightroom as my next step. [more inside]
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Coke (coal byproduct) use in 50s Toronto?

I have a vague memory from the early 50s of travelling along Front Street or Wellington Street in Toronto with my father. Looking south toward Union Station I can remember seeing small (two or three foot high) piles of black stuff on the road, and men with shovels . My father told me it was coke (the “solid carbonaceous residue derived from destructive distillation of coal” as Wikipedia defines it). [more inside]
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Tips for getting 3 day office/storage space rented (in Vancouver)

I'm running a festival from the 29th June to the 1st July on Granville Street between Smithe and Pender. That's the end of next week (gulp). We have street performers coming into town who need a "green room" to store their equipment (chainsaws, knives, clubs, amps etc) and relax between shows. It doesn't have to be big (an RV would be enough) and it doesn't have to be nice (an empty room would be enough) but so far I'm having trouble finding people willing to rent us something for 5 days only (28th, 29th, 30th, 1st and returned on the 2nd). We have advertising space in a newspaper we can give them worth $1,400. So, where should I look? Proximity to Granville Street essential for an office. RV rental could be from anywhere (we'll just park it on Granville). Cheapest option wins. Thank you so much for any advice!
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Summer Wedding In Charleston, Need fashion critiques!

As the title states I've got a wedding in Charleston, SC in July. I'm planning on getting a blue seersucker jacket anyways, so I've been looking on how to put this all together. I've come up with two ensembles that I think would work best. The main differences between the two are the pants really...white pants vs blue. The shoes coordinate appropriately as white shoes/pants wouldn't really work. The shirt choices, white or pastel pink are negotiable, as is the bowtie vs regular tie. I'd likely pocket square it up as well. Opinions? I'm open to any other styles or ways to arrange it all. If it bears any relevance my girlfriend will be wearing this.
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What do I plea, and how do I plea it?

I got a $260 ticket in Portland for not turning into the closest lane. Lamest ticket ever, right? So what do I plea at my court date, and how do I plea it? [more inside]
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Any opinions on graduate schools of banking?

Is attending a graduate school of banking worthwhile? [more inside]
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Hit and run insurance claim?

At some point, my parked car was hit. I didn't notice until I got home. It could have happened in three or four different parking lots--I ran several errands. There is fair amount of damage to my front bumper and a dent in my hood, but I can't prove I didn't do it myself. Am I going to be able to file an insurance claim on this? What do I need to know before I call my insurance company? Could this raise my premiums? [more inside]
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Run multiple instances of program designed for single use (win7)

I need to have multiple separate instances of BlueStacks (android emulator) for something I'm developing. (PS, I'm running win7) [more inside]
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Finding speakers for an investment group

How do I find possible speakers for an investment group? [more inside]
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Name of a song used in Boogie Nights (1997)

Hi, I was wondering if any mefi-ers know the name of the song played in the background of the scene where Scotty J tried to kiss Dirk Diggler? [more inside]
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"If I'd done it for the money, I'd have been a f**ing lawyer"

[playlist filter] I'm looking for songs that are about staying true to your art, about putting in the work, and not caring about the rewards. The kind of song that makes you want to stay us all night working on a painting or novel or whatever. Been really into "Make the Money" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, so looking for music in the same vein. [more inside]
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Workflow for moving photos from iPhoto/Lightroom to Flickr.

I am moving overseas and would like to backup my 80gb of photos, which are stored in iPhoto '11 and Adobe Lightroom 3, to my Flickr account, which now has a terabyte of storage. I'm looking for an automated workflow if possible. [more inside]
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SF landlord hauled away our stuff without warning, where might it go?

My landlord (I presume) hauled away some bike frames, tents, and genuine junk from a common area sometime in the night, assuming it wasn't stolen (mostly unlikely). We are in the heart of San Francisco and they live further south. Is it likely to have gone to SF Recology? Does it become city property once it does so? I am not going to drive down there, but I'm curious about the process in case it ever happens to something truly valuable.
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Tips for painless eBay packaging and shipping

I have a few things I need to eBay. I'm a very casual seller. For me the biggest pains are packing and shipping. Hints? [more inside]
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Vanity Site that is configured in the form of Amazon.com product page

A while back I remember coming across a really novel vanity site that somebody had come up with. It was a vanity site configured as an Amazon.com products page. It had an identical layout and a place for reviews where former employers and co-workers could write their "product" reviews of this person's work. At the time I came across this site, it was somewhat of a meme and people listed it as a creative way of standing out from the crowd with all of their usually boring sites. Does anybody remember this or have the link to it? Thanks
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Software/Tech Company MVP Program Examples?

I'm in charge of launching the MVP program for the software company I work for and am looking to find great examples of how other software/tech companies do this. Microsoft is the primary one people point to, but what about Google, Apple and other successful organizations in the space with passionate users? [more inside]
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Android tablet apps for my grandfather?

My 80-year-old grandfather has a Nexus tablet, and he wants me to find apps for him. I have no idea what to get him, and I don't think he does, either: he just wants neat things to do with it, though he's not at all tech-savvy. What might I download for him? This may be a tall order: I'm looking for apps that are preferably free, intuitive to use, and that aren't too complex or intricate. Most games are probably right out (though he likes card games, and may like similarly simple ones). Even the act of entering a search in YouTube is tricky for him. Any ideas of what I could find for him to download?
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What should I tell the customs agent about the $$ value of my car?

We will be importing a 2004 Honda Accord into Canada this weekend, I hope. We must pay taxes (16% of value of the car!) when we bring it in. It is up to us to put a value on the the car and hope the customs agent accepts our assessment. If they don't accept it, they will put their own value on the car and we must accept that and pay taxes accordingly. Two questions: how would you assess the value? And how would you try to pay the least amount possible? [more inside]
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What to name our RV blog?

We're transitioning into living full time in an RV and several people have expressed interest in reading a blog about our experiences. I know the kinds of things I want to write, but I'm stumped on a name. [more inside]
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This has escalated quickly

Son of 1066 had early acceptance to a university six hours away. And we've been planning for him to go there since early December. Last week he decided he now wants to go to the local university and live with me. Acceptance is a given due to his grades. This is going to save me tons of money. The problem? I have had basically zero social life for the past sixteen years because I only had him on the weekends (no regrets). But I was really looking forward to meeting some friends and possibly even dating. So how do we go about transitioning from part-time mom and kid to full-time, loving, supportive, independent mom and adult son/roommate? Advice on any aspects of having a relative/roommate would be appreciated.
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Who will fix my readynas?

I have a Readynas which will not boot. I have gone through support and am ready to give up. Assuming the problem is fixable, is there anyone in New York who you would trust with recovering your music / photo collection?
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Do I really need ½" of space on either side of my refrigerator?

Do I really ½" of space on either side of my refrigerator? [more inside]
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Download Excel on a PC running Vista

Need to get MS Excel on a PC running Windows Vista. Latest Excel versions seem to require Windows 7 or 8. Any help on where I can get a downloadable version of Excel for Vista?
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Help me figure out an awesome adventure-y anniversary gift

I'm searching for an awesome 5th anniversary gift, made from wood or silver, with an adventure-y theme (this can be pretty loosely interpreted). It'll be a supplement to a primary gift I've already splurged on, so I'm looking for something <$100. My only idea so far has been a compass, but the wooden ones are more like decorative desk sets (I'd prefer something practical and usable) and the silver ones are either really expensive or really ugly. It's for a man, and he doesn't wear much jewelry. And I need to be able to get it by Friday. Help!
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Help me keep the sun out!

My living room window 1" horizontal blinds have suddenly stopped closing fully when rotated upwards. The movement of the rod that rotates them seems to have become stiffer, with some "humps" that were not there before. Is there anything I can do to restore them to their previous non-problematic functionality? [more inside]
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Awesome activities in and around New York City?

I'm lucky enough to work for a company that sponsors occasional off-site activities for team building. We get to go anywhere and do anything we want together, self organized, within a reasonable budget. We're (mostly) 20- and 30-something males. I'm looking for more awesome things to do in Manhattan, or within an hour or two's drive (i.e. chartered bus). Within one day or possibly including an overnight stay. [more inside]
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Outlook Contacts Compromised?

I've started getting emails "from" people in my contacts list. The email is from their name, but with an email address that is not theirs and is different each time. I have an address with a local internet provider, not gmail or yahoo. Do I have a virus my antivirus hasn't caught? How can I fix it?
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Wheelchair - is it important in JUST SEX relationship?

So, this guy i know for 8 months and i started kinda heavy flirting 2 months ago. We both want casual sexual relationship, i told him bluntly and he is type of guy who does only sex thing.... He thinks i am hot, i think he;s hot blah blah.... he is always asking me to go to his place or somewhere to be alone but i always say 'no' bc....well, our situation is complicated so i am affraid to say yes even tho i want it sooooooooo much... [more inside]
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Looking for a clip of a man channeling aliens on a British talk show.

I'm looking for a clip of a man claiming to channel aliens from a BBC-style talk show I am pretty sure I saw here on Metafilter. [more inside]
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Should I Pursue a CPPB Designation in Canada?

Is this purchasing designation known and sought after among SCM professionals in Canada? [more inside]
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Looking for a high-end men's keyring.

Where can I purchase a keyring for the modern gentleman? [more inside]
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What are colleges doing about HIV other than "get tested/use condoms"?

What are examples of colleges that are doing new or innovative things in addressing HIV? I am most interested in approaches directed at men who have sex with men, but any general approaches about HIV that are directed at everyone or at other high risk populations would also be helpful. [more inside]
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Who Manages the Manager?

My boss figuratively (and I suspect literally) has the memory of a goldfish. This can get more than a little frustrating. What can I do to make my life easier? [more inside]
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How good does Senior Developer look on a Drupal site developer resume?

I'm about to get a job offer from a small, but reasonably successful, Drupal development firm. It sounds like they may offer me the title of "Senior Developer." In most corners of the software industry, as I understand it, Senior Developer is a good title that implies you're an established professional with 5+ years of experience; 3 years at a bare minimum. The thing is, I actually only have a couple years of part time experience (though with a pretty well known site) and don't have a software related degree. Will future employers interpret "senior developer" the usual way--making this a really nice resume item? Or is the definition looser in the content site development field?
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The Musical Fruit?

What's the cheapest way to buy lots of dried beans and rice? [more inside]
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Game of Violence

I have just watched season 1 and 2 of Game of Thrones and am burned out by the level of violence. I sense myself getting desensitized to it. Right now I am taking a break from going forward to season 3. I am considering whether I want to continue watching the extreme violence even though I like the characters and the scope of the story. Should i stop now or continue. It does't make sense to close my eyes to the violent parts because I would miss the whole show. No, I don't want to read the books, I am a visual person.
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Samsung galaxy 4 and data use - way too much

My daughter just got the Samsung galaxy 4 last month. It is using up data like a bat outta hell. I mean really fast. I told her to switch to wifi (like I do with my S3) whenever possible. I'm sure she has a lot of apps and of course she texts as much as any other twenty something year old. Thing is, she says that she can't send/receive texts and phone calls when she is in wifi only mode. We are with Verizon. Is this normal? What can we do?
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Ironing out a suit issue

Just bought a nice suit, but when I brought it home my wife pointed out the lapels were slightly asymmetrical -- one is a bit narrower than the other. The lapels have a gentle roll to them, they aren't sharply creased. So: is it easy/adviseable to coax one of the lapels into laying differently with an iron or other method? If so, how (suit made of Italian wool)? Or best to simply return it?
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Examples of background clues from vocabulary and/or usage?

When someone says head or latrine for bathroom its likely that they were in the military or around the military. A less common example,when someone says "avoid the near occasion" about something its likely that they are from a Roman Catholic background, I'd even say its use indicates a likelihood that they are or were a priest, seminarian, religious, in a kind of serious catholic family or school etc. Reckon is a common word and its being used once doesn't mean anything but when its use is pretty frequent it might be indicative of someone's having lived in the south east United States. When people say pop instead of soda or coke they likely are from somewhere roughly between Chicago and Denver, Oklahoma and North Dakota. Things like this interest me and I'm sure I know only a infinitesimal fraction of a percent of them. Do you have any like observations to share? [more inside]
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Why does this song sound like k-pop?

This song (The Way by Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller) sounds like a kpop song to me. But it's not. Why do I think it is? [more inside]
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How to buy a couch?

I need to buy a couch, and for it to be comfy, decent-looking, relatively inexpensive, and bedbug free. I have an idea of the dimensions that my place can accomodate, but almost nothing else. Right now, I don't even know, what I don't know. How do?! [more inside]
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What will be the dominant influences on the world in the next 100 years?

A friend and I were discussing the fact that to have a reasonable understanding of the present-day developed world, it's useful to understand concepts from computer science and engineering to have an idea of how the internet works, how machine learning works and so on. What will be the most important fields and areas of knowledge of the next century? [more inside]
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Have I been acting rude for most of my life?

Is it rude to refer to someone in the third person (he/she) while they are present? [more inside]
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Examples of re-use of unrelated footage of same actor when younger

I'm looking for examples of movies or TV shows showing a character at two different ages by having the actor play the older version as usual and presenting the younger version by re-using unrelated footage of the same actor when younger. [more inside]
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How does this code run?

So I'm boning up on my web development skills, and came across an interesting little box at http://www.mydestination.com/moscow (scroll down to 'Book Your Trip'). How'd they do that? NOT looking to copy it, just learn about how's it done. Plenty more inside. [more inside]
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Suggestions For Positive Intellectual Input, Please?

I need to go on a SEVERE media diet, but I crave media that is intellectually stimulating. On TV, I limit myself to culinary and travel shows, a form of "Mind Sorbet," if you will. I also like to think. I want podcasts, downloadable lectures, and websites that promote a positive, and even spiritual (but not religious!) outlook for today and the future. I want resources that are not selling me anything, per se. I'm OK paying for legitimate content! People have to make a living - I get that! I just want to avoid copious "up sell" sales techniques. Can you suggest anything online I might enjoy? [more inside]
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June 18

What are some meals that are nearly all fruits & vegetables?

The other day I made a meal that was nearly all vegetables -- sweet potatoes, roasted asparagus, and an apple, arugula, and feta salad. It was a great meal and I didn't even realize until I was eating it that it was basically all vegetables, rather than my normal routine of basing a meal around a starch (although the sweet potato does have a lot of carbs). I'm looking for more full-meal ideas where vegetables make up a lion's share of the meal. [more inside]
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What is this song?

I'm trying to source this haunting voice. Is this arabic? A sung prayer? Stumbled on this by accident, no idea what it is. Thanks for any tips...
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What should I be careful of when buying a car from a friend?

A co-worker/friend is selling me his old car as he's upgraded to a newer model. What are things I should be aware of and get checked out early so I don't accidentally buy a lemon and ruin the friendship? [more inside]
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"The Sun Will Rise Without Thy Assistance" - Attributably?

There are a lot of places attributing the quote ""The sun will rise without thy assistance" to the Talmud. Is that true? If so, where does it say that in the Talmud? I would love to either verify or debunk this quote.
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A better way to say "great authors write the same book ten times"?

What's a better way to refer to the idea that an artist tries to refine the same central idea over and over again throughout their career? [more inside]
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Looking for an in-text reference for a concept attributed to Kant

I'm looking for an in-text reference for a concept apparently put forward by Immanuel Kant. I would like to know where in his own writings this concept was actually addressed. [more inside]
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Facebook blues

I'm contemplating friending someone on Facebook who previously defriended me, but I'm worried I'm going to come off as a creeper. How to proceed? [more inside]
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All the Best Abstract Art

I'm looking for some online galleries of great abstract art from contemporary painters and artists. The preferred type of image I'm searching for is quite abstract: lines and shapes, spirals, even fractal art potentially. The one additional requirement is that the artist be named and contactable.Thanks so much!
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How much creatine should I take daily before this pee test?

I have a job interview in a few days that involves a urinalysis. So I put down the pipe (3 days ago) and hit up Erowid and the AskMe archives to see what my options were. Lots of water, check--I'm at 5 liters a day. Exercise and sweating, check--it's 109 outside and I walk everywhere. Supplementing with creatine....ah, that's the tricky one. Everyone recommends it, but very few of those people give an actual dose-per-day. The sources that do vary wildly, anywhere between 50mg a day to 24645mg a day. I feel like both of those extremes won't do, hell, the twenty-thousand dose isn't even doable. I'm looking for: a dosage schedule (amount/frequency) for creatine that will make the pee of a 150lb 19 y/o male (who is consuming 5 liters of water a day) have acceptable creatinine levels. [more inside]
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ID this Buffy illustration in TV Guide?

In 2001, I saved this surreal Buffy the Vampire Slayer art from a page in TV Guide. Who was the artist? [SPOILERS discussed for BtVS season 5] [more inside]
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How to combat anxiety?

My anti-depressant (Wellbutrin XL) is generally working, but one of the side-effects is a great deal of generalized anxiety. I'm stuck with the anti-depressant for now, so I'm looking for practices, foods, or medications you've been prescribed that helped you combat anxiety. [more inside]
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How much detail do I have to give?

I am going to have to quit a seasonal job due to health issues. Do I need to tell my boss exactly what the issue is? [more inside]
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What's with the cracking neck??

In the past week my neck, specifically the back of the neck right where it connects to the base of my head, has been cracking several times a day. I'm not trying to do it intentionally - it happens when I do mundane things like turn my head or look up. It's strong enough to make me a little dizzy, or makes my head feel loose for a second, or alternately like it might seize up and stop moving altogether. Anyone have any experience with this?
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Resources on how to write (satirical) newspaper articles?

I've been writing satirical news articles for a website I created, and while my articles have been popular so far, I realized that I've been writing solely on my instinct of how a newspaper article would sound. What are some resources that go more in-depth on the style of newspaper articles, rather than the news gathering/reporting side of journalism?
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How much more do lasers in your mouth cost? Would you get lasered again?

Has anyone gotten lasered in the mouth to fill a cavity (e.g., waterlase)? Roughly how much did it cost you? Relative to the drill and metal method? Would you opt for lasers in your mouth again? [more inside]
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Excavation etiquette

I'm going on a archaeological training excavation and would like to feel more confident about excavating - can you give me any advice? [more inside]
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Help in evaluating comic books?

I have been tasked with inventorying and potentially selling more than a few comic books. [more inside]
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Advice on getting 88 yr old into a car/sedan who can't lift her feet.

We will be needing to drive an elderly relative to various locations over the next few months to help her find and relocate into a new retirement home.. She has had extensive spine surgery and is unable to life either foot up more than about one inch and maybe not even that. I have been looking for a temporary device (under $100.00) that we can use on these occasions but have no idea what to look for. She uses a walker - refuses a wheelchair. She's tried the "bottom in first" then swinging her feet in but that still involves lifting them. She used to be able to do that but no more. Maybe the only solution is to get a cab with sliding doors that opens down on the street level and she follow behind us in the cab but that would be expensive and time consuming as we would have to have the cab wait while she is inside being interviewed, taken on inspection, etc.
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am i obligated to invite a (horrible) mutual friend to a party?

about a year ago, I had a falling out with a mutual friend, complete with group g-chat strategy sessions, late-night mediations and about a dozen really, really long emails. the reason for it doesn't matter that much, but This Lady showed no good faith in my intentions and less than no respect for me as a somewhat intelligent and considerate person. since my two closest friends are good friends with are, am i obligated to invite This Lady to any mass party or event things? [more inside]
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What do I do with these out of control sideburn things?

If I was a guy, I would call them sideburns and shave them into submission. But I'm a 50 year old woman and they have turned into horrible wiry gray kinky bushy things and I don't know what to do. Stylists freak if I suggest shaving them. So, help. [more inside]
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Best/fairest/easiest way to handle this new living situation?

Seeking advice for a friend on safe and fair way to handle living arrangement. [more inside]
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Help me get started with cheese

I've been a picky eater all my life but I am trying to expand. I go into the supermarket and see all the different cheeses and I really want to just try something, do something, but I'm scared to just buy a hunk of cheese and eat some. Where do I start with cheese? [more inside]
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Google Analytics for Advanced Beginners

Are there ways to "cross" or "join" data results in Google Analytics? Just as a for instance, I have a list of Referrals and a list of audience Location demographics. Is there a way to join those two lists, so that I know where site referrals are visiting from? (Generally, are there resources which list "pro tips" for getting the most out of Analytics?)
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I'm looking for a dingbats font for a specific purpose. I'm creating a book of numbered paragraphs, and the number is above each paragraph in an elegant display font (Copperplate). On each side of the number, I'd like to put a fairly simple, unobtrusive, horizontal dingbat. This could be done with dingbats that are mirror images of each other. It could be as simple as a brush stroke that's heavier on the left or right, with the heavy ends near the number. Or it could be something else. I'm not looking for anything too leafy or flowery or pretty or Victorian. Do you know of a dingbats font like this that's downloadable for free? [more inside]
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Wedding and controlling parents-- how to cope

I'm getting married in 10 days, and it's stressful for everybody involved, mostly because I have controlling parents who are intricately involved with every part of this. Any tips/advice for coping with this situation? Lots of culture-specific snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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Family trip for Spring 2014

suggestions for a trip for four adults, four kids (two ~1, two ~5). About a week in Feb-April 2014. [more inside]
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Find me a San Francisco summer jacket!

Hi hivemind! I'm a late twenties girl, 5'5, 130, platinum pixie cut, and I am looking for San Francisco summer jacket! [more inside]
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Can you identify this sci-fi short story?

I'm looking for a short story. I'm not sure of much, but I know it involved ABBA and rare orchids. Can you help? [more inside]
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Feliway without the diffuser?

Would Feliway diffuser refills work without the diffuser? [more inside]
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I want to insert one page into multiple documents. Easily.

I have 150-200 Word documents. I want to insert a one page Word document into each of these 150-200 files as the cover/first page. [more inside]
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Is there such a thing as a medical leave for exhaustion and depression?

I'm exhausted and depressed and it's affecting my health and my work. Is there any way I could take a medical leave of absence and not lose my job? [more inside]
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What are the ramifications of an Asperger's diagnosis?

So, a few professionals have informed me that they’re pretty sure I have Asperger's. Everyone agrees (including me) that I’m high-functioning. But apparently everyone also agrees that a positive diagnosis is very likely. Should I get the official diagnosis? [more inside]
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GPS: Dedicated or Phone?

I'm tired of getting lost and need better GPS than the one I am getting on my LG Optimus V. [more inside]
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How do I get rid of two cats?

I have two cats I don't want. How do I get rid of them in a way that doesn't take months and gives them a good chance of going to someone who will actually want them. [more inside]
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Student accommodations in Dublin?

My son will be spending a semester at Dublin City University starting in September (coming from the US). He's been trying to find a place to stay for himself and another student since January. Nothing available on campus and the popular off campus places are all full. [more inside]
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psychology of spilling

A close friend seems to spill liquids everyday. I wonder if this is a compulsion, if it is impelled by something just below consciousness or if it is mere clumsiness. Anyone have any input?
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How to cite a quotation alone?

What is the proper way to cite a quotation alone, not in the context of a paper, without any other text around it? [more inside]
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How easy is parging over a cinderblock exterior wall?

The semi-exposed basement level of my house is ragged looking cinderblock. I would like to smooth it over with some kind of stucco or parging. Is this practical? [more inside]
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Find the funny!

Years ago, on TV, I remember seeing a standup comic do a hilarious riff on the idea of Tennessee Williams as an NBA announcer. Anybody remember who this guy was? Bonus points for a YouTube link.
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Please remember how to cat!

Why is my one kitten such an idiot about the litter box? It's not that she's got a litter box aversion, and she's not sick, it just seems that she hasn't figured out which end the poop comes out! [more inside]
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Seize the day... in the suckiest sense.

AskingForAFriend filter (at his suggestion): I had the "perfect" chance to break up, and I blew it. What now, metafilter? [more inside]
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New types of online humor/commentary

What are the successors to photo memes as new forms of online comment/humor? [more inside]
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how do we make preparation for a finger surgery ?

my fiancee is getting a surgery inserting a collagen-based nerve guide conduit for ulnal nerve repair in his ring finger, what can I do to help him prepapre for the surgery, what things should he know, and what can I do to help him recover
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Want to enjoy sex but am turned off by myself

I don't have a low sex drive, but I rarely want to have sex. Or rather, I WANT to have sex but I don't want to be me while I'm doing it. [more inside]
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Reluctantly giving up my HBC pills -- have questions about the Mirena

I'm a 29-year-old female who's been on birth control pills for 13 years, with one six-month break in the middle. Due to a recent medical diagnosis, my PCP is concerned about my continued use of this medication and has suggested I consider a Mirena IUD. I have questions. [more inside]
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Modern translation of an ancient quote

George Lincoln Walton in his 1908 book Why Worry? quotes Marcus Aurelius as having said this:
When a man has done thee any wrong, immediately consider with what opinion about good or evil he has done wrong. For when thou hast seen this, thou wilt pity him, and neither wonder nor be angry.
How might the underlined portion be rephrased in today's English? I'm having a hard time understanding what Aurelius meant.
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Lightweight Operating System for old netbook?

Hello All! I would love to replace my Windows 7 OS on my 2011 Netbook with a faster Linux version. I tried Ubuntu recently but found it to be Even Slower than Windows 7. Most of the online "best lists" (lifehacker) are from 2010. What is todays best netbbook replacement. Thanks for the help!
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First time photoshoot: how can I not look like a dumpy, tired platypus

I'm having my photo taken for professional reasons and if my career takes off it will be seen quite widely. I'm a not-particularly-makeup-savvy female of ~30, not quite as slim or toned as I used to be, with bags under my eyes and not particularly great skin. Oh, and my default face in all photos to date is a solid gurn. [more inside]
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What are some creative gifts for kids?

I end up in these situations where I need to buy a gift for a kid in the extended family, but the idea of just buying regular toys always seems lame. I like being a creative gift-giver. Can you give me some ideas for unique gifts for kids that would go over well? [more inside]
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How do I label customs forms when shipping personal effects to the US?

I am about to send some used personal effects to the US from Europe. I'm sending four boxes of used books and clothes. Each box weighs about 20kg. What should I put on the customs label? In particular, how do I estimate the value of used personal effects? Is it zero? I don't care about insurance/replacement value, I just want to minimize/avoid customs charges. If it matters, I'm in Germany, and will be sending by DHL. I'm a European citizen who will be moving to the US for three years with a J-1 (academic) visa. [more inside]
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Why does The Man do things like this?!

Work email just moved/regressed/backwards-evoled from Gmail to Outlook. I feel like it's the 90's all over again. Didn't realize how much my day-to-day efficiency was based on Gmail features. Not inviting a Gmail vs. Outlook tug-o-war, just solutions for a.) possibly somehow inserting Gmail back in the loop so that I can benefit from its functionality while keeping my employer happy by "using" Outlook (slim chance, I realize) or, b.) been-there-done-that-and-here's how-I-survived ideas.
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Please recommend songs that stop...................and then start again.

I like it when a song is powering along and then it comes to a complete stop and then starts again. Grandfather's Clock is an example. Faker's 'This Heart Attack' does the same thing. What are some others?
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Save me from bachelor cuisine.

Cheap/easy meals needed for someone helpless at cooking. Particulars within. [more inside]
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Small Erlang: An answer looking for a problem

What are some practical, small (meaning not necessarily enterprise scale) uses for Erlang? [more inside]
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Group volunteer opportunities in Boston

I have a group of 70 people interested in spending a morning or afternoon doing hands-on volunteer work ... in Boston in early December. We can break them into smaller groups, but everyone would be spending the same chunk of time doing this. What are some good volunteer activities for groups?
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Great evening options in Atlanta this week

I'm in Atlanta for two and a half days for some training. I do not have a car, and I'm about a mile away from both the Buckhead and Lindbergh MARTA stations. I have the evening free after 5 PM today and tomorrow night. What are some good vegetarian-friendly dining options nearby or easily/safely accessible via public transit where a lone casually-dressed traveler wouldn't feel too weird? Is there a nice walkable neighborhood somewhere where I could wander alone, or go for a run? Any other good ideas for entertaining myself in the evening today and tomorrow?
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In general, what does it feel like to be loved?

In general, what does it feel like to be loved? [more inside]
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"When my ship comes in"?

The 1983 Billy Joel song "Uptown Girl" has the line "But maybe someday when my ship comes in / she'll understand what kind of guy I am / and then I'll win." It just occurred to me that, though I'm in my thirties, I don't think I've ever heard the expression "when my ship comes in" used by anyone but Billy Joel. Has this ever been a commonly-used expression? If so, does anyone still use it? And what the heck does it even mean? I mean, I can tell what it figuratively means, from the context. But what is the connection between a ship arriving and someone becoming successful?
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Fabulous Dublin restaurant?

Fabulous Dublin restaurant for a special dinner for two? [more inside]
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Where can I find raw green peanuts in Atlanta tomorrow?

Where can I find raw green peanuts in Atlanta tomorrow? [more inside]
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Cheap city centre hotel in Zurich hotel with good pub trans links?

I will be heading to Zurich to see the end of the EV Wave event in early July and need a city centre hotel that is affordable to stay at. Good public transport links are a must as this is how I will be getting around. Suggestions? [more inside]
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How to be a writer

I want to start writing freelance. Not necessarily full-time, but I want to try it. [more inside]
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June 17

Caught between my boss and my staff - how do I respond skillfully?

I need help in figuring out how to respond to a work situation between my boss and my staff. I am the second in command in our office, and manage all of the administrative staff. The administrative staff support all of the professional staff. (Think something like a law firm, or university department, where professional staff rely on and share administrative support). My boss is driving my administrative staff crazy. [more inside]
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Dell Vostro 1400: Battery not being recognized. Possible culprits?

Is it even possible to replace the component that will allow my battery to be recognized again? [more inside]
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Help me remember this scifi quote

This is one of those things that's instantly available if you can remember the exact wording, but totally ungooglable if you can't. I am currently arguing in a bar about this exact quote and who it's by. What I remember: it's by a really famous scientist-author who i am for wine-related reasons blanking on. Someone like Sagan or Feynman. It was the epigraph in some scifi book that I likewise can't remember what it was. What I can remember of the quote: "Some of us look at the stars because of blah blah blah blah. Some of us are blah blah blah. And some of us are just hoping for someone interesting to talk to/some intelligent conversation." That's all I can remember. Help!
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If a person is acclaimed, is it OK to say said person is elected?

ResumeFilter: Jane MetaFilter runs for an elected office in her student government. There are initially other candidates, but they end up dropping out of the race and as a result, Jane is the only candidate. As a result, Jane is acclaimed to the position. On Jane's resume, is it fair game to say that she was elected? Or must she say that she was acclaimed? Is it best to compromise -- perhaps to altogether avoid the use of "acclaimed" or "elected"?
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How do I avoid becoming like my parents re: treatment of kids?

I noticed that I may treat kids like how my parents treat them. How do I de-program myself from thinking like them? [more inside]
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Is there an App for that?

I meet new people all the time, and have lots of old friends from different phases of my life. I realize I can't keep up with everyone I've ever met, but I'd like a better system for helping to manage new friendships. Is there an app like that? [more inside]
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WWF average word score of 503.5

Perusing the new leaderboard feature on Word With Friends, I see that in Global > All Time, a user with the name Polska91… [truncated] has an average word point score of 503.5. How is that possible? [more inside]
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What are good coop games for tweens on iOS for a road trip?

What games would tweens (11-13) like to play together on an iPad or coop with their own iPods during a road trip? Are there other non-electronic games you recommend for road tripping? We have Rubberneckers, which is fun up to a point, as is the alphabet game. There are only so many DVDs they will watch. They've both got iThingies, but I'd like for them to interact with each other and/or us rather than be nose-deep in their own screens, oblivious to the world. Family time and such.
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Prozac for dogs, pros and cons?

Pet behaviorist says Prozac may be the way to go, but our vet isn't so sure. Does anyone have experience with Prozac for dogs? I'd like some insight. [more inside]
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Under the knife worries

I'm having major surgery and despite working in healthcare, am nervous off my rocker because I've personally never had surgery or anesthesia before. I'm also worried about life while healing and staying active while healing. Please help. [more inside]
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Am I turning into Frankenstein's monster?

Once in a while I get a weird electric jolt in the side of my neck, totally out of the blue. What's going on? [more inside]
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[CA]: unable to show proof of correction before fix-it ticket due date

Asking for a friend, this is regarding CA traffic law: From what she has said, the due date of the fine/court appearance is coming up in two days and seeing as her car is still in the shop, what options does she have? Plead not guilty in hopes of buying some time, and showing up with proof of correction? She's not sure if her car will be fixed and properly smogged in time on or before the due date. [more inside]
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Help me make OUR day the best day ever...

Where can I find either quality empty settings in silver or 8mm and 6mm cut slabs of Amethyst larger than 9 square inches in area; the latter preferably from the Four Peaks Mine in Arizona, USA? [more inside]
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How should I respond to confusion about a meeting time?

Early last week, I had a meeting where there were two people from my organization, and three people from an organization we're hoping to work with in the near future. At the end of the meeting, we agreed on a future date/time for our next meeting. The following day, I emailed everyone in attendance, with (our shared impression of) the date/time/location of our next email in the second sentence of the email. Today, it became clear that everyone on their side of the meeting thought it was supposed to happen today, and I thought it was happening tomorrow. How should I respond? [more inside]
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Million things to do at work ... how to keep track?

I have SO many things to do at my new job, and more things get added every day. I'm a pretty organized person in general but I feel like I have no time to even GET organized in this position. My current habits aren't helping, though. There's got to be a better way... Help! [more inside]
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What are the most beautiful comics or graphic novels ever published?

I am interested in reading some visually dazzling comics or graphic novels. I would love to find examples that were made with beautifully painted panels, incorporated collages, or are otherwise interesting on a visual level. What do you recommend?
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Recommendations for Budapest -> Krakow -> Berlin itinerary in early July

Doctor Girlfriend and I are taking a trip to Central Europe in a couple weeks, flying into Budapest and then making our way over the course of 10-11 days to Berlin to meet friends. We're planning on spending most of that time in Slovakia and Poland. Our only definite stops are Budapest, Krakow, and Berlin, and we definitely want to do some hiking in the Tatras somewhere in there. But aside from that, we don't have firm plans. Anyone been in that area, and have some recommendations on awesome places to see/stay/eat/drink/listen to music? We tend to like stuff that's not super tourist-trap-y or packaged. [more inside]
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Need a vendor to come on-site at work and stop a squeaking chair?

My boss has asked me to have someone come on-site and stop the squeaking of the CEO's chair--I cannot think of what kind of vendor might perform this service. [more inside]
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Yes, it's a turtle, but WHAT KIND?

What kind of turtle is this? Along with advice on releasing him back into the wild. [more inside]
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I need a scripted line for why I'm not betting.

A friend of mine is celebrating his birthday at a horse track. I am going to go and have a good time, despite not having warm fuzzy feelings about the treatment of the horses. What can I use as an excuse for why I'm not betting, given that I am known for being a very enthusiastic gambler? [more inside]
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"I Love You" or "Love You"?

I'm getting a tattoo in memorial for my grandmother who passed away. It will be in her handwriting but I need help deciding how to phrase it. Photo and details inside. [more inside]
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Where can I rent a ramp or a light wheelchair in Chicago for tomorrow?

I am doing a fundraising event tomorrow evening at Reza's Restaurant in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, in a second floor private room. I was just informed that two guests who use motorized wheelchairs are coming. When I called Reza's to double check the capacity of their lift, they said it cannot accommodate the weight of motorized chairs. Legality and ADA-compliance aside, I want to make sure that all of my guests can get to the event. Where can I rent either a ramp (because the restaurant does not have one of their own) or a light, airport-style wheelchair TOMORROW?
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36 year old with midlife crisis looking for advice

I got to a point in my life, where I need to look around and decide what to change. And although it may look as if I should have a lot of options and possibilities – I feel stuck. I would appreciate any comments from you – any hints, suggestions, ideas or stories how you overcame similar problems. I do need inspiration and I would be very thankful for any feedback from you. [more inside]
posted by dogbert at 3:14 PM PST - 18 comments

Partnership Agreement - Roles and Titles?

Looking for some suggestions for roles/job titles for myself and a partner in a two person LLC. Details inside. [more inside]
posted by cccp47 at 3:05 PM PST - 2 comments

Help me identify this piece of art.

We recently found this piece of art, a bronze plaque, at a table sale. It looks like something created by a known artist, their name is on the tip of my brain, but I'm drawing a blank. Does it ring any bells with any of you? [more inside]
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Combined spreadsheet and word processor

Other than OneNote and its Mac companion Growly Notes, is there any program (Win or Mac) that presents both a spreadsheet and a space for editing text all on the same page? This would seem a natural for those who like to tinker with open source software.
posted by megatherium at 2:56 PM PST - 4 comments

Sparknotes Blank Study Cards Out of Print / Unavailable?

I've been studying Japanese for several years, and have always used the Sparknotes series of blank study cards - they seem to now be out of print, and I haven't gotten a clear answer from the company if/when they will become available again. I've filled in about 10,000+ of them and really don't want to switch my filing system to another size/style of cards, but manually cutting new ones will take way too long - does anyone know if/when they will become available again, or of an EXACT sized similar set of cards? Thank you.
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Cost of diamond repair?

YANMJ(eweler), but maybe you've had to have a similar ring repair made? If so, how much did it run you? Looking for ballpark figures. [more inside]
posted by peacrow at 2:24 PM PST - 3 comments

First France Trip!

Seeking advice for a two-week France adventure [more inside]
posted by sprezzy at 2:23 PM PST - 22 comments

Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake. Shake your tail.

My cats shake their tails, but only the bottom part. What gives? [more inside]
posted by Maisie at 2:12 PM PST - 18 comments

How do I find out when someone died?

I'm pretty sure I spent two days confusing two different people named William F. Kruse. There's the William F. Kruse listed here in Wikipedia that belonged to the Communist Party and then joined Bell and Howell. He died in 1952 and has an archive in the Chronicling Illinois Collection. I thought THAT Kruse might also be the William F. Kruse who was writing for Educational Screen in the 1950s, because of the Bell and Howell connection. But now I don't think so because that Kruse was also writing educational technology histories into the late 1960s. But there his trail ends. Is there a best approach to finding out when someone died?
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The E Word. Well 2 of them, Euthanasia and Eating(one's own body parts).

No one lies considering euthanasia for their cat, but what other choices do I have in this matter? My cat is eating its own tail. I'm at a loss. [more inside]
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Making custom templates for dummies?

I'd like to start editing wordpress themes and I'm finding that while there's loads of individual tutorials, getting a handle on everything I need to learn is proving more of a challenge. Where do I start? [more inside]
posted by Phalene at 1:52 PM PST - 12 comments

Finding critics of SEO

I'm interested in reading a thoughtful and well-researched article criticizing modern thinking about the merits of Search Engine Optimization. But because SEO is SEO, every time I search for an anti-SEO article, it seems to be pro-SEO click bait disguised behind an anti-SEO headline ("SEO sucks...that's why you should hire our company to do SEO.") I'm not saying I don't believe in SEO, but in our content farm era, I'm interested in whether there is anyone out there criticizing the whole concept?
posted by steinsaltz at 1:33 PM PST - 7 comments

Name that SF short story

Wracking my brain trying to think of a short sci-fi story I read recently, I think in an anthology from within the last couple years. The story was about the relationship arc between a man convinced that technocratic solutions could be found to eliminate the messiness of politics and a woman who was more skeptical. Early in the story the female protagonist rescues a relative of the man's from a near-drowning in California when a computer failure causes his smart-surfboard to fail or something like that. The bulk of the story is set in Washington DC where the woman leads a lobbying effort against broad introduction of further ubiquitous computer controlled systems. Whether or not a computer-controlled traffic system is immune from exploitation was a major feature of the plot. What was it called?!
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Should I change the timing belt and water pump?

My 2001 Honda Accord and I are about to move 800 miles away. Before I make that 13 hour drive, I took it to the mechanic for a check up. I like my mechanic, but he's saying this is my call: on top of other stuff I need to do, he's recommending - but not saying I need to - replacing the timing belt and water pump which were changed 7 years and 52,000 miles ago (in 2006 at 60,000 miles). I drive it a few thousand miles a year. It's $626.31. Complicating factor: I don't know how long it will take me to find a mechanic I trust in my new location. Should I?
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What is the Comic Sans of Excel spreadsheets?

For my new position at work, I'll be putting together a large number of Executive Overviews. This is a new area for me and I'd like to avoid unknowingly committing a spreadsheet faux pas. [more inside]
posted by radiosilents at 12:50 PM PST - 24 comments

Help a Canadian book flights from the San Fran to El Salvador.

I am in Canada and I've only ever booked flight within, or to-and-from, this country. I'm looking for tips on booking flights from San Francisco to San Salvador, and from San Salvador to Toronto. [more inside]
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How do I respond to people who respond to my survey with an email?

I've recently run into the situation in which I'm trying to gather responses from dozens of respondents in my section typically via Doodle Poll or Google Forms and numerous people simply send me their response rather than entering it into the form. Can you help me with a script for politely responding to these folks? [more inside]
posted by stewiethegreat at 10:56 AM PST - 21 comments

Science My Beauty - or Debunk it!

Getting married in a few months, which means I want to start any facial/beauty regimens now. I don't usually do this stuff, so am entranced by the field of options. However, I know that this field contains the biggest BS factor of any out there. Please give me your best ideas of things that are scientifically proven to work, or that there is at least some data about why it works or would or wouldn't work. Please also tell me which of the things I'm considering looking at are drecht or dangerous crazytown. Help me not waste my money or wind up maimed. [more inside]
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Nailing a foreign accent

Do you know of any videos that feature dead on imitations of foreign accents? I'm looking for things along the lines of this one, but not necessarily part of a stand up comedy routine. Not interested in anything that is mean-spirited. Also interested to know how people can nail a foreign accent so accurately (whether for comedy, making a movie, etc.).
posted by Dansaman at 10:42 AM PST - 23 comments

Philly Chiro Recommendation?

The neck pain I've been having is clearly not going away on it's own, so I think I need to see a chiropractor. Anyone have recommendations for chiropractors in Philadelphia? I'm in Queen Village and would love to see one in the neighborhood if possible. [more inside]
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Non-counting Words For Numbers

In English we have grouping units like dozen (12), gross (144), score (20) and a few others. Though no one uses them for counting (eg: 18, 19, score, 21…). What are similar words in other languages? If there's a cultural or historic reason that particular number has a special word, all the better.
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Should I Create a Business Entity Just to Protect Myself from Liability?

I have a good idea for a web application, but I'm worried it might incur the wrath of a few specific larger companies. Would it be a good idea to create a business entity to protect myself from any personal liability I might be exposed to? [more inside]
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Looking for an old song with a chorus that starts, "Dear John..."

My Dad remembers a song he used to sing when he was a kid. The chorus, if his memory serves well, goes something like this: Dear John, I think the world of you, But I'm in love with someone new. I could marry one but I can't marry two, So farewell to you, dear John. I've included the complete song below. Anyway, I'm wondering if this was every sung by a famous or notable singer? Are there any notable recordings? Can anyone provide any more information about it? Many thanks in advance! [more inside]
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Is there a connection between "The Floor" and "I Can Make You Rich"?

Hello, I'd be interested to hear people's opinions on whether or not the Hot Chip song "The Floor" was inspired by part of Paul McKenna's book "I Can Make You Rich", in which PM says he once advised an investment banker to "focus on the benefits." [more inside]
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How can I learn to grocery shop and cook on a college budget?

I'm going into my senior year college and have relied on a fraternity meal plan and eating out often. What should I be buying at the grocery store regularly, and what are some quick and healthy meals to make regularly? [more inside]
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Northern Spain for newbies?

We're heading to northern Spain for one week (20 June - 28 June). From your experience, what would you do with a week in the north, and why? [more inside]
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divorce mediation advice sought

I have a one day mediation set for next week. I have a great attorney and the chosen mediator seems a great choice. What do you wish you'd known, asked for, given in on? All suggestions are welcome. It's been fairly amicable thus far, but the money is causing strife. I'm in Washington, so 50/50 is typical. I was a stay at home mom for 18 years. Separated two years, went back to work as a temp. Kids are over 18, college is paid for already.
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Help me not to kill this (unkillable?) plant!

I'm in charge of taking care of a pachira aquatica plant in my office. We moved about two weeks ago, and since then it's been turning yellow at a very alarming rate. All the leaves that are yellow here have only become so over the past few days, and this picture don't even include all the ones that have completely fallen off--please let me know if there's anything that I can do to reverse this, or at least stop it from continuing until there aren't any leaves at all! [more inside]
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Can I use my mobile devices to connect my consoles to the Internet?

We just moved and sadly our cable Internet provider cant make it out to set up our Internet for another two weeks. We have already tried Clear.com and the local DSL and do not want to go back to those. We both have androids with unlimited data plans as well as an iPad with a data plan. What I would like more than anything is to somehow connect my WiiU and our desktop computers to the Internet through one of our mobile devices, but I just don't know how. Can anyone walk a noob through this task?
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Where to buy corrugated conduit to kitten-proof wires?

We just adopted a kitten who shows an affinity for chewing on electrical cords, and need to upgrade the cat-proofing in our apartment from the level suitable for our former cat. Where can I get corrugated conduit or simmilar, fast, in Toronto? Failing that... ideas? [more inside]
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Homebrew questions, simple and complex.

I have never made my own beer, but I need to make some in a rather specific circumstance, which is why I'm asking for advice here rather than a homebrew forum. For an art event, we want to have on display in a gallery a quantity of beer-in-progress, with a specific timeline about when we want it “done.” In other words, I want to prepare this beer and then display it basically with an announcement of when we will serve it. [more inside]
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Tell me about your WWOOFing experiences in the United States.

I have some experience in working with the organizational end of local agriculture/produce, but am thinking I would like more hands on farming experience and am a point in my life where the idea of WWOOfing sorta makes sense. Have you done it? How did you know you picked the right farms? Tell me anything and everything. Links to useful resources other than the main WWOOF website? [more inside]
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Recommend a non-fiction author who has a style like Anthony Bourdain?

Recommend a non-fiction author who has a style like Anthony Bourdain? [more inside]
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How do I access email an old Google Apps account?

A few years ago (2008?), I set up Google Apps for my domain. I used it for email, docs, etc. Eventually, I deactivated the account. Now I'd like to go back and recover some of the emails. I can login to the admin panel, and can access Google Drive, but I can't get to the email. Help! [more inside]
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Looking for well known, traditional, quality brands

I'm looking for traditional brands that are associated with quality products, like Pendleton wool blankets. [more inside]
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What is there fun to do in Denver?

My old college roommate and I are taking a road trip out to Denver next week because he hasn't seen it and he wants to go. I've been to Denver on and off, but I don't know what there really is fun to do in the city and surrounding area, other than what's on wikipedia. Does anyone have any personal experience on cool things to do on a one week trip?
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How can I make this plant happy?

I thought Norfolk Island Pines were supposed to be relatively easy! [more inside]
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Recently rich, unsure what to do with the bucks

I never had any money. Now I have $600,000. Help me not squander it (and maybe even beat inflation). [more inside]
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Is it safe to get prescribed pet medications from 1-800-PET-MEDS?

Hello Hive Mind My basic question is this. Is it safe to purchase presciption pet medications from 1-800-PET-MEDS? [more inside]
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What awesome contraband can I give my newly-not pregnant friend?

My friend will be having her second baby today after an uncomfortable pregnancy (extreme nausea + Houston heat). I want to make her a gift basket of stuff she couldn't use while pregnant - booze, cigarettes, soft cheeses, processed meats. What else can I get her? [more inside]
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Returning to grad school after 2 year hiatus

So I'm beginning a statistics PhD program this fall and I'm concerned that my math skills have gotten rusty since I haven't done anything related for the past two years. I've been working as an actuary since I graduated college but I don't do that much math--mostly a lot of programming. Has anybody been in a similar situation to me? How was the adjustment for you? I'm considering retaking advanced calculus and linear algebra during my first year (probably next summer before I take 2nd year advanced courses) just to refresh myself again. I'm aware some people may think this is kind of pathetic but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Besides, it's only my first year. Is this frowned upon? [more inside]
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Is there an application that supports my scheduling needs?

I manage a group of people who do event support. In general my staff works normal working hours, but every now and then we'll be asked to work something off hours. What was a relatively rare occurrence is getting more frequent and my current methodology of using spreadsheets is starting to buckle. [more inside]
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Help my wife narrate awesomeness

My wife has expressed interest in being a voice actor. Doing some narration work to be more specific. How does someone get into the field? My google fu is not helping me! Do classes help? [more inside]
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403(b), TIAA-CREF v. Fidelity, WTF?

I'm finally out of school and in the working world, and now in the midst of trying to orient myself I'm trying to figure out if/how I should sock money away in a tax-deferred account with either TIAA-CREF or Fidelity. Should/can I try to figure this out myself, or should I find myself an advisor? [more inside]
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What are your favorite canvas sneakers?

My cheap pair of white canvas sneakers recently bit the dust, and I'm looking to replace them. I've been looking at all the usual suspects (Keds, Vans, Jack Purcells, Supergas, Tretorn, Pro-Keds, PF Flyers, Adidas, etc.). I'd like something reasonably well-built, reasonably inexpensive (up to $70 is okay), and comfortable. [more inside]
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Good headphones for blocking out all work chatter

I'm currently working in a smallish office where people arrayed around a group of tables chat to each other during the day. I'm hoping to find very comfortable headphones for listening to music (mostly just soft wordless music - my base station is Pandora's 'classical for studying' station) that will let me not hear voices, but also will not leak and be obnoxious for my colleagues. [more inside]
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I don't want diarrhea on my wedding day

I have been having major stomach issues that I need to solve. Really uncomfortable bloating and belching minutes after eating, nausea, cramps, etc. I'm getting checked out by a doctor, but I suspect it is my old friend IBS coming back after a 6+ year absence. I NEED to get this under control and back to rights ASAP but so far nothing is working. HELP! [more inside]
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What issues ought housemates agree on in advance?

In the 30+ years since leaving home, I've never had a roommate or housemate. This fall, I'll have a housemate with the same history. We'd like to sit down and discuss some ground rules for living in the same house. So what do we talk about? What are the typical issues that housemates ought to resolve to prevent problems later? (Dishes? Chores? Overnight guests?) Have you proven arrangements for equitable settlement of these issues? [more inside]
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Online gay communities

Moving to a gay-free zone (OK maybe I'm exaggerating a little) after finishing university. I strongly suspect I'm gonna miss all my 'mos. Can I get some suggestions for some online gay communities I could join? I'm not talking about sites for activism/politics or hookups, more like a place to vote for my favorite underwear brands and for intercourse about which sex toys to get. Gay blogs/publications are also welcome, although I'm primarily looking for something more like a forum.
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Does Breaking Bad get better?

I watched the first three episodes of Breaking Bad. The premise is interesting to me, but it was too violent for my taste. I was surprised it had a 12+ rating where I live, usually those shows are totally fine for me. I want to give Breaking Bad a chance (I like the premise and the person I'm watching it with does like the show so far) but not if it keeps going on like this, where the main characters keep killing people. Of course I understand that in a series about drug dealing people are going to die, so I guess I'm mainly concerned about the frequency, the way it goes, and the way it's handled. Also, at the moment I feel that nobody is really likeable on the show. Would like to hear if other people who felt the same way after the first few episodes think I should keep watching.
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June 16

Calculating diameter and hours travel of a fictional ocean bay..

I am working on a distance measure for a sword/magic story's continent map, and I'm curious as to how wide a circular ocean's bay would be if.. [more inside]
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Why don't people live on the SF Bay mountains ("hills")?

Driving around the Bay Area, I've always wondered: Why aren't the dry, barren hills around the bay inhabited? [more inside]
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Is this believable or should I walk away?

Met a truly stunningly beautiful girl in her early 20s a little over a week ago. I'm in my early 30s, but look like I'm in my mid 20s and was alone at a bar, she with some other guy. After a while she starts chatting me up, to my disbelief (I'm pretty good looking, and ever so often get approached by women, but never by any one this hot). We have a great conversation, in which it's revealed that guy is just a friend. I eventually get introduced to the friend and he gets worked into the conversation, we're all having a good time, but its mainly her and I just talking for about 2 hours. She gives me her name, number, and a passionate goodbye kiss in the middle of the bar and in front of her friend, and then they leave together. I'm feeling like I won the lottery and proceed to friend her on facebook the next day. [more inside]
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Motorcycle filter: Will I ruin my bike if I ride it with these problems?

I just paid $650 to have the carbs cleaned out on my 4-cylinder Honda Magna (94). They also found rust in the tank so they said they fixed that. I picked it up tonight and it's running terribly. It feels like it has the wrong gas type in it. One (or more... all?) of the cylinders is kind of knocking or just being loud, it feels like it can't hold an idle, when I shift into gear it feels like I'm lugging the engine. I have to give it way too much throttle to even get it into gear. I don't know what they did to mess it up, and I intend to have a word with them when they open again on Tuesday. (I mean, did they even test it after they put it back together?) In the mean time, tomorrow is Monday and I need to get to work. Could I potentially break things or mess things up further if I try to ride in? And what is the protocol on bike repairs. My feeling is that they've messed it up--I paid them $100/hr for the work because I trusted that they'd do a really great job. They didn't, so they should take responsibility and fix whatever they broke for free. Am I wrong on that?
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Looking for survival guides.

Recommendations for survival guides. How to build shelters, fires, foraging etc with little or no supplies. Preferably books. General guides = good. Specifically tropical regions = awesome
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Can I catch a quarter of a cold?

Occasionally I feel like I've got extremely mild cold symptoms that go away after a day or two. A very mild sore throat and a slightly stuffy nose, for example. What's going on? Am I catching a normal common cold rhinovirus and my immune system is just fighting it very effectively? Or am I catching a specific mild, almost asymptomatic variety of rhinovirus or some other virus? Or are these just normal non-specific symptoms that are unrelated to a cold? (Asking out of curiosity, not concern).
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Can't we all just get along?

Please help me to help my cat and new dog get along. [more inside]
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Easy Google Reader RSS replacement?

I follow over a thousand sites on Google Reader, and am hella disappointed that it's being axed. Is there a final consensus on the best RSS reader to replace Google's? Specs = Mac / OSX / old Chrome / iPhone 4S. [more inside]
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Refresher Reading in basic Religion/Politics/Philosophy

Hi Metafilter. Recommendations, please? Recently I had ended a cycle of medication that was likely to affect my memory. It has. I feel as though I've gone from a quick, engaged conversationalist, to a bit of an observant, less inclined platform of speaking. Mostly, it's because I can't seem to recall things as quickly as before. It's so, so uncomfortable. I've been told my memory will return over time, but in the meantime, I can read and participate in exercises in an attempt to jar it. Can anyone offer some comprehensive overviews of religion, history, philosophy, or politics? Really basic stuff would be just find - Any texts going over the religions of the world, introductions to politic, lists of notable philosophers or historic figures.. Thank you!
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Dave Ramsey hates me

I am really bad with money and I'm about to start making a ton more which is great, yay! But I want to make sure I stick to my budget because I've got a ton of bills to pay off. Here's what I'm considering, tell me if you think it's nuts: [more inside]
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Whats the deal with those motorcycles in SE Asia?

What are those super popular kinds motorcycles in SE called? I've rented one in Thailand, Cambodia and the Phillipines. They were different makes but they all sort of work and look the same. They have 5 gears, but no clutch. You just let up on the gas then use a foot peddle to change gears. We could get them up to about 100km/h but that was about it. Do they sell them in Canada? [more inside]
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Plan B/In the Meantime career advice

I wasn't selected for military officer training school. Help me design my Plan B/In the Meantime career while I apply again. [more inside]
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Need help processing social/familial obligations for funeral

My mother is 75 now, has Parkinson's, and is likely not going to be around in another year or two. I will feel no personal need to go to the funeral, when that time comes, and would like help processing that. The following information may or may not be pertinent and may be a summer blizzard. [more inside]
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Does such a hair product exist?

Is there a product that will keep my hair from getting frizzy post-shower, yet not weigh it down? [more inside]
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Is there a place I can go to play with dogs?

I like dogs, but my lifestyle right now won't allow me to properly take care of one. Is there some place I can go to play with dogs when I want to? [more inside]
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Worried about night time palpatations. Advice?

Been having pretty constant heart palpatations. I have had them before, but they have been generally isolated. The ones I'm having during the day are minor, but they are persistent. I went to the hospital, and the doctor said to get a heart monitor. I went to my general practitioner and he said I had already had a heart monitor, so there was no need for one. Anyway, the palps get pretty bad at night to the point where my chest starts to ache. In the past I have also had panic attacks and anxiety problems, some of which during palpatations were present. What do you guys think is going on? What should I do? Any advice is welcome
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Identify this plant

Can you identify this plant with only two crappy photos? [more inside]
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What is this fruit tree?

We're about to move to a house with this fruiting tree in the backyard. It's in San Francisco, fairly deep into the West-side fog belt. What is it?
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Money and depression? Or Broke and Happy?

I can’t really decide how to quit my job. I know I want to quit – the reasons for wanting to quit are justified, but I thought about giving my employer some kind of choice before I just kick the bucket and not come back. [more inside]
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Film about an immigrant woman and a washed up celebrity from her country

The women were from Eastern Europe, Russian speaking, or maybe Czech. The young woman with dark hair did not understand that the older blonde woman wasn't successful in the US. At one point, they get drunk together. What dimly remembered movie is this?
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It's too late to try communication

I didn't communicate with my SO before hand, and now I'm self destructing. What are my options? [more inside]
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Help Me Find Other Examples of this Odd Dynamic I Noticed in a Movie

Earlier this week, my girlfriend wanted to show me a scene in a movie she was watching. I had been in and out of the room while it was on, and thought the movie was a real stinker. It was a drama, and all of the actors had this very unemotional, bored way of saying their lines. Unlike the rest of the film, this one scene that my girlfriend wanted me to was absolutely amazing. I'm curious to see as to whether or not the dynamic I imagined occurring was in my head, or if it's something more common in film. [more inside]
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Harmonica Tabs

What are some harmonica tabs for songs written in the past 20 years? [more inside]
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Nondisparagement contracts, how do they work.

I was young and possibly stupid and signed a nondisparagement contract in exchange for severance when I got fired. Now I'm wondering if this is going to bite me in the ass. [more inside]
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I want to copy a mini sim card to a micro sim card, how do I do it?

I have an aging smartphone that I'd like to replace with a different unlocked smartphone I intend to buy. The old one uses a mini-SIM, the new one has a micro-SIM slot. [more inside]
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How to get rid of furniture?

I want to get rid of my furniture and I'm trying to figure out the best way to dump the stuff that maybe helps someone else. What Philadelphia-area charity would be interested in these things? Alternatively, how does one sell or give away things like this as a unit and is doing so more trouble than it is worth? [more inside]
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Adaptations of Shakespeare

What are the best tv or movie adaptations of Shakespeare's plays?
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How can I buy a vintage railroad/ship/airline stoneware tea set?

I'm trying to find and buy a vintage tea set made of china from a railroad/airline/ship. Over the years I've come across a few cups from boats or trains that I liked a lot - I'd like to get an entire tea set (or at least a teapot and teacup), but I seem to be using the wrong nomenclature or searching in the wrong place. [more inside]
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Help me find awesome men's or unisex leather sandals!

My husband's dual-strap Birkenstocks have finally stepped on a rainbow and gone to Jesus. We're going on a trip mid-July and I'd like to find him a suitable replacement by then. [more inside]
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Which should I get -- the 11 or the 13 Air?

Now that the Macbook Air refresh is out, I'm looking to finally pick up an MBA. I've read the other questions here. I've googled extensively. I've been to the Apple store and tried both models. But I simply cannot figure out which model I want! [more inside]
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How to Manage Two Kindles, One Account, and Multiple Wishlists

I own a Kindle associated with my Amazon account. For his birthday this year my son received a Kindle Fire, which we decided to also associate with my account so that he can share access to the books I already own. All was well until he realized he could add things to a wish list. I took his first round of wishes and added them to a new "Son's Wishlist," and when he's shopping for books my son can choose which wishlist he wants to add them to. But physical items can apparently only be added to the default wishlist (mine) and I haven't found a way on the Fire for him to move them. As a result I regularly find myself sorting dozens of collectible cards and other items from my list to his. Have any of you found a better way of dealing with this?
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I can't find this cool toy I saw at the park yesterday!

I saw the coolest little foursquare toy, kind of a portable mini-court, yesterday at the park. I wish I'd stopped and talked to the guys playing with it, but I thought I could find it pretty easily... but not so. So there's a little trampoline, I guess that's about two feet square, with a circular wall around it divided into four sections. They had a ball smaller than a kickball but bigger than a tennis ball, and if they hit it on the trampoline and it went between one person's section of the bordering wall, then it was like it had hit their square. Does anybody know what this? I must have one. Immediately.
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Surprise graduate school opportunity

I just got a surprise grad school offer but I need to decide quickly. [more inside]
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Travel advice in SF and area with toddler

We (couple and 1.5yr old) will be in the city Fri and Sat and then Sun-Wed morning in Cazadero. We'll be staying at a hotel in Japantown and will not have a car while in the city. We are renting a house in Cazadero and we will have a car there. I have a number of related questions. [more inside]
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Good Boy Gone Bad ... And Viral

Can you talk me through all the processes and channels that would be in play and how they would integrate and feed each other, in what order, to send bad behavior across all social media? [more inside]
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What was that loud booming sound this morning in South Seattle?

Sounded like a sonic boom or really low-pitched gunfire. [more inside]
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Give me grapes!

I moved into a new house this past winter and was told I had grapevines (I believe concord?). I can see them coming in but any tips for how to best care for the vines to yield the most grapes? So far, I've done nothing but watch.
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Friend with hyperemesis gravidarum. Trying to help find support.

A dear friend is at 10 weeks pregnancy and suffering terribly, and I'm trying to figure out what sort of disability she can qualify for. Already lost 15 lbs, unable to keep down almost anything. She's seeing a doctor, who has her on Zofran now, but she's still completely unable to work. She is in northern California, a well-regarded freelance artist, and to make matters worse...uninsured. [more inside]
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Friend bailed on plans, what should i tell her?

How do you deal with a friend that bails on plans? [more inside]
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Cat bit the neighbor (most recently)

Shmitty is a 4 year old, male, Siamese (mix?). He was adopted at age 1 by our family 3 years ago from a family who was going to get rid of him because he had bitten their small children. At his former residence he was indoor only, with us he is indoor/outdoor. We love Shmitty. He is a beautiful, friendly cat....most of the time. The problem is that Shmitty has continued to bite on occasion. [more inside]
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What household electronics should I be concerned about?

Dig around on the internet and you'll find plenty of people saying that cell phones are unsafe, microwaves are unsafe, wifi is unsafe, cordless phones are unsafe... how to make sense of what's legitimate and what's crockpot paranoia? Has anyone any advice to put me at ease (or ill at ease)?
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Need help quack. Almond pulp for almond paste?

I want to make those Italian amaretti cookies that call for almond paste. I have some almond pulp and some duck eggs.. Will these ingredients work? I guess I could just experiment but I don't want to waste any of the first dozen duck eggs on something that's not delicious. Can I sub honey or ground dates for the sugar? I guess if you sub too many ingredients, maybe the name isn't the same but the bottom line is, will this taste good?
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My boyfriend is really tight with money. How do I navigate this?

My partner is a tight-arse, and I hate it. Can you please help me negotiate this? [more inside]
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Sources for buying sugar-free marmalade in the US?

I am not having luck buying good sugar free marmalade. I've looked in grocery stores, where I can sometimes find Smuckers, but it's not great. My online shopping skills seem to have deserted me for this task, and i don't know what specialty stores I should be looking at.... I live in the Boston area, so have access to a wide range of specialty type stores, and definitely willing to order online as well. Anyone have sources for sugar-free preserves or marmalades?
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Coleslaw recipe

I love love love the coleslaw at Fresh Air BBQ in Jackson, Ga. I have tried to find the recipe online with no luck. Is anyone familiar with this style coleslaw so that you can tell me how to make it? I cant ask the folks at the restaurant because they are far far away. Thank you!
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Pedantically Yours

I am pedantic (of the "ostentatious with learning" variety). Please make it stop. [more inside]
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In need of advice to start my job search in economics/commerce jobs.

I've just finished my masters in International Relations and am going to kick off my job start in earnest from next week. I have questions about where I should be looking for work, what options might be open to me, and would appreciate some advice. [more inside]
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Palladium and me! question on durability of everyday use.

What should I watch out for when wearing a palladium ring and is it practical for me to wear my ring and not damage it when I keep it on during all my activities during a routine day? [more inside]
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Apple PowerBook G4 won't shut down properly

My old (10+ years) Apple PowerBook G4 won't shut down properly. When I click the apple icon and then click 'shut down' and 'shut down now' (or rather their Dutch-language equivalents), it will remove all icons and other elements from the desktop except the desktop background, and it will darken the background, but it won't shut down. Eventually the screen goes black, but something (a fan?) keeps audibly running. It won't start up in this state. If I unplug it, wait until every activity has died down and the computer doesn't make any sound anymore, plug it back in and wait until the battery has fully loaded again, it will start up as usual. [more inside]
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What big historic moments/decisions have happened over a meal?

I'm looking for specific examples of, for example, two world leaders sitting down for dinner and standing up with a peace treaty. To phrase the question differently, what is the most important thing that has ever happened at a dining table?
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"This is a great CD . . . for me to poop on!"

What is the formal name of this type of humor in Greek rhetoric? It's one of my favorite forms of humor: when you begin a sentence in such a way as to imply a certain ending, only to have the actual ending upend the anticipated meaning. Surely there's a fancy Greek term for this. A couple of other examples: "John! My favorite student . . . just left, so I can see you now." "This movie is great . . . if you like to vomit for 2 hours."
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What is it like to meet on the sidelines of G8

I have heard on the news that Obama and Putin are planning to meet "on the sidelines" of the G8 conference next week, and I'm curious what, exactly, this is like. [more inside]
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June 15

What are some great "one-man band" albums?

Strolling along, enjoying Prince's first album and marveling that he wrote, recorded, and produced the album himself...oh, and played all the instruments. Ditto much of Mike Oldfield's works. It's not hard to find one-person singer-songwriter albums (Neil Young, Tori Amos, etc.), but they rarely go into the complexity or variety of instrumentation that Prince and Oldfield go into. Like if you didn't know any better, you'd think it was at least for or five people in the band. And damn, it's not like this person is a guitarist who can also play bass... he/she is adept at any instrument they touch. What are some other albums/artists like this? (Credit will also be given for example like Dave Grohl, or other notable multi-instrumentalists)
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It's almost more like acquantances with benefits?

How should I talk to a friend I slept with about what the hell is going on? [more inside]
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I want you(r division) to want (to hire) me

A division of a very large company does exactly what I'd like to be doing with my career. I'm currently retraining in a way that aligns me more closely with what they do. In the past, I've asked individual practitioners or heads of small companies in my (previous) field out for coffee to ask them for advice and to see whether they might have any opportunities for which I could be a good fit, but I don't know how to do this with a large company. Help! [more inside]
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How do I actually go about shorting a stock?

There's a company whose management I strongly disagree with and I want to bet against them by shorting their stock. How do I go about doing that?
posted by jtothes at 8:12 PM PST - 24 comments

Mead Baffles Man, Kids At Stake

My kids' elementary school uses this Margaret Mead quotation on a banner in their Independence Day float, and every year it bugs the heck out out of me: "Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else." Without any context, I struggle to understand the tone of these two sentences. Is this a heartwarming celebration of individuality? Or is this some kind of snarky put-down of same? If it's the latter, what kind of misbegotten school am I sending my kids to?
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Avengers fanfic recs?

Same request as before, but this time for Avengers / Marvel Cinematic Universe fanfic. [more inside]
posted by Jacqueline at 7:31 PM PST - 12 comments

[RunningFilter] Converting trail miles to road miles

What's a rough rule of thumb for converting trail miles to road miles, taking into account elevation change? More details below the fold. [more inside]
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Help me make a streaming Netflix queue for my dad

Trying to put together a streaming Netflix queue for Father's Day. Details inside... [more inside]
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I'm scared of my dog.

Please help, askme. I've got a dog who is in a constant agitated state and he's started to turn on me. I can't see a trainer until Wednesday -- what should I do to keep us both safe until then? [more inside]
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I need a different kind of spreadsheet app for OSX

Is there a spreadsheet app that's geared more toward creating sortable lists of stuff? I know I can do this with Apple's Numbers app, but it feels so clunky. I don't want column "A" "B" "C" and so forth. I want to name the columns, just as the columns in iTunes are named (song, album, rating, etc). I don't want to right click a column and choose from a list of options to choose "Sort Ascending/Descending". I want to click the column title and have it sort based on that column, just as iTunes does when in song view, or in a playlist. Click song, the list is sorted by song. Click album the list is sorted by album. I'm not working with any calculations. I want to create easily sortable lists of my stuff... like wine! [more inside]
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Got any advice on possible pre-fab home building?

Have you bought a pre-fabricated home, or know someone who has? If so, what words of advice can be given about this? [more inside]
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sent wrong copy of my resume

I applied to this job online by sending my resume, and after I was contacted by the HR lady, I told her that I had an updated version of my resume and so I sent it to her. A few days later, I then realized that I actually sent a wrong copy of my resume, which leaves off some of my education. It also erroneously outlined a job function that I did not actually do. The reason why it is wrong is because I didn't know how to word it precisely at first, but after a second draft (the correct version) I came up with a better description of what I did. So, do you guys think it will be fine if I email her the correct version of my resume and explain that I inadvertently sent her the wrong version? Or will it look bad? The interview is already set up by the way. Thanks.
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What should I do with this pile of hardware?

I just inherited five Dell Dimension 9200 PCs. Help me think of something cool and hackish to do with them! [more inside]
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I maybe broke a toe last month, still having off-and-on pain. Now what?

On May 20th, I stubbed my pinkie toe very very badly. I wasn't sure if I'd broken it, but it hurt enough that I taped it up for a couple of days. The reading I did suggested that that was all a doctor would probably do for a broken pinkie toe, anyway. The toe swelled up some, and I experienced some pretty dramatic bruising, much of it focused on the "knuckle" area of my foot, right above the toe. Weeks later, I'm still having episodes of pain that come and go. I'm not sure how to proceed. Details within... [more inside]
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Finding a particular recording of Alan Ginsberg reading America

I'm looking for a particular recording of Alan Ginsberg reading America. It was on a mix tape I lost many years ago, and the particular moment that stands out is when he says "America I am the Scottsboro boys", someone in the (high as a kite and raucous) audience shouts out "you are the Scottsboro boys!" Any pointers would be helpful, either to purchasable media or to online video.
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Is a smart display a smart choice as an external monitor?

I currently have an Asus Netbook that serves as my primary computer (although I tend to travel with my iPad on short trips and leave the netbook at home). I'm a PhD student and know I'll need to upgrade within the next year before I start the heavy dissertation writing. However, right now I'm thinking of getting an external monitor to use at home for more screen real estate (useful for reading articles and taking notes). Should I get a smart display or a regular monitor? [more inside]
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Help me pick an awesome travel destination

I'd like to go someplace new - what country/region should I explore this summer? Time, money, and the need to get away and rethink some things are all coming together for me right now. I've never planned my own international travel. [more inside]
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Me want porn

I’m looking for a specific type of porn/erotica. Not sure how to describe it, maybe “primitive” or “tribal”? [more inside]
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Cross-border buying/packing/shipping service?

I live in the Bay Area and often find myself wanting things, especially delicious location-specific foods, from stores in other cities that don't offer e-commerce and/or won't ship to me. (Example, example, example.) I want to pay someone --companies, individuals, I don't care-- to buy the things, pack them up, and ship them to me. This seems like it'd be a fairly common need/want, so someone must have set up a business offering it, right..?
posted by Susan PG at 2:31 PM PST - 5 comments

Looking for awesome boogie piano

I'm looking for excellent piano tracks, particularly boogie woogie and rag time. I'm looking for upbeat songs that have rhythm. I tend to like early rock and jazz not electronica. Songs that come to mind are Duke Ellington's Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue, anything by Booker T and the MGs. That kind of thing. Vocals are optional. Thanks.
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Looking for stripped down versions of pop and rock songs

I recently have become very fond of some vocal track only versions of pop and rock songs that someone had reversed engineered from DVDs and posted online, and I would like to find more music like this. [more inside]
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Set As Default means SET AS DEFAULT

MS Word 2010 issue: how do I make my default style choice for MS Word documents Permanent? [more inside]
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The Parallel Bars in The Castle

Why are there parallel bars in *The Castle*? Is it a translation particular to the Willa and Edwin Muir translation? If not, why are there parallel bars in a school? [more inside]
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Learn me some ImageMagick

I have MAMP on Mac OS Lion. I want to install the ImageMagick extension. I am trying to use these instructions, but am running into problems. [more inside]
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Where can I find P.T. Barnum's will?

According to an article in the July 14, 1946 Sunday Morning Star (of Wilmington, Delaware), P.T. Barnum had his 53-page will published as a book in 1891. Can it be found anywhere online?
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I'll be your... secretary.

I've noticed lately that a lot of my work day involves colleagues asking me to help them with things. Finding them a new apartment, helping them deal with parking tickets, making telephone calls to get them free stuff (using our professional network). I am sort of a secretary... but I am not their secretary, if you get what I mean. How do I deflect the sense that these are appropriate for my role? [more inside]
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How can I get my newborn to stay asleep?

We're using all the advice from the Happiest Baby on the Block to get Little Stardust to fall asleep. It works the majority of the time and I can successfully get him to fall asleep by swaddling, rocking, white noise, etcetera. The problem is that he'll only stay asleep as long as I'm holding him. [more inside]
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Dealing with a phantom stuck key bug on MacBook Air

I'm troubled by a mysterious bug on my MacBook Air. It manifests itself when I use Microsoft PowerPoint, but I believe it is a Mac-wide issue. It is extremely rare, impossible to reproduce on demand, and yet - when it strikes, it does so with a vengeance, and embarrasses me in front of a theater full of people. [more inside]
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There's a farm, and a widow...

Movie about a widow on a farm/ranch in Australia. It's historical, but I can't remember the period. She has red hair, and is shamed by her church for not having remarried. She's menaced by bad guys on horses, who tie up a young man (a cousin? brother?) to a fence and prepare to horsewhip him, but a mysterious man swoops in at the last minute to save them. It sounds like every romance novel ever, but I only caught a few minutes of it and was intrigued enough to try to find it again. Ideas?
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Fixing an XBOX I just bought off eBay

So after years of using roommates' machines, and having finished a well-paying highly stressful recent job, I rewarded myself by buying an XBox Slim off of eBay. Which I guess was foolish of me. The thing arrived with only the 4GB hard drive, so I had to buy a decent-sized one in order for it to do anything, and even then it started freezing nearly constantly. If left off overnight it will start up and work for maybe an hour before freezing at first, and then quickly degrade to the point where it can't even start up properly. [more inside]
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More goosebump worthy audio pieces/ podcasts like the one below?

I recently heard this obscure piece and was blown away. What other similar audio work can you recommend? Poetry/short story read well with tight ambient sound effects? Are there any websites that aggregate those types of work? [more inside]
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Laptop that will run Adobe Creative Suite 5?

I'm looking for an out-of-the-box laptop that will run Adobe CS5 (especially Premiere) smoothly. Other considerations inside: [more inside]
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Have you benefited from an online anxiety support group?

Have you been a part of an online anxiety support group before? I'd like to hear about your experience. [more inside]
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Help me find a good book for my father.

I just learned that my dad already has the 2 spy/crime novels I was planning to get him for Father's Day. Can you offer me some alternative suggestions? [more inside]
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Education That Make You Sweat

Kinda fit 20ish guy in NYC looking for classes that have physical activity as a large component. I'm not looking for sports teams or exercise classes, but " learn a skill/a thing" classes that just happen to require you to lift, run, haul, etc. A spinning class would be out, but horseback riding would be a bit closer ( but not actually horseback riding). Ideally I could get to this class on the subway.
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Which Boston Zoo? Or no zoo?

Boston mefites! Would like to take my husband and 4 year old to the zoo tomorrow for Father's Day. Which zoo, Franklin Park, or Stone Zoo, is the most fun? Also, any restaurants around the zoos that are recommended? [more inside]
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PS3 now, or PS4 later

As a mainly "used game" player, should I buy a PS3 now or wait for a PS4 and have to pay Sony's prices for back-compat streaming. Complicating factor: The Last of Us has released. [more inside]
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Giant hint or am I looking too much into things?

I can be very clueless sometimes, so I need your help: was my friend hinting at me or just making conversation? [more inside]
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What are media licences?

I am paying someone to write and distribute a press release. They want money upfront so they can pay for 'media licences'. What are media licences? [more inside]
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Seeking wooden clogs for kids in NYC

Is there a good spot to find wooden-bottomed clogs in children's sizes at a physical location in NYC? Or a place with a wide range of adult sizes which might fit a tiny human (in the size 34-35 range)? I'm hoping to find somewhere to try things on in person, rather than roll the dice online. Thanks.
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Help me find this humorous "cliff notes" version of Götterdämmerung.

Many years ago I heard a very funny recording that I know not the name of. It consisted of a woman (maybe a former opera singer?) explaining the story of the Wagner opera "Götterdämmerung". [more inside]
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Havens for artists and writers

I was just reading about poet Mary Oliver, who lives in Provincetown, Massachusetts. I've also heard of arts communities in Santa Fe, New Mexico. What are some other small-ish towns that have strong communities of artists and writers (especially writers!)? [more inside]
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How to get a map from Google maps to an Android phone?

The situation: I'm running Android 2.3.5 on my phone, using the Google Maps app version 6.14.4. Via the desktop, I've created a map with custom directions from Point A to Point B.

The problem: I can't find a way to get the map with the edited directions to my phone. I can save the map with the directions to a Google account, which normally would mean that I could log into that Google account on my phone and download it that way. However, I don't have the necessary software on my phone that will enable me to log into a Google account. "Account and Sync settings" is missing. I can't seem to edit directions from within the Google Maps app on my phone, either. [more inside]
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I don't want to f*ck; I want to make friends.

Good ways to make offline friends using the net? [more inside]
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the art of listening.

MeFites to whom this level of appreciation applies: What are your favorite, most arresting, entrancing, or otherwise awe-inspiring [field / ambient / nature / soundscape] recordings? I'm looking for more to enrich my ever-increasing collection of otherworldly sounds that are very much of this world. [more inside]
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Trying to find a poet

I remember a little about this poem I read in a poetry class in college. Mainly the line "the bones of my wrists, supple and exemplary" but Google isn't helping. Also that in this or a similar poem, the poet (I think it was a woman) describes how two hyenas were mating and couldn't stop even when a lioness was stalking them. Also a line about how she met two coyotes or wolves who smiled at her with their sharp teeth. Help? If I could know who this poet is and especially some collection where I could read her poetry, I'd be really greatful! Thank you.
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June 14

Crash course in American etiquette

I'm from an immigrant family and I have never really learned American social customs. Reading the comments on recent etiquette questions has made me realize that I lack an understanding of unwritten social rules that most people take for granted. [more inside]
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Help Me Find Some Strangers

Hivemind! I need your help locating a trio of college kids that I recently spent the afternoon with on an excursion in Cancun. My family and I joined these guys (we were randomly selected as excursion-mates) on a tour through the 'jungle'... zip lining and cave snorkeling. I have something they want. [more inside]
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Do you know a good mail forwarding service from the UK - Canada?

Does anyone know a reliable, cost-effective mail forwarding service so I can get my ebay stuff and hot chocolate delivered without pissing my friends/family off? [more inside]
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I need a drink

I'm really embarrassed to be asking this question but apparently I've been embarrassing my husband with cheap wine. I don't know whose wrong here, so I'm asking you. [more inside]
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Where should we meet for lunch and beers in Midtown/Chelsea?

I'm meeting with a friend tomorrow afternoon for a few beers and something to eat, and I'm drawing a complete blank! [more inside]
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To Me, On my Graduation Day

I'm writing a letter to a wonderful graduate of the (high school) Class of 2013 on the occasion of her jumping off into that great abyss of adulthood. I'm hoping to include wisdom from random people on the internet (that would be you) about what you would tell your self if you could go back to the day that you graduated from high school so that I can include it in my letter. Travel back in that time machine, go to that shining day of your graduation and tell me what you would tell yourself, no matter how funny, sad, bizarre, etc.
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I don't feel comfortable being on "The Pill" and I'm ready to get off.

Prior to going on birth control I experienced two very severe episodes of pre-menstrual cramping, and I'd like to go off of the pill, but I'm scared! I'm looking for natural remedies to prevent severe menstrual cramping as I ease off of birth control. [more inside]
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Engagement Gifts for sarcastic, (Very) Irish-(Culturally) Catholic Famil

My brother Just got engaged. I'm trying to come up with a good present for him (and more importantly) his wife-to-be. [more inside]
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What do you wish you'd known before you got your first motorcycle?

Inspired by the apartment thread, i realized this would be a great place to ask. I recently decided that i was actually going to follow through with one of my longtime dreams and get a bike... [more inside]
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Tasker Noob seeks USEFUL tutorials

I have Tasker for my Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4 G (Samsung's Touchwiz'ed Jellybean 4.1.2, rooted), but I have never used it before. I would like to use it to play custom notification sounds for certain Google Hangouts, but I'm finding trouble finding tutorials that actually teach the basics I need to learn. [more inside]
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iOS to Android guy - Questions!

Everywhere on the web there is discussion of B&N's great deal on the Nook HD+ for Father's Day. I took the bite and picked up the 16GB (comes w/micro sd port). So far, so good. My questions are: 1) Is there full tablet AES encryption for these? 2) Since B&N finally opened up the Nook and it's now compatible with Google Play's App Store, is there really a reason to root it? And a question about iMessage alternatives. (More inside) [more inside]
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What fits in a megabyte these days?

I'm using my first smartphone ever -- a secondhand iPhone 4 - on a prepaid plan. I generally leave cellular data turned off because most of my day is spent in range of WiFi, and because data transmission on my otherwise cheap prepaid plan is very expensive: $0.99/MB. I have no idea how much data is transmitted in the course of typical online activities. What's it take to, say, download a few emails, perform a Google search or open a basic, non-video-laden web page?
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Seeking Info regarding popular Venice Beach 80s Video Clip

Hi. Does anyone know who made the following video clip? Was it a music video -- I don't recognize the artist. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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I need some kind of couch or couchlike thing for my awkward apartment

It's hard to be comfortable in a dwelling with no couch. You try to watch TV with a friend and you're sitting on the floor and it's just lame. However, I live in an apartment where the front door opens onto a narrow stairway that goes up at a right angle. I had a couch when I moved in, and the moving guys tried every possible angle but they just couldn't get in into the apt. It's on the third floor -- can't get it into a window, wouldn't fit through anyway. [more inside]
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What is that retro music video of a russian man going to outer space?

I can remember the man had a mustache and long brown hair, maybe sunglasses. Very robotic voice. Playing the keyboard and singing about going into space. Trying to be quite serious but obviously a very silly act. At some point he counts down dramatically and then the woman starts singing. Terrible green screening with some hilariously bad video delaying. VHS quality. I've been trying to find this for ages! Sound familiar?
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Please Help Me Find a Gargoyle

A verbal altercation with a neighbor (over a trashcan! Feh, neighbors!) has ruined my week, and I've put it in my head that the best way to fend off this demon is to mount a gargoyle on one of my fenceposts. [more inside]
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Looking for an apartment in Hyde Park

I recently accepted a job at the University of Chicago, and my husband and I are looking to move to Hyde Park in early August. What are some resources that can help us with our apartment search? [more inside]
posted by rebel_rebel at 3:38 PM PST - 19 comments

Help me visit my dentist for a checkup.

I am seeing the dentist Monday. How can I make this experience less painful (in all senses, physical, emotional, financial)? [more inside]
posted by bad grammar at 3:30 PM PST - 16 comments

Should I learn how to launch an iphone app or leave it to a contractor

I've had one contractor develop an iphone app that is linked to our dating site. But he didn't know how to launch it. Now we need to launch it. Should I learn to do this myself, or trust someone else to do it? [more inside]
posted by peter_meta_kbd at 3:23 PM PST - 6 comments

How do we get the most out of our couple's photo session?

Husband and I eloped and our one regret was not having any professional-quality photos taken of us together. We've decided to get some "engagement photo" style shots taken of us in (nice) casual outfits at a scenic outdoor locale, and have a 1.5 hour session booked for the end of June with a fantastic photographer who isn't likely to be back on this side of the ocean anytime soon. We are very unprepared and afraid that we'll look terrible and waste the opportunity. Tell us what we don't know but should know. [more inside]
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I've been as far in hyperspace as anyone can...

I'm looking for readings that talk about going on adventures together, or even better, one person taking the lead and showing the other person a lot of adventures. [more inside]
posted by small_ruminant at 2:48 PM PST - 3 comments

Is there a general or common arc or pattern to PTSD flashbacks?

I understand how PTSD flashbacks can occur (based on mild reading on the subject), but how do they end if the subject is all alone? Do sufferers generally have a slow climb out of dissociation? Can it end in passing out from stress? Surely there are variations, but are there common symptoms/patterns? This is for a fictional piece with a lot of suspension of disbelief, so it doesn't have to be 100% accurate... but I'd like to do at least some justice to real-world patterns. [more inside]
posted by scaryblackdeath at 2:09 PM PST - 6 comments

What is this type of recall?

What is the technical term for this type of recall? A student (possibly with ADD) plays a puzzle game while listening to a class (there's no relationship between the puzzle game and the content of the class). Later, while relaxing at home, he plays the game again and by doing that recalls the content of the class.
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What do you wish you'd known when choosing your first apartment?

At the end of the summer I'll be selecting and moving into my first apartment after living in a house with roommates for several years, and I'm looking to discover what things I don't know that I don't know. [more inside]
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Security Reporting Management System? Guard Patrol Administration?

I've been tasked with creating (well, refactoring and redesigning) a web app for managing a security company. It includes call logs, encounter reports, regions, locations, duties (patrols), various kinds of bulletins, and other things. If I were to search for existing software that covers the same purpose, what would I search for? What is this kind of thing called? [more inside]
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Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD?

Which is better for my non-technically inclined mother? [more inside]
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Earplugs/muffs to block out a crying baby

In the next two weeks, there will be a new addition to our household -- a baby. (Not mine.) And since it's not mine, I would prefer not to hear it. There are lots of AskMes about earplugs, but many (like the ETY ones) use as a selling point that they don't muffle speech. I want to muffle everything. Best ear protection for the job, <$30?
posted by fiercecupcake at 12:56 PM PST - 16 comments

Questions about prison visiting facilities...

Writing a story with a tangential character to be executed in California. I have multiple questions about the visiting facilities for such a prison. Anyone with knowledge able to help? [more inside]
posted by dobbs at 12:49 PM PST - 13 comments

5 Days in Chicago

Could you look over my preliminary agenda and fill in the gaps? [more inside]
posted by xicana63 at 12:36 PM PST - 28 comments

Girlfriend met a guy on dating site. This isn't settling well with me.

My girlfriend, who is lonely, used a dating site to make a "friend" which I'm having difficulty coping with. What should I do? [more inside]
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What should my next steps be (genetic testing and insurance)?

I have learned there is a 50% chance I have inherited a genetic disease. I would like to be tested to see if I actually have the faulty gene, but have a few concerns as to insurance implications. Any help would be much appreciated. [more inside]
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Question re Obamacare & upcoming Calif Health Ins Exchange

Is my income too low to qualify for Obamacare health insurance subsidies? [more inside]
posted by buggzzee23 at 12:27 PM PST - 9 comments

Streamlining the scanning of a bunch of photos

I have a box of several hundred old photos that I would like to scan in relatively high quality and in an efficient manner. What would be the most ideal hardware/software combo for OS X? [more inside]
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What are your favorite novels about contemporary-ish space exploration?

I'm looking for books where characters are exploring the solar system using space ships that are technologically within (or somewhat close to) our capability to build today. Bonus points if those novels are character driven.
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I need connectivity help!

My wife is trying to work from home, and her computer won't let her. [more inside]
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My ex-friend won't accept that I don't want to contact her. What now?

My ex-friend won't accept that I don't want to contact her. It's been 2 years since I've spoken to her, but she keeps texting me, emailing me, even sending presents on birthdays and holidays. What now? [more inside]
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Where can I buy retail medical equipment by the piece?

I'm going for a boat trip and might end up in some pretty remote areas. I'm putting a medical kit together. There's some more hospital style stuff I'd like to get (IV catheters/dressings/saline bags), but I only need a few of each. Is there anywhere I can buy these items by the piece? (I'm an RN, for the record) [more inside]
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Looking for video of televised college or courses from 70s or 80s.

I know that there were iterations, possibly only in Britain, of college courses on television. Does anyone know where I might find video examples of these early versions of lecture capture? I would settle for high school courses on TV even. [more inside]
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Trooping the Colour

I am visiting London and would like to see the Queen at Trooping the Colour on Saturday. Need some advice on how best to do that. [more inside]
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Find me my summer footwear!

Help me find a pair of men's flip flops in Chicago that look like this. [more inside]
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Dependent Calendaring - Scheduling Reading Schedules, Episode Views, Etc

I have a need for dependent calendaring – maybe this is the domain of project management software, but such seems more elaborate than what I need. But any ideas or solutions would be appreciated. I’ll go into a little more detail inside to explain what I'm looking for. [more inside]
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Hit by a fence

So I was biking home from work last night and was hit by a fence. It was very windy and a portion of the fence at Grand St. and Center St. in Manhattan blew over onto me. I'm mostly fine, a little bruised but annoyed because it tore my fancy rain jacket. I know I'm going to get a lot of IANAL responses but I wanted to see if anyone had suggestions of things I could do to possibly be remunerated for the jacket by the city. Here's a picture of the bloodthirsty fence after I extricated myself and my bike from it. Any advice much appreciated.
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How easy is to to cheat with dice?

Rolling a standard six sided dice, how easy would it be for someone to roll it in a way that makes sixes (or any number) come up more frequently? Would it be obvious if someone was doing it?
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In need of (LGBT) people wiser than me

I guess I'm one of the women French Fry speaks of, but with an LGBT twist. I'm in therapy, but it's not enough; I am desperate for someone to talk to, especially other semi-late-blooming LGBT folk, but I don't know how to find them. [more inside]
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Camera phone with easily removable SD card and battery

I am looking for a phone that has a camera and easily removable data storage and battery. It does not have to be a new phone, so any model from the past few years that has these features would be appropriate. [more inside]
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Going camping, need lunch recipes

Going camping, responsible for lunches. Need ideas. Googling primarily gives me chili and hot dogs. Ideally, I would like tasty, protein-rich lunch ideas (sandwiches are perfectly acceptable and maybe even desirable) made from ingredients that can be kept at room temperature and which have minimal cleanup. [more inside]
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Blackhawks bar in DC area?

Good place for watching the Blackhawks game in DC? [more inside]
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Bicycle riding around New Haven, CT

I'm going to be in New Haven, CT for the first time ever for a few days without a car soon. I would really like to line up at least two relatively easy bicycle rides that will end up at the seacoast during my short visit. Can you point me in the right direction? Bonus points if you can help me borrow or rent a bike. [more inside]
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Books about "maybe there is a God" for an agnostic with some doubts.

I have read a lot of the – for lack of a better word – anti-religion Books. The God Delusion by Dawkins, Hitchens’s God is Not Great and The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice. Sam Harris’s The End of Faith and Letters to a Christian Nation, among quite a few others. Those books made a lot of sense to me. Most (if not all) of my friends and colleagues are either agnostics or atheists. [more inside]
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Help me have awesome-looking hair

Need tips from the hivemind for fantastic-looking hair! [more inside]
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Beijing music scene

laowaifilter: Where is there good music in Beijing? [more inside]
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Appealing and clever name for a weekly home decor workshop for men

This is a group for single men who are moving into their first home of their own. We need a snappy name. Help please!
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Easy rtm question

How do you specify "any task due in January?" Will this retrieve January iterations of repeating monthly tasks, or only tasks created with January due dates? Thanks
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Have some spare money; how can I spend it to benefit the environment?

I have £150 spare this month and would like to spend it in a way that benefits the environment (climate change related). I'd love your suggestions about how I can use this money to have the most impact, whether that's donating to a top notch environmental charity or investing it in a green tech (renewables, insulation etc.) company that is doing particularly good work.
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Very light portable footrest?

What is like this portable footrest but lighter and thinner when folded? (If there's no such product, about how much would it cost to have one made from a light/strong metal, and where would one go with that request?) [more inside]
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Which shape?

What's the best response to this challenge?
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What are the best things about owning a Chihuahua?

I'm writing a story where one of the kids gets a Chihuahua. I've never owned a dog (my husband is allergic). If you have a Chihuahua, what is it that you love about them?
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June 13

Do you see constant, unstoppable images when you close your eyes?

Is there a problem with having constant vivid visions happening when one closes their eyes? Have you heard of this before? What's it about? [more inside]
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What's this movie?

I saw this movie a bunch of times when I was a kid, can't find it on Google/IMDB now. It starts off at a fancy party in a hotel ballroom, then some armed robbers show up, make the partygoers strip and hand over their valuables, then tie them up. [more inside]
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I am sort of familiar with CBT and ACT. I like the concepts of both, but I find when I would use CBT I would get into a shouting match with myself. I am thinking ACT would be better for myself, but I want to have confident thoughts also through CBT. I was wondering if anyone had luck intertwining both? IF you can mix both? I may need to look more into the two. I do not know all the techniques yet, but just wanted to hear some opinions. Thanks
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How can I nip a depressive episode in the bud?

The past few weeks I've been starting to feel the sorts of things that I associate with previous depressive episodes, and I am hoping that there might be some way I can stop it before it really becomes a problem again. [more inside]
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How to help a college student save her money?

My 19-year-old daughter loves to spend every dollar she earns. She is good about working, but she's awful at saving. She's got a great summer job, and I want that money to both cover some of her college tuition AND her living expenses in the fall. But how do I do that without becoming an obnoxious helicopter parent? [more inside]
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How do I respond to my preteen cousin's anxiety about appearance?

My twelve year old cousin is ethnically East Asian, and is very, very worried about seeming different than her friends. I'm hanging out with her a lot this summer, and she has said several times "I don't like how dark my skin is." (She is one of those people whose summer tan is way darker than her skin tone in winter, and a few years ago, at a different school, was bullied for precisely this reason.) How do I respond to this and similar statements? Do I keep repeating, "You're beautiful no matter what your skin color is", which is my instinctive response? [more inside]
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Canadian e-mail hosting and domain registration

Which Canadian company (or companies) would you recommend as a reliable and affordable organization to host my e-mail? [more inside]
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One of these days these boots are gonna...vanish into thin air?

Asking for a dear friend who lost some beloved footwear over the course of a move: Where in New York City do you go to get a nice pair of cowboy boots?
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Book Recommendations Wanted!

After rereading the Little House on the Prairie series, I want more books of a similar style! Particular specifications and a few more examples within. Note: Anne of Green Gables need not apply. [more inside]
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Is there a term for this type of music?

Is there a generic term for music like ""Heaven Bound" by Los Duggans? I recognize their influences (bluegrass, gospel, etc.), but the specifics elude me -- the particular combination of nihilism/religious fundamentalist references (ironic or genuine, to say nothing of the electric bass) seems like the sort of thing that would arise from a subculture, so I suspect there's a generic term for their type of music that I'm not aware of. [more inside]
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Road dust control & chickens

It's just after 5:00 here, and I noticed a temporary speed limit sign posted in my alley by the local dust control business, with an 800 number. I assume one of my neighbors hired them to treat our dusty alley. Of course they're closed now, so I won't know until morning what specific product they're planning to apply. I'm concerned because my chicken coop directly abuts the alley. I'd like to be a little more knowledgeable on this subject by morning. Details within. [more inside]
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Chrome hangs when searching for "allahu akbar" but not "fluffy puppies"

When I use Google Chrome to search for certain terms, the browser tab hangs. In this video, it hangs on "allahu akbar" and "osama bin laden". I have not been able to reproduce this issue using other browsers or benign terms (like "fluffy puppies"). What causes this behavior?
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Going bald at 23 is not an option. What do I do?

I'm a 23-year-old guy, my hairline is starting to recede, and I want to know what my real options are. [more inside]
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Please help my identify things in some old pictures

I inherited a bunch of pictures. There area a few I am curious about but there is nobody left to ask about them, so I'm turning to the amazing people of Metafilter. Can you tell me anything about these photos? [more inside]
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Seal a hairline crack in a ceramic cup

I dropped my handmade ceramic cup which was a one of a kind gift and now there is a 3-4 inch long crack that appears on both the inside and outside of the cup. Is there a safe way to seal the crack so I can continue to drink from it (sans poisoning), and that will keep that crack from extending so that cup doesn't fall apart?
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Are trespassing charges worth the hassle?

Help us decide if girlfriend and I should press trespassing charges against girlfriend's father, and how to do it. [more inside]
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Looking for a french animated short

Help me find a specific short, red-hued animated video about a demon, a beaked guitar player, and a topless girl. It has no dialogue, and is set to a French song. Plot details inside. [more inside]
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What is there to know about this Buddha?

An acquaintance found this Buddha figurine many years ago in a junk shop and has wondered about its origin and what type of figurine it is. [more inside]
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Kill them. Kill them with fire. But which fire and how much?

[NYC-filter] We definitely have bedbugs - no question - and know that we need an exterminator. We will need to pay for it ourselves. What are some good, discreet, effective (preferably inexpensive) NYC exterminators? And how much do they cost, especially for the size of our infestation? Are there any better steps we can take in the meantime to prepare, minimize the infestation size, and lower our costs? [more inside]
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Should I be less affectionate with my wife?

My wife and I have been together for many, many years, and have a very happy relationship. Best friends first, then lovers, then parents, now very happily married couple of almost three decades. The problem is, I think I might be too affectionate with her, and I'm looking for perspective on whether or not I should dial it back, and if so, how to go about doing it without fundamentally changing who I am. [more inside]
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TX Beer in PA?

How can I provide our host in Pittsburgh with delicious Texas brews? [more inside]
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Good bike for long distance biking?

Biking from Pittsburgh to DC: what is the best bike for me?? [novice biker] [more inside]
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MSW bid vs. detour to premed

How would you compare a somewhat-expensive MSW program with a detour to post-bacc premed education (& subsequent bid for med school)? For somebody passionate about kids, disability, and cross-cultural wellness. [more inside]
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Multi armed mythical humanoids

Are there mythological figures with three, four, five, six, seven or eight arms? If so, what are their names? Note, I'm specifically looking for humanoid type figures with more than two arms, not beasts such as Cerberus, the three headed dog or Hekatonkheires, the hundred eyed or headed giants. We're just talking arms here. I need to name a few things.
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I like to move it, move it

Trying to plan a cross-country move. Having trouble finding a company to actually move my stuff. Alternatives to PODS? [more inside]
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How much should I listen to bad "gossip" about a job candidate?

I am sitting-in on job interviews for a new position in our department. I can ask additional questions our boss doesn’t pose and I’m being asked for my input. This is a great opportunity, but there is one problem. One job candidate is an acquaintance and former co-worker of a former colleague of mine. Over the years, I have heard a good deal of third-party gossip about this individual regarding his integrity, his chauvinistic attitudes and several other very negative attributes. [more inside]
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How do I list a one-time (post-bac) college course on academic resume?

Making a fancy CV/resume for grad school application (a masters in art education). I got my BA 6 years ago (sort of unrelated field), I took a class semi-related to my field of interest last summer at a good university. Is it odd to list this one course in the education section of my grad school resume? Do I list my grade (which was an A)? Where would you put it?
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Calling all DJs and Jukebox Wizards

I am looking for examples of songs that bridge genres, or help transition from one type of music to another, in the context of a fifteen-song jukebox set. Examples inside. [more inside]
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Alarm Clock App needed for Samsung Galaxy III

So we had the Motorola Electrify 2 and I loved this phone because it had a preloaded Alarm/Timer app. This was the best alarm clock because A. it had a nice pleasant sound B. It has a progressive ring, it slowly got louder- so it was gentle on waking. C. If you hit snooze three times the alarm clock doesn't just disappear and stop going off. BF "upgraded" us to the new "better" phones and I over slept again, I need that app! Any suggestions. thanks!
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Biking around Seattle?

Hi! I'm visiting Seattle for the first time next week, and my friend (also visiting) and I want to explore the city on bike. What are our options? [more inside]
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7-Screen 'Giant Dashboard' Wanted for Office: How?

My office really wants to have tons of large displays up showing realtime statistics and metrics. Thanks to America, flat-screen TVs are cheap. And I've already written all of the visualizations. What computer should run these things? [more inside]
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Is this a normal work setting?

I'm trying to figure out if I should be more agressively searching for a new job or if I would just be jumping into the same situation at a different company. [more inside]
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Help me break up with food!

How do I relax with food and have a more healthy attitude towards it? [more inside]
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Is a termite bait system worth it?

Hello, I bought a house in Atlanta, GA about 7 months ago. The house came with a termite letter and the last inspection was clean. The previous owner shelled out for a termite bait system (which is still installed in a perimeter around the house). I called a pest control company to do an inspection, and I was quoted as follows: Termite bait system: $575 first year, $200 subsequent years Termite liquid treatment: $880 first year, $125 subsequent years My question for those who have more experience with these things than I do (this is my first house): Are these reasonable prices? Should I shell out for the bait system? If so, shouldn't they be able to re-use the baits that are already present? Thanks in advance!
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Cheap fishing lures?

What are some good, cheap fishing lures for saltwater fishing in the PNW? [more inside]
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Mentally-ill son soon to turn 18; seeking advice about guardianship

My son is 17 years old, turning 18 at the end of July. In mid-May, he was hospitalized for two weeks when he became floridly psychotic -- his first episode. As he recovers post-hospitalization, I want to get some sort of guardianship in place so that I can step in and manage his healthcare and finances if he's unable to. I don't know, however, what kinds of options there are; I've heard the terms "healthcare proxy" and "power of attorney", but I haven't wrapped my brain around what those encompass, or what it would entail to apply for these things. One person says I need a good lawyer; another says I just need to get a boilerplate form from Staples and get it notarized. I'm in Massachusetts -- Boston/Cambridge/MetroWest. Hope me please! [more inside]
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Problems with Firefox fonts in Windows 7?

The past few days (beginning of this week?) I've been having a problem with fonts acting wonky in Firefox at work... They look like partially loaded progressive JPEGs. I'm using Windows 7 (a dell computer, nothing fancy). I feel like it's trying to render them progressively and then the cleartype isn't functioning properly, so only some of the colors load, leaving a sort of "blocky" look to it. [more inside]
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Can I paint this rug?

I want to paint some designs on this hideous rug that I bought by mistake. [more inside]
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itinerary suggestion

a family of three, parents + 4 yr old boy, is looking to escape NYC. [more inside]
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Endgame tools for a cyclist trying to bike down every street in a city?

For the past year I've been trying to bike down every street in St Louis. In the beginning this was easy and wide-open and fun. The middle has been less so. Now, sitting at ≈65% completion [map: zoomable | 1.5mb png | GPX] my current approach has become overwhelming and tedious, and is no longer working; I need to get way smarter about this. How would a programmer, a mathematician, or a GIS/transit specialist approach this endgame, and what tools/software would he/she use? [more inside]
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Fourth of July on the Eastern Seaboard?

I will be on the East Coast of the US on the Fourth of July. What town or small city would be the best place to be in? [more inside]
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Leave of Absence / Short-term Disability Insurance for Depression?

I've always been prone to depression as a result of my dysthymia and due to recent traumatic events, I've slumped into depression again. My work productivity and quality suffered as a result and I ended up breaking down to my manager, sobbing my eyes out and explaining my situation. I was even developing suicidal ideations and at this point, I've taken a little over a week off of work. In the mean time, I've seen a doctor, a psychiatrist, and a therapist for my depression and I've been prescribed Pristiq. Now, my question is in regards to requesting a leave of absence for my depression [more inside]
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Help me find a new job in the UK

[UK Job Hunting] I'm looking for a new job and my usual roster of recruitment agencies and contacts are failing to come up with anything either interesting, in London or at my level of seniority. If you were hunting for a senior position role in London right now, what places/companies/services would you be using or doing? [more inside]
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Looking for family activities in Colorado Springs

I'm asking for a friend who will be with her husband and two children, ages about 9 and 11, in Colorado Springs, CO this summer for several days. Can you recommend sights to see and activities of interest? Thank you! [more inside]
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Help name my political story game!

I'm writing a tongue-in-cheek tabletop RPG about a bunch of soulless backstabbing ladder-climbers trying to become the leader of a group. It needs a name. [more inside]
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Need help choosing a rad pattern for a motorcycle seat.

I own a Kawasaki ZX-6 that I have done some moderate cosmetic customization to, including removing most of the fairings, reshaping the remaining fairings, removing the windshield, replacing the coolant tank and passenger pegs, and stickering the gas tank. The result is a street-fightery look that I'm quite proud of. Now I'm looking to get some custom vinyl printed and use it to recover the seats. I need help choosing a pattern. [more inside]
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I need a crash course in living with a baby.

We just took in an 11 month old foster baby. People want to give us things but we have no idea what we really need. What do you (and your one year old) love to use and consider essential? [more inside]
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Crabs. Not the edible kind.

Multi part question involving crabs (pubic lice), possibly NSFW... [more inside]
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Yet another "relationship" ends.

Do you think it's better to fight for a relationship ends or let it be and move on? [more inside]
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Luke, I Am Your...Welllll, Let's Just Say We've Met Before

Reading the Star Wars 1970s trilogy to my young kids, should I spoil it? (There is a spoiler inside if you haven't see The Empire Strikes Back.) [more inside]
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A longform article about morning radio show hosts' conference

Some time in the past 10 years, but likely in 2005-2008, I read a long magazine article that I'd like to find again. The reporter hung around a conference, or convention, of morning zoo radio show hosts. Discussions revolved around stunts and gimmicks, how to deal with the early hours while being consistently fake & peppy, and the like. I seem to recall the author noted the number of Hawaiian shirts present and how male-dominated the scene was. The conference was a huge party, but with some depressed-seeming attendees. This article might've been from Esquire, GQ, or Rolling Stone. I might have seen it on MetaFilter, even! It was not an Onion article. Googling this is proving incredibly challenging.
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We are getting a dog! Advise needed.

I have some questions about how to best bring a new dog into a new home. [more inside]
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Looking for a Bible that's easy on the eyes

Hello! I'm looking for a new Bible. I thought that with the myriad of editions available it'd be easy to find something that meets my criteria but it's actually harder than I thought! Here's what I'm looking for: NIV translation, large type (at least 12 pt font, preferably 14), single-column, and minimal see-through to the other side of the page ("ghosting"). I also prefer something cloth bound (basically sturdy and not just bound by glue!). Here's one Bible that comes close to what I was hoping for but the pages are a bit too transparent to be easily read (like the Norton anthologies to literature).
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WKRP in South London

We have an internet radio, and I have a love of sitcoms set in talk radio stations such as NewsRadio and Frasier. So recommend me your favourite talk stations! [more inside]
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How many chickens will my cat eat?

How many chickens would I need to maintain to keep a single cat fed on chicken? [more inside]
posted by pompomtom at 1:40 AM PST - 20 comments

"Jane Austen with zombies," how does that (legally) work?

There have been a couple books out in the last few years that have been 're-imaginings' of 'classic works' of literature. The one that comes first to mind is "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" or "Grave Expectations." Are these 'new' works of fiction entirely, or are they edited versions of the source text? If the latter, how do they exist within copyright law? How 'open' are public domain works like 19th century literature, where the source text is 'free'?
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June 12

Tell me about this vintage lamp design

I've always been curious about this general kind of lamp style since I was a kid. [more inside]
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Cake Storage Strategies: Whipped Meringue Frosting Edition

I just frosted a cake using Martha Stewart's whipped frosting recipe, and now I'm stressing out about how to store the cake until tomorrow. Please help! [more inside]
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I Can't Get Over the Death of My Birdie. What do I do now?

My parrot Scooby died a week ago. I am still in a horrible state of mourning. My wife is over it. She keeps telling me to get over it too. YANMT. What can I do to move on? I loved Scooby so very much. I have to force myself to eat every day. I've been drinking a lot. I can't stop thinking about her and what she was like and did. I dream about her death every night. I think it's affecting my physical health.
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minimise syntax errors in secondary school maths exams using Mathematica

In high school maths exams students when use Mathematica to solve problems, a syntax error that costs a lot of time to find can lose a student a lot of marks. What strategies can teachers use to reduce the risk or cost of syntax errors to students sitting high-stakes exams? [more inside]
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A change of scenery would be nice

I'm in a pretty miserable job and I'm trying to get another gig. A yearlong job hunt hasn't really been fruitful, so I'm trying to branch out. What else should I be looking for? [more inside]
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Unusual ships

What is this unusual ship combination? [more inside]
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Beer like Surly that I can buy in Rhode Island

What beer is most like Surly that I can buy in Rhode Island? [more inside]
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Bob Lassiter links from WFMU or other?

Six or so years ago, WFMU had the greatest bunch of links on the late great Bob Lassiter. I am not finding them around the web except some random YouTube vids. Bob Lassiter Airchecks was using Megaupload so currently look to be in limbo. They really cheered me up to no end and I would love to hear them again. If anyone has a hotspot of where many would be, I would love to know.
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Be My Techie: Windows Laptop for Amateur Photographer Advice

I'm in need of tech advice. I'm a windows user who currently has an HP Pavilion Entertainment PC. It's in BSOD land, and probably only has a few weeks left. I'm somewhat tech-savvy, but am feeling truly lost right now. I don't want to move to apple computers, and ideally want to spend around 1k for something that will last. Snowflakes abound inside: [more inside]
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Virtual Doulas Always Have Clean Hands

We've had a bumper crop of gorgeous babies on the Filter lately. Let me learn from your experiences - hit me with your best advice for childbirth and labour itself. We've only got a week or two to go and the better prepared we can be the better. [more inside]
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How does one become a legitimate NFL jersey reseller?

I've been searching the net for days now trying to find a way to become an authorized NFL jersey reseller, to no avail. Who should a prospective retailer deal with? Nike or the NFL? What are some authorized distributors a prospective retailer/reseller could buy from?
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Windows 7 password fail

My Windows 7 password is not working, so naturally, I'm locked out of my computer/life. If my computer worked, I would continue googling for an answer. Unfortunately, this vintage Dell desktop I'm using is trying my patience. [more inside]
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Writing .NET code to programatically build SSIS packages?

I'm looking into a project where I need to create an SSIS package in a programmatic way. The Microsoft articles on this topic are fairly arcane. I was hoping that there was someone who had built a wrapper or library to be able to create and manipulate these packages more easily through .NET code, but haven't found any. Suggestions welcome, though the criteria of SSIs and .NET are not negotiable.
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Help a bald dog out?

7 month old puppy chewing herself constantly, huge bald spots. Any idea why? [more inside]
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What kinds of jobs should I look for other than admin/office stuff?

I've mostly done generic office work but I would like to expand my job search to include more specific things. What fields (with jobs available) would be a good fit? [more inside]
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Anonymous VPN concerns

As an anonymous VPN user in the United States, are there any risks in using a Canadian server instead of a European one? The VPN provider explicitly states to not use the US servers for certain types of traffic, but has no such warning for the Canadian servers. [more inside]
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Once cracked, twice shy: alternatives to chiropract...ory

I've only just discovered the dangers chiropractic neck-cracking; what other options are available? [more inside]
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Don't want to send my kid sister to jail...

My sister told me about some pretty disturbing and illegal things that she is doing. She clearly needs some kind of help or intervention, but I have no idea how to go about doing that without putting her in jail. I feel totally lost and conflicted. [more inside]
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Help an Englishman find a barbeque joint in Austin!

My husband will be in Austin for business next week, and needs suggestions for both barbeque and Tex-Mex. He's not really looking for a polished dining experience; he's looking for seriously excellent grub. Thanks!
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How do I connect a Desktop DVD Drive to a Netbook?

How can I connect a desktop sata dvd burner to a netbook via usb for use? Obviously I need some kind of sata to usb adaptor but i can't seem to find an adaptor for plugging it into the wall. Can anyone help me out please?
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Sorry mom.

Angry/intense/awesome/badass songs that prominently say motherfucker? [more inside]
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Wine stopper usage?

How much should I let my wine breathe and how much should I use a wine stopper? [more inside]
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Who keeps the friends after a breakup?

Is it fair to a girl I was semi-casually dating if I continue attending her church after we broke up? [more inside]
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I thought I had such a good plan too...

The psychological testing I recently went through as part of my therapy suggests that my would-be career path may not be a great fit after all. Part of me wants to keep trying anyway. Is this a really terrible idea? If it is, how can I make a realistic new plan? [more inside]
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How do I introduce a speaker who works for an organization I dislike?

Is it possible for me to be the "Mistress of Ceremonies" at an event where I would introduce a keynote speaker who works for an organization that has taken positions that I, personally, find very problematic? [more inside]
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How can I, as a consumer, avoid supporting slave labor?

I understand and grudgingly accept that buying products made in China often involves supporting a system that treats workers badly and pays them poorly. But I also have believed that at least the workers are employed by choice, and that they deem work conditions they've opted for in some way superior to the alternatives. Today I learned that "Made in China" can also mean "made by the slave labor of religious dissidents." How can I exist as a consumer in this global economy without perpetuating and contributing to this system? Is there any ethical way to buy Chinese imports, or do I risk endorsing inhumanity every time? [more inside]
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organizing ebooks on Kindle Fire

How do you all organize your ebooks? [more inside]
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Toddler not adapting to new age-group room at daycare.

I am worried about my 2.75 year-old daughter. Today is the 8th day she has been in the new, 3-ish to 4-ish age room at daycare. She is now crying really hard every morning when I leave here there (new behaviour, but still normal). But she is also refusing to go to sleep at night, throwing huge fits, jumping out of the crib, clawing at us to get away when we try to rock her, and basically forcing herself to be awake until she is so exhausted she can't stay awake any longer. She won't or can't give me a clear answer about what's wrong. How do I help her? [more inside]
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My nephew is graduating high school and is headed to Washington DC for college! What would be a unique and useful gift to give him? [more inside]
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Bank of the [insert raspberry noise]

I need help determining a) how a Bank of the West customer reaches the next rung on the customer service ladder, and b) if my complaint is valid. My home branch manager tells me he can do nothing more for me. I frankly don't believe this to be true. Unfamiliar with banking hierarchies, I have no idea who to call next. After hitting a wall with one branch, what is the next level up? I need to talk to someone who thinks reinstating $130 in surprise fees and repairing their relationship with a longtime customer is more important than seeing me unload my frustrations about BoW on review sites for all the world to see. [more inside]
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Replacement for Echofon for Firefox

Seeking replacement for Echofon for Firefox. This little Twitter client sat unobtrusively as a button in your browser and would pop up a handy, no-frills pane to check recent tweets. Unfortunately, it no longer works. I'd love something similarly lightweight that integrates with your browser (I use Firefox for Mac), though if a browser-integrated client is impossible to find, I'd welcome any suggestions for good, simple Mac-compatible Twitter clients. Thank you! [more inside]
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Puzzled by nozzle.

My garden hose + nozzle were just fine last year. But this spring when I turned on the water for the first time, the nozzle fell off. [more inside]
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=== JavaScript is actually not that ugly. ===

I'd like to learn basic CoffeeScript for a one-off project, but most of the books I've seen come from the perspective of the JS developer making the leap to CS. JS is ubiquitous and will no doubt come in handy in many more situations. What is a good pocket library of 3-4 books for someone new to JS and front-end web dev stuff, but not new to programming concepts? (For example, my C pocket library is K&R, Deep C secrets, and C: A Reference Manual. I know that the front-end web world is a lot richer than C-world, but do what you can to help me.)
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What should I do with all this cardboard?

I've accidentally ordered 500 pieces of 13x13" cardboard. I can't return it. I'm a creative-project-doer. What should I do with all this cardboard? Make forts? Build giant airplanes? Do community projects where everyone gets to paint one? Construct furniture? What would you do with that much cardboard? Give me your awesome ideas!
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How to talk about skills gained unethically during a job interview

I'm applying for a job in automation software development but from what I have on my resume, I've only touched upon the subject. However, what my resume doesn't mention is that I was active in the Warcraft botting community developing profiles and behaviors and made programs that botted various online games, surveys, and web forms. I'd be very happy to "go legit" as it were and use my skills for good, but mentioning that I have a good background in automation would prompt questions of specific examples and I don't know how I could talk about it without sounding like an unethical person.
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Breast Cancer and Soon-to-be Uninsured in TN

Asking for a friend. Her mom lives in Nashville, Tennessee. "My mom was just diagnosed with  a rare and aggressive type of breast cancer.  She will need both chemo and surgery. In addition to the physical, medical, and emotional toll treatment will take, we need to figure out how to pay for this. [more inside]
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Every day objects in watercolor

Help me find the blog of a japanese artist which drew everyday objects using watercolors. Shoes, clothes, mugs, etc. I think he updated daily.
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My life is a mess, and I feel paralyzed to fix it. Suggestions?

My life is a mess right now, and I can't seem to start taking the steps I need to take to dig myself out of the hole I'm in. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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After 15 years in my business, I can't find work. WTF do I do?

Maybe you've had bad experiences before in your industry, but this being unemployed shit is all new to me. It's going on four months now, and I still cannot find work in my industry. I'm tired, scared, and broke as a joke. What would you do in my situation? [more inside]
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Funeral etiquette: I'm not sad but I probably should be?

In a few days I will be attending my grandmother's funeral in the south. While I love her very much, we were never particularly close. Based on my past experiences with these situations, I know myself well enough to know that I most likely won't be crying or even really upset at this funeral. Please help me prepare so I don't seem callous or further upset my grieving family. [more inside]
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Pencil Sharpener Needs A Good Cleaning

I have a vintage Boston "L" wall-mounted, hand-cranked pencil sharpener (the closest example I can find is the top one on this page). It doesn't rotate smoothly anymore and the mechanism feels a bit gummed up (possibly because someone used it to sharpen her eyebrow/eyeliner pencils, but I admit nothing!). What's the best way to give it a good cleaning?
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Trans-feminist bloggers in the vein of Natalie Reed?

I need more sources for smart, trans-aware intersectional feminism. [more inside]
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200 things a novelist can do in 5 minutes or less

[Novelists Filter] Name a few quick things (under 5 minutes) I can do to become a better writer. [more inside]
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Need info on benefits for newly unemployed, disabled Chicagoan

A dear friend of mine has gone through a brain injury which has rendered him unable to work in his field for an uncertain amount of time. I'm trying to run down any benefits he might be eligible for so he can keep it together until he recovers. [more inside]
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Where to complain about mercury in an OTC product at a chain pharmacy?

While at CVS, I came upon Humphrey's Bedwetting Pellets, which contain mercury (II) chloride. The pharmacist didn't have any thoughts beyond the customer service email form, which I have sent. This is 2013 in a national chain, so I'd think the product could get pulled from the shelf if only the right person read my email. (Hell, it's hard to buy a mercury thermometer now.) But what person is this? What job title? Thank you.
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How does ballistic forensics work?

Can someone who understands forensics or firearms (or who just reads more mystery novels than I do) explain how ballistic forensics is not easily circumvented? [more inside]
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Do I have to keep my cat on a prescription diet for life?

Kitty recently had a UTI and the vet seems to want him on prescription food for life. The thing is, my cats hate the food and so do I. Is this necessary? Additional ask about urine test results and red blood cells inside. [more inside]
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How do I make a busy box for my baby?

Help me make a big box of awesome. [more inside]
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At least she's not smoking it

My dog is a grass-eater. I would like her to NOT be a grass eater. But am I being cruel by cutting her off from her favorite pasttime - grazing? [more inside]
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Help me become an expert Physical Therapist of my own body.

I have been an athlete all my life, I have had several injuries and am going through 6 months of physical therapy right now which I really like. I am then moving to a part of China where PT is near non-existent. I'd like to continue a "pre-hab" routine, and I'd like to become good at knowing which exercises to do, what my body needs, what injuries I should be looking at preventing, and noticing at the first twinge of an injury and knowing how to remedy it. I want to become an expert at my body, and keeping it injury free so I can continue sports at a competitive level for many years (I'm 30 now). I'd like to become a PT for my own body. Which books are must-reads? youtube videos? I really like stuff like this NBA Fit Youtube Video
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Scale my function for a line graph

Math-filter: I have a line chart in Google Docs that plots three columns of data over time. Data in the first two columns ranges from 0-1000, but data in the third column ranges from 3-9. I'd like to "scale" Line 3 (maybe this is the wrong word?) to be able to compare its value over the same graph space as Lines 1 and 2. [more inside]
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A challenge for the hive mind: who painted these?