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May 31

What kind of painting/mixed media support am I looking for?

I want to combine the perfect smoothness of parchment with the thickness of 140lb watercolor paper, so that I can use watercolors as well as undiluted acrylic paint in the same piece without the support becoming warped. [more inside]
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How should I respond to my Schizophrenic friend's posts on Facebook?

I have a friend who has Schizophrenia. He has indicated that he has been seeing professionals and taking medicine. He has starting posting his theories about aliens on Facebook. I'm uncertain how to respond to this. Is it worthwhile trying to rebut this with an analysis of the facts or should I just ignore them? I have heard that sometimes arguing against something only makes people believe them more.
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How do I come off as smarter?

If you come off as dumb and/or uninformed in social situations, how do you correct this? [more inside]
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What is a great preamplifier to pair with a Rega RP1?

I've decided I'm going to purchase a Rega RP1 because I so desperately miss having a turntable in the house. I need recommendations for a good, appropriately priced preamp. By appropriately priced I mean I think it'd be just as silly to put a $400 turntable on a $2000 preamp as it would be to put it on a $50 preamp. I would be interested in preamps in the $200 to $600 range I think. Oh, and it needs to have banana jack outputs.
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The jazz musicians' equivalent of a sex tape.

I just found out about a super-secret super-smooth jazz record. Are there others out there? [more inside]
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Get rid of this jewelry!

My girlfriend has a whole bunch of jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, earrings) that we'd love to get rid of. We'd love it even more if someone wanted to pay us for it in Albuquerque. How do we find that someone? [more inside]
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My brother seems to have some sort of deep seated issue with me.

My brother (four years younger than me, we are both in our 30s and single, I am a woman) and I have had a back and forth relationship - it was normal brother/sister stuff - fighting and whatnot but nothing crazy - until I went to college, when we were super close. Then when I graduated college, he started and dropped out and went to community college and finally graduated after 7 years, and is actually doing really well as a banker, though he's between jobs now. Our relationship deteriorated rapidly after I graduated college though, because he had a big issue with drinking and was living with our parents and using them, I thought. That was a long time ago, and I've tried really hard to see where he's coming from and I thought our relationship had improved, but now new issues have come up... (wall of text inside) [more inside]
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Best family friendly sci-fi or space exploration movies?

I want to show a smart, sci-fi film to a bunch of maker type kids - 12-18 years old. "Explorers" immediately comes to mind, but I'm hoping for something more perfect that will inspire these kids without pandering or boring them. Suggestions?
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Where can I find this shirt from a Downton Abbey episode?

I'm looking to find a shirt (blouse? top? I'm not really sure of the proper terminology) that the character, Lady Mary, wore in Downton Abbey (season 4, episode 7). Screenshot links inside. [more inside]
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How to keep my cat playful

My cat doesn't play with toys anymore. How to keep her playful? [more inside]
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How to care for a snail?

How does one properly care for a snail? [more inside]
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Too many reviews and all of them different

So cornfuzed! What are the best free firewall and virus checker out there? [more inside]
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What kind of gum will keep both my mouth and my tummy happy?

I like to chew sugarless gum on occasion to keep from mindlessly snacking. My GI system would prefer that I don't, and gives me gas and some...other stuff. Is there a brand of gum that causes fewer GI symptoms? Another gum-like substance that can occupy my mouth for a few hours now and then?
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Should I end my relationship?

I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years. I've always wondered if I was settling but ignored those feelings. For the past year I've seriously been thinking about ending it but have been so ambivalent. I broke up once with him last year but decided to go back after 1 week and see if it would work. I'm still having doubts. Should I just end it? [more inside]
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Logistics of breaking up and moving out?

I moved in to my girlfriend's apartment a little more than a year ago and decided this isn't the thing I want to do anymore. Is my escape plan appropriate? [more inside]
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Caring for brompton cocoa aniline pull-up leather - in a catty household

We bought some beautiful used Restoration Hardware brompton leather (thick full aniline dyed waxed pull up leather) couches. We love them! RH says that no care is required. However, we have cats. They do run of the mill light scratches daily (most of which can be removed with a hair dryer) and last week one peed on a couch (a rare but occasional occurrence with two elderly male cats). We've already sprayed the leather extensively with anti-icky-poo (enzymatic but are now not sure what else to do to care for the couches, both in the short and long term. [more inside]
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Thief claims my property is their previously stolen property

I need help when the person that took my property accuses me of stealing it in the first place. [more inside]
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What the hell is leaking in my basement?

There is a slow drip in my basement. Complicating factor--it seems to be coming from a gas pipe, not anything that should have water. It could be condensation but I don't think so. Many more details plus photos inside. [more inside]
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Hideous new bar on Razr M Kitkat Wallpaper. Make it leave?

Just upgraded to Android KitKat on my Motorola Razr M. I use the VU meter wallpaper that comes factory installed and now it has a weird bar across the bottom, sometimes. Does this serve a purpose, and even of so, can I get rid of it? [more inside]
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"when all your love is gone" song

Looking for a song containing "when all your love is gone" lyrics [more inside]
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But we're in love, dammit!

How do you get over a breakup when both people were compatible and happy in the relationship? [more inside]
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Help me navigate the wonderful world of (the former Soviet) Georgian cooking

After stumbling across the blog Georgian Recipes (and specifically this recipe for Acharuli - Ajarian Khachapuri) I realized I've got a lot of eating to catch up on. If you know about Georgian food, please give me your tips, tricks, substitutions for hard to find ingredients, ingredients that should never be substituted, links to your favorite Georgian recipes, and basically everything you think I should know about it. [more inside]
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What did the Pink Panther say when he stepped on an ant?

There are two large, underground ant nests in our yard. The ground has gotten spongy and soft where they are located. The grass above them is completely dead. How can we get rid of them? [more inside]
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Apartment electrical fire. Can tennant expect compensation from landlord

My friend's apartment burnt along with most of his stuff. (He is 41.) Should he talk to a lawyer about getting a settlement from the landlord? More info below. [more inside]
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Medication until I can get my life on track. Good idea?

Is it possible for me to go on anti-depressants and then go off them? [more inside]
posted by morning_television at 12:06 PM PST - 20 comments

Best Bonding Agent for cardboard to Plastic liter bottles?

I spraypainted some 2 liter bottles to make kids' rocket jet packs. I am wanting to bond a piece of cardboard onto the back (later with elastic loops for arm loops) that will do it very quickly* as this will be during an activity with 40 kids. [more inside]
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What is the correct A/C refrigerant pressure for '04 Scion xB?

What is the proper air conditioning refrigerant pressure for a 2004 Scion xB? Should the pressure reading be made at a specific RPM? My A/C has been slowly loosing cooling over the last couple of years, now it really only cools well when traveling above 35~ mph, not so well at all in stop-and-go situations. Does it sound like I am on the right track to recharge the system? Works pretty well at steady-state speeds...
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Chipotle vodka recipes?

Difficulty level: No Bloody Marys. [more inside]
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1985 Buick Regal T-Type Promotional Literature

I would like to find links to advertising or promotional material featuring the 1985 Buick Regal T-Type. I can find Grand National material from that year but nothing specifically featuring the T-Type. Any links appreciated.
posted by jmsta at 10:27 AM PST - 2 comments

Where can I find some good fact-checking, especially science-related?

What publications or organizations expose false claims of science or misuse of statistics? I enjoy Jon Stewart's style of playing clips where politicians directly contradict their current claims, but those claims are often about their positions or beliefs. I sometimes enjoy reading, but I don't like how often articles end up becoming a matter of comparing different analysts' forecasts, often in areas where I don't have the expertise to appreciate the original falsehood. In general, I'm not looking for areas where reasonable people can disagree. I'm looking for stories that come down to a straightforward misunderstanding and abuse of science or statistics, like "but it's all plaintext under the SSL!" or not correcting for frequency of encountering humans and sharks when comparing risk of rape with risk of death by shark attack.
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Nursing scrubs in NYC?

Where can I shop for nursing scrubs in NYC? [more inside]
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When should you inquire about the academic rigor of research?

A few weeks ago I saw this FPP and found it to be very enlightening. Since then I was exposed to some similar but much lesser academic work and found questionable references in it. My issue - should I just drop it or do something more substantial? [more inside]
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Help in dealing with developers.

I have a one-on-one meeting scheduled with a developer whose plans directly impact my quality of life and that of my neighbors. How do I best use this to our advantage? [more inside]
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seeking dimly remembered memoir, a "rare" book.

I am looking for some help tracking down a poorly remembered book that I read 2 decades ago. Are there resources for "ID this book?" when the hapless reader does not remember the title or author and are those references different for books that are considered to be rare? [more inside]
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1 woman + 1 island + 10 days = 1 bag?

Hello, efficient international travelers! I'll be in Reykjavik for 10 days this July and am hoping to do carry-on only (from the US). Given the changeable temps and varied activities I have planned (whale watching, guided horseback riding, museum visits and shopping, light hikes in the Golden Circle and dancing as much as I can) this should be do-able, right? I don't mind washing things in the sink at night or re-wearing jackets, etc., but do you have packing tips or experience to share? Oh and if I can add an addendum in - do people still use Traveler's Checks? Last time I was abroad they were very helpful in setting a daily cash budget but that was more than a few years ago. TIA!
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Word for "bad guy gets caught, but that was the plan all along"?

Sometime in the last few months there was a thread about a movie or something, and in that thread someone said something like "Boy, I'm tired of this _________ trope". I didn't recognize the word and looked it up, but now I can't remember it, and it was a really good word. [more inside]
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Choosing Kindle search terms for non-genre short fiction?

I'm self-publishing a set of short stories on Kindle, and need to choose search terms, which are critical for helping new readers stumble upon my book. However, most examples I see are for either non-fiction, self-help type books, or genre fiction. All I've come up with are overly broad descriptors like "everyday heroes," or ridiculously specific ones like "pediatric nurse kills alligator by hacking gasoline generator." Is there some sort of middle ground, or perhaps a genre term I'm unfamiliar with? [more inside]
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Please help us get my mom into memory care!

Central Indiana - I need elder care help today! Please help us! [more inside]
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What to do about these cats?

A family of cats -- a mother, two kittens, and a father -- has moved into my backyard in Bayside, Queens. Now what? [more inside]
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Audio/Video Podcast playlist help

Is there a tool or service that allows you to arbitrarily add podcasts episodes to a custom feed you can subscribe to or share ? [more inside]
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Help me choose a mattress

We need to buy a single mattress for our infant daughter's bed. I have no idea what is reasonable in terms of price or what we should look for. Please help. [more inside]
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May 30

I assure you, Mr. Bond, that your ride on my Hyperloop will be brief.

Has anyone written any fiction portraying Elon Musk as a villain? The story can either be interpreting his real actions as villainous, or creating fictional villainy for him to do.
posted by michaelh at 10:41 PM PST - 5 comments

Anxiety and Fear-Based Decisions

Yes, another anxiety-related question from me. I'm sorry. I'm currently in the throes of a possible breakup, and I've recently realized that I'm making far too many decisions based on fear - fear of having a panic attack, fear of getting sick, fear of having needs. This has damaged my relationship. I need to stop this behavior, but I'm not sure how to do so without becoming non-functional from the resulting anxiety. [more inside]
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A vaguely-remembered mod 60s movie.

Help me identify this movie: late 60s (or perhaps early 70s) with an opening scene portraying a mod "happening" thrown by a deranged artist, with exploding mannequins, a circus-like atmosphere and a fawning mod/hippie audience. There was a secret agent aspect to it - one agent meeting another. I can't remember the nationality, but it was in english. I know at least clips are out there on the Internet, but I just can't find them.
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Have you ever called a crisis hotline? (or answered calls for one?)

Can you please tell me about the best (and worst) things about your experience? Ideas of things to say, what NOT to say if answering hotline calls...what helped you (as a caller), or what didn't? [more inside]
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Help my dog overcome his terror of umbrellas

My 6 month old pup is terrified of umbrellas and I need help because it's a big problem! [more inside]
posted by long haired child at 9:12 PM PST - 13 comments

Tell me about owning a vacation rental property in Florida

We are considering buying a second house as an investment property in the Orlando area. We'd rent it out on a weekly basis through a management company. Help us decide whether or not this is a good idea. [more inside]
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How did the star-rating system for spiciness get started?

At almost any Thai restaurant in the U.S., many dishes can be ordered with a specification of how spicy the dish should be. Usually, this is on a scale of four or five stars (with possibly an extra "Thai hot") at the top. I'm curious as to how this tradition got started and why it's primarily associated with Thai food. (And I guess as a side question, whether this phenomenon extends to Thai restaurants outside of the U.S.) I've tried to do some searching myself, but either the info is hard to find, or I haven't found the right search query to separate the wheat from the chaff. [more inside]
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Is there a venue calendar aggregator site for music shows in SF?

In New York I often used OhMyRockness for a comprehensive list of upcoming indie/rock/comedy shows at different venues, but I can't seem to find a similar site for San Francisco. I end up going to each individual venue website (The Independent, The Fillmore, The Chapel, Slim's, etc) for info but this isn't ideal. Is there a site I just don't know about? Thanks!
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Convince me that that life is not struggle

Metaphors are claimed to affect how we see the world and live our lives. In the case of someone brought up to believe that life is tough, reading on the topic hasn't helped a great deal. For example, Lakoff and Johnson's "Metaphors we live by" suggests that "life is a container" or "life is a gambling game". If you wanted to move on from believing that "life is struggle", what metaphor would you find useful?
posted by Prof Iterole at 6:22 PM PST - 16 comments

Where's the quietest spot in a Southwest Boeing 737?

The Googles is giving me conflicting information: where is the quietest spot on a Southwest Airlines airplane? They fly Boeing 737s (-300/-500/-700/-800, if that means anything to anyone?). Is it going to be in front of, over, or behind the wings+engine? Are there differences between wind noise and engine noise? Thanks in advance.
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Misophonia with brother-in-law

My sister has a very nice husband who is a loud and emphatic chewer, who smacks his lips and says "mmmmm" upon putting anything in his mouth ever, and who always seems to be eating or drinking something he wants to share the experience of (I recognize this is not actually true, but it feels true). I have mild misophonia that centers around chewing sounds, and kind of want to throttle him or myself when this happens. I love my sister and her kid and even this guy when he's not having these table manners, but I find it really unpleasant to be around him during those times and it's very hard for me to actually enjoy a meal when we're eating it together. What should I do? [more inside]
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Why do employers promote HSA over PPO?

Why do companies promote HSA as superior to PPO, is there some benefit to them? Barring any extreme medical circumstances, when does HSA make sense over PPO? [more inside]
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2 days in LA: Sightseeing without a car?

I will be in Los Angeles for a couple days next week and have a bit of free time in between some appointments. I won't have a car, I plan on taking the shuttle to my hotel. I'm staying at the Crown Plaza in Beverly Hills. I will be getting in around 11am on Tuesday, but then don't have "anything" to do until 7pm. The following day I will have the afternoon free after 2p. My flight home is Thursday at 5pm, so I in theory have the morning. [more inside]
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My houseguest will be staying for weeks but doesn't have spending money

I agreed to let a friend from out of the country stay with me for almost a month this summer, but now that the visit is getting closer, she has been mentioning that she doesn't have any spending money. Help me make sure this doesn't become my problem! [more inside]
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What to do about a building key, and obstinate landlord?

So i've read the previous Asks like this and this but i'm in a bit of a bind moreso than those with regards to an obstinate landlord who wants to charge me a TON for a new key, snowflakes inside... [more inside]
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Can I plant this moldy/fungusy rose bush?

Just unwrapped my recently delivered William Baffin rose, to discover a lot of clumpy white and green mould or fungus all over the roots. This is the first rose I've planted, so I have no idea if this is normal (nitrogen nodules?) or if it is, as my instincts say, a very unhealthy thing (kill it with fire). [more inside]
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How does my garden grow?

Getting a very belated start on planting my garden. Raised beds, zone 8, vegetables. What seeds can I plant this late, and what kinds of starts should I get? [more inside]
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Is/Was Amos Oz speaking recently in New York City?

I thought I saw a recent announcement for a panel including Israeli author Amos Oz in New York City (perhaps as panel moderator). Now I can't remember where I saw it and Google hasn't been any help. Anyone know of a recent appearance in NYC or an upcoming one?
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Hide and Sock

Help me find replacement for these no-show Smartwool socks [more inside]
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Please identify this children's collection of folktales from India

I am hoping to identify a book I had as a child. It was an illustrated collection of myths/fairytales from India. [more inside]
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How to find a specific, slightly old designer dress?

Found a weird, cool dress I'd maybe like to get married in. No idea how to get my hands on it. It's look 40 from the Donna Karan Resort 2012 collection. I don't know how "designer" things work. Help. [more inside]
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Eye contact :(

I have this weird eye contact problem that has plagued me since I can remember. I find all eye contact in general to be really unpleasantly intimate and intense, but several times a day when I'm talking to someone (both familiar people and strangers), I have a moment of frisson where it feels like I'm boring into their eyes with my own. The freaky part is that every single time I have this experience, it throws the person off--they stammer, look away, close their eyes for longer than just a blink, lose their train of thought, etc. As far as I know, I'm not changing anything about my facial expression--this is all happening somehow within the eye contact realm. [more inside]
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What do I do about this raccoon smell?

Today, the property manager and animal control removed a raccoon from a wall in the house I'm renting. I have questions about the smell, and the health of the rightful human and cat occupants of the house. [more inside]
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Clueless about jewelry. How do I take care of this diamond ring?

I am a woman who has never, ever been into jewelry. I lose earrings, I tangle necklaces, I hate the way anything feels on my wrists. The only pieces of jewelry I treasure are a relatively inexpensive pair of earrings I wore at my wedding, and my wedding band and diamond engagement ring. I've been married for nearly two years now, and need some advice on the logistics of caring for my engagement ring. [more inside]
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Mountain Biking between Santa Barbara & Los Angeles

I'm having brunch in Santa Barbara this weekend, and then driving back to Los Angeles where I live. After brunch I'd like to drive for a while into the wilderness, park my car, and then ride my rigid frame mountain bike on some scenic single track (or fire roads, sure) for a few hours before heading home. Where should I go? [more inside]
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My husband won't brush his teeth.

My husband goes for days at a time without brushing his teeth. Since talking about it doesn't seem to help and I can't control his actions, what can I do to make things better for myself? [more inside]
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Luxury Fruit Delivery

Our 4th wedding anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks and I want to give the traditional gift of fruit. I'm thinking of something like those crazy Japanese melons (although not SO expensive). A couple of steps up from Harry and David. Does such a service exist in the SF Bay area?
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Need to cross a minivan with a Prius (or vice versa)

Just discovered that our next car purchase needs to happen this summer, so I've gotta get into research mode stat. Is there such a thing as a family car (ie kid transporter etc) with great city gas mileage? Special snowtires inside. [more inside]
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Zound changes at the beginning of sentences

Linguistics: Can the beginning of a sentence or phrase be a conditioning environment for sound variation? [more inside]
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How to deal with harassment when most of the evidence has been deleted

One of my good friends is being harassed by a man she dated for a few months in high school. They are both in their late 20s now. [more inside]
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Twitter / phone autolinking - what the hell?

I just texted a friend while sitting in front of my laptop with Twitter open, and the text automatically posted to Twitter. How did this happen, and how do I stop it from ever happening again? [more inside]
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Recovering at new job after taking unplanned PTO for the holiday?

Took two days off this week of unplanned PTO at new job, now have an "attendance" meeting next week - how do I recover? [more inside]
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How can social skills be improved? Or can they?

I am currently 21 years of age (female). Growing up I didn't have too many friends and always felt intensely awkward and shy. I've grown past some of those feelings as I've gotten older and feel like I understand a lot more about how to have friendships and how to relate to people now, but I don't feel like I understand as much as I should. I really want to be more social and be better at relating with others so I keep putting myself in social situations but I'm not sure that I'm improving all that much. [more inside]
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East Village Public Schools

Hi! My family is fairly new to New York, by way of Canada, and we've been living in Brooklyn since we got here. We want to move to the East Village, but we're not sure about which public school we should send our daughter to. The school she's in now is horrible, and we don't want to repeat that experience. Unfortunately, I know you can't just go by what you read at Inside Schools, and SchoolDigger. I'm interested not only in the grade of the school, but in the culture and climate, and I was hoping a few parents out there could give me the *real* inside scoop so I can figure out where to rent an apartment ASAP! Thanks so much!!
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How Do I Find a Job? Computer Engineering/Low GPA Edition

I have a BS in Computer Engineering, albeit with a low GPA and no internships or experience. How do I get a job? [more inside]
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Canadian Permanent Residency and photo requirements

Applying for permanent residency in Canada. Struggling with obtaining important documents/photos of older children who are living in the US and not applying with us ("Not accompanying"). [more inside]
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Classic Who filter: Help me track my viewing!

The web service I was using to track which Doctor Who (the classic series) I've watched has apparently died. Is there another web site out there where you can track which serials you've seen, or a pre-made spreadsheet that I can fill out? I'm not averse to making one if there isn't anything already out there, but I'd rather not go to the effort if someone's already done the work.
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Those bike-boat travel things! Are they good?

Have you ever been on one of those group boat-and-bike travel expeditions? Are they terrible—or amazing? [more inside]
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Shortish interesting and fun things online to print and read offline

A friend will be in hospital over shabbat and asked me if I could send her links of things she can print out this afternoon and read over shabbes. She is super smart but realized that the serious intellectual/political essays and articles she'd printed are not what she is feeling like. She wants short, fun, easy, diverting, distracting. [more inside]
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Making sense of the TCK/global nomad life

My personal history is something that has confounded me and still does. Please help me find some resources to help me make more sense of it. [more inside]
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Sending Small Package NYC -> London

What's the cheapest way to send a small-ish (<5lb, maybe 6"x6"x6") box from NYC to London (for delivery to a lab with a receptionist) within a week or less? I could easily price USPS, UPS, and FEDEX, but I've heard there are smaller int'l carriers.
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Sanity check my co-op inspection.

I just had an engineer inspect the co-op we put an offer in for, contingent on a satisfactory inspection. I don't know anything at all about repairs (so we'd contract out for anything big) so help me figure out if any of the stuff below is possibly a huge dealbreaker. [more inside]
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How long after open appendix surgery is it safe to resume physical work?

I had open surgery to remove my appendix 2.5 weeks ago. The doctor (in broken English as I was on holiday) told me it would be 45 days before I could do anything physically straining, an opinion that is shared by all of my colleagues and friends/family. I work in the Netherlands as a chef, which is a very physical job. The system here is that you get referred through your employer to a specific doctor who evaluates you and says when you can get back to work. This doctor just told me I can go back to work full time immediately. Who is right? [more inside]
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The True Significance of the book "After The Ball" for Gay Rights?

It seems like many conservative preachers have latched on the the book After The Ball by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen as the text that defined the "gay agenda". Does anybody on MetaFilter -ideally someone connected to the gay rights movement- know the true significance of this book? Was it influential in defining approaches that the movement took for getting equal recognition for LGBTQ folks?
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Retaining Wall Blues

We have an unsightly retaining wall in our backyard. I'd love to here your ideas on how to improve the appearance or make it a bit more comely. [more inside]
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Having second thoughts about adult orthodontia and my adult lifestyle

I am in the early stages of getting invisalign for my not-very-crooked teeth and starting to have second thoughts about the lifestyle change involved for the year+ long commitment.... mostly as it relates to my consumption of coffee and non-water beverages in general. How bad is it, really? [more inside]
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Going in for an interview for a job I'm not sure I want

I have been asked to come in for a job interview at a company I have interviewed at before. They have since hired someone else for the position, but have asked me to come in for a similar job as the work load has increased. For a number of reasons, I'm not sure I will be interested in the position, but I want to hear them out and I want to keep these connections in the future. Is there anything I should keep in mind or do to to ensure that it goes well? [more inside]
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Oita! Oita! Oita! What to do/eat on a weekend trip to Oita?

I'm headed to Oita, Japan next weekend for a short trip. Any recommendations on which towns to visit, or suggestions for specific restaurants or non-onsen activities?
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Teenage Boy, SSRI Change for Weight Gain

Kinetic 3, 15, was diagnosed with OCD and has been on Celexa for 7 years. Over the past few years, despite working with a nutritionist, eating a healthy diet and getting lots of exercise, his weight has ballooned into the technically obese category. He's 5'5" and weighs over 155 lbs. Going to see prescribing psychiatrist next week to consider changing medications, looking for advice. My son is a healthy, active kid. He runs, bikes, hikes, kayaks, swims. He eats colorful foods, a mostly vegetarian diet and very little in the way of bread, pasta, potatoes, junk food, ice cream, soda, etc. He's worked with a nutritionist who feels that his diet and portion sizes are fine and she thinks at this point, he needs to consider a medication change. I'd like to go to the prescribing doctor with some knowledge. [more inside]
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Wet electronics

I just gave all of my personal electronics an (accidental) bath. Are they all ruined? [more inside]
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People that picked themselves up after long-term depression?

Just need to hear some stories of people that managed to turn things around after a long-term depression. Explanation below. [more inside]
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May 29

Could you recommend some audiobooks?

I'm seeking audiobook recommendations for books that are escapist, engrossing, generally feel-good, and fast-paced (without being frightening). [more inside]
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Data center design mechanical engineer resume questions

I want to work with a tech company working on the design of data centers! I am very interested in the heat transfer, efficiency, environmental impacts and general mechanical design that goes into data centers. I have a few connections to a couple of the big tech companies here in Seattle and don't want to waste my opportunity. How should I shape my resume and what skills should I highlight? [more inside]
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Is there a vacation destination that both of us would enjoy?

My husband and I would like to plan a nice vacation for an upcoming anniversary. Unfortunately, our ideas of what would make it a nice vacation are pretty far apart. Is there a place that would suit us both? Our special snowflake requirements inside. [more inside]
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Best methods for gauging the reliability of used cars

So I'm in the market for purchasing my first ever (used) car. I'm definitely a planner, but I'm having a bit of difficulty gauging how reliable a used car will be. There are tons of resources whenever I just google the car model + year, but I have no idea how reliable these reviews are or whether they're statistically significant. Want to get a bit more info besides my friend's first-hand accounts of their car problems, but I'm having trouble with this. Any recommendations for websites or tools to help me parse this data? For what it's worth, I'm looking for a small, manual car under ~$9000 in the PNW.
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Scotches and Noshes

I need help brainstorming finger foods that pair well with Scotch whiskys! More details inside. [more inside]
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Please recommend a good small TV someone whose last TV had tubes.

I would like to buy a very small (20" to 25") television for my study. I would like to watch DVDs, Netflix, movies & TV from iTunes, and maybe even some over-the-air network shows. But I bought my last TV used in 1992 and all I had to worry about was an antenna. (It had a sweet integrated VCR. I taped Twin Peaks off the air. It was the best of times!) I know nothing, and am bewildered by the options. Help? [more inside]
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Treatment for torn hamstring

I tore my hamstring on Monday. Is physical therapy an option? [more inside]
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East coast vacation spots for the 10 to 78 set?

Do you know a great place near New York City for three generations of family to vacation for three to five days this summer? [more inside]
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A full resume or one with gaps?

Resume question time. I am working on a full CV, with more or less everything, but want to know just how full it should really be... [more inside]
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Is someone who works with children required to disclose mental illness?

I know someone who is a teacher and he has schizophrenia. He takes medication for it and functions ok. But before he came to this country (he immigrated from Canada) he had a psychotic break where he ran down the streets with a knife, cut himself and attempted to cut others. He was taken in by police, forcibly commited and put on medication. Then he immigrated to this country. Perhaps because he didn't want to be around anyone who remembered this or maybe Canada makes it difficult to get a job as a teacher after you've had a violent break like this... I'm not sure. [more inside]
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Where can I buy women's size 5 hiking boots in LA today?

Help! Where can I buy women's size 5 hiking boots in Los Angeles today? For some reason it's really hard to find shoes in my size, let alone shoes that are reasonably priced and for a specific purpose without ordering them online. Unfortunately, the window for ordering online has passed. Walking shoes will do as long as my size is in stock. Where can I go shopping tonight or tomorrow night and know they'll have something in my size? Small size shoe wearers, WHERE DO YOU SHOP? (As always, cheaper is better)
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Books that changed your world view

I'm going to spend the next year reading a diverse set of books to change how I see the world. What books have changed your world view? [more inside]
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Help finding custom chairs for my spaceship bridge?

I created the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Sim game, and I've collected quite a bit of equipment to show it off. But finding just the right chairs for my bridge installations has been tough. Should I commission some custom ones? Is the perfect chair set out there for me already? [more inside]
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Can I eat it: bacon!

I left an unopened package of bacon on the counter for 24 hours. Can I eat it (after cooking, of course)? [more inside]
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How do I gain street smarts to protect myself and my children?

How does one overcome thought processes and the resulting bad decision making from a lifetime of abuse and poor examples. [more inside]
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Can genetic tests confirm my wife's being part Marquesas Islander?

Family lore suggests that my waspoid wife's g.g.g.grandmother was a Marquesas Islander brought back to England by her missionary husband. Pretty cool if true. So - which, if any, of the over-the-counter gene tests would prove or disprove this? [more inside]
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OK to enter the UK on a settlement visa via Dublin?

I'm a US citizen living in the US, but I will be moving to London this summer. I'll be traveling on a spousal settlement visa. Is there anything wrong with entering the UK from Ireland the first time I travel? [more inside]
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Seeking brilliant stop-action animation

Mr. Hublot, the animated short film that won the Academy Award this year, is incredibly wonderful, and I want to find more films like it (or at least as well-made as that one). [more inside]
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Do I reach out to someone I've hurt but doesn't want contact from me?

Would it be upsetting to have someone who wronged you--really, really, really wronged you--to contact you out of the blue to apologize? Over a decade ago I was a stupid, histrionic, selfish, needy and endless pit of WANT and ME-ME-ME kind of a person. I alienated everyone I knew and ended up moving away from my hometown. It took me a long time but I grew up and I realize how terrible I was then. Now I want to apologize to some people I wronged. Is it out of line for me to send a letter when I was asked to make no further contact over a decade ago? I don't deserve or desire a reconciliation but I do want to apologize and thank them for putting up with me--instead of just being a destructive person, I'm sure I would have ended up a dead person had it not been for them. [more inside]
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Who illustrated the British covers for the Temeraire series?

Here's an example, the cover of the first book. I've had no luck searching—I even bought a book from to see if the illustrator was mentioned inside, but no luck. Does anyone know?
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was this appropriate

I work in an office that shares an office with a group of guys. The guy who is in charge of that office is sort of a dick, or at least I've always gotten that vibe. There is one bathroom and I am the only woman in the office. I used the bathroom once in the morning. [more inside]
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Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender

I'm getting a lot (like thousands) of Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender mails, how can I a) determine whether the spam mails actually came from my server and b) deal with all these return mails without having to sit here deleting them every few minutes. [more inside]
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Me cry, he yell.

My partner gets angry when I cry sometimes and I don't understand why. [more inside]
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How to stop needing my parents' approval?

I am trying to become more emotionally independent from my parents. I had a very traumatic experience with them many years ago, and I don't know how to resolve the lingering insecurity. Due to the nature of the trauma, I've had a lot of trouble using therapy to resolve this issue. What can I do to stop craving their approval? [more inside]
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My brother disappointed me by posting a photo that, to me, is racist

I want to tell him about it without sounding like I'm on my high horse [more inside]
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What's normal, in an abnormal situation? NICU edition.

Help me better understand our NICU experience last year. Our baby was overall healthy (just early), and he's doing great. But as my second pregnancy progresses, I've been thinking about some residual anxiety and discomfort I have that comes up when I think about my son's time in the NICU and how we felt we were treated. Since our odds of ending up there with #2 are increased, just by the fact of #1 being early, I'd like to be prepared just in case. So I'm interested in perspectives/experiences from anyone who's spent some time in a NICU, as a parent, volunteer, employee, whatever. [more inside]
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Professional dress for an early evening "Gala"

I've been invited to attend an anniversary dinner/fundraiser for a regional nonprofit advocacy group. I'll be attending as a guest of a work-related higher-up, and the event will doubtless involve a bunch of professional networking small talk. They're calling it a gala... but the event starts at 5:30, with dinner at 6:30. What on earth do I wear? [more inside]
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Calling all medievalists! The Tree of the Seven Deadly Sins

I had a particularly useful version of this in a book some years ago while teaching a class on Chaucer's The Merchant's Tale. It was an (I think) early monochrome block-print of a tree with the peripheral twigs and branches taking one from multiple minor indiscretions to the core seven branches of the deadly sins. For example the twig of impatience might lead to the the branch of wrath. Google image search is not throwing up the detailed "mind-map" tree I recall. It may have been a more modern representation/interpretation of the idea.
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Help me up my pNERD (where p = player).

I play fantasy baseball in a league with friends, some of whom pay no attention and others who have baseball stats in their very DNA. I myself am moderately ok most of the time, but generally have a low-level understanding of what I'm doing, so when things go wrong my solution is usually to flail around with free agent players while watching my ship sink, week by week. I'd like to get off this plateau and actually learn more about the game, sabermetrics, etc so I can be a legit contender, but I'm lost in the morass: every resource I can find is super basic or way over my head. Help! [more inside]
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Is it safe to let kids put their original videos on YouTube?

Trying to think/work through my conflicted feelings on this. My awesome and creative kids (8 and 11) are getting into making videos, and of course they want to put them on YouTube. They're all excited about being able to check back and see how many views they've got - my daughter wants to do reviews of YA books, my son wants to do a video blog where he reviews sodas and candy and fun stuff like that. But I just don't know if I feel safe uploading them. [more inside]
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Where to find higher education administration salary data?

I am trying to ballpark appropriate salary ranges for a variety of higher education administration/student affairs positions at a private, 4-year college in the Northeast. What sources should I be using to benchmark this data? I am familiar with the CUPA-HR Salary Survey data that is publicly available, but I am not able to pay for the full report. Inside Higher Ed and the Chronicle make some data publicly available, but it is very limited in scope. Are there other sources I should be consulting?
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Simulating an image that is out of register

I have a JPG that I want to appear as if it is out of register. It's to depict the idea of something being counterfeit. [more inside]
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I'm Little_Dog. Not an alcoholic.

My therapist has recommended I regularly attend AA meetings. While it's true I quit drinking nearly 4 years ago, and alcohol had been a prevalent and destructive force in my life at that time, I have never experienced anything like a craving to drink in all the time I've been sober. My M.O. has always been a, "Eh, I'll have a drink when and if I ever feel like it. Which will probably be never, because I love this clear-mindedness!"-sort of thing. The therapist is treating me as a patient "in recovery". Fair enough: She can use whatever approach she sees fit, but now I'm entertaining the idea of AA and simultaneously questioning whether the therapist is a good fit for me. Yes, there are more details. [more inside]
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Was my roommate appropriate in inviting this Guest?

Was my roommate appropriate in inviting this Guest? Hello, I currently live in an expensive city, and am subletting from a roommate. I'm a straight male in my mid20s, and he's a bit older than me. This roommate has quickly proven himself to be a truly wonderful individual, both in private and professional life. I would even go so far as to say I deeply admire him. He is starting at a new top notch hospital along with other residents. He offered a place on his couch to any of these new residents, for a day or two, as they get settled into the city. He told me this well in advance. A younger women took him up on his offer. A day before she was set to arrive, he told me he was extending his vacation and asked me to do the hosting. The truth is with her professional background and career, I don't doubt she is a very trustworthy person. And I also don't mind helping my roommate out, as he has really been very kind with me. With that said, I am uncertain if what he did is fair to his guest. She had never met my roommate before, and they only came in contact over a facebook page for new residents. And then a day before she was set to arrive, she found out he wouldn't even be here, and she would be sharing an apartment with me. [more inside]
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How can I keep two necklaces from getting twisted up together?

I wear two pendants, each on 1mm silver snake chains (one 18-inch and one 20-inch) daily. They are always getting twisted together and I have to unravel them from one another a few times a day. Is there some hack or solution to this problem that I haven't considered? [more inside]
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Summer Jams: When I Want Them, How I Want Them

What is the best way to make a mix and have it appear as an album in iTunes? [more inside]
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Is There a Word for This? (Part ∞)

Is there a word for the "argument" people use that someone has no right to criticize because s/he is unable to perform the action/make the object in question? [more inside]
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Affordable lodging in Toronto for long weekend vacation

We're in the beginning stages of planning a vacation to Toronto later this year. So far, all the hotels I have looked at online have been surprisingly expensive. Does anyone have suggestions for clean, safe, private (not hostels) hotels or B&Bs located either conveniently to interesting parts of the city (for tourists), or close (safe 5-10 min. walk) to public transportation to attractions? While I am at it, while we've done some research on our own, ideas for not-to-be-missed sights, museums, bookstores, or other attractions (for a middle aged, bookish, art-museum frequenting, ethnic food loving, but only moderately-fit couple) appreciated. Thanks!
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Ottoman Turk translation help?

How would one write "The Fast Ones" in Ottoman-era Turkish? I'm making a mildly humorous sign for a Turkish friend, and for various reasons I'm pretending it's Ottoman-era (1650). [more inside]
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He wants me to work. I want to make babies and joy. Can it blend?

My husband just told me that having an ambitious, driven wife is really important to him. I have worked like a dog all my life and now that my baby clock is ticking, I was looking forward to stopping and having children and focusing on a household. Is there any way to make us both happy? [more inside]
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Staff meeting icebreaker

I am facilitating our staff meeting today. At the beginning of our staff meeting, we always do an icebreaker. I'm terrible at thinking of these. We have a team of 6 people, pretty informal office, sitting all around a big table, about 10 minutes. What are your icebreaker ideas for something fun, informative and not-too-personal? Thanks!
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Take my money, please!

Manilla is closing, and I'm heartbroken. This app takes care of all of my accounts. Credit union, bank, investments, credit cards, amazon card (which mint can't do), auto loan, mortgage, utilities, subscriptions, everything! So I need a replacement. [more inside]
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Just joined a gym for the first time in a while, looking to get healthy

I used to have a high activity job that kept me in pretty good shape without needing a gym. Over the past few years I stopped doing that job on a regular basis and instead became much more sedentary while not eating less (factually: probably more). I've gained wait within that time, and have decided that I want to become more healthy by adding exercise back into my life. However, since I've never needed a gym before I have no idea what to do with my gym membership. Specifics inside. [more inside]
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I don't know cities, and I especially don't know this city

I'm interviewing for a postdoc position at the University of Chicago next month. I've never lived in a big city and I don't know much about Chicago at all. I'm going to be visiting and would like to at least get a feel for where I might want to live as a 30-something single woman, and how I would safely get back and forth from work. Advice please? [more inside]
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Best myse

Want to get a couple of mystery novels for my husband. Ideally these would have 1) very good writing and a compelling protagonist 2) have at least a mild sense of humor, though this is not a deal-breaker, and 3) be set in New York, though also not a deal-breaker. [more inside]
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Project Management software with a sticky caveat

I want to share documents between team members but don't want them to be able to delete or alter the files there. snowflakees inside [more inside]
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In need of non-vomit-inducing insprational quotation

I need your ideas for sayings/quotations/an awesome slogan you just came up with yourself that conveys the idea that you should just get up and do your workout. It's part of a gift (for a very willing participant), but because that thinspiration stuff makes me want to hurl and because the quotation will be visible to other people, I don't want a "you will love your body more" or even "I really regret that workout said nobody ever" type thing. [more inside]
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Can I renew my CA teaching credential if I've been teaching in AZ?

I have a clear California teaching credential that I want to renew this year. However, I currently reside in Arizona. Double however, it's likely that my wife and I will be returning to California within the next five years and I don't want to go through the reciprocity process again. Can I simply renew the CA credential? It looks like the process requires a recommendation from a "sponsoring agency" which I would assume is the county Office of Education. What do I do if I'm not living in CA? Can my district in Arizona "recommend" me? Thanks!
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Wearing you makes me feel oh so good

Things that feel great to wear...what are they? I value comfort immensely when it comes to clothing, but I also want to feel confident in what I'm wearing. I'm okay with suggestions for casual wear, but I have a much harder time finding comfortable clothing that's both stylish and dressy/professional. [more inside]
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What, specifically changes as your relationship goes on?

OK people who have been in long term relationships (for our purposes 5 or more years, but the more years the better): How did/has your relationship change/d over time? [more inside]
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Being Inclusive of All Religions in Girl Scout Troop

How to deal with a member of my daughter's girl scout troop whose religious beliefs make it difficult to engage in regular group activities? [more inside]
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Imperfect Vlog Life

Which YouTube vlogs or vloggers show more than their picture-perfect, awesome, happy lives? [more inside]
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Shoot The Sheep!

Help me, oh wise MeFites, to find this lost game of my youth. I'm looking for a board game, from the late 70s/early 80s, that had cattle ranching as a theme. As you went around the board, you could buy ranches, then buy and sell cattle. There may have been an element of driving the cattle to market too. The detail that stands out the most is the sheep ranch. If you landed there, and another player had sheep on it, you could shoot them. My sister and I both remember playing with our dad, and all shouting, "Shoot the sheep!".
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Crafting a non smoker

My husband and I want to quit smoking together. In the evening we like to sit on the back deck and shoot the breeze for hours whilst mindlessly smoking and drinking crappy beer and crappy wine. We love this ritual, but know it's unhealthy. My idea was to switch to quality over quantity. I thought we could make a go of sampling really good craft beers instead of the piss water we currently drink, thus giving us the ritual of sharing a drink and getting an oral fix trying by savoring new flavor profiles. I figure from the money we would save not buying smokes and quantities of cheap beer/wine we could get smaller quantities of really good stuff. If we keep with the junk we drink I know we will have too much association with the smoking, so I thought maybe a different flavor would help disassociate, hence buying the really good stuff. We love the ritual of having an adult beverage, but do not do it for the sake of getting buzzed or drunk. It's how we unwind together after a long day. Two part question: Is this a bad idea? If not, we know nothing about craft beers, so we wouldn't even know what to try or where to begin. What are some good resources for learning more about really tasty beer? Any recommendations?
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Male co-worker asked me to hang out with him and his girlfriend..

I have been sharing an office with a guy for the last month. We spend 40 hours a week sitting next to each other. Now he asked me to have a day trip with him and his gf on the weekend (just 3 of us). Weird or perfectly fine? [more inside]
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Travelling to Vancouver from UK on very short notice - tips needed

Due to winning a very late announcing scholarship, I'll be travelling to Vancouver in just over a week's time to attend a library conference. I would appreciate any tips you might have/things I may have forgotten to look into as I've not travelled to Canada before and certainly never travelled at such short notice! [more inside]
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May 28

I will go down with this ship

How does an insecure person become a good manager? Is it possible? - [more inside]
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Can CrashPlan do what I need it to do?

I am trying to migrate everything from Dropbox to CrashPlan, and the support person I talked to claimed he doesn't know what Dropbox is and couldn't help me. [more inside]
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How can I get Czech citizenship by descent?

Can I obtain Czech citizenship by descent by way of my Grandmother? [more inside]
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Snorkeling - Antigua, St. Lucia, Grenada, Barbados, or St. Kitts?

I'll be cruising the southern Caribbean, stopping at Antigua, St. Lucia, Grenada, Barbados, and St. Kitts and would like to do some good snorkeling at one of those islands. I don't mind having to charter a boat or do some kayaking in calm waters to get there, but I want to see some serious fish and coral. Previously, I had a great time at Waterlemon Cay in St. John, USVI and Captain Cook Cove in Kona, Hawai'i, but was not at all impressed by Trunk Bay, also in St. John, or Nassau, Bahamas. Where is good? [more inside]
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whenever there's trouble

Calling all junior detectives! Mr. Bloodhound isn't available, and I need your help. In the eighties, PBS ran a science show for kids called 3-2-1 Contact which often featured a terrific serialized mystery, The Bloodhound Gang. One of the capers guest-starred Six Feet Under's Frances Conroy. Can you help me figure out which one? [more inside]
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Can Nuclear Weapons Kill Xenomorphs?

Can Nuclear Weapons Actually Kill Xenomorphs? Is it, in fact, the only way to be sure? It seems like they can handle a lot of physical battering, which makes me wonder if nuking the site from orbit in Aliens would ACTUALLY have killed them. If you are answering this question, please support any assertions by citing some part of the Alien canon; I have no use for whimsical uninformed opinions here; I'm a very busy person.
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Memorial Etiquette

My wife and I have been invited to a perhaps slightly out of the order "memorial event", and as we've never attended an event with that precise profile in this country, we're wondering if there are some rules and expectations we should be aware of. [more inside]
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Should I Join a Gym?

I'm trying to exercise more, mostly for reasons like getting my appetite up and sleeping better -- I don't have any "fitness goals," this is more about making exercise part of my routine. In the past, I would just go running outside, but I've never kept up with it well and summer in DC is not the best time for running outside (swampy, "code red" days, etc). Should I try to commit to running outside and doing my usual "weight baring" exercises at home, or should I join a gym? [more inside]
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Generating image with today's date

Looking for a way to automate a process on a PC or Mac. I need a simple PNG, transparent background, with a text string of today's date in the lower third of the image. Each day at a certain time, this file would be generated and overwrite the previous file of the same name "Date.PNG".
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Tools to help decipher handwriting?

I do a good bit of genealogy research at work and help others with theirs as well. I want to get better at deciphering handwriting (in English) from the colonial period onward. Has anyone used any specific resources that helped them with this? I don't need a certification or anything but I would like to be able to show I've done my research in this area. Thanks!
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Do I owe my ex-wife this money?

3 years after a divorce, my ex-wife is asking for money she'd contributed to our shared bank account. What do I do? [more inside]
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I can't buy a net big enough...

A restaurant in my town is closing down for 2 months. Our facility (1 lunch outlet, 3 dinner outlets) desperately wants to pick up the bulk of their business. But how? More below the fold... [more inside]
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Help identify this painting

Can anyone help identify this painting above the sofa? Any hints would be much appreciated!
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Phone Scam involving your "Windows Operating System". How does it work?

Phone computer scam? [more inside]
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Help staying cool without AC in Wisconsin in July

We stay in a cabin for a week each July. The cabin has no air conditioning. This is not usually a big deal, but last year we had 3-4 beastly days in a row and I was crabby and had trouble sleeping. I'd like some tips on dealing with the heat and humidity. [more inside]
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Allergic reaction to metal (esp titanium) surgically inserted plate?

I have a titanium plate that was used to fix a radial fracture about a year and a half ago. I've been experiencing symptoms that include episodes of extreme fatigue, as well as sore throat and general sick feeling for the past 6 months or so. Before that I would experience this sick feeling minimally starting shortly after the plate was surgically implanted in my arm. The plate is now useless and can be removed, I was wondering if anyone had ever experienced a similar reaction? All my other blood/urine test show that I should be in perfect health. Thanks for any help! Desperately trying to get to the bottom of this mystery!
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What books or resources would you use to teach a kindergartner chess?

My question is twofold:
  1. What books, websites, or other resources do you recommend?
  2. Any tips for teaching a very young player?
He already knows all the basic moves and rules. [more inside]
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Trip Itinerary / Suggestions

I will be traveling around Europe this summer and wanted to get some suggestions in terms of logistics. I have already booked some travel arrangements, so I will describe them here. [more inside]
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We need to talk about where this relationship is going, boss.

I've been at a new position for six months after moving from another state and twelve years in my previous job. I was offered a position that gave me a swell title, more responsibility, and the respect I never got from my previous boss. This new job was fundamentally created for me in that the position hasn't existed at this company in years and years, but my boss was hiring me away from a major competitor, so they re-opened it just for me. Here's the rub: because it's been so long since they had anyone in this position, the responsibilities are definitely...fluid. Like I feel like no one knows what to do with me. Or they are waiting for me to tell them what I will be doing. [more inside]
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Mind my own business!

I am really easily distracted, especially by adjacent conversations. Do you have any tips for ignoring them? [more inside]
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a black sheep by my own design

How can I be gracious, kind, and supportive when I feel like a fuck-up compared to the rest of my family, particularly my younger sister? Messy wall of text below. [more inside]
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Hair today, gone tomorrow

What hairstyle should I get? I’m looking for a haircut that’s somewhere between femme and androgynous, good for my face shape, easy to maintain, and possibly involving shaved sides. [more inside]
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I want to be calm like Hanibal Lecter but my eye twitches

I work in an academic institution and on a daily basis I have to deal with various instances of fraud/misrepresentation, false documents and fake identities. These are not matters of academic integrity as they pertain more to academic and personal records. Part of my job is to maintain accurate records and confront the individuals in question with the evidence in an attempt to get the real story. This is where it gets fun. [more inside]
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Adventures in topical tretinoin (Retin-A)

I'm about to try a generic equivalent of Retin-A for acne, and I am nervous. "Purge phase"? Peeling? Redness? Am I in for straight-up Walking Dead Face before I see results? Personal experiences, insights and best practices would be greatly appreciated.
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I need to write a Node.js UDP Echo Server

I need to write a UDP echo server in Node.js, but I'm having trouble parsing the available tutorial, could use some expert help. [more inside]
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Little brother is racist, but I'm a bitch

My brother did something racist that offended me, but when I spoke up against it, I'm the family bitch. How can I talk to my family so that they understand this? [more inside]
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Amex points - for a beginner

I have had an Amex card for some years, and have accumulated over 275,000 points. What is unclear to me is what can I do with them? My goal has always been to use points to upgrade an international flight to first class for my wife and me. But I have no idea how many points are required to do something like that. We would want to go somewhere in Europe. Does anyone have a sense for whether I could do something like that with this amount of points? Thanks!
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Do all replacement side view mirrors shake?

My 2001 Honda Accord was sideswiped and I had to replace the driver's side mirror. The first replacement shook and was an aftermarket part, so I paid an extra $150 out of pocket (the other driver's insurance covered the first one) to have a Honda mirror attached today. I just took it for a test drive, and I think it shakes less... but it still shakes. Like it barely noticeably shifts at 30mph and distinctly vibrates at 60+mph. What do I do now? [more inside]
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Kink is complicated

My partner accepts 90% of my, as Dan Savage puts it, "a fetish-too-far", which is pretty great, considering. We have discussed it at length, she'll never come the last 10%, and I understand that. Two issues, though... [more inside]
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Looking for a subway map of NYC with neighborhood boundaries

I have been looking for a while for a particular kind of map of New york City for my office wall. Ideally it would show the neighborhood boundaries like this AND the subway lines like this. For various reasons I am not looking for an interactive or computer-based tool. I need a hard copy map (though I would be happy to print my own if there was a digital version I could license). Plenty of subway maps, and a few neighborhood maps, but I haven't been able to find them both on one map.
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Famous Filler Text

Dear MeFi, other than Lorem Ipsum and The Quick Brown Fox - Do you know of any other typography related filler/non-semantic (famous and non-famous) texts? Thanks!
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Where do I give back the fake diploma?

Unemployed un-graduate seeks life and career advice. More details inside... [more inside]
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Field survey location software

Looking for a software solution that allows survey respondents in the field to indicate locations on a map in response to survey questions. [more inside]
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No appetite, need advice

I just started Cymbalta (again) and I have zero appetite. Like it's almost 3 pm and I haven't eaten a thing all day. [more inside]
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Online writing communities that tolerate taboo, obscene, sexual stuff?

I'm looking for an online writing community where I can post fiction and non-fiction (articles, musings), and where there is a "friending" (social network) mechanism and a critique/feedback mechanism. And, I'm hoping to meet a some additional criteria, including types of content. [more inside]
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What's wrong with my machine?

I've got a 4 year old Windows desktop that I use for very few things: Metafilter (using either Chrome or Firefox), email (Thunderbird), Word, and NVivo (a qualitative analysis software). I also play Steam games on the machine occasionally. I went on vacation, and when I came back, the computer was - for lack of a better term - completely messed up. [more inside]
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Why does my tongue feel too big for my mouth?

For the past week I've been constantly aware of my tongue resting against my molars. It feels like my tongue's just a touch too small for my mouth. What gives? [more inside]
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what to expect when your best friend is expecting?

My best friend is a few weeks out from the birth of her first child. Mom, dad, and baby are healthy and well-appointed. Everything is great! But inspired by anecdotes and first-hand experience, I am growing increasingly terrified that our friendship will necessarily falter and/or fade in light of this incalculably life-altering event. Can folks with similar experience give me a heads-up as to what can, should, or could happen next? Any tips or tricks that might help a person figure out how to offer the right combination of support and space to their new parent friends? [more inside]
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What is this awesome old decorative font?

What is this awesome old poster font? I am absolutely certain that I've seen this font available today, but I don't remember where. No dice on either Identifont or What The Font - Can Mefi help?
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Don't try so hard, but don't NOT try either!

I have trouble achieving orgasm, but it doesn't really bother me. However, apparently it bothers other people a whole lot. How can I explain all this in a way that will make sense to others? [more inside]
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Where to eat in Boston this weekend?

We love to be surprised by cheap and delicious food, or awesome specials that only locals know about. No dietary restrictions. [more inside]
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Places to put out a call for submissions for SF anthology?

I'm involved with a brand new anthology project, and we're soliciting science fiction stories written for a middle grade audience. We're about ready to put the word out, and I'm making a list of places for the announcement. I have some of the biggies: Ralen's, Duotrope, PW - but where else should I make sure to submit?
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What are good books on Korean culture for a recent k-drama addict?

My mom has recently become addicted to Korean dramas, and not having much pre-existing knowledge of Korean culture, she always has a lot of questions about cultural details. Her birthday is coming up and I'd like to get her a good book about modern Korean culture. [more inside]
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Can you help me identify two fairy tales?

I'm trying to track down two fairy tales I read as a kid, in the early-mid eighties. Bits and pieces of these stories have been coming back for a while, but I can't put together the whole thing and would love to reread them! [more inside]
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Should I use Wordpress or a custom-built website for my business?

I am planning a new website for my business. My web designer of many years does really stellar sites which Google seems to love. However, some of the Wordpress templates out there at the moment are superlatively great. The site is going to be purely a brochure / information website. So some advice please. Are custom-built websites old hat for the purposes of a brochure site or do hand-crafted websites (right-term?) still hold a lot of merit? (PS: the cost is not important. I am quite willing to pay the same for both types of architecture)
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I want to cancel my natural gas service this summer. Is that possible?

I would like to cancel my natural gas service this summer. Last year, I didn't use any natural gas during June-August. I have a gas furnace and also a gas stove/fireplace. I do not have a hot water heater since that's supplied by the building. I don't cook or use the fireplace. [more inside]
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Mobile Web App difficulty level: low end android

So, I'm going to be building some web/phonegap apps for low end android phones. What frameworks should I be looking at for maximum performance/compatibility?
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Finding a specific choral arrangement for Paul Simon's "Spirit Voices"

The King's Singers did a beautiful version of Paul Simon's "Spirit Voices" back in 1997. You can listen to the mp3 here - it's track 2 on the album also titled "Spirit Voices." I want to sing this song with some friends, just for fun, but can't find sheet music/a choral arrangement anywhere. Are there secret choir-only websites I don't know about that might have the music? If it was just one tune I'd be fine just singing along with the track, but there are multiple harmonies.
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How to have hobbies and toddlers

I used to read. And knit. And screenprint, paint, draw, sew, and garden. Now I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old, and a full-time job. I am looking for suggestions of hobbies I can do at home when I am with they boys that are easily put down and picked back up, and can also be completed with somewhat divided attention. [more inside]
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What happens when you don't take the required minimum distribution?

My family, being not financially savvy, bought into a slew of variable annuities in 2000 without knowing what they were doing. My grandfather is now in his 80s and never withdrew his required distribution from his IRA variable annuity. I know the penalty is steep. What can we do? [more inside]
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The Wild West versus Gangs of New York

On a per capita basis, have urban areas always been more violent than rural areas? [more inside]
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Identification: Ray Bradbury short story (Time is like cars on a train?)

It is not "A Sound of Thunder". [more inside]
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Help me find a short story? SciFi simulated universe, subjects escape

I read a short story a few years ago about scientists simulating a whole world in a computer and watching history unfold. The scientists appear in the world like gods to shape it. But then the virtual test subjects figure out a way to interact with the world outside the computer and then ultimately escape by teleporting the whole computer facility through a wormhole. What story is this? [more inside]
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Is there anything that actually helps to curb snoring?

I am potentially going to be dating a friend of mine... one thing that has me apprehensive is that I know she is a pretty light sleeper, and while I'm not the worst snorer around, I do snore. I am in ok shape (definitely not overweight), and am not really sure that there is anything that can be "done" about it, but I was wondering if there is anything that actually helps with it? I suppose she could get ear plugs, but she says that it's hard for her to sleep with them. Are there super fancy custom ear plugs that don't feel as invasive? It would be very frustrating if, of all things, this was a source of tension...
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Logistics problem with a single day in SF.

After a conference next week, my coworker and I have a day to kill in SF. We'll have a rental we're driving up from San Jose. And we need to be at SFO at 10pm. I'm making this MUCH harder than it needs to be. (snowflake details within) [more inside]
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Is Claritas Investment Certificate a good intro to finance / CFA paths?

Mefites who do finance: is the Claritas Investment Certificate a useful certificate if I want to learn the basics of finance? [more inside]
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MECH101: An Introduction to Giant Robots

When it comes to mecha, what are your core recommendations? Specifically, what media, including games (pen and paper, computer, or otherwise), television/movies, books, or otherwise, are best to appreciate and understand those giant freakin' robots? [more inside]
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Introductory history of Western philosophy & thought?

I'm looking for a good overview of Western philosophy for beginners. [more inside]
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Paid for a car repair that failed, but mechanic is gone after surgery

We started having trouble with our car almost a year ago. We paid $1500 for a repair that failed, and the mechanic tried twice more without additional charges. Now, it’s failed again, but the mechanic had heart surgery and closed down the shop, and I haven’t been able to reach him. Is there anything left to do, or do we just have to accept that we’re out the money without a fix, and start over with someone new? [more inside]
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Oblivious live in Boyfriend w/ Bad Home Training - what to do?

My bf is back in the us and has been living with me for 3 weeks. At first I made it clear that leaving the toilet seat up, not pushing in chairs, leaving everything plugged in/lights on and not closing closet doors bothered me. Small things to ask for, right? However, I had to mention these things far too often in the beginning until the point where I had to suggest he start looking for a place soon b/c I am used to living by myself and like to be comfortable in my house. He apologized and since then has made a concerted effort. He's gotten better and I've backed off on constantly reminding him as per his suggestion (giving him the chance to self correct), but some of his old habits are kicking back in. I'm trying to be reasonable but looking for advice on how to get him to be more self aware [more inside]
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IMEI on GSM in the UK: Do phones broadcast their IMEI to the network?

When GSM phones in the UK are on a 3G network, is there any broadcast or query of the handset's IMEI number to or with the network operator? [more inside]
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How to keep the house free of dust, allergens and cat smells?

I'm a new home owner who wants to keep my house as free of dust, allergens and cat smells as possible. What kind of air purification system should I get? [more inside]
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Friend's blog post leads to relationship strife and ethical debate

I have been dating guy A. for over four months. Yesterday he got upset/short with me for not offering sufficient comfort to him regarding our friend's feminist blog post. I am furious and very upset by his reaction, how do I approach him later on today? [more inside]
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Looking for music video

Hi So once upon a time I saw a music video in which and fergie apperead and was driving through what I thought was Japan. Has anyone an idea which song this could be? Regards marius
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Book/movie recommendations with similar feel as A Prayer for Owen Meany?

Looking for books or movies (fiction) that have a character who is "different" in that they have been prepared (perhaps "predestined"?) to fulfill a purpose that is often misunderstood or ignored by others. They may intuitively know about this purpose from the start, or it might be slowly revealed to them, or it only comes together at the sentinel event; as a result, they may have some quality of "otherness" (as best I can describe it). Some examples below the fold. [more inside]
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May 27

Website with English Translations for Vietnamese Songs?

I'd like to know the English translation for this specific song: Muoi Nam Tinh Cu, however if there is a good site that has a listing of classic Vietnamese songs with English translations, I'd love to know!
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Why don't fast food places lobby for an increase in tipped minimum wage?

It seems like fast food places are at a huge disadvantage compared to tipping restaurants since they have to pay their staff so much more (around $5 per hour). [more inside]
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How to clean Facebook

I want to clean my Facebook timeline and delete all old posts, and cannot figure out how. And the more I am stymied the more determined I become to do this. [more inside]
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The elephant-donating warrior

Who is Krishnokanto Gojdani and what is his story? [more inside]
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Obfuscating folder names?

I want to make some JPG files available to others on a web site, one each. An example application would be prom photos where I am sending the pic just to the subject, and don't particularly want other attendees browsing all the pics. I'd like to avoid having users need to log in, sending them just a link. I'd like to make it hard to browse other's pics. I think a reasonable approach might be to store the file in a folder with a long, random name. That would make it hard for a casual browser to guess, but could be easily passed around as a link. If someone guesses the URL it isn't a big deal, but I'd like to make it harder than just folder names incrementing by 1 or something equally trivial. So how big is the namespace for a directory name (linux) and what length of string would be suitable? Is there a better way to achieve these ends or some drawback I'm not considering?
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Things to do in Denali, Anchorage, Homer

My wife and I are going on a trip to Alaska. We will have free time in Denali, Anchorage, Homer. We're not big hikers or climbers but what are some sights to see, things to visit in those areas? Thanks so much.
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What should a children's book author's website contain?

I'm building a website for my wife, who's written a half dozen children's books and is currently working to get them published. I've searched the web and looked at sites like Judy Bloom, Beverly Cleary, and currently reviewing this list of websites on pinterest. I'm hoping to get a list of things the hive mind thinks a children's author website should contain, outside of the obvious list like a page for the books, blog/news, and about the author.
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HELP! Sister in NYC needs psychiatric treatment but doesn't want it.

My sister is frightening the people who love her by expressing suicidal urges. She isn't sleeping or eating, and even coworkers are worried. [more inside]
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Help Me Hack a Timeshare

My family owns a timeshare (yeah, I know) through Interval International. We haven't booked any travel through the timeshare in at least 8 years. I've been put in charge of figuring out how to use it, and I have no idea where to start. [more inside]
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Furniture restoration gurus: help me save my DIY desk!

I stupidly bought a piece of maple coated with something called "Durakyrl," intending to use it as the surface of a desk. Now I don't know how to get the Durakryl finish off so that I can turn this boring workbench top into furniture. Further complications inside. [more inside]
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For AdWords, better to work with an agency or directly with Google?

Our business spends enough on Google AdWords that they've offered to give us some sort of "account specialist" as well as a couple of other people there to do the various day-to-day work of keeping our ads running effectively. We're not sure if we should take them up on it. [more inside]
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Help me identify this faucet!

(Asking for my mom) Recently, our faucet started spraying from where it connects to the point where it swivels. We'd like to buy just a new faucet, rather than a whole new assembly. However, we need some help identifying the model number of the faucet. [more inside]
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Name that aperitivo!

Drank a great aperitivo (possibly a digestivo) at an Italian restaurant, haven't found it since. I think it's an Amaro but I don't know which one. [more inside]
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Dear Neighbour: Fix your car. Now.

A neighbour living in the cul-de-sac behind me has a squeaky fan belt. This neighbour also goes to work at 5:30 in the morning, meaning I'm woken up every morning at 5:30am to the most excruciating squealing noise. I normally don't need to get up until 7:30, so this is extremely disruptive to my sleeping patterns. I've had a squeaky fan-belt before, so I understand that car problems can sometimes take a while to fix. But it has been going on for months, and my good will towards this individual is fading. [more inside]
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Things go better with [my local soda pop]

How do I create recipe for a new brand of soda pop/cola? [more inside]
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How can I keep my dog cool during the summer months during walkies when it is still over 90 degrees out during the night? [more inside]
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how/where do I buy a used bicycle in Greater Boston?

I would like to purchase a beater bicycle. I will use it to go several miles along a maintained bike path to get to a subway station. My ideal scenario: I travel to a location where there are several shit bicycles. I select one of the shit bicycles, I hand someone a smallish amount of money, and I stop thinking about purchasing a bicycle. I don't care if it is a pink bicycle covered in swastikas provided that it works and is reasonably priced. Let's make this happen!
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Dress me for success -- First Impressions

I've got an interview tomorrow. [more inside]
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On getting fired - after my accident

My performance review was terrible and they almost fired me. I was given six months to shape up. But I was on disability for 50% of the work period and I don't want to get fired while I'm still in rehab. What to do? [more inside]
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Is the Emperor in "Warhammer 40,000" Dead?

It seems to me that the Emperor could very well be dead without making much difference to how the society functions. Is he? [more inside]
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Pros and cons of National Register of Historic Places designation?

I'm working with a small-town historical preservation group to get a grant to preserve and display their old, now defunct, USFS Ranger Station cabin. I'm primarily burying my nose in archives and old newspapers to do the historical research, but the group is curious about whether or not they should also apply to be listed by the NRHP, and I agreed to help them out. Any pertinent anecdotal experiences or anything you could share about your own knowledge of the NRHP? Any advice or strong opinions on the matter? [more inside]
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Minimal strategy and puzzle games for iOS

I'm looking for well-designed puzzle and strategy games for my iPhone 5S. [more inside]
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What are the best ways to treat foot issues at home?

I have web diagnosed myself with accessory navicular syndrome. Unfortunately, the web treatment options are not entirely apparent. [more inside]
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How do I get waitresses to stop pseudo-flirting with me?

I've had a string of weirdly unsettling interactions with Manhattan waitresses and I'm not sure how to stop them. I'll be more specific below, but basically a few of them will treat me like they're forcing themselves to flirt with me. I didn't put this name to it until I realized that it never happened when I was with one other woman, it only once happened when I was in mixed company, and if I was with other men the same waitress would give every man at the table the same treatment. I'd like to understand what's happening here, if anything, and how to make it stop. [more inside]
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What does it mean to create art that is "true to its times?"

I read a recent review in The Economist about a Whistler show in Washington D.C. This first part of this sentence set me thinking: "Whistler was keen to create works that were true to the times, but he also wanted to make art that was beautiful and enduring." My question is, how would you define "works that were true to their times?" I don't know if this is an academic idea or not. I'm thinking it's work that answers contemporary questions, be they in Whistler's era or 2014. I just don't know what those questions might be or how to go about finding them. And I don't know the causal relationship between the work and its times: does the work frame the questions or do the questions frame the work? I hope I've expressed this clearly. Thank you.
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Modern life is bringing me down

Life has been really good to me, yet I feel unfulfilled in this endless cycle of daily routines. Am I expecting something unrealistic or is this a sign I need to change my lifestyle? [more inside]
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Media company took a sharp right turn

I work for a small media network (tv, radio, web). The programming centers around finance and business. Recently, popular hosts have come onboard under the understanding that they would talk business, but who instead have gone full-bore political. Management seems to be fine with this. It's driving the rest of us up a wall. [more inside]
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Good research material for building a mobile-optimized UI/UX?

I've been given the task of optimizing my company's mobile browser site UI and I want it to be the COOLEST and the RADDEST. Any good resources out there to fuel my research on mobile UI/UX? [more inside]
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The cubicle is always less dusty in the other office...

Have you ever regretted a career change? Have you ever attempted to change careers and failed to find gainfull employment in your new desired field? [more inside]
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Would our Jack Russell Terrier challenge raccoons?

Will our Jack Russell terrier challenge raccoons which might try to enter house through doggy door when we are gone on vacation? [more inside]
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Online support group for adult cutters

Looking for online, mostly adult support groups for people who cut themselves. [more inside]
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How can I grow rosemary indoors?

Every time I try to grow rosemary indoors, the plants die. What am I doing wrong? [more inside]
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Bay Area support groups and therapists post-sexual trauma?

A friend of mine was sexually assaulted by her (now ex) partner, and she's really struggling in the aftermath of it. I've offered to help with some of the legwork in seeking out appropriate support group(s) and/or therapists that might be a good fit. Here are the criteria: [more inside]
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Is it better to live on ramen at age 26 or 66?

Is there any point in letting my employer open up a 401k even if I have no money to put into it? [more inside]
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At my wit's end, weight-wise. Please help.

I've struggled with my weight all of my adult life. Now I'm 34 and I feel like I'm at my wit's end. I just can't bring myself to fix my diet. What can I do? [more inside]
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Manhole Cover Word Game

In the Swedish movie "F***ing Åmål" (aka "Show Ne Love"), two teen sisters play a game in which, if you're caught stepping on a manhole cover, you have to recite words starting with the letter on the cover. Is this a common Swedish game? Is there a name for it? Could it be some sort of challenge? Like, the more words you can name, the smarter you are?
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Funny/Inspirational/Work-Appropriate Pictures for Chinese Colleagues

I lead a monthly teleconference with a small team of colleagues in China, and would like to kick off each session with a funny or inspirational image or quote. Help me find something that doesn't get lost in translation! [more inside]
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Free money for everyone! Well, for my friend.

I have my own business. I have received a check payment. If I sign the check over to someone else, is it going to be a problem that I invoiced a client, yet their payment never appears as being deposited into my account or cashed by me?
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Recipes for a Bake Sale

I'm organizing a bake sale that will take place in a record store; we'll be selling baked goods while a couple different bands perform. It's a benefit for an all-ages nonprofit performance space, so the crowd is going to be more "denim vests and cheap beer" than "PTA fundraiser cake walk." I'd like suggestions for recipes that don't require me to buy an ingredient that I'm only going to use a small portion of, are fairly simple to make, and easy to make into sturdy single servings that don't require plates or forks. Bonus questions: vegan suggestions, jello shots, and savory items. [more inside]
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Turns of phrase for thesis defense. Help!

Defending my thesis next week and need help with turns of phrase to kick off complicated answers to difficult questions. Have flopped in conferences past. [more inside]
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Boyfriend's ex is seriously ill

My boyfriend's ex has leukemia. While she could recover if her bone marrow transplant is successful, there is a strong possibility that she could die. My boyfriend is very sad about her illness. This seems completely natural, and I want to be supportive. But at the same time, I am uncomfortable with what he has told me about his feelings. Are these feelings romantic? If not, how can I support him? [more inside]
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Good, relatively-cheap CMS options?

I'm looking for a CMS that is highly-customizable and relatively cheap. [more inside]
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Best no cook apps?

What are your best recipes for appetizers you can prep in advance, require no cooking? Extra points if it can be made a day or two in advance. Really looking to step up my game from the usual grocery store veggie and fruit trays and seven layer dips.
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I need helping know how to deal with this debt collector letter.

I recently received a letter from Pioneer Credit Recovery, informing me that my debt of ~$1500 in state taxes has been assigned to them. There are some details that make me unsure how to respond. [more inside]
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How do I cover my ass when writing a juicy memoir?

I am writing a memoir, in which living people, some of whom I am estranged from, will be portrayed. I will be changing any details which could lead to them being identified. I will be publishing it under a nom de plume. What else, to protect myself and them, legally and otherwise, do I need to know? [more inside]
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Babycare secrets that you didn't even know to ask about.

We have a very new baby (as of two weeks ago) as an inveterate optimiser (read, lazy person) I am looking for all the little tips and tricks you have picked up for managing tiny babies. [more inside]
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FIP on iphone not working

Why has the FIP Radio iphone app suddenly stopped working? [more inside]
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Hunger + insomnia, my two worst pals

I asked this question about two months ago. This is me again now. What are my next steps? [more inside]
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Decent Manhattan/Chelsea dining?

We are going to NYC for work reasons and will be spending most of the days on our feet all day at the Javits Center in Manhattan. We are staying on W. 24th St. /7th Ave., and I don't think we will have the energy to go far afield to eat dinner much, so we are looking for recommendations for dinner places in the area. Around Javits is pretty much a desert I think?, but maybe nearish where we are staying has some options? We like and eat pretty much anything, from dives (if the food is great) to ethnic and fine dining. (Things we dislike: having to dress up/suit and tie level to eat, and places that may seat you at bad tables if you are a bit overweight/not appearing cutting edge in fashion.)
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UK Speed Reading / Effective Reading Courses

I am a bit dubious of all this "speed-reading" shenanigans. Is it real? Are these somewhat expensive courses actually worth the money? Has anyone done a course in the UK? If so, was it actually worthwhile? Can I learn to stop Sub-Vocalising without doing a course? I think thats the main thing slowing me down at the moment. [more inside]
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Fisherfolk of MeFi, help me plan a trip to Mattawoman Creek in MD?

In the next couple weeks myself and a friend will be heading over to Mattawoman Creek in Maryland to try to nail some Snakeheads from our kayaks, somewhere from 2-5 days total. I'm looking for campgrounds, tackle shops, launching areas...whatever you can suggest. [more inside]
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How do I hair?

I've been cutting my own hair for a couple of years - I have no hair cutting skills, I hack at it with a pair of scissors until it doesn't flop into my eyes anymore. During that time I've been a student, and now I've just finished uni, and started thinking that maybe before I start volunteering/going to job interviews where I'll need to make a good impression, I should get a professional to have a go at it. [more inside]
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In a relationship, in love with a friend, need to make some decisions

I’m in a stable and loving relationship that is approaching the deadline for commitment. I’ve had strong feelings for someone else for a long time, which I’ve managed to control, but have recently resurfaced with a vengeance, and are making me seriously question whether to commit. Help! [more inside]
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What is the process for a Dutch citizen to get a Spanish NIE?

I am a Dutch citizen (but non-resident) who has recently relocated to Spain. I have secured legitimate employment to begin in 7 weeks, and I'm trying to work out the process to get my documents together. [more inside]
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Best unnaturally coloured contact lenses?

I'm looking at getting some yellow contact lenses for a costume and would like to know what brands of unusual lenses people have found comfortable and effective - not too vision obscuring, not -ridiculously- unnatural looking, so on. [more inside]
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Who are the choreographer and director of this mystery video footage?

The dance and visuals in this video continue to represent for me the summit of a certain kind of excellence after several years of repeated viewing. [more inside]
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May 26

I can't believe I am asking a question about emoji, but I am.

I have an iphone 4S. I imessage with my husband and son a lot, they using an iPhone 3 and an iPad and iMac. If I send a message with an emoji in it, the emoji shows on my phone screen as the graphic/picture, and shows on their screen as the graphic/picture. If they send me a message with an emoji it shows on their screen as a graphic/picture, but shows on my screen as letters/symbols (e.g. :) <3 etc.) I know it is a bit silly, but this is driving my crazy. And my nearly 10 year old likes using emoji so I would rather figure it out than just say 'don't send me the damn things'.
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Finding your way around a WWII battlefield.

I will shortly be in Okinawa and am very interested in visiting the Maeda escarpment -- specifically the summit where Desmond Doss earned his Medal Of Honor. I'd like to arrive there confidently knowing I am in the right place and oriented such that I could find the referenced cliff with certainty. Is there a right way to gather the information I need?
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Gift for retiring Chemistry teacher in high school

Need ideas for good gift for Retiring male Chemistry teacher who has been a great teacher and helped my son a lot.I want to give him a memorable gift but not too fancy because he is a very simple man.
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What can I say that will get him to lock the door?

What reasons do you have for locking the door? I need a list. [more inside]
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Want to gain a little weight, but concerned about making dietary changes

I'd like to gain ~7-8 pounds to return to a weight that I find more comfortable for me - a weight I haven't been at since I was in college. I'm totally healthy, all blood work is normal, and I eat about average amounts for someone of my overall build and age (I'm a 27-year old female). I definitely still have an appetite and occasionally even eat quite a lot. I have a feeling my current weight is what my body is comfortable with right now, but I feel I don't quite look my best. The thing is, I know I would need to eat what most people would consider *excessive* amounts of calories to reach my goal. And I'm worried that if I upped my calories too much, I'd get used to overeating and eventually gain too much. Keeping in mind that I'm a healthy person, what should I do? Should I wait for my metabolism to slow down naturally and not even try gaining weight? [more inside]
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Should I go back to this temp agency?

I recently found myself unemployed for the first time in a year. Should I return to the temp agency that permanently placed me at the job from which I just got fired? [more inside]
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David Lindley lyrics question

What in the world is he ordering at Trader Vics in "Werewolves of London?" The mystery item shows up on the interwebs as follows.... "Well, I saw Lon Chaney walking with the Queen they were doing the Werewolves of London I saw Lon Chaney, Jr. walking with the Queen and they were doing the Werewolves of London I saw Jack Nicholson drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's His hair was perfect I was sitting in the booth right across from him, dressed in my finest polyester. I had just ordered some (....nacho marquez??? ) and my hair was..... well, (very very greasy)." Nacho Marquez? In a Chinese Restaurant? What the what? Anybody got a clue for me?
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I miss being challenged intellectually.

I'm in my early 30s and a good portion of my friends are heading back to grad school. I was always a Hermione type and now I'm envious of the classes and intellectual discussion that they are going to be a part of. Since grad school isn't financially feasible for me, is there a way for me to find the intellectual, curious, mind-expanding discussions that I miss from college classes? [more inside]
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What should I knit with this variegated cotton yarn?

Last summer, four days before my daughter was due, I acquired two and a half skeins of Cascade Luna Paints yarn in colorway 9792, to knit a coming-home hat and booties and maybe even a weensy little lovey blanket. Well, the baby came two days early and the hat never got beyond a brim, and now she's a happy toddling thing who has NO interest in hats or booties. I have an emotional attachment to the idea of using this yarn for this child. What should I use the yarn for instead? [more inside]
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Best Multi-Country Cell SIM?

My son is going on a three-week school trip to several countries in Europe about a month. I'd like to either buy a SIM for his (out of contract, unlocked) iPhone 4s, or direct him to buy one in London, at the airport, when he lands. I'm specifically looking for decent voice rates to the US, some international texting, and data to include an available network of WiFi. [more inside]
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What are these weird things growing by my chrysanthemums?

Garden experts: do you have any idea what these odd, ugly objects are growing in our garden? They have appeared in just the past few days next to a couple of mums. They look totally spooky. Are they a danger to our garden plants? [more inside]
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Reading Specific Text

Is there a software program that will read specific text in the spirit of how Google finds specific text? For instance, rather than reading the entire document, if I wanted to search the terms and conditions of a cell phone contract for a few sentences surrounding the phrase "percentage" (as if I was interested in seeing if the provider talked about the percentage of time a particular cell network is up and running v its down time), is there a program that could read me those sentences? Could I give it parameters like, read the paragraph before the keyword to the paragraph after or begin when a capitalized letter follows a period? I know this description isn't perfect, and I know Microsoft Sam and other readers like Dragon Naturally Speaking and others can read entire texts, but is there anything that lets me specify what I want it to read?
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Renting time in a commercial kitchen, issues, gotchas, etc.

I'd like to explore leasing time in a "co-op" or shared commercial kitchen to start a small food business, making seasonal preserves and similar items in Washington State. Are there recommended blogs or books that discuss this from the business and planning ends, as far as what to look for, and well as how to deal with legal issues with bringing equipment and ingredients to and from such a facility (like fresh fruit, sugar, etc.). Do people store ingredients off-site, that sort of thing. (I'm mainly looking for non-state-official guides and written materials that deal with this subject from the producer end, just to focus questions away from the business itself or to Google search results to WA guidelines. Thanks!)
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Python Webhosting

HostGator's business plan, while attractive in just about every way, is unfriendly to the Python developer. Having gone around in circles about getting lxml installed* I'm ready to bail. Are there any recommendations from the Python developer crowd for a friendly web host? [more inside]
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not usually a speed demon..

First speeding ticket. What should I know and expect from this point forward? [more inside]
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Is there another pedal-forward electric bike besides the Electra Townie?

I was considering buying an Electra Townie Go, the electric version of the Townie, but I've gotten some feedback that it's ridiculously overpriced for an electric bike ($2200+ where most electrics are less than $1500) and that the battery is very weak. Are there other pedal-forward electric bikes? [more inside]
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How did colonial Americans speak?

I am trying to write a story that takes place in 1660s Massachusetts. I have a great plot and characters, but the action stops when they open their mouths. I simply don't know how they spoke. How can I find examples of 17th century English as spoken by ordinary people? [more inside]
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Why do we build a navigation bar with list items instead of paragraphs?

Paragraphs can run inline as well as list items, and you don't have to override anything to eliminate bullets. Is this somehow about accessibility?
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Natural flea/tick prevention

Are there natural flea and tick preventatives that you have witnessed to be actually effective? Pregnant this year and hesitant to put the normal pesticide mix on my dogs and cats. Yes, I have googled around but I trust the people on metafilter more than random websites I find. Thanks!
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Please help me identify these two places in Barcelona

For some journalism I am doing, wonder if anyone might be able to identify this building in Spain. I think it is in Barcelona, but am not sure.
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What is the greatest impact I can make with volunteer or service work?

Suppose I want to do service or volunteer work, not just to have fun or meet people, but to really make the biggest, most necessary, most impactful, most meaningful change I can. What type of service work is that? I'm in Boston.
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Help me setup my old Droid Razr as a music player for my stereo

I have an old Droid Razr that I would like to plug into my stereo to stream music from Google Play. How can I control it from my Android Phone and preferably also my wife's iphone. [more inside]
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Survival tips sough: dissertation due/daily agony--how to make do?

My dissertation hand in deadline is within two months. I still have a sh*tload left to do, and I fear I'm sinking fast. I have well meaning friends and colleagues that offer support, but the stress is killing me because I can't trust my own instincts and I don't know how to ask for help. [more inside]
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please help me europe-anize my tmobile prepaid phone

I currently have my iPhone4 on tmobile's $30 for 100 min and unlimited data, prepaid plan. I need to spend a week in Barcelona soon. I was told by customer service that I will not be able to roam in Barcelona using this plan; any tips for how to make my cell phone experience in Barcelona as close as possible to what I have here? [more inside]
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Great short stories or novellas legally downloadable for free for Kindle

What great short stories, short novellas, or even short nonfiction pieces can I legally download for free for my Kindle? Some details inside. [more inside]
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My cat is bored and I am lazy. Cat fishing rod construction ideas?

My cat is constantly begging for play and I am mostly game but also want to get some rest once in a while. She is mostly bored with the usual rotated toys - ping pong balls, toilet paper rolls and such. Her big thing is stick and string combos and old shoe laces but she is even bored with those sometimes plus their restricted range means she doesn't really got run around after them that much. I was thinking some sort of fishing rod hybrid could be dr. frankenstiened up but I don't fish so I am not sure of the details. Being efficient (lazy) I like the idea of casting and then reeling in from the luxury of the couch. [more inside]
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Savor the flavor of marvelous macarons!

Bakers of Metafilter: What are your favorite french macaron flavors you've tried making? [more inside]
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Words fail

How can I support my bereaved friend? [more inside]
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How should I prepare to return to work after medical leave?

After being off work for medical reasons for more than a year, I'm tentatively looking to return to work within the next 3 months. If you have been in a similar situation, what worked well for you, and what would you do differently? [more inside]
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Why not walnuts?

Why are walnuts rarely (if ever) found for sale roasted? [more inside]
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How can I turn a bar of soap into cologne?

I received a nice bar of soap as a holiday gift and I really like the particular cedar wood smell. So much so that I want to convert it, one way or another, into a wearable fragrance. How can I do this? [more inside]
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integrative Doctor in Boston and health coach, PCOS

I just moved from chicago where I had the best dr at northwestern. this new dr says that I have PCOS and wants to put me on birth control. yet I was not impressed by this dr, she seemed, well I just didn't feel that I was in good hands, and I would like to try lifestyle and diet before jumping right in to drugs. Does anyone know a great intregrative dr in boston, or how I can find one? I also worked with a student who was studying health coaching, and she was really helpful in helping me deal with my food phobias, cooking and meal planning, the whole foods in chicago also had great classes- I have not found any of that here in boston. any ideas? thanks!!
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DrPh after MPH, requirments

Hey All, I am loving my MPH, but, I hear that MPH's are a dime a dozen. And, if you want to go into a leadership role you need the DrPH. So I would like to go on, right after the MPH. I worked for 6 years in housing before starting my MPH. What are the G.P.A requirements for the DrPH? Also, is there funding for the DrPH, or just the Phd? Does Harvard have funding? I think their DrPH is a new program. Anyone have experience there? I am working and doing a fellowship, so my grades have not been as high. If I only have a 3.8 g.p.a for grad school, but have a lot of great exp, will that be enough to get into a DrPh program? Thanks
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I'm interested in being a first-time homeowner in California.

I'm interested in buying a home in California as first time would-be homeowners. We have relatively high (2013) income, but after some significant professional changes a lower current income, very limited savings but good credit. What kind of programs might be available in CA or nationally to help us become homeowners? [more inside]
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Vienna is old, knowing and fierce in its regard: Add to my itinerary.

Need guidance on trip to Vienna. Newest questions are from two years ago. Many questions after the fold. [more inside]
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crazy gun loving neighbor

My neighbor is crazy, owns guns, has tried to kill himself, and hates me. [more inside]
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I have $5K to invest. What ought I do with it?

It's from my lovely wife's recent inheritance. It's not a lot, I know, but enough that we don't want to just stick it in the bank. [more inside]
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How do I frame this past incident if it ever comes up?

In the light of recent Metas about sexual harassment, and countless other Metas from the past, there is an incident from my childhood I haven't been able to fully or comfortably contextualise. Details below the cut. [more inside]
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Where online can I track my weight and/or my menstrual cycle?

I've recently become more interested in the workings and fluctuations of my body, as well as in losing weight. I have been weighing myself daily for the past month, and also recording details of my menstrual cycle for the past couple of months. I have noticed the interplay between these two things as well (I gained 2 pounds during my period and also mid-cycle [possibly ovulation?], and then lost it quickly). I am hoping to find a website (or websites) that will help me track these things and spit back for me interesting and useful data about my body and its trends. I'm especially interested in getting a weight loss trend line, and also seeing a prediction of when my period and ovulation will happen for me each month. I realize that one website may not do both things and I am happy dealing with each phenomenon separately. Any suggestions either for the most useful weight-tracker websites or cycle-tracker websites (or both together!)? Note that I do not have a smartphone so this needs to be online, not an app.
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Chair: Comfortable, Under $100, Supports 260/330, and Can Be Put Away?

I'm looking for recommendations for a chair, but it needs to fufill four requirements. I need it to be very comfortable. I would like to be able to put it away out of sight easily, so bonus if it's foldable or compactable (but of the two, comfort is more important than put-away-ibility). I would like it to be under $100 if that's possible, but could go a bit above if needed. And finally, in a perfect world it could hold a 330-lb. man (me), but it at least needs to hold someone in their 260s. [more inside]
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Just been told by my boyfriend that he thinks I have BPD. What now?

My boyfriend sat me down tonight and suggested I might have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). He is going to stay at a friends house now since our interactions cause him so much stress. We have been together 5 1/2 years, living together for half of that, a time we both agree has been frustrating and has left us with deep unmet needs. I want to hear him out but I feel confused as this assessment blindsided me. [more inside]
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Found an iPhone. Now what?

Yesterday while on a long bike ride I found an iPhone in the street. Help me return it to its owner. [more inside]
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Max-force cleaning plan and the products to achieve it

After a tumultuous nearly two years of apartment living following my separation, my kids and I are finally moving into a townhouse. (Yay!) It's a rental, but one I hope we can stay in for quite a while - it seems pretty fantastic! I have a week between when I get the keys and when I have movers scheduled, so I'd like to take the opportunity to get the place cleaner than it's ever been. Hoping to come up with a really solid cleaning plan, and a list of all the products I need to get it done. Suggestions and tips are more than welcome! [more inside]
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I'd like a wifi booster/relay so that I can sit in the park and work

I have an Mac airport express base station next to the cable modem downstairs. I'd like to sit in my local park and work on my Macbook. Where I sit is about 100 metres away, with a direct line-of-sight to the upstairs of the house, give or take the odd tree branch and squirrel. What I think I need, therefore, is a basic booster station in an upstairs window, that overlooks this park. What options do I have? Any advice appreciated! [more inside]
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An exercise plan that actually makes me sweat

So, I'm currently on a self-improvement kick that I'm looking to turn into a marathon. You might imagine that having cerebral palsy and being in a wheelchair adds a speedbump or two, and you'd be right. One of the things I've wanted to work on for a while has been my weight, flexibility and physical independence. I'm about 100 lbs overweight right now, and I know that much of the decrease in quality of life that I've experienced over the past few years has been my own doing. I either sit in the wheelchair, or a desk chair, or on a couch/bed. I never move. Ever. I know that needs to change, and I've spent considerable time researching wheelchair fitness, but haven't really found anything that fits my very particular needs. [more inside]
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May 25

New York City Travel Question

Will be traveling to NY this summer for work for a week. Need to spend days on upper east side (5th and 104th). Nights I am free. Like to be able to walk to restaurants, windows browsing, perhaps some jazz. Any advice on what neighborhoods to look for hotels? I realize with the transit options perhaps this question doesn't make much sense, but I would rather not spend a lot of time or money in transit. And if you wouldn't mind suggesting some favorite gems of neighborhood restaurants, places that might be worth the trouble to get to?
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Pomodoro strangeness?

At the beginning of Cirillo's paper on using and implementing the Pomdoro technique, there is a metaphysical justification about how we perceive time that is optimal. It seems opposed to the Pomodoro technique. Has anyone justified it? [more inside]
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Going to Tokyo, allergic to soy. Help me build a list of "safe" dishes!

I'm going to Tokyo in the fall. I'm allergic to soy. It is an allergy triggered by the soy protein, which means that tofu and edamame are not OK but soy sauce is because the protein is denatured. (This is common for people who are allergic to soy - I am no special snowflake.) The easy solution would seem to be to live on yakitori and yakiniku...but I'm also a vegetarian. Difficulty level = 11! [more inside]
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Where to get a good deal on a used (high end) triathlon bike?

I have a pretty good 2006 Felt S 22 triathlon bike. I'd like to get a newer, faster, better bike. I have time (up to a year?) to get a used triathlon bike. Craigslist isn't great in my area, and eBay doesn't seem to have great deals. Where should I be looking to get a good deal on a used high end tri-bike? (I'm willing to spend up to about $2500) Also any tips on buying the bike, or what I should be looking for in technological advances since 2004? Thanks. (If it matters, I use a 52cm bike, I am 175 cm tall and I'm in Columbus Ohio)
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Help me organize my kitchen like a pro

The other day, I was at a restaurant where the chef cooks the food directly in front of customers. I realized that by watching her, I was able to observe certain things that I don't normally glean from recipes and cooking videos. I could see not only the techniques she used to cook the food, but also how she organized herself to make the process so efficient. This got me thinking of how I can organize my cooking for maximal efficiency, especially when preparing food for groups: [more inside]
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Friendship flipping-flopping, how to balance it?

Kind of complicated, more under the fold. Just not sure what to do about a seemingly deprecating friendship. [more inside]
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What did I hear on the radio?

A couple of years ago I heard something on the radio- I believe it was the local classical station. From what I remember it concerned Jiang Qing ("Madame Mao") and was described as a "waltz". I think the premise was she was dancing to the music as it was played on a record player and reminiscing, eventually fading out. [more inside]
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Everyday Femme Radness

What belongs in my starter femme/androgynous/genderqueer ensemble? [more inside]
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How do I remove this stain--or what do I do if I can't?

I picked up my laundry from the laundromat yesterday--I did wash-and-fold this time because I didn't feel like dealing with the laundromat on a holiday weekend--and my favorite purple shirt has a bunch of dark splotches on the front. It looks like it just got water dripped on it or something, except that the spots don't dry, and they also don't go away with mere water. What should I do? [more inside]
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You Say Headphones, I Say... "What? I Can't Hear You?"

Is there some sort of setup using both wireless headphones and stereo receiver with surround sound whereby two people can watch TV together at different volumes? [more inside]
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How to get a job in a medical lab without a degree (or just an AA)?

I remember an old roommate told me that she had a job in a medical lab with a bachelor's in art history (not related to lab work). I have an Associates in Arts degree and am working on my bachelors degree in Clinical Laboratory Science. I will start volunteering at the medical lab in the hospital on Thursday. Are there any jobs in the lab for people like me? Maybe after I've volunteered for a few months? Thanks.
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How to handle the anxiety of major life changes?

I'm getting ready to start a new adventure! But I've been comfortable so long I don't know how to handle it. [more inside]
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Substitute scratch for mix.

I'd like to make a cake (mandarin orange cake) but all the recipes I have found from Google use cake mix. I am not anti-cakefromabox, especially when doctoring it, but I don't have time to go out and buy a box of cake mix. I do, however, have a well stocked kitchen. How I can substitute ingredients from scratch for a vanilla cake mix?
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How can I get my neighbor to remove this ad hoc, eyesore of a fence?

This winter we bought a house in a Boston, MA neighborhood. A couple weeks ago, our next-door neighbor put up an ad-hoc fence using plastic netting and some flimsy spikes. The fence promptly fell over. They've since replaced it with this fence. I do not want this fence to be there. How do I get them to get rid of it? [more inside]
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What cheap prepaid phone is good for travel between USA and Canada?

I need a prepaid "burner" phone for work in the USA later this year. However, I will need one that works in Canada as well, which was not an option the last time I was traveled with one. [more inside]
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Nice rack

I want to get a rack for surfboards for my 2012 Subaru Impreza Sedan (not the hatchback). I will need some aftermarket racks and there is no Subaru install for this model. I've seen offers from Rhino, Thule and a few others. Which one do you recommend? How hard is it to install?
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How should I describe Metafilter as an activity?

I'm about to be filling out an application that asks for my extracurricular activities, and during a conversation with an advisor, in which I mentioned my involvement in Metafilter, I was encouraged to include my participation here in my list (particularly because of the IRL aspects of it: monthly board game meetups at my home, arranging meetups when I travel to new places, participation in Secret Quonsar swap, etc.). I'm not sure yet if I do want to include MeFi on that list, but I'd like an idea of how to describe it for this purpose to people who probably have no idea what Metafilter is. How would you describe MeFi in this context? [more inside]
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Praise hymns for atheists, agnostics, pantheists, and freethinkers?

Could some MeFites recommend music that might be considered praise hymns for atheists, freethinkers, etc.; that is, emotive songs with recognizable, traditional melodies and lyrics that can be sung in a group setting? Die Gedanken sind frei, It Ain't Necessarily So, and certainly John Lennon's Imagine are a few examples of what I'm trying to get at. Thoughts?
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It's on the tip of someone's tongue

Please help my husband and me find words or phrases (any language!) that describe the sensation of knowing how far you are from home. Not really alienation or nostalgia or being homesick-- just the understanding/realization of the distance. [more inside]
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Landlord dropped the ball, how can we get him to pick it back up?

We are scheduled to move into a significantly renovated unit in less than a week; not one renovation has actually been done. What can we do? [more inside]
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Roller Hockey in Providence?

I'm looking for a relaxed [over 35] roller hockey group/team in or near Providence RI. Are there any casual pick up games?
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Best way to get phone + internet + TV in Suffolk County, NY?

My dad's fed up with his Verizon cable + internet package. It's expensive, and they won't let him suspend it when he's not there for months at a time. He'd like to get his services from a less user-hostile service provider. Ah, but what kind? Cable? Satellite? Something over phone lines? [more inside]
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What should we do in Edinburgh Monday morning?

We've got until 1:45pm tomorrow in Edinburgh. I feel like we've hit most of the obvious sights. What else should we do? [more inside]
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Where to do (online) real estate training?

I'm going to get my real estate broker license and want to take the required class hours online (90 for WA state). There are a number of sites that offer the classes, however none have impressed me in the least. Is there something out there I just haven't found? [more inside]
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Britain and EU withdrawal

What would happen regarding residency and work permits for British nationals living abroad if Britain withdrew from the EU? [more inside]
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Commuter bike opinions - Marin Muirwoods v. Kona Dew Plus etc.

I'm interested in getting a bike for rides around the neighborhood and occasional commuting (~4-5 mi). I'm pretty much a beginner rider, interested in comfort and safety more than high performance. I rode and enjoyed the Kona Dew Plus and Marin Muirwoods, and I'm also interested in the Fairdale Weekender and Origin8 Intersekt 7. I'd appreciate opinions on these bikes, comparable alternatives, or general wisdom. Snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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Everything that kills me makes me feel like poop

Over the past 6-8 months, I've fallen into a lot of bad habits that affect how I feel in my body. I want to improve, but there is so much that needs improving that I'm not sure where or how to start, and I don't have a lot of motivation. How do I begin to turn things around? [more inside]
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Stock investment for greenhorns

My mom wants to invest $5K (which she could afford to lose) in possibly high-return, but also possibly high-risk, sectors of the stock market. She's asked me to do the research and manage the investment. I'm interested, but I don't know much about investing in stocks, so I want to proceed cautiously. How do I educate myself about this field? What are some specific sectors to research? What red flags should I be looking for? What about the practicalities, e.g. choosing an online broker? Or is this just a bad idea? [more inside]
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Suburban living for the single guy?

Please help me decide whether I should ditch the suburbs and move to the city. [more inside]
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Drycleaning and menswear in Amsterdam

AmsterdamFilter: can you recommend (1) a good, fast dry cleaner and (2) a reliable, not too expensive menswear store in Centrum or the Oosterparkbuurt? Reason: pigeon attack. [more inside]
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Setting my default search engine to Duck Duck Go

I want to make Duck Duck Go my default search engine (YOU KNOW WHY) in the same bar on my Safari that currently I can put the url or Google search in (I want it to use DDG instead of Google, or have a separate bar for DDG). [more inside]
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Delaying instant gratification

How do ignore cravings or ideas that seem urgent and focus on the task at hand? [more inside]
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Springpad, I hardly knew ye...

After struggling with Evernote, I finally found my notetaking, task-tracking, save-everything soulmate in Springpad. But now it's going out of business! Please help me find a feature-rich alternative? [more inside]
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Can our skin eat this?

I have an (expired?) unopened bottle of Coppertone Continuous Spray Ultra guard sunscreen that I want to use on for a day with a lot of sun exposure. [more inside]
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Please help me understand this communication issue with my husband.

I am feeling upset about an exchange my husband and I had the other day. We have had communication issue in the past, because we have drastically different styles o expression. He had trouble controling anger and he lets his frustrations show often in his actions. Nothing violent, but a lot of huffing and puffing and frustrated sighs & sometimes slamming things a bit firmer that necessary. He knows he does this & tells me that it is just how he is, despite the fact that I have told him that it makes me uncomfortable. He thinks I read his actions wrong. They are usually not directed at me, so maybe I am too sensitive (although no one else puts me on eggshellslike this.) [more inside]
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Cleaning tole paint

I have a tole painted wooden bowl that has been on a shelf for possibly decades. It is now tinged yellow. I tried wiping with a damp cloth and a bit of baking soda but that didn't make a difference. I don't want to try anything to harsh and risk damaging the painting. What's the best way to restore this? And then how to maintain it in the future?
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Fix or fuckit?

I have a 4 year old Dell that has just this morning started doing the 7-beeps-on-startup problem here. I have read that Dell is fixing it, but is it worth it, or should I get something new? [more inside]
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Can a softball umpire make a call based on a play they did not see?

Is there an official rule in amateur softball about when an umpire can reverse a call? We had a single umpire at a youth game who made a "safe" call at first, then was told by a coach that the catcher was hit by the bat. The umpire reversed the call and called the batter out at first. When asked the umpire said heard the bat hit something but wouldn't say he saw it. Is there a rule in this circumstance as to whether an umpire can 1) make a call on a play he did not see; or 2) reverse a call on a play he did not see? I can only find answers for multiple umpires at a game, not for a solo umpire.
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Piano is not my forte

I've come into possession of a 1914 Lester upright piano - with provenance - and need help finding resources to determine its value. [more inside]
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Where to shop for petite sized clothes in London?

I have a day to do shop for petite sized clothes and shoes in London. I need everything from t-shirts to dresses. Good quality clothes preferred, but getting some items at Topshop and the like would be fine. Where should I go?
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What's that noise…

What is the music being played 1:12 into this clip [SLNYT], of a reporter reviewing some pianos? [more inside]
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Does Fortune really favor the Bold?

Do I have an opportunity for some killer career networking right on my doorstep? Or just the chance to be a pest? [more inside]
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Quite often the words of a song are meaningless...

What "black history record done in the late '60s" - featuring James Earl Jones, Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis - is Living Colour sampling in the track History Lesson on their 1990 album Time's Up? [more inside]
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Soundtrack to a video game - what else was it used for? More inside

My wife has heard the first track to the Assassin's Creed soundtrack SOMEWHERE before. She is not a gamer. Any idea what video she heard it in? [more inside]
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What is the most effective way to study in law school?

I've been given lots of conflicting advice about how one should approach the study of law. While I know the hoary old advice that one should do whatever works best for oneself holds true, I hope that the collective wisdom of former law students has more insight to offer than that! [more inside]
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May 24

I have only a little to give but how to draw the line?

I have a needy friend that I have been helping out, but I need to draw a line somehow. Complication: we work together. I can’t let my friend and her son literally starve, but I really am pretty broke. I don’t know how to word things / deal with the situation to tell her I can’t give any more, when she inevitably requests more help. [more inside]
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YANMD but I still a question

I have difficulties with pain medications, either they flat out don't work -- taking opiates is like taking a sugar pill -- or they have freaky weird side effects. So I'm wondering would medicinal marijuana work on me? [more inside]
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Best time to purchase flights to Singapore from Australia?

My wife, two daughters and I are hoping to fly to Singapore in January next year to visit some friends. We are not regular airline passengers, and I am wondering how far in advance I should book the flights in order to secure the best deal? Is there an optimum season or distance from the departure date to book? We will be flying out of Melbourne.
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Word processing with pictures - how to not go mad?

I've recently started studying again and am now writing essays with many pictures. Attempting this in MS Word and LibreOffice is turning me into a cranky murderous person, are there alternatives that actually work? [more inside]
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"Remembrance of Things Past" Vietnamese-French version

My father had this amazing dish at a Vietnamese restaurant in Angers, France in the eighties. What could it have been? [more inside]
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Guest room in the basement: yea or nay?

We're buying a house (hooray, and thanks for the previous helpful advice, AskMe!). It has a basement with no egress windows or doors. Our parents visit frequently. I'd like to get a sleeper sofa for the upstairs den to put them on when they come; both sets of grandparents and my husband would like to put a guest bed in the basement. [more inside]
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What to do and see between central Pennsylvania and New Orleans

I'm taking my two daughters to see my family and we're driving, from central Pennsylvania to New Orleans. Here's the basic route. Where should we eat? What should we detour to see? It'll be a two or three day drive. Help us plan it.
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How to get the best rate on a used car loan?

Looking for more options than just dealership financing [more inside]
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Her finger is on the globe...

I'm translating a bit about colonial-era Amsterdam from Chinese to English in a non-fiction book. They mention a painting in the text, titled in Chinese "Goddess of Amsterdam". The content of the painting is described as "the goddess of Amsterdam with her finger on the globe, signifying that the tiny nation of Holland held the world in its breast, that it could play with the globe like a toy in the palm of its hand". I recall reading about a similar painting in the Dutch legislative halls in Mason & Dixon, but that's all I got. What is this painting called?!?!?! [more inside]
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Holiday in the city and the sun

This year I'd like to travel to Europe or South America and have the best of both worlds: an urban, cultural experience and an outdoorsy, quiet experience. These could be within an hour train or plane ride of each other. Maybe split the trip in half. Where could I go? [more inside]
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Visual doorbell in a rental home

What is the easiest, cheapest, least intrusive way to have a light go on in my basement when someone pushes a button at my front door? [more inside]
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Books for tweens set in New York City

Some friends are coming to visit NYC and I'd like to get their kids some fiction set in the city. [more inside]
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the alarm clock goes yip yip yipYAP YAPYAPYAPsnarrrrllllllllyipYAPYAPYAP

How can I gracefully address this dog walker's inconsiderate behavior? [more inside]
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Give me your tired, your poor, your... SF authors needing a True Fan?

After this FPP on Amazon's questionable tactics dealing with Hachette (and in particular, Michael Sullivan's article on the matter, in which he mentions developing "a direct sales channel" with readers), and mathowie's comment in the MeFi funding thread on True Fans, help me find a better way to support authors than binging on the Kindle Book Store (where the majority of my payment apparently goes to publishers and distributors - boo!). Difficulty level: hard SF (think Greg Egan), space opera (think Banks' Culture series); ebooks preferred. [more inside]
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What are the U.S. states and Canadian provinces in portuguese?

My google-fu is completely failing me. I am in need of the individual U.S. states and Canadian provinces in portuguese. This is for a translated book that needs each state/province in correct order. (For example, in Spanish Carolina del Sur came way before South Carolina in the English ordering.) Can anyone point me to a reference, or supply me the correct spellings?
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Python on a mac

What are your "best practices" for managing/using python on a mac? [more inside]
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Pay off one credit card bill with another credit card?

So let's say a, um, "friend" of mine has done something truly boneheaded: paid off THE WRONG CREDIT CARD. Instead of putting money towards the credit card he uses all the time and actually has a balance, he has instead paid off the credit card he never touches and had a balance of ZERO DOLLARS. So now I—ahem, I mean he—has one credit card with a huge credit and a credit card with a huge balance. Are there any downsides to simply paying off the primary credit card with the credit on the secondary credit card? [more inside]
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Powerjump purchase near Chicago?

Where somewhere near Chicago can I view and buy powerjumpers / powerbocks / power stilts?
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How can I get a sponsorship to teach in Sydney, Australia?

I was trained in primary education during my B.Ed and have 8 years experience teaching English at the secondary level. Currently residing in Vancouver, Canada. [more inside]
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Help me ID these Kenneth Coles

Shoe identification: What were these Kenneth Cole pumps? Hopefully sufficient details inside. [more inside]
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My friends paid me for a gift and it hurt my feelings. now what?

At a picnic with some friends, I gave everyone ten-ish minute massages (I am a massage therapist). It was a spontaneous gesture and I really enjoyed doing it. As I was leaving, a friend slipped an envelope in my bag. When I got home and opened it, there was a card with money inside, thanking me for their "first session". I feel like this turned a spontaneous act of goodwill and friendship into a business transaction. I'm hurt, saddened, and a little offended. I didn't want money or ask for it, and I don't think that I said or did anything implying otherwise. Now I feel like I'm not their friend, I'm hired help. How do I address this?
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My husband won't take responsibility for our dog (maybe) getting sick

My husband accidentally exposed our dog to raisins, and I just wish he'd take some responsibility for it. [more inside]
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Can I force to permit only one Chrome window to be o?

I have a habit of opening new windows in Chrome instead of new tabs. I'd like to prevent my Mac (OS X 10.9.3) from opening more than one Chrome window. I'm happy to have lots of tabs but not lost of windows! [more inside]
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How to get music from Dropbox to Droid Maxx & help with downloading

I have a new Droid Maxx phone. It doesn't have an SD card - just internal storage. I can't figure out how to get my music on it. [more inside]
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Name this old country tune?

Does anyone remember the title and artist for a country music song about remodeling the singer's home as a bar in order to keep the singer's spouse (husband?) home? Was a hit back I late '70s or early '80s -
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Starting a software company, as an academic

I am an academic about to get tenure, but I'm thinking about an alternative career trajectory. In particular, I have an idea for software that (I believe) could be revolutionary, related to my field of study. I'm thinking of quitting my job to pursue this. [more inside]
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Old Kenmore washer/dryer - help find manual or specs?

My Kenmore washer/dryer combo is model no 110 99575100. It's so old that I can't find the specs, or a manual, either from Sears or Google. Can the hive mind help? [more inside]
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Help me find this song, The Pulse edition

I was driving a rented van home about an hour ago and put on satellite radio, station 15, the pulse. A song came on, something like: Break, break, let the world fall off your shoulders. At first it sounded like lifehouse but then, near the end, a bit like dauhtry. It is not The Fray, Break Your Plans, but the melody in the word Break is similar.
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Timeshifting streaming audio.

Is there a relatively painless* way to pull audio off of a site like this, without using the analog loophole? [more inside]
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Help me help my very pregnant sister through a tough situation! (DC/MD)

My sister is 33 weeks pregnant. She's miserable and what's worse, she's recently moved from Florida (where her husband was completing school) back home to Maryland. As such, she's lost her doctor. She's pretty much a mess, and I am hoping to figure out a way to help her. Particulars inside... [more inside]
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What/why are these mushrooms growing in my rubber plant?

I've raised my beloved rubber plant from a little 5" guy to fine young lad of almost 5'. I noticed today that there are now little mushrooms growing on him! WTF. Is this bad for my plant & should I do something about it? Is it an indicator of something wrong in its environment? Album here. [more inside]
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Far from the madding crowd

I pretty much only have time off when everybody else has time off, but I don't enjoy spending my time off with everybody else! What are your general tricks and specific suggestions for enjoying tourist destinations without crowds? I'm especially interested in California (I live in the SF Bay Area), but general ideas and other places are fine too. [more inside]
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What's wrong with this picture?

I recently saw this painting of Mrs. Isaac Stern by Jules Lefebre at the Museum of the City of New York. If you zoom in on the necklace and brooch, you'll see that they appear to have been painted in black and white. I'm a rank amateur and even I can see this and what a mistake it is. They don't fit with the rest of the painting, and the necklace in particular seems to float rather than resting on her skin. Is there a story behind this? Googling brought up a jewelry site which vaguely mentioned "it is thought" that the jewelry may have been added later, but doesn't cite a source. I'm very curious why someone who could afford to commission such a lovely portrait would allow it to be practically vandalized in this way.
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From 7" soul to 12" soul

I've been listening to SomaFM's Seven Inch Soul station a lot lately, but what I really want to hear are uptempo early 70s funk/soul tracks similar to what's on Seven Inch Soul but that run for long past a few minutes, aren't remixes, and really cook. Like Curtis Mayfield's Move on Up, the insane full version of the Sir Charles Hughes track better known as the Black Dynamite theme, and of course, lots of tracks by James Brown. What else should I be listening to that's longer than 6 minutes from 1968-1975?
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What do you wear to dress up if you're androgynous?

Looking for something in between gowns and suits. [more inside]
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What format is this timestamp: 2456799.87848174 ?

I have an excel sheet of data extracted from a SQL database. A column in the table is headed "time" and has the following format: 2456799.87848174. How do I convert this to a human readable date and time, or even a unix timestamp? [more inside]
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Where to buy ebooks other than Amazon?

I often find, when I go to buy ebooks for my kindle, that Amazon does not carry the ebook title I am looking for. What are good sites to buy the ebooks that Amazon *doesn't* carry?
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Long term attention span.

I love complicated things. Games, books, writing detailed stories, hobbies like scrapbooking, and so forth. But I forget about whatever project and move on to something else to find 6 months later I will fiddle for two weeks and then promptly forget about it again. ARG. [more inside]
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Ideas for Shelf-Stable Healthy Snack Ideas for After-School Program ?

I need suggestions for shelf-stable, healthy snacks for a one day a week after-school tutoring program I help run at the school I work at. [more inside]
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Help me resolve fear about trying to have a creative career.

I am interested in working on a publishing/performing career (think the sort of thing you see on The Moth). However, I am female. I am aware that all women if they get well known anywhere will immediately attract trolls, stalkers, and potential rapists who will constantly send her death threats at bare minimum. Knowing this kind of thing is guaranteed to happen to me if I try to have a creative career makes me terrified to try. [more inside]
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How can I safely use my iPhone 5 when I'm driving?

I want to make and receive calls when I'm driving, but I want to do it as safely as possible. I've tried two different Bluetooth devices, and they were both terrible. [more inside]
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Write should I write in a letter to a prisoner?

My best friend is in jail, and he going to be in jail for a very long (10 to 25 years) time. I'm thinking about writing my first letter to him. What do I say? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:42 AM PST - 19 comments

Pleas help me find this book!

There's an activity book that I saw once and I would like to find out what it was called. It's a fashion-themed activity book for adults, and all I remember about it was a couple of the activities. There was one where there was a bunch of different outlines of shirts, and you could make up patterned fabrics. There was another where you could draw a hairstyle ( a beehive?) on a woman. The tone was whimsical rather than serious, more about doodling and playing around than actual design ideas. I saw the book in Winners (Canada's TJ Maxx) a couple months ago. Any ideas as to what book this could have been?
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Lighting a small office video green screen studio

I work at a small company that wants to get into producing short video clips. I have been asked to figure out a basic lighting setup for filming individual people talking to the camera in front of a green screen. What do I need to know about video lighting? [more inside]
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My little scavenger

My sweet pup learned to scavenge to survive as a stray in a rural area with her mom. Now she's up to her ears in kibble and tasty treats, but the allure of dead animals, chicken bones, live bees, and bird poop beats everything out...not to mention the nectar that is dirty pond water! I'm doing the obvious, but have any of you successfully untrained fervent, compulsive scavenging behavior? Tips to share? [more inside]
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By the power invested in me (by the scriptwriters...)

Brit who watches lots of American sitcoms here. It seems weddings in such programmes Friends, Big Bang Theory, Girls) are always performed by someone who 'bought a certificate online'. Does this really happen? I can't even imagine the amount of bureaucracy it would require here! Have anyone Mefites done it themselves?
posted by Dorothea_in_Rome at 6:28 AM PST - 38 comments

Face painting shortcuts?

In a couple of weeks, my sister wil be running a charity face painting booth at her small town fair. I am too busy with work to help but want to contribute in some way. I'm wondering if somebody here has any "hacks" or tips that might boost her facepaint throughput rate. [more inside]
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Vegan pasta recipes

Can you give me some ideas for vegan pasta dishes? [more inside]
posted by A Terrible Llama at 5:28 AM PST - 25 comments

Best SIM card for data and texting travelling in the USA?

I will be in the USA for exactly three weeks in July. I've been looking for a SIM card option (for my unlocked Nexus 4), and it seems like most people recommend the T-Mobile $2 or $3 per day unlimited texts/calls/data option. I also saw a deal from Spot-Mobile that looks better: it's $39.99 for a month of unlimited texts/calls/data, with the first 1GB of data at 4G speeds and free $10 credit for international calls. I'm a little wary, though, because I basically can't find any reference in forums to travellers using Spot-Mobile, or any reviews of them. Their coverage map looks fine, though. Also, I can't tell what their data speed will be for me, since my phone doesn't have 4G. Will it default to 3G or 2G for that first 1GB? Has anyone had any experience with Spot-Mobile? Would you recommend this plan? [more inside]
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May 23

What does it mean when Megan Draper makes spaghetti?

When did spaghetti bolognese (or with meatballs) become the classic Anglo-American middle class dinner in the US? [more inside]
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Getting Facebook Inbox Messages to Default to Full Conversation

Pretty much what it says in the title: How can I get facebook to default to opening my inbox messages in "full conversation" mode? [more inside]
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Old wives' tales for a new arrival!

Looking for your odd, obscure and downright odd tests for pregnant ladies. [more inside]
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Sangria = Another word for Gin and Juice?

I'm going to a Memorial Day pool party, and I'm planning on making this peach-rosemary white sangria. Problem is, I need to buy gin and I don't know anything about gin. Please help! [more inside]
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Where should we put our money?

My family's combined income just increased by over 50% in the span of a week, between a new job for my husband and a significant raise for me. This is obviously AWESOME. We went from living on a very tight budget so we could afford to put some savings away, to have a couple thousand dollars a month beyond even that savings. What do we do with it? [more inside]
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Husband and inappropiate pictures

I have discovered some questional pictures on my husband's computer. How do I approach him about them, without him getting defensive? [more inside]
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How to book a train with IRCTC?

I'm trying to book a train in India via, but I'm based in the US. All is well, and I've gone through some hoops to get a IRCTC account -- but now I'm not able to pay with my US credit cards - Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX alike! Has anyone had any luck, know any methods, or know any good Indian travel agencies specializing in train travel that may be able to book this for me? Help me give them my money! [more inside]
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Are you my boob twin? What do you wear?

I am having such a hard time finding a good bra! Even after finding my bra size. Any boob twins out there who can help? [more inside]
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Disambiguating between Similar Windows

Posting for a friend: Help me figure out if my new windows are really "the same" as my old windows, or if our window salesperson bait-and-switched us! Details inside. [more inside]
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Help me be a better executor

I have been appointed as an executor. Can any of you with this type of experience suggest non-obvious things I should be aware of or do to help make things easier? [more inside]
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What is this quote about writing?

There was a quote I read once that said something like.... A good written work is where every sentence and every word must be there for it to be complete. Where there is no word that can be cut out and still salvage what is trying to be communicated- like no wasted words. .... It was a quote that said something along these lines. I can't remember it and I can't remember who said it either. I think a famous author said it, but not sure. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Looking for the artist of a 20-square series in charcoal/watercolor.

Everything is monochromatic, and looks like it was done in charcoal or watercolor. The copy I have is a 20-piece series of ~8"x8" drawings. The plot: a girl walks up to a statue near a body of water, removes her clothes, and begins to swim. She and the statue's water-reflection begin to... roil, quite passionately, in the water, and in the final panel she ends up in the statue's arms. Any knowledge of the artist or title would be well appreciated.
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how do i change the color of the windows 8.1 charms bar?

how do i change the color of the windows 8.1 charms bar, without using a third-party app? [more inside]
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How do I HR this?

Had an argument with a colleague last Friday that had homophobic undertones. I want to report this to HR just to be on the safe side, what's the best way forward? [more inside]
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Should I tell my newly single friend to stop posting duck-face selfies?

A nice girl in her late 30s that I know recently became single after a ten-year relationship with a guy who really didn't appreciate her. [more inside]
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Cat, road trip, hot weather, weak AC in the car

Moving this weekend! With a cat. Three hours in the car. Air conditioning in the car is not awesome. What can I do to ensure the safety of the cat? [more inside]
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Help me find a new set of headphones for running.

I need a new set of headphones for running and other activities, and I can't find anything that really works for me (both in terms of sound quality and staying in my ear). [more inside]
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books for boys

I'm slowly building up a library of amazing books for my three sons. What books do I need to make sure to include? Are there boy equivalents to Anne Shirley, Sara Crewe, Meg Murry, Matilada, et al? [more inside]
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What the hell are my upstairs neighbors up to?

I have been repeatedly woken at night, often for hours, by noises from the upstairs neighbors, all of which I find bewildering. For a few days I hear them drilling in their bathroom, apparently installing something. Now they wander around upstairs for hours, back and forth to the bathroom, running the water for a few minutes each time, occasionally punctuated by a brief grinding noise I would associate with a garbage disposal, but not for so long that they are disposing garbage (and how would you even get a garbage disposal in a bathroom sink anyway)? [more inside]
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Is Statistics MS a good background for research in government agencies?

Would Statistics masters make me competitive for research analyst jobs in state/county government agencies? [more inside]
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Positive radio: any UK radio stations that aren't negative?

Hello, It seems like a lot of radio stations these days try to be provocative. There are many to choose from. Listening to a snarky station for any length of time is very irritating, so I've never really done a preview of lots of different stations. [more inside]
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Need help sourcing a quote

I could have sworn I read Ta-Nehisi Coates write somewhere on the internet something along the lines of - "The North didn't win the Civil War, America did." The thinking behind this was that the war shouldn't be framed as "North vs. South" - but rather, "America vs. the CSA" or "America vs. some traitors." Does this ring any bells? [more inside]
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Time off for depression - what to do with myself?

How would you use two weeks off work to hack your depression/relax/chill out? [more inside]
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What is the ideal grill cleaning regimen?

Lifelong charcoal griller, recently bought a propane rig. It's great, but the combination of the lower heat and the larger cooking surface makes my "spray it with the hose, scrub off any big chunks, let it heat up over the coals for a while before throwing anything on" approach seem even more ill-advised. [more inside]
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How can I stop my cat from turning on the bathroom faucet?

Help! My cat has discovered how to turn on the bathroom sink faucet by herself, and she will not be dissuaded. I'm sick of coming home to running water every time I leave the house. Any ideas? [more inside]
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How can I do more coding while still using my Civil Engineering skills?

I want to make mapping and programming a bigger part of my work, while still using my background in water resources. What are some career options that might give me that opportunity? [more inside]
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Self-aware mommy blogs?

Recently someone on the blue pointed me to Fosterhood, a blog written by a foster mom and I was obsessed--read the 270+ pages of archives in about 3 days. I'm looking for other similar blogs, but googling for 'top recommendations' of parenting blogs hasn't exactly found me what I want. [more inside]
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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

This is one I haven't been able to find an analogue for here or anywhere else. I fell head over heels for a woman 18 months ago. We both were over the moon almost immediately, incessant texting and late night calls, saw each other whenever practical (we are both divorced parents), we made the relationship exclusive within a few weeks, and in general became deeply enmeshed in each others lives it what appeared to be the healthiest happiest relationship of both our lives. But something didn't feel quite right...long winded details inside.... [more inside]
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I'm trying to learn more about the phenomenon of meta-fighting between romantic partners. I don't know if there's a better term for it, but what I mean is when a heated dispute becomes less about the original subject matter, and more about the way in which the current dispute is being conducted. For example, you might criticize me for fighting dirty: using a sharper tone than necessary, being mean, reopening old wounds, trying to change the subject, etc. Are there any psychology or self-help books that deal a lot with the dynamics of fighting/arguing/bickering that might discuss this phenomenon in particular? (Bonus for examples of this in movies or books.)
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Whats a cheap Turntable (record Player) if I just want to play vinyl?

(1) What's a cheap just plain record player that can output via rca cables? (2) Anyone know any good software or apps for doing that on a PC or mac? Just figuring something might already exist to detect different tracks. [more inside]
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What (Poem) Am I Thinking Of

So vague. Sorry. Sometime between 1996-2000, I read a poem that I think was Wordsworth (although I may be way off), the upshot of which was that the narrator was in some sort of splendid, gorgeous, natural, sublime setting and wanted to be reveling in it but was instead thinking about how they would remember the moment -- rather than actually "experiencing" the moment, the writer was instead meta-experiencing the experience of the moment and how they might describe it later. It was part of a class assignment in an Honors English class in California public schools, but as far as I can tell the teachers had quite a lot of leeway, curriculum-wise. Any ideas? [more inside]
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what to do in Hempstead when you're poor

Suggestions for gift cards (that I can purchase over the internet) for food and/or stuff for a Hofstra law student? [more inside]
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Slow cooked pork cooking conundrum

I've got a 9lb / 4kg pork leg which was set to cook at 225F /110C for around 14 hours (based on guidelines of 1.5 - 2 hours per pound). I discovered the temperature was wrong and now I'm not sure the best way to recover the situation. [more inside]
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How do I lawn? How do I garden?

My lawn is a terrible mess of weeds, luckily in a neighborhood where almost everyone has a terrible lawn so I'm not bringing down property values. How do I fix it, preferably without pesticides? What do I need to fix? What time of year should I do things? What kinds of plants can I plant in Minnesota? How does a total newb start this stuff, especially a total newb with a busy schedule and back pain? [more inside]
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Help me fly alone with two small kids: airport gate pass edition

In the near future, I will be flying alone several times with a 3.5 year old and a 7 month old. Lucky me. On at least some occasions, I will have someone bringing us to the airport or meeting us on the other end. I hear it's theoretically possible for that person to obtain a gate pass, and help us get to the plane (or meet us when we get off). We'll be fine ON the plane, but having help in the airport would be a real sanity saver. I know that gate passes are not handed out like candy and generally require cause. Does this constitute cause? What are your experiences with requesting / obtaining / being refused gate passes? Does it help to call ahead? Who would you call? Bonus points if you can speak specifically to Chicago O'Hare, Atlanta Hartsfield, or Panama City, FL.
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I don't respect you, but I can't break up with you

Lack of respect is the number-one relationship-killer, right? So what do you do when you work with someone you don't respect on a very small team? [more inside]
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Who can provide a shingles vaccination?

I want a shingles vaccination. My doc says no. [more inside]
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Looking for quotes about chess.

I'm trying to find particularly insightful or interesting quotes (or other pieces of evidence) about chess. Not only on it as an art form, but also about its psychological effects and also as the giant cultural phenomenon it has been over the past two centuries. [more inside]
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Can I use these things as external monitors?

I now have two PC laptops that are in the state of "it sounds like it's working but the screen is dead." I tried the take out the battery, hold down the power button trick, and the reboot and hit the F4/5/8 key on both to no avail. The next step in troubleshooting always seems to be connecting it to an external monitor. [more inside]
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Beijing-Bound Exec Needs "Activity" for Business Group

I'm attempting to plan a trip for an executive I'm supporting in a temp role, and if all goes well, I may get to keep the job. The guy is going to Beijing in the fall and will spend one night entertaining a group of Chinese executives. I need to plan the entertainment. Where do I send them? [more inside]
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Help me find the t-shirt dress of my dreams

I'm looking for a basic t-shirt dress that's flattering, affordable, and long enough to wear to work. [more inside]
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Recommendations for a "grilling bible" for beginners?

The wife and I got a gas grill a while back, but have procrastinated with actually starting to use it, since we'd like to learn to use it properly first. What are the best grilling resources you know? [more inside]
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Name that Hungarian violin duet!

What is the name and who is the composer of the violin duet that appeared in the latest episode of Louie (Elevator Pt. 3) as played by Louie's daughter and his Hungarian love interest?
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May 22

How do I get my own life

I am 21 years old (female). I just ended a long 5 year relationship a couple weeks ago and am finally feeling the happiness I didn't realize I was missing before. After planning out my future as a joint endeavor for so long, I am feeling pretty lost as to what to do with my life and how to define myself. [more inside]
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Help me help my mom use Pinterest

My mom asked me to teach her (again) how to use Pinterest. I'm happy to show her (again), but I want to explain it to her in a way that will make sense to her. [more inside]
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Searching for a slim book of odd Iowa humor from the 80s

Back in the early or mid-eighties, my grandparents had a book of offbeat Iowan humor. I'd love to find that book again. [more inside]
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Gastrocnemius? I hardly knew us!

YANMD, but why would a 50-ish guy have a knot, catch, lump, cramp or something in his calf that doesn't go away? [more inside]
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Information-Dense Web Design Example - Parts Site

I'm trying to remember a site I once saw offered up as an example of good high information density web design. I think I originally saw it on AskMe but can't find it now - it was a parts catalog (lots of screws and other stuff), white background, green trim, I think the name of the company was a surname starting with M. The primary method of using the site was searching for parts by category, and it had lots of small black and white photos. Any idea what I'm thinking of?
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Game Theory Coffee Filter

On weekdays, I get my morning beverage from one of the many coffee carts dotted around my office neighborhood. Most frequently, I go to either Cart A or Cart B. Cart A is across the street from the bus stop where I get off for work. A is open weekdays from 7am to 3pm. Cart B is conveniently located directly outside of my office, open 7am to 4pm, but only on the 3 or 4 days a week when the owner feels like coming to work, like when it's not raining or too hot or Thursday or whatever. The menus are identical, and the service is unremarkable. Given that my goal is to get my morning jolt with as little hassle as possible, which one should I give my business to? [more inside]
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"To own a book is to want a shelf..."

I'm trying to find any record of a saying I once heard attributed to St. Francis of Assisi; it goes something like, "To own a book is to want a shelf to put it on; to own a shelf is to want a room to put the shelf in; to own a room is to want a house; to own a house"...etc., my memory is very vague after this point. Anyone heard something like this before?
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17 hours without internet, I think I'm gonna die!!!

Actually, it's a friend of mine who is suffering without internet. He's on a Greyhound for the next 17 hours. Wifi and power outlets on the bus aren't working. Driver doesn't know how to fix it. I guess this is a long shot, but does anyone know if these buses have circuit breakers or something that can be reset, or other ideas for how to get wifi and power working?
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I was Hit/Run, I found culprit car! How to locate registered owner? (WA)

About three weeks ago my parked car was hit and run in the middle of the night (~$550 damage, I did not file a police report). I found the car that did it! [more inside]
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I want to punch a bag in the face

I want to buy a punching bag. I think this is a good idea, for reasons, but I have an exercise bike covered in drying sweaters that tells me otherwise. [more inside]
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Why do my relationships keep ending so suddenly?

I've had three girlfriends in my life, and all three have gone from loving me to never wanting to see me again in just a matter of weeks. What am I doing to scare these awesome ladies away? Snowflake details inside... [more inside]
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Looking without seeing: art appreciation edition

I make an effort to visit art museums very regularly. I love art! How can I make the most out of my visit? I would also welcome suggestions for how to get more out of the books I read and films I watch. [more inside]
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Hedging our bets at the border - good or bad idea?

My husband and I will be travelling to the States next month, for the first time since he became a Canadian Citizen and got his passport. Technically speaking, it should be easiest to use his Canadian Passport given Canadian/US relations, but his name is such that there is a significant chance that he will be pulled over for questioning. If he does get pulled aside, will pulling out his original passport to show his American Visa make things better or worse? [more inside]
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How to sneak my underage daughter into a licensed show

My daughter is 16. We want to go to a licensed concert (Drinking age in Canada is 19). She has a pathetic looking fake ID. Do we have a chance? Strategies we can use? Experiences?
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Display case suggestions

We have a 25-year old display case for some minerals. Looking for a new one. [more inside]
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How can I determine what my health provider's stance on abortion is?

I'm concerned about going in pregnant to my regular health provider without an understanding of what I might be up against if it turns out I might need an abortion. [more inside]
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Need help to identify this tree..

Can someone please tell me what kind of tree this is from
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Is this a red flag in my 3 month old relationship?

I have been dating this girl for three months now. I think she is a sweet classy girl. The only problem I have with her is this: During past three months there were three occasions in which she wanted to go to a family event. At first she said that she was going to a family party. Then later she said that she made a mistake and that was actually a big party where half the city were invited. I texted her this morning asking her to hang out tonight and she said fine. Then this afternoon she said she rather hang out tomorrow and pack her things up for a trip she is going to go in 9 days. She just called me a few minutes ago telling me that she is invited to an event on FB which she just realized because her FB did not send her any notifications and she is thinking of going or not going. She always says she is not sure if she would go but ends up going any ways. [more inside]
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Self-help books for dealing with rejection during job searches

My partner was rejected from several jobs (she is an academic), and she is looking for self-help books for dealing with the emotional aspects of this. We found several books dealing with rejection on an interpersonal level, and there are of course many books with practical advice for job searches. Are there any books that you would recommend for dealing with emotional aspects of rejection, career difficulties, or losing a job?
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Production planners... please tell me what you do?

I'm trying to decide whether or not to interview for a production planner position that my friend informed me of (for an automobile/electric plant). My friend told me that I would be a great fit and there are a few areas that interest me, but looking at the description... for the most part, it doesn't seem like anything I would imagine myself normally doing for a job. The position seems to center around working with data, and I'm definitely not the number-crunching type. The problem is... I don't have a great job at the moment and am a little desperate. What does working as a production planner entail? What kind of skills would you say are necessary for this kind of job?
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Hard drive recovery near baltimore

Can anyone recommend a hard drive / data recovery service near Baltimore? Or failing that, a non-local one / a non-spammy explanation of how to find such a service that is reputable and not too expensive? Perhaps a sign of the times, but google is really being unhelpful, and mostly giving me fake local ones that seem to be aiming to SEO-trick people who are doing the obvious searches into thinking they're actually local. [more inside]
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Opinionated history books?

I love conversing with people who know history and are sparkling, highly opinionated storytellers. Often these are foreigners or emigrants speaking about their country. They're unafraid to draw sharp, outspoken conclusions that frame major situations (e.g. that some leader was an incompetent fool or that an accident of geography is what will ensure conflict between two groups continues). What are some book equivalents of that conversational experience? They can be on any period or region. I do not want a magisterial treatise. I want a keen-eyed, slicing talk with someone really well-informed and cynical over several drinks who's gonna say what's what.
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Help me plan a fun girls night in - food questions

I am having some friends over to my house for chill night of catching up and watching movies. I very rarely socialize in my home, so I am somewhat clueless about hosting people. There will be four of us, and one person is breastfeeding so no alcohol for her. I am thinking about daiquiris since they are delicious and can easily be made with no alcohol. But I am stumped for food. [more inside]
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non-alcoholic cocktails with no soda

I love cocktails, but because of a recent sleeve gastrectomy, I can't have alcohol or carbonation anymore. Still, I'm going to miss the ritual of chilled drinks in cocktail-friendly glassware with fruity garnishes on a summer day. Recommendations, please. Snowflake: I don't like tomato juice or clam juice.
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What kind of squash is this?

A volunteer squash has appeared in my vegetable garden. Is it safe to eat? The only squash I've grown in the garden has been zucchini and cucumber and this looks like neither. The plant is more of a long vine instead of a starburst vine like a regular zucchini. [more inside]
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Music to keep me moving

Returning to running after taking a few months off, and need some new music. Can you recommend some songs not necessarily about running, but include lyrics about physically moving forward? Legs, feet moving and the like? [more inside]
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How "woo"-y is yoga teacher training?

As sort of a follow up to another user's question about yoga teacher training, how much "woo" is involved in these kinds of trainings? [more inside]
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excel numbering questin

In excel, I want to increase a number in sequential rows by one every three numbers. Is there a way to do this quickly, for about 5000 rows? [more inside]
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Environmentally-friendly craft soap making

I am going to be getting soap making supplies (melt & pour process) as a gift for a family member. I know nothing about soap making - but I do know that the soaps should be as environmentally-friendly and as allergy-safe as possible. What kinds of ingredients should I be looking for? [more inside]
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Finding purpose and choosing a life direction

I'm currently in a position where I can choose the direction I want my life to go in. What have you done to figure out what to do with your life? [more inside]
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How do I insure a newborn on short notice?

We just found out the baby we're having any day now is probably not eligible for medical care at birth on her mother's insurance plan. Help! [more inside]
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I think I caught the narcissism early...what to do?

Recently I started a relationship with someone who I now suspect has narcissistic tendencies. I feel like I should do something, but not sure if I should try to help him. [more inside]
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It was a bright cold day in April and the clocks were striking thirteen.

I am looking for recommendations of great dystopian novels, novellas, and short stories. Any length will do! [more inside]
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Special Education Extension NYC

Hi, to facilitate possibly switching schools/towns later, I'm considering adding on the 12 credit Special Education/Students with Disabilities extension on to my existing NY Math 7-12 license. Does anyone have any experience with this? [more inside]
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Used Bicycle Purchasing Guidance

What guides do you recommend for purchasing a used bike on Craigslist? Your input is much appreciated, too. [more inside]
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Can you help me identify this French movie?

Can you help me identify this French movie? [more inside]
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University Commencement - to go or not to go?

I will be graduating soon and I'm debating whether or not I should go to the graduation ceremony. On one hand, I'm proud that I finished but on the other, I can't invite my family and I wonder if it's worth doing alone. Does the ceremony even matter? If I don't go, will I regret it forever? [more inside]
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Smaller home, three cats, a need for litterboxes. HALP.

Moving from a two bedroom house to a two bedroom apartment in late June with three cats. We need clever litterbox hacks for our furry friends! [more inside]
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Who's the painter who wasn't able to finish a painting?

I heard this story once, probably apocryphal, of this painter who would never consider a work finished, and his dealer had to break into his studio to get the paintings out so the artist would stop working on them before they were ruined. Does anyone know know who this story is about?
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Formalwear for Slender Men

My fiance needs a suit, possibly even a tux. He is very tall and slender. What are some good resources to find a suit that will look flattering on him? [more inside]
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Savanna for Memorial Day - what will be Memorable?

Cityboy and I will be in Savannah, Georgia from Friday to Monday for a Sunday wedding, but booked the long weekend as a getaway. We're in a VRBO carriage house in the Historic District on East Jones St, and need HiveMind help. We will not have a car, and will be cabbing or shuttling from the airport - suggestions on airport-to-town travel also appreciated. What local specialty food should we make sure to seek out? I'm guessing BBQ, but what else is wonderful in Savannah? What should we definitely do? Museums? Galleries? Theatre? Shops? If you are familiar with Savannah please recommend your favorite places. Favorite restaurants, especially within the area around the historic district are especially welcome. Thank you!
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What's going on in Washington, DC this weekend, and where should we eat?

Visiting with my brother and a friend, mid-20s males. Museums and government-y stuff are fun but we don't want to spend entire days on them. Music, art galleries, performances, etc would be good. Partying and excessive drinking are definitely on the table. Also looking for restaurant suggestions, anything from ethnic holes in the wall to fine dining.
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Linking Excel data to Word docs: Portability?

I'm using Excel and Word 2007. Created Excel docs, created Word docs, certain cells in the Excel docs have data that must be embedded in the Word docs. This has been discussed here before, but only the method of creating these links (which was my method) but I'm just checking to see if anybody knows how to make this work when you move the document. All the links appear to be hardcoded absolute links to the Excel doc. Works fine on my PC, breaks on yours. Any way to get this functionality to be portable? [more inside]
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Oral B electric toothbrush charger compatibility

I currently own an Oral B electric toothbrush with charger unit #3757, 110-130V, 1.3W. I'm moving to Malaysia soon which has the 240V/50Hz power, so I got someone to bring me a new fancy Oral B from the UK which has the same electric supply. This comes with a charger that is also labeled #3757 but says 220-240V 0.9W. So my question is, can I safely charge the new toothbrush with the old charger until I leave the US? Or will the slightly higher powered charger fry it?
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Projector for painting: advice wanted

I want to project digital images, resident on a laptop, onto a large canvas in order to paint them. My maximum canvas size will be, say, 6 feet by 6 feet. What sort of projector do I need? I am unlikely to use it for any other purpose, i.e. movie viewing.
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Shortened or partial Idioms in common use.

You often hear people say things like "When in Rome" or "Great Minds" when people are generally meaning, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." or "Great minds think alike." Is there an actual literary term for these clipped or shortened idioms?
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Ontario Resident that got speeding ticket in NY State

I'm a Canadian that got clocked doing 81 in a 65 in upper NY state a few days ago. I'm trying to figure out my options. [more inside]
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What was this old PBS show that's haunting me?

I think it's from the late 70s-early 80s. A woman, her fish/butterfly net, her little house/hut thing, and nature. I don't think I made it up... [more inside]
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Ground-cover suggestions for the absolute beginner

For the first time in my life, I have a yard, but I need to find something to cover my special-snowflake hill. Help? [more inside]
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Obtaining consent before posting family photos to social media?

Am I wrong to want for my 25-year-old sister to get consent before posting photos of our family to >900 followers on social media sites (including Facebook and Instagram)? I feel annoyed by the Pinterest-perfect ideal of our family life that she's selling, and like my privacy is being violated in a big way. We're currently arguing about this and I can't tell if I'm being unreasonable, or if there's a better/more productive script I can follow so that we might actually resolve the conflict. [more inside]
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Can you ID this male porn performer?

Can you help me ID this male adult film performer? Needless to say, this is totally NSFW. [more inside]
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I Didn't Promise You a Rose Garden

Boss told me if I took a course she would increase my pay. She paid for the course on the condition that I would continue to work there for a set amount of time. The agreements we made about the course, how long I would stay after the course, and salary increase were all verbal. I took the course, now she claims she did not say there would be an increase. There are witnesses who agree that she did promise an increase. [more inside]
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Non-Tiffany's engagement ring shopping in SF?

The BF and I are going "engagement ring window shopping" tomorrow! I'm excited!! I haven't lived in San Francisco very long, so I have no idea where to go relative to my taste as I've only ever looked at rings online. [more inside]
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Good Movies About Couples in Love

Looking for some good, non-sappy movies about married (hetero) couples in committed, loving and devoted relationships - with emphasis on devotion. Not necessarily romance, but authentic, real love between 2 people - even if and when TSHTF. They stick through it all because they have each other's back. [more inside]
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Touring Plans, Disney World-MK 2day plan for junior pirates - thoughts?

We are off to Disney World, Orlando in just a couple of weeks. We have a 3 day pass with the water park + more option. We are 2 adults, a 5.5 yr old who will hit the height threshold, and a 9.5 year. We haven’t travelled there before. We are planning on visiting MK for 2 days, and leaning towards the zoo for the 3rd day. We want to see both water parks and the arcade. We are planning on following Touring Plan’s Magic Kingdom Two-Day Touring Plan for Junior Pirates and Adventures Ages 4-8. [more inside]
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Help me handle a situation with my boss?

I want to communicate to my boss that not responding to an important email about my career for five weeks, nor even acknowledging that it was received is NOT. OK. What I hope to gain from this is to make it clear that I will not accept being brushed off. And to retain some modicum of self respect so that I can keep working here. [more inside]
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Too fast? How fast??

I met a lovely woman and I'd like to talk about making the relationship more serious, but I'm completely clueless about norms around this relationship stuff. [more inside]
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Can my 27" Cinema Display fly?

I have one of the 27" Apple displays. I am flying from Seattle to Hawaii next week, and need to take the display along for work purposes. I have the original box, and the airline is fine with me checking this kind of 'luggage'. But I have a few concerns... [more inside]
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Budgeting software for biweekly paychecks?

This question was posted three years ago, but none of the answers seemed to have worked out and technology moves so fast that I thought I'd check in. Is there a budgeting program that will let me do a biweekly budget? [more inside]
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What are the most exciting programming jobs out there?

I'm not thrilled by my corporate consulting job and someday want to work for or with organizations that contribute to the world in some way or that develop bleeding edge technology. What are they? [more inside]
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The first New York Times Best Seller List

How can I obtain an image (jpg/gif/pdf) of the first New York Times Best Seller List published on October 12, 1931. I checked which has full-paper scans but it's NYT subscribers only. I checked databases like ProQuest through my library but they only have select articles and not this one.
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Looking for an old, charming expat city in (maybe) Europe.

I'm traveling and I'd like to find an old, charming city somewhere outside the US (probably Europe) to settle down in, at least for a little while. Ideas? [more inside]
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Help me pick my new sport!

My exercise partner is moving soon, and I'm ready for something new. I've noticed competitive team sports (e.g. soccer or dance team) motivate me more than solo exercise, but it seems like most of them are really hard on your body. I'd like something I can continue doing as I age. I want something that's really good exercise, especially cardio. Thanks for any suggestions!
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Teach Me About Art Storage.

My favorite part of museums these days are the visible storage units. My favorite part of natural history museums are old-fashioned drawers filled with air-tight cases. I want to know more about the history and practice of storing/preserving art objects, paintings, sculpture, textiles, etc. What books/websites should I be reading to find out more? The more weirdly medium specific and detailed the better. Strange anecdotes very much welcome.
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What was this article about an ambitious film?

About 3-6 years ago, I read an article visiting the set of an ambitious film. Does anyone remember the piece, and know if the film in question was ever released? [more inside]
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Futon Recommendations

What is the best futon mattress I can buy from a brick and mortar store like Target, Wal-Mart, Kohls, etc? I am in Northwest Arkansas, so Ikea is not a viable option.
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I've just been fired. What do I do next?

I was just terminated after 89 days from a job that I moved 550 miles to accept. I have no savings -- they were spent on the move -- and two weeks' severance pay (about $1,300). I have no family or friends in this city. What are my next moves? [more inside]
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Friend/employee sexually assaulted

I am a manager and have an employee in my department who is also a friend. She's been having trouble with marriage for some time now and she's confided that it will be ending. Yesterday, she came in an asked to talk privately outside. She was a mess, saying she had been sexually assaulted by her husband the night before. I comforted at best as I could, offering several options for help on a professional. But at this point, I'm not sure of the best way to proceed, privately or professionally. [more inside]
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Leak on driver's side floor when it rains.

Mechanics of MeFi, can you help? I replaced my car windshield about 2 years ago. Not sure if that is the cause of the leakage or if it's the air intake (which has been suggested). Or something else? [more inside]
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Volunteer opportunities for teenagers

What opportunities are there for a seventeen year old to volunteer during the summer? [more inside]
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Career Direction and Making a Move

Settle further into a career I feel "meh" about in order to move to a desired location, or stay put and keep hoping for a "dream" career that has been so far unreachable? [more inside]
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Corporate copy editors of Metafilter, untie!

Is there anyone else like us out there? Help me find other copy editors in the business world for networking and discussion of best practices. [more inside]
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waiting is the hardest part

Is two weeks too long to wait to see a neurosurgeon for a vertebral fracture? [more inside]
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Best DIY Bible/Resources?

What are the best DIY resources in 2014? I really enjoy, but it's largely just entertainment, rather than instructional. Websites, magazines, and books are all fair game. [more inside]
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Queer sci-fi

Where are some good places to read queer sci fi short stories? [more inside]
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What is the Best of Digital Radio?

Having just bought a new fandangled bluetooth speaker, I must know. What are the best, most diverse digital radio stations in the world for my listening pleasure? [more inside]
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Help me identify this (I think) British children's TV show/film

Does anyone remember what I believe was a British children's TV show or film in which at one stage a villainous and possibly alien woman reveals herself to have no thumbs on her hands? She removes a pair of black gloves to reveal it. Possibly in a ruined building or building site. This is a very distinct memory I've carried with me for years without ever working out what it's from.
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Yes BANK, I DO want to logout!

Is there a simple reason why many (the majority in my experience) of the banks and financial websites ask you to confirm that you want to logout. ie when you click 'logout', they then ask 'are you sure you want to logout?'. I would have thought that in a highly sensitive site like my banking account, they wouldn't want users to accidentally remain logged in and therefore should take the 1st click as the logout trigger. Asking for confirmation surely leaves chance that the user will miss it and accidentally leave themselves logged in? Plus I find it annoying. But it seems to be common on banking websites but not on shopping sites, etc. Why please?
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Building a self destructing USB drive

Today's world demands high security devices, like an aggressively self-destructing USB drive. I would like advice on the possibility of creating such a thing if one wouldn't mind offering wisdom. [more inside]
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May 21

Creating a poster from a book cover

I really want to create a poster from a blown up book cover, but I don't have a big enough image file. Might an academic library loan help me track down the book? [more inside]
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Is there a mj dispensary in Denver that is open at 11pm?

I'm asking for a friend and wondering if there is an mj dispensary in Denver that is open from 11-12pm. I'm having trouble googling as most of these websites aren't even live. Thank you!
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Multiple NSF charges for one payment

I am pissed that I got THREE non-sufficient fund charges from my bank for the same single payment that did not go through. What can I do about this? [more inside]
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Vegan pinto bean recipes

I'm having dinner with my favorite vegan tomorrow. I would really love to use some dried pinto beans I have from Rancho Gordo. I don't seem to be finding anything by googling other than suggestions about making refried beans. Is that really my best option?
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What comics should I be reading?

Over in this thread, Pope Guilty recommended Rat Queens, and it occurred to me that I haven't paid attention to any comics that weren't manga in ages. [more inside]
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Asking for Kind-of-ex-husband: how to deal with large federal tax debt?

I am writing this on behalf of my almost-ex-husband. He has owed between $80,000 and $100,000 to the IRS since 2003 and has done almost nothing about it. More details inside. [more inside]
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How do I make the date stamp visible in pictures taken with an iPhone?

One year ago, I moved into my current apartment, and found that the dryer vents were clogged with lint, mold spots in the bathroom etc. I took a series of pictures on my move-in day with the camera on my iPhone 4S. Now that I'm leaving, I want to print them for my move-out inspection. However, there is currently no date stamp visible on the photos. How can I make it appear? [more inside]
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We broke up. I found out he cheated. Should I tell the "other" woman?

Broke up with my boyfriend of several years a couple days ago for unrelated reasons. I thought something was kind of fishy while we were still together, and confirmed suspicions soon after we broke up. He doesn't know that I know about it. It's clear the other woman he has been talking to does not know he wasn't single and that she is interested in him on more than a sexual level. Now she's planning on visiting him from out of state. He claims to still want to get back with me, says he still loves me, thinks it is a mistake to break up. I'm not getting back with him, but obviously he's not telling the truth to at least one of us girls. Should I tell her? What may very well be too many snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Name of European movie about couple's marital problems

Calling all movie buffs -- I saw a trailer for a movie, but I have forgotten its name. It was European, probably French. It was about a married couple. They were both white. The man had brown hair and was heavier set, but I might be wrong. The woman had brown hair and was normal build. The man was older than the woman, but I might be wrong. [more inside]
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How good does Google App Engine support PHP?

How good does Google App Engine support PHP? [more inside]
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The Cinematic Sales Pitch - I need the expertise of movie and tv buffs..

I'm looking to watch clips of sales pitches that appeared in movies or television - anything over the past 50-60 years but the more recent the show or movie would be better. Think of something like a scene in Mad Men where Don Draper absolutely nails the sales pitch to the client. [more inside]
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Yee-es We Can

I have a tough time finding the exercise routine I'll stick with consistently. I'm hoping for some recommendations of things to try based on some likes/dislikes – particularly keeping in mind my love for Rodney Yee's "Yoga Burn" video... [more inside]
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What are the lyrics saying (roughly) in this Japanese ad about a tomato?

I'm wondering what this singing tomato-man is saying. Can anyone explain? Thanks!
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Sailing gear for a summer on a tall ship

I will be working as a deckhand on a tall ship this summer, sailing up and down the East Coast of the U.S. I need to buy foul weather gear in the next few days. I know I need a jacket, pants, boots, and a rigging knife. What should I look for when I purchase these items? Is there anything else essential that I need, gear-wise? [more inside]
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Things to do alone in NYC...but on a Fri/Sat night. Asking too much?

Things to do alone in NYC...but on a Fri/Sat night. Asking too much? Last month my hang-out buddy of 3 years left to move back to the midwest. I was happy for her since she was exited to go there and "actually be able to afford to buy a place"., but I've been sitting home alone every weekend since she left. I realize that NYC is very solo friendly and I lean towards being an introvert by nature so on weeknights I have no problem going to the movies, the theater, restaurants, bars (although at the bar there always seems to be a guy who could be my father or grandfather trying to hit on me. I still haven't gotten used to the bar scene.) But I'm not confident doing these things alone on the weekends. [more inside]
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The past is the past right?

Do I need to disclose to someone I'm dating that I briefly dated my coworker who I still work with? [more inside]
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Insects in Literature, Film, Poetry, Pop Culture

I'm trying to remember as many notable instances of bugs in books (and film and other media) as possible--help me compile a creepy-crawly compendium, please? [more inside]
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How to survive a low-iodine diet (difficulty level: vegetarian)

Mrs. Morsa is about to start a low-iodine diet -- no dairy, no soy, no eggs, limited beans & cereals, no processed/commercial food, no store-bought bread or baked goods, very limited chocolate, and only iodine-free salt. How can I keep her from starving, and/or keep her from going crazy? [more inside]
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Barebones 4K-Ready Computer Build?

It's been about decade since I've put together a machine, but would a Shuttle DS81, an i7-4790S Haswell 3.2GHz LGA 1150 65W processor, a Seiki SE39UY04 39-Inch 4K Ultra HD "monitor", and a DisplayPort 1.1 to HDMI 1.4 Active Adapter (plus a drive, RAM, and an OS) be everything I need to effectively achieve 4K Resolution? (I'm not a gamer. I just want lots of pixels.) Thanks.
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short dream-like loss of consciousness

Are these short dream-like loss of consciousness feelings common? [more inside]
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Lonely Hearts Clubs before the song?

What, exactly, was a Lonely Hearts' Club? Was it a personals ad service? A "marriage bureau" such as one still sees in societies where arranged marriage is common? An actual club of people that would put on events? All of the above? [more inside]
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Everyday item to show my affection

I want to get my wonderful girlfriend an item that she could wear or carry every day if she so pleased. [more inside]
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A mysterious bird is taunting me with its song.

I live in a wooded suburb of Providence, Rhode Island, so we have a great variety of birds all year long, especially during the warmer months. I keep hearing one bird song outside my window that I can't quite pinpoint. It's a "whee-oooh (high-low-ascending), ooooh (descending)" sound. A recording of my impression is attached, as it's a been a bit hard for me to get a recording of the mysterious bird alone. [more inside]
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Help me decide what do about my bike situation

My once-loved 3 speed bike is no longer meeting my needs. Should I buy a brand new bike or try to upgrade what I have? [more inside]
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I want to make the world a better place for turtles!

Since I love turtles, I thought I'd volunteer in a programme that protects them. I have found several, but have a hard time choosing, so if anyone here has done this before, I'd be thrilled to hear your accounts! [more inside]
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Advice on ordering single-speed bike online

I'm looking into ordering a single-speed bike online (freewheel, not fixie). I'm a little hesitant to order something that I'll be using every day sight unseen. Anyone have any experience with Pure Fix, Retrospec, Republic, Solé or State Bicycles? Or Motobecane or Dawes single-speeds from What should I be aware of in general, ordering a bike online?
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Outside entertainment for Kitties but No bird feeders allowed

My little indoor cat used to LOVE watching the birds visit the bird feeder in the garden at our old house. We recently moved house and unfortunately the same bird feeder has become an issue... we have a green belt behind our new place and the bird feeder, well, it's attracting rats! [more inside]
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Team-building activity for 240 adults at work?

Help me plan a team building activity for 240 people who don't like team building. Budget = $3000 - $5000. Location = hotel conference rooms or convention center-type location. [more inside]
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Men's Shave in Philadelphia on Sunday?

Trying to book a group shave/trim for a bearded wedding party this Sunday in Philadelphia. The only place that appears to be open that day is Art of Shaving and they're booked for the time we need. Any recommendations on places to try? We've researched so far and can't find anything open then. If there are any salons that do this service as well we'd be interested although hoping to keep it less than 50-60 a person. Thanks!
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How can a child make their parent feel bad about their parenting?

Friends told me the reason I'm emotionally unstable is probably mainly because of how I grew up and I needed to reconcile with my dad. [more inside]
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Neighbors and condo repair situation in Somerville, MA

My neighbor and I both live on the top floor of our condo building. He wants to fix his AC/heating system inside the shared attic, and is asking to use an attic entryway inside my apt. What can I do to protect myself in case his contractor damages my things? Please help. Thanks. [more inside]
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What to do on (Not Quite!) Memorial Day in NYC?

I'll be spending this Sunday (the day before Memorial Day) in NYC with a friend who is flying out the country on Monday midday. This friend loves Memorial Day, the parade, the patriotism, the pageantry, etc., and is sad to have to miss it. I'd love any suggestions for events, activities, bars, sights, etc. that we can do or attend or visit on Sunday that have a Memorial Day/Patriotic theme in or around NYC. I've looked briefly online, but nothing really leaps out at me from event calendars for the weekend. I'd be happy with one-off suggestions (particular play, performance, concert, parade, etc.) as well as sites that can be visited year-round (memorials, bars, cemeteries, etc.). Ideally, we'd like high energy, drinks, crowds, but can also bring that to the table ourselves if needed - but inherently quiet and contemplative places like the 9-11 Memorial for example are probably not what we're looking for this time around. Thanks very much in advance!
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Help me understand "Camera Roll" vs. "My Photo Stream"

I have an iPhone 4S running IOS7. I do not understand the relationship between the camera roll and the photo stream. Sometimes, it seems like photos are in one or the other. Sometimes it seems like they're in both. Sometimes it seems like deleting one deletes both copies. Sometimes it doesn't. Please help me make sense of it.
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Layover in Moscow

Wondering how doable and safe is to go from Sheremetyevo airport to Moscow and back in our six and a half hours layover. [more inside]
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How do I get a 198 lb box up two stairs and inside before it rains?

FedEx freight just delivered a mattress but did not bring it inside. The mattress is in a rectangular box that is 198 lbs and I need to get it up and over two stairs so that I can slide it into the house through the front door. [more inside]
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Does this type of online/mobile news service exist?

I'm looking for what I can only describe as the Sunday paper of online news, but with significantly fewer stories, "delivered" to me once or twice a week. More criteria inside. [more inside]
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Help me understand dysfunctional families

I think my boyfriends father is a plain old bully and I can’t understand my boyfriends way of dealing with him. Please help, I really need some perspective on this matter. [more inside]
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Good data visualizations for library reporting?

I'm looking for examples of attractive, compelling data visualizations by libraries showing use by patrons, engagement with communities, etc.. Basically, clear, eye-catching demonstrations by libraries of their value, with an emphasis on numbers / statistics. What should I be looking at?
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Router forgetting about my Chromecast

I am a Verizon FiOS customer, using the provided Actiontec modem/router. The wireless is working acceptably well with phones, tablets and laptop, but two devices appear to keep falling off of the network: a Chromecast and a wireless printer (Brother 2270dw). Restarting the printer or Chromecast gets them back on the network immediately, and they work fine for a while, then it seems like the router "forgets" about them again. [more inside]
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Is there an android phone that satisfies all my criteria right now?

My Galaxy S3's screen broke and It's time for an upgrade anyway. I want a phone with all of:
  1. Well supported by Cyanogenmod today
  2. Removable battery
  3. Verizon 4G
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Resources for abuse/DV in the Netherlands?

What are some good helplines and other resources for women in abusive relationships in the Netherlands? [more inside]
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Do I really need to cut down this tree?

I love the 50-foot pine tree in front of my house, but its roots have torn up my driveway. (1) Is there anything to do besides cutting down the tree? (2) How can I feel better about losing this tree? [more inside]
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I have a phone interview tomorrow. What can I do to succeed?

I have a phone interview tomorrow for a position at a university and I'm looking for some advice. What is the best way to prepare for a phone interview? What are recruiters generally looking to get out of phone interviews? What are some things I should and should not talk about? I know some of these are probably pretty obvious, but your tips are appreciated. Thanks!
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How do I get a mental health evaluation?

About a year and a half ago, I went through a serious depressive episode - the only one of my life. I saw a psychiatrist three times and completed about a year of therapy (with a therapist, not with the psychiatrist). Then I moved across the country. Now I need to get a clean bill of health - how? [more inside]
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Twin Cities Gardening: Gallon Tomatoes

This is specific to the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area--what garden shops have gallon tomatoes on sale? These are the plants that are already grown up a couple of feet or more, may have flowers or even fruits already, and come in gallon or similarly sized pots. [more inside]
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low-carb confusion

I've gone low-carb but I am coming across some conflicting advice in regards to a few items [more inside]
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Graceful ways to explain spouse's chronic illness in social situations

I am having some difficulties explaining/trying not to explain my spouse's chronic health condition in social and work situations. I need some stock answers I can give for various occasions. [more inside]
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Ads and concert promos from the late 60s

I'm trying to rebuild a now defunct internet radio station called "Technicolor Web Of Sound". One of the great things about TWOS was that in addition to playing psychedelic music from the late 60s was that it also played advertisements and concert promotions from that era:​web/20110926052525/​http://​​/playlist.cfm?​promos=yes. These audio clips made the station sound very authentic. However, finding these audio clips is proving difficult. Does anyone know where I might start to track down these clips? [more inside]
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Pants like older REI Sahara pants?

I really liked the old REI Sahara non-convertible pants. But they've changed the design, and I don't like the new style. (They're overly-tapered for my tastes.) Does anyone have suggestions for pants that are like the old Sahara non-convertible pants were? Thanks!
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How to embed text (data) in the Bitcoin blockchain?

I have read about people doing this, can you just include your name in a transaction and it will be in the blockchain forever? how do you do this? thanks.
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What do you call a block of consecutive paragraphs?

In writing, there are different units of measure. For example, the letter, the word, the sentence, and the paragraph. There are also sometimes blocks of paragraphs. In each block, there is a single line break between each (indented) paragraph. Between blocks there are multiple linebreaks so that there is some whitespace between the blocks. This seems to be one of the larger units of measure before a chapter. Does anyone know what the official name for a block of paragraphs is (if it even exists)?
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May 20

Why Do I Do This To Myself?

Need attention from guys to feel sane. Feel miserable when in a long term relationship, but when single, want to feel liked by someone just so I can reject them. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME and where do I turn for help? Lots more details inside. I promise I will try to nutshell. [more inside]
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Help me understand and process these really icky feelings

While walking my dog a few nights ago, a man approached me to ask for directions. When I (stupidly) got close to his window, I realized he was naked waist-down and masturbating. I am now feeling disgusted, angry, and frightened to a degree that seems incommensurate with the actual level of threat/violation I experienced. Can you help me understand what I'm feeling, and why I'm feeling it so strongly, so that I can move the heck on and get some sleep?! [more inside]
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Riding on planes with books.

Hi! I just got a new job that will have me on about three planes per week (mostly domestic, short-ish flights) for the foreseeable future. Sometimes I will have work to do on these flights, but in general I anticipate a lot of sitting around in airports/airplanes. Since these flights will often happen in the middle of my workday, I can't really default to my usual sky pastime of a Bloody Mary and a nap. Can you suggest your most engaging books for tearing through during travel? I have most recently devoured short story collections by Kurt Vonnegut and George Saunders, as well as a Joan Didion novel, but I really like to read almost everything. I've got an iPad, so things I can download on Kindle would be especially welcome, as would works by lady authors.
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Make Me a Maya Maven

In an effort to improve my work situation and life in general, I have decided that I need to make a slight career adjustment, and that adjustment necessitates that I (re)learn how to use Maya. This scares me because I am so far out of my element since I am 6+ years out of college (where I learned Maya as part of my degree). Assuming all I need is a technical education, where online could I start to learn how to model and animate again? I just want to be able to claim basic proficiency on my resume and not be lying about it.
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Movie & Black & White & Japanese & Modern?

I recently saw Rashōmon, and was wondering if the hive-mind had suggestions for more (live-action, not anime) Japanese movies that are black and white, but set in more modern-ish times? [more inside]
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You're Leaving Me?

Work BFF gets a new job and I don't know how to take it! [more inside]
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Where to see shooting stars near Aberdeen, MD?

Where's a good place to see Friday night's 209P/LINEAR meteor shower near Aberdeen, MD?
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Between Zero 7 and The Cure lies...

I'm looking for a gloomy pop record that I lost years ago. I only have vague recollections of it. The best description I can give is that it's somewhere between Zero 7 and The Cure. [more inside]
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Why would you hire a web designer/graphic designer?

With the availability of affordable, easy-to-use website builders like Weebly, customizable blog sites like Wordpress/Blogger, and graphic editors like PicMonkey, what are some of the reasons you would hire someone to do the designing or building for you? [more inside]
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How to start an (awkward) conversation about my IUD

I had an IUD (Mirena) inserted about a month ago. I recently met someone new (yay!), he's great (yay!), and it seems that sexytimes are soon to be had (yay!). I think I need to talk with him about my IUD, though, and I don't know how. [more inside]
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Mg(OH)2 + CaCl2 = ???

I mixed milk of magnesia (magnesium hydroxide) and pickling salt (calcium chloride) together and was very surprised when the glass suddenly heated up. I haven't taken a chem class in 12+ yrs and I can't figure out what the exothermic reaction was that I inadvertently made. Any chemists out there to shed some light?
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How can I take over a car loan after the death of a relative?

It's okay with the estate, but now I need to deal with the car company. How do I make sure that I can take over the car loan of a dead relative in order to keep the (sentimental) car, keeping in mind bad credit and not enough money to pay it off entirely? [more inside]
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One More Tree or One Less Garden?

I woke up this morning to find a sign indicating that in the next couple of days the city will be planting a tree in front of my house. While trees are great, the tree will likely shade one or more of my raised beds that I use to grow food. What can I do to stop the installation of this tree? More details inside... [more inside]
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What is the name of this song?

I heard a 30 second snippet of a poppy/rap/electronic song the other day, and the only lyrics I could make out were "Maybe I was Shaka Zulu and I hated the clickers." This phrase isn't pulling up the name or artist of the song on Google (there aren't any relevant results, actually). Do you recognize the tune?
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How do you follow threaded comments?

On sites like Captain Awkward or The Toast, I would really like to be able to follow the comments. But I can never tell which ones are new since I last read them. What tricks do people have? Livejournal at least marks comments as new.
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Sell me your house!

I want to buy FSBO real estate in Boston. Where do I look? [more inside]
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What is the best printer/scanner for Macbook Pro and PC?

After exclusively using PCs for the past 20 years, I just purchased my first Macbook Pro (OS X Mavericks)! I am now looking for a color printer/scanner that will be compatible for both the Mac and a Toshiba PC (Windows 8.1). [more inside]
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Have tampons gotten longer or has my vagina gotten shorter?

For the past several months I've been having problems using tampons. [more inside]
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Home Equity-less Loans

Are there any major (read: reputable) lenders that still offer HUD Title 1 home improvement loans? [more inside]
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Poo vs Gravity

As a by-product of this FPP about a very large water slide, have just been involved in an inconclusive and heated argument about the physics aspects. Hypothetically, what would happen if, halfway down this very fast waterslide in a raft, you (accidentally or deliberately, it doesn't matter) defecated? [more inside]
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Playlist of Old Country Musicians covering New Pop Music?

I like Johnny Cash's cover of NIN's "Hurt" and Willie Nelson's cover of Coldplay's "The Scientist." Give examples of other covers in this genre.
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Where do I find a giant fan?

I live in an open, large, loft-like apartment that gets face-meltingly hot in the New England summer. Easily near 100F in the afternoon. AC is impractical for such a big space. I've tried box fans, but I haven't found one that moves enough air to make a difference and even those were as loud as airplanes. An even faster fan sounds like a bad idea, but a much bigger and slower fan might just do the trick. Something like these, but preferably something that doesn't need to be permanently installed? Where does one find an enormous fan?
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Help me sort out my conflicting thoughts about this vaccination issue

My workplace offers free flu vaccinations and is aiming for a certain percentage of staff to be vaccinated this year. I had mine; I'm all for vaccinations, think anti-vaxxers are dangerous, would definitely vaccinate my hypothetical kids, might even discourage them from playing with unvaccinated kids; everything is fine. The staff clinic have sent memos to department heads with a list of staff who have not been vaccinated through the clinic, with instructions to mark who has received the flu vaccination elsewhere, who is planning to get it, and who does not want it at all. My manager has put this list up on the noticeboard for those on the list to come and check off their own names (I presume it is easier than for him to track down every staff member directly). I want to ask him to take this list down. [more inside]
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Best way to create an outdoor play area for kids until we move?

We are moving out of our little rental house in about 6 months but until then our kids desperately need a play area. The best options are either the concrete patio or the wooden deck. It shouldn't rain much here in the next 6 months, but there will be plenty of falling leaves. Any ideas for how to convert either of these spaces into usable play areas? The patio would need some sort of kid-fencing, whereas the deck would just need that plastic side netting. But the floors of either would require something - but what? Astroturf? Those interlocking foam mats? Some third thing I don't know about? Ideally the solution is economical enough to make sense for six months (or it's something we can keep when we move), and it doesn't destroy our rental.
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Tech hiring mystery

I'm trying to solve a mystery. Let's say it's a friend of a friend.. He's got some.. kind of.. tech certification and for several months has reported to her (while borrowing money from her) that he's been interviewing for jobs. He reports the same story each time.. several times a month.. that he interviews, interviews with the HR department, then their tech manager and sometimes a CEO gets throw in there... and then without fail, nobody calls him back once he interviews at a certain level. She's not remotely tech savvy and continues to loan him money. Is the market really so strained that this is possible? Does this happen a lot? She's cut him off, but.. curious.
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Events on the National Mall

Is there a site that tracks events happening on the National Mall? [more inside]
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How do I find the cheapest best flights this summer?

I need to plan and purchase the most complicated flight I've ever planned and purchased before. I am SUPER BROKE and SUPER FLEXIBLE. I'm hoping you can answer a few questions (inside) about how to plan this. [more inside]
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Possible to get 'loss of business' damages from At&t?

Recently At&t mistakenly shut off my business's internet for 6 days. One of the many techs we spoke to said they shut it down due to a new order for Fake Name, who is another tenant in our building. After some back and forth I received a letter stating that a $3k claim investigation had been initiated. Today I got a message saying the claim was denied b/c they don't do 'loss of business' damages, and that my account has been credited for the $120 cost of one month's internet. I have not responded yet. So I'm wondering - do they reeeally not do loss of business damages, or is there some way to push it with them? If I say 'this is unacceptable' to enough reps, will I get transferred to a magical department where they would actually consider such a claim?
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Posthumous PhD

Do you know of anyone who received a posthumous PhD? How was the graduation ceremony handled? Who accepted the degree on their behalf? And, where were they in terms of their dissertation -- already filed, soon to file with a few revisions, etc.? [more inside]
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Anyone else experience similar chronic illness symptoms?

Note: I am the patient. Describing the symptoms is pretty difficult task but I will try to do my best. The patient has not felt normal since sometime in October of 2013. The best way to describe it is a feeling as if patient is about to get sick. That feeling as if a sickness is coming on but never really comes on. This feeling is often strongest at night and continues throughout the day and will be gone by night. This toxic/sick feeling that radiates throughout the body seems to come and go at times. [more inside]
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Family Camp

What are some of the best family camps in the US? [more inside]
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How to Maintain a Website - for Dummies

I am a newish member of a volunteer organization. Most of the members are older, and the Board is looking for ways to drive new membership. I think it is essential that the website be updated, in order for the organization to look more progressive, and in turn attract younger members. I feel that I could devote a few hours a week to this task. Difficulty: I don't have, nor have I ever had a website of my own, and don't know anything about maintaining one. [more inside]
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Sweetest Kill

I'm under the impression that factory farming is insane and detrimental to our continuing existence as a species. However, it's difficult to find resources that further explore the environmental impact without the Peter Singer-type ethical concerns of animal welfare, which is appreciated but sometimes lacks a certain scientific rigor. Are there good, go-to resources that explore the environmental impact of factory farming that refrain from diversions into animal rights?
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Help me find this CD with a weird case

Between 10 and 12 years ago a friend of mine bought a weird album. The case, in my recollection, was a wood case of which a gatefold sleeve slid out of, tightly. I remember the outer case itself was formed from two panels, bound with a peg in each corner. [more inside]
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What is the iPhone equivalent of knitting?

I spend a lot of my day in boring but important meetings, or watching boring but important educational training videos. I get distracted and zone out quickly. I need something mindless to occupy that portion of my brain, and I'd prefer it in iPhone app form. [more inside]
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What to do when a family member is offensive, but you love them, anyway?

A beloved family member was unexpectedly (and likely unintentionally) racist. We called her out on it. She didn't react well. What to do next? [more inside]
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Should I pay off my student debt or invest my money? ( Canadian)

Going back to school in September after working for ~ 2 years. I've saved up a bit and I'm wondering how to make the best use of it. [more inside]
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How can I protect my money in light of the coming financial collapse?

There has been a lot of talk about an imminent financial markets bubble and I find that I am heavily invested in the S&P500 through an IRA (rolled over from a 401K after I was laid off). I also have a relatively small amount invested through a standard brokerage account, but the majority is in the IRA. I don't know jack about sigma events or black swans, but I can recognize when the chatter is starting to form a cohesive message. I also know that I have a ton more exposure now than in 2009. In fact, the post crash boom years have been quite good to me. My question is obviously, is there a proven strategy to protect against a coming financial crash? At what point do I pull the trigger and put everything into bonds? Is there a hedge against a collapse? My fantasy is that I pick the right time to pull everything and then clean up post crash on rock bottom blue chip stocks. [more inside]
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How do I record TV shows?

I have a TV hooked up to an antenna. I get all the network broadcast channels in HD. Sometimes, I would like to record some shows/sports that I'm not around to watch live. In way olden times I would buy a VCR, hook it up to my TV, set the timer, and everything would be hunky dory. But DVRs have me befuddled. Do you have a recommendation for a DVR without a subscription (what exactly are you subscribing to) that can work with an antenna? [more inside]
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How to make up for lack of content in an annual publication?

I am looking for some inspiration to write/create an annual document for a year when not much happened, especially compared to other years. [more inside]
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I need a 3/4 sleeve dress fast

I have a wedding to go to this weekend as a guest. I also just got released from the hospital and have crazy bruises in the crooks of both my arms, and would prefer not to show them off! This means I need a new dress with 3/4 sleeves! Can you help me find one? [more inside]
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Wedding gift for a friend moving to Guam?

One of my oldest friends is getting married this summer and moving to Guam a few weeks later. As this is a big move, most of the traditional wedding gifts (e.g. housewares) don't make sense. What could I get her for a meaningful wedding gift?
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Writing a letter of character reference.

I'm a 48 year old guy and in high school there was a group of 5 of us who were very tight. We remained tight through college and then on into family life. Then about 15 years ago one guy drifted off with his family. We all eventually lost contact with him. Maybe a phone call one Christmas or another. [more inside]
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Hairline cracks in bathroom tile

One of the floortiles in the bathroom cracked. How do I fix this? [more inside]
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24 hours of free time in Brussels: Stay or Go?

In June, I'll be in Brussels for a conference. Sessions run from ~08:00 - 17:30 Monday - Thursday. However, I'll be getting into Brussels on Saturday around 16:30. Should I take the train to Ghent or Bruges, or should I spend Saturday evening / Sunday day in Brussels? If staying in Brussels, what should I do that I can't do in the evenings during the week? [more inside]
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Dark green women's flat front khakis/chinos - do they exist?

I need to find comfortable flat front women's pants in dark green for work. +1 if they are high quality and wrinkle free, +2 if they come in petite sizes! Does this unicorn exist? Boys uniform pants fit me but all are scratchy or poor quality.
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Filling out an insurance form given a lot of flux

What do I put on a car insurance quote form? I am moving (NJ/NY/CA), changing jobs, and going through at least 3 unique stages of driving frequency/behavior over the next few months. And it really feels like most of this isn't the insurance company's business. But clearly I need to put *something* in each field. :) Help? Here are my facts, what parts of this should be put into the form? Work 1) I've worked full time in NY for just over a year now 2) I am unemployed between now and the end of June and for most of August 3) I have a full time, residential job in NY during July 3) I'm interviewing for jobs in CA that will begin in late August/early September and have already gotten at least one offer. But I haven't made the choice yet and won't for at least another month. Location 1) I've lived in NJ for just over a year now 2) I'm buying a used car from a friend in NC (my home state) next week 3) But I'm moving to CA and the car will be parked in CA starting in July 4) I myself will be in NY for the duration of July 5) I will begin renting and driving in CA in August Driving Behavior 1) Between June 1st and June 30th, I'm doing quite a bit of inter-state driving, although not all at once. 2) I'm parking the car and not driving it at all in July 3) I'm using the car to commute in CA in August and beyond [more inside]
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Cast iron toaster

In one of the first episodes (possibly the first?) of True Blood, two police officers are standing in the house of a character (trying to be as spoiler free as possible) and they notice a cast iron implement by the fire, that the character explains is a device for putting by a fireplace to make toast with. Where can I buy one of these items from? [more inside]
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resources to learn about online ad revenue for a blog/site

If I want to start a blog or site, what are some good places to learn about how many page views, etc. lead to how much revenue? [more inside]
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Who has been portrayed in the most films by the same performer?

I was talking to someone recently about the relatively expansive movie deals for actors happening lately -- say, Samuel L. Jackson being signed to play Nick Fury in nine different movies -- and wondering just what fictional character has been been played on the big screen most by the same performer. For example, I know that in the late thirties through the forties there was a series of movies based on the comic strip Blondie where Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake played Blondie and Dagwood in a startling 27 movies together (1947 alone saw four of the movies released), but I don't know who holds the record. [more inside]
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Found my grandfather's birth family. Now what?

In the process of helping post my late grandfather's digitized papers online, I found his adoption paperwork (he made no secret of being adopted, but didn't talk about it much). It gave enough information that I was able to find that my grandfather had a brother, who apparently is still alive. I'm not sure what to do next; it's good to know there's more family out there (my father has few living relatives), but I'm not sure how happy others in my family will be with the reality, and the same may go for my grandfather's newly-discovered relatives. Advice would be helpful; details below. [more inside]
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Hey yo pack my bags cause I'm out of here (on a bike)

Bike camping and sleep apnea - how do I get them to play well together? [more inside]
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Insurance for a New Baby?

We're expecting our first in a few weeks! How and when do we get insurance coverage for the little one? [more inside]
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Chilled Out pop songs for a summer mix.

I'm looking for pop songs -- dance or hip-hop -- that have the same kind of chilled out almost-but-not-quite-90s-euro-house vibe as Ne-Yo - Closer, Jhene Aiko - The Worst. The songs should have kind of a relaxed vocal, washed out synths, subtle guitar and/or piano, and an easy groove. I'm especially looking for songs from the past 5 years. (and not Daft Punk).
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Ethical 30-year fixed co-op mortgage in NYC?

NYC MortgageFilter. We want an affordable 30 yr fixed 80% LTV co-op loan that underwrites quickly - but! With either ethical considerations or portfolio from a local lender. Need reccs. for lenders and especially loan officers please; or really savvy NYC mortgage brokers. [more inside]
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Can someone buy an instrument from "Landfill Harmonic"/Los Reciclados?

Can someone buy an instrument from "Landfill Harmonic"/Los Reciclados? [more inside]
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How can I be a well-informed UK voter?

I'm a new UK citizen, and I'd like to stay informed so that I can vote wisely (not just this week but in all elections to come.) Unfortunately, a lot of political coverage seems to focus on "Will talking about this policy help the party win?" while I'm more interested in "Will implementing this policy be good for the country?" So, what podcasts, Twitter feeds, or other resources tend to offer thoughtful, in-depth analysis of different party's positions on various issues? (I'm a big fan of the BBC's "Analysis" podcast, to give an idea of what I'm looking for.") [more inside]
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May 19

The Urban Planner's Dream of having the cars hidden underground

In the early design ideas for EPCOT, the Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow, a big part of the dream was to have the cars travel in underground tunnels, to keep the city above clean, and keep pedestrians safe from motor vehicle accidents. [more inside]
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Art Supply Experts: Drawing Grid Needed

I have a project in which I will be having to make scale drawings of old pieces of textile that are flat. I am looking for a real drawing grid, which I envision as a square frame with vertical and horizontal lines (wire?) that I can place over the fabric to help me draw it on a piece of graph paper. This is meant to reduce the time and effort of plotting points on the graph paper corresponding to the features of the item being drawn. I can't just place graph paper over the textile and trace it because it's too delicate. And most drawings will not be 1:1 scale. There are lots of choices of software for grids on computers, but so far my web searches of art supply stores haven't turned up anything that's for use in the real world. The squares need to be metric.
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Help me understand a few things about Tumblr?

I actually have a few subquestions. I have a tumblr page that I use infrequently and sometimes binge-use, but either way, it is not maintained regularly. It has lots of stuff related to my interests and mostly just reposted stuff and some things about my profession and its results. I just had a major breakthrough in my (artistic) field and am wondering if it would be a good idea to start this tumblr page back. [more inside]
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Shipping comics via USPS - confused by all the options

I'm selling comics on ebay and have no idea what to put for shipping. Media mail seems not to allow comics, flat rate box seems good for 25+, but the padded envelopes seem like overkill for small batches, I'm just not sure what to put. [more inside]
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pearl barley recipes

I accidentally cooked pearl barley instead of brown rice in the rice cooker. What can I do with three cups of cooked barley?
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Old TV's edges cut off from a video adapter. Any devices to adjust it?

Is there any kind of adapter to change the size or resolution (not sure exactly what I need) of my RGB-out video feed? I've got an old TV from a roommate who moved awhile ago that only has those RGB-in ports (not sure what they're called either... save me from my ignorance!). I use an HDMI-to-RGB adapter to put stuff on the TV. The quality dip doesn't bother me, but the video comes out so there's just enough of every edge cut off to be annoying. None of the TV's menu options do anything for it. Any proposed solutions (apart from a new TV, for the time being)?
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Help us buy a new front door.

We need a new front door that can't get kicked in but we don't know what to look for. [more inside]
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How do I know if the car dealer "really" cancelled my buyer's agreement?

Made a few mistakes in signing under pressure on a car purchase. Never had possession of the vehicle and was due to finalize payment the following day. In the meantime, I realized that the dealer did not give me my copy of the purchasing agreement and began to worry that the verbal assurances they gave me about the car's certification and warranty were not on the contract. The next morning (today), I return to the dealer, request my copy and confirm my fears. I demanded that they cancel the contract, which they did, but now I am wondering if it is "really" cancelled. [more inside]
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Oh, just get over it!

I am a public librarian. Sometimes I have to deal with problem patrons, and on rare occasions, those interactions turn ugly, and I have to ask the person to leave the building, etc. The problem is, I get upset, and then I get all flushed and shaky and worst of all, I cry. And when that happens, I can't really go off by myself and get composed -- I'm usually at the reference desk alone, so I can't be away for more than a minute or two. I've read previous AskMe questions about avoiding the crying, and have tried a lot of those tricks -- what I'd really like is to avoid getting so emotionally upset in the first place. [more inside]
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What propaganda cartoon was playing in San Diego MOPA in 2005-06?

Help me track down a WWII propaganda cartoon that played in the San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts' entrance gallery, probably sometime in 2006? I have a memory of watching a WWII propaganda cartoon on an early date with my eventual wife. We sat & chatted on the bench in the entrance gallery while the cartoon was projected onto the big wall in between the entrance & exit thresholds. I remember an imp-like creature, possibly doing some sabotage. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Dr. Seuss' "Private SNAFU", although I suppose I could be wrong. I don't remember it being particularly racist, which ought to help narrow it down a bit. Do you know which cartoon that was? I'd really like to get a picture of that imp from my memory.
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Driving from Dallas to Boston for a move -- any advice / pointers?

I'm moving to Boston and driving up there with my car and belongings. While the adventurous part of me would want to extend the duration of the trip to make stops and check out scenery, the practical part of me wants to get this 23 - 27 hour trip done ASAP. I want to go with the latter. [more inside]
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Recipe help: thai egg roll dipping sauce

So I have googled, I promise. But I'm not sure I'm finding the right recipes. I want to make a dipping sauce like the stuff that almost every Thai place around here (Portland area) serves with their fried egg rolls / spring rolls / veggie rolls. [more inside]
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What to expect/post op suggestions - gum graft edition.

I'm really excited to be receiving a gum graft later this week! If anyone has had one of these, I would love to hear about what I can expect from the procedure as well as post op suggestions re: care, food, etc. [more inside]
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How do countries sue each other?

I sometimes hear on the news that one country is suing another. How does this work and what court hears the case? I googled my question and came up empty-handed. TIA
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How Big of a Tentacle Beast Would it Take...

Help me kill a lion. With a tentacle beast. Surely you are up to this challenge. [more inside]
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Children or no children

I want kids, but my husband doesn't know if he ever will. [more inside]
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A Decade of Exhaustion

One of my oldest friends is also the most difficult. He consistently wants more of my time and energy than I can give, even when I explain that I'm stretched too thin. I'm fond of him, but I need time apart. Challenge: his support system consists of me and no-one else. [more inside]
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YANML: How does SSA calculate earned monthly income

YANML: How does SSA calculate earned monthly income for purposes of determining SGA? As an SSD recipient who works part-time, I must spend every dollar I earn over SGA on approved medical expenses. Where I am having difficulty is figuring out exactly how SSA is doing the math for purposes of determining how much I've earned a month. [more inside]
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Reading Comprehension & Studying

This is somewhat of a strange question, but when you are reading a book, how many times do you go over the information? I'll use the book Succeed, How to Reach Your Goals as an example. I read through the book and highlighted what I believed to be the important points. Then I go back and re-read the book once more. Is this overkill? What strategies do people use to really understand something that you are reading? How do you know when you have really taken in the information? What strategies do others use when they are trying to learn something well enough that they can use it? Any suggestions or anecdotal stories would be much appreciated?
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Should I let my landlord evict me at any time without notice?

My 12-month lease in Los Angeles finished a few months ago and my landlord now wants to put the month-to-month agreement in writing, which is fine with me. She drew up an agreement containing the following: "Owner can evict tenant at any given time without notice." Should I agree to this? [more inside]
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Administrative assistant? Bookkeeper? 1 day a month? I hate paperwork

Ok, I went freelance about 4 years ago…and it’s been great. My problem is this: I spend time avoiding paperwork. I have a small set of tasks that someone could do. I’d like to hire someone for (at the least) handling invoicing and collections. What/who am I looking for? Is that a bookkeeper? [more inside]
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Woman Without Hat!

I have this suede Australian outback hat that I bought at a garage sale a few weeks ago, for $6. I didn't examine it closely at the time, but it reeks of mold and must, leather small, and saddlesoap from a stab at self cleaning. Can I dry clean it? Here's pictures of the hat in question: My Poor Hat, two pics of it. It's a Walkabout brand Australian hat, size small. [more inside]
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Encoding Softwre Advice

I've been asked to establish two simultaneous live video streams and have been given the following equipment: a new PC tower running Windows 7, an Osprey 230 capture card with Viewcast's Simulstream active. Now what? [more inside]
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NJ to CT?

Hi, I recently was offered a job on 1st Ave near Grand Central in NYC. I live in Maplewood, NJ which makes for a rather long commute so my wife and I have discussing the possibility of CT or Upstate NY. We really like the culture of Maplewood. It's very diverse and accepting. A lot of families move from Brooklyn and it has a very artsy culture. I was wondering if anyone knows of towns in the NY or CT that have a similar feel?
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Why does the iPhone's compass require regular calibration?

Why does the iPhone's compass require regular calibration? [more inside]
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Looking for an advanced Excel/Access crash course

VBA and Macros and VLookup, Oh My! I might be ending up on a work assignment where they want someone who can create and edit complex Excel templates that interface with Access and Adobe Forms. I've used all these programs extensively, but I've only used advanced features sparingly (either editing someone else's creation or googling for a specific fix for a specific problem.) Difficulty level: I only have a week to cram on this before I would start. Is it possible for a quick learner to get up to speed enough not to crash and burn on a project like this? Can anyone recommend an online course I could binge on before having to take on this project?
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Okcupid and unemployment

How are you supposed to fill out your profile and the "my summery" section when you don't have a job? [more inside]
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How can I teach someone on the Asperger's Spectrum Social Skills?

How can I teach an adult on the Asperger's/Autism Spectrum social skills specifically tailored to the office environment? [more inside]
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The Best Online Help Portals

Which websites/web services offer the very best online help portal, where you can get documentation and videos on their product? [more inside]
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Has anyone consolidated PRIVATE student loans?

I owe "the man" a good deal of money. I am consolidating my public loans. I would also look to consider my private loans. Has anyone done this? Recommendations? [more inside]
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How can I help my coworkers user Gmail/calendar/etc

My company recently decided to move everyone from Outlook to Google Apps. Now a lot of people who are used to Outlook (and MS Office) in all things are being hit with a new environment. It's going okay, but I've volunteered to give a short presentation on how to make the most of the new tools, since I have a lot of experience using them for my personal stuff. Can folks suggest good online resources either for me to mine for tips, or to hand out to users for their own reference later? [more inside]
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Calling network engineers: help me understand latency and packet loss

I’m trying to be more pro-active with regard to monitoring the network at my workplace, addressing any issues that might arise, and answering that ever-present question: “My computer is so slow today! Is the problem on our end, or on their end?” [more inside]
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It's a Honker-Duckie-Dinger Jamboree

We are taking our toddler (almost 2) to Sesame Place this weekend. Have you been there? Do you have any tips for us to make our trip great? [more inside]
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Hello, we'd like to outsource our home office.

My boyfriend and I would like to rent a nearby office space to use as....well, office space. However, neither of us have enough freelance income to justify the cost on the application papers. [more inside]
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goD almighty jeSus why do we swear?

How did 'god' and 'jesus' and presumably other religious names and figures become integral components of our anger and cursing expressions? [more inside]
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What is your ultimate honeymoon adventure?

With my wedding quickly approaching, my fiance and I need some help from the community in deciding where to go for our honeymoon. [more inside]
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How to pay for cable TV when only one person wants it?

Moving in with roommate problems! [more inside]
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Rope jumping overdose?

Hypothetically, what would happen if one were to jump rope for 10 minutes of every hour of the working day, i.e. 10 minutes of rope jumping x8 every day, separated by 50-60 minutes of sitting at the desk. I'm looking for good and bad here. Would it kill your knees? Do wonders for your legs? Do not have much more effect than if you were to jump for only 10 minutes 3 times a week?
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Where do I learn SQL Basics?

I am starting a new job in about a month and need to brush up\learn SQL so that I can "hit the ground running" It's a testing role, so QA focused sites would be ideal. I used SQL everyday, but manipulating queries others have written. I think I need now how to write my own.
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OS X 10.9.3 local networking broken

Updating to OS X 10.9.3 appears to have broken my ability to see other devices on my local network. Any ideas on how to fix? [more inside]
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I recently accepted a promotion. Awesome. The problem is, my old boss has subsequently put a moratorium on people leaving my current department for 3 months. We are desperately short on resources, so I am sympathetic to his predicament, but at the same time, I am very bothered by a few things: 1) Since I accepted the offer, he has piled more work on my plate that he expects me to finish regardless of how long it takes. This would include projects that spill over the 3 month moratorium. 2) I spoke to him about applying for this new position before he announced this policy and he never mentioned a thing. He always mentioned we would do a 'transition plan', which if you read point 1, doesn't sound like any type of transition plan. He announced this policy 1 day after I was extended an offer. 3) The promotion is a $15k jump in compensation. I will be seeing none of that for 3 months because of this policy. [more inside]
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You ARE My Country Ham Doctor!

We have two delicious 17 lb. direct-from-the-farm country hams to do up for our wedding in June, and are seeking advice on best ways to prepare them. Hams are frozen, cured, with hocks already taken out, and with the rind left on. Suggestions? Tips? Tricks? Glazing options?
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Things I should do before an internship

I will have an internship this summer at a political firm in DC that makes software for one of the two political parties. I will be a creative intern prototyping and designing interfaces for the campaign tools they create. If you were me, what sort of things would you do to get the most out of your internship? [more inside]
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Injecting heparin tricks and tips?

I'm back on fraxiparine for a trial run before warfarin, and possibly because of my other medication changes, I'm noticing changes. Last time, I just did the clockface around belly button injections and got big bruises with very little bleeding. Now I have to inject twice as often, and the injection mark bleeds a lot. My doctor and nurse instructions are slightly conflicting and I have specific questions. [more inside]
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May 18


I haven't had any luck identifying this through the WhatTheFont! automagical service nor the Identifont step-by-step quiz so now I bring it to you. What's the typeface used in this old GATOR$ sign?
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Regression equation with mean temperature as output variable

If you had a multivariate equation whose output variable is mean surface temperature on earth, what would be the rough beta value for distance from the sun (in millions of miles or whatever)?
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Saving the "content" of Master Document as a Separate Document

I've arranged all the chapters in my dissertation into a master document, with pretty formatting and page numbers and everything. Now, how do I get that into a SEPARATE WORD DOCUMENT with all of the content of the subdocuments, but not linked to the subdocuments, so I can send it out as one nice Word file to my committee members? I'm using Microsoft Word 2007 for Windows. [more inside]
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Help me find the magic orange peeler

I know this exists because I've seen it: a stick that you use to peel an orange in one go. [more inside]
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Recommend a kid-safe browser for Mac?

Can you recommend a good free or inexpensive kid-safe browser for Mac? I'd like to be able to whitelist certain sites. My daughter is currently 8 years old, but I'd like it to to be able to grow with her.
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How to become a policy maker...or at least an influencer?

I'm 46. I've been a stay at home mom for most of the last 11 years. I have an undergrad in Religious Studies (Ethics focus) and a Masters in Library Sciences as well as a MS in Education, Counseling. I want to get involved in some type of higher-level policy work. I'm interested in both education and women's issues, specifically pro-choice abortion issues. I've done volunteering in both areas (PTA, and Planned Parenthood, for example). While it's valuable, I don't want to be a room parent or walk people into a clinic. I want to be involved in fighting for rights and supporting laws in a more meaningful way. How does one do this? Does it take more schooling? A political career (not interested in running for any local positions)? A law degree? I know I need to choose an area to focus on, but I'm gathering information right now. Any ideas are welcome!
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Hikes in NE US - with beer.

Hikers of Metafilter, help me out! I would like to find a day hike somewhere in the northeast US (within a few hours of SE Pennsylvania), with a pretty specific requirement of 'a decent place to eat and have a beer halfway through the day.' Does this place exist? [more inside]
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Plate of beans probably only acceptable on toast?

What can I, a simple vegetarian Yank, bring to a regular English Sunday dinner? [more inside]
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WTF just happened with my scooter?

Three weeks ago, I bought a used scooter from someone on Craigslist. One week ago, it was stolen- and, due to a baffling succession of quasi-sketchy events, I can't even have it registered as stolen. Help me figure out what happened, and what to do next. [more inside]
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(Finally) graduated!

Entered school in 2006 and had to leave school a bit before finishing my degree (was supposed to graduate in 2010). I'm finally done with my coursework and can start looking for better jobs, but how should I address this gap on my resume--particularly in regards to formatting? [more inside]
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What made a nest on our balcony?

My husband and I live in an apartment in Seattle, with a third floor balcony. We had a circular clay pot that previously held a rosemary plant on the balcony - the rosemary died before summer of 2013, but we just left it in a corner and never did anything with it. In time, the pot got sort of hidden by other plants. Today we were cleaning the balcony, and realized that something had made a nest in the pot! [more inside]
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Recommend a vertical bicycle storage solution, please.

I have two bikes and shed. The shed is 6'3" tall to 7'0" tall (slanted roof), 15' long and 6'5" wide. I should have no problem installing vertical bicycle storage mounts on the 7' side. However, there are a bazillion different kinds, and I don't understand how any of them work. A place I rented once had some, and I never figured out how to use them. So please help me with that too. [more inside]
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English-language song with the same tune as Les Plaisirs de la Table?

I'm pretty sure I have previously heard a song sung in English that has the same tune as this French-Canadian folk song. It may have been an Irish folk song. Does anyone recognize it?
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I found a broken Macbook Pro on the street. What should I do?

I was driving along and spotted in the middle of the street what looked to be a laptop bag. So I pulled over and grabbed it. Inside the case was some immigration paperwork and a Macbook Pro. I went through the paperwork, found an address and drove there, but it was a business that had no info about the person on the paperwork. They told me that sometimes people used them for a mailbox dropoff when entering the country and had no info to help. The computer's screen is cracked and won't boot, so should I just pitch the whole thing? Try to find a serial number and contact Apple? Sell it on Ebay? I really don't know.
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Feel free to go medieval on this question

I am seeking recommendations of fiiction set in medieval times - but, I'm not interested in mysteries, stories focusing on kings/queens/knights/battles etc, or fantasy. Rather, I'm looking for accurate depictions of people living in that era-- their lives, struggles, adventures. I've read the Ken Follett trilogy and enjoyed the first 1.5 books. Really liked Noah Gordon's The Physician. What are you favorites?
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Travel in Hungary - how worried should we be?

My partner and I (both female in our 30s) will be traveling to Central Europe soon and the last leg of our trip will be in Budapest. When we planned the trip, we simply forgot about the current political climate there (right-wing extremism, anti-semitism, xenophobia, homophobia, you name it). How bad is it? Should we be extra-careful? [more inside]
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Help Identifying a Song!

I'm looking for help identifying a song I heard earlier today. I don't have a lot to go on -- I only heard the last 30 seconds or so on the radio at a store. It was jangly and reminiscent of the Susanna Hoffs / Matthew Sweet cover albums. It sounded like a woman and a man harmonizing (but could possibly have been two women) and was upbeat. The last line ended with something like " make up for all you left behind", and the song ended abruptly with no fade out.
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Life after BigLaw?

Everyone always tells you that going to law school and being a lawyer will open up all types of job possibilities. I tried being a big firm lawyer and am don't want to continue doing it. I'm looking to figure out life after biglaw and what that actually means. Looking for advice on how to figure out what's next, where to look for jobs that might play to a legal skill set, and how and what to highlight about biglaw experience when looking for the next job. [more inside]
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Flight 'ran out of seats', couldn't check in, is that a 'bump'?

Flying back from a small regional airport, I had the pleasure of discovering there were no more seats available on my return flight. I had booked the round trip on American Airlines through Expedia several weeks earlier. The airlines wouldn't let me check in online due to the lack of seats, and when I got to the airport they basically set me up on a much later flight the next day. Am I entitled to compensation for an overbooked flight? [more inside]
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How to deal with a group member whose drinking is becoming a problem?

Last Friday, it became clear that a member of a group that I'm in has drinking behaviours that may be becoming incompatible with being in the group. I can see several ways to proceed, but any advice is welcome - especially if you experienced something similar and tried something that worked. [more inside]
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What can I read while waiting for the next Ibis Trilogy book?

I want to read novels about migration, trade, and globalization in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries -- I especially loved Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh (and its sequel River of Smoke) and The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell and would love to find more novels along these lines. [more inside]
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Long overnight layover at FLL- what are my options?

I land in Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday night at 8PM, and my 1-hour flight from FLL back home isn't until 7AM the following morning. What's a guy to do? When I transited through FLL last week, it didn't strike me as a lively airport. Any 24-hour coffee shops or restaurants in the airport? The Sheraton Hotel has a free shuttle and a bar open until midnight, so I could do that or get a room if I'm really willing to do that. Luggage is not an issue. Is one of those my best option?
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Good Plant for Apartment

Any suggestions for a good apartment plant? Minimal light and minimal fuss preferred. [more inside]
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That's Allopatric speciation, Folks!

How quickly does genetic drift lead to speciation in higher life forms? More specifically, how long would it take for two isolated human populations, exposed to similar but not identical selective pressures, to become incapable of producing viable offspring due to genetic drift? [more inside]
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Psychiatrists in Providence, RI?

I am looking for a psychiatrist in or near Providence, one who specializes in eating disorders or alcohol abuse. Has anyone been helpful to you? Recommendations for psychologists appreciated as well.
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Nonfiction book about recovering from domestic abuse?

I read the article linked to in the metafilter post "Who gets to graduate," which showed "Inception"-like evidence of the power of exposing someone to a simple idea in shifting their thought processing and hence life choices. This made me think that it would probably behoove me to use this trick to help myself move forward in my desired direction of being a trusting, compassionate person who can feel a bond with people I meet and not a disdainful, broken asshole who sees people as convenient resources rather than potential friends.So I would like to find a nonfiction, first person account of someone's recovery from domestic abuse (or other traumatic event, I suppose). Bonus: Writing which included wry, dark or acerbic humor would be completely awesome. Thanks, as always.
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Friends, librarians, fifth-grade teachers, lend me your eyes

Librarians and school book buyers of Metafilter! When you are looking at an author's website, what kind of information do you want to see when deciding what books to stock? [more inside]
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Help me make Rillettes

I'm going to be making Rillettes following Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles cookbook recipe and everything is great except that I'm confused by one of the last instructions. It says to "Top each portion with a slice of two of pork fat to completely cover it, fold the mixture together a bit then . . .". That's the part that's confusing me. Am I supposed to use raw pork fat just cut into thin strips? What does it mean to cover and then fold the mixture? I'm just having a hard time visualizing that that means for me to do.
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File, paper, and project management for a freelancer without a desk.

I have recently switched from an office job to working freelance. I belong to a coworking space but I don't have my own desk. Any advice for organizing paperwork without an everyday desk space? [more inside]
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Modifying AddThis on a WordPress blog

I have a blog running WordPress with the Thesis theme, and the AddThis plugin. It currently shows AddThis buttons at both the top of a post and the bottom of a post (like this). All I want are the buttons at the top, as they appear now. How do I get rid of the buttons at the bottom?
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I heard the south of France is lovely this year?

I always found the answers to travel questions here very interesting, so here it goes: At the end of August/beginning of September, we want to go on a little post-conference vacation in the south of France. Our plan is to rent a car in Lyon and fly back two weeks later from Marseille. Do you have any tips and recommendations for us? Anything special we should keep in mind regarding to renting a car? We thought that the area of Languedoc-Roussillon is not as crowded as the Cotê d'Azure, so which cities should we visit? Primarily visiting some interesting places and relaxing at the beach is planned but tips for some short hikes are also highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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What kinds of boundaries can I set with a self-centered person?

I need some help recalibrating how I interact with someone who is profoundly self-centered (ranging from insensitivity to my feelings to arguably deliberately "using" me). Assuming that I must keep this person in my life, what are some things I can do to feel more empowered and more at peace with the balance between us? [more inside]
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Buying a used motorbike on Craigslist with the title to be mailed after?

I'm considering purchasing a used motorcycle from a Craigslist seller (in Virginia/Washington DC). There is a lien on the title which he is to pay off after purchase. Am I being naive? [more inside]
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Adapting oxtail stew recipe for slow cooker

I'd like to make this oxtail stew recipe, but in the slow cooker. Any ideas on how to adapt it? I'm thinking of halving the recipe and doing it for 9-11 hours on low in the slow cooker instead of 3-3.5 hours in the dutch oven.
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Startled by a tender moment - how much to give in?

For the past two years, I've developed an very stable and satisfying dating style that suits me for the time being - I maintain a certain emotional distance and all of my sexual relations fall very easily in the platonic category - I've thus far avoided any complications. However, I was completely startled when a friend I had expected to sleep with ended up being intensely sweet and now my system is a bit shaken up. I'm not sure how much to give in to this feeling I'm having for him. In a way, I can't remember what's normal to be feeling in these situations. [more inside]
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I really like this new woman but she's freaking me out with demands!

I've been dating this great woman for a month now. I really do like her, but she seems to want more and more of my time and energy to the point that life getting out of balance for my self-care and recharge time. Special snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Making Excel do stuff for me, automagically!

Where can I find snippets of vba macros that I can use/reuse? What are your favorite macros that you use and can't do without? [more inside]
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How do I make a decent gameplay video?

I've been working on a computer game for a while. Apparently, a whole lot of people use YouTube videos as the primary means to find out about games. This is utterly alien to me, so I could really use some advice. [more inside]
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Help me sort my routine out please

I'm struggling with my routine as I am new to work life, details inside. [more inside]
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Should I quit my temp job or am I just being fussy?

Last week, after 5 months of unemployment and desperation I managed to get a minimum wage temp job through an agency. On my first day I was incredibly excited to have finally found a job, but quickly realised that I hate it. It's a data entry position, inputting handwritten inventory data into a database. Basically the job is incredibly tedious, there is no variety, I'm doing exactly the same repetitive task for 7.5 hours a day. I'm basically working by myself in an office with other people and can't really talk to anyone because it distracts me. I can't really leave to take a break because the office door is locked and someone has to let me in every time. They are nice to me though and tell me to take regular breaks but there is nowhere to go. [more inside]
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My light fixtures need a lift

I did a really amateurish job of installing this light fixture in the basement apartment of my house four years ago, and now it's sagging out of the ceiling. Is there anything I can do to brace it back in place? There are actually three of these fixtures that are sagging, though this is the worst one.
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Memory foam mattress in Japan?

So Tuft & Needle and the like are pretty cool and exciting, except I live in Japan. What options, if any, do I have for a Double-size good memory foam mattress in Japan? Like, not just a topper.
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How do I find and eject (or eradicate) this damn cricket?

This loudly chirping bug is right by me - it's been migrating from the back room to the dining room over the course of several hours - but I can't see or find it. My dog seems to be intimidated, and he's the reason I won't use chemical sprays.
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Tried to torrent a show, ended up with malware. Help!

Specifically, it's a mplayer virus. It has infected Google Chrome and Firefox, and is showing infuriating pop-up ads and frequently redirecting the browser to ad-like pages. Who knows what else it's doing/stealing/collecting. This may be what I deserve for trying to download some TV, but I need to get rid of it. Running Mac OSX 10.8.5. [more inside]
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May 17

What proportion of a film should I watch before giving up on it?

I read a lot of books and watch a lot of films. With books, I give them a chapter to draw me in, and if it's not happening, I move on to the next one. But what's a good rule of thumb for films? [more inside]
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Desperately Seeking Spider Repellent - Must Love Plants

My apartment has a beautiful walkway lined with flowers and overhanging tree branches. This is great except that spiders LOVE it here and I do not love spiders at all. I'm looking for a spider repellent that can be sprayed on the plants along the walkway so I don't have to walk through webs every morning and evening. The hitch is that the aforementioned flowers belong to my landlord, who I respect very much and who loves his plants, so the repellent can't have negative effects on them. [more inside]
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How best to get rid of office landline?

I work from home and have an established business phone number that I need to keep. I'd like to port the number somewhere that sends the call to voicemail and return the call with my cell phone. I don't need to call from the office number, just receive voicemails. Do you have any recommendations for services you like that are cheap? I found "" which says what I need would be $5/mo plus $20 transfer fee to port the number, but don't know if it is reliable. I don't know anything about Skype or voip solutions. GoogleVoice doesn't allow landlines to be ported into it. If it matters, I have an Android Galaxy S4 with T-mobile for my cell service. Thanks!
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What does "Have you been convicted of a crime?" mean?

About three years ago, I got a public intox in Iowa that was expunged. Now I'm applying for apartments in a new state and I was asked on the application if I have ever been convicted of a crime. I'm used to them asking about felony charges so I said no but now I'm not so sure if that wasn't a big mistake. [more inside]
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Can a baby fit in my new house

My wife and I have been looking for a bit fit a new house. We have found something great that meets every criteria, Except one. Upstairs there is one master bedroom and a study area that could not be used for anything else, Plus a robe and a bathroom. Downstairs there are 2 other bedrooms and a good living area etc. My question is, how do u make it work with a new baby? Is it possible to have the baby in tha main br for a few months, Then move the baby downstairs with an intercom, Or is that just stupidity? Is there another way to think about it? Appreciate any advice from those that have faced something similar, As the house is auctioned in 2 weeks.
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How do I take the Metra from Union Station to Naperville?

I'm taking the Amtrak to Chicago next month and am planning on taking the Metra out to Naperville after I arrive so my mom can pick me up, but I'm not quite sure how to do it. Can you help me? [more inside]
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Non-English or Multingual (incl. English) jokes and puns?

I was recently in a situation where French jokes, French-and-English jokes, and French-and-English-and-Arabic jokes would have been handy. Just to be ready for the next time this happens, what are your favorite jokes that are in a language other than English or that combine two or more languages (one of which, ideally, is English)?
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By what mechanism is talk therapy supposed to be effective?

I have a fair bit of experience with getting talk therapy of the open-ended type, sometimes for long periods. It doesn't seem to ever have resulted in any change in my attitudes or behavior patterns. What's more, I don't understand how it theoretically could result in this, either generally or with a specific issue I've been dealing with (procrastination/self-discipline). Explain/exemplify? [more inside]
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Grad student, thinking of becoming Rental Agent for LL, or Buyer

Greetings! My LLs are about 85 and seem to be over being LLs. There are 11 units in my building, 3 of which were rented for the year, we had a 4th tenant but she moved out the 4th month. I secured all of these tenants. My LLs obviously could have made a lot more money if they rented all the units. I can easily get tenants and have no problem doing so, the only obstacle is the LLs, they do not get back to emails and lose many of the renters I get (I show them the unit and it takes the LL 2 weeks to email back). [more inside]
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Can I send audio & video to different places, using my Macbook?

I have a pre-2010 Macbook Pro which I use to watch DVDs on my TV, using an HDMI cable with mini display port adaptor. However the audio doesn't go through the cable and has to play through the laptop speakers, which is less than ideal. I'm thinking of buying one of these bluetooth adaptors so that I can play the audio through my stereo system. Has anyone tried to do this at the same time, and will it work?
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Dating advice from non-"PUA"-douchebags?

Seeking recommendations on dating advice for men, unfortunately that entire genre seems to be dominated by "Pick Up Artists" and other assorted misogynist douchebags. Is there any advice to be found out there which comes from a viewpoint which respects women and men? Bonus points if it makes an inspirational case for why one should bother in the first place. [more inside]
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Pixel Art Editor

I'm looking for a process or program for editing or creating pixel art, for sprite sheets and terrain tiles. I'm looking for recommendations. [more inside]
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Ex wants to reconcile. I said no, but not sure it's the right decision?

Ex broke up with me 2 months ago and asked for reconciliation a week later. I have chosen not to reconcile but am having doubts about this decision. [more inside]
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How can I get a gun across the planet?

I want to get an air rifle from the UK ( where the police don't care about it ) to Australia ( where its a gun that needs a licence )? How...? [more inside]
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Lessons UK can learn from the US education system?

What lessons can the UK learn from the US education system in order to close the achievement gap? I am writing a report on the pivotal role education plays in increasing the ability of low-income Americans to move up the income ladder. Central to the American ethos is the notion that it is possible to start out poor and become prosperous - it is hard work and not circumstances you were born into that offers real prospects for success. The class system in the UK is deeply entrenched and a mindset that higher education is for "posh" people. Why does the US have much more social mobility? Or is the reality not so encouraging? I am looking at inner-city schools in New York City in particular but any opinions about the US in general would be very appreciated.
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How (and should) I gracefully back out of being a bridesmaid?

I agreed to be a bridesmaid for a friend who wants her bridesmaids to be a lot more present (physically) than I am going to be able to in the lead-up to the wedding. What do I do now? [more inside]
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Help me build a diaspora/immigrant experience lifetime to-read list

After finishing Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's "Americanah," and thinking about how I loved Zadie Smith's "White Teeth," and Hanif Kureishi's "Buddha of Suburbia," I'm finding I want to read more immigration/diaspora/post-colonial literature. Please help me build a lifetime reading list. All geographies welcome. I am very deliberately trying to read more women authors in 2014 and beyond, too.
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Why do I growl, moan and bite things in my sleep?

Over the past six months, I've noticed that I've engaged in a number of increasingly bizarre behaviors while sleeping. I know that I'm doing these things because I usually wake up in the middle of whatever I'm doing. [more inside]
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Mysterious Night Shift Job At Home

What jobs might fit this description: telework and only in the evenings for a major telecomm company? [more inside]
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What are some of your experiences with Fluoxetine (Prozac)?

I just started taking a 20mg dose of Prozac (generic, Fluoxetine) about ten days ago, and am experiencing a lot of side effects, but no real improvement in my depression and anxiety. What are some of your experiences with this medication, especially in terms of side effects and effectiveness? [more inside]
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Surreal Acrobatic Movies on Netflix?

My 7-year-old enjoyed watching Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away at home, on Netflix. She became fascinated with the costumes and weird characters, the acrobatic scenes in strange settings, and didn't seem bothered by the fact that there was only a loose plot and virtually no dialogue ("It's like a dream," she said). What are other similar, surreal dreamy movies on Netflix that she might like?
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Why do I get a thrill out of washing my hands in painfully hot water?

I have a habit of washing my hands in incredibly hot water. Not painfully hot to start, but increasingly hot, in a boiling-frog sense. There's something about the sensation that goes beyond "soothing" (like one gets from a garden-variety hot shower) and into the territory of a mild high — or at least the best itch that's ever been scratched. [more inside]
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Buying a used iPad and not getting ripped off - help!

I want to buy a used iPad - third or fourth generation, and avoid Apple's high refurbished prices. What should I know? Where and how should I look? How to avoid eBay scams? [more inside]
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New Haven CT filter: where is the awesome, giant salvage shop?

New Haven CT filter: where is the awesome, giant salvage shop? [more inside]
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Restaurant Gift Certificate Recommendations at University of Indiana

Our nephew will be attending the Kelley (sp?) Business School of the University of Indiana at Bloomington. He will not have a car, and will be living in the dorms. Mrs. W and I would like to get him some gift certificates to nice eateries within walking distance. What restaurants do you recommend?
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bike frame weight difference

If two bikes are set up completely the same way with the same components, but one is a butted chromoly frame and the other a tensile steel frame, what would the weight difference be, ball park? [more inside]
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Medical Mushrooms

Given the success of medical and recreational marijuana initiatives in the US and the strengthening support for ending cannabis prohibition, why haven't we also seen a push for the legalization of shrooms for medical purposes? [more inside]
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Having a part practical/part relationship with my husband that boils down to the fact that I love him but I don't love his stuff, and I want to live with him but I don't want to live with his stuff. I'm asking because it's been 5 years and nothing has changed and I literally don't know what to do to solve the problem of constantly living in clutter and filth. [more inside]
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Author! Author!

Should my young teenager use her real name on her web comic? [more inside]
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Temporary PIN authentication mechanism for a Jabber server

Is there a way to add temporary PIN authentication in order to add a contact in Jabber (to a server running ejabberd)? [more inside]
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The mail must go through!

Do you know of any children's books featuring mail? As in, a penpal or mailing letters. Specifically for an eight year old girl but I'm open to all suggestions! [more inside]
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So I just ran across this recipe in an older cookbook (the 1962 edition of Better Homes & Gardens); it's for stewed chicken, and specifies different cooking times for chicken and "bro-hens" --- it was printed just like that, with quotes marks and a hyphen: "bro-hens". What in the name of Betty Crocker is a "bro-hen"?!? Is it just another term for a capon, perhaps? Because I've gotta tell ya, I've been cooking for over half a century now, plus I spent several years living next door to a chicken farm, and I've never heard of "bro-hens"!
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Activities for a fashion and beauty fanatic in London and Paris

We have booked our trip to London and Paris this summer-yay! My 17 year old daughter will be with us, and she loves everything related to fashion and beauty-style guides, shopping, makeup, museums, resale stores, all that. I don't love to shop, but am happy to include some in our trip. Any specific ideas for us in those two cities? [more inside]
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Beginning Cycling for a Beginning Runner

I am a beginning runner looking for ways to add cycling to my workout routine. [more inside]
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Hey kid, turn around!

My niece is 14 months old, 29 inches tall & 19 pounds. My sister in law already has her forward facing in her car seat. When she mentioned she was planning to turn her around once she hit 1 and asked if I had turned our son around yet I said no way (he's 16 months)! I said it was illegal in some states to turn them around until 2. Her and her husband shrugged it off and said well not here . Should I say something more? Should I send her some articles explaining the benefits of rear facing? Is it not really a big deal? I have no plans to turn my son forward facing regardless, but I would feel awful if something happened to my niece and I never spoke up. I mean no one plans to have an accident. Should I say something or just stay out of it. I know the usual advice on Ask is to stay out of it, but I'm asking anyway.
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Themes and hosting for a webcomic

I am looking for a user-friendly theme with an easy-to-set-up CMS as well as secure hosting for a weekly webcomic. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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Advice please on selecting/installing flooring in our "utility" area

We have a 450 sq.foot "utility" area (ground level, not a basement, but it is where our HVAC, water heater, laundry, freezer, storage, exercise equipment is). Floor is slab concrete, walls cement block. 45 year old home, original contractor cheap tiles over the years have loosened and the remaining ones are easy to pop up. We do not have ground water or dampness problems in this area. We have gotten so much advice from friends, coworkers, home center folks that I need kind Metafilter folks to steer us to solution for our snowflake needs. Details inside. [more inside]
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Cranio-sacral therapy for babies

My son is four months old and has a couple of health issues. The physical therapist who sees him has been strongly and repeatedly recommending a practitioner who does cranio-sacral massage and myofasial release, but I'm nervous and confused! [more inside]
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What would happen if the US cut student tuition reimbursement?

I've recently been on a kick reading about the current problems in higher education – tuition rising while state funding to universities decreases, large student debt, enrollments down, increased use of contingent faculty to control costs, increased spending on amenities, etc. What would happen if the federal subsidies were suddenly removed? [more inside]
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How can I install an air conditioner in a 5' wide window?

My bedroom window is 5' wide, which seems to be too wide for the traditional air conditioner side accordion flaps to cover. The previous owners mounted a steel bar horizontally at the height of the air conditioner, installed the air conditioner all the way over on the right, and then hot-glued a piece of plexiglass to cover the leftmost 60% of the window. It looked crappy, leaked air, and let in more street noise than I'd like. Is there a better way to do it? [more inside]
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Aggressive leashed dog

How to stand your ground when you meet an aggressive large dog? [more inside]
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Long reads en français

Hi mefi, can anyone recommend sites/writers that post interesting longer articles in French? [more inside]
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USA seller of "twin screened audio cable" or "two core screened cable?"

I need basically this. I'd rather order it from closer to home. My searches for this type of cable in the US haven't turned up anything, and I don't know enough about electronics to figure out what other names it might go by. I think it's a common type of cable so there must be something I'm missing. Thanks!
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May 16

Should I take an extra (extra) year?

Please help me navigate the final stretch of undergrad. Mountain of details (for a relatively small decision) inside. [more inside]
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I'll miss you till I meet you

This terrifies me a little bit...but I was wondering if you lovely people could take a look at my profile and let me know what you think of it. See anything I should improve? (I'm a woman looking to date women.) [more inside]
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I know I'm not a supermodel, but COME ON

I used OKCupid successfully in my last city, a place in the Midwest with population 300,000. Since moving to NYC a year ago I have had the most dreadful luck with it. OKCupid profile critique and dating hand-wringing and angst inside. [more inside]
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Moving violation ticket - shady, but isn't it just easier to just pay?

So, this is frustrating, but do we just have to suck it up? Partner was driving car at night about 15 miles an hour down a poorly lit and deserted intersection in San Francisco and got photographed by a police camera before the reached the crosswalk. They were so surprised, they did not come to a full stop as they made a rolling right turn at that 10-15 mph speed. They then got photographed again and a ticket for $500 for not stopping in the intersection. I do think that the first flash of the photograph is probably a shady trick to do exactly what happened - startle the driver into committing an error, but I'm tempted to just have them pay. They feel like they were ambushed by the bright flash and are scheduled to contest in court. What say you, hive mind - what would you do? [more inside]
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What very obscure English words are actually very useful?

I'm not looking for obscure words that are just baroque synonyms for common English words, or highly specialised David Foster Wallacesque curiosities, but rather words that are actually quite functional for day-to-day use but for whatever reason are not widely known.
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Paris wedding ring shopping?

We are going to be in Paris next week, and want to go wedding ring shopping at a sort of vintage or antique jewellery store. I'm looking for a simple band for my tiny fingers. I'm looking for a nice band for under about $450, used is good. We don't want to go to the Wedding Ring Superstore or wherever. Do you know the perfect place to shop? Ideally, we walk in to a place with a lot of rings, I try on 6 of them, and BAM. job done. Thank you!
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Definitive books for newcomers and interested laymen?

I am in a "Learn ALL the things!" mode, and also in the mood to collect books to put on shelves. I am looking for clear-consensus best introductory guides to, well, everything. I've just finished "Bobby Fisher Teaches Chess" and am now knee deep into K&R's "C Programming Language", and have Mark Rippetoe's "Starting Strength" and "Zinn and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance" under my belt. Which introductory guides to your areas of interest are the most informative and accurate and engaging?
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Contest red light ticket or not? I know I'm right, but is it worth it?

I was caught by the camera going through an intersection while the light was red because there was also a green arrow allowing me to turn left legally. What are the odds of winning this when the photos are such poor quality that the green arrow looks like a faint green blob? [more inside]
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I need some help with what I assume is adult separation anxiety.

For reasons that I'm have not yet unraveled, I have developed an anxiety trigger around being away from home (away from Mom?) and getting sick. This is a complex issue, interwoven with other issues. I'll try to be succinct. [more inside]
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Prop me up, Twitter experts, I'm listing!

I'm not a power Twitter user, but it's the only tool I'll have to communicate with a 1000 people at a big party next weekend Right now I have more than 200 followers to classify into five or six lists. The web interface for this is dead slow. Is there a tool which provides bulk list management? If one iOS app could do all this, hooray! However, list management is a relatively rare activity, and I'd be thrilled to learn about a suitable Twitter client as well as a utility to enable list creation. Yes, there's a drift of snowflakes within. [more inside]
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Bragging rhythmically about one's skill at bragging rhythmically

Help me expand my hip-hop playlist! Snowflakes, I have them! [more inside]
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$220 for a service, or put that towards a new bicycle?

I have an 18 month old Trek 7.1FX hybrid bike ($450 new) that I use to commute 5 days, 120km per week. Should I spend half the cost of a new bike on a service, or put that towards a new bike? [more inside]
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Daughter Asking About Drug History Questionnaire

My daughter (24) has a chance to get a great job in a government agency. She has to fill out a notarized questionnaire about past drug use. She did her share of experimenting with various stuff, but nothing recently and she feels that she would pass a drug test easily. She's a damn sight straighter and I was at her age. [more inside]
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Processor Specs for MB Pro and MB Air

I'm confused about processing specs on newer/older Macbook Airs and Macbook Pros. [more inside]
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Apple 'buyer's remorse' clarification for in-store pickups

For online purchases delivered to an Apple Store for in-store pickup, does Apple's 14-day 'buyer's remorse' return period begin 1) at the order date, 2) at the date the item becomes available in-store, or 3) at the date of actual pickup? I'm somehow failing to get a clear answer through internet searches. [more inside]
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I need a better job! What's an introvert with a B.S. to do??

Here's my situation: I graduated with a bachelor's in biology, and have had a series of jobs I liked, involving wildlife rehabilitation and working at a zoo... but I've moved and these jobs are hard to come by in my current location, AND, none of these jobs make any money. So what career field can I transition into that could help me take advantage of the fact that I already have a bachelor's degree? [more inside]
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Non-Christian student attending a deeply Christian music festival?

My friend, a music-performance major in college, has been offered a full-ride scholarship (with room and board) to a four-week Christian performing arts festival in Winona Lake, Indiana. Are they likely to have a good experience? [more inside]
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How to find the best hamstring physical rehabilitation expert anywhere?

I have had multiple hamstring muscle surgeries. According to my surgeon, I currently don't need any more surgeries, and I have just completed 1 year of rehab, but not with a hamstring rehabilitation expert. I would like to seek out the best hamstring physical rehabilitation expert in USA (or if they're really good, anywhere in the whole world), and go receive physical rehabilitation from them. Who is the best hamstring physical rehabilitation expert in the world? How can I find him/her?
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Gifts for liberal, active, outdoor peeps?

I want to get birthday gifts for two liberal, active outdoor people. Ideas? Hoping for real objects to give under $50. [more inside]
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Cool stuff to see in Seattle

What interesting/unusual things can we do for a weekend in Seattle? Looking for something outside of shopping and the typical tourist stuff. [more inside]
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Explaining a Dress Code to 87 Holden Caufields

I'm a principal at a therapeutic high school and my students are railing against our school dress code now that the warmer weather is here. What's happening is that female students will be approached by female staff and the males vice versa, they are told their clothing is in violation of the school dress code, and they are given an opportunity to change/cover up. If the student refuses to comply with the dress code, they serve an in-school detention during lunch. If it happens twice, parents are called. But the kids are revolting. Literally. And in every sense of the word. [more inside]
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Schizophrenia, elder abuse, and minding our own business

Our schizophrenic neighbor appears to be emotionally abusing his elderly mother. When do we step in? [more inside]
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What can I pick up on the way home to cheer up the boyfriend?

Boyfriend has been in a funk for the past couple weeks - stress about work, money, an injury, etc. I haven't seen him in a couple days so I want to surprise him with something special / out of the norm, but I'm not feeling super creative, help! [more inside]
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Google Docs connectivity issue

Why does Google Docs constantly remain offline even though my other internet functions continue without a problem? [more inside]
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Illustrating Kipling's "If" for a toddler

I would like to create something for my three year old daughter: I want to calligraph and illustrate Kipling's "If" for her, either as a booklet or a single page. Now I am looking for ideas on what things to draw, surrounding the poem. [more inside]
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Save my kids and me from 5+ hours in the car

This summer (mid June) I am carting my family off to a wedding in Bloomington, IN. However, due to various issues, we are flying into and out of Chicago and then driving down. So I need suggests for where to stop along the way so that I don't kill my kids (5 and 2 years old), and they don't go crazy from boredom. [more inside]
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Do I need all this coax for Fios?

Yay--we bought a house! The house has what seems like miles and miles of coaxial cable in every room. I'm trying to figure out if we actually need it or not. [more inside]
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Things to do in Bend, OR with a 3.5-year-old?

We are in Bend for the weekend with our preschooler and we're not familiar with the area at all. Aside from the High Desert Museum, what things should we do that are kid-friendly? [more inside]
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Where should we (young family) move to in London?

Us: nice young couple with an infant. Seeking to try out a London neighborhood for a year, and then maybe buy (if the potential bubble doesn't scare us off). Budget for a flat/house would be about 650,000 to 700,000 pounds (maybe a little wiggle room). [more inside]
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My apartment is being renovated, how does that impact moving out?

My apartment building was sold in the past 6 months. The new owners have been completely gutting and renovating units as people have moved out; the work is going on for months. I'm planning to move out at the end of the month and wondering how much I need to worry about cleaning or repairing any minor damage if they're just going to do the same thing to my unit. Additionally, if they do charge me for any damages do I have any recourse to argue that they shouldn't have because they weren't preserving whatever it was any way? Obviously not expecting any binding legal advice on this, more curious if anyone has had similar experiences or any pointers to share.
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Did people really believe the Earth birthed minerals?

After browsing John Comenius' Orbis Sensualium Pictus (per this fine Mefi post), I came across this curiously worded statement in the The Fruits of the Earth section: [more inside]
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Jburg me!

I will be spending three days in Johannesburg, South Africa at the end of June. I don't know a thing about South Africa or Johannesburg, so what should I do with myself? [more inside]
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Southwark Local History Resources?

I'm trying to write a sort of walking tour of the Southwark/Borough area in London (UK). I need help resources for information on buildings/history of the area and stories tied to that place or its people. Preferably things which are freely available online. More specific details inside. [more inside]
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Does anyone have any information about Harvard Risk Management Corp?

A friend has an upcoming interview with Harvard Risk Management. There are one or two results on the first Google page that indicate they might be scammy, but the details are sketchy. I'm looking for more information about the company.
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GAGA Ball Pit in Portland OR metro area

My kids' school recently installed a GAGA ball pit (link) in their playground, and my 5-year old boy is in love with the game. His birthday is coming up, and we were thinking it would be great to incorporate some gaga into the party. We could have it at the school...except there are no bathrooms...which seems like a deal breaker for a kids birthday party. Does anyone know if there is another of these gaga pits anywhere in the Portland Metro Area (with bathroom access)? I have googled, and come up with nothing...but surely if there's one out there, Metafilter can find it! Thanks!
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the still, small tone of disquiet

A soft, sustained high note floats over a musical texture. The music moves on underneath (slow, sad, troubled, tense - anything but happy examples) while the high note continues, insistently. Help me (re)find examples of this trope in pieces of classical music and solve something that's been needling me for a long time. [more inside]
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Do I need stacked uninsured motorist coverage?

I'm trying to lower my car insurance rates and the rep with my insurance company suggested I drop stacked uninsured motorist coverage because I already have health insurance. I understand how the stacked coverage works but it seems redundant to carry it if I have heath insurance coverage. Am I misunderstanding how UIM coverage works?
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Organizing Armchair Activism

An organization I'm involved with spearheaded an initiative: we asked huge groups of people to wear red for our cause on a particular day, take a picture of them doing so and send us the pictures. We got about 30 pictures and more keep coming. Some people even made videos! My question is, what can we do with these pictures? We have contacted the press and some of the pictures have run in a national newspaper, but it would be great to put them all together in one place that could be accessed by all those who sent stuff in - are the choices to make a big file and send it back to all those who sent in or post them somewhere on the web? Any other suggestions? We have a website that we could host something on, but, what? [more inside]
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Do I need to apologize and destroy all evidence?

As the person handling promotion for a large event, I videotaped a talk that was free and open to the public. The talk was a part of this event. Part of my job has been to record post about the event, pics, snippets of video, etc. But then the speaker lost it. Did I do something terribly wrong? [more inside]
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My employer increased my hours but is not giving me benefits

I've been working as a part time employee for awhile but recently my hours have been increased for some special projects. I've been working 30-40 hour weeks. I do not get health insurance or any other benefits because I am not considered a full time employee. Are they required to give me benefits at some point? How should I approach this with them? I'm in the US. [more inside]
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Give me 100 sandwiches... every day for the rest of your life.

A large thrift retail store wants to start selling pre-made sandwiches in south Austin. Specific and general recommendations welcome, i.e. bakers, caterers, sandwich shops, etc. Who should I ask?! [more inside]
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Python or Processing for first year design students?

What language should I teach design students to program in: Python or Processing? [more inside]
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Bed and Breakfast in the Texas Hill Country

My company has offered me a weekend at a B&B in the Texas Hill Country in thanks for 10 years of service. Looking on the web there appear to be thousands of them, with wildly scattered reviews depending on which review site one chooses. Having had mixed experiences with B&B's, I thought I'd turn to the green for suggestions. If you've been to one in that area that you would recommend (or steer us away from), please write below.
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Where can I find example screenshots / URLs of HTML email marketing?

I'd like to discuss examples of good and bad HTML email marketing with a group. Sure I can go into my inbox and find a few mailers that different retailers have sent me, but are there any sites that track the best (or worst) in class for current email marketing? Finding it hard to Google this as I end up with a lot of HTML tutorials. This "Email Design LookBook 2014" is probably the closest I have found, though ideally I'd like to have URLs or high res full screenshots, not a Powerpoint slide.
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So long, and thanks for all the books!

What thank-you gift for a couple of nice librarians? [more inside]
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My friend didn't call me after my wisdom teeth surgery.

I just had a wisdom teeth surgery yesterday and my best friend didn't even call or text me yesterday to check up on me. I've been telling her the whole week that my surgery was yesterday morning and all she said was "ouchie" and sending me a bunch of funny emoticons. She never really said anything comforting. I know it sounds immature but we're college students and I couldn't help but thinking that she doesn't care about me anymore now that we both have just graduated. Am I thinking too much? Is it unreasonable for me to be upset that she hasn't checked up on me at all? What should I do?
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How does a right-handed person teach a lefty how to write (etc)?

How does a right-handed person teach a left-handed person how to write (and do other stuff)? [more inside]
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Sustainable ink pen solution for a lefty

Can you please give me advice, or share recommendations, about non-disposable, easy writing pens for a left-handed writer? Not ballpoint, and need free-flowing ink. I have tried various gel, ball-point, fountain, and dip pens, and I prefer a sustainable solution. [more inside]
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Screensaver/presentation advice

Looking for software for PC that will display a sequence of images and pages from a long pdf? [more inside]
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May 15

Big Moth-- IN THE HOUSE!

I've got a BIG MOTH in my house. It flew in via a space between my screen and window in my kitchen. It flew into my house somewhere--I can't find him now. ANY Ideas on luring it back through the hole? [more inside]
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Argh ... need domain registrar with 5 box email but no website hosting

I have 3 registered .com names that are used strictly to generate personal email addresses. My current registrar has hiked pricing and now only offers 10 box "business" email package. Much deceptive song and dance selling in this market! Anyone happen to know of a registrar that will provide 5 boxes accessible individually via POP3 without hosting an a website for the domain?? Many thanks!!
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Where to get Professional Liability and Disability Insurance

I couldn't find any recent questions on this topic, so I wanted to ask you helpful folks for advice on where to begin researching professional liability and disability insurance. I'm an independent contractor, and it's also my first real job, so I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row. I'm in California, if it matters. Thank you.
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Name that videogame - sidescrolling kicky punchy

This has been bothering me for ages. I played a sidescrolling platformer that involved a guy in a metal suit (?) who the player controlled. You kicked and punched to fight, and little shockwaves were emitted from your limbs when you did so. Can you name this game? Details under the fold. [more inside]
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What happened to music recording dates?

Being a fan of music, I've noticed most pop and rock from the 1960s and 1970s often carried a recording date of each song in the liner notes. For instance, Elton John's Tiny Dancer shows a recording date of 9 August 1971. However I almost never see music from 1980 onward carrying any recording dates at all (with a few exceptions such as Prince and Tom Petty's material). Is this information actually printed somewhere in the trade publications, or is it simply not tracked anymore by most studios?
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looking for timeclock software that works with handpunch machine

We currently have a handpunch time clock at our office (the kind where the machine scans your hand and that's how you clock in/out. The software that came with it is limited and really old and we're looking to switch to better software, preferably something with a web interface and/or hosted so both managers and employees can look up the info they need from a browser. But man...there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of good, consolidated info out there and very little pricing info. We're looking for some advice/help on how to select the software. [more inside]
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Recomendations for Air-Powered Sprayer

I'd like to pick up an air powered paint sprayer, but I'm not sure what I should be looking for as far as specs or brands. I already own this PORTER-CABLE CMB15 150 PSI 1.5 Gallon Compressor. The main uses for this sprayer would be painting & spraying clearcoat on furniture and other woodworking projects. If the same sprayer can be used to paint a room or an outside barn, all the better. [more inside]
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Too much, yet never enough: residual anxiety over spending

There was a time in my childhood when my family was poor. Our situation improved as I grew up. But I must've somehow picked up this anxiety about things such as food and clothing. It doesn't exactly interfere with my life, but it can be a waste of mental energy and makes things a bit less enjoyable. Do you have any suggestions for me? [more inside]
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Yet Another Book Question

Asking for a friend because you guys are so good at this: "I've been trying to find this book I read as a kid for years and I can't find it and it drives me crazy. It had a sword that would let you teleport forward where you point it if you said a name (I think like nicodarius). I think there were three kingdoms fighting over oil?
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Video game about a drug that turns people into dragons?

IDENTIFY THAT VIDEO GAME! There was a console RPG in the 90s which took place in some sort of cyberpunk setting. A main plot point of the game was that people were getting addicted to a drug which would gradually turn them into dragons. What was that video game?
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Lady champions

In what sports (especially endurance sports) do women perform better than men? And biomechanically speaking, why? [more inside]
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Do I actually have a job?

Someone please share some experience so I can stop worrying and get some sleep. I received a tentative offer from a federal agency. I then received an email asking for my preferred start date so they can send a confirmation letter. I responded, haven't heard back for a month. I sent an email to check in but haven't heard back for a week. [more inside]
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Have I killed these plants?

Last summer, I put a row of plants in my east window box--USDA Zone 6A in Somerville, MA. They seem "behind" others in the neighborhood. I can't find information on when they should sprout. Have I killed them or am I being impatient? Did I not let some of them seed? Most importantly, do I need to replace them? Or if not, how can I care for them as they return? More below! [more inside]
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Book Recs for Nursing Home Book Club

I'm a social worker at a skilled nursing facility, and one of my residents has asked if we could start a book club. I'm trying to come up with a list of books that they can vote on to decide what we read first, and am looking for suggestions. [more inside]
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I need a large (5 inch) hair clip with a side hinge and teeth

Where can I find a large--5 inch or longer---hair clip with a teeth and a side hinge that doesn't protrude much, so I can relax and lean back on it? [more inside]
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Coping with being rejected from a top school

My transfer application to a top school was recently rejected, and it was the last undergraduate application that I could send in. Would like some advice on coping with it. [more inside]
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A twitter follower getting into stalker-uncomfortable territory

I have a follower of my twitter account who's constantly causing alarm bells to go off in my head, and I'm curious how to deal with it. [more inside]
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Can I let my 2 year-old sleep in the back during a 10 hour long drive?

My wife and I want to go on a trip to Luxembourg. Its a 10 hour drive, and we want to do it during nighttime. However we have a 2,5 year old and we're wondering if we can let her sleep in the back in the car-seat for the entire ride? Will we do permanent damage to her body if we let her sleep in the carseat? Usually we just take a break if we go on long rides, and we've never considered her sleeping during a really long ride.
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Tying shoes is hard!

I have a hand injury that means I can't use one of my hands for a few weeks. I need shoes. Help? [more inside]
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Objective: Obtain A Position Doing Something Not Spreadsheet Related

What should my writing/creative resume look like? [more inside]
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Preferred by whom?

Should we use the insurance preferred auto repair shop? [more inside]
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Sites for finding an procrastination accountability partner?

This is probably an unusual question, but here goes anyway. I'm a chronic procrastinator, and have been having a hard time keeping on task from day to day. I would like to start planning my days ahead of time, but am having some trouble making it a habit. To that end, I've been trying to find an "accountability partner" online to correspond with through email, since I can't think of anyone who could assist me with this in real life. We could encourage each other, as well as keep each other honest. The problem is... I have no clue where to find someone who would be keen on this idea. Can you think of any sites in which I could find someone that might fit the bill? Also, do you have any suggestions for improving my idea? Details inside. [more inside]
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How do I look after my bike?

I recently bought a new hybrid bike which I will be using regularly for leisure rides. What do I need to know about basic maintenance (cleaning, lube, degreasing etc) to keep it in best shape. [more inside]
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Historical novels, subtype 'just-so' stories?

I'm craving a particular subtype of historical novel: the kind that posits a dimly-remembered reality behind a famous myth/legend/story, sort of filling it out and extrapolating the details into realism. My favorite of this kind is Mary Renault's "The King Must Die" about Theseus (also the sequel). I also enjoyed "Eaters of the Dead", about the events of 'Beowulf'. But what are some other good ones you can recommend? More examples and specifics inside! [more inside]
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Looking for a coffee table sized book about dwarves

I remember reading this book on dwarves as a kid and I am unable to find any hide or hair of via google. It was something along the lines of a field report from the uncovering of a city of tunnels somewhere in Europe. [more inside]
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What are some alternative titles to an Associate Manager position?

The job description boils down to an operations manager, as opposed to the head manager who handles big-picture/strategic/money things. Operations Manager or Associate Manager are perfectly appropriate titles that describe the position well, but the company culture is quirky and very non-corporate, so I was wondering if I might find a less ceremonious alternative. Any suggestions?
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...b/c GOMAD is actually kind of gross.

After a couple of years away from supplements, I'm looking for a whey protein powder that's close to what I used and liked in England. The catch is that I'm in Canada now. [more inside]
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Rebuilding lung capacity still poor-ish years after quitting smoking?

I quit smoking years ago, but still run out of breath while cycling, long before my legs are fatigued. [more inside]
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The Aging, Arthritic Dog: What's next?

Our 16 year old shepherd-husky mix, Gertrude (obligatory pic 1, 2) has bad arthritic hips and has trouble lying down, getting up and does not like to go down the short flight of stairs to go outside. She's on Rimadyl and Proin. We do have pain medication (Tramadol), which she does not like at all/will not take without a fight. She's in good spirits and is still eating (which is very good as she can be a finicky eater) and is at a good weight. She has a vet appointment this weekend to discuss if there's a next step to make Gert more comfortable. We are prepared if this is the end of the road (should she let us know so), but we're not quite there yet. Aged Dog Owners of Mefi: Prepare me for the vet - is there a step between where we are and the end, aside from asking for a more palatable pain medication?
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what basic word processing application for osx would you recommend?

Should be kinda an easy question in 2014, but I’ll ask anyway: What basic word processing (and preferably free/cheap) application have you found most stable/safest and user friendly (for Mac)? [more inside]
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Script or hack to show PDF from /YYYY/MM/DD/*.pdf URL?

I just noticed that the NYT offers a PDF version of its print front page, which I'd like to be able to access without going through the extra clicks on the website. The file always has the same name as is located in a simple nested date format — but I have no idea how to script something to replace that every day in a new tab or add it to Rainmeter or the like. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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Technology and design patterns for x-platform app?

I'm going to take the plunge and build, frankly, an insane application. I won't get into the nitty gritty, but suffice it to say it's a "world builder" app. I am just starting to figure out what I'm going to need, tech-wise, to build this thing, and I'd like some feedback from people who may have some experience in interface building, database design, cartography/GIS, graph theory, star-maps, and other such things.... [more inside]
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Is this for the drugs?

I've been rummaging around on Amazon looking for a bit of ready shaped silicone for a thing I'm trying to build and I keep running into containers and things that I have no idea what they are used for. [more inside]
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Where to get a 2-step TB test?

I need a 2-step tb test. Where do I get one? [more inside]
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Ghost in the brain

Based on my dysfunctional upbringing, it finally occurred to me that a lot my anxiety comes from being concerned that I will get "in trouble" a disproportionate amount for doing something that I didn't know was so wrong as to be deserving of the punishment. I have just recently started therapy again and will certainly bring this up, but I'm sure some of you will have some advice for me. [more inside]
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Advice on Bryce Canyon/Escalante area with a toddler

My wife I will be visiting Bryce Canyon in early June with our 2-year-old son. We want to do the Navajo/Queens Garden loop. Would this hike be safe/doable considering one of us will be (mostly) carrying our son in a pack? We are in decent physical shape, but online I'm seeing some hikers say it is an easy hike and others saying it is strenuous and very steep. We're also looking for suggestions for other good bang-for-your-buck hikes in Bryce, Zion, Grand Staircase/Escalante area that would be good for us with the little one. Thanks in advance!
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First World Problem: Broken Vase

My Bengal cat broke my favorite vase in all of creation. [more inside]
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Need Android headphones as similar as possible to Apple Earpods

I like Apple Earpods. I don't like in-canal earbuds. I just switched to Android, and earpods don't work well. What can I get? [more inside]
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Recommend New Scary Authors Please!

I live on audiobooks, and I prefer less serious literature because I listen to them when I'm working or driving. For the last few months, I have been having trouble finding a book that really engages me that I want to stick to, and I need some help finding new authors. I'm especially interested in mysteries and thrillers. [more inside]
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Vitiligo and black lights

Curiosity filter: I have a mild case of vitiligo and poliosis, but am fortunate to be so fair skinned in general that the vitiligo is often hard to detect unless I point it out. I've heard that the de-pigmented patches of skin will glow under a woods lamp/black/uv lights and am curious if I can test this myself. Will any old black light do? [more inside]
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How to manage a graphic designer?

I work with an agency that has multiple clients, projects, and account managers, but only one, remote graphic designer. It has fallen on me to manage all graphic design needs for all accounts, and communicate these needs to the designer. Is there software, a template, or any other service that would helps manage this? (I know there are various project management apps/platforms, but is there one better suited to graphic design?) I'll need to track assorted, shifting deadlines for projects that each have their own styles and assets. All tips appreciated!
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traveling with my arm in a sling

Flying and vacationing with my arm in a stabilizing brace - give me hints and tips and answers! [more inside]
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Does anyone have any information on the Obon Matsuri in Takayama, Japan?

Hello all, I'm looking at being in Takayama for Obon Festival this year, but I can't find any information on the dates they celebrate it or what exactly they do for it. I've searched in both English and Japanese, but my Japanese-language search skills are terrible. Any information you all could provide would be extremely helpful! Thank you. :) Best, Joe
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New Orleans art shows in October 2014

My friend from Orange County (California) is a fine artist and photographer. He’s visiting New Orleans in October 2014 and would like to be part of some art shows while he’s here. [more inside]
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Where should we camp in the South of France?

Some freinds and I are going to take a train from Amsterdam to the South of France this summer and we need some ideas for places to check out on a budget and with interesting places/events/people to check out. [more inside]
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Best pre-space age photos we had of the planets?

What were the best photos we had of the planets in our solar system before the Pioneer and Voyager missions? [more inside]
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Mr. B♮

In recent years, I've grown uncomfortable with sight-reading lots of flats and naturals, especially in chords, and with reading notes above and below the staves. This is limiting my ability to sit down and play anything on the piano. What are some good pieces and exercises that help a person regain general mastery in this area?
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Adventures in the skin trade

I have a rash I have been dealing with unsuccessfully for the last four months, and need deciding how to proceed. General interest (well, if you're interested in rashes and bug bites and other matters dermatological), but people who know the Baltimore medical scene are particularly invited to read on. Red, blotchy snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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You don't know what you don't know, until you know it

I am 21 years old. Currently I am living at home, working two jobs and trying to figure out what to do for school. I am not close to my family, I was kind of neglected as a kid and feel like I lack a lot of basic life skills and understanding of life. I never realized it before but I am very naive and ignorant. I really want to become more successful socially though, but I'm wondering how exactly to catch up or if I can. [more inside]
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Seeking Sludge Solutions

I have been trying to lose 5-10 pounds for three years. I have succeeded only in gaining 15. Clearly, I am either hopelessly incapable of dieting/exercising or it's physically impossible for me. As a last-ditch effort, I find myself wondering if I can just replace some or all of my meals with some kind of... nutritious slurry... without that being a detriment to my health. I feel embarrassed that I am seriously considering trying to subsist on a meal-replacing substance, but I feel a bit hopeless. Details follow. [more inside]
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Mom-safe audiobooks for a car trip?

Tomorrow, I will be driving my mother on a ten-hour road trip. I desperately need some entertainment for the drive, but most of the stuff I already possess for my own entertainment would annoy, offend, or disturb my mom. My mom is very religiously and politically conservative. I am looking for audiobooks, podcasts, etc. that we could listen to in the car and that we could both enjoy. It doesn't have to be 100% squeaky clean but nothing worse than a PG movie or network television show like NCIS. Bonus if it is (a) long (b) available for free as a podcast or I can use an Audible credit to get it (c) entertaining enough to keep me alert as I drive. I'm thinking maybe clean humor, English-style "cozy" mysteries, heartwarming but not cloying books like All Creatures Great and Small, something along those lines.
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Love him, leave him?

Please help me sort out my long-term thinking about my very good but maybe not perfect relationship? [more inside]
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Android GPS volume weirdness

I have a Samsung base model phone running whatever the current version of Android is. I like to hook my phone up via headphone jack to an FM transmitter to hear GPS navigation and Spotify streaming. The two used to play well with each other: Spotify would mute whenever the GPS had directions to give. However within the last two weeks the GPS is nearly inaudible when it takes over, while Spotify returns at full volume. I think the problem is that I listen to Spotify at full volume to improve the quality over the FM transmitter, since oherwise you can hear staticy intetference. I've noticed that whenever GPS takes over it pops up a hearing damage warning due to the phone being at full volume. I feel like this happened in a recent update, and is causing the intetoperability problems. Is this likely the case, and can I turn off the hearing protection feature? If not then what else might be causing this?
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Looking for a 2-day backpacking hike near Washington, DC

I'm trying to plan a last-minute backpacking trip this weekend. I'm looking for suggestions for a good 2-day (~12-16 mile) circuit hike that's within a 2 hour drive of Washington, DC. [more inside]
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Messages on an American iPhone in Greece?

I recently took my Verizon American iPhone 5s outside the country for the first time and installed a Cosmote sim card on it. Immediately all my contacts on the messages app lost their names and only appear as their American phone numbers, e.g. +1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx. How can I fix this? [more inside]
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What happens when an atheist dies? Like, practically-speaking?

Where do atheist funerals/memorial services take place, and who, if anyone, officiates? [more inside]
posted by mskyle at 8:05 AM PST - 32 comments

Tell me about remastered audio in layperson's terms.

Lately I've been seeing a lot about music converted to a 432Hz format, but very little about why and how, exactly, it's superior. Add that to the huge amount of "remastered" music I see on Spotify when I look up an older album, and I'm confused about why it's necessary to remaster. What's so bad about the un-remastered audio? Are the reels literally degrading? Why is simple digitization inadequate? What, exactly, happens when an audio engineer goes in to remaster a track? And, if I might as well get my money's worth, how can I notice and appreciate the superiorities in remastered and/or 432 Hz audio?
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Job Search Etiquette

About a month ago I interviewed for a position through a placement agency. The interview went very well. So well, in fact, that the person with whom I interviewed didn't want to see any other candidates and wanted to hire me. Great, right? Well, not so fast... [more inside]
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How do I act around someone who cancelled last minute?

Usually people who have this problem were cancelled on by someone they were dating online or otherwise won't see again, but my problem is that I will see him around a fair bit. [more inside]
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What are some good congratulation songs?

Putting together a playlist of congratulation/celebratory songs, please let me know your favorites.
posted by cali59 at 5:53 AM PST - 19 comments

How to escalate an issue when a website's support team is ignorning me?

Someone (?) registered and account on Thumbtack with my e-mail address. I've sent multiple e-mails to support and only really gotten a "your message has been forwarded to IT Support" response (via ZenDesk). Is there anything else I can do to get their attention? Any other avenues to pursue? [more inside]
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iPad and iTunes Question (Seperate Computers)

How do I set up/configure an iPad on a computer that won't be used as the main/regular computer? [more inside]
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How does a dual US/EU citizen travel legally with just a US passport?

I'm a dual citizen of the US and Poland but for various reasons I carry only a US passport, so for what follows, "Get your Polish passport and save yourself the trouble and worry!" is not a useful answer. I would like to travel to Europe in the near to medium future, but I came across a dire warning from the US Embassy in Vienna that "It is illegal to enter the EU as an EU citizen with the U.S. passport." Is this true? (Related discussion about Ireland previously.) Although the Polish government is aware of my existence and citizenship, can and would they really post an alert not to let me in or to detain me that would show up at a passport control station in, say, France? Am I overthinking this or being paranoid? [more inside]
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My paycheck shrunk about 10% from last time because of withholding. Why?

I originally got paid for a one week interval and 22% of my paycheck was deducted for taxes. Now, I'm getting paid in two-week intervals and 31% of my paycheck is being deducted. The money is disappearing into withholding. Why did my paycheck shrink, even though my pay rate hasn't? I have not changed my withholding allowances. [more inside]
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How can I extract this fancy VGA font?

I have access to an old Toshiba 386 PC (T2000Sx) with an extremely unusual VGA system font; which I would like to recover as a font file and document in a web site. How can I write a program which reads the font data from VGA memory and writes it to the floppy? [more inside]
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Where's a good place for a free, simple, trouble-free photo blog?

Hey, I'm traveling and I want to start a blog to catalogue my adventures. Just something for friends and family that's a bit nicer and a little more personal than Facebook. Must be free, fairly traditional blog format (not Tumblr), emphasis on photography with captions. [more inside]
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May 14

A stargazing destination for little kids around Seattle?

My kids (3 & 5) both love to hear about space and space travel. But living in Seattle means they rarely see any stars. In the spring and summer it's light past their bedtime. In the fall and winter it's often cloudy, and when it isn't, there's tons of light pollution. I want to take them on a trip where they can see the night sky in all its glory. [more inside]
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Movies to get us in the mood.

Help us watch movies that are romantic and sensuous with just a little soft porn scenes to get us in the mood. Adult movies tend to be intense and sometimes put us off. The ones that were suggested to us by friends tend to be action movies with a scene thrown in or horror movies. [more inside]
posted by theobserver at 10:37 PM PST - 26 comments

What is biting me?

Freaking out that I might have bedbugs. (Gross) pictures inside. [more inside]
posted by andrewesque at 10:09 PM PST - 15 comments

What's a reliable, powerful fan?

Who has had a powerful fan for longer than three years without it breaking or doing something irritating? What's the make and model? [more inside]
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Negative scanning services?

I have a bunch of 35mm negatives from the 90s and 00s I'd like to get scanned, and I'm wondering what services people recommend. ScanCafe was recommended in a previous post, which sounds like it would work for me, but I'm wondering if other folks have better / cheaper recommendations. In particular the color correction seems unnecessary to me since I can color correct the few images I'll probably want to post myself in Lightroom.
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resources for evaluating/starting a small business

I have an idea for a small business. I'm seriously considering quitting my job to start up this business. I have never thought of myself as an entrepreneur before and I'm looking for resources to help me think this through. [more inside]
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What's this high-pitched whine I hear outdoors?

Shortly after moving into a new area in Toronto, I noticed a high-pitched, electronic sounding noise outdoors. It's really putting a damper on my enjoyment of my otherwise lovely deck. Can you help identify it? (Recording and details inside) [more inside]
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This is not my miniature life! Please help me visualize these dimensions

Is this miniature baby bedroom set the appropriate scale for this miniature dollhouse? Will this miniature car fit into that miniature garage?
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RoadTripFilter: Philadelphia to Omaha. What's fun to do?

I'm bringing a car to Omaha in very late June, early July. Dates are flexible. We're planning to take 2-3 days of driving split between two people. What are the best routes in terms of scenery and attractions to do overnight along the way? We are staying for about a week and flying back one-way to PHL. Ideas for what to do in Omaha are also needed. At least some of the activities in or around Omaha should be suitable for people under 21, although they don't all have to be. Museums, parks, sciency stuff, and hotel and restaurant recommendations all welcome. Assume an upper limit of $200 per person per day for 2-3 people, although this is fairly flexible both directions.
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My Debit Card was compromised, now what?

I had to get a new card on Saturday. On Monday, I purchased something on the internet. Today, someone spent 1300 of my bucks on something called "educational services" in New Delhi, while I sit here on the east coast of America. The bank says not to worry. But should I? [more inside]
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Help with negotiation

I just got a job offer (yay!) and I need help with negotiating benefits. Problem being that this is a very small and informal company while I've always worked at large multinationals with clear guidelines for these things. I have no idea how small companies work. [more inside]
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Best NYC clothes stores for larger guys? Goal: step up from jeans & tees

Which clothing stores in NYC have good casual/business casual clothes for larger men? My boyfriend and I are going clothes shopping this coming Saturday to prepare for an upcoming trip. He has a suit, but other than that, all his clothes are jeans and tees. For this trip, we are looking for: casual button down shirts (oxfords or plaids), non-jeans/non-khaki trousers, a sport coat or blazer, and some shoes that fall in between the New Balance sneakers he usually wears and the nice black shoes he wears with his suit. Sizes and price range below the cut. [more inside]
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Communication Resources for Children of Narcissistic Parents

My sister was recently given a talking-to at work for her tone, after she unknowingly made one of her employees cry. She's been told she talks to people like they're stupid. And despite the fact that she is a very sweet, loving, and compassionate person, she does do that sometimes. She's not always aware of it happening, but sometimes she is, and she says it's hard to stop. Our mother was the same way, and what my sister says is, "Sometimes I feel Mom's voice coming out of me, and I hate it but I can't stop it." She's asked me for some resources that will help her learn how to communicate better, and be aware of her tone and fix it when necessary. It's especially important to her now that she's pregnant and doesn't want to talk to her child the way our mother talked to us. Any suggestions for her? I've already got Non-Violent Communication on the list, and I'm looking for good resources for children of narcissistic mothers. What else?
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Going Out to the Ball Game . . . in Milwaukee

So, in a few weeks we are flying from Seattle to Chicago, then driving to Milwaukee, to attend a ball game with friends at the Brewers ball park. We've never been to Milwaukee. It's a short trip -- just for the weekend. Any suggestions from the Hive Mind on where to stay and eat and what to do besides going to our scheduled game?
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Need help finding a t-shirt

My cousin use to own a t-shirt from "Green Eggs and Hamlet". I have been trying to find the t-shirt online but sadly with no luck. The t-shirt is the one mentioned in this post but even though I know it may exist in Stratford Ontario I am no closer to finding. I picked the person who made the post but still waiting on a response. Thought I would try here to see if people have any ideas. Thanks!
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Get Me to the Wedding On Tiiiiiime (DC to NYC edition)

Hi, wonderful Mefites! I am thinking of driving from DC to New York City for a wedding next Thursday (the 22nd). Google tells me that driving time (from DC to an address on W 159th) is just shy of 4 hours. Considering that this will be a weekend, and holiday weekend, what is a more realistic driving time? (extra driver snowflakes inside) [more inside]
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How can I put a steakhouse in my kitchen?

I'm at the point in life where I can start affording some small luxuries, and one of my longstanding dreams has been to have the ability to cook restaurant quality steak and stir-fries indoor in my home kitchen via a proper commercial grilltop. What do I need to get, and who should I talk to? Has anyone ever done this before? [more inside]
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Upcoming trip airline travel question

I have an upcoming trip to and from Chapel Hill, NC. While there, we will be traveling to the Washington DC area. My return flight leaves RDU, near Chapel Hill and routes through IAD, Dulles, at DC. Skipping the flight from RDU would save about four hours of driving back to North Carolina and realistically provide another full day in the DC area. Can I do this? If so, what are the restrictions and gotchas? Can I roll the RDU-IAD flight revenue over into a seat upgrade? Personal experiences with trying to do this welcome. Direct experience from airline and travel pros also welcome. Speculative answers less welcome. Thanks very much! [more inside]
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My crawling baby is bored. Help!

We live in a small house with a patio but no yard. There is a decent space in the living room for him to crawl around but he's getting bored with his toys and has decided he'd rather try to injure himself with every other thing he can find. We are in for a long summer. Any ideas for activities (in the house or out of the house), games, or toys that will keep him stimulated given our limitations?
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Looking for great characters from Movies or TV with the preface THE

I have four paintings to fill in my office that are blank and I was thinking about doing something with THE. The idea would be a stencil of Jeff Bridges in Lebowski with THE DUDE underneath. And then in the framed pic next to him, maybe Elvis as a stencil with THE KING underneath. And that's all I've got. And I'm not totally sold on either. But I need some options. What are some characters - real or fictional - who are known by their moniker with THE in it? Ideally two words. Including the THE.
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Paris, Spies and computers... Name this novel!

Identify-this-novel-filter: Trying to find a book I read when I was younger. It had to do with Paris, spies, computers(?) and Africa. There was a lot of talk about the City of Light, it was set mainly in Paris. I could have sworn the title of the novel was 'City of Light' (which I'm pretty sure I'm wrong about) but I think it might be similar? The book opened with a code phrase being received from an agent in Africa that had something to do with 'blue', about an operation gone wrong. There was definitely mention of the Paris catacombs, and covert meetings in Paris cafes. Pretty sure the direct boss of the main character was a female spy/agent. Shot in the dark, I know, but the name is on the tip of my tongue -- just can't for the life of me figure it out.
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Looking for a Good Time in Pittsburgh/Millvale, PA

Going to be in Pittsburgh/Millvale for an evening and looking for recommendations. [more inside]
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This is stupid! Please help me enjoy my new toys (Moto G, iPad, Macbook)

I've recently acquired some new toys that I'm not getting any use out of because of my unusually strong hatred of spyware, adware, and "social networking". Specifically, I've had a new Moto G phone for about two weeks, an iPad mini for a few months and a Macbook Pro for about two years. I'm not getting any enjoyment or use out of these tools because I need help configuring them in such a way that they don't bother me with social networking noise and spyware-related crap. Please help. [more inside]
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Cute, trendy, natural fabric garments for a 20-something woman?

I'm a 24 year old woman who needs to do some serious wardrobe updating. I'm tired of rayon and polyester, especially for summer. [more inside]
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Childbirth. What's up with that?

Next in the string of Major Life Events: getting this kid out of me. I feel like most of the resources out there (including the classes I was looking to for advice) are pitched toward people who have already decided whether or not to have a natural, unmedicated childbirth, especially here in granola-land. I don't know; I want the baby out and safe, but I don't care about being SuperMom; I am pretty sure there's no reason to be in pain if I don't have to be. I just want to be able to get through it and be with my husband and baby. Thoughts, experiences, advice? [more inside]
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Have you managed to correct "duck footed" walking?

If you once walked with an extreme turnout of the hips/feet, but corrected it, what did you do that worked? Or if you tried and weren't successful, what did NOT work?
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Looking for a book but don't know author nor title

Hi, I read this book as a teeny (35 years ago). It's about a girl that finds herself suddenly through time-travel in London in the second world war. She falls in love with a soldier and meets with her mother that was then her age. Her multicolor scarf hat a special meaning in the story but I can't remember why. As she finds herself suddenly back to present time, she writes down her happenings and gives the diary to her mother who is shocked as she remembered that girl with te strange scarf. She occasionally meets the son of the solder that looks identically as his father who did pass away in the meantime. [more inside]
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Book search: Personal accounts of war

I am looking for books about war or other bad experiences, that are as evocative as Noonday Demon is about depression. [more inside]
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Looking for a New 17" Laptop Suggestion

Looking for a laptop as a desktop replacement. Main requirement is that it needs to have a number pad on the keyboard. Looking for something high powered. [more inside]
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Oddly Specific Leg Pain

On Monday night, my spouse woke in the middle of the night several times with the distinct feeling of a needle being put into the back of her heel. Looking for potential explanations. [more inside]
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A technical or more descriptive name for RPG core attribute diagrams?

Does anyone here know a more descriptive or technical term for the form of the sort of core attribute chart/diagram seen in this image?
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Help me respect people in my life that don't seem like they are trying.

It feels like people in my life aren't trying hard enough, but as I have felt this way multiple times now, I realize the problem is within me. My life has been pretty easy because I try really hard and get good results. Does anyone have any perspectives/advice for me? Snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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Please fill me in on the medical process of getting term life insurance.

My husband and I are in our 30s, healthy, and would like to start a family soon. Before I get pregnant, I would like us both to purchase term life insurance policies. However, the idea of having to get a physical from someone who isn't my regular doctor squicks me out a bit. How does the physical/medical part of obtaining term life insurance work exactly? I keep picturing having to go to some shady "doctor's" office in a weird part of town - and in metro Los Angeles where I live that is not so hard to imagine. Is there a way to find out which doctors an insurance company uses to do some research beforehand?
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Need an accurate English to Latin translation.

A friend of mine wants to get another tattoo, and the phrase he's picked to get inked is this: "I am the angel of death, not mercy." He would like for the ink to be in Latin, so obviously he wants to make sure the translation is spot-on. Any Latin scholars able to help with this? Thank you so much!
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Office work & Commuting in the UK after 12 yr gap: Hacks & Tips please!

I will shortly start a new job having worked from home for many years and I've unexpectedly been asked to start ASAP. There's some great advice on Ask about podcasts & commuting and some about 'returning to corporate hell', but I'm wondering about the practicalities of organising your life in advance for a working week, and especially wondering about what I don't know. [more inside]
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Insert Clever Brining Pun Here

I just plunked a whole chicken into Michael Ruhlman's quick brine. It is now sitting in a bag in my fridge. I deviated from the recipe in one big way--I used cold water rather than ice water for the cooling step. Now I am worried. [more inside]
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Can you get a key copied at 6:am in NYC?

I know there are 24 hour lock smiths that will open a door at any time of night if you're locked out. But is there a place that is actually open where I can walk in and copy some keys? I'm getting the keys in a week apparently and I don't have to return them until noon, but unfortunatly I have to be at work at 7am. This means I need to copy them before I get to work that day. Any possibility of doing this?
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Need a new paper cat litter - STAT!

Cat prefers peeing on the bare floor to most litter. Current litter - which cat actually likes - just got discontinued. Please help me find a new cat litter that is as close to the old one as possible. [more inside]
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Involuntarily caught in housing benefit con

I recently took over paying the UK council tax in a shared living arrangement. The house is HMO licensed for 5 people, yet large, so there has always been a sixth person living here off the books since way before I moved in. That 'HMO invisible' started a housing benefit application. I'm being asked to lie to the council on email. No way! But this idiot is a good friend. Help! [more inside]
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Did I get ripped off by the mechanic?

Had a flat tire, ordered two new tires, picked up car and drove it 0.5 miles (2 minutes) and parked it. Hours later went to drive it and the same original flat tire is flat again. The mechanic says there was a nail in the new tire. Did I get ripped off? [more inside]
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Budget Insurance or Scammy Scammeroni?

We've identified a couple of insurance companies that will give us equivalent home insurance for about half what we're paying now. They're not national name-brand insurance companies. Would we regret that money saved come the next hurricane? [more inside]
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How does the third child change your life?

How does the third child change your life? [more inside]
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Mantras for Enduring Loud Inane Noise

I am about to move from a very quiet corner of my large shared apartment, to a very loud, high traffic area where I will be unable to escape from television noise and very loud people. What are some phrases or slogans which I can repeat to myself regularly, so that I can be as calm and non-judgmental and non-rage-y as possible? [more inside]
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What else sounds like this? Did it have a name?

I've been mesmerized by Karen Dalton's LP "In My Own Time" lately - both by her voice, and by her band. What else should I be listening to? [more inside]
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Big 'V' Commemoration Gift

Mr. Fig is in the process of scheduling a vasectomy. I'd like to get him a small thank-you gift for 'taking one for the team' (ie, having surgery so I don't have to), and to commemorate our decision as a couple to remain childless. Basically, I'm looking for the inverse of a Push Present. I need ideas of what to give to him. [more inside]
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"Durga Shakti" Singer?

my google fails me-- Who is the singing on the song, often used in yoga studios, "Durga Shakti" from Craig Kohland's 'Kerala Dream: A Shaman's Dream Project' --- Kohland says the singer's name @13:45 on this Sound's True podcast ...but I can't understand him...."La Shmee"" ?? --more.... (and thanks-) [more inside]
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Am I being totally unreasonable?

Looking for feedback from others regarding a dispute with a mechanic over charges he made for repairs on my motorcycle. [more inside]
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Planning a trip to western equatorial Africa

My niece is planning a trip to western equatorial Africa. We have several questions as she gets ready to go. [more inside]
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A sugarless feast

Give me your favourite diabetic-friendly recipes that would be suitable for my mum - someone who doesn't tend to like/can't get hold of exotic ingredients. [more inside]
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You are getting very sleepy

I used to get more energy from working out, but now I have to go home and sleep all day after I go to the gym. Why is this happening to me?! [more inside]
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Should the office be in Portland, Boulder, Salt Lake City or N'awlins?

Company is looking to open an office in Portland, Boulder, Salt Lake City, or New Orleans. What is it like to hire programmers and designers there? What is the talent pool like? What do people get paid? [more inside]
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Beef cheeks and other off-cuts - please give me your recipes for winter

Winter here and I've dusted off my slow-cooker. What are your favourite recipes for the inexpensive cuts of beef that are well suited to long, slow, low-heat cooking? Bonus Mefi-miles* for minimising the fat content. I tend to cook big batches on the weekend, freeze portions and microwave as needed of an weekday evening. *loyalty points, or favourites I guess [more inside]
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Help troubleshoot installed turntable cartridge?

I just bought a new cartridge for an old record player, installed it as instructed, and sound is only coming out of one channel when playing a record. [more inside]
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May 13

Songfilter: What's the song playing in Silicon Valley ep.6 at 16 minutes

The song technically starts at 15:40. It's the scene where Richard gets intimidated by Kevin.
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Please help my mother find this fabric

My mother is hoping to find this fabric (another view) for sale, but not having any luck. (Except all this scouring of fabric sites is turning up many other prints she absolutely has to have...)
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Global Shipping Program - Item arrived damaged (poorly repackaged)

Hello all -- I had purchased an expensive antique item from a US seller on Ebay about three weeks ago. (I asked him to opt out of the GSP, but he insisted that he didn't want to opt out of it. Since this antique item was a rare collectible that couldn't be purchased anywhere else, and since I haven't used GSP before, I decided to go along with it (despite hearing all the negative accounts of GSP on the internet). I was charged around US$85 for the GSP "import fees" on the ~$500 item. [more inside]
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Who can I pay to make my couch stop smelling like cat pee? (in NYC)

My beautiful, beloved cat peed on the couch. Anti-Icky-Poo is failing me, and frankly I'm fed up and just want to pay someone else to make the cat urine smell go away. I'm in NYC. Any recommendations on who I can call to deodorize the couch? [more inside]
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Songs about the unbearable process of making music?

I'm looking for songs about the music industry -- preferably negative. [more inside]
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Whole grain baking mix

I'm looking for a good recipe for a whole grain general baking mix, similar to Bisquick. Any suggestions for individual recipes or cookbooks would be welcome. Specifics inside. [more inside]
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Cargo or longtail bike for my snowflakey family?

Is there a cargo bike that meets my needs? If so, which one? [more inside]
posted by latkes at 7:25 PM PST - 19 comments

Find me a font?

I'm looking for a font that closely matches the writing at the bottom of this image. Free, of course, would be best, but anything would help.
posted by Joseph Gurl at 7:24 PM PST - 10 comments

Help me purge my laptop demons

I have an acer operating Win7 starter. (1) I hastily tried to watch a champions league game and picked up some bad viruses. (2) I haven't been running a legit version of windows for at least 2 reboots and I don't have any current version I can switch to (3) Attempts to use pirated versions have led to failure thru what seems to be windows versions conflicts or lack of crucial drivers that I can't find. I understand that uninformed pirates, even if they're plundering Msr. Gates are not easy to forgive, but please help. I'd just like to have a functioning old machine with a clean OS install and not have to get a new machine. Any tips, links, instructions are greatly appreciated.
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That Clean ...Risky?! Chew

I need to get more fit. Part of it has to be done by controlling my intake. I've had success in the distant past with gum. But now I'm worried about the non-sugar sweeteners that most use - sorbitol and xylitol. Should I be? [more inside]
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Budgeting 101?

Can you recommend budgeting and personal finance courses, or where I should be looking for such a thing? [more inside]
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Looking for the one, have you seen her? Employment edition.

Just three months at a new job and I'm miserable. Help me sort out if it just plain ain't right, or it deserves more time and effort. [more inside]
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What should I do about this unauthorized entry in my apartment building?

An unknown person let themselves into my neighbors apartment, stole her pot, and then left, and my landlord isn't doing anything about it. I'm wondering what I should do now, if anything. Details at length inside. [more inside]
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heart surgery for 77 years old-mitral valve stenosis and repair for it

I have a feeling that hospitals push surgery all the time. my grandma was diagnosed with a heart defect that she was born with and they recommended surgery for 40 years.she has mitral stenosis and she was fine and on meds and no major issue except once when she was in the hospital. however now that we revisited the subject, I asked her if she should get the surgery. she is 77. she is saying God forbid that old people have trouble recoviering from it and that she can die from a surgery when she can just live as long as she can naturally and the pills help her. we know that the pills only treat the symptoms not the underlymg cause. so from your experience and with your old beloved, how do they handle heart surgery after 75? did you have good or bad experience with such surgery? of course I will just respect her wish but I wonder what experience did you have with your beloved ones undergoing mitral stenosis surgery
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What's the best car for car idiots?

I am moving to the SF South Bay in a few months and need to buy a car. I've read previous car-buying askme's, done a bit of avoid-scams/how-to-haggle online research, but mostly I'm overwhelmed. Step 1, I think: make, model, new or used?!? Please help me choose a car! [more inside]
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classic cars in the West Midlands for hire?

The older boy wants a classic car for prom in Staffordshire near Wolverhampton. I found Kitt for £250 for five hours, but it didn't have back seats. The only car available from one classic car website I found is a 1979 Austin Allegro for £300 for the day. Hugely wrong on so many levels. How can I find a classic car in the West Midlands for a middle of the week prom in June?
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What are the best options to learn Web Development in Chicago?

I am a development-leaning Graphic Designer and I am looking to pursue being a Front-End/Web Developer and I wanted to get some opinions on what is the most effective and useful education options available. I currently reside in Chicago so if there are any Chicago specific possibilities that would be great [more inside]
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Overnight in San Jose - questions about airport logistics and FOOD!

My family will be spending one Sunday night in June in San Jose. How can I not worry about making our flight out Monday morning? And what should we eat while we're there? [more inside]
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what's the name of that movie about the girl photographer?

can anyone remember the name of that movie, I think it's Brazilian, about the girl photographer/traveler who happens upon a village of old people and stays at the old woman/bread maker's home? the girl uses pinhole photography and is generally treated with suspicion but, over the next couple of days, she affects the people of the town? it's on Netflix instant but damned if I can recall the name.
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When will the Del Close Marathon tickets go on sale?

When will the Del Close Marathon tickets go on sale? And is this the sort of thing that sells out really quickly? [more inside]
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Arthritis and spray bottles

I have pretty severe arthritis in my hands and fingers. Most things I can manage well enough with. But not spray bottles - spray wax for my hair, for instance - some things I can put into a smaller bottle. Any tips or gadgets? With spray paint, the have those trigger things that help immensely. (I'm not looking for recommendations about different hairspray or whatever.) some of the products cannot be removed from the original container.
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External DVD drive/player that works with both laptop and TV?

I am looking for an external, portable DVD drive that plugs into a TV (via USB would be most convenient) and functions like a standard DVD player, while also connecting to a laptop to play CDs/install software. I can only envisage using the drive to watch DVDs on my TV, rip CDs and install software, so the ability to write to disk is not important. [more inside]
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I'm looking for a "What Would Natalie Maines Do?" t shirt. After years of searching, I still can't find one. I'm looking for any information on this shirt and how I could possibly buy one. [more inside]
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Home strength routine to complement my constantly-varying class?

As I described previously, my daily fitness class changed its structure. I decided I'd like to create a strength routine I can do at home on my off days to complement the classes, but I've never made my own self-directed routine before. Details inside [more inside]
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Two weeks in Ireland

My fabulous in-laws are taking the family on a trip to Ireland this summer. Please help us find the real gems! [more inside]
posted by cellar door at 1:54 PM PST - 19 comments

My dream notebook: Does it exist?

Help me find my dream notebook! I'm looking for a journal-style notebook, ~5x8 and not spiral-bound, with grid (preferably 5x5) paper, that is smooth and thick enough for double-sided writing--something akin to a Moleskine squared. Difficulty level: tabbed pages (with a cutout for tabs, rather than protruding dividers). [more inside]
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Back again with a "name that movie" question, based upon the soundtrack.

The other day I heard a song that I recognized from a movie, and its driving me NUTS that I can't figure out what the movie is. [more inside]
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Shopping for new home and auto insurance

I'm working with an independent agent to purchase home and auto insurance. The agent has come back with a quote from Vermont Mutual, a company I'm not personally familiar with. Other than searching NAIC and AM Best, what are best practices for vetting an insurer? [more inside]
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Hope me, needle tatters

I need help with a simple stitch thatI just can't figure out. [more inside]
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Hacks for a sober life

After doing something at the weekend that I'm totally ashamed of I think I need to not drink again. I'm not sure how to manage that. I'd like advice from people who have been in the same situation. Apologies for length. [more inside]
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It's the small-space fitness challenge!

I need to develop a balanced daily workout for the next six months, specifically designed for limited and somewhat unusual spaces. Assume I have no access to traditional weights or fitness machines of any kind and that level ground and traditional cardio options will be at a premium. What 10 exercises can I do to approximate a whole-body workout? [more inside]
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How many pharmaceuticals available for Rx or OTC in the US?

This study and this article mention that there are more than 3,000 pharmaceuticals currently approved for prescription in the U.S and many compounds approved for OTC use. Where did they come up with that number or how might one come up that type of estimate? [more inside]
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Help Me Feel Like A Fan Again.

When I was in college, watching my college's basketball team play brought me joy and catharsis. I really identified with the players and felt like we were "all in this together." As an adult nearly 10 years out of college, that feeling eludes me. The players look like kids! When I travel to the games the alumni section is staid and boring! If you are a fan of your college's basketball team (or really, any college b-ball team), how do you maintain the interest, and feel passionate about the game, as an adult? [more inside]
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Montreal Travel Questions

Trying to decide whether to go to Montreal for our long weekend trip. Did you have a good trip there? Do you have long walks or other things to recommend? [more inside]
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Small food things that are appreciated.

So I'm trying to up my game a bit in dating my wife. Nothing crazy, as we are home-bound a lot with kids, but I have something specific in mind regarding something that she likes. We are trying to carve out some time together during the week just to chill and enjoy movies together. What I'd like to do is have something special every week that I would make for us in terms of food, beyond chips and popcorn, etc. I'd like this to require some planning and effort, but without a crazy amount of prep time, as we have limited time in the evenings. Are there some fun, snacky (i.e, not a meal) things that are not super low maintenance, but not high maintenance, either, that would impress my wife (just a little bit)?
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Will it hurt me down the line to give myself a "demotion"?

I am a U.S. Federal employee. I live in DC. After a decade here, I'm feeling pretty much done. I'd like to move to CA to be closer to loved ones, and a friend in SF just alerted me to a good-fit job opening in my agency's field office there. Problem: it's one grade lower than my current position. [more inside]
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Stop biting behavior in an SPD/ASD kid?

Our young (<6) child has sensory processing issues, and is lashing out physically when she is overwhelmed. We don't want to pull her from a generally beneficial school, and she's already in occupational therapy, what else can we do to stop the aggressive behavior? [more inside]
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How do I tell if a file is a real corrupt PDF or a fake broken file?

I make my students submit their assignments (for college writing classes) by uploading them as PDFs to our course management system. Sometimes students submit broken or un-openable files. My question is, how do I tell the difference between a real PDF file that became corrupted somewhere along the line and a fake corrupted PDF file created by a student who didn't do the assignment and wants an excuse? [more inside]
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Explosions for Three-Year-Olds

The coolest, smartest almost-three-year-old I know is having his birthday next month. He's really into explosions--what kind of experiments can we perform that will blow his little mind (beyond baking powder volcanoes)? Thank you!
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Why do ghosts appear upside down?

What is the origin of the trope of a newly dead person appearing upside down, and what are some additional examples? For some reason, I associate this with the movie "Ghost Dad," although I'm not sure why, as I don't think Bill Cosby ever appears upside down. The only actual example of this that I can put my finger on is Ludacris' "Southern Hospitality" video (@ 2:49). I am reasonably sure that this is a reference to whatever I'm thinking of and not the first time it had been done.
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How do I have an honest, ethical fling with a friend-of-a-friend?

I have never had a legitimate fling before. Lately I've been showing a lot more potential for it. I was kind of a late bloomer- I skipped the crazy college years because I was engaged to one guy during all of that (and was also a very different, more prudish and sheltered person at the time)- and then I moved around a lot and worked a lot and only dated a few other people. I don’t know what I’m doing. This is all new to me. I’ve made out with random guys in bars a couple of times and flirted with the idea, but that’s as far as it’s gone. Stranger sex has never really appealed to me- I always thought that a friend-of-a-friend would be perfect for a fling. But maybe not if it’s too close to home. So, how do I do this? Is there a way to have an ethical and honest fling and not hurt anyone’s feelings and still be friends with my friends? [more inside]
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Help me Meta Kenobi.

Can you reassure me that majoring in computer science and trying to find a job in technology and software as a woman isn't going to be terrible? [more inside]
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Using Dragon Dictate and other accessibility tools for writing/research

If you have figured out how to write research papers as a student with RSI (De Quervain's in this instance), please share tips, tools, or online resources that have helped you. [more inside]
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Best way to create custom printed map?

I'm looking for the best way to create a custom printed map with about 100 locations (in 2 or 3 categories) noted, and a legend to explain them. I don't know the first thing about GIS. [more inside]
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Seeking information about Doubleday, Junior Literary Guild, Junior Books

Do you know something about the history of publishing? Help me out. [more inside]
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What mousse should I use for my hair?

I have thin, curly, short hair. I used to use Redken Fresh Curls Spring Mousse and it worked beautifully on me. It wasn't sticky, it didn't crunch up my hair and I was able to apply it, let my hair air-dry, and my curls would form, essentially frizz-free (in Florida's humid environment!) and look great. But now, Redken has discontinued that mousse. What can I replace it with? [more inside]
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Best Airport Novels?

I read a lot of Classic and contemporary literary fiction and am interested in reading some books purely for distraction and fun. [more inside]
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I bet one of you knows more about this than the airline claims to

Next week I have a short (50 min) layover in Philadelphia on my way from San Francisco to Ottawa. The US Airways person I spoke to on the phone couldn't tell me if I'll need to get from a domestic terminal to an international terminal in that short time. But I bet one of y'all has had a similar-enough travel arrangement, or a lot of experience with PHL that you know the answer. [more inside]
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Trip to Omaha Zoo

We (two adults and a 3 year old) are planning a trip to Omaha zoo. The main question I have is regarding the rides (train/tram). Is it similar to what they have in some national parks, where you can ride between locations (and get on/off as you please) instead of walking? or is it just one big ride through the zoo? Any other info on the zoo or good restaurants for dinner in Omaha appreciated.
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The Art of Finding Someone

Fellow skip-tracers and family historians: I am looking for ways to improve my investigative skills in public records and the like. What are some good tips and tricks for tracking down people, dead or alive? [more inside]
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How can I turn my old iPhone 4 into a great (offline) bike computer?

I have an old iPhone 4 (running iOS 7) that has no sim card. GPS and wifi and all that still work fine and it's got plenty of space. I want to find an app that will allow me to download a big swath of map around my house for offline use, then stick the phone in a bracket on my handlebars and use it as a bike computer to tell me speed, mileage, route, etc. Ideally it would show me where I am on the map as I go, too. I'd gladly pay for the app if it is not free. Is this possible?
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Men-t the Runway

Is there an equivalent to Rent the Runway for men? [more inside]
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My Roland RD-700 doesn't sound good; help me fine-tune the settings.

I recently purchased a Roland RD-700, which sounded ay-may-zing when I was playing it in-store. Playing it at home (without headphones), though, it sounds a bit dull; the highs don't sing, and the lows have no power. It sounded like a concert piano in-store, and it sounds like a sub-$500 keyboard at home. Please help me configure my keyboard settings/speaker location so I can get this keyboard sounding the way it should. The [more inside]
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How to End or Change a Coaching Relationship?

For the last few years, I've been seeing a life coach. She's been great in helping me to gain perspective, address certain problems in my life and in my own habits. Overall, it's been great and I think I could still benefit from the coaching. The problem is that, recently, I've lost a ton of respect for her. Details within! [more inside]
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Paper basics

Getting married and working on invitations, what's your best resources for a paper novice? Just need a crash course in paper products to select the best quality invites.
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Mortgage shenanigans?

We have an excessive interest rate on our home. We tried to refi, and the appraisal came in a good $40,000 less than it needed to in order to qualify. So some of our more numerically-talented friends ran some numbers for us in an attempt to find alternative solutions and found a weird discrepancy that makes it appear we owe $15,000 more on the loan than we do... [more inside]
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Can't stay hard with a condom, help?

I'm a straight male without much sexual experience. I've been seeing a new girl recently and things have gotten sexual. We have good chemistry in and out of bed, are comfortable around each other and attracted to each other's bodies. But I've encountered a problem: when I try to penetrate her with a condom, I can't maintain an erection. Without a condom I don't have this problem, but condomless sex is not a good option. What to do? [more inside]
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Bad rhythm guitarist wants to take the lead.

I am reasonably competent at playing guitar chords. I prefer to strum them with my fingers/nails, but can use a plectrum as a blunt instrument. I seem unable to get the right hand coordination together to do any single notes/scales/tabs. Can mefi guitarists suggest exercises that might help me? It needs to start at real remedial beginner level.
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Best portable sucker windshield phone holding thing

I travel a fair amount for work and have discovered that most car-based GPS are crap compared to Google Maps and Waze. So I end up using my cell phone frequently for navigation. I'm looking for the best portable way to attach a phone holder to a rental car. Characteristics I'm looking for: * It needs to be something (like a sucker) that doesn't require installation to a car I don't own. * Should be portable and light - fold up or otherwise easily packable * Should fit Galazy phone, ideally fit multiple phones (I'm due for an upgrade and might change carriers.
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Cutting and Converting an Image

I have an .pdf image that includes railroad tracks. With an old version of Paint Shop Pro, I want to remove just the railroad tracks and then, using a .pdf to .dxf or .dwg converter, I want to make it black and white and scalable. How can I use my version of PSP cut out the image I want? Is there anything else I need to know?
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Quitting Dairy and Wheat: Do I have a shot at every being happy again?

I'm being forced to acknowledge that dairy and wheat products are probably the source of my constantly stuffy nose and eczema. Some days the sneezing and runny nose are so bad that I can't function. So I'd like to hear from others who have gone down this path: What is it like after quitting dairy and wheat products? Because honestly those are two of my favorite things in life and I don't how I'm going to handle it, should I go down this route.
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May 12

What band/album am I looking for?

I am looking for a band that put out an album with a cover that was a watercolor or pastel drawing of a couch. Other much vaguer clues inside. [more inside]
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I want to talk about music like I was a teenager again.

Lately I've been digging through a wealth of new-to-me Japanese bands and getting into music in a way I haven't really done in a long time. I realized this was largely because I'd stumbled upon a bunch of places that discuss JPop and JRock like this ginormous Popjustice thread, full of people who obsess over the latest bands and new music videos and whatnot. I also realized that I don't have anything like this for other music I listen to. So where do I go to discuss the other music I like? [more inside]
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Books about Stories in Games?

One of my very best friends has a birthday coming up. Over the last year he has thrown himself into game design as a hobby with his eyes on the horizon of possibly pursuing it professionally down the line. My friend is incredibly practical and intelligent so I am not so much interested in a gift that is very "how to" but instead I would love a book that looks at games on a critical level and deconstructs how they craft narrative. I've seen some questions on the green suggesting guides on a practical level and one a from a couple years ago of material that was mostly excellent blogs/posts but can anyone think of good gift books that explore ludo narrative in this way?
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Do I need a career change?

Not sure if career is the problem of if it's just me... [more inside]
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Please suggest a unique and wonderful gift(s) for a fiddler

Subject is a mature lady who about four years ago took up the violin and has progressed into fiddling. Probably at the early intermediate stage of expertise. Birthday coming up and I'd like to surprise her with unique and wonderful gift(s) that go along with her joy of fiddling. Violins/fiddles are out as are bows. Thank you and I'll return the favor when the question comes up for something I'm qualified to provide an opinion.
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Short stories and fair use

Can anyone recommend older short stories, which fall under fair use? The darker or spookier the better. [more inside]
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Help me identify these vintage cordial glasses

I am in the market for a set of cordial glasses, and really like the look of these - but I would kind of like to own more than two. Can anybody help me figure out what brand they are, or where I could find more like them? (Coordinating but not identical is also acceptable.)
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Can't tell if I am being sued. YANML, but do I need one?

A debt collector sent a written notice to my Post Office box saying that I am being sued in the Superior Court of San Francisco, and requested a physical address to serve papers. However, I cannot find any case with my name on it in the SF Superior Court's database (here, under "Name Search Query"). The notice is also suspicious because the docket number is "to be assigned" and no date of trial is given. I think this is just an attempt to get a physical address and I am not really being sued. How can I be sure? [more inside]
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Old Toshiba laptop won't boot to USB with HD installed

I have a laptop (Toshiba A105 S4344) with a windows xp install and a bootable USB clip with Win7 on it. I want to put Windows 7 on the laptop. If I take the hard drive out then the USB clip boots fine (but has no hard drive to install windows on). If I put the hard drive in then it runs windows off the HD even though USB boot is ahead of it in the BIOS startup order (and when I put a blank hard drive in then it complained it couldn't find the windows startup files). And when I try and insert the HD after loading Win7 off the USB, the installer can't see the hard drive. I've checked the BIOS and there aren't any secure boot/UEFI shenanigans going on. I will probably end up burning the win7 install onto a dvd, but does anyone know why the Toshiba would be overriding the boot order?
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S'cuse me, but you've got your FIOS in my analog.

When telephone companies replace copper analog phone lines with FIOS, what happens to what was supposed to be analog function? [more inside]
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What kind of birds are these and how do I take care of them?

My husband brought home a couple of baby birds that his friend found in his yard after they fell out of their nest. [more inside]
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What's this flower? I seem to have forgotten...

Can anyone identify this flower (the blue one)? Is it a forget-me-not?
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Help me find my perfect reclining work chair

I'm looking for a reclining chair for my home office that is less ugly and bulky than your typical cloth-upholstered Barcalounger. [more inside]
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Instructions on the care of a domesticated fairy ring.

My family's been living in this house for about ten years, and early on I noticed we had a fairy ring on the property. When our kids were little, they loved the fairy ring and asked me to mow around it, which I've done for the past six or seven years. This year I noticed that it seemed to expand. Since I don't cut it, there's a circle of longer grass from last year inside of where the fairy ring showed up this spring, as if the ring grew a little bit larger. I also noticed a smaller fairy ring, about a quarter of the size, seemed to be growing about fifteen yards away. I guess what I'm wondering is, by not mowing over the fairy ring, are we helping it get bigger, maybe even spawning baby fairy rings? What do you know about the care, feeding, and life cycle of the domesticated fairy ring? [more inside]
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online masters in library science

I'm planning to get a Masters in Library and Information Science. There are no schools that offer this program that are close enough to me at present. There are several online programs that are ALA accredited that I'm interested in. Does anyone have any experience with whether online masters programs are looked down upon when hiring in the library field? (Primarily looking at being a public librarian, if it matters.)
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An iPad, photos of grandchildren, and total confusion

My wife has an iPad Air. WiFi is enabled, but there is no cell-phone type connection. She would like to be able to move pictures of our grandchildren to the iPad so she can show them off even (or especially) where/when she has no connectivity. How? [more inside]
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I need logo'd coffee mugs in 9 days or less. Difficulty = $250 budget

I need to have coffee mugs imprinted with our company logo and delivered to downtown LA in the next 9 days, all for a budget of >$250.00 Anybody know a guy? Personal recommendations of reliable vendors urgently needed, thanks!
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Ok, I need a car, but should I buy it before or after I move

I live in DC. Sometime soon after Labor Day, I'll be relocating to Charlotte, NC. I'm sure I'll have plenty of wailing detailed questions about this as the time approaches [and after!], but it's happening [and it's very good for my career. I'm calling it a new adventure]. Should I buy a car here in DC or once I'm in Charlotte? [more inside]
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Roommate Troubles: Should I bother keeping in touch.

I've made my roommate's life kinda shit the entire school year. Should I just get out of her life, or try to keep in touch in case I become a better person? [more inside]
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How big a deal is it to live near a fire station?

Based on your experience, do you think we are going to regret buying a home near a fire station? [more inside]
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How to stop having crushes and/or stop feeling bad about them

Single woman in her late 20's here. I am in the habit of getting a crush on a new person 3-4 times a year, or basically every time I venture out into a new environment (new job, new activity, etc). When I'm not crushing on anyone or dating someone, I feel content with being single. (Actually when I am done dating someone it is a relief to be single!) I know getting crushes is normal. But they usually just make me feel bad. [more inside]
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Negotiating the right to moonlight

I’ve just been offered a product design position at a local software company, and tomorrow I’ll be negotiating the terms of my employment. I’d very much like to have the option of taking on small freelance jobs and remunerative personal projects outside of work, but the default employee agreement states that all intellectual property I produce belongs to my employer, including that developed outside of normal working hours. Is there any way I can take this job and keep my freedom? [more inside]
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Parsing statistical data

I have a spreadsheet with 120,000 or so rows & need to pull out some data. [more inside]
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Borderline Personality Disorder or Narcissism in popular media?

I'm interested in movies/TV shows/books/graphic novels/cartoons (including anime) that depict a realistic mother-daughter (or any parent-child) relationship where the parent has borderline personality disorder and/or narcissism, and where the (potentially adult) child was able to deal with this successfully. Ideally, the specific traits--such as black/white thinking, rages, and inability to achieve stability (job, finances, relationships, etc), treating one child as a golden child and another as a scapegoat, etc--would be depicted with some detail. And if possible, the parent should be an empathetic character (i.e., not a 2-dimensional "bad guy").
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Inventing Language Filter

Short version: I flippantly described myself today as a "repressed tramp" and that got all kinds of misinterpreted. I am looking for better descriptors that more accurately convey what I mean and are still succinct (or succinct-ish). More details below the fold. (potentially NSFW) [more inside]
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Familly Politics and Pregnancy - What's the Right Thing to Do?

My sister is pregnant (YAY!). Sister doesn't talk to my aunt but said I could tell aunt that she is pregnant. Aunt would be thrilled to find out. Do I keep my mouth shut? [more inside]
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Toddler resisting group learning activities?

My daughter (age 3.75) is having trouble with teacher-led, group activities. She doesn't want to follow the instructions and tends to quit and wander off. I'm not sure what the problem is. [more inside]
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Food in Barcelona

We are visiting Barcelona, Spain for a week, and are having trouble finding decent restaurants that aren't geared towards tourists in the Eixample area. I figure that y'all might know where we can eat. [more inside]
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I Guess You'd Call 'Em "Shadow Dichotomies"?...

I'd like examples of traits/personality types/habits/behaviors wherein most people fall into two or three "camps", none of whom are generally aware of the existence of the other(s). "Ask Vs. Guess Culture" and "Sit Vs. Stand to Wipe?" are two examples (a LOT of people are absolutely gobsmacked when they learn that Asking and/or Standing is not only an option, but a POPULAR option). I'm NOT interested in predefined typologies (e.g. the MBTI or Buzzfeedy "What Garden Implement Are You?" kinda stuff)... just ones that, 1. Arise kinda organically, 2. Involve Group A and Group B people frequently being unaware of one another's existence.
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DMARC and a legacy email account on AIM (AOL).com

I have had an email account (That's AOL Instant Messenger -AIM, for all you young folks) since 1999. It is brain dead simple email service, which is why I have kept it so long. It doesn't try to reorder your messages or roll them up into streams. I know, I am a Luddite. But in the past two weeks AOL has reset its DMARC policies to do with alias spoofing and now all my email is being rejected by major carriers like Gmail. Reason being, my address is, and the outgoing server is at I have poked around the site for awhile, but can't find any obvious fixes. I wrote to, but have not received a reply yet. Has anyone else faced and fixed this problem?
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I need to buy some skirts online

I'm doing field work in a hot climate and need to order some skirts online before I go. I'm having trouble finding skirts that fit my pretty specific requirements, but you have been really helpful with "find me this clothing item" requests in the past. Can the hive mind make some recommendations? [more inside]
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suicidal ex speaks incoherently, needlessly names me- do I warn his dad?

My suicidal ex bumped into A, an acquaintance of mine, a few days ago and, according to A who later contacted me to warn me about it, he talked strangely, incoherently, in an evidently sick way and mentioned my complete name several times for no apparent reason. As when I last heard him (to tell him to stop calling me), three weeks before this, he seemed to be in a fairly good mental state, I am now debating calling his family to let them know about it. Should I do it or would it be out of place and maybe even open up a can of worms I've barely managed to close? [more inside]
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Who do you call for leak detection services?

I've got an automatic backyard sprinkler system that has sprung a leak, but I have no idea where or how. I'd trust the gardening company that installed it, but they weren't very good at previously finding leaks in their own work (they installed it). Are there professionals that use modern tools to solve these kinds of problems? Should I just call a plumber or HVAC guy or is there someone more appropriate? [more inside]
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Where can I learn/get back to speed with *practical* Java?

I majored in CompSci. I have 7 years of programming experience. I spent 2 years coding in Java. But then I took a break from programming, which lasted for about 5 years, and now I'd like some hand-holding while I'm finding my way back. [more inside]
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"Survive for long on the streets and you're a warrior." Name that tune?

In my early clubbing days, at the start of the 1990s, I used to hear a ravey/housey/techno song with a repeated refrain (possibly a vocal sample lifted from elsewhere) that sounded like "Survive for long on the streets and you're a warrior." As I recall, this line was spoken rapidly and aggressively, with what sounded like a British accent... and the vocal may have been sped up (as a lot of vocal loops were in dance tracks around that time). [more inside]
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Best of the web to help stop binge watching bad TV?

My wife and I have a 6-month-old who goes to bed quite early (not complaining) which means we have lots of evening time at home these days. We have Apple TV and while air playing something last week - I thought, hmmm, maybe we can make a night of this?!?! So, we've decided that Tuesday nights are web-stream nights. We are looking for specific videos (or sites that have great ones) that are any of the following: Educational like any number of videos on vsauce, thought-provoking like videos on The School of Life site or even hilarious like Drunk History. [more inside]
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managing multiple sources of income for consulting and other work

I have a fledgling sole member LLC with its own tax ID and would like to charge consulting and software sales through that, but I have other income as well. [more inside]
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Please recommend The Best Cat Fountain EVAR.

Franklin and I will soon be moving in with my parents. As such, I will no longer be able to leave the bathroom sink faucet trickling for him. So I need to get the best cat fountain there is because he is the best cat there is. [more inside]
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How feasible is it to replace a car stereo yourself (in a '01 Nissan)?

My wife and I just purchased her mother's old 2001 Nissan Pathfinder. The stereo it has is tape deck (!) which technically works and a CD player that doesn't. It has no aux input, which is unfortunately all we actually want. [more inside]
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Do you know a great quote about.. tension?

I don't mind if it's from your gran, a scientist or a fiction writer but it should allude to a tension that is almost at breaking point. Ideally it won't be from Gil Scott Heron, Harvey Pekar, Maya Angelou or Erica Jong cos I'm quoting them loads already.. if it's a gem though I'll rethink that :)
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Looking for a specific recording of Rocky Top by the Osborne Brothers

Recently, Spotify removed a recording of the song Rocky Top by the Osborne Brothers (listed as "Rocky Top (Original Version)") from their library and I desperately want to find another copy. It's not the single version because it has a fiddle instead of steel guitar. I'm pretty sure it's a studio recording. [more inside]
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This is not "Veritas liberabit vos"

I am designing a coat of arms, as a gag, that would have the Latin equivalent of "Just to piss you off" as the motto. It just doesn't quite cut it in English. Can this be easily translated into a Latin equivalent? [more inside]
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Calling All Oregonian Parents

What to do in the Portland area for one day with a 1st grader? [more inside]
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How to find a medically-reputable service/advice for cryo-storing tissue

The way modern medical therapies are going, it seems that decades from now it would be advantageous to have a source of your more youthful cells or tissue stored long ago and available if needed. So I should investigate storing some now, but know little about this. How do I find out which kind(s) of tissue would be the best choice to store, and how do I select a cryo-storage service with an excellent medical reputation for harvesting, storing and successfully delivering tissue in a medically-useful state? [more inside]
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Pythagorean Theorem in the original Greek

I'm looking for a textual version of a2 + b2 = c2 that is as old as possible, among all the Greek sources. [more inside]
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How do I handle two siblings ganging up on me? Fun fact: they're 30.

My two older siblings and brother-in-law are beyond irritated with me when all I've been doing is minding my own business and forging my path into adulthood. They are never short of criticisms and any attempts at satisfying them are futile. Things got way out of hand this weekend to the point I am either ousted from future family functions or there will be an awkward vibe/fake niceness. [more inside]
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High priced Amazon sellers.

Do consumers buy items that are listed on Amazon by sellers for twice Amazon's list price? [more inside]
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The number one, hyperactive, knucklehead puppy.

I have a ten month old, 17 pound, hyperactive puppy. I also live in a city apartment. I am considering getting an indoor exercise pen to supplement the crate. Can anyone offer experience or advice? [more inside]
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What is this (probably) Lithuanian last name supposed to be?

I need help deciphering a last name in a 1914 birth record. It sounds Lithuanian, but I think it is spelled worng, because I can't find anyone else with that name...ever. [more inside]
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Best pediatric neurosurgeon specializing in Chiari malfomations?

This past weekend, my six year old daughter was diagnosed with a Chiari malformation and Syringomyelia. We are told that she needs surgery soon to correct this. Obviously, we want to go a facility that is well-experienced with this procedure and, ideally, we would like to have this done in California.
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My preschooler is the slowest eater on the planet

I have a 3 1/2 year old who will be starting preschool in the fall. He currently attends a home daycare, where he has breakfast and lunch, and often dinner. Once he starts preschool, we will have to manage breakfast and dinner at home. He is an incredibly slow eater and when we eat dinner at home, it literally takes him until bedtime to eat. This makes breakfast a major challenge as well. Getting him up earlier doesn't necessarily help because then he's groggy and uncooperative and will spend that extra 20 minutes moving at the speed of molasses in terms of getting dressed and toothbrushed. Please help. [more inside]
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Is there a good outdoor wireless security camera?

Is there anything smart and wireless, a la the Dropcam or Canary, but for outdoors? If not, what's the best alternative?
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awkward sex question

I am interested in having sex with an older woman (late 60's). I am a younger male (50's) and my partner is obviously older, and hasn't had intercourse in a long time (many years). What should I expect in terms of the biology of things? I guess these are my questions: -will sex be the same as I remember it being with women my own age? -Will nature take care of the lubrication or should I be prepared with something else? -is an orgasm a realistic possibility? -Obviously we'll figure a lot of this out as we go, but I want to be sensitive to the possibility of things not working. -Any other thoughts, tips or experience? I want it to be enjoyable for her (me too of course) Thanks all!
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Applecare about to expire - last minute diagnostics?

My Applecare for my Macbook Pro will expire in a month. I haven't used it for anything save a replacement charger, but I'm wondering whether there are any diagnostic tests or lists of common problems I can check against to see whether there are any repairs I should ask for. It's totally fine if the answer is a simple "no" - I understand for hardware, if it doesn't fail right out of the box or in the first few uses, it's probably fine. I just want to double check!
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Mortgage underwriting question.

I am buying a house for the very first time (Virginia, US), and I have a question about the mortgage underwriting process. We have made it through the home inspection, and we are conditionally approved for the mortgage. We are currently waiting for the results of the mortgage appraisal and then, my loan officer tells me, that the mortgage will be resubmitted to the underwriter. I'm not sure exactly what this means. [more inside]
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Is it legal for my landlord to do this?

My lease, like most, says that subleasing is not allowed without manager's consent. I came in on a sublease and later let the manager know I was planning on subleasing. She just declared she will not accept any subleasing any more. Does anyone know if this is legal for her to do this? It's breaking faith, but not breaking the literal contract. FYI, I live in Missouri.
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YANMFA but.. be my financial advisor

I need help figuring out where to put my money now that I got a raise and finished graduate school. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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How can my wife and I keep our iOS and MacOS contacts synchronized

Mrs. Alms and I like to maintain a single contact list for both of us across our iPhones and Macintoshes. How can we do this without abusing my Apple ID and iCloud? [more inside]
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Details on how to buy a condo/co-op real estate: The Dummies Version

Filter: NYC version or competitive real estate market. I am trying to understand the time table for each step of the process. [more inside]
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WritingFilter: What is a good pricing for self-pub short stories?

I have a couple of short stories out there on the market right now. They're between 4000-6000 words each. I've really been struggling with how to price these, and I have found no good advice on Google. How should I proceed? Writer flurries inside. [more inside]
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I'm moving to Bonn! Where should I live?

I will be moving to Bonn, Germany this coming August, for a year long research position. Where should I live? [more inside]
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In CSS is there ever a reason to tie a class to an element type?

Assuming that I'm going to apply the style only to paragraphs... .special { font-size:1.5em } functionally the same as... p.special { font-size:1.5em; } So what's the point of the more verbose p.special?
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Extravagant dessert

Seeking ideas for stunning desserts. Please share with me your tried and tested recipes that impress! [more inside]
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iOS app for tracking crunches and pushups

I'm looking for an app with the following: -tracks sets -tracks reps -nice visualizations over time - charts etc. -ad free So far I've found decent trackers for individual activities, and crap trackers (eg FitList) for multiple activities.
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I need some strange music

I'm looking to expand my music library with unique, unusual artists. What would you suggest? [more inside]
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Youtube downloading in 2014

Now that SPOI's Youtube Options has gone subscription-only, what options are there for downloading Youtube videos in Chrome or Firefox? seems to have finally bitten the dust, and the scripts it had were out of date.
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May 11

What to expect as part of a university hiring committee

My anthro department will hire a new PhD student and invited me to be on the committee as I am a potential supervisor for this individual. But as a relatively new prof myself, I am not sure how these things work. What tips can you suggest to help me seem like I know what I am doing? [more inside]
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Accepting the things I cannot change

I think I'm not suited for my dream career of being a journalist. I'm having a really hard time dealing with this fact. (REALLY long) [more inside]
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Academic Job Dilemma: My PI screwing me over?

I have a staff position in academic research. I received a verbal job offer two and a half weeks ago for a higher position in a different lab, and I gave notice to my current PI (my boss) immediately. I haven't gotten the official job offer yet, and I think my PI might cause me to lose the offer... Also, I'm kind of just freaked out in general and need some fresh eyes. Am I freaking over nothing, or is trouble brewing here? [more inside]
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Nursing job market in Atlanta

Asking this question for a family member who just graduated from the University of Mobile with a B.S. She's considering moving to Atlanta for better job opportunities and continuing education in nursing. She has some bachelor-level credits in nursing-related classes and experience in the field. We have some questions... [more inside]
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Presenting with multiple screens but NOT for notes

I'll be giving a presentation in a month in a meeting room that has three projectors connected to a computer. I would like to maximize the use of this space by making my presentation encompass the entire area of the three screens. How would I go about this? My current ideas: [more inside]
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Can a stray cat eat this?

I periodically come across stray cats in my city, and I like to feed them. I've gotten into the habit of carrying around a can of cat food in my car for this purpose. My partner told me that he thinks the food inside the can might go bad from sitting in the car while the temperature/seasons change. Is this true? How can I figure out how long I can carry around the cat food without it going bad? (I could switch to carrying dry food, but that's less aromatic and thus less attractive to strays.)
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Museum jobs in Los Angeles: tips, suggestions, advice?

Pretty basic: my partner and I are relocating from the East Coast to Los Angeles in July; I am hoping to find a job (or jobs) in one of LA's many fascinating cultural institutions. Primarily looking for positions in research, outreach, or education. I am looking for any suggestions as to listserves, forums, job posting boards, or other places where I can start looking for posted positions, as well as any local groups like the EMPs that I might be able to join once there. [more inside]
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Traffic ticket rejected by the do I just wait now?

A police officer made a procedural mistake on my traffic ticket, and the court has rejected it pending any modification by the police. Any chance they won't get around to making that modification? [more inside]
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Find me a health farm please?

I need help finding a place to stay for a month while i kick alcohol, develop healthy eating habits and learn about exercise. I don't have unlimited funds, but I can pay whatever I need to. Anywhere in the world but the further from Australia, the more expensive the airfares. [more inside]
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"Big smile, it'll be over soon!"

I work in a frame shop. There's a staircase with a 180 degree turn in it that leads from backstage to public space. The last thing employees see is a blank spot at eye level that's about 2 feet wide by 1 foot. I'd like to put something silly and PG13 there that would cheer everyone up when they see it. We have to be able to take it down periodically (and I'm open to changing it out every so often.) I was thinking a plastic dinosaur (plastic dinosaurs are inherently funny) with a thought balloon, but maybe MeFi can do better. [more inside]
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You are my only hope, Obi-Mefi-Kenobi

Ok, I'm blowing my question on this because I can't find it and I need to watch it right now. There's a YouTube video of courier typewriter text and voice-over which talks about "A fucked up situation" that the author is recalling. If the title doesn't indicate enough of the video to you, spoilers below the fold to help you find it... because I can't find it. [more inside]
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Best resources, films and books for learning spanish

I'm spending the bulk of my spare time learning Spanish, and I'd be interested in any pointers. I'm a beginner, early to mid A2. There is a ton of content out there and I'm having trouble filtering. [more inside]
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Car Buying for Dummies

A few months from now, it is somewhat likely I will need to acquire a car. I've never owned a car, never mind bought one. How do I go about it? [more inside]
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Does sharing a file on Dropbox give them access to other Dropbox stuff?

I'm sharing a project with a colleague via Dropbox. I've followed the directions to do so. It's very simple. This sounds obvious, but I want to be sure and I can't find it explicitly stated in the Dropbox documentation. When this colleague has access to a particular folder, they don't (or can't) have access to my other Dropbox folders and files, right? Thank you.
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cooling a memory foam mattress topper

Has anyone had any success with finding the right barrier layer to stop a memory foam mattress topper trapping too much heat? [more inside]
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Looking for bands similar to The Black Keys and Ray Lamontage

My dad and I are about to go on a road trip from Arizona to San Francisco. I'm looking for music to play along the way that's similar to The Black Keys and Ray Lamontagne that my dad and I can both enjoy- we really like both artists. [more inside]
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Alternatives to soy sauce

What are some alternatives to soy sauce that provide the same type of flavor? [more inside]
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Where do you find laptops?

I am looking for an older model of Lenovo that I saw but cannot find it anywhere. Wondering where are the old models available and where do folks go to find deals on laptops? [more inside]
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How big of a house do we need for a young family of six?

We have a 6 year old, a 3 year old, and found out a little bit ago that we're expecting twins. We're househunting and had been looking mainly at smaller houses -- 1200ish sf ranches. (We live in Wisconsin, so they do all have giant ugly basements that can be used for playrooms as well.) We're having a hard time deciding if we should still consider houses that size, or if we should move farther out for a larger house. (This would mean a somewhat worse school district, less fun community stuff in the neighborhood, and a longer bike commute for my husband.) Anybody have relevant experience? (I guess I should add for background info that we're living right now in a 1000 sf rental with both kids and haven't found it cramped. But four kids seems like such a shockingly large number I'm having a hard time figuring out how much room I would need.)
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Into the series of tubes!

You know this shot: someone places a call, or plugs something in, or taps a command on their keyboard, and the camera zooms into the infrastructure for a brief effects sequence. We follow a pneumatic message across the city in The Shadow, and an undersea telecom cable in the opening of Trois Couleurs: Rouge. I remember this being a thing in hacker/cyber-thriller movies of the late 1990s but can't find any examples right now. Is there a name (à la TVTropes) for this kind of shot? Can you remember other examples (all kinds of infrastructure welcome!)? I'd like to put a supercut together of this kind infrastructural adventure sequence, try to find the first of this kind, etc. Thanks for your help!
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Which system for a time when people dueled?

I want to run a story oriented table top RPG that is not Tolkien Fantasy- help me choose an easy to wrangle system that would be conducive to the Georgian/Napoleonic War with Magic as a back drop? [more inside]
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Sartorial emergency for impending wedding

I'm attending a wedding in a week and have been told by a relative that I should bring a suit. I don't have a suit, haven't owned one in a long time. I'm needing to unearth my inner Italian to get some threads that work for this occasion. [more inside]
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Getting into Shape

Does anyone have any suggestions for working out and dieting that has worked for them? Although I do not have any health problems (knock on wood), I would really like to get into shape. I typically use the elliptical at the health club and I enjoy running out side except I tend to get shin splints. Not sure whether anyone has any book recommendations that helped motivate them? I can't stand how I feel and look as of late, so I need to do something drastic. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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Bug identification request!

I was walking the halls of my dorm last night when I encountered this bug (one, two). It was about 2" long and intimidating enough that my friend and I looked a lot like this kid while we were trying to catch it. We eventually managed set it free outside, but we'd really like to know what exactly we let loose into the world. We're in southern California. Any ideas? Thanks!
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