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February 28

used textbooks in melbourne

Does anyone know where I can buy 2nd hand textbooks in Melbourne, or a good Australia-based online used book supplier? [more inside]
posted by beccyjoe at 11:31 PM PST - 12 comments

Practical examples of help on diet for high cholesterol, please

I have high cholesterol and have been told to make the lifestyle changes by my doc. Most of the lifestyle changes are already my lifestyle CHOICES - lots of exercise, not overweight (well BMI is 26), low salt, 5 fruit and veg portions each day. I'm looking for practical resources (not theory) - a list of foods with fat and saturated fat content and personal experiences - maybe a blog or a forum or group. More info below. Not looking for theory, got all that! [more inside]
posted by LyzzyBee at 10:31 PM PST - 40 comments

How dangerous is visiting Watts in the middle of the day?

I'll be alright visiting Watts Tower in the middle of the day, right? [more inside]
posted by whoaali at 9:42 PM PST - 15 comments

Identify a tool that probably has some obscure culinary purpose.

What is this tool for, please? (1, 2) It was found in a kitchen drawer.
posted by Tufa at 9:26 PM PST - 5 comments

Are audiobook narrators Joyce Bean and Jane Brown one and the same?

I listen to a lot of audiobooks. Joyce Bean is a favorite narrator of mine. and I am very familiar with her voice. Yesterday I started listening to Dark Curse by Christine Feehan, and there's Joyce Bean's voice saying she is Jane Brown. [more inside]
posted by AllieTessKipp at 8:41 PM PST - 6 comments

"So you think you may have Tourettes..."

How does one go about being diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:31 PM PST - 6 comments

Cute Guys Underwear Please

As a guy I am disheartened by the apparent lack of supercute underwear for guys in normal stores. It's all boring plaids and solids. What are some good online stores for cute quality guys' underwear? I cannot overstate the cute factor here. Anonymous so my underwear-buying habits are not google-able. Thanks!
posted by anonymous at 8:31 PM PST - 23 comments

Public policy organizations in Boston?

What are some socially progressive public policy organizations in the Boston area? Bonus points if they might have internships for an MPP student this summer. Asking for a friend who is not a Boston native but is moving there for the summer and doesn't have great networking contacts. [more inside]
posted by heyforfour at 8:01 PM PST - 5 comments

Classical recommendations based on Princeton

Inspired by this question: What classical music is similar to the intro [through 0:13] of this song (Princeton's "Sadie & Andy")?
posted by punchdrunkhistory at 7:44 PM PST - 4 comments

Help with emigration of German best friend to the US

My German-citizen best friend and I have been talking about him emigrating to the US for a few years now, and now that he's about to graduate from college, we're getting serious about it. So far, it looks like the best route is a graduate degree program, but money is a problem with that (namely, he doesn't have any). This doesn't have to be exclusively how he gets here, we're open to any suggestions. [more inside]
posted by Punkey at 7:27 PM PST - 10 comments

How to administer online book club?

How would you administer an entirely online book club discussion? I started a book club with some friends from around the country, and we want to discuss our reading together in real time. Is there an especially good way to do that which is easy and intuitive? Not all of my friends are technology savvy. I am thinking that some form of an online conference call or chat may be best, but I look forward to your suggestions.
posted by tnygard at 7:20 PM PST - 5 comments

Electro-fusion please.

I'm looking for some electro-fusion. Can you recommend music from different genres that have been influenced by the electro sound, or electro musicians that have a unique sound to them? [more inside]
posted by mikeweeney at 7:18 PM PST - 7 comments

Is my brand new clothes dryer gonna bite the dust already?

Is my brand new clothes dryer already messed up? [more inside]
posted by buckaroo_benzai at 6:58 PM PST - 13 comments

Looking to crunch numbers on industrial vs sustainable agriculture

What are the best resources/where might I be able to find statistics around agriculture/food supply? I'm interested specifically in being able to do comparisons between inputs and costs between industrial and local/sustainable agriculture. [more inside]
posted by lhl at 6:48 PM PST - 7 comments

Sprout the Love

Have you created your own Manna (sprouted) Bread? Tell me how to do it! [more inside]
posted by airguitar2 at 6:44 PM PST - 4 comments

Where is the piano sheet music for Norah Jones' The Fall?

Please help me find Norah Jones' The Fall in piano sheet music format. [more inside]
posted by jonnyploy at 6:36 PM PST - 4 comments

Single, working people- what do you do in your free time?

I have been working too much, way too long. But I am curious- single people who have a stable job, what do they do during weeknights and the weekends? How can you be away from work for a full 48 hours??? I am specifically interested in hearing from single people. It may be possible to do a lot of the couple-stuff with friends but I am looking for keeping one's own company and keeping oneself entertained and amused. Not interested in TV, video games either. So, what do you do?
posted by xm at 6:21 PM PST - 62 comments

SongFilter: Heard a song during the Olympics... help me determine where it's from!

We were just watching NBC's recap of the Olympics and this track came on. Neither my girlfriend nor I can figure out where it came from. If anyone could help figure it out that'd be great. [more inside]
posted by gchucky at 6:05 PM PST - 5 comments

Get me out of this place and into a sweet loft!

What's the best way to safely sublet our apartment? [more inside]
posted by santojulieta at 5:43 PM PST - 2 comments

how much should I sell a used iMac for?

how much should I sell a used iMac for? [more inside]
posted by Jason and Laszlo at 5:43 PM PST - 17 comments

Advice for investing in my babys future!!

Advice on investing in my baby's future...... [more inside]
posted by madmamasmith at 5:34 PM PST - 7 comments

How Shall I Tag Thee

I need to create some order for a few thousand images (mostly non-photo images)-- what method/program should I use to tag them? [more inside]
posted by NolanRyanHatesMatches at 5:25 PM PST - 5 comments

Tipping when waitstaff get paid minimum wage

As a result of my family, I've been a fairly mindful tipper for restaurants/bars/etc. involving service and have adjusted the percentage I tip based on what's considered the norm irrespective of quality of service (now, doubling tax which is close to 10% in CA and rounding up). I ran across minimum wages for tipped employees as a result of an argument with a cheap tipper and discovered that in CA waitstaff is paid at least minimum wage ($8, and higher in SF) without tip credit. I've looked at previous AskMes about dealing with bad tippers, contextual tipping, and others. Knowing that tipping in CA no longer goes toward maintaining basic wages, (based on size/# of staff, i.e. tip out), would it be socially acceptable to move toward a quality-based criteria for the value of the tip, and what would you consider an appropriate minimum assuming a properly run restaurant where employees are getting paid on-time and full salaries? Feel free to correct me if I've misunderstood anything.
posted by palionex at 5:09 PM PST - 48 comments

Who's the guy in the Fresh-Up ad?

Indian-celebrity filter: Who is this guy? I gathered that he's somewhat recognizable, but a lot of people couldn't put a name to his face. Probably an athlete or B-list celebrity?
posted by SpringAquifer at 4:56 PM PST - 1 comment

Bring M2TS into iMovie '09?

How can I get a M2TS video file into iMovie? [more inside]
posted by pzarquon at 4:46 PM PST - 6 comments

Help me find the title for this very good Indian movie.

[movie ID filter] Please help me remember the title of this Indian movie set in modern-day India. The movie revolves around a busy street intersection and the panhandlers that make a living in the area. Specific scenes inside. [more inside]
posted by cheemee at 4:45 PM PST - 3 comments

How do I get XP to recognize the font Georgia?

I messed up my Windows XP fonts pretty bad, then I thought I fixed it. However, my system doesn't recognize that I have Georgia installed. Why can't I have Georgia? [more inside]
posted by boghead at 4:36 PM PST - 6 comments

Voice to Text Conversion

I am considering buying "Dragon" voice to text software. Many of the audio files I want it to convert, however, are in Quicktime. Neither the packaging or the website (that I could find) say whether it will convert non-Microsoft compatible audio files. Does anybody know?
posted by CollectiveMind at 4:17 PM PST - 4 comments

Twitter to Flicker (not the other way around)

How can I add twitter mentions to my flickr feed? Twitter to Flickr (NOT VICE VERSA) [more inside]
posted by ZackTM at 4:17 PM PST - 5 comments

Does anyone know what this bug is?

About 2 months ago, I started seeing these little brown insects in the bathroom. Please help me identify them (and figure out how to get rid of them)! [more inside]
posted by dayspteh at 4:16 PM PST - 5 comments

From Tokyo Big Site to Narita Airport

What is the best way to take Tokyo's railways from the Tokyo Big Sight (Comiket) to Narita Airport? I've gone to this site and this site and looked at several railway maps from the various transportation companies, but I am just getting more confused. I don't mind a long ride, so the fewer transfers the better. I'm leaving on a Saturday evening.
posted by ayc200 at 4:04 PM PST - 9 comments

How stupid am I?

This question is for anyone with plumbing knowledge. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:01 PM PST - 10 comments

I smell bad. :( Or part of me does

Ladyparts question: Almost a week ago I had a LEEP done. I need some advice on dealing with a specific part of the aftermath. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:00 PM PST - 9 comments

How to replace a snap hook on a sling/strap?

I have a three point tactical sling whose snap hooks went kaput in less than two hours' usage. How can I replace them? Is there a way to remove the hooks from the bracket they are attached to and replace them, or will I need to unsew the strap to remove the whole thing?
posted by i2d2 at 3:55 PM PST - 7 comments

Well, the reason might be "liver failure" or "death," I'll accept that

Is there any reason not to order and grow my own heath pea plant, for my own use? Have you ever used it? [more inside]
posted by Countess Elena at 3:47 PM PST - 6 comments

Favorite NYC walks?

Trying to walk more for fitness and adventure in NYC. Have exhausted my immediate neighborhood (East Village/LES), where else can I go? [more inside]
posted by alphasunhat at 3:40 PM PST - 14 comments

Want to use a Wii to get fit, need a good schedule and some gaming recs

I just got a Wii and plan to use it for exercise and activity. I need a plan, and some game recommendations... [more inside]
posted by JoannaC at 3:22 PM PST - 11 comments

Torture doesn't work, does it?

I am looking for respected papers and books by psychologists and/or psychiatrists on the effectiveness of torture as a means to extract truthful confessions, especially in a military setting. [more inside]
posted by Sticherbeast at 2:56 PM PST - 11 comments

India mobile carrier recommendation (pre-paid plan)

Can someone recommend a mobile carrier in India? Specific pre-paid recommendations would be helpful as well. [more inside]
posted by purephase at 2:27 PM PST - 9 comments

How to readjust the fractional ownership of a house?

I am in a situation where % ownership of a house needs to be changed as a result of big life changes. We would like to do this without doing an actual sale among ourselves, but with the goal of selling the house and dividing the proceeds as we see fair, without paying big taxes. You are not my accountant, but maybe you can tell me at least what kind of an accountant I need? [more inside]
posted by blindcarboncopy at 2:11 PM PST - 7 comments

How did Bloom know Paddy Dignam?

What was the nature of Leopold Bloom's relationship with Paddy Dignam? How did they know each other? Why did Bloom attend his funeral? [more inside]
posted by mumblelard at 2:08 PM PST - 12 comments

Weird or Just Clumsy?

How long should my fingers be? [more inside]
posted by tigrefacile at 1:50 PM PST - 26 comments

Attention Norwegians! Norway on the Cheap? (Yes, That's cRaZy!)

Six weeks in Norway, (next to) no money, and a 13yo travel companion. How do we see the most educational/enjoyable things in and around Oslo without me having to sell him to a traveling Russian circus by week three? [more inside]
posted by RedEmma at 1:45 PM PST - 10 comments

Help me make my professional portfolio look professional

What is the typical way to include artists' work in a portfolio? Do you include any kind of disclaimer, copyright notice, and labels for the content? [more inside]
posted by Eicats at 1:09 PM PST - 9 comments

Help me figure out what to wear to be business casual!

Please help a 19 year old female dress business casual. [more inside]
posted by tweedle at 1:09 PM PST - 37 comments

To Write is to write is to write.

Charlotte, NC, transplant writer (involuntarily amateur) looking for a writing circle/critique group/community of writers. [more inside]
posted by Scattercat at 12:42 PM PST - 1 comment

Someone explain this blogging trend to me!

I'm starting to notice more pro-bloggers ending their posts with a signature -- as in a graphic of their signed name, as if the post were a written letter. This strikes me as unfathomably retro and silly. Can anyone explain the trend to me? [more inside]
posted by arielmeadow at 12:36 PM PST - 16 comments


Last night, I fell down and split my chin open. It looks deep enough to need stitches. Caveat: I don't have health insurance. Should I go to the ER? [more inside]
posted by fiasco at 11:57 AM PST - 45 comments

Which headphones are these?

In flapjax's Put A Spell On You post today, what headphones are they wearing? (The big flat white ones.)
posted by StickyCarpet at 11:37 AM PST - 3 comments

Wii games for toddlers?

Any good Wii games for toddlers? [more inside]
posted by caution live frogs at 11:24 AM PST - 14 comments

Products used in excessive quantities?

Products used in excessive quantities? [more inside]
posted by iftheaccidentwill at 11:17 AM PST - 53 comments

If I had a catchy title, I'd buy your CCNA certification...

Asking for my partner: What's the best way (most bang for your buck) to prep for a CCNA test? What other certifications or trainings should he go for to move up in the voice/networking area of IT? [more inside]
posted by Madamina at 11:13 AM PST - 6 comments

Rocky Mountain Honeymoon

Time to plan a Rocky Mountain honeymoon - help me find an out-of-the-way national park, with some affordable long-term accommodations for July 2011. [more inside]
posted by l33tpolicywonk at 11:09 AM PST - 15 comments

How do these dealers not get busted?

Several times while out in busy nightlife areas in New York, I've passed random dudes on the street who offer to sell me (and every other passer-by) a whole smorgasbord of drugs, totally unprompted. I've never been remotely tempted to buy, but I'm curious how this works from a legal standpoint. How do these guys not get busted? [more inside]
posted by decoherence at 9:36 AM PST - 35 comments

Wardrobe upgrade advice for a slight man

I'd like to upgrade my wardrobe but there's a twist: I'm so slight that my sweaters, t-shirts, and jeans billow off of me, and I end up having to buy nicer clothes from the boy's section. (I'm a "Husky Size 8" in the boy's department last time I checked) [more inside]
posted by jragon at 9:02 AM PST - 18 comments

Put 1000+ pages in InDesign

How do I make a 1000+ page document in InDesign? [more inside]
posted by steppe at 8:43 AM PST - 15 comments

What level of fatigue warrants seeing a doctor?

How can I tell what a normal level of fatigue is and what merits more looking into, maybe medically? [more inside]
posted by daelin at 8:38 AM PST - 20 comments

Adventure games for the 360?

I'm looking for some games with the classic point & click adventure flavor... for the Xbox 360. [more inside]
posted by sonofslim at 8:18 AM PST - 7 comments

Please help - penis head too sensitive.

I am uncut 26 year old male. I have phimosis, but have been doing some stretching exercises, and now I can pull the foreskin back, exposing the glans (not without difficulty, but I believe after more stretching, I'll be able to loosen it up). However, once exposed the glans is very very sensitive. It's too uncomfortable to have intercourse, with or without condom, and oral sex - I can only do those things when glans is not exposed. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:05 AM PST - 17 comments

The glasses from R.U.N.K.L.E.

I am looking for Runkle's glasses. [more inside]
posted by 517 at 7:48 AM PST - 2 comments

What are some good club-based music festivals?

Examples of music festivals that take place at local clubs? [more inside]
posted by Gortuk at 7:48 AM PST - 21 comments

What can we do differently?

How do I correct an intimacy problem in a relationship? The affection is gone, and I'd like to bring it back but I feel guilty because I know he wants more alone time. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:46 AM PST - 38 comments

I can't quit you, subscription pricing model

Looking for psychology research related to how people perceive the value of different pricing models. Specifically, how a perception of accrued value in something affects the likelihood of no longer wanting the item / service. [more inside]
posted by lowlife at 7:25 AM PST - 3 comments

Porter bags from Japan

Does anyone know how to order Porter bags direct from Japan? There's some websites but seemingly none with English. I realize some U.S. retailers do sell them, but wondering if it's possible to buy directly.
posted by dearleader at 6:43 AM PST - 4 comments

There's nothing quick about it

One the nice things about Quicken is I can input the dates that bills are due. Quicken says it will try to correlate payment transactions in your bank account with the bills that are due so that it doesn't tell you a bill is overdue when you've already paid it. It doesn't do this at ALL. What gives? [more inside]
posted by Nattie at 5:44 AM PST - 3 comments

"That could never happen." "It so totally could!"

Is there any way that major fluctuations in the Earth's climate could have an effect on the temperature of the Earth's core? What about its density? Could temperature changes cause some sort of change in the planet's gravity or magnetic fields? Could changing weather have any other effect on the Earth's interior? [more inside]
posted by Captain Cardanthian! at 2:59 AM PST - 12 comments

Can marijuana smoke kill a mouse?

Can marijuana smoke kill a mouse? [more inside]
posted by sjvilla79 at 2:53 AM PST - 10 comments

Melbourne for little kids this week.

Things to do with quite small children in Melbourne during this week... with no car. Got any good suggestions? [more inside]
posted by taff at 2:44 AM PST - 13 comments

What CMS / e-commerce solution have you used succesfuly for a multi-language site?

Looking for CMS suggestions for a commercial website with good multilanguage support. [more inside]
posted by Dr Dracator at 2:33 AM PST - 2 comments

What Olympic events were particularly great so far? Don't say why!

Vancouver 2010: What should I watch? (No Spoilers!) [more inside]
posted by sdis at 2:07 AM PST - 19 comments

February 27

Desert-dweller seeks fun in Crescent City

I'm in New Orleans the week of the 13th-20th and have very few plans for what to do during the day (by myself) or at night (with a friend). I'm looking for suggestions for places to go, preferably that we can get to by streetcar. Note: I've never spent this much time in a city with a big river before and have no idea what to do with that. [more inside]
posted by NoraReed at 9:11 PM PST - 18 comments

Laptop won't stay asleep

Why does my laptop (MacBook Pro running Windows 7) wake up after I close the lid and put it to sleep? [more inside]
posted by mikeand1 at 9:01 PM PST - 19 comments

Which online shopping cart provider should we use?

What's the best shopping cart solution for a professional musician who wants to sell various products from his own website? [more inside]
posted by bingo at 8:52 PM PST - 6 comments

I just need to get to DIA...

Does anyone know the Sunday schedule of the Skyride bus from Boulder to DIA? [more inside]
posted by Eumachia L F at 8:39 PM PST - 4 comments

Find me an accountant I can trust.

I live in Philadelphia and need an accountant. [more inside]
posted by audacity at 8:30 PM PST - 4 comments

Can I donate my gay blood?

Saying that you have had sex with a man ("even once") disqualifies you for blood donation most places. But I know I don't have HIV. Is it ethical to lie on the intake survey so I can still donate? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:37 PM PST - 117 comments

What's the Catch?

What is Google's incentive to give people free long distance via Google Voice? [more inside]
posted by cleverevans at 7:20 PM PST - 13 comments

The internet's great. Now how do I use it?

How do I use the internet to locate active construction sites? [more inside]
posted by Ys at 7:12 PM PST - 6 comments

Is there any way of asking if I will be awarded a stipend for my work, while avoiding awkwardness?

Is there any way of asking if I will be awarded a stipend for my work, while avoiding awkwardness? [more inside]
posted by joyeuxamelie at 6:58 PM PST - 10 comments

Moving to Okinawa... with pets.

There is a really good possibility that in October I'll be moving to Okinawa for 3 years. I know you aren't the official word, but I have 3 dogs and possibly a cat that I want to bring with me. [more inside]
posted by unlucky.lisp at 6:14 PM PST - 4 comments

Can Native American tribal courts issue a death sentence?

Can Native American tribal governments impose the death penalty, and has this ever happened? For some reason my Google-fu is failing me.
posted by evariste at 6:13 PM PST - 3 comments

Reading in Prison

If you could come up with reading list for a young man doing a 16-year prison sentence, what would be on it? [more inside]
posted by John of Michigan at 5:52 PM PST - 41 comments

Don't be once bitten twice shy...

Relationship Filter...One of my best female friends went through about 10 years of a bad marriage.... [more inside]
posted by keep it tight at 5:08 PM PST - 12 comments

What is the best sports bra for a woman with larger breasts?

What is the best sports bra for a woman with larger breasts? [more inside]
posted by peacelovecoffee at 5:07 PM PST - 27 comments

Cheap event insurance?

Where can I find really REALLY cheap event insurance for a theatrical production in California? [more inside]
posted by clcapps at 5:06 PM PST - 2 comments

The tell-tale signs of weekend athleticism

What does a person's body tell you about the kind of sports or athletic activities they engage in? [more inside]
posted by Ritchie at 5:01 PM PST - 41 comments

Insert obligatory vampire joke

What happens after you donate blood? [more inside]
posted by pyrom at 5:00 PM PST - 13 comments

Computer will not load any operating system

I'm at my wits' end trying to solve this computer problem. The system will not boot to any OS install CD (Windows 7 Pro x64, Ubuntu 9.10 x86, Ubuntu 9.10 x64) even after a total hardware replacement. [more inside]
posted by Ziggy Zaga at 4:22 PM PST - 10 comments

Xmarks the spot

I've decided to create new Firefox profiles on my home Windows XP machine -- one for distraction-free work with work-only bookmarks (HomeWork), and the other for everything, work or leisure (HomePlay). How can I make Xmarks play nicely with them? [more inside]
posted by Clyde Mnestra at 3:55 PM PST - 5 comments

How likely is it that work is snooping on my blackberry?

How worried should I be about work tracking my web surfing habits on my work-issued blackberry? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:34 PM PST - 6 comments

Are there cost effective solar power solutions available yet for rented apartments?

Are there cost effective solar power solutions available yet for rented apartments - which did NOT come with the place? I.e., I can't really permanently mod this place, but the amount of sunlight that beats on this apt all day for most of the year, here in Austin, is crazy. [more inside]
posted by bitterkitten at 3:12 PM PST - 8 comments

It was a dark and stormy night...

What do you make of this strange nightmare I had? Has this kind of thing ever happened to you? [more inside]
posted by dissolvedgirl22 at 2:46 PM PST - 18 comments

Is a 20 character last name ridiculous?

How long is too long for a hyphenated last name? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:34 PM PST - 45 comments


COMMUNISTS vs CAPITALISTS Birthday Party Graduate Student on a budget throwing a theme party for his 30th birthday. I could use some ideas for fun props, decorations, costumes, games, etc... [more inside]
posted by Dr.James.Orin.Incandenza at 2:15 PM PST - 19 comments

What do I need to know when dating someone who has been single for most of his life?

What do I need to know when dating someone who has been single for most of his life? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:04 PM PST - 23 comments

There's a food-shaped hole in my husband's memory.

My husband can't remember anything related to food. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:53 PM PST - 34 comments

he said she didnt

Am I out of line to ask for details about who my gf goes to hang out with? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:52 PM PST - 34 comments

Re-performing code every X minutes?

Help me do what I think is a simple task in Javascript: re-perform a chunk of code every X minutes. [more inside]
posted by jbickers at 1:01 PM PST - 7 comments

Help me verify if this old claim re: greenhouse gasses is true.

I recall reading in an older (70's or 80's) conservationist-type book this claim: If all CO2 emissions were set to zero today (i.e. all cars/factories/cows/etc. were permanently turned off), the amount of man-made CO2 would keep increasing for another 100-120 years. [more inside]
posted by r_nebblesworthII at 12:22 PM PST - 7 comments

Need housing for 24 college students in NYC for the fall semester.

Help me help a friend find housing for 24 college students in NYC in Fall 2010. [more inside]
posted by thivaia at 12:19 PM PST - 5 comments

OSX tool for ID3 fingerprinting?

Is there a tool for OS X that can find ID3 information for MP3 files based on... I don't know... some kind of file fingerprint? MD5, etc? Have a ton of MP3s that I don't want to go through manually. Thanks!
posted by xmutex at 12:13 PM PST - 10 comments

Writing a love story

What are some tips for writing a really convincing love story? [more inside]
posted by thelastenglishmajor at 11:39 AM PST - 30 comments

Has anyone seen a show at BAM with an obstructed view?

I really really want to see this play at BAM, but the only tickets left are obstructed views. Is it worth the $52 ticket? [more inside]
posted by Hwaet at 11:03 AM PST - 6 comments

Can I mail merge the name into the "To" box, with the email address?

I am using mail merge to send multiple emails but can't get the person's name in the "To:" box (or field), so it arrives with just their email address in "To." I have to fix this or work all night! If I could just use mail merge to put the "Display As" field, from Contacts, into the "To" box, it would work. But, apparently, I can't do that. Or can I? [more inside]
posted by swlabr at 11:00 AM PST - 15 comments

When to Give it a Second Chance?

How long does it take you to know you want to "date" a first date from online? Is there more i can be doing to give chemistry a try? [more inside]
posted by bearette at 10:32 AM PST - 20 comments

Things to do in Lilongwe, Malawi.

How can I make the most of 4 weeks working in Lilongwe, Malawi? [more inside]
posted by YouRebelScum at 10:08 AM PST - 6 comments

Mobile Internet in Guadalajara

Does anyone have any experience with or recommendations for using mobile (wimax, 3G) internet for use with a laptop in Guadalajara? [more inside]
posted by device55 at 9:34 AM PST - 8 comments

SXSW first weekend

I'll be passing through Austin on Sunday, March 14. Should I try to come in on Friday March 12 so I can see some of SXSW? [more inside]
posted by nat at 8:30 AM PST - 6 comments

What's up with my kid's wonky leg?

Do you have experience with Cutis Marmorata Telangiectatica Congenita or Linear Nevus? [more inside]
posted by Dojie at 7:31 AM PST - 5 comments

Good relationship counselor or NVC coach in the LA region?

Can anybody recommend a good relationship counselor or NVC coach in the Los Angeles area? Extra points go to an affordable recommendation. [more inside]
posted by kensington314 at 7:27 AM PST - 6 comments

Help plan a Mom-friendly trip from Paris to Barcelona!

In May I'll host my mother and sister for a 10-day European holiday, starting in Paris and flying out of Barcelona. It's my Mom's first time in Europe! How can I plan a trip that's unforgettably awesome but not too overwhelming? [more inside]
posted by nicoleincanada at 5:47 AM PST - 20 comments

dreaming of spring

Looking for a Massachusetts (or NH) garden supply for plants [more inside]
posted by InkaLomax at 5:25 AM PST - 8 comments

Each man reads his own meaning into New York

What would you do for a month and a half in New York City? [more inside]
posted by EmilyFlew at 5:21 AM PST - 16 comments

New Desktop for gaming etc. - Do I go for ATI or wait for Nvidia?

My new computer comes with a pretty weak videocard for gaming. It also has a limited 475 watt power supply. I've not owned a desktop in 7 years but have noticed the nvidia/ati rivalry is stronger than ever. Which card should i choose for under $300? [more inside]
posted by phylum sinter at 3:49 AM PST - 12 comments

FWB didn't work out, how do I deal?

I recently started hooking up with a good friend I'd known for years, and it didn't work out. After a fight, we haven't been on speaking terms for about two months now. I've tried to contact her, but got no response so I stopped. How do I make this suck less? [more inside]
posted by wonnage at 2:13 AM PST - 21 comments

February 26

Authorize this!

Will it help my boyfriend's credit if I add him as an "authorized user" on my credit card? I have fantastic credit. [more inside]
posted by lucky25 at 11:44 PM PST - 32 comments

How can I get opinions quickly on Facebook ?

Dear Hive Mind what is the best Polling / Voting Application on Facebook ? I need a solution to save time in gathering opinions as I'm currently drowning under the volume of emails going backwards and forwards. [more inside]
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Helping a friend remotely

What remote access software (pref. free) should I use for occasional tech support for non-techie clients? [more inside]
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What are the best train routes out west?

My wife and I are looking for the perfect train ride—affordable, western, rugged, and beautiful. Ideas? [more inside]
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I can't sleep: I am 'The Prince and the Pea'

How can I become a less picky sleeper when I travel? [more inside]
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How it's all connected.

What non-fiction have you read that shows the unity underlying vastly different subject matter? [more inside]
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It's not beautiful how much this is driving me crazy.

Help me remember a quote that features the word "beautiful" several times... Seriously, please help because it's driving me batty. [more inside]
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Lots of long term projects...how can I keep motivated/ making progress?

Lots of long term projects...how can I keep motivated/ making progress? [more inside]
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Please help me understand cookies (the interwebs kind).

Please help me understand cookies (the interwebs kind) [more inside]
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Cleveland Wedding Location Suggestions?

Any suggestions for wedding locations in Cleveland? Preferably somewhere unique/interesting and not too pricey. Thanks in advance!
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To PA or not to PA?

Are you a Physician Assistant? What is awesome about your job? What sucks about it? [more inside]
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Help me identify this plant

Can you help me identify these plants that I rescued? I want to learn what will make them happier. (pics inside). Feel free to name them as well! [more inside]
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Extended summer ski vacation?

I'd like to take a 3 to 4 month extended ski vacation this June-September. Where should I go and where should I stay? I'd like to be within walking distance of a lift or short regularly-running shuttle, and not have to spend more than $2000-$3000/month on the lodging. Possible?
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How do I change a (halogen) light bulb?

How do I change a lightbulb? Sounds like the start of a bad blonde joke, but I'm seriously struggling to work out how to change my blown halogen lights without breaking the halogen leads of bulb after bulb. [more inside]
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Rockabilly... with a twist?

I really like Rob the Prez-O-Dent by That Handsome Devil... help me find more in that vein? [more inside]
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Online beer shop?

Where is the best place to buy beer online? Specifically, I'm looking for Leffe Blonde, but I'd like a place to order Old Speckled Hen and other non-American beer by the case or 12-pack, to be shipped to Texas. [more inside]
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Noisy toilet sounds like it wants to leave the station - help!

My toilet has started to make a "chugging" sound, like a choo-choo, shortly after I flush. What to do? [more inside]
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What careers or occupations might my friend be well suited for?

What careers or occupations might my friend be well suited for? She is looking to make a career change and came to me for help brainstorming. (And now we're coming to you!) Here's what she has to say: [more inside]
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It was too tasty to be my own recipe.

Did I imagine this delicious recipe for a thyme, tomato and camembert/brie tart? Help me find it please! [more inside]
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Is this a good route for a freelance business? Or should I look for a 9 to 5 job? Or pursue both?

Is it a good idea for a freelance web designer to work through a middleman? I have someone, a family member, let's just call him "Alfred", who has made a business proposition with me. [more inside]
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That Frost Poem...

Road Trip question. Jon-o's mom must know... [more inside]
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Get that out of your mouth!

Childproofing for the destructive child just starting to get mobile. [more inside]
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Help me find a concise history of modern neuroscience?

I'm looking for a good, generalist (and preferably concise) account of the history of modern neuroscience. [more inside]
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♪ Helen and Olly, answer me THIS! ♫

I can't seem to be able to download certain episodes of the Answer Me This! podcast from the iTunes Store. Although the titles show up in my iTunes podcast library, they seem to be streaming links with no mp3 files actually copied to my machine. [more inside]
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This Dark American Life - podcasts about the seedy underbelly

Gimme some podcasts about the seedy underbelly of society - sex, drugs & rock n roll all welcome. [more inside]
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How to proceed with demanding business partner?

My business partner insists that I pay her a large sum of money though she has been absent from the business for a year. What type of legal counsel should I seek? Am I protected in any way? [more inside]
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Logistics of moving to NY

Moving from the Bay area to New York without knowing where I'll live in NY -- how do I ship my stuff without knowing a delivery address. Alternatively, how do I find a temporary place remotely. [more inside]
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What makes a great police force?

What are some innovative small-town police programs or practices? [more inside]
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Registering a .cr domain.

I'd like to register a .cr domain but I'm not sure which company I should use. [more inside]
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What are some good online resources for learning how to draw human heads?

I want to learn to draw human heads. Google turns up a plethora of tutorials, but some of them are obviously -- even to my mostly untrained eye -- blatantly incorrect on important things like proportions. Can you recommend any good places to look for a solid foundation on heads, faces, and features? I'm not overly concerned about what style as long as it can be done with a pencil. Thanks!
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Help me identify a childhood cartoon!

I'd like to identify a cartoon that I saw on TV when I was a kid, but I don't have much to go on. [more inside]
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Low down freedom, you done cost me...

How do I get out of where I am, and soon? [more inside]
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Advice for recording a dying language

My grandmother's first language is nearly extinct. I'd like to record an interview with her for archival purposes; how should I go about it? [more inside]
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Who will plan my new kitchen?

Kitchen designer in the Seattle area? [more inside]
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Value of a very old bottle of scotch whiskey.

Is there an easy way to determine the value of a very old bottle of Scotch Whiskey? It has been in the cellar here since I was a young boy. No idea exactly how old it is. It has got to be at least 30 years old. Teachers Highland Cream. Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 Pic7
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I want to make a house!

Is there a good Morrowind world editor tutorial that isn't web based (for example: that could be downloaded as a .doc or .pdf). [more inside]
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A search for lore lost to the sands of time...

Anyone know where to find some comprehensive UnrealScript documentation? [more inside]
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A reusable coffee filter that won't leave coffee grounds in my cup?

Is there a reusable coffee filter that won't leave coffee grounds in my cup? [more inside]
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VHS = Very Hard to Serialize

Help me convert a VHS tape to digital. I have a VCR, the "Dazzle Digital Video Creator" (DVC90), the drivers, but not the actual video capturing software. [more inside]
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What the heck do these placards mean?

Los Angeles filter: I saw these placards on utility poles, opposite sides of town (first is in Highland Park, n. of downtown. Second is in Lomita, near the beach.) I'm sure there are more of them - but what in heck are they? Highland Park / Lomita
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Recommendations for a short Bollywood film?

I'd like to show my tenth grade class a Bollywood film, but can't devote 3 hours to the activity. Can you recommend a Bollywood film for tenth graders that is a) short, and/or b) can be easily edited down to 70-100 minutes? [more inside]
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how much to charge?

grad students, publishers, editors, i need your advice: How much to charge per hour for checking footnotes on a book soon-to-be-published? [more inside]
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Contests with the devil in literature?

I'm looking for names of books where people enter into a contest with the devil, and lose. Other than Faust, and The Master and Margarita, what other examples can you think of?
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Compare and Contrast

Midi Controller Keyboard recommendations? [more inside]
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eye splash with cold cooking oil

Any special first aid for getting splashed in the eye with cooking oil? (not hot oil, just room temp) [more inside]
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Hiveminded Social Experiments

I teach a "Writing in the Social and Natural Sciences" course. I want to help my students come up with good ideas for their own personal social experiments... a la Supersize Me kind of thing but without the element of danger. Ideas? [more inside]
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This must exist already, no?

Resources in NYC for a strongly Aspergers teenager to start learning about software development? [more inside]
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Hack my Minnesota PDF tax form?

2009 online PDF tax forms for the State of Minnesota only let you print, not save, once you have filled them in. Is there a work around so I can retain an electronic record of my taxes? [more inside]
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Can I show one Wordpress Blog under multiple domains?

Two Domain Names pointing to One Wordpress Blog - This shouldn't be the pain that it's been [more inside]
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Location of greek-like picture

Does anyone know where this little Greek-like "village" is located?
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Waterproof my surplus wool pants?

I recently bought some cheap ($20) army surplus wool pants to try out as winter rain & snow hiking pants. I took them out for a rainy Pac NW stroll and a sunny snow hike and they were comfortable but I was surprised by how soaked they got when they got water on them. (Granted I try to avoid getting them wet but stuff happens.) Like a lot of people I've been wearing a lot of wool and I consider it almost a miraculous fabric. I'm a bit disappointed in these pants. Should I waterproof/treat them? If so, how? [more inside]
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The Big Book of Amazing Facts

I'm looking for a book from my childhood. [more inside]
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Did I short myself 20% at the first interview!?

In my first interview, when asked about salary, I was the first to state a number. Am I screwed? [more inside]
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Help me with basic follow up with a professional contact

Help me with a basic follow up with a professional contact [more inside]
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Need cheap moving alternative in Brooklyn

Moving truck rentals in Brooklyn area? [more inside]
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Deadbolt dead? What next?

What happened to my lock (it's a basic Kwikset)? Did it wear out or did someone try to pick it? [more inside]
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Shell me out some shopping advice

Where can I buy cashews still in their shells? [more inside]
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ski package deals for downtown denver

what are some good package deals for transportation from downtown denver to area resorts that include a lift pass? [more inside]
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Where in the World is...

I need a fresh start, and want to move somewhere else. But where? [more inside]
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Should I go to law school if I have no interest in being a lawyer?

Does it make sense to go to law school if I never intend on actually practicing law? [more inside]
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I get a car! And I get a car!

I'm purchasing a new car, and I'm getting conflicting information about what to do with an insurance settlement check I received. [more inside]
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Where can we buy used adjustable dumbbells in NYC?

My boyfriend and I want to purchase used adjustable dumbbells that go up to 75lbs each (150lbs total) in the NYC area. We'd prefer to avoid shelling out $500. They're quite expensive, and Craigslist isn't dredging up much in the NYC area. Where else should we try? [more inside]
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Cheap But Not Crappy (or Expensive and Awesome) Wifi Routers?

What current wifi router is the least crappy in the sub-$50 market? Alternatively, what hardware sub-$250 is so ridiculously awesome as to warrant replacing a serviceable OpenWRT-running WRT54GL? [more inside]
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How can I get the smell of smoke out of my room?

I had a party at my place and stupidly let a friend have a smoke. How do I get the smell out? [more inside]
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Whether to advertise that proceeds go to charity

I want to create something (the details probably aren't really relevant to my question) as a side project that I will sell, using all of the proceeds for charity. Is this something that I can/should advertise, assuming I have not set this up officially with the charity, but am just passing the profits along myself? [more inside]
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Make my penis shorter!

My penis is a fraction too long for sex ... help me jury-rig a solution in the tradition of There I Fixed It. [more inside]
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Esoteric Mixtape Help

Meta-filter: Songs in which the song itself appears in the lyrics of the song? [more inside]
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Your tips for Cafe Cubano

What are your best tips for great Cafe Cubano (aka cafecito)? [more inside]
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Would you buy dog food from this person?

Help me name my new business: Home-made dog food. [more inside]
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Skritch skritch skritch skritch skritch skritch skritch skritch skritch skritch skritch skritch skritch skritch skritch

I can hear mice in the walls of my apartment building. Is there anything I can do to make them go away? [more inside]
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Best onine Share dealing forums and Websites?

Best Online Sharedealing Forums and Websites [more inside]
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Why is the gum pulling away from one of my teeth?

Why is the gum pulling away from one of my teeth? [more inside]
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Snow Day!

NYC snow day! Where can I buy a sled on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and where are the best places to go sledding in Central Park? Thanks!
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The finer details of moving on up

Does the hive mind have any experience with move-out inspections at buildings managed by DelRent? [more inside]
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Am I Immune to Subsequent Rotovirus Infections?

I have what appears to be rotavirus-- symptoms are a perfect fit and it's confirmed to be making the rounds among parents and staff at my daughter's preschool. Having had it, am I now immune? I've never felt so sick as an adult and I would like to know that I will never get it again.
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What's the best way to set up this wireless, all-Apple network to stream my music?

What's the best way to set up this wireless, all-Apple network to stream my music? [more inside]
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Balding bride seeks subtle white hat.

Balding bride seeks subtle white hat. Do you know where I can find one? [more inside]
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Easy vs "Easy"

Are cast iron pans easy or "easy"? [more inside]
posted by DU at 5:14 AM PST - 80 comments

Name that bird (character)!

Name that bird (character)! [more inside]
posted by I_Love_Bananas at 4:15 AM PST - 14 comments

Measuring running, pound for pound

Running two miles in eight minutes is clearly a much better result than running one mile in four minutes. How can I make similar observations with results which are much harder to compare? [more inside]
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banking:filter:What, if anything, should I do about BofA closing/cancelling my credit cards ....because I paid them off?

I had two Bank of America credit cards. Both were of the high interest types (21% and 25% interest). I owed in the area of 5 thousand dollars total and I knew that it was time to bite the bullet and take the money out of my savings to pay them off. I may have been late in payments a few times (not often) and usually I only paid the minimum payment due. I naively thought paying them off completely would be viewed as a positive thing. I paid them both off just days ago. [more inside]
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What reaction and resolution can I expect when asking to be released from a one year UK tenancy agreement early?

What reaction and resolution can I expect when asking to be released from a one year UK tenancy agreement early? [more inside]
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Handle with care!

Shipping a tube amp from Canada to Germany. [more inside]
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Fool-Proof Receipes for Entertaining

My wife and I love to have dinner parties, but the stress of figuring out the menu and preparing the meal often overshadows the fun of the event (and thus makes us not want to entertain as much). I'd like to have a short list of go-to meals that we could pull together with little stress and with little notice. Any recipes that you'd care to share? [more inside]
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Is Present Perfect Progessive Passive possible in English?

GrammarFilter: Present Perfect Passive Progressive. Real or a myth? [more inside]
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Help me organize my video files!

Stand-alone Video Organizer - Is this possible? Please help me organize (with tags) my video files! [more inside]
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February 25

Help me scare people with my logo.

How did they animate abstract electronic-looking production company/tv show logos like this one in the 60's and 70's, and how can I best replicate the effect? [more inside]
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If that big red "Easy" button existed, it would do this.

Integrating EDI with PayPal and QuickBooks and OH I CAN ALSO HAZ PONY? (i.e. this is asking a lot, I know) [more inside]
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How to solve a phone problem

Please provide your wisdom on how to deal with a phone number problem. Story inside. [more inside]
posted by st starseed at 9:41 PM PST - 10 comments

UK -> CANADA shipping

Best/Cheapest/Safest way to ship a musical instrument from the UK to Canada? [more inside]
posted by mannequito at 9:24 PM PST - 5 comments

Will the goverment torture me?

If I go to a local engineering college and a friend of mine turns out to be a terrorist, will the government torture me? Or am I just being paranoid? [more inside]
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Spreekt u Nederlands?

Where can I learn Dutch in New York? [more inside]
posted by Unred at 9:10 PM PST - 4 comments

What's the best place to get Halal meat in central Toronto?

Please help me find a good Halal butcher or meat shop in Toronto. Preferably not in Scarborough. [more inside]
posted by scrute at 8:58 PM PST - 6 comments

Negotiating a work-life balance

What are the things to negotiate/discuss prior to taking a new job to ensure a work-life balance particularly as a new parent? [more inside]
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Need Adult ADD+Depression counselor in Portland, OR

[Portland, Oregon Therapist Filter] Asking for a friend. Need to find a strong male therapist for a deeply depressed friend who finally admitted today that he needs help. More after the jump. [more inside]
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CRUNK!!! font

I'm looking for either a font that simulates the logo of the CRUNK!!! energy drink, or a way to fiddle with an existing font in such a way as to emulate it. For reference here is the logo. It'd need the whole alphabet, but punctuation and lower case isn't required.
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The layman's guide to data backup - please advise my next purchase!

The layman's guide to data backup - please advise my next purchase! 1. Google-eager but totally confused Newbie. 2. Budget limit $750. 3. Want some kind of system so that if one drive fails, another one will still keep everything. After a few days of research, the pool of information is just getting too big and murky. Please help me clear the fog... More info inside. [more inside]
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Engineering toolbox and the design process

What are some good places to find concrete examples of people using computers / math / engineering tools to solve (difficult or easy) problems in an intelligent manner? [more inside]
posted by MechEng at 8:03 PM PST - 11 comments

what type of host/hostess gifts are appropriate for a dinner party, and do you bring the chef a gift as well?

what to bring to dinner for the host and (well known) chef? [more inside]
posted by dublin at 7:59 PM PST - 14 comments

Vroom vroom

Help me find the perfect car. The stars have finally aligned and I'm looking at pretty much the only time in my life in the forseeable future where I'll have both the money and opportunity to buy a car that's just for fun. Name that car! [more inside]
posted by Jubey at 7:57 PM PST - 20 comments

Should our son skip a grade?

How did skipping a grade work out for you or your child, and what were the factors that made the biggest difference? [more inside]
posted by Betsy Vane at 7:06 PM PST - 88 comments

Dual External Monitors on a laptop

I want to hook up two external monitors to my laptop and have them span / act as a typical dual monitor configuration. I just want the laptop to serve as a workstation. I don't need the laptop's display. If I could have all three work that would be great but only as a bonus. What is the easiest way to acheive this. Laptop will be running Windows 7 and have a vga port, a hdmi port, and 3 usb ports. Can I simply hook one monitor up via the VGA port, and then buy on of these usb / vga thingies? I am not sure if Windows will be smart enough to span the display across the two monitors. Help me get two external monitors on my laptop.
posted by trinigirl at 7:04 PM PST - 6 comments

Um, how often do you get your gamma knife sharpened?

I'm scheduled for a consult with a gamma knife surgeon for treatment of a vestibular schwannoma (acoustic neuroma). What should I ask him? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:03 PM PST - 3 comments

To entertain myself, I rename my cats daily.

I am bored 24/7, and when I do interesting things I know in the back of my mind it's going to be over. And it's crap. When you say you can't wait until vacation, or your weekend wasn't long enough, what do you mean? I don't get it! (warning: This question is of long and nebulous nature.) [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:03 PM PST - 38 comments

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?

Where is the best place to buy seeds online? Your favorite shops or retailers appreciated! Amazon has been not too helpful and a bit overwhelming. [more inside]
posted by timpanogos at 6:52 PM PST - 19 comments

how can i link my thumbnail to an actual file?

How to link to a hosted document from a thumbnail image on Wordpress [more inside]
posted by KokuRyu at 6:33 PM PST - 2 comments

Help me find a way to get healthy pre-cooked meals to my family in Pittsburgh, PA

I am looking for a meal service in Pittsburgh that is not meals on wheels. [more inside]
posted by msali at 6:19 PM PST - 3 comments

Eject the core!

I'm looking to buy a silicon steel lamination core from a transformer. I frequently give presentations that discuss the design of these transformers and I'd like to have a sample to show the audience. Where can I buy this online? [more inside]
posted by Aanidaani at 5:45 PM PST - 7 comments

Is Southwest going to stop me from flying?

Is Southwest Airlines going to Kevin Smith me? [more inside]
posted by dumbledore69 at 5:29 PM PST - 22 comments

help help help! I have no honeymoon creativity!

Going on an arctic honeymoon... alaska, canada, ideas?! [more inside]
posted by outsider at 5:17 PM PST - 12 comments

How to choose ECT and what does it entail?

What is the science behind E.C.T.? Do they know why it works (if it does)? How do I decide to do it or not? [more inside]
posted by beautifulcheese at 5:08 PM PST - 24 comments

Any court reporters out there?

I am thinking about going back to school to be a court reporter. If there is anyone that is a court reporter on here, can you tell me what to expect? [more inside]
posted by iabide79 at 4:22 PM PST - 10 comments

A site showing health insurance reform talking points, counterpoints, countercounterpoints?

Where can I find a concise health insurance reform argument-counterargument-countercounterargument talking point "tree"? e.g. my congressman, TM(R) says "you should be able to buy insurance from out of state..."; but Ezra Klein says that would yield a Race to the Bottom, like with credit card cos. TM says "...like we already do with auto insurance"; but an E.K. commenter says that with car insurance, the insurer must obey the insuree's state regs. (is this true?) So, do all of these exist in a boiled-down form somewhere? Basically, I'm looking for a site that sheds light on health insurance talking points the way skepticalscience.com does for climate.
posted by ahaynes at 4:18 PM PST - 2 comments

Ontario Patient Enrollment Model

Ontario Patient Enrollment Model. Can anyone elaborate as to what this program is all about? My doctors office is really putting the pressure on me to sign this thing, but it seems rather restrictive. Apparently it's voluntary, but they seem rather adamant that I register as a patient, and won't stop calling me about it. Am I just being unreasonable here, or is my doctors office just being a pain in the arse?
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If my mom lets her house be foreclosed and leaves the country, can I get in trouble?

If my mom puts her money in my bank account, lets her house be foreclosed and leaves the country, can I get in trouble? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:49 PM PST - 33 comments

Help with collage.

What is the key to getting good collage materials from scanned pictures? [more inside]
posted by elder18 at 3:32 PM PST - 4 comments

Where the hell's the whiskey?

Where can I find the hanging mobile of paper cherry blossoms that Scarlett Johansson hangs up in Lost in Translation? [more inside]
posted by a.steele at 3:27 PM PST - 5 comments

Where can I get a breadmaker that makes small loaves?

Where can I get a breadmaker that makes small loaves? [more inside]
posted by qvantamon at 3:25 PM PST - 6 comments

Name on the title but not on the loan?

How do we put my wife on our home title if she's not on the loan? [more inside]
posted by infinitewindow at 3:20 PM PST - 7 comments

Reverse OS upgrade on a Mac

I have a 2007 era Mac Mini running 10.4 Tiger, that I'd like to upgrade to a brand new iMac (that comes with 10.6 Snow Leopard). However, due to my software, I'd like to keep using on 10.4 the new iMac. Will the new iMac allow me to install Tiger on it, using my original 10.4 install discs from the Mac Mini?
posted by dacoit at 3:13 PM PST - 16 comments

What should I do to prepare myself for an impending likely release from employment?

I work in software development in the state of Washington. Recently my manager has informed me that unless my work performance significantly improves in the next 8 weeks, I will be let go. Other than working my tail off to prove myself capable of meeting my team's performance expectations, and looking for other positions internally/externally in the meantime, how should I prepare myself for an impending release from employment? Will I be eligible for unemployment benefits given this situation (and no misconduct on my part), and if so what can I expect to get?
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Help me find albums by Eduard Hill

There's a video making the rounds by Eduard Hil. SLYT I dug deeper and found that I really like his music. It's in much the same vein as Tom Jones. The only problem is that I would like to find some albums to purchase but I don't speak the language and can't find anything with the English spelling of his name. Halp!
posted by BishopFistwick at 2:40 PM PST - 4 comments

Do I or don't I contact him?

First it was non-stop communication, now it's slowed to almost a halt. Should I contact him or lay low? [more inside]
posted by patientpatient at 2:31 PM PST - 27 comments

Help me backup v3t contacts with a dead display

Motorola Razr V3t Owners: Help walk me through the button presses necessary to change my USB settings for use with Motorola Phone Tools since my screen died and I can't see my menus. [more inside]
posted by Elminster24 at 2:22 PM PST - 4 comments

from France, with love

What can I put in a France-themed care package? The tricky part: I'm in the US. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:17 PM PST - 16 comments

Birthday dinner for 8 year old

DFWrestaurantfilter: My daughter is turning 8 years old on Saturday and we want to take her to a fun place to eat that actually has good food. Can anyone suggest some places like that in the Dallas area? Also, we will not take her to magic time machine or chuck e cheeses...The food at magic time machine is just about the worst ive ever had.
posted by flipmiester99 at 2:10 PM PST - 15 comments

Is it kosher to take photographs of private residences?

Is it ok to take photographs of people's houses from the street for a school project? [more inside]
posted by M.C. Lo-Carb! at 2:10 PM PST - 16 comments

Looking for old BASIC programming book

Do you remember this old BASIC programming book from the mid-80s? [more inside]
posted by sherlockt at 2:08 PM PST - 8 comments

"Just Call Me Joe"

I'm looking for the name of a comic book from the 70s or the author of one of the stories in it. [more inside]
posted by ambulocetus at 2:06 PM PST - 6 comments

I need like help like listening to like conversations.

When did the excessive use of "like" become a part of the American lexicon? [more inside]
posted by woodjockey at 2:03 PM PST - 19 comments

Finding Economic Documentaries?

I've been enjoying economic documentaries lately. Help me find some more! [more inside]
posted by hylaride at 1:37 PM PST - 14 comments


What's the latest thinking on the safety of plastics used in association with cooking?
posted by devnull at 1:12 PM PST - 9 comments

Why is the name "Szőkefalvi-Nagy" sometimes abbreviated to "Sz.-Nagy"?

Why is the name "Szőkefalvi-Nagy" sometimes abbreviated to "Sz.-Nagy"? [more inside]
posted by madcaptenor at 12:57 PM PST - 11 comments

Psychology of Altruism

I (think) I have read on a few different occasions that research shows that people are far more likely to want to help (and/or donate money to) specific individuals than to blanket causes. Have you read the same thing? If so, where?
posted by blapst at 12:51 PM PST - 5 comments

What GLBT clubs or nightspots in Chicago accept under-21s?

Are there any clubs, bars, or what-have-you in Chicago that are both lesbian-centric (and hopefully straight-friendly) and open to the under-21 crowd? [more inside]
posted by ThePantsAvenger at 12:44 PM PST - 7 comments

I'm melting

I am looking for a torch to melt pyrex (borosilicate glass). [more inside]
posted by sciencegeek at 12:43 PM PST - 11 comments

Sartre's No Exit: More in-depth analysis?

I just read Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit. Can you recommend essays/theses/podcasts, etc. that further analyzes the play? Bonus: any suggestions of writings that critically analyzes Existentialism.
posted by helios410 at 12:30 PM PST - 4 comments

Orcharding tips?

Orcharding tips? Bring them, please. [more inside]
posted by cog_nate at 12:15 PM PST - 8 comments

Should I Ride The Free Internet Gravy Train?

Moved into a new place. Should I accept this free Internet service while it lasts? [more inside]
posted by sportbucket at 11:41 AM PST - 15 comments

Well designed t-shirts for the liberal gentleman?

I'm looking for stylish, well-designed Democrat / liberal / left-wing t-shirts. [more inside]
posted by entropicamericana at 11:30 AM PST - 16 comments

How should I open up to other people?

How much should I share about myself when I'm first getting to know someone, and how should I open up further as the friendship/relationship progresses? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:23 AM PST - 9 comments

Help me find the Deal Breaker video

Please help me find the hilarious video called "The Deal Breaker". Searching google and youtube has failed me. This video made the rounds several years ago, and featured a woman with little clips about all the deal breakers she had experienced in past relationships and how great her current relationship is. It ends with her in the bathtub, and her current boyfriend taking a very loud dump, not using the toilet paper, and then stepping in to join her in the tub...
posted by maelanchai at 11:16 AM PST - 8 comments

Masters or not?

I'm a philosophy major in my junior year. Should I spend my fourth year of school enjoying myself or working on a masters degree in a more practical field? Life advice desperately needed! (long, but tl;dr can be found at the bottom.) [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:07 AM PST - 10 comments

She's ready for her close-up.

My mom has discovered acting in her retirement, and wants me to shoot a headshot for her. I can shoot a portrait fine (gear and technique), but I have no idea what to do for an actor's headshot. Can someone in the business tell me what you'd want from a headshot for an older woman? [more inside]
posted by Admiral Haddock at 10:56 AM PST - 10 comments

Las Vegas/Grand Canyon Loop: Fun Road Trip or Death Trap?

Mid March road trip from Vegas to Grand Canyon: fun times or deadly road trip? [more inside]
posted by pantarhei at 10:43 AM PST - 12 comments

Make 'em short: knee-high leather boots

I have a couple of super cute knee high leather boots that are just a smidge too tall. Should I try to alter them to fit? [more inside]
posted by cranberryskies at 10:41 AM PST - 2 comments

What can my wife and I do to get back in shape now that we have a baby?

What can my wife and I do to get back in shape now that we have a baby? It should be unique and most importantly, fun! [more inside]
posted by TheAnswer at 10:35 AM PST - 16 comments

Best airline sky club/lounge at JFK?

What airline has the best sky club/lounge at JFK? [more inside]
posted by gottabefunky at 10:34 AM PST - 9 comments

Good luck matching this, Michael Bay!

Walloped by a snowstorm. Currently, a foot of wet snow has accumulated on the roof, with an additional foot possibly up the pipeline. How much snow can an average snowcountry roof handle without structural damage? [more inside]
posted by Gordion Knott at 10:30 AM PST - 11 comments

I really would like to pay, but I don't want it to seem gender-based. And I don't want to say that.

On early dates, should I pay because I'm more able to afford it (which I usually will be), or should we split it to be equal? [more inside]
posted by jejune at 10:30 AM PST - 62 comments

Ball of Confusion

Have you ever bruised your...um, testicle? [more inside]
posted by cuban link flooded jesus at 10:29 AM PST - 12 comments

People do this every day, I've never done it right once. Is there an ideal way to reveal your feelings for someone to them?

Please help me figure out how to do something that I ought to know how to do already at my age. How do you tell someone that you're into them? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:17 AM PST - 23 comments

What is a Fair Interest Rate for Money Loved Ones Lent You With No Interest Rate Specified?

Despite the lender explicitly loaning me something interest-free and with no firm repayment date, I would like to offer a fair interest rate when I am able to repay them in the future. I'd like your help in figuring out what that rate would be, and your confirmation that I am applying the concept of compound interest correctly. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:17 AM PST - 14 comments

What are your favorite DIY blogs?

What are your favorite DIY blogs? [more inside]
posted by nitsuj at 10:13 AM PST - 15 comments

Insurance-mandated medical exam? Really?

Can a US insurance company require or request that you have a physical by a certain date? [more inside]
posted by Vorteks at 10:10 AM PST - 10 comments


What should I expect if I ask my doctor for a Viagra (or Cialis or whatever) prescription, and can I get it by Sat? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:08 AM PST - 4 comments

The proverbial "good" library

What are your top three beautiful, comfortable, useful, inviting libraries? [more inside]
posted by Omon Ra at 10:04 AM PST - 40 comments

What do I need to know about apprenticeships?

I am currently applying for apprenticeships in a few fields, including carpentry and cement masonry. What can I expect from the process, and is there anything I can do to increase my chances? [more inside]
posted by Ortho at 10:01 AM PST - 6 comments

How can I find the 60 minutes of legal advice I need, on a very specific visa/immigration question?

How can I find the 60 minutes of legal advice I need, on a very specific visa/immigration question? [more inside]
posted by ManInSuit at 9:56 AM PST - 9 comments

unknown language-use stereotypes sought from the recieving end

Looking for reciprocal of "Engrish" on two counts: 1) Asians imitating "how Americans(/Anglophones) talk" with gibberish, and 2) Asians making fun of "how Americans(/Anglophones) talk" with heavy English/American accents on their own language. seeking audio and/or video for entertainment and cultural edification. [more inside]
posted by herbplarfegan at 9:50 AM PST - 14 comments

USA vs CAN women's hockey... places to watch in nyc?

gold star, uh, i mean gold medal women's hockey: canada vs. us, where to watch in NYC? [more inside]
posted by crawfo at 9:50 AM PST - 2 comments

Can I be a good parent and successful creatively?

Artists, creative types, and scholars: What are your experiences with parenthood in the arts and academia? Have you been able to find success in your career as a parent? [more inside]
posted by theantikitty at 9:32 AM PST - 15 comments

International Affairs Jobs In Boston?

Does Boston Have Jobs In Foreign Policy, International Security, And/Or International Development? [more inside]
posted by Spurious at 9:21 AM PST - 9 comments

Moving to Philadelphia

Where to move to in the Philadelphia area? Details inside. [more inside]
posted by furious at 8:42 AM PST - 35 comments

What are some good idea sharing/collaboration tools?

I'm looking for workplace collaboration tools. I'm NOT looking for IM clients or social networking tools. What I'm looking for is a way to list and present ideas in a systematic fashion, perhaps with uploaded docs, that have accompanying threads people can discuss the idea and create actionable items or goals out of the discussion. [more inside]
posted by diode at 8:40 AM PST - 17 comments

Un-warp a solid wood interior door?

Un-warp a solid wood interior door? [more inside]
posted by wkearney99 at 8:35 AM PST - 9 comments

How do I get ready for "getting cut"?

What kind of preparations can I make for the post operative effects of circumcision? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:25 AM PST - 7 comments

What are my neighbors exploding?!

What could my neighbors be doing that would cause explosions that shake our house (across the street and set back a ways from the road, in a rural subdivision)? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:25 AM PST - 42 comments

San Francisco Financial District: quiet place for a phone screen

San Francisco Financial District: quiet place for a phone screen [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:24 AM PST - 10 comments

Where can I get a good deal on USB drives?

Customized / personalized / promotional USB drives. Anyone know of a better price? [more inside]
posted by k8t at 8:22 AM PST - 3 comments

Help me find the holy grail of tech websites

Help me re-find the most helpful tech website ever. It all started with a search for how to remove GoogleToolbarNotifier Task Manager process list... [more inside]
posted by undercoverhuwaaah at 8:15 AM PST - 8 comments

Baby it's cold(-er than usual) outside

It's been colder and wetter than usual. I think. Help me find good, simple to understand historical weather data. I have Google Fail. [more inside]
posted by pointystick at 7:53 AM PST - 8 comments

Holy Sweater Batman!

I have a penny sized hole in cashmere sweater! Can you take the hole out for me? [more inside]
posted by shothotbot at 7:36 AM PST - 7 comments

php echo 'Need help teaching kids PHP'

Does anyone have any suggestions for online tutorials to help me teach PHP to a 10-year-old? [more inside]
posted by lgandme0717 at 7:12 AM PST - 5 comments

These animals are giving me wrinkles!

Do small facial cuts on dogs relatively bleed a lot, similar to humans? [more inside]
posted by stormygrey at 7:08 AM PST - 9 comments

Pay the mortgage or wait until it sells?

We're currently under contract to sell a house soon. Should I go ahead and pay this month's mortgage on it or wait? [more inside]
posted by ChrisLSU at 7:02 AM PST - 11 comments

Equity vs. Cash

What is the point of putting extra cash into an existing mortgage in order to increase 'equity' rather than keeping cash on hand if I have no need or desire to borrow on that equity? Trying to understand my adviser's recommendation. [more inside]
posted by spicynuts at 6:33 AM PST - 33 comments

A Year of Reading Plague Novels

What are some good Science Fiction novels about plagues? Alternately, what are some good non-genre novels about plagues? [more inside]
posted by OmieWise at 6:17 AM PST - 49 comments

Che Guevera documentaries

I want to know more about Che Guevara. What documentary film would you recommend I see?
posted by tybeet at 5:56 AM PST - 10 comments

General recommendations for a 2 month rental a British tourist in San Francisco?

General recommendations for a 2 month rental a British tourist in San Francisco? [more inside]
posted by choppyes at 5:55 AM PST - 7 comments

pdf writer which "does" links

I need a pdf writer which is non bloatware and into which I can put links. (Windows XP) [more inside]
posted by adamvasco at 5:49 AM PST - 16 comments

I've been on a desert island of unix-a-likes. Help me work out my new windows laptop!

I've just got a new netbook running Windows 7. I've not maintained a windows machine since 2001 (my home machines have been mac then Ubuntu, at work I use Debian). I figure I should give Windows another chance. Specific questions I have follow, but I'm really after any good tips and tricks for becoming a power user of Windows 7. What should I know? What are your top tips? [more inside]
posted by handee at 5:41 AM PST - 15 comments

Help me stop paying for Sat. TV

Help me stop paying for Sat. TV [more inside]
posted by jseven at 5:00 AM PST - 3 comments

Yet Another DietFilter (I think this is a decent one.)

What are some great little diet and exercise tips and tricks to push weight loss and fitness progress over the edge? Not looking for a whole plan, just your favorite "diet hacks." [more inside]
posted by joshrholloway at 4:56 AM PST - 63 comments

Trying to remember a daily curated news aggregator site

I am trying to remember the address of a website I used to use daily. It's a one-page site, updated early each morning with a selection of links to Australian and international news stories. It's not just an aggregator; the links are carefully chosen by a woman who I believe used to be a newspaper reporter. It's called something like 'morning news' or 'breakfast brief'. Maddeningly, it seems to be un-Googlable. Any ideas? Or, failing that, any suggestions for similar sites?
posted by embrangled at 3:47 AM PST - 4 comments

The American dream (made in China)

Economics for clotheshorses: Help me learn how consumer goods and services & manufacturing and business practices have changed for better and/or worse. [more inside]
posted by stuck on an island at 3:08 AM PST - 10 comments

Should I convince my balding boyfriend to shave his head?

Should I convince my balding boyfriend to shave his head? ...How? [more inside]
posted by moons in june at 1:50 AM PST - 38 comments

February 24

Can you think of a good title for a weekly newspaper column?

Can you think of a good title for a weekly newspaper column on EU politics? [more inside]
posted by quarsan at 10:31 PM PST - 22 comments

Help me pick an LCD monitor

I've never had an LCD monitor and need help choosing one. Confused by information overload and conflicting information. [more inside]
posted by IndigoRain at 9:59 PM PST - 13 comments

How should I send my job application via email?

I am applying for a job advertised on a company website. The career page says to send resumes to an HR email address (HR@company.com). The page also has the name and email of the HR specialist (JohnDoe@company.com). Should I address my letter to the HR specialist even though I am not emailing him directly? [more inside]
posted by alligatorman at 9:36 PM PST - 9 comments

I can believe it's butter

I have a lot of butter and need to use it, preferably to feed people. Recipes please? [more inside]
posted by abdulf at 9:25 PM PST - 33 comments

Using Excel to create the body of an Outlook e-mail

Complex Excel question - need to select a range of cells, based on the selection of a separate cell. But wait, it's more complicated than that! [more inside]
posted by doh ray mii at 9:24 PM PST - 1 comment

Please hope me to sing Brand New Angel

On the movie Crazy Heart, Jeff Bridges sings this beautiful Greg Brown song called Brand New Angel. And I love it, but I'm not sure I'm correctly hearing the word that seems to be, essentially, the punch line of the song. [more inside]
posted by kingbenny at 8:56 PM PST - 7 comments

Where Should I Move To In The Bay Area?

Where should I live when I move to the Bay Area? [more inside]
posted by JakeWalker at 8:43 PM PST - 37 comments

Hold on a sec, let me get some paper so I can write this down! Open Microsoft Word...

How can I help those less-technically inclined to think more abstractly about using a computer? Also, what's the best way to introduce smarter behaviors to avoid problems down the road and encourage them to learn and explore on their own? [more inside]
posted by cgomez at 8:14 PM PST - 28 comments

The evolution of "sexy"

When did the cultural norm of what female body types are considered "sexy" change from this to this [nsfw]? [more inside]
posted by elsewhen at 8:10 PM PST - 57 comments

How to resize a vector image?

How do I resize a vector image with the command line? [more inside]
posted by suedehead at 7:19 PM PST - 8 comments

Need help w/my win7 htpc build please.

Have an IR Tranceiver that worked great under Win7 RC Build 7100 but is now not transmitting at all under the release version (home premium.) [more inside]
posted by prodevel at 7:14 PM PST - 2 comments

How can I optimize a film script for getting sold?

Selling a film script: I'm starting to write scripts, is there any way I can optimize the type of film/story to maximize the likelihood of the script getting sold? [more inside]
posted by MetaMonkey at 6:52 PM PST - 25 comments

Why does Firefox poof my toolbars when I bookmark a page?

How do I stop Firefox from removing my Navigation and Bookmarks toolbars every time I save a bookmark? [more inside]
posted by fenriq at 6:49 PM PST - 1 comment

Speaking in Tongues

I want to expand my collection of accents. What movies should I watch? I'm especially interested in regional American, UK and Irish accents, but hearing non-native English speakers is helpful as well.
posted by freshwater_pr0n at 6:28 PM PST - 35 comments

1099b + w2 don't add up, wtf?

I cashed out some stock options (my employer's stock) and I got a 1099B and W2, 1099B shows gross proceeds of stock sale, W2 includes profits. How does this work? [more inside]
posted by smcameron at 6:19 PM PST - 10 comments

Help me stay in touch!

YANMTS (you are not my tech support): When I type an email or reply to an email in gmail, it is stored in the auto-complete for the To: field. I now want to migrate to a new server, but can't see those email addresses and have deleted all sent/trash and archived mail. How do I get this information out?
posted by Draccy at 6:00 PM PST - 3 comments

A steel town on a Saturday night is the champion my friends

Mixtape Filter: Songs about competition, athletics, and sportsmanship - mostly with an Olympic-Gymnastics bent?
posted by The Whelk at 5:57 PM PST - 16 comments

How to auto-wirelessly back up one mac to another?

I have two newish macbook pro laptops (with OS X 10.6) and want one to automatically and wirelessly back-up to the other one so will always have a "hot backup" on the second machine (I inherited the second one, so seems a reasonable use). FWIW, I have DSL with wireless modem in the house, so wouldn't want the ability for the machines to talk with each other to allow inadvertant access from anyone from the web. How to set it up?
posted by tedthedog at 5:40 PM PST - 8 comments

Should I stay in school?

Halfway through my BA and not terribly happy. Is it worth it to stay in school? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 5:35 PM PST - 42 comments

Hostages to fortune

How can I maintain some optimism about my child's future, given the crappy crappy world we live in? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 5:35 PM PST - 45 comments

Can my plant be saved?

Can someone suggest how to help my poor tomato plant which has keeled over or is it too late for it already? [more inside]
posted by astapasta24 at 5:33 PM PST - 4 comments

What do I say to people who constantly comment on my age?

What do I say to people who constantly comment on my age? [more inside]
posted by nuclear_soup at 4:58 PM PST - 50 comments

Most cost-efficient way to move from MA to CA?

What is the best way to move from Boston, MA to Santa Barbra, CA? Cost is the major issue. [more inside]
posted by 1awesomeguy at 4:39 PM PST - 24 comments

And after all this, I'm freezing the cards in a huge block of ice.

Are there penalties to paying off all my credit card debt all at once? [more inside]
posted by prancingllama at 4:37 PM PST - 17 comments

Is there a painless way to stream live video (and Jacoby Ellsbury) to my TV via my Wii?

Is there a hackless way to stream MLB TV on my Wii? [more inside]
posted by acorn1515 at 4:24 PM PST - 7 comments

I want to revel in my gloriousness

This post made me dig out my Prince cd. And it made me remember how awesome Prince and specifically songs like Darling Nikki make me feel. Mostly like a superhero warrior goddess. I'm looking for more sexy music that makes me feel like this. So what are some songs that make you feel like the most kick ass person in the world? I want that really sexy feel. [more inside]
posted by mokeydraws at 4:04 PM PST - 34 comments

Help me find wonderful movies about coming into your own

Looking for a certain type of movie: about a woman, 20s/30s/40s, who is finding herself, not historical, not sappy and Hollywood, and not about finding meaning in a man/babies... [more inside]
posted by metametababe at 3:43 PM PST - 64 comments

Excel Filter: Search the contents of one cell for the contents of another cell, then replace with the contents of yet another cell? Is it possible?

I need to search the text in column A for the text in column B, replace it with the text in column C, and return the new complete string to column D. I've Googled. I've read. I've cried. Can you please help me? [more inside]
posted by Salient at 3:42 PM PST - 5 comments

Making text anchors within a PDF to another part of the PDF?

On the first page of a PDF, there are references to pages included at the end of the document. I'm sure there is a way to make a link on the first page that will take you to another page in the PDF but I can't flippin' figure it out. I'm ripping my hair out.
posted by Foam Pants at 3:27 PM PST - 4 comments

How to use the Internet to have a telephone without actually having a telephone

Navigation of Google Voice and Skype: Can I use one or both of these (in tandem) instead of a landline? [more inside]
posted by aniola at 3:08 PM PST - 15 comments

What else can I make with a spam musubi press other then the obvious?

I've got a spam musubi press, but I don't want to eat more processed meat. What else can I make that would fit the mold? (pun intended)
posted by meowzilla at 3:08 PM PST - 8 comments

Evidence of things not seen.

Is there a specific name for a logical fallacy where the lack of evidence for something (or the abundance of evidence its opposite) is claimed to actually support the assertion? An example might be claiming that the lack of evidence of a conspiracy is actually evidence of the conspiracy and/or its size and strength. [more inside]
posted by spaltavian at 2:29 PM PST - 21 comments

Couples bible study/devotional recommendations?

Couples daily devotional/bible study recommendations? [more inside]
posted by AltReality at 2:24 PM PST - 10 comments

Page numbers in Word 2007. AAARRRGGG!!!!

Page numbers in Word 2007. AAARRRGGG!!!! [more inside]
posted by goethean at 2:12 PM PST - 16 comments

Nazar Boncuks on my stoop, a Mezuzah on my door frame, prayer flags outside... help me represent all faiths!

Help me decorate a multi-faith home! [more inside]
posted by hasna at 2:01 PM PST - 16 comments

Could anyone beat a chimp in a fight?

Could Bruce Lee (in his prime) beat an enraged chimpanzee in a fight? [more inside]
posted by HabeasCorpus at 2:01 PM PST - 50 comments

Satire is a lesson, parody is a game.

I enjoy reading the humorous biographies on Dickipedia and Rotten Library. What are the other sources for this type of writing? Specifically, well-informed, well-written, humorous entries that are actually based in fact and presented in a cold, rational way. I know about The Onion and thinks it's fantastic. But it is a bit much on the absurdist side of what I'm looking for. [more inside]
posted by archivist at 2:00 PM PST - 5 comments

How do you research international relocation?

I'm an American who is thinking about moving abroad. Most likely to Mainland China, although Taiwan and Singapore are potential options. What's the best way to go about doing some research for a move overseas? [more inside]
posted by jasondbarr at 1:43 PM PST - 10 comments

Student newspapers that don't suck?

Student newspapers that don't suck? [more inside]
posted by oneous at 1:29 PM PST - 17 comments

King [something] from Hawaii?

Please help me find the name for this Hawaiian singer (I think), or maybe he's just a musician. He's no longer alive (I think). His name is King .... something? And apparently he had a big influence on Israel Kamakawiwo-ole. [more inside]
posted by philip-random at 1:04 PM PST - 8 comments

What are the best open source cpanel alternatives?

What are the best open source web-hosting control panels out there? Are there any that are feature-competitive with commercial products like cpanel or plesk? What are your experiences working with them? [more inside]
posted by jenkinsEar at 12:51 PM PST - 1 comment

Should I thank the administrators who didn't expel me from school?

Should I thank the administrators who didn't expel me from school? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 12:22 PM PST - 12 comments

If a customer service professional is wearing a nametag, should I use thier name?

Is it polite and respectful to use a service person's name if thier job requires the use of a name tag? [more inside]
posted by dchrssyr at 12:14 PM PST - 84 comments

Where could I leap if I need to?

Help a Systems Engineer plan to hop industries or skip career tracks altogether. Without going backwards, that is. Or at least let me know which of my goals are unrealistic. (lots more inside with details galore) [more inside]
posted by cross_impact at 12:14 PM PST - 2 comments

Hob accidents !

Help me understand wether or not i impaired a fairly new hob for good by burning stuff on it. [more inside]
posted by Jireel at 12:06 PM PST - 7 comments

Look at me, a perfectly normal human being, visiting an apartment building from an obscure TV show.

I want to see the apartment building used in establishing shots for the British sitcom Peep Show. Where in (London?) is it?
posted by phrontist at 12:03 PM PST - 7 comments

Code Monkey Like Tab and Mountain Dew...and 40 Hours

What should I know transferring from public sector web design to private? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 12:02 PM PST - 6 comments

winmo remote

Does anyone know of a Winmo 6.x application that can make my htc touch pro 2 act as a 2nd keyboard and/or touchpad for a win xp home laptop hooked into my tv. Wifi, or bluetooth preffered. No wireless keyboards of any kind need apply
posted by dstopps at 11:48 AM PST - 1 comment

Manhattan Tech Support?

Manhattan tech support places who will work on a netbook running ubuntu? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:29 AM PST - 8 comments

Bringing my A Game to my marriage

Super special marriage reconnection events- lay it on me [more inside]
posted by TheBones at 11:21 AM PST - 17 comments

Is it the notorious E.I.A??

Bronchial irritation is cramping my (workout) style - is it an exercise class from hell, weed, humidity, or a combo of all there? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:00 AM PST - 12 comments

Share your success stories about increasing use of IT.

I'm the techie guy for a school in the UK. We have lots of computers, but they're not used very much. How can I help improve this? [more inside]
posted by BrokenEnglish at 10:59 AM PST - 9 comments

How to disclose HIPAA violation in nursing school application?

In the early years of HIPAA, I was didn't take it as seriously as I should have and was fired from a clerical position when I looked up a co-worker's date of birth. I was wrong and a total dumb ass for doing it. Now, I would like to know what I should say about it in my nursing school application since clinical hours include hours at the hospital I was fired from. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:59 AM PST - 5 comments

What can I get for my friend who just had a miscarriage?

What can I get for my friend who just had a miscarriage? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:59 AM PST - 13 comments

restaurants near the jacksonville airport

What are some good restaurants around the jacksonville fl airport?
posted by mealticket at 10:52 AM PST - 4 comments

Help me through the confusion of tax season

Can you help me figure out head of household as we move in to tax season? [more inside]
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Is "SellYourEvents.Com" as good as it seems?

Does anyone here have any experience with the events management and online registration website "SellYourEvents.Com"? [more inside]
posted by Phire at 10:43 AM PST - 6 comments

Career change and creating a new social life at the same time?

Seriously considering a career change that is completely different from my current position. This will require going back to school for at least a couple of years. However, I've never been the most social person in the world and REALLY want to change that. I’m torn. This desire is really holding me back and I would value anyone's opinion or perspective. [more inside]
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No cheese for Mother's Day

Help me find a non-cheesy short poem/quote/verse to put inside a Mother's Day card. [more inside]
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The Care of Our Child is Left to . . .

What is a reasonable cost for setting up a will? [more inside]
posted by zizzle at 10:33 AM PST - 23 comments

Good books for gardening?

What are some good introductory gardening, botany/plant biology, herb/herbal medicine, or nutrition books? [more inside]
posted by hannahelastic at 9:59 AM PST - 14 comments

European Juggling Convention?

Have any mefites attended the European Juggling Convention? [more inside]
posted by bstreep at 9:56 AM PST - 4 comments

Cleaning duct tape glue from a DVD?

Kid stuck a piece of duct tape to the back of a DVD (technically, Wii Optical Disc), best way to clean the glue off?
posted by ConstantineXVI at 9:51 AM PST - 18 comments

Is it acceptable to give a gift to a prof who wrote a reference letter?

Is it acceptable to give a small gift of a $10 gift certificate to a professor who has helped by writing my girlfriend a reference letter to grad school? She's not sure whether they are allowed to receive gifts of thanks.
posted by Proginoskes at 9:42 AM PST - 30 comments

Can you recommend a tattoo parlour in Quebec City?

I'm looking for a good tattoo parlour in Quebec City. What places should I check out? [more inside]
posted by the cat's pyjamas at 9:39 AM PST - 2 comments

Miranda and the Alchemist

Name that book: sigh. I remember reading a book probably 25 years ago, when I was 8 or 9. I read it about the same time that I read the book, Dar Tellum. [more inside]
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Hot apple pie, okay. Hot Apple Macbook, not so much.

Why might my Macbook be running so hot, and what can I do about it? [more inside]
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What song is this?

Help-Me-Find-a-Song-Filter: I heard this once on a CD compilation burned by someone I don't know. I think it's in waltz time. It's sung by a female, possibly Neko Case or someone who has a similar voice. It's a beautiful, haunting song in which the chorus asks a question like "how can I be mortal?" I don't think it's in these exact words but that is the gist.
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Tailor in State College

Who/where/what is the best tailor in State College, Pennsylvania? I need to get a suit, some shirts, and some pants altered.
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Internet connection is not working properly but Comcast says it isn't them. Help!

My internet connection has always had issues, but recently those issues have gotten exponentially worse. Comcast is the only constant in this equation, but they claim that the signal they're sending is strong! I need it fixed ASAP, what can I try? [more inside]
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Lord give me patience, but do it quick!

Why is my blog slow to load and what should I do to make it faster? [more inside]
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Share the kindle love?

How do you like your kindle? Knowing what you know now, would you buy it again? How can I make a kindle/ebook experience better? [more inside]
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The music of Paris...

I'm looking for music that evokes the spirit of Paris. Have any recommendations?
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Songs for a "you haven't made me a CD in a while" playlist?

What are some thoughtful, contemporary songs for a "You haven't made me a CD in a while" playlist? [more inside]
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Shuffleboard in Nashville

Where's the best shuffleboard table in Nashville? [more inside]
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Help an athiest get married in a Lutheran church.

What actually happens when you go to see an ELCA Lutheran pastor for pre-marriage meetings? Will the fact that we're both non-believers come up and will it be an issue? [more inside]
posted by kthxbi at 8:20 AM PST - 15 comments

Tailoring a suit:

How much (roughly) will it cost to get my suits tailored, and where can I get reliable service in Denver? [more inside]
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Help me get over my breakup

Break-Up-Filter: I just broke up with my first-ever boyfriend, of two years. I don't really know how to deal or how to react to people when they bring it up. I feel really awful right now and I've never done this before. [more inside]
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To MD or not to MD?

CrossroadsFilter. PhD or MD? I could invest an extra year into attending a one-year special master's degree program that, upon success, would pretty much guarantee admission into medical school. I'd be a 28-year-old first-year medical student. But what about babies? [more inside]
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Flying out to interview- salary not yet discussed.

I'm flying out to a city to meet with an organization about a potentially exciting job opportunity. It will be the third round of interviews. We haven't discussed salary, and given the nature of the position it could be a make-or-break issue. Should I bring it up, or go meet with them? Would it be considered in poor taste to fly out and then potentially reject the offer if the salary is too low? I'm thinking not, but...
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Shave and a haircut, 2 bits.

Anyone know where I can buy a nice new black skirt suit (it's time to update) that isn't paired with a cootie huging mini or pencil skirt? [more inside]
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Cocaine and the arts

How can you tell when art has been made under the influence of cocaine? [more inside]
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There is an Evil Dead II joke in here somewhere....

I am in my last semester of graduate school, with my comprehensive exam coming up. It is a 4.5 hour written (essay) exam. The problem? I haven't written (only typed) in forever, and my hand does not seem to be cooperating. [more inside]
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Podcasts anywhere and anyhow I want 'em, please.

How can I better organize my podcast subscriptions and access them from any computer and my iPhone? [more inside]
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This American Life episode assisted suicide story?

This American Life filter - relatively recently, (maybe a rebroadcast?) heard part of story re man who assisted his mother to end her life and how he felt - I've searched their archives for mother and for son; can't find it. Also searched AskMefi some, too many hits. Can anyone help?
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Sick of Day Jobs and want to settle down

How do I rewrite my resume so as to reassure potential employers about the fact that I was a temp for ten years? [more inside]
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I need to find a tutorial that will easily - stress EASILY - explain to the viewer or reader how to get all the wonderful goodness out of a .ZIP file, but without instructing them to download third party software (winzip, winrar...) [more inside]
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Graphic design tutorials?

What is a good graphic design tutorial website similar to Before & After but free? [more inside]
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For a period of every month, I'm completely miserable

This is a question about menstruation. You have been warned. [more inside]
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How far to that horizon over there?

Imagine I'm standing on a boat in the middle of the ocean with clear skies all around and good eyesight: how far is the surrounding horizon? And, bonus question, when I look up, how far away are the furthest clouds? (I assume it would depend on how high the clouds are but I'm still completely ignorant of how much difference that would make so any help would be great.)
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I've come to kill the rooster.

Recommend me good sounds for an alarm clock. [more inside]
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Can an LLC member also be an employee of that LLC?

Can a member of an LLC (filing as a partnership) also be an employee of the LLC? Details inside. [more inside]
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Sacrifice, speech, writing and art

Sacrifice, speech, writing and art: I am interested in the different ways in which a sacrifice, a sacrament, a spoken word and a written word act as signifiers. The notion for instance that the sacrament, at the point of its acceptance, is understood as becoming the signified. What can you tell me / what has been written about the notions of sacrifice and their relationship to speech, art and the technologies of writing? [more inside]
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How can I sort of waterproof my camera a little bit?

So I have to take photos of Holi in Varanasi next week, then Songkran in Chiang Mai in April. Both of these are giant water fights. How can I jury-rig some sort of waterproofing for my SLR? [more inside]
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Holga Questions

Holga n00b here! I have some specific questions inside, but am also looking for general advice. [more inside]
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In search of a theme

I need a subject or a theme. I'd like to read a wide range of books and discover lots of stuff. Last time I did, I was at the university, studying to get a degree in Comparative Literature. [more inside]
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Accountable USA

Asking for a friend: which organizations in the USA promote government accountability? [more inside]
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Tasty tasty fumes, boring houses

How can I weigh the exercise benefits gained from walking against the damage caused by breathing exhaust? I like walking along busy city streets for miles, and I don't want to switch to quieter/duller residential roads, but I'm wondering if I should. [more inside]
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Getting intimate.

What do photographers like Annie Leibovitz and Terry Richardson say to their subjects to make them completely lower their defenses? Or, what do regular photographers (like you) do? [more inside]
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Novel uses of Twitter

What are some companies and individuals using Twitter in an interesting or unusual way, or for novel purposes?
posted by jedro at 12:44 AM PST - 15 comments

Finding back a book by Soviet author from the eighties?

What book was this: Soviet artist (theater/music/writer?) writing about his life in Moscow during the eighties. [more inside]
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February 23

Why so many ex-service stations?

Did cars really used to need this much maintenance? [more inside]
posted by ricochet biscuit at 11:54 PM PST - 25 comments

Lazy and Inexperienced or Latent Management Material?

I am mentoring a college kid who wants to be a programmer. I am detail-oriented; he does the bare minimum required to get the job done, but he gets things done. Am I right to push him toward thinking about doing project management rather than hands-dirty techie-developer type stuff? Or is he just lazy and needing to be schooled? [more inside]
posted by circular at 11:01 PM PST - 28 comments

I'm an expat and I need a bank account in Nevada.

I'm an expat looking for a good bank that serves Nevada, if I can sign up. [more inside]
posted by bindasj at 10:33 PM PST - 2 comments

Want Dallas! Need job!

I'm trying to move to the Dallas, Texas area, but I need a job first - and I won't be able to interview in person. Lots more inside. [more inside]
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Should a future librarian get a masters in English?

Will a master's degree in English be useful to someone who wants to be a librarian? [more inside]
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Endodontist nabbed by feds

I was referred to an endodontist, and while I was filling out forms in the antechamber there this morning prior to my appointment, preparing to go in for a root canal, the office was raided by a dozen or so federal police with a search warrant. I don't plan to return. Is it incumbent upon me to reveal this information on yelp, etc?
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How can I help my friend?

My friend has no insurance and very limited funds, and is having some pretty funky health problems. He needs low-cost to no-cost medical attention in Oklahoma. Any ideas? So far, I've come up with this. Any ideas? I know that he *could* go to an ER, but being saddled with a $3000 dollar bill is not going to help him out of his financial problems anytime soon. Anyone been broke and sick in OK before? [more inside]
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"No, of course I like you. It's because I like you, I don't want to be with you. It's a complicated...emotion."

Help me stop crushing on my classmate! [more inside]
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what was "I found it"?

What was the "I found it" campaign during what I seem to recall was the late 70's. [more inside]
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Help me pick a work of modern literature to write about.

What novel, published in the last five years, will keep my interest and be not-too-overly-verbose as to make my job harder (I have to write a paper discussing it's literary merits)? [more inside]
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What to do with my old Sony VAIO laptop?

What to do with my old Sony VAIO laptop? [more inside]
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What is a mint 1975 guild d40nt worth?

What is a mint 1975 guild d40 NT worth?
posted by Rlocurto at 8:56 PM PST - 4 comments

Changes in work availability

What notification is necessary for changes to ones work availability? [more inside]
posted by Miss Mitz at 8:21 PM PST - 2 comments

ID a book about pack telepathic wolves

Help me ID this scifi/fantasy book: humans (and a very young boy) encounter alien telepathic wolf/dog packs! Several parts are told from the wolves' and boy's point of view. [more inside]
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Help me develop a cheapskate workout plan!

What is the cheapest possible way for me to get a decent workout this winter? [more inside]
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Shipping from Bishkek to Portland

What is the cheapest way to ship a package from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to Portland, OR? [more inside]
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Serving two masters...

I work two jobs...should I drop the part-time and focus on certifications/ self development? Or put off certs for the stability of additional income? [more inside]
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Help me find the Phantom Tollbooth

BabysittersClub Filter: Which Baby-sitter's Club book involved a reference to a young girl being excited to read The Phantom Tollbooth? [more inside]
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I might be drugs, but it's not recreational.

I have a herniated disc (L4-L5) with lower-back pain. I have developed sciatic pain in the last few years. I have been taking vicodin for a few years and now the doctor has prescribed methadone. What can I expect? [more inside]
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I want to keep on learning...

In the past I have worked as a staff writer for a newspaper. The process of learning about something first-hand, then distilling it into everyday language was something that was totally enjoyable. It was so cool to be continually kinesthetically learning from "the horses mouth," so to speak. Print journalism has reduced its numbers drastically, and jobs are now few and far between. Are there any other vocations you can think of that would let someone actually go out in the field and talk to people and get their story then share it with others? How about jobs that let you learn all the time?
posted by srbrunson at 6:57 PM PST - 21 comments

What the hell is a "glass wall"?

Job posting at a news publication requires "sensitivity to the 'glass wall' between editorial and commercial." What are they talking about? [more inside]
posted by thebazilist at 6:42 PM PST - 6 comments

Help Me Mindstorm

Where can I get the ROBOLAB software for Lego's Mindstorm kits? [more inside]
posted by Kippersoft at 6:31 PM PST - 3 comments

Obama's obesity task force

Anyone know who's on Michelle Obama's childhood obesity task force? [more inside]
posted by pallen123 at 6:27 PM PST - 5 comments

Name the sci-fi novel

SciMeFi: Strange request here. I heard about a sci-fi book maybe 10 years ago. I remember some general details, but I may be wrong about any one of them. So if I can get any leads from someone here, I’d be most thankful! Keyword: giant artifacts from the future start to appear? [more inside]
posted by scamper at 5:32 PM PST - 13 comments

Help me find an obscure movie song

Asking for a friend: I saw a movie once, but I can remember neither the name nor the theme. At a guess I would say it was five to six years ago, but it was not in theater and so could have been a bit older. Toward the end of the movie, perhaps just before the credits and on into the credits, there was a song about a birthday. I don't remember if it was a character's birthday, but I believe it was. It was a sort of weird, sad, but upbeat tune. Possibly containing drug references. Not rap, more of an anti-folk feel (think Moldy Peaches) and a female singer. It was not Kimya Dawson's "Jest's Birthday". Wikipedia's list of non-canonical birthday songs does not produce anything familiar. Find for me this song, Internet.
posted by rcs at 5:27 PM PST - 6 comments

Getting a cat to choose kitty litter over grass?

Tips for getting an indoor/outdoor cat to use a litter box, when he much prefers to go al fresco? [more inside]
posted by 8k at 5:26 PM PST - 10 comments

Make the switch to Mobile Broadband????

Switching to mobile broadband...not sure if now is the best time???? I live alone and mainly use a laptop...right now my ISP is Roadrunner and I have my own wireless router attached to it. I pay about $35/mo. about 1/2 of my internet/cable bundle bill of $70 or so. [more inside]
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May I verify you through the phone?

Phone/text verification filter. MeFi, what implementation of this would be useful to your average web user? [more inside]
posted by 913 at 5:21 PM PST - 2 comments

WWGD: What Would Gatsby Drink?

Throwing a Great Gatsby party, and need some food ideas! [more inside]
posted by Eyebrows McGee at 5:03 PM PST - 26 comments

The results are in, and you may not be a winner.

I just received word that my biopsy/examination results are in. They want to see me tomorrow morning. Should I start freaking out now? The receptionist scheduling me was not forthcoming with any details. [more inside]
posted by Emperor Yamamoto's Eggs at 5:00 PM PST - 20 comments

Shipping a snowboard

How do I ship a snowboard across the country? [more inside]
posted by Kimpossible at 4:53 PM PST - 5 comments

Broken headphone jack

The headphone jack on my desktop broke. Solutions?
posted by fizzzzzzzzzzzy at 4:44 PM PST - 8 comments

Seattle neighborhoods around south lake union

What's the best area to live in Seattle if a) I'll be working in south lake union, b) want to be able to bike/take public transportation to work, c) want to easily be able to get out of town on weekends for hiking/skiing/etc., and d) would be (cheaply) fun for a just-graduated-college 20-something year old?
posted by devilsbrigade at 4:35 PM PST - 11 comments

He's a lot like me. But handsomer.

How to deal with a Lothario in your social scene? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:51 PM PST - 34 comments

Resources about how the details of image storage?

I need online resources that go delve into image storage theory without assuming I am an expert in programming. [more inside]
posted by figTree at 3:50 PM PST - 3 comments

Please get me out of my dorm.

How to make new friends and explore my interests (in ATL/the Southeas) given some limitations? [more inside]
posted by SputnikSweetheart at 3:47 PM PST - 7 comments

Momofuku Milk Bar Cookie Recipe

I'm trying to replicate Momofuku Milk Bar's cornflake, marshmallow, and chocolate chip cookies. The only problem is I've never had one. Can you help me? [more inside]
posted by Thin Lizzy at 3:47 PM PST - 13 comments

Struggling with Wordpress, to put it lightly.

Struggling with Wordpress, to put it lightly. [more inside]
posted by phaedon at 3:43 PM PST - 13 comments

How can I use .htaccess to shorten URLs?

I need some specific help with my .htaccess file. I'm new to the Rewrite module and can't quite figure out what I need to do to serve my pages (which live inside some nested directories) up with a nice short URL. [more inside]
posted by Aquaman at 3:15 PM PST - 8 comments

Tell me about your electric lawn mower!

Cordless electric lawn mower recommendations? I'll be responsible for a lawn this spring, and I'd rather not pollute. [more inside]
posted by specialnobodie at 3:13 PM PST - 13 comments

How do I tell her I love her?

How do I tell my girlfriend I love her? It never seems to be the right time and its gone on so long now that its getting harder and harder. We've been going out for about 9 months now..... I think I have made it very clear what my feelings are, but haven't actually said "I love you".
posted by anonymous at 2:57 PM PST - 46 comments

I am a jerk.

thinking about gettin me some therapy. given my goals [inside] what sort of therapy would be most effective? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:57 PM PST - 5 comments

My smoke alarms work great. I wish I didn't know that.

Will ceramic that melted onto the burner cause my smoke alarm to go off? Will it cause any other problems? [more inside]
posted by theichibun at 2:46 PM PST - 3 comments

What to do in March in EU

What are some unique things to do in Europe in March? [more inside]
posted by patrad at 2:22 PM PST - 6 comments

Simple Delicious Recipes Without Stove or Oven

I'd love to know simple and delicious recipes that don't require any actually cooking (save for tossing something in the microwave.) What are your favorite no-cook recipes? [more inside]
posted by thisperon at 2:11 PM PST - 37 comments

Can I gain more than a pound as a result of eating a pound?

Is it possible to gain more than a pound of body weight as a result of eating a pound of food? [more inside]
posted by crapples at 2:01 PM PST - 44 comments

Really hungry at Philadelphia airport, but no cash...

Really hungry at Philadelphia airport, but no cash... [more inside]
posted by metaseeker at 1:54 PM PST - 21 comments

ethical alpaca?

So, a friend of mine has an alpaca fur blanket exactly like this one. My wife is in love with it and I would like to buy something similar for her. [more inside]
posted by 256 at 1:47 PM PST - 5 comments

Non-Pick up Artistry dating advice for men Website: does it exist?

Non-Pick up Artistry dating advice for men websites: does they exist? [more inside]
posted by plungerjoke at 1:18 PM PST - 8 comments

I'm not a playwright; how do I write a play and get it performed?

What's the best way for a writer who's not involved in his/her local theater scene to get a play performed on the stage? [more inside]
posted by cirripede at 12:59 PM PST - 10 comments

I love bread, but I'll give it up if I have to

How useful are skin tests at identifying food allergies? [more inside]
posted by not that girl at 12:36 PM PST - 8 comments

Help me find PJ's Coffee in K-Cup form

New Orleanians: Please help me find a K-Cup analog for PJ's Coffee. [more inside]
posted by jalexc at 12:23 PM PST - 3 comments

Camera Rental Help

Asking for a friend: Where can I rent a Canon 7D for a single day in or around Asheville, NC.
posted by ManyNinjas at 12:16 PM PST - 4 comments

Newspapers and Magazines in the Chicago Area?

I'm going to be in Chicago later this week and I'd like to visit some great places for magazines and newspapers while I'm in the area. Something other than the typical Borders. What are some hidden favorites in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs?
posted by Jeff Howard at 12:14 PM PST - 15 comments

Why does Firefox do this and how can I fix it?

Any idea how I can stop this weird behavior the first time I run Firefox? [more inside]
posted by DMan at 12:13 PM PST - 5 comments

Ironically, I just don't get it.

Please, please, what is an ironic mustache? A mustache looking insufferably smug? Really, I don't get it. That and the ironic t-shirt thing; someone please explain.
posted by Allee Katze at 12:01 PM PST - 25 comments

Tools and household helps for aging parents

What tools and other handy things are useful for aging parents? [more inside]
posted by Ostara at 11:57 AM PST - 20 comments

Help me pick up the pieces.

Help me find guidance in finishing my master's degree - I screwed it up big time two years ago, and I need a little help getting back on track. Much more inside! [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:39 AM PST - 7 comments

going bananas searching for beer

Where can I find Banana Bread beer in DC? [more inside]
posted by troika at 11:31 AM PST - 14 comments

Does this ever end well?

Are there ever happy endings for polyamorous couples? Do you know anyone for whom such an arrangement has worked in the long term? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:18 AM PST - 24 comments

I'm pretty gangster myself.

Help me find a place to buy the "I noticed that you're gangster" image as a bumper sticker for my car. [more inside]
posted by brenton at 11:07 AM PST - 7 comments

So that I don't keep watching Everybody Loves Raymond for two hours a night.

We want presents that will keep us entertained. [more inside]
posted by mittenbex at 10:50 AM PST - 13 comments

Bacteria: How much is too much?

I eat lots of yogurt and drink lots of kefir and kombucha. Do all these cultures live compatibly in my digestive system, or am I creating World War III in there? [more inside]
posted by hermitosis at 10:47 AM PST - 15 comments

Helping preschooler feel secure during a move

Best practices for moving house (within the same town) with a sensitive, imaginative preschooler? [more inside]
posted by chesty_a_arthur at 10:47 AM PST - 11 comments

Why is my site redirecting?

My website keeps redirecting to "http://snake.itexltd.com" (deliberately not linking here), which says that my domain name has expired. [more inside]
posted by ask me please at 10:21 AM PST - 13 comments

Gout sufferer needs help!

Doctor in Northern New Jersey for Gout/Arthritis sufferer. [more inside]
posted by bdoop21 at 10:14 AM PST - 1 comment

Learning roller derby?

How does one get started in roller derby (as a total beginner)? [more inside]
posted by so_gracefully at 10:13 AM PST - 14 comments

Windows 7 Enterprise Problems

Install windows 7 install problems + can I install enterprise (with an enterprise key) from an ultimate disk? [more inside]
posted by kraigory at 10:10 AM PST - 3 comments

He's stopped returning my calls. And he's my doctor.

It seems that my psychiatric nurse practitioner, who prescribes my crazy meds, has quit me without notice. The Problem? I take a hefty dose of meds, I'm out, and I don't really want to have to quite cold turkey. An explanation and a few questions under the fold. [more inside]
posted by The Pantless Wonder at 10:09 AM PST - 32 comments

I'm brave, but not completely fearless.

Is there any way to cross the I-5 bridge between Portland and Vancouver by bike that does not involve actually riding on the freeway? [more inside]
posted by pdb at 10:02 AM PST - 6 comments

fifteen tons, and what do you get

How do I keep my cool at work, and keep it from affecting my cool at home? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:56 AM PST - 14 comments

Is there a free personal finance software like Mint in German-speaking countries ?

I would love to do my personal finance stuff using web-based service like Mint in Germany. Is there a service like that ?
posted by Yiba at 9:51 AM PST - 1 comment

c/c++ permtation file

I need to write a program in C/C++ that takes all the permutations of a set of numbers, say {1,2,3,4}, and puts them in a binary file. [more inside]
posted by amsterdam63 at 9:49 AM PST - 15 comments

Locations of state lines on TransAmerica trail?

What are the mile counts for the state lines on the TransAmerica trail? [more inside]
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How to account for other dependents in figuring child support responsibility?

My boyfriend's ex-wife is trying to get him to pay more child support. We got a letter showing how much "available income" she has to support the child; included in the calculation is a deduction for the other two children she has with her new husband. How is this possible, when her new husband--who has a larger income than either the ex-wife or my bf--is also responsible for those other two kids? I understand that the new hubbie is not responsible for the support costs of my bf's son--but shouldn't he be responsible for the care of his own kids, such that the ex-wife cannot deduct this cost from her income when determining the percentage of my bf's son's care for which she is responsible? [more inside]
posted by vegsister at 9:43 AM PST - 21 comments

I'm looking for an entree to feed about 8 adults at a Four Elements themed dinner party.

I'm looking for an entree to feed about 8 adults at a Four Elements themed dinner party. [more inside]
posted by juliplease at 9:41 AM PST - 11 comments

infinity naturals in beethovens lebewohl

What is the symbol above the last note of the third measure (and ninth measure) of Beethoven's "Lebewohl" piano sonata #26, opus 81a? It's two naturals vertically surrounding some a sort of infinity-like glyph: ∞ Visible here: http://imslp.org/images/3/36/PV-Beethoven_Werke_Breitkopf_Serie_16_No_149_Op_81a.jpg
posted by umlaut at 9:37 AM PST - 4 comments

Structural concern about a house I am buying.

Structural concern about a house I am buying. Was a load bearing wall removed? [more inside]
posted by idyllhands at 9:31 AM PST - 10 comments

Need book suggestions for a "read aloud" book club

I'm looking for suggestions for books for a book club that I recently began with a few friends. The books will have to be read aloud to the group. [more inside]
posted by vbfg at 9:09 AM PST - 10 comments

Book with wormholes that view the past?

What'sThatBookFilter: Viewing the past via portable wormholes? [more inside]
posted by Petrot at 9:01 AM PST - 4 comments

Best way to have solid internet connection no matter where you are

I am looking for an internet solution for living at 3 homes during the year. Instead of paying for internet service at each one of the 3 homes is there a better option. I looked into tethering my iPhone but it's too much of a hassle. Any ideas?
posted by CWitt at 8:40 AM PST - 10 comments

SEA to VAN for OLY

Tips for Seattleites' day trip to Vancouver Olympics? [more inside]
posted by bamassippi at 8:33 AM PST - 3 comments

Remove years-old splattered paint from stained wood trim without damaging the finish?

How does one remove years-old splattered paint from stained wood trim without damaging the finish? [more inside]
posted by dvrcthewrld at 8:31 AM PST - 7 comments

Quiet, cheap hostel room or B&B in London or SE UK?

Can you recommend a quiet, cheap hostel room or B&B in London or SE UK where I can rest for a week and get over jetlag? [more inside]
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Applying constitutional law abroad

Applying constitutional law abroad [more inside]
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CBT in Brooklyn

CBT--or, barring that--any good therapist, in Brooklyn or Manhattan near the F train? [more inside]
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I can do this job ... no, really, I have a plan!

Tips and suggestions for a 30- 60- 90-day business plan for a promotion interview? [more inside]
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Good accountant in or near Hoboken, NJ?

Looking for a recommendation for a good account in or near Hoboken, NJ to prepare personal tax returns. [more inside]
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This Photoshop is driving me crazy

PhotoshopFilter: The Magic Wand tool seems to be selecting too much, even when the tolerance is set to zero. What gives? [more inside]
posted by lou at 8:00 AM PST - 8 comments

What does a real Persian carpet cost in the USA?

Handmade Persian/Turkish/Pakistani wool carpet question: If you have bought one recently in the US or Canada, or have visited a store where they are being sold, can you tell me what the level of quality and prices are like for varying sizes? [more inside]
posted by thewalrus at 7:34 AM PST - 3 comments

Help Keep my Fetus Quiet

Tips and tricks to get my 3rd trimester fetus to settle down at night and let me sleep? [more inside]
posted by beezy at 7:22 AM PST - 30 comments

How much to charge for freelance science work?

How much should I charge as a freelance (research) scientist? [more inside]
posted by bowmaniac at 7:00 AM PST - 4 comments

With the Knowledge of a Chemist, I Got the Special Formula

Rapper Edan uses an amazing spacey delay sound on some of his songs. How can I duplicate it? [more inside]
posted by orville sash at 6:41 AM PST - 9 comments

What's the best way to self-publish for fun, and not for profit?

What's the best way to self-publish for fun, and not for profit? [more inside]
posted by thermonuclear.jive.turkey at 6:36 AM PST - 8 comments

Is there a men's version of Curves?

Is there a men's version of Curves Fitness? [more inside]
posted by zooropa at 6:07 AM PST - 21 comments

Resources to help writing a business proposal

My friends and I have what we think is a pretty lucrative, clever, and unique idea for a web-service. However, none of us are especially web or business savy, but we are enthusiastic and confident and so would still like to move forward with the idea. [more inside]
posted by mateuslee at 5:46 AM PST - 14 comments

Help, Firefox broke my Facebook!

Firefox+Facebook has broken for me -- it greys out when I do stuff. Anyone else experiencing this? [more inside]
posted by katrielalex at 5:30 AM PST - 3 comments

Blogging for Dummies

Newbie question: how do I set up a blog on my own website? [more inside]
posted by different at 4:16 AM PST - 11 comments

.HTA application launcher ... is it that hard to do?

I've been trying to write a .hta file that will show the contents of a directory in the "medium icons" style, that won't let me accidentally change the style, and that doesn't have any navigation options. [more inside]
posted by Admira at 3:32 AM PST - 2 comments

Find a run for me and a steam train for my boy...

Is there an August 2010 marathon in the USA that's also within driving distance of a well-known heritage steam railway? I'd like to tick both boxes during a potential family holiday to the US.
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Knock-off wii remote OK?

Can someone confirm that the knock-off wii remotes available on ebay or deal extreme work as well as a nintendo one?
posted by pompomtom at 3:20 AM PST - 12 comments

What is the name of this dimly remembered audiobook

Help me remember this dimly remembered audio book that we listened to when I was a child. [more inside]
posted by jonathanstrange at 2:53 AM PST - 2 comments

Just a mere love story?

Capitalism: A Love Story (the meaning of "a love story") [more inside]
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Why can't she move her broken arm?

Why can't she move her broken arm? [more inside]
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February 22

What are some common cold spicy foods?

My aunt is coming to dinner and she loves spicy foods. However, I'm picking her up from the airport after work and won't have time to cook that day. What spicy foods/appetizers can I make that don't need to be served warm? I searched for "cold spicy foods" but got completely irrelevant results. [more inside]
posted by tasty at 11:50 PM PST - 27 comments

Change-resistant PC Question of the Week

How do I make my 23" LCD monitor act like a 17-18" one? [more inside]
posted by kreestar at 11:05 PM PST - 14 comments

The Daily Task

Recently I found out about http://dailyshoot.com/. Before that I found out about http://www.crossfit.com/. What other sites do you know of that give you a very specific tasks to do everyday? Or every week? I find that I am more motivated to learn something when I am given specific tasks to do or projects to work on so services like this are a big help. Looking for any and all things so don't hold back.
posted by newtux at 10:38 PM PST - 9 comments

Thanking Count Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta

How can I identify the approximate properties of an electrical transformer? [more inside]
posted by anadem at 10:36 PM PST - 5 comments

Who rocks out on the bass?

Beginner bass player looking for musicians to aspire to and music to be inspired by. Name me your favorite songs with a wicked bass solo, and bands driven by a heavy melodic bass line. I'm especially interested to hear about female singers accompanied by only her bass as well. Thank you!
posted by angermanagement at 9:52 PM PST - 74 comments

How do I finish this table?

How do I properly finish my new dining room table? [more inside]
posted by disillusioned at 9:49 PM PST - 10 comments

Cowboy comics recommendations

Name your favorite cowboy and western-themed comics. [more inside]
posted by Astro Zombie at 9:26 PM PST - 25 comments

Regression question....

How do I estimate the coefficients of this curve using linear regression? [more inside]
posted by a womble is an active kind of sloth at 9:21 PM PST - 6 comments

Study abroad program in Israel to become reborn again?

What is the best program for a Jewish-American who wants to study abroad in Israel and redefine his life? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:57 PM PST - 16 comments

Help me find the best broomball shoes!

[BroomballFilter] My current old/used broomball shoes are just about shot. It's time to buy new ones for my next season. Can anyone provide reviews for outdoor broomball shoes? [more inside]
posted by Citrus at 8:44 PM PST - 2 comments

EXIF Time Confusion

Do you update your camera clock when you travel across timezones? Does this happen automatically with some cameras? [more inside]
posted by whiskeyspider at 8:17 PM PST - 13 comments

Help me dress like a poet's lover

Where can I find the shoes (or something similar) seen in Bright Star? [more inside]
posted by Rora at 8:01 PM PST - 7 comments

Help me show that science can be cool...

What kinds of simple, safe chemical reactions can I do to really wow a group of 6th graders? [more inside]
posted by kro at 7:21 PM PST - 33 comments

Am I putting too much power into my financial adviser's hands?

Am I putting too much power into my financial adviser's hands? [more inside]
posted by kirsti at 7:13 PM PST - 24 comments

MPH + MS > PhD?

MPH + MS > PhD? [more inside]
posted by palindromic at 7:11 PM PST - 5 comments

Is this anything but SEO spam?

I have a job opportunity that involves, among other things, SEO. I am fairly sure that this is the spammy sort of SEO, but the person was not really clear enough about the technical matters, and it's not something I know all that much about. That said, some parts of this seem good. [more inside]
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Wax on, wax off

Which is better to do in between brazilian waxes: shaving or depilatory creams such as Veet? Bonus question: can somebody please explain to me why it is recommended not to shave in between? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:00 PM PST - 13 comments

unsafe elderly drivers

my elderly parents drive. there is a lot of evidence they should no longer be driving. they will not stop driving. what, if anything, can i do?
posted by alcahofa at 6:58 PM PST - 28 comments

How to make my own central command?

Are there any websites or scripts that will take screenshots of other websites for me that I can then src or iframe with which to construct a page of thumbnails? [more inside]
posted by metajc at 6:56 PM PST - 3 comments

Paging Lisa Birgit Holst

Can anyone find evidence of a "Lisa Birgit Holst" or a PC Professional mag listed as a source on a Snopes article? [more inside]
posted by A 90s Kind of Guy at 6:38 PM PST - 5 comments

No Lazytown

What music will make me dance about like a pirate? [more inside]
posted by Rory Marinich at 6:23 PM PST - 42 comments

What are more bands like (the goth/shoegaze) Salem?

What are more bands like (the goth/shoegaze) Salem? [more inside]
posted by griphus at 6:08 PM PST - 6 comments

Dear Future Self,

Can I send postal mail to a place/service that will forward my letter/package at a set date in the future? [more inside]
posted by cjorgensen at 5:39 PM PST - 7 comments

What do you do while listening to podcasts?

What do you do while listening to podcasts? [more inside]
posted by charlesminus at 5:29 PM PST - 54 comments

Which apple should I bite?

Macbook vs. Macbook Pro: are FireWire and the aluminum exterior worth the extra $200? Is there another difference I'm missing? [more inside]
posted by lunasol at 5:20 PM PST - 17 comments

To cat or not to cat (when moving a lot), that is the question

Should I get a cat? Problem: career involves international relocation every few years. [more inside]
posted by kitkatcathy at 5:04 PM PST - 17 comments

What were we talking about?

When does "forgetfulness" transition from annoyance to full-fledged clinical illness? [more inside]
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How to prevent S Video cable from overriding DVD signal?

My (very basic) DVD player is connected to my (also very basic) TV with RCA cables. My laptop plugs into my TV with an S Video cable (so I can watch Netflix streaming, etc). The problem: if the S Video cable is plugged in (even if the laptop isn't connected on the other end) the TV won't recognize the signal coming from the DVD player. My solution is to simply unplug the S Video cable when I want to use my DVD player, but ideally I'd like to keep it plugged in and have some sort of switching mechanism. Is there such a product and if so, can someone provide a link? Thanks!
posted by AONeal79 at 4:57 PM PST - 12 comments

Typo or Scam - 23 Hour Service??

What does the term "23 Hour Service" when used by the service & repair industry? [more inside]
posted by jspierre at 4:55 PM PST - 10 comments

Long term consequences of babies watching TV?

My 10-month-old son is often entranced by the TV. Should I bar him from watching at all? [more inside]
posted by zardoz at 4:29 PM PST - 51 comments

How can I make Mac apps self-minimize?

How can I automatically minimize a running application to the dock? [more inside]
posted by bwg at 4:23 PM PST - 4 comments

Suggestions for space saving furniture please.

What are your favorite space-saving pieces of furniture or furniture related items? [more inside]
posted by MaryDellamorte at 4:17 PM PST - 24 comments

How do I move my torrents to a new location but have my bt client still find them?

Moving my collection of Torrents... I'm usuing uTorrent and the drive my torrents (the .torrent files and the files themselves) are on is nearly full. So, I moved them to a new drive, changed the location in uTorrent's preferences... and the program can't seem to find any of them. I read the manual/faq and the things it says to do aren't possible (the settings they mention don't exist). Suggestions? OS X.
posted by You Should See the Other Guy at 4:05 PM PST - 13 comments

Stop the Insanity!

How do I stop credit card offers from rewards programs that we belong to? [more inside]
posted by Leezie at 3:54 PM PST - 5 comments

Sleepless Mac

I tell my MacBook Pro to sleep. Instead, it shuts down. What gives? [more inside]
posted by trouserlouse at 3:51 PM PST - 13 comments

How do I undo a breakup?

I broke up with my (now ex) girlfriend five months ago. (The breakup surprised her) She went back with the b/f she had before me one or two months after our breakup; if I have the time line right she has now been with her current b/f for about three to four months. I'm still in love with this girl and regret not giving our three month relationship more time before I broke things off... How do I contact her to tell her this and what do I say? Looking for success stories... [more inside]
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Relationship 101

RelationshipFilter: How do you go from thinking about "me" to thinking about "us"? [more inside]
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Did Tufte do anything like this?

[data visualization filter] Need help with ideas for a data visualization tool -- something like a "Doomsday Clock" but showing progress towards college readiness? Must be understandable to a young teenager. Would prefer something with a trend to illustrate past events, too. [more inside]
posted by parilous at 2:47 PM PST - 6 comments

How can I display old QSL Cards in my home?

How can I display old QSL Cards in my home? [more inside]
posted by Scientifik at 2:43 PM PST - 4 comments

a server most erroneous

My site crashed with a 500 - server error after accruing a 2GB+ error log filled with "unable to load dynamic library'. Help me figure out the cause. [more inside]
posted by Jezztek at 2:39 PM PST - 3 comments

Where can I find a mattress that won't negatively impact indoor air quality?

No VOC mattress options? [more inside]
posted by jsturgill at 2:33 PM PST - 5 comments

How Do I Know?

How do I know if a relationship is right for me, if I have nothing to compare it to? What signs can I look for? How much arguing/fighting in a relationship is “normal”? How much do we need to have in common? [more inside]
posted by Diplodocus at 2:30 PM PST - 29 comments

Searching for a logo design tutorial

[InternetSearchFilter] About a year or so ago, I read an article (pdf?) about designing logos. It had very detailed description of different techniques that can be used in designing a logo. In particular, it was about designing text logos and the kind of information in it included things like how the letters 'M' and 'W' can be fused together if both are present in the word etc., It had more to do with teaching different techniques of manipulating letters than a specific logo design example. Ofcourse, without actually knowing more I feel resigned to the thousands of "design a logo" tutorials. Here's hoping someone on AskMeFi remembers what I am talking about
posted by cusecase at 2:28 PM PST - 5 comments

Tinfoil and ovens

If I cover a dish in the oven, does it make it hotter? [more inside]
posted by Baby_Balrog at 2:19 PM PST - 23 comments

It's all Greek to me!

What is the best way to learn Ancient Greek? [more inside]
posted by pecknpah at 2:03 PM PST - 12 comments

Jumping de Fences

How do you ask your significant other personal questions without coming off as challenging? [more inside]
posted by MayNicholas at 2:00 PM PST - 23 comments

google searches that include "search" and "google" were decidedly unhelpful

Google Chrome - Can I turn off the search function in the address bar? [more inside]
posted by moxiedoll at 1:51 PM PST - 3 comments

humidifier help plz

Help me to keep my humidifier filter from calcifying after a month. [more inside]
posted by Koko at 1:47 PM PST - 8 comments

It's not the British rock star I'm worried about.

Landlord/Exterminator Filter: How do I get rid of this large, inaccessible wasp nest? [more inside]
posted by cmoj at 1:18 PM PST - 6 comments

Online work comment

A past employer started a blog. Several previous employees have started their own sub-blogs and one made a comment about me, using my full name. It wasn't necessarily a negative comment, but he was resentful of me supposedly forcing him to do something which was part of his job. I wasn't the person responsible for making him do anything, so the statement is not true. I'm puzzled because I had a very friendly, cordial relationship with this person, but whatever. I'm wondering how I should handle asking the company to remove the statement. I'm now working in a different field and I'm not sure how this statement about me will affect future customers. TIA.
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Nice girls don't try

Help me be less weird about professors. [more inside]
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Domain name filter: Am I being offensive?

Domain Name market research: I own the domain nogbutter.com. I want to use it for a company some friends and I want to start. Does "nogbutter" have an offensive ring to it? [more inside]
posted by Ezrie at 12:54 PM PST - 58 comments

Battle of the Bulge

Donde van a estar los Canadienses en D.F. para ver el partido olympico de hockey final? Where will Canadians in Mexico D.F. be watching the gold medal hockey game? [more inside]
posted by randomstriker at 12:46 PM PST - 2 comments

When I grow up I want to be Adam Savage.

I want to possess the knowledge, tools, materials, and workspace to make whatever the hell I feel like making, whenever I feel like making it. Because I can’t do this overnight, I want to start with the most versatile tools and skill first. [more inside]
posted by bondcliff at 12:36 PM PST - 48 comments

Home Sweet Charlotte

Show us around Charlotte. My wife and I are going to Charlotte from Thursday - Sunday. Our mission is to determine if Charlotte is a place we want to live. I am a I.T. project manager. My wife is a corporate accountant. We both work in banking. We have one young daughter and another on the way. You could consider us yuppies with a hippie / island twist. We love food, books, and shopping. We want to get a feel for what family life would be like in Charlotte. [more inside]
posted by jasondigitized at 12:12 PM PST - 15 comments

Actually I hope there is not much devastation left to see...

I'm going to New Orleans for 4 days this spring and I am fascinated by Hurricane Katrina. What should I read before I go and what should I do while in New Orleans? [more inside]
posted by 2bucksplus at 12:10 PM PST - 20 comments

Where is my Ed Hardy edition Bluetooth headset?

I am hoping someone can explain why 2 pop cultural phenomenons are considered offensive and/or worthy of sometimes extreme derision: Ed Hardy and Bluetooth headsets. [more inside]
posted by discountfortunecookie at 12:01 PM PST - 46 comments

Getting started, and at her knit's end

Basic Knitting Filter, on behalf of my wife: “My problem is that I can cast off easily but I can't figure out why I am not able to do a first stitch.” [more inside]
posted by Shepherd at 11:53 AM PST - 18 comments

Help me sleep anywhere I want!

I need a recommendation for a white noise machine... preferably one that can travel! [more inside]
posted by silverstatue at 11:46 AM PST - 16 comments

Cleaning a coat that can't be washed or dry-cleaned: How?

How do I get a stench out of a coat that can't be washed or dry-cleaned? [more inside]
posted by FlyingMonkey at 11:33 AM PST - 21 comments

How-to date a sexy vain woman who wants attention from the world when trust levels are low?.

I'm 30 she's 25 and we have been dating for 1 year and living together for 3 months. She has decided she wants to do a "figure competition" (not to be confused with a fitness competition or bodybuilding competition). Given all of the trust issues in our relationship how can I come to terms with this? [more inside]
posted by stealabove at 11:30 AM PST - 77 comments

UTI + menstruation = stuck in the tub for 10 days?

I am in serious pain with a supposed UTI. Any suggestions on ways for me to get through this without losing my mind? Waiting to get culture back from hospital, my symptoms are not typical. Scared it's something worse... [more inside]
posted by Unicorn on the cob at 11:21 AM PST - 37 comments

Puppy biting?

How to stop puppy biting? [more inside]
posted by jca at 11:14 AM PST - 21 comments

Bagpipe face?

Can any German speakers shed light on the supposed German word 'Backpfeifengesicht'? [more inside]
posted by squarehead at 10:58 AM PST - 11 comments

Privacy, woman!

My apartment manager has been coming into my unit to show it unannounced several times now, after I've submitted my 30 day move-out notice. I have less than a week left at the building - besides it being an inconvenience (and just seriously annoying on a personal level), is there any point to complaining at this time? [more inside]
posted by Tequila Mockingbird at 10:47 AM PST - 15 comments

I'm glad you liked it, but...

Does my guy's preference for one sexual practice over another have any relation to his feelings for me? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:41 AM PST - 46 comments

Help me help my anxious, bipolar, stressed-out friend.

What more can I do to help a very dear friend who suffers from bipolar disorder and is currently having a very difficult time, both as a result of his illness and due to outside factors? I am also bipolar, so I kind of know what he's going through. Lengthy but informative explanation of his circumstances and history follows. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:40 AM PST - 6 comments

It's not a Banjo, but...

I want to send a romantic interest some flowers, but I don't know their address. I am friends with them on Facebook, I have their cell number, I don't know any of their friends, and I want it to be a surprise. Would anyone have any suggestions on how I should proceed? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:33 AM PST - 31 comments

Can't Get Away

I've become enmeshed in my parent's problems to the extent I feel it's holding me back in life. How to get out? (Long) [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:33 AM PST - 11 comments

Olympic Inukshuk souvenir that has "Ilanaaq" written on it?

[InukshukFilter] I'm looking for a small Vancouver Olympics souvenir with both the Ilanaaq mascot and the WORD "Ilanaaq" on it. Does such a thing exist? [more inside]
posted by ilana at 10:25 AM PST - 5 comments

I'm not opposed to going by camel caravan.

What is the cheapest way to get from Cologne to Seville at the end of March? [more inside]
posted by apophenia at 10:19 AM PST - 6 comments

Not very Technical

FIREFOX/WINDOWS 7: When using Firefox, where is the bar that includes options of "file", "edit", "view", "favorites" and "tools".? It disappeared! When I access Internet Explorer, no problem, these options are all available and visible, but on Firefox (which I prefer) it seems to have disappeared.
posted by Lylo at 10:17 AM PST - 6 comments

I have no apples...need internist/family doctor in Newark, DE

Need male internist/family doctor recommendations for Newark, DE. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, mefites!
posted by littleredwagon at 10:04 AM PST - 3 comments

Should I cancel the trip or miss the funeral?

Should I go home for my friend's mom's funeral? More details inside. [more inside]
posted by CharlieSue at 10:02 AM PST - 14 comments

ichatty cathy.

what's wrong with ichat? [more inside]
posted by violetk at 10:00 AM PST - 3 comments

My outlets are not grounded, will using a UPS and surge protector be OK?

My outlets are not grounded, will using a UPS and surge protector be OK? [more inside]
posted by abbat at 9:37 AM PST - 14 comments

feminine cross-body bag

Snazzy cross-body bag as gift for wife who sometimes needs to use crutches? [more inside]
posted by Captain Shenanigan at 9:37 AM PST - 13 comments

How do I handle my family/personal situation?

Playing Driving Miss Daisy with my mom for the past 4 years, and I'm now 23. It's time for me to move on, but how, when communication is dry? Details inside. [more inside]
posted by Giggilituffin at 9:34 AM PST - 23 comments

Character map of LOST characters?

http://xkcd.com/657/large charts and graphs some fictional character interactions, VISUAL DISPLAY OF EDWARD-TUFTE-INFORMATION style. Where can I find a visualization graph like this for LOST ? [more inside]
posted by shipbreaker at 9:29 AM PST - 5 comments

Who to choose as a trustee?

Who to establish as a trustee? [more inside]
posted by stormpooper at 9:26 AM PST - 19 comments

Effects of adolescent sexual slavery

I'm looking for information on the effects of sexual slavery on adolescent sexual development. [more inside]
posted by Tsuga at 9:09 AM PST - 2 comments

I'm really trying hard to avoid the phrase "nature hacks"

Help me decode the signals of the natural world! [more inside]
posted by The Winsome Parker Lewis at 9:07 AM PST - 16 comments

Looking for integrated forums component for Joomla

Currently using Joomla 1.5, SMF 1.1.X, and JFusion. Looking to migrate to a direct Joomla Component that is a forum, need help choosing one. [more inside]
posted by GJSchaller at 9:06 AM PST - 3 comments

Why does one side of my headphones keep dying?

My headphones keep running into the same problem: after several months of use, one side stops working. Why does this happen, and how can I fix them? [more inside]
posted by WalterMitty at 9:06 AM PST - 16 comments

Swimming in tiny gift card balances

Any tips for getting tiny balances off of pre-paid rebate Visa cards? [more inside]
posted by foggy out there now at 8:52 AM PST - 10 comments

Place to buy cigarette cartons (EU) online?

Does anyone know a reputable place to buy cigarettes online? Google is pretty useless as far as I can tell. Alot of the sites don't have functioning payment systems, and just seem shady on top of that. Any suggestions appreciated, and yes, I've cut down a lot, and just don't feel like going broke while trying to quit.
posted by lslelel at 8:37 AM PST - 9 comments

Just whois domain.me anyway?

Does anyone have any experience with "premium" .me domain registering. If I go to something like http://wash.me, I get a page that says it's a premium domain, owned by domain.me, and they may auction it off some day. I can apply for it, but basically have to tell them what I want to do with it. While I'm all in favor of cutting off domain squatting, I'm really not inclined to share what might be a brilliant business idea with them, at least without an NDA. [more inside]
posted by EllenC at 8:27 AM PST - 5 comments

My job is driving me crazy.

I recently started a new job, and it's swiftly becoming clear that it's not the right job for me. I'd like some suggestions about how to identify other careers, and advice about how to handle my present situation. [more inside]
posted by odayoday at 8:21 AM PST - 1 comment

Google Analytics: I want to be able to track how many visitors to the blog go through to the main site.

Google Analytics: I want the subdirectory to appear as a referrer to the main site... what am I missing? [more inside]
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Fix mah fuzzies!

Yesterday I attached my PC to my TV. Across the display, there are barely-noticeable vertical strips of fuzziness...or inconsistency in the resolution. It's annoying the crap out of me and I don't know how to fix it. [more inside]
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What are the best essays by New Yorkers on New York?

What are the all-time best pieces of writing by New Yorkers on New York? And what do you, personally, hate the most about New York today? [more inside]
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small-r republicanism

Could I have a case in the European Court of Human Rights against being subject to an unelected monarch? [more inside]
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How do college professors select books for their courses?

How do college professors select books for their courses? [more inside]
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How do I support my mother?

FinanceFilter: In a few months I will need to financially support my mother, who lives in another state. I am looking for advice on how to handle (practically and emotionally) being my mother's main financial support. [more inside]
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Which Alpine board for a decent boarder?

What kind of Alpine snowboard should I buy? [more inside]
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Advice about moving to southern Maine

Moving to southern Maine and looking for a place to live. [more inside]
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residential Tokyo?

How to see "the real Tokyo" (in three days)? [more inside]
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Lost My Job Cause I Got Sick

Did this happen to you? Went out sick, my bosses boss replaced me within a week, replacement broke into my office and removed all my stuff. HR said they would find me a comparable position in the company when I return. After 4 weeks I’m ready to return with a doctor’s note ready for full duty and they don’t have a job for me! They’re not telling me anything else. YANML but do I need one? I’m a single parent of a teenager in NYC. Thanks. Throwaway: NervisPervis@gmail.com
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Student-teacher texting, write or wrong?

High School Teachers! Would you ever let your students text you about school or personal situations? If you knew of a fellow teacher who was receiving texts from a student, would you say anything to them and how would you approach it? [more inside]
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Is NuvaRing's effectiveness mitigated by weight?

Is NuvaRing's effectiveness mitigated by weight? [more inside]
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Apartment Therapy-like website for backyard inspiration?

Spring is right around the corner, and we're starting to plan our Backyard Project™. Is there an Apartment Therapy-like website for backyard inspiration? Looking for lots of photos and write-ups about things like brick patios, decks, gardens, water features, etc.
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Moved to a new location, still unable to connect to people

This is an update correlating to a previous post about my social problems and lack of interests in life. I moved to a new location in an attempt at clarity and change, and to some extent have gained some, but I still have a question. THIS IS A VERY VERY LONG POST, like 25+ paragraphs long, so thanks out to those who take time to read it. [more inside]
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One of the worst smells on this earth

My microwave is stinky -- burnt popcorn smell. How do I remove it? [more inside]
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Spectator without a view?

What is it like to be a spectator at these outdoor Olympic sports like skiing or bobsled where you can only see the finish of the course?
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Plotting a plot.

We want to buy some land (in the UK) to build a house on but it's a minefield. (The process, not the field itself obviously.) [more inside]
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Is my ignorance in preparing potatoes coming back to kill me?!

Am I dying from potato plant poisoning (solanine)? [more inside]
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looking for a specific domain name suggestion tool

looking for a specific domain name suggestion tool [more inside]
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Adult Piano (surprisingly, SFW!)

I'm (relatively) old and want to learn to play the piano. What can I expect? [more inside]
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What is this web site?

I keep finding websites in my husbands email, that are nothing but a list of names. ie..............neville armstrong, neville wishes, neville mp3, neville design, bowling on neville island,who is neville?. This goes on and on with "neville" this and that. It takes up the hole page and is one big list. Any ideas as to what this is??? Please no lectures on reading his email..........
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Purchasing/Owning Experiences with Latex Mattresses

latex mattresses: seeking reviews of vendors, experiences w/returns, etc. more inside. [more inside]
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A little unlocked Iphone advice please

I am in Hong Kong at the moment and considering getting a new Iphone that will be unlocked. My plan is to bring it back to the states and use it with my provider T-mobile. Can anyone tell me if I will encounter any problems or if this is easy as pie. I am hoping I just need to put in my sim card and go. Hive? What say you?
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Real place or no?

Is this a real place, or just a horrible Photoshop that I really want to exist? [more inside]
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February 21

Journals relating to GIS, Sustainability and Renewable Energy

What journals should I make a habit of reading regularly to stay current in my field and research interests? I am mostly interested in GIS, Renewable Energy and Sustainability. [more inside]
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Girlfriend Using Food Prep Devices to Clean Fish Tank

Am I wrong to be annoyed? My girlfriend used my best wire strainer to rinse fish poop out of the gravel. [more inside]
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Books/websites on construction and remedial building techniques for use in developing countries and disaster zones?

Do you know any good books or websites on construction and remedial building techniques which might be considered 'achievable best practice' in developing countries and disaster zones, ideally using resources readily available in those areas? [more inside]
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Need a good underwater scuba diving camera for < $1000

Need a good underwater scuba diving camera for < $1000. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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What's with the asymmetrical right inner thigh patch on the speed skating uniforms?

Why do many of the olympic speed skating uniforms feature an asymmetrical right inner thigh patch? [more inside]
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How to be arachnophobic in South America?

What should I know (I'm arachnophobic) about the fauna of South America before taking my first trip to the continent? [more inside]
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Help me create a bad-ass program for managing TB data

I'd like to take on a somewhat substantial software project that should a) be open-source and b) not suck. Suggestions on how to code for others requested. [more inside]
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Miniature snack servings?

I'm an 18 year old college student. Is there anything interesting I can do with old film canisters?
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What kinds of ecommerce solutions are available for a business selling services?

What kinds of ecommerce solutions are available for a business selling services? [more inside]
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ancient latin translation II

I have a lead medallion (about 150mm dia) which has the following inscription : side #1 ESAVO MC SM [] SORDCMPUAESE {picture of a pikeman} SV side#2 PCM POMEVSAVSEBVCIM * 1309 * {picture of a king} ED The A/R and U/V are a bit interchangable and the last M has three loops. Please find some scans here If anyone could translate or tell me more about it I would be very grateful. All the best Dren
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She ain't got money, honey.

How does someone's debt burden affect your interest in them romantically? [more inside]
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A home for every day of the week

Is there some combination of PHP/JavaScript/arcane magic that'll let me change sections of a page's content based on the day of the week? [more inside]
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Advance tickets to NCPA Beijing from the US

Is there a way to buy tickets for the National Grand Theater in Beijing while in the US? The website says that even if you order on the phone, you have to pick them up in person within 24 hours after ordering. [more inside]
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[YANALFilter] A+B = Awkward financial situation

15K loan + breakup = who owes what? [more inside]
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EI, EI ... uh-oh.

I was on EI (Canada), and left the country (said I hadn't). Service Canada found out, what to do ?? [more inside]
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When is it the least harmful for kids to divorce?

Our kids are 2 and 5. Their mom and I have a marriage that is clearly only lasting because we both love our kids so much and they need us. That said, we do NOT fight, either in front of the kids or alone. We just have a big ol' blank where the love used to be. On a daily basis we just basically ignore each other as much as possible and focus our energies on the kids. I do not foresee this lasting forever. However: When to break up? [more inside]
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What was your experience at Tufts University?

What was your experience at Tufts University? [more inside]
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i like eating green paper, but will green paper give me cancer?

Question about seaweed, iodine (deficiency and overconsumption), and thyroid changes [more inside]
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Who gets to lick the spatula?

Why is that eating too much of the raw batter for something when baking will make you feel sick, but eating the baked product is no problem? It's the same stuff, presumably getting digested in the same way, right? (And yes, I did make muffins for lunch today, and no, don't ask ...)
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Closing Credit Song for Tonight's Big Love

What was the song that played during the credits of tonight's Episode of Big Love? I know that voice and it's driving me crazy. Lyrics include "you run with the devil." (It's not Van Halen.)
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Why do I get so tired after working out?

I get extremely tired after workouts. I run and lift free weights. Then I come home and crash for an hour or two. This sucks up too much time. [more inside]
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best free software to duplicate CD's?

Best free software for duplicating CD's? [more inside]
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can you spell conservative without f-u-d

i'd really like to learn more about the philosophy that seems to drive the "other half" of the united states. but i react badly to fox news and conservative talk radio. help me find a conservative writer or speaker i can trust and respect. [more inside]
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Best treatment options for yeats infection?

I have my first yeast infection after many years of thinking I was invulnerable. What's the best way of treating it given that my ladyparts are extra-sensitive due to lichen sclerosis? [more inside]
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Black American Innovator

For my daughter's Black History Month report: Help me find the name of this remarkable black american surgical/medical innovator. [more inside]
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Can't Find Skates In Tonya Harding's Hometown... WTF?

Where the heck can a grown-up buy figure skates in Portland, OR? [more inside]
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Argument heats up!

Help me settle an argument between my parents about central heating, please. My mother believes, for instance, that setting the thermostat for 75 degrees and cutting it off once it reaches 70 degrees will warm the house faster than if the thermostat were simply set to 70 degrees initially. My father thinks this is ridiculous. Who's right? [more inside]
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What do you say we put on a record?

Looking for articles and essays concerning the early days of the phonograph and radio--especially the cultural impact. [more inside]
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making use of leftover jarred liquid

Tips for making use of the leftover liquid contents of jarred goods (like roasted red pepper juice, pickle juice, cherry and lemon juices, etc.), please. [more inside]
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Foot in mouth disease taken too far?

How do I deal with an increasingly abrasive mother? (Really long, I'm sorry) [more inside]
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Assertiveness pracitce

Is there any way I can get more practice in being assertive? [more inside]
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Location-independent therapy?

Is there anywhere I can find some sort of free/inexpensive counseling online? [more inside]
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A Shot In The Dark

Looking for the best, most comprehensive book on the history and science of firearms, preferably with illustrations, preferably available in the UK. [more inside]
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My grandma's wonderful breakfast

So my grandma recently made this egg dish that I'd had before, but never like she made it, and I can't figure out how to do it... [more inside]
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How do I find trailheads?

I know the park exists. I know the trail exists. I have my hiking shoes, my camera, and a car. Now where the heck is the trailhead? [more inside]
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Name of show where a robot teaches science to British kids?

Looking for the name of a science program we watched in class in elementary school. It was about British kids taught basic science lessons by a robot. [more inside]
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Oh no you don't, G-mail!

Can an e-mail forwarded to a g-mail account be replied from that account but appear to the receiver as sent from the previous address? How? [more inside]
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When to break out the feliway

How long should I expect a 4-year-old cat to hide when a 6-month-old kitten is introduced to her house? [more inside]
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In search of SWF, Flakes Need Not Apply

Online dating - help me figure out what I'm doing wrong! Multi-part question inside [more inside]
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You are better than you think. A-one, a-two, a-three...

How to prime my struggling learners for success? [more inside]
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Dentist is Scary. How to get over it?

How can I drag myself back to the dentist when I'm scared of him? [more inside]
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A violation of the second law of coffee dynamics?

What phenomenon of coffee physics or fluid dynamics is going on here? [more inside]
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What's between Denver and Austin?

Planning a possible roadtrip from Denver, CO to Austin, TX in late May. Anything we should stop and see along the way, or just off of the way? [more inside]
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Square peg, meet round hole...

Java gurus: How write a type cast that specifies both a superclass and an interface? [more inside]
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Looking for Accom in UK

I'm looking for hotel suggestions in the following cities: London (Kings Cross) Liverpool (Lime Street) Bristol (Bristol Parkway) Looking for a cheapish accommodation (ideally under 75) with FREE Wi-Fi. Will be traveling around so a sublet won't work this time. Any help would be appreciated.
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Air Quality in/around NYC

We are planning a move to NYC and have a toddler with asthma. I've been trying to find information on suburbs of NYC with the best air quality but not having much luck. Everything I've read so far points northward, Westchester County....Any other suggestions? Thanks.
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UK SciFI and Comedy TV recommendations

I'm looking for some UK TV recommendations. Specifically comedy and SciFi shows. [more inside]
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Web game development with source control and unit tests?

What software development technologies (languages and plugins) exist for writing real-time games that can run inside web browsers? Bonus points for 1) playing well with source control, 2) being amenable to unit tests, and 3) having dev tools that run on both Windows and OS X. [more inside]
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Programming/Logic for a 6-year-old?

I'd like to introduce my 6-year-old to computers (logic and programming). Looking at Mindstorms and need some advice. Are there other alternatives I should be exploring as well? [more inside]
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Simple SQL Script Won't Run

Looking for help with this SQL script running in Access 2007. [more inside]
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Banana Pudding/Jello?

Does anyone have a recipe for this Thai banana pudding dessert? [more inside]
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How to develop a stronger, louder voice?

How can I develop a stronger, louder speaking voice? [more inside]
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Media on 1920s NYC

Please recommend me some novels and movies set in 1920s New York City. [more inside]
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How to wake a hibernating finger?

What is wrong with my finger that it won't wake up?? [more inside]
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Got any suggestions for a spaniel with ear troubles?

My springer spaniel gets recurrent ear infections. Three times in the past year, the vet has given him full anesthesia and cleaned out his ears, then given him a prescription for antibiotic ear drops for a week. Then the infection comes back a month or two later. Is there any other solution? Help. [more inside]
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Teach me to swing dance without leaving my house

What's a good beginner's swing dancing DVD? [more inside]
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Put my ideas on fire without Tinderbox (TM)

I'm looking for general, "easy to use" note integration and relational database software like Tinderbox, but for Windows. [more inside]
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The great outdoors for beginners.

How does a 35-year-old very urban dude living in New York becomes more outdoorsy? [more inside]
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Where can I buy my used Tanith Lee books in New York?

I'm looking for used bookstores in the New York metropolitan area that have a good selection of old romance and fantasy novels, especially Tanith Lee and Victoria Holt. [more inside]
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Wow! You are CRAZY old!

I'd like to attach some historical perspective to my age in order to impress/scare my grandchildren. 1950: So far I've got 'Civil War vets still alive.....' [more inside]
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What do these printer settings do?

Anyone know what these laser printer driver settings do? [more inside]
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Weft QDA: getting what you pay for?

Will Weft QDA help me do what I want to do (that is, perform a content analysis of threaded discussion transcripts with multiple coders)? If not what will? An impoverished grad student needs to know! [more inside]
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How to size up a knitting pattern...help!

Looking for help sizing a knitting pattern up from size 12 months to size 18 or 24 months...is it possible? [more inside]
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Viewing someone else's blog pictures as slideshow?

Is there a way to view all the pictures posted on someone's photo blog (not mine) as a slideshow? The blog I'm thinking of posts pictures regularly and I'd like to be able to paste the RSS feed into a program that will draw out the pictures and allow me to view them as a slideshow. The trick would be to have the all the pictures from every post ever posted be drawn into the slideshow (it might be nice to be able to randomize it as well, rather than have the pictures show in typical reverse chronological order). I'm really surprised this technology doesn't seem to exist yet. Thanks, folks. ty
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Indie bands with sampled drums

What indie rock albums feature electronic or sampled drums in place of live drums?
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Bill Clinton or John Edwards?

Could it be better to stay with a known liar than take my chances on a new boyfriend? [more inside]
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How to get out of educ or a to a better-funded state?

(Education filter) HELP! I am a middle school principal (have my Masters and Admin certificate) in a state (AZ) that is not funding education. Although I like my job, I'd be open to other options. Two questions: Have YOU successfully transfered OUT of education and into another field...if so...what? 2) I'm open to moving...what states are GREAT to work for if I want to remain a Principal?
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We had peace for a night at least, but the trouble starts today...

I keep having dreams about someone I don't want to dream about. Is my subconscious trying to drive me crazy? [more inside]
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Too good to be true?

Anyone have any experience with the Humana One C550 Dental Plan? [more inside]
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How to make moon in Wii Sports Resort reflect actual phases of the moon?

The moon in my Wii Sports Resort is always full. Shouldn't it reflect the actual phases and how I do fix it?
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Trying to find the url for Europe1.fr

Does anyone know the stream for Europe1.fr for itunes? [more inside]
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Homemade White Cran juice anyone?

Where can I find white cranberries? [more inside]
posted by thebestsophist at 7:43 AM PST - 3 comments

Ideas for a boards survival pack gift

Help me put together a "survival pack" / congratulations gift for my friend who's taking her optometry boards [more inside]
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setting up a next bus/train display for my house

I'm in the DC area, and a block away from numerous bus lines (and a decent walk to a Metrorail line)I'd like to make a small heads-up display for us in my kitchen that will show me the next bus and metro arrival times. [more inside]
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Divorcing from Windows Domain

Windows 7 AD/Domain account -> regular account? How can I accomplish this? [more inside]
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Help smooth my edges in creative team work

I started work at a fairly creative design company about two months ago as an "entry level" assistant creative and am enjoying it. But I feel like I'm being controlling, possessive and defensive about my ideas when I work in a team, how do I get over it? [more inside]
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CanberraHousingFilter: How do I get temporary housing in Canberra for July and August?

CanberraHousingFilter: How do I go about getting temporary housing in Canberra for July and August? [more inside]
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You spin me right round baby right round

I'm looking for recent news stories that could exemplify spin to a group of middle schoolers. [more inside]
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"My parents are (not really) dead to me"

How do I explain to my son about why I am estranged from my mom and dad (his maternal grandparents)? [more inside]
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Slovenian Rhapsody

We're going to Slovenia, and are looking for recommendations for a place to stay around Bled or Bohinj, and a tourist farm near the Skocjan caves. [more inside]
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Name this website

I'm building an iPhone photography group blog.. I need a name for it... Anyone can suggest some good ones?
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Animated gif confusion

How was this animated gif created? I can't figure out the principals at work here. Warning: rainbow lobotomy ahead.
posted by mike_bling at 1:16 AM PST - 10 comments

Starting fresh, need some help

Looking for recommendations for a therapist/counselor in Sydney [more inside]
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Tough on mosquitoes, and tough on the causes of mosquitoes.

I've spent quite a bit of time and money on making the mosquitoes in my home leave us alone when we sleep. But it now occurs to me to ask -- where exactly are the mosquitoes in my house coming from? [more inside]
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Nutritionally complete beverages for IBD?

Elemental diets/ enteral feeding/Liquid nutrition for IBD: any recommended brands or recipes you can share? What has worked for you when your body won't let you eat solid food? Bonus points for low cost, Ensure is expensive! [more inside]
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February 20

Zune or iPod?

An alternative to all the iPhone vs. iPod touch questions: Do I want an iPod touch, Zune HD, or iPod Nano? [more inside]
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How can my friend not have to pay for dishwahser repair?

My friend recently moved into an apartment, and after trying to use her dishwasher has found it doesn't work. She contacted the landlord who will send someone out, but they specify she will have to pay for it if it isn't considered normal wear and tear. How can she respond to the landlord with the least chance of having to pay? [more inside]
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I blame Steve Jobs' parents

Please make my Mac stop talking to me. [more inside]
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He'll never turn a ho into a housewife.

Does anyone know a good example of a 1940's italian romance movie? [more inside]
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Pro tips for mowing the lawn?

Tips from lawn care experts? [more inside]
posted by bystander at 8:05 PM PST - 5 comments

Which language should I learn?

Should I learn Spanish, French or Madarin? Specific details inside. [more inside]
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Should I be worried about my dropped, but working, hard drive?

I dropped my external hard drive—badly—but it's still working in every way I can think of. How worried should I be that it will still fail? [more inside]
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Legal Catch-22 for Witness

Help me avoid this catch-22 as a witness at an unemployment appeals hearing? [more inside]
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Has it gotten easier for Americans to move to Ireland?

Didn't the U.S. sign an agreement with Ireland last year that would create a worker exchange program? What happened with that? [more inside]
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New Order 80's NYC Video

What's the New Order music video where the band is seen going through early 80s NYC: taking the graffiti-covered subway, walking through garbage-strewn streets? [more inside]
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He's awesome and I need him, but he's also my boss...

What is acceptable for a mentor/mentee relationship? I feel like I'm taking mine too far... [more inside]
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What Q&A site software exists that I can download and run on my own server?

What Q&A site software is out there that I can run on my own server behind a firewall? [more inside]
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Would you rather have a lower price or longer warranty?

Would you rather have a lower price or longer warranty? [more inside]
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How can I keep my ear buds IN MY EARS?

How can I keep my ear buds IN MY EARS? XL foam covers? Clamps? Rubber bands? [more inside]
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VBA Moron Wants Magic Bullet

Access 2007: Need code to grab the value _displayed_ in a combo box (as opposed to its actual value). Big, detailed explanation inside. [more inside]
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Smart phone; user, not so much

New Samsung Moment phone -- How do I get the number of emails I have to refresh? [more inside]
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Apartment leasing agent needed

Can anyone recommend an apartment rental agent or broker for someone trying to rent out an apartment in Evanston? [more inside]
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Gmail and Google Wave: Can they be friends?

Why isn't Google Wave integrated with Gmail? Is there any chance that it eventually will be? [more inside]
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Fugal writing in popular music?

Do any popular musicians (as opposed to art music composers) use fugal writing in their music? I'm looking for hardcore, Well-Tempered Clavier complexity, not simple 2-voice counterpoint.
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Please tell me about Effexor.

Please tell me about Effexor. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 5:25 PM PST - 44 comments

Can I see what they see?

What background search companies do big employers use? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 5:24 PM PST - 9 comments

My family hates my boyfriend that they don't want to meet

How can I deal with being in a relationship with a man I don't think my family will ever accept? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 5:24 PM PST - 22 comments

"Because so much is riding on your appearance."

Why is Bibendum — the "Michelin Man" — white? Isn't he made out of tires? [more inside]
posted by Blazecock Pileon at 5:12 PM PST - 7 comments

Carbon Monoxide poisoning from smoke?

Can I get carbon monoxide poisoning from burned food? Today, I made oatmeal on an electric stove ... only, I totally forgot about it. When I finally realized, the whole room (very small one-bedroom flat) was filled with smoke, and the oatmeal was thoroughly burned. Everything else is fine, but right now, I'm just worried that I might get carbon monoxide poisoning. Should I rush over to the emergency room right now, or can I wait till Monday to see a doctor? [more inside]
posted by moiraine at 5:07 PM PST - 21 comments

future in psych grad school?

Should I apply for a PsyD at a new, as yet un-accredited program? [more inside]
posted by whalebreath at 5:03 PM PST - 5 comments

How to avoid customs madness?

Help me make a non-disastrous choice on airline tickets to Portugal in relation to customs/connecting flights. [more inside]
posted by selfnoise at 4:56 PM PST - 5 comments

Useful free software for a 12-year-old?

Refurbishing an old laptop for use by a friend's 12-year-old daughter. Looking for free software suggestions, any other tips you care to offer. Laptop will mostly be used for schoolwork and freeing up mom's laptop while daughter checks email and chats with friends. [more inside]
posted by halcyon_daze at 4:43 PM PST - 16 comments

One link to rule them all.

I'm no web designer (I'll still make little pages with HTML/CSS if I have to, but that's about it). I have a web page, a reference page of sorts for friends and family, with links to other websites. Yes, it is very much like a page of bookmarks or favorites, but I update it fairly often. [more inside]
posted by Witty at 4:42 PM PST - 5 comments

Free computer help at a bar in Portland, OR?

Free computer help at a bar in Portland, OR? [more inside]
posted by nowmorethannever at 4:39 PM PST - 3 comments

Noise canceling headphones & the like: Help me stop the beat from going on.

My husband's been playing drums for about a year, and he's getting really good. Yay! Unfortunately, I sometimes have a really hard time concentrating on my work when he's practicing. Help me find some gear that will give me the quiet I need. [more inside]
posted by palmcorder_yajna at 4:08 PM PST - 14 comments

Consignment shop for men in Phoenix?

Men's consignment/thrift store in Scottsdale or metro Phoenix area? [more inside]
posted by reductiondesign at 3:39 PM PST - 3 comments

Help me find this elusive scent!

Fragrance filter: Help me find an elusive scent [more inside]
posted by Gusaroo at 3:37 PM PST - 7 comments

Lovely and fair

My friend can't sing, dance or play an instrument but needs a talent to try out for what can only be described as a 'lovely lady' competition. Help come up with a talent befitting her quirky personality sure to charm the Irish. [more inside]
posted by hannahlambda at 3:23 PM PST - 17 comments

Does sweeping in curling achieve anything?

In the sport of curling, does the sweeping really do anything? [more inside]
posted by feelinggood at 3:16 PM PST - 23 comments

Does it make sense to buy a ps3?

Should I buy a ps3 slim? Can I play backup or different region blu-ray/dvd discs on it? [more inside]
posted by captaincrouton at 2:51 PM PST - 9 comments

What's that Mel Gibson song?

What's that "my brother knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows Mel Gibson" song? [more inside]
posted by becoming at 2:39 PM PST - 4 comments

What do you know about carbon fiber posts and zirconium crowns for teeth?

Is my dentist upselling me on a carbon fiber post and zirconium crown for a root canal on a front tooth? [more inside]
posted by KimikoPi at 2:30 PM PST - 6 comments

Putting washer and dryer criss cross from connections.

Is it okay to place a washer and dry opposite of where the connections are (The dryer is electric)? [more inside]
posted by dolemite01 at 2:24 PM PST - 4 comments

What can I use for my dandruff/dry scalp?

I need help with a Dandruff/Dry Scalp conundrum? [more inside]
posted by ptsampras14 at 1:57 PM PST - 21 comments

In desperate need of a white knight with a scissors

My hair is a disaster. I need a great hairstylist in or near Ann Arbor who can make it bearable. [more inside]
posted by still_wears_a_hat at 1:05 PM PST - 9 comments

I don't think you're ready for this neti

How much is too much, with regards to neti potting? [more inside]
posted by oinopaponton at 12:44 PM PST - 15 comments

Which brim style for you?

BaseballCap Filter: Should the brim be curved, or flat? [more inside]
posted by Rash at 12:22 PM PST - 32 comments

How do I scoop the news?

How do I find pre-news information about topics for my website, either via research papers on the subject, or by press release? [more inside]
posted by [insert clever name here] at 12:18 PM PST - 6 comments

Dual booting Leopard and Windows without a blank cd or dvd?

I would like to install Windows XP on my Macbook Pro (running Leopard) with a Windows XP image (iso) and an external drive but without a blank CD. [more inside]
posted by yaymukund at 11:45 AM PST - 5 comments

To Blog and More

How best to blog and create a book promoting website? [more inside]
posted by Atreides at 11:43 AM PST - 14 comments

Isn't there a way to stream Silverlight-based videos on a non-Intel Mac? Why not?

Is there a workaround for PPC Macs and Microsoft Silverlight? If not, why not? [more inside]
posted by ramenopres at 11:39 AM PST - 11 comments

Steam Cleaning

We have some 15 year old linoleum and hardwood floors that could use some cleaning, including some minor discoloration mopping won't fix. What steamers would be good for cleaning those floors?
posted by mccarty.tim at 11:11 AM PST - 4 comments

poor health, short-term supplement?

Need suggestions. for various reasons, my health is poor. (Male, 50) Am under doctor's care, and all is ok, but recovery/strength seems not to be happening. Doctor says this will take awhile.....patience; but I feel very run-down. Know I need to rebuild, but is there some kind of supplement that can assist (no one thing can do it all) short-term?
posted by ebesan at 11:07 AM PST - 18 comments

How do I get off a crazy guy's radar?

I've mentioned my neighbor here before, and I'm still having problems with him. I have quite inadvertently, while trying to live my own life, managed to upset a very unpleasant person who lives right across the street from me. There doesn't seem to be any chance he's ever going to get over it, so I need to know what I'm dealing with so I can determine how to behave around this person. [more inside]
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Solve for x

Is it possible to solve for x in y=(x^t)/(x-1), for any value of t? Wolfram alpha and maxima failed, so I guess not, but I'm interested in what more general classes of unsolvable equations this falls in.
posted by jewzilla at 10:06 AM PST - 12 comments

Bad Working Conditions in Preschool

I started working as an Assistant Teacher at a preschool a few months ago, and I do not find the working conditions acceptable. I am wondering if there are other preschool teachers out there, and what your experiences are like? (or others who are not teachers but know something about preschools or labor laws/working conditions). [more inside]
posted by bearette at 9:52 AM PST - 22 comments

ID movie?

Movie ID time. Children's movie, in either spanish or portuguese, subbed in english. Set in a zoo. The kids have some sort of secret hideout within the zoo, and they plan some sort of rescue mission (I think, not sure about that) from it. That's all I remember.
posted by dmd at 9:47 AM PST - 2 comments

That's MISTER Assless Wonder to you!

I love my partner to death, and that includes his big, soft, warm body. But he has absolutely no butt or hips to hold up his pants, and no matter what he does he shows ass cleavage. He is, shall we say, lookin' like a fool. How does he fix this problem fashion-wise, and how do I manage my reactions to this so I don't insult the man that I love? [more inside]
posted by sheena is a sock puppet at 9:40 AM PST - 29 comments

Like KoL set in Victorian London and everything's being stolen?

Web-based RPGs similar to Kingdom of Loathing? [more inside]
posted by Dysk at 9:36 AM PST - 6 comments

Look out, Tiger Woods, here I come!

What kind of math am I using when I'm playing Wii golf? More specifically, when I get a hole in one. [more inside]
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What is the Windows XP version of Garageband?

What Windows XP-compatible software is closest in feel and functionality to Garageband? Apple's music making package is one of the things I miss about my old Mac, but for now I am stuck with working on two PCs. The last AskMeFi question on this was five years ago; I've tried Acid and Audacity and hate them both. Help me get my groove back!
posted by skylar at 9:13 AM PST - 4 comments

Asking the way to Slough

In which black and white film (Probably from the 40s, UK) were german spies detected by their mispronounciation of "Slough"?
posted by Artw at 9:05 AM PST - 9 comments

How can I make my home more entertaining for dates?

What are some things that I can do to entertain visitors to my home after one of our first dates? [more inside]
posted by rwatson at 8:55 AM PST - 13 comments

Help me find this cool record player jukebox thing I had when I was a kid.

Help me find this cool record player jukebox thing I had when I was a kid. [more inside]
posted by anazgnos at 8:42 AM PST - 3 comments

She's not crazy; she's my mother.

Do you have any solid recommendations for a prescribing psychiatrist in Beaumont, Texas (or surrounding area)? [more inside]
posted by girlbowler at 8:40 AM PST - 5 comments

Grandparents that ignore granddaughter: how to deal?

How do I deal with my child coming in last with her grandparents? [more inside]
posted by tigerjade at 8:16 AM PST - 50 comments

Help My Wife Name Her Counseling Firm

My wife is a psychotherapist with her LCSW. She is starting a new practice with another person here in Waco, Texas. She is a perfectionist when it comes to small details - for instance, she easily spent 100 hours designing her business cards, and obsessed over getting the exact shade of green right. She is now doing the same with naming her new firm, and we could use some help in coming up with a name. The name needs to convey a certain feeling, and that's where we're both getting stuck. I was hoping AskMeFi could help. [more inside]
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How 'bout them AZ lights?

Any of you MeFites seen these spooky and supposedly "unexplained" Arizona Lights I've been hearing about? [more inside]
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Can't get Cooliris to show up in Firefox browser

I downloaded Cooliris for Firefox. It shows up as enabled in my Tools > Add-ons. Firefox doesn't show the icon in the toolbar to go to Cooliris. Any help? I am running the newest version of Firefox on my Mac. thanks!
posted by snap_dragon at 7:00 AM PST - 6 comments

What is this hat?

What kind of hat is this? [more inside]
posted by spasm at 6:53 AM PST - 3 comments

How to view image file sizes in Google Chrome?

I'm looking for a way to make Google Chrome quickly display an image's file size. [more inside]
posted by empyrean at 3:35 AM PST - 5 comments

Airplanes: Why the silly double headphone jack?

AirplaneFilter: Why do airplanes have such weird headphone jacks (power jacks, too, while we're at it)? What's the benefit of having the double-jack except to require the use of crappy airline headphones or an adapter?
posted by sdis at 12:27 AM PST - 15 comments

February 19

Heart Rate Monitors and Calculating Calories

I've been working hard on my eating habits in order to lose weight; now I need to start exercising. What's the best way to calculate how many calories I'm burning when I do cardio? [more inside]
posted by Aleen at 11:45 PM PST - 14 comments

Who was the 80s? band with white pants and/or white belts?

I'm trying to remember the name of a band, among whose defining aesthetic characteristics was the prominent use of a band-wide? uniform including white pants and/or a white belt. Probably 80s? Maybe New Wave? [more inside]
posted by cortex at 11:30 PM PST - 29 comments

Can I get a walk-in appointment tomorrow?

Can I get an appointment at a walk-in clinic tomorrow if my Ontario health card has been expired for about 7 weeks, or will I be turned away? (Yeah, I should get it renewed.) [more inside]
posted by mellifluous at 11:05 PM PST - 11 comments

Blood Meridian In Reality

Looking for some war books for my Dad's birthday. American theater only. [more inside]
posted by sanka at 10:49 PM PST - 2 comments

Does a different sort of file structure similar to URL and IP addresses exist?

I'm having a lot of difficulty explaining my question properly, but is there a program that organizes files in a URL and IP address format? As opposed to a strict tree structure? That way, I am not limited to a hierarchical structure and linked files would always remain linked, no matter where it is located. [more inside]
posted by JiffyQ at 10:45 PM PST - 7 comments

I'm going doggone crazy!

I'm dogsitting for a friend this weekend and her dog is already driving me crazy. He follows me everywhere all the time. How do I get him to stop? [more inside]
posted by hapax_legomenon at 10:32 PM PST - 19 comments

And today is -60...

What is today's date in the BP (carbon dating) calendar?
posted by eleanna at 10:14 PM PST - 12 comments

My Italian birthday

I'm planning to travel to Italy, probably alone, although a friend might join me, to celebrate my 40th birthday. I've never been there before. My dream is to visit Pompeii and Herculaneum, and my main interests are related to those - art, archaeology, history, etc. Obviously, I want this to be a memorable experience. What should I do? Where should I stay, how should I travel, and what do I absolutely need to see? Please help me plan my trip! [more inside]
posted by smilingtiger at 10:03 PM PST - 21 comments

How has the DC universe fictioned itself?

There seems to be a long-form project by several writers to break DC Comics' fourth wall in a fundamental, structural way. What are some of the things that make the DC universe fictional-within-itself, and is there a sort of goal in mind? [more inside]
posted by Dandeson Coates, Sec'y at 9:36 PM PST - 11 comments

Grognard seeking recommendations.

I'm looking for hex and chit open source single player wargame recommendations. [more inside]
posted by voxpop at 9:19 PM PST - 3 comments

What should my fiancé know during his transition to life in the U.S.?

How can I help my Argentine fiancé prepare for life in the U.S.? [more inside]
posted by blazingunicorn at 8:45 PM PST - 49 comments

Slay clone for Mac?

Is there a "Slay" clone for Mac? I'm talking about the casual strategy game so popular on iPhones. [more inside]
posted by arcticwoman at 7:54 PM PST - 6 comments

Not Double Jeopardy?

I was pulled over for speeding in the Adirondacks. I went to court. The officer didn't show up. The judge told me that I could plead guilty to a (no-points) charge and pay $100, or the prosecutor would drop the charges and then refile them, forcing me to drive 2 1/2 hours to court a second time. So of course I agreed to plead guilty and pay a hundred bucks. Is this legal? Or is it double jeopardy? Is there anything I could have done? YANML. [more inside]
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Recipients of my blackberry MMS photos get blank screens?

Suddenly no one gets MMS photos i send (their screen's blank). i sent one to myself and it worked. it doesn't matter what carrier they have. my tech support (verizon) said it was an issue with the other carriers. i read through other posts here, took the battery out for 30 seconds, to no avail. any suggestions? thanks.
posted by holdenjordahl at 6:23 PM PST - 4 comments

Double-Sided Printing in Preview

How do I print a double-sided document in Snow Leopard's Preview? [more inside]
posted by Despondent_Monkey at 5:37 PM PST - 3 comments

Mindful Eating with ADD

Mindful Eating: I know how to eat out alone. How do I eat in alone? [more inside]
posted by Tall Telephone Pea at 5:34 PM PST - 28 comments

Should I get a burglar alarm installed?

Should I get a residential burglar alarm in my SF loft? [more inside]
posted by robbie01 at 5:30 PM PST - 4 comments

Amateur Gamer Filter: iBuyPower / Gateway experiences?

Should I buy a machine from Gateway or iBuyPower? [more inside]
posted by citywolf at 5:07 PM PST - 7 comments

Canon 7-D & RAW files

How do I upload RAW files from my new Canon 7-D to Photoshop Elements? [more inside]
posted by tangyraspberry at 5:00 PM PST - 4 comments

Can you teach me to program?

Can anyone teach me to be a programmer? or at least set me in the right direction? [more inside]
posted by oviedo at 4:56 PM PST - 18 comments

Most interesting annual events in the US.

What are the coolest/most interesting annual US events and festivals to attend? [more inside]
posted by EnormousTalkingOnion at 4:52 PM PST - 74 comments

Great documentaries that changed my viewpoint

About to start teaching a Current Issues class to high school students. Need recommendations about quality documentaries that can supplement what we will cover in the class. [more inside]
posted by dealing away at 4:43 PM PST - 24 comments

Puzzling response to submission

Puzzling response to literary magazine submission .. [more inside]
posted by allelopath at 4:35 PM PST - 10 comments

Color Me a Label....But Make it Cheap.

Which method is better for printing short-run color labels: A) pre-printing a big batch with the color graphics only, then printing all text (black) in-house with a Zebra thermal printer as needed; or, b) printing the whole darn label in-house with a Primera color label printer? [more inside]
posted by webhund at 4:35 PM PST - 5 comments

Weekend On The Couch

What are some of the great but lesser-known films I've missed out on in the past, say, five to ten years? [more inside]
posted by turgid dahlia at 4:19 PM PST - 128 comments

Weekly rooms in NYC (Midtown West) a bad idea?

I'm moving to New York City in a week or two. I don't have the time or resources to check apartments out right away before moving, so essentially I'd be moving to a new place sight unseen. I'm perfectly okay with that. I found rooms in Midtown West (40s between 8th and 9th) that go for $200 - $300 per week. Does anyone have any experience with these? Would you advise against this until I find a permanent place? My options are limited and a fully furnished room for $250 with an Internet connection sounds enticing in the short term (or long term if I like it). It will be blocks away from where I'll be working. Thanks!
posted by consilience at 3:56 PM PST - 20 comments

How can I go about this career change into science?

Used to be a science geek, left it behind long ago, really wish I hadn't. Want to change careers. Need advice. [more inside]
posted by Gaz Errant at 3:40 PM PST - 10 comments

What would you put in a basic 'in case of emergency' info and first aid type of document to be kept on an ipod or cell phone?

What would you put in a basic 'in case of emergency' info and first aid type of document to be kept on an ipod or cell phone? [more inside]
posted by JoannaC at 3:04 PM PST - 12 comments

Can I temporarily lose 5 lbs by Monday?

Can I temporarily lose 5 lbs by Monday evening, when it is now Friday evening? [more inside]
posted by anonymousme at 2:51 PM PST - 23 comments

Adventurous Quests

My boyfriend has been playing Psychonauts for the past couple of weeks and I like the concept of different worlds with different challenges, skills, and puzzles. I also enjoyed playing Myst. What other adventurous quests are there? [more inside]
posted by divabat at 2:37 PM PST - 32 comments

How Can I Find Out About Childhood Traumas?

What and where should I be looking to deal with and help a person who went through severe childhood trauma? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:33 PM PST - 8 comments

Best quality online t-shirt store?

I have a complex, detailed image I want use in high-quality t-shirt prints, and sell the t-shirts online. I also need to be able to get an order shipped to me in a week. What is the best options for this? [more inside]
posted by scottreynen at 2:03 PM PST - 8 comments

Getting seriously carbonized milk out off of a pan?

My wife burned -- and I do mean burned -- some breastmilk she was scalding in a saucepan for long-term storage. What's the easiest way to the science experiment out of the bottom of the pan? [more inside]
posted by middleclasstool at 2:02 PM PST - 24 comments

Help me befriend foreigners

How do I go about making more international friends? [more inside]
posted by the foreground at 2:02 PM PST - 11 comments

Songs about the Sun?

Songs about the Sun? [more inside]
posted by piedmont at 1:52 PM PST - 70 comments

Two numbers walk into a set of brackets...

Looking to teach myself the basics (and perhaps the not-so-basics) of set theory... How do I do it? [more inside]
posted by Saxon Kane at 1:48 PM PST - 12 comments

Help me find the perfect camera

Looking for recommendations for a modern non-DSLR camera...help me, oh photography geeks of AskMeFi! [more inside]
posted by griffey at 1:45 PM PST - 29 comments

How do I get a new more comfortable bath?

How do I get a new more comfortable bath? What is involved? How much would it likely cost, once I factor in labour and any other things it affects (in the UK)? I've never done this sort of thing before and haven't a clue. [more inside]
posted by Flitcraft at 1:35 PM PST - 10 comments

Need ingredients for cake in RLB's Heavenly Cakes, please

Do you have Rose Levy Beranbaum's Heavenly Cakes? I just need someone to give me the ingredients for one of the cakes in it. [more inside]
posted by HotToddy at 1:34 PM PST - 4 comments

How can I measure my sleep deprivation, using SCIENCE?

What kind of tests can I perform to quantify my functioning, in response to varying levels of sleep deprivation? [more inside]
posted by Jacen Solo at 1:14 PM PST - 6 comments

Is it rude to invite a vegan if you can't guarantee he can eat anything?

Is it rude to invite a vegan to a potluck where you can't guarantee there will be anything he'll eat? My flatmates and I are hosting a potluck dinner. I have no control over any of the dishes except my own, which is and must remain meat. None of the other guests are even vegetarian, and I suspect very few if any are used to cooking for vegans (e.g., no butter in the mashed potatoes). I would really like to see this person, but I cringe at the thought of bringing him to the proverbial groaning board and pointing out the one salad that hasn't been sprinkled with bacon bits. Help?
posted by d. z. wang at 1:10 PM PST - 58 comments

Easily amused

I love scratching off things that are like lottery tickets, for the "What could it be?!" entertainment value and the relative pointlessness of the answer. But I don't care about winning anything, and I have principled objections to paying the Bad At Statistics Tax. What are good options for getting scratch-off things that are not lottery tickets (or I guess are lottery tickets but not ones I had to pay for)? What are other similarly pointless small entertainments of this sort? I already get a big kick out of unwrapping empty boxes.
posted by dorque at 1:09 PM PST - 16 comments

Get it? TRAMP stamp? Heh heh heh.

My friend, who works for a small custom rubber stamp-making company, is ordering me a rubber stamp that says TRAMP. What other lulzy stamps could he make?
posted by lizzicide at 12:29 PM PST - 104 comments

"Sarastic reply!" "Hurt expression."

Please help me figure out the name of a play! Some time over the past few years, my girlfriend and I saw or heard about or read a play in which the dialog was all stage directions (and the like) rather than actual dialog. A few lines would have been something like this ... [more inside]
posted by anaphoric at 12:24 PM PST - 12 comments

My husband's brother and his wife have a two-week-old and can't find time to cook. When can we make for them?

My husband's brother and his wife have a three-week-old and can't find time to cook. What can we make for them? [more inside]
posted by Coffeemate at 12:15 PM PST - 22 comments

Software for a young gentleman

Cool software for a 2.5 year old boy. [more inside]
posted by signal at 12:02 PM PST - 16 comments

Looking for the WCF in Telugu

I am looking for suggestions and advice: On obtaining an accurate translation of the Westminster Confession of Faith in Telugu. Thanks!
posted by yoyoceramic at 12:00 PM PST - 2 comments

Text editor koan.

Looking for the full text to one of those Unix/nerd koans. This one is about text editors. All I've able to find from a half hour of googling is the "punchline" - on someones .sig on a bunch of mailing lists. [more inside]
posted by [@I][:+:][@I] at 11:41 AM PST - 4 comments

AeroGarden v. Power Plant Pro

Help me choose between AeroGarden and Power Plant Pro? Please? [more inside]
posted by valkyryn at 11:21 AM PST - 7 comments

Why won't my car key turn in the door lock?

The car key goes into the door lock, but it won't turn. What's wrong and how can I fix it? [more inside]
posted by Faint of Butt at 11:19 AM PST - 15 comments

Part-time photography business in Canada?

I want to register a business in Canada to support a hobby. [more inside]
posted by WinnipegDragon at 11:01 AM PST - 6 comments

How to Make Money at Sixteen?

I'm 16-years-old. Is there a better way to make money than a standard minimum wage, part-time job at my age?
posted by anonymous at 10:46 AM PST - 54 comments

Random 500 Internal Server Errors under GoDaddy

Mysterious, intermittent WordPress errors on GoDaddy. [more inside]
posted by thelastenglishmajor at 10:45 AM PST - 5 comments

What's your life like as a vet tech?

What's life like as a veterinary technician? [more inside]
posted by biochemist at 10:44 AM PST - 5 comments

Make my Spa Night a success please!

Say you won a "Spa Night" for you and some friends at a Body Shop type store. What would you want the evening to be like? What would make it fun for you and your girlfriends? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:44 AM PST - 7 comments

Who to see for abdominal and groin pain?

I know you aren't a doctor, or if you are you're not my doctor, but maybe you can help me figure out what sort of doctor I should see for my abdominal and groin pain. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:44 AM PST - 14 comments

Can Windows OEM run in a virtual machine?

I want to use Windows 7 in VMWare Fusion on my Mac. Can I use an OEM package or am I obligated to buy a full license? [more inside]
posted by ardgedee at 10:43 AM PST - 2 comments

Virtual Extension of my Brain?

How can I keep track of all the people I meet, and things I know about them? There are so many people. [more inside]
posted by lakerk at 10:32 AM PST - 16 comments

When will Wellbutrin XL stop making me not sleep at night?

I started taking Wellbutrin XL on Monday and I have been experiencing insomnia since then. Will this go away, how can I make it go away, etc? [more inside]
posted by tweedle at 10:01 AM PST - 16 comments

Top my lap

I need a new laptop - Windows 7, about 14/15" screen, not super-powerful but with enough storage space and power for me to collect my photo archives and play the odd game. I am flummoxed by what's on offer. HELP! [more inside]
posted by mippy at 9:55 AM PST - 13 comments

help me look good and see better

Where can I buy half-round glasses? [more inside]
posted by crazylegs at 9:52 AM PST - 3 comments

Opposites Attract, Vacation Edition.

My boyfriend likes relaxing vacations on the beach. I prefer the excitement of foreign countries. I know of countries that can satisfy both demands, but how do we adjust to each other's mindsets? [more inside]
posted by zoomorphic at 9:39 AM PST - 28 comments

The IRS in Austin

With the IRS Building being targeted yesterday, what might have happened to the 1040 I mailed to Austin two weeks ago? [more inside]
posted by bach at 9:37 AM PST - 8 comments

Recording Demos and Songs, without pulling my hair out?

Can I construct a good, reliable, working setup for recording demos for under $500? My MacBook Pro and Presonus Firebox are failing hard. [more inside]
posted by tmcw at 9:17 AM PST - 10 comments

Say Anything!

Have you ever performed a romantic-comedy-type grand gesture to win over a woman in real-life? If so, what was it and what were you thinking as you were planning/executing? [more inside]
posted by decathecting at 9:12 AM PST - 37 comments

Does anyone know how to fix the dreaded E18 error on a Canon IXUS 100IS?

Canon IXUS 100IS : 'Lens error, restart camera'. Does anyone know how to fix the dreaded E18 error on a Canon IXUS 100IS? [more inside]
posted by vostok at 9:08 AM PST - 6 comments

Up in the air...no more?

Seeing Up in the Air makes me wonder - Is technology like Cisco WebEx, Skype, broadband connections, etc. causing your company and/or companies you know of to reduce the need for business travel? [more inside]
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Push the water out

Name that kids book, little boy drowns playing in the water, kindly old man performs CPR on him, saying something like "blow the air in, push the water out". [more inside]
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About to obtain a PhD in mathematics, and questions about employment. [more inside]
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Stupid malware!

Is it possible to use group policy editor to lock down IE even if the users are local admins? [more inside]
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I'm thirsty.

What is the best liquor store in NJ / NYC/ Phila that sells fancy frou frou liquors for my cocktails? [more inside]
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Money lessons for teens (while still doing what they love most.)

My 15 year old daughter is in an economics course this semester and loves it. I'm looking for ideas to help her learn even more. I've tried many ways to give her a leg oupon money matters and she's resisted strongly until now. I'm looking for books, clubs, activities, websites, podcasts, movies, methods in practice, you name it (including specific actions I can take) that will help her learn to manage money and get a grasp on investing all while doing the very things she loves so that she sees that money is not the end-all-be-all. What have you or others you know done to help teens learn about money and put those principles into action?
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Help me find a place to watch the Olympics in Manhattan tonight.

Help me find an agreeable bar in Manhattan where I can watch the winter Olympics on TV. [more inside]
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Blog Mitosis

I've got a personal Wordpress (2.0.4) blog at my domain. I'd like to archive that blog, and create a new one (at the same domain) for work-related blogging. What's the best way of going about it? [more inside]
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Improve my business intelligence.

Looking for advice on how to plan a career move into an IT field (business intelligence, specifically). Right now I am an end-user with no IT experience or expertise. [more inside]
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Looking for cosmetic surgery referrals (US or Argentina)

I am interested in getting facial plastic surgery, either in the US or (possibly) Argentina. I need help finding a doctor. [more inside]
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Cash gifts on Canadian tax return.

Is this money considered a gift or income, and how do I claim it on my Canadian income tax return? [more inside]
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Quit vs fired?

Should my friend quit before they are fired? [more inside]
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How do I move across the country?

Moving from Peterborough Ontario to Vancouver BC... how do I do this? [more inside]
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USB Wireless adapter + External HD = Wireless HD?

Before I partake in a spree at Newegg, I'd like to know: Can I plug a USB wireless adapter like this one into the back of an external hard drive, then access the hard drive with my laptop over my wi-fi network?
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Find your power animal.

I need mindfulness training, but I really don’t want to find my chi. [more inside]
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Fiscal sponsors care to share your operating tips, budget, etc?

Fiscal sponsors care to share your operating tips, budget, etc? [more inside]
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USB broadband "card" recommendations for very intermittent use?

USB broadband "card" recommendations for very intermittent use? [more inside]
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We saved your life but you may be financially ruined now.

A dear friend had emergency heart surgery last week. He did not have insurance. Does the hospital just bill him the full amount and wait for him to declare bankruptcy, or...? [more inside]
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What was this childhood meditation tape from the 80's?

Help ID this childhood meditation cassette tape from the mid-80's. Side A was "be a bird' and side B was "be a ball". [more inside]
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The cake is not a lie, if we know you deserve it . . .

Excel date puzzle - looking for a simpler solution, ramblings follow [more inside]
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Is my product idea worth money?

How do I make money out of a product idea? [more inside]
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Dark yet redemptive poetry or fiction?

It takes a certain mood to get into rallies of joy and nature and deep emotions; when one feels alienated, out-of-touch from everything the poets love, what then to read? [more inside]
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Secret Chiefs 3 of the East

A musical blend like Secret Chiefs 3 - from the East? [more inside]
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How to become an accountant?

How can I move into a career in accounting? Please help reality-check my plan. [more inside]
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How noisy/quiet are the new Macbooks?

How noisy are the new Macbooks (2.26GHz basic model)? Do they whistle or whine? Any other annoying things that might drive me mad? [more inside]
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Help me aggregate my food blogs

Looking for a web app or site that will allow me to view multiple webpages simultaneously. Think Google Chrome new tab page, but live. [more inside]
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February 18

The Care and Feeding of Trolls

What makes a good moderator? How do you deal with someone who is dragging a discussion down? [more inside]
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Help me compare these eyes to those eyes.

What animals/insects/etc have better vision than people? [more inside]
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How Does One Become A Better Listener?

How does one become a good listener and, as a result, a better conversationalist? [more inside]
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Student loans/student aid options for non-traditional postgraduate students?

Does anyone know of any resources that clearly explain the student loan/student aid options for non-traditional postgraduate students?
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Give me your poor, your tired, your counted.

I'm desperately looking for a comprehensive breakdown of income distribution in Canada. Help a statistics-challenged workshop leader. [more inside]
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Toronto luggage repair?

Luggagefilter. I have to replace the main zipper on a large suitcase. Is there anywhere in the east end of Toronto that will do this? Alternatively, is it just more cost effective to simply buy a new piece of luggage?
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Books about bein' a furriner

Is there any modern writer considered to be the "voice of the American expat"? Or any literary movement/place I should be paying attention to if I'd like to read modern literature about living abroad? I'd like to read about living, not traveling, in other places, and what that does to your perspective and sense of self in the internet age. [more inside]
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What kind of vitamins do you take?

What kind of vitamins/supplements do you take and why? There is so much conflicting information out there that I am confused. Currently I take fish oil (brain function/memory), iron (slightly anemic), D (live in a place that lacks sun half the year), acidophilous (digestion), C (immune system), B complex (energy), and the occassional multi vitamin in case I am missing anything else. Wondering if there is anything else I should be taking...
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Make this movie not scary for me anymore... please... oh please...

So I just watched a movie that has scared me and now I don't want to go to sleep because I think the aliens are going to abduct me. What do you do to get over the initial "OMG TERROR" reaction and irrational fearsfollowing seeing a scary movie? [more inside]
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Remote alarm needed for detached garage

Are there any type of remote alarms available that would help me monitor my detached garage? [more inside]
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Number of specific Google searches?

Google question: Is it possible to find out how many people are searching using a very specific keyword or phrase (not Google Trends)? [more inside]
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Z-Lasik vs. I-Lasik

Can anyone speak authoritatively about the differences between i-lasik and z-lasik? [more inside]
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if you're not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about

what is the best counter-argument to the "if you're not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about" line of thinking regarding surveillance (both covert and overt)?
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Pho the love of, well...pho

Some questions about making pho at home. [more inside]
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Better Recipe Websites

Trying to improve my cooking skills, but every recipe website I've looked at is terrible. Anything better out there? How about OS X recipe apps? [more inside]
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My conflictometer is broken.

I just walk away from conflict when it arises. I literally cannot open my mouth when someone makes me angry; instead I seethe inside and pretend like nothing is wrong..besides therapy(cannot afford it) how can I deal with this? [more inside]
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He seems permanently stuck on the fence - what should I do?

7 months ago, I started a new job and immediately struck up a friendship with a co-worker of mine who had a girlfriend. I'll call him Derek. From day one, Derek and I realized we had an eerie amount in common. Our conversations were always electric and we never failed to make each other just cackle with laughter. Us having a fantastic time together at work was as far as it ever went, but that was enough. Looking back on it, I have to say that I was oblivious to how important he would become to me. I acknowledged that I was infatuated with him, but as that sometimes happens when you work with attractive people, I expected it to fizzle out in time and then we could get back to being friends. That didn't happen. [more inside]
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Recording and editing Skype calls.

I'm going to conduct an interview over Skype for a podcast. What (free) tools are at my disposal for recording and editing? Any advice gratefully appreciated.
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English usage: "what would seem to be."

What's the proper use of the phrase "what would seem to be"? [more inside]
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I'm looking to buy a spaceheater for my girlfriend's apartment. Anyone have any recommendations on ones that won't burn the place down?

I'm looking to buy a spaceheater for my girlfriend's apartment. Anyone have any recommendations on ones that won't burn the place down? [more inside]
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Need a simple task time tracker that works out of the Windows system tray

I'm looking for a simple Win app that tracks time spent on tasks/projects. I'd like one that can work directly out of the system tray without needing to pull up the window for the app. [more inside]
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Why do classical music competitions sometimes not award a first prize?

Why do classical music competitions sometimes not award a first prize? [more inside]
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truly global roaming

I'm moving overseas for an indefinite amount of time and want to be contactable from various countries. Can I maintain local phone numbers which redirect voice calls and text messages to my iPhone, wherever I am? [more inside]
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Help me prepare for my private pilot checkride!

Help me prepare for my private pilot checkride! What should I prepare, what tips do you have, any good resources...? [more inside]
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How to find Angiogenesis-based doctors or financial alternatives for needed drugs for cancer treatment.

Girlfriend with skin cancer looking for Angiogenesis-based doctor or financial alternatives for purchasing needed drugs. [more inside]
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Projecting "tweets" live.

Looking for a "screensaver" application that updates regularly with "tweets" from select hashtags, users, etc. General suggestions welcome, but ideally looking for a service that allows for tweets to be moderated. [more inside]
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Is there a word that encompasses laws and Supreme Court cases?

Is there a word that encompasses laws and Supreme Court cases? [more inside]
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I need a bath.

I need a bath. What hotels in or around San Francisco have the biggest, comfiest, awesomest bathtubs? [more inside]
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Need help planning the best route to experience the Southern US.

Need help planning the best route to experience "the South" [more inside]
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I lost my tweak!

I lost my Thunderbird tweak. Please help me find it. [more inside]
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Plato wanted MERITOCRACY, woman!

I am realising that I drop classes when I decide that I hate them. I wonder—if I can, should I? [more inside]
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How can I best parent a "developing" teenage girl?

How does a (divorced, remarried, half-custodial) Dad deal with his preteen daughters' impending, um, physical maturation? Not to put too fine a point on it, but if body shape is at all inherited, they're going to be very curvy soon. How can I help prepare them emotionally for how this will change things, and help them adjust when it does? How do *I* prepare and adjust? (No shotgun jokes please).
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Remember the location of my application windows?

I'm looking for an OS X app that can remember my arrangement of application windows and revert to it at any time (but mainly on startup). [more inside]
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We need a jazz band for a swinging ceremony

Does anybody know of a small jazz ensemble to play our wedding ceremony in New Orleans? [more inside]
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Music for My Un-Breakup

I want the opposite of a breakup album. [more inside]
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Help me stereophonically multitask!

[MacFilter] Anyone know of a piece of OS X software that will allow me to independently set the audio balance (L-R) of different applications? [more inside]
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Where can two adults and two kids find a bed among a sea of lots of pink flowers?

Affordable hotel in or near Tokyo for 2 adults and 2 young children? Difficulty: We're going to be there during what looks to be peak of the cherry blossom celebrations. Earlier ask.mefi recommendations are booked solid. Bonus: Ideas for us to spend the time in Tokyo (or alternatives)? [more inside]
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I love the kitty but my nose doesn't

CatAllergyFilter: Those of you who are allergic to cats and take an antihistamine for it, what antihistamines work best for you? [more inside]
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Innocent Unreliable Narrator

Looking for books or films told from the point of view of an innocent unreliable narrator. Examples given inside. [more inside]
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Another Undecided Consumer

I took a look at the Droid and am very tempted. Have a Blackberry Curve which is fine, but I'm due to upgrade anyway. My contract with AT&T (blech) runs out in October, cancellation fee isn't much. Droid should save me $50/month I'm currently spending to keep my Curve synced with my work Outlook. What think you, hive mind? I know there are a lot of MeFi Droid owners. I trust you way more than Amazon reviewers.
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A better way to take notes

I want a software program that will mimic the recording function of the Livescribe pen, but for typing rather than note-taking [more inside]
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Who or what made this video of weird illustrations?

Who or what made this video of weird illustrations? [more inside]
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Chronic Knee Problems

Resurfacing of what was once chronic Knee problems. Looking for advice from runners/doctors/anyone. [more inside]
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Yeah, it's nice. That's nice too. Yup. Nice.

Why does my 7-year-old daughter always seek praise and how do I deal with it? I need suggestions for specific responses. [more inside]
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macbook pro sleeve

Just got a new MacBook Pro, 17''. Can anyone recommend a good sleeve/padded case? Some that seem billed for 17'' turn out to not fit, or are said to be snug for 15''.
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Help me reach out and touch some people.

What are the best cross-platform mobile games? [more inside]
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Which trackball, a thumb or finger, is ergonomically better?

Is there an ergonomically preferred choice between a thumb trackball and a finger trackball? [more inside]
posted by jeffreyclong at 11:42 AM PST - 15 comments

Old PageMaker fonts needed

[FontFilter] Help find old style fonts for Windows: AvantGarde CondBook and B Avant Garde Demi. [more inside]
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We're coming to get you, Barbara!

I love The Walking Dead. Can anyone recommend similar (though not zombified) comics? [more inside]
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Relearning HTML and building a site: start from scratch, utilize a template, or learn Dreamweaver?

Best way to make a web site: (re)learn HTML from online resources, then make a site from scratch, find and modify a pre-made freebie template, or learn DreamWeaver? [more inside]
posted by moira at 10:48 AM PST - 16 comments

Where should I live in NYC on a very tight budget?

Moving to New York to take on a low-paying job. Where should I live? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:47 AM PST - 44 comments

How can we bring a baby into the world without all the junk mail?

We're planning to have a baby. How can we do so without getting our names on mailing lists for baby-related junk mail? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:47 AM PST - 22 comments

Remember Me?

How can I best follow-up on this position that I phone interviewed for and turned down 3 months ago? [more inside]
posted by alice ayres at 10:45 AM PST - 3 comments

What is your experience with long term viability of iPod video hardware?

I use a iPod Video 5.5 quite heavily. I need to replace the battery for the second time and might upgrade the hard drive too, but first I'm wondering what else I can reasonably expect might fail ... [more inside]
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Advice for a Pre Medical Student

Need advice as a medical school applicant: I have dropped a class and have a light course load. [more inside]
posted by jbreyfogle at 10:23 AM PST - 13 comments

Grad school interview nerves

i have a group and individual interview for grad school coming up - i'd love to hear your advice/tips/experiences! [more inside]
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Help me get my overseas iPhone cheap

Help me buy an iPhone cheap. Complication: Living overseas where they are EXPENSIVE! [more inside]
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Help me be less ambitious.

Help me be figure out the proper level of ambition. I am in my second year out of law school. I have a year of big firm practice under my belt and am halfway through a one-year federal clerkship. It's about time for me to start (thinking about) looking for a post-clerkship job and I am torn between prioritizing prestige or my personal/family life. [more inside]
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Take this job and shove it.

I hate my job and want to leave it as soon as possible, but I don't know how. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:10 AM PST - 25 comments

Does anyone have experience using Gmail for their small business?

Does anyone have experience using Gmail for their small business? [more inside]
posted by Seeba at 10:03 AM PST - 13 comments

What should I buy my employees?

What inexpensive items could I shower my employees with when I'm feeling generous? [more inside]
posted by duckierose at 10:02 AM PST - 60 comments

Windows event log consolidation application

Does anyone know of a good, free (preferably) or cheap application that consolidates w2k3 server event logs. [more inside]
posted by aacheson at 9:48 AM PST - 3 comments

Ultraportable Laptops?

Help me choose and buy a thin and light (ultraportable?) laptop or netbook. [more inside]
posted by jckll at 9:47 AM PST - 9 comments

Google Apps in education

Google Apps in k-12 education- what should I know going in? [more inside]
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Where did that cool video go?

Help me find a video that is eluding me. It was a collaboration between an animator and a DJ and appeared on boing boing sometime in the past few years. [more inside]
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Any members of credit unions in Washington, DC who can recommend a good one?

Any members of credit unions in Washington, DC who can recommend a good one? I would like to join one, but am not a government employee or anything else fancy.
posted by picapica at 9:23 AM PST - 10 comments

What were these two weird music videos?

I'm trying to find two dimly-remembered weird music videos: Bjork as a baby, and a recursive dancing bee costume. [more inside]
posted by moonmilk at 9:22 AM PST - 10 comments

There's really a campus monorail?

What can you tell me about Morgantown, WV? [more inside]
posted by MsMolly at 9:17 AM PST - 10 comments

canine rivalry

We have a small old dog (SOD) and a larger new young dog (LNYD), and the small old dog isn’t happy about it. How do we go about teaching them to leave eachother alone? [more inside]
posted by maremare at 9:14 AM PST - 11 comments

Less cold water = colder shower

When I turn the cold water pressure down the water gets colder. Why? [more inside]
posted by domnit at 9:08 AM PST - 6 comments

Which Parks? Shower Etiquette? Camping Ideas?

We are overwhelmed with choices for a 9-11 day driving trip from Los Angeles. Which national parks/areas are must-see, and which are skip-its? And other Car-Camping conundrums... [more inside]
posted by Lord_Pall at 9:06 AM PST - 8 comments

How to remove Dan's Guardian from an Eee PC?

How do I remove Dan's Guardian from an Asus Eee PC 900 Netbook? (Complications inside.) [more inside]
posted by mordax at 8:38 AM PST - 3 comments

How is babby entertained?

I will soon be watching my 18 month-old niece. I have general questions about entertaining a small person, and more NYC/Brooklyn-centric inquiries about getting a toddler in and out of the subway. I also need fun, little kid-friendly things to do in Southern Brooklyn (Fort Greene, Prospect Heights, northern Park Slope) and the city beyond. [more inside]
posted by Viola at 8:34 AM PST - 19 comments

I love you, but your food makes me sick

How do I keep my food gluten-free when sharing a kitchen and eating space with a gluten lover? [more inside]
posted by geekchic at 8:33 AM PST - 15 comments

Question about polling accuracy

Statistics/survey question. I was always under the impression that a survey that is sent to a bunch of people and produces a relatively small number of responses who answer on a voluntary basis will produce garbage results. True? [more inside]
posted by Mr. Justice at 8:27 AM PST - 15 comments

Where do I find a full-time telecommute/remote programming job?

Where do I find a full-time telecommute/remote programming job? [more inside]
posted by joshwa at 8:00 AM PST - 2 comments

So many USB chargers, so little space.

I have a USB charger for my phone and another for my MP3 player. Can I use one for both without fear of damaging my two most favoritest electronic devices? [more inside]
posted by Work to Live at 7:58 AM PST - 6 comments

Blackmail, or just leverage?

I'm not sure there oughta be a law against this. Is there? [more inside]
posted by troywestfield at 7:56 AM PST - 33 comments

How do I reenter college?

How do I reenter college? [more inside]
posted by haveanicesummer at 7:53 AM PST - 15 comments

What can I do with a masters in communication?

I am thinking about grad school right now, and I am trying to decide what to go for. Can anyone tell me the sort of jobs that require, or prefer a masters in communication?
posted by helios410 at 7:47 AM PST - 13 comments

Taking a baby to the beach

Eight-month-old at the beach. What do we need to know? [more inside]
posted by sandor at 7:30 AM PST - 12 comments

How Do I Manage My Fear of Public Speaking?

Tomorrow I have to deliver a 2-hour training presentation in front of 80 employees. I loathe speaking in front of large crowds and suffer from crippling stage fright. Chances are I will be awake all night fretting the occasion and replaying worst case scenarios in my head. Any tips on how to relax and keep my anxiety at a minimum?
posted by Tenacious.Me.Tokyo at 6:06 AM PST - 29 comments

How best to turn an old MA attic into more functional space?

I'm looking into insulating my attic and turning the area into more than just storage, but am now lost in Google Search Fugue. How do I do it? [more inside]
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First & third person stories

I'm looking for book/story recommendations where the story is told from the first and third person perspectives. There are good suggestions for limited third person in this AskMe, but I'd really like to find some options with both perspectives.
posted by bwonder2 at 5:53 AM PST - 24 comments

Honeymoon in Vegas

Vegasfilter: Help us choose a hotel for our 3-day honeymoon in Vegas. Bonus points if you can help us choose a Cirque show. [more inside]
posted by thinkingwoman at 5:36 AM PST - 27 comments

No more Amazon downloader for me!

How can I get Amazon to give me mp3 files for single songs and amz files for albums only? Alternatively, how can I get it to go back to only giving me mp3 files (and not download albums at all)? The FAQ doesn't seem to cover it or I can't find it at least and I'm hesitant to experiment at a dollar a pop.
posted by anaelith at 5:14 AM PST - 5 comments

Best site to sell a used car?

Oh lord, won't you help me sell a Mercedes Benz? [more inside]
posted by rtodd at 4:36 AM PST - 8 comments

A new career for the future

I have a friend who is entering his middle years and is looking to change careers. He's in IT, but would like to make a break from it - and try something completely different. What are some ideas for short courses, certifications or degrees that could lead to an interesting, future-ready career?
posted by Dag Maggot at 3:31 AM PST - 10 comments

Upscale but social bar scene for age 30-ish ladies in Manhattan?

My best gal pals and I are heading up to Manhattan for a weekend soon, and we're looking for an excuse to dress to the nines while enjoying a cocktail or two. Whenever we go out as a group, though, we tend to split up and mingle (and, ok, flirt). Of note: we range 31 to 38 in ages, so we're not looking for some barely-legal hipster club scene. What's a good, upscale but sociable, fun but not crazy loud night spot to visit on a Saturday in Manhattan? Does it exist? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:31 AM PST - 7 comments

Hongza - Unlucky houses for real?

Help me verify the existence of hongza - are the "Unlucky Houses" of Hongkong for real? [more inside]
posted by Omnomnom at 2:09 AM PST - 2 comments

OCD memory of 7-UP commercial!

There is a commercial from the late 1980's that I really want to watch. I can't find it anywhere so far. It is a 7-UP commercial and in the commercial it's really hot, then people open up 7-UP and it starts raining and it all looks so merry and refreshing and there is a song in it...the only part I remember is when they would sing, "Gotta take a break, I wanna play in the rain and take a break". This has haunted me for years and I would LOVE to see this commercial again.
posted by gypseefire at 1:51 AM PST - 4 comments

How to add local place names to MS Word

Is there a way to add local place names to Microsoft Word's spelling dictionary? [more inside]
posted by Captain Najork at 1:42 AM PST - 4 comments

February 17

Examples of how to write a dream

What books or stories contain your favorite descriptions of dreams? [more inside]
posted by Rinku at 11:11 PM PST - 15 comments

How does hop-less beer tastes and looks like?

Homebrewers here by any chance? I have always wondered how hop-less beer (hops, the bittering agent) tastes and looks like. Is it yellow-ish? Is it sweet?
posted by sanskrtam at 10:55 PM PST - 18 comments

Best online sources for mid 19C US newspaper archives

Historical Newspaper Archives: I am trying to locate the best online sources for mid 19C newspaper archives for some of the 'second tier' US cities. For instance: the Louisville Democrat and the Louisville Journal from 1851. [more inside]
posted by refractal at 10:42 PM PST - 4 comments

Mini DVI to VGA vs. Mini DVI to HDMI?

What should I use to connect a mini DVI port from Powerbook G4 to a 26" 720p Panasonic LCD HDTV? [more inside]
posted by MithrilMongoose at 10:17 PM PST - 6 comments

Power on or off?

Should I turn my computer off or leave it on all the time? [more inside]
posted by ambulocetus at 10:02 PM PST - 17 comments

Pragmatic guide to choosing nutritious foods at the grocery store

Pragmatic guide to choosing nutritious foods at the grocery store [more inside]
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I need an admissions counselor counselor

What should I ask a college admissions counselor about? [more inside]
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Help me solve my PHP/MySQL mindbender.

I'm have managed to concoct a major SQL/PHP mindbender out of a simple procedure: How can I match up a stored value with a user selected value where, well. Better just step inside... [more inside]
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The trainer is coming tomorrow, and we can't just call him "puppy"!

We got a new dog, a male Australian Shepherd. Now we need a name. [more inside]
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Job prospects for high school Latin teacher

What are job prospects like for a Latin teacher at the secondary school level with an M.A.T. (Master of Arts in Teaching) in Latin?
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Midnight (Paper-Based) Snacks

Help me find short literature fit for my pre-bedtime read. [more inside]
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What kind of bird is this?

Is this a hawk? If so, what kind? [more inside]
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Laptop will not boot up unless I remove and reinsert the battery

My laptop will not boot up after being powered on. How can I fix this? [more inside]
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Firefox is screwing up text or did I do it?

I'm having a little trouble with I would guess some character encoding on some websites but I can't seem to fix it. [more inside]
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How much to translate a book from English to Spanish?

How would I find the going rate for translating a published book from English to Spanish? [more inside]
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Can you ID this mystery plug?

Once again, I turn to AskMeFi to answer the question: what kind of cable is this? I just bought a digital camera, and it came with a cable that seems to have been included by mistake. The plug on it looks sort of like a mini-USB connector, but isn't. Here's a photo. Here's another. Any ideas? [more inside]
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I want to start my own food vending business. Where do I begin?

I want to open my own fast food joint. I have no experience. Where do I begin? [more inside]
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Just being bullheaded?

I'm considering running with the bulls in Pamplona this July, just how stupid an idea is this? [more inside]
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When did lightbulbs and toilets become a fact of life?

When did electricity and indoor plumbing first become widespread and commonplace in even the poorest urban first world homes, in the same way that owning a television is unremarkable now? (Obviously rural communities took longer to acquire utilities.)
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Higher Ed Administrator seeks convention

I do higher education administration and would like to go to a convention or conference of a relevant profession association. I know about NASPA. What other broadly relevant associations are out there for higher ed professionals?
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Help me destink my parents' newly-bought house

My parents have just bought a house and now realize it has a smell of unknown origin. Ideas on things to do or people to contact to help get rid of it? [more inside]
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Two tickets to paradise, please!

What do you and your SO do to bond with each other? [more inside]
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school + work = depression?

YANAD filter, version: depression 2.0. I am starting to see some of my depression symptoms return after a few years of being med-free. There are several factors involved and both my work and my school is being affected. How can I know what factors are causing what symptoms so I can fix this? [more inside]
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No more n00ds, please.

My fiance sent a close-up photo of his junk to someone. Judging by the email address, it went to another man. As far as I know, my fiance is straight. [more inside]
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Unsweetened chocolate -> ??? -> Profit!

How can I make milk chocolate, or even decent semisweet chocolate, from unsweetened chocolate? I can't use sweetened condensed milk. [more inside]
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I want to make rice pudding and I don't know how!

My SO loves rice pudding, and I would love to make him some. But I don't have a good recipe or know any secret techniques for making it come out fantastic. Can you help? I'm a good cook, but have never made pudding from scratch before, so keep it simple if you can, okay?
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ターンバック: "I think that says keep going, but who can tell with those crazy boxes?"

How do you avoid the "undisplayable character boxes" you see when encountering a new or unknown language script? [more inside]
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Certified Translation

Certified Translator? I'm in Montreal and I need a certified translator for documents for immigration I'm having trouble finding a certified person/company who can do this for me. Spanish to English.
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Am I grinding or eroding my two front teeth away?

Dental-Filter: Since the setting of a fractured jaw I grind the back of my upper two front teeth and I believe I'm grinding them into oblivion. But my dentist insists it's erosion. [more inside]
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Make my movie weiiiiird, maaaaannn.

What film editing techniques can I use to create a "psychedelic" or just plain unusual look. (There are a few caveats.) [more inside]
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A New Old Book?

CopyrightFilter: Lets say I wanted to take a book in the public domain, illustrate it, set it, and design it as a kind of portfolio project that shows I can do all these things - could I then sell the book legally via print on demand or running my own press?
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Stainless steel water bottles made in the U.S.A.

The Holy Grail of water bottles? Looking for a wide-mouth food grade stainless steel water bottle made in the U.S.A., preferably holds one liter or more... [more inside]
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Library fees?

List of universities and colleges that charge library fees? [more inside]
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I prefer peaty scotches - what would I like other than Laphroaig?

I like really peaty scotches. Basically, every scotch I try I think, "well, it's OK, but I'd rather have a Laphroaig." What else should I be trying? [more inside]
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What was this beach construction project?

On the beach I visited in Cancun, there was a continuous construction project, and I'd like to know what they were doing/the process involved. [more inside]
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brazilian keratin yay or nay

have you had a brazilian keratin treatment done on your hair? tell me about it! [more inside]
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MCCS Call Center

I keep getting calls from MCCS. How do I get this to stop? [more inside]
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what happens if it's physical vs. fiscal

I've heard it said that (in theory) the advent of a cure for cancer would cause a serious financial crisis because of the vast scale of the healthcare complex devoted to current treatments. So, the obvious question: Is there any credible evidence that promising (not woo-woo) therapies for diseases such as cancer and diabetes have been derailed because of the sheer scale of financial and institutional resources invested in the status quo?
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How to clean a cat condo?

How can I make a trashed cat condo safe for my cat? [more inside]
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Recommend a vector-based EAN-13 barcode font

Are there any vector-based barcode fonts? If not, can you recommend software for creating such a font? [more inside]
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How can I get over the racist feelings I have been having, since I got mugged...

How can I get over the racist feelings I have been having, since I got mugged... [more inside]
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Medium fish in Big pond or small fish in small pond?

Should I take a lower position at an up and coming high growth company or a higher position at an established company? [more inside]
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Should I give up on therapy?

Should I give up on therapy? [more inside]
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try to reunite or let him go

Divorce remorse... or something more? Can I try to make up with my ex-husband? Sad details to follow. [more inside]
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Translation of asian writing

I have an oriental screen someone gave to me and would like to know the meaning of the inscriptions. Is there anyone who could translate the writing for me, there is a picture of the inscriptions on the following link.
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Gifts for software engineers

What should our CEO give each member of our software development team, or all of us collectively? We have the standard niceties (laptops, external screens, chairs, etc) so we are looking for something more fun. [more inside]
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Toe pick!

I want to learn about figure skating. [more inside]
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Magellan Maestro - map update Is it worth it?

Magellan Maestro - map update - I find myself dissatisfied with Points of Interest being out of date. I might like to update but the update costs almost as much as what I paid for the unit. Question - are the map updates worth it?
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Protest on the National Mall

Why is Jesse Jackson Jr. standing in the middle of the National Mall? (Google Maps) [more inside]
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Can you name that music?

Can you name the music?
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Two blogs, one domain - how to guide visitors?

I have two radically different blogs on the same domain. How can I design my root page to let visitors decide which one to go to? [more inside]
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Are there good classes for web GUI architecture?

Are there good classes for web GUI architecture? [more inside]
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Name some books about Jews!

I'm looking for books that will help an anti-Semitic teenage boy challenge his stereotypes. [more inside]
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What's a good book on AIG's collapse?

I'm looking for a really good book that describes AIG's collapse, and the reasons for it. Do you have any recommendations? Alternatively, how can I educate myself on it, besides reading Wikipedia? Thanks in advance!
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Can you use "[nationality] capital" to refer to a state capital?

Technically, can you use "[nationality] capital" to refer to a state capital that is not the actual national capital? [more inside]
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Know Volunteer Scheudling Package?

Does anyone know a free or low-cost software package or online scheduling service where we can list volunteer activities and people can log-in to put themselves on the calendar? [more inside]
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Sounds of the East

What songs embody or demonstrate a (Middle) Eastern aesthetic or sound? [more inside]
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Short inscription in a very strange variety of Latin?

I'm working on an engraving with an inscription in a very strange version of Latin-- it has umlauts? Anyone know what this might say? [more inside]
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Help me deal with my job requiring me to annoy people

Part of my job involves me trying to sell things to people that they don't want to buy. Please help me get used to that. [more inside]
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Best way to replace a central air conditioning system?

How do I get the best out of a new central air conditioning system? [more inside]
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Virginal vintage letterheads sought in SF bay

I would like to purchase old-school unused letterheads in San Francisco or, less optimally, environs. 60-90 years old would be ideal (older than that and I assume we'd be getting into money). But I don't know where I can do this. [more inside]
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Whirlpool oven control panel will not increase temp above 350F?

Upon moving to a new house, I've discovered a very odd problem with the inherited Whirlpool oven. The "temp increase" button makes the displayed temp go down! Unfortunately, the temp decrease button also makes the temp go down...so right now, I can't cook above 350F (the default that appears when you press Bake). Help? [more inside]
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Very frustrating, oddball SSH/network problem

Very frustrating, oddball SSH/network problem. Let's take it inside: [more inside]
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How can we choose the interface for file sharing in OS X 10.5.8?

How can we choose the interface for file sharing in OS X 10.5.8? [more inside]
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Hip to be repaired

I was just scheduled to have surgery on a labral tear in my hip this Monday. What do I need to know going into this, and what will my recovery be like? [more inside]
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Blood Bowl

Help me build and paint my Blood Bowl team [more inside]
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Is this worth a trip to small claims court?

Is it worth it trying to sue my accountant for not filing my taxes on time? [more inside]
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Replacement 21.5" iMac screen?

My in-laws' brand new 21.5" iMac took a header and has a badly cracked screen. Repair is going to run ~900; my f-i-l wants to try replacing the screen himself. We can't find any information on where to acquire the appropriate flat panel. Does anyone have a link?
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The ultimate nerd dream?

I have a ruleset for a board game and am working on prototyping it. I don't necessarily want to make money off of it, and I'm mostly doing it for fun. One possible option is to put up the ruleset online while copyrighting the basic idea - is this a good idea? [more inside]
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Safe, Clean NYC Hotel

Hi Everyone. I am looking for CURRENT information on how to do New York City on the cheap. I am taking my mother there in the fall of 2010. Specifically a hotel.....Thanks guys!
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Is there a new book or good (recent) articles about how the New York Times saved itself from financial doom?

Is there a new book or good (recent) articles about how the New York Times saved itself from financial doom?
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Looking for a travel agent in Seattle

Can someone recommend a travel agent in Seattle for a trip to China? [more inside]
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Is .name ready for real-life use?

Does anyone have experience with registering and using a .name domain for email and/or web hosting? [more inside]
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Help me identify 2 restaurants in NYC

Two part question. 1. In '08 I ate at a restaurant in Manhattan, and I can't remember the name. It was on top of a building, there was a garden/atrium/bar outside the dining room. I remember seeing big king-like chars at each table. The menu listed a fantastic mac 'n cheese. Any ideas? 2. A friend told me about a great restaurant in Chinatown that has incredible steamed buns of all sorts. Does anyone know the name?
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Drives, RAM, USB 2.0, Keyboards... It's enough to make a girl's head spin!

Hey MacNerds! Help me pimp my 12" PowerBook G4. [more inside]
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I want to be the Puppetmaster. Of email.

I'm looking for recommendations for an email mailing list service that will allow me to manage not just lots of different lists, but lots of lists with different administrators. [more inside]
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Where in the world on two wheels?

I'm looking for a self-guided (non-group) bike tour in a non-US location that would be warm in late March/early April. Any locations or companies to recommend? [more inside]
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Radio Head

I'm doing some research that involves digging up some history on radio stations in the United States. Well, specifically Ohio right now, but I may continue my research later. I'm trying to find like a master list of present day radio stations in each state [more inside]
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Help me box in Maryland/DC!

Where can I start boxing with the intent of competing in Maryland (Montgomery County) or NW DC? [more inside]
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Please, help me get this washer/dryer out of my life!

Please, help me get this washer/dryer out of my life! [more inside]
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Tell me how I can hire a contractor without getting ripped off?

Tell me how I can hire a contractor without getting ripped off? [more inside]
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Multilingual Chat

Is there open source code for a multilingual chat like babelwith.me? [more inside]
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I need help designing a Blogger template!

Are there any good resources for explaining how to turn an existing (simple) website design into a template for Blogger? I just want my blog to look like the rest of my website! [more inside]
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Why do women in East Texas think contraception is morally wrong?

Why do women in East Texas think contraception is morally wrong? [more inside]
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How much postage do you need to send a card from MN, USA to South Korea?

I'm asking this for a friend of mine. How many stamps would she need to send a card from Minnesota, USA to South Korea? [more inside]
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Help relocate this cool distance-electronics project

Help me find this cool online project I once saw: lamp in one location lights up when person sits down in chair in another location (like, in a different state). [more inside]
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Dual monitors on PC AND mirrored main input to LCD TV

How do I connect my LCD TV (VGA input preferably but it also has an HDMI free) to my desktop computer, which has 2 monitors already hooked up to the 2 DVI-out ports on the graphics card? [more inside]
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making econ enjoyable?

How do I make microeconomics fun? [more inside]
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Can an amateur create professional-looking websites?

Can an amateur create professional-looking websites without learning HTML and CSS? [more inside]
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Should I contest a speeding ticket if I'm guilty?

Does anyone have experience contesting tickets? Is it worth my time if I was indeed guilty? I'm not trying to deny speeding, but hoping to get the huge fine reduced if possible. [more inside]
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I'm not a luddite (I own an iPod!)

Should I join Facebook? [more inside]
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What's in these Japanese cookies?

Japanese-filter: What does this cookie packet say? [more inside]
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What to see in northwest New Mexico?

I'm going to northwest New Mexico this weekend to drive around for three days. We'll likely use Farmington or Shiprock as our base. Our itinerary is completely open. We'll have a 4x4. Any suggestions for off-the-beaten path, or must-see places to visit?
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Allergy or coincidence?

It seems that whenever I am around certain air fresheners or scented oils, I immediately get a sore throat, runny nose, and headache that goes on to become a garden-variety head cold lasting a week or so. Is this an actual allergic reaction, or just a coincidence? [more inside]
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B-I-N-G-O and Bondage Was His Name-O!

BDSM Bingo: Anyone familiar with Hipster Bingo able to help with a very different kind of Bingo card? [more inside]
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Giving my boss unsolicited advice

How can I give my boss unsolicited hiring advice? [more inside]
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Job Search Paralysis Thanks to Fear of Inability to Prevent Layoff From Next Job

I've been, for a while, what economists would call a discouraged worker; in most ways I gave up trying. Lately, I'm trying to marshal my spirit, resolve and grit together and get back out onto the job market. One of the biggest emotional problems I'm having is a fear of being let go again within a few months of this hypothetical new hire. It's really demotivating me and sapping the energy out of my efforts. [more inside]
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BookFilter: I'm looking for a book for my (26-year-old) brother on what I'd call "kitchen chemistry"; i.e. cool experiments that you can do at home just for the sake of making something awesome happen. [more inside]
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Handcuffing the users is not an option

My colleagues print out huge amounts of stuff they never pick up. Our mammoth printer offers a few too many ways to curb this. Help me save the rainforests please. [more inside]
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Looking for a Tall Clamp Lamp

I'm redesigning my workspace and starting with the lighting. I'm looking for suggestions for tall lamps that I can clamp onto my table and have shades that would cover large/high watt CFLs. [more inside]
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How to support friends with a dying child?

What to do for friends with a dying child? [more inside]
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Export TypePad Photo Album

Help me get my photo albums out of TypePad and into WordPress. [more inside]
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Any cheap Windows 7 -compatible sound cards with a game port?

Looking for a really cheap PCI sound card with a game port that works in Windows 7 64bit without installing separate drivers. Suggestions? [more inside]
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Spice me up!

Spices. We just discovered Saffron and want to know more. [more inside]
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What was this Star Wars convention film I saw?

Seeking name/link for early Star Wars fan film. Tie fighters in Manhattan! [more inside]
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February 16

Can you get in trouble for not signing a final warning letter? help need asap.

Tales of minimum wage intrigue: My boyfriend (let's call him Allen) got a "final warning" letter from his small business customer service job, after very little verbal warnings at all. It is most likely due to his refusal to come in on two of his days off in the last week (once he was sick, and the second time he had plans). He was never told that he is on-call. His co-worker/managerial lapdog has told him that his manager is going to fire him anyway. Should he sign the letter? Do we have a leg to stand on at all? Details of shittiness/small business Machiavellian politics inside. [more inside]
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Best Canadian cities for non-drivers?

Best Canadian cities for non-drivers? [more inside]
posted by vanitas at 11:44 PM PST - 17 comments


Stressed out only grown up child of an on again/off again ill Mom. Is my extended family helping or hurting me? Lots [more inside]
posted by phox at 11:41 PM PST - 7 comments

How can I get rid of my pubic hair without going broke?

How can I get rid of, and keep away, my pubic hair without going broke? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:24 PM PST - 24 comments

Where can I watch the olympics online, for a fee?

I'm outside of the US (specifically, in Israel), and I don't have a TV. My wife is a winter sports fan, and I promised her she'd be able to watch the olympics online, but I couldn't find anywhere normal. I'm willing to pay, so it doesn't have to be free, but no weird sites with trojans either, please.
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What are these spectacles for!?

Why do I need reading glasses? None of my doctors have adequately explained this to me. [more inside]
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Books for my book club...

What are some intellectual, easy-to-read books under 200 pages? [more inside]
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Blog standards

Blogger is ending its FTP service next month. I have a problem about moving some or all of my postings into a Wordpress blog. The issue also involves a question about RSS. [more inside]
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How much U.S. crime is victimless?

Please help me find statistics on victimless crime. More specifically, I’m looking for statistics showing what proportion of U.S. crime during a given period—a month, a year, whatever—is considered victimless. (Without endorsing this definition, for this project I consider victimless crime to be crime that doesn’t involve direct harm to others: drug use not linked to violent trafficking, sodomy (pre-Lawrence v. Texas), public nudity, etc.)
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Miles to go before I sleep...

Insomnia after "quitting" the binge. [more inside]
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Luxury day trip from San Francisco?

Looking for recommendations on a luxury overnight day trip from San Francisco. Was thinking Carmel, but the Lodge and related Pebble Beach hotels are booked. Napa is nice, but yawn, been there, done that.... Hoping to hear something different, but upscale.
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Every once in a while you hear stories about speeding tickets and parking tickets that get thrown out because of misprints. My apartment lease is full of them. YANML, but is it enforceable? [more inside]
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Moving a few belongings from NJ to NC

Moving furniture from NC to NJ. Help! [more inside]
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Seeking examples of scientists' websites

I would like to see examples of simple, well-designed websites run by individual scientists. [more inside]
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How to not be overwhelmed by jazz?

Years ago, someone pointed me to Ishkur's guide for electronic music. Does something like that exist for jazz? [more inside]
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What are the best short novels available from Project Gutenberg?

What are some great books - especially shorter ones - that are available on Project Gutenberg? [more inside]
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More music like Girl Talk - Night Ripper

INMO, Girl Talk - Night Ripper is the best CD to listen to while I run. It's a blend/mix tape filled with recent radio hits, and some much deeper cuts. Beats/Lyrics typically last less then 16 bars. Most songs seem to have 3-4 samples playing at once. I need more. [more inside]
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Shops in Boston that stock Bertucci watches?

Whereabouts in Boston can I get a Bertucci watch? [more inside]
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Coincidence? I think not...

Please help me fact-check the following claims about the solar system. [more inside]
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What is the earliest recorded bookstore cat?

What is the earliest recorded bookstore cat?
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I finally regret ditching cable.

Where in Chicago can I watch the USA vs Canada Men's Hockey match on Sunday? [more inside]
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Connect the Chips

Is there some sort of online program that makes pictures into dots? Like Lite brite pictures? [more inside]
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gossip at work

What is the best way to handle someone at work who starts to gossip negatively about someone else? [more inside]
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How do you get your self respect back after being fired for dishonesty?

How do you get your self respect back after being fired for dishonesty? [more inside]
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passive or idiot-proof posture improvement?

I have bad posture, but I'm not sure how to get it right. Looking for passive or idiot-proof tools/tricks for posture improvement. [more inside]
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Photoshop for compositors?

I will be doing print layout for a photobook with text... using solely Adobe Photoshop. What technical secrets do I need to know to make sure that graphics, background AND text come out looking cohesive and snappy on the printed page? [more inside]
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Hand in glove

Why do male figure skaters wear gloves? [more inside]
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hatred of sand

A four year old boy who HATES sand. His parents both love the beach. He refuses to set foot on it. Anyone ever known anyone similar who got over it? [more inside]
posted by beccyjoe at 5:02 PM PST - 34 comments

Horchata please

What is your favorite tried-and-true horchata recipe?
posted by millions of peaches at 4:57 PM PST - 4 comments

My family left Aleppo in 1912 + I'd like to go back

I'm thinking of traveling to Aleppo, Syria (from Boston) and have questions about it and how to convince my family to come with me. [more inside]
posted by jdl at 4:36 PM PST - 13 comments

Naa-Naa Na-Boo-Boo, You Can't Get Me

Is there a specific word for that situation where someone is trying to "get" you, like in a game of tag, but you can maneuver an obstacle between them and you, such that they can't get you because you always move to keep the obstacle between them and you? [more inside]
posted by BeerFilter at 4:25 PM PST - 14 comments

Astronaut questions?

If you could ask an astronaut a question, what would it be? [more inside]
posted by macfly at 4:16 PM PST - 35 comments

Looking for the perfect pair of mud-shoes

Looking for a pair of smooth-soled, waterproof, leather slip-on womens shoes. [more inside]
posted by Four Flavors at 4:11 PM PST - 1 comment

Should we not buy a house right now?

Should we not buy a house right now? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:02 PM PST - 23 comments

how do you calculate student loan risk?

Potential student loan calculus: how much is too much at what age? [more inside]
posted by sureshot at 3:50 PM PST - 10 comments

Reducing high latency when recording music on a laptop

What factors cause high latency when recording music using a laptop, and what can I do to decrease it? [more inside]
posted by ZsigE at 3:39 PM PST - 6 comments

Another New York apartment question

This question may be a no-brainer but if two people will be renting an apartment in New York City proper, will landlords always require both residents to be listed on the lease? This pertains to a couple and not to a platonic roommate situation. Thanks in advance. [more inside]
posted by sarelicar at 3:27 PM PST - 16 comments

Buzz buzz buzz in the drum of the ear

I record university lectures for podcasting, but I'm finding I can't rely on plugging in to the lecture hall audio system to get a clean recording. Given I have a digital field recorder with XLR inputs, what sorts of equipment (mics, mixer, etc.) could I pick up for $500 total that could allow me to make a decent recording of a lecture? [more inside]
posted by dw at 3:04 PM PST - 11 comments

I'm stuck. What can I do?

What should I do for depression that has plateaued? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:03 PM PST - 8 comments

Is it time to upgrade to blu-ray?

My upconverting Toshiba SD-6100 has died. I need to replace it, but am on the fence about whether to buy another upconverting DVD player or whether to finally upgrade to blu-ray. [more inside]
posted by soonertbone at 2:55 PM PST - 11 comments

Springtime trip around Iceland, 2010

My partner and I are planning an early spring honeymoon in wonderful Iceland. I'm looking for some 2010-era advice on currency, spring availability for excursions, etc. [more inside]
posted by allisonrae at 2:54 PM PST - 10 comments

Cyber Shockwave 2010 Video?

Where can I find video or analysis of the Cyber Shockwave joint exercise held today in Washington, D.C? An article in The Atlantic mentioned it would be filmed, and I'm just nerdy enough to watch it...
posted by Gussio at 2:46 PM PST - 1 comment

Help identifying fabric upholstery pattern

Can anyone help me identify these patterns? I'm looking to i.d. both the large windowpane fabric covering the chairs, as well as the yellow and white print on the pillow on the chaise. And, if they are no longer in production, perhaps something similar?
posted by arbor day at 2:42 PM PST - 4 comments

What kind of tree can I plant that won't give my landlord headaches?

What kind of tree can I plant in southern California that will provide shade (please!) and not annoy my landlord? [more inside]
posted by arnicae at 2:36 PM PST - 9 comments

Yelling? Impotent Rage? Should have grown out of it 10 years ago? Yes!

I'd like more noisy screamo nonsense please. [more inside]
posted by zennoshinjou at 2:18 PM PST - 9 comments

Calendar fillers in NYC

I'm tired of bars. What things in New York can I do after work? [more inside]
posted by Unred at 2:14 PM PST - 15 comments

How does a time machine really work?

I just watched a thing on Discovery Channel YouTube, and it was from three years ago about time machines. Real ones. But my question was, what happens when you turn off the machine, and then turn it back on? [more inside]
posted by tenkarasu at 1:53 PM PST - 5 comments

Looking for worldwide country information.

I need to find the geographic center coordinates for each country worldwide. I can find county level data all over the place, but not country level. Not interested in postcode centroids, which seem to clutter up the results on searches significantly.
posted by Nothing at 1:52 PM PST - 12 comments

Really love your peaches wanna shake your tree

Web sites or on-line calculators to determine fair price for tree removal? [more inside]
posted by fixedgear at 1:39 PM PST - 10 comments

Saying to my child: 'you're on your own'

At what point do you tell your child he/she is on his/her own? Nothing I have ever done to help my adult child has put her/him right. . .and I want to be done. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:34 PM PST - 24 comments

Am I low in testosterone or what?

Testosterone test results, what's the deal here? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:34 PM PST - 8 comments

Streaming webcam on a Windows Server 2003?

What easy options are there in terms of software for setting up a simple temporary webcam video/audio feed on a (non-pro) Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard installation? [more inside]
posted by Unhyper at 1:24 PM PST - 2 comments

Yoga studio in Central Jersey.

Looking for suggestions on yoga studio in central New Jersey. (Woodbridge, Jamesburg) [more inside]
posted by hazyspring at 1:22 PM PST - 1 comment

Help us help herself

What are the things I simply must do now that I am the primary caregiver of a 90 year old woman? [more inside]
posted by arniec at 1:17 PM PST - 12 comments

Amsterdam guided vs Paris not

Should we go to Paris, unescorted, or to Amsterdam with a full time guide/friend? [more inside]
posted by crapples at 1:05 PM PST - 30 comments

What are the duties of an uncle?

I'm about to become an uncle. What are my duties? [more inside]
posted by eeby at 1:03 PM PST - 32 comments

help me pick a physical goal to work towards, not just to get in shape but to feel like I've accomplished something

I want to achieve something physically- given enclosed constraints. Please help me set a reasonable goal for myself [more inside]
posted by saraindc at 12:55 PM PST - 18 comments

PDF page to an image, why is this so hard?

How would I go about recreating the document display functionality of Google Books / Safari Books online? I was expecting to be able to take a PDF source and serve each page as a PNG to the browser. This appears not easy to do? It seems like a simple thing to do, but I'm running into a bunch of brick walls. [more inside]
posted by geoff. at 12:48 PM PST - 9 comments

Flea/tick treatment that avoids leather furniture damage?

Learn from my mistake ... K9 Advantix flea and tick spot treatment does not mix well with leather furniture! Question: are there other brands of spot treatment for fleas and ticks that won't require me to cover every piece of leather furniture in the house before applying to the dogs? [more inside]
posted by Dave. at 12:22 PM PST - 7 comments

What to charge for network consulting?

What's the going rate for firewall/network engineer consultant work in the Boston area? [more inside]
posted by rmd1023 at 12:15 PM PST - 1 comment

Are there any equivalents of Amazon Turk that are more substantial, such as researching a project?

Are there any equivalents of Amazon Turk that are more substantial, such as researching a project? [more inside]
posted by Jazzwick at 12:07 PM PST - 14 comments

what volunteer or charity programs should I look into

I'm 21 years old. No college degree, no money, no recent references, no job and few feasible prospects for one. I want to try something new - make a fresh start. How can I do it? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:54 AM PST - 18 comments

Beautiful friend

How do I tell my family I am dying? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:54 AM PST - 63 comments

Fireproof storage for an apartment dweller?

I have a lot of paper - journals, art, etc. Fire makes me nervous! Are there any good fireproof/fire resistant storage options for an apartment dweller? [more inside]
posted by cadge at 11:47 AM PST - 8 comments

Techno-luddite wants an iPhone, maybe?

Another iPhone vs. iPod Touch question. Which one would be best for my needs? Details follow... [more inside]
posted by Maude_the_destroyer at 11:34 AM PST - 22 comments

revisionist western novels

I've recently read & enjoyed a couple "revisionist western" novels like Oakley Hall's "Warlock" & John Williams's "Butcher's Crossing." What other novels might I also like?
posted by .kobayashi. at 11:04 AM PST - 13 comments

women's haircuts in arlington/lexington MA

My wife would like suggestions for nice places to get her hair cut in Arlington or Lexington, Massachusetts. I would like for the suggested places to be reasonably-priced-- $50 or less before tip. She's just looking for a cut. Her regular stylist (who's a few towns away) is on maternity leave for another few weeks so she wants to go someplace close to home for a change. Thanks in advance.
posted by Mayor Curley at 10:58 AM PST - 11 comments

Makeup mavens - your help is needed!

Choosing the right makeup and brands is really confusing for me. So many companies - so many colors and combinations. I need help choosing lipsticks, pencils and eye shadows that will look good and feel good. What are some really excellent brands to go with that are cost effective? Colors that I'm looking for golds, creamy browns, tawny pink - soft and muted. Extra points for classy and luxurious though I'm out of the Chanel, Dior and Bobbi Brown league. I'd say low to middle range in price. Thanks!
posted by watercarrier at 10:54 AM PST - 26 comments

How Can I Be Radical ... Effectively?

When is it a good idea to declare something ought to be done when it goes against deeply held beliefs of a community? Assumption: It truly would make things better for them and the world. They just don't believe it right now. [more inside]
posted by garyduke at 10:33 AM PST - 25 comments

Good pubs in Ottawa?

Can you recommend a pub near the Parliament buildings in Ottawa? [more inside]
posted by jmmpangaea at 10:29 AM PST - 14 comments

looking for large-format ereader with annotation, ideally cheap without wireless

looking into large format ereader for academic pdfs - a-la kindle dx (but I'd like to annotate, and cheaper would be cool) [more inside]
posted by lrodman at 10:12 AM PST - 5 comments

Need that fire in me …

How do I motivate myself? Seems almost impossible now after so many failed attempts. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:05 AM PST - 21 comments

Health Insurance deals for students?

Looking for Student Health Insurance options around NYC, in NJ. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:05 AM PST - 2 comments

Chain Grease & Skinny Jeans

I'd like some recommendations for hipster bike blogs. Think more fixies with hot pink sidewalls, Dutch designer bikes no American could afford, and bike messenger fetishism than athletics, racing, nitty-gritty commuting, etc. [more inside]
posted by Juliet Banana at 9:59 AM PST - 17 comments

What's a good name and catchphrase for a dog diving event?

I need creative ideas for a dog dock diving event! [more inside]
posted by KathyK at 9:53 AM PST - 11 comments

Every hose (nozzle) has its thorn.

Yard-Filter: I need recommendations for the garden hose spray nozzle. The one that does not leak if the hose is left on. [more inside]
posted by terpia at 9:51 AM PST - 7 comments

Help me switch to Ubuntu

I'm considering switching to Ubuntu with no previous Linux experience. Also, I'm no techie. If this is a dumb idea, tell me why. If not, do you have any tips for making the transition? [more inside]
posted by pintapicasso at 9:39 AM PST - 46 comments

Why isn't Norway good at hockey?

Hockey question: Why isn't Norway good at hockey? [more inside]
posted by fso at 9:20 AM PST - 17 comments

family digital collage

I wish to make a digital family collage of 60 people. [more inside]
posted by noirnoir at 9:19 AM PST - 6 comments

Consequences of parent lying about me on job application?

My bipolar & (recently diagnosed) BPD mother, living on her own due to trial separation from husband, is trying to get a job and is planning to lie on applications/resumes...about me. Kicker: one place she is applying to is my employer. WTF do I do. Multiple questions inside. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:14 AM PST - 13 comments

When to move onto Plan B?

Is missing one birth control pill by about 19 hours enough to warrant getting Plan B? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:14 AM PST - 5 comments

Record stores and/or vegetarian restaurants in Chattanooga, TN?

I'll be in Chattanooga for a few days soon with daytime hours to kill... Can anyone recommend local-ish (I'll have my car) record stores, especially ones with lots of old/cheap vinyl? How about vegetarian or highly veg-friendly places to eat? [more inside]
posted by mintcake! at 9:11 AM PST - 6 comments

English breakfast

From a short story by Roald Dahl. "Sir Basil was there before me,and Jelks was serving him with grilled kidneys and bacon and fried tomatoes."-Neck- My question is about this kidneys.In the nineteenth and twentyth century,the wealthy people would have a breakfast like that?If so,what animal's kidney did they used to have?And they don't have it for breakfast now,don't they?Or Dahl says about something else,such as kidney beans?
posted by mizukko at 9:00 AM PST - 23 comments

Minimum species population to ensure adequate genetic diversity?

If a species is nearing extinction, what is the minimum population needed to give it a reasonable chance of survival, in terms of genetic diversity? [more inside]
posted by adamrice at 8:44 AM PST - 14 comments

Action-adventure RPG for Wii?

Action-adventure RPGs for Wii? [more inside]
posted by brozek at 8:31 AM PST - 21 comments

Romantic Encryption WebComic

I figured this crowd would have the answer bookmarked somewhere. There is a specific issue of a web comic that has the story of a guy, who after his first date with a girl, sends her an encrypted note for her to decrypt. They continue to date and despite her asking, he never gives her any decrypting hints. When she finally breaks the code, it's him asking her to marry him. I thought it was an XKCD comic, but I couldn't find it via Google searches, so perhaps it's another site. My last resort is to go thru each XKCD comic one by one, but if you know what I'm talking about please give me a heads up. Thanks.
posted by Like the Reef at 8:30 AM PST - 5 comments

Linksys WRT610N vs. WRT54G 802.11 G ranges

What are the wireless ranges of the 802.11g radios in the following: WRT54G WRT610N I specifically would like to know the range of each and does the WRT610N 802.11G radio have a greater range than the WRT54G 802.11G radio. Not surprisingly, Linksys couldn't even help me.
posted by paulyballs at 8:17 AM PST - 3 comments

"Can you take me back where I came from, Brother can you take me baaaaaack, Can you take me back?" -White Album

GameFilter: Computer turned-based strategy game (one The Blue a while back?) in which you can recursively go back in time to change things...? [more inside]
posted by TigerMoth at 8:15 AM PST - 4 comments

Please help me come up with an appropriate gift for an injured colleague.

Please help me come up with an appropriate gift for an injured colleague. (Warning: the injury description within is a little gruesome, but, I think, necessarily so. Please be advised if you're squeamish.) [more inside]
posted by cheapskatebay at 8:13 AM PST - 7 comments

What are some good resources for test-driven development for web apps?

What are some good resources (books, websites, etc.) about doing test-driven development and unit testing for web applications? [more inside]
posted by Godbert at 8:11 AM PST - 2 comments

How can I recover from a totally disorganized photo collection?

Help with re-organizing my photo collection. Need a process for recovery. [more inside]
posted by smallbunny at 7:53 AM PST - 3 comments

Do math and science instructors lecture more than instructors in other fields?

Do math and science instructors lecture more than instructors in other fields? [more inside]
posted by madcaptenor at 7:53 AM PST - 10 comments

Whistling tea kettle that doesn't destroy my hearing?

Where can I find a tea kettle that plays a melodic sound when the water boils, rather than the common high-pitched screeeeee? I heard one once, so I know they exist, but I'm having zero luck finding one. Even when they claim to be pleasant, they aren't, and buying and returning tea kettles (especially online) is getting old fast. Do you have a lovely sounding kettle? Please tell me all about it.
posted by kestralwing at 7:44 AM PST - 15 comments

Looking for downtown Seattle hotel advice

If I book an unknown four-star hotel in downtown Seattle using Hotwire, Priceline, etc., will I be sorry? [more inside]
posted by krista_p at 7:42 AM PST - 13 comments

What single words are uniquely evocative of a movie?

Lebowski. Durden. Zoolander. Fletch. Midichlorian. Replicant. What single words are uniquely evocative of a movie?
posted by neilkod at 7:39 AM PST - 106 comments

Advice please...

Mid Thirties - longest relationship has been 3 months. How do I explain this to prospective partners? [more inside]
posted by woodenfloored at 7:32 AM PST - 18 comments

Are we crazy to drive our two kids around in a 1984 Buick LeSabre?

My husband and I have two older cars ('84 and '94). Are the safety features in newer cars so far superior that it's irresponsible to drive children around in older cars if you can afford to upgrade? [more inside]
posted by victoriab at 7:25 AM PST - 51 comments

Help me before it becomes a migraine...

I just bought a second hand Peugeot 407. It's a lovely car but I think the windscreen is giving me a headache... [more inside]
posted by twine42 at 7:17 AM PST - 3 comments

How to mount XC ski bindings?

How do I mount cross-country ski bindings? I'm a technically adept individual with the appropriate tools, but info (beyond "take it to the shop and let a pro do it!) is seemingly hard to find online... [more inside]
posted by c0nsumer at 6:47 AM PST - 2 comments

Java Community

I have a vexing issue with Java/Processing.org threads and am looking for a Java community to turn to for help. When I was a Perl devotee Perlmonks was invaluable. What's the java (and, importantly, processing.org tolerant) equivalent?
posted by phrontist at 6:42 AM PST - 2 comments

God doesn't actually offer special supervision of idiots. I don't either.

Camping and general outdoor sports filter. Inspired by the camping stove question below, and a recent near disaster of canoe camping, how do vet potential sport companions? [more inside]
posted by bilabial at 6:12 AM PST - 20 comments

Too much smoke

Why don't all smokers smoke the '100' variety of their brand? [more inside]
posted by meadowlark lime at 5:52 AM PST - 36 comments

Craigslist Job Posting

Can anyone help identify what company posted this job description on craigslist? [more inside]
posted by jsmith78 at 5:41 AM PST - 8 comments

buying a car in sunny downtown sydney... how??

I've never bought a used car from a car dealership and have found one I like. And will probably try to buy it on Thursday. Can anyone tell me what the process is? Do you need the NRMA to inspect if it's from a dealer? [more inside]
posted by taff at 2:21 AM PST - 5 comments

What are context menus for?

Is there evidence that the average computer user is familiar with context menus? [more inside]
posted by emilyw at 1:56 AM PST - 12 comments

What games can I run in XP on my MacBook Pro?

I'm a hard core Mac nerd who's a total Windows novice. Can you explain the weird RAM and graphics memory totals I'm seeing in Windows XP (SP3) on my MacBook Pro, and give me some idea of what I can actually expect when it comes to performance in games? [more inside]
posted by raygan at 12:58 AM PST - 13 comments

Can you help me pick a new camping stove?

Looking for help picking a new camping stove for backpacking (not car camping)- what do you like about yours? Why would you (or would you not) recommend or not recommend about the one you have? Not really the season, but I've got an overnight snowshoe trip planned at the end of the month... [more inside]
posted by charmedimsure at 12:21 AM PST - 30 comments

February 15

Help me cook my lean cuisines!

What's wrong with my microwave? [more inside]
posted by mingodingo at 11:53 PM PST - 8 comments

Sincerely, [ERROR: IMAGE NOT FOUND] John Smith

CoverLetterFilter: Does including your handwritten signature in electronic versions of your cover letter show off your attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile? Or does it come off as cheesy/tacky/pointless as nobody will notice anyway, etc.? [more inside]
posted by shoebox at 11:02 PM PST - 22 comments

How can I get my car from California to Arizona?

How do I make sure my car can be delivered to me in Arizona, if I buy it from a private seller in California? [more inside]
posted by polexxia at 10:41 PM PST - 8 comments

Can you recommend some non-violent French-language comics that would appeal to someone who has never read comics before?

My aunt is a librarian for a bilingual French-English primary school, and has mentioned that she is resistant to buying comics/graphic novels for the library because she thinks they are non-literary. I really enjoy reading comics, and would like to suggest something she could read that would prove that comics can be just as satisfying as novels. They don't necessarily have to be child-suitable, in fact it would be ideal to find a literary adult (not 'adult') comic that she would enjoy. [more inside]
posted by Piroska at 10:14 PM PST - 51 comments

Do it how ya wanna, slow it up, do da matrix.

Where does the dance the Wu-Tang Slide originate from? [more inside]
posted by orville sash at 10:09 PM PST - 1 comment

Does He Even Want to Meet for a Date?

Does He Even Want to Meet for a Date? [more inside]
posted by cscott at 9:58 PM PST - 13 comments

Bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah.

What the hell song do I have stuck in my head???? (3gp, which should work in Windows Media Player and finer players.) Guy singing in that melody. Driving me insane.
posted by disillusioned at 9:45 PM PST - 2 comments

Sex is Awesome! Could I multiply it?

Relatively new to sex and it's awesome, and constantly getting better. How do we do it multiple times in a night? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:04 PM PST - 13 comments

People disappear on online dating sites

Online dating: Often when I've met someone on an online dating site and emailing them back and for, it's hard to switch from emails to phone calls, or phone calls to an actual date. I'd say the vast majority of women I talk to just disappear at some point during this process. If I do manage to get a phone call, they won't respond after the first phone call, even when it seems like it was a really good conversation. Is this pretty typical? I'm wondering if I should be doing anything different. It's taking like months of work to get a single date and it's very frustrating.
posted by anonymous at 9:03 PM PST - 38 comments

Help my grandparents connect to the internet!

My aunt is asking for recommendations for wireless routers for my grandparents' computers. I don't know much about routers and my aunt knows less. Can you give me some advice/info that I can pass along? [more inside]
posted by Nolechick11 at 7:57 PM PST - 11 comments

Help me find a cheap deal on a land line!

Is there a website similar to BillShrink that will help me shop around for the best land line telephone service deal? Bill Shrink is super useful, but only does cell phones.
posted by cleverevans at 7:49 PM PST - 2 comments

The [stumped][mefite][challenged] the [hive][mind].

When I was a little kid in the late seventies/early eighties, I had this plastic handheld word toy that I'd like to find again, but I'm struggling to even describe it. [more inside]
posted by mreleganza at 7:26 PM PST - 4 comments

What are they going to ask me at a city government relations interview?

I'm a current 1L in a mid-level law school about to interview for an externship at the nearby city's Government Relations office. I need to do a little preparing. [more inside]
posted by cyphill at 7:18 PM PST - 6 comments

Need help finding a video

I recently saw a video online where someone was talking about how the wording of certain questions or phrases can have drastic effects on how people respond to them. They used the example of an opt-in vs. an opt-out system for organ donation. I need to find this video! [more inside]
posted by aheckler at 6:22 PM PST - 4 comments


Universal remote on a budget. Is. It. Possible? [more inside]
posted by InsanePenguin at 6:09 PM PST - 17 comments

How to make the coolest pad in NYC without breaking the bank?

How to make the coolest pad in NYC without breaking the bank? [more inside]
posted by simpleton at 5:53 PM PST - 33 comments

Startup costs for a small farm?

Organic Farming Startup: any guide to capital costs out there? Starting an organic farm in North Florida... [more inside]
posted by gnomicPerfect at 5:35 PM PST - 6 comments

Help Me Find Another "I Love You" Song

Ridiculously little to go on, I know, but do you know what song this is? The artist is similar sounding to The National and the main refrain is "I Love You". [more inside]
posted by OlivesAndTurkishCoffee at 5:30 PM PST - 14 comments

zoe bios philebus wha?

Can AskMe help me "get" Agamben? [more inside]
posted by synecdoche at 5:16 PM PST - 6 comments

The unexpected cowboy in the arts

I'm looking for examples from literature, comic books, film, and other media, in which a character, for no clear reason (or unexpectedly), is a cowboy. [more inside]
posted by Astro Zombie at 5:11 PM PST - 46 comments

How to end the rat war!

How to quickly end war with local rats? [more inside]
posted by Etta Hollis at 5:06 PM PST - 27 comments

Best bank for a poor guy in Denver.

What is the best bank in Denver? [more inside]
posted by no bueno at 4:08 PM PST - 6 comments

How do I refute a preexisting condition for an eating disorder?

I was rejected for individual health insurance with Kaiser Permanente in Southern California due to the preexisting condition of bulimia. I have been told by Kaiser that I can appeal the denial by providing evidence that I have resolved the bulimia. The issue is I do not have much evidence and Kaiser gave me very little direction on how to proceed. If any of you have had experience with this, what type of information did you provide and how did you obtain it? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:59 PM PST - 9 comments

Help me not be the annoying new roommate who killed the house.

I am not an electrician. But I'm poor, and I'm not an idiot. Unfortunately, I think I did something stupid when wiring a new wall plug; I accidentally touched two wires together, and now the electricity is off in two rooms. More electrically savvy people: can you help me? [more inside]
posted by koeselitz at 3:49 PM PST - 34 comments

Not enough withheld again.

For at least 2 years I have had trouble with owing the IRS significant amounts of money at tax time. Please help me determine how to fill out my W-4s so this won't keep happening. [more inside]
posted by Rad_Boy at 3:41 PM PST - 16 comments

How can I fix my battery-powered blender?

Can I fix my battery-powered blender? [more inside]
posted by Hiker at 3:39 PM PST - 4 comments

What is the situation for casual work like in Australian cities at the moment?

What is the situation for casual work like in Australian cities at the moment? Also any ideas. [more inside]
posted by Not Supplied at 3:35 PM PST - 10 comments

Injured but looking to stay fit

How do I maintain the fitness results I've achieved in the past month while out 4 weeks or so with a lower back injury? [more inside]
posted by ranunculus at 3:32 PM PST - 6 comments

How to play iTunes video through my XBox 360?

I have an XBox 360, a Macbook with Connect360 and TV shows that I bought from iTunes. How can I make them play nice? [more inside]
posted by youcancallmeal at 3:24 PM PST - 8 comments

What is the best way to view m2ts videos on my Xbox 360 ?

How can I play the M2ts video format on my Xbox 360 ? [more inside]
posted by carefulmonkey at 3:06 PM PST - 3 comments

I want a 301 redirect that doesn't include certain pages.

How do I set up a 301 redirect for all pages except one? [more inside]
posted by bingo at 2:57 PM PST - 19 comments

How to evaluate a financial firm?

How can I evaluate objectively a wealth management firm/financial independent advisors firm? [more inside]
posted by theKik at 2:45 PM PST - 8 comments

Where are the kegs?

Where are the kegs kept at a bar(?), not the extras but the ones that are currently on tap. They are not under the bar? Is there a long line run to the keg? How long a line can (is usually) run from source to tap?
posted by boatsforshoes at 2:44 PM PST - 25 comments

Study guide for Cyclonopedia?

I would like a study guide for a dilettante reading Reza Negarestani's Cyclonopedia. [more inside]
posted by Sticherbeast at 2:33 PM PST - 1 comment

Is this vinyl flooring of good quality?

Does anyone have any experience with no-glue vinyl using glass-tac tape? [more inside]
posted by jefficator at 2:33 PM PST - 0 comments

How do to a home exchange with pets?

What do you do about your pets during an international home exchange of 1-3 months? [more inside]
posted by gottabefunky at 2:24 PM PST - 3 comments

What kind of tent was this?

Tent House? [more inside]
posted by InkaLomax at 2:18 PM PST - 6 comments

Adult, but not "Adult".

Please help me find manga and/or anime that has a story that would appeal to a mature audience, but without "mature" content. [more inside]
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What should I do with a half-day in Boston?

I'll have what's more-or-less equivalent to an eleven hour layover in Boston on Wednesday, Feb. 17 from around 6am to around 5pm. I'll be on foot and starting from the Boston Sheraton/Prudential Center. Bearing in mind that I'll either be pulling a carryon or need somewhere to stash it, what should I do with my time there? Note also that I'm an undergrad elsewhere, so if there are any neat events going on on campus (especially MIT or Harvard), I probably wouldn't stand out TOO much attending. I'm also up for meeting local MeFites. Thanks!
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IPA transcriptions for free?

Is there an open source (or free for non-commercial use) list of English (Either RP or Standard American) IPA transcriptions available somewhere? Example: car: /ˈkɑː/, cat: /kæt/.
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What should I be buying with my new Amazon Prime membership?

In advance of arrival of babies maverick (yes, twins), wifey and I signed up for Amazon Prime, to simplify what we actually have to go out for. My question for you is "What *should* I be buying with it?" [more inside]
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What's the cheapest way to get a good quality custom print tshirt

I have a logo type design that's a solid black that I want to print onto a single tshirt. I believe screen printing brings out the best results so im wondering what the cheapest way to do this is? either spending a small amount and DIY ing it at home (kit reconebdations needed) -OR- use an online service and upload my artwork  (if such a site in the UK exists?)  
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What could be wrong with my cat?

Why does my cat keep getting ear infections? [more inside]
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Why is skin color analog while eye color is digital?

Parents with different skin colors end up with kids who have an intermediate skin color. Parents with two different eye colors end up with kids who have one color or the other. Why is that? Which traits are passed on as a mixture and which traits are passed on as a choice of one or the other?
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Toy Planes

When someone says 'you know, like those revolving toy planes', what are they referring to? [more inside]
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Overall Taxation Rate

What is our real taxation rate? Is there a program or set of instructions to help determine each individual's rate of taxation, considering Fed/State Income, Workman's Comp, Unemployment, County Property, Auto, city trash/water/gas, telephone, internet, etc.? Granted, it would take some research per individual, but it would be worth it. French complain of 50% What is mine?
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Where can I find clothing from the Opening Ceremonies?

Is there a website that lists all of the Opening Ceremony outfits for the Vancouver Olympics and where to buy them? I really liked the track jackets from the Netherlands/zubaz from Azerbaijan -- and want one -- but can't suss out all of the Flash Olympic sites. [more inside]
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What did the blind slaves do?

In the U.S. slavery system, how did blind slaves work?
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Chinese painting of a monk?

Classical Chinese Painting filter? This is a long shot. Once I saw a painting of a Chinese monk/priest where his robe was rendered in one brisk stroke of brush-work. Anyone knows who the painter was and what the painting was called? Thanks
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Afternoon Delight in NYC

After months of hot and heavy cyber, and semi innocent face to face encounters, finally having that illicit tryst. For reasons I don't want to get into here, neither of our abodes is an appropriate place to do the dirty. [more inside]
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Could this be race-related?

I am a biracial female in my mid-thirties. Growing up in the 1980's as a mixed kid was no fun, but I survived. My mother was white, and my dad was not a strong black role-model; his family was not a part of my life, and likewise, I did not have any influence from Black culture as I grew up. My parents also sent me to a suburban school, which was predominantly white, so it was very hard to fit in there...I went through school with few friends, and college did not offer much chance to establish any more. By most interpretations, I would likely have fit in better in a "white: crowd (culturally, socially) but phsically I am still a black person. Still, due to my lack of racial identity, it was very hard to fit in anywhere. Fast forward to my question:) Present day well into the new century, I have a successful career and a small real-estate investment business. However, I find that I still have a lot of trouble in work, with my business and with making friends. [more inside]
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Face saving verbal replies

How do I deal with social situations when someone points out why I am so quiet? How can I come up with some face saving replies. [more inside]
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And no, you are not like Charlemagne.

For the Genealogists, armchair or otherwise: You are a Man or Woman living in the 1500s. All things being average, how many descendants would you have today? [more inside]
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Does anyone remember when an Eddie Izzard Theme Night was broadcast in Channel 4 in the UK?

Does anyone remember when an Eddie Izzard Theme Night was broadcast in Channel 4 in the UK? It included a screening of Woody Allen's film Sleeper. [more inside]
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Unsubscribe me, dammit!

Do high-profile companies purposefully break their unsubscribe options? I'm not looking for help with spam. I'm (a) wondering if these companies are scamming and (b) wondering if there's anything I can do about it if they are -- not in terms of stopping the scam from affecting me, but rather in terms of getting the scammers in trouble. [more inside]
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Throwing the baby out with the racist bathwater?

Would you read your three-year-old the Just So Stories, given the racist / patriachal / colonialist / whatnot themes and subtexts? [more inside]
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Poor man's Ipod Touch

I'm looking for a cheap ($50 or less) PDA or cel phone that will sync with either Google Calendar or Ical. All I really want is the calendar/alarm, so when I'm not carrying my laptop I can be reminded of meetings. [more inside]
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On the go snack attack

I'm looking for a satisfying* low-carb protein bar which is also soy-free. Any recommendations? Any bars you hate? I am leaning toward the Biogenesis bars. Also, suggestions for high-protein, low carb items that are quick to fix/pack/take along with me when I need to be out and about are welcome! *I don't expect utter deliciousness, but I'd like something that isn't cardboardy.
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What to do after all day on the Mall in DC in May?

My husband and I will be returning to DC, where we spent part of our honeymoon, for a 10th anniversary trip during the first week in May (May 1-May 7). I've seen these questions, which cover a lot, but we're also interested in events the locals might know about that we wouldn't hear about coming in from out out town. For location/travel purposes, we'll be staying at a hotel near the Foggy Bottom Metro stop and will not have a car. Thanks in advance for your recommendations.
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Help this ADD/ADHD hyperfocuser find the right wristwatch!

I need a watch that has (a) an hourly chime (top priority), and (b) programmable alarms (I could sacrifice this), but also that doesn't look totally ugly (high priority). Can you help me find one? [more inside]
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Facilitate me reading in bed!

Lamp timer - the opposite of a snooze alarm? [more inside]
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What type of music do animals hate the most?

What type of music do animals hate the most? [more inside]
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How can I add a way for users to vote entries up or down (think Reddit) on my site?

How can I add a way for users to vote entries up or down (think Reddit) on my site? [more inside]
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Is there science to this emotional reaction?

Is there a scientific explanation for this reaction? [more inside]
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How can I use Forums more easily?

Is there an easier way to participate in online Forums? Is there such a thing as BBS/Forum reader software? I'm looking for a kind of universal front-end for online Forums that will give me a unified interface for all the different web forums I participate in.
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(Cheese) Spread 'Em.

Give me your best, sharpest, most fabulous cheddar cheese spread! [more inside]
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I can't find a NeoGeo power supply!

I need help finding a power supply for a Japanese top-loading NeoGeo CD for a friend. [more inside]
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To jog or not to jog

Fit Mefites, please help me understand the importance of including cardio in my workout regimen, as it pertains to reducing body fat percentage! [more inside]
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TravelFilter: Ireland

Suggestions for an Irish road trip? [more inside]
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Bring Me The Sunglasses of Sam Peckinpah

Where can I find the sunglasses that Warren Oates wears in "Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia"? [more inside]
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Paczki in JC or NYC?

Hello! Can anyone recommend anywhere in either Jersey City or New York City to get the Polish delicacies known as paczki? [more inside]
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Where does a developer work when he's tired of yet another CMS?

I'm a programmer looking for some side work, but don't want to just build someone a CMS. What unexpected industries could make use of a developer? [more inside]
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Quality jumper recommendations for males

Can you help recommend a decent, stylish jumper to a male? I have quite particular tastes, listed inside. [more inside]
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what to give to someone who gives?

The midwife who was incredible at our sons birth two days ago is going to Haiti for a week to work with a group of doctors. She has been told she has to bring everything she needs for her own support. We would like to give her a gift before she goes, perhaps something she might need and would not think of. Any thoughts form the hive appreciated.
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PHP Form Designer and Manager

Need help finding an easy-to-use web page form designer and/or manager for PHP, etc. with a few specific features. Can't seem to find them all in one place. [more inside]
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what woodburner to get..?

Hi, within planning to build an eco house within the UK, would it possible to get some recommendations for woodburners that have a good efficiency rating or a reputable brand that makes woodburners. (Also possibly considering over woodburners as well as standared ones.)
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Lingerie for Beginners

We're getting married! We're both virgins. Her birthday occurs during the honeymoon. I want to get her something spicy but I have no experience with this stuff! Likely NSFW, inside. [more inside]
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Escapism Filter!

Help me find some awesome, funny chick-lit. [more inside]
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How best to gift printed photos?

My boyfriend took a ton of nice photographs while visiting India this summer. I'd like to get many of them printed. How best to present multiple photographs in an attractive, inexpensive way? [more inside]
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How can I frame my art prints without going broke?

How can I frame my art prints without going broke? NYC-centric or online suggestions welcome. [more inside]
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Not Almonds

What's it like to live in Blue Diamond, Nevada? [more inside]
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I have independent means. Help find a low paid, but interesting and social job.

I have a self sustaining internet business that easily supports my lifestyle, but is very isolating. I am in the fortunate position of only having to work 4 hours a week for the next couple of years. I am however going out of my mind with boredom. I want to find an interesting and social job in the UK. Pay isn’t an issue, but I don’t want to work for free. Any suggestions? If it leads to career outside the digital solo realm, all the better, but this is not essential. I am 30, male, and live in Brighton.
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Knockoff Robert Indiana LOVE t-shirt reading LUST?

Does anyone know where to get a knockoff Robert Indiana LOVE t-shirt reading LUST? [more inside]
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Should he move now or later?

I got a great job across the country and I’m planning to take it. The question is if my fiancé should leave his current job to relocate with me or wait until he has a new job lined up to move. [more inside]
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Please recommend a dentist in Toronto.

Can you recommend a dentist in the west end of Toronto? [more inside]
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When fans can't let go.

What happens to the merchandise for the losing team in a championship game? [more inside]
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What's going on with Greece capping the amount of cash one can spend?

From a Reuters newsreport about Greece's government response plan to their economic meltdown: "From 1. Jan. 2011, every transaction above 1,500 euros between natural persons and businesses, or between businesses, will not be considered legal if it is done in cash. Transactions will have to be done through debit or credit cards" Are they doing this for any other reason than making it easier to collect a sales tax? How can they enforce it? What will happen if someone pays for an item with over 1500 euros in cash, will someone repossess it? Have other countries done something like this?
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Cuban embargo relevence in today's international world

What effects does the U.S. embargo on Cuba have internationally? Specifically Canadian imports/exports and trade. I know Canada still trades with Cuba; however, does the U.S. put enough political and economic pressure to change our own policies? What are the details? How much importance does the embargo have now (excluding U.S. trade)?
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Camera availability in Japan

I wanted to get a new camera before my snowboarding trip to Japan later this month, but the model that I want, the Sony DSC-HX5V/B, isn't available until mid-march. But I've got a 1 night stopover in Tokyo, electronics wonderland! How can I find out if it will have been already released there so I can get it on the way?
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Are these prices real?

Why is this book so insanely high-priced? [more inside]
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Are the Florida Keys decent for college spring break? If not, where?

How are the Florida Keys for Spring break, for a bunch of college males? We want something MTV-Lite. Lots of young people, lots of drinking, but nothing ultra crazy like Panama City. Can we find this in the keys? [more inside]
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The quest for the best tea everr

Help me find the best tea ever! So as a new found lover of tea I am finding that the online tea world has an almost infinite selection. Quickly I am becoming lost in the myriad of options in my quest to find new great tea. So metafites suggest the greatest, the most unique, and the tastiest tea you know of. Bonus points if I can find it online. Double bonus points for direct links. [more inside]
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February 14

What guitar is Charlie Bereal playing?

Easy one... does anyone know what kind of guitar Charlie Bereal plays? Here's a clip of it on a AOL Session jam with Jamie Foxx. Thanks!
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Procedural Generation

Looking for a good book or detailed online guide to applying procedural generation in the creation of video games. [more inside]
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How much sharing is too much?

Should I tell my dear friend, who is currently undergoing fertility treatments, that I'm trying to get pregnant too? How? [more inside]
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Connecting mp3 player shuts down wireless keyboard/mouse?

I recently bought a Logitech Wave wireless keyboard/mouse combo. They work fine, except when I connect my Sansa Clip mp3 player to a USB port to recharge and upload music, at which point they completely stop working. [more inside]
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What's the dangly bit on the N?

In some fonts, the lower right hand corner of a capital 'N' hangs below the rest of the base line of the font. What is this called?
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Take any prime number, say, 27...

Whose prime is 27? I remember that 27 is called So-And-So's Prime because he said in a lecture, "take any prime, say, twenty-seven..." but I can't remember who said this (and googling only gives me pages about how 27 isn't a prime number).
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Help me play difficult music by ear

I'm a musician looking for basic software to slow down a song so I can figure out how to play difficult sections by ear. Difficulty: free and small preferred. [more inside]
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Impact of the American Socialist Movement

What are some good articles on the impact the American socialist movement had on U.S. law and policy making? [more inside]
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Why isn't NBC televising the medal ceremonies?

Why aren't the Olympic medal ceremonies being televised?
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Help me be a bit less fashion-ignorant

Hey guys. I'm 18, male, British, and have really no sense of style clothing-wise. What's the best way for me to very quickly builds some sort of fashion sense, so that (a) I can start wearing clothes that actually look good and (b) I feel less in the dark when people talk about such matters? Basically, what I need is some sort of crash course in style: the lessons I would have learnt if I hadn't spent my time programming.
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Is time collection the norm in software engineering?

Is time collection (as in, recording what you work on to the nearest 15 minutes) the norm in software engineering? [more inside]
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How can you place a bet that one stock will outperform another?

Is there a term (like straddle, or strangle) where you bet that an underlying stock will outperform another stock? [more inside]
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Apparently, cows can't tell that I'm a vegetarian.

I can find plenty about bear safety and mountain lion safety, but little similar info about cattle. What safety measures can I, a city boy, take in order to keep from being stampeded, gored or otherwise killed or injured by cattle as I am a guest in their pastures? What behaviors can I look for in cattle to give me a feel for how they feel about us when we're near them? [more inside]
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Top secret

Another Olympic-themed question: is the Men's Downhill event going to be televised live? [more inside]
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What's making that racket?

I was watching the Olympic Biathlon today and saw spectators with noisemakers that looked like vintage tin horns. Difference was that these horns had four bells and seemed to be able to change pitch. What are they and where can I get one?
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Climate science book suggestions

Help me counter-snark my climate-change-denying uncle. [more inside]
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How to send a Gmail to multiple recipients?

Asking for a friend: Once every few months, my friend needs to send a mass email to a bunch of folks who have emailed her. She uses Gmail. Because she has never emailed these people before, they do not "pop up" automagically as contacts when she types their name, and there are far too many to make this a practical solution anyway. Any ideas? [more inside]
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What were they skating to?

What were they skating to? [more inside]
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A letter with tax return?

I'm concerned I will be audited by the IRS because circumstances during the past year drastically changed our profit for the year thus resulting in a large refund, as a percentage of what we prepaid through estimates. Nothing was done inappropriately/questionably/illegally and the money is owed to us but I would like to head-off an audit. Should I include a letter that explains these circumstances or would that draw more attention to the issue? Should I file early or late? Thanks!
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Help me pick a blu-ray player for my TV

Help me choose a blu-ray player for my TV... my head is spinning trying to compare features etc. I just want to watch movies! And if possible - also internet TV would be sweet. [more inside]
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To steek or not to steek

I recently completed work on a knitted tunic, which came out rather...less than ideal. [more inside]
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Mac ip --> text file

How do I get my mac to update a text file with its ip address everytime it wakes up?
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Why are my eyelashes breaking?!

What the heck...?! The lashes on just one of my eyes appear to be breaking. They're little stubbles 1/2 their normal length: both upper and lower, all the lashes on the outer contours, with a few lashes in the mid and center of the lids remaining normal. Looks like someone took a pair of scissors to them while I was sleeping! At first it was 1/8 in. section, then 1/2 inch section, now 3/4 in. Not from the roots, but broken off... [more inside] [more inside]
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Help me to do an Iron Cross to win a bet

Help me to do an Iron Cross to win a bet [more inside]
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Home Field Advantage?

Sportsfilter: To what extent do various events go out of their way to support or eliminate home field advantage? [more inside]
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It Takes Two

What books feature good character pairs? [more inside]
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Scared of Living?

I'm not sure what to call this but there's something off with me and I don't know what it is. I've always had a hard time with my social relationships. [more inside]
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cream cheese conundrum

What can I do with 3 lbs of cream cheese? [more inside]
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But I don't want to be an alpha male!

Questions about male-female attraction and my validity as a man. [more inside]
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I’d be happy to take your money, if I only knew how much to take.

I created an iPhone app that a company wants to buy. Now I need to figure out what the app is worth, in order to evaluate whether their offer is acceptable. I know a little bit about product valuation, but I also know that valuation is pretty market-specific, and most of what I know, or can learn, doesn’t entirely translate to the iPhone app market. Does anyone know a good article or book that might be applicable? Does anyone know anyone that specializes, or at least has decent experience, in valuation of iPhone apps?
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Editing color in videos

Is there any way to edit the color in a video after it has been shot in 'special color' (it is now mostly black and white)? [more inside]
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Where do Japanese people go to eat Japanese food in Dallas?

Where do Japanese people go to eat Japanese food in Dallas? [more inside]
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SatNav map updates on the cheap?

SatNav map updates on the cheap? [more inside]
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Help me and my circadian rhythms.

First big international trip: help me keep jet lag at a minimum. [more inside]
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Making my own sheet music--how to add in chords?

I'm trying to insert graphic chord diagrams (little pictures that show where to put your fingers) into a text document that shows the chord names (like C-minor). Any chord name could match 4 or 5 possible diagrams. I'm trying to figure out a way, in any mac or web software, to give myself a little pop-up menu asking which of the four I'd like to insert--and then, when I choose it, insert it! Can anyone point me in any direction for achieving something like this?
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Strangely enough, I find myself doing actual work-type programming

What happens to my php script if the user exits the browser before it's done? [more inside]
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How much to pay for someone to shovel snow off the roof?

We live in the D.C area and have had ice dams on our roof and its starting to cause leaking problems. Nothing drastic, but some water is starting to drip inside of our windows. I put some Deicer in socks and threw them on the gutters to try to clear a path for the water to go, but that seems to be taking forever. Our neighbors have some guys shoveling snow off their roofs and they said they would do the same for us for $500. Is that too much to pay? Our house isn't that large, its a split-level home. [more inside]
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butt chins

What in the hell is this [more inside]
posted by tehloki at 1:23 PM PST - 2 comments

How do condoms break?

When condoms break, do they break noticeably or can they have tiny holes? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:19 PM PST - 15 comments

Sharing toddler noises with grandparents

I'm looking for a place to share audio files with friends and family. Nothing copyrighted; mainly voice memo recordings, for my parents of their grandchild. [more inside]
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Basic electrical questions

Just some random, basic questions about electric and avoiding circuit overload... [more inside]
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What can we do with 15 or so ounces of tahini? [more inside]
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Can't pull my flickr stream

I am putting up a public profile on google and I'm having trouble getting google to pull my photos from flickr. [more inside]
posted by bonsai forest at 11:48 AM PST - 6 comments

I chipped my tooth, and now I'm getting a strange taste in my mouth.

I chipped my tooth, and now I'm getting a strange taste in my mouth. [more inside]
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Do I tell her she's not a bridesmaid or just forget it ever happened?

Should I tell her she's not a bridesmaid anymore or just keep my mouth shut? [more inside]
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What's the best investment to cut down on chores and keep the house cleaner?

Help me invest $1,000 for a cleaner house. Small child plus two full-time jobs + what seems like an awful lot of time spent cleaning = still distressingly filthy house. Thinking of getting a dishwasher, but given that pots and pans couldn't go in, not sure how much marginal gain there would really be. $1000 could buy a lot of other small things, like better toy and clothing storage, better system for dealing with muddy boots, that kind of thing. What's the most bang for the buck?
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Ferro fluid experiment safe?

Is this experiment safe to try with my students? [more inside]
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I need Charlie Watts in my computer NOW!

(virtualdrumfilter) Okay, I am a audio engineer/producer. I recently acquired new client. It's a match made in heaven, he's rich and has the songs, I have the gear, ability and knowledge. But I need to finish a demo song for him by tomorrow. I need a freeware virtual drum machine.... [more inside]
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Cheapest plumbing snake

Plumbing filter: Where's the least expensive place to buy a powered plumbing snake? [more inside]
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These Days

Help me become less selfish/self-absorbed. [more inside]
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Skippin' out...

[GradSchoolFilter] What's the most graceful, or rather least ungraceful, way to withdraw from a graduate program? [more inside]
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On demand poster printing site?

Any on- demand poster printing websites? [more inside]
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Maybe we should not have been drinking bourbon when planning trip for the Bourbon Trail.

Schedule FAIL = looking for something to do today in Louisville, KY before dinner. [more inside]
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PS3 Friendly Movies

Converting existing AVI files to play on the PS3 - What is the most efficient method? [more inside]
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