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February 28

How to get an article of clothing copied

I have a merino cardigan (sewn from very fine merino knit cloth). Actually I have had four of these cardigans, this is the last one and it's wearing out. The original company doesn't make them anymore. I LOVE this piece of clothing and I have worn it to death 3.95 times over the last seven years. I don't know how to replace it. [more inside]
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In love with best friend for about a year but he's taken. Now what?

About a year ago I realised I loved a close friend of about a decade. Now what? [more inside]
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Was that rotation in 1793 or 1794, rabbit?

In Ezra Pounds' Canto LXII, there is a minor chronological error, has it been noted before concerning Pounds work? [more inside]
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Canon Vixia HF G20 mts file format and Mac

I used to use Canon Vixia HF M500 and upgraded to Canon HF G20. The video format is .mts. They open in VLC player and have interlacing lines through them. Why is the quality so bad? The M500 shoots in MPEG4 HD straight from the camera and had high quality large files. Can the G20 shoot in MPEG4 format? If not, what is the best setting to use when shooting? What is the best way to convert them on a Mac quickly while maintaining quality to upload? [more inside]
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A question for only children with elderly/aging parents

As my question might imply, I'm an only child and I'm a little concerned as to how I'll be taking care of my parents in their old age. While they're not frail and elderly, they are in their 50s with various health issues and they're certainly not going to be getting any younger. I'm thinking a lot about my future lately and a large part of that includes this. Most people I know share that responsibility with their siblings, which I assume does make it a little easier (but I know that's not always the case). Right now I live with them but that won't always be the case obviously. Plus, I've got a lot of emotional/mental health struggles of my own so I'm concerned that I might get overwhelmed with the added responsibility. Extended family members won't be a resource either because of a number of issues. I know this might be a little early for me to be thinking about this, but I want to be prepared. [more inside]
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Best resources for learning CAD wrt 3D printing

I'd like to take a stab at learning how to make a 3-D printed item from the ground up. [more inside]
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Gas oven control panel fried?

Is the control panel on my gas oven really completely fried after switching the breaker on and off? How can I prevent this in the future? [more inside]
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Why is such a big deal made when an artist has to "give up their master recordings to the record label"? Can't the artist just record his/her song again? as many times as they want?
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Google Groups user selective post views

Can a Google Groups user (Member) select to view only posts from a Owner/Manager? We are trialing use of Google Groups as an e-mail discussion forum, but would like an option for users to opt out of receiving e-mails from anyone other than an Owner or Manager if they don't want to participate. Does anyone know if this is possible and what the settings should be? I can only view the group as an Owner so I don't know what a Member would see as their options.
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LibreOffice Calc Conditional Date Magic

Wondering if some conditional work with dates, working across multiple sheets, is possible in LibreOffice Calc. [more inside]
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How not to get on your supervisor's bad side

I have a new job I really don't want to mess up. But I'm in an atypical situation and I lack office interpersonal skills. Already my supervisor, we're both women, is growing wary of me. Help me with your brilliant advice. Wall of hardened snowflakes requiring blowtorch inside... [more inside]
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Help Me Find Good Backpacking Backpacks

The two of us are interested in getting into backpacking, and are each looking to purchase a nice backpack. Help us find a good one! [more inside]
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Jobsearch Process

I'm looking for a new job online and, after some research, I've developed a little process to do so (high-level detail inside). I'm not getting the greatest amount of hits (~5 suitable jobs per week), so I'm just looking for some feedback on my process, just to see if there's any gaping holes, or useful tweaks I could make. [more inside]
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How can I keep these images with their URLs?

I need to save a bunch of images. I also need to save their URLs. How? [more inside]
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Show me more sconces like this one

I like this sconce (with the plain white shade) from Schoolhouse Electric but am wondering if there might be others available that are more affordable and/or that I might like even more. [more inside]
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Stranger rang my doorbell, asked me to call a cab, and left bag on porch

I am female and at home alone right now. A guy I don't know rang my doorbell and asked me to call him a cab. He was dressed somewhat appropriately for winter but looked very cold. I was a little nervous but felt sorry for him--but being alone, I said okay and did not let him into the house. I called him a cab, explained the situation to the dispatcher, and they said they would send over the cab right away. I saw a cab pull away a little while later--same company I called--but it was too dark to tell if the guy was in there. I looked through the front door and saw the guy was gone but that he'd left a plastic bag full of stuff. I can't tell what any of it is aside from a smoking cessation package. Question/s: Should I just pitch it? Is it safe? Should I have not called the cab? I feel like I'm being scammed or the victim of some trick, but I don't know what.
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Find my next OTP

So I super enjoy a good romance, and I guess that despite my desire to be cool and edgy I have pretty conventional tastes (I have literally only ever liked canon pairings): strong female characters, action/danger, and tension. Can you point me toward my next favorite fictional couple? [more inside]
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What is the best back end approach for a my e-bay polling web service?

Is running regular wget cron jobs every few minutes the best way to automate scanning the ebay api for batches of searches? [more inside]
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decorating pro tips!

What are the little decorating tricks, tips, techniques, and secrets that take a space from looking fine and functioning decently to being all-around awesome? [more inside]
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How do I make winter pedicures work?

Okay, I feel a bit goofy asking this question...but here goes! I just got back from my trusty nail salon. For the second time this winter, the nail polish on my toes was completely destroyed on the brief 10-minute walk home from the salon. Any advice on keeping polish looking nice when open-toed shoes aren't seasonally appropriate? [more inside]
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State of Indiana - Tenant Rights/ Rental Laws on sudden increases?

Apartment complex gave me 3 days notice of either immediate lease renewal with rent increase or a fee for staying month to month. Obviously, details behind cut. Yes yes, I know, you are not my lawyer. [more inside]
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Help me get back up again after rejection

Hello everyone. I am back to my favorite advice site for help on this relationship rut I am in; specifically the lack of ever having one. [more inside]
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Recommended Books on Financial Planning?

My wife and I are looking for a good book to help us make some better financial plans. We had our first child in the past year and my wife will finish graduate school and start a job in a few months. Accordingly, we'd like to redo our financial plans, and we'd like a book to help guide us. [more inside]
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Computer and iPad Game Suggestions for Dad

My dad enjoys playing computer games but is getting a little tired of Civilization V after thousands of hours of playing it. I am trying to help him find other games that he might enjoy; more information on what he likes and doesn't like is contained within. Also, due to neck-related pain, it is sometimes more convenient for him to use his iPad than his desktop computer. I know almost nothing about iOS games, so we would be happy to hear suggestions for those as well. [more inside]
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Recommendations for a bone marrow transplant hospital?

A family member has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and their doctor has advised they pursue a bone marrow transplant. The doctor is able to arrange this through a regional hospital but I was asked to help research other possible hospitals where they could have this done. Do you have any specific recommendations for hospitals or facilities that do a large number of these or are uniquely qualified/specialized? Patient is based in the northeast US, please assume no insurance/cost/travel barriers at this point.
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Help me mentor a budding product manager

What are good educational resources for a college undergraduate interested in a career path that involves product management in the technology sector? [more inside]
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Isolating myself as a reaction to work stress

I have a problem with work stress. It causes me to isolate myself and not want to go out and meet people and do fun stuff. I'd like to get some input as to how I can overcome this negative pattern. [more inside]
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Need an eye doctor in Manhattan/Brooklyn who deals with post-LASIK

I need the best eye doctor in Manhattan/Brooklyn for help with multiple post-LASIK complications. [more inside]
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ASP.NET Web Forms: This all feels wrong to me!

I am taking a class in ASP.NET web forms to make web sites after learning how to make web sites using front end tools with MVC for server stuff. Everything I'm doing seems at odds with what I've learned in the past. I'd like to know how web forms are used by professionals doing actual work. [more inside]
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The cotton boyshort underwear that changed your life

I'm contemplating ditching my current high-volume, low-cost approach to undergarment-buying (e.g., these Hanes cheapies, which stretch out after 6 months) for a low-volume, high-quality strategy. Are there durable stretch cotton boyshorts out there that wear like iron and are worth splurging on? [more inside]
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Accountants of Metafilter, please help me not go crazy.

No, nothing to do with taxes. I am a night auditor now, and the job is seriously activating my analytical streak. I'm pretty good at figuring out how things interact in our system and why they do what they do, but there is a vale I cannot penetrate, though there be wonders beyond it: what the $#&*# is a System Suspense Account? [more inside]
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Setting a budget when no longer employed and living off capital

I have the equivalent of 18 months' salary in hand and am planning to live on it as long as I can whilst pursuing my writing plans. How can I best manage my spending? [more inside]
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Tooth bottle?

In Code of the Woosters (PG Wodehouse), reference is made to a "tooth bottle," apparently containing liquor. Anyone have any idea what a "tooth bottle" might be?
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February 27

What book was it?

Bookfilter: I'm trying to locate a book I read as a child in the late 70's/early 80's. It was a (or in the style of) a Victorian melodrama, but written in a dry, humorous style. There were a few Tenniel-like illustrations here and there but it was mostly text. The little I remember is below the fold... [more inside]
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Tech friendly cities?

What are some cities / metro areas in the U.S. with a fair amount of software and tech companies besides the Bay Area, Seattle, and NYC? I'm looking more for lesser known hubs or places where there is a growing presence, cities that I may have not considered. Where are the jobs in 2015 and where will they be in ten years? [more inside]
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Program to limit access to website and time spent there?

Looking for parental controls for to set daily timers for specific websites. [more inside]
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NY Bar Application Help

I’m looking for someone -- or some service -- to help me prepare my application to be admitted to the New York State Bar. (I’ve already passed the bar exam itself.) I don’t have blemishes, so-to-speak, that need to be explained, but my pre-law work history is complicated, and I lived in a million different places before law school but during the applicable period -- and I'm very busy right now -- so I'd like someone to help me carefully and precisely put the application together. [more inside]
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New ipad recommendations.

I'm thinking of splurging on a new iPad...Which one? [more inside]
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How can my father regain his mobility?

My father, 57 years old, recently had C3 C4 spinal surgery to correct spinal stenosis. As I understand it, there was a narrowing of his spinal cord which prevented spinal fluid and motorneurons from moving freely so before the surgery, he was experiencing loss of feeling in his hand, had an uneven gate, began to have trouble moving his legs and fingers, especially after periods of rest. He was told that some patients regain almost all of their previous ability, but that most experience an end to the decline and regain some percentage of their prior ability. [more inside]
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Trip cancellation etiquette amongst friends

What's the commonly acceptable etiquette on reimbursing someone when you back out of a trip? [more inside]
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Help me with a noob Excel Power View thing?

I've recently discovered Excel's Power View plugin and I'm naive enough to think it can solve a problem I have. I've watched this pie chart video (about halfway down). I can't make it do the 'partially shaded slices' thing in the video at 3:23. Help? [more inside]
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No, really, I like writing...

Even after my anxiety has decreased significantly, creative activity of any kind still makes me extremely anxious. These things used to be very interesting and fulfilling, and now I can't even think about them on a regular basis without worrying excessively. How can I get rid of this? [more inside]
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Help me find more like this Gaelic vocal from Calvary

I watched the film Calvary recently (highly recommended, by the way) and I've fallen head over heels in love with the Gaelic vocal from the track from the (Patrick Cassidy) score "Say Your Prayers". Where can I find more stuff like this? [more inside]
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do work ultimatums work?

I'm not bothered by my company reading my emails, looking at my browser history (mostly), or monitoring my phone calls. I just cannot stand their slowness in implementing the CRM they promise. My job is very secure because I have a technical writing skill the group lacks and would be very expensive to replace. Do ultimatums work? [more inside]
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Step mom angst

I feel like the worst stepmom in the world. I feel like I'm disengaging from my stepson... [more inside]
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What to do with the C: drive on new workstation PC when first got it?

I just lost my trusty laptop and decided to go for a professional level HP workstation for both my freelance video work and personal use. The computer will come with a 1TB drive, and I wonder what should I do to keep it efficient and healthy. I used to split a 500GB drive into 2 and have OS and program folders on C: and then the rest of my files on the second partition. Is it still practical thing to do with a now TB size drive nowadays? Or anything you would do instead? Or even things besides hard drive, please share with me, thanks! lan [more inside]
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Is my desire for red lipstick insane?

I'm in my late 40s and almost never wear makeup. Yet for the last month I've been obsessing over trying a bright red lipstick. (This happened when I saw another mom at my kid's school, dressed in totally casual clothes, casual hair, yet absolutely ROCKING a bright red mouth.) How to accomplish this without looking like a fool and/or spending a fortune? [more inside]
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How to protect my information prior returning laptop that won't boot up

So After very minimal use, my recently bought laptop now won't even power up. When I press power button, nothing happens. It's a Asus x205-ta if that matters. I made arrangement to return it to Amazon. Before I ship the laptop back, what could I do to protect things like my passwords, etc that are presumably still in there? [more inside]
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Movies about fanatics

What are some more movies about lives being consumed by objects or crafts? [more inside]
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What are some great Grindhouse flicks I should look up?

One of my chief pleasures in life is finding 70s-era exploitation and grind house flicks in full on Youtube. Help me find more! [more inside]
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The Search for Spock's Car

Where is Mr Spock's 1964 Buick Riviera? [more inside]
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I'l learning to sew. I want to find COOL patterns for beginners.

Hi guys, Where can I find cool sewing patterns? Beginner, and I don't want to look like your grandma. [more inside]
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What's up with these metal baseboards?

We just bought a new house that was custom-built in the 50s and has some unusual features. Many of the walls have metal baseboards. They're 5.25 inches tall, and you can remove them by unscrewing them, revealing a metal panel the same size as the baseboard, which also comes off, showing the inside of the wall. What is the purpose of these baseboards? Pics inside! [more inside]
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Looking for a blogging platform that handles equations and code

My friend and I are starting an academic blog. We will be posting equations and code snippets (mostly MATLAB), and are looking for a blogging platform that will allow us to enter them easily and display them nicely. Do you have any suggestions on what we should use?
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virtue / vice of kindle for 8 year old

I am considering buying my bookworm 7 year old girl a kindle for her 8th birthday. If any other mefites have done this or considered it I'd like to hear your opinions on it. [more inside]
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How can mom pay her taxes?

My Mom. Medicaid. A Miller Trust. And taxes owed. How can I make this happen? [more inside]
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Best Personal Blog Design, 2015 Edition

I'm redesigning my food blog, and am looking for inspiration! I read a lot of food blogs but almost all of them have verrrry similar setups: 2 columns, header, menu across the top, a variety of ads and widgets in one sidebar, yawn. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, but I also think that there is a lot more that could be done with the genre. Inspire me! [more inside]
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Does this taco look especially good to anyone else?

I usually eat tacos on soft corn tortillas or flat corn tostadas. There is this McCormick commercial that always makes me crave taco shells. So I get some Old El Paso shells but it doesn't look like the kind in the commercial. In the commercial the shell looks thinner and bigger and crisper/crispier. Is it just the angle or is this a special made? Where can I get some like that? Please help this taco shell is haunting me. Can I recreate it at home?
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Historical fiction to read my 7-year-old girl?

Hi, my daughter seems to really like two things in the books I read her: (1) a historical setting and (2) a main character who is a girl. She loved Laura Ingalls Wilder, Caddie Woodlawn, Sarah Plain and Tall, and even one of those American Girl doll books. Can you recommend other books to read her? I was thinking of Anne of Green Gables, but I have no other ideas and I'm not sure if she is the right age.
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How do I manage inappropriate colleagues?

I work in mental health crisis on a small team in a tight space. We recently lost 2 colleagues and hired a new one. We did a team interview and he frequently called women "girls" and would laugh to himself when no one else laughed. I expressed my concerns, but he was hired regardless. He started 6 months ago and is still unable to do his job without ongoing guidance. [more inside]
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Ever gotten your teeth cleaned... on drugs?

I desperately, desperately needed to go to the dentist, and when I went this morning I was scheduled for 1) a deep cleaning and 2) 5 cavity fillings. For the cleaning I'm told I can get a topical anesthetic and have it done in one appointment, or get an injection and have it done in two. I'd like to limit it to one appointment, as I'm already on the hook for two more for the cavities, so I was thinking: would it be a terrible idea to take a random painkiller (say, a norco or an oxy) that I have lying around before I go? I'm usually a tough guy about stuff like this, but after several years without going to the dentist, just the regular cleaning hurt like hell.
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Dating someone with mental illness

I recently started seeing someone that disclosed that he has a serious mental illness that needs a lot of medication to keep somewhat under control. I got freaked out and after giving it a few weeks of thought, broke it off. Did I over react? [more inside]
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trail mix/energy food for someone with nut allergies

I recently developed pretty severe allergies to most nuts. Trail mix used to be a huge part of my life even just snacking thru the day but especially while hiking/camping/climbing. I need alternatives that still give me that trail mix boost, and preferably still with a mix of salty/sweet taste and similar texture. Or even just OTHER snacking ideas entirely (that aren't just Clif Bars). More dietary info/restrictions/preferences below the cut. [more inside]
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The best books on providing exceptional customer / client service

Please recommend great books about exceptional customer service / client service. In my business (staffing), we must provide great service to both clients and to candidates. I have a new recruiter who is new to the industry and doing great. I want our branch focus this year to be differentiating ourselves from our competitors by being phenomenal with both groups that we work with. [more inside]
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How to catalog my personal library? And do I really have to use Zotero?

What's the best way and least time consuming way to catalog my gazillions of books? And is Zotero really the greatest thing since sliced bread? [more inside]
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Can we eat it: fried chicken left in the oven overnight

Can we eat the leftover fried chicken that was accidentally left in the oven overnight? [more inside]
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Newer domain extensions - what's best for a personal page?

What's the current thinking around using the newer domain extensions (.me, .info, etc.) for a personal home page? [more inside]
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How to celebrate a good friend, in writing

My mom asked me to help her write a nice celebratory message to her friend who is turning 60 years today. I have about 2 hours to do this. HELP! [more inside]
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LatinFilter: help me modify this latin… phrase?

The text on at 19th century English shilling includes the text "GEORGIUS III • DEI GRATIA" What would the translation be if, instead of "the grace of God" I wanted it to say, "the grace of The Swan?" [more inside]
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This thread is the BIGGEST PICKLE I've ever been in.

I love cult movies about dumb teenage boys having adventures, possibly in the 1950s/1960s and possibly in a 1980s/1990s production. Like Stand by Me, The Sandlot, and The Outsiders, or Lost Boys and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. What other movies would I love? [more inside]
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Second-hand MacBook Pro - what to look for, 2015 edition

I'm biting the bullet and switching to a MacBook Pro. I've found a good price for a second-hand one on Gumtree in the UK. What should I look out for when testing the machine before handing over the cash? [more inside]
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Can I get those Square Readers to accept EBT cards?

I'd like to mess around with the square readers and see if it would be possible to "hack" it (to use the parlance of our time) and get it to accept EBT food stamp cards as well as other types of payment and currency. Is it possible to do this? Has anybody had any success with this? What should I learn to be able to do something like this, hack the square reader. Thanks
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I know the towns are there, but how do I find them?

Recently moved. Need to create a list of towns within 100 miles. A friend found a way to do it 4 years ago, but doesn't remember how he did it. Can you help?
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guilty of adultery, need help

I have cheated on my wife. Basically a one night stand, but the relationship was somewhat longer. I am now in the depths of despair and need to figure out where to get help and how to proceed. If anyone has any online support resources for adulterers I'd be interested. I'd also be interested in any therapist recommendations in the Newton, MA area. I am in disbelief that I've even typed these words. Thanks for any input.
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Personality changes with age? Maslow?

I vaguely recall reading that people will tend to change as they get older so as to "balance" their personalities. Extroverts become more introspective, for example. Does this idea have any merit and where can I read about it in more depth?
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YANML - You are not my linguist, but how do I say this?

How to ask the user for confirmation, and not get snapped at....? The service-desk edition. [more inside]
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How do you deal with rude people?

I'm really sick of dealing with rude people. Its like everywhere I go people are terribly rude and mean. Like people who are supposed to be doing their jobs and greeting you and being polite. I respect and treat people good but they are rude and condescending and it makes me so angry because I don't understand why they talk to me in such a way when I haven't done anything wrong. [more inside]
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Can anyone identify this ethnic pottery type?

Can anyone help identify the region/period of origin of these two pots? [more inside]
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Baby gift for parents in small apt.? (in Greece)

My neighbors are having a baby soon, and I'd like ideas for something useful to give them that won't end up just taking up space in a small apartment. I'll probably be ordering from Amazon UK or eBay UK. We're casual friendly but not close, so offering cooking or housecleaning help wouldn't be appropriate. (I feel pretty sure the new mom will have her mother with her at first.) [more inside]
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February 26

What else can I do with my Ph.D. besides postdoc?

I just defended my Ph.D. in a weird niche part of the natural sciences. The obvious path is to go on to do a postdoc and then a research or teaching career, and I'm taking some steps in that direction. On the other hand, if I was into doing the obvious thing I wouldn't have gotten a Ph.D. in a weird niche part of the natural sciences. What other jobs/careers/vocations should I look into? [more inside]
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Cobbler equivalent for a canvas pack?

I found a beautiful handmade (a la etsy) rucksack in a thrift store that I know my girlfriend will love. I would like to fix a few things and increase its functionality (adding a handle; put in better thicker straps, etc.). Where in Toronto can I take the rucksack and ask a professional to do it? I am essentially looking for a cobbler for canvas/ a tailor not for clothes? [more inside]
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Destination Imagination: Worth the Effort?

Does DI have any proven benefit? I can't find anything on it except its own materials and parents/schools talking about how their kids did in it. I'm skeptical, I guess, that these sort of open-ended "creativity challenges" actually accomplish anything. I am still struggling to answer "what is the point of this?" [more inside]
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I ain't passed the bar and I don't know shit.

What rules and regulations in the US apply to choosing which judges/venues get to cover certain cases? [more inside]
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Permits, Inspections, Oh My, Oh My.

I installed a hot water heater, and I don't want to screw up the paperwork.. Help! [more inside]
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Like Metafilter, but more snowflake-y

I’m looking for alternatives to the Metafilter Blue with more open discussion. [more inside]
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What colorblind sorcery is this?

According to this Buzzfeed post, people either see the dress in the picture as black & blue or gold & white. Sharing this with my friends - who I trust not to troll me - also showed the stark disparity. What's going on? Is this an optical illusion? Or something related to the way our brains process information? [more inside]
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Am I being unreasonable?

I need some help understanding if my husband's behavior is completely out of line or if my expectations are completely out of line. [more inside]
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What do you wish you had asked or known when meeting your realtor?

Buying our first home, I'm would like to go with a buyer agent and have our first meeting set with one Saturday. I'm turning to the hive mind for your tip, tricks, questions, and other things you wish you would have done or found helpful during meeting with your realtor. [more inside]
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Should I prepare to experience discrimination when I get hearing aids?

It's time for me to get hearing aids. It isn't age-related but genetic. I am still relatively young, and I'm concerned about discrimination professionally and socially. Please provide advice and reassurance. [more inside]
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How can I find local rich lists?

How can I find lists of wealthy individuals in my local area? [more inside]
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A Shared Universe of Shakespeare Characters

Has there been one besides the comic "Kill Shakespeare"? [more inside]
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Financial Record Digitization Services - do they exist?

I'm looking for a service like Shoeboxed or MakeSpace, where I can get several decade's worth of my parents' financial records scanned/indexed and then sent back to me to go into a regular storage unit. Extra snowflake information about sibling's information security paranoia. [more inside]
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Suggestions for Finding Interior/Architectural Designers

I have a clothing brand and am going to have a pop-up store at local markets. Most sellers are semi-hippies who put up a tent, put out a rack and sell. I'd like the presentation to match my target market. (Successful masculine men who enjoy beach environments). I am looking for suggestions on where to find Interior/Architectural Designers [more inside]
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Realistic love songs

I love love and I hate most love songs. I feel that real love is incredibly beautiful in it's complexity yet knowledge of it's frailty. I want songs that express this sentiment without being cynical.
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How do I get someone to send me letters from the South Pacific?

I am working on an Alternate Reality Game that I am using for teaching MBA students. The game starts with a character cracking under pressure and taking a sudden trip somewhere "exotic" (to a North American) - like the South Pacific or Nepal. As part of the game, I would like to send students a letter postmarked from the exotic local from the character. How do I make this happen? [more inside]
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Help me put down more of my baggage RE age & romance

I am looking for three things here: Positive depictions of older men as objects of romantic interest, positive depictions of older women as objects of romantic interest and positive depictions of relationships with a significant age difference, especially in songs and movies, though other media are welcome. [more inside]
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New Women SF/F Authors

Reading this thread made me realize that I am completely unaware of the current state of SF/F. Who are some female SF/F authors from the last 15 years that you would recommend? [more inside]
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Which storage heater to buy?

I have a small, one bedroom flat in London with no access to gas. I want to replace the existing (quite old) storage heater with something more efficient and effective. Which storage heater to choose? Would you have any hints, advice, comments? What should I consider when buying one? Have you got any positive experience with any modern electric storage heaters? [more inside]
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Help me blow him away...

I'm no stranger to blow jobs, and I'm not bad at them by far, but I still want to know: what is the move that blows you/your partner's mind out of the water?
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How to deal with email sent to your address incorrectly?

So I have what must be a fairly common name, and I get mail for other people with my name fairly regularly because I got lucky and landed "firstname.lastname@gmail.com" a long time ago. This is usually not a big deal, but today I got a subscription confirmation email from a porn site that one of the other people with my name probably signed up for. Anybody have any idea what the etiquette here is, and how to maybe avoid this kind of annoyance in the future? [more inside]
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Public University Law School?

I'm thinking about going to law school... but there are special circumstances: public school and evening program. And federal civil service... [more inside]
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Deciding between two library jobs

I have to choose between two librarian positions soon, and could use others' advice and experience. I have been an academic librarian for a number of years, married to an academic, and we have both received offers from the same two universities. This is great, because we get to finally live together full-time. But, the two librarian jobs and universities are quite different. [more inside]
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I wish I had MORE baggage!

I just found mold all over my luggage and need to replace it - grrr. Help me find a mold-free replacement. [more inside]
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Do you have a city with an awesome mass transit app?

I just read this comment, and thought this was AWESOME. But unfortunately, it kinda doesn't work. Does your city have an app (iOS preferable, but I can always get a cheap android phone to check it out), that has an AWESOME app for mass transit? Whats the app? "Real time tracker" is what I'm looking for (i think). It need not be awesome in terms of fonts, design, etc. I kinda just want it to be more than a list of schedules. [more inside]
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Lingerie stores for bra fitting in the SF Bay area (Peninsula)

Looking for suggestions for lingerie stores that offer expert bra fittings in the San Francisco Bay Area, preferably on the Peninsula. Thanks.
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What should I check out while I'm in Austin?

I'll be in Austin in mid-March (for SXSW). What places, shops, and things should I check out? [more inside]
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Fill my ears with more of this!

I recently heard the Kronos Quartet play this piece ("The Beatitudes", Vladimir Martynov) live as their encore to a concert, and I was absolutely floored by it. Shaken and opened and all of the things that wonderful music does. If I liked this, what else will I like? [more inside]
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Screencasting 101?

I'm hoping for a boost up the learning curve for recording and hosting/playback of PC screencasts. [more inside]
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Cleaning up timestamp information in Metafilter Infodump

Probably pretty simple, but I would like to clean up the Metafilter Infodump timestamp, help? [more inside]
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Trade in iPhone 4S for $53 or unlock for travel?

I just got a new iPhone and am left with an old Verizon iPhone 4S with no contract that I can either trade in for ~$50 or use as a travel phone. What's my best option? [more inside]
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Where can I find photos of real peoples's apartments/homes?

I'm working on a project, and for inspiration I want to see photos of real apartments/homes. Google tends to spit back a lot of stock photos, real estate photos, or interior design photos - those are all too tidy. Basically what I want is The Selby but for less fancy folks. Any ideas on how to find what I'm looking for?
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Promiscuous iOS Bluetooth

Is there a way to prevent an iPhone running iOS 8.1.2 from automatically pairing with known bluetooth devices? The phone is jailbroken if that helps. [more inside]
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Is there a specific term for the syncopated "ayy / eh" chant in pop?

I've noticed that in some contemporary pop, especially songs drawing inspiration from hip-hop, have a chanted syllable on the off-beats that sounds like "ayy" or "eh". For example - 0:31 in "Fancy", 0:40 in "Turn Down For What", 0:48 in "Imma Be". Is there a term for this?
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First Time Homebuyer -- Doing it Without a Real Estate Agent

My wife and I will (hopefully) be buying our first home in the near future. We've identified a great place, however the sellers want to do away with real estate agents to save on the 6% commission, since they've already identified a willing and able buyer (us). Complication: I've never bought a house before and am nervous about not having someone to hold my hand. Advice? More details below. [more inside]
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Should I tell someone that her boyfriend cheated on her with me?

I recently broke up a serious, long term relationship with someone I loved, because I fell in love with someone else who I wanted to pursue a relationship with. This other person was also in a long term relationship and claimed that he'd broken up with his girlfriend but needed to date me secretly as she was bipolar and would "break all his things" if she found out, but also showed concern that her finding out would destabilize her mental health. [more inside]
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I am feeling stuck in a serious rut. How to reboot?

In my mid-20s, going nowhere, full of shame. [more inside]
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The Scarlet Letter

Recently at work I was given serious feedback that others are finding me abrasive. I'm a woman, and aware of the history of application of this word unfairly, but I think there may be some truth in it in my case. I've read this and other articles about how to handle abrasive people who report to you, but I would like to hear suggestions from people who have also been in the position of receiving this label, and how you worked to overcome it, and whether your efforts have been successful. Recommended strategies appreciated. [more inside]
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Books like Jan Karon or James Herriot

What to read after she's finished the Jan Karon books? [more inside]
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Best (least treacherous) driving route over the Rockies?

Driving from Cincinnati to Portland near the end of March. Bit concerned about the mountain passes in late winter. The basic options are I-80 to Salt Lake, then on to I-84. Or a more northern route through S. Dakota and Montana on I-90 into Washington before heading southwest. Both drives would be ~34-35 hours—any compelling reasons to choose one over the other?
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Non-Khaki-Scouts Seek Aquatic Outdoor Adventure

This summer, my nine year-old son and I want to journey down a local creek on some form of inflatable vessel. Help us have a watery adventure! Difficulty level: we are nerds, NOT grizzled outdoorspersons. [more inside]
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Oshkosh? Oh gosh

I'm traveling to Oshkosh, WI from DC in mid-April for a business trip and will potentially have some time to kill before flying home. What fun stuff might I be able to do while I'm there? [more inside]
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Extra long karate gi top

I have a long torso (36" sleeve) and I'm currently wearing the longest gi top I could find locally. It has a tendency to ride up and I'm constantly pulling it down. Is there someone who sells extra long karate uniform tops anywhere (and takes credit cards)?
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What is this song?

Hi Folks, I am trying to obtain information about this song and hopefully locate an audio file of it. It's apparently a Tarkovsky song but which one and how do i locate a recording? Can you help? Thanks! Here is a link to it via youtube.
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How to deal with Mr. I'm always right? In a relationship.

I've recently moved in with my boyfriend of almost a year and we appear to be having a few teething problems. When we have a disagreement (which are very few and far between) my boyfriend always has to be right. 1.) this is very annoying on my behalf because were only human and no-one can be right 100% of the time and; [more inside]
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Today's best technology news sites with active, engaged communities?

What news and breaking news technology sites do you visit daily? [more inside]
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"Clothes. Fragrances. Massages. Mimosas. Fine leather goods."

I have a birthday and another life achievement milestone coming up this weekend. I'd usually want to celebrate with close friends and family but I'm newly single and am not really up to discussing it with people yet. I do have family/ friend celebrations planned next week so instead I'd like to mark the day by engaging in some luxury solo self-care. Suggestions? Snowflake: I'm in Hong Kong. [more inside]
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How do I sleep through a loud noise every night?

I hear a loud noise every night at the same time and wake up. I'm afraid that I'm conditioning my body to think it's normal to wake up in the middle of the night -- help! [more inside]
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Spreadsheet Model Automated Testing

I'm looking for recommendations on software or practices to do automated testing of spreadsheet models. [more inside]
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Critique my dating profile, please

Please critique my profile. Another one of these! Thank you. [more inside]
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Help me make a living out of making life better for others

Whilst I am still very much in employment and financial crisis, I think I may well have had an epiphany of sorts: That I would like to eventually, or better yet ASAP, build a career in which I help, one way or another, make the world a better place. Elucidate me? [more inside]
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What programming language/technology should I master to make a living?

I have a solid foundation in computer programming (and theory) but have been mostly out of this field for several years, and not developing my skills. Assume I'm putting in the time and focus to really master something new. What language or technology (or area of application?) in programming could I master that would give me the best shot at becoming a valuable freelance contractor and making a living? Something rare and valuable (or which there's high demand for regardless) which works with being freelance. Your guidance would be appreciated Internets.
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February 25

shoring up the digital ramparts against hate mobs

I'm writing about feminism and gaming on the internet. I'm a woman. I know that if I gain any reasonable amount of success, it'll probably come with death threats and hacking attempts and doxxing and the like. What should I do now, while very few people are reading me, to protect myself? [more inside]
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Great resources on make-up & feminism

I want to read/learn/discover more about make-up as part of the fashion industry, as a feminist act, as a weapon of patriarchy, personal stories of make-up - not the how to do it or what to buy, but the whys of make-up. Tumblrs, videos, articles, books - where are people interrogating and discussing and celebrating make-up? I'm mostly interested in the feminist take, but I'm also interested in other aspects, and from commercial make-up to theatrical fantasy stuff.
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Fun stories that are also good business lessons

I'm looking for similar stories like Mark Twain's quote "If you eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day." More inside. [more inside]
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[JobOfferFilter] Bird in one hand, prettier ones in the bush?

I got a job offer from a company that made me a bit uneasy. I'm supposed to make a decision by Friday. Meanwhile, another company wants to move forward... Help me figure out my next move, given the fun snowflakes inside! [more inside]
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How To Fix Ongoing Allergic Reaction to Makeup Used Two Weeks Ago

About 2 weeks ago I tried a new makeup primer from ELF Cosmetics and after 1 day of use it turned my skin into a nightmare. You'd think that, given my history, I'd know better than to try something new, but Pinterest can be very persuasive. As of today, my skin is still extremely broken out, covered in red blotches and scaly patches, and flaking like no tomorrow. What can I do to heal my poor face? [more inside]
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I need to turn Steak Frites into finger-food

My son's fourth grade class is doing a "Night of the Notables" project tomorrow night, in which he has to dress up and act like a famous historical person. He selected Jacques Cousteau, and we're mostly all ready to go with a red knit hat and blue work shirt. Students also have to bring in their notable's favorite foods, enough for at least 20 people to eat while walking around a sea of poster-boards and pint-sized edu-LARPers. It turns out that M. Cousteau's favorite food was steak frites. [more inside]
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Help me make my workout sound better, please!

What songs sound like That's Not My Name by the Ting Tings and I Don't Care (I Love It) by Iconopop? [more inside]
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Oh baby, I like it raw.... (Trouble finding a short story)

I'm having trouble finding any point of reference for a short story I was recently reminded of regarding a husband who suddenly gets the impulse to drink blood/eat raw meat. If I recall correctly, he just masticates the meat for the juices. It's a long drawn out thing of trying to hide this weird compulsion from his wife, making himself out to be a monster, but in the end it resolves well. [more inside]
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My Cinderella needs an AAAA boot to close the deal

I need to find a source for a women's hiking boot in US 9.5 or 10 with an AAAA width. [more inside]
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Songfilter: Help ID this singer/song

I'm trying to identify the singer/song in this track. Female vocalist, blues music. [more inside]
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Excel help! Calculating averages across multiple sub-categories

I only have a basic understanding of Excel functions. I know that it's possible to do what I want, but I'm not sure how to go about doing it. I need help figuring out the average amount of time that passes between the dates two particular actions happen across multiple different people. I'm looking for the overall average, as well as the average for each person. Complication, some of the rows don't have the action I'm interested in tracking, so that column reads as N/A and is messing up my formula. [more inside]
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Dealing with threats on public transit

A few days ago I had one of the worst experiences of my life on public transit, and would like to get some feedback on how I should have handled it, and what other people have done in similar situations. [more inside]
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Help my friend in time for the RRSP deadline - Canuck Version

Is an RRSP loan worth it? [more inside]
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Schooling my kindergoth

Yesterday, my 13 year old daughter announced that she's goth. What that means is she really likes wearing all black. [more inside]
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Name my group for high quality private job networking

Seeking your crowd wisdom for some creative names for a professional networking group. [more inside]
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Help me devise an efficient workflow for online study

Please give me your tips for completing online study, particularly how you keep track of all the readings you did working from PDFs, highlighting / note-taking strategies, and any tools that helped you. [more inside]
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On Friday evening at 8pm I have a flight at LaGuardia. I will be coming from the Lower East Side. What time should I leave LES to make my 8pm flight? no bags to check.
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Ideas for Elementary Science Stations

I'm trying to set up a number of "stations" at home for long-term observation and record keeping. The observers are ages 3-7, but I'm not looking for crafty or disposable, cheap science projects or stations like they sell at hobby stores. These stations can be built all at once, or assembled over time (as the kids get older). [more inside]
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Fuel or feed pellets- is there a demand?

Is there a market for locally sourced fuel and/ or feed pellets? [more inside]
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How Do I Find a Female Mentor in non-academic Chemistry?

I'm a woman in science. I recently finished my Ph.D in Chemistry, and, after getting burnt-out on the academic track, I've gotten a job in a small startup synthesizing new materials for energy purposes. I've been told to find a "female mentor" to help me navigate the startup/industry world of chemistry. But how do I find a female mentor? Where do I look? What do I look for? [more inside]
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Creating a website and keeping my identity secret

In the year 2015, what is the best way to start a website that prevents others from finding out who the owner of the website is? [more inside]
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My external hard drive shows a different capacity than it actually has.

Upon adding up the separate folders within my drive, I can see a large discrepancy between the two amounts. I've utilzied many of the options within disk utilty for OSX. Please help. [more inside]
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Am I getting screwed on my house purchase?

In the process of buying a house, have questions about the appraisal... [more inside]
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I come to you, hat in hand

In search of clips, gifs, pictures, or other media that shows someone punching a hole through a hat. Other hats acceptable, but preferably a straw boater hat. It absolutely must be a hat that is being punched. [more inside]
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How to flatten a shirt hem?

Clothing experts! I have a trivial problem. The hem of my button-up shirts -- the hem on the non-button side -- always folds over on itself. How do I make it flat again? It's happening to all my flannel button-ups, seriously jeopardising my aspirations to lumbersexuality. Pic below. [more inside]
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How can I survive a miserable and unfulfilling job?

I am stuck in a terrible job, with patronizing and rude coworkers and bosses, challenging responsibilities, and low compensation. It's making me sick, turning me into an alcoholic and an insomniac, but I'm afraid to leave because of financial burdens. What can I do? Where can I draw the line between financial responsibility and my own well-being? [more inside]
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Pronunciation of Moriah

Up until five minutes ago, I've always pronounced the word/name Moriah the same way you would say Mariah Carey's name. But Baby Name Voyager says the correct pronunciation is mo-RAY-uh. Am I in the wrong here? (Biblical experts, or just name experts, help me out!)
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Sucks to your ass-mar (and your ass-piration?)

My 16 month old has had a winter full of back to back respiratory infections of increasing severity. She has an asthma diagnosis but after a recent terrifying episode and prolonged hospitalization, the pulmonologist is really concerned about aspiration. I'm in the process of scheduling a swallow study. Obviously YANMPediatrician, but please tell me about your experiences with children with severe asthma, or chronic respiratory infections, or aspiration. I'm currently scared shitless, so positive stories and reassurance are especially welcome. [more inside]
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Funky dance/dubstep vids lost

Looking for couple of music/dance videos that I've lost on the internet. Please help! [more inside]
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What can I do for a random injured dog?

I saw a dog get hit and injured on the highway. What should/could I have done? Unpleasantness inside (no gore or death). [more inside]
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I THINK It's Toilet Paper...

What would lead to these very small toilet paper scraps ending up on the bathroom floor? [more inside]
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Wang 724 keyboard on Windows

How can I get access to the various odd keys on my old Wang model 724 keyboard that's hooked up to my PC? The OS only sees it as a "Standard PS/2 Keyboard." [more inside]
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Help me buy a new time clock

I'm the office manager for a 50+ person machine shop. Our old manual time clock is about to die and I need to buy a new one. We're thinking of going with fingerprint ID - any pitfalls? Boss would like the clock to ask the employees "Were you injured at work today? Yes or No" and have them answer upon punchout. Do you manage a time clock that you would recommend?
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Recommendations for printing a lot of digital photos?

I have an increasingly huge collection of digital family photos that I need to make hard copy backups of, and I'm looking for recommendations for a service to use. [more inside]
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What am I doing with my life?

I am happy with my job right now, but I don't have a career. I'm smart but due to certain circumstances in life I haven't had a stable work history until now. I have a career in mind but I'm kind of in a catch 22. [more inside]
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I'm your new manager. What do you want me to do & ask in my first month?

After being out of work for the past six months (reorganization), I start my new job at a new company in a few days. It's in the non-profit sector, where I've been all my career, but for the last several years, my positions haven't involved direct staff supervision. Now I'll have a small team of 4. What do I do to get off on the right foot? [more inside]
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The Band of Bothers

What style of ring can I wear on my left ring finger if I'm not married? [more inside]
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Intuitive odds

What are some examples that can help confused beginner-level students better understand what odds are and what they can tell us? [more inside]
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Baked Alaska advice

Spurred on by the Great British Bake-Off show on PBS, I am going to be making my first-ever Baked Alaska for a Downton Abbey finale party this Sunday. I've read a ton of recipes, but I have one question about this dessert. [more inside]
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Advice on brighter car headlights?

I just replaced my 1995 300zx turbo's burned-out headlights with some cheap factory 9006 bulbs and can barely see anything at night. I don't want to get HIDs but would like to find a headlight that actually illuminates the road and makes driving safer. I've narrowed it down to three options: Philips X-treme Vision, Philips HIR2 9012, or Sylvania SilverStar Ultra (which I may rule out, because apparently they burn out really quickly). Does anyone have any advice on these, or any other suggestions? I do plan to clean out the headlights as well, if there's anything to clean out.
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Family Vacation. To go or not to go.

I need help deciding if I need to suck it up and go on a family vacation and if I don't, how to deal with the guilt of missing out on family events. [more inside]
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Preparing for the big melt

There's tons (literally!) of snow on my little lot--right up against the house, up to and passing the sills of the first floor windows (not physically touching though). It will melt eventually. Obviously it's going to be a wet spring, but is there anything we can/should be doing in advance to mitigate the chance of basement flooding? [more inside]
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Overwhelmed and drowning

I am a disaster, I've always been a disaster. I want to not be a disaster any more--please help me make a plan to get better. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:52 AM PST - 18 comments

Looking for women-founded and women-run technology companies

I am a woman whose experience in technology is eerily similar to that of the women in these two articles. I am at a breaking point. But rather than leave the field, I would like to shift employment so that I'm working at exclusively women-led or women-run companies. Can anyone provide some ideas for potential places to apply for full-time employment? [more inside]
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RFPs & E-rate funding for schools & libraries

I'm trying to find out if requiring an RFP for proposed e-rate projects increases the chances of a successful application. [more inside]
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Itemized deduction materials

I’m getting tax assistance for the first time and I’m not sure what I’ll need to bring to my appointment to get the job search deduction, as this will be my first time using itemized deductions. [more inside]
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How long until allergy shots really become worth it?

I've been getting allergy shots for three years. Sometimes I feel as if they have made a minor impact, but most of the time I think it is an inconvenience with very little benefit. Please help me decide if I should continue. Details inside. [more inside]
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Affordable, cute, unique wedding venue in SF Bay Area?

Yay! I'm getting gay married! We're looking for a venue that is, as stated above, affordable, and ideally unique (not super generic). I've looked at some previous questions and been asking around but hoping to get more ideas. We live in Oakland but would probably have a range from Marin to Santa Cruz to, I don't know, Livermore? [more inside]
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My friend drugged someone

My friend gave another friend a pot brownie without his knowledge or consent (he is foreign & naive & terrified because he thinks he's going to get deported). I am furious at the friend who did this, and am struggling to maintain social graces in public. I have to see him in class, and I want to punch him. What can I do to feel and act normally in public? [more inside]
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Clueless and need to register a car in PA

I will try to list all the main points to my question. I am getting confused as to what steps I need to take and which forms I need to complete. My parents own a car in NY. They want to give me the car as a gift. I live in Pennsylvania. I am trying to make sense of the title transfer paperwork and the affidvait of gift form. Has anyone done this before? If so, can you walk me through which forms I need to fill out? Do I need proof of insurance before I attempt to register the car? The car is currently insured through my parent's and I am listed on their policy. This is my first time registering a car and I don't have much experience with PennDOT. Not sure if this matters but I have a PA driver's license. Thank you!
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Windows 7 laptop only displays screensaver on attached TV

I've got a laptop in a closet at work. I've connected it to a flatscreen TV in our office lobby, via VGA connection. The intent was to remote into the laptop so I could add new content to display on the monitor. ("welcome" messages to visitors, and so forth) The laptop is set to display to the TV. But all I see on the TV on the PC input is the generic windows screensaver. It won't show the logged in view. Help?
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I Have Never Sniffed an Actual Joshua Tree.

I have had a bottle of Aveda Joshua Tree/Spirit Desert Pure-fume in my collection for a while (almost 14 years) and it remains my all-time favourite. It also hasn't been available for purchase in many years, so I have been using it sparely.. but I'm almost out. Help! [more inside]
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How do we take care of dad after mom's unexpected death?

My mother died unexpectedly last week at the age of 64, more than likely of a heart attack, and the whole family has been in shock and upset. She had some serious health issues that she neglected (both to treat and to tell us about) and it basically was the end of her. One of the biggest things she did was being the primary caretaker of our dad who will be 79 next month. So now we're left with trying to figure out what to do... [more inside]
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Low cost dental options in NYC

Combination of genes and lack of fluoridated water when I was growing up made my oral health a perpetual issue. My attempts to get a handle on the situation, resulted in dental bills I have been unable to afford. Now that I am covered by insurance (both Cigna and Delta Dental plans) I am wondering if anyone can recommend low cost options for dental work (I will need a lot of it). I am looking at dental schools, and other subsidized opportunities to get this started. Thus, I would appreciate any specific recommendations for NYC area (all boroughs). Thanks in advance.
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How to understand business in London

I'm looking for a part-time course (in or around London UK) , online course, or book(s) that will help me understand business. [more inside]
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Nutrition app with customizable target macros

Looking for a diet tracker app or website with the following functionality: [more inside]
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How can I quantify these fitness scores?

Hey math/fitness nerds. I'm working on a pet project. I'm trying to quantify general fitness levels across a population based on a few different scores. I have the tests, but need help setting up the values of each score. [more inside]
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February 24

Wet behind the ears with a new job offer. How to get what I want?

At long last, after a year jobhunting, I’ve seemingly finally landed a job! It’s not 100% set in stone yet, and I’m a bit uncertain of how to proceed. Help me navigate this whole process. [more inside]
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How many Americans are getting sick from using public touch screens?

This question came to me as a result of seeing staplers with antibacterial tops at an office retailer. What's next - anti microbial doorknobs? As I thought about the number of touch screens I use during the day - ATMs, debit card machines, etc, - and the fact I've never seen anyone cleaning them, it occurred to me they are probably far germier than office equipment. [more inside]
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How long has the organization "Raising Women's Voices" been around?

I can't find this info.
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Snorkeling in Fiji - DLSR + housing or point-and-shoot?

I'm super excited to have booked a holiday in Fiji in May, however I need to sort out my camera options - do I buy a cheapo body and case for my existing m/43 lenses, or just spend the same money on a compact point and shoot? [more inside]
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Been at Job for 10 years, What do I do with Resume?

I have been with the same company/educational institution for 10 years. What should I do with my resume? Is it necessary to put jobs that I had over 10 years ago relevant? [more inside]
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Garden worm or intestinal parasite?

I just found this worm, brownish and about an 3/4 of an inch long, on the bed next to where my cats were resting. Can someone identify it, and let me know if it's harmless or potentially an intestinal worm? [more inside]
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Warmer climates, jobs, and cultural fit - where to consider moving?

My wife and I currently live in Boston, but I want to live in a warmer climate and she (Industrial Engineering MS) wants to find a job. Which places should we consider moving to? [more inside]
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Columbia in DC?

Are there any statues, memorials, paintings, or other depictions of Columbia (the feminine symbol of freedom) in Washington, DC? [more inside]
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Small Size Womens Shoes

Does anyone have recommendations for small-size (around size 4, depending on shoe) women's shoes, especially in the Los Angeles area? My wife moved here recently from Japan, where her shoe size is much less uncommon and so it wasn't much of an issue. But in LA, it seems very difficult to find any stores that stock this size. For something like sneakers, children's sizes are probably an option, but for dress shoes / heels I don't think that will work. [more inside]
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How to stop this downward spiral?

I am sick of feeling miserable. [more inside]
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How to be around people?

Going through a rough patch. Where can I go to be in the company of other people without feeling like I have to be outgoing? [more inside]
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What is the difference between Ebscohost, Archive.org, Google...etc?

What is the difference between EBSCOhost, Archive.org, Google, WorldCat...etc? [more inside]
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What could make a gas range reek of gasoline?

Asking for a friend: Two times in the past six months, my oven/stove and a spot near my refrigerator (several feet away) have smelled *very strongly* of some petrochemical, like benzene or kerosene or gasoline or something sweet and fuelly like that (i.e., not natural gas, not propane). There is a similar, faint, lingering odor in the oven. What could be causing this? Some kind of propellant in the gas lines? Illicit neighbor activity? If it helps, I'm on the 4th floor of a 6-floor building in NYC.
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Frooty ____ remix?

I used to have some 50+ min long remixes called Tooty Frooty or Frooty Booty...they were a series only up to about 4 I think. On this guy's site, the first one had a picture of an orange, which may have been dancing. [more inside]
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Collectible items damaged in international shipping. Liability?

My fiance sold and shipped some very expensive, heavy, one-of-a-kind electronics to an online friend overseas. They were damaged during international shipping. The purchase price was over a thousand dollars and the items are literally irreplaceable. Who is legally liable here? What are the ethics? We *cannot* afford to reimburse this expense. [more inside]
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How to find graphic design work / projects?

My friend has a background in visual art (mainly years of oils, watercolors, some crafts) and has recently started exploring graphic design. So far she's done some projects for friends and family (website design, logos, packaging, card designing, etc). She'd love to do more of this kind of work on a freelance basis, but isn't sure how to find it. Should she advertise on Fiverr, or Elance, or...? How does this work and how do you get started as a freelance graphic designer? Any tips or recommendations would be really appreciated!
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Bike stolen in San Francisco - worth it to check flea markets?

Nice bike stolen in San Francisco - where to try to find it? [more inside]
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How can I tell how old my pepper trees were?

COUNT THE RINGS, I KNOW?! amirite? Except, no, I find it really difficult to count the rings as the chainsaw obliterated a lot of them, and the wood doesn't lend itself to clear rings. How else can I estimate the age of this tree? [more inside]
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Where to stay on Vieques?

Mr Bellastella & I are going to visit Vieques this fall. We had a lovely experience in Culebra two years ago, stayed at a small guesthouse and loved it! Vieques looks like a place we will really enjoy, and we like the idea of a room or casita, or guesthouse. We're looking at Esperanza, but that's not written in ink yet. [more inside]
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Canny, like.

A young baby in our family is very alert, active and friendly and my sister and myself both found ourselves referring to her as 'canny'. But when we were asked what the word means, and why it applies to her, we couldn't quite explain it. Is there any one on here, probably from the North of England, who could have a go at explaining 'canny', meaning and usage (and possibly derivation?)
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Hypochondriacal and Neurotic Thinking = missed Work. Your Tips Wanted!

I was physically ill as a child, in the hospital more than school, and through young adult years as well. Mom was/is classic hypochondriac. As an adult for the last 20 years and in my early 40s, I have let it hurt my work record and advancement. [more inside]
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I need a replacement for a rubber faucet-to-hose adapter

My ancient Kodak Photo Siphon needs a part, a rubber adapter to connect it to a kitchen faucet. I can't find a suitable part anywhere. This used to be something carried in every hardware store, but now I can't find anything even close to it, in stores or online. [more inside]
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I have an owie.

I banged my poor little toe into the corner of the coffee table two weeks ago. I seem to have either sprained or broken it. It doesn't seem to be getting better, in fact it's hurt worse than ever the last couple days. [more inside]
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Is getting an MSCE more than just a footnote to your resume.

Currently have A+ and Net+ certs and work at a small firm as a customer service tech and have accumulated 2 years hands on experience at the moment. I’m beginning to contemplate a move across the county in about 2 years. would it be worth it to go and get my MSCE, or will having 4 years practical experience be enough to wrangle a new job?
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Seeking warm women's coat in ATX, tomorrow.

Where in Austin, Texas can I find a women's down coat or other warm, femme-looking winter coat tomorrow? (Extra challenge: tall and broad-shouldered.) [more inside]
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Guiding Art Development for the Preschooler

How much and what sort of guidance should I provide for the art skills of a precocious preschooler? [more inside]
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Looking for Durable Display Panels for Library Elevators

I am looking for some sort of display panels for the elevators in our library. They will need to be bolted onto paneling. They should be durable and able to accommodate an 8.5" x 14" poster. [more inside]
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Chinese word(s) on dragon: translation, pls

There is a large dragon statue at Children's Fairyland in Oakland, and it has what I think are Chinese characters on it. Can someone tell me what it says?
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I hate laminate, and I hate carpet. But I also hate cold.

Flooring for a basement room -- what are my options? [more inside]
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I'm looking for academic quiz shows

Any recommendations for shows similar to University Challenge and Only Connect? I think what I love about these is how non-showbiz they are. It's just people who have exceptional breadth of knowledge and enjoy competing for its own sake. TV, radio, anything is welcome.
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Extremely basic statistical question

My state has 709 zip codes. I want to draw reasonably well-grounded conclusions about the entire population of my state (having to do with insurance coverage and ACA subsidies, if you're interested). How many zip codes should I sample? [more inside]
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Help me find more songs like Roundabout by Yes

Title says it all - I'm looking for songs similar in feel to Roundabout by Yes. It's so much fun! Help me out here. [more inside]
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how do I edit a pdf page in photoshop or illustrator.

I have an existing pdf presentation of about 15 pages. I want to re-edit the title on page 3. How do I do this? i open it up in photoshop, and I can change page 3, but i can't seem to easily reintegrate into my 15 page presentation. How do I open them all up, just change page 3, and then seemlessly resave with all 15 pages in pdf form order and ready to go? I have illustrator, photoshop, indesign and am downloading acrobat. THank you for any help.
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Remind me to remind everyone

At work I use Gmail and Google calendar. For meetings that I run, I want to be automatically reminded to send out agendas and reminders to the rest of the attendees. [more inside]
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Help my friend name her business!

My friend would love MetaFilter's help as she goes through the process of naming her piano and voice studio. [more inside]
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What are some good resources for music therapy training and practice?

My husband is a symphony orchestra musician and is considering a different career in music. A number of people have recommended he look into music therapy. [more inside]
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SMS announcement service?

I am looking for a way to send SMS texts to a small group of employees (200-250 people) in case of weather delays & emergency closures (3-4 times a year). If I can set this up by tomorrow, I will be a superhero. [more inside]
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What is wrong with my peace lily?

My peace lily keeps wilting no matter what I do. I'm kind of bad with plants, but usually not this bad. I need to do something different, but what? [more inside]
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Where can I play drums in Brooklyn, near or accessible from Park Slope?

After 6 years, I'd like to get back into playing drums. I don't currently have a kit and I live in a small walk-up in South Park Slope. Is there anywhere nearby or accessible that I can go to a few times a week to play? Monthly fee would be ideal, but I'd be fine with paying a reasonable hourly rate. [more inside]
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Please recommend some comfortable wedding heels!

So I have recently spent an entire day in the mall trying on high heels. I really never wear them, don't care for them, and, on my more dramatic days, liken them to eyelash curlers as instruments of torture and oppression. That being said... [more inside]
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Should I wait, or just give up and go back to my singletude?

I met someone at work a little while ago. I thought he was gorgeous and worked up the courage to say hi. Not only do we have a lot in common, he turns out to be one of the sweetest, most respectful people I've ever dated: very understanding, reliable, actually responsive to calls and texts, accepting, wanted to take things slowly, the works. And then I call him after not hearing from him all weekend, and I get his voicemail. He still hasn't called me back, and I'm wondering if I've done something wrong. [more inside]
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February 23

GROSS! I hate promoting my own music, yet I am so alone!

In this day and age (2015), how should a happily obscure musician promote his music to a small audience? [more inside]
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Sing On! lyrics

What are the words to the song "Sing On" that is a standard in the dixieland band repertoire? [more inside]
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Metaphors similar to this one?

I'm working on a project and I'm looking for metaphors that describe the relationship between a secret and the covering it is embedded in. I'm looking at examples from nature--like a pearl in an oyster for example. It's a loose metaphor really, as long as that which is embedded is precious and sought after, and the covering which envelops it doesn't really signal that there is anything of value inside. Ideas?
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What's up with the one sentence replies? Online dating edition.

Recently I've been trying some online dating. I notice though that not infrequently when I message a guy (or even when I respond to his messages to me!) he'll answer my question but no further - ie won't ask any questions in return. What is this? Should I even bother replying again at that point? [more inside]
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How to best upgrade my 2006 MacBook Pro?

I have a 2006 MacBook Pro and can no longer upgrade the OS. What do I need to do to get it to run Yosemite? [more inside]
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Please help an ISTJ find the right job fast

My fears and indecision have blocked my 'career' progression for years. For a variety of personal reasons, I moved back home (at 44), and now I'm searching for a job. But I don't have much money left, so I need to find something soon, even if it's not perfect. I've boiled it down to three possibilities: copy editing, grant writing or library/information science. But I’m not sure any of them are right for me. I searched MeFi for answers, but they were either outdated (2011) or not geared towards my Myers-Briggs personality type. [more inside]
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Know any communication hacks to communicate with non-English speakers?

I'm traveling to some countries where I won't know the native language. I'm terrible at learning languages so I wanted to see if y'all know any quick hacks for communicating. e.g. one method is to carry a phrasebook and point to the relevant lines in it, then hand the book to the other person and have them point out their reply. (Hopefully its in the book :). Another: when on a bus and unsure whether it's the right one: Point forwards, say the destination in an interrogative tone, lift eyebrows.
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60 miles of driving before smog test?

Today I took my car in for a smog test. Apparently it was passing all of the steps, but one of the final ones (maybe the final one?) kept malfunctioning. [more inside]
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Where to find new, well-designed web products?

I do visual design for user interfaces on the web, and I'm always looking for new web products ("products" in the sense that web services like Airbnb or Uber are products) as sources of inspiration or to use as references for clients. Can anyone share some good sources for the types of sites I'm looking for? Thanks so much. [more inside]
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How can I have more ankle support?

Sometimes I get floppy ankle, like after wearing heels all day. I have several pairs of boots I love but they're not great for ankle support. I'm doing ankle exercises but in the meantime, is there anything I can do to make my boots more comfortable for longer periods of time? [more inside]
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Severe depression and self-doubt about intelligence and people?

I have been experiencing terrible bouts of depression and anxiety for the past four months or so now. I also have turbulent mood swings, ranging from being content in the morning, and scornfully miserable in the afternoon. I'm not certain what is causing all of this. I'm not an emotionally stable person; always unhappy and anxious. I have lost all desire to fulfill my hobbies, which includes: writing, reading, watching documentaries, deep conversations, watching old films, debating, poetry, social activism, and learning knowledge in general. I do not think I'm intellectual or socially exciting enough, therefore I have abandoned all of my hobbies. [more inside]
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Is he stringing me along or genuinely wants to take things slow?

Met someone almost a year ago and we get along wonderfully. We have wonderful conversations (can stay on the phone and/or hang out for hours), have great chemistry, and constantly talk about the future. However, he doesn't want to make things official because he wants to focus on school. Is this a cop-out? [more inside]
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Religious Syncretism for Beginners.

Turns out – there is a word for what I’ve been fascinated by for some time! It even seems that it has been studied in some detail. Please suggest some readings for me so I explore this phenomenon in more depth. [more inside]
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Help me translate station wagon to French and Spanish!

What do people in France, Spain, and Mexico call a (station) wagon in common usage in their native languages? Is "break" correct for France? I think I'm missing the subtleties when Googling here. (And "estate" is correct for the UK, right?) Thank you!
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Meeting spaces in UWS New York

What public, free, indoor spaces are there in the Upper West Side in New York where a group of academics-activists can meet and discuss? For a couple of hours at a time. [more inside]
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GMAT second thoughts - should I bail?

I'm registered to take the GMAT in less than a week. I've been reviewing for a couple of months now and my practice scores aren't that great, definitely sub-600. I'm developing a sense of dread about this whole thing. Should I chalk it up to impulsiveness and bail, or forge ahead? [more inside]
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System for categorizing, tagging, and rating audio/video material?

A friend is looking for a multimedia system that allows categorization, tagging, rating of audio/video materials, and is ideally capable of being integrated into Wordpress....think StoryCorps with the addition of video and photo. [more inside]
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Film rights for different works on the same subject

Does each individual nonfiction work (books, documentaries, etc) on the same topic (a particular event, for example, or a historical life story) have its own separate set of film rights to be bought? [more inside]
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How much should I chew?

Nutritionally speaking, does it matter how much I chew my food? And would the advice change depending on the type of foot it is (fruit, meat, carb, etc.)? On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being as little chewing as possible to get the food down, 10 being completely pulverized food in mouth), is there a number I should aim for?
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Amazing trip, party of one!

Where should I go as a solo female traveler?... with some specifics within [more inside]
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Best speech to text for Windows?

What's the current best of voice to text software for Windows? [more inside]
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Wholesale flash drives?

Can you suggest a reputable place to order bulk flash drives online? There seem to be lots of wholesalers online, but I'd rather pick one that isn't a scam. They need not be fancy and we don't even need a whole gig of memory, and I don't care if they're misprints, mismatched, or ugly so long as they work. We're trying to get the cheapest possible for student use in a middle school. I would need around 30 of them. (The students can't use an online file storage, nor can they burn CDs.)
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What kind of feather is this?

I need to get more of this type of feather, but I don't remember which bird it came from. I know it's been dyed. Thanks for your help!
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Anyone see a 27-Tau-3832-Beta-Rho-44 come through here?

Is there a system that describes and measures appearances of humans precisely? [more inside]
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Questions about using a lifting belt for work

My son works as a stocker in a large home improvement store and often lifts heavy objects. He's looking for a lifting belt to protect his back. Any clues what he should be looking for? He's a skinny kid if that's helpful.
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Looking for Good (and Free?) Lists of Literary Agents

I've finished a self-help book and want to try to get an agent. I'm looking for recommendations for websites that have the most accurate, up-to-date information about agents that solicit self-help books. I've done a lot of research and found sites, but I don't know how to determine which lists are accurate, up-to-date, don't contain entries of agents who scam you by charging you after the fact, etc. Any recommendations for finding an agent will be very much appreciated. Thanks!
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renaming files with long names

I would like to rename some files with long file names. I'd be happy deleting them. I'm using Windows 8(.?) They're in the "Music" folder. I don't know whether that complicates things. Things that haven't worked: [more inside]
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Nein Mustache- natural solution for fade cream.

A couple of summers ago I went to the beach without sunscreen and ended up with two charming little sun spots right under my nose. I had hoped that they would fade with time but no, I still look like Hitler when I'm not wearing make-up. Help. [more inside]
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Games like Guess My Word?

I learned about Guess My Word on here and now I'm hooked. I also learned about Doge 2048 here and I love it, but it takes too long. Same thing with Must Pop Words (although I didn't learn about it here). Suggestions for games that take about the same amount of time/talent/thought as Guess My Word?
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Please tell me about driving & grocery shopping on the Mayan Riviera

In a couple of weeks we're visiting the Mayan Riviera for the 4th time. But it's the first time we're renting a car. What do I need to know about driving along the highway between Cancun airport and Tulum? And where are the best places to get groceries? [more inside]
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Tell me why I shouldn't chainsaw these snowbanks (or can I?)

I'm in Greater Boston. The very high snowbanks at the start of my driveway make it difficult to see who's coming down the street when I'm trying to exit the driveway. I'm dreaming of acquiring a chainsaw and lopping off the tops of some of the worst snowbanks just so I can see. Good idea, stupid idea? Should I leave the power tools out of it and just get a bow saw or similar? How would you cut these things down to size? [more inside]
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Resources for movies coming to TV.

I subscribe to every premium channel out there. Theoretically, I should get access to every movie that comes out, but in practice I wind up missing most movies when they are released to tv. Is there a resource that lists all new movies coming to tv by week or month? A service which will notify me when a movie comes to tv?
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Student loans for summer session

I'm currently a full-time graduate student in NYC, and I'm wondering what my financial options are for the summer session. I plan to take only one three-hour course this summer, and concentrate on my internship, which means I won't be working otherwise. Is a private student loan my only option for covering my expenses? [more inside]
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Make me the belle of my wedding!

Two months out, what beauty routines can I work on to prep for our big day? [more inside]
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Things to do in Detroit when you're cold.

I'll be in Detroit for two days next week, never been there before and really know nothing about the area. Would love recommendations for where to go, what to see, what to eat. I will be staying in Greektown.
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How Can I Mix the Functions of Photo Book and Scrapbook?

Madame Naberius and I want to put together a wedding album. We really like the look and feel of the Shutterfly photo book. The issue is that, in addition to photos, we also want to include things that aren't photographs as such, like our invitation, the menu from our reception dinner, etc. [more inside]
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Newport Beach Walkability

I'll be attending a conference in March, and staying at Newport Beach (Specifically the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa). I'll be interested in checking out the beach, getting a few good meals, and getting beers after the conference. Is that sort of thing walkable, or should I consider renting a car? [more inside]
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Looking for world history books particularly about colonialism/empire

I'm looking for book recommendations for compelling history books, primarily about the advent of colonialism/imperialism and how the colonized in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East responded to it. More details inside and thanks in advance for your help! [more inside]
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What is the best way to handle the last parts of packing to move?

Movers are coming on Thursday to take almost all our stuff from our 1BR apartment to storage. Most things that can be easily boxed have been. Now I'm dealing with the home stretch of packing: the weirdly shaped stuff, the stuff I'd rather sell than store but that no one seems to want, and the hard decisions like what clothes do I pack for the next three months while the rest sits in storage. How do I accomplish this in three days? [more inside]
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How do I make the least fancy fancycoffee possible?

I have a milk frothing wand, a little baby moka pot, milk, and espresso ground coffee. Now what? [more inside]
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A very expensive, very mediocre car. There's got to be a better way!

I'm feeling frustrated with my automobile situation and don't really know where to start. The gist of it is that I can't really afford the payments and maintenance on my car, and I think I want out, but I don't know how. [more inside]
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Help me be a better (second time) skiier

I went skiing for the first time this past weekend. I felt okay and even had some fun. I'd like to go skiing for the second this upcoming weekend, and I'd like to do better. Help me solve some specific problems as best you can? [more inside]
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Books and audiobooks with creole?

This may be a longshot question, but I am looking for books (and ideally audiobooks) with extensive and well-done use of English creole (eg Jamaican Patois, Sierra Leonian Krio, Gullah, etc) or Spanglish, as well as Haitian Creole, though I don't really speak it, and I'm open to other linguistic options. [more inside]
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Jealous? Moi? No way!

I recently met someone online and although we have not yet met, I'm feeling jealous because they asked to me wait while they finished off some side business. [more inside]
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Where to move in coastal US / possibly internationally?

After 28 years in snowy New England and finding a wonderful partner with SAD, I am seriously considering moving to a much warmer climate in the next couple of years. List of caveats below the fold: [more inside]
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What exciting things can I do with SharePoint?

I'm the SharePoint admin for a Scientific Affairs department, about thirty people. Half of our people are at our corporate headquarters, half are scattered around the globe. I feel like we have barely scratched the surface of what SharePoint can do, but I don't know how others use it. [more inside]
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Advice for turning one these unruly plants into my dream jade.

A friend gifted me a jade clipping 13 years ago and I since propagated 2 more plants. While I’ve loved and enjoyed them, I’ve never learned enough about proper pruning. I'd rather love to see them grow into shorter, more compact and fuller plants with thicker trunks. Is it too late for this?Perhaps I've let them go too far. Should I make new plants from cuttings? Or can I work with any of these? I like the 3rd the best. Jade Jade 2 Jade 3
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Irregular cycle, why?

What are plausible explanations for a short cycle in this instance? [more inside]
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February 22

Financially supporting my ex-spouse - what's fair?

Please help me come up with some ideas about what kind of spousal support is fair. I've been the primary breadwinner, but he has NOT been home with the kids. [more inside]
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But will we see a moose?

I am planning a road trip from NJ to Mackinac Island, Michigan the first weekend of August. We are thinking about taking the long way home and stopping off in Montreal. Here's the catch. I know nothing about Quebec or Montreal. Hope me? [more inside]
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Help for my struggling high schooler

How have you helped your high schoolers through the tough times? [more inside]
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What resources are there for internet/gaming addiction recovery?

A family friend needs help. Over the last few years he's been sinking more and more of his life into MMORPGs and internet time wasting. He's socially isolated -- no friends, low social skills. He was a pretty normal, fun kid up until about 15. He's in the midst of flunking out of his freshman year of college (after an in-between year spent similarly wasted). [more inside]
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Newsletters across the digital divide?

I need workflow suggestions for preparing one newsletter in a range of formats - HTML email, hard copy, large print, PDF (to be emailed and printed/distributed by the recipient). Can you recommend suggested software/services/workflows to make this process more seamless? [more inside]
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Find me these IKEA towels! (Only, not at IKEA).

I love slightly thinner, slightly scratchy bath towels. I have these towels from IKEA, and they're pretty much perfect in looks, size, and texture. I'd like another set, but for ~reasons, I'm not going to purchase them from IKEA. Can anyone recommend me similar ones? I've had no luck at Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, or Kohls--they're all too soft and fluffy. Happy to order online.
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Best Road Trip Destinations?

What are the best road trip paths/destinations leaving from the center of the United States towards. . .anywhere else? We're leaving from the Kansas City metro area. We don't know when, and obviously don't know where. We're open to suggestions, and need some help narrowing it all down. [more inside]
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Math problem: how many objects will fit into this glass jar

I am trying to work how many 5 gram objects can fit into a 3 litre jar. I struggle with conversions of grams to litres and finding the number of objects. Can someone show me how to mathematically work it out. My mind is blank. Thanks in advance :)
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What is the best way to transfer money from Mexico to the US?

I have a close friend (in Mexico) who bought a second-hand guitar from me. We are trying to figure out a good way for her to make payments to me (in the US). Paypal seems convenient. Western Union does this sort of thing, I think. Has anyone done the research to let us know how to do this with the least transaction fees/overhead? Maybe bank-to-bank transfer or something? [more inside]
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What should my girlfriend and I do in Copenhagen and Berlin?

My girlfriend and I are going to Copenhagen and Berlin for about a week each in mid-March and are looking for suggestions on things to do. [more inside]
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No spoilers please! In Stargate SG-1 how full of fighting and shooting is it? We've watched the original movie and the first (double) episode and we're wondering if it maintains this level of gunfire, explosions, and flailing bodies. Feel free to compare it to other sci-fi series, as we've likely seen them.
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What should I wear for business travel to Uruguay?

I am going to Uruguay (Montevideo) for business in April. I'll be meeting with government employees (civil servants, not politicians), NGO employees, and possibly NGO volunteers. I have many, many questions. [more inside]
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Can I eat it? Crocked Chickpeas edition.

Pretty basic. Tuesday or Wednesday of last week I crocked up a pound of dried chickpeas in the pot, put in the fridge immediately after. [more inside]
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Your Favorite Roguelike for IOS?

And why is it your favorite? [more inside]
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Negotiating land use terms in Ontario

I live in Ontario. A local farm agreed to let me fence off various sections of their 90+ acre farm to house some tamed, educational wildlife for my nonprofit. I want to build the enclosures this spring, but neither party has any idea how to negotiate the terms of land use and financial compensation. I am looking to rent or lease x acres for a minimum of one or two years. [more inside]
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Where to buy a new engagement ring setting in the SF Bay Area?

This diamond engagement ring turned out to be very uncomfortable to wear. I'd like to keep the diamond, and replace the engagement ring. Any recommendations for a shop in the SF Bay Area? Or generic advice on how to find such a shop? (More details...) [more inside]
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Raw chicken still within best-by date, is it still good to eat?

I purchased chicken thighs from a grocery store several days ago. They have a Best-By date that comes up 3 days from now, so according to the package they should still be good. They have been kept refrigerated (and chilled in the winter cold on the way home) and sealed in their original package. [more inside]
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Can you file travel insurance claim based on pending death of loved one?

Overseas travel set to start March 24. Travel insurance cautiously purchased at time of booking non-refundable air and hotel in November. And now ... [more inside]
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How/if to help a man who is homeless

A man living in his car at the park near my house refused my offer of $50 saying it would make him feel worse to accept money and that he is in touch with the council to access homeless services. I feel like he is my neighbour and it is playing on my mind that he is sleeping there in that situation. Can I at least offer to do some laundry for him, or ask him if there's some other practical way I can help (food? or something) or should I respect his dignity and mind my own business? [more inside]
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What is this style of design/writing called (and how do I do it)?

I feel like I've seen this kind of design and writing everywhere, and I'd like to emulate it for a personal project, but I'm not talented enough to figure it out on my own, and I don't know what to Google to find tutorials. Image link below. [more inside]
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I was rude to my neighbors and I'm not sure what to do.

I live on a dead end street and have had an ongoing issue with our across the street neighbors regarding plowing. Every couple of years, they plow snow from their driveway onto our yard. Every couple of years we address it with then, and every couple of years they play dumb, and then quit. The issue arose again this morning, but instead of apologizing, they got a little snotty and made some snide remarks. I used foul language in my response and stormed off, leaving my husband to talk to the neighbors. Now that I've got more distance, I feel horrible. I've been sick and I'm overtired but honestly I have no excuse and I was just rude. Should I go apologize? Should I bake them some cookies? Should I give it some time or go right away? Any advice appreciated.
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Libel on Facebook and Twitter - what can we do?

My partner's daughter's ex has posted false accusations on Facebook about him and they are being discussed on Twitter. YANOL but does anyone have any advice? The Police are involved but not doing much, Facebook have ruled it doesn't break their guidelines, and we've been told it would be too expensive to sue for defamation (this is in the UK). My partner is massively distressed and we don't know what to do and I don't know how to support him. [more inside]
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Reasonable Text Reposnse Time In Early Stage Dating

Assume you've recently started seeing someone, and it's been going well. If A texts B a day or two later with a proposal for the next date, what is a reasonable amount of time for B to respond? And more importantly, if a day or two goes by without response, what is the correct protocol? [more inside]
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The order health insurance claims are processed: does it matter?

I have some health insurance claims getting processed out of order and I'm wondering how this affects what I'll owe. I'm also wondering what happens when you go over your deductible with a claim rather than hitting it exactly (which must be what happens most of the time, since I doubt most people hit their deductible exactly). [more inside]
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Matag Gas Oven Won't Clean Completely

We have a Maytag Gas Range/Oven that is about four years old, and it seems that a large food-stuff that got in the vents to a place where we can't clean it. Every time we use the oven it smokes up the house, and sometimes there's even flame coming in the left rear vent. I can't figure out how to open the oven box up from either the inside or bottom, and so figure the only option is self-cleaning which hasn't worked. So, have we just not self-cleaned long enough? Or is there a way through to the burners so I can clean it by hand? [more inside]
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Suggestions for a gift for a young man achieving Eagle Scout?

Suggestions for a gift for a young man achieving Eagle Scout? [more inside]
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How bad is 'being on call' + how best to handle it?

I'm a mental health professional due to hear back about an interesting (but tough) job interview tomorrow. It's not 'in the bag' yet but there were indicators it went well. If offered I'd take it for various reasons. It would involve being on call every 10 days or so. I've never done this before. It didn't sound too bad until I realised that you are on call at night (may have to go to A and E/deal with suicide attempts etc) and then go to work as normal in the morning... [more inside]
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What should I name my barber/indian head massage/henna tattoo business?

My friend wants a name for her new business that includes barbering, Indian head massage and henna tattooing. She liked the names "Barber on a Bike" and "The Tonsorial Artist" but these are both taken. Any further suggestions? We are in the UK.
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My boyfriend "forgot" me and let his ex stay during the holiday with him

Please help me get over the bitterness towards my boyfriend’s actions. I am turning into a person I truly dislike, but I can’t get over myself and all the bad feelings this story brought up. I have been with my man for almost three years in a LDR. He is great in so many ways and I do love him. However, I have lost my trust and confidence in him that he will be a considerate and respectful man, and a partner to count on in the future. [more inside]
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Where can I get a drapey slipcover that fits my IKEA Ektorp sectional?

I have this white IKEA Ektorp sofa with chaise lounge and I want a big, drapey, cheap, washable slipcover to protect it from my dogs. I can't find anything that fits both the couch and the chaise part. Help? [more inside]
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Please help us be better at collaborative gaming

My partner and I are playing Borderlands 2 and World of Warcraft (WoW) together, which is great fun, but we are sort of terrible at combat. He's never done collaborative gaming (but has played a lot of Borderlands) and I haven't played games in years (but I used to play a lot of WoW). [more inside]
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"Sleep time" is coming.

I have an Alcatel One Touch. I had it for a few months, and then suddenly it started asking me every night at 10PM "Sleep time is coming, the phone will switch to Sleep mode. Do you want to change?" I must have accidentally activated this feature, and I want to turn it off. I've read the manual and Googled, but haven't been able to figure out a solution. Thanks!
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Can you help me with Epson Scan to Cloud. Do I need a PC/Mac?

I have a phone, a chromebook and a ipad. I need to print, occasionally I need to scan. I am looking at Epson with their "Scan to Cloud" system. It seems that I have to download software for mac or pc in order to register for "Epson Connect Printer Setup" . [more inside]
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In search of melliflous speakers reading other artists' short works

Inspired by hearing Reg E. Cathey reading Charles Mingus's instructions on cat toilet training, I am looking for other funny/touching/compelling recordings of people with interesting voices and styles reading short (under 10 minutes, roughly) pieces from other artists and writers. [more inside]
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Je ne sais pas "Haircut"

I'm going to Paris this week. I need a haircut. Something fashionable. I barely speak any French. Where should I go, and how do I handle the language barrier without leading to a terrible haircut or uncomfortable situation with the stylist?
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Restaurant/bar/sightseeing recommendations in Brooklyn NY?

Seeking recommendations for great food, bars, and any must-see sights in Brooklyn, NY. This is for a visit starting tomorrow. [more inside]
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How do I fix a bathtub hand shower head that is detached from faucet?

The hand shower head in my bathtub got yanked out of the wall somehow (pic of shower head, pic of fixture attached to wall tile). Is this something I can replace with any sort of hand-held shower head I find at a convenient Home Depot/Bed Bath & Beyond/etc? Or are there specs I need to know about the existing plumbing before I buy anything? [more inside]
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Engaged in vicious war with partner's identical twin. Break up now?

I live with my partner and their identical twin. The twin and I want to murder each other. One of us has to move out. My relationship is going well for now, but I can't guarantee it will last, and I don't want to come between them. On the other hand, this conflict is definitely the twin's fault, and my partner and I would not be breaking up this soon otherwise. Who should go: me or the twin? [more inside]
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Fix my life

It seems like there's something about my personality that doesn't inspire affection in other people or the desire to be around me more than once. This makes me feel sad because I like people, feel affection for them and want to be around them. What do I do now? [more inside]
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Developing entry-level employees

Looking for resources on developing entry-level/graduate employees. [more inside]
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Concise Companion Reader to Plato's Dialogues?

I'm currently doing and MA on Modern Philosophy but feel I need to address a gap in my knowledge of ancient greek philosophy. So I was looking for a good companion to guide me through reading, potentially all of, Plato's dialogues. Basically a book with a chapter on each dialogue discussing key points and insights of the dialogue, controversies and relating it to modern issues. Does such a book exist? [more inside]
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February 21

Bluetooth headset with replaceable batteries?

I'm looking for a Bluetooth headset for use with my Android phone and PC, for video chat, with good audio quality. Are any available that have user-replaceable batteries? I'm having trouble finding any that are still being made. [more inside]
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Help my SF itinerary

I have family coming to visit me here in the San Francisco vicinity and I need help putting together an itinerary including restaurants and such. Please help? [more inside]
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Who's birthdate is celebrated by the most people?

What person's given birthdate is the most commonly known and celebrated or honored throughout the world? besides Jesus on Dec. 25...... [more inside]
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How did booking a rail ticket work in the early 20th century?

Was a physical description necessary for early 20th century railway travel? I've been looking through a lot classifieds from around 1910, specifically the For Sale and Wanted ads (mostly in Oregon), and there are a lot of rail tickets listed. In the ads the people almost always specify what they look like. [more inside]
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Plus-sized clothing: how do I skirt?

I'm 45, female, fat, and pear-shaped (big hips, relatively little waist, big chest). Usually I wear trousers to work. I would like to wear more skirts (or dresses). Can you help me figure out what will flatter my figure? [more inside]
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What is Apollo Creed's trainer doing?

In the first Rocky movie, just before the fight, we see both Rocky and Apollo being prepped in their respective locker rooms. Rocky is having Vaseline put under his eyes and Apollo is sitting on his bench breathing deeply, with his trainer behind him holding his torso. There is another man (His corner man? A doctor?) sort of squatting in front of Creed with his hands in the vicinity of Creed's waistband. What is this preparation for? What are these guys doing? I've looked at different boxing sites and haven't seen anything helpful.
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Coping without having parents?

Coping without parents in your adult life? [more inside]
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How do you commission a custom desk?

I ride my bike on an indoor trainer in the winter and I would like to have a custom desk made to be able to work while I ride. [more inside]
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Websites about love and self-worth/knowledge/respect/etc

I really like this website and I was wondering if you can recommend similar ones. [more inside]
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This is a question about mortgage payment timing in Canada

What is the difference between making an overpayment [allowed once per year without penalty] and hanging onto that money until the mortgage is up for renewal? [more inside]
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From the mouths of babes...

I'm looking for instances of kids pointing out the hypocrisy of grownup society/adult etiquette, or questioning the reasoning of their elders. The funnier the anecdote, the better -- especially when the kid has a point. [more inside]
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Synchronizing a Spreadsheet to a Time Line

I am looking for a program that synchronizes movement through a timeline to identical times as successively displayed in a spreadsheet. Specifically, I want to play an audio file and as the file plays, I want unique elements in the audio file that I've identified at specific times to be highlighted in the spreadsheet. I want to show very detailed and subtle changes in B as they occur in A. Does anything like that exist or does it have to be built?
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I buy your granddad's tapes...where'd he used to store them?

I have many of my own cassettes from the 80s and 90s and I enjoy thrifting for them, too. How should I store them? [more inside]
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Something more interesting than :(){ :|:& };:

What are some fun, computationally intensive tasks for my new computer to do? [more inside]
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Ways to explain/illustrate the space-time continuum?

What are some good resources for helping to imagine/understand Einstein's concept of space and time as interdependent/related? I liked a lot of Brian Greene's visualization, though some of the shifting now-slice metaphor remained a bit opaque. Mention of experimental evidence would also be appreciated. [more inside]
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Welcome! I'll take you to room number... right across the street! XD

What are good inexpensive solutions for managing room bookings for a small inn for the technologically challenged? [more inside]
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Recommendation to prepare the paper-based TOEFL

Hello, I'll pass the paper-based TOEFL in a few months and I'm almost fluent in English so my main objective is to get a perfect or near-perfect score. I have learned English through immersion so I think that my main weakness is grammar mistake identification. Can you recommend me a book or some other resource to help me prepare for the test? Would the books aiming at preparing the internet-based be appropriate for the paper-based test? Thank you!
posted by lite at 1:48 PM PST - 1 comment

Negotiating to sell a twitter account.

I have a personal twitter account that's a pretty common two-word English phrase. Someone's contacted me asking about acquiring the name, to use for a brand new business with the same name. I'm looking for advice from people familiar with these negotiations. How do you evaluate the value of a twitter name, and what's a reasonable starting offer? [more inside]
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Is a sports bra necessary for women or is this a marketing ploy?

Do I really need to wear a sports bra when I exercise or is it fine to wear a regular bra with medium support /underwire? More inside... [more inside]
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The most minimal lamp?

I'm looking for a small minimalist lamp to use with a Philips Hue LED bulb (standard size light bulb). Maybe a skinny lamp like this, but a bit more narrow, not too tall, with a black shade? Or something else? The more minimalist, the better, but hopefully not cheap looking (though inexpensive is a plus!) [more inside]
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Escape from the pyramid of Dooom

I've seen a few silly shows recently (e.g. the film of "Mr Peabody and Sherman" and I think an episode of kids show "Bubble Guppies"), where our heroes have escaped from a pyramid full of traps in a boat which shoots out of the pyramid and lands on the sand. Does this have any basis in anything? [more inside]
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Activities and a place to eat in London for a 5 year old

I'm taking my son to London during the Easter school holidays, main activity is to visit the Natural History Museum. He loves dinosaurs, space and spicy food! Any thoughts on where else he'd love to visit? Any restaurants/cafes you can recommend? He loves all things spicy, current favourite food is Vietnamese Ca Ri Ga...
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Can you please help me identify this drawing?

I'd love to know more about this drawing. It seems to be an original ink drawing, but I can't identify it or find out more about the artist. [more inside]
posted by the webmistress at 12:08 PM PST - 7 comments

Struggling with infertile partner.

Please point me to resources that realistically discuss someone's desire to leave an infertile partner. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:27 AM PST - 13 comments

Critical Thinking

Does anyone know of some really good books on critical thinking? I have read some different books on the topic over the years but I find myself to be lacking in this area still. Are there excellent ones out there that anyone would care to recommend? Thank you in advance for your recommendations.
posted by nidora at 10:59 AM PST - 13 comments

What's the best way to play music from an external hard drive?

What's the best way to play music from an external hard drive? [more inside]
posted by zibra at 10:35 AM PST - 5 comments

Non-Tokyo/Non-Kyoto Japan

My family of three (including a two year old) are headed to Japan for 8 days beginning April 8. We've spent enough time in Tokyo and Kyoto in the past that we sort of want to do something different this time. Any thoughts? Please see the inside for our current thinking. [more inside]
posted by JPD at 10:15 AM PST - 12 comments

Overypayment of Taxes

How to record a federal and state overpayment of taxes in 2013 when that overpayment was applied to 2014 taxes. [more inside]
posted by spicynuts at 10:01 AM PST - 4 comments

Breathing and Swimming

I'm trying to get back into swimming for my own personal fitness, and it's tougher than I thought it'd be to pick it back up. I took a TON of swimming lessons as a kid/teenager, and so I'm finding it fairly easy to remember how to do the strokes themselves, but not easy at all to remember how to breathe and not hyperventilate while I'm doing front crawl, breaststroke, etc. Any tips from MeFi swimmers? [more inside]
posted by augustimagination at 10:00 AM PST - 22 comments

The life of the graphic designer?

What do you wish you would have known before becoming a graphic designer? Looking for possible career switch! [more inside]
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Who Made Those Great Little Freebie Maps (Chicago, Brooklyn, etc)

In 2010, coffeeshops and bookstores (etc.) gave away (for free) cool folded local maps on good, thick paper filled with tips for alterno/artisanal lesser-known shops/restaurants/cafes/bars. The drawing, production, and recommendations were all surprisingly good. There were editions for Chicago, Brooklyn, and, likely, elsewhere. I'm trying to figure out who made them, and whether they're still available. Help?
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Need Water-Proof Stainless Container-Like Necklace

So I have something written that I want to wear - so it needs to have a screw-off top, with a rubber/plastic ring to keep all moisture, dirt whatever out - it just needs to be about 1 inch or maybe even less - not heavy, and made from either stainless steel or sterling silver. Where can I find something like that - what is it called? Thank you!
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Quoting from an uncorrected proof

I'm writing a review of an as-yet-to-be-released novel and I'm not quite sure what my responsibilities are. There are a couple of small complications. [more inside]
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Networking experts: Why won't this device pull an IP address?

I'm following-up on this question that I posted in December. I now have two iHome iW2 AirPlay speakers that I want to use at work. The problem is that when I connect them to the LAN, they don't pull an IP address. [more inside]
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Can you make lace and rhinestone less itchy?

My wife has to wear a bridesmaid's dress that has lace and rhinestones in the neck, sleeve and shoulder area. She finds it quite itchy. Do you know a trick for making it less itchy? [more inside]
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February 20

Books or other media about feminism specifically for boys

My 15-year-old nephew has become interested in social movements, and as teenagers do, he's positioned himself against a few. I want him to have some facts that he can understand. Is there a book about feminism written specifically for boys? One that includes history plus arguments, both pro and con?
posted by goofyfoot at 9:19 PM PST - 20 comments

Professors: tips on working 9 hours a day, 7 days a week?

I'm an overworked tenure-track university professor at a research university. Halp! [more inside]
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What song is this?

In this youtube at 14:40, what waltz are they playing? In the story, it's being played three-hands-two-pianos (because the guy in the bear suit injured his right hand). Is that plausible?
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"In-network" means "out-of-network"? What a country!

Unbeknownst to me, my in-network-doctor sent my labs out-of-network. I just got the bill :( Now what? [more inside]
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So am I being a big old computer usage policy meany?

A direct report of mine complains of having a slow work laptop, but I noticed he was running BOINC, and I advised him to stop. He was working remotely today, and his computer was running flat out with the fan running at hand-dryer temperatures. At the end of the day, I opened it up, and saw he was running BOINC again, at 100% CPU load for his college computing team. Am I being a hopeless old fuddy-duddy in expecting him to cut that right out? [more inside]
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What are good options for replicating sunlight in my apartment?

My living room in my new apartment doesn't have windows, and right now it feels like a cave. I would appreciate suggestions for light fixtures/bulbs or other ways to light it so that it feels like it is lit with natural sunlight. [more inside]
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I just got a check for $10k. Can I keep it? YANAL.

A year ago, I was involved in a car accident that was not my fault. Now, in exchange for being released from any future liability for injuries relating to the accident, the other person's car insurance has issued a check directly to me. For $10k. This feels too good to be true--is it? [more inside]
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WWOOF Exchanges: What to expect?

I am very curious about WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) exchanges, as a prospective volunteer for short-term periods of time. Before I spend $40 to become a member, can anyone who has worked with WWOOF (either as a volunteer or as a host, but especially as a volunteer) shed light on what to expect? What to do versus what not to do? I'm in the US and will probably want to first consider locations here, but am by no means looking to rule out opportunities abroad! [more inside]
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How best to decline offer for interview?

Five weeks ago I sent a cover letter and resume to a job that I was interested in, I heard back from them today via e-mail asking when I was available for an interview. What is the best way to tell them I am no longer interested. For some reason I can't get beyond "Dear X, Thank you for reviewing my resume".
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You are not my doctor. Please hit me up with anecdata.

On my right wrist and the back of the same hand, I have a patch of red inflamed skin roughly the same size as a round cotton wool pad. I woke up with it (about 16 hours ago). Earlier this evening I drew around it with a marker to see whether it would spread further, and I think it has a tiny bit. [more inside]
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Should I cooperate in extending a patent?

Years ago, I worked as a programmer at a technology incubator owned by a bigger company. The company routinely filed patents on new ideas. Now one is up for renewal/extension and I've been asked to sign off on that but don't know if I want to cooperate. [more inside]
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What are your best GO TO resources as a gifted teacher?

I'm blessed to teach the GTD program in a well-resourced and supportive district. I have some budget funds left over for the year, and I'm really at a loss for how to spend it. I have the general materials I need to get through the year and into next year, so I'm looking for great resources, particularly ones based in project-based learning and/or common core instruction. I love teachers pay teachers as both a contributor but mostly a shopper. If it helps, I provide direct pull-out instruction to 3-5 graders in LA and math as well as more informal push-in instruction to K-2 classes, where I like to focus on critical thinking skills rather than a set content area.
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Looking for a specific MAD Magazine issue number

There's a MAD Magazine bit I remember from my childhood and I'd like to lay eyes on it again. It would possibly have been in the late 70s but more likely early 80s. [more inside]
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Is there a safe way to make lube smell better?

So, I ordered some lube online (Please Cream) and while it works fine, it doesn't smell the best. Is there anything I can add to it to make it smell better? [more inside]
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Addicted, Adopted and Felon

I have a 48 year old son who has been in and out of jail since 1988. He was just released in California with the passing of Prop 47, which not only let him out of jail early, it reduced his felony convictions to misdemeanors and removed his probation. Many may think that this is really great, however, now there are no services available to him for recovery. [more inside]
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What's the piano piece played in this movie scene?

In the 1958 B-picture "Murder By Contract," a woman plays the piano starting about 33 minutes in. Can you tell what she's playing? Clip inside! [more inside]
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How do I find this? Fish and habitat at a certain depth?

I'm trying to find out example of adaptations of marine fish that live at a certain depth and what that habitat looks like. But I'm not sure how to go about finding this information. I'm running into information overload where I don't know how to narrow this down. [more inside]
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"As long as I gaze on Waterloo sunset, I am in paradise..."

One of my favourite songs in the world is The Kinks' "Waterloo Sunset." I'd like your favourite songs about a city I've loved since childhood, good or ill: London. [more inside]
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Sci-Fi book where people switch their sex each year until 18?

Help me find a book where the characters switch between boy and girl each year and must decide as an adult which sex/gender they'll remain for the rest of their lives. [more inside]
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New and improved! Professional persona edition.

As it stands, I'm being groomed for a promotion that puts me on the 'managerial' side of the line. What steps can I take to reinvent my work persona in a way that encourages my peers to change their perception of me? Difficulty level - three years deep into the class clown act. [more inside]
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Planning to quit my job vs. giving up on my dream

I would like to devote myself to full time freelance illustration. I currently have an ok job, but my husband and I are tentatively planning on me quitting in the future so I can follow my dream. I realize not everyone gets to follow their dream though, and I worry it may be a Bad Decision. [more inside]
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Is it ethical for a psychiatrist to keep a diagnosis from a patient?

My young adult cousin is mentally ill. The exact diagnosis is unclear, but it's some combination of schizophrenia/psychosis, likely with some OCD & depression mixed in. I'm wondering if it's ethical that his psychiatrist hasn't told him his diagnosis and whether this suggests that the treatment he is receiving is subpar. [more inside]
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You CAN sit with us.

Growing up, my family moved every few years and I was constantly a "new kid" navigating unfamiliar social situations. Although as an adult I now have many great friendships, I have an almost compulsive desire to be inclusive and not exclude others. I have a pattern of befriending people who say they are lonely and then feeling responsible for making them not feel lonely. How can I be compassionate to lonely people without reliving my childhood anxiety? [more inside]
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Using mobile phones for office phones

I have a VERY small company. We are moving locations. We are going to switch from our PBX system -- as we've shrunk to a point where that makes no sense any more -- to each of us having direct lines on dedicated mobile phones. Can you lend me your ideas? Specific questions inside. [more inside]
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California unemployment now or later?

I just got laid off at work (position eliminated) and need to file for unemployment/EDD. Three complicating factors: Wedding, severance and a freelance gig. Need advice on timing. [more inside]
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songs like this, please!

Please recommend me some songs that sound like Work Song by Hozier, Retrograde by James Blake, and Fame as covered by Mefi's own chocoat. [more inside]
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what personal transportation device did i see someone riding?

i was riding the m15 bus up 1st avenue last week when i caught a glimpse of someone riding on what looked like a platform with a wheel underneath it. just one wheel, no handle bar or anything. [more inside]
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What is the Zenni Optical of things other than glasses?

Recently discovered and fell in love with Zenni Optical, and now I'm wondering if there are other things that are "best kept secrets" that provide incredible value. [more inside]
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Songs in the Key of Life - lyrics that reference birth?

With the birth of our second child (a girl) imminent, my wife and I are looking for songs to listen to during labor. Can you recommend happy, upbeat songs that reference being born or could be interpreted that way, even if they aren't directly about it? [more inside]
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Help me learn to love swimming

Due to some physical issues, it seems that the only form of cardio that doesn't cause pain is swimming. But I don't like being wet. Hope me! [more inside]
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How to adjust my weather station?

I need a help adjusting an analog weather station. [more inside]
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Moving out, roommate upset

Life happened, and I am moving out four months before my lease is up. My roommate doesn't want a subletter because she's studying for her board exams in the next month, and also refuses to pay to cover the vacancy. She also doesn't want to discuss in person with me ("I have to go"), has ignored my email contact, and is making the landlord play messenger boy. I don't have time to argue with this nonsense, but would like to minimize hard feelings, grudges, etc., since she is in the same small grad program as I am and will be my colleague for the next year or two. [more inside]
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Small Business Accountants in NYC?

I run a small law firm in New York City and need to find an accountant for the business to help with taxes, etc., but have no idea how to find a good one. Google brings back a bewildering number of results. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to go? Thanks for any advice anyone might have!
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"If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much."

New job has me working with one of our most high-profile and important clients, a multinational that has a significant Dutch history and employee base. What do I need to know about doing business with these Netherlanders?
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Cool rainbow effects! Wait...that shouldn't be there.

I have just built this pc. All drivers, os, and anything else updatable are current. I was watching some videos through youtube and noticed rainbow flashes along outlines of people. [more inside]
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which whisk which whisk which whisk which whisk which whisk which whisk

What is this magical measuring whisk, and what possible uses could it have beyond the extremely specific one we just saw? [more inside]
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How do I maximize my chances of getting Replacements tickets?

Tickets for the Replacements' Chicago shows go on sale at 10 AM CST. I'll be pounding away at my keyboard, but are there any tips or tricks to maximizing my chances to get tickets before they sell out?
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Asking a concierge to store a suitcase

I understand that a good tip (how much?) will be in order. How do I ask the concierge to store my bag, while offering the tip for the service? Do I tip up front or when I pick up the bag? Problem: I will have been a guest at the hotel for one night the week before, but not the night before asking for the storage. [more inside]
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I want to watch really calm things.

Give me super placid media to engage with. Relaxing, tranquil, serene. TV, movies, and video games are all fine. Some examples would be Bee and PuppyCat, anything by Studio Ghibli and Knytt respectively. To be clear, however: I don't want stuff I can engage with mindlessly. I want stuff that I can pay attention to and follow along with and are interesting or humorous or even a teeny bit dramatic, but which are pleasurably slow-paced. [more inside]
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Books for my snowflaky boy

My 9 year-old son is an advanced reader (F & P level U/V) but on the immature side. I'm having trouble finding books for him. He doesn't like fantasy, which eliminates a huge percentage of what's out there. He loves graphic novels but can't read just those. He's liked Wonder, Roald Dahl, and a few historical fiction books, as examples. Books at his reading level are often beyond his emotional level, so he's reading without really comprehending. Any ideas for my boy? Thank you!
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a quick one

In a sentence (or less), when it's late at night, you can't fall asleep, and your thoughts begin to spiral out of control, how do you comfort yourself?
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February 19

What smartphone would you buy?

I'm a newbie to smart phones and want to buy the best one I can while avoiding pitfalls. I don't even know what I don't know about them, enlighten me please! [more inside]
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Medieval helicopter gets a surprising number of hits, and yet....

About 20 years ago in some display in the Air and Space museum in the Smithsonian, there was a reproduction of a medieval woodcut or silverpoint drawing of a boy with a toy helicopter. The helicopter's propeller was a cork and some feathers, and it was powered by a bowed piece of wood and a bit of string. The style of the art and the boy's hat scream Albrecht Dürer (a la his 1484 self portrait) but I don't think it was him. Can anyone help me track this bit of historic trivia down?
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Can anyone give me advice on how to get a possible artifact identified.

I was given this artifact?, and am now trying to figure out how to identify what it is. [more inside]
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The title of the book woulda been the title of this question...

This is probably ways too long of a shot here, but I need help remembering the title of any book in this series. It's been bugging me for days...very sketchy details inside! [more inside]
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Where is this Spanish Civil War clip art from?

My grandpa did an album about his time in the Spanish Civil War, and the liner notes (PDF) utilize five pieces of clip art. I'd like to know where the clip art came from. [more inside]
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Book Recommendations, Please!

Please help me find some new reading material! [more inside]
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Mr. Wheezy Cat

Lord Conrad Blackcat (8 or 9) has a very, very loud wheeze, which started last November. It's sort of disturbing to hear. [more inside]
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Electronic music artists who don't sample other peoples' music?

I'd like to discover more electronic music artists who rarely sample other peoples' songs, and instead prefer to use their own samples, synthesizers, and synthesized instruments. One such artist is Tipper; another is Bonobo, who I recently discovered. What are some others? How common is this kind of artist? [more inside]
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Grandma, you are my negative role model.

My grandmother has always been a difficult person to love, or even to like. I feel obligated to continue a relationship with her, partly out of a sense of pity for a lonely person approaching the end of life, and partly because it will spare my parents from having to deal with the emotional fallout of the end of our relationship. Is it even possible to have a relationship with a relative based on feelings like these, and if so, how should I go about it? [more inside]
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Games like xcom but without the fighting

I love playing xcom (both the original and new version), but mainly enjoy the strategy while at the base and globe, and not the fighting. I'm looking for games which have a similar feel without the combat. [more inside]
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Let go of the company or keep the company?

Started a new company with my partner based on an idea that I had. But now im giving it up to help build up my other company and I need some advice. [more inside]
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can berries give your baby hepatitis A?

i have a question regarding imported food product into australia. it is not to be critical of any process or culture, i just want some factual answers. the stuff i think i know: is it possible that a person (although immunized against hep A) could handle or eat food product that is contaminated with the virus, and in the interim get pregnant, and cause some harm to the baby? to put it another way, would the baby be immunized because the mother is immunized? [more inside]
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Sources for custom-made Indian clothing for women (in the US)

I want to have some kurtas and/or salwar kameez made and haven't had much luck figuring out a source. I'm in NYC and a local source would be fine, but I'd be willing to do something like eShakti. I know there are lots of stores that sell this stuff, but most of it is in colors/patterns that are too bright and made out of non-natural fabrics. Basically I'm looking for cool, shady, long-sleeved summer clothes in natural fibers, so any other non-Indian sources would be welcome, too.
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Please Help Me Think Of 40 Love Songs and How Should I Package Them?

Mr. Westridge's 40th birthday is coming up. I have decided to give him 40 of something every day for the forty days leading up to his actual birthday. One thing I want to give him is a collection of 40 love songs but I'm running out of ideas for songs. Also what would be the best way to gather all these songs together and present them? [more inside]
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Getting my first cell phone. What should I know?

I'm 35 years old and thinking of getting a cell phone for the first time when I move from Farmington to Portland, Maine. I've avoided cell phones all my life; I hate the idea of being accessible all the time. Nevertheless, I think it's time. [more inside]
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Help me archive email from a GMail account on an ongoing basis

I'd like to export past and future emails received by a pair of GMail accounts to my own local disk, or some other (non-Google) archiving solution. I'd like to do this automatically and regularly, with minimal intervention, without adding these accounts to my primary mail client. Hope me? [more inside]
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How do I win this dog's trust?

I just started doing contract work in a small office a few times a week, and one of my co-workers brings her adorable Australian Shepherd (~1 year old) on Tuesdays. From day one, this dog has been very threatened by my presence, and unless she is restrained, she will attack me whenever I walk across the office. Are there any things I can try to help ease this awkward situation? [more inside]
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Practical alternatives to weightlifting?

I'd like to become physically stronger. I've tried weightlifting, but I have trouble staying interested in repetitive tasks without a practical, tangible goal ("get muscles" is a goal, I guess, but somehow it's not enough to keep me focused). What are some practical, everyday, hobby-like activities I can get interested in that might help me become stronger? [more inside]
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Probability distributions and their practical applications

I am looking for a resource that lists probability distributions and their common real-world applications. For example, I'd expect to see: Lognormal - daily returns in the stock market. Poisson - failure rates for mechanical equipment, ... [more inside]
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Russia invades the Baltic States - then what?

Looking for incisive, detailed and realistic analysis of what may happen if Russia invades the Baltic States - Estonia, Latvia and/or Lithuania. While this is suggested as a possibility, I can't find quality analysis of what happens - or is likely to happen - in this scenario. [more inside]
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To ad or not to ad, that is the question

Do you know of any articles, case studies or research on how to decide, in practical terms, to go ad-free and just take donations (or use other monetization strategies)? I am also interested in articles, case studies, and other data on best practices for a) getting more donations and b) asking people to whitelist my sites on their adblocking software. [more inside]
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IP address not changing when using VPN

I'm using a VPN but why does my IP address remain unchanged? [more inside]
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FAFSA--Do I report loan assistance

Parents helped pay off a student loan this past year. Does this need to be reported on a student's FAFSA? [more inside]
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The rose tinted glasses of tourism...some book recommendations

I am always facinated by how tourists perceive the lands to which the with visit with rose-tinted glasses...The people are seen as friendlier, the food is nicer, the sights are more interesting, the natives seem more cultured, the transport seems better and even the Coca-Cola tastes nicer. [more inside]
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Can I remove paint up to a line

So, I want to strip some (matt emulsion) paint off my (plaster) bathroom walls so that I can apply tiles to that section. But! I don't want to have to re-paint the whole room, so I only want to strip the paint up to a straight line where the tiles will end. [more inside]
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I want to turn a PC / tablet into a timeclock. How do I do this?

I want to use a PC or tablet for one single application - to go to a website where someone logs in with their account, "clocks in", and then logs out. That's it. (Snowflakes...) [more inside]
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Great town with a low cost of living?

After years of trying to make my freelance writer's salary stretch to fit my California budget, I'm ready to admit defeat and move somewhere cheaper. Unfortunately, I have no idea where to go. All I want is a high quality of life with a low cost of living. No problem, right? [more inside]
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Birthday Present? Graduation Present? Birthday-Graduation Present?

My youngest sister is graduating high school on her nineteenth birthday. Gift ideas needed! [more inside]
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Eye surgery experiences and painkiller advice needed.

I have Salzmann's Nodular Degeneration. My worst nightmare is happening, and I will soon (two weeks) be getting surgery in which my cornea will be sliced open (with a blade) while I lie there, fully awake. Help me freak out less. [more inside]
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Why do I owe so much in taxes?

I made less than 30K last year and owe almost 2K in taxes (federal and state). What gives? I'm guessing this is a problem with withholding from multiple jobs but I don't understand what exactly happened or how to fix it. Please use small words. [more inside]
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Looking for soap suitable for very frequent washing

My partner needs to wash pretty frequently for work, and it dries her skin out. I'm looking for a type of soap (ideally block rather than plastic bottle) which will reduce her need to moisturise. Anyone got any tips?
posted by anonymous at 9:44 AM PST - 17 comments

What happens when you have melanoma?

Someone very close to me was diagnosed with early stage melanoma. What now? [more inside]
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Still my beating heart

I have a very fast heart rate while exercising: 160 or so at a brisk walk; 190 at a light jog; over 200 with more strenuous exercises. I am out of shape right now and have never been in athlete condition, but I have also never been sedentary (bike commuted 10 miles each day up until an injury last year, garden, walk my dog two miles a day, etc.), and my heart rate went just as high when I was in better shape. [more inside]
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Academic paper: Ethics of reviewer requesting added references

I would welcome some opinions on the ethics of a reviewer for an academic paper and potential ways to address a problem with a request to add inappropriate references. [more inside]
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Help me find the best women's pants for my (not very formal) work.

High enough waist that they won't sag, comfortable, slim legs, cut to fit a curvy body, professional-ish - do these exist? [more inside]
posted by mai at 9:27 AM PST - 16 comments

The problem is, I want to hug all the world's dogs.

How can I figure out what dog I want to adopt, when it's so hard for me to meet with them? [more inside]
posted by meese at 9:23 AM PST - 16 comments

Help me pretty my post-pneumonia hair

I had a really bad bout of pneumonia in December, spent ten days in the hospital. Meanwhile my hair does its thing. [more inside]
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Basic graphic design question, creating an online survey

I need to learn how to make data pretty. I have been tasked with two projects. The first is to create an online survey using checkbox.com. First, I apologize if these questions are very basic. I need a bootcamp in health communications, so if you have any tips or resources, please share. [more inside]
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The amount of autistic people in the United States

If autism is diagnosed in 1 of 68 children, and there are 381 million people in the country, can I use these two facts to find out how many people in the US are autistic?
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All I do is ask cat questions! Litter Box edition

Mrs Binkleton and Crocket Man are new roommates. Everything seems to be going as well as it can I guess, but there's a litter box dilemma, but I'm not sure if it's in my head! [more inside]
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Which library will give me access to the best ebook collection?

Specifically I am looking for libraries that will give me a library card as a non-resident, without having to show up to that library in person. I find that my local libraries don't always have the books that I'm interested in, so I figured if I cast a wider net I'd get a better selection of ebooks. [more inside]
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My Internet Connection Hates Me

So this is a weird one - on occasion, my own computer loses connection to my WiFi signal - whereas my roommate, who sometimes is logged on to the same network via the same signal and sometimes IN THE SAME ROOM - does NOT. Please suggest where I should look to start diagnosing the problem. [more inside]
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sweet tooth I get. bluetooth not so much

How do you use a bluetooth keyboard efficiently? [more inside]
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Keeping a site free but setting up donations

I manage my writer friend's site where he puts up (not otherwise published) longform articles for free. Film criticism, fiction and articles about literature and philosophy, close to 500 entries. Due to his ethics he is against marketing or monetising and only now after some years we are investigating donations (definitely not monetising). Is this feasible, and how do I not get this wrong? [more inside]
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Toddling through DC

I would like to take my family (husband, myself, toddler under 2) to visit my brother in DC this spring. Help us make it work! [more inside]
posted by jillithd at 6:45 AM PST - 15 comments

60s documentary on living in the mountains of Alaskan/Canada with family

Im almost positive I watched a documentary, linked on the blue, about a family living in the woods in an idyllic rural part of either Canada or Alaska. I cannot for the life of me find it, but I'll bet you can help me! [more inside]
posted by andromache at 5:58 AM PST - 7 comments

What should I name my company?

So I'm slowly building a company (audio and music software), and I'm starting to look at company name and branding. Naming is really hard. [more inside]
posted by hanoixan at 4:31 AM PST - 18 comments

"What's the Matter with Kids Today?"

I'm looking for quotes that express one generation's frustration with the next. [more inside]
posted by ElaineMc at 3:53 AM PST - 21 comments

Songs With Animal Samples

Something about the lion's roar at the beginning of the Pet Shop Boys' cover of Always on my Mind really gets me. What other songs use animal sounds to great effect? [more inside]
posted by Rinku at 1:02 AM PST - 35 comments

Switching US visas over

YANM(Immigration)L: Is it possible to switch from an US student F-1 Visa to a tourist B1/2 Visa without having to travel far from or out of the US? And what's the deal with my OPT and my visa sticker? [more inside]
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February 18

Is it safe to buy DitropanXL over the internet?

I'm on Ditropan (Oxybutynin); I have a prescription. I'd like to try DitropanXL but the pharmacist I spoke to said it's not available in Australia. Really? If that's true, it looks like I can buy it online - is this legit? Thanks! [more inside]
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What, Me Worry?

I tend to obsessively brood about things -- usually frustrations or conflicts at work -- and I want to know how to leave that alone so I am not stressed out all the time thinking through situations I can do nothing to solve. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:32 PM PST - 13 comments

What are some clothing brands for tiny people?

XS is frequently too large on me - where should I try to shop? [more inside]
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Honey smoked honey

I've been gifted a small jar of this smoked honey, and I want to cook or bake or roast something with it. I need recipes that 1) really let the taste of honey shine, and 2) would specifically also benefit from a smoky taste. And I only have a four-ounce jar, so I guess I need recipes that 3) don't require a ton of honey.
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How to Maximize the Chances of a Job with Work Visa Sponsorship

I have a friend who's been looking for a job in mental health for over two years. She can get interviews but employers balk at having to sponsor her for a work visa. Any ideas on how to overcome this huge barrier? [more inside]
posted by jcatus at 9:05 PM PST - 3 comments

What is the right way to use fonts in design projects?

I was looking for a comprehensive resource that would explain the correct way of using a designer typeface in a project (for a small company or even a multi-national one). How do we buy it, what kind of usage rights can we obtain, how would a typeface designer even know that one of their fonts was illegally used, ... Basically everything in terms of our rights and the designer rights.
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Finding/decorating a festive and warm rickshaw/art-car thing in NYC?

My mom just had bunion surgery on her foot. We have joked about carrying her around on a palanquin built for a queen--piled high with cushions, carried by servants feeding her peeled grapes--and I want to make a variation of this happen! This Saturday. I have about 4 friends to help, am already dreaming about props and costumes, and am ready to shell out some dough if needed for an epic surprise. Challenges: it's 25 degrees in NY. A carriage ride seems touristy and not that over-the-top. I want to surprise her and spoil her and make her laugh.
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Family Puerto Rico trip on short notice

We (my husband, me, 4 year old kid) are thinking of going to Puerto Rico for a week in early-mid March. We know almost nothing except that we want to not be cold for a few days. Where do we start? Is this a good idea or is the snow affecting our judgement? So many questions. [more inside]
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Get all updates through end-of-life on fresh installation of Office 2003

I just replaced my dying laptop with a new (Windows 7) one, and pulled out my old Office 2003 disc. After I got it installed and activated, I realized Windows Update didn't pull down any updates for it. I understand that MS stopped supporting this software, and that there won't be any new patches or updates from April 2014 on, but I'd like to be up-to-date with everything published through 4/2014. Anyone know how to do that? Thanks! [more inside]
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DC Restaurant Rec

Can you suggest a Washington DC restaurant for us? [more inside]
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Help me find a gluten free option for this recipe

Calling all gluten free bakers to find the best alternative to my tried and true fortune cookie recipe [more inside]
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Not Harry and David

Where in the Houston, TX area can my sister call to have a food and wine gift basket delivered to a new single mom? She is looking to avoid a basket of almonds and spicy mustard. She is hoping more for fruit, crackers, wine, and possibly prepared foods that could be frozen. She is in New York, so again, delivery: 75-100$ range.
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What should I expect at my first acupuncture session?

I won't get into the whole story, but a doctor who I trust recommended acupuncture to help with the horrible muscle spasms I'm having in my neck. My first appointment is Friday. I've never had acupuncture before so I'm not really sure what to expect. Can you tell me what it will be like? All I know is that I'll be stuck with needles. I'm not nervous per se, but I would like to feel prepared.
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Help me assuage my first world consumer guilt!

I'm looking for a pair of earbuds that weren't made by sad children in dark factories, but I don't know 1) if such a thing exists or 2) the google search terms I should be using. [more inside]
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>man grep

I’m trying to write a short shell script for Mac OS X that will disable CoreStorage. To do this I need to capture the first Logical Volume UUID (lvUUID) from the output of "diskutil cs list" and use it in an ensuing command. I am having trouble though and it seems to be a simple issue with grep. Obviously still pretty new to the command line. [more inside]
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YA Novel set in the UK

I'm looking for a YA novel set in the UK centered around a group of girlfriends. Two of the girlfriends realize that they are attracted to one another, one of whom (I think), is pregnant. There is a scene where one of them plays the cello in the nude. Searching for this with what I remember brings up some (expected, I suppose) racy results when all I really want to do is find this book! Any idea?
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Is this a good deal for old cast iron pans in need of some TLC?

Inspired by reading this post regarding acquiring and restoring old cast iron pans, I thought I'd check my local Craigslist for deals. And I might have found one! [more inside]
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How can I search this list more effectively

Pennsylvania's malt beverage registration page lists every beer sold in the state. But it breaks up the page into groups of 25 so that I can't see the entire list in one place. It allows me to search individual brand names and manufacturers, but not BC#. Got any clues on how I can extract the info? [more inside]
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How to make a social media buffet.

I want to make a website whose only content is the continuously updating feeds from about 20 public facebook pages and 20 twitter feeds. How do I do it? [more inside]
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The other shore looks nice, but the bridge makes my skin crawl

People on AskMe often ask how to develop their social skills. I have an even more remedial question: why I should bother to develop my social skills? (Or: how can I do so without resenting every moment of it?) [more inside]
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Eyebrow Embroidery in the DMV or Northeast Cost?

Where can someone get eyebrow embroidery (not eyebrow tattoo) in ideally the DC/MD/VA area or on the Northeast cost? [more inside]
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Help identify the music from the Marshmallow Test video

We're trying to create our own version of this video, and would like to use the same music. But I don't know what it is. Tried Shazam, but no luck.
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Alphabet Soup (IT Edition)

What is the Gold Star Cert these day? [more inside]
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Potty training 3.5 year old son - Why is going number 2 not clicking?

Just recently, I did "potty training bottcamp" for an entire week at my house and successfully pee-trained my 3.5 year old son. But he REFUSES to go #2, but doesn't hold it. I'm cleaning up crappy underwear a few times a day. Helpful tips/guidance/encouragement needed! [more inside]
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I don't want to hear it

I have a hard time tuning out loud strangers in some situations. These aren't places I want to be wearing headphones. How can I get better at tuning them out? [more inside]
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Diapergeddon 2015

Why do my baby's diapers breakdown at daycare but not everywhere else? [more inside]
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Vietnam Tourism For (US) Veterans

My Vietnam Veteran (US) relative wants to tour Vietnam. Help me find tours, companies, and experiences that will respect his experience, while also respecting Vietnam today, and the legacy of the war. [more inside]
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What app will help me learn rudimentary Japanese?

I am planning to take a trip to Japan sometime this summer and I'd like to brush up on my very rudimentary Japanese before going. Is there a good app I can use? [more inside]
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Where would I buy an old military submarine? And are there guys who do?

I need information on - forgive me - the subculture of private submarine enthusiasts. Specifically guys who own old military ones. Who buys and own old U571s and such? Where do they get them? Auctions? Is it legal to own one? What are the parameters on this sort of thing?
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Youtube failing in Firefox?

Firefox is not loading youtube video for me. I've tried many things (see inside for what I've tried). I am utterly stumped. [more inside]
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Demographic Changes in the Eastern Orthodox Church in the USA?

When I was growing up, in the seventies and eighties, Eastern Orthodoxy was pretty much an ethno-faith. That is, to be Orthodox was to be Greek, or Ukrainian or Russian or any of the historically orthodox nationalities who had immigrated to this country, along with a few outsiders who had married into the faith. Nowadays, however, things have changed . . . [more inside]
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To which other vocalists should I be listening?

I recently took up the ukulele, and have been doing well enough that I'm ready to start recording a few of the songs I've learned. A few of my friends have pointed out some interesting things about my voice, and I'd like to explore this a little more as a listener. [more inside]
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Flu shot injury- file a claim?

I have burstitis from a flu shot I got in fall 2014. Is it worth it to file a claim with the National Vaccine Injury Trust Fund? [more inside]
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Need to ID and replace a battery charger

What type of charger is this and where can I buy a replacement? It's for a Ni-MH battery (DC1.2V / 2000mAH) that comes with this now-discontinued Brio toy train.
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High-prescription eyeglasses online (personal experiences appreciated!)

I have higher-than-average myopia (close to -7). I notice most online eyeglasses makers tend to charge extra for my prescription, which is not a dealbreaker, but makes me wonder whether they are the best option for me. Do you have any personal experiences with online eyeglass orders for high prescriptions? Any input appreciated. Again, cost is not the only factor for me; I'd rather have a robust frame that lasts than a cheap one that doesn't. [more inside]
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New nurse

About to start BSN but I am very scared. All I hear everyday is how this will drain me of all energy, I will be tired all the time and this is a bad proffesion. is this true? Do you regret becoming a BSN nurse?
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Day 1 Blogging

Help me set-up my first personal site in under 24 hours. [more inside]
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hair products filter! Help me find cheaper alternatives!

I've been using aveda's flaxseed control paste for the last couple of years and really love this product. It's however, just a little bit expensive, especially when I get the same amount of product for 1/3 of the price at the drugstore. What are some other similar products out there that are cheaper that I should try? [more inside]
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Car man hates person man. They have a fight, car wins.

Asking for fiction: this question involves no real people at all. What would happen to a person who gets their leg pinned between a revving car and a building? How long would it take for such an injury to heal? [more inside]
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Do I need to re-tip?

Simple question! Got hair done, wasn't thrilled with results, stylist wasn't thrilled with results either, and I'm going back today to have it fixed for free. But do I need to re-tip!? [more inside]
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LinkedIn-profile input needed

Ok, so I would benefit from some sensible critique on my LinkedIn-profile. I'm new to the US workmarket and updated my profile according to the many (many) good advice that fills up my LinkedIn-feed. But I still feel as if I'm missing something. My upbringing makes it difficult for me to "toot my own horn", as they say. Please point out glaring mistakes, omissions and lost buzzwords! [more inside]
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Help me choose a passage from a Shakespeare play for a short film?

I am working on a short (4-minute) film that is set at a performance of Shakespeare in the Park. As part of the film one of the characters (an actor) will be on stage, acting out a short portion from a play. I need to choose what passage the actor will be performing. Help? [more inside]
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Do you have a jewelry organization scheme that works?

I have a relatively small (but growing) collection of jewelry that's currently being stored haphazardly across a range of hooks, pouches, boxes and drawers. Various big plans (set out all the necklaces nicely in this place here) have fallen by the wayside in the hustle-and-bustle of working life. If you're a naturally untidy/ absentminded person, have you found a storage system that keeps your jewelry safe, accessible and in good condition, but that's easy and low-maintenance enough to keep in practice? [more inside]
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How did they do it? Digital art edition

I am wondering what software program(s) might have been used to create images such as this (link to illustrator Noah Z. Jones's website) or these (link to the Fishcakes Etsy store). These are colorful, cartoony, line-drawing illustrations. [more inside]
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How do I learn to fully appreciate classical music?

I have recently become fascinated by Beethoven’s 9th, 8th and 5th symphonies, partly because I am familiar with some of the historical/philosophical context. I study and am familiar with the history of modern European philosophy (including Enlightenment philosophy and German Idealism) which I suspect could give me a beneficial entryway into the world of classical music. Can anyone recommend a method or approach to appreciating classical music more? Does anyone have suggestions for the best pieces and composers to set out with?
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Notice - Landlord to tenant on a periodic tenancy (England)

Am I correct in thinking that our landlord is required to give us 2 months' notice if they want us to leave the flat we are renting under a (now) periodic tenancy? I'm in London. [more inside]
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Whom should I ask for letters of recommendation?

I am applying for a summer program with NASA and need two letters of recommendation: one from an academic source, the other from a previous employer or mentor. All of my options are not great. Whom should I ask? Descriptions inside. [more inside]
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Recommend Image Archive Alternatives to Flickr?

Flickr used to be my go-to site for getting free images to use in classroom powerpoints. Even with a lot of spam, you could search and find nice images, especially diagrams and non-photo visuals, quite effectively. Now it has even MORE spammy photos and the search function feels more inadequate and the site seems a whole lot *slower*. Are there good alternative archive sites I could turn to instead? (I've already tried Google and Bing Image search - they're OK, but a bit too noisy as well) Thanks for any tips!
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Health insurance question

I got a job! But my health insurance doesn't start until August 1, and my current coverage runs out on May 31 - and there is no COBRA option. What do I do? [more inside]
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How to support myself while supporting my transitioning spouse?

Looking for emotional guidance while my spouse goes through gender reassignment. [more inside]
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February 17

Help me remember a fantasy novel from the 90s

Help me remember a fantasy novel from the 90s. Should have been available in paperback form around 1996. [more inside]
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how to learn to find the beat in a waltz

I just started learning to waltz (yay!) and my biggest problem is finding the beat. So far, I can only stay on beat for songs like this Shostakovich waltz no. 2 where there is a dedicated instrument playing all three beats. Give me something like the first minute of this Waltz of the Flowers and I'm totally lost. How does one learn to stay on beat when waltzing?
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Oh, Give me a Home.....(actually, a vaca)

Help me find the perfect "Dude and Dudette" Ranch for my children and me for an awesome summer vacation.. [more inside]
posted by pearlybob at 6:42 PM PST - 9 comments

Trailer/RV living in Ventura?

I am trying to help my brother, who currently lives in the back of his truck, find a new "home". I am thinking that if I were to purchase him a very modest camper (like less than $2000) he could maybe find a cheap spot to park it and live? [more inside]
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Disclaimer for offensive images?

What's the best way to phrase a click-through disclaimer on my website? [more inside]
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Chicago Pub Trivia Friday night's

What options are there for live trivia in Chicago on Friday nights? [more inside]
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Dark chocolate for heart health - Hershey's Cocoa 100% cocoa a good fit?

Heart attacks in my past, take my half aspirin every day, eat good-guy fats, no junk food, blah blah blah, etc and etc. I know that dark chocolate is supposed to be good also but I absolutely can *not* have sweetened dark chocolate in my home even overnight -- no willpower in the face of sweetened dark chocolate, like none. Zero. Zip. Zed. [more inside]
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Anything is possible

What is the word/phrase Ami and Yumi say at the beginning of nearly every episode of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Show? It sounds like "soo-tah-toe," phonetically. DOT Jr. is a huge fan, so in our household, this is a question of some importance. As seen in this clip.
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How strict are residency requirements for getting a divorce in NY?

I am about to start a divorce process. I was in NY for couple of year and got my marriage certificate from NYC clerk. As part of separation I moved to NJ last October. Now, as I start the divorce process, I am wondering how strict are the courts about residency requirement. [more inside]
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Short film at the Hirshhorn about gluttony

What is the name, who is the director, and is this film available? [more inside]
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How did toilet cruising work?

I was reading an gay travel guide from 1980, and it reminded me that I've never understood the mechanics of the toilet pick-up. One of the notable features of the guide is that among all the bars and bathhouses listed, many locations also suggest cruising toilets. This seems so inherently sketchy. How would you know when it was safe to signal to somebody? Don't you run the constant risk of an embarrassing and dangerous confrontation? Do you actually have sex in the bathroom, or is a rendezvous point? And given that these locations are so well established that they appear in a travel guide, wouldn't they be easy pickings for the police? [more inside]
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Would a SAD light box help my medication resistant depression?

Would a SAD light box help my medication resistant depression? (details within) [more inside]
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Pursuing a career out of thin air

I am profoundly stuck trying to figure out if there is a career that can fit my needs after a unique medical/existential history. I am in my late 30s, and spent most of my life having surreal dissociative epileptic seizures, but not realizing the cause. The nature of the seizures were such that I assumed the world was not real in any way. So despite a great education, I have not prioritized or conceptualized work or career in any sense, and simply bounced from thing to thing without caring, as long as I could feed and house myself in very basic ways. Now that I know what was up all these years, I have no idea how to move forward. Any potential ideas, dear MeFites? [more inside]
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Looking for gore-free, non-explicit movies, shows, book suggestions

Horrors, psychological thrillers, mysteries, etc. Please no vampires, werewolves, or high fantasy, but mega points for ghosts and hauntings!! [more inside]
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Safe(r), effective, non eardrum destroying headphones for bikes?

Has bicycling earphone technology advanced since these old threads? [more inside]
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Easy ukulele song for an absolute beginner?

Looking for an easy song to learn on the ukulele. I love old jazz and swing from the 20s-40s so I'm especially looking for suggestions from that genre if possible! [more inside]
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Buying guide needed: dinnerware edition

I'm looking to buy new everyday dishes and I don't know how to find something I'll be happy with. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe is easy, since most tell you that right up front. But I also want dishes that are resistant to chipping, even if clattered around a bit, and ones that don't show knife/tool marks readily. I gather I want stoneware rather than earthenware, but are there specific features, or price points, I should be seeking? Any advice you can offer would be much appreciated.
posted by DrGail at 12:32 PM PST - 47 comments

Spray foam insulation in existing construction--yea or nay?

As a way of remediating our ongoing ice dam/roof leak/no bathroom ceiling woes, we're looking at getting spray foam insulation in the roof. I know a lot of people love it, but my contractor (who is not my spray foam guy) hates it--and thinks its a good way to get your roof to rot. What's the straight dope? [more inside]
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Finding all performances of a particular piece

Is there a website where I can find all scheduled US performances of a given orchestral or choral piece? [more inside]
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Being disciplined vs. not forcing it?

These days all the literature on creativity/productivity emphasizes routines and unromantic workmanlike discipline. Forget inspiration and "just do it!" But more often than not, when I put my butt in the chair to get down to business… Nothing. Happens. [more inside]
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Cross-country move with small cargo trailer: terrible or great idea?

My wife and I are moving cross country from Denver to Orlando, FL. We have two cars and a 1400 sq. ft. house full of furniture and stuff. We have looked into renting trucks and ABF U-pack and they all seem prohibitively expensive, eg. in the few thousand dollar range. Plus, if we rent a truck we have to trailer our other car. Our latest idea is to rent a small U-haul trailer, get rid of A LOT of our stuff, and trailer out there what we need in two or three trips. We have until about June 1st to be completely moved. However, the U-Haul trailers are heavy --about 1000 lbs-- and our car can only tow 1500lbs (2014 Subaru Crosstrek). This doesn't leave much room for things. Our latest idea is to buy a second-hand cargo trailer, about 5x8 ft, for $1500 or so, and use that. The trailers we have looked at weigh more like 700lbs. Then, when we are done with the trailer, we can sell it at a small loss. Is this a terrible idea? Has anyone pulled a trailer with such a small car? How much stuff can we carry and not exceed our 800lb limit?
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Should I cancel this job interview?

I am looking for a job, desperately, as I'm going to be laid off and I just booked an interview, which would be cool except I'm not positive I can physically handle the work. [more inside]
posted by WeekendJen at 12:21 PM PST - 17 comments

Clothes similar to White House Black Market?

What are some other stores or clothing lines like White House Black Market? [more inside]
posted by lemonade at 11:45 AM PST - 10 comments

How to find out who really owns a domain name?

Asking for a friend... A few years ago I registered $MY_FULL_NAME.com. I forgot to renew the registration a while back and it's been claimed by someone else. I'd like to get it back... [more inside]
posted by asterix at 11:15 AM PST - 6 comments

Being Interested in Everything Feels Like Being Interested In Nothing

What does one do to compact or compound their interests into a single thread? [more inside]
posted by tarpin at 11:10 AM PST - 18 comments

A good point-and-shoot camera that takes good night/low light photos?

I need an easy to use digital camera that is suitable for a tourist on the go. It needs to be slim, quick, and able to take acceptable (or even good) photos in most lighting conditions. I would like it to fit in my purse or better yet a large pocket. $300 or less is what I'm hoping to spend, but I can be a little flexible if a few bucks is what will make or break me. [more inside]
posted by Angel de Lune at 11:04 AM PST - 21 comments

The meaning of life

I saw a quote recently, possibly here. It was something like, "the point of being alive is to produce energy to support the creation of more life." It wasn't about procreation but more about how our biological processes exist to create energy for other living things, as part of the ecosystem. Can't remember more of the phrase but I really liked the concept and would love to know more about the quote.
posted by zutalors! at 10:56 AM PST - 6 comments

What do we know about ancient religious faith?

Having studied Christian theology in college, I am aware that much of what we have reflecting ancient Greek and Roman religious belief survives because Christian apologists were refuting source materials drawn from that culture. But what else do we actually know? [more inside]
posted by jefficator at 10:50 AM PST - 18 comments

Tell me what different dresses are called, please!

Much of my wardrobe consists of short (knee length or slightly above) dresses. In the past 2-3 years, however, I've been plagued by a weird cut that seems to be super-popular, but which is intensely unflattering for me: a very slightly full skirt, with a waist that is too high for the natural waistline, but too low for empire. Do you know what this cut is called, and what I should be searching for in order to avoid it? Examples below the fold. [more inside]
posted by We put our faith in Blast Hardcheese at 10:07 AM PST - 13 comments

Can I eat this? Paneer edition.

I'm busy making curry right now, and I found a vacuum sealed square of paneer in the fridge. Now, according to the package it's best before 23 January. I've smelled it (not sour), tasted it (not sour). Is it safe to eat?
posted by leopard-skin pill-box hat at 10:07 AM PST - 14 comments

Guilty as (Not) Charged

My iPhone won't charge. Is this fixable, or do I need to buy a replacement? [more inside]
posted by Parasite Unseen at 9:24 AM PST - 16 comments

Is there a collaborative, gamified jogging app?

A friend and I would like to start running again and have some fun way of encouraging and holding each other accountable. We live many states apart and I thought a collaborative, gamified jogging app might do the trick, similar to what I've read about Zombies, Run! but with a collaborative aspect where our progress is linked together. Does this exist? [more inside]
posted by ChrisHartley at 9:20 AM PST - 2 comments

I'm easy to goad. Help me not be.

I get upset, flustered, angry, defensive, and eventually out-of-control when I get goaded. It can start as easy, fun banter or be a pointed insult. Either way, I lose my composure and temper fairly easily when I perceive I'm being provoked. [more inside]
posted by mrfuga0 at 7:52 AM PST - 24 comments

Help me understand this wi-fi/ethernet thing I just bought.

Can I turn off the wi-fi extension function of a TPLink Over power ethernet kit and still have the PS4 and receiver connected via electricity only? [more inside]
posted by arm426 at 7:30 AM PST - 3 comments

This Damn Cat

How can we stop a senior cat's behavior when it does not appear to us that the behavior is being rewarded? Alternately (although we'll mention it at his annual exam in April) is this a sign of some sort of elder cat illness? [more inside]
posted by crush-onastick at 6:59 AM PST - 31 comments

Garbage Muffins or something like it?

I want to make muffins to include all the veggies I have in the fridge that will go bad soon. Can you point me towards a way to tease out a recipe? I want something similar to the base of a banana muffin but with pureed spinach, broccoli, carrots, pears etc. Not sure on how to ratio out everything. And yes, it must be a muffin please.
posted by MayNicholas at 6:03 AM PST - 18 comments

Mail from USA to Canada

My son moved to Vancouver Canada last spring. We live in NJ, USA. I have tried several times to send cards and they never arrive. We have double checked that the address is right. They had enough postage. Cards I have sent to friends in the Toronto area have arrived, but weeks later. Anyone else have this issue and what could be causing it? I just asked my son to send me a postcard to see if this problem goes both ways.
posted by mermayd at 5:31 AM PST - 21 comments

Short stay in Boston

Where should an overseas college student looking to meet local students/fun people to hang out with stay in Boston? [more inside]
posted by cucumber patch at 4:25 AM PST - 11 comments

Help me search Mythbusters by topic

AskMe was the place to ask last time I needed help to find an index of topics for a documentary series, so I am seeing if such a thing also exists for Mythbusters. [more inside]
posted by Megami at 2:36 AM PST - 2 comments

Applying and preparing for grad school in the computational sciences

I'm heavily considering pursuing a PhD focused on statistical and computational approaches to scientific problems, mostly those in the biological or cognitive sciences. This is my third year of undergraduate studies, and while I have some research experience, it's not very substantial. Is it worth applying in my senior year when I'm not confident in the strength of my application, or should I wait another year? Also: what about industry internships vs. research experiences? [more inside]
posted by sqrtofpi at 2:17 AM PST - 5 comments

How do you use mindfulness and meditation for decision making?

I need to make a series of decisions soon. What specific mindfulness exercises or meditation methods might help? [more inside]
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How can my fiancee translate her work in human rights law from UK->US?

My fiancee is planning to move to Chicago at some point later this year--if all goes well with our engagement, of course ;). She has a GDL (law conversion) degree (in addition to non-law undergrad and postgrad degrees) from the UK and is looking for advice, first and foremost, on the "lay of the land" and things to keep in mind in transferring environments. [more inside]
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February 16

What modern composer creates impossible pieces for virtuoso players?`

A few years ago I read an interview or article about a modern composer that creates pieces for virtuoso musicians. The idea is that his pieces are so difficult and impossible to play that musicians have to make decisions on the fly on what to omit while playing, which is the true purpose of his compositions. Hoping that someone can help me out with a name.
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Cambridge Brain Sciences percentile?

How does CBS calculate percentiles? i.e. Looking at the distribution for the Odd One Out test, my top score seems to lie very comfortably in the top 5% or so range(it's not even close to the mean value of the (almost) normal distribution, while being very close to the right tail of the distribution); yet the percentile score is merely top 60%. What does this imply? Are the percentile scores representative of a smaller sample of better performers?
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Growing pains, should I seek help?

I'm a man and in my mid 20's. I'm currently working on attaining my masters in social work, I've been reading up on research and While I'm no psychiatrist I do feel that I have suffered episodes of abandonment. My Stepfather ( who has raised me since I was two) suffered during his upbringing. He never met his father and his mom neglected a lot of her motherly duties. [more inside]
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where can I get a loan to pay off a credit card?

I bought a computer through Best Buy using their deferred payment plan (i.e. no interest if balance paid in full before one year). I should have been able to pay it with some easy monthly payments, but a perfect storm of events basically means that I'll need a few extra months to do so. Is there a good place I can go to get a loan for this kind of situation? If not, what are my options? My credit score is ~650.
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How to review my manager?

I am in a post-grad school rotational program at a widely known tech firm. At the end of every rotation we are interviewed by HR and talk about what works and doesn't work for the program. The objective is to make to make the program better and to improve the experience of our future peers. My current manager is far from optimal and I'd like to deliver a review that is not overly negative but at the same time addresses present and future concerns. How do I do this in a balanced and positive mannner? [more inside]
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Not a Bose system, not yet a component system.

So, I'm thinking about replacing my beloved-but-aging Sony bookshelf stereo in the living room with something more modern (the thing still has a cassette player, for chrissakes). Help me find something in between a pricy collection of components and a crappy all-in-one? [more inside]
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Not intelligent enough to become a social researcher?

Lately, I have seem to have doubts about my intelligence; particularly with the notion of becoming a social researcher. I have always wanted to explore the field of social research. I have a penchant for learning new knowledge and theories; my curiosity never seems to wane. However, I have little confidence that I'm able to obtain a Master's Degree in Critical Sociology. I need to build my confidence and reassure myself that I have the capability, passion, devotion, and worth ethic to learn and strive towards this career goal. I would be most appreciated for some scope of advice, tips, and encouragement. [more inside]
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Books like Lord of the Flies and A Clockwork Orange... but less violent?

I'm trying to figure out what book(s) to send a young adult who is currently stuck in a psych facility for 2-3 months. I know they like Lord of the Flies and A Clockwork Orange, but they can't accept books that involve drug use or have too much violence. From what I'm being told, they'll read pretty much anything, but I want to make sure what I send them is not only appropriate but something they'll actually like. [more inside]
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Affordable accountant needed in Boston / Greater Boston area

I've got some complicated taxes this year with two W2s and a few 1099s and living in multiple states. Yelp is not turning up anyone useful and the one local company I reached out to is not responding. I don't trust chains like H&R Block, but I don't mind a small company or independent professional. My budget is about $200-$250, might be able to do a little more. Boston, Dedham, Milton area preferred, but may be able to travel a bit further afield for someone with a great reputation. Recommendations are very much appreciated!
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What's my next binge reading series?

I've powered through three series in a binge, and now I am hungry for more. I need action, maybe some romance, but no horror. Please recommend me some airport fiction that fits my criteria. I'm not looking for anything highbrow here. [more inside]
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Help me overcome my mental block: cooking edition

I have a major aversion to cooking, at least as an all-the-time thing. Is it possible to change this? [more inside]
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Help me find a national park geographically between my friend and me

I want to go camping in a national park (or a really great state park) between my friend in Indiana, and myself in Austin, TX. I was initially thinking about Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but it looks like a huge percentage of it is closed during our proposed dates, around March 20th. And the reason for that is weather - as a texan it had not occurred to me, but the highs even in the warmer parts of the park are in the 60s with lows in the low 40s/high 30s. That's probably not really very suitable for us (there will be several small children) Is there anything between us (say, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas) that might be suitable around March 20th? Lows in the upper 40s/low 50s would probably be about as low as we're really willing to go. That might be a really limiting factor at that time of year?
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Awesome escape near Austin, TX

I'm looking for an amazing, maybe a little bit weird, place for two friends to have a 1-night getaway within 90 minutes of Austin, Texas. [more inside]
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App for Windows PC that offers notes that can be manually moved around

There is an exercise recommended by some writers where you take a wall or a large board of some kind, and using different colored sticky notes, you put all kinds of completely random thoughts, images, and ideas for a story down, and then move them around until they form patterns you could work from. It's a nice, right-brained alternative to the outline, or even the mind-map. [more inside]
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Where to stay within walking distance to The Vatican Museum?

Would appreciate your recommendations as the ones I could find here were several years old. I want to be 1/4 miles or so away max. Four nights in early May. I'm far past hostel living so I will pay $200-$300 per night. Tripadvisor is great but I know personal advice from you will help me choose a nice hotel. Many thanks
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The Eyes No Longer Have It

All my life, I've had perfect vision. I'm 44, and finally starting to feel like I need vision correction of some sort. Glasses? Contacts? Unlock these mysteries for me, please. [more inside]
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How to buy a watch?

I want to buy a ladies watch. What do I need to know? Challenge: My budget is < $300. [more inside]
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Good websites for fashion-designer guidance?

Is there a sort of Pandora for clothes? A site that identifies fashion designers with similar styles and recommends them for people who know little about fashion? [more inside]
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Help me with some internet safety tips for families

I'm doing some presentations for parents of kids K-12 grades about the nebulous topic of internet safety and could use some advice/stories/resources from real-world parents to help me make sure this is relevant and useful. [more inside]
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Pickles that rise like the Phoenix

I had a jar of delicious pickles. I really liked them. They're gone now but I still have the jar full of brine. Can I, like, chop up some cukes, toss 'em in there, wait, and then rejoice? Is this how pickling works? [more inside]
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What car should I get?

It is approaching time to replace my beloved 2001 VW Diesel Bug. What should I drive next? There's a nice snowstorm under the cut. [more inside]
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What car is this?

Can you identify from screenshots the car that the Mythbusters used in their recent drifting episode? [more inside]
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How to gain classroom management skills

Okay, so technically I don't have a classroom, but an entire library. I'm a new school librarian and I'm really enjoying the job a lot more than I thought I would. Most of the kids are pretty well-behaved and the teachers are great at keeping them in line when they visit the school library. However, when I notice kids misbehaving or generally being disrespectful in the library, I really find it hard to speak up and "discipline" or "manage" them? [more inside]
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Sink divot repair recommendations?

My new farm sink has a small chip in the surface, about the size of a dime, it is a shallow chip. [more inside]
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Help me dress like a fictional character, part 8 of 1000

I love Parker's top in The Rundown Job. [more inside]
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What's the status of the Rialto Theater in Bozeman, Montana?

Is Bozeman's Rialto Theater operational? I ask because I almost took a job there a couple years ago, and wonder what ever happened to the place. [more inside]
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Do academic presses publish books by job market dropouts?

I'm quitting academia after years of trying to get a tenure-track job in the humanities. My post-doc runs out in September. Should I finish the book manuscript based on my dissertation, or junk it and move on immediately? [more inside]
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good or bad idea to pursue BS & MS in earth science at same institution?

Would it be imprudent to pursue a Master's in Earth Science at the same institution that gave me a Bachelor's in that field? Much vacillation within. [more inside]
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Job Applicant May Have Misrepresented Resume?

Former coworker is asking me to help him find a job at current company. Found out that he may have misrepresented his work history - what do I do? [more inside]
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Best strategy for quick car sell in Buffalo?

We're going to drive to the Buffalo area to sell the 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid mentioned in my last question, "How to sell our Ontario-registered never-imported American car". The car has 111,000 miles and is missing its front bumper cover due to a collision with a deer but is otherwise in good condition. [more inside]
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Have you seen this spy?

Do you have information regarding a (fictional) secret agent for a Commonwealth country? [more inside]
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Search furnishings by size?

I often find myself looking for very specific furniture or home decor products. For example: right now I'm looking for a square basket (or open container) with a drawer in the base that measures no more than 11 inches wide and 22 inches long, and I was wondering if there was a way to search for home products by size, shape, and dimension in the same way you'd search for clothes by size?
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Help us decorate our baby's nursery

My husband and I are working on decorating a nursery for our first baby (due in 10 days!). We have most of the furniture figured out but we can't figure out what to put under the window. Do you have any ideas? [more inside]
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Help me Puerto Rico!

We're going to Puerto Rico in ~a month, for a week. We have our plane flight & our AirBNB, now it's time to figure out the rest! Advice on things to do, places to visit, how to get around, and anything else appreciated!! This is on a student budget, btw. Bonus question: What's the best way to learn traveller's Spanish in the next few weeks? I am an advanced French speaker, if that makes a difference... [more inside]
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Monitor "fades out" slowly into vertical lines

I have a refurb monitor that's starting to go bad: the screen will fill with vertical color lines that don't change once they appear. Cycling the power almost always fixes it, but it's starting to happen more often. There are three boards inside - which is the likely culprit? [more inside]
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What is THE book on cybersecurity?

Recommend a non-fiction book on cyber security and cyber crime? [more inside]
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Yacht or not?

Does actor Colin Firth own a yacht? Has he ever publicly expressed interest in owning a yacht? (I am aware he is slated to appear in an upcoming movie featuring a yacht.) [more inside]
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Case studies of FBI foreign investigations? Nonfiction only.

I'm looking for case studies, meaty articles, well-researched (or first-person!) true crime books, etc. about foreign investigations conducted by the FBI, or about foreign investigations in which the FBI provides substantial assistance. I am especially interested in the procedural side of conducting these investigations, both on paper and in reality. [more inside]
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A Month in Reykjavik

I will be in Reykjavik, Iceland, to study during the month of March. Please help me anticipate what daily life will be like there. I'd like to anticipate my culture shock (if any) before I go. [more inside]
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Where can I buy this tea online?

My mother-in-law loves this tea. Where can I order it online? I need a source that I can read, will take US dollars, and ship to the US as well. [more inside]
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Tar Sands relative impact

Recent EPA letter estimates annual emissions from development & use of Tar Sands crude at between 1.3 & 27.4 metric tons. Anybody know the annual world total? MMTC02e is precise unit shown in link.
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Is it okay to stop taking an antibiotic?

I always thought that it was a bad idea to stop an antibiotic before the full course is finished, both because it can make you sick again and because of antibiotic resistance. But I just spent the last couple of days in the hospital and the doctor didn't continue my prescription (I only took a couple of doses, yesterday). [more inside]
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the longer it takes to digest my food the more brain fog & exhaustion

If I eat high fat protein a.m. I immediately am drained and sleep 2 hours. The longer it takes to digest food, the more brain dead I am and the more tired. I seem to always crave carbs and sugar/fruit but this makes me worse. I walk and tire easily. I get bad indigestion with fat. I am sooo constipated and hardly pee. It takes me all day to actually "wake up" and then I can eat OK and have energy. I have not been absorbing nutrients and have aged facially a lot. I am 65. I cannot lose weight. I get shivering attacks, feel "fluey" croaky voice. I do have gallstones and get pain in my right side. It feels as if everything is packing up slowly. I have fatty liver disease. In November all bloods were OK. including thyroid. I am not detoxing my drugs quick enough. [more inside]
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Illegal filming/photo in theater, whose rights?

I can't find a clear answer to this: Someone is illegally taking photos or recording in a movie theater (or live theater), which I think is against copyright law. This is also on private property, and there are noted rules against that. But I think it's also illegal to confiscate the camera and delete the photos/video... [more inside]
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Help me choose the best sub $200 small tablet

I've never owned a tablet. It's time to purchase a small 7" or 8" tablet, preferably between $50 and $150. Apple is too expensive. Not interested in Windows I think that leaves Google Nexus Samsung galaxy or Kindle Fire (did I leave any good contenders out? I am somewhat ignorant in this area. Heck, I'm about the last person on earth that doesn't even own a cell phone--by choice) I would mostly be surfing internet. Email. Purchasing a few apps here and there (Geocaching? Board games?). Reading an occasional book. Using askmetafilter (ha, ha). Suggestions/comments are appreciated.
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Brownies from NYC to Poughkeepsie via what method?

My son lives in Poughkeepsie, NY and his birthday is Tuesday, Feb. 24th. I live in Manhattan and want to send him homemade brownies. When should I send the brownies so they arrive on his birthday, and via which method for reliability? A plus would be that it not cost a fortune. Thank you!
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Can you help track down my fictional relative in a French spy thriller?

I was helping my dad with some genealogical research, trying to figure out how his ancestors migrated from Swedish-ruled Skåne in the 17th Century to Russian-ruled Gdansk in the 18th. I transliterated our family name, Tulinius, into Russian (Тулиниус). I didn't have much luck finding ancestors, but I did come across a fictional Icelandic Тулиниус in a Russian translation of a French spy thriller in the Coplan series by Paul Kenny. As far as Google translate can tell me, the original name of the book is Coplan sème la panique. As my dad is fluent in French, I'd like to get this as birthday present for him, but I want to be sure the character's really named "Tulinius" and that it isn't just a false hit caused by transliteration of a similar name. Is there any way I can find this out?
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Another Linkedin Question - Do you connect with recruiters?

My personal policy when using Linkedin is to only connect with people who I have met personally, or have had somewhat detailed communication over phone or email. However, I fairly frequently receive requests from recruiters who I don't know despite having a fairly sparse profile. Should I connect with these people despite the fact that I am not looking for a change? What are the pros and cons of doing so? Thanks.
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Treat yo self

Today is the one year anniversary of a significant event in my life and I'd like to mark the occasion by treating myself. But I didn't plan ahead and I don't know what to do! I have the entire day off and I'll be flying solo. I'm in Milwaukee. Money is not a concern. [more inside]
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What would be the best way to resolve this lease renewal issue?

A few days ago I received a notice from my landlord, addressed to a former co-tenant who should no longer be on the lease, requesting his signature for a late lease renewal form. What's the best and/or most expedient way to resolve this issue? [more inside]
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How dangerous will it be to make this drive tomorrow?

How dangerous will it be to take a cab from Columbia MD to Annapolis Junction tomorrow at 9 am? They are forecasting 5-8" of snow. How bad is that for this area? And in a cab? I can cancel if necessary but it's a pretty big deal.
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Fitness/exercise tracking

Any recommendations for a fitness tracking website/app/service that meets the following requirements? I want to be able to manually enter swimming data via their android app or website, use their android app to track cycle rides on my phone, import running data from my Garmin device (forerunner something or other) or Garmin website and use the decent selection of UK food in their database to track calorie consumption. I’m not overally bothered by the community aspect (got bored of Fitocracy very quickly), I just want to get my data geek on.
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February 15

Does my flirty, older, married coworker like me?

I am a woman in her mid 20's who is good friends with a coworker in his mid 30's. We talk every day (via email and chatting in person). Both of us are in long-term relationships. I suspect he may have feelings for me (but am notoriously bad at reading this and believe he is strangely evasive)--how should I proceed? Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Rcycling or Disposal of styrofoam coolers?

I get refrigerated medication for my MS. Until recently it was a 3 month supply in a big cooler. Due to new medical they now ship me my meds once a month in a cute Styrofoam cooler. I have about 8 of them. I'm not an environmentalist nut, but I try to recycle to the best of my ability. When I got the big cooler with the 3 month supply I just put it in the lobby of my apartment with a sign that said "free cooler" but now I'm getting tiny ones monthly. I want to recycle, but can you recycle Styrofoam? Can I just toss them in recycling bins? Is there a program that will pick them up?
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Hotel near Los Angeles: Jacuzzi & Wheelchair Accessible

Can you recommend a wheelchair accessible hotel near Los Angeles with in room jacuzzi? [more inside]
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Free software to split or convert an AIFF file?

I have a long AIFF file I need to split into a couple of smaller ones. I found a couple of online programs to convert the file to an mp3, but either the file is too big or they're a free trial that only converts part of the file and you have to purchase it to be able to convert the whole file. I haven't found one that can just split AIFF files. Is there a 100% free program that will either split the file or convert it to an mp3 format (since I do have a program that can split mp3s)?
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Can I learn to surf on a shorter board?

I took a few surfing lessons, using a 9 ft foamboard. I'd now like to buy a secondhand board to practise with. My instructor said to get a foamboard, nothing shorter than 8 ft 6. But all I can find on ebay secondhand is shorter boards, around 6 ft in length. (Some are sold as "funboards" or "fish" style, which I believe some people manage to learn on). Would I find one of those too frustrating? [more inside]
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Could you not take my job?

My boss had me write my own job description. I wrote a wicked awesome one. Now everyone wants it. But it's mine...How do I politely tell people to step off? [more inside]
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Short story identification post number one million or so

I'm trying to hunt down two grim short stories. Gory details (and spoilers) below the fold! [more inside]
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Can a norovirus infection only last a few hours?

Can a norovirus infection last only a few hours? (some mild grossness inside) [more inside]
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Is there a way filter identical posts out of Craigslist?

I am looking through the apartment and job listings, and the numerous identical posts are so annoying. Is there an app or some other method to filter them out? (Like, can I please view the job postings without the fifty billion identical ads about driving for Uber?)
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Meeting with my CEO on Tuesday- advice?

I'm meeting with the CEO of my company in two days. Please help me appear professional/outgoing instead of an awkward mess. [more inside]
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My neighbor just flipped out on me and it was scary; how to proceed?

My downstairs neighbor just flipped out on me and tried to push her way into my apartment when I told her to leave me alone. What should I do? [more inside]
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ID These Boots

I'm chasing after a missed connection--help me find my dream rain wellies. [more inside]
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Is there a top floor observation deck at the new One WTC ?

I am visiting NYC and would like to see the view now afforded at One WTC, like from the original Twin Towers. Is this an option with the new structure? Thanks!
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Indoor cats: to vaccinate, or not?

My cats are indoors. They never interact with other cats and it's extremely unlikely that they would ever make it outdoors. Do I still need to get them vaccinated? [more inside]
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Looking Better Without Makeup - Skin Quality

I used to look perfectly fine without make up - barely an under-eye circle to be seen. Since I turned 20 two years ago, my face looks more haggard, my eyes look more puffy and my under-eyes look dark and gross. I've resolved to drink more water, eat more green fruits and veggies...and..what? What else do I do to get rid of my under-eye circles and my haggard-ish, puffy face? I just don't want to reply on makeup anymore to look nice. Pics below the fold : ( [more inside]
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What is up with the beds in Sweden?

Can someone please explain to me what I am seeing on top of the beds in Swedish hotel pictures? [more inside]
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Widgets for Websites

Where on the Internet can I find embeddable countdown clocks for my website? [more inside]
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How can I relieve a sinus headache/infection that just won't quit?

I had a minor cold about a week ago that has turned into a sinus infection (I think). The cold was pretty bad for a couple days, but then I was completely fine for 4 days. I'm having some nasal congestion, and swollen lymph nodes, but the worst problem is that I am getting this nasty headache whenever I'm on my feet/trying to do anything. No tiredness, no fever, no aches or chills. I've been getting these awful headaches for 3 or 4 days. I'm off work until Tuesday, but I'm worried that this won't be resolved by then, and am looking for any ideas to stop/lessen these headaches. [more inside]
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Emergency Dinner Filter: How do I prepare these steaks?

I am preparing a special dinner for my SO and would like to amaze him with my cooking skills. The problem: I'm planning to serve dinner in an hour and a half and have no idea how to prepare a steak! [more inside]
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How does cupping therapy work? Is it effective?

I'm interested in the theories of how cupping therapy might work using western science type explanations. A local increase in blood flow? The gate control theory of pain? Also, has anyone found it effective for chronically tense muscles? I realize the long-term solution is to change the way I recruit my muscles so that the affected ones are no longer "locked up." However, I'm wondering if cupping could give me a jump-start in the short term.
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Feel lost in life!

Having a difficult time in this new period in my life dealing with sobriety, Social Anxiety, and other emotional stuff. [more inside]
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Higher Ed. Administration? Educational Policy? Where should I start?

I am on the job market with a PhD in the humanities (ughhh). I have quite a few publications in my field, and it's going *ok* so far, but my area is especially competitive, and I'm starting to think about how else I might use my PhD to help me find a fulfilling career. I have a passion for my field, but I've discovered my primary passion is teaching and administration, and I have been searching for a job specifically in a teaching-oriented college. However, I also have some experience in administration and curriculum development in higher education, and I'm wondering how I might apply these skills to a career in education policy (?) or education administration (?) or something else I haven't thought about yet. I'd love some resources that would help me educate myself about these options! [more inside]
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Pet photographer in Toronto

I'd love to get my girlfriend a session with a pet photographer for her birthday - she's dropped hints about wanting to get some great photos or a portrait of her beloved cat. Any recommendations for good photographers/artists in Toronto?
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If coconut milk be the food of love...

I have come into possession of three varieties of coconut milk, an intriguing liquid about which I know almost nothing. Can you tell me how these three varieties are supposed to be used? [more inside]
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What happens at a baby's first dental appointment?

I'm living in a country where they don't see children for dental care until they're three. So what happens in American dentist appointments before then? [more inside]
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Exercising during chemotherapy?

My mom (who is retired) recently started chemotherapy for breast cancer. She'd like to get back into her exercise regimen, but has little energy, and consequently hasn't been able to do too much moving around for the past few days. For people who have had a lack of energy as a side effect of chemo: How did you motivate yourself to hit the gym? [more inside]
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I need to replace PCAnywhere

...since its main feature on Win 7+ machines seems to be activating the Bluescreen feature and crashing video during scrolling. [more inside]
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Help me find these "Great People" flashcards from my youth.

Listening to the Hardcore History podcast about Ghengis Khan recently, I was reminded of a set of flash-card type things that I remember having when I was growing up. The cards featured a picture of a "great person" on the front, and a short write-up about him or her (but honestly I think they were mostly men) on the back. Can you help me find a set of them? [more inside]
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Entertaining background reading for Wolf Hall

So I recently read Hilary Mantel's old LRB piece on holy and secular anexoria, which reminded me of how much I like her style and insights in her non-fiction pieces and made me regret giving up on Wolf Hall a few years ago. Is there something on Tudor history that would help me enjoy Wolf Hall more? [more inside]
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2009 Mac: best webcam/mic for audio input to make training vids & Skype?

I need an external mic or webcam that will work with my aging MacBook Pro in order to tutor via Skype and to create recordings of my screen for video tutorials. I can't use the built-in mic because I want to do all of this with the laptop shut and hooked up to a Cinema Display. [more inside]
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Nice gift for a snow plower?

Give me some ideas for a nice gift for our lovely neighbor who snowplows our driveway. [more inside]
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Ground control to Major Tom...

Work remote, live alone: how to mitigate the isolation? [more inside]
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How do I maintain multiple country specific telephoen numbers?

I'm traveling more internationally, right now between the US and the UK. I have an unlocked phone and switch SIM cards daily based on where I am (so I can check text messages/missed calls from the other number). This is getting annoying. Is there a Google Voice or other magic that makes this moderately less painful? Ideally I'd like it to make it easy for people to call/contact me on either number even if it is more cumbersome for me to make international calls from wherever I am. [more inside]
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Traveling to and in Europe for a Trans Woman

I am a Trans Woman and will be traveling to the UK and France for three weeks in May/June. I have a few questions about what to expect. [more inside]
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How to handle the anger?

I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with men, from being harassed on the street or in public places, friendship, and dating situations. It makes me incredibly angry. I’ve stopped dating as a result, but that hasn’t stopped the harassment, and it certainly hasn’t gotten rid of the feelings of anger. If you’re a woman who has been in similar situations, how did you handle the anger? [more inside]
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Reputable online OSHA 10 hour construction training course for NYC?

An acquaintance who works in construction would like to start working on bigger jobs, which means he needs to do the 10 hour OSHA construction training course so he can get certified. I couldn't find a good way to check if any of the online courses (that are half the price of meatspace classes!) popping up on Google are actually legitimately credentialed places or scams, so please hope us figure it out! [more inside]
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How far do I chase this pay increase?

Was told by no less than 3 manager types, when I started my new job 4 months ago, that after a month of training and orientation, I should expect a bump in pay. Turns out, they meant other people are to expect the pay increase, not me. [more inside]
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Irresistible toe-tapping can't-stay-still musical theater numbers?

Last night I came across the Brotherhood of Man musical number performed on the Drew Carey show, and realized it was the perfect video to snap me right out of a funk and make me want to dance around the house (particularly once the full ensemble gets going around 2 minutes in.) Now I want more! I'm looking for more videos of big, bombastic musical numbers that can't help but give me thrills and cheer me up with great dancing. The kind of song that gets even the most cynical person tapping their toes and smiling. Anything Goes is a great example of what I'm thinking of - I also can't resist a giant tap number. Think over the top with jazz hands. Everything a person who hates musical theater can't stand. Don't worry if they seem too obvious - I've only started enjoying musical theater a few years ago, so I've got plenty of catching up to do.
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Psychopathy as a defense against psychosis? How?

In the seminal work on psychopathy, writer Hervey Cleckley says this. I have tried hard to get my head around it. Can anyone shed some light? [more inside]
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To those with penile venous leak: have you had luck with ED meds?

Though I'm excited that there's a chance my ED (Erectile Dysfunction)—which was caused by venous leakage which mysteriously and suddenly occurred in my teens—can be controlled with Cialis, I'm scared to go on it due to bad experiences with meds in the past. Could someone who's been on Cialis, Viagra, etc. chime in? Would love to hear what people's experiences on it have been before 'taking the plunge.' [more inside]
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Ulcerative Colitis Partial Snip Not Full Snip?

Someone I'm close to with Ulcerative Colitis is not finding medication is not providing them with a good quality of life and is thus a candidate for a colon removal. Their regular gastro suggested that rather than the proctocolonectomy that's standard, they have a reasonable chance to keep their rectum. Odds this is accurate? [more inside]
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Afraid of missing an opportunity - should I stay or should I go?

I was in a long distance relationship UK-Canada and lived with my ex in Canada for just over 6 months on a 1 year working holiday visa. Before I left (and broke up) I applied and was approved for a 2nd working holiday year (the limit is 2 years) which I haven't yet used. The expiry date is coming up very soon, I have to be in Canada for March 1st to use it. The visa can't be cancelled. I have to make a decision as soon as possible. [more inside]
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February 14

Sitcom where a woman dumps a guy for talking to her in the bathroom?

I saw an episode of a tv show once where a woman is weirded out because she thinks her new boyfriend is talking to her on the phone from the toilet. She tests it out by asking to use his phone and going to the bathroom. The punchline is something to the effect of "Oh, I only have one phone, but the cord is so long I can use it anywhere." What sitcom am I thinking of? [more inside]
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Help with multicity and multi-class airline reservations

I'll be booking a multi-city international trip soon. For the really long trans-oceanic segments, I'd like to entertain the idea of business class, but I don't want to spend my travel budget on business class for the entire route. What is the best way to book a trip where segments A, B, D, and H are normal cattle class but C, E, and/or G want to be fancy-cattle or business class? [more inside]
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Is the .NET tld as "reputable-sounding" as a .COM for a company?

After weeks and weeks of making lists for a name for my studio, I saw that it was not available as a .com but was as a .net, and it got me thinking: Is a .net as good as a .com or is does it sound cheap in comparison? Also, how would you rate different tlds in terms of "sounding professional"? [more inside]
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How to safely use a (vintage) Caloric Prestige gas oven...?

Hoping that the Great Hive-Mind can help me. My apartment is equipped with a 30-year old (more or less) Caloric Prestige self cleaning gas oven. The model number: RST-376-UW. There is no standard knob for oven / broiler - rather, it has buttons linked to the clock display. And I'm a little afraid to experiment with it! [more inside]
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Give it to me hard and fast (and loud) for Valentine's Day

I'm looking for more of what's listed below / inside. [more inside]
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Options for health care in Illinois?

Asking for a friend: Friend needs health insurance. He currently has no job or income. We're looking into Medicaid and have some special snowflake questions. [more inside]
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Gift ideas? Keywords: Batman, Investing, German, (Comics or Video Games)

I'm looking for a gift for a hard-to-shop-for person, a well-read investment adviser who's a comics nerd. The ideal gift would be a comic book in which Batman is an accountant, written in German. Where can I buy this or something else that this person would really like?
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Clothes for a trip to Israel

I'm going on a trip to Israel in October. I've never been to that part of the world before. I am an American woman. What kind of clothes would be appropriate? [more inside]
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How can I find out what professional soccer goalkeepers wear, and why?

I am interested in finding out the specific details about common trends (and not so common trends) among top professional soccer goalies in their choice of soccer uniform, underwear, tape, padding, etc. The more detailed, and more reasoning behind the choice, the better. Details inside. [more inside]
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ISO NCL banana bread recipe

Looking for recipe for banana bread served on our recent Hawaiian cruise aboard the Norwegian Cruise Lines Pride of America. [more inside]
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Best flea control for cats while pregnant

We have two cats that sleep on our bed. I would love to know the safest flea control method to use during (human) pregnancy (not pregnant now but planning ahead). We've been using Advantage II, but it looks like prenatal exposure to one of the main ingredients - imidacloprid - by parents using the flea treatment in fact - was associated with autism spectrum disorders. What safer options are there? Thanks!
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Help me balance my crazy schedule !

Between work and school, my schedule is insane right now and I need to be awake at all hours of the day at different times in the week. I'm starting to gain weight and let Important Things slip. I'm normally suspicious of "life hacks" but I'm wondering - those of you who have had similarly insane schedules - were there any habits that made things much easier? Any things that made it harder? [more inside]
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Should I give up the medical school dream?

This is a long one, I hope you’ll bear with me… [more inside]
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How do I convince myself to buy a car?

I car share with my former partner. How do I get myself to buy my own car? [more inside]
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Mystery Device

What is this intriguing device I noticed at a friend's house? Friend has no idea. It's about 6 inches in length. It was patented by Holland Mfg of Willamantic, CT, and a Google search suggests it might have something to do with 19th century silk manufacturing. Ideas?
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How to turn off Google Photos

I don't think there's any way to uninstall the Google Photo bloatware on my unrooted Android phone, which is super-annoying. I've turned off "upload to Google+" but am angsty that one day, after an update or whatever, it might re-default to upload. I don't want Google saving copies of my stuff, and I am not reassured by their help materials, which talk about me "not seeing" the images anymore if I delete them. That's not the same as Google not having them, which is what I'm trying to avoid. Without rooting my phone, is there a way I can delete the app, or stop it from storing my stuff? [more inside]
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Snow-Themed Movies

As we await Boston's snowy apocalypse, I'd like to queue up some movies prominently featuring snow, to get us through those hours when "travel will be virtually impossible and potentially life-threatening." [more inside]
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Adopting an elderly cat

We are considering adopting an elderly cat who has stage 3 kidney failure. We have two cats. Are we crazy? Is this just asking for trouble? [more inside]
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Water park physics

What happens if your group exceeds the weight limit on a slide at the water park? [more inside]
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New job, new budget, yay!/halp?

I'm about to make more money than I ever have before. Help me figuring out saving and investing. [more inside]
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Do you think this is enough for a Valentine's Day gift?

I am currently in a relationship of 4 months. I have a couple things for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day but I'm not sure if it's enough. Opinions pretty please?? :) [more inside]
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Google Fails Me: What's a "Fresh Dry Skippy"?

In Mark Ronson's/Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk," there's a reference to "smoother than a fresh dry Skippy" (or fresh-drawn Skippy). Does this actually mean something?
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Going to protests/marches alone and social anxiety

There are a lot of protests and marches I would like to attend, but none of my friends are interested in going. [more inside]
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How does one go about selling antique/vintage furniture to a dealer?

I have a mid-century modern coffee table that I need to sell. I was going to put it on Craigslist for a few hundred bucks, but in my research, I saw an identical table listed for $7000, and other (smaller) pieces from the same collection that had sold for $2000-$4000. It looks like I ought to sell it to a dealer or on consignment here in NYC. Do y'all have any suggestions for particular mid-century modern dealers? How should I handle this and what should I expect? [more inside]
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Are you trying to hurt my feelings?

Am I being overly sensitive or is my new friend mean? [more inside]
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PC Selection. Difficulty level: Paralysis by Analysis

It's time to replace the household PC. I'm a programmer, I use PCs all the time, but I have not paid attention to PC hardware specs in maybe a decade, so I'm lost in a sea of mostly equivalent choices. [more inside]
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Is there a term for what I'm experiencing?

When I look at people, my visual perception of them is strongly colored by how I feel about them. For example, if I like someone, I generally think they're quite beautiful or handsome. If I dislike someone, they're ugly to me. I've tried Googling this, but haven't gotten relevant hits. Is there a term for this? [more inside]
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Objective perspectives needed!

I'm having an argument with a friend and need to know if she has a valid complaint about me. Details inside. [more inside]
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stuck in molasses

i'm not even sad, but i can't get moving. help me get out of bed. [more inside]
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Antibiotics Containing Nickel

I have what I believe is a nickel allergy (earrings cause my pierced ears to "weep"). I've read that some antibiotics contain nickel, and I'd like to avoid those. But I'm having difficulty finding out which antibiotics contain nickel.
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midlife crisis? minor Major Depression? bad habits?

I have been struggling with lethargy, lack of interest, procrastination, and some sadness after not-so-recent transitions in my life and would like help with diagnosis and suggestions for next steps. [more inside]
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February 13

Boxing in Baltimore

Where can I go to see boxing in Baltimore? Pro, amateur, anything. Caveat: I do not have a car.
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Flash game about a female spy around WWI?

Some years ago I played a Flash game set around the time of WWI. You played a female spy, moved around a house & its basement, and picked up objects to use. Anybody remember what game this was, or the author's name? Thanks.
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Father Daughter Dance Song Ideas, non cheesy, awesome songs edition

So I'm getting married. My dad and I are close, and have always shared a special bond over music. I wanted to make him a kind of "daddy daughter song" mixed tape, and give it to him with the directive to pick his favorite for us to dance to. [more inside]
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SPSS in Windows 7

I have an old version of SPSS from 1995 on floppy disc. I love it because it's so much better than the free stuff like SalStat and others. How to I make it run in Windows 7 Professional? I keep getting a message that b/c Win7 is 64 bit, it won't. But I have compatibility mode for Win XP where it did run before I upgraded to a new PC. Is there anything I can do?
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Decorate my data mine!

For the next few months, I'll be spending a good deal of my time wrangling data and doing statistical analyses in a tiny ground floor room, one wall lined with file drawers. I have no windows. What can I do to make it pleasant? What is your favorite thing about your office? [more inside]
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Old Mozilla/Tech Blog Post About Software Persistence?

I read a personal blog post maybe five years ago arguing from a philosophical point that no software should "die" but should persist, i.e. restarts should be seamless or unnecessary. It was written with particular regard to Firefox extensions although it also mentioned Apache. It was most likely by someone in the Mozilla-sphere (read: syndicated on Planet Mozilla), but they may have linked to a piece by a general high-profile tech blogger. Searching for obvious keywords is drawing blanks, can anyone identify or locate the blog post in question for me?
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How can I best deal with an alcoholic (and make pressing decisions) ?

Seeking words of wisdom & experience, advice, reality checks, really anything that can help me gain some clarity or peace of mind. Lots of text, apologies in advance. [more inside]
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Psychology Masters Programs Abroad (non-US) taught in English

Looking for names of Psychology Masters Programs abroad (non-US) taught in English [more inside]
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not all HDMI is the same?

I have a Samsung LCD TV. New Apple TV works fine with it. 3 other devices refuse to display a signal: Chromecast, WDTV+, and some other digital box which has been (erroneously?) disposed of. All of the above were connected via a standard HDMI cable, no adapters needed. It's not a problem with the cable (I've experimented with different cables). What gives?
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Multi-language books

I'm putting together a book that contains text in all the United Nations languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. I've had each text proofread individually, but now I'm sitting wondering. How can I make sure I haven't missed something blindingly obvious in the formatting or layout of the entire book? [more inside]
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How do I get myself out of this rut?

I’m in a rut. I focus so hard on what I dislike about myself and my situation that I can’t motivate myself to get out of it. How do I stop dwelling on these things? How do I start? Lots of self-centered complaints inside. [more inside]
posted by The Man Who Wore the Sock at 4:45 PM PST - 24 comments

NYC Criminal Defense Attorney for domestic violence and/or rape charge

The title says it all really—I need a recommendation for a criminal defense attorney for someone who may be charged with domestic violence and/or rape in New York City.
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How best to tell (not my) kids about separation?

My sister thinks it's time her children knew about the fact that my husband and I are separated. I agree, but we disagree about how to approach it. I would appreciate some objective hivemind advice please, as I have no idea if I'm being unreasonable or not. Lots of text, advance apologies. [more inside]
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In what order should I read the Hornblower series?

I'm going to pick up the Horatio Hornblower series next. There seems to be a significant difference of opinion out there on whether to read them in publication order or fictional-chronology order. In what order should I read them and why?
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Help me get my family on board - moving Florida to Michigan ...

Due to financial & career reasons, I need to relocate from Tampa Bay area to Detroit area. My wife is livid. She has a history of depression, difficulty making friends & has told me just before we moved down here (15 years ago) that she'd be a happier person in a warmer climate (as we're from Philly & know all about cold/snow). We have 2 kids... my daughter is about to turn 15 & is in the 9th grade (1st year of HS). My son is 11... and in the 5th grade (next year is middle school)... He also has Aspergers (social disorder)... but is mainstream this year & most of last & is doing just fine. Nobody wants to move (me included), but financially & career wise, there is no other option... I welcome all thoughts on this... as it's a tough one to digest [more inside]
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Windows 8.1 freezes for a half-second periodically, why and how to fix?

Yesterday, I started noticing that Windows is freezing for maybe a half-second every minute or so. Ordinarily it's not noticeable, but during videos or games it causes sound to catch for the duration ("...and so the solution to the pRRRRRRRoblem is..."), and sometimes video playback to glitch. Anyone have an idea what's going on? [more inside]
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Mailing from Mexicali or Calixeco

So, I have a friend who lives in Mexicali, Mexico, and he's having a dickens of a time getting mail to actually be delivered to the US. What can he do to make that work better? [more inside]
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What to do in Paris?

Help me hit the highlights of Paris? [more inside]
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Fly me to the moon

I'm looking for Anime recommendations. I recently re-watched Macross Plus, and I forgot how much I loved this series when it came out, and then I realized that was 20 years ago. I'd love recommendations for stuff in this vein... [more inside]
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Should I tell online friends that I'm not white?

That sounds weird writing out... But it's something I've thought about and gives me some anxiety about whether or not it's an issue. [more inside]
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Help me not hate my Camry.

I recently acquired a 2007 Toyota Camry XLE. I dislike this car far more than I ever would have thought possible. Please help me learn to tolerate it. Many more details under the fold. [more inside]
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Breast Cancer Best Practices

I've just been diagnosed with breast cancer. As in, Wednesday. It is a small tumor, likely stage 1 or 2, but aggressive (ER+ and her2+) and I will have chemo, radiation, and then hormone-suppressing pills for a number of years. I am 38 years old and there is no history of breast cancer in my family. Needless to say, I am freaking the hell out. [more inside]
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It's like a root canal...on your eyeball...in the middle of a blizzard.

At least, that is what I'm afraid of. Due to intense pain, I'm sneaking in to see my dentist tomorrow morning before the gods dump a seventh foot of snow on Boston. At my last visit he decreed that I need a root canal re-treatment on an upper right bicuspid, and I'd do just about anything to fix this, so I'm on board. But I have some concerns... [more inside]
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Best research universities for behavioral economics and applied psych

I'm looking for universities that have strong research in behavioral economics, decision science, political psychology, organizational psychology—basically, applying psychology to understand systems and society. Any universities come to mind? [more inside]
posted by markbao at 12:43 PM PST - 5 comments

Please point me at a Mac picture/sketch editor that does what I want.

I have a very basic (I think) requirement infrequently where I need to slightly modify a picture (usually a line drawing or a jpg of an event layout or similar) so that I can extract the track map from it. I keep bouncing between software that doesn't do enough to overwhelmingly complicated and too involved to do quickly. Please translate what is available in my own perspective please. I am open to the possibility that I am outside the realms of simple software, but am ever hopeful. [more inside]
posted by Brockles at 12:18 PM PST - 11 comments

Used Couch-Co-op PS3 FPS game for Drunk Middle-aged Techno-noob

My friend wants to play a FPS once a week at my house, usually while intoxicated. Must Have: Couch co-op, Killing things/people, Shallow learning curve, Interesting story/missions, Halfway decent graphics. [more inside]
posted by Seamus at 12:10 PM PST - 13 comments

Is there such a thing as an information management counselor or coach?

I'm not talking about "information management" in terms of corporate IT, which is all you find when you search on Google. I'm talking about someone to help me develop a sustainable plan to process the absurd amount of information that constantly bombards me. I figure I need someone who can help my develop reliable, efficient systems and also probably the mental toughness to keep doing it. I've looked at so many books, but my situation is beyond any one of them. I feel like I need someone who understands the psychology, systematizing , and technology of the matter. [more inside]
posted by KinoAndHermes at 12:07 PM PST - 7 comments

Did girl groups ever not sing about love?

What girl groups in the oldies era had popular songs that weren't about romantic love/lust/attraction/dating? [more inside]
posted by bluesapphires at 11:52 AM PST - 24 comments

My ISP wants me to upgrade my service ASAP. I don't wanna.

My ISP is now telling me if I don't call them about getting an upgrade ASAP, they will "temporarily interrupt my service." I don't want one but think they are going to force me into it. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:44 AM PST - 17 comments

How much location information can you get from cell phone caller ID?

Is cell phone caller ID linked to the caller location, or to the area code? Is there a way to disable all location information? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:40 AM PST - 8 comments

Should I quit my job so I can find a job?

I only ever hear that it’s easier to find a job when you already have one but I’m beginning to think that I might be better off without mine. What should I do? [more inside]
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Web Cam Audio Source Question

I'd like to include some audio in a web cam broadcast, but right now all I can do is play the audio out of my speakers to the web cam mic, which of course sounds terrible. Is there a way I can stream the audio directly into the broadcast from, say, iTunes or some other application?
posted by Enemy of Joy at 11:23 AM PST - 6 comments

What services offer DVDs to rent?

What do you do when Netflix fails you? Netflix used to have a long tail of movies that weren't blockbusters. But they seem to be steadily chopping it off: the 'Saved' section of my queue keeps increasing. [more inside]
posted by Monochrome at 11:02 AM PST - 14 comments

Cultural Rules of Thumb

The advice to "always look both ways before you cross the street" is fairly common in the United States but I once heard of someone from another culture reacting to the concept like it was a genius-level epiphany. He was amazed by what many school children would consider a simple rule of thumb. I'd like to collect a similar set of idioms that might be seen in that way: common in their country of origin, but unknown (and potentially useful) in other parts of the world.
posted by Jeff Howard at 10:56 AM PST - 16 comments

What's going on with my dogs paw(s)?

Photo 1 Photo 2 For the past two months my American Bulldog has had a sore on her right paw. It's a small bump that will occasionally leak or bleed since it irritates her. [more inside]
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More surrealist/absurdist sports commentary?

Does anyone know of places on the internet that publish more surrealist/absurdist sports commentary like that found in Reggie Watts and Peter Serafinowicz's coverage of the most recent world cup? [more inside]
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Help needed picking the CD version to import - choices are in Japanese

I just received a CD of songs based on the Yotsuba& manga. When I go to import it into iTunes, I'm given two choices, and since I can't read Japanese, I'm not sure which to choose. [more inside]
posted by ralan at 10:10 AM PST - 9 comments

Help securing tickets to the Ghibli Museum - difficulty, not in Japan

We're trying to secure tickets to the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, but our international agent has no availability within our time scales. Is there a service like TaskRabbit in Japan where we could ask someone to check locally if these are available? [more inside]
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Why is InfoPath Designer barfing?

I made a form in InfoPath 2013 that submits to a Sharepoint library. I can open and submit it both via SharePoint and via InfoPath Filler. However, when I try to open the template file in InfoPath Designer it barfs with "InfoPath cannot load the view. The view may have been modified to contain unsupported HTML such as frames." Halp. [more inside]
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All in one Airprint capable color printer?

Need to get a new printer that can output graphic design pages at good quality, suggestions for one that'll be economical and last? Requirements on the inside. [more inside]
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Snowshoes for Me: Boston Snowpocalypse Edition

Last week, while I was lying about on the sofa, unable to feel my limbs from all the shoveling, a woman flew past our house on these tiny little snowshoes. She had a couple of poles as well. It was amazing. No slipping or falling on her face at all. I was instantly filled with insane jealousy. [more inside]
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Talking with African American preschoolers about the police?

Part of my job involves reading books and discussing them with preschool students. Sometimes, when those stories feature the police, the tiny kids will talk with me and my coworkers about how cops are "there to arrest you" and about family members who are unfairly in jail. How should we respond? [more inside]
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Help Me Set Up a Database for Document Offers

I'd like to set up a web-based system that will allow me to enter document records and make them available to multiple groups of logged-in users on a set schedule so they can select documents they are interested in. After all is said and done, I want to be able to access a sorted list of the documents so I can get them where they need to go easily. [more inside]
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Mathematically challenged, not an Excel guru, need help

I am trying to figure out a way to use Excel to take an initial lat/long coordinate and then add a pre-determined figure to create offset coordinate points. [more inside]
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Smartphones for Dummies

I have resisted getting a smartphone for years, but it's time to give in. My problem is that I'm totally clueless about how to do this. What phone should I get? What provider? What kind of data plan? Please help! [more inside]
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Does the awesomeness of cats allow them to violate the laws of physics?

I’d like to get a better understanding (or, really, any understanding) of how cats are able to survive under extremes of temperature. [more inside]
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Trichtotillomania / CBT treatment in NYC?

Does anyone know where I can receive CBT treatment for my trichtotillomania in New York City? [more inside]
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PC to Mac Switching Questions, Specifically device Syncing

I'm finally making the switch from PC to Mac, and I have some questions to make sure it all goes smoothly with my peripherals, which are currently synced to my PC. I have an iPhone 6 and an iPad 4th gen updated to the latest iOS. I'm specifically concerned with keeping my text messages and app data. [more inside]
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NYC & Real Estate, Condo Owner Edition

Repairs gone bad are destroying my hallway, causing mold that may be getting into my unit and I can't get the board or management company to respond. What else can I do? When do I threaten and then undertake legal action? [more inside]
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Looking for a cooling replacement for Urban Decay's Lube lipgloss

The best lip product I've ever had was Urban Decay's Lube in a Tube. It was a tinted lipgloss that was extremely cooling (minty? mentholated?) and had a bit of exfoliating grit in it. Putting it on chapped lips was like sweet relief. But, now that I'm finally using up my last tube, I'm discovering that this product was discontinued years ago. [more inside]
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OB/GYN in Brooklyn/Manhattan for a nervous patient

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. After some really traumatic experiences, I would really rather not take a shot in the dark to find a good OB/GYN. We have an insurance that's pretty widely accepted. Anyone have any recommendations in Brooklyn or Manhattan? I need a regular GYN and also a OB for the future (hopefully) so together would be great but if you've got a great one that just does one or the other, send them right over. [more inside]
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Should I sign this evaluation?

I just received my annual performance review from my department chair. I'm supposed to sign and return ASAP. Complication: he never actually visited my class. Also: weird college politics. [more inside]
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Take a deep breath and count to five...

WorkFilter: Is it ever appropriate to ask to be moved to another team at work because of management style? [more inside]
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Shared drive for a growing, distributed business

My company is growing quickly and we need a better shared file system than emailing documents back and forth. I have been asked to investigate options but don't know where to start or what to look for, and I am hoping the hive mind can provide some direction. Details inside. [more inside]
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multiple measurements converter/ calculator?

i have a string of measurements i would like increased by X. I've found many calculators that can do (1) measurement at a time, but is there one that does several at once? (when i say "convert" i mean increase in the same unit, not necessarily shifting/'converting' the unit to a different unit) (i.e. 1,3,5,7,9,13,15,17 inches all increased by X)
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Name that flower

My daughter really loves the flowers on the vinyl tiles that I am planning to rip up in our upstairs bathroom. Can you help me identify them and possibly find some prints of these or think of a creative way to display and preserve a few? [more inside]
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Travel maps that work with google maps?

I am traveling to Tokyo . Wondering if there is any app or easy way to create maps of fun places to go and see and then create nice walking routes. While google can of course show you a walking route, chances are one street over is a mch more interesting historical road or the like it I make myself clear.
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February 12

How to grab an expiring domain name?

So the .com version of a non monetized, family blog I own is set to expire this Spring and I would like to own it. Is there a service like a Domain Sniper that I can pay to snatch it up automatically if this guy can't be bothered to register it? I am likely to forget to check back in time even if I set a calendar reminder etc... [more inside]
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I sing the song of good grammar

Clearly Weird Al's "Word Crimes" is the ne plus ultra of songs about proper word usage. But that can't be the only one! Can you suggest other songs about grammar, syntax, etc? (Note: Ironic by Alanis Morrisette does not fit the bill, as it is neither an accurate definition of ironic nor a good song.)
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Why is my wifi faster with 802.11n in 802.11a compatible mode?

Cable modem, Time capsule, and various Macs. When I put the time capsule into 802.11n only mode, I get about 30mbps. When I put the time capsule into 802.11n (a compatible) mode, I get about 60mbps. Why could that be? [more inside]
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Cribbage rules -- scoring during play

In pegging, we had a run of 2, 3, 4, 4, 3 and totaled it to 16 points, counting as if it were in a hand. I have checked several sources and none deal with this exact situation. So specifically my question is: would the person who played the second four score 8 points (6 for the runs and 2 for the pair) and would the person who played the second three score 16 (12 for the runs and 4 for the two pair)?
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Where can I test a bunch of different office chairs in NYC?

I need a new office chair and would like suggestions for stores in and around NYC where I can try out several models at once. Difficulty level: short person. [more inside]
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help my friend Alzheimers-proof his house

My friend from this question needs advice and direction caring for his mom in her home. Her dementia is getting steadily worse, and last weekend she went wandering. [more inside]
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been there done that nailed her to the wall

I know i can't be imagining this. settle a conversation for me please. I distinctly remember a SNL sketch from the 90s where a group of men were talking about various women and rating them or something at during the sketch one of the cast says "been there, done that, nailed her to the wall". I want to say Chris Farley was in the sketch but i can't be sure. Do you remember this? What episode was it? HALP.
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Is it possible to ask out a customer?

I've been having a lot of casual conversations with a regular customer and I get a vibe that he may be interested, but I do not want to make things awkward in any way in case I'm wrong. [more inside]
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Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot...NOT!

Do you love spicy food? This question is not for you! I want to compile a list of the safest/mildest dishes to order when you eat out. If you don't like heat, what are your go-to dishes? [more inside]
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Help me set a realistic language learning goal

I work with many (Latin American) Spanish speaking families. I would like to be able to communicate with them, even a little. Help me figure out a realistic plan to acquire more language skills this summer. [more inside]
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How does this work?!

How do you read with progressive anti fatigue lenses? Please show me how. [more inside]
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Need a good bag for hauling LPs

I would like to find something that I can take on trips that will hold a good stack of LPs, and also double as a sturdy weekend bag that can be used as a a small carry-on for flights. [more inside]
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Something like arduino for people with poor vision

So, I am getting into Arduino as something to tinker with. And it seems like something my elderly father would also really enjoy futzing around with. [more inside]
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Why do questions on Quora read like they were written by a robotic 9yro?

Are Quora questions all written/edited to follow a stringent style? [more inside]
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What am I supposed to do with a manically depressed tablet?

I recently bought a new Alcatel One Touch 7 Tab, running Jelly Bean. It has a lot of problems, often it takes several seconds to respond, apps freeze, it has graphical issues with some games that aren't necessarily new, some apps don't even run, and it hangs when going from one app to another. [more inside]
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What's the perfect elephant-related Valentine's gift?

Please help me find the perfect Valentine's Day gift for my beloved wife. Difficulty level: elephant. [more inside]
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Options for self-hosted email filtering software?

I'm looking for something like Sanebox that I can host myself on a relatively low-powered VPS. I tried Simplify Email, but found it was a bit of a pain, and I ended loosing some mail. I also tried my email provider's filters in Roundcube, but they seemed to stop working over time. I'm currently relying on a copy of Postbox running on my home computer all the time. [more inside]
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She's going back to the land...

Can the Hive Mind help me in brainstorming the perfect family homestead? [more inside]
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A Formula to Apply to This Stressful Situation

I frequently find myself really stressed by situations that have much in common. Namely, when I have a bunch of things to do that are equally important, especially if they each involve going to a different place, I get so paralyzed and wishy-washy and timid that I end up doing nothing. I'll include more details about today's example, but what I really want is for someone to teach me how to fish when this comes up. [more inside]
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Apartment hunting in Switzerland

My boyfriend and I are both in Switzerland, he in Geneva and I in Bern. We want to move in together. Please help us with our special snowflake details? [more inside]
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How do you know when you've forgiven someone?

What are some signs that you've completely forgiven someone who has hurt you? I'm trying to compile a more exhaustive list for myself. [more inside]
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On the hunt for field recordings of traditional healing songs!!

I'm working on a project with some friends collecting songs from traditional societies around the world and comparing their musical characteristics (tempo, pitch, etc.). We've found nearly everything we need, but we're left with five items, all of which are healing songs from various regions (a healing song is any song used for medicinal or healing purposes, often sung by a shaman or medicine-person). See specifics inside! [more inside]
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Re-create that recipe: Curried Veggie Stew

Please help me come up with a recipe - the spices in particular - for a curried veggie stew I used to order at a mall food court years ago. I remember cumin and cardamon but that's about it... [more inside]
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How do I use self-hosted webfonts in emails?

I'd like to use a custom font in the emails I send out. I have a particular font in mind and own the webfont files for that typeface. The font is not available on Google Webfonts. [more inside]
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Attaining fluency in creative mediums.

I have a lot of questions about the world! There are many different ways to explore those questions, but in order to explore them at a level that satisfies me, I have to investigate using mediums that I am fluent in. As of this moment, I don't think I am fluent in anything. Creatives of Metafilter, give me your thoughts and anecdata! [more inside]
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Help with deciphering signatures

Can anybody help with deciphering the lastnames on these two signatures? [more inside]
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Should I seal this stained wood?

Staining some wood, should I apply a sealant? [more inside]
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I think I've fallen out of love with my husband. What now?

More detail below the cut, but mostly I'm seeking some experience and wisdom from the hivemind on the more existential aspects of this realization, and maybe a reality check if needed. Thanks. [more inside]
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Job Brainstorm Ideas needed with TV and Video Editor background

Asking for a friend who's having a hard time finding a job in Seattle (Eastside) - she has a technical school degree in television production and had worked in the East coast for 2 reputable news stations for 15 years wearing multiple hats: Production coordinator, video editor and distributor and web producer. [more inside]
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How to deal with noise from upstairs neighbors?

Last week I had new neighbors move into the apartment above me. Their footsteps are very loud, occasionally there is other noise, and they are up very late. The past two nights I have gone over at midnight and asked them to keep it down. They did the first night, but last night they did not, and they were up until after 2:00 am. The woman who answered last night said it was her kids. I'm at a loss, what else can I do here? [more inside]
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Help me do some math?

Help me do some math? [more inside]
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My mentally ill aunt is trying to manipulate my 95-year-old grandmother

My aunt, Anne, is being emotionally abusive to my 95-year old grandmother. Anne is also verbally abusive towards the nursing home staff. She has snuck an attorney into the nursing home in an attempt to get my grandmother to sign paperwork changing power of attorney. Fortunately the alarmed nursing home staff recognized what was going on and immediately called my other aunt, Kate, who has had power of attorney for the last 30 years. Kate rushed to the nursing home and stopped the process. That attorney dropped her as a client but she got another one. Now my aunt is apparently preparing to sue Kate, my dad (he's Kate and Anne's brother) as well as the nursing home. This is all occurring in the state of Texas. [more inside]
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Should I be skeptical of this lender?

I applied to refinance my mortgage. I told the agent that prior to putting any money down for appraisals, I wanted to check with a few different lenders so I could be comfortable with my decision to work with them. I was warned that shopping for rates would likely negatively impact my credit. A quick googling proved otherwise, informing me that there is a 14-30 day window to rate shop without impacting credit beyond the first pull. I feel deceived by the lender, and I'd like to know if that seems like that seems like a reasonable response. [more inside]
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Should I buy a leather briefcase in Florence or just get it in the U.S.?

I'm visiting Florence this spring. I've been there before, and love the city. Trying to decide whether to buy a leather briefcase and duffel there, or here in the U.S.? I am not looking for designer, I'm looking for sturdy and made to last. [more inside]
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What's the deal with this building? How can I find out?

There is a building in Woodley Park, DC that looks completely normal from the front and burnt-out and abandoned from the back. I lived a few doors down from it for about 15 months and never saw anyone go in or out of the back part of the building. Any idea what the deal is, or how I could research this? [more inside]
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Save my nearly-burned "braised" short ribs

I know my oven cooks hot, but I didn't realize it cooked THAT hot, plus we recently had the door repaired and it must be holding heat better than before, because after three hours at around 160-170 C, I have some very well done braised short ribs and a charred pan! Nothing was left of the lovely wine and broth mix. The vegetables were tiny burned crisps of charcoal. I had to throw the pan away! Can this dinner be saved by tomorrow night? [more inside]
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Help me turn off animation in Google Hangouts

I use Google Hangouts to chat (initiated from Chrome, on a Windows desktop). When I type "hahahaha" (as I do, because I am nonstop fun) some little animals come across the chat widget and dance around. When I type happy birthday, they appear with a birthday cake. This was whimsical once, and now it is soul-crushingly twee and intrusive. I can't figure out how to turn them off, in settings or via Google searching. Anyone done this successfully?
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What B&W movie ends with the line "Here comes the sun"?

I saw a black and white movie on TV when I was younger, and it ended with a family (presumably farmers?), looking out a window or a door (or standing on a porch) as the sun rose, and the father says, "Well, here comes the sun." It stuck with me, but I can't seem to find what movie it was. [more inside]
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do Norwex cloths really safely clean with just water?

It is safe to take my baby to a playspace that is using just Norwex cloths and water to clean? [more inside]
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What is this "to"?

Please explain the meaning of "to" in these sentences. Does it mean "in the direction of sth, towards sth"? It is not easy for me to get the nuance of this preposition here. 1 I rose to my feet. 2 I helped him to his feet. 3 I jumped to my feet. Thank you.
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Wireless to Wired Connection for multiple devices?

My business has a remote office that has a terribly slow DSL connection. A mobile hotspot there can provide a much faster internet connection. Is there a wireless ethernet bridge that will support multiple devices? [more inside]
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Theories of the Ontology of Logic and Reason?

I have recently become interested in the question of what sort of existence or "being" logical laws, reason, mathematical truths, rationality have. That is, what is the ontological basis of logic? Where does the a priori reside? Is it part of the universe or if it is somehow "absolute" then "where" do these truths reside? Who has theorised about this, can you give pointers of philosophers, and books that have tackled this issue? Did Russell or Frege talk about this? Plato's realm of Ideas seems one approach to the problem but what are contemporary theories?
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How do I free up my phone for more games?

I love puzzle games, like The Room, Room 2, Monument Valley, Tiny Bang Theory, Botanicula, all those kinds of things (I have, in fact, gotten many recommendations from others' previous AskMes). The thing is, these games all add up memory-wise. I have finished them once, but know that I will enjoy returning to them in the future after I've forgotten some of the bits. How do I move them somewhere else to free up memory in the meantime? Or can I just delete them and download them again later? [more inside]
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February 11

reinstalling Ubuntu on a partition in existing dual-boot system?

I would like to know how (if?) I can re-install ubuntu (from a flash drive) onto a partition of my dual boot hard drive without destoying the other partitions (a winxp OS and a large partition with data on it, respectively.) [more inside]
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What to do with all my boxes?

For the first time, I'm moving to an apartment without a patio and storage closet. Looking for creative solutions for still holding onto various boxes while not having my place look vaguely hoarder-ish [more inside]
posted by raw sugar at 10:17 PM PST - 19 comments

Is this car possessed?

A friend of mine has a 2000 Chevy Impala with a mysterious issue that is baffling the mechanic and the dealer. Any gearheads have any ideas? [more inside]
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Getting information into my head faster?

I use text-to-speech (TTS) on my phone to read books and articles while I'm walking. Is there a more efficient way to translate text into sound that would allow me to listen to the text faster? Is there any research on this? Are there any products to look into? [more inside]
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Examples of matryoshka-style packaging?

Do you know of any kind of packaging that relies on the matryoshka concept of embedding one package into another? Like origami or another packaging type with this idea of embeddedness? [more inside]
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Making a Mixtape with iTunes

I'm trying to make a (somewhat belated) 2014 "Mixtape" to share with friends. I have a Mac-centric home network, but I'm getting frustrated trying to simply do the following: 1. Create a playlist 2. Order the playlist and change album artist etc so it will show up as a various artists album 3. Export the songs. [more inside]
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Help us honeymoon!

Where should be vacation near Nice/Sanremo - and other lovely questions after the jump - [more inside]
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Spoofed, hacked, or nothing to worry about?

I've noticed periodic (every few months) messages/advertisements in my hotmail inbox. I then change my password. They appear to be from me (i.e., intrepid_simpleton@hotmail.com -- I use another name in hotmail.) I saw one this morning, and changed the password. This afternoon I had another one. Advice beyond changing the password (I use difficult passwords with capitals, punctuation, numerals, etc.)?
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Give me more muscle-tense-y suspensions

I am recently obsessed with Vienna Teng's Hymn of Axicom, which I love in the same way I love Hide and Seek. I want more hair-raising suspension-y music that puts you on tenterhoooks waiting for a resolution. [more inside]
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Who is buried in Grant's tomb?

What difficult questions can I ask to my half asleep girlfriend? [more inside]
posted by Sreiny at 6:29 PM PST - 38 comments

Help me help my hands.

My poor fingers and nails are in really rough shape. Teach me how to take care of them! [more inside]
posted by mollymayhem at 5:37 PM PST - 20 comments

PNW area over-saturated with counseling students & therapists?

Looking to relocate to Oregon or Washington but concerned that job searching in behavioral health may be difficult. I have heard there are a plethora of social workers in the Portland area but I have not been able to determine if this is true. [more inside]
posted by Kitty Cornered at 5:09 PM PST - 6 comments

Odd vision issues

Lately I've been noticing my vision just seems crappy; I notice my vision just seems "busy"/"shimmering"/slightly noisy. This is particularly noticeable when I'm looking at high contrast things, like computer monitors in a dimmer room. I also see "outlines"/a glow, around contrasting colours, as well as what feels like flickering in some portions of my vision towards the periphery. [more inside]
posted by Willz at 4:42 PM PST - 13 comments

Seeking audio of Septa Regional Rail conductors' calling the next stop

"This is the R-5 train to Páólí. Néxt stóp, Ò::vèr::bróók! Tickets, please!" The Regional Rail train conductors in the Philly region will forever be associated with formal, stentorian, prosodically elaborated station announcements. Where can I find a recording of these? [more inside]
posted by rschram at 4:25 PM PST - 12 comments

How do I start a choir?

A friend and I want to start a (casual, fun) women's choir, but we don't really know where to start. How do we find people to join? Where do we meet? How much work is this actually going to be? We are in Chicago. [more inside]
posted by goodbyewaffles at 4:14 PM PST - 13 comments

Need a new hub for my living room 2.1 sound system. Audiophiles, help!

I'm simplifying my audio setup to a bookshelf speaker/subwoofer system in my living room, after a Peachtree Nova/Ohm Walsh MicroTall setup for several years. I'm looking to spend around $350-400 on an amp/receiver and have several requirements and questions about how to choose the right equipment. [more inside]
posted by rbf1138 at 3:52 PM PST - 3 comments

When the end is nigh....

Currently in a marriage where the love has faded. Looking for advice. Blah. Blah. Blah. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:59 PM PST - 33 comments

Wheres a good place online to buy inexpnsive light Italian-style suits?

We were in Rome a couple summers back and I was taken with how well dressed Italian men are even in the summer heat. It seems the secret is in all the shops there selling very lightweight jackets, pants, suits. Perfectly suited to spring and summer weather. I picked up a couple outfits while I was there and now Im back in California and I'm wanting to grab more. Does anyone know of an online retailer that specializes in this sort of thing?
posted by Senor Cardgage at 2:24 PM PST - 4 comments

Are digitized records acceptable when it comes to IRS records retention?

We have way too many filing cabinets taking up space in the home office and we'd like to digitize most of the contents and then shred the original physical items. I've read this document for retention best practices but it doesn't mention anything about digitizing. We're talking receipts, medical records, financial statements, etc. All sorts of goodies. In my mind, worst case scenario is we have to print out any records before submitting them but I could be totally wrong... Thanks!
posted by covercash at 2:23 PM PST - 4 comments

Distinctive Voodoo Child cover on "Hitman: Agent 47" trailer

The trailer for the new "Hitman: Agent 47" film is a rather distinctive cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child", as found here; however I can't find it online, or even anything close... any ideas?
posted by DancingYear at 1:51 PM PST - 9 comments

How can I get an entry-level job as a Data Analyst in NYC, ASAP?

How can I get into data analysis with little-to-no data or programming experience? [more inside]
posted by matticulate at 1:17 PM PST - 7 comments

What is this old Sci-Fi Short-Story/Novelette?

I'm trying to identify/find this pre-1980 story set in America, about an epidemic (highly contagious, spread skin-to-skin) where everyone's turns grey and the victims have hallucinations. The protagonist is on the run (along with a woman?), trying to escape roaming victims (who have a craving to touch his uninfected skin). In that last aspect, it has a zombie apocalypse feel to it. I believe it was a little-known work by a big-name author. Can anyone tell me what it is? SPOILERS BELOW [more inside]
posted by Sceadugenga at 12:55 PM PST - 6 comments

Natural Acquisition of Grammar/Usage Skills

I'm curious to hear the experiences of people with good writing skills who were raised in families with poor language usage. [more inside]
posted by Quisp Lover at 12:43 PM PST - 31 comments

Modern Union Activity and Corporation Responses

I'm doing some background research for a writing project and I'm looking for material related to recent burgeoning union activity, particularly in the fast food and retail sectors. [more inside]
posted by smithsmith at 12:41 PM PST - 5 comments

Delicious Mexican food at home? (UK)

I love a fajita/taco/burrito - but I am shame-faced to say that previously these have only ever come from Old El Paso pack! [more inside]
posted by dance at 12:22 PM PST - 30 comments

Itunes Alternative

Can anyone recommend an alernative to Itunes for ripping CDs, organizing music files, creating playlists, and moving them to my Ipod? [more inside]
posted by marxchivist at 11:23 AM PST - 6 comments

I do not sound like this

What's it called when people write like they talk, or don't? What's it called when people hear the voice of the writer when they read the words?
posted by michaelh at 11:13 AM PST - 17 comments

Looking for Portuguese Ancestry Information

My grandfather was born in Portugal. My brother is really interested in getting a Portuguese passport. We know my grandfather's full name, date of birth, and city of birth (Lisbon). We do not have his birth certificate which we are trying to order. To get his birth certificate, we need the names of his parents and their date of marriage. How can we most easily find this information OR is there a way to get the birth certificate knowing just full name, date of birth, and place of birth? [more inside]
posted by Mrs. Pterodactyl at 11:10 AM PST - 11 comments

Music to conquer Attica to

Making a playlist for the gym. Theme: Amazon Warriors! Need more songs. Guidelines follow: [more inside]
posted by Kitty Stardust at 10:56 AM PST - 14 comments

how to store/identify kimonos

I have 2 silk kimonos. Folded up properly. How should they be stored to protect them? In a box? Wrapped? I have no idea where they are from, any idea of their provenance. Any idea how to identify them? One is outside dark blue, a rougher material; smooth cream inside. The other vertical stripes, colors outside, red inside. Any ideas?
posted by ebesan at 10:33 AM PST - 9 comments

Combine 3 Craigslist searches

This can't be impossible, but my search skills reveal nothing. I have 3 Craigslist searches for apartments. I want to see the results of all three on one page, preferably a map. Is there a way to combine? [more inside]
posted by jander03 at 10:23 AM PST - 3 comments

How to deal with grad school woes

2nd year student in a PhD program and I'm hitting some major roadbumps. Questioning my academic career, research plans falling apart, and absentee advisor(s) are all contributing to the problem. Would quit in an instant, but some complications recently arose. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:49 AM PST - 9 comments

Help me pull the plug on this relationship

AskMe, you're good at telling people when to end it. Help me get it into my head that my relationship is over. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:48 AM PST - 35 comments

How can I get background info on a landlord and rental property in NY?

How can my friend determine if a private landlord is a scam artist, and/or if his rental property has been in foreclosure? This is in New York. [more inside]
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Should I try to recruit a former classmate?

I was looking up old school acquaintances online recently, and found the LinkedIn profile of a classmate from grad school. She's got just the resume my team desperately needs (MVC web development, natural language processing) and I know she's very smart. But I never knew her that well in school, and mostly remember her because of the secret crush I had on her back then. Would it be okay to email her about the open position at my company? [more inside]
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Snow tire information overload - what should I buy?

I have a 1999 Ford E150 van with iffy tires. I want to get some snow tires but the variables are driving me nuts. [more inside]
posted by crazylegs at 7:27 AM PST - 18 comments

Giving a gift to restaurant staff?

We're planning a dinner to celebrate a milestone birthday. We'd like to do something to acknowledge the extra work for the staff we represent. We were thinking a gift for the staff, but we don't know the etiquette of this. [more inside]
posted by werkzeuger at 6:59 AM PST - 28 comments

High Performing Software Teams

Awesome software engineering managers, what has made you successful? I am working with a Dev manager and my gut tells me our process is broken and teams are not working to their potential. The current manager is spouting the benefits of Kanban and has removed any of the normal Agile stuff ( storypoints, retros, sprints ). Last quarter they completely missed on the Roadmap and the team seems disengaged. Leadership is scared to lose talent and is coddling our engineering team. Help me instill a lightweight process and culture than gets results and keeps people happy. What is working for you?
posted by jasondigitized at 5:58 AM PST - 13 comments

Email forwarding for a domain without hosting

I have a .co.uk domain which is hosted by Bluehost. However, after some time the only thing I use it for is to forward email addresses to my main gmail address. Is there a cheap and reliable alternative which just provides email forwarding?
posted by Stark at 1:41 AM PST - 8 comments

Short-changed at BK: Should I eat the loss?

About an hour ago, I went through the drive-through at Burger King and bought dinner. Having no smaller bills, I paid the $6 tab with a one-hundred-dollar bill, and- because I'm an idiot- put the change in my pocket without counting it. Guess what happened next? [more inside]
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February 10

What is this?

It's a bug, in my place, in February. Beyond that, I don't know. [more inside]
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All aboard the therapy bus

How do I help my girlfriend get the help she needs? [more inside]
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Does my cat just have a cold?

Symptoms: been off his food 2 days. Sleeping a lot (more than usual) in one spot. I picked him up and he sounds congested. [more inside]
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Endangered U.S. culture: what remains underdocumented?

Tell me about what cultures, cultural practices, arts, religions, languages, lifestyles, hobbies, habits, fashion, unconventional individuals/families, or any other aspects of human life in the U.S. still remain severely underdocumented; or are at risk of fading away before they can be properly or meaningfully documented. [more inside]
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Novel research question

For the purposes of fiction, I am trying to learn about what it was like for an American child to be diagnosed with autism or Asperger's syndrome in the mid-1980s. [more inside]
posted by Countess Elena at 6:15 PM PST - 10 comments

MusicFilter: Help me find more mid- to late 90's acoustic "rock"

I want to hear more mid- to late 90's acoustic rock like the following: [more inside]
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How can I find a speaker on mentoring in Seattle, WA?

I want to hire an external speaker to come speak to a group of ~500 women in a large corporate environment about how to effectively find a mentor, be a good mentor, and build a great mentoring relationship that is beneficial for both parties. [more inside]
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Help me peek behind the curtain

Does anyone know any good books/movies/tv shows/articles about how reality TV is made? [more inside]
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Our landlord left us in limbo -- what happens next?

The landlord for our Chicago apartment got foreclosed on, and we’ve been left without anyone to pay rent to. What happens next, and how can we make sure we don't get evicted? [more inside]
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What finger foods would be good for a hot sauce tasting party?

What finger foods would be good for a hot sauce tasting party? [more inside]
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How to migrate blog and wiki away from Dreamhost — and to what?

I have had a number of technical difficulties with Dreamhost that have worsened over the last year and my account is up for a two-year renewal. I have two sites: one a WordPress blog and the other an old MediaWiki installation. What are good alternatives to Dreamhost, and how would I migrate the WP and wiki installations off their servers and onto the new hosting service?
posted by a lungful of dragon at 4:38 PM PST - 10 comments

Time management, for real this time

Got my 2014 performance review. It was, like always, a straight split between "you are amazing beyond belief at this stuff" (actual job functions, strategy, driving new initiatives) and "you are so unimaginably bad at that stuff" (time management, deadlines). My boss told me very plainly that being unreliable is the agreed-upon Thing holding me back from leadership roles, it comes up whenever they talk about high-potential employees at the exec level (in a company of 250!), and if I were anyone else I'd be put on a performance improvement plan (I got a promotion and a raise instead—I was in a visible position before, now it's extremely visible and much higher-stakes if things go off the rails). I want to fix this for real, at work and also just in general with life. But I have no idea how to really do it. [more inside]
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How to transition from working at home to corporate office life?

About two years ago I left my fast-paced corporate job to do freelance work for the same company from home. I thought I would hate it, but actually I discovered that I loved not dealing with the day-to-day interpersonal bullshit and the various stress of office politics. [more inside]
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Costa Brava in July/August: Is Air-conditioning really necessary?

Booking my 5 day stay in the Costa Brava at the height of the season right now, and I've kept it confined to small towns to mitigate the crowds. We are looking at houses on the coast in wooded environs, and I've noticed many of the best houses seem to have no A/C. Since they're right on the water I imagine that keeps the heat from being unbearable. Still, my partner is very heat sensitive, so just how comfortable is it without A/C?
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Next Steps on Google Analytics?

I've linked Google Analytics to my business site and have had the tracking code pasted into my pages. I am not sure how to proceed to the next step. How would I go about seeing the data from the site? It is a wordpress site
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Meet the Colonel

What is this name or origin of this bird-headed man's (English?) accent? [more inside]
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Just started Twitter account and it is suspended

I finally just started a Twitter account two days ago. I have not yet tweeted, retweeted or requested friends. Now I'm told the account is suspended. [more inside]
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Do I need a new therapist?

I'm only 3 sessions in, but I'm not feeling my therapist and think I should quit and find someone else. [more inside]
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a week to become a health care expert

I'm moving into the field of health care policy and I don't have a strong background in this area. I'd like some recommendations for books that will give me a broad foundation and also some that are interesting and specific to timely health issues. [more inside]
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I under-tipped my hair stylist unwittingly

How do I fix this? [more inside]
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Promiscuous Male Artists

Can you give me examples of male visual artists who are and were known for their gratuitous sexual behavior? Sexuality doesn't matter, and neither does period or style. I'm very curious. Thank you.
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figure skate suggestions for novice

Anyone have recommendations for what kind of skates a beginning adult figure skater might purchase?
posted by city_park at 2:20 PM PST - 3 comments

Help me find the exact date of an All Mighty Senators concert in '94

Can anyone help me track down the exact date of an All Mighty Senators show in the Baltimore area (probably the 8x10) in late February or early March in 1994? [more inside]
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How to get podcasts on IPhone 5s

I just got an iphone and I go into itunes but I cannot figure out how to get podcasts, like I do on my ipod. any tips? thanks
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How do I track down a death certificate?

I recently found out that a friend from back in my college days died eleven years ago, but I can't figure out where, or what happened, just a date. How can I find more information? [more inside]
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House Arrest Vertical Range

Are house arrest ankle monitors able to detect vertical movement? [more inside]
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Help me help my tween though shark infested waters.

My sweet girl is 9 years old and starting to encounter some of the social stuff that comes up when girls hit That Age. Nothing too bad yet, but you know. Best friend being courted by another, meaner girl, the ensuing jealousy and hurt, that kind of thing... and I know it only gets worse from here. [more inside]
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A secretary cabinet/desk for my two-monitor PC

I'd like to have a secretary cabinet or desk, bought or made, that can hide away a computer setup with dual 24" widescreen monitors. I imagine a design where the monitors fold in and drop into the desk or something, allowing the the secretary itself to be fairly narrow. Does anything like this exist? I'd probably have to resort to Ikea hacking or even woodworking to afford it, but I can't find or come up with a design that nicely folds away two biggish screens, and looks like a sensible piece of furniture when stowed.
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What food would you being a Magic the Gathering party?

This weekend some friends are planning to nerd out 90s style and have a Magic the Gathering party. I'd like to bring some theme appropriate snacks, but I keep just coming up with generic game night food. Are there any foods that just scream MAGIC to you? [more inside]
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Is reneging *always* unacceptable?

So I know the wisdom: don't renege on a job acceptance. That said, I'm considering it. Am I making a huge mistake? [more inside]
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Romantic classic music CD?

What's a great CD of classical music that is lower-case-r romantic, for a gift? [more inside]
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Help me ID ragweed in the field, from a distance

I am allergic to ragweed. I have no clue what it looks like. Give me your best pics, tips, and secrets, oh people of metafilter with Plant Foo. [more inside]
posted by Michele in California at 10:56 AM PST - 9 comments

Philadelphia weekend ideas that are easy on the wallet..

My girlfriend and I are spending Valentine's Day weekend in Philly. What are some good places to check out that's fairly cheap? More details below. [more inside]
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Moving into a brand-new townhouse (renting). What should I know?

I'm moving in on Saturday. I've lived in dorms or apartments since leaving for college. It's a brand-new townhouse, built last year, owner has never moved in and we'll be the first renters. What sort of new-house things should I know? Bonus: How do I make sure the local flying dinosaur cockroaches don't move in too? I've always had a trash chute!
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Is this relationship worth pursuing?

I am 36 years old, female, divorced...about two months ago, I met a guy that is from Egypt and is Muslim. He has been in the U.S. for about 7 years, and is now 32 years old. We have a lot of fun together, but now lately I am questioning if a future is really possible. First of all, I was raised Catholic...I'm not really practicing now, but I don't know if I can raise my children as Muslims (and if I were to marry this guy, it is non-negotiable; the children MUST be raised Muslim). [more inside]
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Teaching at Boarding School Experiences

Asking for a friend. Friend is contemplating moving from teaching at a private school in New York City to a private high school or middle school way outside the city. Options include rural MA, VT, NH, CT and Upstate NY. Do you have experience teaching at one of these schools? What was it like? What positives and negatives are there about teaching and living in these areas? [more inside]
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Custom sunglass clip-ons

I bought a pair of glasses from Warby Parker (that I like). However, WP does not offer sunglass clip-ons, which I pretty much cannot live without. I know that there are companies that make custom clip-ons (my old-school eyewear store could get clip-ons made for just about any pair of glasses), but do any of them sell directly to the public? If so, can you recommend any you've used? Thank you.
posted by Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell at 9:50 AM PST - 2 comments

Beneficiaries: none?

There is no one in my life… so who benefits from my death? Not a request for legal estate advice. I need to sort out my limited beneficiary options given my dismal family situation. Help? [more inside]
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Handling doggy acid reflux

Help me help my dog live a cage free life! [more inside]
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Best way to sell a house without improvement, staging, or agents?

My mother is moving out of her house and wants to sell it with as little fuss as possible. She doesn't want to make any improvements, hire a realtor, have 'open houses,' or have any protracted negotiations. Her plan is to just take the best offer of a "fast cash buyout" home-buying company. That sounds like inviting a ripoff to me, but we both know very little about selling houses and don't know of any alternatives. [more inside]
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How to Balance Life & Debt?: dating, hobbies, money

My goal is to pay off my large student loan debt, do I need to put life on hold? [more inside]
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Help me make a hopper and dispenser that won't clog and won't jam

I need to make a hopper leading down to an opening. Below the opening will be a wheel. Food will fall into the wheel from the hopper. The wheel will turn, causing the food to drop below. Essentially, this but smaller. I'm having two problems with the wheel and hopper design: clogging and jamming. Help me figure out how to shape the hopper and wheel openings to prevent these problems. [more inside]
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Does this NYC karaoke place exist?

I have a few specific requirements for an NYC karaoke night and I'm wondering if anyone knows if such a magical place exists. [more inside]
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How do I do casual sex?

I'm trying to loosen up, have fun, and gain more sexual experience; however, I tend to be a bit emotional. By the same token I also tend to feel tied down sometimes in serious relationships and I want to "look around" more before deciding to be in a serious relationship. Looking for ideas on how to balance that. [more inside]
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Please Mom, don't download that weather widget from Cnet.

Desktop widgets in Windows Vista/7 appear to be disabled because of security problems. Is there any application or other way to display weather info on the desktop in Windows Vista/7 in a constantly updated widget like way? [more inside]
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Difficult Projects and Process Organization.

Are there interviews or essays on how individual people tackled difficult projects: organizing, keeping motivated, editing, and checking back on earlier edits? [more inside]
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I want Voss plastic bottles without the Voss water.

I've been searching high and low for empty plastic bottles like the ones Voss water uses, but with no luck. Help? [more inside]
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Networking and Making Friends w/Poor Availability

Hi everyone, Today I'm searching for insight into building a new circle of friends from scratch. I have both good things going for me as well as bad, just like everyone else, and lately I've been struggling to navigate the bad aspects of my life when putting myself out there to meet new people. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do differently? [more inside]
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Help an AirBnb Host: How to apply a discount

How do AirBnB Hosts apply discounts for customers? [more inside]
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What can I learn on Udemy that would pretty much guarantee me a job?

I was looking at some of the Udemy courses and several popped out that are meant to prepare you to pass certain certification requirements. For example, there is a CCNA Security course for Cisco systems which can prepare one to receive accreditation. What are some courses and opportunities on Udemy and similar websites for individuals looking to break into new professions where the barrier to entry is largely passing basic certifications and exams? [more inside]
posted by RapcityinBlue at 5:52 AM PST - 7 comments

Good software for laying out a wedding?

We have booked a big room for our wedding, and I would like to produce a professional looking room plan. Any suggestions for good software? What do event planners use? I have experience with drafting software but only expensive programs like AutoCAD that I don't currently have access to. Mac or PC is fine.
posted by smackfu at 5:44 AM PST - 11 comments

Must label desktops

What is the best way to label my different desktops in Mission Control, running Yosemite on my mac? [more inside]
posted by nat at 4:28 AM PST - 2 comments

Power pop-me-up!

A two-mile walk in the morning is much more fun with power pop. However, the first Fountains of Wayne and Weezer albums will wear out pretty quickly. Give me your power pop recommendations! If it has fuzzy guitars, harmonies, and a tune that could soundtrack a secretly great teen movie, I want to know about it. [more inside]
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Is This Legit? is buying light fixtures with iTunes Cards common?

We stumbled on a Rain Drop Chandelier we'd like to purchase for over our coffee table. Before purchasing I googled the fixture details, finding the same fixture for 60% at Another Site. So we're good to go, only to find the site does not take creditcards. At checkout the main site gives the following information: As we are located in China, it is not easy for us to receive money from gloabl customers just for a low profit: 1. Paypal does require too high service-charging-fee (above 25% of total amount) from us. 2. Western Union is not safe for buyers. Also, it is not convenient to make a transaction. 3. Credit card channels usually hold the money at least 25 days. Therefore, now we do accept iTunes Gift Cards for your payment. My Question: Is this legit and just something I've never encountered? [more inside]
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10 Weeks Suffering with Pelvic Pain

You are not my doctor, but if anyone could possibly shed any light on what I've been dealing with for the past 2+ months it would be greatly appreciated. I'm a 38-year-old male and my symptoms appear to be urological in nature, but I'm not certain as to the root cause. I've visited three urologists, a chiropractor and a physiotherapist, but to no avail. [more inside]
posted by Tenacious.Me.Tokyo at 1:19 AM PST - 6 comments

Build me a computer

I have a budget of £600 and want to build a robust PC for gaming that is relatively future proof [more inside]
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February 9

Looking for a fibro-friendly, female, GP in Asheville

Asking for a friend in Asheville NC: Looking for recommendations for a female primary care doctor that is good working with patients who have complex problems including fibromyalgia. (They don't have to be an expert but familiar with the issues and comfortable referring out and coordinating with specialists) Bonus if you know that they are taking new patients.
posted by metahawk at 10:37 PM PST - 3 comments

How safe is Jordan (Petra/Aqaba) for tourists? Difficulty level: Israeli

My mom and I (Israeli) have planned a two-day vacation in Jordan for this weekend, but I'm worried about ISIS and terrorism. If you've been in Jordan recently, what does it feel like in terms of safety? We would be crossing via Aqaba and spending one night there and one night in Petra. I'm starting to get cold feet, especially since I'm concerned that whatever the actual danger level I might feel too anxious to enjoy the trip, but everything's paid for and I'm hesitant to back out. MeFites, can you set my mind at ease, or at least give me a realistic sense of what it's like for tourists in Jordan at the moment? Thanks.
posted by zeri at 10:15 PM PST - 3 comments

Full face travel make up palete

Does anyone know of a few good brands that do a customizable travel make up palette that includes not only eye shadow but liner, as well as foundation, bronzer etc? I can't seem to find anything online except for a few hits on the big "mature" skin companies like Estee Lauder.... Thanks ladies!
posted by risaroni at 10:10 PM PST - 12 comments

Cat drooling with runny nose

I will call her vet in the morning. Should I call emergency tonight? [more inside]
posted by janey47 at 9:24 PM PST - 23 comments

Looking for personal stories of laser tattoo removal.

How long does it take to get a small, black-ink tattoo removed? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:16 PM PST - 4 comments

Does my scenario require an accountant?

Building on an earlier question I'd like some personalized advice on using an accountant. [more inside]
posted by NikitaNikita at 9:09 PM PST - 4 comments

Ice Dam Leak

Dear husband asked for advice about our ice dams last week. Our entreaties were ignored by the Ice Lord and we have a full on leaky ice dam that has really messed up our first floor bathroom ceiling and probably more. What now? Three specific questions inside. [more inside]
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Currency Exchange Fast.

How/where can I buy Bitcoin this morning and have it in a wallet today? [more inside]
posted by IfIShouldEverComeBack at 8:10 PM PST - 3 comments

Book suggestions for teens that are coming out as LGBQ or T

I'm working (as a therapist) with a young man (17 y/o) who has recently acknowledged that he is gay. He asked, during our first session, if there were any books I would recommend. I realized that, although I had done extensive reading on a clinical level, I hadn't explored materials for whom young people, as opposed to clinicians, were the target audience. [more inside]
posted by HuronBob at 7:48 PM PST - 16 comments

Evil Surf Punk?

I really like the combination of ominous sound and surf guitar influence in East Bay Ray's work with the Dead Kennedys. (Examples would be "Police Truck" and "Too Drunk to Fuck".) Are there other bands who do a similar sort of evil surf sound?
posted by Pope Guilty at 7:46 PM PST - 17 comments

Is she taking that off because she wants to or because she has to?

My husband is going to a bachelor party in Austin. There will be a trip to the strip club. I have no personal problem with him going (though he's not very excited about it). The problem is that I just watched Nicholas Kristof's documentary on sex trafficking in the US. [more inside]
posted by oryelle at 6:06 PM PST - 23 comments

where do I find plastic shelves that are 56 x 30 x10 inches?

A few years ago I found a plastic shelving unit that size and I can't remember where and I can't seem to find anything like it. Most of the units I see are much deeper. I realize this is a fairly inane question, but anyone with better googlefu or knowledge that can help would be appreciated.
posted by blueyellow at 5:59 PM PST - 1 comment

B is for Bengaluru

Please tell me more about visiting Bangalore, particularly as a solo woman. Is it a can't miss? [more inside]
posted by Diagonalize at 5:23 PM PST - 8 comments

Please help solve my husband's headaches

My husband has been getting near-daily headaches for about three weeks now. How can he make them stop? [more inside]
posted by Rora at 5:10 PM PST - 34 comments

Best way to fix bed frame with broken wheels?

The wheels on my bed frame are broken or absent. Supposing I am not at all a handy person, and the bed sits on a hardwood floor -- am I better off buying new wheels for the frame or caster protectors? What is the easiest possible thing to install that would look decent and allow the bed to be moved without damaging the floor?
posted by shivohum at 4:43 PM PST - 5 comments

Acknowledgement of research work in professional documents

A number of documents have been brought to my attention concerning an academic field in which I sometimes work. They are technical documents by a prestigious European organisation. They apply a multi-stage methodology which is clearly a stage-by-stage copy of a complex methodology developed by one of my colleagues a year or two before. [more inside]
posted by biffa at 4:38 PM PST - 6 comments

Ice on puddles when low temperate is above zero?

I've been seeing ice on the tops of puddles when the low temperature for the day is forecast to be low (2 or 3 degrees) but not freezing. Why is that? [more inside]
posted by Bugbread at 4:09 PM PST - 9 comments

What to do after Tenure?

Recently Tenured Prof - Now what? Research limp, teaching meh, admin not thrilling. What did you do? Nonstandard (social-justice?) career/activity arcs for PUI Science faculty? Dealing with midlife-minicrisis? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:55 PM PST - 17 comments

SNAP benefits

Have you received SNAP benefits or do you know a lot about them? I have some questions. [more inside]
posted by bearette at 3:52 PM PST - 18 comments

Do You play POGO games on your computer

so my GF loves POGO. some of the games quit working & it seems to me a lot of crap has been loaded onto the computer. So I'm gonna wipe & redo but what I want to know is if anyone has had similar issues with this PAID game website. Fake JAVA download maybe? thanks pat ( POGO )
posted by patnok at 3:49 PM PST - 4 comments

How do I stop beating myself up about this financial mistake and fix it?

So, in an attempt to get our financial lives in order in some very basic and fundamental ways (making a budget, sticking to it, identifying priorities, making sense of our retirement funds and plans) my husband and I went to a recommended financial planner. She was not one of these lauded "fee-only" financial planners but she came recommended by numerous people in my expanded social circle so we gave her a shot. While there were many positive things that came out of this, we did something that I am still very unsure about other than feeling certain that we made an utterly idiotic mistake. [more inside]
posted by amanda at 3:47 PM PST - 8 comments

How is one invited to the execution of someone on Death Row?

How is one invited to the execution of someone on Death Row? This is research for a story. I am hoping to get some specific details before I reach out to my sources.
  • When the convicted person is scheduled to be executed, how are the victim’s loved ones informed? Do they get a bureaucratic form letter, or does someone call them? Who would that be?
  • Do they have to submit paperwork and is there a vetting process to attend?
  • How far in advance are they informed of the scheduled execution date?
Thank you!
posted by Ink-stained wretch at 3:03 PM PST - 3 comments

Can you identify this food (?) someone left in my office refrigerator?

This uncovered bowl of mystery things has been sitting in the communal refrigerator in my office all day. At first glance, I thought they were shrimp, but... they are not shrimp. Link and more inside. [more inside]
posted by LolaGeek at 2:59 PM PST - 11 comments

What's great about the Twin Cities?

What do you like about living in the Twin Cities? What advice would you give to someone who might be relocating there, particularly about the weather? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:33 PM PST - 23 comments

How to calculate maximum weight before a length of box section bends

I have a length of steel box section, 80mm x 80mm, 3.6mm thick which is 4m in length. I want to put something onto it, in the centre that weighs 900kg. I want to know how to calculate whether this is possible but am unsure how to do it. I really want to know the maximum amount of weight I can put on before it breaks.
posted by aqueousdan at 2:25 PM PST - 27 comments

Vending at an indie wedding expo: What can I expect?

I make and sell bow ties and other wedding-ish related mens' accessories, and I've been invited to vend at an upcoming wedding market event. I've never planned a wedding (Mrs. usonian and I eloped) nor attended a wedding expo in my life, and have no idea what to expect in terms of how people shop at these things. [more inside]
posted by usonian at 1:48 PM PST - 6 comments

Pregnancy: Is it like food restrictions and requires forewarning?

I received an admissions offer from a doctoral program, which is good news. They have an admitted students visit day, which they will cover costs for. I plan to attend. I am also pregnant. Third trimester pregnant. They are not aware of this yet. I also haven't gotten my funding package yet, but this should come before the visit. My question is this: do I need to tell them when I RSVP to the visit day that I'm pregnant? [more inside]
posted by robot vacuum at 1:44 PM PST - 14 comments

"Surely it must exist," computer mouse edition

All I want is a mouse that combines some very common features: (a) wireless, (b) ambidextrous, (c) works with a Mac, (d) has a couple of extra buttons, and (e) isn't crazy expensive. And yet, these seemingly simply do not exist. [more inside]
posted by Alaska Jack at 1:39 PM PST - 8 comments

Help my gift become a surprise!

I got my boyfriend a guitar for his birthday. It's what he really wants, and he does not know for sure that that's his present. But he suspects it, based on prior conversations, hints dropped on his part, and likely possibilities. Is there any way for me to still have it be a surprise when the day comes? Is there some 'master of misdirection' moves I can use to hide the fact that it's a guitar? [more inside]
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What's the best (and easiest) subscription commerce platform?

I run a menswear website, and we have two paid subscription offerings: a newsletter (delivered on our site and via email) and a physical subscription service (pocket squares, every other month). Our provider, Memberly, is shutting down in a couple months. What's the best alternative? [more inside]
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Stories of empathic cats

Here and elsewhere, I keep running into the sentiment that cats are adorable, fuzzy little psychopaths. They understand us but they don't care. They are self-absorbed. They only need us for food. They will gnaw on our corpses. That line of philosophy runs completely counter to my own experience with cats, three of whom were absolutely in love with me. I would like to read some positive articles, stories, etc about cats who defy the "fuzzy psychopath" stereotype. [more inside]
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Help me brainstorm ideas for a part time, tech-ish job

Quick summary: I was an electrical engineer for a bunch of years, got burned out on the corporate world, and became a massage therapist. I really like it but after nine months of sussing out how it all works, what I'm good at, and what I'd like to do, it's going to be a multi-year task to get the job and income I am looking for. So - [more inside]
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You're Self-Employed, Single & have Dental Insurance that you Don't Hate

And maybe you also live in Michigan. I'm self-employed, single, & also turning 50 this year, and I think it might be a good time to buy Dental Insurance. Can you help me out with some suggestions for Dental Insurance Companies (DICs for short)? [more inside]
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'90s Literary Sci-fi Novel Identification

A literary Sci-fi novel I read in the mid to late '90s. Sketchily remembered details: A boy has been genetically modified for talent in the visual arts. He is told at one point to "open his gift" and goes on to become a famous artist and perhaps something of a guru. A few more details within. [more inside]
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Movie-making for the hard-of-thinking

We have over 4,000 photos and videos from a recent trip to India and Bhutan. Can you suggest the least complicated, best program to use to make a movie, NOT using all 4,000 photos. My technical abilities are minimal but I'm up for a project. I have several PCs. Some of the photos were taken on an iPhone but mostly on a Canon. I'd like to add commentary and/or captions. Your ideas, great green hive mind?
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help me become a dom...

we're both total subs (sexually, it doesn't extend beyond the bedroom). he *really* wants to be dominated. how do i switch my thinking and give him the experience he wants?
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What would you call my job?

I'm about to start a re-negotiation of my salary and job description at my work. I'm trying to research a fair market salary for my position, and I'm struggling to determine exactly what my title should be. What should my title be? And what should I expect to make in said position? [more inside]
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Custom In-Ear Earphone/Monitors Recommendations

I'm in the market for a pair of good in-ear earphones. There are lots of options and it's a little overwhelming. [more inside]
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Stephen King short story?

Pretty sure this was a short story by Stephen King because I remember seeing a nod to IT somewhere within. [more inside]
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Wedding readings for a scientist?

I'm a physicist, and I'm marrying a biologist. Can Mefi suggest any wedding readings suitable for us? We're looking for something along a sciency theme.
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What games would you recommend to stock at a mountain lodge rental?

If you were responsible for stocking the entertainment at a large (sleeps 18) mountain ski lodge with no internet, what would you provide? We're not talking about movies since we got that covered, just traditional and electronic games. [more inside]
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Tattoo safety question

I found an artist for my first tattoo! I like the artist a lot, we communicate well, and the shop has a good reputation. But is safety something I need to worry about in a well-regarded tattoo shop? And how do I determine for myself if it's a safe place to get needles jammed into my skin? [more inside]
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Write here, right now

How can I turn my writing skills into "I earn $$$$$$$$ working from home!" with immediate effect and without the use of magic? [more inside]
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Help me buy some shorts

Please help me buy shorts. Specific requirements within. [more inside]
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How to send automatic email reminders to individuals?

I am looking for a way to send one or two automated email reminders from a gmail account to people who are signed up to a rota. I am able to send emails in python using smtplib, but I find that they all go straight to junk. I've also tried ssmtp in Ubuntu, but I have the same problem. [more inside]
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Keeping on top of the snowstorm -- does it really matter?

I am in the snowy state of Massachusetts and avoiding my next foray out to shovel. Plus, spouse and I slightly disagree on how often we really need to go out and shovel. Does it really save time to shovel every few hours throughout the storm? I have a suspicion that it doesn't really save time, and that we be just as fine waiting until the end of the snowstorm -- is there a way to think this through mathematically to find a good answer?
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What is this bird call?

What is the bird call at the end of this Bendito Machine video (at 4:36)? [more inside]
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I need another laptop to last 7 yrs

I know I want a Mac and not a PC. I'm fairly sure I want a MacBook Pro and not an Air. Help? [more inside]
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Gauging the reliability of a Japanese Imported yet European make of car

Hello, I am thinking of importing a car from Japan to Canada. To import to Canada, the vehicles must be 15 years old, but usually have very low mileage. I have done this before with Japanese models with great results. Now I am thinking of importing either a 2000 Alfa Romeo 156, or a 2000 BMW 3 series Wagon. Both have relatively low mileage of around 75K... [more inside]
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recommend your best fitness / weight loss related podcasts

I'm trying to keep my momentum going regarding new year resolutions and eating better/moving more in an effort to lose a significant chunk of weight. Recommend me your favourite podcasts on the topic, please. [more inside]
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Evening exercise and temporarily feeling totally drained.

I do quite a bit of sport and have done so all my life. I’ve also had this temporary ‘totally drained’ feeling all my life too but I’m not sure what it is. YANMD but I'd appreciate your input anyway... [more inside]
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Madrid Spain at Easter

Traveling to Madrid April 1 2015 what should we do? [more inside]
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Porting a phone number in conjunction with a change of employer

I need help figuring out the best way to make sure I don't lose my current wireless number when I change employers. [more inside]
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Reading between the lines of a recipe

What are things you know to do while cooking that is essential to success yet is not always explicit in a recipe? [more inside]
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Snow mania: Ice damns, snow inside my window casing...

I am currently in the Boston area experiencing snow mania 2015 where we have received an obscene amount of snow lately. I am a new homeowner and this is our first winter in the house so thank you in advance for your advice! There are a number of ice damns on my roof (likely because we have a cape-style house with poor ventilation). We're planning to have someone look into what we can do to improve ventilation/etc after the winter, but in the meantime do you have any advice on what to do about the ice damns? [more inside]
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AlgorithmFilter: Why not use Bayes to deal with online harassment?

Isn't Bayesian filtering the already-existing solution to online harassment on a medium like Twitter? [more inside]
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Garden / greenhouse light meter recommendation needed

I need a light meter for gardening in our yard and, eventually, in a small greenhouse. Ideally, I'd like to know the number of hours of light a specific area gets each day, although full sun / partial shade etc. readings that can be converted are also acceptable. Looking for something durable and for recommendations from folks who have used a specific model successfully for at least a few growing seasons. Bonus points if readings can be downloaded for reference.
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Music sequencer to build "trax"?

Eons ago I used a very simple music sequencer called EZ•Vision to make an accompaniment track for a show. I need to rebuild that show, but of course EZ•Vision is long gone. What would be a suitable replacement? Specs after the jump. [more inside]
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Long weekend in Miami - recommendations

Wife and I will be spending an upcoming long weekend on Miami beach. Looking for some really good restaurant recommendations, specifically Cuban/Spanish and any other "must sees" while there.
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How to set up creative friction

I've noticed in the past few years that when I am bored or frustrated I tend to get inspired. Some of my best, most interesting sketches are from lectures and work meetings. While working in the office I come up with ideas for paintings, songs, quilts and other projects. I wrote my best poetry at a time when I felt trapped and as if my true thoughts were dangerous and forbidden. [more inside]
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Cat stomach problems

My cat has had problems with what appears to be burping, indigestion, and stomach discomfort for going on a couple of years now. Lately the problem seems to be worsening, as every week or so there's a morning where he's not interested in food and remains curled up on a chair. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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Something like Vimeo, but that allows slideshows set to songs

Vimeo is now removing any uploaded videos that contain any copyrighted music. Are there any services that have similar features to Vimeo, but don't do this? [more inside]
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How can I connect with people?

I'm feeling very disconnected from the people around me. I'm looking for some advice on how to make new connections. [more inside]
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February 8

Take Me Away

I've got a 2 week staycation coming up, and I need some solid novel recommendations. I don't care about genre at all -- I just want something totally gripping, well-written and transporting. [more inside]
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How far back can I trim this tree?

Our house came with a young Bradford Pear. We haven't taken very good care of it and now it's too big and droopy at the bottom and thin at the top. Can we start over? [more inside]
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Why do 3d games not use real circles?

Why do 3D games draw circles, cylinders, and other round objects as a series of short straight lines instead of a single curved line? For example, these balloons, and balls on railings in Bioshock Infinite, and the wheels on this car in Project Cars. [more inside]
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How do we tell his family that we are having a secular wedding?

My fiance and I are both atheists with strong antitheist views. We're getting married in November and want something that represents us. His family, however, is extremely religious (Baptist) and will have certain expectations of us; they don't easily take no for an answer. What is the best way to balance the two worlds? [more inside]
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Second interview presentation butterflies

I have a big interview late this week and I have to do a presentation and facilitate a discussion. Best tips and tricks? This is an educational nonprofit. [more inside]
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How to organize email from a particular sender?

With my gmail account I am in frequent contact with a particular individual. So frequent that our emails are kind of a mess, and I want to know if I can organize them in any way. [more inside]
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Predictive analytics basics for programmers?

I'm looking for resources that discuss the basics of data mining and building predictive models. [more inside]
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Italy on short notice

Going to Italy this weekend on short notice for a surprise romantic getaway. In last-minute planning mode, need the wisdom of the traveled Hive Mind - where should we go? [more inside]
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Westside LA and tax advice

Our taxes this year are complicated by a number of factors, like getting married and dealing with the paperwork from three states. Turbotax is not going to give us the advice we need, so we would like to hire a professional for this round. We also may need professional financial advice in the future, so if the person or firm also offers those services that would be a bonus, but not essential. Anywhere in the Westside would work, though we are also willing to go further out. [more inside]
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How do I avoid burnout in my new position at a non-profit

I am a detail oriented, personable woman in my late twenties that really likes what I do. I work for a small non-profit that is highly respected in the mid-size town that I live in. Before I had this job I worked in DC on Capitol Hill for several years in a demanding job. Last fall I was promoted to Associate Director. We also got a new Executive Director at that time (he's the one that promoted me). He is a good guy, and I enjoy the environment that I work in. That said... in the past two weeks I have started to feel a little burnout. [more inside]
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Watch SpaceX launch with explanations

I'm watching the live SpaceX launch right now, and I don't know what any of these things mean or what is happening. Is there a live tweet, video, or other stream that explains everything they say?
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More workouts set to music routines?

I really liked this crossfit squats-set-to-Moby challenge, where can I find more like it? [more inside]
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Has anyone cured lifelong Depression, Anxiety and OCD?

I am a 36 year old male. I have had OCD, Depression and Anxiety as far back as I can remember. I have done everything that I can to treat it - multiple medications, multiple therapists and a slew of naturopathic treatments Is there any hope for me? [more inside]
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Make ahead food, sans freezer

I've read quite a bit on the world of make-ahead freezer food (including a lot of suggestions from this great recent question). Now that my mental freezer is full of imaginary delicious freezer meals, I wonder if there's something similar out there for non-freezer food? [more inside]
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How useful is the low-pressure setting on pressure cookers?

I'm in the market for a new pressure cooker. I've noticed that some models, such as the Fagor Duo, give the chef the option of cooking at two levels of pressure -- 8-10 psi and the standard 15 psi. I'm wondering how useful this lower pressure setting actually is. [more inside]
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In search of pre-1950s African-American written humour

I'm looking for examples of written and visual humour (newspaper columns, stories, comic strips) produced by African-Americans for an African-American audience prior to the Civil Rights era. I've read Langston Hughes's Simple stories, and have seen some scattered examples of cartoons by Jackie Ormes, Chester Commodore, &c., but was hoping to find more. Online archives would be great, but I'm also interested in hearing about print anthologies. Thanks!
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Japanese Translation Help

I bought some dashi powder mix (I know, it's cheating), and I'm pretty sure of the ratio, but just want to make sure I'm interpreting this right. Photo after the jump. [more inside]
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Grad Student. Doesn't mean I understand a 1098-T.

I have a taxes and graduate school-related question for you all! Obviously, you are not my tax advisor, but can you shed some light on a very strange situation and suggest whether or not it's worth seeking professional help? [more inside]
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Stuffed Pepper Recipes

Do you have a favorite stuffed pepper recipe to share with me? Extra points for a variety of cooking cultures and flavor profiles. [more inside]
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Please Help Me Gear Up For My First Half Marathon

I have two more long runs before the actual race in March and I'd like to break in everything I plan to wear/take in the next week or so. Can you MeFi runners suggest some good gear? List of what I think I need inside. [more inside]
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Oncall solutions?

Need a ultra reliable never fail way for my job to always contact me at any time. Are pagers still used, other ideas? [more inside]
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How do I import perfume into Canada without getting it seized?

I'm looking at ordering perfume from a business in Italy and having it shipped to Canada, for personal use. What do I need to know/do to make it happen so it's all nice and legal? [more inside]
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ID this red, white and blue pennant.

What is this flag? My vexillological GoogleFu fails me. [more inside]
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Side of beef or similar large delivery order for Toronto?

I'm thinking of buying a side of beef or a smaller unit, if necessary, with a couple of friends in Toronto. Locals: what source(s) would you recommend? Locals and everyone: what tips and tricks do you have for dealing with a large meat order? [more inside]
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Synthpop en Español

I just discovered the wonderful Los Prisioneros. Please recommend similar Spanish-language music with 80's vibes for this Yazoo fan.
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How to send text messages from new ipod to regular non-smart phone.

Have a newest gen (6th?) ipod touch and heard that I can use google hangouts to send normal SMS text messages, but after installing there is no way in the interface to send a message, other than a Hangouts message. I can call any phone number just fine, but would love to figure out a way to send free text messages. Have found "Text Free" and other similar apps...if Hangouts can't do what I want, what is the best alternative?
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Getting concrete facts about a concrete condo under construction

I bought a unit in a high-rise condo in Metro Vancouver that will be finished two years from now. How can I get answers to some admittedly obscure questions? The marketing materials are shallow (I can only read the word 'luxury' so many times), and the broker who signed my paperwork at the showroom has been unhelpful. I'm a first-time buyer. [more inside]
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Reviews for Under the Radar Indie Movie Gems

Where do you go to find out about really cool indie films? Just saw a trailer for the movie A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night and thought it looked amazing (to give you an idea of the kind of movies I'm looking for). I'd like to find a blog or website with reviews for indie movies like this one that don't necessarily make it out to theaters or get reviewed in major publications. [more inside]
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Garage door replacement

Had a catastrophic garage door failure this morning--the torsion spring broke, the cables broke. I'm wondering if other folks here have replaced their garage door and what recommendations they might have. [more inside]
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Best less-scary X-Files episodes?

My wife (and I) would like to catch up on the X-Files. However, she doesn't really like things that are too scary. However! One of her favorite shows of all time is Fringe, which had its own fair share of scary moments. Fringe never really scared her too much. So, with that in mind...what are the best X-Files episodes which won't give her nightmares?
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Bizarre behavior from landline phone...

I have a landline and it also has a cordless handset. When people call me, all is well. When I call them, they cannot hear me though I can hear them fine. The same is true for the corded and cordless handset. How is this possible and how can I fix it? I'm in Toronto Canada if that makes any difference regarding landlines.
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What are some fun things to do in the Boston area?

I just moved to Medford, MA for a job. What are some (preferably free or inexpensive) things I can do on evenings and weekends? [more inside]
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Are there A/V receivers with HDMI In and Composite In to Component Out?

I need to to switch HDMI In (Chromecast) and Composite In (yellow RCA plug; classic video games consoles) to Component Out (Red, Green, Blue RCA plugs; a really old Vizio HD monitor). [more inside]
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Volunteer Opportunities

Any suggestions on how to find fun/interesting volunteer programs? There are suprisingly few apps for this. [more inside]
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Subaru Forester 1998 Door light

Can you tell me which fuse to pull to kill the door ajar light on the dash of a Subaru Forester 1998? [more inside]
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Death doesn't come with a travel discount.

I need to fly from Seattle to Indiana this weekend for my grandmother's funeral. Are there options I may not know about for doing this at all affordably? [more inside]
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February 7

Books with female protagonist, male antagonist

Just finished and really enjoyed both seasons of The Fall on Netflix and realized that one of the things I liked about it was the female protagonist/male antagonist dynamic. What are some books I might enjoy with a similar set up? [more inside]
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Coping with moderate-to-severe ugliness.

I am ugly and I feel bad about it and I'm tired of caring so much about my looks. How do I let it go so it doesn't dominate the rest of my young adulthood + beyond? [more inside]
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Recommendations for beach shacks in South Goa?

I'm looking for recommendations for beach shacks in South Goa. Ideal would be right on the water, quiet, and with good food options nearby. We'd like to steer clear of places with a bit too much of a ayurveda/yoga/woo/backpacker vibe, but understand some of that is inevitable. I'm familiar with TripAdvisor and IndiaMike--I'm mostly just seeing if AskMe users have any personal recommendations of their own.
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Snorkeling for Seniors?

I want to take my 80-year-old mother on a snorkeling trip. Can anyone recommend a good place to go where an old lady could easily walk into the water, kneel down or float to see some pretty sea life, and get out again with minimal assistance? [more inside]
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Which Bay Area artists remind you of P.J. Harvey?

I'm looking for artists reminiscent of P.J. Harvey, Shannon Wright, or Cat Power who regularly tour the Bay Area. Feel free to be as loose as you want with the comparison.
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Can I claim my fiance as a dependent if we didn't live together in 2014?

My official residency last year was in GA with my mother, but I paid for my fiance's food, rent, and all living cost throughout the year. She is a resident of AL and the all utilities plus her apartment lease is in her name even though I paid for everything. [more inside]
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Is my contract lawyer tax deductible?

in 2014, I went from one job to another, and part of that transition was negotiating a contract with my new employer. As part of the negotiation, I hired a lawyer to help me with the contract terms, which ended up costing me a decent chunk of money. My question: Can I deduct this money from my taxes? is it a job expense? I am thinking the answer is no, but I would love to be able to deduct that money.
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Computer science machine language help! If-then-otherwise statements

We are working on simple machine language in computer science for data manipulation. All the other problems I have gotten through but this last one. Here is the problem: "Write a short program in machine language to perform requested activity. Assume the program is placed in memory starting at address 00- -If the value stored in memory location 44 is 00, then place the value 01 in memory location 46; otherwise, put the value FF in memory location 46." Lots of questions inside DX Working with very basic Op-code and Operand setups. [more inside]
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Is there a level designer in the house?

My son is graduating in May with a degree in English, minors in business and econ, and an interest in pursuing a career in game level design. He's been sorting through a lot of conflicting information and he's looking for advice regarding where to start, e.g., programs he can study on his own, classes and/or certifications he should consider. He's willing to get a second bachelor's degree if that's the best way to get into the field. (He thanks you in advance.) [more inside]
posted by she's not there at 6:39 PM PST - 10 comments

Where can I see old-fashioned fashion?

I love historic clothing/fashion. Where are the museums with largest antique clothing collections on display?
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The most perfect chocolate cake in fiction?

I vaguely recall a Louise Erdrich story which has a character obsessed with finding the recipe for the most perfect Sacher Torte that he tasted when he was young. Which book is it? [more inside]
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Help me find someone to talk to about immigration in Vancouver, BC

I've received conflicting (informal) advice about my eligibility for one of the BC Provincial Nominee Program categories, and I'd like to discuss my situation with an immigration professional. But I could use some help choosing who to talk to: First, choosing if I want an immigration lawyer or consultant, and second, recommendations for specific lawyers and consultants. [more inside]
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Where to have a house party if you don't have a house

I would like to throw a big ol' party in a few months time for up to 50-100 people (maybe?). Something casual and fun like a house party, except I do not live or have access to a house and don't need beer pong in a sketchy basement. What kind of place do I rent, and does anyone have recommendations for Philadelphia? And broader question: how do you plan a party, anyway? [more inside]
posted by schroedinger at 4:03 PM PST - 26 comments

Economics of my prescription...

How is my prescription for a $1500 prescribed medicine being paid for? Details inside... [more inside]
posted by tomjoadsghost at 3:37 PM PST - 7 comments

How to deal with selective enforcement by an HOA?

How does one deal with an HOA board that is passionate about enforcing certain rules, but indifferent on others? [more inside]
posted by teg4rvn at 3:03 PM PST - 16 comments

Venus fly traps just aren't big enough...

How can I stop cats from peeing on the outside of my front door? Plants maybe? [more inside]
posted by sodium lights the horizon at 1:45 PM PST - 11 comments

Would one drown in a deep pool of baby oil?

If you dove into an 11ft pool of baby oil, would you be able to push yourself to the surface or would you drown? AKA what allows us to float? [more inside]
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No time for a post-nup

My spouse and I are entering a phase where we realize we may have to split up. It would be an amicable split though very, very sad. The issue is finances: my spouse is salaried, I am freelance, but we've always pulled in the same annual amount and thus split absolutely everything 50/50 -- no shared bank accounts or credit cards. We're not ready to start separation proceedings while we still try to work on saving our marriage, but I am about to book a new gig that will quadruple my annual earnings in one lump sum for a 6 month job. I would like to protect that sum from becoming "joint property" as I would like to still be married when I sign the job contract -- we're not ready to throw in the towel yet. My husband is okay with signing off on this, as our finances have always been separate and this is just a continuation of that. What kind of simple paperwork do we need that we can sign and notarize to keep my upcoming windfall out of the equation while we figure out our marriage? [more inside]
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Writers! How do I proceed after stasis & the sting of rejection?

I am trying to decide where to focus my energies when it comes to writing. Where do I go from here? [more inside]
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Sisyphus on a Scree Slope

Can a person who owes past federal taxes and has set up a payment plan with the IRS make voluntary contributions to her employer's retirement plan, provided she continues to make the payments to the IRS as agreed? [more inside]
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What to drink?

My friends and I would like a drink we haven't tried (i.e. not a screwdriver or other widely consumed drink). We're none of us big drinkers so we each contributed stuff that's been hanging around in a cupboard unused. Here's a list of what we gathered: [more inside]
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We're becoming SUV people!

We're just about at the point where it is time to trade in our little 2007 Mazda 3. It's been a fine car for us, but now that we have a car seat in the back, things are feeling a bit tight. We've also found ourselves putting money into it lately--$3000 in the last four or 5 months--and so we're starting to think about buying a new-to-us vehicle. [more inside]
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Replacing Lost Car Keys

After searching for a week for my car keys, I'm to the point of giving up and getting new ones. Any suggestions or pointers in doing that? Do I call the dealership, a locksmith, use an online key replacement system? What is the cheapest/easiest/quickest way to get new car keys. My car is a 2004 Ford Escape. I have the fob thingy, but it doesn't work, which is why I had taken it off my key ring. Anyone been through this and have some tips?
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Getting Debt Under Control in 2015

Has anyone had any experiences using a peer-to-peer lending service such as Prosper or Lending Club? I'm considering one of these as an option to get a credit card under control. I've done a bit of research and it seems like an appealing option to me. [more inside]
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Where to buy Merona Bootcut Jeans?

I have always bought Merona jeans from Target, and they fit me great. However, they don't seem to sell them anymore. I've looked on ebay, but is there anywhere else to buy Merona jeans? Or do you know of another brand/style of jeans that fit similarly? [more inside]
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Software to plot heart rate on a PC?

I can get POLAR Coded and non-Coded strap-ons that make loud TICKs at 5kHz, but how can I plot those ticks over time on a PC, instead of just having my "heart rate" show up on the watch?
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Near-sighted or bifocaled? How do I do shower stuff when I can't see?

I've been wearing glasses and/or contacts to correct far-sightedness for most of my life but recently I bit the bullet and switched to bifocals. The has mostly been a great improvement but now I find that basically all the below-the-knee grooming stuff is really difficult in the shower, where I can't really wear my glasses. I feel kind of dumb, but I can't be the only one with this problem. Have you faced this problem? Did you find a workaround? Or is this just another frustrating PITA part of getting older? [more inside]
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Giant numbers (Ex: how many primes are smaller than the largest known?)

Many sites say that the largest known prime is "2^57,885,161 − 1, a number with 17,425,170 digits." Given this and well known research about the density of primes, I think it's at least possible to estimate the number of primes between 1 and 2^57,885,161 − 1. But I don't know how to do this myself. I really want the answer to this one (the order of magnitude at least), but I've got lots of these, and I'd ideally like more cool ones. :) [more inside]
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Help me find an android notification manager?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I do not want to root it. Requirements: Change the notification sound, LED notification light colour, and (optionally) vibration for notifications coming from each app. [more inside]
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I want to quit self-medicating with weed. Help me clear my brain.

I have been a daily smoker for 5 years (after work) to self-medicate my anxiety, insomnia, and loss of appetite. I attempted to quit recently, and got 2 weeks out before having 2 severe panic attacks in 2 days. My insomnia and loss of appetite also returned. What do I do? [more inside]
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because thats what she like

This Pokémon thread is sort of an in-joke between my partner and I. So, where can I buy or commission a sour poffin for Valentine's Day? [more inside]
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Dress Code & Travel Tips for Business Trip to Apple

I will be taking a business trip to Apple very soon and neither my wardrobe nor my travel skills are ready. Are you familiar with Apple's dress code and/or Cupertino travel tips? [more inside]
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Help me get started studying relationships.

I need to learn how to think about relationships that are "more than just" friendships. This needs to happen before I start to consider whether I want that kind of relationship, so I'm not looking for any kind of practical guide. Perhaps that means I need to read philosophy texts, in which case I'd like some recommendations for that; or maybe you have a better idea of what I need. [more inside]
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Keeping your Kindle libraries separate

What are my options for Kindle privacy/separation of libraries? My father (who lives in another country) has a Kindle which is linked to my account. [more inside]
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Coping with rigid thinkers in the workplace.. how?

I finally have a (temp) job .. halleluah! So far so good.. mainly. I am however working with a few very forceful personalities. Don't get me wrong, I do like everyone I work with but am struggling with some stuff. The people I work with are all quite deep thinking, which is great in many ways.. but they are also very rigid/black and white in their thinking. I know I can be a bit like this (maybe why it irks me!) but I like to think I try to see where others are coming from.. [more inside]
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A co-worker saw a photo of a male celebrity on my computer

First off, I'm a female. I'm sooo embarrassed. I like to write short stories (all G-rated, nothing explicit or X-rated) and I sometimes use photos of male celebrities to help me imagine how some of my male characters look. Of course I have silly crushes on my male characters. I've been doing this since I was a teenager. I'm in my 30s now, and I still like to write these stories and still use celeb photos (like basic magazine shots, nothing explicit) as a visual reference point for imagining how my characters look. Well I'm on a work trip, and a co-worker accidentally saw two of these photos when I was showing him something on my laptop. [more inside]
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February 6

Etymology of the word "philosophy" in Greek (and English)

If it means "the love of knowledge," as it is commonly given in dictionaries, why isn't it "sophophilia" on the analogy of Anglophilia, necrophilia, bibliophilia, etc? [more inside]
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Films about humble loners

Which films feature humble, quiet, loners with a grand project or rich inner life? Think The Shawshank Redemption or Zodiac. Bonus points if it's available on Netflix.
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Let me know if there's anything I can do to help... no really!

What can I do to help my co-worker who's dealing with family illness? My co-worker's mom was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer several months ago and going through treatment with a poor prognosis, and then this week her dad had a seizure. My co-worker is now in the situation of having to be the sole care-taker (both physically and emotionally) of two very ill parents. I'd like to do something to help -- any suggestions? [more inside]
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I need some help with Apple Safari 8.0 and the "Mail Contents of this Page

I recently upgraded a few steps in my Mac life and have an problem I need to solve. I send out a simple newsletter to some subcribers that I create in dreamweaver- save as an html- then open in safari and, until recently, used the "Mail Contents of this Page" option that my older version of safari had, that would open apple mail and then send.. It seems that safari no longer has that option OR am I missing something. [more inside]
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Ideas for a tech McGuffin in a realistic game used for teaching MBAs?

I am a business school professor, and I have designed a bunch of games for teaching entrepreneurship (my subject area). I am building a really ambitious one now, somewhere between Ender's Game and a ARG - a long-running, semi-realistic simulation in which the players will be challenged to make many business decisions over the course of several months in an evolving scenario. Without going into too much detail, the premise is that the students have been hired by a genius inventor who has created an exciting breakthrough technology and is interested in commercializing it. Please, scientists and engineers, help me come up with the technology! [more inside]
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Business expenses- buy right now, deduct later?

I would very much like to buy some things for my business which does yet technically exist. How does that work? Business owners of metafilter, pleas help me! [more inside]
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advice sought about Therapy Dog for epilepsy, MS other other condition,

I have been doing some research on my health symptoms. I may have a neurological disorders. I think it could be mercury poisoning, MS or epilepsy . I would like to see if I can get a therapy dog. When I am with my mom's dog I find it calms me and reduces my symptoms. I have medicaid insurance. Do you know the paperwork process that goes into getting a therapy dog and if insurance, Medicaid specially might pay for the therapy dog? [more inside]
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Standalone Search Software: Does it exist?

I need software that will search multiple locations (University library, Google, WorldCat, etc.) using different queries of citations loaded from a text file. Does this exist?
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Curious about others' experiences with anti-depressants for anxiety.

What is taking anti-depressants for anxiety like for you? What were your concerns getting on the meds, and did you find that they were warranted? Do you regret or feel grateful that you tried the meds? [more inside]
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Car has been in the shop for 4 months. We just want it back.

Took our Subaru to the transmission shop recommended by the local Subaru mechanic. That was in October. It's still there, and we are at the end of our rope. [more inside]
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Free publications for designers?

I design magazines and newspapers for a living. Sometimes I kinda...hit a rut...and need some inspiration. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any design/communications publications or periodicals that may supply free subscriptions to professional designers? I've got a few mag subscriptions myself, but they can be pretty expensive to keep up with, especially those with really great illustration and design. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Can you recommend me some paleo-ish food blogs?

Can you recommend me some recipe-based blogs that aren't necessarily paleo but will have some recipes that would appeal to someone who is paleo? Like maybe some real food blogs that don't use flour or cheese in every single recipe, or some different ethnic food blogs that don't use a lot of flour or dairy either? [more inside]
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The mind is willing but the flesh... not so much

How do I eat healthier and exercise more while struggling with chronic GI/fatigue issues? [more inside]
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Gift for grieving friend

The father of a friend of mine died unexpectedly this week. Another friend sent an email around asking if anyone would like to chip in money for flowers and a gift. Her friends are very generous and now we have $650 that we're not sure what to do with! [more inside]
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Are rock concerts safe for early teens?

My 13-year-old, eighth-grade daughter wants to go to see Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia next month with a girlfriend the same age. Assuming that a parent drops them off and picks them up, is this safe? [more inside]
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How best to take advantage of 0% sales tax in Oregon?

I live in Seattle and travel to Oregon (Portland area) several times per year. What strategies can I use to best take advantage of the fact that the state has zero sales tax? Sure, I can just buy stuff when I'm there, but can I buy items online and ship them to an Oregon address? Or does that trigger sales tax in the originating state? [more inside]
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Question re Tax ID Number for Cal. unincorporated nonprofit association

California has a law permitting nonprofit unincorporated associations to enjoy many of the benefits of incorporation without actually incorporating. I am a member of such a nonprofit association. We are now applying for EIN for banking purposes, and I have some questions. [more inside]
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Mental health resources for a Federal employee working in California?

I'm a federal employee working in California. I just had an anxiety attack at work. I think I need space to regroup mentally and emotionally. What options are open to me? [more inside]
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Unclogging drains without ever seeing or touching the gunk

I have very slow drains in my sink and bathtub. I am 90% certain it is because of hair and coconut oil clogged in there. I'd like suggestions of ways to fix this without a snake, a zip-it, or a plunger. [more inside]
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We did a deed in lieu of foreclosure in 2014. Tax consequences?

We did a deed in lieu of foreclosure in 2014. How will this effect our tax return? [more inside]
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Help me plan folate-rich meals in case I get pregnant.

I know that taking folate acid is the sure-fire way to make sure you get enough, but I have to wonder, what the heck did we did before the miracles of modern science to ensure healthy babies? Are there foods from other cultures (south/east asia, africa, latin america) that we don't always think of as being rich in folate? [more inside]
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Should I Salt the Earth?

My neighbor's foreclosed their house. It's a crappy house that is 3' from my back property line. There is a patch of earth there that runs along my fence and only produces weeds. Mostly, it's been pesky vining stuff but now something thorny and evil is pushing through my fence. It gets virtually no sunlight due to the fact that it has a house to the east, a fence to the west and a tree to the south. It's just a horrible weed patch. I have a 5-gallon bucket of rock salt. [more inside]
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Double checking math for the gaslit

A math problem followed by an issue with the boss. [more inside]
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Miserable Coworkers

I need advice and coping strategies to deal with coworkers who are rude to clients. [more inside]
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Recovering from mental illness while on (likely limited) disability

I have a relatively short amount of time to get out of my dark, scary, and dysfunctional places and "rejoin society". I keep going through cycles of pushing too hard and then not pushing at all (while feeling shitty and guilty about it). How can I develop more patience with myself? And at the same time, are there ways to use the freedom I have right now to ensure I end up making adequate progress? [more inside]
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little ways to make the world a slightly better place?

When I'm out drinking, I bring my group's empty bottles and glasses back up to the bar so the bartender doesn't have to come out and get them. When I go out to eat, I consolidate the plates and cutlery after the meal so they're easy to bus off the table. What are some other similarly inconsequential-seeming habits I can adopt to help make the world a slightly easier and more pleasant place for my fellow travelers to live? [more inside]
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Why do my WIFI speeds often drop down to 1 mbps from 100 mbps?

I use Grande Communications internet in Austin Texas, (110mbps up 10 mbps down) my Wi-fi speed able to attain on my laptop in the same room as the modem is about 100mbps. Often, from the same location, the highest speed I can attain (speedtest.net) is like 2mbps. I tested on my laptop and phone. I reset the modem to factory settings, I changed the channel of wi-fi. No one else is using the same channel as I am, and it usually only drops to slow in the evening, and by morning it's better. (I am using a top of the line Arris Surfboard SBG6782-AC which cost about $200)
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VolunteerFilter: Snack Ideas for 6-10 people!

It's the annual funding drive for our local campus/community radio station, and for a two hour window, I am in charge of snacks. OH NOES! [more inside]
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Sleep is my religion, but it's not his.

My husband snores loudly (85db peaks). I'm a light sleeper, and have general anxiety and PTSD issues that are exacerbated by lack of sleep. I can't sacrifice my mental health to the snoring! I'm perfectly happy sleeping in another room, and this was part of the deal when we got married. Now he's really upset about it. I don't need solutions for the snoring, just for the anger and upset it's causing in our home. [more inside]
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Where did these old (possibly 1990s) icons come from?

Can anyone identify the origin of these icons? [more inside]
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Keyboard me! Help me replace my aging Saitek Eclipse.

My Eclipse if finally showing it's age and I need some advice seeing as I haven't even thought about keyboards for what 10 years? What's a good keyboard now? Mechanical seems to be all the rage again, is it worth it? [more inside]
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How to assess ability to look things up for yourself in an interview

What question can I ask undergrad research assistant candidates to see whether they are good at looking things up on their own? [more inside]
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What should I do with free time, not bound to 9-5 hours

Ok, I just got laid off with three months salary in lieu of notice. I'm NOT looking for advice on job hunting. What I am looking for is how to spend this awesome free time wisely! I'm planning to increase my gym classes to 5 times a week, planning lunches with friends, going to sample sales and writing the book I always wanted to write. What other cool activities can I do that I can't normally do with a 9-5 job, or would be too expensive or inconvenient? [more inside]
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Is this bait and switch and what can I do about it?

After clicking on a paid Google Ad that leads me directly to Hertz.com I can't get the % off they claim available... more inside [more inside]
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On A Wet, BlackBerry

So I dropped my BlackBerry Q5 in a swimming pool yesterday. [more inside]
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Learning to Read at a Higher Level

I apologize if this question may seem silly, but I read a lot and I notice that I don't recall what I've read very well. My usual technique for reading clinical books is that I highlight what I think is important and then I go back and take notes on what I have highlighted. I can definitely highlight too much and it makes going back very time consuming. Is there a better way of going through a book and taking notes on it? It seems like my old method is not working very well. [more inside]
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Looking for a very specific birthday present

A friend's birthday is coming up and I know something he'd really like - a pelican skull - I just have no idea how to find it. He owns a few different bones (oxen, turtle) that he has amassed during his travels and awhile back was lamenting not being able to pick up a pelican skull, which apparently has a unique shape. I have looked online, but everything I am able to find is just a replica. Is there any place online or elsewhere that I would be able to track down such a specific item?
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Strategies for not being physically afraid?

I'm separating from my partner, and one issue coming up is how physically frightened I am during conflict. My partner of over a decade has no history of physical abuse, although he is taller and stronger than me, and this is coming from my childhood of repeated physical and sexual abuse, as well as being in situations as an adult where I was physically intimidated by strangers. I would like practical tips and ideas for how to build up my instinctive confidence that I'm not going to get hit. [more inside]
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Dealing with online harassment

For the last several years I've been getting occasional sexually harassing emails and Twitter @ mentions from a specific person - not an ex, almost a stranger. I've read The Gift of Fear and have been doing my best to ignore, but... I have published a book under my real name, and intend to publish more, and I don't want to nuke my whole public Internet presence just to shake this guy. Do I have to? [more inside]
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Where can I find more music that fuses celtic roots and bluegrass music?

I recently came across an amazing performance of The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn by Dan Tyminski for the Transatlantic Sessions. I love the combination of traditional bluegrass music with celtic roots and was wondering if there are recommendations for music or bands that do this. I came across some music by I Draw Slow which I'm really enjoying as well, but I'm hoping that I can be pointed to other stuff that's out there.
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true meaning of 0% intro APR?

If I transfer my credit balance to a new card with 0% intro APR, does that theoretically mean I could pay nothing (with no penalties) for as long as the rate stays at 0%? Or am I confused about what it means?
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Help me learn how to use Facebook ...

I've had a Facebook account for years and never used it. Now I'm getting messages via email that so-and-so has tagged me in a photo. So, uhm, what am I supposed to do? [more inside]
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Range hood lights keep burning out.

Our range hood has become death, destroyer of light bulbs. We're having to change bulbs about once a month, even after switching from normal to "oven"-type. We never use the hood fan, either. Any ideas on what might be causing this, and a possible simple fix short of asking our landlord to replace the hood?
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What happens to old saris?

I've come across a website exporting used silk and rayon saris from India. A few seem in poor condition, or have some obvious stains. But some appear pristine. My question is, one, is there not a market for second-hand saris in India? Two, what renders a sari unwearable, apart from stains and rips and obvious wear? Like, would you not be seen dead in a fabric pattern from 5 years ago? And three, would you not want your mother's or grandmother's vintage silk saris, and if not, wouldn't somebody else? I can't understand why it makes economic sense to export this stuff: the garments on the website seem too cheap for 5 yards of vivid silk, even if the buyer has to discard portions of it.
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February 5

How likely is this conversation to end well?

I'd like to hear how you would feel if after a few dates I told you that I'd like to avoid public displays of affection in front of our mutual acquaintances from (Shared Hobby), because (1) they can be really gossipy sometimes and (2) I have multiple exes in that crowd, and it totally kills the mood to imagine them watching us kiss. Can I actually say this, or should I just lie back and think of England, so to speak? [more inside]
posted by d. z. wang at 11:25 PM PST - 36 comments

What Tangible Gift Represents a "Phoenix Rising"?

After making several major life changes, a friend of mine has adopted the phoenix - a la, mythical bird arising from its ashes - as her mascot. What's a small physical totem I could give her to represent this symbol? [more inside]
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Expand my thinking! Or, just give me a tiny bit of hope.

I am unemployed with no college degree, and an employment history in retail management/horticulture. I'm trying desperately to do something - anything - that will: 1) hire me and 2) pay me a living wage. I am depressed and defeated. Please help me think of things I haven't realized are possible, when I haven't even had a temp agency sign me up. [more inside]
posted by missmary6 at 9:37 PM PST - 28 comments

High protein vegetarian snacks please, no nuts.

I'd like to stock up on some protein heavy snacks to keep at my desk for the days I'm less organized. The big difficulty is that I'm allergic to tree nuts and can't eat meat. Shelf stable would be ideal, but as long as I'm not having to do prep every day, refrigerated would probably be okay.
posted by Nimmie Amee at 8:38 PM PST - 32 comments

Audio/headphone issues on Google Chromebase

Just got a Google Chromebase for the kids and love it, but I am listening to music on my Bose headphones and there is an annoying static sound, I know its not the headphones. Any ideas? I will be using the Chromebase to kick around on as well and audio is important. thanks! I can't find much on the internet about the Chromebase
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Can you explain the advantage of a 10-year mortgage (Canada)?

Buying a house here in Canada, and my mortgage broker has mentioned that we're in an unprecedented mortgage rate slump, with five-year fixed at about 2.7% and now 10-years at around 3.8%. I can sort of figure out some math here, but I'm not sure I grasp the full nuances of this decision with compound interest, etc. [more inside]
posted by Shepherd at 7:02 PM PST - 9 comments

What would be the equivalent of the early years of Burning Man?

I would like some suggestions for festivals and events that would be the equivalent of the early years of Burning Man. [more inside]
posted by gt2 at 6:42 PM PST - 6 comments

Google Sheets/excel question

So I am trying to do a simple equation in the googlesheets/excel and it is not working. any ideas why? So this is what I am trying to find =11/9752, but using the cells rather than typing in the numbers. I want to make this a rate, so x100,000. I keep getting an errror. Thanks! so cell A1 IS "11" and cell A2 is "9752" it should be=a1/a2*100000 but I get an error
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College admissions

I made my admissions rep angry... Help [more inside]
posted by barexamfreak at 6:09 PM PST - 12 comments

Business blog: integral to, or separate from, business website?

Right now, my long-established business web site has a blog as an integral part of the home page. I've heard that, for SEO purposes, it's better to have the blog as a separate standalone URL with (obviously) links to the business web site, as well as links from and to the business Facebook and Google Plus pages. What are your opinions, hive mind? Have at it. And thanks as always!
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The Game of Life

Trying to identify this elaborate custom-tailored performance art/ARG project I read about, possibly on MetaFilter, circa 2007-2010. Basically: you apply for the chance to have this group go to your hometown and stage an elaborate theatrical experience personalized to you, starring all your friends and family, for the purposes of creating a powerful emotional experience. [more inside]
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What's the most fairly priced, least crooked long-distance mover?

What's the most fairly priced, least crooked long-distance mover? [more inside]
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Tell me about a career/degree in information science...

I currently work in an administrative support job and I'm trying to move into a new career area. I think I might be interested in pursuing Information Science for a BA or Masters, and career. My questions are basically: 1) Is information science the right field for me? 2) which classes should I be focusing on to jump start my career path? 3) what careers besides systems analyst sound right for me? [more inside]
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What are some good movies about a writer overcoming writer's block?

I'm looking for movies about a depressed/blocked writer who breaks through and regains his or her creative spark! (Preferably not through hokey means like hooking up with a manic pixie dream girl/boy.) Can also be any type of creative person, not necessarily a writer. Any suggestions appreciated!
posted by Enemy of Joy at 5:42 PM PST - 23 comments

Rock Paper Scissors Tournet

I want to organize a Rock Paper Scissors tournament at a party. There will be about 32 players. The whole thing should take about 10 minutes and end with one winner. There will only be one referee, so arbitration has to be very easy (ie, people shouldn't have to privately track their own "wins" or record them on paper or anything like that). It should be fun to play and to watch. What's the best way to run the tournament? I have one possible tourney structure inside, open to others! [more inside]
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3 day notice grar

Landlord has “applied my payment”, intended for rent, toward a bogus (or at least totally-news-to-me) bill for supposed maintenance services. Now landlord claims my rent is late and left a 3 day notice to pay or quit. I do not want to pay maintenance bill. Details below: [more inside]
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A 'statistically valid sample' is ... ?

I'm developing advice related to a set of standards, specifically about a requirement to review a 'statistically valid sample of assessments' to determine whether an assessment process is valid. Most information I've been able to find relates to surveys and similar activities, which doesn't seem to quite fit this scenario. The questions I keep coming up against are particularly around what the margin of error and confidence level should be in a scenario that isn't a survey or similar. [more inside]
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How would you handle this car repair problem?

My car was repaired for $2,000 in November. They took the engine apart. Today, they tell me the problem is a sensor. I'm out $2,000.00. Now, they want to also charge me for the sensor. How would you handle this? [more inside]
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How to sync content between Wordpress and PDF

I have an online textbook that's currently in Wordpress, and I want to make a PDF version of it so that users can download it all at once. What's the best way to do this in terms of time, efficiency, and minimizing the hassle of syncing changes/corrections/additional content in the future? [more inside]
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Alternate Careers for a Licensed Massage Therapist?

Asking for my partner: I’ve been a licensed massage therapist since 2011 and have been working full time (24-28 hours/week hands-on) since then. Over the past two years, my body has been protesting more and more when I work. [more inside]
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It was a dark and stormy night..

I have a simple, yet apparently not so simple goal: to have the makings of a Dark n' Stormy delivered to a business address in Manhattan, ideally tomorrow (Friday) afternoon. Viz: Dark rum, ginger beer, limes. Difficulty: I would really like the rum to be Kraken rum for inside joke reasons. Additional difficulty: I am in the UK. [more inside]
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Campervanning in Scotland with kids?

Taking the chirren (3 and 10 months at the time) for 19 days in Scotland, and wondering how to handle the logistics. Is a campervan a good idea? [more inside]
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Help us plan a fun bachelor/bachelorette party!

So the day before the wedding, we want to invite our friends to hang out Somewhere Fun in the Bay Area. We're based in San Jose, so the closer the better, I say, but I'm aware that a lot of the fun things might be in San Francisco or elsewhere. [more inside]
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What is this freaky fungus / spider nest / cat vomit?

Two potted plants in my yard just came down with a freaky ... fungus? Cat vomit? Spider nest? It's a crust about 1-2" thick. It was on the top of one plant pot and around the base of another. Pictures (and a spider-related joke) inside. [more inside]
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In search of historical California commodity prices

This is a two-part question about commodity prices in California in the 1860s. Part 1: How is this newspaper report of "current" (1862) prices read? The @s throw me off. (My best guess is that those are price ranges.) Part two... [more inside]
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Experienced runners: To the sports doc for a numb foot?

I’e been having numbness, arch pain and ankle pain in my left foot. Not all at the same time. It moves around. I’m a fairly avid runner, about 40 miles per week in the summer. I haven’t been running much lately though, because of these issues. [more inside]
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Like "Duck Soup," but in Teheran?

Does anybody remember a comedy sketch I saw on TV circa 1979? It was set in the post-revolution Iranian parliament, and it was based on the Marx Brothers' "Duck Soup"... [more inside]
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Copyright Law question

I have an online shop that sells vintage items. I also have a book of paintings by my favorite contemporary artist. If I use a page from her book as a background for photographing something, does that violate her copyright? More inside. [more inside]
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Public Radio Fund Drives

Can the big Metafilter brain direct me to reputable surveys or peer reviewed studies that examine how public radio fund drives are conducted and how people feel about them? [more inside]
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Maximum artsy, maximum fartsy

I want to start hosting a biweekly "Artsy Fartsy Movie Night." The idea is to show an extremely high-brow movie followed by an extremely low-brow one. It would be nice if the two movies could be thematically linked, or linked by title. [more inside]
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Who is Hartman Jule?

While trying to check a quotation about retirement by one Hartman Jule, I found that while the name appears on lots of quote-collecting websites, I was unable to find any biographical information on anyone by that name. All references inside books only lead to epigraphs (i.e., more quotes), most having to do with retirement or advertising. Is this a known pseudonym of an individual? In lieu of any information on Hartman Jule having been a real person, I'd like to find the primary source(s) for the quotes attributed to him. [more inside]
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Wordpress/GoDaddy woes

GoDaddy-hosted site, built in Wordpress, loads only blank page. Do not want. [more inside]
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My dog is going crazy (I think) and it's driving us crazy!

I have an elderly beagle who has always been abnormal. Now she seems to really be going crazy for real and it's driving us a little crazy. What's the best way to handle this? [more inside]
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Medical expenses deduction question

I went up to my deductible in my health insurance plan - So I had a $4,500 total bill. However, I'm on a repayment plan with the hospital. If I have was billed this amount during 2014, but am still repaying it, is this amount considered "out of pocket expenses"? If I only include the portion that I paid under the repayment plan, I don't qualify for the deduction (yet I'm still paying the big silly amount so it feels like I should.)
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Surveying our property

We need to survey our 3 acre property in a semi urban area. The surveyor claims to have a very hard time to find data to start with. I am wandering in the era of precision GPS, areal survey's with drones etc that if there isn't a much more efficient way of getting the data that is needed for our Landscape architect to to work in his CAD programs. I understand that there is a big responsibility on the surveyor when it comes to lot lines and when construction has to take place right at the edge with the neighbors. [more inside]
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Pulled Pork Without BBQ Sauce

I made a gigantic roast pork loin with herb rub last night and now we have a huge amount left over. I want to make pulled pork with it, but the SO doesn't like BBQ sauce, any variation. What else could I use to get the physical properties of pulled pork (soft, melt in your mouth savory) without using BBQ sauce? [more inside]
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Runaway debt cycle. Please halp.

I've been carefully avoiding paying attention to our debt. Just added it up. Uh oh. [more inside]
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What is a 4/4 Course Load?

In academic discussions, I often see professors describe their course load as a fraction like 4/4 (or sometimes 4-4). What do the numbers mean? [more inside]
posted by Jeff Howard at 8:55 AM PST - 13 comments

romantic, simple and cheap recipes

I'd like to make a special Valentine's Day dinner, but need to keep it super simple. [more inside]
posted by deadcrow at 8:44 AM PST - 18 comments

Software to develop a sewing pattern archive?

I'm looking for appropriate software to start documenting and cataloging a sewing pattern archive. What would be the most appropriate? I've seen this and this, but they are a little dated and not quite what I think I need. [more inside]
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Testing for Asperger as an adult

How reliable are tests for Asperger Syndrome in adults? [more inside]
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I need to find a place to park my Sweetooth.

I need to find a great place to have dessert after a concert at Lincoln Center in New York on Saturday night. This is a date situation. [more inside]
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Tell me about unconventional parenting practises that worked for you

What's something you did (or are doing) as a parent that's different from "the way everybody does it" that worked really well for you? [more inside]
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Mapping country data

I have some data from which I need to create a map where countries (along the country borders) are colored in different shades based on their rank. Having some trouble with doing the most basic part of this, in that every software I try just puts a marker in the middle of the country rather than shading the whole thing. Help?? [more inside]
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Help me please I did a dumb and now my car reeks of the acrid stench of defeat. [more inside]
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Can I disable the AC Compressor on my '95 Chrysler Concorde?

The AC compressor attempts to run when I start the defroster, presumably to dehumidify the air. For some reason though either the compressor itself or the belt that runs it (and the water pump, I think) is smoking when the compressor is on. I'm not worried about humidity and I can't think of a downside. Is there some safety or reliability reason I shouldn't do this? If not, is it as simple as disconnecting a wire?
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Bookfilter - Soviet War Strategy

I once read parts a book online (the text was fully available online, maybe at a think tank's website). It was about Soviet War Strategy and their way of thinking. I found it quite interesting. [more inside]
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Access NAS shared folder as non-local user

Hello. I'm trying to access a shared folder on my NAS (Intel SS4200-e). The NAS machine is called 'Server'. I have setup a shared folder on the NAS with the name of 'Test'. I have setup a user that has full read/write permissions to that folder. The user is named 'Test'. The user password is 'testing123'. When I navigate my local computer (Windows 7) network to \\SERVER\Test, a Windows Security box pops up asking me to enter my network password to connect to SERVER. If I enter 'Test' as the user name and 'testing123' as the password, my access is denied. [more inside]
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Are CFL and LED lights safe for indoors (in flush mounts)?

I am getting conflicting opinions on when you can (and can’t use) CFL and LED lights indoors, especially with a flush mount light fixture. I am more confused now that ever. If someone can offer some insight, it would be great. [more inside]
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IKEA has its own branded liquor. Who knew? I got the "snaps mix," five miniatures of beverages I'm unsure about. The set: svartvinbar; bittersot ortsnaps; akavit, kummin anis & fankal; akavit, kummin, dill & citrus; and citron & flader. That's all I have in English; the rest is in Chinese. So, any ideas about mixers for these little beauties, thoughts about which might be better without a mixer? Any insights whatsoever??! Thanks! Send air.
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Noise is bad and scary! Toddler version

My otherwise healthy and happy 2-year-old is extremely frightened by noises of all sorts. The list includes dogs barking, cows mooing, chainsaws, the big bucket of water at the swimming pool, diggers, distant freight trains, vacuums, the popcorn popper, etc. This is really affecting his quality of life, and we're not sure how best to deal with it. Ideas? [more inside]
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Got suit back from cleaners, smells like dry cleaning fluid, what gives?

My suit now smells of something petroleum-based, which I assume is the dry cleaning chemicals. After four days of hanging in a well ventilated room the smell is fainter but still there, so I plan to take it somewhere else to clean it again. I'm just really curious about this as it's never happened to me before. My question for the right honorable Green is what could the cleaners possibly have done wrong to cause this? I thought dry cleaning was pretty much completely automated and foolproof now and there wouldn't be much chance of something so basic going wrong.
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Between a rock & a damp place

Is it safe for me to use as an office a room that had one-off water damage a couple of months ago? [more inside]
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February 4

How do I respond to getting written up at a new job?

I got written up at work for coming in late regularly. I have been coming in about 15 minutes late on many days. Should I provide my managers and HR with an explanation of why being on time is difficult for me and with a clear plan to address the issue? Or should I just simply say that I will address the issue? More details inside. [more inside]
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Fibromyalgia? Chronic Fatigue? Something viral?

YANMD. Early last fall, I had something come on that felt like a cold. Swollen glands, body pain. Fatigue. Maiaise. I had no respiratory symptoms. After six weeks, I thought it might be mono. But three mono tests have come back negative. [more inside]
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Help me record calls on an iPhone in Canada

Can you help me find the best hardware or software solution? [more inside]
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What to ask mentor?

I work for a large company where the idea of mentorship is encouraged. I will be meeting someone in a different department who I would love to work for. I am unfamiliar with exactly what a mentor can provide from a career standpoint. [more inside]
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Using a Galaxy S4 in Australia

G'day Austalian mefites! I'm going to be visiting Australia, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to use my phone while I'm there. It's a Galaxy S4 from Verizon. [more inside]
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The two thousand dollar bottle of Bulleit

The San Francisco city tax collector just called me about an extremely expensive, 3-year-old ambulance bill I wasn't aware of previously, what are my next steps? [more inside]
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Best online/offline games for young piano students!

What are the best online or offline games for pre-teenaged kids taking piano lessons? Looking for those that are engaging, fun and teaches theory, keyboard skills or musical skills that can be applied to piano.
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inside Arlanda airport: micro SIMs for sale?

At ARN, will I definitely be able to buy a micro SIM (ideally Comviq, based on these options, but if not, any similar brand)? Surprisingly hard to google a clear answer here. [more inside]
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Like a bad neighbor...this dude is there

My sweet, suburban parents have got a tricky Bad Neighbor conundrum and I want to help them take the smartest next steps here. [more inside]
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My car's winter woes...

I have to jump my car almost every time I drive it in the wintertime. Help! This is not fun at all. [more inside]
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Help me design a treehouse addition!

I built a treehouse for my kids last year, with a couple 4x4 posts and 45-year-old Ponderosa Pines. (Several obligatory pictures of what's already there.) I'd like to extend the treehouse along the downhill side, probably by building a deck parallel to the swings, and attached to the four trees, forming a rough square. [more inside]
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An infant in Belfast and Measles risk

Early MMR for a 6 month old infant traveling to Belfast, Northern Ireland? [more inside]
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How do I get out of this lease?

I need to know my options for getting out of a lease in California. We have lived in a rental home for 5+ years and just signed a one-year lease renewal in January that can be renewed every year, expecting to stay for several more years. Our landlord just announced that he is selling our place. We are trying to start a family and moving at the end of the year while I'm very pregnant or with a newborn is not an option. How can we get out of the lease? [more inside]
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At what income bracket is it worth hiring actual tax accountants?

I know that if you plan well with accountants, you can reduce your tax profile. At what income bracket do you actually get enough advantage from doing this and finding all the weird corner hidden deductions to well cover the expense of hiring the accountant in the first place? [more inside]
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Can an F-1 visa from France be renewed in Canada?

Can a student from France with an F-1 visa, attending a university in the United States, renew his visa in Canada (rather than having to return to France)? It is my understanding that students from some countries can renew at the U.S Embassy in Canada, but is this the case for French students?
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Erasing Non-Photo Blue Pencil

My drawing style has been black ink over non-photo blue scanned in as line art until recently. Now I want to watercolor my drawings, but still start them with blue pencil. I'm having a heck of time erasing my the non-photo blue pencil marks, though. I've tried hi-polymer and artgum erasers. Usually I'm on watercolor paper. The erasers don't work well and I sometimes tear the paper. How is this done? Do I need a better eraser or to wash on another layer or something?
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Herodotus for beginners?

I just got a copy of the Tom Holland translation of Herodotus out of the library. I am not a student of Classical Lit (before this I've only read Homer and the tragedians), but a creative writer following a hunch that Herodotus might help with the project I'm currently working on. Any ideas where to start in The Histories? What to look for when reading? What you loved about reading it? [more inside]
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What chai is this

...and is it safe to drink after 12 years of safekeeping? [more inside]
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Do we need our Pulse to live?

Are there other apps similar to Pulse that aggregate news and information feeds into a user-friendly interface? [more inside]
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Backyard cottage/DADU owners in Seattle - where are they?

The Mr and I are investigating the possibility of building a backyard cottage/mother-in-law/DADU on our (currently hypothetical future) property in order to supply rental income. We are aware that there are lots of subtleties and gotchas that we would want to learn about from people who have already gone through the process. I imagine there has to be a community out there somewhere. Can anyone help me figure out how to find homeowners who have built backyard cottages themselves so we can hear their stories? [more inside]
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Alternatives to beagle-carrying

My dog Milo (obligatory pics 1 2 3) is starting to have trouble with stairs. My apartment is a second-floor walk-up. My roommate, who is usually home with him during the work day, currently has health issues that mean toting around a 20+ lb dog is a no-go, especially while navigating stairs. Are there other options for her to get him outside and back when I'm not home? [more inside]
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You can't make friends with salad?

I'm on a diet and eating a lot of green leafy salad. So much green leafy salad I might go crazy. Save me from green leafy salad. [more inside]
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Need a Russian translation, please.

I want to make this shawl, and I can read the diagram for the most part, but I can't quite get the measurements figured out. Can anyone tell me roughly what the directions say? I'm pretty sure it's in Russian. I'd really appreciate it.
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Converting PDF to JPEG?

I want to take my original art and sell prints and such on Society6. I don't have a scanner so I took the three pieces to Staples and they scanned them onto a jump drive for me. I didn't think to say, "hey can you scan these as JPEG," and when I opened the files at home they're all PDF. [more inside]
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Weirdest scam ever or what?

My boyfriend and I want to rent an apartment in Geneva. We found a place that looks promising, but the whole thing seems kind of fishy. Can you please help us figure out if this is a scam or not? [more inside]
posted by LoonyLovegood at 12:23 PM PST - 14 comments

I need help lawyering up.

I find myself in need of a (small business?) lawyer, in the Portland, Ore. area. [more inside]
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Get solid network link out to detached guest house

Currently bridging from main house to guest house with a router set up in the guest house acting as both wireless bridge and AP, but the connection is a little wonky. It's only about 100 ft between the two houses, but I guess the walls are attenuating the signal too much. Running ethernet cable would solve the issue, but would involve holes in the houses, which I'd like to avoid (but will consider if necessary). Powerline networking didn't work. Any thoughts? Thanks! [more inside]
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Recommendations for novels set in Brazil?

I'm going to be traveling to Brazil next year and in anticipation, I'd like to read some novels set there. The trip will definitely include Rio de Janeiro, but other places are still up in the air. Nevertheless, I'm interested in good stories, even in they are set in Brazil but not Rio. [more inside]
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what is this called and where can I buy one?

Our roommate Napoleon Bone-Apart is missing the little pin that keeps his femur attached to his hip. It looks exactly like this. What is the term for this type of pin, and where can I buy one (or two I guess, but not bulk quantities) so that we can restore Napoleon to his full glory?
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Vimeo for technophobes?

I'm using an up-to-date 2-year-old MacBook Air and I just can't manage to get Vimeo videos to load. Can someone help me fix this by speaking to me as if I am your elderly aunt's even older senile neighbor? [more inside]
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Kid friendly San Francisco restaurants?

Looking for restaurants for lunch and dinner for a trip to San Francisco with two kids (8 and 6 years old). [more inside]
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Pool me once.

We will be purchasing an above ground pool. How do we purchase an above ground pool? [more inside]
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Lively restaurant in SF for 7 people this Saturday

Looking for a fun restaurant for 7 people (in their 30s) in San Francisco this Saturday night. We're going out to Smuggler's Cove in the Fillmore area early (though we can hop a cab to just about anywhere after) and want to eat at around 7:30. Open to all cuisines as long as there are decent vegetarian options. [more inside]
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Indoor Spaces to Walk Near NYC's Union Square?

Now that it's too cold to walk around for a significant amount of time outside, I'm looking for an indoor space to walk around in on my lunch break. Is there some kind of public atrium or something similar conducive for walking near Union Square in NYC? I'm looking for somewhere that's within walking distance (i.e. I don't want to take the train).
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I break smartphones. I need something indestructible.

I just broke my 2nd smartphone in 6 months. I have always been absent-minded, and can't afford to waste so much money. I'm looking for an off-contract android smartphone that lets me browse the internet + Youtube, without breaking the bank. Bonus points if it's hard to break. [more inside]
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Why are non-vaccinated people a danger to public health?

In theory, if most of the public is vaccinated against measles, only other non-vaccinated people are put at risk by non-vaccinated people who get the measles (or other vaccine-preventable diseases). But apparently some vaccinated people are also at risk? Is this really the case? If so, how common/easy is it for vaccinated people to get the disease that they were vaccinated against, and how does this happen?
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Help me eat a healthy breakfast

Every day I make a cup of instant oatmeal at the office. This is the ideal breakfast setup for me - quick, easy, cheap, low-calorie, fairly non-perishable food that I can store in my desk drawer - except I'm not sure it's all that healthy. Is there a nutrient-rich alternative to this? [more inside]
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I need some advice for working with tech recruiters in NYC

I am a senior engineer looking for software development work in NYC. I'm attracting a lot of attention from recruiters, and I need some advice for how to work with them. I'm concerned that I've already made a huge mistake. [more inside]
posted by evil otto at 8:13 AM PST - 15 comments

How to do a pull-up?

I have never been able to do a single pull up in my life. Please teach me how to do one. [more inside]
posted by raztaj at 7:39 AM PST - 19 comments

Dumbbell exercises, lunges and your opinion about bodyweight squats

So I'm going to the gym - awesome. Cardio, weights, stretches, I am so there. I'd like to add things to my routine, but I'm a little bit overwhelmed by all the advice on the internet. I'm also uncertain about the importance of form for squats, given that I seem to see people whose form is all over the place. Questions inside! [more inside]
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Some Advice on Chillin' Out on Travel?

Please provide some advice, tips, tricks, etc to chill the F out when planning vacations or trips, especially pre-picking restaurants and bars, to pick the PERFECT place. Suggestions to handle on short trips (weekend to a week) are more suggested than long/living vacations. How do you balance your planning/type-A/I'm only here once must be perfection feeling! with not stressing too much about it and enjoying the experience? [more inside]
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What is your organization's "web team" called?

The people who design and maintain your websites, what is their name within your organization? "Web Team"? Something else? [more inside]
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Historical Value of French Franc (in comparison to U.S. dollar)

I am trying to find out how much 220 French francs, in 1875, would roughly equate to in current U.S. dollars (Euros or pounds sterling fine as well). Anyone know a good calculator (or care to take a crack yourself)? Thanks!
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Fun baby-shower me

I am looking for ideas for a (fun!) baby shower game for my boss who is expecting. The shower is happening in a restaurant with a small group of co-workers so it can't be too involved or outlandish. There's also that whole I-work-with-you atmosphere that makes things that I would normally think of for friends seem strange. Would be thrilled to see if anyone has suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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Edu-Cation with Teens

This is possibly the greatest problem I've ever had; looking for outside the box answers. I'm able to spend about $3000 on a educationalish vacation for me and my 16-year-old son. There are a few specific parameters that need to be followed but other than that, anything goes. [more inside]
posted by kinetic at 6:56 AM PST - 22 comments

Who should I be talking to?

My wife and I have a rental property, and it's basically one headache after another - and worse, it's costing us money every month. I need help! But I'm not sure where to go for sound advice. [more inside]
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I want to setup a PRIVATE blog but where all invited can post. Possible?

Basically I now work for a decentralized company and I want somewhere for all of us to post our general creative ideas to be shared. Like a blog. But NOT open to the world, just to the people IN the company. AND where everyone has posting abilities. Is such a thing possible?
posted by rileyray3000 at 6:47 AM PST - 11 comments

Ice Damnation

I have an ice dam on my roof, on a high dormer I can't reach (or really rake very well, but I'm going to give it another go!). The thing is, though, everyone on my block has ice dams, many that are proud and terrible cataracts of frozen majesty that put my small ice dam to sh