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March 31

I have a DSL connection. Vimeo lags more often than Youtube.

I have a DSL connection. Vimeo lags more often than Youtube. Why? Is there something I can do? Chrome over Windows 7. Firefox secondary. AdBlock used.
posted by maggieb at 10:05 PM PST - 6 comments

Anxiety and Coping With Yelling

My sister yells a lot and it makes me very tense and anxious. [more inside]
posted by Cybria at 9:53 PM PST - 17 comments

Using photos that aren't yours

Someone asked to use photos I took at their event to give to the media, and then used them on their Facebook page without asking me. I need to calibrate my anger and response. [more inside]
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How to tell an older couple that I think they're just awesome?

I'm casual friends with a wonderful couple. They're both about 15 years older than me. We're not really close friends and we only see each other about once a month, but I have a lot of respect and admiration for them, both individually and as a couple. They go above and beyond doing good deeds for people in our social circle, they mentor two teenagers, and they just seem like happy people who have it together. As a queer woman, I don't have a lot of models of great older women in healthy relationships, and they're exactly that! In thinking about what I want for myself in the future, I think about the lives they live and the kind of people they are. Is there a way to let them know how much I admire them without making a big, awkward deal about it? [more inside]
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How can I create a hotel bed from the Mandarin Oriental?

Hello. I am a bed novice. I didn't know what a duvet or pillow sham was until I was like 25 (I grew up poor). Actually I'm still not sure what those are. But I recently stayed at the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas and fell into bed heaven. At first, I thought the bed was too soft because you can press down into it. But it actually gave tons of support. And the pillows were awesome. They were long and Euro? Anyway does anyone who supplies their bed stuff or how I can come close to recreating it without spending a million dollars?
posted by KimikoPi at 8:29 PM PST - 11 comments

Looking for tips on nanny hiring from those in the know.

I need to hire a nanny. I've got over 30 applicants to an ad on one of the big caregiver websites, and I'm working on setting up interviews with a couple of the applicants. I need your help so I don't screw up and hire someone I'm going to regret for a really important job. [more inside]
posted by treehorn+bunny at 8:01 PM PST - 33 comments

Which branch of law enforcement handles cross-border crime?

I recently bought a laptop over eBay that turned out to have a faulty monitor. The seller lives in NYC - I live in Toronto, Canada. I sent it back to him (paying the return shipping out of pocket) and left negative feedback because he was rude and condescending to me on the phone when I was making the shipping arrangements. (May be a teeny-bit NSFW for language below the cut.) [more inside]
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How much should we pay the cat-sitter?

The lady friend and I live in Los Angeles and are going away for about a week. We are looking for someone, probably a law student, to come stay with our kittens and take care of them. How much should we offer to pay? [more inside]
posted by heisenberg at 7:16 PM PST - 16 comments

Pursuing a Platonic Friendship

So I am in an extended academic program meaning almost all of my friends have graduated and moved on and I know only a handful of people in my current city. I have always been very shy and since the departure of my friends I have been making every effort to be a more social, friendly, and outgoing person. I have been doing an OK job but sometimes stumble as I feel very awkward initiating friendships of either sex and I really need help with this one. [more inside]
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Are there new cars that have relatively even pedal heights?

We need to get a new car where the brake pedal and the gas pedal are approximately the same height. We're located in the US. So far almost all of the cars we've tried have a rather substantial height difference between the brake and the gas (some as much as 2"). I'm looking for within 1/2" difference. Does anyone know of a late model cars that have a small difference in pedal height? [more inside]
posted by NormieP at 6:42 PM PST - 10 comments

Murphy bed advice?

Any advice on buying a Murphy bed? [more inside]
posted by ian1977 at 6:12 PM PST - 8 comments

Front passenger speaker and window switch broke but power lock didnt

The front passenger speaker and window control stopped working on my Ford Crown Victoria. The front passenger power lock switch is working fine. The window itself works normally and I can lower it from the driver side control panel. I had to take the whole dashboard apart earlier to replace a heater core so I unplugged a lot of wires. What did I miss when putting it back together? Where do I look?
posted by racecar at 6:04 PM PST - 1 comment

Choosing a dwarf fruit tree for a garden

I have a large container in my back yard that I want to use for a dwarf tree. The container is at least 3 by 3 feet and gets full sun. It's very important that the tree stay short - four feet is best, five feet would be ok. I want to get tasty fruit from it. I want it to stay healthy and require minimal maintenance. Please give me species recommendations and tips. [more inside]
posted by bq at 6:01 PM PST - 19 comments

Recommend me some museums, galleries, and art spaces in Stockholm?

My goal is to get up to speed -- and then keep up with -- the art, design, architecture, and fashion scenes in Stockholm. I moved here recently and am curious if people can recommend galleries, museums, and anything else I should follow for interesting shows, interesting new artists, speaker tours, that sort of thing, ideally relating to the above, but I'm also open to anything else :) In a bigger city like London or NY there are obvious tons of galleries and museums that constantly have great exhibits...I don't expect Stockholm to be at that level, but people always talk about "Swedish design" and I am curious to get into it, as well as art and architecture. I realize that leaves it open but mainly I care about galleries, museums, and other spaces where innovative creation is being displayed, and less about the medium (though architecture, photography, and haute cotoure type fashion are three specific interests...though you wouldn't know it from how I dress :). I think this question is a bit rambly but hopefully the "spirit" of it was conveyed. Thanks in advance!
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Foolish Comment Ruins Chance With Amazing Woman

I recently met an amazing, smart woman. On our third date, I made a stupid comment that offended her. I made it worse by trying to cover myself. I really want to salvage this situation and see this woman again. [more inside]
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How can I get tickets to a sold-out play in London?

I'm going to London in May, and desperately want to see a play that's sold out for its entire run. What's the best way to get a single ticket? I'm not concerned about cost. [more inside]
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Writing spot in Lower Manhattan or upper Brooklyn

When I lived in Chicago, there was a great late-night coffee shop called New Wave Cafe in Logan Square that was perfect for after-work writing. I've been having a hard time finding a similar spot since moving to NYC. It doesn't need to be a coffee shop, but it does need to be well-lit enough that I can read, and calm enough that I won't be seen as preventing the establishment from doing business. Bonus points if the place has a neighborhood-y feel with a friendly staff. I live in Greenpoint, work in SoHo, and usually commute via bicycle over the Williamsburg Bridge. Any suggestions, Metafilter?
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I want to install Windows XP on my Mac using Parallels, but I am Failing

Dell says I can't use my OS disks to install Windows on my Mac. Is this true? [more inside]
posted by jefficator at 3:27 PM PST - 7 comments

Stupid phobia

I have an embarassing phobia which I'd like to get rid of. [more inside]
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OKC's Kiss/Kill/Marry

Have you (or someone you know) been successful with individuals who are a low match for you on OKC? I consider low to be below '80% Match'. This is assuming you've both answered at least a 100 questions. Success I consider to be at least a few months of going out. I'm trying to get a sense of whether it is reasonable to ignore contact from low-matching individuals or if those scores are just meaningless once you get to know someone in person. Should you give that person a shot or is it a waste of time? I'm not so much concerned with the friend or enemy score.
posted by who squared at 3:14 PM PST - 32 comments

Pomodoro Software that Automatically Loops

Hi, I was wondering if someone could recommend Pomodoro software that automatically cycles instead of having to click on the "start" each time a pomodoro finishes? That way you could have 3-4 Pomodoros (and breaks) chained in sequence and not have to start the timer each time. Recommendations for flexible timer software would also also work, I suppose. I'm looking for something for Windows. Thanks!
posted by The ____ of Justice at 2:23 PM PST - 3 comments

Is there a good iOS/Andriod app for car mileage tracking?

I'm iPhone, wife is Android, and we both use both of the family cars. Is there a good service, with smartphone apps for both platforms (or web interface that plays nicely with a low-end Android device and i5) for entering the current mileage, gallons purchased, price, ect for tracking fuel costs for each vehicle? I'd like to do what my dad did with a notebook in the glove compartment, but with the math and cloud-sync goodness parts handled by the pocket computers. Maybe this is a job for a Google Docs spreadsheet?
posted by Steve3 at 2:23 PM PST - 6 comments

Increased anxiety at night

I tend to get increased anxiety in the evening, hoping for advice or explanations for what might be causing it. [more inside]
posted by Dynex at 1:10 PM PST - 17 comments

WTH is a Paypal sending (not spending) limit?

Had a payment through Paypal declined due to reaching "sending limit." What is that and how to handle? [more inside]
posted by Ginesthoi at 12:51 PM PST - 10 comments

What iOS software do we need for a small resale business?

Starting a small business of one-of-a-kind items and looking for an iOS software package for inventory and sales. [more inside]
posted by LarryC at 12:46 PM PST - 2 comments

Therapeutic Faith.

Do you have faith in your therapist's sense of certainty? [more inside]
posted by mild deer at 12:43 PM PST - 21 comments

Keep Water Off My Bathroom Counter

The counter for my bathroom sink sits below the level of the counter (picture). When the water is turned off, or the soap dispenser used, water dripping off hands gets all over the counter and eventually runs to the edge of the counter onto the floor. I want this to stop. The fix for the faucet is to find a new faucet. But I'm not sure what to do about the soap dispenser. [more inside]
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Catholics singing in the street on Easter?

I was awakened at 6:30 am by around hundred people - some in robes carrying large banners - and a band with loud drums, all proceeding down my street and singing something in a foreign language. What was it all about? [more inside]
posted by theraflu at 12:04 PM PST - 11 comments

What are the physical effects of regular computer usage?

What are the physical effects of regular computer usage? I'm looking for good, recent, resources that answer this question, preferably that are empirical/science-based and understandable to someone who has a basic, non-professional understanding of anatomy. [more inside]
posted by scribbler at 11:59 AM PST - 2 comments

Psychological implications of bigotry

What happens psychologically to people who fight or confront bigotry for longer periods of time? Are there any studies about depression, PTSD or self-esteem issues? How do anti bigotry/discrimination organizations help their members with these problems?
posted by Foci for Analysis at 11:43 AM PST - 8 comments

Confined to a bed. Any good educational DVDs/webseries/audiobooks?

I've got some good books to read, and I've got plenty of entertainment-oriented movies to watch. But all day in bed is a long time and I'd like to mix it up with some good educational content. The only examples I have are Khan Academy and Simon Schama's The Power of Art. I'm open to most subjects (although I'd definitely like to get some history in there). For my tastes, TED talks feel a little disposable, and a lot of youtube educational series are presented with kind of hyper "edutainment" style that I find exhausting. Can anyone recommend some stuff that they've enjoyed?
posted by Anonymousness at 11:26 AM PST - 22 comments

Get me up to speed on baseball as quickly as possible

So I've decided, for various reasons, that I'd like to follow baseball this year. What can I read to get up to speed ASAP? [more inside]
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Mac shows Time Maching but not External HD

Reinstalled Snow Leopard but ejected my external drive before this. Then, when done, plugged back in via USB as my usual custom....and Time Machine still shows up, but the External Seagate drive does not. I made sure that in Finder/Preferences that the external disc box as others was checked. I tried a different cord, and different port. I opened up Disc Utility and the External HD's partioned Time Machine is available but the other part, now renamed something else (a default name from manufacturer?) is greyed out and I cannot touch it. Any thoughts? Should i now go to the boot disc of Snow Leopard? Not sure why TM shows but the rest does not.
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What's this short story about an owl(?) leading animals into darkness?

I have a memory of a short story I read years ago that no-one else seems to recollect. It featured animals as the main characters - mainly farmyard/woodland types. They become followers of a leader (an owl/cockerel?), who leads them to pastures new. The leader wants to remain in tight control, so he leads them underground(?) and emerge in a "new" land, but one where it is constantly in darkness. [more inside]
posted by Petrot at 11:12 AM PST - 3 comments

Masters in maths? Difficulty level: Have bachelors in graphic design

Dear Mefites, a long time ago I got a degree in graphic design but never worked in the industry. Along the way I somehow (don't remember how or why or when) became interested in math and I finished a graduate diploma in maths as a distance learning course in my free time. I am considering applying for masters programmes in maths or related subjects but ... can I? Should I? [more inside]
posted by Cat Set Go at 11:08 AM PST - 10 comments

Can you help me find a public radio story?

A few weeks ago, public radio aired a report about a relocation program for families from unsafe neighborhoods. The reporter focused on difficulties participants had adjusting to their new neighborhoods, like unspoken conventions about street parking. [more inside]
posted by roger ackroyd at 11:08 AM PST - 2 comments

Identify this Bug!!

I've seen half a dozen of these bugs in my apartment of late. What are they and should I be worried?
posted by eggman at 9:32 AM PST - 6 comments

How do I stop being so paranoid about my bike being stolen?

I live in San Francisco and just started biking. Whenever I bike somewhere and lock up out of sight, I start worrying about my bike being stolen. I know it won't actually suck that much when it happens (I'll be pissed, then get a new bike). How do I stop thinking of my bike as "that expensive popular-to-steal thing I just left outside oh no?" [more inside]
posted by c'mon sea legs at 9:11 AM PST - 22 comments

Please recommend a luthier or guitar technician in NYC

I am seeking a truly excellent luthier/guitar tech in New York City, preferably Manhattan, specializing in acoustic instruments and capable of doing advanced woodwork. [more inside]
posted by spitbull at 8:42 AM PST - 5 comments

Is everything closed for Easter where you are? Has it always been?

Hi, having recently returned to my home state of Indiana, I'm noticing things are still a bit different here (e..g it's like the last state in which you can't buy alcohol on Sundays). So I'm wondering if this is Hoosier specific too. Everything is closed today (excepting some restaurants). Is this a national thing? Has it always been so, and I just never noticed? Christmas, sure. New Year's Day, yep. But Easter?
posted by leotrotsky at 8:31 AM PST - 64 comments

quick reliable dose of world news everyday?

What website/ podcast/ youtube channel can I consistently follow everyday to know world news? [more inside]
posted by atetrachordofthree at 8:30 AM PST - 18 comments

How to stop dwelling on my previous unpleasant relationship

I'm in a happy relationship but still have thoughts about my previous unhappy relationship. Sometimes it's worry that the current one will go sour like the previous one, and sometimes I actually wish the previous one had worked, even though it was toxic. How do I stop this and just focus on the present? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:03 AM PST - 8 comments

Hand Injury

I fell badly yesterday, and ever since my right hand has been alternating between quite painful and fine. Do I really need to go to the doctor on Easter Sunday? [more inside]
posted by tooloudinhere at 7:10 AM PST - 7 comments

How to stop voice overs.

ABC shows suddenly have annoying voice overs narrating. What gives? [more inside]
posted by archimago at 6:28 AM PST - 3 comments

Cocktail party linguistics

How come that various forms of the verb "to be" have different degrees of similarity across German/English/Romance languages? The third person singular ist/is/est seems to have an obvious common root, whereas I don't see it jump out on me for bin/am/suis at all, and in other forms it seems like German and French are close with English the odd one out (sind/sommes/are), which I found puzzling given that I usually think of English as the bastard child of these two.
posted by themel at 6:08 AM PST - 6 comments

Can you identify this object / game / toy / mysterious item? [pictures!]

I can't figure out what this strange thing is. It resembles a set of dominoes with unfamiliar symbols on them. I'm sure someone out there will recognize it immediately. Thanks! picture 1 picture 2 picture 3
posted by crazylegs at 6:05 AM PST - 10 comments

What's your "go-to" salad?

Inspired by this post, I'm working on my own "go-to" salad that I'll always be able to make. The criteria are: "fresh ingredients you can get in most stores, which you will never tire of, and can eat twice a week for the rest of your life." Do you have a "go-to" salad or something similar? - I'm looking for inspiration here so the more unusual/personal the better!
posted by Another Fine Product From The Nonsense Factory at 6:04 AM PST - 73 comments

How to reinstall windows 8 on a preloaded asus zenbook

I recently bought an asus zenbook UX32VD-R43317, and I would quite like to replace the hard drive in it, reinstalling windows in the process, but I don't seem to have any way of doing so. [more inside]
posted by theyexpectresults at 2:18 AM PST - 3 comments

How to avoid communication with the girl before the first date?

I met a girl at a bar and I want to know how to avoid chatting with her all week before our first date. [more inside]
posted by Atlantic at 1:36 AM PST - 26 comments

Explain NAS and file servers to me like I'm five years old. And dim.

I currently have a tangle of external drives hooked to my HTPC. Serving that stuff via UPnP is okay, but I'd like to move my files to a separate device that would then be able to make them available to a motley assortment of devices. Thing is, I'm woefully ignorant about networking and file sharing, having never so much as set up a shared Windows folder. I need help coming up with a game plan. [more inside]
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March 30

Kickstart Poetry book or Submit manuscirpt?

I'm a poet. A pretty good one, occasionally. I've always been a coward when it comes to going for publication, and with April being National Poetry Month it seems an appropriate time to take submitting seriously. What makes more sense these days--trying to get a manuscript published by a publisher, or trying to make a book for a specific audience with a kickstarter/indigogo?
posted by letstrythis at 10:35 PM PST - 11 comments

What was this strange thing that happened to my boyfriend?

Two weekends ago, something REALLY weird happened to my boyfriend and I'm still struggling to try and figure out what it was. A hallucination? A psychotic episode? [more inside]
posted by alysonagain at 10:22 PM PST - 45 comments

Wait, you're not a student. Are you trying to crash here?

I now live in an area populated by college students. Everything in this neighborhood revolves around the major university in question. Problem is, as much as I look like one, I'm not a college student. And when asked, I feel awkward saying no I don't go to school here. What should my appropriate response be? [more inside]
posted by signondiego at 9:38 PM PST - 26 comments

Every step you take you make the dancefloor shake

Asking for a friend: Sometime within the last four years, I heard a dancehall/calypso song that samples/references "Every Breath You Take" in the chorus, except the line is "every breath you take, you make the dancefloor shake". Does anyone know what this song could be?
posted by sea change at 9:29 PM PST - 2 comments

Looking for cheapest place to buy metal frames parts for 22 x 34 poster

I plan to go to Lowes or Home Depot and get the backing and plexi but want sturdy metal parts to make a very basic black 22 x 34 frame. The stores have the dimensions but the quality is so utterly crappy I want to get something sturdy. Many of my posters have the 22 x 34 dimensions but am going for cheapest online site that is dependable and then will build from the parts myself. I had found a site years ago but no longer can find it anymore. (Tried IKEA as they at least look a bit nicer but no luck on that dimension.)
posted by snap_dragon at 8:32 PM PST - 8 comments

What are some good things to do for a vacation in Washington, DC?

How can I best go about having an affordable vacation in Washington, DC over two days? [more inside]
posted by mccarty.tim at 7:50 PM PST - 26 comments

Is there enough food and drink in a supermarket to last a lifetime?

Would there be enough food and drink in the average, major supermarket to sustain a single adult for the rest of their life? And if there's not, is the problem that there's not enough food (ie calories) or that there's not enough drink (ie water)? [more inside]
posted by dontjumplarry at 7:40 PM PST - 56 comments

I need to sleep

I keep good sleep hygiene. I have herbal tea and a warm bath/shower an hour before bed. I take 50-75 mg of Benedryl (or equivalent) every night. I'm still only sleeping 3-4 hours a night. I can't take Ambien because it makes me sleepwalk. Ideas?
posted by kamikazegopher at 7:25 PM PST - 35 comments

Is there a true WYSIWYG Wordpress Editor?

My wife has been forced to update and maintain her company blog. She is trying to create posts using the default online editor. I am watching her breakdown on a weekly basis while dealing with this. She hits backspace on a paragraph and the paragraph jumps to inside the caption box of the previous image. She creates a post, hits preview and nothing is even similar to what she was trying to create; text that was wrapping around an image is suddenly all messed up, weird breaks appear in paragraphs, Large blank spaces appear on the page. She has no experience with coding so getting her to actually code the post is tough. Is there an easy solution? I want to help her make her life easier.
posted by aburd at 7:24 PM PST - 14 comments

Aflatoxin? In my powdered peanut butter?!

I use this product in my smoothies that I eat quite often. How concerned should I be about aflatoxin? I am hoping someone with a deeper knowledge of the issues concerning aflatoxin and food products can shed some light on this for me. Is it likely to contaminated or not? How can I find out? What can I do to protect myself from aflatoxin in this and other products?
posted by long haired child at 6:36 PM PST - 3 comments

How concerned should I be about glass dust?

Last week I broke the sunroof to my car and significant amount of glass fell into the car. I've cleaned the big pieces out and vacuumed. I've also replaced the window. However, I'm worried about glass dust. [more inside]
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Kindle for the iPad - something's been bugging me for years...

Why hasn't Amazon implemented "collections" or "folders" in the kindle for the ipad application? [more inside]
posted by mscottveach at 5:06 PM PST - 14 comments

Would raspberry ketone work for me?

I just need to drop 12-15lbs. Would raspberry ketone work for me? [more inside]
posted by Thrillhouse at 4:11 PM PST - 15 comments

Name that song...

Google is failing me, so I hope the Green can help. I'm looking for a song by Yellow Magic Orchestra from later in their career. The only thing I can remember about the song is that it repeats the line "X loves YMO", with X being replaced by various bands/people.
posted by vansly at 3:41 PM PST - 4 comments

High protein savory vegetarian snacks?

What are great portable, ready-made, high-protein, low carb, tasty, and savory rather than sweet vegetarian processed food items?
posted by shivohum at 3:33 PM PST - 18 comments

World's Tastiest Cat Litter

We recently changed litter brands (from clumping clay to the World's Best Cat Litter), and everything seemed to be going fine. But it turns out one of our cats is noshing on the new litter. What should we do to detract her? [more inside]
posted by brina at 3:23 PM PST - 11 comments

Hot sleeper needs a blanket or duvet insert that will NOT keep me warm!

I'm a hot sleeper, but I love the feeling of having covers over me when I sleep. I need either a blanket or (preferably) a duvet insert that won't keep me warm. In a perfect world, it would have some weight, but zero ability to hold heat. I've been using a duvet cover with an old crappy comforter, but the comforter is finally falling apart, so it's time to look for something else. Style wise, it just needs to be white. And machine washable. Any other hot sleepers out there? What works for you? What should I be looking for?
posted by 2oh1 at 2:43 PM PST - 38 comments

knee-jerk anger management

I need some help managing a knee-jerk reaction I have when confronted with people experiencing a particular emotion. I have had the reaction a few times, but haven't tried to explain it before, so bear with me. [more inside]
posted by rabbitfufu at 2:36 PM PST - 14 comments

Tracking iTunes Store prices on iOS?

I use an app on my iPhone and iPad called AppShopper to keep a list of iOS apps I'd like to buy. It tracks them and sends a push notification when their price changes (or when there's an update to the app). Is there another app like that out there that tracks movies, music and TV shows (and maybe apps) on the iTunes Store? If there's no app, is there a website that does this?
posted by jroybal at 2:27 PM PST - 2 comments

What does society get out of keeping Bernie Madoff in prison?

What are some resources (academic or official) that help explain why incarceration is still the primary means by which the US punishes crime (felony/serious misdemeanor)? [more inside]
posted by SMPA at 2:12 PM PST - 12 comments

Did I roast my nematodes?

Nematodes sat in a hot mailbox for a couple days. Are they dead? [more inside]
posted by DakotaPaul at 2:05 PM PST - 5 comments

Thicker strings on a Tenor Guitar

Can I use higher gauge strings on a Tenor Guitar? [more inside]
posted by kittensofthenight at 1:22 PM PST - 6 comments

Make me into Mr. Ed

Recently I had a throat infection, and for a couple of days my voice dropped about an octave from its usual pitch. This came with an unexpected perk: there seems to be an inverse correlation between pitch of male voice and female attention. Women's heads turned when I spoke. I got big smiles from women staff members who had been dour to the previous customer. Etc. This was awesome, and I'd like to find a way to reproduce this experience without having to get strep throat. The obvious answer is voice lessons, but I can't afford that at the moment. What are some exercises or other things I can do to make my voice deeper?
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One of my kinks is being watched by strangers online. How can I make sure this is safe? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:09 AM PST - 8 comments

Board games for a wedding

What board games should we get for guests to play at our wedding? [more inside]
posted by just_ducky at 10:29 AM PST - 45 comments

Health insurance subsidy?

My wife and I are both graduate students living on about $30k a year in southeastern Pennsylvania. We're about to turn 26 and will be losing our health insurance coverage through our parents. Does the state of Pennsylvania or the government offer any sort of subsidies or vouchers to help us purchase our own insurance? [more inside]
posted by Aanidaani at 9:56 AM PST - 13 comments

The sofa is soiled.

There was poop on the sofa after the party. What do we do? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:48 AM PST - 52 comments

Coworker difficulties

Need advice on a situation at work. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:48 AM PST - 25 comments

I'm safe and happy and loved! Why is that so hard?

I'm finally in a safe place for the first time since my early childhood. And I feel like I'm… emotionally detoxing? Please help me understand what's going on. [more inside]
posted by blue_and_bronze at 9:35 AM PST - 24 comments

Fix my mug

Extreme long-shot filter: The lid on my favorite travel mug partially melted in the dishwasher. Help me find a replacement? [more inside]
posted by Ms. Toad at 9:28 AM PST - 4 comments

How to get Comcast and Tivo to work together?

I have a Tivo Premiere. I have Comcast. How do I avoid throwing my TV out the window in frustration? [more inside]
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How do I decrypt a PGP email attachment in OSX?

I have a PGP key and Thunderbird with Enigmail for OSX. A friend sent me an email with an encrypted attachment (filename ending in .pgp). While I know how to decrypt the email itself, I don't know how to decrypt the attachment.
posted by Spurious at 8:37 AM PST - 2 comments

Negotiating rent increase (Manhattan)

I feel the proposed rent increase is unfair - how can I stay at my current rent? [more inside]
posted by whitelily at 8:25 AM PST - 13 comments

What to look for in a new bike for a plus-sized female wannabe cyclist?

I want to commute by bike to my job and bike on the weekends as a way to enjoy myself and get in shape outside but am overwhelmed by all the choices out there. I am plus-sized and want to be somewhat comfortable biking for an hour a day. Not sure if a larger seat will solve my problems? Is a mountain bike the answer because it has shocks? What components would you recommend that will make a new bike work for me. I'm a thirty-something with no health problems, just a lot of weight to carry. [more inside]
posted by outdoorslady at 7:52 AM PST - 16 comments

Looking to eliminate targeted ads

Targeted ads based on web history are creeping me the hell out. How can I make it stop? [more inside]
posted by pdq at 7:41 AM PST - 14 comments

bread baking question

I'm new to bread making. I want to make bread that is not so dense and has regular, medium-sized air bubbles in it. Can you help me? [more inside]
posted by colfax at 7:32 AM PST - 14 comments

What birds were these?

I live in the Western NC mountains. Early this morning I saw a line of birds flying very high, ( they looked like a ribbon of dots), and fast, from south to north. The formation was strikingly beautiful as they were following in a wavering line rather than the typical V formation. What species did I see?
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things to do in LA this weekend

So I find myself alone in Los Angeles this weekend, and didn't have time for much planning prior to the trip. Anyr of things to do & see this Easter weekend? [more inside]
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Fun Springtime Movies!

Looking for a fun spring movie to watch on Easter. [more inside]
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Ahoy My Wall

I just scored a nautical chart from the 1930's that I'd like to hang up; should I worry about it being exposed to a couple hours of direct sunlight? [more inside]
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Garden of Lost Fruit?

In The Fruit Hunters by Adam Gollner, he mentions "Bologna's Garden of Lost Fruit" as a fruit-focused tourist destination (p. 35). Googling for this name only brings up a Google Books snippet of the book, and trying to translate it to Italian doesn't seem to give anything useful either. What is this place called in Italian, and where can I find it?
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The visual equivalent of 'Prisencolinensinainciusol'

There are Latin fonts designed to mimic Cyrillic, Asian characters, and many other scripts. What are some examples of foreign-script fonts which mimic Latin characters?
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Short-to-medium term transportation options in Houston?

Asking for a friend: I'm leaving graduate school for a job in Houston, TX in a few weeks and I'm looking for the best short-term transportation situation - apparently there is no public transportation whatsoever going to my job, and I'd like to be able to, you know, get to work. The hitch is that while I'm leaving in 2 weeks, my wife is leaving in 3 months, and she needs our car to get to work. I've got a motorcycle, but it's cheapest to ship that in the moving truck when we move our stuff in 3 months (not to mention I'm not sure how quickly I can arrange for it to be moved out there, and if it gets there too late, it's not worth doing anyway). [more inside]
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March 29

Copying tables within a MS Word protected form

I need to find a way to allow users to copy/paste a table that sits within a Word 'protected' form (ie users can only edit within the form fields). We had a series of templates developed by a 'professional', but they have not been able to overcome some version/OS incompatibility issues. The problem is specifically in enabling the table to be selected in the first place, as this function is lost when the protection is applied. [more inside]
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what's this maths puzzle doing in my craft cupboard?

So, I am making a quilt and have a puzzle. I am kind of copying this one. [more inside]
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Why did my car stop working?

Why did my car stop working? [more inside]
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Class A, B, C real estate?

Real estate filter: Is it considered in any way derogatory or impolite to refer to non-prime commercial office space as "Class B" or "Class C"? [more inside]
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So frustrated. Page Dr. House.

Left side (arm and leg) numbness, weakness, pain and weird temperature changes. Clean MRI and no abnormalities in any other test. Primary care sent me to ER, ER did test, found nothing said it was "probably a migraine" (with no headache and no aura?!), and sent me home. What is going on? Hope me please. [more inside]
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Creative puzzle gift box contents?

I have a puzzle box...a little box with a puzzle you must solve in order to open it. The opening inside is a cylinder about 2.5" in diameter by 3" in length, so, big enough for a standard plastic gift card if you bend it a little. I want to give a gift that is more interesting than a gift card, so I need your ideas! [more inside]
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What font has been used in onscreen text of Zero Dark Thirty?

The other day I was watching the movie and like the font. First I thought it's TNR then I thought maybe some Sans but I couldn't figure out. I loved the clean spacious fonts. Which one was it? [more inside]
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When should I launch?

I'm building a web site dedicated to my grandparents' old letters and diaries. It will be a few months before I'm done scanning, transcribing and creating other original content. Should I launch now, or wait until I'm done? [more inside]
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What are the proofreader's marks for widows and orphans?

What is the proper way to mark widows and orphans while proofreading a text using the Chicago Manual of Style's format? [more inside]
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Pitchy sometimes??

Everybody has always told me just how beautiful my voice is, but now I'm recording and seeing in Melodyne that I'm sooooo pitchy. Can somebody help me understand? [more inside]
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Should I attend App Academy?

Should I attend App Academy? [more inside]
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20-25 minute podcasts

I have a new commute that is a 25 minute walk from door to door. I'd like to find some podcasts to fill this time. [more inside]
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How should we deal with the neighbor's cat?

We live in a residential neighborhood in a small city. A neighbor's cat sometimes spends time in our backyard. It has left dead birds and a dead rabbit in our yard. It has also used our garden beds as a litter box. We have a small child. There is an active neighborhood organization. What is the most socially appropriate response? [more inside]
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Cute dessert idea for med school graduation

The majority of my friends are in medical school and are graduating this year. I'm a baker and wanted to give them all small gifts that are cute/tasty/medical or graduation-related. The only thing I could think of is decorated cookies (I do shortbread or brownie cookies) but any suggestions on shapes? Nothing too complicated, please! [more inside]
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What is this mental health term that I'm trying to recall?

A while ago I read a two-word term relating to mental health that I can't remember and it's driving me crazy. [more inside]
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New singer, old name

The singer of my band (let's call him Justin) left the band about a year ago, just after we'd started a project with a theatre group, with whom we were going to perform a series of pieces. We really wanted to continue working on it, so we went looking for a replacement, and ultimately Justin himself hooked us up with somebody. The name of our band features quite prominently in this project, so we asked him if he would agree if we would keep using it. He said that was fine. [more inside]
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Ex-Pothead Starts Smoking A Little Pot Again

I'm a 21 year old ex-pothead (read: addict) who recently embarked on an adventure across the world--and after 2 years of quitting, smoked a few times this month. It's helped with my anxiety and stress (which I suffer from greatly), but is also making me incredibly guilty. Is this okay? When it comes to pot, is it still "once an addict, always an addict"? Do you have any anecdotal experience on this? [more inside]
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Inspiring movies to give as a gift to my brother

[Family-issue-disguised-as-gift-suggestion filter] Please give me your recommendations for humorous and inspiring movies, especially about someone taking simple, practical steps to establish a balanced life. For snowflakey reasons detailed inside, I believe such a movie might be a helpful gift for my brother given his current life circumstances. [more inside]
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Finding a wedding officiant on (very) short notice in Portland, OR?

My fiancé and I have decided to elope. We want to get married on April Fool's day (aka Monday), as we're fools in love. We have a marriage license. What we don't have is an officiant. [more inside]
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WHEY does nobody use powder for any savory dishes?

Does anybody use whey protein powder to cook anything savory, especially any dinner dishes? I realize this is a longshot question, but web searches haven't turned up much of anything. And again, I'm looking specifically for any successful recipes that use the whey protein powder, rather than fresh whey. Thank you, o hypothetical kitchen wizards!
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What's the deal with levi's being so different?

I bought a pair of Levi 559 jeans at the Levi outlet store in Arizona about a year ago. I love them as they are stretchy which conforms better to me and ultra comfortable. However, in searching for similar materials at stores all over, I cannot find the same material and fit with the same 559's! My question is why this happens, why some jeans at say Macy's aren't the same size, fit and of a different material at say Penney's and how you deal with this as someone who hates to try on clothes? Thanks!
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Super specific music request

OK, here it is. I'm in search of a cool version of the alphabet song. [more inside]
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So... Can I get one in my size?

Is there a motorcycle that's safe for me ride? If so, which one(s)? [more inside]
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Fake it till you make it?

How would a person who believed they were a sex god/goddess act? [more inside]
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Least traumatic way to spay a dog?

I recently adopted a rescued terrier mix, about 3.5 years old, and she's a bit of a snowflake - loyal, intelligent and sweet but also previously abused, lived on the street, quick to fear, and absolutely terrified of other dogs. Love, fresh air and positive reinforcement training have been mellowing her out over the few months I've had her, but she needs to be spayed, and I'm worried about the effect it'll have on her. My vet keeps post-op dogs together in a room, and they told me she'd be so zonked on drugs that it wouldn't be a problem. I'm not so sure. Are there vets that have private rooms or areas for dogs after surgery? Does anyone have experience with this kind of situation? I'm in Southern California, and the dog licensing law does require that she gets spayed.
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Is good really the enemy of great in relationships?

My boyfriend has talked about us separating, but it seems like he still wants to be with me. I think he's overanalyzing our relationship to death, and I want to talk to him about how relationships take work and we should refocus on what's important to us, but is that true? How would that look, what would we do? [more inside]
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Hawaii in a day

I'm traveling to Hawaii for much of next week. This would be awesome except that I will probably be spending most of my time at a conference. I'm hoping that I can get at least one day for exploring and enjoying myself. What is the one specific things I should definitely try do while I'm there? [more inside]
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How can I make these spamming sales calls go away?

I've been getting sales calls all day for mortgages, health care, and loans. All the callers know my name and number, and they think I filled out a form asking for a quote. I've looked this up, and apparently it's common to get a million calls when you fill out such a form -- your name and number make the rounds -- but I haven't actually done that, and now I'm just trying to make the calls go away. [more inside]
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When is relocation a good idea?

I know where I want to live. I'm trying to decide what career I want to pursue. And I want to bring my boyfriend along with me. Nothing is certain and I want to know whether I should be taking big risks at this point. And I need to pick a focus. [more inside]
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Threshold for taking benzos for generalized anxiety

I have a prescription for lorazepam (Ativan) 1 mg that my doctor told me to take "as needed" for anxiety. Since there are downsides to using benzos, I am trying to determine how strong my anxiety needs to be before I take some. Curious what rules of thumb people have settled on. Do you take it even for slight anxiety? Or only when it gets bad?
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1-2 month ~plan~

I have some money saved up and I want to move to a new city for a couple of months and just volunteer/intern/work there before I go back to school for my last semester in the fall. Can you give me some advice about where might be best to go and what ideas are more reasonable than others? [more inside]
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Is Legoland (the Carlsbad, California version) worth a visit?

We are going to spend a week in San Diego soon. The oldest two kids are 5 and 7, and they play a lot with legos. On past trips we've just done the beach, the Zoo, and the Wild Animal Park. Should we add Legoland to the mix this time? Have you been? Is it fun for kids? Also, do you have any Legoland tips?
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Friend Ettiquete: Missing the Wedding, Do I Make the Bachelor's Party?

Is it worth it to fly home for my friend's bachelor party? [more inside]
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Midwestern teenagers speaking in English accents?

What's the deal with the recent spate of Midwestern/Southern (US) teenagers I've heard speaking with English accents? Is this a "thing"? [more inside]
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Cooking for Passover

I am hosting a dinner party and one of the guests is observing passover. I need to stay away from rice, beans, corn, and bread. I am looking for some awesome dishes / dish combinations to serve so everyone is happy. Bring on your tasty dishes.
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Stubborn check engine light ideas

A few months ago, my car's check engine light came on. They fixed it, it came back on again, they fixed it again, and now it's back on. I'm looking for possible explanations so I'm more prepared when I take it back yet again. [more inside]
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Best way to get a visa to Brazil in time?

Question about how to get a visa to Brazil in time for a trip. [more inside]
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Self-promotion during self-doubt - the writing edition

I started freelance writing recently and have met a couple of people who are dream contacts -- a literary agent who's reached out to me for book ideas, and an editor who offered to have lunch with me to see what else I might contribute to their publication. The problem is, I'm very new to this and, though thrilled to be able to write for an audience, am really struggling between courageous ambition and compulsive self-effacement. I know creative producers go through this all the time. However, my question is: how do I take advantage of these opportunities ASAP in spite of it? [more inside]
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This is why it takes me six months to purchase anything.

My Verizon contract expired. I'd like a cheaper phone plan (currently on a grandfathered unlimited text/data plan) and also an iPhone 5. I don't mind paying for an unsubsidized phone if the savings on the plan even out. However... [more inside]
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What places sell maternity clothing that my wife would like?

My wife is pregnant. I'd like to get her a gift certificate to a store that sells maternity clothing that is akin to the clothing she normally buys. [more inside]
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name my kid for a hero of cosmopolitanism

So my wife is pregnant. Hooray! (Still early enough that we don't know the gender). We're starting to think about names. It seems to me that the world's great hope and story of progress is the expansion of rights and consideration of the views & interests of an ever-widening swath of humanity. Which historical figures stand for pluralism, for rejecting provincialism, in word or deed? I've picked up, but haven't yet read Kwame Anthony Appiah's Cosmopolitanism; I'd be grateful for suggestions of books or other resources that might be useful. [more inside]
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Does Ebay still carry real estate ads?

In last year or so the real estate (sold houses and land worldwide) section of Ebay was very active and was full of ads. There are not many ads right now, practically nothing. What did I miss, did Ebay change some policy or did everybody migrate to craigslist or to other avenues? Any explanation from the realtors of the metafilter?
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How to market an independent bookstore to local businesses

I'm looking for some ways to get the local lunch crowd into our bookstore, which sells used books, CDs, DVDs, videos, and books on tape/CD; a small number of new books; kids' gifts; and other gift items/stationery/cards. Many of our customers don't have much to spend (which works out because our books are priced very low), but nearby is a law firm, a couple of big corporations' local offices, a bank, etc. I don' t know if the employees even know we exist. Any ideas on how to get them in here to pick up a birthday card or used CD or small gift for a friend? We're located in the downtown area of a medium-sized city. There are very few places to shop in the downtown business area.
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Soundtrack for Spring?

It's getting beautiful outside and I need some new music to be a soundtrack for my hikes through Brooklyn. What are your favorite albums (songs, artists) new and old, that give you that bright and shiny spring feeling? [more inside]
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Need Wood?

A professional woodworker is finally closing down his shop post post-retirement and finding some large pieces of exotic hardwood e.g. 12'x16"x1.25" rosewood, that have been stacked for decades. CL and ebay don't seem to have much of a market... How would you try to sell these relics?
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Chrome, how does it work?

I'm a recent Chrome user, and so far I'm having a hell of a time with the privacy settings. I like the idea of using the synch feature so I can have my bookmarks and things shared across the three or four desktops I use. However, I can't seem to figure out how to make it so it doesn't sign in automatically when I open the browser - I would like to be prompted to put in a password every time. I feel really stupid, but I can't figure out how to make that happen. [more inside]
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Strange Plants Now Flowering What are They?

A new bunch of plants flowering now - they are very unusual - can you tell me what they are? [more inside]
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March 28

What was this '70s or early '80s horror novel featuring spiders?

Somewhere between '80 and '82, I read this book that featured spiders... [arachnophobes: do not click!] [more inside]
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overheating car

98 Subaru Forester started seriously overheating after a 1 1/2 hr drive. Overheated only while driving, not while idling. Oil level is fine. Coolant a bit low; added some. Still overheating. Tried turning on heat to cool engine; no heat - the heat was working earlier in the drive. It's @ 40F, so it's not the weather. Stranded in a quaint town, would like to get home to the trusty repair shop.
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The febreze is suffocating me...

How to get a roommate to stop spraying so much air freshener when she is probably spraying because of my cats? [more inside]
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Not Leaning In

Help me feel comfortable about not being very ambitious and reasonably happy on the mommy track. [more inside]
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Do I have mild Agoraphobia?

I always thought that, when it comes to phobias, I won the genetic lottery, because I don't have any. I am not afraid of public speaking, flying, heights, clowns, snakes, spiders, etc. I'm not even claustrophobic, despite my mother and brother being terribly so. However, I've recently found myself wondering if perhaps I have a mild fear of wide open spaces. [more inside]
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Coloring within the lines is easier if there are no lines

I am having the hardest time finding unruled spiral bound notebooks that are identical in every way to regular spiral bound notebooks you see everywhere...except they have no lines. [more inside]
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Whats a good response to strangers' comments on my dog's limp?

My dog has bone cancer, and spends most of his time gimping around on three legs due a gross tumor on one of his hind legs. He's already a pretty striking dog (obligatory photos here and here and here), so people already often stop to talk to me about him and comment. Now, he has a very pronounced three-legged gate, and people comment on that too. I'm having a hard time dealing with explaining to people "he has cancer" multiple times a day, and watching their faces drop. Any suggestions as to how I can handle this better so I don't ruin my own and other people's day by making everyone think about awesome dogs dying? [more inside]
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Help me find jewelry I like!

I like to shop for jewelry. I like looking at pretty sparkly things (actually, I like looking at tacky sparkly things, too!), and I love to window-shop for jewelry. But my favorite local jewelry-maker retired and my favorites on the web have mostly shifted collections over the years into things I don't like as much anymore. I want to find new jewelry-makers that I like! Specifications and examples within. [more inside]
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Pinched nerve: how to improve when you are stressed and cant exercise?

I have had what a doctor said is probably a pinched nerve for the last 2-ish months. It started with a tingling in the left shoulder and now runs all the way down to the fingertips. How to heal when you are stressed, it seems to get worse from stress and you cant do anything you love? [more inside]
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But Honey, Its Just Too Hard!

I'd like to hear from people who have installed water softeners in their homes. What are the pros and cons, the prices, and the life expectancy of a whole house system? I'm not on a well. I have municipal water so would be most interested in answers from people who are also on municipal water. The other big concern I have is that I have an allergy to salt (yes i do) and wonder if the salt softened water would bother me. [more inside]
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Is my boyfriend's mom trolling me?

I received a gift from my boyfriend's mother that is at best in poor taste and at worst extremely offensive. How do I proceed? Super-fun cultural/religious beanplating inside. [more inside]
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name that wound

Cat wound question inside.... [more inside]
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Mellow and distracting spots near the Galleria

In a week I'll be attending a big family event all the way down in Houston, Texas. The main family hotel is the Hilton and most events will be happening in the Galleria mall. I know I'm going to need an escape from all the intense family time, but I won't have a car and I'm low on non-family-time funds. I haven't been back to Houston almost at all as an adult. Is there anywhere nearby or in the mall that I can visit to regain a little calm or find a little funky charm to distract myself? [more inside]
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What do you use your Visa rewards points for?

I've just recently been alerted to the fact that there's such a thing as reward points on my Visa. I checked into my account for the first time and found out I have about 35,000. I have no idea how to use them. [more inside]
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Disclose health status?

Should I disclose my illness? [more inside]
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Wearable expressions

What is the math (physics?) going on in this very cool-looking, equations-as-art necklace?
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Managing difficult stakeholders: Bad writer edition

Professional communicators of Metafilter: Please give me your tips for handling subject matter experts who write poorly, but don't know it. When a colleague is adamant that their disorganised writing and grammatical errors Must Not Be Changed, how do you respond? [more inside]
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Checkin' on my chicken

I just cooked a bunch of chicken but had left it on the countertop for one hour in my 75 degree apartment (forgot while running errand). The USDA does not recommend this. Should I eat it? Specifics: they are drumsticks, had thawed overnight in the fridge but were still not totally defrosted, and were cooked for 50 minutes in the oven at 400 degrees.
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Long-term Storage in Brooklyn, NY

As I said in my last post, I'm packing up and hitting the road to travel the world for a year. I have a one bedroom apartment full of stuff in Brooklyn Heights, NY that I need to store. I'm going to try to pare down as much as possible, but I have nice furniture that I paid a good amount of money for and like, as well as art and books, much of which I want to keep. Having done some quick searching online, it definitely appears to make sense to store much of my furniture from my cost/benefit point of view, versus buying all new furniture at similar prices to what I previously spent when I get back. I'm looking for climate controlled storage for a large one bedroom worth of stuff, anywhere in the NYC area. [more inside]
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options for mapping celebrities on websites

I am interested in building a website that will track public appearances for multiple celebs (think stars of a reality show) and I'm not sure what frameworks I could use. [more inside]
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Nose blowing 101

Are there any special tricks for teaching a preschooler how to blow her nose? [more inside]
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Therapists in Northern Virginia

Can someone recommend therapists for me, my wife, and a marriage counselor in Loudon County Virginia that takes Anthem BC/BS insurance? [more inside]
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Integrative cardiac care in Baltimore/DC area.

Recommendation for integrative cardiologist in Baltimore/DC area? [more inside]
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Too legit to quit?

Photo submitted to TV station in Montana - the horses at first seem almost "inserted" or 'shopped into the photo, but on closer look, seem legit. Any experts want to take a crack and confirm/deny this is an unaltered photo? Imgur link.
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Meditation Center/ (Buddhist) in Chicago and Buddhist therapist

I used to practice at a Buddhist Center in Columbus, Ohio (KTC, on Grubb St). I am trying to find a center in Chicago. I really love the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. I also enjoy podcast teacher Gil Fronsdal from the Insight Meditation Center in Cali, which is in the Vipassana tradition. I also enjoy Deer Park Dharma cast which is associated with Thich Nhat Hanh. I would like to find a center in Chicago to help me build a mediation practice, and obviously, mediate with others. To be able to listen to great dharma talks in person, not just on my ipod. And, to be a part of a community. It just doesn't feel the same listening on my ipod, you know? I do not have a car. I have gone to weird a$$ places in Asheville, NC, where random people start there own sangas and ask you for $, and I and not up for that. So, I thought it to be better to ask here than to do the google search. Please let me know if you have thoughts on where I can find a practice center. Also, I know that there is a school of Buddhist Psychology. Where might I find a Buddhist Therapist in Chicago?
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apparently I am not the only person who likes tiny furniture.

So, I'm running a fairy garden craft workshop in the store I work at in April. I've done this activity before when I worked at an after-school program, so I pretty much know what I'm doing with the actual crafting. However, interest in the workshop has been high enough that I would like to try running private workshops for people, and already have two people interested in hiring me for this. How do I figure out what to charge them, what do I offer to provide, and how do I find more clients if I want to make any actual money? [more inside]
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What is this thing?

What is this thing? It's chrome, about 9 inches long, and arrived in a care package from a co-worker's grandmother's house.
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Recommendations for a liquor cabinet lock?

I have a liquor cabinet at home that has two handles very close together, that allow for the cabinet to be opened like French doors. Looking for a lock for it. [more inside]
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Need an iPhone game that's like Civilization, SimCity, or Age of Empires

Need some iPhone games that are as engrossing as Civilization, SimCity, and Age of Empires. (Yes, I already have Civilization Revolution and SimCity DLX.) [more inside]
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What kind of belt to wear?

Do stylish women even wear belts anymore? What kind should I look for? I seem to do ok with keeping my pants and tops in style, but am never sure about a belt. Sometimes I don't even wear one, but lots of my stretchy jeans don't stay up without one. Most of my belts are old and I want to buy new ones but I feel like I'm stuck in the 90s. Advice?
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Info wanted on Yoshiaki Hanayagi.

Yoshiaki Hanayagi was one of the stars of a famous movie, Mizoguchi's Sansho the Bailiff, and yet there does not appear to be any further information about him online. I have found his name in Japanese, 花柳喜章, but googling that gets even fewer hits (I don't know Japanese, but if I saw what looked like a substantial webpage on him I was prepared to try Google Translate). Does anybody know anything about him, even birth/death dates?
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Tax Q: Gettin' divorced, can't claim deductions.

Here's the rub: In February on 2012, I decided to end my marriage. Because I was dead broke, we simply moved apart, split the bank account in two and went our separate ways with the understanding that we'd make a move to formally divorce in the next year. We did not get a legal separation. That divorce is now pending. My soon-to-be-ex-wife filed her taxes 'Married, Filing Separately'. This causing me all kind of tax havoc, including a bill I have no way of paying. More inside... [more inside]
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Getting started on small-scale bibliometrics and Endnote wrangling

As part of my dissertation, I want to look at the research output of a small research center. I'd like to do some bibliometric analysis but am not sure where to start. Where can I look for tools and techniques? In particular, I'm interested in tools that help me wrangle their Endnote database into something easy to analyse. [more inside]
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I can say with 99% confidence that this class is killing me

I'm struggling hard in my statistics class right now. Some of it comes from not grasping the concepts, but a bigger part is the ridiculous level of anxiety I've developed about my grades, and catastrophizing about what a low grade means. Help me attack both aspects of the problem. [more inside]
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Sweating is Fun

For athletes, and people in general who have exercised consistently for many years, can you describe what it's like to experience working out as an enjoyable, rewarding activity? [more inside]
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Why am I getting 3 beeps when booting up a brand new hard drive?

Would 1-year old RAM not work with a brand new hard drive on my Macbook? I am getting the dreaded 3 beeps when trying to boot the new drive. [more inside]
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I would tell my BFF to DTMFA

Why am I having so much trouble leaving an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship? Or, tell me about your experience with leaving and how long it took you. [more inside]
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Consolidate debt with Stafford loan?

I am a "mature" student, studying at a university part time while working full time. I just learned that I qualify for a Stafford loan of about $7400. I don't need the loan to pay for classes because of my work income, but it occurred to me that I could take the loan, use it to pay off credit card debt I carry at a rate of interest more than 5 points higher than the Stafford loan rate, and then pay the Stafford loan off early. Essentially, debt consolidation using this federal loan. My questions: is this kosher? Is it wise? What I might not be thinknig about.
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Beds, breakfasts, and inns, oh my!

What is it actually like to work at a bed and breakfast or a small inn? [more inside]
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Cheap conference room audio for non-profits

I need a better audio setup for a projector in a conference room for a non-profit with no budget. Seriously: we're poor. [more inside]
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Asparagus recipes, please.

I've volunteered to bring an asparagus dish to an Easter brunch. The brunch is already way heavy on meat dishes, so I want something light and springlike to provide a contrast. Anyone have good asparagus recipes? [more inside]
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Street Meat, Street Eats, How Does Your Vendor Go?

What's it like to operate a hotdog stand in Canada or the US? [more inside]
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Quitting my job to pursue my dream! Now how do I pay for it?

I am aggressively saving money so that I can quit my job and start a new life. How should I be investing this money if I need it back in 2-5 years? [more inside]
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How much should estate planning cost?

What would you expect to pay a lawyer for a suite of estate planning/healthcare documents that are more or less standard forms (i.e., no complicated trusts, just everything going to the other spouse)? I'm in Boston, but data points from comparably priced areas are welcome. Also, are there documents I'm forgetting in the list inside? [more inside]
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What are the benefits of dual citizenship?

I'm eligible for Canadian citizenship, but what are the benefits? The cons? Real-life examples would be great. [more inside]
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First-time Earthbox/City Picker/self-watering planter questions.

With the last frost date in sight, I'm planning to pick up a couple of these Earthbox clones for my deck, and I'm looking for any and all tips to improve the likelihood of success. [more inside]
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Macbook Pro booting OS X to black screen.

I have a Macbook Pro, model 5,1, that will now boot OX X 10.8 only to a black screen. The BootCamp install on the laptop, with Windows 7 Pro installed, boots normally and is usable. [more inside]
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An unexpected Journey - Taco Bell Edition

I have a very good friend who is overseas right now. He is craving Taco Bell. He has zero access to a Taco Bell as he is in a very remote location. He can receive mail and packages, but they take anywhere from 5 days to 14 days to arrive. It would leave the East Coast and arrive in an undisclosed location in the Middle East. [more inside]
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What can my grandparents and I do in the bay area this weekend?

My grandparents are coming to visit me in the bay area for the first time. Snowflake: One has a vision impairment that makes it hard to see things far away. They'll be here three days, Saturday through Monday. What should we do together? [more inside]
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You are not a doctor, but maybe you can help me with a weird skin thing.

I have something rash-like going on. It started on my face, spread to my torso and back. It's migrating quickly. What the hell is it? [more inside]
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Every 5 years, it happens. Help me buy a laptop.

Help me find the perfect laptop. Video/Windows 7/Video+photo editing/Reasonably speedy/SSD+Hard Drive/Bulletproof [more inside]
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How do I choose strings for my kid's violin?

We busted a D-string on my kid's violin and now I need to buy a new one online. Which one to buy? And a complete set or just a single replacement? [more inside]
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Buddada buddada boom? Song ending.

I'm looking for the correct musical/technical term (if such a thing exists) for that last part of a live song, where the band lingers on the last note(s) before ending it. We're all familiar with it: bass and guitar shredding, cymbals swelling, culminating in that final, sweet, satisfying crash. I'm asking because my band never seems to get it right. [more inside]
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Leave nothing behind

When you're dating, when (if?) do you start leaving personal items behind? [more inside]
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on this week's edition of Disgusting Shoes...

What can I do to prevent the gross black stuff that builds up in my women's flats due to my sweaty sockless feet? [more inside]
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How to remove the smell of decaying leaves from minivan carpet?

I carried a few contractor bags full of decaying leaves to a disposal facility. The bags had been rained on and some of the goop inside leaked out onto the carpet of my minivan. The van smells like, well, decaying organic matter. It's awful. [more inside]
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Simple solutions for a private micro-mix sharing site?

As my friends and colleagues continue to move and diversify, I'd like to make a small, private site where we can share three- to five-song "mix tapes" of what we really love these days; ideally super easy from an interface perspective to create these mix tapes. What's my shortest path to goal? [more inside]
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Auto insurance liability limits?

I'm evaluating my insurance coverage, and I'm confused a bit on auto insurance liability. It seems like a typical liability policy is $100k per person for bodily injury. From the tales of medical bills I've heard, it seems like a bad accident could pretty easily cause bills far exceeding that. Even if I increase it to $300k or $500k, if the actual costs are higher than that, it could pretty easily wipe out all my assets. What really happens in accident cases like that? Do they generally just settle for the insurance limits? [more inside]
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All-Inclusives should be easy, right?

In about a month, 3 friends and I are going to an all-inclusive in Cancun. I'm fairly well-travelled, but I prefer going to cities and exploring around, so I've never done a cruise or any type of beachy resort vacation. What kind of tips/tricks does Metafilter have for getting the most out of relaxing, and drinking tropical drinks on the beach all day? [more inside]
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HR interview followup

When a company invites you in to interview for a professional position, you spend half a day speaking with multiple people, and then they choose to not contact you in any way regarding the outcome of their search - - is that 100% douchebaggery, or are there legitimate HR/legal reasons they might behave this way? To be clear, I'm just talking about sending a quick email saying, thanks for coming in, we've made a decision, best of luck in future.
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Young Lamp Love

Anyone know where I might be able to purchase lamps similar to the bedside lamps featured [see 4th picture down] in this reader redesign feature on Young House Love a few years back? At the time, the owner said she found the lamps at HomeGoods. Of course, since we're now a few years past that, there's nothing like that at my local HomeGoods. Has anyone seen lamps like these online recently? I'd be willing to pay up to $200 for something similar in size and style. Thanks!
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I need help repurposing yellow sheet cake.

I made a simple yellow sheet cake this week, and there is still half of it left. What are your ideas for making a dessert that is based around this cake? [more inside]
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iPhone notes app that shows number of notes on icon?

When I have email on my iPhone, the Mail app displays the number of unread emails on the Mail icon on the home screen. I want an app like Notes that does this with the number of notes - and not through emailing my notes to me. No other fancy features desired, just something that gives me an easy visual reminder that I have notes to check.
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What type of software do I need to accomplish this?

I have a server running at home. I would like to connect to that server via web browser, and upon login, I would like Quicken (or some other single, predetermined application) to appear and be usable. I don’t want to be able to access any other parts of the computer via the browser. What software do I need to accomplish this? [more inside]
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Is "type letters 1 4 and 7 of your password" considered secure?

Instead of the usual "username/password" challenge, some bank websites ask you for a username, and then for some letters from your password -- e.g. 'Type letters 1, 4 and 7 of your password'. I understand that the advantage of this is that you never enter your whole password, thereby making life difficult for keyloggers. But I don't see how it's possible to implement such a system without (effectively) storing the password in plain text on the server, which surely not a good idea. What is this practice called? Do security experts consider it good practice? Can you point me to a paper that explains how it is implemented securely?
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please recommend the right storage solution (mac, photos, not drobo)

I'm looking to end my backup mess - I have about ten external hard drives of varying sizes. my rough estimate is that I need 6TB to store my files. I was going to ask about RAID but previous questions make me wonder if it's truly right. so what should I choose? add. info inside. [more inside]
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Recover data from iPhone after Restore -- no backups!

Oh, cool. I think I just lost all the data stored on my jailbroken iPhone 4S after attempting an upgrade to OS 6.0.3. Help? [more inside]
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Retrieving Domain name from Domain Name Sitter

Hi Guys, I have a domain name in mind that I want to register for my new web design business. Currently it is owned by a domain sitting company, They want almost $2,000 to buy the domain name. Obviously I am less than eager to fork over that amount. [more inside]
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Replacement for "Pureology Texture Twist" - now discontinued?

For years I've been using Pureology Texture Twist. Product description here. Of course since I like it, it's now discontinued. I haven't tried other products, I liked the way this allowed me to style my hair (messy/spikey). I liked that it was more on the "natural end" of things, didn't have petroleum/mineral oil, and was amazingly balanced at "staying" and being easy to wash out. Any recommendations for a replacement? I found this from a hair stylist I used to see who was always trying new stuff. My current one only recommends things she sells (surprise!)
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March 27

Cooking Gluten & Dairy Free = Vaccuum that sucks up all of our time.

Save us with suggestions for your favorite one-pot (or one-bake) meals! Bonus points for related recipe blogs! [more inside]
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Digital Asset Management options for small company with lots of data

I'm helping a close friend figure out a digital asset management solution for his small media company. They have five employees, but they do all kinds of media projects for clients, some of them large. They've done websites, videos, printed publications, etc. This generates a lot of data, and their having a hard time managing it. [more inside]
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Dead furnace, need help!

Our furnace died. Help us not get overcharged. Other questions inside. [more inside]
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How much do hackers cost, really?

So, we sometimes hear about hackers who break into XFamousCompany and cause untold gazbillionty dollars in damage. How accurate is that? How do they get these numbers? [more inside]
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Teaching with duct tape

I have recently been tasked with "presenting or proving a physical/engineering concept" using duct tape as a primary tool. Any ideas? [more inside]
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My $1500 albatross.

My credit cards have been sitting at close to 100% utilization for...a long time. Should I pay them off right now? Also, how will this change my life, credit-wise? [more inside]
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My ex's new significant other is following me around on social media

My ex's new significant other is following me around on social media. Or at least it feels that way. [more inside]
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Dealing with pangs of loneliness

I really miss the affection, romantic interest and even just the regular physical touch of another human being. I'm going through several life transitions and can't really start a relationship until at least the fall, but how do I tide over the desperate feelings of loneliness until then? I don't want casual sex or a pet. [more inside]
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Help me find this song about colors and love!

SongFilter: I heard a song recently that went through a series of colors in the verses and ended with a chorus that included the color red and the phrase "ready for love". Google is failing me...please help me identify it! [more inside]
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Let me Lycos that for you.

Educational Internet scavenger hunt game from the late 1990s, with new questions and websites to explore each round. What early multiplayer web-based treasure hunt game thing was I playing? [more inside]
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At home vulva terminology, under fives edition.

When I was a little girl I was encouraged by my parents to refer to my vulva by a name, which not explicitly vulgar, was inappropriate and pedo-ish. Now that I have a small daughter who is learning to use a potty, I find I need to refer to her genitals but I don't know how, and I don't have anyone irl that I can ask. Is vulva too text-booky? I see 'yoni' here and there which is cute, but is maybe too wholemeal for me? I find myself saying things like 'there' and 'yourself' but I don't really approve of myself for doing so, and I don't want her to feel my shame, or worse, not have the words to talk about a part of her body. What is a word my daughter and I can use that is not weird or creepy or too scientific? Thanking you in advance.
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How to skin a kiwi (fruit)?

I feel like there must be a trick to peeling a kiwifruit quickly and beautifully. What is it?
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Help me identify a song currently on the radio!

I've heard a song on the radio a couple times in the past few weeks, and I've been completely unable to identify it. I've tried google, radio station playlists, humming it into midomi, but no dice. Here's what I can tell you: [more inside]
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looking for solid guides to conceptualize and execute large projects

Not in school, but helping make a LARGE web resource. It IS going to be a fairly complicated nonlinear product, but the problem is that there are so many possibilities, so much to work with, so many avenues, that I'm feeling like I need a better way to organize the project. I'm not looking for a tech tool, like trello or google docs, but rather an essay or guide to creating something new and awesome out of thin air. Is there anything like this? [more inside]
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Perhaps a tinfoil hat would help?

I need to determine how much radiation a head-mounted camera is giving off, and I don't know where to start. [more inside]
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Tips for Slashing Facebook Friends

I recently moved across 2 states and am working on starting fresh on my Facebook friends. Have you slashed friends on Facebook? What criteria helped you decide who stays and who goes? I don't want to hurt feelings but what's the purpose of someone just hanging out on a friend's list? [more inside]
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Do you have an awesome job in an awesome field? I want to hear about it

As a counterpoint to this question, which educational/career tracks do offer solid job prospects and a good return on investment (both time and money), secretly or not? [more inside]
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Help me figure out what to do about my depressed boyfriend please

My once caring, kind, thoughtful bf of six months has fallen into a deep depressive state a month ago and has ceased most contacts with me three weeks ago- the exception being a phone call for my birthday- without outwardly breaking up with me; should I stay, should I go, should I wait and give him space, or wait and try and contact him myself? Do we have a future together according to you? Any thoughts/input is welcome, thank you very much! [more inside]
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Which way from Milan to Budapest?

I'm planning to travel from Italy to Hungary via Slovenia and Croatia this May. The only things I have booked are my flight into Milan and my flight out of Budapest 17 days later. I'm looking at two different itineraries. Which should I choose? [more inside]
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Foolproof app for video chat between a Samsung Galaxy Tab and an iPad?

After a demonstration with Facetime, my dad would like to regularly video chat with his grandson. Grandson owns an iPad 2. I've tried to talk Dad into buying an iPad too but he's attracted to the lower price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. [more inside]
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US politicians' multilingual chops

Can you give me specific instances of US political candidates or elected officials publically speaking in a language other than English? [more inside]
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What is like being a lawyer, but not?

I am a senior transactional associate at a big regional law firm in a secondary market. I am probably not going to make partner at my firm, I am really sick of caring about typos, and I'm burned out. What can I do with my life? [more inside]
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Don't mind me, I'm just going to follow you around now.

I met a guy who was completely ordinary until I got close enough to smell him, at which point I went into overdrive. Has anyone else experienced this? What just happened here? [more inside]
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Resource to find average class size at colleges.

I'm looking for an established, respected online resource that can give me hard numbers on the average class size at American colleges. [more inside]
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This or That-Academic/Career Plan

I have a degree in Communications and would like to further my education by obtaining a certificate in Public Relations. My ultimate goal is a career in crisis management/reputation management, but how do I actually get there? Also, which public relations program should I choose in order to further my education, get more hands-on experience, and network? [more inside]
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That's Not Actually What You Were Thinking

So I now need to work with a subtle know-it-all. How do I do this? [more inside]
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Lyric Filter

I heard a song today with the lyrics "Sharon I'm standing in a phone box on the corner of the street/Sharon my money's running out" What was it?
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Sad song about boys building a snowman

Irish song filter. Asked this a couple years back ... hoping it may ring a new bell. Looking for a sad song heard in Boston, 94-95. Two boys growing up together, their fathers missing, build a snowman. Anybody?
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I don't judge. No, really.

At work I frequently come into contact with people who are members of various at-risk populations. They often have to give me really intimate details of their lives within minutes of meeting. When first opening up to me, they'll usually pause to gauge my reaction. I respond with, "I don't judge," in my most supportive voice. But I realize this can be a loaded statement for people and easily taken the wrong way. What short declarative statement could I use in its place?
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You Are Not My Chemist, But... (old medicine question)

I've got an opened tube of hydrocortisone cream (hydrocortisone at 2.5%). It's expiration date is from 2008 (over 5 years old, for any future searchers). Still safe/effective to use it? [more inside]
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Is the main character a knight in shinning armor or a total sleaze?

Need recommendations for short stories or a book (with short self-contained sections) whereby a character's actions/motives could be considered in two very different ways depending on what you thought about the character going into the story (i.e., if I gave you some background first) The best example I can think of is of a man either being genuinely nice to a woman or only pretending to do so in order to get her number. This is for a psychology experiment. [more inside]
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Stupid Taxes Question

If I am submitting business expenses for my own business in my 2012 taxes, must I limit them to the 2012 calendar year? Or can they go up to April 15 of 2013?
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Getting emotional in the gym. WTF is going on?

Why am I getting emotional during workouts? Has this ever happened to you. [more inside]
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Comments in balloons suddenly go missing when printing in Word 2010.

When I edit a document in Word 2010, I use Track Changes and insert comments (using balloons to call them out). 90% of the time, authors and I work back and forth without having to print these documents, but occasionally, printing them with the comments visible (i.e., with the balloons appearing in the right margin) is necessary. This has never been a problem. UNTIL NOW. [more inside]
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Spouse working away from family. How does this work?

As you can see from my past posting my husband lost his job last month. In the meantime the jobs he's qualified for are probably not in our area (CT). Chances are after talking to recruiters in his specialty, he will have to take a job in another part of the country - probably south/southwest. [more inside]
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I have no idea how to make a promotional flyer for my book(s). Help?

I've got two books. I need to make flyers for the local sci-fi/fantasy con. I've never made a flyer for anything, ever. Where can I find good examples or tutorials? [more inside]
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What's up? What's the rumpus? What's shakin' bacon? What are other ways to say "Hello?"
posted by gwint at 11:46 AM PST - 82 comments

Chicken or Egg? Who comes first, copywriter or designer?

I want an awesome website and I have wireframed the whole thing. I am planning on using the design contest process on 99designs and I have found an amazing copywriter on Odesk. Who should do their part of the work first? [more inside]
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Going back to school and need to find a particular document

Where can I find a document (preferably online) that will explain the US Postal Service's policy for employees regarding tuition assistance/reimbursement? [more inside]
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Best practices for foot eczema?

I'm an adult who's recently developed eczema on the tops of both of my feet. My dermatologist is pretty certain it's not contact dermatitis or anything fungal, so, yay! More chronic skin stuff. Blerg. How can I keep my feet from becoming red, inflamed balls of pain? [more inside]
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Give me some lip

Lipstick-wearers of MetaFilter, please recommend the longest-lasting lippy you know of. [more inside]
posted by elizeh at 10:34 AM PST - 29 comments

I desperately need $300.

I think I've reached the end of my rope, credit-wise. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:28 AM PST - 38 comments

I have to take a video-based course. This is not how I best learn. Help!

I am taking an on-line course that is mostly video-based. This is not the best way for me to learn. I am falling very behind and struggling with it. More inside. [more inside]
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How to deal with a soon-to-be ex-spouse

My wife and I are getting divorced. At times she erupts at me with either overt or barely disguised hostility. How do I deal with the emotions caused by this? [more inside]
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Replacement Policy Medicare

I screwed up. I bought a policy through Humana that is evidently a replacement policy for Medicare for my father. I bought it in January of this year from my parent's old insurance guy. Now my dad is in a Veteran's Care Center and needs his Medicare back, they don't want this new supplemental. If I just cancel the Humana policy will his Medicare just pop back into existence? [more inside]
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I want YOU to play KSP!

How do I connect with videogame developers in Dallas, TX? [more inside]
posted by Mike Mongo at 9:56 AM PST - 5 comments

What version of Windows should I get to run on a new Macbook Air - 10.8?

I would like to be able to run windows occasionally on my Macbook Air (probably via parallels), but find all the versions of windows a bit overwhelming. What would be the simplest and cheapest setup that would allow me to run the latest version of internet explorer for testing purposes, and maybe Microsoft Publisher for the random pub file I receive? I am guessing I could get by with Windows 7? Thank You.
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7 Mile Run in Brooklyn/NYC for an Out-of-Towner?

I'm visiting NYC next weekend, and I'd like to maintain my habit of running 7 miles every Saturday morning. I'll be staying with a friend near Court and Atlantic, in Brooklyn. I'd like to start my run there, or very close by. [more inside]
posted by PhatLobley at 9:31 AM PST - 23 comments

Adjusting for my elongated torso...

Tell me everything you know about sewing patterning software, especially the kind for dummies... [more inside]
posted by Melismata at 9:30 AM PST - 14 comments

Best combination food/exercise log app?

iPhone user; I've experimented with exercise logging apps such as MapMyRide+, Cyclemeter and Fitocracy (most of my exercise is cycling-oriented, but I'm also looking at Kinect exercise games and, potentially, weightlifting). Is there a good combo app that logs both exercise and food intake? Or one site that could possibly accept input/imports from both? [more inside]
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Appropriate corporate travel policy for cost conscious SME in the UK?

You run a growing private limited company in the UK. Turnover between 2 and 5M with a close eye on costs. Your employees sometimes need to travel at weekends or in their own time in evenings. You keep them happy, and remain profitable. How? [more inside]
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I want these shoes, but should I buy them?

these flat shoes make my heart flutter. But are they "business professional" in the pink? [more inside]
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Use another door

So, for about a week, this sign appeared on one of the doors in one of my school buildings. It said "Please use another door." There are only two doors there, so clearly if the one was broken, it could have said, "please use the other door." But it said "another," which struck me as odd. Additionally, it alternated each time I went outside and back in. Could this be some kind of social experiment? There was clearly nothing wrong with either of the doors, as they were being used all day. Isn't that weird? What is it?!?!
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Where to stay in Chicago for easy access to Kendallville, Indiana?

Asking for a friend... just what it says on the tin. She's visiting her partner while he's on an extended work trip; he's in Kendallville, Indiana, but there are no decent accommodations there. His office suggested she stay somewhere in Chicago. Where's someplace nice in the Chicago area, not too spendy, and within easy reach of Kendallville?
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Cat Hospice: Help our kitty enjoy her last time with us

Our wonderful kitty was just diagnosed with cancer. We are waiting today (I took the day off work for it, I am such a wreck) to hear more details, but the initial findings were very bad. So, what can I do to help her enjoy her last time with us? I know the vet will give us more information about pain meds (tho she doesn't seem to be in pain) and diet, but I wonder what other thoughts people can give. For example, it was from a friend that I learned it was OK to give her Pepcid A/C (confirmed dosage with vet), and I think that has been helping her tummy. Also, through googling I discovered that it is possible to euthanize in-home, which gives me some comfort for when her quality of life slips below an acceptable threshold. Anything else come to mind? [more inside]
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Is there a strategy game with a ret-conned API to it?

For basically my whole teen-to-adult life I have wanted to write AI for video games as a hobby. Mostly games of the overhead strategy type, think Red Alert, Warcraft (not World Of), Starcraft and so forth. [more inside]
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Change of career: Going into the health care administration field ??

I might need to go back to work and I am thinking about a career change. I have held business analysts/planner positions in retail but while I enjoy the actual work, i don't enjoy the purpose/ field. Working retail is starting to feel a bit pointless, trying to sell more stuff to people all the time. I am interested in taking my skills to a different field. Maybe a similar job but with a different goal. Namely healthcare administration could be what I am looking for. I'd would want to work for patient advocacy groups or in the government (ie: not trying to make an extra buck to private insurance). But to do that I figure I need to understand how the private system works too. [more inside]
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Relapsing, Repeating Neck Pain

In 1999, I rode the Rockin' Roller Coaster at Disney in Orlando. The first thing they tell you on the ride is to keep your head back. I'm a certified idiot, and didn't pay attention, and on the first looping curve, my head was forward. A sudden jerk to the right, and I pull a muscle in my neck. [more inside]
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Chartering a course for the next eight years

What have you experienced/what would you ask about at a soon to be opening charter school? [more inside]
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Remember a family suicide in a karate film

I vaguely remember a scene from a Bruce Lee or Sonny Chiba movie in which a grieving (or shamed?) mother tries to kill herself and children. She ties them all together and to a weight and then in water they go... What was that movie?
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Tell me Victoria's Secret!

Where else can I get underwear like the Victoria's Secret cotton low rise hipsters? [more inside]
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Car camping in Algonquin

My partner, our dog, and I will be spending 5 nights camping in Algonquin this August. Which of the campgrounds along the Highway 60 corridor has the best hiking trails? As an example of our 'skill level', we really enjoyed the Bruce Trail around Cyprus Lake campground in the Bruce Peninsula. [more inside]
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Standard American pronunciation training

Hello, I'm a French student preparing for English interviews and in my last mock session my interviewer talked about my accent that could put me at a disadvantage. I can't afford and don't have the time to see a speech therapist so I'm looking for books with audio tracks that are aimed at mastering the standard American accent. Do you know or know somebody that had had great results with a particular book? Thank you!
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Sensors for boats, sensors for homes. Sensors!

I'm inthe process of designing a comprehensive refit of a 21 Metre Dutch Barge and thought it's about time I made at least a small amount of use of my Robotics background. I'm thinking about including a vast array of sensors throughout the inside and outside and feeding it all into a central computer, then probably using these sensor feeds to do various automation actions. So this question has a few parts, some technical and some not. [more inside]
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Looking for the other side of Iran Contrahistory

Has there been a definitive account of the Iran-Contra Scandal written from the vantage point of either Iran or Nicaragua? [more inside]
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Good, insightful podcasts

Hi all, I was wondering if you could recommend any podcasts that featured interesting, new and insightful music. Preferably ones that are by musicians or producers/recording engineers. Thanks!
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March 26

What the legend of Squishplop at New Fork Lake

As a child I remember being scared to death by a Wyoming ghost story called "Squish Plop" involving a zombie like smoke jumper who has no legs and moves with a distinctive squish-plop noise as he crawls on his hands. I want to remember the whole story, but I've only been able to find references to the story but not the actual story. Please help me remember this old ghost story.
posted by humanfont at 11:10 PM PST - 1 comment

Ice Dancing Routine Identification?

I'm looking for a specific Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir routine, which involves them skating with some kind of stick-like prop. Can anyone help me identify that program?
posted by demesne at 10:56 PM PST - 8 comments

Help! I'm living in a "Family Guy" episode.

My boyfriend of a little more than a year is a totally. great. guy. With one exception: he thinks that being funny means saying whatever overtly racist, homophobic or sexist joke he can think of as a response to many situations. I always stop and tell him it's not cool, then he says, "what? I'm just kidding." Now, I worry he might actually be pretty sexist. What to do? [more inside]
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Exclamations of fear

What are some exclamations people make when shocked, freaked out or frightened? I've seen this question and while it's awesome, I'm trying to find more serious things people blurt out in crisis situations. Alternatives to "Oh my god" or "Jesus Christ" or "Oh #@%&!"
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I'm a grown man, and know nothing of decorating. Help me.

I've never really cared for decorating: "spartan" was the best description of how I liked my house. I just don't have a sense of what is "right" for artwork, or decoration, or... anything really. I understand that blank walls should be filled, but anything I think of doing immediately feels like unnecessary clutter. To complicate things, my wife is similarly impaired. We've recently moved to a new house and want to make it a more warm and welcoming place for humans. Help? Where to begin? [more inside]
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Get me to Pike Place Market!

Can you help me figure out a good way to get to Downtown Seattle without driving in Downtown Seattle? [more inside]
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How do you make a good screencast?

My screencasts sound horrible because they either have awkward pauses while I try to think of what I'm going to do next, or (when I script them) I lose my place and everything gets confusing and out of sync. How can I improve my screencasting skills to make them look and sound more polished and professional? [more inside]
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I need a chainsaw.

I am looking for advice on buying an electric chainsaw for a medium sized yard that, apparently, has a lot of rather large tree limbs fall into it. I need to know: What features to look for - Brands or models to avoid - How powerful a motor - How long a bar is needed. [more inside]
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Help me use my iphone as a scribe

I have an IPhone 4s. I routinely need to dictate myself messages that I can send vie email from my phone to myself using Siri. Is there any way to set things up so I can do that with very few clicks? Right now I push home to open Siri, ask to send mail, enter my mail address, Dictate the message and hit send. Can it be done more easily? Thanks
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Which road to take?

I'm at the final round of interviews for two very different jobs, and if I'm offered both, I'm not sure what I should do. One's at a nonprofit, the other's at an advertising agency. [more inside]
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simple excel 2007 question

I need a solution to a pretty simple problem with counting instances of different text phrases in Excel. [more inside]
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Interview brainteasers?

I have an interview with a technology startup coming up that will involve "brain teasers". Got any tips or practice questions? [more inside]
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Mobilize me

I've been working out, lifting weights, on and off for five years, but I've never paid any attention to mobility/stretching. This is dumb. Please help me come up with a defensible plan. [more inside]
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How do I choose between types of fillings & crowns?

I have fillings that need to be replaced, and I need to decide whether I want amalgam or composite fillings. I may also need a new crown, and I need to decide whether I want the basic option or to upgrade. How do I decide? [more inside]
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Help me chill out my dog

I super love my 4-year old German Shepherd, but his desire to work/have a purpose has not waned with age, and I feel like he would be so much happier in life if I could help him find that purpose. His favorite thing on earth is playing fetch, but I know I can give him more than that. Suggestions? [more inside]
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It should have some wheels and some gears and stuff...

So I need a new bike. Or a new-to-me bike. But I'm paralyzed by indecision - new or used? What kind do I want? How do I know which local shop to trust when they all have super-mixed reviews? [more inside]
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I am seeking the Holy Grail... of coats!

I am a mid-20's female in search of the perfect coat/jacket for chilly spring and fall wear. Do you have one that you love? Requirements inside... [more inside]
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Is this abdominal pain something I need to go to the hospital for?

I'm experiencing abdominal pain, and would like a non-medical sounding board for how serious it sounds, and whether it's hospital worthy (given my almost non-existent lack of health insurance). You are not my doctor, etc., etc., but I'd like some non-medical advice about whether what I'm experiencing is something serious, or something that I can just push through. I think I have a low pain tolerance threshold, and I'm not good at gauging relative pain strength while in pain, so I'd like some perspective. I don't know which details are important, so I'm including them all. [more inside]
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Will love tear us apart?

I'm experiencing a very tumultuous time in my relationship with my partner of 4 years. I don't know what part of our relationship problems are due to his ADHD, general depression on both our parts or incompatibility. Where can I go from here? What questions can I ask myself and him to get a clearer idea of the origin of our problem? [more inside]
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I think I may have to have a serious talk with my frie

Frienship-filter: L. and I have been friends for more than 15 years. The first couple of years, we spent a lot of time together. We were both in a relationship, so it was one of those couples relationship which also became very much about the two of us. After cca 2 years, I moved away to be with the other half of the couple, and stayed away for about 10 years. We have now been in the same place for 5 years (move-away relationship went bust), and I am having trouble with our friendship. [more inside]
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What is the meaining of "Emydidae"?

"Emydidae" is the name of a family of turtles. What I want to know is what does the name *mean*. I have exhausted my google-fu and the best I've been able to find is this wiktionary link that gives a meaning for "-idae" as "appearance". Any reptile/turtle fans care to enlighten me?
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Is there such a thing as a knitting briefcase?

I like to knit in meetings; it actually helps me to listen better! But the bag I have for my projects doesn't look particularly professional. Most craft bags are so cutesy, which is not at all my style. What can I get that would look simple & respectable? [more inside]
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pillows for neck problems

my brother Steve and I both have neck pains. We're considering buying the My Pillow we saw at Wal-Mart yesterday. The problem is it costs $60.00. Has anybody bought this thing and tried it out? What do you think? Please answer ASAP. Thanks.
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Brazil trip questions

We're travelling to Brazil in late May. Where would you recommend for hotels in Itataia and Paraty? Is a pousada a good option? Plus questions about timing, driving, Salvador de Bahia. [more inside]
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Moving cross-country and clueless about housing.

In May I will be moving to the Bay Area for work. Where should I live? How should I look for a place? [more inside]
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How do I clean sticky fine china?

My grandmother's heirloom china set (now mine) was stored for a while in an area that apparently cooking grease must have vented to. Below the standard layer of dust is a sticky film that I can scrape with a fingernail. [more inside]
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Tell me how you found your career.

I'm a really bad student, but I want to do something I love and get paid decently for it. Tell me what to do. [more inside]
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Enstrengthening for the unenlightened

I need some ideas that are dead simple and un-screw-up-able for how to balance my cardio program with strength home, without equipment. [more inside]
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Dine-in/takeaway Tea shops in Sydney?

Looking for the tea equivalent of coffee shops in Sydney.Preferably in the CBD/inner city. High Tea is OK, but looking for something more basic than that. I refuse to pay $4.00 for hot water and a tea bag, lol.
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Overwhelmed Tutors and Teaching Assistants

What resources are there that address overwhelm faced by tutors and teaching assistants - grad students who are also taking on a teaching role? [more inside]
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Lego club activities for the 7-10 set?

I expressed interest in leading a Lego club for younger kids, which will take place at a local library. While I have a Lego fan at home, I have never led formal building exercises, and I'd be happy to hear your ideas for manageable, fun group activities. [more inside]
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Where to make Blu-Ray DVD copies in New York City?

I don't have a Blu-Ray DVD burner at home, but need to make 1-2 copies of a non-commercial disc. I thought a Fedex Kinko's or the like would work, but apparently Blu-Ray DVD drives are not as common as I thought they'd be. [more inside]
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How-to's on current (design) trends in Web Design?

My web design skills have gotten a bit rusty over the past few years (too much coding, not enough Photoshopping!) and I'm in a hurry to get back up to speed for a huge job I'm starting on next week. Normally I would figure this all out on my own but there's no enough time for that so... I need recommendations for good resources (blogs, books, magazines) on current trends in web design and on how to implement/execute elements of these trends in software like Photoshop. This article on the Smashing Magazine site is a good example of the sort of thing I'm looking for, except it doesn't include any how-to's. Pointers to useful templates / frameworks / web design kits are most welcome as well.
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How do I contact English, Literature, and Drama teachers in NYC?

I want to offer super-cheap ($10 to free) Shakespeare tickets to educators and their students in the NYC area. I'm interested in contacting both high school and college teachers. Would they likely welcome this or consider it spam? Is there some kind of message board or other resource I can use to contact these folks.
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Dropbox + coffee shop wifi = secure?

How secure is Dropbox on an open coffee shop wifi? [more inside]
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How Does a New Couple Start Having Regular Money Talks?

My main squeeze is moving in! Our finances are starting to be a little more comingled and I'm looking for the best, healthiest way to start having a regular "money check-in" as part of our new life together. He is on board with this. How do we structure the conversation? Is there a sample agenda? Do we make it a date night? Help, please. [more inside]
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Are Groupon Getaways/LivingSocial Escapes worth it?

Cheap International Travel-filter: How good of a deal do Groupon Getaways/LivingSocial Escapes tend to be, particularly this one to Turkey? How does one find cheap international airfare and travel in general? [more inside]
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Chicken Phobic

I have taken the fear of salmonella to new levels. Explain to me how to cook and store chicken please! [more inside]
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How does one cash in on the capsicum craze?

Supposing one wanted to cash in on the growing popularity of hot sauce, chiles, hot peppers etc...where should one look to invest? Which companies selling peppers, hot sauces and other fiery foods are publicly traded? Aside from stocks, how else might one invest in the pepper market?
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How do I find myself after a 9 year relationship?

My fiance and I have recently parted ways after a near 9 year relationship and it seems as though I've forgotten how to function. [more inside]
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Should I confront a coworker about his incessant cursing?

I can hear my colleague constantly cursing in his office throughout the day. It's making for a tense and disruptive work environment for me and my other colleagues. Should I talk to him to get him to stop? [more inside]
posted by Argyle Sock Puppet at 1:33 PM PST - 30 comments

What to do when "influenced by" looks a lot like "written by"?

I'm part of a tight-knit community of spoken word poets. A few months ago, a new poet started showing up and reading truly breathtaking poetry. Yay! Recently, a lot of it is sounding suspiciously familiar. Yikes. What to do? [more inside]
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Bolaño in China

Would you happen to know of any articles originally written Mandarin about Bolaño's popularity in China? Or Latin American literature's popularity in China in general?
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Competitive Powerlifter hurts her back. Now what?

(Female, 28 years old, 5'6 155#, lifting for about 5 years, 1 year competitively. First back injury.) Yesterday was my first day back to my Powerlifting routine (Texas Method if it makes a difference) after a week off for a ski trip. Within my first set of squats (after warmups) something ‘not good’ happened to my lower back (first set, 4th rep, 185#). Now what? [more inside]
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Dealing with an employer with crappy boundaries, in a niche field?

I’m in a small and incestuous field. My current employer has boundary issues and doesn't respect my time - it's driving me up the wall. I have to be very careful about how I handle this, since he has fingers in most of the pies in town. How can I assert myself without jeopardising my chances of future work? [more inside]
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Really? This doesn't exist?

I am an individual looking to purchase my own short term disability policy. Details within. [more inside]
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Thinking of transferring colleges for Computer Science in NYC

I currently get financial aid and I work full time as a programmer and study part time at Brooklyn College. However it seems that the education I get here at Brooklyn College is of poor quality. Does anyone know of a good college in NYC that has a very good Computer Science major program?
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GoodCorporateCitizensFilter: Help us have fun while helping others.

I'm looking for a new charity/fundraising event that my whole mid-sized company can take part in and get excited about. Ideally it has an outdoor/physical component so that us cube dwellers see a bit of the day-star. The physical requirements should be low, and bonus points for a charity that is in some way related to technology/connectivity-for-all etc. [more inside]
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Asking for a project filter, Spirit Child Edition

Do spirit photographs of ogbanje children or malevolent spirit children exist? I'm thinking of the plethora of spirit photographs from the turn of the 20th century that depicted deceased persons (from the spiritualist movement) -- do similar types of photos of ogbanje or spirit children in African culture exist? If so, where?
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Hospital food help

My friend's son is having complications following surgery and is getting a bit fed up with hospital food. They've sent out a request for restaurants in NYC that could deliver gluten free meals to Mt Sinai Hospital. I'm hoping you all can help me help them. Thanks!
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Family Drama -- Aunt revisited

I wrote this question about my Aunt. As it turned out, I just wrote back a very polite reply -- "thank you for your good wishes" ...I was polite. I felt good about this. Thank you for all the helpful answers. My Aunt wrote me again -- long story inside. Thank you for taking the time to read it. [more inside]
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What kind of door handle / latch combo is this?

The future Mrs. Moitz and I closed on a condo yesterday. I'm trying to get the locks replaced. However, these these handels / latches are defying description so it's making it difficult to locate a replacement. Further details inside... [more inside]
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Small, attainable fitness goals

I need some fitness goals beyond the vague "get in shape" and the too-common "run a marathon". Can you help me come up with small, concrete, achievable goals? [more inside]
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Recommendations for a truly invisible deodorant?

Woman here looking for a truly invisible deodorant that won't come off on my clothing. [more inside]
posted by foxy_hedgehog at 9:28 AM PST - 36 comments

Other than poison or illegal drugs, what can I put in a poison ring?

I want to put interesting smallish things in a poison ring that I was given. The chamber is about a centimeter wide (across my finger) and .75 cm in the other dimensions. What can I put in there? [more inside]
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unclaimed bank funds!

Banking question: how to reclaim a joint account I had previously separated myself from? [more inside]
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What should I do about this friend who has cut me off?

What should I do about a friend who has apparently cut me off for no reason. We are both in our late 20's/early 30's. [more inside]
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X + Y = motivation!!

What are the components of a stellar pep talk? [more inside]
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Do they still make keyboards for first-gen iPads?

I inherited an old, first-generation iPad. I'd love to get a portable keyboard for it so I don't have to lug my ridiculously huge laptop everywhere. I've been doing some Googling, but it's hard to sift out keyboards that will work with the old, obsolete first-generation devices now that it's 2013. I want actual hard keys. Is an Apple wireless keyboard my only option?
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Is there a service that can stream a video file at a certain time?

A con I help run has video art programming which we'd like to stream to people who cannot attend the convention. However, the infrastructure for livestreaming at this venue is prohibitively restrictive. Hence I'm looking for a service that would allow me to upload, say, an mp4 and schedule when it would begin streaming. [more inside]
posted by AbsoluteDestiny at 7:47 AM PST - 3 comments

DNS MX record oddity - Hostgator related

Can you explain why this IP address shows up with lookups for the MX records of these domains? [more inside]
posted by dukes909 at 7:08 AM PST - 2 comments

I want the absolute best, most bombproof compact umbrella available

What is the best compact umbrella I can buy? [more inside]
posted by bondcliff at 7:03 AM PST - 20 comments

Visiting the Forest of Dean

Looking for travel advice on going to the Forest of Dean. Complication: no car. [more inside]
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Convince me not to get a personal loan to pay off my credit cards.

Should I take out a personal loan to consolidate my credit card debt? Does anyone have any experience with personal loans through Discover? [more inside]
posted by royalsong at 6:22 AM PST - 29 comments

Scrolling past the most recent 20 articles at io9 and deadspin?

I get that Nick Denton has some sort of fixation on breaking the simple functionality of scrolling backward through a blog's archives, but the last time Gawker sites redesigned, you could work around the breakage by going to "blog.[gawkersite].com" to get it back. Is there currently any way to scroll back past the most recent 20 articles at the front pages of io9 and deadspin? Note: I've tried, but don't care about the Kinja comment system at all; I just want to read the posts on occasional visits. Is Gawker Media just writing visitors like me off or is there a workaround to the elimination of easy access to older stories?
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How frequently do you screw up at work? I'm wondering if it's "normal" to screw up at work with the frequency that I am, and I should cut myself some slack. Alternately, I'm considering the possibility that it's a big problem. [more inside]
posted by silly me at 6:02 AM PST - 18 comments

Alternatives to Google Hangout for large groups

Is there something like Google Hangout that allows for larger numbers of participants? Particularly in a one-to-many classroom-type setup rather than an all-way conversation. [more inside]
posted by pete_22 at 5:45 AM PST - 5 comments

PC gaming veteran, returning to creating Rollercoasters & Civilizations

I used to play a lot of PC games, but in the past 10 years moved towards console gaming. I realise I've missed a whole era of games that only really work with a mouse and keyboard. My absolute favourites were creative, engaging, long play games, such as Rollercoaster Tycoon and Civilization. I never really played to win. I played for creative ends. The best times I had playing Rollercoaster Tycoon was in sandbox mode the only limits being my imagination. Those were the days. What (PC) games offer the equivalent of this now? [more inside]
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Can no longer bang head against financial wall.

So... There are plenty of help-me-with-my-finances questions on MeFi, but this is more of a relationship question... [more inside]
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"Validate meeee"

How to be a better friend to a very insecure person. [more inside]
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Blue jeans everywhere

Why are blue jeans so ubiquitous? And why blue?
posted by devnull at 2:44 AM PST - 16 comments

Will they just keep being stupid?

Is it worth snail-mailing the idiots who share my name and use my e-mail address to sign up for things? [more inside]
posted by Nattie at 2:41 AM PST - 31 comments

Likelihood of Dropbox deleting my files?

I use a free Dropbox account for loads of stuff and I think it's a great service, but I currently only use 70% of my allowance and don't want to fork out for pro. However, I recently read the Ts and Cs of free account and see that they can delete my files whenever they like. Eek! I find it pretty unlikely this would happen, but how big a risk do you think it is? Is it worth paying just for the security, or is it so unlikely that I can continue with free service and peace of mind?
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Why is my body mad at me?

Last night I had an episode of intense tremors and nausea shortly (< 2 hours) after eating. This morning I feel fine. What gives? [more inside]
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March 25

Hair trimmer recommendations

Beard / body hair trimmer recommendations? [more inside]
posted by lewedswiver at 11:33 PM PST - 7 comments

Where there's a will kit, there is confusion

I don't have a will and have never written one before. I don't have a lawyer and don't really want to get one. In a bit over a month, I will be going into hospital for some surgery. It's not particularly dramatic surgery and I expect it to go well, but I seem to have used it as a spur to get a will kit*, which is something I have meant to do for a while now. [more inside]
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Should I attend an art program when I am not confident in my abilities?

Artists: do you enjoy the process of making whatever art you make? Should I pursue an opportunity in an artistic field when I dislike the process of making the art and am not confident in my results? [more inside]
posted by amodelcitizen at 10:25 PM PST - 20 comments

Where to buy a car in the Chicago area?

We're interested in areas with lots of dealerships in close proximity, so we can see the models we're curious about without having to head all over town. [more inside]
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Why did this light go off with a bang and a spark?

We had lots of wiring replaced recently, including two lamps connected to a dimmer switch; the dimmer was also replaced. Yesterday we noticed that the dimmer was now only allowing fully on or off. Today the light went off with a loud popping sound and a visible spark from one of the lamps, though both bulbs themselves work fine. What happened and how do I fix it? Is it likely just a faulty dimmer switch? Do I need to turn off the circuit (which has many other lights on it) as a precaution?
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Authorization for cremation?

Can signing an 'Authorization For Cremation' form somehow make me responsible for my deceased father's debt? [more inside]
posted by KevinSkomsvold at 9:22 PM PST - 15 comments

Looking for research/journal articles about girls play clothes/uniforms.

Our school is reviewing uniform policies and I’m trying to find research, or guidelines to inform the discussion. I’m in Australia where uniforms for students are the norm. This is a government school where it’s not legally mandated, but where it’s universally worn in different forms. Several teachers at our current school and my daughter’s pre-school have mentioned that they prefer girls not to wear dresses and skirts to school because it impedes free play. I agree and am encouraging our primary school to phase out the dresses for girls and have regulation polo shirts for all kids and skorts/culotte type shorts for the girls, and unisex shorts for the boys and any girls that want to wear them. [more inside]
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What is this upbeat indie song???

There's a song that comes on at my work, and for the life of me I can't figure out what it's called. [more inside]
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Can I get personalized pencils with the word "Queer" on them?

I am directing a local LGBTQ history project and think it would be fun to get personalized pencils (to take into the archives) for the participants. But nobody will print pencils with the word "Queer" on them! Or the word "Gay/Lesbian." Or anything that could be construed as a reference whatsoever. Do you know of a personalized-pencil provider that would be willing to print LGBTQ pencils?
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Help us plan our vacation in Anchorage

Mr. BlahLaLa, KidBlahLaLa and I will be in Anchorage for four days in late June. Help us find stuff to do! [more inside]
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Songs that are lists of things.

What are good songs for babies that are really "lists of things" (like "I can sing a rainbow" and "a, b, c, d,.....")? [more inside]
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Is there something like "whois" for Google App Engine apps?

I might put something up on Google App Engine. I sometimes like to try to be private online, to the extent that I'd be concerned about whether my home address was available via a "whois" lookup on a website I control. If I put some software online via Google App Engine and allow public use of it, will ordinary people be able to find out who is behind it (that being me)? Will moderately skilled amateur hackers be able to? Presumably law enforcement officials could find out, but that does not concern me. [more inside]
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An email domain provider that starts with M

I'm looking for an email provider that starts with m and ends with .net [more inside]
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Stop-Gap Iphone

Help me figure out a stop-gap iPhone to tide me over until iPhone 5S comes out. [more inside]
posted by Quisp Lover at 7:24 PM PST - 16 comments

simple electronic ciruit

I have a circuit whose output drives a beeper(piezoelectric transducer). It beeps at 1200 Hz 3 volts and a duty cycle of 1.5 seconds. I would like to get a DC whenever the beeping starts and 0.0 volts whenever there is no beeping signal. Can anyone help me design a simple circuit to do this? The end goal is to drive a small DC motor that is used to produce vibration in a cell phone. Thanks in advance, Ortological
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Gift suggestions for a new friend's birthday?

I've been invited to a new (<3 months) friend's 40th birthday supper. What can I bring him? [more inside]
posted by Prairie at 6:57 PM PST - 6 comments

roombas for dust mites? ("robots are cool" is the unspoken motivation)

Just diagnosed with a dust mite allergy. Will a regular cheap Roomba help? [more inside]
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Help me find a similar beer in Sydney

I visited New Zealand recently (thanks AskMe for all the help with the itinerary), and happened to try a beer there - Mac's Great White Cloudy Wheat Beer. It seems that it is only available in New Zealand. Is there anything else that might replicate the taste? [more inside]
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How to display a beautiful, sentimentally-valued coin?

Among other things my mother has passed on to me a Saint-Gaudens double eagle coin. How shall I display it securely? [more inside]
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♫♫ What do you do with a BS in Physics? ♫♫

Three years ago, I graduated with a Physics degree. Since then, I've been working in a soul-crushing IT job. Realistically, what are my options to push my career forward? Help me find my passion. Lots of snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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May you stink forever.

What are the best non-violent curses? [more inside]
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Best basketballs around

As March Madness is here, want to get a basketball as a gift. What's the best basketball on the market? [more inside]
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Can't find a Psychopath forum I had seen way back.

The forum was made up of psychopaths talking about their experiences, points of view and things they've done. It was fascinating to read and learn about. What prompted me to look into it back then was that I'm quite certain my father is one. The only results I've been finding are support forums for people who've been in relationships with psychopaths.
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Bill went to collection because of the company's mistake, what do I do?

Enzo Clinical Labs had my incomplete address on file. I never received the bill and it went to collection. What do I do that it does not appear on my credit report? [more inside]
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How do I figure out who I am? Post-breakup and no friends

Just out of a short-ish relationship, the standard advice is "do things you like", "hang out with your friends". All the things I like are pretty solitary/not conducive to meeting people and I just don't have any friends, but I do want some, but I feel too crappy to figure out how to find some - see the circularity? [more inside]
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Confused By US Passport Requirements. Help?

I had a passport when I was a kid. My dad was USAF and I spent about 40% of my childhood overseas. However, I have not had a passport since and I have not left the country since I was in college. What do I need to get a passport? [more inside]
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Any recommendations for a Cantonese speaking divorce lawyer in SF?

I am hoping that someone has a recommendation (or even a "stay away from") for a Cantonese-speaking divorce lawyer in the San Francisco area. [more inside]
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Does anyone have experience with Labor Boards?

I'm taking a former boss to the Labor Board (in California) next week. He owes me back wages, some or all of a bonus (he never provided me with the bonus criteria, as he said he would do in the offer letter, despite my numerous requests), he never paid two years of payroll taxes - another story, involving an ongoing IRS investigation. Next week is the preliminary hearing. I'm wondering what to expect. Should I have all of my material (offer letter, testimonials, emails) for this meeting? Or is this simply to determine whether an amicable solution can be found before a proper hearing? I would appreciate hearing about similar experiences - and lessons learned from these experiences. Thanks.
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Am I just not couple material?

I can't tell if I’m overreacting/over analyzing because I've been single for so long. Do I just need time to adjust to being a couple? Should I just calm down and stick it out for awhile? [more inside]
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How do I get my car title transfered into my name?

What is the process and what taxes must I pay when transferring a car title from my father to me? Interstate snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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To feed large breed or not to feed: that is the question

YANMV, however, I am waiting on a call back from my vet and as I am impatient and prone to obsessive behavior, I shall ask the same of the hive to see the consensus. Should I be feeding my 4 1/2 month old puppy large breed puppy food? Details inside. [more inside]
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Find my perfect bag, version 478... the diaper bag edition

For the last 2.5 years I have been daily using and abusing the same amazing black nylon messenger-style diaper bag, and it's finally beginning to tear and fray apart. I want to find something simple, stylish, and utilitarian to replace it. Difficulty: cheap-ish. [more inside]
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Tool for building a reference guide website or document generator?

Is there a word for these types of web-based tools, and a widely-used way to make them? One: a way make a web-based reference guide / glossary / help centre. Two: a tool that will generate a custom 20-page PDF based on complex user inputs, complete with table of contents. Are there open-source, well-supported solutions for building these things? Maybe a way to combine some plugins for Drupal or Wordpress? I really have no idea how to tackle this. [more inside]
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Resources for healing from domestic violence?

I am looking for books or websites that are for people after they have left their abusive partner. [more inside]
posted by sockermom at 3:14 PM PST - 3 comments

Dealing with an estranged family

How can I accept and deal with my estranged family? My father was an incredibly abusive person to his family. My mother couldn't really handle it (she was 17 or 18 at the time) and ended up giving me to my aunt (father's side). For years I had very little contact with my mother's family. I now have three half-siblings, whom I didn't grow up with and have very little in common with. In fact, at age 32, I live in a world that's completely different from theirs. [more inside]
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MIDI controllers and the iPhone 5?

Is it possible to hook up an Akai LPK25 controller to an iPhone 5? [more inside]
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What is the safest method to ship to Hong Kong?

I have a $2,000 piece of artwork that needs to get to Hong Kong. I am not sure what carrier I should go with and would love insight. I am pretty nervous about this, but also don't want to spend a fortune if I can help it. [more inside]
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audio ebook for car ride

What audio ebook should I download for this long car ride with my bookish 10 year old, me, and my literate adult friend? [more inside]
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Some next, but cautious, steps for beginner scooterists?

What are some helpful tips in buying a scooter and then practicing driving it within a major urban center? Snowflake details below [more inside]
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Where in NYC can I get fun sodas?

When I lived in LA I could drive to BevMo or to Galco's and fill up on Cheerwine, Moxie, and various birch beers and sasparillas and other local sodas. When I go see my parents in Northern California I can do the same at the local Nugget Market. Now that I'm living in NYC and am carless, where can I go to satisfy my specialty soda fix?
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How do I organize my life and surroundings

I lack basic skills to manage a normal day. I have no structure at all and want to be able to get by in life. I am a chronic mess maker and lose much of everything, so I want to learn life skills to be able to live normally. [more inside]
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Is there a movie that takes place in a completely different sound world?

I'm looking for movies with a sound design that changes all of the typical sounds of the world. Something like replacing all of the "normal" sounds with something strange, like doors closing would all sound like "pew!" or footsteps would all be "bloop" or something. Does this exist? [more inside]
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online sales tax, Illinois website buyer in australia

Hello, I bought something from an online store from a business in Illinois. I am in Australia, which does not require sales tax to be paid on items bought from overseas for less that $1000. When I realised the Illinois website had charged me sales tax, I pointed it out to them. They claim that: 'If you purchase something in Illinois, and that is where our "store" is you will be charged sales tax.' I don't think that is correct. Is it? Do you know of a clear authoritative document online I can send them a link to? Thank you
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abs of steel take more than 20 minutes a day

Lots of exercise videos out there promising bikini abs are guided by people with incredible bodies. I know they don't get or keep those bodies using their own routines. What do they actually do? [more inside]
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What to do with a few hours in Moscow?

Hey, I'm going (with a group) to Moscow from this Wednesday to Friday. Thing is, I get there in the evening and leave early Friday, and so I really only have Wednesday night, maybe three hours Thursday afternoon, and then Thursday night. (I guess I also have very early Thursday and Friday mornings, although seems unlikely I'd really be up for anything.) Anything that I absolutely need to see/do/eat in those windows? I'm interested in mostly arts/cultural/architectural/food/drinks things, but I'm not sure what I can fit into those spaces in the day/night. Thanks. [more inside]
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casual hookup etiquette for the post-serially monogamous citizen

After many years of monogamy followed by several years of celibacy (continually enforced by the fact that, out of raw fiscal necessity, I will continue to share a house and mortgage with my ex for the indefinite future), a chance encounter has left me with the opportunity to enjoy one (or, fingers crossed, more than one!) casual hookup(s) with a breathtakingly attractive near-stranger. Can you walk me through this process -- safety, guidelines, what to do/not do or say, etc. -- like a complete newbie? [more inside]
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I have a few challenges applying to grad school.

I need to explain to a graduate school admissions committee why my undergrad grades suck and convince them I am a viable candidate as well even though I don't own the required psychology degree. And ff course, the one program requiring the degree is the one in which I am most interested. [more inside]
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DC area coin dealer recommendations

Might anyone be able to suggest a good coin dealer in the Washington DC area? Looking to price out a variety of coins - a couple of gold coins, silver coins, random hodgepodge of probably worthless foreign coins, and inaugural coins & medals. Although a bit morbidly opportunist, would it be that much wiser to wait and sell a couple of Reagan/Bush and Carter commemorative coins (with all the Franklin Mint certifications) after Carter & Bush eventually pass away?
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What happened to churches that refused to hold interracial weddings?

Around the time that the Supreme Court decided Loving v. Virginia, did any churches lose their tax exempt status either due to (A) political activities related to the fight over interracial marriage or (B) due to the refusal to conduct such marriages for its members? [more inside]
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Name of old panel show

I'm trying to find the name of an old panel-style game show that freaked me out as a kid. The show would have celebrity panelists, and at the end of the show they would squish the celebrities into discs so that could easily store them until they needed them again. This would have been mid-80s, most likely.
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Should I go to the ER? Calf pain after travel but with snowflake!

I flew to Seattle for a couple of days. I climbed a lot of stairs. My calf hurts. Do I need to go to the ER? Doctors' advice in particular appreciated. [more inside]
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Am I going to regret getting nailed?

I was born with awful nails that are super thin and break off halfway down the nailbed. It's incredibly painful, annoying, and unattractive. I'm thinking about getting them overlaid with acrylic or gel (possibly with very short tips added) at a fancy spa so that I can finally have normal-length nails that are functional, painless, and not hideous. Is this going to fix my problem? Am I going to regret this decision? [more inside]
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Outdoor reception and dinner venue in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter

I'm looking for suggestions for an outdoor reception and dinner venue in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter. I've already contacted the Andaz hotel, the W hotel and the Hard Rock hotel, and think these are potentially great choices, but I'm wondering if there are any other options I should explore. [more inside]
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Guy hit my (parked) car last night. I have a witness. What should I do?

I wasn't there, but the good Samaritan left a note on my car. She saw the man hit my car - it appears he is a neighbor. If I go talk to this man, I want to be fully prepared - both to convey that I know he's the culprit, but also to respond in case he tries to deny or simply stonewall me. Any tips for things to do before I talk to him, or ways to respond if he's not cooperative? Thanks.
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Gamemaker Resources

I'm working with a group of kids to help them learn the very basics of GameMaker. I'm looking for libraries of sprites, backgrounds, and sounds to help them in the creation process. Are there ready-made libraries for educators out there. If I have to cobble it together on my own, what are good places to get the basics for making simple 2-dimensional games? Also: are there any good premade game templates (shooter, platformer, puzzle games) that we can use to get their ideas down? We're more interested in the story-telling process of game creation, and not so much the learning to program part. [more inside]
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What are your favorite Mahjong games in the Mac App store

My mom really enjoys Mahjong. She had a version she really liked on her old Windows machine, but it died. She's using a Mac now. There's a ton of Mahjong games in the Mac App store. She's tried a few but they were too simple. Anyone have recommendations for a Mahjong game from the Mac App store for a Mahjong fanatic?
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What can you tell me about this old bottle of whiskey?

I pulled up the old floor in our house and found an old, mostly full, quart bottle of whiskey labeled "William Penn". Our house, located in Indianapolis (US) was built in the 1890s but I don't think the bottle is that old. Here are some pictures 1 2 3 4 5. It was wrapped in a German language newspaper that appeared to be from Indianapolis but is too fragmented to get a date from. What can you tell me about this whiskey?
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Pictures of celebrities riding public transit?

We're looking for photos of famous people riding public transit for a Facebook page that fights prejudice against public transportation. [more inside]
posted by Tom-B at 9:58 AM PST - 31 comments

Anorexia Memory Loss

Can a anorexia cause loss of memories from before the starvation began? [more inside]
posted by trinity8-director at 9:55 AM PST - 5 comments

Free or Inexpensive Photography for a non-profit

Hi, I am helping out with a young and growing non-profit and they need professional photography to update some of the picture content their new website. What is the best to find a good photographer who would be willing to donate their time for a good cause? Is it reasonable to try to find a way to get this work for free? If not, what should we be willing to spend? [more inside]
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Why are my clothes still soaking?

My washing machine (a top-loading Maytag Centennial similar to this one, about 3-5 years old, I'd guess) sporadically leaves clothes dripping wet after the whole cycle's done. Other times, it works perfectly and spins the load to a much more reasonable level of dampness. [more inside]
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Calling from Asia over android tablet

Currently in Asia and want to call US cheap. What options besides Skype do I have? Not a big fan of sim cards as they are hard to find here. [more inside]
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What can I expect from a gay rodeo?

I'm planning on being in Denver at the same time as the annual gay rodeo there (Rocky Mountain Regional Rodeo). I'm wondering what to expect from the event and whether it's worth taking the time and effort to attend. Looks like gay cowboys have better things to do with their time than create pretty websites for tourists so can you help me figure it out please? [more inside]
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What is this half-remembered snippet about karaoke and "chick songs"?

I have a snippet of a movie or TV show (maybe a cartoon?) that's been rattling around my head for the past month or so and I can't pin down where it's from or if it was just a dream I once had.
A male character is singing karaoke and the audience is booing and heckling him. One of the hecklers mocks his song choice by yelling out, "That's a chick song." The male character retorts, "No it's not! It's a song to get chicks."
Does this ring a bell with anyone? Bonus internet points for a video clip (partial credit for just the song).
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What's cool in Manhattan on Wednesday?

A friend of mine and I have managed to both get this Wednesday (27-March-2013) off from work. She lives in Long Island and I live in New Jersey, so Manhattan seemed like a good middle ground to get together. The point is mostly to hang out and see each other, but we'd also like to visit whatever interesting things that might be around. My cleverest thought at this point is the Museum of Natural History, or to just wander and let serendipity happen. Are there any cool happenings Wednesday afternoon or evening I should keep in mind? Especially nifty lunch spots we might not have thought of?
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Retail marijuana in Washington state

In what month can the state of Washington realistically expect to see a commercial storefront retailing marijuana to the general public (with proof of age)? [citations appreciated]
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A Dirty Dancing themed karaoke surprise

How do I hire someone in New York City that can provide a very unique service for a bachelorette party? This would involve specific timing, possibly a costume, decent voice, decent looks, heaps of charm. [more inside]
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Investing while in the US on a fixed term contract

I know I should be talking to an financial planner/adviser about this, and I will do, but... I am British. I'm going to be living and working in the U.S. for somewhere between one and three years. I will probably return to the UK afterwards, but there is a chance I will stay in the U.S. forever. I would rate that chance at about 50/50. I would like to save a fraction of my income while in the U.S., and I would like those savings to grow. I would like to retain at least the possibility of suddenly withdrawing them if and when I leave the U.S. I understand there will be fees and taxes involved in such a withdrawal, but I would of course like to minimize them. And I would like to balance this possibility against the possibility that I will be staying forever, and should make a start on saving for retirement. [more inside]
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Making an academic workshop work?

What techniques have you seen working in practice to get people to talk when they come from quite different backgrounds? [more inside]
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Presenting the Amazing Housewife

I have a great desire to be an outstanding "housewife". The problem is that I am terrible at cooking and I stress out over silly domestic things. How can I make it all seem effortless? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:24 AM PST - 31 comments

Where to look for industry job positions and how to effectively apply?

I know this question is big, but would like to glean any useful information for job hunting. I will graduate from my post-graduate study in five months. The time is not abundant for job hunting for a foreigner without citizenship. My study area is agricultural engineering and bio-environmental/bioenergy engineering. Do you know if there is any company that may have positions based on this background? Do you know if there is any suitable website holding ads for this engineering area? Will you be willing to share your experience in job hunting of similar background? Thanks in advance.
posted by caladesi at 8:22 AM PST - 1 comment

Seeking funny novels about Chicago, Wicker Park, and if possible the Cub

Seeking funny novels about Chicago, Wicker Park, and if possible the Cubs. Prefer to avoid genre fiction and the self-published. [more inside]
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The Innocents Abroad: Text Messaging+Parents Overseas=Disaster Incoming?

My elderly parents are currently traveling in Europe (Greece, specifically) accompanied by their first smartphones (which are on a T-Mobile family plan that I pay for). Before they left, I repeatedly emphasized that they needed to install new microsims from a Greek telecom before they'd be able to use voice, messaging and data in Greece. I did not go into the concept of international roaming (primarily because it's extremely expensive, they would find it confusing, and I don't want them to use it). They said they'd get new microsims when they arrived. However, my mother's text messages from Greece still look like they're being sent from her U.S. number. [more inside]
posted by longdaysjourney at 8:01 AM PST - 14 comments

Whose tooth is this?

I found an animal tooth in the couch cushions. Help me narrow down who it might have belonged to. [more inside]
posted by overeducated_alligator at 7:57 AM PST - 6 comments

Budget software and tutorials for webcomic creation

Asking for my wife - she's working on creating a webcomic using her new Wacom tablet and needs recommendations for affordable drawing/image-manipulation software as well as tutorials in their use. [more inside]
posted by tdismukes at 7:57 AM PST - 8 comments

I bruised my thigh and the hurt is spreading. What now?

Nine days ago while working I *ran* into a countertop and bruised the top my right thigh - badly. At first the injury seemed to progress normally, getting better every day, but now not only is the bruise still there, but my knee hurts too. What now? [more inside]
posted by hafehd at 7:33 AM PST - 10 comments

MacBook disc drive won't read.

Save us another trip to the Apple store. My daughter's computer: Mac Book Pro Operating system: 10.6.8 Not in warranty [more inside]
posted by SLC Mom at 7:18 AM PST - 17 comments

Stuck in the obsessive stage of a breakup.

I've plateaud in breakup recovery. What wisdom do you have? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:41 AM PST - 22 comments

Having Two Facebook Accounts on my Phone?

I have two Facebook accounts. I'd like to be able to use them both on my phone. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:41 AM PST - 6 comments

Healthy Takeaway/Delivery in London

I spend a bit too much time in the office, and regularly have dinner delivered there (paid for by the company, thankfully!) but am putting on too much pudge from the constant pizzas. Could anyone recommend healthy deliveries or takeaway that will service the W1 area? Thanks!
posted by emergent at 6:30 AM PST - 8 comments

Bike Trainers, Bike Rollers and Exercise Bikes : What is the Max Load?

I need a bike trainer, bike roller, or an exercise bike. The problem is, I weight 132 kilograms / 290 pounds. I can afford $350, at a stretch. Is there a model of any of these which will both accommodate my weight, and be affordable? My googling turns up nothing.
posted by Chasuk at 6:24 AM PST - 7 comments

Buying-a-Boat Filter:

A friend and I are looking into buying a boat and living on it whilst sailing around Europe next year, I understand that there are going to be a lot of challenges, but the first one: is it financially viable. [more inside]
posted by Ned G at 5:43 AM PST - 16 comments

Help me become the next Barbara Walters/Charlie Rose

I want to be great at interviewing people, but going to journalism school isn't an option. What books will help me most? How do I learn to recognize and ask great questions? How do I prepare? Who are exceptional interviewers I should check out, and what do you think I can specifically learn from them?
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March 24

What's it like to be a bookkeeper, and how do I get there from here?

I have a BSc in physics and an environmental diploma, neither of which are getting me any work. I've been doing office temp work for a couple of years now - mostly admin with a bit of reception. I enjoy admin work but I'd rather get away from the customer/client-facing stuff. I have pretty strong math and computer skills (via physics), I enjoy some things people often find boring (e.g. filing, messing around with Excel), and I'm comfortable sitting in front of a computer all day. Do you think I would like bookkeeping? What's it actually like to be a bookkeeper? What do you do in the run of a day? [more inside]
posted by fullerenedream at 11:30 PM PST - 7 comments

Is it safe to drink? Trading Places edition

How old is too old to drink frozen concentrated orange juice? [more inside]
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What is this Gramatik jam?

Not too long ago I went to a Bassnectar concert. Gramatik opened and one song sounded like some kind of electronic country rock jam. No vocals, just relentless, driving guitars and bass. Sorry, this is all I've got. Someone, anyone? What is this song?
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Help me find this article please

Within the last couple of months (and I'm really leaning towards more recently than that) I read an article that said if you're asking for donations to or fundraising for a charity, a little psychological trick is to tell people they don't have to donate. This would make them more likely to actually donate. I could have sworn it was on Lifehacker, but I can't find it anywhere, not even in a general Google search. Can you find it please?
posted by IndigoRain at 10:14 PM PST - 2 comments

Annoying Facebook Bullshit

In the ongoing wrangle that is the process of PRIVACY with Facebook I've yet to figure this one out. [more inside]
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Ill and disgusting taste in my mouth? No thanks.

Please give me your recommendations for cough drops that actually taste good! [more inside]
posted by horizonseeker at 9:42 PM PST - 30 comments

I'll pay someone to tell me what to buy, what to wear and how to wear it

I'm looking for information about working with a personal stylist or personal shopper, especially as a plus-size woman. Could I? Should I? [more inside]
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Mortarboards hurt when they fall

Looking for movies with a classic graduate cap toss: the speech is over, the plot comes to a pleasing conclusion, and then everybody, preferably the whole school, takes their hats off and tosses them in the air, in slo-mo. The sky is blue, it's a stock photography moment. What are movies or TV shows with this oh-so-cliche scene?
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How to not act superior?

I received some feedback recently that I come across as arrogant, condescending, and pretentious. How can I stop coming across this way, externally? How can I get at the root of underlying attitudes, internally? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:13 PM PST - 54 comments

Wow, thanks for the offer, but I'd rather not work at all...

Have you, or do you know anyone who has, purposefully not taken a job at the end of a contract, in order to build skills in other areas, and been ok with a gap in work history? Snowflake details: I'm currently working on a contract for a large company, and I'm reaching the end-date for my contract. The current job itself is not my dream job, and is not very fulfilling, but it's paid the bills and the company looks good on a resume. I now have been offered another contract position, year-long, at a different large company in the area. However, I would be doing work that would be even less fulfilling, I'm afraid to the point of being mind-numbing. But the pay is good. Should I take the year-long contract for the money? Thinking about the job itself is enough to give me that anxious sick feeling. [more inside]
posted by lockstitch at 9:07 PM PST - 6 comments

Putting baby on a routine

How do you put a six month old baby on a routine? Or should you even try to? What kind of schedule worked for you? [more inside]
posted by meech at 8:55 PM PST - 13 comments

Did my amazon account get hacked?

I recently went onto amazon and found multiple items in my cart that I had not placed there. Could my account have been hacked, or is it just some weird glitch? [more inside]
posted by Sakura3210 at 8:12 PM PST - 22 comments

Need ADHD medication but no doctor or insurance in NYC

Need ADHD medication but no doctor or insurance in NYC [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:00 PM PST - 11 comments

Problem cashing out a settlement- it's taking forever... or is it?

I shopped around to sell my structured settlement and now it's taking forever to get through the process. Is my story normal or am I being sold a bill of goods? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:59 PM PST - 2 comments

Spoiled for Educational Choices

Short Question: Should I a) Pursue a degree in IT with the goal of becoming a database administrator or b) Continue my studies and get my Masters in Social Work? [more inside]
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Tracking down a YA book series from the late 80s / early 90s

In my elementary school (circa 1989-1996, Ontario/Canada), there was a series of young adult novels that our library had. I've been trying to track them down, and Google hasn't helped with the scattershot info I remember about them. Here is what I have to go on... [more inside]
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Bookstores/Yoga Studios

Hi there! I'm planning a road trip around the US and Canada this June and was looking for suggestions for independent bookstores and places that cater to Yoga practitioners/Yoga studios that have an oomph factor. Do you have a favorite indie bookstore or a Yoga studio you go to that you'd love to share with other people? I welcome any and all suggestions! [more inside]
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Online dating... we've moved to phone, what now?

So I met this guy online, we recently spoke over the phone for the first time and have spoken one other time after that. First conversation was about 20 minutes and the next was maybe 10 and took place this morning. We met on the type of dating site where people are matched for long-term relationships - what I'm trying to say here is we know we're not trying to just find friends. I am trying not to waste my time here and want to get to know what he is thinking so that if we're not on the same page I can move on, preferably before my membership online ends. [more inside]
posted by lilacp at 6:59 PM PST - 24 comments

Books/Movies about soulmates finding each other in each lifetime?

Books/Movies about soulmates finding each other in each lifetime? I have some vague memories about at least one book or movie that centered around a couple, soul mates who kept having to re-find each other over and over in multiple different lifetimes. Ringing any bells? I know Cloud Atlas is a tiny bit like that, but it was much longer ago than that. Also, suggestions of books/movies along similar lines? Tried searching but maybe I searched the wrong terms. Thanks in advance!
posted by bluesky78987 at 6:40 PM PST - 30 comments

A good or decent video game with beautiful and immersive sci-fi worlds

Anyone have suggestions for video games that do a great job of immersing you in sci-fi (ideally alien) worlds? [more inside]
posted by mysticreferee at 6:40 PM PST - 28 comments

Insurance options for the recently unemployed in Tokyo?

I'm an American living in working in Tokyo, but am planning on moving to the states in a few months. I will leave my current job in a month that is providing insurance and take a month or two off to get my affairs in order. What are my options for insurance after I resign? [more inside]
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What's the name of that Tokyo Police Club song where "Tokyo Police Club" is one of the lyrics?
posted by 256 at 6:28 PM PST - 1 comment

Handheld massager with heat?

Can someone recommend a good handheld massager, preferable with heat. Not for sexy time, just for someone with a lot of muscle and nerve pain.
posted by wandering_not_lost at 5:02 PM PST - 2 comments

To Bed, Perchance to Sleep

Help my boyfriend and I sleep (in the same bed) together! [more inside]
posted by 3491again at 4:29 PM PST - 24 comments

Yoga for aunt and baby

I'd like to take my 9mo old niece to do yoga in or around New Orleans (preferably more West Bank than downtown). Help? [more inside]
posted by spunweb at 4:21 PM PST - 8 comments

Pick music for my 10 year-old son's iPod!

Please name one song, or album, that I should put on my 10 year-old son's iPod. [more inside]
posted by unSane at 4:15 PM PST - 76 comments

What gives you that tropical beach feeling?

Help me create my best happy place: I want recommendations for what gives you that all-around lazy, sun-kissed, salt water, beachy feeling. Music, books, movies, scents, art, images, anything you can think of that puts you there.
posted by dean winchester at 4:07 PM PST - 28 comments

HALP! I spilled worcestershire sauce in my mum's new car!

Had a bottle of the stuff tip over on the passenger seat, to the tune of about 2 tablespoons. Fabric seat, brand new car, she's coming home in June so I have a bit of time to get that new car smell back. [more inside]
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Davy Byrne's pub and Auerbachs Keller--more please

I'm in Dublin and I can drink Guinness in Davy Byrne's pub, which is mentioned in Ulysses. In Leipzig there's Auerbachs Keller, mentioned in Faust. What are some more real pubs, restaurants or the like that are mentioned in literature? [more inside]
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Brightly colored ferromagnetic shavings

I'd like to find or create ferromagnetic shavings like these, but in bright colors. How can I do that? [more inside]
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How to Surprise Boyfriend for his Birthday Long Distance

Distance prevents me from being with my boyfriend on his birthday. Any idea on how to make it special? He will be at work most of the day and make to his hotel later on in the evening. I've sent cupcakes, but would also like to do something else to surprise him. Thanks!!
posted by surfer127 at 2:25 PM PST - 5 comments

I'm in England, so this must be English

I'm in London, staying in a nice little self-catering flat. There's a sticker on the inside of the lid of the toilet that says:
"Because of various of environment will effect the tardiness down. The best tardiness down effect will after the cover board completeness open. Push the cover board to the position of self-down, and then the effect of tardiness down without voice will following."
[more inside]
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401 K catch-up?

I know that I can still contribute to my IRA account for 2012; can I still make catch-up contributions to my 401K for last year?
posted by coldhotel at 2:10 PM PST - 3 comments

Do Free File confirmation e-mails contain sensitive information?

Do the confirmation e-mails for e-filing federal tax returns with Free File Fillable Forms contain sensitive information? [more inside]
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How much should I ask for in compensation for overdue furniture?

I ordered a 2-piece sectional sofa 15 weeks ago, and it was supposed to be delivered in 8-10 weeks. Half of it was delivered at 8 weeks, the other half is still missing. How much should I ask for in compensation as the delivery gets later and later, and what's the best way to handle asking for such compensation? [more inside]
posted by vytae at 1:43 PM PST - 15 comments

What video camera will meet my requirements?

I want to have a very lightweight camera that has no wires, but sends a video feed to an android device. I want to mount it on a telescoping pole for close-up inspection of stained glass windows. I do restoration and repair of stained glass for my living. So it would be great to be able to use a camera on a pole to do assessments onsite without ladders or scaffolding. [more inside]
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Help me put together a class assignment on hardening a computer

I want to teach students good computer security habits. [more inside]
posted by jadepearl at 12:34 PM PST - 9 comments

Boyfriend has never had a long-term relationship and other concerns.

Is it unusual for a 28-year-old to have never had a relationship last past 3 months? [more inside]
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Silent Science Videos To Entertain Teens?

Looking for videos to create a youtube playlist to entertain a group of science-minded teenagers for about 30 min that are largely visual. Sound is fine but the bulk shouldn't be someone talking to the class like an instructor - visualizations are best - ideally they should look really, really cool. Class is engineering focused, but chemistry, robotics, wobbly bridges, comp-sci, biology, are all welcome. [more inside]
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No meat until you eat your veg?

If you follow the advice of Ellyn Satter, how do you handle second helpings when your child wants more of one food but hasn't eaten even a bite of the other things? [more inside]
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What do I need to know about physical therapy.

What sort of questions should I ask while looking for a physical therapist? [more inside]
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What American companies perform mtDNA analysis?

I am looking to buy an analysis of my mtDNA, but my search engine seems to be only giving me foreign companies. (This is why I hate tailored searches because they pigeonhole you.) Can anyone help me?
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What to do in Nashville?

I'll be in Nashville, TN for a day -- help me see as much of the city as possible. Bonus: what's the parking like there? [more inside]
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Seeking book suggestions to read aloud to a 3 year old

My daughter is 3 years old, and I'm looking for recommendations for books to read aloud to her at night. [more inside]
posted by Nickel Pickle at 10:28 AM PST - 33 comments

Snowflakey workout music question #45356

"Abel" by The National, which is essentially "Born to Run" filtered through indie rock, is the perfect workout song for me, combining the key elements of (1) simple chord progression and song structure, (2) layered instrumentation, (3) lots of energy/intensity (including vocal energy/intensity). Recommendation engines' recommendations have been lacking in (1) and (3), so I'm turning to you guys: can you suggest songs with those elements?
posted by John Raskolnikov Gilson at 10:10 AM PST - 15 comments

Using the trademark-domain dispute system for good?

We're setting up a new business and plan to register a trademark which has been abandoned in the US and is dead in other trademark jurisdictions, too. Way back when the original user of the name was active, they registered (domain).com for the absolute maximum number of years. It is up for renewal next year, but... [more inside]
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Ah Windows!

The Windows laptop that I have been using for work has slowly been dying 1000 little deaths. They seemed to be all software related, So I decided to do a clean install. The install, from a USB, failed before it even got started. There was a missing DVD driver that could not be located anywhere. I canceled out of the install and try to boot up normally, But that won't work either. I have an error in my BCD file. [more inside]
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Ideas for covering a stained bathtub?

My old cast iron bathtub is stained beyond help. None of the tough cleaners do anything at this point. I looked into repainting it myself but couldn't cope with the idea of the prepping and the awful epoxy-based paint etc. etc. We could pay a fortune to have it reglazed, I guess, BUT [more inside]
posted by DMelanogaster at 9:02 AM PST - 25 comments

Looking for an Android app.

Best Android app/s that will help remind me to eat regularly? [more inside]
posted by Trexsock at 8:51 AM PST - 9 comments

Best knot for drawstring pants?

Knot ignoramus here. I have a pair of pants that has no belt loops, just a drawstring with a single end coming out of each side above the crotch. How do I tie a knot with those two ends such that it holds and I can also make it tighter at will? [more inside]
posted by slappy_pinchbottom at 8:22 AM PST - 6 comments

Barky humpy puppy is making me a little crazy!

My puppy barks at me if he has too much energy, but he's been so humpy at the dog park that we can't stay long enough for him to burn it all off. Please help by recommending some training we could use! [more inside]
posted by chatongriffes at 8:20 AM PST - 17 comments

Student loan woes

My ex-fiance co-signed a student loan for me. He understandably wants out. Other than taking out another personal loan with a much higher APR, do I have any other options for paying off the remainder of the loan? [more inside]
posted by pintapicasso at 8:16 AM PST - 27 comments

Acquaintance is a child sex offender. What now?

I recently learned that an acquaintance is a convicted child sex offender. What now? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:00 AM PST - 28 comments

Heyyyyyy, baby. ZZZZZZZZ.

My husband is sleep-copping, and it's waking me up. Help us fix it! [more inside]
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Physician titles in medical hierarchies around the world?

In the USA, doctors in academic centers are interns (first year trainee), residents (subsequent year trainee), attendings (completed training), fellows (attendings who are further subspecializing and revert to trainee status). Also, leaders of primary teams and consulting services are both called attendings. What's the terminology in other countries? I'm most curious about English speaking countries (registrars? consultants? LMO?) but would also enjoy hearing about others also!
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Russian Tortoise question

Hello, my wife just got a Russian Tortoise as a classroom pet for her kindergarten class. She used to have a box turtle (Shelly) and was able to leave it over the weekend witout any problems. The new turtle (Scooter) seems to eat a lot more and she's not sure if Scooter can go without food from 3:30 Fri PM until 8:00 AM Moday. Anyone have any experience with a Russian Tortoise? [more inside]
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Cheerleaders don't always get what they want!

C-Budget "Horror" flick that may have been hosted by Elvira circa 1985 [more inside]
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Fun pit-stops (US/CAN) between Rochester, NY & Grand Rapids, MI?

Are there any fun, weird, or tasty roadside attractions on the drive from Rochester, NY to Grand Rapids, MI? We're going through Canada (Hamilton, London, etc.) then crossing back into the US at Sarnia (?) and going through Flint and Lansing. Relevant info:
  • we've got 12 and 9 year old boys
  • we're mainly trying to just get to our destination in one day, but would love some fun stops
  • traveling in early April, so warm weather is not expected

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But it was big in Japan!

Phantom of the Paradise bombed but was insanely popular in Winnipeg. Flash Gordon did poorly in North America but was a huge hit in the UK. I'm curious: have there been other movies that were relatively unsuccessful but had inexplicable pockets of success?
posted by mcwetboy at 6:22 AM PST - 16 comments

I want to go hiking in Cradle Mountain over Easter. Tips?

I want to go hiking in Cradle Mountain (Tasmania, Australia) over the Easter long weekend. Problem: I do not know anything at all about Cradle Mountain. Help me, hive mind? [more inside]
posted by Xany at 5:39 AM PST - 2 comments

Club Med?

Help with finding a vacation destination like Hawaii, but in the Mediterranean... there is just way too much information to filter through on the internet! We're an active, adventurous couple looking for a beachy, but equally as important, ACTIVE escape in early May for seven days! Restrictions: needs to be within a reasonable ~5 hour flight from Moscow, Russia. [more inside]
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Help me identify this music video

I'm thinking of a music video by a Japanese rock band that starts with a long tracking shot of a huge guitar effects pedal chain. I know it is an amazing song but I can't for the life of me recall the name.
posted by mhjb at 3:23 AM PST - 4 comments

Flight cancelation updates—how did Google know before the cabin crew?

Last week I was on an Air Canada flight from Vancouver BC to London Heathrow. It was a disaster. [more inside]
posted by TheDonF at 3:13 AM PST - 12 comments

How to open an IRA from overseas, for expats

I am an expat and currently overseas (Dubai), and I want to open an IRA, how do I go about doing that? Is it even possible or do I have to actually be present there? [more inside]
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March 23

When re-heating your food is not an option

I've just started a new job that doesn't have a microwave (or an oven) in the kitchen, which is a big downer for me as I've always taken leftovers or other easily heated food for work lunches (and there isn't any other heating facilities close by that I can use). The thought of only being able to take cold salads or plain sandwiches for lunch isn't very appealing as I quite enjoy tucking into a spaghetti bolognaise or chicken schnitzel at lunchtime, and with winter approaching here in the southern hemisphere I live off hot, chunky soups during those months. Can anyone suggest any filling foods I can take for my lunch that don't need to be hot/warm to be delicious? Bonus points if they aren't too expensive or difficult to make in addition to dinner of a night.
posted by sunshine arakhan at 11:42 PM PST - 29 comments

Sources for plus-sized hiking/travel/comfortable pants for cycling?

I live in jeans and on my bicycle. I don't mind biking in jeans for short distances, but I'm finding myself doing a lot more bike riding in situations where I need something more presentable and versatile than bike shorts, skorts, or yoga-type pants, but more comfortable than jeans. (And it's not my bottom that's the issue, so wearing padded liner shorts under my jeans is not the solution I'm looking for.) The obvious answer here is pants designed for traveling and hiking, but I'm having a hard time finding any in my size (2X). I found some cargo pants at Old Navy that looked promising, but even though they're in my size they don't fit because they're super low-rise. REI has exactly one pair of plus-sized adventure travel pants and I have them, but I'd like more options. Do you have a recommendation for comfortable hiking/travel pants in plus sizes?
posted by rhiannonstone at 11:30 PM PST - 11 comments

fun teen chicago outing

I have a few 14 year old suburban girls to escort on a fun day into the city of Chicago. Looking for a mild adventure, but I am somewhat new to the area. If we were back in the DC area, I might take them by metro up to GWU for a tour and lunch, then walk down to Georgetown for some shopping and then walk down to the river and take a boat back to Alexandria, seeing a few highlights along the way. Anything similar we could do for a day in Chicago? Wicker park? We can come in on the UP-NW Metra.
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(For a story) What kind of injuries could make someone bleed to death?

I'm writing a story in which a character is shot with a gun and is too disoriented to call for help. Someone else arrives about 30 minutes later, at which point the shooting victim is close to death due to blood loss. 1) Is this a plausible scenario (Is 30 minutes too long or too short to bleed to death)? 2) If so, what kind of injuries might cause such a scenario (a shot to the head, shot to the chest, hitting an artery)? Detailed answers would be greatly appreciated.
posted by SockISalmon at 10:29 PM PST - 11 comments

Do I need a new W2 and other tax questions

I lived in two states last year, but apparently only paid taxes in one. Now what? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:34 PM PST - 6 comments

Seeking a simple, cheap, quiet place to stay near Cape Cod in summer.

The story, short and sweet: My large, loud, talkative family is planning a reunion in the Marion / Wareham area next to Cape Cod for this summer. My quiet, privacy-requiring wife likes my family, and is happy to go, but absolutely needs a place to get away from them over a four day visit. [more inside]
posted by crazylegs at 8:20 PM PST - 4 comments

Do dim sum waitstaff get paid on commission?

Do the waitstaff at traditional dim sum (yum cha) restaurants get paid a commission on what they sell from their trolley? Or do they need to sell a minimum amount? Why are some quite pushy and others don't seem to mind if you buy from them or not?
posted by dontjumplarry at 7:28 PM PST - 6 comments

As-Salatu Khayrun-minan Nawm.

I'm in Dubai for the next 24 hours. Where's a publicly accessible and safe spot where I can record the morning call to prayer (fajr) from lots and lots of different mosques at once? [more inside]
posted by mykescipark at 6:51 PM PST - 2 comments

Best paid email provider w/POP and IMAP that isn't Gmail?

Does anyone have any recommendations on a good but cheapish (under $50/year) email provider? [more inside]
posted by meganreeves at 6:46 PM PST - 11 comments

What's that quote about summers as a kid?

I'm wracking my brain and google for a quote. [more inside]
posted by ldthomps at 6:43 PM PST - 5 comments

Most interesting/unique studio performances of "Amazing Grace?"

I'm getting married in May. We want to play "Amazing Grace" during the ceremony. I'm hoping to find an interesting, unique, and overall awesome version to play. The funkier, the better, but traditional and beautiful versions are welcome as well. Basically, if you have a favorite performance, by a particular person or group, I'd like to know about it.
posted by JPowers at 6:32 PM PST - 21 comments

Can my car tell me "if" and "when" and "how long" it was started?

I have a small dilemma that has caused a micro-fracture in my marriage. [more inside]
posted by viconius at 6:08 PM PST - 45 comments

Cool minimal men's shoes.

Where online can I find and purchase stylish casual shoes that are either minimalist or have pretty flexible soles? [more inside]
posted by cmoj at 5:53 PM PST - 17 comments

Non-performing Residential Loans

Has anyone figured out how to approach a bank to purchase non-performing residential loans? I've approached a local bank. Although it would probably be in their interest to sell the loans, they don't seem to have a mechanism. I haven't figured out how to crack this nut.
posted by alcahofa at 5:45 PM PST - 2 comments

Lovely Asian soup in Montreal -- But what's it called?

Agh! I've just come back from Montreal and I've already forgotten the name of this Asian soup that is everywhere. It seems to be at Thai restaurants as well I think as (other) Asian places and I wanted to look it up and see what's in it because I didn't get a chance to try it. I remember it had "aise" as the last bit (I know that's not THAT helpful) and was, as I said, just everywhere, at least in the theatre district and Chinatown. I think it may be Tom Yum or something of that ilk. It looked somewhat related. I think it had noodles. Can someone help? I'm sure this is a very easy question if you're actually in Montreal. Thanks!
posted by supercoollady at 4:57 PM PST - 10 comments

Javascript Void my A**

Asking for my Momma: Windows did an update and now she can't go to any of her websites that require passwords (bank, pintrest, ...). Nor can she download any thing. She also keeps getting a pop up saying Javascript Void(0). She uses Windows 7 w/ Internet Explorer. I had her enable scripting, tried to get her to download Google Chrome to see if maybe it was just Internet Explorer- but she can't download. Cleared cookies, temporary internet files, cache... What is going on? She has virus protection in the form of McAfee.
posted by MayNicholas at 4:53 PM PST - 20 comments

Looking to travel the world.

I want to travel. Besides that fact, nothing is decided - around October, for 2-4 months, probably on my own, on a relatively flexible budget, anywhere in the world. Tell me your travel stories! [more inside]
posted by alon at 4:24 PM PST - 5 comments

These boots but cheaper

Where can I find boots shaped like these with a zipper (no elastic), but don't cost more than $300? They don't need to be navy. Black or brown works. Such a basic shape is surprisingly difficult to find.
posted by waterandrock at 4:07 PM PST - 10 comments

need hip-hop mixes

Can people recommend some good hip-hop mixes? I like everything from the underground on up, from the seventies to now. Genre-specific mixes are welcome, and I particularly enjoy traditionally dj'ed mixes (with some beat juggling and good transitions).
posted by neuromodulator at 4:04 PM PST - 8 comments

Tips for feeling like a badass when you're temporarily not at your best?

I am just coming off a very long period of hardcore work crunch. Before I can get myself physically back on track, I am going to spend a short period of time meeting a lot of people and rocking the connections I've made. I know that attitude is 90% of people's impressions of you, but I just don't feel confident these days from the short-term toll the stress has taken on my looks. I need some tips! [more inside]
posted by pazazygeek at 2:57 PM PST - 29 comments

Saving for retirement with no employer retirement program

How to save for retirement when my employer offers no retirement savings program and I cannot contribute to an IRA tax-free? Details inside. [more inside]
posted by Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell at 2:46 PM PST - 12 comments

Pump Up The Soap. Pump Up The Soap. Pump Up The Soap. Pump It Up!

How the hell do you get everything out of a bottle that uses a plastic pump dispenser? [more inside]
posted by Rewind at 2:22 PM PST - 20 comments

Can a terrorist murder me with my car's computer?

Can "hackers" use the power of the internet to control anything that has a computer in it? [more inside]
posted by Daily Alice at 2:15 PM PST - 17 comments

I have a question about animal containment, or freedom, or both...

Here's the thing, my dogs need to go into the yard, and I want them to have free access to the yard. The difficulty is the cat. [more inside]
posted by patheral at 2:01 PM PST - 16 comments

Button to change the slide's section during slideshow, PowerPoint 2010

I have a slideshow with 4 sections named "CurrentSection", "NextSection", "AfterNextSection", and "AfterAfterNextSection". The slideshow is viewed repeatedly but also irregularly (sometimes multiple times per week and sometimes weeks in-between). After each slide is viewed and discussed, I need to be able to assign the slide to a different section. (A slide's section determines how soon it will be viewed again, as explained below.) [more inside]
posted by atm at 12:48 PM PST - 7 comments

Living with transplanted organs and immunosuppressant drugs

So what's it like to be the recipient of an organ transplant and having to deal with immunosuppressant drugs? How does your life change? How often do you have to take your drugs? What are the weird details of daily life that outsiders don't know about? Are there any insurance hassles? I have a fair idea of what it's like to be diabetic because of coworkers who have this condition but I don't know anything about the life of organ transplant recipients and I'd like to know more. Any help you could provide would be deeply appreciated.
posted by jason's_planet at 12:28 PM PST - 15 comments

I'd like to live and work in Amsterdam, how do I make this happen?

As a 33 year old Canadian professional with a background in IT project and program management at some of the big firms, how do I find work in Amsterdam? [more inside]
posted by dobie at 11:41 AM PST - 6 comments

Under the mattress

Where to put this $40,000? [more inside]
posted by miles1972 at 11:40 AM PST - 6 comments

Looking for under-$60 headphones with detachable cord

I'm looking for an under $60 set of headphones with a detachable cord/cable. Every corded headset I've bought has failed because of the cord, so being able to replace it is important. [more inside]
posted by shoyu at 11:40 AM PST - 16 comments

Relocating from US to Turks and Caicos - help needed

My wife and I will soon be relocating to the Turks and Caicos. Specifically Providenciales. We've visited the island once and plan to do so at least once more, but probably twice more, to gather more information regarding employment, accommodations and basic living information. We are much too young to retire and would need to obtain full employment fairly quickly in order to become self sufficient. We are not expecting to replace the large home and lifestyle that is typical here in the US, but rather a much smaller and basic way of life. Continue reading... [more inside]
posted by Jackie_Treehorn at 11:36 AM PST - 7 comments

What's the sense in the marriage tax penalty?

Can anyone explain the politics behind the marriage tax penalty? [more inside]
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Please help with identifying a low budget horror movie?

Hazy recollections: A group of young adults move into a snowbound cabin as part of an experimental reality television show. They come to realize that sicko voyeurs are betting on who will die next or who the last survivor will be. [more inside]
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What kind of wood is my deck made of?

We bought a new house, and it came with a deck. I want to clean it and perhaps stain or seal it, but I am a novice and don't know what kind of wood it is, which apparently matters. I have posted pictures (one, two, three) so perhaps you recognize it and can help me out. I suspect it isn't anything fancy - maybe pine? [more inside]
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Third trimester shoe recommendations?

I have finally hit the point where I'm unable to wear the shoes that have carried me through the first two thirds of this pregnancy. I'm looking for shoe suggestions that meet the following criteria: [more inside]
posted by House of Leaves of Grass at 10:35 AM PST - 18 comments

Practical risks of a single password for keychain AND cloud

I have a third party password manager app that I love. That app syncs to an online cloud service, so I can access all my passwords from all my devices (as well as from a web browser if necessary). In practical terms, how much worse is my risk of having info compromised by using a single password for both my password vault and the online storage service? [more inside]
posted by philosophygeek at 10:14 AM PST - 9 comments

Best. Toilet. EVER

I would like to buy an amazing toilet for our home. What should I get? [more inside]
posted by Doleful Creature at 9:48 AM PST - 20 comments

How to furnish a long, narrow living room

We're moving soon! Yay! Our new house has a difficult room, though: a long, narrow sunken living room that is making it difficult to plan. How can we best make use of the space? [more inside]
posted by synecdoche at 9:32 AM PST - 14 comments

Mac Desktop Twitter client that hides/clears read tweets

I'm looking for a Mac desktop Twitter client that will let me hide or clear tweets once I've read them--NOT a filter, but a way to clear up my screen by making tweets I'm done reading invisible. [more inside]
posted by pavane at 9:22 AM PST - 8 comments

Perplexed about bitcoins

Can anyone explain to me, as if I were a child, how bitcoins work?
posted by stenoboy at 8:49 AM PST - 8 comments

Cooking With Mulberries?

It's Berry Season! On my kitchen ledge I have a enormous punnet of fresh mulberries - more than we can possibly eat fresh. I need to use them up before they spoil, but it's not a fruit I'm very familiar with. Please share your mulberry recipes! (Ones involving baking would be favorite!)
posted by tabubilgirl at 8:16 AM PST - 15 comments

Hamburger Dinner Party

How can I keep hamburgers and hotdogs warm after grilling and how can I melt cheese on burgers that are kept warm but not hot? [more inside]
posted by Fairchild at 7:53 AM PST - 9 comments

Puppet-Battered Comedy?

Can anyone tell me the name (or point me to a video clip) of a female comedian who performed her act as if she were being held hostage by a hand puppet with a boxing glove? [more inside]
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March 22

Old record player skips with new records

I have a Califone 1450K record player. It plays older records beautifully, but it skips around on a few newer ones. Why? [more inside]
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You put the what in the where now?

Have had and have used Lightroom 3. Now have and will soon use Lightroom 4. Not exactly clear on the pixie magic involved in converting a LR3 catalog to LR4, though. What can you tell me? [more inside]
posted by mcbeth at 8:59 PM PST - 3 comments

Apartment Lease buyout AND rent for all the months?

Can a rental property charge us Lease buyout AND rent for all the months? [more inside]
posted by theobserver at 8:46 PM PST - 7 comments

Help me and my family adapt to a high desert life

I moved with my family to New Mexico, near Albuquerque, this past July. We've done OK, but I feel like we could be doing better. We use lots of skin lotion, and I usually wake up with a stuffy nose and dry mouth. I'd love to hear tips and tricks, or recommendations for blogs or books. Topics of interest inside. [more inside]
posted by filthy light thief at 8:30 PM PST - 20 comments

Give me your online clothes shopping gems!

I wanna do some online clothes shopping - please recommend your favorite quirky, trendy, CHEAP places to buy women's clothes online. [more inside]
posted by catatethebird at 8:00 PM PST - 22 comments

Do we make an offer on a house we suspect has some issues?

First time homebuyers, both excited and nervous as high hell. We've been looking at houses for a few months and have finally come across one we absolutely adore. It's an older house (constructed 1922) that seems to have been immaculately kept and regularly maintained. However, with a house that age, it seems likely that there may be some issues. [more inside]
posted by Mali at 7:53 PM PST - 22 comments

When to warn others about a toxic coworker?

Our new coworker has been hanging out a lot with another coworker who is known as a liar, drama generator and just generally selfish and hurtful person. Because he is initially quite charming, she has no idea of his "other side." Do I tell her what everyone else knows or is that just talking trash and I should let her draw her own conclusions? [more inside]
posted by abirdinthehand at 7:33 PM PST - 28 comments

Radio-friendly songs by the Butthole Surfers?

What is the best song by the Butthole Surfers that is safe to play on the radio? [more inside]
posted by jbickers at 6:34 PM PST - 35 comments

Where should I hang my fliers about tutoring?

I want to tutor elementary aged kids. How much should I charge? Where should I go about finding clients? [more inside]
posted by mermily at 6:07 PM PST - 8 comments

How to avoid a post-workout sugar-candy-brain-rush

What can I do with excessive amounts of candy, besides cramming it into my craw? [more inside]
posted by sucre at 5:55 PM PST - 16 comments

Share your favourite documentary films/series here

I watched Nina Conti: A Ventriloquist's Story - Her Master's Voice yesterday and it was so amazing I forgot how long it's been since I saw a really good documentary. I've watched everything Herzog has done in the past 6-7, Being Elmo, Carl Sagan's Cosmos, the 7 Up films and Jarvis Cocker's Outsider Art series. What are your favourite documentary films/series? (except nature docs? I can never get into them). I'm happy to watch films from any english-speaking country - but will also give it a go if they're subtitled.
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Help me ID this book: sci-fi, three short stories, paperback, 1980s(?)

Help me ID this book: science fiction, paperback, sold on the shelves of Waldenbooks in the 80s, three short stories in one book. I think the first story had to do with people who worship Cygnus the swan. Not the same book from the thread I found on this site. [more inside]
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Hey Delta, where's the power?

I am on a cross country flight on a Delta 737-800 with DVOD. Everything I am reading says I should have a USB port at my seat, but I can't find it. The flight attendants seemed very confused when I asked them about it. Can anyone tell me exactly where this mysterious USB port would be?
posted by couchtater at 5:27 PM PST - 8 comments

Banking weirdness. Is this stuff more typical than it feels?

Maybe others, especially those in banking, can weigh in on how common these sorts of things are. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 5:01 PM PST - 13 comments

Boligrafo Connoisseurs - Help me find the perfect pen!

I want to buy my dad a nice pen (preferably the Parker brand), but googling and amazoning around has only made me more confused about what pen to get. [more inside]
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Last time, you didn't have holes in your feet!

My father passed away this morning. I'm going through his file, and I came across JOKES.TXT ... which contains only the punchlines. Can the Mind please tell me the jokes? [more inside]
posted by dmd at 4:49 PM PST - 77 comments

Why do different phones / platforms respond differently to mobile sites?

When businesses make mobile 'friendly' sites, is there a consistent rule of thumb for detecting mobile devices, and behaving appropriately? [more inside]
posted by lucullus at 4:48 PM PST - 6 comments

Homemade Easter gifts. 3...2...1... GO

Homemade Easter gifts. Preferably edible - my friends and family are, like me, wretchedly gluttonous fiends but prefer the not super-processed or over-sweet stuff, so if it's got token fruit or something in then even better. I just realised there's like a week to go and I have no idea what to make these people. HALP.
posted by greenish at 4:41 PM PST - 13 comments

EZ Organization tips or links for somone with Adult ADD

Although it has long been a suspicion, I have every sign of having Adult ADD. I tend to do most of the things in the checklist (multitask without finishing many tasks, forget things, tons of lists and forgotten "helpful" notes, watch a movie in 10 minute intervals while doing 4 other things never to finish many movies, reading at current count 22 books, impulsive behavior -- well, you get the drift.) I am curious in the short run, what might have helped you with simple organization at work and at home. Feel free to share any tips and web sites. I hope to move on to some books (I have many checked out from the 'brary) but need a small step approach. My artistic side is keeping me sane and hopefully your tips can help me get a kick-start. (As far as medication, I am in consultation with a dr but want to try some diet/exerisie/organic things first. And yes, I abuse parentheses like nobody's business.) I am going through this previous link as well.
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CannabisFilter: Is hemp tea really a traditional remedy?

I've heard from two people recently that cannabis tea is a traditional remedy back in their home countries in the Caribbean and in the Philippines. I know about Indian bhang, but that doesn't seem related. Let me explain. [more inside]
posted by 6thsense at 4:01 PM PST - 6 comments

Is it ever okay to cut off a parent?

I am at a point where I really would like to cut my mother off my life. Am I a scumbag? [more inside]
posted by ADent at 3:30 PM PST - 64 comments

Where is the safety net for a low-income 53-year-old?

Low-income housing exists, obviously, for, e.g., a mother of four children with any kind of job. But I'm a man, 53, no kids, unmarried, and work independent contractor jobs. [more inside]
posted by noelpratt2nd at 2:33 PM PST - 12 comments

A brief history of Maternal and Child Health in the International arena?

I am looking for a succinct synapses of the history of international Maternal and Child Health (MCH) initiatives since it first became an issue until the present which would be, I think, the Millennium Development Goals? Or is there something more recent? It would, ideally, be an article that outlines that background rather than a complete book that explains it all in detail. Can you help?
posted by lil' ears at 2:32 PM PST - 4 comments

Reading to complete before a technical interview (CSS, JS, HTML)?

I'm scheduled for a technical interview after the weekend for a front-end development position. I'd like to spend some intensive time beforehand reading relevant blogs and books to prime the ol' noodle and supplement my existing knowledge. Could you recommend some resources? Are there questions you would ask an applicant in this situation, or that you have been asked? [more inside]
posted by jsturgill at 2:15 PM PST - 10 comments

Time Travel Story Writing Technique

What good sci-fi stories do you know that involves someone going back in time and meeting several of his previous selves, all at once (e.g. all of them are in the same room together). I want to see the writing techniques that make it easy for the reader to distinguish between the different selves.
posted by storybored at 1:54 PM PST - 16 comments

Knead help converting a bread machine recipe to an oven.

My grandmother's in heaven, my bread machine is in the trash and my family can't wait to have Easter Bread next weekend. Help me successfully get this recipe back in the oven where it originated. [more inside]
posted by kimberussell at 1:20 PM PST - 21 comments

Traveling from Vienna to Salzburg and the Alps

During our upcoming (and first) trip to Europe, we will be traveling from Vienna to Salzburg, then on to Hallstatt in the Alps. We would like to know whether it makes more sense to rent a car in Vienna and drive to Hallstatt, or take the train to Salzburg, then rent a car. Questions: 1. Which option is less expensive? 2. If we go by car, what are some things to see between Vienna and the Salzburg area (to be visited in the one day of travel)? 3. Do we need to apply for a special permit to rent a car with an American driver's license? 4. and as long as I have your ear, any hotel or pension recommendations for the city of Salzburg or Vienna? We have most of our stay booked already, but there are few nights left to fill. [more inside]
posted by Don_K at 1:05 PM PST - 13 comments

Low-starch, grab-and-go breakfast?

My doctor has recommended eliminating most starches from my diet. Any recommendations for grab-and-go breakfasts? [more inside]
posted by DevilsAdvocate at 12:41 PM PST - 44 comments

How to wear dresses without being dressy?

Are you a woman who wears skirts and dresses casually? Can you teach me your secrets? [more inside]
posted by specialagentwebb at 12:35 PM PST - 71 comments

Winter parka + oil paint - and winter's not over in the NorthEast!

Had a lovely tour of an artist's studio yesterday, but noticed today that there are several large smears of white paint on one sleeve and the zipper placket of my coat. It seems I brushed up against a wet work, and then transfered it around to several other spots. I confirmed that it's oil paint, not acrylic. Fortunately, the artist is a good friend and the painting in question was not finished, so the art is safe and in good hands. Coat is a black nylon parka from LL Bean, and a call to the help desk there confirmed that it cannot be drycleaned, nor can any sort of solvent be used on it. But - I have to try something or throw it out - it's that awful-looking. It might never be perfect - I'm looking for . . .better. Any artists or art conservators (or perhaps dry cleaners) out there who could advise me on the best way to proceed?
posted by citygirl at 11:53 AM PST - 19 comments

Fine dining in Berkeley

Seeking nice restaurant recommendations for an anniversary dinner in Berkeley or nearby. [more inside]
posted by gnutron at 11:22 AM PST - 21 comments

Jacksonville doesn't even *have* a train.

What does the "Quad City" in "Quad City DJs" refer to? They're from Jacksonville, with no apparent connection to the Iowa-Illinois Quad Cities. [more inside]
posted by troika at 10:54 AM PST - 6 comments

Thunderbird and Outlook Contact Sync

How can I sync my work Outlook contacts to Thunderbird? [more inside]
posted by chirico at 10:54 AM PST - 3 comments

Recommendations for advanced linux system administration training?

I've recently come up against several vexing linux system administration issues that have our company outsourcing solutions to other people. I'm looking for advanced linux system administration courses that go beyond installing packages and installing/configuring/starting and stopping services. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:48 AM PST - 6 comments

A friend is need is a friend in need.

Should I try to repair this friendship or let it fizzle and move on? I met my friend T about 9 years ago in college and we were close friends for about the last 6 years. Ahe was always more outgoing compared to me (I am a bit of a loner). Long details inside, thanks for taking the time to read... [more inside]
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This is one big honking purchase...

We're house hunting. We think we've found a good match. But I need a sanity check. Help! [more inside]
posted by Tehhund at 10:14 AM PST - 49 comments

Web site that recommends songs from movies?

Is there a web site out there that collects information about which songs are used in movies? [more inside]
posted by dfriedman at 10:03 AM PST - 2 comments

Dwords... more like FWords!

Need some help converting an array of C# DWords to a PHP String.... [more inside]
posted by ph00dz at 10:02 AM PST - 5 comments

Best site for conducting employee background checks?

I'm involved in a fairly new business which is small but growing pretty fast. We figure it'd be a good idea to start doing background checks (primarily concerned with criminal/sex-crime record) on new hires, but I'm not sure what's the best way to go about it. When I research online there're dozens of options which I've listed below. Intellius / Talentwise and US Search seem to be the best known and reputable ones, but also the most expensive. If I go with one of the more no-name sites, such as, am I taking a risk that their database is incomplete/outdated, or even that using them doesn't comply with employment law (DPPA, FCRA)? [more inside]
posted by jcfudgely at 9:40 AM PST - 13 comments

Attacked by Oak Pollen -- Duration? Tips for keeping yard clean?

This is my second spring in my new house and once again, everything in our back yard is coated in green pollen from our Coastal Live Oak tree. I love this tree, so getting rid of it is not an option. I am looking for tips on how to best deal with the mess from this tree and curious how long this pollen dumping time will last. [more inside]
posted by dottiechang at 9:34 AM PST - 7 comments

Recommend me a new webhost for my client, please

My client is talking about moving to a new host. I need options to suggest. [more inside]
posted by Thorzdad at 9:22 AM PST - 19 comments

God used CON as my dump stat.

Do good-tasting, low-acid, low-carb, lactose-free foods even exist? My body has apparently "acidic" to my enormous list of stuff I can't eat and I need some recipes and lifestyle tips. [more inside]
posted by griphus at 9:09 AM PST - 19 comments

Ideas for a Friends-themed anniversary party?

What tips or suggestions do you have for throwing an anniversary party themed after the sitcom Friends? Specifically, can you think of a suitable coffee-house or other venue in Calgary, AB? [more inside]
posted by chudmonkey at 8:35 AM PST - 27 comments

Beautiful Delightful Smiling Meetup Has Gotten Huge, HELP!!!

I host a group for a meetup style event that has exploded from being 20 people to 40 people and shows no sign of slowing growth. Help my manage things so that we scale well given that it is volunteer and there's no cash involved? [more inside]
posted by Phalene at 8:24 AM PST - 13 comments

After food trucks, what's next?

What will the next big retail food establishment trends be? It was cupcake bakeries a while ago, and then food trucks and hip frozen yogurt places. What's the next big thing? Is some sort of food business emerging in New York, LA, or London that will reach me here in the U.S. Midwest in a couple of years?
posted by Area Man at 8:17 AM PST - 87 comments

What do I ask?

I have the chance to interview somebody higher up at the European division of a major record label starting with "S", for my blog. Which would be great, except I'm not very knowledgable about the whole market (because REASONS). What should I be asking this person that people who are knowledgable (and somewhat critical) might be interested in? Focus is the company's economical strategies and perspectives, not individual artists.
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Extreme Basement Finish: Bath Edition

I've had a change of heart in what I want to do with my basement shower. Are my ideas feasible? [more inside]
posted by SquidLips at 8:00 AM PST - 8 comments

iPhone Recording Options

I have a need to record phone conversations that occur on an iPhone. What are my options? [more inside]
posted by cjorgensen at 7:57 AM PST - 5 comments

I don't want to tip my hand.

I am planning on leaving my job, and indeed my current career path, in the next 3-ish months, but for various practical reasons I want to stay for those next 3-ish months. There's a conference coming up that I would absolutely be going to if I were staying in this career. Do I sign up for the conference? If I do, the conference fee will be wasted when one of my coworkers could use the money for their own professional development (and money is tight in our department) and I'm afraid this would cause bad feelings and people would take it personally. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:45 AM PST - 18 comments

Need help finding websites similar to Thought Catalog

Are there any blog/writing websites out there that are like Thought Catalog, but slightly more... mature I guess? Without the high-school/college drama or pop culture nonsense. Sometimes I feel just slightly too old for TC's target demographic. :/ But I do enjoy reading short blog posts from a variety of authors. Thanks in advance
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Restaurant recommendations near Dupont Circle (Washington DC)?

I moved to DC recently-ish, but haven't explored the restaurant scene very well. Now I have a friend coming to town next week, staying right near the Dupont Circle Metro station, and I could use some recommendations for places to eat. Can any locals help me out? [more inside]
posted by theatro at 7:25 AM PST - 21 comments

Dirty talk... not so much

My new partner's dirty talk seems ripped from porn. How do I handle this? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:29 AM PST - 32 comments

Books on career advice for women

Lately I've been exploring books along the lines of "career advice for women," specifically to explore why I've been having trouble making myself heard effectively in my current work environment. I've found a couple of books that made me go "wow, I wish someone had given me this advice when I was 20" and now I'm wondering what else I'm missing. [more inside]
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I'm so glad all our friends are happy; let's break up

BreakupFilter: I've been dating a woman for about five months now, and whilst she's lovely I'm starting to think that maybe I've been hit by a limerence bomb... As it starts to fade, is it time for me to walk away? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:28 AM PST - 17 comments

Great African music

I've been into African music for a few years, but Africa is a giant of a continent, full of undiscovered music. I'd like to find more. [more inside]
posted by nevan at 6:22 AM PST - 17 comments

Post-rock song identification

Please help me find a song I heard on a long-since deleted post-rock Pandora channel based on fragments of memories. [more inside]
posted by Jpfed at 6:15 AM PST - 3 comments

Can you break down this song musically for me?

Can someone tell me what is going on musically in this song? I'm mostly interested in chord progressions and key changes, and especially what happens in the breakdown starting around 3:20 and continuing for the next minute or so-- does it just go up an octave or is there a key change, and why is that so emotionally affective? I'm not interested in production techniques or the percussion(which I already know), only the melody of the lead and interplay with the bass and pads in the background.
posted by empath at 6:00 AM PST - 6 comments

Help me entertain the interview panel

I have a job interview! (project manager kind of job in UK education sector). The invite says I will have to give the interview panel a short tutorial on a "subject of my choosing". I need ideas! [more inside]
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Sharing Spaces with Roommates

What is a normal way to share common spaces among four roommates? If there isn't a norm, how do I (should I?) approach a roommate about her things in common spaces? [more inside]
posted by mild deer at 4:57 AM PST - 15 comments

Nice Boston-specific gift for a friend moving to Bostom?

Our housemate is moving to Boston for work. I'd like to get him something that will be immediately useful to him - museum card, gift certificate for takeout when he comes home exhausted etc. Thinking of spending around 50 euros (we're in the Netherlands). Any ideas?
posted by nerdfish at 3:08 AM PST - 15 comments

How do things get buried in dirt over thousands of years?

It doesn't rain dirt from the sky, so how do ancient buildings get covered in dirt only to be dug up by archaeologists centuries later?
posted by almostwitty at 2:55 AM PST - 20 comments

March 21

How do I sell my Macbook Pro without getting screwed on the price?

I've gone to some of those sell-your-laptop websites and I always get a quote for half the original price of my Macbook Pro. [more inside]
posted by Cybria at 11:49 PM PST - 10 comments

What are these shapes?

What is the geologic origin of these strange, very large shapes in Russia? [more inside]
posted by dunkadunc at 11:35 PM PST - 7 comments

Legal/accounting advice for filmmakers

I'll be shooting a feature film in L.A. later this year, and I need some advice about how to handle the business side. I'm hoping that somewhere there's some sort of low-budget service that provides help to people who are new to the process. [more inside]
posted by drjimmy11 at 11:04 PM PST - 4 comments

Books about "salacious transformations?"

Well, I got some fantastic recommendations last time, and I'm hoping for a few more. I read 'Slammerkin' a while back and I'm looking for more stories like it - "broken Horatio Alger tales" - period pieces starring a corrupt young protagonist who is mercenary, alluring, shallow and status obsessed. Born into the peasantry, they use callousness, cunning, and well-placed sexual favors to pull themselves up. Ideally, they adopt an accurately depicted craft with its own set of rituals within the world of entertainment, crime, or criminalized entertainment. I know this is a fairly large subgenre, but I'm having a bit of a time finding appropriate examples.
posted by Selena777 at 10:55 PM PST - 23 comments

YANAD, but talk to me about feminine wash

Is it necessary? Why or why not? If it is, what for and when? [more inside]
posted by bigasthesky at 10:05 PM PST - 24 comments

Do something sweet for a single mom who has a busy, stressful life

What sweet or thoughtful things could I do for a single mom that I'm dating? [more inside]
posted by mtphoto at 9:26 PM PST - 12 comments

Which HP docking station can I purchase?

Calling all HP docking station experts! Which one of the cheaper models works with my laptop (Elitebook 8460p)? And why are there so many different models? [more inside]
posted by apip at 9:01 PM PST - 2 comments

Website that helps you find clothes you actually like?

What website am I thinking of - make clothes selections, creates a fasion profile, and then makes suggestions? General advice on how to figure out what to wear... why does 30 feel so...weird? I feel like I'm either dressed like a 20 yr old or a 60 yr old - awkward, all the time. [more inside]
posted by jrobin276 at 8:17 PM PST - 9 comments

It's not Adele, or the Bee Gees

I heard a great song in spinning class today during the long, slow, hard hill section - slow and steady beat.. I almost remember the song and it's playing on and endless loop just at the edge of my consciousness. Female singer, strong vocal reminiscent of Adele, could have been a James Bond theme song, but I know it wasn't. I want to say Shadow Dancer, but I googled that and came up with a Bee Gees song, definitely not it. I won't sleep tonight unless I figure this out. Please help.
posted by ms_rasclark at 8:08 PM PST - 3 comments

Summer opportunities for high school students

Looking for a summer opportunity related to engineering. [more inside]
posted by madonna of the unloved at 7:00 PM PST - 6 comments

Hiking pants for very cold temps

What pants do people wear for very cold (0 °F / -18 °C, and colder) weather hiking? Just rain shell pants and wool long underwear? Surely there are insulated pants suitable for hiking? [more inside]
posted by mnemonic at 6:53 PM PST - 28 comments

Cheese please!

I LOVE the powdered cheese of mac 'n cheese. I don't need the whole box, and I know how to make tasty homemade mac 'n cheese. I just want to duplicate the powdered cheese with real home ingredients. Imitation Annie's, if you will. [more inside]
posted by aniola at 6:47 PM PST - 16 comments

Need help figuring out a steampunk-y-ish sorta costume thing.

I am not at all into the steampunk scene. But for the fun of it, I'm going to this in a couple of months. A friend of mine has been to it regularly, and has persuaded me to join her for the evening. So I need to figure out a costume. I'd like to keep total spend under $100-$150, if at all possible. [more inside]
posted by shiu mai baby at 6:36 PM PST - 16 comments

Suggest Sc-iFi/Fantasy Books for a brand new High School elective

Sci-Fi/FantasyFilter: I've just been told that I get to be the first one to teach a brand new Science Fiction & Fantasy elective at my High School. I am building this class from scratch and since the students will be responsible for getting the books themselves, I have pretty much free-reign for my book choices. Great, right? Absolutely! However, I want to expand my initial book search so I wanted to enlist the Hive Mind to help with this initial salvo. More details below the fold. [more inside]
posted by ThaBombShelterSmith at 6:01 PM PST - 69 comments

Cleaning Crew startup

The homeless outreach program I work for wants to start a cleaning crew similar to Men in Blue run by The Doe Fund in New York and Philadelphia. I know so precious little about cleaning, let alone managing an entire cleaning crew. Any idea what equipment I'll need for a team of three to clean outside in the street? I imagine there'll be trash removal, mowing, and I'd like to include the actual cleaning of the pavement.
posted by Homeskillet Freshy Fresh at 5:51 PM PST - 8 comments

What are your best seder recipes?

I'm throwing a seder with some friends. The brisket is taken care of. Repeat: The brisket is taken care of. (And well! By a very chef-y friend! Whose brisketology I trust completely.) Everything else is pretty much up for grabs, though. What are your go-to Passover recipes? [more inside]
posted by Charity Garfein at 5:37 PM PST - 20 comments

I've decided to get my teeth fixed. Braces or Veneers?

I've always been unhappy with my teeth, and I want perfect, straight teeth. Here's a picture. I want to know the likely cost of the procedure, and also what option, (braces, veneers, ??) would be the best route. If braces are indeed the best option, I would have to choose the invisalign braces. I plan on going to the Dentist soon, but I just want to know what to expect. Thank you, kindly!
posted by AMWKE1984 at 5:14 PM PST - 21 comments

What was the most comforting condolence sentence you ever heard?

Has someone important to you passed away? What was the most comforting/most respectful thing anyone said to you when that happened? I work with the elderly, who die at an accelerated rate. 98% of the time, I genuinely care about the deceased and would like to give comfort to the surviving family. Since this comes up a lot, I feel as if I'm repeating the same phrases over and over. I need more options. I'm specifically asking for things people said to you that were kind. [more inside]
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Married women - give a newlywed man your best marriage advice

I'm a 34-year-old man, married for six months to my 33-year-old wife. Everything is perfect right now, but I realize that things can change. Life happens. Obviously, I want it to stay as happy as possible for as long as we're together. So what I'd like are tips on how to maintain it from the female point of view. If you have a number of years of successful marriage under your belt, what has your husband done right all this time? [more inside]
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Quit my job, sha na na na na na?

I'm a grad student (in the humanities) getting over mono. Should I quit my job? [more inside]
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What is the deal with my Macbook Pro display?

Today, at work, my 2012 Macbook Pro (non-retina) started flickering while plugged into an external monitor. Unplugging and replugging the external monitor fixed it. However, when I got home, the Macbook started flickering again. I forced a reboot, which resulted in the screen flickering and going black. I have a Genius Bar appointment tomorrow, but I am curious what the Hive Mind thinks the problem might be.
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Which toilet seat/bidet?

I've decided to install a toilet seat/bidet. Which one? [more inside]
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Maybe I should flag it and move on.

What do you do when you see a cause you sympathize with being potentially harmed by the well-meaning incompetence/laziness of its nominal voice? [more inside]
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Mandoline! Mandoline! Mandoline!

Just scored the use of a mandoline slicer for the next week, and I'm totally excited but don't know where to start. Can you good people hook me up with your best mandoline-using recipes? Potatoes! Carrots! Turnips! I'll slice 'em all! [more inside]
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Can I Avoid the Garage Door Opener Installation Death Wish?

Will installing a replacement garage door opener (as opposed to a new one from scratch) relieve me from worrying about death by tension spring if I do-it-myself? [more inside]
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Open.. open.. rghargh why won't you open#($*@#)

Looking for a jar grip/opener much like this one (the beige thing, not the blue thing it's on top of). Thick rubber, ridges/grooves. [more inside]
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Home Improvement filter: seeking sources for Siding Materials in DFW TX

Hi, thanks in advance for helpful comments, suggestions, recommendations. I am looking to begin an improvement project on a single fam home the day after tomorrow in Arlington, TX. So, of course I waited to the last minute before deciding to seek alternate options to Home Depot and Lowes (the only big box home improvement stores in the area). That's all I need, Mefites! I will have to go get the materials from Southwest Arlington TX, so preferably
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Identify a turn-of-the-century man-flying-with-umbrella postcard meme?

My friend found a number of European postcards from around 1904 to 1907, each with a similar motif -- a mustachioed, suit-wearing man flying above the city using an umbrella, holding a suitcase in his other hand. You can see some examples here. Do you know more about this meme? [more inside]
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CRM/To-Do List/Task Manager Software

A friend has an old edition of Maximizer software and is looking at current Task Manager software. She needs it to integrate with MS Outlook, and be very versatile in terms of To-Do list funtionality. That's her primary need now out of whatever software she ends up purchasing. She's looked at Salesforce and Prophet, and feels they're too much. So, to recap- a strong task manager/to-do list software that integrates with Outlook. What says the Hive?
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Where should I put my money?

I'm looking for an ethical, user-friendly bank in New Haven, CT. [more inside]
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Texting across the ocean?

My best friend is currently insanely busy. She is in the U.S and I am in Europe. Texting is the best way to stay in touch with her, but I need some help doing it across the Atlantic. [more inside]
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Day Trips from Dallas - Wright Amendment edition

I'm looking for personal recommendations or books/websites that suggest activities for day trips in the cities to which one can fly from Dallas Love Field, taking the Wright Amendment into account. (Basically, there is a limited list of cities where one can fly non-stop from Dallas Love Field Airport). City details inside. [more inside]
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Name this Bath and BodyWorks CD please

OK, so this was, I think, 7-8 years ago. I believe that is was around Christmas time but that could be totally wrong. I bought a CD at Bath and BodyWorks and it was a deep discount like 60% off? And, the topic was Love. It was awesome, real jazzy and there were some french songs on it too.Do you know what this cd was? Or the playlist? this came up bc there is a famous french jazzy love song and i can';t remember what is was so recommendations on that would be great too.
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Advice for a female getting into programming as 2nd career?

I'd like to help my friend look into a career in programming. Best way to do it? [more inside]
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Pre-wedding brunch restaurant in Oak Brook, Illinois

I'm planning a nice pre-wedding brunch on a Saturday in May for a friend who lives in Oak Brook, Illinois, but I live in LA and don't know any restaurants in that area. Any suggestions from Chicago MeFites? [more inside]
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What do immigration officers see on their screen when they scan your PP?

What do immigration officers see on their screen when they scan your passport? I went to the UK a few days ago and I am a dual US/EU citizen. I took the "Aliens/non EU" line since it was much shorter and tried to enter with my US passport. The office must have realized that I was in the UK a few weeks ago with my EU passport and started to ask questions "Have you been recently in the UK", "Did you travel on another passport". I wasn't a big deal but it made me curious: What do immigration officers see on their screens when they scan your passport?
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You're doing it wrong.

I make websites. I have an old client whose new vendor is, to be blunt, not a competent web designer and not a developer at all. She has been coming to me for help, and it's putting me in quite an awkward situation. How can I remove myself at all gracefully? [more inside]
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Looking for specific World War II maps.

I'm trying to find some specific government-produced maps of Allied progress in Western Europe in World War 2 that I saw online once. [more inside]
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Needed: Credit Card That Allows Hard Spending Limit On Companion Card/AU

Hello I am in need of a credit card that allows me to set a hard limit on authorized users. In addition I need for the card to allow a different limit for the primary and secondary card. [more inside]
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The women's movement and labor

I was watching the PBS series Makers: Women Who Make America and I was struck by the section discussing some of the failures (or missed potential) of the women's movement from the labor perspective. What is the relationship between the women's movement and labor today, and what was the historical cause of the disconnect? [more inside]
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No kitty that's a bad kitty! Need suggestions to keep kittehs out!

How can I keep stray/feral kittehs out of my yard so that they don't eat my pet chickens? [more inside]
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Should I try to pursue this job further?

I had a great technical phone screen, then told they were passing because I don't have experience we didn't even really touch on in the interview. Is there anything I can say/do to get them to take a second look? [more inside]
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Putting out the fires

We have incredible sexual attraction and were best friends to boot, but nothing good will come of this. How to kill it off? [more inside]
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Hey Bro

Do most middle aged adult males who have families have a best friend? [more inside]
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What do I give my young son after a performance in a school play?

My 8 year old son is in a high school play and I don't know what to give him afterwards. I know flowers for performers are customary but is that the case for boys as well? To be honest, I'm not sure he'll be thrilled with flowers. Any other ideas? Also, do I give the gift on opening night or closing night? Or every night?
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Laser got shined in my eye

I have a laser thermometer I use to shine onto objects to see what temperature they are. I let someone else use it and I think they shined it in my eye. How strong is the laser in it it? Its a called a fluke 62 mini. It has a laser warning sticker on it.
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Looking for cool electronics building kits

I've been building guitar pedal kits from buildyourownclone, and it's been great fun. I'm running out of pedals I want to make for myself, and am looking for other projects, like this stereo tube amp, and maybe this sous vide. Can you recommend more electronics projects (preferably kits, so I don't have to scrounge for parts) that are cool and look good at the end? [more inside]
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How to stop trunking my short fiction before it's even submitted?

I've been writing short fiction. I've got my process down pretty well, to the point that I am not getting stuck in writer's block hell or any other common pitfalls. I have ideas, and I'm capable of getting them down on paper. I revise them, I produce new drafts, etc. My problem comes in the last phase of the process. I don't know when to say something is done. [more inside]
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How can I make sure I won't get sued for cybersquatting?

This is a little tricky to talk about without specifically mentioning my domain name, but I'll try. I have a popular website that's about to get significantly more popular, because I'm about to publish a book, go on book tours, etc. There's a *much* more popular website that's been around since the beginning of the web, and part of my domain name includes their domain name (for example, suppose their domain was, and my domain was We're in the same general market (say sold video games, and I reviewed video games). What legal risk am I subjecting myself to, particularly if I have absolutely no desire/intent to sell my domain name? I have a PR4 site and I don't want to move, but I don't want to put links to my website in a published book and then get forced to move later.
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I'm trying to weigh the pros/cons of changing my surname

Should I change my name, and if I do, when is the best time to do it? [more inside]
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Name that Music Effect...Eternal Sunshine edition

What is the name of the warbling, sort of buzzy effect heard on the background accompaniment part? (It's hard to tell whether it's strings or a synthesizer.) Is it some kind of delay effect? (Link inside question.) [more inside]
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"Nice-looking elastic-waist women's dress pants" - oxymoron?

I am looking for black, elastic-waist, inexpensive, "business casual" women's dress pants, available in the US and preferably online. [more inside]
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How should I prepare this amazing coffee?

Hi there, On a recent trip to Oslo I bought a bag of these espresso coffee beans from a fantastic coffee shop. This is probably a stupid question, but is it possible to make non-espresso strength coffee with these? If so, how should I do it? Obviously I need to grind the beans first, and, if it helps, I have a cafetiere and aeropress. Thanks!
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How to not suck in the negativity

I soak up negativity like a sponge - please help me stop! [more inside]
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Who will deliver an ice cream cake to a Seattle residence this weekend?

My two-year-old is insistent that we should give his aunt (my sister) an ice cream cake for her birthday on Sunday. Does one of Seattle's many specialty ice cream shops deliver to the Atlantic/Pratt Park area near downtown? I almost found success with Gelatiamo, but they only deliver to businesses. Her birthday is Sunday, but delivery tomorrow or Saturday would be fine, too, of course.
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Charming streets, dark alleys? Anti-mugging ID plan for Rome

I am planning a trip to Italy this summer. I will have several days within Rome, and am looking forward to exploring the nooks and crannies of the city. I've read that I should only carry enough money for each day, in case of being mugged -- works for me. Regarding ID, would it be a good idea to leave my passport in our rented apartment, and carry my driver's license and/or a photocopy of my passport within the city? These seem like less dire things to lose while travelling.
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Business credit with employee usage alerts?

Is there a business credit card that can alert you in real-time (or close to it) when your employees' cards are used? I currently use Chase Ink and it disappoints in this regard. I can setup real-time alerts, but they only work for the primary card, not all employee cards. I was a little incredulous of this at first, but my Chase rep confirmed it is so. Any business cards that can do this? (ideally with cash back, esp. for gas; ideally visa). thanks!
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How do I get rid of a used car in Toronto, Ontario?

I am contemplating getting rid of my car, as it is expensive to insure and there is car sharing available in my building, and I mostly use public transit these days anyway. But I don't really know how to actually do that. [more inside]
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Which Rowing Machine?

I'm thinking about purchasing a rowing machine to use at home. I've used Concept 2 Ergometers at the gym before, and been very happy. However, the price tag and the size of the machine have made me wonder if I can get by with one of the cheaper kinds. I have seen this question, but it doesn't cover the different types of rowers. What are your recommendations for a home rower?
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Help with debt collection

About a year ago I did a contract translation project and have yet to get paid, despite many promises. Is there any way I can collect? [more inside]
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Is there such a thing as a second chance in online dating?

We've already met. I messed it up (kinda), and now I want to ask him out again. Yes, I know: optimistic. [more inside]
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How to be good at coming up with analogies?

I want to be able to come up with better analogies to describe life and work situations. I'm thinking of the kind that the folks in The Bugle would come up with.
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Walking in North Yorkshire

I'm planning on spending a long weekend walking in North Yorkshire. Ideally we would stay in a nice pub in a small town and take a couple of moderate walks (~10 miles) each day and drink beer and eat pies in the evening. Where should we stay and where should we walk?
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Aiport shuttles in Chicago? Is this a workable plan?

How does the airport shuttle work at the Embassy Suites Chicago - O'Hare/Rosemont? [more inside]
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What UK Legal Implications are there with documenting bad service online

What are the legal implications if I start a blog documenting the poor service my property manager provides, and asking others to share their opinions of this firm? I can speak for the factual accuracy of my own experiences (I have their letters and invoices etc, as well as my responses), but what about others? [more inside]
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Blisters on my little toes and the balls of my feet.

Is it possible to find high heels that you can actually walk in without blisters? Recently I walked a quarter mile in my Cole Haan Talia Nike Air heels, which are supposed to be better for walking in, but ended up with blisters anyway. Are there any brands of heels that will not give me blisters on my toes or achilles tendon? Or is there some trick to wearing them (e.g. toe socks or corn starch)? I usually go barelegged, not sure if that helps or hurts.
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Securing a wordpress site accessed through a gmail email

So. If you had a wordpress self-hosted website accessed through your name and an ok password and a gmail account associated with the wordpress admin login, what would you do to secure everything from fuckery? [more inside]
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He texts me everyday but has never asked me out

I never initiate the texts except for a couple of times, but always reply and am nice and friendly. He texts me about anything, and usually sends funny images. He also hangs out with me randomly, for example yesterday I was giving out food for an event and he came without his friends to be with me. But he has made no moves other than that, as in no touching or complimenting me, but maybe he is not very good at flirting. I have had bad experiences when telling a guy first that I am interested. I don't like playing games, but I am wondering if I should be more challenging and mysterious? Does it seem like he is interested? He's been texting me for a month now. Thanks!
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Is it worth thousands of dollars to fix an inground pool?

Is it worth thousands of dollars to fix an inground pool? I've own my home in northern Delaware for less than a year. One of the reasons I bought this house was it had a pool. I bought the house when it was in foreclosure, so I knew there would be many repairs to do to the house, pool included. The inground pool is about 30ft by 10ft by about 7ft deep. Estimates to repair the pool liner and large filter are in the neighborhood of 5-6k. [more inside]
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March 20

Is there anything I can do about online rape threats?

So I've joined Rebecca Watson in that I now get actual rape threats, sometimes with a side of death threats because of things I have written about feminism online. Is there anything I can do about this? [more inside]
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Hi, you share a name with my brother and are probably related to us

My brother shares his name with one other person in the world (as far as we can tell from Google anyway). This man is probably related to us. Should we write to him? If so, what should we say? [more inside]
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How are new surgical procedures and tools evaluated?

How are new surgical procedures and tools evaluated before they're OK'ed for use on the public? [more inside]
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How can I make camping awesome?

We used to camp fairly often before kids, but our past couple of camping trips have been terrible. How can we love camping again? Give me your best camping tips. (Bonus if you have suggestions for spots within 4-6 hours of LA.) [more inside]
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I wanna be symbiotic-er

I live near a medium-sized nature preserve, it has been a long hard winter with no end in sight. While lying in the dark waiting to fall asleep, I've been listening to an owl for several years* and he's never been this close for this long. I suspect he's venturing further to find food, it's probably a really lean time. Help me help him. [more inside]
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$500 or Less to a "Summer Body"

Stuck at a fitness plateau. Not weight loss - fat loss. I'm about 5-8% (not exactly sure; I only have inexact measurement options) below where I want to be, which is the 10% mark. Help me get to my goal or as close as possible by the summer (and stay there)! [more inside]
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Good head

I'm a pretty faithful sketcher of still life, birds and landscapes. But I can NOT draw faces for the love of the sweet baby jesus. Seriously the average seven year old can render a more accurate version of a person. Please help me learn how to draw faces properly - techniques/books/youtube/anything welcome!
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How do I find good, specific career advice?

I am a relatively successful professional, but (like many other people), I suspect that I could be happier doing something else. I've done a lot of different things all within the same general field (software/internet/tech), and I've liked and disliked different things about each of them. I think I have some pretty awesome experience and skills in a nice variety of subjects, with some unusual combinations. What I'd like to find is someone I can sit down with, talk about what I like to do, and what I hate to do, and what I'm good at and not good at. And then have them give me advice about where I should go next in my career - what types of jobs and companies I should look at, etc. [more inside]
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I don´t want to be pushed or scared anymore! (Details inside)

How can I be more creative, self-motivated and stick to my goals? [more inside]
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Spouse's forgetfulness

My spouse's forgetfulness is a never ending source of intermittent random stressful events. I respond with panic and frustration. Hoping I can get some help with my reaction to these events. [more inside]
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Putting together my interview outfit

I think I have all the pieces for my interview outfit. Can you help me put them together appropriately? [more inside]
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When is personal property considered abandoned in Pennsylvania?

I recently had some house guests stay with me for four months. They were not tenants. There was no lease, either written or oral. They did not contribute to the upkeep of the house; they bought no food, paid no utilities. They left behind a bunch of stuff. [more inside]
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Why won't my Karaoke mixer mix mics?

I recently received a Arirang AR-36K karaoke machine. I have hooked it up to my TV and receiver, which has ports only for stereo sound from this input. It has two ports on the front for microphones, which I've plugged in; however, the sound input from the mics isn't mixed into the sound output. I know that the input is actually happening, because the on-screen display reacts to my (terrible) singing, but it just doesn't get mixed -- and the menu option to turn up the microphone volume simply doesn't work (it gives the "command not allowed" icon whenever I press any button on the requisite screen). The hardware microphone volume knobs seem to have no effect, either. Any ideas?
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Which job should I take?

For a short term summer job-- Should I take the "coordinator" position for experience sake, or a 'lower' position job that sounds all-around better? [more inside]
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Mildewy water from faucets for a few seconds?

The water from all the faucets in my apartment (bathroom and kitchen) smells and tastes mildewy for about a few seconds after they're turned on. It's then fine unless the faucets are left off for more than an hour or two and then they must be run for a few seconds again. Any fixes? This has been going on for several months now.
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Looking for books about the resiliency of the California Economy.

I'm trying to prove the historic strength and resiliency of California. From the Gold Rush on. Being the birthplace of aerospace manufacturing, the cradle of film and digital. Basically something that puts into perspective all the slowdowns and eventual recoveries that California has always bounced back from. Ideally from a kosher academic perspective. I'd rather not have this from the tome of an avowed Marxist as an example. Who should I read and what did they write?
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Taxi driving in a lower population-density area

I'm contemplating becoming a taxi driver, but the region I live in, East Tennessee, has its population of ~500,000 people spread out over 11 counties. Can anyone tell me about the pros and cons as a taxi driver outside of major metropolitan areas? [more inside]
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Looking for an American graphic novel about middle school.

I read an American graphic novel five years ago about a girl in middle school (but not by Lynda Barry) and I wish I could find it again. [more inside]
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Help make me literate like an engineer

So people like to name-drop authors and works that those who went to university and/or have a curiosity about the world should know as part of the basic vocabulary of being an educated Westerner. For example, "Kant" or "Dickensian", or "Gertrude Stein". I would like to learn this stuff, please. [more inside]
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How can I avoid making an expensive phone call from my smartphone?

I have a cellphone (iPhone on AT&T) that will cost $0.20 per minute (perhaps more) to make a call from the United States to Canada. I'm a cheap bastard and would like to avoid this charge whilst still using my cellphone to place the call. What options are available for me to do this more cheaply? Would I buy and use a calling card (and are there issues I need to worry about with this option), or are there apps that I can run on iOS through which I can call another country more cheaply than through AT&T?
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Help me help my partner help his father

My father-in-law lives alone, has a poor diet and a heart complaint, is a hoarder, is lonely and socially isolated, and it makes my partner miserable worrying about him. How can I help my partner, help my FIL, and help my partner help my FIL? [more inside]
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Are varicose veins a thing in the NBA, by any chance?

NBA fans: Can you remember specific instances of varicose veins being mentioned as a risk for tall players? [more inside]
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Where to enjoy a Blatz beer in Milwaukee?

Where's a nice place to sit and enjoy a Blatz beer on a Saturday night in Milwaukee? My wife and I are cobbling together road trip ideas for our upcoming anniversary, and I suggested a pilgrimage to Wisconsin to have a Blatz. [more inside]
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Any ideas for a thoughtful gesture to a lady who lost her dog?

A regular customer at the coffee-shop where I work just lost her dog. She is a lovely, somewhat lonely seeming older woman. She and her pup were attached at the hip and a familiar presence in the cafe every morning. [more inside]
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Help me create a 10 hour coding project to assess contractors for hire

I'm trying to hire a full time coder for my business. I build, maintain, and remodel my own portfolio of websites (PHP, JS, WP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, etc). Once I have a few candidates I would like to assign them all the same small (paid) project so that I may assess their abilities. What should the test include? All candidates will be US-Based. $6000/mo budget cap. [more inside]
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90s games filter: what game was this?

What was the name of a 90s game where you try to find a rabbit in a theme park world? [more inside]
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How to find the largest, most respected web-design companies?

My company wants to redesign our website from scratch. I have been tasked with narrowing the field of "all the web designers in the world" to a shorter list we can all evaluate. I have been asked to present two lists, one of large/major companies as well as smaller boutique or medium size firms. Both should be based or have offices in New York where we are located. Also, maybe "web design" is not the term these days. "Digital agency" maybe? [more inside]
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Dog training snags

I have some problems with a couple of dog training efforts: discouraging snapping at treats (but she doesn't always snap), and how to train "drop it," when she's not typically interested in holding something in her mouth to drop. I'd love some ideas on these two problems. [more inside]
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How to quit a band?

How to let them down easy? [more inside]
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What is biting me?

Can you guess what's biting me? I've been getting a few extremely itchy red bumps, very much like mosquito bites, but they are not mosquito bites because they follow the pattern that chigger bites do: they're not on exposed parts of my skin, but instead under my clothing. It seems that something small is leaping onto me and then crawling until it finds itself confined by clothing, then settling down to bite. The bites aren't like chigger bites, though. [more inside]
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Plants that like cat pee?

Are there any plants that will actually thrive from regular doses of cat urine? And that would grow in pots outdoors in Western Oregon? [more inside]
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What would cause an infrequent crappy taste in my mouth?

Maybe twice a year, there will be a few days in a row when my mouth just tastes gross. I'm super sensitive to bad breath in others, and I can't stand it when my mouth tastes a little sour at the back of the tongue either. Why would this happen? I ate something super raw garlicky on Saturday, but it's Wednesday now! Could this still be it? Why does this happen? What can I do to change it? Again, this isn't a persistent problem, I usually taste and, I've been told, smell fine. But when it happens, it's like a few days at a time and it's disgusting. Help.
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Best way to travel from BWI to Dupont circle? Is there parking?

What is the best way to travel form Baltimore to Dupont circle, DC during the afternoon? Is there parking available around the DC dupont area? Thanks.
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Help me identify a piece of writing about cow's milk, urine, and hell

I have a hazy memory of a piece of writing that I would like to identify. It might have been poetry or prose. It might have been modern or not. It might have been in Italian, French, or English. It's an exchange between the protagonist, a man, and an antagonist - possibly a devil? The antagonist is comparing cow's milk to urine, saying that they are both liquids that come out of cows and are essentially the same. The protagonist says that they are essentially difference and if the antagonist can't articulate why, that simply means the lack is in his understanding. Then he is whisked away somehow. It's been a long, long, time since I read this, but it made a big impression on me, and I'd like to find up where it is from. If anyone recognizes this exchange please let me know. Obviously google searches are problematic given the subject matter.
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I need a sweet ride.

Does anyone have any experience with the rental car company FlightCar? If so, was it as good as it seems? I'm flying into SFO next week and I'll need to rent a car while I'm there. The FlightCar rates seem too good to be true.
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Drums on the cheap

What's the best and least expensive way to get a reasonable drum kit? [more inside]
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Running my own URL shortener

I'd like to run my own URL shortener. I could roll my own, but my coding skills are ... primitive. Does anyone have a package for this out there that they like? I have mysql on the server I'd like to run it on, and both perl and php. Probably python, too, but I'm python-illiterate (for now - of course, this could be a good project to ramp up on python...) Thanks!
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Job satisfaction: How important are coworkers?

Can a change in scenery - primarily coworkers - save an otherwise uninteresting job? Or if a job sucks, then the job sucks. [more inside]
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Help me make my grad student status good to the last drop.

Graduating with an MS in May, an independent historical research project on my brain, and time. What should I do NOW while I'm still a student? [more inside]
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What's the point of getting fit if I can't go out and injure myself?

I've recently finally gotten really fit and in shape, after spending most of my 27 years...not doing that. I've been looking for something local and athletic to do, both for fun and for fitness, but since I haven't played sports since I was 12 or so, my skills are lacking. However, all the local instruction is oriented towards youth, so I turn to you folk for aid. How can an sports newb adult learn how to play? [more inside]
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Canadian equivalent of Macarthur Fellows?

I know someone who is the kind of person who ought to receive a Macarthur Fellowship—those no strings attached grants commonly known as the "genius grants." This person is, by any definition, a "talented individual who ha[s] shown extraordinary originality and dedication in their creative pursuits and a marked capacity for self-direction." Beyond the fact that I wouldn't know how to bring this person to the attention of the nominators for that particular fellowship, the person I know is a Canadian citizen, and does not live in the US, so is ineligible for the Macarthur grants. Are there any similar (if less awesome) grants in Canada? The person I have in mind is a traditional artisan.
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Can you find this sci-fi short story?

I've been looking for this particular short sci-fi story for several years and I am finally giving up on going solo. Help me find it, hive mind. [more inside]
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Can I Eat It - The Slow Cooker Edition

I have an egg based bread pudding in the slow cooker and the power went out. [more inside]
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I guess we are technically on an island.

Give me your recommendations for tiki bars in NYC. [more inside]
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Best tournament-style bracket creator?

I'd like to create a 64-item tournament-style bracket, pre-seeded with four regions, just like the NCAA one (only with Jewish foods, if you must know). I'd like people to fill out these brackets online, so everyone can see each other's picks, and the winners are determined by the most votes. The tools I've seen online (bracketmaker, bracketeers) don't really seem to fit the bill. Bracketeers comes close, but doesn't let you seed matchups by region, and only lets people vote on individual matchups, and won't let people fill out all rounds at once, ala yahoo sports,etc. Any ideas, for computer-based tools to do this? Whether free or not?
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Sports cars for Canadian winters?

I want a sports car. I live in Winnipeg. This does not compute. [more inside]
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Is ice skating really that good an exercise for the beginner?

Everything I am reading about ice skating raves about what a wonderful workout it is and how you will develop a core-o'steel and burn no end of calories! How true is that, really, for the beginner? [more inside]
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How to bed down for the night?

Dear adventurous loungers of Metafilter, please tell me about the cleverest space-conserving bed or couch replacements you've ever seen. [more inside]
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Mexico City to San Miguel de Allende: The Scenic Route?

In July I'm flying into Mexico City for my friend's wedding in San Miguel de Allende. I have two days (or so, it's pretty flexible) to get from the airport in FD to SMdA, can you help me figure out the best route and/or means of transportation? And also what I should do for fun and/or adventure with the extra day or so I have to explore the area? [more inside]
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Where to next, Voyager 1?

Voyager 1 just left the solar system. I know we're unable to control trajectory at this point, but I'm curious what the next body it will encounter will be, and when, on its present course.
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What are my options for replacing my broken phone?

I'm on Verizon, I have no warranty, started a contract in July w/ a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G Android Phone. I was a n00b and walked into my car really hard the other night and it was in my pocket. The screen now will barely turn on, the touch screen is cracked. The touchscreen is unusable. I cannot dial or even use the phone. A google nexus will be $299. What are my options? The phone itself, I kind of hate, the OS is nice but charging has always been an issue and it dies pretty quickly. I need ideas on either should I replace it? (With what and how much?) I don't want to renew as Verizon has had terrible quaility and I want to dump them in 18 months and go back to Virgin Mobile (I even have a phone for it). Should I foot the $350 ETF and switch back to Virgin? Cost to fix it? Other options?
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What I meant to say was "safe travels and have a nice evening." Really.

Does the term "homegoing" have a wide use across Christian denominations? [more inside]
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Halloween in New Orleans?

Apologies in advance for like my umpteenth Ask about New Orleans. But I have some Halloween-specific questions... [more inside]
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What to do for two weeks in SW Germany?

I'm going to be in SW Germany (an hour south of Stuttgart) for around two weeks in April (from the 8th to the 18th). What are the must-sees? I'm staying with a friend, and I'm sure she'll be able to provide advice, but I'd like more opinions. [more inside]
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Best NYC street shopping for cheap import photography stuff

I'm going to be in NYC soon. I buy a lot of import (read: straight from Shenzen) photography junk (stands, lens hoods, macro rails, Benro tripods/heads, LED lights, etc). All cheap and low-ish quality. I buy this stuff on eBay and it is almost always coming from Shenzen or NYC/Jersey. If I wanted to see stores or kiosks full of it, where should I look?
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Long-Distance Longings ... for a Job

Several months ago, I ran across a running ad for a content strategist on the site of a very well-known digital agency in NYC. I found the ad so compelling, I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. It listed my relatively rare top-two criteria in a job as key responsibilities, and it listed an intriguing array of secondary responsibilities, which echo my own experience, as well as my long-standing desire to have a job that, in many ways, spans fields. I've studied the agency a fair amount since then, and everything I've read is positive. So I've spent the last several months honing some of my secondary skills to make myself a more attractive candidate. And I've repeatedly checked to make sure the ad is still there, and it always is. I'm now reaching a point where I need to seriously look for a job. I want it to be at this agency. How do I convince them to even talk to me? I'm two states away, and looking for a strategy (no pun intended). [more inside]
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Y'know, the one with....

Help me ID an episode of the hit TV show Friends. [more inside]
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So what's in Veronica Falls' record collection?

So, lately I've been listening to the new Veronica Falls album. I'm drawn to songs like this [live version] and this: pure, jangly, motorik fuzz-pop. I need more, many more, songs along the same lines. So, who's mining this Black Tamourine-style vein of music at the moment aside from Veronica Falls? [more inside]
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I want to live in the 20s & 30s. What TV / movies should I watch?

I've been completely absorbed in British fiction from the 1920s & 30s lately - mostly of the snappy, witty detective variety: Georgette Heyer, Dorothy Sayers, Agatha Christie. I've also read and adored the incomparable Wodehouse and Nancy Mitford. Now, the question is, what should I watch that will scratch this same itch for sparkling conversation, sophistication, romance and great clothes? I'm open both to original time period stuff and well done more contemporary versions of the period. If it's streaming on Netflix or Amazon, I can watch it. [more inside]
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Closing Songs for a Library?

I was talking with one of my student employees the other day and it turns out he's a member of one of the college's acapella groups. We thought it would be pretty cool for his group to record a song to be played before the library closes for the night. I can make this happen. What song(s) should they sing? [more inside]
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Is it common to ask guests to pay for their dinner at a wedding?

We've been invited to the wedding of an acquaintance. Yay! But on the RSVP card, it asks to you tick a box confirming you'll pay for your meal (per person). [more inside]
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How do I make up for 10 years of blowing her off?

I've been married for a few more than 10 years. For most of that time, I did not really listen to my wife or honor her goals and desires for our life together. Starting in 2012, I have made a change in my attitude and actions, and we are communicating and making significant progress in our relationship. If it were just making the current state of affairs good, I think we're on a good track and we'd be ok. My question is: How do I make up for the previous ~10 years? If you want to email: Thanks in advance for any advice, here or via email. [more inside]
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Singing the Job Stress Blues

My job uses write ups for everything—for typos, for bad customer service, for being late, for heavy stuff, for silly stuff that doesn’t matter. Literally everything. How do I either learn to deal with this or figure out how to professionally approach it with the higher-ups in my company? [more inside]
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Looking for free Kindle books

Which websites list Kindle-compatible books which are free for a limited time? [more inside]
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Help me throw the best Birthday Party for my wife

My wife is approaching a milestone birthday and she's drawn up a list of people she would like to invite. Originally, we were going to have it at our house, but when the invitee list passed 150, we decided we don't want that many people roaming through the place. She wants to cancel the event, but I want to throw her a party anyway. [more inside]
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Camping before the parks open

I'd like to take a couple of days in late April/early May to bike from Boston to Provincetown. None of the state parks along that route are open until Memorial Day. Is there any way I can still camp overnight along the route, or am I going to need to find other accommodations? [more inside]
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Resources for public domain/CC vector art

I'm looking for something akin to Rpg Maker VX Resource Planet, except with vector art. I'd like resources for public domain or CC-licensed vector art assets for use as placeholders in games. I'd prefer SVG format and paths that are as simple and small as possible, but anything convertible to SVG is cool.
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It's a James Brown/Tupac mashup, sure. But there's something else there.

So I'm listening the other day to the soundtrack for Django Unchained, spurred on by the recent thread about Ennio Morricone. I come up on "Unchained", which is the big James Brown-derived number used in the trailer. There's a piece of music used there that's nothing from "The Payback", and after going online to listen to "Untouchable", the other track credited as being sampled, it's not from that, either. It's the western-ish rising section audible from about 0:04 through about 0:25. I could swear I know it from somewhere, but I'm coming up empty, and I'm not having much luck through the ol' Goog. Anyone know what it's from?
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Best books about certain contemporary female artists?

I'm looking for recommendations for the very best books to get about certain female contemporary artists. I can't spend a lot of money and buy tons, so just one or two about each artist is plenty. Here is a list of artists I currently really like and am seeking recs for, but please feel free to add any other awesome contemporary female artists. I'm looking for books that have biographical information as well as info about their work. -Jenny Holzer -Louise Bourgeois -Tracey Emin (I have the Tate book and Strangeland already) -Yayoi Kusama (I know about Infinity Net) -Judy Chicago -Nan Goldin -Francesca Woodman -Cindy Sherman
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Its clogged!

We have a washer/dryer combo within the kitchen of our basement suite in Vancouver, BC. When the sink is full of sitting water (i.e. plugged) the washer vomits water out of its drainage tube and onto the floor. [more inside]
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I don't want to be the jealous girl.

How do you dust yourself off and carry on after shy and awkward days? And how can I stop fixating on, comparing myself to, and feeling envious of a social, extroverted classmate? [more inside]
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The ex is moving on, I thought I was but I'm not. What do I do?

My head is a mess after seeing my ex tonight for the first time since we broke up, kissing her, and finding out she had a thing with another girl that never went anywhere. I'm hurt but doing okay, but I'm afraid that if I don't take some kind of action I'm going to get incredibly more hurt in the near future. But what do I do now? [more inside]
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March 19

Holy Back Spasms, Batman!

I've got bad back pain. I'm poor. I work in an industry that requires me to lift things and walk around a lot. I can't take time off. Help! [more inside]
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SSD for a mid 2010 MacBook Pro

Just did my taxes, and I'm getting a refund! Help me pick out the right SSD for my aging laptop... [more inside]
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Wishing I was blind to attractiveness, semi-sarcastically

How do you deal with the damaging ways that society evaluates women? [more inside]
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My family is in trouble. To what extent is it my duty to help?

My sister (late 30s) has recently given birth to a baby who is probably affected by Down syndrome. There will most likely not be a father in the picture. She also has an 8 y.o. daughter from a different, also absent father. They live at my mother’s house in a small town. My sister has a story of emotional instability and I often fear for my niece and nephew. My sister was molested by my father when she was in her late teens. She is extremely dependent on (and at the same time hostile to) my mother. My mother (divorced), in turn, is struggling to help her and the little children, while having to deal with lack of money and her own (physical) health issues. I (male) am the middle child, 8 years younger than my sister. I´ve lived in a big city for the last 6 years. I´m economically independent (yet also struggling) and starting a career in academia. I feel that if I don´t go back to my home town and help my family, things will deteriorate further. On the other hand, my chances of professional growth would be reduced by moving back there. Do you think a sacrifice of this sort is the right thing to do? [more inside]
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How worried should someone be about TCE in their housing complex?

[Asking for a friend] I'm a renter on the second floor of an industrial loft conversion condominium. There are notices up from the state [Massachusetts] EPA about "imminent hazard" levels of TCE (a chemical solvent) for "women of childbearing age" (I am one) in the first floor (partially belowground) apartments. How concerned should I be? Details inside! [more inside]
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Is there a way to quantify how hilly an area is?

Is there some measure or standard way of quantifying how hilly or a flat a city is, or some other area is? Can you say San Francisco is 4.9 hillybits while Houston is only 0 hillybits?
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Killing 2 hours in immediate vicinity of Penn Station.

Killing 2 hours in immediate vicinity of Penn Station. Is there enough stuff to look at to fill 2 hours? My bus arrives just before 5, my friend works in the same neighborhood til 7. I'm not looking for a place for dinner--I'm waiting for her. Maybe a drink, though. I don't wan't to walk very much--I'll have a bag and be wearing OK but not super comfy shoes. No more than a 5 block radius? So, aside from maybe stopping for a drink in a bar, is the neighborhood interesting enough that just wandering will keep me interested for two hours?
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My thoughts about death have started making me afraid to live.

For the last 6 or 7 days, I've been fixated on death, and not in a suicidal context. How do people normally handle constant thoughts about their mortality, and how can I stop this from crippling my ability to "live?" [more inside]
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The Devils Wears Prada for nerds.

Lately, it's been obvious that I'm terrible at making job/career decisions. Editorial edition. [more inside]
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Running out of options, but don't know if I should go down this road

What are your experiences with long-term benzodiazepine therapy? [more inside]
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How do you find a psychiatrist anyway?

For the first time in a while, my anxiety is more than I can manage on my own without medication. On top of that, I've had chronic insomnia for over 15 years, not sleeping is a probably my biggest anxiety trigger, and I'm tired of begging my primary care doctor for ambien prescriptions. Twice before I've waited until everything fell apart and I was in a major crisis and dropping out of my life to seek help; I don't want to do that again. I've had quite successful therapy (talk and CBT) before and been prescribed various meds by primary care doctors in the past, but I want to start managing my brain chemistry in a more proactive way. I've never seen a psychiatrist and don't know where to start. Yelp reviews? Standing on the sidewalk with a sign? I'm in San Francisco, I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO insurance, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, and real desire not to have another nervous breakdown. What's my next step?
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What's strong enough for a man, but made for a .... dishwasher?

My dishwasher stinks! Please advise. [more inside]
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A WebEx is Leaking

How to lock down a teleconference to keep out campers, nosy parkers and miscreants? [more inside]
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What's a good car service from Brooklyn to LaGuardia?

I am sorry to ask such a dumb question, but I have a very early flight from South Park Slope to LaGuardia, and googling car services so far is returning not great results. Is there a car service someone can recommend for an early pick up (our flight is at 5:30 a.m.)?
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Inspiring songs about Space and Space Travel

I am looking for inspiring songs about being in Space, or Space Travel, or even just Science! in general. I want to make a playlist. The only songs I can think of right now are Space Oddity and Rocketman, both of which are awesome songs but also completely depressing. I'm looking for songs that are more uplifting and inspirational. Please help.
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A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down?

I'm undergoing a colonoscopy soon, and from what I understand, the worst part of the whole procedure is one of the prep liquids you have to guzzle the day and evening before the test. Seriously, those I know who've taken the prep say that toward the end, they struggle (and fail) to keep it down. [more inside]
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How can I convince someone to see a doctor for a closed head injury?

A friend of a colleague had an accident a while back, and lately has been going off the rails in terms of behavior. It is a real departure. How can I talk to them about seeing a doc without being a threatening controlling jerk? [more inside]
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Where can I donate handmade quilts in Maryland/USA/internationally?

My mother retired and has been making quilts at an amazing pace. She can make all sizes. She also knits and crochets blankets. She has plenty of fabric/yarn, but nobody to give her quilts to. Does anybody know a specific group, WITH CONTACT INFORMATION, that she can donate them to in Maryland, the USA, or internationally?
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How Do I Upload a File from (iPad) Onlive Plus Back to Dropbox?

I recently started using Onlive Plus and like it a lot. But I'm stuck on one thing. Once I have downloaded and edited a Dropbox file in Onlive, how do I get the file back to Dropbox? The Onlive FAQ says, "After you edit a file, save it and upload it to Dropbox," but I can't figure out how to accomplish the upload from within Onlive. And my google-fu is failing me. Thanks in advance.
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How Do I Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Art School?

Due to a mix of laziness, depression, social anxiety and loneliness, I'm not doing too great in school. I really need to get it together, and I just don't know how to do it. I feel tapped out at the end of the day and I'm tired of it. I like art, but going to school for it just isn't very fulfilling. I'm thinking I just need to get through it and I'll be okay, but how do I develop the work ethic that my classmates have? [more inside]
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PHP Soap Multiple Concurrent Requests

I need to send multiple concurrent soap requests to the same source, but concurrent requests aren't supported in PHP's SOAP implementation. [more inside]
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Playing Hookey, the Classy Way

I am an hourly part time worker with no formal vacation time or sick leave, though I am theoretically entitled to unpaid leave whenever I'd ask, however due to a hiring freeze neither I nor more senior full time workers have had access to legitimate vacation time for some time. What is the classiest way to play hookey to see my partner 6+ hours away? [more inside]
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Please approximate temperature range for bodily destruction by heat/cold

What are the fatal ambient temperatures, cold & hot, for the human body? (total destruction, not just death) [more inside]
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Easter Weekend, starting in London, going where?

Due to a last-minute work trip and a big difference in plane ticket prices, I have from Thursday evening through to a 2 PM Heathrow departure Monday free to go exploring. Where should I go and what should I do? [more inside]
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What is the best way to bow a guitar?

I want to play bowed electric guitar on some recordings. How best to optimize the sound and technique? Best type and size of bow? Best strings? [more inside]
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Grinding along the Research Assistant career path

I'm a baby Australian scientist trying to earn experience and cash prior to embarking on a PhD, but landing a relevant job is turning out to be a bit of an ordeal. [more inside]
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What are some unexpected/atypical reasons to have kids?

One of my friends wants to have lots of kids because she loves the idea of having many miniature versions of her husband in the house. Now, I've heard of people wanting to have kids so they can have miniature versions of themselves around the house, but wanting a miniature version of your partner was a new one to me. Are there any other surprising/non-cliched reasons to have kids? [more inside]
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Plant Filter: Name That Flower

What is the name of these blue flowers? [more inside]
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Can you get a virus just by opening an email?

Using Gmail, I opened a strange message and now I'm worried it may have done something to my computer. Does this make sense? [more inside]
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Landlord from hell saga continues...

Building off of the landlord theme from today...I posted about this 5 0r so months ago. We assembled our paperwork, took advantage of some pro bono consultations, and then filed in small claims. But they were unable to serve her and last week I discovered that she's libeled us on the website We're seeking an experienced counsel, but in the meantime need help thinking this through. [more inside]
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Heartbroken friend being bad friend

Hi, I have a friend who is incredibly heartbroken. His girlfriend and he broke up after a very long relationship, and I don't think it was a clean breakup, but he has not told me what happened exactly (I suspect she was cheating on him). Let us call him George to make this flow more easily. [more inside]
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How can I most peacefully exit an abusive housing situation?

I called for a house meeting to address a housemates abusive behavior towards me but have determined that the best option for me is to simply remove myself from the situation and move out. Do I call off the meeting or do I still have it and then tell the house later that I want to move out or something else? [more inside]
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What programming language should I learn in order to freelance?

This Fall I will be starting a PhD in the social sciences. Because of my research interests/subfield, I will have to know the ins and outs of statistical software like R, Stata, and SAS. Can this knowledge enable me to freelance for some supplemental income or should I being learning another programming language? [more inside]
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Landlord taking unreasonable amount from security deposit

I'm moving out of an apartment in NYC at the end of the month. Our landlord is charging us to repaint the entire apartment. I'm pretty sure this is BS. Help? [more inside]
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JW Player video download advice?

I need to download video from a jwplayer site. Looks like all the suggestions online require you to be a novice coder. I'm not. I just want this one video downloaded and all the normal Chrome or Firefox extensions don't work. Not even RealPlayer. Anyone care to advise. Here's the site. Windows here if it makes a difference. Though I can access a Mac if need be.
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Trying to "lean in." Failing miserably.

Please help with a complicated work situation. Some context: Mid-twenties, female, graduated from a top-ranked university in liberal arts (I know, I know, but it worked out in the end. Sort of.) I work in sort of a niche, new media-y entertainment field, for which I am extremely grateful. I love this industry and I love the company I work for. And yet, snowflakes abound… [more inside]
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Life Gone Wild

Recently, my life went bonkers and now I'm "starting over." [more inside]
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Regional pronunciation of the word "realtor" with added vowel

A coworker asserts that there is a regional prevalence to the pronunciation of the word "realtor" by adding a vowel between the l and the t, and I want to know more about that pronunciation. [more inside]
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Cost-effective strategies for moving from Hawaii to LA

I'm trying to plan our move from Oahu back to Los Angeles. We have too much for airline baggage, but too little for a shipping container. We're selling all the furniture and big items, and planning to buy used replacements when we arrive. We're paring down our belongings as much as we can bear, but it's still not going to fit in airline baggage. I'm talking medium-value, medium-sized things like baking pans, shoes, small kitchen appliances, and books. What's the cheapest way to ship all this little stuff? [more inside]
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Non-gardening city dweller in search of cheap and easy access to basil.

I'd like to turn a piece of my apartment into a garden. Like, an herb garden. Probably. Help. [more inside]
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Help me downsize this recipe!

I managed to acquire the recipe for a favorite baked food product from a local grocery store. However, the yield is 300 pounds. How do I convert the measurements to yield a more manageable 3 pounds? [more inside]
posted by E3 at 11:06 AM PST - 15 comments

Looking for some new male + female sex positions!

Looking for some new male + female sex positions! [more inside]
posted by Sloop John B at 10:25 AM PST - 12 comments

dealing with Ebay seller about problem

Bought Ebay lot of 5 books -- one was water-damaged. What recompense should I ask for? [more inside]
posted by Zed at 10:22 AM PST - 15 comments

Why did The Walking Dead look like crap on my new 50 inch LED HDTV?

Finally replaced our old dinosaur television and the first thing we did was watch The Walking Dead. It looked unbelievably awful in a way I find hard to describe - maybe like watching The Littlest Hobo in the 90s. Can some settings be changed to fix this? [more inside]
posted by kitcat at 10:02 AM PST - 28 comments

Can the grass truly be greener somewhere else?

I'll try to be as brief and succinct as I can. Please bear with me. [more inside]
posted by strelitzia at 9:55 AM PST - 23 comments

Male Fertility Test

What is the chepest way to get a male fertility test in US? Don't wanna pay for doctor too. Not cheap just tight right now. Any labs I can go directly and get these done both count and analysis? I called few and was told I need a doctor's note, sounds like a scheme for doctor to make money. Why can't I just get this done with the lab myself, it is not a surgery or procedure. This is just asses alone, not involved in any relationship. Just wanna be sure if my boys can swim and get the job done!
posted by daveg02 at 9:45 AM PST - 6 comments

I am growing. My husband is not. It is opening a distance between us.

My husband and I (a woman) have been together about 15 years now. I have become more self-reflective over time; I know myself better, I am less likely to react impulsively, etc. My husband seems stuck in the same place he was when he was 25 years old. I am feeling us growing apart and it is stressing me out; I want to understand why he doesn't seem to be growing any further, and whether there's anything I can or should do. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:44 AM PST - 100 comments

Create keyboard shortcut to "highlight" selected text in Word 2011 (Mac)

I have successfully created a keyboard shortcut to insert a new comment using the Tools > Customize Keyboard menu in Word. (I assigned it to Cmd+7, which is unassigned.) I want to highlight selected text yellow using Cmd+9, which is also unassigned. The same process won't work, and I can't seem to record a macro to do this either. Any Word Wizards/Wizardesses able to help? Many huge thanks in advance.
posted by metarkest at 9:18 AM PST - 1 comment

How do I check my feminism as a writer?

Are there other simple-to-express checks like the Bechdel Test for measuring gender bias and feminism in fiction? I try hard to make sure I'm being a decent feminist as a writer -- I'm a guy, I tend to write with male protagonists but with a lot of female characters involved, and I worry about my blind spots. [more inside]
posted by scaryblackdeath at 9:16 AM PST - 18 comments

Estimating populations of ancient humans/proto-humans

I'm working on a musical project and am trying to deal with two big problems entirely outside my areas of expertise. How many species of genus Homo are there and how many of them have ever lived? [more inside]
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stop me from putting her on a pedestal

I've realized that I put my ex-girlfriend on a pedestal. I didn't realize it because I thought it was best to think of someone before yourself, to think of their needs/wants first, to see the good in them, negotiate on the things that don't work but as i read more about this pedestal, I'm certain i do this and getting confused on where/how to draw lines. I'm not sure how to approach this issue in a healthy way. And now that she is on that do i get her off or avoid this with the next girl. I'm looking for real strategies, interventions and hacks that i can practice. Specific examples are also very helpful (like he said this, I said that). Cds, books, videos that can change my perception also helpful. thanks.
posted by PeaPod at 8:45 AM PST - 6 comments

Making Quickbooks and SquareUp play nice.

Is there an easy, straightforward way to import Square POS information into Quickbooks? [more inside]
posted by furnace.heart at 8:40 AM PST - 4 comments

Marrying a relative

Someone I know is dating his aunt's(dad's sister) grand daughter. Age difference 6 years. And spoke to me about this, I mentioned I am not sure about the custom. They both have higher education, have good job and decent family people. What would their relationship be second cousin once removed? Is it socially/religiously accepatable if they end up in altar, have kids etc?
posted by globalbuddy at 8:14 AM PST - 46 comments

Recommended reading on religion and natural laws?

I am a scientifically-minded person who is trying to sort out my religious beliefs. I think it would be helpful to read some debates between deism, atheism, pantheism (Spinozism), and/or a scientifically-grounded theism. Can anyone recommend me books or essays that discuss these topics in ways that are engaging, well-thought-out, and thorough? [more inside]
posted by capricorn at 7:59 AM PST - 16 comments

The English Police Is Coming!! I Mean, Are Coming! Oh, Crap...

I've been living abroad for several years, and my proficiency in my native language seems to have taken a hit. Is this normal, and what should I do? [more inside]
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How to get listed in RSS Feed Reader searchers?

I have two specialized blogs in very specific areas (palindromes, Taoism). They do not show up when I do keyword searches in RSS readers such as Feedly, while barely related blogs do (e.g. one by a woman named Hannah with palindrome in the title. How can I get my actually directly-on-topic blogs to appear? [more inside]
posted by msalt at 7:52 AM PST - 3 comments

Did you find mistakes or problems with Turbotax?

Hi AskMefi. Did my taxes as I always do withTurbotax Deluxe. They came out higher than I expected. I'm considering getting a professional to see if I'm making errors but wanted to see if anyone has had a similar experience where they found that turbotax left them with unaccounted or unexpected payments. Any experiences like this? Thanks.
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I can't be Catholic any more.

Please give me advice on finding a new church. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:01 AM PST - 57 comments

How to help a relative cope with past sexual assault?

My elderly mother in law recently confided in me that her now-deceased husband sexually assaulted her decades ago and it haunts her daily. [more inside]
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Accountant needed for complicated residence situation.

Asking for a writer friend:
I need an accountant who is up to speed on writers'/artists' tax affairs, and in particular one who understands the intricacies of residence and/or obligation to file in more than one country.
[more inside]
posted by languagehat at 6:37 AM PST - 5 comments

One Day in the Magic Kingdom

We have exactly one day to spend at Disneyworld at the end of next week. We'll be taking our 4.5 year old to the Magic Kingdom. How can we make our visit enjoyable and not rushed? [more inside]
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No I don't want to install your app

I just got a new iOS device and web browsing is a bit different than browsing on my desktop. When I click on a link, I expect to be taken straight to a webpage, but instead I often get an advertisement to download an app for that websites' homepage. Example: Contra Costa times Is this just the way web browsing works in the mobile era? What are my options if I decide that I always don't want to install an app?
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Backup an image of a boot drive to a RAID 1 & perform restoration?

I have a PCI-E SSD as my boot drive, and a win7-created RAID 1 on two 3TB drives. My boot drive has my user folder on it, but my documents, music, pictures, videos, etc folders shortcut to their respectable folders on the RAID. I would like this to be a full redundancy scheme and it is, but I've run into several nags and I would like to know how to fix them and prepare a fix-it plan before any of the drives fails. [more inside]
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March 18

Help Me Keep My Borderline Husband From Alienating My Friends

My husband has many strong Borderline Personality Disorder traits. Many, many, many. We are separated. I believe he may have convinced some of our mutual friends to side with him and against me using blaming tactics, slick people skills, possibly some fake crying, and major cognitive distortions of reality. Pathologically motivated to avoid abandonment, he might say a great variety of untrue things in order to secure friendships for him and him alone. Please help me maintain and repair my friendships while being the kind and upstanding person I mean to be. [more inside]
posted by WelcomeCat at 10:26 PM PST - 35 comments

an AskMe named Desire

I'd like to read about the extensive streetcar networks that serviced most US cities in the late 19th / early 20th century. Any recommendations? [more inside]
posted by threeants at 10:25 PM PST - 11 comments

Diagnosing poor performing Windows laptop

My Windows 7 laptop frequently goes to 100% CPU usage and becomes unusable. I've discovered that if I put it to sleep and immediately wake it up, the CPU usage goes back down to a reasonable level (10% ish) and stays that way, but this problem recurs at least daily. How can I diagnose and fix the cause of this issue? [more inside]
posted by PercussivePaul at 10:15 PM PST - 15 comments

Soundtracks for snoozing

I like taking naps, and find they're greatly improved by a certain style of ambient/drone music: long, repetitive, weird, and folky-chanty rather than overtly electronic. Examples within; further recommendations appreciated. [more inside]
posted by Kandarp Von Bontee at 9:56 PM PST - 22 comments

(Great) lyricists who are similar to Joni Mitchell?

Could anyone recommend me musicians-cum- poets/songwriters who are as talented as Joni Mitchell? [more inside]
posted by ethelwulf at 9:46 PM PST - 39 comments

Gothic fiction required

I'm sick in bed with a dose of the flu and I need stuff to read on my kindle. I'm in the mood for intelligent romantic fiction with a dose of thriller - bonus if it has supernatural or gothic elements. [more inside]
posted by ninazer0 at 9:37 PM PST - 18 comments

Litter box for disabled cats?

Diabetic cat has trouble with traditional litter boxes. What are some alternatives? [more inside]
posted by mornie_alantie at 9:30 PM PST - 12 comments

Suggest Electronica Suggestive of Electronics

I like songs that evoke images of circuitry, complexity, and digital processes. What are some songs and artists that convey this feeling? [more inside]
posted by dephlogisticated at 8:40 PM PST - 24 comments

Taking Suggestions for Library of Low Stakes Fiction

My taste for bleak fiction is making me miserable. Help me lighten it up. [more inside]
posted by murfed13 at 8:30 PM PST - 19 comments

Movies or stories with sympathetic monsters/villains?

I'd like to compile a list of sympathetic monsters/villains, portrayed in any medium--film, fiction, art, music, myth. [more inside]
posted by ifjuly at 7:20 PM PST - 44 comments

I'm only 27. How can I keep my hair from thinning out?

I'm a 27 year old male. I've noticed my hair has been thinning out and receding my hairline over the last year. Is there anything I can do to keep it sticking around for a while longer? I didn't expect to be witnessing this before I'm 30. Can a doctor help?
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Help me be better with money

I am freaking out right now because I just got two letters from collections agencies. I should have paid the bills. I know that. I just … didn’t. And I know I’m terrible with money and want to change that, but when I think about money and the giant hole of student debt that I’m in I feel like, what’s the fucking point, and I become overwhelmed with hopelessness and I shut down. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:04 PM PST - 15 comments

Engaging with a wife that doesn't seem to have a sex drive?

Resources, books, tips, anecdotes for a man dealing with a wife that doesn't seem to have an inherent sex drive? [more inside]
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Photo-a-Day website to a book?

I am thinking of doing a photo-a-day project that I'd ultimately like to turn into a book. I know there are a few photo-a-day websites and apps but I haven't found one that lets you easily export your daily photos into a book to have printed. Does such a thing exist?
posted by lubujackson at 6:02 PM PST - 4 comments

what are these unbuilt areas around LAX?

I was flying into LAX and I noticed there are a few areas around LAX which seem to have been planned to be city blocks, but then were not built on (or the buildings were torn down). Does anyone here know the story? Here are some locations in Google Maps:
posted by yticmic at 5:55 PM PST - 10 comments

Help me find a laptop that will play the games I've been missing out on

I'm in the market for a new computer, and I'd like to find one that can handle some of the RTS and city building games I've missed out on in the past 5 or so years. I'm on a budget and I don't really understand computer hardware requirements. Can you help? [more inside]
posted by el chupa nibre at 5:37 PM PST - 3 comments

Can opiate addicts drink occasionally?

I have been sober for almost two years from Short acting opiates. I quit my habit before it got out of control. I was using opiates about 5 out of the 6 days a week and it was getting worse. I would do about 60 mgs of oxy each time. I dont want to drink right now, but maybe a couple of years down the road I would like to have a drink. I never had a problem drinking at all. I know I am getting ahead of myself here, but I am just curious if it has been done? I went out with my friends this weekend and they were all drinking. I felt kind of left out. It was really not a big deal but I am still pretty curious.
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Giving myself to a chainsaw

As a homeowning citizen of the Northwest, I find myself with a hankering to buy a chainsaw. [more inside]
posted by ottereroticist at 5:30 PM PST - 17 comments

Sci-Fi Noir?

I recently read Berlin Noir, The City and The City and Chasm City, and was looking for recommendations for sci-fi detective fiction, or detective fiction that reads like sci-fi. [more inside]
posted by kittensofthenight at 5:16 PM PST - 37 comments

Best luxury hotels in Fort Worth, Texas?

Best luxury hotels in Fort Worth, Texas? The title says it all - I'm looking for someplace amazing to stay for one or two nights in Fort Worth, TX. My gentleman is looking forward to a concert that's happening there and I'd like to surprise him with a killer package at a luxury hotel the weekend of the show. Bonus points if the hotel is funky and non-chain (a la Hotel San Jose or Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin), although I'd do a chain if it was absolutely top-notch. [more inside]
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Car camping in the US

Help me compile a togo list. I'm open to everywhere, everything. What is your favorite lesser-known US National Park or State Park for car camping? And the best time of year to visit?
posted by 1066 at 5:07 PM PST - 16 comments

Did Christo plan to dye the fog?

I "remember" a proposed project by Christo and Jeanne-Claude to dye the fog that comes through the Golden Gate between San Francisco and Marin County. I don't think it ever came to fruition, but I do think it was proposed. Am I making that up? [more inside]
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Besides the NCAA, where else is it March Madness?

There's the NCAA basketball tournament, of course. And The Morning News' Tournament of Books, and Jezebel's 80s-vs-90s thing. But who else is doing some kind of bracket/tournament thingy this month?
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Need a bit of help phrasing an email.

I'm a student who's been hunting around for internships lately and someone close to me (who works in an industry with some overlap to my area of study) has very kindly helped me out by asking around in his network of contacts. Almost universally the response he/we have gotten have been along the lines of "hmm yeah, we don't have any specific openings right now but send us your resume and we'll take a look at it!". I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what sort of email I should send. [more inside]
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David Letterman's tortoise shell frames

Helllp - wtf are these frames? I can't find them anywhere. Any help is appreciated. There are a few similar styles but I can't find the exact make/model.
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Daydreaming about nabbing a Roku 3, but have a few Q's.

I think a Roku 3 is what I want: A little box that'll sit next to my TV and feed me media. But I also have a few special needs... [more inside]
posted by GilloD at 2:58 PM PST - 11 comments

How can I efficiently harvest Google's entire cache of my website?

I stupidly let a web hosting account expire without backing up and transferring my site to my new server. I'm talking to the host to try to get access to my data (fingers crossed), but in case that does not work out: Is there a way to efficiently harvest Google's entire cache of a specific domain? Something else I should consider? I would like to act fast on this, and I don't have any programming/tech-fu skills.
posted by croutonsupafreak at 2:35 PM PST - 10 comments

Help me interpret my elimination(ish) diet results

I suspect my diet is causing me chronic health problems. How can I confirm this and fix it without health insurance? Semi-elimination diet results inside - please help me interpret my observations. [more inside]
posted by Vatican Cameos at 2:30 PM PST - 21 comments

Most of the sound didn't come from the speaker.

What emulators are there for the 80s 8-bit microcomputers, that simulate the incidental noises the machine makes — particularly, the sounds of the floppy drive? [more inside]
posted by reprise the theme song and roll the credits at 2:19 PM PST - 5 comments

Please! A real-world application using custom objects in JavaScript.

Coding books give silly examples, like dogs with properties like "breed" and methods like "bark." Can you give me a practical example that includes properties and at least one method—an example that someone would actually use on a real website?
posted by markcmyers at 2:18 PM PST - 5 comments

project management integrated with email

Why can't I simply *email* pdfs or a quick status update to a 'project timeline'? [more inside]
posted by jak68 at 2:15 PM PST - 5 comments

Will my credit score improve 2 years after my chapter 7 bankruptcy?

My wife and I declared bankruptcy 22 months ago. It was the only way, and we have no regrets whatsoever. We managed to keep our house and what little equity we had. We are looking to move to a different house, and are curious about our mortgage options. My credit score today was 681, which is just on the edge of where (so I read) you can get a conventional mortgage. In two months, when we get past the two year mark on our bankruptcy, will the score go up appreciably, or is it a gradual thing? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:07 PM PST - 4 comments

Applying for a civil ceremony in the UK

We're getting married in a civil ceremony in London, UK this autumn and I have a couple of questions about dealing with the registrar. [more inside]
posted by prune at 1:55 PM PST - 4 comments

Fraudulent visa/debit card charges - let it go?

It took a while for us to notice the pattern so when we reported fraudulent use of our Visa/debit card the credit union told us it is too late to dispute the charges. We asked if we should file a police report and they said we can do whatever we want. They were reluctant to give us the forms to file a dispute since it is past the allowed time but my husband wants it on record. Should we just do what they recommend and get over it? [more inside]
posted by krikany at 1:48 PM PST - 17 comments

"I want to do my schoolwork, mom. Oooh, look at the kitty!"

My gifted daughter is displaying all the classic signs of ADD/ADHD. She is does not have an IEP, but does have an incredibly supportive teacher/principal who want to help, but don't know how. What should I be asking them to do? What can I do at home to support her? (And if you have ADD/ADHD, did anything help you as a kid?) [more inside]
posted by corb at 1:17 PM PST - 34 comments

Is kintsukuroi an authentic Japanese concept? What are other cool words?

From Wikipedia, "Kintsukuroi is a Japanese technique of repairing broken ceramics with metal lacquer, usually gold or silver. The word in Japanese means to “to repair with gold”.The concept also includes the understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken." However, I've not been able to find much more on the word beyond Pinterest and blogs. What other words (from any language) are similar, in that they are not just a specific term but can also have a philosophical meaning applied to them?
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how much should I charge to improve a LinkedIn profile?

Has anyone improved someones LinkedIn profile for a fee? I have a couple people who really like mine and would like to pay me to improve theirs. What might the going rate be for something like this? Assuming I write some pieces, tell them who to reach out to for recommendations, etc?
posted by IzzeYum at 12:57 PM PST - 3 comments

Visual (Dollars and Coins) Time and Money Tracking App

There used to be a time tracking app for Android or iPhone which tracked time visually by displaying amount spent/earned in the form of US dollars and coins on the screen. What app was that? [more inside]
posted by purefusion at 12:53 PM PST - 1 comment

How do files on Usenet “decay”?

Large binaries on Usenet are often distributed in pieces, with parity archives included to fix bitrot. Very old files often require substantial repairs, and sometimes can’t be salvaged. I’m curious about the actual mechanism by which this decay takes place: lossy copies? Encoding errors? Solar radiation? How many network hops and transfers do messages typically undergo from their pristine original state to too-far-gone? Why would a digital file “go bad”?
posted by migurski at 11:56 AM PST - 14 comments

Carry-on baggage, worth the hassle?

I have always checked baggage when flying due to a large suitcase. And there is something so liberating about just dumping the bag during check-in, and then jaunting through the terminal sans baggage. Tomorrow, I am going for a short trip and could pack everything into a regulation-size wheeled suitcase and thus do carry on. Both planes (+ 1 connection), are full to capacity. Is it worth the hassle of trying to find overhead? Schlepping it through two airports? Compared to the potential of losing my bag for the duration of my trip, which recently happened? What do you do? Strategies?
posted by nanook at 11:55 AM PST - 34 comments

Need a new leather armrest cover... But from where?

My 2005 Honda CRV's front seat armrest cover in black leather is coming apart at the seam... Where can I purchase a new one? [more inside]
posted by treehorn+bunny at 11:40 AM PST - 7 comments

Stupid SPSS question: proportions

I never use SPSS (I hate it like I hate nothing else, except perhaps Excel) but I must use SPSS for this problem. Normally I'd just use R and be done with it, but SPSS is necessary for this problem. How can I get a simple error bar plot from two proportions? [more inside]
posted by Philosopher Dirtbike at 11:17 AM PST - 5 comments

Question regarding children with depression

Looking for ideas, suggestions and any anecdata on how you've helped a child with depression. Also looking for ideas on how to help a child that is extremely obstinate and refuses to go to school. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:15 AM PST - 20 comments

Help with Korean War book/Website

Watched a TV show yesterday about the Korean war. After watching my interest in the Korean war raised, I realised how little I actually knew. I'm keen to find further details about this conflict. Can anyone recommend any books about the conflict??, or any websites that are notable (I've read the Wiki page, but want to know more)
posted by maxmix at 11:02 AM PST - 11 comments

Another question about housing in the Bay area (with a twist).

I accepted a job in Santa Clara and need to move to the Bay Area in two weeks (my company will put me in a hotel for two more if needed). My fiance is staying behind until she finds a job in the area (but no later than 7 months). Please help me focus my thinking on how to handle my living situation during that period. [more inside]
posted by jengapiece at 10:59 AM PST - 18 comments

Need help finding story.

Need help tracking down a short story I read in the New Yorker a few years ago. [more inside]
posted by derivation at 10:46 AM PST - 7 comments

Problems with latest version of GameMaker

I'm working on a project where I need to become familiar with the basics of Game Maker. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work on my system. Every time I try to run a game to test it, it goes through a compile process, flashes a window on screen which quickly disappears, and nothing actually runs. I've tried the official forums and the support form on the site, and neither one has been much help. I think it might be a problem with permissions, but even allowing the program to run as admin hasn't worked. Log files and system specs below the jump. [more inside]
posted by codacorolla at 10:04 AM PST - 7 comments

Does this pronunciation have a linguistic name? Is it an accent thing?

Actor Clark Gregg (our beloved Agent Coulson) has a voice that I really enjoy. One feature I like a lot is the way he says R sounds, especially in the middle or ends of words. For an example, at around 0:35 in the trailer for Much Ado About Nothing (, it is especially apparent in the way he says "merry war" and "skirmish." (Also notable in the interrogation scene in "Thor" when he says "That's hurtful.") It's not a burred or rolled or flipped R, it's just sort of... liquid-sounding? I think it sounds really neat. In the past, I have noticed this in other actors and I always really like the way it sounds. My question: is this a feature of a certain kind of regional accent? Is there an official/proper term for the sound I mean? Or is it just an individual thing that certain people have that isn't tied to anything in particular? Linguists of MeFi, help me out!
posted by oblique red at 9:50 AM PST - 8 comments

Recommendations for a simple Web contact form?

Someone with a simple .HTML/.PHP page and no content management system needs me to put up a "Contact Us" form. In the old days there were a lot of PHP scripts to do this, but I can't tell if any of them are still reliable and secure. Are there any recommendations for one? I'm familiar with all the great ones for Wordpress (Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7) but unfortunately can't use those because this site has no database. [more inside]
posted by steinsaltz at 9:48 AM PST - 5 comments

Best Calendar EVAR!

I need a calendar that allows me to filter events by categories - additional requirements after the jump. [more inside]
posted by xicana63 at 9:47 AM PST - 1 comment

Not just get things done, but find out what I did...

In short: I need to track a couple of hundred tasks over 10-15 projects (in any of 7 areas) on the go at any one time. In a month, when I am asked, I currently have only a vague notion which project took up the most time. Currently using Things for Mac and iphone, but am open to moving if it is for a better solution (i integrated time tracking with no loss of functionality). Am ok with paying for it. [more inside]
posted by Brockles at 9:41 AM PST - 6 comments

Fierce tattoo recommendations

I would love recommendations for the fiercest of fierce tattoos. I'm tossing a few ideas around in my head, and asking other people for tattoo recommendations is usually a bad idea for obvious reasons, but I'm going through some major major life transitions right now, and I want a tattoo to remind me what a badass I am while I deal with it all. [more inside]
posted by twiggy32 at 9:35 AM PST - 26 comments

What to do in Geneva this weekend or next?

My fiancee and I will be in Geneva this weekend and next, and will have time each Saturday to do stuff. So what should we do? We've been to the city before but never really did much beyond attending conferences and eating right around the train station area. We are interested in historical/cultural activities or just walking around and looking at things. We also welcome restaurant suggestions.
posted by benbenson at 9:31 AM PST - 10 comments

An embarrassment of hood ornaments

I've come into possession of a large box of hood ornaments from late 40's- early 50's American cars. What cool/fun/funny thing can I do with them? [more inside]
posted by cosmicbandito at 9:20 AM PST - 24 comments

Help with cover letter

Please help me with phrasing in a cover letter. [more inside]
posted by young sister beacon at 9:16 AM PST - 9 comments

How much does it cost to build the 4 page website of my dreams?

I want to have a website to sell the neat stuff I make. In my mind I can see exactly what I want it to look like after having spent an absurd amount of time looking at other websites. [more inside]
posted by gravitypanda at 9:13 AM PST - 17 comments

Is it normal for OTC eyedrops to be yellow?

I just purchased some eye drops (Superdrug Irritated Eye Drops) and before putting any in my eyes noticed that the liquid is tinted a very faint yellowish color. Is this normal? [more inside]
posted by Polychrome at 9:06 AM PST - 6 comments

Welcome to Corporate Hell, have a nice stay!

Looking for lifehacks to help me thrive in a stressful high-pressure job working 50+ hours a week long-term. I am special, find out why.. [more inside]
posted by f3l1x at 8:56 AM PST - 21 comments

Things to do at home when incapacitated.

I need recommendations for activities for someone with medical conditions that preclude reading, writing, watching much video, or walking for any significant amount of time. [more inside]
posted by knapah at 8:49 AM PST - 37 comments

Resume help!

I've had the same job for the past 6 years. In that time, my job title has changed 3 times, my department has been involved in four major reorgs and been moved all over the company, my department name has changed 5 times, and I've reported to 4 different people. Throughout all that, the actual job I've been doing has remained the same. How do I indicate that on a resume for an internal position in another department?
posted by logic vs love at 8:46 AM PST - 7 comments

Scrum: How to split a large user story

As part of the backlog items for a website, our team has been asked produce a web movie with an outside agency. The user story behind it it is huge - how can we split it? [more inside]
posted by lord_yo at 8:27 AM PST - 8 comments

I would like to be minus a sinus condition

Sinus sufferers of MeFi, what in your experience is the most effective over-the-counter sinus medication? I do not have some extreme sinus condition, but I am very tired of feeling stuffy all the time and blowing my nose ten to fifteen times a day. The meds must be available in Canada.
posted by orange swan at 7:17 AM PST - 25 comments

How do I let a four year old know when she needs to listen?

I let my four-year-old niece get the best of me in a lot of our play. How can I teach her when she needs to listen? [more inside]
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Health (and maybe legal) concerns living with rotten smell?

A little over a week ago, right before everyone left for Spring Break, the fridge in my girlfriend's dorm apartment died and got quickly replaced the same day. Everyone just came back yesterday to the smell of rotten food (lots of meat, especially) because the new fridge had broken shortly after the new one was installed. ResLife replaced the fridge again, but everyone's everything reeks of the smell it was drenched in for the week. (more inside) [more inside]
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How does your garden grow?

For the past two summers we've tried porch/container gardening without much success. I think our total take last summer was four tiny carrots and about a half-dozen beans, along with some chives/green onions that stayed alive most of the summer. This summer I'd like to do better with the very limited space and time I have. Please share your favorite tips and links for growing veggies in pots inside. [more inside]
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How do I search for difficult to find things?

My questions is this: Is there a method for searching for the difficult to find? [more inside]
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Making a Will

Hey, I'm 35 and want to make a will for peace of mind. Nothing much, just want to state how I'd like to be cared for and declare and executor. I've read that in NYC you don't even have to have a will notarized. I've also seen a few sites where you pay to make a will online like this one: Any tips on getting started? I don't have or know a lawyer. Should I just fork over the $40 and make a will online?
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Are there really brain eating amoebas in my neti pot?

I've read about amoebas that enter your brain through your sinuses and possibly killed two women in Louisiana in 2011. I live in a major metropolitan area (NYC) and my hot water comes to me through the same system that heats our big pre-war apartment building. The hot water pipes are actually too hot to touch. [more inside]
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my friend's son has asperger's and his behaviour is worrying her.

Asking for a dear Australian friend, "Ariane" who feels she has nowhere else to turn. Any and all advice gratefully received. "My son Henry is 19 years old and has Aspergers. He has a little brother George who is 12 and a sister Lily who is 2 1/2. We all live at home with my partner (who is the biological father of Lily). [more inside]
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Can you help us identify this obscure record?

We're trying to re-discover an album, but only have a vague description of the the album cover. Does anyone recognize this? "it was mostly instrumental music, band had an abstract name. The cover art was a faded pink and grey background with a stag disipatiung into flowers or butterflies ...I'm guess it is not a popular band"
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How to stop biting the same swollen wound on the inside my mouth?

How can I stop biting the same freaking spot on the inside of my mouth? I'm tired of seasoning my meals with blood and pain. [more inside]
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Who is this photographer/sociologist?!?

About 3 years ago at the Strand bookstore, I encountered a photography book that seemed to be a retrospective of the works of one photographer whose name I wish I had written down. It was a huge hardcover book. Don't remember what the cover looked like. But I DO remember some of the photographs in it, and was hoping somebody here might be able to recognize the photographer from my descriptions. [more inside]
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What are your most badass web-based reference resources?

What are the best obsessively cataloged reference websites from your field? I mean the kinds of places you can go to when things are being reported on in a confusing way, or just seems off and worth checking, where you can cut through the bullshit and easily find either original source material or otherwise solid answers to technical questions. [more inside]
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Karaoke-like software to speak Norwegian like a native

Is there any software out there which can give me feedback on rhythm, timing and flow for language learning? Karaoke for Norwegian speech patterns? [more inside]
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Should I upgrade to Mountain Lion from Lion in March 2013?

I have a late 2008 MBP, 8GB RAM, with an SSD, running Lion without problems. Should I upgrade to Mountain Lion right now? Have the battery life and other issues been resolved? I'd like to upgrade because I've finally encountered a program that requires Mountain Lion and I'd like to use it. [more inside]
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March 17

Feeling rejected and awful

I had few men reject me lately and it has really done a number on my self-esteem. I don't really know how it works for other people, but I can never seem to get even close to who I want. [more inside]
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Legal / Possible to rent empty commercial space in NYC for 1-2 nights?

Does anyone know the legalities / possibilities of renting out empty storefronts / loft spaces / warehouses for only 1 or 2 nights in NYC? I want to rent the space, bring some simple food and drinks, throw a party, and sell some art. Is this legal or even possible? [more inside]
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I don't mean Switched On Bach, either.

I'm looking for examples of polyphonic pop and folk music. [more inside]
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What indie comic festivals should I attend?

A question for the alternative comic book artists out there who sell their books at small press festivals across the country. What are the must-attend festivals I should try to register for and how hard is it to get in? [more inside]
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Beauty recommendations in the Twin Cities

Looking to clean up my look in the Twin Cities. Will you fellow MSPers give recommendations for your favorite beauty spots? South Minneapolis is closest, but I'll take anywhere. [more inside]
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Distressing Dramas

Would you happen to know of any movies or series with tension as continuous and agonizing as the third season of *Moral Orel*, the movies of John Cassavetes, *Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?*, *Scenes from a Marriage*, and the Japanese series *I am Mita, Your Housekeeper*?
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Is there a way to make my iPhone screen redder at night?

A friend introduced me to f.lux for Mac, and I'm hoping to find a way to adjust the color of my iPhone screen to be more in line with my circadian rhythms. [more inside]
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Might lose my girlfriend over sexual problems

I'll try to keep this as short and as informative as I can. I posted on here a little while ago about some sexual problems I've been having, mainly being about struggling to get and/or maintain an erection. Unfortunately instead of getting better things have only gotten worse. [more inside]
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Emailed Excerpts--How Do They Work?

Every weekday I get an email from Delancey Place with an interesting excerpt from a book. Can you help me figure out how they avoid copyright infringement? [more inside]
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Help Assuage My Fear of Las Vegas

I have never been to Las Vegas but will be going for the first time this summer as a bridesmaid for my friend's bachelorette party. I am not a Vegas person: I don't drink or club, I don't like being around lots of people all the time, my budget is extremely tight, and crashing at the yucky hotel we're staying at sets off all my buttons in every way. Am I going to be able to realistically make this happen, or do I need to figure out a way to bail now? [more inside]
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Help me respond constructively to my brother!

My older brother (in his 50s) posted something on FB regarding the Steubenville rape case, which was: [more inside]
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Dealing with my girlfriend

I'll try to make this short. I am at my breaking point. My girlfriend of a year and a half or so is definitely bipolar, I would say without a doubt that it could be severe. I wasn't sure for some time, but now I am certain, after simply looking at the symptoms I can tell she has some sort of bipolar disorder -- even down to being falsely diagnosed with depression I think (maybe she was depressed too, but this is besides the point). [more inside]
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Turning Mid 20.. Birthday Road Trip Suggestions needed

Iam turning Mid 20's and for the event SO is coming over. The collective decision is that we should travel somewhere/roadtrip to celebrate. Question is where.. hive mind help me decide. Philadelphia area and destinations within 6 hours drive Timeline April 12th-15th.
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The quest to Cat Lady-dom

I don't think I want kids and that scares me. [more inside]
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Backup to CrossLoop for international remote access to my computer

I have a personal desktop that I want to access from my laptop while I am traveling abroad for the next 4 months (international, not the fastest connections). CrossLoop seems to work but what else should I use that is more robust? [more inside]
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Poison Ivy

So I picked up some poison ivy camping the last week and didn't notice it for a couple of days. Pretty sure it was on one of my sweatshirts and gloves. It has only sprouted up on my wrist, which popped up on Tuesday. Do you think my sleeping bag is contaminated? If so what would be the best step for cleaning it? Dry cleaning? What about other clothing, best way to clean it? There are a lot of things on the net but I'd like to hear about real people's experience dealing with it.
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Think Thank Thought Leader

'Think tank' and 'thought leader' not 'thought tank' and 'think leader'. Can you help me construct a good argument for why we have settled on the first two and not the second? [more inside]
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I think I don't understand the meaning, in English, of "touché." [more inside]
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Restoring antique cabinet drawers: Ideas and Sources, please?

I've come into possession of an antique oak filing cabinet, and need help figuring out how to make the interior of the drawers functional. Restoration advice needed, please. [more inside]
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Drug holidays from ADHD meds?

Do you take weekends off or longer "holidays" from your ADHD meds? Why or why not? [more inside]
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Trope like Opie?

Has the word "trope" ever been pronounced to rhyme with "Opie"? [more inside]
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Gift ideas for people going on a sailing trip

My parents are taking off in a couple of months to go sailing for a year. I'd love to get or make or do something for a farewell present, but I have no idea what. Help! [more inside]
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Multilingual security help!

Please help me translate the phrase, "Something that you bought at another store has not been cleared. I can fix that for you. Thank you." [more inside]
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Non-Compete Jurisdiction Question

My company wants me to sign a non-compete contact but the document does not specific what state's laws the contract will fall under. I live in MD. The company is based in DC and is registered in DE. What state laws apply?
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ID these Rubix's cubes (and other puzzles)?

Is there any place on the internet where I can buy Rubix's cube variants and similar, non-cube puzzles? In particular, I'm looking for the silver architectural-looking cube at bottom center, the grabby-hands cube in the top-right corner, and the flat twisty picture-puzzle (two different pictures are possible and the plastic pieces are wired together in a certain way) on the right side of this photo.
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People who aren't discriminated against anymore?

It always seems that ending racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination ends up being a whackamole sort of game: get rid of slavery, and people will still try to be racist, they'll make Jim Crow laws and institute poll tests and all that stuff. Are there any example of groups of people where this didn't happen, where the discrimination against them basically went away without any, or with only insignificant consequences?
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What is the name of this phenomenon?

My mother is a very nice person who is selectively incredibly mean. Occasionally, she will say things that just boggle my mind. Other than these extremely narrow streaks of cruelty, she is an extremely moral, extremely kind person. What is the name for this quality? [more inside]
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Warm Scents (not parfum de ta mère)

I'm looking for a good electric oil warmer that works and doesn't look like a child's craft project. [more inside]
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Advice on a car purchase

Thinking of buying a 2013 Ford Focus Automatic. Big Manufacturer incentives right now. My one concern: lots of reports on car forums about transmission "shudder" that Ford appears to have blamed on programming alone for the last 2 years, but many owners say the reprogramming didn't solve things. I cant tell for sure that the most recent cars coming off the line are affected. Seems hard to get reliable information. Thoughts?
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Tuxedo: vintage or new?

I'm coming to the realization that I need to either buy a new tux or a vintage tux for my wedding. Tell me of your experiences with vintage tuxes please? Tell me of your experiences with cool vintage store in New York City please? Or some other place in the area to buy a tux that isn't a chain or a department store? [more inside]
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How do I create nested footnotes in iWork Pages 08, or Microsoft Word 08? [more inside]
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What is this syringe-like thing?

What is this syringe-like thing? [more inside]
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Fitness with a twist

I am moving to Boston in the near future and I am looking to find some form of interesting/unusual athletic activity. [more inside]
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Recently diagnosed with WDCDS and not sure how to move forward

Through various relationships I've come to realize I do in fact have WDCDS-formally known as White Dude Can't Dance Syndrome. [more inside]
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Where can I buy the Practical Nomad eBook?

I'm looking to purchase The Practical Nomad as an e-book for my Kindle. It seems like it was previously available, but all the Amazon links are dead and I can't find any other e-book store where it can be purchased. I have a physical copy of the book already, but would like an e-book to travel with.
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Is there a shared expenses app that works across phones?

There are lots of shared expenses apps out there, but I've had a hard time finding one that lets multiple people enter their expenses into the same group group. This is what I mean: several roommates share group expenses. On their respective phones, they have an app that lets them punch in any expense they've incurred. It goes to the same group, and then you can calculate who owes whom. This seems simple, but I'm having trouble finding this feature!
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Are there any actual health benefits to drinking kombucha?

I have been brewing and drinking my own kombucha for years. I like the taste, I like the bubbles, and it's a fun and relatively low-maintenance hobby in the realm of brewing things (way less involved than beer, for instance). What I'm wondering is if there is any actual known proven non-woo benefit of drinking the stuff. There's so much crap online it's difficult to sort through. [more inside]
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What is the best way to track and share walking routes on an iPhone?

For a personal project, I'd like to be able to track my route as I'm walking using my iPhone and then share that route in some form that can be embedded in a blog post. [more inside]
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What can I do on Lamma Island (Hong Kong)?

Might spend a few days on Lamma Island in the upcoming weeks. Is there anything interesting I should do or see there? [more inside]
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What are these things on my palm tree?

My palm tree has barnacles. What should I do? [more inside]
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Should I ask for the rabies immunoglobulin?

Please convince me I'm not going to end up like Tea Cake!! [more inside]
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A website to extract prominent colours in images/webpages?

I seem to recall at one point finding a website where you could type in the URL of a webpage or image and it would give you the prominent colours, with hex codes, etc. Does this actually exist or was I dreaming?
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Can't Live Like This Forever

It's been four + years now, but I continue to experience a lot of social anxiety & PTSD related symptoms. How do I come to terms with the idea that I can't escape my past and the people from my past? [more inside]
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Please help me make out what Helen Mirren is saying.

I'm translating David Mamet's new movie about Phil Spector. My dialog list is substandard, so I basically have to guess what they're saying. In this audio clip, Helen Mirren and Jeffrey Tambor are discussing the evidence against Spector and cite precedents that sound like "Caitlin" and... something. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Help me become more happier and optimistic

I've become an unhappy Grumpy person. I would love some suggestions on positive music and notebooks, calendars which have inspiration positive quotes ? I just need some motivation in times of stress. Some blogs on positive thinking would also be useful. Thanks to all!
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What do anatomic pathologists wear to work in Omaha and Tampa?

I'm visiting pathology labs for work, and want to be respectful of the workplace attire. I've seen a couple of labs in California, where jeans are practically the dress code in every industry. Traveling to Omaha this week and Tampa next week. What to wear? [more inside]
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March 16

Biff’s green tracksuit.

I'm looking for Biff Tannen’s green Adidas tracksuit. [more inside]
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Planning to have a baby before getting married?

So, I'm trying to get some opinions here: My fiance and I have been engaged for 4 months and are in our mid-20s. We are both in school (undergrad for him, grad for me), but due to my income, we wanted to wait one more year, so that it would be financially better for us (e.g., paying tuition, etc). We are both interested in having children, however, something has come up for me health-wise (ulcerative colitis) that would make it less safe (because of medications) to have a baby later on, compared with now. Here are my questions for you: 1) Would you have a baby before marriage? What would be the reasons? 2) Has anyone actively planned this before? How did it work out? I know some would say suck it up and push up the wedding, but it would save us a good 20K or so.
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A book with a supporting character who hears NASA voices in his head?

I'm trying to remember a book I read a long time ago in which a bitter supporting character complained about the fact that he was an ex-astronaut and he had a chip in his head and every moment of every day he received encouraging commentary from NASA engineers about whatever he happens to be doing. From memory the character might be homeless, or unemployed etc, and as the story progresses I think you just assume he's a little mad and the voices are imaginary. [more inside]
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Perfect Model Mix

I want to make a mix CD for my niece who is an aspiring model. What should be on it? [more inside]
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Summer is coming.

I hate the summer. I know it is March, but summer is coming and I am already fretting. [more inside]
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Goodbye, NYC!

I have an HTC Droid DNA (aka HTC Butterfly, running Android 4.1) and it came with a lot of useful apps. In particular the World Clock and the Accuweather apps are very useful. I have figured out how to add cities to the drop-down menu for those apps, but I can't figure out how to delete them. They both came initially set to NYC, and sorry but I don't care about the weather in Gotham and I want it off both of the menus. [more inside]
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Give me advice on my job search in the NYC area.

I'm a librarian in the southern U.S. looking to relocate to NYC. The catch is that I can't move without a job offer. Am I hoping for the impossible? [more inside]
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Want to fix my hair-- unhappy with highlights

I feel like my hairstylist gave me bad advice last week when she told me to continue getting massive quantities of foil highlights. I walked in there wanting to get an all-over base color with just a touch of highlights. [more inside]
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Where to get cardigan sleeves altered in Toronto?

I have an awesome new cardigan, yay! I got ink stains on the sleeve! Boo! Any recommendations for someone in Toronto skilled at alteration? [more inside]
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Seeking opinions on columnar apple trees

Has anybody planted em? Ate em? I'm eyeing the well-established Scarlet Sentinel/Golden Sentinel vs new Urban Columnar Series. I will pay more up front if that gets me tastier apples. Thanks.
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Difficult Decision regarding newish job and another job offer

I'm not sure what to do - leave a job I've only been in for 10 months and move after a job offer - or stay in my present job and try to see if I can make it work? [more inside]
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Help me find a new after dinner tabletop game

I help care for an elderly person and someone with poor attention. We've found that playing a few quick games of ... something after dinner helps their social and mental skills. The best game we've found so far is Bananagrams, which we all enjoy but it would be good to extend the repertoire and I'd love to have your suggestions. [more inside]
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What's this snake on our deck?

We were cleaning up out back for a cookout, and I spotted this little guy. Does anyone know what kind of snake this is? My guess was that it was not poisonous based on the head shape, but I don't know if that rule applies to baby snakes as well. More inside. [more inside]
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Skype when my laptop is closed & connected to an (old) external monitor?

If I buy an external computer cam and mic, can I make video calls on Skype on a MacBook Pro when it's closed and connected to an old Cinema Display monitor that has no built-in camera? [more inside]
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I want The Wonder Years on DVD

I know the TV series The Wonder Years will never be released on DVD due to the substantial music rights issues. Even the versions available for streaming on Amazon and Netflix are altered, ie. Joe Cocker's theme song, his cover of A Little Help from My Friends is replaced by something else. Is the original version of the show available in a decent format somewhere? [more inside]
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Sanity in spa form?

I'll be wrapping up a stressful period of work and have a long weekend coming up. I'd like to find a spa, or hotel with spa within 4-5 hours radius of NYC to just veg. [more inside]
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The song that helps you make it those last few minutes on the treadmill?

Salt n' Pepa's Push It always does it for me, but it's getting old. What song gets your blood pumping every time?
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Is there a way to make a bubble tea without the caffeine?

I'm looking to make a bubble tea style drink at home, but all of the mixes seem to be tea based. Is there any that don't have caffeine that you are aware of or have used before? [more inside]
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how should the process of adopting a cat from a breeder work

I want to adopt two Bengal kittens from a breeder. I have had dogs, but never had cats. I am getting cats because my daughter is crazy about cats. [more inside]
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I have opinions, where should I put them?

For the last few years, I have reviewed every book I read on Goodreads, just for my own edification. I read a lot. I have written a lot. Is there a better use to put this content to? [more inside]
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Handling accusations of long-past misbehavior? Difficulty: Did I do it?

In 2008, due to some personal problems, I closed out a Facebook account I was using at the time. I have since been accused of saying things via that Facebook account that I don't quite believe I would have said. [more inside]
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Make these websites usable again please

Lots of websites have headers/footers that block text below them, but when you hit page down, they act as if the entire page was visible and go too far. The headers are often blog headers, the footers are often "share this" kind of footers. How do I make PageUp/PageDown work properly? This is a problem for both Firefox and Chrome, but I use Firefox mostly, in Windows. [more inside]
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What to do with 2 smallish pieces of pork belly?

Yay: I have 5 lbs. of pork belly. Boo: It's in two pieces. What can I do with it/them? Normally I use the recipe from the Momofuku cookbook, but it shrinks so much I'm worried that these two small pieces might shrink down so much as to be unusable, or overcook. And anyway, I'd like to try something new. So, fellow porkophiles, any suggestions? [more inside]
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Is it a floor wax or a dessert topping?

Is pityriasis rosea viral or autoimmune? Yes, I've googled and found the results unilluminating - hoping for an answer from someone with more direct experience.
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ESL tips and games for young children

I am teaching English to a 4 and a 7 year old (separately) and I am looking for tips, games, ipad apps, or resources. [more inside]
posted by saul wright at 12:29 PM PST - 6 comments

Help me decide whether to get a year's subscription to online support.

My computer is in a real mess. The registry has tons of errors, and I can't open Outlook. I got on the phone with GuruAid through an attempt to contact McAfee support. The tech seemed to be more than competent, and discovered a lot of issues, detailed inside. [more inside]
posted by Dolley at 11:05 AM PST - 9 comments

I want to stink good

I am not normally a cologne person, but I found one that I love. Even my scent-averse lady likes it. Tell me how to wear it. Assume I am total idiot, does it go on the skin (or clothes)? Where? How much? Can I apply over a moisturizer? Need I reapply later in the day? [more inside]
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Crime, Insured!

Might you recommend crime fiction written by women? [more inside]
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How many hours should I study to achieve a near-native standard in Mandarin Chinese?

How many hours should I study to achieve a near-native standard in Mandarin Chinese? How many hours to study over 2-3 years? [more inside]
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And Quiet Flows the Don -- real author?

I'm looking for a specific article that claimed that Mikhail Sholokov did not write And Quiet Flows the Don (or at least not the first and best part of it), but instead he plagiarized it. [more inside]
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Gawker Comment Spam

What is up with the spam in the Gawker comments? Why have they not been able to filter them out yet? [more inside]
posted by Keith Talent at 10:17 AM PST - 7 comments

Laptop Gives Error: Operating System Not Found

My friend's laptop runs windows 7. After resetting last night she's getting an Operating System Not Found error during boot. Assuming the hard drive hasn't completely failed, what are the best, simplest tools she can use to either fix the problem or at least get her important data off the drive? She has access to another computer with a cd/dvd burner, an 8GB USB flash drive, and blank cds. She doesn't have access to the system restore disc or anything like that. She can get a blank DVD if that's simplest. I was leaning toward Knoppix as the Linux distribution for a live dvd, but if there's an easier way I'd love to hear it. Thanks.
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Electric smoker shorting out (?)

The electric smoker that I was so excited about last week doesn't work! After I plug it in, it runs for about 5 minutes before tripping the GFCI outlet that I had it plugged into. I did have it on a 10 foot long extension cord (no electrical outlets on my back porch). I assume this means there is a short somewhere? [more inside]
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Gamifying my morning routine--is there an iPad app for that?

I have to be at work earlier than usual for the foreseeable future, and I am not much of a morning person. Still, I have had considerable success by breaking my routine down and gamifying it by giving myself points for hitting different markers (e.g. 2 points for getting up without hitting the snooze button, 1 point for hitting it only once, 1 point for heading out the door with the dogs at a certain time, 1 point for arriving at the office on time, 2 points for 5 minutes early, 5 points for more than 5 minutes, etc.). I then give myself little rewards for certain numbers of points (e.g. two days' worth of on-time arrivals equals a latte at my favourite coffee place). I think it would be fun to be able to track this on my iPad, and am looking for something that will allow me to re-use the same checklists and will count points as items are completed. I've looked at the various checklist and "to-do" apps, but none of them seem to fit the bill, especially the point-tracking aspect. Any ideas?
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Icons of Incompetence

What cultural figure might you compare someone to (individual or group) if you wanted to portray them as bumbling and incompetent? E.g. Keystone Cops, Inspector Clouseau, the Washington Generals... I'm particularly interested in international examples that Americans (like me) might not know about.
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Searching For Painter's name. Monekys and Skeletons

I am searching for the name of a painter. I am going to describe one painting I clearly remember. I saw these paintings when I was a child. The book of his works had the same theme of monkeys and skeletons involved in everyday activities. In the painting I remember, a skeleton (it may have been a couple) is in a bed with white sheets and leaning over to put out the light on a nightstand. There is a monkey or baboon sitting on the room's window sill. The images are realistic bordering on illustrations. This is all I have. And this is why I came to metafilter. Thank you for your help.
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How would things be different if the ERA had passed?

In the 1970s and 80s, when I was a kid, an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution, barring discrimination on the basis of sex, was passed by Congress and very nearly adopted. How would the United States be different if three more states had ratified the ERA and the Constitution had actually been amended? To make it more precise, what current federal laws or practices would be struck down if the U.S. Constitution included the ERA?
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How do we feel safe again after our home was broken into?

Our house was broken into yesterday in broad daylight while we were at work. How can we feel safe again? [more inside]
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How do I kick him out of my head once and for all?

He distracted me so much while we were together, and now I'm *still* being distracted by him and we've been apart for months. Any ideas? Blizzard conditions ahead. [more inside]
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Am I at the mercy of big ink?

Canon Pixma printer purchased in US, specified ink cartridges not available in Asia where I live, BUT there is a different model number that looks exactly the same. Can I use it? [more inside]
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March 15

What is the name of this item of clothing that combines shirt & sweater?

What's the name for the piece of women's clothing that looks like one is wearing a v-neck sweater over a button-down shirt, but really it's one shirt with collar and cuffs attached to a "fake" sweater? [more inside]
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What are the must read books of 1970s NYC?

I've got my nose buried in Bonfire of the Vanities and Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bronx is Burning. What books should I read next? What are the must-reads from or about this era of New York City?
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Am i over thinking things with him?

Am i over thinking things with him, are we friends? Acquaintances? People that talk on occasion? [more inside]
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A Gmail/Google/GTalk chat alternative

It's an old cry now - to get out of Google's claws. Mail, calendar and everything. However, I always find one thing missing. Chat is never talked about. As a matter of fact this one is the difficult most. You need to have added all those chat contacts and they in turn have had to added you(approved) you back, unlike email where you just need to fine an email and the receiver gets it unless you were specifically blocked. So, let's discuss how to release our chatting app/service free from the claws of Google/Facebook/Skype &c and still be able to: [more inside]
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Long leg undies to wear under yoga pants?

I cannot bear to go commando in yoga pants, but my normal bikini briefs cause pretty bad panty lines. I think what I want is something like Spanx, but with the following qualities: 1) absolutely no "control" whatsoever, 2) cotton crotch, 3) legs don't ride up and preferably have the little gripper strips like some skorts, and 4) come in XS. I don't want boy shorts--those are too short and tend to ride up on me. I want something more like men's long boxers, but in a super thin fabric. Any recommendations?
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Is this itinerary for a trip to Japan reasonable?

I am traveling to Tokyo next week and have not been there before. Is this itinerary reasonable? [more inside]
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TV Commerical Search: People Yell "LAYUP"

Trying to find a commercial from the mid 90s (?). There's a guy talking about a basketball legend. The way he describes this legend goes something like this: "One day he was raining 3s from the sky" "He would pull up from 25 feet and people on the sidelines would be yelling LAYUP" My Google Fu has failed me, since I don't know what product was being advertised. Ideally, I'm looking for a video link, but would settle with knowing what was being advertised.
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How legal is Jon Cozart's brilliant quintuple parody, AFTER EVER AFTER ?

In AFTER EVER AFTER, make no doubt about it he uses the melodies and harmonic progressions of no less than five copyrighted Disney songs, slanders and tarnishes the good name of BP, and uses a lot of character names that are probably registered trademarks of a very powerful company. How legal is that? [more inside]
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Vacationing in the Scottish highlands w/o car - madness?

My family and I are considering a vacation in the Scottish highlands this summer, but aren't sure whether it would be worthwhile, given our lack of car. If it does make sense, we'd love specific advice about places to see and/or tour companies to patronize. Could any Mefites familiar with Scotland weigh in? [more inside]
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Mysterious foot pain - what could it be?

I have been having a lot of foot pain that has been building for months. They only hurt when I am sitting still. My googling has proved fruitless, do you have any ideas what it could be? [more inside]
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Please be my career counselor for a moment

After five months of not holding down a steady job, the offers are starting to come in. I need help choosing from three of them -- none of them are exactly what I want, but I see positives in every job. [more inside]
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I need a new podcast

I need a new podcast. Something like Jillian Michaels or Adam Carolla would be good... [more inside]
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How do I respond to an extreme low ball salary offer?

I am a casual employee who has been offered a permanent position, but the proposed salary is well below what I was expecting, and I am unsure how to respond. [more inside]
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A reader on the mind-body problem?

I'm working on a creative project about somebody who gets his brain removed and put in a vat. What should I read? [more inside]
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Too Big To Mail

How I can I get a 4x4 ft. painting from Brooklyn to the eastern panhandle of West Virginia in the cheapest way possible? [more inside]
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How do I repair a rip in oil painting on canvas?

Have an oil painting, self portrait of my old man, there is an L shaped rip around 6x4in flap. What's the best way to repair it?
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Recommend me a RELIABLE ISP in Columbus Ohio?

I'm a professional poker player and internet disconnects cost me money. Each disconnect averages around 5 dollars, but obviously if it disconnects at the wrong time it could cost me thousands. I want a very reliable internet, (I've heard there are some that guarantee 99.x% uptime for business usually) But I think those are super expensive ($1,000/month), so please also give some common ISPS
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To Sleep, Perchance to Not Dream

My husband is frequently cranky/off his feed/out of sorts for hours after awakening either in the AM or after our traditional late afternoon nap (we both work from home, have for the past 10 years) and his response whenever I ask "what's wrong?" is usually "I had bad dreams." When he describes his dream it's not necessarily a nightmare, but for some reason it exhausts him mentally. [more inside]
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Give me some examples of rephrasing a question into a statement

I've heard that men don't like questions. I'm a woman and would like to have better relationships with the men in my life. Give me some examples of ways to rephrase questions into statements, directives or imperatives. [more inside]
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Artist Recommendations for 3rd Annual Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention

A staggering, overwhelming amount of tattoo artists from all over the USA will be attending the 3rd Annual Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention. Is anyone familiar with any of these artists? Can you recommend one that you would recommend for either of the two prospective tattoo ideas I have inside? I also have some questions about tattoo conventions, as someone who has only had work done in shops. [more inside]
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Explain this maddening QuickTime glitch

I have 14 mp4 files, all downloaded from the same FTP site at the same time. 6 of them don't work in QuickTime, 8 of them do. It is not the files themselves, it's something to do with those files PLUS my system. Help me figure out what, please, because I am not that tech-savvy, and because I'm on a deadline. [more inside]
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What are the best tools for transcribing interviews?

I am doing a qualitative dissertation, where I'll be conducting and transcribing about 80 interviews that are each an hour long or so. What tools do I need to make transcription easy? [more inside]
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Women's undergarments

Hi, ladies! Any suggestions for finding a particular undergarment... [more inside]
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Dumb question of the day.

Can I safely pack canned alcoholic cider in checked airplane luggage? [more inside]
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Cool hoods near Auburn?

What funky, Indy neighborhoods are within commuting distance of Auburn, WA? [more inside]
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Help me find a pair of glasses?

I saw a pair of glasses that I liked in "The Social Network" and I'd like to find the frame. Here's a screencap. They're short, rounded on top, and slightly pointed on the bottom. Any ideas?
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Trying to find a website I forgot to bookmark

The website is a collection of images, and one images leads to the next, in an associative way. Like, one composition suggests the next image, like a group of colorful balloons suggests a pile of colorful trash which then suggests a crowd of people, etc., and it seems to go on endlessly.
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Help me wipe out the Alien menace.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown- PC or Console? [more inside]
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Tell me about alternative cat litter

I'm interested in using alternative cat litter, like the pine or wheat-based pellets, but I'd like to know more about them in terms of covering odor, absorbing liquids, and how they spread around. I'd like to use something other than the clay-based material I use now, but I'd like to know what I'm getting into. [more inside]
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Hippie anarchist seeks fun times in Seattle!

To my surprise, I will have one Saturday in Seattle very soon. I will be staying in downtown and reliant on public transportation. [more inside]
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Picture being used for something unpleasant

If you do a Google search on my name, the only image that comes up via image search is an old picture that used to be hosted on my work website. But now it links to an... unsavory website. What is the deal? [more inside]
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Good video camera for recording theater?

My local theater company needs a new video camera for recording performances. It obviously will need to handle a wide variety of lighting situations, and I'm not sure if that means we're looking for a particular brand, model, or feature. It will usually be tripod mounted, so size and weight aren't necessarily an issue. It's a small black box theater, so the need to zoom would be pretty rare. Are there any we should definitely consider, or will pretty much any good quality unit do the trick these days?
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Recommend Italian podcasts for a learner.

I need to improve my comprehension of spoken Italian, and I'm looking for free podcasts in Italian (as opposed to recorded language lessons) which can help me do this. [more inside]
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Can't forgive or forget

I'm involved in a hobby that is very specialized and even in my large city the community is very small and tight knit. Outside of work and family most of my friends are in this hobby. I had a falling out with a "leader" in the community, and I can't seem to get over it. [more inside]
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Update/restore iOS devices using Acer Chromebook running ChrUbuntu?

Long story short- I'm trying to make a go of it with an Acer C7 Chromebook as my main computer. I installed ChrUbuntu, and this is my first foray into the world of Linux. I like it so far, but it does beg the question of what to do with backing-up/restoring my iPhone 4s and iPad (original). Pretty soon I'm going to want to unlock my iPhone so I can switch to a prepaid plan, and I understand you need iTunes for that. Is there a Linux workaround that anyone knows about?
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How add feeds to The Old Reader in firefox?

I'm supposed to use "" in the firefox feed handler, but I'm unclear exactly HOW. I know that replacing the "%s" with the url I'm wanting to add works, but I don't know how to get firefox to replace the '%s' with the current url. Adding it as a bookmark doesn't appear to work. Thoughts?
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Tell me about your peeves

I'm putting together a pitch for a little fictional series-thingy. I need minor "crimes" that occur in public spaces and are not actually against the law, per se, but should be... wrongs that can be avenged in a super-heroic fashion; the pettier the better. [more inside]
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Match day downer

My wife didn't match - now what? [more inside]
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Where should I live: Richmond, VA edition

I may be relocating to Richmond for work soon and have been trying to get a read on where to live in the city. After reading this previously I wanted to see what's changed in the last 6 years. The most important things to me in an apartment are: safety, kitchen space, and quiet. I tend to work long hours and like my apt to be the place that I can finally relax in. Thanks in advance!
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Best Help for College Student with ADD?

College sophomore at very demanding school would like your best advice/tips for handling ADD. [more inside]
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How to apply for a job when your licensure is pending your graduation?

I’ll be graduating in May with a bachelor’s degree in a certain medical paraprofessional field, and will be sitting for my licensing exam in April. The state will recognize me as a licensed paraprofessional upon the date of my graduation. I’d like to start looking for jobs after I sit for my exam, which I am confident I will pass but am unsure how to proceed. [more inside]
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Help me write my sign

There's a stop sign in front of my house, and people don't stop at it. Our neighborhood is working on various ways of solving this problem, and my contribution is to create signs to hang up on my wall right next to the stop sign. Last year in a fit of pique Mr. BlahLaLa made one that said SLOW DOWN, FU**ER! That actually had a big, positive impact, believe it or not, but when the novelty wore off, so did compliance. So, help me create a stack of posters I can use in rotation? [more inside]
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Jesus thinks you should compensate us fairly!

My employer requires me to travel to a meeting 20 miles away once a week. They do not pay gas or mileage for this and as of today, are refusing to compensate for travel time as well. Is this legal? [more inside]
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California Cycling Sonoma and/or Yosemite?

Planning a vacation in California in May and was thinking I would like to do some cycling and see a bit of scenery. Sonoma and Yosemite seem attractive options, but where to stay and hire bikes? How many days should I set aside for this? I could be in the San Francisco area for ten days or so. [more inside]
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Bicycle trying to steer itself - possibly a bike ghost? Are those real?

I feel like my bicycle is having steering issues, but not always, and it's subtle, so I'm not entirely sure what's going on. [more inside]
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Am I right to leave my company in this way?

I am planning on leaving my company in late spring to go to grad school in the fall. Am I employing the ethically right approach here? [more inside]
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Tips for leaving my work on a good note instead of arguing

I've decided to leave my job, and I want to be responsible and wait 1-2 months to give notice so that I don't leave the company stranded. I've always had friction with my manager, which is one of the main reasons I'm leaving. During my last couple of months, I want to get along well with her so that she'll remember me positively, but I find myself blurting out negative things that I'm thinking. How do I stop? [more inside]
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Can you identify this artillery piece I found in the woods?

So, walking with the dog in a local land preserve today, we came across an artillery piece. Placed there sometime, I'm sure, in the last 50 years by the former property owner (who has since donated the land). Can anyone identify this? (No, there hasn't been a major battle anywhere near here, that little skirmish we had with Ohio over Toledo took place 60 miles south of here, and that was in 1836)
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Earplug recommendation needed for concerts. Complication: tiny, tiny ear canal. [more inside]
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Dealing with Dealers

I'm helping a friend liquidate the contents of his mother's apartment, and we have two weeks to do it. I have some antiques dealers coming over who will make offers. I have questions. [more inside]
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Less-evil internet provider in the Cleveland Area?

AT&T and Time Warner are trying to destroy net neutrality. And that's just the beginning. I'd like to vote with my feet (and dollars) - are there any ISPs in Cleveland that aren't evil? [more inside]
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Are there companies that will donate a new/refurb computer TO me?

I work for the Philadelphia chapter of a national nonprofit. We help people with a specific neurological disease. One of these people would like help getting a computer. How can I help facilitate this? [more inside]
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Mouthguard for teeth grinding?

Dentist says I need a mouthguard because I grind my teeth in my sleep. I can't afford the $700 custom one he'll sell me. Can you recommend an over-the-counter alternative? [more inside]
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Recruiters and red flags - what to watch for?

I wish I had asked this question several weeks ago. I've been dealing with several recruiters while job hunting and am wondering what red flags I should watch for, what a good recruiter does, and how best to use recruiters in my jobs search. Lots of recruiters want to talk to me, often want to meet in person. So far this isn't adding up to much in the way of real interviews, though I've had a couple of phone interviews with hiring managers and anticipate scheduling two in-person interviews. [more inside]
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Storytellers, thinkers, and musicians who are worth fully engaging with?

I believe I may suffer from a derth of artistic and intellectual heroes. Help me fix that. What artists and thinkers are worth engaging with fully as an adult? By "engaging with fully," I mean making a concerted effort to consume all of their output, several times, as well as seeking out supplementary information about them by way of interviews, criticism, documentaries, collected letters, biographies, etc. etc. [more inside]
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Cheap Dates

What are some free and/or cheap date ideas? We like being social, being alone, art, music, outdoors, sexy stuff, weird stuff, books, etc. We're fairly adventurous, but also happy being mellow and watching a movie. We're queer and in the SF Bay Area if you have specific suggestions for us and for around here, but more general ideas welcome. [more inside]
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I suck. How do I live with that?

I recently finished a lengthy project. I thought I did really well, and nothing indicated during the process that there was anything wrong. But I just got my review and it was poor. I feel like dying. Basically, when you've really fucked up and got no-one else to blame for it than your own incompetence, how do you shake it off and go on with your life? [more inside]
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My baby is turning 1 in 9 days (!!!) and I need an awesome cupcake recipe for his party. His older brother had banana and (separately) oreo cupcakes for his, but neither of them really wowed me (which could have been the recipes, not the flavors. So give me your best suggestions! [more inside]
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Step 1: Get Website, Step 2: ???, Step 3: Profit

Suppose that I have a website that has frequent traffic. This traffic is consistant and predictable. How do I begin monetizing it by selling ad space? Where would I get in touch with these mythical people who would pay to have their ads displayed on my website? Is it customary to get paid per click or per view? Are there different rates depending on the readership? Educate me, Metafilter!
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Another US health insurance question

How are things looking over the next few years as far as health insurance costs in the US? [more inside]
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I Know It Tastes Awful - I Want What Works

Attention Canadian Mefites: any insight into why I can't get Buckley's anywhere any more in the USA? [more inside]
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Digital Electronics: Keeping a logic level high or low for one minute

I want to use a timer (minimum on time is one minute) to turn on my coffee maker. The ON-OFF button on the coffee machine is a momentary contact push button which is read by a logic board. Can I use the (isolated) relay contacts on my timer to close that push button for one minute, the minimum on-time of my timer? [more inside]
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I want to back up my file names, not my files

I need a utility or a script that will generate a text file containing the names of all the subfolders and files in the the folders I specify. [more inside]
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Sydney reading coffee venue

I've been in Sydney for a while now but still dont have a favorite cafe-hang. Looking for recommendations, preferably but not necessarily in the Surry Hills/Newtown/Inner Westish area, where I could inconspicuously spend the better part of day ploughing through a massive book, with excellent coffee, comfortable seating and minimal distracting muzak.
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Using grep to extract x characters of text after a predictable pattern

I'm trying to work out how to use something like grep or sed or awk (or maybe even some Perl) to extract a string of characters which appears in a predictable place in a series of text files. Help/advice/tutorials very welcome! [more inside]
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What ancient Anatolian alphabet is this?

I found some stone tablets written in a strange alphabet amongst a bunch of graves from different eras at the city museum of Tire, Turkey. The guy working the desk at the museum didn't know what they were. Pictures in extended. [more inside]
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March 14

We was robbed.

My house was robbed while I was at work today. The thieves are long gone, and I've called the police. What's next? [more inside]
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NYC for a Not-Cool-Anymore Dad and His Daughter

Really excited to bring my daughter to NYC for her first time next weekend. I haven't been for a few years and never with one of my kids (she's 15) so this trip poses some new challenges. I want her to have a blast, as I have every time I've been there, so I thought I'd see if anyone had any suggestions. Oh, and we get along great and she's awesome and I love her! [more inside]
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What kind of lawyer do I need?

I have a longstanding income protection claim with an Australian insurance company because I have a chronic health condition that prevents me from working more than sporadically. I would like to orchestrate a pay out instead of filling out monthly forms and doing three-monthly medical checks. [more inside]
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Looking for practical suggestions about adulthood (laundry & furniture)

There are a couple of things that I have problems with: laundry, and getting my home looking furnished and decent. Especially my bedroom. Can you help? [more inside]
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How to graciously break a work contract in twenty million easy steps

My boss wants to renew my work contract for a year. I really like my boss, and my workplace. But. I've been admitted into a prestigious graduate program for the fall, and I know I want to go. Please help me navigate workplace etiquette. [more inside]
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Multiple torrent connections simultaneously go to 0 KB/sec. Why?

I've started DLing torrents from a tracker I was recently introduced to, after only having have some experience with one other tracker that's now gone, and I'm encountering a minor issue that puzzles me. I've noticed that periodically, all my torrents will simultaneously go from whatever speed they've been DLing at to 0 KB/sec, and then all return to their former speed at the same moment as well, after a delay of up to several minutes. What could be the reason for this? [more inside]
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Help me make the most epic cookies ever for my boyfriend!

I've been dating this guy for about 2 months, and he is absolutely wonderful. I want to bake him cookies to show my appreciation for him a) in general, and b) for being especially wonderful during a current shitty time in my life due to family issues. [more inside]
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How can i play HD video without it horribly stuttering?

Any HD video files i try to play stutter horribly on my new computer, and just generally play inconsistently and in a not-smooth fashion. I've tried almost everything... [more inside]
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Looking for a list of relatively large but insignificant US cities

I'm looking for a list of US cities, preferably one per state, that are largely unimportant but have a high population:interestingness ratio - I'm from Illinois, where Peoria or Rockford come to mind. Think cities which are so uninteresting that it's funny.
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How can I treat and preserve stained wood to avoid further damage?

I just bought a farm table that the previous owner had in a NYC apt that got hot and cold with vicious radiator heat. It's got some warping and cracking, but it's still beautiful and I'd like to do everything I can to prevent it from getting further damaged over time. I thought I'd just give it a good coat of linseed oil, but the surface is very lightly stained, and I read elsewhere that linseed oil is meant for naked wood. Any suggestions on how to treat my new baby? Thank you!
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I think we're beIng followed!

Here's one I've had no luck finding: A) in the movies, is there a name for those films they used to project behind actors in a movie car to make it look like they were actually on the road? You know the ones: the slightly out of focus view out the rear window. Maybe a chase scene with the bad guy car in pursuit... Or just plain ol' traffic... B) are any of these background films archived online? Tried Prelinger archives but no luck.
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I don't want to be famous for this bus trip . . .

How to well fast/not get worse/stop making gross noises? Must travel. [more inside]
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Cool and quirky in San Antonio

Moving to Boerne/San Antonio next week. Looking for two things: cool places/shops/places to visit; and web sites. I want to know about the one cemetery that has the coolest old statues, the park that offers the best secret hideouts, the store that has the weirdest hand made tchotchkes. Two particular items of interest: fabric stores (NOT Joann's - I want the cool, local place); and a place to get very nice wood for woodworking, since the hubby likes to make stuff, including guitars. Music stores would also be welcome. I'm an interior designer, and would love an introduction to the "to the trade" stores/warehouses in the area, too. Web sites that will help me get to know the area. Especially as I'm a stay at home mom, and I'd love to meet other parents and find cool places to take my kids. These could be business web sites, organizations, blogs, you name it. For the record, I'm not religious at all and I lean very liberal, so super conservative stuff is definitely not what I'm after. Thanks, mefites!
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News aggregators

My appologies if this has come up before and I missed it. I am looking for a daily news aggretator that presents stories about what has actually happened (recognizing that the writer may not know what really happened) as opposed to news stories about what someone thinks what they think has happened means. E.g. "Justices Say Budget Cuts May Hurt Criminal Justice" (Have budget cuts hurt criminal justice?",) and "immigration reform can happen in 2013", (will it'? How?") or "Physicists believe they have found elusive Higgs boson particle" (well, have they or haven't they?) and "CPAC Debate: How Will GOP Win Elections?" (Have they?) or, "Is Justin Bieber's bizarre behavior a sign of something more?" (what follows if it were?). I.e., I'd like to find out what happened today without being burdened with what people think it means. Is there such an aggregator that you have come across? TIA carping demon
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Easy French or French-English Podcast recommendations?

I'm learning French, and am looking to increase my exposure to spoken French. Among other things, I've been listening to the Coffee Break French series of podcasts, which has been very helpful, but I'd like to add in some podcasts that aren't specifically about learning French -- podcasts that are by native French speakers and made for a French-speaking audience, but which ideally are fairly accessible or at least roughly comprehensible with some effort to someone who has only a patchy knowledge of the language. French news podcasts might be valuable to me, for instance. Bonus features: podcasts that are also broadcast in English, podcasts that are about scientific topics, and podcasts that are about or are produced in francophone Africa. Recommendations?
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Need help living in the here and now.

I have a lot of exciting stuff coming up in the next few years of my life, but before I get there I have to somehow slog through the doldrums of my current life. Help me live in the present. [more inside]
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Online Sex Toys

Simply put, if one goes shopping for such things in traditional shops, it's shocking the markup %. Does the hive have any recommendations for sites with broad variety and competitive pricing?
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No Boys Allowed!

I've got an idea for a community website that is women centric in a very male dominated hobby. I've looked, there really doesn't seem to be a community catering to women in this hobby out there right now, and I'm coming to realize that this really could be a good niche because women involved in the hobby are pretty marginalized. What I could use some advice on is - do I make it woman only, or allow men to participate just promoting to women and keeping some women centric topics? [more inside]
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Cooking my way around India

I want is to be able to start generating a variety of curries with the ingredients I have to hand, and have them be slightly more authentic than the old apple-sultana-coconut-yoghurt-and-contents-of-spice-rack 1970s British curry knockoff. Is there an internet resource somewhere with the Westerner's Introductory Taxonomy of Regional Indian Cooking? [more inside]
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Which LL Bean Men's Pants Are Like Dockers D3?

I've been happily wearing Dockers D3 (classic-style) chinos for years. Unfortunately, I'm having increasing difficulty finding them in my size, 30W29L. LL Bean offers reasonably-priced ones in my size, which is great. My question is which of their fits is similar to D3--what they call Classic or Natural? Thanks in advance.
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miscarriage choices

I went for an eight week ultrasound today and my doctor found that the embryo had stopped growing a week ago. She gave me three options: D&C, RU486 (the abortion pill), or to wait things out naturally. She was against the D&C because she was afraid at this early she might not get all the tissue and also the possibility of scarring. I trust her so I have ruled out the D&C. So that leaves the two other options. Even though it's supposedly very painful, I'm leaning toward the RU486. I just want this over. I'm just wondering if there's anything else I have not considered. Thankfully, I have nothing important going on at work (no meetings etc.) until March 25th. But I do need to go out of town for a meeting in Arizona on the 25th, so that's another reason for wanting to get things over with. Just wondering if there's anything else I should take into consideration when making this choice that I haven't thought of. Thank you.
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Songs about (insert place here)

Looking for songs that express love for a particular place and capture the essence of it. [more inside]
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Specific Housing Search in LA

Moving in a few months within LA and need a place where music practice is tolerated - tips? neighborhoods? [more inside]
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Decode This German Shorthand Mystery Letter From 1939!

This envelope with a letter inside was found inside a large decaying bound edition of Shakespeare auf Deutsch in a junk shop in Bushwick that was only apparently open for a few months before disappearing. The letter, postmarked 15 March, 1939 - was sent to Paris by a Mr. Henri Wolf. The contents of the letter appear to be German shorthand. Included was small piece of what looks like code, there's nothing else on the back.The letter, envelope, postcard, etc in question are at this imgur album. Hivemind: What the hell is this?
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How to improv in a rehearsal of a written scene?

I'm looking for advice and resources on how to use improv to flesh out a written scene. I'm not looking for freestyle improv where you're trying to create a new situation, or general theater games, but a more targeted form of improv, where you already have a scene and characters and backstory and dialog, but you want to get the actors to exercise their imagination and flesh out the relationships rather than just play the dialog that's already on the page. What are some parameters? How involved should an improv scenario be in this situation? Should you tell the actors where to end up? How far do you let it go?
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Where to watch the Six Nations in Vancouver?

Flying out to Vancouver this weekend for work, and it'd be great to find somewhere to watch the final Six Nations rugby matches. Can anyone reccommend a good, friendly place that might be showing them? Staying in Downtown, so somewhere nearish there would be good!
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Hardware outpacing our needs as people?

Is there any interesting work around the idea of hardware outpacing software or our devices becoming kind of "perfected" to almost everybody? Basically, the end of the "spec sheet race".... [more inside]
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Help me find this obscure Bill Murray SNL skit

When I was a kid, Saturday Night Live celebrated its 25th anniversary with a lavish television special. It featured clips from all eras of the show, but there was one particular that just sent me in hysterics every time I even thought of it. A Bill Murray centered sketch that was a satire of both Greek legend and foreign Greek Adventure movies. Bill Murray playing a sadly out of shape Hercules, his voice dubbed over by.. someone. Possibly Murray, I don't know. [more inside]
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What's in your Google Reader/RSS?

Another internet rut question/on the eve of Google Reader's destruction: What's in your RSS? [more inside]
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Good books about idleness / laziness / lack of ambition

The British seem to have a particular talent for this (e.g. Wodehouse and Jeeves, Amis and Lucky Jim), so I'm eager to hear more about British authors, but I'm also open to other suggestions.
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Is it bad to be bossy?

I'm reading Sheryl Sandberg's book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead and very much enjoying it. She talks early on about being called "bossy" as a little kid and how that characteristic has followed her and how she views it as a negative characteristic. I really identified with that as I was also called "bossy" when I was a little girl for doing a lot of the same things that Sandberg was doing as a girl -- organizing games, making up plays, telling other kids what to do. And I'm wondering about the word "bossy" and whether I should avoid it with my own little girl. [more inside]
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iPad app for taking attendance, monitoring member visits

I'm looking for something sleek and simple, that will allow people to check themselves in when they arrive (2 contexts, gym members, and youth in an after school program). [more inside]
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Calendar Editing and Syncing Between Two Mac Users

I'd like to sync a shared event/appointment calendar with a work colleague, which we both can edit (not just view) on our iMac computers, preferably without having to go to an external website to make edits, or paying for an outside service. Details within. [more inside]
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Suggestions for Organized Receipts for Reimbursements (ADD Traveler)

I have attention deficit disorder primarily inattentive, am a professor who travels a decent amount, and have trouble with being organized about submitting my receipts for reimbursement. I believe that it is caused by a combination of basic and deeper-rooted problems, and was wanting to know what you do to be organized about correctly getting reimbursed. This includes systems that you use to ensure that you have everything, where you keep receipts, what specific kinds of filing systems you might use while you're traveling so that nothing is lost, anything electronic (either hardware or an app), or even just the odd things that "just work for you". [more inside]
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Chinese smartphone as good as a Galaxy S2?

Please help me choose a Chinese smartphone! [more inside]
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Guilt over writing bad online reviews or using coupons?

Do you ever feel bad about writing bad online reviews or using coupons? Am I ridiculous for even worrying about it? More below. [more inside]
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What is it like to be a car salesperson?

Facing constant threats of layoffs and boredom at my current job, I have been searching for a new job. I currently work in a "9-5" office job making 30 - 35k per year... [more inside]
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Who is this picture of? (Yes, I know, "Of whom is this picture...")

A friend found this picture in the basement of his apartment building, and it's killing us to try to figure out who it is. A roomful (OK, a barful) of people were convinced that it is "someone", but we can't quite place who. If it weren't for the teeth, I'd almost say it's Andy Griffith, but, you know, perfect teeth. [more inside]
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Help me navigate the world of planning a trip abroad.

I'm going abroad this summer. What advice would you give to someone who hasn't been abroad in a decade? What resources exist for traveling? Specific areas: Sardinia, Italy (mainland), France, possibly London. [more inside]
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Help me CMA.

Recovering Spanx addict and emerging caftan woman needs to look professional at work. Snowstorm inside. [more inside]
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fun group activities in Atlanta

I'm the Fun Czar for a group of software developers, some of whom are in the Atlanta, GA area. I know nothing about Atlanta or fun stuff to do there. Help! I'm especially interested in activities that will be fun and engaging for a group of approximately 20 people, mostly geeks in their 20s and 30s. I'm interested in both little things (bowling and beer?) that can be done in a couple of hours, and bigger things (sporting events? amusement parks? boat rides?) that would take a full afternoon or all day.
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A Children's Book About Adoption

I'm looking for a book meant for small children, probably around age 6, about adoption. The cover pictures a white couple with two adopted (non-caucasian, I think, probably of different races) children. It would have been available at least in 1987-1990 (kind of fuzzy on the year) in New Jersey or thereabouts, USA. It was an English language book. [more inside]
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I Want My Pills!

I've been taking ADD meds for years with the same psychiatrist, but lost my insurance last summer and had to stop taking them. Now I have insurance again and scheduled an appointment with my doctor today, but I'm worried he'll say that I'm doing just fine without the pills. However, I'm also afraid of looking too desperate if I tell him how much I want them! Can I tell him everything without sounding like I'm a junkie? Details follow. [more inside]
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Repeat after me: glass, metal, paper, plastic

How can I get the people around me to be more conscientious about recycling? [more inside]
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I can't do basic math, but my competence is in other things...Help?

We want to assess a list of vendors in two domains: Accessibility and Cost. We have two tools that we are using to essentially score them in each of these domains separately. The Accessibility assessment tool totals 110 points; the Cost tool totals 90 points. We want a final score for each vendor that combines the domains and is out of 100. We want the Accessibility score to "count" about 20% more than the Cost score in the final because it is more important to us. How do we do this? [more inside]
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The Boy Who Read Too Much

Childhood Books: When I was a kid, I had a short illustrated book about The Boy Who Read Too Much or The Boy Who Didn't Like Television or something. It was about a boy who only wanted to read, but his parents wanted him to watch TV. Tongue in cheek, obviously--I seem to remember it being illustrated in a sort of Roz Chast-y style. Does this ring a bell for anyone? [more inside]
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Should I Keep Working Toward My Masters in Social Work? Now or Later?

In a nutshell: I'm almost 38 years old, happily married, and am currently raising 3 kids (the youngest is 9). I work full-time at a job that I love – and that loves me back - but which doesn't pay particularly well. My husband's income compensates for that. We are decidedly middle class with some debts, low savings, and a mortgage. I have a (Canadian) college diploma in social services that's a little over 2 years old at this point. I am trying to decide whether to further my education - and whether to do it now or later. [more inside]
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Help me Access my SQL!

Ok, I have an application that is using a back end of MS Access...I have another application that needs to get some of the data in the Access db but it is only SQL compatible. do I set up an ODBC connection that will pull data from the Access db and write it out to a SQL db? This data needs to be updated hourly... Thanks for your assistance!
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Day in The Life of a professor or research scientist

I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on the daily experience of a university researcher in either psychology or the basic sciences as well as a meta-review of the job as a whole. [more inside]
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ghost skype? malware?

A few minutes ago, my macbook pro (OSX 10.6.8) played what I think was the Skype incoming call chime. I didn't think Skype was running, and as I was Cmd-Tabbing through applications to see if I'd accidentally left Skype turned on, the webcam light briefly flashed. Skype wasn't running, but I double-checked by starting Activity Monitor, and didn't see any processes with Skype in the name. I'm not totally sure it was the skype chime, because I don't use skype often. I do have google chat running in gmail with video chat enabled, but there were no visible notifications in the gmail window. I suppose it could've been a deceptive flash ad in a browser tab, but it's the webcam light that creeps me out. Any ideas what might have happened? Should I find a malware scanner? Is that even a thing? The last ask.metafilter match for "osx malware" is almost 2 years old.
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How to become friends with my ex while I'm still working out my feelings

How do I stay in loose, friendly, honest contact with my ex (from a short relationship) to build a friendship while I still have some residual feelings for him? I know we are only friends now, and I want to respect my boundaries and also his. There's no chance we'll see each other in person for a long time, so this is all about communication and not about sex. [more inside]
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How to control my moods, thoughts, anxiety through logic

You feel a strong emotion/think anxious thoughts. You know that logically that this is an exhausting, time-wasting, and wrong way to feel and think. How do you get yourself to stop feeling this emotion, or stop having those anxious thoughts? How do you get yourself to believe your logic and change your feelings, thoughts and moods? [more inside]
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What is the "it" certification in IT right now?

My SO has a degree in IT and Computing but he has not been working for 2.5 years (combination of travel, language studying, and personal things). He has recently started job hunting but feels he is lacking in the certification department. Most jobs near us seem to want Oracle certification. Is it worth doing an Oracle course? Or is there something else (perhaps something up-and-coming) that he should look into? With a gap on his CV he is worried he is unemployable. [more inside]
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Songs by a world-weary cowboy/girl required...

I have recently discovered that I really love the kind of music that is heartfelt, lyrically strong, with a wistful and melancholic vibe. The type that conjures up images of a world-weary cowgirl/boy (cowperson?) passing on words of wisdom as the sun sets in the distance... and I am looking for more! [more inside]
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If nothing else it feels good...

There is a steam room at my gym and I am considering putting it to use. Please tell me as much as you can because I have no fregging clue what I am supposed to be using it for or what I am supposed to do while I steam. [more inside]
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Should I stay or should I go - now

Help me with this please. I have a very comfortable job in a large company as the senior software developer leading a small team of developers. I have almost 20 years’ experience as a developer, architect, analyst company director, and have a pretty good commercial brain too. I don’t *necessarily* want to be a software developer – my passion is problem solving and architecture. I accepted this job four years ago so I could finish college, and I have one unit left, 10 weeks and I have a master’s degree. I love the environment, my colleagues, and though the work isn’t challenging in any way, but it’s an industry I'm passionate about. tldr; Should I quit? I want to quit. How can I channel my anger over this poorly implemented organizational change? [more inside]
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Living with contradiction

What are the mental processes that allow someone to stay in a voluntary affiliation with an organization which has one or more official beliefs that are diametrically opposed to their personal beliefs and feel good about that choice? [more inside]
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And now, a question about undergarments . . .

For the life of me, I cannot seem to locate a simple no-lace, no-frills silky camisole or chemise to wear under my work clothes, either in stores or online. [more inside]
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My guy friend keeps mentioning the girl I was dumped for... what to do?

A few months ago I was suddenly and harshly dumped for an acquaintance. One of my guy friends still has a crush on this acquaintance and keeps mentioning her to me. How to prevent this from happening again? [more inside]
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Sewists of MetaFilter: can I recreate this dress on my own?

I saw this dress on Pinterest and fell in love. I don't want to buy it--I'm trying to get away from buying new clothes entirely. I have extremely basic sewing skills (curtains, sunglasses cases, skirts) and I'm tempted to try to make this dress on my own. [more inside]
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Writing class in LA - NOT looking to be next big screen writer

I'm looking for something in Los Angeles that is similar to the Loft in Minneapolis - writing classes for all abilities and ambitions. I am not looking to write the next Pulp Fiction, only to have fun and actually write. I've found one potential place so far - this is a big city!! I must be missing something... right? [more inside]
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March 13

Need help moving from Kalamazoo, MI to Minneapolis, MN. Advice

I recently got a job that pays well with Medtronic (contract first, good signs for the future). I'll be paid handsomely and I need to start work on April 1st 2013 (or sooner). I have an apartment in Kalamazoo, MI until 5/01/2013. This is a 10 hour drive move, I have slightly less than 2.5 weeks to make it happen. What's the recommended way to do this, some combination of measuring, U-haul, gas cost, driving out there to check places out, figuring what to take, getting rid of the other stuff.... All that. I'm thinking (based on Ask.Mefi post searches, along with friends and family, as of now). Input? [more inside]
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Should I list my personal contact info for business?

I don't want overwhelming SPAM I am a private person but I know how much my clients like me and how much I like my job. But being a full-time student I don't have much time, so should I list my personal contact info for business? Would you put your email and number on social media to advertise. I have never put personal info on the web, I am very busy and don’t want any further spam. Do you think this is worth the risk?
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I'm not the smartest guy in the room, how do I accept that?

How do I get over my obsession with intelligence, and embrace what I have now? [more inside]
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life across the lake

Am I committing social suicide by considering a move to Crown Point/Ticonderoga/Essex County New York? [more inside]
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On Android, is there a way in any of the available browsers to turn off honoring <meta name = "viewport" content = "initial-scale = x.x, user-scalable = no">? I'm sick of designers that don't want me to zoom in on their preciously designed mobile site.
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To shake or not to shake?

I have a job fair sort of thing coming up tomorrow. I've been advised both that I should and should not shake hands with the interviewers. Help? [more inside]
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Trans-friendly therapist in Melbourne AU?

(Australian) Melbournian mefites - can any of you recommend a trans-friendly therapist? [more inside]
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"co-LOME-bee-uh" versus "CALL-um-bee-uh"

Why does the U.S. media pronunce certain non-English names with a native accent, while other names are "Americanized" in their pronunciation? [more inside]
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Kraken Rum Glasses

I stumbled on this recipe, and while I don't really need to know how to make a Kraken and Kola, I DO need to own the glasses it is shown in.
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Speeding up the marriage timeline, need advice

We want to get married, but need to do it much quicker than expected for visa/insurance reasons. How to handle it (snowflakes within)? [more inside]
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Can grow lights cause eye damage?

I have a nice 4' long fluorescent grow light set up in my study. I am busy starting up plants for spring and it is on 14 hours a day. The light is working perfectly and seedlings are growing beautifully, but I am wondering about any possible damage it might do to my eyes, as I spend many hours a day in the office working. The hood that came with the light is very narrow so a lot of light reflects up into the room, though I am not looking directly into it, the reflected light is always visible out of the corner of my eye. Should I be worried about it? My main concern is exposing my eyes and skin to UV light and damage, but could there be other things I should be worried about too. Can I fix the hood by say sticking some foil on it so less light bounces up into the room and is directed downwards? Or should I just move it to another room? I have no other heated rooms in my house at the moment it could go in so I worry about the seedlings Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
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How can I be a better communicator?

I'm about to enter a second-degree program, and I expect that my small cohort group and I are going to be very different people. I'd like to bridge the gap, but I worry that my weird, assertive, and outspoken tendencies are going to alienate me. Help. [more inside]
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Help me improve my first impression on people

I caught up with a good pal and sometime boss last night and I learned something new and interesting. She said on first meeting I can come off as distant, focused on the job and not in a warm way. Looking for tips on how to change this. [more inside]
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I'll just start sleeping with my shotgun then...

Boyfriend wants to help lifelong thief friend without becoming a victim. [more inside]
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Introduction to choreography book

I'm looking for a good, introductory level book on choreography. I've taken several dance classes informally but have never formally studied dance or any performance art at the post secondary level so something aimed at a popular audience or 100-level textbook would be ideal. Any recommendations, hivemind?
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Which 19th century celebrities were bastards?

Were there any famous writers, politicians, public figures etc in the 19th century who were both extremely popular and also known to be born out of wedlock? (And by "famous" I mean for talent or achievement, rather than say, axe-murder.) I'm curious about the public's relationship with celebrity vs class hierarchies in the mid to late 1800's.
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For the love of god, help me root my (not-so) Incredible

I'm failing miserable at rooting my Incredible. I'm very, very new to the whole rooting concept, but the low storage space detailed here is unacceptable, and I can't afford a bigger SD card or new phone. Help? [more inside]
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This is A Real Headache.

Migraines are ruining my day. I can't see a neurologist for three months. What can I do in the meantime? [more inside]
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He keeps hanging out with me as friends but is in an open relationship.

I like a PhD student at university, who sat next to me a couple months ago in a cafe on campus and started talking to me. He is in an open relationship, so although he is free to be with girls, I told him I don't want to hook up with him. He said he still wants to be friends, but has been texting me everyday since. I enjoy his company, and want to be his friend but I don't know if this amount of communication is wrong for his 'girlfriend', and if he is interested in me. [more inside]
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How can you NOT plan ahead?

My husband is driving me up the wall. He has always shown a reluctance to make a plan for anything, but I love planning stuff (trips, etc) so it's never come to be a huge issue. Except for now. [more inside]
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Help my daughter not become me

My daughter is twelve, and she keeps falling behind in school, despite the school giving her tools that should keep her on-track. I think the problem is that she's just like me. My wife had great study habits, so she can't identify with our daughter's struggle. I can empathize, but my teachers, parents, and self couldn't break me, so I don't have any solutions to apply. [more inside]
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What can I do with a tape of John Walker Lindh's hip hop beats?

In the mid-1990s, a now-infamous guy on the international stage personally mailed me some original compositions he'd made. What can I do with them now? (Details to follow.) [more inside]
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Give me your baby led weaning stories!

Please share your experiences with baby led weaning. [more inside]
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Recommended replacements for Google Reader?

Google Reader is being retired in a few months. What web services (or conceivably software) would you recommend as a replacement?
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Interesting Periodicals, Sites for Mental Health Professionals

Clinical social workers, mental health counselors, and other mental health professionals: can you tell me of blogs, magazines, or other resources that help you keep abreast of the field in an interesting way? [more inside]
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Greek Translation: "Solidarity with Greek Workers"

How would you write "Solidarity with Greek Workers" in modern idiomatic greek? For context: this is for a left-wing march banner.
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Who is the author of these mp3s, and when were they made?

I'm trying to find some information on the creator of these chippy mashups, and when they were first released. [more inside]
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Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts!

What do women wear under workout shorts? [more inside]
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I am an American traveling in Spain and have to go to the ER. What do I need to know? [more inside]
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ThinkPad Edge or faster cheap laptop?

Is the quality of the ThinkPad Edge worth the performance hit? Critique my nearly-made laptop purchasing choice! [more inside]
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Unsure of the procedure to obtain copyright permissions in this scenario

Okay, so I've composed a bunch of music to go with selections from a book of short stories, and things are coming together and I've started to perform & record them. They're mostly 1-2 minutes and the idea is that I'd record myself reading them along with the music; think of something along he lines of Ken Nordine's work. Anyways, it's just something I've been doing for fun, creativity for the sake of creativity and all that. But as it's finally coming together, I have an urge, naturally, to share it with people, at which point legal considerations arise. [more inside]
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A comfy chair in a warm, dark room.

What strategies can I use to stay awake during academic seminars? I want to hear what they’re saying, and I don't want to be that lady who always shows up to take a nap. [more inside]
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Best uses for celebrity voicemail prompts?

Sometimes a celebrity or another well-known voice will offer to record a voice-mail greeting message as a prize or reward (e.g. "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" or the Veronica Mars Kickstarter). How have people used this kind of prize to best effect? [more inside]
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iPad apps with Pinterest-like "grid of things" interface

I'd like to find some examples of apps which use a "card" interface, with each card being a piece of information. Purpose: design inspiration. [more inside]
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Newbie-friendly South SF Bay area tattoo shop recommendations?

OK, so I've been mulling over the notion of getting a tattoo for nearly a decade now, and as of this week I'm finally sure of the design I want. I live in the South San Francisco Bay Area (San Jose/Santa Clara) and am finding myself a bit overwhelmed by all the Yelp reviews, etc., of local tattoo parlors. Specific shop recommendations and/or tips on identifying the most newbie-friendly establishment would be greatly appreciated. [more inside]
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Attribute trouble when instantiating a class in Python 2.7

I'm having maddening problems creating objects in Python. Details inside [more inside]
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Does anyone else *HATE* the dentist??

I have impeccable dental hygiene, and yet my gums insist on making good on their mutual suicide pact. This results in epically difficult, frequent, and expensive trips to the dentist. I'm looking for advice from any mefites who have dealt with similar issues. [more inside]
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Why did my friend downgrade me?

Friendship-filter: why did my friend declare that I'm not one of his best friends anymore? [more inside]
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Movin' on up - How can I quickly raise my credit score?

I am currently unemployed, but am receiving unemployment and some temp jobs here and there and have a very good balance of budgeting vs. spending. I have a checking and saving account, 2 credit cards, plus 2 retail credit cards that I pay off the balance of each month. 1. What can I do to quickly increase my 654, 666, 670 scores to the 700's? 2. Does being unemployed affect my credit score? 3. Will acquiring a car loan now affect my credit score?
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Why does daringfireball show a "white flash" between pages?

I've noticed that when I click around the popular Daring Fireball site, there's a brief whitescreen flash in between pages... i.e., the entire browser window turns white for just a moment before the next page loads. Anyone know why? [more inside]
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Help me calm anxiety about travel to China.

I am travelling to China from Canada in the near future. I have hundreds of questions and concerns but mostly just need reassurance that I'm not forgetting anything. Bonus, what should I do for carry-on? [more inside]
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Where are the outlets???

Company wants to group skype, and everything is working great Except the main conference room, which is about 8x bigger than the others. [more inside]
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Etruscan resources

I'm learning that many of the customs and traditions that I think of as Roman actually originated from the Etruscans instead. Can anyone recommend some good books, videos, or websites about ancient Etruscan culture and history?
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Google Maps alternative (using standard KML import) that's ad-free?

I need a non-Google Maps alternative, due to limitations in how Google displays My Maps. is very flexible, but it has two issues: its display doesn't seem to work for mobile users, and it displays small ads (and has suspended its former policy of letting a map creator pay to remove ads). Other options? [more inside]
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Best way to sell tennis tickets close to event date?

I have 4 courtside tickets to the finals (Sunday) at BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, California, near Palm Springs. The tickets have not sold on Stubhub or its competitors despite competitive pricing. What are my options to sell, as we get closer to the event date? I will be on location. I've listed on Palm Springs Craigslist, but how else can I make sure I sell them at a fair price without a big hassle? [more inside]
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