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December 31

What do you subscribe to on youtube?

Youtube has always struck me as kind of a waste land, geared towards 14-year-olds, but I've gotten interested in a particular vlogger and watch the channel as a sort of seven-minute daily dose of reality tv. So now I'm curious--what do you watch on youtube on a recurring basis that is interesting and intelligent?
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Crispy hotel sheets--where can I find them in real life?

I am currently posting this question while lying on crispy, smooth sheets at a Comfort Inn in anywhere USA. When I get home tomorrow, my Egyptian cotton sheets will feel much softer and "fuzzier." Are there crispy "civilian" sheets like those at this Comfort Inn? If so, where can I buy them?
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Still struggling with the break up and don't know what to do?

I'm still recovering from a break up from October. It wasn't long but I fell hard for her, hard enough that I saw myself settling down with her and having a family. I didn't date anyone since my last ex, so about 3.5 years since my last real relationship. I know I probably shouldn't have started anything with my ex because I know she was going to move to New Orleans for her medical residency (I'm still in San Francisco.) [more inside]
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Therapist recommendations in NYC

Hello all, Yet another therapist recommendation question. This time my own! [more inside]
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Why won't my wife's iPhone 6 ring when she gets a "hangout" voice call

My wife has an iPhone 6 running 8.1.1 When she receives a hangout request, her phone will do one small vibrate and show a banner, but it will not ring. If she's not paying attention, she doesn't realize she's being called. [more inside]
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What to do with pepperoni oil?

I've got a quart of skimmed oil from pepperoni simmering in tomato sauce-what can I do with it? [more inside]
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Need good book on physical world of the Bible that isn't for children

For a project I'm doing, I'd like an illustrated book with lots of information on the physical world of the Bible - particularly animals, plants, and insects. I can look up what's mentioned in the Bible on Wikipedia, but I want more than that. I want to be able to page through an illustrated work (color) - bonus points if there are commentaries from scholars - and to learn a lot about all of the creatures mentioned without having to turn to my computer for complete information. More below. [more inside]
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Simple online calorie diary that let's me just add numbers?

I'd like an online calorie diary that is simple, let's me just add the calorie numbers that I already know for a meal instead of making me search for each item. And then keep track of how I am meeting pre-determined goals. [more inside]
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TALENTED HOME DECORATORS HELP! New ugly circuit breaker box mounted!

In a week's time I may have to face a metal circuit breaker box, and floor-to-ceiling electrical piping, sticking out from a wall in my already small studio. I'm seeking decorator-style help. What can I do to make this even marginally less hideous? [more inside]
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Buying from Swappa?

I've seen Swappa recommended here and am just sort of asking if people have had good results. Anecdata, I know, but the local buy/fix/sell iPhone store's prices are about double what I see on the site. On the other hand, a relative bought a phone from Swappa and had bad results and filled my ear with it, so I'm having a moment of hesitation. Still, I am strongly leaning towards buying from Swappa (frankly couldn't afford to buy at the store's prices) but if people routinely get bum phones from them, I'll look into other options.
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Where to start with Walter Benjamin?

Where should I start with Walter Benjamin (and Hannah Arendt and Foucault and bell hooks and...?) (Non-academic but well-read lay person perspective.) [more inside]
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How does an NTFS partition affect computer performance?

I have a late-2008 MacBook running Yosemite with 2GB of RAM. For years I have had two external hard drives, one for my Surface Pro 2, and one for this Mac, or so I thought. But after plugging my Mac hard drive into my PC to look at the file list, I found that I could no longer mount the hard drive on my Mac (?!). All the files are still there, accessible and editable on my PC. This seems like witchcraft, but I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation. [more inside]
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Cooking Substitutions: Pearled Sorghum

What can I substitute in place of pearled sorghum? [more inside]
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Website for asking a Q, to get a MeFi-size&quality, but anon, readership

Is there a non-tech "Ask" site as high-quality and high-readership as AskMetafilter, but where there's a place for responding with throwaway usernames? (Reddit isn't it.) [more inside]
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Venmo: Stranger sends me $1. Scam?

I have a Venmo account and have only ever used it once ( to receive one large payment from a trusted friend a few months back). Today the app popped up a notification saying that "Person X has sent you $1". I don't know Person X (nor does my spouse). Is there a scam involved somehow, or is it more likely an honest mistake? [more inside]
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Navigating my wild thicket of taxes

You are not my accountant, but I'm trying to figure out whether I need a tax preparer, or whether software based services like turbo tax can help me navigate the rough and choppy seas of my tax nightmare. [more inside]
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Selling champagne?

My dear friend, who is 15 years sober, received a bottle of Palmes d'Or 2002 Champagne from her new boss for Christmas. She graciously accepted it, but would like to sell/trade it for something more...useful. It's worth about $100. She really has no one to regift it to. We're in Los Angeles, if that matters. Any suggestions?
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Visiting Mexico City as a queer mixed-race couple?

For my 30th birthday, I'm planning a week-long trip to Mexico City with my partner. We both have some concerns about physical/emotional safety, especially for her as a trans WOC. I'm looking for advice and anecdotes from people with experience being brown (as a tourist/non-native) and/or queer in Mexico City. [more inside]
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How do you deal with a rational phobia?

I have a big fat annoying anxiety-inducing, sleep-disrupting phobia of bedbugs. I'm already doing CBT to limited success; what other avenues should I explore? [more inside]
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CD burning - VERY easy and free?

I want to simply make CDs from iTunes, and I would like a very easy (and free!) way to do it. [more inside]
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Buying a new car, practicality vs fun

I need to buy a new car. Can you help? [more inside]
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Help me get along with my Chinese neighbors

I live in a very diverse neighborhood - it’s probably 1/3 N-th generation white, 1/3 Chinese*, and 1/3 other recent immigrants. It’s working class, with a lot of large, packed together houses, and multi-generational housing arrangements. My husband and I (Nth-generation whites) have been having trouble interacting with our Chinese neighbors, and it’s making my husband want to move out of our neighborhood. I love our neighborhood, and would like to keep the option open to stay long term. [more inside]
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it's just not a fit

I'm a 29 year old female and *very* petite. I need to find a pair of pants that won't make me look like stick straight. [more inside]
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Plato Quote - Original Source?

Does anyone know the original source of this quote that is often attributed to Plato: "Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it." [more inside]
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Deathwish Coffee Flavor without the Caffeine

After years of close but not right and almost-good-enough-coffee-beans, I've discovered my holy grail of flavor, Deathwish coffee. Slightly cherrylike, a little chocolatey and OH SO MILD yet with a bit of a bite. Problem? I don't love the supercharged caffeine level. [more inside]
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Firework-phobic dog home alone on NYE?

We haven't been out on New Year's Eve in the six years we've had this big baby, Clyde Drexler (obligatory photo - we like to call this his OK Cupid profile pic). This year, we have an offer we can't refuse. [more inside]
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Parable about man who creates a religion and is killed by his followers

I'm trying to remember a parable about a man who invents a religion (as a bet or as an experiment), then after he has built up a following, he reveals that it is false. However, his followers are so bought into the story that they call him out as an infidel, and kill him for blasphemy. I can't remember the origin, but it sounds like something from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Does anyone else remember this, and know where it's from?
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12 months of music for 2016

Somewhere along the line, I've stopped listening to music altogether, and now have no idea what music I like, or even what music exists. I'd like to fix that - please help? [more inside]
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Opt in to a mailing list via a link

A good friend runs a business which is very different to mine, but with probably 80% customer overlap. She sends out a very popular e-newsletter once a fortnight. For a long while I've wanted to send an e-newsletter too, and it would be useful if the people on my friend's mailing list could be offered the opportunity to easily join mine. [more inside]
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What to expect when you're expecting... surgery?

Hi. I'm Hanov3r and, for the last 18 years, I've been a dirty LARPer. Earlier this year, while participating in my sport of choice, I injured my knee, pretty badly. Took a lot of time away from doing physical things to give it time to heal, the knee didn't really get any better, and I finally saw a doctor about it. One MRI later, and I'm looking at probable surgery to repair multiple tears of the medial and lateral meniscuses (meniscii?) of my left knee. So... how's that going to affect me? [more inside]
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December 30

Sketching people

I would really like to practice drawing portraits, or at least do figure drawing from life. However, I'm afraid that my subjects might want to see or keep the drawing in the end, and I am afraid of giving them a totally disappointing, bizarrely unrealistic rendition of themselves, because I'm not very good. Has anybody navigated this smoothly before? [more inside]
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Airline-regulation carryon luggage

What's the best airline-regulation size carryon? I currently have a soft-sided roller bag that I tend to overpack, so looking for something hard sided that fits in a sizer and can't be overpacked. NO duffels please--I have one already but strongly prefer wheels.
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Help my identify these Santa Claus blow molds...

Can the hive elves help me identify information about this Santa Claus blow mold? I have eight matching versions of these, each 10" high. Photo in the extended explanation... [more inside]
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Six months of health coach + Power of Habit = superwoman?

My Christmas present to myself is six months of a health coach who is also a registered dietitian. I recently fell in love with The Power of Habit. I would like suggestions on how to maximize the next six months to build healthy habits that will net real health and fitness changes now and stick with me over the years. [more inside]
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Binary goal tracker?

Is there a 'yes/no' goal tracker app you'd recommend? [more inside]
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OTC pain killer that won't cause constipation?

I had a killer headache today and broke down and took 400 mg of ibuprofen and it seems to work. But, it also has the side effect of making it pretty likely for me not to go number 2 tomorrow. I pretty much swore the stuff off but, keep it in my medicine cabinet for stuff that is worse than the constipation. I would obviously prefer something that doesn't do that. Acetimophen is nowhere near as good. Any other options I can get without a prescription?
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Fun But Quiet Activity for 11 Kids

My daughter goes to a homeschooling co-op. I'm looking for activities for my volunteer hour where I keep eleven kids, ages six to sixteen, entertained/learning in a quiet environment. [more inside]
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Inexpensive Graphics PC Workarounds

Recommendations for a super-cheap, portable PC that can run Rhino (3D modeling graphics software)? [more inside]
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Don't say Toastmasters

How can I get better at talking about technical subjects on the fly in high-pressure situations? [more inside]
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Weird little dots

Can you identify this interesting orange and black lichen? Is it a lichen? Is it two? [more inside]
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What is the specific process that is draining my iPhone's cellular data?

Since late October/early November, my iPhone 6s (128 GB Verizon, not jailbroken) has been ruthlessly leaking cellular data for no obvious reason. After many days of troubleshooting, I narrowed the culprit down to the infuriatingly unspecific "Documents & Data" category in the iOS 9 “Settings/Cellular/System Services” settings. How can I determine specifically what “documents” and/or “data” is causing the data leak? [more inside]
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What should I do about cockroaches in AirBNB place I'm in NOW?

I'm staying in an AirBNB place in a Eurpean city well known for it's rennaissance art and not in a hot-climate place where these thing are unavoidable. Today there was a life cockroach on the kitchen counter (when the light was on). We did not get a picture. Now there's another one. I got a video with a wide view so it's clear this is in the apartment not some random cockroach video. Questions are 1. What, if anything do I do with regards to my host and and 2. What do I do to make sure I don't take cockroaches home with me? [more inside]
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New PC laptop seeks security

Best security software for my new Windows 10 laptop? Any other advice to ensure my computer's life gets off to a good start? [more inside]
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When did GE stop making this crappy dishwasher?

Our apartment's old dishwasher, a GE Americana model, is no longer manufactured. Any idea how to figure out when it stopped being produced? I'd like to know what's the youngest possible age for the washer. GE was unresponsive to my queries. [more inside]
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"Got up too quickly" for different cultures

Yesterday I stood up too quickly, got a bit lightheaded and had to sit down again. My Mexican hosts were concerned and I tried to explain. At this point that I realized that "got up too quickly" is really not that descriptive and in fact borders on idiom. So now I'm curious what the Mexican Spanish idiom would be for that particular event (technically orthostatic hypotension). And while I'm at it I'm kind of curious about other cultures as well. Please help me sate my cultural curiosity.
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What to expect re: sleep medicine?

How can I best prepare for my appointment with a sleep specialist? [more inside]
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Optical fiber transmitting light gained lengthwise?

Having a brainfart about bare optical fiber that is really bothering me. Tried to google this and while I think the answer is yes my google-fu is failing in a big way. [more inside]
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Amazon Echo: yes or no?

I was given an Amazon Echo for Christmas. I'm trying to decide whether it makes sense to keep it or return it (for something as-yet-undetermined). Those of you with Echos: what am I missing? Is there some great application of it that I don't yet realize? [more inside]
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I just started a job organizing people's email. I have some questions.

So, thanks partially to the response I received from a previous question, I've begun a sidebusiness organizing people's email inboxes: basically, helping people handle their email without getting overwhelmed, while also more generally helping with personal email/digital workflow. As this is somewhat of a unique project, I have two questions with not-entirely-obvious answers. [more inside]
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Concurrent Dialogue Trees in Twine/Twine-likes?

I'm hoping to build a game prototype in Twine (or a similar friendly-to-non-programmers tool) but I'm not sure if it supports what I want to do. The snag is the game is designed around two concurrent dialogue trees that the player can hop between at any point. [more inside]
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Getting Public Radio Stations to Respond to a Survey

I have been working for about a year on a project that I expect will lead to a book about the public radio fund drive. I've asked a lot of questions here about it as I've tried to figure out how to approach the topic. Along with focus groups (I've done two, planning a third) and a literature review I'm finishing, I need to conduct a survey of public radio stations. [more inside]
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Are there vocational Ivies?

My nephew is not interested in college, but is very interested in pursuing vocational education and becoming an electrician, carpenter, or other trade profession. For various reasons his parents are not going to be helpful with this, so I'm looking into options for him. [more inside]
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Good Building Activity for a Kid who Like Legos?

Hi, I want to come up with some sort of building, construction toy or activity for my son who is 7 years old. He loves building legos and sits down with the books intensely to build them. The thing is that he doesn't actually like to play with them later. We have many legos for this reason but it is getting out of hand since the only part he likes is the building! [more inside]
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Fear of Antidepressants

Yesterday a dear friend had a come to Jesus talk with me and encouraged me to make an appointment with my doctor about going on an antidepressant. I have been advised to go on antidepressants in the past by therapists and other doctors, but have never taken the next steps because my family views being on medication as a personal failure/huge dangerous risk. What should I do? [more inside]
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Resources re Moving to Chapel Hill, NC

I am moving from near Blacksburg, VA to Chapel Hill, NC. I don’t have a certain timeframe, but sooner is better. I have asked questions about moving in the past when I was still figuring out a city, and I have similar questions now pertinent to Chapel Hill. I am especially seeking insight into housing, mental health services, and walkability. More inside. [more inside]
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Team Building Pen and Paper Role Playing Games?

In one of my classes for my Master's degree we did a short, team centered, role playing exercise that was pen and paper based. It involved crash landing in a jungle, and then making a series of choices to escape to civilization. I'm not looking for that specific exercise, but I'd like to find a similar print-n-play scenario that could be used with undergraduates. Free is definitely a plus. Playing in around 45 minutes would be necessary. Each packet would ideally accommodate between 5 to 8 players.
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Help me think through this furniture hack?

I want a small file cabinet with a numeric keypad or fingerprint lock rather than a key. [more inside]
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Where/How to Sell a Bottle of Fancy Bourbon

I stumbled into a new bottle of 15 year old Pappy Van Winkle, and hope to sell for a reasonably maximal price. I think eBay discourages alcohol, Craigs List seems ill-suited, retailers will want a bargain, and I’d like to avoid scams. Is there an established, reasonably self-screened forum or listing service for this sort of thing?
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So apparently I'm a fan of the English Premier League

I have found myself watching EPL the last few weekends, cumulating last Saturday with three straight games. I think its time to admit I'm a fan. So I'm looking for a few blogs, email newsletters, etc. to follow to stay up on the league. Suggestions? There is a lot out there and I don't have time to filter through it all to find the few good sources. [more inside]
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Help me navigate a work transition/move

I work in 100% travel IT consulting job. Moving soon so I can find local IT consulting (or else) jobs with my wife. Ideal world would to stay at current company, which doesn't have clients in new city, but is expanding there and current client has office there. While I am networking and will start applying for new jobs, I'd like to keep the option to stay. Do you have any thoughts or experiences in how to discuss this and navigate these waters? Some details below fold: [more inside]
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Bad back. Two small kids. Winter Weather. Professional Job. What shoes?

I'm going back to work after having my second child. This time I have a back prone to injury. I'm looking for stylish, comfortable footwear suitable for dropping the kids off at school and daycare during the winter, and also wearing with work clothes in a professional environment. [more inside]
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A chill, relaxing NYE/NYD that happens to be in NYC.

I don't need to actual celebrate/acknowledge New Year's Eve/Day in NYC, but I will happen to be in the city for the holiday and am looking for calm, interesting possibilities that don't involve locking yourself into an apartment against the hordes (the entire time). Looking for your suggestions on how to spend a few days in NYC over the holiday that don't necessarily involve celebrating the holiday (but do avoid crowd crush to the greatest extent possible.) [more inside]
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good idea / bad idea?

Should we ask our bank for a consolidated loan after they turned us down once before and now hold our mortgage? [more inside]
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Bad iTunes Match, NO, BAD, DON'T DO THAT!

Finally signed up for iTunes Match, enabled it on my 32gb phone and now music is downloading to my phone. It's eaten all my remaining space and when I deleted 2 gbs, MORE music started downloading to my phone to fill up the remaining space. How do I get this to stop and make the music (via song or album)available for download, without actually downloading it? NOTE: I do not have Apple music, just iTunes Match. [more inside]
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Questions for Interviewing Kids

We'd like to video record interviews of our kids (currently 5 and 3) at the end of each year and would like suggested questions to ask them. Ideally, these same questions can be asked each year. So far we've come up with questions like, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" and "who is your best friend?" We're not as interested in "Kids Say the Darndest Things" style questions. In addition to suggested questions, if you've done this sort of thing before, we'd appreciate any advice on executing this effectively.
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Goal charting app?

In the past when I've had big long-term goals (study a language for 300 hours, bike 2,000 miles this summer, etc.) it's been motivating for me to make a big grid on a wall to represent the goal. The grid is divided into however many units of goal I want to accomplish and I color in each unit as I put in the work. It's similar to the fundraising thermometer way to visually represent progress. Is there an iphone app (preferably something attractive with minimal text) that is good for this kind of goal tracking? Most goal tracking apps I've found so far are way too complicated and not what I'm looking for.
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Do you have an amazing bookkeeper/accountant?

I'm looking for a really great bookkeeper/accounting firm for a small but growing business using Quickbooks. Snowflake: MUST BE AMAZING. [more inside]
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December 29

How rich do you have to be to move to the East Bay?

I'm rich. Am I rich enough to live in the Bay Area? [more inside]
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Suicidal Nephew Possibly Moving In - No Job, No GED, No Car

My 18-year-old nephew tried to commit suicide two months ago, right before his birthday. At that time, and a couple times a couple years ago, my husband and I offered to let him come live with us. His mom wouldn't let him before he turned 18, and, after his suicide attempt, he chose to continue living with his mom. His mom just quit her job to move out of state, and the consensus has been that he'll come live with me and my husband. I've been open to it, until this past week or so. [more inside]
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How to not get blisters on feet when wearing sandals?

I keep getting blisters with sandals (every time) other than sneakers I guess its the socks and softer shoe. And I've tried different types of sandals. Have you ever dealt with this? I maybe have sensitive skin on my feet. Would like to hear from people who have dealt with this . Thanks!
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Villa Becomes Village

Seeking fiction and non-fiction accounts, as well as real-life anecdotes, of buying a mansion and renting out the rooms to friends and/or strangers (or, otherwise, of living in such an arrangement) [more inside]
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Restaurant in San Jose (and environs) as wedding gift?

We have friends getting married who live in Santa Clara. We generally like to give gift cards to a nicer-but-not-super-expensive/more-special-than-normal/delicious restaurant as gifts, and we are having a hard time figuring out good options nearby. Only other items of note include price range of $100-$150 and must be gluten-free friendly. That's it!
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What will top Hatoful Boyfriend?

My girlfriend and I celebrate our anniversary on NYE, and last year we spent the night playing Hatoful Boyfriend. It was ridiculous and fun, and we want to play something that will be as much fun this year. [more inside]
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I need a miracle

How can my 26-year old Second-Life-design-genius-and-little-sister get an invite for Sansar? [more inside]
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How do I keep my sanity and my job?

I think I’m losing it. I got hit by a stroke of good luck and a stroke of bad recently. I've recently made some career strides but they were accompanied by what appears to be a mental health crisis that jeopardizes my career. My family and S.O. are against me getting the treatment I feel I need to function – treatment that may be out of reach if I lose my job based on erratic behavior and a significant shift in impulse control and propriety. I feel like I’m between a rock and a hard place. What do I do? [more inside]
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Mentors of Mefi: How do I be a better mentee?

I think I come across, unintentionally, as a lackluster mentee. I want to be a rock star mentee. Maybe I am just being too hard on myself, but... I also think that my and my mentor's personalities may be ever so slightly incongruous. Not to mention I have a very stressful current-work situation I'm trying to navigate in an effort to make more time for me mentorship. It all makes me feel awkward and insecure. [more inside]
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How to charge my MacBook Air from an external battery

I bought an external battery (20800 mAh) for my oldish Macbook Air. But there is one thing I didn't think of: How do I plug my Macbook into an external battery that only has USB outputs?
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Need a techy gift. What was the best tech you got for Christmas?

I'm looking for a $0 - $100 or so techy gift for a friend. Amazon links are fabulous. Something you would give to someone that would make them say "Ooooh!" If there is something you got for Christmas that you give rave reviews, I'd love to hear about it. Thanks!
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Contacted by Asset Recovery Company - Actually not a scam.

How do you collect property/funds from a will you are suggestively entitled to? How do you concretely find out you are entitled to these funds? [more inside]
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Survival guide for Mardi Gras in New Orleans

I've been invited to spend Mardi Gras with family friends in New Orleans. I'll be there for an extended visit, from Feb. 5th through the 10th, but I've never even been to NO, let alone experienced Mardi Gras, and it sounds kind of...intense. [more inside]
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Is a 5-hour century a realistic cycling goal?

I am a second-generation cyclist. My father, long ago, rode the San Diego Century in 4'52", back when he was a talented amateur road racer in rural SoCal with very little to do besides ride his bike. I am in my thirties and have a nine-to-five in NYC. Can I break the 5-hour mark? [more inside]
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Shouldn't be surprised, but ...

My daughter checked her bags at the front counter for a United flight to Quito via Houston. Was told at the gate that the flight was overbooked and that she was involuntarily bumped. She was there well ahead of time. The next flight out (to Quito) that they were able to scrounge was on 1/1/16, rather than her scheduled 12/29/15. As compensation for this complete foul-up, they offered her $200, with some sort of claim that they were treating her first leg to Texas as her destination for the day. What should she do?
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One couple, two bedrooms

My SO & I are planning to (eventually) move in together. One of his "must haves" is separate bedrooms, and I admit I find the idea appealing - although I have some concerns (mostly around logistics, less around maintaining intimacy). As such, I'm looking for ways people have used to successfully navigate having separate bedrooms. [more inside]
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Should I port my google voice number to my carrier?

I was given an iPhone for Christmas this year. Until now, my entire smartphone experience has been with Android phones that work seamlessly with google voice. Using the gv number on my new phone feels pretty clunky. Should I just port my number to my carrier? [more inside]
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Yet another question about online glasses

Looking for progressive glasses (ideally sunglasses) online [more inside]
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If you had three weeks in the Philippines, how would you plan them?

I know NOTHING about the Philippines and next to nothing about international travel. But my friends and I want to spend 2-3 weeks there. [more inside]
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Healthy ways to ring in the New Year?

Let's say you want to make your New Year's Eve and New Year's Day a celebration of your newfound health habits, getting in better shape and eating better over the past year, etc. What are your non-typical, health-oriented traditions for ringing in the new year? I welcome ideas both cheap and expensive, and those that involve going elsewhere or making a night in feel 'special'. ..... [more inside]
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Is it appropriate to apologize to a boss for poor performance? How?

Personal upheaval has affected my work performance in the past few months, both my day job and freelancing gig. No major screw-ups, but some missed days, missed deadlines, and overall reduction in my quality of work. I've been thinking about saying something to my direct supervisors, just a "hey, I know I've been off my game lately and I'm sorry. Thank you for your patience, and please know that I'm committed to improving my performance." Is this appropriate, or am I being overly anxious/contrite? Some contextual details below. [more inside]
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Books about taking responsibility

This is a narrower question than the title might suggest. A search for books about taking responsibility on Amazon returns the following relevant results: [more inside]
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What is the best way for kids to learn to code in 2016?

When I learned to program computers years ago the only real option was a book and a compiler. Now it seems that a number of websites improve on that with better interactive feedback and assistance when one is stuck. Is that true? Which sources are best for teenagers and pre-teens who have little experience? I'm thinking that Java, Objective-C or a similar language might be best. Is getting an app on an Iphone possible for novices? Thanks.
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What does the weight limit on a road mean?

If a road has a 7.5 tonne weight limit, what does that mean? What if the vehicle is longer or shorter than usual? What if it has twice as many wheels as normal? What if another heavy vehicle drives along the road (say from the other direction) at the same time?
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How Can I Sell, Market and Network a James Perse-like Men's Fashion Line

I am about to launch a James Perse-like, California casual men's fashion line in Southern California and am looking for ways to... 1) Sell the line 2) Market the line 3) Find local brands that sell men's clothing, accessories, etc to share space at trade shows and events [more inside]
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I'm about to be sick. Can I stop it?

For the past two years in a row, I've gotten sick exactly on Dec 30th. I feel it coming on again. Is there anything I can do to curb it? [more inside]
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Girl pirates!

After her pink fairy phase, my four year old has started wanting to play pirates. Are there any books (movies, games, pictures, other inspiration) about female pirates? Suitable for 4-6 year olds? Thank you!
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Standards for the operation of electronics in high temperatures?

I'm looking for an internationally recognised ISO or IEC style standard or certification, against which I can have an electronic device tested and cleared for use. The temperatures involved are high, but not extreme. The device will be used within a metal enclosure in the Middle East. [more inside]
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Readable non-fiction about the French Revolution

I'm not really sure what I'm looking for, precisely, but a book of not more than 1000 or so pages that will grab me within about 30-50 pages. Non-fiction readable typically means published in the last 50 years or so, though I am flexible on this. Must be available in ebook format.
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How do I save all my txts somewhere before I wipe my phone?

So after 3.5 years, I finally broke down and got a new cell phone. Verizon is giving me a $200 credit to return my old phone. Normally I would just keep it but… that’s a lot of money. My question is, how do I save all my txts somewhere like dropbox? I really, really don’t want to lose over three years of txts, particularly ones from a friend who recently passed away. [more inside]
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How to get rid of .AAE files from photo library

How can I stop my iPhone from saving .aae files along with .jpg photos? [more inside]
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Men's medium hair?

Men with medium (ear to chin) length hair - how do you get your locks looking so luxurious? Basically, how do you go from this to this?
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Persistently painful crown

I've had a crown on one of my molars for a couple years now, and it's never felt right. On my last visit to the dentist, they essentially told me I was SOL. Is this true? [more inside]
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Help me navigate among the Nikons!

My birthday gift from my wife this year is a new DSLR! Hell yeah! But I have to pick it out. Oh no! Please help me figure out which of the entry-level Nikon DSLRs is for me. [more inside]
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I really want to give up smoking but I am terrified.

Writing is my job. And when I am writing, I am smoking like it’s my job. And since circumstances allow, the smoking includes more than tobacco. I think I really really want to stop both for 2016 but I don’t know how I will write without my ‘muses’. [more inside]
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What's the best way to fix a DOB violation on a house in Brooklyn?

Wondering if anyone has any experience curing a DOB violation on a building in Brooklyn. The catch: The violation is still listed in the previous owner's name. [more inside]
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He wants to marry me. I planned to never marry.

He's proposed marriage before, and did again in a very serious way and context last night. I've always said no, but this time I told him I'll think about it. I can't tell if this resistance I'm feeling is real objection or a function of my pride. There's certainly a case for us getting married, but there's also a case against marriage being right for me. [more inside]
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Unhelpful feelings of guilt around business decisions

How to sit with discomfort (and you know... get some sleep) after making decisions that put my financial needs first? [more inside]
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Help me find more books like prisoners of geography.

Please recommend recently published short books on geopolitics that were pleasant, easy to read, and really smart. [more inside]
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Building a library from scratch (almost)

It looks like the responsibilities of my job are about to expand to take on managing a (currently extremely small) library. I'm thrilled by the opportunity, but a bit daunted. I'm looking for advice on: a) Building a functioning catalogue/borrowing system (e.g. I've looked at Evergreen and Koha, are they good? Pros/cons?). b) How-to-be-an-awesome-librarian-despite-lack-of-formal-training-as-such (I've seen Jessamyn's work on here and its an inspiration that I'm looking to, but top tips'd also be great). [more inside]
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The internet of lights

My wife is tired of coming home to a dark house, and I want something to fiddle with. I'm thinking about getting a "smart" setup of some sort to control the lights (details inside). What's the best overall solution? We're exclusively a Mac/iOS household. [more inside]
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How to temporarily disable access to my own files?

How can I protect me from myself during a time of emotional upheaval, in terms of access to my own past journal entries? [more inside]
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Covered by both my insurance and my husband's?

I'm a dependent on my husband's health care (Blue Cross). I'm also covered at work (Kaiser). Should I cancel my work coverage to avoid paperwork nightmares? [more inside]
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Introduction to Political Theology and Philosophy

I"m looking for an introductory historico-philosophical text on religion and politics, political-theology, or secularism and anti-secularism philosophically? Specifically, I'm interested in understanding, the context and surrounding works which would situate Carl Schmitt's claims regarding the persistence of theological concepts in 20thC political philosophy. [more inside]
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I can HEAR you, I just can't PLACE you

I've had this song stuck in my head for at least a week, and it's driving me up the wall. The chorus (?) is "can you hear me" repeated 4 times, and the rest of the details are as follows... [more inside]
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December 28

Borrowing from Federal Loans for college

I have a question about how much to borrow for federal direct loans/financial aid. Not sure whether or not I have enough for living expenses and college. [more inside]
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grad school coping mechanisms

I'm halfway done with an intense 1 yr biology MS intended to get people into med/dental school. There are less than 20 people in the program, making me feel like I'm existing in some bizarre microcosm where everything I do (particularly grades/academics-wise) is under scrutiny. My classmates are competitive in a way that I'm not used to and don't like. I'm dreading my second semester. Help me make it through successfully. [more inside]
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Best single piece of home exercise equipment?

So, I'm looking to lose a little weight, get healthier and tone up. I'd also like to do it in the comfort of my own home. What's the one item of equipment most likely to achieve this? It has to be one only, I don't have space, money nor the inclination for an entire home gym. The plan is to set it up in the open living area of the home where I can squeeze some workout time in whilst I watch my two young kids. (For time and convenience reasons, I won't be joining a gym. Also, I hate gyms.) Ideally, I will be hiring the equipment initially. What are your thoughts?
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How do I hang a suzani (embroidered textile) on the wall?

How do I hang a suzani (embroidered textile) on the wall? [more inside]
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Can I order reading glasses online without an eye exam?

I have hit the point where I need reading glasses. I have one pair I like a lot. I want to buy a bunch more similar pairs from Zenni and I'm not totally sure how to make sense of conflicting information. Could you give me advice? [more inside]
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Xbox One Game Recs needed for old-school gamer

I find myself with access to an Xbox One, but not a single game is jumping out at me. Can you make a recommendation based on previous console and PC games that I've enjoyed? [more inside]
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Stand by your hat

I really really really really want this exact hat, which is only available in the UK. Do I have options? [more inside]
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A gift for my Vietnamese mentor?

Looking for an awesome thank you gift for a coworker. [more inside]
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Help me save this sweetie

I'm talking to someone on craigslist about a really sketchy dog adoption. What's the ethical thing to do to ensure the best outcome for me and for the dog? [more inside]
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Cash without a bank

I need a decent amount of cash, but I don't live near my bank. [more inside]
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Elephant Hide Gift

Kid Gyre came back from the ex's parents with an expensive, elephant hide wallet as a Christmas gift. My initial thought were a mix of squick, and oh my goodness-is-this-a-crime?!? Googling showed me that elephant hide is a thing, and there are tons of websites claiming "ethically sourced blah, blah ...." [more inside]
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Things to do in the evenings with a 10 month old?

Our 10-month-old son's bedtime recently changed from 6pm to 8pm, and it has really changed our dynamic at home. Instead of hanging out and catching up (which we were able to do before), my wife and I are spending most of our evenings trading off on watching him while one of us cooks or catches up on other house chores. Any ideas or tips on ways we can spend time with him and keep him occupied and still be adults spending time together in the evenings? [more inside]
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How do I deal with intense feelings that might be rebound?

So, I'm on my Southwest USA spiritual journey/roadtrip after my recent separation to divorce incident. I have zero ties to my 'home city' and no responsibilities right now. However... A very interesting lady appeared from nowhere, and I am thinking I would like to date her, and I believe she would like to date me. I'm scared this is a rebound, and thus, a bad idea. How do I make that judgment call? More inside! [more inside]
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Washington Apple Health Optometrist

Anyone had any good experiences with an optometrist in Seattle that accepts Washington Apple Health? [more inside]
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Help me stock my cabin with a great assortment of fun games!

Many different types of people might visit, and I'd like to have some good options available for everyone, to keep folks entertained on rainy days in the absence of TV/video games/internet. [more inside]
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resources for troubled in-law relations?

Yeah, I know, in-law problems are so common as to be a cliche. But I don't want my family to be a cliche! The resources I've found on in-law relationships have typically been super conservative/religious, or deal with highly toxic and dramatic situations (which ours isn't), or are mostly parenting-focused (we don't have kids). Surely someone has written a book or a blog about in-law issues that are mostly about clashing personalities and priorities? [more inside]
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Give Me Your Koreatown-Centric Los Angeles Recommendations!

I'm spending tomorrow in Los Angeles with some family and friends. We usually park the car in a couple different places in some adjacent neighborhoods and explore denser neighborhoods on foot. We'd like suggestions for places to visit and things to do in Koreatown, Hollywood, and the surrounding areas (but not DTLA). [more inside]
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PB&J Not-Quite-Venetians

Question for the bakers of AskMefi: I'd like to tinker with the recipe for Venetians, the layered cookies, swapping out almond for peanut, but I have nowhere near the experience needed to know how to make this work. [more inside]
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Food trends of 1915

What were the food/drink trends of 1915? Seeking both recipes and reading. [more inside]
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Best way to move a small amount of stuff cross-country?

I'm moving with a relatively small amount of stuff (probably 15-20 boxes, either no furniture or only small pieces) across the US (DC to Seattle) next month. I've done this before via USPS, but I'm wondering if there are other options I haven't thought of. Would like to keep this under $1,000. [more inside]
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Sharing my computer, but want to lock everything down but one file. How?

I need to share my computer with someone for a few weeks while we work together on a pair project in excel. But I want to lock everything else down on my computer so they can't open/copy/email my other files if I step out of the room; or so they can't open my browser and read my email / see my history, etc. [more inside]
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Hot in Phoenix (Getting there with a garage gym)

What special considerations should I be thinking about in leaving electronic equipment in temperatures that range from 40s in the winter to 115 and above in the summer in a garage home gym? [more inside]
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PoD Services For a Baby Photo Keepsake Book

I would like to create five copies of a keepsake/memory book with text and photos of our daughter's first year. What are my best options - quality, price, design options, interface - for creating such a thing here in Canada, what are the pros and cons of various service providers?
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How to manage my kid's new Kindle

Help me think about the best way to manage my kid's new Kindle that he was gifted for the holidays? [more inside]
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*Text Message* Your new sister! Surprise!

My father just had a new baby today, and while it wasn't a surprise to him, it was to me. How do I start to cope with unexpected feelings of rejection, jealousy, and anger in the wake of my father's new family? Outside of myself, how do I help my youngest sister deal with it as well? [more inside]
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Novice Hindi Language learning - NYC or mobile/online best options

Where should we take introductory Hindi in NYC or is there an iOs app or other resource we should start with first? [more inside]
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Crash and burn relationship?

** Asking for a friend ** I have been dating someone for three weeks and it has become serious very quickly. Is this a bad sign? [more inside]
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Basic Tools for Boxing Week Sale Comparison shopping?

I want to buy a cheap notebook/netbook. It seems like (maybe?) buying it this week will get me a cheaper price? What should I be doing in order to find the best piece of hardware I can get for ~$300 CAD. [more inside]
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How to deal with an opinionated, overbearing mom (re my kid & childcare)

My mom has many, many opinions on how we are caring for our son (from what we give him for breakfast to the chores he should have, ugh), and she loves to share them. All the time. Especially in emails (joy). Here's the situation: I am considering going back to work full time but I am sure my mom will voice her displeasure. [more inside]
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I need a 3D relief map made from scratch.

I would like to produce a 3D printed relief map of a mountain valley. I would like to automate this process as much as possible as I have little experience producing anything for a 3D printer. [more inside]
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Why Don't They Make a Cheap Drip Coffemaker That Gets Hot Enough?

So, the experts say the reason the typical Big Box drip coffeemaker makes, at least in their opinions, mediocre coffee is that they don't get the water hot enough. That's my opinion, too. You can spend $300-$400 and get a drip coffeemaker that gets the water hot enough. But, why isn't anyone selling a $50 coffeemaker that gets the water just as hot? Does it really cost a couple of hundred more dollars to bump the temp up 10 degrees? My $20 electric kettle gets all kind of hot. Is keeping the water at the right temperature after heating the tricky part?
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How do I stop giggling?

I have a strange sense of humor and if something strikes me as oddly funny, I have a belly laugh that sounds like an orc battle cry followed by incessant giggling. In a discussion about dog poop yesterday, I had the giggle thing and sadly hurt my SO's feelings. I would like to find tricks to manage my giggling. Thinking about maggots and soggy diapers doesn't work, because I get to the point where it's like think about genocide and then I will feel horrible and sad--but I'll still be giggling. [more inside]
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Best indie games available from Wii U Nintendo eShop?

I'm looking for recommendations for cool fun indie games that are available through the Nintendo eShop (got a gift card for Christmas!). [more inside]
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How best to seal an old milk door?

Hi, all. Mr. Verdandi and I have an adorable 1940s cape which came with a milk door that leads to the kitchen. We'd like to seal it up, mostly for heat-retention reasons. Details inside. [more inside]
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March Honeymoon/Babymoon in Hawaii

Hi, everyone. Last year I asked a question about moving back to my home state or keeping my cushy job. You encouraged me to move home and I'm so glad I did. I find myself both engaged and pregnant! We are thrilled. It all happened fast and we need your help planning a dream honeymoon/babymoon to Hawaii. Our timing is mid-March 2016! [more inside]
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I accidentally spent $1700 in 10 minutes without knowing it.

What can I do about an $800 hospital bill? And can an ultrasound really be $1700? [more inside]
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Specific sorts of salads

I'd love to improve my range of salads (or other things involving vegetables) to bring to work, but I'm finding just searching for recipes tricky because of a combination of foods I don't eat, a nut-free workplace, and the fact I live alone (so don't necessarily go through more delicate ingredients before they go bad.) I'd love your suggestions for things to try: special snowflake details inside. Recommendations for cookbooks, websites, etc. to mine also very welcome. [more inside]
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Over-caffeinated Music From Other Countries

What non-English-speaking bands would a fan of so-called "zolo" music enjoy? I'm looking specifically for energetic, rhythmically/melodically complex music that's still emotionally open enough to be cathartic (i.e. nothing too cerebral or insincere—math rock is out, Mr. Bungle/Ween-type bands get in their own way). Examples of what I'm looking for inside! [more inside]
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Skiing Safety and call-for-help necklaces

Is there something like a call-for-help necklace that isn't tied to a specific location? If not, what are some ways to ensure the safety of skiers? [more inside]
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Percolate me!

The two best cups of coffee of my life were brewed in percolators. One came from a new-ish Farberware percolator like this one, and the other was a long time ago from an unknown brand. I must have a coffee percolator. [more inside]
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Excitement of a child, social anxiety of an adult?

We are visiting family members that I have not seen as a kid, what conversation starters can I have in my back pocket to avoid any awkward lulls in conversation? [more inside]
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Substitute grapefruit juice for lemon juice.

Is it ok to substitute grapefruit juice for lemon juice in throat soothing warm drink with honey? [more inside]
posted by BillyAnne at 5:34 AM PST - 7 comments

I want to be a good partner, but I don't have one!

I'm single at 40 after being coupled for my entire adult life. One of the things I'm missing the most is not having anyone reach for me (literally or figuratively!) because they want or need me. How can I stop letting this bother me? [more inside]
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Explain this Bible verse...but not theologically.

Matthew 5:13: "You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men." (New American Standard Bible) Wait, what? [more inside]
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New Year's Eve in London & beyond

I made a bet and lost... My boyfriend IS working New Year's Eve and New Year's Day (in a restaurant) and now I'm planless and looking for something to do in London, UK or beyond. Caveats: Most of my friends are still out of town, I'm a non drinker, and I have a dog (although she could be happily left alone for the evening/sent to dog sitters). What would you do in my situation?
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December 27

ladyparts cause ladyfrustration

I am having a NuvaRing issue that is really annoying. Hoping you guys can help me figure out how to deal with it. [more inside]
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Total Life Failure, What Should I Do?

I have managed to fail at all societal goal-posts as a single late thirty-something woman with no husband, children, job, money or property in Asia, what do I do next? [more inside]
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What are the best men's pajamas?

What are some high quality men's pajamas? Which are the most comfortable, luxurious, or stylish? Compatibility with a washing machine / dryer is a big plus.
posted by jtothes at 11:12 PM PST - 7 comments

BART parking on a weekday when you're not commuting

I stupidly said I'd go to South SF during the lunch hour on a couple of weekdays this week. I forgot that means I'm gonna have to use BART on a weekday and everything will be much more buggered than I'm used to on weekend travel. [more inside]
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Employment Application: Is this a trick question?

Employment history section of an online job application states: You must complete all sections and answer all questions as they pertain to you, even if you are attaching a resume. Misrepresentation or omission of facts called for may be grounds for not employing you, or dismissing you after employment. But not every field in the form is required. Do I need to fill out each field despite this? [more inside]
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Help me find more oysters to try (especially on the east coast)

Trying raw oysters here and there during different times of my life living on the east coast and never cared for them unless they were fried. So large and salty and meh. Then, THEN i went to Vancouver and Seattle and fell in love with: Chefs Creek oysters, Kumamotos, and Kusshis. [more inside]
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What is this live ammo doing in my apartment?

Help me figure out if this explanation makes sense. [more inside]
posted by sucre at 8:59 PM PST - 57 comments

Mayan Murder Mystery... or something like that

Is there historical fiction set in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica? If so, where do I find it? [more inside]
posted by sibilatorix at 7:39 PM PST - 8 comments

Who is the actor on the right, with the glasses?

Who's the guy on the right? With the glasses? He looks SO familiar!
posted by DMelanogaster at 6:59 PM PST - 14 comments

What to do in Syracuse with a teenager.

Because I'm an awesome mom, I'm driving from RI to Syracuse in March so my daughter can go to a concert. We're going up the day before the show, and I've never been to Syracuse, so I don't know how to spend our free time. [more inside]
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How to Spend a Sober New Year's Eve in NYC

I need help figuring out how to spend New Year's Eve. Not only am I a single 41 year old in NYC, there are some other "fun" complications that make this challenging. [more inside]
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Co-workers will know I got a raise! What can I do?

Short Version: I got a raise and my coworkers will find out. This makes me feel uncomfortable and I want to know the best way to handle the situation. Has anyone been through something like this before? Long Version below. [more inside]
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Make my bed... disappear - Does Murphy bed (wall bed) work?

Live in a Brooklyn apartment and have been considering a Murphy bed (wall bed). Looking to get the best bang for buck (hopefully under 2k). Should I be looking for a carpenter or can I get something sturdy that can be assembled? Is there a semi-custom option? We don't want something that will break in 6 months to a year. Any thoughts or suggestions on pitfalls? Where or how should we look? [more inside]
posted by demonstartivepapadonous at 4:23 PM PST - 9 comments

Canadians, how much do you spend on groceries per week?

After asking some friends and family, I'm realizing that I may be spending way too much on groceries every week. [more inside]
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Cant hold a job

For the past 2 to 3 years I have had the most difficult time holding a job. [more inside]
posted by stepup at 4:06 PM PST - 11 comments

Can we eat it: colorful udon edition

We recently bought udon with a "use by" date of "May 12 16," except one has some weird orange spots (looks like colorful flavoring accidentally included from something else, and the second instance of weird purple-like tint and possibly a bit of slimy consistency. Here's a photo, with the areas in question circled for emphasis. Can we eat it, eat around it, or should we chuck it? [more inside]
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Are there any dehumidifiers available to the US not made in China?

I'm looking for a home dehumidifier in the 30-70 pint range. Please suggest me a brand made in the USA, or Gemany, etc that I can buy (like from a chain store) or order? [more inside]
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Lens on Lilliput — searching for the theme

Back in the early days of Australian television — back before I was born — there was a show on the ABC called "Lens on Lilliput". It was a show of its time where basically they showed the view from a microscope. My wife's uncle wants to hear the theme again and although all the family of his age remember the show, they can't remember the theme. Google has been of almost no use to me here and I'm hoping that maybe someone might be able to help.
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What social consideration do I owe the man who groped me on Christmas?

It was Christmas dinner at the loft; there were about 25 people there. I was in the crowded kitchen when a very casual acquaintance grabbed me from behind, startling me. His hand clamped on my hip, kneading, pinching. This covert violation was not completely unexpected; he’d done the same thing at Thanksgiving and I let it go by without direct comment, not wanting to make a scene. (I’d been sick about it ever since, and discussed it with several people, including one of my hosts.) [more inside]
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Help me develop the patience to get fit.

I am a 45 year old man who needs to lose 60 pounds. I have come to terms with this. I need to quit drinking, eat less processed food (I'm a vegetarian, but still), and exercise. I used to be an athlete. I was a distance runner a decade ago before letting myself go. I have a game plan for diet and exercise, but I need advice on one aspect of the process. [more inside]
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Finding a relative using limited information

We've got two photos, a first name and potential surname, rough year and known location at that time, distinguishing marks and military rank. What are our options for finding out more about someone from the past with this amount of information? [more inside]
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Ouch, ouch, ouch

I have recently gotten back into cardio and have signed up for a Spartan a Race in April...yeah me! Now the problem...I think I have extensor tendinitis in my left foot. About a mile into a run/walk, the top of my foot up into my ankle starts to burn. It doesn't stop me, but damn it hurts. I have tried loosening my laces, ice, pain help. Is there anything other than stopping the cardio? Thanks hive!
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Is it really just making your tooth a cathode?

Does anyone know how Reminova's Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralisation works, in the details? Is there a patent application somewhere I could read? Is there a forum somewhere where people are trying to recreate it, or talking about how it works in a lot more detail than the news articles? Basically, I want to know how it works. :)
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What's the bright side of being single and childless?

I'm nearly 40 and have only had a few short-term relationships. For a long time I believed I was content to be single and not have kids, but I recently met someone and wound up liking him a lot, and then it quite suddenly wasn't working and was over. [more inside]
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How to deal with porn that appears when I Google my own name

I've started to work on doing a better job of managing my social media presence, mainly to promote myself professionally. One of my first discoveries is that when I Google myself, the first Twitter result that comes up is for a person who shares my (unusual) name and whose username is my name, reversed. They've been tweeting pornography. How should I deal with it? [more inside]
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How can I un-productize life?

What products do I not need? For example, I've found that regular soap works as well as shaving cream when shaving in the shower, and that shampoo can be replaced with water and a small amount of vinegar and baking soda. How do I best live frugally and simply?
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How do I get through a life stage crisis?

The short version of the story is that I am married but kissed a colleague at a work Christmas party after several drinks and a lot of flirty dancing. The long version of the story is that this seems to be the culmination of a couple of years of emotional uncertainty and I think I might be having some kind of mid-life / life stage crisis and I'm struggling to figure out how I can get through it. [more inside]
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Fido, Why Do I Have To Pay You For Voicemail?

Why does my iPhone require carrier-based voicemail service? Why can't it handle voicemail entirely on the phone itself? [more inside]
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Recommend me readings on first-wave feminism in 19th-century Britain

I'm looking for historical overviews and more specific personal accounts, with an emphasis on readability. [more inside]
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Why is Peter Pan trying to stick his shadow on with soap?

What's the joke behind Peter Pan trying unsuccessfully to reattach his shadow with soap? [more inside]
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Good places to post writing online?

You'd think Google would be best for this, but help me out: I have pieces of writing that I would like to share online (non fiction, poetry, short stories, etc.). I have joined various post-your-stuff sites, but I find most of them to be full of teens (which is great! Seems like the kids these days are just cranking stuff out...) posting teen type writing or fan fiction. I'm talking about Wattpad and similar sites. Do you know of any good writer's sites with a social/interactive element (ratings, following, etc.) that have a more mature/literary bent? Thanks! Happy new Year
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Book Recs on East Meeting West?

I recently read The Monk and the Philosopher and enjoyed it. Any other recommendations for serious books comparing, contrasting, or describing encounters between eastern philosophy and spiritual practices and the western intellectual tradition? [more inside]
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Beautiful complex mechanical puzzles, toys, and tools?

I'm looking for desk objets d'art of a particular kind - beautiful, highly complex mechanical objects. One great example would be a Curta mechanical calculator. Another would be [more inside]
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Weekend travel in Europe

I'm living in Europe right now, and I need ideas for activity-based weekend travel. Where can I go? [more inside]
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What is being sung in this French-language song?

If any Francophones are up for a challenge: can you tell this monoglot what is being sung in The Go! Team's song Ye Ye Yamaha? (YouTube link but should also be on all the streaming services.) He wants to sing along but has to resort to garbled nonsense words. It's a fuzzy pop song with a killer catchy chorus, if that entices anyone!
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How do you determine whom to talk to when the depression returns?

I'm one of those people who thought major depression was a thing I was over and done with years ago. I am recently experiencing a STRONG relapse (nothing self harm related) with a bunch of physical symptoms ( bad sleep, panic attacks, memory gaps, excessive crying, Ill advised text arguments with an ex boyfriend (in which he has been patient and kind but I can't retread that for so many reasons . [more inside]
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Can I eat this: 96-hour vegan pasta edition

On Wednesday 12/23, I assembled but did not bake this delicious pumpkin baked ziti from Veganomicon. Too late to bake and eat? [more inside]
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Where to climb trees in central Paris?

We're in Paris and my 8-year old would really like to climb trees. We're staying at Le Marais. Anyone have ideas?
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Machiavelli Filter

I've been in the service industry for about six years now. I'm very knowledgeable and skilled, but not always the best at positioning myself well. TLDR: What do I do about an arrogant twit? [more inside]
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December 26

How does my SO move to Canada?

I live/work in Toronto as a permanent resident. My queer SO is a US citizen through and through, and lives in Maryland. Long distance sucks, and we are hoping to move her here next academic year...but logistics are complicated. I need your ideas, expertise, experiences etc of moving North across the border! [more inside]
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A Guide to Focused-Attention/Concentrative/Concentration Meditation?

I am looking for a guide to focused-attention, aka concentrative, aka concentration, meditation. This guide should be practical with no mumbo-jumbo, and this guide should be effective and efficient. I don't trust any random person on the internet, I want someone who is a researcher and has fine-tuned their system over the years (like Jon Kabat-Zin except for FA meditation). [more inside]
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Landed in JFK without my keys. Does anybody deliver on a Sunday?

Be glad you are not me. :) I just landed at JFK without my apt keys. I'm going to stay with a friend or get a hotel tonight. There has GOT to be a service that can deliver the keys same-day Sunday, right? FedEx says no dice. (Courier service?) The keys are in Hilton Head, SC. Thank you! Worse things have happened to people, but goddamn I am an idiot.
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can you help me find the right car?

I really need some help picking out a new car, that I would like to buy pretty soon. Details within. [more inside]
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Leaving an outside, labor career for desk work; Thoughts?

Have you transitioned from working an outdoors, hands-on job to a desk job successfully/happily? [more inside]
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How to perform femininity

Form fitting sweater dress + leggings. Is there a way to do this that doesn't result in visible lumpiness around the midriff/hips where the leggings end? [more inside]
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Is detergent harmful to clothes if not quickly washed out?

I placed a load of laundry in the washing machine and poured some detergent onto it, only to discover that the machine had broken and wouldn't start. Is it ok to wait a day or two for the machine to be fixed, while some of the (still dry) clothes have been splashed with detergent? Or should I rush out to a laundromat? [more inside]
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The Search for the Definitive Bolognese...

Sometime in late March/Early April 2015, the NYT Now App ran a story that linked to a very long article on the definitive bolognese sauce. The story followed a reporter as he went from town to town in Italy in search of the true version of this delicious sauce. The story disappeared from NYT Now before I got to finish it, and my google searches return recipe after recipe, but not that story. Did anyone out here happy to read it and remember the source? (My efforts to contact the Times through customer service also led to dead ends, hence this post.)
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Long-term solution for a leaking soft-top Jeep Wrangler?

Rainy Pacific Northwest winter woes! I got my 2006 2-door Jeep Wrangler 4 x 4 soft-top convertible last year from a used-car was completely water-tight & cozy all winter, then a dream with top down in the summer sunshine. This year, different story. All the taking the top off/on means some seams have frayed, and the bits that tuck in don't fit as well into their little grooves, and there are physical gaps where water is coming in. What's worse is the huge puddle that gathers on the fabric roof when it rains. The water sinks through, beads up all along the inside ceiling (not just weak zones...the whole thing) and then *rains down* on hapless passengers within. [more inside]
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Plugging a chromecast audio into a denon m40

I quite fancy a denon m40 but I'm not sure if I can connect a chroecast audio to it. Can it be done? [more inside]
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Head Lice And Long Beards

I just learned that some kids I was visiting over the holiday have head lice. I have a beard that goes down basically nipple length. I'm going to get The Shampoo Of Shame for my head, but do I need to use it on my face hair also?
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A Little Sugar and Spice

Wanted: petite focused lingerie lines and brands for naughty/sexy lingerie. [more inside]
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Please help identify this short book

Please help identify this short book (that I can only vaguely describe): The characters were nonhuman—if I recall correctly, they were different shapes and their bodies were comprised of things like springs—and a gas can, maybe?—and other stuff like that. I think they all had one word names that we associate with people (something like Bob). I don't know if I'm remembering any of this correctly, though. They lived on a planet or somewhere where only so many of them could exist, or do a certain thing at the same time, or something like that. There may have been a ring or a circle or something I think there was a society with hierarchy and maybe a king or ruler or something, and it was in upheaval. It was a short book that I read in a sitting. The vague nature of the characters and the world made it a very interesting read, but very hard to google. I also don't remember a lot of specifics to be honest, which makes it even harder. The book may have won an award if I recall. I think it was from the 1970's at the oldest, but I think it may have been from the 1990's. I know this is all very vague, but maybe someone remembers! I really liked it and would like to read it again.
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Where to send 2000+ slides to be digitized/scanned?

In the 60's and 70's my dad saved money by getting slides instead of pictures. I would like to get them onto a computer. Given the number, I am ruling out DIY. [more inside]
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Films watched on New Year's: international edition

Looking for recommendations of films or programs traditionally watched on New Year's, in different countries around the globe [more inside]
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Office Hours at Home

My partner often comes up to me and starts talking no matter what I'm doing - reading a book, writing, working on a drawing. He doesn't wait until I make eye contact or acknowledge him - he just starts talking. This means that when I'm concentrating on something I'm frequently interrupted. Is there a way for me to remain physically present and available for occasional conversation while signalling that I am busy and don't wish to be constantly interrupted? [more inside]
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How do I do improve the world?

I'm stricken by overwhelming concern about the world (environment, hunger, refugees, corrupt corporations) coupled with guilt that I'm not doing anything to improve things. What can I do with the tools available to me? [more inside]
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How to be okay with the ex-wife at Christmas (and other family events)

How do you deal with new partners with adult kids - and more importantly, the ex partners! Asking for my MIL (I haven't told her I'm doing this, I just want to be a good DIL and want some good advice to give her - whether she accepts it or not is another matter, that will probably be down to how I present it...) [more inside]
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How did you get a new city to feel like home?

We moved to a new city a few months ago. The move itself went fine, but I miss the feeling of belonging to a place I know well. How can I get that feeling here? [more inside]
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December 25

Can I have my medical records destroyed in Australia?

I would like my medical records held by a private general practice destroyed. I am in Queensland, Australia. How can I do this? Is it possible? There are no insurance issues and I am in complete charge of my own legal affairs and a private citizen.
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What should I do in the next chapter of my life?

I have spent five years 2,000 miles from home getting a graduate degree. I thought I would do a PhD, but I just got a master's in liberal arts. Thankfully, I have no debt. [more inside]
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Is my iPhone 4s ready for retirement?

I have an old, old iPhone 4s (bought used about 2 years ago, it was probably one of the first 4s's manufactured!) which has been great and very reliable. It's doing some things that worry me, though, and I was wondering if I really must get a new phone soon or can I put it off longer. [more inside]
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Photo Album Which Lists File Names of Photos In Album

I have 2000 photos which I'd like to organize, and have 2 specific requirements - I'd like to: (1) select photos in one album and add them to another, & (2) access a list view of each album - i.e. see the file names of the photos in an album, listed by their order in the album. Currently I have MS Photo and Google Photos - looks like I can only do #1 in Google Photos, and can't do #2 in either. Am I missing something, or is there a suitable alternative - web, Win 8.1 or Win 10?
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Cashew Recipes, please!

What are your best recipes or suggestions for things to do with a large amount of cashews? [more inside]
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Oh There's No Place Like Chrome For The Holidays

Google Chrome version 47.0.2526.106. Windows 10. You open Chrome, and you see the Google logo. Below it is the search box. Below that are 6 thumbnails. How do I put what I want in those 6 spaces? Please explain as though I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, and you're not even sure I understand English.
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Swap o Rama Rama in Portland?

So I just found out that this is a thing and I really want to participate. The contact info for the Portland meet-up is all outdated! I'd anyone here involved in this event or knows where their web presence is?
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mystery punkin man

who is the man on this pumpkin? [more inside]
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Am I about to seriously endanger my nephew's health?

My sister had her first baby a few months ago. She stressed the importance of getting vaccinated before meeting him, but between various obligations I completely forgot about getting a flu shot. I'm supposed to meet him tomorrow, and I have no idea what to do. [more inside]
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I am not good with Kindle

I got a Kindle as a Christmas gift, but I can't seem to upload photos and videos to Youtube and Instagram. Before I return this, is there a way I can make these work?
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What am I in for?

Those of you who have been divorced, where your spouse wanted to keep trying to save the marriage, but you did not. What was the emotional fallout like, and how did you cope with it? [more inside]
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I need a poker face ASAP

So i have a milestone birthday coming up in less than 2 weeks and this morning I accidentally saw a locked screen group message notification on my partner's phone that unfortunately had a group name of "surprise party for MyName." They don't know I saw it. I need your help and tips on keeping a poker face in general (because my face is an open book WITH ALL CAPS) and for this specific circumstance. [more inside]
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do ladies of the night see wedding nights? (life after escorting)

Will anyone want to date and have a long term relationship with a former escort/full service sex worker? Should I disclose my occupation? [more inside]
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December 24

what easy, portable, cheap musical instrument should I learn to play?

I've recently gotten involved with some people who like to play jigs, reels, and sometimes strathspeys. It's made me want to learn an instrument. But what instrument? I'd like something cheap enough that I can try it a few months on a whim (which this basically is), small enough to carry in my lap (I often have to beg rides), and easy enough that within a few months I'll feel more like I'm playing music than practicing an instrument. Instructor recommendations in NYC would also be appreciated. [more inside]
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Untapped for fruits and vegetables?

I'm finding gamification working on my exercise. But what about my diet? [more inside]
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So, who was the first "Flo"?

My hubs and I were talking earlier about the character "Flo" in the the Progressive commercials and got to wondering... who was the first Flo-like character? I'm thinking Mr. Whipple of "Please don't squeeze the Charmin" fame, I'm sure there must have been someone earlier than that. [more inside]
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Two final questions about Australia

Before my wife and I leave for Australia on Jan 2... [more inside]
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Trying to interpret cause of death on a death certificate from 1922

In the course of doing genealogical research, we found a death certificate for a male ancestor in Massachusetts from 1922. The cause of death is "Over stimulation alcoholic resulting heart failure." How do we interpret this? What would this have meant in 1922?
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Looking for journal/diary program to download

Hi, I used to use a program called ViJournal Lite on my Mac, which was a pretty simple password-protected text program that I used as a diary. With it I could create a new page for each day. Does anyone know of a similar such program that I can download? It seems like the ViJournal website is gone. [more inside]
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Identify this pop song with strings

I heard a song in a store. Could you help me identify it in lieu of my phone? [more inside]
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Baseball autograph ID help?

My nephew sent me this picture of an autographed baseball. He says he got it from his grandfather, but neither of them has any idea who it is or where it came from. Any help?
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Explain scoring in Go like I'm an idiot.

How, exactly and in simple words, does one score Go? [more inside]
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Tropical Mexican beach vacation

I'm getting laid off in February, and after that I'd like to give myself a month to reset by spending most of it on a beach with books and fruity drinks. I can fly to Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, or Cancun for free, so I'm looking for places that are within an hour or two of those airports. Where should I go? [more inside]
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Expensive cheap drugs

I was accompanying a friend who was picking up a prescription for nitroglycerin pills at a supermarket pharmacy and was surprised to see that the price was $30 for around 20 pills (he doesn't have insurance so this was retail price, not a copay). I was curious so I checked Walmart's list of $4 drugs and found nitroglycerin is not on the list. I checked a drug price comparison website and it also listed prices in the $20-30 range. Nitroglycerin has been used medically for 130 years (no patent) and seems like it can't be expensive to make, I thought for sure it would be dirt cheap like generic prozac, amoxicillin, etc. Anyone have an idea/theory why it's so expensive?
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How to remove pet hair from (deep inside) external keyboard?

I have a great IBM keyboard that I assume is irreplaceable at this point. My cat likes the attention of plopping herself down on it. (I now move the keyboard to underneath my desk on a tray when she comes around, but she sheds a lot, and the hair still eventually gets into the keys.) [more inside]
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play anything but piano man, man

What talented showmen/women should I be listening to/watching for inspiration as I attempt to relearn piano after decades away? [more inside]
posted by headnsouth at 9:59 AM PST - 24 comments

A gps based tracking device

I'm looking for a (cheap) tracking device that is independent of cellphone signals, and preferably allows for contact. The device should work in Mexico. [more inside]
posted by dhruva at 9:05 AM PST - 10 comments

Why is my water brush reverse-threaded?

I have a Koi pocket watercolour set and the brush reservoir is reverse-threaded. Why? Is this normal for water brushes? Some Japanese quirk?
posted by andrewcooke at 8:20 AM PST - 2 comments

My true love gave to me...what?

Ok, this has been traumatizing me since childhood. Well, not really, but you know how it is. What the HECK does my true love give to to me on the twelfth day of Christmas in this recording?! Can't understand the lyrics. [more inside]
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Be a Mensch and Help a Goyum out with this Hanukkah Question!

Can anyone help me find a video of this Hanukkah commercial or at least identify the song? [more inside]
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Gift Giving in China

I'm planning to give all of my teaching assistants a present for Christmas. Would it be rude to not give a present to the managerial staff? I've also heard that it's rude to give people higher up the same present. Please help me understand appropriate gifting. [more inside]
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Long, formal Christmas lunch...with a toddler

Pretty stressed about Christmas lunch with my in-laws. We have a 21-month-old awho is even worse at sitting still than most toddlers, the meal is apparently four courses (!), and the dining room is tiny and packed full of antiques so there's nowhere for her to get down and play. Help! [more inside]
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minor coping mechanism for listening to loogies, asap plz

My partner has had this cold for a month and their frequent snorting of snot and hocking of loogies into their mouth is driving me batty; I think it's really gross. Every time they make that noise or a see them holding a loogie in their mouth I have a moment of being squicked out. Due to circumstances, we're spending a lot of time together right now. Please please please teach me a mental hack for dealing with this. It's distracting! [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:38 AM PST - 12 comments

Letting go of narcissist-ish ex

Need help on moving on from a relationship with someone who has acted toward me with what feels like overwhelming condescension and anger. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:38 AM PST - 17 comments

Looking to rent a carpet cleaner on Christmas Eve in Portland Oregon.

People are coming over on Christmas and our carpets are pretty embarrassing. I remember seeing them in Safeway and Albertsons but I don't see them anymore. Does anyone know of a place to rent one for a few hours tomorrow in Portland?
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December 23

I wanna be a follow-back girl (with discretion)

I'm managing an organization's Twitter account (and other social media efforts). I want to follow back accounts that follow me, but only the ones who are active and have followers of their own. [more inside]
posted by itesser at 11:20 PM PST - 4 comments

Name This Nest

An elderly relative and recent widow is moving into a small assisted living apartment after 40 years in rural, mountain top home with her retired Air-Force husband. The previous home was "The Aerie". The new one needs name. [more inside]
posted by metahawk at 11:15 PM PST - 13 comments

My therapist has died. What now?

I spent a sizable portion of my adult life, a good 25 years, searching for a therapist who would truly understand me. In 2005, I did. After a a few years of not going, I went to see her again. As usual, she made me feel so much better that months passed before I called for another appointment. Then I learned she passed away suddenly. I honestly don't know what to do now. She had a private practice, so no colleagues, though I did reach out to a former associate of hers from a while back. I'm not sure if he's taking new clients, though. What are your suggestions? Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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Lumberjacks and handy people of MeFi, pick me a saw!

On occasion I find myself in need of a saw. This is not for precision finish work or anything, just a need to cut wood. My upper arm strength and hand strength have proven to be lacking when I've attempted to use a hand saw or pruning saw. [more inside]
posted by cecic at 10:25 PM PST - 14 comments

Legitimate modeling agency that has a school?

A modeling agency here also has a modeling school. How do I know if it's legit when my sister has a friend who gets work with the agency yet I hear not to pay for schooling? [more inside]
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Using a Luci Light in Alaska

How can I charge my Luci Light without the sun? [more inside]
posted by jsslz at 9:16 PM PST - 5 comments

Can I walk to Oracle Arena in Oakland?

I'm going to a Golden State Warriors game next week. Ideally I want to stay at hotel nearby, hopefully park the rental car, and walk to the arena. Google Maps suggests this would not be a fun or plausible walk. Asking for local knowledge to confirm or deny... [more inside]
posted by dry white toast at 8:15 PM PST - 24 comments

Living where you're not allowed to stay in Los Angeles?

For reference, I'm looking specifically for information about the city of Los Angeles, California. To be able to legally live in a building and call it home that building must be zoned as residential. There is a caveat to this and that is if you are considered to be a caretaker or custodian of that property. The problem is I can't seem to find where this situation is discussed in specifics in the civil code. [more inside]
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What is a good global warming advocacy org to donate to?

I would like to donate some money to combat global warming. I'm thinking more of orgs that influence public policy than carbon offset donations, because the former seem to have greater impact, but welcome opinions to the contrary. [more inside]
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Can you salvage my Turkish Delight?

I attempted to make Turkish Delight at home for the first time. The first effort was a complete failure. Effort two seemed to be improved but it's not even close to set after 12 hours. Can you tell me how I might salvage it? [more inside]
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Travel to Côte D'Ivoire

A friend invited me to visit her in Abidjan in March or June of 2016. I'm excited but cautious. I'd appreciate any and all advice and anecdotes. Thanks! [more inside]
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How to buy a car in the US from the UK

Let's say you wanted to buy a car for your parents. They live in the US. You live in the UK. They are both retired and have basically no income and many of their benefits are contingent on this fact. What is the best way to do this whilst not incurring unfavorable tax implications but also not being completely shady?
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I want to store my 200GB of photos in the cloud. Only in the cloud.

I want to store my 200GB of photos in the cloud. Only in the cloud. Can you please walk me through this like I'm 5? I want to STORE all my photos somewhere in the cloud - not just a backup of pix on my hard drive, but actually have them live there and only there. I'm having trouble working through the various options I might have because I have specific (maybe impossible?) things I do and do not want to do in the process. [more inside]
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Help me ID a book about an old man and his overflowing tub

I'm trying to find a children's book done in very scratchy pen and ink style (with color), about an old man whose bathtub is overflowing with hot water and he keeps getting gloves and scarves and things to wrap around his hands to try to reach in and pull the drain plug. [more inside]
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How to find a real mandarin dub of Chibi Maruko Chan?

I'm learning mandarin and am looking for good shows at an appropriate level... My girlfriend has a dub that she got in Flushing (Chinese name is Xiao Wanzi), and it's fine enough, but he image quality is terrible... It's clear it's just a bootleg. I'm totally happy actually paying for this, but I have no idea where to find it! Finding even the English version these days is tricky, so I have no clue how to find a Mandarin dub. Extra credit is other Mandarin shows I should check out at a sort of intermediate working on advancing level!
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Tools for doodle-ish animations.

I'd like to make interactive canvas/HTML animations, something like Google's recent Beethoven doodle. What tools should I use? [more inside]
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Was this sexual abuse or rape? Or what?

Please help me understand something bad that happened to me when I was a child. I hate talking about it but I feel like I need someone's thoughts on this. [more inside]
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How to stop stumbling around in my career

I am thinking about leaving my job and taking a three month totally reset before I begin the job search. I'd like to spend that later half of that time reflecting on a career change. What activities should I pursue to help me make the decision about what to do next? [more inside]
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Smart, witty "thoughts for the day"?

I am thinking about starting my morning radio show with a very brief "thought for the day," as I have about 20 seconds to fill each morning. Looking for both individual ideas, and sites. More details inside. [more inside]
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Where to go after Rdio?

I was a huge fan of Rdio, and am disappointed when it is gone. I used it in part because it fit my needs so well compared to any of the other streaming services out there. Where should I go now? [more inside]
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Origins of creation story about the bond between dogs and people

I am having a reoccurring memory of reading about an Native American Indian creation story but I can't remember specifics or what book I read it in. I do remember the topic of the book or this specific part of the being about creation stories and liminal time and space. [more inside]
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Inheriting when one sibling is disabled

I am one of 3 kids, and the best off financially. Bob is disabled and on social security and both Bob and Janet have student loans. Our parents are divorced and both retired and Dad just told us all that we will get his house when he dies and that is the case with Mom as well. Everything split 3 ways seems unfair to me since they need it and I don't. [more inside]
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What are some sources that attempt to explain drastic social change?

I'm researching how cultures sometimes hold a majority opinion or maintain a social norm and within a decade or two completely flip and go the other way. I'd love a nudge in the right direction toward resources that attempt to explain the underlying mechanisms that tend to result in that sort of culture-wide "flip" on a social issue. [more inside]
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Arguments for study in two overseas locations

My daughter has narrowed her overseas semester down to two cities. I need some outside opinions and considerations to help her make a decision. [more inside]
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Driving in Morocco

We're planning a honeymoon in March in Morocco. We'd like to rent a car there - are we overestimating our own abilities? [more inside]
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What accessible, but not pop-science, linguistics book should I read?

I majored in linguistics in undergrad and I've been hankering after a reasonably accessible and entertaining linguistics-related book for personal enjoyment -- even better if it catches me up on developments in the field in the last ~15 years, but that's not a requirement. [more inside]
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Please tell me about ways you have overcome internalized misogyny.

I've always been a nerd/geek girl and as a result I have internalized a ton of toxic misogyny. As I get older I'm finding it difficult to accept (and god forbid love) my femininity. I know I need to learn to be OK with being a woman, but it feels shameful and gross. Help? [more inside]
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I changed my full name (and gender). What account do I need to change?

Because of transgender reasons, I recently legally changed my name in court (and at Social Security and the DMV). I have taken care of my bank and my work accounts. Credit card companies and my ISP require me to mail the paperwork. I feel like I'm missing a lot - can you give me some examples of other stuff I will need to change? What is the most important stuff that I should do first? [more inside]
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Where is God? God is Everywhere. Why? Because he likes you!

Looking for some Father Guido Sarducci albums! [more inside]
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Will Hateful 8 "Roadshow" 70mm Version Still Play After December 31?

My wife and I really want to see The Hateful 8 in the 70mm "roadshow" version that opens on Christmas. Because of family obligations and traveling, we won't be able to see it until the first week of January. I haven't been able to confirm whether the 70mm roadshow version will still be playing once the film opens nationwide on January 1. I imagine this information must be readily available and easily findable, just not by me apparently.
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Should I Buy An Apple TV?

Ok, so I posted this question a while back. I got some great responses and insight, however, I still haven't decided if I should purchase an Apple TV. [more inside]
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Blogging best practices?

I'd like to start a blog, but I haven't paid attention to any of the latest trends in the area. I have some specific questions below the fold, but my main question is: is there a current accepted style guide for blogging? Like, has anyone written an APA manual for wordpress? [more inside]
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Large Public NYE Celebration in the USA

I love large, public street parties for New Year's Eve. Where can I find one in the USA? [more inside]
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Turning off water to house with baseboard heat and gas boiler

We bought a 60-year old house in the Hudson Valley this summer and we're about to leave on our first vacation. The house has hydronic baseboard heating and a very old gas boiler. The forecast looks warm: If I switch off the heat at the thermostat, can I then safely turn off the main water to the house? What would happen if I left the thermostat set very, very low with the main water off? [more inside]
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Safeguarding Intellectual Property in a Southeast Asian frontier market

I am writing a business plan to start a beverage factory in Thailand, and would like some advice on how I can protect my IP (recipe and methodology). [more inside]
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Help me enjoy my Zubrowka!

I was gifted a bottle of Zubrowka (also known as Bison Grass vodka) by a coworker today. I'm not a big straight-vodka person, so what kind of drink can I make with this? A quick Google shows apple juice is the traditional mixer. Do the cocktail experts of Mefi have any other suggestions?
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Toilet anxiety

Often when I go to urinate - whether in a public or private restroom/toilet/bathroom - if there's someone within hearing distance, I can't go (i.e. urinate) until they've left and I'm alone. I end up standing there as if I'm confused about what I'm there for, no matter how badly I needed to go only seconds earlier. How can I overcome this apparent anxiety? Any tips or tricks for uninhibiting whatever it is that's causing my body to tense up? [more inside]
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Mystery object - sandalwood, cedarwood, or sweet white wine?

What are these bottle things? My mother bought them in Hyderabad, south India, in the 1970s. I guess the writing is probably Urdu. She thinks that the bottles are made from camel stomachs [?] and that they originally contained perfume essences.
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December 22

Portable pill traveling/pharmacy bag?

I have a seriously ill family member who enjoys travel. He generally has to fill 3-4 gallon size bags with his pills when he travels. He won't need them all on any trip but needs to have access to all in case he needs them. I'd like to get him a bag to make it easier to keep his pills together and organized. He needs to have roughly 40 types of pills with him at any one time - so the little pill holders won't cut it. [more inside]
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Portland experience gifts?

What are some good <$200 experience or gastronomical gifts from Portland? [more inside]
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Offending People Everywhere, No Idea How

People think I'm a big b-word. I'd like to change this recurrent situation I'm finding myself in, without pandering or being manic and fake. [more inside]
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Am I worrying needlessly?

I go to physiotherapy every week for a minor but slow to heal injury, followed by massage therapy. [more inside]
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What kind of fabric should I use to reline a vintage coat?

I have a vintage Lilli Ann coat that looks like this this coat that needs to be relined. The lining has completely given out on the shoulders. I am not sure what kind of fabric I should get to reline the coat. [more inside]
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Should elderly parents negotiate settlement on credit card debt?

Need advice regarding whether elderly parents (in dire financial straits) should negotiate a settlement on their credit card debt. [more inside]
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Understanding Radio Station Call Signs

I am working on a project where I am comparing NPR member stations to the list of stations at each state broadcasting association's website. I have found several cases where the same station call sign on the same band and at the same frequency is listed in two different communities. For example, Texas station KTTZ-FM 89.1 is shown by the NPR 2013 station list to be in Leander and Lubbock. Is this a mistake?
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What is this gift my friend got?

Hi. A friend of mine received a gift at work and has no idea what it is. Can you help us out? [more inside]
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Ham-induced anxiety

I am cooking Christmas dinner and may have bought the wrong kind of ham/pork. But maybe not? Either way, I need different cooking times than I first expected. Can the meat-experts of the green help me out? [more inside]
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Queso dip recommendations

I'd like to make a rich, creamy, queso dip for a holiday party, but have never made it before. Do you have any recommendations for a tasty recipe to follow?
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Why divide doses of St John's Wort?

The St John's Wort that I take indicates that I should divide the dose into 300mg doses, 3x a day. I also see that studies done with St John's Wort divided the doses into 2-3 per day. Is this necessary for best results or can I just take it once a day? [more inside]
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Brake Specific Fuel Consumption

Dear MeFi mechanical engineers: In the back of my car's owners manual are the engine's HP/torque/BSFC curves (god bless those data-loving Germans). Will the overall fuel economy always be optimized at the lowest point on the BSFC curve? With the gearing and wheel diameter, this point works out to be 84mph. That can't be right, right?
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They're singin' Deck The Halls, but it's not like Christmas at all...

The ex and I have started hanging out frequently again after a several month period of no contact and a couple of other dates/relationships with others under our belts while maintaining a loose friendship, and I want a second chance at our relationship. What's the healthiest way to proceed without screwing this up? [more inside]
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Positive representations & stories about sex with men of size

I find myself very attracted to an obese man. I'm an average-sized lady who has mostly been with more slender men, and I want more information about what it would be like to be with somebody much bigger. I'm hoping you can help me find some healthy, positive representations of sexuality featuring men of size. [more inside]
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Can someone sue a witness for damages?

If someone is criminally convicted because a witness perjured themselves, what recourse does the convicted person eventually have? Can they sue that witness? Would that be a civil suit? Can they sue the government? (even though it wasn't the prosecuting attorney's fault?) If neither of those are possible, then I suppose that witness could be prosecuted for perjury? [more inside]
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OK to use topical steroid on cancerous skin?

I have been treating what I thought was dermatitis with a glucocorticosteroid cream; turns out it is actually a "pre-cancerous lesion", which needs to come off. In the meantime, can I keep treating it with this steroid? [more inside]
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Elegant hanging spoon snapped. How do I find a new one?

A spoon was broken and there was much sadness. An old stainless steel serving spoon that hangs very elegantly on a pot rim finally snapped. It had been hanging on literally and figuratively for some time but now it is no more. I cannot manage to find a similar one to replace it. [more inside]
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How hard should I try to fit in at my new job?

I've been told I'm introverted and people are afraid I'm judging them. [more inside]
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Getting non-technical teams to use an issue tracking system

I am responsible for managing a small, distributed, non-technical team at work. I'd like to get the team to work with some variety of issue tracking software so we can better track what is being worked on, remember tasks that aren't actively being worked on, and communicate the status of projects more effectively. I'm looking for advice on introducing non-technical folks to this software and making it part of their workflow. [more inside]
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Whole30 as a (mostly) ovo-lacto vegetarian: Doable? Advisable?

Please help me figure out ways to make Whole30 work for me, if at all possible. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Public or inexpensive whois lookup service

I have a several-thousand word set. I would like to check each word to see if a .com domain (or other TLD) name is available. The command-line whois binary throttles my scripted requests after about 10 searches. Is there a reasonably comprehensive whois service that is free or inexpensive, which I can query in scripted manner, via a command-line session?
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Beginning skater tips!

My 8-year-old son received a (much-asked-for) skateboard for his birthday a few weeks ago. Yay! But neither his father nor I have ever skateboarded, nor do we know anyone who does/did. YouTube offers approximately 1 billion skateboarding videos...steer me toward age-appropriate videos/creators he could watch to learn the basics over the winter and be ready in the spring. Also any other resources would be appreciated!
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Sense and nonsense in medicine as you age?

I saw a two-panel cartoon recently. The drawing was of a man with an ache. At 20 he thinks "Ooh, that hurts!" and at 40 he thinks "So this is how it ends!" Which crystallized a question I have about aging and self-monitoring. [more inside]
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Love vs. The Bomb: Should I become a Nuclear Missileer?

I've been selected for USAF Officer Training School, as a Nuclear and Missile Operations Officer. Should I accept the opportunity? [more inside]
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Relaxing day in Manhattan?

Due to holiday schedules, I have one day to catch up with a close friend in Manhattan on Dec. 26. We'll be there 10 or 11am until 8 or 9pm. Any suggestions? Detail inside. [more inside]
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Two Guys In Madrid For Two Weeks In Jan

That's to you guys we're going to Madrid for two weeks in mid Janurary. Since it's our first time we plan on doing on the standard touristy things, but what are some things we might miss out on otherwise? We enjoy fine dining, touring impressive feats of engineering, unusual or highly specific museums, the gothic or macabre, antiques, high end second hand mensware shops, and all types of ruins. Day trip advice very welcome.
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3D Printing in Science Fiction

What are some works of science fiction that feature 3D printing or similar technologies? [more inside]
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How do death and taxes work?

My grandmother is in hospice and my father will be inheriting the majority of her savings after she passes. He would like to give me a large-ish amount of money from this, but how does that work? [more inside]
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running shoes for the not quite barefoot runner?

Almost-barefoot-running-shoe help needed! I'm looking for a barefoot style running shoe that has a sole that is NOT so thin that I feel every pebble (ouch!) and DOESN'T let sand in. ANYTHING come to mind? [more inside]
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ISO good book on prostate health

An elderly relative is struggling with a sudden onset of enlarged prostate symptoms. We found him a good urologist. Currently he is wearing a catheter and taking medicine to shrink the prostate. He is terrified of possible surgery and other complications in this future. My relative does not use the internet. He's intelligent and a great reader. To know the facts helps him feel more in control. I'm seeking a book on prostate health and treatment. [more inside]
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You're a person with little social anxiety: what is your thought process

. . . when meeting new people and starting up new relationships? [more inside]
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Great One-Button Games?

I built a RetroPie system into an old Atari 2600 for my wife's Christmas Present, but I need some help deciding which ROMs to load. Snowflake details inside... [more inside]
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Spinning ball of death on iBook G4

I have a first generation iBook G4 that I am trying to repurpose as a music player (all files stored on a portable drive). It has been off for years at this point (though has a new battery), and when I boot it up, I get the following message, accompanied by the spinning ball ... [more inside]
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Geek merchandise to buy in Brisbane, Australia, retail, tomorrow.

So of course I'm leaving everything until the last minute. Youngest son is a bit obsessed with Terraria and wants a shirt or something for Christmas. Obviously it's too late to order online so does anyone know of a good place to buy this kind of stuff retail in Brisbane city or near surrounds (west side, preferably). [more inside]
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Real words that sound like nonsense words

Hooligan, shenanigans, hullabaloo... we need more words that sound silly but are real. This is surprisingly hard to google.
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Not my bed filter: memory foam/smaller mattress survival tips?

For the next week, my partner and I will have to sleep on queen/full sized memory foam mattresses. Both are (as far as I can tell) reasonably high quality products, but A) I'm a stomach sleeper who hates memory foam, and B) partner is a flailer who moves around a lot. We normally sleep on a latex foam king. I'd like to be decently rested so I'm not a grumpy holiday houseguest. Hope me? [more inside]
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How to get pictures of myself to use online

I'd like to hire a photographer to take some casual pictures of me to use online, and I have some questions about that. [more inside]
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Which cities in Europe are most welcoming to gay Europeans?

I have tried London and failed. The gay part was OK, but being a foreigner was not. I'm now looking for a new European city to call home. Tell me where people care less that you're a (gay) foreigner. [more inside]
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Withheld information on a pre-employment health check. Now what?

I'm in the background check stage of a job in health care. I foolishly didn't disclose something from my medical history on my occupational health check. I would be grateful for any advice about what to do, but particularly from people based in the UK. This post discusses self-harm. [more inside]
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December 21

Problems with presence and condescension

I recently got my annual review, and some of the helpful negative feedback I received was that I can be condescending at times. I won't dispute this. I think it's true, and I think it's something I can and should work on. However, I also know the origins of this, and I would like suggestions on how to address it. [more inside]
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Erotic Bondage

I have a few questions about a form of erotic bondage. Clearly NSFW after the fold. [more inside]
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Where can one buy Joop women's perfume in a physical store in NY/NJ?

It has come to my attention that a family member would like a refill of her Joop EDT for Christmas, but it is obviously now too late to purchase online. Looking at their websites, it seems like the usual suspects - Macy's, Perfumania, Kohl's, JCPenney, Sephora, do not carry Joop for women in store, neither is it on shelves in Duane Reade or Walgreens. If anyone has recently spotted this rare bird in a store (in Manhattan or near Rte 80 between the Hudson and the Delaware) please let me know... HELP ME METAFILTER YOU'RE MY ONLY HOPE.
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Where is the best place to sell a 3 months old fridge?

I have a basically new fridge but used enough that it can't be returned. 3mos old frigidaire with ice and water in the door. I'm quite familiar with the Craigslist scene but since this appliance is so new I was wondering if there were any other options to re-sell. Everything I've researched has been about very old appliances and recycling them.
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How to help cheating ex without hurting myself

Ex cheated on me. It hurts. She's now in an abusive, controlling relationship. Where do I draw the line between helping her and helping me? Many, many snow flurries inside. [more inside]
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Ideal Dining Spot In Kansas City, Special Snowflake Edition

Meeting friends in KC for late-ish dinner. Would like to find someplace quiet, comfortable, and somewhat reasonably priced. Bonus points for ease of travel to Union Station. Details inside. [more inside]
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How to Upgrade with 2015

I'm trying to stay off contract in order to keep my unlimited data plan, but I also want to get a new phone. I've never purchased a phone off-contract so this is kind of uncharted territory. [more inside]
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What was this comic?

I have a scrap of a memory of a comic that I'm trying to identify. I think it might have appeared in the Chicago Reader sometime in the late 80's or 90's. I vaguely remember that I liked it a lot and that it might have been somewhat surreal. But the only actual memory that I can put my finger on is a panel where one of the character's for some reason showed up in the comic strip Blondie, and when Blondie addressed the character as Dagwood he replied "FUCK YOU BLONDIE!". [more inside]
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What's awesome in Tulum, Mexico?

I asked, you answered: The lady pal and I are off to Tulum. And while it's quickly becoming the Hipster Cancun (Guilty as charged), I'm sure there's got to be some charm left. What's the best thing we can't miss? Bonus points for great meals, although all matter of ephemera and interest are appreciated.
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Good responses to comments on my clothing

I like to wear pants, long sleeve shirts, and hoodies. It's what I feel comfortable in. Even in the summer. Even when the heat is cranked up high during the winter. Many people feel compelled to comment on my attire. What's something I can say to brush it off? [more inside]
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Is there a rift in the time vortex in our bedroom?

Real life puzzle. My wife and I each have a digital alarm clock on our bedside tables. They were both accurate until we rearranged the room - now my wife's is always fast. We've switched the clock, extension cord, and outlet, but my wife's is still always fast. What's going on? Have we discovered a small rift in the time vortex? [more inside]
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Anyone have experience with an online/hybrid EdD program?

Has anyone out there completed an online or hybrid doctoral program, and can you share your thoughts and experiences? [more inside]
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older NCAA baseball stats?

Looking for 1980s and 1990s baseball rosters and stats specifically for Indiana University, any suggestions? doesn't seem to have college ball info at all, although perhaps I am missing something. IU proper only provides online records that go back to 2005. One site in particular appears to focus on providing college ball stats as a differentiator,, but they only go back to 2002. [more inside]
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You're the captain of your ship

You're the captain of a sailing ship (details inside) that will carry 121 passengers (117 of them in steerage) from Liverpool to New York. What size crew will you hire? [more inside]
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Identify this Christmas(?) song

My neighbor puts on a delightfully tacky Christmas light show complete with synchronized music. I heard this goofy song there a few years ago, and ever since then I've wondered what it's supposed to be. [more inside]
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My perfect black dress is basically an abaya. Uh-oh?

While looking for dresses that I could wear to work paired with pretty scarves (just tied around the neck) without having to worry much about the weather or whether I'd shaved my legs or anything, I discovered this abaya and many more like it. They're perfect, except that I'm a white atheist American. Am I beanplating?
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I may need to cancel a flight. Can I get my money back?

I have one round-trip flight booked with Spirit (I know, I know) airlines to fly to Florida next week to visit my girlfriend's family. It is unlikely the trip will actually happen. Is there any way I can get the money back for my ticket? I did not get the travel insurance that they try to sell you. I purchased the ticket months ago. Any solutions appreciated. [more inside]
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How can I get a recording made on a modern player piano onto a CD?

I need to get a recording made onto a 3.5" floppy from a roughly 1995 Yamaha baby grand player piano onto a CD the normal problems with old, unfamiliar technology apply here. [more inside]
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Buying summer clothes in winter

I need to buy summer-appropriate office clothing now. It also needs to be modest. [more inside]
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Books about Cold War Germany

I've been really enjoying the tv series, Deutschland 83, and would like to read a book about the Cold War in Germany & Europe at the time (i.e early 80s). Can anyone recommend one? [more inside]
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I'm in NYC, my car and stuff is in Atlanta, what should I do?

I live in New York. What is the best way to deal with a car and storage locker full of stuff in Atlanta, Georiga? [more inside]
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japanese expressions when entering a room

There are typical expressions upon entering/leaving a room w/people. What are the protocals?
posted by ebesan at 12:27 PM PST - 7 comments

Slow Cooker Christmas?

what should I make for Christmas dinner (crock pot preferred)? [more inside]
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Audience Participation Required

What audio or video recordings are available online of concerts where the lead singer/vocalist stops and the audience takes over to sing the lyrics or chorus of a song without them? Any genre. Kid-safe clips without swearing or explicit lyrics, preferred.
posted by zarq at 11:47 AM PST - 41 comments

How to invite friend without her obnoxious boyfriend

I love my friend L. About 5 months ago she started dating this guy M. M is, on the surface, an OK guy but when we're having a party he tends to drink a lot and become a cretin. The worst was when he threatened me, the best man, with violence at a mutual friend's wedding rehearsal dinner. He was jealous because L, the maid of honor, was coming to me because she was nervous about giving her speech. [more inside]
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If I am undocumented/out of status is it "illegal" for me to work?

For the past two years, an acquaintance has been living in my car. Originally from Japan, he came here on a student visa and then, believing his employers would help him maintain a legal status, he overstayed that visa. Eventually, he lost his job and his home - and sought my help (hating our local homeless shelter, which is admittedly dangerous). Now he believes that if he works he will be breaking the law. This matters to him as he is pursuing legal action against his former employers (a case I don't think has much merit - though I haven't really looked at it). We're meeting with a homeless services provider today, who I'm certain will want him to have some kind of income before helping him find housing. And so the main question is: is it "illegal" for him to work? Thanks for any help.
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Help me tarnish my friends at fantasy basketball

This season my friends decided to make a fantasy basketball league for the very first time. Most everyone in the league is new to this and it's been a ton of fun so far! However, after a stressful 6 weeks and therefore not setting my lineup as often as I'd liked, I'm second-to-last and am gunning for a major comeback (I just won this week's matchup, too). [more inside]
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How to make Brussels sprouts as a guest at a dinner party

Help me figure out how to make Brussels sprouts as a guest at a dinner party? [more inside]
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How can I talk more?

When I am shy, my mind goes blank and I can't keep asking questions forever, I'd like to learn to give my opinion, especially with guys I'm dating and their friends. [more inside]
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How do you break into voice over acting?

How can some one with little to no voice over experience break into the commercial/narrative voice over field? [more inside]
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I'm looking for well-written books with good stories.

The past few years I've gotten my mom books that were recommended on various askme threads that, at this point, are a few years old. I'm looking for books that aren't particularly challenging, but are higher level than mass market airplane reading. Good reads, good yarns. [more inside]
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Drowning in baby pictures, and limited adult interactions for a new mom

A friend beloved by Mrs. Glaucon and me had her first baby this summer - which is wonderful. We have since been drowning in baby pictures sent every 1-3 days, and it's getting to be a bit much. Have you experienced this before and how did you deal with it? [more inside]
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Socks for "more to love" men with size 13 feet?

Over the years my 6'5" dad has put on quite a bit of weight. Regular socks made for size 12-15 shoed feet are too tight around his calves and tops of his feet. Any recommendations you might have for both athletic socks and dress socks would be most appreciated.
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Pink Art Lady

Awhile ago I saw a very strange art video in which a woman is putting on lipstick, then proceeds to cover her entire face, then her entire body, in pink lipstick. [more inside]
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Food Photography Surfaces

I've started to get into food photography and am interested in finding some cool surfaces to act as backgrounds for variety. [more inside]
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Gift ideas for cousin swap

Asking anonymously because my cousin could be on Metafilter and I want to give enough details to get interesting responses but don't care if he knows that one of his cousins is on Metafilter if he's here (feel free to chime in yourself, B!). Cousin gift swap. My target cousin is 21, about to graduate with a computer science degree in the urban NE U.S. I don't know what he does for fun, but he is smart, shy-ish, funny, athletic (but doesn't appear to follow the big three major league U.S. sports - MAYBE pro soccer?). His co-op job in school has to do with developing an app. He dresses fashionably. [more inside]
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My Mom Keeps Buying Me Expensive Jewelry I Never Wear

My mom spends a great deal each year on a piece of jewelry for me. The jewelry is never my style and I never wear it. Seeing her is enough for me during the holidays, I don't need expensive gifts. These jewelry items are becoming a wasteful tradition. I don't know what to say. [more inside]
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Guardianship for sibling's hypothetical child; with complicating factors

My older sister, who is mid-thirties and single, has just asked me if she were to become pregnant via anonymous sperm donor, whether my husband and I would agree to be the child’s legal guardians were something to happen to her. She asked me this by text message; so far I have told her that I don’t think this is a conversation for text message and that we will see her in a few days over Christmas. She said she agrees and says she just wanted to give us a ‘heads-up’. As always, there are complicating factors (see below). Please help me line up some phrases and good things to ask/say for the inevitable conservation we are going to have this week. [more inside]
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Neighbourhood watch: Is this dog-abuse or am I being overly sensitive?

My neighbour is exhibiting strange behaviour towards their dog but as a non-pet owner, I am unaware of how unruly dogs are 'handled'. Advice? [more inside]
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FireFox 43 Bookmarks Toolbar is now too long.

I have 22 bookmarks I use on a many times every day. It was SUPER convenient for me to have all of them (Favicons only) in my bookmarks toolbar at the top of my FireFox browser. Now after Firefox updated to the latest version, they are all Favicons+Titles, and spill off the side, making me have to search for the bookmark, killing productivity. How can I restore them to their former Favicon-Only goodness? [more inside]
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December 20

Help me stay asleep!

Over the last few years, I've begun experiencing sleep disturbances that are pretty unpleasant. What's going on? [more inside]
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Doctor recommendations

I'm seeking recommendations for a great plastic surgeon in New York City. [more inside]
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Do I need to consult a financial planner, or what?

The company I work for is getting bought out. The sale will be final sometime in the first quarter of 2016. I've been participating in the Employee Stock Purchase Plan since I got hired about 15 years ago, and I've never touched it, so I have a good-sized chunk of change coming (hooray). However, I am pretty much a noob when it comes to financial planning, investing, tax consequences, and how to use my money (boo). Can you help me figure out what to do next? [more inside]
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Can anyone help identify this hospital in Mongolia?

This hospital was/is apparently a maternity and pediatric hospital. I've Googled this repeatedly without success. The pictures were taken in 2010, so I'm unsure if the hospital building is still standing or if a newer hospital has been built in its place. [more inside]
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Is a hybrid car the right fit?

My girlfriend is thinking of buying a hybrid car with regenerative braking. Will this be the right fit for her and her commute? [more inside]
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How long before a hearing aid might help tinnitus?

If a hearing aid is going to help with tinnitus, is that likely to happen within 40 days, or would it take longer? Details inside. [more inside]
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Special Snowflake Research Resource List

Please help me compile research resources for a project I will undertake in the year ahead. I would like to become very familiar with the following subjects: 1) New York City and Greenwich Village in the 1850s-1900. 2) The experience of Irish immigrants in that same era 3) The state of Christmas as a cultural entity and practice in that era. Special snowflake explanation inside. [more inside]
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Have 3 days in SE Asia before official trip starts: where should I go?

Have a few days in SE before a work trip. Should I hang out in Hong Kong, Singapore, or go somewhere else? [more inside]
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Shakespeare on desire as muse

Brief Shakespeare quotation on the idea of desire or love as muse / as source of creative fire? [more inside]
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Clothing Security tag left on skirt, issue at airport?

First world problem: Went to go pack for Holiday flight today. Opened an order I placed from Macy' and somebody left the hard tag sensor on it... sigh. I don't have time to take skirt and receipt into the store before flight. Can I pack this in my bag I'm checking so I can bring it into Macy's when I get there? Or do you think it will set off some kind of security thing when they scan it? I'm overthinking, as usual! Pic attached [more inside]
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Maybe I'd prefer the Tea Dictatorship

I recently ordered some tea from the Republic of Tea. I don't like it. Please help me figure out why. [more inside]
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Asperger's, people, and me

After reading endless books and blogs, I'm fairly certain I'm somewhere on the autism spectrum--specifically, that I have what used to be called Asperger's syndrome. I have some questions about whether it's worth it to seek a formal diagnosis, as well as well as whether there's any worthwhile type of therapy (or anything else) that might lead to improved work prospects and social interaction. [more inside]
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Rescue my favorite wool sweaters

I tumble air dried (no heat) my favorite merino wool sweaters in the dryer, and now they have weird little (possibly?) synthetic fibers that want to stay in the weave. Best guess is one of the other sweaters in there had a loose weave that wove itself into the wet wool. We are using a sticky clothing roller to get them out but having a devil of a time removing them. How do we get these out? Pic of the situation here.
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Shenzhen landslide location?

I am looking for the exact location of the Shenzhen landslide, ideally a google map link.
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Name this annoying '90s song

Well, maybe it wasn't annoying to you. It was popular in early 1996 (or at least I couldn't get away from it where I was) and I believed the chorus went, "Judy in the way. Judy in the way. Judy in the way-hey-hey-hey-hey-hey-hey-hey. Judy in the way . . ." I suspect there was no Judy in it at all, because I can't Google it. The song was a folk-rockish, powerpoppy blend. There was whistling in it. Do you know it? [more inside]
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Chrome is telling me "this site has been updated in the background"

For some reason, I keep getting push notifications about one website - a website I've never visited, so far as I know, that say "this site has been updated in the background". Can you help me fix this? [more inside]
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Mediastreaming wirelessly to a projector...

We do not have and do not want a TV in our house. Instead we want to play CDs, and stream stored digital media and other internet/app content, wirelessly to a projector. (The audio can go by wire from the player/streamer to the speakers.) Does such a player/streamer even exist, in one device? We're an Apple household, so should I be thinking an macmini or an appletv, with CD-playing somehow added to them? Or a Roku? [more inside]
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how to make a white tongue pink again

My tongue is white and gross. I went to the doctor and she looked at it and told me that it looked like hairy tongue, and that there wasn’t anything to do about it. But it looks gross and things taste bad and my teeth feel coated all the time, so I’m looking for some home remedies to fix it or to mitigate it. [more inside]
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Ready to Publish, but Seeking Help with Specifics

I think I'm ready to publish some of my poems through one of two avenues, (still open to suggestions though), but I need some "what-would-you-do-in-my-shoes" type of advice about which step to take first. On the one hand, there is a great self-publishing resource offered through McNally Jackson Books' Espresso Book Machine that will print a limited run of actual books for me. On the other hand, I wonder if I can hedge my bets to get people to actually read my poems by trying to publish in a journal first. [more inside]
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UK business plan financials excel sheet?

I am looking for a straightforward British economic business plan financials calculator for Excel so that I can look serious! I found a similar thing from but it is really for the USA. Any signposting to something comprehensive with built in calculations?
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Help me find an old jeans ad

I'm trying to find a humorous commercial for Levi jean that I haven't seen for years. Difficulty: 90's Australian TV. Google is failing me and this is driving me crazy!! Details inside... [more inside]
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Why Do Some Trees Oooze Globs of Clear Gel-Like Sap?

I think I went by a silk tree and looked up and down and there were globs of clear gel on the ground and clusters of it above. What purpose does this serve the tree? What is it indicative of?
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Scorpion Sex Scene

I'm trying to remember the title of a movie or tv show from my childhood. This would be an 80's or early 90's thing probably. All I remember is a that its a sex/seduction scene, and that there is a black scorpion scrawling on the silk sheets next to the couple, and then on one or both of them. I want to say that one of them was trying to kill the other and released it before getting it on.
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December 19

what to do when coworker hands off subpar work?

A coworker handed off a Thing that turns out to need more work. I might be asked to explain why the Thing isn't done already. How can I handle the question gracefully? To be clear, I don't mind doing the remaining work, and I don't want to get Coworker in trouble. But I also don't want to protect Coworker at my own expense. [more inside]
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Generic letter of recommendation -- what now?

I'm applying for a fellowship, and my recommender showed me the letter he sent out on my behalf. Turns out it's rather generic and, while very positive, does not give examples of my supposed awesomeness. [more inside]
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My skin can't get much thinner...

I used to have a pretty dark sense of humor, watch crime shows all the time with dead people and blood and guts and really was never bothered by any of this. I've always been a news junky, and I'd read about all sorts of crimes and murder etc. etc. and never be bothered in the least. Since having a baby, I can't even read a news headline about a person being harmed - particularly children. It seems obvious that this is baby related, but will it ever get better? And if not, can I acclimatize myself so I can exist in the world? [more inside]
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Christmas math

Oh hai. This was me. Awesome responses. Now I need some help with cryptograms. [more inside]
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How to help a grieving elderly cat?

I just suddenly lost the younger of my two cats to an aggressive cancer. (The cat who just died is on the right, the survivor is on the left.) Aside from being heartbroken myself, I'm extremely worried about the other 14 year old cat. He and she were largely inseparable, and had been together 11 years. How do I help him in the short term and what would your best advice be about the long term? [more inside]
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Looking for good plans on the Maryland Health ExchangeMy

My son is currently using NY State health insurance on the A.C.A. (Exchange). He is now staying and working in Maryland and I just went on their Exchange website and I see that the premiums seem to be far lower than they are in New York State... [more inside]
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Programming Language for a Product Manager

My career has always been on the peripheral of more technical roles and I've excelled without getting to code-specific knowledge but in my job search everyone seems to want a product manager who can use code, even if it's not part of their job. What language should I learn? [more inside]
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How to upload info to Covered California website

Howdy. The good news is that I've finally been accepted for health insurance via Covered California. The bad news is that it's for 90 days only because the program needs additional information. I can mail it (nope), fax it (prefer not to) or upload it (yay). Only problem is, the user interface is fairly sucky. I cannot find the mystery link to uploading information. Maybe it's me, maybe it's the site. Either way, would be grateful for a link or explanation if you know how to perform file uploading magic.
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Time for a new car. Suggestions?

I'm overwhelmed with choices. Help me buy another car. [more inside]
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Why can’t I read Newsweek on my laptop?

I'm using a Mac Laptop running OS X Yosemite (though this is surely moot). Whenever I visit a Newsweek article, (e.g.) I’m told that I’ve already read five articles this month - despite never having visited before. This is true if I use Safari, Tor Browser, Firefox, or Chrome. I entirely believe this could be do to a particular add-on configuration, but my Safari set up is pretty vanilla, so I’m dubious. Thanks!
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Outgoing volume very quiet on iPhone

My iPhone makes very quiet outgoing calls, but only on phone calls, not FaceTime Audio, for example. Anything I can do? [more inside]
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1 day scuba trip to Keys from Miami?

I'll be in Miami for a long (5 day) weekend. I'd like to spend one day driving out (I can leave bright n early) then down to the keys, have a dive (or 2) and leave the following day in the early afternoon. [more inside]
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I am impressed you stole from me so efficiently

Fraudulent charges were made to my debit card. In the end my bank has taken the hit and refunded all the stolen money. However, I’d like to understand how it happened. [more inside]
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Help me improve my worldbuilding

As my Pathfinder gaming group just came to an abrupt end due to lack of time on the GM's end (an anthropologist who created a truly AWESOME world), I'm getting the itch to step up and create my own world to possibly GM through a campaign in the future. However, the spirit is willing, but the flesh (or mind?) is weak. I'd like some tips on reading material (either direct how-to stuff or fantasy stories with particularly fantastic worldbuilding) that will deepen my resources on which to draw from in creating my own worlds. A bit more detail within. [more inside]
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Career avenues for one who wants to help the fight against anxiety?

I would like to help people, maybe specifically teenagers, avoid being trapped in their lives by anxiety and save them some of the regret and difficulties I accrued. I believe if I turned my self seriously toward learning about it I could do some good. What sort of career avenues are there for someone interested in helping with this? And what sort of schooling do I need to have for them? [more inside]
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Suggestions for a family vacation — good balance of relax and activity?

Hey all, I'm looking to take a short vacation with my family somewhere next year, and we're looking for places that are a good balance of relaxing but still has some great activity options. Would like to relax on the beach (or a similar alternative) and also see some culture and do some activities. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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Deciding whether to resume contact with an estranged friend

My childhood best friend decided to marry her partner of 20 years five weeks after my former partner committed suicide. I attended the reception but it was very hard for me. I haven’t spoken to her since. Today I got a Christmas card from her mother, and it stirred up some feelings I haven't been able to reconcile yet. [more inside]
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Moving images after a messed up Wordpress move

Recently two Wordpress sites of mine were merged into one, by someone else. But some of the images didn't transfer, though the posts did. So at this point, I can go into one of the moved posts with the missing images and the image is just a blank box with the URL pointing to the old website. There are about hundred+ posts like this. [more inside]
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Hygienic, traditional tattoo in Burma/Myanmar

I'm looking for suggestions of traditional tattoo artists in Myanmar who are hygienic and willing to work on foreigners. We'll be in the country in January (in the major tourist spots), and my SO would like to have a leg piece done. Many thanks for any help.
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Reverse stranger anxiety?

Why does our baby cry almost immediately when dad holds her, but accept other people? [more inside]
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Will I develop muscular dystrophy?

I recently had a 23 and Me genetic panel done. Questions about the results of things I have come back positive as... [more inside]
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Reflecting on being part of the mob

Can you provide examples of individuals who participated in mob activity and later reflected on it via writing, interview, conversation, art, or any other form of expression?
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How to cope with retirement?

My workaholic father retired recently. He was completely and passionately devoted to his profession (Medicine) for over 42 years. In all the time that he worked, 12 to 14 hours a day, he developed practically no hobbies or interests apart from his work. I hardly remember him watching a movie or reading a book (outside of work) or socialising (and on the occasion that he HAD to, it was a chore). In fact, it was hard to keep him away from the Hospital where he worked, even on Sundays. As one can imagine, retirement has been a hard transition for him, although, of course, he had been anticipating this change for a very long time. [more inside]
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Ladies (and germs, if you can help) - Recommend me a deodorant

I'm looking for suggestions for deodorant only (ie not anti-perspirant). Because a) women's deodorants are not exactly abundant, and b) online reviews tend to leave something to be desired, I'm hoping you MeFites can help. Details inside. [more inside]
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Complex multi-city (and continent) travel: do I need a travel agent?

Through a combination of work opportunities and family obligations, I have some really complex travel planned for next April. I am starting and ending in Stockholm, but will be in Asia, the US, and Central Europe in the middle -- in that order. My attempts to price tickets myself (on Expedia and similar sites) with the multi-city travel options have landed me prices in the $3k range, which seems pretty absurd (and also isn't even offering me good flight times/layovers). Will I have better luck with a travel agency? I've always booked all my own travel before. [more inside]
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December 18

Learning as much as possible about data analytics in a month?

I have an opportunity to assist on a research project, but my background isn't very data-y. [more inside]
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Best sim card for NZ

I'm heading home to New Zealand for the holidays and would like to get a prepaid sim with some data and decent coverage. [more inside]
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Why doesn't my inline SVG scale in IE?

I'm trying to learn the ins and outs of SVGs and animation in CSS, but I can't seem to work out how to get them to scale properly in IE. Here is an example in codepen, in firefox and chrome it all seems right, but in IE you can see how small the ghost is compared to the shadow below it (which just a non-svg div, scaled properly). Thanks! [more inside]
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Looking for a 19th century painting of the ocean floor

While deep in a Google image search for new wall decor, I came across a painting of the sea floor that I can't find again. Details I remember: 19th century, western, realistic in style, landscape orientation, red coral (?) or sea fan-type thingy in the foreground. [more inside]
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Suggestions for food I can take to patient in long-term care?

Please give me suggestions for food I can take to a bedridden dialysis patient for whom food just doesn’t taste good. They are at dialysis three times a week and had a catastrophic event a few months ago. They are in a convalescent facility for the long-term. The food is ok at the best of times and too bland most of the time. I sympathize because I cannot eat food that doesn’t taste good to me either. However, they have to eat SOMETHING!! What could we take in the morning for them to eat throughout the day? We are trying to stay away from processed food and overly salted food. Some cooking the night before might be ok; some soups might be ok. I am trying to come up with a number of ideas to keep things interesting for the long-term. Their dietary restrictions are modest at this point--low-to-no salt; low potassium; low sugar. Thank you for your time!
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Starting a software side business... slowly

How should I sell an open-source web application if my goal is passive income? [more inside]
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Why do these Android apps ignore my rotation settings?

Certain Android games ignore my OS-level screen rotation settings and will, at the drop of a hat, switch to portrait mode from landscape, often only momentarily before flipping back to landscape. Fallout Shelter and Adventure Capitalist are the worst, and will do this even while the phone is completely motionless and either lying flat or propped up in landscape orientation, while Bloons TD5 will, again without any provocation, flip to portrait and then instantly back to landscape. This occurs regardless of whether screen rotation is enabled and is extremely obnoxious. What gives? Can this be prevented?
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Why do my Chinese cleaners move my toy snake off of my toy tiger?

Why do my Chinese cleaners move my toy snake off of my toy tiger? [more inside]
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Ready...get set...BAAAAAAAKE!

My partner and I watched the season of the Great British Bake Off that's on Netflix right now, and then plowed through all the previous episodes, with the result that now we want to bake...constantly. We'd both like to practice and gain some solid technical experience. I want a more systematic approach than sifting through Google results to find stuff that seems authoritative. Do you know of a great book or at-home baking course that could help us level up? We're interested in all kinds of baking -- breads, cakes, pastries, etc.
posted by linettasky at 4:24 PM PST - 25 comments

Temporarily Hiding My Woeful Twitter Follower Count

In a month or two, I'll be negotiating a year-long business deal which depends on the other party assuming I have a wide following (in a narrow field). Problem: my Twitter feed, for whatever reason, is miserably unpopular. How can I shield myself from the deal-chilling effect of this, without deleting the account entirely (which would be inconvenient for me)? [more inside]
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Best way to view photos from PC on TV?

My parents love to look at and show off stuff from their 200+GB photo collection on the big TV in the living room. They currently use a last-gen AppleTV which works fairly well once you actually get into the folders list, but getting there sometimes takes 20-30 minutes with just the "Loading" spinning circle. Additionally, there is no way to zoom in and pan around on a photo, a feature they would love to have. Would the new Apple TV improve things? [more inside]
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Recommendations for handheld 3D scanners sought.

I have as close to $1000 as possible to spend on a 3D scanner. There are a number of choices and conflicting information. Seeking personal experience with handheld 3D scanners. [more inside]
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Graphic design for scientific figures

I'm looking for examples of well-designed scientific figures. As a materials scientist I've encountered many horrendous figures that are difficult to understand and read. I've read about collaborations between graphic design and physical science departments, which yield much more attractive and informative figures, but these examples are few and far between. I'm hoping to apply principles from good graphic design and data visualization to my own work. Are there any resources or websites where I can learn more about this?
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What's the state of teachers in my state?

How can I find numbers comparing the number of new teachers in Wisconsin to other states, or to prior years? Also, is it possible to compare the compensation packages in WI school districts? [more inside]
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Getting money back at the end of a car lease by selling it?

I have a car lease that is ending in about a month or so. I was told I might actually to get money back at the end of my lease if I sell my car. I don't understand how. I thought I just turn it in and walk away. Details inside. [more inside]
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improving elderly relative's hospital stay & persuading her not to leave

Last week, for the second time in the past 12 months, my 95 year old relative had a bad fall and broke several bones. She had surgery and is now recovering in hospital. She absolutely hates being there, wants to go home, and is angry at the medical team. Is there anything concrete we can do to mitigate her unhappiness and persuade her not to check herself out against medical advice, like she did last time? [more inside]
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What are the good, but non-academic London independent schools?

I've been asked to help a family find the right school for their child - he's 7, not a fan of the whole 'structured work' thing*, and gets in trouble a lot at his current school. They're also (quite rightly) worried that he'll get quite "cool" in a few years if he ends up in the wrong place. He likes art and adores football. A boarding school would be pretty much ideal, as far I can tell, but doesn't seem to be an option. [more inside]
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I think I need to leave my JD off my resume to get a job. Please help.

I've seen a lot of similar questions, but they don't quite get at my particular issue. I got a JD in 2010 and an MS in Social Policy in 2012. If I only had the MS, I'd be able to find work. The JD is holding me back. The most common feedback I get is "you're a flight risk" or "we can't afford you." I get it, but it's not true, and I can't convince them otherwise. [more inside]
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Reliable wired computer mouse recommendations?

I need a wired USB computer mouse that is reliable, doesn't use a ball (so optical / laser) and has a scroll wheel. Bonus points if the mouse is also stylish. I'm willing to spend up to $50—(probably) not any higher.
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Best Canadian cell phone for emergency use?

What's the best Canadian-available cell phone/plan for someone who will only use the phone very, very occasionally? [more inside]
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How did ATMs become widely accepted?

I am trying to understand how ATMs came to be seen by consumers as a better alternative to tellers. How did people react to ATMs at first? What was the process that led to their widespread acceptance? Do you know of anyone who prefers to go to a teller for their cash and if so, why do they?
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How do I Progress A Relationship With A Fear Of Loss?

I have recently started a relationship with a wonderful person but I realise now that I'm stifling its progress due to a fear of loss and I'd like some advice on how to stop doing this. [more inside]
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Suggestions on do-it-yourself repair of oriental rug

My beautiful old 6x11 Turkish rug is beginning to deteriorate in spots. It appears that the weft of one color is disintegrating in some spots, leaving some of the warp threads only. A specialty repair shop estimated a cost of $3,000 to reweave the spots, which is much more than the rug is worth. Help! [more inside]
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Swag a pendant light from concrete ceiling in a condo tower: Bad idea?

We live in a high-rise condo in Miami with concrete ceilings/floors. We'd like to swag a pendant light to hang directly above a dining table. This would involve drilling a single hole in the concrete ceiling to install a hook for swagging the light, which weighs approximately 7 lbs. Help me decide whether or not this is a good idea and if I can do it without a hammer drill and with minimal fuss. Let's assume the landlord is ok with this. [more inside]
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NYE 2016 -- Istanbul Edition. Suggestions?

We're planning to take the night train from Sofia, Bulgaria to Istanbul, Turkey on the night of the 30th. We will be arriving in Istanbul at 8am on the 31st. We will have all day on the 31st in the city, and will return to Sofia on January 1st. We're looking for some recommendations. [more inside]
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How to find web developers

What are some good tips or processes for finding the right people to rebuild a web site. [more inside]
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New mommy help - door safety edition

Baby Grr is soon going to be crawling (yay) and my Google-fu is failing me for door safety as I am not really sure what I am looking for. On my main floor there is a door to the basement which needs to be open at least partially for the cats to get to their litter boxes, but obviously can't be open all the way with a little mover scooting around. Is there a product that will lock the door partially open?
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Do I need medication?

I was diagnosed with depression in 2012, after a really bad few months of daily crying and suicideal ideation. After several months of therapy, plus positive situational changes over the past couple of years, I am now pretty far away from those dark days. But I still get occasional episodes of inexplicable low mood when I, for example, cancel all commitments for the day and stay home in bed all day. What gives? Should I go back to therapy and/or go ask my doctor for medication and/or accept this as a dimension of who I am and manage around it? The moods feel physiological in origin, I can't put my finger on any thought or event that triggers them, and they happen about once every 2-3 months.
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Should I return stolen goods?

I stole from a daycare and am too ashamed to admit it to the carers. My kids will be going to this daycare next year. I am worried they know of my problem and will think less of me. [more inside]
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How do I blog? 2016 version.

With a lot of changes happening in my life, I'd like to keep an online diary of sorts. I know nothing about blogging. But I'd like to anonymously post all kinds of things. [more inside]
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What one large Xmas decoration do I need?

I lile decorating for Halloween, but I do not like decorating for Xmas. I was at Target and saw they had giant light-up stars, presumably for outside your house. This made me think, what one large, preferably light-up Christmas decoration could I take out every year, set up in the middle of my living room, and go, "Bam. Christmas!?" Something fun but not too traditional?
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Why are serial-numbered items "a problem"

In episode 1 of Season 2 of Serial, it is noted that Bowe Bergdahl left behind all his "sensitive items." Someone clarifies that sensitive items are "serial numbered gear that would be a problem. Like his weapon, the laser for his weapon, the optic, his night optics..." I understand why the Army would not want this technology to be in the hands of the enemy. But what do the serial numbers have to do with it? [more inside]
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How can I thank my awesome librarian?

The librarian at my local library just alerted me to the fact a book I have been hunting for months is available in the library's small store. What's the best way to say thank you? [more inside]
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Where can I find forums for researchers in Education policy and metrics?

I'm trying to identify possible online forums where social scientists--and in particular those interested in education policy and education assessment metrics--gather together and provide a support community regarding projects, answer questions, and offer suggestions about possible research approaches to take in answering questions. It could be associated with a particular university or it could be broader in reach and scope. [more inside]
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Amazing paper products in New York

I am looking for an interesting card and a little box or envelope big enough to give something the size of a silver dollar. The gift is for an illustrator so I am feeling self-conscious about getting something they will really appreciate. Handmade, beautiful, interesting, well designed would be notes I want to hit. Ideally in NYC but mail order could be OK too.
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Can I Quote You?

I'm writing a game. I'd like our characters to occasionally bust out a quote from thing I love. Under what circumstances do I need permission? [more inside]
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Help me learn to spin with a drop spindle in 2016!

Can you recommend a reliable online business from which I can purchase a good quality/well-designed "Teach yourself to Spin with a Drop Spindle" kit preferably with instructions and all the things needed? It can be on Etsy (I have an account) or elsewhere. Sources for general spinning-related supplies and helpful websites also welcome. [more inside]
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Viewing NYC Holiday lights via driveby

Taking my elderly mom on a driving tour of the NYC Holiday lights, I know it is better to walk but she tires easily. Can you suggest a route?
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TERF conversion.

So we had our second big argument. This one ended with her tears and a walkout, and my continued confusion. At issue seems to be: she might be a TERF. I never used that word, but I kept asking her to clarify what she was saying, because all I kept hearing was that hormones are bad, and therefor transitioning is bad. [more inside]
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How do not-your-bank credit cards work?

I have had two credit cards for years, but both have been with my bank (Chase). I am interested in a Citi rewards card. How does that work, payments-wise? Do I have to open up a bank account at Citi? Can I pay it via Chase bill pay? Can I do auto pay via my Chase checking account? How do I get the Citi rewards out? These are surprisingly difficult questions to google and if it will be a hassle to go outside my bank I'll just not get the new card. [more inside]
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December 17

Cap and Gown: What Else to Wear?

I'm getting my third undergraduate degree this Saturday, making my family attend the early evening commencement, and have no earthly idea what to wear. [more inside]
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How can I learn to read rhythm as quickly as possible?

I am way. over. my. head. in a musical project. I need to learn a complicated piece (piazolla) from a score and have no training at all. [more inside]
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Will my slow cooker plan work?

For the first time in my life I'm going to cook dinner for guests tomorrow. I tested a boneless-short-ribs-in-slow-cooker recipe a few weeks ago and it came out well. But I'm worried about the timing tomorrow. [more inside]
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Looking for a Play Laboratory..... Like a play kitchen, but with science

I remember seeing a blog post or article about a play laboratory or mad science set that someone made for their kid. It was a small piece of furniture with laboratory accessories and places to store them, just like a play kitchen set. It came with a lab coat and test tubes. Might have been BoingBoing, but I can't find it. Help?
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Middle-aged geek dating in London

A friend of mine is spinning his wheels in trying to find love in London. I've tried to help, but I'm long out of the scene and the obvious stuff isn't going well. Can London (or other) MeFites suggest some new avenues? [more inside]
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Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

Can you suggest a jigsaw puzzle for the family that is about solving a mystery? Something fun and can keep the attention of kids over 12? [more inside]
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Looking for short poems about the winter and holidays.

I am making holiday cards and would like to include a short poem on the inside cover. I am looking for suggestions for poems about winter or the holidays. I will be handwriting the cards so I don't want something too long. [more inside]
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I. Need. To. Relax.

Looking for guided meditation apps for my iPhone or downloadable MP3s. I've been doing meditation in the morning and it helps me focus my day. Usually something like 5-20 minutes, general themes like calmness, gratitude, body scan, the usual. I've read the other questions, tried a few that have been okay, and have a few picky requests... [more inside]
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Google fu fail--story likely on hacker news about addictive web behavior

I read a story recently that I've not been able to find on Hacker News or Google about behaviors that are built into websites that make them addictive. I cannot find the story--I'm creatively remembering now how it related to the bottomless feeds a la Facebook, random reinforcement, and perhaps social pressure. Does this thread ring a bell for the hive mind?
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Holiday for exhausted parents in the UK

Hi! Can anyone recommend a holiday in mid January for two exhausted parents of a four year old and a one year old? We were thinking Centreparcs until we remembered it's based on a self-catering model and really could do with being cooked for for 5 days/a week! [more inside]
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Maybe the nice cable did something wrong to the iPad

Curiosity question: one of my charger cables won't charge my iPad but will charge my iPhone. What could be the cause? [more inside]
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What's the perfect book to give a friend on the autistic spectrum?

He's in his mid-20s. Lives with his parents. Just started his first part-time job. He likes video games, board games, sports, circuses. He's a bit of foodie. He prides himself on being up for any (small) challenge. His favorite things to read are Wikipedia, IMDB, Ripley's Believe It or Not. [more inside]
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Seeking a spiral-bound wall calendar for 2016

I'm looking for a pretty spiral-bound wall calendar with boxes for each date and a month on each page. Help! [more inside]
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Really bummed about a not-great semester

I'm a masters student in computer science / electrical engineering. My goal is to work as a software engineer, hopefully somewhere good, but I'm afraid I'm going to blow it. Help me put things in perspective? [more inside]
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Paper notebook recommendations (for a gift)?

Hi! I have spent the last two hours searching online for the perfect paper notebook/journal gift for my SO's father (a lawyer and clergyman), and all the ones I found seem to have something not-quite-right about them, even the ones found in "best! paper! notebooks!" blogs. Dear notebook lovers, help me, please. Requirements inside: [more inside]
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Cheapest place to buy office supplies?

I usually buy office supplies from CVS or similar stores, and it feels like I'm getting overcharged. I'd like to feel like I'm getting a good price, even though I'm not buying in bulk (which I'm guessing is where most of the discounts are). The items I'm most interested in are packing tape and printer paper.
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Oh for a bag of holding

My husband has about eleventy-billion Magic cards in various binders and boxes. He plays at our dining room table, and the area on and around it are cluttered with them. He wants access to all cards at all times, and our old house doesn't have any downstairs closets (because it was build before MTG was invented, I assume). I would really, really like to declutter the room, as it's both the first room guests see in the house and a place I would like to eat dinner again. [more inside]
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Polaroid pc-compatible printer (early 2000s, late 90s?)

Has anyone heard of or owned a vintage Polaroid printer that printed directly from a computer onto standard Polaroid stuff (not sure if 600 or SX-70). I'm trying to locate one for maybe experimenting with Impossible stock. Unfortunately, in the years since, Polaroid has made a ton of newer printers for smartphones etc and it's very hard to find with just the vague memory of when it came out. Any help would be appreciated.
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How to talk about merging finances?

My relationship with my partner has become 'real' enough that I want to start the conversation about merging finances. However, I don't want us to just hack together a plan- is there a guide of any sort for how a young couple should start this process? [more inside]
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Power outage + loud boom. Should I be worried?

About 15 minutes ago I heard a loud booming noise outside; the power in the whole house went out almost simultaneously. I reported the outage but can't get in touch with a live person. What could this be? Should I be worried? Should I try touching my fuse box? [more inside]
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Music Jam Group Wants to Share Music Online

A local informal ukulele jam group has regular jam sessions and occasional performances. They would like to share uke tablature (with lyrics) amongst the members online, as well as create songbooks for jam sessions and performances that could be accessed/used via mobile or in hard copy. More details inside. [more inside]
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Help me get a monitor for my Mac Mini

I have a mid-2010 Mac Mini that we use as our family's common desktop computer. The monitor is dying. Help me choose a replacement? [more inside]
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Why are so many women in Sierra Leone named Fatmata Jalloh?

I'll need someone familiar with Sierra Leonean culture to answer this one. My job deals with people from lots of different countries, and it seems like almost every woman from Sierra Leone has exactly the same name: personal name Fatmata, surname Jalloh. It's not uncommon for a man to have a mother named Fatmata Jalloh, a sister named Fatmata Jalloh, and a wife named Fatmata Jalloh. How did this situation come about, what is the significance of the name, how is confusion avoided, and what is a culturally sensitive way for us to keep better track of our files?
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Weight Watchers app that isn't Weight Watchers?

I'm looking for the best knock-off Weight Watchers app that tracks PointsPlus. What is it? [more inside]
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What is the process of "creating a SAP code"?

Our division recently placed an order to a new vendor for some supplies needed for a project. The vendor received the purchase order a week ago. Today we asked about the status of the order (and for a shipment tracking number); the vendor responded that they are "in the process of creating a SAP code", and that they hope to give us a delivery date next week. What is a 101-level explanation of what the vendor is doing when creating this code? [more inside]
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What is the most best computer/editing software for basic video editing?

I’m a television documentary executive/producer/writer/director. Earlier in my career, I did some some basic editing, but it was never my specialty. For the last dozen years, I have hired editors and post supervisors to handle everything, so I’m terribly out of touch with the best options out there. Can you help? [more inside]
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How to "picture-frame" e-mail correspondence as a gift?

Within my family, a professionally framed piece of paper, such as a diploma or an old 'artifactual' letter is sometimes given as a gift. In other words, framing a 'piece of paper' that has special meaning for the gift giver and recipient in a way that preserves it. This is straightforward for a single one-page piece of paper printed on reasonable quality paper. How can I do this with a set of really meaningful e-mails? [more inside]
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How can I turn a 2-D image into a 3-D sculpture?

I love the two-figure wooden creche at the top of this column. It can't be bought, maker is unknown, all I have is this image--if I wanted one of my own, how would I go about making it, or having it made?
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List of all U.S. Bridges

Working on a project and I need a list of all (or a lot) of the bridges in the United States. [more inside]
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Ways to Cut the Cable/Satellite Cord?

I work for a small, community-owned, fiber optic Internet and telephone start-up and we want to provide customers — and potential customers — with options on how to use our services to (legally) watch their favorite programming. Looking to the hive mind for suggestions. [more inside]
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More Pee-Wee's Playhouse than Pottery Barn

Where to find quirky home inspiration? [more inside]
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Book Recommendation for a Moving Friend

A friend is (probably temporarily) moving to England from the US and I would like to get her a book. Her two favorites are One Hundred Years of Solitude and The Dispossessed. Something that is set in or otherwise features England would be a bonus. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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Stop ribbing me

Sudden rib pain in a PIlates class. What can I safely do? [more inside]
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I'm looking for intelligent books or essays about motherhood.

I would like some reading material on motherhood and/or pregnancy that goes beyond the standard "it's hard, but it's SO rewarding." [more inside]
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What sports bra/underwear should I get for long distance cycle touring?

I'm shortly about to embark on a long distance cycle tour and I was hoping for some advice on what sports bra and underwear to get that will be good for wicking as well as durable because I will only be taking one bra and two pairs of pants with me to keep the weight down. [more inside]
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California (and Oregon) roadtrip help, please!

Am very excitedly planning a few weeks in California/Oregon early next year. Aware it will be cold(ish). Would love some suggestions on how to maximise seeing natural beauty, although I'll be travelling by train... [more inside]
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Feeling ambivalent about my relationship, but I don't know how to say so

In recent weeks I've started to notice that I've become ambivalent about my relationship with my GF. Recently she was away for a weekend and I realised that I didn't miss her all that much. I think that I need to talk to her about this but I don't know how to do it fairly and kindly. [more inside]
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December 16

Most ethical big 5 Canadian bank?

I'm looking to invest a bit of money, and for various reasons, I will be investing in one of the big 5 Canadian Banks (RBC, TD, CIBC, BMO, or Scotia). I've been looking around on the internet, but I've been having a hard time figuring out which one of these five banks is the most ethical in terms of its investment policies. [more inside]
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Parent is pushing me to buy universal life insurance, bad idea, right?

My parent is carrying the cost of my $40/mo. term life insurance because he's the one who took out the policy. Now he wants me to buy universal life insurance from a "family friend." This is stupid, right? Additional snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Finding a fair way to split car expenses/insurance with your SO

My SO and I had been sharing car expenses evenly down the middle while I was using her car for work which requires traveling approximately 2-3x/week. By car expenses, I'm referring to the car note and paying half of the insurance premium. I also recently contributed to paying for some of the car maintenance. Prior to being in a relationship with her, I never used a car and would commute via public transit. After moving in with her, the deal was to split car expenses evenly as moving in with her didn't afford me easy access to public transportation. We have since relocated and my work doesn't require me to use the car as much as I can now, once again, use public transportation. However, I still use the car with her to go grocery shopping, run errands on the weekends. My question is, since I have reduced my usage of the car to about 1 maybe 2x/week for work, should I still be paying for half of all expenses? Or what percentage of costs seem fair as far as paying for the car note and insurance?
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Best equipment for cabbage shredding and sauerkraut fermentation?

If you have personally made sauerkraut, what equipment would you recommend/not recommend? [more inside]
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What was this poem?

I'm trying to remember the name of a southwestern poet and one of his poems. Here's what I'm sure of: [more inside]
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Anyone remember this PC/Mac game?

About ten years ago, give or take, there was a downloadable PC/Mac game that I loved playing.. now I've forgotten the name of it and would love to look it up again. [more inside]
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Looking for for a straight razor set for a beginner as an xmas gift.

I am building handmade suitcases for gifts this year, and I would like to include a decent straight razor set in one of them. I have spent a lot of time searching for ones that have good reviews and they are few and far between. Hopefully there is someone out there that has experience with these and can recommend a quality set for a beginner.
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Does this laptop or tablet exist?

I don't want much out of a computer, but no one seems to make what I want. I'm looking for a laptop or tablet that can do all this: 1. Great keyboard. 2. Smallish form factor. 3. Touch screen (and stylus!) so I can mark up PDFs. 4. Ability to plug in a Blu-ray player to watch movies. I don't care about operating system. [more inside]
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I've failed as an adult.

Now I want to change. Help me stay on this path. [more inside]
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How to save my marriage

We may be losing one of our children and we're having a hard time coping. My wife and I cope in very different ways. And it seems to be pushing us apart even though we love each other very much still. I don't know what to do. I've never lost a child. I've never been divorced. Our home;life is suffering. It might be better if we didn't have to worry about paying hospital costs, but I think our coping behviors are grating on each other. And we know this. But we can't stop it. We really love each other and we go to counselors, but for the most part they're for when you're not getting along with the other person. This. This is something else. Are there grief counselors for couples who also are marriage counselors?
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treating preschoolers with upper respiratory infections

When people say that kids are sick all the time, I didn't realize that they actually meant they are sick all the time. Parents of mefi, what do you do to help the little ones feel better, sleep better, or get better sooner?
posted by pennypiper at 4:58 PM PST - 24 comments

Traveling as a single woman

I've never traveled alone except to destinations where I already knew someone. I've been to Europe a couple of times with friends and a few times to Canada, so there's still a lot of territory for me to explore. My friends are more and more pairing off and getting married, and the few remaining single friends I would like to travel with have not been very interested when I've brought it up. I'd like to figure out if I can learn to enjoy this alone. [more inside]
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I can't find a simple song/ Even after years of searching

I know all the lyrics to a song, but I can't find it, or find out who performed it. Searching for "I can find a four leaf clover" gets too many results about trying to do the actual thing, and not about the song. Or about another very well-known four leaf clover song. [more inside]
posted by Mister Moofoo at 3:38 PM PST - 4 comments

Your earworm expungers

It's Christmastime, which means stress and endless exposure to certain pieces of music. Consequently, I am dealing with dire earworms. What are your go-to earworm overrides, fellow earworm sufferers? [more inside]
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No! Don't click on that!

Almost 10 year old daughter has no sense of appropriate viewing, and I'd like to get a software solution to help her stay clear of the skeevier parts of Youtube. [more inside]
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Email Demanding Settlement of Copyright Infringement

I am a board member on a outdoor nonprofit and all volunteer organization located in Alabama that recently received an email from License Compliance Services (formerly/currently known as PicScout) demanding proof of license/authorization for use or to settle online. [more inside]
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Why wife strongly recalls having seen an edition of The Princess Bride where all the interruptions from the reader are in red, and the introduction matches the movie with a Peter Faulk type character rather than the one with William Goldman's rambling take of being at the poolside with the starlet and taking phone calls from his wife. Does such an edition exist?i can find no trace of it online.
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Purchasing a Mexico City SIM card in USA

Are there any reputable sources from whom I can purchase a Mexico City SIM card while I am still in the USA? [more inside]
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My brain needs a hard reset

This is the weirdest, longest mental health setback I've had in years. I've been managing my ADHD, anxiety and depression 'like a pro' for quite some time until this past year. I've tried to overcome the setback using every approach in the book (so it would seem). It's not working. My hard-earned executive functioning skills have mostly disappeared. I think my brain needs a hard reset. What is going on? [more inside]
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Small Condo Buildings - Do you pay an HOA Manager or do it yourself?

Anything we should know as my 4 unit California condo building decides whether or not to stop using our HOA manager and go the DIY route? Particulars below. [more inside]
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Looking for a good BYOB restaurant in DC (city or very close suburb)?

We're visiting DC over Christmas and going out to dinner with friends. None of us live there. The friends are not adventurous eaters, so we have to stick to Italian/New American type places. We'd like to find a place with great food that would also be considered "nice," but is not too expensive (say a limit of $50/head total - drinks, appetizers, entrees), which where we live generally means BYOB if we want to drink, which we do. We don't want to go out into the burbs. [more inside]
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US Banking question - which one? Personal and small business requirement

So I have recently moved to the US and know nothing of the banking system here, so am finding it hard to navigate the system quickly. I just want to get a bank account that works. Help? [more inside]
posted by Brockles at 11:38 AM PST - 10 comments

Looking for particular type of internet restriction software/app

I'm interested in restricting my own use of time-killing websites at home so as to increase my productivity. I see that there are a number of apps or programs that do this in different ways, and some of these techniques would be good. But I haven't found one that works in the way that I think would work best for me. Is something like that available? Details on the kind of functionality I'm looking for are below. P.S. I'm willing to pay up to maybe $50 for the right kind of software. [more inside]
posted by Mechitar at 11:29 AM PST - 6 comments

Accounts of people who have come back from criminal/antisocial acts?

I am looking for narratives of people who turned their lives around after misspent youths. [more inside]
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DNS / webhosting question

I have two sites. and Is it possible for me, without breaking functionality, to have display content that I have on [more inside]
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"Don't come in high on your first day!" yes I think I knew that already.

What do you wish you had known or done before starting a new job? [more inside]
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Turning fanfiction into an original work

If one decided to publish a work of fanfiction as an original work, what sort of protections would be necessary? I'm thinking of publishing a fanfiction work by changing names and places associated with the source material to original names, but are those the only protections I should be taking? [more inside]
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What are safety issues with changing a FB group from Secret to Closed?

I am a member, not an admin of a Facebook group for support in dealing with, and recovery from abuse. It has 1000+ members and a small team of admins. For well over a year the group has been “Secret” which means that the member list is not public. No one who is not a member of the group can see that someone is a member. The admins have announced that within a week they will change the group from Secret to Closed. With this change, anyone can see the full member list. [more inside]
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How do you deal with an iphone while going nomadic?

My daughter will be traveling to Nepal and southeast Asia after Christmas. I asked her if she has found out how to deal with her phone, and she said no, so I'm here (don't tell her). She's using a paid-for iphone with Koodo (in Canada). What's a good strategy for making calls, sending messages, and using data when going from country to country? Also, is it overkill to bring both an iphone and an ipad when traveling out of a backpack?
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Project Management for newbies

I've been offered an awesome opportunity at work to help manage a large-scale statewide project. I need suggestions for resources to up my project management game. [more inside]
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NYC ID. I Need one. I have a warrant.

I need an NYC ID. I have a transit warrant (fare evasion). Will I be arrested if I go to the office to get an ID? [more inside]
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Books, essays, etc. on the Financial Crisis of 2008

I'm looking for good sources of basic-ish information on the global financial crisis of 2008, i.e., what caused it and what the short- and long-term aftereffects were. I'm also looking for one specific video I saw around that time. [more inside]
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Car For Disabled Driver

My 22-year old daughter has cerebral palsy, which affects her walking. She wants to drive, and its certainly time for that. We are just starting this process, and are looking for some guidance. [more inside]
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Bed time tackled, seeking advice for napping 4 month old

I had such great responses and help from my previous question regarding night sleeping problems, ferber method and moving our 4 month old into her own room. Turns out all the Metas were right and I was creating a monster in my head! She cried for 6 minutes and since then doesn't cry when we put her to sleep awake in her crib and sleeps a good 12 hours with one feed! NOW, napping is a HUGE issue. [more inside]
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Saving without a goal

I know absolutely nothing about money (I'm talking feral-child-raised-by-wolves-level "nothing") and want to get my finances in order. I'm not saving up toward any kind of goal except eventual retirement in 40-50 years. What should my next steps be? [more inside]
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Help finding an ergonomic mechanical keyboard with a little flurry...

I've decided that a mechanical keyboard would be much better for me, but I also prefer the "split" ergonomic-designed keyboards. I need advice and suggestions, please. A very slight flurry inside... [more inside]
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Yo ho ho and a bottle of....Malibu? Gross.

Does anyone know of a *good* rum bar in or around Fort Myers Beach, FL? I'll be there for a family vacation in January, and I'm trying to find a bar with a solid selection of sipping rums (Ron Zacapa, El Dorado, etc.). Most of what I can find are "rum bars" serving frozen drinks loaded with food coloring and Malibu.
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Readable, watchable, disputable mysteries - something to argue over

Looking for Documentaries or Articles with deliberate ambiguity but where the implications are grave. [more inside]
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Help me find my ceiling studs

I want to hang a projector screen from my ceiling, and I can't locate the studs. I have a magnetic stud finder, but it doesn't seem to be picking anything up. [more inside]
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Seeking witty rejoinders for when someone gets my name or pronouns wrong

I've just come out as trans at work (like, yesterday) and I know that people are going to struggle with my name and pronouns for awhile, especially since I don't appear super masculine. I am sure that their slip ups won't be out of hostility. I'd like some ideas for jokey corrections that are still appropriate for a white collar workplace. (If "mistakes" persist I will get more serious, and management has my back on this.) [more inside]
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What is this weird amateurish painting style?

There's a style of painting that seems to be very au courant right now, at least in New York. The paintings look -- I'm not sure how else to say it -- very amateurish. Like someone without any training taking an earnest shot at making a painting for the first time. What's the deal with this style? Does it have a name? Where can I find out more about it? [more inside]
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Going from Permanent to Contract---What Should I Know?

So, I've been job hunting, and working through headhunters and the like. It seems like a lot of the jobs through the headhunters are contract gigs. I'm really anxious to switch jobs, so I'm willing to accept a contract gig, but what am I actually getting into? I've only ever worked as a permanent employee!
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Kid's snow globe craft hack

I'm in charge of a second grade Christmas craft and would love to have them make snow globes. One problem, how to make objects adhere to the bottom of the globe in the absence of glue. [more inside]
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Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria - where to go

Ms. deadwax and I are taking trains through Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria in February. We would like to stop at one or two places that are not big cities, go hiking and otherwise get out of town and into nature a bit, probably with 3-5 days parked in one place at a time. If you have been through this part of the world, where would you recommend, particularly in February? [more inside]
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Coming to terms with yourself and your thoughts

I have a hard time making decisions or trusting my gut. I'm a big worrier and I am hard on myself. I need an objective opinion on thoughts I have been struggling with regarding my relationship. [more inside]
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I'm the office punching bag - what do I do?

I'm working in an office job at a small non-profit. As a junior member of staff, I'm repeatedly being blamed quite aggressively for things that either aren't my job or aren't anyone's fault. My concerns about this are being brushed off. The job consists of constant firefighting, there are constant non-specific threats over my future at the organisation and the stress and anxiety is making me sick. I'm planning to move on next year - but how do I make this place bearable in the interim? [more inside]
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Talking about sex with a partner who has Stage 4 cancer...

I really need some advice on how to talk with my partner and address her questions about our sex life (or lack of it) as not only do we have a two-year old but my partner is also undergoing treatment for cancer. Help, please... [more inside]
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Tech upskilling

Can you recommend me some podcasts/ebooks/apps/etc that are aimed for intermediately skilled people who want to learn more about the tech industry, the internet and programming? [more inside]
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December 15

Best desktop computer for the technologically inept?

My mom needs a new desktop computer. She is not savvy at all with technology and seems to get viruses on her computer quite often, and her printer keeps breaking. [more inside]
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Need survey questions to determine holiday gift giving.

I want to make a survey to send my grown-up kids so I know what to get them for the holidays. For example, I don't know how they stand on licorice since they grew up. [more inside]
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2015 Gift Guide

So in the vain of this question .... Whats is the best gift guide? New? Unique? What are you giving this year? What should I get my step mother who I have nothing in common with?
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Quantified self

I collect a lot of data about myself. I want to aggregate all this stuff in one place for personal use. [more inside]
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Considering last minute travel from NJ/NY/PHL area to STL

My family wants to find something semi-affordable for a last minute rush to see family in Missouri. Airfare is too expensive and seats are short. Amtrak looks about as expensive, and I'm worried about the reliability of long-haul train connections. Would buses work well for our situation, or are we better off driving ourselves even though we don't usually drive more than an hour or two? Special snowflakey details inside. [more inside]
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Please explain software-defined networking to me like I'm 5.

I am trying to get a handle on the basic facts about software-defined networking/software-defined internet exchange. Every article I find on the internet seems choked with stupefying jargon. What I want to know: What even is SDN/SDX? How does it work? Why would you want it?
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Fireproof my house

I'm terrified of my home burning down. What can I do to prevent or minimize this risk? [more inside]
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Weird, Gross Gift Ideas For My Seven Year Old Niece

I want to get my weirdo niece something for Christmas that will make her snort-giggle. [more inside]
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Historical Monograph Recommendations

Gifted late-adolescent bookworms are devouring my personal history library. Help me keep them fed. (details inside) [more inside]
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Gmail/Thunderbird alternative?

I've been using Thunderbird a very long time. It's mostly great, but it's tied to my single work computer. The address book, complete with recipient photos; send messages; archived messages in a huge set of folders. What's a good web-based alternative? (Hint: not Gmail.) [more inside]
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Need typographic elements (not colors) to communicate level of urgency.

Part of a report I'm writing is meant to communicate varying levels of urgency for action based on data in the report. We've proposed using the stoplight type color metaphor (i.e., red means urgent, yellow means be watchful, green means doing well), but at least some of the people using the report won't have color printers. [more inside]
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A "Smart TV" for displaying company information

My company is looking to deploy flat screen TVs in all our branches. We have 15 branches in 5 states with no IT staff at any but 2 of them. [more inside]
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Emmet Otter themed party

I'm throwing an Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas viewing party this holiday season, what must have items should I have to get into the spirit of the movie? [more inside]
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Help me remove mercury from my body.

I eat a lot of fish including mostly high-mercury fish. Now I want the mercury out of my body. What's the best way to do this? [more inside]
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Help a Stoner Be a Good Neighbor

In search of the perfect towel for a very specific purpose: keeping odor out of my apartment’s hallway. [more inside]
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Liquor Infusions: Bloody Mary Edition

I am looking for your very best liquor infusions to make a bloody mary. I'd really like to make three different ones that are out of this world as a gift. I however do not drink bloody mary's and am wondering if some of the recipes I've read online would be good or too weird (ex. Pickle or bacon infused vodka) etc! Thanks!
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How to keep my car safe parked outdoors?

I am going to be moving to a new city and for the first time will be keeping my car parked on the street 24/7. This is unavoidable. Are there any suggestions y'all have for keeping my car safe beyond the usual (park under streetlight, keep valuables out)? Perhaps some way of making it so it can't be started if broken into?
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NYC group sex and BDSM scenes

Hi. We're a late 30s F/M couple (both straight) interested in learning more about both the group sex and BDSM scenes in New York City. Groups, websites, articles, tips for newcomers and any other advice or suggestions are all welcome. [more inside]
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Where are all the cool NYC lesbians swinging kettlebells?

Please recommend a crossfit gym for me to drop in to while I'm home in NY for the holidays. Would prefer a very queer friendly, feminist, inclusive, supportive community. I'll travel anywhere for best fit, but I'll be staying in Westchester and Astoria.
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Excel 2013 - I have no explanation for this chart behavior. Do you?

Excel 2013 - I have no explanation for this chart behavior. Do you? [more inside]
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How to HP print thru cable from Chromebook,or from printer USB conn?

I have a chromebook, for security reasons, and an HP printer, bought new this year. I don't use wireless here, for security reasons. Shouldn't there be a way the Chromebook can print to the printer w/o using wifi? Barring that, shouldn't there be a way that the printer with USB port can print a PDF from a USB stick, that I've put the file onto? What am I doing wrong here? Please tell me there's a way to have security and at least some function, both. (p.s. my username is no longer accurate, I moved away. Any kind decent mefites in Sacramento, I'd love to meet up.)
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Help for low water pressure, annoying showers

What kind of technology can help us have more water pressure in our shower? We have the kind of shower where there's a faucet down below and a showerhead up above, and you lift a little diverter doohickey within the faucet which causes the water to come out of the showerhead instead of the faucet (looks kind of like this). [more inside]
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Help me organize my t-shirts

I have recently moved and I am looking for a better method of organizing my t-shirts. I have too many of them, and I would like to rotate through them rather than wear the same things every week. [more inside]
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make mites not bite me or my kid.

Something - possibly mites stirred up by my home renovation - has been biting me, and sometimes my kid, while we sleep. How can I prevent it? [more inside]
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At wit's end with a new puppy. Please help.

A couple nights ago, we brought home a spunky nine-week-old Pointer/Lab mix from The North Shore Animal League. We did this after the sudden passing of our beloved Westie, who died at 13 from rapidly progressing cancer. I don't know. Maybe we did this too quickly. Maybe we weren't ready for the CONSTANT chewing, peeing, biting and jumping. But the fact is he's here. The animal lover in me is telling me that his behavior isn't his fault, and bringing him back to the shelter is an absolute LAST resort, bordering on impossible, for my family and I. But we don't know how much more we can take. Help? WOT inside, sorry. [more inside]
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Fancy dress to a multi-hour movie showing?

Seeing Gwendoline Christie wearing this dress to the Star Wars movie premiere got me wondering: How does she sit in the theater chair in a gown like that for the multiple hours of a movie? [more inside]
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Help me get out from under all this china!

My sisters and I inherited our grandmother's old china. We believe it dates to the early 1920s, and has the Fraureuth name and logo on the bottom. Sadly, while it's lovely china and a very extensive set, none of us want it. Rather, we'd prefer to sell it. It was appraised some years ago for around $4K, but we're more interested in minimizing muss and fuss than maximizing the sale price. My question is: Where do we stand the best chance of selling it? (If it matters, the china is currently in Northern Virginia.)
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Medical podcasts

I would like to find new medical podcasts to listen to whilst I cycle. I would be interested in physiology, pathology, anatomy, anything similar, really! I have enjoyed Doc C on anatomy, pathology and pathophysiology and Robert Sapolsky on Human Behavioural Biology a great deal, so more excellent lecturers would be great. [more inside]
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How do I find creative collaboration?

I have a lot of creative interests and hobbies, and I love to collaborate with others, both virtually and in-person. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find people who are interested in collaborating and willing to follow through (perhaps the bigger problem). I feel like there must be communities, online or otherwise, that help facilitate collaboration, but I don’t know where to go. More below the fold. [more inside]
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Gift advice for the involuntarily homebound

I want to give an ultra-thoughtful gift to a formally healthy and work-focused family member who suffered a stroke. He is only 38 but he can’t currently leave his home due to extreme vertigo. [more inside]
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The day they invent the unsend function for email will be the best day.

Oh hai, I think I sent a potentially embarrassing and rambling email to a person I've been befriending and um, do I send an apology? Blush-faced snowflakes within. [more inside]
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What sites do you recommend for personalized gifts?

I'd like to put in a bit more thought present-wise this year for my friends and family, and have been scouring the net for a site that lets you personalize gifts with custom-made images (memes, cats, artwork, etc). I've found a few, but there's not many reviews so I'm not sure which are reputable. Does anyone have some gift-personalization sites that they could recommend? I'd also love to learn of any sites that personalize unique gifts other than the usual coffee mugs and t-shirts.
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Help me identify this fruit

My friend's rented property near Albury, Australia, has a fruit tree, and he's brought me some samples and asked me what it is and if it's edible. [more inside]
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Can the stars be seen more clearly when flying at 40,000 feet?

In relation to reading a recent article on the Skydeck, I wondered if flying at 40,000 feet and thereby removing an equivalent chunk of the Earth's atmosphere, made a significant difference in how clearly one can view the stars.
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Running NoScript - how to determine which scripts need to be enabled.

I use NoScript, running Firefox browser, WIN7 and WIN8.1. In recent months (absolutely in the last year,) the number of scripts that are built into many (most?) pages has increased dramatically. So then it's like whack-a-mole, enable this script and OH NO! that has just unleashed tons more scripts, it can take a long time to determine which script(s) need to be enabled to be able to reach the pertinent data, whether that data presents as text or video or whatever. [more inside]
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Help me write an inspirational note to a kid from a poor family

This Christmas I'm taking part in an initiative to offer gifts to kids from poor families, that usually don't get any Christmas presents. I'm not sure who is receiving my gift, but I know it will be a boy between 12 and 17 years old. I'm going to offer a football, since it fits the age range, but I would like to include a written note to go with it, something inspirational and optimistic, relativizing the value of material stuff. Any suggestions?
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Why did my payroll tax increase when I moved abroad?

I moved abroad and continued my employment remotely, with the support of my employer. Now my employer said they're paying more payroll taxes and it's a bit of a problem. But I don't understand why, since my residency status hasn't changed. [more inside]
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December 14

I do like bacon, but this might get ridiculous...

Is there any way to procure rendered bacon fat that isn't, you know, cook a bunch of bacon? I need about 2.25 cups of it to make a triple batch of these bacon fat gingersnaps and I don't particularly want to have to cook about 6 pounds of bacon to get it (1.5-2 lb for a single recipe). [more inside]
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Why is my philodendron dying off, leaf by leaf?!

I bought this sucker because it's supposed to be hearty. But lately, its leaves have been turning yellow and then shriveling up, one by one. I water it once a week or so- whenever the water doohickey said it needs it. And I'm pretty sure it gets enough sunlight. What am I doing wrong?! Poor plant. Here's a pic. Oh, also: my mom helped me repot it about a month ago, and she said some trauma is expected. But I've lost 3 big leaves so far, and I can see it happening again! Gah.
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Tropical/Tiki Drink...with Tennessee Whiskey

So, like 99% of tiki drinks are made with various rums. Is there a not-terrible tropical drink that is made with whiskey? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 10:23 PM PST - 13 comments scams?

I'm a film/video freelancer who uses Mandy quite a lot. Over the years, and currently now, I've seen ads from supposed companies that have no digital footprint. My question is, why? [more inside]
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When is it time to move on?

I just achieved a major professional milestone, but it feels nearly totally unacknowledged at work. Formally, they gave a nominal bonus and a lunch (which ended up combined with a lunch for a departing intern...), but in reality, I have the strong sense that my director doesn't see much value in what I do. I don't know if I should just quit and move on, or try and push through. [more inside]
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Books on raising sponsorship $$$

Looking for good books, guides, or other resources on event sponsorships. [more inside]
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Should I get my 5 year old cat a kitten friend?

My cat is very playful and meows for attention a lot. I’m wondering if maybe he would like a playmate but I'm afraid that he might hate it. [more inside]
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Where can I find a high-quality version of Tarkovsky's "The Mirror"?

Tarkovsky's "The Mirror" is the most beautiful film I have ever seen. There don't seem to be any well-liked versions available in the U.S. on DVD or Blue-Ray. Where can I find a version that has good subtitles, is framed correctly and has good color? Does this even exist?
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Do All in One computers make humming noises or am I losing my mind?

I recently bought an all-in-one Lenovo C50 desktop from Microsoft. It seems to be making a whirring noise all the time. Is this normal or is it defective? [more inside]
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What was this computer-refereed board game about space I played in 1992?

I remember going to someone's house for regular sessions of this very long game about a quest for something that had to do with aliens, spaceships and weird planets. The defining thing about the game was that your Windows PC computer kept track of what was going on, even though you spent a lot of time reading passages the computer assigned you to read, from cards or a book. So it had this hybrid aspect reminiscent of VCR games.
posted by johngoren at 8:34 PM PST - 2 comments

Passing saliva drug test. ..How long do edibles stay in your system?

Posting for a friend. Had 1 marijauna brownie exactly 6 days ago and prior to that had been over a month. A saliva test was sprung on her at work. What are the odds she passed?
posted by flipmiester99 at 7:33 PM PST - 4 comments

What are some Tips & Tricks for making big decisions?

I'm at some major crossroads and need to make a big decision. Got any decision making strategies? [more inside]
posted by mannermode at 7:17 PM PST - 24 comments

Star Wars torture critic

Brain failed me in middle of office conversation goof-off. Who is the critic of the Episode 1 - 2 - 3 Star Wars movies that delivers his critique in the persona of a sadistic torturer who has captives in his basement? Maybe I just dreamed this, but if anyone could help out I'd appreciate
posted by mattoxic at 6:53 PM PST - 9 comments

Can I mount a "ceiling mount" light fixture on a wall instead?

Bought an LED light fixture. Only now noticed the instructions say "must be mounted on ceiling". Can I mount it on a wall anyway? [more inside]
posted by StrawberryPie at 6:44 PM PST - 7 comments

Should we still go to Istanbul?

My partner and I have a one-week trip booked to Istanbul over the new year. We've been receiving a lot of flak about going from both sides of our family to the point where we are very seriously considering cancelling our trip. Our parents are worried about acts of terrorism such as bombings and shootings (things we feel could happen anywhere), as well as extremely unlikely scenarios like being kidnapped by ISIS. My partner's mother has expressly asked us not to go. [more inside]
posted by degoao at 6:40 PM PST - 45 comments

Help me find this comic about people "tied to their phone" (but not)?

A while ago I saw a two-panel comic, probably on Tumblr (since it's a very Tumblry sentiment), which was a takeoff on the "people these days just stare at their phones" genre, but which showed that those same people were using their devices to connect to friends and loved ones. Help me find it? [more inside]
posted by mendel at 6:36 PM PST - 2 comments

Help me with a Merry Christmas in Hong Kong

My nephew (who is five months old) lives in Hong Kong. I would like to purchase Christmas gifts for him online that will be locally delivered, rather than buy presents here in the US and ship them. Can I do this? What is the best website to use?
posted by roomthreeseventeen at 6:17 PM PST - 3 comments

Dress me!

Searching for new years eve frocks... [more inside]
posted by sprezzy at 5:52 PM PST - 7 comments

Building Decent Mobile Apps

There are plenty of tools to help someone build and customize a website without needing to know coding; Wix, Serif, Network Solutions and Go Daddy website builders. Likewise, are there similar tools to help someone build and easily customize mobile apps without knowing code? If so, what and where are they?
posted by CollectiveMind at 5:38 PM PST - 1 comment

Help with deciding on dog breed for girlfriend.

My girlfriend wants a smaller dog to live in our suburban house with fenced in yard, to get along with our 4 year old Border Collie, and we're not sure which breed would work best. [more inside]
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The accessibility bathroom at work smells absolutely vile. Please suggest to me something that will help, like a particular kind or type of scent neutralizer or diffuser. [more inside]
posted by joyceanmachine at 5:03 PM PST - 30 comments

Help Me GRE Math Study During My Bus Commute

I'm gearing up to study for the GRE, but I haven't done math in...10 years? I usually read on my Kindle on the 30 minute bus ride to and from work, so I was hoping that I could instead start using this time for math studies! [more inside]
posted by forkisbetter at 4:21 PM PST - 3 comments

Bra solutions for achy, itchy pregnant lady breasts?

Bra shopping is miserable under ordinary circumstances. Help! [more inside]
posted by chaiminda at 4:15 PM PST - 13 comments

Good subscription food gift for a diabetic? Is there such a thing?

I'd love to get a subscription gift for someone who was recently diagnosed with type II diabetes. My goal is to help them get acclimated to new foods that are better for them as easily and in as fun a way as possible. [more inside]
posted by pazazygeek at 2:47 PM PST - 18 comments

Pulling pictures from old phones & laptops, oh my!

Is there a service that pulls pictures and videos from a bunch of old phones, laptops & Macbooks? [more inside]
posted by crayon at 2:42 PM PST - 4 comments

Elavil helpful for migraines?

I get migraines that are interfering w/ my day-to-day functioning (first grade teacher--enough said). While they are not the kind where I need to be in a dark silent room, they are extremely persistent and only respond to the triptans (to which they respond beautifully). However, the triptans are no good when you have to take them several times a week. I was on Topamax and thought it was working at first, but then realized it totally was not working at all... [more inside]
posted by bookworm4125 at 2:37 PM PST - 15 comments

Buyer's agent?

We are looking for a house. Can we use a buyer's agent? Should we? And if so, how? [more inside]
posted by enn at 2:20 PM PST - 17 comments

Recommend a non-chafing collar for 75lb. dog?

Friend's dog wears a Spindrift safety collar and the neoprene lining protects fur, but the buckle chafes. [more inside]
posted by morganw at 2:14 PM PST - 3 comments

How do I pinpoint the source of this credit card fraud?

Two times within a little more than a month--once in early November, and now again today, a credit card of mine has been compromised. It's the same card. I'm lucky that Chase seems to be pretty on top of fraud prevention, but this is mystifying and annoying. How do I figure out what's going on and make it stop? [more inside]
posted by millipede at 1:54 PM PST - 12 comments

Questions about streaming TV

I’m not a luddite, but I’ve been left in the dust by TV technology. Help us start streaming, please. [more inside]
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Where can I cheaply host a bunch of ZIP files?

What are my options for low-cost static file hosting? [more inside]
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1,000,000 in Turkish lira

I live in the US and would like to obtain 30-50 Turkish lira coins as part of a gift, especially the 1, 5 and 10s. I don't mind if they're from the current series or a little older. I'm looking on ebay and mostly seeing expensive collectibles (I expect to pay a premium on the exchange, but such a high one), and I'm guessing our local currency exchanges don't really keep them around. How can I get these coins? [more inside]
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When did people start calling 9/11 "9/11"?

I watched Spotlight yesterday, which takes place in 2001-02. At one point in the movie, a character says "It's been six weeks since 9/11." That rang false to me, but when did "9/11" become the term for the attacks? Google has been relatively unhelpful, although I did find this nearly content-free Yahoo Answers question about it.
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How do you buy a car? Also, what car should I buy?

My insurance company totaled my car, so in a few days I'll have a check and they'll stop paying for (part of) my rental car. With my current level of car-buying sophistication, I think my strategy is to walk into a dealership and say "Can I have $13,000* worth of car, please?" What safe, high mileage, 10-15k used car should I buy? How do I know whether to finance or pay cash? And, how do I actually, you know, do it? *I don't actually have a firm budget yet, of course. [more inside]
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Neuroplasticity and IBS - What can you tell me?

I posted about radical approaches in healing for IBS previously. I've been researching Neuroplasticity training, specifically DNRS (Dynamic Neural Retraining System). There is scant research on Neuroplasticity and IBS. Does anyone have experience with this? [more inside]
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Spatial Self-Mapping for the Scatterbrained

I am designing a project for about 10-20 undergraduate students (mostly traditional students but some non-traditional) where each will be asked to track their movements for a couple of weeks. Is there an easy, secure, mobile app for both Android and iPhone that will provide consistent location data in a reasonable format? Preferences would be for an app that doesn't drain the battery and one that allows you to set the interval for recording points. Nice but not critical would be some kind of reminder to record what they were doing at that time. [more inside]
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Registering to vote while moving states (U.S.)

I currently live in the electorally-important State A, but will be moving to the less-important State B before the 2016 Presidential Election. (I am from the electorally-insignificant State C, from which my driver's license is issued, and sometimes use my parents' address there for "permanent address".) Where can I/should I register to vote? [more inside]
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Guitar/vocal songs suited to my voice

I'd like to learn some songs that are fairly simple to strum on the guitar and sing. Details within. [more inside]
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I was really hoping you'd tell me that story about the thing again

I need to spend NYE having a sober dinner with people who have absolutely no interest in being inclusive. I can't not go. How do I survive this? [more inside]
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Decorative Framing for Laser-Cut Plywood

I've put together several of the do-it-yourself picture frames for flat material (diplomas, art prints, etc.) — now I wonder if I can use the same technique for piece of laser-cut plywood. [more inside]
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My Nissan Versa has...sprung a leak? Maybe?

A mysterious wet spot has appeared in my car and I don't know where it came from. [more inside]
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Looking for a light bulb that's possibly discontinued.

We have three pendant lights in our kitchen that use this bulb. I'd buy a bunch if I could find them. Any help would be much appreciated!
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"I manage a lot of crap" doesn't sing on a resume

Can I get specific, heartfelt, recommendations for high quality resume writing services? Would also work with an individual (i.e. not a service) if someone has really strong personal knowledge of someone who rocks at this. [more inside]
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Looking for a band on KCRW

My local coffee shop has been playing archives of KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic broadcasts this morning. I heard a great band on what I believe was an archived show, but I can't find it on their site. Help? [more inside]
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Charts won't refresh automatically

Google Finance stock charts have stopped refreshing for me automatically as they used to. They will only update if I reload the page. They also won't retain any of my preferences, despite cookies being allowed. I have updated Firefox, Flash, Java, etc., to the latest versions. Any ideas for a fix?
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Christmas Eve dinner in Victoria, BC?

Where can I get a nice dinner on Christmas Eve/brunch on Christmas Day in Victoria BC? [more inside]
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"Good Mythical Morning," but with female hosts?

My kids and I Iove "Good Mythical Morning," and watch it every night. For feminist reasons, I'd like us to additionally watch something just as funny and in the same style -- but with women hosting it. Suggestions? [more inside]
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Separated Parents, Separate Expectations for Children

My ex and I share custody of our three children. She is very lenient and doting; I encourage self-reliance and responsibility within a structured framework. She is a helicopter, I am a safety net. [more inside]
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Recently promoted - How to reflect on resume?

I have been recently promoted and still want to continue looking for a new position. How should I state my latest position on the resume considering I do not have acomplishments to state yet on this position vs the position i got promoted from? Should I ignore the new position on the resume?
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Winter Salad Recipes.

I am looking for winter salad recipes that keep well for a few days in the fridge. Examples of the type of salad I am thinking are this Roasted Carrot and Chickpea Salad and this Asian Slaw Recipe. We eat everything with two exceptions - I hate mayonnaise and avocado will kill me. I look forward to trying your suggestions!
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Early side scrolling webcomic in desert setting?

In about 1999, I came across a neat webcomic. It was in a desert/pseudo Egyptian setting and each story would be arranged in a side-scrolling manner, like a roll of papyrus. It was beautiful and extensive enough that I remember needing to read it over many days. It rearranged my thinking about what was possible on the Internet. My Googling skills are failing on this one; does anyone remember its name or (!) have a still-live link to it? [more inside]
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Is it standard for a business to charge sales tax on a penalty fee?

I recently had to pay a heavy early termination fee from a gym membership in New Jersey of $99.99. I noticed they charged my card $106.99. When I called the gym they said that the $7.00 is for New Jersey sales tax. I was wondering if this is legal for the business (not sure if this differs by state). More specifically - is it standard for a business to charge sales tax on a penalty fee that relates to a service?
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Where can I find this WordPress theme?

I'm looking for a particular layout for a blog, preferably a WordPress theme. It's such a simple layout that I know something like it must exist out there but I can't find the right one! [more inside]
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"Stir-fry baby carrots with baby corn and baby peas"

We would like to eat less Seamless. Difficulty level: vegetarian in a studio apartment with basically no prep space. [more inside]
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Anonymous cash gift is OK, right?

The local Chinese place has a "closed for repairs" sign up. I want to brighten the proprietor's day by slipping an anonymous cash gift in the mail slot. But I don't want to make any cultural mis-steps. Guide me, mefites. [more inside]
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Fantasy series for my 10-year-old son

Hi, my 10-year-old son loves to read fantasy series. He has read (or had read to him) the Hobbit, the Fellowship of the Ring, Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain, and Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson books (as well as various spinoffs). We have the Harry Potter books and I'll probably encourage him to start on those next, but I'd like to get him a book or three for Christmas. Can you recommend anything?
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How to support a spouse undergoing breast reduction?

My wife will be undergoing breast reduction surgery this week. I'd like to be a good husband and do what I can to be supportive. [more inside]
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Please help me fill out my W4

Usually taxes make sense to me, but life is changing and I'm completely confused right now. I need to know how my (and maybe my spouse's) W-4 should be filled out. Pertinent info here, backstory below the fold... My income will be 75,000, spouse makes 63,000. One child, using dependent care FSA, last year before kid we itemized about 21,000 in deductions. How many allowances do each of us take? [more inside]
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Best $500 synth for ambient music

I want to make really spacious ambient pads to score a film. Whats the best synth in the $500-700 range to do this? Preferably an actual physical keyboard.
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i just want to sleep, cat

I adopted my adorable and otherwise perfect adult cat about 6 months ago. She is a very vocal cat, and likes to meow about all kinds of stuff, which is generally pretty cute. However, she will not stop meowing at exactly 4:30 a.m. [more inside]
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Technical writing teachers: pedagogy resources and general advice

I taught college English for years, then transitioned to technical editing, where I've been working for almost two decades. I'd love to get back to teaching, but I thought it would be impossible. Now a friend of mine thinks my experience makes me a strong candidate for an upcoming opening as a teacher in his department. More inside. [more inside]
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What are some of the best karaoke events near you?

I want to host a regular karaoke night in my town, and I want to make it awesome. What are some karaoke events that you know about — either one-offs or regulars — you think are great? And what makes them good?
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Are hams making pigs of themselves?

I have an ethics question for fellow amateur radio operators who are also members of an active club. [more inside]
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December 13

Where can I legally bet on the next US President?

I want to wager real money on the outcome of the US Presidential elections, but only if there's a legal way to do it. I am in the USA. YANML, etc. Thoughts?
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Feminist philosophy conceptual question

I'm trying to put together a reading list for an introductory philosophy of feminism class, and there's a concept that I can't articulate well enough to find any readings on! Recommendations? Concept inside, of course. [more inside]
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Tasty kabocha squash is DRY. How do I use this?

Hokkaido variety kabocha squash. I cut it in chunks and steamed it -- with the intention of eating it plain. It has lovely sweet chestnut flavor. But so dry and crumbley, like stale cake. Any suggestions on how I can repurpose this steamed squash? If I make soup, will the dry crumbles melt into the broth and make a smooth soup? Or I could mix it with mashed sweet potatoes. But again, I hope for a smooth texture without dry crumbles. Tools: I have only a standard blender. And a manual potato masher.
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Don't Squash my Summer Dreams

Squash bugs ate two years of cucurbits, will one year off cure us of them? [more inside]
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Is this quote to bypass broken sewer line in the ballpark of reasonable?

Had a blocked sewer this morning. Plumbers unblocked it, charged $900 for the unblocking and CCTV investigation. The camera showed a large hole at one section of the (clay) pipe, and tree roots at another point. The plumber says the whole pipe should be replaced, and that it can't be relined. This would involve disconnecting the bathroom plumbing, jackhammering up 2x4m of concrete, moving the hot water cylinder which is currently in the way, putting in new PVC pipes that bypass the old broken one, and repouring concrete, installing inspection hatches this time. Removal of waste included. The quote is $14,250 plus GST. Is this anywhere near what I should expect? [more inside]
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Slept w/ my superior at our office party. How to deal with the fallout?

So I (female, early 30's) had a little bit of an adventure last week with my superior (male, early 40's), but now it's become a bit more complicated, and I could use some advice. LONG wall of text inside, apologies! [more inside]
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I've switched to Android. Help me fix the one (really) annoying glitch.

A friend gave me his Moto X (with Android 5.1) to try out indefinitely. I'm glad I've made the switch (and I'm wondering why it took so long). However, there is one annoying glitch with the screen that keeps happening and is nearly a deal breaker. [more inside]
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I'd be worried but I just don't care enough ...

I haz a big ass bowl of apathy. I've been on anti-depressants for many years (various ones since they tend to crap out after a bit) and currently on Effexor XR 75mg. Was diagnosed with hypothyroid and was put on small dose of synthroid. [more inside]
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Am I unlucky, or unlovable?!

Ok, that was a very dramatic question title. But dude: I'm 32 and haven't had a relationship for 5 and 1/2 years! How do I change this and/or shake the feeling it's because I'm just not worthy? [more inside]
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It's a slightly uncomfortable day in the neighbourhood

There's a guy in my area who isn't fully connected with consensus reality, for whom it seems my presence is a bother in ways that are upsetting for both of us, I think. What's the best way for me to a) not set him off and b) go about my business more comfortably? [more inside]
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LED Christmas Lights recommendations?

Can you recommend LED (or other sturdy, low-power bulbs) bulbs to replace our large (C9) exterior Christmas lights? [more inside]
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Any way to search which local businesses do not have websites on google?

I'm looking to freelance web design for local restaurants in my area. Is there a way to sort businesses with a website from those without? Obviously you can just click through but it's not very efficient. Thanks!
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Bumpy squirrels need not apply

The other day I drove past a Squirrel Level Road in Virginia. Where did the name come from? [more inside]
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What kind of projector do I need?

I've been thinking about getting a projector to hook up to my laptop to watch movies/sports sitting in bed. I'm overwhelmed by the price range-- how much money do I actually need to spend? [more inside]
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Tell me this isn't limerence

I have been pretty sure I like this girl for a while now, and now that the issue has been raised and left unresolved, I'm in crisis mode and don't know what I'm feeling. [more inside]
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Cheapest way to improve my Google Voice call experience?

I currently have a smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S3) on a Sprint MVNO that I use with Google Voice. I'm satisfied with the device and the data plan, but the voice call quality is really lacking. What's the best way for me to improve my voice call experience? I was thinking about trying to find a basic phone on a prepaid plan just for the voice calls, and forwarding my Google Voice number there, too.
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Are we not feminists?

I recently joined the board of my professional school women's organization (in a, for what it's worth, traditionally male dominated profession). Maybe I shouldn't have. [more inside]
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What a waste.

I made a batch of maple caramels that crystallized. What can I do with this delicious failure? [more inside]
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Have any animals been observed to spontaneously create external symbols?

Have any kinds of animals been observed to spontaneously— ie, in the wild, without the coaching of humans— create any kind of enduring external symbols, such as number markings, pictograms, ideograms, etc (visual-based or based in any other sense, such as sound, etc)? — Doubt it, but would be curious to know of any leading or controversial research on this subject
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Dealing with elderly family that suddenly is rejecting me?

My grandmother, in her late 80's, has recently and quite abruptly decided that she does not want myself, my brother, or my mother (her daughter) in her life. We suspect she is in cognitive decline but have no formal diagnosis. She has decided to cling to my unstable and very hard to deal with aunt, which is problematic for several reasons. I am not sure how to proceed here, both from a legal standpoint to ensure my grandmother is taken care of properly and from a personal standpoint to navigate any remaining hope of a relationship. More details inside. [more inside]
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Papers Please!

Where can I source those deliciously smooth Japanese papers? [more inside]
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Left turns from side streets and parking lots

I know it's not safe to make a left in front of a car that has stopped for you, or in front of backed up traffic, when entering the main road from a side street or parking lot since they are blocking your view. But that made me wonder about when there is cross hatching on the road specifically indicating to keep the intersection clear, and the backed up traffic is obeying those instructions. Will you turn left in such a situation? Or is that still unsafe? I have a hard time drawing the line between safe driving and just being a timid driver sometimes.
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How to convince him that women are still not equal?

A little while ago I showed my boyfriend, who has sometimes infuriating views about women, this College Humor video about women's hymens. After watching this, he said that the video was sexist towards men. Why am I so angry, and is that a fair assessment? And how to defend feminist positions more cogently than I presently do? [more inside]
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How do I live in my car for a while?

So, as posted last week, I'm taking a big trip through the southwest. I'll have a car (Jeep grand cherokee) I can sleep in, a tent, a propane cookstove of some sort (plus pots and such), a good ice chest, some money, and clothes. What do I need to know to successfully survive this trip? [more inside]
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Suggestions for Contemporary Plays Featuring Female Roles

My wife is a theater major who is in an upcoming prestigious national scholarship competition and needs material to mine. [more inside]
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First Aid and CPR Ethics For Hepatitis B Carrier

Should a low risk Hepatitis B carrier (or anyone with a bloodborne infection) pursue first aid/CPR/AED training? [more inside]
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I didn't ask you what you thought in the first place.

What do you do when people make unsolicited commentary about your appearance? [more inside]
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How do we transition from startup to real company?

We are working on being a $10million company and need to get away from our creaky, disparate systems for inventory/production/etc. We're obviously not the first company to go through this - is there a company or provider that can help us through this? [more inside]
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Can you help me find a really simple wallet?

I'm trying to find a bifold wallet with just two interior pockets. The closest I can find with my poor Google-fu is this wallet by Tuffy; it's really close. But I want cards that go in horizontally, not vertically, and I don't want a money clip either. Preferably it would be made from leather and in black. And it should be able to accommodate a fair few cards.
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Help me find an original photograph

The login screen at Microsoft Online has a picture taken in Santa Monica. I'm trying to find the original, without the Microsoft logos on it. Thanks!
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December 12

Can I hire someone to guide me on improving my credit?

I have looked up my own credit scores, but I'd like to hire a professional to help analyze my credit history to make a plan for improving it. I started an LLC and I really need to improve my personal credit score. Can I hire someone to help me do this? I'm in Columbus Ohio if that matters. Thanks!
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Navigating a relationship-turned-friendship

I was dating someone that I really liked and now he just wants to be friends. Help me navigate this. I am probably way overthinking it. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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I screwed up at work and I'm having a hard time bouncing back. Complication factor: I'm actually leaving this job in a couple weeks. [more inside]
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"Hire us / lucid; I'm / finesse undue"

I fucken love Catriona Strang's poetry. Who's like her? Or who else might I like? [more inside]
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Party dress ID

Last night at a holiday party I saw a woman wearing a gorgeous A-line sleeveless black dress with a spaced gold floral lace overlay. Help me find it (or something close)! [more inside]
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Help identify this set of dishes

We bought this 70s looking stoneware set and are kind of obsessed with it...can you help me find out more about it? [more inside]
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Please suggest warm (but thin) women's socks!

I'm a guy who's relatively clueless about women's footwear and I'm trying to get some nice warm socks as a Christmas present. Further requirements within. [more inside]
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Planting in salted earth?

I may have the opportunity to take over a non-profit in which the old ED was run out of town for essentially burning all bridges very publicly, alienating important political connections, significantly damaging the reputation of the organization, as well as losing about 50% of donors along the way. All in about 5 years. So two questions... [more inside]
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Girlfriend stuck in incompatible pharmacy job

My girlfriend graduated from Pharmacy school earlier this year, after investing a lot of time and effort into her education, hoping it would lead to a decent career. Doesn't seem to be the case. What can we do? [more inside]
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GF's ex-fling offered her a job (and he's the boss)

Before we met, they had a thing. He's offered her a (admittedly amazing) job, but I'm freaking out because she'll report to him. How do I deal? [more inside]
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ISO: Clean Design Blogs

Looking for blogs that focus on clean design, in both/either sense: aesthetically clean lined and clean in terms of low VOCs, easy to keep clean, etc. [more inside]
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Challenges, Puzzles and Courses in Maths, Logic and Computing

I'm looking for challenges, puzzles and "teach yourself" courses that involve maths and logic, probably related to computing. Ideally I'd like a curated source (mailing list or regularly updated website), but perhaps the best we can do is collect them here. Inside I will give examples of what I mean by "challenges, puzzles and courses". [more inside]
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Double check my drone gift plan

I'm choosing a drone for a Christmas present and I could use some input. Total budget is $550-600 and that is a pretty hard limit. The intended use would be aerial photography, flying for fun and just poking around looking at things from above. The recipient is a novice and does not already have a GoPro or similar camera. They would be comfortable with minor repairs (props, battery, etc) but not with a complete DIY option. [more inside]
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Name that Dog in One (post)

Hi! I'm MMDP! You may remember me from posts such as this one! Well, we took the advice, and waited, and looked ... [more inside]
posted by Martha My Dear Prudence at 1:03 PM PST - 36 comments

Water heater dilemma: New valve or new unit?

Our Northern VA household of three adults recently lost its hot water, due to a failure somewhere in the works of our natural-gas, tank-type water heater. Having wrestled this appliance a few years back to replace (what I thought to be) a faulty thermocouple, I was initially pretty confident, but that confidence has begun to ebb as the battle enters day four. [more inside]
posted by atavistech at 12:58 PM PST - 12 comments

Take and Bake food options near Towson

My brother and his wife just had their second child, and as a Christmas gift I'd like to be able to help out with some of the food prep. We have some great "take and bake" options near where we live, does anything like that exist near them? [more inside]
posted by backseatpilot at 11:40 AM PST - 4 comments

Trying to identify the photographer of this picture

I bought this large photo years ago in Northern Worcester County MA and had it framed. [more inside]
posted by andreap at 11:01 AM PST - 5 comments

How to buy a good elliptical and treadmill at a somewhat decent price

We're in the market for an elliptical and a treadmill in Atlanta. We like the sturdiness of professional gym equipment we've used in the past (most of our gyms had solid Precor machines). We'd been thinking about buying a used elliptical and treadmill on craigslist, or going to a used gym equipment store. Is this a good idea? Any other brands to recommend we consider? If we do buy used, would it be a good idea to hire a gym-machine servicing person to come with us to check them out? [more inside]
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Best Indoor Plant Gift

I have an older relative who enjoys gardening, but can no longer work in the yard. I would like to give him a small in-door plant that requires some amount of maintenance and care so that he can still enjoy his hobby. Difficulty level: the plant must be very allergy friendly. Bonus points if I can find this on Amazon. [more inside]
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Have you tips for easy in-and-out skiing at Beaver Creek?

We're going skiing at Beaver Creek, and we're probably staying at an airbnb property. We hate schlepping skis, boots, poles, etc., to and from the mountain. Do you have any tips? [more inside]
posted by starkraven at 8:40 AM PST - 2 comments

Help bring an abandoned cat inside

How can I integrate an elderly cat into a house that already has two cats, when she doesn't like other cats one little bit? [more inside]
posted by dilettante at 8:38 AM PST - 10 comments

Certain wireless devices only work once in a blue moon

My blu ray player and wireless camera almost never work on the WiFi network, but things aren't completely broken because they worked for a day last week. The setup is a Netgear R6250 in Access Point mode connected to a linux server which does NATing and DHCP for my home devices. [more inside]
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I need a new phone, and I need help deciding which Android to get.

I have a DROID Mini that I need to replace. I like the back button on the left and the active display, so I am leaning towards a Motorola phone. I am on Verizon, so that limits my choices. I want a good battery, decent camera, durability and price <$400. I mostly use my phone for email, text, web surfing, photos. I am nervous about buying a used phone since I plan to keep it for 2-3 years. I do not like the huge phones, but that seems to be the only option. I definitely need to be able to use it one-handed. What do you recommend? [more inside]
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What's that quote about relationships ending/marriages being lost?

I read (somewhere?) a quote by someone (an author? poet?) that when a relationship (marriage?) ends, a little language shared by the two is lost. I've googled all sorts of combinations of these words and cannot find it. Did I hallucinate this? Thanks!
posted by Brian Puccio at 8:18 AM PST - 3 comments

Nuked Prok Chops

My stove went up in an exciting blaze of glory this morning and I have prok chops that must be cooked today. (Meat thermometer clearly says prok so prok it is) [more inside]
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How do I swap pages in my Apple Photos book?

Trying to make a photo book using Photos 1.0.1, and cannot shift pages around the way you're supposed to be able to. Have you run into this? Details below. [more inside]
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Best bank account for someone visiting the U.S. on a student visa?

Are there any interest bearing checking accounts one can open while in the USA on a visa for work and studying? Apparently Bank of America will allow it but I'm not a fan of their business practices. I'm trying to help a friend get an account. She has a Social Security number.
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A Vaguely Menacing Poem About Lions and Great White Hunters?

I'm trying to remember a poem I read in my British Authors class, which, I believe, was written in the first person (maybe even epistolary). It was about a White British hunter somewhere in Colonial East Africa (I believe it was in Kenya?), and I think he was hunting lions, but also metaphorically it was about love... [more inside]
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Home cleaning - what are the nooks and crannies people forget?

Pretty self-explanatory. When home cleaning, what are some some of the things that could stand to be cleaned that might not be common knowledge or things that people might generally forget? Examples: cleaning the shower rod, dust on top of the fridge, dirt or fingerprints on light/power switches, things of that nature
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December 11

Short-term disability for grief

My brother overdosed on Tuesday. I used my 3 days of bereavement and now I'm returning to work in two hours. I can't sleep and I'm sick to my stomach with anxiety. Can I use short term disability to take time off? [more inside]
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Living with a partner who has depression.

We're in this cycle, where the worse he feels, the worse he acts toward me, the worse I feel, the more I need kindness, the less he is able to provide it, the angrier I get, the worse he feels, repeat ad nauseum. [more inside]
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Eating disorder treatment in Massachusetts

Your positive or negative experiences? [more inside]
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Would you avoid mammography because of this man?

My parents, senior citizens, have become convinced, after reading a study by the prestigious-seeming Cochrane Institute, and the campaigns of its leader Dr. Peter Gotzsche, that mammography causes more harm than good and should be avoided, not just for screening but for diagnosing any potential lump. It has them afraid of radiation, and convinced there is a growing realization that mammography is too dangerous. Is it right to draw this conclusion from this study, and what does it all mean?
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Akron, OH Crimefilter - early 1970's

I moved to Akron, OH, at about first grade in 1970. There was a stabbing double murder of girls at nearly my age of 8 at or shortly after the time, perhaps 1971. I remember it affecting me deeply, but I'd like to find more information about the crime, especially the convicted criminal who did it. [more inside]
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One damn thing after another, right?

I have no idea how to even put one foot in front of the other. [more inside]
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What was this TMNT rip-off show?

When I was ten or so, I remember catching a TMNT-style animated show with a 50s theme. What was it? [more inside]
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Well, the birds had human hands...

I'm looking for the website of an illustrator I ran across a few years ago. She is in her twenties or early thirties (I think), and draws mostly fairy tales or fantastic/surreal pieces that have vaguely sinister feel. [more inside]
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Retired soprano looking for dating site...

She is very active, quite attractive, a "health nut," in her late 70's, and, while only a widow of a few months, is lonely and would like to meet some new men friends with whom to go to dinner, the theater, opera, etc. [more inside]
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Beef Wellington 101

Hi all! For Christmas dinner this year, I am following through on a long-held dream to cook a Beef Wellington. Have you ever done this (successfully?) I'd love your guidance! [more inside]
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Does Newegg ever sell counterfeit products?

I bought this phone from Newegg ("Sold and Shipped by Newegg", so not a third-party seller). While I can't see anything fishy with the handset itself, the manual, box, and phone case have no Nokia or Microsoft markings, and are all clearly non-OEM. [more inside]
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Dating while 'separated'

My partner and I are divorcing after eight years, with the initial paperwork to be filed before the end of the year. However, we are still sharing a house (but not bedrooms). I am looking for a place to live, but realistically it will be mid-January, at the earliest, before I can move. We both have acknowledged this and have both expressed okay-ness with sharing the house in the interim. My question is about dating and ethics (I guess?). [more inside]
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Android game filter: game with blocks and numbers...?

The blocks are pushed up every so often. The blocks are all non-descriptively gray, except some of the ones on top are colorful and have numbers. At the top, it shows what the next block dropped will be, and you can click on the column to drop it on. Then, depending on some unknown (to me) rules, the blocks will disappear, sometimes multiple groups of blocks will disappear in a chain reaction. Sometimes this will cause some previously gray and unnumbered blocks to now be colorful and numbered. [more inside]
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Filling vegetarian meals (crock pot and breakfast)

Point me in the direction of some delicious, filling, vegetarian crock pot meals and/or breakfasts for our overly-busy family. [more inside]
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In Need of Resources for Relative with Bipolar I Disorder

A relative of mine is about to crash after a month-long manic episode. Our family has realized that a long-term care plan needs to manifest ASAP so our lives don't get torn apart every time said relative has an episode as bad as this. Can you recommend resources regarding rehab, disability insurance, and retirement (or lack thereof) for Bipolar I individuals in California? [more inside]
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Managing a stigmatized illness- plot twist it's hereditary cancer.

A parent of mine was diagnosed with a hereditary cancer when I was a kid. I was forced to go through a lot of not exactly consenting invasive and embarrassing procedures as a consequence. I went on to have surgeries as an adult and all went quite well physically. We've had kids and one of them has recently been genetically tested as also having the gene. [more inside]
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What do people who are actually failures do for a living?

MAny people here are capable but think they are not, I have failed at everything and I don't know what to do at this point. Looking for guidance on getting a job, etc. [more inside]
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Make my iPhone use the google ecosystem, esp. google voice

I'm coming from Android. I have a new iPhone (iOS 9). I know the Apple way is different than the infinite customization of Android. That said, without jailbreaking can I ... [more inside]
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Fin job includes an eoy bonus, once I've received it, when can I quit?

Sort of had to maul the question title, but it's straightforward enough... I work in a finance job with a substantial end of the year bonus. I'm also planning on quitting the second it is safe to do so... I know that merely getting the number is NOT safe, but once it is in my bank account, am I good to quit? I'm not really sure what to look for! But once the money is in my account, can they do anything?
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Looking for some rare groove music recommendations...?

The past several years I've really found myself drawn to rare groove music. This is fairly obscure soul/funk/r&b from the late 70s and early-mid 80s, much of which has been heavily sampled in hiphop but is less known to the general public. I'm looking for more music similar to some favorites I've found. (links below) [more inside]
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Should I give her/me another try?

Non-texters of MeFi, explain yourselves [more inside]
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Cleaning/deodorizing cashmere scarf?

Today, my partner left his new Muji scarf on the table for a couple of minutes. Of course, my cat Güero chose to sit on it. And now the scarf smells like cat anus. [more inside]
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Will I be Fined if I don't Give my Health Insurance Provider my SSN?

My health insurance provider wants my social security number. Do I need to give it to them? [more inside]
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Where do I buy glacé fruit in NYC?

Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and the mom-and-pops in a five block radius of my house don't have glacé fruit, and I just moved to Queens and don't know where to go for it. I want cherries (ideally the green and red dyed ones), orange peel, pineapple, but NO CITRON. I don't care how much it costs or if it's fancy or not, but it needs to go in a fruitcake by Monday and I need a couple pounds of each. If they definitely have some and can sell it to me on a weekend or an evening after 7, I'll travel pretty far. Help!
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Art poster buying

I want to buy a print online of a Klimt painting in the public domain (specifically, this one). Lots of places sell prints of this (and everything else under the sun), but it's impossible to tell whether there will be differences in the quality of the print from the jpeg. Are there any shops that make better prints than others, or things I should look for when choosing a print, or does it not matter?
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ISO life changing therapist - does this stuff even work...?

I'm gonna try again but it feels mighty daunting.I want to start a new therapy process and don't know what to look for, or how. [more inside]
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Holiday cookie mailings make me neurotic.

If I put a few cookies in a bag, bubble wrap the hell out of it, and place it in a USPS small flat-rate box, will they emerge at their destination intact? [more inside]
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Using avatars to boost your sense of self?

What games (or possibly other things) can you use to accomplish boosting your self-esteem via avatars and virtual experiences? [more inside]
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Need help with creating a CSV from python3 itertools.combination list

I'm working on creating combinations of colors. I have been able to do a simple "print" of the combinations and piped that to a text file, each entry on its own line. In order to facilitate further work with this, I want to create a CSV to import to spreadsheet. I have tried to use information online to create the CSV, however, I can't quite grok how iterators work and how to generate the CSV. HALP! [more inside]
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401 questions about 401k's.

After 2 years of asking my husband finally got around to trying to move the funds from an old 401k & rolling them over into his current 401k. Unfortunately mistakes were made & instead of simply having the money transferred from one account to another he closed the old account & withdrew all the money. Now it appears we are going to take a tax + 20% penalty hit on the amount. Is there anyway to get the money into his current 401k without losing money? [more inside]
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Picture me, in Buenos Aires... eating where?

I'm going to be in Buenos Aires for one night only, and I need suggestions for where to eat. [more inside]
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Fat vs. Sugar

Which is worse in my diet? I know there are volumes of material on this subject (that's part of the problem) and that managing both of these is important. But which should I pay most attention to? Does fat really not make you fat (as the low-carb people say) or are both horrible? [more inside]
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Other snow

The kids and I were making paper snowflakes. We watched some snowflake videos. I showed them folding steps to make classic six-pointed or twelve-pointed paper snowflakes. They in turn rediscovered four and eight-pointed paper snowflakes. They asked, "Are there any real snowflakes that don't have six points?" [more inside]
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Mountain (bike) lore.

MeFites, how do YOU maintain your mountain bikes? [more inside]
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You are not my vet, but I'm worried mine may be in over their head

We have a 10 month old pit mix, that is the sweetest best dog I've ever had. Last Thursday she had diarrhea, was straining, and having a bloody mucousy discharge. We took her to the emergency vet, they did a fecal (no parasites) and said it was likely just a bacterial colitis, and the bloody discharge was a result of her colon being so inflamed and irritated. [more inside]
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Not funny "ha-ha."

Sparked by this question, I started thinking again about a sort of group of personal theories I have about some artist, works, etc. that are not generally talked about as funny, but I believe are best thought of, if not originally intended as, very dry or dark comedy. I'm curious about two things: Is there anyone else who has written or talked about these kinds of, or these specific works in this way? What other writers, artists, or specific works fit this idea? [more inside]
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It's been a long December-- reason to believe

It's been a long year for Draccy. I've separated, started divorce proceedings, had a huge mental health scare and am currently battling loneliness, shame and desolation. My hand aches where my wedding band used to be. I used to fidget with it. I miss it. So here's the scoop. [more inside]
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Where can I find matching pajamas for my differently aged children?

Looking for matching pajamas for my 6 year old daughter and 4 year old son. Between the gender difference and the age difference, I'm having trouble finding anything affordable. Anyone have any ideas? [more inside]
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How to control erratic pet peeves so as to not destroy my relationship?

I make inconsistent demands of my wife regarding details about cleaning and whatnot. It drives her nuts but she mostly puts up with it until she is tired of dealing with it, and we argue. It breaks my heart that I'm putting her through this but I also feel angry that she doesn't try to negotiate with me somehow. Not sure if what I'm asking for is fair or not but I'd like to resolve this so we can both feel satisfied and happy. [more inside]
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When to save and when to discard

I am in a significant amount of debt. I also have a very cluttered home. How do I deal with the latter, given that the former makes me cautious about throwing things out? [more inside]
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How can I replace Evernote?

Hi! Evernote has gotten very clunky for me -- especially since I can only use the web client on my desktop (I'm on Linux). I've gone through the questions here about replacing it.
  • I LOVE Thinkery but I'm not sure to what extent it's got a future.
  • I'm not interested in OneNote because it doesn't seem to support tags.
  • I looked at SimpleNote but the web interface is laggy.
  • I'm playing with Dropbox Papers, but right now there's no tagging or Android client.
I'm looking for something simple for taking notes. Something that supports tags, has a good web interface and an Android client. The question title is about replacing Evernote but really I'm trying to find something like Thinkery, if that helps at all. I don't mind paying for a product.
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namethatstoryfilter: girl with nuclear launch codes in her chest

Looking for a short story about a young girl with nuclear launch codes implanted in her chest who accompanies POTUS; the president will have to kill her and remove them if he wants to launch. [more inside]
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Getting parts for custom lego build

I would love to build this much linked to lego Sisyphus Kinetic Sculpture. That page includes instructions and a parts list. Great! But: it uses 475 pieces. Is there any way to buy these parts as a set or some other efficient way that doesn't involve trying to track down each piece individually?
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December 10

Would publishing independent research on urbanism make me employable?

I am 47 years old, and have been non-employed for several years now. I've spent some of this time involved as a concerned citizen in local land-use politics conflict. Several activists I worked with have praised my 'research' skills and writing ability. I've discovered that urbanism is a complex, fascinating and important cause, and a fertile vantage from which to look at the world. If I were to produce -- as an independent scholar -- work that was published in a peer-review journal on urbanist topics, could this result in making me more employable? [more inside]
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Please Save My Fingers from My Tab Key

I do data entry. Lots of data entry. I use the tab key to move between fields. I do a lot of moving between fields. I am very fast, and may have a tendency to hit keys harder than I think I'm hitting them. I'm seeking advice, hacks and hardware to ease the aching in my hands generally, and my tab finger specifically. [more inside]
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Will accepting this part-time job ruin my chances for full-time job?

I just received a job offer for a very part-time position--only 16 hours a week--at an amazing organization. I need full-time, but **maybe** can cobble together full-time equivalent if I can find another part-time job. But accepting the job offer presents a conflict of interest with the really great full-time job I've applied for. [more inside]
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How can I stop kicking my wife in my sleep?

I twitch or kick in my sleep, which wakes my wife. I continue snoozing peacefully; she can't get back to sleep. How can we improve things? [more inside]
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Setting boundaries with my sorta-disliked dad & stepmother

I'm four months pregnant, and trying to figure out what sort of boundaries I want to set with my father (who I think is an okay guy, but we aren't close), my stepmother (who I actively dislike and think is a bitter person), and how explicit I need to be about those boundaries - with myself, my husband (who is awesome!), and the two of them. I need help sorting out what I want and how to best communicate that, especially with a kid in the mix in the near future. Sorry for the enormous pile of snowflakes within! [more inside]
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How to gracefully answer what I like to do for fun when I don't?

If I'm not at work, running an errand, or fulfilling a social commitment, I'm at home. And at home I'm not engaging in any interesting solitary hobbies. My spare time is spent mostly surfing the Web and watching Netflix. I feel very uncomfortable when asked what I do during my free time, such as when I'm asked on Monday what I did over the weekend and when I'm meeting someone new. What are some ways that I can answer this question without sounding defensive, evasive, or shameful?
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What kind of hawk is this

This hawk was hanging out in my back yard, any idea what kind it is? Thinking it's a red shouldered hawk. He was in CA, bay area. Thanks!
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keeping my dagnabbid floors clean

i have painted cement floors that i can't keep clean. [more inside]
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What should I wear to this holiday party?

My spouse's company is having their holiday party at a kind of fancy bowling alley. What on earth do I wear? [more inside]
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How do I do a daily routine?

I have a fair amount of trouble getting work done (at work and at home), especially consistently. I think having a routine would help, but I’m not sure how to create, get into, and stay in a routine. I’ve never managed to do that for more than a week before, even for very small routines. [more inside]
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Comfortable headphones for large ears?

I've been using my headphones more lately (an old pair of AKG K-44), and the cups are not quite large enough for my ears. I'd like to buy a nice pair that's comfortable for larger ears and won't pinch/press. These are used for listening to music and playing games on my laptop, but I'm not much of an audiophile so I don't need these to be absolutely "YOU CAN HEAR THE UNIVERSE"-level quality (although I'm curious as to what that might be). Any recommendations for brands or particular models I should try?
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Can you explain Kafka to me like I'm an idiot

Reading a collection of Kafka's short stories cold. Don't see the appeal. What could help me appreciate Kafka? [more inside]
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How do places get their names?

I'm thinking both of naming conventions within the U.S. Department of the Interior as well as counties, cities, towns, and streets. Also, how are counties created (and named) as populations grow? Finally, what circumstances would dictate name changes? Thanks.
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How to get through a toxic work relationship/environment?

I'm having a hard time aligning with my co-worker. I think we're incompatible. There's also been the feel of a toxic work environment. More under the fold. [more inside]
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Telescope or binoculars for a elderly man that has one good eye?

My 75 year old father really enjoys looking across his fields at the wildlife with a pair of binoculars. He has one "good" eye and I have actually seen him get out a rifle with a scope on it to get a better look at what he sees across the field with the scope. My question is what would be a good instrument such as a telescope or something else to get him with his limitations with having one good eye? I did get him some Celestron SkyMaster 20x80 Binoculars for night time star gazing which he seems to enjoy. Any suggestions are welcome.
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Who sang this song?

I'm looking for an album/artist. It came out about 5 to 8 years ago and was popular with the NPR-crowd (probably a "first listen"). It was a woman singer and was pretty angsty. I remember one song that had something to do with a woman in a bathtub or in the bathroom; maybe the singer referred to has her wife. Very vague. Too vague for my searching skills.
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Tenancy Rights, Vancouver, BC Canada

Tenancy Rights, Vancouver, BC Canada: falsely accused of smoking inside the suite. Recourse/ right to third party "testing?" [more inside]
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How do I handle email overload when I can't block it out?

I was recently promoted to a new position at work. That's good! With it has come a surprisingly overwhelming flood of email that I have just not been able to stay on top of. That's bad. How do I manage an incoming stream of hundreds of (substantive) emails a day, when periodically ignoring it is absolutely not an option? [more inside]
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(Gift) CSA recommendations in Kansas City area

Kansas City folk: please issue your endorsements (or anti-endorsements) for community supported agriculture (CSA) farms in the Kansas City area. In particular, which farms have shares suitable for smaller households (2 people) and have pickups in convenient-but-interesting spots? [more inside]
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Should I make this transfer?

I'm a software engineer who's thinking about transferring to another team at work that does way more interesting stuff, but now my current manager is trying to get me to stick around by making offers of more interesting work on this side. What should I do? [more inside]
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How can I find digital photos to buy?

I'm feeling homesick and I want to get some nature/landscape photos from my hometown. I want to find somewhere I can browse through photos, choose the ones I like and get them on a cd or email. I understand that photography is a job, and I'm willing to pay for it, but I just can't figure out how. [more inside]
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How do I read podcast episode descriptions?

I have an iPhone 5s. I have the apple podcast app. How do I view podcast episode descriptions? When I am on a podcast's "page" it has a list of episodes each with a snippet of description - "What happens when you combine an ax..." But I can't figure out how to read the rest! Any insight?
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Best place to get current info on SAG-AFTRA video game strike?

I would like to find up-to-date information on the SAG-AFTRA interactive media strike. And not just rely on articles appearing after SAG-AFTRA press releases go out. Wait, wait... don't answer this too quickly, please read the full explanation. [more inside]
posted by ErikH2000 at 12:36 PM PST - 3 comments

Please help me stop freaking out about an abnormal pap.

I just had an email from my doctor that a Pap test was abnormal. I know that the problems are not uncommon (I tested positive for HPV for the first time, and had atypical squamous cells). They told me to schedule a colposcopy. I'm 36, and my mother had uterine cancer when she was fairly young (though unrelated to HPV or cervical cancer). I'm feeling freaked out, though I know rationally I shouldn't yet. Need some tips on how to focus on work and not stress out too much about this...I'm already anxious and having a lot of trouble sleeping for other reasons. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 12:17 PM PST - 32 comments

Gentrification question

What USA cities are not being gentrified? Or is this a nationwide/worldwide thing and thus a nonsensical question? If it is nonsensical, when can we say this idea was rendered such?
posted by josher71 at 11:11 AM PST - 35 comments

Blanking your blank

I'm compiling a list of "life goals" that are framed in a specific way. Examples of what I'm looking for include:
  1. "Shooting your age" (in golf, shooting a score lower than your age)
  2. "Kicking your height" (As made "famous" by Karl Pilkington.)
  3. Any others? I'd really like to keep them in the format of "Blanking your blank".
Thank you.
posted by jimmereeno at 11:07 AM PST - 26 comments

Looking for Old-Style Diner Plates

Does anyone know of a source for the old-style heavy diner plates? (That's diner, not dinner.) I'd prefer matching sets not singles and new/old stock if such a thing still exists. Thanks in advance.
posted by partner at 10:48 AM PST - 15 comments

Avoid "old person" thinking but keep privacy and skepticism?

Do I need to be on Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook to stay relevant? [more inside]
posted by LetticeLeaf at 10:36 AM PST - 32 comments

Help me navigate through phone trees without manually pressing buttons

For work, I've been asked to call a phone hotline and navigate touch-tone menus (entering data) to get data. I'd prefer to automate the process if possible, because data entry sucks. [more inside]
posted by LSK at 9:58 AM PST - 9 comments

android music player that won't play podcasts

Seeking a recommendation for an android music player that will only look in certain folders. My current "Music Player" app looks all over my phone, and as a result it shows me a confusing mix of albums and podcasts. Doggcatcher sees only my podcasts; I want a music player that sees only my music folders.
posted by greptile at 9:41 AM PST - 8 comments

Formularies -- What drugs are covered?

Working on a project, and I'm trying to figure out what drugs may or may not be on a formulary. [more inside]
posted by emkelley at 9:11 AM PST - 8 comments

Highly Specific Portable Music Player Needed

An older relative with a daily train commute has requested a music player for the holidays - but they don't want anything with extra features, novel menus, or - if it can be helped - a shuffle feature. All they want is the ability to listen to an entire album (from a selection of about 20) with very clear and easy to understand menus and buttons. They were given a Zune for this purpose a few years ago and returned it saying it was confusing and had "too many settings". What should I buy? [more inside]
posted by The Whelk at 8:34 AM PST - 4 comments

What's my neighbor yelling?

I just moved into a new apartment, and an above neighbor yells periodically throughout the day. What is he yelling? [more inside]
posted by robertthebruce at 7:38 AM PST - 31 comments

Suggest an amateur massage-related gift to give to my partner.

My partner carries a lot of tension in his back and neck, so he likes to get massages from me. I'm looking for a Christmas gift for him that I can use to give better massages. Nothing too complicated--I'm very much an amateur. I don't want to give him a gift certificate for a professional massage as I've done that already and he hasn't used it yet. [more inside]
posted by tiger tiger at 7:33 AM PST - 12 comments

The drink that satisfies

Pretty simple question. If I like Drambuie, what other kinds of liqueur/fortified wine/etc will I enjoy? [more inside]
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Please help me buy a couch without fire retardants

I'm trying to find an affordable, healthy couch. I'm looking for a couch without flame retardants like PBDE and without polyurethane foam. But everything I find is WAY out of my price range. [more inside]
posted by slidell at 6:41 AM PST - 9 comments

Polite professional phrasing for "bump"

I sent an email to someone with questions about a job listing they posted. Their reply said that the position is still open, but they are on the road and would write back next week. I replied "Great – talk to you then!" It is now six days later. I want to say, hey, are you back yet? but without sounding badgering or unprofessional. What's a good way to say this? This person and business is not formal, so formality is not necessary, just politeness and professional-style respect.
posted by ignignokt at 6:38 AM PST - 21 comments

Print experts! I need to know what kind of print this is.

Is this a woodcut or an etching or what? [more inside]
posted by crazylegs at 5:21 AM PST - 7 comments

Surviving swing shift

A company that I am interviewing with has decided that they need management types on second shift (2 pm- 10 pm). I haven't done shift work in a long time and I'm feeling a bit weird about it. The work is Sunday-Thursday. Can you tell me some advantages and disadvantages?
posted by kamikazegopher at 4:28 AM PST - 23 comments

Outragefilter-filter: how to develop a mental filter about bad things

Too much of what I read on the internet makes me angry and upset. This is bleeding into my reactions in real life as well. How can I develop a mental filter and learn to take things less personally? I don't want to just avoid reading about certain topics and becoming less informed overall as a result. [more inside]
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Makeup forums/communities?

I already know of Makeup Alley and Temptalia, do you know of any others? I am looking for makeup/beauty focused community websites or apps. Not a blog with one person's view and people talk to each other in the comments, but communities where members have their own profiles and participate.
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Cool present for a groovy girl

What gift can I offer my anglophile 13-year-old niece ? [more inside]
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Pantry moths?

Our kitchen has an insect infestation. Here are some adults caught with a pantry moth pheremone glue trap: one, two, three Can anyone identify the species? Or recommend means of eradication? [more inside]
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December 9

Help me find someone to make simple, stamped metal pendants.

My cousin was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. He was given a pair of stamped metal tags, and I would like a pair to match to show solidarity, but have had no luck. I reached out to his friend who gave him the original but didn't get an answer. Here's a photo.
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Is my office ready for Windows 10?

I ended up with the responsibility of managing the computers at our office. For a ten person staff with fairly simple computer needs -- only a couple of us routinely use anything more complex than Microsoft Office -- is Windows 10 the right choice yet? [more inside]
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Friend date!

What's the best way to say to someone, "hey, I think you're cool, I'd love to be friends outside of class" without romantic overtones? [more inside]
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Shadow 19

New Wave-ish early-80's track called "Shadow 19"? [more inside]
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Pipe organs that sound like the end of the world.

What are some recommendations? I'm looking for songs like the new Oneohtrix Point Never song Freaky Eyes... or the scene in Akira where Neo Tokyo is being destroyed by Tetsuo's singularity. Songs that sound like world is ending, played on organs the size of cathedrals. [more inside]
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Riot on the Dance Floor

How can I see (or get a copy of) the documentary on Trenton's City Gardens, "Riot on the Dance Floor". (IMDB)(Closed Kickstarter) I grew up nearby, saw Nico here in the 70's...
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Danger of using Hydrocortisone cream for infant/toddler eczema?

Have been using 1% hydrocortisone polysporin cream on my 20 month old daughter and the results have been dramatic - from raw angry looking legs and constant scratching to totally clear skin. What sort of precautions should we be taking when using this? What are the dangers associated with it? [more inside]
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Help me find an "anime dating sim" for tween that isn't evil

My daughter wants to try an anime dating sim, from a girl's perspective, and asked me to help her find one. I would like it not to be gross and awful to women. I also don't want her to look for herself because there's so much disgusting shit out there. Help! [more inside]
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What are your favorite 90's alt-rock music videos?

What music videos did you absolutely love from Smell's Like Teen Spirit up to the late-90's music scene? Feel free to throw in other genres, if you can't help yourself. I'm looking to build a playlist after watching videos from a recently deceased front man's band.
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I think I want to learn German and want to pick a method

I am thinking that I might want to learn German as a language of beer and cheese for career advancement. Good choice? Should I take a class or set out on my own? [more inside]
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Ideas for NYC minivacation

I'm headed to NYC to see Hamilton with my sister, niece and niece's friend at the end of Dec. (to be specific, we will arrive 12/27, see show 12/28 pm, head home 12/29). What cool stuff should we do while there? [more inside]
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Going from "improvisational cook" to "calorie counting."

I do all of the cooking in our house. Most of the time I'm just throwing meals together with what's on sale or in the fridge rather than following A Recipe, and I'd like to keep working that way if possible. My partner wants to start counting calories, and I want to start providing her with useful data. I think I get the basic idea of how to make this work (weigh stuff before you put it in the pot, write down amounts, do math) but I'd love any specific tips or tricks from people who have made this transition themselves.
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I need your pricing suggestions before I list on eBay.

Last year I foolishly bought a Canada Goose Trillium parka. An idiotic purchase, for a variety of reasons, but let's not dissect that. I wore it three times; perfectly clean. I want to list it for sale on eBay, and have taken all the photos.Problem: I had glued a patch on the shoulder with my logo. [more inside]
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Best apps for Google Cardboard?

The New York Times sent me a free Google Cardboard headset because I'm a subscriber. It's cool! What the heck do I do with it? [more inside]
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Name this tune.

Great song, maybe 5-10 years ago, kinda college/alt-rock lyric something like "and I walk like an Imperial Walker, and I walk"
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Recs for therapists in the Austin, TX area?

A friend of mine is trying to find a new therapist with some level of class-based savvy. Difficulty level: accepts BCBS of Texas, not faith based, ideally CBT or DBT based.
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Don't you get paid?

Do I tip the funeral director? [more inside]
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Beyond phone tag

How do I, a slacker who has ADHD and talks on the phone only reluctantly, find a therapist and make an appointment? I'm having a lot of trouble with this! [more inside]
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Dealing with troublesome ultrasound results in pregnancy . . .

I was measuring "small for dates" at my 28 week appt., and got sent for a growth scan. Some of the results I find troubling, as well as the doctor's scheduling yet another scan for me at 32 weeks. Help? [more inside]
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Right invoice number. Wrong amount. Long time ago.

And now I'm missing a payment that for work that was performed months ago. Is there any way I can get that money now? (rather long details inside) [more inside]
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Nonprofit's report to donors; what should we call it?

Please help me work out what I call this report to our donors - the first-ever attractive, easy-to-read indication of what we've done with their money over the past five years! [more inside]
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My husband can't orgasm during sex, help me cope?

We both want babies, and its really looking like its not going to happen - has this happened to you? [more inside]
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Need to make a table of information on a web page sortable

I've got a web page of static content that I need to make sortable by multiple columns. Essentially, it's a calendar that has these columns: date, location, event. I need to put this information onto a simple, fast-loading web page in such a fashion that I can have a primary method of sorting and then also sort things in a secondary and/or tertiary way within those results. [more inside]
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Taking a 6 month sabbatical. Travel insurance? Regular insurance?

I'm planning to travel for 6 months (France for 3, then who knows) and will not have insurance through work. It's been difficult navigating all the options. Will I need travel insurance in addition to regular insurance? 29yo, located in CA, USA. [more inside]
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Gift for beloved boss on my last day after 7 years

Difficulty level: She doesn't drink, doesn't eat sugar, and has seemed indifferent to flowers & plants in the past. [more inside]
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Viability of Software QA as a Stable Career

I've spent 3.5 years as the main QA person designing and executing test cases in a small e-commerce software company, and have recently been contemplating the possibility of software QA as a long-term career. The issue: I majored in the social sciences and have no tech skills. Is my plan viable? If so, what steps can I take now to build a marketable skill set? [more inside]
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How to record and have my notes transcribe?

Hi Hive Mind: I would like to record in- person meetings and phone meetings and have these recordings transcribed. How should I go about this? I know that there is a google talk and type function and dragon speak naturally, but how do I go about doing this? If there a small device that I could record on and then plug into the computer via USB and have my recording transcribed? I am looking for simple and easy here. Basically I would like a small slim recorder that is discreet. I would like to tape work meetings and then have the capability to have these meetings transcribed. Also, how can I do this if my meeting is on the phone? Thanks in advance! I am having a difficult time capturing all that transpireS in meeting and feel my notes are woefully lacking. I do have the livescribe pen, though I know it does not do what I am asking, maybe there are other ‘smart’ pens out there.
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Garage Door Opener Advice

We have a Liftmaster 2000sdr and while the opener itself works fine, neither of our wireless remotes can get a response anymore. [more inside]
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Mooching Memes

How do I cut off a friend's access to my wifi w/o being an asshole? [more inside]
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Need help finding Woodstock Key Chain

My father recently lost a prized possession: a very old Woodstock (Peanuts) key chain that he has had forever. Any idea where to look to replace it, beyond ebay? [more inside]
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Are XD movie screenings worthwhile?

I would like to see Mockingjay Part 2 today. The nearby theater is playing it in standard format. A slightly farther-away theater is playing it in XD with Auro sound for twice the price. I have never been to farther-away theater, and a few online reviews of the theater say that the Auro sound system isn't great. I am concerned that the surround-sound may make it seem like the audio is not matching the video, which is a pet peeve, something I've noticed with in-home older surround-sound systems, and something that makes it impossible for me to concentrate on a film, but I have no idea if that's a valid concern. Is it a valid concern? Is XD worth twice as much as standard format? (I don't really understand what "XD" is -- is it just high-definition? -- so feel free to explain that to me, too.) [more inside]
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A post in which we get real and talk about underarm/armpit muffin tops

So after losing about 1/3 of my body weight, weight that I had for a long time, I have what is some kind of underarm/side boob/upper back muffin top. I need some new support for this when I workout, and just general sports bra recommendations. [more inside]
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Questions to ask artists?

What sort of questions would you like to ask of a couple of artists who've just completed a project, one where they produced a drawing every day for a year?
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I Know That I've Seen Him Before, But, Who is This Guy?!!

I'm trying to find out who the actor is in a recent State Farm insurance commercial. Help me, please! [more inside]
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Why am I invisible to exercise machines?

I've tried wearing a Polar chest strap in the past, with good results. I am, to the best of my knowledge, neither dead nor a vampire. I can feel my pulse. I'm an average-sized man of average height in average shape. My heart rate is not particularly fast or extraordinarily slow. So why am I invisible to the heart-rate sensors on gym exercise equipment? [more inside]
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Stood up for yourself, lost your family

You disrupt dysfunctional family dynamic. Now your family hates you. How do you deal? [more inside]
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Need a Good Manhattan Church for Christmas Eve Services

My parents and brother are coming to NYC, where I live, for Christmas this year. Thankfully, I'm not having to house them (as I would be unable to do so) but I do need to have some ideas for where to go, etc. The only one that's really stumping me is where to take them for Christmas Eve services. [more inside]
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Quad-State Pay Question

My employer is a Delaware LLC, but headquartered (until one month ago) in Connecticut (from where my paychecks were addressed), but now headquartered in Florida (but my paychecks now come from a New Jersey address). I live in Washington State. Say I were to be let go - where would I claim unemployment?
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The tagline should be: Yell at the TV and Not at Each Other!

This weekend I played one of the Jackbox family of games. I think my family would love them and I'd like to give/have it available to play while we're all home for Christmas. Looks like I might have some technical issues--I need some guidance, please! [more inside]
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Are Off-Shore Music Stores Legal in the US?

I was Googling an obscure 1960s recording that's never been released digitally and was surprised to find an mp3 of it for sale on a music store website I'd never heard of before. The store seems legit as it's pretty comparable in catalog and services to the iTunes or Amazon stores, is not on the "dark" web but is out in the open, and they accept credit cards but their prices are crazy cheap. The site I found appears to be based in Ukraine but I've found a few others based in other countries. Can I legally buy from these places?!?
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How to use ios Duet display as primary display for my PC on a stick?

Hi all, I have a Lenovo 'PC on a stick'. It runs windows 10 and I would like to use my iPad as a primary display for it using the Duet app on iOS but it seems like in order to connect you have to go in and activate Duet on the PC first - which is a sort of catch 22 because I need a display in order to do that. Any ideas on how I could make Duet 'activate' as soon as the PC boots up and connect to the app on my ipad?
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When does Thievery Corporation take the stage?

I'll be seeing Thievery Corporation at the House of Blues in Boston next Wednesday. The show starts at 7:00pm. Has anyone seen them recently? What time do they actually go on stage?
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Do I need a realtor who specializes in old homes?

I will be selling my mom's house, an 1850s farmhouse on a nice piece of property with a creek. The realtor has given an estimate of about 225k, but I am wondering if I need a realtor who specializes in old / colonial houses. On paper the house is missing lots of features because of it's age: no garage, no central air, etc. but for the right buyer who is interested in it because of it's age I may be able to get more money for it. Are there realtors who specializes in old homes?
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To shiva or not to shiva?

What's the right thing to do here? [more inside]
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Hand-warming gifts?

An older (late 60s) family member has been having a lot of trouble with very cold hands recently. She mentioned that it's not even a cold-weather thing, as her hands were cold even this past summer. Let's assume that she's addressed this with her doctor (she visits the doctor regularly), so I'm not looking for health-related advice. What I am looking for are recommendations for products that she can use to warm up her hands. [more inside]
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How do I resolve this internal conflict?

I am in my mid 30s and single (never been married). I have always enjoyed being single more than being in a relationship. I fact, the thought of married life fills me with dread and feels like a trap. But then I have times of feeling lonely and thinking that if I don't make an effort to meet a man and settle down soon, I will regret it one day. [more inside]
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Recommendations for recent science books, please

My dad is an elderly retired scientist (psych and biomechanical engineering) who likes to read a lot. In the past I've gotten him books like Neil Shubin's "Your Inner Fish," and XKCD's "What If?" and they have been big hits. Would love recommendations for recent, similar books that have a modicum of fun and that involve real science. Thank you so much!
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Please recommend some books.

Buying a couple books for a friend. She seems to prefer non-fictional accounts of real life journeys/struggles, both internal and external. But please don't limit the suggestions to non-fiction only. Inside are some books she's liked recently. [more inside]
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Can I eat this! Thawed cooked frozen chicken breast edition

Grilled chicken breast cooked 2 months ago, sealed in airtight container to freeze. Took out of the freezer Friday night to defrost in refrigerator, forgot about it until last night. Can I still eat it?! [more inside]
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Rate of Dryer Lint Accumulation or: How Fast Do My Clothes Disappear?

I pull a little handful of dryer lint out of the dryer every time I dry my clothes. What is the percentage of clothing lost to lint from drying per dry? How long until my clothes turn completely into lint? [more inside]
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Best means to learn a second language (Spanish)?

Has anyone used online tutors or services that they had positive experience with? I tried to use Rosetta Stone but didn't find it helpful because I think I may need more personal teachings. I have found some online "tutors" but am skeptical of their services. I know VERY BASIC spanish, and am looking to learn more and be able to converse and understand better... My child's father is Spanish and it is important for me to learn to communicate with his family and with our daughter together. I live in the DC area if anyone knows of local resources. My preference would be online or something I can do in home at first since we have a new baby, there isn't much time to get out during the week with working full time.
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What the...!? Strange Blister Edition

In April 2012 I had a large sudden blister on my leg, it became infected after it burst and it took lots of antibiotics and wound dressings for about 6 weeks to heal. A spider bite, or so I thought, until a year (1/14) later I got another one right next to it. And recently 2 more on my opposite ankle (one in november and the other a month later). I'm a little scared now because I have had 2 in quick succession. What is going on? [more inside]
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On the finer points of semicolons

Using a semicolon in place of a comma when stringing together lengthy/complex dependent clauses; please advise. [more inside]
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Vasectomy recovery - hints and tips for being a good wife

So the bloke is having the snip tomorrow, and I want to be supportive and do whatever I can to make his recovery as easy as possible. I've read this post which was super helpful, but I still have a couple of questions... [more inside]
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December 8

Online support forums for parents of mentally ill kids?

I have a 15 year old with Bipolar Disorder and perhaps other disorders. We are currently dealing with school and legal issues due to his behaviors. I am heartbroken and need a place to talk to others who understand what I'm going through. I am going to check out a NAMI support group, but I was wondering if there are any good online forums to participate in. [more inside]
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Fraud Prevention Solutions for eCommerce?

My company is looking for a fraud prevention service to screen users of our eCommerce platform. Difficulty level: Medium sized but very fast-growing, US based, global business. Not retail. Think restaurant or hotel reservations but with a bit of a twist - users may use our site to make a claim on something, but don't pay for it immediately. [more inside]
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How do navigate insurance with hospital staff?

I need to get an MRI and my insurance wants my doctor's office to send them a notification, otherwise I'll be subject to a financial penalty. However, I'm not sure my doctor's office knows how to file one of those, and I'm fairly new to medical/insurance snags, and so don't know how to proceed. [more inside]
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YANMD what could be going on here?

I have health insurance and a doctor but it’s been almost a year without figuring out the problem. I am not sure what else to do at this point. Long description of symptoms and tests below. I have been having intermittent episodes of lightheadedness. That is I feel weak and like I need to sit down (It’s not dizziness, the room is not spinning). It comes sometimes with nausea and seems to be aggravated by other things that make me feel ill - being too warm and being in stuffy spaces definitely can bring it on, being sleep deprived. It sometimes is accompanied by a pang around my stomach on the left. It makes me feel hot and ill and tired. [more inside]
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Best Cloud Storage for Elementary Students

I need to teach my 3rd-5th graders how to save files on a network. They need to be able to access their files from different machines and locations around the school. My chief objective is that they learn to save thoughtfully and carefully, so that they'll develop good habits and be able to find their work in the future. (FWIW, I believe this means teaching them to be conscious of 1) what they want to call their file and 2) where they want to put it). [more inside]
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Iphone text and call alerts- with or without headphones? Iphone 6

I have a job where it is very important to answer my phone. I also like to use headphones, though I am prone to taking them off. If I use plug-in headphones, the ringer will sound but not text alerts. If I use bluetooth headphones, I can't hear any alerts unless headphones are on. How do I get my phones speaker to sound off with call and text alerts regardless of headphone use?
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Not The Secret History.

I would like to hear about experiences -- your own, your kids, or of people you know well -- at arts-oriented or other "alternative" boarding schools in the Northeast. [more inside]
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Continuous heart rate monitoring with custom alerts-- how?

Here's what I want: wearable tech that will continuously monitor my heart rate without needing to charge for 6+ hours at a time. Software connected to that monitor, either internally or through my Nexus 6, that will alert me, subtly, when my BPM exceeds a specific number that I choose. And I want it for $120 or less, preferably less. Can you help me find and/or make the hardware and software I'll need?
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Win7: Need Permission from Owner to Copy File. I am the Owner.

My wife's laptop has several large (100MB through 10GB) pst files. We can move, rename and delete these files but we cannot copy them nor open them in Outlook. Msg says I need permission from domainX\userY. That's me. And I'm the owner. [more inside]
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bringing frozen bread on a plane

i'm trying to bring 3 frozen loaves of bread on a plane from california to ireland on sunday, and i would like them to stay frozen until i get there. does anyone have experience bringing something frozen on a plane? can you recommend a leakproof soft cooler that would fit inside a (checked) suitcase? i am planning to put some of those blue ice packs in with the bread. is there a better option?
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Alternatives to Christmas traditionals

Aside from The Pogues - Fairytale of New York, what're the best alternative/non-traditional Christmas songs? [more inside]
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Depression-Camo Clothing

I am going through a pretty severe depressive episode right now, and when I am able to get dressed, everything feels uncomfortable. I'm trying to leave the house more often, which means looking presentable, so I'm asking for suggestions for the most comfortable (women's) clothing you've experienced. Some picky details within. [more inside]
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Best edition of the Tao Te Ching

What is the best translation/edition of the Tao Te Ching that includes both a good English translation and the original Chinese? [more inside]
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Zero-Tolerance Policy

An emotionally unstable & potentially dangerous acquaintance is renting out part of our living space for 4 days, starting this week and I am not okay with that. How do we rescind the offer in a safe way? [more inside]
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Deal with UPS or collection agency?

UPS sent my long-ago-paid bill to a collection agency. I need advice. [more inside]
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End of an intimate relationship. How do I stay positive?

My sexual relationship has ended. It was one of the few stress-free things in my life, and now I fear for my mental and emotional health because of upcoming holidays, SAD, and a few other stressors. [more inside]
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Hamilton stage door?

I see Hamilton on Broadway TONIGHT. I am SO EXCITED. I also spent $$$$$$$$$$ on my ticket and want to make the most of the experience, and would love to swarm the stage door seeking autographs after (?) the show like I have seen people do. How do I do that? Where do I go? What is the etiquette? [more inside]
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Seeking creative input to reclaim skin frm urticaria pigmentosa

My best friend has a skin condition that presents in a distribution of dark spots scattered across his skin. He needs to reclaim his skin & overwrite this condition. I am reaching out for help to understand the full range of body art options available (focus is currently on tattoos) so we can work through a range of creative inputs. [more inside]
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Best course of action when you have no Primary Care Physician?

I need to know where to begin -- I fear I may have a serious health concern but have no PCP/GP as I've only recently started taking responsibility for my health. [more inside]
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Gift giving, DIY edition

This year, I found this awesome spice mix recipe from Nom Nom Paleo. It saved me heaps and it's a thoughtful DIY gift that I know my friends will really like. I'm thinking ahead to next year, but I'm drawing a blank on gifts like this. What creative gifts have you made for others that were thoughtful and didn't break the bank? [more inside]
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What to do when someone at work asks you out

And you like the person but you're seeing someone [more inside]
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My new shoes smell

I just received some new mail-order shoes. They are for a cheap costume party gag. However, they stink so unbelievably badly of newness, chemicals and shitty-grade plastic that I literally can't unbox them. How can I un-stink them before Friday?! [more inside]
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Yoga Business Wear

I really like the clothing made by Lulu Lemon Lab. I'm looking for other companies that make clothing that is similar. Do you know any clothing companies that do clothes that could are a) comfortable like yoga clothes, b) business formal and c) urban in styling? [more inside]
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How accurate is H1B salary data?

I don't really trust the salary data on sites like Glassdoor or even from BLS (which contains really vague information). How accurate is the H1B site for getting some transparency into a given organizations salary data? [more inside]
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Help me ID this Asics jacket, please

I bought an Asics jacket at Marshalls. I would like to know year, msrp, intended use (just for fun). There wasn't an identifying tag, and I've had no luck w the Asics website or an image search on the identifying logo - reflective "highway" emblem on the center back, see pics. Thanks for your indulgence.
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The 2 key on my laptop is broken, how to cope

My laptop has developed a thing where the 2 key, which had been intermittent for a couple of weeks, now seems to be completely kaput. How to deal with this? If not to fix it, then maybe to cope with it until my next computer? [more inside]
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Books for the heartbroken

Say someone was dating someone they really liked, and it ended. So they consoled themselves by creating a reading list. The ideal would be a mixture of very absorbing books that would distract, enlighten, humor; inspire cathartic tears and acceptance. Sci-fi, fantasy, classic novels, self-help, graphic novels, non-fiction - just about anything.
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Privacy vs functionality on an iPhone

I try to protect my privacy online. I'm thinking of getting an iPhone. Please recommend resources on protecting privacy while not pointlessly depriving myself of functionality. [more inside]
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Childbirth classes - worth it?

I'm currently 5.5 months pregnant with my first, and I will need to decide soon whether to take any childbirth classes. Did you find classes worth it, and if so, are there any particular classes you recommend? [more inside]
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Help me with Nanny Taxes

My wife and I are hiring a part time nanny for about 20hrs/week, starting next month. I've begun looking into the tax situation, and its a bit of a nightmare. Please help! [more inside]
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Best tools for simple Android app

I'd like to create a simple android app that can track various custom activities (assuming no such app already exists - I haven't been able to find one). What is the best tool to use? [more inside]
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1980s TV show.. ERASED from existence

There was a TV show, early 80s, probably on PBS. Short subject, less than 20 minutes, squeezed in between shows. It was all about Emerging Future Tech! Like microcomputers, art in tech, digital stuff. The host was Laurie Anderson. It has FALLEN off the FACE of the EARTH. [more inside]
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How can one decrease Hydrogen Peroxide levels in the body?

I've read that as we age Hydrogen Peroxide levels in our bodies increase due to our body having a harder time keeping the levels low. It's also said to be the main cause of hair turning grey... [more inside]
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Quality replacements for iBook G4 power supply?

I have a 1st generation iBook G4 whose power cable has worn out and whose battery is about shot. I'd like to get it working again for a project, but am a little bewildered by the number of options, many of which appear (based on reviews) to be crap. Apple people of Metafilter - what are some affordable, non-garbage solutions?
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which bookshops in Cardiff are open in the evening?

The latest-opening bookshop I can find in Cardiff is Waterstones, which closes at 6pm. There must be somewhere that's open later, surely? Bonus points available if it's in the same general area. I'm looking for a reasonable range of general fiction. Lots more bonus points for a half-decent history or philosophy section, but I don't want to ask too much.
posted by rd45 at 7:52 AM PST - 3 comments

Cromulent cat carrier

I'm looking for an excellent cat carrier in which to place my anxious, ridiculous fluff of a cat for long car rides. [more inside]
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You are an academic library: do you have an interfaith meditation room?

We are soon to complete an extensive construction and renovation project, adding much needed student use space to our library. Although there is currently a meditation room in our student commons building, we've been asked to consider setting aside space for an interfaith meditation room in the library as well. If you have such a service, I've got questions for you (as one does). [more inside]
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Help me find a low-cost or sliding scale therapist in Richmond, VA

After a completely sleepless, panicky night spent crying into my pillow, I realize I need help controlling my anxiety disorder. I am uninsured (until January) so low cost is essential, but I want to see a good therapist trained in CBT or a similar modality...bonus points if you know a provider who would be friendly to monogamish relationship situations, but I know that might be pushing it. Thanks for your help MeFites. I'm tired of the struggle...
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Please tell me how to begin proofreading a friend's dissertation

What are best practices for editing a dissertation? Dissertation writers and editors, lend me your ears. [more inside]
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Ich bin ein taxman

You are not my tax person. My tax person is not German. How can I find someone qualified to answer a question about whether I, a US citizen resident in the US, need to pay taxes in Germany on a small amount of income from a contracted work? [more inside]
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The cat is very sick, should I involve my kid in his care?

Our kickass tabby cat has gotten very elderly in the last month. Slowing down on eating, refusing some foods, eating others. Sleeping a lot. I'm taking him to the vet today but I'm very worried that this is the end. My daughter is just turning 5, should I involve her in his care? [more inside]
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Should I go to med school?

Almost thirty, post-major career change, and other details inside [more inside]
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What's in a name?

Calling all nick-name and users of your non legal name. I've hit a snag. New work email at huge corporation has a legal name policy for email addresses and seeing my legal name all over the place constantly is making me a crazy person. Details below the fold. [more inside]
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Company's been taxing me in the wrong state. What are the implications?

About a month ago I moved from State A to State B to work in my company's new office. Even though I updated my location with my company and our payroll system, I've still been having only State A taxes withheld, and no State B taxes. Since I'm living and working in State B, I should only have State B taxes withheld as of my move. Turns out that, due to an oversight, the subsidiary of my company that I officially work for isn't yet registered in State B. They're going to fix it on the payroll side, but what implications should I be aware of? Does it matter whether it's fixed by end of year? More details below the fold: [more inside]
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Books and movies about infidelity?

Can anyone recommend a book or movie about what a woman goes through when her husband has been unfaithful? [more inside]
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TV and Movie Reviews and Recaps websites sought.

In the past few years, most of my mainstay pop culture sites for movie reviews and TV recaps and reviews have shut down or declined drastically in appeal. I need suggestions for replacements to check out that aren't defunct, or sites I already know about that don't fit the bill; I'm not expecting a voluble community, as I'm happy with just good site writers with a good grasp on pop culture and an intelligent perspective. So not AV Club, not Fanfare, not Vulture or TVLine or Entertainment Weekly but somewhere new; a lot more detail follows. [more inside]
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Is there anything like community college in the UK?

Does the UK have any type of remedial post secondary system, and can it be accessed by foreigners? [more inside]
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December 7

Reality check on holiday boundaries

Need a reality check on setting boundaries around the holidays. [more inside]
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Looking for advice on online advertising in 2015

My company has set up an online store selling high-quality toys and a other imported items from abroad. Now we're looking for advice and other people's experience on how to get customers. [more inside]
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Transcription software

I'm doing voluntary work as a translator and subtitle editor, and I'd like to be more efficient with my time. Details under the cut. [more inside]
posted by lmfsilva at 9:51 PM PST - 12 comments

My Boyfriend Feels Like A Roommate

I am 27 years old and currently doing a Master's in Social Work. I have been in a relationship for three years with my partner. We're in a monogamous relationship. My relationship was good, fun, and exciting. Until about a year ago. And there's still some good moments, here and there. When I voice my concerns, he listens. He's had my back and called up his friend when he posted an anti-feminist rant on my Facebook wall knowing full well I'm a huge HUGE feminist. He cooks me supper when I'm stressed, and he's always been very patient with when my anxiety gets out of control. I avoid social situations, I avoid talking to authority, and I avoid talking about my needs, wants, and anything that is personal. So does my partner. And as a result, our relationship is at a point where I feel I actually just live with a roommate. [more inside]
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Sunchokes not tasting as expected?

Bought some sunchokes/Jerusalem artichokes from local Korean megamart. Had never had them before. Internet said they'll taste nutty when cooked. Diced them and roasted - not nutty. Did I do it wrong or were my expectations off? [more inside]
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Socially responsible retirement

Better late than never: I'm finally starting a retirement account, probably a Roth IRA1. Social responsibility is high on my priority list. I am trying to find a relatively easy, relatively low-fee, relatively well-performing "socially responsible"2 fund I can start paying into. Where should I look for comparisons or guidance on these "socially responsible" funds? How can I get guidance on which one to choose? Direct advice, or referrals to reliable references both welcome. [more inside]
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I'm like Goldilocks, but about boots.

Does this boot exist? Snowflakes within. [more inside]
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Mysterious rumbling in apartment

I live in an old apartment. It shakes sometimes. Why? [more inside]
posted by prunes at 6:37 PM PST - 17 comments

I want to make starchy pasta water without making pasta.

I need starchy pasta water to make my butternut squash soup extra tasty, but I don't have starchy pasta water on hand because I'm not making pasta. How can I make fake pasta water? I'm finding this exceptionally hard to google.
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How did you decide whether to go into management?

My department manager recently announced they were leaving, and asked me if I would be interested in their job. It's not really something I had thought about before, and now I'm trying to figure out whether I should apply for it. It's certainly not guaranteed that I would get the job, but I believe their recommendation would carry a lot of weight. How do I make the decision on whether to apply for his job? [more inside]
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How do I save my weekend from my SLOTH?

Every Monday to Thursday, I imagine going home on Friday, getting a good nights' rest, and waking up on Saturday and Sunday to do fun new activities. After all, I'm 23, healthy, fit, love food, love trying new things and am an extrovert. Without a fail, every single weekend looks like this instead: me hanging out in my squalid apartment, eating eggs and pasta, watching the clock, not doing any chores, watching stupid shit on YouTube and hating myself profusely. [more inside]
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Identify the rodent I caught in my basement (in a trap)

Had a rodent in our basement last winter but it never got caught in any traps. Last night I went down there and saw this guy scurry away; set a mouse/rat trap last night and turned up with him today (WARNING, don't click this if you don't want to see a dead rodent): [more inside]
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For what reasons might a hospital send a certified letter?

A friend is freaking out because she got a notification in her mailbox that she has a certified letter from the hospital at the post office. She was there six months ago for a procedure. [more inside]
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Nonprofit needs scheduling software for kids classes

I work for a local non-profit that provides classes in engineering for kids. We have classes available after school and during school holiday and over the summer. We would like something that allows us to move classes around and change dates easily like by dragging and dropping on a weekly schedule and that can handle 8 different classrooms with two different class periods per day. [more inside]
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Secret santa gift ideas for a limited budget and expensive tastes

For secret santa this year (30 dollar limit, I don't mind going 10 over) I drew a friend who tends to: a) buy most of what he wants anyway and b) have fairly expensive tastes. I'd tag his main areas of interest as A/V equipment, liquor and beer, cigars, and playing guitar. He also has an interest in Germany (his family is from there) and Baltimore (especially sports). I need some ideas for stuff that isn't redundant if he already has it, or which is unique enough to avoid that problem. [more inside]
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Laptop charged, house lights flicker. What's going on?

I've just moved into a new (to me) house. (The house itself is old and quite funky.) I brought with me my extant Macbook Pro (most-recent vintage). I'm finding that when my computer is fully charged and the charging cable is plugged in (green light), the house lights flicker. [more inside]
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What music streaming gadget am I looking for?

I need something that can connect to the internet by WiFi, and to my receiver by standard RCA connectors. Ideally, I'd like to be able to select and control the music by a web interface or phone app, and be able to play music from my laptop as well as from various internet streaming services. What's the best option out there? [more inside]
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Only, like, my fifth baking question

Every year, I bake about a billion cookies. Okay, more like two or three thousand, but it feels like a billion. I then deliver and ship them all over the world, to friends and family. Every year, I bake the same 6 cookie types, plus 2 additional rotating types that, if they're good enough, can be added to the repertoire for the following year. I need suggestions for this year's two new types. [more inside]
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Need examples of parents murdering their children over generation gap

Reading the (fantastic) book Nixonland, the section on the late 60s counterculture mentions a mini-epidemic of parents murdering their own children due to their involvement in the counterculture, the generational gap having become so starkly polar and vast that they felt their own children were alien. The book doesn't go into a ton of depth and I'd like to know more.
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Have I ended an emotional affair or a friendship (was I becoming OW)?

I recently ended a friendship because I couldn’t decide whether it was truly platonic or an “emotional affair”. Have I made the wrong decision? [more inside]
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Washing Down Winter Jacket Without Access to Front Loading Washer

I don't have access to a center-agitator-free washing machine. Should I put my down coat in a delicates bag and put it in a top loading washer on the delicates cycle or hand wash it in my sink? [more inside]
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Born in the summer of 1969.

Looking for blogs, articles, books, anything by authors who are exactly my age, give or take only about one year. [more inside]
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Eeny meeny minty moe

What's the best peppermint candy for using in baking recipes which call for such?
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What makes a podcast successful and engaging to you?

After thinking about it for over a year, I am ready to try and get my podcast going in the New Year. I'm here to ask the Hive Mind what makes a podcast tick for you. [more inside]
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OS X Terminal Tips & Tricks

I intend to teach an intro class to OS X terminal. Basic stuff like navigation, file creation and deletion, etc. What are some tips & tricks that might not be obvious? Assume I am an advanced user and will be teaching to CLI beginners to those only slightly more conversant. This is just going to be an informal "Lunch and learn" style class. Maybe an hour max.
posted by cjorgensen at 11:12 AM PST - 37 comments

Recommend wi-fi digital picture frame.

I'm looking for a digital picture frame for my very un-tech-savvy in-laws. We want to be able to upload pictures to it remotely. Can anyone compare Pix-star frames to Nixplay, or do you have other suggestions?
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How to resolve ambivalence in new relationship

I have been with my boyfriend for a couple months and though it is new, we have been spending a lot of time together and I feel like I've gotten to know him about as well as you can in that time. I am feeling very ambivalent about it though and am not sure whether/ how much it's a problem with the relationship, a result of me being me (ambivalence and anxiety are not new to me) or me reacting to him wanting too much too fast. How do I get out of this stressful indecision? [more inside]
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What do you wish you'd known before coming out as trans at work?

I am a trans man and I am legally changing my name and gender marker in 2 weeks. I have still not come out at work. I am extremely anxious about this and want to hear other people's experiences. Preferably from the trans person perspective, but also HR or managers of trans people, especially in white collar environments. [more inside]
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Making up for Covered CA anticipated income discrepancies

I significantly underestimated my (often wildly varying) income when I signed up for Kaiser health insurance through Covered California at the beginning of the year, and later dragged my feet about updating my income information, figuring I'd have to pay it back in a tax penalty next April anyway. I have a few thousand dollars in a non-expiring medical reimbursement account with ADP. Is there a way to apply those funds to my tax penalty somehow, or do something equivalent? [more inside]
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Should I fight the urge to purge (my stuff) while pregnant?

I always feel like I can get rid of more of my stuff, specifically clothes, and since our household will need to accommodate another person about six months from now, I feel like this is a good time to aggressively weed things out. At the same time, I would like to not buy a new wardrobe and continue wearing clothes like a decent person. How should I proceed? [more inside]
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Gifts for a quilter

My mom is a quilter, so I'd like to get her something that she wouldn't necessarily get for herself as a christmas gift. [more inside]
posted by OHenryPacey at 9:33 AM PST - 19 comments

Making Money Off YouTube Legally

There are a few YouTube channels that I watch where the posters' full-time jobs are via YouTube/Twitch. I know you can monetize your channel/partner with YouTube, but you must own all the content--every last piece of it. The details of monetizing even state that you cannot monetize videos of yourself playing video games (unless you wrote the game yourself or have permission to do so). So, how are these people making a living off YouTube using content that clearly isn't their own? [more inside]
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Puzzling kitchen-gadgets gifts?

My mother-in-law likes to give (and get) stocking stuffers of obscure kitchen items, which the recipient then needs to identify. Past items include those square hard-boiled egg thingies, pineapple corers, garlic-peeling tubes, and finger protectors to wear while slicing tomatoes. Suggestions for what I could give her? [more inside]
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Cleaning Mold Off a Dough Ornament- can it be done?

A handmade dough ornament from last year has grown mold in storage. I want to try to clean it instead of just tossing it because it has sentimental value. How could I try to clean it? [more inside]
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No fool like an old fool

How do you walk away from someone you love? [more inside]
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Day trip from (and tips for) Phoenix during NCAA championship weekend?

Mr. Darling's dad won tickets to the NCAA football championship game in a charity auction last spring, so the three Darling men (FIL, husband and 15 y.o. son) will be travelling there Jan. 9-12. This will be son's first trip out west, so we'd love for him to see more than the hotel lobby. [more inside]
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Not a team player

Our MD accidentally attached some harsh comments meant for an external training company to the the entire organisation. Basically, it breaks down person-by-person, their 'weaknesses' as he sees it. What recourse if any do I have/how do I approach this? More inside. [more inside]
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Christmas cards for the super, 2015

How to tip building staff -- not just cash amounts, but the logistics of it. [more inside]
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computer screen flickering

My laptop screen has started flickering every time I start up my computer. The most obvious flickering stops after 30 seconds or so, but I’ve noticed that my eyes get really tired really quickly after working on the computer now and sometimes I feel woozy. Is it possible that my screen is flickering fast enough that it is bothering my eyes? [more inside]
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Next steps for muscle spasm pain

I was in the ER last night for extreme shoulder pain (trapezius muscle spasms) that I've had for the past 48 hours. I am taking 600mg ibuprofen every six hours and was given 10mg of Flexeril (muscle relaxer) last night around 10:30, plus a prescription for more to fill today. I'm using ice and heat to little effect. The Flexeril did not do anything at all... didn't ease any pain or help me sleep. Which doctor should I see next? Some more details... [more inside]
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December 6

Boundaries set, but advice needed on how to support husband

In laws, aging, health and "expectations" from parents of adults - how do I navigate this situation with setting boundaries/supporting my husband in the face of manipulative in laws? (Snowstorm warning...) [more inside]
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Business World to Teaching and Back to Business Again

After college, I worked in IT for several years then started teaching. I've been in the education sector for the last 10 years, and I'm now ready to transition back to business. What do I need to know? [more inside]
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Where was this photo taken?

I found a photo of my parents, and neither of them are sure where it was taken, other than that it was taken in Europe between 1971 and 1974. Any ideas? The photo
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Is it a social faux paus if your bra straps fall down and are visible?

Please tell me if I have a legitimate concern or I'm just being silly. I always have an issue with my bra straps falling down in public. Today I had no problems all day and then they fell down when a male friend was over. Will he think this was me making a pass at him? [more inside]
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Advertising/Promoting web development programming online tutoring

What are the best methods to promote/advertise one's online tutoring business? Adwords, classifieds, blogs, or tutoring sites? [more inside]
posted by andendau at 7:03 PM PST - 3 comments

Book Recommendations

I want to buy some true crime/legal history books, help me find some new ones! [more inside]
posted by emmatrotsky at 6:58 PM PST - 17 comments

Looking for televsion clips that feature a variety of family dynamics.

I'm reading A Raisin in the Sun with my high school class. I'd like to show them clips from various televsion shows that display the humor, drama, and complications that come from being a part of a family. YouTube links are amazing. Thanks!
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How to fix the peeling clearcoat paint on my honda

I just bought my first used car, a 2001 honda accord, it's a great car except the clear coat paint is coming off and makes it look very ugly. Can I fix this, or make it look better myself somehow? The person I bought it from said it would be $500 from a store and I don't wanna spend that much. Thanks
posted by denimchair at 5:33 PM PST - 12 comments

New computer and tech support for non-techy older person

My mum's 8 year old, second hand laptop is on the way out. I'd like to replace it with something more suited to her needs. Also, is there any sort of phone/online tech support available in Australia suitable for older people so she doesn't have to wait months until I'm home to learn how to download pictures/ save files etc? [more inside]
posted by neatsocks at 5:23 PM PST - 8 comments

Best gift packaging/labeling for a USB drive?

I'm putting together a digital file to give as a gift to several family members (think, digital scrapbook-type thing). If I were copying the file to a CD, I could make a nice case cover/label to go with it. But, if I'm putting the file on a USB drive, what could I do that would be similar? [more inside]
posted by msbubbaclees at 3:44 PM PST - 10 comments

Where can I buy chocolate rum balls near Washington, DC?

I'm looking to buy (not make) some chocolate rum balls in metro Baltimore or metro DC area. I don't really want to drive to Virginia to get them, but I would if they were fantastic. Buying chocolate rum balls online is an option, but I haven't had good luck with that. [more inside]
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What is causing a hum and tripped breaker in my house?

I had my roof replaced last week. Coincidentally(?) I had a breaker — for the circuit which serves the upstairs — trip, and trip again when it's reset. There's a buzz or a hum, coming from somewhere upstairs when the circuit is powered for a second or two, before it trips again. The electrician who came to check it out concluded I had an exhaust fan or some other motor that's seized up. The only problem is, I don't have an exhaust fan that I'm aware of. What could this be? Details aplenty inside. [more inside]
posted by brentajones at 3:13 PM PST - 19 comments

Stylish clock ideas

I like clocks. And soon I'll be moving into a new place and would like to get three stylish clocks to put in various locations of my place. I want clocks that aren't exactly run-of-the-mill. Think unusual, conversation-starting clocks such as the Kit-Cat Klock from the 1930s (probably one of the three clocks will be a vintage black or red Kit-Cat Klock). I'm mostly looking for wall clocks and both new and vintage clock recommendations are welcome.
posted by GlassHeart at 2:40 PM PST - 29 comments

Gabrielle Hamilton's apron

Is there a name for the style of apron that Gabrielle Hamilton can be seen wearing in Season 4 of Mind of a Chef? Where can I find/buy one, or a pattern to sew one? [more inside]
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Seeking drop-in meetup space in NYC

In short: looking for a place where some friends and I can hang out for a few hours midday on a February Saturday in New York City. I have a long layover in New York on my birthday, and I thought it might be a cool chance to see my friends (a handful of close ones, a couple dozen of less close folks I'm fond of). I want to say,"I'll be HERE from 11-2, stop by at any point to say hi!"** Any suggestions for a great place to do this? [more inside]
posted by estlin at 1:06 PM PST - 9 comments

Similar jazzy math rock

What are some bands similar in style to this song by Talk Talk (specifically, instrumentally, less so vocally)? [more inside]
posted by DeltaForce at 11:08 AM PST - 13 comments

I want to see EVERYTHING in the USA west/southwest

I want to see all the neat things to see in a large chunk of the USA- Texas to Colorado to California and back, including New Mexico and Arizona. I'll consider the NW too, if something is exceptionally cool. [more inside]
posted by Jacen at 7:58 AM PST - 52 comments

Guidebook for a high schooler interested in the US Navy

My early high school age cousin has been expressing interest in joining the military (specifically the US Navy) over the past year and a half. It's not something I'm super excited about, but it seems likely she'll follow through. Does there exist a book that gives really good, honest information about how the different branches of the US military work, how to approach it if you want it to be your career, not just a short term thing, etc? The kind of information she wouldn't necessarily find in a recruiter's office. [more inside]
posted by ocherdraco at 7:35 AM PST - 11 comments

Why aren't I furious about how this man treated me?

I was seeing a dude off and on for several months. We really liked each other (or so I thought), but I ended things because he snapped at me a few times. This was followed by a couple heated declarations of "feelings" on his end ... but while the passionate displays were flattering, he never backed them up with action--so I faded away. Tonight, we ran into each other at a bar. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:17 AM PST - 40 comments

Help me buy this sweater!

Any ideas where I can buy this sweater? It was originally purchased roughly a decade ago in London from a street merchant, was SO's favorite sweater, and he lost it last year. I'm hoping I can find one like it for his Christmas present. The only other detail is that it was quite soft, and a rather dense but light fabric. He liked the half-zip, not the hood so much, so if there's something similar without a hood I think he'd be happy with that. Thanks!!
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Offline holiday destinations

Looking for suggestions for holiday destinations, preferably in or near Europe, where we can escape internet access and also, ideally, mobile phone signals. If you can suggest specific accomodation, all the better. We are thinking of going away for about a week, but don't yet have a specific time of year in mind.
posted by oclipa at 5:43 AM PST - 4 comments

Best dandruff shampoo for pigment dyed hair?

I color my hair with pigment dyes (manic panic, pravana) and have some slight issues with dandruff, what's the best shampoo/conditioner? Head and Shoulders won't cut it. [more inside]
posted by Crystalinne at 1:34 AM PST - 17 comments

December 5

Publicly wearing a soccer jersey in the UK... Foolish?

In the US, wearing sports team jerseys in public is no big deal. I'm told that this isn't the case in the UK with soccer jerseys. Friends say I should not wear my team's colors in public when I go to the UK, lest I attract insults (or worse) from strangers who support rival teams. Is this true? [more inside]
posted by bruceo at 10:47 PM PST - 11 comments

Recovering Addict + Potential Parenthood Impact

So, my partner and I are at the stage of our relationship where we are discussing having children. I want to know about the impact of having a parent who is in recovery throughout your childhood. [more inside]
posted by socktothepuppet at 10:07 PM PST - 12 comments

Pacer vs MapMyRun

Just started doing long walks and tracking them on my iPhone 4. Pacer says I have done 5744 steps and 3.8km but MapMyRun says I've done 5.11km and 7054 steps. I've had them both open the same amount of time. How do I work out which app is right?
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Can my employer make me pay for the cost of my travel booking mistake?

This past week I was preparing for an international business trip when I realized that I had made a mistake on my visa application. I was able to re-apply and rush things through and get on the plane. If I hadn't, it would have cost $1,000-$3,000 in change and cancellation fees for flights. My boss said that, 'most places would make the employee pay that.' Is that true? [more inside]
posted by oryelle at 8:21 PM PST - 28 comments

Handbrake stopping halfway through TV episode.

I've tried to rip an mp4 of an episode of Wire in the Blood (Season 1 Disc 3 : Justice Painted Blind) from an immaculate disc on my iMac using the lastest Handbrake. It only rips the first part (48:35) then stops. [more inside]
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Help me find a CPA competent in real estate in Columbus Ohio

I own several rental properties in Columbus Ohio and I plan on expanding. My current CPA does not have much experience with real estate investors and is also slow in getting back to me when I have questions. How can I go about finding a CPA who is well versed in real estate, responds quickly to my questions? Thanks
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Are my avocado tree's leaves going to be sad forever?

During a two-week summer vacation, my avocado tree went unwatered and was near death when I got home. Most of the leaves came back OK in terms of color/texture, but not in orientation. They still hang straight down, looking like this. Will the older leaves ever straighten out again?
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Where can I buy Monorail (game)

In Season 3 of The Genius, they play a game called Monorail (described here). I've seen an iTunes app, but I'd like to play this with my little nephews over Christmas. Does anyone know if this game exists under a different name?
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How are the Casper/Tuft & Needle mattresses?

I'm constantly getting ads for these mattresses, and the prices seem too good to be true. Does anyone actually have one of these mattresses? I'd love to hear some real world reviews that aren't filtered through the company webpages.
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Where can I buy a men's navy BLUE peacoat?

I've been trying to buy a navy peacoat for 3 years. I'm a man. I have some requirements:
  • At least 80% but preferably 100% wool.
  • 6 or 8 showing oversized "fouled anchor" naval buttons.
  • Big-ass lapels.
  • Handwarmer pockets only - no hip pockets. No flap pockets.
  • Navy blue, not black.
It doesn't seem to exist. I've tried many varieties but they always wind up being black in person. [more inside]
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Fun, useful, unusual: pick 2?

My sister likes to cook, and I want to get her an interesting ingredient to experiment with for Christmas. However, she's taking a 2 month trip soon (Feb-April) and then moving cross-country, so whatever I get has to be easily transportable and can't go bad too soon. [more inside]
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What's the best black hair dye for someone who wants to go blonde?

A hair colorist told me that there's no such thing as semi-permanent hair color and that even semi permanent colors leave some permanent color residue. Is there a home hair color that is TRULY temporary and TRULY washes out completely? [more inside]
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Mac, bit torrent, proxy

Is there any Mac Bit Torrent client that properly uses a SOCKS proxy (allowing username) other than Vuze?
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Employment/HR agency networking, data sharing

Are there any networks where HR firms, employment agencies, and screening companies share tips and info? This could be Facebook or LinkedIn groups, even trade type organizations.
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Where to get quality cat5e/cat6 cable and keystones at a decent price?

I have recently picked up a couple gigs wiring small businesses. Thus discovering that cat6 and even cat5e cable and keystones are expensive. Where do you get yours? [more inside]
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birthday gift for 5 year old nephew

Hi All, I would love some help with a birthday gift for my 5-year-old nephew, whose birthday is right on the heels of the holiday season! [more inside]
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How do I figure out which outlet is clicking, if any?

I hear an infrequent popping noise coming from my kitchen every few days. I think it's coming from an outlet in the kitchen, but I don't know which one. How do I narrow down which outlet, and should I be concerned? [more inside]
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Tiger conservation charity?

Every year I donate to two charities, one for humans (Doctors Without Borders, Direct Relief, etc) and one for animals. I'd like to donate for the conservation of tigers, but I'm not sure which charity is best. Details within. [more inside]
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Redesigning a scientist's personal research website

I'm looking to redesign my personal research site and I'm thinking to use a blogging platform such as WordPress; however, I can't seem to find any good, clean and modern templates. In particular, I would like to add sections for my publications, recent news, scripts I have written, and my upcoming talks / presentations. Does anyone have suggestions for a robust platform and any themes that I could use for the site? Thanks!
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Canadian (Manitoba) out of province health insurance?

My stepdaughter and infant granddaughter will be visiting us in Ontario from Manitoba for 2-3 weeks over Christmas. I'm getting conflicting information about whether they need supplementary travel health insurance over and above what their Manitoba Health Card covers with inter-provincial agreements. What is covered? What isn't? How much should I expect to pay for extra coverage?
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How much drama should be tolerated at the beginning of a relationship?

This has been my first relationship, so I am not sure how much conflict, misunderstanding, moody behaviour and mixed signals should be considered normal and acceptable. I don't like some of her actions, should I be patient or is it time to stand up for myself? [more inside]
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Threenagers: potty power struggles and being quiet for baby

I've got a Threenager on my hands. I've read all the other posts here on this topic and am zeroing in on two issues: refusal to use the toilet and inability to be quiet when her baby sister is sleeping. [more inside]
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Why are some in-browser videos suddenly artifacting like crazy?

Recently (in the past month, I think), when I watch videos in a browser window sometimes they will develop a pattern of thin horizontal artifacts, as seen here. The artifacts are not static, but change color and position as the video plays, and will generally take up more and more of the screen the longer I let it go. I can't figure out what's causing it or how to fix it, nor can I find a workaround. [more inside]
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My relationship with my brother is increasingly untenable

My brother is an alcoholic/rageaholic and I'm working on cutting him out of my life - this is wreaking havoc on all my family relationships. I'm frightened to travel home for Christmas, but not sure what to do to get around the holiday. My instinct is not to go. My therapist suggests my brother and I schedule separate holiday celebrations with my parents. How do i do this? [more inside]
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how to share a bed with a restless sleeper?

I've been sharing a queen-sized bed with someone who is very restless at night: tosses and turns, clutches at parts of my body, sometimes flops an arm or a leg down on top of me hard enough to wake me up, slowly migrates backwards across the bed and almost tries to burrow through me. The best we've found so far is to sleep head to toe, with separate blankets, but I still wake up once or more every night. Any other ideas to try, before we go to separate beds?
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Phone Recommendation (attractive, not smart)

I would like a new dumb-phone. It should look good and work in Chile. [more inside]
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Wanting to buy a house in a tough market

Since I recently moved back into the parental home and started a full time job that I love, I'm finally in a position to save some money. According to the news, the housing market is starting to cool, so I'm considering saving up for a house. But is there actually any way that I would be able to manage this in my situation? Details inside. [more inside]
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How do you tell if an old dog is in pain?

I have an old dog. She does not appear to be in any obvious pain, but I wonder if I should keep her on a maintenance med just because of her age. [more inside]
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December 4

iPhone replacement

Hi, My iPhone 6's charging assembly has mostly stopped working, and this coincides with a recent thought that I should try to spend idle time thinking rather than browsing. I have several questions -- [more inside]
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Challenging racism

How do I challenge racism and Islamophobia effectively and make a difference? [more inside]
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Finding a job to relocate or travel

I'm looking for a job and am open to the idea of either relocating to the Twin Cities or finding a job in Seattle with travel to the Twin Cities. Open to sector, industry, and company size. [more inside]
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How do I report a Facebook PAGE being run by an impostor?

Anyone have anything non-obvious and useful to say about how to report this page (not a profile, a PAGE) as fake? If you look at the About page, the admin acknowledges she is not bell hooks. How can I request either to have the page deleted or turned over to the bell hooks Institute (which I'm in touch with, and which would like to see this page deleted or given to them)? [more inside]
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Find me the quietest hair dryer.

I need to find a discontinued Vidal Sassoon Quiet Traveler Hair Dryer or something just like it. [more inside]
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Are there unequal pay laws that are not gender, race, or age related?

My employer hired someone that has the same job as me. Same title, same responsibilities. This person has a couple years less experience then me. I also have a wider skill set (I was on the interview committee). This person is the same gender, same race, and about the same age. The employee was able to negotiate a substantially higher salary then I get (posted on public website). I find this insulting and unfair. But, every search I do on unequal pay seems to only address discrimination. Do I have any legal grounds to pressure my employer into paying me the same or more than the new hire?
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These are not shin splints. What are they?

I get weird cramps in my shins, but they are NOT shin splints. They occur on the front sides of my tibia -- sometimes the inside, sometimes the outside -- in the fleshy part of the front of my shin, not on my calf, and not on my shin bone (tibia). Sometimes they also occur lower down on the top of my feet. They are really painful, like a Charlie Horse. What are they? [more inside]
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How do you keep your cat inside (front door edition)?

Pretty simple question: how do you keep your cat(s) from darting out the front door when you leave/come home? [more inside]
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How to get rid of heating system's water pump vibration

We have a new gas boiler in our building. There is a lot of vibration being generated from the hot water pump (the old one was re-used) that manifests itself in a continual rattling of the baseboard hot water radiator in the apartment directly above the boiler. How do I get rid of this noise? The radiators are twelve inches high, five feet long and covered with a detachable metal grille cover. When it gets going, the vibrations can be felt on the grille cover, as well as the hot water pipes underneath. I'm guessing this was not a problem before because the old (massive) boiler dampened the vibrations.
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When I receive a pdf document, how do I know if it's searchable?

I obtain pdf documents many ways: website downloads, via email, subscriptions, etc. And I use Copernic Desktop search. Some pdf documents simply are not searchable, even though they contain plenty of text. When I find these, I upload them to Google Drive which makes them searchable using Google Drive search. Is there a way to know immediately from the pdf itself if it is searchable? [more inside]
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Saturday, in L.A....?

First time in L.A. - and now that we know there's no way to get tickets to the Rain Room - what two/three things should we not miss doing, this Saturday? Art, market, music, food - the unusual or the unmissable, what could make our tomorrow unforgettably L.A.? [more inside]
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Help me find this book...

My mother has fond memories of checking this book out of the library each year to help her get into the Swedish Christmas spirit. I'd like to find a copy for her but I can't seem to find it anywhere other than this sold copy on Etsy. The fact that the title is "Swedish Christmas" doesn't help! Can all you book sleuths help me find one for sale?
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Invitation to illustrate music program covers, no idea what to charge.

I was recently asked by the conductor of a well-known classical music ensemble if I'd be interested in illustrating the programs for some of his upcoming performances. A collaboration like this would be a cherry gig for me, and I'm very excited, but I'm worried about messing it up. [more inside]
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Potsticker filling and cooking instructions

I am making frozen potstickers for several of my friends for Christmas, and I'm looking advice on fillings (in part because of food allergies) and what written instructions I should include with them. [more inside]
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Giving Gifts That Give Back

I'd love to get my family meaningful and nifty gifts along the lines of (Red) and TOMS, where you buy a thing and proceeds are given to charities. My family is passionate about dog rescue, helping women become self-sufficient, fighting poverty and children's rights. A high level of gift niftiness is essential so the presents should lean more towards fabulous bracelets or scarves and lean far away from a letter of thanks.
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Academic editing service recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a good editing service for academic journal articles (in the humanities)? The article in question is around 9000 words and has already passed peer review and had a number of edits for style at the request of the journal but they are asking for it to be edited again. [more inside]
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How to split the work with cleaning lady?

If you hire help for housecleaning, I'd like your advice on dividing the cleaning work with your helper. I have someone come in to clean the house every three weeks. Most of what she does is "fluff" the house. That would be great right before hosting a party, but I'm beginning to feel like it's not the best use of her time. [more inside]
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Time to quick looking/sleeping like I'm seventeen.

I'm about to start a work-from-home lifestyle and I want to 1) be productive and 2) not feel like a slob. Help? [more inside]
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Nexus 6 cracked screen

I dropped my Nexus 6 phone today, and the screen, which was slightly cracked in places, got worse at the corner I dropped it on. The cracks don't bother me cosmetically, but as I examined it a small square (like a mm or 2) fell out of the screen, allowing me to actually see into the phone. It's on a part of the phone I rarely touch, and off the actual LCD. How can I remedy this? [more inside]
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Smelly pants

I just got a pair of pants back from the dry cleaner, and they still, uh, smell. Is there anything I can do? [more inside]
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Why are Airbus side sticks asynchronus?

Does anyone know why Airbus designers decided not to have any tactile feedback between the pitch roll sidestick controllers? [more inside]
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How do I get this malware off my PC?

My PC has been infected with malware. I'm afraid to even turn it on because when I do, it tries to install a bunch of mystery files. What should I do? [more inside]
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Finish my holiday party outfit!

What shoes/leggings could I wear with my new dress? Destination: evening holiday party. [more inside]
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What's a good alternative to a fitbit?

My girlfriend's fitbit charge has fallen apart twice now - are any of the competitors hardier? [more inside]
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Basic statistics question

I have the results of a survey, along with a couple of basic descriptive statistics. I'm trying to determine how they were calculated and my one semester of stats isn't holding up. Could you help? Details inside. [more inside]
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Help me find this sweater?

I really like the sweater Aaron Rodgers was wearing in his press conference after the Packers game last night. Can anyone help me figure out where I can buy one exactly like it?
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Holiday Fancy Shoes To Heel My Sole

Stylish ladies of MetaFilter, I am in need of advice. I'll be attending a fancy holiday party in two weeks and I don't know what shoes to pair with this dress. [more inside]
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Are you experienced?

I have started getting interested in how websites work, and am intrigued by the stories about those coding camps where people can jump right in. I am kind of wondering if I could make a go of it in coding, but I don't have much of a background. How can I learn more about front-end coding, experience design, etc. in an efficient, cost-effective way? (Is this a stupid idea?) [more inside]
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Maybe I suck at crossing cultures? Communication in foreign grad school.

Hello, I am in a graduate program in the USA and an American. I was accepted into a special short term program in Southern Europe and am having some communication problems with my fellow students/teammates. It's most likely a cultural thing. [more inside]
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I want to lose 10-15 pounds, can you recommend an iPhone app to help me?

Hi, I'd like to lose 10-15 pounds. When I weigh what I do now (200 lbs.), I have issues with indigestion and acid reflux. When I weigh about 10-15 pounds less, I don't. So, I'd like to lose some weight. I found that using apps (FitBit and Runkeeper) really helped me run and walk more, and I'm hoping there is an app that will help me learn to be more mindful about my eating and lose a little weight. What do you suggest?
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Gotta Dance!

Looking for a free/low cost, metro accessible space in MD/DC for a small group of dancers to practice on an impromptu basis in the evenings during the week. [more inside]
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It's only a paper flower

Where can I buy crepe paper (heavy sheets of crinkly stuff, not streamers and not tissue paper) and other flower-making supplies (floral wire, tape) in New York City? Today!
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Who are some notable examples of drastic mind changes/flips in opinion?

I'd like to interview a few people who have drastically changed their minds concerning something about which they once felt very strongly. Who are some people who have notably changed their minds or who have "flipped" on an notable issue? [more inside]
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Minor infections in the days before anti-biotics or anti-fungals?

What happened when someone in the Middle Ages got pink eye, or someone in Elizabethan England got athlete's foot or crotch rot? Did the infections just hang around forever? Was everyone just infected with this type of stuff? (It's pretty well-known that basically everyone had lice and fleas, I believe.)
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Next step beyond Lego?

My son has mostly outgrown Lego but still loves building things from instructions. Challenging things. What are some building kits I could get for him? [more inside]
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Help me compare apples to oranges

What is 150GB equivalent to, in terms of "things in the world"? I need a simple comparison that will help people visualize what that amount of data amounts to. [more inside]
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How to deal with arthritis when you work with your hands?

I started having pain in my right index finger awhile back and there was also swelling at the top joint so I thought that perhaps I had dislocated my finger. I went to a hand specialist in Manhattan and after a brief look at the x-ray informed my that I had arthritis in that finger. I work with my hands every day. What can I do? [more inside]
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The Pinterest of S&M?

As a mostly service top, I'm good to go with technical aspects of bondage, but have trouble planning the "plotline" or trajectory of any given session with my masochist partner. Are there websites/ books/ blogs that have sizeable compendia of ideas for bondage scenarios (games, roleplays, scripts, etc.)? [more inside]
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Make Audio Auto Play When Box Is Opened

I would like a way of playing an audio recording when a Xmas gift is opened/the gift revealed. Need some ideas of how to make this happen; I'm sure it's possible, there are tons of greeting cards that have the mechanism that when you open, they play some corny song. I would like to something similar, but for a box. [more inside]
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Testing "stepwise" biochemical affinity for multimers?

How would you test whether the affinity of a tetramer for a particular ligand proceeds stepwise, i.e. assuming that the tetramer can bind one ligand per subunit, how would you test whether an initial binding event made subsequent binding events on the same tetramer more likely? I can't think of a good way to isolate a single molecule in solution, so any experiments would have to be on a aggregate population which would make stepwise cascades in affinity impossible to measure. Maybe if the measurement was really really time sensitive? Thoughts?
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Because "The one that I want to buy" is not a search phrase.

I think I'm losing my online shopping skills. It's exhausting me, and unfortunately I strongly prefer to order online. In a sea of purchasing options, how do you find what you want at the best price without visiting multiple sites and spending half the day comparing prices and reviews? Or flipping through a hundred pages on Amazon? Is there someone aggregating this stuff? I'm not talking about fun things like Christmas gifts or personal shopping, I'm talking boring stuff. Examples within. [more inside]
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Manually recovering Firefox bookmarks and passwords from the files

I'm connecting to a laptop HD with an enclosure and trying to recover some files from it. The highest priority are the owner's Firefox bookmarks and saved passwords, since apparently some of those passwords are unknown beyond being saved in this Firefox install. I would just boot the HD, log into Windows, and go look, but while it's perfectly mountable, Windows becomes unresponsive after a short time of trying to actually run from the drive. What files do I need to be looking at, and how do I actually use them?
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December 3

Books about physics (or related subjects) for middle school age girls?

I'm looking for books that either explain concepts in physics or encourage an interest in physics topics that are likely to be accessible and interesting for ~13 year old girls who are keen on science. What are the contemporary equivalents of "A Brief History of Time" and "Einstein's Dreams" for kids today? Related fields are welcome. [more inside]
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Get me out of this job (and into $75k)

I'd like to transition out of the logistics field. Can you suggest a new field/job/path so I can earn >$75k? [more inside]
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Coronavirus positive cat fcov /FIP

Hi We recently did a diarrhea pcr panel and results that the cat has positive coronavirus which I hear is super common. I am stressed out about it since I hear that it can mutate to FIP which is fatal! My cats are 1 year and 2 months and healthy other than this blood result. Any thoughts or advice?
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Windows 10 Hosed Our Desktop. Please help.

HP Pavilion running Windows 8.1 before upgrade to Windows 10 last night. Computer working without issue before install began. Install finished and we restarted and bam! no signal to the monitor. How do we roll back to Windows 8 when we can not get the monitor working? [more inside]
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I lost 3000 photos after transferring them to iPhoto

I had 3000 photos on my iPhone 5C. I recently purchased a used MacBook Air from a friend and I've been letting my daughter use it to watch Netflix. The other night, I did something pretty idiotic and transferred all of the photos to iPhoto, then deleted them on my phone. Then, the battery died. Upon rejuvenation, iPhoto was empty. Its a Macbook Air 13" 2012, 500 GB HD, 8 GB Ram, 2 GHz [more inside]
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Sources for asking the right questions?

I am writing an essay about asking the right questions in a therapeutic context (from the patient's perspective), and am looking for interdisciplinary sources for quotes and ideas other than my own to develop my thinking. The goal of the essay is to identify some common blocks to seeing oneself clearly and offer the reader solutions. Examples of useful sources are within. [more inside]
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Is worth the price (vs. using OkCupid)

Are there notable differences between Match and OKCupid that make Match worth the price? [more inside]
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Are there downsides to drinking too much soda water?

I've become addicted to soda water recently in a big way and while I know it's better than sugared soda for me, I worry that at the amount I'm drinking (6-10 La Croix cans or 2L of Sodastream bubbly per day) is it more harmful than plain water? It's probably harmless but is there anything I should look out for at high levels? Are there gum diseases associated with Sodastream abuse? Does my liver hate processing acids all day? Is there anything I should avoid with these beverages or am I safe and in the clear?
posted by mathowie at 4:24 PM PST - 11 comments

How do I learn to be better at English grammar and editing my writing?

I’ve been a lifelong reader and writer. I’m realizing while doing more writing (and in particular editing my own writing) that I need better resources and suggestions for learning English grammar. I've been told by some editors that I make mistakes and I’d love to have a better sense of how to polish what I write and deal with the little bits of grammatical inaccuracies that sprout up in finished pieces. [more inside]
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Curious about your experiences with Oru folding kayaks?

Can anybody who owns an Oru folding kayak tell me what it's like and how well it works for them? My wife and I are considering getting a pair of Bay+ folding kayaks and we'd love to learn anything we can from you - there are reviews online, but not a ton of comprehensive ones, given how expensive these are. We've looked at inflatable kayaks, but we're looking for something that's really simple to assemble and doesn't involve inflation or assembling a whole frame, yet also stows reasonably easily into a compact car and can be hiked with. So far the Oru Bay+ seems to fit the bill best. [more inside]
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Ideas for success with a long term aggressive cough?

You are not my doctor. I have a doctor who I will see for the third time later today. This has been going on for four weeks now without much visible improvement. I really need it to improve because right now I can't run or hike and I have a bike trip coming up at Christmas and a half marathon in January. I already missed a race last weekend. Any ideas for what worked for a similar stubborn cough? [more inside]
posted by frumiousb at 3:02 PM PST - 42 comments

Sharing only music/select apps across multiple Apple devices

Our kids are getting their own mini iPads for Xmas and I need help managing the Apple ID / Cloud syncing across our now numerous devices. Please walk me through it like I'm a 5- year old... [more inside]
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Any information on this charm?

Found this charm in Chicago. Can anyone help identify it? Imgur link. The sun is frowning which seems unusual to me. Googling led me to Masonic suns but not sure about that.
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Stable & Simple WYSIWYG HTML Editor

Hi all, I'll be googling this but I'd prefer advice from the Green. I need a simple, stable Javascript based WYSIWYG editor. Requested features inside. [more inside]
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People keep getting into my apartment building?

We've had at least two instances of people who are not supposed to be in the apartment building being in the building since we moved in July. One in late October; one yesterday/today. I don't know what, if anything, I need to be doing right now, both from a perspective of "I like my apartment building being secure" and a mental health perspective. So many words inside because what do I do, oh god. [more inside]
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Subtitled Yoga Videos?

I'm interested in trying out yoga! I'm an inflexible beginner, so I'd like to start with videos (either online or DVDs). I'd rather not pay a ton, so free/inexpensive is preferred. There's just one hitch -- I need English subtitles/closed captioning. Google turns up loads of yoga videos but I can't tell which, if any, have captions. Any suggestions?
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How to make baked pea pods as delicious as Trader Joe's.

How can I come close to replicating the deliciousness that is Trader Joe's Contemplates Inner Peas in my own kitchen? [more inside]
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Short story needs details about urban planner work

I'm writing a short story in which my main character is an urban planner. While the story doesn't center around her work life, I'd like to pepper in some details. Can you help me make it more accurate/real? Specifically, she goes from underachiever to getting kudos on the job. What might this look like in a real city planning job? [more inside]
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Financial Gurus: Is my financial plan sound?

Of course I think it is great, and will do it with gusto - but I have a feeling of it being too perfect. I tend to be too optimistic [if there is a thing] and need grounded people to take a look. [more inside]
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Possible malware infection: Network printers are spewing gibberish

I need advice on how to deal with an apparent malware infection that's causing most (or maybe all) of the network printers to print gibberish pages. [more inside]
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Cheap phone for running

A while back I had a garmin forerunner 110 gps watch which I was pretty happy with but eventually wore out. Does anyone out there have any experience with using a low end phone for gps run/hiking/walking tracking? [more inside]
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is this a bad idea?

Nearly 20 years ago I suspected that my father was having an affair. Now the woman who I suspected as his mistress has been stalking my LinkedIn profile and curiosity is killing the cat. [more inside]
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Replacement wireless antenna for Verizon SCS-2U01 network extender?

Have the Samsung SCS-2U01 network extender for Verizon. Moved homes. Lost the wireless antenna for the thing – not the GPS antenna, but the stubby antenna attached to the unit itself. (See this picture.) Where can I find a replacement? [more inside]
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My #@$&ing car door

Last winter my car door froze shut and the door handle cable snapped when I tried to open it. I had it repaired at the dealership at significant cost. It broke again on the very first freeze this year. What should I do? [more inside]
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Is it possible to make this much mulled cider and then heat it at work?

Our office is having a holiday party in two weeks, and I would like to make hot mulled apple cider. I have two problems: no stovetop at work, and quantity enough for all office-folk. [more inside]
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Is a gaming laptop just a bad idea?

Can one buy a gaming laptop that not overheat on a regular table and still play modern games? (Hopefully for under $2000) [more inside]
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Girlfriend's mom says we have to share separate beds. Opinions?

My girlfriend is twenty five and her mother is telling her to sleep in a separate bed from me. She is fairly introverted and sheltered ( I am too to a degree) and her family is pretty religious. I am feeling uncomfortable that my girlfriend's mother is making these decisions for her, and I am unsure how to proceed or how to feel about this relationship. Any and all opinions are welcome. [more inside]
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What Conference Venues do you recommend in SF?

Hi folks, I am helping organize a conference for about 1000 attendees in San Francisco next year. I have only been to an event at Fort Mason Center in the past. Any good venue recommendations? It would help if you can explain why you like it. Also looking for local production, caterer, etc...vendors if you know of any good folks. Thanks!
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He can't take it with him

I need Christmas gift ideas for someone who I don't know well, is not going to live much longer, and can't eat many things. Please help? [more inside]
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How much is this car I was gifted going to cost me here in Seattle?

I was just given a 2004 Ford Focus. I have a clean driving record, am 39, and haven't been insured for 12 years. Any estimates on what tabs, registration, and insurance is going to cost?
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Slider menu does not show current slide

Hello Wordpress peoples of Metafilter. Please help me make this slider menu plugin work better. The problem: The slider menu does not display the current slide - it always reverts to the beginning. [more inside]
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VanityPlate Filter

Driving home last night, I saw a vanity license plate reading "RJS SPQR". What does it mean? [more inside]
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Best shape EVER!!!! Snow flurries.

I am looking to get the healthiest I have ever been. I am specifically looking for workout assistance. I am absolutely not looking for any diet advice. My schedule is a little weird and my anxiety over being around others while working out is also a little weird, but I'm also open to many new things. Snowflakes.... [more inside]
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How can I sell my art?

I make abstract art. A lot of abstract art, some of which is in the web link of my profile. I need to offload some of it, but I'm trying to figure out the best way. This is complicated by my need to spend time marketing my writing, not my art. More within. [more inside]
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Taking out extra college loans to finance other types of learning?

I want to attend community college online, half-time to knock out some pre-reqs to enter a physical therapy assistant program. In addition to using financial aid loans to pay for 3 classes and books, I wanted to take out additional funds (about $2,000) to enroll in a beginning yoga instructor class—since this type of training isn’t covered by financial aid. Is this feasible? How do I go about doing it? (more details below) [more inside]
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Morro Bay weekend suggestions sought

My sweetheart and I are making a romantic getaway to Morro Bay this (potentially) rainy weekend. I would appreciate your suggestions as to what we should do or see in the area. [more inside]
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Well, I used to be a 0 and now I'm a 6

Can one’s sexuality change? [more inside]
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Help me efficiently count the heartbeats of shorebirds

I'm in search of some kind of BPM-detecting software to monitor recorded heartbeats of adorable American Oystercatchers over roughly 30-minute intervals. Medical software experts and DJs welcome! [more inside]
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Leftovers That Don't Feel Like Leftovers

Looking for recipes or techniques that turn fully cooked leftovers into completely different dishes - like turning risotto into arancini, thickening a soup into pasta sauce, or turning roast mushrooms into pate. Not looking for " make a sandwhich/taco" etc. Looking for things where you basically need a completed other dish before you start.
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Hotel Recommendation between Montparnasse and CDG

I'm traveling through Paris on Saturday and need some hotel recommendations. [more inside]
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What happens if I don't pay a Danish fine?

While in Copenhagen on business this past October, I received a fine for not (correctly) paying for a Metro ticket. Do I have to pay it? [more inside]
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Financial advice for seniors?

Who do I contact for specific financial advice for seniors? [more inside]
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Health plans on NY Exchange that allow for interstate claims?

I wonder if there are any plans on the New York Health Exchange that allow you to use doctors in another state? For someone who will be traveling a lot during the year?
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Gimme that Honey Mustard

Easy question, I hope: my wife loves Burger King's honey mustard. You know, the dipping kind that comes in the little square 'tubs' when you get chicken strips. However, we cannot find a comparable flavor at the grocery store. I have to admit we haven't taste-tested every kind yet -- but I'm hoping one of you has. [more inside]
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Hotels in DC that offer free shuttle service to both airports

I'm flying into Reagan on a Wednesday and out of Dulles on a Thursday. I have plenty of time to get to my airport and I could rent a car but, I'm thrifty, and I would like to find a reasonably priced, safe hotel, that provides free shuttle service to both airports. [more inside]
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We promise not to call it America's Hat

My wife and I, both Americans, are considering the possibility of moving to Canada; her as a full time student and me as an accompanying spouse who would need to look for work. Looking for resources, experiences, etc on how easy or hard it would be, specifically for me to find a job. [more inside]
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Please refer me to the best tire chains you know.

Retiring a geriatric Volvo, picking up a young Volkswagen. Looking for easy to install tire chains to help me get to work when winter finally decides to show up. [more inside]
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When to stop gifting with extended family?

For years I gave gift cards to my nieces and nephews. Then they grew up, married and had kids of their own and I switched to giving to my great-nieces and -nephews. How to stop with minimal awkwardness? [more inside]
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Gift ideas for a 4-year-old nonverbal autistic nephew?

He loves fiddling with switches, buttons, knobs, etc. and taking things apart. He also loves throwing his toys across the room, so whatever I give him should not be so hard/heavy that it breaks windows or injures people upon impact. I've already tried Legos and Lego-like building toys with no luck. Ideas?
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Self-care gift ideas

Yet another gift question! A relative is having a difficult time and I'd like to get her Christmas gifts that would help with self-care. [more inside]
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Confidence Game - self-assessment tool

I'm trying to find this self-assessment/self-correction software tool for evaluating one's own confidence in a given answer in a consistent way. [more inside]
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How to have difficult conversations with clients

Please give me advice for telling clients that I can no longer keep their appointment times [more inside]
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December 2

How to make a basement hovel a home

In the wake of big-time heartbreak (see previous asks if you must), my pets and I are moving from a lovely, bright little house with a yard into a shoddy two-room basement apartment with three windows. How can I brighten up the space, and my attitude? Specifics inside. [more inside]
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Internet jean location gurus, lend me your talents, please.

I found these jeans that I think could potentially be my new favorite pair of pants EVER. But after searching far and wide on the internet, I am unable to locate my size. [more inside]
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Little Tree, Don't Die On Me

Dear gardeners of MeFi: I have a small Japanese Maple in a container. It's susceptible to frost, but the weather's so weird (thanks, global warming) that I'm not sure whether I'm killing it with the wrong sort of care. [more inside]
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Living in San Luis Obispo

So I may potentially have a job offer in SLO. My wife and I (no kids) would be moving from NJ. By all appearances it seems a great area, but give me the inside scoop, the good the bad, the ugly.. My internet searches are only returning postings from 8+ years ago. [more inside]
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Subwoofer rises to the occasion only occasionally

My Altec-Lansing 885 computer speakers, bought from Dell in 2001, are not thumping, only gently pulsing, if even that. [more inside]
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Cheapest flight path from YTO -> AMS -> YVR?

Anyone have some secret routing tips to find me a deal to get me from Toronto to Amsterdam back to Vancouver this holidays? [more inside]
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Compelling quotes about the present & future of the media?

I'm looking for interesting quotes related to the state of media in general and journalism specifically, particularly in relation to technology and disruption. Have you seen any that stand out lately?
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Cozy, non-cheesy, well-written, wintertime fiction

Can you recommend fiction set in winter that will make me feel cozy? Also I am a snob so it needs to be not super cheesy (I tried The Mistletoe Promise, couldn't get past this) and fairly well-written. [more inside]
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Ultimate White Elephant!

I'm planning this year's company holiday event with a White Elephant gift exchange included as part of the festivities. I’d like to encourage fun, unexpected items through an appropriately open-ended theme. Themes such as those suggested in this previous Ask MeFi comment are exactly what I’m looking for. Please help me come up with the Ultimate White Elephant theme for our snowflakey crew! [more inside]
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Should I cook this?

Turkey defrosted for Thanksgiving. Sat in the fridge until yesterday, when it was re-frozen. If it safe to cook and eat? [more inside]
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Portable Riser For A Tablet?

Looking for a small riser or contraption that will raise my Surface Pro 4 up 6-7" for ergonomics. Details inside. [more inside]
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Manga for adults?

I grew up reading stuff like Sailor Moon and CLAMP, but now that I'm in my late 20s, I'm craving characters that I can better identify with as an adult, and more complex social/philosophical storylines and settings. Can you recommend adult manga series that I might be interested in? [more inside]
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Building a new gaming PC from scratch - your expert advice please

Advice for an old IT guy about building a new PC in this dizzying modern world? Haven't built one for about 7 years and am feeling overwhelmed. Difficulty level: Australian. [more inside]
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Is there any known issues with Norton/Symantic and chat clients?

I have a writing forum on proboards, it has the qwebirc chat app on it and a new member can't get it to work, is it an issue with one of them? [more inside]
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Shutdown for Shelter Dog?

Has anyone else done a "two week shutdown" with their new shelter dog? Although our new pup (35 adorable pounds of dachsund and possible beagle) will whine at the gate to go on a walk, he definitely gets stressed out and intense while we're walking him, and the shutdown would mean that we only let him outside in the yard for the next couple weeks. Would that be too frustrating, or just the relief he needs? [more inside]
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How to solve an equation that spells Merry Christmas?

I'm teaching my last class of term tomorrow. I found this image on the Chive ( Number 23, here. A professor solves an algebraic problem that spells Merry Christmas. I can follow every step but that from #2 to #3. "Ln" seems to become "Cn" and I don't know why. Might someone please write it out for me? Thank you and Merry Christmas!
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Bitcasa is grating on me. Should I switch backup services?

I've used Bitcasa for my online backup service since it came out. It's been very frustrating for me, especially in the last few months. Should I switch to another backup service or are all of them similar in quality? [more inside]
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U.S. Health Insurance and HSA Accounts

Looking for some feedback on what combination of U.S health insurance combined with an HSA you use. We're looking to reduce costs. [more inside]
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Bedbug cleaning - how do I prevent repopulation?

I've had bedbugs in my apartment. My landlord hired exterminators to treat the place using a heat treatment, so I did all the steps they requested, including washing/drying clothes and keeping them in a plastic bag until you leave the apartment (check) and taking very little with you (check). I'm in the library as I type this and I JUST saw a bedbug crawl across my bag. What can I do to keep my place from getting reinfected? [more inside]
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How to transition from the public to private sector?

My girlfriend has been working for the city of New York as an epidemiologist for about 15 years, and she's starting to wonder what the private sector might offer her, but she's not sure where to start. Where could she look to find out what kind of companies might be looking for people with her skills and experience?
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spice up my beverage, but not too spicy

I'm looking for a drink I can have that's low/no calorie, and low/no caffeine that's also not water. [more inside]
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Help me remember this children's book from the '80s

My memory is spotty-- it was an illustrated book about a mischievous red cat who was always getting in trouble. [more inside]
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Another gift question: game edition

My husband is a programmer/developer. He has expressed a great deal of interest in the two of us programming a video/computer game together. Help me figure out how to "gift" this experience! [more inside]
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How to Deal With My Mother (Not Just Holiday Edition)

I've always had a strange relationship with my mother and the holiday season obviously makes it harder. I live overseas and today I learned my cousin died two days ago .. via my mother putting up an In Memoriam video on FB. It's the latest blow in a long series of disappointments. I'd appreciate advice on how to deal with a mother who both pulls me in and keep pushing me away. Details inside. [more inside]
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New uses for old iPods?

We have two old iPods that we're no longer using. Is there anything fun that my 12-year-old can do with them? [more inside]
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Bose Quiet Comfort 25s for very loud environments

I get that the Bose ANR phones are best suited to planes and similar environments with a constant low drone. My primary concern is more with some loud environments (albeit with constant droning noise): the commuter rail station and behind my lawnmower. Would the QC 25s do me any good? [more inside]
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Are $300 cameras significanlty better than the newest iPhone cameras?

We want to take pictures of our new kid. We think a standalone camera would be better than an iPhone. Are cheaper standalone cameras better? [more inside]
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Best option for converting irreplaceable cassettes to digital format?

I have about 80 cassette recordings of interviews dating from the early 1990s that I need to convert to some kind of digital format. What are my options if my priority is the preservation of the tapes? Is there a "gentle" tape deck on the market? [more inside]
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Help me find a calendar app

I need a better calendaring option. Must be as simple as possible or I won't use it. Super long details inside. [more inside]
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You-Are-Not-My-Sleep-Medicine-Specialist-filter: how can I best control my snoring, both in the short- and long-term? What was previously a "cute" little rasp has evolved into a cacophony that necessitates separate bedrooms, and we are desperate. More under the fold. [more inside]
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Blender suggestions, please!

After hearing for years about how much people love their smoothies, I'm finally ready to get a blender. I know of people who seem like they will stake their lives on the superiority of their Vitamix or Nutribullet, but I just wanted to do kind of a quick poll about what blender you use and why. Details within. [more inside]
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What book is this? Set early 20th century, widow with a BNB.

Can anybody help me find this novel? I don't know the author or title. English language, published in the USA before 2006, probably published before 1960; possibly considered a classic. Description of a scene given below the cut. [more inside]
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December 1

Why is Mac Screen Sharing Falling over to Chicken of the VNC?

After upgrading my Mac home theater computer to El Capitan, when I try to screen share from a client machine that's still running Snow Leopard, it passes the connection through to Chicken of the VNC instead of using the screen sharing that's built into the OS. Is there any way to fix this short of updating the client machine to a newer version of the OS? [more inside]
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Postcards for business travel

I travel a lot for business, and I find it amusing to send my wife postcards from my travels. It is surprisingly hard to find good postcards though. I usually end up buying one from the newsstand at the airport, but there are a few problems with that. [more inside]
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Math Educators: Is there a name for this?

My eight year old has devised his own way of doing subtraction with re-grouping and it makes me wonder if this is a known "wrong" way of doing things that is part of the "normal" learning process, such as the way that many children write letters backwards and it doesn't necessarily mean anything, or if it is more unusual. For what it's worth, his teacher, who has a masters degree in mathematics herself, has not seen a child do things this way before. [more inside]
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Itinerary help for 6 week western USA partly-solo roadtrip extravaganza

Past answers have already given me tons of great ideas for the Best Roadtrip Ever™; now help me polish my itinerary to perfection. Bonus points for advice on enjoying the solo stretches of the trip. [more inside]
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I'm digging the numbers

I've been given the opportunity to do some development at work (at a nonprofit) - yay numbers!!! I have tons of data to work with...but what questions should I be asking? [more inside]
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What steps can I take now that my mom's been scammed out of $2,000?

Today, a guy called up my elderly mother, pretending to be me, with a far-fetched story about 'me' traveling in a car that was speeding, and yada yada yada, the police needed $2,000 wired to them so that this incident wouldn't go on my 'permanent record'. The phone number the 'policeman' gave was a 514 area code (Montreal). My mother used Western Union to wire the scammers the money. She lives in New York City. Yes, I've told her not to give any information over the phone, and yes, the con story is nonsensical in several ways, not least of which is her incorrectly recognizing her son's voice-My question is, do we have any chance of identifying and prosecuting these guys? The victim is in NYC, the perps were impersonating me and a (corrupt) San Francisco policeman, and they were using a Montreal phone number, which may also have been stolen/spoofed. Any insight appreciated. Be careful out there!
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Tell me about your favorite nonfiction "mysteries"!

My favorite way to unwind is with a good murder mystery, but after a few too many anticlimactic solutions and "it isn't really about the mystery, it's about the marvelous setting and characters" books, I'm ready to switch to nonfiction for a while. [more inside]
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Educators of learners with special needs - how to use a transcript?

I make educational software. We want our software to be compliant (and helpful!) to people who need transcripts. But we're not sure how transcripts are even used. [more inside]
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What movie am I thinking of?

I vaguely remember a film from the 60s or 70s, probably French or Italian, composed of several loosely-connected vignettes surrounding the lives of children. It had a very Le Ballon Rouge feel to it, I think. One scene in particular stands out: a young child, or perhaps siblings, are stuck in an apartment one day; people from other surrounding apartments see him/them and together assemble a basket of food, eventually lowering it to them through a window. I know it's not much to go on. Anyone have an idea?
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A weirdly paranoid question: did I ruin my electric kettle?

I think I might have misused the cleaning solution for my electric kettle, and need it confirmed that I didn't because I'm a very, very special snowflake. [more inside]
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Registering a car in the US with expired registration from Canada

My partner moved from Ontario to Massachusetts two years back. His car was registered in Canada. He put his certificate in the washer and it came out in pieces that he taped together. MA didn't accept this torn up certificate when he tried to register the car, and ON was unresponsive about mailing a new certificate, so he procrastinated the registration. Meanwhile, we just realized that the ON registration expired a few months back, so he shouldn't even be driving this car. What are his options now to get the car registered in MA?
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Movie ID: Group needs to escape through orca-infested bay

I am trying to identify a movie I saw in the 1970s, perhaps in theaters or perhaps on TV and thus released earlier. It was in color. A group of people is on a cliff, looking at a bay, and worrying that the orcas that live in the bay will prevent their escape from---something. I'm sorry but that's all I have. Any idea what I was watching?
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What can I do with this data?

I volunteer at an NGO that provides legal aid to asylum seekers. I'm trying to create graphs that will help us better visualize the population we serve and perhaps make connections that we haven't before. Our data points are: age, sex, nationality, arrival date in our service, length of asylum procedure, and outcome of procedure (refusal or acceptance). We have this information from every person who has used our service. What interesting and useful things can I do with this data? [more inside]
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And you thought the Grinch would never pay $5.

I'm going to be cranky this Christmas. Assume it's unavoidable and no ghosts will be visiting me to convince me otherwise. What should I watch, read, and do that will help me feel less alone in my crankiness? [more inside]
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Need to decide whether to get separated from my wife

Will it be best for my kids in the long run? Will the inevitable guilt and loneliness be better than staying with a seemingly unchangeable loveless unhappy marriage?  [more inside]
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365 days of intentional outdoor activity for Xmas

My husband really loved the idea of the 365 days of fulfilling the outdoor bucket list in Outside magazine recently and wants to do that next year. For the holidays I'm giving him such a list. So far I have about 200 items, and am need help with a) items for the list and b) figuring out the presentation beyond a simple list hanging on the fridge. Any ideas would be appreciated. [more inside]
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When Spring Break Turns Deadly - Garage Door Edition

My 1954 MCM ranch house still has the original single-panel garage door (see here). The original spring hardware looks pretty scary...but how dangerous is it, and what are my options for eventually replacing it/the door with something that won't anger my inner design critic? [more inside]
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The Tunnel- British/French television show. Where did actress "live"?

Clémence Poésy plays Elise Wassermann, the French detective. Several scenes showed her "going home" to a set of silver buildings (by the water?) in a French city. Can anyone recognize these? The city or the area or the buildings themselves? I want to find info on them.
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Auto Insurance Deductible Questions

I was recently involved in an auto accident. The accident was the other driver's fault, but he apparently is not insured. I have insurance (through USAA) that includes uninsured motorist coverage with a $250 deductible, as well as collision coverage with a $500 deductible. After researching insurance issues here and elsewhere, I'm still unclear on a couple of points. Questions below! [more inside]
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Preparing to go from One to Two Children

We are having another baby soon, and I'm really worried about handling it with my toddler, who is having some issues right now. [more inside]
posted by heavenknows at 11:56 AM PST - 20 comments

Oral HPV transmission rates?

How likely am I to get high-risk (non wart causing) oral HPV from having oral sex with a (possibly? likely?) infected male partner, assuming we do not plan on using condoms for oral sex? Has anyone ever discussed this with their doctor? Or does anyone know of any studies? I did a lot of searching online but haven't found anything very useful in the way of an answer.
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Warm Noodle Salad Recipe

I need your best recipes for a warm noodle salad for me to make for me and my girlfriend on this cold, rainy, night in Baltimore. There are no food issues, meat, vegetarian, vegan, all are welcome.
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Songs That Teach Something

I'm looking for songs along the theme of teaching -- the only example I can think of right now is "Do-Re-Mi" from The Sound of Music... Not finding Google helpful so far. There must be more! Any type of music is fair game.
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What bicycle-like object for a 3 year old?

So, I have a clever but cautious 3.75 year old daughter. My wife would really like to get her some kind of bicycle-like object to start on for Christmas. What would you recommend? [more inside]
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recommendations for electronic soldering kit

I enjoy building electronic kits, and am looking for a new one to work on. Ideally, I would like a reasonably complicated and advanced kit that will be more than an evening or two of work. Any recommendations?
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Got new camera, have a question.

I just purchased a new Sony DSC-RX100IV, I love it, I am finding it fairly complicated to figure out but it's gradually revealing its treasures. The feature I want however, and this seems so simple, is to be able to leave the camera on a shelf and have it snap a pic every x amount of time. Is this not a thing?
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Copper plates for printing maps; how to display?

I have 3x 22-lb copper plates formerly used by the US Geologic Survey to print maps. The lines are so fine that the image is barely visible. Any idea of a simple technique or treatment to make it more visible for display? I am an experienced letterpress printer & have access to inks & archival materials. [more inside]
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Can I turn my iPhone into a high-powered Raspberry Pi of sorts?

I have an iPhone 5S. I've broken the screen such that I have trouble getting sections of the screen to respond to touch. It's very expensive to replace the screen, so I'm considering bailing to another phone. But it seems such a waste of computing power to just abandon it. How can I turn it into a server? [more inside]
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