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February 28

Too much information. In my email inbox. That belongs to other people.

About ten years ago I signed up for gmail very early during beta when people were selling invites for up to 3 and 4 figures and lucked out on a very early, short email address. (See profile.) And it's not cool. Not only do I get a lot of spam but I get a lot of misdirected email. I've seen receipts, bank statements, tax returns, boobies, dozens or hundreds of pictures of different families, newborns, weddings, new cars, old cars, flight reservations, money wire recepits. And this isn't good, and I wonder about my liability, and I wonder about these known brands or services that don't include a button for "This is not my account or data." or any email validation step at all. [more inside]
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Electric toothbrush fell in toilet

My sonicare toothbrush just fell in the toilet bowl. It wasn't in there for more than a second or two. I threw out the removeable brushhead. I ran the body under hot water and wiped it down several times with bleach, but to use it again, in my mouth of all places? I'm not sure. It does still work and would be expensive to replace, but it was in toilet water. My question then is, should I continue to use it, and is there anything else I should or can do to further decontaminate it? Thanks [more inside]
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How can I go about job-seeking effectively?

I am a 25-year-old woman and a recent college graduate (just earned my Master’s in English in December). I’m looking for higher education administrative jobs in the area: basically, to be an admissions counselor, financial aid counselor, academic advisor, and the like. There are a few concerns on my mind about the process. [more inside]
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Best kind of paint/primer for a co-sleeper for a baby

I've built a co-sleeper for our new-born infant (kind of like this). For reasons, I only had access to plywood and so that's what I made it out of. I'm now about ready to paint it, and have two questions in mind: since this is for a baby, I'd like 1) the paint to be non-toxic and 2) seal in whatever fumes the plywood might still be off-gassing. Does such a paint exist? Would I need to use a primer? Would milk paint achieve this goal? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.
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What game is this?

Can anyone tell what board game this is supposed to be, if any? [more inside]
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What's it like working at Kessler Institute, New Jersey?

Close friend is thinking of applying for a research position there, however they've heard mixed things about the area and the institute. Does anyone have any first (or second) hand experience working there that they are willing to share? thanks!
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How cold is too cold?

Hi there Hivemind, at what temperature (fahrenheit, preferably) does it become unsafe for a person to spend the night in a car? [more inside]
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London at breakneck pace!

In a few hours (5), I will leave Kuwait en-route back to the United States. I have a 24-hour layover in London and a hotel room (right across from Heathrow) that has already been bought and paid for my my company. I will arrive at around noon, and I will have until around 10 a.m.-ish tomorrow (Sunday) to explore London. Money is no significant concern (but let's keep it reasonable). What are the absolute must-see PG-13 things to do in London in 22 hours? GO!
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How do i sync a non amazon purchased .mobi file using kindle?

A friend of mine has passed on to me a few books that are .mobi files. I read them using the kindle app on my ipad and iphone. I have done some notation on either device and would like to sync them but I a assuming because I did not purchase these from amazon, I can not sync them. I have tried the usual method one uses when they are syncing a purchased book unsuccessfully. Are you aware of a simple work around?
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What concert band piece is this?

I've had this song in my head all day and I can't think the title or composer! I remember playing it in concert band years ago but can't really recall much else besides the main motif. [more inside]
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I want a share of the (Australian) share market

What are some good online information sources for investing in the Australian share market. Looking for all options be they paid or unpaid, blogs, discussion boards, newsletters etc. I have an advisor but I am looking to check his advice as well as develop my own sense of what constitutes a good investment. Google is giving me too many options.
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Have other men suffered from castration phobia?

Ever since a particular childhood incident, I've had a fear of castration, which was pretty severe at some periods of my life. I've never heard anyone talk about this, so am wondering how rare or common of an experience it is. [more inside]
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Best Man Alternative Titles

I have a great best man. I do not want to have a "co" best man at my wedding. I have another friend who is very close to me, and I want to give him a title that signifies he isn't simply a groomsmen but is one of my very closest friends. Is there another title I can give him which will make him feel important and that's not BS. Thanks, Z
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HRA for self-employed spouse, good idea or not?

I've had a HRA administration company contact me selling their HRA administration plan. Is this a good idea for a spouse who is self-employed. [more inside]
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Find photos of those killed in Ukraine's Maidan protests?

Does anyone know where I can find individual photos of those people who have died during the recent protests on the Maidan in Kyiv, Ukraine? [more inside]
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How common are trust funds?

I commonly hear bitching and moaning about trustafarians, but how many of those are out there, really? Is it just a way to make fun of hippies, or are there really vast numbers of people living off their inheritance? I googled, and couldn't find any statistics. Please, no anecdata about "everyone I knew in Portland."
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Ideas for inexpensively decorating walls and ceilings?

I started a School Beautification Club and I need ideas... [more inside]
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Leaving a job after 3 months for one slightly better?

I've been at my current job for 3 months and like it pretty well, but have an interview lined up for a different job that might have more growth potential and a $10k higher salary. Help me weigh the pros and cons? [more inside]
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Help Me Build a New Protools Computer!

I need help designing a new PC for Protools 11. [more inside]
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Essential Medical Books

I've been tasked with putting together a medical library for my small disability law firm. Doctors, what are five essential medical books that we should look at obtaining regarding general medical practice? [more inside]
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Aging Parent Filter: how do your folks get food and transportation?

People with aging parents (not newly retired, but also not ready for home care/retirement home): how are your parents getting food and transportation? [more inside]
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Birthday gift for dude who studies Poland & Eastern Europe

My guy is turning 24 this Thursday, so I am casting around for a birthday gift. He studies Poland and Eastern Europe. He lived in Poland for a couple years while working as a journalist, and he remains fascinated by Polish culture and history. I was thinking that I could get him some Polish "comfort" items--specialty snacks, etc. Any ideas, AskMeFites?
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Best apartment gift?

My brother's birthday is next Friday, and I am honestly stymied as to what to get him (and cannot get a serious answer out of him.) He is in his early 30's, and just moved into a new apartment that has a cute outdoor space. (Pavement ground) Does anyone have a similar space? He and his girlfriend have already furnished the place, so they don't need essentials. Etsy-friendly suggestions particularly welcome.
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What is this earwormy song with French lyrics and a dance beat?

I was in a coffee bar last night and I heard a song that I am dying to track down. [more inside]
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Finding a substance-friendly therapist?

I'm looking to establish a therapeutical relationship for standard-ish reasons (ideally, a cognitive behavioral approach to some interpersonal issues) and need to find someone with a nuanced-to-permissive view of substance use. I'm not talking about narcotics, but occasionally I enjoy cannabis and often drink alcohol--neither, I believe, is excessive and certainly never cause health or legal* problems in my life. [more inside]
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Tenor who sings (too briefly) in The Red Shoes (1948)?

In the 1948 movie The Red Shoes, there is a scene (search YouTube for "Vicky Page is offerred her first lead role"; about 45 seconds into the clip) where Victoria Page ascends the stairs to Lermontov's villa. In the background is a view of the Mediterranean and the sound of an Italian tenor singing to orchestral accompaniment. Can anyone identify singer (and song)?
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Where can I buy high-quality heavy wool (or soft felt) pillow covers?

I'm interested in buying solid heavy wool (or soft felt) pillow covers to re-cover my throw pillows. I'm having a tough time figuring out where are good places to buy high-quality pillow covers, particularly since I'm not looking for patterns or prints. [more inside]
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Help me recover a video file on an SD card

I have an SD card that should have a video file on it. But, I can't see the file. It might be corrupted. Are there any free tools that I can use to recover this file? [more inside]
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Transit Benefits and (US) Taxes

Does being enrolled in a pre-tax transit benefits program affect how much you owe/get back when you do your taxes? [more inside]
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Socially acceptable stims (other than doodling) -- are there any?

Having discovered that a nontrivial fraction of people find my preferred stim distracting and rude, I'm on the lookout for other tactile stims/stim toys that are more socially acceptable. Doodling doesn't do it for me, for whatever reason. In situations where stimming is most helpful to me, I usually don't have a table to hide my hand motions under, so subtlety would be nice, as would silence. I'm especially interested in hearing from people who are affronted by knitting in social and work situations. Suggestions? [more inside]
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Books to read along with "Lean In"

Our book club is doing a "Lean In free swim" -- everyone will read Lean In* plus one other book of their choice on the topic of gender and work. What would be some good choices for the second book? [more inside]
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iPhone question: silencing all media except one app?

I like to listen to my white noise app on my iPhone while I work, but the alerts from email, texts, etc. disrupt my zen zone. Is there a way to silence my phone, text alert, and email alerts (basically everything except this app) without having to go to Settings and set each one's ringtone to "None?" Thanks!
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What does the (E) in ISO 10555-1:2014(E) stand for?

Is (E) the version designation? The title page shows: Second edition 2013-06-15 Corrected version 2014-01-15 A related question: How should I have Googled for this?
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What other podcasts should I listen to?

I listen to podcasts while driving and while cleaning. I currently have 3 on rotation: Welcome to Night Vale, Spilled Milk, and the Metafilter podcast. The latter two I like because I like listening to 2-3 people who get along well chatting conversationally about things I might be interested in, joking, etc. Night Vale I like because it's short enough to listen to in one go and it's a fun set of stories set in a consistent world that I enjoy. Please recommend me some more podcasts I can get on iTunes. Not interested in celebrity gossip, history, dry science, or story podcasts longer than 30 minutes per episode. Especially interested in cooking, parenting, self-improvement, and shows with big archives.
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Being New Money in an Old Money World

I am interested to read some commentary / discussion / critiques / first-person accounts about social climbing in our current society (preferably U. S. based). About both sides of the coin - people who are either successful or unsuccessful at navigating a change from lower-class to upper-middle-class, or beyond. [more inside]
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School recommended the most dreadful book for my kindergartener-to-be.

Last night, I read a book to my four-and-a-half year old. He will go to kindergarten next year, and this book was recommended by the school (email blast to new parents) as something that will "help kids prepare for kindergarten". The book turned out to be wildly age-inappropriate and generally horrible! I feel that I ought to do something about it beside posting a 1-star Amazon review, but I don't know what. [more inside]
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Having some car trouble, could use some input

So my 2007 Honda Fit has been having these weird issues while at stop lights or stop signs and I can't figure out what's going on. [more inside]
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Should I file a grievance with my health insurance for midwife's bill?

I used a midwife throughout my pregnancy but ended up with an emergency c-section. My insurance company has denied part of the claim leaving me about $3,400 poorer. I'd like to recoup as much of this as possible from my health insurance but I'm not sure the best way to go about it... [more inside]
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Does Home Depot rent flame throwers?

What is the best/easiest way to clear snow and ice from a driveway and parking area in sub-freezing temperatures? [more inside]
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Jehovah's Witnesses...Organs, Yes; Blood, No?

When I read this story recently about two sisters who received lung transplants from the same donor, I was a bit taken aback. Can someone who is a Jehovah's Witness please explain why accepting a blood transfusion is not okay for a JH, but having someone else's entire organ inserted into and attached to one's own body is? It just seems counterintuitive, since someone else's blood would eventually be purged by the body's own regenerative/filtering systems, but an organ, once attached, is...well, permanent. Please advise, if you know. I genuinely want to understand. Thanks.
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Late 18th c. early 19th c. wedding at Trinity Church = wealth?

I'm inclined to think that any young lady whose father walked her down the aisle of Trinity Church in Lower Manhattan in a late 18th or early 19th century wedding was probably born to wealth. Pretty size-able wealth. Are we talking robber baron wealthy, or what? Or was the church actually available to all comers?
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ASP.NET on my Mac?

Can I set up a local server that serves up ASP pages on my Mac? [more inside]
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What are the best ways to teach mathematics to elementary age children?

What do you do to teach your children math (or maths)? [more inside]
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Amazon Ratings bit From Louie Show

Any Louis C.K. fans out there... I'm trying to find the bit (I think in the standup before an episode of his show) where he jokes about Amazon ratings? Anyone know the episode in question?
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Rusty tool (no really) - bring back to life?

I have a bag of old tools that have gotten rusty. Like this image. The moving parts are semi-seized up. Clearly on something like a hammer it's not a big deal, but please how do I revive them all back to nice and useable condition? I'm hoping there's some magic oil that I soak them in and it solves all my problems? Thanks
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Your Theoretical Minimum

Inspired by this post on the blue, I'm interested in the most condensed and most up-to-date overview of everything in your field. [more inside]
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Help a non-curvy lady with big thighs find cheap jeans that fit! (NYC)

I'll be visiting New York next week and I'd like to buy some jeans, but I have no idea where to look! It'll be my first trip to the U.S. and I'm not familiar with American retailers at all. My particular taste and even more particular body type will probably eliminate a lot of options, but I hope you can point out the ones that are left. [more inside]
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What's wrong with Chrome?

Chrome in Mac OS X 10.9.2 is rendering some pages very strangely. Is there anything I can do to fix it? [more inside]
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We need a battery-powered smoke alarm compatible with cooking.

Our current detector goes off even with fairly innocuous oven and range use. Surely this problem has been addressed by manufacturers...help? [more inside]
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Name That Late 90's Shampoo-Filter!

Asking for a friend: "I am more that a little embarrassed at how much time I spent trying to figure out what shampoo/conditioner I used to use in the late '90s. It came from the grocery store; the kind I got was in a light blue cylindrical bottle, with this weird cap where you pulled the whole thing up but the middle stayed down. It smelled SO GOOD -- a faintly citrus, faintly marine smell. If I could find it I would pay like $30 on ebay for a bottle just so I could reverse-engineer that smell." Any ideas, Hive?...
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Tool for making pretty data models?

I'm looking for a simple way to textually describe data models, and can then produce something visual (an SVG, a PNG, etc.) An analogy would be how "Markdown" is a markup language that allows you to write something in plaintext, that can be converted to HTML. [more inside]
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What to do? Teenager is a Bum.

What do we do about this depressed / unmotivated / lazy kid? Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Help me get rid of shoulder tension that’s plagued me since 1980

I carry all the tensions of my life in my shoulders and neck. Any time of day or night, if I turn my focus to my shoulders, I’ll find they’re involuntarily tensed tight, as if my body were trying to curl up and brace itself against something. Even when I feel quite happy and relaxed, the tension is there. I would love to hear your recommendations on the best way to address this specific problem. I’d like it if the solution were something I could do myself, but I’m open to considering yoga, massage, whatever, if they will lead to a lasting solution. [more inside]
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Help me identify the big metal thing I saw on the highway

A few days ago, as I drove down I-69, I saw two semi trucks heading in the opposite direction. Each transported a long, narrow metal object. I would estimate each object was the length of three semi truck trailers. It mostly resembled a knife blade in color and shape - something like a chef's slicing blade. It seemed to look serrated toward what would resemble the tip of the knife. What the heck were they transporting?
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Well-written math

Which mathematicians write exceptionally well or exceptionally clearly? (Individual books or articles would also be acceptable.) [more inside]
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Why am I the only one who answers his phone?

Running a small business and I need to strike the right balance between being available and growing my business. [more inside]
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How long should a couch last? Is it our fault?

We have a couch we bought at a large reputable furniture store for about $600-700, about five years ago. It is so sunken at this point that it is difficult to get up out of. Help! [more inside]
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Solve all the (business) problems!

How do I find and learn about creative ways to solve the complex problems that businesses face these days? [more inside]
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Help needed with ancient Family Tree Maker file formats: TRT & IDX

I've inherited some very old Family Tree Maker TRT and IDX files now but find no version that can read them. I'm looking for someone who has an old version of FTM which can read the TRT & IDX files and export the data in the standard GEDCOM format. Please help! [more inside]
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Managing membership for a small organization?

A friend runs a small professional organization with about 60-80 members, and is looking for a way to more easily manage membership. She is hoping to find software or a web service designed to do these things:
  • Most importantly: allow members to pay an annual membership fee online. She also needs to be able to look up who has paid and who hasn't.
  • Allow members to log in and update contact information and other info (such as number of accredited hours).
  • Email all members, download a list of members, and so on.
Right now members are paying by cheque through the mail, and it's a lot of paperwork. I imagine there is an inexpensive web service out there that would be perfect for this. Can you recommend anything? We're in Canada, if it matters. Thanks!
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Homemade gummies with the same texture as storebought

Help me make home made gummies/gumdrops/sweedish fish that have the same or at least very similar texture to store bought ones. It is my birthday next week. If you can help me with this you'd be giving me the best birthday present ever. [more inside]
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Knitting in public: have I been dastardly rude this whole time?

You and some friends (guys and gals) are hanging out chatting. It's all really casual and you guys are all good friends. One friend pulls out their knitting and starts working on it. (No charts, no pattern, just really simple stockinette stitch.) Do you feel slighted? Like she's checked out of the conversation? Like she's bored with you and the group? Do you wish she'd just put it away and pay attention? [more inside]
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Help me construct a levee between the Shower Zone and the Toilet Zone

I am renting an apartment with what I consider to be a relatively simple bathroom. While the walls and floor are tiled, there is no barrier separating the shower from the sink and toilet. Apparently the correct terminology for this is a "wetroom". And it does get very wet. I would like to be able to go to the toilet without wading through a wet toilet floor, so I need to jimmy up a simple, effective, hygienic solution. [more inside]
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Find me more characters like Dimity Carmody

In the Man Kzin wars books there's a recurring protagonist called Dimity Carmody. Whilst technically human it's emphasised that she's somewhat inhuman psychologically to the point she's almost regarded as an alien. I liked the character and would like to read more fiction with similar characters - what's out there?
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Making lifestyle changes when too anxious and exhausted?

I've been struggling with fatigue and anxiety, and I've been trying to make lifestyle changes to help. But it seems like the fatigue and anxiety are causing the exact vices I'm trying to break. How to get out of this cycle? [more inside]
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February 27

Guide to Writing a Guide

How would I go about setting up an online guidebook that's editable by different people with minimal effort? [more inside]
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A guide to Kingston, Jamaica

I am accompanying a friend to Kingston at the end of March for one week. The main purpose of the trip is to visit the U.S. Embassy for some paperwork. I have never been to Jamaica and wanted to get some pointers. Which guidebooks would you recommend? What areas should we visit? Which areas should we avoid? Could you recommend a place to stay? [more inside]
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A recipe for a pineapple cream cheese filling for canned pears?

I once frequently ate in a cafeteria where they served a delicious dessert-slash-side dish of canned pears with a filling of pineapple and what I think was cream cheese, and while I've come close to replicating it, I can't get it exactly right. I've googled this to death; I've beginning to wonder if it was one of those recipes you find in, say, a Jell-o cookbook from the 1970s or on the side of a cream cheese box. [more inside]
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My girlfriend and I both have HSV1. What risks are we looking at?

My girlfriend has HSV1 genitally, with outbreaks 1-2 times a year. I just found out from my doctor that I tested positive for HSV1 back when I first became sexually active in 2005 (not sure why I wasn't informed back then, but I suppose that's a different story...). I've never had symptoms, I imagine it's an oral infection from childhood and I'm getting a full STI screening to reconfirm. What does this mean in terms of risks or lack thereof with my girlfriend? Can HSV1 reinfect different locations? Are there different strains of HSV1? Up to now, we've been using protection for penetrative intercourse, changing condoms when switching from vaginal to anal intercourse, and basically avoiding oral-vaginal contact. My doctor was relatively vague when it came to these questions ("I think you would be at lower risk.") and I'd like a bit more information upon which to base my future decisions given this new information.
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Help me hire a programmer

I am working on my dissertation, and I need to hire someone to write some code that will scrape content off of a password-protected site that uses AJAX. I don't really know how to go about doing this. [more inside]
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iPhone won't sync after software update and janky cable

Trying to get my iPhone 4S to restore and sync from recent backup via iTunes and no love. [more inside]
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Where can I find free NYC street maps for a for-profit travel book?

I'm trying to create a travel book and website for tourists to NYC. Are there any resources I can use for free or very low cost in regards to the street maps in the printed version, especially those including subway and/or bus stops (nice, but not required).
posted by NYC-BB at 4:05 PM PST - 2 comments

Dammit Jim, I'm a photographer, not a web designer!

I'm a professional (part-time) photographer--I know next to nothing about web hosting/design/whatever. I want to switch from having a portfolio/sales website through Zenfolio (with a custom domain name hosted by Dreamhost) to having a website totally hosted by Dreamhost (with Shootproof for portfolio/sales). How can I mess around with setting up a new site (probably a Wordpress site with one-click install on Dreamhost)--I need this to be easy) without breaking my old site before I'm ready to use a new one? [more inside]
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How to 'blast' music on speakers for mixing, living with parents

Hey music people I'm wondering if you maybe have figured out a solution to this issue I'm having. Basically I need to master/play electronic music on my studio monitor speakers, usually at a VERY LOUD level so I can hear if all the frequencies are where they should be. I'm living with the folks and they got super pissed when I was doing that in my closet. So I moved outside with the speakers facing away and they were still pissed. Keep in mind this is all in the middle of the day. [more inside]
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Looking for examples of business collaboration.

As the title suggests, I'm looking for various examples of business/organization collaboration, especially ones where people from different industries work together in an interdisciplinary fashion. People combining their expertise in different fields to work on a project together would be especially helpful. For profit, non profit, big corporations or the local PTA, all are great. I am also interested in spectacular failures of collaboration, if you can think of any of those.
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Camera options with baby on the way

I'm thinking about upgrading my camera from a 10-year-old point-and-shoot to take photos of an imminent new baby (and eventual child-on-the-go), but the options are crazy-making. Camcorder, point-and-shoot, or interchangeable lenses? Video, pocketability, or picture quality? What did you find was the best option? I already have an iPhone 5s that I will use for quick snaps. [more inside]
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Keep it secret, keep it safe

I have been asked by my roommate's boyfriend to covertly find her ring size for an engagement ring. He suggested digging through her stuff until I find a ring to use with an online ring sizing guide. I'm uncertain whether the surprise factor is a bigger deal than the invasion of privacy. [more inside]
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Help me identify this dish based solely upon its ingredients.

One of those dishes that has never been written down is begging for a name. [more inside]
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Where in the U.S. are today's coolest clowns?

Depending upon which news source you actually trust, we're in the middle of a nationwide clown shortage. But not so fast, bozo — evidently, there are still plenty of 'em to go around. So here's my question: where in the U.S. are today's coolest clowns? Not the sad kind, not the scary kind, but the innovative, interesting ones. I'm thinking Cirque du Soleil meets Pierrot: amazing makeup, costumes, and an overall awesome vibe. Help?
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No contract / pre-paid Lumia on T-Mobile agreement?

Can I buy a Lumia 521 from the Microsoft Store and bring it to a plan on T-Mobile? (Yes, it's another "Help me with a cell phone / phone plan!" question. Sorry.) [more inside]
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Vinyl LP collection

Any body have recent experience selling LP records. Better results on E-Bay or Amazon, or where else? [more inside]
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Professional Development

Has anyone gone through any general professional development courses that were awesome and really helped you in your career? I have been tasked with finding some courses for our team of project managers that will help us become more polished professionals. Topics might include client communication, presentations, meeting facilitation, negotiation, conflict resolution, etc. Ideally this course could be done online but if we had to bring someone in that wouldn't be a problem. Help us get better.
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Keeping my iTunes "Music" folder in my DropBox

I'm experiencing some problems with keeping my iTunes "Music" folder in my DropBox. Details (not too involved!) follow. [more inside]
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How do I set up a basic, 1994-style webcam?

I need to set up a basic webcam stream for a gallery exhibition. I'm looking to have a live-ish still image of the gallery space (ideally just a JPG that refreshes every 30 seconds or so—no video, no audio, like this) that can be viewed via a web browser at a second, off-site location. I think I have any hardware I would need — is there a piece of (Mac) software or some other option that can handle the capture and upload/broadcast with minimal headache? [more inside]
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Where to make big prints of oil paintings?

My wife does oil paintings and would like to sell prints of them. What are the best online venues in North America for printing this kind of art? She wants to make large prints, gliches, etc.
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MFAaaaaay 401Kaaaay PHDeeeeee IRAaaaay

What is the best way to move money between retirement accounts while I am currently employed so that I can access it and minimize penalties when I go back to school? (Many, many details inside) [more inside]
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Losing faith in idealism

I’ve realized that I’m starting to lose faith in idealism, perpetuated in part by instances where reality hasn't lived up to it, so I'm beginning to become more "realistic" about where the limits are. However, I’m worried that this leads to mediocrity. Has anyone dealt with this? [more inside]
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Recommended resources for intermediate Mandarin Chinese study?

I am looking for books and other resources to help improve my intermediate Mandarin Chinese skills! I'm at a point where a lot of the adult books that I try to read are stuffed with chengyu and obscure vocabulary, but I want something a little more advanced and a little more engaged with contemporary Chinese culture than translations of American children's novels. [more inside]
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After being inadvertently reminded that I have kind of an unusual body type (tall & fairly thin upper body [6'2", 210 lbs, 34W x 36L]... but with massive ham-hock legs--see title), I've decided it's time to quit my grumbling and actually find dress pants that fit. I've looked through the archives and while there's been good advice for casual and blue-collar menswear, I need something that I can wear with a shirt & tie. I like Bonobos and Banana Republic style (or "style," whatever), but I've gained a little weight recently and even though my waist is about the same, everything fits like a sausage casing around my thighs and butt. Who makes the pants I'm looking for?
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Demorialized about teaching the the University level

I feel like I am teaching to the lowest common denominator... What to do? [more inside]
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iWanna Get My Pool Party Jammy-Jam On

Can I use an iPhone as a wifi range extender to another iPhone? [more inside]
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How do i determine the wall thickness of a Cylinder if it gets expanded.

I would like to use a mathematical formula in Excel to try and determine how much the wall thickness of a Cylinder or tube changes if it is expanded. [more inside]
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Fun, inexpensive "of the month" clubs

I love the idea of Dollar Shave Club. What are some other subscription-type services I might enjoy? [more inside]
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Menswear for skinny chicks

Similar AskMes have been put out before, but I'd like to modify it with my special flake-ful details: I'm wondering if anyone can specifically recommend retailers that carry 1) menswear-style clothing for women 2) with a full line of sizes down to US size 0. [more inside]
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You are great here is an item I purchased for you.

I need to get a Most Helpful Person of the Year gift for a late 30s, artsy teacher. Please show me things that would work! [more inside]
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US elementary school teachers, two history questions.

In general, which elementary school grades cover prehistory? American colonial history?
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Can I steam a fortune cookie 'blank' to make it temporarily flexible?

I'd like to write fortunes and fold them into home-made fortune cookies. Can I make the cookies ahead and then reheat or steam them to make them flexible enough to fold? [more inside]
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Dealing with a micromanaging boss, grad student edition.

OK, I know this question has been asked in various permutations many times before, but of course my situation is different and special. I have a boss who is a serious micromanager and very indecisive on top of that. It's driving me crazy and I need advice on how to cope. I'm a graduate student in the biological sciences. [more inside]
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What are some examples of completely unique writing systems?

I'm fascinated by writing systems. I've seen this wiki page about different types of systems in real and fictional languages. As I understand it, there are generally three kinds of systems: logographic, where symbols represent entire concepts or words; syllabaries, where symbols represent syllabic sounds; and segmental, where symbols represent phonemes or small units of sound. Is there any other way to write? I'm having a hard time coming up with how it would even work, but I'm sure some clever author somewhere has tried. Is there another way to write a language other than the above?
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Asking for a friend, new-car edition: new vs. used hybrids? Prius vs. ??

A friend of mine is in the market for a new(er) car; she specifically wants to get a hybrid, but that's the only thing she's sure of. She's currently looking at a 2008 Prius, but is it a bad idea to even consider a used hybrid, considering their battery replacement costs? Would she be better off with a new Prius, or is there something better, like Honda's or Ford's hybrids? She doesn't want a giant SUV; she's barely 5 feet tall, and says she has problems seeing over the engines of most large vehicles, and she doesn't want something she'd need a ladder to climb up into! She'd prefer a hatchback, or at least a sedan with a decent-sized trunk --- she needs to haul two teenagers and all their sports gear around town. Oh, and she's never driven a manual shift, only automatics. Like everyone else in the market for a car, she wants the trifecta: low purchase price + economical upkeep costs + reliable and long-lasting. Help!
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Taking a brick & mortar business online!

Looking for guidance on the questions we should be asking and your experience(s) throughout the process. [more inside]
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Who approves the approver?

Fellow nonprofit pros, who approves time sheets submitted by your president/ED/CEO? After some recent personnel changes at our nonprofit we're having an internal debate, and I could use some input. Options so far: - Have the board chair approve (accounting likes, prez doesn't) - Have me (HR) scan for general accuracy of data entry (which lacks oversight) - Multiple approval process by small committee (yay! another committee!) An internet search has turned up precious little in the way of best practices. Any thoughts?
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Workarounds for tracking changes effectively in Scrivener?

I'm a playwright in rehearsals for production of a new script. I wrote it in Scrivener, and am in love with the program except for its lack of effective change-tracking features. Ideally, I'd love to find a way to generate reports on a daily-or-so basis of the changes made to individual lines that I could email out to the whole creative team. [more inside]
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Is there an up-to-date podcast (rss) of Supreme Court Oral Arguments?

Is there an up-to-date podcast (rss) of Supreme Court Oral Arguments? This podcast stopped in 2010. Is there one that's still going? If not, can web services like Yahoo Pipes help me make one? I want to listen with the Downcast app on iOS and OSX. [more inside]
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A typology of joyful pursuits?

I'm looking for resources to help better understand the different types of activities that bring people joy and meaning. [more inside]
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Having a problem with Zimbra email client.

I have recently started using Zimbra as my email client and I love it. It does everything I need it to do and it does it well. With one problem. I keep getting an email I am trying to send to a client bounced back to me. I checked his address several times to make sure I have it correct. The problem originated when I had entered his address incorrectly. It is a gmail account I had it wrong as gmai. As I said it has been corrected and I enter it correctly before I send it. But when it comes back it comes back as the old one ending with gmai. And therefore is undeliverable. I am at my wits end.
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Visual Studio 2010 Deployment Project

I have a simple application that I deploy with a VS2010 Deployment project. However, the application is behaving weirdly in the wild. [more inside]
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I need a new car - Versa Note vs Fit? Or nissan reliability in general?

I need a super reliable car! [more inside]
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Professional Looking Labeling/Packaging on the Cheap for Small Business?

I'm looking into opening an online shop with a few niche items, and I don't know how to go about packaging and labeling them. I'm very small time and this is a very small market, so I need to keep things on a budget. In theory I have a color inkjet printer and bw laser printer, but neither are cooperating at the moment, and I don't want really terrible hand made labels I've seen some people make on their printers. I can probably figure out why they're broken if there is a way to do nice looking labels on a home printer, I just haven't seen it. I can do design, but I've got little experience in the physical space. I'm also completely lost on the packaging side of things. Where can I find out about packaging and labeling cheaply for small (micro) businesses? [more inside]
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Can I eat it? Indian grocery edition.

I bought some hot mango pickle at the Indian grocery store yesterday. It was packaged differently from what I've had before and I am concerned about its safety. When I've bought this same kind before it was in a glass jar with a metal lid, like other shelf-stable canned goods in jars. This time it was stored at room temperature in a glass jar, but the lid is plastic. [more inside]
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Add sketches/drawing in real-time to my typed notes?

Lately I've found myself taking a lot of notes. To my surprise, I find that I can type a lot faster than I can write, and this seems to be working very well, because I have the added benefit of being able to quickly search my notes later. Now here is my problem: I often want to include rough drawings like I used to when I took notes on paper. Just a few quick lines to capture the essence of a part or a plan. It would be best if I could add these in "real time" to the same document, but I'm willing to experiment with other methods. What I have: A MacBook Air, running Windows 7, but I still have the original Mac OS partition as well. I have been using google docs to take notes, but I am willing to change. Somewhere I have a several years-old Wacom bamboo tablet which I could probably get to work again (this is a stylus/input device tablet, not a tablet computer). I also have acccess to MS Office (2010, I think?) and I'm pretty sure that includes One-Note. Does anyone have advice on how I could add quick drawings to my laptop-typed notes? I am willing to change software or processes. Thank you for any advice you might have.
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Where can I gain access to Wayne Dyer's PBS specials?

I live in the UK and I am a fan of Wayne Dyer's work. I've read that he's done 10 PBS specials over the past 15 years. [more inside]
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Overdue and over-anxious

I'm supposed to give birth any minute now and am completely preoccupied by thoughts of what could go wrong. Can anyone help? [more inside]
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Meditation and I'm moving backwards?

I think my new mindfulness practice is causing me more anxiety - why is this and how do I handle it? [more inside]
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Is lamictal effective for depression+anxiety?

My psych just prescribed me Lamictal for my anxiety/depression. I am not bipolar (at least I don't think I am). She explained that lamictal is used off-label for many different purposes, and as I didn't like the side effects from SSRIs/Wellbutrin Lamictal might do the trick. I'd love to hear personal anecdotes regarding Lamictal - did it whether it work for your anxiety/depression? I am also on Buspar.
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Selling My House. Still Living In It. Best Practices?

I've gotten engaged so it's time to sell the bachelor pad (2br/1ba/1k sq ft) and buy a bigger house with the Soon To Be Mrs Toole Box and her kids. Final Jeopardy: I'm still living in it. [more inside]
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cut off flaky friend?

How to deal with a friend who you really like, who is really unreliable? [more inside]
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What to do at SXSW?

I'm going to SXSW for the first time this year, and want to know if any of y'all have any tips? I know the general thing to do is rsvp for concerts/parties, so I've been doing that to a few that another friend going heard about, but I'd love more suggestions and advice! I'm only getting in Friday, but feel free to talk about stuff going on all week so others can see it.
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SSD & system restore

Is there any consensus about whether, on balance, it's tolerable or terrible for SSDs to leave system restore on or off?? [more inside]
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Are there any other online communities which limit posting frequency?

One of the reasons why Metafilter and Ask Metafilter have such high quality content is that they limit the frequency of posts. Are there any other Internet communities that use the same strategy successfully?
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YANAmazon, but…

I stumbled across an older book, and I'd love to find others like it. Help? [more inside]
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Most of a Sunday "stuck" in San Diego - what should I do?

Next month I have a 10:30pm flight out of San Diego and all my mates are leaving in the morning. What lovely fun thing could I do that I could only do there? Or, never mind me, what would you do if you just had 12 hours in San Diego? [more inside]
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I don't have a job or a boyfriend

I am in my 30s and failing at life. Details inside. [more inside]
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Strange Visual Phenomenon

Twice in the last few months I've been in the car at night and experienced a strange visual phenomenon. I know YANMD, I'm sure its nothing but I'm wondering if it has a name or if it could mean something worse. [more inside]
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Need help finding nice women's tops

Going back to work after maternity leave, but a size bigger so I have to get new clothes. I hate clothes shopping and I don't have time to browse the stores anyway. My work wardrobe staples are bootcut jeans and fitted jersey long-sleeve t-shirts with a nice-looking print. I got jeans but I'm missing the top part! [more inside]
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Can Qantas workers strike by Sunday?

Today, Qantas threatened to strike over job cuts, and are meeting tomorrow to choose a course of action. We absolutely positively need to return to the US from Melbourne on Sunday for a non reschedulable hugely important appointment. Should we panic? [more inside]
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February 26

I can't poop with you watching

How can I convince my daughter's school director that a doorless bathroom is not appropriate for an elementary school classroom? [more inside]
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Need solutions to stop smells of baby poop

After my baby poops in the diaper I throw it in the trash but the whole room smells of poop and the whole house to until I take out the trash once or twice a week. I need a better system, is there some special bag or trash can that can stop smells from coming thru? Or can I spray the poop with something that will stop it from smelling? Taking the diaper outside to the main trashcan multiple times a day is not a option.
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Mismatched sex drives, complicated by obligations, guilt and energy

My wife and I have been together for more than 7 years, and we've always had a caring, affectionate, low-sex relationship. We have sex once every month or two, and we enjoy ourselves, but it's generally pretty quick, then doesn't happen again for another month or longer. My sex drive is decently high, but hers seems very low. We've talked fairly openly about this mis-match, but there seem to be a long list of issues. This is where I'd like input, insight, or ideas. [more inside]
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1st birthday video song suggestion

My daughter is creating a video of highlights from her daughter's first year. She is looking for song suggestions for the video. She loves oldies (60s-70s), current country and pop but would consider anything. What suggestions do you have?
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Looking for a legal term of art: Assumption? Ratification?

You have a contract with Company A, which goes bankrupt. Company B buys the assets and continues operating under the original contract with you. Assuming that Company B did not simply acquire the contract in the bankruptcy, what is the term for what happened? Did Company B adopt the contract? Assume it? Ratify it? Thanks!
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Things to buy for a San Francisco dinner party

Say I'm in the SF downtown area or thereabouts (I'm visiting, my geography is vague), what might be a nice local item to take to a dinner party as a gift (on a modest budget)? it could be dessert, it could be some kind of liquor, it could be some other snacks... thanks for any suggestions!
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How can I sell my artesian well water so that I don't to give it up?

I own a Lake Superior property that has an artesian well. I'd like to sell the incredibly pure water from it. How could I do this in a way that wouldn't create environmental damage? I need to generate some profit from my property in order to afford to own it. I have fallen on hard times and can't even afford the taxes anymore. The water flows from the aquifer into a cistern continuously. In the warmer months, I have a pump that brings the water into a 100 yr old farmhouse on the property.
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Help with finding an inexpensive laptop

I need a laptop for travel for about 3-4 weeks a year, and up to this point I have always had an old one I can tote around, I recently bought a series of older macbooks through craigslist that did the job for a little while, but both, for various reasons are no longer working and can't be fixed without a lot of cost. I am hesitant to try for another craiglist computer, because of my recent experiences, but I also don't want to lay out the money for a new macbook because of how infrequently it will be used, it just seems, well, wasteful both monetarily and also letting a new computer collect dust. It needs to be able to run Adobe CS 5 or 6, it can either be a mac or pc, though ideally a mac. If no other options present themselves, I would most likely look at Apple refurbished. But are there any other sources that I am overlooking?
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Changing your name...some of the time?

I'm getting married, and am considering what to do about changing my name. My finance and I both like the idea of changing my name, both for personal and practical reason -- we are both sort of traditional when it comes to things like this, both like the idea of both having the same name as our kids, our names sound awful hyphenated, etc. That said, I worry about this professionally. [more inside]
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Excel sum question with if and operators

Spread sheet contains 4 columns. Submitals, interviews, jobs and a total sum column of the prior three cells mentioned. The trick is, a submital is worth 1 point, a intrerview 3 points, a job 5 points. But the value must be 1 each in its respective column, and the sum column must contain the total number of points. How would you format a sheet to achieve this.
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How to cope with a long distance relationship & losing my independence?

I'm 21, I've been living in Canada for six months with my originally long distance partner and now I need to return home for financial and health reasons, leaving my girlfriend and new friends behind. I need advice and coping strategies to deal with a return to a long distance relationship with an unknown reunion date, returning home and then moving to a smaller house where I will have to share a room with my 18 year old brother for at least five months. [more inside]
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A hypothetical question about fall risk and Parkinsons

Does activity level during the day elevate the risk of a fall later in the day for a Parkinsons patient? [more inside]
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Seeking games for seven people with poor attention spans

A group of friends and I get together every couple of weeks to eat dinner, hang out, and play games. We're looking for some new and fun games, with some... let's not say requirements, but instead desirable qualities. [more inside]
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International wedding registry headaches

Difficulty level: Dutch/Canadian/Australian. Mr Fish and I are getting married in July. A lot of Mr Fish's Canadian family are coming, and this is my first time meeting a lot of them. We absolutely do not expect gifts but we're already getting questions about registries. Do international registries exist? [more inside]
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Tenure and promotion letters for college faculty

Academics, what is your institution's policy about tenure and promotion letters? Specifically, once the decision to award or deny tenure is made, does a candidate standardly get a letter detailing the committee's reasons? What is the letter like and who reviews it? Looking also for pointers to faculty handbooks where the letter process is described, and links to policies/recommendations from professional associations like AAUP or MLA on this. [more inside]
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Apartment recommendations in Silicon Valley

I'm moving to California from Michigan to take a job at HP. Do you have recommendations for a 2 bedroom apartment that meets my needs? Safety and dog walkability are prime concerns. Especially interested in perspectives on Prometheus Apartments Metropolitan and Americana. [more inside]
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Need to back out without burning a bridge!

I need to back out of a project that (thankfully) hasn't started yet--how do I write an email that doesn't sound flaky or weasel-y, and ideally lets me keep my client? [more inside]
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Great Sexpectations

I have a super high sex drive (female, 30) that I've been blessed/cursed with since puberty. My boyfriend is a fairly sexual person, but has a lower libido than I do (male, 41), and don't want to have sex as often as I do. I am having trouble not taking this personally. [more inside]
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Do I have to pay capital gains tax if I made no profit?

Taxfilter: I sold a condo in April. I sold it for $5,000 less than I bought it for, but I walked away with some money because I had owned it for 10 years and paid down the principal. I had been renting it out for 4 years before I sold it because I moved to a city nearby. I also put about 10K into renovations over the past few years. Do I have to pay any capital gains taxes? Is it worth it to try to get any kind of credit for the loss I took when I sold it for less than I bought it for?
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What creative meetups can I go to in Amsterdam (or surrounding area)?

I'm a designer having trouble (a) getting work, (b) networking, (c) finding a peer group that I can hang out with. I live near Amsterdam. What meetups / conferences / places can I go to that will solve as many of these issues as possible?
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Can I get married in Maryland if I am already married in another state?

5 years ago, I married Mr. Librarypt. Then we moved. For our anniversary we want to go to the courthouse and get married in the state we're currently living in, Maryland. Is this legal in Maryland? I don't want to get fined or go to jail for trying to do a romantic thing. The google isn't helping me. Thanks!
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How do you keep up with your favorite authors?

Is there some kind of app or website that will send me notices when authors I designate as my favorites publish a new book? [more inside]
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Service providers that allow customers to stream purchased videos?

Hello! I am looking for a provider that will allow me to a) Host tutorial videos b) Sell streaming videos to customers. Think of websites like lynda.com - but on a much smaller scale. I've found one provider viddler.com - no luck yet finding others. Mayhaps the hive mind has an idea? Thanks!
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What's a good website to follow along with gay marriage progress?

I'd like to know which cases are in court, when, and where. [more inside]
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Two weeks in Japan - with a 6 year old

We're flying in and out of Narita at the end of March - and that's pretty much all we have planned at the moment. [more inside]
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Is it actually legal to bandit a marathon? (run w/o registering)

I would never personally actually bandit a marathon (to bandit is to run a race without having paid the fee to register). Please no comments on whether it's good, bad, or immoral. But for curiosity sake, according to this article in the wall street journal, it's not illegal at all. And if it's not illegal, how can the "bandit catchers" force a bandit off the course? Are there really that many bandits at most marathons? What if a bandit only ran from mile 2 to mile 24? I find everything about this topic interesting. Experiences, and tips are appreciated.
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Need a garden center in Nebraska

We have a friend in Central City, and her Mom just died, so the other members of our far-flung group wanted to get a gift certificate from a local garden center that she could redeem for a tree, or piece of garden art. Trouble is, we don't know what's available out there.. [more inside]
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Somebody gifted me a whole duck, humanely raised, with the head on and everything. What should I do with this beauty? I want to use as many parts as possible. Thanks!! [more inside]
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Seeking Austin Community Theatre Scene

Here in New England, there are tons of community theatre organizations of all sizes & quality levels; almost every town has a "Springfield Community Players" or something like that. I can think of dozens within a half hour of my home in MA. A theatre friend has moved to Austin, TX, and can't seem to find any such organizations at all within at least an hour radius. [more inside]
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The lazy brown dog watched the quick ______ jump over the _____.

My useless dog Truman seems to really enjoy watching a certain type of scene on TV. We've been stuck inside all winter and I know he'd rather be running around in big grassy fields. Please help me find some youtube videos for him to enjoy! [more inside]
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Exhaustion and Bipolar Disorder

I am currently going through a period of extreme exhaustion but with little depression. I am bipolar, and I want to know if this is most likely a part of being bipolar, or something unrelated. [more inside]
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Something like Instapaper, but for email threads?

Is there an equivalent of Instapaper or Pocket, but more or less optimized for saving and decluttering (long) email threads? (Gmail, specifically?) [more inside]
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C is for Cookie... W is for Waffle?

What are some recipes for waffle cookies? [more inside]
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Intermediate Piano Repertoire

I need help finding sheet music to practice! My teacher gives me some things, but I must be picky, because I keep turning my nose up at some classics like The Entertainer, Fur Elise.... They are beautiful songs of course, but I am tired of hearing them! I am open to many styles, but am having a hard time finding stuff that motivates me! [more inside]
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Post-run sleepiness

I've been running (at least 1 hour each workout) since the New Year, and have now acclimated to the intensity of exercise. But still, after the run as soon as I change and sit down, I am overcome by an incredible urge to sleep. I usually eat a banana, but if I don't I also get a headache. Someone suggested maybe electrolytes would help with the sleepiness. What are some credible sources of information on that? Or, any ideas for not being so sleepy after working out? [more inside]
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Portfolio pages without plastic

Are there any portfolio inserts (similar to what Prat or Itoya makes) that don't have plastic protectors? [more inside]
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Erudition as a service?

I've started writing more (blog posts), and several times this has happened: I use the Mac's search function to look up a word in the dictionary, for inspiration, and instead I notice a PDF search result from my folder full of (sadly illegal) PDF books, and end up on a totally wonderful track. Is there a more comprehensive, perhaps legal, way to do this? [more inside]
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What sort of therapist do I need?

I am tired of myself, and feeling like I do, and I feel very isolated with it all. I realise that probably need to go and talk with someone. What kind of therapist do I need to look for? Does anyone have any recommendations for English speaking therapists in Amsterdam? [more inside]
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Any out of the box ideas for getting a lower mortgage rate?

I don't qualify for any of the recent government sponsored programs. I continue to drool over the low interest rates and want to know if there's something I'm not thinking of that I could take advantage of before rates start to crawl back up. [more inside]
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European tours with cool people

Mr. Liet and I would like to go to continental Europe this summer, hitting a bunch of cities over about two weeks. We're looking at tour groups, because we want everything taken care of in advance and we want to be guided to the coolest stuff. However, we're young and active and want to tour with other young, active people too. [more inside]
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Fun activities for a house bound dad?

My poor dad is recovering from an accident, and is stuck in the house during this crazy winter. What are some fun activities to keep him busy while we wait for the snow to melt? [more inside]
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Textbooks on internal combustion engines

I'd like to find a textbook about internal combustion engines. Can you recommend one? [more inside]
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Affordable sort of sexy underwear for allergy sufferer?

I don't know if it's my latex allergy or something else, but I've been better off down there since I switched to 100% cotton underwear on the advice of my doctor. Currently I'm wearing the Elance Bikini and French Cuts, but I have pretty wide hips and they look kind of granny-like on me. I'd like to find something allergy/sensitive skin-appropriate that's at least kind of sexy and that's under $15 a pair.
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Email duplicated from Barracuda Cloud Layer

Some email to our server is being duplicated from the Barracuda Cloud Layer to our local Barracuda 300. Barracuda support says there are routing and latency issues. I don't see the evidence but not sure how to resolve it. Details inside... [more inside]
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Where should New Yorkers and Washingtonians meet for a summer weekend?

We have done a long weekend at the Delaware shore with friends for the past few summers, and would like to try a new place. We'd like to go somewhere where we can swim with toddlers and babies (so no rough ocean--the Delaware bay was great for this) and is not too far a drive for either of us. [more inside]
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gotofail bug: articles about its minimal *real-world* effects?

I'm trying to help a relative who's in a full panic about computer security, brought on both by the alarmist mainstream reporting about the gotofail bug and by some coincidental hardware issues with her OS X machine. My reassurance isn't going to cut it this time -- is there somewhere online where she can read, in lay terms, that although the bug was severe in theory / in its implications, there's very little evidence of real-world exploits? [more inside]
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Where can I find a list of all college tuition prices in the US?

I work for an education non-profit. We are compiling a list of college tuition prices. Does anyone know of a site that might have something like this? [more inside]
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My adult cousin with Downs has a weird Facebook.

My 22-year-old cousin with Downs syndrome has a Facebook account. I'm worried she's posting inappropriate things. [more inside]
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Someone's Plagiarizing Our Blog, What Next?

So my friend and I have a blog with original content, and someone's stealing/reposting our material wholesale without proper attribution or even a link back to where they've nicked it. [more inside]
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Celebrations without breaking the bank

I need help coming up with a vacation place for this year for the week after Christmas that won't break the bank. It's harder that it seems, and so I'm hoping you all can help out. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Help me find exact location of André Kertész's 'Stairs Of Montmartre'

We are visiting Paris in the summer and I hoping to visit to exact location of André Kertész's photo, 'Stairs Of Montmartre'. From what I can tell looking at Street View on Google Maps and exploring Flickr, there are many steps in Montmartre and I am hoping I don't need to climb all of them looking for the location of this iconic photo. Can someone give me the location who has been there?
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Song lyrics re-enforce like a mantra?

I've been looking to no avail for research into the content of song lyrics re-enforcing ideas like a mantra in the mind. Does anyone know of any research into this? We learn by repetition so one would imagine the brain isn't selective. Brand re-enforcement advertising works this way so lyrical content should too?
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February 25

Advice about what to do with overbearing "member"

Our art discussion group is comprised of serious working artists who share ideas and generally encourage each other. We have always handled ourselves professionally and we have several A-list type members. We have some credibility with the community. During the last year, however, somehow we acquired one artist who is causing problems. [more inside]
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CareerFilter: for life or money?

Help me navigate a tricky career dilemma! I have two similar but different offers; I'm qualified for both. In the absence of a choice I'd take either one. One is less certainty but more pay and better long-term, the other feels better but the pay and long-term advancement are poor, i.e. I'd have to change jobs to get promoted significantly. I'm 28. Snowflake details below the fold. [more inside]
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Touch-screen app for sound file playback

Is there an Android app out there that would allow you to touch the screen (either a big icon or the entire screen) that would play back a selected sound file when tapped? The quicker the response time the better. And if it has options for multiple zones (like making a custom-made Simon), even better.
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Motivate me to use stuff up! give me your best reuse/recycling tips

I don't like to use new/nice stuff because it ruins them. What are some recycling projects that are made from accumulating things like empty lipstick, jars, old pencils, dried pens, etc? [more inside]
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Conditional Excel formula to identify right-most column with a value?

I'm grappling with an Excel formula. Given a bunch of columns, I'd like to to (a) identify the right-most column that contains a value, then (b) fill a cell with that value and the value in the column heading. [more inside]
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Capsules: Why is vitamin E oil so much thicker than vitamin A oil?

I break open both vitamin E and A capsules for use on my skin sometimes. I notice E is very thick while A is light and runny. Is this a property of the molecules, or are they just in a different carrier? I don't know organic chemistry, so I can only speculate.
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Attention horticulturists!

How old is our new plant that is a cutting from an old plant? [more inside]
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Getting It Gone. Paying Off Student Loan?

I have somewhere around $60,000.00 of student loan debt. Its all one loan consolidated with the US government but managed by a private company called Ed Financial. I would like to try negotiating a pay off for less than what is due. Details and further questions inside. [more inside]
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Checklist app with alarm notification?

I have to take medicine within a certain window every day, and while I'm getting used to it, I'd love to have an app for Android (or other great solution) with a notification that doesn't disappear until I acknowledge I've taken my medicine and that will notify me when its time to take it. If anyone knows of any app with this functionality, that'd me amazing - I've looked at alarm clock and checklist apps, but they either don't capture the time-sensitive nature of this or disappear as soon as I look at the notification. Thanks, metafilter!
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My electric stove won't heat--anyone want some uncooked burgers?

I just went into my kitchen to start supper, and found that neither the burners nor the oven of my electric stove will heat. Everything looks normal, and the element on button is lighting up, but there's no heat at all, and the hot surface button doesn't light. I used the oven last night, and the stovetop this morning, and all was well. When I realised it wasn't working, I went and flipped the breaker switch, off and back on, just in case that was the issue, but that didn't fix anything. [more inside]
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Notice of Grant of Stock Option?

I've received a "notice of grant of stock option" from the company I work for, with a place for me to sign. [more inside]
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Cable box must be left on to use HDD/DVD recorder?

Do we have to leave our Charter cable box on in order to use the timer on our HDD/DVD recorder? [more inside]
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Help me better describe dynamic scientific processes in general terms

I'm looking for scientific or mathematical examples, ideas, which could rightly refer to the imagined class of dynamic systems I'm trying to describe. [more inside]
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Car not included in recall that affects the transmission. What can I do?

I drive a Mobilio Spike (2005) in Japan. That model year was recalled en masse due to transmission design problems that cause shudder on acceleration. I have complained about this problem to the dealership a few times, but never got any information about the recall. It turns out that my car's production date is outside of the range of the recall by just a couple months, even though it suffers from the same problem. What can I do? I don't need any country-specific information, just general ideas if anyone knows how the recall system works. Oh, the extended warranty period to deal with the transmission issue is past, although I did raise the issue with the dealer during the warranty period--and those conversations are part of my official service record.
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Getting to know my placenta previa

I'm 24 weeks pregnant with my first child. Baby is fine, but today I was diagnosed with a complete placenta previa. I have not experienced any bleeding. I'm on pelvic rest, but my CNM didn't advise any other activity restrictions. I'm finding quite a bit of conflicting information out there, and it seems like other medical practitioners recommend partial or complete bed rest. How serious is this and what should I be doing?
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How can I convince Mormon missionaries to stop visiting my house?

Is there anything (excepting ridiculous things like opening the door naked) that I can do to get blacklisted by Mormom missionaries? [more inside]
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Beautiful places in San Francisco for a person with limited mobility?

A friend's mother is coming to town and we're trying to brain storm some beautiful places to take her. The thing is she has limited mobility and tends to get around in a wheel chair. When I think of places to take people it usually involves a hike to something like the Sutro Baths or China Beach, etc, etc. Would love to hear some thoughts!
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What does this sign say?

I have a photo from a recent immigration rally with a young woman holding a sign in a non-English language. What does the sign say? And what language is it? [more inside]
posted by HE Amb. T. S. L. DuVal at 2:43 PM PST - 7 comments

"young lady"

Is there any explanation for how the phrase "young lady," used in addressing an obviously older woman, became popular? I never hear it used in addressing girls anymore, but only as a lame attempt to be friendly to an older woman. It's as if the speaker is trying to make you feel better about the fact that you are not a young lady; it is so much nicer to hear the respectful yet affectionate Southern colloquialism "miss lady." Ditto for the phrase "graduate college': when and why did even respected news sources drop the "from" ("graduate from college")? Thanks for listening.
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Cargo Van Tetris

I have some boxes and some furniture. They need to fit in the back of a van. Is there somewhere on the internet where I can tell it the sizes of my things, and the size of the space they need to fit into, and it tells me how to most efficiently stack my things? [more inside]
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silver heirloom jewelry -er- thing...

I have no idea - what did a lady do, exactly, with this ornament? pics inside-- [more inside]
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What to do with old medical photographs?

My great-grandfather was a medical photographer for the US Navy. While cleaning out his attic, I found a large, weathered portfolio with a great many black and white photographs--some of them very boring (buildings, laboratories) some of them very shocking (medical experiments, deformed humans, both alive and-probably-dead). What should I do with them? [more inside]
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Biking in Dallas in December: Is it feasible?

I am attending the Roller Derby World Cup in Dallas, TX on December 4-7, 2014. The event will be held at Fair Park (the Dallas fairgrounds). I am wondering if it would be feasible to rent a bike as my mode of transportation in Dallas. [more inside]
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What is the best, most proactive type of relationship counseling?

My husband and I have been married for 5 years, together for 15. We both have our own issues (depression, ADD) and lately things have been very bad between us. Weekly fights with yelling and crying, instead of disagreements or discussion. He wants us to find a "coach" that will help us define and reach our goals, I don't know if just coaching will help us. [more inside]
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The Reaganettes, brought to you by Tab

I am looking for TV commercials from the 1980s that feature mothers, women and girls conforming to yuppie, conservative, WASPy ideals of beauty and behavior. [more inside]
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Can You Help Find the Missing Pieces in These Playlists?

I know there are songs I want on these playlists that I'm not remembering, and I'm constantly aware that I have blind spots that may be robbing me of perfect songs. Can you help me attack either issue by looking over one or both playlists then suggesting songs to add? [more inside]
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Gift for pregnant rail commuter

Someone I know is pregnant and I'd like to give her a gift. She does a more than hour long rail commute every day and I was hoping to get her something to make this commute easier on her in the coming months. This is the same person who gave me a good pair of headphones when I had a 3.5 hour commute a few years ago and I'd love to give her something that makes her commute better in the same way those headphones made mine better. [more inside]
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Gifts for 18 yr old nephew about to travel then start university

My nephew's birthday is coming up - this summer he will be travelling by rail in Europe with friends then starting university (degree in Chemistry) in September. I want to get him two birthday gifts - one for each. My first thoughts were something like a decent stationery set or laptop bag for college, and maybe a multi-language phrase book (if such a thing exists) for his summer adventure. But these seem obvious and I would appreciate more ideas before I go shopping. If it were you, about to turn 18 and excited about the future, what would you appreciate? [we are in UK and he will be studying here]
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Where to start with the Gardiner/Monteverdi Choir Bach Cantata CDs

For the last few years I've been following the excellent reviews and accolades heaped upon the Monteverdi Choir's recordings of the Bach Cantatas with John Eliot Gardiner on the Soli Deo Gloria label. Daunted by the whole enterprise, I have not yet purchased any of them. Does anyone familiar with at least some of the recordings in this series have any idea where to dive in? I'm not necessarily interested in the most famous or most-recorded cantatas, but rather the most beautiful, the most artful, the most moving. I'm tempted to just buy the (near-$300) box set, but I'm afraid with my busy schedule I will never listen to them all. Currently, the only Bach cantata recordings I have are Lorraine Hunt Lieberson's and one from Nancy Argenta which starts off with Ich Bin Vergnugt Mit Meinen Glucke.
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Website/App that will remind me to stay in touch with people IRL!

My therapist has suggested I spend time with people -- not online, but In Real Life -- in order to help me me deal with issues I have with avoiding difficult situations and confrontation. I thought I would make a list of people I want to spend time with and then periodically 'ask them out' just to spend time and chat about things. Perhaps a lunch or something similar. These could be friends, family, business relationships or just people I respect and would like to spend time with. CONTACTUALLY already does this quite well but is a bit feature-heavy and is geared towards business contacts. I am looking for something a bit more lightweight and geared toward individuals and personal relationships. I think just the following features ought to do it: 1. List of people and contact info 2. Reminders to meet periodically that could be changed based on the contact. 3. Ideally, something that could be edited either online AND an app so that its synced. Looking forward to getting your ideas and input.
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Window condensation and mold: How to nuke it from orbit?

My Portland, OR area condo has condensation inside the windows that causes recurring mold growth. Please help me remedy this. Pic and many details inside. [more inside]
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Printed bank statement may have fallen into wrong hands. What to do?

My mother still gets her bank statements by paper mail. Her latest one failed to be delivered for 2 weeks now, and she verified the bank mailed it, so we assume it was delivered by the mail carrier to the wrong address, or dropped, or something. Nothing has happened yet, but it seems best to guard against the worst-case scenario, namely that someone else now has her home address, bank address, all account numbers (including retirement accounts), possibly other identifying information, and has the willingness to exploit it. What are the prudent steps we should take? [more inside]
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Potential difficulty in debt dispute

In disputing a debt with a collector, how do I address this language from their letter: If you notify this office in writing within 30 days from receiving this notice that you dispute the validity of this debt or any portion thereof, this office will: obtain verification of the debt or obtain a copy of a judgment and mail you a copy of such judgment or verification. [more inside]
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When I come home to you San Francisco, your golden sun will shine for me

I've visited San Francisco several times over the last year, and I think the Bay Area is where I'm supposed to be. Every time I go there, I feel like I'm home. Every time I come back to Boston, I feel miserable. So it's time to start planning a move. Soon. [more inside]
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What the heck is going on?

I've gotten a pair of phone calls that seem too weird to be unrelated when they're so close together but I can't make head or tails about what it could mean. [more inside]
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Help me learn to sweat the details

How can I train myself to pay attention to details? [more inside]
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Is it possible to build and maintain a live moss table?

I have a metal tray-style table I'd love to fill with moss. The tray is about 1.5" deep. My livingroom is pretty bright but my bedroom is dark. My questions for you are: 1) How do I install the moss? 2) Where do I put it? 3) How do I maintain it? Do I need a clear surface over the moss to contain moisture or can I rely on regular watering/misting? 4) If the moss won't work, are there other low/small similar plants I can substitute with?
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my depression's back. now what?

My depression has slowly, subtly trickled back into my life and now it is here full-throttle. I don't know what I'm supposed to do or what I need to feel better. [more inside]
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I want an extremely cheap machine to run emacs for writing dumb stories.

I would like a radically cheap computing device that I can run emacs on, and maybe LaTeX. I keep seeing off-brand 7-inch Android tablets at extremely low sale prices at the local discount store. Is this a good option for me, or would I just be beating my head constantly against inadequate/flaky hardware? [more inside]
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Is it me or my meds?

Are my meds making me feel miserable and hopeless or is it the depression trying to peek through (no worries; not going to do anything)? [more inside]
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Hello, Listeners

I am going to see a live performance of Welcome To Night Vale on Friday. I am only up to date to episode 24. I estimate I can listen to three episodes before the show on Friday night. Which three (3) episodes should I listen to? [more inside]
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How do I secure some shared files?

How do I secure some files that need to be shared and be editable with several employees and also be able to immediately remove access to any version of those files from a particular person? [more inside]
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How do I tell google that I've moved to a new country?

Late last year I moved from Canada to the US. I now have a US address, bank account, credit card, cell phone, etc. I've tried to change the info on my google account to reflect my new information, including adding my US credit card to google wallet, but I am still prohibited from purchasing some US-specific apps in the Play Store (e.g. the app for my bank). I am also unable to access Google Music All Access. Any tips on convincing google to give me access to these things?
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Short Spring Break Destinations

The wife and I would like a relaxing, ~4 day spring break getaway the weekend of March 14. Difficulties: we'd prefer no more than ~4 hours driving or ~6 hours in a plane. Would prefer to avoid spring break crowds. We live in Pittsburgh. I'd like somewhere warmer than Pittsburgh. [more inside]
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Android: Send picture to specific person quickly

Is there a way in Android to choose a picture, and MMS to a person quickly? (Without choosing text, picking contact, pressing send?) [more inside]
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What is a good way to get rid of textbooks?

I have just moved and am in the process of unpacking my things. I have far more books than my space allows and would like to get rid of old university textbooks that I haven't looked at in years and that are now woefully out of date. Are there some ways of repurposing them other than recycling? Would a university used bookstore or general used bookstore find some use for a 10+ year old textbook? Are there other more creative ways of reusing them? [more inside]
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Moving away from Visual Studio/Resharper?

I've been using Visual Studio/Resharper for years, for whatever reason I've been determined to break my reliance on it, or at least prove I can work without it. I've been working in more node applications and thought it'd be a good reason to get out of it. Can I really get an equivalent experience out of Sublime/VIM/emacs? How do I do that? [more inside]
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Southern USA travel in March with a 2 year old?

We want to travel somewhere warm in early March for a week, so the Southern US is on our list. Help us determine where to go with an almost-two year old. [more inside]
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I need a montage

I'm looking for fairy tales, myths, and similarly imaginative stories where the heroine or hero triumphs because of their perseverance or dedication to developing a skill, not because of an inherent personal characteristic or being "the chosen one." [more inside]
posted by fast ein Maedchen at 6:58 AM PST - 38 comments

Cleansing or appealing a very old criminal conviction

I have a criminal conviction for a really minor (albeit drug related) offence from 25 years ago. Is there any way I can have this struck from my record? [more inside]
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To do list that sends notifications when a task is marked complete

I'd like to have a to-do list for application tasks that will send selected recipients email notifications each time I complete a task. Does such a thing exist? (Note: this is for personal use, and the intended recipients are aware of the idea and want to receive such notifications.)
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What pieces of flair can I make for my new bag?

I recently bought a simple black nylon tote, and I love it, but it could use some flair once in a while. Ideally I'd like to see what I can make from my thali of supplies. Whatever I make will hang from one of the bag's straps. [more inside]
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How can I come to terms with mistakes I made in my 20s?

I am in my late 20s, and I have increasingly found myself preoccupied with regret about how I have squandered my 20s. [more inside]
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Help identifying mystery sound

I have been hearing a sound in my ears for the past few years, which is definitely not tinnitus or blood flow. Can anybody give me any ideas as to what might be its cause? [more inside]
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Linux for Minecraft

I'm reformatting a cheap 3yo Asus laptop as a dedicated low-end games (read: Minecraft) machine for my kids. What's the best flavour/distro of Linux I can install for this?
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The kids are alright (if they eat properly)

Where online can I find videos about healthy eating for kids aged 12-13? [more inside]
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Is this a very shallow reason for breakup?

I have been dating my girlfriend for couple of months. I think she is caring and very smart. I have two problems with her that to me seem very shallow however it seems that they still matter to me. [more inside]
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February 24

Inspired by The Vagina Monologues?

Which other productions have taken on the model of The Vagina Monologues - first-person stories about gender, sexuality, and womanhood? (I'm interested in those that share the model but have custom material, not necessarily the script of VMon as performed by specific demographics.) [more inside]
posted by divabat at 11:49 PM PST - 6 comments

How do bands listen to the same thing when they're playing live?

My friends and I are in a band and we plan on performing in a way that would require us to simultaneously listen to the same backing track without the audience hearing the backing track. We've considered using headphones and multiple splitters, but that restricts our physical mobility and forces us to drape a lot of wires across the stage. [more inside]
posted by LSK at 9:29 PM PST - 13 comments

How do I show contract work on my resume?

I need to quickly update my resume, and I'm not sure how to list some of my recent work history (along with the next phase once it starts). Who was I working for? How do I list that? Details inside. [more inside]
posted by pmurray63 at 9:23 PM PST - 7 comments

Should I bother pursing this?

Your typical should I ask him out question. Complicating factors: colleagues, large age gap and two people who work too much. [more inside]
posted by norwegian wood at 8:53 PM PST - 18 comments

Resources to learn about herbal supplements

I am interested in learning more about alternative medicine, herbal supplements especially, and I'm looking for any great websites/forums/blogs on this topic. Books are okay too, but I'd really prefer to speak with real people who have tried stuff. There seem to be a lot of outrageous claims about some of these supplements, and I'm trying to get the truth. Thank you.
posted by madonna of the unloved at 8:38 PM PST - 18 comments

Name this chair

Can anyone identify either the specific name of the chair or the furniture style (if there was one) that 1955 Playmate Marguerite Empey/Dianne Webber is sitting in in this photo [NSFWish: Model is nude but you can't see anything would wouldn't see at a US public pool.] [more inside]
posted by Mitheral at 6:46 PM PST - 6 comments

Why is my kneecap tingling when I work out?

Something is off with my knee and google is failing me. For a couple months now the inside of my right kneecap tingles in a fairly unpleasant way when I work out and specifically when I do scissor crunches. What is going on with my knee? [more inside]
posted by whoaali at 6:21 PM PST - 3 comments

How can I stop my computer screen from fogging my brain?

I have to stare at this thing an awful lot for work, and of course I stare at it recreationally too. But after a few hours a horrible dazed feeling creeps up on me. It's not eye strain, I don't get a headache. I just stop being able to think straight. This is not viable. What do I do about it? [more inside]
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Licensing a song for use in a mobile app

I'd like to use the children's song: "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly" in an app for mobile phones. How can I find out who owns the rights to the song and get permission to use it? How much should I expect it to cost? [more inside]
posted by Gomez_in_the_South at 5:23 PM PST - 8 comments

Help me think of a name for my potential business.

I need help coming up with a name for my potential new business. Unfortunately everything I like is already being used and I'm struggling to think of something suitable. [more inside]
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Please identify this Versace necklace...

Having trouble identifying an older necklace. Link inside [more inside]
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How to download WIX javascript gallery images?

I'm trying to help my cousin migrate his WIX photography site to an actual host. His backup drive with all of his photos died and the only place these images exist is on wix, who doesn't support downloading the content. I tried httrack and a couple online website rippers but none are able to pull the images. Is there any way I can avoid doing this the amazingly hard way?
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1,000's of fishes

How many fish are killed for every fish oil pill I consume? [more inside]
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Identify The Poe(t|m)

I recently saw Gloria and about 35 minutes in Rodolfo woos Gloria by reading a poem to her. A comment on IMDB identifies the author as Claudio Bertoni. Can anyone confirm the author and help me to find the poem online in English?
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This indecision's bugging me

For the past two and a half years, I've been in a relationship with a Very Nice Man. We are both in our early 40s, and when we met we had both recently left much longer relationships, although neither of us came straight into this. We own our own houses, and neither of us has kids, although we do have pets. So we're fairly stable, with few obvious complications. The Little Big Words were said long ago and are repeated sometimes, and he describes the relationship as serious. There are no significant problems in the relationship, and things are always good when we're together. So what could possibly be wrong? [more inside]
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I didn't mean to be a condescending bitch. Yikes....

After my grandma lost her shit with me last night, she's calmed down enough to admit to my father today that she feels like I can be really condescending sometimes. Eek. This is a piece that I want to work on improving, while I'm also learning to be much more on guard whenever I'm around my grandma. Can you help me be less of an annoyingly (unintentionally) condescending/smug person? Ugh. The worst. [more inside]
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Birthday festivities for a housebound 75-year old?

My aunt from this question turns 75 in 2 weeks, and my brother and I are trying to create a festive atmosphere for her in the days leading up to and on the day. She's housebound and in pain/severe discomfort due to illness, so we cant take her out for a meal or have a big party or any of the usual festive events. But 75 is a big deal, and we want to mark this event. Details, and initial ideas, inside [more inside]
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Adderall - am I cheating?

Not academically - I'm not in school. I'm afraid of cheating at life. [more inside]
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Help us choose a dog breed!

We are considering a second dog, and would like some help narrowing down the potential breeds we'd look for at adoption fairs, shelters, etc. Our main priorities are: security (we live in an area with frequent burglaries) and kid-friendliness. Other priorities inside... [more inside]
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Recommend me stores known for quality goods

Partner & I have decided to vote with our dollar by only purchasing quality long-lasting goods, or going without. We will pay more if the quality is clearly there. Rather than waste time driving from store to store, only to find junk, I'm looking for stores known for quality items. Difficulty Level: Sisyphean... [more inside]
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Keyping it all together.

After waiting at the bus stop for 30 minutes in the cold only to realize that I forgot my pass, I realized today that I need a way to carry my various keys (car, apartment, parent's house, work, PO box, garage) and cards (bus pass, student ID, work ID, gym card) with me in an organized way. [more inside]
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How best to handle moving out technically TONIGHT?

I procrastinated horribly and relied upon uncertain things, and I technically need to move out of my apartment tonight or I assume suffer consequences. What are my options? [more inside]
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Short stories that end in suicide of main character

Do you know of any good short stories that end in the suicide of the main character? I'm interested in knowing how the writer of such a story designed the character arc.
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Where should I backpack around Portland, OR in March?

Hi, my friend and I are talking about a two-to-three day backpacking trip around Portland, OR. Let's say within a 100 mile radius of town. The dates would be March 20-23 or so. So it would be a Wintery trip! I don't know if there are fun safe places to backpack that time of year around here. For many trails, the internet says things like "season starts in mid-July", so I am worried... We are both young(ish) guys in good shape, so we'd be up for a lot in terms of elevation change and trail length. But we're not looking to, you know, ice climb or anything. So where should we go? I don't want the answer to be "go to California", but if that's the answer I should know. Thanks!
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Camera, action, lights! Lights being turned on and off in movies?

A bizarre question, I know, but I'm looking for as many examples as I can find of lights being turned on and off in movies. [more inside]
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Seeking custom 2-button remote to navigate itunes forward/backward.

For use with a Mac Mini. Wireless preferable but not essential. [more inside]
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2-year or 5-year fixed mortgage in the UK?

We've received conflicting advice from two mortgage advisers, and I'd like to get some more opinions. [more inside]
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Wedding Registry Language

“Cash is an option too! Don’t forget that!”. Help us come up with proper cash gift language to put on our wedding registry website. [more inside]
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looking for a more powerful Amazon search tool

Is there a way to search Amazon by price and actually get results within that range? I recently found a pretty sweet deal on a nice nail polish when I needed a filler item and was looking through the offers on Amazon Filler Finder, but I'd like to search for more items within a tight range like that. Unfortunately, when you tell Amazon to return, say, items under $5 it still returns results up to $8, and when you're looking for really cheap stuff-- like under $2-- it's even worse, returning pretty much the same results you got for the $5 search. [more inside]
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Key chain for multiple car remotes?

We have two cars, each with a fat remote, plus I carry maybe five other ordinary keys. What can I use to hold these things? [more inside]
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If I could play golf, I'd probably have been hired

Is this just "jobs for the boys" or do I have a legitimate employment gripe worthy of lawyering up? [more inside]
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Gag gifts from your uncle.

I'm looking for examples of a category of novelty/gag gift that I'm having trouble articulating precisely. The best I can do is that it's the kind of kitsch that your uncle (Or Michael Scott/David Brent) would find hilarious. [more inside]
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Spring fever

Help my little family enjoy spending time outside with two feet of snow on the ground. [more inside]
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Replace radio with aux-in only?

My car radio was stolen last night, and I'd like to turn this tragedy into something awesome. I've always wanted to have a custom setup that consisted only of a volume knob and an aux in. I don't know how to design circutry, but I can follow instructions. What do I need to do to make this work? [more inside]
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Parents hate my boyfriend...How should I talk to them?

I have dated someone on and off for over a year, we have learned a lot about each other and have unfortunatly been through some ups and downs. We see each other coming out stronger than ever and working through everything but it is taking some time...I am fighting for this because I know what we have is special and what he provides me is what I have been looking for. [more inside]
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How to address a touchy-feely friend?

We have a close family friend who seems to have a problem keeping his hands to himself around my 8-year-old. We've spoken to him about it generally, but he doesn't seem to understand what we consider to be inappropriate. [more inside]
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Is my San Francisco bathroom required to have an exhaust fan?

SF renter here. The bathroom in my apartment has a window but no fan. The window opens onto an outdoor space that gets little breeze. Recently in the humid weather, my shower has began to smell like mildew even though I've scrubbed it down. This SFGate article says SF bathrooms with showers or tubs are required to have a mechanical fan. Is this only for newly-built houses or does this apply to all homes? [more inside]
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Word 2010 lumping together comments and edits from different reviewers

I created a document in Word 2010 and I am sharing it with two reviewers. When I turn on Track Changes, I can see my edits in one color, and my comments display my initials. But when the reviewers add their edits and comments and send it back to me, their comments end up the same color, and all comments, including mine, are now marked A# (A1, A2, A3). I can't see where my comments end and theirs begin. [more inside]
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Help us plan our themed date nights!

On Wednesdays Mr. Pterodactyl and I have date nights with dinner and a movie. We like to make some food and watch a movie that ties in to it in some way, however tenuous. Help us plan our future romantic engagements! [more inside]
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Do I need to mind the gap?

Now that I'm on a group health insurance plan, do I have to pay the last month's premium for my individual plan or can I leave a gap in coverage? [more inside]
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Crock-pot-stew-themed apology puns sought

Yesterday my husband spent a lot of time assembling a slow-cooker stew for us to eat for dinner a few nights this week. He was about to put it in the fridge last night when I stopped him and said that it was still pretty hot, so I'll put it in the fridge before I went to bed. When I woke up this morning.....counter....crockpot.....oooooooh no. Help me apologize with some terrible puns? [more inside]
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Looking for a Pisces astrology related birthday gift for 30$

I'm looking for a birthday present around 30$ (Maybe more?) for a dear astrology-nut friend. I like the idea of an iphone cover / water color print but there's just so much on etsy/zazzle that I find a little tacky and I'm not sure about the quality. Can you reccomend a particular etsy seller/ website? I'm also open to a good/fun book (I know she loves the astrology twins). She's in her mid-twenties and also likes yoga, painting, dancing, and decorating her cute apartment. Thanks!!
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The Pen is Mightier than the...Rage-Quit?

For a number of reasons, my work environment has become particularly stressful, to the point where it has visibly impacted my well-being. Do I quit, or stay and defend myself? [more inside]
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Multitasking air compressor?

I’m looking into buying an air compressor that will work equally well with an airbrush and a framing nailer. Does such a thing exist? [more inside]
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What should I look for when signing a contract with a literary agent?

After a long search and several meetings, I've finally found a great NYC-based agent for my non-fiction book. Yay! But tell me pitfalls about the contract -- what kind of clauses might I regret signing? [more inside]
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Brunch and a hike within an hour of Washington, DC?

My wife and I would like to spend a nice Saturday going for a hike with our dog (nothing too taxing - we want to enjoy the outdoors, not get a workout) and also go for brunch in a charming small town nearby. We live in DC and would prefer not to drive more than an hour each way to get there. Any suggestions??
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In search of a screen protector with a paperlike texture

Which tablet screen protector(s) have a matte, sandy texture? [more inside]
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HOw do I fight authoritity (politely)

My boss just sent out an email to members of a team that questions my competence. How do I politely ask her not to do this? [more inside]
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How do you win at thrift shopping?

Those of you who swear by thrift shopping: how do you do it? How much time do you spend, what's your strategy, what tips can you share? [more inside]
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More podcasts like "Rationally Speaking"

I enjoy the Rationally Speaking podcast. Are there any similar podcasts, not necessarily featuring "special guests," which feature discussions on philosophy, science, and ethics?
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Mechanism of the Arizona "anti-gay bill"?

How does Arizona's SB 1062 work to protect those seeking to discriminate against others based on religious grounds? [more inside]
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Rabies transmission without a bite - talk me off the ledge

Hello friends, I have a question about an incident two days ago that I can't get off my mind. I'm hoping that some people knowledgeable about rabies might be able to give me some sound information. [more inside]
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Chinese podcasts to listen to on the way to school

I'm currently studying Chinese in Beijing and I'm looking for podcasts or audio recordings to help me learn more. Do you know of any good Chinese language podcasts that can help me study? [more inside]
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How to find independance with a visual deficit?

I have low vision and I cannot drive because of it. I feel imprisoned and this is a last ditch effort to see if there is some solution (or partial solution) to help me gain more independence. [more inside]
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Unwanted thought syndrome

How do I (or just, do I) talk about what I think were mental health problems I had in the past - when I never got a diagnosis? TW for discussion of weird mental health stuff. [more inside]
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Can we eat it? - enchilada edition

We made these vegetable enchiladas last night and accidentally left them in our 60-degree kitchen for about 10 hours. The only ingredient that I'm worried about is the black beans. What say you?
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What's a good platform to share and organize PDF readings online?

Hey guys. I'm looking for a platform to share and organize readings for my study group online. I'd basically like to create a private library that each group member can access, add to, amend, and comment on. I would like to be able to tag and group PDFs around particular topics. I was thinking of a platform like Wikia, but I feel this may be a bit much. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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No time is a good time

When should I suggest to my partner that he may have Aspergers? [more inside]
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OSX Calendar client for Google Calendars

iCal just doesn't do what I need. The Google calendar interface doesn't either. Halp! [more inside]
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In search of a wheeled duffel...

I will be traveling in India for an extended time and then to a few countries in Southeast Asia. I am in search of a large (32"+), waterproof, duffel bag with wheels. I would like to spend $150 max on it. Please lead me to your favorites.
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I've Gotta Tell You What I'm Feeling Inside

Talking about one's feelings helps establish intimacy and nurture understanding in various relationships, but some people aren't big talkers. For those who keep their inner thoughts to themselves, what does their interpersonal connectedness look like? Seeking resources to better my understanding of this personal/emotional style or type. [more inside]
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How do I create a multivalue column from delimited text in Access 2010?

I want to take a comma delimited list of values e.g. "bacon, sausages, eggs" stored as a single text field and store these as selected values in a single multi-value lookup field. [more inside]
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iTunes Gracenote Server Error

iTunes keeps hitting a "Server Error" whenever I try to download CD information from Gracenote. Help?! [more inside]
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Pony cart terminology & part help!

We have a pony cart, and are trying to replace the wheels (from 20" to 26"). Can anyone help with part identification and / or suggest next steps? [more inside]
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Looking for a good, cheap, 10in Android tablet

Anyone know of a 10in or so Android tablet that's both good and cheap? [more inside]
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Help Me Identify a Macintosh Computer

I am looking for help identifying a Macintosh computer I used in the late 90s (details inside...no pictures). [more inside]
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Mobility scooter repair

My friend is reliant on a mobility scooter for getting around. She has a fairly active lifestyle and as a result her scooter(s) often break down causing her serious inconvenience while waiting for them to get repaired. Could you recommend some good resources for learning how to diagnose and repair scooter faults? What are the basic skills (e.g. mechanics) that one could learn to help with the process? Bonus question: can you recommend a speedy scooter repair service in Dublin, Ireland?
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How do we get our kids to lock the door?

We have always lived in secure places and rarely locked our front door (a metal screen and a wooden door), but today our 2 year old demonstrated vividly that she can open the stiff high handle on the door and make it to the lift lobby fast. We need to socially engineer the rest of our family to keep the damn door properly locked all the time now. And to hide the key that the toddler is obsessed with and able to use. [more inside]
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expressing myself in a second language

I am a university student who takes french as a minor alongside law. My law essays are well received, and even when I miss the mark on the question my professors say I have expressed myself and written a good essay. In french, the opposite is true. I'm struggling with basic structure and linking of my ideas in this second language. Any help or advice? [more inside]
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February 23


Turns out my ex, who I dated for 4 years before it ended (at my instigation) last October, is engaged. I don't really know how to process it. [more inside]
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Oh vei? Oy wey?

I'm looking for quotes, aforisms, dialogues, pondering, tracts and other worthwhile texts on the subject of suffering. [more inside]
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date night in emoryville, ca?

We like beer, beautiful scenery, flying kites, and getting home by 9. What's fun in Emoryville?
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Iceland, best time to visit and some other questions

I'm considering going to Iceland this summer and I have a few questions that haven't exactly been answered in the other threads and/or the the rest of the internet. For background, I'm traveling alone, planning on staying a week to ten days, and I'll be renting a vehicle. [more inside]
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Canadian GST/HST error

From about 2008 to 2012, I was self employed as a private tutor in Canada. My income ranged from about 25k - 40k. During that time, I didn't collect GST/HST from my students because I didn't realize I was required to. I received a letter on Friday from Canada Revenue saying that I've been registered for an HST number and asking to submit GST/HST for 2010-2011. I'm a bit scared now, and wondering if anyone can give me an idea of what the penalties might be? I plan to talk to an accountant in the next week, but I'm just hoping to get an idea of what I might be in for.
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To Look Back At Where We Boldly Went Where No One Had Gone Before

Updating Wordpress website, how to we archive old site so as not to break long-standing links? [more inside]
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Cost/Quality tradeoff of cellular shades?

We're looking into getting cellular shades, but could use some advice on the cost/quality tradeoff. It's hard to find any reviews that directly compare the brands. Are you happy with the quality of your blinds? [more inside]
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SQL Trace: How to aggregate data by stored procedure without ClearTrace

I'm trying to put together an automated SQL server monitoring and diagnostics solution, including SQL Trace data. I want to be able to group RPC:Completed event data by stored procedure. Unfortunately, the formatting and parameter values in each specific call make this kind of aggregation impossible. For instance "Select * From qryLinksByNewsletterID Where NewsletterID=19" and "Select * From qryLinksByNewsletterID Where NewsletterID=234" would be considered different remote procedure calls. ClearTrace does that for you. But, ClearTrace can't run as an automated SQL job. Some kind of script would be ideal, and someone by the name of Andrew Zanevsky made a post describing one back in 2004, but the link to the actual script is dead. I could create my own with Regexes and such, but it seems like someone out there must have done it already. [more inside]
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Recent anime recommendations

So after a hiatus of several years I've started watching anime again, and would like recommendations for anime that came out in the past 5 years. I've watched anime on and off over the years, so I am already familiar with a lot of the older stuff, such as the recommendations from past AskMe anime questions. [more inside]
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Co-Op Game?

I mentor a 12 year old boy who loves computer games--specifically Minecraft. We would like to play a co-operative game together. The game should be available for OSX and Windows. Thanks for your suggestions.
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Help me learn about commodities trading

I need to learn more about how commodities markets work for my job. Can you recommend some good sources of information, either on the internet or in print form, to learn the basics of how commodities trading works? [more inside]
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Help us choose a honeymoon destination!

My fiancée and I will be married at the end of July: Hooray! We've got the wedding (mostly) planned, but we have yet to choose a place for the honeymoon. We're looking for somewhere with great trails for hiking, and also great beaches for lounging about. So we'd really like to go to Hawaii, but we're not sure that we'd be able to afford that. [more inside]
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Looking for a different sort of blog

I'm looking for blogs that are about the life of the person writing them instead of just a single topic. Like, maybe an author keeps a blog and writes about cooking and being an author and trips to Mexico, or a reporter in Germany talks about being a reporter but also their deep love of jazz. Something that's about the many things in a person's life. Caveat: Nothing too focused on a family, please - just individuals. Bonus points for people with super-interesting lives or for people in their twenties.
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How can I boost the signal in my room cheaply?

I need to boost the WiFi in my room (I think). What device can I buy for cheap that will do this, even when the router is next door and inaccessible? [more inside]
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Consider the oyster

Help me fry the perfect oyster. Requirements: keep the oyster flavor. Preferences: saute, not deep fry; a light breading other than cornmeal. (This question isn't about raw v. cooked. Yes, I know, most oyster lovers swear raw is best. But I bet they never stopped at a certain little shack alongside US 17 in S Carolina.)
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Can I break up with someone over chat?

I need help with the logistics of breaking up with someone. I have been seeing this person for about a year. It started out as a casual thing and he asked to be exclusive (I am female). I have cautioned all along that I am not ready for something serious (just out of a years-long relationship), and to be honest, although I have enjoyed my time with him, there are a number of deal-breakers that make it time for me to move on for both our sakes. We haven’t had any fights or anything. I just feel like it’s time. I need to find out if there is anything approaching a consensus on how to actually go about this though, because, as always, there are complications. [more inside]
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Ontario Crime Analyst Qualifying Exam -What's on it?!

I've applied to a police station in Ontario, Canada for a crime analyst position and have been selected to write their qualifying exam. The position itself deals with Microsoft Excel to help the detectives identify crime trends and patterns with Excel. Other than this, I have no idea what else might be tested and was hoping that someone might have some idea. [more inside]
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How should a professional young man dress for a job?

In my old job (a small creative outfit), I used to wear what is known as "sport-chic attire", which pretty much means a nice shirt and high-end jeans. It was all about having a shirt for every day of the week with 2 or 3 pants and 2 or 3 pairs of shoes. Now that I'm changing jobs, should I change my dress code as well? [more inside]
posted by omar.a at 2:55 PM PST - 13 comments

Help me help a friend learn how to help himself and not feel helpless

I have a friend (Steve) that seems to be unable to try and help himself get along in life when certain problems come up. He's mentioned more than a few times he's not happy where he's at and I've been trying to help when I can. About a year ago when we first talked on this he brought up the matter of not having finished highschool cuasing the problem in a big way. I knew a thing or two about some free programs so I pointed him in the right direction and he took it upon himself to get on it, get it done and move forward. Now since he got his GED back in fall, it seems like I and our small circle of friends are finding out a few other things that are causing this problem Steve's problem to come back with a vengeance. [snowflakes and the like ahead.] [more inside]
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I just gotta have it.

Where can I find this style of hoodie but made to fit a woman? Bonus points for petite size type. There's no way I can pick it up from a brick and mortar store, so it'd have to be a company that ships internationally.
posted by Enchanting Grasshopper at 2:01 PM PST - 8 comments

Experiences with Amish Furniture?

We've never bought a dining room table and chairs before, and we're just not quite sure we're being thorough in our questions and inspection of the samples we've seen at the furniture store. Is there anything we need to know? Specifics inside. [more inside]
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How can I finance an unlocked, no-contract Android phone?

I'm considering signing up for one of Brightspot Mobile's pre-paid plans. I will need to buy an unlocked (or T-Mobile) phone and I'm interested in a Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One. Is there any possible way I can pay for it in installments? [more inside]
posted by The Winsome Parker Lewis at 1:36 PM PST - 9 comments

Clothes shopping filter: How do I separate the wheat from the chaff?

I'll admit it, I buy a lot of clothes off the sale rack or at outlet stores. Too often, though, I bring home what I think is a great value only to discover, after wearing and/or washing said item, quality problems I didn't see in the store. Things like knits that are twisted and don't lie flat, shirt hems that are hopelessly contorted once they've been laundered, or buttonholes that quickly ravel beyond repair. I know these sorts of problems are inevitable given the state of clothing manufacture, but that doesn't mean I have to buy these "troubled" items. So, savvy shoppers of MeFi, what should I be looking for? What tells you to steer clear of a garment no matter how much you like it? Is there a secret code on the hang tag that everyone but me knows about? C'mon, please share your secrets.
posted by DrGail at 1:30 PM PST - 16 comments

How to capture scenes and clips from dvd's and internet?

I teach and need to stop fumbling around searching for chapters on a dvd or having youtube clips get taken down on me. [more inside]
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Mac disk utility problem - data missing

Never thought I would be posting a question along these lines, but here we go. So I had an external hard disk with two partitions. One NTFS and one HFS+. The NTFS partition was empty. I wanted to use the NTFS partition with Time Machine so I used Disk Utility to reformat it HFS+. When the format had completed, yes, the NTFS partition was now HFS+ BUT the other partition had disappeared. When I looked at it in disk utility it had a name like "disk32s". [more inside]
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Shopping-filter: Husband's reunion?

I need help finding versatile and preppy-like dresses. [more inside]
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Best resources for a basic understanding of the human brain?

It's the emotional/moral brain/limbic system I'm ultimately interested in and how it affects behaviour and potentially criminality or a disregard for the rights of others, when 'malfunctioning'. I am reading the anatomy of violence (Adrian Raine) but finding some of it hard work. I'm interested in the anatomy and functioning. Thanks
posted by tanktop at 9:55 AM PST - 6 comments

Scheduling meeting times with individuals in a class - Calendar thing?

I need to meet each of the students in my class about their assignments over 30 min time slots. I have some days and time slots open, but how do I coordinate this online with about 20 students, where each student can receive a weblink to the calendar and can sort of "online" sign-in for available time slots in my calendar?
posted by greta_01 at 9:34 AM PST - 24 comments

World's Oldest Primeval Forest?

Can anyone tell me where the world's oldest forest might be? I'm wondering what place on Earth may have escaped the glaciers, catastrophic flooding, giant meteor impacts, volcanos, etc. I'm not interested in the world's oldest trees, or even the forest that's been least disturbed by human activity. I looking for the longest unbroken chain of terrestrial life.
posted by bonobothegreat at 9:20 AM PST - 21 comments

Where can I take an online linear algebra course this summer?

I have $800 for tuition reimbursement, and would like to take a linear algebra online course this summer. It doesn't matter if its for credit or not. Thanks!
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Where can I get a jacket like Kim's blue one from Freaks and Geeks?

Where can I get a jacket like Kim's blue one from Freaks and Geeks? Hopefully you've seen the show. If not, I'm not quite sure how to link to the google image results from my phone but it should come up quickly. It's worn by the character Kim played by Busy Phillips. I believe on the show she stole the jacket to get it. You know the one - blue with some stripes.
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100% cotton underWHERE?

Gap Body has discontinued my favorite underwear that I have worn for years. Please help find me a suitable replacement. [more inside]
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Oldest artifact passed down through a family

What is the oldest family heirloom still in possession of the family, not a museum? [more inside]
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What was this folk radio show I heard?

About a month ago we were driving through Connecticut and wound up listening to a folk radio show which I really enjoyed. I want to listen again, or find something similar. [more inside]
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Painting the inside of glass that will have liquid in it

Is there any way to paint or otherwise color the inside of a glass spray bottle that will have liquid (perfume) in it?
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Sub-acute care after a stroke

The social worker at the acute-care rehab hospital where my mother is recovering from stroke suggested looking into sub-acute care centers. What should we look for? [more inside]
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Red circles are destroying my iPad listening pleasure

I am unable to play over 50% of my 5000 songs on iTunes due to the red circle problem described here. Apple doesn't have a solution (called apple care several times) but perhaps the hive mind does. Please help. [more inside]
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What airports does JFK fly too?

I'm looking to fly to the Palo Alto area sometime next month. I don't necessarily want to fly to SFO, especially if there is a smaller airport nearby. Im flying from JFK, which is not negotiable. 'time of week, cost, etc. are all negotiable. Thanks for any insight.
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Syndroms or Effects named after TV Shows?

So was reading this article in the paper the other day. Makes me wonder if there are any other syndromes of effects like the one in the article named after or inspired by tv shows.
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A computer program that could learn... anything?

Has anyone ever tried to make a generalized learning program, such that it could be fed any kind of data, and would correlate it all, and eventually be able to form new conclusions or answer complex questions relating to the data? [more inside]
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February 22

Magnetic Fields: Great band, better sixth sense?

I'm intrigued by the magnetic implants some people get implanted into their fingers (most recently, I saw this thing on Reddit). I think it would be amazing to add an extra sense, but my body rejects almost all piercings so I don't think the actual implants would go well. Would magnetic rings, consistently worn, achieve a similar effect? Even if it's not as strong, I'd be interested in trying it. If you have thoughts about how this would work, how to make it work, and where to get rings if this will work, please let me know.
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Simple, no-maintenance content portal for non-profit

I need to create a simple portal with links to our own content, which will consist mostly of text documents--hand outs for people who don't speak English as a native language. Should I use a CMS or just build it by hand? [more inside]
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Welcome to MeFi Tech Support, how can you help me?

I'm trying to access a website for an online game that's been recommended to me, and all I get is a white screen with broken images and broken links. I've tried from two computers and a mobile device, Chrome and Safari, I've cleared my caches and reset my browsers, and yes - I have tried turning off and on again. [more inside]
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Small, HIGH QUALITY, general-purpose pruner?

I'd like to buy a small (~6 inch), HIGH QUALITY pruner. It needs to stay LOCKED so that I can carry it around. I've been looking at Felco pruners, but they seem to be tailored for heavy-duty pruning and are pretty large to carry around all the time as a general purpose tool. Leatherman's Micra looks nice (I've been needing to get a multitool too...) but I'm looking for a dedicated pruner.
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Transitioning off the turkey sandwich diet

Looking for easy/cheap/healthy vegetarian lunches [more inside]
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Less frustrating way to cut sheet metal?

What's the easiest way to cleanly cut a small-ish piece out of a sheet of aluminum? [more inside]
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Do I need braces?

I've been thinking about getting braces. 80% for cosmetic reasons, 10% because they feel very slightly annoying, 10% possible health benefits. My free UK NHS dentist says I don't need them, it's an unnecessary risk and the treatment can go wrong. My private, fee paying dentist says it's a great idea if I can afford it, it's good for health too. The money isn't an issue, but I really don't like the idea of spending a year or more in the docks. here is a pic. http://imgur.com/HnecMVD. Frank opinions welcome. Adjusted for English standards!
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Why have I been getting sick so easily since moving to San Francisco?

I moved to San Francisco 7-8 months ago. Ever since then I have found myself getting sick unusually easily. The illnesses I get tend to have the same set of symptoms: heightened temperature/fever, lack of energy, sniffles, sneezing and this kind of warm sick feeling in my body. They tend to be made worse by stress and are often triggered by working hard on things. (Which is really unfortunate because I want to be working a lot harder on my projects than I am right now!) If you've got any wild guess as to what might be going on, please share it! [more inside]
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Help me undersand taxes. Where did my refund go?

I need help understanding taxes. I have a very standard tax situation, with two W2s as a result of a mid-year job change. I left Job A three weeks into January 2013 and started Job B two weeks afterwards. I entered my info into TurboTax. Job B: ~$800 refund. Job A: ~-$800 refund. Now I'm back at 0. I'm confused and disappointed, and apparently I don't have any ideas how taxes work. [more inside]
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Computing with printouts

The "Off The Grid" Password Generator uses printouts of Latin Squares to hash domain names into unique passwords without a PC or even a pencil. Are there other useful paper based algorithms like this? The concept rings a bell but Google wants to show me papers on computing, not computing on paper. [more inside]
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iMessage equivalent for Android

Is there a messaging app for Android that works like iMessage -- i.e. capable of handling standard SMS, but seamlessly switching to its own Internet-based service when possible? [more inside]
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"Tube collar"?

My leather jacket has bitten the dust. I'd like to find a replacement, but I'm really fond of the large, tubular collar that mine had and can't seem to find that style anywhere. Any ideas or keywords I can use?
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I want to be a fundraiser, but I don't know how...

I want to transition out of the world of marketing into a career in development/nonprofit fundraising. I have dusted off my resume and have started applying for annual fund jobs, and I've scored a phone interview early this upcoming week. Please give me a crash course into the world of development/nonprofit fundraising and help me not screw this up! [more inside]
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Driving from Pittsburgh to Austin: if you had to, how would you go?

What’s the most swift, interesting, safe, and/or inexpensive route by car through the Southeast? [more inside]
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Datça Peninsula (Turkey's Aegean/Mediterranean coastal areas) in April?

My best friend and I are considering a trip to the Datça Peninsula (coastal western Turkey) in mid-April. We are looking for a safe, warm, relaxing beach trip on a budget. Is Datça where we want to be? [more inside]
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What are good "screentime" guidelines for my toddler?

My toddler son is finally of an age where the iPad and youtube are beginning to be a big draw. This is great, but I'd like to have some good guidelines from the start that allow him some screentime but prevent it from taking over too much of his life. I'm looking for a sense of what others have found works and doesn't work for them. [more inside]
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Vampire Pigs?

My mom is trying to remember a book she read in the late 80s that had vampire pigs in it! [more inside]
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on sprouts and sprouting

I love sprouts. Tell me your sprout secrets! I got one of those kits for growing sprouts - four little round trays and an assortment of seeds: alfalfa, clover, radish, all kinds of beans and lentils. I love them all and can easily eat an entire tray of baby plants in a few bites. So that's what I do - except for occasionally adding them to roast beef sandwiches, I just eat them plain. Please tell me other fun things to do with sprouts, interesting or unusual seeds to sprout and where to get them, how to grow lots and lots of sprouts, and whether it's possible to make oneself sick with a sprout overdose. I particularly like the spicy ones like radish and daikon. Mmm, sprouts.
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This Means War: Exterminating Aphids

Location: Los Angeles California, full sun and part sun. We have finally managed to assemble a little mini-garden of some 40 plants, and they have been thriving wildly. Mostly decorative bushes like hibiscus, but also some petunias and the like. Invading enemy: aphids. Panic. What do we do? [more inside]
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Ivy McGyver

How the hell do I get this dead ivy off my house? [more inside]
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Relationship between contemplation and mindfulness

What is the relationship between contemplation and mindfulness? [more inside]
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Driving school in Santa Monica or nearby

I'm trying to find a good driving school or instructor here in Santa Monica or close enough to take a bus there. None of my relatives know anyone or any school that they can really vouch for. I want to make sure that I get lessons from somewhere where I won't just throw out my money and then have to take the driving test 8 times before passing the driving test. Anyone know any good driving schools or instructors?
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25 pounds of thawed chicken breast. what do I do?

I have 25lbs of thawed chicken breast. I do not have a grill, but a full kitchen. What are the best ways to pre cook and store chicken for later use. I have a freezer chest for storing cooked chicken. My goal is to have prepped chicken that I can use on week nights to create quick easy meals OR to create healthy lunches. Any ideas about how to create meals with prepped chicken are a bonus.
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Screen time blocking software recommendations?

In our family, the children may earn screen time each day by doing physical activity. Then they start playing on the computer. It would be helpful to have a program that just turns off the computer entirely when the amount of time specified had elapsed. Because currently we have the "just one more thing" phenomenon when the time was up. This would put it back on the user to get to a good stopping place by the right time. I could use it myself in many situations, too. [more inside]
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My Hair is My Name Tag and I Don't Want to Be Called 'Brown'.

I have long, fine hair that I've been bleaching and dyeing at home, with Special Effects, for over a decade. The dye always lasts beautifully, fades minimally and gracefully, and I only have to redo it when my roots grow out - about every 3-4 months. I get a huge number of compliments on my hair and have no desire to switch to anything less vibrant for the foreseeable future. Special Effects hair dye isn't available now - - and I need another option! [more inside]
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Easy listening opera!

I enjoy listening to classical music while I work on creative pursuits and lately I've been hankering for more opera. I really enjoy Handel's Messiah (the whole thing, not just the chorus). I know the Messiah isn't technically an opera but wanted to give you a sense of the musical and vocal styles I'm enjoying right now. I also like Wagner's Ring cycle though that's not quite as "listenable" to me. Given this, what operas would you recommend? I'm really looking for specific opera titles, not just composers I might like.
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Trying to identify some sort of miniature pine tree.

My in-laws are giving me a couple of houseplants, and I'm trying to identify them, or at least find out if they are dangerous to our cats. Photos after the jump. [more inside]
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What's it like being gay in high school these days?

Adult gay man here. I wasn't out (publicly) in high school, and nobody else was either. In fact, I remember people still talking about "that one gay guy" who had graduated something like five years before me. I drove to colleges to meet people. What's it like these days? Is it generally no big deal? Is it common to take same-sex dates to events? Does anybody care?
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British alternatives to Already Pretty

Already Pretty would be my ideal fashion blog if the author would just kindly move to the UK. What should I be reading instead? [more inside]
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Help me find some new books to love.

I am looking for something in the area of science biography. Particularly, I enjoy reading about the inner lives of great minds. I'm not really interested in gossipy type info, but more about the personal growth and development of the scientist him/herself that paralleled their work. [more inside]
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How to make a record player restart at the right arm position?

I have this old record player. When it reaches the end of an LP record side, the arm returns to play from the beginning. But goes to the wrong spot, as if trying to play a 45, even though the speed is set to LP. Is there something I can adjust to make it start at the beginning?
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What is the most correct, current term for Palestine?

I have a student who is writing a thesis in which she mentions Palestine. Recently, one of her readers expressed surprise that she was using the term as she did. In the following context, what is the most correct and least offensive term for her to use, and what precisely is at stake with each term? [more inside]
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NYC Medicaid Provider Guidance

I can't choose my choice if I don't know what I'm choosing. Can any Mefites provide pros, cons, doctor or nurse names, locale convenience, or any other information or opinions on various healthcare providers in NYC? I was recently awarded New York State of Health full coverage (i.e. Medicaid) due to unemployment. Now I've got to choose a plan, but I have no idea which plan to choose. [more inside]
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Heavy metalish drummer ecstasies?

For something I'm writing: what two or three songs would a drummer drum to who's in his early 20's and is into classic heavy metal and lives in his parents' basement (and in his own imaginative grandiose world)? so, songs with memorable drum parts or drum solos or just very cool/classic songs? that this isolated young man could play over and over and feel great about himself at those (and no other) times?
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Sound design of common objects

What are good resources to learn more about sound design of real (as opposed to digital) objects e.g. the sound of your keyboard when you type. Surely someone purposefully makes and designs those sounds, using a gang of engineers, psychologists, and who knows what else. I'd really like to learn more about this process. Any pointers?
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What to do with a few weekdays in Los Angeles?

We'll be in L.A. for 2-3 weekdays in mid-March, and while one of our evenings is scheduled, we have no idea what to do with the rest of our time. We'll be staying in or near Hollywood, and won't have a car, but don't mind taking transit. We're especially looking for suggestions for one really very nice, splurge-y place for dinner, as well as great inexpensive places to eat. Also interested in: coffee-snob coffee; fancy cocktails; craft beer; fun/interesting/unique places to shop; anything else that seems interesting. We also really like live shows (comedy/improv/podcast/music), but most of the L.A. shows we know about are on the weekend. And I'm planning to go to Jenette Bras for a fitting, but I'd love suggestions for any other bra shops that carry sizes in the G+ range.
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February 21

How can 4 freelancers/entrepreuners buy affordable liability insurance?

Three friends and I teamed up to rent a small commercial office space to use as a shared office, as we've tired of working at home or in coffee shops. We've signed the lease and moved in. I've been tasked with finding liability insurance, but having trouble as the insurance companies don't know what to make of us. I'm hoping Mefites may have creative solutions. [more inside]
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Too much baking powder in my banana bread. Is it safe to eat?

Too much baking powder in my banana bread. Is it safe to eat? In a former life, I was not a baker. [more inside]
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Inherited Chicken Bricks

Roommate moved out, I inherited four 15-month-old boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the freezer. I'm going to assume they won't taste optimal. Actually, I'm expecting them to not be very palatable to me without major work. What can I do to these chicken breasts to cover up any "old chicken" flavors and textures, without drying them out? Taking any and all ideas. [more inside]
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Getting back to higher math

I'd like book/course suggestions to do a slow gentle study of higher Math by myself. I did a bachelor's degree in Math (and Economics) several years ago by myself as an external course (from the Univ of London and LSE), on the side of a whole lot of other things. I did reasonably well, enjoyed parts of it very much, but I've forgotten most of it now. I taught high school Math for a couple of years after that but now work in a totally different field (communication design). I love my work, but miss the brainwork Math required. I'd also like to slowly internalise more Math vocabulary and the structure of the subject, which didn't happen during my Bachelors. [more inside]
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Cheapo Engagement Ring

I'm considering a really cheap engagement ring - under $100, with non-precious stones, nickel-plated silver, and cubic zirconia. I'm the recipient. Is this a bad idea? [more inside]
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Degree of difficulty: No shawarma.

What Avengers-themed breakfast can I cook for my daughter's birthday this weekend? It doesn't have to be a recipe featured in the films, anything inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be fine. [more inside]
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What is a memorable op-ed you have read?

One of the duties at my new job is writing op-eds in the name of local leaders in support of a very popular social issue of our time. I've worked all kinds of writing gigs — newspaper reporting, PR, social media, essays, etc., etc. — but I only have a little experience writing op-eds. What tips do you have for me? Reading a bunch of op-eds is definitely my ticket to understanding how to do this well. So, do you have favorite op-eds you recommend?
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I'm not getting my snack time, and I'm getting cranky.

My state job is pretty blatantly ignoring the state laws regarding rest periods. I have low blood sugar and am finding the conditions difficult to manage. [more inside]
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What is this blanket pattern?

Crochet-filter: I love the pattern of this baby blanket: link 1 , link 2, and would very much like to make a sofa throw size of this. I've looked on Revelry and cannot find the pattern. [more inside]
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burned out lawyer rethinking a new career in teaching

I just left law after 18 years as a sole practitioner. I am burned out. I'm not very money oriented, more into helping people and socializing. I like work that has a beginning and end. I've never been a good employee. I thought that I would like to become a high school social science teacher and I now have a license to teach. I'm a 54 yo female. [more inside]
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3D For A Draftsman Of Yore

I learned mechanical drawing 20 years ago - but I would like to wear a CAD hat for a small project. 3D CAD, so I can print it on a 3D printer. Unfortunately, 3D CAD makes no sense to me. [more inside]
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Capturing clips from live TV to share immediately

Is there an easy way to identify and capture a clip from a live TV broadcast (say, the State of the Union) and then post the video to YouTube or another source online? [more inside]
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Therapist recs in Jackson, WY

I'm looking for recommendations of good therapists in or near Jackson, WY, especially who have a good grounding in helping clients with anxiety disorders.
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What should I buy my new-mom best friend in Canada, from here in the US?

My best friend had a baby this morning! Only she lives in British Columbia, and I'm in Missouri. [more inside]
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Essential novels of the 20th-21st century

I know next to nothing about 20th and 21st century literature. What are some recommendations for "essential" novels that I can start with? [more inside]
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Wellbutrin not working - other antidepressants with no effect on libido?

I am a naturally anxious person. I have been on Wellbutrin 150XL for over a month now for various life issues, and my anxiety, which was bad before, has gotten worse. It has manifested as extreme muscle tension/stiffness along with a bit of pain. My jaw is clenched 24/7, and my face and shoulders feel stiff. So, I would like to wean off, and I would like to find an antidepressant that gets me feeling good again - but doesn't affect my libido to the point where I am basically asexual. [more inside]
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Less talkie, more workie.

I work in a small office environment: there's me, two other people who do the same job that I do, my boss, and his administrative person. I genuinely like everyone that I work with, which is wonderful. However, I'm encountering a problem with my boss's administrative person, who I'll call Cathy. Cathy has an irritating habit of cornering me and my co-workers into long "conversations" that eat up a lot of my workday, and I don't know what to do about it. [more inside]
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My full name remains nonplussed.

Google Plus told me a while ago that I was pre-approved for a custom URL: google.com/+myfullname. I wanted it to be displayed a certain way, so I changed my nickname several times while being fickle about how it should appear. Now it says there's a limit on how often I can change my name, and I've reached it. Will I be able to change my name (nickname and display name) in the future, and if so, how can I figure out when? It's already been several months.
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Experience point tracker?

Could someone recommend a free or inexpensive program I could use to track experience points in a nerd project I'm working on? To inspire myself to write more, I thought I'd turn my automath afternoons into a sort of rpg, where I gain points for expanding my vocabulary, memorizing passages, writing, revising, and publishing. I could do it all on paper, but I've found I'm much more productive when I keep all my work on my laptop (hypotheses abound). I could also use a spread sheet, where current stat totals are in the top row, but that would quickly lead to tedious scrolling just to input new data. Ideally, I'd like to have a static page with fields I can plug numeric data into, and have that data compiled and displayed somewhere at the top of the page. Seems pretty basic--the kind of thing that must exist, right? Thanks!
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Credentialism is the worst.

My academic background is not in computer science. I work as a developer. For professional development and logistical reasons, I would like to supplement my credentials with something computer-science-y. What are my options? [more inside]
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Evening one-time parking in Greenwich CT

I need to leave my car in Greenwich, take the train to NYC to have dinner with some friends, and then to come back to Greenwich later in the evening and drive away. This will be in the middle of the week, arriving in Greenwich around 4pm and returning to Greenwich late in the evening. [more inside]
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Look at this old bookplate!

What language is this? What does it say? [more inside]
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How did you decide you wanted another kid? Or that you were done?

What did you factor into your decision to have more kids? Or not (as the case may be)? I'm currently struggling with the decision as to whether or not to have a second child and I could use some different perspectives. [more inside]
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You can't sell your LiveJournal account. But what about the name for $$?

I know I can't sell my account, but can I sell someone the account name? [more inside]
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Getting started with Lego as an adult

A recent gift has made me very interested in Lego but I don't feel like I know what to do with it unless I follow instructions. How can I learn to do better stuff with Lego on my own? [more inside]
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It's your pain, how can i help you carry it without collapsing myself?

How can i help support my partner when he's going through a rough time, when i feel sad too? [more inside]
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What do the professionals use to remove computer viruses?

My father just got his WinXP machine back from a local computer shop. They ran five programs on it, found some viruses and removed them. What programs would they use for this, and can I, a mere amateur, acquire them myself? [more inside]
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back to work - breast vs formula

My 6 week old daughter will be starting daycare next month (at 2.5 months old) - what should she eat at daycare? We are currently breastfeeding, I don't really want to stop, but there are some major logistical issues with pumping at work.. [more inside]
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Web platform suggestions

What's a good small-scale web platform for sharing documents? [more inside]
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What stringed bowed bass instrument should I learn?

For home recordings, I'm looking to learn a new instrument that is cello-like, low-end and haunting sounding, but not large and unwieldy. Help me brainstorm. [more inside]
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What to do in Page,Arizona today and tomorrow

Long story short, I'm in Page, Arizona for a couple more days than planned. I have been to Antelope Canyon. I will go to Horseshoe Bend later today, What else? I cannot be away from Page more than say 4 hours at a time.
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How does one get to become an ethics professional?

I'm wondering how people get into the field of ethics? Are they lawyers? Are they chosen (in much the same way that judges are) for their moral standards and good reputations? [more inside]
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How to cheer up an ill parent

My dad's cancer has come back and he's lost a lot of energy in the last year. In the next few weeks, we and his doctors will be discussing treatment/chemo options. What can I do for him? [more inside]
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How to get episodes off of a DVD set and burned to DVD-R in a new order?

What's the current workflow for pulling television episodes off of a DVD set and putting them back onto DVD in a new order? [more inside]
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Clever or fun name for a women's after work social bike ride?

The bike and walk non-profit I volunteer with is teaming up with a local bike shop, the women in business group and a wellness center for a monthly bike Thursday night bike ride starting in May. We are looking for a name for it that will seem fun, because it is fun and just get people, esp women out for a social ride. The ride is an easy 10 mile loop, mostly on trails and ends with dinner at different local restaurants. Any ideas really appreciated. It's not just for women, but the goal is to get more women riding just for fun and in town. Not really a lycra ride. Any ideas for names very welcome!
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Moss grows fat on my (unmoving) stones (well, stairs)

I have brick stairs to the front and back porches. They tend to get lots of moss growing on them. How can I get rid of the moss ? [more inside]
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How to handle wedding registry gifts that have arrived 5 months early?

I am getting married in the middle of July 2014, and have a link to our gift registries on our wedding website. We sent out "Save the Date" cards in January that had the URL for our website printed on it. So it is now the end of February, and we are already starting to receive giant parcels of food processors and other household items which we have put on our registry. Should we wait until after our wedding to start using these items, or should we treat these items in the same way one would treat a wrapped Christmas gift, and wait until the actual event for which these gifts were purchased for has transpired? What's the normal etiquette for a thing like this?
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Recent graduate confused about career/life

Recent graduate confused about career/life [more inside]
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What Device Do I Need?

For the lowest price (balanced with good reliability) and the least number of functions (ie, I don't want a device that does everything, just three specified related things), I would like a device on which I can download my music program (similar to iTunes) and my Audible manager and from which I can sync my mp3 player. I don't have internet at home but I have access to free wifi at a comfortable place near home. [more inside]
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WHY are you still awake? Sleep regression? Sneaking lattes?

*Baby filter* Our 11ish month old has had two super weird bedtimes ("happy happy party time! Hey, did you know I can make farting noises with my mouth? woohoo!") this week and I'm trying to figure out what might be going on, and more importantly what our options are for dealing with it. All the gory details inside. [more inside]
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"Online"-free cross-platform mobile *and* desktop messaging?

is there a mobile *and* desktop cross-platform messaging system that doesn't require "going online"? [more inside]
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What are your experiences with and opinions about developer bootcamps?

Hello folks, this question is for those of you have been involved with developer bootcamps, and also those of you who evaluate developers for hiring. [more inside]
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How to fix (lldb) error in Xcode?

I'm a new Xcode user (and a just learning C++). I'm trying to work with "if" and "else" statements. My program seems to run just fine for the "if else" and "else" statements, but my "if" statement at the beginning returns the result "(lldb)". More inside. [more inside]
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how to deal with unsupportive friend after rape?

If it's important I'm a young woman. I don't want to talk about the rape or let this get derailed by suggestions of getting professional help. I'm seeing a counselor now and have dealt with the situation. But what's been eating away at me is a friend's reaction in the immediate aftermath. [more inside]
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What type of hinge will keep this cabinet door from falling off?

What kind of hinge should I be looking for, for a cabinet door that will open vertically, like an oven door? [more inside]
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Recommendations for garters without hose?

Do thigh garters that are not attached to hose/stockings (and which are also not those ruffled-wedding-gimmicky ones) exist? (I may not be using the correct vocab to express this, so ... more inside if this is unclear.) [more inside]
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How to get Searchya off of my computer

I have somehow gotten the search engine highjacker "searchya" on my computer and have followed all the instructions I can find on-line to get rid of it but it still shows up as the default search engine. I have even contacted the searchya website and followed their instructions but its still there. I'm getting very annoyed with this search engine that I don't want and never asked for. Has anyone else been able to resolve this?
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Help Me Understand Power(s) of Attorney

What are the parameters that determine how and when a power of attorney becomes active or inactive? [more inside]
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Asking an Old Friend for Job Help

I'm out of work right now and am doing everything I can to network myself into employment. I recently noticed a job for which I'd be qualified at a large, prestigious company where an old friend is a major player. I haven't talked to him in six years. Can I approach him for an employee referral, and if so, how? [more inside]
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First crush in a while...

I'm a single gay lady in my mid-30s. I'm relatively out (but obviously not fully out, judging by the fact that I'm posting this anonymously). I find myself crushing on a lovely woman for the first time since I last got my heart broken, something like six years ago, and have been single that whole time. The problem here is that the lovely woman is so wrong for me (on paper, anyhow), for so many reasons, that I'm unsure if I should try to pursue things, or even if there's anything to pursue. Snowflake details inside! [more inside]
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Did you take anti-depressants while pregnant?

I went off of anti-depressants when I found out I was pregnant and it has been really really difficult. Debating whether to go back on prozac now that I'm almost in the second trimester and weighing the benefits and risks. No you are not my doctor. Yes I've consulted both doctors (shrink and OB) who advise taking the prozac. [more inside]
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best way to monetize a new blog

I have just begun a new blog, one dealing with the world of marijuana, medical use, songs, photos, news, legal matters...How best to get ads to monetize my site? Any experience with the vaqrious ad placement outfits?
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What to do in Boston this weekend?

What's fun to do in Boston this weekend? I'm familiar with the city and have done all the usual stuff, but haven't been in a year. What great new restaurants and bakeries have opened? What are the must-see museum exhibitions? Are there are any cool events happening in the next two days -- particularly anything quirky, offbeat, playful?
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Networking help, CEO edition

I have a business idea that I would like to discuss with industry executives. How? [more inside]
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Piping on SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey seems to be unable to handle more than a few piped items per page. Support is saying they can't help. Is there a way that I can fix this within SurveyMonkey, or can you recommend a secure, free/cheap alternative? [more inside]
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That's Not Harvard College; That's Night School. Say It.

Interviewing candidates for teaching position in the Boston area and we have a question: We've had several people note on their resumes that they attended Harvard. During interviews, some disclosed more specifically that they had taken a few courses at Harvard Extension but they were not accepted degree-seeking students at either the Extension School or Harvard College. The search committee isn't overly fussed about this but it got us to wondering: is it strictly ethical for a person who wasn't accepted to Harvard and wasn't enrolled in either a Harvard College or Extension School degree program state on their resume under education, "Harvard?" [more inside]
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All our eggs in one basket? First time home buyers...

My wife and I have been working and saving over the last 4-5 years. We've managed to pay off all of our debts and have gotten ahead. It feels great to be debt free, but we want to buy a house. We found a bank foreclosure that's been sitting vacant for 6 years as it slowly worked through the courts. We have just enough to buy it outright, but that will leave us almost broke. Should we buy it? [more inside]
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February 20

What are the general principles for cooking with coconut milk?

As the years go by I find myself craving coconut milk more and more, but I'm not quite sure how to incorporate it into my diet. I'm pretty bad at following recipes, so usually I just use my past experience with ingredients to guide me in how to use them. I don't have much experience with coconut milk, however, so I'm hoping that folks on AskMe can give me some general principles to guild me instead. [more inside]
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An inspiring career change

What is this Ted Talk I Watched? It's at the tip of my tongue, and I don't want to sift through over 1600 talks to find it. Plus, I can't think of the words to start searching for it besides very generic keywords. [more inside]
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Subletting in Cambridge and DC

I will be subleasing my room in Cambridge (MA) and subletting in DC this summer. I know next to nothing about subleasing/subletting in either place and have many questions, including how to price my somewhat strangely set-up room. [more inside]
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Is reality really this malleable?

Depression has lifted with magnesium supplements. I perceive what I would call reality differently on and off the supplements. This is very strange, yet it is pleasant when I take them religiously. What should I make of this? [more inside]
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Old Time Banjo

I've been listening to a lot of Pete Seeger since he died. What other old time banjo players might I like? I'm not looking for fast rolls, finger picks, bluegrass style. I'm looking for frailing, clawhammer, and plaintive melodies. This sort of thing.
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Replacement power supply adapter doesn't have ground prong - dangerous?

The replacement power supply adapter I purchased for an older laptop came with a two prong cord instead of three, which the original had. Is this dangerous? Details and model number within. [more inside]
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Help me salvage the rest of my academic career and also my life

Does anyone have tips for how to get things done when you are feeling really depressed or generally terrible? I need to make myself catch up when I am dangerously behind in school. [more inside]
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Wedding Planner Getting Married in Hawaii on a Budget

I am getting married in Hawaii - that much is certain. It is going to be a small wedding (because of travel requirements). When I say small, I mean probably 10 and 20 would be the absolute most. [more inside]
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How to soothe a dry cough?

What's the best, travel-friendly way to soothe a dry, post-flu cough? [more inside]
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Great cooking show for Middle School kids

Can you suggest a great cooking show to entertain and inspire my middle school 'foods' class? No fake reality TV... [more inside]
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I need help saying something profound.

I'm looking for a quote that says, essentially, in a relationship the road is a two way street. That it requires effort from both people. [more inside]
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Interstuhl "Fit Chair" knockoffs?

My kids are in love with the Interstuhl Fit Chair which, as far as I can find, costs roughly one bazillion dollars. Has anyone seen a more reasonably priced version? [more inside]
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Looking for interesting part-time work in NYC

Can you suggest particular jobs and places to look for jobs? [more inside]
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He likes me... or he likes me as a friend...

I met a guy recently and interact with him in a school and social context. How do I figure out if he wants to date me, or is just happy to have a new friend in an area he recently moved to? [more inside]
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Good low impact chest workouts. Pec defining

Would love to get any advice or experience on good exercises to tone-shape pec area of chest. Any low impact excercises using body weight or dumbell use?
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Great books for a second-grade reader who is a little behind

(Asking for a friend) My second grader is struggling to read at grade level, and I want to encourage him to associate reading with pleasure instead of frustration by giving him some books he'll love and that will be appropriately challenging but not vexing. [more inside]
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Considering move to Snohomish, WA. Difficulty level: mixed-race family.

My wife and I are considering moving to Snohomish (county), WA for work. She recently got a postgraduate degree in Library Science and is having trouble finding work where we currently live on the East coast (too many qualified people, too few jobs of the sort she's looking for). Pertinent details: I'm white, my wife is black, and we currently live and work in a very racially diverse urban area where couples like us are a common sight. We currently have no children but plan on starting a family in the next few years. [more inside]
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Sex: you're doing it wrong.

I really could use advice on how to improve our sex life (NSFW and snowflakes) [more inside]
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Is there any reputable car rental to be found in Cancun?

I'm flying into Cancun in the next few days, and since I'll be travelling south from there, I'm interested in a rental car. Please help me not get ripped off. [more inside]
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Parent-facing Strollers For Toddlers

My one year old (tomorrow!) hates sitting in her stroller, but loves shopping carts. I think this is because she gets to face me in a shopping cart and we "chat" as we go about our business. I'd like to find a stroller that has this same seating position, but most of what I've found that is parent-facing is either for small infants or quite expensive. While I'm not adverse to buying a moderately expensive stroller, something like the Stokke Xplory (which is pretty ideal!) is a little pricey for my taste at near $1,000. She's too big for a travel system. Help!
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Drawing comic storyboards. Need replacement for Appleworks

I want to draw comic storyboards. In the old days I seem to remember Appleworks drawing documents allowed you to add boxes and/or fields that allowed text or drawing. I'm looking for the new equivalent. [more inside]
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The Painter Got Lazy, You See

I remember from an art history class a painter who became famous for putting a lot of fine detail in specific parts of their painting and leaving the rest shockingly undone. I don't know the exact time they're from but it was pre 20th century. Is this ringing anyone's bells? [more inside]
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Help me figure out what this old-timey phrase means?

My buddy posted a link to this awesome digital collection of acquaintance cards from the 1870s on Facebook recently and we've been trying to figure out what the phrase "when are you going to pay the old lady for your last week's washing," which is printed on a couple of the cards, is referring to. [more inside]
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Attractive and Reasonable Office Furniture

Hi, does anyone have recommendations for attractive, well-designed and relatively affordable office furniture? I am looking for something that is a step up from Stapes and Office Depot, especially for conference tables. This is for a true office, not a home office. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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Should I renew my life insurance policy?

My parents bought whole life insurance when I was born and it needs renewed. I was going to let it lapse, they want me to renew - do I really need life insurance? [more inside]
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Help me identify this graphic print!

Within the last day or two, I saw a graphic print of an octopus hanging on the wall in the background of a video shot... [more inside]
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How do I market a Biology degree for non-related internships?

I'm a sophomore biology major but I want to get internships in consulting firms or pharmaceutical companies, both of which are coming to my school tomorrow for career fairs. Unfortunately, I'm a biology major which isn't necessarily the most marketable major in the world. My experience is mainly through clinical research and I held three jobs last summer but none of them are related to the internships I'm looking for. [more inside]
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Things to do in Dubai?

I'm looking for things to do with nearly 48 hours in Dubai in mid March. Things that aren't obvious are especially helpful! [more inside]
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Press a button, hear a random recording. How do I make one?

I have an idea for a sculpture that would have a button on it. When the button is pressed, a sound recording would play. There'd be about 10-20 recordings, each about 2-4 minutes long. I know it's possible to do this -- I just don't know how, exactly. What should I be googling? [more inside]
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How to stream FULL episodes of Melissa Harris Perry online

where can I find and play FULL episodes of the Melissa Harris Perry show online? And, also get it on my ipod, so download, or I guess I could stream on phone. she is not on sticher, looking for audio and or/video of show. i can find easily for Racheal Maddow but not MHP. THanks
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Effective learning: looking for the best academic skills and techniques

What are some effective academic skills, techniques, and tools for effective learning and succeeding academically? — Looking for uncommon, highly effective techniques that aren't the oft-repeated ones ("don't procrastinate!") but more like "use spaced repetition software to review the major concepts all throughout the semester". — I'll share some of my own. [more inside]
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What happens outside of the courtroom?

Does anyone know if there are any people who work in the area outside of a courtroom? Maybe like security guards or someone like that? I'd like to show someone waiting for the doors of a courtroom to open and am trying to think of who might be there (besides someone who's especially interested in what's happening in there) Thanks so much!
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Is there a Twitter client that lets me read from the top down?

Super simple Twitter question: Is there a Twitter client for Android that "bottom-posts" (i.e., that appends new material to the bottom instead of the top, allowing me to read naturally from top to bottom)?
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Is this wine worth serving?

I have an event coming up, and I’d like to provide some wine. The wine won’t be a focus, but some people will expect it, so I’d like to give them something. I don’t drink wine, and know nothing about it. My plan was to go to a local wine shop and explain that I need something basic at a lower price point. But, out of the blue, a friend offered to donate a bunch of wine that he’s had in his basement that he won’t ever use. My sense is that these were gifted to him over the years, but when he drinks wine, he wants something different. He’s got one to three cases of each of the following: [more inside]
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is there a hardware solution for improving the signal quality of my S3?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 on 3. I get extremely little reception at home and a signal booster doesn't help. Is there a hardware solution, like a special case, wire, foil, etc I could use at home to boost my signal? homemade ideas and commercial ones welcome.
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Help my friend find a lawyer to represent him for banking in Mexico

My friend has an HSBC Mexico account, that had about 40,000 dollars in it.. he didn't use the account for a year, he called today to get a new checkbook, and found out the account had zero balance in may of 2013, and the account was closed. HSBC Mexico said they can't give more information unless he goes in person to a branch in Mexico. He is willing to hire a lawyer, or Power of attorney, or someone to investigate this in Mexico who legally represent him. He is currently far from mexico and can't make it there any time soon. His mom is in Mexico, can she get power of attorney?

Any advice on how to do this? How can he go about finding a lawyer in Mexico who can help him? Or what actions can he take? He suspects fraudulent activity as he did login to his internet banking last year and saw all his money there.
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Turn me into your dream webmaster

I'm in a position where I manage a local non-profit's website. As I take an opportunity to transition out of the role, I am sad to see my track record. Can I become a better webmaster, undertake a fantastic transition AND learn something all in the next few months? [more inside]
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Video Downloadhelper has stopped working.

Can anyone point me in the direction of something that works? [more inside]
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Looking for regularly posted interesting content about Minecraft

I'm looking for people who are regularly posting interesting/unusual content about Minecraft. Examples would be unusual Let's Play type series like the Far Lands or Bust series that recently got written up in the New Yorker. Written content or public servers where more interesting than usual activities are going on also work. [more inside]
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Laundry snafu

How would you get a beeswax / oil / zinc oxide stain out of cotton? [more inside]
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Atlanta's Best Eats

I'll be in Atlanta next weekend, and am looking for restaurant recommendations. I'm staying close to the CNN center but will have a car, and am willing to travel for good food. I'm a moderately lax pescatarian. All price ranges welcome. Shrimp and Grits is one of my favorite foods, so if there's a 'Best Shrimp + Grits in Atlanta!' place I'd love to hear about it. Also, if there are any craft brewers/brewpubs in the area making good beer, please tell me who those are as well.
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Advice for a complicated roommate situation

Synopsis is that my roommate has severe PTSD and blames my own recent mental health problems for triggering a relapse in her. She has not acknowledged that this has been hard on me, only how it affected her. She wants me to move out, tried to get me evicted by the landlords (who favor her because she is younger), sent 5 hours of harassing texts to me on Monday. Because this is Wisconsin in February, there aren't a lot of apartments available, and I have to be extra picky because of a very fixed income and not having a car/relying on living near things and buslines. This is seriously impacting my own mental health now, worsening my depression/anxiety. I don't want to go through the stress of moving, especially since she didn't offer anything (like paying moving expenses). She feels as though she has done everything for me and I am an ungrateful traitor--there are a couple things I'd like to apologize/take responsibility for, but I don't want to do so if that will be construed as me taking responsibility for her relapse, something I will not do. We are both on the lease, which goes through August. I will answer any questions about details.
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In search of some intermediate financial advice.

MeFites have always been pretty good at giving basic financial advice, like how to start saving, building a budget, getting out of debt, etc. I'm there already. I find myself in the surprising situation of being comfortable these days, and I'd like to know: what's next? [more inside]
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Looking for Gardening Blog Recommendations for Gardens in Zone 5-6

All the gardening blogs I like to follow seem to be set on the west coast or zones where people are starting to plant things in their garden now which is very depressing as I still have a foot of snow in my garden. I am looking for gardening blogs where the writer's garden is in Zone 5 or 6. Northern Indiana or Chicago would earn you extra bonus points, but zone 5 or 6 is a good starting place. [more inside]
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Help a science-minded creature navigate unscientific thinking by friends

I'm a performer/dancer/creative type in a newish city (1 year). I also have a background in science. Much of my social circle contains people who are more into woo/new-agey things than I am. I find myself *enraged* by this sometimes. Each little comment (a reference to table salt being "poison" while sea salt isn't, household use of homeopathic things like arnica, e.g.) ruffles me. I can feel myself growing distant from two important people in my life - my roommate and lover. I admire and respect them greatly for their emotional intelligence, perceptiveness, and expression. We giggle and dance and clown around and we connect completely. They bring up chakras and I want to throw myself on a sharp object. Sometimes I let their comments go by, but I feel irritated inside. Other times I challenge them and I think I come off as arrogant and judgmental; close-minded. I AM judging. We all make decisions based on info from friends and websites and the like - but I really really care about information sources that are legit - from professionals, peer-reviewed research, etc. They don't. [more inside]
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Looking for SF consumable souvenir recommendations, especially avocados

I'm in San Francisco and would like to bring back some avocados and/or Bay Area edibles to New England next week. What should I look for, and where? [more inside]
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Inclusive resorts in Caribbean/Mexico

Looking for recommendations for all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean or Mexico. [more inside]
posted by Chrysostom at 9:10 AM PST - 11 comments

bootstraps for hobbyists

My life is calm. I live in one place. My house is clean and decluttered. I have free time. And now I am bored... [more inside]
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Looking for solutions to TWO annoying Macbook Pro problems

1. Is there a way to lock the bookmark bar in Safari? I keep accidentally deleting bookmarks by dragging them into the screen and then they disappear into a puff of air. It's annoying because sometimes I don't notice I have done it and then when I go into Safari the next time I find my bookmark is gone. 2. Is there a shortcut to close all your program and shut down at the same time? I always have to Command +Q each program before I shut down which is annoying. Thanks! Any other unknown secrets or shortcuts for Mac also appreciated!
posted by grak88 at 8:49 AM PST - 13 comments

Alternate power button for a late 2013 (cylinder) Mac Pro

Is there any peripheral, wired or bluetooth, that can turn on a late 2013 Mac Pro? [more inside]
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One day in Lima / one day in Sao Paulo

I am going on a business trip to Sao Paulo next month. I will have one free day in Sao Paulo (a Sunday, which I know many mean many things are closed) before my work begins and a 24 hour layover in Lima over the weekend on my way back (noon to noon). What are the can't-miss things in Sao Paulo and Lima? The must-sees, must-dos, must-drinks? Special snowflake details inside! [more inside]
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Help me come up with Pop Culture ways of saying goodbye

I was thinking last night that I would would like to start being cooler. One way I have came up with is by using some really cool parting words when leaving work or groups of friends (hopefully I can get some with this new "cool" plan). Some phrases that I came up with were "Stay gold Ponyboy" and "Be Excellent to each other". Now wouldn't I be cool? But that won't get me very far down the road. What are some other awesome Pop Culture phrases I can use to leave a cool impression on people?
posted by kenaldo at 8:23 AM PST - 74 comments

Help me start saving for retirement (U.S.)

I would like to finally start saving for retirement! I'm thinking a Roth IRA is the way to go (unless you think otherwise and can tell me why), but I am a little confused/overwhelmed with how to proceed. A few snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Needs More Personality

As I'm edging closer to middle age, I am struck by how little I know myself. Occasionally I am asked to talk or write about myself (mainly for work purposes) and I have no idea what to say. I am fairly aware of my range of skills, but I have very little insight as to my personality traits. I have done the Myer-Briggs test, read several books and completed various career assessments, but I still struggle to define who I am. More details inside - but in short: how do others define and describe themselves? How do you become aware of yourself? Think more pragmatic/philosophical descriptions of your personality traits and less about CV bloats. [more inside]
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Help me justify a $300 CD player in 2014

On the occasion of moving the living room around, I'm upgrading my old, clunky stereo components with new, smaller stuff that fits better in the new cabinet. My old 5-disc CD carousel doesn't come close to fitting, so I need a replacement. We own lots of CDs but listen to them only occasionally, so a changer isn't necessary or even preferable. I was always taken with NAD components when I'd go to the stereo store with my dad as a kid, and now I'm wondering if it there's a way to justify this for $300 when a Sony DVD player that surely plays CDs just fine can be had for well under $50. Other than snob appeal, would I appreciate any aural benefit from a dedicated audio-specific CD player in my decidedly midrange set-up? (For context, speakers are Pioneer SP-BS22-LRs and the receiver is an Onkyo TX8020.)
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Is there a database of tech companies listing estimated users at time of acquisition and acquisition price? I would like to compare WhatsApp's $/user to many other sales, not just the ones in most news articles like Instagram.
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I don't want to catch up

How do I avoid/reject conversation with an old friend I might run in to (without feeling shitty about it)? [more inside]
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Help me find songs with similar approach re: dealing with daily life

Hi all, would greatly appreciate if you would help me find songs that deal with the subject of dealing with the daily grind of life. Definitely in the 'quietly motivational' aisle, but not necessarily motivational at all. Similar tracks include 'Get Down Saturday Night' by Oliver Cheatham, 'Breezem Out' by Lil Ugly Mane and 'Money Won't Pay' by Bo en. Links to those tracks inside. [more inside]
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Help. I don't understand these medication interactions.

I need help understanding (in layman's terms) a certain drug interaction. Could someone just explain what this actually means in regards to the interaction? I'm now scared to take both of these... but I need both right now. [more inside]
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Green Acres is the place for me

I'm turning 30 this year. My husband and I are discussing a retirement plan that includes a farm in South Carolina. Can you recommend some resources (blogs, persons willing to email, books, etc) so that we can make an informed decision about whether to do this and what sort of financial planning we'll have to do to make it happen? [more inside]
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Yoga styles and London-based class recommendations

As I get older, I get creakier and I'm hoping yoga may be the answer. Can anyone recommend a class in south-east or east London that focuses mostly on the physical side of yoga and less on the meditative/spiritual aspects? Bonus points for suggesting a particular style that would suit me, a physically active late 30s male who swims and cycles regularly.
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Hello Anton. Are you finished with that Mentos? May I have the rest?

Lately (coinciding with extreme hot weather) ants have been attracted to the Mentos chewy dragees I carry around with me. The dragees don't appear (to my eye) to be any different after the ants have had their way with them. Is it safe to eat them? What is attracting the ants to these dragees? Are the ants leaving anything behind that would be unsafe for me to ingest? I have a reasonably robust immune system, so I don't mind a little bit of whatever challenging its integrity, as long as I'm not poisoning myself to a degree I can't handle. I don't want to kill the ants or block their activities beyond making the dragees physically inaccessible. An airtight container is a solution, but I'd rather not have to bother with that - I'd prefer to just share the wealth with the ants, if it's not harming me.
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Roller Deby Name

My whole life I've sucked at naming things, now I need to come up with a Roller Derby name and I want it to be awesome! [more inside]
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My SSN may have been lost in a data breach, what should I do?

My SSN may have been lost in a data breach, what should I do to protect myself from identity theft?
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Exhausted, stressed and need some coping strategies for hard times

I'm exhausted and burned out from a work project that's been going on for the past six months and won't be done for another 2-4 weeks. A week and a half ago, my dad was diagnosed with cancer, and his prognosis is not good. I need some strategies for dealing with all of this when I already feel like I'm close to the breaking point. Details below. [more inside]
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Mac Mini to travel as desktop between two countries? How feasible?

Thanks MeFites for your assistance; now for a Mac Mini question! The Flashdrake is needs a new computer to take to Italy for around 5 months a year; he currently uses an all-in-one desktop PC in Australia running Windows 7 and a 23" screen. Has been using a 17" 2010 laptop now running Windows 8 when travelling to Italy, although doesn't like using it, finds the screen hard to see, and never got a handle on Win8. I could buy a new laptop, or a new desktop to keep overseas, but it seems that getting a Mac Mini and hitching it up to a monitor at either end. While we would still backup, it seems like an elegant solution. He is not familiar with the iOS, but loves his iPad, which he uses when he needs portability when out and about. Is there something that I'm missing here? I imagine that as long as we avoid an expensive Apple monitor (that's possible, right?) it would work well, with be relatively cost effective. Thoughts? What am I missing here?
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February 19

Why virtualbox can overcome win8 UEFI issue to install Linux?

I tried to install linux on a win8 laptop and failed although I tried everything to disable UEFI and security boot options in Bios. So I think there is no solution to install Linux on certain win8 Laptops. But someone told me of course I can install Linux on any win8 laptops by using virtualbox. So I'm wondering why can it be done? How exactly is virtualbox/virtual machine works for this issue? can anybody explain this to me in a easy to understand way? Thanks very much.
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Hotel employees: What are you asked to do in the event of a fire?

Have you or someone you know ever worked in a hotel? Or are you a firefighter? If so, I am studying fire safety and would like to know what (if anything) hotel employees are trained to do in the event of a fire? [more inside]
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Help me buy new ram sticks

I have a eMachines T3504. Crucial's scanner says that I should buy: [more inside]
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Getting around the Galapagos

We are going to Ecuador this summer and want to go to the Galapagos. Google suggests cruises, but our guidebook suggests that it is possible to island-hop on ferries and avoid sleeping on a boat. What's our best option? [more inside]
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I just don't know what to do with myself.

I'm having trouble meeting people near my area. Any helpful suggestions? [more inside]
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where to find Wheel of fortune answers same day?

I want to prank someone by finding out answers for wheel of fortune before it airs in my time zone (6.30PM CST) I know the show airs as early as 5.30PM EST. I found this site, but it updates after it airs at 6.30PM CST. Can anyone help me find out the answers to the same day show before 6.30PM CST?
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Dear Google: "red yellow smashy tail ankylosaurus he-man"

When I was a child in the mid-late 80s, I had a toy. In my mind, it was a Masters of the Universe toy, because I always played with it with my He-Man figures, but I may be mistaken. I also think it had one of those trapdoors so that you could jam an action figure halfway into it. What I remember clearly is that it was a red ankylosaurus-like creature, with a big yellow tail/appendage that could come smashing down in front of it with some sort of lever action to demolish other action figures. I can't really describe it any better than that. Can anyone identify this toy?
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How to turn mega-projects for one into reliable processes for many

My responsibilities at my job have slowly but organically grown until they are more than I can handle alone. Fortunately, my boss is very good at giving me people to do things for me. Unfortunately, I am having a hard time transitioning from the paradigm where I hold absolutely everything in my head, so I end up farming out simple tasks but then staying late putting a finished product together. How can I learn to divide work among multiple people successfully? [more inside]
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Is '-wallah' (as in chai-wallah) in any sense an offensive word?

Let's say you've been having a lot of conversations about finding a way to get certain isolated or repetitive tasks done. Some things can be handled by automation, so they get a '-bot'; others get done by a human, so they get a '-wallah'. But is there some manner in which '-wallah' could be taken to be derogatory, offensive, appropriation, insensitive, etc? [more inside]
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What kind of tax help should I be getting?

I'm a roughly average taxpayer who doesn't know very much about American tax law or the tax preparation industry. Should I keep ignoring it and filing my taxes by myself, or will I benefit from looking for professional tax advice? [more inside]
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Who Dat?! Who Dat Say Dey Goin' To New Orleans...

In mid-April, Pips and I will be taking a trip to New Orleans. It's our first time and our hotel is on the fringes of the French Quarter. We've been doing research about places to go (and when the time is right we'll call for a MeFi Meetup), but right now I need inside dope. I wanna know about great places for eating and drinking, especially unknown ones. I'm a big foodie and boozie, so I'm up for just about anything. Thanks in advance.
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How do I make my mouse's scrollwheel work windows-esque on a mac?

When I use a mouse with a scrollwheel on the mac, the scrolling doesn't work like I'm used to in windows. Specifically, if I scroll one click of the wheel, it scrolls an infinitesimal amount (looks like one pixel height). I've never looked specifically at what the Windows behavior is, but I think it's three lines per scroll click. Is there any way to change this to be what I'm used to?
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What happened to the women and girls who worked for Thomas Edison?

Are there any journals in existence that were kept by women or girls who worked for Thomas Edison in the 1880s/1890s? More inside. [more inside]
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Should I even mention former job?

I just got unceremoniously canned from my part time (12 hour) job, which I started beginning of January, for a no call no show. I didn't MEAN to no call, no show. My full-time job gave us the Federal holiday off, and my brain made Monday into Sunday. I know, super lame. I could get into the legal and other issues that are taking quite a bit of my mental energy, but what's the point. Just know I've been somewhat distracted, to say the least. [more inside]
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Who owns the rights to Arc Records these days?

How would I go about finding out who owns the rights to albums and songs released by a long-defunct music company? Specifically, a Canadian label named Arc Records. The article I linked to states that Arc came under the control of Ahed Music Corp Ltd in 1969 and that both companies ceased operations in 1986, but I haven't been able to track down any information beyond that.
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Why are airline computer reservation systems so slow?

The computer reservation system that airline personnel at airports use to rebook flights for customers, change seats, and so on seem markedly slower than when the customer uses the internet to pick a seat, or book or change a flight. Why is that? [more inside]
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Where do I find real people with quirky yet destructive obsessions?

I'm working on a project at work about "unique or unexpected obsessions" related to technology, competition, health and fitness, animals, hunting, gaming or anything that is non-sexual or substance-related. I'm especially interested in how these so-called obsessions/addictions have impacted the subjects' relationships, careers, finances, etc. Where do I find people with weird yet intense obsessions that affect their everyday lives? I feel like I could use some inspiration, so any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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How do I talk with my spouse about her long term unemployment?

I'm not sure how to talk with my wife about the issues surrounding her long term unemployment. I don't want to come across as demanding or nagging, but I do want to express some concerns that I have honestly and clearly. How have you successfully communicated about this touchy subject with your significant other? [more inside]
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help me fix my three way… lamp.

we have a three way floor lamp (you know, the one that goes low, medium, high as far as light intensity, and requires the special bulb) in our bedroom. recently, the switch seems to have gone wonky, and only offers low, and, if we twist the knob only a certain amount, high. while we've learned the trick to make it work, and it's not like it's hard, i'm starting to get pretty annoyed with the fact that this isn't working anymore. it was not a crazy expensive lamp, but it also was not cheap, and i like that lamp, and i don't want a different one. i assume the problem is in the socket itself. can someone who hasn't tinkered with electronics since she was a teenager (and that was mostly to take stuff apart to see how it worked) but worked as a mac tech as an adult change out the socket pretty easily, or is this something i need to leave to the professionals?
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I Should Have Asked: Grandma, What's a Gazakus?

My hilarious grandma (may she rest in peace) often used the word gazakus (sp?). Was it a nonsense word she made up, or is it a real word that actually means something? [more inside]
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Turning the corner on 50 (pounds down)

In the past year or so, I’ve lost 46 lbs - which was 25% of my body weight. I have a goal to lose 5-10 lbs more, which would put me at a little over 50 lbs gone - and a coincidentally good zone for my size. I’d like to do, have, or make something to commemorate those 50 lbs. Not a reward - but I want to have something in my home, maybe on shelf somewhere, that I can look at as a visual reminder of that number and the work I put in for it. [more inside]
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It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

Please help me survive the last 5 weeks of this quarter. I'm on generic (Watson/Actavis) Concerta (36 mg) for ADHD, and generic (Taro) Lamictal (100 mg) for depression/anxiety. I'm also a part time student at a local community college, taking PreCalculus II (Trigonometry) and Cultural Anthropology - both College Transfer courses. And night courses that start at 6pm, that last for 2.5 hours each. I was also taking Statistics. Since last September or so, the Concerta has been giving me crying fits, particularly when it wears off. I was also working full time, and taking an inline Computer Science course. This is when I go from 'normal, functioning person' to 'uncontrollable crying as soon as I hit something frustrating, like my code not compiling. And by 'uncontrollable crying', it lasts for an hour or more, and I basically cry until I get fatigued. And afterwards, my head is blank like a vacuum. It doesn't make for a good work or study environment! I was only on 18 MG of Concerta, so my doctor doubled that to 36 mg, thinking it would help. Oh, holy cats it didn't. [more inside]
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How would you characterize Phys Ed in k-12 US schools?

At work, I've just started a project on phys ed, and I need some background info. I've contacted a few PE professionals' organizations, but haven't heard back yet. I'd like to know... [more inside]
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Accurately Measuring Tree Growth.

We recently were fortunate enough to buy a house in the Berkeley Hills with panoramic Bay views of the city from the Golden Gate to the Bay bridge. Our downhill neighbor has a large beautiful redwood tree in their yard. However as beautiful as the tree is it can significantly obstruct our view if allowed to continue to grow uabated so we need a way to accurately measure its growth remotely. [more inside]
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Awkward Salsa Moments

I just started taking a beginning salsa class. I really like it except that occasionally the moves include dips that I feel very awkward executing as a pretty tall, somewhat overweight woman. Any tips on how to deal with this? [more inside]
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Concierge doctor/medical group in Contra Costa County

I'm looking for a concierge medical practice. People in this question, as well as on Yelp and other review sites, have raved about One Medical. Unfortunately, the nearest One Medical is in Berkeley and no way am I going to drive that far to see my doctor. I'd like suggestions on a good concierge doctor or medical practice in Central Contra Costa County. [more inside]
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Help me find more 80s soundtrack theme songs ABOUT their parent films.

Help me remember music videos from that magical era when bands would record theme songs for (often horror) movies that were actually lyrically about the movies themselves and the artist would sometimes appear in the video and the video would be a story video and...well you know. Think Ramones' "Pet Sematary" or Dokken's "Dream Warriors" [more inside]
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De-stuffing for the stuff-intensive lifestyle?

I have a lot of stuff and desperately need to declutter. But I'm also a crafter, a DIY-type and a mom to small kids, which means I have lots of quasi-legitimate reasons to hold onto Stuff. Given that all these objects are potentially useful, what algorithms can I use to distinguish between "useful, but toss" and "useful, so keep"? [more inside]
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Help a trans woman find cute boots that fit?

I'm looking for these boots. They exist, but not in my size (US 13 women / US 11.5 men / EU 45). How do I find these boots or find somebody to make a high quality version of them? [more inside]
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Toggling IE Compatibility Mode makes website(s) work?

Ever visit a website (or build a website yourself) that would not completely load unless you togged compatibility mode off and on a few times? I'm dealing with that now and while it may be a red herring, at least I can eventually get some of the content to show up. [more inside]
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[academic/reading-geek filter] how to take notes on books within books?

My apologies for this very convoluted question...tl;dr: I guess I'm asking how people deal with taking notes from books, not just on the book's content and structure etc, but mapping bodies of literatures mentioned in those books. I would love to hear if you have a system that works for you. More after the jump. [more inside]
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Bunion surgery and running

Runners of MeFi, have any of you had bunion surgery? If so, what were your outcomes, running-wise? What was your recovery like? How soon were you able to get back to normal training or even maintenance training? Did you experience the hoped-for reduction in pain? Did you have any issues with your form or balance afterward? [more inside]
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Growing ginseng for fun and profit

A family member wants to retire a few years early and try to make some extra money growing ginseng on her property. Good or bad idea? Snowflakes within. [more inside]
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I want to compare documents

Does publicly available software exist that lets me overlay two documents and see how they differ from each other?
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Recommendations for mens padded bike shorts

I would like to get my boyfriend some bike shorts for his birthday. He does not want to wear the tight, spandex-type shorts alone, but maybe under some other moveable shorts. Or any other options? [more inside]
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2161 Pram Message for inaccessible storage device -- fixable?

My Data Traveller has become inaccessible showing up only in my devices and printers window as 2261 Pram, a new term for me. Placing the memory stick in other USB ports not helping and location G:\ seems impenetrable and unchain able as does everything on my storage device. Is there any chance the data is recoverable or has it died on me for good? I usually can fix and recover my own files -- until now...
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What was this science-fiction short story?

A friend read an SF short story in the 1970's, probably published in one of the common "Best of" anthologies of that decade. She's trying to find out the title, but Google and other sources turn up nothing so far. Can you help? [more inside]
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Teflon sticky tape? Or - how do I make this floor mat glide?

Is there something like a teflon sticky tape - sticky on one side, Teflon on the other - that I can attach to this floor mat so I can move it around easily throughout the day? More details... [more inside]
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Would you live next door to a sex offender?

My girlfriend and I put an offer on a house two weeks ago, and only thought now to check the sex offender registry. Turns out the guy next door was convicted in 2004 of aggravated sexual battery. Is this a deal breaker? I can't imagine her being alone at home with someone like that so close by. I really think we need to get out of the deal and look for another place but we really like this one and it's a bummer to start the whole process again.
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Slow Cooker Help, FAST

I've got a 5 lb. pork shoulder in the slow cooker, making this recipe. I started it at 7:30 this morning and want to eat around 7:00 tonight. The recipe calls for 16 hours of cooking time on low. Can I speed things up by cooking it on high for a couple hours? If so, is it better to do that toward the beginning of the cooking time (it's already been in over two hours) or toward the end. Or should I just give up on serving it tonight and make other plans for dinner?
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What is the best way to express dry a single item?

You're enjoying your morning coffee when you realize you never put your work pants in the dryer last night. What do you do, hot shot? What do you do? [more inside]
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How difficult is it to create an ebook for kindle?

I'd like a quality ebook with hypertext and art. Assuming good computer skills and time, can I do it myself or should I hire someone?
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Website for Population by Zip Code, But Specifically...

Hello Mefites! I'm looking for a reliable online service to pull population numbers by zip code, and while I know there are tons out there, I need one that isn't just plugging in one zip code at a time. Ideally, I'd like to be able to just download a database list of zip codes and their corresponding populations for the country, or state by state, to a CSV or XML file. Does this exist? The "reliable, up to date (as much as possible) source" part is important, as this data will be used as part of a franchise sale package. Thank you in advance!
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Thoughtful trans/queer/identity politics blogs

I'm looking for thoughtful, thought-provoking blogs (and books, I guess) covering topics like queer theory, trans/gender theory, identity politics, and maybe related activism. Transmasculine/masculine of center/FTM topics especially welcome. Extreme academic jargon is not a turn-off. A few additional notes inside. [more inside]
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You Married? You Have Kids?

I got asked about my marital and family status in a job interview. Now what? [more inside]
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Where can I buy a Lenovo X220-compatible charger in DC today?

Right now I'm at the airport, waiting to fly into DC, and just realized I forgot my charger. I'll see what I can pick up at my layover, but I would like to a) not fry my laptop and b) continue to use my laptop. I would like to buy the charger after checking into my hotel. I will not have a car. Relevant facts: 1) The X220 is the small Lenovo Thinkpad (not touchscreen.) 2) Staying in Dupont Circle 3) No car
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I've seen lots of mentions on the blue, green and elsewhere saying how great vinegar is in cooking, how some people have 40 different kinds for all different reasons. Thing is, I've never really used it except as directed by a recipe, so I've never developed a good sense for how it interacts with other food -- I have no instinct for it. Can the hive mind point me at resources or otherwise fill me in on the role vinegar(s) can play in food?
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Agnostic prayers, polytheistic prayers, and meditation chants.

I am an agnostic that really likes the calming effect of prayer, but am totally not interested in the monotheism or taking organized religion very seriously in general. Do you have prayer advice for me, and what sort of agnostic or polytheistic prayers (or meditative practices) do you take part in? Resources and recommendations are welcomed! [more inside]
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Daveyyyy! Davey Crochet! (Get it? If you pronounce it phonetically...?)

I can crochet... sorta. I have made mittens and slippers and hats and scarves, I even made a Dispicible Me Minion hat and scarf for my step son (impressing the pants off of him), but they are all winged. I have no idea about stitches and I have no idea what I am actually doing. Things just seem to work out (so far). I want to learn how to crochet for real and make awesome things. (Or should I try knitting again?) [more inside]
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What does simple project management look like?

What does "Project Management Light" look like? Are there good resources out there team members can read/watch/etc? Background and requirements inside. [more inside]
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Cheap digital camera for listing things on eBay?

I foolishly lent my digital camera for what was meant to be a short time and is turning into an indefinite period. I need to list some stuff on eBay and Etsy. I would like the cheapest reliable digital camera for this purpose. (I don't have and won't be getting a smartphone (at least not in the immediate "would like to sell things on eBay soon" level of future), so need a stand-alone camera.) [more inside]
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How to break a cycle of inaction and resentment?

For most of my young adult and now adult life, I'm having more and more difficulty taking control of the resentment that seems to build up as the result of my inability to communicate. I'm not sure if there's an overlap between the two, but I can't remember a time when I'd feel one without the other. [more inside]
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What the hell are they watching?

My sister-in-law posted this video of her and my wife watching ... something on TV in 1991. What is it? Camera is trained on the TV @ 1:28.
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so the weather is bad lately huh, Mr Z

I'm going to an afterparty for the BRIT Awards this evening - yay! and also - AARGH. How do I make the most of it and not be the obvious noob amongst the sparkly people? [more inside]
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What is a good introduction to evolutionary psychology?

I'm looking for a book or other resource to serve as an introduction to evolutionary psychology out of personal interest. I know that there is a lot of pseudo-science out there under this banner - so I'm only interested in resources that are well referenced. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Resources for abusive spouses seeking help?

I've just left an abusive relationship and have found information and support from domestic violence organizations, churches, therapists, etc. for myself as a victim of domestic violence. What I haven't found is information I can pass on to my ex to support his willingness to seek help. Is there a comprehensive list of links to mental health resources that explain to an abuser/person with anger issues how to seek help or, even better, how to do the work necessary to make that help useful? [more inside]
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Looking for an awesome wedding present involving preparation of cheese

My dear friend got married late last year and I'm a little behind on sending him and his new wife a wedding present. I'd like to find them something ~$50, related to cheese (like a cheese smoker or a really cool cutting board—they love cheese and will be opening a small cheese shop soon). I'm having a very hard time finding such a thing. They also like vintage, retro, rockabilly, steampunk and the like. They are in California and I am in England; sending them something from the US would be preferable but if there's something uniquely British here and not too much cost to ship I could manage that too. Any ideas for specific items to purchase would be most welcome, thanks!
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Lady Curie's Finishing School for Cybernetic Ladies

Myself and a group of like-minded ladies are in the throes of creating a feminist hackerspace in DC. We're at the point where we need to name ourselves, and haven't been able to get too far off the ground with brainstorming. [more inside]
posted by Gonestarfishing at 5:37 AM PST - 29 comments

Online forums for managing high blood pressure?

Are there any good (no woo-woo) forums for managing high blood pressure? I need to ask some technical questions about medication. [more inside]
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Perfect Roast Chicken With Vegetables

I'm on a quest for the perfect roast chicken with vegetables. How can I achieve it? [more inside]
posted by yankeefog at 4:55 AM PST - 35 comments

Books on US foreign policy

Please recommend your favorite readable books on United States foreign policy. I'm open to a broad range - biography/autobiography of key figures, analysis around a specific event, focus on specific forms of diplomacy, focus on specific issues - but I want something that is engaging and not too dense. Imagine you could pull it out of your bag during your subway commute. [more inside]
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February 18

is daily weed smoking normal or a sign of underlying issues?

my SO smokes weed pretty much every day. is it safe to assume that this is some kind of self-medication for stress or anxiety, and if so, what are the best ways that i can help as a partner? [more inside]
posted by humiliated_grape at 10:47 PM PST - 43 comments

My cat has turned into an obsessive groomer - help?

How do I stop my cat from chewing on himself? [more inside]
posted by New England Cultist at 9:39 PM PST - 11 comments

Relocating to the Seattle area from Chicago

We are considering relocating to the Seattle area from Chicago after living here for 4-5 years. What should we know beforehand? [more inside]
posted by deathpanels at 8:53 PM PST - 22 comments

Give me some easy songs for kids with no music training

I am part of a group of university-age music students who are volunteering at our local Boys and Girls Club to run a music playing-and-teaching program. I'm looking for easy pop songs that kids ages 9-15 would enjoy singing or playing along to on drums or guitar. [more inside]
posted by daisystomper at 8:22 PM PST - 12 comments

Great expectations? Maybe.

Single. Male. 30. Only child. Hetero. I don't feel the need to get married and/or my expectations of my ideal future spouse are keeping me that way? Too smart and objective for my own good? Normal or am I destined to be forever alone? [more inside]
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First comes the Strider bike, then comes....?

Darling Boy is nigh on his 4th birthday and we are looking to get him a bike. He has had since Christmas a Strider balance bike which he loves and has done very well on. We are looking for the next level of bike with pedals (and without training wheels) but are somewhat overwhelmed with our choices. What is a good quality next level pedal bike that will see him through until he is older?
posted by tafetta, darling! at 7:25 PM PST - 5 comments

What should a lady write to get a date?

Men of Mefi who have ever messaged a lady on OkCupid, what specifically made you want to message her, in her profile? [more inside]
posted by stockpuppet at 7:17 PM PST - 29 comments

Hang in or move on, work edition

I got a job offer that would get me out of my high-stress, 70-mile daily commute position. The downside is that it is a pay cut and a step back in my career, at a time when I just invested a lot of time and energy in moving forward in my career. [more inside]
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What is a reasonable contribution from a daughter who lives at home?

Daughter, 23, lives with me. She has had mental health struggles and doesn't feel ready to live alone or with roommates. I'm sure she will someday, but probably not within the next year or even two. She's doing great now. She completed a certificate program and has a full-time job at entry level pay, which will increase with experience. How much is a reasonable financial contribution to the household? [more inside]
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Which edition of Paradise Lost is best for a beginner?

Which edition of Paradise Lost is best for a beginner? I'm reading the poem for the first time, and for own entertainment / education rather than as a class assignment. Any recommendations as to the best edition for someone new to the poem? Or just your own favorite? Thanks.
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I just went up three bra sizes... why?

I've been 32B for the last 20 years. Now, in my late thirties, I'm suddenly a 32DD. What happened? [more inside]
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Beer bars in NYC

I'd like to go to a beer bar in Manhattan this weekend. I've always liked Zum Schneider but want to try some place different. Prefer a place that's typically not too crowded on a Saturday around 6pm (that seems early enough to avoid crowds, right?); quiet enough to talk; and ideally, which also has good food. Thanks!
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Online board games to play with faraway friends.

After geeking out about board games with some distant friends on Twitter, we came to a decision that we would like to play one together upon occasion using our computers. But there are a few problems with that. Snowflakes inside! [more inside]
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Master program in Multimedia/video production

Has anyone completed a master degree in multimedia? This would be a production degree, not research or theoretical. I work instructional design and support in a elearning group through a major university and have a chance to get tuition at very low cost. I am just not sure if gong through the program will make a difference in obtaining better positions later. I am in my early 40's and transferred to this position/industry after moving around in IT for about 10 years. [more inside]
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What do you call this thing used to cut tags off of new items?

What do you call this thing? (This one is broken, the metal part would be fastened to the plastic handle.) It is used to cut tags off of new items. [more inside]
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Incorporate an online-based business in New York or Pennsylvania

I'd like to start on online-base media/information/advice business, and I'm having trouble deciding on where to incorporate. [more inside]
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Chicago Churches

I am looking for a church in Chicago - one that meets a few particular requirements. [more inside]
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Oenophiles and winos of Metafilter:

I like Chinon wine. What else would I like? [more inside]
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Specific questions about zazen

So I've been doing some zazen following the instructions of Master Shodo Harada from this Youtube video. There he explains proper posture, focusing on breathing, counting your exhalations, keeping your eyes open while looking 1 m ahead on the ground, etc. I have (quite) a few questions that for experienced zazen meditators! [more inside]
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How can I deal with looming burnout as a mature student?

I’ve been doing a kind of post-bac for the past couple of years and am in the home stretch, but I’m feeling burned out, given a long commute and care-taking obligations. What can I do to help myself push through? [more inside]
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Bringing our US electrical devices to the UK / also NTSC-PAL question

It's generally advised to leave as much behind as possible when moving abroad, but my wife's employer is paying to have a decent amount of our household stuff transported from the US to the UK. And why would we want to waste money buying duplicate items if it isn't necessary and we probably won't be staying more than a couple years? So I'm trying to figure out which of our electronics and appliances might be made to work overseas. I am aware of the voltage difference and the line/mains frequency difference between the US and the UK and I'm considering buying one or two good-quality step-down voltage converters for things that aren't universal voltage compatible. But I have some questions that my Google research has not cleared up. [more inside]
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Packing and unpacking services in NYC

I am moving in Brooklyn and need a service that will pack my current apartment and unpack in my new apartment. [more inside]
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What is this panel with Chinese characters about?

Asking for a friend, who has on his office wall this wooden panel, about 3 feet by 4 feet, divided into 18 sections each densely filled with Chinese (I assume) writing. It came from his mother's estate, he has know idea where she acquired it. There is also writing on the outside edges of the panel. It's hard to tell whether the writing was done directly on the wood, or on paper which was then pasted to the panel. Here's a shot of one of the sections, and here's another. Can anyone translate some of this and provide an idea of what it is all about? And any idea how old it might be?
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What doesn't kill you makes you _______.

Looking for advice on coping mentally and emotionally with a long stretch of stress, boredom and pain — when these are things that I ordinarily find very hard to tolerate. (No need to worry about coping physically; the logistical details of preparation, pain management and aftercare have been taken care of.) [more inside]
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Help me be a substitute teacher

I'm substituting as a German teacher for a class of seven Japanese students of varying ages and levels (and attendance.) Help, please? [more inside]
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Is this a fair price for new windows?

Looking at getting new windows in our house. Replacing 20 windows, got a quote of about $22,000. Had sticker shock but then looked at details, now wondering if it's a fair price. [more inside]
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what do you wish you did in your thirties?

MeFi-ites in your late thirties, forties and fifties - what do you wish you had done in your thirties? I'm at the beginning of my thirties and have hit most of the milestones - a decent career trajectory, more self-aware, better balance. I am not yet married but in a relationship. In short, things are stable and pretty well but I know that . Looking back at my twenties, there are a lot of things I wish I did or wish I knew that got harder with age, life changes, or less career mobility (harder to move industries and not take a salary cut). What do you wish you had done or wish you had known about your thirties? I'm less looking for ideas for ME and more for inspiration in what others have done to make the most of that decade.
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What can I do to help the situation in North Korea?

The U.N. yesterday released a report detailing its findings on (the lack of) human rights in North Korea. Needless to say, they are horrific and appalling. Can we do anything about it? [more inside]
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shirts too wide- what to do?

I am a petite woman, and I really freaking love my collection of button-down shirts-- I have about 30 of them in different cuts, sizes, colors and patterns. I wear a button-down shirt every single day. Since October I've lost some weight and all my shirts now look clownishly big. What is the cheapest/ potentially easiest way for me to not look frumpy, but still wear my beloved shirts? [more inside]
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Getting our shit at LEAST in a diaper or something

OH HAY it's another prenatal question. Pursuant to getyourshittogether.org, I am trying to put those pesky ducks in a row before August. What kinds of documents, topics, etc. should we include in an estate plan et. al.? And what should we add (e.g. life insurance) to solidify things a bit more in case of Bad Things Happening? [more inside]
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Name these cocktails!

I have six specialty cocktails we are serving at a party in July, but don't know what to call them. The drinks will be featured as hourly specials, one at a time. [more inside]
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Cooking ahead for really nice dinner parties

My wife and I really like cooking elaborate multi-course meals for guests. We are advanced home cooks, and greatly enjoy being in the kitchen. However, our kitchen is not lavish, and of course time is limited. What are your go-to recipes that can be prepared in advance (ideally, the weekend before and frozen) and then finished or reheated for a really excellent dinner party? Examples inside. [more inside]
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I'm looking for a succinct, daily world news podcast?

I'd like a world news podcast that is released daily, and is a brief summary of top stories. (the shorter the better, but definitely less than 30 minutes). BBC Global News has too much non-top stories. I want a summary of the top 10 news stories. I don't want personal stories, I want trending news items from global news, for example: who is rioting? Who experienced a typhoon? What huge controversy happened at the Olympics? What song is taking over the airwaves? Which app just became the most downloaded app in history? So I guess the biggest news items, and the biggest trending items.
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Help me get from South Bend, IN to Indianapolis, IN

I am traveling to Indiana from California for work. I need to get from South Bend to Indianapolis. I was originally planning to just rent a car, but I've never driven on snowy roads and my family is convinced I'm going to kill myself. Can you help me travel safely? [more inside]
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Help me navigate the basics of the mental health system

My only real experience with mental health practitioners was a brief stint with my free university counseling where I tried one or two medications for anxiety and depression. They didn't do anything for me and I became disheartened and left the idea behind for the past few years. Having gotten health insurance for the first time a few months ago and after some recent introspection, I've found myself interested in possibly trying some anti-anxiety/depression medication again, as well as some sort of ongoing psychotherapy. [more inside]
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Ask me no questions

I have recently connected with an old friend and I am curious to see what Mefites think of this behavior and see if you have any tips on dealing with it. [more inside]
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Booze Gift for a Stag Weekend

One of my oldest friends is travelling to Krakow for a stag weekend in a few months. I can't go due to my current plan of having a 1 month old daughter at the time, so I would like to send a bottle of something quite classy for them to start the weekend off. What should that be and how should I go about it? [more inside]
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I have too many interests and I'm losing it

I have always had multiple interests, and the list has grown as I've gotten older. I can't decide how to pursue them without losing my sanity. [more inside]
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Shelf life of Household Chemicals?

What is the shelf-life of common household chemicals? [more inside]
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Dangerous neighbor harassing my family. What can I do?

Dangerous neighbor harassing my family. What can I do? This has been going on for almost 15 years now, but yesterday the problem resurfaced. My family (mother, sister and her two young children) live next door to a violent man. [more inside]
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Chrome full screen to a second monitor

I am having a hard time making Chrome go full screen on my second display without making the primary display unusable (OSX 10.8). [more inside]
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What should we do on an 8-hour Amtrak ride with our train-loving kid?

My family is taking a trip this weekend up on Amtrak from Richmond, VA to New Haven, CT, on the Northeast Regional. My 9-year-old son loves trains, but has never been on Amtrak. How can I make this the Best Trip Ever for him? [more inside]
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Computer for the elderly

I maintain a PC for a user who has dementia and who breaks the computer in short order. So I installed DeepFreeze (thanks AskMe) and it has worked great, but now they turn off the computer without shutdown so it eventually blue screens and won't boot at all. What can I do to make the system impervious to turning off without shutdown? I'd like to stay with Windows if possible for a number of unrelated reasons, though open to Linux if there is no other option assuming it can be "frozen" cfg and remote management.
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How do I choose an inspector for a used car I'd like to buy?

I'm looking to buy a car in southwest michigan. I trust "my" mechanic in my town, but there's few cars here. Other towns, eg Grand Rapids and Lansing, have great cars, but I don't know any mechanics in those towns. By what logical process should I choose a mechanic to take potential cars to? [more inside]
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Tour Eastern Canada recommendations

My in-laws are flying in from India to Boston. They've never been to Canada and are curious to see the Eastern part including Toronto, Ottawa, Quebuc, Montreal. Do you have any recommendations on guiding tour companies which they may enjoy. (Please note, they aren't open to renting a car, so I'm researching guided tour options). Thanks in advance, -Z
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Backups, images, and clones, oh my!

I have an ongoing need to make hard disk clones and images/snapshots for home and business use. What's the easiest, most effective path to do this? [more inside]
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Most helpful groups/resources/forums for anxiety issues? (Cleveland, OH)

I am not meshing well with my therapist, and I plan on quitting. Finding a new therapist under my current health plan would take months; they're booking into May at the earliest. I'd like to find resources online and around the Cleveland area to help me cope with my longstanding anxiety (Primarily SAD, some GAD) issues in the meantime. [more inside]
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On Beyond Tacos

I've recently realized that due to having lived only on the northern east coast of the US, I am not very knowledgeable about Mexican cuisine beyond what's bled over into "Tex-Mex". Can you point me at resources to help me expand what I know? [more inside]
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Taking the "-roid" Out of "Android Games"

I'm looking for peaceful, quiet, calm, relaxing Android games. Quell (and its two sequels) fit the bill perfectly, but I've played them to death. Digitized snowflakes within! [more inside]
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How long does one have to make a claim Auto Insurance /US - NJ?

Scenario: Car was hit from the back by an insured driver who took responsibility for the incident. This is noted in the police report. This incident happened 2.5 months ago. No claim was made on the insured driver. The repair is minor (re-paint). Question: Can a claim still be made since the incident happened approx 2.5months ago or is it too late? I wonder if it becomes harder to prove that the damage is because of the incident and not something that happened later (during the 2.5months). Thoughts?
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Where are your hidden gem small festivals?

Where are the best small music festivals in Europe this summer. In my ideal world there is a reasonably priced festival with a half decent line up that hasn't got too big for its britches. [more inside]
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Instrumental songs with similar energy to the William Tell Overture

I'm looking for instrumental songs that have a similar energy to the finale of the William Tell Overture. Genre doesn't really matter, but tone shouldn't be dark. What does: a big call to action, the sense that things are getting bigger and bigger and, most importantly, a tempo that feels like it's almost careening out of control. I've already perused this thread.
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I'm looking for a bluetooth button. No features. Just. A. Button.

So I used WAZE for my morning commute on my iPhone. It's on my dash and out of easy reach. But sometimes I get an idea for a thing I need to do when I get to the office. Or a text I need to send. So I have to stretch and reach over for the iPhone button to hold it down and dictate it to Siri. Then I thought: What if I just had a button. On me. So that's what I'm looking for. A button I can have close to me that I can press to activate the same function on the iPhone. Not a headset. Or a speakerphone. My car's functionality there works great. Just a button to trigger the thing that's a foot out of easy reach. Now It'd be great if it was like a pin on and didn't look awful so it could be semi decorative. But frankly even if it was big and ugly and I could mount it on the wheel that would work too. So...anyone know any straight button options?
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What was the last major racially-segregated event in the US?

Does anyone know what the last segregated event was in the US ? I'm curious about "major events", say around 10,000 people. [more inside]
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Why Apple, Why?

How do I transition from an Android phone to and iphone? [more inside]
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I need out of this situation, extremely complicated. Help?

I am in a relationship and my feelings have changed. I am financially dependent and feel horrible about it. I feel trapped. How can I fix this with the least amount of collateral damage? [more inside]
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How do I go about taking a pair of tablas on a plane?

I need to take a pair of tablas (hand drums) onto a plane. [more inside]
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I accepted your offer and work here now. Let's negotiate my salary now!

I started a job several weeks ago and now I think I definitely should've asked for a higher salary. Oops. How soon can I ask for a raise? And how do I broach that subject? I've never had to ask for a raise in my life. Details below. (Sorry the post is quite long because any feedback on how to deal with my specific situation would be great.) [more inside]
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Android alarm clock that notices when I'm already awake?

I'm getting a Fitbit Flex soon and am planning to use its silent alarm feature so my partner can keep snoozing undisturbed while I rise and shine. I'd still like to have a noisy alarm as a backup just in case, though. Is there an Android app available that can do either of the following things: 1) notices that I'm already up (via the motion sensor, or unlocking the screen) and will skip any upcoming alarms or 2) has a really quick way to skip the next alarm (say, from the notification bar or a widget on the home screen) - if I have to open the app I'm likely to forget. I believe KitKat has feature #2 in the stock clock, but my S3 Mini is still on version 4.1.2 and I'm not sure if/when an update will be coming. Thanks!
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February 17

How to get gas rewards indirectly using a non-rewards fleet card?

I regularly gas up vehicles with a fleet card. The company footing the bill has no interest in any sort of rewards credit cards. Is there any way to get rewards for fill-ups with a fleet card at gas stations in Seattle, WA? (My instinct was no, but given that the FuelRewards program lets you save on gas based on grocery purchases, it got me wondering if the reverse is possible).
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How can I sell music CDs to music stores and retailers?

What are ALL of the steps involved in selling music CDs to music stores and retailers? [more inside]
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Is Fort Lee, New Jersey, Within the Port District of NY and NJ?

This is essentially a legal question. Is Fort Lee New Jersey within the Port District of New York and New Jersey? The Port District is the area which the two states described the area that the Port Authority would be responsible for controlling on port matters when they set up the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. I want to know if Fort Lee, New Jersey, is within that area. The exact description, which I have no idea how to plot is below. I'm hoping someone can just point me to a document proving it or a map of the Port District with either Fort Lee in or out of the district. Or its so obvious I don't even need to have a map. [more inside]
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Plumbing woes

I'm asking this Q for a friend and I really hope someone will be able to help. We moved into our house about two years ago. We've had problems with our sprinklers in the past and when we had them repaired, a sprinkler expert told my wife there was "something wrong" with how we get water to the front since they couldn't shut off the water. That didn't make sense to me, but now that I've tried to fix the sprinklers in the front myself, I've encountered the same problem. When I turn off the shut off valves near the water meter (what I think are the main valves), nothing happens, though it does turn off the water to the backyard. When I need to repair plumbing inside the house, the valve close to the house does the trick, but again, I can't shut off water to the front sprinklers. I have no idea how the sprinklers were installed, but it is getting frustrating and I'd like to know how to go about troubleshooting this. Is there any way to identify where a valve might be to shut off the water to the front sprinklers? Here's a simple diagram I drew. Thank you!!!
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What are some mind-blowing non-alcoholic drinks/cocktails?

A friend of mine who can't drink for the near future wanted to meet up with me at a bar/restaurant (in the US) for my birthday. I'd like to help make it be totally awesome for her by suggesting amazing non-alcoholic drinks that would (figuratively) knock her socks off. What do you recommend? (This will be at a bar that basically tends to have everything, although right now they are out of bitters.) I've reviewed older posts along these lines, but was curious to know what else might be available. Thanks!
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How soon after sex should I have STI testing done?

I (late 20s male) slept with a girl I don't know very well over the weekend. (Used protection, nothing broke or leaked...all very safe.) We talked after, and she said that the last time she was tested she was clean, but that was a while (and a couple of partners) ago. I have no reason to suspect I've acquired anything new, but I'd still like to do my due diligence and make sure I'm clean. My last test was about a year and a half after the last time I'd had sex, but I don't intend on waiting nearly that long. I know HIV takes about six months to show up, but as far as other common STIs go, how long should I wait for anything else to show up?
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Looking for Family Law Attorney in Austin, Texas

Can you recommend a family law attorney with CPS experience in or around Austin, Texas? [more inside]
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Why am I so hung up on this jerk?

I've been nursing a crush on one of the bartenders at the restaurant where I work for a few months. I always knew that he had "a way with the ladies," so to speak, but didn't realize how much of a ridiculous womanizer he is until I had lunch with a friend today and she spilled the details to me and ugh I FEEL TERRIBLE AND STUPID. More after the jump. [more inside]
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What is this mysterious rubber object?

I found this (2, 3) in a box of office supplies manufactured in Brooklyn in the mid-late 1940s. It appears to be a component of something, but I have no idea what - does anyone recognize it?
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Seattle Downtown Fun

My friends and I are driving into downtown Seattle... We're looking for a fun place to hang out for dinner and drinks. Can anyone recommend a street in the downtown area that will generate lots of options this evening?
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Help me remove this lock and deadbolt

How do I remove this lock and deadbolt? All the guides I've seen online have a plate against the door with 2 screws, and what this door has instead is a cylindrical insert. [more inside]
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Postponing Exam due to Extreme Anxiety

I have a exam this Wednesday. I am also going through extreme anxiety. I am diagnosed with anxiety disorder. Last fall I went to the hospital due to extreme anxiety over constant pains which caused me to be suicidal. I ended up seeing a psychologist and social worker regularly. Do you think it would be acceptable to get a doctors note to postpone this exam until my bout of extreme anxiety passes.
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Must-do things in The Netherlands

I'm being sent on a whirlwind trip to the Netherlands - four days in Utrecht/Amsterdam. I'll basically have a day and a half (and possibly a couple of evenings) to see.. stuff! But I have absolutely no idea what's there. What should I see? What are the must-do's and can't-misses? [more inside]
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Japanese Twitter, 分んない

I have a four letter twitter username. Several times a week, different Japanese twitter users will send me more than 100 mentions, usually gibberish or numbers. I think it's a sort of game or trolling, but I want to understand why. [more inside]
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If You Have Half A Brain

In Rupert Holmes' "Escape", there are a couple of lines that seem at odds with what I would call hippie culture, namely "If you're not into yoga" and "I'm not much into health food." Yet some of the other bits like "getting caught in the rain," "the feel of the ocean," and "making love at midnight in the dunes on the Cape" seem, to my more modern viewpoint, in line with hippie-esque ideals. So what's the deal? [more inside]
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Why I can't sign up for google apps with the domain I own?

Why can't I sign up for google apps with the domain I own? Weird troubleshooting loop, I'm probably doing something wrong that is really obvious. [more inside]
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Help! My cell phone sleeve needs closure!

So, I have this very nice cell phone sleeve (number 11) -- but because it is open at one end, my IPhone 5 is prone to making suicidal plunges out of it. I need a small strap, perhaps an inch and a half long, preferably with a quick release like Velcro or a snap. And it needs to glue on securely and not be hideous on my case. Any ideas, craft-y MeFis? My Google fu got me nowhere.
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Small, useful gift ideas for someone going on a trip to Costa Rica?

A friend (read: guy I've been seeing for two months) is leaving to Costa Rica for a week. I'd like to give him a gift of something that's inexpensive, personal, and that he'd find useful on his trip. [more inside]
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How do I work out what to do next, without disrespecting my marriage.

Out of nowhere it seems, I’m considering asking my wife for a divorce and I can’t figure out if its because I met someone else I feel I’d really like to get to know or because I’ve realized that we just aren’t meant to be. Or am I just being a douche for even considering throwing away what I’m confident almost anyone would agree is a marriage to a great woman? Sorry for the long story… My wife is a great person – of course – why would you marry someone you didn’t think this about? The list is huge – she’s smart, funny, empathetic, gets me, is very beautiful and will one day I know make a really wonderful mother. I know most would say all of this about their spouse, but even with rational eyes, the above is true. She has bad points too for sure, but no need to list those off as well. We’ve only been married about 18 months, but together for some time before this. [more inside]
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How can I get to New Brunswick, NJ from JFK in 7 hours, reverse in 5?

Juggling options: how do I get to New Brunswick, NJ for a conference that runs from 1 PM on Sunday, April 27 through 2 PM on Friday, May 2nd? Based on flight availabilities and transit timing, is JFK or EWR a better option? Details on flight times inside. [more inside]
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Chicago/UIC-filter: What food donations to send to UIC Strike HQ?

What kind of food donations can I send to the UIC faculty strike headquarters? [more inside]
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Wish upon a car

Car enthusiasts, what kind of after-market electronic gadget do you wish you could buy for your car/truck that doesn't currently exist (at least at an affordable price)? [more inside]
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Wedding venues at Scottish castles?

We'd like to have a small, lovely wedding on the grounds or in the gardens of a Scottish castle. The internet leads me down a sweaty, confusing little rabbit hole. [more inside]
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kids and quiet

I lost my voice completely! Any good kid activity suggestions that involve complete quiet from the adult?
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What, in late 18th century England, did it mean to "play at 'chuck'"?

I have read a reference from Glouchester, England in 1783 of poor children in the streets "playing at 'chuck'." I have no idea what that means. [more inside]
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Help me find the warmest full length winter coat in the world.

Help me find the warmest full length winter coat in the world. [more inside]
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How do I learn to live on my own?

I've never been close to either of my parents and was really only close to one set of grandparents. Well, the last of my grandparents died recently and I'm rapidly realizing just how alone I am. How do I come to terms with this? How do I proceed in having a happy and successful life in the knowledge that I'm really without a safety net? [more inside]
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How do I Hot Water Heater in Chicago?

So we've started fixing up our condo a bit with an eye on selling it later this year. I managed to install a new dishwasher all by myself, and am feeling pretty good about it. Of course, a day later we notice that there's a puddle of water under our 18-year-old hot water heater, so I can't really rest on my laurels. More Inside! [more inside]
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Mystery knee pain + tenderness everywhere. Lymphedema or what?

My knees began to hurt suddenly two months ago and aren't much better regardless of my attempts to fix them. Also, my knees and thighs are tender to the touch almost everywhere. Make it stop? [more inside]
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Ice cream trucks to help out with a party in SF

We need three ice cream trucks to park at three specific locations in the SF mission district for an hour or so this Sunday. Help! [more inside]
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Document as gift -- logistics.

Turning a document into a "keepsake." [more inside]
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Turning mp3 bookmarks into a podcast feed

I'm looking for an easy way to turn mp3s I find online into a podcast feed. [more inside]
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I'm your Tiny dancer, dancer for money, and any old music will do.

"My" cat's name is Tiny. I want to pick her up and dance with her around the house more when she comes to visit. Can you please provide me songs that would adapt to using the word "Tiny" that I can sing to her while we dance? I already know "Tiny Dancer" and "Private Dancer." Please assume classic songs I (a relatively music-clueless 43 year old) would know.
posted by Stewriffic at 11:32 AM PST - 26 comments

A Bit Nietzche but I'm Hoping for an Answer, Locke, Stock and Barrel.

So, I've been trying to hash out my philosophic and intangible beliefs and I realized that the only thing I really, truly connect with in a belief sense is Nothing, the dark. To be clear, I don't mean this melodramatically, I simply mean this in the sense that I find the fact that when I close my eyes at night that the idea that, as Roger Ebert put it, "I was perfectly content before I was born" comes to mind. That there is more that does not exist in this world than does. From John Locke (blank slate ideas) to Nietzche and religion, can you good people point me very broadly in the direction of thoughts on the nothing that surrounds us? Thanks!
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Murder in the Building. Roommate Needed.

How do I find a roommate for my recently stigmatized apartment? My Boyfriend and I moved into an apartment with the knowledge that we would eventually rent out the second bedroom. It's in a converted house, with a shared stairwell. We live on the third floor, the landlady and her family live on the second floor, and the tenant on the first floor was recently murdered by his roommates. The roommates are in prison and were arraigned last Friday. [more inside]
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How to job search

I've made it this far in life (26/f, about to graduate with Masters in Public Health) without ever really having to search for a job. Now I'm finding the process overwhelming and scary. How do I approach this? [more inside]
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Books Wanted: Channeling Productive Psychological Destruction/Creation

What I'm looking for: something to read about destroying those idealizations I've built up over, really, a lifetime - and in turn, building up trust in myself and holding my own powers/creations as my own, instead of turning them over to groups with institutionalized power. Background: I need to break up with the city I live in, the large institution I have worked for for 10+ years, and deal with the fact that I idealize Academia in general and this one in particular and that it's let me down too many times - something akin to a crappy relationship or family, but those aren't the problems. [more inside]
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Grad School Filter: Sub 3.0 GPA w. work experience, what can I do?

I graduated from a state school with a Comp Sci degree eight years ago. I never thought about a masters degree since the IT field rarely requires it. But I'm now thinking about it because of aspirations to move higher in my role with the company. There are some hurdles - more inside [more inside]
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identify this cliche movie trailer music

I need help finding a piece of music I'm pretty sure has been used in multiple movie trailers. [more inside]
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Naughty Star Trek TNG audio

At some point in the mid-to-late 90s, I found an audio file (might even have been a .wav because MP3s weren't huge yet) that I'd like to find again. It was a fan edit of vocals from episodes of Star Trek:The Next Generation that strongly implied that Jean-Luc Picard and William Riker were lovers. [more inside]
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wanted: cat. not wanted: lifetime poop-scooping duty

My partner and I want a cat. I'd like it to be an indoor/outdoor cat, because I CANNOT DEAL with litterboxes. Partner says we'd probably need a litterbox anyway, for when the weather's bad. Is that true? If you have a cat and no litterbox, please tell me how it works at your house. [more inside]
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Shouldn't I be feeling stronger by now?

YANMTrainer, YANMDoctor, etc. I've been part of a fitness bootcamp for more than a year. We do pretty intense one-hour workouts - a ton of stairstepping, jumping, sprinting, uphill sprints - 2 or 3 times a week. Even after a year, I am ALWAYS uncomfortably sore for multiple days after a workout. Which means I am always sore - usually in my calves and hamstrings, and so tired that I don't want to do any other physical activity. This isn't normal, is it? [more inside]
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Carport light solution for unoccupied house

This house is unoccupied at this time, need carport light to come on a dusk and off at dawn. Bought one of those light bulb sockets at Wal-Mart and it worked good the first month. Now it stays on all the time. Have tried moving the photo eye around with no improvement. Any suggestions that does not involve wiring would be helpful. I was thinking about the timer light socket but read many bad reviews about those too (not working correctly).
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What are some newer international banking options for travelers?

After trying to deal with Wells Fargo's atrocious service and policies, I'm ready to look at other banking options when traveling. [more inside]
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How to detect bots on my game website?

As a follow up to my question about keeping an online game from being gamed: How do I programatically detect bot-players? [more inside]
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The Greatest Love of ALLL

How do I like myself more? [more inside]
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Charles William who?

I have this nagging (yet unfounded) feeling that the lyrics in this song are referencing something that I should get, but I don't. Lend me your ears. [more inside]
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What financial programs can help me compare hypothetical investments

I’m interested in what calculators and resources are available that would allow me to make comparisons of investments I hypothetically would have conducted in the past. So if I would have bought a certain stock in January 1995 and sold it on August 2004, what would have been annual return and so on... [more inside]
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Age is just a number...?

Me (female): 24. Him: 19. I can tell he likes me; I feel confused and feel like I'm leading him on. Help! [more inside]
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How does anyone ever talk to anyone else?

I'm in a new relationship and we just had a fight that was started more or less because of an issue I've been struggling with my life: I never know what to say to people. How can I work through this issue? [more inside]
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How to block facebook notifications from certain people?

I can't block these people but I'd prefer to not know when they like or comment on my posts. [more inside]
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Make my ears bleed artfully.

I'm reading Orfeo, the new Richard Powers, and thus started listening to Olivier Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time, and was kind of blown away. Now that I know I'm interested in this sort of music... make me a playlist!
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Find That Song!

I was in a diner the other day and heard a light rock song that had a chorus of Harrison, Harrison, Harrison sung by what sounded like a man. They were playing a lot of 80s and 90s stuff, so it's probably around there. What is this song? I tried to Google it but all that got me was lots of information about George Harrison.
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Bad Guy + Gravity = Swiss Cheese

Watching the video from this FPP got me wondering. There are countless scenes in movie and TV shows that depict somebody shooting somebody else and that person falling to the ground dead from a rooftop, ledge, etc. (and possibly Wilhelm screaming on the way). Are there any examples where the shooter/killer keeps firing at the gravity-stricken victim while they fall?
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Civil unrest news source without any fluff, bias, or distraction

I'm looking for any website that provides up to date unbiased news, reports and footage of political upheaval and civil unrest. For example (applicable to today), like many other news websites it would have up to date material on what's happening in the Ukraine - but (unlike many news websites) also what is happening in Venezuela right now, plus Syria (as some media news outlets have stopped their coverage and moved onto other situations). [more inside]
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iPad iDiot

Help me turn my iPad into a work productivity tool. [more inside]
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Babysitter Business

My wife and I always have trouble finding a babysitter. Our friends have the same problem. This problem came up at a party last night. Our solution to the problem was a website / app that allowed parents to search for babysitters. There are plenty of services that do this already, but we all agreed that none of the services were solving the 'trust' problem. We felt that none of the existing services were local enough, e.g. tied to our local community / social circles. As a parent, what would this service need to do to put you at ease? Do the babysitters need to be vetted, and if so, how? Referrals? Reviews? Video interviews? Personality tests? What would you need to know to trust a babysitter with your kids?
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Photo tumblers for outdoor activities?

I love jjjjound.com. I also love outdoor activities: hiking, camping, kayaking, snowboarding, surfing and more. Are there any well-curated photo tumblrs / blogs that offer similar high-quality, preferably image only content to enjoy, but on outdoor adventures or adventure sports? Not just on gear, but actually doing stuff.
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Several Part Question about My Trip to Costa Rica

1. My partner and I are planning an 8-day/7-night trip to Costa Rica to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Our plan is volcano + rain forest + beach. Any suggestions on specific places and must sees or must dos? 2. Any recommendations on the best travel agencies to work with to arrange the Costa Rica portions of our trip? 3. I've already heard from 4 companies and they've responded with essentially the same package - 3 nights at Arenal, 3 nights at Manuel Antonio, 1 extra night in either of those places or in San Jose. The prices are in the $3800-$4000 range except for one company which comes in way below the others at $2715 - am I potentially getting scammed if I go with this company?
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February 16

Looking for an android widget like the google now stock widget

I love the Google now widget ...except for one thing, I've no control over what it shows. I particularly like the way it displays stock prices and would like a constant stock graph as a widget with the same look and feel (or close to it) of the Google Now cards - does it exist?
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Can you help me find this Public Service announcement?

It ran as part of the "No Stank You" campaign in Washington State. A teenaged boy is by a locker and his teeth all fall out.
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Raptor Rapture in VA

I'd like to find a place in the Northern Virginia area (within an hour's drive, ideally) where guests can interact with raptors/birds of prey (owls, hawks, falcons, etc). I've done several google searches but can't seem to find a place that lets people get up close and personal with the birds aside from one place that has occasional open houses but only on Sundays. We aren't available on weekends. It doesn't really matter if it's a wildlife sanctuary or some other type of bird-keeping situation. I saw the website for the Virginia Falconry Club, but it seems pretty "members-only", so I don't think that's an option. Any ideas?
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Help make my iphone 5s messaging not horrible?

A convoluted story about failing to get an iPhone 5S to successfully do all messaging over SMS/MMS rather than iMessage. I would like a way to keep my cellular network turned off, but still be able to send and receive messages without constant errors. [more inside]
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Health insurance hand wringing

Could a specialist on the other side of the country still be considered in-network? [more inside]
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Help me plan my backpacking trip, real-time!

I'm currently in Guatemala with a friend, and we have another ten weeks until our flight home from Panama City. How should we divide the rest of our time? Which countries should we visit? Specific considerations inside. [more inside]
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I need more good non-fiction

I need more good non-fiction. I'm particularly interested in food and history (and, obviously, food history) but I'm getting a bit desperate so I'm open to anything except politics and sports. I prefer more in-depth and non-fluffy books if I can get them, with extra points if they're available on Kindle. [more inside]
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Motorcycle on LA Freeways

So I've just moved to LA (awesome) and am thinking of getting a motorcycle as my primary mode of transport. Thing is, when I mention this to my friends (most of which aren't licensed to ride a motorcycle), I get incredulous looks and/or stern warnings as to how silly and dangerous a proposition this is. [more inside]
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Yellowstone suggestions

Yellowstone lodging and other Yellowstone-related suggestions [more inside]
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Retrieving Iphone notes

Looking for a program that will help rescue my lost notes... [more inside]
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The voice of Encarta MindMaze

Last weekend I caught up with a friend that I hadn't seen in a while as we drove to a wedding together. Over the course of swapping tales, she told me that when she was around nine years old, she was paid a small sum to record her voice to be used in the MindMaze game buried in Microsoft Encarta, but that she'd never been able to find the recording as an adult to listen to again. [more inside]
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What is this connector on my Toshiba (Dell) DVD RW drive?

Here's a picture - this is the only connector on the drive, so it presumably carries power and data. The drive is a slimline TS -L462.
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Un-Christlike behavior by U.S. conservatives?

I'm looking to collect as many specific examples as I can, of instances in which specific Republican/conservative behaviors and/or political moves have directly contradicted the teachings of Christ. Some specific examples within. [more inside]
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What features would you like in a mobile app promoting a town or city?

What features would you like/expect to see in a mobile app promoting a town or city? How would that list differ if you were a resident or a visitor? How would it differ from a Tourism website? What would make you download it, keep it or delete it?
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Help me restore faded slides.

During the holidays, I came back from visiting my family with about 2,300 of my Dad’s old slides that I’m in the process of scanning. I’ve read through several online tutorials about how to restore the color on faded slides, but I haven’t had much success replicating them. [more inside]
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Forum for caregivers of elderly housebound patients?

What are the good online forums where well-informed relatives of the elderly in long term home-based health care share information? [more inside]
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What is "turtle-billing"?

In the course of a dramatic reading of "Fanny Hill" last night I ran across the phrase "turtle-billing," but I cannot find a precise definition of the act. Can you? [more inside]
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Is a web site that tracks down time of other web sites really needed?

I'm having trouble getting onto my favorite techie forum site, stackexchange, and this tracking site comes up in google. In fact, the only reason I even thought to search on down time, as opposed to some myriad of other possible issues causing trouble with a web site (such as browser or home network issues), was I couldn't get google yesterday and, gasp, used Yahoo to lookup something. What do you know about this site, isitdownrightnow? I see it used once before on AskMetafilter 01-20-2013. Is a tracker of site down time really needed?
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Recommend low-carb or diabetes food blogs

My husband was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Can you suggest food blogs that focus on low-carb recipes, or cooking for someone with diabetes? I specifically want weblogs -- not books, magazines, tv shows or other kinds of websites. Thanks!
posted by OrangeDisk at 11:11 AM PST - 12 comments

What should I bring to my Aussie friends in Sydney as a gift?

I'm about to head to Australia where I'll be staying with an expecting couple for a while. I'd like to bring them a gift but I'm not sure what would be nice. Please make some suggestions. [more inside]
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Diagnose my iPhone

Text messaging consistently does not work on my phone (iPhone 4s, AT&T). 2 failure modes: 1) The blue "Sending" bar does not go all the way to complete in iMessage 2) I'll send a text successfully, and the other person will text me back right away, but I won't receive their reply. When I do get their reply, however, it'll say the correct timestamp (from when they sent it, which is often hours earlier.) This always happens with some people and never with others. It happens to both iMessage and regular texts. I'm wondering whether to take it to the Apple store, the AT&T store, to do a factory reset, or to fiddle with some other settings. Has anyone else encountered this and been able to fix it?
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The Mid-PhD Crisis

Hi Hivemind, I'm currently enrolled in a PhD program for statistics and operations research, and in two more years I can grab that PhD. Alternatively, I can jump ship now with a MS, headed for the (inviting/inevitable) waters of industry. Knowing that I have no interest in staying in academia, give me some motivation to finish. Or, tell me to quit because actual work experience is more valuable! What roles should I be looking at other than Data Scientist? Would it be feasible to get a position doing private research, and would that be awesome? Bonus points if you can tell me what skills I should be cultivating to be hire-able (software engineering)? P.S. I will also do some more chatting with profs and former students to figure out how I should be directing myself, but I hope the HiveMind can provide some complementary ideas.
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Where to go mens clothes shopping in Philadelphia?

Where do you recommend to go shopping for mens clothing, and specifically dress pants, in central Philadelphia or the surrounding area? [more inside]
posted by eurandom at 10:09 AM PST - 6 comments

Looking for recipes to make

I've got ground beef, tofu, cheese, spices, and a low budget. What can I make that's healthy and will last me for a week of leftovers? I'm open to any style of food but I just don't know the options that are available to me. (I live near a grocery, so I can source a lot of other ingredients readily if I know what I'm making.)
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Books on Judaism and Hebrew?

Books on Judaism and Hebrew? [more inside]
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Documentary About a Group of Hospice Caretakers of Young Man Dying

So a while back I saw this video about a young man - I think he was a war veteran who was dying of a neurological disorder that slowly rendered him unable to move and then breathe. [more inside]
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Best way to fix/patch chipped bay window?

Something knocked a divot knocked out of our big (6' x 4') bay window has, and there are a couple cracks radiating out from the chipped place. I'm guessing this is something we want to hop on pretty quick so it doesn't get worse. What's the best answer? [more inside]
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Creative ways to share love in the ICU

My friends just had the worst week of their lives and they are now separated from their 3yo son by a hospital and over a thousand miles. What are some ways he can show them love while they're apart? [more inside]
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Help me amaze first graders with a story & demo about states of matter!

My daughter is in first grade, and her class is studying solids, liquids, and gases. I want to come in and do some related fun science demo to engage and amuse them. Bonus points if I can somehow tie it into a short children's book, so I can read the book first and then conduct a themed experiment based on the story. They have likely seen some of the basic common science demonstrations, but I am open to anything if it works with a story. It also needs to be educational, safe and relatively inexpensive (Under $50 or so, so dry ice is fine, gallium spoons not so much). I work at a research university, but on the social science side, but can probably hit up medical researchers for equipment, if it would help. Any ideas are appreciated, especially with suggestions for books as well!
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Given £5k, how do I get a girlfriend?

I'm rapidly approaching 30 and I've never had a girlfriend. It's going to be a good year in career terms and I should be getting a nice wodge of cash in the next couple of weeks. I really don't want to be alone any more and this is a resource that I have, so how should I use it? I'm short (5ft 8) and a little tubby so maybe a personal trainer and a wardrobe refresh? Or perhaps therapy/counselling is the way to go? Should I be doing cookery or dance classes to make myself a more attractive, well-rounded person? How about a dating coach? What do you think?
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Good 'Techno-Thrillers'?

I recently bought Zero Day by Mark Russinovish because it was cheap, and also I was vaguely interested in seeing how the whole 'techno-thriller' genre has evolved since I made the mistake of trying to read the Net Force books. It's not very good. Help me find an alternative! [more inside]
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Used disk utility to reformat a partition...

and that worked just great...only it did something to the other partition which has caused it not to mount, to refer to itself as disk3s5. It refuses to mount and if I click "verify disk" it says the disk needs to be repaired and to click repair disk. When I do so I get "disk utility can't repair the disk". So what on Earth did disk utility do to the other partition which I did not ask it to touch? The original job was completed because the file system of the other partition was NTFS and it's now MacOS Extended. Any ideas?
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Plot question in Sherlock Season 3 Episode 3

Plot question about the final episode of Sherlock (BBC), Season 3 [spoilers inside] [more inside]
posted by amicamentis at 4:10 AM PST - 17 comments

iPad 2 Diagnosis

Before I drive the 1.5 hours to the nearest Apple Store, any ideas on what could cause this problem on my wife's iPad? [more inside]
posted by kuanes at 4:07 AM PST - 7 comments

Are old Wii store purchases recoverable on a new Wii U?

I used to have a Wii some years ago and had quite a lot of downloaded content, espcially virtual console titles and some "wiiware" games. The Wii broke and was thrown away. We're thinking of getting a Wii U for my kids and I wondered if these purchases are now lost. [more inside]
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February 15

How can I help a friend in an abusive relationship that she almost left?

My best friend has been seeing someone for about 7-8 months now. Initially, he seemed very nice and friendly. However, as the months have gone by he's turned out to not be right for her. To make things worse, she's being emotionally abused by him on a rather subtle level, to the point where several times she's been crying while talking to me about him. A couple of weeks ago almost broke up with him after talking with me about recent problem, where I got fed up with the crap she was dealing with and told her she should end it. Since I know she tends to listen to me and to trust my thoughts, should I make a bigger effort to convince her to leave this guy? [more inside]
posted by hytrack at 10:36 PM PST - 22 comments

Help ID this dubstep track based on lyrics...

There's an old song I had favorited on last.fm, but I no longer see it in my favorites. It's got a bit of a dubstep (original twostep/garage style, not "brostep") feel. The lyrics are something sung through a vocoder or voxbox, or maybe even synthesized. Definitely through electronic effects. "Lo-ove you, need you, ho-old you, clo-oser... I .. need... you right now" Or something to that effect? on the first two beats of each line, I think there's a half-step or so glide up (i.e. where I have the '-' in the words) The song starts with this sort of vocal stuff with keyboards. [more inside]
posted by symbioid at 10:32 PM PST - 5 comments

Dead Screen, touch works on Droid. Creative repurposement?

So walking the dogs the other day, Lady zigged while I was trying to text, and my leash hand punched my texting hand, and the phone broke the screen (but not touch sensing). I got a replacement phone (I was due for an upgrade) but it seems ridiculous to have this hardware lying dormant due to one component being borked. [more inside]
posted by notsnot at 9:20 PM PST - 6 comments

Quiet cafes/bars in Hong Kong?

I'm looking for bars/cafes in Hong Kong with a quiet, cozy vibe where I could feel comfortable taking a book and spending a few hours in a relaxing environment. Central/Sheung Wan would be ideal, but I'm open to suggestions anywhere.
posted by modernnomad at 8:55 PM PST - 3 comments

Unfriend, refriend, defriend ...

Facebook filter: An FB friend, who's really a bare acquaintance, posted favorable references to jokes about disabled people. My instinct took over ... [more inside]
posted by LonnieK at 7:48 PM PST - 22 comments

Am I always going to be asking permission for Internet?

I bought a house, yay. The cable company won't serve me, boo. Why not? They say I have no legal path to get from their utility pole to my lot. The property owner next door is willing to give me permission to cross his lot but balked at an easement. What can I do? (Picture contained within.) [more inside]
posted by fireoyster at 6:38 PM PST - 16 comments

ISO: fascinating Internet drama

I've always been interested in observing the crazy things people do, especially when then Internet is involved. I'm working on a paper detailing the various drama/scandals that have occurred via the Internet, especially within fandom (however, fandom involvement isn't necessary). Two incidents that I've already researched and plan on using are this and this. Bonus points for topics that have occurred more recently and that have blogs or forum threads with first hand accounts from people directly involved. Thanks!
posted by sarahgrace at 6:04 PM PST - 16 comments

On the boundary of the real and the fantastic

I love reading about real-world artifacts, phenomena, structures, events, and so forth that have an air of the fantastical, the mysterious, the uncanny, or "the unexplained". Not pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, or the paranormal—rather, things which are accepted as real by mainstream experts, but whose origins or particulars remain elusive and mysterious (or which simply tickle that this is too weird to be real reflex). I'm looking for media (online, written, video, whatever) about this sort of thing. [more inside]
posted by escape from the potato planet at 5:09 PM PST - 36 comments

Hosting an online baby shower?

Some friends are giving our friend a little baby shower...online. She recently moved cross country, and her friends and family are scattered around the country. I am planning to set up a group Skype so people can see her open the presents we send. I am thinking she can take us on a tour of the new house/baby's room, but is there anything...showery we can do? I could send her some decorations, maybe order for cupcakes to be delivered? Some easy little games like guess how big around she is (do pregnant moms not like that one?) We aren't expecting a real party, but seems like something more than opening presents would be nice. [more inside]
posted by lemonade at 4:30 PM PST - 6 comments

Student loan income % payoff

(USA) I heard something about student loan payoffs based on a % of your income,and after 12 (?) years anything left is forgiven. Is this real and how would one get this? [more inside]
posted by Jacen at 4:00 PM PST - 5 comments

What is the name of this painting and the painter?

She looks remarkably like a friend of mine and I would like to find a print of this.
posted by ITravelMontana at 3:51 PM PST - 4 comments

How do I shop for LASIK?

I've decided that I want to get my vision corrected with LASIK surgery. How do I go about figuring out where to get it done? As you might expect, I want the best possible results at the best possible price. [more inside]
posted by Scientist at 3:34 PM PST - 21 comments

Away We Go - Grandparents Included!

My partner and I are pregnant and looking for a place to make our permanent home. The sitch? My parents are coming with us. And while we think it's pretty awesome of them, it's making location hunting that much more complicated. [more inside]
posted by givennamesurname at 3:23 PM PST - 19 comments

UK land ownership; I know it's complicated,what's the simple version?

Please suggest sources for a layman's understanding of the evolution of land ownership law/practice in the UK, from feudal times through today. Yes I know this is a tall order. But, that's why you're reading this question. Right?
posted by John Borrowman at 3:08 PM PST - 5 comments

From Downtown San Fran to Muir Woods on Public Transport?

Is it possible/practical to get from downtown San Francisco (near the corner of 2nd and Howard street) to Muir Woods on public transportation? Details inside. [more inside]
posted by WalkerWestridge at 2:46 PM PST - 14 comments

Need to buy a girl's burqini in the US

My friend's daughter has Juvenile Dermatomyositis, a disease which includes extreme sun sensitivity. Being out in the sun makes her sick for days afterwards. That being said, she was granted a wish trip, and they gave her a trip to Florida to swim with dolphins. She needs to cover up, and she and her family would like her to be happy with the cover-up. Burqinis swim suits that have tunic tops or ruffles, along with full coverage, would fit the bill. [more inside]
posted by 445supermag at 2:33 PM PST - 21 comments

How do I process my emotions when I'm bound by confidentiality rules?

How do I process my emotions when I am bound by confidentiality rules and can't talk with anyone about what happened? [more inside]
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how do really busy and successful people manage it all and stay sane?

I've taken on a lot of work recently and I feel like I am at capacity, yet it seems like other more successful people manage to do so much more, and with greater efficiency. How do these people manage to use their time so well? [more inside]
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A lost food blog?

There was a one-person food blog/website with gorgeous photography. At point, he went to France and came across a food that roughly translates to 'baby Jesus'. It was not a variant of a King cake. Does anyone remember this website?
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NiMH Battery Chargers that work

I have a good mix of AAA, AA, C, D & 9V rechargeable batteries. Are the mindblowingly-expensive Powerex chargers the only game in town for getting a decent charge, or are there other options? [more inside]
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Where to buy inexpensive, basic zip front fleeces/sweatshirts w/o hoods?

Looking for basic, inexpensive zip front sweatshirts or fleeces with no hoods. Men's or women's, preferably available online to ship to US. Everything seems to be expensive & made for outdoor wear or have a hood. Just looking for something to wear around the house in the winter. Thanks!
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Dedicated boyfriend but unemployed and unambitious, should i end it?

Dedicated boyfriend but unemployed and unambitious, should i end it? I'm 29, have a doctorate, make 6 figures and own my own place. I've been with a guy who is 5 years younger than me for 6 months now. When we first met he was very honest and revealed that he never finished high school but has a GED, he tried 1 semester of college but dropped out; he also disclosed without me asking that his job paid 30k a year. I have to admit it was very refreshing to come by such confidence and honesty. Despite the attraction and chemistry between us I tried to resist getting too close to him due to our age, education and socioeconomic differences fearing the potential relationship problems that could arise from that. However I started falling for him regardless. Around 1.5 months after we first met, he got laid off from his job. We became exclusive shortly after that. [more inside]
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[UK-filter] Employment Issues - Where to go for help?

I have had an accident at work through no fault of my own. You are not my lawyer - but I'd like some UK people tell me where to go and how to approach this situation. [more inside]
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How does it taste, kids? Terrible!

Growing up, my dad would always ask the group of cousins, "How does it taste, kids?" And we would respond in unison, "terrible!" My mom thinks this came from a PBS show such as Sesame Street, but we can't track anything down. Does anyone remember this line? [more inside]
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What can I do about severe sexual incompatibility?

I have a high sex drive, my partner has a low sex drive. This incompatibility is making me depressed to the point that I feel like I can't stay in the relationship, despite everything else between us being really, really great. I don't know what my options are or what I can do to try and work with this. [more inside]
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Winter trail-sharing etiquette?

Cross-country skiing on trails also used by snowmobiles: Apart from common courtesy and common sense, is there any etiquette that I should be aware of? [more inside]
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How to love the hater?

What should I do about the bigotry of close family members? [more inside]
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CS academia vs. industry, with snowflakes

I'm graduating this spring with an undergrad degree in computer science, and I'm lucky enough to have two great postgrad opportunities on the table. But how to choose between a safe and enjoyable industry job vs. attempting the grad school grind to (maybe hopefully) do what I love? [more inside]
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What's more important? Parental presence or top schooling?

Okay, this may well be a false choice but I'm trying to sort this out in my mind -- I see two roads ahead of us, one in which we stay where we are currently living -- an underwater house in good shape in a middling-to-poor neighborhood (but with adjacent nicer amenities) -- which is affordable and where we are making enough money to save for all the things we need to save for (retirement, college, cash savings, etc.). OR, we can buy our way into a nicer neighborhood and school district, keeping this house as a rental. Right now my husband and I are both working at well-paying jobs and our 3-year-old is in full-time daycare. My goal, when she starts kindergarten in 3 years, is to work 3/4 or less time, so that I am home with her after school and do to this for the rest of her school years. [more inside]
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Defying Frozen

I love 'Let it Go' and 'Defying Gravity'. What other songs are about rebellious spirits, personal epiphany and/or acceptance of their uniqueness?
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Beauty Tube Noob

I bought the L'Oreal Double Extend mascara based on its many recommendations here, but am having a heck of a time removing it. What am I doing wrong, and how are you doing it right? [more inside]
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How can I record stereo guitar through my Profire 610 device?

How can I record stereo guitar through my Profire 610 device? [more inside]
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Not my stats homework, I swear

An NPR blog cites an NSF study which claims that 26 percent of Americans asked answered that the Sun goes around the Earth, rather than vice versa. Believing that 1 in 4 of my fellow citizens doesn't know that the Earth circles the Sun is hard enough. But thinking about that number, it seems worse than that: if 26% got a 50/50 question wrong, wouldn't another 26% have answered correctly just based on chance rather than knowledge? That would mean that roughly half of Americans didn't know (and then split evenly on their guess). The idea that half of Americans don't know seems intuitively ludicrous to me. Am I missing something in how I think about this? Please help my statistically challenged brain... [more inside]
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Wipe-on wound protectant

A friend fell and scraped herself badly while she was in Mexico. The ambulance crew that came cleaned the scrape and then took some goop out of a jar and wiped it over the wound in a single pass. It dried into something resembling cheesecloth. What was this stuff? [more inside]
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How to stop iMail messages from being marked 'read' after using Outlook?

I use iMail at work and set up to use that email on Outlook at home. I have preview off at both locations. When I use Outlook, it causes all of the messages that I had marked as "unread" as "read" when I get back to work (even if I didn't even look at it). Strangely, Outlook shows ALL unread in outlook. Long story short, Outlook shows all "unread" (which I can deal with) but iMail then shows everything as "read" when I next open it. The problem is that I mark messages as unread when I still need to address them. When this happens, I have lose all of my outstanding items. I do not want to use flags. Is there a setting in Outlook that I need to know about?
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Is it rude to bring a baby to a bed & breakfast?

Wifey and I are headed to Hawaii for our first vacation post-pregnancy. We've loved staying at B&B's in the past, but don't want our hosts or other guests to cringe when we show up with our 6-month-old daughter. Be honest: have we outgrown this mode of lodging?? [more inside]
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New job issues - should I stay and work things out or cut and run?

I started a new job last year and it's becoming clear that things are not going as planned. I'm dealing with a micro managing boss and I am at my wits end. Please help me decide if I should stay and work things out, or start job hunting for something better - wall of text inside. [more inside]
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All my base stations belong to someone else

Lately when I turn on my Mac, it detects an Airport Extreme base station. I don't know where the station is; I don't have one and I don't know the password to the one being detected. The Airport Extreme is chosen instead of my home network for internet access, and even when I manually cancel it and choose my own network, I sometimes lose connectivity as the computer returns to the Airport Extreme as a default connection. Lately, this is also happening with a PC and a Kindle, making it hard on all devices to choose my home network and keep it as a default.
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Boosting my Wifi Network

I just moved into my first multistory home. Time Warner Cable installed their wifi modem on our second floor, and we have a very weak wifi signal in our (finished) basement. I'd like to know how to boost our wireless signal with minimal sacrifice of bandwidth/speed, and without having to have TWC come in again and move our modem to the first floor. Details within. [more inside]
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How's it hanging?

I want to hang a fluorescent strip light above my workbench. How can I do this? [more inside]
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How do I get these photos removed from the web?

I am a midwifery student in the US. I found a website of a man who claims to be a midwife. This man has a very disturbing website with very graphic, I would say pornographic, photos of women whose births he has attended. These are poor women of color from another country. Going by the demographics, it is likely that many of these women come from conservative catholic background and would be horrified by nude photos of themselves plastered all over the internet. There is little chance that most of these women have internet access and ZERO Chance that all of these women have consented to these photos being placed on the world wide web. I am very angry that these women have had such graphic photos placed of them on the web without their consent. What steps should I take to have these photos taken down, if that is possible? I have done a whois search and gotten that info. What is my best possible course of action to have the maximum chance of having these women's photos removed and/or the site shut down?
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Living with a Family Mental Illness

My younger brother has been living with a schizophrenia-like mental illness for about a year. It's hard for me to interact with him. I'm looking for perspectives from those who've had loved ones with mental illnesses, and books or other resources that will help me better relate to him. [more inside]
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Does buying the Kindle Edition count towards bestseller lists?

An old friend put out her first book, and I want to pre-order it, but I also want to help it "pop." If I buy the Kindle Edition instead of the hardcover, will it still maximally count for the popularity trackers like NYTimes bestsellers and Amazon Best Of, or whatever? Or is that too "new media"?
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How much to charge a local theater company for my images?

A local theater company wants to use one of my images to promote a play they may be staging in 2015. Got a few questions for the Green. [more inside]
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February 14

I don't dance...because I can't dance.

I was in ballet until about 7 years old. I've danced for school things on stage in elementary. Somehow this didn't transfer at all to my adult life. I get invited to go clubbing and there are military balls (which pretty much just have club dancing) that I sorta have to go to....but I don't want to be that person always sitting on the sidelines for the rest of my life. [more inside]
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Let's Play "Name That Book!"

Back in the early-mid 90s, preteen me read a surreal science fiction book that I checked out from my local library. I remember a few tantalizing details, and I'm curious to find it and find out if it was any good. The basics: Many-worlds, and characters move between them unknowingly whenever they talk on the newfangled quantum telephone. Something bad happened to the US in most/all universes, but nobody in the multiverse knows what. It Gets Weird. [more inside]
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ISO the perfect on-and-off-the-bike jacket

I'd like a jacket that's suitable for bicycling during most of the year in the SF Bay Area, offers some resistance against wind and light rain, isn't too warm, doesn't look overly sporty, comes in a dark color (reflective accents OK), and (here's the kicker) will fit a curvy, 2X body. Help? Details and examples: [more inside]
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Simple scientific guide for identifying and treating common illnesses?

When I start to feel a cold coming on, the last thing I want to do is spend time and energy trying to figure out the best treatment approach. I am seeking a guide that will help me identify and self-treat common/mild illnesses (both attacking the root cause and alleviating symptoms) as well as indicate when it would be wise to see a doctor. I would prefer a printout rather than an interactive tool like WebMD.
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How does someone with staqe 4 cancer find The One?

I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in October at age 44. I'm single and as I always have, want someone solid and good in my life, but am concerned that my terminal diagnosis would make any rational, loving man I meet run for the hills. I'm still learning how to live with this disease and have no idea how to approach my status with someone new in my life without scaring the shit out of them. MeFi community, would you be my Valentine tonight and hope me that yes, it's possible that I could find someone to spend the rest of my life with, no matter how long or short a period that might be? [more inside]
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Pls help me identify a Latin beat and melody

Link Inside! [more inside]
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5 Year Personal Plan

What is your five year personal plan? [more inside]
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Looking for games like Minecraft to explore random worlds!

I'm looking for games that will allow me to lose myself in exploring and interacting with a seemingly endless, randomly generated beautiful natural world. [more inside]
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Culture and economy of late medieval Central Europe

I'm working on an architectural research project on late gothic Germanic churches (from about 1500-1650), and feel hamstrung by my ignorance of the cultures and economies in which the architecture was produced. [more inside]
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This is not possible

Ok, So the neighbor comes over with two Corona's, fully sealed an all, we pop them, and under one of the tops is a round magnet about the size of a dime, and stuck to it is a small safety pin, painted black. Both stuck to the top of the cap. I thought the caps were aluminum. I just can't figure how this is possible. I'm not lookin to sue a brewery or anything. but is this just one dckhead who hated his job and beat the odds, or something that could actually happen? I'm non-cromulent over this.
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Help me prepare for a Multiple Mini Interview

Soon I will be undergoing a Multiple Mini Interview for a Master's program in health science. How to prepare? [more inside]
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Utility bill in CA

How can I save time on not having to wait longer to get proof on a water bill or another utility bill? Trying to get residency here for the purpose of college tuition costs. Moved from New York and staying with my aunt for a short while (a couple months or so). I tried calling the water bill company (I think water... not sure... I forgot) and they can't add me to the bill as they said over the phone that they will only add a spouse to the bill. What can I do so that way I can get the ball rolling sooner?
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I can't even get myself to stick to a schedule...

Looking for books on baby care/baby development which don't focus on getting the baby into a routine. [more inside]
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Best strategies for biking in Orkney and Shetland?

We'd like to spend a week each in Orkney and Shetland this (late August/early September). We love bikes, photography, historical monuments/museums. What are we not thinking of/what would you recommend? [more inside]
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Does the book I'm looking for exist?

Last night my boyfriend and I saw this preview for the documentary "Jodorowsky's Dune." My boyfriend mentioned that he'd like a book of the concept art & photos shown in the preview. Does a book like that exist? [more inside]
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Advice on Adopting a Father

I want to adopt a dad (see extended explanation on why). I'm thinking maybe even a nice gay male couple, a two for one deal! This does not need to be a formal adoption - I have plenty of "parents" (2 moms) - I'm just looking for someone who doesn't have any children (hence thinking about an older gay couple) who might want to "adopt" a kid because they've got some extra love lying around (and maybe some really adorable dogs) and I don't have a relationship with my dad. I would like some advice. 1) Where should I look? 2) What are things I need to consider? 3) How would you go about doing this? 4) Any other thoughts or observations? I'm just sort of tossing this idea around and thinking I'd get some data points from you all. [more inside]
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I love it when you...don't do that.

What is an effective way to speak to a new partner about bettering their ability to perform cunnilingus? [more inside]
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How to job-hunt after spending your entire adult life at one company?

My spouse has decided to look for a new job after working at the same (large, national) retail chain since high school. How do you hunt for work as a 30-plus-year-old who has never had to apply for a grown-up job, and who can't get a reference from any of your old bosses? Seasonally-appropriate snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Can you point me toward any negative reviews of Asimov's Foundation Trilogy? [more inside]
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Care and feeding of home medical professionals?

This weekend, I'm going to have a home infusion nurse in my house for approximately 4 hours a day while I'm hooked up to an IV. This process is going to repeat every 4-5 weeks indefinitely, to treat an autoimmune condition. What do I do with her? [more inside]
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Hebrew Valentine Translation?

My daughter received this valentine today from a staff member at her public school. Can anyone tell me what it says? Thank you -
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This question is not about Flappy Bird. Yet.

Is it possible to transfer apps between iOS devices without jailbreaking? [more inside]
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Why won't Medium.com's notes show up in Firefox?

The notes (aka comments) on medium.com don't appear to load on firefox, but load correctly in chrome and mobile safari. See these screenshots. Everything else appears to be loading correctly except the 'read next' button in the lower left of the page and the menu button in the top left. [more inside]
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No Room for A Pony In The House

Our kids are finally old enough to care for their "own" pets - please help us pick appropriate creatures! [more inside]
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Romantic / English Dinner Ideas?

Seeking ideas for plannning a multi-course, romantic, home-cooked meal for two that is also thoroughly, completely English. The more traditional the better. Looking for dishes in season, no seafood, ideally with a focus on lamb as a centerpiece and easy on the potato/bread. Other then that, assume a high level of cooking skill, endless time for fiddly bits, and acess to pretty much anything and a well stocked UK grocery importer store nearby. [more inside]
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Is missing out on Alternate History the darkest timeline?

Looking for examples of well-written or well-respected Alternate History fiction, in the vein of Michael Chabon's The Yiddish Policeman's Union. [more inside]
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Help me understand government hiring policy and open competitive grade

Found a few jobs that I am very interested in. I would like to join the government/county offices. I am struggling to understand their hiring process. [more inside]
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Help me find two articles of clothing

I am looking for the following things and have not been able to find them through the major vendors where I usually buy clothes (Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, Loft, Banana Republic, and the like). I'd appreciate tips to vendors either major or indie in the US where I could find them. (1) Women's spring-weight trenchcoat in a patterned fabric (houndstooth, plaid, graphic print, floral), $75-$175, size 12/M/L. (2) Women's/unisex hoodie with an argyle pattern, decent build quality, size M/L.
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Determination, Will Power, and Achieving Goals

I have several goals that I have been working on for a long time, and I never seem to keep up with them. They're pretty standard - stick to my budget, develop an exercise habit, spend more time with friends and less time watching tv, etc., and I usually start out well, but fizzle quickly. I'm looking for resources that will help me create and sustain my plans better. [more inside]
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My Neighbor Minifig

Is the Lego Movie appropriate for my 5-year-old who doesn't like anything "scary" in his movies? [more inside]
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What is the etiquette for phones & ringtones in an office?

I work in a co-working space with folks who all have their mobile ringers turned on with the shrill "rotary phone" ringtone turned all the way up. Please help me write an email to solve this. [more inside]
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Getting a Masters in Public Admin; financial suicide?

Long story short, it's very likely that I am going to lose my present job in a year or two. My current field has very few employment opportunities (most of which are part-time or temporary) and a ton of candidates to fill the few positions that do open up. To plan for the future, I am considering getting a combined Masters in Public Administration and Environment and Natural Resources while I work full-time. However, my fear is that I'd be getting myself into another field with poor employment prospects. Help?
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Tips and advice for earning Delta Skymiles without a Delta credit card?

I need some advice and/or tips for earning Delta Skymiles without the use of (or application for) a Delta credit card. Any mefites experienced in the fine art of earning miles? [more inside]
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Please recomend some scary stuff

I'm just starting to look into creepypasta and scary ARG style stuff, and would love some recommendations from those in the know. [more inside]
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Smart phone for a smart-but-still-naive kid

Our oldest child is about to turn 13 and desperately wants a cell phone and an email address. We see both good and bad in this, but we agree that he's matured a lot in the last year and he's old enough (and mature enough) to start learning how to use and live with these things. That said, we're a bit apprehensive, for all of the obvious reasons. With those things in mind, MeFi parents of tweens and young teens: how are approaching/handling your child's cell phone and email usage? [more inside]
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Tell me about med school debt and the importance of med school prestige!

I'm potentially interested in going to medical school. I have been doing research online, and have lots of questions about this prospect, but I want to limit it to two interrelated questions today. [more inside]
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What's the scam?

My partner just got a call (on her cell) from someone asking for me. They wouldn't give her any information on what they wanted to talk to me about. On Googling, it's a collection company with a bad reputation. I don't have any outstanding debts. I don't have anything in collections. I pay for a credit monitoring service, and have had no blips. I paid off the black marks on my credit record over a year ago. (There were only two, and they were both under $100.) I don't have any idea why someone looking for me would know to call her, and I am pretty sure no one would be legitimately be looking for me. What the hell? [more inside]
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Book Recommendation For Raising a Gifted Child

Looking for specific recommendations for books on raising a gifted child. [more inside]
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Anxiety/Stress: Has anyone had luck with Buspar?

I recently started Wellbutrin for depression, and although it is helping with the mood, my anxiety is getting out of hand. Small things stress me out to no end. I have tried benzos for short-term anxiety issues, but I would not like to get hooked on them. My psychiatrist recommended Buspar to be taken with the Wellbutrin, but my friend told me that he was on it and it was little better than a placebo. I would like to hear peoples' experiences on Buspar, with or without Wellbutrin; did it make a difference in your anxiety/stress levels? Should I give it a chance, or is it a waste of time? Are there any other medications that would offset the increase in anxiety that Wellbutrin is giving me? [more inside]
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Favorite Key West restaurants?

Going to Key West in May and looking for restaurant recommendations. (I'll be staying near Truman & Duval Streets.) Anything from street food up to serious foodie welcome.
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Help me replace the umbrella I just donated to the subway train!

I assume it's a goner. It was the best damn umbrella I ever had. It never inverted in the wind. I had it four years and secondhand at that, and there was never a bent rib or spoke or anything. Problem is, I didn't note the brand, so I'm hoping some Mefite knows what I'm talking about so I can reorder it right away? [more inside]
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Can you help me pick a Linux distro?

I'm wondering if there's a specific distro that will breathe new life into my spare aging Dell WinXP machine... [more inside]
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How can I sweep for bugs at work?

I'd like to find out if there are recording devices in offices at our workplace. [more inside]
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How to play my own music snippets randomly and endlessly?

I want to listen to very brief snippets of my son's ukulele strumming, over and over and over, randomly shuffled. (Think of a sort of Buddha Machine that I can populate.) Hardware, software, whatever. Does this exist already? If not, how can I do it? [more inside]
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Poor man's EDMS (electronic document management system)

I work for a small non-profit organization that is drowning in old paperwork, and we’d like to scan it into a searchable electronic archive. Our budget is limited. [more inside]
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Reliable auto mechanic in Columbia, SC?

I have a relative who attends USC and lives around the St. Andrews area in Columbia, SC. He has a Toyota that's having some issues. Are there any auto repair places either near the university or around St. Andrews that you could recommend?
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Kidney stone or ureteral stone?

I know you aren't my doctor. I'm not sure what the problem is. Potentially NSFW. [more inside]
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low-cost gardening in the SF Bay Area

Landscaping on a budget! In the San Francisco Bay Area, what seeds should I be starting now, or what tiny six-packs should I be repotting, to jumpstart the effort? What are good sources for low-cost gardening supplies? [more inside]
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How can I stop being so miserable with my singlehood?

I’ll come right out and say it: I am absolutely miserable being single. I feel like I am missing out on a major aspect of life that everyone else is enjoying at my age. [more inside]
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February 13

DIY Gift Ideas for 12 month old?

A close friend's baby girl is turning one in a little over a week, and is throwing a party I am invited to. Due to unexpected circumstances, I can't afford a gift. I know she'd understand if I didn't get her daughter a gift, but I really want to. My husband suggested we make something. Looking for ideas. Here are the resources I have available: [more inside]
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Young Adult Detective Bookfilter

Need help identifying a book from childhood. [more inside]
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European (para-)academic job search

I'm finishing a Ph.D. in linguistics and am considering looking for a job in Europe, either in the academy or in a related sector such as education, language instruction, academic publishing, etc. What other fields should I be thinking about? And where are such jobs advertised? [more inside]
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What song is the first 10 seconds sampled from?

What song is the first 10 seconds sampled from? [more inside]
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Need Suggestions of Good Bodied, Sexy Male Actors, Rockstars, Etc.

I am developing a line of men's casual wear and we are brainstorming for handsome, well bodies actors and celebrities age 35 + to imagine wearing our pants. Because of the style and look of the pants we have to make the website hyper-masculine (ala Bruce Weber) My template is Daniel Craig. (My goal is to actually get these pants into a Bond film) The actors/performer/sportsmen do not have to "good guys" but they do have to be sexy and masculine. Some examples include Aaron Eckart, Matthew Mcconaughey, Woody Harrelson, Michael Phelps, etc
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Dealing with loss of friendshp

How do you deal with a complicated loss of friendship that has no possible resolution? [more inside]
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Copyrighted materials in my YouTube video: Where's the line?

I'm considering making a YouTube video explaining the concept of regulated monopolies for my employer, which provides services to such groups. The purpose of the video is educational -- it would be tagged with my firm's logo, but couldn't be construed as advertising. I was thinking of using Monopoly pieces as a visual aid. Where's the line? [more inside]
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ISP: Web Hosting Control Panel, cPanel, Plesk and OSS solutions

ISP: Web Hosting Control Panel, cPanel, Plesk and OSS solutions. Are they generally complete systems, front-end AND back-end? How are they designed technically, and is it worth using as an ISP. More inside! [more inside]
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Traveling and want to send a gift for Valentine's to my SO

I'm traveling and want to send a Valentine's gift to arrive tomorrow. Something from Amazon or flowers will get there in time. What should I give? [more inside]
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Put frozen chicken into fridge four days ago, is it safe to eat tonight?

I put frozen boned-in chicken thighs into the fridge on Sunday night (four nights ago). Is it safe to cook and eat tonight (Thursday night)? [more inside]
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I have a service-connected Traumatic Brain Injury from hazing. Now what?

Other than filing for disability with the VA, what are my options for restitution or proceeding forward with therapy or other medical options? [more inside]
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Chicago (South Side) lunch delivery recomendations

I'm looking for recommendations for lunch places in Chicago that will deliver a largish (~$100) order to Hyde Park. It should cost $10/person or less. [more inside]
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It's cold back here

How would I ship snowballs to my friends in Los Angeles, CA without their melting, and how much would I have to pay for it? [more inside]
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I have found 2 dead mice in my apartment. How? Why?

In August I found a recently dead mouse in my house that I'm not often at. Today I found a very old dead mouse under the couch. Help me make sense of this. [more inside]
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What is the social/psychological function of nostalgia?

I'm asking specifically for nostalgia for a time before you were born, i.e. the Blitz parties/40s tea dances that have big in the UK for the past decade, or the popularity of Speakeasy-themed bars in the US. I'm thinking of nights that require you to dress in theme specifically and celebrate that time. [more inside]
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How to (Quickly) Tell if a CD Has Explicit Lyrics?

A friend donated 200+ CDs to our community radio station. I want to rip them into our system, but don't have time to track each and every song for explicit lyrics. Is there an easy way for me to check online to see if any tracks on each CD is marked as explicit? I know when I search iTunes, I see a red E to indicate such, but am not sure if there is another source out there of which I am not familiar.
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Help me keep things clean and dry

For reasons, I have to pull a stackable washer/dryer set out of the closet it's installed in, and I have to do it by myself. I want to learn from your mistakes. [more inside]
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Looking for a lunchbox!

The other Mr fffm is great. Works downtown at a financial firm, snappy dresser, etc. But he takes his lunch to work in a plastic bag from the supermarket and this gives me a sad. Help me find something stylish (but not hideously expensive please) to tote his lunch in. [more inside]
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How can I workout and stay in shape under very specific conditions?

I want to exercise intensely but have neither free weights nor a good place to workout. [more inside]
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Does this "magic" pill really work?

There is no shortage of diets for people who want to lose weight quickly: Atkins, the "Zone" diet, the Vegan diet, the Weight-Watchers diet, the Mediterranean diet, ... But there are countless articles and experts which seem to refute the "evidence" put forth by the creators of such diets. Question is, do you know whether the latest diet advertised by Dr. Oz (the " Garcinia Cambogia" extract-based diet) is safe / do you have any information on it? [more inside]
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A couple of these things things are JUST like the others

Black cohosh and flax seed give me crackhead-style insomnia. Green tea breaks me out ... [more inside]
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How much clothing do well-dressed working women have?

How much clothing do well-dressed working women have? [more inside]
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Teach me things... awful things...

I need to learn about financial instruments and trading at an intermediate level. I have a basic, 101-type understanding of how CDOs and CDS-es work and what hedging is, but I need to get to the next level, because I'm still getting lost in conversations where people are talking about complex synthetic CDO strategies, delta hedging, correlation trading, ABCP, and similar topics. Is there a book I can read, a course I can take online, anything you can recommend I do to start getting much more comfortable with this securities stuff at a high level? Thanks in advance for your help!
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That Obscure Object of Desire, you know, for kids.

What is the best special toy or activity to keep at my house to occupy or entertain my friends' little kids when they visit? [more inside]
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File Browser with two synchronized panes

I want a program that allows for a two pane view of two like file structures, in two different drives or network locations, that allows you to drag and drop or otherwise transfer files between the two panes, and that will keep the view synchronized, so, you open a folder in the left panel and the corresponding folder in the right panel also opens up. [more inside]
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Snowed in and want to bake

I would like to bake something sweet today, but I am snowed in and have only a few ingredients on hand. What can I make? [more inside]
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Reccomendations for maintianing/improving hand eye coordination?

Are there specific exercizes that will help me maintain or even improve this? Is age a consideration? [more inside]
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Is there a general term for phrases like "landline phone"?

I could swear that I have seen this on AskMe before, but I can't find it for the life of me. Is there a word for the situation in which something that used to be representable by a single word now needs two (or more) words? Like how "telephone" now sometimes has to be retroactively qualified as "landline phone" because of the advent of "mobile phones." "Analog watch" would be another example, I guess.
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Graduate student moving on, what to do next?

Graduate student "Mastering out", trying to begin next steps [more inside]
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Looking for event, rigging, stagebuilding work.

So this November I worked on some freelance event gigs throughout NYC-- it was similar to the film production work I'm looking to get into, required some related skills and I worked alongside some people with experience in the film industry. I've been looking high and low for similar work-- stage building, rigging, that sort of thing. Following that seasonal gig, I tried to look on Craigslist, Indeed, even Mandy for related event work but was lost-- despite the fact that I'd worked with people who seemed to imply that they'd found event work through similar avenues. [more inside]
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What was Google's early government subsidy, if it existed?

In Rebecca Solnit's latest LRB piece on San Francisco's tensions around the tech boom there, she makes an unsourced reference about "Google set[ting] itself up with the help of a $4.5 million dollar government subsidy". The LRB is very respectable but this claim seems a bit wobbly. Perhaps my Google Google-fu is failing me but I can't find a reference or more detail for this claim online. All I get is very vague and untrustworthy CIA funding conspiracy theories on tinfoil hat crank sites. I can't find anything re: that $4.5m figure. Solnit likely may not mean the CIA at all but some other kind of government subsidy. Can the MeFi hive mind help factcheck this claim? Are there reliable sources with more detail on this?
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Home Alone

I'm trying to decide what to do if I have to leave my dog alone for seven hours? [more inside]
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I need digital video footage of real K-12 teaching for an online program

I know that a lot of things have changed since I asked a similar question several years ago, including the parameters of the project. [more inside]
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In need of more doom-jazz along the lines of Bohren & der Club of Gore

I've been listening to pretty much nothing but Bohren for about a week, and need more music in a similar vein: extremely slow and at least somewhat jazzy. Details regarding what I already know/like below the fold. [more inside]
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How to convey lots of love with only a little chocolate?

Husband and I will be snowed in for Valentine's Day, from the looks of things. I have one bag of semisweet chocolate chips and one tin of cocoa powder. Also have half and half (no heavy cream), 2% milk, AP flour, baking powder and sugars brown and white. I know lots of recipes for cookies, cakes, brownies, etc., but if I am snowed in for several days with a full recipe's worth of chocolate ANYTHING I am going to eat more than is prudent. Does anyone have any PROVEN recipes for small amounts of chocolate-y delight? Recipes for two would be ideal. I've tried to Google, but most of the small scale recipes I'm seeing are either unreviewed or require an ingredient I don't have on hand. I am currently unable to shop due to Snowpocalypse 2014. Thanks in advance.
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Local Paris television news online

I'm looking for daily local video news from Paris, France, in French, online. [more inside]
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Was it normal that I threw up from drinking Vodka?

What surprises me is that I didn't drink too much, I only drank 2 glasses. It was my first time drinking Vodka, so my question is : Is it normal that I threw up and had the spins? Does that mean that I have a very low tolerance for it? I mixed the second glass with some orange juice. Not sure if that's relevant.
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Help me migrate my mom's Win98 data!

My mom has an old Micron computer in storage with Windows 98 on it. She also has an old version of CorelDRAW with some graphics that are very important to her. I have been tasked with figuring out how to get them onto her brand new machine. My initial instinct was to say "well, if we can just image the whole drive, maybe we can run it inside a virtual box on your new one and not worry about things like trying to figur eout how to get the machine onto the internet, etc" but I'm not finding any useful information on how to do this. The machine does seem to have an ethernet port and a USB (probably USB1) plug, so i may be able to copy the files over with some finagling, but of course graphics from a software version that old wont open in anything current, and the old version of the software wont run on the new machine either. Hope me, hivemind! If you have any suggestions/recommendations for how to get this working, whether its based off of my idea or not, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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What equipment do I need for a small office podcast setup?

I've been asked to help the office start podcasting, and I need suggestions for tech. We are going to be keeping it simple to start: 2 people, USB microphones, record and edit in Audacity. Beyond microphones, what equipment would you recommend for a budget of a couple hundred dollars max? Input mixer? Pop filter/screen? Something else?
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Ice estimate needed - winter party edition

I need help figuring out how many bags of ice to buy for an upcoming party. Information I’ve found online seems to apply only to outdoor summer parties, and isn’t applicable. [more inside]
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Trying to identify snippet of music, maybe anime/video game theme?

I've had a bit of music stuck in my head for a few days, and I just can't place it. It kind of feels like the theme song or battle music from a cartoon or video game, but I've asked around and flipped through the usual suspects, and nothing matches. [more inside]
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About Benford's Law

So in many data sets, the leading digit has a 30.1% chance of being 1, and decreasing on down the line. Fine. But what about NON-leading digits? Are those also irregularly distributed in naturally-occurring data sets, or are they just 11.11% chance, as a layman would expect?
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Digital cornicopia looking for next move in advancing skills/career

What am I and where should I go? [more inside]
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Recovery Programs For My Reluctant 18-Year-Old Schizophrenic Son

Seeking structured, regular activities for my son, an 18-year-old with disorganized-type schizophrenia who is freshly recovering from his second psychotic episode. We are in the Cambridge, Massachusetts area. Special snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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Zero Energy Universe?

Stephen Hawking has proposed that our universe has a total energy of zero, which allowed it to Bang into existence without violating any laws. Is this thesis falsifiable? If so, what is an example of something that might happen, which would contradict the zero-energy hypothesis? [more inside]
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Online Print Shop clone?

Everyone remembers Broderbund Software's The Print Shop from the 80s. I am looking for a similar desktop publishing experience today. Pixelated fonts, limited clip art, and quarter page greeting cards. Is there a webapp out there that will let me do this sort of thing? Again, I'm looking for super basic functionality.
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Which professionals do I need and in what order?

I need a lawyer, a tax accountant, and a small business valuation service. Who do I hire and in what order? [more inside]
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LastMinuteGearFilter; Where to buy a monotron in snowy Pioneer Valley?

Headphone jack is busted and I can't fix it until after gig tomorrow night. In the meantime, I'm after a brick-and-mortar retailer for a replacement (it's my filter section!). Any ideas/advice greatly appreciated, including headphone jack quick fixes (don't have access to a soldering iron, but a heatless option would work). Thanks, Meta!
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On my way to New York City this weekend - packing advice for COLD?

Coming from London UK. Need to travel light - what must I bring to wear to deal with the cold and snow? I am familiar with winter - but what will I regret not taking if the current weather situation continues across next week?
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Resources for advice in the uk

I'm very confused about my relationship at the moment and need to talk it through with someone. I don't want my family and friends to know at this stage as I don't think that's fair on my SO, and whilst normally I would talk to him about anything and everything I think I need an objective ear. Does anyone know of any resources to discuss emotional/relationship issues in the UK? Thanks.
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Will the PATH (NJ->Manhattan) shut down if there's too much snow?

One of my coworkers said that the PATH will shut down if the snow accumulates past the height of the 3rd rail. But the line is underground (except outside where there are wires above head-height handling the charge) - could that actually happen. Has the PATH ever been shut down due to snow accumulation before?
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What's my TV deal point worth?

I am working on a TV series. My deal gives me a point on the show. I vaguely understand this means one percent of the show's profit, but have no idea of that this actually means in terms of potential compensation. [more inside]
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"Harmonious Day" Clarks shoes in the U.S.

I found a great pair of Clarks shoes called Harmonious Day in Bangkok but not in my size (UK 4). I'd like to buy online and ship to the US, but Google only gives me European and Asian e-commerce sites with the shoe. Any idea how to get it in the U.S.? [more inside]
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Modern biographies or fiction about women overcoming alcoholism.

I have read Drinking, A Love Story, and Smashed, and would like to read more like those. [more inside]
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Did I get rejected by her?

Hi I asked a girl out for valentines day for the first time by text (I would have done face to face but there's like a lot of snow where I am and I have midterms and stuff so I was very busy) but she said that she was thankful that I asked her out but she feels burdened because valentines day is supposed to be with someone special. She asked me if it was ok to see in the weekend. As I asked before on this website, the girl is a friend that I would like to be my girlfriend. Last time we had lunch together, I felt that she liked me but I wasn't too sure haha. I don't know if she still likes me or not after reading her text. I'm not sure if she wants to meet in the weekend because she feels sorry for me. What do you guys think?
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Breast is best! But you do whatever you want.

How to encourage someone to breastfeed without making them feel bad if they don't? [more inside]
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Fashion blogs that aren't about stereotypes

I'm looking for some fashion blogs for people that don't want to dress as "stereotypical man" or "stereotypical woman". Most of the genderqueer-umbrella-style blogs that I've seen have (presumably) male-bodied individuals wearing clothes that are stereotypically worn by female-bodied individuals, or vice versa. I'm looking for blogs where clothes that could be worn by anyone without other people batting an eye, are showcased. Genderqueer/non-cis clothing, if you will.
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Clay-signal For IPhone?

I need an app for the IPhone that will allow my partner to press a single button to send me a pre-written text message or pre-determined photo. This will be a sort of personalized Bat Signal (we'll call it "The Clay Signal") and will let me know that she needs my attention. [more inside]
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Can I automatically log (via email) my internet browsing?

I browse the internet using Firefox Portable (run from a USB) on whichever PCs I'm using (at work, at the public library, on friends' PCs, etc.), and Firefox on my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S3). Is there some way (e.g. software I can install) that I can have every URL I visit automatically sent to my email address? [more inside]
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February 12

Career Obsession, in Moderation

How can I stop stressing myself out endlessly about career decisions, while also still making the appropriate decisions/choices? [more inside]
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Is this just summer-fall-winter-spring-summer-fall-winter-spring love?

Struggling with my boyfriend's apparent lack of effort in our relationship, but I'm not sure if it's worth trying to work though, because he won't discuss if he have a future together. [more inside]
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Need to make a weighted vest look less intimidating

I'm looking at purchasing a weighted vest for daily walks through the industrial park but frankly I think I'd look like I was planning to blow something up, or get shot at, or both. I'm looking for suggestions for making it look as innocent as it is. Spray paint it white? Wrap it in reflective tape? Incorporate it into a Darth Vader costume? Any and all ideas would be much appreciated.
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Literature on reconciling cosmic indifference and one's life?

I've lately been thinking a lot about the notion that "dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return," in that nothing we humans do in our relatively short lifespans makes a "dent" in the universe. Or why it would even matter if it did make said dent -- after all, why not just live in the now? Why do we continue as a people? I quite enjoy life. But as a young person, when I look at the years in front of me, I often wonder why it is that I am not a hedonist, or why as a society we do not crumble to hedonism when the cosmos will be practically indifferent to our toil on this planet. It's hard for me to even articulate, but I feel a weight upon my shoulders that comes from unanswered questions of our existence. Can anyone clarify for me what I am wondering about, and then further recommend some reading on the subject? Surely the philosophers must have analyzed these gnawing feelings for hundreds of year, but I don't know what to look for. Thank you.
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Color me pretty. Help me learn watercolors!

I'd love to do more urban/travel sketching with watercolors and ink, and I'm pretty new to art. How do I learn to do it better? More inside! [more inside]
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How does profit-sharing really work?

I'm interviewing for a position which includes a profit sharing program, and it sounds like it's a major component of the compensation (as opposed to something nice on the side). What are some normal, reasonable terms of profit-sharing programs? How would I compare this against a normal salaried position, and how do I negotiate for the best terms?
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Word on Mac can't handle feedback

Mac Word 2011 (most recent version, 14.3.9) running on most recent version of Mavericks on late 2013 15" retina MacBook Pro crashes whenever opening a document that contains comments or change tracking. A complete uninstall and reinstall of Office did not fix the problem. What gives?
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I want to follow more women on Twitter

Please give me your ideas for women to follow on Twitter. [more inside]
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Where in the world can we go, now that I'm pregnant?

So turns out I'm not too old to have babies. But we did have to cancel a big trip because of the news. Where can we go instead? Everywhere on my shortlist is off-limits. [more inside]
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How easy to sublet a Long Island City apartment?

My girlfriend and I are thinking of re-signing a twelve-month lease, but we know we don't want to stay for the entire lease. How likely will we be able to sublet our Long Island City apartment, just across the river from Manhattan? [more inside]
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Omni Magazine Short Story ID Help

Pulling my hair out trying to find the name of a story I read as a teenager in Omni Magazine. The story starts in Finland or Iceland or somewhere similar (as I recall being unable to pronounce the name of the city under siege) in the 19th century. [more inside]
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Might get fired! how do I plan?

The CEO of my company is kind of... mercurial, and given to dramatic gestures. I've been overhearing yelling about productivity and firing people (their office is right next to mine and their voice carries). Yesterday I heard my name mentioned. I am... not in a great position to get a new job. Help me plan for the worst? [more inside]
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Fast cash

Yes, I'm writing fiction. So let's say I want to withdraw $100,000 from a U.S. bank account, in cash. How long does it take for the bank to pull the money together for me? An hour? A day? [more inside]
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Help me find a backpack for my massage kit.

The duffel bag I use for my massage kit is falling apart and I have trouble finding a sturdier replacement. Can you help me find one? Pics inside. [more inside]
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A Father Rescues His Son in a Bolano Novel

What is the name of the short story the episode in a Bolano novel, probably "The Savage Detectives," in which a father rescues his son from a cave is based on? [more inside]
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Like a library but with sign-out fees.

I'm looking for some software that will help me manage a small artwork rental business. I've been looking at library systems, since the sign out/sign-in concept is the same, but none of them seem to offer the ability to charge a fee to sign items out or keep track of fees owed to artists. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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Blog Design Best Practices, Column and Width Edition

Current blog design best practices. I'm redesigning my 2-year-old food blog. This is strictly a DIY affair, and any knowledge I have of blog design was arrived at by hours of googling and crying. So, you know, I am big on ideas, but don't have much official knowledge about design. A few specific questions about columns and page size inside... [more inside]
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File format recognition hard mode

In a old old inherited MS SQL Server database, in a column named 'Image' of type TEXT we've discovered an encoded image (we assume). And even if its not critical to the work we are doing, its damnably intriguing. Can you help me crack its provenance ? [more inside]
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Gender Disappointment

We're having our first child and I am terrified that it will be a girl. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:36 PM PST - 109 comments

Poems about violence against women and girls

I'm looking for poems which are (broadly) related to violence against women and girls - and am drawing a blank. Does anyone have any recommendations? [more inside]
posted by the cat's pyjamas at 2:12 PM PST - 25 comments

Relative and her college parted ways. She needs a new college. Help?

It's a really raw deal, but the point is that she needs to find a new college. She was going to a top-tier school (Ivy League). I'm helping her navigate this next challenge - but where do we start? What are good resources or people to talk to that could help us create a list of attractive and viable colleges? Or, if you have actual college suggestions, that's great too. Specifics inside. [more inside]
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Alleviate My OTHER Dry Spell

Sexytimes filter - after a multiple-year period of involuntary celibacy, I'm now finally gettin' some again (YEE-HAW). I need to stock up on lube as a result, and while I'm at it I wanna splurge and get something REALLY good. Particular requirements/concerns inside. [more inside]
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Do Canadian airports swab for drug residue or just explosives?

A couple of years ago I was flying across Canada and got randomly selected for an extended search of my bags and everything swabbed. They swabbed my cellphone, camera equipment, and bags. After a few minutes they told me the swab came up positive. I'm not sure what for. [more inside]
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How can marriage be a states-right?

In light of the recent court decision that Kentucky must honor gay marriages performed in other states, I've been wondering how marriage can be granted and controlled by the states, as opposed to the federal government? [more inside]
posted by specialnobodie at 1:33 PM PST - 12 comments

Unique, fun, and generally awesome vacations to take with an 8 year old?

Tell me some of the coolest car-based trips you've taken with your kids! Bonus if it's east coast U.S. based, also bonus if you're a single parent without a partner to help wrangle / engage in adult conversation. Details inside! [more inside]
posted by missrachael at 1:29 PM PST - 21 comments

Exercise video recommendations for lame 30-somethings with sore backs?

I'm looking for a couple good exercise videos that will help me increase my core strength and then hopefully alleviate my lower back pain. My abs have been weak ever since I had a baby, and now that said baby is a 25 pound squirming mass of toddler muscle, I have pretty chronic back pain from constantly picking him up and hauling him around. I'm looking for a video that I can do in my basement after the kiddo goes to bed, and one that requires minimal equipment. I've taken pilates classes in the past and liked it - yoga was always kind of boring to me, but I'm willing to try it out again. The DVD selections at my local library trend toward senior citizen chair exercise videos, so any specific video recommendations would be much appreciated. [more inside]
posted by Maarika at 1:11 PM PST - 12 comments

Why're the air conditioners in my apartment bldg running in a snowstorm?

HVAC question: I live on the top floor of a large apartment building that has all the air conditioning heat exchangers on the roof. It is currently snowstorming. Why can I hear multiple heat exchangers running right now? [more inside]
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How do I stop my cat from pooping in the bathtub?!

My 17-year old orange longhair has become quite outside-the-box in his pooping habits. Every change we make in an attempt to corral the problem results in it getting worse. I'm at my wits' end. More details inside. [more inside]
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Tween party games

Please suggest some indoor party games that have gone over well with tween (10-11 year old) girls. [more inside]
posted by yawper at 12:40 PM PST - 14 comments

Be my career counselor?

I'm a college biology major. Everyone I know is applying to medical school, but the idea of medical school scares me. I'm not qualified for jobs in my field. Can you help me identify alternative jobs or careers? I have some experience with radio, GIS, and computer-y things like Python. [more inside]
posted by A. mellifera at 12:32 PM PST - 19 comments

Flying out of Philadelphia Tomorrow

Flight out of Philadelphia tomorrow evening. Looks like it will be canceled. Help me get my boyfriend out of the city and not waste a visit we both really, really need and have been planning for months. [more inside]
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WV scratch off lottery tickets and the retailer | mid 90's edition.

As a teenager from 93-95 I worked at a somewhat shadily operated convenience store. When the owner would receive a shipment of scratch off tickets he would rip off 30 or 40 tickets and play them. [more inside]
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ground cover for play structure

What's the best ground cover for underneath a small play structure we're planning on building in our backyard this spring? Any other tips for making a small backyard fun for little kids? [more inside]
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Will I die of possible staph?

I have what looks like a staph infection. I've had it for 5 days, and it has been getting better. My temperature is normal. I'm healthy and in my 20s. Normally, I'd just go to the doctor, but I'm locked in by weather. All urgent care clinics and doctors offices are closed due to ice on the road. Do I need to go to the ER via ambulance? [more inside]
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Quality budget USB/midi piano keyboard for my son?

My son's piano keyboard broke, it was 10+ years old. His birthday is coming up, and I would like to get him a piano keyboard with midi/usb (for making music) for his birthday. It can't be too expensive - I'm thinking $80-200 range, but a little outside is fine as well - but I don't want to get him a piece of junk either. I could use some advice, since I don't know much about keyboards and would like to keep it a surprise without picking something silly. [more inside]
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Life Magazine? Article About A Violent Pair of Addicts

I'm searching for an ethnographic, non-fiction article about two young homeless addicts, one a white male and one a pregnant black female. I believe, but am not certain, it was published decades ago in Life Magazine and that I found it through Longform.org. I'll put as many (possibly triggering, definitely unpleasant) details as I can inside. [more inside]
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What is my best Fitbit tracker combo?

I got a Fitbit Flex for myself for my birthday and am having a difficult time working out the best way to link it to various sites in order to maximise my motivation. I've set my stride length and increased various targets but how do I successfully link and track my Fitbit using the following: Endomondo, MyFitnessPal, Earndit? [more inside]
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Places to Stay Near Subway in Chicago

I'm planning on traveling to Chicago from NYC for the first time in April, and I'm trying to find a place to stay (right now, via Airbnb). I've checked the recent Chicago travel questions, but they all seem rather car-centric, and I'm planning on commuting largely by subway/walking (and buses, if necessary). I'm trying to figure out how to stay somewhere safe, near a subway line. [more inside]
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Name that photo retouching software!

I used it on a Windows machine in late 2012. It was a portrait retouching software, widely advertised with an animated GIF ('click the corner of the left eye...') and pretty freakin' awesome. Now, I can't find it and my Google-fu is no good. More inside. [more inside]
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Confidentiality in bar admissions

I have a friend in law school who sees a therapist. She is worried that her therapist's notes can and will be accessed by the bar admissions people as part of the background check process. She has been told this, either by fellow students or professors. Is this true? [more inside]
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"Nah, boss; I'm just a speedreader"

Before building my own... does this software exist? I need to search a collection of PDF & Word files for key phrases, and dump the surrounding lines (x-m to x+n characters/lines, where x is the found phrase) into text files. I occasionally need to search a few dozen files for a few dozen data items, which usually have some identifying text nearby. This needs to be automated. Big bonus if it implements OCR, but that's not essential. Freeware, or cheapware, obviously is best. Windows-based is preferable, but I can do Linux.
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Reputable purchaser of gold in San Francisco?

I'm looking for recommendations of places to sell gold for the value of the metal (not for the value of the design or jewelry). I don't have a car, so if out of the city proper, I would need it to be BARTable, since renting a car would decrease the net value of the transaction. I don't need the world's highest price -- I just don't want to get screwed. Any thoughts? [more inside]
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Quebecker graphic design resources

I want to learn more about Design in Québec, see examples of work, understand the view of the profession, the job market, the vocabulary and so on. Can you give recommendations of nice french-canadian design blogs, websites, communities and articles?
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FSBO in Chicago - how to appeal to investors?

I own a condo in Chicago (in a trendy neighborhood) in a building that has no rental cap and is mostly renters. I'm interested in trying to sell it myself, and am interested in thoughts on what sort of things I'd want to do to make it particularly interesting to investors rather than owner-residents. [more inside]
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Trying to get in touch with a former army recruiter

I am a journalist, and I am interested in speaking to someone who spent some time as a recruiter for the Army, but since the military is not my beat, I don't really have any connections within the veteran community. Any ideas about who I might contact to put me in touch with one?
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I'm doing the "right" thing but I feel trapped and resentful.

I am watching my stepson's daughter every other weekend and I don't want to anymore. [more inside]
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Wedding Travel

I need to get to NYC for a wedding rehearsal on Friday. There is going to be an insane snowstorm her tomorrow. Should I try to get an Amtrak for tomorrow morning (cheaper) or try for Friday morning (kind of expensive)? Will snow stop the trains? Should I just try to go tonight (imposing on people)? I already bought a bus ticket for Friday morning a few weeks ago but I'm guessing the roads will not be great between the cities. Is this a wrong assumption?
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Non-student Non-professor Attraction

As a late 20s non-student, how do I proceed with my attraction to my late 20s non-professor? Please share your perspective and experiences. [more inside]
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Clueless psychiatrist, or what? Drug test dilemma.

My adult son mentioned to his psychiatrist that he had to take a drug test for a job he'd applied for. He was not sent to an outside lab, but peed in a cup at the workplace. Son wasn't asked by the tester what meds he's taking and he didn't offer the information. His psychiatrist said that the drug test will reveal all his current medications and that it is possible that the employer will now discriminate against him. What???! [more inside]
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What to buy Mum for her 60th Birthday - Long Distance Edition

My Mum turns 60 in early March. I live in Canada and she lives in the UK. Rather than return home to celebrate with her, she will be visiting me in July and we will attend the Calgary Stampede together as her birthday treat, but I still want her to actually be able to open something from me on the big day. What unique gift can I send to ensure her day is memorable? [more inside]
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Separating OS and Apps and Files on a Macbook Pro with 2 Drives

I am planning on using an OWC Data Doubler to replace the optical drive in my mid-2012 13" Macbook Pro with a 120GB SSD. My plan is to use the SSD for the OS and applications and then use the HDD for files. I have a Time Machine backup and a Super Duper clone of my HDD. However, I some questions about the easiest way to reformat the drives after the installation is complete. [more inside]
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Countertop Dishwasher Isn't Cleaning Dishes

For the past few days, our countertop dishwasher hasn't been working properly. Out of one load, about a third of the dishes look properly clean, a third look like they have just been touched with a little water, and a third look like they weren't even rinsed. Where these three types show up seems to be random. I have cleaned the trap in the bottom of the dishwasher, and made sure the rinse aid compartment is full, and neither has had any effect. What should I try next? [more inside]
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Portable document scanner, for long documents

I am looking for a portable document scanner that will scan longer than legal size pages. [more inside]
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Vacationing soon to Port St. Lucie / Fort Pierce area - would love tips!

What nature trails are recommended in the area? What tours are there [art, science, culture, nature] that are budget-friendly and deep in interesting information? Where is the best beach within an hour? [more inside]
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I need to build a "social media platform" to market my novel -- help!

In order to get my novel published (comedic science fiction), I've been told that I need to build a social media platform (website, facebook, twitter, etc.) and that if publishers see that you have a following they're more likely to take a chance on you. I'm building a website and getting a facebook page in order, but I'm not sure I get twitter, I'd like input on where on the web my audience may already lie, and I need to get over my aversion to self-promotion. [more inside]
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I want to be a part of it ...can I?

I have always wanted to live in New York for a year. Life circumstances mean there is now a possibility of being able to make that happen, in theory. Can you let me know if this will remain a pipe dream or if there is a chance of turning it into reality? I would like to work as a counsellor, or with an NGO. Many specifics to follow. [more inside]
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Help me help someone help someone else with their homework!

Can anyone direct me to a formula/table that will tell me what length to cut a metal pipe to make a chime with a predetermined pitch? They need to make a set of chimes. [more inside]
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Does this type of binding exist for handouts and if so, what's it calle?

I need to produce a pile of program handouts, I'd originally thought I'd do them in ring binders, but I have to travel cross country and can't carry them. I then thought I'd try comb bound handouts (thinnish plastic back and acetate front).. the problem is there's no tables at the venue so it would be hard for people to take notes on them. Could do clipboards.. (but carrying difficult) and getting the handouts sent prior to the place would make me anxious/might not be a goer. So.. I think I need something like a thinnish comb bound handout with a cardboard back so people can lean on it to take notes. Problem is.. comb binding doesn't go through cardboard. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm in the UK.
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I made a stupid decision: new dog owner

I've adopted a dog from a local shelter, and I may have made a terrible mistake. I'm seriously thinking of returning her, but I've had her less than half a day. See details inside. [more inside]
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William Castle Novel - What Was It Called?

About 30 or 35 years ago I read a fictional novel that featured a character based on William Castle. The novel was written from from the perspective of a screenwriter or avid fan. The William Castle type character was very into the Occult, and the denouement of the paperback was very dark. What was this book called?
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More songs like "Bouncing Around The Room" by Phish?

More songs like "Bouncing Around The Room" by Phish? [more inside]
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Name my teenage daughter's (hobby which is turning into a) business.

She paints sandshoes and calico bags with original designs. She's 15, this thing just started growing by itself, she's never aggressively marketed her creations. It might provide a bit of spending money or she could be the next Collette Dinnigan, she really doesn't care because she wants to be a forensic psychologist, but she wants a catchy business name to start a Facebook page, maybe get business cards, etc. [more inside]
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Nemluvím česky

I'm trying to make language learning a daily habit on my bus commute, and looking for tips on making it work. [more inside]
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Connecting And Building A Mentor Relationship

I am currently in my late twenties finishing my degree in Information Technology. I live in a large city. I'm a sociable person. My question is, not working in the professional environment, how could I find a professional mentor? How do you recommend someone build such a relationship? Any ideas? .... There are industry related conferences within the area which I sometimes attend. Professors seem like an option. But what steps should I take to form such a relationship? Is it something you would ask for explicitly?.... I'd just like to thank the community in advance for your feedback. It's been something I'd like to do, but due to uncertainty in how to go about it I haven't. Thanks!
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February 11

How can I disable flashing images on the Internet Archive?

How do I turn off the distracting animated thumbnail images on the Internet Archive? [more inside]
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Is this a date or just a hangout?

Alright everyone, this is a hard one. Does she like me? Is this a date, or are just hanging out? [more inside]
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Can you identify these flowers?

Can you identify these flowers? [more inside]
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Always needing a rescuer?

My significant other (female, early 20s) is amazing in all respects, but whenever faced with a problem whether large or small it seems like her instinct is to depend on other people to come and rescue her. What is this called? How do I help? [more inside]
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The polar vortex has nothing on my hot flashes

Short of (going back on) estrogen, what can tame these damned hot flashes? [more inside]
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I need something to lift now that my toddler won't stay still anymore

Looking for recommendations for adjustable dumbbells and a workout bench which will incline and decline. [more inside]
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Time to play What's That Book!

YA/children's book featuring a magic-brownie baking witch. More details after the jump. [more inside]
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How is national identity determined when political borders change?

I always thought my maternal great-grandparents were Austrian. Maybe they are not? [more inside]
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Resetting a goldfish tank

Hi everyone. This is a bit of a follow-up to my previous question. So our second and final goldfish died today (don't think this one was ammonia poisoning, was fine last night and belly up-dead this morning). I want to take this opportunity to set up the tank properly and do better by the next fishies, because we weren't very prepared for these ones a few months ago, and sort of learned on the fly. I have a few questions. (Lots of detail inside because I don't want to forget anything.) [more inside]
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Can anyone tell me the style of guitar playing on this track?

Can anyone tell me the style of guitar playing on this track? Link. Thanks
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Where to find reliable people to perform small tasks?

A friend who had many contacts has passed away. Where can we find people willing to do work ranging from staining the deck to wrapping Christmas presents? [more inside]
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Alaska tours for a semi-large group

My extended family is looking into a tour of Alaska that would involve 15-20 people (including some younger kids), spending about a week to see the natural highlights. Can anyone recommend a good tour company?
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How good a camera can I get for $600?

And how do I research on cameras? I want something more than your usual point and shoots. Give me some guidance please! [more inside]
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How to cut traces and wire jumpers on Arduino Shield PCB

I'm a total hardware engineering noob who's getting into Arduino development. I have an Electric Imp connected to the Arduino via a shield, which works great. However, I've added another shield that conflicts with the pins that are used by the Electric Imp for software serial IO. The Imp shield says that I can cut a trace and wire a jumper to use hardware serial on two open ports instead. I've never done this before – can someone give explicit steps as to what I need to do? [more inside]
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Need simple way to send family videos to our elderly mom.

I'm looking for a tablet (and app) that'll allow my family to send our very elderly mom videos of great-grandkids and such. We've already setup a wifi photo frame and she loves it (from www.pix-star.com - great product!) but it doesn't support video. Her connection is thru a cell hotspot so a youtube-type solution isn't viable. I need to push videos to her tablet and of course, it has to be extremely simple for her to receive and view new movies. Any off-hand knowledge of a solution out there? Thanks!
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MBA, MSEOM, or other?

I'm considering further education, and I'm looking at either an MBA or MS in Operations and Engineering Management. I've already got the MSME and significant aerospace product engineering experience, and MSOEM would help give me a leg up to Engineering Manager or Chief Engineer. But an MBA would be a more business-focused curriculum, which could help me leverage my experience and knowledge into perhaps a wider field. So, which one gets your vote, and why? How much of a factor is the choice of school? What other questions do I need to ask? (Assume that tuition is not a factor.) [more inside]
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Where are the entry level jobs in... Web Frontend Development?

My partner is studying frontend dev and wants to find a job that will let her practice skills while she's learning them. Where should she be looking for jobs? What websites, what search terms? [more inside]
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King Henry VIII's dream come true...

Biologists and Staticians... what's going on here? There hasn't been a female born in my husband's family in two generations. Help solve the brothers' debate about what's causing this, and what the odds of our pregnancy being male or female is. [more inside]
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Make me interested in history

I feel like high school Canadian history class, which was mostly a list of wars, sort of killed any interest in history that I may have had. Please recommend me some European/world/ancient history documentaries that will change my mind! [more inside]
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I need to know more songs/artists that are going to scratch the itch that "Sh-boom" by The Chords started. Go.
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How to make Flash based music player for Facebook?

I am starting a music/lifestyle blog. I want to be able to post songs from the artists on the blog (with their permission of course) on the blog's Facebook page to get the word of mouth going. I don't have enough web expertise to code from scratch, but if I had a player I could customize, I can modify the look and feel to my the blog. Any ideas on a Flash based mp3 player I could use? It could work on other platforms but it definitely has to work on Facebook too. PS. thinking of something along the lines of what soundcloud uses www.facebook.com/soundcloud
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Help me understand what a proper business IT system looks like.

I've only worked in a small business (15-20 employees) since I got out of school, and I've handled the technological necessities since I started because nobody else could. I've handled things on an as-needed basis: troubleshooting problems, setting up new computers, maintaining an iron grip on software installations, setting up the network and administering simple network devices, etc. However, I'm completely self-taught, and I have no idea if my hacked-together system looks anything like a properly-implemented corporate IT system. So I want to know what one looks like. Specifically, I'd like to know if there are any resources I can check out on my own that paint the picture of what I should be trying to achieve. NOTE: I'm NOT averse to hiring an outside IT firm or consultant to help with specification and implementation. However, I don't want to be at the mercy of a firm's "knowledge" and my own ignorance; you can waste a lot of money that way, regardless of scenario. [more inside]
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Keyboard Amplifier Troubleshooting Question

I feel like if I knew more about amplifiers the symptoms of my Roland KC-550 would narrow down my problem significantly. Only the tweeter works (and it works fine), and the two other speakers are totally un-driven across all channels. Does this indicate anything about the issue? I'm trying to figure out if it's worth having repaired and/or if I can repair it myself.
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Winter NYC getaway for people who don't ski.

The lady and I would like go away for a couple of nights this weekend. Preferably to somewhere relaxing. We don't ski, and have little interest in winter sports generally. Where can we go? [more inside]
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Chapter Trails

Is there a formal term for the hyphen separated list of keywords and phrases that you sometimes see at the beginning of chapters in a book? These usually form a sequential summary of the chapter ahead. I've most often seen this in older books, but recently in Robert MacFarlane's, "The Old Ways".
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Mid-career switch: reception to copywriting

I've been working as a receptionist for a few years, and I'd like to transition into a career as a copywriter. About three years ago I wrote back-of-the-box copy for a home entertainment distributor, I've written music and film reviews for a few blogs my friends run, and I recently finished the third draft of a novel. None of these seem like they'd work for a copywriting portfolio. I've also spoken to the marketing department at my current place of employment about writing press releases and blog entries, and I'm waiting to hear back from them about potential short-term projects. In the meantime, what can I do to get more experience and build up a portfolio?
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Elevate my whatever.

What blogs are well written and worth following to broaden my mind? [more inside]
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Happy Val Day!

Looking for Valentine-themed donation gifts that do not involve anything being physically mailed. [more inside]
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Temping in Toronto

Tell me about temp agencies in Toronto. What are the best ones, how do they work, and how can I tailor my pretty specific skills to a more general employment audience? [more inside]
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Which Government Agency Provided Money for Bank Bailouts?

It's an alphabet soup that doesn't allow for even a relatively straight line between money and banks. The Treasury ultimately provided the money, the Office of Thrift Supervision was supposed to oversee the money, the Federal Deposit Insurance Commission closed banks that didn't qualify for the bailout. But who wrote the check and was ultimately responsible for those banks until they paid the bailout money back?
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Toddler rude to papa

Three months ago we produced a new baby (yay us!). Toddler Nom (not quite three years old) has adapted as well as one might expect. But now she acts like she doesn't like her papa anymore. How do we react? [more inside]
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What is the best way to track ebook price drops?

I have a new Kindle, I have a Goodreads account with dozens of books I'd like to read. There are probably hundreds of books I'd buy for the right price. What is the best way to track ebook temporary sales and price drops? [more inside]
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How to negotiate severance after being let go from my job.

I was unexpectedly let go from my job yesterday. I’ve only been there 4 months, and it was quite a surprise. I’d like to try and negotiate severance as I haven’t signed anything yet, and was told HR would be contacting me in the next couple days. I’m not sure how to do this as this is the first time I’ve been fired. [more inside]
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Ways To Show Time and Place Visually

Hey There, I'm looking for ways that time and place are shown in movies without subtitles, i.e. on a newspaper headline, etc. Also, if you can include your favorite film or tv show that depicts the 60's and 70's that would be great! Thanks!
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Best tools for rapid web app development with MySQL on Mac OSX?

I desperately need to pull together a web front-end for my MySQL database on Mac OSX 10.9.1. I have two days to do this, and have spent most of the day down a Python rabbit hole. [more inside]
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How do you untangle the threads of a beat-up heart?

I'm in the early stages of a relationship with a wonderful woman; it's our second go at this. I'm pretty sure this is love. But my anxiety and depression is holding me back, or making me doubt how I feel, or stopping me from actually expressing how I feel. And I don't know how to navigate this. I don't know whether to push through all these uncertainties or walk away. Help me work it out, mefites. [more inside]
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This game doesn't have immanuel.

Did Immanuel Kant ever say anything about chess? What about other board games? [more inside]
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UK musical do overs and plagiarism, involving punk acts onwards

I am looking for pairs of songs in which 1) one or both artists is a UK act that first rose to prominence in the punk era or later (say 1976 onwards; the other act can be any nationality or from time period), and 2) one of the songs is either a music reworking or theft of the other. I am not looking for covers or samples. Several examples inside. [more inside]
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You remind me of the babe.

Or what do I have to look for on a portable generator to recharge my camera and tablet. [more inside]
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Oil change: miles or time?

Oil changes: miles or time? I drive a little 2011 Mazda M2. My commute to work is about 14 miles round trip. I don't drive it much else. My last oil change was January 2013 and 5231 miles. The sticker says next change is May 2013 or 10231 miles. Needless to say it's well beyond May 2013 but I'm still only at 9200 miles. Should I get an oil change or wait for the mileage? [more inside]
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Help me help my kid

Kid BlahLaLa, an enormously charming, wonderful and sweet 10-year-old boy, is also greedy as all get-out. Help me find ways to open his eyes about his/our incredible good fortune so he can get his birthday present request list into proportion. [more inside]
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Help me find the perfect stylish, rugged, light boot.

Hi! I am looking for an excellent pair of boots that will last me for a long time. [more inside]
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Being a good friend during family business bankruptcy?

One of the better people I know is in the early part of bankruptcy filing after her husband discovered his business partner (and lifelong best friend) had amassed volumes of hidden debt to provide his family with all of the nicer things in life. How can I help as a friend? [more inside]
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Always be prepared?

Currently 10 weeks pregnant with our first. We are trying to brainstorm everything we can possibly do ahead of time to make maternity leave and the first weeks/months home with a newborn go as smoothly as possible. Some examples: buy a chest freezer and fill it with meals that can just be popped in the microwave or oven. Save up for doggie day care passes to get our dogs out of the house and tired out in the beginning. Veteran parents, please enlighten us as to anything and everything else we can be doing to help us get through the acclimation period! [more inside]
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ACA insurance in New York. Gold Health Republic PrimarySelect plan?

We need to pick ACA insurance in NYC and after some research are most likely going with the Gold Health Republic PrimarySelect plan (which uses MagnaCare's network.) Is there a very good reason to not go with Health Republic or PrimarySelect, considering what the other NY options are? We're not eligible for PrimarySelect EPO or else we would have gone with that. thanks so much.
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So. Whats new with you?

I just found out a good friend of mine from high school (whom I lost contact with in college) is a recovering heroin addict. Should I try to contact her? I found out in a very indirect way—details inside. [more inside]
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Ahhh, Yakima in the winter

We'll be in Yakima WA for Friday through Sunday this very week. With lots of free time. [more inside]
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Help us select a movie for date night!

Help us figure out what to watch for date night this Wednesday! [more inside]
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What are some good adventure romance movies or TV shows?

I'm looking for movies like The Mummy (the first two), The Pirates of the Caribbean (the first one), Ever After, and Prince of Persia that have light, fun (science fiction or fantasy) adventure and a cute couple. The Princess Bride might fit. (I plan to watch it this week.) TV shows would work too. I like the Adriane/Jason love story in Atlantis, and I like Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Thanks in advance!
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Dog training strategies for chewing, counter-surfing, and piano-raiding?

Our dog, a two-year-old rescued black lab mix has two bad habits which we'd like to train her out of: she chews on things that aren't hers, and she counter-surfs with a vengeance. In both cases the worst behavior happens in rooms we're not in, and it can happen quickly. Too often the damage is done before we have chance to startle her away from the scene of the crime. I'd love to know what training techniques have worked for others in similar situations. [more inside]
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Seeking women's waterproof winter boots. Difficulty level: NO heel.

I have a bad knee, and have recently discovered that the one-inch heels on my new waterproof Totes boots affect my gait such that my patella goes crazy. Can you recommend me some knee-friendly boots? [more inside]
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Poor squeaky!

On Sunday, I used a no-rinse waterless shampoo on my cat Fave. It's supposed to be totally safe for cats and dogs-- but yesterday he started to lose his voice and now he's down to squeaking. His ears and paws aren't hot, so he doesn't seem to have a fever, and he's acting totally normally. The only difference is, his usually-demanding meows are now down to pathetic squeaks. [more inside]
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Best place to buy paper products online?

I am looking for the best online shop to order blank invitation paper and/or order invitations printed where I can just provide the design. I will have a maximum buy quantity of 175-200. I'm looking for the best deal I can find.. anyone have experience with this?
posted by xicana63 at 7:20 AM PST - 4 comments

Installation migration

I want to clone the boot disk of my OpenBSD install, with the destination drive being larger than the source. What's the easiest way to do this? Just use dd and resize partitions after? rsync? Something else? [more inside]
posted by Venadium at 7:10 AM PST - 3 comments

Why can't I handle multiple responsibilities?

I'm having a hard time balancing school, work, and social life. Teach me how to get my shit together or help me realize that I can't handle everything I've taken on. [more inside]
posted by DayTripper at 7:08 AM PST - 12 comments

Yes, I've seen Titanic.

I'm interested in stories (real or fictional) about people who have intentionally changed their identities following some sort of disaster in which they were presumed dead.
posted by phunniemee at 6:53 AM PST - 31 comments

What to consider when considering children?

I'm 38, female, single and childless in the United States. I never thought this would happen to me but, suddenly, the idea of never having children is causing me intense grief. I can't discuss it without weeping. I'm trying to walk through all of the pros and cons of freezing eggs and waiting for a partner, adopting, or just making a decision that children are not in the cards for me, accepting the grief and moving on. I always thought that when I got into a serious LTR then I would decide whether or not to have children with my partner, but so far that LTR has not happened. If this is going to happen, I need a plan for doing it on my own. My parents are conservative and would probably prefer that I marry and have children the old-fashioned way, but I fully expect that they would support me and adore any child of mine regardless. [more inside]
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How do people find money to move out when separating or divorcing?

A asks B for a divorce. B is not surprised. B agrees, even though B would prefer to stay in an unhappy marriage rather than be branded with a scarlet D*. A wants to move out ASAP. Generally speaking, how do the financial logistics of this work? No special snowflake details inside. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:44 AM PST - 17 comments

Film licencing filter: music video edition

I want to make a music video for my band, and invite people to send us their own home video of a certain kind of public event for us to include. Are there any legal issues here? Please explain them to me like I'm a clueless idiot because, when it comes to film licencing, I am. [more inside]
posted by greenish at 5:58 AM PST - 3 comments

Renew expired warranty on malfunctioning laptop?

I have an out-of-warranty Dell Inspiron 17R N7110 that appears to have a failing integrated graphics card (Intel HD Graphics 3000). The machine's only 2 years old. Replacing the motherboard would cost more than renewing the warranty ($208). Is this the way to go? A few more details follow. [more inside]
posted by woodman at 5:01 AM PST - 6 comments

Cutting the Cable

I have a Series 2 Tivo (dual tuner, with a 542 serial number if it matters), with the old lifetime subscription (so we don't pay monthly for the Tivo service). We would like to ditch our cable and get a Mohu Leaf Ultimate HDTV Antenna. Is there any way to keep our ability Tivo things without replacing the Tivo (and thereby losing our lifetime Tivo service?). Tivo says, officially, "no", but I'm thinking there must be something.....
posted by anastasiav at 4:39 AM PST - 15 comments

Trying to help a friend set up a Roku box on an Apple computer

Please help me set up a network to run a Roku box using an older model Mac. [more inside]
posted by chocolatepeanutbuttercup at 4:27 AM PST - 8 comments

Air conditioning alternatives?

To prepare for summer I'd like to install air conditioning, but don't want the huge electricity bill. What are some alternatives? [more inside]
posted by gorcha at 2:25 AM PST - 29 comments

A bird in the hand worth two in the bush?

Two weeks ago, I had an interview for an internship with a huge organization that does exactly what I want to do, got a Masters in, etc. I was offered it and accepted on the spot. [more inside]
posted by Enchanting Grasshopper at 2:19 AM PST - 19 comments

Ethical flowers for Valentine's Day, UK?

I'd like to get my "boo" some flowers for Valentine's Day that are as ethical and environmentally sound as is possible (given of course that I'm planning to buy a living thing that has been brought inside to die slowly!) I'm in the UK, so which types of flowers are likely to have covered the fewest miles? Lots of florists claim to be fair trade eco yada yada but few give advice. Any recommendations on London enviroflorists also appreciated.
posted by skylar at 1:45 AM PST - 4 comments

Explaining forces to a 10 year old

My 10 year old daughter (Year 6, UK) was recently given homework to "explain how the following works": a) gravity; b) air resistance; c) magnetism; d) upthrust; e) friction. My initial thought was that there is a Nobel prize in the offing if she can truly explain some of these, however, less flippantly, I struggled with how to do this in terms that a 10 year old would understand. Can anyone do any better? [more inside]
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February 10

Looking for an inexpensive online print shop for a brochure...

I've been hired by a client to design a (relatively) simple brochure for her. She'd like it to be bilingual (English/French) and, due to this, would ideally like all the content in one language to be on one side of the 8.5"x11" page, so it's easier to read when completely unfolded. It's like a reverse Z-fold... [more inside]
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Applying for a credit card with bank I stiffed 20 years ago.

So when I was in college I ran up a $700 credit card debt with Citibank visa. Then I didn't pay it. And for over a decade my credit was crap. But eventually I turned it around and have good credit again. So here's my question: I need to get a credit card for one of the biggest hotel chains as I stay there for business a bit. I'd like the benefits and points maximizing. Problem: the best card is run through citibank. Since my teenage folly I've changed my name but I still have the same SS#. Will applying today reactivate the debt with them?
posted by rileyray3000 at 10:44 PM PST - 15 comments

Returning sensation to the tip of my thumb after an injury

I cut the tip of my thumb in September while on a mountaineering trip. It was a pretty nasty cut and the injured area - which intersects with my nail bed in two places - is still numb 4+ months later. [more inside]
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ISO good fiction about catching babies

Recommend me fiction or very readable memoirs about midwifery, obstetrics, and the politics of birth--any genre is fine, but SF/F and historical suggestions are especially welcome. [more inside]
posted by PhoBWanKenobi at 8:23 PM PST - 24 comments

Horror in real life: how do you cope?

When I encounter stories of egregious abuse or torture or cruelty, I often feel sickened and disturbed for hours or days or until I get used to the fact that yes indeed, someone could (fill in the blank) to another human being or to an animal, and they did. [more inside]
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Spring and Fall Games

There are summer and winter versions of big sports events such as the Olympics and the X Games. Are there spring and fall-based sporting events too? If not, why not? Are there any sports that are specially seasonal outside summer/winter?
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Identify this object from *House of Cards*

In anticipation of season two's release this week, I've been re-watching season one of House of Cards. About eight minutes into the ninth episode, Peter Russo is being interviewed by a New York Times journalist. The man records their conversation using the device in this screenshot. I remember being intrigued by this voice recorder while watching the show last year, but could not find out the make or model. My interest is once again piqued. Googling has gotten me nowhere. Do you know what it is?
posted by rensar at 7:42 PM PST - 2 comments

Help me make my story short and sweet, for those who might hear it.

I don't have a career counselor (and there aren't any in these parts) or anyone to turn to for this, so I'm seeking help on the green. Re-acclimating to life at home, career path indecision / lack of direction, lack of opportunities and illness and death in the family have left their mark on my recent professional and life history, and I want to be able to summarize it all to a prospective employer / networking contact without sounding like an indecisive drama queen. Plenty of snow here, if you haven't gotten enough this winter. [more inside]
posted by ditto75 at 7:37 PM PST - 6 comments

Low income prenatal/maternity care in Las Vegas.

What resources/services are available to a woman living in Las Vegas, who is about 8 months pregnant, uninsured, unemployed, and broke? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:05 PM PST - 13 comments

Help me find metal storage bins.

I'm trying to find metal storage bins like the second picture on this blog: http://www.neatmethod.com/blog/tip-tuesday-back-school-basics The wheels are a plus, but I'd be happy to find bins without wheels, too. Bigger' fine, but much smaller isn't. I'd prefer the bins not to have holes in them (so mesh bins are out). I'd like to use them to store shoes and boots and such.
posted by buriedpaul at 6:33 PM PST - 5 comments

Old hard drive is inaccessible

I'm trying to get some files off an internal hard drive I haven't used in 5 years or so. I believe this used to be my system drive for an old Macbook. I have a SATA to USB adapter, and just tried plugging it in to my current Macbook Pro (late 2009 model running latest version of Mavericks). I got the dreaded error, "The disk you inserted is not readable by this computer." What should I do next? [more inside]
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Did Itunes just remove some audiobooks? Where should I buy it now?

I was going to buy James Ellroy's the cold six thousand on Itunes yesterday but opted to buy it tonight instead. I just logged on to Itunes store and it is no longer available. It was there yesterday. I have never purchased an audiobook from another source other than Itunes. What is the easiest way to do this. I like how Itunes loads them on my Ipod and keeps a "bookmark" when I swtich to listen to music. I've never used audible or simply audiobooks. Does anyone have any experience with these? Do they download into multiple mp3s? I am not having much luck. I was excited to listen to David Simon's Homicide until I saw that it was abridged with no unabridged version available. Just to avoid confusion, Itunes did not remove an audiobook I bought and loaded on my Ipod, but an audiobook was available in there store yesterday but not today. Thanks in advance
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Software for computing the emotional intensity of messages?

Remember around 2000 when the Eudora e-mail program came with Moodwatch, which claimed to find out how "hot" your messages were running by looking for swear words (and maybe sarcasm, I'm not sure?) I wonder, is there free or open source software somewhere that has done the same thing? Or has anyone reverse-engineered Moodwatch to figure out how it works?
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[Toronto filter] Realities of BSL and Pit Bulls?

What does Ontario's breed specific legislation look like in reality for (non-grandfathered) 'pit bull' owners? How strict is this law? Please tell me your real-life experiences here. [more inside]
posted by tamarack at 5:49 PM PST - 3 comments

Is lipedema a thing? How can I learn more about it?

I saw this ask comment on lipedema/lipoedema going underdiagnosed while I was searching through the cellulite tag, and I'm interested in more resources, but a lot of what I find seems pretty woo-woo. Get me pointed in the right direction? [more inside]
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Does split-screen software like this exist?

I am looking for some sort of software that will split my single monitor into four separate desktops that will allow me to have full-screen video on each quadrant. Does this exist? [more inside]
posted by Mister Fabulous at 4:19 PM PST - 9 comments

Can I watch the whole Olympics online over the next few months?

I love the Olympics and would love to watch lots and lots of it, but I don't have time now. My Tivo is just about full. I find NBCOlympics.com baffling. The only videos I see there are highlights. Are there long-attention-span videos of events? For how long will this be available? I'm in the US and I'm a Comcast subscriber.
posted by neuron at 3:45 PM PST - 7 comments

Can I eat it? Snowpocalypse 2.0 edition

So...Ralph forgot I had already made a milk and bread run and bought another gallon-but didn't check the date (it was the last gallon at that convenience store. ) So, I opened it for milk for my coffee and right after I poured it noticed the date. Feb 4th. This is the 10th. And then I noticed the slight curding once it met my coffee and generic sweet and low. It didn't smell or taste sour, but it did leave a few curds at the bottom of the cup (yes, I drank it.) So, my question is this: Since obviously this is not fresh milk, and since I DO have other milk in the house-what milkusing recipes can I use this for? [more inside]
posted by St. Alia of the Bunnies at 3:12 PM PST - 29 comments

Gifts to give to friends when traveling to their country

I'm going to Turkey from the US, and have a ton of friends there- some that are quite close and I'll be getting nicer presents for (perfume, nice American brand named clothes), and others that I'm not as close to but will still see and need to give a small gift to. Please help me figure out what that small gift should be. [more inside]
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How to I connect these two pipes together?

This is a ridiculous question really that should be able to be solved by google, but I just can't find what I need. I have a female 1 and a half inch threaded pipe which I need to connect to a male 32mm connection. If it makes a difference flow will be going from the female to the male. Where can I buy (Preferably in the UK, even more preferably in London) a thing that will make this thing work. [more inside]
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I'm trying really hard to simplify an overwhelming digital life. Help.

I switched over to iCloud a number of months ago. I currently have rules set up in Apple Mail to filter incoming mail into folders. I want these emails but I don't want them in my inbox. The problem is it doesn't work as I anticipated. It would appear if Apple Mail isn't open, the rules won't apply themselves on my iPhone. And even if Apple Mail is open, the rule doesn't apply itself immediately, and my iPhone is pinged, I check my email, and then the email "disappears" into the folder. This is getting really f*cking annoying. [more inside]
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What goes in your best dashi?

The standard dashi recipe (as far as I can tell) includes dried kombu and bonito flakes, and optional extras like dried shiitakes or dried sardines. What are your favorite ingredients/brands and sources for them?
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Help a 14-year-old girl find some books to love

I am helping out a 14-year-old girl who needs as much experience reading as she can get, and I'm eager for your suggestions. Details inside. [more inside]
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How do playwrights think about play structure and meaning?

Yesterday I saw a community theater production of Sam Shepherd's Buried Child. Later at home, I looked up some commentary/analysis on it. So many different meanings were attributed to various aspects of the play, such as the corn that Tilden kept bringing in from outside. It was tied to fertility, infertility, Sukkot, the Corn King, death, and on and on. At one point, Vince reentered the house from the screened-in porch by cutting the screen vertically top to bottom and stepping through. This was said to be a symbolic rebirth for his character. [more inside]
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NPR story about color

This is driving me batty. In the last year or three I heard a story on NPR about color. I would have heard the story on a Saturday afternoon (I don't know if that helps). The topics ranged from people who can (in theory) see colors that most people can't, the history of dyes and the names we give colors, etc. The narrator tested a theory on his daughter regarding color. Like, he didn't ever mention the color blue to see if she could figure it out on her own. Can anyone help me find this story? thanks in advance, Andres
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More Languidly Sultry Songs, Please!

I love Lana Del Rey ridiculously, but I can only think of about one other song that pairs perfectly with her stuff: Chris Isaak's Wicked Game. What are some other artists or songs that fit into her languidly sultry niche? [more inside]
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Moving to California from NYC: How... to do that.

So I've just gotten a job in San Francisco and my GF and I will therefore be leaving New York and moving. I've never lived more than 125 miles from NYC before, so I need help with understanding the logistics here. [more inside]
posted by shmegegge at 1:35 PM PST - 22 comments

Proposing a partnership, what's fair?

I am working on a website which is going to be a community and blog. A friend of mine shares a similar interest, and I want to invite him to partner up because I think it will be more fun and easier to get up and running with a partner. I'd like to propose we officially create a partnership with a contact and all that so he has incentive. But I've done or/am doing the lion's share of the work, at least initially. What's a fair deal? [more inside]
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Speaking voice issues - spitting and lack of volume?

I think I have developed a bad habit of spittle / spitting when talking. Its particularly bad when at restaurants or say the pub when there is a lot of noise and I feel I have to yell to be heard. I'm a late 30s male, in London and this has been happening for years. What can I do to fix this? [more inside]
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What's the title of this Japanese book?

I'm trying to track down a particular Japanese-language book for my friend, but I'm having trouble recognizing some of the kanji in the title (picture inside)... [more inside]
posted by un petit cadeau at 1:09 PM PST - 7 comments

No More Culture Books left - what other SF is like Iain Banks?

This question was helpful, but I need something from a slightly different direction for my husband who is out of Culture books: the humanist angle is great, but really looking for thoughtful left-anarchist SF in particular, "upbeat but not saccharine." [more inside]
posted by corb at 12:39 PM PST - 18 comments

Help me identify memoir of woman who eloped with itinerant photographer

When a family friend was an early teen, she read a memoir/autobiography by a young woman from somewhere in the Midwest (if she remembers correctly) who eloped with an itinerant photographer and spent the rest of her life accompanying him through Africa and other exotic venues. My friend thinks the author's surname started with "O". The friend says: "Her adventurousness inspired me, although I was too well indoctrinated to follow her example."
posted by espertus at 12:36 PM PST - 4 comments

Hell-bow Elbow

I had a severe fall on my elbow in August 2013 and after all the tests, I was told it's a complete burst of the bursa sac/bursitis. Have tried physio/acupuncture/reiki/cortisone shot with no relief (but swelling is down). What can I do to help with the pain??? [more inside]
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Where do sexy, alpha male werewolf narratives come from?

Is there an origin book/story/movie for the sexy werewolf alpha male narrative/cliché? Or when did that become the overwhelming narrative about werewolves? (Or wereanything really.) [more inside]
posted by lesbiassparrow at 12:17 PM PST - 14 comments

Regarding the M in STEM

What are some of the newest methods being used these days to teach young children arithmetic? [more inside]
posted by Dansaman at 12:08 PM PST - 3 comments

Seeking High-End Scarf or Accessories Organizer

Hot Boyfriend has a lot of scarves and (soft) hats and they invariably end up stuffed into and popping out of drawers. This is no way for a fashionable man to live! [more inside]
posted by letahl at 11:43 AM PST - 15 comments

Sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and weird fiction from Central/Eastern Europe?

What are the best sci-fi, horror, and fantasy books, movies, and comics from Central and Eastern Europe? "Best" includes both the finest and also the most popularly influential, as well as both pro- and anti-communist material, as well as both past and contemporary work. Bonus points for such fiction from the former Yugoslavia! [more inside]
posted by Sticherbeast at 11:14 AM PST - 16 comments

How to prevent daily tasks from overwhelming me?

I have a problem with consistency in carrying out daily activities, particularly those that are communication-based such as responding to messages. I have missed out on business opportunities, hurt friendships, and am generally seen as unreliable due to my inability to respond to people's messages in a timely matter. This has got to change, but I'm not sure how and could use your help. [more inside]
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Looking for good alternative to Trader Joe's Sipping Chocolate

I received a tin of Trader Joe's Sipping Chocolate for Christmas, and have enjoyed it down to the last tablespoonful. But when I went to TJ's this weekend to pick up more, I found out it was a seasonal item and won't be back until next November. Wahh!! Hope me!! [more inside]
posted by Elly Vortex at 11:10 AM PST - 14 comments

How to prevent soreness on toe?

Got new running shoes yesterday, today both my little pinky toes are a little sore. Related? How should I fix it? [more inside]
posted by crazy with stars at 10:53 AM PST - 11 comments

Transitioning from profit to not-for-profit at 40: what's negotiable?

After a decade in for-profit marketing in a secondary city, I'm being seriously considered for something close to a dream job in Toronto. The main issue is that there'd be a major salary drop -- from CAD$75,000 a year to sub-CAD$50,000, and I'd be moving from a place where the cost of living is low, and my house is mortgage-free and paid off, to, well, Toronto. My current location is not commutable to Toronto. What can I negotiate with my (hopeful) employer to help make up the difference? [more inside]
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Webcomics for kids

I'm looking for webcomics that are suitable for kids under the age of 10, preferably with simple easy to copy art. If it's regularly updated, that's awesome, but if you know of a few one-offs I'm interested in those too. Something like a comic version of Peep and the Big Wide World would be perfect.
posted by anonymous at 10:29 AM PST - 9 comments

We fought the law, and the law won

Is it possible to get an earlier court date for a traffic issue by showing up on a given day and hoping someone cancels? Calling? Other recourse? In particular, Los Angeles Metropolitan Court? [more inside]
posted by Aubergine at 10:17 AM PST - 8 comments

Time to move on? If so, how?

A major argument with my boyfriend put our > 5 year relationship on hold. Did I make the right decision to not get back together with him? I am trying to hold fast to my decision but I still love him. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:16 AM PST - 38 comments

"Do you believe in miracles?"

Looking for recommendations on film and literature featuring ice hockey. Details inside. [more inside]
posted by sapien at 10:08 AM PST - 12 comments

New Windows 7 install on SSD needs tweaking

How do I obtain or find the necessary files/drivers etc. to make the new O/S connect to the internet (and generally play nice from day one)? [more inside]
posted by peacay at 9:15 AM PST - 12 comments

The Expat Pantry

I live in Ethiopia, and plan to do some special food shopping while visiting the USA soon. What should I get? [more inside]
posted by maya at 8:53 AM PST - 8 comments


Looking for suggestions for songs to ask our gypsy-jazz wedding band to play! [more inside]
posted by Miko at 8:32 AM PST - 13 comments

GSOH is killing my love life.

My stepson revealed the greatest stressors in his life is my self-deprecating sense of humor. What can I say? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:09 AM PST - 54 comments

I kissed a girl at work – and I want to do that again...

A rather classic tale of infidelity and I don’t know what to do. As concisely as possible – went out with some colleagues for drinks and fairly early everyone disappeared apart from me and a girl who started in our office about a year ago. She is a bit younger than me, but we work relatively closely (same floor, a lot of crossover with our client work). I've liked this girl since she started. She is awesome pretty and on occasions over the last year I've not been able to get her out of my head – for weeks. We kept on and I suggested we carry on and go to another bar. It was just the two of us and I maybe shouldn't have done that, but that’s what we did and we ended up kissing. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:09 AM PST - 96 comments

Roofing repair... In February... In New England...

I was up in the attic the other day, putting away some stuff, and I noticed a delightfully large amount of mold going down either side of on section of the roof. Joy. The question now is exactly what to do, with a roof that obviously needs repair, in February, in New England. [more inside]
posted by katers890 at 7:24 AM PST - 8 comments

Baby mobility

How can I help our 11 month old learn to transition between standing/sitting/belly positions? [more inside]
posted by Behemoth at 7:04 AM PST - 12 comments

Need an excellent estate attorney in NYC. Integrity a must.

Looking for an estate attorney so good it’ll make us forget how our last estate attorney shamelessly ripped us off. [more inside]
posted by ROTFL at 6:54 AM PST - 2 comments

How do I sell a car I know to be dangerous?

My car accelerates on its own. It think it needs to be taken off the road. How can I go about selling it in good faith? [more inside]
posted by release the hardwoods! at 6:44 AM PST - 17 comments

Please recommenced me some "political" music that fits my vegan tastes?

I like Dead Prez, disposable heroes of hiphoprisy, Defiance Ohio, Good Clean Fun, propagandhi. Bands that sing about veganism, health, discipline, organization, how corporations suck, how religion sucks, dumpster diving, tofu, vegetables, honesty, being a good human being, cooking, gardening, etc. A lot of songs may seem cheesy, or corny, but I don't think they are, and I don't mind it. I prefer rap, but other genres are ok too. Even this youtube video "read a book" is good.
posted by crawltopslow at 6:38 AM PST - 24 comments

Syncing an email account, including sent messages

Is it possible to set up a Google Apps email account so that you can check it from both the gmail website and client side mail apps and have everything sync and thread correctly? Particularly the sent messages? [more inside]
posted by pete_22 at 6:15 AM PST - 10 comments

First birthday party etiquette

I live in a big city and am a part of a group of 10 or so women whose babies are all turning 1 in and around the same month. At best, I would say the majority of these women are acquaintances, people who it's been nice to spend time with on weekdays while on maternity leave, but who I may not see after that. The birthday party invites are starting to come out and we are being invited to many of the family parties. Problem is, for my babies birthday we intend to have a small gathering of family and a handful of very close friends and maybe a couple of the women from the group who I've become close with. Would it be appropriate to write the group and indicate that we are having a small party for family only and tell the two women I'm inviting not to mention their invites? Should I suggest to the group that we do the birthday equivalent of a Secret Santa to save us from buying 9 presents for the other babies? I should add that I am currently unemployed and a bit concerned about the expense of gifts for all of the babies. Thoughts and any suggestions to navigate this?
posted by laroodles at 6:06 AM PST - 15 comments

Expat Voting (U.S.)

I am a U.S. citizen living in Germany. I intend to stay in Germany forever, and I will probably retain my U.S. citizenship forever (very difficult to have dual citizenship in Germany). Am I eligible to vote in state elections, particularly U.S. senators and congresspersons? I'm from California, but no longer own any property there or have an address there.
posted by dmvs at 4:15 AM PST - 8 comments

Is it possible to train oneself into tolerating spices?

I like mild to moderately spicy dishes (crispy chilli beef, jalfrezi, chilli-tomato pasta sauce), but anything hotter numbs my mouth to the point where I can't actually taste anything, or worse, unable to eat it. Even if I go to Nandos, I don't want to try anything hotter than the mild piri-piri, because I'm worried I won't enjoy my meal due to the heat. Can I 'train' myself into getting used to spices? And does a higher tolerance enable the flavours, rather than the heat, to come through?
posted by mippy at 3:06 AM PST - 15 comments

Can you have arthritis in the knee without swelling?

Both my knees hurt alot and have for years I cant walk for more then a football field without them hurting to much that I have to stop I also cant stand for more then like 10 minutes or they hurt to much. I am 23 years old.I have been to the doctor and he dosent know whats wrong. My question is can I have arthritis without having smelling in my knees? Becasue I dont have swelling just pain.
posted by john123357 at 2:06 AM PST - 10 comments

Plugin for Archiving Outlook Email to Windows Explorer

Easy way to rename and move Outlook emails to Windows folders? [more inside]
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February 9

What's so funny about a bloodstained mattress?

Can Metafilter offer a plausible explanation of what is going on in this curious vintage photo of a group of women holding up a stained mattress and a pillow? [more inside]
posted by dontjumplarry at 11:22 PM PST - 34 comments

Is there an app for that?

I’m interested in the DURR, a simple display-less “watch” that vibrates every 5 minutes to influence your perception of the passing of time. Since DURR is not currently shipping and I already own an iPhone with a clock and a vibrating buzzer, I feel like this should be doable with an app. There’s already a Pebble app so I’m sure it’s not crazy. If this doesn’t currently exist, how hard might it be to write one myself? I’ve compiled things in XCode before but not written my own from-scratch Objective-C, so I’d be approaching this as a newcomer.
posted by migurski at 11:12 PM PST - 10 comments

Can My Company Remote-Wipe My iPhone?

How do I check that the mail account I've set up on my iPhone is fetching using IMAP and not Exchange ActiveSync? [more inside]
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Just want to field some opinions: I have to carry food (that's lunch, dinner, and snacks) and gym stuff with me to work. My backpack can fit work stuff plus food; or work stuff plus gym stuff. I can carry 1 additional bag at most. Gym stuff in backpack and carry separate lunch bag? or lunch in backpack and carry separate gym bag? [more inside]
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Freelance / self-employed tax deduction for reimbursed travel expenses?

Can a freelance / self-employed person (filing Schedule C) deduct from her taxes the cost of business travel (airfare, lodging) that she was later reimbursed for? [more inside]
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Platonically lovely movies?

We're having friends over on Friday to partake in non-romantic love and closeness. There will be a pillow pit in the TV room. What are movies we can put on that fit the mood of the evening? [more inside]
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SO close to buying a new laptop, befuddled by technical details. Help?

I posted a question here about this last year, but since then my old laptop went belly-up and now I need to find a good replacement in kind of a hurry. I am looking for a few features and I don't have a lot to spend, but I have a big bunch of Amazon gift certificates I went to use on this. I am not a tech-head and trying to find the right laptop is confusing the heck out of me. Please, won't some kind soul help me? [more inside]
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Where to eat in Birmingham, AL?

It's another "where to eat question", sorry. Difficulty level: Valentine's weekend, gluten free, interracial same sex couple. [more inside]
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Earth shoes for men?

Awhile back, Earth shoes used to offer footwear for men. My dad loved these, mostly because of their so-called Negative Heel Technology. Do they actually work? I have no clue. But dad wants what he wants, and he wants these negative heel shoes in the style of the old Earth shoes. I believe he wears something similar to this, and his pair is starting to wear out, so he is on the hunt for a suitable replacement. Are you male and a fan of Earth shoes/negative heel technology? Where do you get your fix? Are you not male but no someone else who's a fan of these shoes? TYIA!
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How to know your qual research pre-test interview was a success?

Hello, qualitative researchers! I'm doing a qualitative research project. i have a series of interview questions i wanted to ask some people. to make sure the questions were good, i asked them to my pre-test subject. the questions seemed clear and their responses seemed interesting. but is there some more scientific way of saying (or deciding) "Yup, seems good."? I need to write in my thesis how i came to the conclusion that the pre-test was successful. I can see how this would be easy(or more precise) in quantitative research, but i don't have any numbers. How do you do this? And how do you word it? Thank you!
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How to bring connectivity to a remote area for a wedding?

So we're looking at wedding venues in fairly remote spots (in the US) where there's no cell phone or Internet connectivity for at least 5 miles in any direction. We'd like to be accommodating of our guests, so what can we do to bring connectivity to these venues? [more inside]
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boots were not made for walkin'

What shoes should I buy for a long-distance (20-mile+ each day) walking trip? I think I would like not to get a hiking boot. [more inside]
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I don't have and cant keep girl friends ... why?

Since breaking up with my husband a few years ago I resolved to make some female friends. I've never really had girl friends, because I've always had a boyfriend and/or kind of liked doing things by myself (working by myself, writing, starting companies, etc.) I managed to become friends with a few women but I can't get close to them for one reason or another. First, I don't drink or smoke and find the girls I've 'befriended' to have too many vices (they smoke weed, spend time with other friends drinking or partying, have questionable morals (e.g. they are the other woman in their relationship, or have been involved in heavy drugs, etc.) for me to feel like we have a lot in common. I realize.. (contd inside) [more inside]
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Is it time to move to the Boogie Down?

What are some good neighborhoods I should look into if considering moving to the Bronx? I have a 5 month old baby. I am looking for something affordable (for NYC), near good restaurants, amenities, transit and possibly a park. [more inside]
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Please recommend experienced eBay seller to help sell comic books

Mr. Christa and I are downsizing to a smaller apartment in Seattle. Mr. Christa has admirably agreed to part with some of his comic books. He thinks selling on eBay would be best. Neither of us, unfortunately, are experienced eBay sellers. eBay USED TO have a listing of "trading assistants", who would help you sell and take a commission. Does anyone still offer this service? Can you recommend someone to help us "grade" (apparently that's a big deal) and sell the comics? [more inside]
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electronic devices after death?

What happens to the contents on your computer if you're incapacitated? Would you (if you had some terminal illness, for example) wipe things, or do you think your family members would respect your privacy? Would you scour every bit of a loved one's computer? [more inside]
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I'm looking for a construction paper thats like back velvet

I'm looking for a construction paper thats like back velvet. I feel like I've seen this out in the world before but Im not having any luck with the googles. I am attempting to do a screen printed concert poster in the style of a 70s dayglo black velvet poster, so I need a paper with that look and feel, if it exists.
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Bracing myself for years of dental awkwardness!

After having a normal dental childhood without braces, my front teeth have shifted significantly in the past couple years and now that I have a steady job and dental insurance (which I think only partially covers the cost of braces, if at all), I am looking forward to have straighter teeth but don't know what to look forward to with braces as an adult. [more inside]
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Scoopable Ice Cream?

I like ice cream cones, however, I've never found ice cream from the supermarket to be scoopable in the same way that Baskin Robbins is. The only way I can think to describe it is that they don't stick together in the same way - Breyers and Dreyers both tend to crack apart and resist mushing into cone shape. Basking Robbins is both expensive and, in my area, prone to being out of Mint Chocolate Chip at all times. Is there another brand that I could try that better recreates the Baskin Robbins scoopability and is relatively good tasting?
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Articles on structural inequality in NYC?

I would like to be pointed towards an article that connects how NYC's investment in corporate and banking interests directly worsened the prospects of the poor and working class in NYC during the Bloomberg years. This should be intelligent but not too dense -- something that could be easily readable by college freshmen without background in social science, written in a style such as you'd find in the New Yorker, Atlantic, NY Times Mag, etc in style and difficulty level. Thanks! Note: I **don't** need ethnographic stories focusing on people's lives, such as the Dasani article in the NY Times. (Those are great but I have plenty.) Rather I need a non-specialists' discussion of the structural connections between wealth and poverty in NYC, something explaining exactly why choices to invest in fancy buildings led to more homelessness -- for example, detailing how city money was diverted from x to y during these years.
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VCR Ate My Copy of The Half-Assed Approach to Foundation Repair

The decades-old parging/plaster on our basement walls is scabby and peeling. The concrete itself is crumbly in places and there are a couple of cracks. It seems to me that the solution to my problem is to remove the old parging/plaster, fill the cracks with hydraulic cement, and patch the crumbly parts. But I'm less clear on the hows, whys, and whens. [more inside]
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Using a passport card in the Caribbean

This spring, I'll be flying from the continental US to St. Thomas with my small kids to join my parents on their sailboat. I know that we don't need passports to fly into the US Virgin Islands, but that we would need them if we wanted to sail to the British Virgin Islands. My kids don't have passports yet. Because of the expense of a full passport, I am considering getting them passport cards instead. The government website suggests that this is one potential use case of the passport card, but I haven't read accounts of people doing it. I asked my parents what their fellow cruisers know, but didn't get much info. Have you done this? How was it?
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My dad would have known the answer

My dad passed away on Friday, and my mom is eager to get into his computer (Song Vaio running Windows 7) and Blackberry (Bold). Both are password protected. Is there any way to change the password on each without wiping the data? I'm fairly computer literate, and my father will have every software disk he's ever received. We also have access to his email if that helps with the Blackberry. Thanks.
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This may sound like a strange question...

But I was wondering, why do you think we still use the terms "sunrise" and "sunset"? We know that the Earth revolves around the Sun (not the other way around) so the Sun isn't really 'rising' or 'setting', right?
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Portable Midi Keyboard Recommendations?

I just got Logic Pro X for my birthday and am learning how to make music! Yay! I'd like compose on the go with my laptop, but I can't lug my keyboard around and am thus on the hunt for a portable midi keyboard. The more portable, the better - but it would be nice if I didn't wince when I touched the keys. [more inside]
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Keep hair dye off highlights during recolor

Is there a product or technique for protecting peekaboo highlights when recoloring hair at home? [more inside]
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A different kind of erotic experience

What is the most erotic paid experience a heterosexual man in California can have that is totally legal, something done in person and not online, and is neither a strip club or a massage? [more inside]
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Depressed & need inspiration.

I am a single mother, down in the dumps and looking for mefites for a lightbulb or maybe just a bone. I've been juggling my post-divorce financial mess, toxic workplace, toxic people all around, and I'm so tired and exhausted, I just know my six-year old and I need to be somewhere where the atmosphere is more laid back with better quality of life. [more inside]
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Phillyfilter: Where can my boyfriend learn Western-style swordfighting?

I'm looking for schools or groups that offer combat training with authentic Western medieval/renaissance weapons and methods in the Philadelphia area (up to 1.5 hours away is fine). He's not interested in katana/Eastern martial arts, stage combat/LARPing, or sport fencing. Unfortunately, anything I've found via Google seems to be out of business. I'd really like to surprise him with some lessons for a Valentine's Day gift. Does anyone have any leads?
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Moving without help?

When I got my job, I was required to relocate from my hometown to a new city. I bought new furniture for my new place (previously had been staying with family, so I hadn't needed, e.g., a couch), and settled down. 2-3 weeks later, my employer asked me to travel to my old hometown to do work (they have bases in both locations). I ended up staying for months, and my employer decided it made more sense for me to live in my hometown, so I was relocated back. [more inside]
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Is "matrimony" a religious term?

I've been asked by a friend of mine who is a marriage officiant to translate his marriage ceremony speech into English, and I have a question about wording. In a secular marriage, can you say "joined together in matrimony", or do you have to say "joined together in marriage"? [more inside]
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Random sequence generator with some specifications

Let's say I have things 1, 2, 3 and 4. I want a sequence of 20 numbers which are either 1, 2, 3 or 4. I want to use all of these numbers an equal number of times, and once that number has exhausted its chances I want it to stop being used in the sequence. Is there a free program, or an easy way to do this in Excel / Google Spreadsheet?
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Definitive answer about ADHD meds needed

Here's an assertion one hears frequently in discussions of ADHD: "It seems people with ADHD get a calming, clear headed effect from stimulants, as opposed to the speedy, euphoric type of high 'normal' people get from them." My question is: where can I find *good* information about the truth or falseness of this type of statement? [more inside]
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Hotel Recommendation for Amsterdam in September

Can anyone recommend a hotel in Amsterdam for two nights at the beginning of September. The Trip Advisor forums are usually my go-to resource for travel but in this case it's not yielding useful results. The other forums are usually helpful but on this one there seems to be a lot of snarky-ness and people singing the praises of PriceLine and I'm not down with the bidding on an unknown hotel thing. [more inside]
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My vacuum cleaner doesn't suck.

I have hardwood floors in every room except the kitchen and bathroom, which both have ceramic tile. I have cats who shed and track litter. I have a lot of hair which sheds. I have a hobby which results in a lot of tiny glass splinters. This is all on one floor. What is my best vacuum cleaner which will pick up all the hair and not get tangled up, will pick up the litter and won't get destroyed by small pieces of glass? I'd prefer something smaller rather than larger as I have limited storage and something bagless would be better than not, but I am not sure how the dust vs small glass pieces will balance that out. I am in Canada. [more inside]
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Help me not fall apart.

I need to get out of this dysfunctional work place but I'm stuck and feel myself breaking down. [more inside]
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Outrageously gaudy or tacky pajama sets

We're looking for extremely gaudy or tacky cotton or flannel pajama sets, for men and women. [more inside]
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How much should I spend on my education?

Go to the far away, cheap nursing school, or close, expensive one? [more inside]
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Going back to a part-time job -- How do I get through this?

I'm in my mid-twenties with big career dreams and a history of underemployment and emotional struggles. In order to get back on track, I need to go from being unemployed back to a part-time service job that I hate, and I need coaching on how to get through it with as little emotional agony as possible. I'm estimating that I'll be in the job for four months. More snowflake details inside. [more inside]
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Books to help me hone "soft skills"

I'm in a demanding field where the use of "soft skills" is both necessary and difficult. What resources do you recommend to help me improve in this area? [more inside]
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boyfriend and logic

I am dating a really wonderful guy who also thinks that he is always logical about everything. I'm looking for ways to talk with him about this. [more inside]
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The ring-on-it pun goes here

Searching for interesting, slim, yellow gold rings. [