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May 31

The Algonquin Round Table East

Would you happen to know of any sharp-witted, non-epithet-averse authors from an Asian country whom may also have happened to have had a book banned?
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What luxury goods are worth the extra cost?

In my 30s and no kids. Help me spend my money on honey. [more inside]
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Forget it, doc, I think it's really cool that you're concerned...

I've recently experienced a significant family loss. I also need to leave my long-term partner. How does this go exactly? [more inside]
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What scam am I a victim of?

I applied for an administrative assistant job posted on Craigslist and a man offered me a position for a start-up business in the small mid-western city we live in. We exchanged some e-mails and agreed to the terms that I would run some errands for him (for pay) while he was overseas for 3 weeks. He sent me a check for $2500, $300 of which is my pay and the rest is to complete some tasks. The check is a cashier's check from a third party who owes him money. This all feels fishy and I feel stupid. What's really going on?
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Barely-remembered commercial from the 70s/80s

What was this commercial that I vaguely remember from my childhood? [more inside]
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Need some help with managing the clutter of life AND works-in-progress.

I already struggle mightily with housekeeping, but adding supplies for artistic projects to the mix only makes the mess overwhelming. [more inside]
posted by oogenesis at 6:14 PM PST - 10 comments

virgin mobile defective phone problems

nov. 2012 I bought a kyocera rise smart phone from Virgin Mobile and upgraded my plan to go along with it. I'd been a VM customer for 12 years. It took me a while to realize that the phone was not working properly, when trying to make a call, or other task the screen would go black and the phone turn off. I called several times, could never get a CSR to understand the problem and/or come up with a fix. I lived with the problem until about a month ago when, following a failed emergency (life threatening) phone call I started calling regularly to get a fix. It never happened and finally I got the offer of a replacement phone. [more inside]
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Urinators Anonymous?

Was there a SNL sketch about a "urinators anonymous" group that would get together and discuss how they were attempting to resist their powerful urge to urinate? Or did I just imagine this?
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Details on the death of Charles Adams

Any Adams family experts in the house? Did Charles Adams (son of John Adams) die of alcohol poisoning, delirium tremens, liver disease, pancreatitis, or other illness merely attributed to his drinking? Basic googling did not pull up any details on his death. My understanding is that in 1800 DTs was not a well described syndrome (in the US or possibly anywhere), but there was some familiarity with other alcohol-related illness.
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budget lodging close to KOA airport

Do you have any suggestions for budget lodging on the big island in Hawaii (we'll be coming into KOA airport)? We've never been and are at a loss for how to find a good place to stay. What I really want is suggestions for places that you have personally stayed in and can highly recommend, preferably less than $100, and definitely less than $150 (upper end only if it is really truly breathtaking). Individually owned condos and whatnot are perfect suggestions if it means getting something stunning at an affordable price. [more inside]
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How does get its own system icon?

Just poking around the web app on my iPhone, and I noticed that it gets its own icon in the app tray that shows recent apps. As far as I can tell, normally sites installed as apps just point to Safari down there. How does finagle its own icon?
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I don't want breasts on my hairy chest

Should men be concerned about consuming a Venti cupful of soy on a daily basis? [more inside]
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"What do you call a pissed off baby vampire with the potential for centuries of memory?" "A 'Tara bite'." I'm looking for some good pop culture puns related to the past few years. [more inside]
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Best practices or tools for defining specifications for a new website?

My small team is hiring a developer and a designer to build a website. What is the best way for us to communicate the features that the website needs to have? It is a medium-complexity website - more than a blog, less than Facebook. [more inside]
posted by inatizzy at 4:35 PM PST - 13 comments

Simple animated graphics via OSX + text file

Sometimes I play around with pixel art, usually in Pixen. It's great! It also has some built-in animation tools, but as soon as I want to do something with more than, say, a dozen frames, it becomes very unwieldy. [more inside]
posted by curious nu at 4:33 PM PST - 1 comment

Raise the...waist.

I have this dress. The waist of the dress hits me below my actual waist (it hits where my hips start), because I'm short. Could a tailor fix the dress by raising the waist seam to where my actual waist is, or should I send the dress back? [more inside]
posted by topoisomerase at 4:26 PM PST - 12 comments

The limits to bedbugs

What are the limits to bedbugs? Why isn't every hotel room infested given how tough they are claimed to be? Is there any evidence on the chances of taking bed bugs home from a hotel with you? Will the bedbug infestation rates go ever upwards? Why or why not? Interested in aggregated, rather than anecdotal evidence here. [more inside]
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Wrist pain and popping

A while back, I did something totally normal like reaching into the back seat of my car, and my wrist popped and started hurting. I've tried a bunch of stuff and it's not getting better. The doctor says I'm supposed to immobilize it and come back in a month, at which point we can talk about surgery (!!!). I'm frustrated by this and tired of being in pain. Should I pursue other treatment, and if so, what kind? [more inside]
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Moving Cross Country on Budget: Book Rate/Media Mail and Other Questions

I'm an academic, and am moving across the country (SF to Boston) for a one year gig. The new university is unfortunately not paying my moving expenses (nor a very high salary), and I'm trying to figure out the best way to get my stuff there. I'll be driving with a station wagon full of stuff, which should be fine for most of my stuff. But I'm not sure *all* of the boxes will fit, and I have a piano and couple of pieces of furniture that I would like to, but don't have to, bring. More below. [more inside]
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What are your favorite water-friendly hiking sandals?

What are your favorite water-friendly hiking sandals? [more inside]
posted by Foam Pants at 3:10 PM PST - 17 comments

Question on semiotics and the theory of mind

I am interested in trying to understand how our ability and inability to understand symbols in relation to their meanings binds people together as well as forming in- and out-groups. I have had a difficult time in finding works that go along with this premise and would be interested if anyone would know of good sources. What follows is a short explanation of what I think currently. Comments and criticisms are highly appreciated. [more inside]
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How to acknowledge two relationships in an "about me" blurb.

I am going to publish an article in a magazine. I've been asked to send an "about me" blurb. I want to acnowledge my girlfriend as well as my long-term partner. Can't figure out the wording. [more inside]
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Frontline for humans? Prevention of human flea infestation.

Please help me prevent myself becoming regularly infested with human fleas. [more inside]
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What birds are these?

Today I heard some birds I don't ever recall hearing before. Can you tell me what they are? I'm specifically puzzled by the fainter "bloop-bloop" calls you can hear at like 12 and 18 seconds. These birds were the size of eagles and looked kind of like giant ravens, from what I could see. I live in central Massachusetts. (Please excuse the breathing--I was halfway up a steep hill on my bike when I stopped to record this!)
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Do I need a financial planner and if so, how do I find one?

I want to understand retirement savings and long-term investment products. Who do I want to speak with and how I find them? (Some relevant details inside.) [more inside]
posted by Kurichina at 1:31 PM PST - 4 comments

Soaking up mud in short order

How can you get rid of sloppy muddiness in a relatively large area quickly? [more inside]
posted by antonymous at 1:24 PM PST - 7 comments

Fighting family

I lent my cousin a very special item. Now they won't give it back. Do I fight or retreat? [more inside]
posted by mumimor at 1:22 PM PST - 43 comments

How to handle comments from hostile ex-friends

How do I become more assertive and handle their remarks? [more inside]
posted by lawgirl at 12:55 PM PST - 33 comments

Sourcing Lab Grown Gems

Where is the best place to source lab-grown gems? [more inside]
posted by bfranklin at 12:37 PM PST - 5 comments

Where can I find a transcript of a radio interview from April 2010?

Hi, Please could someone tell me the name of an academic who was interviewed on radio in April 2010? [more inside]
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How worried should I be about my (fake, root canaled) chipped tooth?

I was chewing on a hemp powder smoothie (the hemp powder has a gritty texture) when it happened. I've changed dentists a 3 times now as well as moved (still haven't looked up a local one) so I can't go back to the person who did the root canal. It doesn't hurt, just feels weird. Do I need to go see a dentist immediately?
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How can I let my parents drive/insure a car I own in North Carolina?

I'm trying to figure out a way to have a car that I own insured and driven primarily by my parents. I can't transfer the title, as there's still a lien and I will be making payments. However, my parents need a car urgently, so I need to get them to a good, insured state with a reliable automobile. Does anyone have experience with this?
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Weird or unusual in Malaysia or Singapore?

So the wife and I are heading to KL, Malaysia, and possibly Singapore. What's weird, unusual, or just plain bizarre there? [more inside]
posted by chrisinseoul at 11:20 AM PST - 9 comments

Cheap duffel bag in Budapest?

Where can I buy a cheap duffel bag in Budapest? [more inside]
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Tampa Bay Area Food Truck Suggestions Please!

I'll be visiting family in the area and my brother has expressed an interest in trying out food trucks, especially taco trucks, after hearing me talk about the great ones where I live. He's in Palm Harbor, so North Pinellas and West Tampa, especially around Hillsborough Ave. are easy to reach. Any recommendations, locations found, etc. is appreciated. I asked on another forum and was advised to "drive around"... our timeline and family obligations don't allow for that level of flexibility. I also had read a report about a Korean Taco Truck on Hillsborough from a year ago. That would be fun too if they are still around. Has anyone seen them? Thanks!
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Virginia is for Mothers

Mom and I are going to Virginia beach in early August. Please help me narrow down the huge selection of beachfront hotels & things to do! [more inside]
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Google Apps group calendar: how does it work?

I am admin for a google apps domain. There is a calendar called that shows up for some users under "Other Calendars". There is no owner of the calendar listed like a calendar shared from one user to another would have. Is this a calendar managed within the google apps dashboard and if so how do I get to the screen to mange who can access it and the level of sharing (read only, add evenets, etc)? Is it possibly created by a account outside of my domain and shared to users in the domain?
posted by ridogi at 9:50 AM PST - 4 comments

Ok, how about women's shirts?

I am indeed starting a new thread. What are GOOD QUALITY online retailers for women's shirt? And pants, too, for bonus. (I've seen several custom-made jeans sites, but have no idea if they're any good.) [more inside]
posted by Melismata at 9:11 AM PST - 14 comments

Where has my domain name disappeared to?

My domain name expired and I want to get it back, but GoDaddy says I have to pay an additional $80 to get the domain back from the "domain registry." The customer service person says that the domain registry is a separate entity from GoDaddy. Is there any way I can get it directly from this domain registry without going through GoDaddy?
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Third Culture Kid Syndrome

Mid-20s male in the US but with origins elsewhere. I feel at home in both countries, but also in neither, and recently I've really started to feel a kind of melancholy, sentimentalism, or restlessness about my situation as a 'third culture kid', and whether I've made the wrong life choices. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:49 AM PST - 19 comments

Building/Buying a Digital Timer

I teach Physics and I would love to have a large, easy-to-see digital timer that would allow me to time various demos (i.e. pendulum swinging, ball falling, etc). I've found basically exactly what I want, but it costs $460!! Can it be bought/built for cheaper? Requirements below the fold. [more inside]
posted by Betelgeuse at 8:34 AM PST - 16 comments

Help me find a reliable clothes iron

I want a clothes iron that will work for more than six months. I don't have big demands. I just want it to produce steam when I need it, and to not vomit water all over my clothes. I've been through at least four irons in the past few years -- Sunbeam, Shark, Rowenta and others -- and they have all failed way too soon. I keep buying more expensive models, and they keep failing. Which is the clothes iron that is built to last?
posted by Balonious Assault at 8:33 AM PST - 19 comments

No cell phone in doctor's exam room? Why?

Just called a friend with a severed tendon to see how his visit to the doctor went and he was still in the exam room. He said he had to get off the phone because there was a sign saying "no cell phones in exam room." I'm wondering why the sign is there. He was alone at the time, waiting for the doctor to return. Is the rule due to an equipment issue, or is it because of doctors being annoyed by rude patients talking on cell phones while the doctor is examining them, or something else?
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My dad would like to meet you but I told him you were away

BF of 3-4 months has dad visiting from way out of town, told me that he had lied to his dad about me not being around so we wouldn't meet each other. [more inside]
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Is there such a thing as hunting TOO HARD for a job?

I was unfortunately laid off early this week, but have a couple months' severance and thus have a couple months' time in which to do a job search (it's okay, I was already thinking of starting my own search in a couple months anyway). However, I haven't had much experience IN searching - and think in the past I've been exhausting myself looking TOO hard. Is there such a thing? What does an effective job search actually LOOK like? [more inside]
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What online custom makers of men's dress shirts can you recommend?

There are now several internet retailers selling custom men's dress shirts at prices below $100/shirt (depending, of course, on the fabric). Supposedly, you put in your measurements, pick the fabric you would like, make some choices about collars and buttons, and then they make and send you shirts that fit. I have orangutan-like arms and need to dress well for work, so I'd like to try ordering a couple shirts. I've looked at several of the websites, and they seem promising. However, I'd hate to spend the money and then find the shirts weren't actually well-made. So, can anyone recommend one of these online shirtmakers?
posted by Area Man at 7:32 AM PST - 14 comments

How to keep house safe and maintained while gone a lot

Two months ago I accepted a new assignment at work that will require me to be away from home a lot over the next year. For example, right now it looks like during June I will only be home twice for a stretch of 3 days each time, and it will probably continue like that for most of this assignment. When I took this job I had a long term, live-in boyfriend, so I wasn’t concerned about my house at all. We have since broken up (the house is 100% mine). So, now I’m trying to figure out all the things I need to do to make sure my house is ok while I’m gone. [more inside]
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I'm an outdoor instructor, not an IT specialist.

I work for a small non-profit with high seasonal turnover often times our staff will work on compiling data, or communications projects. What solutions do businesses use to ensure that their data remains current, backed-up, and accessible? How do they use those services to keep data organized? [more inside]
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Fear of Twitter Replies

The powers that be where I work are reluctant to use Twitter because they think anything they tweet will get spammed. Help me convince them they're off the rails on this! [more inside]
posted by dukes909 at 6:27 AM PST - 31 comments

Is Kickstarter meant to fund creation or only production?

I've been considering using Kickstarter to fund a book project, but I'm confused by the model, which seems to fund production of the end product but not investment in its creation. [more inside]
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Pernicious Anemia - Resources Needed

Hi, Need to diagnose pernicious anemia. From what I am learning even though common contemporary blood tests run in most clinics may in fact show *normal* B12 levels - in fact this test is NOT accurate in diagnosing PA. [more inside]
posted by watercarrier at 4:17 AM PST - 17 comments

Uses for old birthday cards?

What do you do with birthday cards when the party is over? [more inside]
posted by Mnky197 at 4:10 AM PST - 29 comments

Visual oddity in one eye.

I am having an odd experience with seeing something that is not there and am curious if anyone has experienced similar. [more inside]
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May 30

Making a WiFi network with my iMac?

I am trying to connect my iMac to my Blu-Ray player and laptop via Wifi, but I’m lost in the wilderness. [more inside]
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Recommended professional counsellors/therapists around Vancouver, BC?

I'm asking for a friend. Any recommendations or resources available? Located in Vancouver area and working on a sliding scale (or relatively affordable) would be much appreciated.
posted by Hawk V at 11:31 PM PST - 4 comments

So, I handled a needle I found at a park and forgot to wash my hands...

So I was in a park in SF and spotted a busted needle in the path. I dunno if it had been used but the plastic part was broken as if it had been stepped on a few times and ground into the dirt. I didn't want anyone or any puppy to step on this exposed needle so, with minimal skin contact, I took the thing over to the waste bin. I wiped my hand on my pants and continued on my walk for about an hour. I then headed home and ate something and may have licked my fingers, right before remembering about the needle. Cutting to the chase: Do I have Hep?
posted by cman at 11:25 PM PST - 20 comments

How do you stay happy when you're broke?

I'm a student nearing graduation. I'm in debt, I work full time during the summer but I barely make any money. I'm totally broke and I don't see that changing in the near future because the job market for my degree sucks. I'm trying to save but I keep reaching barriers. And then everyone around me has it so much easier, and I'm just so tired and unhappy. [more inside]
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October adventures in ME, NH and VT

My brother-in-law will be getting married at the outdoor chapel in Camden, ME in mid-October. Yes, the idea of an outdoor wedding along the seacost of Maine in autumn strikes me as a less-than-ideal plan, but that's a different subject altogether. I will have two weeks for visiting northern New England, so an itinerary of sorts needs developing. And here's where YOU come in! [more inside]
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Is Terro Safe for Plants?

I live in the SW desert area, and have been battling ants for 7 years. Some years I win, some years they win. We've had some epic battles over years, and now I'm trying to finally gather a front that will end in at least an armistice. [more inside]
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Seattleites! Would this be a stupidly long commute?

I'm moving to Seattle and working in multiple locations. Looking at renting a room in Licton Springs (near Greenlake) and commuting. Bad idea? Details after the jump. [more inside]
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Heart advice for difficult times?

Looking for ways to soothe oneself during especially trying times in life. One day at a time is fine and dandy but its the hours and minutes that get excruciating, especially when everything seems void of joy and meaningless. If you have gone through some truly rough times, how did you soothe yourself in the moment? While many have family and friends close by, I have neither so I am looking for ways to manage my pain myself. Any tips and tricks will be much appreciated. Thanks!
posted by xm at 8:46 PM PST - 20 comments

Publishing adult/erotic pulp fiction on Amazon KDP?

I'm looking for warnings or limitations for publishing adult/mature erotic fiction through Kindle Direct Publishing, and I'm worried about pitfalls and I haven't yet found any direct language about content or rated content or the like. [more inside]
posted by loquacious at 7:53 PM PST - 5 comments

How do I read Dykes To Watch Out For?

I want to read Dykes To Watch Out For. The only strip I've read so far is the one that defines the Bechdel Test. What's the best way to go about this? [more inside]
posted by brett at 7:32 PM PST - 12 comments

IT Technical Recruiter DFW

Looking for a new job in the DFW area. Anyone know of headhunters or good technical recruiters in Dallas?
posted by flipmiester99 at 6:38 PM PST - 4 comments

when is it reasonable to take down the online dating profile?

when to expect the person you met online to stop looking and remove their profiles? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:38 PM PST - 24 comments

Think I caught two ticks hitching a ride on me.

Last week my car broke down while driving down a road through farm land. [more inside]
posted by InsertNiftyNameHere at 6:24 PM PST - 22 comments

Kidnapping definition in Canada

What makes something kidnapping? [more inside]
posted by Chaussette and the Pussy Cats at 6:12 PM PST - 9 comments

Can I hear Sirius XM radio yesterday?

Is it possible to retrieve recently aired shows on Sirius XM radio? I want to hear Howard Stern's interview of Katie Curic that originally aired earlier this week. Is it possible to download mp3's of shows that have already aired? Once I've signed up and paid, of course.
posted by susandennis at 5:45 PM PST - 3 comments

I don't get Groucho's joke.

Groucho Marx made a joke in his Memoirs of a Mangy Lover that I just don't get. PLZ HOPE ME. [more inside]
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non-car car audio

Thanks to traffic and double traffic due to construction, my 30 minute commute takes 1.5 hours. I want to listen to music of my choosing, pod casts, and language lessons, but my car is an old beater that only has a radio tuner... [more inside]
posted by WeekendJen at 4:41 PM PST - 22 comments

This is what happens when chemists have to do electrical engineering

What's the name of this circuit that I need to build or buy? [more inside]
posted by kagredon at 4:40 PM PST - 18 comments

SWMDJ ISO ooontzie ooontzie, bass face, & teh wubz

I'm looking for the closest EDM club scenes to my rural location in the USA along the VA-NC border. [more inside]
posted by laconic skeuomorph at 4:08 PM PST - 4 comments

Other than Naomi and Ruth...

What are some stories (real/historical or fictional) about good mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationships that I can read? [more inside]
posted by peacrow at 4:04 PM PST - 2 comments

Pain in my left arm?

You're not my doctor of course, but what could this be? I've been having a weird pain in my left arm all day. Details within.... [more inside]
posted by zarq at 3:56 PM PST - 18 comments

Level 2 travel tips for a San Franciscan in Portland and Austin?

I've been to both these cities before, so this time I want to explore some local fave places and grok the resident hipster vibe. Please point me in the direction of the Dolores Park of Portland/Austin. [more inside]
posted by mokudekiru at 3:35 PM PST - 4 comments

Spotify (or other) app to sequence existing playlist?

I've got a collaborative Spotify playlist for a party house weekend. We have a DANCE playlist and a NOT DANCE playlist. Is there a Spotify app or other service that will sequence these tracks? [more inside]
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Does another recording of Steve Earle playing "Elijah's Church" exist?

Aside from the edited version that appears in Heartworn Highways and the much-better extended version that appears in the DVD extras and on the album, does any other recording of Steve Earle performing this phenomenal song exist? It seems hard to believe that a song this good would never have surfaced in another form at this point. I'll take anything, bootlegs, b-side, anything. I want this song, I need this song.
posted by nathancaswell at 3:13 PM PST - 2 comments

Can I eat this cooked chicken I left on our counter?

Dish of fully cooked kosher chicken parts in barbecue sauce left on kitchen counter uncovered overnight (approx 12-14 hours). The apartment isn't air conditioned, but it stays reasonably cool, so I don't think internal apartment temp got up to the 80-some degrees the outside sdid last night. Chicken bits were in a single layer in a pyrex dish. Can I eat it? My spouse threw them back in the fridge this morning. I know the FDA would recommend against, but I'm looking for the hive mind.
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A Gel of a Problem: running miRNA without acrylamide

Dear MetaFilter, I am new to this forum and this is my first post, hi! I am in a bit of a pickle about a work project, and hope that I may be able to get some help by some fellow sciencey people. The science forums are rarely read and badly out of date, or I would have posted at one of those. I have a deadline for a miRNA PCR experiment, and I have already run the cDNA and PCR for the miRNA. All I have to do is run the miRNA on a gel. The problem: We don't have acrylamide! And neither does our neighboring lab. We only have Agarose with which to make gels, which is only for large fragments, not small miRNA fragments of 20-40 bp. The question: As the percentage of agarose in the gel goes higher, the smaller the size of the base pairs are that can be measured. Could I increase this percentage enough to work for miRNA? Out of respect for the community that doesn't like line returns, I have entered the specifics of this post in the Extended Explanation box, because to me, this post reads like a jumble of nonsense without some kind of organization. [more inside]
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How does one explain charges on a criminal record for new employer?

I'm applying for a new job for the government as an engineer. I have several charges from my past, but no convictions. The charges were felonies, and became misdemeanors after a plea. I completed probation with no violations as part of a deferred sentence, so all charges have been dismissed. What level of detail should my explanation have? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:21 PM PST - 13 comments

Lace + Card + ??? = Lace Card!

What glue do I need to attach crochet lace to a card / wedding invite? [more inside]
posted by Chorus at 1:28 PM PST - 13 comments

iPhones in London (his hair was perfect!)

Family of four traveling to London for two weeks. Four locked AT&T iphones, four sets of circumstances. I've checked all the options, called AT&T, and have thoroughly confused myself. Any help would be appreciated. [more inside]
posted by raisingsand at 1:11 PM PST - 9 comments

I'd be Appy if I Could Find the Right Designer

After a lot of research, I am having trouble finding an affordable, trustworthy financial app (iPad) designer, Boston area a plus. Any suggestions?
posted by Xurando at 1:07 PM PST - 16 comments

Nervous blood pressure

YANMD. My husband gets very nervous at the doctor, and as a result, even for a routine check up, has very high blood pressure every time the doctor takes it. [more inside]
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Another question

I know how to use, but I wonder if I'm using it in the right way. [more inside]
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Public Spaces for Reading in Queens?

What are the best transit accesible public spaces for sitting and reading in Queens? Even after the renovation of the Queens Central Library, it's still hard on the eyes. Are there attractive libraries? Privately owned public spaces, like the Olympic Tower Atrium in Manhattan? Hotel lobbies? [more inside]
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How long should a first date be?

I know this question can have really varying answers, but I'm wondering if I should be doing something to curtail the length of first dates (and I guess second and third, just the early few) slightly. Right now I'm finding they run about three hours and I'm wondering if I should be keeping them shorter and lighter. [more inside]
posted by zutalors! at 12:40 PM PST - 20 comments

Help with feelings about abuse wife suffered w/o making it "about me"?

Help with feelings about abuse wife suffered w/o making it "about me"? (trigger warning, about rape) [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:52 AM PST - 23 comments

Is there a website that will tell me what to eat and what to buy?

I love cooking, I do! But I really only love cooking for others. Come the weekend, I'll happily slave over brining meats that end in elaborate 120-step preparations. I have made food from the French Laundry cookbook that basically tripled my grocery bill. I love it. But Monday through Friday, when its me and my tummy, I could kind of care less. I live a few miles from the nearest grocery and so I'm car-less, which means if I don't buy for the week, I don't buy at all. I'm also stupidly busy which means that a lot of the time I'm either paying way too much for lousy chain food or eating gummi worms for lunch. [more inside]
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philosopher pun thread

I once saw a thread (perhaps reddit) where people just went on and on with philosopher puns. I can't find it again despite a desperate google and mefi search. Can someone help me? Thanks!
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Getting you to open up is like squeezing blood from a turnip

In addition to wanting to make new connections who are the oversharing, vulnerability exposing type (see previous askme questions) I would also like to improve (increase) the amount of friendship intimacy with my current set of friends. It's failing miserably, even with those friends I've had for years and I can't help wonder if I'm doing something wrong, or if my views on what's appropriate and desirable are off. [more inside]
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Movies Filmed Where I've Lived

I think it's fun to see familiar streets/interiors as backgrounds in movies and on TV. I've lived in a number of places that are probably moderately- to highly-covered by film crews, and some places that may be more of a stretch. Where can I see the places I've lived on film? [more inside]
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Going from RCA to Bluetooth and back again.

Is there a bluetooth bridge that will work between a set of RCA jacks? [more inside]
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Help us plan our roadtrip to San Francisco!

My girlfriend and I are planning on taking a roadtrip from home in San Diego to San Francisco at the end of June in time for Pride weekend and I feel like my numbers might be off. Calling all fellow AskMeFites with travel/roadtrippin/fun grown-up experience/better math skills. [more inside]
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Crater Lake, Redwoods and Highway 101

Help me plan three days between Oregon and San Francisco: in particular, Crater Lake, the Redwood National/State Parks and a route down highway 101 to SF. [more inside]
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Disabled dating

I'm a 23 year old recent college grad who has yet to go on his first date, let alone sleep with someone. All my life I was panned as some asexual anomaly and so the societal pressure to date that haunts so many other people well before their 16th birthday never really got to me. That is, until recently. I'm a reasonably good looking and witty guy, and yet, in 2013, it's way harder than it ought to be to find someone that's okay, on a fundamental level, with dating someone in a wheelchair. It doesn't help that a) I'm bisexual and b) have an issue with my speech where I will tend to block up/ get spastic. It's usually, though I can't say exclusively, an issue when I need to face the anxiety of meeting someone new. [more inside]
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What are the most popular North American yoga blogs/communities?

I'm particularly looking for yoga blogs/online communities that are ad/marketing friendly because I'm asking on behalf of a friend who has started a small line of yogawear for the US (and maybe Canada too) markets. "Popular" could mean for specific demographics too - young, old etc. - as well as overall. Thanks for your tips!
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Avoiding and managing hair breakage

My hair does this. Is there a way to avoid so much breakage, and how do I effectively tame/straighten the existing broken hairs without causing more damage? [more inside]
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Polyester-less nonexpensive bridesmaids dresses

The bride wants a not-too-expensive, traditional-looking bridesmaids dress. One of the bridesmaids is allergic to polyester. Where should I tell her to look? [more inside]
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Let's share some photos. How do we do it?

What is the best service for a group of people to share photos of the same event? [more inside]
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Consequences of coming off anti-depressants

I've been on 40mg of Citalopram for over a year, I'm also on medication to reduce my blood pressure. About a week or so ago I stopped taking them, initially I just forgot for a day or two, but I now feel like I want to stay off them. Am I making a really bad decision here? [more inside]
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PDF metadata extraction for file management

I know there are a lot of earlier posts about PDF management software (and others on Chronicle of Higher Education and elsewhere) but they seem out of date, and don't work for my situation. Need: keep PDF library but must be able to import existing downloaded files and extract metadata. Zotero did this using Google Scholar and it worked well, but Google now severely limits how much much metadata looking can be done from the IP they detect. I don't have the skills to work around this. So the problem remains: is there any way to import a large number of already-downloaded PDFs to PDF management software, recovering metadata? (Neither Papers nor Mendeley handle metadata issue adequately, other virtues aside; EndNote is hopeless.). If there is no available solution, what would be the most efficient way to rebuild the library? Find all the papers on-line again and download the bibliographic information, which would be vastly tedious? I am on OSX but open-minded. Thanks.
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Identify Medallion

Help me identify this modern looking medallion. [more inside]
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Stories of remorse &/or redemption in the Talmud, Midrash, or Apocrypha?

I'm looking for short and simple fables or parables found in the above (or even just in Jewish folklore) dealing with subjects of regret, mistakes, despair, etc. If there is a redemptive element to it (i.e making amends for a mistake, or at least attempting to) so much the better. Difficulty: nothing related to Yom Kippur. Thanks!
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I miss the liberal, progressive South...

I moved from a liberal city in the South to New York City, and now it seems that every other person I talk to is openly racist. I was not prepared for this and have no idea how to handle it. [more inside]
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Data overload

I'm designing and managing a very ambitious data visualization app for the arts and culture sector, and am trying to find the best way to organize the data types and attributes. Excel just ain't doin' it anymore. [more inside]
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Wedding gift for older marrying couple?

What's a good generic wedding gift for two older people? Details inside. [more inside]
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Um...I invented Post-Its

My first double-digit high school reunion is quickly approaching. I have no idea what to expect, although I'm guessing that, like prom, TV and movies have given me a skewed idea of what these events are like. Did you go (or plan to go) to any of your reunions? What have your experiences been?
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Connector Advice

What general purpose signal wire connectors do you guys use? [more inside]
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Rounding dates based on time in Excel

I am looking for a way to take a date and time entry in Excel 2010 and round it up to the next day if the time is after a certain value. [more inside]
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Buying Japanese snacks online from the US

Where can I buy Japanese snacks online that is not or Jlist/Jbox, with reasonable US shipping costs? [more inside]
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"I'm not going to change"

The other day I had already had a bad day when my husband made an insensitive and crappy remark about something. I replied with tears in my eyes and said that he really had no idea about [subject]. Husband ignored that and then 5 minutes later cheerfully asked if I wanted to watch tv. I said no. He was surprised that I was "still mad" and we tried to talk about it, but I shut down because I felt vulnerable and remembered past talkings where I always felt like "too sensitive" and nothing would change anyway. This time, my husband apparently also thought the same because he said "Well, if you're unhappy, maybe you don't want to continue this relationship, because I'm not going to change". [more inside]
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What is this thing?

This recent question reminded me of my own "what the heck is this?" question that I've been wondering about... I was walking to grab lunch one day, and walked past this fenced-in box on Madison Ave between 47th and 48th St. What the heck is it? [more inside]
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Jughead would know

Help me solve a friendly dispute. How are burgers normally prepared with respect to tomato products? Just a tomato slice, just ketchup, or both? [more inside]
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Boyfriend's progressively disabling (terminal?) illness

My boyfriend has a progressively disabling illness -- a form of muscular dystrophy. He will lose the ability to walk and easily get out of bed, etc., in about 10-15 years. We've been together for five very happy years, but that said, we are young (early 20s) and don't have many responsibilities other than school. My friends really like him, and so does my family. We've been very open with one another and have great communication. However, my parents are adamant that I find somebody else due to his illness. They won't force me to break up with my boyfriend, because they know he's a fantastic person, but will continuously express discontent when I hang out with him. [more inside]
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Preparing for an anxious dog

I am going to adopt a dog this summer. One of the dogs that I am considering is currently being treated medically for anxiety. If I adopt him, he will be the first dog I've had who has had this condition. With that in mind, observations and experience addressing any part of this three part question are welcomed: 1) What resources [online, print, or other] might help me better understand dog anxiety? 2) What questions do I need to ask at the shelter to better understand the range and scope of anxiety in this particular dog? 3) What questions do I need to be able to answer of myself before I commit to an anxious dog? [more inside]
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Babywearing a big baby?

How can I carry my 7 week old who is too big for a sling but too small/young to be carried in a standard upright carrier? [more inside]
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What is this thing?

We noticed this strange device on our roof at work. It's not connected to any power source and we're at a loss for what it is. Any ideas?
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May 29

Bridge club/school in SF

Can anyone recommend a friendly bridge (the card game) club in San Francisco? I wouldn't mind taking an intro class to brush up, since my knowledge of both conventions and strategy are pretty slipshod and semi-self-taught. Ideally there would be a critical mass minority of younger folks (let's say <30) around.
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Responding To Helpful Email When You Didn't Need It

How do you respond to a helpful "intro" email when you've already connected with that person and you want to make sure the "introducer" feels adequately thanked. [more inside]
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What is the etymology of "ratchet," a slang term with a negative meaning? [more inside]
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I am, quite frankly, gehstumpenflunked. What does this word mean, you may ask? Perhaps you (and by "you", I mean "me) tried to Google it to no avail. And yet, to me it's a word that exists and I used somewhere probably starting ca. 1990. It means, essentially something along the lines of: stumped, confused, bewildered, or disoriented. One friend asked if it was not in an episode of Golden Girls, and I'm not sure if he was joking or serious, so I wonder... Has anyone else heard this word? If so, where/when and do you know the origin. If not, well... I guess I'll have to assume it was just a made up word that somehow caught on with my local group of friends. The "s" in "stumpen" is more like "sh" and "eh" might be more like "ger" (or at least a minor 'r' sound, if not 100% explicit) sounding so it might be something like Gershtumpenflunked. in sound.
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Does my cat need to stay on a vet diet forever?

My cat was just diagnosed with crystals in her urine, and placed on a urinary diet to dissolve the crystals. The vet says even after the crystals are gone, she'll be on the diet for the rest of her life. How necessary is this? I'm not sure I can afford the expense, frankly, and I'm not sure how to handle it. [more inside]
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Help me find the best love quotes from Broadway musicals

My partner is a huge, huge theater buff, particularly musicals, and he is going away to work for the next three months directing shows at a performing arts camp. Last summer, before he left, he hid little love notes for me to discover in the apartment, and it was just the sweetest gesture ever. I want to return the favor to him this year, and sneak my own notes into his luggage before he leaves and in his cabin when I visit. I decided that it would be perfect to use romantic quotes from show tunes - but I really don't know anything about theater other than what I've picked up from osmosis. I could google for Broadway quotes, but they wouldn't have any significance to me. So I'm hoping that if I give some ideas of what he likes and dislikes, the hivemind could make some thoughtful suggestions. [more inside]
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Fuck tha USPS

My boyfriend's tax refund check was mailed over a month ago, according to Where's My Refund. We have surpassed the 28-day waiting period before one can file a claim for a missing or lost refund check. Does anyone know about how long it might take for the lost refund claim to be processed and the refund to actually be received? Also, he's wondering if he can change his mode of receipt from mail to direct deposit, to speed up the recovery. If you have experience in this arena we'd love to hear about it. [more inside]
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Want to connect with extended family, but don't know the words

For a variety of reasons I have never been close with my extended family. Growing up there was tension between my parents and them. We maybe saw them once every few years and I knew virtually nothing about any of them. When I was older and began to appreciate what I was missing, I was too socially awkward and wrapped up in young adulthood angst to make the connection myself. I want to connect now and don't know how. [more inside]
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One of those mystery plant questions

Asking for a friend. Her aunt has had this plant for 25 years at her house in La Jolla, CA. This is the first time the plant has bloomed. Any ideas what it is?
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How awful are these comments from my new boyfriend?

How would you feel if your boyfriend told you he wouldn't have dated someone like you when he was younger? [more inside]
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Defying physics in interpersonal relationships

There are anecdotes, usually of identical twins, who manage to "communicate" even when separated by distance and/or time. One twin just "knows" that something has happened to the other twin. I don't have a twin, but I once had this kind of connection with my then boyfriend. [more inside]
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Help a dating n00b?

Jumping back into the dating pool and hoping for some hacks and advice specific to finding the kind of people that interest me... [more inside]
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Marriage counselor / mediator in Seattle

We need someone to walk us through a separation in Seattle. There may be some legal and financial things to hash out as well. No idea how to do this. writingcrush at gmail for private messages.
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Help with lack of ability to talk to people

I am unsure of how to handle social interactions. For a few years now (I am 22) I have had trouble with social interactions of almost any kind. I can do a decent job of forcing myself to make conversation whether it is small talk or a more in depth discussion. I tend to do pretty well in social situations and am capable of maintaining a conversation. The problem is that I do not have a natural inclination to talk to others. [more inside]
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You mean, like, to vote...?

Minnesota-vehicle-noob filter: What sorts of vehicle registration documents do I need to keep in or on my car? [more inside]
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"Silver spires threaten the skies.” - any classicists among us?

Silver spires threaten the skies.” - I’m looking for a source and some context. I jotted this sentence down years ago on a piece of paper which I subsequently lost. I believe it was a comment by a critic (or observer?) of the building boom begun by the Roman Emperor Augustus. I want to say the comment was made by Livy, but he might be too early for a source. Any classicists out there? Thanks in advance…
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Did that outage just zap my internets?

We had a power outage for about 3 hours yesterday evening, and when I restarted my Mac mini, I could not connect to the internet. Our wireless modem/router is working fine, as our other Mac (an ancient PowerBook g4) and my phone can both go online using wifi. Please help! More things we've tried below: [more inside]
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Why do some TV shows not mention real-life brands, yet others do?

Some TV shows (and movies, and novels) go out of their way to avoid mentioning real-life brands. This video shows countless mentions of faux social networks: Friendbranch, Facefinder, Friendnet, etc etc, rather than Facebook. But others freely portray real-life companies when they want to. How come? [more inside]
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What is the reach of non-compete agreements in software

I signed an agreement before taking my current job that simply says I will not compete for a year. I work for a company selling software and occasionally using the same software for consulting. I want to quit and consult for a company that would be an end user, and I would develop for them to use in-house a software with some common components with what I worked on at my current company. Basically they are both wrappers for a third party software which is open source. I would not be selling what I develop, it would be for in-house use by this prospective client. I'm live in one state, the company I currently work for is in another state, and the prospective client is in yet another state. None of these states is California. Can my current employer file suit against me?
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Best practice photo tagging

I've sent off my family's entire photo collection for scanning and now have 13,000 photos that I would like to tag with names, themes (sports, birthdays, travel), and maybe locations. What is best practice in photo tagging these days? What software (mac) should I use? What's the best way to tag photos in bulk so that I save time? [more inside]
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Finding Tenants Who Aren't Serial Killers

You're an employed person in Philadelphia. You don't have a proclivity towards ripping copper pipes out of the wall. You dislike college dorm room replacements apartment complexes like this and you are looking for an apartment. Where did you look? [more inside]
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Is it possible to get small-fry specialty insurance?

It's possible to get insurance for strange things: for example, Lloyd's of London once insured Troy Polamalu's hair for $1 millon. How can I get some esoteric insurance of my own? For details... [more inside]
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Thesis: Gaius Baltar is the worst. I need some primary sources

Battlestar Galactica: There is no fictional character I hate more than Gauis Baltar. Two part question about media/fan reaction to him. [more inside]
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Classic tones for less

I've been wanting a Strat for years. More recently, I have been enjoying Les Paul sounds as well. I'm trying to decide if I should take the plunge and buy a Fender Strat made in America. What seems more appealing is to buy two cheaper guitars. Many people like the Yamaha Pacifica and the Squire classic vibe 60's as alternatives to the Strat. I don't see many alternatives to the LP, other than Gibson's cheaper lines. In any case, I'm looking for recommendations for both. I know people will say just play a bunch of guitars to see what you like, but it takes me 6-12 months to know if I like an instrument.
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How honest is the author of "The Truth about Dishonesty," Dan Ariely?

My wife and I have been reading and enjoying Ariely's books, but we're a little skeptical. Many of his study results seem a bit too spectacular. Some studies produce dramatic surprises. All of which, of course, makes for great entertainment. Can you tell me whether, in general, others have duplicated his study results? What kind of reputation does he have among behavioral researchers?
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Health Insurance Stupid?

(Supposedly) I pay $546.30 a month for Health Insurance. What should that get me as an (almost) 32 y/o male? Should I feel like I'm paying an absurd amount? [more inside]
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What can I do about someone who is using my information?

Over the weekend, someone with the IP address has been using my real name, main phone number and email to fill out a slurry of online forms about job searches, insurance, etc., causing my phone and inbox to blow up for the last three days. Is there anything I can do to stop/prosecute this person? [more inside]
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Turbotaxable (but not yet Turbotaxed) oGovernment Paperwork

Websites and software like Turbotax make it fast and easy(-ish) to file taxes. But what about everything else? I'm curious what kinds of paperwork could be "turbotaxed," but doesn't yet have a streamlined website or program to help people get through the red tape. [more inside]
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sharepoint help

Help me be a sharepoint novice [more inside]
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Oppan Kansas City Style

Good shops for big men's clothing and wide shoes in Kansas City, Missouri? [more inside]
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Need some great Summer 2013 songs for a playlist

I'm making a Summer Jamz 2k13 playlist for a few BBQs I'll be hosting this month, and I'm looking for more songs to add to the rotation. Despite my best efforts I'm a little out of both the indie/hipster loop and the R&B/rap/pop sensation loop, so I'm turning to you for help. [more inside]
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Please side with me!

I have been painting my house over the last few months and time to time need to replace some of the siding. There was enough in the garage when I moved in to cover my needs until NOW! [more inside]
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Best shareware -- 2.0

It has been about 4 years since I asked this question. Now that we are in 2013, I am curious what people think now. In brief, what is your favorite shareware (over freeware alternatives)? That is to say, what direct download applications between the price of $5 and $50 do you swear by? Four years ago, my few examples included Reqall Pro (no longer use), Ultramon (still use), and WifiHopper (no longer use). I was also back then considering Evernote Premium (which I now use heavily). Added bonus points for comments concerning the customer support of your favorite shareware titles. Freeware, Android and apple apps need not apply, unless they're supplementing a desktop/laptop based application.
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Help me remember this "awesome homes" segment from a TV show.

Please help me find this television show, or better yet this exact segment that I can remember watching. The show was about weird or cool homes and as I recall each episode was about 2-4 homes. I can't recall if the show was just about cool homes in the US or if it was about homes all over the world. I can't recall what channel it was on but I'd guess it was HGTV. The exact segment I'm looking for was (as best as I can recall...) about a home: [more inside]
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My mom can't stop buying anti-virus software.

Is there such a thing as a credit card that can only be used in person? My mom needs that, because she'll give it to any website that tells her to. [more inside]
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Where can I buy Cafe Du Monde coffee in Los Angeles?

Please advise. The closer to Hollywood the better. Thanks!
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In search of a quality trinket.

Bulk gift ideas for little kids? [more inside]
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Searching for the perfect dinner recipe for a large group campers.

I am responsible for feeding about 15 adults dinner on a car camping adventure next month. I always default to "foil dinners" in situations like this, but thought perhaps this time I should try something different and am looking for new ideas. [more inside]
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Advice for going to the hairdresser

If you've got curly hair, can you explain to me your process for going to the hairdresser and coming out with a haircut you like? [more inside]
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Non-athletic style cute but comfy hoodie/outerlayer?

What is a ladies alternative to my partners zip-up hoodie that I can put over everything, including dresses and skirts and cute outfits, and be presentable enough to run errands yet comfy and warm? [more inside]
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Finding good resources for explaining movie dramatic structures

Recently I was reading a book by Joseph Campbell called "The Hero with a Thousand Faces" which goes into how the "mono-myth" pattern serves as the underlying structure for most Western movies (think Star Wars, The Matrix, ...). I would love to learn more about alternative story arcs and dramatic structures (like the famous three-act structure), with examples from famous films. Any comprehensive resources, blogs, articles, anything?
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How to sleep while waiting?

I got my sleep study results today. Yippee! My doctor can't see me for over two weeks, how am I supposed to get anything done until then? [more inside]
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Seeking an affordable "fancy" hotel or B&B in the Northeast US.

4 stars, 2 bills: The hotel is the destination. A friend of mine has a hotel fetish. Given that the cost of a room also depends on the city and taxes, is there a "fancy" hotel or B&B in the Northeast with a remarkable amount of bang for buck? Goal is <200/night. [more inside]
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Sentiment analysis for online communities

My team is responsible for producing weekly sentiment analysis reports based on our online community's activity. How can we be better at it? [more inside]
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How to build a community website that does almost everything?

Can anyone recommend a feature-rich web app for online communities. Must be able to manage documents, permissions, events etc. Hosted or self-hosted will do. Full details inside. [more inside]
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Reading recommendations - community and friendship version

I'm starting a reading/discussion group on the topic of communities and friendships. What are some good articles/essays/books/websites for us to read? [more inside]
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Kill the spam, keep the fuzzies.

Help me handle a growing intra-office "spam" problem without killing the camaraderie or antagonizing the team. [more inside]
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Give me some life-long exercise habits to squish into my very busy life.

My life is crazy busy (whose isn't?) with school, small children and work, so often exercise is the thing that gets cut. I want to make my daily life more active, so that when I can't "exercise" I have still not been totally sedentary. I loved this question; I now stand like a flamingo every time I brush my teeth. But the question asks for general life tricks, and I am looking for exercise-specific habits. I am having a hard time googling for tricks because I am not looking for tricks or habits to implement while "exercising" or to get me to exercise. [more inside]
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Would drinking small amounts of heavy water protect you from radiation?

Would drinking small amounts of heavy water protect you from radiation? [more inside]
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Sex with a bag

My sex life is in the toilet ever since my husband had his ileostomy. Please help. [more inside]
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Help me write fiction, Obi-Wan Kenobi

Looking for videos or books that explain the craft of writing fiction stories/scifi stories, although the genre is not as important. [more inside]
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how can increase my chances of having a healthy baby at 35?

I don't plan on having a baby for many years, (I'm 24 now). I have heard that it is bad for the baby's health if the mother gets pregnant at 30 or older.  What risks are there?  How can I mitigate these risks?  What are the odds of having a baby with mental or physical disabilities?  What steps can I take to increase my chances of having a healthy baby at say age 35?  What other relevant things should I Know?  thanks
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Oh! My Aching Head!

I've been having a pretty much continuous headache since this past Saturday, with varying degrees of severity, but almost never completely gone (except for short periods of time after taking advil). Shocking waves of pain upon standing after being bent over, unless I move excrutiatingly slowly. YANMD, however, is this something I need to go to see my doctor over, or something simple? [more inside]
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Sending financial information via (unsecure) email: why not to do it

How can I misuse this bank account information? No, wait, that came out wrong. I’m looking for help justifying data security measures (at my office) for banking info. [more inside]
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Do you know a therapist on Long Island who specializes in teens? Help!

I'm looking for personal recommendations for a therapist located in Nassau county (preferably south shore, and preferably one who accepts blue cross insurance, though this is a secondary concern) who can help a teen I know and love with self harm and an eating disorder. She is the adolescent child of an alcoholic, and is in what seems to me to be a major depressive state right now, and has agreed to attend therapy. [more inside]
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Is there a good site or app to monitor Canadian grocery flyers?

I'm hoping to start our food and sundries budget off on the right foot by shopping the sales as much as possible, but going through flyers and/or finding coupons on store at a time can be really tedious. There has to be a site or app for this, but I seem to be striking out.   Any recommendations from the hive mind? Bonus made-up points for anything that lets me set even basic alerts.   (The Canada factor is key--the initial few apps I've looked at have been US-only.)
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Rocky Mountain High

After a recent drive from DC down to Tennessee In Which I Realized I'm a Little Bored with the Appalachians, I would like to plan a family vacation this summer (probably July) somewhere in the Rockies. I need some help figuring out where best to stage this grand adventure. [more inside]
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MBA and MBA-like programs: Looking for your experiences

My company will pay for my graduate management degree, so it seems wise to take them up on the offer. Can you give me advice from your MBA or MBA-like program experience? [more inside]
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What are your best academic writing exercises for undergraduates?

What exercises do you use in class to help undergraduates become better writers? [more inside]
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Help me pick a job

I have been offered positions at two different companies. My stomach is in knots trying to decide between the two. [more inside]
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How do coyotes get feral cats when cats can climb trees?

At about nine this morning my reading was punctuated by the loud flapping of huge wings in our back yard. When I arrived at the slider I saw a coyote in the middle of our yard staring at the bird on our roof. The feral cat we've been feeding was on our deck staring at the coyote. The coyote noticed me and did that thing dogs do with their front legs when they want to be chased in play then bounded off to the woods or field. Comically, the cat instinctively moved to chase the coyote before she realized herself and came over to drink the water we maintain for birds. I fed her then went online to learn what time of the day coyotes typically hunt. I found the quote below in Wikipedia and wonder how coyotes take cats when the cats can climb trees. There are fewer trees in California while here we have trees everywhere, apart from yards and fields. Is that it? "At one location in Southern California, coyotes began relying on a colony of feral cats as a food source. Over time, the coyotes killed most of the cats, and then continued to eat the cat food placed daily at the colony site by people who were maintaining the cat colony."
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Outdated IT equipment - anything better to do with it than recycling?

I have a temp job tidying IT store rooms. We're gonna throw away (I mean recycle) loads of stuf, like hundreds of kettle (power) leads, couple dozen first gen Cisco VoIP phones. Any better ideas? [more inside]
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I don't want this Sunset (by The XX) to end.

mefites, I am not a club-goer, but something tells me that the sound of Sunset will propel me through the summer. What artists, genres, DJ mixes or internet stations feature this kind of sound?
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My best friend can't come to my wedding. Help me be a grown-up.

I am getting married really soon, and I have known for a while that my best friend will not be at the wedding (for a really good reason - not that she needs one of course - but that's not the issue). I thought I was totally okay with it - it's just a party! I know she loves me! - but all of a sudden it hit me really, really hard that she won't be there. I don't know how to make this feel better. This is a terrible snowflakey question, but I am really, really sad, and I need better ways to think about this. [more inside]
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Seeking Upper, Upper Management at a Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Company

The facts: I'm a reservoir engineer at a Fortune 500 oil and gas company. I have six years of experience. I have a BS in Petroleum Engineering from a top school. I've been told I'm on the fast track to management. I've also been told that unless I get an MBA, I'll reach a point in my career one day (maybe 10-15 years in the future) where I can't rise any higher. The question: I realize that there is no black-and-white answer here, but I'm looking for general advice on if I should get my MBA, so as not to plateau in my career advancement possibilities at a major oil and gas firm. Is an MBA generally considered to be a requirement for reaching the upper echelons of management at a Fortune 500? Are enough of my peers getting an MBA that it will be hard to complete with them if I don't also have one? Any advice you can offer, especially with respect to the oil and gas world, would be helpful (that said, advice on Fortune 500's in general is welcome as well). Obviously, getting an MBA is a major personal, professional, and financial commitment, so I want to consider all of the angles. What gives me pause is that when I look at some of the executives in positions I'd like to one day be in (general managers, VPs, or higher), some do not have MBAs.
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Give me that some of that old time fancy pants bar soap.

I like this particular kind of bar soap (South of France) and would like to know where best to purchase said bar soap. I'm also interested in what it is about this bar soap that I like better than regular bar soap and whether there might be some place I can get that soap, or equivalent, a little less expensively and a little more conveniently. [more inside]
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how to list medium crappy temp jobs on a resume?

For about a year now I've been bouncing between secretary type jobs through temp agencies, and need to figure out how to list this on my resume. Two of the temp jobs are relevant to the type of work I hope to get, but can't be listed by name due to confidentiality issues. How do I present this industry specific and consumer facing work especially since my long term job before this was in a different field? I'd just leave it as a gap, except the work is relevant and there are other aspects of the gap (major surgery and more!) that make it longer than I'm comfortable with. [more inside]
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Help two Atlantic Canadians enjoy the hell out of Vegas in September

The honeymoon is booked! We'll be in Las Vegas in mid September for a week (Arrive sunday night, fly out saturday morning) and aside from "look at the pretty lights" we have no flipping clue what to expect or what to do while we're there. Suggestions!? [more inside]
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My gyn blew off my concerns. She was wrong. What now?

My former gynecologist laughed off my suggestion in 2011 that I might have endometriosis because of the severe pain I was starting to develop during my periods. I had a colon resection in 2013 and the surgeon had to remove an extra 6 inches out due to endometriosis adhesions. What do I do now? [more inside]
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Best Bible for Kindle?

I am going to give my old Kindle 4 to a friend, who thinks it will be useful in her Baptist bible study meetings. What bible should I recommend to her?
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Pug with a luxating patella? Any option other than surgery?

We have a pug who we adopted a couple of years ago. Upon our first visit to the vet, we were informed she had luxating patella, and that it might one day require surgery, but only if it got worse. Well, it seems to be worse lately - has anyone experienced this, and is there any alternative treatment? [more inside]
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How can I stop binge eating, especially in the evenings?

I am in my 30s and have recently developed binge eating habits, and would like your advice/suggestions on how to approach this, when already feeling overwhelmed with life. Medication info and other elaboration inside... [more inside]
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My ADD interferes in my job sometimes, should I tell my boss?

Basically a quick one. I have been diagnosed ADD only recently, so the ethics of stuff is a bit muddy for me. I work in a library where exhibitions are frequently held (books exhibited in vitrines). The vitrines frequently hold valuable books, but are located outside the library itself. At the end of the day, I'm supposed to roll them inside, so they are safely locked. However, it already happened twice that I forgot to put them inside, both when something busy happened in the library right before closing (like yesterday I was helping out some students). This is extremely stupid I know, and I don't think there is any excuse, and I understand my boss being angry at such a simple task. But by 20 o'clock (when I close) I'm tired, and even looking directly at vitrines didn't trigger me moving them inside (usually I really do this though) So, would it be fine to let my boss know of my ADD? I don't want it to be an excuse, but I imagine it might be more understandable, and putting a huge note next time on the reception with "DONT FORGET" wont seem as odd. Nor do I want the fact that I have ADD colour his perception of me, but I imagine "careless" (which I'm not!) is probably a worse tag than "hyper". Please help, I have an otherwise good and friendly relationship with him.
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What was the name of that (now defunct) (English?) link blog?

Recently a friend of mine and I were talking about a link blog that we used to frequent in what must have been the early 2000s. We can't for the life of us remember (or find) the name of it and it's driving us a bit mad. From what we can remember - it might have been produced by a British person (and definitely was in English); - there might have been a bit of a "new media" skew; - it was definitely a link blog, not at all unlike mefi - we're pretty sure the colour orange (and grey?) was used in the design - it closed down quite a while ago (around ten years) - it was pretty popular Any ideas, people who's memories may be better than mine? many thanks!
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Can anyone identify this track from a early 90s UK rave video?

It's that track that comes in at about 4:47 in this video (the track before Ride on Time). Shazam has no answer — it's obviously something not on Beatport. Someone somewhere *has* to know it! Thanks, hive mind!
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Inexpensive & save place to stay near Convention Center in Minneapolis?

I am going to be in Minneapolis for a conference this August and am looking for a place to stay. I usually enjoy staying in smaller, affordable hotels, BnB's or hostels. It would be great if the Convention Center was easy to reach, either on food or by public transport. I will be traveling alone and won't know anyone at the conference. So it's important to me to find a nice place to stay where I feel safe and can relax after a long day. Do you have suggestions?
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Library Science Filter: Video game citations?

Librarians and academics: How would you go about citing a specific moment or piece of content from a video game? [more inside]
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Explain it to him like he's a 5 year old. A 5 year old father-to-be.

So I'm about 6.5 weeks pregnant right now, and immersed in crazy brain juice, nausea, and fatigue. My husband, while very well-meaning, doesn't really seem to get what this pregnancy gig is all about, and I'd like him to bone up so that I can spend more time sleeping and less time explaining why I'm tired. Help us. (snowflakes inside) [more inside]
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Should I go no contact or continue to hang out?

I met this girl last year at a party, she was slightly interested in me back then (I found out from her recently) but never pursued me and we did not keep in touch. I met her once again 2 months ago, this time I was mesmerised at first sight. I hung out with her 2 times with my friends and finally mustered the courage to ask her out on a date. She said yes, but I could sense from the get go that she was not as into me as I was into her, stating that she wants to take things slow. We went out on 3 dates, made out on the first and slept together on the third. Two days later, she said I was sending out cues that I'm very serious about it and am possessive of her, and how that freaks her out. She said that she is in no shape for a relationship in that she needs to heal and is going through too many things at this point in time. [more inside]
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Commercial Renovation - GoPro Time-lapse?

A friend is renovating a historic commercial building, and I would like to capture it via a few GoPros using time-lapse. There are issues. [more inside]
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You Do Remind Me A Little of Castle.

Do I continue writing a book I've enjoyed writing and researching when it seems I've unintentionally given it the same premise as Castle? [more inside]
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May 28

Lead Sheet for "Friends" by Chick Corea

Where can I find a lead sheet for the song "Friends" by Chick Corea? Even better, where can I find transcriptions of the flute and piano solos in that song?
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What's this piece of pro-liberal / anti-libertarian writing?

I remember reading a long time ago either a blog post or a wiki-looking page linked on the Blue. It was written either to defend American liberalism, show why libertarianism was flawed, or both. The piece was about a person outlining the ways in which society and the US government's "invisible infrastructure" (my term, not theirs), supported his or her everyday life in subtle but essential ways. They included government-built roads, fire departments, and public schools, among other things. What piece is this? Bonus points for finding wherever it was linked from on MeFi. I'd also appreciate links to other seminal short works of pro-liberal and/or anti-libertarian writing. ("Invisible Knapsack" and "If Men Had Periods" come to mind.)
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Not all who wander are lost

Where to go in Paris alone? [more inside]
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What reason for buying a car at less than market value?

YANAL/YANML and you are not a clerk working at my DMV. What reason should I put on a bill of sale for buying a car for less than market value? [more inside]
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What's under the manhole covers in the street?

Could the ninja turtles live in Atlanta? What's under all those manhole covers in the street? Is there a giant tunnel under there? Could a homeless person live down there? And why are they constantly digging new holes in the street--what's under the road that a city worker can't access through a manhole, since there are so many? [more inside]
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Essential Men's Gear from Patagonia

I have access to a pro deal from Patagonia for a few more months. What are some men's essentials that it would be worth it to purchase / stock up on? I ski, hike and am getting more into mountaineering. There are a fair amount of things from Patagonia that I consider ridiculous for the price, so I'm just curious which one's are actually worth it.
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My friend with anxiety won't help himself and I don't know what to do

A friend of mine refuses to address his anxiety issues. I don't want to lose him as a friend, but also don't know how much more I can take. Please help. [more inside]
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Gay erotica/romances written by actual gay men? (NSFW)

Most of the slash fanfic I read is probably written by 14-year-old girls. Please direct me to the real stuff written by real gay men, so that I may develop snobbish taste in yet another one of my pastimes. [more inside]
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Curling already-curly hair

I would really like to be able to style my thin, long, wavy/curly/frizzy hair (close to this) into natural-looking loose curls or waves, like this, but most of the instructions that I've found online have started with straight hair (like this recent NYT article). Can you help? [more inside]
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I want to print letterhead!

Here's the issue—every single print shop I ask can only do runs of like 500 sheets for personal letterhead. I want only 50 sheets with envelopes, and I don't want to pay a freaking arm and leg for nice letterhead. How can I do this? I don't want something that's merely laser printed onto cheap paper. I'd like something that's nice, professional, and exudes quality. I've seen these at Crane, but they're still quite expensive. Any ideas mefites?
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How do I learn to read peer-reviewed studies comfortably?

I come from an engineering background rather than a research background, and I find myself lacking in vocabulary when it comes to understanding research papers, particularly when they start talking about ANOVA analyses, F(x) effect sizes and p values. I can skim through the results of a study and see that certain numbers are bigger than other numbers, but I don't really know how to tell whether what I'm seeing is significant. I'm guessing that I'm missing basic education in statistics. Can I fix this in a simple way?
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Progressive is being regressive

We live in Mass and my wife got into a car accident the other day while I was out of town. How can I convince the insurance company it was not her fault? [more inside]
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Cutting out refined sugar

I cut out refined sugar for a week, and the results to my body have been rapid and dramatic. What could be metabolically going on here? [more inside]
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Shrugs. Heck if I know.

I have a lot of sleeveless summer dresses, mostly casual. It gets chilly in the evenings, and some things are too bare for offices. I'd like some shrugs, wraps, cardigans, whatever. I've scoured the stores and a: they are absurdly difficult to find (at least when you're looking for them) and b: what I have found tends to look cheap and matronly when actually worn on a body. Where can I find flattering cover-ups? And what are the secrets (when shopping online) of figuring out what might actually work in the real world? There are all different sorts of cuts (just covering the boobs, tie at the waist, shrunken cardigan, different sleeve lengths). I'm short-waisted and busty, for what it's worth. I looked through links in previous threads but didn't see anything ... my current go-to is a lightweight cropped denim jacket, and I'm getting kind of sick of it. Thanks!
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We could always visit Buffalo

What's the likelihood of my boyfriend being denied entry into Canada for a reckless operation conviction? [more inside]
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Need Help with Short-term apartment in Manhattan.

My friend is in a major jam. His landlord has told him this past Friday that he must vacate his apartment by May 31st. Three of the five roommates are moving and there is no option to stay because if any one person stays even one day, everyone will lose their deposit. He has found an apartment to move to, but it won't be ready until June 15. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive option for him to rent for the two weeks, or any good resources for identifying possible places to stay?
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Any recommendations for a software program for managing photos, notes, etc., of plants I am learning about. Just recently developed an interest in Botany and don't really know where to begin. I have tons of photos, journal notes and websites bookmarked and am looking for a way to keep things together and organized so i can access all the info easier. Also looking for a reliable resource for identifying and learning more about the plants I find. Any other advice for a beginner would be appreciated as well...
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Taking a class for fun, but actually learning something in the end.

You've taken some classes, academic or not, for fun or out of simple interest. Some of those classes were paid opportunities to socialize. You walked out of them not feeling very different from how you felt coming in. Then you forgot everything you were supposed to have learned, and you never did anything like that again. Other classes taught you (or put you on the road to learning) a fulfilling skill or a body of knowledge. What kinds of classes were they? How did you find out about them? What lasting effects have those classes had on your life? (e.g., took a foreign language class → went abroad without a guide, took a welding class → set up a workshop in the garage, etc.)
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Wordress plugin that includes comments at the end of each RSS post

I'm looking for a Wordpress plugin that includes a post's comments at the end of that post's RSS entry. [more inside]
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How can my family bar my bipolar father from access to credit?

My bipolar father will go on crazy consumer debt fueled sprees of spending / gambling. What can we do on a severely limited budget to ensure he doesn't end up homeless or otherwise in major trouble? [more inside]
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Date nights with myself?

My husband has a demanding job, I'm a stay-at-home mom. I need to get away from the house and kids, but he's not interested in going out on a "date night." What should I do? [more inside]
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Etsy vs. creating your own e-commerce website

I am creating an online marketplace and want to keep costs and infrastructure to a minimum, at least in the initial stages of the project. I am yet to make up my mind about whether I should use Etsy as the ecommerce platform or not. [more inside]
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What other languages have easy to learn written forms?

What are some languages that are easy to learn to read/write without actually knowing the language? Obviously to an English speaker French and Spanish would be easy to read and write because we mostly use the same alphabet, so I'd like to stay away from languages that use that system. [more inside]
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Don't have a HS Diploma and never been to college... now want a degree.

I want to work full-time, get a 4-year degree, and when I am done still make enough money to support 4 kids. [more inside]
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Using a relocation service to move to Qatar from the U.S.

I've obtained an extended leave of absence from my tenured position and will move my family of six to Qatar this August. We have been given an allowance of $2,500 for shipping our stuff. How do I locate a good shipper? [more inside]
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How to edit text and select underlined text in Acrobat?

I have to edit several PDFs. Not big edits, just some text changes. I'm using Acrobat X on a Mac, while the PDFs seem to have been created on a PC using Ghost Script, though I don't know what exact piece of software was used. [more inside]
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What is the meaning of this video "What is psychoanalysis"?

The blurb for the video "What is Psychoanalysis?" on this website claims that it "tries to show visually some essential components of the psychoanalytic process including the analytic function, transference, dreams, repetitions and the Oedipal conflict". Can someone point out at which points in the video these things are shown and by which images they are represented?
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Where to buy a jawbone?

Does anyone know a source where I can buy a jawbone for use as a percussion instrument? This is also called a quijada in Afro-Peruvian music.
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Online solution for "Who brings what"

I need an online solution for coordinating "who is bringing what." We have a meditation gathering where 14 to 16 people come. We need 4 or 5 to volunteer to pick up different breakfast items. Frequently it turns into too many emails or duplication of efforts. (Last week was 3 people bringing fruit and no milk.) [more inside]
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Wedding music options - Buffalo, NY

My partner and I are planning our wedding up in Buffalo, NY, for this October - yay! We've got most things covered at this point, but one thing we're both feeling clueless about is arranging to have music for the ceremony and reception. Can you help? General advice and Buffalo-specific recommendations would be gratefully welcomed! [more inside]
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keeping an erection...

I need the hive wisdom on this. My GF and I have stupendous, earth-shattering sex. I'm 58, she's 59. Really. We're both very open, intuitive, and energetic. I take @ 10mg of Levitra (generic) an hour before hand, and it works well. When we start out, we often partake in a modest amount of cannabis, and then I focus on her. I usually have a solid erection before we start, but once I start my ministrations, it lessens, and by the time she is ready for "it", it's usually deflated. [more inside]
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Achievement Unlocked - Massive Debt

I'm becoming a first-time homeowner on Monday. What surprising things (or unexpected challenges) did you learn in your first year as a homeowner that you think it would be good for me to know? The house is in Wisconsin, in a Milwaukee suburb. Thanks so much!
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Cool Interesting and Unique Job Postings Blog?

Are there any blogs that scour online job boards and just post the cool interesting or unique jobs? [more inside]
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Past performance is no guarantee of future results

I've noticed that most of what I read about science and technology is universally optimistic about the pace of knowledge (if not necessary its use). From tech journalists to science fiction writers everyone seems to believe that the possibilities of technology are boundless and the pace of scientific discovery is, if anything, accelerating and always will be. My question is: Is anyone credibly arguing the opposite? [more inside]
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[quote] Er, um, like, you know, eh? [end quote] said Kuppajava.

How do I explain to a student journalist that when quoting someone with whom they have recorded an interview they should refrain from keeping in the verbal filler words and tics we all use in casual conversation unless absolutely necessary? [more inside]
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What speedy tricks do you use to make your updos look more polished?

I usually spend about five minutes on my long, wavy hair in the morning. What minor things (two minutes or less) do you add to your hairstyle to make it look more polished and done? Examples would be things like, "curl the ends of your ponytail" or "hide your crappy elastic hairtie with a strand of hair and a bobbypin". [more inside]
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AirBNB and [not] breaking the law

If I want to charge visitors a fee to stay in the apartment I rent form a landlord, what might I want in my lease? Would I absolutely need a clause about subletting? What are the exceptions? [more inside]
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Link me some inspirational words over images

I suffer from anxiety and as cheesy as it sounds, pictures with inspirational quotes/wording really help! [more inside]
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How do I get back the Netflix instant queue?

I just logged into Netflix and noticed that although I can see my DVD queue, I can't see my Instant queue. How do I get it back? [more inside]
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Is this a genuine text or a modern pastiche?

I recently ran across this text on a Virgil-centered site: The Secret History of Virgil by Alexander Neckam said to be based on a History by Gaius Asinius Pollio From a Manuscript in Old Royal Library in the British Museum Edited and Translated By Joannes Opsopoeus Brettanus (c) 1996. Is this an actual 12th-13th c. text based on an actual 1st c. BCE source, or a modern-day confection of the "found manuscript" variety? The copyright, of course, is odd, but I thought it might've been claimed by the site hosting the text. There was a brief discussion of it here, but no conclusions were drawn. Thanks.
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It's money laundering, but how is in untraceable ?

I saw that Liberty Reserve was busted today (domain seized, CEOs arrested) for money laundering. I know the internet underworld uses LR, bitcoins and various other exchanges to pay for things. How are they untraceable ? (or are they traceable ? Does that defeat the purpose ?) [more inside]
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What are these alchemical symbols on this pyramid?

The pyramid in question is really an ice house, built in the New Gardens in Potsdam in 1791-92. It was built at the direction of Friedrich Wilhelm II, who was a Freemason and a Rosicrucian, among other things. So what are those alchemical symbols over the door? Extra credit if you can figure out the symbolism of the weird insects and such carved into the stone.
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Free or Low Cost OCR Solutions?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a free or low cost solution that will let me scan to searchable PDF using OCR? [more inside]
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New baby + diss defense, can this math work?

Wrapping up a pregnancy and a dissertation at the same time. Given the inherent badness of this idea, when is the least ill-advised time to schedule my defense? [more inside]
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I saw my Grad school letter of reccomendation and the school knows.

Is this going to be counted against me? Should I take any action? [more inside]
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Non-techie needs help with startup interviews!

I need resources for dealing with the vague job descriptions, short interview lead time, and sometimes nonexistent web presences that are apparently typical of startups. [more inside]
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It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

Relationship frustration, party-planning edition: Help me have a great party even though the circumstances are annoying. Details below the fold. [more inside]
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Mug shot needed

Help me find a lightweight mug to drink my coffee out of. [more inside]
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This Is Why I Should Do Things In Writing

Dear Mefi Internet Jury: Am I right to withhold a roommate's security deposit? [more inside]
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Detailed descriptions or just the specs, ma'am?

When you're shopping online, do you like to see detailed descriptions or just the bare bones specs? Or have you seen research that says one or the other? I'm responsible for adding new products to our online shops, and I'm trying to justify the time spent writing detailed descriptions. [more inside]
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Känn ingen sorg för oss Stockholm

My wife and I will be in Stockholm for a few days in June, staying with some friends in Kungsholmen before traveling the countryside with them by car. Nights we'll be with them, but we'll have some time in the days to explore Stockholm on our own. We have guidebooks to find all the major attractions, etc.--but hoped you could give some advice on fun places to go, or things to see, street kiosks to buy lunch, etc. that don't make it into guidebooks. Quirky is a plus! [more inside]
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Where's the rest of this new york times editorial?

This quote has been going around various friend's facebook pages, supposedly from a NYT editorial opposing the 16th Amendment. I can't find the rest of the article, and would like to see the context for the quote. Any leads online or offline where I could check it out? [more inside]
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tech recruiter for a phd?

I'm lacking direction in my job hunt. Can you recommend a specific tech recruiter? [more inside]
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Metallic rattling noise coming from exhaust pipe

Recently my car (2008 Vauxhall Zafira) has started making a metallic rattling sound when (a) the engine is turning over at very low revs (i.e. when starting the engine) and (b) when going over bumps. When the engine is idling, or when driving along on a smooth road, the noise disappears. I can recreate the noise by grabbing hold of the exhaust pipe at the back of the car and wiggling it from side to side, so I assume that the noise is due to some bit of metal coming loose and banging around. I'm quite keen to fix this myself; can anybody suggest a more specific first troubleshooting step than "crawl underneath the car when it's cool and try to find the loose part"? I have no way of raising the car up, but I reckon if I park it with one side on the curb I can get underneath and take a look. If successful, I will update this thread with my findings :-)
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success at using UVB lightbox for Vitiligo

I have a mild case of vitiligo. While my insurance will cover dermatologist visits and Protopic (very expensive!), they won't cover a UVB lightbox machine like this one that my dermatgoligst recommended getting.. Before I pay out of pocket i'd like to hear how successful you found a UVB treatment to be - it's something like 1300-1600 dollars, and it's not something I want to buy if it hasn't been that successful.
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Would you like some Apples, Tacos, & Tinctures?

I'm starting a new job for a telecom giant at a call center and to make the most money I need to make sales. I have worked for a call center before, and I guess you could say I sold things, but I didn't really sell things. Where can I learn to sell? [more inside]
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What art galleries exist for emerging artists in major cities?

I'm searching for art galleries in major cities (such as London, New York, Seattle, Dubai, etc) that are friendly to emerging artists, and are likely to take take 1 - 2 pieces in a group show. My goal here (similar to my last ask mefi question) is to get some exhibition credits in major cities, as crass as that sounds. Are there any suggestions you have, or specific search keywords I should be looking for?
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Best route from Brooklyn to I-80W in a big-ass truck?

Moving out of Brooklyn (finally). As I see it, there are two basic options. Can you tell me which one is a better bet, and/or suggest an alternate route? [more inside]
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Apologize or leave it alone?

Long story short... been seeing a guy (30) for about three months (I'm 27). Early last week I attempted to make plans with him for the weekend, but he couldn't lock anything down. He then asked me both Sat and Sun nights to get together later that night after he was done doing other things. Upset because I had tried to make actual plans with him much earlier in the week, I responded that I'm not a booty call. He said sorry and we could do something another night and I said I would like that, but haven't heard from him since. My question is.. do I attempt to explain why I interpreted it the way I did or just give him some space? And was I even justified to be upset? I sense that he was losing interest before this happened and it probably seemed to come out of nowhere, so I'm afraid I may have blown it.
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Looking for good contemporary Chinese music

My partner is in Shanghai for a week and I'd like to ask her to bring me back some music that can't be easily found in the UK. Fussiness inside. [more inside]
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Dealing with percentages: noob question

I've recently decided to transition to a new career path, accounting. Most firms round here do an online numeracy test as part of the application process. There is a type of % change question that often comes up and I can't find a proper answer about how to calculate it. There are two formulae suggested by different websites, but they give different answers. Which is right? (details inside) [more inside]
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Happy Hours in Oslo, Norway????

We are a group that wants to meet regularly after work, or early in the evening- for a chat, a drink, maybe a snack... before heading home for dinner and to see our families etc. Can you please help me come up with a list of happy hours in Oslo, Norway? The more details you can give the better!
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Is this a prank, like crop circles?

Anybody know what this planting pattern is about? The link is to Google maps. [more inside]
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Dealing with distance when I want constant contact and he doesn't

I've been in a relationship with a guy for 6 months. When one of us is traveling, I prefer to send lots of text messages and emails throughout the day, and I want to get messages back. He dislikes written communication and would prefer to have rare, brief phone calls and just wait until we see each other in-person again. What can I do, which won't result in frustration for one of us? [more inside]
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What are some edible pest species?

I'm a (nominal) vegetarian for environmental reasons. But I do like the taste of meat. Somewhat of a practical compromise is that I allow myself to eat pest species, or animals that are culled then sold for good reasons. So I wouldn't mind eating some Kangaroo because they are being culled anyway, and they have a small environmental footprint. But in general, I'm not sure what is pest/culled for environmental reasons. My Google-fu has failed me here. What are some sources of meat/poultry/seafood that are suitable for a environmentally conscious diet? I'm not averse to eating things shipped from different parts of the world.
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May 27

Are these two words translated into Hebrew correctly?

my brother is getting a couple tattoos and asked me to make sure these translations check out and yes he knows that each word is given in two different fonts. thanks! Here they are
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Are there job opps for programmers in cleantech/fusion research?

I am a software developer with good experience, principally in big data, though I am not married to that field. I think that climate change is a serious threat to human existence, and am probing how I might be able to work successfully in a field that could help us develop a more sustainable future. [more inside]
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Prep for Jure Sanguinis -> Help me find a great Italian textbook

Preparing for Jure Sanguinis and trying to brush up on my non-existent Italian. I haven't had much luck with various websites and apps (FSI is an exception), can't afford Rosetta Stone, and can't leave work long enough for an immersion course. I've found that I do well with language textbooks in that I get a better sense of the grammar and they allow for rote memorization of words and phrases. With that in mind, can anyone recommend a good textbook (or system, or correspondence course) for learning Italian at home? Thank you.
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Stories of famous or well-known men who get nervous with women

I'm looking for stories of famous men (contemporary preferred, but historical ok) who discuss being nervous when approaching or dealing with women. Please cite sources and I will look them up.
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Can Google Harvest Data from the Google Map API?

The question came up about our use of the Google Map API. We have Google maps which we populate with XML data. Can Google harvest that data when a user views it? For example: a map is showing employees, their locations and their salaries (fictitious example).
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What should I do with this fireplace?

My new place in San Francisco has this fireplace in the bedroom: pic. It's very dirty and smells kind of moldy. Also, the hole in the floor appears to go down pretty deep. How do I clean the fireplace without ruining anything? I already vacuumed it, but it's still caked with soot. Do I need to cover or board up the hole (or the whole fireplace)? We're not allowed to actually burn anything.
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Do I need to file estimated taxes if I know I'm getting a refund?

Me and my wife work, and always get a tax refund. I'm making more with my side business, so do I need to pay estimated taxes even if we'll still be getting a refund if I don't? [more inside]
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Madonna Inn alternatives on the East Coast?

A friend and I will be taking a road trip between New York City and Ann Arbor via the Great Lakes this summer. We're mostly planning to camp, and do things on the cheap. But he's offered to splurge for a hotel for a night on one condition: the hotel be a garish Liberace-styled rococo nightmare. [more inside]
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What is the comic/cartoon connection?

My neighbors' outdoor cats, whom I catsit occasionally and interact with regularly, have names that I cannot quite parse, even though my neighbor has repeated them for me on several occasions. Both cats are male. One cat is "Dillon" or "Dylan." The other cat's name sounds like "Sits" or "Zits" or "Sitz." When I looked confused at some point, my neighbor said the names were "from a comic" or "from a cartoon." [more inside]
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How to say thanks

I had a job interview on Friday for a position I'm very excited about. I got the interview after speaking to a woman from this company at a job fair, who passed along my resume and promised to put in a good word for me since my advisor (who knows her professionally) spoke to her and vouched for me after I mentioned meeting her at the fair. I want to send her a thank you email but I could use some assistance on the details. [more inside]
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How do I cope with the loss of my first love after 8 months of marriage?

I dated my first love for 2-1/2 years and then we got married. She was my first girlfriend and I was her first boyfriend. She asked for a divorce about a month ago. How do I cope? Please see the extended explanation for specific questions. [more inside]
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Huge misunderstanding with casual friend now an incredible mess.

Huge misunderstanding with casual friend now an incredible mess. I don't know how to handle this so am turning to you for advice. I am honestly trying to keep it brief and still include relevant details. [more inside]
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Does this mean we are getting old?

Pro's and Con's of getting a Vanagon (or similar vehicle) for camping? [more inside]
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Social Anxiety & Roommate Living

How do I live with roommates (mega-extroverts at that) when I'm introverted and kinda crazy? [more inside]
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Was this an abnormal thing to do?

I asked my piano teacher to get coffee. Slightly after the fact I'm second guessing myself a bit. [more inside]
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It was a demon, right?

Long shot filter: So this weekend I went camping in the Rocky Mountains and one night I heard the most unearthly shrieking caterwaul. [more inside]
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Help me identify this symbol?

I found this rock by some train tracks today. The rock could be from anywhere since the rock beds for the tracks are often laid with rocks shipped in from everywhere. A Google search hasn't been much help yet. Anyone?
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Fellow Mefi architects, am I nuts?

I'm considering going into Architecture. Bad idea? [more inside]
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Trains that passed in the night ... how'd they do that?

During the Civil War era, what kind of signals guided intercity trains traveling at night? [more inside]
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Google Pixel questions: GMail as main email client; benefits of Ubuntu?

I just nabbed a 32gb WiFi Chromebook Pixel off Craigslist and it's a fun machine. I'd like to get the most out of it and have a two questions, one about ubuntu and one about GMail (as my main email client). [more inside]
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Emergency 101

My very awesome and super feisty elderly neighbor apparently fell down our building's stairs today just as I was getting home and when I got to her she was 100% conscious but bleeding profusely from a wound on her head. Another neighbor had already called for the paramedics and as I was walking up they arrived. The wound was assessed and it was decided that she needed to go directly to the ER. What could/should I have done to make sure she had what she needed and that her rights were being respected? [more inside]
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Looking for pants that are similar to the Savane Comfort Plus pants

What kind of pants are marketed today that have a similar feel to the Savane Comfort Plus pants? [more inside]
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Why won't my lemon juice ice cubes freeze?

We were given far more lemons than we can reasonably use before they spoil. We'd like to freeze the juice from some of them to use in our later lemon-less life. However, the last time we tried freezing lemon juice, the juice never quite froze; the outside of the cube was slightly slimy and the cubes slowly oozed over a period of a few weeks into gelatinous lemon-flavored messes of glop. Since the other items in our freezer are so solid as to cause injury if dropped on one's bare foot (NOT THAT I'VE DONE THIS), it would seem to me that the temperature of our freezer is cold enough. But maybe I'm wrong! Any tips, O Hivemind?
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Help me make a fantastic fashion faux pas!

Back in the heady days of my youth I used to wear a rather splendid afghan coat - you know, the typical hippy embroidered brown suede and fur affair, complete with disturbing aromas of patchouli and vague decay (although to be fair that may have been me rather than the coat). And now I'd love to find another one - preferable a full-length white version I can paint the cover of ELP's 'Tarkus' album on, but another brown one at a pinch. Any idea where I could get one, Mefites? Ebay and online searches only seem show women's coats and I'm a 6' chap (from Nottingham, in the UK)! Many thanks in advance!
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Is it worth it to open a high yield savings account in 2013?

Are they good for using as a nest egg of sorts (e.g. money to live on when I'm in between freelance gigs) or for saving up for something specific (a vacation, Invisalign braces, etc.)? [more inside]
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Is it safe to use other adapters with this subwoofer?

I just bought a subwoofer from a thrift shop, but unfortunately the power adapter (13.5 AC in) is missing. My neighbourhood shops seem to be fresh out of adapters with that voltage, so I'm wondering if it would be possible/safe/advisable to use a different adapter? I have several lying around the house with output voltages ranging from 5 to 16V.
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Well, this still sucks

So my best friend has ovarian cancer. And we're in our "out of the frying pan, into the fire" moment because she's stage 4 and shit's already going poorly. How do I tell my kid? [more inside]
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Starting to run with minimalist shoes?

I want to get started running, and learn to run with minimalist shoes. Am I going to just hurt myself? How should I start? [more inside]
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What's out there for someone with a new MA in history?

I just graduated with a MA in history. Yay! But what do I now? I'm desperate to find a new job, but I'm not sure what I'm looking for. Details within. [more inside]
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How to make a permanent DIY Rainbow in a public space.

I'm part of a large group of local families that are trying to get our local council to make a permanently outlined rainbow crossing in our local square for people to chalk and draw their messages of love, hope etc. (It's in a slightly historic place because it was a first, so we can't move it to a different surface.) We can't have it done in paint because they high-pressure hose the area daily to clean it. We're looking for not terribly expensive (ha!) safe options for a public space that gets a LOT of foot traffic. A photo of the space with the proposed outlines in chalk. There are currently large acid dipped pavers...not concreted in...that are about a foot square. [more inside]
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Publishing options for a collection of literary short fiction

I'm nearing completion of a book of very short stories that riff in various ways on the 'joke' form. The pieces are 1-2 pages. I want to publish this book. I'm not sure the best way. [more inside]
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What's the best way to learn a language quickly?

It's difficult to get a job in my field without knowing Spanish, and the grad programs I'll be applying to next year strongly prefer bilingual English/Spanish applicants. I'm searching for a job and I'd like to become conversationally proficient as quickly as possible. What methods have worked for you? A community college class? A private class? A private tutor? A particularly awesome website? I was once fluent in both French (which I spent years studying in highschool and then got practice working for a French company, who also provided a private tutor) and Portuguese (learned via an intensive university class, but lost once the class ended and I didn't keep using it). I pick up languages fairly easily, but I need a lot of practice time and a little bit of structure. I'm confident in my ability to learn the specialized jargon of my field once I'm comfortable speaking the language on an everyday basis. I'm looking at an intensive Summer class at the local community college, but I'd like other options as well.
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Preppy dude gets the cold shoulder in mid-2000s pop song?

I've been searching for a pop song by a young female vocalist, US, ca 2005? Most of the music video was of her on the school bus, with the story being that her boyfriend fucked up, how she doesn't want to see him anymore, etc.? I think she had an Italian-sounding name. Halp?
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Deliberately-wrinkled sports coats: acceptable or passe?

Men's fashion filter: wearing a wrinkled sport coat--yea nor nay? [more inside]
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For the love of God, please help me make up my mind

I need to change careers. But I can't make up my mind about which one to go into, and it's driving me nuts. Please help me understand why I can't make up my mind, or what I should do about it. [more inside]
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Looking for advice on moving on up (moving on up!). No east side.

Tips on becoming a good manager? [more inside]
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Alone in a quarter-life crisis

How to deal with being (emotionally) alone during this transitional phase of my life? [more inside]
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Seeking recommendations for records management database stuff

I'm about to start a new job (!) as a records manager with a mid-sized company specializing in law and engineering. My background in is academic libraries, not IT, and I would like to run my half-baked ideas past you all before plunging into the abyss. [more inside]
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Where to have my car windows tinted in Houston?

I have a 2013 Honda Accord and I'd like to get my windows tinted. How do I go about finding a good shop? Has anyone had a good experience with a particular shop in the Houston area? Nothing looks uglier than a bad tint job in a year, so I want to do this right.
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What is this weak form of pun called?

You know the kind: "DemoCRAPS" and "RepubliCONS" I find these constructions incredibly tiresome and would like to address them with a technical term. What are these forms of speech called?
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Where can I find t-shirts and shorts that have cool full-bleed photos?

Looking for men's/unisex summer clothes that have cool full-bleed photos printed on, so it would be printed all the way to the edge, even wrapping around continuously. [more inside]
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Buddhism for Beginners.

I'm in the midst of a terrible months-long depression and a friend of mine recommended I look into Buddhism. I'm willing to try anything, but I have no idea where to start and the Buddhist literature is pretty overwhelming. Buddhist MeFites, extend to me your enlightened hands and tell me what books to read, websites to check out, etc.
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Looking for music that sounds like what I used to like in church music

One of the things I miss about church is small-group music. I'd like to find music in this style without the baggage of church behind it. Specific criteria and examples of what I'm looking for inside. [more inside]
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Do you think college is worth it?

I'm having second thoughts about going back to school, not only because i've seen a lot of people graduate and not be able to find a job so they can pay off their $30,000 loans but also because they might be over qualified for it or underqualified. If not that, then i'm kind of worried with the field i want to go into it would be really hard to find a job here(united states), and i'm starting to wonder if i would be better off buying text books/books and just teaching myself what i want to learn. What's your opinion on college? Do you feel like it's worth it anymore?
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Can I span 30' with a hammock?

I am getting my first hammock, and ENO DoubleNest. Hurray! There are three trees in our yard, with 28' to 30' between each pair. I also ordered a set of Slap Straps Pro, which should juuuust make that distance. Will I have any problems? If it won't reach, can I just make a "jumper" of rope from each Slap Straps to the carabiner on the hammock? [more inside]
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Excel Tables for a Wordpress Blog

I would like to reproduce my Excel tables as html for a Wordpress blog, but the "save for web" code does not work. [more inside]
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Does topical medication (e.g. Rogaine) work when it's dry on the skin?

I've used Rogaine/finasteride and another topical hair-loss treatment. Both say that the product should be applied twice daily, and that more than that won't yield any better results. I'm inclined to trust them - especially since they have an incentive to encourage more frequent use - but intuitively this doesn't seem right. It seems like a topical treatment would really only "work" when it's wet, and that once it's dry it would have much less effect. Am I wrong? Does anyone know the mechanics of how this kind of stuff works?
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name that song

What is this music? It was a piece by a woman composer; I think she had won some sort of important contemporary classical music award or was otherwise highly acclaimed, but the piece had a very postmodern/rockish sensibility. The beginning is a repetitive, kind of Olympo-fascist horn line and I think it resolves into something messier partway through the song. It's very catchy despite being kind of cacophonous. There was a music video for it that somehow involved, I think, horses or pegasi, an MS Paint aesthetic, and things with bright red eyes. [more inside]
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What is your ultimate 'never let you down' object?

What is the item you own that is completely 'fit and forget'? What is the thing in your life which needs the least minuscule amount of attention, upgrades, tweaking, watering, oiling, sharpening, and so on? It performs 100% and you can utterly rely on its metronomic efficiency. Consulting the hive mind for recommended products you use which do their job and do it well all the time. Your go to thing that, y'know, just works... Every Single Time. [more inside]
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What bra does Joan Holloway wear?

For my entire boob-having life I've been on the lookout for a suitable bra. It exists! But what is it?! [more inside]
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I have the face of a 14-year-old...and not in a good way

What are the best products/techniques to get rid of pimples and dark spots on my face? [more inside]
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Looking for photos/videos, or car crashes with distorting metal

Looking for videos, commercials, scenes from a movie you can recall, of high definition car crashes or scenes of metal rippling and distorting. Slow motion, hi def, very vivid is the best. Here is a video with something similar: Its for an art project. Thank you so much for any thoughts or ideas.
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How can we best archive my great uncle's WWII story?

My mother got a long letter describing his experiences as a pilot in World War II. He's interested in contributing that story to a public archive of some sort. Is there anything we could contribute it to? [more inside]
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What to do when the sickener hits?

How does one handle sudden epiphanies about relationships, the kind of ones that happen when waking one morning and completely reverse your feelings from the night before? [more inside]
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Do cymbalta induced sexual side effects improve?

I was wondering if anyone who has taken Cymbalta and got side sexual side effects ever had their sexual side effects wear off. I am a male in my 20s, and besides the side effects the drug is working well. I am taking the drug for a hernia in my neck, and only later found out that the drug is also an antidepressant with potential sexual side effects . I would like to hear some personal anecdotes/problems/success stories dealing with the sex aspect of the drug. [more inside]
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FinnishTranslationFilter: need help with an English-Finnish translation.

I'm looking for a translation of the phrase "I'm sorry, but do you mind if I use English?" into Finnish, for use on a visit to Finland. [more inside]
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Best way to sell my bicycles in the UK?

I have three really nice bikes to sell and I'm concerned that if I go via ebay I'll get ripped off, plus I'd rather avoid their high fees if possible. Have you had any success selling a good quality bicycle another way in the UK? [more inside]
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Need help with career in disability (Australia)

I have a scattered work history and have been job hopping too much, not sure where I can go within the industry. Please read more. [more inside]
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May 26

Who has second thoughts about their dream job?

I really can't figure out what I want to do in my life. And it's scaring the crap out of me. At many times I really thought I knew what I wanted and then when I started working... I didn't, at all! I tried really hard to figure out what to do. I majored in political science, been involved in campaigns, and I thought I would just go to law school. But felt uneasy about the whole thing like it was just something I was supposed to do cause I would be good at it. So I decided to work a bit in a medical field, which was followed by living aboard for a few years. Now I'm dabbling in film and thinking about architecture. All amazing experiences but no closer to a conclusion. I feel super strongly about some careers and then realize I only feel strongly about those things because I admire the people in those fields and not necessarily the field itself. Does anyone have a similar story? Any conclusions? Can anyone help?
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How can I benefit most from watching course webcasts beforehand?

I like to watch video webcasts of courses I'm going to be taking in the future. What are your best suggestions to get the most out of this experience so that I can boost my performance when I'm actually in the course? [more inside]
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How do I become a medical coder?

Ideally, I'd like to be prepared for the ICD-10 conversion in 2014. Problem is, I have no experience whatsoever, save medical terminology gleaned from Psych classes. My current position is completely unrelated, I've never held a position in a medical office or hospital, and i do not have a degree in health information management. In light of this, is my goal realistic? If it is - even remotely - where do I start, and is there a way to obtain necessary credentials while still employed full time in an unrelated field? Additionally, I have heard that once certified, it's still relatively difficult to find a first position. How do I ameliorate the stigma of inexperience?
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What kind of face mask is good for a woodworker with COPD?

Dad Swan was diagnosed with COPD this past week. He's a woodworker. No, COPD and woodworking are not exactly a match made in heaven, but we're hoping that the purchase of a good face mask will make it possible for him to continue working in his workshop for a few hours a day. For those of you who have any medical/woodworking experience, what brand or kind of face mask would you recommend, and do you have any other tips for my father on how to reconcile his hobby with his medical condition? [more inside]
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How can I talk with my friend about his dating life given our history?

I have a very good friend who I spend time with on a regular basis. In recent history (and maybe probably for the foreseeable future) he has been depressed about his dating life, so naturally, it is a subject that comes up and I discuss it with him. However, given our past history together, it's been a really hard subject for me to discuss with him and I would like some help navigating this from the hivemind. [more inside]
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Permanent lawn games?

We are looking to install a permanent lawn game in our front yard (well hidden from street). We have basically enough room to put in a badminton court, and will likely do that. Unless we get a more awesome idea from you guys! Please share any suggestions. We are not willing to install grass for this. It will be either on hard clay soil, sand, gravel or pavers. I want to make sure I have collected any potentially awesome ideas before I put I all the work. Thanks!
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Keeping post-J.D. hopelessness at bay?

I graduated from law school this month. I got great grades, and have a good job lined up that will keep me busy for three years after the bar exam and before entering law firm life. The problem is that I'm the new cliche: I have accumulated close to $250,000 in educational debt through undergrad and grad school and I don't want to be a lawyer. At all. Blizzard to follow. [more inside]
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Are you a neuroscientist? Happy in academia? Want to do science...

So I have been working in an entirely different field for the last years and was never entirely sure about what I wanted to do with my life. I am certain at this point that I want to work in a field which involves, you know, nervous systems. Unsurprisingly, I am thinking of academia. [more inside]
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How does one become Tony Stark? (the Engineer, not the Iron Man)

If you were starting with no applicable background, no engineering degree, nothing except for a lot of free time and a moderate amount of money to spend, how would you become Tony Stark? No limits on time, whether it's 6 months or 60 years, how would you go from Joe the VCR clock programmer to Tony the Engineer? [more inside]
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Where Can I Find Instructions for Religious Dances in English?

I'm studying various religious dances, but especially the Chinese "Dance of a Thousand Hands" and the rituals of whirling dervishes. I don't know how if these dances are taught orally or how they're handed down, but I would like to read English-language instructions of these or other special religious dances. I don't need to perform any; I just want to be able to follow what's going on.
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Itch-Free Austin, Itch-Free New Orleans

My best pal and I will be road tripping to Austin and New Orleans this July. We've had a bit of trouble finding budget accommodations that don't have 20+ negative reports on the Bedbug Registry -- especially in NOLA. Any hotel/motel/dorm wizards have suggestions? PLUS where should we go in Austin and NOLA to satisfy our many cultural/gastronomic itches? Snowflakes inside! [more inside]
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Why did my carrot juice turn into eggwhite?

Gross but I must ask -- FOR SCIENCE. What creature IS this in my homemade juice? [more inside]
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Seeking Message Board/Forum Software or hosting site

I'm looking for forum/message board software with certain features related to subscribing via email/RSS and guest-posting capabilities. These are for separate projects so the software does not need to contain all of these features, necessarily. [more inside]
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What are my options for home internet service in Savannah, GA?

Home DSL service has been declining in quality and stability in recent months, and I'm at the point where it's time to consider canceling and switching to a different provider. Search engine pages seem to be spammed with fake "index" sites." What are my options? If you use ATT or Comcast, how has your service worked?
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Thin sliced don't waste your time t-bone

We bought thin sliced t-bone steaks by accident instead of regular. How do we need to cook these puppies? No grill available- just a cast iron skillet and an electric oven. These are seriously obscene with how thin they are.
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50% hip, 50% banker briefcase for my sweetie?

I'd like to buy the man in my life a briefcase or messenger bag, so he can stop hauling his work papers around in old redwells and plastic bags (!). Looking for something that's polished, yet somewhat stylish, and should also be comfortable for commuting by foot and public transport. Budget is up to $200, but could go a bit over for something really great. Ideas?
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Unsure of whether or not I should move on from my relationship

My boyfriend and I want to get married but I'm not sure. Is my intuition is telling me something important or is it just fear? [more inside]
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How caustic are alkaline batteries?

I had some AA energizer max alkaline batteries in my keyboard and one leaked. When I went to remove it some one the powder got between the keys on my keyboard. How caustic is the potassium hydroxide solution in this stuff? Is it concentrated or pretty diluted? Is it safe when its dry? I cant easily clean between my keys.
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Outdoor lights got wet -- now what?

I have these strings of tiki lights in my backyard and they got wet! [more inside]
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Cheapest international flight destinations besides Mexico?

We are trying to find the (usually) cheapest flights to international destinations from Western United States to anywhere except Mexico or Canada. [more inside]
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I want to learn to use an oscilloscope. What book should I buy?

I recently started working part-time as a tester at a small start up and quite enjoy it. I am about to go full-time over the summer and will, for at least a short time, be the only tester at the company. I am trying to learn as much as I can to do the job well. [more inside]
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Make the sad lilac bushes happy

I'm visiting my folks this weekend, and their lilac bushes are looking a little sad. Why are they sad? How can we make them happy? [more inside]
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Day trip from London with kids

We're thinking of making a day trip away from London this week. We'd like some place accessible by train or other public transportation. We have two children under five so it needs to be kid friendly... but the trip is in honour of an adult's birthday, so we'd like it to be some place the adults will enjoy at least as much as the kids (which rules out, for example, Legoland.) What would you recommend?
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Cat stuck on 7th story molding

My 9 month old cat cut through my screen window and crawled out onto the molding of my 7th story apartment. I don't know what to do. [more inside]
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Paying for Public Documents by the Government

Is there any research on people who pay for publicly available documents that are bound and sold by the government, not third parties? I was fascinated that when the 911 Commission issued it's report, it flew off the shelves when it was bound and sold by the GPO even though the same report was also fully available online. I'm also not referring to services provided by USSearch or KnowX. I mean, I guess, anything produced by the Government Printing Office that is for sale as a bound document (since they are also public documents), but is also available for free online. I would think if people could repackage and sell publicly available documents, that would open a whole world of new publishing opportunities.
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When to untie the social knots

My sister has died in another country. Curious about social norms and expectations. [more inside]
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I want to analyse a lot of satellite imagery at once.

I want to analyse a whole bunch of satellite imagery at the same time, and I'm not sure my usual tools (GDAL, R, Python) are adequate for the job. [more inside]
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Accidental penpals

I've just started talking to this (really neat!) guy on OKCupid; I like him a lot & we seem to have a ton in common. However, we won't be in the same place until August. How do I gently steer him away from a penpal-esque situation while still keeping him interested? [more inside]
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What material is the third eye of the Cytherian made from?

In the Star Trek TNG ep, The Nth degree, the Cytherian has an interesting material as his 'third eye'. I've had two tiles of it as a kid. It doesn't appear to be a hologram, but looking at it at different angles one sees a lattice of circles/spheres. What is this material and where can I purchase it in larger areas?
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Help me buy a sports jacket for a 16 yr. old boy

A friend (single mom) relays that her 16 yr. old son has asked for a sports jacket. He also just joined a gym. This is great news, as he never before seemed interested in hair, clothes, looks in general. [more inside]
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Peace Corps to Senegal: needs, reads, tips, advice, cautions and so on

Someone has joined the Peace Corps and is going to Senegal, working in agro-forestry. Here is what is requested: needs, reads, before and during, what not to miss seeing, what to know, all necessary tips on the Peace Corps, Senegal and the Peace Corps in Senegal, and so on. In a word: advice. In another: experience. Hive mind, please hope me. [more inside]
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Gross incident: apologize or ignore?

I made a dinner faux pas that I would like to get input on how to handle afterwards. [more inside]
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Should I switch doctors because his assistant makes me uncomfortable?

I like my specialist doctor. However, he has an assistant/nurse who makes me feel uncomfortable, although nothing she has done is explicitly unprofessional - I just find her creepy and unnerving. What should I do? [more inside]
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Sci-fi/mecha shareware RPG game, but I cannot remember the name or URL

There is a shareware sci-fi/mecha RPG game that a previous room-mate introduced me to. I don't remember the name of the game, but it was shareware, PC/Windows, and very extensive. I have no idea how to get ahold of the person whom introduced me to the game, hence I'm at a loss of how to find it again. [more inside]
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Romantic Seoul: Help me find a date spot in the Special City

I'm somewhat new to Korea and don't know much about the landscape of Seoul, but I'm taking a native Seoulite out to dinner on Tuesday night. What's a good date place in Seoul for a quiet dinner? The cuisine can be from any corner of the world, though I'd prefer if it were in the Hongdae or Sinchon corners of Seoul. That said, anything interesting would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Rdio Maven Recommendations

I just started using to find and listen to music, but I don't know how to find people to follow for recommendations. Who do you suggest? [more inside]
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Applying for rental house - need advice

Husband and I are seeking a rental home. We found a nice house and the landlord has invited us to apply. Last time we applied for rental the property manager had us do a credit/background check via an online service. This new landlord gave us a paper form asking for SSN, DOB, our checking and savings account numbers, employment history, and other info. The landlord is an older person with a couple investment properties. I'm sure this is not a scam, but I am reluctant to hand all my ID and bank numbers to a stranger. Advice? Anyone know a simple, reputable online background checking service that I can suggest to this landlord? We would pay the fee. My goal is to make the landlord comfortable so we can lease the house. The Seattle rental market is very tight. This landlord has his pick of many worthy applicants. We have excellent credit, references, etc.
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Why don't I like Arrested Development? Should I try harder?

I've tried. A few times. I just can't get into it. Am I doing something wrong? [more inside]
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Recommendation for dual tray, same document mixed PDF capable printer

Looking to help my sister purchase a new printer for her small business. The unit must be able to switch format sizes (legal/letter) on the fly in a single PDF document. I know someone out there is doing this, please help! [more inside]
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Did Yul Brynner walk into a river in Westworld?

I know there's a Simpsons parody with the same scene, but I seriously remember Yul Brynner emerging from a river in the original, too. Why is it no longer in the film? [more inside]
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Modest Mountain Bike for Student@CU Boulder

Our son is leaving for college at CU-Boulder this fall and we want to buy him a bike. We are looking for a bike that will allow him to get to and from classes and to bike into the nearby mountains. Here's our dilemma: As a teenager, there's no guarantee that he's going to take up mountain biking in a serious way so I don't want to break the bank (to me spending $1000 on a bike is breaking the bank) and have him only ride it to and from class. OTOH, we want to get him something he could do some mountain riding and if he got interested enough, he could replace it with something better without much trouble. Suggestions?
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What is growing on my window sill?

Can you help me identify this herb with the tiny leaves and big taste? The largest leaves are around .25" / .5 cm, and it tastes lemony, peppery, zesty, kind of sharp. [more inside]
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Did Handel really say this?

After Georg Friedrich Händel became George Frideric Handel in 1727, I have it stuck in my mind that he once said, to a Brit who called him a German, "No, Sir, I am more English than you, because I chose to become English, whereas you were assigned your nationality willy-nilly," or words to that effect. But no amount of googling has found a reliable quote or reference to this. Has anyone else heard this story, or did my mind make it up? Anyone have a reliable source? [more inside]
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Should I take a new pair of hiking boots back?

Living in the Alps and going to Iceland in a few weeks, I decided to invest in a decent pair of hiking boots for walking in the mountains, amongst rocks, rough terrain and even volcanoes and glaciers in the case of Iceland. I have not had such shoes for a long time, so am new to such a purchase. After trying the boots at home for a few hours, I am experiencing discomfort in my ankles. Is his normal or should I take the boots back? [more inside]
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one-word-term for flexibility of metal

Looking for a one-word-term that describes the flexibility specifically of metal that will 'bend rather than break'; its flexibility is its strength. I guess I'm looking for a fancy word for 'pliable' , but 'pliable' is too generic a term. There's probably something nifty-sounding in Japanese for it, one imagines. Thanks all.
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One broken Wordpress image fixit script to rule them all?

Long story short, my Wordpress install became corrupt, and while all content and original images were saved, all of the resized custom images are gone. Is there any way I can run a plug in or some other script that will resolved all of the broken image links? [more inside]
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May 25

What speakers to buy?

I have $500. I am in the market for speakers. I don't know anything about speakers. What do I buy? [more inside]
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Recommend me some glassses that are barely glasses.

I want recommendations for glasses frames that are hardly glasses. I want to hardly feel them. I want when people to look at me to see my face first and my glasses after. I want the eyewear equivalent of a see-thru mesh bra that weighs nothing. Is this possible? I have had my glasses for 13 years now and am ready for a change. I live in Montreal so am close to major eyewear providers. Thanks in advance!
posted by Sully at 11:41 PM PST - 18 comments

Help: Piano teacher. Lesson schedule packed. What next?

Asking this for the wife: She is an experienced piano and voice teacher in a mid-size city. Masters' Degree in Music/Education. 10+ years teaching K-5 music in public schools. Regular piano students (half-hour lessons) now, teaching from our home. Trouble is, her lesson slots are almost entirely filled, i.e. she's topped out. So... How might one take this kind of skill and experience and parlay it into a better income? Not looking for a job. Looking to build a business to dovetail with her current lessons, maybe even eventually surpass them. Really interested in something online, for example, that would expand her base beyond local. We've barely scratched the surface of things like video lessons, etc. But we want to hear ideas outside the box, especially if others are making it work. Eventual passive income would be a big bonus. But I've never heard of an MLM for piano lessons...
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How to find an accessible apartment in Oakland?

Where can I find listings for wheelchair-accessible apartments in North Oakland? Sites, organizations, amenable landlords, types of buildings that are easy to make accessible...? [more inside]
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Can I install an XBox 360 Arcade Demo from a disc to my hard drive?

The Xbox 360 Arcade game Alan Wake's American Nightmare just went on sale, so I purchased it. I have very limited bandwidth on my Internet plan, though. I do have a demo of the game that came with an Official XBox 360 Magazine coverdisc. Usually, when I have a demo of a game all I need to do to unlock the full game is pay for it, without any additional download. There doesn't seem to be any way to install the demo from the disc to my Xbox's hard drive, though. I do have enough space. Is there any way I can install the game demo from the disc to the harddrive? I haven't modded my Xbox in any way.
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Control a web browser using a USB controller (Korg NanoKONTROL)?

I want to be able to use my Korg NanoKONTROL to DJ using Grooveshark and other things. Does anyone know if/how this is possible? Thanks yall.
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Trying to find a depression era recipe- hot ice cream

My grandfather grew up an orphan around the turn of the century and remained very poor as long as I knew him. He made us something called "hot ice cream". I think it had milk, and vanilla, food coloring and corn starch. I have googled but am not getting very far. Can anyone help with this recipe?
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Is that a tenor guitar in the Pistol Annies' 'Family Feud'?

In the Pistol Annies' track 'Family Feud', there's an instrument I can't identify. I think it might be a tenor guitar with a lot of reverb? [more inside]
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Celebrity Pants Pooping

Looking for some information on the history of pants pooping incidents in popular culture. Not interested in pooped pants as part of a play or sketch. I'm looking for legitimate poops on the red carpet. The goal of this question is to determine the most famous person to have pooped their pants in public.
posted by _aa_ at 7:29 PM PST - 15 comments

Are you OK? Are you OK now? What about now? How are you feeling now?

How often is normal for otherwise healthy pets to have medical emergencies? [more inside]
posted by Sara C. at 6:48 PM PST - 52 comments

Left, Left, Left, Right, Left

Can I learn how to walk differently? When I walk, I drag my heels. I always wear Birkenstock sandals, and this way of walking causes my heels to wear away much faster than the rest of the shoe, leading to more frequent (expensive-ish) repairs. Can I train myself to walk another way? I know people do it in necessary times (e.g. loss of limb, spinal cord/brain damage, etc.) but I just WANT to change. Possible?
posted by dithmer at 6:09 PM PST - 10 comments

Looking for a good literary magazine...

I want to submit my short story to the kind of literary magazine that I'd actually enjoy reading. Do you have any suggestions? [more inside]
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I am so stuck...

I have a bad case of relationship ambivalence. She (35, never married) deserves better. I (42, never married) deserve better. But I'm so massively stuck I don't know what to do. Hope me? [more inside]
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Laptop in a milk crate?

In terms of potential risk to your laptop, would you be comfortable commuting by bicycle about 5 miles a day with your laptop in a milk crate which is zip-tied to a rear-wheel bike rack? [more inside]
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Computers and kids

I have one laptop in the house and one smartphone in the house. Both of these have my personal photos, texts, emails, etc on them. I also have one smart 10 year old in the house who uses these devices to google things, play games, type assignments, etc. How do I keep my personal stuff out of the site of my kiddo? [more inside]
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Tell me what you know about the livestock feed called Chop

I live in a central Pennsylvania village that's almost 200 years old called Linden Hall. It was in the cellar of a home in our village that one of my neighbors found a bunch of old feed bags from the mill that used to be powered by the creek that runs through here. One of those feed bags looked like this. It uses this term "Chop." So we began to wonder why, if Chop was a type of feed, why did it had a protein and fat content label? And why are there horses on the bag? Was this actually livestock feed, or something else? [more inside]
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Business cards in a hurry in Paris?

My wife is in Paris attending a conference, and just realized that she didn't bring her business cards along! I know that freestanding machines exist to make these while-you-wait in other cities, but where can one go to get same-day business cards in Paris? Difficulty: some, but limited, French language ability.
posted by 1adam12 at 3:22 PM PST - 5 comments

Do I have foot fungus?

Warning, question not for the faint of heart: My big toenails are yellowing with some gross gunk under my nails. Is it fungus? [more inside]
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Getting Over A Craptastic Relationship

So, I was together with someone for 16 months and things were 'okay' for most of that time. We moved in together and things rapidly unraveled as I came to some sharp realizations about the way things were going and asserted my needs--she immediately got squirrelly, the relationship ended soon after. I feel like a heartbroken idiot and don't know how to move beyond my pain. The entire saga is inside. [more inside]
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What's a good giveaway for a business meeting?

What's a good giveaway for attendees of a mid-sized business meeting (50 people) to mark the "beginning of a new era"? May be symbolic or something useful, as long as it's not tacky. Maximum value ~25 USD.
posted by lord_yo at 1:13 PM PST - 17 comments

Bracelet wire types.

What type and gauge wire should I use to create a Alex and Ani type bracelet?
posted by boby at 12:54 PM PST - 4 comments

Down with Big Security: consumer home security products?

I am moving into a medium-sized house soon and I need a decent security system. I'd love to avoid paying the big security corporations that force you to sign contracts and all that. Aside from a normal alarm system (I'm thinking Simplisafe), I also want to explore the option of security cameras (on the outside). Does anyone have experience with good consumer products in this space?
posted by malhouse at 12:19 PM PST - 8 comments

Ink pen recommendations?

I'd like to replace the cupfulls of random stolen ballpoint pens in my house and at work with a smaller selection of nice pens, of the blue and red ink variety. I have an art store and the usual big box retail suspects nearby. What should I purchase? [more inside]
posted by jsturgill at 11:28 AM PST - 41 comments

What is this chair?

What is this chair? My wife, a huge fan of design magazines, doesn't recognize it. She thinks it might be handmade, but it looks too industrial for that. No marks on the chair, either. What is it?
posted by musofire at 11:18 AM PST - 14 comments

Musical evolution in a song

"Giorgio by Moroder" is a track on the new Daft Punk album that progresses through different eras of dance/electronic/club music, with the life and work of both Giorgio Moroder and Daft Punk themselves as musical and narrative framing devices. Are there any other songs, in any genre, that progress musically through various eras?
posted by capricorn at 11:15 AM PST - 11 comments

Cleaning and seasoning a paella pan?

My wife got a paella pan at a yard sale! Sweet. She is totally looking forward to using it to make seafood-less paella because she's allergic. How can we prep the pan for this? [more inside]
posted by infinitewindow at 10:54 AM PST - 9 comments

Best Books On Museum Life?

Looking for recommendations for the best non-fiction books on the subject of running a large museum/art archive. From any POV, from the fund-raising presidents to the ticket takers, guards, and art history interns in the basements. I'm looking for more large, prestige institutions ("What is it like to work at the Met" for example) but smaller collections or niche museums are also good.
posted by The Whelk at 10:52 AM PST - 6 comments

Looking for a searchable image-hosting solution

I have a large number of medium-sized image files (let's say 2000) that I want to host online in a publicly browsable gallery with tags. Is there any kind of service or software that will make this easy for me? [more inside]
posted by Lorc at 10:47 AM PST - 8 comments

How can I deal with unrequited love with this friend?

I have had over a year of ups and downs with a friend who I have feelings for. We've always become CLOSE to being together but never quite. I still have feelings for him and I don't know what to do to finally resolve this issue. Please help me. [more inside]
posted by impactsmoothie at 10:21 AM PST - 57 comments

Help me find a particular gluten free pizza recipe?

I have made a gluten free pizza dough from a blog recipe that tasted amazing, and now I can't find it! Hope me. [more inside]
posted by vortex genie 2 at 10:05 AM PST - 9 comments

I want the system to work -- just not this time.

My husband got a ticket, but the ticket writer got his information wrong, can we get away with not paying? [more inside]
posted by blue_bicycle at 9:48 AM PST - 25 comments

Are the residents of Molokai reasonably friendly to Mainlanders /Anglos?

We are thinking about renting a vacation house on Molokai for a week or two. The house is fairly remote, looks great. My brother had read on one of the travel sites that residents of Molokai are frequently (or at least relatively) unfriendly to mainlanders. By way of reference, we are respectful travellers, have been to various Hawaiin islands many times, and really never had any kind of issue like that at all. Anyone have travel or residential experience on Molokai? I would value your thoughts...
posted by jcworth at 9:00 AM PST - 4 comments

Finding Notary NYC...level: Difficult

Hi, I am looking for a notary in NYC. Yes I have seen this question. [more inside]
posted by bquarters at 8:35 AM PST - 15 comments

zerg-free hiking, june 2013 edition

I'm going to be in DC in mid-June, and me and a pal who'll be staying in Falls Church would like to go hiking somewhere nearby for around half a day. Does anyone have any scenic cicada-unscathed trails to recommend? Neither of us have a car but we can rent if necessary. [more inside]
posted by swimmingly at 8:01 AM PST - 8 comments

From employed to unemployed to retired - Without any savings

My 61-year-old mother was just laid off and may never work again. She has no savings. What should she do? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:38 AM PST - 16 comments

Why does my baby niece start crying when she sees me?

My 1.5 year old niece starts crying whenever she sees me and it breaks my heart. This has been happening since she was 7 months old and I can't understand what I've done to cause it. It's upsetting me enough to make me ask about it here. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:38 AM PST - 39 comments

Can this suede jacket be saved?

I have a tan suede blazer which has been hanging in a closet for some time. I took it out the other day and it now has large areas of orange discolouration all over it. It's both front and back so I'm guessing it isn't from contact with coloured clothing or it wouldn't be on both sides. Is there anything I can do to fix this? [more inside]
posted by tel3path at 6:20 AM PST - 9 comments

Help me build a "quiet desperation"-themed playlist...

I'm looking to build a playlist of songs with the theme of "quiet desperation." What songs would you suggest for such a playlist? [more inside]
posted by Golfhaus at 4:56 AM PST - 88 comments

Approaching mid 30s single; telling people to mind their own business?

I am a female and have never been married and live with my cat. After a disastrous relationship where I "attempted" to settle 2 years ago, I have been single. Every time I talk to relatives and "well meaning" friends they keep teasing me that I am a "cat lady" and reminding me of my biological clock. [more inside]
posted by sabina_r at 4:19 AM PST - 59 comments

Get me up to speed on HTML5, Responsive Design & Phone Gap

For the first time a long while, one of my clients is having a complete site redesign and I want to get up-to-speed on the latest technologies. I also just got a adobe creative cloud subscription so I'm kinda excited to play with the new toys - particularly interested in phone gap but that's more "personal use" than relevant to the site rebuild [more inside]
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May 24

Fixing an unreasonably slow MySQL query

Query and Explain output here. Query must be executed 4022 times, each with a different Strip_ID, while the script processes, adding 4+ minutes to what would otherwise be a ~90-second task. I have (separate) indices defined @ Parent_Table and Parent_ID, in addition to the table's primary key on an auto-incrementing ID. Adding combined indices for those two fields (in each order, just to be safe) did not change MySQL's analysis of the query or improve execution speed. [more inside]
posted by The Confessor at 10:36 PM PST - 9 comments

What tools should I use to build this website?

I need to build a website to organize a lot of files (1000+), each of which should have its own page. Further details inside. What CMS should I use to do this, and what theme? Little current web design knowledge, but have time and desire to learn whatever technologies are necessary. [more inside]
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Focus Interruptus

I'm in a new relationship, long distance. We skype almost daily. Often, mid-convo, I can tell his attention is on something else. Turns out he's flipping through Reddit. This makes me feel hurt, b/c he's not listening to me. When I suggest we end the convo and talk the next day, he says, "No, no! I'm done! I'm done!" Then I feel like a nagging mom, policing his behavior. What should I do? [more inside]
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Go in the 20th Century

What were some of the most important events that took place during the 20th century that changed the way players think of the game of Go? [more inside]
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Help me name this new fashion web app!

Looking for name suggestions for a website that lets you mix and match individual fashion pieces from different retailers into a unified look, then share that look on social media.
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Washing machine - vibration vs. levelness

New LG washing machine vibrates more than desirable. It is level in both directions to within a degree of horizontal. How sensitive is vibration to levelness? Specifically, is it worth leveling it more precisely, say to within +/- .2 degrees? This is a project I would prefer to avoid if it will make no difference. One of the "feet" with the leveling screws is hard to get at. Thanks.
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Are there comfortable earbuds?

I have always used over-the-head headphones, but they're a bit cumbersome and not very practical for riding the bus, taking a walk, keeping in my purse, etc. I really want a pair of earbuds (canalphones?) but I need comfortable ones. Advice? [more inside]
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How was William James Sidis educated?

What were Boris Sidis' child-rearing methods? Or how can one find anything on that topic? I understand some hypnotism was allegedly involved, but I can't find any solid journals studying the method. More broadly, how does one systematically nurture a love of learning?
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New York hotel comparison: Hotel Beacon vs. The Lucerne?

The Hotel Beacon and the Lucerne are in the same general Upper West Side neighborhood, they basically have identical ratings on TripAdvisor, their costs are similar, and so far they have both been bed bug-free according to the Bed Bug Registry. So which one should our family choose for a summer visit to NYC?
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How do I avoid driving into my garage with my bike in the roof rack?

I just bought a roof rack for my bike. Without some kind of alarm in place, I will drive into the garage with bike on the roof. I will destroy the bike and damage my house and I want to avoid this. I need some kind of directed sensor such that when the bike breaks the line of the sensor a light flashes to remind me not to drive into the garage with the bike on my roof. Any ideas along these lines or better?
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Web Links / book recommendations for sample emails to boss & colleagues

Looking for sample business emails to improve my writing skills. The resources I found are typically for writing to clients or customers. I am looking for sample emails that one writes mostly internally within their own company. For example an email one would write to make a suggestion, disagree with something, ask for status, share an idea, remind someone politely, coach someone etc (Common business scenarios). Not looking for emails to win business or sell anything. Would appreciate if you could share web links or books (preferably the ones available at Also, I would like examples and not a resource that just gives guidance.
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Can you help identify this image?

This video contains just a single still image -- can anyone identify where it's from?
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Oh no! Turf toe!

I'm a serious distance runner and was just diagnosed with turf toe. Its been a nuisance for 2 weeks. Now what? [more inside]
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How common is hard drug use, really?

I was recently sitting down to tea with a friend of mine's (we're both in our early 20's), and the topic wandered over to hard drug use (e.g. stuff like cocaine and crystal meth, not marijuana or alcohol.) When comparing our perceptions of how common hard drug use was, we were completely surprised when our answers were polar opposites: I saw it as an extremely rare thing, but she said it was something virtually everyone did but no one talked about. What's the truth here? How prevalent is hard drug use anyway? And why do our experiences differ so much? [more inside]
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Please suggest a simple wiki platform for many users

There are a lot of wiki platforms/software available, but I'd like input on which would be easier for a broad usergroup, with a good management element. More thoughts inside. [more inside]
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Is there a strategy for buying major appliances?

Looking for some advice for buying a refrigerator, washer, and dryer for the first time. [more inside]
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Can anyone tell me about UHC in chicago? (United Healthcare Consortium)

Hi, UHC looks pretty interesting as a company. But I am having trouble grasping what the company does in reality (aside for all the marketing material on the website) and what is the REAL mission of this company. UHC is apparently an alliance of university medical center and affiliated hospitals website is Anyone in the know? or able to decode what is it they do? what is their role in the industry, .where they stand..etc.
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Please recommend me your winter gear - lightest and warmest and cheapest

I currently live in the Southern US, but next month I'm making a trip to Southern Argentina and next year I'm moving to New York. I guess it's time to buy warm clothes! Can you give me some recommendations on warm, light, layerable winter clothes, particularly a coat? [more inside]
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Sprial, Season 1, Episode 8?

What the heck is going on in Spiral, Season 1, Episode 8? *SPOILERS UNDER THE CUT* [more inside]
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Enforcing firewall in OS X

How can I enforce a firewall -- built-in or 3rd-party -- in OS X, such that even someone with an admin account can't disable it? [more inside]
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Why did my tile shower fail?

I have a large tile shower that was built in 2006. The shower is 5'x5' and the tiles are 1'x1'. The grout and the thinset underneath are cracking. There are no leaks but the tiles have started to come loose. I have removed 4 of the tiles and they came up clean revealing the rubber membrane underneath. Why is my shower failing in this fashion? If I pull up the rest of the tiles and there are no leaks is it safe to re-pour the thinset and then lay new smaller tile?
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You're cute, but no need to brag about it

My boyfriend is cute and fun, but once in awhile, he comes across as a braggart. How can I gently communicate to him that this annoys me? [more inside]
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"Emergency" eavestrough repair

Can I quickly repair eavestroughs in the rain? [more inside]
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A Canadian alternative to Penzey's for spices?

I was really pumped about placing a Penzey's order after reading through this question. I chose my spices with love and care. But I live in Western Canada and received an email saying that the shipping would cost $56 dollars - twice the cost of my order! I'm looking for an alternative, Canadian spice seller. [more inside]
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How to soundproof a caravan?

Hi, Could someone please tell me what options are available for soundproofing a mobile home? Is it possible to get double-glazing and possibly soundproof the walls somehow? [more inside]
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Moving in with my girlfriend, what should I know?

I am moving in with my girlfriend this weekend and would like to know what to expect. What are some things I should keep in mind to help everything go as smoothly as it can? [more inside]
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What are the best sites for hiring front-end developers in the US?

Stackoverflow has been great for back-end developers, but not so much for the front-end people - I mean javascript frameworks + html5 + css. What are the best job sites for hiring front-end developers in the US?
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How can I prep for a solo canoe trip

I am thinking about taking a canoe trip down a local river, the Willamette, in Oregon. The river is a national water trail, and has some excellent documentation on camp sites and conditions between the starting and ending points we want to travel. How can I best prepare for this trip given I've mostly done water trips in supervised groups. [more inside]
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Pug Portability Problem

Any advice for making a 32-pound pug (He's big-boned) portable? Backpack or wheely cart? He has a really big frame for a pug, which is most of why he's so heavy.. Even so, he's on a diet, which should take off five pounds or so, and I think he'd enjoy hiking, at least a little bit, if we could get him on and off public transportation to get us from the city to the woods, but BART wants him in some kind of carrier and he's kind of enormous. [more inside]
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Is this company expense policy whacked out, or is it just me?

Corporate has just handed down a large change to our T&E policy that involves us submitting original unredacted copies of credit card bills and/or applying for a company credit card that we need to pay ourselves. This seems really out of line but I don't know how to respond. Slight snowfall to follow... [more inside]
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Child therapist in Boston area?

My husband of sixteen years and I are going through an amicable divorce. Our six-year old son seemed to be dealing with it very well for the past year but now we're about to sell the family home he seems to have broken down, resorting to mild self-harm and not eating, saying he hates himself because he is stupid. The school psychologist has suggested he might benefit from seeing a therapist. Can you recommend someone great, ideally in Somerville or Cambridge? Throwaway email:
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I'm upset with my doctor. Am I overreacting?

I have a couple of questions about my doctor's decision to change a medication dosage. [more inside]
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Recommendations for cheap, lightweight rain jacket-y thing for biking

I bike commute every day year round and as a result often end up biking in the rain. I need recommendations for a lightweight, compact rain jacket-y thing that I can carry with me every day in my bag. It needs to be comfortable for summer. If it's a women's jacket, it needs to fit an XL-XXL with broad shoulders; men's jackets are also okay provided that the fit is fairly tailored. Compactness is key - I carry a medium-sized messenger bag and my current rain jacket takes up most of the room when I bring it. Warmth isn't really a concern as this is for times when I can't wear a wool jacket and hat. Should not be designed to fit super tight, as it will need to go over a shirt and possibly a light cardigan. Cheap is better than expensive, but I would pay for a spendy one if it were perfect.
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I have no social skills, and no self confidence. I need to do something.

I'm 30 years old, and am basically incapable of functioning in social settings. Can't make conversation. It's long since gone past awkward. It's embarrassing. I need to change. I don't know how. [more inside]
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How do I keep Shockwave Flash from crashing in my Chrome browser?

Suddenly Flash has been crashing. I went to a googol of Google forums and asked why. The same and only answer was to type in chrome:plugins and delete any second or third copies. The problem is, there are no second or third copies. Anyone have a similar experience and/or any solutions? Thank you.
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Living in a Rail Car?

Does anyone here currently live in a rail car? If so, we'd love to hear about it and maybe pick your brain. [more inside]
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private loan (<$100K) for an international business in the US

Are there any lenders in the US that fund small businesses in Asia? [more inside]
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Scaling issue calculating similarity between paired numbers

I have a list of paired numbers that span multiple orders of magnitude, and I need to find a method to a) compare within each pair in a way that does not disproportionately bias the comparison at the high or low end of the list, and b) define which pairs are dissimilar enough to be excluded from further analysis. The dataset itself follows a rough sigmoid curve, with a few pairs in the 1000s, more in the 100s, a lot in the upper 10's, some in the low 10's, and a few in the single digits. I have tried a few different comparison methods so far, including percent difference and relative percent difference of both the raw and log-transformed data. [more inside]
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What was academia like before different IT revolutions?

I've been working on putting together an annotated bibliography for my adviser over the past few days. I'm struck by how much work it is in terms of finding all of the articles, saving them, and then tracking backwards and forwards through citations to find related material. However as I've been doing this (and, in fact, each time I do any sort of review of the literature) I wonder what life was like before you had giant relational databases of material, not even counting things like writing up the report on a type writer. So, my question: if you've been in academia for a while, then what was life like before word processors / large relational databases of literature / instant collaboration and communication through email? And what sort of changes have you seen with the job as technology has advanced?
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Can I eat this?: Sauerkraut edition

Time for another round of Can I Eat This! The contender: a pouch Farmhouse Culture Smoked Jalepeno Sauerkraut, left out overnight on its side. Package says "keep bag upright" and "perishable, please keep refrigerated," but it's still cool to the touch.Would you eat this? Should I eat this? I love it AND it is expensive, but I also don't want to get sick.
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Car Stolen.....Insurance Pay Out.....Car found.....

We had our car stolen a couple of weeks ago. The insurance company actually worked pretty quickly and we agreed a settlement amount with them and they have paid out. Now been informed by the Police that the car has been found. It looks like it's in pretty good nick apart from a couple of broken windows. Would we be able to buy the car back from the insurance company? How much if any discount should I expect? Problems in the future? Anyone got any experience of buying their car back from their insurance company?
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Refreezing seafood; why is it bad?

I'm trying to find technical information on why refreezing seafood is bad. I've found a pretty good one explaining the problem behind refreezing food in general at The Straight Dope, but I'm looking to dive deeper into it, specifically what effect it has on things like lipids, what the chemical changes are, what nutrients are lost or start to break down, etc . . . along with the spoilage risk which sounds like its much worse with shellfish even if kept at refrigerated temperatures. (At least that's what the internet tells me) [more inside]
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House vs apartment rental advice when you're living somewhat rurally?

I plan to move to Leavenworth, KS, and have been browsing rental listings online. I have only lived in apartments before now, but there appear to be 1-2BR houses available in a not-too-much-higher price range; I'm envisioning the ability to have a small garden and a dog. It seems to me that as long as I don't get substantially more house than I can handle, a house would be nicer than an apartment. Am I wrong? (And any Leavenworth-specific advice?) [more inside]
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Adapting to Life w/ PD

My father was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease 8 years ago, when he was 60. He is now scaring the crap out of me-- I keep thinking he's going to fall or otherwise hurt himself-- and I don't know what to do. [more inside]
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If I Told You, Would They Have to Kill Me, You, or Both of Us?

If a civilian in the US (who does not work for the gov't) learns top secret national security information through no active choice of her own (not snooping, stuff just happens in front of her or she is clearly dragged into the matter against her will), can the government legally compel her to keep said secret? [more inside]
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Showing a time crunch in a spreadsheet?

How do I represent the fact that my team and I experience time-crunches caused by late submissions of documents to us on a spreadsheet showing the amount of work required of myself and my team for the coming year? [more inside]
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You're perfect, I love you, now change.

I've been using this case for my iPhone 4 for about a year now. Here's what I like about it: it doesn't cover the screen; it doesn't compromise the camera lens or flash; it is a smooth material that doesn't snag on my pocket (unlike, say, rubber); and most importantly, it has slots for credit cards that are very easily accessible. Here's what I don't like about it: all of the available colors are boring or ugly. Is there an iPhone 4 case out there that satisfies everything I love about this one but is more aesthetically interesting? At this point I would even consider different solid colors more interesting. (The one thing I am not willing to compromise on is card slots, so please don't recommend that. I know I'm being a brat.)
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How do I keep one (little) footbridge unburned in a breakup?

I am trying to write a short breakup email to someone I need to go "no contact" with for a while... while still leaving a relatively positive line of communication open between us, longer-term. How do I do this? [more inside]
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Starting an iOS development company

I work at an airfare company as a junior mobile developer. My best friend and I are thinking of starting a new company and we are considering making it an iOS development company. I already have some good app ideas that I could implement within a short period of time. She already has a corporation on file that she paid a good sum of money for. My biggest pitfall is hiring a designer. I can do the development and I feel that marketing would not be a weak point of this endeavor, however the design is where the problem lies. How feasible is it to start an iOS development company? How much money would we need? Does it make sense to do so? Are there any good resources available for us, including monetary?
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What statistical model should I choose?

I'm about to begin a new project that looks at the outcomes of specific events, and would like to query the hivemind to see what kinds of approaches I can take to it. I'm always impressed with the wide variety of approaches to statistical problems I see on here. [more inside]
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What to do about a muscle strain 1 wk before my 1st 1/2 marathon?

YANMD, but you may be a runner. I am trying to figure out what to do about a muscle strain/tear in my upper calf, other than the usual icing/NSAID/rest regimen. Race day is 9 days away, and I have taken the past week off any exercise, but am still experiencing pain when walking. Should I run at all the next week, or continue resting and wing it on race day? Are there any specific stretches/massages that might help me recover faster? [more inside]
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No, you don't need to sponsor my visa

I'm a US citizen applying for a job in the US. Sounds like no one should think I have visa issues, right? [more inside]
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VW - Y/N?

Is buying a used VW (or Audi) really that bad of an idea? [more inside]
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Help with pain and suffering on uninsured motorist claim (motorcycle)

So I was in a motorcycle accident a month and a half ago when an inattentive driver caused me to get into a single-vehicle accident. Because that driver did not stop, my insurance company covered me under uninsured motorist coverage. The company, Progressive, has been great about everything so far, but now they want to cover the "pain and suffering" portion of the claim. I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to proceed and would appreciate guidance from people who have been through this sort of thing. [more inside]
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Primer on multi-screen presentations

Hi Mefi I'm dreaming up a small theatre work that involves projections. I've done single screen presentations but I want to look into working with multiple screens. I've never done this. Where on earth do I start? [more inside]
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Looking for stargazing spots near Washington DC

I'm going to have access to a car for 24 hours starting this Sunday afternoon, and I'd like to get away from city and suburban lights that night to (hopefully, clouds permitting) see some undiluted night sky. Any recommendations for safe places to do that near the NoVA/Washington DC area? [more inside]
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Suggestions for stuff I can get in the mail for my six year old son?

I'd like the mailbox to have something fun for my six-year-old son from time to time without breaking the bank, or putting him into a toy-acquisition frenzy. Any suggestions?
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I'm looking for flowering or edible, shade-tolerant container plants.

I'm looking for flowering or edible, shade-tolerant container plants. [more inside]
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Where should we have breakfast and lunch in Syracuse / Brewerton, NY?

Hi, I'm flying in to Syracuse for a wedding in Brewerton this weekend. We'll be eating some breakfasts and lunches at restaurants. Where should we go? We like all sorts of cuisines and would like to have some tasty food at fun places.
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I'd like to be able to sleep normally

What can cause a fast pulse sensation in the ear that isn't a pulse? [more inside]
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Not THAT kind of long distance relationship

I'm going to be an aunt, and I'm super excited. But I have some logistical questions about being part of the kid's life when I actually don't even live in the same country. How can I see the baby regularly (1) without spending a whole lot of money and (2) without imposing overly on its family? [more inside]
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Where have I heard this Snog song sampled?

Snog's "The Human Germ" has been sampled in another song that I know is in my library. Unfortunately, I can't figure out which one it is, and it's killing me. I believe a Morcheeba song might sample "The Human Germ," but, again, I've not been able to narrow down which song it is, if any. Please. Help.
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Logging Internet Traffic on Home Network

My mom, dad and I use the Internet at home on separate PC's. We always manage to go over our download limit. Is there anything out there that can use to log downloads on a monthly basis from 3 different PC's so I have an idea who the culprit is as far as exceeding bandwidth goes? Thanks peoples...
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How do I make a very large image with clickable areas in an elegant way?

I have a large graphic (say, 20 screens' worth, vertically scrolling) that is full of text that needs the image to be viewed at full size to read. When putting this on a website, I'd like much of this text on the image to be clickable, i.e. linked. I'd prefer not to use the HTML map tag or Flash, and I'm no coder. Is there a web service that could make this easier? [more inside]
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Visual dictionary for children on the iPad?

I'm looking for an iPad app (Kindle or other ebooks are fine too if they can do this as I can get my hands on one for this) which is lots of big busy pictures with little words in them where you can press the picture and hear the word said - basically a speaking version of the Usbourne's First 1,000 words. All I can find after several hours searching are flashcards or spelling-type games or dictionaries where the words are arranged A-Z. I keep thinking this must exist as the iPad would be perfect for this, but I'm just not turning up anything!
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May 23

Lat pulldowns inconsistency...what's the deal?

My gym has two lat pulldown machines that I use. The bar-attached-to-a-cable version is much harder than the two-handles-that-meet-in-the-middle version-- the difference in what I can lift is about 30 pounds, with the cable version being much more difficult. My trainer tells me they are equivalent, and has checked my form and says it's correct. What's the deal?
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Trying to remember a specific college that emphasizes career placement

Once I read about a small college that had excellent career placement rates, and almost solely focused on computer science, software design, and IT. I vaguely remember it being located in Colorado, but I'm not confident about that. Can someone help me remember the name of the school?
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What are some TV shows that feature hidden or subtle arcs?

I've asked before about shows with good or obvious story arcs, now I'm wondering about shows that have hidden or subtle story arcs. [more inside]
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How can we move from awkward phone conversations to real dates?

I met a guy online and I'm interested in him. The feeling seems to be mutual, but I feel like we're stuck in an awkwardly unclear moment that leaves at least one of us (me) in limbo. How can we crawl out of this limbo and progress to something meaningful? [more inside]
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What to name this podcast?

My friend and I are recording the first episode of our podcast tomorrow. What we need now is a name. [more inside]
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Nice (girls) finish last

Help me be assertive/direct without being hostile/aggressive. Also, help me muddle through some other communication issues. Finally: can a person be nice to others without being taken advantage of? [more inside]
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Just A Small Tattoo Question

I want to get a tattoo of my cat's front paws up on the shoulder-ish area because that's where she put them when she sat on me. Just a few questions because this will be my first tattoo. [more inside]
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What can or should managers/supervisors do during a strike?

I work in a managerial/supervisory role in a public agency. My colleagues who are union members will quite likely be going on strike Tuesday. I have never been in this situation before and am not sure what I can/should do. [more inside]
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Thai Basil in NYC

Where can I buy Thai Basil in NYC?
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SATA to USB adapter for drives over 2TB

I have a SATA to USB adapter that can handle 2.5 and 3.5 drives and is great for quick transfers and migrations without having to lug around an external drive. There don't seem to be any that can handle drives above 2TB which are becoming more common now that 3TB drives are so cheap. Does such a device exist that can handle larger drives? [more inside]
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Where can I buy Japanese Rice?

Someone who lived in Japan told me that rice grown in Japan is amazing. I would love to buy real Japanese grown rice, but all I can find is California grown Japanese style rice. [more inside]
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New York hotel recommendation, activities for a few days.

So, spouse and I snagged an invitation to the "Man of Steel" premier (at Lincoln Center) and after-party in New York. But, I've never been to New York and don't have a clue about the place. I have a couple of questions. I've tentatively booked a room at the Empire Hotel (price and location, along with reviews seemed reasonable), my question for you folks is: Is there a compelling reason why I SHOULDN'T stay there? And, if the answer to that is "Do Not Stay There!!!", what other options are there (close to Lincoln Center, room cost $300 per night or less)? The second half of the question is: I'll have from Saturday evening (June 8th) until later afternoon on Monday to experience New York... What should we do?
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Some weird SQL code appeared unexpectedly in my browser's address bar

I know it's some sort of SQL injection, but I didn't type it in, it just appeared briefly. I just want to know more about it and how it works. [more inside]
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A Couch to 5K plan, but for singing?

Lessons are expensive and I never want to sing for an audience, I only want to improve my voice for singing in the car and shower. Is it possible to teach yourself to be a better singer? [more inside]
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Grocery Budget for a Whole-Foods loving family

We're a family of four with two girls, ages 5 and almost 2. Need to keep grocery budget around 100/week. We like to buy organic fruits, veggies, and milk. How do you do it? Examples, lists, all helpful. [more inside]
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Audio / tone generator for classroom demonstrations

I'm teaching a college section on audio perception, and I'm looking for (preferably free) tone generation software for classroom demonstrations -- in particular, something that will let me control the level of the individual harmonics independently. It would be great there was also the capacity to control the ADSR envelope, but that's less important. I'd also be interested to hear about anything else that people have found useful for a class like this. Thanks!
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New Career Direction for a Geologist/Nerd in the Bay Area

Can you help me evaluate new career directions in the Bay Area? [more inside]
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Damn. This question again. But still confused.

My partner, who is good for me in so many ways, and has made my life incredibly better, is really self-centered in some ways. He is non-neurotypical. It's confusing. What should I do? [more inside]
posted by 3491again at 3:12 PM PST - 77 comments, San Jose, CA. What's a good neighborhood?

My girlfriend and I will be visiting San Jose, CA this weekend to go to a convention at the main convention center downtown. I'm looking for places on I don't know San Jose at all. I'm wondering what would be good neighborhoods to stay in. (Sorry for the abbreviated question title -- the length limit forced me to be terse.) [more inside]
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Attractive Wordpress Calendars

Any recommendations for stylish but functional Wordpress calendars? [more inside]
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My dad needs a list of films with great cinematography.

He says cinematography makes or breaks a film for him; plot and acting are secondary. He likes Netflix, but find it frustrating that it keeps suggesting films he doesn't like. I tried to get him to give me examples of films he's enjoyed, but he just said "Oh, you know, old black and white things, when cinematography was good." Can you please help me come up with some suggestions of things for him, perhaps something newer than Citizen Kane?
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Missing teeth at ten - what do?

YANMson's dentist. His bones are all fine, but his on-the-small-side mouth is equipped with two less than the regulation 32 teeth: one pre-molar missing upper right, and one pre-molar lower left. (His last two milk teeth are still there, in their stead.) My question is: what are the typical options - or else what's a good resource for reading up on them? [more inside]
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How to Prepare for Grad School, out of state, and Hit the Ground Running

I will be moving to Boston for Grad school. I would love a checklist of what I need to do to prepare, A. I guess just the move in general, but most importantly B. Making the most of the MPH program and hitting the ground running- 2 years is gonna go by fast. I have to secure housing. I need to make sure that I have enough professional clothes- so I am gonna raid the Loft clearance rack. Other than that, I am looking to find a free online Biostats and Epi course, and looking into/reading up on How to Network- everyone keeps talking about it, and I am a total introvert- so I know I gotta figure that out so I can get a job when I graduate. If such a doc already exist, or something like making the most of grad school (I already have the book Getting What you Came for) please let me know, or otherwise give me your advice on what you think I should do now to prepare and be successful, what you wish you had know or done. thanks!
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The giant pangolins of Madagascar are snoozing

My precocious but angry 2.75-year-old and I just got fired from our home daycare situation. I feel like I need Super Nanny. What now? How do I get him to stop being so rude? [more inside]
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How to make my own clothes: Advanced Beginner Edition?

Spurred by the events in Bangladesh, a growing dissatisfaction with clothing quality, as well as an oddly shaped body that doesn't conform well to rack sizing, I've decided to commit to making more of my own clothing. I know how to operate my sewing machine. I know how to read a pattern. I frankenstein and repurpose clothes on the regular. I need some advanced basics to take it to the next level. [more inside]
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"Not because you're a woman, but because I'm a gentleman."

Is there a classification of (HR-speak) discrimination when a male employee defers to female coworkers chivalrously (e.g. holding doors open)? Because the activity is solely based on gender, it seems like this would be the case, but it is not addressed as an example in our policies. (Title is Dad-quote from the 70's.)
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Need some help planning a move with PODs

The fam and I are moving in two weeks, and will have two weeks of living in a small rental between closings. Because of this delay, we are going to use PODs for the move, but aren't sure what size we need, and hoping someone can help. [more inside]
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Anything fun to do in Charlotte, NC from 6 tonight til about midnight?

My connecting flight from Charlotte to NYC has been canceled until 6 am tomorrow. I have a sweet airport hotel room, but want to get out and explore a little. Suggestions? [more inside]
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Bicycle trailer parking etiquette

I just got a used bike trailer (a Burly, thanks for the advice mefi) and now I am wondering how I am going to lock it up and what the best practices are for parking it. I imagine as much as possible, I'll try to get it out of the way, but I will be locking it in all kind of situations. Best locks? Thx
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Paging the opposite of Jim Cramer.

I own stock in two companies. One set I inherited, the other I bought because I follow the industry and gambled on my insight. Now they're both at 52-week highs, with a 30% return on the former (as of the day I inherited it, at least) and a 100% return on the latter. The portfolio worth is about to hit $10K. The problem is that I have no idea what I'm doing and I have no idea when or if I should cash out. Everyone I know who has investments has them in index funds managed by someone else. I don't know any professional traders or hobby investors. I do not have the time to learn finance, and I can't imagine a decent financial adviser would be a worthwhile investment considering the portfolio worth. What to do? [more inside]
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Can I support myself working as a barista in NYC?

Can I support myself working as a barista in NYC? [more inside]
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Cape Ann, MA area. Will we regret not renting a car?

Thanks to AskMefi, we have figured out we can get from Boston to the Cape Ann area by commuter rail. What I can't determine for certain is if we will want a car when we get there. [more inside]
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Help me get the eBay item I did not win due to a technical malfunction!

What could I write to the winning bidder of an eBay fashion accessory item on which I had intended to bid very high, but finally could not do by a glitch that prevented the "Bid now" window from opening in my browser. I am willing to pay them much more than they paid for the item, but is there anything I could say that would make them more willing to part with the item? What could a stranger say to you in writing that would make you even consider parting with a beautiful new purchase (when maybe a tidy profit over the price you paid was in itself not necessarily such a powerful inducement?) [more inside]
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Export iCalendar as Event List

I would like to take a calendar in iCal and turn it into a list of events with times / locations. Basically turn a schedule that I've built in iCal into format suitable for text distribution to a bunch of different people. Seems simple! But I can't figure it out. Copying and pasting events from iCal into a text document randomizes the order, which is a huge hassle. Help me, hive mind!
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What kind of lawyer do I need to look for?

We have a construction company in the middle of a year-long process of building two new houses next to ours. For the last couple months they have been dropping garbage (nails, insulation, chunks of 2x4) on our house's walkways and roof — some of it dangerous (boards with nails through them, for instance, along the walkway on the side of the house). I'd like to try to get this to stop. [more inside]
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Use Exchange. Not too much. Mostly unobtrusively.

I, sadly, have to keep an eye on an Exchange e-mail account. There is no IMAP. Is there a small Mac app that will live in the menu bar and notify me of new e-mail that actually works? Bonus if I can quickly reply to the e-mail when it appears. [more inside]
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Young adult novel with nuclear pool?

I'm trying to remember the name of a young adult novel I read (in the 80's or 90's) where a character is forced to do some work with radioactive materials at the bottom of a pool.
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Your favorite art, animation and illustration blogs

One of my absolute favorite blogs, Drawn, shut down this week. How do I replace it? What are other good blogs or websites that focus on illustration, cartooning, and animated shorts?
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scratching noise (as in DJ generated) mp3/4's

Can you point me towards a site with different "scratching" noises suitable for ringtones (length and formatwise). Would also appreciate a step by step tutorial of how to convert said mp3/mp4 to an iPhone 4S ringtone. Cheers
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He's got the blues -- Where can I buy a harmonica in the SF bay area?

What are your recommendations for a music store in the SF Bay Area that carries a decent selection of harmonicas? [more inside]
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Bad case of the Don't Wannas.

Why do I suddenly not care about anything? Could it be post-depression anhedonia? [I hope not] [more inside]
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Hoping to run Win 7 on Win 8 partition (or am I in denial)

A week ago a well intentioned doofus dropped my Asus N53S, Win7x64 Pro. She was a champ. Snapped the motherboard, but I safely extracted the harddrive. The venue of its demise bought me a Asus N76VX which has the dreadful Win 8, but 2 TB harddrive with lots of partition space. Is there any way I can "run" my old machine from its harddrive in an emulated Win 7 environment on this new beast? [more inside]
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Twin Cities For Adults (No, not that kind of Adult.)

I'm meeting a friend in Minneapolis to help celebrate his birthday. Neither of us are familiar with the area. Help me find some places that he would he like. [more inside]
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Locking down a Windows 8 tablet?

We've got an HP ElitePad running Windows 8, and would like to use it to help new employees at our deli make sammiches the right way. We've setup a sharepoint site for the deli and created pages for all the menu items, but now we'd like to try to keep the device focused on it's task. Is there a way to lock down the tablet to just the browser, and limit the pages employees can access?
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DC Hotel Filter

Looking for a hotel in the Washington DC area. There are, of course, a lot of special snowflake requirements. [more inside]
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What is the best piece of advice you got that worked nearly right away?

I've been an avid collector of tips, tricks, and approaches to solving problems. There are heuristics that I look for that ofthat can have real positive advantages and accelerated productivity for people. In the early, I read a book called How to Win Friends and influence People, a classic of interpersonal management, and found that the advice to "become genuinely interested in other people" worked nearly instantly to improve my relationships with others. Still, other approaches have worekd as well. I used to play little league baseball and couldn't hit for the life of me until someimagine that there was a speck on the ball being pitched to me and to try and hit that speck and not the whole ball itself. The effect was instantatneous as well. [more inside]
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Help my knee

I hurt my knee about a year ago. It still isn't fully better. Can you help? [more inside]
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10,000 sheets to the wind?

I have approximately 10,000 sheets of 8.5" x 11" paper in a box under my desk. They have printing on one side already, are standard computer paper weights, and are various colors. What are some creative ways I can use them or places to which I could donate them in the Twin Cities (Minnesota)? [more inside]
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Resources/discussions for 2012 incident at Diamond Mtn Retreat Center

Last summer, chaos erupted during a three-year long silent meditation retreat at the Diamond Mountain Buddhist University and Retreat Center, see this FPP for the background. The retreat was scheduled to end right around now, and presumably the silence around the incident would be then broken, but I can't find any further discussion about the event itself or the aftermath. Can anyone point me to online discussions or resources where I might find more information? I have seen this update on the Diamond Mountain website. Thank you.
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Help me get to know the American Southwest.

I've lived all my life in the shadow of the Appalachians. Now, I'm moving to Arizona. What are some books that I should read, or music that I should hear, to help me get the feel of the Southwest? [more inside]
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A million media impressions! Uh... is that a lot?

Help me calibrate my "media impressions" scale. I'm frequently the recipient of internal company memos that describe the success of various marketing campaigns in terms of their number of media impressions. The numbers are typically in the millions or tens of millions. My problem is have no idea what is considered to be large campaign, either in absolute terms or relative to the size of the market being targeted. [more inside]
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Food...for a kid...on a plane.

Seeking suggestions for non-perishable foodstuffs to feed a toddler while flying cross country. [more inside]
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How in the heck can I wash my neck... if my shoulder keeps popping?

I've always used my non-dominant hand to wash the middle of my back (or apply baby powder or sun lotion there, etc.), by sort of reaching up high from below and then rolling my hand around my thumb (pressed on my back) until the palm faces the skin. This seems to have been working fine for several decades (and I've been secretly pleased to be able to reach my "blind spot" that way). However, in the last few months I find that my shoulder pops as I'm doing this maneuver, and now I wonder if it's doing something bad. Since this is something I guess I do once or twice per day, I want to be sure I'm not setting myself up for a shoulder problem after a couple more decades of popping. Thoughts? tl;dr Is popping a joint bad in itself, and/or should I stop an action that causes a (nonpainful) shoulder pop a couple times per day?
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Just saw "Total Eclipse of the Heart" for the first time. More, please.

While settling a disagreement over whether Total Eclipse of the Heart was a duet, I just saw the music video and it blew my mind. I grew up without cable, and am pretty much ignorant of everything but the "classic" music videos from the 80's; please let me know what I'm missing. [more inside]
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150 to around 120, which bpm is best for pitch?

I have a song at 150 bpm, perfectly in tune. I want to repitch it down to around 120 by slowing it down. At which bpms will the notes be at pitch?
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What's your favorite old song to sing?

I like to sing traditional-styled songs to myself during my day. It helps me feel happy. I'd like to learn some new ones. The catch is I'm attracted to a specific subset of songs that I can't quite classify, so I'm having trouble finding new ones that really hook me. I like the songs that are very... bittersweet? Like, they demonstrate profound hope or love, but at the same time seem to understand how awful the world can be sometimes. Songs like Long Time Traveler (or more properly "White"), The Parting Glass, Peggy Gordon, Down In The River To Pray, etc. Do you know any songs that strike this chord? (They don't have to be Irish or American; as long as I can learn the words I'm excited about everything.)
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International Freelance Taxes -Canadian in Berlin /w US clients?

Calling all internationally mobile, 'creative-class' freelancers- how do you determine who taxes you, if your design clients are in one country (for me, USA) you live in another country (Germany) but are a citizen of yet somewhere else (Canadian)? Does everyone get a piece of my income? [more inside]
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How common are fictional characters in real life?

Last night I realized that two of the places I have worked have had, as part of the lore of the place, a fictional character who everyone willingly pretended was real (in a tongue-in-cheek way). These were both in semi-educational institutions, but it was the adults who propagated the myth of the character, for each others' entertainment. These characters both sent postcards from around the world, and gathered to them improbable stories about their adventures. I'm wondering, how common is this phenomenon, and can you describe any fictional characters that have been part of the lore and legend where you have lived or worked? [more inside]
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Help me plan a fair morning pre-school schedule for my 10 year old kid.

My kid is late to school more often than I would like, because somehow the morning is never scheduled adequately. I'm not sure how much time is fair to budget her for things - obviously how much time it would take me to do them is too little, but how much time she would like to take to do them is too much. If I have a fair and reasonable morning schedule/wake up time, it might be easier to get her to stick to it and get her out the door. Other morning suggestions welcome. [more inside]
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Planely Lost

How do I go about finding a plane crash that took place involving a small engine plane, in which 3-5 people died, in a specific US city at the intersection of a major road and interstate highway, that took place in a span of time I can narrow down to within six months or a year (about 25 years ago)? [more inside]
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Neighbor's Car Alarm Nightmare

My neighbor is out of town, and her car alarm has gone off for two separate and random nights-- all night. I have no way of contacting her, I only know she is out of town b/c the police contacted her work and found out that she is not here. Is there anything I can do to turn it off from under the car? I don't want to damage the car, just disconnect the alarm or something. Help???
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Recommend me unexpectedly compelling interviews

Serious and fascinating interviews with people (celebrities, musicians, whomever) who are not usually considered serious or fascinating? By the metric I'm using, Lady Gaga or George Clooney are probably a tad too highbrow; Tom Clancy or Katy Perry are fair game. It doesn't matter who the people are, what they do, or what they're known for, only that they are generally not taken especially seriously or considered to be all that interesting.
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PC gaming from the sofa

So, I have a laptop with an HDMI port, a big ass HDTV, a Steam account and a comfy sofa and would like to bring all these things together. What peripherals do people use to do PC gaming on their TV? Some type of console-esque controller? A wireless keyboard and mouse? What do you balance your keyboard on? Trackball mouse? Please enlighten me with describing your setup. Bonus points for avoiding RSI.
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Camping + Dog = ?

Although a relatively straight forward question, I feel the need to preface it with a quick bit of background information. I have previously camped with a a well-trained chocolate lab/german shepard, family dog for well over a decade. Now, camping with my own, gentle giant / mini horse. [more inside]
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May 22

Where is this paper on economists being wrong I'm remembering?

Some time ago, I came across a paper analyzing the predictions or theories of a number of economists relating to the recent economic troubles. The paper was very detailed (I didn't finish it) but the gist was that every single theory or prediction analyzed was wrong. Anyone know what I'm talking about and where I might find it? [more inside]
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New News Feed Release Date?

I saw that Facebook has created an updated version of the News Feed (see it at that has larger pictures and less text. I really liked it, so I signed up for the waiting list. A month has passed and still no sign of the new design. Anyone know when the public release will be?
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Is my writing style overly complicated?

I learned English as a second language (native is Finnish). The emphasis in school was on vocabulary and very basic grammar; we did not to my recollection deal with stuff like passive voice etc. So in terms of writing in English, much of my "voice" has developed simply from what sounds right inside my head. However, I've been told that the way I write is overly complicated. Is this so? [more inside]
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LaLa to Swaptree to Swap to...What?

Once upon a time, there was a site called which offered peer-to-peer CD trading services. You listed the CDs you had, the ones you wanted, and it paired up people who had what you wanted and wanted what you have. And all was right with the world. (can you see there this is heading?) [more inside]
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Why Castor Beans?

Someone in a neighborhood near mine is growing Castor Bean plants in their front yard. I had always thought of Castor Beans as a waste plant that grew up, unwanted, in disturbed areas. Owing to its toxic nature I thought it a strange choice for a carefully planted yard. Are castor beans more common in landscaping than I thought? [more inside]
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Breathing new life into an old website, input on new name and content

I created an online, open source academic journal website several years ago and it may be near the end of its first life. I'd love to get feedback on what folks here think might work best. I want to reinvent it and breathe new life into old content. Help me, MetaFilter, rebuild something that doesn't have to die into something new and beautiful! [more inside]
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Needing recommendation for premarital counseling

In October, I am officiating at wedding for a man and woman in Virginia. However, they are living in the financial district of New York (the zip is 10004), and I've (sadly) never been to New York. Could you suggest someone in that area who could provide premarital counseling for them? [more inside]
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Offline ipad games

What are some good games that I can play while offline? I've seen this question but I am looking specifically for games. I know I can download books and stuff. I want to PLAY! On an airplane. Without paying for Internet. Help me out.
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Engagement didn't work out - but she's still on the mortgage

So I got engaged and bought a house with my fiancee. We lived together for a couple of years but it did not go well and she moved out. So I'd like to keep the house but do that I'll need to get her off the mortgage and off the deed. [more inside]
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I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it.

What are the Netflix engineers currently doing to make sure that this weekend's release of Arrested Development Season 4 will go off without a hitch? [more inside]
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Home Sales Party- How do I end this sales pitch?

My friend will not stop pestering me to invite my friends to her home sales party. How do I navigate this situation without damaging our friendship or leaving one of us feeling bitter? [more inside]
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Help me create the perfect Appalachian playlist

I'm looking for songs that are in love with Appalachia, mention places, rivers, Dogwood flowers, etc and are full of that Blue Ridge heartache. Blue grass, country, folk and that ilk. I'm driving along the blue ridge parkway, and want a killer soundtrack. I already have the Sweetback Sister's Virginia is for Lovers, Paradise by John Prine, Tom Wait's Oh Shenandoah and of course, Wagon Wheel, on repeat on my playlist. What am I missing?
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What's the best easy, web based wiki/collective note software out there?

Here's what I need to do: Keep a lot of disparate bits of info in one place. There will be never more than 15 users. I'd like to use it software as service, I don't want to have to worry about hosting it. Bonus points for being mobile friendly and/or having an app. We'd like to be able to jam images and videos in there, too. It doesn't have to be a Wiki, a helpful Evernote plugin or something would be a-okay, also. Just looking for a recommendation!
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Does the dot suffix of a website's name matter?

How important is having a .com suffix to the perceived legitimacy of a website? How does it affect traffic/success, etc? Does holding onto .com as the ideal make sense in this world of domain squatters? Can we make a list of good and bad choices?
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Need advice for a corporate LAN/port/network security issue.

I have a corporate LAN/port/network security issue that I'm looking for some advice on. [more inside]
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Is it okay to plant pepper seeds from China?

A friend of mine recently brought back a bag of crushed red pepper from her home city in China. I had the idea of trying to plant some of the seeds in my plot at a local community garden and seeing if they'd grow. My concern is whether this would be safe and legal to do. [more inside]
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Resume: How to say - "Can work with you on getting work visa" (in Fiji)

How do I express to potential employers in Fiji , "YES, I am American, YES I only have a Visitor Visa right now... but I have the resources to do whatever hoops and get the Work Visa, just tell me what is best for you"? [more inside]
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Japan aficionados: help me plan my trip!

I would like to see Tokyo, Kyoto, Miyajima, Hiroshima and Naoshima in the space of 10 days. What should I see? Is this possible? and if not, all advice welcome! Details after the jump. [more inside]
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Travelfilter: How to get the cheapest flight from Vancouver - Tokyo?

I've wanted to go to Tokyo all my life, and have a few weeks off soon. I've been looking for flights and the cheapest I can find are $1450 all in... but I suspect if I the trip was broken up a bit by not flying there directly, it'd be a lot cheaper. Are there any resources you know of to help with this/have you done this before/do you know a good route that would shave off the $$$? Time isn't overly important as I have three weeks between jobs for exploring. But I don't want to be paying this off till next year. Help!
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Desperately seeking heavyweight black v-neck t-shirts

My favourite t-shirts are on their last legs, and the place where I bought them (Principles for Men) no longer exists. They're black, v-neck, with side seams and vents, and very much designed as outerwear. The fabric is heavy, perhaps even a little heavier than Hanes Beefy or Fruit of the Loom Heavyweight (6.1oz) and most store/fancy-brand shirts use much thinner cloth. Any suggestions? US sources as a first option, but ones in the UK are useful as well.
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Aged, Poor and Stubborn

How can an adult child help an elderly parent (age 80) who lives below the poverty level but is against/afraid of applying for assistance? (prepare for tl;dr details inside) [more inside]
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5-day gap between apartment leases

My current lease ends on June 30, but my new lease does not begin until July 5. We've talked with both current and new landlords, but neither are able to help us out by allowing us to stay late/move in early. What are some creative solutions to this problem? [more inside]
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Passing out on a plane.

What would make someone pass out on a plane? [more inside]
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How Can I Be Notified of Aurora Sightings in NY Tristate Area?

Since we're in a period of increasing solar activity, I'm hoping for some hot aurora action in the NY Tristate area. But while there are countless aurora forecast/advisory services, I can't find one for this area. [more inside]
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Have Users Change a Running Python Script's Variables over the Web?

I'm writing a simple simulator with python and I would like to be able to have my users log in to the simulator over the internet and change their own set of variables. [more inside]
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What to do with this body?

Let's say you drop-in to visit an older loved one, and find them dead... [more inside]
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Who are today's innovative, socially involved, networking Freemasons?

Is there an international group of innovative, charitably-minded people that get together and share ideas (physically) in the way that the Freemasons, Rotary and Lions Clubs all do? But without the ceremony, pomp and irrelevance (of some of these associations). [more inside]
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Does a map exist of USG Locality Pay Areas?

Either Google is playing dumb or I don't know what to search for, but I'm coming up with nothing. Where can I find (or easily populate) a map of the locality pay areas as defined by the U.S. Government? Bonus if they're somehow shaded on a scale reflecting the locality payment (% increase from "base salaries").
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Please help me help my friend deal with his anger

My best friend in the world has serious anger issues. He throws tantrums, bellows and sometimes just insults me as a way to blow off steam. He's been seriously depressed for some years now, and therapy hasn't helped dramatically so far. I've tried to set some boundaries in terms of how he acts towards me, and his girlfriend is doing the same, but he says he doesn't know of any other ways to deal with how he's feeling. What resources can I refer him to? [more inside]
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teenage vigilantes

I'm revising a young adult novel that includes legal & police (sub)plotlines and have some questions. [more inside]
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Is going back to school really worth it?

I am 28 years old and just completed my first semester of college, which I was unable to do when I was younger for a variety of reasons. Is this is a good idea? Much, much more detail inside. [more inside]
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Have I been going about quitting all wrong?

I'm about to quit my job. I'm becoming increasingly aware that this is going to come as a huge surprise to my boss and coworkers. Should I have been dropping hints? [more inside]
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I can't stop cracking my knuckles, and I'm cracking up

Excessive knuckle-cracking is causing lasting pain in my hand, but I can't stop doing it. [more inside]
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I'm turning 40. In Paris. Help me plan the perfect night.

I'm spending my 40th birthday in Paris (early August). I want to have a memorable evening with my husband. Help me pick a fabulous restaurant, a great place for a dessert (either at the same restaurant or elsewhere) and an activity. [more inside]
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Engrossing, non-disturbing book recommendations

Anxiety along with a tendency to depression is kicking up lately, and I'm having a hard time finding non-disturbing yet entertaining things to distract myself with. I need recommendations of books that will be engrossing enough to keep me interested without dark/scary/disgusting/horrifying elements. [more inside]
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What is it with CenturyLink, and some ISP in Hong Kong whose name I forget, that every so often it will decide that it can't "find" a web page... usually one that I was just at, and often including metafilter! Instead of going to the page I want, it redirects me to a CenturyLink search page, like this, which has the link I want at the very top ( in this example), yet when I click on that link from their completely extraneous search page, it just goes back to the same search page?! [more inside]
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How do I not get screwed on freelance editing work?

My question is in regards to making sure I get paid for my work. I'll be billing private individuals as opposed to companies and thus am concerned there will be less incentive for them to pay for services rendered. [more inside]
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Cheap, reliable used car or truck with a little character?

I haven't owned a car since 2010, but now it seems like going back to a two-car household might be a good idea. My wife drives a 2004 Volvo S40 daily to work. She often gets home very late on weekdays, and usually takes it to meet her cycling group for the better part of a day on Saturday or Sunday, and I have started to feel like I'm too reliant on her schedule or my friends to get to weekend activities, or to duck out to get another few bags of mulch or can of paint, etc. [more inside]
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Quirky indie songs about love and happiness

My dear friend who is known for making awesome mix tapes/CDs/playlists is getting married, and I'd love to give him an awesome mix CD as part of my wedding present. So, musical & in-the-know folks of AskMe, please give me your best suggestions for what songs should be on it! Artist suggestions welcome too, but ideally you will suggest specific songs. [more inside]
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Physical Project Management System

I direct a research center at a policy institute and I'm also an analyst. I need a project management system and I want a physical system, not software or an application. Other than whiteboards, what are my options? Among whiteboards, which are really useful? Right now I have an electronic calendar and various notes/lists to remind me to do things and frankly, it's not working. In the past, I've tried various to-do list applications, as well as Basecamp, and they did not work for me either. [more inside]
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Birthday gifts for a new office drone?

Ack, I need birthday gift ideas for my sister. She's turning 27, working in her first office job, is across the country from me. She loves...uh, organizing and cleaning things? And working out, I think? And...she has a dog and a new house? help [more inside]
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Singapore Eid read out

The Aseno family is planning to go to Singapore few days after this year's Eid (end of Ramadan). We know in other muslim countries, Eid celebration can last up for up to a week afterwards. Businesses (read: attractions and great food joints) usually take long vacations before they open again on regular hours. We're not planning to go touristy, but instead want to absorb local life style, eat and go where locals go. So, citizens of Metafilter, is it wise to travel to Singapore close to Eid, given our objectives, or should we wait another week or two until it's normal again? Or, if I may switch my perspective, are there anything that is worth traveling to Singapore during/near Eid?
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How to handle a prospective employer calling my current employer?

I applied for a job 4 hours away. I've since decided that I do not want it. However, I'm worried that they will contact my current supervisor as a reference and she has no idea I'm considering leaving. [more inside]
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Recommendations for Surf Camps/Schools in Costa Rica/Nicaragua?

We're looking for a 5-7 day surf school to give my sister as a graduation (from grad school) gift. She's fluent in Spanish, and doesn't need anything super luxury, just good instruction, good break, good vibes. Any ideas? [more inside]
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Help find the Italian script of this clip

Can anyone find or type down the script of this clip from the game StarCraft II? It's in Italian.
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Software to monitor network activity AND which program is active?

I am looking for some software (cheap, free) that will tell me which program is currently accessing the net AND how much traffic is being transferred. [more inside]
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New car, yay! Hip pain, uh-oh.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a new Subaru Impreza, which I drive for 45 minutes twice a day. Now I'm developing pain in my right hip, and I suspect there's a connection, or something I'm doing wrong, posture-wise. [more inside]
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Tech filter-Do you know which coax type is used to extend this antenna?

I am currently installing a HP Indoor-Outdoor Point-to-Point Dual Band 10/13dBi MIMO 3 Element Antenna (J9170A). It comes with three pigtails with N type connectors. I need to extend the pigtails 100ft but am unsure of which coax type to use. Thanks!
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Definitely not crunch time

Annoyingly, crunches irritate a bulging disc in my back. Since I'm not keen on having surgery just so I can do this one thing (the disc doesn't otherwise bother me, as long as I keep my core strong), what alternatives to crunches can I try? If it matters: I do already do push-ups, planks and side planks.
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Summer Reading You Want to Finish

Summer’s here. In need of amazing novel recommendations. Particulars within. [more inside]
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How to escape low-wage service jobs in your 20s?

Those of you post-grads figuring it out in your 20s (or 30s) doing odd jobs, waiting tables, jobs not nec. related to your major, where are you now? What advice would you have if you could go back and do it again? [more inside]
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Weight regimen?

I'm not looking to become a muscle guy, but I'd like a weight/exercise regimen that will help me tone my upper body. Can anyone give me a suggestion? [more inside]
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Is this legit or a bunch of hooey?

Can anyone tell me if Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE) actually does anything? Does it actually help with depression/anxiety, or is it all just a bunch of hooey? Is it worth the money?
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Best UK mobile provider for my situation?

I am in the UK. I live in Plymouth. My one year Vodafone contract is finally up and I hate them with a passion. I'd like to switch, but as a still relatively new ex-pat I don't know who to switch to. Can you recommend a provider to me based on my requirements inside? [more inside]
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Recommendations for non-English language hip-hop

International MeFites can you recommend great hip-hop either entirely in non-English language, or featuring mainly non-US English dialects? previously
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So. Itchy.

YANAMD. I have many mosquito-bite like pimples on my arms, legs and parts of my back, which typically become itchy in the evenings. As I'm currently abroad and travelling I'm paranoid that it's the symptom of some rare tropical disease and I'm harbouring a parasite or something. Please put the mind of this hypochondriac at rest! [more inside]
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Hunt for a rental while still here or when I get there?

Hi everyone I'm relocating for the first time ever out of the family home. Should I start should start house hunting now *for a rental) while I'm away, or wait till I get there (I'm very happy to hostel it for a bit, as I don't know of anyone in the area and I'm a bit funny about couchsurfing). Thanks!
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finding out what we can take from the UK, to Germany, in a car

We are moving to Germany. I have to fly* but my husband is driving, from the UK to Germany. Our removalists will pack nothing perishable, including food in sealed containers, liquid toilettries etc. Can we just take them in the car? [more inside]
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May 21

Mission Impossible?

Can I make my connecting flight, DC edition. [more inside]
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Should I buy a 1989 Volvo Station Wagon for $1800 CAD?

[Used Car Filter] My neighbour is selling his 1989 Volvo 240 DL Wagon for $1800 CAD. I currently own a 2009 Chevy Cobalt. We only want one car. Should I shed the Coby for the Volvy? [more inside]
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Daft Punk - Contact sample source

Contact by Daft Punk supposedly "contains audio from the Apollo 17 mission used by courtesy of NASA and Capt. Eugene Cernan". The sample says: "Hey Bob, I'm looking at what Jack was talking about and it's definitely not a particle that's nearby. It is a bright object and it's obviously rotating because it's flashing, it's way out in the distance, certainly rotating in a very rhythmic fashion because the flashes come around almost on time. As we look back at the Earth it's up at about 11 o'clock, about maybe ten or twelve diame...Earth diameters. I don't know whether that does you any good, but there's something out there." When I Google this I find only Daft Punk references. Is it a genuine soundbite from the Apollo 17 mission or did those wacky French robots make it up?
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How to evaluate an offer to buy foreign rights?

I self-published a non-fiction technical book recently. A Chinese publisher has just approached me and wants to buy the 5-year Chinese foreign distribution rights. How do I evaluate their offer? [more inside]
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How do I get cooking oil off of my wall?

For the last three years, cooking oil splatters have generally built up on the wall behind our oven. I've tried getting the oil off with a number of different methods, but no dice. Any advice? [more inside]
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Where can I get a pattern for a zoot-suit?

I'd like to make a zoot-suit, something like this. Where can I find a pattern?
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I want more detailed maps on my iPad

I love the iPad maps app, but it's light on detail. Is there a way to toggle things on like town boundaries and other political/cultural data? Or is there another app that does that?
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What is the sample used in the original "99 Problems" by Ice T?

What is the sample used in the original "99 Problems" by Ice T? I always thought it was great because I could swear it was the sound of an alien being killed in "Aliens". My friend who just listened to it, however, says "duh, it's a seagull." Anyone? Thanks mefiters! : )
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In Need of an Affordable Dental Plan

I am looking for a dental plan I can enroll in. My employer does not provide dental insurance. I live in Massachusetts. [more inside]
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Wanna be bonafide.

Help me figure out what sort of project management certification I should get. [more inside]
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What do DINKs eat?

My husband and I may soon have two incomes. Hoorah! But how do we balance that with making food for our meals? [more inside]
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The five sense of sex

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom through a five senses game. A card with each sense for him/her on it is mixed and then we have an enticing way to deal with that sense. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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Kisses the girls and makes them cry

My cat George (previously, and with Conrad) has a rodent ulcer. [more inside]
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What strategies can I use to successfully do a job I don't like?

I need help constructing mental snowshoes that will prevent me from falling into deep drifts of work BS and frustration at a job I can't leave. [more inside]
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Example of famous organizational decision based on faulty data?

I'm looking for examples of high impact organizational decisions based on faulty data that had long term negative impacts. (My use of the word "organizational" is meant to imply a "group of persons organized towards some end." Could be a corporation, or a not-for-profit, or a govt entity, etc.) [more inside]
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Design within reach

I'd love to fill my apartment with Eames chairs and Braun speakers, but the great icons of industrial design are almost all hilariously expensive. So, on to plan B: What are the greatest knockoffs of great design? Here, for example, are some pretty good fake Eames chairs. Here is a serviceable copy of the Mondaine railway clock. Do you own a great knockoff of an iconic object, or something beautiful and functional that's heavily inspired by one?
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How to not get upset if my partner sees my friends' news before me?

A few times, my partner has seen news (on Facebook mostly) from friends such as my siblings and their partners, before I have. I get very upset when this happens. Is this irrational? Is there any good way to cope with it? [more inside]
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How do I go from one kind of nerd to another?

What steps should I take to switch to the aerospace industry from the academic world? [more inside]
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How to talk to kids about relatives who smoke?

My children's adored grandmother is a smoker. She doesn't smoke in front of the kids but does take several smoke breaks a day, and while our two year old is oblivious, our four year old is probably close to figuring out what's up. Growing up, I had no relatives who smoked, and my parents pushed the "boy, smokers sure think they look cool, don't they look stupid though?" angle which worked fine on me. Obviously that isn't going to work in this case. How do you talk with young children about smoking as a Bad Thing when relatives smoke?
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Need recommendations for both hair & makeup artists around Milwaukee, WI

I am getting married this fall and still haven't found someone to do my hair or makeup for the big day. Looking for a stylist and artist that are affordable (we are on a tight budget). The wedding is in Wauwatosa, WI. Please help!! Thank you!
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Ecclesiastes 3:1 - A time for solitude?

Is there a time to be alone/ How to feel like life is meaningful when I am mostly alone? [more inside]
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What would be good party favors for a great-grandmother's 90th birthday?

A relative of mine's great-grandmother is having her 90th birthday party this Sunday, in New Orleans. She's expressed a wish to have each of the 25-30 guests receive a small present, up to $15 each. Any suggestions? It has to be something I can obtain and wrap before Sunday afternoon.
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How do I say "Psst...I'm still available for that 9-to-5..."?

I interviewed for this position over a month ago, and it went really well. According to a family friend who also works there (and informed me of the available position to begin with), I was a top contender for the job, but they ultimately went with another person with experience, whereas I had none (even though it was entry level - but I get it, experience is better than lack thereof. No hard feelings here). PLOT TWIST: Two days ago, I find out via friend that they just discovered this new person lied about having a degree, so she's as good as gone. Friend suggested I send a nonchalant email to remind them of my existence, hinting at the fact that I'm still available. How do I do this subtly without it sounding awkward as hell after over a month? I don't think I'm supposed to know about this turn of events because friend was pretty hush hush about it, and I certainly don't want to throw friend under the bus or get him in trouble. How do I go about this? [more inside]
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Milan Kundera's description of conversation -- what book is it in?

In one of Kundera's books, he describes conversation so aptly that I've been using his description (with attribution) for years. But I really feel like I should quote it exactly and for as long as I've been paraphrasing him, I've been trying to remember which damn book it's in so that I can stop paraphrasing and start quoting. Help me, hive mind! [more inside]
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Disney Land Apps for Iphone

I know there are some good apps for line checking at Disneyland, but what I need are specific recommendations for some good ones. I'm not real particular but just want one that works well. Give me your best ones, and thank you!
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I want to be a different ocean size!

I love Jane's Addiction. They are the sound of the Devil telling me about sin and what you can get away with in the darker corners of a spiritual life. So the question is: who else is out there who can bring it like they do? I'm looking for the next Three Days jam in this Askme - thick, coiling, roiling, powermad music that is as much about drugged-up incense-laden crunch as it is about tuneful, stuck in your head like an icepick melody? Release the hounds.
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Getting married after getting married: the insurance-panic edition

Help me, etiquette mavens of AskMe! Fiance and I are in the midst of planning a wedding for this fall, but we just found out that he's losing his health insurance soon. How ok is it to have a courthouse ceremony now, but still hold a "real" wedding in the fall? [more inside]
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Oh no...I'm boring!

Why don't normal hobbies and activities interest me, or why can't I stick with them? (more inside) [more inside]
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Reporting taxable income from secret govt work

I have often wondered how a person deals with taxes if he has a full-time position--say as an academic--but also does work for the govt in work, say CIA or NSA, that is not to be known or discussed with anyone. [more inside]
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Small car, lots of gear - are there heavy-duty foldable carts?

I'll be attending an outdoor music festival this summer, in which we'll be parking our cars a good distance from where we will set up our tents for camping. I'll need some kind of wheeled cart for transporting our bags, tents, etc., but which could fold up (or easily disassemble) and fit into my car, and I'm not sure what would work well. Looking for your ideas, or things that have worked well for you in the past. [more inside]
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Which 32GB flash drive?

I need a recommendation for a 32GB USB 3.0 flash drive, please. [more inside]
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Help me find a specific what-to-buy-for-baby website?

I'm looking for a specific website that details what to buy for a newborn. Here's what I remember: It was one person's site, not on or or anything like that. The author, a mother, lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. There were multiple sections, like one for strollers, one for bouncy chairs, etc. It was very comprehensive and kind of funny. I think I actually found it here on AskMe, but I can't for the life of me find it again. I know, that's not much. But maybe you remember this?
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Amalgam vs Composite, Long-term

I know amalgam fillings are more durable. However, they also require drilling away more of the tooth. Given this, which is a better choice for filling a molar in the long run for a young person? [more inside]
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Shiren the English-speaking Wanderer

I'm trying to play the SNES version of Shiren the Wanderer, with the English translation patch, on a Mac. The ROM without the patch works fine. When I put the patch in the same directory with the same base filename (the procedure for using a patch), the ROM loads and hangs. I'm using SNES9X as my emulator. Has anyone gotten this working? I'm willing to try any emulator.
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Cutting manly curls in manhattan

Asking for a gentleman without a metafilter account: Can you recommend a stylist in Manhattan who specializes in, or at least does an excellent job with, male curly hair? [more inside]
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Feedback on Draft Campus Policy About Free Speech

My school is currently working on a new "Respect for Freedom of Expression Policy". A PDF of the latest draft is available here. I would appreciate any feedback about ways to improve it, especially from the perspective of allowing maximum free speech, protest, and dissent, and limiting the ability of the school to crack down on campus activism. [more inside]
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Too hot to work

So, for the nth year in a row the air conditioning system in our office is busted. It's not even summer yet and it's already way too hot in here. I need some way of keeping cool and sane. [more inside]
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Refresh my commute reading, if you please.

I'm looking for new mystery series with a strong, atmospheric setting. [more inside]
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Help me stay awake.

I don't think I'm narcoleptic, but I fall asleep all the time. [more inside]
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Boston area Sunset/moonrise on June 23rd.

Where would be a good location in Eastern Massachusetts to see and photograph both the sunset and (full) moonrise on Sunday, June 23rd? [more inside]
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Stories about disliked activities becoming loved activities?

Can you point me to specific stories, either your own or else freely available on the web, of times when someone has really disliked an activity at the beginning and found it very difficult or unnatural, but after working at it for a significant amount of time, finally comes to love and excel at it?
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Looking for tips and tricks to come up with a skin care regimen for myself (31, F, with a beautiful baby). My goal is to get a glowing healthy skin in 3 months. The idea is to inculcate good habits, and hopefully some of them will stick for life. Any suggestions, beautiful men and women? Diet suggestions welcome, work out suggestions welcome, beauty tips welcome... basically all suggestions welcome :) You could also just share your inspiring story and that will keep me motivated enough ;-) Thank you!!
posted by Spice_and_Ice at 12:20 PM PST - 27 comments

Are you good at doing stuff? Tell me how you get stuff done.

I constantly have a huge list of things to do in my head and I'd like to get better at organizing/prioritizing them. [more inside]
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Is there a blog that will tell me what sci-fi movies to see in theater?

Can you please suggest a blog or resource that will tell me what under-the-radar science fiction movies I should go see? [more inside]
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In it to win it. 4 REALZ.

You're a competitive athlete. How did you level up? [more inside]
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How can I minimize the cost of moving my family across the country?

My wife and two kids (and our two cats) and I may soon need to move from Maryland to Seattle. What's the cheapest way that we can move ourselves and our stuff across the country? [more inside]
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Sharing the laughter and love

I'm looking for sitcoms with three or more children where a middle child was the breakout star. [more inside]
posted by Chrysostom at 12:06 PM PST - 26 comments

Green Mountain Energy in NYC

New York City dwellers: Do you use Green Mountain Energy for your household power? Why or why not? [more inside]
posted by greta simone at 12:00 PM PST - 3 comments

How do I report freelance income while collecting unemployment?

I just got laid off from my job, and I've booked a few freelance gigs here and there and have some ongoing freelance writing stuff as well. Do I need to report this income when I earn it, or when I get paid? (This is in California). [more inside]
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Are any Mefites Madrix lighting software users (and or experts)?

We are building a mutant vehicle for burning man. It's a 20 foot diameter UFO that will be 10 feet off the ground. Does anyone have Madrix software experience with pixel mapping? [more inside]
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Applying for home equity loan while changing jobs

We are about to apply for a home equity line of credit. The guy at the bank already ran our credit and verified rates and eligibility. I'm also about to change jobs. What should I do about the loan? [more inside]
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Tell me about video conferencing equipment and best practices?

Our organization is growing, and we need to improve our video conferencing capabilities. The usual setup is a 'home base' room with 5-10 people in it. That room is about 20' x 20' or so, and it has speakers built into it. The other folks calling into the meeting are usually solo workers, on their own computers, wearing headsets. The people in the 'home base' room can hear the people calling in, with fairly good audio quality. However, the other users have a very hard time hearing the people gathered in the main room. That microphone situation needs to be improved. Right now there is one Jabra USB Speakerphone - this model, I think. We use GoToMeeting and Skype. What are the options for improving the audio quality coming *from* the main room? Can we daisy chain those speakerphones together? Is there a better speakerphone model which can be daisy chained to have multiple bases around the room? Do the connected mics figure out which one to use or does it cause distortion or delay? Is there another model that is significantly better that doesn't have to be hardwired? Any other suggestions? [more inside]
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Dinner in Williamsburg for 10

Looking for a restaurant in Williamsburg that can accommodate about 10 people on a Saturday night in June, for a bachelor party. Will not be a stereotypical raucous, wasted BP crowd, but would like someplace laid back. More details inside. [more inside]
posted by Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell at 11:08 AM PST - 11 comments

Denali, AK In Two Days?

I was invited to a cool work conference in Anchorage Alaska in late June, and after the conference I would really really really like to try and see Denali if at all possible. I will only have 2 - 2 1/2 days. Aside from the short time-frame, I will be all by myself. Also, I have two legs and can walk, but 'wilderness survival,' is not exactly something I have any mastery off. Any general advice, specific advice, or help would be appreciated. [more inside]
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Where can I find a scenic outlook en route to Durango?

Help from Colorado Mefites! I'm driving right now from Silverthorne, CO to Durango, CO and want to find a nice scenic backdrop of the Rockies for some photos. Between not knowing the area very well and finding out about closed roads, I'm having a hard time figuring out where to go. Ideally, it would be a place we can take pictures of our car with nearly nothing in the background but beautiful mountains. Ideas? Thank you in advance!
posted by TessaGal at 9:57 AM PST - 6 comments

Do I need Lightroom if I'm a seasoned Photoshop user?

Are there big advantages to buying Lightroom if I already have advanced Photoshop skills? [more inside]
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How do I find all of my photos that are NOT on Flickr?

I have a few thousand photos on my hard drive and a few hundred of them have been uploaded to my Flickr account. With the new space available on Flickr, what is the easiest way for me to identify all of the photos that I have not yet uploaded? [more inside]
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Help me hang out a shingle.

Following on from this question, I have decided to start offering private, custom arts & crafts workshops. I'm hoping to find people who need someone to help them plan an art activity, bring the materials, and run the workshop-- so, birthday parties, homeschool co-ops, scout groups and the like. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to find them. [more inside]
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Where to go for early summer break in California?

Desperately in need of a week off to lounge by a pool in the sun and we are looking at the week of 10 June. I would prefer the beach - but everywhere coastal in California seems like it would be too chilly to spend afternoons lying in the sun, and Vegas will be way TOO warm. What are your best suggestions for a warm relaxy place up to 8 hours drive from the Bay Area? [more inside]
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Fuse Amp Ratings

Is there a method or device that will determine the amp rating of a fuse? I know that most fuses are marked with their specific amp rating, but I really need a way to verify. These are standard 5mm and 6.3mm fuses used in consumer level audio equipment. TIA
posted by Brocktoon at 9:25 AM PST - 10 comments

Batch job screen capture from database help?

Let's say there is a database that I can only access from a front end tool, and that database cannot provide any extract of any sort. I also have no access to run reports off that database. And let's say that the only way to preserve that data is to print to pdf or do screen shots. btw- all legit and you are not helping me do something malicious. [more inside]
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Wedding ceremonies for the non-religious?

What did you, a non-religious person, do for your wedding ceremony? What was the basic structure? What resources did you use to help you plan? [more inside]
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Help Me be a Charming & Effective Portrait Photographer

Any tips for photographer patter while taking slightly candid portraits? For marketing/social media purposes, I’ll be taking individual candid portraits of a large number of people at my company. I’ve already taken a good handful, and although I have a good eye for angles and setting up the shot, I have a difficult time directing the subjects and am hoping to learn some new phrases and strategies. [more inside]
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tool to reblog and share a collection of web pages?

Is there a tool that will let me store/archive web pages or parts of web pages, and then create a little mini library of reblogged content along with navigation links? [more inside]
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UKfilter: Too jaded for Socialism? Help me rediscover the ideals...

I'm an ex-Leftie who now works as a money man in the UK. I'd like to rediscover Socialist philosophy and ideals. Problem: 10+ years of economic analysis of public spending and government fiscal policy has left me thinking that Socialism is unrealistic, ill thought out, and well, a bit...silly. Help me turn myself around before it's too late! ...much more inside.... [more inside]
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What is wrong with my iPhone?

I got my iPhone 4 in October 2011. The past few months, it has had a couple of really annoying issues: [more inside]
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to clemp? to climp?

I'm looking for a set of five verbs in the English language that each A.) have only one vowel and B.) share all the remaining letters in the same order. The closest example I can think of off the top of my head is [bag / beg / bog / bug] but big isn't a verb. [more inside]
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How to tastefully indicate authorship on a corporate document.

I have this problem, and I know it isn't rare. I on occasion produce excellent training materials where a knowledge vacuum exists, and as managers and power structures change within my department the memory of my past work gets forgotten almost constantly. Because I'm not really very good at the schmoozing with the new bosses’ game, I never get into the loop for new projects or initiatives where I would shine based on prior work. That’s a preface to a lot of different questions, but mostly, I'm asking an aesthetic question here, and I’m not talking about ownership of materials or anything like that. These are informal documents, but legitimately useful, and not my main job function. Basically, when they get circulated here and there... I would greatly benefit from managers and other colleagues knowing just who put this awesome thing all together. How do I do this correctly, and in a tasteful manner... i.e., basically, not put "By Me" on a coversheet in big letters, or not in a manner that would make most roll their eyes. Just some subtle recognition of authorship within the document. If you have another moment to think, some book recommendations on climbing the corporate latter in an ethical way, (based on competency, the best way to climb), in the face of the usual BS that many of us need to deal with. I enjoy my field... thats why I'm asking this, and not just finding something else to do.
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What statistical test or model do I use?

So I'm trying to find how two variables are related, and I have a mountain of data. [more inside]
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Abdominal discomfort, alcohol use and trouble sleeping

I'm having some abdominal discomfort that might be related to my alcohol use. But I don't know what to do about it, for reasons related to sleep issues. Long story within. [more inside]
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Iconic buildings/symbols of Astoria or Queens

I'm wanting to do a project similar to this, but for Astoria (specifically, if possible) or Queens (generally, if that works out better). So basically, I'm looking for suggestions of iconic people/places/things that represent the neighborhood and/or borough, and would evoke fond memories for folks who have lived there. I'm not going to be taking photos, so I'm not limited to things that currently exist or that are concrete (as a terrible example of this, I mean that an apple could represent "the Big Apple"). I've already thought of Shea Stadium and the World's Fair stuff in Flushing Meadows (QMA, Unisphere, NYState buildings, etc.) What am I missing, Queens-folk?
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Spotlight a moving subject using an online video editor

I'd like to use an online video editor to highlight (make brighter or draw a circle around) a specific dog in a playgroup. I have a Chromebook and work almost completely in the cloud. I feel like this shouldn't be difficult, but I'm having a heck of a time finding this feature. YouTube's "Spotlight" feature seems to be for interaction and doesn't work this way as far as I can tell. Am I missing something obvious? Recommendations for online video editors are welcome as well. I've used Pixorial and YouTube, not much luck with WeVideo. Thanks in advance!
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Trading a desktop for a laptop

About a year ago I bought a refurbished iMac. I now totally regret buying a desktop computer and really wish I had a laptop instead. Is there any way for me to trade in my still perfectly-functional iMac for a Mac laptop? (In NYC if it matters) [more inside]
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Why did the Russian cut a hole in his shirt for his necklace?

A couple months back I was loading a truck and the Russian/Slavic-looking/sounding driver (and the name of the truck line/owner printed on the truck was definitely Slavic) had a hole cut in his shirt and his necklace/pendant was pulled thru the hole so that it was visible. My somewhat foggy memory thinks it was something religious icon-y. My question: Is this something other than an individual quirk and if so can you tell me about it?
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Going to the mental health clinic, what can I expect in the time ahead?

I made an appointment at a local clinic. Assuming things start well (right Dr.+ right drugs). What can I expect 2-3 years down the road? [more inside]
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Am I being realistic?

I'm getting ready to have a possible "final conversation" about financial responsibility with my boyfriend. I just want to check in to see that I'm being realistic with today's economy. [more inside]
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Is my home going to be taken away? (UK homeowner, 2nd mortgage)

More details after the jump, but in short: Mortgage lender holds the deeds to the house after missing payments for years. I am trying to figure out what the imminent risks to the house are and if I could find a debt negotiator. Many thanks to you all. [more inside]
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What single word describes these things that my employer sells?

I need one word, in singular form, that is synonymous with product, service, and experience (experience as in, taking a tour, sitting for a lecture, watching a live band..) The company I am working for provides many products, services and experiences for their customers, and I need a single, general noun that describes all of these. Help!
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Hermione Granger Problems...

How can I inspire people and act strong and firm and smart without letting go of wanting to also be protected and vulnerable? [more inside]
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How to proceed in this situation without compromising standards?

I tried to establish no-contact boundaries with an inappropriate supervisor, but now I'm doubting myself and wondering if I've overreacted. [more inside]
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Help me properly file for disability [SSI]

This is me three years ago. A lot has happened since I wrote that post. My brother got on disability, I had access to medical and psychiatric care for the first time in my life, and while I was still mostly homebound I had hope that our lives would eventually get better. Then my brother died quickly after a cancer diagnosis, I had a horrible, god-awful experience in a psychiatric hospital, stopped seeing my psychiatrist, rationalized not taking my medication because I would soon be without insurance anyway, and I pushed the only people willing and able to help me away. I've been trying and failing and giving up for almost a year. This is me three years later trying again. [more inside]
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Non-Constant Contact Email Listserver

I would like to set up an email group for occasional communications, and would prefer something other than Constant Contact. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Specifications desired detailed inside. [more inside]
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Going to South Florida (Miami) for a fun weekend. Any ideas?

I'm going to Miami area for to celebrate a special occasion with my wife. I need some help planning where to stay/what to do. Thanks all! [more inside]
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Kicking off a Webinar - looking for the right thing to say

Not a natural public speaker..but will be speaking publicly later today on a webinar to public safety officials....please help me acknowledge current events in a thoughtful, authentic way, before kicking off the conference call. [more inside]
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What films would you recommend to educate me in cinema?

I feel very uneducated in 'important' cinema and I'd really like to know and understand more. If I knew how to properly define 'important' I probably wouldn't need to ask the question, but names like Kurosawa, Tartakovsky, Fellini that I know I don't know anything about. What I'm hoping the lovely hivemind can do is give me a good starting point - something equivalent to the five-foot shelf of books that contains an entire liberal education (, but for cinema. DVD collections (or YouTube links) that form part of this would be welcome too. Basically, help me educate myself in cinema!
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Order of names in a letter signature matter when sent from a couple?

My wife and I were writing a brief thank-you note to some friends, and she was helping to edit. I then signed it off as 'Arandia & Wife' -- only my wife says that it should be 'Wife & Arandia', since *I* wrote the letter and it is coming from my email address. [more inside]
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May 20

Delinquent expat tax situation, will I need an enrolled agent?

I've had a difficult time figuring out my tax situation since I moved from the US and now I'm trying to get everything settled. I'm behind a few years and need someone to talk directly with the IRS on my behalf. Will I need an enrolled agent? A tax attorney? Both? Neither? Arg it's so confusing! [more inside]
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Help me identify this back pain

I had a baby a few months ago, and all of the sudden I can't sleep through the night without having excruciating back pain. YANMD, but I have never had serious back pain before and don't know really know where to start. New mattress? Chiropractor? Physical therapy? Stop getting older? Some more details inside. [more inside]
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Who originally thought of this dating-related experiment?

Write the numbers 1 to 20 on a set of cards, one per card but two cards of each number, put them on the foreheads of a group of twenty men and twenty women, and give them a couple minutes to try to pair up with the person of the opposite sex with the highest-ranked card: they will always end up with someone close to their own rank. Who originally thought of this? [more inside]
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My girlfriend cheated on me. Help me find books to distract me.

Long story short. Girlfriend of 2+ years cheated on me. We broke up, but this is right before I'm going to be spending a few months moving back home and doing a whole lot of nothing. I'm looking for recommendations for books to help keep me from dwelling on this, specific tastes below. [more inside]
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How to safely mod minecraft?

My kid wants me to install a bunch of mods to minecraft, I'm confused about the process. Installing mods seems much different then say on Steam games where its integrated into the application. I'm uncomfortable just following sketchy links on message boards to download and install jars/executables, but thats the process as I've seen it described. Is there a more obvious way to do this? [more inside]
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It's from Vivre sa vie.

Can someone who speaks French tell me exactly how this quote should be formatted? [more inside]
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Where can I buy a good, pre-made earthquake kit in Vancouver?

What with recent disasters, and recently moving to BC I'd like to get an earthquake kit. Now, I don't have a car, so I'd like to not having to travel all over the city picking things up in my backpack if possible. So I'd like to buy a pre-made kit. Back in 2007 acoutu was able to get a deal on a "Ready Kit", but those appear to have been discontinued shortly after they were created. [more inside]
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Is it possible to convert my Hi8's this way?

So, I have a bunch of old Hi8 tapes that I want to get on my MacBook pro. I have a camcorder that plays Hi8's (but is only analog) and a DVD recorder. Can you help me? [more inside]
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Nonfiction about rituals and magic and so on

I want to read nonfiction about ritualistic/magical/occult/religious practices or events in a historical/cultural context that will learn me real good without sacrificing the fun factor. More interested in things like druid sacrifice or the Salem witch trials than modern-day ghostbusters or psychics, but all cultures are welcome.
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How to say "au revoir mon professeure" in a slightly more creative way?

This week, my daughter (a sophomore in high school) will be bidding adieu to her French teacher, who is is retiring. Daughter is artistic and has decided to make a card for Madame but is looking for inspiration. [more inside]
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Advice on promoting a folk-fusion band online for local gigs?

I am a member of a largish (7 folk-fusion ensemble. We've been gigging on and off using traditional forms of promotion and we'd like to look into online promotion. [more inside]
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Desert garden plant I.D. help, please

This very pretty flowering plant lives in a cultivated desert garden in south-western Arizona; I don't think it is a native plant (although I could be wrong!) but it was purchased in a garden center for planting in the area. Unfortunately, the tag on the plant was lost - can anyone tell me what plant it is? Thanks for any help!
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Great hair stylist in/near Harrisonburg, VA (or Charleston or Columbus)?

Looking for someone who does great short cuts for women. I'm driving to my 20-year college reunion this weekend, and have just received a truly terrible haircut. Seriously, it's basically a mullet. The only cure is going short. If you can recommend someone in or around Harrisonburg, VA who's great with short hair, please do! (Alternatively, I'll be passing through Charleston, WV and Columbus on my way, so they're options too - but ideally I'd like to find someone near me.) Thank you!
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Fashion protocol for wedding music gig

What should the musician wear at a wedding? [more inside]
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How does the amount of ice in a shaker affect a martini?

Does more ice in the shaker make the drink colder faster? Is there more or less dilution per second of shaking? in short, is there any reason I would want to have a particular level of ice in a shaker when making martinis?
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Great adult learning apps for iPhone

I think we've had a couple of questions specific to language apps in the past. But I got to wondering what particularly good learning apps for grown-up users are out there, regardless of subject. Specifically, apps that are well designed, easy to use but challenging to the appropriate degree, and fun. Pretty graphics are nice too.
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What is wrong with my long menstrual cycles?

Screenshot of the past two years. This is not an aberration, I have been this way since I was 13. There was even one year that I only had 2 periods the whole year. I have never taken the pill, or any contraception. I do not take any medications. I became sexually active in my early 20's. my first time meeting with a gyno was at 32, my current age. I have always worried about my fertility, but I comfort myself saying I am holding onto my eggs for an important time instead of letting them go. Do you know what is wrong with me?
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Recommend a rheumatologist in Boston

Can anyone recommend an excellent rheumatologist in the Boston area? Cambridge or Somerville would be ideal, but travel isn't a huge problem.
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IS there an app for that?

Help me find an app like this for Android! [more inside]
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Help me find a decent, cheap Android tablet for my kids.

I can never use my tablet because the kids are always on it. Where can I buy a budget Android tablet that my kids can use for games and videos. [more inside]
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My demands are reasonable, my diet is ridiculous.

Over the last ten years, I've put on 10-15 pounds of pure, unadulterated fat. Giving up desert for the next ten years doesn't seem feasible, but my general food intake is fine. I was looking for a healthy but reasonably quick way to loose 10 pounds, and 4 Hour Body was recommended. After six weeks, I am at my exact starting weight. What am I missing, and where should I go from here? [more inside]
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Asking for a Raise?

From some minor checking on a new employee, I have seen a large discrepancy in pay - which is not surprising. Can I ask for a raise? How do I ask for a raise? Will I get fired? Should I just look for new work like I'm already doing? [more inside]
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Starting Channel Island Bush Poppy from seed?

I have long lusted after a Channel Island Bush Poppy (dendromecon harfordii) but can never find the plant at any of our local native plant nurseries here in Los Angeles. I ordered seeds and have found conflicting information about how to start it from seed. I received a packet of seeds and a pink slip of paper that contained the same chemicals released in brush fire conditions. The instructions said to soak the paper with the seeds for 24 hours and then sow. No more information than that. [more inside]
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Did 26F do the right thing to 30M?

26F have been seeing 30M about 1x a week for almost three months with no conversations about what it is. His actions suggest that his interest level is moderate but not high, my interest level is high but that has not been expressed, though the last few times I have been the one to initiate plans. Most recently, he suggested an alternate plan to my invitation, but feeling frusterated, I never responded. Not sure what action I should take from here... am I wrong to think he will contact me again if his interest level is higher than I percieve? Or wrong to go radio silent when he has never done the same to me?
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ID this tree

Picture here. The flowers give off a mild, sweet smell and are kinda sticky at the white, hollow ends. The shells on the left open into halves, and those halves are divided in half, so I doubt they are nutshells (unless those nuts come pre-cut into quarters). This all came from a tree with wide green leaves, here in the southeast USA. That's all I remember about it. Any ideas what tree this might be? Any help would be appreciated!
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Winning Powerball, a little bit at a time, over and over and over...

Huge jackpot lotteries in the USA, like Powerball and Mega Millions, offer the jackpot as either an annuity for the total amount of the prize, or a lump sum for a reduced amount. It seems that the vast majority of the winners pick the lump sum over the annuity. Which to me just makes no sense at all. [more inside]
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Laptop overheated, now connectivity problems

My laptop overheated, I took it to get cleaned, now it's having Internet connectivity issues. I think the repair place may be at fault. What do I do now? [more inside]
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Why do I keep dreaming about my ex?

Why do I keep dreaming about my ex? YANM Psych etc. [more inside]
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How to download text of Facebook posts and comments from a fan page

Mefites, can you help me come up with a quick and dirty way to download the text of all the comments and posts from a given Facebook Fan page? I'm trying to do a word cloud visualization of our Facebook presence. Thanks.
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How do insurance companies test for tobacco use?

Someone asked me this this morning, and I have no idea so I thought I would throw it out to the green. [more inside]
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Big data meets big city

Can you recommend nerdy things (papers, sites, podcasts, books, articles, whatever) about spatial and urban data, and things people are doing with them? [more inside]
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What method should I use to recreate a small wooden horse tail?

I have these antique wooden horses, some of which are completely missing their tails due to breaking off and subsequent loss. I would like to recreate 4 extra tails using some method but am getting overwhelmed by the possibilities. I am not afraid to try creating a mold then casting them somehow, but I would like this to be easy and cost effective (<$30 total) since I only need to do 4. I am doing this purely for aesthetic reasons and the material does not have to be terribly durable and Obviously I do not expect this to be wooden. The tails are approximately 2" x 1" and are originally wood, painted black.
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Thinking of Joining the Navy Reserves: What Do I Need to Know

I'm 39. I'm thinking of joining the U.S. Navy Reserves. I'd like to go in as an officer if possible. The cut-off age is also 39, so I only have so much time to make this happen. What do I need to know before I sign on the line which is dotted? Are there any websites you'd recommend so I can go in forewarned with as much knowledge as possible? Any anecdotes anyone can share? Any information at all?
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Name that pre-teen book!

I read this sometime in the 80s. It was a chapter book, just shy of YA. And it's title was something like "The 45th Thing I Love About Amelia" or "The 45th Best Thing I Love About Anastasia" (wrong number, wrong name). Oh, and at the end, the mom opens a closet door and there's a dead dog inside or something. [more inside]
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iPhone4 + GmailContacs = Wrong Contact Photo. HALP!

I have an iPhone4, running iOS 5.1.1. From day one it has always pulled the Contacts from my gmail account via the "Exchange" option and has worked flawlessly...untill now... [more inside]
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Can I get a prescription from my doctor for a urine drug test?

Can I get a prescription from my doctor for a urine drug test? I quit smoking marijuana ~25 days ago. Before quitting I smoked once or twice everyday. I ordered some dipstick drug test off the internet and started testing my urine after 5 days of not smoking. About 7 days ago the tests started coming up negative. I'd like to get this confirmed by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry. Can I ask my primary care physician for a prescription for one? If I do, will he get the results and report them to my insurance company? [more inside]
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North Austin/Pflugerville doctor recommendations

Primary care physician and an eye doctor are both needed. I live just north of Howard street in south Pflugerville so a good doctor by there would be great. If you know they take United Healthcare Insurance that's even better!
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Becoming Mr & Mrs Fish when we're split between two continents

Mr Fish popped the question last Friday and we're getting married and ZOMG and oh shit weddings. Only problem is we've put down roots in another country. How did you negotiate getting married when there are 16 hour flights involved? [more inside]
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Is there a better type of spreadsheet?

I'd like to make a spreadsheet, which would include not just text but images and sets of tags, and maybe other interesting fields of information. Is there a better spreadsheet out there which is more flexible and more like a database? [more inside]
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What kind of brandy should I get to make brandied cherries?

It's cherry season, and this year I'd like to make brandied cherries to enjoy all year. All of the recipes I've found say "use a brandy you'd drink" except I don't drink brandy and I felt terribly lost in the liquor store looking at the selections. What kind of brandy is best for this application? Brand/type recommendations would be very much appreciated.
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Travel UK on the cheap

A friend and I are planning a trip this summer for early August to London, Edinburgh, and Dublin. We're looking at flights, hostel stays, and food/entertainment for a 1.5-2 week trip, and hoping to do it somewhat cheaply. All the flights we've found are in the $1700-$1900 range, so that would be most of our budget for the trip, leaving not much left for anything else. (We were originally hoping to spend less than $2500 each) Is there some secret we just don't know? A site for finding the deals? We've looked at and expedia, but what's the best way to find cheap flights? (is it a travel agent?) [more inside]
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Scared of heartache

Scared of heartache. A brief background... I was together with someone for 5 years, married for less than a year before I initiated a divorce which was finalized this month. [more inside]
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Eating well in Europe -- England, France, and Italy edition

It's happening!! Mr. Concolora and I are flying out to London tomorrow to start our three week tenth wedding anniversary European extravanganza and I'm about to pop with excitement. We're going to be in London, Paris, Dijon, Verona, Vicenza, Venice, and Rome and we'd love some recommendations on where to eat. Snowflakes inside! [more inside]
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help with a forgotten quotation (ish)

I read something in the past 5-30 years that had a story about the value of a sacrificial, superficial distraction that was something along the lines of leaving an apple on the dashboard of your car when crossing the border between the US and Canada if you have something bigger to hide. I use the phrase 'apple on the dashboard' from time to time and not only does no one else get the reference, I've forgotten it, too. Anyone? [more inside]
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End-of-budget-year dilemma: too MUCH money

I have a pretty hefty surplus in my nonprofit project budget this year, and I have been told to spend it all, because otherwise it would go back to the funder. We're talking about $20K. We did our work, we met our goals, we provided what we said we'd provide. It just took less money than anticipated. I feel dirty and guilty about blowing this much money on "stuff" that isn't what we said we'd spend it on. I have never had a budget at all before, much less a surplus, so I may be a little naive about how the (nonprofit?) world works. Can you please give me some thoughts about how to view this in a way that doesn't feel icky? Am I just being silly and this is normal practice? Bonus points if you have suggestions on what to spend it on. [more inside]
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Adventures in Med School; Cadaver Edition

I have read this thread. I have two questions: 1. Are there any cultures or traditions that forbid donating one's body to a medical school after death? 2. Where, besides the lovely tribute posted in the link, can I find first-hand accounts of med school students' experiences with donated bodies and cadavers?
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You can't go home again

For the first time in my adult life, I'm contemplating moving back to my hometown. Have you moved back to your hometown? What was it like? [more inside]
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The right bra?

How the hell do I wear a bra with something like this? [more inside]
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What to do on the Gulf Coast of Alabama?

I'll be spending a few days on the Gulf Coast in lower Alabama in mid-October for a family reunion. Looks like we'll be staying in one of the delightfully cheesy resort condos in either Gulf Shores or Orange Beach. While I plan to spend a lot of time enjoying the gulf and the pool, I know I'll need to get away from that occasionally. So what cool stuff is there to do? The Shrimp Festival is already on the itinerary. [more inside]
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Help a longtime Mac user switch to Windows.

I haven't used Windows since the year 2000, but a new job means this longtime Mac user needs to learn how to. A couple specifics related to image editing and task management software plus general words of wisdom/ encouragement requested within. [more inside]
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Sushi in NH

Who serves good sushi in the Manchester/Nashua/ Salem NH area? My regular places are serving more and more mystery fish (chefs choice?) I need places where I know what I am being served.
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I'd like to shimmy if you'd show me how...

The shims that let our our table slide open for leaves are broken, so the table is split in half. If I could just get these little wooden pieces replaced, our table would be like new! So how do I get them replaced? [more inside]
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What's good at the Asian grocery?

There's a giant Korean supermarket not terribly far from where I live (the mega Hmart in Burlington). It's enormous--big enough to have small aisles dedicated to different Asian groceries--a Thai aisle, an Indian aisle, a Japanese aisle, etc. It's far more than I'd ever be able to explore on my own. What items available in a truly excellent Asian supermarket should I seek out? This is pretty much a pan-Asian free-for-all, so if you have a favorite Indonesian mustard, or an unforgettable Cambodian pickle, please share here. Bonus points for sous-vide-able items! [more inside]
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I keep crying over Ian M Banks dying of cancer.

Never in my life has this happened before, but I keep finding myself in tears of grief over the looming death of Scottish writer Iain M Banks, who is far and away my favourite writer and has terminal cancer. I'm looking for ways of helping to resolve this emotion, by using it as energy to fuel a meaningful response. [more inside]
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Mac/iPhone filter: picture to GPS coordinates, as few steps as possible

I'm a travel blogger - the sort that tries to give *good* directions to places I've traveled. Here in Thailand, there's no easy way of figuring out the address system (the locals barely seem to use them - and the Thai script is admittedly still a mystery)... The solution has been to snap a picture with my iPhone's built-in camera app, with the GPS turned on. The idea is to provide the GPS coordinates and a URL to those coordinates on Google Maps. This captures the place, but then involves loading it onto the computer, matching up features on Picasa's map to Google Maps, then right-clicking the 'What's Here?' to get the coordinates. What I'd love is a website or an app on the iPhone or for the Mac that can look at a picture and display the GPS coordinates - bonus points if it shows the point on Google Maps... Is there anything like that out there? :)
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Hurricane/cyclones : history, effects

Historically, in tropical areas, did cyclones/hurricanes wipe villages/huts/people off the face of the earth ? [more inside]
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Mac: Mount ejected flash drive without reinserting

I have a nifty little USB thumbdrive that I want to use to make backups of various documents; it will live on the powered hub in my office, as I'll only need to use it in the office. It's something of a pain to unplug and re-insert every day, or every time I need to leave the desk with my laptop. After ejecting, the drive is no loger visible using diskutil on the command line, tho I can see it in the system profiler. Is there a way to have the system recognize the device and mount it whenever the Macbook wakes from sleep? I've got sleepwatcher installed, but I'm not certain how to get the system to recognize the USB device without unplugging it and plugging it back in. Shutting down and restarting the mac every time I want to leave my desk with it is not a viable option, either. I'm running 10.7.5 on a Core i7 15" MBP.
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How can I handle unnecessary guilt from coworkers?

My job involves many roles, one of which is IT support, at a medium-sized business. Even though this part of my work only takes up about 33% of my working hours, the negativity surrounding it is making my job a living hell. [more inside]
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Poor Little Old Laptop...

Is my PowerBook G4 officially dead? [more inside]
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Why don't my 100% cotton shirts all feel the same?

I've a variety of 100% cotton shirts in my closet with a variety of different feelings and textures! How can this be? Some of them are rough and stiff feeling while others are light and soft. I've seen terms such as "thread count", "knit", and "weight" but I don't know how they relate to what I'm wearing. Also those variables don't appear to be listed on the shirt tag anywhere! I often shop online and it'd be nice if I could have some idea of what any given shirt is going to feel like before I order it.
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Web to Print Online Software

Currently we are using an solution for out back office print management but are looking to move into offering a web interface so clients can print and build there own products (a web to print solution similar to EFI offer a solution however its build on .asp and the layout is very restrictive which suggests it hasnt had much love. Does anyone know of a good web to print solution that can be heavily customised?
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How can my mom transfer me a house from her name to my name?

My mom and I want to transfer her house to me, her son as cheaply and quickly as possible. We live in Columbus Ohio Franklin county if that helps. I'd prefer not to have to pay a lawyer or whatever but I will if it's necessary to get it done quickly. Having it completed within 10 days would be great, is this possible? and how do we do it? websites, phone numbers, etc. would be helpful!
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What kind of rights does the owner of a home have when they agree to rent out their home through a rental management company? [more inside]
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iPhone 4S case that's easily removable?

after breaking my iPhone 4S screen twice in a short amount of time, it's obvious I need a new case. But it's never that easy.... [more inside]
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Car roof rack uses

I have never owned a car roof rack. I would like to own one to haul extra stuff. What are the best uses for a car roof rack? What configurations and additional roof rack accessories will I need to best utilize it? [more inside]
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Books for 30-something researcher suddenly in a management job

Can you recommend a book for a newly-promoted researcher who isn't used to managing a team? [more inside]
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What are your family-style, urban living life hacks?

Mrs. Quizicalcoatl and I are finally moving to the Boston area with our 9- and 7-year old. What do we need to know? [more inside]
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Recommendations for binoculars for wildlife viewing?

I would like recommendations for a good pair of binoculars, primarily for wildlife viewing. I did look through previous questions , but they focused mostly on use for concerts and birdwatching - the primary users of these live in Kenya, so think game parks and reserves. Price is around the $500 mark, as we only want to buy these once and then use forever, but certainly, if you have strong feelings about any you've used above that range, I want to hear it!
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Is anyone familiar with 90 Second Web Builder?

Has anyone used it or does anyone know anything about its functionality? [more inside]
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Simple word games -- no accessories required

Occasionally my partner and I will find ourselves with an hour to kill and nothing to do (e.g., we show up too early for a movie). I'm looking for word games that we can play that don't require access to the Internet, paper/pen, more than two people, a game board, or anything other than ourselves. [more inside]
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Shoulder pain + yoga = ?

I am supposed to be doing a yoga class with my friend on Wednesday, this will be my first one in over a year, and I have some pain in my neck and shoulder at the moment, will this make it worse? [more inside]
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Preparing for a major all-changing life event

What should I remember to do when preparing for a life event that will take all my time and energy? [more inside]
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How to calm down a hysterical dog?

I'm babysitting a friend's dog (female dog), and she's hysteric. She keeps crying by the door, trying to run away. What are the best ways to calm her down and make her feel more relaxed alone, away from her owner? Thanks MeFi.
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What is this sign, located in Venice Beach (I think?)

In Michael Palin's "Around the World in 80 Days", there's a shot of a building with an interesting sign. It says "EARTH SPACE SCIENCE ART FACT FICTION FANTASY". [more inside]
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Best street musicians in London?

I'm in London for a visit and now it's my last week. Yesterday I was down by the BFI Film Centre and there were a couple of amazing street musicians (an accapella trio and a dude named Flaming Moth). On Holborn Friday evening there was a kickass drummer. So where else in London can I find great street musicians?
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Will Cure Dengue Fever for Food!

So I've spent the past year and a half burning through my severance package as slowly as I could, accomplishing some things, learning some stuff and generally getting my soul back. Now I'm feeling the urge to find a job and do science again, but I'm serious about the do science part. Help me rebuild my resume to get something I can live with. [more inside]
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May 19

Buying Doctor Zhivago in Polish

My father is trying to get his hands on the Polish version of the book "Doctor Zhivago", by Boris Pasternak. Apparently it's been out of print for a while. I can't read any Polish. I'm looking for a link at an online store where it can be ordered.
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What would you really like to know about language and language learning?

I run a blog about language learning and have ~9 months until a book of mine gets published. During that time, I'd like to grow my audience as much as possible, which basically means writing as many interesting articles as possible. While I have a list of blog-post ideas, I'm currently living in book-related tunnel vision, and could use some outside input. If you knew someone who knew a lot about foreign languages and language learning, and was willing to do some research and write an article about anything you wanted, what would you want him/her to write about? What burning, unanswered questions do you have about languages, language learning, memory or any other related topics?
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How do i get my podcasts to sync?

I just got a new ipod(classic) today, all the music synced fine and most of my podcasts too. However, i have 18 that won't sync and it keeps saying it can't find them even though they're all right there on itunes as i just downloaded them. I made sure everything was up to date, and even restarted itunes but still nothing. If it matters i'm using a mac(2007/08?), with itunes 11.0.3, snow leopard. Is there anyway i can get them to sync?
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Leaving it all behind

Have you left your career and your home country to do something completely different? If so, I want your advice. [more inside]
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One app to keep track of my calendar, todo list and scrap notes.

I need ONE app to keep track of my calendar stuff, todo list, and scrap notes. [more inside]
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How can I cheaply forward a package from France?

I want to buy a book from a publisher in France, but the shipping rates they charge are astronomical. What options do I have? [more inside]
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How old were you when you first genuinely fell in love with someone...

How old were you when you first genuinely fell in love with someone that resulted in a relatively lasting, satisfying relationship? [more inside]
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Help me (20s male) be fashionable for summer!

I am an early 20s male, straight if it's relevant, and I need some help getting good clothes for summer. [more inside]
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You and me could write a Stage Romance... (Except that's a BAD IDEA!)

I have a crush on my stage partner. I know how bad an idea this is, but how do I keep it under control when I'm draped lovingly over him for half the show? Help me do my job without the temptation to, ahem, take work home with me? [more inside]
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There is a liquor store across the street if you wanted to maybe....

How do I deal with moocher friends? [more inside]
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De-rusting language: what should I use to brush up on classical Greek?

Once upon a time, I was a moderately fluent student of classical (Attic) Greek. That was 15+ years ago, and I'd like to get back to that point again. (With some specific goals in mind.) What tools can help me do that? I have been a fan of the awesome Perseus Project almost since they launched, and I've still got my trusty print edition of Liddell and Scott (and two sets of grammar books) but I'm not sure which other books or geeky tools might help me do what I want. (Details within) [more inside]
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Could you pick these fish out of a lineup?

I'm trying to identify these fish. Any tropical fish experts out there? [more inside]
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Set the what height exactly?

Recently I became friends with a group of people that lie and act in deceitful and unfair ways towards others - so I say, they apparently find it perfectly okay. Is it right to hold your friends to your own personal standards?
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Dating and OKCupid as a childfree loner

I'm childfree, meaning I don't have kids and don't want them. I'm also on the far end of the loner scale. I have some questions about finding a partner and using OKCupid to do it. [more inside]
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bulk cooking for a Chinese family?

For various reasons, I need to cook 15 servings at a time and leave them frozen in individual containers to be eaten over the next week. This sounds like a perfect fit for a bulk cooking plan, except all of the bulk cooking recipes I can find are written for a more American palate. Can anyone suggest Chinese recipes that scale easily, freeze well, and use only ingredients that can be easily sourced in New York?
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Graphic file formats, master files, Inkscape and me

How do I get Inkscape files ready to be worked on in Illustrator? [more inside]
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Where can I buy architectural engineering models?

Are there any online stores that sell teaching aids for demonstrating principles of architectural engineering? I am wanting to buy model columns, arches, domes, trusses, cantilevers, and so forth, to use in architectural history classes that I am teaching. The goal is to demonstrate the physical forces that act on buildings, so I don't need models of finished buildings and bridges, but rather models that show how the structures work--preferably in an interactive way. Any leads would be most appreciated.
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Where should I travel?

My roommates and I are going abroad for the month of July. We're American college students; we'd like to go somewhere warm and cheap for a month. The thing is, we're not necessarily looking to go backpacking the whole time. I'm searching for a place that's super cheap, warm, and close to the ocean where we can write/relax/make music for a month. Shoestring budget here, and we don't mind dumpster diving. In the past I've sublet an apartment in Paris for two months for really cheap and just lived there to explore the city. Does anything spring to mind that's coastal and doable? [more inside]
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Does this even do anything at all other than turn the water brown?

Why do I put Worcestershire sauce in the water when boiling pasta? That is, when the water comes to a boil, just before I put the pasta in? [more inside]
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Writers of Metafilter, please help me stay on track and keep going.

Writers, and novelists or fiction writers in particular, can you share your goals, processes and timelines for each of your drafts? [more inside]
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I think I'd be awesome at it, regardless...

I applied for a position and I don't fit the qualifications. Was that bad? [more inside]
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Mr. Darcy in modern-day New York?

Among other things, I enjoy books by Jane Austen (and films of such books). I also enjoy "fish out of water" stories where someone finds themselves in a totally foreign/alien place or time and has to figure it out. I discovered the miniseries Lost in Austen, which combines these interests perfectly. What else might I enjoy? [more inside]
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Separate or wait to see if things get better?

My husband and I have been together for 9 years, married for the last 3. We met when I was 19, and him 21. Recently I have been feeling like I might want out. I still love him, but I am not sure that he is going to change in ways which I would prefer him to. Should I tell him I want to separate or wait to see if things get better? [more inside]
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Watch adjustment

I have this type of watch. The manual suggests that I should get Timex to repair the battery. I'm hoping to be able to do it myself and save a few bucks. However, I don't really see any way to get the back off. I also want to adjust the band as it's too large for my wrist. But, again, I really have no idea how to do this. Hoping someone here can tell me if this is something I'd be able to do from home (and tell me how to do it) or whether I should take it to a jeweler.
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Transporting a Recumbent Road Bike!

I have a specific question about transporting my Rans Tailwind Recumbent Road Bike in my trailer using fork traps that I attached to the trailer myself. My question is whether or not I need to take the seat off the bike before I transport it at highway speeds. See inside for more details and pictures. [more inside]
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Awesome gift for awesome landlord

We have a very awesome landlord whose house we're moving out of. We'd like to get her something to show our appreciation. [more inside]
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How to deal with people who constantly complain about their relationship, but take no action? [more inside]
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Are laptop screen parts autodetected by the system?

Can I simply physically replace the 1366*768 LCD in my HP EliteBook 8440p with the 1600*900 part and have the laptop autodetect the new screen and show the proper resolution? Or is there extra logic or connectors or dongles or whatever in the main body that must also be modified in order for the display to work, (or maybe it Just Won't Work)? Put simply, is HP 594090-001 plug-and-play? [more inside]
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Looking for one-off volunteering suggestions and resources.

I'm going to have two weeks' holiday time in September and I'd like to spend some of it volunteering on some kind of useful project. What should I do? [more inside]
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How to Move to Spain for six months

I'm a 31 yo male in the US, have a work from home job with a stable legitimate US company and can basically work from any where I can find an internet connection. I would love to learn spanish. [more inside]
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The DVI Port on my Gigabyte Motherboard no longer seems to work.

The DVI Port on my Gigabyte Motherboard no longer seems to work. I need the DVI port as I am running a Hackintosh and Apples are not compatible with VGA. What are some of my options and what is your diagnosis? [more inside]
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What do I need to know about buying a new car out-of-state?

I live in northern Virginia, and due to some weird circumstances, I am going to purchase (100% financed) a new car from a dealership in Missouri and drive it back home. What do I need to know? [more inside]
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Please help me find this monkey.

Please help me find this monkey. This is my dog Frankie with her favorite toy (and a quarter for scale). This specific monkey toy is her favorite -- other monkey toys aren't as pleasing. [more inside]
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Outdoor furniture cushion slipcovers?

We have a very full set of PVC outdoor furniture we bought 13 years ago and has held up pretty well.Most of the 20x36 inch cushions that go in the 6 chairs surrounding the large dining table are pretty shot (seams ripped, stuffing peeking out). the cushions are a tight weave vinyl which has held up well being outdoors all summer in chicago (stored indoors all winter). Before I replace the cushions (expensive! and not all of them need replacement yet) I would love to try to find a slipcover that would serve this purpose and work outdoors. The only outdoor cushion slipcover I have found so far is at Pottery Barn and expensive enough (about $38 each) that I might as well replace the cushions . Does anyone know of anything like this that is available and cost effective?
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Alcoholism groups in NYC that are Not AA?

I'm looking for non-AA alcoholism treatment groups (non-residential) in New York City (preferably Manhattan or Brooklyn ) for someone who is AA-averse. [more inside]
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How do I deal with someone I dated for six weeks two years ago...

... who was not my friend beforehand and dumped me dishonestly and, it seems, also rather callously? This happened 2 years ago (!) and it should be SO over by now, but in the past year our circle of common acquaintances in this small college town has multiplied in such a way that he is even - literally - in my food sometimes. [more inside]
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Help me find yet another obscure volume from childhood...

I'm looking for a collection of children's poetry that contains "Lord Bateman." Complicating factor: I am not convinced the one I'm looking for is "One Thousand Poems for Children." [more inside]
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Fixing scratches in polyurethane-coated leather

How do I deal with scratches in "polyurethane-coated leather"? [more inside]
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Shaking off surprise news about an old flame

Seven years ago, when I was in college, I fell in love for the first time, and fell hard. We both made lots of mistakes because of youth and inexperience, but at the time I really wished that we could have tried again. He broke off the relationship suddenly, partially because he said he didn't think he'd ever get married or have a family. For a few years I thought of him as "the one that got away." Years later, I am in a good, happy long term relationship, that is healthy and that I enjoy. Via my alumni magazine, I recently found out that he got married about a year after we were last together, and that he's got children. I should be happy for him, but instead I feel like I've been punched in the gut. This doesn't make sense. What can I do to move my thoughts onward, and to stop thinking about what could have been when what I have is good?
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Your doubt about my lack of doubts is giving me doubts

I'm currently in the process of moving in with my girlfriend of ~2 years. Everything was going smoothly, but now that I'm half moved in she's scared every day that I'm going to think I've made a mistake. How can I best move forward here? [more inside]
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Bringing ginseng and beef/pork jerky to Europe

My parents are leaving from the US on a trip to Europe, entirely within EU Schengen Area countries. They've been requested to bring ginseng and beef/pork jerky by family. I don't think the jerky is admissible, but what about the ginseng? Port of entry will be Amsterdam Schiphol. [more inside]
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Where to get a dress shirt for a tall guy in Paris?

I'm a tall (6'2", or 188cm) and skinny (155 lbs, or 68 kg) guy who can't find dress shirts that fit in the States. This week I'm in Paris, where I assume I'll have better luck finding something with a much closer fit; where do I go? [more inside]
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Great NYC self-serve copy shops?

I want to organize a small event where people would make/assemble their own b&w zines and minicomics. Is there a copy shop that meets my needs? [more inside]
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How does Soundcloud work?

I stumbled across a producer who has had 720,659 listeners to one of her tracks. It has also been favorited 12740 times. Yet she has 12 tracks, is following 404 people and is followed by 114 people. Why doesn't she have a lot of followers? I thought I understood it and the thinking of how and why people use it, but I must not.
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Please don't let middle school go on forever in my head.

People don’t like me. Somehow, I’m one of those individuals who rub most of the population the wrong way. All right, then. With that knowledge, how do I move ahead and have a decent life? [more inside]
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What is a good programming tool for developing RPG games?

I want to develop an RPG game based on a non-popular, out of print tabletop RPG - the game I'm developing will be for PC/Mac/(possibly mobile). So far, I'm looking into RPG Maker, which seems to be able to fit the bill most appropriately. I've also looked at Titanium for developing mobile games, but this seems like it's not necessarily a good fit for just hitting the ground running. Any ideas are welcome - priorities are that the system is flexible for development and is easy to begin with (I'm cool with advanced features, but don't want to have to hack the system in order to merely start bringing my ideas to fruition).
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What are your favorite toys for your ten month old?

Our son will be ten months old soon and I'd like to get him some new toys. [more inside]
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Do you think you have a super deal on your Smart Phone and plan?

I think I may be ready to delve into the world of smart phones; I am having trouble understanding what is a good price for the plan, for the phone, etc, even after some price-quoting with various companies (is there a less clumsy way to do this than pretending to buy???). Please share the deal that you are happy with to give me an idea of what is realistic. [more inside]
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How to go no contact with an abuser?

I left my abuser 8 months ago. He contacts me semi-frequently, and I have replied to his more innocuous emails. Now I want to go No Contact. How? [more inside]
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Pun-filter: Book group name

I adore to read. And I adore puns. Help me choose an amazing pun-based name for my book group! All suggestions considered. Googling "book puns" and "reading puns" was surprisingly unhelpful.
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Is there a list of TeenTalk Barbie's phrases?

I read that the TeenTalk barbie (famous for the controversial math statement) is programmed to speak 269 phrases (down from 270 after removing the math one). I can't find a list of her phrases anywhere and think it would be really funny. Anybody know of such a list?
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Where to buy prepared "home-cooked" meals near Croton, NY?

Is there a great place near Croton, NY that sells a week of prepared "home-cooked" meals? I'd like to give a few weeks of no-cooking as a happy new baby gift to my brother and his wife. [more inside]
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Suggestions for gentle exfoliation

I'm noticing some dead skin just hanging around on my face. It's especially obvious when applying foundation. I'd like to scrub this off, but my skin is quite sensitive and prior exfoliation attempts (St. Ives, Clean & Clear) have been irritating. Can you suggest any products or methods that would make for a really gentle exfoliation? Thanks!
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Counterfeit grey-market medication. Now what?

Mail-order pills from a reputable overseas vendor (have seen them recommended in Ask) turned out to not contain any active ingredient according to a blood test. I switched meds when I found out, but am at a loss as to what to do beyond that. [more inside]
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May 18

Spiral staircase in Chicago?

I would like to take some photographs of spiral staircases. I’m looking to capture the basic construction of the object from its components, rather than any particular aesthetic beauty. Simpler would be better, and emphasizing the engineering over the architecture. If possible, I would prefer to take my photographs at a quiet time in a public building walkable from the loop in Chicago. Do you have any suggestions?
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Is Noah Shannon's story in the NYT true?

Noah Gallagher Shannon has a piece in Sunday's NYT about an emergency landing at Philadelphia. Something about the story makes me think that it might be fictional. Can anybody prove that the story took place as he describes it? [more inside]
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what anime is this image from?

here's the image
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Respect the Badge

Where can I get metal sheriff-type toy badges custom made? [more inside]
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Impersonate my sister on the phone with the bank (with her permission)?

My sister left on an international trip (from the US), without getting a chance to inform her bank of her trip (apparently they're closed on weekends). Since she won't be able to easily make phonecalls while abroad, she's asked me to do that for her when the bank reopens on Monday. I have her card number, PIN, security question, etc. Which of these options is best: 1) call the bank, and identify myself as her, even though I don't sound like a woman and my sister has an unambiguously female name 2) call the bank, and tell them the truth - that I am calling on behalf of my sister, or 3) enlist a trusted female friend to make the call, identifying herself as my sister using information I provide. [more inside]
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Google Pixel in Canada?

What's involved in running a Google Pixel or other 3G Chromebook in Toronto, Canada? Do they just take a normal carrier's sim card and run as if they're phones without phone numbers? Will they run on Wind/Mobilicity/Public or only one Bell/Rogers/Telus, etc? Over all, what issues does one need to be aware of? Thanks.
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Getting to Italy via Frankfurt?

I'm trying to get to Umbria, Italy during the first couple of weeks of October, but I hate layovers. [more inside]
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I might have eaten a caterpillar; will I die?

So I found a translucent green worm thing in some salad I was eating: image. The salad leaves are from a friend's garden, so it's entirely possible that I didn't manage to get the worm off when washing the leaves. I'm kind of worried that I might have eaten one or more of its family members without noticing. So: 1) Can I get an ID of the thing? I think the immature form one of those ubiquitous green caterpillars, based on this ask. 2) Do I need to drink ipecac/see a doctor? If so, how urgently?
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Parenting/child development books for a punk-ass kid who means well?

I know a kid who has a kid. Family friend. I'm terribly fond of him. He's 21. Baby is 3 months. He's a punk. He's cocky. He's a dude, not quite a bro. He doesn't know what the fuck he is doing. But oh my gosh does he adore his baby girl. [more inside]
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What's That Novel

NovelFilter: please help me identify a novel which begins with a suicide - there is a wealthy (they have a cook & a maid) family dinner, someone leaves to go to the restroom, finds the daughter in a pool of blood. I also remember that the father continues to chew on his food as he stares in shock at the body, an uneaten ice-cream cake, and possibly that the suicide results in the narrator marrying the daughter's fiance. That's all I got - any ideas?
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What are legal ramifications of returning garbage to litterers?

What are the legal ramifications of returning garbage to litterers? Like throwing a paper cup back into someone's car after they throw it on the street? Question pertains to Seattle, WA but interested to know for other jurisdictions as well. [more inside]
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Having a tedious time with the current generation of mobile devices.

I've been a late adopter of mobile computing stuff, but since February I've been giving a tablet (Nexus 10, Android 4.2.2) and a smartphone (a Nexus 4) a chance. I can't stand them. Why isn't the experience "clicking" for me? [more inside]
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Need great songs about listening!

A friend is organising an event about protecting children from child abuse. Most cases where a child dies from abuse or is significantly harmed show a lack of professionals actually listening to the child - this event is to encourage agencies working with these children to listen more and listen better. She needs music (for background, as people are arriving and in between speakers) with a message of listening and hearing. There's lots of promising song titles out there but most are obviously about lost loves. Can anybody recommend some great songs which may fit the bill? Bonus points for songs likely to be familiar in the UK!
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Returning to the gym after staph?

I'm recovering from a staph infection. When will it be safe for me to return to the gym/pool? [more inside]
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Which is the apexiest of these predators? And what are they eating?

Help me understand the ecosystem of my house. [more inside]
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sudden onset sunburn? what just happened to me?

All of a sudden, within a couple of minutes, my skin on my arms/chest/face turned beet red and was hot to the touch, like I had a bad sunburn. In addition was a headache(similar headache that I get when I've been in the sun for too long) and I could feel my heart beating faster and was a little lightheaded. I wasn't itchy at all. This lasted for about 30 minutes and my skin is still sort of splotchy and warm but is going back to normal. [more inside]
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Does anyone even buy desktops?

Is there a market for custom built computers sold through an independent person, versus Dell or HP? [more inside]
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Help me optimize my Chemex production

My lust for a Chemex has finally been sated with my birthday this week. Please help me optimise my coffee production from this wonderful piece of apparatus. [more inside]
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How to navigate a VA "aid and attendance" pension application?

My father-in-law is a WWII veteran. My wife is trying to get him his Veterans Administration "aid and attendance" pension. But it's such a Kafka-esque process... what are the best resources available to help someone do this? (More after the jump.) [more inside]
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A durable blood glucose meter to carry in my pocket?

What blood glucose meter can be reliably carried in a pocket, handle the wear of being jostled around, and avoid being activated when not actually in use? [more inside]
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cell phone networks

Does any cell phone network engineer perhaps know why you can't hear your own voice when speaking on a cell? [more inside]
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What is the best non-fiction book for kids in your field of study/work?

My kids (currently 6 and 9) have become voracious readers. We have a large and varied collection of excellent fiction for them, but the non-fiction collection is more haphazard. They love learning new facts as they read (the type of thing that makes them look up from the book and say, "Did you know...?"). I want to make sure that the collection of books gives them a good introduction to fields where I myself may not have enough knowledge to judge the quality/accuracy of the book. So what's the kid's book in your field that makes you say, "If only every kid got to read this book, people would understand [topic] better."? [more inside]
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Health and weight effects of medicine metabolites in water?

I'm aware that there are metabolites of the many various medicines that people take in the water supply in many US cities and towns. What are the health effects of this (known or theoretical)? Has drug residue/metabolites ever been linked to weight gain in humans? How can it be removed from the water (is reverse osmosis the only way)?
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Which inversion table will help my back pain?

I'm convinced from friends' reports and reviews that I would benefit from an inversion table. Which should I get? [more inside]
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Help a layperson better understand the current science of climate change

I would like to become much better educated on the subject of climate change, with the ultimate goal of making work that explains specific aspects of climate science for a lay audience. To that end, can you recommend to me:
- books/articles/podcasts/websites covering:
----current predictions of climate change
----explanations of how climate processes interact
----discussions of specific changes that would need to take place to prevent the worst-case scenarios
----histories of the study of climate change
-authors or organizations that you'd consider leading experts
[more inside]
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My pants are falling down!

You know that loop of string on the front of bathing suits and exercise pants? What am I supposed to do with that?
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How should I organize endnotes while merging Word documents?

I have a half dozen word documents, each with a heap of endnotes. I need to reconcile them into one big document with all endnotes at the end of the document. What I would like to do is preserve the numbering by chapter: notes on chapter 1 (what was the first document) numbered 1-50, notes on chapter 2 (what was the second document) numbered 1-40, etc. What's the most efficient way to do this? [more inside]
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Moving from London to NYC

I'm 40, likely to be moving to NYC from London with my partner and 11 year old daughter, and am fortunate enough to have an apartment to rent out in London which gives me a budget of 5,000 dollars a month. Where would MeFi people recommend to live in Manhattan when looking for a 2 bedroom place with that budget? I have no clue, have never been there but it seems like the greatest place on Earth!
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PT Not Cruising

I'm having overheating trouble with a 2001 PT Cruiser recently given to me by my father-in-law. [more inside]
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Ettiquette filter: Do I warn them I am diseased?

We have dinner plans with a couple (A & B) they're calling in just under 2 hours. I woke up today with a stinking cold. It's got worse all day. I feel crap and I'm not looking forward to a night in a loud restaurant, shouting cos my ears are blocked, and blowing my nose every minute. But my SO hates cancelling plans, and doesn't want to go out with the other couple without me as he'll feel "like a gooseberry" (even though he's known A for 20 years, and they're very sweet, nice people). I'm begrudgingly going to make myself go. Then it dawned on me - is it actually ruder to turn up with the cold and probably pass it on to them (as we're sharing a taxi there and I'm at the constant sneezing/sniffling stage), or just to cancel? [more inside]
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Jumping ship to Android (Google's S4) and need a Mailbox equivalent

I think the time has come for me to jump the iPhone ship. The announcement of the Google version of the Galaxy S4 at I/O was the clincher. But I am not 100% sold on the idea, mainly because the S4 is an ugly brute, but also because I fear for the apps and innovation I will miss. Help me out, specifically in finding a worthy replacement for my beloved Mailbox app. [more inside]
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Depressed father, mother miserable too - what can we adult children do?

My dad, in his 60s, seems to be depressed. He is deeply unhappy and anxious, and he's also become angry and bitter to the point of a total personality change, mostly with my mum. She is miserable, and me and my siblings are so worried about both of them, especially because Dad refuses to get any help or even have a conversation about this. What, if anything, can we do here? [more inside]
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Garmin-compatible bike training schedule for a 180-mile ride

I want to sign up for Bike Around the Bay. If you're familiar with the MS150, it's similar — 180 miles over two days, circumnavigating Galveston Bay. But I need a training plan. [more inside]
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Painless Broken Bone Workup?

Think I may have broken a bone in my foot- how do I get checked out without spending the whole damn day in the ER? [more inside]
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Is there any coffee similar to Starbucks' "ready brew" that is not Starbucks? Basically, I am looking for the dead-simple coffee experience that Starbucks offers without using Starbucks coffee: open a packet of finely ground coffee, dump it in a mug, add water, stick it in a microwave for four minutes, add some milk. Done. I don't want Keurig cups or any other kind of cup that needs a separate machine, etc. I don't care about fair trade, flavor (as long as its not burnt), or price. [more inside]
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Help with project? Please list fictional cities !

For a project I'm currently working on as part of my graduation in Graphic Design, I wanted to compile something like an atlas of fictional cities. These may be from books, legends, stories, video games, advertisements, comics, really whatever... Even "real" cities but alternate versions, imagined or in some way deviate from their real counterpart are valid. [more inside]
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Habits of highly obnoxious tumblrs

I'm using Tumblr for the first time (link in profile) and posting lots of quotes (as 'text') every day. I don't want to spam people or muck up their dashboard, so please enlighten me about bad or annoying things people do on Tumblr so I can learn from their mistakes.
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How to bind handwritten notes with very thin margins into a book?

Is there any bookbinding technique that would be able to nicely bind sheets of paper into a book, with the constraint that some of the sheets have writing going right up to the edge of the paper? I'm concerned that the text would be lost in the spine. The sheets are A4, with holes already punched, but I'd like something a little more robust/"permanent" than a ring binder... if possible.
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Longshot: I'm looking for a particular fairy tale illustration

It was published pre1980. It might have been Hansel & Gretel, or Oliver Twist. At least one of the characters (possibly two) had white blonde hair. The skin wasn't creamy, more rosy, pinkish - a real contrast. The clothing was not contemporary. It was a fairly realistic style. Oh, the hair was shaggy, shoulder length at the most.
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I need medical care and I'm too ashamed to go to the doctor.

I need to go to the doctor, but intense shame is keeping me from seeking help. [more inside]
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You are about to be rear-ended. Is it better to open the door?

You are about to be rear-ended. Is it better to open the door? [more inside]
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Simplest mobile phone for use in Europe, USA, and Australia?

I currently have a Samsung Guru E1081T. It is a very simple phone, and I can use it in Australia and Europe. However, it does not work in the USA. What is the simplest phone that uses SIM cards that I can use in all three places? No smartphones please; battery life is the paramount consideration. I don't care about features, apart from phone and texting.
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How to safely evict squirrels from a palm tree about to be trimmed?

We share a 10' tall palm tree with a neighbor. The tree needs to be trimmed (dead fronts, some rotting areas, etc.). At least one, and probably a whole family, of squirrels has made its home somewhere in that tree. I don't want to see them get injured, but I don't know how to get them out before the tree-trimming service people come and start whacking at it. [more inside]
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Help me make good decisions about my child's hearing aid...

I need to learn all I can about pediatric hearing aids. Help me please. [more inside]
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Can you two just please introduce yourselves because I have no idea!

I've had this silly and embarrassing little problem for years and I'm noticing that it's getting worse. Sometimes, when I run into somebody I know or if I'm introducing somebody I know to somebody they don't know, I truly blank out on the name of the person I know. [more inside]
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May 17

Bee House Suggestion

I am thinking of purchasing a bee house for orchard mason bees. What recommendations do you have? What do I need to know?
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How should I approach complaining about noise from a new bar?

My new neighbor is a piano bar that plays live music during the weekends. How should I go about complaining about the noise from their live shows? [more inside]
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Receipts required if you are audited?

As an S-corp, am I legally obligated to present receipts or copies of receipts in the event of an audit? [more inside]
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What do you give a cricket fan for his birthday?

My neighbor is a big cricket fan, which is a challenge in Brooklyn when it comes to watching games on television. ESPN's app for the XBox is not very good, but it offered coverage of the West Indian teams he was most interested in following, so I've hosted him a few times to give him a chance to watch. I've gained some appreciation for the sport myself, mostly because his enthusiasm is infectious. His birthday is coming up, and I'd like to give some cricket related gift. Searching the internet suggests that cricket doesn't spawn apparel and other merchandise like other sports do. Is that true? Are there test match team jerseys or anything like that? Other ideas for gifts that might please a cricket fan?
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Macbook with old tv?

I want to be able to watch Netflix from my laptop on my very old tv. Is this possible? What cables would I need? [more inside]
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Tastes, smells, and looks fine

What's the actual shelf life of dry spices? [more inside]
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Aches And Pains - How Often How Normal - What is it to be human?

If asked how is your health, or how are you feeling, I'd answer almost always "fine", because that's how I regard the state of my health, unless I'm undergoing something like a cold or some illness. But it is also true, that if I concentrate really hard, I can usually spot some ache somewhere, or some muscle spasm, or much more frequently, utterly transient episodes of a fairly strong sudden stab of pain somewhere, which passes within a second or a few seconds, sometimes slightly longer. [more inside]
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Paid off car, have title. Now what?

I paid off my car in December, and haven't been around. I'm now back home with the car in California, and I have the car title from the bank/company. The title says I have to notify the DMV within 10 days or something like that, but I'm obviously wayyy past that time frame now. What do I do? Google searches equally tell me to (a) transfer to my name and my name only, asap, removing the bank/company as lienholder, and (b) don't bother until I sell the car. Argh!! Which one is it? Help me, so I don't have to wait at the DMV ... and be told that I don't need to be there after all!
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Where them like-minded people at?

I need a major friend refresh/revamp. What are actionable steps I can take to find like-minded people, and in particular people that will both give/take in the fun department? [more inside]
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Tell me about Minneapolis' Parks

Do you live in Minneapolis? Have you lived there in the past? What can you tell me about the Parks system there? [more inside]
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Thinking inside the large heart-shaped candy box?

I have two large, satin-covered, heart-shaped candy boxes that I've saved for storage. The question is, what can I store in them? [more inside]
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Help me plan our honeymoon in Morocco

My fiancee and I will be honeymooning in Morocco for 12 days in late September-early October of this year. We like food, walking around interesting, beautiful neighborhoods, markets, camping/hiking/climbing/trekking and so on. I think we are going to enjoy ourselves no matter what, but we can't decide if we should try and see Fez and Marrakech [more inside]
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Why did my measured IQ drop 25 points?

I took an IQ test as part of a therapy intake, and the number is 25 points lower than the average of the (close and consistent) results I received as a kid. Why, in practical terms, did this happen? [more inside]
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Wedding pinata content suggestions.

What are some fun things to put in a wedding pinata that are not candy? Preferably some kind of inexpensive small trinket that people will want to keep as a memento. If it matters, the wedding will be in late November.
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How do most married, dual-income couples deal with health insurance?

How do most married, dual-income couples deal with health insurance? Should I drop mine and go on his plan? I am recently married. My husband and I are both healthy and have private sector jobs that are reasonably secure. I work for a small (less than 20 employees) company that has so-so health insurance. Husband works for a larger (500 employee) company that has awesome health insurance. Adding me to his health plan would cost about the same as what I pay for my health plan now. I'm planning on joining his health plan, but open enrollment time is coming up at my job, and I'm wondering if I should keep my insurance or drop it. I can afford the premium, but I don't want to be wasting money where I don't need to. Is it good to be double-insured just in case he loses his job? We have no kids, but are planning on them in the next few years.
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Where to eat with the in-laws, in Annapolis, MD?

Me and the missus are meeting her parents in Annapolis this weekend. Of the four of us, two are enthusiastic omnivores, one loosely follows Atkins' diet (low carb) and one is intolerant of dairy and even small amounts of capsaicin. None of us are at all familiar with Annapolis. We'll be there for about 2 days, and have one car. Where should we eat? [more inside]
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How to keep a difficult phone call from imploding?

Need to update an out of the loop narcissistic sibling about our Mother's declining health. Wish do do this without fueling her issues and having it turn into a blame game. Snow storm details ahead! [more inside]
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Windows 7 Explorer List View, Sorted by Type, Default Keyboard Behavior

I usually navigate my Windows 7 Explorer windows via keyboard. I type the name of a directory, then hit enter to open it. But when the new directory comes up, typing finds the first filename alphabetically, which would be fine if I had my directories sorted by file name, but I do not - they're sorted by file type instead. Once a file is selected after typing the first letter, Windows's selection continues looking in the display order (first by type then alphabetically) but does not wrap to the beginning of the directory, so if I was trying to select a folder and ended up with a file, then I either have to click in the window or wait a few seconds and hit Home to get to the start of the window. How do I change this so it will initially give preference to file type and not just file names? [more inside]
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Differences in RSS feedreader update times?

Why are there such differences in the updates times or frequencies of various RSS clients? Looking for an alternative to the Google, I'm trying out various readers, specifically InoReader and The Old Reader. If I "mark all as read" in both readers at the same time, two hours later The Old Reader will show (actual example) 67 new items, while InoReader shows 44. This is after refreshing both in my browser. [more inside]
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I'm reading other peoples' mail, and it creeps me out.

I have two gmail accounts. The one that's in a nickname never gets any mis-delivered mail, but the one that's in my actual name ( gets lots of mail that's clearly not mine. Some of it is fairly innocuous - like a distribution list for the ladies who put flowers on the altar at their church, and some quite a bit less so - like updates on a mental patient at a hospital in the UK. Just now, I got a paperless ticket for someone's flight on Southwest Airlines. Should I just delete this stuff, or is there something I can/ought to do?
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Tortilly awesome corn tortillas for 150 people? (sorry)

Does anyone know how to best serve warm corn tortillas to 150 people in a park? [more inside]
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I consider myself married to my work

How to explain in a concise way why I'm not interested in dating anyone now and anytime soon? [more inside]
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So I guess its over now?

How to deal with heartbreak and the logistics of 'what next?'. [more inside]
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What kind of spoons are these?

As seen in this picture. They're English silver plate, retailed my Abercrombie & Fitch probably sometime between the 30s and 60s. But what are they for? Some kind of cocktail thing? Each is about 4 1/2" in length - on the small side.
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Is there a less expensive way to remote-call-forward?

I work at home and, since I moved from NYC to the West Coast, I've simply had Verizon remote-call-forward my number to make the move as seamless as possible. The problem is the cost, around $70.00 per month. Does anyone know of a less expensive way to remote-call-forward? Thanks in advance!
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Well, this sucks.

So my best friend has ovarian cancer. And she's a divorced mom with no family. All of the support is going to come from friends, and I'm the Friend Leader. I'm going to be asking a million questions about this, I bet, in the coming months, but here's where I'm starting: if I say anything sweet or sentimental to her, she's gonna give me a black eye. I need snarky, sarcastic humor & presents for one of the smartest cancer patients ever. [more inside]
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How to find a Web designer to improve a current design?

I have mostly completed a website design for a small company - logo, colors, info architecture - but the visual effect of all the elements together isn't.. quite.. "there" yet. How would I go about finding a Web designer who could improve the design "the rest of the way"? [more inside]
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Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont Make 50

My boyfriend and I have decided to take advantage of some sequester-related time off from work around Memorial Day to visit the last three states that he has never seen. We're planning to devote a full day to each state. We've talked with friends and consulted the interwebs to get ideas, but want to make sure we don't miss any hidden gems. So, if you could only do one thing in each of these states, what would it be? [more inside]
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Farm equipment on public roads?

What are the laws about driving farm equipment on public roads? [more inside]
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I want to forget about her, but she's famous now

I wish I could forget about the girl who broke my heart when I was a teenager, but it seems the world doesn't want to let me, because she's famous now, while I'm struggling. How do I deal? [more inside]
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How to log into Airbnb post-Facebook

I am an Airbnb user. I log in via Facebook. I recently deleted my Facebook account, and now can't log into Airbnb. Is there a way for me to access my account? The email/password way in doesn't work, because I didn't originally set my account up that way.
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How do I stop my desk job from destroying my health?

In February, I got a full time job after six months of freelancing, and seven years of grad school before that. I like the stability, but I think I underestimated how profoundly a 9-hour desk job was going to affect my activity levels. I'm a little alarmed at how quickly I've fallen out of shape, and I'm looking for some suggestions as to how to go back to being a reasonably healthy person while still having this job. [more inside]
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booting linux on a mac

How can I make a bootable USB on a mac to be used to boot linux on a mac? I could also use linux on my other computer to make the USB, but I don't have windows, and I want to be able to boot from the mac. [more inside]
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Sources for long-form non-fiction, essay, cultural crit on web

I'm looking for websites that post longer pieces (3000 words+) on topics like science, culture, personal essay (not so much regular long-form journalism). These could be magazines like seed or or online only. Recommendations?
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How do I make a digital self-destructing Mission: Impossible tape?

I want to build a device that will play an audio file once and only once - basically the self-destructing tape from Mission: Impossible, but updated to the digital age. Bonus points for a setup that ends with an audible sizzle and a puff of smoke, yet isn't a federal offense to put through the USPS. Is it possible to do this with a microcontroller like Arduino or Raspberry Pi? I'm a complete beginner to this kind of 'Maker' stuff, so I'm aware I may not even be asking the right questions. Here's a link to instructions about an analog version:
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"Hosed" etymology - When did this phrase come into use?

At what point did the phrase "I'm/you're/we're hosed" come into play in the US vernacular? Earliest record? From pop culture somewhere? Are there regions of the US that did not ever use this turn of phrase?
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Can loan security be conditional on bankruptcy or death?

Is it possible to write a loan contract which effectively secures the debt against the borrower's property only in the event of bankruptcy or death of the borrower? I.e., as long as the borrower is in control of his financial affairs the lender has no right to the secured assets even if the borrower defaults, but if the borrower dies or goes bankrupt the security kicks in, so that the debt has priority for any third-party trustees managing the estate? [more inside]
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What is the source of the quote, "All young men are platoons?"

What is the source of the quote, "All young men are platoons?" [more inside]
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More like Macklemore, but instrumental?

So, after FPP after FPP, I decided to check out Macklemore, and I'm suitably impressed. At the same time, going along with the instrumental track on The Heist, I'm realizing that I'd love to listen to an album like Macklemore but, well, without the vocals. [more inside]
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Legal and Tax Ramifications of Paying Subcontractors

I've been doing a fair bit of freelance work, and it's to the point now that I have to sub out certain tasks that are outside my area of expertise. I don't want to make my clients cut multiple checks if I can avoid it–want them to just deal with me to keep it simple and neat. However, I do not want to be on the hook for income that is actually going to a sub. What to do? [more inside]
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Where to look for unconverted industrial space in London?

I would like to buy unconverted industrial/office/non-residential space in London, like a warehouse or a school hall, to transform it into live-and-work artist studios over a few years. The state of dereliction does not matter too much, nor does the location, but how can I actually find some for sale? I doubt most of these things make it to mainstream websites, as Zoopla/Rightmove hardly have two handfuls of commercial properties for sale at a given time. Any clue?
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How to transition from international development to the private sector?

Are there companies, online resources, or in-person services that can help me figure out how to enter into the private sector after years of being in international development? [more inside]
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How is it I just learned about conjunctive adverbs

Looking to confirm that the following and variations are grammatically correct and the grammatical reasoning why: He put the spoon on the mat, then put the fork to the side. [more inside]
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I keep bumping into a former friend at parties. What do I say?

I quite conclusively ended the friendship. Now I'm seeing her at social events all over town, and she doesn't seem willing to play my 'you don't exist and I can't see you' game. What do I do next? [more inside]
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Help me come up with a sassy quip in response to people's sexism.

I work in a small shop in a male dominated trade. I am 26 but read younger (by up to 10 years if you have a weird idea of how teenagers look) small, blonde, and need to dress casually (jeans and a tshirt and sneakers) due to the nature of my work. Customer's ask me on a near-daily basis if I'm my boss's daughter. I hate this, I feel it undermines my value as an employee who has worked hard to be in the position I'm in. I'd like to think of a response that makes them feel like a ninny for one second, without offending customers. [more inside]
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The cat's daily barf

Almost every morning our 15-year-old Annabelle throws up about a half-ounce of clear liquid, without hairball. This has been going on for several years. Otherwise, she is the picture of health. Any ideas?
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Moving to college town, sight unseen

Can you suggest where to live--or where to avoid living--in Blacksburg, Virginia, and its environs? [more inside]
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You're better than Yelp.

I need a good breakfast spot in Vancouver for Saturday morning. [more inside]
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Mentally disabled young adult has run off with dude from the internet

A (legally) mentally disabled 21 year old girl in Vermont ran away with a guy from New Hampshire who she met on the internet. Her parents unfortunately did not establish guardianship, and the police say there is essentially nothing they can do. Can anyone recommend a lawyer in Vermont/New Hampshire who can help the parents establish temporary guardianship, and also, what else should the parents be doing? [more inside]
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What AA meetings would you recommend in Austin, TX?

Yesterday I made a commitment to sobriety, and I want to start attending AA meetings in Austin, TX. Where should I go? [more inside]
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Things to do in Cleveland before you die

Heading to Cleveland in Early June to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and then on to Niagara Falls. Help me plan my vacation. [more inside]
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How did you handle lonely nights after your divorce?

My days are full, though sometimes full of heart-ache. At night, once the pets and child are asleep, I am alone. Going out is not an option, and sometimes books, music and movies just aren't going to cut it. Did anyone find something surprising or helpful to them after a breakup that might help me get more comfortable with my alone time?
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Mystical Rock Concept Albums

I'm looking for rock concept albums from the 70s and beyond that veer towards the mystical, magic(k)al, and otherwise weird. Specimens so far include Poe's (no, not her) Up Through the Spiral, Black Widow's Sacrifice, and a whole lot of Hawkwind. I get the sense there was a lot more of this in the 70s, but who knows. [more inside]
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JFK and 9/11 conspiracy theories

Were JFK conspiracy theories held in the same regard as as 9/11 truthers are now? John F Kennedy conspiracy theories are a part of popular culture, feeding books, documentaries, movies etc. Which made me think 1. Were the people who held these views thought of as kooks in the 1960's? 2. 30 years from now could there be the same thread take hold in popular culture in relation to 9/11?
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Fictional duos with compelling, platonic relationships

Recommend me some media featuring a duo with compelling yet platonic chemistry -- like Danes/Patinkin on Homeland or Cranston/Paul on Breaking Bad. [more inside]
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May 16

Good mystery movies to watch?

I'd like to get some good mystery movie recommendations from the 80s on. It's OK if they veer toward the thriller, like Michael Clayton, ridiculous like Ford Fairlaine, noirish like Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, or are a more standard outing with a strong, interesting, well developed detective lead like Zero Effect. Drawing room mysteries totally A-OK too. Super bonus points if I can stream them now on Hulu plus or Netflix.
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Who is this mathematician?

Can someone tell me the name of the mathematician referenced in the following? I read a story some time ago about the Ph.D. dissertation defense of a famous mathematician. In the story, the mathematician was such a strong candidate that when the defense ended, one of the committee members said to another member: "Thank God that's over. He was starting to ask us questions!" Who was the committee member talking about?
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The kid is alright, but what about the parent?

Can you help me make peace with giving my baby formula when he's at daycare? [more inside]
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My eyes are up HERE

Help me cover up this big dark bump on my shoulder with makeup or other tricks! [more inside]
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Getting empty homes sold.

How can neighbors encourage the sale of unoccupied homes? [more inside]
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Okay, SHOW me how you move from talking to kissing.

I honestly don't understand how "chemistry" works or what it means for "sparks to fly". When I go on a date it looks like this: I ask a question, she replies; she asks a question, I reply; I make an observation, she concurs or demurs; she makes an observation, I concur or demur; repeat for an hour or two, after which we both say "it was nice meeting you" and each go home. Sometimes I ask for a second date, and if she agrees, the second date looks exactly like the first. At what point are you supposed to go "Oh yeah, I went backpacking in South America once too, and don't you think Natalie Portman was pretty good in that movie, and now if you don't mind I am going to lean in and kiss you." I know you're supposed to flirt and try to make the girl laugh, but I'm not much good at doing this and when I try it comes across as wooden at best, creepy at worst. What I want is to see this process modeled. I would like to see actual footage of real people dating and crossing the boundary between "platonic small talk" and "romance". I know this sounds weird -- who'd videotape a date? -- but stranger things have been found on the internet. Any leads?
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Help me go shopping for a big 'ol monitor

Help me find a 27" monitor with some specific requirements in mind. [more inside]
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Should I interfere when my cats are fighting?

I have two eight month old kittens. Mostly they get along great - they snuggle and sleep together, and they play-fight sometimes, though not as frequently as they used to. Sometimes this lil guy, Res, harasses this lil girl, Essie, and I don't know if, or when, I should step in. [more inside]
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Skateboard physics

I'm watching the X Games on ESPN, and it's the skateboard competition in a swimming pool-like skateboard park. After the initial drop-in to start a run, the competitors do not put a foot down and kick off, yet they seem to sometimes gain speed during the run, depending on their actions. What's going on here, from a physics perspective? How are they adding energy to speed up? [more inside]
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Free (or cheap), clean, minimal, mostly text Wordpress theme

I'd like a place to put up a CV and occasionally some writing. I'm looking for a minimal, clean, and if possible free Wordpress theme. In terms of references, I really like the look of Grantland articles (for example, the first thing I clicked on their frontpage). I love the running header, the minimal navigation, the centered space for an article, the white space, the blocking, and the running foot-notes on the side.
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I want in the industry, but how should I take the first step?

I'm trying to get a specific job title, but it is a difficult one to find. What is the best course of action to take here? [more inside]
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Name This Disease: What Congenital Heart Defect?

My father was born with a heart defect, and had surgery as a baby. It was always described to me as his heart being "half veins". Can anyone make a good guess as to what it might have been? [more inside]
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Beating Inflation

I don't have a lot of debt or expenses, so my income keeps piling up in my checking account. Unfortunately, I don't know much about finance or investment. I want to make sure that I don't lose money year over year because of inflation, but pretty much all the CDs and savings accounts I've seen have an APY lower than the inflation rate (which is >= 1.5% according to various websites). I don't care about playing the stock market; all I want is to avoid losing my money through inaction. How do people in this situation keep up with inflation while at the same time minimizing their financial risk?
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Help me price my art.

I've always wanted to be able to paint so over the last year I've taken a couple of oil painting courses. It seems now that I can paint well enough that people are asking about buying my work and one person wants to try to get me into galleries he knows. Wow! That's where I get stuck. How on earth do I come up with a price? Do I ask them to make me an offer? Are there resources for this kind of thing? Has anyone on here done this? What did you charge?
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What is the best way to invest $10,000?

My best friend has $10,000 to invest and she wants to open up a business selling shoes for people with wide feet that are greater than the sizes that are usually available in stores (one of her friends has this as a great need) or an online store that sells adult toys. Are any of these worthy endeavors for me and her to pursue? If not, what is the best way to make money with a $10,000 investment?
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Travel advice for Navajo Country

My girlfriend and I have our great AZ/NM road trip this month, and we'll be looping around and through the Navajo nation on our way to the Chaco Canyon UNESCO site. What should we know, what should we make side-trips for, and where can we get a good bowl of lamb stew? [more inside]
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I read it for the economics and the unicorns

What are some good scifi / fantasy / horror novels about economics? [more inside]
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Just started anxiety medication, having severe anxiety attacks

I just started taking 5mg of cipralex three days ago and am currently having the worst anxiety attack of my life. It's almost physically painful. Is this normal? I haven't felt like this since I had a seriously bad trip on mushrooms!! [more inside]
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Give me your Mantis Tiller starting hacks

I ( a small 50ish woman, with modest mechanical skills) bought myself a Mantis mini tiller, with the 2 stroke engine. I assembled it last night, using the instructional dvd included, and it all went just fine. I put the proper gas/oil mixture in, and following the instructions, started it up and tilled a bit just to say I could! Tonight, I attempted the same amazing feat, and flooded the engine. This wasn't terribly surprising, in my experience with lawn care equipment, but I was disappointed. Anyone have any cool tricks or suggestions for me to be able to start this beast consistently and easily. I did spring for the fast start model, which makes this even more ironic. I will note that I have NOT gotten it to start YET this evening. I plan to just leave it be until maybe tomorrow, to let the gas evaporate and try it again. (It was too hot to till anyway, damn it.)
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The first 10 days with prozac.

I have just been given a script for Prozac/Fluoxetine 20mg. My doctor gave me a good overview of the process of adjusting to having this in my system. But I am now a little bit apprehensive about starting on them as I have a business trip in 10 days time. On the business trip I will be conducting a training program solo, so I can't really afford to be feeling nauseous, headachy, more anxious etc. These seem to be common initial side-effects. So my question is, should I wait until after the trip to start taking the pills, due to the initial side effects? Or are they over-stated in your experience? [more inside]
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List of simple word roots

I am looking for a text file of a list of words (roughly the 5000-10000 most common English words) and their root word and root word language. My Google Fu only turns up single words or pages that I can type in a word to get to another page to get the etymology. Wikipedia has some stuff, but it is sorted by language root, which is not what I am looking for. I would like to have a long list of words in a text file so that I can manipulate it programatically. Comma separated or whatever, any format would be great. Here is one use case: Yoke - [list of words that have yoke in the etymological history] (Many, many many English words come from the root work for Yoke.) All answers appreciated!
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Graphic ID please

Can someone help me find this graphic? [more inside]
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Solution for slow file transfers?

I'm looking for a way to transfer files more quickly from my laptop to an external drive. Currently, I'm using USB 2.0 ports & a USB 2.0 hub. However, my HP HDX18 laptop does have an eSATA port & an ExpressCard 54 slot (Gen 1.0). Using Windows 7 64bit operating system. [more inside]
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How can I switch from music to my audio book quickly on my iphone

I listen to a lot of audio books on my iphone while driving and working. I also like listening to music in between for short periods, but still need to keep my place in the book. Right now I am using the bookmark app to keep track of the audio book, which seems to be the best app that I have tried so far. But the problem is that whenever I want to switch back to my playlist of music, the iphone music app defaults to the audio book that was last played. Is there any better way of switching back and forth so that the music app can remember that it is supposed to play a playlist and the audio book app remembers to start where I left off in the book? [more inside]
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PL/SQL resourse for folks mostly familiar with C-based OOP languages

I feel like the best way for me to improve my very basic understanding of PL/SQL would be a book or website designed for an audience of programmers who know Java or C# or VB.NET. Is there such a thing? [more inside]
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Should I accept my nightmare commute in order to take my dream job?

I've been offered my dream job! But between it and me is my worst nightmare--a terrible 1hr+ commute in LA traffic. A commute like this is a deal breaker for me, but at the same time, this position is a career-maker and I really want to figure out how to make it work. Does anyone have suggestions, tricks, or creative ideas to make my commute better? Specifics and details below. [more inside]
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Can you determine my worth?

I work as a graphic designer/layout/print production person, and this particular job classification has always been a problem at my company— they are deliberately comparing those of us with this position to other job titles with a lower pay scale. Can you help me determine an appropriate wage comparison? [more inside]
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Can you save our pork chops?

We grilled boneless pork chops on the propane grill w/a bit of bbq sauce last night. Is there a way to cook it further to make it more tender? [more inside]
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When a health insurance company is awful, what recourse does one have?

What is in place to stop health insurance companies from simply NOT doing things they are contracted to do (i.e.: process and pay for prescriptions. Pay doctors etc.). [more inside]
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10 dollar art mystery

Does anyone know what happened with the 10 dollar art mystery? It’s been a while and I can’t find a resolution. There’s the Wiki, but if it has any more information I didn’t see it.
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What Should I ask for My 360 Slim?

I'm selling my 250gb 360 slim with 2 controllers, halo 4, darksiders 2, hdmi, component, and turtle beach x12 headset. How much do you think I should ask for it?
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How do I learn to garden in Southern Louisiana?

Resources on gardening in Southern Louisiana? It's currently me vs. bad soil, scary bugs and hot hot heat. [more inside]
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Workplace mistake: What to do when my coworker throws me under the bus?

My office was submitting a grant and the wrong application was uploaded to the grant agency website. My coworker submitted the final documents - and it is clear to me already that he will find a way to throw me under the bus if he has to, to protect his interests. How do I approach this? [more inside]
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What is up with the metallic taste of German beers?

I am a big fan of beer in general, but not much of a fan of German beers, in spite of their much-vaunted reputation. This is mostly due to what I perceive as a metallic taste in some of the classics, such as alt bier and dunkelweizen. To me these beers taste like someone took a “regular” beer, dropped a bunch of pennies in it, and stirred it up. This is most noticeable when I’m drinking the beer by itself, but fortunately the metallic taste subsides when I have the beer with food. A few questions about this. 1. Is it just me? Is there some quirk in my palate that makes me taste this metallic flavor and most other people don’t? 2. If other people do taste the metallic notes, why/how do they put up with it or even like it? 3. What is it in the ingredients or the brewing process that produces this flavor?
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Love costumes, love the other stuff, still a self-doubting noob

What does a first time comic con cosplay participant need to know? I live in a small town well away from most comic cons, but now it looks like my town has one. This weekend. I have questions... [more inside]
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How can I pressure my mortgage servicer to give me my money back?

On Monday morning, my mortgage servicer withdrew my mortgage payment from my checking account, along with an additional withdrawal of close to $2000. [more inside]
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Did My Education Creditor Forget I Owe Money?

I went back to school to get some certificates. During the two years since I finished, I have never received even one invoice for my education debt. I have not been contacted in any way. I can't even figure out who I owe money to. Am I going to be in trouble? [more inside]
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Which laptop to buy for a college freshman?

My brother is starting college in a few weeks and needs a new laptop. His only requirement is that it run Windows 8. My requirements are that it is under $800 and can withstand manhandling by an 18-year-old. I'm leaning towards a Dell because of their perceived good reputation - is this accurate? Any recommendations for Dell models or other brands? Bonus: he will click every suspicious link, download any fool thing, and therefore infects computers with viruses instantly. What can I do to prevent this? His favorite line is "Norton anti-virus IS a virus!"
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Third party Plesk/Parallels Server Administration

Our VPS webhost was acquired by a larger firm, and slowly moved from managed hosting to unmanaged hosting. Our Plesk/Parallels server was compromised last night. In order to get it back online, I had to backup the old server, then have it wiped/reset. I'm looking for a third party server administrator to help move email files from the backup to the accounts on the reinstalled server. [more inside]
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You serve coffee now, just deal with it already.

An adult woman who used to bully me in elementary school flaunted an ugly childhood memory in my face while serving my coffee today. How to tactfully deal? [more inside]
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What to do when girlfriend and brother don't get along?

I'm having trouble getting everyone to get along. [more inside]
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Help me understand the new Google Hangouts service.

For a unified messaging service, I am a little confused. [more inside]
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What's going on with my car?

My 1998 Volvo S70 has been making an audible whirring/grinding noise when driving and braking. It's intermittent (though lately, it's been happening daily), unable to replicate reliably, occurs when driving at slower speeds (less than 35 mph), and occurs multiple times within the first 15 minutes or so of turning the car on and driving. No dashboard lights have shown up and the mechanic can't replicate the problem or figure out what's happening. What's going on? (additional details inside) [more inside]
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What kind of health insurance should I get?

I'm a single woman in her early 40's, unemployed (mostly), looking to purchase health insurance, and requesting advice from the hivemind on how much I should have, of what type. [more inside]
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Help me get a navy blazer

I had my heart set on this blazer, but it turned out to look different when I saw it in person. Any recommendations for places to get a similar-style blazer in the same price range? I'm a man in London.
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Should I report another correspondence course student for cheating?

While researching for a course assignment, I discovered posts made on two seperate forums by another student on the same course as me, who attempted to cheat on the assignment by flat-out asking people for the answer. Should I report the other student to the course provider? [more inside]
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What was this (cable?) US/Canadian comedy sketch from the late 80s?

Sometime in the late 80s I saw a comedy sketch on TV which combined all the major world religions into one quasi-rap song (or madrigal-chant). The only parts I remember are "Sister Mary Elizabeth, hit me with a stick!" "Oh by the way, have you been born again?" and "Hare Krishna Hare Rama, here's your cookbook, where's my dollar?" Anyone know what this was? I promise I didn't make it up.
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Books about the history of New York City

I'd like to read about New York City. I'm looking for more general "New York 101" overviews, or books about longer eras/themes. I'm not looking for books about cultural "scenes" or specific events/short periods. I have my eye on "Gotham" by Burrows and Wallace, which seems like the standard one volume history, and also "The Power Broker" by Caro (which, to give you an idea, is about as focussed and specific a book about New York as I'm looking for right now). What else can you recommend?
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Is it a bad idea to keep a MacBook Pro plugged in while charged?

I recently acquired a new MacBook Pro, with a retina display. It's a sealed unit, with no user-replaceable battery, so I'm obviously interested in maintaining the battery life. I noticed that the new T-shape mag safe connector is not very grippy, and falls out all the time. So I called Apple to see whether the constant unplugging/plugging was a bad idea, and the rep actually said at one point that it was a bad idea to keep the laptop plugged in when it was charged (with the green LED showing in the adapter). I confirmed that this was what he was saying. So does anyone know if this is true? Because I've always kept my laptops plugged in, all the time. [more inside]
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Assignments from Columbia College's Value Investment Group

I've become very interested in the philosophy of Value INvesting, first espoused by Benjamin Graham and later on by his followers Irvin Kahn and Warren E. Buffet. I have come across a program at Columbia Business College entitled The Value Investment Program wherein forty students are allowed to take classes on Value Investing at the tutelage of Bruce Greenwald among numerous others. As I am not a Columbia Business student, I have no access to these materials but would be very much obliged if anyone could give me some of the work in these classes or in classes very similar to this type of course seeking to inculcate in students a solid understanding of how to pick value investment stocks. Also any other user-friendly books and or website resources on value investing would also be helpful. THANKS
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Could pupil dilation be the cause of my inaccurate eyeglass prescription

The last two times I got a new prescription the first try was way off. Could this be due to the eye drops? Or is it just communications? [more inside]
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Unreleased blockbuster video game memory gap

I'm trying to recall a video game from around 10-15 years ago, that I never played, where my only real reference is a letter in a video game magazine. The best I can recall is inside. [more inside]
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Did you read that email? Oh wait, I don't actually need to know.

Help me get read receipts to go to Deleted Items in Outlook 2007. Read receipts received internally get trashed automatically but external ones do not. [more inside]
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How do I speed myself up without a nervous breakdown?

Just started a new job that moves way faster than me. I'm scared that I can't keep up. What can I do to make it work? [more inside]
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Happy Happy Joy Joy (Where did you go?)

A year after a run-in with some crazymeds, my emotions still feel numbed out. The meds are out of my system; what gives? [more inside]
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NYC travel challenge: LaGuardia to Weekhawken this Saturday afternoon

My wife is traveling to New York City for work this weekend, so we're making a family trip out of it (including a 5 and 1 year-old). Their first time - yay! Unfortunately, we're flying into LaGuardia and the person organizing her travel just changed the hotel reservation to the Sheraton Lincoln Harbor in Weehawken. We've only visited NYC a handful of times, but enough to know that's a difficult jaunt with no direct route. Getting a car service is an option, but it's almost $200 and we'd like to find more frugal option using public transportation if at all possible. Is our best bet an airport bus to the Port Authority, then transfer to something going into Weehawken (bus or bus/ferry combo)?
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Fung shui in my office

Fung shui in my office [more inside]
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Can a Person Practice Dianetics and Not be a Scientologist?

Here's what I'm wondering. I recently discovered that an old respected friend is studying to become a Dianetics Auditor. My friend had a rough patch a few years ago and ended up feeling happier after undergoing Dianetcs Auditing. Good for her, I say. All I know of the church makes it seem like a nonsensical cult-like place that takes your money, but she's happy. [more inside]
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How do you block gmail through etc/hosts?

Most "distracting" sites I can block by an entry in my etc/hosts file (Mac OSX 10.8.2). e.g.: But this method doesn't seem to be able to block gmail. [more inside]
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Too good to leave, too bad to stay - therapist edition

Should I find a new therapist when I'm only in town for 6 more months? [more inside]
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Get me to the Bali on time

Has anyone ever successfully booked travel on Indonesia's Lion Air? They seem to require an Indonesian credit card, which I decidedly do not have. Suggestions on how to get around this? Bonus question! Why would an airline restrict its clientele to one country?
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How to disable payWave but keep chip+PIN

My bank just sent me my new Visa debit/EFTPOS/ATM card, and as well as magstripe (want) and contact chip+PIN (want) it has payWave (do not want!). [more inside]
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Swing set loading.

Actual question: what is the formula for the deflection of an intermediately loaded simply supported beam from multiple point loads? Reason for the question so you can question my assumptions (and know that I'm not doing homework): I am building a swing-set, from pretty much standard swing set parts, but want to deviate from the standard dimensions a bit - in particular, I want to make the top beam in a single bay setup 1.75' longer than the usual 10'. I am doing this so I can hang a longer bench swing that would hold a couple of people, so this is more length supporting more load, and I want to calculate some things. More inside! [more inside]
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May 15

How can I get the older version of Skype?

I'm looking for an older version with the search function of Skype users. I'm not sure what was the latest version with this function,but it seems no longer available to download it at this site. Please help me with getting it. I really need the older one!
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Are there any therapists who actually help you?

I went to a couple ones and they just say “uhh huh” and “ya” and “how does that make you feel?” all the time and dont give me any advice. Are there any that actually help you and give you advice? I also want to mention that going just made me focus on my problems and feel sorry for myself instead of changing things and going just seemed to make my problems worse.
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After the Quake

Does Murakami's collection *After the Quake* mention the Great Kantō earthquake or include anything about tensions between ethnic Koreans and the Japanese?
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"Hey could you be sober for a night or two? I'd really appreciate it!"

Is there a polite way to ask my alcoholic parent to please stay sober for my college graduation, or is this an inappropriate subject to broach this late in the situation? Any tips for handling a visibly intoxicated relative without being rude or putting them on the defensive? Help! [more inside]
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Traveling the Sherlock Way

I have the first week of June to travel, now in need of suggestions as to a place that might fit my strange requirements. [more inside]
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How can I relearn Spanish?

I studied Spanish in high school and college, and I even spent a semester abroad in Spain. At that point, I was very proficient at reading, writing, and speaking it. Sadly, in the 8 years since graduation, I feel as though I have forgotten everything. I am looking to get into a field where knowing Spanish would be very helpful, and I am trying to figure out the best way to both relearn what I knew (and possible go beyond that). Obviously for speaking, I will need to get out there and practice, but before that, should I just pick up my old textbooks and get going? Or, is there a better way?
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How should I measure dried epazote?

I have a bag of dried epazote for beans. Two problems. First, it's a mix of coarser, stalky material and leaf matter of varying fineness. Should I run it through a food processor to make it uniform (like, say, dried oregano) before measuring? Second, how much (processed or not) should I use to a pound of beans? I've seen everything from 1 tsp to 2 tbsp. One tsp of coarse would be nothing like 2 tbsp of fine, for example.
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Nevermind, this grass isn't greener.

My manager carved a special niche for me... and now I’m not liking it. How can I have a productive conversation about my expectations while acknowledging that he went out on a limb for me? [more inside]
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Apply again or give up?

Didn't do well in a previous interview, but the company has a new position that I'd like to apply for. Try again or give up? [more inside]
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Up, Down, Up, Down

Twin Peaks - Worth watching for the first time? [more inside]
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How to stop a friend's slide into pseudoscientific belief?

I'm afraid one of my best friends is going to start getting into full-on pseudoscience. Many of my friends are already interested in things like organic medicine, 9/11 truth movements, etc but they're easy to ignore since I don't see them much. I just avoid the topics and block them on Facebook. But now one of my closest, oldest friends has started linking to NaturalNews, a well-known medical crank site. I know he's already heavily into Robert Anton Wilson and Bill Hicks, and I'm worried he's going to start getting into full-on crankdom. How do I stop this before it happens, or deal with it when it does?
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Is this an accent or am I hearing things?

These two YouTube videos, Video 1 and Video 2, contain men speaking English with a similar accent. Is this an accent? Can anyone identify it? [more inside]
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What are good movies about or made in post-apartheid South Africa?

What are good movies about or made in post-apartheid South Africa? Assume I've seen the ones that have had moderate success in the US, like District 9, Tsotsi, and Invictus.
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Butch & Sundance. Holmes & Watson. Who else?

I'm looking for films which focus on a deep relationship between two grown men, whose burgeoning friendship is what ends up "saving" them both, in a way. Think the 21 Jump Street reboot, but more drama or emotion. Only interested in films where the two characters are both central characters of the story. Difficulty: no shallow Batman & Robin sidekick dynamics please-- more interested in peers. [more inside]
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Good way to keep racoons off rooftop deck in rental unit?

We rent the top floor of an old boarding house in Toronto and have access to a rooftop patio. Because we rent, drilling and installing motion activated lights or anything that would permanently alter the unit is a no-go. Any chemical or non-permanent solutions would be greatly appreciated.
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A USB key doesn't really lay right in an envelope, you know?

How do I gift a physical representation of an MP3 download? [more inside]
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tip the driver?

I'm in a car service on the way to the airport right now. I just realized I only have a twenty. The car service is paid for by an outside company. How do I tip the driver and do I even need to, or is that usually covered by the paying company?
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Name. That. PUPPY!

So, new-to-me pound hound, red heeler mix with golden eyes. She needs a name. [more inside]
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Finding a Missing Traveller

My brother left for Rome, Italy on Monday to do a summer job for a lab there and we (his friends and family) still haven't had any contact from him. I'm worried that something might have happened to him and his wife and kids are worried sick. Is there any good routes to trying to find him in case he's been in an accident? I don't have the name of the lab he's working for or I'd just call them :(
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Prince, I would die 4 u, Final Fantasy video

There was a video I loved on YouTube that featured Prince's I would die 4 u song, but was made up of clips from Final Fantasy. I loved it, was telling a coworker about it, and now I can't find it. Looking for leads... HOPE ME!
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What might be causing these cats' allergies?

Three cats all have allergies and overgrooming issues. What might be causing this? [more inside]
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What would you use to "build your own" wire service for a company?

I'm developing a proposal to overhaul the way my company thinks about communication. One of the major components that would allow this to work is the creation of what is essentially a "wire service". What software already exists to do this? (lots of details inside) [more inside]
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When should I present this recording to my niece?

A while back my sister left a message on my mom's answering machine, saying "Hi mom, we had a baby girl..." and then she goes on to describe the birth of her daughter and how cute she was, basically leaving an audio record of this wonderful occasion. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to save this recording. [more inside]
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Trees don't carry ID

Does anyone know what kind of tree this is? It came up in one of my raised beds last year, just a single stick with dark red leaves. I left it alone to see what it would turn into. This picture is what it looks like now, and the leaves have turned much more green, although they did come out red again at first. I've never noticed any flowers or fruit on it so far. The very tips of the branches are covered with little green aphids and the occasional ant. I'm trying to decide if I want to cut it down or try to move it, but I've not been able to get a definite ID to help me.
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65,000 US visas gone in 4 days?!

Husband and I are applying for jobs at the moment (our contracts expire around end of July). Interviews have gone well, but the guy I was talking to yesterday said he couldn't offer me a position as all the HB1 visas were gone for this year. Apparently they were all allocated within four days of being available! And there were 800,000 applicants for 65,000 places. When would I need to apply/what do I need to do do maximise my chances? Husband can also work on an O1B visa - is that the same process? Have any of you applied for these visas, and if so how did it go/what was your experience like? Does anyone have any tips? Would it be good to hire a lawyer for this or can we do it on our own? TIA for any info/advice.
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Confused by guy's behavior

I just had an unsettling dating experience. What exactly happened here? [more inside]
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Financial Advisers - What's in it for them?

I hired a month-by-month financial adviser last year after my divorce to help me get things in order. The guy I worked with left the company last year on May 13. He called me yesterday, 366 days after he left from his new gig wanting me to be his client again. (non-compete plus 1) That's when things got weird. [more inside]
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Where can I learn about CIA safe houses?

I'm interested in writing something about CIA safe houses and need to do some research. Are there any good books/docs/etc that detail how these safe houses worked and specifically about what it meant to be a CIA agent overseas? Thanks!
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Hacks for Graphic Designers

I need some hacks to help me try to decrease the amount of time it takes to complete a graphic design project. [more inside]
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Moving to Denver, know nothing west of the Mississippi. Help!

I'm moving to Denver... soon! Aside from one awesome week in San Francisco, I've never even been west of the Mississippi. Help this Georgia girl find a place to love. [more inside]
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San Francisco bike questions

I'll be travelling to San Francisco for a conference the last week of May and I'd like to rent a bicycle and bike around a bit. Any bike-related stuff going on then? This and other bike questions inside. [more inside]
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Desperately looking for options so I can go swimming

Alternative options for finding an indoor pool to go swimming in the early afternoon. [more inside]
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What Nikon DSLR Body is most Appropriate for Old Lenses?

I had a Nikon FE, back in the day. This camera died, perhaps of a broken heart, around the time that film started to fade in popularity. Along the way I acquired a Nikkor 50mm, a Nikkor 28mm, and an off brand zoom. [more inside]
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Best way to go about radically downsizing a 3 bedroom house?

We're moving into a 38' RV in the next month and getting rid of our three bedroom apartment. We're trying not to put too much in storage so the vast majority of stuff has to go. I'm getting overwhelmed and I'm not sure of the best way to go about this. [more inside]
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Cheapest device to play Yahoo Card Games (uses java).

My girlfriends computer has eaten it. We need to find a new device for her to play Yahoo Card Games on. This is really the only thing the device needs to be able to do, though streaming netflix on it might be a nice perk. I know one requirement of Yahoo is having Java installed in the browser. Thanks!
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Eurovision me, Montreal!

I really want to watch Eurovision on Saturday! Ideally, I'd like to do it in a divey bar, possibly a divey gay bar. Is it possible to live my dream in Montreal? [more inside]
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Simple data analysis in Excel

How can I easily analyse test score data in a spreadsheet with multiple independent and dependent variables in each row? [more inside]
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Is there a flip flop for me?

I am on the never-ending quest for comfortable flip flops that fit my narrow feet. I'd like them to be nice enough to wear with a summer dress or shorts for a casual look. I wear a women's size 9 on one foot, size 10 on the other. With open-toed shoes, I can often get away with a 9 1/2 or even a 9. [more inside]
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Look only in my good eye...

So I have retinal vein occlusion in my right eye and I have seen the previous question here. My problem is that I have been to an optometrist, an ophthalmologist and my primary dr. Everything seems good. [more inside]
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The power of creative procrastination.

Years ago, quite possibly while I was still in high school, I read a humorous essay in which the writer was able to complete a day's worth of household chores by creatively procrastinating. I have NO recollection of the author or the title. [more inside]
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Animals lovers: what would you do?

Strange but true: I need help rescuing a pet turtle that was boarded up alive in a house by an evil property company. [more inside]
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What can I make with these limited ingredients?

My wife is temporarily on a very specific diet with extremely limited food options. So, we need to figure out a way to get creative here. [more inside]
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Perfect weekend bag, do you exist? At a reasonble price?

I am looking for the perfect weekend bag that is not crazily expensive. [more inside]
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God save Donald Duck, Vaudeville and Variety

The Kinks' The Village Green Preservation Society is a song full of references to British culture and tradition. How exactly did Donald Duck end up being referenced?
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Ideas to market a guided tour?

I'm helping a friend start up a small guided tour company and am looking for ideas to market it. [more inside]
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I graduated in 2008. How do I keep it from ruining the rest of my life?

I’m uncertain about what I should do for a living and thoroughly demoralized about the monetary value of my abilities after a three year post-grad waithood. I want to build a career, but I don't know where to start. I am a rut with legs. Come in, sit down, have some snowflakes, and please help me become a productive member of society. [more inside]
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Looking for an App or program to record time/task details.

I am starting a new job in the fall and I'm looking for something to record how much time I spend on different tasks. [more inside]
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Why doesn't he just break up with me?

My partner of four years has suddenly shut down. What gives? [more inside]
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Help me find some new webcomics to follow

With the welcome return of Hyperbole and a Half, I'm realizing that the comics folder in my RSS reader has dwindled over the past couple of years as several favorites have been retired (e.g. Mr. Wiggles) or near-retired (Achewood). Can you suggest some replacements? [more inside]
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Help me keep a kid engaged.

Help me design a Star Wars themed activity for a preteen kid. [more inside]
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What tree is this?

Please help identify this tree. The photo was taken in Vancouver yesterday.
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Help me find this AC: SPT WA-1211S for Baltimore pickup today.

I have settled on the brand and model. OK, grab the keys, let's go get it. But where?! [more inside]
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What is this nipple doing in this bowl?

A friend in Montreal is organizing a rummage sale at her church, and this bowl was donated. I have no other information from her other than this picture. I've done my best to research and ask around, but I'm stumped and so are a few of my antique and vintage tchotchke dealer friends. It's not the value of it that we're wondering about - everyone was curious as to what is the intended purpose for a nipple-shaped protrusion in the centre of the bowl -- do you know?
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Calling the transmitter

I briefly worked an early-morning shift at a college radio station in the late 90s. One of the first things I had to do was call a number, listen to an automated voice read out a series of numbers (which I vaguely remember as being related in some way to the transmitter), and write them down into a logbook. Three-part question: what was I doing, is this still done today, and where, if anywhere, can I hear that voice again?
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Exercising with my pre-teen?

I'm a dad and my oldest - now a pre-teen, who this year started at high school - is always tired and hates exercise. She was very active when she was younger but pressures of long school hours and homework have squeezed all that out of the calendar. Plus of course she's the age when children's bodies dramatically change size and shape and that's perfectly normal. Given all that, what's the best way I can help her to stay as fit and healthy as possible? What has helped for your kids? [more inside]
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Is there any way to de-worm a feral cat before catching?

A feral cat we're trying to catch, neuter and release is absolutely ravenous each time she comes to feed, 2-3 times per day. She's very small, yet she can easily eat more than two large cans of Science Diet (what we feed our indoor cat) along with a large portion of crunchies at each feeding. We've tried hiding a little crushed garlic in her food and she does get it down eating with such urgency, yet it hasn't seemed to help much. Besides being so hungry and small she has a sunken appearance around her hips. Last night she shrew herself at the screen door to reach food on its way to her, just inches away. She frequently comes when the raccoons are prowling around for leftovers as well as twice during daylight hours. [more inside]
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Bleeding/Thickness? Japanese paper qualities

Could you translate this graph from Japanese to English for me? It's an overview of different paper types used for calligraphy - but I can't read... This is what google translate got me for the middle part.
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Is this a real game? Or is it just fantasy?

While shopping for a case for my new Android tablet I came across this photo. I like the cutesy look of the game on screen - can anyone identify it (if it's not just a mockup for marketing purposes)? Thanks!
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May 14

What books will help me understand and deal with my codependency issues?

I've got codependency issues, and I'd like recommendations for books to help me understand what's going on and how to get over it. [more inside]
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They tell me it's non toxic...

I had a small natural gas leak in my home for 9 days. No one seem alarmed except me. Put my anxiety to rest? [more inside]
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Deciphering eye glass prescription

I need new frames. I'll be getting them online. I'm pretty sure I have the pupillary distance on my prescription, but I'm not sure which number it is. On the add section, there are two numbers: 61.5 under distance and 58.5 under near. From my googgling, I assume there are two numbers because I have a monocular PD. Is that correct? Also that i should use the distance number as my PD. Am I correct in that assumption? One more thing, all the examples of PD I've seen are whole numbers, so do I round up? Or just leave the number as is? Hope this wasn't to confusing.I can post a picture of the prescription if necessary. Thanks in advance!
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Acid/Vitamin C and ADD Meds

For someone who takes Adderall for ADD, will drinking acidic drinks (including say juice, soda, or homemade drink with apple cider vinegar) and/or taking vitamin C supplements mute or dull or interfere with the medication? Talking to pharmacist and googling has yielded some very mixed and confusing answers, and I'd love it if somebody knew enough to give a definitive answer.
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I can check my pulse by being quiet and listening

Friends, I honestly thought I would never EVER have to ask a question with YANMD in it, but I was wrong. I can can hear my heart beating. In my right ear. [more inside]
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Rent cars frequently? Have an opinion? Please share.

We're going to be driving from Seattle, Washington to Ashland, Oregon in July, doing it in one long day's drive each way. We'll be driving a rental. What model of car is the most comfortable? What model has the best gas mileage? What model has the optimum balance between the two? [more inside]
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Bank closed old account for overdraft. How much will this affect me?

An old (free) checking account in another state started becoming inconvenient (no local locations and bad phone service), so I moved my direct deposit elsewhere. I left a little money in the account, thinking having an older account would help with credit. I recently found out, however, that several months ago, they closed down the free checking service and switched to a fee checking service. While this was happening, it eventually drained the money out of the checking account and went negative. They apparently also closed the account for overdrafting, How badly is this going to affect my credit? Can I take any steps to mitigate it? [more inside]
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Examples of bad vision statements?

I'm looking for a list of bland, lifeless, corporate mission statements and slogans. I remember seeing a list once where you were supposed to match the statement with some major companies, but they were all so generic that it was impossible. Things like "innovation for a new economy..." [more inside]
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I want Readability stylesheet on each web page 1st load. Possible?

I'm finding as I age, I use Readability on a lot of pages. Can I make a local style sheet that overrides the native one upon first load of a page that does what Readability does?
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Silver Tsunami: Baby boomer cliches?

I'm looking for other expressions and/or cliches for the baby boomer generation getting older and the impending economic and healthcare disaster that its going to cause for all of us? The only example I can think of is the "silver tsunami"
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Who named Ghost Ditch? And when?

This past weekend I drove from Los Angeles to Tucson via Interstate-10, and took to noticing the names of the various ditches and washes that are spanned by the highway out in the middle of the high lonesome desert. There are a lot of them. Ghost Ditch, Taro Ditch, Larry Ditch, Stubby Wash, Fornat Wash, Itta Wash, Edom, Mccoy, Rollie, Bula, Sutro, Calotus, Esso, Arco, Teed, Turala, maybe a hundred between the ditches and the washes. The names don't seem to refer to nearby municipalities (there aren't any) or other geographical features, and are clearly part of the National Bridge Inventory. How were these 'waterways' named? Who named them? Were they named before the freeway required infrastructure to pass over them, or during the construction process, or when the NBI was implemented, or after the fact altogether? [more inside]
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DIY Durable Lightweight Box?

I need to build a durable lightweight rectangular box. Interior dimensions of about 36"x12"x6". What materials should I consider? [more inside]
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Help me track down this data-scanning monster.

This drawing or graphic appeared in the print section of either the Washington Post or the New York Times on Saturday or Sunday, May 11-12 (my house gets both papers on Sundays and inevitably mixes them up). All sections were put out for the recycle bin Monday before I could clip the article. [more inside]
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if it's going to be broken, it may as well be funny.

What creative poster/thing could I put inside the empty phone box in my elevator? [more inside]
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Questions to ask during a post-project interview with an artist?

What are some interesting and provocative questions I could ask an entertainer upon his completion of an ambitious year-long project? [more inside]
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CBT headshrinkers in Pittsburgh

Can you offer any recommendations for CBT-centered therapists in and around the Pittsburgh area, ideally east end? I'm looking for a CBT psychologist to provide therapy in conjunction with meds. [more inside]
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White Lotus Home--reviews?

I'm considering buying a flame-retardant–free mattress from White Lotus Home, but lots of the reviews I find online are making my astroturfing antennae wiggle--not that that's incompatible with also having a decent product, but I just can't tell. Have you dealt with them? Tell all!
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Psych meds: taking my doctor at face value

My pdoc wants to decrease the dosage of a medication that has proven to work well for me, while increasing the dosage of an expensive designer drug that the jury is still out on. I'm skeptical. [more inside]
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What to do and eat in Quebec City and Maritimes

Despite my feelings about cruises, I am taking my mom on a cruise for her 80th birthday (Quebec City, Nova Scotia, PEI). I am looking for help - with what to eat and what to see. [more inside]
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Need practical advice on lettering a graphic novel book project.

The illustrations have already been drawn on card stock and inked, for an actual, physical project inspired by this kind of handmade "star book" design... but now it's time to tackle the lettering. Are there any good, professional ways of doing it without hand lettering everything? If so, can you link to examples / tutorials? Or is hand lettering the only good option available? (Scanning the illustrations, adding lettering, and reprinting is not an option.)
posted by markkraft at 2:48 PM PST - 8 comments

Puzzled by jigsaw

When my son was 2.5 years old he could solve jigsaw puzzle really really fast using some kind of mental math but when he was 3.5 years old he took longer. My friends with children also report similar trend. Does the brain develop in a way to explain this?
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a change is gonna came

Hit me with some joyful, hopey songs that are less "everything is going to be all right" than "the bad shit is over -- everything is all right!" [more inside]
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DIY/tactical/guerrilla/pop-up urbanism projects for the win

What are the DIY and temporary urban interventions happening in your neighborhood or town? Think parklets a la PARK(ing) Day, guerrilla gardening, the Chicago Compost Shelter, ciclovia, etc etc. Extra points if it's in NYC or LA as I'll be in both cities in June and can check them out in person.
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Copyright status of Toile de Jouy patterns?

I'm interested in using a Toile de Jouy pattern like this or this as a background for a piece of stationery – this is a commercial usage, not a personal one. Does anyone know what the copyright status of this kind of pattern is? It seems some are very old and traditional and some are not, but I'm finding no info about their status as public domain material.
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Do I have some sort of recourse against Ford?

I purchased a 2012 Ford Focus and it has been having performance issues that the dealer doesn't want try and fix. Should I risk aggravating the dealer and try to activate Ohio's lemon law or seek some other form of recourse? [more inside]
posted by charred husk at 2:09 PM PST - 13 comments

Collaborative Project Management for Small-Scale Freelancers

I'm having trouble finding up-to-date resources for managing tasks. I freelance and handle about 3 clients that want to push through dozens of small tasks and projects each week. Is there anything with the functionality of basecamp but on a much smaller scale? A well-designed template for a collaborative task list via google documents would work too. [more inside]
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Where can I get/find Podcasts? And, Podcast suggestions

I love listening to podcasts. I like to think of my ipod as a pocket radio. I just recently discovered a Food Activist/ author Bryant Terry, and his interviews are amazing. But, when i did a search on Itunes, I found barely anything thing there, so I spent a lot of time combing google. I know that there has got to be some site where I can go to find podcasts. Also, there are great things on youtube, I wonder if I could get/rip? those videos to play on my nano somehow when I do not have wifi access. Also can you suggest podcasts for me? [more inside]
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Help me understand PSI (pounds per square inch)

When this c-clamp is rated at 6900 psi, does it really provide more pressure on a part than a 3-ton car? [more inside]
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Ubiquitous Romani folk lyrics: "Keren Chave"?

There's a set of lyrics which appears in several different Roma folk settings, sometimes reversed, and usually with similar but not identical tunes; AFAICT, the urtext is called "Keren Chave" or perhaps "Keren šavořale". I'm curious about its history and how it derived multiple variations, and whether there's a canonical order for the verses. [more inside]
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Looking for GPS-workout tracking app with many features

I currently use Endomondo to track my skating workouts. I like it a lot, but miss two things: 1) I would love to be able to analyze part of the workout as if it was an entire workout. Say, if I skated from point A to Z, I want to see the average speed over part L to R. 2) I would love more personal bests. For skating, Endomondo starts the personal bests at 3 miles or 5 km. I want to see my personal best 1 km or mile too. With time, they track most kms in one hour, but I rarely skate one hour, I want to track half hours. I know that I could switch my activity type to a different one for which they do track other distances/times, but I don't want to do that. I am looking for either a web application that accepts .gpx files that I can export from Endomondo, or a new app (should work on both iOS and Android) that can also export to .gpx.
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Can I get an occupation, please?

I'm making several lists of suggestions/call fors - the things that an audience would call out at an improv show. Help me, hive mind! [more inside]
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How do you find the press images of a reality show?

I'd like to find high resolution versions of publicity photos from certain reality shows: Buck Wild, Duck Dynasty, Call of the Wildman, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Moonshiners. Obviously, the press is given access to these images so I wonder if any of those high resolution images are available to the public. [more inside]
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Help diagnose or correct my weird sleep behavior

I frequently half-wake from dreams and start doing or saying weird things while I’m in bed. They often relate to my dreams and it's a big disruption to my wife’s sleep as well as my own. What is going on with me and how can I stop it? Plenty of details inside. [more inside]
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Can you identify this tree/shrub?

Can you identify this tree/shrub? Here are 3 pictures.
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Can you identify this spider from Massachusetts?

I found this huge spider in my Massachusetts kitchen today. What kind of spider is it? [more inside]
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How does Masterchef work?

Last week my husband and I were watching the final episode of UK Masterchef and we got into a discussion about the logistics of the show. Basically, they edit the show like everyone finishes cooking at the same time, but they are judged one at a time. But how does one contestant's food not get cold while someone else's is being judged? [more inside]
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Help me save/extract text messages from an iPhone

What is the "best" consumer-accessible solution to extract a text message (SMS/MMS) (or series of text messages) from an iPhone? [more inside]
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Erik Satie for me.

I need some guidance on how to pick a classical music recording to buy. Specifically I'm looking for the work of Erik Satie. [more inside]
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How do I find a nursing job in a tight job market?

I’m relocating to Baltimore, MD and looking for a nursing job. I’m fresh out of nursing school, which does not work in my favor, but beyond that consider myself to be a strong applicant... [more inside]
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Mac twitter+facebook client (replacement for Tweetdeck)

Twitter is breaking shit because they hate their users/want to monetize. I used to use Tweetdeck to send out coordinated facebook and twitter posts for work; I'd like to avoid using two different programs (doubling my work). HootSuite seems close, but for semi-irrelevant reasons, not currently an option. I run a Mac. What are the best options out there?
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Cost of living in Leicester, UK?

I'm a US Federal Employee considering a position I've been offered at a University in Leicester. The salary I've been offered seems reasonable to me (~£42k per annum, I now make about $80k but it's more than we need to live on), but I'd like to hear from people who live in the UK what this really means. [more inside]
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Advice on a cross-country route from Minneapolis to Richmond

We're driving from Minneapolis to Richmond this weekend, and want to change up our usual route. Will you locals in the major cities along our route provide wisdom/advice on the traffic and construction situation? [more inside]
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I want to take a family history. There may be a cultural barrier. Tips?

I've always wanted to learn about my family's history. I have an aunt who is nearing 75 and according to my father, she knows the most about my family. I was thinking of interviewing her this summer. [more inside]
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Help me fix a broken cabinet door/hinge

An unnamed member of my family leaned on an Ikea-type kitchen cabinet door and the screws in the top hinge ripped out a bit of the particle board. [more inside]
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Won't you help me solve a thirty-year-old puzzle?

Hello darlings. I'd like your help, specifically in the form of looking at a painting and telling me if you recognize any parts of it from the city you live in, especially if that city is Boston. There's a fair amount of background in terms of what to look for, so please do bear with me. It's all relevant, I promise. [more inside]
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Are There Research/Data-Driven Parenting Books (that are readable)?

We are expecting (twins) and we are devouring parenting books. We're not overly beholden to these books - we trust our own instincts. But it seems like a lot of these books are anecdotal, or old-fashioned. We'd love to find a book that is modern, research/data-driven, and at least a little enjoyable to read. The kind of book that someone who enjoys Lifehacker, RadioLab, BoingBoing, etc. would respond to. Any suggestions?
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Top secret: my potential future salary

Is it common to keep the salary of a position under wraps until the job is offered to a candidate? [more inside]
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Help me find a veggie party platter for Saturday in London?

Help! My foolproof plans for Eurovision party food have come to nothing. [more inside]
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Docking stations and KVM switches and Synergy, oh my

For years I've been doing all my work and a good percentage of my play on a single as-overpowered-as-possible desktop box. For a variety of reasons -- not least that I'm starting to give up hope that the Mac Pro line will ever be updated again -- I'm considering making the switch to several smaller, task-dedicated machines. I am going in circles trying to figure out how best to make them all work together on a hardware level -- I can't decide if I need a docking station or a KVM switch or both or neither, and if I do need them which ones should I get? Help me, hardware geeks! [more inside]
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JAVA now OK?

I watch a lot of embedded videos that require JAVA. [more inside]
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How do I fix this overgrown plant that won't sit upright?

In my office, there's this crazy plant that become quite overgrown. There's a stem that I think should be sitting upright, but the leaves are so overgrown that it has become top-heavy and everything simply spills over the side. I tried staking the plant upright, but it fell over after a few days. Here's a photo of the plant. [more inside]
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Do you use Do you manually categorize your new transactions? How do find the new transactions that need to be categorized? [more inside]
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Loans for NYC Moving Expenses

I'm planning to move from one NYC neighborhood to another at the end of the summer. Though I'm 99% sure I'll be able to cover all potential expenses (movers, security deposit, first/last month's rent, broker's fee), I was wondering if there's a reputable company that advances small loans to help cover these costs. [more inside]
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Modular Optical Sensors

In my previous question about photo/optical detectors I received a LOT of great advice and I'm back for more. [more inside]
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commercial where woman steals bite of friend's cookie?

What is that commercial that's currently running where a woman steals a bite of her friend's cookie? They are standing at a fence and she steals a bite. Her friend says, "You just bit my cookie!" And she replies with her mouth full: "No way!"
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Tell me more about/point me to sources about book cover materials.

It seems (could just be confirmation bias) that book cover/dust jacket materials have changed over the years. I find a lot of trade paperbacks and hardcover dust jackets now have a "soapy" feel to them rather than the previous plastic feel. What is this material? Is it new? What drives choices of materials?
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Advice on traveling to Guinea

Our daughter is going to a dance intensive program in Guinea, Africa. While my wife and I have traveled quite a bit in Europe and Asia, Africa is new to us. She will be getting all necessary shots, travel insurance, etc., but we're more interested in the less than obvious. While she will be in and out of Conakry, from our understanding she will also be helping to build a school and traveling around other parts of Guinea. Does anyone have any advice for our daughter about Guinea, travel to Africa, cultural dos and don'ts or logistical information about communications, phones, or anything else? Thanks!
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How do you do keyword research for EBAY?

There must be a keyword analysis tool by now that specifically works for ebay listings ? [more inside]
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Arduino processing two wire alarm signal - how to?

I bought this cheap wireless driveway alarm system (a battery-powered motion sensor with base that beeps when someone pulls into my driveway) and one of its features is that you can connect it to "to any security system that has a two wire alarm input". I was wondering if anyone could point me to a guide for processing that output using the Arduino? I'd love to - for example - turn on a light automatically when I pull into my driveway, or send an e-mail, or other cool stuff.
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XX chromosome filter: How do I lengthen my period cycle?

How do I lengthen my very short period cycle? [more inside]
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i lost the landlord's copy of the keys

I lost my keys, and then I lost my landlord's keys. I'm baffled, embarassed, and trapped inside my apartment. [more inside]
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Do I have strep throat or tonsillitis?

Do I have strep throat or tonsillitis? [more inside]
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Seeking enlightenment on the Piccadilly Line

I have a stretch of half an hour or so each way in my daily commute where I am just sitting on the tube during nothing. I would like to use this time to meditate and am seeking things to put on my iPod to help me. [more inside]
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We yell at children at this school?

A mother at my son's school yelled at him today. I am furious. I am also very confused about what to do about it. [more inside]
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Is this where I communicate with him, or give him space?

The guy I've been dating is pulling away, and I need some help wading through the conflicting 'wisdom'. [more inside]
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Dealing with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome/stress in another country.

I was recently diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome and I am having a very difficult time dealing with it. I am only 27. Basically tingling in my hands and a tension in my shoulders that does not go away. My blood gets rather restricted and my shoulders tire easily when they are raised above my head, which clued in the doctor to the TOS. At first the doctor thought it might just be a pinched nerve or a hernia but it is occurring on both sides of my body particularly on the palm and in the shoulders. I am living in Japan right now and one of my best friends here just went home to Ireland so I have no one really close to talk to, and thus am dealing with a bunch of stress as well. I am also taking days off of work since the fact that the condition has been steadily getting worse since February is really bringing down my spirits. [more inside]
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May 13

Notice to Move

My landlord did not give any sort of notice -- lease is to end in August, but according to note, there's a move-out inspection on May 31st? What?! [more inside]
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How to refuse reference without negative consequences for me or them?

What do you do if someone names you as a referee in a job application, but didn't ask you in advance, and if you really don't feel you could give them a good reference, but you have to keep working with them in the future? [more inside]
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How much power is enough power? (In a range hood)

We are finally getting a range hood for our oven! This is great! There are new building codes (2009 IRC M1503.4) that strictly govern how many CFMs a range hood can have without a make-up air unit. This is bad, frustrating, bad, confusing, bad and maddening. Everything I read gives me conflicting information. How much power does your average cook who likes to experiment but rarely uses all their burners at once really need in a range hood? (Lots of details inside). [more inside]
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Golden Compass close read

Due to persistant recommendations on AskMe, I am finally reading (well, listening to) The Golden Compass. It's amazing. Now I want to read about The Golden Compass. [more inside]
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Why does Gotham City have so many abandoned carnivals and toy factories?

I remember reading a DC comic book in which was explained why Gotham City has so many abandoned amusement parks, carnivals, and toy factories. I don't remember all the details, but the upshot was that in the 1920's, there had been a big entertainment boom with two entrepreneurs trying to outdo each other by building more theme parks, arcades, and novelty factories than the other. Then the Great Depression hit and they all went out of business. But now I can't remember what comic this was from. I want to say it was a Paul Dini comic, maybe Gotham City Sirens or Batman: Streets of Gotham. Anyone remember which comic this was?
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Literary novel with trailers joined in a circle

Identify this book. Literary novel, probably a first novel, published between 1994 and 1997, written by a guy who had taught writing at Harvard. The only thing I remember in it is an obsessive character in the desert who has welded multiple trailers or mobile homes in a circle so he can obsessively walk in circles inside them. [more inside]
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Apply first and then approach, or approach and then apply?

Help me time and properly approach a senior member of our staff to become their full time assistant. [more inside]
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No More Cable ... TiVo? Roku? Boxee? AppleTV? Something Else?

We're ditching our cable and researching alternatives. We have two HD TiVo Series 3 boxes that we're not using (because the cable cards provided by Comcast would not work). We're thinking of a set-up involving OTA television (we live in Atlanta, so reception should not be a problem) + something streaming, but we're not sure if we want to keep the TiVos or invest in something else -- Roku? Boxee? AppleTV? And here's one major issue for me -- live sports (mainly the NFL and college football)?
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How do I Clean Oleophobic Lenses?

I purchased eyeglasses with an oleophobic coating, and they're great. I can't find complete information on cleaning, though. I understand I can use plain water or a soft cloth. Can I use ordinary hand soap? Bar soap? What's best? Thanks in advance.
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