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March 31

Looking for exercise legging suggestions

I feel self-conscious in tight legging pants but I think they are my best bet for comfort while working out and hiking. Can you help me find a pair I'll like? [more inside]
posted by imalaowai at 9:55 PM PST - 18 comments

How to be a kickass nonprofit executive director

JobbyJobFilter: Of the highly effective, strategic and thoughtful nonprofit Executive Directors you know, what in particular did they do that made you think they were so good? [more inside]
posted by deliciae at 9:28 PM PST - 7 comments

How do I prepare myself to resolve this toxic situation with my boss?

My boss and I got along fairly well before I got promoted to a full-time position. She was clear about priorities but fairly hands-off, which I liked, and open to questions (of which I had many, since I'm just starting out). At the time of the promotion, I was given many, many additional responsibilities and started to run into a micromanaging side of her I hadn't seen before. And a weird, contradictory expectation. If I asked her things, she started to tell me to figure them out myself. She wanted me to take initiative. Great, I thought. I'm fine with that. Except that when I started taking initiative, she was then critical if I didn't do things in exactly the way she would have done them.... [more inside]
posted by iadacanavon at 8:42 PM PST - 15 comments

To comment or not to comment on my performance warning

This afternoon, I received a call from my supervisor and the HR director informing me of a written warning regarding my performance. I must sign and return it by the close of business tomorrow. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:16 PM PST - 11 comments

Need Excellent Host Gift for Party/Mini-Film Fest

A couple we really like is hosting a mini film festival at their place celebrating the films of Paul Bartel. I always like to bring a host/hostess gift and I'd like to bring something thematically appropriate, but I mostly only know Bartel from his acting. These are great people I don't see much anymore and I'd like to come correct, ya know? $30-ish budget or less. Any ideas?
posted by DirtyOldTown at 7:55 PM PST - 2 comments

The girls are unhappy.

Apparently I can no longer tolerate wearing a bra. [more inside]
posted by Nathanial Hörnblowér at 7:54 PM PST - 10 comments

How To Deal With Smug People In Your Life

How can I better deal with people who think they know it all? What I'm doing now is not working. [more inside]
posted by Fairchild at 7:52 PM PST - 17 comments

can I eat this, special lame-o edition

Made white bean and kale soup (vegetarian broth) with small chunk of parmesan cheese rind. Left out on stove overnight and didn't see it before running to work this morning (as I said, special lame-o edition). Now need dinner. Should I risk the soup?
posted by chicainthecity at 7:20 PM PST - 19 comments

Keep the Pollen off My Porch, Please

I have, on the second floor of my home in Texas, a screened-in porch with chairs, a massage table, and a sauna. Every few months, everything is coated in a fine yellow mist, and (ignoring what havoc it wrecks with my sinuses) the whole place is a two-hour pain to clean. Hive Mind: Suggestions for keeping the pollen out? Alternatively, suggestions for cleaning that are more effective (I always end up with some on the roof of the sauna, some in the structural whatsits in the roof, all over the floor, chairs, table, etc) than going through with a 36 pack of bar rags and crazily-diluted bleach?
posted by Seeba at 6:54 PM PST - 8 comments

Catastrophic Health Insurance for Californians?

Given my ADHD, there is nothing more fun than filling out any kind of form. I have gone through the Covered California website and at the point where I am supposed to choose a health plan. Only I can't. I can't find any catastrophic health insurance plans on Covered California or on [more inside]
posted by Bella Donna at 6:36 PM PST - 13 comments

Pharrell's Hat

What kind of hat is Pharrell wearing at 14s in the Happy video?
posted by phrontist at 6:28 PM PST - 5 comments

Quid legam?

Please recommend some Classical Latin prose works that are fun to read. [more inside]
posted by zeri at 6:25 PM PST - 10 comments

Is there a way to hide a specific emoticon in a web forum?

I read a forum that uses emoticons a lot, and there is a specific one I'd like to hide. I don't mind the rest, so a solution that excludes/disables that single file would be preferred. However if there are only ways to hide them all, I'm open to that, too. I'd prefer solutions compatible with Chrome and OSX 10.9.2, but I use other browsers and operating systems as well, so all suggestions are helpful. [more inside]
posted by calcetinporfavor at 6:24 PM PST - 7 comments

What's a word that describes synonyms and antonyms together?

Asking for a friend. Said friend is: A) Tired of writing "synonyms and antonyms" over and over B) Trying to shorten the paper she's writing that contains this phrase. [more inside]
posted by Mister Moofoo at 5:27 PM PST - 4 comments

I can't believe I'm wasting an Ask on a computer problem

Why am I getting an error for certain secure sites, only from my home router? [more inside]
posted by masquesoporfavor at 4:35 PM PST - 10 comments

Salaried Employee, question about working after hours.

Im in IT, paid a salary for 40 Hours a week. On a on-call rotation. Anyways my questions is this. I am occasionally asked to do a server room clean up. These are usually done around 7PM and last until any where from 3AM to 7AM in the morning. This is also asked of us if after we have worked a 8 hour day. Sorry beating around the bush, but I want to give details. I have chronic insomnia and take something every night to help me sleep. Have done so for many years. Can I get a doctors note that says I cant work these night shifts cause it messes my schedule up just to bad? If I do get a doctors note for this, can my employer fire me? If fired do I have recourse or unemployment? Thanks in advance. FYI..In Texas.
posted by flipmiester99 at 4:28 PM PST - 8 comments

Is a second dog such a big deal?

My wife and I have a dog. She wants to adopt another one, I'm being very resistant. Are my reasons completely ridiculous? Are two dogs really better than one? [more inside]
posted by BlerpityBloop at 4:27 PM PST - 55 comments

New sources of music for a male/female vocal duet

My singing partner and I like adventurous music with tricky harmonies. She sings soprano and plays mandolin, I sing alto and play guitar/banjo. We can harmonize by ear, create harmonies as needed, play with arrangements. We like traditional musics, though not exclusively. What music can you suggest for us to try? (Some examples below the fold.) [more inside]
posted by argybarg at 4:13 PM PST - 14 comments

seeking books that defend our current U.S. educational system

Public librarian here... my lack of knowledge on educational theory is making me think that I should crowdsource this question for a meticulous patron. He's been reading books about educational philosophy that critique our current system and provide alternative educational strategies, such as titles by John Caldwell Holt or Paolo Freire, and he's looking for what he phrased as "the best book" to read in defense of the way our current system is structured (utilizing standardized tests, etc.). He's looking for something that's pretty authoritative but also accessible for a layperson. Most of what I'm finding in our library critiques the current system. Any ideas?
posted by agathafrye at 4:10 PM PST - 9 comments

Coping strategies for dealing with the public, please!

Do you have a job where you deal with the public? If so, how do you deal? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:03 PM PST - 13 comments

Why are sedating products instead giving me insomnia?

After repeated use, some sedating products are suddenly having the reverse effect on me. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:03 PM PST - 10 comments

Switching MA programs

I'm finishing my second semester of a MA program, and am realizing that I am not happy in this program and (most importantly) it isn't fulfilling my academic and professional needs. I have identified another MA program which I know would be a good fit for me, and am considering switching. Assuming money is no object here, would I be crazy to make the switch? [more inside]
posted by schroedingersgirl at 3:59 PM PST - 7 comments

Best packaged gnocchi

What's your favorite brand of packaged gnocchi? Looking for something tasty without a lot of preservatives or weird ingredients. I live in Seattle so I have access to Fred Meyer/Kroger, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, etc. Thanks!
posted by skycrashesdown at 3:15 PM PST - 11 comments

Intern needs safe apartment in Herndon, VA

Where can an intern rent a safe and decent apartment for 3 months over the Summer? She will be working in Herndon, VA. She needs to keep it under $1000 per month. Everything in that area looks like it rents for well over $1000 per month. My head is spinning!
posted by sandra194 at 2:40 PM PST - 8 comments

Best way to deposit Australian check in USA

I have a check in Australian dollars that I need to deposit here in NYC. Citibank says it will take 4 to 6 weeks to process and they also have a $30 fee. Is there a better option?
posted by bhnyc at 2:30 PM PST - 6 comments

Rent or sell my condo at a loss?

Should I sell my condo at a loss to make a fresh start on a new place with my partner? (I am using a sockpuppet, because this question contains personal financial info that I don’t want linked to my primary --and identifiable -- account and I may need to answer follow-up questions.) [more inside]
posted by myorangesocks at 2:23 PM PST - 18 comments

Again with the OKCupid nonsense

I'm back on OKCupid after some time spent getting my head on straight (well, bi I guess). I'd like some third party advice on my profile. Friends are ok, but they're too nice to be really helpful. [more inside]
posted by showbiz_liz at 1:54 PM PST - 54 comments

Are there any media archives in the UK open to the general public?

I think it would be really cool if I could get access to any recordings of TV programmes or copies of magazines from the last decade or so. [more inside]
posted by Musashi Daryl at 1:44 PM PST - 5 comments

I want the mayor to send my group a letter congratulating us

I have been tasked by a chorus I'm a member of to get our mayor, U.S. Senator, and others to write us a letter to be published in our program book celebrating our Tenth Anniversary. I have no idea what to do next... [more inside]
posted by Prayless at 1:41 PM PST - 8 comments

I want to sing!

I'm desperately shy about my singing. I really want to be able to sing in front of other people. When I'm alone, I have a versatile, powerful, emotive voice. In front of humans, or even when I hit the record button, my voice breaks up, drops to a whisper and becomes atonal. I hate this. Even singing happy birthday with other people makes me crazy. I love to sing, and I'm envious of people who can do it so comfortable in front of others. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
posted by Cat Pie Hurts at 1:35 PM PST - 14 comments

Must we acknowledge emails?

Am I out of bounds here or is it an accepted email etiquette norm now that acknowledging an email is optional? [more inside]
posted by stupidsexyFlanders at 1:33 PM PST - 45 comments

Carseat-free Travel in Europe?

In about a month my wife, one-year-old, and I are moving to Italy. We plan to be there a year. As we finish up our plans for the move, we keep wondering if we really need a carseat… [more inside]
posted by jacob at 1:33 PM PST - 11 comments

Adobe Air Removal

Using Revo Uninstaller, I have tried to uninstall Adobe Air from My Think Pad E545 running Windows 7 pro. Unfortunately, it left behind its ugly icon on the taskbar that I can’t seem to eliminate. The control panel section for modifying the taskbar doesn’t even list it for hiding or modification. Any ideas how to kill this unwanted intrusion would be appreciated. Thanks.
posted by NinaLee at 1:14 PM PST - 1 comment

Help locate the painting in the background of an image.

Here is the image. It's 100% safe for work, as it's a cute dog. We're trying to find out a little more about the painting in the background. A reddit thread had a comment from the purported OP saying "The title is Eve. Bought at an art show in Bellingham, WA. Can't remember the artist's name, and can't decipher from the signature, sorry" Does it look familiar to anyone at all? The colors would be great in the living room.
posted by drstein at 12:23 PM PST - 8 comments

Could my necklace have been taken by customs

I recently made an online purchase for a necklace made with a bird skull, shipped from the UK to the U.S. Seller said it shipped on March 17, and general guidelines seem to be 5-7 days for items to arrive here from the UK (which has been my experience with other mailed items in the past). However the package hasn't arrived yet and I'm wondering if it was delayed by customs. [more inside]
posted by cuddles.mcsnuggy at 12:02 PM PST - 9 comments

What to do near Puyallup WA today/tomorrow?

I've got about 24 hours to kill, starting now, in or around Puyallup, WA. I have no desire to drive into Seattle and would like to minimize time spent driving overall. Interests include delicious food, places to take a long walk with a dog, little museums or local points of interest. What do you suggest?
posted by HotToddy at 11:49 AM PST - 9 comments

Nutrition questions for a fitness newbie

So I started working out for real this year as part of my New Year's Resolution. I'm currently doing a version of crossfit, mixed with occasional rock climbing, and I'm seeing good results (Stats below). The problem is that most dieting and training advice I can find for guys is geared towards those who are starting out skinny. I started out overweight and out of shape. I'm currently at what would be a good weight if my BF was lower. What are some good diet resources for someone in my situation? (I like my training regimen and I'm not looking for a new one) [more inside]
posted by nickhb at 11:43 AM PST - 3 comments

Sumac spelled backwards is Camus, and it's the plague

I need a sure fire method for getting rid of an acre of sumac plants once and for all. [more inside]
posted by Xurando at 11:17 AM PST - 18 comments

What can be done for situational depression that won't go away?

What can be done for situational depression/adjustment disorder that never ends? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:17 AM PST - 14 comments

How do I get Google off of my Twitter account's trail?

At some point in the past 9 months Google results for my full name started including my mostly pseudonymous Twitter account as a top result. I discovered this a couple months ago and fixed the two things that might have caused Google to make the connection [details inside], but so far it's had no effect. Is changing the Twitter account's ID the only/best way to release it from Google's clutches? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:16 AM PST - 3 comments

Ecommerce solution for one-time payments to a website?

I'm one of the owners of a site with job postings, and we need an easy payment solution to let users pay us to post. [more inside]
posted by unreason at 10:53 AM PST - 3 comments

How to form Wheat Gluten in to a more appitizing shape?

I've started eating vegetarian, but I've really been missing meat. Recently I ate mock duck at a chinese resturant and it was delicious. I looked up it's ingredients and found out it is made of wheat gluten. I looked up how to make wheat gluten at home and came across this article. I tried using this to make wheat gluten, but the end result looks unappitizing. Without being too crude, it looks like excriment. I attempted a couple of times to shape the gluten to be more like that of a strip of chicken or similar meat, but the shape would't hold and no matter how I shaped it the gluten ended up lumpy and slightly tubular. I assume there must be a way to form wheat gluten I make into a more appealing shape. How do I go about doing this?
posted by ArthurBarnhouse at 10:26 AM PST - 17 comments

Online Printing Service for Personal Documents

I have some important (personal) documents that need to be printed (Tax Return, Auto Insurance Cards), and I would rather not drive all the way to Kinkos. Are there any online services that will print relatively small documents (1-8 pages) and mail them to me? [more inside]
posted by AfterAlbuquerque at 10:10 AM PST - 9 comments

Do we have a treasure tree?

What are these little seeds or pits that I found in the yard today? We moved here in the wintertime, so we have yet to see what treasures our yard has waiting for us! [more inside]
posted by MayNicholas at 10:09 AM PST - 10 comments

Live from New York, It's one person talking!

Apropos of Louis C.K.'s low key no-frills "just a standup set" Saturday Night Live monologue, I'm curious. Are there other examples of SNL opening monologues that deviate from the expected pattern? [more inside]
posted by Sara C. at 10:00 AM PST - 27 comments

Galaxy vs iPhone

Help me decide between a Samsung Galaxy S4 and an iPhone 4S. [more inside]
posted by peanut_mcgillicuty at 9:53 AM PST - 24 comments

Investments for babies

Thanks to well-meaning family, I have owned a number of stocks and other assets since my birth. The net worth of these assets is very modest, but if I sold them it would offset some ongoing financial stressors. Yet it seems prudent to keep them for a while longer. But why? What if everything crashes next week? What if [the specific stocks I own] crash next week? How do people predict this and stay on top of their assets without spending an inordinate amount of time on them? [more inside]
posted by magdalemon at 9:34 AM PST - 18 comments

Neighborhoods near Cambridge?

I am considering moving for a job in Cambridge MA. I know nothing about the neighborhoods, and need help. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:25 AM PST - 22 comments

I'm about to miss a deadline. What is the best way to handle this?

I've taken on a freelance project which was due today. It isn't finished. What next? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:24 AM PST - 16 comments

Advice for hotel/resort booking with AmEx rewards?

I have a zillion AmEx rewards points on a card I use for work, and my wife and I would like to use them to stay in a resort/hotel in Hawaii this summer (Kona/Waikoloa area), also booking a (possibly adjoining, but that's not a big deal) room for my mother to join us. I've never done that before (the points part - I totally know how to go on vacation), and I'm looking for advice on getting it right. [more inside]
posted by Ignatius J. Reilly at 8:45 AM PST - 8 comments

Can't I just rent forever?

I rent a flat with my SO in London. We've finally saved enough to be in a position to buy a home but the insanity of the market is making me hesitate. What to do? [more inside]
posted by socksister at 8:38 AM PST - 25 comments

Why couldn't I get decent seats at Wolf Trap?

Mme Naberius and I have long wanted to see a broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion (I drive a Volvo too!) and since we now live near Wolf Trap Farm, where they traditionally do a show each year, we decided now was the time. We know it's a popular show and figured tickets would go fast. But, despite checking to see when tickets would go on sale, and jumping in literally the moment they became available, we could still only get seats way the hell back in the back of the Filene Center, practically out on the lawn. What gives? [more inside]
posted by Naberius at 7:03 AM PST - 12 comments

Help inprove my RPG tactics

Nethack, Baulders Gate, Never Winter Nights, Arcanum: I play hack/slash style (fighter, buff out the strength, biggest sword, best armor, run in and bash enemies). Help me to play other classes. [more inside]
posted by k5.user at 6:53 AM PST - 7 comments

How to prevent party guests from losing track of which glass is theirs?

I have parties at my home frequently (dinner parties and otherwise). Depending on what we are drinking, our glasses are either regular drinking glasses (tumblers) or wine glasses. The problem is that people easily lose track of which glass is theirs, especially if they move around. What's a nice elegant way to prevent this problem? [more inside]
posted by ElEmigrante at 6:14 AM PST - 26 comments

Job offer and no contract yet...not sure what to do

I received a job offer after a very formal panel interview in a large company. I haven't heard anything since. [more inside]
posted by sabina_r at 5:47 AM PST - 25 comments

How unusual is the recent pattern of earthquakes in California?

Within the last month there's been a 6.9 off the Northern California coast which I did not feel, a 4.4 near Westwood which I felt, a 5.1 near La Habra which I felt, and a swarm of aftershocks (?) of the La Habra earthquake which I haven't felt. That seems like an unusually large number of earthquakes to me. Has anyone crunched the numbers to find out if the earth has been shaking in California more than usual?
posted by rdr at 4:02 AM PST - 7 comments

March 30

Tagine vs slow cooker

I have one of these that I use for tagine recipes (with a diffuser on my gas range, usually for around 2 hours). I've been looking at slow cooker recipes, and notice that the ingredients are very similar. What I assume is different is that a slow cooker cooks for longer with lower heat. What is the essential difference between tagine and slow-cooker cooking, and how can I adapt slow cooker recipes for cooking in my pot?
posted by Philosopher Dirtbike at 11:54 PM PST - 7 comments

Should I have a roommate if I'm bad at having one?

Should I have a roommate if most of my experiences with roommates have been bad? / How can I be better at living with others? [more inside]
posted by ichomp at 11:35 PM PST - 17 comments

Is it a bad idea to buy two houses at the same time?

My fiancé and I have been planning to buy a home this year. This will be the first home purchase for both of us. We currently live two hours apart, and I'm trying to move closer to him, which is where the house will be. However, there's a chance I'll be stuck where I am for another year due to job-hunting difficulties. I recently learned that the condo across the hall from me (where I rent at my current location) is up for a sale. I think it would make a great investment as a rental property down the line. Is it crazy to buy this condo as well as a house with my fiancé in the same year? [more inside]
posted by redlines at 10:55 PM PST - 11 comments

How to study in Canada with an arrest on your record?

My partner and I are moving to Canada to get our PhDs and so we have to apply for study permits (we're US citizens). The application asks if you've been arrested, and my partner has been once. How do we explain the arrest on the application, how do we ensure his study permit isn't denied because of this? Is there anything special we should include? [more inside]
posted by jardinier at 10:44 PM PST - 9 comments

Cant. Seem. To. Move. On.

I'm 30 and female. A year and a half ago I broke up with this guy who I had been with for just as long. I didn't want to break up with him, because I loved him dearly, but I had to because he was treating me so poorly near the end. Ever since we broke up, I've been a semi wreck when it comes to anything romantic. I had an ill-advised rebound with a secret alcoholic followed by a guy who took me for a three month long ride. Meanwhile my ex got back in touch from afar (he lived in another state) this summer and started calling me every night, telling me he loved me and was open to us being together again when I moved to where he lived. But when I actually did move to NY (where he lives) not for him but to start my career in earnest, he abruptly changed his tune. Suddenly he didn't even want to be my friend and couldn't stay in touch. We last spoke a month and a half ago (we've been in very sporadic contact since I moved) and I haven't heard from him since. [more inside]
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Where do I buy topo maps in SLC or Moab on a weekend?

Is there a store in Salt Lake City that sells Utahn USGS 7.5 minute topo maps that's open on Saturday? Or, alternatively, a place in Moab that's open on Sunday? For instance, does REI sell topo maps? We're visiting Utah from Vancouver Canada and we don't have enough time to have maps shipped from the USGS, but unfortunately the way things are timed we're going to be passing through SLC and Moab on the weekend. We'll need the maps by Monday morning, otherwise we'd hang around. Any help would be appreciated.
posted by Dr. Send at 9:03 PM PST - 11 comments

Help planning route from Boston to Vegas

I'm leaving at 10am tomorrow from Waltham, MA and driving to Las Vegas. Stressing over the weather. I plan on taking it slow...driving maybe 8-9 hours a day and not at all after dark. I've never driven in bad weather so I'm really nervous. If I take Northern route I'll be in snow in Denver and if I take Southern route there are severe thunderstorms (and poss tornadoes?) in OK and TX by Wed. and Thurs. I'm driving alone and this is my first road trip. BTW I have a Nissan Rogue that will be packed full. Looking for advice planning route home...details appreciated! Thanks!
posted by camfys at 8:49 PM PST - 6 comments

Alarming discoveries...

Thinking about going down the route of cancelling my home (security and fire) alarm service, and doing ... something homebrewed or similar. Questions abound. Have you done this, or something similar, or do you have useful advice for me? Specific questions and thoughts lie within. [more inside]
posted by jferg at 8:12 PM PST - 4 comments

Maybe we're kind of lower-middle-class now?

Is 30% of gross income a good guideline for semi-recent-graduates paying rent in Chicago? [more inside]
posted by stoneandstar at 7:37 PM PST - 26 comments

Lower Maintenance Highlights

I currently have full blonde highlights, but I've had it with the cost and upkeep. I'm looking for a lower maintenance option. [more inside]
posted by whoaali at 7:21 PM PST - 6 comments

Athletic performance enhancement through

What are some peer reviewed, field tested (and legal) methods of improving performance in the gym and on the field, that do not involve transfusing blood or hiring Lance Armstrong's support team? [more inside]
posted by rippersid at 7:19 PM PST - 13 comments

Does anyone remember this discount store in NYC?

Apropos of absolutely nothing, I was recently struck with a childhood memory of visiting a store, several times, in NYC called "The Pushcart". I'd like to see if I can find more about it, but that's proving... hard. Help? [more inside]
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What is the name of this font?? I must know.

Typographers of mefi, what is the name of this awesome font? You're my only hope. Thanks!
posted by lettuce dance at 6:06 PM PST - 10 comments

Can I report a Jehovah's Witness for tresspassing on home property?

Jehovah's witness have targeted our family home based on our ethnicity. They have sent several people to our home who can speak in our ethnic tongue. This morning, when it was raining and I was trying to pack the trunk of my car, a woman with her young son came by and started talking in our cultural language. I was extremely irritated as I had many things to do and was already late. On top that nuisance, and going back to retrieve things from our home to place in the car she stayed in the drive way. Previously, it was a young gentleman of the same looking cultural background who came by; and another occasion it was older women. I want to find out if there is some protection or action against this as the women seemed to follow me almost to the front door of my house as I was retrieving things as if she would just follow me in. They seem to target our home, and come every several weeks. Is there any advice on what to do? Can I report this?
posted by proficiency101 at 5:23 PM PST - 35 comments

How does deleading work when you're already in the apartment?

We live in an apartment in Massachusetts and are expecting a baby four months in the future. We think the apartment may not be deleaded. I know that a landlord is legally obligated to delead an apartment that a child will live in, and I assume that covers the case in which a child appears after the lease has started. If that's the case, how does deleading work when tenants are already living in the apartment, and is it logistically feasible for us to go through that process? [more inside]
posted by ignignokt at 5:01 PM PST - 12 comments

Installing Mavericks without a working OSX computer

How do I create an OS X Mavericks bootable key *from within windows*? [more inside]
posted by Popular Ethics at 4:43 PM PST - 6 comments

Eau de Litter Pan

How can we solve our older cat's sudden obsession with urinating all over the house? [more inside]
posted by DRoll at 4:38 PM PST - 6 comments

Apartment-hunting in San Francisco: Impossible?

My partner and I are moving to San Francisco (preferably Inner Sunset) from New York. We need to be settled in by mid-June, and we’d like to sign a lease for June 1st. We've read a lot about the crazy SF housing market right now, but still have a few questions about when we should go out there to apartment hunt, living with a car in SF, and general apartment hunting strategies. [more inside]
posted by reren at 3:39 PM PST - 15 comments


I need to buy myself a bag for carry-on and every-day stuff. What do I want? [more inside]
posted by goosechasing at 3:02 PM PST - 17 comments

What does a good career counselor do?

I have felt stuck in my career for a long time. Disregarding my better judgment, I took the advice of someone I trust and decided to see a career counselor. The experience went very poorly in my opinion and served only to reinforce my disbelief in the value of career counselors. But, I'm still feeling stuck, so I want to see what the hivemind's collective experience has been. [more inside]
posted by prunes at 2:42 PM PST - 13 comments

Wedding outfit? Difficulty level: gender neutral plus sized female

I am actually incapable of dressing up and not feeling like a ridiculous fraud. I have to attend a relative's wedding this summer. I cannot figure out what on earth I can wear. I'm in my late 20s so I'm running out of time in the "I'm young and can only dress semi-appropriately please don't kick me out of your event" department. Snowflakes below the fold. [more inside]
posted by neurotic narwhal at 2:30 PM PST - 42 comments

Fix existing phone, or buy a new one?

My wife's Android phone is unreliable. Can it be fixed, or should we just buy a new one? [more inside]
posted by alex1965 at 2:14 PM PST - 7 comments

Home-buying filter: How do we determine a fair share of equity?

How do you split equity in a new home between friends when one is contributing cash and the other grants? [more inside]
posted by Dalton at 2:09 PM PST - 11 comments

Real Estate Law: Any Benefits To Us Getting Married Early?

YANL, YANML. I presently am on the deed to a house with a family member. We are joint tenants with full rights of survivorship. My family member holds the mortgage note entirely in his name. Other members of my family are becoming increasingly more aggressive in regards to me moving the mortgage into my name (which may not financially/credit wise be feasible). My question is that I'm planning to get married later next month. Is there any benefit to me - to protect my interests in the property - to get married sooner? [more inside]
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Are there any first-person feature-length POV movies?

Are there any first-person feature-length POV movies? Where you never see the protagonist because the camera sees through their eyes? I'm aware of the music videos that do this. And of course, all the videogames (Like Call of Duty, etc) that do this. But I'm curious if there was ever a feature-length movie that did this for the entire movie. Where you never knew what the "star" looked like unless s/he happened to look in a reflective surface. Thanks!
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Any female performers who share a last name with their husband?

I've noticed that female performers tend to keep the surname they were born with, if they don't come up with a whole new artist name entirely. They hardly ever take their husband's name. Please help me find a decent list of exceptions. I am looking for answers in two categories: 1. Women who started as performers, then changed their last names when they got married. 2. Women who got married and took their husbands' last names, then embarked on successful performance careers. Bonus points for women from the above cases whose husbands aren't famous themselves. Important: I am not interested in cases where the actress creates a hyphenation of her maiden name and her husband's name, like Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Jada Pinkett Smith, or Pamela Anderson Lee. Unfortunately those are the only ones I can think of!
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Accomodations in Toronto and Stratford

Family members and I are planning a quick trip to Toronto and Stratford in June. We expect to meet in Toronto, travel to Stratford to catch some plays, then return to Toronto for a couple days of sight-seeing. [more inside]
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Practically speaking, how will Windows XP end of life affect me?

I run some really old voice recognition software that will not run on newer versions of Windows, and have resisted upgrading all this time because the newer versions don't work as well for my various disabilities. Is there anything I should be doing now to prepare for Windows XP end of life? Unlike previous questions here on the green, I want to continue connecting to the Internet.
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Good Examples of Collected Journalism

Can people recommend good examples of the collected works of an individual journalist, collected and published as a book? I want to see how great journalists arrange and contextualize distinct pieces that also contain larger narrative arcs. Thanks.
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Help me find more shirts like this

The style of blouse that the woman is wearing in this stock photo looks very flattering on me. I have one blouse like that, but I'd like to buy more. What search terms can I use to find them, or what stores should I check out?
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How do we contractor?

We are buying a house -yay! But the house needs renovation work done - eek! While we have previously owned a house, it was 10 years ago, in another state, and never had any major renovations. We are scheduled to close on April 30, so we are trying to figure out what kinds of professionals we need and how to find/hire them. [more inside]
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DIY Carousel: Design Schematics

Where might one find a relatively modern build plan for a traditional carousel (a merry-go-round with galloping up-and-down action)?
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How do I talk to my girlfriend about occasional crossdressing?

I'm a 30-ish heterosexual cis-male in a long-term relationship with an awesome woman. We've been together for about four years, have lived together for about three of those and I think we're both pretty happy with it. I want to talk to her about the fact that I sometimes like to dress in women's clothing and would like to get your opinions on how to approach that conversation. Snowflakey details inside. [more inside]
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Name that children's picture book - a tailor traveled the world.

After reading a recommendation here for the utterly delightful Ms. Rumphius, I started thinking about kids books about travel that I used to enjoy. When I was a kid I loved a picture book about a kingdom where everyone had to wear black all the time because the prince or princess had died and the kingdom was in mourning, and an apprentice tailor traveled the world by boat and learned about clothing in different cultures and eventually came home and made beautiful colorful clothing for everyone in the kingdom and the sadness over the kingdom was lifted. I have searched and searched and can't remember anything more about it. Can anyone remember? It was a lovely book and I would like to share it with my daughter.
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Lift me up!

I want to get my full size mattress up off the floor-- what is the best way to accomplish this given my space constraints? [more inside]
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Help a lady put here chain saw back together

I have a Poulan 14" electric chain saw that I needed the chain replaced. In doing so I ended up practically taking the whole thing apart. I did find an exploded diagram and got it back together - however, the 2 long bolts that you loosen before you tighten the chain do not seem long enough for the nuts to screw on to. [more inside]
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Should my parents pursue this matter of mistreatment by police?

Should my parents pursue this matter of civil rights, social justice, and mistreatment by police? [more inside]
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Possessed mircowave

So my microwave makes a click noise (kinda like a Geiger counter) when plugged in but not running. It sounds evil. [more inside]
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Followed Ask Metafilter advice, asked a girl out, now what's going on?

Hi everyone, about a month ago, I asked metafilter whether this girls likes me and whether we were going on a date. I followed everyone's advice and straight up asked her on a date, but now I'm not sure what's going on. Sorry for the wall of text, but I'd like to give you all the details of what happened. Please be aware that this is from my perspective. [more inside]
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I'm burning up, thanks for asking.

In the past few months I've gone from healthy, active 49 year old woman to sweat-dripping, unable-to-sleep menopausal woman. I need help with hot flashes that are happening up to 20 times daily, each lasting anywhere from one to ten minutes, and the night sweats that are waking me up pretty much hourly with a damp-to-soaking-wet bed. They're uncomfortable, they're gross, I stink to high heaven, and I need help managing them. What menopause hacks can you share? [more inside]
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books with realistic female characters?

I am tired of novels that have an enigmatic woman at the center of the novel. Can you recommend some books to me where all of the female characters actually act like real people? [more inside]
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This ball of twine is your life.

I remember reading a short story or folk tale about a man who had a ball of string. Whenever something boring was happening, he could just pull out some of the string and fast forward to the more interesting parts of his life. I read it around 1991, and it may have been Isaac Singer. Does anyone have a source for this tale?
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Shipping a set of china to internationally

My mother is giving me her china. She and the china are in the US. The destination is Australia. Can you recommend a shipping company that specializes in international shipping of fragile items like this who will come pack it all up for her? If you don't have specific recommendations, are there things to look for/ask about when I talk to shipping companies? Are there other issues I should consider?
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Retro educational short about bees made by a Christian college.

On late night tv earlier this month I saw a 50s or 60s educational documentary about bees that was made in affiliation with a christian college in America. And it was hilarious. The first half was sort of straight-forward science about how bees work, and then toward the end it takes this turn about how we should all follow the old testament which would make us happy and productive like bees. And now I can't remember the name of the film company (which was named after the college) which apparently did many such educational shorts in that time (either 50s or 60s I don't remember which). Does this ring any bells with anyone?
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Need help defeating wire fraud.

My company and industry is under widespread and sophisticated B2B wire fraud attack. Help me locate the vector or mechanism, please. [more inside]
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March 29

everyday carry, but actually interesting?

I like reading about people's everyday carry, but a lot of everyday carry posts seem to be written by office workers excessively concerned with close-quarters combat and losing their Metrocards. (At least, that's how I interpret the people who carry two pistols, no spare magazines, and a hand-tooled full-grain leather wallet from some artisan in Brooklyn.) I'd like to read the everyday carry of interesting people. I want a new parent to inventory his diaper bag. I want a firefighter to strip from full bunker gear and breathing apparatus, ready to make entry, down to his boxers. I want a stage manager to turn out his mysterious pockets. Where do those everyday carry posts get written up? [more inside]
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NYC Weekend Getaway - Consideration for mobility impared husband!

My husband and I have a rare free weekend coming up. We'd love to go away for that weekend. The problem we are finding is that the conventional recommendations don't work for us! Hoping someone can help us find a stress-free getaway. [more inside]
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Help me decide which martial art to pursue.

I think I'd like to take up some kind of martial art for both self-defense and exercise reasons. There are some quizzes online, but I don't really know how to answer a lot of the questions, given that I have never done this kind of thing before. I'm located in Houston, TX so I imagine I have a lot of options. More details on me and my preferences inside. [more inside]
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Best Online Printable Big Maps of Central Paris

Where can i find the best free printable maps of Central Paris? Something big I can print out multi-page. (I can find plenty of tiny print maps which aren't for me). I'm thinking it would fit on 25 sheets of 8 x 11. I'd fold it and carry it with me. A good map that shows the relative widths of streets. Labels the main sights, shows tube stations. Google Maps doesn't fill the bill. If you have a really really good memory, I asked this question about London last year :) and I found Perfect! I had a blast using the large map. Planning my trip, I spread it out on my kitchen table and plotted my motley movements. When I got there, i folded it to the right page to bail myself out when i bumbled my bearings. And afterwards I had a keepsake with angsty autographs of the people I met. So is there a website that has these kind of maps for Paris?
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Please melt my face off with some choice licks.

What are the best live guitar videos on youtube I should know about but probably don't? [more inside]
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indie rock pop with a male vocalist-shouldn't be that hard

Help me ID this indie-ish song that I heard on the radio this morning. I remember nearly nothing, though. [more inside]
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What kind of dog is this?

Are you a dog breed expert? Help me! [more inside]
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Von Neumann I am not

I’ve spent my 20s building a BS “identity” as an “analytical type of person". Help me grow up. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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What Did I Smell?

I opened a package of Nabisco Nilla Wafers and they smelled strongly of paint. What caused that? [more inside]
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Apparently, I'm going to New York

My dad and I are spending two and a half days in New York City. I have essentially never been to New York. What do I want to see? (Specific desires and some background below.) [more inside]
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Help me remember the name of this short story.

I read a short story a few years ago that involved a white couple living in post-colonial Africa. I think it might have been Rhodesia, but I'm not positive about that. The couple lived in a once-grand, now decaying estate and had to deal with an act of violence. I remember reading it on my commute to work, so it was likely in a magazine. I've searched the New Yorker archives and can't seem to find it there, but the Atlantic is another possibility. Does this ring any bells?
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Scanning transparencies

This seems to be a harder problem to solve than I expected. My venerable Umax Astra 4450 scanner has a transparency cover -- it has a large area which lights up to scan transparencies and such -- but it doesn't have drivers newer than Windows XP. Running XP is less and less of an option these days. So, I'm shopping for a new scanner with a transparency cover...and I'm not having much luck. Suggestions? [more inside]
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Has the popularity of microwaves resulted in a decrease in home fires?

Microwaves generally shut themselves off and are sealed, unlike stovetop elements or ovens. Has this resulted in an overall increase in home safety?
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I need to learn to be a bartender very quickly.

I just got hired as a bartender. Yay! I know nothing about being a bartender. Uh-oh. I need to learn about making drinks as fast as possible. How do I best do that? [more inside]
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Tell me everything about turning breech babies.

I'm nearly 34 weeks pregnant with my second baby. Baby is currently breech. I need some advice on methods for turning a breech baby based on what seemed most effective for you. [more inside]
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[sh*tstorm filter] I don't know how (or if) I can/should help a friend

I am unsure on how to advise a friend on a complicated interpersonal matter despite making promises on looking into possible solutions. [more inside]
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Fussy person seeks labeling solution for tiny physical objects

I carry around a lot of small expensive/annoying-to-replace objects, like my phone, tablet, battery packs, earbuds, eyeglasses and wallet. I'd love your help in figuring out how to label them all neatly, permanently and unobtrusively. Difficulty level: I am absurdly fussy and precise, including about aesthetics. [more inside]
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Fitbit snowflake: which one will work for me?

It's that time of year again when the REI dividend is in the air, and I am thinking about a Fitbit (though if a Jawbone is really what I want, persuade me). Criteria that are making this difficult inside. [more inside]
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Problems discovered after due diligence but before closing. What now?

First-time home buyer here. We're about two weeks past having had a home inspection and our due diligence period. In moving furniture in the basement, the seller has discovered a water leak, effervescence and mold. See pictures below: [more inside]
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Earthquakefilter: How to "cover" with nothing to cover under?

I am a California transplant. Our decorating sensibilities plus the configuration of our apartment mean that we have nothing to take cover under in an earthquake. We've got one tiny coffee table and that's it. What should we do during an earthquake? In yesterday's, we tried the "hold hands on the couch and say 'holy shit'" method, but it seems there must be something more proactive we can do.
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What is this charm on my necklace?

I've worn this necklace every day for nearly 10 years now, but I don't know what it is. [more inside]
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1493, but on Spanish California?

Recommendations for a recent popular history of Alta California before the American annexation? [more inside]
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Best timer app for "reps" -- Android

I am doing physical therapy exercises at home and need to time reps -- like 10 seconds to hold a stretch, then relax for 5 seconds, repeat 10 times. Another stretch: hold for 30 seconds, relax for 5 seconds, repeat 10 times. What's the best Android app for this? (by "best" I am including simple. I don't need a complicated app for weightlifters that's going to confuse me with all kinds of other information) Cheap = Best
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How do you negotiate for influence?

It is likely that soon I will be in a possession of a job offer from one of my company's competitors. As sometimes happens, my job search started out of frustration with certain issues in my current workplace rather than a true incompatibility. Ideally, I would love to stay where I am, but in an improved situation; the problem is that that things I want are not concrete things like a promotion or a raise, but rather vague like a greater influence on design and planning, and greater opportunities for leadership roles. How to translate these "wants" into specific, measurable goals? [more inside]
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How do I embed a Facebook video into a webpage?

I'm hoping there's a really simple answer to this, but I'm stumped. I can't seem create the right HTML code to embed Facebook video from 2012 into a blog post. [more inside]
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Seeking music recommendations!

I tend to love specific songs rather than whole albums. My taste isn't hugely eclectic— I guess I lean towards melodic music, mostly folksy, some classical. I'm partial to hamonies, to the violin, to women's voices, and perhaps to melancholy music! I'm looking for new music and it's been a while since I found anything new I loved. Help me with recommendations—more details inside. I'd be absolutely thrilled with recommendations of specific songs from unexplored genres that I might enjoy. I'd also love any insights on the sort of music I seem to enjoy. [more inside]
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How do I get fit while I get sick?

I want to get fit because it would help my health long-term, but exercising more than a gentle walk makes me sick short-term, so I am stuck. I have specific restrictions on what I can do because of stroke risks, and expect to continue to frequently fall ill. I would like new ideas and especially advice from others with chronic illnesses that fluctuate on how they handle exercise. [more inside]
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Help me build a fitness routine/ Vex my current one!

Since the New Years I have been consistently running 2-3 miles a day, six days a week, at about 5-5.5 mph pace on average (I'm short at 5'2" and my strides are small!). I can feel that my body is getting acclimated, so I'd like to throw in strength training and HIIT in there. I'd like to lose 10 pounds of fat. I'd also like to keep my gym time to 30-45 min if possible. Help me build a plan? [more inside]
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March 28

Drop the dropbars!

How to replace the hated handlebars on my bicycle? [more inside]
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wanted: el erhabi

Recently I watched the comedy "Terrorism and Kebab" (Al-irhab wal kabab) on YouTube and fell in love with Adel Imam's acting. I desperately want to watch "The Terrorist" (El Irhabi) but I can't find it with English subtitles. Where can I find it? (I'd be happy to buy it). Also, I'd love to hear recommendations on other Adel Imam movies (or similar comedy films) that are readily available with subtitles. Thanks!
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Favorite political candidate signs/logos?

Trying to get inspired here. What are your favorite political candidate signs/logos that you have remembered or noticed? Can you link me or describe them? Democrat/Libertarian/Republican... color scheme doesn't matter here, just looking for a clean, solid "political" feel.
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Best data plan provider for use with Square Up underground?

I want to use wifi for credit card transactions as much as I can. How are 4G, 3G, WiMAX, LTE and cellular connectivity different? [more inside]
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What motivates electric companies to repair the power lines?

I don't really understand the utility industry very much but I've noticed some electric companies are very responsive to getting lines up from damage and have crews out at 2 a.m., and others don't even start work until the next day. What motivates them? Is it primarily loss of earnings from all the meters not running? Are there regulatory performance expectations? Or is there some sort of precedent in litigation that would put them at fault for underperforming? [more inside]
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Van warranty dilemma

On march 11, about two and a half weeks ago, I bought my dad's van. 2008 town and country. Thursday morning, it wouldn't start. It might be dead. The mechanic is still working on diagnosing the problem, but he's not getting compression on two cylinders. Anyway, the van had a lifetime non-transferable power train warranty, so if had broken on march 10th, Chrysler would have covered it. Is there any way to void the sale and get the warranty back? [more inside]
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Looking for good relationship movies

What movies should I watch to learn what healthy intimate relationships look like? [more inside]
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Relative Pirate Populations

A friend told me that there are more pirates now then there were during the Golden Age of Piracy. But the population back then was like 600 million people, so that doesn't surprise me. But are there more pirates now than there were then as a percent of the population?
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Like running, but interesting.

I'd like to take up trail running, or in my case, probably trail-light jogging. I am not a runner, I have never been a runner, I have always hated running and avoided it. What do I need to know? [more inside]
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What kind of Instagram app makes this effect and is an iPhone required?

What kind of Instagram app produces this effect and is an iPhone required? [more inside]
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Help identifying a children's book:There's No Accounting For Taste?

My wife's family is trying to remember the full title of an illustrated children's book. They are insisting it's called "There's no Accounting For Taste". It's about a brother and a sister on a walking journey where they observe animals eating various things (like a robin eating a worm, or a panda eating bamboo) and they end up saying "There's no Accounting For Taste!". So far google has been no help.
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How to explain rental history?

I am looking to rent a house, but my rental history is a bit spotty: I moved every six months for the last 1.5 years due to life circumstances, and one of my past landlords will probably not give me a good reference through no fault of my own. How do I deal with this? [more inside]
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Scam, Quick Ripoff, or Just Kids at the Mall?

So I was sitting in a common area at our local mall while my wife was shopping. I was checking mail on my phone, and a couple of young men, somewhere between 18 and 22, I would say, came up to me. One of them had an old-looking iPhone in his hand. He asked if he could use my phone to "call his mom," since his phone had no SIM card in it. He offered to let me hold this phone as "security" while he made the call. I just waved them off with a shake of my head and they sorta stomped/wandered off. I have been debriefing this with myself for the last hour or so. [more inside]
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Your tips and tricks for driving alone as a new driver, please?

I'm almost 30 and I just got my driver's license. Yay! But I feel much more comfortable driving with my S.O. in the car, to the point that I get really nervous and make mistakes when I'm alone (city driving + non grid system). Can you spare any tips on getting comfortable with driving alone, especially in a high traffic city? The thought of lone highway driving, especially, is terrifying.
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Theory about Internet and judging personal probabilities already exist?

I have an original pet theory I came up with a long time ago involving the Internet and how people judge probability. It probably would fall into the anthropological, sociological or psychological fields. I'm not intending to make this post to discuss the theory itself as a sort of "let's b.s. back and forth about my idea" kind of thing. Reason I'm posting is because I'd like to know if this theory already exists or is an application of something broader that already exists. Maybe it's a theory being applied onto the communications medium of the Internet of some older theory in one of the above field(s) of study, or maybe it's a piecemeal construction of a few theories spliced together. Anyway, enough babbling, actual theory after the cut. [more inside]
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Should I go to this party or not?

My roommate and good friend invited me to her bday party. But this out of town visitor I really don't like is also coming. Now I am debating if I want to go. [more inside]
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Zombies, Fail

The app Zombies, Run is no longer supported for my phone (Android 2.3.6), but I would really like something similar in the way of a fiction fitness game. Assume getting a new phone is not an option. Any suggestions?
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Are Gray Market Cars in the US still a thing?

Back in the 1980s, I remember a lot of older (richer) friends in Southern California were obsessed with gray market cars, importing special German versions of BMW and Porsche cars to the US and driving them. I haven't heard the term used in ages and there are TONS of Euro-spec cars I wish I could get in the US. Does this still happen? Or is it prohibitively expensive on both ends these days? Or is there some other reason? [more inside]
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Group Work in Math "Lab" + Introvert = I'm Freaking Out

I'm taking Calculus this term and have just found out the second half of each class will be group work and I'm freaking out. I'm an introvert and the thought of working in a group - especially where I don't feel confident about the subject matter - is making me anxious before the class even starts! Can anyone tell me what to expect and/or offer suggestions on how to make it less awful? [more inside]
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Help me make an office look like NYC streets on the cheap.

Normally I'd just go do it. But, two hours ago I was asked to help turn an office into NYC streets in the 80s, for an office party that's happening on Wednesday (in London). Yeah, I know, but it might actually get me a job if I do it well. I've got two large spaces to work with and terrible overhead office lighting. I need cheap suggestions to give it an NYC flair! More info in the extended explanation. [more inside]
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When and for how much did OSU football season tickets sell last year?

I am looking to buy and re-sell some Ohio State University football Season tickets in order to make a profit. (This is legal for me to do, see more inside.) To not get screwed over, I'd like to find some data showing 1: What price were season tickets selling for in 2013 or previous years, (the more specific data the better). 2: What time of year (specific date) is the most profitable time to sell season tickets? (I imagine very early or very late in the season would result in lower selling price, but there is probably a peak window for highest selling price, e.g. x weeks before opening game) [more inside]
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New OSX on an old Mac Mini?

My mother has an early-2010 Mac Mini. Apple says she can upgrade to 10.9.2 for free, but she's not sure if it's a good idea, so she asked me. Her model is on the official compatibility list, but is it a good idea to upgrade? Is there likely to be a noticeable performance hit, or stability issues? Have you personally had a good experience with OSX Mavericks on older Intel macs?
posted by 4th number at 2:00 PM PST - 13 comments

Finding the best doctor

What are your strategies for finding the best doctor (or at least a very good doctor) for a particular procedure? [more inside]
posted by MsMolly at 1:19 PM PST - 11 comments

The Thin Line Between Preference and Prejudice

I think I don't like performing oral sex on my girlfriend anymore because she's gained a bit of weight. What do I do here? [more inside]
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How can I gently encourage a new friend to give me space?

I recently relocated, and then recently met someone else who had recently moved to town as well. We became friends. I really like her, but she has been continually asking to do things together to the point where that it feels clingy. Even after I turn down multiple invitations because I'm busy, etc., the invites just keep coming without waiting for me to reciprocate. Hints about how busy I am, etc., haven't helped. [more inside]
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Sock it to me, also.

Second sock question in under an hour! This one is about ladies' socks though. [more inside]
posted by rabbitrabbit at 1:16 PM PST - 8 comments

Toddler birthday - who to invite?

My daughter is almost three. For her birthday, I'd like to invite three or four kids. We are planning two organised activities (involving balloons and street crayons), but leaving it mostly unstructured for one or two hours, and with plenty of afternoon snacks. [more inside]
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New vacuum cleaner causes a slight burning smell. Defective or not?

I received a new vacuum cleaner a few weeks ago. When it ran I noticed a slight burning smell so I exchanged it for a different one (same model: Eureka Boss SmartVac 4870 series). I've run this one for perhaps 15 seconds and again, I notice a slight burning smell. Maybe there's some dust on the motor coils that will burn off after some initial use? [more inside]
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Does blowing in a video game cartridge actually do anything?

Since the first Nintendo game console came out in the 80's, I can recall everyone I know (myself included) blowing into the game cartridge and/or the Nintendo itself when something went wrong (freezing, etc.). What is the premise for doing this (I saw other people do it, and sometimes it seemed to work, so that's why I did, thinking maybe dustiness/debris was the issue...), and is there any legit evidence that this really fixes things?
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Sock it to me! Seeking good quality men's socks

I'm looking for good quality men's dress socks. I want socks that are mid-calf and either solid brown or solid black. SmartWool's nice, but they are quite expensive and I also find their wide range of options baffling, so I'd like something cheaper and simpler. Would prefer someplace I can order from online (I'm in the U.S.). Thanks!
posted by Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell at 12:33 PM PST - 11 comments

Examples of dead/dying characters listing all the things they'll miss

I'm trying to think of more examples of this particular moment: a character who is dying, or thinking of death, or speaking from beyond the grave, gives a list or inventory of the everyday things they remember and appreciate about being alive. A few examples inside. [more inside]
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Already Ate It Filter: Undercooked chicken edition

For lunch (30 min ago) I accidentally ate a couple bites of very undercooked (if not raw) chicken for lunch. It's my own fault -- I rather absentmindedly baked some pre-marinated but possibly partially frozen chicken breast last night for lunch today, nuked it this afternoon to reheat, and was a couple bites in before I realized it was definitely not cooked. I tossed it as soon as I realized it, but I'm a little worried. Any idea how long it would take before I know if I have salmonella or whatever the dangers are? Is there anything I can do now? I feel ok right now, but maybe a little queasy... is this the beginning of things to come? Thanks!
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But those who never win and never quit are idiots.

Long-time listener, first-time caller. I've been in my current job just over nine months and it's been a slow-moving disaster. I've decided it's time to call it quits, my boss agrees - now how to spin this? [more inside]
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Looking for a five day resort trip with interesting things to do nearby

Hello, My partner and I would like to get away in May for 5 days. We differ a bit in what we like. He'd prefer an all-inclusive relaxing beach and I'd prefer some sort of adventure. [more inside]
posted by Raichle at 11:40 AM PST - 12 comments

20 attendee weekend event / Non-Profit Membership woes questions

The Non-Profit I volunteer at has serious membership woes. Right now there's just a couple members left, and for this reason and life reasons, we are stepping down, but we don't want to just give up our cause. As such, we are trying to set up a 2 night, 2 day weekend getaway (tentative dates: May 16-May 18) in South Florida for 20 adults to hopefully get new board members and officers. Difficulty level: $5,000 budget. Also, I'm starting to think that perhaps this isn't the way to go? Advice anyone? [more inside]
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Do I need to sign up for ACA for a few weeks to avoid penalty?

ACA penalty question. There is a 99% likelihood that I am about to be hired by a company that will provide me health coverage beginning on April 7th. I have not been given a formal offer, but I have been given verbal assurance, and I have every reason to believe I will receive an offer next week. The ACA deadline is March 31st. Do I need to sign up for ACA to cover the week between March 31 and April 7 in order to avoid paying a penalty? [more inside]
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Passing the baton so we don't drop the ball

My coworkers and I are being spread thinner across the 24-hour day, to the point that we will no longer see one another all together here in the same hour. We need to find a tool, preferably free, so we can get information to one another from shift to shift. [more inside]
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Best practices for keeping on top of concert/show announcements in NYC?

How can I best become aware of concerts or similar events happening in NYC as they are announced? [more inside]
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What to do with my old XP system?

My XP system is going off-line in April. It will stay in operation, running in tandem with a new W8.1 system, that will be its conduit onto the web. I need to keep XP running because some of my $$$$$ drafting software will not run on 8.1. 8.1 is also, IMHO, irritating. Can my Dell T3400 workstation, 4 GB, be used as a music center with a sound card upgrade? I have tried the system, as it is configured, with Sennheiser TR220 headphones. The sound is horrible. The CD player in my truck sounds better. Part of the sound problems are caused by background processes that interrupt the sound output. Clearing most of the Start Menu and everything concerned with internet operation should stop this part of the problem. I am considering an ASUS Xonar Essence ST Headphone sound card. Would this card in my XP system with the Sennheiser TR220 headphones be reasonably equivalent to a good stand alone sound system? Might another card be better than the Asus? I am avoiding a separate player due to limited space in my office.
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Tumblrs of Ice and Fire

What are your favorite tumblrs related to A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones? I am looking for (in this order) high quality analysis, gifsets, and fan art. I am already familiar with ALL LEATHER MUST BE BOILED and Comics of Ice and Fire.
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Please help me get dressed for my interview!

I am going in for an interview at the place I am currently temping. What should I wear? [more inside]
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Identify old guitar

Hello , can you please help me finding out more about this old guitar. I think it might be a Jazz guitar, my grandpa bought it second hand around 1958. If you read closely on the neck it says "Trademark Clove" and something else unreadable. Here is a couple of images: Guitar 1 Guitar 2 Guitar 3 Guitar 4 It is still playable and sounds good to.
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Streaming podcasts, minus downloads?

Asking for my company: Is there a mobile podcasting service which allows one to disable downloads? [more inside]
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Help me understand this American Civil War-era reference

More than once I have come across this image: Jeff. Davis' Coat of "Alms.", typically on an envelope. I am insufficiently knowledgeable about the American Civil War to understand the reference. [more inside]
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I need help buying a new bed

I have never in my life bought a bed. I have never in my adult life owned a new mattress. I have always slept on hand-me-downs or give-aways. I am ready to invest in a new, top-quality mattress and box springs but I don't have the first idea of how or where to start. [more inside]
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Creating simple bar graph in Excel 2007

Hey guys, what I'm trying to do is very simple I just never really use Excel. I have two unrelated fields, categories, or columns, that I'd like to depict in a bar graph showing the amount of records that have been completed out of the total. The data are values, in my case "Yes", not numbers. I used the countif() formula to count every cell that has "yes". But I'm not really sure what I have to do next. Do I need to create another row showing what percentage this number is from the total amount of records, 136/633? And then create a bar graph from just that cell? When I just highlight all the cells for both columns and click bar graph it doesn't even fully show me a graph so I'm obviously not doing it right. Ideally, I'd like the y-axis to just show 0-100% and the total number of records(633) with marks maybe at 25% intervals. The x-axis to have my two column names and then the bars showing the percentage of records that have "yes" for these columns out of the total with a count included also. If anyone could help me out that would be great. Thanks a ton in advance.
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(Europe?) Vacation with two young kids

Where in the world should we take a two week vacation in late May with a toddler and an infant? We'll be traveling from southeast Asia to the US and can basically fly anywhere on the way back at no charge. (We'll still have to pay for lodging, food, entertainment, etc.). We're leaning towards somewhere in Europe, but are open to other ideas. Suggestions? [more inside]
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Music Video Copyright

Question about copyright as it pertains to a music video, a videographer, a musician, and video streaming sites. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:55 AM PST - 7 comments

State ID/Passport Catch 22. Complicating factor: DUI

My boyfriend needs a passport and a state ID. This is in Louisiana. Due to a recent DUI he does not have in his possession a valid (unexpired) LA driver's license. What we have are his original birth certificate, expired Tennessee license, photocopy of valid LA license (with documentation of why he doesn't have the actual card), and current photo student ID, but it's complicated. [more inside]
posted by CheeseLouise at 8:54 AM PST - 10 comments

Will I be able to enter the USA?

I'm a British citizen planning to travel to the USA soon. Last time I left the USA, my green I-94W visa waiver card wasn't removed from my passport. That was in 2002. I threw it away maybe 5 years later, thinking it was silly to keep it. I have since found that the US likes to cancel them anyway. I've have got an ESTA preclearance, which I assume looks up as much information as the immigration officers would have to hand at the airport. [more inside]
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Need a goofy/ironic variation on a "China" gift for our 20th anniversary

4 years ago, I posted this question, about coming up with weird interpretations of "traditional" anniversary gifts, and y'all came up with some brilliant answers. I ended up going with the "periodic table" idea, which we continued through our 17th, 18th, and 19th anniversaries. Our 20th anniversary is May 1, and now I need a twist on the theme of "China." [more inside]
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Should we seek additional help?

My 8 year old is showing some odd behavior - is this a phase, personality, or something that needs professional attention? [more inside]
posted by H. Roark at 8:24 AM PST - 24 comments

Physical Switches, Knobs or Buttons for controlling Apps on my Mac?

So, I run everything in my life through my mac computer. My television programming, my music, et cetera. I listen to a lot of online radio throughout the day. I would really like to "flip on" a program (or set of programs) with a single analog switch. [more inside]
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Is your credit card cool?

I'm shopping around for a credit card for the first time in ages - I've decided airline miles are a sucker's game, and just want something more straightforward. I'd like to know if there's anything really forward-thinking going on in the credit card world, because it all looks like "fees versus rates versus weird points schemes". If you have a credit card that you love (or hate) can you tell me why? FWIW, good credit, revolve occasionally (once a year or so?), and willing to pay a fee for something truly good. I've looked at previous questions but it feels like the landscape changes so quickly!
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Is it depression if I'm legit sad?

My life overall is good. I want for very little in the way of material things, I have friends and lovers who are wonderful, I have fulfilling hobbies, I do meaningful volunteer and professional work, I live in my favorite place on earth, and I generally try to enjoy life to the fullest extent possible. But I also have a relationship that is secretly falling apart, body image issues directly related to the relationship problems, trouble finding enough work to be comfortably financially independent, parents on the other side of the country who are suffering in ways I cant do anything to help with, and a few other things going on that are legitimately upsetting. So when I have bouts of crushing sadness and feelings of hopelessness, I'm not surprised. But the bouts have been lasting longer and coming more frequently, and things feel more and more hopeless (not to the point of wanting to self-harm, but to the point of feeling like my only options are resign myself to this forever or leave everything I know and love and start over alone). Recently a friend asked me if I was depressed, and I had to stop and wonder. Could I be? Can depression co-exist with legitimate sources of sadness and despair? Should I consider seeking treatment for depression as well as figuring out how to resolve all this other crap?
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How to work with a headhunter?

I was contacted on LinkedIn by a headhunter because of my unusual combination of skills. We had a phone interview and the headhunter submitted my resume to the company. [more inside]
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Physical security measure to prevent book theft

I'm going to be stocking a small bookcase with 5 to 10 books, and placing it in a room inside a college. I need a way to prevent the books from being stolen. Options seem surprisingly limited. Any help? [more inside]
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Websites to buy boys' plus size clothes

I'm looking for recommendations for websites to buy boys' plus size clothes. Yes, we will work with my son on lifestyle changes but in the meantime I want stuff that fits him. Purchases would be shipped to the continental US. Thanks.
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Help me develop a sense of ambition.

I have a good job and feel like I am on par with most of my peers in terms of current seniority and wage-level, but I don't feel the burning passion to progress much further in my career. How can I change this? [more inside]
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Where to live in West Lafayette, IN?

My friend is moving with her family to West Lafayette, Indiana to take a position at Purdue, and has asked me to consult the Hive Mind for advice. They're coming from a big city, so small town living will be new to them, and they're looking to buy a house. What neighborhoods should they be looking at? [more inside]
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Help, I've got an Amazon credit burning a hole in my pocket!

My wife and kids are leaving town for five days. I have to stay home because of work. However, I will have some free time this weekend and in the evenings early next week. I also have a nice credit in my Amazon account. So, this seems like the perfect time to read a big science fiction or fantasy novel. I'm looking for a single long novel or maybe a trilogy. Something to fill the lonely hours. I'd like interesting characters, an exciting plot, and writing that's not too clunky (better writing is preferred, but I'm more interested in character and plotting than MFA literary styling). I want to read the sort of book (or series) that will keep me up late into the night. A page turner. I usually have to read things in small chunks in the evening and on the bus, but this is my chance to indulge in some obsessive reading.
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How can I move the Google search options back to the left side?

The Google search options bar used to be on the left. I could for example restrict a search to a date range with a single click. Google moved them to show across the top, which is much less convenient. I was able to move them in a prior Google version, but with the current version they're back across the top. Is there a way to fix the current Google version?
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Stutter filter: what can I do to best set a stutterer at ease?

I have a phone screen later this morning. The recruiter just emailed me "I thought to make you aware he has a slight stutter however he is still perfectly understandable." My understanding is that stuttering has in part something to do with confidence and comfort. How can help the candidate here? [more inside]
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Getting a programming job for non-CS majors

If you work in some area of computer programming, but didn't have a degree in the field, how did you get your start?
posted by drezdn at 5:52 AM PST - 15 comments

Travel Advice: Bergen and Oslo Norway!

Six of us are spending 8 days in Norway in August. Oslo and Bergen. Any advice on renting houses vs. hotel rooms? Places/sites that shouldn't be missed? [more inside]
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USB stopped working on asus laptop

The usb just stopped working on my Asus zenbook UX32VD laptop, running windows 8.1. Device manager shows no problems with usb (or any devices), and I have tried plugging in several different usb devices (my mouse, flash drives) to check. The built-in touchpad still works. Can anyone suggest how I might fix it, or what has happened? Thanks. [more inside]
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stress free NYC psychiatrist recommendations

Looking for a recommendation for a decent psychiatrist or psychopharmacologists in NYC. [more inside]
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VMWare: When using VPN my keyboard pretends I'm crazy

New laptop, windows 8.1. No issues. Except when I use my company's VPN through VMWare (Windows 7). Unpredictably, but often, it acts like I'm pressing the C button. But I'm not! [more inside]
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Ex-XP? What should I do with my old XP running laptop?

I have an old laptop running XP. The laptop actually dates from the Vista era, but I chose to have XP installed given the lousy rep that Vista had. I have seen this question. I have a newer laptop that I use for most of my word processing and internetting needs. I can retire the old laptop, but it still works so I'd rather not ditch it. Assuming I am not going to attempt to run XP on anything connected to the outside world, what can I do with this old laptop? [more inside]
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Help me name my kitten!

What should I name the newest and most adorable member of my family? [more inside]
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"... Mitt Romney be elected the 11th legitimate President." Meaning?

In the 7th season 4th Ep of 30 Rock, Jack Donaghey states, "...we have to spend all of our money to help Mitt Romney become the 11th legitimate President of the United States." I paraphrased a bit, because there was a joke in there about fabulous hair, and another about women in politics, but the overall meaning of the joke about "11th legitimate President," escapes me. This happened during the 2012 election cycle. Please clarify. Thanks.
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March 27

Taxes and credit cards

I owe the IRS a not-insignificant chunk of change. Is there some way I could benefit from this? [more inside]
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MARCfilter - level of subject? Why or why not?

Can you show me an example of a library or cataloging agency that uses the "level of subject" indicator value in the 650 field? (The first indicator, not the source indicator value.) I have literally never seen it in the wild, but maybe I've been looking in the wrong places. If your library or agency uses it, why? If you know the reason why you don't, why is that?
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How to improve relationship with my partner's teenage daughter?

Ms. Tdipod wants to know: I am having multiple challenges with Tdipod's teenage daughter. I feel intimidated by her and when I try to engage in a conversation she will not engage with me or look me in the eye. I am not sure whether or not she likes me or is it just hormones gone amok? He has offered to speak to his daughter but I don't think this is the right approach. I would like some advice with how to broach the subject with her myself.
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Non-STD causes for unusual vaginal discharge? (TMI warning).

A few days ago, I noticed an odd odor coming from my vaginal discharge in the morning. Today, it was a greenish color (kind of like snot). Dr. Google seems to think that the only explanations are STI related. I am in a long-term monogamous relationship, and there has been no infidelity to my knowledge. I will of course seek professional medical advice, but am currently traveling alone in a remote area and will not be able to call my GYN for a week. Are there any innocent explanations, or am I looking at some heartbreak in the days to come?
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Cabin in north-east Pennsylvania radius?

I am looking for a relaxing weekend by myself within a 4 hour radius of my home (Scranton, PA). I have been searching airbnb for cabins in specific towns that I know of, but I don't think I'm getting all of the areas I should. Do you know of a cute town or specific cabin rental in the northeast PA, lower NY state, upper WV, or NJ area that I should look at for a luxurious weekend getaway by myself. My main requirements are wifi and a big tub. I can bring my own groceries so I don't care if it's remote.
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Who was the guy who walked in on Obama during the "Osama" speech?

He walked in on Obama during the speech about Osama... Anyone special? Just some dude? Seen here...
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Who is the original artist of this image if floating islands?

I can't source which artist creating this fantastic image: link to floating islands click here Can anyone plead help? Image search engines have been useless! [more inside]
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Tenant (probably) stuck in Toronto prison and time keeps dragging on...

How can I find someone who is currently awaiting trial or in jail in Toronto? [more inside]
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Festive banana toppers?

Do you remember bunches of bananas being sold in the store with colored cellophane wrapped around the stems, 20+ years ago? I certainly do, but I can't find any proof on the Internet of it being a thing. Imagine a 4 inch square of cellophane, placed over the stem, then wrapped with a rubber band. [more inside]
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Why do papers in academic journals so often have more than one author?

Why do papers in academic journals so often have more than one author? [more inside]
posted by shipbreaker at 4:20 PM PST - 27 comments

Using "dysfunctional family" to understand family dynamics

In reading about codependency I came upon the Wikipedia page for "dysfunctional family." Where does this term come from and who uses it? [more inside]
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Is designer Terry Heckler Jewish?

I know this sounds strange, but I'm working on an article about Jewish logo designers, and I haven't been able to determine if Terry Heckler (responsible for the original Starbucks logo) is Jewish. Any mefites out there know him personally (or been to a seder with him?), who could answer the question for me? Thanks!
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What are your favorite 'deep thinking' blogs, websites, and resources?

What are your favorite 'deep thinking' blogs, websites, and resources? e.g. Less Wrong (on rationality), Farnam Street (learning from what others have already figured out), Raptitude (on getting better at being human), Ribbonfarm (experiments in refactored perception), Cal Newport (study/learning techniques), etc. [more inside]
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recommend me some (kind of specific) books?

Spring break is coming up, and the best part of spring break is reading all day - so I need to come up with a bunch of books to bring! I'm specifically looking for ghost stories, YA fantasy, historical romance, and travelogues, though if you know of something else fun and easy, feel free to chime in. [more inside]
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My cat peed on my bike bag.

How do I get cat pee out of my bike bag, and prevent kitty from a repeat job? [more inside]
posted by pdb at 2:48 PM PST - 16 comments

smart moves

I'm looking for songs that involve dancing or related kinds of kinesthetic learning. [more inside]
posted by nicolin at 2:27 PM PST - 6 comments

How can I use PKI encryption for personal stuff?

At work, I can digitally sign and encrypt emails using digital certificates on my ID (and a card reader attached to my laptop). It integrates decently with Outlook and Acrobat. It's 2014. What are my PKI options for personal use? [more inside]
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Personal project or professional development?

You have a personal project, and you have your career and professional development goals, and the two aren't closely related. How did you decide what to spend your time on, and can you help me weigh up my particular choices? [more inside]
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How do I only allow BitTorrent downloads when my Mac is at home?

I would like Transmission, my OS X BitTorrent client, to only download and upload torrents when I'm on my home Wi-Fi network, and to stop all activity automatically when I'm not on this network. How can I achieve this? I'm open to using different software if need be.
posted by Richard Holden at 1:20 PM PST - 9 comments

Following a burst pipe, is soaked flooring salvageable?

So the hot water pipe leading to our kitchen sink in our house burst during the night and I came down to find our kitchen, bathroom & half our livng room under 2 inches of warm water. Now everything is tidied but the floor material - vinyl - is damp on the underside. What to do? Damp slushy snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Is the Peace Corps considering domestic (US) assignments?

I've heard a couple of times now that the Peace Corps may start developing programs/sending volunteers to hard-hit places in the US, that are the functional equivalent of third-world countries. There's (unsurprisingly) nothing of the sort on their website, but I think it's a great idea, if it could be done in a way that did not offend the pride of the state in question. Does anyone have information as to whether this is an actual proposal?
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Sturdy, simple, portable trade show display?

My company does a lot of trade shows. We've had some complaints that our banner stands either are pain to put up and take down, or that they're not sturdy enough. What they've requested is a table top display without a light or extra pieces that will travel and set up well. Anybody out there have experience with trade show displays, and have a brand or model that's held up especially well for you?
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It's (Not) in the bag

Help me find a carrying case with a shoulder strap for this device. Closed dimensions are 13.4” (W) x 12.5” (D) x 2.1” (H). The closest I've found is this and based on the description it should work. However, I just received it and I though it fits, the corners of my device are sticking out just enough that I can't zip it. Everything else about the bag is perfect - the pockets, the shoulder strap, and most importantly, the price. I'm not too picky about material, but would prefer black, grey, or a solid color. Preferably under $25, but would like to look at anything under $50.
posted by ms_rasclark at 11:49 AM PST - 5 comments

What's up with my dog?

What is this strange behavior of my dog? [more inside]
posted by archimago at 11:14 AM PST - 4 comments

Alternatives to the Inca Trail

I would like to take about a week-and-a-half-long trip in late May / early June of 2014. I originally wanted to go to Machu Picchu to hike the Inca Trail. However, after some research, I'm not sure if it's the best option for me. [more inside]
posted by 3FLryan at 10:59 AM PST - 21 comments

Dealing with city government - getting a certificate of occupancy

Dealing with city government - getting a certificate of occupancy. I don't know where else to turn for strategies or information, so thanks for reading. I'll try to make this concise: [more inside]
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Happy 40th Birthday to Me!

I'm a single woman who will be celebrating her 40th birthday this December. I've decided to go away, specifically on a scuba trip. (I plan to get certified in May.) Please help me plan a single friendly birthday scuba trip. [more inside]
posted by miss-lapin at 10:48 AM PST - 14 comments

how do you cut a sexy peep-toe?

Shoe fashionistas of MeFi: how do you place and shape the opening of a peep-toe shoe? [more inside]
posted by mirileh at 10:37 AM PST - 7 comments

Where to buy small pieces of art in Barcelona (under $50)?

Due to a scheduling change on a work trip, I will be spending tomorrow in Barcelona with nothing to do. I would love to buy a small piece of local art to fit into my carry-on for my SO. Nothing bigger than a single shoe (my carry-on is already pretty full) or more than $50?
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Efficient Strategy for Problem Management

When I encounter a problem that I want to improve my management of, what is a better strategy than, "find book on Amazon/ order book/ never read book or only read 1st chapter? [more inside]
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What's on this raspberry?

What is growing/was laid on this raspberry? [more inside]
posted by catatethebird at 10:11 AM PST - 2 comments

Yet another HD + Mac question

Finally giving in and getting a ginormous screen. What is going to work best with what I have and what I want to do. [more inside]
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What Are Some Lethal But Surmountable Diseases?

I'm trying to write a fictional character background that involves someone overcoming a generally fatal disease in childhood, and leading to a full recovery. The character must grow up to be physically fit and able to engage in a very physical job, but I'm imagining endless visits to the hospital in childhood & nobody expecting him to live long. I have a few reasons to avoid cancer as a story choice. What are other possibilities?
posted by scaryblackdeath at 9:43 AM PST - 36 comments

Pickles -- what did I do wrong?

I made pickles recently with this recipe, which had all the ingredients I thought would go into a good kosher dill -- garlic, dill, salt -- but they came out tasting like "bread and butter" sweet pickles, even though there's nothing sweet in the recipe. The pickles are only a few days old, but I'm familiar with the taste of both "old" and "new" kosher dills, and these were neither. What's the problem with this recipe, and how can I make a real kosher dill (without setting up a home canning operation?)
posted by Ralston McTodd at 9:40 AM PST - 20 comments

Help me find a cleaning person in Atlanta, Georgia

For Atlanta-area mefites - can anyone recommend a cleaning person? I'm a messy guy looking for someone to come clean/tidy my Midtown apartment once a week. I'd like them to come while I'm at work so ideally I'm looking for a person rather than a service that would send different teams different weeks. So far I've struck out trying to find a solo practitioner on yelp. Anyone with a recommendation?
posted by stewiethegreat at 9:29 AM PST - 3 comments

Upload tricks on a Mac

For a while, I've searched for a quirky way to handle delivery of my files online - basically one video file, between 30 - 250 MB, gets uploaded to YouTube for client preview, and to Hightail (formerly YouSendIt) for delivery to put on air. I'd love a simpler, or more automated way, to handle this process on my Mac. [more inside]
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Classes or Activities in NYC to get over fear of humiliation?

I'm looking for things to do, classes to take, etc., in New York that will help conquer a fear of humiliation. Ideally this would be done gently or gradually. Improv classes come to mind, but I'm afraid that they might be too much too soon. I've also heard of dating gurus (I'm male) who help with this sort of thing, but when you search for them online most of them seem creepy or weird. Any ideas along these lines?
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Slow drains - my problem, or the landlord's?

I just moved into an apartment a month ago. The bathtub, bathroom sink and kitchen sink drain slowly (but eventually). I don't remember whether they were slow when I moved in. I didn't have a hair strainer on the tub for the first few days so it's entirely possible it's my hair causing the backup (though that doesn't explain the kitchen sink). Is this my problem to fix or theirs? It's getting progressively worse. [more inside]
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Where can I find bulk t-shirts with random prints?

Thirty years ago, I remember my dad buying bulk t-shirts from one of several companies advertised in the back of magazines. These shirts would have random company logos in random languages, and were clearly a way for t-shirt printers around the world to get rid of overstock. It was like a surprise box every time. [more inside]
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Close Encounters of the panda kind

Have you seen this picture before? My 4 year old daughter just drew this picture (of a panda bear, if it wasn't immediately obvious). It is eerily familiar. I swear I have seen something just like it before, somewhere on the internet. A google image search wasn't even close. Help! This is driving me crazy.
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What caused this ice formation in my mother's birdbath?

A few years ago, my mother sent me pictures of this odd ice formation that she found in her birdbath, wondering if I had any idea how it formed. I asked around on Facebook and none of my friends could identify it, but no such luck. I just occurred to me today to ask Ask. Here are the pictures: birdbath and close-up. Any thoughts on how that shape was created? This was winter 2010, in Connecticut.
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Name that book: a detective novel in Los Angeles

Help me remember the title of this book? [more inside]
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How do I power up for more After Effects?

Can I power up my macbook pro to better run After Effects? Or do I need something else? [more inside]
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Get Refund from Contractor

I've asked pest guys to remove some animals from my house. I want to cancel the sealing of the house and ask for a refund of the 'sealing fee', which they have not started on doing. How should I go about doing this? [more inside]
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Strength training options

I want to improve my endurance exercise by strength training. According to research I should go for a high weight very low rep program. I know there are a few commonly recommended books for that like Starting Strength and The New Rules of Lifting (for Women). I wonder if there is a way to do this without going to a gym or buying expensive equipment, and without following a whole comprehensive program that assumes that weight lifting will be the focus of my life. [more inside]
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Educational Discounts and Price Discrimination Legalities in the UK

A variety of computer and software manufacturers offer "educational discounts" to students and staff. Which is clearly price discrimination based on the status of the purchaser. I just have two questions related to the practice of providing educational discounts. a) How is it legal for a retailer to use price discrimination (as a long-term marketing tactic) to sell to people based on educational role, when say price discrimination based on say sexual preferences would not be legal. b) Is a customer legally required to represent themselves honestly to a retailer? [more inside]
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Finding every comment that's ever featured on Reddit's Bestof

I like reading Reddit's /bestof comments and have been following for a while. However, the /bestof page only keeps a month or so of history. Is there a way to find every comment that's ever been bestof'd?
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March 26

How do I confront my therapist who is also essentially my boss?

I live in a mental health treatment center where my therapist is also my "program director". A program director here is basically someone who oversees your treatment and has say over things like when you can and cannot start working or volunteering. [more inside]
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Gluttony in Sin City

Your recommendations for breakfast/brunch/dinner on/near the Las Vegas Strip? [more inside]
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YosemiteFilter: No Reservations.

My partner and I are FINALLY planning on visiting Yosemite in June. We would be driving in from the Bay Area, and didn't make any campsite reservations. The NPS says there are very few openings at the first-come-first-served site(s) in June. Where should we stay at Yosemite to get the best experience? Sparkly nature's majesty-flakes and more questions inside. [more inside]
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How'd you lose those last 10 lbs?! Tell me!

Were you ever not overweight or fat, but not fit either? Have you always had a belly, extra weight in your midsection? Did you have 10 lbs to lose? Did you lose it? If so, how? [more inside]
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What languages have more than one word for the English 'we'?

Are there any languages that have words that disambiguate the various possible meanings of the English 'we'? In English the 1st person plural pronoun 'we' (and its object counterpart 'us') can refer to groups 1) including only the speaker and the addressed person or persons, 2) including only the speaker and some further person(s) neither speaking nor being addressed but with whom the speaker claims a sort of representative power, and *not* including the addressee(s), or 3) including the speaker, the addresse(s) and some other people too. Are there any languages that have separate words for these distinct referential uses? [more inside]
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Three weeks away for C. diff?

YANMD, but MD says that positive for C. difficile means staying isolated for at least three weeks. Is this the usual precaution? [more inside]
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Hire me. I'm your man, even if you don't think so.

I'm having some struggles with my job search. Any way I can effectively market myself? [more inside]
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Easter weekend getaway!

Trying to find a place to go for a long weekend, within a four hour drive of northern RI. Complication: Easter weekend in the off season. [more inside]
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Help me overcome my lifelong social anxiety

I've struggled with pretty severe social anxiety most of my life, and I've now finally started to get a grip on it. Over the past year, I've gone from laying in bed thinking of reasons not to kill myself to getting a job, having a very small social life with some coworkers, and gaining some optimism finally. But I just don't know where to meet people to practice interacting with, particualarly girls. I'm a 24 year old guy and live in Nassau County, NY. I need some recommendations of places to go or groups to join. And by that I mean I really need you to hold my hand and be specific. Like not "join a yoga class" but "here's xyz yoga, join this class." If it helps, I'm interested in reading, writing, music, nature, history, art, religion, new foods. Thanks for any help or advice.
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Ibuprofen 3x day/ for 3 days?

YANMD.... As I get older my menstrual cramps seem to be getting worse. How often / how long can I take ibuprofen every month without it being an issue? [more inside]
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Another OKCupid Profile Critique

I need some assistance in updating my okcupid profile. [more inside]
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Basic Video Editing Software for PC

I am currently taking a basic digital editing class that uses Final Cut for Mac. I am enjoying it, but use PC at home. What is the best free or inexpensive video editing software for PC? [more inside]
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How do I protect my dogs teeth from injury?

Help this first time dog owner, Amazon reviews have got me spooked! I've scoured amazon for toys for my pup, and it seems like many, if not most toys feature one or more reviewers complaining that said toy caused their dog to crack or injure their teeth. I'd like to avoid this with my dog, so what are the general guidelines for preventing cracked and injured teeth in dogs? What should I always avoid? What is generally safe? I'm really not sure what questions to ask here, so please tell me anything you know about keeping a dogs teeth free from injury. Thanks!
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What to do about small scratches on car?

I recently got some very small scratches on my car. What is the best thing to do about them?? [more inside]
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Films by artists?

Apologies in advance for what may be a poorly constructed question, but: I'm looking for films (preferably narrative feature films) made by artists who first established themselves in a medium other than film. More details inside. [more inside]
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How do I get to know my parents as people?

After seeing and reading about the death of parents, one of the biggest regrets seems to be not knowing them better. I have a cordial but distance relationship from my parents and while I don't ever see us being BFFs, I would like to know them better as people and their life. How do I do this, considering I live 6 states away? [more inside]
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I want to eat a lot. How should I work out?

What kind of exercise regimen can I get into that will allow me to/require me to eat a lot? [more inside]
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Removing chewing gum from leather

So I managed to get gum on my shoe yesterday. Normally I would just scrape it off, but in this case it's on the top of the leather shoe, not on the sole. I did some googling and saw advice to freeze the item with gum on it and other advice to use a hairdryer to heat the gum. One page suggested peanut butter. Since these seem like contradictory bits of advice, I'm here asking: Have you ever tried to remove gum from leather? What worked? Since it's the top of the shoe I'd like to have it look ok when I'm done.
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Where should I stay during a conference in Vegas?

I'll be in Las Vegas for a conference this summer, and am trying to figure out what my best options are for lodging. I'll have a fair bit of time for fun stuff, and I can't decide whether it's wiser to stay right next to the Convention Center and cab it to the strip/Fremont, or whether it makes more sense to stay on the strip and cab it to the conference (I'm also open to walking, depending on weather/exhaustion levels). I'm also not sure which way would be most beneficial traffic-wise, going into or out of the strip. If you've done this before, which option would you recommend, and are there any particular hotels I should look into?
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Cue the montage.

Suggest films where a lead character starts out meek and overshadowed, and eventually blossoms into someone strong and empowered? Especially interested in films where empowerment develops while learning a gruelling physical skill. [more inside]
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Chicken Facts

I would like to play a April Fools joke of sorts on coworkers: Someone posted these Chicken Facts to the break room fridge. I would like your help in revising them. [more inside]
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What kind of car did I see today?

I saw a sporty compact type of car today with a logo I didn't recognize. It looked like an angular "m" inside of an oval shape. I would describe it as a cross between a batman symbol and an infinity logo. The body style was a sleek, aggressive, sporty design - not cheap, but not too high end. If I guessed, I would have thought it was a like a Scion Tc or Mazda 3. At first I thought it might be a Tesla. I can't recall if it was a coupe or sedan. Any ideas?
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Guilt about knowingly starting at and leaving a company

Have you ever started at a company and knew you would leave after a month or two? Did you regret it? I might do this and have a guilty feeling about it, but I wanted to get the hive mind's opinion on it. [more inside]
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Used baby shower items?

How acceptable it is to give baby shower gifts that are previously-used? [more inside]
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Best (free?) music notation software

I am looking for intuitive, easy-to-use music notation software. I already have the sheet music and just need to input it into a program so that it will play a reasonable rendition. I see there are a few online but don't know which one is best. Thank you.
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Buddy, Come On! I'll Take All of That You Got!

Future Islands' recent David Letterman appearance has me in a frenzy. I want to see more examples of dazzling showmanship and unstoppable catharsis -- raw, intimate, unfettered performances by artists at the top of their games. I'm talking pulsing veins, searching eyes, trembling throats and chest-pounding theatrics. Send me your best videos of rockers and riveters! [more inside]
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Am I depressed or discontented with life in general?

Lengthy, but I would so appreciate helpful perspectives. For some time there have been certain 'unhappy' factors in my life that I have been able to manage - but almost a week ago something seemed to trigger crisis mode and I have felt very low and almost completely unable to shake the feeling since. [more inside]
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UK fibre broadband availability

I'm moving flats and want to bring my fibre optic broadband service with me. The exchange is fibre-enabled, but I can't seem to find a straight answer on whether the specific flat I'm moving into is. How can I clear this up? [more inside]
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Pros and Cons of retention for a 4th grader with special needs

I'm looking for research or studies that examine the pros and cons of having a child with special needs (especially Autism Spectrum Disorder) repeat a grade versus social promotion. I'd also like to hear from teachers or educators who've held kids back and any students (especially those that were receiving special education services) that were held back in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade and how it impacted you. [more inside]
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Sociological or anthropological studies on insular or peninsular cities?

I'm looking for academic-level writing on the ways that cities that are built on islands or peninsulas, or in geographically isolated areas, develop and behave differently from cities that are more easily and fully connected to other cities. This would be about the mindset and attitudes and not about urban planning or infrastructure. I'm thinking these may be anthropological or sociological studies. They may even just be a thought pieces or essays. I could swear I saw one that talked about Manhattan and Charleston, but I can't find it.
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Final pre-purchase car questions!

Continuing my car questions (1, 2, 3). We’re buying a gently used Forester. Two questions I need to resolve before picking up the car: should I finance any part of the purchase (can pay all cash), and should I pay to extend the bumper-to-bumper warranty to seven years? [more inside]
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Disarming things one can say when giving up a seat on the bus?

I regularly run into a semi embarrassing situation when offering my seat to someone on the bus, and I would prefer to give both myself and the stranger in question easier outs. [more inside]
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Advice on seeking reimbursement from gas station for bad fuel?

Earlier this month, my 2007 Toyota Prius stalled right after a drive-through oil change (where you sit in your car while the work is done). I had it towed back to the oil place, and they checked and said no fluids were leaking and confirmed they'd used the right kind of oil. Then I had it towed to a Toyota body shop--it wouldn't go into neutral at that point, in case that's important--where the service dept. checked various things, drained the gasoline and refilled with new gas, then drove the car 10 miles with no problem. I have the receipt from the last place I bought gas (5 days before the oil change; a chain service station called Mapco Mart) and a receipt from the body shop saying the "fuel volatility [was] poor" which caused the stalling. I also have a receipt for the oil change showing what they did besides the change itself: they added windshield washer fluid and checked that brake lights, headlights, and wipers were working. Should I go to the gas station in person, or write to or call the company that owns it, or something else?
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choosing between 2 laptops - more RAM or better processor?

I'm choosing between 2 laptops, identical except for processor & RAM. I'm unlikely to buy more RAM, and thinking the one with more RAM will be generally better than the one with the better processor, all else being equal. I tend to keep lots of stuff running, and max out RAM on my current boat anchor beat-to-death laptop. [more inside]
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3d scan + 3d print = replicator?

Things I would like to reproduce: 1) A very simple place setting that's been discontinued at IKEA (2 spoon sizes, 2 fork sizes & a knife) 2) A simple ceramic bowl my other half made that I broke. :( (Replica doesn't have to be ceramic, just has to be that shape.) Are there any services available that will scan a simple object in 3d and then print a copy of it? Is ZEUS the only way to do it?
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History of penalties for distributing maps?

I've heard stories from time to time about stiff penalties for distributing maps of cities, because in times of war, the enemy could use them as intelligence. Obviously, not contemporary stories, now that most everything is mapped a million different ways. I've heard it was true for Japan in WW2, but don't know. [more inside]
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Kitchen cabinet refacing

Does anyone have firsthand experience with kitchen cabinet refacing? [more inside]
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The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Setting Sun

What was the first message sent by the Soviet Union over the infamous 1960s "hotline"? [more inside]
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Drawing hacks and tips for beginners?

I'm looking for simple tips and hacks that make a big difference in learning to draw - like "start your drawing at the point of focus" or "start with light colors, then add dark colors". [more inside]
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How do I get a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts? [more inside]
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Quitting when my employer has big plans for me

I'm ready to give my notice, with an end date of April 30. However, my department has some huge projects coming up that were taken on with the assumption I would be around to design them, and, well, I don't want to be. [more inside]
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How to avoid embarrassment in bed?

I have a history of sexual performance issues. Part of these stem from the inability to become as erect as I would need to be to perform the function unless I am extremely attracted to the other person. This has led to limited intercourse experience. [more inside]
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How do I purchase brand-name apparel at wholesale for my online store?

I am interested in starting an e-commerce business selling brand-name specialty apparel. How does a small reseller develop the relationships necessary to purchase brand-name goods at wholesale? Is this done by going directly to the designers or working with intermediaries? [more inside]
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Is a double-major in Spanish and philosophy viable and fruitful?

Is a major in Spanish a good investment? If I buckle down and commit myself to daily study and practice (and spend one semester abroad), can I attain a decent fluency in the language? What kind of career paths could I expect? More details and questions follow. [more inside]
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Developing career direction

Please help me figure out what direction my career could or should move in, based on my current job as Product Manager, my skills, and my strengths. [more inside]
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How can I do something nice for my boss?

What can I do for my boss that would be nice? I am trying to get back into her good graces and a suggestion was made that I do some one nice thing for her each week. I don't know what she is into. She's not into any of the things that I am. I do know that. Although, I don't necessarily think that matters. [more inside]
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Western JRPGs

So, the recent release of South Park: The Stick of Truth got me thinking about western rpgs that use JRPG style combat. I've enjoyed the South Park game, and one of my all time favorite games is Anachronox, which fused JRPG style combat with a ridiculous sci-fi storyline. Does anyone know of any games similar to South Park or Anachronox that aren't actual JRPGs (which I tend to hate for their aesthetic and narrative choices)?
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Because I don't want to eat at Fort Sumter's commissary

Four+ days in Charleston and Savannah at the end of April. We've got a good list of things to see and do, now I turn to the HiveMind for food suggestions. [more inside]
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You are not my HR rep but…

I’ve been signed up for classroom style skills training, held in my city. It’s mandatory for people in my salaried position to take it. The course runs 3.5 days, 12 hrs/day and is quite expensive to attend (company paid). Participants are required to stay at a hotel, and are not allowed to commute to the sessions (as they would their regular job). Location: Canada [more inside]
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I don't learn/recall as well in my thirties. Strategies?

What are some strategies to keep the mind in its best condition to learn, retain, and recall as we age? Its much harder and psychologically daunting for me to keep "fresh" than it was just a few years ago. How do I halt the decline or improve the situation? [more inside]
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Online DVD sellers that aren't Amazon?

Can anyone recommend a US-based online DVD store other than Amazon that ships internationally? [more inside]
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Six weeks no-poo and I see Farrah in the distance...

I made the leap and stopped shampooing my hair six weeks ago, learned how a high pH can really mess it up and have almost found my outer Farrah. Enter the apple cider vinegar rinse. Do you do this? What is the right way? My approach needs finesse. No-poo MeFippies: help me tweak my routine. [more inside]
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March 25

I accidentally "took" my friends job.

My good friend and I applied and were interviewed for the same job at a prestigious organization in our field. I got the job. She didn't. I start Monday. My friend is really mad at me. I haven't felt this awkward and upset about something good happening to me since high school senior year awards night. HELP. [more inside]
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Was the American outlook in the early 70s really that bleak?

Was the American outlook in the early 70s really that bleak or is that just what survived culturally? [more inside]
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How do I protect my assets from my brother’s bill collectors?

My brother went and got stage 4 cancer couple years ago without insurance. He’s not worked since and is now on public assistance. To maintain that assistance he will have to liquidate his shuttered small business. His sustaining chemo keeps him pretty sedate and very bored so I’d like to loan him my idle 3-D laser marker to do artsy-fartsy stuff. I’d put the marker in his house that he owns outright... do I have to worry about losing the marker to his bill collectors (health services debt accrued prior to public assistance)? If so, how do I loan him the equipment and protect my ownership? I don’t think his girlfriend is a co-owner of the house but I suspect his 4 year old son somehow is.
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What are the most authentic Japanese restaurants in the SF Bay Area?

Especially for those of you who have traveled in or lived in Japan: What are the most authentic Japanese restaurants in the greater SF Bay Area? [more inside]
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Refundable airline ticket, or last minute purchase for uncertain date?

My dad was diagnosed with cancer in February. He lives in a different state. On a recent visit to see him, he suggested that my husband and I buy refundable airline tickets in case my dad's condition gets unexpectedly worse and I need to travel to see him on short notice. He thinks that this might be cheaper for me than having to buy tickets on very short notice. My impression is that nonrefundable tickets are fairly expensive, and I'm not sure if I can buy one that's open-ended enough for that purpose (my dad's prognosis is 1-3 years). I'm wondering if I should just wait and either 1) look for last-minute travel on Hotwire/Expedia/whatever or 2) accept being gouged for last-minute airline tickets. I'd appreciate any advice on what the best option is here, especially if there are some that I'm not thinking of right now.
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No title. Just a bunch of weird dolls in trash bags.

My late mother-in-law collected dolls of questionable value. Like 18" Kurt Cobain motion-activated figurines... and so much more. We need all 30 of them out of our basement. How, Internet? HOW? [more inside]
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Another "help me ID this song based on scant detail" question

Quite some time ago on another site someone posted the lyrics to a song (so I have never heard it, just read it) that has been rattling around in bits in my head ever since. Who is it by? No idea, but I am pretty sure it is one of the proto/nouveau/modern-celtic bands like The Waterboys, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, Black 47, Fiddler's Green, etc. [more inside]
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You should hire me because you already know I'm cool!

A new position has popped up at a small office where I interned as a college student. How to best play this? [more inside]
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Multiple orgasms for men, experience?

I've read The Multi-Orgasmic Man. I find Eastern, energy-based philosophy hard to grasp, because moving energy throughout the body is very much experiential and intangible. It's not not like learning physical movements (sports, martial arts, etc.) [more inside]
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My cat is clicking her jaw. Emergency vet now, or first thing in the AM?

When I came home for lunch today, I didn't notice this behavior (and I would have - we snuggled). About an hour after I came home from work, I noticed that she was clicking her jaw. She is still walking around, eating, and drinking water. Should I go to the vet now, or first thing in the morning (8am)? [more inside]
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Tokyo to Nagoya for a sumo match

I'll be in Tokyo with my family in July, and I would love to check out a sumo wrestling match. I found that there will be a tournament happening in Nagoya while we are there. It looks like the Shinkansen train can make the trip in ~100min. Is this a feasible day trip for 3 ppl (2 adults + 1 6y/o)? Any insight appreciated
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Help me find *English* novelizations of Korean TV shows.

Librarian here, trying to help a patron who enjoys Korean television shows find their novelized versions in English. [more inside]
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Out-of-network limit for health insurance

I am trying to pick between two health plans. The higher deductible plan makes more sense for me except for one thing – there is no out-of-pocket limit for out-of-network treatment. This seems like a big flashing warning sign to me, but I’m not sure how avoidable out-of-network care is. For example, would being taken to an out-of-network hospital after a car accident start triggering unlimited expenses that I would be entirely responsible for? Is this a plan I should stay away from?
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Ask MetaFilter: Going the Distance Edition

In the movie Rocky II, Rocky faces a moment of crisis and he retires to a chapel to pray. Philadelphians, fans of the Rocky movies, movie fans in general, I need your help identifying this chapel! See my pleadings inside. [more inside]
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Help me sing a Dutch nursery rhyme to my daughter

My dad (who was Dutch) used to sing two nursery rhyme/children's songs to us and the grandchildren of my family. He passed away a few years ago and I'd like to sing it to my daughter but I have no idea how to spell (or even really pronouce the song title). Can you help me google it? [more inside]
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How effective is personalization of content?

I work in advertising developing large corporate sites and the question I'm asking is very hard to Google as it is muddled in advertising speak. A big selling point in many of the large CMS systems that I work with are personalization: the idea that content can be delivered to users that meet certain criteria. I will go more into depth in what I mean inside, but the gist of my question is: is there any research that shows personalization is effective in creating "brand awareness," sales/conversions or anything else that can be tracked with a metric? I spend all day implementing these and just don't see the advantage. [more inside]
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Caught a cop parked in a handicapped spot - what to do ?

I was traveling today when I pulled off the interstate into a rest stop and found a sheriff's car from another county parked in a handicapped spot. [more inside]
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Another "should I stay or should I go?" question

Should I move to the other side of the world? Snowflake situation inside, of course. [more inside]
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Seeking your thoughts on coworking spaces - experience? interest?

We are considering setting up a coworking space in a nearby small town. It would be very helpful to hear from people who have tried working in one. What did you like or dislike? What suggestions do you have? If you haven't worked in one, why not? Does the idea appeal to you or not? [more inside]
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Purchase Sloe Berries

I have a cookbook from England with a sloe gin recipe using fresh sloes, but the plant apparently does not grow in the US (Come on, ConAgra, get busy!). Also, I have learned from a grower in England that starting several years ago, fresh sloes cannot be brought into the US (Is this coincident with the Tea Party?). Any help would be appreciated finding fresh sloes for use in California, and a toast in your name! Thanks!
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How to add multiple images at a time in Excel

I unpacked a bunch of boxes, took photos of what was inside, and then packed them back up. I would like to create a simple inventory of the boxes with columns for box #, a photo of the contents, and a description of the contents. Here is sort of an idea of what I am trying to accomplish. [more inside]
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Do you like internet shoe hunts?

These Indigo by Clark's Plush Sateen in Black [size 8 Medium!] are the black shoes I keep at work at all times. I have a few pairs of black and brown under my desk, but these shoes are perfect. So so comfortable. Go with skirts, skirt suits, pants, anything. Nondescript, but classy. And I've killed them. I need new ones. I have boring normal feet-this shouldn't be so hard. [more inside]
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I would like to make alcoholic boba. IS THIS POSSIBLE?

Tapioca balls in drinks. Also known as boba. I recently saw a bar advertising alcoholic drinks WITH boba in them. And I said "Well that's dumb. Anyone can do that. Why not put the booze IN the boba?" To which a friend said "well that's impossible." And I said, "Oh yeah? Well I'm going to do it." And then I realized I know nothing about this. So to you. Can booze be injected into a tapioca ball? Can they be soaked in booze? Would that work? Would they soak it up? What would be the best way to make booze filled bobas?
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Portable scanner feeder, any ideas

Does anyone have any idea for a portable scanner feeder? [more inside]
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Do I need to refrigerate pickled onions?

I have a jar of homemade curried pickled onions. It has never been opened. If I eat one, do I need to refrigerate the remainder? There's a companion jar without curry, that's been opened and has been at room temperature for some months, and they are still good. Well, subject to taste.
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Cute but toxic?

How safe is it for a child to have adult nail polish on her fingernails? [more inside]
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help us plan a route from Vancouver to San Francisco

the other half and I are planning a road trip from Vancouver to San Francisco in early May and we're looking for some advice on route planning and potential stops (and stopovers.) [more inside]
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How are The Thunderbird School of Global Management online courses?

I’m looking at several certificate programs they offer. I am considering the certificates in Global Marketing, Global Leadership, Global Management, or Global Negotiations. Each one consists of 3 courses to be completes one at a time with 2-3 hours of content per week. I’m not sure if this means just total time spent or time going over content not including assignments. 2-3 hours total seems a bit low for an executive course, plus it’s expensive, $1980 per course for only 1.5 credit each. I also know that they have been having some financial issues and academic controversy for trying to sell their campus to a for profit education company Laureate Education Company. The deal was rejected by their accreditors, The Higher Learning Commission. I have been contacted by a recruiter several times by phone and email. She seems a little aggressive, much like I’ve heard for profit online school recruiters can be. Do you guys think these courses seem like they have value or not? I appreciate the input in advance.
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Help me find an awesome comfortable durable supportive strapless bra!

I seem to have had bad luck in terms of finding well-fitting strapless bras. I'm looking for a comfortable strapless bra that holds everything up properly for the entire evening without requiring trips to the bathroom to tug it up (!!!). I'm around a 34/36 C/D. [more inside]
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Question about dog allergies

Why am I only allergic to some dogs? [more inside]
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How to communicate fabric coarseness?

Is there a specific numbering system / grading system for fabric coarseness? I am specifically working with nylon for a bag.
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What is that electronic noise in my audio system?

I'm hearing some odd noise in my office audio system and I'd like an opinion on what it could be. It appeared right after I replaced three old Shure SCM810 mixers with new versions of the same model. They are usually soft, as heard in this short clip here) but the occasionally sound much louder and become quite noticeable. It reminds me of the interference from Blackberry devices but it's clearly different. Could this be interference from some other device or is something else going on here? Thanks in advance.
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The Search for Delicious: SF Edition

Where should I eat and drink in San Francisco? Specific parameters inside. [more inside]
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Introducing teen to sushi

We're taking my 15 year old nephew out for sushi this coming weekend. (Planning on going to Rikishi for Mefites in Toronto) He's only ever had supermarket California rolls, and I'm wondering what to start him with. Suggestions?
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romantic, outdoorsy, 7 day trip to Santa Fe/New Mexico, ideas?

Wife and I are planning to visit Albuquerque, NM this May. We will rent a car, and be there for one week. Where should we go? We've never been to the region. [more inside]
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Drinking water safe adhesive available in the UK

I need to glue a better aerator on to the old aerator in my kitchen tap. I want a glue that's safe for potable water, gluing metal to plastic, but all my searches bring up US results that I can't find in the UK. Can anyone recommend one, preferably from experience? [more inside]
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Best Critical History of Hip Hop

Please give my your recommendations for the best book on the history of hip hop, that includes critical appraisals of the performers and groups, and a discography, and that is available in ebook format. If hip hop as a whole is too broad a topic, I'd accept a book with a narrower focus on just East Coast stuff, or just New York stuff.
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Can this relationship be saved?

He's a doll ... who mocks religion, has a lazy, entitled child and is impatient. [more inside]
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Inspiring documentaries about artists and creators

I stream art documentaries on Netflix while I work. (Having something playing on the 2nd monitor is acceptable at my job.) I've watched enough that the top three recommendations at the bottom of the page are almost always films I've already seen, but I want to keep this habit up another month! [more inside]
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OMG = Oh My (not God)?

I'm an atheist with a God problem. My exclamations of surprise, disgust and frustration usually take the form of "Oh my God" or "Jesus Christ!" or "Holy shit". I want to find some new - preferably safe for work and young ears - versions of my favorite exclamations that have the same import and emphasis that I so enjoy from the current ones. [more inside]
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I can't quit, you're firing me

My job is trying to counsel me out for "performance" issues. I think this is unjustified, but either way, the relationship is over. How do I position myself to end my employment on the best terms for me? [more inside]
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Give me your low-carb vegetarian recipes!

I eat low-carb. No beans, no fruit, no lentils or quinoa or chickpeas. Instead, I eat LOTS of protein, fats, generally with salads. But I worry I eat too much meat, and I getting sick of salad, so I am looking for great vegetable recipes that are under 8 carbs a serving. [more inside]
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"Guys! Check it out! The English term for it is..."

There's no shortage of articles online that take the basic form "here are awesome non-English words and phrases that are hilarious and/or that English doesn't have a direct translation for". Examples: A German slang term for low-back tattoos is "Aarsgewei", which translates to "ass antlers". Also in German, the term for eating because you are sad is "Kummerspeck", which is literally "grief bacon". The Finnish word for pedant, pilkunnussija, translates as "comma fucker". I'm curious about the flip-side, like a non-English-speaker being amused that low back tribal tattoos are called "tramp stamps" in the US. What English words or slang terms are amusing to speakers of foreign languages in the same way that I find some of their terms amusing and/or awesome?
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How to paint computer cases with middle schoolers?

I work in a middle school and as a service project, my students want to build computers and paint them in the school colors to either donate to homeless shelters in town or to keep in the trophy case here at the middle school. I don't know what it takes to paint them, though, and I could use some help! [more inside]
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Is A Masters' Degree In Professional Writing Worth It?

I've wanted to try to shift from being "secretary who writes" to "writer" for a while now, and just not really had a good plan how - nor any background in the technical writing that really would be where most of the money comes in. Would a full-on masters' degree program teach me that, but have any other benefits (i.e., networking, connections, etc. to jumpstart the career) or am I just fine with the occasional Gotham Writers' mart course and a lot of word-of-mouth? [more inside]
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Healthy mashed potatoes, but not really all that healthy.

What are some vegan toppings for mashed potatoes that are fatty and delicious and not watery or fake? [more inside]
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I see a pastel couch and I want to paint it black

Does upholstery paint really work? I have been offered a couch by a coworker. I really dig the shape of the couch, high back, lots of buttons, kinda swanky, retro looking. The color scheme looks like something from the Golden Girls though. [more inside]
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Cutting a hole in foundation wall

Cutting a hole in foundation wall? [more inside]
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Should I offer an apology at work?

I screwed up at work - which was compounded by a string of just plain bad luck. It got really ugly. Maybe could even lose my job. I'm thinking of having a heart-to-heart call with my leadership to apologize for the bits that were my responsibility...Not to grovel and save my ass, but to communicate that I know I impacted them and the team. Bad idea? Does an apology ever help in a workplace, or does it just help affix blame and make everyone uncomfortable?
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How do I jump ship?

I’m a failed journalist working for a dying European newspaper. I’m female, 39, with two small children and currently on maternity leave. Help me find something else. [more inside]
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Unlocking an old AT&T iPhone

The spouse and I upgraded from an iPhone4 and 4s on AT&T to newer iPhones on AT&T. Then someone mentioned we can sell the old phones on ebay, but to be sure and unlock them first, as they're worth more that way. But the old phones are no longer are active phones and AT&T is refusing or can't unlock them. Is there any way to unlock (but not jailbreak) an old iPhone 4 and 4s on the AT&T network that are no longer active as phones?
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Two drifters, off to see the world...

How to have fun with your travel buddy [more inside]
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Stay unvaccinated?

Should I get immunised? [more inside]
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Solve a WWII mystery!

It's a long shot, but does anyone have any ideas about this drawing from WWII? [more inside]
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Android Sensors (The phone kind, not the cool robot kind)

I'm doing some experiments with sensor feeds and sensing sensor data with MQTT and in the short term, before my sensors turn up I've managed to set up a sort of trial sensor using an MQTT app on my phone to send dummy data to Xively. This got me thinking about actual phone sensor data, so I downloaded an app called AndroSensor, which gives many and varied readings on sensors. What I am now wondering is, is there an easy way (short of writing my own app, which I may end up doing anyway) of taking regular readings from my phone sensors and sending or storing them. Preferably I'd like to send an MQTT message very 30 seconds or so, but failing that could I sample them every 30 seconds then auto send that file somehow?
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I'm a murderer... of probe thermometers

Please help me reform. I'm notorious for killing probe thermometers - you know, the ones that go into the oven and have a readout connected by wire? I go through about 4 of them a year. I'd like to stop. Does anyone have recommendations for a good, nearly indestructible, probe thermometer? I'm less concerned about accuracy - if it's off by a degree or two here or there, that's fine. Bonus points if it can be used with a gas grill as well as an oven.
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Travelling on the former MH370 flight. Help?

So I am travelling on the flight that used to be called MH370 (now MH318) in April. Apparently its number was changed to 318 because 8 is a lucky number in China. I notice however that the plane is close to empty even at this point. Does anyone have stats or advice about why I shouldn't be worried? Does lightning ever strike twice?
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March 24

Musical Seattle Wedding Gift?

My cousin is getting married in a couple of weeks on the east coast. I'm traveling there from Seattle. Both bride and groom (my cousin is the groom, if that matters) are active musicians in the Boston scene. I don't know them very well. They're in their mid 30s and were impressionable teenagers when grunge was just becoming an enormous deal. I was thinking they might appreciate a small wedding gift that had something to do with Seattle's musical history, but I myself am not very familiar with it all, with what's actually cool and what's just tourist junk. My budget is less than $50 (less would be better) and I need to be able to fit it in my suitcase and have it be modest looking at the wedding itself. My cousin plays guitar, drums, is a lead singer, and writes lyrics as well as music. His genre, as far as I can tell, goes around a central pillar of "rock". I'm looking for a token kind of gift. They have a registry but also stipulate they don't need or require gifts multiple times, it's going to be a super small wedding and I'm not sure I'm even going to be at the ceremony itself. Just something that will make them go "cool! I never would have asked for this but it's a neat thing to have!" Do you have any ideas?
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Where can I find this unicorn of a bra??

I am having serious issues finding a bra that fits me. However, since I've been to multiple stores already, I've had some success defining exactly what I need. Previous Qs on bras don't address my very specific petite, plus-size situation. Metafilter, does this bra exist?? [more inside]
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How to create a hard link or symbolic link from NTFS to FAT32?

How to create a hard link or symbolic link pointing from a folder on NTFS C:\ to a folder on FAT32 USB SD card? [more inside]
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Safety and maintenance of basement apartment in Northern California?

I am considering living in a basement apartment near a major fault line. Is this safe? [more inside]
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Finding material on a WW1-era New York murder case

What resources might be recommended for tracking down info about an NYC criminal trial from the summer of 1917? Do you think the court transcript might somehow be available?
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What's the quickest/easiest way to get audiobooks from a CD to iphone 4?

I can rip the audiobooks from the compact disc to itunes quite easily, but the problem is if they are just added to my phone under the music icon, it won't save my place in the book. What is the easiest and fastest way to make this happen. I am willing to download apps that cost $ if necessary.
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Car went crunch. Help me find a new one quick!

Was in awful car accident yesterday. Good news - walked away without a scratch. Bad news - car is now a paperweight. Help me find a new vehicle? Details within. [more inside]
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Am I un-datable without a smart phone?

No, seriously. Should I buy an iPhone just to get on Tindr. And yes, I'm that desperate. [more inside]
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Lexapro and Dextomethorphan - Am i going to die?

Fighting a cold and wasn't thinking. I am on 20mg of Lexapro and I just took some Nyquil with 30mg of dextro. Got to looking and it looks like there is a major possibility of seratonin syndrome. Should I go to the hospital now? I'm a male, 225 pounds, mostly healthy except for this darn cold. How nervous should I be?
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Seattle vacation planning - am I in the construction zone?

Will my planned Seattle vacation rental be in the construction zone for the Alaskan Way? [more inside]
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My phone doesn't know me anymore.

Up until a week or two ago, my phone's predictive text function predicted not just which word I was typing, but also which word I was likely to type next. It used an algorithm which not only paired common words, but which (and this is the important bit) also learned which words I used frequently. Now that's not happening any more. Predictive text is still working, but it doesn't seem to be learning my vocabulary any more. How can I make this work again? [more inside]
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Need urgent mental health care

My wife needs urgent mental health care, but we don't seem to have any good options. Can you offer some advice? [more inside]
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Words On Film

I want to read more essays on individual films, along the lines of Tim Kreider's "Introducing Sociology" (on Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut.) [more inside]
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Calling all cable experts

Tomorrow I'm hosting a presentation where the speaker would like to hook up a laptop to two decent-sized external speakers. All that's lacking is a cable. I'm hoping to run out to the electronics store tomorrow morning to buy a cable (or two?) to do this, but am completely baffled as to what to get. I plan to call the store in the morning, but simply because I am nervous about the presentation and would like to sleep peacefully tonight, can anyone here recommend exactly what kind of cables I should get? [more inside]
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Name that trope

A conversation is in progress. Scene cuts for travel to a new location. Conversation picks right back up at the new location as if there was no time in between. Is there a name for this trope? Bones is a show that seems to have it in every opening sequence. As travel in DC is far from instant, it is like they stop talking for 30 minutes to 2 hours sometimes. Is there a name for it?
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Identify a movie quote from a movie I've never seen.

A friend of mine loves to say dramatically and hilariously, "Santa Maria, dame la paz. La paz!" He says it's a quote from a movie, but he has no idea which one and remembers nothing about it. I think the movie is most likely in English, because this phrase is the only Spanish my friend knows. Googling doesn't work because "Santa Maria de la Paz" is a thing.
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Moving cross-country, will need car--but when and where?

In a few months I will be moving across the country from Delaware to California for a year to maybe indefinitely. In which state should I buy a car and how should it be paid for? (Snowflake details below the cut.) [more inside]
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He started up his noisy computer in the middle of a reading!

I had a book release, reading, and signing party last night (it's a book I co-edited), and about halfway though the reading, one of the reader's husband pulled out his computer pad and turned it on, making all the start up noises. I find this rude and disrespectful; indeed, in the open mike culture here, people generally "respect the mike" and don't talk or take calls, but support the reader and give them energy (Energy begets energy). [more inside]
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Fighting back against innuendo

I'm in a work place environment, and lately some people have found out some personal details about my life, and are using these details to disparage me in the office environment. I know that they must be talking about these details openly together, but in front of me and to me, they merely make repeated allusions or oblique references, usually with a twinkle in their eye. How do you respond to an attack that is indirect? [more inside]
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Family Medical Leave for Graduate Students

Does Family Medical Leave cover graduate students on .50 FTE? If so, does it still allow for tuition reimbursement or would I be on the hook for that? [more inside]
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Best Practice for Prizes for Fundraisers

I work with an organisation which traditionally gives cash prizes to winners in charitable events they hold like duck races and pub quizzes. I am looking for best practice resources or studies (rather than anecdata) to show them that this is terrible development practice, if indeed it is. [more inside]
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More Like InstaClose, Amiright?

Why does my iPhone keep dropping Instagram, and how do I fix it? [more inside]
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A first world problem if there ever was one.

How do I get my friends to be friends with each other? [more inside]
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How to discourage surprise visitors?

My husband and I both work from home and need to come up with ways to discourage people from dropping by with no warning during the day. [more inside]
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Peculiar smell from new central AC system?

Ever since we had our new air conditioning system installed, we get a strong chemical smell throughout the house when the furnace runs. What’s causing this? Can we do something to make it stop? If not, how long do we wait for it to go away? [more inside]
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Comics for 11- and 13-year-old girls?

Taking the girls I babysit to the comic shop on Thursday. They love the Marvel movieverse (the 11-year-old adores Loki) the 13-year-old like the volume of Runaways she's read. If the John Rogers Blue Beetle run wasn't out of print I'd have already gotten it for them. Suggestions? Stuff they can't find in trade I am willing to hunt down in digital format.
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How do they cool ready meals despite the rule of "do not reheat"?

Conventional wisdom teaches us not to re-heat food. (Many do anyway, but that's another story). Many prepared meals are cooked (i.e. heated up) and then chilled and put into packets ready to be reheated (by oven or microwave). These ready meals often also say "do not reheat" on them. Some of them go into more detail with a curiosity-inducing sentence: "This ready meal has been cooled using a specialised process and should not be re-heated after home heating". My question is... what is this specialised process - why is it OK for them to cook and cool food ready to be re-heated, but not me! Is it just a sterile environment, or something more fascinating?
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Hands shaking/tingling the day after drinking: Alcohol withdrawal?

I got drunk a couple days ago. Besides my hangover being horrendous (per usual), for maybe half the day my hands were slightly trembling and I couldn't get them to stop. They're doing better now, but my hands have never shaken before, and I'm worried that my drinking is starting to catch up with me. Would this be a reason to call the doctor, and if so are there any tests/checks I should ask to have done? Details inside. [more inside]
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Staying effective despite caregiver stress

Can any caregivers here offer tips on managing bandwidth (time and emotions)? Looking specifically for practical tricks/hacks to quickly switch mood states when time allocated to productive work is interrupted by big and small worries. [more inside]
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How to tackle the awkwardness of bumping into an ex?

Help me deal with the awkwardness of seeing my ex probably tomorrow. [more inside]
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Looking for kid-friendly videos about sleight-of-hand with cards.

My kids have become fascinated with card games lately, and more specifically, being able to handle the cards well and do stuff like shuffling, fanning them, flipping them domino-style, etc. I'd like to blow their minds with videos of people who are AMAZING with sleight of hand. But it needs to be clean and age-appropriate (ages span between 6 and 11). Basically, I'm looking for the Jackie Chan of card manipulation. [more inside]
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How can alleviate this sudden back pain?

I have this really awful nerve-y kind of pain in my back right now that seems to be aggravated by sitting down too long. [more inside]
posted by ohmy at 12:47 PM PST - 14 comments

Searching for moving to Santa Barbara

How would one conduct a search for renting a place in Santa Barbara? What peculiarities of the market should I know? [more inside]
posted by cacophony at 12:41 PM PST - 3 comments she dead?

How to handle insurance when your doctor/therapist goes AWOL? [more inside]
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Group video conferencing from home

Hello - I am trying to figure out how to host a successful video conference from home. There will be 10-20 people at home in my living room with another ~5 dialing in remotely. [more inside]
posted by lannanh at 12:00 PM PST - 6 comments

Calculus after being away from algebra for some time. Help me.

I am going to grad school in the fall. Hooray! Problem: I have to take calculus before I start and I am kind of freaking out. [more inside]
posted by The Pantless Wonder at 11:51 AM PST - 24 comments

Relocating from SF to OC, looking for cool hangouts.

I'm relocating from San Francisco to Irvine, and I'm looking for places to hang out that will ease the culture shock for me. [more inside]
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The OED is on the tip of my tongue

Like many people on this site, I read a lot and have a pretty large vocabulary. But, when I speak or write, I often feel like much of that vocabulary is hiding in a part of my brain that I can't get at. Please suggest tasks that will flex my active vocabulary-retrieval muscles. [more inside]
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Movies where the locals kill (or try to kill) the interlopers?

Please suggest some movies where the local residents kill (or try to kill) unwanted outsiders. If known, what motivated the locals to do so? [more inside]
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Moving to Portland for my wife's career, what do I do about my career?

My SO is graduating medical school in May and just go matched at OHSU in Portland. We'll be moving in June. I'm looking for general advice about uprooting my career and life to go along. More details inside... [more inside]
posted by JBear at 9:58 AM PST - 14 comments

Committing to a monogamous relationship when previously polyamorous

If you were previously polyamorous and committed to a monogamous relationship: how did you do it? How did you deal with those feelings that monogamy just didn't felt quite right? Were you able to replace the need outside relationships fulfilled with something else? [more inside]
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Google Hangouts, you are a mess.

How do I absolutely, definitively, and completely sign myself out of Google Hangouts in every single possible location that I'm signed in? Or: how do I actually get notified when people chat me and I'm not online? [more inside]
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Did you see the Beatles at Denver's Red Rocks Amphitheatre in 1964?

OK, perhaps a longshot (but MeFi is always amazing)... my daughter is doing an article on the Beatles at Red Rocks in 1964 and would love to interview someone who was actually there. Anyone?
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Bay Area location for easy mom/toddler meetup

Good SF area playground or similar for meeting up/hanging out, by BART with good parking? [more inside]
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Can you help me find a therapist I remember reading about in NYC?

I was using an online "therapist finder" (Probably Psychology Today but I can't be certain) about 6 weeks ago to find myself a therapist. I had come across one in particular that I thought I saved a link to, but now can't find. I know it was a woman, and she mentioned dogs in her description/bio - both that she was a dog owner and lover, but also that her dog could sometimes be present for therapy, and/or you could bring your dog. I know that's not unheard of, but her description really resonated with me in terms of what I need right now in a therapist and I am hoping someone might recognize my description. Thank you!
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looking for recommendations on slim-fit winter clothing

does anyone make high-quality cold(ish)-weather outdoor wear, such as fleeces and windbreakers, in slim-fit cuts? [more inside]
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If I could just care less about my work, I'd do a better job.

I'm the kind of person who gets worried enough they'll do their work not well, or make a mistake, that they end up either not starting or working too slowly and filled with dread. Last week, I had to work late on a project. I had two beers in the process, found I cared less about the anxiety and dread and perfectionism, and just did a better, less stressful job. I want to do this without drinking. [more inside]
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What can my friend grow instead of marijuana for profit?

The legal situation surrounding my friends growing operation changed so it is looking like he can't grow marijuana this year. What (legal) alternate crop can he grow and sell that might be synergistic or an easy transition? Crops that might need a lot of care but have a high sale value. Thoughts have included specialty vegetables for Bay Area restaurants, or wormwood for absinthe makers, although we have no idea if those are viable ideas. He is based in Chico, CA.
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Where to stay in Malta

Heading to Malta in a few weeks, but not very sure where to stay. Valletta or one of the tourist areas? [more inside]
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Should I slather WD-40 all over my Rubik's cube?

Yeah, I know you're supposed to disassemble it and lather it with petroleum jelly, but I'm too lazy. Will WD-40 have negative side effects?
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What's the best way to get this sheet music?

I'm hoping to have our pianist play Modest Mussorgsky's Promenade I from Pictures at an Exhibition as a prelude for our wedding. Please help me get the right sheet music! [more inside]
posted by brilliantine at 6:09 AM PST - 5 comments

Reccomend some games / activities I can play with my Long Distance Girl

My girlfriend is currently 3000 miles away for the next 2 months and neither of us are naturally that talkative so our skype chats tend to just peter out at the end, when we would both like to spend more time together. We are looking for suggestions for 2 player games or activities we can play/do together online or over skype while we are chatting. ios or online games only (we don't have gaming computers with fancy gfx cards). Ideally things that are easy to understand and accessible for non-gamers but deep enough they will keep our interest over several play sessions.
posted by Another Fine Product From The Nonsense Factory at 5:52 AM PST - 9 comments

How do I type Japanese on this computer?

On the past 5 computers I've used, I've just added Japanese to the language bar, and then chosen the "hiragana" option and typed Japanese that way. On the work computer I'm currently using, I've added Japanese to the language bar, but there is no hiragana option. Here is a picture. There is usually an option like what is available in the first picture on this page. No amount of Googling is helping me find the solution. How do I get the "hiragana" option to show up on this computer? Thanks!
posted by Enchanting Grasshopper at 5:43 AM PST - 12 comments

Burning Man for International Visitors (who can't drive)

My girlfriend and I will be going to Burning Man this year. It was the sort of thing we've both wanted to do forever, and finally bit the bullet to do it. I'm scared, but purely for logistical reasons. Any advice? [more inside]
posted by popagandhi at 5:36 AM PST - 13 comments

Happy yappy or upset pet?

My next-door neighbours bought a miniature dachshund puppy a couple of months ago. It is very cute and whenever we see it out with them on walks it looks very happy. However it yaps non-stop every day when they're at work (and quite a bit at the weekend when they are around). The noise doesn't bother us (there's plenty of other street noise in our area), but we are a bit worried the dog isn't happy. It's hard to tell if this is an excited yap or a plaintive lonely yap. [more inside]
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Tips for watching speed chess

I'm going to watch some chessboxing in a in a few weeks with some friends. I know the rules of chess but nothing beyond that, no strategies or anything, ways to tell a good move from a bad one or see who dominating. Are there some key things I can know/read/watch in order to have a vague understanding of what's going on? [more inside]
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Can you make my CPU stop beeping in the night?

I bought a new Dell XPS 8700 last fall. Lately, the damn thing seems to work like an alarm clock ALMOST every night around three or four am. I wake up to hear three rapid beeps over and over. This lasts for about a minute. This happens even when I shut it down. [more inside]
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If baby leaves the train station headed west at 65 mph...

Calling all parents of metafilter! You once had a baby who didn't sleep well. Let's say this baby was six months old. We will call this point A. Now you have an older toddler or a child who sleeps through the night in her own bed. Let's call this point B. How did you get from point A to point B? [more inside]
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Advanced Spanish Preservation For Short Attention Spans

Hi, folks. Through work and study, I achieved fluency in Spanish. In my current job, I was hired to do bilingual work, but I have had very little opportunity to speak Spanish for about six months. I'm worried I may be forgetting Spanish, which is really very bad for me on many levels. Please help me find a few ways to keep in touch with the language. [more inside]
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March 23

How many different colors does this quilt need?

My wife wants to make a 10 x 12 square quilt with a random-looking pattern. How many colors would she need for a quilt that follows these rules: 1) No two patches of the same color may touch each other, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally; 2) No pair of patches may be repeated in the same orientation (i.e., if there is a red patch above a blue patch, that combination may not be repeated, but you may have a blue patch above a red patch); 3) There are no patches of the same color that have the same vertical and horizontal offset: i.e., if there is a red patch with a second red patch that is one down and two across, there may not be a third red patch that's the same distance down and across from that second patch.
posted by Joe in Australia at 11:46 PM PST - 18 comments

Can you help me to find an Electric Typewriter with Memory?

I'm looking for a typewriter that will store what I'm writing so that I can transfer it to a computer. I am trying to manage my internet addiction and want a machine that will allow me to write without letting me do the internet thing. Can you help?
posted by overglow at 10:22 PM PST - 13 comments

Taking a cat on a vacation

It's not that I want to vacation with my cat, but he requires medication at this point twice daily and I don't want to leave him alone. [more inside]
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ain't 2 proud 2 beg

I have a wonderful relationship with my boyfriend. We are both mid-thirties; have discussed marriage and kids and are on the same page;we live together; and things are great. Except for one thing - I initiate sex most of the time and want it more. I know the next part is not right, but, me initiating things all of the time makes me feel bad. I know it is a stereotype to expect men to be wanting to have sex more. [more inside]
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Dentures and Buyer's Remorse

I've just purchased a set of immediate dentures that look ridiculous and don't fit. I signed my approval for the preliminary wax version- I thought the teeth looked a little small, but my denturist assured me they'd look fine. (It was difficult to tell, holding them up next to my mouth in the mirror.) Friday I had my final real teeth removed, and tried on the denture at the end of the visit. It didn't come close to fitting. My dentist confirmed my suspicions about the size of the denture teeth, and said most denturists actually put the wax version in the patient's mouth to make sure the bite is properly aligned, as well as to make sure they look good. Not mine... Having signed off on the wax version, do I have any legal recourse here? If so, would they have to fix the cosmetic problems (size of teeth) as well as the fit?
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Help with surprise move

Our landlord has decided to give us a 60 day notice to move rather than fix the hole in the roof he's left unrepaired for three weeks. We absolutely do not have the money or credit to arrange a surprise move and I feel absolutely kicked in the teeth. I need help coping. [more inside]
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Didn't do US taxes for 2 years. What now?

Every year, I've done my taxes myself, and on time. But, I didn't do my taxes last year. Or the previous year. The reasons are personal and ones that I would imagine the gov't may not care about - a breakup with my partner of 9 years one year + the crush of a big move and job transition the next. I knew there would be complicated tax things to sort through since I was living in corporate-funded temp housing (and also, each year I get $ back, but I think I would have actually owed this time around due to the temp housing deal). I let it build up into a huge scary tower of overwhelmingness. The months ticked by, and it was easier to push to the back of my mind. Essentially - I. just. didn't. do. them. I would imagine that I could be fucked. But I'd like to take a deep breath, take this one on the chin, pay whatever horrible fines I may owe, and get it sorted this year. Pre-April 15th. How fucked am I? Things I should know? Will I need to tell my job about this? I've never used an accountant before - tips for finding one? I'm in Portland, OR.
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Reality check on possible notebook purchase, Lenovo Idea Pad Z710

The machine is here, on sale till Wednesday, weekly sale priced at 769.00. [more inside]
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Questions on Bizarre W-2

I was filing my taxes online when I saw my W-2 was extra confusing. The online tax website even flagged the data I entered saying there were probably errors. I'll talk with my employer about this if necessary, but is it actually invalid information or just unusual circumstances? I've provided all the information I could think was relevant. [more inside]
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Does the American Legislative Exchange Council promote new bills yearly?

The American Legislative Exchange Council is an organization that creates "model bills" that reflect the interest of big business and encourages state legislators to adopt those bills as legislation to introduce to their legislatures. ALEC promotes these model bills to legislators who attend one or all of three annual meetings each year. [more inside]
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Possible Wage Overpayment--Five Years Ago

My girlfriend received a lawyergram stating that a former employer overpaid her nearly five years ago, and is just now asking for the money back. She believes she was never paid for that period, and obviously doesn't want to give them money to which they are not entitled. Details below. [more inside]
posted by SobaFett at 5:58 PM PST - 14 comments

Introduction to Heuristics.

Searching for book recommendations. [more inside]
posted by emmatrotsky at 5:50 PM PST - 4 comments

The search for a search utility

I'm looking for a great utility that will let me search for text strings within MS Word and PDF documents. Specifics within ... [more inside]
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Does TSA ever just wave people through?

I flew home through a major US airport a couple of days ago. I'd just put my carry-on stuff on the conveyor and lined up with several others for the dreaded bodyscanner when the TSA agent waved four of us around the machine and over to pick up our stuff. I was delighted not to have to go through the scanner, but I've never seen anyone just waved on through before. How often do they let people bypass the scan? [more inside]
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How do I get the whole dating an old flame thing right?

Hi! After being in a really bad relationship for three years, I broke free before christmas. Over the last year I have sort of been texting with and old flame I datet 4 years ago. It was very intense for 3 months, but then it crashed and burned. She got single before christmas as well after being with a guy for three years. I`m 28. She`s 25. [more inside]
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How easy/stable is a hitch-mounted bike rack for a long minivan ride?

Our family (three full sized bikes and one 20" kid bike) takes frequent road trips to discover new bike trails. We are good riders but not very clever at bike handling (i.e. taking wheels on and off, adjusting brakes, etc.) Our trips are anywhere from 25 to 500 miles away. We have a 2010 Honda Odyssey. I have a roof rack now but it is not practical for me to lift the bikes up and down every single time; it's way up there and the bikes get unwieldy. And it freaks me out to drive with the bikes on top while we are zooming down the highway. I am thinking of getting a trailer hitch installed and getting a four bike rack for that. But practical advice is difficult to find. [more inside]
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Please recommend a hoodie with zip up pockets and a zip-up front.

The title pretty much says it all. I'd like to be able to order this online, from Canada. Thank you. [more inside]
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The Great Outdoors: Furniture Edition

Never-ending winter be damned! I want to think about outdoor furniture, but I'm basically clueless. What holds up well? Dining set-up or lounge? Specific recommendations appreciated! [more inside]
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I need TV antenna help. And a bit of wiring.

I live in a very modern highrise that has energy efficient windows. Basically, these windows reflect things like UV rays, etc, but they also kill my TV reception. My apartment has a small balcony. If I open the balcony door (which is mostly glass), I can get tons of channels with a plain old rabbit-ear antenna. When I close the door, I can barely get any reception at all, even when using a monoprice power antenna. So, the solution seems obvious: I need a small all-weather antenna I can put out on the balcony, and I need about 15 feet of flexible wire that can fit through the crease of a swinging/hinged door and then be snaked against the wall to reach the TV. Right? Recommendations? [more inside]
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How do I find a new direction in my art?

I've been painting for a year now, and I'm at a phase where I hate everything I've done and feel ready to do something different. I use acrylics and do abstract paintings (I've dabbled in watercolors). I look at a lot of art, both online and in person, so I am getting plenty of inspiration, but nothing is really calling me to try it. I want to make art that at least has meaning to myself, if not for others, but I don't feel like I've done that and I don't know how to now. A short lists of artists I like includes Joan Mitchell, Zao Wou-Ki, Tracey Emin, Cy Twombly, Leonora Carrington, Dorothea Tanning, Jules Olitski, Pat Steir, Gerhard Richter.
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Economy seats Virgin Atlantic 747 SFO Heathrow

I forgot to pick seats for my flight back and don't have too many options left many of which are these aisle seats. I'm short and normally wouldn't care too much but it is a 10 hour flight. Outgoing I have a window in the section with just 2 seat across but all of those are already full for my return. I've read online reviews but was wondering if anyone could describe how much space the inflight entertainment box takes up on the aisle seats? Seatguru mentions this but I haven't found anything saying about how much space you're losing and where the box is. I've looked for photos but haven't found anything except this and I can't tell if this is actually what seating is like. I'm trying to decide if it's bad enough that I should take a middle seat.
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tell me about your loosest lightest summeriest pants.

You are like me, a curvy woman who likes to walk a lot and is too old for shorts. You know the secret of finding light, loose, possibly cropped pants that let you walk comfortably for hours and don't chafe or give you sweaty crotch; and which look cool and casual, not completely frumptastic. You are willing to share the secret of finding these pants. [more inside]
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Accepting a job knowing you'll leave it in a few months...

Job in question is an on-call healthcare position that's interesting, but I know I'll be relocating soon. Details inside. [more inside]
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Unusual problem with burning music to CD in Windows 7

Since buying a new type of blank CD, I'm having unusual difficulties with burning music to disc using WMP in Windows 7. [more inside]
posted by Dim Siawns at 2:32 PM PST - 4 comments

How much is too much for rent?

I've searched around, and it appears the common guideline for considering rent amounts is not to go over one-third of your monthly salary. [more inside]
posted by uncannyslacks at 2:11 PM PST - 19 comments

congratulations gift for a new business owner

My sister and brother-in-law just opened up a wonderful pediatric practice. Yay! I'm looking for a "congratulations" gift to send them, besides the usual baked goods and flowers. [more inside]
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What's my Job Title?

Currently, I'm the "Office Manager" for a large, family-run restaurant that employes 170+ people. I am in charge of Design (internal/external, web, print, etc - this is actually what I have my degree in), limited PR (we have an external firm that I liaise with, I do all social media and PR asset management), Bookkeeping/Payroll/Accounts Payable, Limited HR (onboarding new employees, helping to create and maintain training materials, but no hiring/firing/discipline), IT/Tech Support, Project Management, Answering Phones/Reservations, etc etc... oh, and managing the actual office, too (ordering supplies, filing, printing menus, fixing the copier, what-have-you). I need a better job title. [more inside]
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What is this mystery object?

I found this in my flat and have no idea what it is or where it came from. Any ideas? It is about 2" in diameter and has a spike that rotates out around a weighted axel that automatically rotates the spike back when let go and holds it in the retracted position with a small magnet. Front view, Back view, view with spike out
posted by mairuzu at 1:47 PM PST - 8 comments

Obsucre New Wave Music Expert: What is this song/artist?

It's the first track on this youtube mix. Shazam and SoundHound come up empty.
posted by mizrachi at 1:31 PM PST - 4 comments

passover seder resources for interfaith families

So I'm hosting a seder! The twist: I am not Jewish. Where do I begin? [more inside]
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Financial recourse options regarding a deceitful mechanic?

A mechanic who replaced my bus's radiator removed parts of the transmission's cooling system, said he replaced the parts, and got paid for the parts and the labor. After several months, I took the bus out for a trip, and the transmission overheated repeatedly and finally lost all but first gear. It turns out that the parts the mechanic said he installed are not there -- the pipe that should connect to them just connects back to itself. What steps can I take to get my money back? [more inside]
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And no, egg whites are not code for "semen"

So I stupidly had some eggs in my backpack along with some books and notebooks, and while the eggs didn't break completely, they did crack a little and leak whites on my stuff. I wiped off the residue but it did get on the covers and a little on the outer rims of the pages. Does dried egg white go bad/rancid? Am I going to have to throw my books and notebooks out?
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Can medical records become public record during a trial?

Help me make an informed decision about a plot point in a work of fiction: If your medical/psychiatric records are subpoenaed in a criminal court case, do they become public record? [more inside]
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Ink Etchings by Famous Jewish Artist - Where to Sell?

So I've got 3 small ink Etchings by Jacob Eisenberg depicting early life in Judea - rabbis and the Western Wall that I want to sell, but haven't a clue where. I know they're relatively valuable so I'm interested in going with a reputable site/dealer. [more inside]
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Guide me to some great fiddle music!

St.Patricks Day may be over, but my love of fiddle music lasts all year round. Guide me to some new fiddle music! [more inside]
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Family vacation stay in Central London

My husband will be at the ICANN conference in late June of this year, which is being held at the Hilton London Metropale. I think the kids and I might join him towards the end of his time, but since we're a family of 5, we're probably going to need something other than a hotel. I've been looking at VRBO a bit, and will check out Air BnB, but could use some recommendations of specific areas to go for or avoid-leads on specific rentals would be fabulous! [more inside]
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*shakes fist at Elsevier*

I'm heading into the Army for OCS in August, but I'm still very interested in keeping current on science and the current research papers. I've devised a contrivance to keep myself plugged in and reading - a personal blog where I summarize the papers that interest me, more simply to give me a place and a reason to do it. [more inside]
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Tips for an arts org collaboratively rewriting a mission statement?

An arts org I work with is seven years old. We've had some success, and we're revisiting our mission statement for the first time in a while. Any tips/ethods for getting a small group of people to work fruitfully on this together?
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SpanishFilter - Can someone translate this recipe for me?

Can someone translate this recipe for me? [more inside]
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What equipment should I use to safely mix acetone and glycerin at home?

I would like to make my own nail polish remover. Where can I buy acetone-safe measuring equipment? [more inside]
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I'd like to come to RuPaul's Drag Race Finale

I'm a big fan of RuPaul's Drag Race. I often watch the series online weeks or months after initially airs but this season I'm caught up and I'd really like to see the finale. They had it once or twice in L.A. but most often it is in NYC (or has been for the last few years). Other than the sweepstakes to win airfare to the finale I can't find any information about how to request or purchase tickets on the internet. I tried contacting LogoTV (no response) and tweeted at RuPaul asking her for advice - but I know she's busy. Anyone have any advice on how to find out how to purchase tickets?
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The American SF "Canon"

For an upcoming project I'm putting together what's meant to be a comprehensive timeline of important (even "necessary") works of American science fiction since the late 19th century. [more inside]
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A solvent for cling film that will not affect casting resin?

Hello. I would like a solvent that will help remove cling film from set resin. The resin is general purpose Lloyds approved stuff. It is now tangled up with annoying cling film. I have tried acetone. No joy. Any help would be great.
posted by debord at 6:42 AM PST - 3 comments

Money & Anxiety

I'm 34 years old and I got lucky in my current job and have been able to generate way more income than I need. I have everything I want, am doing all that I can when it comes to retirement savings/putting money away. Two part question: 1) What else should I be doing to ensure financial stability forever? 2) Is it weird that I don't have a strong desire to go buy stuff/do stuff/spend excessively? [more inside]
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Turn of the century. I mean last century. God, early 1900s, okay?

When we say "turn of the century" are we now referring to the 1900/2000 changeover? So what do say when we mean 1800s/1900s? Downton Abbey years? What is the most proper way to put it? [more inside]
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Help save my tchotchke!

I have a glass snowglobe type thing that's leaking, and I would like to try to fix it. Your best ideas, please! [more inside]
posted by peanut_mcgillicuty at 5:57 AM PST - 3 comments

Commercial Lease for a Coffee Shop - what should I be asking?

So I am working on a commercial lease. Advise resources or experience? [more inside]
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iOS/Android games that cultivate your happiness or lift your spirits?

A new, simple game I downloaded this morning, Personal Zen, got me thinking. What games do you play that cultivate happiness? Literally lift your spirits? It doesn't have to be a game "designed" to do so like this particular game necessarily.
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March 22

Is a pre-set zoom for a pdf URL loaded in Chrome possible?

I'm hoping to find a tweak that will make a specific webpage always load at 200% in a Chrome browser, but I don't want the zoom to apply to any other webpage. [more inside]
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And then there's the downside of assigned parking...

My apartment building has assigned parking spaces. My parking neighbor (though not my actual neighbor in the building, for weird reasons) left a large, very noticeable scratch on my front quarterpanel last night or today, complete with paint transfer matching his vehicle. How do I resolve this in a way that feels fair to me but averts major bad blood? Snowflakes on their side of the line inside. [more inside]
posted by TwoStride at 10:11 PM PST - 28 comments

Choosing a domain name - or

I give regular classes/workshops in my specialty. When I set up my project and the related website last year, I wanted a very straight forward domain name but it wasn't available as a .com so I got .info instead. My SEO is good if you google for it but real people tend to assume that everything is .com so they have trouble remembering/typing in the url. I've picked out a more evocative name that is nicer as a business name but I'm worried that it will be harder for people to find me on the internet. What is the smart thing to do? If I do switch (or try to use both) what is the best way to do that? [more inside]
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How to break the break up news?

I think my girlfriend is wonderful and funny and gorgeous and sexy and amazing and talented. But she doesn't believe that. The relationship isn't perfect, but it's fun and good. The problem is, I've come across somebody with whom it seems like it might be great, but my girlfriend will be (in her words) destroyed if I leave her. And I don't know what to do. [more inside]
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Help me sell my computer!

I'd like to sell my desktop computer. I built it in 2011, with intermittent upgrades. It was fairly powerful at the time, as I used it as an engineering student. Specs are below. I have a few questions, never having done this before. I need help setting a price, setting up the OS for sale, and safely deleting my data [more inside]
posted by nickhb at 6:33 PM PST - 16 comments

Family reunion too expensive - should we go or not?

My grandmother turns 90 years old this year. To celebrate, her daughters decided that the whole family, spread out across most of the country, should all get together in Branson, MO for a week. This is going to be a very expensive trip. [more inside]
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Borderline Threatening Client - How to Defuse?

My girlfriend, Emily, and I work together occasionally on creative freelance projects. A few years ago, when we were first starting this side business, we did a project for my girlfriend's old family friend, Robert. Robert is now aggressively requesting professional, unpaid help from us in what seems to be an escalating manner. How can we calm this whole situation down? [more inside]
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Looking for a walkable Philadelphia suburb with ... (details inside)

Will be moving to Philadelphia metro soon for a new job. Looking for a place to live. Currently live in the NYC boroughs. Have a difficult list of must haves. [more inside]
posted by NYC-BB at 5:23 PM PST - 23 comments

Omaha or Minneapolis: what to do, what to see?

For the first time ever, my partner and I will be taking a vacation together, and we're looking at either Omaha or Minneapolis. Looking for things we should see-- all suggestions welcome! [more inside]
posted by ElaineMc at 5:01 PM PST - 13 comments

How can I learn SPSS?

I want to learn SPSS. What are my options? [more inside]
posted by synecdoche at 4:45 PM PST - 9 comments

Yet another laptop buying question

Should I get a 13" Macbook Air or a 14" Lenovo X1 Carbon? [more inside]
posted by matildatakesovertheworld at 3:47 PM PST - 36 comments

Sentimental or useful wedding-day present for friend abroad

My best friend - the loveliest, dearest, most wonderful of friends - is getting married in London and I can't be there. What can I send for her to open on her wedding day to let her know that I am there with her in spirit? [more inside]
posted by leitmotif at 2:41 PM PST - 11 comments

I need your secrets for Yard Sale Success

I have to have a yard sale next weekend for reasons. I need your tips to help me maximize this experience by decreasing stress and increasing income. [more inside]
posted by bilabial at 2:40 PM PST - 22 comments

How to un-yellow plastic?

The plastic frames of my favourite pair of sunglasses have turned yellow :( Looking for strategies to return them to their original colour. Google results lean towards turning yellowed plastics back to white or seem like they would be really harsh on the lenses.
posted by kitkatcathy at 2:08 PM PST - 8 comments

Help plan my vacation to Mexico City!

What are can't-miss things in Mexico City and Puebla? [more inside]
posted by queens86 at 2:07 PM PST - 14 comments

Job search strategies: Aim high or get a foot in the door?

Soon-to-be graduate starting a job search (ugh). Should I start off aiming for the best and then adjust my expectations if that strategy doesn't seem to work, or should I also apply for lower level positions from the beginning if they seem to be in the area that I want to get into? [more inside]
posted by thesnowyslaps at 1:10 PM PST - 6 comments

Seeking hair stylist for boomer aged folks north side of Chicago?

Had a breakup with longtime stylist and 'are looking for a new one who can deal with the hair of we "over 50's." Should be experienced in working with fine, thinning hair and, especially, covering grey by use of highlighting. No harsh chemicals please. Thanks.
posted by Tullyogallaghan at 12:44 PM PST - 3 comments

She's Sewwwww Cute!

My five-year-old has expressed interest in a kids' sewing machine to make doll clothes like her great-aunt does. She has a birthday in a few weeks. I prefer to buy something online, but the reviews of the "kids" sewing machines on Amazon are abysmal. Should I just get a small-sized "adult" machine? I don't have much sewing experience, so I need something that's super-easy to use and maintain. Experiences with little crafty kids using sewing machines, and specific product recommendations, would be very welcome.
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Move-packing hacks

We are starting the first wave of packing to move - I call this wave "cleaning to pack", involving mostly going through closets, cabinets, drawers etc and organizing/tossing so that we don't give up and just start upending drawers into boxes. [more inside]
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Help me sort through my income tax filing options

Free online tax filing that allows a Schedule K-1? [more inside]
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Who is The Idiot? (A Flamenco Musician)

A thousand years ago (actually probably ..1998?), a guest speaker came to my music class to teach us about Flamenco. She played a recording of a singer/guitarist that I loved, but she said that he was called "The Idiot" and I have never been able to find his work. As I understood it at the time, this was a nickname rather than anything he'd published under, and it was probably an offensive word, because of something about his appearance? I'm probably asking for something hugely offensive, but I loved his music when I heard it. Anybody know his real name?
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Vintage tile repair

The good news is that I found white hexagonal tile under the nasty vinyl flooring. That's also the bad news. Here is the floor currently. Basically, the tiles themselves are in pretty good shape considering they are about 100 years old. There are a few cracks, but the real problem is that the glue from the floor that was above it will not come off from in between the tiles. Detail shot. This is pretty much the kind of floor we want, but the mrs. is about ready to call it and just install a new hex floor on top. I'm not quite ready to give up. [more inside]
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Landlord wants to replace gas oven with electric. Help?

We have enjoyed 6+ years of our gas oven/stovetop, but now our NYC landlord is planning to replace all the ovens in our building with electric. This seems like it will make our (already high) electricity bill even higher. Is there anything we can do? [more inside]
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Instruments in "Kiss Them For Me" by Siouxsie and the Banshees

What instruments were used to create the definitive sound of "Kiss Them For Me" by Siouxsie and the Banshees? I am particularly interested in finding out what the bell-sounding instrument that starts near the beginning of the song. Below is a partial list of when particular lines starts. Please correct or elaborate my rough descriptions if you can. [more inside]
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Canadian taxes: Do I need to keep paper receipts for all this?

Short version: As a Canadian Freelancer, if I track all my expenses carefully in mint, and pay for pretty much everything with credit/debit cards, do I still need to keep all those paper receipt? [more inside]
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Installing Fedora Commons on OS X Mavericks Server

Digital librarians of Metafilter: I am looking for installation and configuration documentation to get Fedora Commons 3.7 up and running on a Mac OS X (Mavericks) server. Surprisingly, my googling has not yet yielded an up-to-date OS X-specific guide. Can anyone point me to such documentation? Or have you installed Fedora Commons on your OS X server, and have any tips? [more inside]
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Veronica: Now or Later?

I love Veronica Mars. I am almost finished with the second season (I project finishing it on Monday). I have not seen any of the third season. Should I finish the 2nd season before I see the movie? Should I even have seen the 3rd season? Please bear in mind that on the one hand I really don't want the movie to give me spoilers for the show, but on the other hand I don't want to be scratching my head in the movie because of allusions to things I should have seen in the show but haven't yet. On the other, other hand, seeing it on the big screen would be very nice. Please advise.
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What should I do with my house and mortgage?

I have never refinanced my house, but am weighing that vs. investing my money elsewhere. Please advise. [more inside]
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What's this song?

Does anyone recognise this song added to someone's tumblr?
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Help me ID/find this game: a portal-like with bouncing ball

Help me ID/find this game: it may have been playable in-browser. If downloadable, it was free and probably worked on winxp. It might have only been at a demo/tech demo state, but it was a 3d first person puzzler where you aim and it would show you the trajectory of where a ball would bounce and you could then teleport to the end point of the trajectory? The idea was that you'd have to figure out which surface/angle to bounce off in order to get to a goal destination. May even have been posted to mefi. [more inside]
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We know whodunnit - but why?

I've been hugely enjoying the TV series Cracker recently, and one of the things I like about it is that we see the details of the murder/crime first, and then the rest of the story is about the police and psychologists figuring out what happened, then finally why. Are there any novels that take a similar approach? [more inside]
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A senior manager keeps tabs on everything and tattles on me

How do I keep my job if a manager hates me? [more inside]
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March 21

old short story and newer anime where soldiers "respawn"?

bookfilter: I remember reading a sci-fi (short story?) where the key element was that once a soldier died on the battlefield, they respawned into a new body and had to keep fighting. I believe it was a classic sci-fi because the enemies were russian, I believe. I was telling my friend about this and he said that there was an anime with a similar plot element, but he can't remember what it was. Can you tell me the names of these?
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Have ceiling fan, need small CFLs!

Just purchased a ceiling fan that allows for 2 60W lightbulbs with a candelabra base in a closed glass dome. Need something brighter as this will be the only light source in the room. Having trouble finding small CFLs or LEDs with a candelabra base in 18W (equivalent 75W incandescent) or higher that will fit in the dome. Any ideas on where to find these kind of bulbs, or if they even exist? If not, any other ideas on how to keep the fan and to safely add some wattage? [more inside]
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Best iOS app to remote control PPT presentation?

I am looking for a recommendation for an iOS app that will work as a remote control for powerpoint presentations. Details follow. [more inside]
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He ain't heavy...

How do I deal with an immediate family member with substance abuse problems at my upcoming wedding? When do I put my foot down? [more inside]
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Applied for a new apartment- they claim I'm a criminal

They say their background check turned up something awful. I have never been arrested. Now what? [more inside]
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Can someone help me find this song? EDM, music video has scenes from Big

I saw a youtube music video years ago that was scenes from the movie Big (starring Tom Hanks) and it was an EDM track. That's really all the info I have on it, and I can't for the life of me find it with google or on youtube no matter how many keywords I combine! Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!
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What's in a name? RUB: Massage, Yoga, Wellness.

What do you think of the name "Rub" for a health spa? Is it cute or dirty and why?
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ISO Road Safety Omamori/Charm in Tokyo

When I lived in Japan years ago I got my friends and family little omamori charms for their car from a local temple. Does anyone know a temple in Tokyo that would have them? [more inside]
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Help me find this news story involving a policeman and a prostitute

I am not sure I recall the details correctly, but I am amused by a news story in my memory. I think my memory is accurate, so here goes. A police officer is testifying in court about his (commercial and sexual) relationship with a prostitute, with whom he had sex in the course of an anti-prostitution sting. The officer is questioned by opposing counsel about whether he climaxed. He explains that he did, but that he didn't take any pleasure in it. Can you give me a link to this news story or tell me where I read it?
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Mr. Right- To search for him or not to search for him?

I've never been that little girl who dreams about her wedding day and I'm still not that girl 34 years later. I've also never had a desire for children. If I'm ever financially secure enough I'd love to adopt someday, but when it comes to having my own biological children my attitude has been thought- well if my husband really wants them then I'll have kids, but otherwise I'm not hankering for them. However now that I'm approaching 35 maybe this is something I really have to think about. I know how difficult it is for a lot of women to find spouses after age 40 so I guess if I ever want to find Mr. Right I have to start looking for him instead of just waiting it to happen on it's own. But everyone says that love happens when you're NOT looking for it. So what's better? Should I scope the subway and the streets and start striking up conversations with strangers who might be single? Or should I just let nature take it's course and see where destiny takes me?
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Blogs/sites/shops for 50s-ish style? General advice on dressing well?

I'm trying to acquirerevamp my style to something a little more sophisticated. I find myself drawn to some of the stuff Elizabeth Taylor used to wear back in the 50s --- something that looks flattering and feminine on a more broad-shouldered torso. But I'm a novice at this and would welcome advice as well as recommendations on how to pick cuts as well as on shops/sites/blogs. Snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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Need space for new family

We have a new (4 month old) baby. Hooray! My husband and I both have wonderful parents who want to see their only granddaughter as much as they can. His parents live almost across the country so don't visit often. The problem is with my parents, and I need a reality check about what I'm asking of them- am I setting reasonable boundaries or being selfish? [more inside]
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Help me choose a platform for delivering educational programs

I'm looking for the best online platform to deliver educational content. It should incorporate content delivery, goal setting and tracking, collaboration tools, and community engagement. Cost is not an issue. [more inside]
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Looking for creative synonyms for baked goods

Friend challenged me to a bake-off, need help with some good natured trash talking. [more inside]
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Seeking black, lace-up ankle boots that are stylish but ultra-durable

Seeking black, lace-up ankle boots that are stylish but ultra-durable [more inside]
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The office next to mine is empty, and my ex wants to fill it.

My ex boyfriend, the subject of a previous askme, is applying to work in my current work group. I would rather quit than work with him, but that would be crippling to my career as well as seriously unfair considering the damage he did to me. How do I talk to my boss or HR without sounding just sounding like a crazy ex girlfriend? [more inside]
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Dark dance music that says quarter life crisis

I am looking for modern, dark, forward thinking, dance music which preferably somehow reflects on the theme of a quarter life crisis. Overly exacting specifications inside. [more inside]
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LA Filter: Are there picnic tables at Placerita Canyon? If not, where?

LA Filter: Picnic Tables near Nature? 14 Corridor maybe. I'd like to spend a chunk of Saturday or Sunday at a picnic table near nature. Somewhere within about an hour or so of West LA would be ideal. I'm thinking somewhere along the 14 corridor near Santa Clarita or Aqua Dulce. Also, somewhere with a largish natural area where I could do a short hike would be nice. I was kind of thinking maybe Placerita Canyon, but I don't know if there are any picnic tables there. Vasquez Rocks is fun but I don't recall any shady picnick table area. Bonus points for (a) very few or no kids running around screaming, (b) sunny with shade, (c) wildflowers currently blooming. I definitely need a picnic table becuase of what I want to do while I'm hanging out with Nature.
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What cool things should I do with my Chromecast?

We just got a Chromecast, and I'm interested in finding fun things to do with it. We have two Win7 computers, an Android tablet, and two Android phones. We've used Netflix and YouTube, plus tab sharing. What else would you suggest we try?
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What is your favorite site for song stems?

Preferably ones that are of decent quality and available at little to no cost. I'm not too picky about the type of song, but I'd like to avoid country music. Thanks!
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Best practices for buying porn online

I would like to reform my porn consumption habits, shut down my torrent client, and start paying for what I view. However, I'm worried about getting stuck with recurring charges. Are there best practices for getting single-charge subscriptions to adult websites and ensuring that I only get charged once? [more inside]
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Freedom from ink jet hell

Recommendations for laser printers that are affordable and work good? [more inside]
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Places to stay & things to do in Chicago - Schamburg area

My husbands 30th birthday is coming up in April and he'd like to go away for a romantic weekend to Chicago. [more inside]
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Kin la belle, Kin la poubelle

I'm living in Kinshasa, DRC, for a bit. Have you traveled there? What do you wish your had known? [more inside]
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Help me restore app data (only) to a clean iPhone 5S running iOS 7.1

After a complicated chain of circumstances involving a SIM migration, a grandfathered prepaid data plan that transferred from an iPhone 3G to a 4 to the current 5S, and many hours (no exaggeration) at the AT&T store while their employees talked to level 2 tech support, I was left with:
  • A working iPhone 5S on AT&T, now getting LTE data but restored to factory settings.
  • A recent encrypted backup from the phone, just before the wipe.
It is not an option to restore the entire phone from the backup. Help me restore just the user data for selected apps. [more inside]
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How do I stop swearing at my computer at work?

I recently began working in an office after many years working from home. I'm programming at a computer and I've become aware that I tend to swear quietly at the PC when things frustrate me. It is particularly evident when stressed or under a deadline. I'd like to stop doing this. [more inside]
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Travel Bucket List

Travel Filter: What would you consider to be the "MUST DO" travel spots in your city/town/state? If I had 50 days left to live, and had time to visit one thing in each state, what would it be from your region? [more inside]
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Sex Visions (not an R&B album)

I'm looking for information about visions or visuals experienced during sex. Not anecdotes, but 1. rigorous scientific work that contextualizes who gets them and why, and 2. artists, writers, or poets who have used them as inspiration in any way. [more inside]
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Casio Tonebank CT-670 - Midi to USB - Help?

I have a Casio Tonebank CT-670 keyboard. I bought a usb-midi cable. I've tried connecting the cable to pc. I get the red light power on for the cable. But can't get any lights to turn on for midi signaling. Is my midi cable broken, or is something wrong on the midi keyboard or pc end. I tried all possible setting available in Fruity Loops and still no sound coming through on pc end. When I push a key on the keyboard should the midi cable light up that a key has been pressed like in this video at the 3 min mark? It doesn't does this mean the cable is broken?
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Is the upgrade worth it?

I have a late 2008 15" MacBook Pro. I'd like to cram it full of RAM and upgrade to a pretty high capacity SSD - is this worth doing or will the graphics cards, monitor, other relatively unreplaceable elements fry soon? [more inside]
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Team wiki tips and tricks?

We are a large team, familiar with wikis, feeling disillusioned because the wikis always end up being a giant mess. What conventions can we adopt to make our wikis better? [more inside]
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How can my we get a good quality couch, faster? [Vancouver filter]

My roommate and I are looking for a decent (ie. higher quality than Ikea) loveseat (around 6 feet long) to fit in our small, currently very sparsely furnished apartment. However, all of the furniture stores that we've checked out say that delivery will take 6 weeks at the very least. Are there any stores in the Vancouver area that would be able to do this faster? [more inside]
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Starting a PAC.

What information is there about how to form a political action committee? What restrictions are there as far as advertising, focus, where the funds wind up, overhead costs, salary for PAC employees, etc? What is allowed federally, and what is allowed on a per-state basis? [more inside]
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Multiplayer boardgames for iPad

4 of us are going away for a few days and we have one iPad between us. What are some games we can play using the iPad instead of a boardgame, that isn't Monopoly? [more inside]
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Inserted CDs loaded with images appear to be empty. Why?

The last two times I've inserted a CD with jpegs into my Mac desktop, I double click on the desktop icon for the disk and it says it's empty. I've tried the disks on someone else's Mac and it worked fine. I've waded through all the Mac forums trying to figure out what's going on, to no avail. I import images on a regular basis and, until recently, the process worked fine. Any ideas? Thanks.
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How big of a security risk is Office 2003 for my limited personal usage?

I am still using Office 2003 for personal use. It meets my limited needs perfectly well, and I want to avoid learning curves and costs associated with alternatives if at all possible. I understand that Microsoft will no longer be issuing security patches for it soon, so there are potential risks in continuing to use it, but how serious are those risks given my actual pattern of use? And can they be easily mitigated by avoiding various features or behavior? [more inside]
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Birthday Party Emergency

Please hope me, DC mefites! Looking for two things for a birthday party TOMORROW: the Thames and Kosmos perfume kit and Harry Potter chocolate frogs and Bertie Bots every flavor beans. [more inside]
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Vaping with Snowflakes

73 year old mom-in-law has terrible neuropathy in her hands and feet and is finally finding that pot relieves it after trying a billion other things. Husband uses for pain for his medical condition and has a prescription, so we're quite up to date on types of strains, etc. Here's the deal. We're super-old school and have never used a vaporizer. This is basically a vape lesson for a complete newbie. [more inside]
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How can I get a Cabbagetown flag to NYC?

My wife adores cabbages, and we both love Toronto and Cabbagetown. Last time we were there we didn't get a chance to grab a Cabbagetown flag, but we've always wanted one. I've been calling the Cabbagetown BIA at the phone number at this blog post, but they have not yet responded to my voicemails or emails. The latter link says you can pick them up at 237 Carlton Street. But I'm in NYC, not Toronto, and cannot get back to Canada anytime soon. How can I get one and have it shipped home? I'm more than happy to pay for it, the shipping, the customs, whatever.
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"Honeymoon phase" wearing off - Destiny or decision?

People keep telling me that my husband and I are still in the "honeymoon phase" and that it will wear off. I disagree, and I think that "honeymoon phase" is a bunch of crap, but maybe I am being naive? Can a couple maintain a level of romance and affection and "in love"-edness throughout their relationship, or must it inevitably fade? I'd love to hear people's experiences, and examples of where they have been able to maintain the "honeymoon" feeling, and where the honeymoon phase ended and why they think that was. [more inside]
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Which of my cars should I put a trailer hitch on?

We have a 4x6 trailer. It's pretty light weight. We need to put a hitch on one of our two cars in order to use it. Is there any mechanical (or other) advantage to using one car over the other? [more inside]
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The incredible egg?

I am trying to puzzle out why the supermarket eggs I buy in Europe are so different from the eggs available in the U.S. [more inside]
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Should I file a complaint against Meetup?

There was a misunderstanding in a meetup group and the organizer publicly humiliated me and responded in a hostile manner. Should I file a complaint with Meetup or just forget about it? [more inside]
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Do I marry/have kids with longterm love if I'm not ready due to career?

I love my partner - we have known each other for over a decade and have been together for over five years. I am in my 30s and he wants to live together/get married and/or start a family. I have insisted we wait due to my graduate school (and later) career struggles. Now we are older and our time frame for children (if not settling down with children in mind later) is diminishing. I don't know the right thing to do - specifics inside... [more inside]
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Wireless earbud, singular

When listening to music at our office, we rock the old "one earbud in, one earbud out" look so we can hear both our music and if someone's talking to us. I'd like to find a "step up" from this arrangement, ideally a single small audio-only Bluetooth earbud that pairs with my MacBook. However, I'm having a hard time finding out if these even exist outside of those Bluetooth headsets for cell phones. [more inside]
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Songs that get you hyped up?

I'm making a playlist of music that gets my blood flowing. It currently has exactly one track: "Welcome to Jamrock" by Damien Marley (yt). Help me find more music that is similar in vibe, hardness, and in its ability to get a person hyped up! [more inside]
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A minor question about transgender nomenclature and etiquette.

A former distant colleague of mine is a trans woman. I'm pretty clear on the importance of not misgendering people, but I'm running into one or two slightly awkward practical issues in making sure I don't screw that up. [more inside]
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When is it safe to kiss someone after getting a cold?

I've always erred on the side of caution with colds (and flu), and waited until a few days after my symptoms have subsided before engaging in potential illness-spreading activity, e.g. kissing. It's time I found out just how little time I can get away with waiting, for the times that I'm not feeling so patient. What say you, hivemind? When can I kiss someone after getting a cold or flu without putting them at risk for getting my illness?
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Should I pay off this old bill?

I have an unpaid bill from three years ago for about $200 that no one's trying to collect anymore. Doesn't seem to have shown up on my credit rating / reports. Is there any upside to paying it now? Is there any potential downside? [more inside]
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Expat married to a local, really struggling, seeking help

Finally giving in and looking for a therapist, while permanently living abroad... what 'cultural combination' should one look for? Don't want my current mental state to cloud my thinking. Details inside. [more inside]
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Please recommend comfortable steel-toe men's work shoes/boots.

My spouse recently got a job where he's on his feet all day, and his feet and knees are starting to hurt. He really needs more support/padding I guess. He also needs steel-toe. Shoes or boots are fine. What should he get? [more inside]
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Well, for starters, they ain't real...!

Tell me everything (FACTUAL) you know about Funyuns. Truly great anecdotes, recipes (!) , etc allowed for--just not interested in creating a "Yum/Oh Gross" post; so no opinions, please. Bonus points for anyone who's ever worked on a Funyun line!
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Startup Team Finder

If you have been working in a garage for the last fifteen years to develop the code base and content base of a start up. And you have no track record in the field. What is the 'best' way to find other members of a start up team, given that you have spent all your money on development? [more inside]
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Are afro wigs for a funk band politically correct?

Imagine a funk/soul band made up of white people, wearing Afro wigs on stage. Would that be fine, or rather politically incorrect? [more inside]
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How can I transition from dyed to gray when the gray is just emerging?

All my Google searches either tell me how to cover up the gray or go to completely white/silver. Is there any in-between? [more inside]
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How to un-crate-train a puppy

~1 year old Labradoodle name of Twist. Good boy. Crate trained up to this point, house trained so long as we lock him in his crate overnight. Which is the issue. I'd like to start weaning him off of the crate. He seems ready, he has no trouble holding it all night in the crate and it's not like he's rushing for the door in the morning; he'll happily romp around the house while we're getting breakfast etc together. But when I've tried leaving the crate door open overnight he, well, chooses not to wait until morning. Looking for strategies to let him know that that's not okay. [more inside]
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Gender inequality in couples moving for work?

Anecdotally, it seems clear to me that women are far more likely to move to a new city for her husband's job than vice versa. But I'd like some hard numbers! There has to have been research on this, but I have no idea how to find it. [more inside]
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Potential Paths for a 30 Year-Old Career Changer

I'm a 30 year old with a BA in psychology working at a bank and hoping to find a new career. I'm trying to find a career path that will give me a decent living without being a workaholic. I am willing to go back to school, but hopefully not for more than 2 or so years. I am willing to take on some debt, but not a ton. I am considering 1. Human Resources 2. Accounting 3. IT / Something with computers 4. Any other good suggestions. Are any of these a good change for someone my age? I don't want to go back to school only to find out that the field is bad for non 20-somethings. How are prospects for entry-level workers? (I have looked at "official" projections, but would welcome any insider knowledge). Is there anything else that I should consider? [more inside]
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Traveling with a 4-month-old

We're planning to take our son to visit his grandparents for 4-5 days. He will be 4 months old. It's a 6 hour drive away. He's never spent the night away from home and the longest he's ever been in the car is 1 hour. What steps can we take to maximize our chances of a fun (and not especially sleepless) visit? [more inside]
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Ideas for handling liver fluke medication food requirement

I have a friend who has been diagnosed with liver flukes; the protocol for medication she is taking (twice per day) suggests that the medication is made optimal if accompanied by the ingestion of 40grams of fat. Yes, that's 40 grams of fat, twice per day, at two sittings. Having to ingest this much fat at one sitting is making her nauseous. She has tried various mixes of healthy vegetable fats mixed into salads but she's pretty miserable. She has a rather sensitive stomach; she also had her gallbladder removed some years ago. She is supposed to take the medication for a few more weeks. [more inside]
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March 20

Eurodiesels in the US

A while back, I was in Europe for an extended period of time, and there I ended up driving two very similar cars (what may have been a Renault Clio and a Citroën C4). They were 5-door manual diesels, and I really enjoyed driving them. What cars like this are sold in the USA?
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Best Vietnam War documentaries?

I'm looking for recommendations on the best documentaries you've seen about the Vietnam War. Not just an overview of what happened, but also a documentary that is emotionally-compelling and preferably gives a balanced view of the war, including the Vietnamese perspective. Thanks!
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How do I route everything except a few ports out a VPN?

I've got a VPS. If I set up a VPN connection from it to a VPN provider in NL, everything goes through the VPN, but that means I can't SSH to the machine anymore. How do I set this up such that the VPS is listening at its regular IP on SSH, HTTP, and HTTPS, but everything else goes through the VPN? [more inside]
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BarBri v. Kaplan - 2014 Edition

Which prep class should I take for the July Minnesota bar? [more inside]
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Stock my conference room

If you were stuck in a window-less conference room for 2 days, what sort of beverages or snacks would you like? [more inside]
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What questions should I ask an insider?

I am beginning the application process for a much-desired position. One of my good friends works in a similar position for the same company on the other coast. I will definitely have her ear during the application and interview process, and I want to make the most of being able to pump her for information. However, I don't even know where to begin. What questions should I ask her that will give me usable insight into the company, that I can turn around and use to strengthen my resume (and hopefully land and ace an interview)?
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How does QUANTUMINSERT work?

Many of the most recent NSA leaks are about a group of packet injection projects prefixed with QUANTUM. Based on the available information, how do these attacks work, and what sort of technical infrastructure is necessary to support them? [more inside]
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Move my furniture

I need advice on moving some furniture across country. [more inside]
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Roommate leaving the door open; what to do?

My roommate has, for the 3rd time, left the front door of our apartment locked but not closed. It is visibly open, and the door can be opened by pushing. He insists he didn't do this. How to handle this? [more inside]
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Private Party Long Distance Vehicle purchase on ebay. Paperwork.

Private party Car sale on eBay. FL Resident Buyer. PA Resident Seller. Car to be shipped. Buyer will not be traveling to PA. Please explain the title paperwork as if you were teaching a five-year-old. Full info and more inside. [more inside]
posted by sandra_s at 6:37 PM PST - 3 comments

Desert day hike near San Diego

I have a free day in San Diego and would love to go on a desert hike. Where should I go? [more inside]
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Antique rifle appraisers

Does anyone know of an antique gun, specifically rifle, dealer in southeastern Mass.? I have googled and can find none in southeast ma. but I'm sure there must be a few out there. I've called several gun shops and none of them know of any people that are qualified appraisers. Any help would certainly be appreciated. Thanks.
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Shoes as comfy as Alegrias, but prettier...what are they called?

I have developed problem feet; bunions, a chipped bone and arthritis. I tried Alegrias and woohoo, they don't hurt!! Nice styles, pretty colors, but they are just a bit...chunky. Know what I mean? I know about Dansko, Keen and Merrell, but are there other brands that combine exceptional comfort with good looks? I want a feminine effect. I like sporty, athletic, fun, colorful, girly shoes. Low heels. I am a lady, 55, petite, active and on my feet more often than off, during my work day. I have an eclectic, thrift store wardrobe, heavy on blacks, and neutrals, with colorful accent pieces. I tend toward "costumes" rather than outfits, if that gives you a sense of my style. I want pretty feet that don't hurt!
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Where can I buy blank plastic boxes for electronic gizmo projects?

Where can I buy blank plastic boxes for electronic gizmo projects? [more inside]
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I need some interesting, relatively non-partisan books on politics

I'd like to brush up on my understanding of American politics today. Could anyone point me in the direction of an accessible, well-regarded book that approaches an interesting political phenomenon, or American politics in general, in a relatively non-partisan way? I'd prefer to stay away from highly ideological works about how either conservatives or liberals are leading America to its doom.
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Normal division of labour between a programmer and business analyst?

My organization avoids drawing a line between the responsibilities of the system analyst and those of the business analyst in completing a change request. Can you tell me what's typical? [more inside]
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Quieter bluetooth headsets?

I just bought a Plantronics Marque M155 Bluetooth headset for use with my cell phone. The lowest volume setting on it is too loud for my probably-overly-sensitive ears. Any suggestions for quieter headsets? [more inside]
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What would you do about this advice from a neurosurgeon?

I was diagnosed with 90% stenosis of my carotid artery with dissection near the brain. The neurologist said I should immediately see a neurosurgeon to have a stent put in. The neurosurgeon had the opposite reaction and said I should just go on living my life as I always have, taking aspirin every day and if I have stroke symptoms to go directly to E.R. He also said I was high risk for stroke without the surgery, but if I would constantly worry about getting a stroke, I should just go ahead and have the surgery done. I really don't want surgery, (does anyone) but everyone I talk to is stunned that the neurosurgeon had such a nonchalant attitude about this condition. Now I don't know what to do. Follow the neurosurgeons advice and just let it go or have the surgery?
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Aluminum wiring! Asbestos! Termites! Are they a big deal? What to do?

First-time homebuyers under contract for a 60-year-old house-- how serious/expensive are these problems: aluminum wiring, friable asbestos insulation, termites, undisclosed window leak causing water damage? Along with original plumbing and an old HVAC, is this a pretty standard situation that falls under the umbrella of "all houses are going to have some problems, no house is perfect" and is this the kind of stuff they mean when they say you'll be spending 1%-ish of your home value on this kind of stuff every year? Or are these costs and issues on the high side, and this is probably on top of another 1%-ish every year on other repairs and maintenance? Help us put this in perspective! (We need to decide whether to give the sellers' relocation company the right to cancel our contract by requesting repairs. And we need to figure out what we should fix and how much it'll cost if we go ahead and buy the house without repairs.) [more inside]
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Help me locate the bathroom organizer of my dreams.

I know exactly what I want. This. Only NOT fiberboard. I want something durable and washable, and since it's for the bathroom, it would be nice if it were relatively waterproof. [more inside]
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Where to find a summer sublet in sunny Montreal?

I'm thinking of visiting Montreal for a couple months this summer as a "test run" of sorts before possibly relocating there permanently next year. How realistic is the prospect of finding a sublet in Montreal for June-July, and where would one look for such a thing online? [more inside]
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What to know before moving to China?

What should I know before moving to China? I'm moving to Beijing in two weeks and all housing/money/visa issues are fully taken care of but I feel like there's something I'm forgetting. What is that one thing you forgot you needed before leaving? [more inside]
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Help me use my empty box!

I have a large flat box made of lightweight wood -- maybe pine -- that I have had for years. I would like to do something with it. It is about 18" square and about 1.5" tall, with the lid adding another half inch or so of headroom inside when it's closed. It is plain with a simple gold-tone hook latch. I have considered the idea of drilling holes and using it for a charging station but would like to consider other ideas before I either commit to that or give up and keep carrying it around. Any thoughts? Thanks so much!
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Can I change my rewards program without changing my credit card?

I have a Visa credit card though an airline rewards program. I moved last year and have rarely been flying on that airline recently, since they don't have a lot of flights out of my current location. Since I'm not getting much out of the rewards, I'd like to change to another rewards program (not airline-related) that I'm sure to use more. I don't want to unnecessarily hurt my credit history by canceling the card and opening a new one. The new rewards card I'm interested in is also Visa, and offered through the same bank as my current card. Is there a way I can keep the same credit card account and simply switch reward programs?
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Organizing comic strips

What are ways to organize comics clipped from the newspaper? [more inside]
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Finally got an offer on Ebay. Now lost what to do next.

I got an offer on Ebay for something I listed months ago. I accepted the offer. An email from Ebay says that as soon as I have the funds, to mail the item. But I don't have the funds yet. Am I doing something wrong? I feel like I'm missing something. [more inside]
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What word-processing program should I use for this project?

I'm writing a book that will contain around 200 photographs and their captions. What program should I use to write it? Microsoft Word is annoying when it comes to photos (and everything else). I like Scrivener but am not sure it's the best for a photo-heavy, text-light project. I'm on a Mac.
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Place online or in SF to make a few good quality custom shirts?

I want to make a custom t shirt (mainly as a gift). I want decent quality shirts with a simple print on the front. Very small batch, between 2-10. Any suggestions online or in SF? I want much better quality than cafe press or whatever.
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What was this young adult book with a protagonist called Veronica?

I once read a book where someone tells the main character, "You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar, Veronica." I'm 99% sure the character in question was called Veronica and the line definitely included her name. (It may not have included the "than vinegar" bit.) What was this book? [more inside]
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Seeking thank you gift for a stranger who did me a great kindness

What's a good thank you gift for a total stranger who did me a great kindness? He returned my lost cell phone, car keys, credit cards, wedding ring and cash - more than $1,000 in misplaced possessions - and asked for nothing in return. All I know about him: His name and mailing address from the envelope, and the fact that he lives somewhere so rural that a Starbucks card will carry no value. [more inside]
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Wool socks, cold yet sweaty feet. Need help for the feet!

I probably have Raynauds although I've never gone to a doctor to verify. I wear Merino wool socks because they seem to work best to help keep my feet warm (even though they are never really totally warm). However, my feet, even though still a bit cool, tend to sweat in wool and thus, I get athlete's foot (and I even wear mesh sneakers for better air circulation). Any advice on keeping my feet warm yet dry? Does something wick better than wool yet insulate as good or better? Or any other ideas?
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In search of sites that collect video game glitches

I am familiar with a number of tumblrs devoted to Sims glitches and have a reasonable but certainly incomplete view into sites devoted to video game glitches in general but I'd rather have redundant coverage in terms of answers so feel free to post whatever you've got in the way of sites that collect video game glitch images and videos. [more inside]
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How can I score a Happy Easter Bilby?

I know Australia has taken the idea of the Easter Bunny and turned it on it's [feral pest] head in the form of the Easter Bilby, highlighting native species. Where can I buy one of these chocolate darlings that will ship to the US? [more inside]
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Broker hunting in Seattle

I'm doing a 3-month internship in Seattle this summer and I'm looking for an apartment. My budget is $2-3k/month. I think it would be too big a hassle to find a place myself (I'm only interested in apartments that are walking distance from the office), so I'd like to find a broker instead. How do I go about doing this? Thanks!
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Group dining near Lincoln Center?

In a few weeks, a group of undergraduate students from the university I work at will be attending a Saturday Night performance at the Met. I've been asked to research dinner options for that night, but am having some trouble finding something that fulfills all the criteria: fairly close to Lincoln Center, relatively inexpensive ($20 for entrees, tops), and can take a reservation for a group of twenty. Any suggestions?
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How to detect network caching/filtering simply?

I work for a company that develops, hosts, and licenses a web-based career guidance app that breaks when it is subjected to caching/filtering. How can we detect if this is happening? [more inside]
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Recipes using a julienne peeler?

I just got a hand-held julienne peeler (it's this one), and I'm looking for recipe ideas. I plan to make a huge pile of zucchini noodles, of course, but what else can I make? And what goes best with a huge pile of zucchini noodles? Recipes and ideas (especially low-carb) are welcome! [more inside]
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Photos that have been drawn on?

Can you share with me photos that have been drawn on? Samples after the jump - [more inside]
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Coming to terms with procrastination and becoming productive

How did you kick procrastination and become productive? What was your process? I've been in denial of my low productivity for years and I want to fix it. [more inside]
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I'm going snowboarding and want to bring sandwiches with me on the slopes! Typical. Caveat: must be vegan, and must appeal to non-vegans. I'm also not a fan of sweet sandwiches, like PB&J. Suggestions? [more inside]
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Getting Over Someone And Resolving Conflict

How can I get over someone I can't seem to get away from, and resolve conflict/let them know they hurt me? [more inside]
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Trying to fix a medical billing error: At what point do I give up?

I got a small bill for lab work done as part of a routine annual exam. The entire amount should have been covered in full. At what point do I give up and just pay the bill? [more inside]
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Should I formally thank my boss?

I am a hostess at a small, family-owned restaurant. Yesterday, when I got my pay envelope, there was a small note inside indicating that I had gotten a raise (there were no words; it simply showed the hours I had worked multiplied by my new wage). I noted the change, and did not mention it immediately because my boss was not there at the time; I went about my day and forgot about it--until this afternoon. [more inside]
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How do I talk to my daughter about pulling her out of ballet classes?

My 4 year old daughter goes to ballet lessons and really likes them. She’s looking forward to a recital in about 8 weeks. Unfortunately, we need to pull her out of classes at her current studio and enroll her some place else. How do my partner and I frame this issue with my daughter so she doesn’t feel terrible? [more inside]
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How can I learn photography?

How can I learn photography? [more inside]
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Help me identify this sci-fi short story

Some time in the mid 1990s I read a sci-fi short story about an augmented individual hired to steal a password - I'm trying to figure out the name of this story and its author. [more inside]
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Restaurants in Monterey, CA

We're going to be in Monterey, CA, this afternoon, and staying overnight. Tonight is our fourth wedding anniversary - where should we go for some nice but not crazy expensive seafood tonight? And any recommendations for breakfast places? Thanks!
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Two nights in Seville, Spain

In June I will be in Seville, Spain for 2 nights, and I'm hoping you'll have recommendations for clean, reasonably quiet, hopefully charming hotels in lively and safe but not too rambunctious neighborhoods. English speaking staff and wifi would be a plus. My budget is in the US$50 per night range. And, if you want to toss in recommendations for cafes or restaurants or places to watch Flamenco, hey, that would be terrific.
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Looking for this kind of Salt and pepper holder

I bought this Salt & Pepper set at Bed Bath & Beyond a while back. I love the metal holder they come in. I run a hot sauce company and all my bottles are 5oz woozies, and they fit perfectly into these holders. Very snug and just look great. I have looked all over the place to find them where i can buy them wholesale and in bulk. The company that makes this product has a website that hasn't been updated in ages and emails do not get returned. Plus they are based out of Italy, so that is an issue as well. I have seen similar type products with square openings, or opening that are a little too big, but none that are as perfect as this one......Any suggestions on where to look? Primary need are circular opening that will hold a 5oz. woozie bottle. Much thanks!?
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Lifting + eating + cardio = ?

Trying to build muscle bulk but I feel totally confused by the advice about eating and cardio. [more inside]
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Your cholesterol is high. What do you eat?

Recipe filter: My partner is sad that recent blood work indicated slightly high LDL counts. My googling has brought me to some OK recipes for healthy eating, but not much that thrills either of us. What are your favorite heart healthy meals and decadent tasting snacks/desserts? [more inside]
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Best adhesive for plugging a leak in an air pillow?

My inflatable air pillow sprang a leak. What do I use to fix it? [more inside]
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Places to stay in Naples and along the Amalfi coast (parking and view?)

My mother, two adult sisters and I are traveling mid-may to see Pompeii and the Amalfi coast and are wondering where to stay. I saw a few older threads but in the age of Airbnb I'd love some fresher recommendations... We're easy, but we do want an ocean view where possible, and preferably a place to park. Any suggestions?
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Valium and Alcohol

I took one 5 mg of valium, once, to help me fall asleep. After a full 24 hours, I drank excessively the next night. How bad is this? [more inside]
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Paying off a student loan - what are we forgetting?

I have a student loan with Florida Department of Education, the flakiest loan servicer in the world. We want to be sure we do everything right as we pay off this debt. [more inside]
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Tips for storing meals of perishable food portably and safely

I need a way to give my girlfriend lots of good food that she can eat on the go as she travels to another state for an athletic competition. [more inside]
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Name my IT sub-department

I'm in a group that has been tasked with naming a new functional area in our IT department. Looking for some suggestions. [more inside]
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What is a "2048 Combo"?

What is a "2048 Combo"?
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Do they make a Furminator for humans?

I'm looking for a hairbrush that will help pull out the loose/dead hairs so I don't shed all over the place. [more inside]
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Number of self-published vs. officially published books?

I need some rough data about books published by recognized publishers vs. books that are self-published. Can you help me find where to look for these numbers? [more inside]
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Chance of event with small sample size, based on larger related sample?

Can/how can one improve the estimate for a chance of an event with a small historical sample size by utilizing the chance of a related event with a large historical sample size? Example and half-assed guess inside. [more inside]
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Help me find some U.S. elementary school study aids from the mid '80s.

Tryin' to track down a portfolio of English reading/writing laminated bifold four page workbooks. [more inside]
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Feral dog step 2?

We adopted a five or six month old dog that was born into a feral colony and rescued at 3 months old. He lived in a shelter office for several months and seems past the first stages of acclimating to people, but he's still terrified of us. [more inside]
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Can animals be cruel?

As I frame the argument in my head, only humans can be cruel, since everything animals do (on their own, no training or instruction) helps them survive in some shape or form. Can you help me explain the following examples: [more inside]
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What is the first line of 'If She Wants Me' by Belle and Sebastian?

All the lyrics sites I can find say it's 'I wrote a letter on a nothing day.' But to my ears it does not sound like 'on a nothing day' are the words being sung at all. This is the YouTube video I've been listening with. Is it a different version of the song? Am I mishearing it? What are the actual lyrics? Warning: earworm. [more inside]
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Color me Caffeinated!

Put hot water with coffee (in proportion) in a mason jar or a mug. Stir well. Immersion brew for 4 minutes (like you would in a french press). Pour the whole thing into a pourover cone lined with filter. What would/ is this style of brewing called? I can't find any info on this-- am I missing a memo somewhere? Is this too simple to be true? [more inside]
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My neighbor's dog is barking every time I unlock my front door.

My neighbor's recently acquired tiny dog is barking every time I'm in the hall, effectively alerting the entire building to my comings and goings, particularly late at night. How do I make it stop? [more inside]
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Support for Windows XP ends in 18 days - how do I best protect myself?

My laptop, running XP, has been chugging along nicely for nine years. Microsoft is "retiring" support for Windows XP. My surfing is fairly hygenic. How soon will I be vulnerable? What do I do to protect myself? [more inside]
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Oh, Hello, Therapist

I just need a quick reality check: it would be totally unprofessional for my therapist to leave a comment on my unrelated-to-therapy blog, right? [more inside]
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March 19

Some assembly required (needed, more like)

I've just completed collecting relevant material for Marvel Phase One. I've got the films, the shorts (Marvel One-Shots), and the tie-in comics. Help me enjoy them in the proper chronological order? [more inside]
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What would happen if I put my living yeast in various places?

I just started my first batch of homebrew cider using Lalvin EC-1118. I had a little yeast left over, and didn't want to throw it away, so I fed it some apple juice and honey. I started wondering about what I could do with it, but a little voice said to me "ah, better think twice about this." [more inside]
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How is chammistry formed?

Do you have any tips on how to behave on early dates to increase romantic chemistry? [more inside]
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A dove has been perched on my recycling can for hours, in the rain.

There's a dove perched on my recycling can outside my backdoor. He's been there for hours, sitting in the rain. He keeps trying to get in the house, but I have cats. It seems like it's someone's pet, he's very big and pretty, completely white. What do I do? His wet little head is breaking my heart.
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Books that fill the same niche as Project Rho/Atomic Rockets?

I really like reading Atomic Rockets at Project Rho. But I want to take it around with me in an easily digestible form. Can anybody recommend books that have the same sort of content and a similar feel? Not science fiction, but books about the science of science fiction. [more inside]
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Help me figure this out: What river am I thinking of?

I remember hearing or reading something about a river in England(?) that was very narrow but incredibly deep and fast flowing. At parts it looked like a stream that you could wade across but it was actually hundreds of feet deep. It was described in a way that made it sound like a terrifying abyss masquerading as a small country stream/river. Googlefu has failed me, it thinks I'm looking for the Thames. Help me out, AskMeFi!
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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron - alike?

I'm looking for a high quality arcade flying-around pew-pew-pew game a la the Rogue Squadron series that will actually run under Windows, unlike the latter two Rogue games (which can't be emulated). Basically, I want to fly around really fast, shoot other things that are also flying around fast, and drop bombs on other things, without buying a TV, GameCube, etc. Any ideas?
posted by BungaDunga at 5:53 PM PST - 8 comments

Any Left-Handed Trimmers?

We are trying to find left handed pruners or animal hoof trimmers. [more inside]
posted by Leenie at 5:23 PM PST - 7 comments

What kind of scam is this?

I received an email asking me to confirm a account that I did not create. It *appears* to be legitimate, and the confirmation link does look to actually direct to textie (I did not click on it). What kind of scam / ID theft issue do I need to be mitigating here, if any?
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Identify a drawing of a fort

My late father was interested in military history and history in general. He would sometimes draw the layout of forts, and I'm wondering if anyone can identify this one. Here is a photo, as well as a close up of the key at the bottom right.
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should I eat it: self-propelling anchovy paste

I just opened a brand-new tube of anchovy paste to make salad dressing, and when I punctured the seal on the tube, it started to spout anchovy paste, as if the whole thing had been under pressure. It smells and looks fine, but emerged with surprising and alarming velocity. [more inside]
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Tabletop RPGs for 2 players

Do you know of any tabletop RPGs that work really well with 2 players? I've recently started playing tabletop RPG games and I enjoy playing with my partner. Are there any games which are particularly suited to this? Either 1 player and GM or GMless games are fine and I prefer storytelling games that offer character development as well as adventure.
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I am NOT thinking of Lit's "My Own Worst Enemy."

I'm trying like crazy to find the name of a song I heard playing earlier that I was unable to identify at the time. It is an indie-rock type of song with a long, slow build of an airy female voice singing in this repetitive rhythm. The voice is pretty heavily layered and processed, but it sounded like some of the lines were things like, "Parking our cars, sleeping on lawns" but the google's do nothing but bring up that damn Lit song, which is absolutely not what it was. So now this is driving me crazy and I really want to get this song. Hope me?
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Can I open a bank account somewhere in Europe as a tourist?

I am an American, I was here in Finland on a visa waiver, and now on a temporary waiver extension as I am waiting for my "temporary residence permit" application to be processed. I'd like to open a bank account, but the banks here in Finland won't let me. Is there any bank in the EU that I can open a bank with, but without me having much proof of residence?(I only have a letter from my doctor saying I am here recovering from surgery and doing followups). I am subletting a room in a shared house, and have no official paperwork proving so. Ideally I could open a bank account online in Europe, but I could fly there in person if need be. Thanks.
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MeFi Galaxy S3 - is there a way for it not to suck?

I love my Galaxy S3, it serves me well. Except I have never been able to find a decent browser for text entry. While this curbing of impulse is probably wise, it makes MeFi well-nigh uninteractable. Which is probably a good brake sometimes, but frustrating at others. Are there any mobile solutions (android galaxy S3)that make MeFi a little more user-friendly? I realize some amount of this is googleable, but I figure some of you smart guys and gals have already duped this out. Thank you.
posted by umberto at 1:26 PM PST - 17 comments

What should I give my temporary neighbor as a going-away present?

My landlord has been subletting his apartment to an elderly Japanese woman for a couple months, and I've been acting as sort of a superintendent while the landlord's away, helping her out with navigating the language barrier, our building's eccentricities, and other issues that would normally be brought to the landlord. When she moved in she brought me a lovely gift of Japanese rice crackers, and during the time she's been here she's brought me a few other small gifts (fruits from the farmer's market, pastries from a local bakery), presumably in thanks for my help. She is incredibly sweet and I've enjoyed interacting with her, and I'd like to get her a small gift when she leaves next month. But I'm at a loss for what! I'm thinking something non-perishable she can take back with her, but alcohol doesn't seem appropriate, and I'm not sure about chocolate, either, which is my usual go-to after booze. Any ideas? We're in Berkeley, CA if that helps.
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We Can't All Be Special Snowflakes

I'm a musician and sometimes when I see or hear other artists who are doing cool, innovative things that are somewhat similar to what I'm doing, I feel irritated or threatened, like my work is less important or less unique now, and it makes me bitter or less inclined to continue working on my own stuff. I hate that I feel so petty and competitive instead of just being happy for the success of others. I really just need to get over myself and stop being a butthead, but I don't know how to deal with these feelings. I was hoping the HiveMind could give me some words of wisdom.
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Where to find a licensed version of Windows 7 Professional ?

In pushing Windows 8, Microsoft is making it very difficult to find Windows 7: does anyone know a vendor for a legitimate "boxed' version of Windows 7 Professional 32-bit for a single PC? Details inside... [more inside]
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Warsaw For Hackers

Next week (23-28 March) I will be in Warsaw, Poland. Help me understand the Technology Scene in Warsaw! [more inside]
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I need the dirty bits from popular books

I'm starting a book club among my friends where we just read the dirty bits from popular books to each other. They don't even have to be popular books - just books that I can actually find easily. And it's not exactly a book club. More like a reading-to-each-other club. Anyway, can you remember and recommend any notably hot sex scenes from books you might have read? [more inside]
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How do I hire a good tree trimmer, plumber, electrician, etc?

Me and my partner both grew up in families that rented, and we both continued renting into our adulthood. Every time we've had a maintenance problem we've just done what our parents did and called the landlord or maintenance man. But now we own our own home, and though we're lucky that the previous owners maintained the place so well, it's going to start needing additional maintenance soon. [more inside]
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My laptop's touch screen is glitchy; should I replace it?

I have a first-generation Lenovo Yoga 13" laptop that's about a year and a half old. The touch screen has an essentially permanent glitch in it. Is this likely something caused by damage to the screen itself, that would go away if the screen was replaced, and if so, what do I need to make the replacement? [more inside]
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Savings vs. debt for short-term gap-stopping

If a person is flat broke for a relatively short period of time (<10 days) but some expenses are unavoidable during that time,* is it better to raid a savings account or to use a credit card to pay for the expenses? Assume that the interest rate on the credit card is shamefully high, and that the savings account is very modest (<$500) but nonetheless a good morale booster and safety blanket. [more inside]
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Separate from an independent inspection, what to do/look for in used car

Our car saga continues (1, 2). We took some test drives over the weekend, and it's likely we'll make some moves in the near future to buy an Outback or Forester. As a first time buyer of a used car, what should I ask/look for personally, separate from the inspection to be performed by my independent mechanic? And how much oxidization is too much oxidization under the hood, anyway? [more inside]
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But we are all X-Men!

You Are Not My Genetic Counselor, But Neither Are Any of these Self-Styled Uncertified Genetic Counselors on the Internet. The latest fad/quackwatch for desperate parents and patients dealing with autism spectrum disorders or chronic illness seems to be running raw data from consumer genetics testing through an app (or paying hundreds of dollars more for a "nutrigenomics" panel) to check for polymorphisms. Consumers get back lists (helpfully color-coded like traffic lights) of normal, heterozygous, and homozygous gene pairs, but how common are these variations to begin with (setting aside how often they are actually expressed as illness)? [more inside]
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It's 2014. How do I decide between internet or mobile development?

It's 2014. How do I decide between internet application design and development or mobile application design and development school programs? Which has the better market? [more inside]
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Generally speaking, how bad of an idea is it to go "car camping" alone?

Would it be filed under "Bad Idea", "Proceed With Caution" or "Good Idea"? [more inside]
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Tips on employment "integrity" test?

I have been offered a job that is contingent on passing an "integrity test." Has anyone ever taken one of these and if so can you help me pass it? [more inside]
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Can I run Adobe CS (version 1) on a Windows 7 laptop?

I have an old copy of Adobe Photoshop that I desperately want to run on my much newer laptop. Is it possible? I am a fumbling luddite - pretend I'm your 80 year-old grandparent when you explain anything techie to me. [more inside]
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What should I know about different oven settings?

My oven has the following settings:"Circotherm" (IE, convection); top/bottom heat; "Circotherm intensive" (which seems to be convection + bottom heat); "Circo-roasting" (convection + grill); full-surface grill; center-area grill; bottom heating; low-temperature cooking; and defrost. I know that convection cooks things faster, so I need to reduce either heat or cooking time when adapting recipes. What else should I know to take full advantage of all these different modes? [more inside]
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help me find a forgotten music blog/journal

I am trying to find an obscure longform music journal/website I saw months ago and can't remember enough about it, help? [more inside]
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What is this vintage coffee device? Can I get one?

What is the vintage kitchen device in the corner in this picture? It looks like a chrome football standing on three thin columns, with a spigot at the bottom. It appears to come apart into separate compartments, like a coffee maker. It says "Jet" near the spigot. I assume it is either a basket coffee maker or a percolator, but it doesn't appear to have an electric plug like I would expect for a stand percolator. I am unable to locate any information about this device on the internet. Is it possible to find one of my very own? [more inside]
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Getting associate's after a BA?

Does it make sense to get an associate's degree after already finishing my bachelor's? [more inside]
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Resources for executives learning about IT industry?

My boss has asked me to help him find some introduction-level resources to understand modern IT industry fundamentals (cloud computing, modern storage technologies, security, system architecture, etc.) from a management standpoint. I have a good handle on the technical side, but I'm not sure where to look for the basics. What resources would be a good introduction? Web sites are most helpful, free or paywalled okay.
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Low Carb Vegan Meals

Looking for your favorite low carb vegan dinner recipes. Thanks!
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Deleted scene featuring the characters playing Diablo II?

There was some movie which contained a deleted scene in which two of the characters play Diablo II. The setup as I remember it started with a frantic "You have to come over right away it's an emergency" type phone call. The call-ee arrives to see the call-er playing Diablo II (might have been the first Diablo but in context I doubt it) on a gigantic screen and the 'emergency' is something around recovering the loot from an accidental death in an inconvenient in-game location. What movie was this?
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Going back to school for computer programming

Barring any unexpected dream jobs arising in the meantime, I will be heading back to school in September for a 2 year college diploma program in 'computer programming'. What are the job prospects for this qualification? I am in Canada. [more inside]
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need to find reasonable pricing for Business internet access in Dallas

My wife is opening up a dance/fitness studio within the next couple of weeks and my task for the past week has been to source a business internet provider for her. And I have hit a brick wall. Charter advertises their business internet as 60MB speed for $55. a month. Sounds great, right? But they don't have coverage in my wife's location (basically Addison/Carrollton 75006). TWC wants $300. a month for slightly more than half that speed (35MB). We attempted to s/w Verizon, but they were supposed to call back and have not done so... Does the community have any helpful suggestions for other providers?
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Balcony vegetable patch

I live in an apartment and am thinking about growing vegetables in containers, not sure where to start! [more inside]
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Parenting books reco's needed

Looking for recommendations on parenting books dealing with tips, advice, strategies on the following topics for parenting young children (5-10): how to set different behavioral expectations for siblings of different ages (greater expectations for older children, given capacity), responsibility / accountability for ones actions and the effects of ones behavior on other people ( managing belongings, homework, punctuality, behavior management in special situations ie. there are times for wild/exuberant play and fun but the airport or funerals are are not such times) Not interested in any books with a religious or corporal punishment bent. [more inside]
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Signing and scanning electronic documents without a Printer?

I have no printer. I have some documents to be signed and scanned, preferably in the next few hours. How can I accomplish this? [more inside]
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March 18

Tempted to "waste" another year of my life, will I probably regret this?

After two years of intense work and study, I would like to take (at least) a couple of months to pursue my interests. That's not very likely to result into better job offers, and at 31, it's not like I have plenty of time left to get ahead in my profession. Yet there's a field (and volunteer job) I've become quite attracted to in the last few months and would like to explore in more depth. Where do you draw the line between what you would like to do with your life and what you know is more likely to get you better paying positions? Is it a good idea to follow one's (well-intentioned, yet perhaps impractical) dream, at least for a while or is it generally wiser to suppress those desires and keep one's nose to the grindstone and on the rat race? [more inside]
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Am I making the right decision? (Plus bonus negotiation questions)

I am an academic in Australia, in a social sciences/humanities field that I have mentioned before but would rather not repeat here for googleability reasons. I am currently employed until the middle of this year. I have a job offer in another city that I think I'm going to accept. I'm worried it might be the wrong decision. [more inside]
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In search of the perfect purse-backpack

I am really getting tired of carrying a purse and am thinking a purse-backpack would vastly improve the quality of my life. [more inside]
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When can I go back to my beloved boot cut jeans?

Dear mefite fashionistas, please help someone who has been in the fashion wilderness for a while. For the last three years I've either been pregnant or having children. Now I'm starting to get my body back and will have to go shopping, what's the deal with jeans now? Just by looking around it seems that unfortunately skinny jeans are still in but are bootcut or anything else coming back? (Please say yes...) I remember a comment here a while back from someone who said that they were the new mum jeans, and whilst I am one, I don't necessarily want to look like that! Is this still the case? I'm also not wanting to look like a teenager either, for what it's worth. Aim for mid 30s. What should I be buying?
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Father about to be diagnosed with cancer needs help with life insurance

I'm 49 and my wife is 44. We have two small children 7 and 2 and do not own life insurance. Last Friday, we learned my wife has breast cancer, and the same day found out there is a likelihood I could be diagnosed with bladder cancer in the following weeks. Is there any kind of life insurance which I should quickly try to secure in the short time I have while I am still basically healthy? [more inside]
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Navigable audio version of the Christian Bible

I'd love to have an audio version of the Christian Bible that allows you to pick a specific chapter or specific verses and listen to them -- ideally in a recorded voice, not not a text-to-speech generator. I have a Kindle version of the Bible that I really like -- it's easy to navigate to a specific chapter and verse through the Kindle table of contents and menus. It's an NRSV translation from Harper Bibles. Are there any audio versions of the Bible that have similar functionality?
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Getting video from the TV to my computer

I like to make gifs. What kind of device and setup do I need to pull live video off of television and onto my computer?
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The Joy of Parking, San Francisco (Overnight Edition)

Where can I park my car this weekend while housesitting in Noe Valley? I don't mind a walking distance I just need a place to park my car from Friday night to Sunday afternoon where it will be safe and not piss off the neighborhood. Does that even exist? It will be our little secret..
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Garden of Earthly De-frights!!!!

Looking for analysis of Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch. And yes, I absolutely had to look up the spelling on that one. [more inside]
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Student Loan default for the second time

I'm 38 and I graduated in 1997. I've defaulted on my student loans twice. Maybe three times? They're direct student loans. I consolidated my loans in circa 2001 and paid on them responsibly for maybe 10 years. I think I messed up again about a year ago and rehabilitated them and got out of default. But now I've failed on that rehabilitation and my loans have been sent to a recovery agency. [more inside]
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You Can't Handle the (Next) Proof!

Working through Apostol's Calculus Volume I for personal development. Stuck on a proof, again. Can you help? [more inside]
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Will this alternative energy idea work?

My friend theorizes that a miniaturized dam, which he calls "The Waterboy", would be a great form of alternative energy and wanted to get feedback on whether this idea would actually work. This document he drafted up describes The Waterboy further and includes calculations.
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resumation blues

Is there any way I can streamline the technical aspects of customizing my resume's content in MS Word? (Check under the fold for a description of what I'm envisioning.) [more inside]
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Giving our house a facelift

Our house has ugly, dirty, dented, hole-y vinyl siding. I hate it and want to replace it. Problems: We live in a cheap neighborhood and don't want to overdo it, and we are short on cash. [more inside]
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Help: XBox 360 no longer connects to XBL via Apple Airport Extreme

I know there is a ton of links about this online, I checked many, many of them and I have exhausted everything I can think of. Most info is old or based on older Airport Utility software, or using a Windows machine with the Airport, etc. The crazy part is that until a few days ago, I was able to connect easily. In fact, the Airport connected to Xbox and XB Live right out of the box. [more inside]
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Help a special snowflake sleep

I can't fall asleep comfortably unless my head is elevated above my pillow. Is there a pillow that will solve this, or another standard solution? [more inside]
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What's a Good Marketing Company for a Small Business?

My dad runs a small business in the Bay Area, California, repairing laser printers and copiers and selling toner cartridge. The repairs take place on-site, and usually are for other small businesses; home printers are generally too cheap to be worth repairing, and you can't get parts. The company consists of him, a printer repair technician, the occasional contract technician, and an answering service for backup. My dad is not technologically saavy, but he can use email (Outlook, arrgh), ACT (sort of), and our user-friendly scanner. He recently got interested in DemandForce as a possible marketing company to attract new business, but the reviews I have read have made me deeply skeptical. So, does anyone know of a great marketing company for a small business providing services and supplies? What should my dad look for and look out for? Advice is welcome, but specific recommendations of marketing companies (especially that you still use) are what I'm most looking for.
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once-a-week cooking ideas, vegetarian, low cal version, no freezer.

I'm looking for lunch and dinner ideas i can prepare on Sunday to eat throughout the week. Needs to be vegetarian and low calories (max 350 cal lunch and 450 cal dinner), and be ok to eat at room temperature, after spending half the day without refrigeration. Snowflake context below. [more inside]
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Seeing inspirational and mind-blowing videos for kids

What can I show children to inspire and wow them? I teach children aged between 9 and 11. I'm looking for video clips (or other) to show the children that will blow their minds - or at least, prompt discussion, broaden their horizons and take them outside of the confines of the four walls of the classroom. [more inside]
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Looking for a new electronic timewaster

Looking for PC game recommendations. Something big, open-worldy or sandboxy, and non-twitchy—a virtual world that I can spend hours exploring (in terms of both discovering new places, and experimenting with different game mechanics). Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Samples Images for Canon iPF8400

We just bought a Canon iPF8400 printer at work. Yay! We support student services and bought it for student organizations/groups/projects that need poster printing. However, now that we have it, we realize that none of our fellow IT folks have test/sample jobs to send to it. Help me find something to print... [more inside]
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What's the deal with Albertine disparue?

Which articles or books, in English, detail the editorial challenges, contradictions, and ambiguities posed by the competing versions of Proust's Albertine disparue (The Fugitive/Albertine Gone)? [more inside]
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Question Re: Swamp Cooler Wiring

My swamp cooler is not working [previously], and after taking a closer look at the wiring, I see that one of the wires is not connected. Can anyone help me understand this situation? [more inside]
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Side Sleepers of MeFi: Where do you put your hands while asleep?

I've been a lifelong sidesleeper. My preferred hand position is with my hands curled up under my chin. For a while now, I'm being woken up by the pins and needles sensation in my hand (the shoulder side down hand) as it's asleep. I'm trying to figure out where else to put my hands while I sleep. [more inside]
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Retire already why don't you! OK, just help us prepare before you go.

One of our sales reps is retiring in two weeks and I am to take over his accounts and duties. The problem is he isn’t exactly helping with the transition process. How do we motivate him to help us prepare and be ready for his exit? Right now we might end up high and dry without access to important information we need to work after he's gone. We need to know what is going on with the accounts and everyone we should be working with. [more inside]
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How to control limerence

Just started seeing a man who I'm a bit gaga about. Trouble is, we both have really important stuff coming up in the next few months and I need to find my concentration again. How do I cope with the desire to see him ALL THE TIME and to remember my other priorities in life? [more inside]
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The only disability in life is a bad attitude.

Should I disclose my son's ASD and ADHD to other parents when he goes on playdates where we are not present? [more inside]
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Trying to help a complete beginner get their bearings in web development

A relative is already a technical person (masters in electrical engineering) who is trying to switch careers and get into web development. I'm looking for good resources to get her up to speed on the building blocks of web dev. [more inside]
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explain retirement to me like i'm 5.

help a girl figure some stuff out and (hopefully) not be completely SOL when she's old. [more inside]
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Moving your parent to a Senior Living Home

My friend is faced with moving her mother to a 'Senior Living Home'. (Connecticut) A lot of factors led to this; tests and professional advice, safety concerns, Mom's reluctant consent etc. Daughter understands all this, and will be relieved by her Mom's move to full-time care, but at the same time feels devastated taking this action. Abandonment, loss of memory and communication...... While other family members have visited the location and are happy with it, we will be visiting soon for the first time. 1. What should we consider? Where can a consumer look for possible violations or complaints? 2. I never had to face this. How can I support her?
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Help me Betty Draperize myself, sartorially speaking!

Is there a way to reduce my waist measurement temporarily, in order to wear dresses from the 1950s and early 1960s? [more inside]
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Vehicle mileage vs age?

I am in the (unfortunate) position of needing to buy a Ford Econoline passenger van. I'm having trouble evaluating two options in particular: one, a 2001 vehicle with 90k miles on the engine (not the van's original engine), and two, a 2006 with 132k miles. [more inside]
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Where in Europe should I check out (and dance) this summer?

I have a one-way ticket to Stockholm in June to celebrate midsommar, but want to figure out a second place to visit that I haven't been before, preferably somewhere that I would want to consider living in the future (I consider all of my travel auditions for the future, in a way.) [more inside]
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Please help me organize my investments and finances! (401k Rollover!)

Need help deciding what to do with my investment finances, including rolling over my prior Co. 401k rollover. I hold 2 401ks, 1 Roth IRA and I'm planning maybe on an index Fund. Details inside! [more inside]
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Sunday brunch venue in Austin?

I'm looking for a space in downtown-ish Austin to host a post-wedding brunch. [more inside]
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Will upgrading my mid-2010 Macbook Pro solve all of my problems?

My mid-2010 Macbook Pro doesn't handle streaming video or huge Excel files well. Would a comprehensive upgrade solve my problems, or am I better off buying a new computer? [more inside]
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Host Gift Help Needed

I will be staying with a friend and his family, in their mother-in-law unit. I want to give them a nice host gift, with the following stipulations: (a) I don't think they drink; (b) They have various dietary restrictions; (c) They are urbane, smart Bay Areans. I am paralyzed. Any hints or recommendations would be very welcome.
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Help me Automate my new apartment/townhome

I am looking for ways to simplify/automate my apartment. Things like automatic lighting, automatic fridge contents lists, everything turning on/playing music when I enter my apartment, and any other household hacks. I don't have android OS. [more inside]
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Endo vs. ovarian cysts questions to ask doctor

Doctor suspects I either have endometriosis or ovarian cyst issues. She won't do a differential dx because the treatment is the same. I am seeing her tomorrow afternoon. Just want today be able to ask good questions. I [more inside]
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The Odd Odd Triple

How can three guys with slightly wonky income situations get an apartment in NYC without a guarantor? [more inside]
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Where do middle aged men shop for clothes?

I've reached middle age, lost a ton of weight, and need to re-do my wardrobe. Where does a middle aged man shop for clothing in America? [more inside]
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Why should I shop at Costco?

What deals can I get at Costco that make it worth the hike and membership when I already have walking distance access to Trader Joe's, Walmart, Jewel and independent local grocers? [more inside]
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Who can help me plan for my organization to scale substantially?

I work in a company that's growing about 30% a year, and plans to continue to do so for the next 20 years. Specifically, I manage the administration of one division of this company, and I've been asked by my exec to head up an effort to create a plan to allow us to scale effectively over the next 10-20 years as we go from a division of 500 people to one of 5000. I don't really know where to start in finding people or organizations that can help me with this. What keywords are my magic search terms? Who are the people/orgs who are super awesome at creating an organizational scaling plan that I can hire to work with us on this? What should I beware of as I start us down this road? Halp, please! and thanks.
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Have my computer and printer broken up forever?

We have a PC (purchased within the last year) and an HP OfficeJet J6480 printer (a few years old). Last week we switched our wireless connection from an AT&T DSL to AT&T UVerse. We networked both the computer and the printer. (I networked the printer BOTH from the computer and on its own through the glass panel--there is no way the thing is NOT networked at this point.) I reinstalled the printer software with the latest download from the HP tech support site. We tried connecting the printer to the computer directly with a cable. We have turned the computer, printer, and router on and off until we're blue in the face. The printer has two full cartridges of ink. It says it's the default printer and that it's online. It even SAYS it's printing something when I send a document to it--and then two minutes later it says sorry, can't print. WHY are the computer and printer not communicating? Is their relationship doomed forever? [more inside]
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Help me identify the license plate of this car that hit me

Hi everyone, I was hit by a car a few hours ago near Grand Central in New York City, the driver then drove off. I am filing a police report and would like to include the license plate number, but the photo I got with my iPhone is largely washed out. Help? [more inside]
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How do I realistically satisfy my bicuriousity?

I am a cis-female in my late 20s, and I've considered myself straight for most of my life. Around my mid 20s I started to realize that I had a secret desire for a woman to come on to me as a sexy fantasy, but still aligning myself as straight. However this desire slowly grew and I started to have intense dreams of having sex with women and now I really want to make this happen in reality. I have no idea how to approach this. [more inside]
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Help me feel excited about getting married!

My wonderful fiancé and I getting married this August. While I'm happy at the thought of "officially" starting a life together, we've been together more than eight years, and it doesn't feel like a huge deal any more. I'm also stressed about my career, which is occupying my mind most of the time. The actual wedding is being organized entirely by my parents, and neither of us are thrilled about what the ceremony's shaping up to be. What can I/we do to make the whole getting hitched thing more meaningful for us? [more inside]
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great places for dogs around Nashville?

I am looking for places that are fun, interesting, and accessible to take my 3 dogs (2 seniors, hound and std.schnauzer, and 3-year-old sheltie) off leash, or on a long nylon lead. I know the three official dog parks here in town, which are fine up to a point but a bit boring after a while. We were all spoiled when we lived on the west coast, when the seniors were young: park areas like the beach at Kelly Point, near the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette, or one federal reserve area outside of town, seem like a dream now (even Shelby Park in Memphis was great). Even after they started to regulate that beach, you could still have dogs off-leash within range of the water, and enforcement was relaxed. I understand that dogs can't be allowed to roam free in park settings, but have heard that there are locations, for instance along the Harpeth, where people and dogs go for this purpose. Any ideas? (no lectures, please - I agree that people and wildlife are more important.)
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Tax me

How do relocation expenses paid directly to a 3rd party work on your taxes (US)? We received the relocation expense breakdown from employer today and there is about $15,000 listed as w-2 reportable income, that was strictly the cost paid directly to the movers. Will we be paying taxes on that? Will our total income be our regular taxable income plus this $15000? Should we start having more taxes taken out of the paycheck to avoid any yucky surprises next year at tax time? Everything I find online talks about deductible expenses, but I don't see how that even applies to this situation because we weren't reimbursed for anything, the employer handled everything with the movers directly. We meet all the requirements for qualified moving expenses (time, distance and start of work), but again, don't know where that fits in. This will apply to the 2014 taxes, so we have plenty of time to get a better grasp of how it works. You are not my CPA or TA (we may get one, but I would still like to understand and prepare accordingly if we will be getting pounded at tax time).
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Getting your black-and-whites back to white?

I have a lot of very yellowed white clothing. Bleach does nothing, but even if it did, some of them (specifics inside) are white + colour. How do I make them white again. [more inside]
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Migraine doubts

About 3 years ago, my health started falling apart. 2 and half years ago I asked this question. Some of my symptoms at that time were side effects from Wellbutrin (which resolved when I stopped taking it), and the others were diagnosed as migraines. My treatment for migraines has been less than successful and I'm beginning to doubt the diagnosis, especially since the intensity of the headaches has ramped up so severely in the last couple of weeks. [more inside]
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Colourizing an old photo.

This is a two part question around colourizing this old photo of my mother who recently passed away. [more inside]
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Best way to store iPhone videos on Flickr?

I need help with getting my iPhone videos (home videos, all 2 minutes or less) to upload to Flickr - ideally using their app, but open to other ways as well. Why can't I do it? [more inside]
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PhD-level conservation careers for maximum real-world impact

I'm in a PhD program pursuing a degree in conservation biology. When I finish (and possibly after completing a postdoc or two) I'd like to end up in a job where I can maximize my real-world conservation impact. I'd like to hear some suggestions on how I can do that; lots more detail to be found inside, as well as my reasoning on the subject so far. [more inside]
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LinkedIn spam?

What's your feeling on unsolicited recruiter spam on LinkedIn? Because now I want to spam you. [more inside]
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How to take scientific notes efficiently?

What is the best way to take grad level notes that feature tons of text, math equations and diagrams, during class, while reading books, and while reading research? Ability to search and organize a huge plus! Digital or non-digital solutions considered. [more inside]
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Did getting a tattoo after waiting for years live up to expectations?

If you wanted a tattoo for years and then you finally got a beautiful one, did you regret it later? [more inside]
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What are the possible bits of a book?

I would like a list of generic things in printed material (particularly educational material). I know about the regular types of bits: foreword, preface, tables, figures, plates, glossary, references, dot points, chapter, appendix, headers, footers, page numbers, table of contents; but I would like as big a list as possible (with links to images, if you feel like it of visual identifiers) of other types of repeat things in books, textbooks, reports, education activity books for children- basically any kind of printed material (even if it's supplied electronically). [more inside]
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March 17

How to quell impending blog doom from Aunt Lisa

How do I ask my aunt not to write about me in her blog (specifically wondering about wording), and how do I politely stick to my guns if she pushes back? Snowflakes after the fold. [more inside]
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How do I reformat my tabs in Word?

What is the quickest and most accurate way to undo manual tabbing in Word and reformat those lines with paragraph alignment? [more inside]
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Wordpress install problems

I've just installed wordpress and the theme I'm using won't display the checkbox buttons on the web form I've created. It has to do with the theme I've chosen because the buttons show up fine with other themes... any idea what the problem could be? Page in question is here. All of the list items should have a checkbox button beside them. The theme's name is Hemingway.
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Technical writing... by robots?

I saw a somewhat blogspammy news article the other day (regrettably, I cannot remember where, and google is failing me) which listed the top ten or twenty professions that would be eliminated by automation in the next twenty years. Among them were ones I would expect: telemarketing, retail sales, etc. Nothing surprising there. And then they threw technical writing into the mix. My question is, how could software automate technical writing? [more inside]
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Requesting guidance re: stalkerish ex-friend

Hi all, I have a former friend with mental health issues who is somewhat obsessed with me and has been increasingly creeper-ish over the past year. I just found out today that he now lives within 1.5 miles of me and I'm a bit freaked out. Would like to request input/advice re: next steps, partially because I'm not sure how concerned I should be. More after the cut. [more inside]
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How to safely dispose of pure nicotine?

My friend decided she wanted to make her own nicotine solution for her e-cigarettes, and, long story short, ended up with a glass vial of 100% pure nicotine solution from China. How can she safely dispose of this incredibly toxic substance? [more inside]
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Mystery Diagnosis: Part 2

I'm getting closer to an answer (and hopefully a more normal life) but I'm a little lost at order of steps and the best way to go about seeing specialists. I feel really lost and I KNOW something is off with my body. [more inside]
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Choose your own Operating Procedures?

Currently I work in an administrative clerk-type position in local government. I need to create a manual for my job, so that someone else could step in if need be to do my work. Are there any apps or programs that would walk me through this? [more inside]
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Best (cheapest) place to buy PAR30 and PAR20 LED bulbs?

I'm remodeling the house and have converted everything to can lights. I have to go buy about 36 PAR30 bulbs and about 12 PAR20 bulbs. Where can I get the best deal? Difficulty: NO EBAY. [more inside]
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Sanity check on teenagers and their whims, please!

We have a teenager that wants to visit his internet girlfriend and is being increasingly pressuring. We're resistant, feel that we are right in being resistant, but just wanted to check whether we're being reasonable or not. So, given the details (and SO MANY DETAILS) below, should we be stopping this teenager visiting his girlfriend in another country? Or should we let him go? [more inside]
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Recommendations for inexpensive dual-sim smartphone with a decent camera

It's been suggested to me that I pick up a ~$100 dual-sim smartphone for my upcoming trip to Europe, and I'm looking for recommendations. [more inside]
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Looking for a real, dirty, hands on farm stay around Lancaster

We are spending spring break in and around Lancaster, PA. We have some plans in mind (Gettysburg, buggy tours, pretzels and chocolate and markets and a candlelight walking tour) but what would really make our kid happy is a farm stay...a muck-out-the-stalls, frolic with baby goats, pitch some hay kind of place. All we can find is the gather eggs for breakfast/petting zoo kind and while there's nothing wrong with that, we were hoping for a bit more. We've been to East Hill Farm in NH, which is more like what we're looking for--and which lets me know that these types of places do exist. Any ideas? They would be much appreciated!
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I don't want a mouse pad.

How can I tell if an apartment building has pests (e.g. rodents or roaches)? Am I being unrealistic to hope to find a place that doesn't? [more inside]
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Should I try rooting my HTC One X?

I am a little unhappy with my two-year-old HTC One X, mainly because of HTC's irritating firmware/software "updates" that have reduced the core functionality of the phone. Should I try rooting it and installing a new custom ROM? I am not terribly tech-savvy, but can follow instructions. [more inside]
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Calling all cross-stitchers of MeFi!

I am about to begin a very large, very exciting cross-stitch project! I have only done small projects in the past, and I need some guidance in several areas. [more inside]
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So, uh, would you consider your organization a terrible place to work?

How do you tell whether an organization or company is functional and pleasant to work for during the job application process-- before you've committed to them? [more inside]
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Simple CD player for elderly mother

Looking for recommendations for a very easy to use boombox-type CD player for my elderly mother. [more inside]
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I need a small, great sounding and classy looking stereo!

My google fu and tag searching have failed me. I'm getting older, and the blingy black, blue plastic and chrome shelf stereo I have from years ago has become desperately, desperately ugly to me. I want wood, neutral colors, and good sound. I want a complete unit: speakers and a reciever with at least an audio in jack. I am reaching the start of my older age techno-weenie status, so buying individual components and hooking them all in to the right pieces and parts sounds like an all day ordeal to me. An included (and yes, I know out-dated) CD player is desired; I haven't gotten rid of them yet, and have an extensive classical music collection (sorry, MP3 quality classical music generally shreds my very soul.) I can't say that money is no object, but if I can live with it for the next decade or so I could go as high as a thousand bux. Please help me find a small,simple stereo that will fit on a shelf and has good sound quality, without sacrifcing my need for the pretty.
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Help me find a literacy charity

I need to donate money to a charity which has improving literacy as part of its mandate, and need to choose a charity. [more inside]
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I need a new drug (manager), one that won't cost too much

Do you see a great mental health professional in the Twin Cities for medication management and/or ADD treatment? Great, tell me about them! [more inside]
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Concerned about an elderly neighbor

What should I do about/for my elderly, possibly senile neighbor? I am concerned for her safety. Special snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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Lemi Shine alternative: citric acid? Something else for daily use?

We have hard water in our house, and our dishes are showing it something wicked. It's to the point we'll need to wash with something other than plain dish detergent every wash. Lemi Shine is great (mostly*), but it'll be expensive to run every wash with Lemi Shine. So I looked around and this house-keeping blog tried citric acid with positive results and a significant savings, while this chemistry blog thinks Lemi Shine is citric acid hemihydrate. Is there any concern to buying bulk citric acid or citric acid hemihydrate? [more inside]
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What kind of car should my attorney husband buy?

Neither my husband nor I are "car people", so we have no clue what kind of cars we should be looking at for him. Details under the cut. [more inside]
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Teach me to be a good ref

In a few weeks, I will be refereeing a game of [obscure sportsball] for the first time. Please give me your tips to do as good a job as possible! [more inside]
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Carjacking Is Not A Viable Way To Get A Van, Right?

Small not-for-profit health care-focused agency in Ontario, Canada wants to increase their outreach program by creating a mobile service. The problem is that funds are limited and we're confused about what our next best step could be - since none of us has done this before! Apologies in advance for the wall of text that's about to hit you, but I don't want to leave out anything important. [more inside]
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FlakyFilter: How To Get No-Show Volunteers To Show Up?

I recently started organizing volunteer orientations for a local charity. These orientations take place at long-time volunteers' homes over dinner and require quite a bit of prep work by the hosts. They are optional orientations - i.e., for newcomers who have expressed interest in a more active role with the nonprofit. So far, about 30% of the new people who RSVP 'yes' are complete no-shows. How can I reduce this amount, AND how can I not feel pissed off at people who cancel with no or little notice? Snowflakery inside... [more inside]
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What was that arty architecture/design magazine from a decade back?

This is killing me, because I used to know. Indie, quirky, much-beloved NY-based shelter and design magazine from late 90s - early 00s. Lasted maybe three years? Did fun stuff with typography. Not Domino. I keep thinking it was called Egg, but that was something else.
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Quiet, romantic spot to propose in NYC.

I'd like your help in figuring out a quiet, private and romantic spot to propose to my girlfriend while we're on a 2-day trip in Manhattan. [more inside]
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How can I take my notetaking to the cloud? (iPad? Livescribe?)

My house is filled with small reporter notebooks filled with notes/interview records for writing projects I've worked on. I've gone electronic in all of my other paperwork, and it has changed my life. How can I do the same with my notebooks? [more inside]
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How do I market my new business effectively and DOUBLE QUICK

How do I market my new business effectively and DOUBLE QUICK with the added catch on not wanting my ex stalker figuring it out? [more inside]
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Why can't I stomach non-bland foods sometimes?

Every now and then, I'll reach a period where eating anything that isn't extremely bland, like buttered noodles, will make me throw up. It's happened often enough that I'm curious about what's going on with my stomach. Slightly TMI inside. [more inside]
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Need help finding metal decorative objects for shelf decoration

I would like to find the metal decorative items in this picture (both the spheres in the middle and the urn things at the bottom). [more inside]
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Search help for comics on newsprint

I searched but all I can find, here or Google (well, I use Startpage but whatever), is comic BOOKS. These are not books. These are huge sheets of newsprint from 1932, 1934, around there. [more inside]
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Help me impress my friend by figuring out what book we're remembering

I was at lunch with a friend of mine and the conversation turned to escargot. She said, "I remember reading a book when I was a kid where the girl went out to a fancy restaurant, and she accidentally ordered escargot because she didn't know what they were." [more inside]
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Name my Bible podcast

I'm thinking about starting up a podcast. It would be, for the most part, deep interpretations of Biblical texts from a critical but appreciative point of view. What should I call it? [more inside]
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My mother asked me to do her a favour. I don't want to anymore...

My mother routinely asks me to 'check on' her place when she is out of town. This has become very burdensome for me. Details below. [more inside]
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A parachute for jumping off the Ivory Tower

Another humanities-grad-student-meets-real-life question. Finishing a linguistics Ph.D., have a classics M.A.; my academic job search is drawing a blank, so I'm looking further afield. What are some specific skills I could acquire that would make me more employable, and how do I go about acquiring them? Complications: I'll need visa sponsorship for any kind of employment, and time is a factor. [more inside]
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Last Minute Vacation filter: Hopkins area of Belize

We're trying to plan a last-minute vacation somewhere warm for the week before our daughter's second birthday, cost/availability has led us towards a condo in the Hopkins area of Belize. Snowflake details within! [more inside]
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Freeform Narrative Gaming Ideas

What are your favorite tabletop and board games that exist to encourage free-form narrative play with a minimum of mechanics? I know about Fate, and I like it, but I'm trying to expand a bit. I'm asking because I've become curious about narrative gaming recently, and I'm looking for inspiration from a variety of sources. Also, any books or guides to writing things like Fate scenarios (or similarly open player lead experiences) would be greatly appreciated.
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DC caterers

I volunteered to plan an event for Saturday, 3/29 that will include dinner for about 40 adults. For the most part, planning is in good shape, but we still need a caterer. We're probably looking at a budget of $300-400, serving around 9pm, no booze. There may be a possibility of using the venue's caterer, but I want to get a feel for fallback options. Anyone out there have a good caterer for me, or advice around hiring caterers in general? I have never done this before.
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How to add movie times so they appear in Google/Flixster search results?

We are a nonprofit film society located in Charleston, SC and are looking to have our movie times displayed in search results. In Google, for example, a search for movies by zip code results in this. How can we be included? My sense is that each movie listing company may require a separate arrangement so, in order of preference, we are looking to be included in: 1. Google 2. Flixster 3. Fandango 4. Yahoo Thanks for your help!
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Public places to piano in Washington, DC

I was supposed to fly out of D.C. today but due to the weather my flight's been canceled and I had to reschedule for tomorrow! I'm in dire need of a piano to practice for 1-3 hours some point today. Are there any public places, universities/libraries/lobbies etc that would offer a piano for free (or cheap) that I could practice on? Thanks for any suggestions!!
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Support for activists?

What are the websites (if any) that seek to collaborate online discussion and activism into coherent steps for individuals as well as assistance collaborating on projects or areas of activism? [more inside]
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Good dealer of Antique coins in Twin Cities area

Pursuant to cleaning out my parent's storage basement, I have been charged with finding the value of, and selling, a small collection of what appear to be antique coins and paper currency. Who is a good dealer to show this cache to? [more inside]
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Dancing lessons

I'd like to surprise my wife with some dancing lessons, but I'm not sure which kind of partner dancing would make both her and I happy. I'd prefer if the music was upbeat (above 110bpm) and didn't take to long to not look like an amateur. She'd like there be lots of spinning, dipping and throwing her up in the air and such. We aren't a big fan of modern country music, but are open to styles like bluegrass and zydeco. If it's community centered, that'd be a plus - we'd love to meet interesting people and dance with others as well. We live in a major metroplex in the central US, if that is pertinent. [more inside]
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How do I find a financial planner or retirement advisor?

We need a financial planner in Los Angeles. Or an advisor, I don't know the difference. Difficulty level: poorly organized procrastinators. My husband will be retiring in 3-4 years. I don't reach retirement age for several years more, though I could take "early retirement" from my company next year. Between us we have 2 pensions, 2 401Ks, 2 health insurance plans, a bit in savings bonds and a tiny IRA. We have a house that will be paid off in 3 years. And we have a lot of things we want to do in retirement. We're doing reasonably well negotiating where we'd like to live and what kind of place, but we have no idea what we can afford and/or if I can afford to retire with him. [more inside]
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Historical Religious Books

I just finished reading Zealot, by Reza Aslan, and I found it to be a fascinating book. I'm looking for similar books! [more inside]
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What is a good airfare from Denver to Japan?

We're planning an October trip to Japan, and having never been to that part of the world, I find I have no idea what a good fare is. I'd like to purchase well in advance and I'm finding fares in the $1300-1500 range for our time period. Is that a good fare?
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Personal file backup advice should I use a cloud sevice

I want to find out what is the best cloud services for backing up laptops and pc's. Should I go with the cloud, and in addition should I save my files to external hard-drives as well.I have a lot of photos primarily that I do not want to loose, I am using windows . Thanks for the help.
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A certain type of browser alert

Anyone know of a Firefox or Chrome extension/utility/plugin/script etc that can monitor webpage changes every few seconds, and doesn't need to be reset every time the alert triggers? [more inside]
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Do I break up with someone while they are on a 5 week holiday?

I have been seeing someone for approx 3 months. It’s exclusive and I feel as though he’s quite into it but at the same time our relationship so far has not been intense at all, quite the opposite and we have both been taking it slowly. [more inside]
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Portland snacks! And stuff!

I'm putting together some gift bags for a group trip to Portland, OR. I want to fill the bags with local goodies. Can you recommend some great Portland snacks (locally made chocolates, chips, candy, etc.), as well as any other appropriate Portland-themed items? Thanks!
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CPU fan issue

The fan on my CPU cooler is blowing in the wrong direction! [more inside]
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App for organizing tons of pdf and other files into a research library?

1. I don't want to have to upload anything to the web. 2. I'd like to have one and the same file show up under multiple different categories. For instance, if there's a book about the math of baseball, I'd like to be able to have it show up in a category called "math" and also show up in a category called "baseball." 3. It would be cool if it could allow for the feature of associating a given file with an image, such as a book or DVD cover (so that browsing them could be like browsing on Netflix) or a book or DVD binding (so that different collections could appear in a graphic way as looking like items on a bookshelf).
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How do I get useful things out of people in an audition scenario?

I'm not an actor/director/casting professional (outside of that one play I directed in college that wasn't very good), but I need to audition roughly six actors this week and I don't know how to do that in a constructive way. [more inside]
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I'm moving out, living as a real adult - finally! How can I do it well?

I'm 22, graduating in a month. I'm finally moving out on my own to the big city, starting a new corporate job - starting real, adult life basically - how can I make a smooth, healthy transition into independent life? [more inside]
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March 16

Where have all the movie plots gone?

Where are all the films which have queer characters whose sexuality is not the main point of the film? Action movies with lesbian heroes; courtroom dramas with transgender lawyers; road trip movies with gay buddies out for more than getting laid; science fiction/spooky stuff films with androgynous/intersex protagonists, I'm not fussed. Preferably ones where no one dies as a "punishment" for being queer. [more inside]
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I’ve lost all my confidence and don’t know how to act around people

I've faced a lot of rejection over the past year: from jobs, men, my friends, and parents, and it's totally killed my self-esteem. I don't know how to get it back or how to act social anymore. [more inside]
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Warm, modern, slightly epic classical music?

So there's classical music and then there's film score music, right? What I'm looking for is something in the middle that sounds modern, epic, but not overly bombastic (as cool as it can be, I'm not looking for Two Steps from Hell). Also, major bonus points if it's not actually from an existing film and not too purposely calming (by which I mean no whale sounds etc. the music I'm looking for would be calming but that shouldn't be it's reason for existing). A good example of what I'm looking for is this track from the second Thor soundtrack after the 50 second mark.
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Young toddler bedtime: doin' it wrong?

Bedtime has always been a production with our now 13 month old, and unfortunately I don't know many parents of similarly-aged kids to calibrate against. Does this routine seem normal/okay to you for this age? Snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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Want to take air purification to the next level in ~750 sq ft apartment.

I'd like to cleanse the air in my apartment of the neighbor's cigarette smoke and the exhaust particulate that comes in the windows. Already have home air purifier, looking for something more powerful. [more inside]
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When is a spoon more than just a spoon?

I'm looking for some art-world advice and/or a gimmick for selling beautiful handmade spoons at extremely high prices. [more inside]
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What's the best microscope for the least money?

Is it possible to get a decent microscope for, say, $200? If not, what's the least amount I might spend to get one? By "decent" I mean one that might be found in a college science lab, I guess.
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Playlist help: NBD breakup songs

I'm starting to date (after only having been in Serious Big-Deal Relationships previously) and am having fun, not looking for anything serious. This entails a certain amount of rejection that I'm trying to keep in appropriate perspective. I'm looking for songs to compile into a playlist, on the theme of "oh well, it didn't work out, I'm still fabulous/will easily survive." These are not Big Heartbreak songs, just "eh, too bad, no big deal." Ingrid Michaelson's "Girls Chase Boys" is the perfect example of this. Do you have other suggestions? [more inside]
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Who were these men in white robes and what exactly where they wearing?

A few weeks ago I was transiting through the airport in Istanbul, Turkey, and saw several men wearing odd robes. These were more like long towels than robes. The material seemed like white terry cloth bath towels, but could have been wool or another thicker material. They appeared to have one wrapped around their waists and another draped over one shoulder, although it could have been one long section. Each section would have been roughly 3' x 10' (1mx3m), or 3' x 20' if all in one. Now I am wondering, who were these men, what were they wearing and why were they dressed like that? [more inside]
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What to do when women simply don't find you sexy?

I've never had too much of a problem finding a date - usually online - because I look really good on paper, have my shit together, and am pretty good at being outgoing and breaking the ice and all without being a total creep like a lot of people seem to have issues with. But a disturbing trend is starting to take place. I'll be dating a girl, everything will be going good, conversations flowing, jokes hitting, etc etc... and then she'll start to yawn. The date will go on and she'll never give me that playful touch on the arm. When it's over, she'll go in for the hug instead of the kiss. And I try not to look into it, but after 2 or 3 dates pass and we've progressed normally they'll tell me that they just aren't interested. It got so frustrating I asked the last girl to not spare my feelings and let me have it - she told me I don't turn her on. The remains of my shattered ego will be regurgitated inside... [more inside]
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Derail a future heartbreak or enjoy myself now?

I've been living abroad for half a year but the end of my time here is coming up, and of course, I stupidly started seeing someone who is not going to relocate for me. Is it a stupid idea to continue seeing them? I'm already stressed and saddened to an extent I've never experienced before because of my uncertain job search and this is just adding on, but I'm so happy with them that I don't know if I can bring myself to cut this off. Should I continue hoping or is that just stupid? Some more details inside. [more inside]
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What to do in downtown Atlanta this week?

I'm tagging along with my wife as she goes to a conference in Atlanta this week. We'll be staying Downtown Wednesday through Saturday (leaving Saturday afternoon). What's to do? Caveat: no car. [more inside]
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Need an awesome florist in New York city

My girlfriend is at Sloan Kettering in New York for some surgery and i want to send her a shitload of flowers (and for those of you familiar with Sloan Kettering/cancer in general, she is on a ward where flowers are OK) I am willing to spend a little cash to make it special since I am not with her. She has a lot of other friends wanting to do stuff as well, so I will share your recommendations with them. As always, thanks in advance for your help.
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course planning classes?

I am looking for online classes about adult education course planning. I have been training groups in fundraising for a while and want to get more professional about it. Bonus if the courses are interactive.
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is it possible to recover data from a locked phone?

Some weeks ago, I changed my phone's password while half asleep and haven't been able to remember it since. I've since gotten a new phone, but I really want to get the pictures and videos that were on there. Is this possible? [more inside]
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Fangirls on TV

For a research project, I need to find portrayals of female media fans on television shows. Any genre, and potentially any time period, will do, although I suspect this is more likely to be a relatively recent phenomenon. [more inside]
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Looking for blogs in all the wrong places

Due to some nostalgia from my high school days when it seemed like everyone had a LiveJournal, I'd love to start reading more of that type of personal blogging, but it seems a little hard to come by these days. I'm looking for suggestions for blogs (could be on any platform: Tumblr, LJ, et cet) that are regularly updated and used mainly for personal, introspective, "journal-y" writing. [more inside]
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I see lots of writing submissions trackers, such as Duotrope and Assignmint, and job application trackers like Huntsy and StartWire. Is there a web app that helps me track multiple kinds of submissions? [more inside]
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Help me put on a really great webinar for 2000 people.

I'm putting on a webinar for a bunch of Kickstarter backers (around 2000), which content-wise will include a 2 hour lecture and some Q&A. While I have a lot of presentation experience (I've given this particular lecture ~ 6 times as a part of a workshop series I run), I've never done anything online like this before and could use suggestions on how to do this well. I'm particularly interested in recommendations for webinar services that can handle that kind of bandwidth, whether it'd be a good idea to hire staff on that day for video/moderating questions, that kind of thing. [more inside]
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Solutions for sharing contacts and postal address labels

looking for an online, cross-platform solution that will allow us ability to create both postal address labels and group email [more inside]
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I have idiopathic peripheral pain, and my doctors don't know why

First, YANMD and I know this. Over the last two years, I've lost count of how many doctors and specialists I've seen to try to figure out why I have a weird chronic pain in my arms and legs. They're completely stumped, so I thought I'd query the hive-mind to see if any of you fine folk have either had or heard of a similar condition. Medical details inside. [more inside]
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Moonshine from 1969 (or 1977), what will it taste like?

I have a sealed bottle straight corn whiskey from McCormick distilling company. The bottle says it was aged 8 years and it has the mark of 1977 on on the bottom. It was kept in a cold basement all this time. Is this still drinkable? What will it taste like?
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hair-no-there care

mr. mitt and i just completed our second fundraiser with st. baldricks and are the happy recipients of (electric razor) shaved heads. what sort of hair/scalp care do we need to consider while it grows back? [more inside]
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Spontaneous Travel Filter: A Month in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

My partner and I would like to spend a month traveling around Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands this upcoming May. We're thinking about renting an apartment and using it as our base of operations during the month. Does anyone have any experience or tips about this? Would Quito be a good option; if so which neighborhoods? What about staying on the islands themselves? Or somewhere else in Ecuador?
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Tea for the common man: good, better, best?

Tea: I'm trying to figure out which are the best supermarket brands, and what might be a good kind of tea to try. [more inside]
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Bio Medical Engineer

My friend is in need of a recruiter that can place a Bio Medical engineer in the Central NJ area. He's looking either Medical Devices postion or something else where his skills can be utilized well. I have found lists of recruiters in that industry, but I'd be interested in hearing some personal recomendation. Thank you!
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Ubuntu on my Chromebook. I thought I knew my login but I don't.

I just installed Ubuntu using Crouton on my new Samsung Chromebook. But... [more inside]
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What's great about Seattle?

Why should I move to Seattle from the east coast? [more inside]
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Best REGION 2 Space DVD set??

Hi Guys, I don't currently own any series of space 1999 and would like to purchase the series. After a check on the usual suspects - Amazon/E bay, I notice that there are several sets to purchase. I'm slightly confused which REGION 2 DVD set I should buy. Which has the better Content/transfer/extra's etc. Any advice, gratefully received.
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App for adding highlights/notes to articles on my iPad/smartphone

I am looking for an app that allows me to add highlights and notes to articles I have saved to 'read later' on my iPad and/or smartphone. [more inside]
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lost my wallet. what do I need to do?

I lost my wallet. Other than canceling cards, what do I need to do? [more inside]
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Buying when I'm not selling?

I recently purchased a house. The deed was recorded back then and the initial flurry of "you should buy our security system, new homeowner!" junk mail has stopped. After a few weeks of quiet in my mailbox, I'm now receiving individual letters asking to buy my house. None of them has quoted a price, nor do I really want to sell. I usually just e-mail the address on the letter saying "make me an offer and maybe." Should I do anything else? [more inside]
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Why is my sewing machine pulling loops underneath the fabric?

I've read up on how the top and bottom tensioning is supposed to work, but it hasn't helped. I've got the bobbin adjusted so it lets out about an inch when I bounce it by the thread. Adjusting the top tension from there doesn't seem to make much difference. I always get the loops. The weird thing is that the top thread seems really hard to pull out when I do it by hand. It's so hard that's it sometimes breaks. Why should tension that seems stiff to the hand pull through when the machine sews? [more inside]
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identify this religion?

I saw about ten people in NYC on the A train this weekend who claimed to be the "true Jews." One of them told me that their beliefs include: (1) no conversion is accepted and (2) the people I'm used to thinking of as Jews are actually a Turkic tribe that tried to convert in the 8th century A.D. (but see (1) of course). Notably, all of them were extremely large black men (one of them had to duck to get off the train) wearing dark robes, headbands and head cloths, and carrying shoulder-height wooden sticks wrapped in black tape. Their shirts and headbands had hexagonal stars on them, and one of them had a few letters of Hebrew written on his head cloth. They were having this free-wheeling discussion from which I recognized several references to events in the Old Testament. Weirdly enough, the guy sitting next to me told me they were actually some kind of Muslim, although I don't know how much I trust that guy's opinion. Does anyone know what religion these people were from?
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Groups that officially include a full-time dancer in the band?

Example: Bez from The Happy Mondays [more inside]
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Help us budget for scouting L.A.

My wife is working on a grant application for a research trip to Los Angeles centered around getting a feel for old Hollywood and the western part of L.A. (this is working towards a novel taking place from the 50s to roughly the early 90s, FWIW). We're trying to put together a budget for the proposal, and were hoping to get some guidance. [more inside]
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[Study Filter] Neck and back tension while studying

I recently started a very intense study abroad program in Beijing studying Chinese. Classes start at 8am and go until 5pm, then I come home and study until I go to sleep around 11pm. Through all this work my neck and back tend to become very tense. [more inside]
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You are not my scammy developer

I volunteer for a non-profit organization. We've had a work agreement with a small company (Basically one or two guys) to do Drupal development work for a year. Short story: the point person in our organization is suddenly no longer with us (deceased), the developer has terminated the contract, almost none of the specifications are complete. "Agile development! Hand waving! You don't understand." We're out a LOT of money and he is holding any not yet tested code hostage for another 15K in billing. All invoices past (approved by previous guy) and present (which I don't want to approve) consist of a single line: "X number of developer hours at Y rate = gimme Z money". They are autogenerated since the number of hours is always the max allowable under the work agreement and still addressed to the deceased. We are going to the lawyers soon, but... [more inside]
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Should our website be in both European and Brazilian Portuguese?

I help manage a website for an international audience; we strive to be inclusive. We offer several different language versions; our translations are done by volunteers. Generally we add languages based on whether we have volunteers to translate. We have been offering European Portuguese for a while. Now a new volunteer has shown up, asking to be invited to the project; s/he is offering to volunteer for a translation to Brazilian Portuguese, which we currently do not offer. [more inside]
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Is it Normal To Feel Tension Around My Boyfriend's Friends?

I've a question, which is a conundrum. I'm a female newly involved with a fantastic guy I've known nine years. While generally I’m okay with my boyfriend’s friends (male and female) there are two males I’m completely uncomfortable around. The friends I’m uncomfortable around give me a strange vibe: One does not look at me at all when I’m around him, the other friend wishes to lean on my boyfriend constantly – he has made no effort to know me, does not know what I do, who I am – he will however call my boyfriend to get advice and ask for help (this friend is older as well.) I’ve listened to both of these guys but feel uneasy around them when in their company because I feel as though it is a chore to smile and act interested. I also feel they want something from my boyfriend with no regard for his relationship and time. [more inside]
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How do I become fervently dedicated to something?

Suppose you’re a 28 year old who, after spending 18 years as a shut-in, is finally able to experience things most people experience in their early teens. How do you dedicate yourself to an idea, a cause, a company, or a domain of knowledge while being incessantly hounded by the realization that there is much more to life than the object of your obsession? [more inside]
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March 15

The birthday of the Prophet, salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

I recorded these drummers on the archipelago of Socotra last March. Unfortunately, my contact there has gone MIA, but I could use some help translating the Arabic lyrics of this Islamic Mawlid chant. Can you help?
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I Don't Understand The Point Of This Autism Video by Carly Fleischmann

Let me make this very specific: I'm an autism specialist. I have blog about autism as part of my job. I post useful information to the Montana Autism Education Project blog. But I'm having trouble understanding the usefulness of this video as a teaching tool. The video begins by saying, "Autism has locked me in a body that I can't control." Great opening, but the video ends by saying, "Everyone has an inner voice. I found a way to let mine out." But the video does not show Carly letting her voice out. She gets frustrated and stands up in slow motion. It's a good perspective video, kind of, but it doesn't show how she changes her response to get coffee. There are better videos that I can use for trainings that show what interactions/coffee shopsa are like for someone with autism spectrum disorder. Am I missing something in this video that shows a person with autism using her voice/communication? Disclaimer stuff: I know who Carly is.
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How to add a specific type of annotation to a Youtube video?

Hi folks, I have a video uploaded on Youtube that I'd like to add an annotation to - a link to a Google Map that I created. But for some reason Youtube only allows links to a few select destinations (e.g. another video, a personal webpage). Is there anyway I can get around this?
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URGENT: Ideas for pilling a cat with a missing lower jaw & no appetite?

I can't figure out how to get my cat to swallow his pills and normal cat-pilling methods are failing me. [more inside]
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Help me grow great greens

I suck at gardening. Past gardening efforts have ended in disaster (bug infestations, groundhog eating everything, plants dying for no obvious reason that I can see). This year, though, I would like for it to be different. I would like to grow my own leafy greens--kale, spinach, lettuces, chard, collards, etc. I'm not so interested in other things like tomatoes and peppers. Do you have any advice for exactly what I need to do to grow great greens? [more inside]
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Question for people with OCD

I was never diagnosed but it is pretty clear that I have OCD. I understand that irrational guilt, doubt, and anxiety are classic issues associated with OCD. Are there any tricks or ways that anyone can say has helped them to step back and evaluate circumstances somewhat objectively to decide if guilt and anxiety towards something is appropriate or irrational? I have found that explaining a set of circumstances to people whose opinion I trust and them telling me that my concern is irrational has only helped a little. Thank You. P.S. I have already set up a first meeting with a psychologist so that base is covered.
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Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain every night with no explanation from doctors. Looking for explanation. [more inside]
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Please help me identify these gross things on my garage walls.

I need help identifying these gross things that have appeared on my garage walls in the last week or so. They are grayish-brown, each about the size of a piece of orzo, and are stuck to the walls in my garage. I can spot about a dozen of them around the garage, but I don't know how many more might be hidden behind boxes, etc. I suspect it is some sort of poop or some sort of egg sac, both things that completely gross me out. The shape is pretty unique to all of them. I live in Southern California, with temps over the last few months ranging between 55 and 85F. Anyone have an idea what these might be? Pic inside. [more inside]
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Better than nothing, right?

Is there a particularly good handbook/regimen for using weight machines at a gym? Something preferably geared toward strengthening the back, improving posture, eliminating back pain (as opposed to e.g. weight loss.) [more inside]
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Upward Bound

[rock climbing filter] Each year I make it a goal that this will be the year that I start climbing outdoors. It hasn't happened yet. Now that spring seems finally to be here, outdoor climbing season is upon us. How can I hook up with a group of friendly local climbers that will take me under their wing and show me the ropes (no pun intended). [more inside]
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Experiences with Kluft mattresses or other advice?

We have been searching for a mattress for quite some time. The only mattress that we both unequivocally love is the St. Claire Kluft Latex mattress. It is rather firm, supportive, non-bouncy, doesn't transfer motion, and in general felt very 'solid' and comfortable. But Kluft is one of those luxury brands that doesn't seem to publish much on how the mattresses are constructed, and we can't find any reviews of this model or even any other reviews of high-end Kluft latex mattresses. After a few poor mattress choices, we're worried about divots in the bed in a short amount of time, or other general construction problems. Do you have experience with Kluft mattresses, particularly their latex models? Or have any advice on buying this brand in particular? [more inside]
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ISO pocket-friendly camera

In search of a decent, relatively small camera to use for research and traveling, preferably under 500 bucks. I don't really want a DSLR, because I used to travel with an SLR and a massive lens and I don't want to deal with it now (nor do I really need it.) Is this or this enough camera? Would this be too much camera? Or this? [more inside]
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Unwanted Wordpress Withdrawal

How can I easily and reliably bypass the IWF blacklist and Cleanfeed in the UK? [more inside]
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How to best dig through frozen ground to put in raised flower beds?

We'd like build and replace some raised garden beds for a school in Chicago. We've had an unseasonably cold winter and the ground may still be frozen. We have the last weekend in March dedicated to this project. How much can we reasonably dig out and how? What are some rental tools to look into? How long would it take to thaw the ground with fires and heat lamps?
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Pacifist achievement unlocked!

What PC games involve a lot of walking around and talking to people and not so much combat? [more inside]
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Roommate Rules

I am getting a new roommate soon and this time, I want to do everything right. Please share your platonic cohabitation tips! [more inside]
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Where can I get a soda charge holder for a seltzer bottle in Seattle?

I want to get a soda charge holder today. This place is in Seattle but not open today. I want to get it in person because I'm not sure the measurements are the same. I have an older iSi soda siphon and want to bring it in to make sure the charge holder fits. Can anyone think of a place in Seattle that sells seltzer bottle parts or even new seltzer bottles and is open today?
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Technology orgasm nightmare

My friend asks: "I once saw a sci-fi film where people had worked out how to record conscious experiences and then others could experience it directly themselves. There's one bit where a guy ends up driving himself into an insane catatonic state when he loops this recording of someone having sex at the point of orgasm and plays it for 12 hours straight." Q: what is that film?
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What should I expect when voting in a Dutch municipal election?

I'm an American who has lived in Groningen for over 5 years. I am voting in the municipal elections this Wednesday, but I have no idea what to expect when I go to the voting location. My Dutch is not that great. If someone could fill me in on what I should expect when I go to vote, that would be great!
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how to move?!?

After 17 years, I'm leaving my beloved Brooklyn apartment for my NEW beloved Brooklyn apartment. Hooray! Except - how on earth do you do this? Please share any advice, tips, motivational thoughts, etc for any and all aspects of how to undertake the process of moving. [more inside]
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I just got a promotion. Should I have gotten a larger raise?

I work for a local small business. I was just promoted from Assistant Store Manager to Store Manager. The raise that was proposed to me was less than I thought it would be. Is there a standard or accepted percentage? [more inside]
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Need a dinner recommendation near Town Hall, in NY

I'm meeting up with a friend to attend a concert at Town Hall in New York next month, so I need some dining suggestions. [more inside]
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My company is faltering financially. Do I still ask for a raise?

I'm a mid-level thing-maker at a small company (details left intentionally vague to protect the guilty). It was recently revealed at a company meeting that we're faltering financially due to management issues. We'll weather this storm, but it'll take some belt-tightening across the board. My position is secure, but my contract is up in two months. Do I ask for a raise when my contract is renewed? Details below. [more inside]
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Eradicate H Pylori in NYC?

I'm 99% sure the symptoms I've been experiencing for years are caused by a chronic H. Pylori infection. My understanding is that eradication is only 70-80% likely to actually work. I'd like to do this right. Can you recommend a doctor in NYC? [more inside]
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March 14

Help me adjust to (or tolerate) the Midwest...

I grew up and attended university on the East Coast. I don't know what I was thinking when I matriculated at a graduate program in the Midwest-- perhaps I thought that having lived in diverse settings would be a good life experience or something (?) ... Well, what's done is done, and I'm here for the next three years. Please help me better deal with this culture shock! [more inside]
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"I love you" 1) What does it mean? 2) When do you say it? 3) To whom?

I'm curious. What's the normal meaning? What's your meaning? Do you have expectations associated with saying it/what expectations? My details inside. [more inside]
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Load testing a website?

What's a good free or cheap service for load/stress testing a website?
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County Government Application Test

I am currently scheduled to take an application test a week from tomorrow. This test is for an entry-level county government job. I REALLY want this job, but I haven't taken a test that meant anything in almost 15 years. I need help knocking off the rust! [more inside]
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I want to maximize sleep and minimize wasted time in the morning.

Due to some changes in my life, I need to start getting up earlier in the morning. Problem is, I am a lazybones and I LOVE to sleep. In fact, I normally WAKE UP and start the day at 8 AM, and soon I will need to report to work at that time. I need to go to work looking very polished and feeling great. This means I need to start showering in the morning and eating breakfast before I go into work. This is going to mean a change in the way I deal with mornings. Please help me make this change as painless as possible. [more inside]
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Tell me what you know about apartment swaps.

My boyfriend and I are looking to go to Paris this fall. Between the two of us, we have two San Francisco apartments to swap out. Have you done this? Please give us all the advices! Airbnb? HomeExchange? Something else?
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Marital property law in Wisconsin

If anyone here is familiar with marital property laws in Wisconsin, can you tell me if my boyfriend's views are correct? [more inside]
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Custom gardening calendar

I would like to create custom gardening calendar - biodynamic calendar + edible wild plants for my region + crop rotation + phenology + some other things. And then I would like to receive email reminder for each day that would remind me what to sow when, with what and what to pick in the wild. What would be the best software to do so?
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Cleaning metal parts

I am beginning the manufacture of small stainless steel parts that I hope to sell. They are back from the machine shop with an oil or lubricant and grit that needs to be completely cleaned off prior to adding an injection molded santoprene (thermoplastic elastomer) part. I have an ultrasonic cleaner available - how do I get them clean before and after the injection molding?
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Libido Rollercoasters Going In Different Directions...

After years of his turning me down sexually and not wanting to touch me as I enjoy, now he's interested... and I’m not. Is there anything we can do? [NSFW] [more inside]
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Help me actually achieve a good chicken stock

How can I actually make a good soup/general use stock? I feel like I've tried a whole bunch of different recipes and none have ever been better than Swanson's from a box. Seriously I've made it 15+ different times, both chicken and veal. I'm pretty handy in the kitchen and can do most everything else, but not this, help me! [more inside]
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Creeper, no creeping! Getting a stalker vibe from someone, what to do?

An acquaintance from years ago recently found me on facebook. I haven't spoken to him in 15-20 years. I am getting a bit of a stalker/creeper vibe off him and not sure what to do. I've read some of the other stalker threads on AskMe, and I'm still not sure what to do in my situation. The problem that is perplexing me is that he is a member of the same club I am, and I'm afraid if I too aggressively ban him from my online contacts, it will make club attendance and club related communications a problem. How do I "deal" with this person? Special snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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Barcelona accommodation recommendations?

Looking for recommendations for a hotel or B&B in the Barcelona area. We are driving and arriving late May. Need a place with parking ideally north of the city but easy walking distance to the metro. €150 or less. TIA!
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Is this a good time to see migrating birds in Milwaukee? If so, where?

I’m heading to the Milwaukee airport tomorrow, but my flight isn’t till the evening. Somewhere I read about a spot by Lake Michigan that was a good place to see migrating birds. Now I can’t find that article. Is this even the right time of year? If so, where should I go?
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Please to Inspire and Educate a NOOB Cook!

Finally got over my aversion to cooking, and now want to make sure I'm not missing anything fun out there! Hoping you can recommend great websites that have intrigued you, any testimonials on cutlery brands you are in love with (assume I already know what a chef's knife/paring knife is), and hopefully share some "Wish someone had told me THIS when I first started cooking!" advice. To keep this thread more specific, I'm primarily interested in breakfast dishes and interesting dinners for two. My favorite tastes are in Thai food and hearty, rustic Italian. [more inside]
posted by Lipstick Thespian at 2:23 PM PST - 19 comments

Yoga (don't play with) fire?

Former exercise nut turned semi-couch-potato may or may not want to try out hot yoga after only 2 non-hot yoga classes. Good or bad idea? [more inside]
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What was this amazing pie with cream and granola-like stuff?

Inspired by dotgirl's cookie question. In college (Houston, TX, 1988-1992), the cafeteria used to make a pie I loved. It must have had a crust of some sort but I don't remember what. It had a thick layer of dry, sweet, chewy, crunchy granola-like (but not granola) stuff - topped with a thick layer of whipped cream type stuff. The granola-like stuff was the key to the deliciousness - chewy yet crunchy at the same time; somewhat rice-krispy like. I haven't run into it since, and can't find the right terms to get a hit on google. Anybody recognize it? Thanks!
posted by bluesky78987 at 1:59 PM PST - 16 comments

Simple but scalable CMS platforms?

What should I be looking at in addition to Wordpress? [more inside]
posted by Eddie Mars at 1:53 PM PST - 14 comments

Looking for pie in Bloomington, Indiana.

Where's the best place to get pie in Bloomington, Indiana? [more inside]
posted by ErWenn at 1:23 PM PST - 9 comments

I don't want the funk. I don't have to have the funk.

Synthetic funk has set into my clothes. They smell even after washing. These are otherwise good quality clothes. Halp. [more inside]
posted by St. Peepsburg at 1:14 PM PST - 35 comments

Box spring or wood slats?

We just got a nice new mattress. It came with a box spring. We were using our old mattress on an IKEA bed (the Redalen, which I guess they don't sell anymore) with their cheap wooden slats, the Sultan Lade, as support. All things being equal, we'd stick with the IKEA bed and slats. But are all things equal? Are there advantages to using the box spring instead of the slats?
posted by Xalf at 1:01 PM PST - 17 comments

If you like it then you shoulda put a NuvaRing on it

What's the most efficient way to get non-condom birth control without health insurance? [more inside]
posted by Sara C. at 1:00 PM PST - 28 comments

Hamantaschen and pasties and... what?

For Purim this year, we are sending out traditional hamantaschen (this year's fillings are blueberry, strawberry, poppyseed, and chocolate), as well as a triangular meat and potato -filed pasty. We would love to make it a trio of triangles (Hamantaschen Three Ways?), but are stumped what third thing we can make that would complement the first two. [more inside]
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What sort of notice do I owe my roommates? I want to move ASAP.

How much notice should I give my roommates if I want to move out as fast as possible without being a total jerk? Would paying the rent I owe for April be acceptable instead of giving them a 30 day notice? I'm not actually on the lease, if that helps. I haven't been in a situation like this before, so I am not 100% sure what to do. Thanks.
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Where can I find the best price on Advair diskus without insurance?

tl;dr: Advair is no longer covered by our insurance so we'll be paying out of pocket. If you're in the same boat, where have you found it for the best price in the US? Please don't recommend online pharmacies based simply on Google, I'm looking for personal experience. I read this question, but it is 5 years old and a lot has changed in the US medical landscape in that time. [more inside]
posted by superna at 12:32 PM PST - 8 comments

To Upgrade or not to upgrade, that is the question

I've got an older MacBook Pro. I'm on 10.8.5 right now. I'm wondering if I should upgrade to 10.9 or let it be. Specs to follow... [more inside]
posted by kathrynm at 11:56 AM PST - 15 comments

Voltron for Beginners

I want to start reading/watching Voltron. Not sure where to dive in. [more inside]
posted by xenization at 11:55 AM PST - 2 comments

Comparing wholesale sales data across regions

I work for a company where we have some independent sales reps and some in house reps. I want to compare the sales data between the two, and account for regional differences in the economy. How can this be achieved and is this even the right path for achieve what I want? [more inside]
posted by bodgy at 11:44 AM PST - 1 comment

Where to buy a stylish but affordable trenchcoat in Vancouver BC

I'm going to be up in Vancouver this weekend and want to shop for a new spring coat. Something trenchcoat style but not in black or beige - cool colors or prints/patterns would be better. Size 12 or M/L, between $100 and $200. The style constraints are that it should not be teenagery but not dowdy either - I like classic cuts but trendy colors and patterns. I already plan to check out The Bay.
posted by matildaben at 10:41 AM PST - 7 comments

Help me clean my room - Bicycle related

I ride recumbent bicycles and I have for years. The risk with recumbents is that if you don't fall well you can break your ankle. This happened to me. I have two bikes, the one that I fell with is a Vision brand. It's much faster (and less stable) than my Sun that I'm continuing to ride. [more inside]
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Where are the most interesting places in Downtown Los Angeles?

I recently moved to Downtown Los Angeles, and am getting a kick out of exploring the neighborhood--it's changed a lot since I last visited in the early 2000s, has amazing architecture, and a fascinating mix of people and different communities. But I'm new to Los Angeles and unfamiliar with the neighborhood... what are the gems of downtown that are worth checking out?
posted by huskerdont at 10:13 AM PST - 12 comments

What is Steve Nash's beach exercise in this week's Grantland video story

Video is here. I'm guessing tai chi, but I have never seen that specific maneuver. If you know of any good videos or web pages with related moves that also would help. Thank you!
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When do I ask for compensation for use of my work?

An advertising company contacted me about turning a comic of mine into a short animation for an awareness campaign for a non-profit client. Do I ask for compensation or an honorarium? [more inside]
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Help Me Identify This Cookie

Many years ago, I had a coworker from Long Island who made these delicious cookies and brought them into the office. I've never been able to find them since, and cannot remember what she called them. [more inside]
posted by dotgirl at 10:04 AM PST - 9 comments

Day-to-day of a tanker in WWII?

I'm looking for non-fiction books that describe the day-to-day life of an allied tanker (guy in a tank or other AFV) in World War II. [more inside]
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Menses and maybe perimenopause? Question about Progesterone

I was on the Depo Provera shot for a few years and my doctor advised me that it was time to stop the injections as long term use can impact bone density. While on the shot, I did not menstruate. For the first few months after stopping the shots, I had no menses -- but my period started again two weeks ago -- and has not stopped since. Doctor put me on a two-week course of progesterone pills to stop my period two days ago. It's really slowed down, but has not stopped yet. How long might it take to work to stop my bleeding? I am going to have a full workup in two weeks -- and I know this could be perimenopause, but I am not too worried about that necessarily. I am 45.
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I need some small, square/rectangular, rainbow-colored candies.

I'm trying to recreate this rainbow mosaic cake (by Cakes of Our Lives in Melbourne), and need candies for the sides. The best US possibility I've found is these rainbow tropical gum tabs from Sweetworks/Oak Leaf, but they seem to be available online only in bulk quantities, for use in mall gumball machines and the like. I need suggestions for either (1) other ways to source those chiclets (for instance, anyone know a large brick-and-mortar candy emporium that might be able to do a one-off mail order?), or (2) alternative brightly-colored square/rectangular candies that I could use to create the same effect. [more inside]
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Name My Mobile Phone (at least it's not a baby or a pet or a playlist)

I am considering one of those "design your own" mobile phones and would like to make the most of the limited line of characters that can be printed on the back. Examples and requirements within. [more inside]
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Classical music filter: What famous classical piece is this?

It's one of those well known pieces that we've probably all heard many times before, but most of us probably can't name. Well, at least I can't name it and it's been stuck in my head for days! What famous classical piece is it? Thanks in advance! [more inside]
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Small business owners: how do you keep track of contacts,leads,etc.?

Do you have suggestions for a system that will help me track the many new contacts I'm making as I start up my business? At the moment it's a mish-mash of notebooks, my phone, email, google docs and my (increasingly full) memory of conversations and phone calls. These might be people who've contacted me for a proposal, or it could be someone who says 'You should talk to my friend who does X - I'll put you in touch' and I want to remember to follow up with them later. [more inside]
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Topical connections between existing documents?

Does anybody know of any software solutions for manually capturing connections between specified regions within and between documents? [more inside]
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Is there a way to diagnose my twitter unfollowings?

I know about the sites that show who follows back and who doesn't, Etc. I am trying to find a way to know what the last tweet before people unfollowed was - like a way for me to try to figure what type of things my audience doesn't like (offensive? Boring?) Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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Advocating for a child with a hearing loss.....

Need advice and tips about being the best advocate for my hearing impaired son at his upcoming SST... [more inside]
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Sure, it's the apocalypse, but at least there's plenty of hairspray

I need more cheesy, overblown, post-apocalyptic music videos from the '80s! [more inside]
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NSFW. My partner expressed a desire and I would like to accommodate.

How do you arrange a threesome? [more inside]
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Dealing with parties when you don't like parties.

Every year, my work holds a big party to which we invite all our clients - the idea is we get to meet them and get to know them as people rather than voices on the phone. Every year, I end up having an anxiety attack and going home early, partly because I am rubbish at going out, partly because it is in an environment that I find difficult to cope with. We are expected to attend. What should I do? [more inside]
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Help me use this formerly decorative coffee pot on a near-daily basis.

Here is a coffee pot I own. It's meant to hold decanted, already-made coffee, but I'm interested in brewing coffee in it. What's the best, non-pour-over way? [more inside]
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That had a completely different ending than I was expecting...

I'm looking for examples of sentences/phrases that have a completely different meaning at the beginning of the sentence than they do by the end. The best example I can find is this example of Happy Ending's that sounds completely inappropriate until he finishes the verse. Is there a name for this? Is this a literary device? (I thought it might have been a type of irony at first, but I'm not certain.)
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Vitamin names

How did vitamins get their names? Like, why is retinol "vitamin A," ascorbic acid "Vitamin C," etc.? Do the letters have any significance?
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Essential Wedgewood

So many tributes to Tony Benn have focused on his written output, many suggesting these will be his significant legacy. What are the essential books by and/or about him?
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Can I eat newspaper?

Can I Eat This-filter, with a twist. We are doing a sort of Futurist cookbook style dinner which will feature a number of experimental, non-traditional meals. I am planning to make a Casserole of Declining Print Media, which will be a regular lentil stew with strips of various newspapers added just before serving. Will people die if they eat a few bits of newspaper? I figure its OK because don't English people wrap their chips in it?
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March 13

In search of... the perfect rolling carry-on bag

Help me find a rolling carry-on bag that meets all of the following conditions: A) lightweight (under 8 lbs.); B) conforms to European carry-on standards (so 21" max, including wheels); C) has outside handles, so that the interior is flat, and D) is under $200, and preferably under $150. [more inside]
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Two Trains Running...well two media devices...on the same Remote

I've got two media devices that both respond to the commands from either's remote; fatal (meaning return one of them for a different brand) or fixable in some other way? [more inside]
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Plex + VPN = fffffffuuuuuuuu

How can I get my VPN (privateinternetaccess) to play nice with Plex? [more inside]
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Will there always be a faster space ship?

My Google skills are failing me. I remember reading something about how there is no point in building a fast spacecraft and sending it out into the universe because at some point in the future we will build a faster ship that will overtake it, so we might as well wait, and wait, and wait, until we have the better technology and we never end up building a ship. Does anyone know what this is called or have any extra information?
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Show me your teeth!

Military member; base dentist told me to come back to pick up a fluoride rinse because they were out. So I went back, and of course they were out then too. And out the next time on top of that! And so rather than waiting around, I need to find some fluoride rinse ASAP. [more inside]
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No, really. I insist.

I fucked up at work. I offered a favor back to the person who had to bear the brunt of my fuckuppery. I think they are declining out of politeness. I understand that impulse, but I still want to do something to make things right, and have relatively few avenues where I can do that. Am I overlooking something? Am I overstepping (or risking overstepping) boundaries? [more inside]
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Gadget review in the form of short dystopian scifi

Help me find an online review that someone wrote several years ago, reviewing a data-erasing gadget by writing a piece of dystopian fiction in which the user needs to use the device in a hurry. [more inside]
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What does giving up uncountable choice get me?

Is there a book, article, or any other source that does something like run through the standard set of pathological results obtained from Axiom of Choice and discusses what happens to each if we restrict ourselves to Countable Choice?
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Are all-but-absentee supervisors common in public service jobs?

I find myself at yet another job where the supervisor literally does not come in to work. Is this just the norm in nonprofit/public sector jobs? [more inside]
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Necesito ayuda boricua

Help me decipher a line from this song. [more inside]
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My cat-wizard pees crystals. Cheapest food to make him stop?

Alternatives to Royal Canin SO wet cat food? [more inside]
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How do I find how large various files are?

I'm getting a new external hard drive to back up my desktop files. The original one I had the Apple guy configure. Now that I don't have an Apple guy, I want to see how much of an external hard drive I need. How do I find the size of following things? My songs in iTunes? My photos in iPhoto? My stuff in DropBox? And, if possible, the size of everything that is backupable that isn't related to apps and the OS. Thanks.
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Trustworthy sources to buy Frontline for dogs on the Internet?

This question is for all the great dog owners out there on metafilter. I need to buy Frontline for my dog, but I've read lots of scary stuff about people buying fake and counterfeit frontline when they try to get it through Amazon or other online sources. I know I can just get it thru my vet, but first I thought I would check and see if there -is- a trustworthy source to get it (relatively) cheap online. So, who if anyone sells the real stuff cheap on the internet? (Shipped to the US) Thanks!
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Help me identify this song based on the melody

What is the 80s or 90s pop song with a similar melody to the one in Super Freak/Can't Touch This? It sounds like the same intervals, but sung with the "words" da-dee-day-doh. I want to say it could be from the UK, possibly somewhere else in Europe. I think the album cover is black and white and could be a picture of people walking. Sorry for how vague this is! Any ideas?
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How can I split these pdf pages to print them as the designer intended?

I have this document to print. Most of the pdf file is in landscape oriented pages, with two of what would be the (portrait oriented) printed pages side by side on each pdf page. I assume they've done this for ease of reading on a computer screen. I want, however, to print to two 8.5x11 pages for each of their pdf pages. Additional difficulty: Since I'm travelling, I have only access to the local public library Windows printer software, which offers 2x2 splitting, for four printed pages per one pdf page, but no 1X1 splitting. I do have a linux laptop with me. Could I perhaps use gimp -- which I've never used before -- to produce pre-split pdf file? Or some other tool?
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Breaking up... with dozens of people at once

I think I may need to detach from my main friend group, but I have no idea how to start over. [more inside]
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A smart phone smart enough to answer incoming calls by voice.

Due to limited mobility from a disability, I'm forced to rely strictly on voice commands to control a cell phone. Over the years, trying to find a solution for reliable hands free functionality in this area has been challenging. Anyone familiar with voice recognition in the past knows the capricious, quirky nature of the beast. It can be VERY frustrating and almost comical at times. Anyway, with today's processing speeds and the advent of Siri and Google Now, I can happily say that it's almost there for me. In fact, I give a 90% approval rating for recent experiences with the latest Iphone and Android products. The biggest obstacle now has been the necessity to hit the home button to trigger the lovely Siri. This last hindrance was overcome by none other than Google with their release of the Moto X -- which waits in standby mode listening for your command. I was so excited by all the reviews that I rushed out to buy my own. It turned out fantastically, but (and there's always a butt in these things) it came with another quirky disappointment. And this one is kind of surprising: The damn thing won't answer incoming calls by voice. I've looked thru all the settings and searched high and low for an app but to no avail. The closest I've come is an app that auto answers after one ring, but who wants that? What if I'm trying to dodge the ex-gf. Lol. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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Tom Waits-ish pop song

There's a popular track on the radio these days that sounds a little like Tom Waits. Maybe like his tune "Clap Hands" (though not exactly). Its repeated chorus ends with a dude with a distorted voice saying something like "[word] up." [more inside]
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Break my barn floor

I bought a farm. I have an outbuilding with a concrete floor. I want to make it into a barn so I need the concrete gone and 4-5 inches of crushed stone so animal waste accumulates not. But this is the mother of all concrete. I tried an electric jackhammer and it was 4 hours before I dented six square feet to a depth of two inches. Now I have a Skid Steer with a hydraulic breaker. I'm down 6-8 inches and no sign of dirt. I'm hitting lattices of rebar and layers of gravel. The breaker is just making holes and there are no cracks radiating from the properly spaced holes. There is no justification for this level of reinforcement. I can't get through it. This was meant to support planets. Help!
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The things we should have discussed ahead of time

My 72-year-old mother has been in the ICU for a week, and it's 50-50 on whether she'll pull through or die. I'm struggling to be a responsible adult about the whole thing. [more inside]
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Does Handel's Agrippina contain the theme from Rocky?

I was listening to Handel's opera Agrippina I distinctly heard the first few bars of the theme from Rocky. Google does not seem to agree. [more inside]
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Is it normal for a down comforter to get really flat at the top?

Is it normal for a down comforter to get really flat at the top, up at the top of the bed by the pillows? [more inside]
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Is my friend a. alive, b. dead, c. in a hospice somewhere?

How can I find my former roommate who was hospitalized last year, then moved a few times and now none of the places where he was admits to having him there? [more inside]
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Yahoo calendar on Android, for the love of all that is holy

If, when, how, and if not, why not, is there not a simple way of accessing and writing to a Yahoo calendar in Android? [more inside]
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Open interview this weekend but I'm clueless about what to wear.

I'll be attending an open interview at a local bar. What do I wear to an interview at a bar? Along those lines, what do I wear at most entry level jobs? [more inside]
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A different side of LA?

I've been to LA probably a dozen times or so, but mostly for events or a quick trip to Disney. My friends and I are taking a cruise that disembarks next Sunday morning, around 10am. Our flight from LAX doesn't depart until 7:50 PM, so we have a day to kill in LA proper. [more inside]
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Who is this hillbilly doll character?

I would like to know who this character is and if possible what company made it and when. [more inside]
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Is there another name for complex developmental/behavioural conditions?

Is CDBC used outside of BC or is there another term for complex developmental and behavioural conditions? [more inside]
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"Ba da ba da ba bup"

Need some help identifying the origin of this small, common riff. [more inside]
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Preserving Pretty Pastel Portrait

I have a new pastel portrait that I'd like to preserve. Advice? [more inside]
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Appreciating the Density of Shakespeare in Real Time

Shakespeare's plays are so densely rich and full of deep philosophy and wordplay (e.g. throwaway allusions which open - and, a line or two later, shut - huge worlds of insightful ideas) that I find it quite impossible to parse (much less absorb) all of what's being said and alluded to in real-time. And this is leaving completely aside the issues of outdated references and obsolete language. So: is it that people back then had nimbler minds, capable of absorbing densely-packed language in real time by rapidly spieling actors? Or.......? [more inside]
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Your experiences with personal development

Personal progress: What personal development changes have you made that have had a big impact on your life? [more inside]
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Find me a car-finding wizard (in the UK)

Six or so years ago, I was looking for a second-hand car and stumbled across a "suggest-a-car" webpage. You could put your requirements into, it spat back a bunch of suggestions, you refined your parameters and sorted results, etc. It ended up suggesting a car I wouldn't have thought otherwise, which I bought and it was a great choice. Now, I'm looking for the next car ... [more inside]
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Help me keep the cat upstairs

I need a temporary, cheap, tall, easy to move barrier at the top of my narrow stairs. [more inside]
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Create Map with Numbered placemarks

I want to create an interactive (zoomable map that I can embed in website with roads, etc, but with a list located below (I can create the list in another program) and icons/labels indicating the locations of landmarks. I would have used ESRI but my license expired. This is an example of a map I'd like to create.
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Why is Windows/Microsoft calling me about files on my computer

I have recently received a couple of calls from someone who identifies them self as a representative of Windows. They sound like they are calling from an Indian call center. They say that they have received error messages from my computer and are calling me to help me delete some bad files. They then asked me how old my computer was and to turn it on. I told them and turned my computer on. They then put me on hold and I freaked out, hung up and turned my computer off. A friend called me yesterday and said she is getting these calls. Is this a scam?
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calling all progressives! where's the next Russ Feingold?

I'm an extremely liberal Democrat who comes from a long line of extremely liberal Democrats, but I've become increasingly disillusioned with the national party apparatus over the past handful of years. Can you help me put together a list of progressive Democrat office-holders and up-and-coming candidates to buoy and inspire an otherwise devoted liberal's flagging enthusiasm? [more inside]
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Morality, ethics, and right action.

It's been a long time since my philosophy courses in college, and none of the ones I took had a focus on ethics. In the back of my mind I've been wondering if anyone has explored whether there is a disconnect between morality + ethics on the one hand and right action on the other. (Right action is meant in the plain language sense--I don't recall if it's a term of the art or not, but I suspect it is.) [more inside]
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where can i find the sheet music to this piano duet?

my partner and i want to actually BECOME these old people who played the piano duet at the Mayo Clinic (viral video here). we have looked for the sheet music for this song but can't seem to find it. Can you please help us, hive mind?
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How can I keep my sparkling wine fizzy for multiple days?

I like sparkling white wine, but it always loses most of its fizz by the second day in the fridge. Silver spoons are bogus, champagne caps are no more useful than the metal screw caps I put on, the vacuum pump things actually make it worse (they're good for non-fizzy wine). What could I use to keep my leftovers (which vary in volume) fizzy? [more inside]
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Scheduling, getting things done, motivation for trailblazing project

I am working for myself on a software project based on an idea of mine. I have no clear estimates of how long things would take, because most steps are new concepts, and I don't know how to do them off the bat. I have been trying out Scrum, but it seems the same item gets recycled week after week because it is not done yet. I have the problem of getting easily distracted, so this apparent lack of progress based on these metrics is making me lose confidence and procrastinate. I need a better way to organize myself and maintain productivity. I use Trello for managing the project and it's great, but it does not help with productivity, time estimates, WHEN to do things and how long to allocate.
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Parking in Newark for a trip to NYC?

Does it make sense to drive to Newark Airport and park there for a long weekend in New York? [more inside]
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YANMD - Urinary Tract Infection?

Hi - late 40s male here - YANMD - here are my symptoms: [more inside]
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Who lifted that balloon up into the stratosphere?

If I tie a 10N weight to a balloon and fill the balloon with helium so that the weight is lifted 100m into the air, then 1kJ of work has been done. Who did that work, and when? Who lost energy?
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In Need an Nerdy T-Shirt for Tomorrow (3.141592654...)

Okay, I'm in NYC and I need a PI related T-Shirt for Pi-Daytomorrow... Anyone know of any stores where I can get one? (It's too late for an online order)
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Document translation in Asian characters (Kanji possibly?)

I have a document with 9 Asian characters that I found in a WWII-era world atlas that belonged to my wife's grandmother (Note: it may not be Kanji; I just gave my best guess at comparing the style to things I've found on Google). I have no context around the meaning of the message, how it got there, where it was written, why, etc. I was just curious if anyone could translate it for me. Thanks.
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Examples of neighboring countries' involvement in domestic conflicts

I'm looking for historical cases in which a neighboring country has intervened militarily in a domestic conflict to support one side, ostensibly at its invitation. [more inside]
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Bed bugs and OCD

I'm just back from staying over at a friend's place. I found a bed bug. My friend suffers from OCD, and they've brought up their fears about bed bugs previously. How do I break it to them without causing a flat spin?
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What are the phases in website infrastructure development?

I am curious about the process of scaling a website from a small, shared hosting site all the way up to "one of the biggest 10 sites on the Internet" scale. I've heard terms like "dedicated hosting," "sharding the database" etc., but I'm sure there's a lot more that I haven't heard about. What changes on the backend through this process, and is there a typical order that those changes occur?
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Piano duets like Chopsticks, but not Chopsticks

Hi mefites! I would like to learn to play some piano duets with my almost six-year-old. Ideally they would have the same form as Chopsticks, that is, one player plays a more complicated, two-handed part while the other plays a very simple one-hand tune. Has anyone got any suggestions? Bonus if the piece is fun/silly etc. Classical/jazz/popular is fine. Thanks!
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Find an illustrator?

Can you help me find an illustrator I used to love and have lost track of? I'm terrible with names but she used to draw a webcomic, and I remember other things, too... [more inside]
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How to teach an old baby new tricks

Our 11 month old kid loves to be helpful and tries to copy whatever we do. Unfortunately, he's about a year or two or three away from having the physical ability to do so. So what simple things can we teach him that would be sort of helpful in doing everyday things, or at least wouldn't break stuff or actively hinder us? [more inside]
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Questions about building inspections

I'm renovating a multi-unit building. The occupancy permits were never revoked. Can I finish one unit and rent it out while finishing the others? How do I handle inspections? [more inside]
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March 12

Ceiling crack - should I still buy the house?

We went to view a house yesterday that we would love to buy - this is in England. It's a gorgeous old Victorian house built in 1877 and it has a lot of good qualities. Not so good, however, is a crack in the ceiling that runs along the length of the living room and dining room ceilings in a straight line. And the floor upstairs is kinda bouncy and squeaky around this area. [more inside]
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How can I keep my beard healthy, soft, manageable, and generally happy?

I need some advice on products I can use on my beard, because using beard oil is going to drive me to the poor house. [more inside]
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I want to learn about the history of Zen.

Alan Watts, in some of his lectures, tells stories of the experiences of Zen teachers and their students- a sort of mystic, mythic history from ages past. Are there books of these sorts of legends? [more inside]
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Fighting smelly bullies

What are less stench-inducing alternatives to bully sticks? [more inside]
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powering video card in a new computer

I bought a new computer and realized that the power supply does not have a dedicated six pin cable for my video card. It does, however, have two sata cables coming from it (like this) that are situated in reserve for an extra bay device and also an extra hard drive. Can I use an adapter to sufficient convert them as a power source for a six pin Radeon HD 6850? If so, would it require a converter for both sata connections, or just one?
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Quality paid mail hosting service for three (3!) IMAP inboxes

I'm looking for a new home for three IMAP inboxes. Each one should be able to handle up to 10-15 GB of stored mail. I want a reliable long-term service that is supported by fees rather than ads. [more inside]
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laptop / netbook / tablet suggestion

travelling out of town in 3 weeks, want to bring something with me. i'm cheap and i'm not looking for miracles. [more inside]
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Freelance writers: Should I be charging more for my work?

I'm 25 and have been in the freelance scene for about a year. I saw Igyre's question and how she was unhappy with making $25/hour. That's about what I'm making now. I'm looking for perspective and what I need to do to start charging more. [more inside]
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How fast is Australia LTE, really?

This recent report from OpenSignal boasts Australia as having the fastest 4G LTE service in the world. How big of a deal is it? I'm moving to Australia and am going to sign up for a mobile plan with Telstra, living in Sydney. The report indicates that while Australia has the fastest speeds, the coverage also isn't that consistent. So how fast is it really in daily use? And how does Telstra adapting the 2600 MHz (Oct. 2014) and 700 MHz (Jan. 2015) factor into that? I presently have a smartphone capable of HSPA+ speeds in AU and I was wondering how much I'd be missing out by not having a device capable of that LTE connectivity, even if it's only a temporary thing until I upgrade my phone.
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Help me design a (possibly steampunk) spaceship

I am writing a short story in which an unmanned spaceship crashes in a field, and I've gotten stuck when it comes to visualizing/describing the spaceship. I like the idea of a steampunk craft, though it will have lights. In case you are wondering, the overall tone I am going for is magic with a hint of sadness. Got any ideas for what it looks like on the outside or inside? What might my characters find when they explore?
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Standard Cloth supplier/others supplied?

Among the in-house brands at Urban Outfitters, I've found that "Standard Cloth" routinely puts out the kind of simple, low-key garments I actually want to buy. Is there any way to find out (or does someone know off hand) whether this creator or house does stuff for other shops under other names, or whether they have their own storefront somewhere under another name?
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What kind of fan can suck without overheating or dying?

I’d like to build an evaporative cooler for the coming summer, but I don’t want to start a fire. Will a box fan draw air through cooling pads (and possibly ducting) without overheating or worse, or should I look for any other type of fan? Squirrel-cage fan maybe? [more inside]
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Making the best interview outfit from a small closet

I have a job interview that I'm very excited about and I need some help choosing from my limited clothing options. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Help me find a camera or tool to look inside my ear

I have frequent ear problems, getting psoriasis in my ears, or impacted earwax, or sometimes a mild case of swimmers ear, or sometimes just pain due to my TMJ. My doctor and my ENT has gotten annoyed at me going in to see him so much (almost monthly) due to ear pain and usually just says my ears look fine. I need a camera to look inside my ears to see whats going on before I go to the doctor. I have watched alot of videos of peoples ear problems and done alot of research and know what what to look for and will go to the doctor if there is something wrong with my ears. I have a otoscope I bought but don't have anyone to look into it for me and I cant do it myself. Is there someway to hook it up to a camera or webcam? Or does anyone know what camera they use in this video (skip to 0:42)
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What do you look for in a good reference?

HR and people in charge of hiring new employees: What do you look for when checking applicants' references? [more inside]
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Should I do online dating? (22 year-old female)

I'm 22 years old. I have never had a boyfriend and have never been on a date. Currently I'm finishing up my undergrad and will be entering a Master program in the Fall. I think I'm fairly attractive and I do not have a super high standard. At my college, I do socialize and have a lot of friends but for some reasons, I don't know many guys and the ones I know are either already in a relationship or just not interested in me. I've thought about online dating but I don't know if I'm too young for it, if my inexperience would put me in dangerous situations, etc. I've thought about joining paid sites such as or because I thought maybe guys are more serious on those sites. However, I am still a student and my budget is limited. I'd greatly appreciate any advice anyone has for me.
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Narrowing down conception date

Is it possible to narrow down conception date to less than a week based on HCG levels? [more inside]
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Witty fake surname instead of "Tan" for Facebook?

I don't want my real surname, but I want something that would let people who know me make the connection. Ideas? [more inside]
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Picasa is dead! Help me move the bodies!

Is there a set-and-forget G+ / Picasa image collection scrape-and-republish tool? Thanks! [more inside]
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Can I negotiate this Kaiser bill?

When Obamacare happened my private pay insurance coverage changed, but I didn't really pay attention to how. After a trip to the ER last night and to the pharmacy this morning, I now know that I have a very high deductible plan. $250 ER copay (full bill to follow), $530 for two prescriptions. Meanwhile, I'm wondering if I have any room to negotiate the bill for the ER visit, especially if I am about to go to a more costly (for me) plan. Have you ever negotiated a Kaiser bill, or another HMO bill? Specific advice on how to pitch this or if it's even possible sought. [more inside]
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How do I know if my dog is suffering?

Short of raising his paw and saying, "Yo, mom, I'm ready to die," how will my dog let me know that it's time? [more inside]
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Where in the SF Bay Area can I get Pliny the Elder on tap?

Where in the SF Bay Area (including the South Bay) can I find Pliny the Elder on tap? I know about Bobby G's in Berkeley, but they've been out of it the last few times I've gone. (Is there a particular day of the week when you have to go?) I also know about this list, but it doesn't really help that much, since you can't tell which of those locations sells Pliny on tap.
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Where are virtualBox guest data saved in the host system?

Where are virtualBox guest data saved in the host system? [more inside]
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The best sewing patterns.

I'm looking for simple clothing patterns that don't scream 'homemade,' and are easily alterable. [more inside]
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Any R. Browning scholars in the house?

I am struggling to understand a line from Robert Browning's poem, The Bishop Orders His Tomb at St. Praxed's. The fourth line reads "She, men would have to be your mother once." This does not make sense to me grammatically. I did find this reference to the same problem, which recommends replacing "she" with "her", which still doesn't sound correct to me. It indicates that the line is a case of bad grammar from a dying man. Please help me understand what is being said here. TIA
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Mobile tool storage ideas

I often work on my family's cars, however I don't have a garage and have to work in the driveway or in a rented (by the hour) garage with lift. In my workshop I have the tools organized on pegboards and in drawers. That's all fine and dandy, but I've come to realize that 90% of the time I use my tools I have to chuck them in tool bags and boxes and either bring them outside or to the aforementioned garage. I want a mobile storage system where everything has its place and I can see at a glance if something's missing. Like the pegboards, I guess, only portable. [more inside]
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Help me find this funny video I saw on ebaums world Circa 2002?

I saw some funny 2 minute video basically a fake advertisement for some presumably made up company (something like rockman automatronics). The guy toured a room talking about how great the products were, but using super scientific sounding (most of probably made up) words, like "panfandeled ding alarm", and that's what made it funny, because you couldn't understand almost anything he said. At the end it said something like "you can find our rockman automatronics wherever fine electronics are sold" or something like that. Bonus points if you can source who made the funny video and why
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Please help decipher this handwritten location in Sweden

This snippet is from a petition for naturalization filed in North Dakota (USA) in 1908. It is referring to the birth place of a man born in Sweden in 1874. Anyone with more knowledge of historical Swedish parishes and/or turn-of-the-century handwriting care to help me decipher the first word? [more inside]
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San Diego - South Park Question

I will be in San Diego for the first time since the late nineties. I don't want to do the beach scene and even getting up to La Jolla isn't a priority. I want to fly in and stay two weeks at a place near Ivy Street in South Park. Can I get by without a car in this area? Can I walk to restaurants, grocery stores, etc? I understand that North Park has more to do, but I have to stay at this place in South Park. Can I get by without a car in this area? Are there buses in South Park that could easily get me downtown if needed? As always, thanks in advance!
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Ow my foot ow ow

YANMD but do you have any idea what's making my foot hurt? [more inside]
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I make $25/hour and keep thinking I could do better. Can I do better?

I'm a 35 yo woman who is, IMO, very smart and capable - but I have a very insubstantial work history. What kind of options would I have if I wanted to prioritize earning more? [more inside]
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Password paranoia

If one wanted to be paranoid about protecting access to critical accounts (bank accounts and the like) what are some steps that you can take short of building your own machine and never using it for any transactions at all other than those to the secure sites? I have used lAstpass and 1 Password for years but frankly all of the recent revelations of security breaches and key loggers and the like make me wonder if I should consider other options for critical accounts (wondering out loud: is it not likely that the password app manufacturers were not NSA's first targets?) Some accounts do not allow two step authentication.
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Smart phones with a physical keyboard

What are my options for using a smart phone with a physical keyboard (whether built-in or as an attachment)? I am on Verizon and want to stay. I would prefer to stick with Android but would consider an iPhone. I used to love the Blackberry back in the day, but I don't think I can go back. I do not want a Windows phone. Thanks!
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What does it mean for a union to be defunct but not decertified?

Acquaintances who are currently graduate employees at the University of Kansas are very worried about an administration proposal to cut the hours GTA's/GRA's can work. From what I am seeing on social media, these acquaintances and the GTA/GRA community are planning on making a lot of noise to the administration and the media with some help from sympathetic faculty and departments. Basically, pleading and threatening. But, KU apparently *has* a collective bargaining unit for graduate students, GTAC, which successfully negotiated a single contract in 2001 before apparently becoming completely marginalized. It seems like the GTA/GRA community are basically unaware that a union ever existed. But, does the GTA/GRA community not still possess the protections of having formed and certified a union? It seems that the last contract expired in 2009, but I can't find anything about GTAC decertifying. Or does decertification happen automagically after some period of non-activity or lapse of contract? I have basic knowledge of labor law and NLRB rules and have done some additional research, but I can't answer these questions for myself or my acquaintances. [more inside]
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Why does Mickey Doyle sound so familiar to this middle aged Brit?

Watching S4 Boardwalk Empire I’m struck by how much the imagery, characters and music recall childhood memories of American cartoons. Mickey Doyle’s way of speaking is really familiar to me, why is that? [more inside]
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midsummer in scandinavia: where?

I'm planning to be in Iceland this June and would love suggestions for where else I should go in Scandinavia (or the Baltic states) to spend the midsummer weekend. I'll be traveling solo and I don't know anyone there. If it helps, I'm not so much into dancing but I really like food! [more inside]
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Death-free nature documentary

We're flying with our 2.5-year old and would like to find a nature documentary or TV show for her to watch on our iPad. She doesn't watch much TV, so this is a Big Treat that will hopefully distract her for at least some of the flight. The catch: we're not ready to deal with death yet, so I'd like something without predation/disease/starvation/etc. For simplicity's sake, I'd prefer something available on iTunes, but am willing to look other places, as well. We'd also prefer to avoid mass market characters (Elmo, Mickey Mouse, etc.). Any good suggestions?
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Stopping the blame game while trying to get pregnant

Took doctor's advice and it made me worse. How do I cope with making a mistake that may prevent me from getting pregnant? [more inside]
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Last minute short road trip from Philadelphia to Boston

So I think we're going to do a last minute road trip from Philadelphia to Boston and back. Please help us plan. [more inside]
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Can you help me understand my break-up?

Can you help me understand the dynamics of my breakup? [more inside]
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How to display geographic data in an easy way?

Hi all, I have a side project in which I want to see the places I frequent on a yearly basis. I have gotten my hands on a beautiful data sheet that logs all my movements in the past year travel wise, and now I want to display that data on a map. [more inside]
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Help me not be Silda Spitzer

Met a guy, been dating him, it turns out (I think) he has a hidden life of promiscuity. Help me figure out what to do next. [more inside]
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Rates for freelance medical writing?

I have been offered some freelance medical writing work, and need help to determine a reasonable hourly rate to quote. [more inside]
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YANMD, But Is It Worth Finding One?

I am sick on vacation and need to decide if it's necessary to see a doctor. [more inside]
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Light date ideas near grand central?

First date in NYC, near grand central and the Bryant park area, weekend afternoon. Likes: animals, theatre, the arts, books. Fun and interactive things would be especially welcome. Suggestions?
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Should I buy a non-touch-screen laptop?

I've found a brand-new, well reviewed Dell laptop that I am confident will do the basic family things I need done (email, web browsing, streaming video, photo stuff, tracking finances, etc.). With my credit card points, I can get it for $268. My husband is worried that non-touch-screen laptops will be obsolete really soon, and thinks maybe we should pay more for a touch screen. I am seeing articles saying things like "in 2 years, 1/4 of all laptops will have touch screens," which makes me think mouse/touchpad and keyboard will still be viable even 5 years from now. What do you guys think?
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How do you pronounce Ouack from Make Way for Ducklings?

As in Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack and Quack. Whack or Oo-ack? Is there a definitive answer? There are many arguments for either pronunciation, but did McCloskey ever make a recording? Did anyone note the pronunciation from a reading he did?
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Any tips for getting a used Outback in Massachusetts?

Our mechanic has fixed our car from last week's question, but now I think we'll probably just get another used car. The Boston winters have convinced us we'd like something with good handling in ice and snow. We're not really SUV people. Because of their reputation for reliability (and ubiquity in the region), we're leaning towards a used Outback. Do you have any recommendations or tips 1) about buying a used car in MA generally, and 2) about buying a used Outback in particular? [more inside]
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Facebook strange

Why is FB showing different versions of the same post on different platforms? [more inside]
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Guidelines/tips for wall picture size/placement

I have a room I'd like to hang some pictures in . I'm interested to know if there are guidelines on what size and number of pictures would look best. [more inside]
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Good forums for civil political discussion

Are there any good forums for civil political discussion? Obviously flamewars and shouting matches are bad and can ruin a forum. If half the comments are jokes (like in /r/politics) that isn't good either. Then there is the issue with posters who are strongly ideological and talk past everyone else, instead of engaging their arguments. So maintaining a forum free from all of these scourges is no easy task, but do there exist any forums that have solved this problem? Basically the only one I know of is, /r/changemyview and that's because the top-level comments are only allowed to argue against the OPs post
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How to Acclimate a Cat to Bedtime Rituals

A kitty has joined my home as of 48 hours ago (photos eventually, pretty sure a coworker is on here and I need to preserve anonymity right now). She's 7 months old ish and now that she's made a fantastic turnaround from being huddled in a corner to triumphant queen of my entire apartment, I need to start getting her acclimated with some things so we set some behavior boundaries right away. Help! [more inside]
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Not that I'm going to do it or anything, but...

Is it feasible to take apart, modify, and put back together again a hair dryer so that it works in reverse, that is, become a small vacuum? I assume I would have to make the blower work backwards to become a sucker, and I would have to direct debris into a little sack and away from the blower and power source. If I were going to do it, what would I do? How much work would it be? How ugly would it be, assuming rudimentary skills and a home workshop? If it's impossible-- why?
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March 11

Virtual jobs to do while on unpaid FMLA

Where can I find some virtual office work to do while stuck at home with an injury? [more inside]
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Trying to ID 80s or early 90s music video - hard rock/hair metal

What I remember from the video: at the end, it featured a member of the band leaving a young woman's house (as if they'd just had sex), walking or driving down the block, and women from other houses on the block would come out of their houses, smile and wave at him, like he was the neighborhood gigolo. I believe it was filmed in California. Van Halen? Aerosmith? I'm drawing a blank.
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How do I store and prepare sashimi at home?

I know it won't be top notch, but I would like to prepare sashimi at home five nights a week with only one trip to the asian market per week. How can I safely prepare one batch of raw fish for a full week? [more inside]
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Books like The Game, except completely different in every way

A male friend of mine has recently learned that he's not as good at dating women as he thought he was, and wants to get better. Where can I point him for sex and relationship advice, addressed to men, but written from a feminist perspective? [more inside]
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What are some fun musical activities for two adult piano students?

My friend and I are both adult intermediate piano students. Until recently we got together once a month and we would play a duet that we would learn by ourselves beforehand. But now my schedule doesn't allow me to learn duets. We'd still like to have our get-togethers though! What kind of fun musical exercises or activities could we do at the piano that doesn't require (much) prior practice?
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Minecraft PE noob question

Hi, noob here. How do you pillar jump in minecraft pocket edition for iOS? I've seen lots of videos of people zipping up and zipping down, but I can't figure out yo to do it myself.
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I feel unable to participate in a normal, healthy dating relationship.

I am 34 years old, and for the first time in my life, I am embarking on a 'normal' relationship. My insecurities are causing me extreme anxiety, and I'd like your stories and insight and tips on what I might be being realistic about, and what I'm not. Apologies for a long explanation inside. [more inside]
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Encountering slightly odd resume requirement, please help!

I'm currently applying for a job that specifically requires applicants to include salary history and requirements within their resume. While I'm more-or-less fine with disclosing this information, I haven't seen any company make this specification before, and I don't see a lot of consistent advice on how to best go about including this info. Does anyone here have experience with something like this, and can you recommend best practices and recommended formatting?
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How does one learn to dance like this

How would I go about achieving the ability to dance like Sam Rockwell in this audition video? Is it just a matter of imitating James Brown videos or is there a particular course of study?
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This hollowed out volcano is not going to decorate itself

I am trying to get my act together. I have an average sized apartment room wall. I want to use it to plan world domination! Well really the domination of my next few years of goals and tasks. Please give me cool or creative ideas for a way to have a huge display of multiple years of calendar, lists and reminders, and events and goals. The only catch is that I cannot repaint or damage the wall in a major way. Long-winded details inside. [more inside]
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Sleeping with the enemy -- should I bother switching banks?

I was recently hired at a big commercial bank, but I personally bank at another. Should I make the switch? Does it even matter? [more inside]
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Calling all window experts for a soundproofing question

The pallet-dropping saga continues. After talking with various government employees, I finally got in touch with a person in code enforcement who stoically informed me that, since the business is zoned for agricultural, they are allowed to work 24 hours a day and do whatever they well please and there's not a thing we can do about it. [more inside]
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Soliciting Opinions on Publication Methods

I spent about five years compiling a technology timeline. It started as a class project and grew into an obsession. For a while, I was making an enormous number of Wikipedia contributions. After a while, I started posting my work to my blog . Then, I started writing "This Day in History" columns for a few paying venues. It's actually grown well beyond what's currently available on my blog. The problem is that I've grown bored of pouring time into the project. [more inside]
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Here's your work and, oh yeah, your bill ...

On Monday, I start my first non self- or under-employed job in five years. It is with a very large (4000+ employees) company that's a big player in their field, and I am very happy and grateful to have the job. But, as I'm sitting here filling out the employee paperwork I'm faced with a "New PC Employee Acceptance Form". It seems I will be issued a company laptop, but I will also be charged $70/month that "covers XXX Company's standard for PC hardware, software and maintenance". This was never discussed in my salary negotiations. Questions: Is this normal? and, Is this an expense I will be able to write off at tax time?
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Will my husband be fired for this?

Help! My husband is in deep trouble at work for meeting with me on a recent business trip. Although he had the permission of his superiors to meet me, they are still going to hold an investigative hearing, which could result in his demotion, suspension, or even termination. He has offered to provide documentation proving that our meeting was not a flagrant attempt at violating company policy, but his superiors are not interested in seeing it. In spite of his long tenure, it isn't looking too good. What can we do? [more inside]
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Please play with our new friend Mac

Please help me get staff at my PC-only workplace to *voluntarily* engage with our new desktop Mac during their breaks. [more inside]
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Ideas for tag cloud analysis

I have 600 images tagged with keywords. In addition to nice pictures of tag clouds and frequency calculations, what sort of smart, insightful analysis can I do with these data that could reveal relationships between the tags and other (more formal) data attached to the images? Any advice on software tools (Windows, preferably FOSS) would be appreciated. I have some training in statistics and I have actually done textual statistics before but only briefly so I'm not familiar with the current tools and methods.
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What to serve for dinner for ~18 people?

More people are coming than I expected. [more inside]
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Developing feelings for a 'friend' - did I do bad?

I started a postgraduate course 3 months ago and there was a girl who stood out a fair bit. There were various issues that stopped me from considering dating her so I went down the friend route. She seemed interested in me at first - we ended up being alone together twice on nights out with others from the class, walking around London and the river, but I, not interested in any kind of intimacy, kept these meetings platonic. It's only recently that I've gotten myself together mentally, gotten to know her better and decided I like what I see - am I too late? What should I do to move from a new friendship back to that stage of 'initial attraction'? [more inside]
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What are your favorite book blogs?

I'm looking for some good book blogs in the style of Forever Young Adult, which I adore, but which are focused on adult literature. What I like about Forever Young Adult is the informal style and frequent reviews of new books I might not otherwise hear about - the book blogs I know of are more focused on author interviews or commentary, and tend to take themselves more seriously than I would like. [more inside]
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How to seduce a wild parrot?

A feral parrot (technically, a rose-ringed parakeet (Psittacula krameri), has started visiting the plumeria tree outside my front door this week. My housemate and I used to wish that some of the wild parrots that have been naturalized in Hawai`i would come and move into our yard. Now that one has, how do we seduce it to stay? We live in the city, so any regular bird feed would be devoured in seconds by doves and pigeons. We have a couple trees in the yard (pomegranate, palms, mango, plumeria, some Asian citrus thing), so there's nice habitat already.
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Recommendations for dancing in Los Angeles

Where can I go dancing in Los Angeles? [more inside]
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What movie or TV show was I watching with a character named Lisi?

I doubt it was anything very esoteric and probably streamed from Netflix or HBOGO. Thanks!
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Short Term / Interim Health Insurance in New York

I've just moved back to New York from Europe. My European health plan (which covers me for emergencies while I'm in the US) is going to run out in ten days. I am starting a US job with health insurance coverage within the next month or so. Where can I buy coverage for the next month or two to bridge the gap? [more inside]
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Algorithms for color balancing images?

I have a system that records transmitted light images of samples in three colors by sequential illumination with red, green, and blue LEDs. This works for acquiring color images, but the overall color balance is off. I want to write code for color balancing these images, using data acquired from a reference target (like this). I want this to be part of an open source project, so existing tools in photoshop and similar programs aren't helpful to me. So far, I haven't found a good reference for how to do this; can someone recommend one to me? [more inside]
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Giant uploads - how, who, what, where?

How can I upload large amounts of data, like 5 to 50 GB worth of files to a specific server, such as YouTube or my own FTP server? [more inside]
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Buy a condo/loft without joining a HOA in LA or San Francisco?

Is such a thing even possible? I have always rented apartments and am now looking into purchasing a loft, preferably, in either San Francisco or Los Angeles. I really have no interest in then paying for "rent" to some HOA at around $400/month. Is there a reasonable way to not do so, or does it entail looking for solo owned places which are probably really expensive? I'm hoping to keep it around 500k total. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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How to become a better knitter in general and Knitting Socks on circular

So I have been knitting on and off for years. I took a few classes. I am in grad school now and I want to pick up the sticks again for stress relaxation. I have made a hat and I made socks for women from this DVD Basically knitting on two circulars. I never did a gauge for those socks and it just worked out. When I tried to alter and make the socks for men I got the wrong fit and my stitches were not consistent. I guess because I have been on and off with my knitting. So how do I become a better knitter??, I know the basics, but how do I make my knitting look good, "pretty", consistent and could give as a gift?Should I just start with a scarf again- sounds boring! And, for knitting on 2 circulars how do I do the gauge? do you do the gauge in the round? any links to swatching in the round is much appreciated. I want to pick up the sticks but my perfectionism is getting in the way ;(
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Keeping relationship with my dad, minus one of his kids?

I think my half-sister has some sort of personality disorder, and I want to limit her involvement in my life going forward. But I still want to have a relationship with our mutual father... [more inside]
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Why do we have order of operations in arithmetic?

Why do we have order of operations rules in arithmetic instead of just strictly evaluating expressions from left to right (possibly with parenthesis for grouping if we really wanted to change the order)?
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coworker's dog bit my dog, what to say?

A coworker's dog was acting incredibly viciously at the dog park and bit my dog,  causing puncture wounds. What should I say to this guy about what happened, and should I offer any advice about handling his dog? [more inside]
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What urban adventure should I look into?

I have been reading up on walking around Los Angeles as an "urban thru-hike." What urban thru-hike/scavenger hunt would you recommend for your city or a city you've visited? [more inside]
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Resources for finding rentals in SE PA

Hi there! My fiance, stepdaughter and cat are finally ready to tangibly start looking for places to live on our own! Yay! I'm looking for websites/resources I can go to besides craigslist, the newspaper, and the regular websites that pop up on the first page when you google about renting. Does anyone know of any other places to find rental listings? Thanks in advance!
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Finger Lakes Fun

We're spending three days in Watkins Glen. Yes, I know it's kind of silly to be taking a vacation in the Finger Lakes in winter. We're looking to visit wineries, breweries, distilleries, and great restaurants. In terms of wineries, it'd be best if we could find a place that didn't serve just sweet wines but some actually decent wines. If the weather allows, we'd like to do some hiking, too (we know it will be muddy). We know nothing of the area, so any advice you have would be much appreciated. Thanks.
posted by (Arsenio) Hall and (Warren) Oates at 11:23 AM PST - 17 comments

If everything is temporary anyway, how do I keep caring?

I'm in my mid-thirties - professionally successful, non-sociopath, etc.. When I look behind me, though, my past is littered with the corpses of dead friendships. Two part question: 1. Is this normal? 2. If so, how do I maintain my optimism about current and future friendships? Details inside. [more inside]
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Where should I travel in Europe?

My wife and I are planning a trip to Europe in the fall (late September-early October). The general idea is to visit half a dozen cities for three or four days each. I've never been anywhere on mainland Europe apart from Paris (twice), so I'm pretty open to suggestion in terms of which cities to visit (aside from Paris, which I think we'll skip this time). So what I want to know is, what are your favourite European cities to visit, and why?
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Finding release dates for film automatically.

I have a list of films as a text file. Is there a website which would allow me to import the list and assign release dates probably using an IMDb api? [more inside]
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Help me vanquish my green-eyed monster!

How can I stop feeling envy about my friends' successes? [more inside]
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Help with career ideas

I'm a freelance translator who wants to transition into employment. How can I go about this, and what should/could I do next? [more inside]
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The Case of the Disappearing Psychiatrist

I've been calling my psychiatrist since last week to attempt to set up an appointment. I haven't encountered an actual human's voice, nor have I been directed to voicemail. I've tried calling both of her offices repeatedly with no success (and with no way of leaving a message). What do I do now? [more inside]
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Alternative Bar Mitzvah?

Kid BlahLaLa's getting to be around bar mitzvah age and I want to know what alternative, newfangled options there are out there. Is there any kind of modern bar mitzvah movement happening? Alternative bar mitzvahs? Hipster bar mitzvahs? [more inside]
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Retroreflective motorcycle

Say I think retroreflective tape looks great and provides awesome visibility. If I were to cover a motorcycle (e.g. the flat painted surfaces) with this tape, would I need to be concerned that it would reflect too much light and blind other drivers?
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I need a nice ladder. Where do I find this?

I need a nice folding ladder that can be used in a library with nine-foot ceilings. I don't think we have the room or the budget for one with rails. Everything I see is short, metal, or ugly. Where can I find a nice ladder that can fold up, doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and looks okay in a library.
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Help me find a warm puffy coat for NEXT winter.

Please help me find a warm, puffy and DISCOUNTED coat for next winter! [more inside]
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Can't ... Get ... Sick ...

Help me stay as healthy as I can as my life gets even crazier! [more inside]
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How can I be less needy?

My about 15-year marriage is in severe difficulty. A big part of this is me being too needy. My wife and I knew I was needy before we got married, but both thought that getting married would fix it. It hasn't. I'm taking an antidepressant, and we are in therapy and both committed to staying together. I've read some other answers on AskMi, and am following up with some book recommendations, but I feel like I need more help. [more inside]
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Can we have the house we want near Boston on our budget?

We like the modern amenities, but hate the lack of charm of nearby tear-downs. Could we get what we want in a custom build within our budget? [more inside]
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Stumpy calves 101

How can I elongate and flatter my stumpy legs? Looking for exercise and fashion tips. [more inside]
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I'm on warm milk and laxatives. Cherry-flavored antacids.

I've had health issues my entire life. I'm approaching my mid twenties and it's time to accept the fact that I'll likely never be 100% healthy. How do I do this? [more inside]
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I feel like I'm stuck in a moment.

I’m currently broken up with a woman I’ve been in an on and off relationship with for the last 4 years and I want to finally close the door, let go and move on. [more inside]
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have no seafaring experience, what to read in order to write about it?

Please help me understand seaworthiness so I can write about it. [more inside]
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How to increase absorption of magnesium?

Is my birth control hindering magnesium absorption? [more inside]
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TEFL in the UK.

I am looking for an additional income source, and understand that combining a home stay with teaching English as a second language is a possibility, because it is relatively well paid and there is a fair amount of work available where I am (Oxford, UK). Has anyone done this? Are the above assumptions correct? What teaching qualifications are required? There is not a lot of info that I can find on the language teaching websites. Thanks.
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The Big 3-0

I have a friend who is turning 30 at the end of this week. She's still quite a new friend, but I really like her and I think we'll probably have quite a long-lasting friendship, and so would like to get her a thoughtful gift. The thing is, I absolutely SUCK at choosing gifts, even for my closest friends/family, and the thought of it stresses me out. Ideas? [more inside]
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March 10

Is this offensive: cover letter edition.

I want to sell my experience as a teacher in urban, diverse, low-income communities, both in terms of commitment and know-how. Is there a better of way of saying that I have taught student populations in urban, diverse, low-income communities? [more inside]
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how to build a mountain bike for speed

i ride a trail in melbourne called westerfolds. it is a 5km switchy trail, short climbs, short descents. I am riding a scott spark dual suspension carbon fibre, which is a beautiful bike. but my feeling is that something tailored for the ride would be quicker again. so i want to build something that will do the trick. extra note, i love climbing so i guess focus is on getting weight down for the final product. this is an exercise in what is possible, as well as i just want to get quick. please give me any technical suggestions? mostly i just want a front suspension with light wheels, but is there any other trick? [more inside]
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DIY Furniture Question

I want to paint this. For various reasons, stripping it first is out. How to get the best paint job? [more inside]
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LA Rental Market - Month-to-Month normal, or strange?

West-side LA Rental question: My first year's lease is up. I asked my property manager about renewing, and the manager told me, "oh, once your 12mo is up, you just go month-to-month, no contract." What's going on here? [more inside]
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Health insurance question

What is the difference between "Allowed Amount" and "Co-pay" on an Explanation of Benefits? [more inside]
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The Santa Barbara of Florida -- does it exist?

Aside from Miami, does Florida have any place that has a culture not predominantly catering to retirees, families, or tourists? I'm an early thirties guy looking to spend a weekend somewhere in the state with a friend that's interesting, authentic, and youthful. Being near water is a nice to have, but not a requirement. [more inside]
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Do grades in PhD program matter?

I got a B+ in one of my first-year statistics PhD courses last semester (measure-theoretic probability theory) thanks to botching one question on my final. I'm a bit concerned because this is in my area of interest. Now I've heard grades don't matter in PhD programs, but at the same time, I feel like I should have an A in this class if I'm doing research in the field (and if I have to teach this type of class if I become a professor). I'm thinking about retaking this class in my fourth or fifth year when I'm done with all my other courses. Or should I not bother? If it helps, I may get an A in the 2nd semester of the course sequence and have A or A- (I know A- isn't that great in grad school) grades in everything else. I just want to avoid getting grilled by professors in my department about grades, lol.
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Things to do in Manhattan with a tiny baby

I'm on maternity leave and my baby is just over two months old. It's been such a cold winter that I haven't taken him out as much as I'd like, but now that we're heading into spring and I only have a few weeks left, I'd like to try to do one short fun thing a day. Please give me your suggestions for easy one-shot explorations in Manhattan. [more inside]
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Is this what a midlife crisis looks like?

I'm thinking about buying a used Stella scooter. I have questions. [more inside]
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Short trips from Jakarta

I have a round-trip ticket to Jakarta for a week in early May but have no plans beyond seeing the city for a day or two. What sort of excursions to worthwhile places can I take from Jakarta as either day trips, or up to 3-4 nights? (I'd prefer not to fly anywhere as I'll only be in that region for a week, but I would be willing to take bus/boat/train rides of up to 4 or 5 hours from Jakarta.) Thanks!
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Funny movies about sadness?

What are some movies that make light of sadness or hard times in a non-mean-spirited way? [more inside]
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Five Love Langues: Legit? If so, what the heck is mine?

I have two questions about the "five love languages" paradigm (from Gary D. Chapman's books). 1. Is there any evidence backing it up (ie, academic studies)? 2. I am asking this because it doesn't "feel true" to me. That is, I can't for the life of me figure out which love language is mine; I think I have them all. I have taken quizzes, but they have been unhelpful. So, if this is a real thing, how else might I try to figure out what my love language is?
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Motorcycles, Death and the DMV

Background: I was in the middle of doing a mild restoration on my little brother's bike two years ago (2000 ZX-7R) when he died very unexpectedly. I don't know what to do with it now and just realized that it hasn't been registered since 2008. [more inside]
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How to stop these doubts about whether I am over-sensitive

Based on previous MeFi advice, I'm limiting my contact with my parents. Dad is reacting angrily. I'm fine with that and generally feel fantastic, but I have moments of wondering if I am too sensitive (as he claims) and whether I over-react in situations where everyone else would shrug it off. How to stop these doubts? [more inside]
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What was it like going on anti-anxiety medication?

What was it like going on anti-anxiety medication? Questions about people's experiences [more inside]
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Luggage Removal from a Commercial Aircraft--How Does It Work?

When someone checks in for a flight but doesn’t board, how do airlines locate their luggage to remove it from the aircraft? [more inside]
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What do I need to be a bedroom / no plans on going public / turntablist?

I am obsessed with DJ Yoda, who is a pretty famous turntablist DJ. Example of his work In a nutshell, he takes either existing music or beats he creates on his own and mixes it with dialogue samples from other music, tv shows, movies, etc.....Add some scratching and all that type of stuff. I wanna learn how to do that. What do I need? [more inside]
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How much help is too much? Student edition

At what point do I tell a student to stop asking questions? [more inside]
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What does it say?

Can the hive mind take a look at the picture of this necklace and see if the back of it is calligraphy of some sort? It looks like Arabic or Persian. If so, does anyone know what it says? Here's the picture.
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High-res CCTV, viewable on an iPhone and recording on motion

I just bought a Swann system, the DVR9-4200 with PRO-642 cameras. I've been extremely disappointed with both the image quality and the system reliability, so it's going back. [more inside]
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Why am I suddenly on the world's creepiest mailing list?

A couple weeks ago I randomly received an email from what appeared to be a "disposable" email address ( It contained a number of "tinypic" image links, none of which I followed, along with some incredibly creepy text that compelled me to report it to the NCMEC CyberTipline. I'd assume it was a fluke, but for the fact that both my primary email addresses ended up BCCed on this nonsense. How worried should I be? How did this happen? Is this "type" of email part of a known scam? [more inside]
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Someone's keen.

I almost dated someone but complicated circumstances left us with no choice but to remain friends. Despite this, she still flirts with me continuously. How do I deal with that? A slight snowstorm inside. [more inside]
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Buying materials for my job through my own company?

I work for a medium size 40 employee company in a management capacity. I'm responsible for purchasing equipment and software. What sort of legal issues could arise from purchasing the equipment myself and reselling it to the company? [more inside]
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Help me become more vegetarian without losing muscle

I am thinking of scaling back my factory farm meat intake and eating only the happy cows who are given hugs and sunshine every day. Complicating factor is I like a LOT of protein to support my lifting, and I'd never be able to afford as much $7+/lbs meat as I need to support that intake. I would like to hear the experiences of weight-lifting semi-omnivores on how they made this work for them. Bonus question: if I'm cutting out factory farmed meat, should I cut out eggs, fish, and whey protein too, or are the conditions that produce those a little less horrible? [more inside]
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· · · – – – · · · Need help de-coding American morse code

I need help translating this morse code message into English! [more inside]
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Seeking stories of personal transformation

I'm seeking stories of personal transformation. Those who overcame their depression and lack of focus to become a driven and motivated person. [more inside]
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I need to buy a used vehicle that can tow a boat. Suggestions?

Help me find my best options for late-model used cars that have a reasonably decent towing capacity. [more inside]
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Can anyone identify this knitting stitch pattern?

I saw a lightweight, open stitch sweater I'd like to reverse engineer/recreate, but I can't identify the stitch pattern. Help? [more inside]
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Reliable information about pregnancy

I am looking for sources of reliable, science-based information about food / exercise / medication / etc during pregnancy. [more inside]
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Educate me on yarn please

How the hell do people knit with/wear wool without wanting to scream from the scratchy awfulness? How can I tell from squeezing a ball of yarn whether or not it will be a good yarn to knit with in terms of comfort and longevity, etc. [more inside]
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I need a "thoughtful" thank-you gift for a person that I don't know well

Last week, a friend-of-a-friend let me crash on his couch after my late-night flight home got cancelled at the last minute. I don't know him very well, but I'd like to get him a small gift as a token of my gratitude. I'd like to get something that's a bit more unique (and less "corporate") than a fruit basket, and would rather avoid cash or cash-equivalents. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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How to sell a classic car?

I'm trying to help my Dad figure out what to do with a 1930 Studebaker Erskine that's been sitting in a garage since 1986. We aren't really car people and we don't know what we're doing. [more inside]
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Goodbye, XP...hello photo-optimized desktop?

So. I guess they're finally going to pry XP out of my hands after all. As long as I'm updating, I'm thinking of getting a new desktop which would be used primarily for photo editing and storage. Advice? Special snowflake stuff inside. [more inside]
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How to install an HP Laserjet 1012 on new Dell w/ Win 7 Professional?

Greetings: Does anyone know a quick work-around for installing an HP Laserjet 1012 printer on a new Dell running on Windows 7 Professional? I have the original set up disk for the printer, but that doesn't work (and I don't get an explanatory error message). HP's website says that it is not supplying a driver for this printer for Windows 7. I am guessing that there is a work-around for this, and that someone out on the green might know what this is. I'd be grateful! Thanks!
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How does a mid twenties female BA grad get a job in marketing?

How can I increase my chances of getting a lower level marketing position (coordinator, PR, etc)? Bonus marks, walk me through the process as if I'm dumb to see if there's anything I'm overlooking or point me towards resources to help me sound more professional. [more inside]
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My soon-to-be 3-year-old daughter is pretty timid, physically. It's nothing crippling or even worrisome, but still…c'mon kid, geez, just jump! You'll be fine! [more inside]
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New Cat - Male or Female?

We are about to move into a much larger home than we currently live. We already have one amazing cat but we are 90% certain we will want to add to our brood once we are settled into our new home, but.... do we get a male cat or a female cat? [more inside]
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Am I in danger?

Total snowstorm inside, in short my roommate for the next month has very, very different worldviews from me, does things I find offensive and might have access to a gun. He does not know that I am transgendered. [more inside]
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I'm moving out, new tenants want to move in early, should they pay?

New tenants want to move in 3 days early and don't want to pay for the extra days. [more inside]
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Seeking information on this hand bell made in India

Bought this bell at a flea market a few years ago. What's it used for and what's its age? Do you think it's valuable? It's a brass casting and has a marking "MADE IN INDIA" done with a hand punch. Also, the initials MB done in the same manner. Another picture.
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Lucky shirt.

What are your favorite relatively realistic love poems? Modern poets especially appreciated. [more inside]
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