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April 30

Open building wall risk?

Is an exposed, cracked concrete wall with open drywall a health issue on its own? [more inside]
posted by Chaussette and the Pussy Cats at 11:41 PM PST - 6 comments

Do I send my real W2 to a tax accountant?

I'm mailing out a copy of my tax return and W2's to my employer's tax accountant, so he can take a look at them and do an adjustment. Do I send him the real W2's, or a copy? [more inside]
posted by Xere at 11:28 PM PST - 10 comments

Joan Didion's uncollected works

How can I assemble a complete list of Joan Didion's uncollected works? [more inside]
posted by kensington314 at 11:21 PM PST - 5 comments

Latin roots of Spanish words

What's a good resource for looking up the Latin roots of Spanish words? (There are a number of fantastic resources for finding the Latin roots of English words, but I'm having a harder time with Spanish words.) [more inside]
posted by jtothes at 10:50 PM PST - 4 comments

What do I do with these very, very strong feelings?

I just had a weekend (non-adulterous) affair with someone who lives halfway across the country. It went well, incredibly well, so well, and now she has gone back home and I am experiencing a massive onslaught of feelings and I am not sure how to proceed and maintain my sanity. Details inside. [more inside]
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Wisdom teeth woes: my mouth smells like roadkill.

I had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out on Friday morning under general anesthetic. I'm still dealing with some adverse side effects (am I being neurotic?) The most troublesome one is that my mouth tastes/smells putrid. I cannot get this under control. HELP. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:19 PM PST - 26 comments

How to pronounce an equation in English.

Please help me pronounce this formula related to projectile motion as it would be spoken out loud: L = v0^2 sin2θ / g [more inside]
posted by misozaki at 8:22 PM PST - 15 comments

Is my child not cut out for daycare?

We switched to a new daycare center a little less than a year ago and for at least the past six months, my daughter has been having a hard time. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:08 PM PST - 12 comments

Will this work for multi-room audio or will it be a disaster?

Can I use my Pioneer VSX-1022-K receiver to deliver music to six rooms? [more inside]
posted by donovan at 7:32 PM PST - 8 comments

JewelryFilter: Help me fix my necklace!

I have a silver (silver colored, not sure what it's made of, but it tarnishes) necklace that had been stuffed in a round box in storage, for quite a few months. I'd like to fix it. [more inside]
posted by luciddream928 at 7:07 PM PST - 6 comments

Yet another question about moving to Boston...

My partner and I are moving to Boston! We would like to live in an up-and-coming area (as opposed to "established," getting the most space for our limited budget) close to public transportation, but are having some difficulty determining which areas are safe and fit our lifestyle. [more inside]
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How to fix the LOUD and the quiet on my TV?

When I watch a movie on my TV, the audio is very LOUD and the dialogue is often quiet. I have to turn up the volume--way up--to hear dialogue and then BAM! An action scene with lots of explosions and heavy music forces me to turn it way down. The constant switching drives me nuts! [more inside]
posted by zardoz at 6:58 PM PST - 9 comments

"So long"/"Farewell"/"Goodbye" songs?

Please recommend songs along the theme of "so long"/"farewell"/"goodbye"/"we'll miss you". [more inside]
posted by Lexica at 6:53 PM PST - 63 comments

Why would my hotel bathroom smell like rotten eggs?

I stayed at the Bellagio Las Vegas this past week for a work conference and was really excited to try it out. But the room smelled FOUL when I walked in. The smell was coming from the bathroom, but the bathroom looked clean. I guess the smell was like excrement/sulphur/rotten eggs. When I opened the shower door, the smell just poured out. So I guess it was coming from either the water or the drains? What could cause this?
posted by KimikoPi at 6:41 PM PST - 8 comments

Can I use a short-term client as a reference?

I have a job interview. I recently did some freelance editing which is pertinent to the job I am interviewing for. It is my only freelance gig thus far. The freelance gig only lasted a month, but ended on good terms with an indication I'd be contacted when more work is needed. The work for this client will never be more than very part time, so a full-time job should not be seen as competition for my time (though he could always see it that way anyway). Can/should I use this client as a reference? How do I approach this client if I can use him as a reference? [more inside]
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Air travel with a guitar

I'm traveling (US Airways San Francisco to New Orleans, US Airways New Orleans to Wilmington NC, Delta from Wilmington to San Francisco) to play music at my sister's wedding. I'm hoping you can tell me how to fly with my guitar (including what to say, who to talk to) without it getting crushed. What I've already been told is inside. [more inside]
posted by verbyournouns at 6:23 PM PST - 13 comments

University Sexual abuse policies

I'm working on researching undergraduate University policies on sexual abuse and hitting a wall. Ideally I'm looking for the highlights and lowlights of Canadian university policies and how they respond to sexual abuse committed by students and/or to students. Is there a school out there that is really getting this right? Does anyone know where things are desperately wrong? I need some reliable sources to draw from, because what I've been finding has mostly been hearsay or dodgy.
posted by Glambie at 5:51 PM PST - 6 comments

Graduation dinner in NYC

Old friend coming to the city in a few weeks sent me the following: "We are looking for a place for a graduation dinner. Likely about 11 people -- with a couple of kids. We want something good, but festive and fun. Any ideas?" [more inside]
posted by vrakatar at 5:37 PM PST - 3 comments

[Videocard filter] I am trying to help a friend run a gtx265 and gtx295

I recently helped a friend gut a PC and put a bunch of new parts in it. I consider myself no slouch to these things as I've been tinkering with computers for almost 20 years, and majored in Computer Science to boot! However, I could not for the life of me get both of these video cards to work, non-SLI, such that my friend could run two monitors off one card, and use the third as a dedicated physix card while also giving output to a 3rd monitor (a tv). 750w power supply. Help! [more inside]
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Book recommendations for brain / arousal / EEG / neurotransmitters / meds?

I would like to get some book recommendations on the following topic: the connection between brain arousal states (am I using that term correctly?) (e.g. sleepy, alert, hyperalert/anxious), EEG states (e.g. theta, alpha, beta), and various neurotransmitters and perhaps even psychotropic medications. [more inside]
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Cocktail bars in Richmond, VA

Your favorite high-end cocktail bar in Richmond, VA, please. [more inside]
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Road Trip in a Hurry

My friend and I are planning a one-way road trip from Denver, CO to Rochester, NY this June. The catch? We would like to complete it in around 7 days. I'm looking for your insight on how to make the most of the cities along our route in a limited amount of time (probably about 5 hours of exploring), suggestions for a better route, or general road trip advice. [more inside]
posted by i_am_a_fiesta at 5:01 PM PST - 10 comments

Government office wants to use Creative Commons photos - kosher or no?

I'm trying to get an idea of WHICH areas of Creative Commons I can draw from on Flickr. I work for a state doing something that, while noncommercial, does support business in a way. I want to use creative commons pix for a website we're putting up. So attribution, I get. That's easy. The others I'm not sure about - as a government office are we, by dint of our setup, considered non-commercial? And the non-deriviative works...does that mean we can't even crop it? And I completely don't understand "share alike" at all. Does that mean if we use THOSE photos we have to let anyone have our website template and content (which would be our only original work) for free with complete unrestricted use?
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ISO Small table to replace Keyboard Tray for Cat Comfort

Dayton likes to work/hang out with me. Help us work this out! [more inside]
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Did I box myself in with a low salary?

I just had my first phone interview for a prospective software engineering job, which was a ten minute phone call with an in-house recruiter. I wasn't expecting the topic of salary to come up this early in the process, which I grant was maybe naïve, but they asked me and I gave a lowball offer. Now I'm wondering whether I've screwed myself here. [more inside]
posted by Two Stranger at 4:00 PM PST - 14 comments

How do I conduct an effective data center audit?

I am going to be conducting a data center audit for a company in a colo facility. I need to talk to someone who has either done an audit or works in data center operations about my audit plan to make sure that I am not missing critical parts. Please help if you can.
posted by RedShrek at 3:34 PM PST - 7 comments

Quitting on ethical grounds, for selfish reasons

A coworker told me that our boss is sleeping with another coworker, his subordinate, our peer. This is the latest development in a dysfunctional workplace. I would like to quit on ethical grounds without implicating the friend that told me. Help, please. [more inside]
posted by sabatourist at 3:28 PM PST - 45 comments

Things to do in South Africa in August

My boyfriend and I will be in South Africa for around three weeks in August, and would love suggestions for things to do. [more inside]
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Looking for Stainless Steel 20lb Adapter Cable

I have a Weber Q120 grill which I love to use, but it works off those little green camping type propane tanks, so it'll go through them quickly. [more inside]
posted by gzimmer at 2:26 PM PST - 8 comments

What eclectic, unique blogs should I read?

I want single-focus blogs about off-the-beaten-track subjects that are readable and interesting. [more inside]
posted by hepta at 2:01 PM PST - 39 comments

Create downloadable iCal files in PHP/MySQL/Bootstrap?

I have a PHP webpage that lists events happening at a conference by reading from a MySQL database. Is there an easy way to have PHP create downloadable iCal files so people can download individual events to their iphones/Androids etc., without my having to create individual event files, and without setting up a bunch of Google Calendar items to link to? (more detailed explanation inside.) [more inside]
posted by dnash at 1:57 PM PST - 16 comments

Completely clueless (Sigh.)

What does the process of finding a life partner look like? [more inside]
posted by strelitzia at 1:44 PM PST - 45 comments

Why won't the volume work on my iPhone Vine app?

How do I get my Vine app to have volume? [more inside]
posted by jitterbug perfume at 1:37 PM PST - 5 comments

Where can I go to enjoy wind blowing through trees?

My love takes great pleasure in wind blowing through trees, preferably rustling, leafy, big trees. Looking for vacation spots where 1) there are guaranteed trees and highly likely wind, and 2) we can get a warm, toasty room with a great view of said trees. Other than those two criteria, it can be anywhere, any time of year. Where and when would this be?
posted by quarterframer at 1:35 PM PST - 18 comments

Reliably sourcing a quote about the church

I have two quotes about the Christian church from very disparate sources and I am trying to ascertain if either of the sources in question actually ever said or wrote what is attributed to them. [more inside]
posted by DWRoelands at 1:28 PM PST - 10 comments

Worm in pasta - What should I do?

Last night, when I was eating my spaghetti, I found a worm! It was light green in color and about the size/shape of a meal worm, but with little claw type things towards the head. [more inside]
posted by parakeetdog at 1:24 PM PST - 34 comments

Full time work, less people time for dog.

Our dog, Apple who you might remember from some other puggle-problem questions- is doing really well. She no longer shows signs of separation anxiety and we've even got her to stop barking hello when we walk in the door. But for the first time in her little life with us- I will be transitioning from working at home to working at an office full time. Poor little apple will be alone for a good seven hours five days a week. So what do we do to make it easier on her? [more inside]
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Can I backup my Windows 7 operating system for use on a new hard drive?

The hard drive on my computer is about to go. I've backed up all of my files, etc. but is there a way for me to back up the Windows 7 OS and install it on new hard drive? [more inside]
posted by gfrobe at 12:49 PM PST - 5 comments

building the perfect internet radio station

Pandora doesn't do it for me; is there an internet radio service I'd like better? [more inside]
posted by .kobayashi. at 11:42 AM PST - 14 comments

How do I help my tween not hurt herself accidentally on purpose?

My tween daughter recently had a minor but serious accident that required a visit to the emergency room and a few days on narcotic painkillers. During this time she missed school, skipped homework and other normal activities, and basically got a lot of attention and concern from relatives and friends, and of course me, her mother. Now, having recovered, she's articulated that she misses all that special attention and has explicitly said that she wants to get hurt again. [more inside]
posted by marionett gjorda av strumpor at 11:26 AM PST - 19 comments

App/site for making/navigating customized map

There are a bunch of trips I'd like to take. I read about these places for years. I want to be able to save the addresses of places I'm interested in, as I read about them. I want to, eventually, be able to create a customized map of my destination; and ideally have this map integrate with an iphone app that will display the map and help me navigate among my destinations. Is this a thing? [more inside]
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I need to read some grown-up books. With unicorns, preferably.

After spending several years reading largely YA, I'd like to read some grown-up secondary world fantasy novels. Persnickety tastes below the fold. [more inside]
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Where do these shoes with mouths come from?

Is this from a movie or something? I've encountered it online but can't track down its origin. It's an animated gif of a man's shoes, and they have mouths with teeth opening and closing and tongues flapping. You can see it here.
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I just made you say underwear.

Help me find colorful, patterned socks and boxer briefs for my large-bootied, big-footed boyfriend! [more inside]
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Cartoonist seeks opportunities

My DrawSomething addiction has coaxed out of me a desire to illustrate without getting bogged down by a writing process. My recent draws are cartoonish, bright and friendly, and other players keep asking if I'm an artist. Where can I find cartoon or childrens book writers in need of artwork that might tolerate my lack of portfolio and professional experience?
posted by jayCampbell at 9:33 AM PST - 18 comments

How to decide between 2 Grad Programs: Chicago vs Boston

Hey All, I would love some advice. I am not sure what to do. So I am going to grad school in health policy. Option A is to attend a University in Boston. I have applied and been accepted. Now Boston is twice as expensive as the local university in Chicago. However, I plan to apply for a scholarship to attend Boston. I will not find out if I am awarded this scholarship until the summer. If I am a recipient of the scholarship it comes with a 50% tuition waiver. One of the benefits of the scholarship is that there is a leadership development component and you are assigned a mentor, who is a leader in the field, in the Boston area. To apply for the scholarship, I have to commit and accept the offer to attend the school. However, if I do not get the scholarship, I would financially not be able to attend the school. So you might be able to see where this is going. On the one hand, I would like to start looking for housing and a roommate in Boston (I understand cost of living is much higher than Chicago, so I am a little freaked about that) right now, but how can I do this if I do not know if I will be attending the program? [more inside]
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What are some surprising measures of the impact of "green" efforts?

Surely when people try to be more "green", some efforts are significant and some are mere rounding error. What are some examples I could use, with an emphasis on the quantifiable and counterintuitive? [more inside]
posted by quarantine at 9:24 AM PST - 26 comments

Wisconsin DNR wildlife technician exam- can I study for it?

I am hoping there are some metafites out there that have taken this exam and can tell me what to expect. Unlike other wildlife wildlife position exams, there is no option to "preview exam." Roughly how many questions is it? What type of questions and how should I study? I really want to get this job! Any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Road trip Chicago to Portland, OR!

Has anyone driven from Chicago to Portland, OR? I need to know the best way. [more inside]
posted by repoman at 9:10 AM PST - 11 comments

The company located next to my house won't stop spraying paint fumes.

The company located next my house sprays noxious paint fumes into the air and my yard. Despite years of trying to get them to stop, they haven't. What are the next steps to take? [more inside]
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Now what?

The story: wife gets breast cancer. Double mastectomy, chemo, radiation. Two young kids. Nine years of remission. Then, recurrence. Three years of more chemo, then three months of hospice and she dies at home in my arms. [more inside]
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Can I effectively protest the actions of my state tax authority?

I'm seeing reporting that bothers me that my state tax authority is targeting artists for auditing based on what sounds like some specious assertions regarding whether their business models and expenses are appropriate. I realized I don't know what I should do to formally protest these actions. [more inside]
posted by Luke Skywalker at 8:41 AM PST - 11 comments

Do I really want to know what a man's "jolt" is?

What would it have meant in the mid-twentieth century to "shake another man's jolt"? [more inside]
posted by dinger at 8:25 AM PST - 11 comments

What are good boundaries for married opposite sex friends?

I have a close male friend and our closeness bothers my husband, which bothers me because I care about how he feels. Happy couples, what are things you think are okay and not okay for your spouse to do with someone else? [more inside]
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Stubble B GONE!

So, I'm tired of scraping sharp metal over my face. Whats my best alternative? [more inside]
posted by Jacen at 7:51 AM PST - 31 comments

New job prob

I just took a new job, which starts in two weeks. Upon accepting the job, I asked for a day off on June 7th, which is the day before my friend's wedding (in which I'm sort of a bridesmaid). I'd already gotten that day off with my current employer. This was fine with the new job. Now, I've realized that to make it to the bachelorette party, I will have to leave early on May 17th too... on my third day of work. How and when do I bring this up? Can I, even? [more inside]
posted by showbiz_liz at 7:42 AM PST - 21 comments

Nokia Lumia 620, Windows' Dumb Smart Phone Question

Hi all, anyone know if: Will the Lumia 620 work with At&t's no data plan service (we could just swap sim cards?), aaand, will the phone's wifi still work for web-browsing anywhere with a signal? Thanks Everyone! [more inside]
posted by 1inabillionmistake at 7:33 AM PST - 2 comments

Screen font from original Space Invaders?

I'm looking for a font that's based on or looks like the screen font used in the original Taito/Midway Space Invaders from 1978. (Unused witty title for this question: 'Diaresis puny earthlings!')
posted by Hogshead at 6:59 AM PST - 3 comments

The plan is to live for a long time

It is time to sign my dad up for medicare (USA). He is very healthy and we come from long living stock. Which medicare plan is best for this situation? And even with the best plan, what are the pitfalls we need to look out for? [more inside]
posted by mutt.cyberspace at 6:29 AM PST - 6 comments

Emailing a motion during a meeting

Can anyone familiar with Roberts Rules of Order enlighten me: does emailing a motion during a meeting violate parliamentary procedure?
posted by Morpeth at 6:03 AM PST - 23 comments

Fee-only financial planner, New York City

I am looking for a good fee-only financial planner in New York City. [more inside]
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Pandemic: On The Brink - petri dish dimensions?

What are the dimensions of the plastic petri dishes used to store disease cubes that ship with the Pandemic expansion, On The Brink?
posted by obiwanwasabi at 4:08 AM PST - 4 comments

A week between Cape Cod and NYC (via DC)

What to see during a spare week in August between leaving Hyannis on a Friday (having had a few days there and before that Boston) and need to be in NYC the following Friday for a long weekend of sightseeing? [more inside]
posted by brettski at 3:14 AM PST - 26 comments

Options for a few free days in southern spain?

I'm probably going to meet up with some friends to Ibiza in June, but I'm not much of a beach person, so if I get antsy, what else could I do with a few free days in southern Spain? I was thinking of spending a few days in Barcelona, but what are some other options that are relatively accessible from Ibiza? Also, advice for finding less expensive flights from the east coast of the US to Ibiza would be amazing.
posted by empath at 1:01 AM PST - 18 comments

Is an outlet box for fridge ice maker necessary? (turns off water)

I just ordered a new fridge and was told by Best Buy that they won't hook up the ice maker if I don't have an outlet box (a water shut off valve that is right behind the fridge). Right now, I just have a plastic tube coming up out of the floor that goes straight into the fridge. Is it necessary to have an outlet box for my fridge? I have never lived anywhere with one, everyone seems to use the ol' tube straight into the fridge method. If needed--is it easy to DIY (I'm confident with basic tools) it or should I call a plumber? Otherwise, I was just going to connect the hose after the Best Buy guys have left.
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April 29

Help me buy my own health insurance.

I'm self employed. I need health insurance. My main concern is a random ER visit that will put me in debt for the rest of my life, so I told my wife not to worry about deductible prices, since I only need to go in once every few years anyway. She found something with a $4,000 deductible. And that was like $80/mo. The other ones were even more expensive. Is this price range right? Is this the only way to protect myself from crippling debt?
posted by brenton at 10:38 PM PST - 32 comments

Examples of beautiful writing

I aspire to write beautifully -- what is some great writing that uses colorful, creative language and style? [more inside]
posted by switcheroo at 10:02 PM PST - 53 comments

Help me have a higher quality of life living with the parents this time!

Two nights from now I will be back living with the parents on the other end of the country. Help me turn this into a positive experience. What worked for you? [more inside]
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How can I show group availability based on its members?

I work with a team of engineers supporting sales people. I need a good way to communicate to the sales people when are times we are available for meetings and when are times we are not. What tools have people used to communicate this, quickly and effectively? [more inside]
posted by mrzarquon at 8:19 PM PST - 6 comments

Visitors to L.A: Was traffic better or worse than you expected?

I reply to a fair number of L.A. travel questions here and many of the answers (including mine) often contain dire warnings about traffic. This happens even if traffic isn't directly related to the question being asked. So, visitors to our fair city, how bad was the traffic really, and what information/advice can I give to newbie LA tourists who drive? [more inside]
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I don't want these bridges to burn...

I just learned that I have been fired from my resident assistant position. How do I handle my final two weeks and move on? [more inside]
posted by DRoll at 7:09 PM PST - 24 comments

Safety eyewear for a plush rodent

Where can I find safety goggles or glasses for a Beanie Baby mouse? This is for Science. [more inside]
posted by beandip at 7:02 PM PST - 16 comments

My friend is in an abusive relationship. How to deal?

I have a good friend who has been in an abusive relationship for over a decade. I've always been frank with her about the risks she faces and have provided a place to live/get away when she needs it. It hurts me deeply that I can't seem to help and I fear that I am just enabling the situation with stop-gap measures. Are there resources or books for bewildered friends and family? [more inside]
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Cooling fan for Dell Vostro 1500 ?

I was wondering if having a dead cooling fan in my Dell Vostro 1500 laptop would make the screen go wonky ? I purchased a new cooling fan, but I have no idea how to install it.
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Negotiating a used car directly with owner

My fiance and I are buying our first used car together and we're looking for advice on negotiating a price. We've found a car we like that's being sold directly through the owner. Most posts we've found discuss negotiating with a dealer though. [more inside]
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Looking for a specific NYC therapist recommendation

I am trying to find mental health help (talk therapy as a start) for my friend, urgently. [more inside]
posted by prefpara at 6:01 PM PST - 3 comments

How do I tell my parents I am taking a break from school?

My parents are seem to lack trust in my ability to manage my own life. They are controlling, have a strong tendency to emotionally overreact. How do I tell my parents I am taking a break from school with them overreacting? My mother is currently undergoing cancer treatment and I am concerned she will “worry herself sick” over me taking a break from school. [more inside]
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Filtering tools for the scientific literature?

I'm a research scientist (in biology, focused on microscopy), and I'm looking for new tools that will point me towards relevant research papers. I've been playing around with Readcube and its recommend feature, which looks good, as does Google Scholar's 'updates', and I have various journals send me their table of contents, but I feel like there must be better tools out there to point me towards new research that I should know about. Particularly with the ever increasing number of papers being published in journals like PLOS One, I'd like to find a better way to pull out the few that are relevant to me from the torrent of new data being published. It seems like there must be novel tools to do this out there, but what are they? [more inside]
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Have rods, tackle & permit, will travel near Seattle.

I just acquired a couple of light-duty (i.e. inappropriate for river salmon) fishing rods, I've received a primer in selecting tackle and setting everything up, I know my knots, I've got my permits and a Discover Pass, and my cooler is ready for some fresh catch. Where, within a 40 minutes' drive of Seattle, can I go catch delicious fish that I can cook and eat? Any recommendations for location-specific books or other resources geared toward an absolute beginner who is more enthusiastic about the food than the sport? [more inside]
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ATTN SOUND ENGINEERS: Is Audio Technology School a Good Idea for Me?

I want to be a sound/audio engineer. I found a 9-month program in Audio Technology that's $24,000. Is this a good use of my time and money? [more inside]
posted by laswingkid at 4:35 PM PST - 23 comments

How to discuss a possible learning disability with a student?

I teach college students. One otherwise capable student I have taught this year has struggled in particular ways that suggest s/he might have a learning disability or similar. The school's office for student disability service can provide testing &c if the student contacts them. What is the best way to discuss this with the student and recommend they seek assistance? [more inside]
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Groom-to-be seeking advice for our "first dance" at the reception

I am a groom-to-be seeking advice on how two confirmed non-dancers can handle the "first dance" at our wedding reception. Difficulty: something we can figure out in less than 2 weeks. [more inside]
posted by Joey Buttafoucault at 4:20 PM PST - 21 comments

Where did all the radium watches go?

Is it legal for me to purchase a used radium watch? If so, where can I find one? If I had one, how hazardous would I be to the people around me, if at all?
posted by rtimmel at 3:47 PM PST - 15 comments

In Portland, OR for a week with a toddler. What shouldn't I miss?

We're going to Portland for a week-long vacation (and maybe a moving trial run) in a few days. We've visited before, but this time we're taking our 2-year-old daughter, and I wanted to ask if there are any great toddler friendly destinations or day trips that we shouldn't miss. Any tips on kid-friendly restaurants and organic grocery shopping in NW Portland are also appreciated. [more inside]
posted by mmc at 3:33 PM PST - 16 comments

Inadvertently submitted wrong information on background-check form

I recently filled out a background disclosure form. The form asked for my last salary for each of my employers in the last 10 years. I inadvertently filled out the form with my first salary. What can I do now? [more inside]
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*Carrier lost*

SO has been constantly texting a new friend for months on end and it is making me uncomfortable. How much is too much? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:15 PM PST - 49 comments

Where can I purchase a non-oem version of Windows 7 Upgrade Pro w/ SP1?

I'm looking to upgrade our XP PC's to Windows 7. I'm having a hard time finding a legitimate source for non-oem Windows 7 pro upgrade with SP1 already baked in. Thanks for any help!
posted by colecovizion at 3:05 PM PST - 8 comments

Unable to get over girlfriend, everything seems hopeless now

It has been a week and a couple of days since we broke up, well more like she broke up with me after about a year and a half relationship.. I contacted her during the first few days and spoke to her as I normally would, until about the middle of last week I decided I didn't want to be used anymore as her sidelined friend so I stopped contacting her altogether. We are both young adults. [more inside]
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Geriatric mental health professionals in Balt/Wash area?

Help me find mental health resources for my dad. [more inside]
posted by Captain Chesapeake at 2:47 PM PST - 3 comments

Digital Magazines in the Great White North

Am I (a Canadian in Canada) able to access the digital editions of magazines to which I subscribe? If so, how? [more inside]
posted by joelhunt at 2:36 PM PST - 8 comments

The sound on my vintage receiver cuts out.

My dad recently gave me his mid '70s-era receiver. It's a Kenwood KR-5600 (here's a photo). I've got it up and running and it mostly sounds great to my ears, but the sound sometimes fluctuates (cutting/fading in and out) when I'm playing my turntable through it (a Toshiba SR-F770 direct drive...nothing fancy). [more inside]
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Where can I learn more about synthetic elements?

I'm doing a creative writing project involving the history of synthetic elements. I've exhausted Wikipedia but haven't delved too much into other resources yet. Can someone recommend a website or book or other resource? I don't have a chemistry background, so I prefer information that isn't too technical. Alternately, if anyone here is an expert, feel free to share any info at all--it's all helpful.
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Considering moving from the NE and wonder about Durham NC

We are a couple in our mid-50's and are looking for some specific things in our next move; more temperate weather than the North East where we are now; progressive thinking people, good food and a thriving food scene, ability to buy a house for less than $350K, low property taxes ( less than $5K) within driving distance (45 minutes is the max) to a major airport and open-minded people. We are both entrepreneurial and active, love the outdoors and nature and want a small yard for a garden and to be near some kind of water be it a large lake, river or coast. We are considering Portland Ore. or Durham NC. We are still working and work for ourselves. Anyone have an opinion on either or both?
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Which 3D printer will be the one sitting on my and everyone else's desk?

I do think that pretty soon everyone will have a 3D printer at home--but which one? I'm looking to invest in a company that makes and/or sells them, but I have never invested on my own before and have no idea how to choose the company that will be the right one. I realize that the stock market is all about speculation and uncertainty, but can someone point me in the right direction so I can at least make an informed decision? I don't have any real life friends who are investors, either, so I turn to your collective wisdom. Thank you!
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Graduate students and admissions folks of Metafilter, I need your help. Awhile back, I posed this question about grad school admissions (tl;dr: shitty undergrad, have taken lots of classes since and aced all of them, great GRE). Great news: I got in! Or, I thought I did. [more inside]
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Virginia Lease Question - Landlord threatening to withold deposit

Recently my toilet stopped working. I emailed my landlord to ask to send a plumber. The landlord suggested the I try to use a plunger and liquid plumber. I did both but was still unable to fix the problem. I told the landlord this in writing over email. A plumber was sent and fixed the problem. Now landlord is saying the I will have to pay this cost from the security deposit. Help? Should I be responsible for this charge? How should I proceed with my landlord? Thank you in advance.
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Interview advice

I had a phone interview last week that I thought I bombed. But, apparently I did good enough to land an in-person interview on Thursday. I'd like some advice on where in between "Fake it till you make it" and "lay your cards on the table" I should be. Details inside. [more inside]
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Salaried worker, please share the details of your leave accounting.

Are you allowed to use a couple hours sick time, when you have a doctor's appointment? Can you take the afternoon off (charging a couple hours vacation?) [more inside]
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Shortest path to getting my budgie acclimated again?

My budgerigar has been in the custody of someone else for a few years, just got him back. He's shy right now -- what's the shortest path to getting him acclimated again? Foods, tips, tricks? [more inside]
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Obscure songfilter:

Has the phrase "you so famous" and a list of artists including Willem de Kooning. Thanks.
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Using Fictional Planet Names in a Computer Game

I'm working on a computer game, and I need names for about 8000 planets. Wikipedia has these great lists of "fictional planets in science fiction" and such. What is the legal and accepted ethical practice towards re-using these names? [more inside]
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Can new technology help me map my underwater fieldsite?

I need to make relatively precise measurements, to the nearest half meter, of locations on my field site, which is on the floor of a Mediterranean cove (not more than 10m deep). One possibility is to swim on the surface above my locations and use a GPS to record the points - but so far my older-model GPS's have not been accurate enough for this. I'm leaving in about a week, and just recently I was reminded that technology may have advanced to meet my needs, even since last year! Can anyone update me on the latest and greatest (waterproof) mapping instruments out there?
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This question is the opposite of "should I eat it?"

One of my favorite no-brainer meals is grilled chicken marinated in fat-free Italian dressing. Yum! I usually marinate and grill a whole pack of breasts and then grill them and save leftovers through the week. But I got to thinking about how I could get the freezer to help me out. Can it? [more inside]
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Organize all the things!!!

I finally went through my mountains of paperwork this weekend and got a nice little filing system up and running. I have an ungodly amount of old paycheck stubs. Do I need to save these? Do you save medical bills? What about old tax returns? Arghshshs! [more inside]
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Seattle Themed Dessert Ideas?

One of my colleagues is moving away to take a job in Seattle and we're having a going-away party for him in a few weeks. I enjoy baking and I thought it would be pretty neat to have a Seattle-themed recipe for the party. I spent the first two and a half decades of my life in Seattle and used to work at the institution he's going to, actually, but I cannot for the life of me come up with a good idea for a Seattle-themed dessert to bring to the party. I see some things online that are either waaayyy too elaborate for my culinary-artistic skills (like cakes with very, very elaborate Space Needle and Mt. Rainier decorations on them) or that are just kind of ugly. What can an intermediate baker do? (It doesn't HAVE to be a dessert, but I feel like those allow for the most creativity.)
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Online anonymous random drawing.

Can I draw names from a hat online, have each submission be unknown to the other participants in the drawing, and have the selection be emailed to all participants? [more inside]
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iPhone App Satellite GPS view

Hi Everyone I would like to see a list of all the GPS and Glosnass that my iPhone 5 is receiving with their signal strength. I have searched but cannot find. (This is similar to a app on the Garmin GPS) Thanks BB
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Sports Uniforms Distribution For Schools and Other Institutions

I'm researching the market for sports uniforms, e.g., those snazzy football and soccer uniforms worn by high school athletes, etc. I mainly want to understand the sales process. [more inside]
posted by mtstover at 9:51 AM PST - 3 comments

Not Quite Jim and Pam

In a dating scenairo, when a girl respond to a guy's request for a date with a nonspecific "maybe some other time," does it actually means "No"? [more inside]
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I know that photo!

My husband shoots & sells stock photos online. We recently discovered a local business has been using one of his images on their fleet of vehicles. They never bought it. He would like to get paid for it. How to proceed and is it worth it? [more inside]
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What music should I try on Spotify?

What bands and albums should I listen to now that I'm finally able to stream almost anything ever made? Extended information as to my taste preferences inside. [more inside]
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Women Falling Down The Stairs

Hi there, I'm looking for instances in which female movie characters tumble down the stairs (onscreen). I have a bunch of the obvious ones like "Death Becomes Her" and "Showgirls," but surely there are tons I'm missing. As many as possible please!
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Ukraine social issues for documentary

I am teaching a documentary class in Kiev at the end of the month. Students will work together to create several projects around a single issue. I am looking for topics of a social nature for them to explore. Last year they focused on the issue of cigarette smuggling. Any suggestions for further exploration would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.
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Pixar's Pitch Docter (sic)

I recently read about a piece of software that Pixar uses in house to iterate story ideas called "Pitch Docter" (named after Peter Docter). I'm curious to see if anything non-proprietary exists out there. [more inside]
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Extract XY coordinates from Apple Motion5?

How to extract XY coordinates from Apple Motion5? [more inside]
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Best way to convert half a dozen currencies into one?

I have at least $500 worth of cash from half a dozen different Asian countries sitting in my underwear drawer for at least two years now. What's the cheapest, lowest-fee but legal way to convert them into one currency (Euro or USD)? I travel frequently to France and the United States, so changing them to Euro or USD is fine either way, but just not sure if the best way is the airport counter, a random bank, at the hotel I stay at, or something else...? I would like to have a good idea on how to go forward with this, before I go about traveling with all this random cash, only to find out I'd have to lug them back to home to my ultra top secret underwear drawer hideout since it's too expensive/all these currencies aren't accepted for exchange/not worth it. [more inside]
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iPad apps for grandma

My family and I are getting my great-grandmother an iPad, and I would like to set it up for her so she can get the most use out of it. I'm looking for app recommendations or anything else that would make an iPad as user-friendly as possible for a 94-year-old. [more inside]
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How do I find a MAPP class in NYC?

My spouse and I want to be foster parents in New York City. The whole system is exasperatingly decentralized, but we've gone to two orientations, filled out reams upon reams of paperwork, gotten physicals, put down 28 years of address history on our SCR forms. Now we need to take a MAPP training. The catch is that the agency nearest us holds the training Monday and Thursday nights. I work Thursday nights, so that is out. I've been calling agencies trying to find an open MAPP class, to no avail so far. So I'm wondering if the MeFi hive mind has any insights on finding an open MAPP class in NYC. [more inside]
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$80k: travel or invest? Best use of money.

I've saved up about $80,000 over the past few years, with no debts, loans, or mortgages. It's always been my dream to travel the world, and I've been planning to take my money and run off for the next few years, hopefully figuring out how to run an independent software business in the process. However, I don't know much about investing, and for all I know there might be a better use of my savings right around the corner. (Two questions about investing inside.) [more inside]
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how to react to a creepy anonymous voice mail?

What's the best way to respond to a voicemail left from an unknown number that is very creepy, sexual, and potentially threatening? [more inside]
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Moving to NY: How's my game plan? And other questions.

The job part is secured. Now on to the "living there" part. Where should I live for $1200 or under, and how should I go about achieving this living situation? [more inside]
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Mosquito death trap

What mosquito mitigation systems, products or curses work? We live near a pond and some marsh area, and the mosquitoes are already out. Our daughter is allergic, and gets golf ball sized bites, so we are very motivated to get rid of them. Having a fan on the deck is helpful, but we need a solution for the yard. We tried dragonfly larvae last year without any observable change. Thanks!
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Remotely View Computer over not-the-most-reliable-LAN (24/7)

My company's LAN is fast and reliable, except for the connection to one building. Inside that building is an unattended WinXP-Pro system running basically one program 24/7, that we need to be able to monitor. Typically, we only need to interact with the computer >1% of the time, but we need to be able to make sure the software up and running, without problems, all the time. [more inside]
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did they think we were restaurant critics or something?

I normally only get free stuff at restaurants when they've messed something up, so I am wondering why this restaurant was particularly hospitable to me and my date. [more inside]
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Google Voice calls from Playa del Carmen?

Can I make calls over the free Wifi at the Mexican resort I'll be at this week? [more inside]
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Aiming to please

We can put a man on the moon, but I can't take a leak without making a mess? [more inside]
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Who pays for the maintenance of financial indexes?

In index mutual funds, many of the decisions on portfolio construction are effectively outsourced to the makers of financial indexes, thereby lowing costs for the fundholders. Doesn't this just push the costs to the publishers of these indexes? Someone has to decide which securities stay in and which ones go out. How do they get paid for this work when anyone can look up the constituents of the S&P 500 and construct a fund that just happens to share the same stocks without using the S&P name? Can Standard and Poor's somehow enforce licensing fees on institutions that do this? Do things work differently for the creators of more specialized indexes?
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Please recommend a UK based web hosting company

It has been a few years since I last needed to own a website - the need has arisen again and I am looking for recommendations for a decent UK based hosting company. Thanks!
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Look at the chimneys?

Looking for a design project: A few years ago I saw a design project where someone made a set of black and white business cards or similar, that told people to look up at chimneys/roofs when they were down, as the light stimulated some sort of happy-chemical. But now I can't find it! [more inside]
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How does multi weight non detergent motor oil work?

I seen this oil at home depot called "Powermate Non-Detergent 4-Cycle Engine Oil - 10W30" my oil knowledge is at a beginner level but I thought multiweight oils were a emulsion. How do they make a 10w30 oil if there is no detergent in it?
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April 28

Searching for an old car-game I played in the 90's

In the 90's I borrowed a demo-CD from a friend, who had a car combat-like game, where you drove around in a futuristic environment. The game was a demo, so it only had one level and only one car. The only mission that was available was where one had to collect two pieces of a device located in two different parts of the map. Most of the stuff was blue. [more inside]
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Accepting bipolar

How do you get used to yourself as bipolar (II)? Trying to understand my lows and mixed highs better, but find myself slipping into despair. [more inside]
posted by elephantsvanish at 11:08 PM PST - 11 comments

Weird Jacket that slid ur phone into your hand.

I read this a LONG time ago, a jacket where you could snap ur wrist (or some other hand geuster/movement) and it cause ur phone (stored in the sleeve) to drop right into ur hand. It was awesome if slightly risky and I'd like to take a look at it again. Anyone know of it? Or something similar?
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Yet Another Tipping Question

I usually over tip--22-25 percent. But I was confused about something that happened tonight. I went to a new bar, kind of a renovated dive, with a friend. We both ordered cocktails, I ordered a charchturie (sp) platter and he ordered a pizza. My food came right away, and both of our drinks came quickly. The bar was empty for our first drinks, but was filling up quickly. We ordered a second drink. The bar was filled with people that the bar tender seemed to know. The second drink came. No sign of pizza, it was more than an hour at this point. We remind the bartender, who is also the server twice. He finally says, five minutes, and five minutes later, the pizza comes. This would have been 90 minutes. No offer to comp the food, no apologies, but the food was really good, the drinks were strong, and I would like to go back...I tipped 4 on a 32 bill, after tax. They also split the bill in a weird manner. My friends kind of shy, so I took his lead, and didn't complain. How much should I have tipped? Should I have complained? Should I go back to complain? What's the protocol here?
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I'd like a cold beverage by my bedside in the middle of the night.

I wake up in the middle of the night thirsty occasionally. I like my beverage cold. I don't want to have to stumble to the kitchen for satisfaction. Is there a single bottle or can cooler that will suit my need? Any recommendations? [more inside]
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Best strategy to improve credit rating

Through a mixture of screwups and missed opportunities, I'm pretty sure my credit rating is either dismal or nonexistent. What's the best strategy to improve it? (Snowflake details inside.) [more inside]
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Continued on next rock?

From where do I know the phrase "continued on next rock"? [more inside]
posted by Joleta at 7:50 PM PST - 11 comments

Please identify this structure?

Help me find the name of this building or whatever it is! [more inside]
posted by dozo at 7:15 PM PST - 3 comments

Best PC Support Utilities?

What are your list of the most essential PC support utilities? [more inside]
posted by cjorgensen at 6:13 PM PST - 11 comments

How does one acquire a pair of rose-tinted glasses?

How to see the best in other people? [more inside]
posted by dinosaurprincess at 5:34 PM PST - 33 comments

How to drown out neighbors' loud music?

Neighbors play norteño music really, really loudly all day on many weekend days through the summer. The particular rhythms and thumping quality of the music make it very, very hard to ignore, so I can't read or do anything that requires concentration when it is playing. Asking them to turn it down is not an option. Even closing my windows does nothing, sadly. Are there any particular mechanical ways to cancel/mute very loud noises like this? I would pay almost any money not to go through this again this summer, especially since they seem to have a new sound system that is such that I can't even really sleep through the music, so it just kills my whole day unless I go out.
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someone there is who does not love her wall

How can I make my river-rock-covered fireplace less ugly? [more inside]
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Carding and spinning long domestic cat hair

Hello. I have so many cats, I had to buy a house. 11 of them have very long silky fur and I have several large bags of their fur (from brushing). I want to make yarn for my sister, who knits. I've searched online but can find only the most cursory explanations of what I need to do - not even enough to know whether my quest is feasible or merely another of my many ill-advised pursuits. Does anyone have a clue for me? I would be grateful.
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How to mount this monitor stand?

I want to mount a monitor stand on my desk, but there's a vertical lip that gets in the way of the clamp. What's the best way to get around this? [more inside]
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Herein looking like a wall-eyed uncle staring at ruraldictionary.com.

I have two phrases that I've come across in the past two days that I cannot get the internet to tell me what they mean: "yard cousin" and "bluefish wars". [more inside]
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No, the other German film about organ donation.

What is this possibly-German film about the ethics of organ transplants? [more inside]
posted by apophenia at 3:54 PM PST - 3 comments

Caribe coffee cups without handle

Help me replace my mother's beloved Puerto Rican coffee cups. [more inside]
posted by Bektashi at 3:09 PM PST - 13 comments

television shows worth watching (that are ignorable, though.)

After plowing our way through a couple seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race, the gentleman caller and I are looking for a new TV show we can enjoy without always needing to pay attention. [more inside]
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Going Home to Toxic Family--How to deal? Help me help Mom!

I am currently finishing up my exchange in France where I've had awesome experiences and faced life-changing learning curves. Now I'm returning home to my extremely estranged parents who have been fighting all my life--deep, disgusting trenches of arguments that seem never-ending. [more inside]
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Movie reference for Sacred Hoops

What movie had a reference to Sacred Hoops? [more inside]
posted by philosophistry at 1:57 PM PST - 3 comments

Help me tell my BFF to shut up, in the nicest of ways.

My best friend is dating a new guy and is currently in the "floating in the clouds" stage. He's all that she talks about, texts me about, emails me about, mentions, quotes, you name it. I'm happy for her, but I am quickly reaching "who cares" stage. She does this with everyone she dates, but this guy might become permanent, so I'm not brushing it off as "just wait until this passes". How can I politely tell her that we need to have conversations about OTHER THINGS? She can be very sensitive, and I don't want her to feel that I am not interested in the relationship or not happy for her. More details inside. [more inside]
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Can you help translate this Italian phrase?

Can you translate this Italian phrase into English? "Nun so' fesso ma faccio o' fesso perche' facendo o' fesso te faccio fesso." [more inside]
posted by ataxia at 12:43 PM PST - 9 comments

Homescaping Query

What's a good bush to plant next to the front door? This is in coastal Massachusetts. [more inside]
posted by Miko at 12:41 PM PST - 18 comments

Mods and support reps: techniques to remain calm and objective?

What are some stress-reduction techniques that support representatives and forum moderators use on-the-spot to remain cool and collected during difficult interactions with clients, and not let their own frustration get the best of them? [more inside]
posted by Opal at 11:31 AM PST - 6 comments

Song about stages of life?

Halp! I can't think of the song by a guy talking about different ages in his life; he names several ages like 15, 24, etc., throughout the song and for each one talks about how he feels at that time. It's has a slowish melancholy feel to it. Thanks Mefites!
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Where can we take a food-and-booze–centric retreat outside of NYC?

Two of my friends and I want to get out of Brooklyn for a night or two this spring for a vacation/artistic retreat/fun time. We would like to go someplace with the following amenities: [more inside]
posted by Charity Garfein at 11:01 AM PST - 14 comments

The best submarine movies?

I love submarines. Please recommend some great submarine movies! [more inside]
posted by Mwongozi at 11:00 AM PST - 43 comments

PhD thesis woes - what do I tell my supervisor?

I am in the final year of my PhD. I suffered from many months of depression and an inability to get my writing done in a timely fashion. I am now playing catch-up. I have a telephone appointment with my supervisor next week, and wonder if and how I should disclose the difficulty I faced, and am still facing. I don't want to burden her with my personal issues. How do I, or should I, discuss this? How do I regain her faith in me? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:37 AM PST - 11 comments

Did Jesus travel to India?

I have heard a rumor that some people believe that Jesus traveled to India and learned Buddhist ideas. The theory is that perhaps this occurred during Jesus' early adulthood, before he started preaching during his 30s. But I am a bit skeptical. Do you know where this idea comes from? Do you think it is probable? Are there books or movies that I should watch about this theory? Any insight would be most appreciated.
posted by mortaddams at 10:12 AM PST - 28 comments

How can I create short daily surveys that populate into excel?

I have digestion issues and are interested in tracking my digestion with a few short questions every day so I can see if there are obvious trends, palliative measures that consistently work, or ingredients to avoid. I'd like to have a short survey with radio buttons that covers the basics that I can do on my phone and populates into an excel spreadsheet (or whatever) that I can track over time. This seems like it shouldn't be too difficult, but I haven't been able to find an app that offers this. I'm willing to pay for the app. [more inside]
posted by stewiethegreat at 9:43 AM PST - 4 comments

Shopping list for a new house

We get the keys to our new house on Wednesday. Hooray! We're trying to come up with a list of things that we, as long-time renters, might need to get for the house. I'm not talking about furniture or anything like that, but rather stuff like a lawn mower, a ladder--that kind of thing. Some of the stuff will become obvious when we need it, of course, but is there a list of things that no homeowner should be without?
posted by synecdoche at 9:10 AM PST - 40 comments

Summer courses in Las Vegas?

I get to spend Mid-June to September in Vegas with my days pretty much completely free - I work nights. What educational opportunities and schools would you recommend me look into to take some classes. [more inside]
posted by ashtabula to opelika at 8:14 AM PST - 3 comments

Who has what accent in Downton Abbey?

I'm late to the Downton Abbey craze, but I just finished watching all the episodes that have been made so far and I love it. What I'm wondering about is what accents the characters have. I know that Ms. Hughes has a different one than Carson, who has a different one than O'Brien, but I can't place any of them. Obviously Tom Branson is Irish -- but are all the rest of the characters English? Are some Scottish? Welsh? Liverpudlian? London-born? Help me sort this all out. Bonus: if you can identify any differences/matches between the accent the character has, in comparison with the accent the actor or actress who plays the character has.
posted by RingerChopChop at 7:54 AM PST - 9 comments

Name that tune: Texan dessert edition.

I am weirdly fascinated by the song that the ice cream trucks play in Austin, TX. (Approximate sheet music; MIDI.) What is it called? Where does it come from? Is it Standard Ice Cream Truck Music anywhere else in the world? And why can't I get it out of my head?
posted by Now there are two. There are two _______. at 7:45 AM PST - 5 comments

Talk me out of buying a salvage title Honda Insight

There is a mechanic in a city nearby who restores and sells (and maintains) first-generation Honda Insights. Most of the cars his shop produces have a salvage title. He offers exclusive repair and maintenance service to purchasers. I've done a lot of reading and talking to people about this car—a trusted coworker owns one of his restorations—and I'm pretty much convinced that I want what seems to be one of the most over-engineered, fuel-efficient, cool little cars ever made. So what am I missing? [more inside]
posted by carsonb at 7:36 AM PST - 19 comments

Dorking around in Manchester, UK

Fingers crossed, I'll have a spare (if probably jet-lagged) day in Manchester, UK, soon, and am looking for a thing or two to do. The sort of stuff I go for includes museums (science/technology, art, transport), history, industrial archaeology, cool architecture (Calatrava style), walking about, local cheap/take-out food, that sort of thing. Thanks! [more inside]
posted by carter at 6:24 AM PST - 14 comments

What is my college degree really worth?

I saw this comment on a post yesterday, and I'm baffled. The idea that even a recent liberal arts grad averages $36,000 a year seems inconceivable to me. I got curious: is there any job that I'm qualified for that pays anywhere near that much? [more inside]
posted by chaiminda at 5:25 AM PST - 37 comments

movies that have become a part of pop culture?

I'm 30 years old and I just saw Casablanca for the first time. All of a sudden I understand why so many people joke about "always having Paris." And all of those references to gin joints. Can you recommend some other movies to me that are equally important for understanding American pop culture? [more inside]
posted by colfax at 3:45 AM PST - 99 comments

What questions do I ask when buying a used car?

What questions can I have answered over the phone that will help me significantly narrow down a 25-car field of options? [more inside]
posted by nile_red at 3:10 AM PST - 14 comments

Please identify this book for me?

I read this book once, but I'm really fuzzy on the details. It's about a guy who has a mediocre job at some company and messes up. Rather than getting fired, he gets a job offer with the same company at a very high level and is asked to carry out some shady assignment there. [more inside]
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April 27

Scalding or frigid - never in between

Moving away from the UK after a stay of about 9 months. One thing I will NOT miss is English plumbing. What is the deal with taps / faucets? Even in new construction, in bathrooms and kitchens you will often find one tap for hot water and one for cold, mixing taps seem to be rare. Why? Economy? Tradition? No one I've met here has a good explanation, so thought I'd try the green.
posted by Expat at 11:24 PM PST - 26 comments

nostalgia for a time that never was

I'm looking for songs that inspire nostalgia, however, I have specific requirements... [more inside]
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What to expect at my first 5k race?

Help me feel oriented and prepared for my upcoming race? I'm a 44-year-old overweight woman getting in better shape, starting to lose weight, and starting running. After working with a personal trainer over the winter, I worked up to running a mile for probably the first time in my life. [more inside]
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Advice for fountain pen n00b - smoothest-writing FP sub-$50?

I want to buy a fountain pen. A fountain pen that writes really smoothly. [more inside]
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iTunes organization fiasco

What am I doing wrong? iTunes is moving my music folders around causing havoc. [more inside]
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The hopelessness, it's bothering me.

How does somebody not let their miserable job situation and constant failure in seeking new employment affect their judgment? [more inside]
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Working as a massage therapist in Vermont

Hi! I´m planning to move from Uruguay to the US around the end of the year. This will probably be the preface of many questions to come (as these two countries couldn´t be any more different). I still have to decide exactly where in the US to live, so please help me decide. [more inside]
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I don't need a retirement plan; I've got copper plumbing

Our house is entirely plumbed in copper. Even the ginormous pipe that leaves the house to go out to the sewer.. whenever people see the maze of pipes in our basement, they comment on how valuable it is. But really? I mean, besides all the work of tearing it out and dealing with the weight, etc etc, how would a normal person like me turn it into money???? [Not that I want to; I just ponder these things sometimes.]
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What was this female-singer, new folksy song about the months?

Can you help me ID this newer folk song, by a female singer, about the months? [more inside]
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Baby- and family-friendly activity for 6 couples on May 5 in Seattle?

My family is in charge of organizing an event or outing for our PEPs group on Sunday May 5 in greater Seattle. We are 6 couples with babies from 8-10 months. Ideas that aren't the zoo or aquarium? [more inside]
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Quitting a new job...

How best to dump my new job for my newer job? [more inside]
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How to shop at Whole Foods without breaking the bank?

We are moving into an apartment on top of a Whole Foods so I would like to do most of my grocery shopping there (I use Amazon Prime for stuff you can get in bulk, cleaning products, etc). Does anyone have any protips for saving money there? Their coupon weekly seems pretty anemic and it doesn't seem like they often have really compelling sales. [more inside]
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Reclaimed Wool Felt Bags

Other than Ibex and Cargabags, who is making clean, simple, nontwee, non "crafty" bags from recycled or reclaimed wool felt? [more inside]
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1 night per month binge drinker

I know I have a problem drinking. I am a binge drinker that drinks once a month just before my period. Alcoholic Anonymous is the only answer I am getting. It has been helpful in the past, as I had 7 months of sobriety. As a binge drinker one or two nights a month, what do you think I should do, as I have found AA not the exact solution to my problems right now? Let me explain when, how, and why I drink. Please help! [more inside]
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Making A Something-Level Career out of Very, Very Little.

I have recently acknowledged that my aimlessness has kept me trapped in retail and unable to find better for myself. My goal from several months ago - to find a double-digit hourly position by the anniversary of my graduation from college - is far from accomplished. I am not giving myself another year to mess up, but I'm having some trouble discerning where I should go. [more inside]
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How can I gain perspective in my possibly red flaggy relationship?

Either one of two things has happened. (1) I've met someone I'm very compatible with who has "matching baggage" and with some patience it will work out to be a happy, healthy, sustainable relationship. OR (2) I've met someone whose issues spell trouble for me, and I may need to cut my losses but I'm not sure where to start. I'm way too close to it, and on balance so far it's definitly something I want to keep working on because I care about him a lot and like how we fit together - but I need a reality check. [more inside]
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My corn plant is pissed and I don't know what's wrong ...

What's wrong with my corn plant? The tips are all burnt and dead. I definitely do not over-water it ever since this happened - am I simply under-watering it? [more inside]
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How to Batch Convert using MAX or Fix XLD crashing on Bulk Conversion

XLD was working fine unless I have too many albums (such as 30 folders/albums apiece). I am not figuring out the interface on MAX for a batch conversion with several subfolders. I basically am using VBR to compress my music to smaller mp3 format. On XLD, there is Preferences-->Preserve directory structure-->subdirectory search depth "0", which makes it work on a small scale, like 10 folders or so, before crashing. So, if anyone can tell me what I am missing on MAX's menu or if they had the problem with XLD and fixed it, I am good to go. I like XLD's interface but it won't process my whole iTunes at a go.
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I want to fix my head

At 41, I feel like my brain problems are becoming serious enough that I need professional help. I'm forgetful, I procrastinate, and I... SQUIRREL! [more inside]
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I promise I don't bite . . .

What causes social rejection absent a glaring personality flaw? [more inside]
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You Speak Valyrian?

Last week's Game of Thrones was fantastic and reminded me that one of my favorite kinds of scenes in film and television is a scene I like to call the You Have Chosen the Absolute Wrong Person to Fuck With scene. The basic setup is that a character feels entirely positive they have another character under their thumb only to have a moment of panic and terror as they realize precisely the opposite to be true. Can you name terrific examples of this? [more inside]
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To keep in touch with an ex or not?

I'm sort-of friends with an ex-boyfriend who I had bad relationship with. Broke up over a year ago, get coffee to catch up every few months. Now in a new relationship, and ex has asked to meet up again. Not sure if I should end this sort-of friendship, and if I do, how? Special snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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Healthy ways of working with financial imbalances in relationships?

I grew up in a lower-middle-class family. Through a combination of hard work, opportunity and luck, I find myself in my 30's with a very decent net worth. It's enough to allow me to feel very secure about retirement, job/career changes, health issues, supporting family, etc. and this security is probably the most important aspect of money to me. For me, money means security, safety, freedom. I maintain a very middle-class lifestyle, continue to work full-time and save at a reasonable rate. I've started to realize how much this factors into my thinking about long term relationships, especially marriage (and its attendant family joining) and financial co-mingling, and am looking for some perspectives on positive ways of managing these kinds of issues. [more inside]
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Options to add internet to a place that isn't wired for cable/broadband?

Are there options to add internet to a place that isn't wired for cable/broadband and doesn't have a phone line? The marina where I keep my sailboat does not have cable or telephone lines installed at the docks. I want to be able to use the internet while I am staying on my boat. Are there technology options available so that I can make this happen? What is the general connectivity speed of those options? Many thanks!
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Hoping to heal plantar fasciitus

So, can you recommend a good night splint? I have one that I bought over the counter at the pharmacy, but it doesn't hold my food in position for long. Thanks.
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Why are Bangladesh,Indonesia & Vietnam replacing China for cheap labour?

And where can I read more about the economics of the cheap labour industry? [more inside]
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My New iPod Needs a Name

After years of loyal service, my constant companion, the iPod, gave up the ghost. I just received my replacement today, and before I can use it, I have to give it an appropriate name. Bizarrely specific guidelines inside. [more inside]
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What are today's good phones? When will they be obsolete?

Need a new phone for myself and my wife, usually there's a "hot" phone (iPhone, HTC Evo 4G, Samsung Galaxy S3, etc) - whatever the top phone is. That seems to change every 6 months, and I just can't keep up. Also, I don't keep up with the release cycle - if I buy the hot phone today, is it essentially going to be obsolete in 3 months? [more inside]
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What's missing on our trip to San Francisco?

I'm going to SF with my partner for our first wedding anniversary - yay! We've been before and have seen some of the sights (list after the break), but are looking for things we might have missed, awesome places we haven't eaten at, great things we haven't seen, etc, so we can make the most of it. Only limiting factor: neither of us drive. [more inside]
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How to Create a User-Friendly InDesign Template - Best Practices

I need to create a user-friendly InDesign template for a client that they can re-use and customize slightly over and over. Normally I'm the one doing the customizing so I'm a little leery of my ability to produce an editable template document that will be easy for someone else to use with less InDesign knowledge. (I'm somewhere between being a beginner and an intermediate user.) Fellow designers, could you weigh in with tips, warnings, and resources? [more inside]
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Can we be more old fashioned?

We are looking for old-timey things to try that will enhance our lifestyle and save us money. [more inside]
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I'm looking for travel insurance in the field

I will be doing 2 months of archaeological field work in South Africa this summer. It's my first time in the field abroad, and I'm interested in travel insurance since field work is potentially riskier than regular travel. [more inside]
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Kindle Screen DIY Fix

I was wondering if there's a DIY fix for a kindle screen (e-ink, not touchscreen). Mine's broken and out of warranty.
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code and construction requirements rebuilding post-sandy nyc

What are the updated building codes and construction requirements for rebuilding homes and businesses in the NYC Boroughs post Sandy? And in addition to raising the foundation the required amount depending on elevation of the property, and the flood risk zone, what engineering and construction methods/standards could be examined to meet, or exceed, the tougher thresholds?
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how to make tasty edible batteries

I remember testing 9 volt batteries with my tongue as a kid to see if they contained charge, and having a truffle or cordial that behaved like that would be neat. and perhaps it could be hooked up to a grape or jelly that would glow when current is applied. Is this possible? people decorate foods with metal, so maybe there is edible grade metal that could work as the leads.
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Has IPL helped your adult acne?

Since switching birth control as an adult in my early thirties, I've started getting acne again on my face and back. Retin-A helps control, but does not eliminate pimples. Has IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) worked for you in similar circumstances? [more inside]
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Why is my hair limp all day when I'm sleep deprived?

I've always heard that hair (at least the visible part of it) is "dead," so I would expect it to be more of less the same from day to day in terms of its texture (given, of course, whatever state it's in during any given time period with whatever shampoos and such I'm currently throwing on it). But then, why is it that on days where I didn't get a lot of sleep the night before, my hair is significantly limp and heavy? [more inside]
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How to stop ruminating on "what could have been"

I chose a degree path that ended up being much different than I expected, and regularly beat myself up for not choosing a certain other one four years ago. In all honesty, the "other" choice would have definitely come with its own problems, and may have even been worse. However, I constantly get tempted into thinking "what could have been". How do I accept that both choices probably sucked equally, and that you never know what life is going to throw at you, good or bad? [more inside]
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Explain it to me like I'm...

I'm starting to feel like I'm missing out on an important part of pop culture by not being much of a video gamer. Where do I even start? [more inside]
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What are the best IKEA products for ages one to three?

We are making a rare trip to IKEA tomorrow in part to get a table and chairs for our one-year old. What are other IKEA items that we should look at for him? [more inside]
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Le Comte de Monte-Cristo.... et quoi encore?

I am traveling to France this summer and going to spend a few days in Marseille. What literature is based around Marseille that I should read between now and then? I'd like to read the stories and then see the places while I'm there. (Publications in French or English are ok.) [more inside]
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Best Trader Joe's items to bring back across Canadian border?

The title says it all! Last-minute day trip across the border and back, and we're finally hitting this magical place called Trader Joe's. What are your recommendations for border-crossing-approved items from TJ's?
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Where to buy an Arduino kit in Portland

Where can I buy an Arduino kit in Portland, Oregon today? Ideally, this would be a kit for a beginner which comes with sensors, project ideas, etc. Google-fu has failed. I would also consider the Raspberry Pi, but Arduino sounds like the thing.
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April Wine Drummer, Strobe

There's no way Gerry Mercer can do snare as seen at 7:00-ish in this video, is there? (Youtube link) [more inside]
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A question about vehicle safety

Why don't trams/streetcars have a front bumper that almost touches the street, and slants out like a plow, so that if they hit a pedestrian they'd knock them aside rather than running them over? In fact, why don't trains have this, or even cars? [more inside]
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Burning Wax Smell after Driving Car

I have a 1997 Honda Civic that is running like a top. But the last couple of times I drove, there is a smell like burning wax. The car is not overheating or anything like that. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Can I Eat It filter: I forgot to move my cheese

I bought some goat, gruyere, fontina, blue, and fancy cheddar cheeses from a gourmet cheese shop last night and left it in my car overnight (it only gets down to about 70 degrees -- if that -- at night where I live). Can I still eat it? [more inside]
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What are some good free download games for young kids?

I'm gifting my laptop to my far-away sister, and want to pre-load it with some fun, free, friendly games she can use to entertain her live-in grandkids (ages 4 and 2). Any suggestions? [more inside]
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Photosensitivity on Concerta

I've recently become unusually sensitive to sunlight. This seems to coincide with starting concerta, and apparently it may be an unlikely but documented side effect (PDF) though I haven't been able to find very much info on it. So even with sunscreen, a 4-block walk on a cloudy day can mean that I burn. I've started buying different sunscreens with the highest SPF I can find and so far nothing seems to make much of a difference. [more inside]
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Should I continue being friends with this person? Warning:I ramble...

I am wondering if I should continue a friendship with a woman I met on our old job almost 20 years ago. Some background: we're both in our 40's, married, and have children. We live in different cities, my family moved from our hometown 14 years ago. I work outside the home, she is a sahm since she had her first child. We have corresponded mostly by e-mail, facebook, text message over the years. When we both worked we would literally "talk" via e-mail the entire day. We have been there for each other through some really serious stuff, i.e. marital problems, deaths, pregnancies, illnesses. [more inside]
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In terms of human percecption,what are the traits of a "friendly face"?

I have always been fascinated by the comment that someone has a "friendly face". But, my question is this: what are the physical traits that make a human face be perceived as "friendly"? Are there any social psychology studies out there that have looked into this issue? What is your own theory on this?
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Self-Taught Journalist Looking for Resources

I'm about 5 years into a steady freelance career of journalism. I'm self-taught, with on-the-job training. I'm looking for books, textbooks, professional associations, articles, or even great examples of journalism. Especially interested in: investigative reporting, breaking news stories, following leads, interviewing people. I've done all this on the job, but I want to know how it has been done by experts. Not looking for the career side of it (pitching, dealing with editors.) I cannot (and do not want to) go back to school. I already have a master's degree in a subject area that has become my beat. I have access to a bunch of databases and the New Yorker archives. [more inside]
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Why is my laptop now choosy about sockets and what do I do about it?

My Acer 5742 has become choosy about which plug sockets it will charge from. Why? Do I need a new battery? [more inside]
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I can't dance to that!!!

Please recommend me a good song for the father-daughter dance at the wedding!!! [more inside]
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Pre-marriage counseling is fine. But how committed is he?

It's been a few months after my fiance proposed and he made plans to move in with me and my 15-year-old son this summer. As predicted, my son began acting up, basically in the form of talking back and being a little rude to me in front of the fiance, who comes here every weekend. It's important to note my son does not act this way when it's the 2 of us and I completely understand what's going on and we're talking to someone. [more inside]
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Can you get a good camera with a functional phone (not vice versa)?

I'd like a quality compact camera which can make calls and send and receive text messages, rather than a phone with a poor camera attached. Does anyone make that? [more inside]
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Does not compute

How do people survive on $12 an hour? I'm looking to get a job in this pay range, and I can't reconcile it with my budget. I live unlavishly. My own monthly budget within. [more inside]
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What hardware recommendation site am I thinking of?

Some time in the last year (maybe two years, at most) I saw a simple, modern site that recommended a single device in multiple categories of hardware (monitors, laptops, vacuum cleaners, electric toothbrushes, etc., etc.). The home page was a grid of the categories, and then you clicked through to ~2 paragraphs explaining why the particular device was so great. I think in some categories there were "budget" and "money is no object" recommendations, but the basic idea was to do your thinking for you, and tell you exactly what model to buy. Does anyone know what site I'm thinking of?
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How to move a computer onto a switch and keep the IP address?

I have a Mac Pro set to DHCP manual assign and a certain IP address that cannot change. I also have a printer plugged into a certain network jack; IP address less important. I am moving the physical location of the Mac Pro near this printer and the printer's network jack is the only one available. I'll have to plug both of these machines into the same network jack via switch/router. What switch/router is the right one to buy in 2013 (bonus if I can find it at Best Buy) and what the right way to set this up so the Mac Pro is still reachable at the same IP address on the network?
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Starter woes?

Car was starting intermittently (power to the dash lights, etc., but zero activity from the starter) as the battery reached the expected end of its life. So, new battery. Same problem. The shop that has the car tells me that a new battery sends a relatively high amount of power to the starter and that this can cause problems with it (gears, etc.) This doesn't sound ludicrous, but I know enough about cars to know how much I don't know. Here's hoping the knowledgeable people (for whom I have vast respect and gratitude) 'round here can share their thoughts. Thanks! [more inside]
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April 26

jobs as a college admissions counselor

I'm approaching the end of an MFA program, and trying to decide what my next step should be, and what kind of career I could pursue that would provide me with an actual paycheck. I've been tentatively thinking that I might like working as a high school college admissions counselor--my own counselor in high school was fabulous, and it's stuck with me ever since as a job I might enjoy. [more inside]
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Why is Ob/Gyn pronounced Oh-bee/Gee-why-en?

In the US, in my experience, the medical specialties of obstetrics and gynecology are commonly referred to as "Oh-bee/gee-why-en." Does anyone know why? Why not simply pronounce it "obb- gyne" (the first syllables of the two words)? [more inside]
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how to describe myself for an academic job not quite in my field?

Bear with me, this is a little bit abstract out of necessity: I'm interviewing for a great job which is posted as somewhat outside my social sciences field. Let's call it Field X. One of the things I'm hoping to do in this interview is say that precisely because I am not directly in field X but come from somewhat-related-field Y, I can bring new and important insights to field X. How do I say this without sounding like I'm disparaging field X, which I definitely don't want to do? More thoughts after the jump. [more inside]
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Help me, I'd like to have a social life.

I'm on the brink of 25 and I have never had much of a social life. How can I confidently go forward with my life? I'm really terrified of starting, but I know I have to. [more inside]
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I've been given an old iPhone. Now what?

A friend gave me her old iPhone 3 after she upgraded to 4. Her old SIM card is still in it. I'm wondering what to do next. [more inside]
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How to create speech bubbles that look like they came from an iPhone?

So I'm looking for a tool that will allow me to create text bubbles that look like they came from an iPhone. However, I don't want something like Fake iPhone Text, as that creates a picture of the entire phone background plus the text bubbles. I only want the text bubbles, disembodied. Does this exist? [more inside]
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Fancy Food and Nakedness in SFO- advice please!

Where should a foodie, dining alone, eat dinner at in SFO weeknights? And lets talk about the bath houses... [more inside]
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Someone's got the crave real bad

Some extended family have a Texas sized craving for White Castle... a craving on the order of 200 sliders. There are no White Castles near Texas. We are in Illinois where White Castles abound. What is the best way to get 200 sliders from Illinois to Texas? [more inside]
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Collecting unemployment benefits + getting freelance lump sum payments?

I am collecting weekly unemployment benefits and signed onto a short-term gig as an independent contractor where I am being paid in two lump sum payments. How can I report this accurately while still getting the maximum possible unemployment benefits? [more inside]
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Opting out of military recruitment

The National Guard thinks I'm in high school and is sending me recruitment materials. I'm not in high school and I'm not going to join the military. Can I make them stop? [more inside]
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PhillyFilter: Random Rittenhouse Square Interestingness?

Girlfriend and I are going to Philadelphia tomorrow -- the plan is to eat fried chicken and donuts, hang out in a hotel room, go out and eat and drink some more, then go back to the hotel. We've been to Philly a bunch of times for various cultural things, and are big fans, but this trip the concept is basically: Do Almost Nothing. Still, we might want to take a stroll in the afternoon. Staying at the Radisson on 17th & Locust. Anything nearby we might not know about and should check out?
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The best, most stylish planting pots online?

I'm looking to outfit an apartment window garden with some kick-ass pots of various sizes and shapes. Where's the best online retailer of not-plastic, not-boring brown, pots and gardening containers? Bonus if they sell supplies like potting soil and live plants and seeds.
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Help me fix my brain

Help! I think I might have ADD. Does that sound right, Internet? I know you're not doctors and can't diagnose me over the Internet. Can you help me find a place to get tested (and treated if appropriate) in Cambridge, MA? [more inside]
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Help me write my start up contract

A local web start up asked me to help start their web based business. I would be employee number 1. The venture is being funded by the founder who is a successful entrepreneur. [more inside]
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Place for me and my dog to spend some time tomorrow near Cambridge, MD?

I'll be in Cambridge for a few hours tomorrow with my dog and am looking for some places to enjoy together. [more inside]
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Help me, a mid-twenties licensed adult in NYC, finally learn to drive!

Help me learn to drive! What's a good driving school or private instructor in NYC for a mid-twenties guy who's never been comfortable driving? I have the next 10-15 days and $500 to get as many hours behind the wheel as possible. [more inside]
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Urgent: Cheapest wound care/tetanus vax near Howell, NJ?

Trying to coordinate help for a friend. She stepped on a nail, doesn't have current Tetanus vax. She needs to have the wound thoroughly cleaned and get a tetanus vax. Just the shot at Walgreen's would be $200 - she needs something cheaper (no insurance). [more inside]
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So what, exactly, is the deal with health insurance?

I get kicked off of my parent's health insurance plan next month. Should I purchase my own plan and if so how and what's the worst that could happen if I don't? [more inside]
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Ob/Gyn in NYC?

My wife and I generally have an excellent sex life, but occasionally when I try to penetrate her she experiences extreme discomfort. Fingers are fine, but penis is not (I'm somewhat thick). This is regardless of position, lube, amount of foreplay, with/without condom, etc. She's been to a couple doctors, but neither seemed particularly invested in really getting to the bottom of it, even to the point of being somewhat dismissive. Sadly, this seems to be the default of most doctors these days. So...can anyone suggest an Ob/Gyn (or other appropriate specialist) in NYC? Someone that will take her seriously and really do the work to figure out what's going on? Thanks...from both of us.
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Does this thing play WMA-Lossless *as* lossless?

Hi, I have a new Cowon iAUDIO 9 portable. The lossless files I rip from Windows Media Player end up the same size on the device after synced. However, the device doesn't have a way to check the bitrate of any song. But it's acknowledged (not yet directly to me by the slow-to-reply makers in South Korea) that the device does NOT support WMA-Lossless, only everybody's precious FLAC. It will PLAY WMA, but usually on players like this the bitrate is 320. [more inside]
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So very jealous.

How do I deal with this jealousy? [more inside]
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Twenty First Century Courting

I took a 6 month break from dating to do some soul searching and reevaluate my skewed relationships with men. Along the way, I met some awesome dudes, each of whom I'd be interested in dating. I've developed solid friendships and strong feelings with each of them. Now my self-imposed love sabbatical is over and I'm not sure how to transition smoothly back into the dating world [more inside]
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What's up with the Zillow home value forecast for Austin?

Zillow predicts just a 0.1% rise in home values over the next year in Austin, and actually predicts depreciation in several areas near the center of the city. What's going on? [more inside]
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Rhyme and Meter

Is there an article or section from a book that specifically deals with poetry's rhyme and meter? [more inside]
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Help me organize my teaching life with Evernote

I am not sure what combination of tags, notebooks and saved searches I need to use to make Evernote the ultimate teacher's planner. Advice? [more inside]
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Scraping an online locator?

I am trying to scrape online locators that use google maps. I only know HTML and CSS, so, I am looking for programs or fairly simple workarounds. [more inside]
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Can germs travel from cheek to mouth?

I am trying to get sick less often. I notice that I touch my face frequently - itchy nose, eye allergies etc. I am going to stop doing that. However, do I also need to stop touching my face entirely? I like resting my chin on my hands. What if my cheek is itchy? From research on google, you're supposed to stop touching your face. Can germs actually travel from cheek to mouth, etc? Is this advice just to stop touching mucus membranes? By germs I mean common bacteria and viruses. Thank you!
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That's SanDeE* with a star

Sometimes I have to edit a document that contains many instances of the same proper name, such as a story about a person named Scheindler. Is there an easy way to get Word (or another program that I could paste the document into) to indicate any instances that are clearly trying to be Scheindler, but aren't (Schindler or Schiendler or Sheindler)? [more inside]
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Places for a lunch meeting in Chicago (near the Hilton...)?

I had to do this last year for San Francisco. This year, it's in Chicago! I'm looking for a place that can comfortably seat a group of 7 for an informal lunch meeting. It has to be within a five-minute walk of the Chicago Hilton, reasonably priced, decent food, and have a semi-quiet environment. I see some possibilities on Yelp, but it's hard to judge from there whether they'd actually be suitable. Any kind of food is fine, but vegan/vegetarian recommendations are especially welcome. Thank you for your help!
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Non-terrible hats for women

Non-touristy, non-dowdy hat suitable for a 20-something female. [more inside]
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How to help a grieving student?

I am a (new) professor at a small, rural university. One of my students has had to take an emergency leave due to a death in their family. Aside from assuring them that they need not think about their schoolwork at all, and that we'll work it out when they're ready, is there anything else I can do to support them? [more inside]
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Poetry in Song

A song request: occasionally when listening to (new to me) music I notice that I recognise a song and not because it's a cover but a poem! For example Yeat's 'Song of Wandering Aengus' seems to have been set to music by various artists (Waterboys, Donovan) or more recently I heard King Charles' album and suddenly realised I was listening to 'The Ballad of Reading Gaol'. I rather like it when this happens but I've found it a hard thing to search for, so what else is there? Interested in pretty much any genre or age - and mainly curious about more 'literary' poetry, although good versions of traditional ballads are definitely welcome!
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Is this master's in software worth pursuing?

I have the opportunity to pursue this master's in software program for free. I jumped on the opportunity, but now as my first semester winds to a close, I'm beginning to wonder just how valuable this actually is. [more inside]
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How to help a friend going through hell

Major breakup, deaths of close relatives, and pet illness and predicted pet death. How can I possibly help? [more inside]
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Help me own my name.

How do I approach someone about buying their domain name, and then what do I do if they agree? [more inside]
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How to submit an original document from 5,000+ miles away

I'm a photographer, and next Thursday I'm planning to shoot a fashion editorial in San Francisco. Being a smart cookie, I want to get a permit to shoot so that I don't get stopped, or arrested or, well, anything else nasty. But apparently I must submit the documents in person. What, if anything, can I do? [more inside]
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Opening Spotify's web version from links.

Having just come back to Spotify after a few months, I was wondering if we'd worked out how to open the web version instead of the app from links yet?
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Why does my vision blank out when I'm relaxed?

Sometimes when I'm relaxed, for instance sitting at my computer, I start to lose vision in my left eye. It usually takes the form of a dark "C" or donut around my central vision (e.g. I can see through it to a single word but it covers up most of the web page). If I blink or even move my eye in the slightest, it goes away, returning in a few seconds if I am still relaxed. [more inside]
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Your experiences with FreeCAD

Do any of you have recent experience with FreeCAD? How do you like the software, and how about that STL output? How easy is it to export files from FreeCAD to be used in other CAD packages? Objective: 3D printing Reference point: Solidworks [more inside]
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How to build confidence and destroy fear?

I'm working on a project designed to help people build confidence and overcome fear. As part of that, I'm trying to build a library of resources -- books, quotes, websites, video clips, etc. -- that explore what it's like to face fear and build courage. I have lots of material already, but I'm looking for more. What are some of your favorite bits about developing confidence and/or destroying fear?
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Looking for a contemporary dress with a 1920s cut

I love the cut of this Zara long lace dress, which strikes me as very 20s-flapperish. I am hoping to find some similarly cut, non-vintage dresses. [more inside]
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Why is writing things down demotivating?

As soon as I write something down, I forget about it. This is very problematic for to-do lists... because as soon as I write down a thing I want to do, I no longer feel like doing it and find it uninteresting to even think about (because hey, I wrote it down, so I no longer have to think about it). Help me hack my motivation to overcome this. [more inside]
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2nd gen Asian American writing re: parents and family

I'm looking for something written from a second generation Asian American perspective that starts with this premise: [My parents/family treat(ed) me badly] But does NOT end with this conclusion: [...but they are immigrants and don't know the culture so I can't really judge them, and they sacrificed so much for me and I feel guilty and they just wanted the best for me, so therefore, I love them to pieces]. [more inside]
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CoffeFilter: What are your best tips to help quit drinking coffee?

Did you kick your coffee-drinking habit? If so, how? [more inside]
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Should I contact my initial interviewer, or just wait?

I could really use some help regarding my follow-up to an interview... I'll keep the details short and to the point. [more inside]
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What will happen to the volunteers?

An non-profit organization with staff and volunteers has been non-union for its existence. Because of proposed changes by its board of directors, staff have applied to unionize. Some staff perform the same tasks as volunteers, but volunteers perform the overwhelming majority of the core work of the organization. The ratio of volunteers to staff is about 35 to 1. First, can a non profit unionize? And second, if it becomes a union shop, what will be the status of the volunteers?
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Protocol for Photos on a Blog?

What is the protocol for 'reblogging' photos you find at various places on the internet? [more inside]
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How do I make my Amazon "Hope To Read" list private?

A google search of my name revealed an Amazon "Hope to Read" list that I didn't know existed. This is a public record of the books I've bought and, for kindle books, how much I've read of each. I've tried looking through Amazon's settings and googling this question--how do I make my books private? [more inside]
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What is OkCupid like for men?

I'm interested in the male experience when it comes to this popular dating site. [more inside]
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Can you improve on "It sucks but do it anyway" as a musical mantra?

Looking for motivational songs that lyrically acknowledge tedium or lack of willingness to get something done while telling you to suck it up, in the vein of (previously on MeFi) "Do It Anyway" by Ben Folds Five. Need to be able to chant the refrain while, e.g., getting out of bed early to go work out. Has to have a driving beat, of course.
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Should I keep seeing this therapist?

I felt invalidated by my therapist two sessions ago and can't seem to get over it, even after bringing it up with her. There also has been a lot of awkward silence lately and I feel like I'm just saying the same things over and over again. [more inside]
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What's the name of this paradox?

I have vague recollections of someone telling me of a paradox many moons ago, it went thusly: There's no point in launching a spaceship on a deep space mission, because as technology advances so rapidly (e.g. Moore's law) that any ship you build in the future will be faster/more efficient and hence overtake any craft that you launch now, inferring that one should always put off launching a deep space mission. The same person told me it was called 'Clarke's Paradox' (I think?) but I can't find any reference to it, save Clarke's Laws (i.e. "Any technology sufficiently advanced will be indistinguishable from magic" etc). Can anyone help put a name to this paradox?
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Human Vision Heuristics?

Are there any rules of thumb that human factors experts, graphic designers or user interface designers use regrading how much detail a typical human eye can resolve in different commonly-encountered situations? [more inside]
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Where to store luggage near the Farmer's Market in San Francisco?

I am flying into SFO tomorrow morning but unable to access the condo I am staying at until the late afternoon. I'd like to go to the farmer's market but I do not want wheel my luggage around. Where would be a good place to store it for the day?
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Paterson, New Jersey, or nearby temporary accommodation urgently needed.

The day after she graduates from nursing school in early May in North Carolina my niece has to take her 20 month old daughter for a five-week outpatient medical treatment in Paterson. There is no Ronald McDonald house nearby. Please help us find reasonably priced and safe accommodations for a young single mom and her baby. [more inside]
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What are the best descriptions of food you know of?

In a training I am running I want to include a description of food that is so good it would make your mouth water. Ideally, I would read it out, but I could also play a video. I'm drawing a blank though on actually finding such a description. Anything spring to mind for you guys? Ideally it would be more literary than straight-up food writing, but I am open to anything.
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Thinking of moving to Asheville. Scouting soon.

Do you have suggestions? Should we do it? Where? In town? Farther out? Way out in the country? Neighborhoods to check and things to look out for? [more inside]
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Best shops near République in Paris?

Bonjour! I am heading to Paris tomorrow, and would like to spend a little of my time there shopping. I am not a fashonista but like to look really sharp for my job. Know of any secret gems? [more inside]
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Help me live with less stuff while increasing my self-sufficiency.

Over the past few years, I have successfully simplified my life by getting rid of a lot of stuff. Now my new goal is to increase my self-sufficiency, but I’m finding that my previous efforts of uncluttering have made me more dependent on outside resources and services. How should I balance simplicity and self-sufficiency? [more inside]
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Can I hook a second room's speakers up to a single-zone 5.1 receiver?

I have an overabundance of stereo/home theater equipment and I need to simplify. Is it possible to hook a second pair of stereo speakers up to an existing 5.1 system in some way? The receiver does NOT have a second zone. [more inside]
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Is this a spambot, or is my memory bad?

Earlier today I got a message from an address and name I didn't recognize with no text and "Hiii@" as the subject. 'This is clearly spam' I thought, and marked it as such. About 15 minutes later I get a gchat invitation from the same person. I shrugged, and decided to answer it. The conversation seemed real enough, and there was no enticement to do anything like click on a link or buy some scammy product. I'm racking my brain and still can't place the name. Is this a spam bot, or a real person? [more inside]
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Landlord does not want tenant to have the carpets professionally cleaned

She is willing to pay for it. We (her friends, who are staging an intervention of sorts) feel landlord is being ridiculous. I'm asking on her behalf because 1) I'm taking this sooo personally because I don't think the situation is fair; This to me is no longer about a mouse, it's about a control freak landlord, but anyway. and 2) I also don't think it can wait for her to sign up on AskMeFi and wait the one week it takes for her to ask it herself. Way forward? [more inside]
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I need a very inexpensive beater car for short drivers.

I have up to $2000 at my disposal, and need a sedan or 5-door hatchback/wagon that can accommodate drivers 4'9" - 5'. My early 2000's mid-size American sedan does have a tilting steering column. However, since it does not telescope, when the driver adjusts the seat forward, the steering wheel is too close to their chest to be safe, and they still can't see much over the steering wheel. Using seat cushions means not having enough reach to use the pedals. Any advice to models to keep an eye out for or solutions pertaining to height would be appreciated! [more inside]
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Why did my bank call me just to say hi?

I recently got a "courtesy call" from a local branch of Chase bank, asking me if I was happy with their service and if there was anything they could improve or anything else they could do for me or something. Why? [more inside]
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New York Restaurant Recommendations for a French mother-in-law

I'm heading to New York in 3-4 weeks, and haven't been back in a couple years. I feel "out of the loop" when it comes to restaurants, and on top of that, I'm going with my French mother-in-law, who is pretty tough when it comes to food. In the past, being French, she's liked Balthazar & Pastisse, but found Otto too loud and kitchy. I have 3 dinner meals to book, and have NO IDEA where to start, any suggestions?
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Is this a crazy way to see Italy for the first time?

Wife and I are going to Italy in a couple of weeks. It's our first trip there, and one we wanted to do for a long time. Friends that have been there are telling us all the places to see in Rome, Venice, Florence etc. Thing is, other than being in Rome the first & last night, we aren't going to any of those places, and don't really want to! We're planning to get off the beaten path as much as we can. Is this a good/bad idea? I'm having doubts now.. [more inside]
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Basic questions about American healthcare system

I'm a Canadian and somewhat ignorant about the U.S. healthcare system. Some simple questions inside. [more inside]
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Alexandria - the reading list

I'm looking for solid histories of Alexandria (Egypt, not Virginia). Overviews are good, as are works more specifically social, intellectual, military, or economic. I'm particularly interested in ancient and Napoleonic information, but all suggestions are welcome! Web resources are welcome as well as print works; I have access to ILL and an academic library.
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Dialect in "The Singing Detective"?

What is the regional dialect/accent in the childhood scenes in the British miniseries "The Singing Detective"? Does it have a name? Does it still exist today? [more inside]
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I'm bored with my remote online job, in a town. Should I move to a city?

I am wondering whether to move from a small town to a big city to boost my career. My partner has been offered a job in London, but is on the fence, 50/50, and is looking to me for the swing vote. [more inside]
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Contraception conundrum

Long story short, I had a very bad experience with the Mirena iud and now considering the Nuvaring. Wondering if this is a bad idea.... [more inside]
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April 25

This doctor should never be allowed near transgender children.

A friend's 11-year old transgender child had an extremely traumatic and invalidating experience with a Medicaid primary-care provider in Corpus Christi, TX. What recourse does she have? [more inside]
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I need a good plan for covering living expenses while alimony decreases

Looking for some general advice on my financial situation. I'm contemplating hiring a financial planner, but they're $500 for two hours worth of work. I don't think my stuff is that complicated. I'm coming out of a nasty divorce, and count myself fortunate that I don't have debt to my eyeballs. Nevertheless, I want to make the best of what I have. So I'm looking for advice on where to throw money, where to take money, etc. [more inside]
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Upstream Color Explanation

What is the significance of the unhappy couple (wife is hospitalized) midway in the movie Upstream Color?
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domestic violence resources in Bangkok

asking for a friend: do you have contact information for domestic violence shelters/hotlines/resources in Bangkok Thailand. Preferably in Thai, but can also be in English. [more inside]
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How many SDKs? Red Bulls or Rockstar?

What do I need to be thinking about while organizing a game jam? [more inside]
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I'm 45, female and just discovered I'm bi. Now what?

I'm 45, female and just discovered I'm bi. Now what? Yes, I know it seems unlikely, and the nearest I can figure is my arousal/desire for every single one of my lovers has occurred after being desired, rather than finding someone hot in advance. I was married for a very long time, and possibly oblivious to any gay come-ons, in my premarital time. For the sake of the information I seek, can we please assume that I am correct - that I am bi, and that this wasn't just experimental? (which has been suggested to me by a straight friend). [more inside]
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Moneylending in Edwardian Great Britain

There's a small curious thing that I've been wondering about for some time, and I hope MeFi can help me find out more about. I have a predilection for novels set in the 1920s and 30s, particularly Enligh ones. I've read more than my fair share of Wodehouse and Sayers and the odd Agatha Christie as well. And in these books I've often come across a passing reference to what seems to have been a well-known variety of small classified ad, in which a Scottish moneylender offers to lend anything up to £10,000 on "your note of hand alone." Except, from context, it's pretty much always implied that such moneylenders were a) not Scottish and b) wouldn't actually lend money without collateral. Can anyone tell me more about this phenomenon? [more inside]
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Supporting Oneself with Freelance News Photography: Possible??

It's looking like I'll be jobless this summer. Would it be possible to keep myself alive by taking photos of newsworthy events and selling them to news organizations? [more inside]
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It was Biiiilllll...

In the late 1990's on the Oprah Winfrey show, there was a brief piece on a song that reached the low end of the R&B charts. Sonically it was pretty traditional soul music, but the twist was that it was a cheating song, but the female singer catches her man cheating with another man, named "Bill," which was the title of the song, IIRC. If anyone can provide me with the singers name that'd be great. Bonus points for an mp3 or youtube link.
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Who are some really good contemporary singer-songwriters that perform often or mostly on guitar, but are not particularly better than average when it comes to technical skill at the instrument itself?
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Help me help my coffee table, Furniture Repainting Edition.

I found this coffee table on Craigslist for $15. While structurally it's pretty sound, the previous owners painted it; it looks like they may have just spray painted the poor thing without a drop of primer or sealant, because the top is chipping (see photos). Not ever one to leave passable alone, I decided that I had to repaint it. I've read as many furniture painting tutorials as I could get my hands on - the best seemed to be DIY on the Cheap, Young House Love, Centsational Girl, and Mouse House - and I still have a few questions for you guys. [more inside]
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What is this myth I'm misremembering?

Is it Hercules? Ulysses? Odysseus or some other old mythic dude? What's the myth where he (whoever he is) has to fight a terrible creature, and it keeps changing shape. The key to triumph has something to do with the fact that he's strong enough (physically or mentally) to hold on through all these changes? Is this ringing a bell? What myth am I misremembering?
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How should I celebrate with my attorney?

It's been a long, drawn out, time consuming battle, but finally, after 2.5 years, we're closing in on the finish line. All but one party has agreed to a final offer, and it looks like a settlement is almost certain. I am pleased to say that I have had an excellent working relationship with my attorney and credit us both equally for a significant accomplishment. Here's a question for the attorneys out there. How would you like to be thanked by a client? I've already given my attorney a bottle of tequila for hard work on one of two gigantic briefs. Then I just lost another bottle on a stupid bet I wagered on whether one of the parties to the settlement would agree to the mediator's amount. The big moment we've been waiting for is fast approaching. What to do to celebrate? Recommendations?
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Do employment contracts mean anything in China?

The company behind my Chinese summer teaching job unilaterally terminated my contract after several months of using my name and record to advertise their program to students. I need help understanding the situation. [more inside]
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Help me find more skirts like my favorite! Snowflakes inside...

I own this skirt from Old Navy in black and gray, and am thinking of getting the blue striped one. I LOVE these skirts. They're uber-comfortable for work in the spring and summer! They don't wrinkle! They're not made of overly-weird fabric! The problem is, Old Navy only has the two (maybe three) colors that I like. I'd love one in, say, a nice deep red, or a dark purple, maybe some prints. The problem is, I can't find them anywhere. I wear a 3X in Old Navy's clothes, so around a US womens 26. I also can't afford to spend a ton of money. But I would like a couple more skirts to add to the summer work wardrobe! Any suggestions as to where I might find my skirt-nirvana?
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How to find a job using Chinese language skills?

Hey Mefis! I am asking this question on behalf of my brother-in-law who recently got laid off. Does anyone here have advice to give to a guy with a degree in Chinese and minor in business who would like to work in manufacturing/ sourcing for a US company either in the US or China? [more inside]
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I've done wrong and I need to make it right

I cheated on my partner early last year. We were going through an extremely bad patch and I dealt with it in the worst possible way. We've come a long way since then, and I think I want to spend the rest of my life with him, if he'll have me. But I think he deserves to know about my worst secrets if we're going to do that. How do I do this in the least awful way? [more inside]
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When did become OK to drop the comma after a state?

In the past week or so I have seen numerous constructions like this headline and lead sentence ("Erik Loomis argues that the reason we don’t see more tragedies like West, Texas is because the US has outsourced industries to places like Bangladesh..."). Should there not be a comma after "Texas" in that headline and sentence? I have even had writers tell me that editors (on internet sites) have actively removed the second comma in a mid-sentence "Cityname, State, ... " construction. Is it not still "West, Texas, ..."? Punctuation police—can we get a ruling? Are standards shifting, or is this just a case of bad editing?
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What happens to packages shipped without the addressee's phone #?

I recently ordered something something from the US via eBay to be shipped to Canada, but did not include my phone number with my mailing address. What will happen to the package when it reaches customs if my number is not on it?
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Any advantage to IRA if I can't deduct contributions?

I'm taking a new job with a very small company that doesn't offer a 401k. My spouse's job does offer a 401k. Based on what I see on this page, with our income, we would not be able to deduct any contributions I make to an IRA, and we're not eligible for a Roth IRA. So what is my best retirement investment strategy? [more inside]
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Mystery ultraviolent manga from/before late '80s

Hoping to ID an incredibly violent manga that I read a few pages of, back around '88 give or take a couple of years. I've had some images seared in my then-impressionable brain. Lots of blood and gore but not explosively cartoonish like, say, Hokuto no Ken / Fist of North Star. More cruel than anything. Set in modern times. The main character was some sort of vagabond/wanderer/assassin, and was drawn in a Golgo 13 style, with longish hair and maybe a leather jacket. Episodic stories as far as I can tell of him going around fighting baddies. [more inside]
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What do you think of these work benefits? And tips for negotiation?

Fresh architecture grad getting into the job market. Want to know if you can help break down these job benefits so I can better wrap my head around them and tips you might have for negotiation. [more inside]
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Lost in the loops

Programming question: I'm looking for recommendations for some kind of visualization tool to help me stay organized within complex nested loops and if statements. [more inside]
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Romance novel suggestions, similar to Danielle Steel?

My grandmother is in her 80s, but loves romance books, especially Danielle Steel. She's gotten several of the Harlequin Intrigue, etc series, but says that there's too much sex in them. She prefers the Danielle Steel books because of the plot (I think?). Can you suggest any other authors/books? [more inside]
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The Booker Prize of Bantam Books

Given that I've found some great novels that I could've overlooked due to being regarded as 'genre fiction', I've often been curious: are there amazing hidden gems hiding in the least literary of places? Are there stellar novels that are ignored as they're published as Harlequin, Mills and Boon, teen book-packagers or under 'inspirational fiction' imprints? [more inside]
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How can I relearn high school subjects?

I want to relearn algebra, chemistry, basic mechanics, and basic physics this summer. For free? [more inside]
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What really matters in a long term relationship?

I love my boyfriend dearly but am starting to doubt our long term potential. I don't know if I'm asking smart questions, or letting my inner commitment phoebe dictate my thinking. [more inside]
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How do you use your Livescribe device?

I am curious how people who are not students use Livescribe pens at work. [more inside]
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Name the part!

So I started a little maker-project,but I am new to all this and don't know the correct vocabulary to get what I need. What I need is a screw-nut with a little threaded hole in it's side so I can secure it with a little screw on the threaded rod I screw the srew-nut onto. It looks like this. Bonus points if you can tell me the german word for it. My second question is for a nice Forum where I can ask those beginners questions about mechanical problems. Maybe a nice Maker forum where all kinds of stuff like this and Arduino, 3D printing etc. question can be asked. Thanks!
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How should three tourists enjoy Valborg in Stockholm next week?

Two friends and I, all Americans, will be in Stockholm next week when it is Valborg/Walpurgis/Vappu. Is there anything in particular we should see, or do you have any guidelines for how to enjoy this as foreigners? Open to all suggestions, except for going somewhere other than Stockholm. [more inside]
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Find picture of a guy applying lube to a guy while riding Tour de France

I swear I saw this, probably 15 years ago, in a newspaper or cycling magazine or something. 2 guys riding bikes, pretty sure it was an article about the Tour de France. One guy has his pants rolled down to expose his crack, the other guy is applying lube in the form of a stick, looked sort of like a tube of deoderant. [more inside]
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How can I interview for the open-term job, not the fixed-term job?

So I applied for an academic position in the UK and I've been invited to interview (yay!). Only just now I realized that they were advertising for two positions, one of which is fixed-term. [more inside]
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Which approach to sous vide?

I’ve gotten a bee in my bonnet about sous vide cooking, but I’m not sure whether I want to build from scratch, buy an integrated PID with a SSR (Dorkfood, Auber) and a crockpot, or an integrated solution like the Sidekic. I’m not in the market for more pricy options (Sous Vide Supreme and above)—unless the other alternatives really don’t cut it (especially with eggs, which apparently are a little fickle, but would be something I’d love to cook this way). What’s been your experience with these alternatives? [more inside]
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what music to put in background when working/incrs. concentration/studyg

what music to put in background when working / to increase concentration / while studying I get bored a lot when working and get also distracted easily by outside noises. I'm looking for non-distracting music to put in the background. I'm familiar with iMusic. And there's some classical. Any further suggestions?
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Is pursuing a side-job as a zumba instructor worth it?

I am thinking of enrolling in a zumba instruction course in order to begin the process of getting licensed/certified to teach zumba. [more inside]
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So so grades and future employment prospects

I'm about to finish a master's program and my grades are less than stellar. How big of an effect might this have on my employment prospects going forward, and what are some strategies to deal with this? [more inside]
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Low-budget DIY microfiche scanning?

In the next day or two, I'll be getting some microfiche via ILL for an academic project. Ideally, I'd be able to digitize portions (50-100pp, probably) of them for future use in a way more efficient (and cheaper...) than printing out paper copies and scanning them. I have a Nikon D80 with a 50mm f/1.8 and a 105mm f/2.8 (I think) and a tripod, an iPad 3, a MacBook Pro, and a grad student budget. My campus has photocopiers that are also flatbed scanners; I'd be able to use one for an extended period of time if necessary. Any suggestions about the best ways to do this?
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Who are all these editors?

Help me understand the editor hierarchy at the magazine I write for. Every article I do for them seems to take a different path, with different editors contacting me about different things, but it's never consistnet. I can never figure out if I'm communicating with the right person. [more inside]
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Moving to Edmonton in a few months, what do I need to know?

Tell me everything I need to know about moving to Edmonton. Best job placement agencies? How easy is it to get into an entry-level trade position? Best places to rent (cheaply)? And any and all other info Edmonton-based mefites can provide is much appreciated... [more inside]
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Help me find this online Spanish tutoring site

A few months ago I found a certain online Spanish tutoring site I wanted to try out, but now I'm unable to locate it after much Googling. The site (which may have offered languages other than Spanish) had private tutors who conduct sessions via Skype. The main page showed photos and bios of the many available tutors, with star ratings and links to reviews written by students. As I recall, each tutor could set his/her own price. What site might this have been?
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Solutions for searching a large collection of pdfs web available

I have a lot of (50GB) pdfs and some epub documents. I would like to find a way to search through them quickly and accurately, in a way that is web accessible. I would like highlights of matches from inside the document to display. [more inside]
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Exercises for missionary position

What are the best exercises to help you thrust/pound harder and sustain your weight with your arms for longer.
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How should I address my soon to be in-laws?

I have no idea how to address my in-laws. Please help. [more inside]
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I need an in depth example in each of the 6 major art forms

Hello, I recently had to write a dissertation in class arguing whether the state is concerned with artistic creation. The prof criticised me for limiting my examples in literature and poetry and recommended me to have at least a solid example in each of the 6 art forms. [more inside]
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Advice on what to do before/during an interview to assess my Spanish?

I'm an intermediate Spanish speaker, and I have an interview in a couple days to assess my Spanish level. How can I be as successful as possible, both as far as brushing up/practicing, as well as keeping my nerves under control? [more inside]
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Towns to use as a home base in Scotland?

My family will be spending 10 days road tripping through Scotland in May. There will be four adults (myself, my husband, and my retired parents), and one 18 month old toddler. What towns will work best as bases for exploring surrounding areas? [more inside]
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Ethereal yet poppy electronic music?

Looking for more ethereal electronic (is that even what the kids call it these days?) music with a certain feeling to it - sort of happy, sort of sad, slightly otherworldly, all blending to create a dreamy, transcendant feeling. [more inside]
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Help me eat some delicious cake!

I don't eat baked goods very often any more, so when I do I want them to be as amazingly tasty as possible. I've been working up a pretty serious cake craving, but where (in NYC) should I go? [more inside]
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What is the current social acceptability of going braless?

I don't really like wearing bras. I'm a 32 A/B. Is it generally socially acceptable to go braless? [more inside]
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In person affordable San Francisco wall art buying.

I want to buy some art in San Francisco. The kind in frames that you hang on the wall. [more inside]
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seeking non-violent PS3 games with female protagonists

I'm looking for games available for the PlayStation 3 with (fully clothed, not overtly sexualized) female protagonists, or protagonists of unspecified gender. Ideally, the games would also be non-violent or minimally violent, and they would rely largely on puzzle-solving rather than time-sensitive and reflex-dependent jump-and-shoot strategies. [more inside]
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How is hiring and interviewing different in the UK than the US?

I may be hiring a couple software engineers in the UK this year. What should I expect to be different from the US? [more inside]
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Red-faced runner

How can I prevent or shorten the time that my face is beet red after going for a jog? [more inside]
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Which iPad?

Is a Retina display on an iPad worth the extra cost? [more inside]
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I need a source for metal rings

Where can I buy metal rings with an inner diameter of 1" to 6" in 1" increments? [more inside]
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Please help me with specific podcast episode recommendations!

Spontaneous weekend road trip tomorrow, 9 hour drive in each direction (that's the distance to the closest city from our remote location). If I had more time I would comb through various podcasts to pick out ones I think I'd like, but this time I could use your help. [more inside]
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Any downside to a combination cardio and strength workout?

Any downside to a combination cardio and strength workout? I have started doing combination cardio-strength workouts at my gym. A typical workout goes like this: 10-15 minutes on the treadmill, then I immediately do strength exercises, with no downtime between sets. For example, I’ll do a set of pull-ups, then straight to a set of chest fly on a machine, then a set of dips, then a set of ab crunches, then a set of shoulder presses on a machine, then back to the pull-ups, and the cycle repeats (though I often mix up the order depending on the availability of machines, and my mood). [more inside]
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Help Me Find This Article Comparing Incorporating In Different Places

Within the last year or two I'd read an article on Slate or Salon or some similar web site where the authors set up their own corporations (possibly LLCs) in a few different jurisdictions and compared the ease, speed, cost, etc. Now I want to find the article again and my Google-fu is failing me. [more inside]
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How do you take care of yourself when you have a migraine?

I live alone and suffer from migraines. What can I do to take care of myself? [more inside]
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Replacement for Echofon (Twitter client) on Windows desktop?

For a while I've been using Echofon as my Twitter client. It's got some things I don't like, but I always assumed they'd eventually get fixed. However, Echofon has discontinued support for the desktop client, opting instead to focus on mobile platforms. I'm looking for a replacement, since some features in Echofon have inexplicably stopped working and obviously won't be fixed. Anyone got suggestions on a replacement? [more inside]
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2.5 km to 10km in a month?

Hello. I am signed up to run the Manchester 10 k on 26 May. I have never run any kind of race in my life before, and am REALLY „not sporty“ though I am used to hiking/cycling. I have not, to put it mildly, trained as much as I should. By now I can jog for 2.5 – 3 km in half an hour, and have mostly „trained“ on the treadmill rather than outdoors (I strained a muscle running outdoors and feel like it’s my muscles and joints that are most struggling with the running rather than anything „cardio“ related as such. So my actual question: is it still possible to get myself into a condition where I can get round the route without walking it and without injuring myself (too badly) in the remaining time? [more inside]
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SEC staffing

Does the US Securities & Exchange Commission have computer scientists on staff who can parse trading algorithms? Or is its staff primarily lawyers and accountants? [more inside]
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Is this game the right birthday gift?

Game: Benoît Sokal's Sinking Island. Unknowns: Mother, potentially her laptop. [more inside]
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Bankruptcy, Paypal, and BillMeLater

I am filing bankruptcy soon (95% of my debt is medical debt). BillMeLater (owned by Paypal) is one of my creditors. Can or will Paypal try to take money out of my bank account to cover the debt? Will they close my Paypal account? [more inside]
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I don't like the feeling of this...

Is there any good reason why top-level management would ask me why I chose to work in their company after I started working there? [more inside]
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Emphasis on reuse

What are some craft projects that are made out of things that would be thrown away? [more inside]
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Strange, short surge in visits from Opera Mini users

Today, one page of our website experienced a 1 h surge: about 600 unique visitors landed there after doing a highly specific search on Google. The question was relevant and our (non-commercial) site ranks 1rst for this question, so while unusual this can be explained except for one thing: all those visitors were using the Opera Mini browser on a mobile device connected to a service provider that Google Analytics calls "Opera software asa". Also, the surge peaked at 11 am GMT+1 and then was basically over (no tail). Any idea of what happened? [more inside]
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USB interface for vinyl conversion with a mac?

What device do I get to connect from preamp out to Mac via USB for better sound quality in converting cassettes and vinyl to digital media using my existing stereo and existing Mac mini? I don't want or need to buy a new sound system or computer. [more inside]
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What mental health therapist professional organization should I join?

After 27 years working in education, I'm transitioning into a career as a mental health therapist, a role I haven't formally been in for a whole lot of years and I'm attempting to determine which professional organizations I should consider joining. [more inside]
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Bars in Oak Park, Ill.

Getting married in Oak Park, I'll., this weekend and I'm looking for recommendations for a bar that would be good for a small group of people to hang out in at night after the planned events are over. [more inside]
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What's up with my face?

YANAD, but what are these lines on my face?? They start from the inner corner of each eye and run in a long semi-circle under my eye to the middle of my outer cheek area. Bad phone quality pictures here and here (it's a good day so they aren't as puffy so it may be hard to tell). Limited Google results tell me they may be malar festoons/mounds??, however I can only find articles on these in older people and I'm 23. Some days they are barely noticeable and others they are very pronounced (for example, at 16 I was once asked how I got those big scars on my face). I haven't noticed any link between how pronounced they are and what time of day it is, if I am especially tired etc. It can sometimes make me quite self conscious when I catch a glimpse of my reflection in a window or mirror and see these pronounced creases cutting through my cheek fat. Any ideas??
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Wanted! Small, inexp. laptop that allows clean installs of Windows 7.

Hi everyone! I need to buy a small, inexpensive laptop that runs Windows 7. The thing is, I need one with a clean install (i.e., no crapware), and which comes with an install disk (or which lets me burn an install disk) that lets me re-install a clean copy of Win 7 when/if needed. Bonus points if it lets me install and dual-boot Ubuntu or other Linux distro! [more inside]
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Independent art in Berlin

I'm in Berlin on Saturday, and I'd like to look at, and maybe buy some art. Where should I go? [more inside]
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What are the prerequisites to learn HTML5?

I am a beginner in information technology, and I need to learn HTML5. For me to start learning HTML5, I need to know what languages/codes that I should know to start working in HTML5. I know HTML5 are used for webpages, mobile, games, and others. For example, I knew that I should be familiar with CSS3 So what are other basic information and skills needed to learn before starting with HTML5? Thanks
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If I could memorize anything, could I nearly guarantee success in Poker?

I recently listed to a This American Life episode about professional poker players, who learned how to accurately estimate pot odds in Texas Hold-Em based upon their hands and the revealed cards, rigidly bet/folded based upon those odds, and won a lot of money. Is there any reason I can't do the same if I knew how to memorize the calculations they use? If so, where would I start (what books/websites contain this info?) and why can't I just automate that process (or consult a table of calculations) and win a lot of money in online poker?
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How do you cheer up when you're sad?

So I'm feeling miserable a lot lately. What do you do when you're feeling bad, to cheer yourself up? Restriction: Must be something I can do alone.
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April 24

A few good men (and women)

I'm looking for stories, personal and otherwise, about men and women showing extraordinary devotion, faithfulness, honesty, and integrity in relationships. [more inside]
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How to change HO toy trains from DC to DCC.

I want to change my train setup from DC to DCC. How do I do that? [more inside]
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Brain aneurysm: what's normal?

About six months ago a good friend had a brain aneurysm. Doctors said that most people who had this type of aneurysm died, but she pulled through. She was in the hospital for a month and had seizures and incidents afterwards that have had her in and out of the hospital since then. I'm not a member of her family so I don't hear what the doctors say. What should I expect going forward? [more inside]
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Food contest for professional cooks

Help me organize a food contest for professional cooks! The goal is to gather a number of regional cooking professionals and have them cook their version of a regional favorite food (already predetermined.) There would be a few celebrity judges and a few people who are pretty knowledgeable about food. The contest would be public and there would be a few recipes. How would you suggest this be done? What should be included? What should be avoided?
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Two related questions about making a log-splitting block

I'm going to make a concrete block to split firewood on, and have a question about making surface hardened concrete and about whether I should put an iron plate in. [more inside]
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Does fasting to hack your sleep cycle actually work?

I'm sick of going to sleep at 8am and waking up at 2pm due to a messed-up sleep cycle. I read/saw today that you can re-set your sleep cycle in just one day by fasting for 12-16 hours before the time you want to wake up. Has anyone tried this? Does it actually work? [more inside]
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Music from "The Institute" (2013) trailer - what is it?

In the trailer for "The Institute", the first piece of music is a minimalist electronic/trumpet piece. I've tried using the iPhone apps Shazam and Soundhound to identify it but there's not enough of the music (without voiceover) to identify it. Any ideas as to how I can identify it?
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Buying used air conditioners

Craigslist regularly has listings for units that are almost $500 cheaper than what I would pay retail. What should I be looking out for with used air conditioners? [more inside]
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How can I hack my sleep schedule for 3 weeks?

I have 2.5 weeks until my university final exams. I have a lot of review to do, but at the same time, I'm also learning quite a bit of new material in my classes so I need some extra hours in my day. Since I have no other urgent commitments in the next 2 weeks (such as midterm exams), I am willing to sacrifice on sleep. Normally I have a standard schedule: asleep from ~11:30 to ~7:30. I understand there are quite a bit of polyphasic sleep schedules, but I'm only looking for something temporary and those typically take a while and have a gruelling transition period. My schedule is occupied from 7am to about 5 pm.
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Comma Chameleon: Help with comma usage needed!

How do I correctly use commas in this sentence? [more inside]
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It would be nice if I had a steady job by the end of the week

What are my options in Toronto for a steady entry-level job that I could start within a week? A line of work where they are always looking for new people and are willing to try you out without a lengthy application and interview process.
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Raising a 1 year old in Baltimore?

My husband and I just moved to Baltimore for me to attend graduate school. We're currently living in Mt. Vernon and are curious what things there are to do with a one year old around here (that are safe) preferable within a walking distance (parks, playgrounds, etc). Suggestions are appreciated!
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Dealing with Asbestos in Popcorn Ceiling

My popcorn ceilings contains asbestos and I'm wondering how should we deal with it? [more inside]
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Where can I find pierogies in East Bay?

Help me find some decent pierogies in East Bay! I'm starving for pierogies. [more inside]
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Where should we live in the Boston area?

You guys helped me land the job, now please help us figure out where to live! I'll be working in the Back Bay area and my husband in Waltham, near Prospect Park (thus not near the train station). [more inside]
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Would someone give me a Mac Pro, please? Thanks.

Would the addition of a decent graphics card turn my workaday PC into a competent NLE workstation? [more inside]
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I have some questions about studying abroad

Has anyone ever studied abroad before? [more inside]
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Tree ID

What type of tree is this? I'm sure it's quite common, as they're found all over Chicago. There were no old leaves on the ground nearby, and I'm useless at identifying leafless deciduous trees unless they're white and peeling. Thanks.
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No Murakami please

Asking for a friend: I like to read, but I don't like reading Literature. I feel really crappy about this. What literary books might I like that do not read like literature? [more inside]
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Recycling plant pollution?

The local garbage collection company is trying to put up a recycling center. Yay! Recycling is good! However, they're putting it smack middle in a rural residential area that, inexplicably, has pieces zoned commercial and the residents aren't pleased. [more inside]
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Why is food coloring getting through our science fair filter?

Why is food coloring getting through our science fair filter? [more inside]
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Flying with a cat - need advice

I'm flying with my mother's cat on Saturday, and would like some advice. I have never flown with a pet before. [more inside]
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Destination request, western/northwestern US; 20th anniversary edition

We're celebrating our 20th anniversary this summer (yay!) and we're trying to find a place to stay for a week in the western/northwestern US to celebrate this milestone. The catch is that this destination needs to be some place new to us. A few other particular requirements below the fold. [more inside]
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Elbow on fire -- is it you damn mouse?

I looked up this question, but my pain is my elbow and not my hand, arm or wrist. Googling seems to tell me it's "tennis elbow". [more inside]
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Can you get an STD from making out with someone?

I've been out of the dating arena for a long time (years), and I'm just now starting to go on dates and stuff. So far nothing has happened, but it's starting to get to the point where it might. If I make out with a girl, could I get an STD? I'm not sure whether it's "very possible," "unlikely, but not impossible," or what. Most of the safer sex info is kind of vague, which I find even more alarming.
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Holding AT&T authorized retailer accountable for terrible service?

I was verbally abused by a terrible employee at an AT&T store but they're not part of the corporate machine. What do I do? [more inside]
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Teach me the mysteries of the cult of Evernote!

So, I've got evernote and now I have evernote premium for a while. I'm using evernote from a phone and a tablet as well as several mac/windows computers. What can I do to make this all more awesome? Suggested best practices for tagging things and organizing? I work in IT as a network engineer if there are any specifically useful angles, there. I'm not part of the GTD cult, so specific Evernote/GTD things aren't that appealing for me; I am a casual Omnifocus user, though.
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The optician won't give me my prescription!

My ophthalmologist won't release my prescription. Is there anything I can do to force them to do so? [more inside]
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Options for fun, multi-generation family stay near Portland OR in May?

My dad is turning 70 and we're trying to schedule a three night stay in Oregon somewhere as a surprise for him. Unfortunately, almost everything in Portland is booked the weekend in question (May 17th) as the Rock and Roll half marathon is happening. We need other ideas for places that would be fun for my folks and for my children....give me your best ideas! [more inside]
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If I give notice, is it still abandonment? (lease law)

YANML. If I give notice of early termination of a lease, can the landlord still count it as abandonment and force me to pay rent for the remainder of the lease term? [more inside]
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Roxbury and Dorchester neighborhoods, Boston

Tell me about Roxbury and Dorchester neighborhoods! I've lived in Boston about ten years and am considering a move to one of those areas, but am pretty ignorant of the different neighborhoods within. Help me rectify this -- what are your favorite spots in Roxbury or Dorchester, and why? [more inside]
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How do you say "statistically significant" in your native language?

In English, scientists customarily use the word "significant" or "statistically significant" to refer to an effect that is distinguished from zero at a p < .05 confidence level. On the other hand, the word "significant" in non-technical English carries a connotation of being meaningful, important, or substantial; this creates confusion when researchers write about "a significant effect," since the effect might be significant in the statistical sense while being so small as to be insignificant in the common-English sense. In your native language, what word is used for "signficance" in the statistical context? Is the same word used outside the technical context, and if so, is it a word whose common meaning is something more like "detectable," more like "important," or something else entirely? In particular, does the confusion that arises in English also take place in your language?
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To tweet or not to tweet

How useful is Twitter these days? I work in an advocacy-type job at the intersection between law, politics and a giant, sometimes heavily regulated industry. I really need to strengthen my connections, and I'd also like to raise my organization's profile online. Social media is obviously one part of the arsenal -- but is Twitter a worthwhile starting point? I only have so much time in the day to devote to this, and I could instead focus my efforts on blogging for a moderately well-trafficked niche group blog. I'm not so much interested here in driving traffic to our website, but rather to entering more fully into the conversation online.
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Calm, cool, and collected.

I would assume that a company has a legal obligation to notify a consumer of outstanding charges on his or her account in a timely manner – namely, before sending that account to collections. Is this so? Can you direct me to the specific Federal or local (Massachusetts) statutes that establish this obligation? [more inside]
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Afternoon projects

I'm looking for afternoon projects that: a) can be done with a friend b) require no skill in advance c) produce something worthwhile, whether it's useful or merely impressive d) cost under $100 for parts e) are something I wouldn't consider on my own Suggestions?
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Iraq and Afghanistan fiction from women writers

Crowd-sourcing a student's question: I'm looking for contemporary novels about Iraq, Afghanistan, 9/11, and the war on terror that have been authored by women. [more inside]
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Chrome users I need help!

I'm thinking of moving from Firefox to Chrome on my work and home Windows PCs. I'm confused by bookmarking in Chrome, however. Can you help? [more inside]
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Where Do I Find On-Line Volunteers For Art Project?

I am doing an art project where I am asking people to send in photographs of their feet with a positive sentiment written on top. The project is entitled "Perfect Imperfection" or "Happy Feet" It was inspired by my sweetie realizing that her body is perfect in it's imperfection. I need to expand my reach outside of my own circle of friends to help complete the project. Is there a site I can go to online where I can ask for volunteers?
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Tiny changes in sentences that create huge changes in meaning

What are very small changes in the sound of a sentence which completely alter the meaning? [more inside]
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Astronomical tourism in Chile

Has anyone any actual experience or recommendations about astronomical tourism in Chile? [more inside]
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How do I learn to master failure with grace?

What resources, whether they're books, websites, or other media address how to stop letting success and failure affect me so much? In other words, how can I start accepting failure as an inevitability? [more inside]
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Should I attempt legal action to get this invoice paid?

A collection agency in the UK is trying to collect an unpaid invoice for me. Their initial efforts have failed; should I authorize them to go ahead with legal action? (Details and earlier question inside.) [more inside]
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Kaiser and Coumadin / warfarin INR self-testing

I've been on warfarin for many years, own a self-testing machine, and have been testing INR levels at home in cooperation with my physician for several years. I'm thinking of switching to Kaiser, but even after attempting to get an answer from them on the phone, it is not clear what their INR testing options are and whether they allow individuals to self-test. Are you on warfarin or coumadin with Kaiser, and have you been able to self-test?
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Why multi-masted schooners?

Many early sailboats were fore-and-aft rigged, e.g. Egyptian Nile sailboats of antiquity. But soon enough, boat designers moved to square-rigged ships. Then, just before the end of the Age of Sail, at the beginning of the 20th Century, come these ships with multiple schooner-rigged (fore and aft) sails, for example the seven-masted Thomas Lawson and all of these six-masters and all of these five-masters. What was the advantage of the many-masted schooner, and why did it come so late in the development of the commercial sailing vessel?
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It's my T-shirt money and I want it now!

I bought a shirt through a well-known website for my brother for Christmas. He didn't like it, and on January 13th he mailed it back, unworn, to the shirt company's warehouse. On January 15th I opened up a help desk ticket asking when I should expect a refund, and was told I'd receive an e-mail when they had gone through their returns. It has now been more than four months, and I've bumped the ticket a few times. [more inside]
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What to do with this little block of creamed coconut?

I have a little block of Grace-brand creamed coconut. I bought it because I love coconut flavour in general and I'd never seen it in my local grocery store before, but how do I use it/what do I use it in? Google hasn't been much help in finding specific ideas.
posted by torisaur at 9:20 AM PST - 9 comments

Cheap Rates Now!

What's the best website for finding inexpensive car rental? Emphasis on last minute bookings (I'm traveling in two days). [more inside]
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Need help identifying two Hawaiian/Pacific tracks

Can you help me identify two polynesian/hawaiian songs used in the Disney Polynesian area music? I'm trying to buy all of the tracks for a complete "Polynesian Resort area music loop", and I only have two tracks left... (links to LQ samples in the extended explanation...) [more inside]
posted by BleuLlama at 8:43 AM PST - 6 comments

How can (or should) I stop a bad guy?

I dated someone who harmed me. What can, or should, I do to prevent him from hurting others the same way? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:39 AM PST - 44 comments

Can you recommend companies for travel insurance? (For UK resident)

Can you recommend companies for travel insurance? (For UK resident) [more inside]
posted by philipy at 8:32 AM PST - 5 comments

How to replace a burner element?

I need to figure out how to remove my stove's glass top to replace a burner that's stopped working. [more inside]
posted by davebush at 8:31 AM PST - 3 comments

Architect versus contractor

We're planning a kitchen renovation for our century-old house this summer and have been working with an architect who has so far given us a kitchen layout and rough design. We're now getting quotes from general contractors. The GC we met with last night, who we've worked with before and trust, said further work by the architect will be a waste of money because the progress of the project will depend on how construction goes. Is he right? [more inside]
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Remote Desktop Connection woes

My work computer is a laptop running Windows 7. I am working far from my office this week (as I often do) and I connect to my work server through Remote Desktop Connection. Typically this is pretty much problem-free, but for the last two or three days, when I log in to the server, I am seeing the server's desktop not as a full screen, but in a window about 10" wide on my 17.3" laptop screen. As well, while the laptop's screen has a 16:9 aspect ratio, the window looks to be 4:3. Attempting to resize the window through the Maximize/Restore Down icon avails me naught: I can mouse over the edges of the window and drag it to a new size, but it maxes out at the size that I mention, which covers maybe 60% of the screen's real estate. Numerous reboots and resets have not rectified it and I am at a loss as to how to proceed. [more inside]
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Sneakers for flatfooted heel strikers

Please recommend sneakers for very flat, probably underpronating feet. [more inside]
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Where can one donate to Iraqi and Afghan victims of violence?

Are there any organizations I can donate to or help with that are devoted to cleaning up the messes we made in Afghanistan and Iraq? I keep seeing news of American and allied bombings accidentally killing children and civilians, and it seems like all these require something more than just an "oopsie!" or indifferent silence. [more inside]
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Please help identify this ceramic bowl

Hi, I picked up this ceramic bowl at a thrift shop and would love some help identifying the marks (hallmarks?) on the bottom. [more inside]
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Import motorcycle from US to UK?

A friend may be moving to the UK for a year this summer. He's wondering how he would go about bringing his beloved Ducati with him? It's fully compliant in the US and is less than 10 years old. [more inside]
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when was elmer the patchwork elephant first published? really.

dear administrators of the universe simulation, please fix this minor continuity error: When I was learning to read, Elmer (the story about a patchwork elephant) was one of my favourite books. I read it many many times, now the internet is claiming this is impossible. The internet is claiming that the first Elmer book was first published in 1989. Come on, I was nineteen in 1989. Given that I completed high school in 1988, I have documentation to prove i was reading big books without pictures prior to 1989. [more inside]
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Why can we only comment as our deleted Facebook page?

At my work place, we had two Facebook Pages. We made Old Page inactive/unpublished, and deleted it a couple of weeks ago. We now only use New Page. However, when we want to comment on other pages, it is the icon from Old Page that shows up. Help! [more inside]
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April 23

Great text-to-video, fast, cheap, dummy-ready?

I want to make YouTube videos of 2-3 minute text. The popular kinetic typography stuff and whiteboard stuff is eye-catching. But I have little video editing experience and suck at drawing. What is something simple I could use? [more inside]
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So did you find a new MacBook Air on a plane the other day?

Lost my MacBook Air with sensitive files on the SSD. How worried should I be? [more inside]
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Rental Car Pick Up and Drop off question

If I pick up a rental car at the airport, can another family member then drop it off for me even though they weren't with me at the time of pickup? Second, can that other family member also be allowed to drive the car even though they weren't with me at the time of pickup?
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Do you know this credenza?

We just bought this nifty sideboard in a used furniture store. To my very uneducated eye, it looks mid-century, but what do I know? I'd love to learn more about when it was made, what kind of style it is, whatever. It was labeled as dresser and came with two small matching end/bedside tables. The front has a slight concave curve. Can any vintage furniture enthusiast tell me more?
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Queens, NYC restaurant recs--Friday lunch to celebrate law school grad

Wise hive mind, My partner is graduating from law school this May, and we need to find a nice restaurant to eat lunch at following the ceremony. Within 20 minutes driving distance from Flushing, Queens, preferred, 30 minutes max for something great. [more inside]
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What did the Sampler use to make music?

A character in a recent movie records sounds with a mic into a single device made of a small keyboard with drum pads, then turns the sounds into music using this keys/pad instrument and some kind of mixing board, both lap sized. I can't seem to find any pictures online. Do these instruments exist? [more inside]
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What the f*%# am I going to wear?

Help me find work-appropriate tops to wear with skirts in hot weather. Persnickety details to follow. [more inside]
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Merging Skype and Microsoft accounts - does the account name change?

I have a Skype interview tomorrow. In logging on to Skype to test it out, I was asked by my new Windows 8 laptop to merge the Microsoft and Skype accounts. Does my account name change now? I need to know what to tell the interviewers who are asking me, now, to email it to them! Plus I have some other questions about Skype as run through a Windows 8 app. [more inside]
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Reykjavik restaurant suggestions for a Sunday night

So I'm going to be in Reykjavik for my birthday this year! Where's a good place to get some drinks and have a nice dinner on a Sunday night? [more inside]
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Bum waxing advice?

Thinking about getting my bottom (including, er, interior parts) waxed and want to know what it's like before I take the plunge. Any tips or advice on what to expect or how to prepare? Also, any recommendations for places that perform this service in NYC? Thanks! [more inside]
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Helping A Financially Struggling Co-Worker

What can I do to help out a co-worker who is financially struggling? [more inside]
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Anyone sell a low-emissions small motorcycle in the US?

Does anyone sell a low-emissions (Euro 3 or better) under-800 cc motorcycle or scooter in the US? [more inside]
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Great books about honest people struggling against a corrupt society?

I have in mind two (fiction) classics on the subject: An Enemy of the People (Ibsen) and The Winter of Our Discontent (Steinbeck). I would appreciate it if you could guide me to other valuable works on this issue.
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Recommend me some fun comic books with superheroes

What's worth reading from DC or Marvel, or the other guys in the last decade or so? I'm looking for superhero comics written recently enough that I can buy the trades new easily. I'll leave my likes and dislikes below. [more inside]
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I can do the job, mostly, really

I have a tricky job-application scenario: basically, I can do all the requirements that were advertised, but I have excellent reason to believe they expect the person in the position to semi-regularly do something my health prevents me from doing at all. How do I handle this in the application/resume process? [more inside]
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How did women come to be regarded as inferior in society?

Why/how did this idea actually start? [more inside]
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Inspirational songs like "Born this Way"

I'm looking for songs that are inspirational with a particular theme: inherent worth of the individual (details inside) [more inside]
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and I thought we were done with tax questions for a while

My employer paid me separate checks for my regular hours and overtime hours, and the overtime was not taxed. Is this cool? [more inside]
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Teach me to make tastier vegetables

Lately I crave very tasty vegetable and grain salads from very pricey cafes. Can any cookbooks or blogs teach me to cook something similar? [more inside]
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"He was the Tiger Woods of his time..."

What are some examples of people who were incredibly famous in their day but are virtually unknown today? [more inside]
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Looking for a 2003 Cadillac CTS backup light lens cover

The rear backup light panel around my license plate fell off on my 10 year old Cadillac. I have been checking junk yards and looking online and am unable to locate one affordably. Apparently, it's a common problem on this older model of car as the adhesive wears, and they tend to fall off. It was my grandmothers car before she passed away, and I love taking care of her baby. It's $600 at the dealership for the entire assembly and has to be painted. My vehicle is silver/gray but I might take any color. Any suggestions would be helpful. I believe it looks something like this (though the following one is in black) http://tinyurl.com/c28n4cz
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Help Me Get A Feel For Albuquerque NM

My husband and I will be in Albuquerque for a very short stay this spring. We have discussed the possibility of relocating there, and would like to get the best feel for the town that we can on our limited visit (2 nights and a day). Can anyone suggest some things to see and do? [more inside]
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How do you format freelance consulting work on a resume?

I've had a few freelance consulting projects for the past few months, and now I want to get a full-time job again. I'm having trouble figuring out how to put the consulting work on my resume. Hoping for suggestions. [more inside]
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What's the tool of choice for building a web-comic site?

I've built many a web site over the years, for corporate use and private individuals and small business, etc -- but never one for a web comic. How do I get started? [more inside]
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What is this search string convention?

I tried to search a database at the place I volunteer with REGEX, but it didn't work. The database interface has some built-in options to search, so I have been messing with those trying to figure out what conventions it will allow. Can you tell me what this is? [more inside]
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Rom-Com Advice Giver

I'm looking for the name of a (late-'80s?) romantic comedy based on my memory of a particular scene. The lead male (either Billy Crystal or a Billy Crystal-type) attempts to give advice to the lead female. She says that she wants to leave town and go somewhere, and he says, "So go." She counters with the reasons she has to stay; he deadpans, "So don't go." This goes back and forth two or three times. [more inside]
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I don't know what you want but I can't give it anymore

What I thought was my dream full-time job has turned into a nightmare after only three months. Help me leave ASAP. [more inside]
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Tipping a Super?

do I need to tip my super after every repair? Or just at the end of the year? [more inside]
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Laptop / Netbook that runs cool and has long battery life

Interested in a Netbook or lower power laptop that runs cool (doesn't require external cooling like this) and has long (6-8 hour) battery life. Would like to run Windows 7 so Chromebook is not a good candidate for me. And of course want to come in around $200. I know there a lot of candidates here but would really appreciate user's real life experience. Thanks.
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한글 filter - help me stress "NO MEAT" in Korean.

I speak a very small level of Korean - enough to engage in commercial transactions (especially in restaurants) but not political theorizing. When we go to Korean restaurants, I try to use my 한글 so that I'm as clear as possible. My husband and I don't eat meat. We do eat fish, but not shellfish - but no chicken, pork, beef or otherwise. (Insert quote from My Big Fat Greek Wedding here.) Husband likes to order 돌솥 비빔밥 in Korean restaurants (as do I!) but the past few times we've done so, we end up with a dish containing ground beef, despite my protestations. Here is what I say: 그는 고기를 먹지 않는다. I thought that would do it - AFAIK, it means, "he don't eat no meat." Tell me what I'm saying wrong and what I should say to avoid this issue!
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Ending semi-casual relationships to go exclusive with someone else

I've been seeing someone semi-casually for about five months -- not quite a proper relationship, but definitely not just casually dating either. Recently I met someone else whom I now want to date exclusively. What's the script for this? [more inside]
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Hey Alton Brown! Any chance you're a Mefite? I got a question for ya.

In my beef stock/soy sauce marinade, where did all this nasty congealed fat come from? [more inside]
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Big Space Things Crashing Together

Suppose that 9 Metis were, for some reason, to crash into Jupiter. How big a boom? [more inside]
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I need a culture fix!

If I were to choose 10 fiction and 10 non-fiction books to read within the next year to make me a better, more well-rounded conversationalist (for argument's sake, let's say within a college-educated professional audience), what books would give me the most bang for my buck? [more inside]
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Travel advice sought for a 40th birthday getaway.

My awesome wife will be turning 40 soon. Help me plan a surprise weekend trip, probably to Florida! [more inside]
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Need help in understanding latitude, longitude, and GPS

I'm working on a new piece of music and need to understand a little better how longitude, latitude, and GPS works. Specifically with regard to the resolution and what can be reasonably expected from current technology. [more inside]
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Evolution of property rights and land ownership in Britain?

What are the 'broad strokes' of how property rights and land ownership in Britain evolved from the days when the king giveth and the king taketh away, to the system we know today? What were the significant turning points along the way? Were those turning points accompanied (or, perhaps, triggered) by other, broader-based social changes? Particularly focused on Scotland during 18th and early 19th centuries. Bonus points for source material in books or podcasts.
posted by John Borrowman at 1:46 PM PST - 6 comments

Electricity math! Need help planning for solar...

So instead of providing an answer, please help me by showing me how you got your result. I have a 12v device that consumes 1W in idle mode, and 5W in active mode. How many "amp hours" am I looking at over a 24 hour period (always on). I am looking specifically for amp hours... I don't understand the relation between amps and amp hours yet.
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Thin screen or tablet for poster presentations

My graduate research has recently headed in a video-heavy direction, which makes the ol' poster presentation format somewhat challenging. I'd like to have a thin screen or tablet to hold — or better yet, mount — where I can easily play a number of videos. What's my best option? [more inside]
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Storing phone numbers in LibreOffice Base

I am putting together a small contact database in LibreOffice Base for a friend. I am trying to figure out how to do input validation on data like phone numbers, postal state abbreviations, and ZIP codes. It must be possible to set this up, but I can't find any helpful documentation. Can the hive mind fill the gap?
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Why is my MBP running ML appending to the clipboard if I double cmd-C?

MacBook Pro Retina running Mountain Lion. In any application, if I hit cmd-C twice in rapid succession, I hear a click and the selection gets appended to the clipboard. [more inside]
posted by chazlarson at 12:14 PM PST - 3 comments

The incredible spontaneously crashing graphics drivers

A buddy of mine has been having some utterly bizarre issues with his upgraded build: Gaming consistently causes his video card to crash. This problem is not present in any other use case—other GPU-intensive tasks such as BTC mining does not trigger instability. Isolating and stress-testing individual components fails to identify the culprit. Card itself continues to run fine in the old motherboard/CPU setup. Rolling back drivers, undervolting, etc. makes no difference. Help? [more inside]
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Toys and objects to deal with physical stress.

So there is the stress ball. That one I know. Does anyone have any other ideas for dealing with nervous energy from stress and anxiety in the office that won't bother people around you so much (esp those moments when I can't just go for a long walk or to the gym, etc). It’s a fairly routine problem for me that even after the stressor is long gone, the nervous energy sticks around. I don't so much need the 'take a deep breath' or 'think positive' type of thing, I might not even be actively thinking or worrying about anything; and I already have a good doc for the long term aspects. Just looking for some ideas about the tactile and physical side of this thing, which tends to stick around for a while and can be pretty uncomfortable.
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Please help us pick a wedding song

I don't think we've heard our wedding song yet, maybe you have? [more inside]
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What can I do about my post office's failure to deliver mail?

My local post office doesn't deliver mail, or on the rare occasion that it does, it comes horribly late. What can I do to rectify the situation? [more inside]
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Am I going to have problems getting a SIM card in Italy?

Previous AMF questions have discussed walking into various mobile providers in Italy and just buying a SIM card. Glancing around internet currently suggests that SIM card sales are (more?) heavily regulated in Italy than previously, even to the point of not offering them for sale to someone showing a passport. Curious if any current Italy residents, expats, or students can provide info for the following: US unlocked GSM smartphone owner heading to Italy for 10 days and would like to have reasonable phone and text options to call/text back to states to check on house and pets with housesitter. Data a plus but absolutely not necessary. Any advice to smooth the process of buying a SIM card in Italy would be greatly appreciated.
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How should I spend $50 at the iTunes store?

I've been given a $50 gift card to the iTunes store, and I'd like some help spending it. [more inside]
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Looking for a good, affordable tailor in London, UK

I've recently discovered the difference that quality tailoring can make to the quality of my wardrobe. Now I'm looking for a great tailor in London who can alter my clothes at a price I can afford. Any recommendations? [more inside]
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Email to Google Voice SMS

Can I email to a Google Voice number? [more inside]
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How can I keep my composure at work while mourning the death of a pet?

We will be putting our family dog to sleep this afternoon, and I'm having a hard time dealing with it/interacting with people when I'm so sad inside. What can I do to get through the work day? [more inside]
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How can I look the part as a male guest at a 40's themed wedding?

We've been invited to "a 1940's wedding party" in a few weeks. If someone told you to dress the part, as a man, what would you do? I'm not too concerned about super historical accuracy, but more just looking a little on-theme vs. every other wedding. And buying a new suit is not in the cards.
posted by smackfu at 10:30 AM PST - 19 comments

What's the best option for urgent dental care?

My front tooth, already decaying, has actually cracked down the middle. I know, should've taken care of it earlier blah blah blah but I'm taking care of it now and need to know my options. I am 24, uninsured and have very little in the way of expendable money. [more inside]
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Semi-detached or detached?

We plan to buy a house in England in a village up north. Our budgets will stretch to either a tiny little 2 bedroom detached house or a nice big four bedroom semi-detached. Which should we choose? Or should we buy in a cheaper village so we can get a bigger detached house? [more inside]
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Does passive tooth eruption exist?

I have had some years of gum issue - a few grafts, etc. Despite taking pretty good care of my teeth I am seemingly just cursed. I recently saw a new perio person and they said for most of my mouth it was actually "passive eruption" that only a little bit towards the back of my mouth has actual recession/ gum disease issues. Does this exist? [more inside]
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A gift that says "I've got your back"

My SO has had a particularly rough personal patch. I said something last night that probably didn't help. I'd like to find a gift that says "Don't worry. I've got your back through good and bad.'' [more inside]
posted by nubianinthedesert at 9:48 AM PST - 13 comments

No, I'm sorry, but I don't have time.

I have had a best friend since college. We are now both married and in our mid/ late 30's. I feel like we have nothing in common anymore and talking to her is always a downer. She also made some comments in the past that really offended me, but she has no idea. I recently had a baby and now have absolutely no desire to speak to her, because baby is my whole world and takes up every waking moment of my time and what isn't taken up by baby is taken up by husband and household work (I now stay home full time). Did you let your only friend slip away after you had kids and later regret it? [more inside]
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The perils of listening to your readers

A while ago I read an essay/article/rant online re a fantasy author / series and I'd like to read it again but google is failing me because I can't remember any specifics. [more inside]
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Good Media Catalog App for Iphone

When I finish a book or a movie, I like to write down my thoughts about it, and I'm looking for an iPhone app to organize my reading and watching notes. My particular picky bookworm/filmgeek requirements inside. [more inside]
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Should I play it cool?

I had an interview a week ago with an HR person and was told the company would be in touch soon, they liked my resume, etc. Since then... nothing much. I know who my next interviewer would be. Would there be anything weird about... emailing them and asking for an interview? Or should I wait?
posted by kettleoffish at 7:51 AM PST - 10 comments

Nonprofit Headhunters in NY?

Wanted: Names of headhunters that place communications professionals in nonprofit jobs in NYC, plus advice. Got any? [more inside]
posted by Violet Blue at 7:44 AM PST - 8 comments

There's got to be a way...

Excel functions: OFFSET? LOOKUP? ADDRESS? Unconfuse me, please. [more inside]
posted by jon1270 at 7:42 AM PST - 7 comments

Quick Refillable Laser Printer

I'm looking for a fast laser printer (black and white is fine) with low running costs and not too invasive software. Ideally one with separate toner and drum cartridges and easily refillable from non-official sources. [more inside]
posted by Static Vagabond at 7:17 AM PST - 9 comments

Advice on planning a solo UK trip

I'll be traveling around the UK for the last two weeks of June (Oxford, Bath, Edinburgh, York, London). I've never traveled abroad solo and would appreciate some tips/advice! [more inside]
posted by ilicet at 7:16 AM PST - 29 comments

Test-retest reliability design: How can I measure participants?

I am conducting a study in which I want to administer the same questionnaire to participants at two times (one week apart). I am trying to figure out if there is a way to do this all online, either through SONA software (which is accessible to me) or through some other software that I could link to from SONA. Thanks for your help! [more inside]
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What can I wear with this tweed sport coat? (I need adult garanimals.)

I bought this sport coat about a year ago, but can't figure out what to wear with it. Usually, sales people help me out by showing me some possible combinations, but I made the mistake of buying this item over the internet. It looks a little brown to me in those pictures, but is actually a black and white herringbone pattern. I think it is tweed. If you could suggest what types and colors of pants and shirts might work well this jacket, that would be very helpful. I'm not good at this sort of thing. I've tried it with black pants and that didn't look so great and it doesn't have any brown to match with brown pants (but maybe that's not how it works?) Thanks.
posted by Area Man at 6:55 AM PST - 23 comments

building renovation driving me nuts

My large (about 220 units) apartment building is currently undergoing MAJOR renovation-- we are talking cement cutting and jackhammering, 8am-5pm, five days a week. It is literally impossible to stay in the apartment. I have been home a few times when construction is going on, and I feel like I hear significantly less well. My "landlord" (management company and superintendant) are all really great people, and they have made an effort to give us notices, etc. The thing is that after the first project, they announced a "phase 2," and apparently there is a phase 3 in store. All told, they are planning for this to go on until June 2014 (just called and asked). I work from home with lots of books and stuff. For the past six months I have been working out of coffeeshops, libraries, parks. But it's still really hard. I can't take all of my books with me everywhere. When I am sick, I can't stay home and rest...because I get no rest. If I work really late (which I sometimes do because it's the only way to get some quiet time), I can't sleep in the next day. I am at my breaking point, and my lease goes on for another 6 months. What can I do? Is it reasonable to ask for a rent reduction? Can I ask them to move me to another unit (it's a big company with a lot of properties)? Is this reasonable enough of a reason to break my lease?
posted by atetrachordofthree at 6:53 AM PST - 10 comments

Blitz myth

A friend's comment, "Coventry was under martial law you know." about this video has made me curious about the myth of the Blitz. I've come across references to civic collapse in Liverpool, defeatism in Plymouth and extensive government censorship. Although there are numerous books covering the period, many seem to either reiterate the same propaganda, or be just too reactionary. Can anyone recommend a good book to get a balanced perspective on the effect of the blitz?
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How to date someone who is new to dating

I'm seeing a guy who hasn't done much dating. I can't tell how much of our dynamic is his lack of familiarity with dating, how much is just differences in our relationship preferences, and how much might be differences in upbringing. So what I need are some tools for figuring that out. Without using the phrase "Love Languages." [more inside]
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Foolproof way to feed baby kittens?

I've got three new baby kittens with no mother, and I need to feed them. I don't have access to any good pet stores or veterinary clinics, but I do have lactose-free baby formula and a plastic syringe with the needle removed, which I've been using to feed them so far. But is there a foolproof method of holding them or something to get them to drink from it? I can usually get them to drink, but only about half of the amount recommended. More details inside. [more inside]
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How do I stop dwelling?

I made a professional mistake which I had to own up to very publicly. No one, not my boss or my co-workers or my friends seems to think any less of me for it, but it's eating away at me and has had me in agony for the better part of a week. How do I stop dwelling on this? [more inside]
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Help me rediscover a long lost cookbook

I would like to once again own a cookbook I used to enjoy. Problem is I don't know who it was by or what it was called. Yes, I know this is a long shot, everything I remember is contained within. [more inside]
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Any resistance to lockdown and search?

Boston lockdown filter: During the recent dragnet, have there been any reports of people refusing to permit a police search of their home? Or of people going outside against the 'urgings' of the authorities?
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Blogroll like Arts & Letters Daily?

I like the links found on Arts & Letters Daily; I wonder if there are other sites with a large, comprehensive list of blogs, columns, articles, etc. [more inside]
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UK: Do I need to register a 'business' to do casual contracting work?

London UK: I"m looking into doing some casual occasional work in the Financial Sector as a contractor/ consultant to small firm. They have suggested that it might be easier to arrange if I was a 'business' or something? I am Australian (living in London with work visa) and have no idea how these things work here in the UK. What are my options? [more inside]
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Hitting the basics.

Suppose you live in an area where everyone has a cell phone and almost nobody uses the internet. What kinds of tech would help lots of small and medium businesses in your area? [more inside]
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Med mystery #436: what does the following pattern of symptoms suggest?

What started as an overuse injury has bloomed into a shape-shifting pain octopus, over two and a bit years. I’m not sure which pains mean what, or what to emphasize with my rheumatologist. (Maybe this is about me and maybe it isn’t, but I’ll say it’s me for the purposes of this hypothetical question, and nobody’s my doctor, either.) [more inside]
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April 22

My abusive mother is now stalking me on Facebook and Twitter. Advice?

She sent me a friend request on Facebook, which I declined, and a tweet on Twitter, which squicks me out even more as I have followers there that I don't want to shut out. [more inside]
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SCUM Manifesto

I do not think of myself as a dirty person, but when I'm in the shower and I scrape my nails over my neck/chest/back area, a grayish scum collects under my fingernails. What is this disgusting medley, and what can I do about it? [more inside]
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Simplest video card with DVI out for PC desktop?

Visiting my parents and discovered that their new computer does not have digital video out -- and the picture quality on their monitor (which supports DVI) is terrible! Help me find a cheap video card to help clear up this problem. [more inside]
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Why would my ISP routing Google traffic differently?

Why would my ISP routing Google traffic differently? What is traffic-shaping, and why is it considered "questionable" for an ISP to do this? I'm on Vancouver Island, in Canada. My ISP is Shaw, and everyone on Shaw on Vancouver Island experienced some issues with Google domains including YouTube and G+ for most of the day. Here's a thread where users are discussing the problem. In the thread I linked above, some folks are saying that there must have been either a critical failure, or "they're traffic-shaping or otherwise filtering results from Google-based websites. That's highly questionable behaviour." What does this mean? While I had internet connectivity, I couldn't access Gmail or Google Search, and ended up using my Telus phone's WiFi hotspot to work (we all work remotely and use Google Apps).
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Why did I lose my faith? How do I find something as equally helpful?

I was born in a very, very devout Christian family. Went to Christian schools and church. For a long time my faith was the most important thing to me and then as I started getting older (18) I began to doubt. This doubt only increased to the point that by the time I was 25 or 26 (I'm 33 now) I became"atheist". Now, I see that faith played a very important role in emotionally stabilizing me and giving me hope and I want something like that back. My question is why did I lose my faith (when all my family still holds it dear)? And how do I find something equally as helpful in my life? Thank you so much!
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Boots with a yellow Y on the sole?

I once saw boots with a ca. 3" yellow "Y" on the sole. They looked nice, what is the brand?
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Small town bachelor party

Bachelor party, challenge level: wholesome time, tiny Midwestern town, Thursday night, 7 people total, best man (me) arriving in town a few hours before. [more inside]
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How do I gain the courage to see a therapist?

I have pretty severe social anxiety. How do I gain the courage to see a therapist? I am mostly afraid of my parent's reaction. [more inside]
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Is it dangerous/reckless for a young woman to take a taxi at 5 AM?

Is it dangerous/reckless for a young woman to take a taxi at 5 AM? [more inside]
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Alternatives to Amazon

I am trying to avoid shopping at amazon.com because of the company's predatory business model. What are the best online alternatives for each product category? [more inside]
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Minor food neurosis help needed

Can you help me bravely order mussels in restaurants? [more inside]
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What the hell is wrong with my damned ear

My ear's not infected and my Eustachian tubes are not plugged at all. Why do I still have that "full" feeling in my ear and the accompanying echo-sensation when I speak? [more inside]
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How to get SimLife running in OS X?

Anyone got clues for where I (a) get hold of SimLife and (b) get it running in OS X? I'm happy to put together a Wineskin or it, or run it in VMWare, if the Windows version is the way to go.
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Should I list my freelance programming work on my resume?

I'm applying for jobs as a programmer and I'm wondering whether to list the freelance programming work I've done. [more inside]
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How can I balance school and work?

I just started nursing school, and I also work 40+ hours a week. It's only been two weeks of school but it's already killing me - I work, sleep, school, sleep. I've already fallen asleep in class and tonight I overslept and missed my ride to work - the work is flexible enough that this isn't an issue today. But I know if it keeps happening I'll end up doing poorly on both, might lose my job, fail school or both. [more inside]
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Good resources for learning about money?

I'd like a resource, be it a website, blog, book, etc. for learning about money, such as explaining inflation, compound interest, types of savings accounts, etc. I'm basically trying to learn how money works. Thanks. :)
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Did a friend try to hack into my Facebook?

Recently, Facebook wouldn't let me log in, claiming I had made too many login attempts. But I wasn't even online during the alleged attempts. A geek friend says it's a sign that someone who knew the email address associated with my account was trying to get into it. Is there another explanation? [more inside]
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Can I send email using my gmail on my iphone with a different address?

ex: iphone mail app using gmail account and sends email to be from my @outlook.com account [more inside]
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I love my girlfriend, but cannot shake this feeling.

I have been dating my girlfriend for 2 years and am very much in love. She is bipolar and it is affecting my emotional and mental health. I cannot shake these feelings of leaving her but I know love is hard to come by. What should I do? [more inside]
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Please be OK in there, little one...

I'm just about 8 weeks pregnant (very much on purpose) for the first time. Physically, I feel almost normal - symptoms have been extremely mild and fleeting. The combination of worry, gratitude, disbelief and excitement is overwhelming. How did you navigate this uncertain yet sweet time? [more inside]
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How do I respond to resume rejection because of high salary expectations

I sent my resume for a job that I am very qualified for but just received a message that my expectations are above the scope. They did not provide a range, just a requirement to include expected salary in the cover letter. I stated my salary and said that it is negotiable. I have plenty of wiggle room, I am in a new market that is a bit lower than others I've been in (I did lower it from past compensation, but not enough apparently). What can I say to convey I still want to be considered & am willing to take up to $15k less without sounding desperate? I am worth every penny that I asked for, and that is not just my opinion. I am very very good at what I do but again, I realize it is a new, different market so I am ok with lower...
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.htaccess redirect

I would like for http://bookmarks.mydomain.com/ to redirect to http://www.mydomain.com/subdir/www/. I suspect that I can achieve this with an .htaccess file, but I am not smart enough to figure how. Can anyone help?
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YANMD. What are some possible reasons my heels can't touch the ground?

Beginning in September last year, my ankles/lower legs tightened so much I'm now on tiptoes and my heels don't touch the ground. I've seen Seattle's brightest orthopedists, neurologists and podiatrists and they don't know why. We've tried a bunch of stuff and I'm now in a wheelchair. Is there anything else I should look into? Blizzard inside. [more inside]
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Leaving patio furniture outside all year long?

How well would a table and chairs like this last if left outdoors year round on an uncovered balcony? I wouldn't be able to bring the chairs indoors as they don't fold or disassemble. Info from IKEA: "Require no maintenance. Polystyrene slats are weather-resistant and easy to care for. Rustproof aluminum frame is both sturdy and lightweight." Would I be better off with a metal table and chairs? Or something else? Recommendations...? Any apartment dwellers have insight to share? Oh, and in case you have any better recommendations, the MAXIMUM width for a table would be 25 inches. My balcony is really narrow and I have no indoor storage.
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Roomate goes bleep bloop

My housemate makes loud dissonant synthesizer music. I need to wake up very early in the morning, an would love an afternoon nap. What should I do? [more inside]
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Can't get ATI/AMD 7970 to work with a 2nd video card in the computer.

I am trying to upgrade my computer (Intel DP55WG motherboard, Windows 7 64 bit) from two ATI/AMD Radeon HD 6950 video cards to two Radeon HD 7970 cards. When I install either of the 7970 cards along with any other card (the other 7970 or either of my 6950s), only one card is able to start in Windows. The other card does not provide video output, and it has an exclamation icon in the device manager with the text "This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system. (Code 12)" Do you have any idea why this is happening or how I might be able to fix it? More details and a list of things I have already tried inside. [more inside]
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Which mental health professional is best?

Trying to locate a psychologist for a family member and I am confused by all the types of psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors that are listed. Please help me understand which medical professional would be most appropriate. [more inside]
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Fiction: Surviving child later meets the people who left them an orphan

Can you suggest some works of fiction where an entire family (except a small child) is murdered, and the orphan then grows up to eventually encounter the person(s) responsible? [more inside]
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Indebted young professionals seek modest home.

Will my student loans prevent us from getting a mortgage (even if the student loan debt will be forgiven in a few years)? [more inside]
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Being solicited by colleague to become a premier member of Lyoness...

Have any of you experience with this organization? Out of politeness, I went along to a meeting with my work colleague - just because I was tired of being asked every day by him - so I finally agreed ;( [more inside]
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A Cincinnati-Detroit extended weekend

Help my roommate and I plan our Cincinnati-Detroit long weekend! [more inside]
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A Mother Is.....

I am planning mother's day presents. The only thing I can say is that I need mother-related phrases. More details inside. [more inside]
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About how much does the cast iron frame of an upright piano weigh?

A piano frame (also called a harp or plate) is a big cast iron piece that the strings attach to. About how much does the cast iron frame of an upright piano weigh?
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Which music is this?

Which music is on this youtube video?
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Visiting Amsterdam in November

Visiting Amsterdam (hopefully) over the 11/9 weekend - what to do? [more inside]
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No italics in Dolphin browser (android)

I use Dolphin as my default browser on my Samsung Galaxy S3. I've just noticed that italics don't show up in Dolphin. (Screenshot.) They do show up in the stock browser. (Screenshot.) I can't find a setting anywhere that indicates why the <em> tag isn't showing. Help? Here's the about screen for my phone, and for Dolphin, if those are helpful.
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How do I price books using the benefits of technology?

1. Non-profit bookstore. 2. Books are donated. 3. Books are priced for $1 or $2. 4. Resellers come in and buy books. 5. ??? 6. ??? 7. No profit [more inside]
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Kids book about monster makeup and making your own spook show?

Trying to track down the title (and copy) of a book I had when I was in second or third grade (1980/81?) that showed kids how to do simple monster makeup and how to create a "spookshow." [more inside]
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Setting the kitchen on fire: best practices.

A while ago I asked a question about stovetop grills. We didn't get one, but now we're considering an electric grill, which is what we had before and are comfortable with. Does anyone have a good recommendation for an countertop electric grill in the $25-75 range, preferably available on Amazon Prime? Are there any reasons why a stovetop would be Objectively Better than an electric (or vice-versa)?
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Finished PhD; informally meeting with a prof in a different field?

Just got a PhD, don't have a new position lined up, meeting a prof, no obvious goal for conversation, have questions. [more inside]
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I dreamed a dream of supermoto...

After a few years break from motorcycling, I’m finally in a position where I have the time and finances to get back into it. I have a junky old sportbike that I’m looking to upgrade sometime in the next 6 months. Last night, I had an incredibly vivid dream about a supermoto bike. I woke up wondering if this kind of bike would actually make more sense for me than a sportbike. Supermotos are light, tough, and everywhere I hear they're tons of fun. I don’t need the top speed of a sportbike, nor do I want the fragile, expensive plastics. I’ll be using the bike mostly for urban commuting. Your thoughts on making the switch? Which models should I be looking for in the used bike market? [more inside]
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Putting up a bat house in NYC: batty?

I bought a bat house and I am planning to put it up in my Manhattan garden. But now I'm hearing that there aren't any bats in NYC because of a disease? and that it's a stupid idea anyway because where would the bats be coming from? [more inside]
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My Brother wireless printer doesn't work after resetting my laptop.

I have a MacBook running OS X 10.6.8 and a Brother HL-2270DW printer. This morning I had to reset my entire system using Time Machine; everything else is up and running, but the printer doesn't work. I've tried reinstalling it with the printer setup disc, but the laptop won't detect our wireless connection when I get to that step (it suggests disabling my personal firewall, but I don't have one set up.), and the laptop won't let me add any printers in System Preferences. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated, because I've spent all afternoon trying to figure this out.
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I call BS (but I could be wrong)

Is there any biological evidence for the assertion that female sexuality is more fluid than male sexuality? Or is this imbalance more likely due to cultural factors? [more inside]
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Can CCTV predict earthquakes?

In this CCTV traffic video of the recent earthquake in China (preceded by a 30s ad), an interference pattern rolls across the screen just before the shaking occurs. Is this an artifact of the recording (or transfer between media), or something "real"?
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Is there an online map of visual art?

There's this for literature and this for word meanings. Is there such a site that connects related visual artists? For example, if I were to type in "Egon Schiele" I could expect "Gustav Klimt" and "Oskar Kokoshka" to float around.
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How worried should I be if my puppy ate part of leaf sprayed by RoundUp?

I have a 5 month old lab mix, about 22 lbs. Yesterday I sprayed some weed on our porch with RoundUp, and my SO went through and weedeated afterward, but failed to sweep remanents of weeds that were scattered out all crime scene like. This morning took puppy out for walk and he IMMEDIATELY grabs something off the porch and eats it. All of the pieces scattered were probably smaller than a thumb print, but he swallowed it before I could get to him. [more inside]
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Cycling routes from Pescadero to Caltrain in Silicon Valley?

I'm planning a cycling trip to San Francisco to the Pigeon Point Lighthouse in Pescadero in July. I think I have a pretty good idea of how to get there by just following Highway 1, but I'm not sure how to get back. Instead of going back the way I came, I'd like to ride from Pescadero over the Santa Cruz mountains to Silicon Valley and catch the CalTrain into the city. Can anyone suggest a route? The shorter the better, so the station is not important! I know it'll be a climb.
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Buying and installing a mini split air conditioner: your advice?

Help me get a jump on the summer with a new, single room air conditioner. [more inside]
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Best Bookstores in Pacific Northwest

I'm road tripping thru the Pacific Northwest. I'll be vetting bookstores for my upcoming book tour in Boise ID, Bend OR, Eugene/Corvallis OR, Portland OR, Seattle WA, Spokane WA, and Missoula MT — and any towns in between that warrant it. :-) I'm hoping y'all might have bookstores to recommend! Aside from Auntie's in Spokane and Powell's in Portland, I'm relying on Yelp — but I'd much prefer your personal recommendations for bookstores that host author events, have a great vibe, and friendly staff.
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Should I eat this?

Another one of metafilter's favorite topics. Fridge left open since 7am (CDT) this morning. Just discovered 20 minutes ago, so approximately 5 hours ago. It was only left open a crack because one of the drawers was part way open. Is everything a totally loss? Some things are still cool to the touch. [more inside]
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Where can I get a delicious dinner and/or cocktails in Portland, ME?

I'm traveling to Portland, Maine, in late May and will have at least one free evening which I hope to spend eating and drinking something delicious. I haven't been to Portland in a few years so I'm looking for some restaurant/bar recommendations. I like fancy cocktails (as my posting history will indicate) and pretty much any type of food providing it's not super-duper expensive. Bonus points if you know of anything else fun going on in town as well!
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Is the Google Analytics Individual Qualification worth paying for?

I'm looking for a way to hone my skills and demonstrate to potential employers that I have some proficiency with Google Analytics - is the Individual Qualification worth paying for? Are there other, better options?
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Looking for Carpet Cleaner recommendations.

I'm about to buy a carpet cleaner but have done way too much research on the subject and have lost myself in sea of conflicting reviews and comparisons and now have no idea what to get so I thought I'd turn to you guys for help. [more inside]
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Men's suits: timeless, classic, what styles are good?

I don't know a thing about menswear except that men sometimes wear it. My husband's one suit is finally done for, and he needs a new one by the end of the week. [He doesn't know much, either.] He wears a suit primarily for weddings and funerals, maybe once or twice a year. What style of suit will last him for years without becoming out-of-date? [more inside]
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Tell us why you love the Twin Cities

You live in (or have lived) in the Twin Cities. We (two childless 30-somethings currently living in Washington, DC) are considering relocating there. Tell us what your experience with the Twin Cities has been like and what someone considering relocating there from the Washington, DC area should expect by relocating there. [more inside]
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Can you help me plan my trip to Germany, France and Italy?

I will be in Berlin, Prague, Venice, Florence, Rome, Marseilles and Paris this summer. I've never been to any of these places before. [more inside]
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I sold my car... sort of. Car sale gone awry... now what?

As one enters one's second half century, one likes to think that one has mastered little things in life -- like selling a car. Apparently not. [more inside]
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Planes, trains and automobiles: Make me a better traveler

I travel on a semi-regular basis and would like to become a better traveler, both in terms of trip planning and packing/unpacking/repacking. If you travel frequently, how do you do it? How can I up my game? [more inside]
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Using US Electronics in Singapore

I'll be in Singapore for a vacation and, despite many trips there, I cannot remember how to go about safely plugging in American electronics in this country. It doesn't help that I basically know nothing about electricity. [more inside]
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Friend to employer? New relationship guidelines...

So Mr. lasamana got a job (yay!). He had an offer from a company that was not local and an offer that was local but with a fair amount of travel. We made our decision in part by Mefi. Now the question - he’s now working for the local company that includes 2 separate friends of ours. They are his bosses. He seems cool with it but I’m having an issue. We (3 couples) are friendly through our kids. 2 of ours and separately 1 each of theirs (different ages). Occasionally we got together as moms and socialized. This happens maybe 2x/year. Our conversation runs the gamut and included personal stuff. Not to mention we run into each other in the store, etc. I feel very leery all of a sudden about these relationships. Not to mention I sense a sudden cooling off by one of the wives. Is it better to let these friendships fade or maintain as if nothing changed? I should one of these couples has been very good to one of kids even including him on overnight trips and stuff. Now I’m concerned even about the propriety of that in relation to other employees. Do I have a valid concern? Want to add I really like both couples and have had great fun with the wives.
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How high can a fever get before seeking care?

Feeling ill yesterday and today, with a fever, slight cough, stuffed nose, sore joints. Taking dayquil and nyquil, and keeping track of my temperature every few hours. What temperature means "go to the hospital?" What other symptoms re: the cough and nose might man go to the hospital? [more inside]
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What should I do with my brain when I'm jogging?

I have been running for a few weeks (with the help of a Couch to 5K app), and am facing an unexpected challenge -- the incessant chatter inside my head. What is a more productive use of my brain while my body is running? What do experienced runners focus on -- breathing, the next marker, their body, music, nothing at all?
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Brady Bunch to be, please help make everyone happy.

Can you please recommend any books that might help on when/how to introduce new boyfriend/girlfriend to kids when divorced? Do you have any advice based on your experience; include anything you would do different in hindsight? I know all kids and circumstances are different but there has to be a general outline that produces happier outcomes for kids involved. More info inside. [more inside]
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That last 1/8"

How do you drill a 3/8" hole into a 1/2" hole having the same center without a drill press? [more inside]
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One night stay in Provincetown in July: possible?

Planning a bike trip to Provincetown over the week of July 4. Hoping to stay in Provincetown on the night of July 6, then take the ferry back to Boston on July 7. Problem: every hotel/B&B we've found so far requires at least a two night minimum stay. Is there any place that doesn't? [more inside]
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I want my daughter to love my mum.

My daughter is very lukewarm towards my mum. I can't understand why, and it makes me very sad. Wondering if anyone has experienced this kind of thing with a child. [more inside]
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Best Drill Press for $200 on Amazon

I have $200 in Amazon credit. I want a drill press. What's the best drill press near that price on Amazon? Bench or floor is fine.
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Help me make it up to my SO for dashing off in an emergency

A couple of days ago I was with my medium-long-distance SO and a group of her friends to celebrate my SO's birthday (which won't happen for a couple of weeks). Afterwards, when we were heading back to her house for for post-party fun, I got a phone call from my landlord: there had been a fire in the flat next door to mine and they wanted me to come back so that they could assess the damage to mine. How can I make up having to dash back home? [more inside]
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Possible inappropriate job interview question?

Had a job interview over a week ago and can't get a couple of the questions out of my head [more inside]
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What are some YA novels with feminist antagonists?

A friend and I were talking, and she was saying that there aren't any feminist heroes in YA fantasy. I countered with Ursula Le Guin. There must be others, but being a guy who mostly reads male authors I can't think of any others, but they must exist. [more inside]
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Help needed with tranlsating term referring to someone's skin colour.

I am translating a text which contains a sentence about someone who is "coloured". People in the US: what is an acceptable way to translate this? [more inside]
posted by miorita at 5:02 AM PST - 31 comments

Where to travel in December?

I need suggestions for destinations within the US during the month of December. [more inside]
posted by Gringos Without Borders at 3:20 AM PST - 10 comments

Looking for happy, uplifting book suggestions!

Help me find books that are as happy, joyful and well-written as Silas Marner! Last time I visited my grandmother I gave her my copy of Silas Marner. She loved the book so much she read it three times in a row within two days… She told me it brought her "an unexpected deep and quiet sense of joy"… Because she's pretty sad and depressed right now I'd love to find other books that might lighten her long and lonely days! Can you help me? :) [more inside]
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April 21

I remember a scene from a movie, but not the movie.

Help me identify this scene from a movie. [more inside]
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Blue screen of darkness?

Why do so many of the pictures I see on Craigslist look like they were shot through three layers of blue saran wrap? [more inside]
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Vancouver, BC with twin 2-year olds and no car

Me, my wife, and our twin 2-year old boys are taking a day-trip to Vancouver, BC next Friday, mainly to get some paperwork taken care of at the Bentall Centre downtown (above the Burrard Skytrain station). We'll be flying in by float plane in the morning, will be finished with our appointments at 11am, and taking a ferry home from Tsawwassen in the evening. What to do in-between? [more inside]
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Job change didn't work - how do I go back to my old career?

I was an office manager between 2002-2008, but went back to school to become a nurse. I'm currently an RN in a large metropolitan area, but would really rather go back to a career in administration / office management. What's the best way to do this? [more inside]
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Trustful and trusting person

When you use them as an adjective for a person. Could you tell me the difference between trustful and trusting? I think that "trustful" is outdated, but it's also possible to use interchangeably with trusty. Or does it only mean"tending to believe that other people are good."nowadays? How do you use them differently? Incidentally, can I say,"He's a believable person." like, "He is a trustworthy person."??
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Help me find an Xbox game for my kid that doesn't destroy my sanity

My 10 year old daughter has done awesomely at school, and was promised a new Xbox game as a reward. She has no ideas of what she wants, and is excited by the idea of being surprised. What is something I can give her that she will love, but that won't make me want to write strongly worded letters to game creators? [more inside]
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old peugeot road bike make sense for a beginner

I am looking to get into road cycling, but I cannot afford even the basic entry level bikes (with the Trek 1.1 running at $700 - and the others going on up in price). I found several old Peugeot bikes from the 70s and 80s on Craigslist in my area that are available for under $200. My question is would one of these old high quality bikes work or would I just be riding an albatross (so to speak)? I want to be able to keep up with my buddies if we ride together - so would I be too slow and/or worn out on an older bike? If people in the 70s could bike long distance on these things, why can't we today?
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Putting my best food forward - subconsciously

I know there's been all kinds of research about how people can be influenced in various ways. I'm sure some of this research is of dubious scientific quality, but there's been a lot of it, right? For example, you are more likely to get a cigarette if you ask in someone's right ear. And there are things about who is perceived as having authority or trustworthiness, based on appearance, or physical stance, or whatever. I would like a master list of these kinds of studies, for nefarious reasons outlined below: [more inside]
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Trying to find an old beer ad

Rheingold Beer had an ad in the 1970s that featured a hiker and lots of outdoorsy scenes with a song over it. I'm trying to find either a video of the ad or a written description. [more inside]
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Etiquette/safety question about ringworm

From the "stuff I forgot to ask my doctor about" department: Ugh, I have a ringworm rash on my wrist. I have econazole nitrate cream prescribed by my doctor that I'm using twice a day as prescribed. But what do I need to do to avoid infecting friends and strangers? [more inside]
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self-conscious about teeth when smiling

I am an asian woman in my late 20's. I can't remember when, but at one point in my life my mom told me to never show my teeth when I smile for pictures because they looked ugly (I had braces then). It's been years since and braces have long been off (though they left some marks on my front teeth), and I still never smile with teeth in pictures. My teeth are not great, but they are not the worst I've seen-- they are sort of middle of the road in terms of straight-ness, and are naturally kind of yellow/grey, but not insanely so. I feel like I look really weird in all of the pictures because I am smiling without teeth. I have an infectious, outgoing personality. I would like that to reflect in how I smile! Without getting major dental work done or doing anything harmful to my teeth, are there any tips for getting over me feeling self-conscious about showing my teeth? i.e. I'm most asking for psychological aspect of things. I know I can get veneers, but I'd rather not.
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Help me find a book mentioned in a PSA?

I heard a PSA on a local college radio station of a book being read, but remember too little about it to find either the ad or the book. Help? [more inside]
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Is this anthracnose on my Japanese maple?

What is eating my acer palmatum? [more inside]
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Will anyone care/notice if I lived in a 24 hour music practice space?

I figure if a practice space is open 24 hours it would be hard for the staff to determine if I'm living there or just practicing music alllllll the time. However, I also figure that a 24 hour practice space expects that starving artists will be trying to live there. However however, I also figure that the kinda people running a 24 hour practice space are cool with people living there and are kinda trying to say "shhhhh, don't tell nobody but this is a place where we turn a blind eye to starving artists trying to live here". I just wanna beat on my drum all day. [more inside]
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Where can I live in San Francisco for the summer?

Does anyone have any information on good deals on apartments in the Mission/Potrero/Soma neighborhoods of San Fran? I need a few months this summer for an internship. [more inside]
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Where did my brain go?

Help me rescue my analytical faculties so I can survive the last months of grad school with my dignity intact. [more inside]
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Websites with lots of pictures, photographs, etc

I'm a student of Speech Language Pathology with a child client this quarter I'm doing a lot of picture description tasks with. I'm looking for websites/blogs/tumblrs/pinterest boards/etc with lots of pictures of varying complexity and familiarity. [more inside]
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Need alternative solution to 'send article text'

Help! The Pocket 'read it later' app removed my favorite feature, the option to 'send article text'. This would pull all of the text of an article into an email so the recipient didn't need to follow a link to a web page. This was a lifesaver for my parents who for various reasons couldn't handle trying to follow the link. They are really only comfortable with using email. Now that Pocket has removed this, are there any alternatives available? Some sort of bookmarklet, perhaps? A different app? An ITTT formula?
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Speedy, no-frills notes to email from Android?

Is there a free or cheap android app that will let me touch an icon, type in text, and touch another icon to have the text automatically sent via email to myself, preferably with a predetermined subject line? [more inside]
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Is there a doctor in the house?

I'm looking for a good primary care doctor in New Haven, CT who accepts United Healthcare insurance. I'm also okay with driving a short distance outside of New Haven. I need someone who does not have a long waiting period to schedule appointments for new patients. Do you know of anyone, or do you know of a good way to decide which of the thousands of doctors on the internet are any good (healthgrades.com was decidedly unhelpful)?
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The two shall be one

I have two versions of the same PDF, both annotated in Acrobat Pro, and I need to make them into one document. [more inside]
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Back Up! No Baby Zone.

I don't want kids and list this in my online dating profiles. What should I do when men who indicate that they DO want kids contact me? [more inside]
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Did I miss the party memo?

My upstairs neighbors are having a party that alternates between loud enthusiastic revelry and liturgical prayer. Any ideas as to what they are celebrating? [more inside]
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Best budget camera lens for travel

What is the best lens for a trip to Europe, for a Canon Rebel XS, that is budget-friendly? I'm looking for a lens that will give me a good range of wide shots (buildings, landscapes, etc) as well as the nice details in closer shots. I would ideally like to carry only one lens with me, since I'm traveling light and don't really want to change out lenses all the time. [more inside]
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Intricate harmonies with driving rhythm?

I like music with intricate vocal harmonies, like Girlyman and The Story and The Milk Carton Kids. I also like music with driving, relentless rhythms, like in the songs "Hold On" by Alabama Shakes and "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve. Are there any musicians who combine these characteristics in their music? Looking around on Spotify, Pandora, and random Googling isn't getting me very far.
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Mixing cleaning products: just how bad can it be?

Help! I mixed cleaning products in my oven. Am I going to die? [more inside]
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Why do metal shavings stick to the eye?

My understanding is that things like sand or sawdust wash out of the eye easily but things like metal shavings especially steel shavings tend to stick to the eye and wont wash out. Why is this?
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How do I prepare myself for my bungee jump?

I am going bungee jumping in one week! But am TERRIFIED of heights! I want to go because I think it will be awesome and fulfilling, but am at the same time, completely scared out of my mind!! What things can I do to prepare myself for the jump?
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Seeking recommendations for films about Jewish art and architecture

I am looking for some great movies about the history of Jewish art and architecture. I am most curious to learn about ancient and medieval Judaica, but if you know of treatments of modern Jewish art and architecture that would be good to know about too. Any recommendations would be most appreciated.
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Help me turn a photo essay, currently in HTML, into a PDF (without big ugly white space when photos break to the following page). [more inside]
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Personalized book recommendations, please

I'm in a book rut and need to find my way out. I'd love suggestions of books to read. [more inside]
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How did this happen? Strange product order...

Someone ordered a product online using my email address and an old address of mine. They did not use my credit card. I'm pretty sure this wasn't a gift. What happened? [more inside]
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Pricing out different ways to get a travel/live van for two months

I'm going to drive around the U.S. for about two months, living out of a vehicle. I don't currently have a car, and I won't be able to keep one after the end of the summer (moving to a big city where a car would be impractical). I've found some excellent sites and prior AskMes that cover all the techniques of actually doing this: the parking, sleeping, health and safety, etc. What I'm having trouble sorting out -- getting conflicting advice with lots of variables -- is whether to lease a vehicle, or buy-and-sell (as well as best makes and models for the buy-and-sell approach). Has anyone done this temporary vehicle approach before, or have more general advice? [more inside]
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Series Christmas Episodes

Which television series started the tradition of special excellence in Christmas episodes? We're revisiting some of our shows and wonder how this tradition began. [more inside]
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Mechanical Pocket Watch

I browsed pocket watches on amazon.com and I noticed that nearly all mechanical ones show the skeleton movement (gears) inside. And it is not pleasant on the eyes. Why do manufacturers not hide the inner workings with cover, like the old times? Do they try to say implicitly "Look, we said mechanical and you see it yourself, no battery inside" ? Or is there some other reason for producing these ugly watches?
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Why do some bar counters have rounded brass handlebars?

I notice these from time to time, and have always wondered about their purpose. The are at the end of the counter on the patron side. Any ideas on what they are for?
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email problem or not

I get a TON of bounced email, have I been hacked or is this something else? [more inside]
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House for sale

How to advertise a small French property in the classifieds ? [more inside]
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Can You Help Me Find Korean Edition Ebooks?

I live in Korea, but I'm finding it difficult to obtain Korean edition ebooks through Yes24, Aladdin, Kyobo, or even Google Play, because I have a US credit card. Does anyone know of other, hassle-free sources? Thanks in advance.
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I can't stand the heat, should I get out of the kitchen?

Is the weight of expectation and pace of change making my web career untenable? [more inside]
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What's a good calorie counting app to pair with a FitBit?

For my birthday I treated myself to a Fitbit One, and I'd like to try counting calories for a while, mostly for funsies, although I do have a few KGs to lose (I'm still in a healthy BMI, but want to halt any weight gain before it gets out of control). Trouble is I don't tend to eat packaged foods. What's a good option? [more inside]
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Lego organization strategies

Prompted by an unfortunate knee + Lego incident this morning, I was curious what sort of strategies you all use to keep Legos contained. [more inside]
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Looking to easily record streaming audio on my mac OSX 10.6.

I would like to record streaming audio from realplayer and other apps on my Macintosh running OSX 10.6. I am looking for something that is very easy to use. What do you suggest?
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Women's fashion blogs and shops that focus on quality and craftsmanship?

Help me find women's fashion blogs and shops that emulate a certain quality I enjoy in men's fashion and accessories, namely the emphasis on craftsmanship and timeless style. [more inside]
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April 20

Help find a S.F. Book Cover

I'm looking for a science fiction book cover illustration from a 1970's anthology of erotic short stories. It was a painting by Michael Gross (of National Lampoon fame) that showed a production line of robot Marilyn Monroes coursing down a a conveyor belt, factory style. [more inside]
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Learning via Treehouse

Have you had experience with Treehouse, the web design/app building/coding education site? How did it go? Was it better than spending $25/month on books or trawling online for free resources?
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How can I stream live television to 50-100 computers?

What is an inexpensive hardware and software configuration that would allow someone to stream a handful of channels of live TV to 50-100 computers, accessing these on demand? [more inside]
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How to stay organized and synced without downloading to work computer?

I work an overnight shift and when I don’t have actual work sitting in front of me I’m able to work on my schoolwork and research for a PhD. I’m looking for the easiest way to manage the electronic articles I find (and download) as well as manage the Word documents I’m typing for notes and papers (and the dissertation. Let’s not forget the all-important Dissertation!). [more inside]
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My wallet was pickpocketed and it had my social security card in it.

What can I do now besides canceling my credit cards and getting a replacement license? I'm terrified of identity theft and feel victimized.
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Sticks and stones...

My (8 year old) son is tender hearted. I'd like to help him cope with kid insults better. So, um...how do I do that? [more inside]
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Pick a color, any color...

This post on the blue reminded me of a site i saw some time back. Essentially, you picked up to, I believe, three colors, and the app would find images all across the web that matched those colors. [more inside]
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Best place to sell laptop or laptop parts NYC mac

My girlfriend is looking to sell an Intel Mac for parts or whole. [more inside]
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Why don't I have internet?

My DSL internet connection went kaput on Thursday. I rebooted my modem with the help of my ISP and all was well for a few hours. I figured it was my ancient modem that finally died. So, I pick up a new modem and plug it in and nothing happens. All the lights light up, my ipod touch and laptop see my wireless network but there's connection. I plug directly into the modem via ethernet cable and still nothing. [more inside]
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Help identifying two short stories

I'm in search of two half-remembered short stories, both probably from European authors in the early-to-mid-twentieth century. One involves a parade and a recurring motif of linden trees. The other was a tale of a young aristocratic man who is seduced by a con woman while on holiday. [more inside]
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Picky girl looking for a new laptop.

These are the things I want in the laptop.... [more inside]
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Mr. Nice Guy keeps going and going and going an...

I'm out for a walk taking some pictures and he stops to chat me up. We exchanged email addresses and now I'm regretting it BIG time. [more inside]
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Birthday/Graduation gift for my techie, forestry-bound nephew?

My nephew is turning 18 in a week. He is graduating from high school in June. He has no idea what he wants for a gift for either event. tl;dr: What might a socially active gaming-nerd turned forestry major find useful or enjoy before or during his first year away from home? What do you get for the guy who's pretty content with anything he gets? [more inside]
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Marriage upgrade

For reasons of being an international same-sex couple, we want to be as married as we possibly can get. For the same reasons, the legal status of our relationship is giving us a headache. What we are currently trying to figure out is, if we have a California certificate of registered domestic partnership but want to get a Massachusetts marriage license, do we have to get domestic-divorced before we can get Massachusetts-married? [more inside]
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Can I purchase my sister's student loan debt?

I have money in need of investment and my sister has student loans. Can I pay them off and then have her pay me a smaller rate of interest? [more inside]
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two old cars in the driveway

One old pickup, one old sedan. What should I do? [more inside]
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One name change. Two countries. Double the paperwork?

Dual U.S./Canadian citizen here. I want to change my name. This is not a marriage-related thing. But. I want my name change to be valid in both countries. If I go to the U.S. embassy with a Canadian name change certificate, will that be sufficient for a U.S. name change, or do I have to go through the paperwork on the U.S. side, too? [more inside]
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Spirals in the Alps

A new age-y community in the Alps based around/obsessed with spirals or some kind of spiral mechanisms? Did I dream this? [more inside]
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Looking for "dad-rock" recommendations

I'm looking for song and artist recommendations in a genre that I evidently love: the "nice guy" rock song. [more inside]
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Should I refinance my car loan immediately?

At the car dealership today, they ran my Equifax credit rating and I have an 815, they then offered me a Zero-to-Sixty simple-interest loan for USD$9000 with a rate of 5.04%. Should I refinance with another company? [more inside]
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How to implement a digital asset management system for a small company

I work for an organization that has lots of photos and videos but no system to manage that. I have introduced the idea of using a system like Resourcespace to achieve this goal. What areas could I study to implement this most effectively? Any books, journals, associations or anything that covers effective metadata and content management? [more inside]
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Would you show me some great front porches?

I am looking for google street view links to neighbourhoods or streets that have nice front porches as design inspiration for an upcoming renovation. [more inside]
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How can I best obscure this storage shelving?

So I'm utilizing this finished basement area as a bedroom and would like to use the built in shelving pictured as possible clothing or linen storage. [more inside]
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Is there something better than plastic wrap for the back of an iPad?

I've got an iPad mini and I'm pretty sure I want a keyboard cover. However, any sort of rear case would interfere with the iPad fitting into the slot of the keyboard cover. And I'd rather not get a keyboard case since they seem rather bulky, I'd rather get the pretty thin Logitech keyboard cover and take it or leave it as I need it. So it looks like the best bet to keep the back of my iPad from getting scratched up every time I put it down and potentially slide it across some dirt or grit on a surface is to grab a piece of plastic wrap that is cut slightly smaller than the iPad and stretch it over the back. A piece lasts about a week. Is there a better (more durable, less likely to come off) solution? Ideally something under $10 and clear (or white). Maybe some sort of sticker? Or plastic shrinks down to size and hugs the iPad when heated with a hair dryer? Thanks for whatever help you can provide navigating the sea of iDevice accessories.
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I don't really want dreadlocks.

This feels like a silly question, but what do I do about my long, curly, tangle-prone hair when I'm out in the woods for a very long time doing fieldwork? [more inside]
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Where can I find Converse's First String 1970s Chuck Tailors in DC?

Recently, Converse put out some "vintage" chucks recently (see here) but they are only available from certain retailers. I'd like to purchase a pair but I have no idea where to find them in Washington, DC. Has anyone seen these around or know of a place in DC that would stock them?
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Need Suggestion for Photographer of Women

I'm looking for suggestions for a contemporary art photographer who's spent time photographing women of different ages and and sizes and shapes. I'd simply like to view the work online or buy a book if the work has been published. [more inside]
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Can you identify this unusual neurological (?) reading phenomenon?

It's when "words fall away to pictures" occasionally , perhapps particularly when reading the text of physical books, usually novels, of a large size. It doesn't happen with reading online or e-book readers or textbooks. It's as if the visual imagination (without deliberate activation) overrides what's actually been seen by the eyes, so that the story unfolding is actually being "watched" in the mind's eye in an immersive, vivid way where one becomes virtually unaware of the actual text print and the outside world (so it's not even like watching a movie in a cinema, where there is more consciousness of the real surroundings). This is not just getting immersed in reading - the strong, and not deliberately activated, visualization is crucial. Based on anecdotal evidence, what I'm describing (not from my personal experience) appears to be a rarer rather than a common experience. Anyone have ideas what this neurological (?) trait might be?
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Boston and Texas

Am I wrong, or does the Boston disaster seem to be a bigger media deal in the US than the Texas disaster. Is it the terrorism angle, or is it that Boston came first? Or maybe Boston is just easier to cover?
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How to rent an apartment in Brooklyn.

My lovely daughter and her friend are graduating from college in May and looking for an apartment in Brooklyn. [more inside]
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Pet insurance on indoor cats - worth it?

People with pet insurance on their cats. Have the benefits ever outweighed the costs? It seems very expensive to me. I've not had it before as it wasn't around when I got dear old Dot. Bearing in mind these are fit 3 yo cats with no pre-existing conditions who were well cared for in previous home and will be living indoors only. The only people who have had good use out of their pet insurance who I know are lady with cat who was in a road accident and had lots of ops and MRIs and lady with 2 rescue dogs who have had joint and allergy problems. [more inside]
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is this a well-documented scam?

Two people hit it off online. within the span of 24 hours, one of them gets her assistant to contact the other to organise meet-up details, claims that cars are booked for travel and that their airfare is booked - and then suddenly has died from being hit by a car. Is this a well-documented scam? [more inside]
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Gospel music; white people

Working out how race factors in in this particular question I'm thinking about - details inside. [more inside]
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My brooklyn tub won't drain and now brown water is coming up!

I live on the top floor of an old apartment building and my shower stopped draining the other day. After trying drano, I upgraded to Pequa last night and its not working. Or it seems like its working, and then it stops. Before, some brownish water came up before it went down. But now that I've poured the last of the Pequa down the drain some really dark rusty water has come up. Is this a good sign? And if I let it sit for an hour or two and flush with warm water I'll be saved? Or do I have to deal with my inept landlord? (Which I'm trying to avoid)
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I like Islay whisky, what Bourbon might appeal?

My single malt top preference is for fairly tradiitonal peatty Islay malts. I very much enjoy most of the Laphroaig outputs and love the 16 year old Lagavulin - I can take or leave Bruichladdich and have no interest in the trend for super peatty malts. I am looking to expand my tastes into bourbon but have little experience. Given that love of Laphroaig and Lagavulin, what bourbons might most appeal?
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What is someone capable of doing if they obtained my SSN and other info?

What kinds of things can someone with nefarious intentions accomplish with my information if they obtained it? What kinds of ways would I go about monitoring or detecting possible misuse of this info? I was recently threatened with this from her current man-friend after leaving her a simple "glad you're doing well" message on FB, if I ever try to contact her again. He obtained the info from "paperwork" of which may be from my last job (he is likely a member of the same small community that owns the business). Anyway, I don't plan on contacting her again but not from this assface's threats, simply because I'm sure she was there too and it hurt my feelings. Just wondering what kinds of things he could accomplish if he wanted to....
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How many percentage points is one Bedbug Registry report worth?

I Pricelined myself into a two nights at a hotel in downtown Chicago. A few seconds later, I thought to check the Bedbug Registry. DANT DANT DAH, it has bedbug reports. Given these reports, help me assess the risk of actually encountering bedbugs, so I can decide whether to just abandoned the money I just paid (~$300) and get another hotel. [more inside]
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Insert Obligatory Joke About Seamen

In older times, ships used to have sailors. These sailors had actual job functions, like adjusting the sails, checking on the rigging, etc. Later on, when ships were steam-powered, there were jobs like "putting coal in the engine" or "maintaining the boiler." However, in modern times, with all the technology in a cargo vessel, it seems to me that sailing it is something that could be done by a single person. So what do all the other sailors do? To put it another way, what are the actual "job functions" and titles of sailors about a modern cargo ship?
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Did you get the Kelly Blue Book value on your trade-in?

I want to trade my car in and buy a new one. The Kelly Blue Book value of my trade-in is $7500, but the dealer's "Black Book" value is $3000-4000. [more inside]
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world championship of fireworks?

The British (whose country I live in) do amazing fireworks displays. Is there some kind of (any kind of) international/European championship of fireworks? OR, is there a blog of fireworks display videos you can direct me to.
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Solve the Single Weirdest WordPress Glitch Imaginable

I'm running the Amazon S3 plugin by TanTanNoodles on a fresh installation of WordPress with no other plugins, and whenever I use it to upload any media, it correctly sends it off to the S3 bucket. But only if I use my iPod. [more inside]
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April 19

Sherlock fanfic recs?

Please post your fanfic recs here for posterity. [more inside]
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Living in the past looking to the future

Grating carrots grates - can one automate? I find myself eating a lot of carrot salads and it is my task to grate them. I love the carrots, I hate the grating. Can you recommend a kitchen gizmo that would make that task easier? [more inside]
posted by VikingSword at 9:29 PM PST - 29 comments

Help me remember a horse book.

I need help remembering this book that I read probably between 1988 and 1994. It was a horse story, probably very young adult age. There were horses and a girl named Nat (short for Natasha, I believe). [more inside]
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Urban gardener flower seed resource?

I'm looking for a reliable, affordable online outlet to buy flower seeds for my container garden. [more inside]
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Why did fireworks just go off in Houston?

Ok, so it sounds like a bunch of fireworks just went off downtown. I have never had such a hard time finding info on fireworks as I have in this city. Why did they go off and where can I find any info on ones coming up? (not the 4th, got that, thanks) [more inside]
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The method behind the madness

I'm trying to come up with some quirky actions that a survivalist or adventurer might do in the wilderness, actions which might seem odd or random to the uninformed but are actually useful, clever or at least have a specific function which is not immediately obvious. For example, rubbing an unknown berry's juices on one's skin. If you don't know that this is a method to tell whether the fruit is poisonous, it might seem like a wacky thing to do. Once you know WHY someone is doing it, you realize it isn't nutty at all. What are some other examples? [more inside]
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Please reccomend me youtube videos of rare and amazing sports moments

I've seen all the top standard random compilations of amazing sports moments, so please send me some specific amazing plays off the top of your head, or amazing sports videos, or highlights you can find (I estimate I've seen 80% of the most popular 20%) [more inside]
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Help me plan my pork (loin)

Today, Costco had a decent price on boneless pork loins so I bought one. From what I can tell, this is the "whole" loin, including blade, center, and sirloin (the tube of meat is somewhere around 2 feet long). Help me plan what to cook with part of it on Sunday, and how to process/package the rest. [more inside]
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iMac Dropping Wi-fi Despite All Efforts while other devices work fine

I have an iMac using Snow Leopard. I use my apartment public w-fi and it has worked fine up to a few months back. It started dropping wi-fi no matter where the Mac was positioned in the apartment while my PC and a few other tablets worked fine consistently (tried them at times when the Mac stopped to a several minute crawl or gave me message of no connection). [more inside]
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Any recommendations for converting experience into insight?

How can I better convert experience, knowledge and intuition into insight? [more inside]
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Some suggestions for speculative fiction

I just read China Mieville's The City and the City and really enjoyed it. I have a long train ride tomorrow and would like to download some more books for the road. Can you recommend some intelligent, literary speculative fiction, including perhaps others by Mieville? [more inside]
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What to tell coworkers about my personal time, when it's personal

How do I answer coworkers' routine questions about what I have planned for the weekend, what I did on the weekend, and if I'm going anywhere for my vacation, when the answer is personal? My coworkers are all very nice people, and I wouldn't call them intrusive, but it seems that this is a basic question for all of them when, for example, I run into them on the elevator. They themselves are always ready with a typical answer, e.g., I did this with my kids, I went on this trip, went on a yoga retreat. Would it be a bad idea to make up a bunch of innocuous stories? I'd also like to stay friendly with them and not appear cold (or boring by constantly answering "not much"), but becoming actual friends with them is very unlikely.
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Upgrade the GPU on a Latitude E6430 or E6520?

Is it possible to upgrade the GPU in any recent Dell Latitude laptops using the Express Card slot or other non-soldering techniques? [more inside]
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Gmail - use plus addressing or multiple accounts?

I want to use a gmail account to deal with emails from lots of sources in one place - so email backup, emails to do with my phone, and to do with various accounts etc. and was after some advice on whether to use multiple accounts or plus addressing to sort them [more inside]
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Fixing a DDR pad: irritating flex cable edition.

It looks thusly. My issue is that, despite the fact that it was originally barely taped down at all, I am unable to successfully, reliably reattach it using the same method. ("it" in this case being the printed black strips on the left). I am reasonably sure that lack-of-contact is my problem, because if I physically hold the cable to the board, it will reliably work when I push a button. Best I can do is that sometimes, after putting it all back together for the Nth time, one button will work. Maybe other buttons on its side will work, maybe not. Maybe it'll work for a few presses and then quit. The cable looks fine, the board contacts look fine, no amount of scotch tape is helping me out here. How do I affix these suckers but good?
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How Can I Help My Mom Help Herself?

Hey Mefites, here's my question: My younger sister, mother, and I suffered years of abuse at the hands of an alcoholic stepfather - physical, verbal, etc. When we were younger, my sister and I were absolutely focused on getting the fuck out and did, getting scholarships to great schools, thankfully. My mom, not so much. She is no longer in a relationship with him, but they have been living together for economic reasons - she needs his disability paycheck to pay the bills (all of which are in her name, including the mortgage payment.) [more inside]
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Ship Tunnel

According to this article the Norwegians are planning on building the worlds first ship tunnel. I'm curious how a ship tunnel differs from a canal tunnel. I don't thinks the size matters since the Rove Tunnel is longer than the proposed Norwegian tunnel and nearly as wide. A friend argued that a ship tunnel is connected to the Ocean and consequently subject to tides whatnot. I don't find this persuasive since the Rove tunnel connects to the Mediterranean. What is the difference between a ship tunnel and canal tunnel that allows to claim they are making the first ship tunnel?
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Take this tune, I want to lose it. Take this song, I'll never use it.

I was changing my iTunes email address, which is my iTunes I. D. My old email address is going away, necessitating the change. I got to looking in my purchases, and all of them were there, under the new I. D. but there were a handful of songs (6 or 7?) listed as purchased by me that I DID NOT purchase. A bunch of show tunes (not that there is anything wrong with that). [more inside]
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Where to buy shoes for my 75 year old father?

My father just had double bypass surgery and is recovering. As part of his recovery he needs to walk - where can I take him to get some decent walking shoes in the Raleigh/Cary, NC area? Cost is no object, however I was thinking of going to REI first. A few less than fun facts - he's overweight and has bad circulation in his feet at this stage of the game if that impacts things.
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How to tell if your carpet was ruined by water

With all the rain we had this week our sump pumps (2 pits, 3 pumps total) were not able to keep up and our carpet in the basement ended up taking on water. The wet carpet was confined to the perimeter of a family room and a closet. Other parts of the basement became damp, but they were tile or concrete. The water was never above the carpet. My question is: how can I tell if it's ruined or not? If I can't tell, how can I find an unbiased expert opinion? Does homeowner's insurance typically help replace carpet lost to excess rain? [more inside]
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Parents - what do you do to relax ?

I'm interested in how other parents manage to share the workload and arrange rest times for themselves and their partners. [more inside]
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Google Analytics hiccup?

Trying to figure out what gives with a Google Analytics anomaly for the website I manage. In essence, GA reports that the average time mobile users spent on a page increased tenfold in the last month. [more inside]
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Where can I find teddy bear buttons?

I'm knitting an outfit for my little grandniece's fourth birthday in August. I need about ten 1/2"/13 mm teddy bear buttons for it. The outfit consists of a red cardigan and dress, and the dress will have a brown and cream teddy bear intarsia design on the front, so the buttons should be brown/wood tone, cream, or possibly red. Anyone know of a great online source for novelty buttons?
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Will I kill my window box plants with Miracle Gro?

Now that I have a balcony, I wanted a little garden out there with window boxes. I purchased window boxes and a bag of Miracle Gro online. I already had two potted flowers that were about to burst from their pots. (I was going to buy more tomorrow after the boxes arrived and I had an idea how much room I would have.) The Miracle Gro arrived and despite no warning on the website, it says "Not for use in containers." Will I kill my flowers if I go ahead and use it? [more inside]
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Help me make Ubuntu Trackpad Accessibility at least as good as Win7

I have a good friend with dystonia, which limits his physical dexterity greatly. He has a new Acer Aspire netbook, running Ubuntu 12.04LTS. His old machine ran Windows 7. The accessibility for keyboard in Ubuntu is pretty good, offering the same sort of sticky keys, and repetitive key blocking and so forth. The problem is with the trackpad. Under Win7, he can left-click once on the trackpad button, which then treats it the same as if he continued to hold the button down until the button is clicked again to release it. Ubuntu will not do this out of the box. [more inside]
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How can I become a better piano player?

I really enjoy playing piano as a hobby. I've played in worship bands for 3 different churches, and played in a few local bands as well with live gigs. But I don't think I'm very good, and I'm not sure how to improve. [more inside]
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Should I have a baby?

My partner very much wants to have a baby as soon as possible. I can't decide. [more inside]
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Reeeeelax. (But I am!)

I am not casual. My job requires me to write casually. I keep getting told to be less "direct" in my intercommunication style with people. Oh yeah, and I'm an Aspie woman. [more inside]
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In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king

I've been tasked for setting up my older friend's iPad with useful apps, and while I have some ideas, I also don't have an iPad myself.... Please advise! [more inside]
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Vintage film camera repair in the DC area?

I've got a vintage Pentax K1000 that I would like to get looked and and CLA (Clean, Lube, and Adjust) serviced. I've got a bit of a sentimental attachment to it, so I am looking for personal experiences/recommendations. [more inside]
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Help me track down some stories about old trick plays

I remember once reading a number of stories about old trick plays (in particular, some old American football plays) that were deemed to dirty and the rules were changed to outlaw them. But now my Google-fu is failing me, and I can't seem to turn up anything about them online. In particular, I remember a story about a team bringing in a very small player, handing them the ball, and having another player or to heave them over the tops of the heads of the opposing team and into the endzone. I also remember a story about a team sewing the image of a football onto the bellies of all of their jerseys to make it harder to tell who had the ball. Anyone who can help me track down sources for these stories (and/or similar tales from sports) will have my unending gratitude. [more inside]
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Moving to Chicago. Help?

Where to live, what am I overlooking, huge step and pivotal moment in my life. I need to know where to look for apartments for rent in Chicago in a safe, student friendly neighborhood that won't cost a fortune. [more inside]
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Recipe book title

I am making myself a custom recipe book with all my recipes out of an old journal. On the spine, I was going to engrave "From the kitchen of Jane Doe" but I feel kind of meh about that and was hoping somebody had a better suggestion! [more inside]
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Quality paints for kids?

Where can I find paints for kids that are "professional" quality yet not "professionally" expensive? I bought Crayola paints and they are terrible. I am looking for something (a) reasonably priced but pigmented enough get my toddler excited about colors, (b) doesn't require swirling a brush for a good long minute to get the color going, (c) available on the internet. I don't mind if they are messy/unwashable. I don't know anything about colors so please specify both the brand and the type of paint in your recommendation. If the paper makes a real difference, please recommend that too!
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Keep calm and carry on?

I'm going through a bout of depression and while it isn't affecting my work, it is affecting how I behave at work. I realised today that some of my colleagues have picked up on this change in behaviour. How can I maintain my dignity and privacy? [more inside]
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Should I go to my aunt's funeral?

My beloved aunt was ill for a long time; I spent time with her over Christmas and said goodbye expecting not to see her again. She passed away the night before last in my home country in Europe, and her funeral will be in Monday. I am in my final year of grad school in Halifax, Canada. If I leave this afternoon/evening, I can be there by mid afternoon tomorrow, and I can just about afford the airfare (about $1500). I was thinking of staying until, say, Wednesday, to be with my parents and support them as best I can; but they told me yesterday that there would be no point in my coming. I'm torn. [more inside]
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And another book selection request...

Looking for gripping, scary page turners, fiction or non-fiction, that DO NOT contain a supernatural element. [more inside]
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Bar Exam Playlist

I am putting together a playlist for bar exam preparations. I am looking for songs that will help ease the pain of studying and have compiled a few from a range of genres. What else can I add to this to make it the ultimate inspirational list of songs? Here are some that I have already chosen: Isley Brothers - Work to Do Jay Z - 99 Problems LL Cool J - Mama said knock you out Beyonce - Run the World (girls) David Bowie - Under Pressure ODB - Got your money Fugees - Killing me softly
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SmartyPig vs INGDirect/CapitolOne360

So, I just found out about SmartyPig, which offers a 1% APR. I've been using INGDirect (now Capitol One360) as my primary savings account for years, and while I've been generally happy with them, they only offer 0.75% APR. Are there downsides I'm not seeing to switching over to SmartyPig? Have you had excellent/terrible experiences with either of them that would lead you to recommend or vehemently oppose their use? I'm not sure if it makes any difference, but my checking account is with BBVACompass, who's the bank behind SmartyPig. Any insight would be much appreciated!
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How to add a second iPad to a one computer house?

My elderly, non-techy parents need to add another iPad to the mix because my father is hogging the iPad they have now, but I'm not sure how to setup the icloud accounts, itunes syncing, etc. Details within. [more inside]
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Looking for inspiring autobiographies of sucessful people

I'd like them to be gripping and entertaining as well. As in, I could read them before going to bed without falling asleep out of boredom. Focus on successful entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists.
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How do I get my music off my iPod and onto my PC again?

I recently messed up a backup and as a result the only easily-accessible digital copy of my entire music collection is the one on my iPod. What's the best way to copy the files from my iPod back onto my laptop? [more inside]
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How on earth did this project cost $100 when cast acrylic costs $$$$?

Quick question. Say you were building this algae reactor, which the guy claims he built for 100 bucks. But you're pricing out the same cast acrylic tubing and it costs more than $85 a foot, putting the price of the tubes at hundreds of dollars. Is there a secret source of 3' long, 3.75 OD cast acrylic tubing? (By the way, it has to be cast acrylic. Not extruded.)
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How do I tell my boss I'm NOT going to grad school?

For miscellaneous reasons I no longer wish to go. How do I tell my boss? Do I tell? I am more than happy to continue my professional development (as such)... just less intensively and more cheaply! In fact, I'd happily work through a Diploma (we're in Australia) either in a very related topic (ethics, politics, legal) or the original field. [more inside]
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April 18

Are episodes of the show "Party Planner" from 2005 accessable somewhere?

Trying to find episodes of the reality show Party Planner from 2005. Doesn't look like they are on Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, or YouTube. Any ideas on where to get them? A co-worker "starred" in one episode and claims there is no way I'll find it...so the challenge is on....
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another "name this song" question

I just heard this rock song on the radio driving by Tacoma WA tonight. Supposedly it's by a band named Cruella (sp?) with a girl singing and some instrumental sections with heavy guitar. Would anyone have any idea what song this might be? I was going to google one line of the lyrics but forgot what it is already. Thanks!
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So... I need to get to work somehow, right?

How do I go about getting a car to go to work? [more inside]
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What's this little creature found in my pond?

I saw this little critter swimming around in my outdoor goldfish pond. It's maybe a little over 1/8" in diameter, seems to paddle around carelessly with feet/paddles on its underside. It's kind of flat, roundish and transparent, except for some spidery markings/innards. Seems to have a hint of a tail, and a couple eye-like spots. A search for baby crawfish turns up nothing quite like this. Mysterious how he got in the pond in the first place.
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I want to go to Belize but I'm gay.

So Belize has some pretty backwards laws regarding gays and who can and cannot enter their country. Is this something that we should *actually* to worry about? Or, what are some alternate travel destinations we should be considering? [more inside]
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What should I do with my nieces' money?

Some time after my second niece was born, I started sticking a couple of bucks a month into a savings account I set up for each girl. I've been plugging along for years, and now they are 9 and 12, and I have about $600 for each of them. I'd like to figure out a better way to save/invest the money than what I've been doing so far. [more inside]
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Can you help me find a scifi short story?

I remember reading a scifi short story about people finding a dead/frozen angel floating in space, where there was just enough brain activity in the being that it was able to play a board game. It sounded like something that Ted Chiang might have written, but I didn't see it in the post about him that was here a while ago. Does this ring a bell for anyone?
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What do I need to know about the cloud forest?

In 2 days, I am going to spend 10 days in Peru's Andean cloud forest. What should I know? What should I bring? [more inside]
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What are all these programming languages good for?

Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, etc! Help me bring my very outdated coding skills back from the grave! Can anyone either explain or point me to a good resource that explains concisely why I'd want to use one programming language vs another? [more inside]
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Shortened URLs no longer work on my devices

Shortened URLs don't work for me anymore. Say, on my phone, when I'm reading my Twitter feed and I click on a shortened URL, it doesn't redirect, just eventually returns a 'time out' error. I've copied and pasted the short URL into both Chrome and Safari, but with no luck. Can you help? [more inside]
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Recalling a book title and author

I read a novel when I was in high school that was written I think back in the seventies or maybe the sixties. I have been trying for awhile now to remember the title and the author. I've done some searches, but I can't narrow down my search terms to where I can get search results that would be helpful. Please help me remember! [more inside]
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Is it safe to take a Multivitamin, Flax-seed Oil, Garden Veggies...

Is it safe to take the following supplements every day during big meals? Nature's Way 'Alive! Multivitamin' Flaxseed Oil Capsules (1000mg) Garden Veggies (Nature's Way) Milk Thistle and Hawthorne Berries Capsules Thanks!
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What can I do with all these luscious limes?

i have a small tree in the backyard, which is covered in big juicy limes. What can I do with them? [more inside]
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Better a life of private dignity

Looking for a quote extolling the virtues of a private life over "fame" ? [more inside]
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Vendors using product shots of articles for sale

I have a friend to runs a pizza place and I am helping him with his menu. We had a question about the legality (in terms of copyright or whatever) when using trademarked items on his menu that he also sells. [more inside]
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What do I do with this piano?

I have my late grandmother's piano in my apartment, on which my mother my two aunts never learned to play piano. I don't play piano either and I'd kinda like to use the space for something else, like possibly the absence of a piano. How do I achieve that? What are my options? [more inside]
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Video Editing and Film Making Seminar Recommendations

Does anyone have an recommendations for good video editing or film making seminars? I've got a pretty good background in filming and editing, but, looking to expand my knowledge and have a budget. Can be anywhere in the lower 48 states.
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Sleep in Virginia Beach, play in Hartford, Conn

Florida to New England road trip, [more inside]
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Help me steal money from myself

I lost my wallet. So far no one has used any of the cards in it, but I really need to. Is there anyway to pay in-store with just the credit or debit card numbers? [more inside]
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How (on earth) do you do therapy in NYC?

How do you handle mental health in NYC- insurance, out of pocket, other options? [more inside]
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Special needs teachers deserve a special thank you

We have received services from the school district and we are about to lose our teachers due to our daughter aging out of the program. We'd like to give nice and appropriate gifts to the teachers who have helped our daughter for the last two and a half years. [more inside]
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How to not feel like shit when you can't get no satisfaction

How do I get rid of feelings of worthlessness, anxiety, and distance in my relationship that seem to occur when I'm not having sex? [more inside]
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When to start kindergarten for a late-November-birthday?

My four-year-old son’s birthday is in late November. In our state, that means we can choose whether he starts (all-day) kindergarten this coming fall, when he’s 4-going-on-5, or next year, when he’ll be 5-going-on-6. I’m pretty paralyzed over this decision. I’m looking for insights, especially those with some sort of data behind them, to help. [more inside]
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What does a 9-year-old boy need to know?

I will be giving a newly minted 9-year-old gentleman of my acquaintance a wallet for his birthday. I was thinking of printing and laminating a card full of important reference information for a young man of his age. Sort of an ultra condensed Schott's Original Miscellany. What should I put on it?
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need help investigating slow Linux home LAN

Why are file transfers between PCs on my home network so slow when I can download stuff from the internet way faster? I'm a developer, not an IT guy; I don't even know where to start looking to figure this stuff out. Details below - [more inside]
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WTF are these rashes below my belly button/above my crotch? (NSFW)

Please help me figure out what these itchy bumps are and how to get rid of them! Belt buckle rash? Tinea cruris? Acne outbreak? Scabies?!?! Something else? [more inside]
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What can I use to format my article?

I'm looking for a free, easy to use program to turn one standard-formatting article into a fancy one with columns and pictures and stuff! I'm using word, but it's terrible and I'm getting very frustrated trying to make some pictures big, and some pictures fit columns and the paragraphs keep getting wonky. Does such a thing exist?
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Do I really need to see the pediatric neurosurgeon?

YANMD, but perhaps you're more free to speak honestly than my doctor. My baby had a simple skull fracture. We have a regular checkup scheduled for a month after the incident, but the pediatric neurosugeon wants to see the baby at around the same time. Would that really offer any additional information? [more inside]
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Cooking Classes in DC for my friends

My friends are moving from Brooklyn to DC and I would like to gift them cooking classes in their new area. Any recommendations? A place similar to Brooklyn Kitchen, with diverse classes with a foodie, hip bent is what I'm looking for. [more inside]
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I'm pretty sure the first letter was G, but maybe it as a 2.

How do police departments use/search partial license plate information in their investigations? Or incomplete information about cars generally? [more inside]
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HR Interviews and Unorthodox Employment History

I'm an ABD Ph.D student pursuing a really awesome job opportunity as my next step. The firm has moved on to asking me to interview with HR to talk about my employment history, relationship with supervisors, etc. I have a solid resume, but I have one element of my recent history that's complex and difficult to explain. It's not complex-bad, just complex, and I'm not sure how to pitch it to HR. [more inside]
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trying to patch together a career.

Unemployed, interested in a bunch of things, not sure how they fit together. [more inside]
posted by winterportage at 10:54 AM PST - 18 comments

My Nails Gross Me Out. Let's Fix That.

Hand gurus of MeFi, help me. My nails are disgusting. Soft, peeling, split, easily prone to breaking. They didn't used to be like this, and I miss my old, healthy nails. What to do? [more inside]
posted by Bella Sebastian at 10:44 AM PST - 15 comments

Covering up hate graffiti

Multiple swastikas and SS symbols have recently been carved into the wall of my apartment complex's laundry room. I complained to the landlord and nothing has changed. I want to cover them with something temporary so that I don't have to look at them until my landlord repairs the walls. I was thinking about something with an opposing message to the graffiti, like one of tolerance, even though I know I'm not going to change any white supremacist minds. Any ideas?
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Last Played and Play Count tags not updating in iTunes 11.0.2 (26)

I am having a problem with iTunes 11.0.2 (26). It appears that the "Last Played" and "Play Count" tags are not updating, where they had been working for some time. [more inside]
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What's the current hotness for web development frameworks?

What are the best options for quickly developing web applications? I'm looking for something as fast as possible to set up and get running, instead of getting bogged down in setup and configuration details. [more inside]
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Expand DSl Ethernet Network By Taking Advantage of Second Phone Jack?

Here's the deal. I have a dsl gateway connected to a desktop with no wireless card connected upstairs. I would like to run ethernet somehow to a ps3/360 for optimal performance but it's impossible without making a big mess. I do have another phone jack about 15 feet from the 360/ps3. Is it possible to connect the second jack to the main internet connection somehow? I'd rather not go powerline.
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Therapist(s) Recommendations in the Bay Area (CA)

Therapist(s) Recommendations in the Bay Area (CA): Three areas. [more inside]
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Halloween Questions are less boring in April, right?

I am going to a "Halloween" party in a couple weeks. I own this nurse dress and this nurse cap. In them I look like a realistic, traditional, matronly nurse. I would like to look like a ______, ______, and/or _______ nurse. How do I weird this costume up? [more inside]
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Subvert the dominant paradigm with Hyperlocal news sites

The era of the printed daily newspaper is on the way out, but can hyperlocal step into that void? I'm looking for examples of great hyperlocal blogs or news websites that are doing it right. [more inside]
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Help me understand this semiconductor product.

Hardware engineers / developers: can you help me understand Cypress Semiconductor's PSoC 4 platform? Who is it aimed at? What are the alternatives? [more inside]
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Excellent plays to watch this weekend in NYC?

I need recommendations for an excellent play for which I can get tickets for a somewhat older couple this weekend in NYC. No musicals, please, and nothing too risque or avant-garde. Any ideas?
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How can I get my earbuds to last longer than 3 months before they break?

I replaced my earbud headphones for the third time in six months yesterday. I'm not particularly rough on them (I don't think), yet after three months, inevitably one of the ears will get all static-y and then completely die about a day later. I'm buying pretty mid-range headphones and while they're not amazing, they should bloody last longer than three months. So what is it that I am doing that's apparently so beyond the wear and tear expected of these headphones? Is it how I'm wrapping the cord? Where I'm keeping them? Gah! [more inside]
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Poets of Metafilter, Unite!

I'm hosting a wedding reception for a very good friend, with an Earth Day theme. The wedding favors will be an embellished brown paper lunch bag containing a few earth-friendly items, and I need a sweet little poem to include. [more inside]
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Is there a 2-in-1 charger/aux cable for mini-USB phones?

My wife wants to switch from her iPhone to either a Windows Phone or Android device, but one sticking point she has is the ability to use a single, charger/aux cable in her car. Right now she has a cable that charges her iPhone while also being able to connect to her stereo via auxiliary cable. I think it's a Kensington product. It has three connectors built into one cable. She prefers this over having two separate cables to manage. I need one with a mini-USB connector rather than the iPhone connector. So far, I can't seem to find such a creature, if indeed it even exists. My Google-fu is weak, I suppose.
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Good ways to keep up with fashion and style?

My goal is to keep up with fashion. This is sort of broad, so I'm looking for good blogs and news sources to keep up with what people are wearing, and what people think people should be wearing...or will be wearing, etc. [more inside]
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Rent vs. Buy: Retiree edition!

Single retiree is selling a big paid-off house and asked me and huzzeh for help deciding whether or not it makes sense to rent an apartment or buy a condo. What questions should we consider to help make this decision? [more inside]
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Best place to have brunch this Sunday near Lenin's statue?

We only get to Seattle occasionally these days, and usually eat at old favorite spots. But this Sunday we have tickets to a new theatre, West of Lenin, and want to meet family for brunch before the show. [more inside]
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What to eat during the week of a competitive examination?

Hi, I have a ranked examination in less than two months and I have to give everything I have. What kind of food should I eat at lunch so I don't crash sometime in the afternoon and at dinner for a good night sleep?
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What is a good credit card for a band (or a small LLC) ?

We're looking to obtain the best credit card possible for a 5 person band with minimal expenses and income. We're an LLC incorporated in NYC. Band expenses typically include food, gas, merch supplies (shirts, blank CDs etc) and the occasional cash withdrawals, but the big anticipated purchase is a van (used -- no more than $5k). Suggestions for checking accounts also welcome...
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Etymology of "I know, right?"

I have a theory about the origin of the expression “I know, right?” that’s been fairly popular among young and youngish Americans (and others, for all I know) for the past several years. I’m testing that theory with this question. I understand that Mexicans (and maybe other Latin Americans) have an equivalent expression, “Sí, ¿verdad?” - even with the same intonation as “I know, right?”. Well, one source has told me this, anyway. Can other people verify this? And if so, how common is/was the Spanish version of the expression, and roughly when (and where) did people start saying it?
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How to quit a long-term job without being a dick.

I am, at 55 years old, capable of retiring comfortably. I intend to do this as soon as possible. The question is how do I quit my job? [more inside]
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How much does the average retail employee know about products?

In your experience, how much does a non-commissioned employee at a (rather large) store know about the products being sold? I'm sure they probably know more than I do - but I'm wondering if they receive product information, training or if employees are placed in areas where they have expertise. [more inside]
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Finnish to English translation of Moomin theme song

I wonder if someone translates the Finnish theme song for Moomin into English. I cannot find the English translation in the internet. It would be very nice to understand what this interesting and classic Finnish song is about. [more inside]
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Does an addn'l simple calculation on a random number alter randomness?

Does an additional, simple calculation (add one, for instance) of a genuinely random number, if applied to all results, affect the integrity of the result's randomness? [more inside]
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Explaining "you're not welcome" to family?

How do you explain to your mother-in-law that you don't want some of her family around? Trigger Warning: abuse. [more inside]
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To insure or not to insure?

My partner and I have an income disparity. We try to split costs 50/50. However, I now have the option to insure her as a dependent, but she can't afford to pay her half of the premium. [more inside]
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What a guy wants, what a guy needs

What would be the perfect birthday gift for a 17 year old guy who loves soccer? (Non-soccer gift ideas would also be appreciated. A book gift that he wouldn't hate would be the most amazing suggestion imaginable.) [more inside]
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the "A" in "A to Z" stands for ANXIETY

I'm going to have a phone interview with an amazon corporate recruiter in a few hours. What can I expect?
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Good stores for pretty shoes in Bangor, Maine

I am a Canadian who is going to be going down to Bangor, Maine in a couple weeks time. One task for the trip is to find shoes for the wedding. I have really difficult feet to fit and I was hoping to get some suggestions for places to try. (Suggestions for plus size clothing stores that have cute/retro/fashionable would also be helpful.) [more inside]
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April 17

Rome fiumicino airport - 4 people - Zero cellphones - where do we meet?

Four of us are coming in on different flights and terminals throughout a single morning - what landmark in the Fiumicino airport can we all meet by?
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How to get to the same place in a medium distance relationship?

I live in a major east coast city and my boyfriend of almost two years lives in a much smaller city 2.5 hours away in another state. We are both in our late 20s. We see each other almost every weekend - he has a car, and I take the bus. We have lived like this for the entirety of our relationship. Our relationship is great and we're very happy together - we agree we want to live together, get married and have kids. We've known this from pretty early on in the relationship, but have always struggled with figuring out how to close the distance gap. At the New Year, we agreed that by the end of this year we would have figured out how to be in the same place if we were not there already, but the same arguments are flaring back up. [more inside]
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How can I use my new Korean 220v rice cooker in the US?

I just returned (to the US) from a trip to Korea, where I was given a really nice gift: a fancy Cuckoo Induction Heating Korean rice cooker just like this one. That page is in Korean, but the technical details are universal: 220V/60Hz, 3.7A, 824W. What jiggery-pokery will I need to do to make awesome rice here in the States? [more inside]
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Is this behavior from a coworker as odd as it seems to me?

I work with a woman who refuses to speak to me unless she is forced to do so and will otherwise pretend so thoroughly that I don't exist it's as if I hadn't spoken at all. [more inside]
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Pen+Sheets+Dryer=Laundry Fail (hope me?)

I just opened the dryer to find that my sheets (really nice, formerly tan/beige) are covered in blue pen marks. I also can see pen marks all over the dryer. I found the pen (it apparently was smuggled in by my cats, who necessitated the whole problem by throwing up on my duvet) tucked into a corner of the duvet. [more inside]
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Debt collector voicemail

I got a call from an unknown number that says it's a debt collector. What do I do? [more inside]
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Mars and Venus - are you for real?

Do men and women really have distinctly different communication styles. For those of you who are in healthy relationships (romantic love or platonic), is there a wedge in communication that you constantly have to go against your natural instincts and fine-tune in a way that you don't have to with same-sex friends? Is the stereotype true, do women need to 'talk it out' and men need to 'go to their cave'? Can women really improve the relationship by NOT talking about it and can men really improve the relationship by practicing reflective listening? Is there really a pre-programmed way to communicate based on your gender? Something in this widely-spread viewpoint really rubs me the wrong way, and I'm not sure if the cultural/societal views(at least in my area) regarding men/women relationships are in fact, entirely valid and its just my own personal issues that need work. What are your experiences?
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Moral one-upmanship on Facebook: the story behind the story?

So it seems like the Boston bombings have caused a sizeable minority of my FB friends to start admonishing everyone for not being more upset about 'real' bombings in the middle east/ deaths in Africa. (None of my friends are American, if that matters, all are from the UK). While I too am sad more atrocities from other continents don't get the attention in our media they deserve, I can't help but feel the impulse behind the statements is kind of underhand and nasty in a way I can't put my finger on. Can you explain what motivations drive this? [more inside]
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Why won't YouTube videos buffer and play?

About 2 weeks ago, very suddenly, YouTube videos stopped buffering and playing normally on my laptop. This appears to be an intermittent problem. Sometimes a video will buffer and play. And sometimes the same video will not. When it doesn't, it will usually buffer and play for maybe 20 seconds, but then it freezes. And then maybe a minute later, a few more seconds will buffer and play. I have a fast broadband internet connection, Windows 7, 64 bit. The videos that won't buffer and play normally now are videos that I have watched just a few weeks ago with no issues. Again, this NEVER happened prior to a few weeks ago with any video. Something has changed and it is driving me crazy. I tried uninstalling Adobe Flash (using their uninstall program) and then reinstalling the most recent version compatible with my browser (Firefox). But that didn't change anything. I tried clearing cookies and cache. No change. Any suggestions?
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Reflooring part of a rental property (kitchen and living room).

My boyfriend owns a house in North Florida that needs to have the floors in the kitchen and living room redone. He rents out the house. He's looking for a good 'middle way': not expensive, but not so cheap that it will have to be replaced soon; nice, but not so nice that it it might get easily damaged by renters (nor ugly, which would lower rent value). N.B.: the price has to include installation since he won't be around to install it himself. Any suggestions for what types of flooring he should look at, especially given N. Florida's climate?
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PhD dropout

I'm dropping out of a PhD program in a social science with only a masters degree. I need a real job. [more inside]
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who is the 7'6" dude behind Biden?

On the NYT home page right now, there's a picture of Obama, Biden, and a really tall dude, who looks to be a good 18 inches taller than the rest of the people there. Who is he? There's also a video here.
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Payment for photo reference?

I've been contacted on Flickr by someone who wants to use a photo of mine for an illustration reference. They ask what the charge would be and offer to send me a print. I'm inclined to agree just for the print - I'd love to see it - but I don't know if photographers usually charge for this kind of thing and don't want to undervalue my work. All my photos are "all rights reserved", if that matters.
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Polylingual Fiction and Poetry

Would you happen to know of any poetry or fiction that uses a second language for a significant and continuous portion of the work? What about one besides those by Pound that contains any use of a second script? [more inside]
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Dealing with a lack of jealousy

I seem to have a near-total lack of romantic jealousy. It's not that I've never experienced jealousy or can't relate to it, just that my dial seems to be turned down unusually low. This can be disruptive to dating and relationships, and I need some advice on how to deal with it. [more inside]
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Computer RAID for maximum write speed?

I have somewhat of an unusual computer requirement: I need to be able to write data to disk at more than 1 gigabyte per second. Can you help me make this happen? [more inside]
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PA divorce with no lawyer = Confusion

I'm in the process of filing an uncontested, no-fault divorce from my husband. We just want to get the necessary paperwork over with as soon as possible and sign on the dotted line. Details inside, kept short and succinct for your viewing ease! [more inside]
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Adoption and Polyamory

What are the chances an openly polyamorous couple could adopt an older child from the foster system? [more inside]
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High-quality women's clothing online?

Help me find some new places to buy clothes...from the couch, in my pajamas. [more inside]
posted by The Elusive Architeuthis at 5:12 PM PST - 23 comments

Recommendations for wedding photographers in Seattle?

If you got married in or around Seattle, if you used a wedding photographer would you recommend them? And did they do anything special or unique?
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Leg falling asleep after sitting down for ~20 minutes. A problem?

For the past 8 months or so, sometimes, I'll try to stand up from a seated position and I'll realize my entire leg has fallen asleep. I can still walk but it takes a bit for the blood to flow back in. I'm most commonly getting this symptom on my regular subway ride, during which I'm sitting on a firm surface for about 20-25 minutes. I'm in my late 20's. This never used to happen to me. Yes, you are not my doctor and maybe I should go to a doctor, so I'm merely asking -- is this anything to worry about? Thank you.
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Secure archive for Gmail

I'm an avid user of Gmail and other Google services, but I'm increasingly uncomfortable keeping my entire email history on someone else's servers. Can I keep a week's worth of messages on the server and encrypt everything else? What are some other Gmail privacy compromises? [more inside]
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Weird sensation in my arms on awakening

Recently, I have been having an odd sensation in both arms as I am waking up in the morning. I will be lying in bed, gradually waking up and will suddenly notice this sensation in both arms. It lasts a few seconds - just long enough for me to notice, wonder about it and then it goes away. The feeling is hard to describe. It is on the inside, not on the skin. It seems to be specific, in a long section of the arms, maybe moving downward. If you told me that it was my veins dilating or contracting, I would believe you. It is NOT dull, diffuse, achy, tingling or painful. It reminds me a time several years ago when I experienced very intense physical anxiety one night that moved in waves through my body, except that I am not particularly anxious these days, it is localized in the arms, and it last for only 3-5 seconds. Any ideas?
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Safe to drive with front suspension noises?

I suspect that my driver-side upper ball joint is the culprit. There have been groaning noises when going over bumps, and a sort of clattering noise when hitting potholes. This has been going on for several years, and has gotten worse in the past month. I took it to four different mechanics, two for this specifically, and two for general inspection purposes (the most recent, non-specific inspection took place about 5 months ago.) None of the mechanics found anything they considered to be a real problem (i.e. hazardous to my/others' safety/the car's safe operation.) The noise has intensified in volume and frequency in the past week or so, along with (new) weird vibration when traveling at certain speeds (usually over 40 mph), but only sometimes, and it continues as I slow to a stop, slowing along with the car (but doesn't start showing up until I reach a higher speed.) Today I noticed that the boot on the upper ball joint is cracked and the grease is leaking out. The passenger side ball joint is similarly worn, but no grease is in evidence yet. [more inside]
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Downshifting: the sequel part III

Pursuant to two earlier questions today regarding how to get jobs one is overqualified for, I was wondering about taking degrees and job titles off of my resume. Isn't that unethical? Won't it come up, eventually, that I have this whole other degree? If it matters, I'm a master's-degreed librarian with 10+ years' experience looking for work as a library assistant or in an lower-level university admin capacity. [more inside]
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Getting the boot

Help me find (not rain) boots for a rainy, not terribly cold climate. Bonus difficulty level: in South Africa! [more inside]
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Help I'm stuck inside a computer!

Looking to learn the name of a BBC Micro (?) game where you went inside a computer and solved various puzzles to free (?) the computer from bugs or aliens. [more inside]
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Sarafem and non-medication PMDD mood remedies.

It seems I have PMDD. My doctor just prescribed Sarafem for this without offering any other options. Is there anything else I can try first, or should I just go for the medication because it might not be bad? [more inside]
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Brain surgery

What are you thinking about all day? [more inside]
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What's happening in the upper echelons of the food world?

Help me discover the leading edge restaurants both in the US and internationally that are doing the most exciting things with regard to food, sourcing, plating and presentation as well as highly creative menu development. I am specifically interested in photo-rich sites so I can see, up close and personal, what constitutes the avant-garde in the professional food world at this time. [more inside]
posted by Muirwylde at 2:50 PM PST - 12 comments

Help Me Grok Al-Anon

My husband drinks too much, and I just attended my first Al-Anon meeting. I have some questions about it. [more inside]
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Help me name my book!

I'm writing a book for a major publisher on language learning, and we're currently in the process of figuring out/fighting over a title+subtitle(+sub-subtitle) combo. Here's the issue: the book crosses two genres. Originally, it was simply a how-to book, with a step-by-step method for learning any language quickly. But over the course of writing and researching it, it's turned into a discussion about the science of memory and learning, how we learn languages, why we generally don't succeed at learning them in school, and what to do differently. It's become interesting, not just on a how-to level, but on an intellectual how-do-our-brains-work sort of level. This is great news from an audience standpoint – we've added a whole new potential audience (people who aren't looking for a how-to-learn-a-language book, but *are* interested in how their brains work) – but it's very tricky from a title standpoint. How do you choose a title that conveys the How-to nature of the book and the How-your-brain-works part at the same time? [more inside]
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Seattle area hiking in April

What would be a great day hike this weekend near Seattle? We're looking for a hike that is accessible and glorious this time of year for a day date/outing.
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Is Alternative Gaelic a Genre?

I really like this performance of two Gaelic melodies by the Carolina Chocolate Drops. I don't, however, know of anything else similar to this music that I do like. [more inside]
posted by bibliowench at 12:58 PM PST - 31 comments

Ice cream cake with a small freezer?

I need to make my kid an ice cream cake for his birthday. I have a tiny freezer. Help. [more inside]
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Want a entry level office job

Will employer consider a misfit overqualified job applicant for office jobs? Here is the scenario: a biochemistry pHD with many years of post-phD experience both in academic and industry. But due to family reasons (3 young kids, a busy husband), this person only wants a low-stress 9-5 job. Salary is not an issue. But this person does want to learn new things and work with nice people and take new experience for future career development when kids are grown. Do you have experience like this applying to entry level jobs that only need communication and office work related skills? Hiring managers, do you even consider such application? Appreciate any personal stories like this.
posted by akomom at 12:27 PM PST - 22 comments

Hole punched letters?

Hello all, I'm looking for the name of the tool that would be used to punch letters into paper. [more inside]
posted by Sreiny at 12:23 PM PST - 10 comments

Best route for getting a time sensitive slogan out to the masses?

I have a ridiculously amazing, yet time sensitive slogan regarding a current event that I'd like to get out there real quick like. But I have some questions... [more inside]
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Help me with my album art

I'm finishing up an album, and have some ideas for the album art, but could use some suggestions. Details inside. [more inside]
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Cover letter ideas, please

The job is part-time Administrative Assistant for a small engineering firm. I have all the experience and qualifications, which can be seen on my resume. They want a hand-written cover letter. The problem is that I am overqualified -- a recently retired professional in his early 60s. [more inside]
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Interesting, intelligent, cultural, or culinary activities in NYC

My partner will be in NYC for the next month for medical treatment, with varying energy levels, and I will be visiting her over the long weekends. Looking for people's favorite diversions that would be appropriate for a non-athletic, museum-interested, grad-school-educated, foodie couple based on the Upper East Side (70th St.) We're 40-somethings who've done a lot of the NY standard stuff in the past, including the big UES museums and MOMA -- although I have to admit a lot of my experience is nearly 20 years ago at this point -- but we're both comfortable using the Metrocard to take subways and buses around town. Partner will probably not be up to walks over 20-30 minutes. Just looking for cool stuff locals might recommend for weekend activities that wouldn't be in travel guides or major web sites or mobbed with typical tourists. Thanks in advance!
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We are limiting ourselves to one penis-shaped item

Non-traditional, non-girly, physically active bachelorette party ideas in the DC area? [more inside]
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Got any bright ideas?

I have a roll of glow in the dark tape. Help me think of cool/useful ways I can use it!
posted by mcbeth at 9:41 AM PST - 15 comments

How far does 70K go as a single mom?

I realize that 70K is a lot for most people, but how much is it if I were a single mom with one child living in/near a large city? I have always had the belief that I should be able to support myself and my child, should anything (divorce) happen. I face a choice now between starting a career I am passionate about (helping others) but will probably pay a steady 70K for the rest of my life. The other alternative is to stay in my boring, high paying job (100K by my 30's) that lets me enjoy the nights and weekends but does not make me feel satisfied or that I am contributing to society. I already volunteer on the side, and still desire a meaningful job. I obviously want to go with my heart and pursue my passion, but I am in my mid 20's and cannot even imagine what my income requirements / priorities will be in my mid 30's when I will hopefully have a kid and a mortgage.
posted by puertosurf at 9:40 AM PST - 55 comments

Can I have this bought for me?

Can a company make software available *for sale* also non-transferrable? [more inside]
posted by oddman at 9:38 AM PST - 8 comments

Startup tees in Boston?

Have any recommendations for a quality t-shirt screen printer in Kendall Square? [more inside]
posted by bamassippi at 9:16 AM PST - 1 comment

Universal Spotify shuffling

Spotify's catalog is massive and I would like to listen to a random playlist of available songs, from any and all genres. Is there a Spotify app that can do this? Or some enormous playlist somewhere that I can shuffle? I'm not interested in a radio feature that will play only similar artists. I want something that will legitimately shuffle everything available on the service.
posted by wolfnote at 9:04 AM PST - 11 comments

Wedding night prep, what do I need to get ready?

1. I want to deck out the hotel room. We're staying at a Denver Marriott for the wedding night before flying out. I want roses, candles etc... all nice and romantic. Will the marriott put out candles, rose petals, roses and chocolate strawberries for me? I'll be coming from faraway in the mountains, so if they could do it for me that would be awesome. 2. We're doing gift exchange between eachother. Any ideas what I should get my bride?
posted by snow_mac at 8:56 AM PST - 24 comments

How did you get your child to stop chewing on their shirt sleeves/collar

If your kindergarten-aged child chewed on their shirt sleeves or collar, how did you get them to stop?
posted by drezdn at 8:43 AM PST - 23 comments

Foot healed. Heel hurts. Help heel heal?

I broke a metatarsal in my foot last September, and (without a follow-up X-ray, which I really should do at some point), it seems better. My heel, however, hurts like the dickens. What's up, foot? [more inside]
posted by Shepherd at 8:17 AM PST - 18 comments

Do I say something?

Well, uh, I've been having these little light-hearted exchanges with someone at my local neighborhood market, and I'm not quite sure how to proceed... [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:10 AM PST - 20 comments

Best way to gauge comprehension of written training docs by employees?

Reading is important, and I want my team to do it as part of training. And then I want to know what they understand, how much they assimilate, what conclusions they reach from the articles and documents I am sending them. What are some good ways for me to accomplish that? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:09 AM PST - 6 comments

Need a cloud based invoicing / accounting program that is not Quickbooks

Before I begin, I know the most popular and reasonable answer will be to learn and use Quickbooks. There is some sort of 'block' in my brain that will not allow me to learn quickbooks and I am content in using a different software to do the simple things I am needing to do... [more inside]
posted by TwilightKid at 7:50 AM PST - 8 comments

CRMs for a small business?

What are some great CRMs for a small business/startup with the potential to grow? [more inside]
posted by amicamentis at 7:46 AM PST - 5 comments

Small car for a tall man?

My husband and I plan to replace our car in the next year, probably sooner rather than later. We currently drive a 2006 VW Beetle, which is a giant dome and is great for my husband, who is 6'4" with a lot of height in the torso. The new Beetles are less dome-like and still under consideration, but are there other current-model small cars that would be good for my husband's height? Bonus complication: we occasionally take my mother (77, lives in a retirement home) out; I will have to get in and out of the back.
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How do I go about selling a 1973 D-28 Martin Guitar?

An ill family member has asked me to sell her 1973 D-28 Martin Guitar, complete with original case. It's in good condition. I know nothing about guitars or about selling guitars. I have no clue where to start.
posted by OsoMeaty at 7:08 AM PST - 10 comments

Question for Military men, and spouses/girlfriends

I am dating a special ops military man and am new to this military lifestyle... My father was in the Army so I do know the difficulties and strength it requires to be involving in this lifestyle but there are some things that I want to understand more. Instead of bombarding him with questions and adding to his stress, I thought I could find some answers and support on here from those men that have been in this situation, and the women who have supported these men. [more inside]
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Help me plan a kitchen renovation in Brooklyn.

I just bought a 1 bedroom co-op in Brooklyn. I want to gut the kitchen. I have 30k. Is this possible? Can you recommend an architect? Share your story? [more inside]
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Tooth problems while out of town - please advice.

It's the middle of the night, I'm out of town, and I'm in pain from my tooth. Please help me figure out what my next step is. [more inside]
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Seeking texts (books, movies, TV, articles, etc.) about authenticity

I'm preparing to teach an honors-level college composition class themed around authenticity. What are some cool texts (in any media) that I can show my students to get them thinking about different aspects of authenticity? [more inside]
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April 16

Looking for a device that plays music when it turns on (automatically)

Wanted: a device that places continuous sounds (music, random noise, mp3s) when it is plugged in. Most devices these days require you to plug it in to the wall AND push a button to turn it on. Goal: I want to make my place less attractive to daytime burglars. I live in a small apartment in a complex where everyone (literally) is at work during the day, and there are daytime burglars who use bump keys. I've already thought through door alarms, etc - but I'm looking for something passive and low effort by me. My idea is to buy a timer with random on/off, and connect a device to it that plays household-like noises. But everything I can think of requires you to turn it on manually (probably for energy saving.) I'm not looking for a PC based solution - want an appliance like device. Like radios from the old days - but ideally with music I can preprogram. Any ideas?
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Financial Planner or Advisor in San Francisco

Do I need a (fee-based) financial planner, advisor, or tax accountant? Recommendations for one in San Francisco? I'm almost 30, almost debt-free, and feeling out of my depth as I try to figure out what to do about non-retirement savings. [more inside]
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creepy man stuck in computer, help delete him!

My daughter was using her computer yesterday, taking college placement math tests that she downloaded from the college site. As she continued working a creepy male voice came over the speakers. It came on randomly, she thought it may have been a monitor, but realized it repeated itself. It overlaps the music she was playing, meaning it didn't stop what was playing, just played along at the same time.I listened tonight, it's scary. Male voice, sounds of gun mechanism, shooting, heavy breathing, chanting, prayer like words, it's breathy-like winded or possibly sexual. Has anyone heard of a computer virus like this? What do I need to do to get this creepy man out of the computer? Thank you for any help you cam offer.
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Where can I play table tennis in New York?

I'm trying to get back into playing table tennis and I live in Brooklyn. [more inside]
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What was the name of a TV device from the 90's used for trivia/sports?

In the late 80's early 90's there was a device you could use while watching television. From what I remember, this device required some type of subscription and allowed you to play along while watching game shows and sporting events. It was black, had buttons on the sides, and a basic LED screen in the middle with an extendable radio antenna. Does anyone know what this device was? What the name of it was?
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Now you want me back?

A group of friends effectively dropped me for the last year and now they are making overtures as if nothing happened. How to react? [more inside]
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Five or six hours in downtown San Francisco.

What is your ideal San Francisco spring afternoon for the uninitiated? (more inside) [more inside]
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Spasm? Spasm!

How do I deal with muscle spasms on a long, long flight? [more inside]
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"And remember, children, always subvert the dominant paradigm..."

Is it possible to be a public school teacher if you have a strong anti-authoritarian mentality? [more inside]
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reading glasses, .50 strength, how to search?

Searching for [reading glasses .50] gets me 2.50, etc., on both Google and Amazon. ReadingGlasses.com has expensive ones, but I'm hoping to find good, low-strength reading glasses for the same price one would pay in a drug store. Strength .5 and/or .25. Any specific recommendations or search tips? (and what is the unit of measurement, anyway?)
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Need a web proxy that plays nice with YouTube

For some reason, my home Internet connection and YouTube hate each other. I can watch videos fine with a proxy, but I'd like to find one that will display the site properly. Any advice? [more inside]
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Need a recommendation for a small town within an hour from Florence

I am ready to pull my hair out planning a Month long trip in August for my 14 year old daughter and I. I have plans and lodging set for 3 of the 4 weeks. I am looking in the Tuscany area of Florence, but do not want to stay in Florence. I want a small town, charm and comfortable. [more inside]
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Another "What book did I read?" question!

I've been wracking my brains for years trying to remember the title of a book I read during middle school (or perhaps early high school). [more inside]
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How to stop spammers when they have your info

A few weeks ago I got some phone calls and emails about a quote I submitted online for moving to some small town in central California. The only problem is I never filled out that form. Since they had my yahoo email, I figured they might have hacked my yahoo account somehow and got my phone number from there. I changed my password and removed my phone number from the account but it was too late. Today I got emails and phone calls about auto insurance quotes. The emails I can ignore and once I answer the phone and explain the situation, the agents remove me from their list but I don't know if I want to put up with this every few weeks. Has this ever happened to anyone else? and do I have any other recourse than changing my phone number?
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Best cross country route right now from MI to WA?

I am moving from lower MI to the Seattle area very soon. I was planning on taking 80 or 90, but both of them have recently been closed due to snow. Will going that way be okay, or is there a better way to go? [more inside]
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What software can be used to crowdsource a transcription?

I am looking for an online service in which a group of volunteers could use to transcribe an audio or video file into text. Is there anything that will allow 10-15 volunteers to simultaneously log in and do this? [more inside]
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Rent and eviction with roommates in California.

Renter A has a lease and takes on a roommate, who doesn't sign on to the lease and then doesn't pay their share of the rent. A wants them evicted but can't get them out on their own. What, in California, can the owner of the property do to evict the roommate, while leaving the initial renter? Does the owner have any recourse since the roommate isn't on the lease? [more inside]
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Heart-healthy recipes with restrictions

I need recipe ideas with the following restrictions: No sodium, fat, dairy, or soy, and easy on the sugar. [more inside]
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A professional tweed messenger bag?

Can you help me find a professional tweed messenger bag? [more inside]
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Simple, intuitive map software/service for a business

My (small) company provides services in people's homes. We'd like to use electronic maps to plan technician routes and better understand where our clients are geographically. What (Mac-compatible) software or web service might help with this? [more inside]
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Can I ignore this email without being an awful person?

Got an email from someone I dated very briefly, some time ago, which unsettled me. I have not replied, and don't want to, but I still feel somewhat guilty about ignoring/blocking this person. Please help me walk the line between "honoring my inner Gavin de Becker" and "being kind of an asshole to someone." [more inside]
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Hand Surgery Part Two?

About 8 weeks ago I sliced the flexor profundus tendon that allows the tip of my right pinky to function. I had surgery and have now subsequently re-severed the healing tendon, requiring ANOTHER round of surgery to try to repair again. Should I go through with this? Issues related to post-operative depression, unemployment, and general existentialist angst inside. See previous. [more inside]
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Dog-friendly hotel in London, for 10kg dog?

I am heading to London for a few days in June, and I need a hotel to which I can take my 10kg dog. Requirements: 100-200 pound a night; near, or within easy public transport to, UCL; green space nearby (for the dog). The internet does not seem very good for this, as some of the hotels that *say* they accept dogs put restrictions (like, must be under 5lbs (!)), and a lot of the information online is old or incomplete. Does anyone know of such a hotel in London, and is certain they'll accept a 10kg dog?
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Don't you step on my blue suede shoes.....

Or rather, don't tread on me and my yellow & black flag! They're yellow rectangles with a black line drawing of a coiled snake, and the logo "Don't tread on me". Who or what do they represent? [more inside]
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All the world's a book, and all the men and women merely characters

Recommend novels to help me learn more about the world! [more inside]
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Need a simple database solution (I think)

I'm compiling an Excel spreadsheet full of personal data. What my employer would like to do is add that information to their existing website and make it searchable and filterable, so that researchers can filter out all guys who were born in year X or town Y, search for all guys named Cohen, etc. [more inside]
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The Good Book as good read

I am looking for recommendations for bibles in languages other than English, specifically for their literary qualities. [more inside]
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Down the drain

For 6 weeks, due to a broken septic tank, we have been unable to put any water at all down our drains. This has involved driving to the gas station/grocery store/town park/etc every time we had to go to the bathroom. It has meant keeping buckets in all of our sinks for tooth brushing/dish washing/etc that we have to empty in our driveway whenever they fill up. It has meant either showering at the pool or, if in a rush, stopping up the drain in the bath tub and showering before work and then bucketing out the water when returning home. It has basically been like living in a 250k tent with climate control and real beds. On Monday (purportedly) it will finally be fixed. We want to have a big, water-usage themed party (sorry, environment) to celebrate this miraculous victory. Please help with suggestions. [more inside]
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Save us some money (and some time)

Which 401(k) third party administrator should we use? [more inside]
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Quick interview follow-up email question

So last Monday, April 8th, I interviewed for a summer internship. The interviewer mentioned I should hear back sometime this week, and I wanted to send him an email to let him know how interested I am in this internship (of course, under the guise of "I wanted to know if the position has been filled" etc). During the interview, we talked about running for a little bit. It turns out he runs half and full marathons, pretty seriously. Would it be out of place to include something like "In our interview, you mentioned you run marathons. I wanted to extend my condolences if you or anyone else were affect by the events..."? I'm hoping to send the email before 5:00 tonight. [more inside]
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Could my ADHD diagnosis be wrong? Or be expanded?

Hi. I'll try and cut a long story short, about 6 month ago I've been diagnosed with ADHD and now I'm doubting my diagnosis. (more down there, all sappy again) [more inside]
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Managing Multiple Versions?

I'm looking for best-practices for managing multiple versions of the same C# code which are *almost* the same, but not quite. [more inside]
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How solid is perceived reality for the average person?

I know that the brain filters things and adds symbolic meaning which makes our perception of reality uniquely subjective, but still I grew up believing that others were seeing more or less the same things I was seeing, which was a fair representation of objective reality. Now I'm starting to question that and wondering what 'normal' is. [more inside]
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What are some subtle markers of quality?

What are some subtle markers of quality? I'm interested in the opposite of the sort of shibboleths mentioned here. Though not specifically with regards to people so much as in general. I find these really interesting and also sometimes practically applicable. [more inside]
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Android games for 5 year old (Autism, pragmatic language impairment)

Looking for android games (Motorola Xoom 1st Gen) for a 5 year old with special needs (pragmatic language impairment) [more inside]
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How weird is it to be willingly, permanently single but not asexual?

I don't want a permanent romantic relationship. My primary relationships are all platonic, and I like it that way. I've done the madly-in-love/lust thing, I've even been married. I just don't really want to do those things ever again. Am I okay? (details inside) [more inside]
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What do I need to know to redevelop these old websites?

I recently read How to survive a ground-up rewrite without losing your sanity. It is about programming. I need similar information regarding web development/migration. I don't even quite know what information to go looking for. Please tell me what I don't know about what I don't know. [more inside]
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Help us avoid TacoMcBurgerbucks!

Good eats in Washington-Dulles/VA/WV area? See specifics inside. [more inside]
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Best resources for appearing impeccably professional at work?

I grew up in a decidedly non-professional family and didn't have much reference for what an educated professional looks and acts like, and definitely lack some of the relevant soft skills. My most recent, longest job stint was at a slightly dysfunctional workplace where employees were dressed super-casually and often there was behavior to match. I've tried to model myself on the good and reject the not-so-good, but I think I need additional help. [more inside]
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Car stereo drains battery: Is 30-50 mA normal?

The circuit that runs my aftermarket Pioneer stereo is draining the car's battery at a rate of 30-50 mA when the car is off. Faceplate on/off doesn't make a difference. Is this within normal range? [more inside]
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Low-cost automated / automatic camera movement / slider?

I've decided to start posting my music on youtube... performed live. I'm looking to improve the cinematography with an automated slider / jib that could produce a movement like this on its own: Does anyone know how I can do this on a budget?
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[Excelfilter] How do I stop Excel from formatting my numbers?

I sat on the phone with Microsoft support and they weren't able to help me. I've scoured the internet trying to find a solution to this problem and I'm just about ready to give up. Can Metafilter rise to the challenge? How do I stop Microsoft Excel from formatting numbers into scientific notation? No matter what I do, Excel keeps doing this. Please make it stop. See the youtube video I made explaining my problem (45 seconds). [more inside]
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How can I inspire my partner to be a healthy, fit person with me?

I want to be a healthy, fit person, and I want my partner to want that, too. What's the selling point? How can I convince my SO to make this change with me and notice how our generally very sedentary life is sucking the life out of our relationship? Help! [more inside]
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Watching baseball with out cable, satellite, or blackouts

Can I watch the San Francisco Giants this season without cable or satellite and avoiding blackouts? [more inside]
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Buying one-way fares instead of it all being "under one reservation"

What does it mean to have one-way tickets vs one reservation for a person? [more inside]
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Best date ideas ever?

Need some ideas on activities I can do with my girlfriend. [more inside]
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Explain the Diva Plavalaguna song to me, please?

Please explain, in simple terms, the Diva Plavalaguna song, from the film The Fifth Element to me. I'd like to know more about the technical aspects of the song. I'm looking for the terms I'd need to plug into Google to find more music of the same style. I'm specifically talking about the first part of the song where the singer is singing in Italian, not the electronica-y second part. Also, I'm looking for recommendations for other similar music. [more inside]
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Food delivery and other help in McMinnville, OR

A friend's toddler is in the pediatric ICU in a Portland hospital for the foreseeable future, possibly several weeks. They live in McMinnville. A group of us would like to set up some kind of food delivery and/or housecleaning help for them over the duration, both for the parents who are basically living at the hospital and for the family friend and older kids who are at home in McMinnville. Constraints: none of us is in McMinnville, so we need something that can be arranged over the phone or the internet, but we do have folks in Portland who may be able to help out for hospital runs; food needs to be vegetarian.
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Scary movies from the 50's.

I'm looking for some scary movies my mother saw as a child in the 50's. Heeelllllppp! [more inside]
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Help me prepare to talk to a real estate lawyer.

I will be seeking a consultation with a real estate lawyer to talk about an issue with my property line which is the side of my house. Unfortunately there is a negative gradient and a lot of water coming onto my property (and into my basement) from the adjoining property. I have an easement for "ingress & egress" on that property. The landowner there has not responded to my repeated requests to correct the negative gradient. [more inside]
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Who's compressing my JPEGs: Gmail, iPad, or WordPress?

The other day I discovered that some JPEGs I'd posted to my (self-hosted) WordPress blog had been compressed. The subject of my blog happens to be anaglyph 3D photos... and if the images are not saved at a very high resolution, a phenomenon called "ghosting" or "crosstalk" appears, where parts of the image that are only supposed to be visible to one eye are visible to the other eye as well. This can ruin the 3D effect. So it's important that my images are uploaded and posted with no added compression. The problem is that I don't know exactly where the problem occurred. Details below... [more inside]
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best iphone scanner apps?

I have a lot of vintage paper. Photo albums, fashion magazines, random ephemera-- and a lot of it can't go in a flatbed scanner. I found an iPhone app called SmartScan that lets me photograph pages and corrects for tilt, but the resulting scans aren't as high-quality as my iPhone 5 is capable of. There are a ton of scanner apps out there, but I want the one that lets you capture the highest-res images. Any recommendations?
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Mystery Implement, kitchen edition

Going through our kitchen gadget drawer, we can across what looks like nothing so much as a wand. It has a label on it that says it's from Scotland. What is this thing?
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Diet interventions, type 2, kidneys are only at 30 %, kidney Donor Help

Hey All, So a close family member has type 2 diabetes and now his kidneys are only functioning at 30%. Do you know of any diet interventions he can take that might help him avoid dialysis ? I am not sure if Dr. Neal Barnard's program can still help him at this point. He is in Columbus, Ohio. Any doctors or specialist, as well, in the area to refer him too would be much appreciated also. Right now, doctors are telling him that in 2 years he will have to go on dialysis. In addition, my boss' friend found a kidney donor on craig's list. Any ideas how to find him a donor as well with social media, websites, etc, if it comes to the route. thank you
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My memories are debilitating me.

I had a pretty violent childhood. I thought I had compartmentalized all of this crap over the years, but it's all the sudden coming back with a vengeance. What do I do? [more inside]
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Tell me about some awesome DC public spaces and places.

I recently discovered DC's indoor public pools. I also saw the Titanic Memorial for the first time. What other indoor or outdoor public spaces and places am I missing? [more inside]
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Looking for specific website to create quick animated videos.

A month or two ago I saw a video someone had made of an exchange they had with a customer at work. The video had two cutesy CGI dog-like animals talking with very basic gestures and motions. It googled the watermark in the corner of the video and it took me to the site the guy had used to create the video. The name was four letters long but it wasn't a real word. There were multiple themes or scenes you could select, enter dialog, etc. Most of the themes were very cutesy- animals, flowers, etc. The speech seemed to be rendered by some typical voice-to-text software as it was very flat with no inflection. Overall it was a pretty easy to use website. [more inside]
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Easy ways to improve sound quality on voice recordings?

I have some digital audio recordings of interviews conducted by telephone that I must transcribe. The sound quality of the responses is very poor. In the past, I have been able to get through the poor quality and make out what was being said. However, these are particularly bad. I know very little about audio editing. I have tried using tools like Audacity to manage the sound levels and remove background noise, with some success. However, I wonder if there are other quick fixes that I could try?
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Can you recommend any well-grounded books or articles about allergies?

I'd like to read some intelligent, well-sourced and scientifically informed books and articles on allergies (including food allergies) and whether the incidence of allergies and food allergies is on the rise. I'm an educated layperson. Can you recommend anything? To provide a bit more context, I feel like I've heard and read a lot about allergies in recent years from news sources and friends and acquaintances, but much of the information seems suspect. To give an example, I've had people pass on information about allergies they got from chiropractors or new-agey sources. I think allergies are a real thing, but it seems like there may be lots of mis-information out there about them. I'd like read about this issue and become more well-informed, but I don't know where to start.
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How to bring up attitude and exes without causing another argument?

The boyfriend will take things I say in totally the wrong way, how do I explain this to him without starting another argument? And he compares me to his ex when doing this stuff...long-winded details inside. [more inside]
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Help me avoid developing a bad back

My dad's back is so bad that some days he can hardly move. I'm 46 and mine is just now starting to hurt. What can I do now to avoid crippling pain 30 years from now? [more inside]
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Game face on!

How do you project calmness and authority on days when you're super stressed and tired? Advice from health professionals encouraged. [more inside]
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realtek ac97 sound controller doesn't work

Hi, my computer isn't making any sounds at all. win7. The control panel shows the realtek ac97 sound card (or maybe it is a built in piece of the motherboard?) but won't make any noise.. the speakers work, have tested them in another machine.
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X11 apps on Ubuntu Touch?

Ubuntu touch preview does not use X11 for graphics. The repository for armhf contains virtually all apps available in desktop Ubuntu, but they cannot be run directly on the tablet (Nexus 10 in my case). Is there a way to run those using a virtual X-server, perhaps passing through local VNC to be displayed? I have ssh access to the device, so I can run commands normally.
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What are today's best avant-garde video games?

What are the most innovative, creatively cutting-edge, yet polished, video games on the market at the moment? Especially in terms of their premise or storyline or story world (not so much their technical capability). For example, the conversation-based game about a bickering married couple called Facade.
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Give me the best hip-hop tracks to kill the subwoofer in my car.

I'm looking for hip-hop that's engineered for car systems. Heavy bass, melodic bass, brutal bass--what artists, albums or tracks sound amazing in a car with an amplified subwoofer setup? [more inside]
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Which Oasis songs sound like the Beatles?

Reading this brutally hilarious set of Noel Gallagher gibes ("Liam's like a man with a fork in a world of soup") I noticed loads of people in the comments jeering that Oasis nicked all the Beatles songs. But - I can't hear it. Help me out! Which Oasis songs sound like which Beatles songs?
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Help me bring my fabric design idea to fruition!

An enthusiastic but unskilled n00b needs help putting together a Spoonflower fabric design. [more inside]
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What did Jerry Springer do in 1999 that involved Anne Frank?

In March of 1999 I was in Amsterdam doing the tour of the Anne Frank house. While we were there kids outside were holding up newspapers chanting Jerry Springer while holding up a newspapers. [more inside]
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April 15

Where can I find accent images to make printed documents classy?

Where can I find free graphics that I can use on invitations, event programs, and books? I'm looking for black and white images: Horizontal rules, flourishes, small flowers, accent images, those little symbols that look like a spade but have a swirling stem....? [more inside]
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I give up. What is the name of this Japanese movie?

I once watched a Japanese movie on a flight but can't for the life of me remember its name. It is about a mysterious Chinese investor trying a hostile takeover of a large Japanese car maker. A retired legend of the Japanese car industry is brought back from retirement to try and save the company from being sold to the Chinese dude.
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Leaving job shortly after promotion?

I landed a big promotion. I don't think it's been a good fit. How do I develop an exit strategy? [more inside]
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Any recordings of Beethoven Symphony #3 (Eroica) piano four-hands

I'm looking for a recording of the complete Eroica Symphony transcribed for piano four hands (or two pianos) with quality comparable to a compact disc. (To get a taste of what I'm looking for, here's a partial video recording that's quite good.) I'm aware of the two-hand Liszt transcriptions, and can recommend Scherbakov over Katsaris, but two hands are not enough!
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Calculating California state income tax withholding

I feel like this should be really easy, but I'm coming up with a non-sensical result. I am considering taking a job that would involve a pay cut (long story, I promise it's worth it). I am trying to calculate what my actual paycheck would be. I'm using the paycheck calculator at Paycheckcity.com to figure this out. But the number it's giving me for California state income tax doesn't seem right. [more inside]
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Should I be concerned about my breasts growing in my thirties?

I'm not gaining weight, not taking any prescription drugs, and I'm DEFINITELY not pregnant. [more inside]
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quitting a job without another lined up

I'm sure you've heard this a million times but am I crazy to quit my job without another one lined up? [more inside]
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Should I keep messaging her?

I'm on OkCupd, and I've been chatting with someone who seems pretty cool and cute. We made plans to meet on Sunday, but she said she was busy but wanted to meet up later. I had a free ticket to a movie yesterday, so I asked if she wanted to come out. Again, busy, so I said "Hey, I'm free on Thursday and Sunday if you want to meet, but if not it's cool". I got a message back saying "I did want to, just got busy. Not into the attitude though so lets leave it there." The logical thing is just to leave it at that and not pursue her any more, but part of me wants to try and figure out if I can fix my mistake and at least meet up for a coffee to see if there's any chemistry there. Is it possible?
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Calendar that talks?

I use an iPhone 4S with the latest iO6 update. I'm looking for a calendar app that will give me options for alerts including actually talking to me. [more inside]
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Job hunting on the DL

Is it possible to apply for a new job in the nonprofit world without my current job finding out? There must be some kind of protocol or professional courtesy about this kind of thing, right? [more inside]
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Did my hosting provider respond appropriately?

My blog made the front page of a major social media site this morning and the provider promptly locked my entire account for "abuse". It took 6 hours for my blog to come back online. Was that a typical response? [more inside]
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How do I make this thing?

I found a cool thing on Thingiverse: a playing field for the game Dominion. How can I make this thing? If it were 3D printing, I'd go to shapeways, but it's not. Where should I go online to have this made?
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Downtown Seattle gathering place weeknight

My husband and I are going to Seattle in a couple of weeks. We would like to have a get-together with several friends, 15-20 people. [more inside]
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Help me reduce the size of my Excel file based on Sharepoint query.

I need some help with a situation where I have a bit of limited resources. Can you help me minimize the Excel file size while still keeping all data available for reporting use? [more inside]
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Your H1N1 is in the mail...

Great-grandma is sick in the hospital. Kids want to send her letters and drawings (crayon on office paper, ca. 2013) ... but kids are sick with unknown illness (flu-like symptoms - fever, cough, etc). How to avoid spreading the germs through the mail? [more inside]
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Having trouble trying to partition the hard drive on my old Mac

I'm trying to partition the hard drive on my old mac (model 4,1 running OS X 10.5.8) so I can dual boot Ubuntu. The problem is that when I go to Disk Utility and and select to partition the drive I get an error saying that the partition failed because there's no space left on the device, even though I have lots of space. This happens no matter how small I make the partition. [more inside]
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Seeking information about a very old piece of furniture

Are you an antique furniture expert? What can you tell me about this piece? [more inside]
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Advice for naive first-time home buyers

My boyfriend would like to stop paying his ridiculous rent in the Bay Area (San Jose) and buy a property for the first time. The maximum down payment he can put down is $80K, which allows him to buy a place worth $400K at most. We don't like our options. [more inside]
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Modula? Modula? Wherefore art thou, dude?

Who or what was Modula? Not the typeface, or the programming language, but the album cover designer of such bizarre creations as Fleetwood Mac's "Mystery to Me" and Camel's self-titled album. Numerous google searches turn up nothing.
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Cell phone options for a short trip to Canada

We're driving from NY to Montreal for a short 5-day trip, and we'll need to be able to make a few calls and/or send and receive texts while on the road. I've found a bunch of older answers to very similar questions (for example) but surely things are better by now? What are my cheap prepaid (I assume) options for a short trip to Canada? Is there a simple way to pick up a prepaid SIM card over the border and use it for the trip? [more inside]
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How do I embed a Google spreadsheet into a non-Sites webpage?

I have a spreadsheet with about 3000 rows of data. I would like the contents of this spreadsheet to show up as a big list/table on a webpage. It's mostly text with one column of URLs. The contents will change not-infrequently (maybe every couple of months) and I would like people both inside and outside my organization (but not general visitors to the webpage) to be able to edit the contents. [more inside]
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MS Word / Excel 2011 for Mac catalog merge mystery

I have a batch of mixed-format data including long-form text fields, hyperlinks, number and plain text in an Excel doc. I have assembled a Word catalog merge file intended to allow me to proof the data manually. There are 42 records. On merge, the output document results in what appears to be the correct number of pages and records. However, records 28-42 do not appear to place any data in the destination document. [more inside]
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Not insuring our non-driving teen son.

My sixteen-year-old son got his license recently, and after a month (during which time he did not drive) we insured him for a month as we were going to be out of town and he needed the car. When we called our insurance company to remove him from our policy, we were told that the only way the company would uninsure him is if he turned in his license to the DMV. We only have one vehicle, and he won't drive. He's not the kid who is going to sneak off in the car, either. So can the insurance company just drop us or otherwise hose us over? [more inside]
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A trip to Hamburg and Berlin

Our family is heading to Hamburg and Berlin. What should we see? [more inside]
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[Plumbingfilter] How to fix inspection plug on tolet drain?

Hi Mefites, first month of homeowning has been interesting, to say the least. Just spent an hour cleaning up water waste from the toilet. What I believe is called the inspection cap cover has come loose and doesn't seem to want to stay put. Call a plumber, or simple fix? [more inside]
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How much touch is appropriate between father and 6/7 year old daughter?

My wife and I disagree strongly over how much touch is appropriate between myself and my almost-7 year old daughter. [more inside]
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Cross-country move... how does it work?

My fiancé and I are planning a cross-country move for the first week in May. We're planning to book a moving company for our stuff, fly ourselves, and ... somehow get our three cats there. The logistics of arranging all these things is just baffling to me. [yes, the required cat pictures have been included] [more inside]
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How to give my brain a short refreshing break?

Between my job and an LSAT study class, my brain is working pretty hard right now. I'm finding that occasionally after a couple of hours of homework (or work work) my brain needs a nap. Are there tips, tricks, or activities that you've found, that let the part of the brain focused on logical reasoning and understanding intense minute details, "take a break" so that after 15 minutes I can return to homework or work feeling refreshed? [more inside]
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52" Men's Burgundy Chinos under $75?

Where can I get burgundy/dark red chinos (or other machine-washable trousers) in a 52" waist for men for a decent price? [more inside]
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On the cheap and during the weekend...DIY home decor!

Aside from a few major professional-only renovations for our house, what we can do to make our home the way we would like? (Bonus points for simplicity!) [more inside]
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European Beach Bum

Where should we go in Southern Europe for the fourth week of July? [more inside]
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Song Identification: Soulful cover of Summer Breeze

I heard a cover of the Seals and Crofts Song Summer Breeze while shopping in a mall store last week. Can you help me figure out who the artist was? It was in a mellow R&B style probably contemporary from the last 5 years or so, with kind of a hip-hop/reggae influenced groove, and (most likely) a female vocalist. The general mood was mellow and groovy and a little sexy.
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Where should we live in the district?

Looking for a good DC apartment building that is relatively quiet and allows cats, 1BR for under $2250/month. [more inside]
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Should I keep this cat?

I impulsively adopted a Maine Coon mix over the weekend. Now I'm realizing this may have been a stupid thing to do given I have a Persian and am already drowning in cat fur. Should I return him before I get too attached? [more inside]
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Rise from your grave!

I have webspace and a domain which is currently hosting a Wordpress blog -- an instance of WP running on the server, not a redirect -- on it that I haven't updated in a year. I want to use the domain to showcase my projects, past and present, and one of these projects is the current main blog. So I have a few logistics questions below the fold. [more inside]
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What was the fire department up to in my neighborhood?

On Saturday, in the course of driving and then jogging around my neighborhood, I noticed that a man in a city firetruck was systematically driving from hydrant to hydrant and opening them each for a few minutes at a time, spilling water all over the street. [more inside]
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why does one armpit smell when the other doesn't?

i'm generally not a stinky girl but when i do get stinky, it's always just my right armpit. my friend m is the same way, except her left armpit. we're both right-handed, i sleep on my left side, she sleeps on both sides about evenly. what's the deal? i googled first but all the forums where this was asked had people just talking about what causes b.o. and not answering the question. is it sweat glands? bacteria? what can we do to destink our respective stinky pits?
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We're headed to Chile and Argentina... any must-see recommendations?

The boyfriend and I are vacationing in Santiago, Valparaiso, and the Lake District (Pucon, Chiloe, San Martin de los Andes, and Bariloche) for about two weeks in May. We'd appreciate restaurant, food, and sightseeing advice from folks who've lived or traveled to any of these spots! We like pretty much any kind of food, we love checking out off-the-beaten path museums and tourist attractions. We're outdoorsy, but we won't be camping and we won't have time to do anything more than a day hike, probably. We'll have a car in the Lake District. Thank you!
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QuotationFilter: love unlike taxes and either like sustainability?

I'm searching for a quotation that was paraphrased to me as
Talking about sustainability should not be like doing taxes, it must be like writing a love letter.
The person (architect, with interest in sustainable design) who paraphrased this to me is certain this is not the actual quotation and citation, and believes it came to her attention within the past seven years.
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Survivor stories - persons living well despite chronic pain.

Encouragement and survivor stories from persons in chronic pain? Symptoms of what may be fibromyalgia and an inability to manage the pain well are depriving my life of beauty, art, and color; I am looking for underdog stories. [more inside]
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The Soiled Reputation of Film Distributors

Is it true? Are film distributors on the whole pretty much... scum? [more inside]
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How to best repair a cracked kindle casing

Like many people with a kindle keyboard, my casing is cracked at the lower corners of the screen. I would like to fix these cracks. By 'fix' I mean make them structurally better at the expense of aesthetics. [more inside]
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Why is my cat having diarrhea?

My cat is pooping on himself. At first, we thought it was because his fur is too long, so we trimmed him. But now we think it's actually diarrhea (and even the blobs are soft) so it's probably more than just a kitten-doesn't-know-how-to-clean-himself problem. [more inside]
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Teach me to be a better teacher

Looking for specific information how how to effectively teach a memorization-driven class as well as general pedagogical resources for teaching at the college level. [more inside]
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Filing Federal Income Taxes with no Income (Partnered Dependency Issue)

My partner has not worked at all in 2012. He did not work much in 2011. (He had some income in January.) We are not married or civilly unioned or anything “official.” However, for the last two years, he has qualified as my dependent and I have filed accordingly. Last year, this felt tricky because we were concerned about where the income cut-off was, and he filed as usual, but reporting himself as my dependent. This year did not feel tricky at all because he had no income at all (no employment, unemployment, no disability, nothing), so as soon as I got my W-2, I filed and got my refund and put it out of my mind. Until this morning as we headed out the door to work/doctor's appointment, when he asked “wait, when you did your taxes while I was in the hospital, did you file mine?” Oops. [more inside]
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Best organizing/storage items for a small bedroom

So I'm trying to change my constantly messy room (which is small) and I've realized that besides daily cleaning, part of what needs to be done is changing the things I use to help store/organize my room. I've done some purging, and will need to do some more, but feel that I'm not getting the most out of what I'm using now (a bookcase, clothes drawer, small desk, small reach closet). I want to use my space more efficiently and be able to organize more of my things in the small space I have! So I'm looking for the best furniture/containers/DIY/storage options that you guys have. Also any websites that show options/ways of doing this would be great too. Don't have a price limit/low budget, but if it's $150+, please note why it's worth the money/time. Thanks!
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SF Bay to Tampa Bay

We live in the San Francisco Bay area and we are considering moving to the Tampa Bay area. Where in Tampa/St. Pete would we not hate living? [more inside]
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light laptop to bring to my son

My son, in Israel, will soon begin graduate school while also keeping his job. He will need a fairly light laptop, 17 inch screen, for school and home use, but we want to buy it here, where it is a lot less expensive, and he does not want to spend a lot and so has asked that we not get a Mac (Air) or any Mac. What PC laptop is likely to be both fairly lightweight and also a decent computer that will be relatively trouble free and a decent machine?
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How to transform daily emailed data into a web–accessible chart?

I get reports emails every morning with simple, TSV data in the message body - and am trying to do something pretty with them, automatically. [more inside]
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What to do about crappy vandal neighbor kids... a bit wordy/snowy inside

Do I continue to 'play dumb' and continue to make attempts to just be a friendly neighbor (while still calling the police for extreme disturbances)? Do I make the police cookies and ask for them to drive my block more often? [more inside]
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Show-Stopping Karaoke Jams

I'm a semi-finalist in a karaoke contest and I'm looking for a crowd-pleasing karaoke song that meets the following requirements: [more inside]
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I Googled you and I found you! Nervous laugh...

I have an internet friend (never met IRL) whom I met on a discussion board for a health issue we share in common. We connected because we live in the same city and are undergoing the same treatments. He has told me his uncommon first name, his employer, and the hospital where he's being treated, as well as the fact that (unfortunately) his most recent procedure had a lot of complications and he's still in hospital. Would it be really weird to send flowers and/or a card? [more inside]
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Name that S Corp!

My tax guy says I need to incorporate. What do I call my corporation? [more inside]
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The new Gmail interface - how to send a plain text message ?

I like the new Gmail Compose interface, but I regularly send messages to a recipient that bounces anything except plain text. The old Gmail interface had a check box to choose between plain text and HTML, but I can't find how to do it on the new interface, and the default is HTML. I can go back to the old interface, but that's going away soon.
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Job Negotiation 101: State University Edition

I am looking at transferring from a corporate job to working for a state university in Iowa. Help me get the best deal. [more inside]
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Where are the best places in LA to live with a family?

You're considering a move to Los Angeles for a job in Irvine. You and your (stay-at-home) wife are both in your early 30s, and have two young (under two years old) children. You were raised in the midwest, and prefer the suburbs. You want to live in an area that has lots of other young families and easy access to eating and shopping and preschools and other things like that. You don't want to spend more than 30 minutes or so commuting. You want to spend about $3,000 per month on rent for a 3+ bedroom single-family-home (or condo, you suppose). What areas of Los Angeles do you focus on?
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Town wide family listserve/activity calender suggestion?

We currently have a number of different list serves, google groups, yahoo groups, and meetup groups in our town, all involving family activities and community events. The different groups cover different neighborhoods, and there is a lot of overlap. I am wondering if there is some kind of service or tool that could be an giant umbrella for all of our groups, with subgroups according to interest, age of kids, neighborhoods, schools etc. [more inside]
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Could Dental Anesthesia Possibly Kill My Daughter?

My 9-year-old autistic daughter has 5 cavities, three in adult teeth. The dentist wants to put her under general anesthesia. While this would certainly be way more convenient for the dentist, and less hellish for her, I'm concerned about the dangers of anesthesia. I've read about hospital patients suffocating in anesthesia screwups. Is that a possible outcome in dental anesthesia, or is that a different procedure? Do I have a reasonable concern? Should we try to do it normally? Snowflake details: on the spectrum, she's definitely a bit more sensitive and rigid than neurotypical kids, but not drastically so. On a side note: how important is it to fill cavities in baby teeth she will probably lose in a year or two?
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HIST490: Contemporary History of Haiti from Ask.Metafilter

In a few weeks, I'll be going to Haiti, specifically the Northern region, for a couple months to work for a NGO. While I've worked and lived in other lesser developed countries and have briefly spoken to co-workers living there, I haven't been to Haiti before and I'd like to have a greater, more nuanced understanding of Haitian cultures and recent history before I arrive. I'm looking for short novels, recommended blogs, or articles - pieces on Haiti would be great posts on Metafilter (I've already read past ones on here) that give me a deeper understanding of Haitian cultures and recent political history.
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I never wear hats. But I need a hat.

So, summer's rolling around and I think I need a hat. Unfortunately, I don't 'know sports' or have high enough style to pull off a fedora/habana/or whatnot. [more inside]
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This has been bugging me all weekend - what's the song played during the interview with Sparrow and the Workshop here (at about 1.42 in)? The context - an anecdote about playing with Brian Jonestown Massacre in Paris - suggests it's BJM, but it doesn't seem to be. Help!
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I don't know anyone at my college; I want friends, parties, and hookups

I'm finally realizing that even though I'm at a huge school, people won't just magically come to me, so I'm trying to make new friends, go new places, and enjoy myself. I want to be the guy that everyone knows, who is always busy. Problem is, I don't understand how to start since I don't know anyone, and since I've been in this situation for two years now, I can't play the "new in town" card anymore. Help? [more inside]
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What should we give our wedding officiant?

Help us urgently decide what to give our officiant as a thank-you. [more inside]
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Tips for plane travel with somebody in a wheelchair

In a couple of weeks I'll be flying with my daughter to Philadelphia (see my previous question). She is in a wheelchair. I've never done this before. What can I do to make both our lives easier? [more inside]
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Road Trip! Gainesville, FL to Austin, TX this fall. Suggestions, advice?

I've used AskMeFi for travel advice before and it's been invaluable. This time I'm planning a road trip from Gainesville, FL to Austin, TX around Halloween to coincide with a music festival I attend each year. I've been to the United States (NYC, San Francisco, and the Pacific Northwest) many times but never to the south – with the exception of Florida if that counts. Do you have any suggestions, places to definitely see, places to definitely avoid? More below if useful... [more inside]
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Nifty, gifty shopping in London?

LondonCommerceFilter: Business trip to London (from US) coming up, and I've got a free initial jetlag day that I'd like to spend shopping-- preferably for cool, unique, not-too-expensive, suitable-for-gifting items I'd be unlikely to find in the US. I'm specially interested in women's accessories (scarves, jewelry); toys and games; (travel-friendly) foods; tchotchkes; and used/antique books. Any must-visit shops? [more inside]
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Thriving as a small brick and mortar/e-commerce B2C retailer?

How can a small (3-5 employees) brick and mortar/e-commerce B2C retailer survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive market (outdoors/sports products) when it cannot compete on price? Any good examples of small companies doing just that? [more inside]
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What professional can identify what's wrong/weird about my behaviour?

I have never had many close friends or intimate relationships, and i know that other people find my behaviour off-putting. But due to politeness, nobody will tell me! What profession's job is to just plain tell me what's not ok with my basic behaviour (eg voice volume, personal space) so i can stop pushing everyone away without meaning to? Thanks! [more inside]
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Nice thoughtful gestures from afar....

A close relative recently had a double mastectomy and is awaiting breast reconstruction surgery. She is still in recovery phase, and is surrounded by her loving and supportive family. Because of work issues I'm unable to visit for a while. I've sent flowers, and made phone calls, but I would like to get something delivered to her either brighten her day or make this time easier or any more comfortable for her and her family. [more inside]
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What was this book of short horror stories?

Help me find a short story collection I read maybe 20 years ago. [more inside]
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What advice would you give me if there might still be a chance?

I’ve had a small crush on a co worker that later turned into a pretty big one. It’s gotten to the point where I couldn’t get her off my mind and it was hard focusing on school work. I’m 25 and haven’t had much dating experience. In my younger years, middle school throughout high school, I had self esteem issues with being overweight and then with acne. I’ve come here seeking advice from a wide verity of experiences of both genders. I found a similar case to mine on here and found the answers very useful so I hope to get great advice from this community. I apologize in advance for a long winded background story but I wanted to make sure I get enough information out to aid you guys. [more inside]
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Dave Brubeck and Daft Punk walk into a bar

It seems 4/4 is the universal time signature for electronic music / techno / EDM. Is there a song or artist that uses any other time signature in a consistent way? As in not just a bridge or for special effect.
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April 14

Happy little (binary) trees. Is there a Bob Ross of coding?

Is there a Bob Ross of coding? I'm looking for a particular style of educational video which shows developers working through problems. It should include a voice over describing what they are trying to accomplish. It should also show the types of decisions they are making as they work through the problem. [more inside]
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Addressing an Envelope When the Recipient's Name is Unknown to You?

Hi everyone. I recently visited an online map where people who share a very unusual niche hobby place a pin where they live, voluntarily including an address or name if they'd like, and I found to my pleasant shock that a fellow enthusiast lives only a few blocks from me. He/she left a contact address but not a name, and I'd really love to write to this person, but I have no idea what the normal etiquette is for addressing a personal envelope to an unnamed recipient (to be clear, I don't mean the letter itself, but the envelope). [more inside]
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Help Us Get Our Butts Moving!

My husband and I have made a pact to get in shape. It hasn't happened that often even though we both want to! What are some goals that have helped you (and a workout buddy) actually get out there? [more inside]
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Red packets at a Vietnamese wedding

Everyone attending the wedding is giving an 'envelope' or 'packet'. What's inside? [more inside]
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What is this plug for?

In my kitchen, I have a plug that is about 7 feet from the floor, near the ceiling. It's directly above the electric heating unit, but doesn't appear to be controlled by said unit. The plug is recessed, but other than that looks to be a standard three prong outlet. It's live and works okay, but it's so far off the floor it's made me curious. Plug
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If you feel out of place with people your age, does this ever go away?

Can you relate to most people who are your age? If not, have you always felt this way? [more inside]
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Winnipeg....here I come! Or may be not!

Tell me about living in Winnipeg, Canada. All the good, the bad and the ugly. Low salary and in scientific research and a foreign worker....what did you like and hate about it? For someone who loves being out in the sun, walking/hiking outside a couple of times a week, is this going to be hard to navigate, if its an option at all that is? Or am I going to freeze inside with boredom in my apartment for most of the year and get seasonal depression and what not? I have never lived anywhere where it snows but I love winter. However, I am not sure if I am considering the Tundra here... It is especially important for me right now, at the point where I am in life, to be able to go out and about and walk, as silly as that may sound. Thanks in advance!
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Name/domain for private photo network for parents.

Please help me pick a name and domain for our website/app. We're a private network for parents to upload, backup and share their kids' pictures. [more inside]
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Adaptor / converter plug US to NZ

In a few days, I leave on a trip to New Zealand. New Zealand, apparently not being the most popular destination from SF or the US, in my online and storeside research, I have received no less than 6, often contradictory, combinations of answers to exactly what peripherals I need to have in order to charge my phone [though that most often will be trickle charging off of the laptop], run my laptop, and use my hair styling instruments [should I deem to do so.] I do not need to use them all simultaneously, but two at a time would be ideal, if not requisite at times. Can anyone explain to me exactly items I need to purchase and what that setup should look like in order to avoid frying my electronics? Thanks! FG
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Time to start using a calendar

I've finally lost track of my plans enough times where I need to start keeping a calendar. I'd like something that's easy to update on my phone and syncs with wherever else I'd use it (iPhone, iPad, Macbook). The entries will be pretty simple ("birthday party at Bob's house, 9pm on Wednesday", for example…don't really care if there's features beyond that). What do you use?
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Scared of Losing my Hearing

I have been noticing recently that I have a hard time knowing what people are saying to me at work, so I usually just nod and laugh or something. my hearing feels a bit muffled and sometimes at night my ears ring for no real reason (tinnitus?). I also listen to music when I jog through ear buds. It doesn't feel like I'm playing the songs too loud, and I listen to my ipod about every other day for about an hour. I am gonna hold out on any more listening until i figure out what's going on. I recently went to my ear nose and throat doctor and had a hearing test. He said it came back next to perfect. This confused me. Should I consult an audiologist? I feel like I'm struggling to hear others, especially when there is background noise. If anyone can give me any feedback, I'd surely appreciate it. I am 30 btw.
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Multiple Sclerosis - Disability

I will try to keep this short....My wife (37yo) was diagnosed w/ MS in 2007. Since that time she really hasn't had any really bad symptoms or issues. Well it has now reared its ugly head and she has major fatigue, legs hurting really bad, and she is very scared. She went to her nuero and he said she has now more lesions and a "black hole", and that he was going to do his best to keep her out of a wheelchair or off of a cane. My question is about disability. At her current job she has no short or long term disability. So what are her options? Her doctor asked if she could go part time, however as a family of 4 we couldn't afford that. We are just looking at options, so any guidance or answers would be extremely helpful. Also, we live in Texas if that helps any.
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How do I best prepare for a job interview?

I have an interview for a new job later this week. It is the same job that I have now, just with new people and in a larger company. It also pays a ton. I am very nervous and am slightly psyched out. I'm not good at tooting my own horn. How do I get "in the zone" for a job interview? [more inside]
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Are there alternatives to Coolwall Paint? How much are we talking (in L?

I had someone through Costco come out to our house to give a quote on painting the house with Coolwall paint. It wasn't a quote just for the paint, but for all the prep work, repairs in our stucco, and the trim. We don't live in a large house--it's less than 1,400 square feet. He extolled the benefits of this paint. It's highly reflective and thus reduces damage to the paint, and also keeps the house cooler in the summer. The way the guy went on about it, it's a miracle product. He quoted $18,600 to prep and paint our house with this stuff. Again, it's through Costco and has a lifetime warranty. And they don't strip off the existing paint or stucco--they repair it, bond it, and paint right over it. Are there similar alternatives that would cost much less? [more inside]
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Moving from CA, US to BC, CAN w/very limited resources.

By my searching, it seems that there hasn’t been a “moving to Vancouver” question yet this year, so I’m here to fill the gap. I am considering a move from Sacramento, CA to Vancouver, BC and would very much appreciate advice and ideas on getting immediate needs met in Vancouver for the first 1-3 months. (I have read the cbsa.gc.ca site’s “Moving Back to Canada” pages, previous Ask MeFi answers, and other sources.) [more inside]
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Should this be a rental for tax purposes?

I live in a co-op in New York City. My spouse and I 'own' the unit, but we have a friend who lives with us. The unit is owner-occupancy only, so when we bought, we got special permission from the board for this one person to live with us. Owners are not allowed to rent out their units (but our situation is understood). Our roommate helps us pay the bills by giving us some money each month. There are no leases, subletting, proprietary lease for the coop, or any formal documentation at all. Is the money that he gives us each month "rental income"? I would prefer not to separate out rental income, expenses, etc. in addition to our legitimate home offices. However, I care more about doing this properly and not harming a) the roommate, b) the co-op, or c) my bottom line. [more inside]
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New dog has lost her potty training. Help!

I adopted a three year old Chiweenie from a couple unable to keep her. The dog seems to have lost her potty training. The couple said she was fine with it, she goes to the door to be let out... But absolutely refuses to use the bathroom outside. Help! [more inside]
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How to get insurance to cover family/couples counselling

My partner and I are considering going into couples counselling. The insurance plan we share does not cover this type of counselling "except when rendered in connection with services provided for a treatable mental disorder." One of us is in treatment for a mental disorder, so this seems worth investigating. Can you offer us any experience or advice about dealing with therapists and/or insurance companies in this situation? [more inside]
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Suggestions for haunted/quirky/mystical/woo-woo/mythic places in Spain?

Tell me about the weirdest, most magical, fantastical places in Spain. Places that have ghostly apparitions, spirit-sightings, woo-woo lines of crystal power or tombs of mad saints. Spooky forests, castles, places hippies flock to. Places where the guide books start the descriptions with "legend has it..." Fairy tale towns. Roman ruins. You get the idea. Places in Portugal welcomed as well. (Going for two weeks at the end of May. Delicious food & scenery is great, but I'm really looking to spark my imagination.)
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Pls help me remember this french film about a poor girl...

I rented this film on VHS in 1999. It is about a younger french girl, living with her mother in a trailer park. Mother is a drunk, they are poor, she tries to get a job at a food stand at one point (??) There is love interest and conflict and some kind of crisis. I loved this movie and have thought about it often since I saw it but I am afraid that my memories may have started overwriting my recollections. She is a little bit of a feral child, medium length brown hair, very striking. Please help!
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Countries in which chile is significant in the cuisine

Countries in which chile is significant in the cuisine? [more inside]
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How can I learn to not be so reactive?

In a professional situation someone tried to bully a number of people, including me. I lost my temper, not badly, but I got angry and said silly things. (well true things said in a silly way, all now apologised for) The disappointing thing is, my outburst was counter productive and unnecessary. I was right, so right, and if I had stayed cool, and responded calmly I would have been able to completely control the situation. [more inside]
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How to easily create a central and shared place for all of our music?

HELLO! Please explain, as if to a child, how to easily create a central and shared place for all of our music. I want to be able to play any song from our collection without having to save it to my computer. How does this work? We have a wireless network in our house and some ability to buy a gadget to help with this but want guidance on what actually works. I am not a techie and no one else in my household is either. [more inside]
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My MacBook is dying, do I replace or go desktop?

Hi there, I have a mid-2009 MacBook Pro, which is getting noticeably slower, the battery needs replacing and the fan is extremely noisy. All this has lead me to believe that this laptop is coming to the end of its "natural" lifespan and I will soon be due an upgrade (however I accept I may be wrong here). Coupled with this, I am about to move into a new place, meaning I will have a lot less need for a portable laptop, since I will be working from home most days. With this in mind, I was thinking about getting a desktop iMac as my "main" computer and using my old MacBook as and when I needed to. So my question is, should I... A) Attempt to prolong my MacBooks life by having it serviced / refurbished, and buy a desktop monitor to plug it into when I work from home. B) Buy a new MacBook Pro, and a desktop monitor (because this would be cheaper than the third option, which is to...) C) Buy a desktop iMac, and continue to use my old MacBook as a spare / portable option. Thanks.
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Why do letters have letter names? (B = "bee", H = "aitch"...)

I first came across this about 20 years ago in a Calvin & Hobbes strip where Hobbes taunts his friend: "Calvin and Susie, sitting in a tree. Kay-Eye-Ess-Ess-Eye-En-Gee!" I never understood why Hobbes was making "words" out of letters; I assumed it was something unique to comics (or tigers). Then today, a poem linked to in this FPP reminded me of that old comic strip and got me thinking: Why is there an entire parallel alphabet to spell out the letters of the alphabet? [more inside]
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Traveling to Canada with a smartphone

I'm heading to Vancouver BC next month, and I have a smartphone. How can I use it without it costing eleventy bazillion dollars? [more inside]
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We're at our wits' end with an anxious meowing cat. Help!

7 year old cat has been a nightmare since I moved about a year ago. He keeps us up all night, is destroying our rental bathroom, and won't stop meowing. We're running out of solutions. Help! [more inside]
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I just found out my ex got married, I'm hurt, why do I feel down?

Over the past 5 months I've posted three questions here on how to get over my ex. I've tried all the advice people have given on here and it has helped. Recently I thought I was almost over things and in a good enough place to work on being genuinely friends. Then she tells me she just got married. I don't know if I'm more shocked that she got married to someone in less than 5 months or just that she's just married. Either way, she doesn't want to communicate anymore, which I can respect. So is the reason I'm feeling down is because I feel rejected again? I know this should conclude things for me but I still think about it and I know I shouldn't. Why can't I just leave it and move on?
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Business books on customer value/satisfaction in services/consulting

What business books/frameworks and resources are available for managers in service companies to provide deep customer value and delight, when the customer himself is a senior manager in another company and my services are people with deep expertise in specific areas? [more inside]
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How do I motivate myself for school in the aftermath of breakup?

I just broke up with someone and I'm feeling like a mess. Unfortunately I have to write five papers in the next month and a half that I have hardly done any research for. And give a giant presentation. I am freaking out. [more inside]
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Help with NYC Apartment Hunting (In-Town Move, April 2013 Edition)

I've been reading through all the New York apartment hunting threads, but I'm my own special snowflake...and I know how quickly things here can change. [more inside]
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Dermatologist's office in NYC

Are there any dermatologist offices open late evenings or weekends in NYC? I'm just busy working till 6 in the city on the weekdays so that's why I'm asking. Either weekends or later in the evening on weekdays. It's mostly for my acne which has gotten out of hand even though I've tried lots of things to get rid of it.
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Sui Generis Cinema

There are commercial films that have a structure unlike anything else in cinema - radically different than even other other films by the same director or producers. Take for example My Dinner With Andre's real-time documentation of a dinner between two men, the way The Umbrellas of Cherbourg is completely sung, but like an operetta and not a musical, Timecode's real-time quadruple-screen, or the way Incubus used Esperanto. What are some other examples of films that have had a truly unique structure or key formal device? [more inside]
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T-Mobile: Stay or Go?/iPhone or No?

I have had a reasonably happy relationship with my T-Mobile G2 (aka HTC Desire Z) these past two years, but my contract is up, and I have long coveted the iPhone, mostly based on its picture taking and video chatting capabilities. Should I just get one and take advantage of T-Mobile's new pricing? Or should I jump to a new carrier? An attempt to make this less open-ended is inside. [more inside]
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12v doodad ideas

So I've finally bought a car of my own (Alfa Guilietta) and in the boot (trunk) is a 12v outlet marked "180W maximum". Can anyone come up with ideas about what to use this for? It seems relatively pointless to me. [more inside]
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My girlfriend is very upset with me and might break up with me.

I need a little bit of advice, I'm back again, this time in a different situation, as my girlfriend has become very upset with me and might break up with me. I don't know how to handle it, and I'm scared I'm going to lose her. [more inside]
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Best way to send flowers abroad?

I have a dear friend whose father passed in Novi Sad, Serbia. I'm trying to figure out the best way to send flowers but am having a difficult time finding reviews on sites offering the service. Anyone have any experience/recommendations?
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Chinese custom?

Question about food sharing/giving within the Chinese culture. [more inside]
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Gender confusion at 30-something

Becoming suddenly gender-confused at age 35, this is weird, please help. [more inside]
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The Bedroom of Tristan Tzara's Children

Years ago I was reading a book (an art book I think but it's possible that someone like Tom Stoppard might be messing with my memories) and it said that Tristan Tzara had decorated his children's bedroom and playroom with the most beautiful wacky paintings and props a dada artist could conceive. [more inside]
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How to Properly Sleep Through the Night For Once

I have been waking up at the exact same time in the middle of the night for the past month or so, and it's majorly disrupting my ability to be a functional human being. [more inside]
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Can anyone recommend a London-based accountant?

I'm looking to file my taxes for the year. Can anybody recommend someone reasonably affordable and London-based who does this for a living? [more inside]
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April 13

Help me enjoy the next 7 minutes of roller derby. Go!

Watching the Bay Area Bombers live at my first roller derby match. Lots of fun but I don't have a clue what's going on. How is it scored? How much is fake, how much is real?
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Can anyone help to identify this half-remembered fever dream of a movie?

One night in Atlantic City, me and three other drunk, high, exhausted bachelor party gamblers went to our hotel room and ended up watching a program that may have just been some sort of shared fever dream. It was also in Spanish. [more inside]
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Community theatre for amateurs in Toronto

I'd like to get into community theatre, but I haven't done any kind of drama since high school. Are there community theatres in Toronto that encourage amateur participation?
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Solution for attachment-free photo downloads over email?

I help this sweet old lady with computer stuff. She's running Windows 7 and uses an SBC account "powered by Yahoo!" (terribly out-of-date interface). She often receives emails with family photos from her daughter-in-law's iPhone. She CAN download them, and I'm teaching her how to wade through the attachment-folders that seems to create (for virus-scanning I presume) and then copy them over to her Pictures folder, where she can organize them. However, they are often rotated incorrectly because of some iPhone - Windows issue, and they are often checked "Read-Only"... [more inside]
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Artsy/funky/old-timey black & white film for free/cheap download?

My birthday party starts in less than one hour. The theme is "black and white," and I had planned to project a friend's vaudeville silent film for atmosphere during the party. I just thought to check with the director to make sure he was still down with me showing his film, and it turns out that it isn't. I now need a plan B, in a hurry! See the invite here for the vibe...looking for artsy/funky/old-timey. And if you happen to be in Portland, please send me a MeMail if you'd like to join the festivities!
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Ideas to energize & excite employees of a large traditional organization

Hoping you can share some ideas or things you have observed companies do to energize and excite their organizations. Please note that ideas that work for young organizations like google may not work for me since I am trying to do this in a very traditional, large and old (over 100 years in business) organization. One idea that comes to mind is hiring relatively younger employees for senior management positions. Perhaps having more team outings might help as well. I would welcome any suggestions. Thanks in advance!
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Senses Working Overtime

Tell me everything you know about sensory integration and related issues... [more inside]
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Documentaries similar to BBC's "Toughest Place to Be a.."

Hi mefi-ers. I'm a documentary film enthusiast.. I have seen the few that are available for free on youtube, titles from the 'Human Rights Watch' festival (eg 'Rafea Solar Mama), a couple of Iranian ones (eg 'Buddha Collapsed out of Shame), 'Seeking Asian Female', etc. I also love marine animal/ecosystem-related documentaries [more inside]
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How to remove imprint from glass bottle?

I buy bottles of strauss organic whipping cream, it comes it little glass bottles and looks like this: pic 1, pic 2. As you can see, on the glass bottle there is a flat black imprint with some lettering and a logo. Is there any way to safely remove that imprint? I have something in mind I'd like to reuse my bottles for and I'd prefer them not to have that imprint. Thanks!
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Hey, Art!

Please tell me of your favorite art/design/architecture blogs, pages, and websites — the more obscure, the better. [more inside]
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How do I build a shed under my deck?

I want to enclose underneath my deck but need to deal with frost pushing up on the walls. [more inside]
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Please recommend movies!

My boyfriend and I are having a hard time coming up with movies to watch. Brainstorming based off of movies, directors, and genres we tend to like has gotten us nowhere, so I'd like to see what the hivemind can come up with based off a list of our recent favourite tv shows. [more inside]
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Anybody know where to get this jacket?

Can anyone tell me where to get this fleece thing? Or even just identify the brand? http://www.anony.ws/96O
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Best place to live for three months in London without breaking the bank?

As per my previous question, my wife is attending a course in London in June so we are moving from Australia for three months. We were thinking somewhere central initially, but the prices are nuts, so we will probably pick somewhere on the tube line (red or black line). Any suggestions for the seasoned London mefites in this thread that would suit our family of four (me, wife and two preschool boys). For reference, our rent here is equivalent to about 250 - 300 pound a week, but no idea how that compares. my wife would also be okay with up to a 1 hr commute, especially if we live at the start of the line and she can get a seat. Thanks all.
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Need a work retreat with good internet & food, anywhere

I want to hole up in a place that has good internet and delicious food, so I can work and eat and relax away from the hassles of home. I'm willing to go almost anywhere in the world. Ideas? [more inside]
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Recommend a Floor Refinisher in Los Angeles?

Can you recommend a floor refinisher in Los Angeles? It's for an elderly couple in a 1940s home very close to the intersection of Wilshire and Fairfax. [more inside]
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What is this lump on the roof of my mouth?

There is a soft lump toward the front of the roof of my mouth. It is not a blister. It is not a canker sore. It might be a result of an infection where I had a root canal 6 months ago. Naturally, I think it's awful and life-ending. [more inside]
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Bars in Boston that play the A's game?

Hi MeFi, A friend is trying to find a bar/place in Boston that is playing the A's game (or is an Oakland A's bar)...I know, I know...most are just playing the Red Sox, but you are all the intelligentsia of what's around, so figured I'd ask you! Thanks a lot!
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Coding Bootcamp Reviews?

I'm interested in independent information on the coding bootcamps that have sprung up in NYC. Especially the Flatiron School. [more inside]
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Jobfilter: From contract (via agency) to full time. How much to accept?

I am an contractor through an agency (W2 employee). The company I am working at wants me to go full time. The pay rate is around 33% lower. I've gone through all the benefits that contractors don't get and the full time pay is still around 16% higher. [more inside]
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"Don't Break The Chain" app with skip days, because life is complicated

There are tons of "Don't Break The Chain"-style motivation tools in the iOS App Store and online, but I'm having trouble finding one with a feature I find essential: the ability to skip days on the fly without breaking your streak. [more inside]
posted by Ian A.T. at 1:17 PM PST - 17 comments

Ashtanga/Vinyasa Yoga in San Francisco

I want to find a good yoga studio in San Francisco that offers both ashtanga and vinyasa/flow in a guided but fairly traditional style. Reasonable student rates and easy access from the Mission St BART are pluses. Recommendations? [more inside]
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I don't even know who/how to ask

Back in college, I smoked weed intermittently (maybe every month if that - so not that big a smoker), but had a consistent dealer on campus. [more inside]
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Help me choose a laptop quickly (Student UK)

So I stupidly dropped my laptop and whilst the data on it was thankfully recoverable (teach me to back up more often!), the machine itself is done for. I'm more technologically minded than a lot of my friends but it isn't really my area and I always take forever to investigate and weigh up the options, but I really need to order it quickly since I go back to university next week! So please, some recommendations or pointers to help me make a quick and sensible choice. (Some basic personal requirements/details below.) [more inside]
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Name that movie - thriller about man goes into past

I'm trying to think of a movie where a man is having an affair with another woman. During one of the encounters while he should be watching his child, the child accidentally dies I think by falling into a pool. After feeling grieved, he goes through some sort of cave in a park and goes back in time and can make things right again. Apparently, there's something weird about the new neighborhood he's in (spoilers so I won't say more). Anybody know what the movie is called?!
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(NSFW) Me So Ironic. Me Love Your Answers Long Time.

Has anyone ever done a sensitive-new-age, acoustic-guitar version of Me So Horny? [more inside]
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hand injury roulette

My friend may have broken a bone in his hand. He does not have health insurance. Would waiting until tomorrow to go for treatment potentially cause long term problems? [more inside]
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Where in New York City / Montreal can I find Chinese translated manga?

I live in New York City and am visiting Montreal and I'm looking for Chinese translated manga / manhua. Tian Hua in Montreal used to have some, but maybe they got rid of them when they moved? Is there another place that stocks them in either city? Bonus points if you know any good sources for Chinese children's books in either city.
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Tell me what you love about Chicago

Might be moving to Chicago in near future; not crazy about the idea. Help me adjust my attitude about the Windy City. [more inside]
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Relax take it eeeeasy

How do you keep your back, neck and shoulders relaxed? [more inside]
posted by dinosaurprincess at 10:23 AM PST - 10 comments

Big non-skid pads for glass surface

Is there something better than this type of pad for a BIG glass table? [more inside]
posted by CrazyLemonade at 9:52 AM PST - 1 comment

Broken CFL exposure

Toddler knocked over a lamp with one of those god forsaken CFLs in it. [more inside]
posted by johnstrick at 8:59 AM PST - 29 comments

Wounded teddy bears?

Sorry for an otaku question, but what's the deal with bandaged teddy bears? [more inside]
posted by Chocolate Pickle at 8:57 AM PST - 6 comments

What's the lifespan of TV converter boxes?

My converter box just all-of-a-sudden didn't work last night for my analog TV. [more inside]
posted by noelpratt2nd at 8:15 AM PST - 4 comments

Timelapse app for iPhone

I'm looking for a timelapse app for the iPhone with some special requirements. [more inside]
posted by gwint at 8:14 AM PST - 7 comments

Tall, pudgy, 40 year old thinking about taking up longboarding

So I've pretty much decided my midlife crisis is going to be trying to take up longboarding. Difficulty: 40, tall, not the most graceful, in Ontario. [more inside]
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Maybe if you'd stop being so annoying...

Recently, I've been finding my best friend just plain annoying. How do I stop feeling annoyed and get back to a harmonious friendship? [more inside]
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How important is AM Best ratings to insurance, specifically homeowners?

Our current homeowners policy is being changed because the company no longer does business in our state. Our agent has come up with another company that is not a national company. It only underwrites in several states on the east coast. I looked up their financials and they seem to be good but I’m no expert. It also is rated with Demotech which I understand to a paid rating company. [more inside]
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How do we treat this wound on our cat's ear?

Yesterday we noticed this hairless patch on The Grey Lady Jane Grey's ear. What could it be, and how do we treat it? [more inside]
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Free KaKu television in the sky?

My uncle gave me a DirecTV SlimLine dish with a three-LNB head (119, 110, 103/101/99). Can I point it at the sky somewhere to get free KaKu band TV channels? [more inside]
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Resources for learning to play the Delta blues?

I want to learn how to play the Delta blues/blues slide guitar. [more inside]
posted by colfax at 7:16 AM PST - 6 comments

I am a technical writer! ...for Glee.

Does the stigma against fandom also count against whatever marketable experience you gain from it? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:35 AM PST - 20 comments

Car engine 'adjustment problems'?

My 2005 Honda Civic 5 Speed has a recent history of being serviced. (More inside.) Now it idles at 1200 rpms. The shop says to call them on Monday if the car hasn't adjusted back to normal. My question is: really? [more inside]
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Tips for 15 year-old negotiating long haul international travel alone

Yay! Our 15 year old nephew Sam is coming to visit us in Italy for three weeks during the school holidays. From Australia. Via Dubai, it's a 22 hour flight. Although he has to disembark and changes flights in Dubai, there is a relatively short hour and a half layover. He has only travelled internationally once before to Vietnam, and then not on his own. He is a great guy, however I want to ensure that he finds the whole experience as easy as possible. Any hints? Dubai is a wonderfully eclectic airport which will be an eye opener. As someone reasonably blasè about international travel and airport transfers, I am hoping to mine the hind mind for special hints that might help Sam in negotiating the flights, transfer and the clearing of customs and arrival in Rome? Thanks!
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northern lights viewing w'in driving distance of Manhattan

ISO the best place tonight 13 April 2013 to view possible northern lights within an hour's drive of Manhattan? [more inside]
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April 12

Are online colleges really that awful?

I'm looking into going back to school...online, but online colleges seem to have a bad reputation. Are there any GOOD ones out there? [more inside]
posted by earthquakeglue at 10:17 PM PST - 25 comments

CIA mind control

I was reading about psychic driving which is a CIA and psychotherapy technique to change human behavior. What I wonder is what kind of messages did they play to them? The same ones over and over? Different ones mixed together? what kind of things did they say? Seeing as how it was done by Dr. D. Ewen Cameron at a legitimate University under the guise of legitimate psychiatric research , I would imagine he would have released peer reviewed medical journals detailing his techniques, their effectiveness ect including what messages he played to them. What I am particularity interested in is what kind of things were said on the tape they played
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Calling the powers of the Doc Google collective

Here a doc there a doc, everywhere a doc doc but how do I define a frimping printable area on a Google Doc spreadsheet? & page breaks. So tired of selecting content & printing one page at a time.
posted by tilde at 9:40 PM PST - 4 comments

SimCity 4 Mac language change?

So I have a copy of Simcity 4 for Mac OS, and the patch to run it on Intel. I'm looking to switch the language from US to UK English (I want left-side traffic) but all of the instructions I've found online to do such a thing are for the Windows version, and involve modifying the Registry, which by definition ain't gonna happen for the Mac OS version. What can I do? How do I change the game's language settings on Mac OS?
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How to format a writing portfolio for an online job application

I'm job hunting for the first time in a few years, and I just saw a perfectly delicious looking Content Editor gig at a women's apparel website. They want me to include my writing portfolio, for obvious reasons. What's the most current best practice for how this should be formatted and attached to my application email? I have a variety of blog, website, and social media content from my current and former jobs. Should I just pick my favorite clips, toss them in a word doc, and attach it? Something fancier? Any formatting specifics? Should I also include a link to my personal website with more samples? Thanks, writerly Mefites!
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Licensing issues with putting your recipes in the cloud

Using a crowd-sourced recipe service--how do licensing requirements affect intellectual property rights? Are there any such recipe sites that have licensing agreements that are more protective of the member's rights than others? [more inside]
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Help me save this relationship

How can I start, right now, to improve my relationship? [more inside]
posted by DeltaForce at 6:27 PM PST - 49 comments

California Taxes--what do they want from me??

So I am paying my California taxes using CalFile (their free online filing website at webapp.ftp.ca.gov). I get a few questions in, and then I get to the "Payments" section, with these 4 questions that make no sense to me. [more inside]
posted by brenton at 5:52 PM PST - 10 comments

Key to unlock other keys?

What is this called and where can I get one cheaply or make one? [more inside]
posted by Deflagro at 5:49 PM PST - 9 comments

Looking for two letter slang/colloquialisms

"Ne" in Japanese can mean many things, same with "eh" in Canada. "Ya" and "Da" appear many places. "OK" is a favorite around the world. "OI" for Punks and for "Oy" for Jews. Can you think of any others?
posted by parallax7d at 5:31 PM PST - 40 comments

need more Mudd!

Earlier this week I was updating my podcasts and especially looking forward to catching up on a few months of Mudd Up! with DJ /Rupture. Alas, turns out the show stopped airing back in February. Anybody know any music podcasts in a similar vein? [more inside]
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Is there a mashup of reddit and metafilter?

Is there a mashup of reddit and metafilter? Err more specifically is there a site out there basically identical to metafilter but with more subcommunities? [more inside]
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How do I record a phone interview on an outgoing call?

I'm doing some freelance journalism-y things, and I sometimes need to interview people over the phone whilst plugging away at my "day job." How do I record these calls? I have an iphone 4, if that makes a difference. [more inside]
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Resources for desiging a fitness room for our public safety building.

Can anyone recommend resources for designing a fitness room for a public safety building? Including: blueprints for room dimensions equipment recommendation anything else I can't think of? [more inside]
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A Good Major Appliance Warranty?

Has anyone used a warranty like SquareTrade for a major appliance (e.g., gas range) repair? I'm thinking of buying an extended warranty because my new appliances seem to be prone to breaking down, and I would guess a third-party warranty might be better than an extended manufacturer warranty.
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Edinburgh in August?

We are headed to the UK in late July and plan to go to Scotland for about 9 days in early August. I just realized that Edinburgh will be in the midst of its festival season in August and my partner is now thinking maybe it will be unbearably crowded and expensive, and we should avoid it on this trip. Is Edinburgh doable in August if you don't particularly like crowds? Are there ways to lessen the pain? [more inside]
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Mac Clipboard Manager with "Paste and Remove from History"

I'm looking for a standalone clipboard manager for OSX that has LaunchBar's "Paste and Remove from History" functionality. [more inside]
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Help me break on through to the other side of chronic fatigue

I’m a man, pushing 50, and I was diagnosed back in the mid-90s with fibromyalgia syndrome/chronic fatigue syndrome. No medication I tried over the next few years helped with either aspect. After years of practice, I’m dealing okay with the fibro pain, but the chronic fatigue is hitting like the metaphorical ton of bricks. [more inside]
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Making old bones new again

I often give my dogs roasted beef "soup bones" straight from the butcher, the kind with marrow in them. After an evening's worth of undivided attention, they are stripped down to the bone and empty inside. What can I do to turn the hollow bones back into treats? [more inside]
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I Need A Hero! Or children's books about them, anyway

Mini McGee is suddenly very interested in heroes (especially when they do some rescuing). I'd like to get some more children's books about heroes for him (and his brother), especially if they are a little off-beat. [more inside]
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Oven on at low temp all day?

Left oven on at 175; is this a big deal? [more inside]
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3-year old has footache

my son is almost 4 year old now. at night while sleeping he frequently wakes up complaining about foot ache. the pain usually centers around the forefoot area. however, during the day he never has any foot pains. asked his pediatrician about it a couple of months ago. but once he was told that my son never had the same issue during the day, he just told us that there is no need to worry. yesterday he had another "episode" and was actually crying pretty bad about the pain. shall we be concerned? what shall we do now that even his doctor doesn't think it's a problem. thank you for any advice...
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Navigating the world of credit

Just found out my credit score sucks, now what do I do? [more inside]
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Where in America or Canada should I travel on a US Airways hub?

I have a companion fare for US Airways. In order to use it, I have to buy a ticket by April 30 and travel by July 31. Where should I go? [more inside]
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Refundable airline reservations?

Whenever I buy airline tickets via kayak, they are non-refundable. Is there any way of making reservations, e.g. to Europe, that would be refundable or exchangeable? Or is this just the cost of getting the "best" fares? (As if) (who knows?)
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Best restaurant **inside** McCarran International / Las Vegas airport?

For a boring list of logistical reasons, I'll be inside the Las Vegas airport today at dinner time, waiting for a late departing flight. I'll be hungry. [more inside]
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What's a fair child support payment?

She has landed a sweet paying job. But I'm still in college trying to graduate [more inside]
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Who threw that ball??

I'm trying to remember the name of a Major League Baseball pitcher who had a particular mannerism while pitching. Help! Baseball fan fail! [more inside]
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Where did I read about bombs being unmade in reverse and buried?

I recently read a brief passage (maybe a page) where someone has a dream or a vision or just the thought of the whole process of making bombs running in reverse, so that ruined cities are brought together, bombs are taken to factories, dismantled, and the raw materials buried in the ground. Anyone recognize where this if from?
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I think I'm living with a reptile?

I suspect my partner may be an ectotherm. Is there such a thing as the combo full-spectrum lamp + heat rock that you'd get for a lizard tank but for adult humans? Anyone have any success making one? [more inside]
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Talk to me programmers!

Is it worth changing careers, getting a masters in CS? [more inside]
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Your recommendations for cheap, slim/straight men's jeans.

It was fun while it lasted, but I think my days of breaking in pairs of $150+ Japanese denim are behind me. Help me find a readily available replacement at or below $50 a pair. [more inside]
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Why is my wireless router so slow, and how can I make it faster?

My Wi-Fi is slow, and it seems to be the fault of the router. How can I make it faster? Barring that, is there a better router I could buy? Details inside. [more inside]
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Use of The City as a metaphor for the Internet/Web

I am looking for examinations of the Internet and World Wide Web that use the structure and/or history of the city as a metaphor. [more inside]
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Need Help Automatically Downloading Information

I think the tools for this exist, but I can't figure out how to put them together. I want to automate searching and downloading for any and all new videos, news articles, blog posts, etc. about a certain subject. It seems like there should be a way to do this by harnessing Google Alerts and If This Then That, but I can't figure out how to automate the downloading part of the process. [more inside]
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How do you deal with jealousy of your spouse/partner?

My partner and I are currently at rather different points in our careers. I have struggled for years to make a living out of freelancing in one area. I'm told I'm good at it but have never made it into a company that can offer me long term work, career development or support. My partner has a stable job in a multinational company and has just been offered and started training in my area, with a probable supported move into my area in the next couple of years. I am not dealing with this very well. Have you dealt with something similar, can you offer advice? [more inside]
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What can I expect in owning a used Prius?

In an insanely generous offer, my husband's parents are planning to give us their used Toyota Prius sometime next month. My understanding is that they plan to get a new car, don't really need the money from selling it, and are concerned that our current car is getting to be unreliable and thought we might like their old Prius when they replace it with something else. My father-in-law recently had it appraised and says it's worth $11,000. It has 125,000 miles on it. It's silver. That's all I know about it, but they're the type of people who pay very careful attention to maintenance schedules, drive their vehicles gently, and do all the recommended and required repairs and maintenance at the dealership, so it's probably in very good condition. [more inside]
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Clumsy runners do not have pretty knees

How do I protect my knees while running? [more inside]
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What are standard raises and procedures for live out nannies?

My girlfriend nannies for three girls and has concerns about tax season, raises, bonuses and general treatment. [more inside]
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More Ballard!

I have recently discovered J.G. Ballard, and can't get enough of his short stories. [more inside]
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How should one choose from different video interfaces?

Starting from scratch (as it were), if I'm going to go out and buy a new cable to connect my laptop to my monitor, what cable should I ideally go looking for? [more inside]
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Give us a beat, make us wanna run! Special snowflake edition.

We need a new Official 5K Theme Song for 2013. We are two adults and a bunch of other people's teens who go to 5K races on the weekends. The first race of the season is upon us tomorrow, and we need the song that will get us up and moving and ready to run. But not just any running song. Special snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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Can companies demand employees sign a severance agreement for last pay?

A good friend left a company I work with under weird circumstances and said he's not allowed to discuss it the terms of his severance, but seems really unhappy and bitter about it. Through the comments of other people at the company, I strongly suspect that the "severance" he had to sign a nondisclosure agreement for is actually only pay he was legally owed - pay for his unused vacation time and reimbursements for authorized expenses while on the job. If this is true, was it legal for them to demand this in exchange for cutting him his last check? Bonus: what is his legal recourse if this happened some time ago? [more inside]
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How should I decide whether to have my wisdom teeth removed or not?

My dentist says they should come out because they will eventually rot and worse, allow decay on my second molars. My surgeon says that while there is decay on one of the wisdom teeth, there is actually a tendency for older people to get fewer cavities. I am having trouble processing this and other information. How do I decide? What other data and information should I collect? [more inside]
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Online Days Since counter for many recurring tasks?

Before iGoogle disappears, I need to replace my 'Days Since' counter widget. Can you help me find one? [more inside]
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What's broken: shower, tank, pump, thermostat, boiler, or all??

I live in rented accommodation in the UK. The hot water is scaldingly hot. The radiators burn to touch. The shower temperature is hugely unreliable -- scalding or freezing. The landlord is worried that a plumber will rip him off, based on bad experiences in the past, and unwilling to pay to investigate. Can you help me understand what's going on? I'd like to put my landlord's mind at rest regarding plumbers, and set his expectations regarding likely diagnoses and solutions -- and hence cost. I also suspect this situation is wasting energy and hence driving up the cost of heating bills. I'd like to persuade the landlord that fixing it might be a good idea. [more inside]
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April 11

Polish folk song title?

Hi all. This is a recording me playing a Polish folk song on a shakuhachi. The only title for it I have is in Japanese ("Let's Go to the Woods, Little Girl" (!)), but I would like to find more recordings of it. Can anybody identify this song? Thanks!
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Looking for internships related to sociology

Is there a resource for finding research positions in the social sciences? [more inside]
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How to automate infinite scrolling? While I work in other tabs?

I frequently find myself needing information that is somewhere down a long infinite-scroll page. Like searching for old tweets on Twitter, or old posts on Facebook. For the sake of this question, assume that I cannot just search for the content I want. I have to discover it by scrolling until I expose a certain date range. Is there a browser plugin or some other method that will let me set a given number of page-downs or seconds of scrolling and then get back to work elsewhere on my computer? Can I say "keep scrolling down in this window for 3 minutes" or "execute Page Down in this window 100 times" all while I'm working in another tab, or in Mail, or getting coffee? [more inside]
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