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December 31

“I think your father has a girlfriend” + mom's mental health issues.

My mom casually mentioned that she thinks my father had a girlfriend last night and then changed the subject to the turkey I am cooking this evening. Leaving me staring into the refrigerator at the turkey and speechless. My mom suffers from normally well controlled bipolar disorder and I have had concerns that some age related mental disorder may be beginning to affect her as well. I’m really unsure where to go and what to do with this situation. Thoughts Mefites? [more inside]
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My dad uses meth and I don't know what to do.

I just found out my dad does meth and I don't know how to approach him and/or his fiancé. [more inside]
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Short Story No Woman Can Get Pregnant Without 9-Months of Illness

Years ago, I read a short story about two biologists (geneticists?) who are friends. After a global plague that makes all women infertile, one of the geneticists devices a treatment in which women can again reproduce, but they spend their entire nine months of pregnancy with blue, flaking, itchy skin and extreme sickness. The second geneticist realizes that the first has actually devised both the plague and the cure. He asks his friend why he did it. "Because I never wanted another child to be born unwanted," the first geneticist replies. I probably remember some of this imperfectly, but that was the gist of it. Does anyone happen to know the author/title? Thanks in advance!
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Is There An App For Finding Least Expensive Items Locally

I am looking for a new dishwasher and space heater. I would like to spend a minimal amount of time searching for the best price in my area. Is there an app that would do that for me?
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Ativan and booze

24 hours ago, I took 1 mg of lorazepam to fly. Can I safely have 1 or 2 drinks to ring in the new year? The Internet says 12-hour half life, but I want to be cautious...
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How can I connect speakers to a receiver with coaxial & hdmi outputs?

Is it possible to pull audio to a external speaker set in a affordable hack or method? [more inside]
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What was the name of this album?

I'm looking for the name of the artist that made a album I saw a numerous times while I was record shopping in SF but can't seem to find in Seattle. [more inside]
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Tender gums with no bleeding or swelling?

tl;dr: Starting last night I suddenly began experiencing gum pain when I floss, as well as some pain when chewing on a old root canal tooth (and the flossing-induced gum pain is especially noticeable in this area). However, there is no bleeding at all and my gums look pink in the mirror. What's going on? Can it wait until my routine cleaning next week? [more inside]
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Thawed black caviar at room temperature. Is it safe to consume?

I bought 8.8 oz of black caviar earlier today with the intention of eating it tonight for new year's. I was told by the store owner to let it "sit on a table" for 3-4 hours to thaw it. Perhaps stupidly, I did not question his instructions; I went home and did as I was told. Roughly three and a half hours later, I checked the caviar container and found that it was cool to the touch. I promptly surrounded it with crushed ice and put it into the back of a refrigerator. I am not sure how long it had been that cool. I read on all other sites that caviar should be thawed in the refrigerator over an entire day, not at room temperature (in my case, 74 F). Did I ruin the caviar? If so, is what I ruined just the taste, or is it unsafe to eat now?
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Help me fight cancer and keep my hands goop-free!

This past spring year my father (in his mid-seventies) was diagnosed with melanoma. He's fine (hurrah!) but this puts me at a higher risk of skin cancer myself. I need a facial sunscreen in deodorant stick form that's 60 SPF, and can't find anything locally that suits my needs. [more inside]
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Short animated film about monkeys and happy dancing bananas??

I'm beginning to think I imagined this one, but I'm pretty sure it's real. A bunch of years back, maybe ten years, I saw a short animated film, maybe three or four minutes long, about dancing monkeys and dancing bananas. It was pretty awesome. I can't seem to find the damn thing again, though. Help? [more inside]
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It's not Lady and the Tramp

Do you remember a scene from a movie where a character eats a huge plate of spaghetti in an extremely uncouth manner? [more inside]
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As a contractor, do my taxes depend on where my payments get sent?

You are not my accountant. I am a 1099 contractor that works for a consulting company. I am meeting with my accountant next week to form an LLC for 2015. I will be getting paid for the month of December at around the same time. I will open a separate bank account for the corporation, but I will not be able to do it in time to have my first 2015 payment deposited into it, so it will get sent to my personal bank account as it does now. Will this cause any problems in 2016 when I'm doing my 2015 taxes? Or does it not really matter? [more inside]
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How can I be a safe painslut?

I realized awhile ago I'm a bit of a painslut. I finally have a partner who is willing to explore that with me. However, I apparently don't know my limits or when to say stop. This has resulted in some minor injuries (details inside). How can I explore this aspect of my sexuality safely? [more inside]
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I give up.

I can't understand people at all and I don't know how to handle this anymore. [more inside]
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40 Hours A Week In The Desert

I need tips to cope with dry air in the winter - at my workplace. [more inside]
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Help replacing the screen on a Sony RX1 camera

I recently purchased a highly discounted Sony RX1 that has a crack in the screen. I would like to replace it, but I cannot find a single thing online about how to. [more inside]
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Winter accessible natural hot spring in Iceland near Reykjavik?

Non-mountaineer, non-young folk looking for a natural hot spring suitable for bathing within an hour or so of non-offroad driving from Reykjavik. The walk in from the road might be as much as an hour if it isn't a treacherous, hard-to-follow path. Accessible in January and February with estimates of it's sensitivity to unfavorable weather conditions. An opportunity for a tranquil and wild geothermal experience (ie: a civilized uncivilized experience). [more inside]
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Seeking Career Direction, Want A Job Using Photoshop

I like Photoshop. I like math. I’m a deep guy. I’m not a fine artist. I’m not a photographer. I like writing. I’m deep, smart, and interested in the world, but extremely unfocused and pretty unconfident in myself and my abilities. Happiness, serenity, contentment and fun is more important to me than being rich. I was thinking of starting to learn how to do web design. I came to this conclusion after doing some research into jobs that use Photoshop. Is this a smart move that’s worthy of my time, given my interests? [more inside]
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Preferably not a Lacanian

I am looking for a good therapist in NYC who has experience with the anxiety/avoidance/ADD nexus. I'm biased towards cognitive therapy but open to other modalities. [more inside]
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How do I get my friend to stop clinging?

An old long-distance friend continues to cling to the last shreds of our friendship, but I checked out of it years ago. The slow fade hasn't worked, and I don't want to hurt her by "breaking up" - she seems too fragile and needy. I don't know what to do, and I feel stuck and guilty. Weird special details within. [more inside]
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Strategies for minimizing expense on renting between permanent apts?

(The Rt Hon.) MP  and I have officially been notified that we have to move out of our current NYC apartment on March 1, leaving us with a housing gap until August 2015.* We need to stay in NYC (or NY suburbs). I've only ever looked for apartments here with year-long (or longer) leases. How do we go about finding a month-to-month place? Is there any good way to avoid paying to move twice within one year? [more inside]
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Single parent dating: I want to start meeting nice men again

A long time has passed since I posted here, and a lot has happened in that long time. Quick update is that now I am legally divorced. I also got laid off last year and thankfully was able to find another great job quickly. Moved to NYC, which is a fantastic city and I went to school here so have a lot more friends here than when I was in Boston. Anyway, so I want to date. I don’t know if I want to get into a serious relationship just yet, but I just want to share my life with someone and do fun things on weekends. Where do I meet responsible, loving, educated men who would want to date me? I haven’t seen anyone in two years (since separation/divorce)… I think I should change that… [more inside]
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New Year's Countdown by Radio?

My T.V. has horrible reception and I don't think I get ABC - Where is an interesting place to listen to the New Year's countdown by radio? [more inside]
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How to handle people opposed to your relationship?

After a long and difficult period (we met while married to other people) I'm now in a very loving relationship. However there is inevitable fallout. I feel a bit lost for guidance as to how to navigate the new territory I find myself in. I'd like recommendations for resources, blogs, books, forums, whatever, but also personal experiences of how you handled this kind of situation, namely with people who are very much not happy with the situation. Or maybe you are/were the not happy person - were you able to move past it? [more inside]
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help me understand the (farming) concept of quota (supply management)

I've been trying to get my head around the concept of quota, as it relates to, for example, dairy or egg producers in Ontario. I'm starting to think that this is probably one of the worst explained concepts I've ever come across. [more inside]
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Portland, OR cat sitter

We will be needing a cat sitter for two indoor-only cats for a week or two in February. Does anyone have a recommendation? We are located in SE if that matters.
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NYC café recommendations

Where would you meet a friend if all you wanted to do was sit and chat and read and people watch? Preferably in Manhattan but rest of NYC fine too — and must serve hot chocolates. [more inside]
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I hate it, the way I feel, but I just can't seem to shake it

My #1 goal for 2015 is to figure out a way to exist without being steamrolled by self-hatred on a daily basis. I don't think I can stop hating myself altogether, but I would like to find out how to hate myself somewhat less, or at least put myself on par with other awful people in order to internalize the possibly misguided idea that there is no such thing as a truly worthless person. If you've felt like this, how did you change your own mind about yourself? How did you come to believe that you were inherently worthy and deserving of life itself? [more inside]
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iPad2 spotty connection to wireless

My iPad2 recently has stopped reliably connecting to the internet. I want to continue my bad habit of watching Teen Wolf in bed in the new year. Is there a way to solve this issue? [more inside]
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Quickly need laptop for student

Quickly need a new laptop with Word loaded for a student. [more inside]
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Best online or local services: Toronto edition

I saw the question "Best online or local services for an easier life" earlier on Ask MetaFilter. It's focused on Houston and the U.S. Can you recommend some services that can make my life easier or eliminate time-consuming tasks or hassles in Toronto?
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Bluetooth transmitter for my TV

I want to be able to watch TV with headphones on. I already have a pair of bluetooth headphones that I use with my tablet at the gym so I thought it would be a good route to go but I can't find much information about adding transmitters to a TV. So far in my researches I've only seen portable battery powered bluetooth transmitters. Are there socket powered transmitters? Are they any good? What should I look for? [more inside]
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dropbox app cannot sync to the server

hello, I have this strange problem at my Asus x201e Laptop: (win8, 64) I have access to the internet from the browser and other apps, but the dropbox app cannot access the server and sync. from any other network (not from my home) my dropbox app can access the server, even further.. from my computer when I connect to the Internet via VPN connection the dropbox app can sync to the server, as well as at safe-mode. I have tried everything I can in the direction of the network settings, nothing helped.. Does anyone can evaluate the direction to solve my problem ? Many Thanks.
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Best SIM card options in Madrid

What should my wife and I do in order to use our phones in Spain? [more inside]
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Hiding from a stalker

Asking for a friend: How did her stalker find her again? It seems like she's following all the advice out there on staying safe and yet this woman keeps coming back. [more inside]
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Can I stream or listen to a New Year's Eve broadcast/show tonight?

After I put the kids to bed tonight, I'd kind of like to sit at my desk, pay some bills, pop open a beer, and keep an eye on the New Year's celebration. Problem is, I don't have cable or broadcast TV. [more inside]
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Overdid it at the Gym, destroyed my back

So I overdid it at the gym on monday, and now my lower back (well entire back, but the shoulders/upper back are more manageable) is exploding in pain. I couldn't get my shit together enough to leave the apartment (wow pants are hard today) and need a plan for the rest of the day... [more inside]
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He's your kid, do as you see fit

Is our neighbour's child being emotionally abused, and if so, what can I do about it? [more inside]
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December 30

Question about markings on an old map.

Hello! I'm researching an old mill site. The plat map has some markings on it that I don't understand. [more inside]
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regarding boardgame copyrights

If I were to program a barebones game client for a commercially sold boardgame, say Settlers of Catan, for example, would I be violating some sort of copyright? This would be for my own amusement / practice, to be run locally only (I'm assuming releasing the source code would definitely be a no-no), I would essentially only be implementing the game rules and not using the official images in any way.
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Most efficient space heater

My new apartment is north facing and the wall heater struggles with keeping the temperature at a decent level. I've thought about purchasing one of those Quartz heaters that I can set the temp on and using that to heat my small living space. Another option would be one of the portable radiator type heaters. I'm looking to heat 400 square feet and like the idea of setting a temp and having it stay close to that number. With the wall heater it is a wild guess at where to set the dial. Suggestions? Would this be more economical than using the 30+ year old electric wall heater? [more inside]
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Fragrance-free & eco-friendly cleaning products that actually work

I'm new to cleaning for myself and need recommendations for house cleaning products that are really effective but don't contain heavy/chemicalized perfumes (these give me terrible headaches). Environmentally-friendly options are even better! [more inside]
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Help me fix my entertainment system.

AV experts, can you help me? I set up my current home entertainment system 11 years ago, and it's worked well for me. Now it is failing, and consumer electronics have moved on. I can't just replace the failing component with a new one because it is not being manufactured any longer, and I only need some parts of it. I'm having trouble integrating new things into the old setup. I need to upgrade/reconfigure my AV, and possibly wireless. Details inside. [more inside]
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Antiques Roadshow... Metafilter edition!

Calling all art history sleuths and Japanese signature decipherers! I was raised with my mom telling me this antique Japanese Moriage Satsuma vase was the most expensive thing in the house. She brought it home from Japan in 1957. Now I'm curious if my mom was right or wrong... (Of course I want my mom to be right, but... she wasn't always.) I see a lot of satsuma stuff online, and the values are so varied from $80 to thousands that I don't know if this piece is actually special. [more inside]
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SF (and beyond): does the 2-hour parking limit refresh every day?

Sign says 2-hour parking only from 8 am - 5 pm. We parked at 3:30 pm and plan to leave it overnight. Is our time up at 8 am or do we have until 10 am (and get another 2 hrs tomorrow)? [more inside]
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What can a teenager do to develop their programming skills?

A teenaged acquaintance of mine has just started learning to program and loves it. He's asked about how to develop his skills and build up experience. One suggestion was to volunteer for some IT-related work. Another suggestion was to get involved in the open source community. I'm no longer plugged in enough to take these suggestions to a level of detail that's helpful for him. So: are these good ideas, and if so what specifically (websites, forums etc) should he check out? Secondly, what other ideas would help him?
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Help me find this pillow!

My favorite bed pillow has to be thrown out due to smoke damage after a fire in our building. It's a foam contour pillow - latex, I think - that I'm pretty sure I got at Bed Bath and Beyond a few years ago. Here it is in all it's sooty and smoke saturated glory. Sadly it has no brand labels and BBB doesn't seem to carry it any more. I'm hoping that someone recognizes it and can remind me of the brand to help in my search. [more inside]
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need ergonomic right handed mouse for arthritis/tendinitis in rt thumb

I love my wired stationary trackball mouse but I can't use it anymore. Too much thumb action. Since May 2014, I have had tendinitis in my left ring finger, arthritis in my right thumb and now arthritis/tendinitis in my right thumb, OT didn't help and I wear thumb splints on both hands. I will strongly consider acupuncture starting in January 2015. Yikes! I keyboard all day at work. I will go to any lengths to avoid surgery. Orthopedic hand specialist can't guarantee that problem won't come back after surgery if I go back to the same job. [more inside]
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More umbrellas s'il vous plait

A recent FPP has got me hooked on the films of Jacques Demy, and I want more of the same. [more inside]
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online personal reputation management/branding/privacy w unusual name

What some things related to my online profiles that I may need to consider with an extremely unusual first name + last name? [more inside]
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Dealing with the fact that someone you loved was not who you thought?

How do you reconcile the person you loved at the start with the not-so-nice actions they did to lead to the end of the relationship? How do you stop yourself from feeling stupid/hurt/betrayed/unable to trust? [more inside]
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Lobster for Eight please!

We're having surf and turf for New Years. Yay! I'm in charge of the surf, i.e., lobsters for eight, but I need advice on how best to do this. [more inside]
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Making Many Big Life Changes - WHERE TO START?

It's that time again - I want to make huge changes in my life, huge strides in many different ways - from mental and physical health, to improving my residential hygiene, to improvements with money, I have lots of issues I'd like to improve. But I'm getting rather overwhelmed - there's just so much I need to improve on, ASAP! Money's precious, my mental and physical health is at stake and I'd like to invite people over for a change without feeling acute shame. How did you manage to make huge lifestyle changes? [more inside]
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Self-help books for couples re: Emotional Connection/Intimacy?

Looking for books that specifically focus on forging emotional connections, or on helping one or both members of the marriage open up emotionally and communicate about feelings. Books that couples can read together/have proactive exercises we can do together would be preferable. [more inside]
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Giving up drinking for the new year

For the new year, I'm going to give up drinking for a while. I need some encouragement. [more inside]
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Help me identify this t-shirt

I found a shirt when going through old things, but Google has failed me in my attempts to identify it. I think it might be Chinese or Japanese in origin? [more inside]
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Sick Sad World?

Why did I just spend 20 minutes looking at photographs of human gore? More specifically, I just looked at dozens of online images of the MH17 crash and the mangled bodies laying in the fields.(These images are not hard to find online.) I cried and felt like I was going to vomit while looking at pics of victims who fell from the sky when a missile hit their airplane, yet I kept looking for over 20 minutes. My question: What compelled me to look at these images? Is there a psychological explanation beyond the euphemism "morbid curiosity"? What part of my psyche does this activity satisfy even if no pleasure was derived from it? [more inside]
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Feminist, anti-racist, queer ally featuring YA books for tween girls.

How can I expand the social consciousness of my book loving nieces? [more inside]
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What are some strange (yet obtainable) aphrodisiacs?

I need to consume as many weird aphrodisiacs as possible by the end of January. Since I don't live in Shanghai I probably can't get my hands on Three Penis Wine, but I'm hoping there are some similarly strange ones out there. [more inside]
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Airbnb reviews: what price honesty?

It seems that a guest has a strong disincentive against leaving a critical review on Airbnb. All of your reviews are available for reading by a prospective host. A prudent host will want to rent only to people who are likely to leave a positive review. If you have ever left a negative review, you are a risky prospect, and it would be wise to reject your request in favor of an applicant who's posted only positive reviews. [more inside]
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Looking for a classy Wordpress theme for a financial business website

Our business needs a new webpage, and we're thinking of going with Wordpress. The problem is finding a nice theme that meets our requirements. [more inside]
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Gift etiquette: Boss's children, holiday edition

My direct manager is having an open house / work-related party tonight (the 30th) and he has invited me and most of the department. We are planning on bringing a small 'host' gift, i.e. flowers or chocolates. Since it is so close to Christmas my wife thinks that we should also bring a small gift for each of my manager's two children (~6 and ~2 years old). I'm unsure whether this would be seen as 'sucking up' or if this is a good idea. [more inside]
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Name that picture.

Painting which I saw in a Venice art gallery (I think) showing God holding balance with people on each pan. A small demon (imp) is shown pushing up one of the scale pans with a small trident, while sneakily peeping to see if God can see him. I'd love to know the name of the painting and the artist.
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Looking for a small table to write sitting on the floor

Hey, I want to try doing my work, reading, using laptop, etc. while sitting on the floor. Actually I am buying a Zabuton too to do meditation so I was thinking sitting on that instead of directly on the floor. But I couldn't find small tables... I'm not even sure what the keyword to search for that is. Surely such tables exist! I'm thinking a slightly inclined table would be better instead of having too rigid angles for my neck. Thanks! [more inside]
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How do I draw for a child?

I gave my three-year old an easel with drawing implements for Christmas and would like to be able to draw pictures on it that look like actual things and not crazed scribbles of a drunk. How do I do this? [more inside]
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Tips for taking the California Attorneys Exam

I'm taking the California attorneys exam in a couple months. How do I get ready to do that? [more inside]
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High quality, cozy blanket for a toddler/little boy

My todder son's crib is currently stuffed with all the tiny infant blankets from when he was a baby, and I am interested in getting him a large blanket that will cover him, and remain covering him throughout the night. Recommendations for a high quality, cozy blanket that will grow with him. [more inside]
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Have you hired movers to pack for you? How was it? Any tips?

I want to learn more about hiring movers to pack up your place before moving: Advice, tips, experiences, pros and cons, etc. [more inside]
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One art, please!

How do *you* incorporate art into your life on a regular basis? [more inside]
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Activities for dudes?

Surprising my boyfriend with a man-weekend. What does that mean? [more inside]
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Deliver to "Carnival Freedom, Docked At The Harbor, Charlotte Amalie"?

Is it possible to send a physical envelope or small package (not an email or radiogram) to a Carnival cruise passenger, specifically the Carnival Freedom on the January 25th cruise? It looks like you can send mail to employees but I haven't found anything about passengers in the middle of a cruise. [more inside]
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Random Kurt Cobain picture

I saw a framed picture of Kurt Cobain on some home decor website (probably a tour on and now I'm fixated on finding it again. Can you help me unfixate? [more inside]
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Someone smarter than me needed for Tasker profile creation

I have one task I would like my tablet to perform and I think it's a job for Tasker. But I can't figure out how to set it up myself (not even close) and I don't have time to keep searching for the answer. Is there a website where I can describe my needed task and someone will write the profile for me? [more inside]
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Help me find this drawing tutorial video again.

I'm trying to find a digital painting video, that I've seen previously on YouTube, that involved taking one finished concept art portrait of a man and altering it to create two new, different versions of the concept art. [more inside]
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Is there an age where life is "over" for most people?

Is there an age where life (or an essential aspect of life) is "over" for most people? In a posts about immortality, 45 year olds show up to say that at their age, you won't want to live forever anymore. In threads about sex, 35 year olds show up to say that's the year it dropped off severely. In threads about friendships, there is a refrain of isolation that began at 25. Are these real phenomenons? If they are real, have you managed to beat them? Are there other ones that I'm missing? I'm looking for a roadmap of what to expect, and if possible, what to fight against.
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How should I celebrate/mark New Year's Eve/Day on my own?

I want to do something to mark/celebrate the new year. Partying/going out to a bar or other loud event isn't appealing to me this year, and most of my friends are either away or going to an event that isn't a good fit for me. I'm open to places to go on my own and/or things to do at home either on New Year's Eve or during the day on Jan 1st. [more inside]
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Shipping an iPad Overseas

I'd like to ship a new iPad from the US to France as a gift (I haven't bought it yet). It needs to arrive there in about a week and a half. A few quick online searches reveal this may be more complex and costly than I thought - USPS apparently won't deal with anything containing lithium batteries, and FedEx seems to have special requirements and rates for this kind of shipping as well. Anyone know the best way to go about this? And is it likely to be cheaper just to order directly from the Apple store in France, with all the extra shipping and customs fees I might have to pay?
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Can we be friends?

Can I/should I ask someone I was casually dating (who recently ended things) to be friends? [more inside]
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How do I open this heavy vinyl Godzilla piggybank?

For a few years, I have been putting extra change into a Godzilla piggybank that I got as a gift (pics inside). Now, of course, I cannot figure out how to open it. The vinyl is very heavy and thick. The plug rotates, but isn't threaded. If you press or pull directly on the plug while rotating, it will move in/out about 1mm. Does anyone have a piggybank with this kind of plug? How do you open it? I assume power tools would work, but I don't own any, and I'd prefer nondestructive solutions, if possible. [more inside]
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How to deal with being put on an action plan for school?

I've been put on an action plan in my graduate program. I am not coping well. Looking for help. [more inside]
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Rental filter: How worried do I need to be?

I'm looking for a place to live, and I have some anxiety about the rental history portion of my rental applications. I broke the lease for my last place -- for cause -- after living there for 13 years. The management company was worse than shady, and I am worried about them being called as a reference. How worried do I need to be, and how do I best approach this? The long story is within; you may skip to the TLDR if you'd like. [more inside]
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Using an iPad to access recipes and to stream music in my kitchen

Help me get organized in 2015. I’d like to mount an iPad 2 tablet on a kitchen cabinet, just above the main counter that I use for cooking. The tablet will be used to access recipes and to stream music into the kitchen. [more inside]
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Where can I find a 36" outer diameter tube?

I have a 36 inch diameter round window in my shower. I would like to find a 36" outer diameter tube in some material (pvc? wood?) to line this window. It will be painted. I'd want a piece about 6 1/2" deep so I can trim it down to fit with a slight lip. Looking for ideas for sourcing this, as I don't need feet and feet of it, and would like to keep costs down. Help!
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Your favorite dad joke.

Please hit me with your favorite dad joke. I'm looking for those extremely lame ones like when you say, "I'm tired." Dad says, "Hey Tired, it's nice to meet you. I'm Dad." If you can cite who originally made the joke that's great, but not really needed (I just like giving credit). I would prefer short jokes to long jokes. Thank you. I'll take my answer off the air.
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So...what do YOU want to do?

Need recommendations for stuff to do with a friend. A few snowflakes ahead. [more inside]
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Looking for narrative non-fiction podcasts hosted by women

After finishing Serial, I realise I would like more non-fiction podcasts hosted by women. I don't mind if there's some interviewing in it, but I don't want the point of the podcast to be interviews. I do not want fiction. [more inside]
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Before I had MeFi, there was this one blog ...

Before I discovered MetaFilter, my go-to site for a collection of interesting Web links was a blog on I can't remember the name of it, nor its curator (who discontinued the blog some years ago). Does anyone remember this blog or its author's name?
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What are your favorite life-enhancing podcasts? Pls suggest away!

Help me make the best of a much longer drive to work - through podcasts. What are your favorite podcasts to listen to? [more inside]
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Scanner + Insane Storeroom = Profit?

I have a medium business-sized storeroom filled with all kinds of boxes, those with brands and those with nothing but a barcode, as well as hundreds of unboxed but mostly barcoded items which have seemingly drifted into each others' plastic bins like nosy tumbleweeds. They're organized more by what fits onto what shelf than any like-to-like sensibilities. It's exhausting just walking in there. I also have a TaoTronics TT-BS016 scanner, which is basically a glorified but faster-than-moi number typist. [more inside]
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December 29

What kind of hair cut should I get? (woman)

Hi all. For the past few years, I have been cutting my own hair with whatever scissors available, keeping it at a little shorter than shoulder. How should I cut my hair? Here are some (poor quality, sorry!) webcam pictures of my face: Front Profile Profile 2 Bangs, kinda [more inside]
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Warning: TMI, female related - cysts/ingrown hairs down *there*

I'm sure this may happen to males too. Ever since high school, I've done my best to remain bald through shaving down there. I also get waxed when I have time/funding to do so, but this year I've had more issues with shaving than I ever have before and I want to figure out why and how to avoid these issues in the future while still enjoying being bald. More TMI details behind cut. I know, you're not my doctor. I get that. [more inside]
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Most convenient beach for Western Sydney?

We went to the beach today (Coogee) and it was awesome. But tolls, parking fees, the stress of driving through busy Sydney and having to drive at all after a long day of sun and swimming really sucked. So I am trying to figure out if there is any beach within about an hour of public transport from here (carlingford) and I can't really see any. But I figure metafilter knows better tricks than google maps, right? [more inside]
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Recommend an environmental charity in Vietnam

Does anyone know of either a reputable environmental NGO based in Vietnam or an international environmental NGO that would allow me to donate specifically to projects in Vietnam? [more inside]
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Is my apartment manager ripping off my security deposit with a fake law?

Moving out of an apartment in Los Angeles, I hired a cleaning company so I could get back more of my security deposit. The apartment manager wouldn't accept this, prattled off some civil code number, and said that he can only use his own contracted companies to "properly disinfect," and can't accept other companies other than his selected ones. [more inside]
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Single source for staying up to date with current events and culture?

I'm looking for a consolidated, curated source for recent pop culture. More inside. [more inside]
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Worried my boyfriend might be gay?

I am becoming worried that my boyfriend of 2.5 months might be gay. Are these valid reasons to be suspicious that he is homosexual? How should I apporach the situation? [more inside]
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What kind of seed is this?

These seeds were in a package of lentils, but what are they? The lentils package looked like from India, but said, "product of Canada." I know we grow a lot of lentils, so I assume these were grown here. What are the seeds? I'm a gardener, and I've never seen these before.
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First week of the new year in New Zealand

I'll be at Lake Taupo in NZ for New Year's Eve, then am looking to spend the next five-six days (leaving Auckland on the evening of the 7th) wandering the north island. So far, aside from a night tomorrow, I've nothing booked or solidly planned. Suggestions? [more inside]
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Help me identify a video game

My niece is asking for my help figuring out the title of a Nintendo DS game she played many years ago. I, in turn, am asking the hive mind. I know it was released before the end of 2005, and a bit about how it's played. Help! [more inside]
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Wisconsin census question - street name

I'm looking at a 1940 census sheet, and it says that my relatives lived on "JB Street" in Superior, Wisconsin, but my Googlefu is broken. Does anyone know how I can find out what JB might stand for?
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Last minute New Years ideas in Bay Area?

Mixed age extended family wandering will be happening NYE; we have daytime things to do but wonder about advice to see fireworks at midnight. San Francisco is the mid point, and we will be eight adults and six tweens in three cars. [more inside]
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Santa's soundtrack, distributed

This is probably a stupid question for you smarties. I'm putting together an epic mp3 mix for all of my friends (tracks will be purchased from Rhapsody) and I don't know how best to deliver the goods to all of the inboxes on my list. First, how can I transfer the purchased tracks to the peeps? And can I do it so it's a package, tracks in order, so that it's easily downloadable to the various devices of my audience? I am thinking and/or hoping that this is an easy thing. I'm trying to avoid burning a stack of cds, and I just know that there is a better way to give the gift of groove to my excellent friends. [more inside]
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Name that book: Orphan with a birthmark, evil aunt

Do you remember the book my mother read a decade or two ago? It was a romance and/or mystery featuring an orphan with a birthmark on her face, raised by her uncle (who turns out to be her father) and her controlling aunt (who turns out to have murdered her parents, and later her boyfriend and others with poisoned tea) as she investigates her own past. My mother probably checked it out from the public library in the mid-to-late nineties, but on the outside edge, could have been between 1990 and 2004. [more inside]
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Facts about life in a small town?

[For a fiction project] Tell me about signifiers of present-day life in a very small U.S. town. [more inside]
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Boots similar to Tretorn Oken leather, but better quality?

I bought these Oken Leather boots less than a month ago, but the sole is separating at the heel. A bit of googling reveals quite a few complaints of that type,so I'm getting a refund rather than replacement. Are there any shoes with similar styling, but great build quality?
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When will I get "gigabit internet" in my east Austin Neighborhood?

I live relatively near 4700 kitty rd austin texas 78721, Google, grande communications, and ATT are all supposedly bringing gigabit internet to Austrin Metro soon, but how can I find out when my neighborhood will be getting it? [more inside]
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How can I improve my memory?

In the past few years, my memory capacity seems to have been dramatically reduced. How can I improve my ability to remember "minor" things? [more inside]
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Options for a UK citizen to visit the US for 1 year. (Mature student?)

It's always been one of my ambitions to live in California for a full year. I've been thinking about enrolling in a university on a 1year post grad course, with a student visa. I am 35 years old. Is this a realistic route for me? I own a business in the UK which gives me a steady income. I have a good undergraduate degree from a top UK uni. How much do the cheapest 1 year post grad courses go for? (probably the humanities, though i do have a science degree) I do genuinely want to study, but I have no plans to use the degree, so really looking at the cheaper end of the scale. Is it easy and painless to get a student visa as a mature student for 1 year? Is the application process simple and non competitive? Is there another obvious option I have missed? Are there other routes I may have missed? I also have assets to qualify as an entrepreneur, but I understand this is a complicated and costly process.
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Looking for a music video that made a zoetrope effect with camera array

I am looking for a music video that created a kind of 3D Zoetrope ( ) effect with a timefreeze camera array ( ) [more inside]
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Powering through when it feels hopeless

I am having the worst holiday season of my life. Help me cope. [more inside]
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What drug did my niece accidentally consume?

So my niece was in a home that was burning incense. Later she had a reaction as if she had taken a hallucinogenic drug. What could they have been burning that would cause this reaction? [more inside]
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Help me help my mom figure out Medicare?

My mother is turning 65. She has no clue about health insurance. I, after diligent research, have a small clue, but not enough of a clue about practical information like distribution of doctors who take the insurance to help figure things out. Help? Snowflake details and questions inside. (Anon because I'm not going to share my mother's personal information on the Internet!) [more inside]
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Factoring Race into Health/Beauty/Hygiene

People of color - what common health/beauty/hygiene axioms have you found not to work for you? Conversely, are there any regimes that you follow that aren't commonly seen as advice online? [more inside]
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Platform for Food Diary, With Photos, iPhone edition

I'm doing a miserable job of logging what I eat, so I am trying to think of how to set the bar as low as possible and make it super easy to have a record of what I've eaten. The easiest thing I've thought of so far is just taking photos of what I eat with my smartphone (iPhone). Should I use a particular platform that integrates well with iOS8? [more inside]
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When Did "Well THAT happened...." First Happen?

I know it's hard to trace memes back to their very first occurences, but can anyone offer at least early sightings/citings of the phrase "Well, THAT happened...."? [more inside]
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Free 35+ minute online workout videos?

I was told that to get the (mental) health benefits of exercise, I need to get my heart rate up for at least 35 minutes. Where can I find free online workout videos that are 35 minutes or more? [more inside]
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Plan our pre-baby Februrary getaway from Montreal!

We are trying to plan a no-stress vacation for two - our last as a couple before we have a baby! The plan is to go somewhere easy and hot, easily-ish accessible from Montreal, to lie on the beach and not think about too many stressful details, for about a week. I'm going to be 6 months pregnant, so we are trying to avoid places that are likely to give me food poisoning (yes we know the risks are everywhere.) What's your best place/hotel/resort/beach suggestion with direct flights to Montreal? [more inside]
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How to motivate myself to KEEP my house clean once clean?

Ever since I was little, I have gotten a rush of pleasure from cleaning REALLY messy rooms... but keeping a clean room at a livable level of cleanliness bores me to tears. I seem to need the urgency of "This is a Disaster Zone!" to imbue routine tasks with higher meaning. I no longer want to hop from Cleaning Emergency to Cleaning Emergency. Are there tricks or routines that could appeal to my need for a little bit of adrenaline in order to make it a habit to keep things clean? Cue Mission Impossible theme song... [more inside]
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Need new income stream

What kind of business can I run that could bring me $30k + per year after expenses? [more inside]
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How did the 18th century French aristocracy regard the poor?

The popular perception of Versailles and the 18th century French aristocracy holds that they showed a casual disregard for the the struggles of the poor. This surely has truth to it, but the famous "let them eat cake" anecdote quite likely never happened – so can you point me to any other evidence (letters, anecdotes, trial proceedings, etc) of how the French ruling class actually regarded the poor?
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Language learning podcasts for kids: Italian and hebrew

Do you know of any podcasts available through iTunes that are for kids and either teach Italian or Hebrew or are just podcasts in those languages that are kid appropriate?
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Quiet bars in Manhattan

I'm sure this has been asked before but the answer is always changing. Please suggest your favorite places to meet for a drink and conversation at normal volume in Manhattan, places that (a) don't play loud music and (b) don't get too crowded. Thanks!
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How do I keep my backyard free of murdered possums?

I have buried 3 possums in my yard in the past 6 weeks or so and I'm starting to feel like a serial killer. [more inside]
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(Guy) What hairstyle should I go with in 2015?

Been playing around with hairstyles today trying to get something that works well with my faceshape. What do you guys think I should go for in the new year? PHOTOS:
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Stop the madness! Reducing work emails I don't need.

I work for a local government. I am in the equivalent of a general counsel position in the private sector. I am receiving around 200 emails every day. I estimate I actually should receive about 50 of these. I don't mind getting emails I need, but I want to stop being CC'ed unnecessarily and asked mundane questions. How do I cut down on the flow of unnecessary email without becoming the dragon lady from legal? [more inside]
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What is currently the best ebook app for Android?

Are there any ebook reading apps for Android that approach the level of polish that iBooks on iOS has? Ideally ones that have a continuous-scroll mode and which allow easy font customization? [more inside]
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What’s the deal with the lack of diversity? (workplace edition)

I work for a large corporation in a typical business office setting. Our workforce is very diverse at the associate and Jr. Manager level. Above that, not so much. I am meeting with some senior leaders (mostly mid aged straight white guys) over the next couple of weeks to discuss career progression possibilities for myself and team, and am looking for a way to broach this subject without sounding accusatory or confrontational. I thought the hive mind might have some insight. This could also just be an un-discussable. You tell me. [more inside]
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How to register a car in Cali without a permanent residence?

Returning a leased car out of state, prior to the move. Will be in a short term rental for 1 month while I search for an apartment. Will need a car during that month and want to buy one ASAP when I get there. more details inside. [more inside]
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How do I (Home) Automate?

I'm in the process of building a very small unit, with the idea that comfort is about more than size. Part of this means that eventually, I would like to automate my entire home easily (and maybe from a distance). There are many systems out there, and I would like some recommendations please. [more inside]
posted by ethidda at 11:22 AM PST - 3 comments

How to keep my skin looking young and fresh?!

I am in my late 20's and I am starting to notice my pores getting bigger, I have some acne scars, I am starting to notice small brown spots on my cheeks and have fine lines around my eyes. I have been getting Botox since I was 24 (crows feet), I have had 1 microdermabrasion, and I have had a couple facials (which felt like a waste of time). I would like to try some type of chemical peel but am nervous because I have sensitive skin. Also, since my early 20's I have developed Cystic acne around my chin before my period, which are the worst, and last for a couple of weeks. Anyways, I am looking for some advise on ways to keep my skin looking young, healthy and fresh.
posted by jk9119 at 11:06 AM PST - 21 comments

How do I shop for makeup?

For my birthday (many moons ago) I said I wanted to go buy some makeup as everything I have is ancient and from the drugstore. Now my husband wants to take me makeup shopping tomorrow and I don't know how or where. I think some professional advice is in order, but I'm also a bit leary of the hard sell. Do I go to, like, a counter at Macy's? Which one? A different department store? A makeup store? Which store? I am in the Chicago northwest suburbs and looking for someplace between roughly Evanston and Woodfield Mall. [more inside]
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Collaborative suggestion box for employee ideas?

What are good tools for an online employee "suggestion box" to gather and collaborate on product innovation ideas? Rather than a one-way box, would be great to have features to allow people to build on one another's ideas, comment and vote, and avoid duplication. Anonymous and non-anonymous participation would be nice.
posted by CruiseSavvy at 9:43 AM PST - 7 comments

CMS/Content entry resource recommendations 20K pages multiple languages

I am looking for a recommendation for outsourcing a grunt task. A prospective client is asking for recommendations for porting over 20K pages. It will require someone doing it manually since the site is a bit of a mess. I realize that there are freelance sites where users bid on projects like this. I am looking for a recommendation (either for a site or a firm to do the work) if you have one, let me know. Just to be clear I am asking about content entry and not the Drupal development portion. [more inside]
posted by rdurbin at 9:40 AM PST - 2 comments

How do I sell my iPhone 5s for the best price?

I want to sell my practically new iPhone 5s and get the 6 Plus. No retailer will trade up. I've read that there are on-line markets for used cell phones. Which will give me the best price?
posted by KRS at 9:39 AM PST - 15 comments

What is wrong with my fireplace?

The damper is OPEN. The chimney is clean. But every time I build a fire, the flat fills with smoke. Please help. [more inside]
posted by 2soxy4mypuppet at 9:34 AM PST - 20 comments

Does anybody own both 'The Flavor Bible' and 'Culinary Artistry'?

Hi all - I have a question about these two cook-books / pairing guides written by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg. I have just received 'The Flavor Bible' as a gift. My question is: should I buy 'Culinary Artistry' as well? Are there different food pairings in Culinary Artistry? I ask because The Flavor Bible seems pretty comprehensive to me. Will I be missing out without Culinary Artistry? Thanks!
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Recommend guided meditation podcasts, please.

I'm looking for podcasts that have interesting guided meditations. I've found a few meditation podcasts, but they don't seem to have updated in ages. I have an android phone and use Podkicker. I'd like sleep and relaxation themed meditations, preferably less than 50 minutes long.
posted by Kitty Stardust at 8:35 AM PST - 12 comments

Bleeding following abdominal surgery: how bad is this?

Husband had an emergency gallbladder operation a week ago. He was staying put and feeling less and less pain, until this weekend he went outside, up and down a bunch of stairs, and lifted some heavy stuff. He started bleeding from either the belly button or the incision (they are very close) yesterday, it happened again last night, and is happening again this morning. How serious is this and what could this mean? [more inside]
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My name is Connery. Sean Connery.

I've re-watched some Sean Connery films recently and have been struck by how little, if at all, he deviates from the "Sean Connery persona" in his roles--whether it's William of Baskerville in The Name of the Rose, Marko Ramius in The Hunt for Red October, Jimmy Malone in The Untouchables, etc. I like Connery quite a bit, but don't have the patience watch my way through his filmography--has he ever played a character as other than a Scottish scamp? [more inside]
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How do we determine a property's value and clearance?

My friend is inheriting a house and some land in Connecticut. There was some confusion about property lines and some chatter re: possible "restrictions" on developing the land, so they got a new property survey. There is a note on it "Rights, restrictions, encumbrances, covenants, easements, etc., as per the record may appear" Question- 1. How do they know the property is clear (if that is the right word)? 2. How to determine the current market valuation? Start w/ an Appraisal and Home Inspection? 3. Is the survey deductible? Any other thoughts are welcome.
posted by ebesan at 7:27 AM PST - 6 comments

What's the most surefire/easy way to unlock a car door without the key?

I sometimes lock my keys in my car, my friends do sometimes, I like to be uber-prepared, i already carry around jumper cables, and a small repair kit, and I'd like to add a car door unlocker kit to my car. I see a slim jim is a common tool, and an inflatable bag thingy. Is this the best way? Will it damage the paint/car? What are my options? Thanks.
posted by kikithekat at 7:17 AM PST - 52 comments

One day in Boston, with kids. What should we do?

I'll be in Boston with my kids for one day (two nights) in February. They're ages 8 and 12. Too old for the Children's Museum, too young to be set free to wander on their own. What should we do? [more inside]
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Pedometer for senior citizen?

I'd like to give a pedometer as a fun gift for an active senior; something as simple as a digital watch. Seeking one that's very easy and intuitive to use, and very simple to read and re-set. Most importantly, it must be self-contained- no need to plug into a computer or smartphone. Any suggestions? Thanks!
posted by pseudostrabismus at 6:59 AM PST - 2 comments

Gmail-like interface on my own domain, without using their servers?

I would like to use the gmail interface for my own domain. Is this possible without relying on google servers, which are blocked in China? (details inside) [more inside]
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Mulch Be Gone: Help Me De-Mulch Kids Clothes

I have a pile of tights filled with mulch. The playground at my daughter's preschool was just re-mulched and that stuff sticks to everything. Getting it out of tights and socks seems to be the worst. I've tried lint rollers, more time in the dryer, and masking tape. Are there other solutions out there that actually work?
posted by JuliaKM at 6:01 AM PST - 3 comments

Bad 401k, invest anyway?

My employer is beginning to offer a 401k in January. The provider is American. The selection of funds is ... old school: a bunch of managed mutual funds that aim for "growth" with TERs around 0.7-0.9%. I'm totally sold on low cost index tracking funds, so this is disappointing to me, but it's not going to change. I am decades away from retirement. Should I just contribute as normal to the 401k and then hope to roll it over (and change fund allocation) to what will hopefully be a more modern plan at my next employer (in a year or two). Or do I have any other options? [more inside]
posted by caek at 5:24 AM PST - 21 comments

Is Gmail free for personal domains?

Can I use Gmail for my own domain for free? Googling around suggests that this is possible, yet signing up for Google Apps for Business implies a $5 cost/month starting in 30 days. What gives? Do any of you use Gmail for your own domains? I need 2-3 email addresses to work on my domain, hosted off of Gmail.
posted by beshtya at 5:18 AM PST - 7 comments

Ein Frohes Neues Jahr in Vienna?

What should I do and see (and eat!!) in Vienna? I'm here through next Monday 5 January, and would especially appreciate seasonal suggestions. (There are some great previous asks which have some great suggestions, but not much that focuses on the holiday season.) Vielen Dank!
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Did Arthur C. Clarke change the ending to Imperial Earth?

A Facebook discussion about good books by well-known authors passing into undeserved obscurity had me looking up reviews of Arthur C. Clarke's Imperial Earth. In the comments on Jo Walton's review there's a discussion about the ending, specifically whether he wrote two distinct endings, replacing the an earlier one in later editions. Did Clarke rewrite the ending? Spoilers below the cut. [more inside]
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Good Beer in Montreal?

I'm heading to Montreal on business in a couple of weeks, and am always keen to try good local beers. Les Soeurs Grises on Rue McGill is just down the street from the hotel, but I'd love to hear of any other recommendations in or around the city center...
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December 28

In case of fire, do what?

I live in a fire-prone area in Australia. Help me think through a fire plan, given various constraints. [more inside]
posted by forza at 11:24 PM PST - 15 comments

Romantic Triple Threat! How to move forward?

I’ve fallen for my coworker-friend-roommate I’ve known for a year-and-a-half, and I need advice on how to escalate without it all blowing up in my face. We've roomed together (just the two of us) for six weeks, but I've been away for half that time. Also, we get along well and flirt occasionally, but I’m the worst at reading signs. [more inside]
posted by Nunipaht at 8:30 PM PST - 46 comments

What is an easy, preferably chocolate, non-cake dessert to make?

I'm looking for an easy, preferably chocolate, dessert to make at home that is simple and doesn't involve baking soda or baking powder. [more inside]
posted by atinna at 8:16 PM PST - 14 comments

How to cook low-fat chicken breasts

What recipes do you have for boneless chicken breast (either whole or diced)? [more inside]
posted by hal_c_on at 6:53 PM PST - 37 comments


Supposedly, no less of a luminary than Bertrand Russell described John Maynard Keynes as 'having "the sharpest and clearest intellect" he had ever known.' Incredibly intelligent people have met and worked together for centuries: what have they had to say about each other?
posted by the man of twists and turns at 6:52 PM PST - 20 comments

Level up my curtains!

Target curtains aren't cutting it anymore, where do I go to take my curtains to the next level? Is it worth hiring a professional and getting custom made curtains? [more inside]
posted by peasandcarrots at 6:27 PM PST - 18 comments

Traveling to Reunion Island

This April we're going to Reunion Island (South Indian Ocean, SW of Mauritius). The good thing is that it's well off the beaten path for US tourists. The bad part is that it's well off the beaten path for US tourists, so it's somewhat more difficult to research than most destinations. I'm looking for recommendations and advice. [more inside]
posted by kaszeta at 6:23 PM PST - 8 comments

Too late for cloth diapers?

I have a nine month old. I finally have a washing machine. Worth getting some cloth diapers? [more inside]
posted by caoimhe at 6:09 PM PST - 27 comments

Santa Fe Computer House Call

I need a reliable, competent, trustworthy computer tech who does home service in Santa Fe (NM) to help a (pretty frantic) older relative. [more inside]
posted by Eyebrows McGee at 6:01 PM PST - 14 comments

$careerfilter #121231

What jobs both suit my strengths as a research-loving humanities type and pay me a decent amount of money? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 5:47 PM PST - 6 comments

Can I use non-HE detergent in a HE washing machine?

I forgot to buy HE detergent and now I have a box of regular old Tide powder. Will I summon the apocalypse if I use the powder (a small amount) in my building's HE machine? [more inside]
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Best-FASTEST Apple repair shop in NYC?

My son's MacBook Pro's headphone jack is screwed up and he needs to have it replaced. The laptop's still on the warranty. He's already been told (by a place we took it to called Rossman's, before we realized it's still on the warranty) that he needs to replace that part of the Logic Board that holds that jack. [more inside]
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Looking for some documentaries about musicians!

Lately, I've been watching and enjoying a lot of documentaries about musicians and I'm hoping I can get some more recommendations! [more inside]
posted by modesty.blaise at 5:04 PM PST - 54 comments

Looking for travel ideas for 2015

We take a trip every year, and the past few years we've had no problem coming up with destinations. But this year I'm stumped. I've looked at other questions, but it turns out that I'm a special snowflake (just like everyone else), so details below the jump. [more inside]
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Getting an estimate on song royalties

I've started to consider the possibility of recording a covers EP. Before I do so, I'd like to find out how much it would cost to get a license to release these songs. Most of the places I've seen online look like they have an application process, but is there a way to find out what the royalty rate would be before I record these songs?
posted by pxe2000 at 4:55 PM PST - 3 comments

Seeking that peanut butter vibe

Music Mefites, I need your help seeking a music list. No need for seduction. [more inside]
posted by jadepearl at 4:12 PM PST - 6 comments

Cost of Physical Exams

I recently went for a general physical exam with a new doctor and got back a $900 bill. Is this normal? What can I do? Are there consumer rights I should be aware of? [more inside]
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Any way to save these cast iron pans?

My MIL gave me two of her old cast iron pans - very cool. But I tried to clean them using my oven's self-cleaning setting and now both have developed a crack. Is there any way to save them? Or a way to find people who can repair them? Or seal the cracks and still cook with them?
posted by debgpi at 2:29 PM PST - 14 comments

Budget tablet recommendations for D&D

I'm thinking of picking up a tablet for playing Dungeons & Dragons. I need some advice on which tablets do well with both graphics-heavy PDFs and spreadsheets. Under $200 preferred. [more inside]
posted by chaosys at 1:54 PM PST - 5 comments

Need Help Finding a Specific Job Search Article

I need help locating a specific job search article that I read at least a week ago, if not several weeks ago. It was pretty concise, but contained information I found helpful. Unfortunately, my memory is a bit fuzzy on this particular topic, and Google-Fu (consequently) has failed me. [more inside]
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Slöjd vloggers? Other Swedish vlogs and podcasts?

I'm trying to learn Swedish (I'm just starting) and I'd like to find some podcasts and vlogs to listen to. [more inside]
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Anger Diary, Day 4012

Starting in late August, I have been posting here about my increasingly constant irritability/anger, a lot of which comes up in conjunction with PTSD and/or being bipolar. When I do get through to the mental health center to try to talk about my symptoms, nurses just tell me things like “people don’t die from being angry” and don’t address my horrible quality of life. How do I get my healthcare team to take my symptoms seriously? And is there anything, medical or nonmedical, that might help? [more inside]
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To freeze before or after?

We have leftover roast beef and roast vegetables. I would like to make a stew with this but we have no plans to eat it right away in the next week or so. Should I make the stew and then freeze it and then thaw the stew? Or should I freeze the ingredients and thaw them when we are ready to make and eat the stew?
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Driving tour of Raleigh/Durham/CH/Cary to Decide Whether to Relocate?

We are going to Chapel Hill for a long weekend, starting 1/1, and are very seriously considering moving there from Brooklyn. I've read previous threads on the Research Triangle area, and we may have an appointment with a realtor set up, but we're not quite sure how to prioritize what areas/streets/towns we see, and, in particular, don't want to end up driving around aimlessly, especially with a 7 month old in the backseat. Mefites, please help us organize our time so we can make an itinerary! [more inside]
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Hot Yoga and Heart Rate Questions

I am trying to become healthy and fit. I recently tried a couple of weeks of hot yoga (not Bikram), and I really enjoyed it. However, I wonder how much I am getting out of it. When I do it, I notice that my heart rate goes up considerably, which I assume is a result of the heat and not the poses. Am I right? Either way, is this elevated heart rate the good kind, or would I need to supplement the yoga with another form of cardio, especially if weight is my goal? [more inside]
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Name this kids fantasy movie

Sometime between 1990 and 1995 I watched a medieval/fantasy movie where a boy on quest gets ~12 knights to go along with him (after resurrecting them somehow?) and then they all die, one by one, as they encounter various trials on the way. Ring a bell? [more inside]
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How to improve my relationship with my mom

Since my parents divorced, my mom grew more distant from me (and my sibling), particularly when she met a new man, to whom she is now married. I don't know where to go from here to improve our relationship. My apologies in advance for the wall of text that is about to hit you. [more inside]
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Where to eat in Den Haag

Tomorrow my husband and I are going to Den Haag/The Hague in the Netherlands for a night. Where should we eat in the evening and what should we see in our afternoon there? We're going to the Rothko exhibition at the Gemeentemuseum so we have that covered. [more inside]
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How can I learn more about traveling musicians in Europe in the 1800's?

A few years ago, before she died, my grandmother told me about her great great grandparents who were traveling musicians in Europe. I don't know how much truth there is to this assertion (we didn't talk about family history very much when she was alive), but I'd like to learn more about this subject. [more inside]
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Take me armchair traveling: your favorite works of travel writing?

I won't be able to afford much travel in the next year or two. In the meantime, I'd love to be swept away with rich and vivid descriptions of faraway places. The more introspective, the better. Can be either non-fiction or fiction; essays/short stories or longer format writing; graphic novels are fine; am open to any locations. Bonus points if it also focuses on local food, and/or has an ethnographic approach, and/or is written from a woman's perspective. [more inside]
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can you recommend an etsy shop for costume jewelry?

hi there! i have a few rings in mind that i want to have made, but in cz instead of diamonds and semi precious stones. [more inside]
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dinner in clevelend, monday night edition

where to eat delicious, local, interesting food in cleveland tomorrow (monday) night? [more inside]
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When is the best day to send a email newsletter in the next week?

I am a small business owner and am sending an email newsletter out to a few hundred people in the next week or so. It's ready to go, and I'm trying to decide which day to send it out to get the highest chance of people reading it. All recipients are in the US. [more inside]
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Tips on rehabilitating an Ikea Poäng chair?

We have an Ikea Poäng chair. It's comfortable and the frame is in fine shape. The foam cushioning is in pretty good shape too. The fabric cover, however, is in rough shape. It's seen a lot of use and spent too much time in direct sunlight. It's (unevenly) faded and worn. Have you had a good experience replacing the cover through a third-party company? [more inside]
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Need to delete the Desktop Folder Dropbox duped

Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) 64-bit PC, with 8gigs of Ram, 250 gig hard drive. Had Dropbox installed, with the Dropbox folder stored in the My Documents folder. At some unknown point, TWO Desktop folders appear in on my computer, the first in the normal location (User>Desktop) and the other in Dropbox (User>My Documents>Dropbox>Desktop). [more inside]
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Help Me Help A Sensitive Pack Rat

How can I help my sister declutter? She's in her 40's, still living in the house she shared with my parents, both of whom have died. She is a very sensitive person and will get offended and push back hard and usually has a reason why she can't do things. I don't think I am being controlling, but she is sleeping on the couch because the house is a disaster (there are FIVE bedrooms, but the clutter and filth is too much) and it's keeping me awake at night worrying about her. She does have a job but it doesn't pay well and the house is much bigger than she needs or can afford (she is in a very expensive city). More detail inside (maybe more than necessary, but since it's anonymous...) [more inside]
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Where should I live?

I work remotely (technically could work from anywhere, though it's easiest to be based in the U.S.) and I live in the Bay Area right now. Because I only make around $65,000, this isn't a very affordable place for me to live anymore. I'd like to move into a bigger apartment, and ideally would like to buy a house, so I'm considering moving somewhere else. More inside! [more inside]
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What if I just don't fit in with people?

I have the sneaking suspicion that I was born in the wrong place (or planet), and I want to come to terms with the loneliness that sometimes creeps in. Please help? Details inside. [more inside]
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What's this "dam" movie from our childhood?

On Christmas day my brother and I were reminiscing about a movie we both remember bits from but not its name. [more inside]
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How to get melted plastic off of glass?

Our son, in a fit of toddler madness, threw his polyester ball at our wood burning stove. Fortunately the stove is one with a glass door, but sadly we now have the melted imprint of a plushy basketball on the glass. What can we do, should we do, shouldn't we use to get the melted plastic off? The stove is mr brambory's pride and joy, so any help is much appreciated.
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A gaming mouse with a button for every finger?

I'm looking for something which may or may not exist: a gaming mouse which has a button for every finger. Or more precisely, a gaming mouse on which I can comfortably rest all five of my fingers on separate, fully functional button during normal use. [more inside]
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How to preserve, display, and copy a World War 2 era poster?

My family has a World War 2 era poster of enormous sentimental value. We would like to have the poster properly framed for display in a way that will best preserve it long-term, and we would also like to have a duplicate or two made for other family members (since not everybody can have the original). Where do we go for something like this? [more inside]
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December 27

First time dating – is it me, or is this just how it is, for everyone?

So, as a mid-20-something-slightly-hard-of-hearing-SF-based dude, I’d never dated before up until about three months ago when I decided to make an OKC profile. Since then, I’ve gone on a whole bunch of dates, and on the whole, I’ve found the whole experience very insightful *and* rather frustrating. [more inside]
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Retail manager monkey wants out but needs money.

I am a high-level store manager for a retail chain which, in general, does good for the world. Up until now, that's been enough to satisfy my need to do something meaningful with my life while also making decent money. It's just not cutting it anymore. Help me figure out something that will. [more inside]
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Please tell me about crossdressing

I think my son is into women's clothes. Should I be concerned? Should I say anything? [more inside]
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Here comes the non-traditional bride...

Turns out, neither my partner nor I are wedding planners so we’ve decided to elope on New Year’s Eve. Hurray! So far, we’ve had 6 days to plan since our decision. I’ve acquired THIS lovely dress to wear on the big day. Problem is, I’m not sure how to accessorize it in a way to signify I’m a bride. Looking for some suggestion for styles of jewelry, shoes, and whatnot to help me accomplish a bridal look. [more inside]
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Everyday jobs that you've found fun and enjoyable... part 2.

4 years ago mtphoto posted a great question. I really liked some of the answers you gave him then, but I also have a few more questions to add. [more inside]
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Substitute for sambal for people who can't handle spicy food?

Planning on cooking Nasi Lemak for the family for dinner tonight, but most don't like spicy food.... [more inside]
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More comfortable frames for these Uvex safety glasses?

I want to use Uvex S1933X blue-light blocking glasses, but they're too uncomfortable—they pinch my temples and the nose bridge is hard plastic. Thankfully the lens just pops out. Do you have any thoughts on where to find empty frames to which I could simply glue or tape the lens? [more inside]
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A bunch of leftover pizza in Philadelphia

What can we do with a bunch of individually wrapped pizza slices in Philly on Sunday morning? [more inside]
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How to recover mentally from a major workplace accident?

Recently I was in a major workplace accident. Even though I am healing physically, I don't know if or when I will be ready mentally to return to work? [more inside]
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Let's style that momma booty!

Until I loose that last 30 pounds from having a baby I got a bit of a belly and butt to contend with. What clothing can I wear that doesn't make me look like a sausage? [more inside]
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Egnyte. Extynguish.

Why do large file transfers to and from Egnyte fail when using my home broadband connection? [more inside]
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What was this card game that involved four face-down cards?

When I was a kid my friend and I used to play a game he called "Chinese poker." It was for two players. We sat across from one another and each put four cards face down in a square pattern. [more inside]
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Japan with an infant - now or later?

We want to take our 3 month old to Japan. Should we go ASAP or wait for better weather? [more inside]
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Was my daughter bit or scratched by a dog?

My in-law's dog licking up crumbs from my 18-month old daughter's car seat. My daughter toddled over and the dog turned his head sharply and she got a cut under her eye from the dog's tooth. I always thought any action with a dog's mouth was considered a bite but my MIL corrected me and told the urgent care doctor it is a scratch from a tooth. Which was it? Is she trying to protect her dog? I'm confused. [more inside]
posted by spec80 at 3:03 PM PST - 30 comments

Looking for PS4 game suggestions

Our family was surprised with a PS4 for Christmas and I'm looking for suggestions of games that meet certain criteria, as well as general info about the console. [more inside]
posted by valleys at 2:53 PM PST - 15 comments

Did I do something wrong that I'm missing? Isn't college $ good?

For Christmas, I decided to set up a 529 college savings account for my 7 month-old nephew. My sister and her husband flipped out, saying I am trying to use their child for tax deductions. I don't understand what I did wrong. Insight please? [more inside]
posted by bolognius maximus at 1:50 PM PST - 56 comments

Should I take medication for anxiety?

It's extremely unpleasant and has not gotten better after two years of "working through it", but it's technically "mild". Is it bad enough to try meds? [more inside]
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Cleaning a leather briefcase

I got some purple ink on my Saddleback briefcase. I tried a leather cleaner, but it did nothing. So my question is, what should I try next? (The answer "don't worry about it, stains give bags character" is actually helpful, since it'll help me come to terms with inking up my graduation present.) [more inside]
posted by middlethird at 12:30 PM PST - 13 comments

How can I clean stains caused by cleaning liquid?

I spilled some Kaboom on my toilet seat cover. How can I get the stain out? [more inside]
posted by reenum at 11:56 AM PST - 7 comments

Traveling to Key West by RV with a 5 year old

My adventurous wife and I are considering channeling our inner Jimmy Buffet taking our 5 year old son on a 4-5 day RV trip from Fort Lauderdale to Key West and back. Any recommendations for campsites, beaches, kid friendly sites, RV rentals, etc? [more inside]
posted by ZackTM at 11:32 AM PST - 10 comments

Recommendations for Maryland Separation Mediator

I'm looking for a good mediator or lawyer in Maryland who would be able to mediate a separation agreement for my in-laws. Ideally, they are near Gaithersburg/Rockville and have some familiarity with Chinese language/culture. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:18 AM PST - 1 comment

Finding a way to make a quilt from baby clothes

I am going through several of my kids' old baby/toddler clothing, and many of them have sentimental value to me. I don't want to give them away or just put them in a box(es), and I'd love to make them into some sort of quilt or blanket. [more inside]
posted by bibliowench at 10:43 AM PST - 10 comments

Cheapest, easiest debit card expenses?

My credit union has a nice high interest rate but only if you jump through some rather annoying hoops. I mostly don't jump high enough to qualify and I'd like to figure this out. I need the easiest, cheapest (ideally, automatic) debit card charges I could accomplish on a monthly basis. [more inside]
posted by amanda at 10:31 AM PST - 11 comments

Book recommendations - novels that focus on female desire and betrayal?

I'm looking for recommendations around novels that feature female characters who are conflicted about desire and involve sexual betrayal. [more inside]
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By what law are the parents of Caitlyn Ricci forced to pay her tuition?

The case has been kicking around for a while and all the comments are very excitable but don't shed much light on the judge's ruling. My instinct is to think the judge is wrong, that a child has no right to a college education, but I'd like to hear the other side. So - basically I'm looking for any links to the judge's actual ruling or the relevant law for this case.
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Did I imagine this scene from the theatrical version of the movie?

In the Woody Allen movie "Magic in the Moonlight" there's a scene in an observatory. Stanley (Colin Firth) is sleepy and lies down on a bench. Sophie (Emma Stone) is first seen sitting next to him, and then a bit later she's walking around as he awakens. This is from the DVD. I distinctly recall in the movie that was released to the theaters, he is lying on the bench with his head in her lap (not so in the DVD). The reason I remember it is that it was so unexpected. Did I imagine that?
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Close friends of the opposite sex - both happily married?

If you are/were in a happy monogamous relationship and developed a close, 100% platonic totally public friendship with someone of the opposite sex also in a happily monogamous relationship, how did you manage this? [more inside]
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How do I cope with my offensive roommates?

I'm a woman who is living with two straight cismen who routinely have loud, offensive, misogynistic/racist/queerphobic conversations in the apartment's common areas. I'd like them to stop doing this in shared spaces because it makes me and my guests uncomfortable. I need tips for talking to them. [more inside]
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Just what do you think you're doing, Dave?

In the market for a new desktop - where do I look online for solid, unbiased advice on what sort I should be thinking about getting? [more inside]
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Why is Firefox doing this?

For some months now, seemingly at random, Firefox's UI will completely freeze up. Sometimes it happens after a couple of days, but sometimes after just a few minutes. When it happens, usually it's stuck and must be closed. There's a few weird things about it though, which lead me to believe it might be a Flash or hardware acceleration problem.... [more inside]
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Saving a baby hand print painted on cloth?

For Christmas, we were given her grandson's baby hand and foot prints painted on by acrylic paint. They are on a few cheap pot holders from Target or somewhere similar. I would like to preserve them but don't know much about crafts, so what would be the best way to save them to ensure they are around for years to come? [more inside]
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Why Is Everyone Lying Down?

How do I get a Samsung WB350F camera to save portrait oriented images in the correct orientation? [more inside]
posted by joelhunt at 6:57 AM PST - 4 comments

Mania, Anxiety, and Panic, oh my!!

How do I know when what I'm feeling is simple anxiety, when it's an oncoming panic attack, or when it's becoming a manic episode, as it's coming on, rather than looking back with 20/20 hindsight and going, "Well, duh"? Blizzard inside. [more inside]
posted by The Almighty Mommy Goddess at 5:57 AM PST - 10 comments

NutriBullet Pro 900 watt blender or Nutri Ninja Pro blender?

NutriBullet Pro 900 watt blender or Nutri Ninja Pro blender? [more inside]
posted by amro at 5:32 AM PST - 7 comments

Unusual things to do in London first week of January?

The lovely boyfriend and I will be in London, UK from 2-9 January for a little R&R. We've both spent a considerable amount of time there over the past few years and so have seen most of the major sites. This time, we're hoping to discover a few things that are a little off the beaten track. [more inside]
posted by rpfields at 3:10 AM PST - 14 comments

Catsitting for an aggressive cat

I am cat sitting for 2 cats one of which is very aggressive. I have at least 2 more visits left and just want to get through it without injury to me or the cat. [more inside]
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December 26

Captivate 8 responsive design, breakpoints, iPhone 6 and heartbreak

I'm trying out Captivate 8's new responsive designs and HTML5 output and am very annoyed with how smartphones handle the HTML5 video. For now, I'm setting up alternate, video-free content for the Mobile breakpoint. But the huge size of modern phones means that their landscape viewports are often as wide or wider than the portrait viewports of proper tablets. Is there any way I can set up alternate content based on a device being a phone (popping out video in its own player) versus a tablet (displaying video like a civilized device)? [more inside]
posted by wexford_arts at 11:33 PM PST - 5 comments

What does GR-155 on this record refer to?

Yesterday I picked up a 180 gram 1995 pressing of A Love Supreme for fifteen bucks. Happy day. Prominant on the spine is printed "GR-155". What does this number refer to? Seems like an awfully conspicuous placement for it to be just a Impulse! catalogue number.
posted by jwhite1979 at 9:33 PM PST - 5 comments

calligraphy for the handwriting-challenged

I got an amazing calligraphy set for Christmas. I have never done anything of the sort before. Where do I start? [more inside]
posted by divabat at 8:36 PM PST - 11 comments

It's the next turn on, uh, your side.

I have excellent spatial memory, but you'd never know it if you heard me speak. Is this as unusual as my husband thinks it is? [more inside]
posted by Ruki at 8:28 PM PST - 18 comments

I spy, with my little eye, everything that is happening everywhere

I am fascinated by live tracking types of websites such as FlightAware and Tweetping. Where can I find more real-time website goodness? [more inside]
posted by susanaudrey at 7:44 PM PST - 13 comments

Mendoza/Maipu in late Feb?

Going to spend 3-5 days in Mendoza in late February, before heading on a bus over to Santiago. We want to both hang out in the city and bike (or drive) around tasting some wines. [more inside]
posted by yonation at 5:43 PM PST - 3 comments

Best FREE parallax Wordpress themes?

I'm looking for a very professional-looking Wordpress theme with parallax scrolling. Preferably horizontal, wouldn't mind if it were standard vertical. Something clean, simple and modern. The less glitches/bugs, the better.
posted by cyrusw8 at 5:29 PM PST - 1 comment

Can you help me find this coat?

After spending months searching for the perfect coat, in November I found this Coffee Shop toggle coat at Scheels and fell in love with it. However, today I noticed a large hole in the fabric on the back of it and had to return it. Now the coat is no longer sold there and I am desperate to find another, but every place I can find says it is unavailable/out of stock. Please help me find where I can purchase this coat in a size small!
posted by Malleable at 5:22 PM PST - 7 comments

Technical fix for keeping track of the many strands of a novel?

I'm looking for some type of software that will help me track the events and worldbuilding reveals of a novel. I have just started using Scrivener for Windows, so it might be possible that there's a relevant feature that I haven't learned about yet. My ideal would be something that lets me tag particular scenes with events that happen in them and then look at a cumulative report of all the events (tags) that have happened up till that point in the novel. [more inside]
posted by overglow at 4:47 PM PST - 6 comments

Help Me Understand People, Again

I don't like most popular movies and popular culture. My saying so has resulted in hurt feelings and angry people. Help me understand why they would be so emotionally invested in these things. [more inside]
posted by alltomorrowsparties at 3:51 PM PST - 135 comments

Wanted! Red wagon! Red wagon! (well, actually a sled)

Quality sled for a 10 month old, will need to be shipped to another state, Amazon Prime a plus but not a dealbreaker, Santa messed up my original plans! [more inside]
posted by alwayson_slightlyoff at 3:47 PM PST - 4 comments

Best hoodie for running in 40* (NorCal winter) weather?

Inspired by a bunch of threads on Metafilter, I'm looking for a hoodie specifically for running, with all the specs of this one, but at a lower price point if possible. [more inside]
posted by onecircleaday at 3:43 PM PST - 8 comments

Am I Ungrateful for Feeling Conflicted About the Engagement Ring?

My boyfriend finally proposed! The ring is hideous. What the hell do I do? [more inside]
posted by Yoko Ono's Advice Column at 3:37 PM PST - 73 comments

Sanding down acetone damaged plastic

I ruined a vintage celluloid ring by spilling acetone on it -- the finish is now rough and cloudy where the acetone ate into the plastic. Could this be repaired with sandpaper or similar, or should I consider it a lost cost?
posted by noxperpetua at 3:31 PM PST - 13 comments

I'm good at certain things. What cool stuff can I do with these skills?

These skills come intuitively to me: organizing things (email, shelves, boxes, etc.), spatial perception (navigation, fitting things into other things, rough estimations of length, etc.), and paying attention to detail. What cool things can I do with some or all of these skills? [more inside]
posted by Ragini at 3:23 PM PST - 14 comments

Accessorize this guy. Business-style

I need to upgrade my style as I move into more of a managerial role. Help please with a business card holder, padfolio, and briefcase. [more inside]
posted by fieldtrip at 3:08 PM PST - 8 comments

What is this weird stretching sensation I feel on my Quad & Knee?

I have no idea what this is. It happens primarily when I sit cross-legged for more than 10 minutes at a time. (easy cross-legged position; no fancy lotus poses or anything) Only happens on my right leg no matter which leg I have in front of the other. [more inside]
posted by rancher at 2:56 PM PST - 3 comments

Homesick for NZ Foods. How to obtain in the USA?

Recently came back from New Zealand after living there for over a year. I seriously miss certain foods/drinks like OSM (One Square Meal) bars, L&P soda, Kapiti Island cheeses, Steinlager, Black Mac's, Export Gold, etc. Been trying to find these things online with intl. shipping but failing. Many of these companies seem to not export any of their products at all. Is there some service where you can have a guy literally walk into a grocery store, buy some specific items, and then mail them to you? [more inside]
posted by taciturnpachyderm at 2:21 PM PST - 8 comments

Part of Our Tree Fell on Neighbor's Car - Who pays?

On Christmas Eve, a freak wind from the north knocked a large part of one of our cedar trees over. Part of the damage involved our neighbor's car, which was parked in her driveway. I am told that her automobile insurance is the legal payer, and, since the trees were healthy (although big), we have no legal obligation to her. [more inside]
posted by Danf at 1:58 PM PST - 18 comments

Displaying my goals so only I can see them.

I'd really like to see my long-term goals every day, but I want to keep them private. How can I display them for myself? Decorative and phone app suggestions all welcome. [more inside]
posted by sockless at 1:50 PM PST - 23 comments

I don't want to see you but here you are

I just found out that my ex is planning on attending a New Year's Eve party I am going to and it is causing me a lot of stress. Strategies for dealing with this? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:47 PM PST - 17 comments

Should I disclose my not-really-a-job-job?

I was invited to a third interview! Yay! Bad news: They want me to fill out an employment record prior to the interview. I started training at a test prep company a few months ago, and ultimately decided not to continue because it was a poor fit. I was paid for the parts of training I attended. Should I include test prep company on my employment record? [more inside]
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Fun activities for a family of nerds in Montgomery County, MD

I frequently visit my parents and sibling in Montgomery County, Maryland and I'm looking for activities we can do together. [more inside]
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Flu shots by mail?

Is there a way one can purchase individual flu shots by mail for personal use in the US - and if not, why? Flu shots don't seem to require a prescription, and it would seem like it would be much easier to just get it by mail and do it myself than have to wait in line at a flu clinic. (I've had to use injectable medication in the past, so self-administering a shot doesn't bother me, and the nasal mist seems especially easily administered.)
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Short story about a one-armed girl and a bully

My brother has been looking for this short story for a while -- help me to make his Christmas! Details: A bully is tormenting everyone in school. The main character is a one-armed girl, who is generally disliked. A boy that she likes decides to stand up for everyone one day, and fights the bully. The bully beats him up, but the boy keeps getting up no matter how many times he gets hit. The crowd starts to root for the boy, and the bully starts to feel shaken. The girl, worried about the boy, goes to tell the teacher what's happening, and the teacher breaks it up. The bully is restored to power and the boy calls the girl a mean name. [more inside]
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Oh, you thought we were done with Xmas gift questions? Think again!

I'll be celebrating christmas with my brother and his girlfriend a week late, but despite the extension, I still can't think of what to give them this year. There are many factors and a few critical elements up in the air, but if anyone can sort through it all and come up with something thoughtful and useful, it'd be Ask Metafilter. [more inside]
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Best reading & writing applications on Android and Linux?

Hi everyone! For my job, I'm transitioning from Mac to Linux (trying Ubuntu) on my laptop and using an Android phone (CyanogenMod). I'm a little new to all this. For work and for play I read and write just an insane amount of text. I write papers and nonfiction research pieces and novels and thousands of notes. I read epubs and mobis and piles o' PDFs and many many online articles. What are your favorite apps and programs for reading, writing, editing, saving, and searching/storing text on these platforms? [more inside]
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Good rollerball pens available?

What good rollerball pens are out there that produce a good line and are NOT the now-sucky Pilot Precise V7? See extended explanation for more on what I'm looking for in a pen and why the Precise V7 now sucks. [more inside]
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Good consumer electronics stores in South Jersey?

My mother-in-law's TV is out of HDMI ports. I need a switch and a cable. I can't order online-- I need to be here to set up, and leave early Monday. Best Buy/Radio Shack are last resorts. [more inside]
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Diet & Exercise

I apologize for somewhat of a redundant question, but I just went for my annual physical and my doctor told me that I need to shed the fifty extra pounds that I am carrying around. Bloodwork came back normal, but he said that if I don't take off the weight it is going to be a problem moving into the future. [more inside]
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Seahaven Towers for a modern machine

I'm visiting my mother, and we're trying to streamline her media center for her. She currently has 2 computers hooked up to her tv. One of them exists purely for playing this version of Seahaven Towers. I'm told they can't replace this computer because then they would lose the ability to play Seahaven Towers. Is there a version that can be played by a mac using Mavericks?
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When does avoiding the things that make you unhappy become unhealthy?

At what point does avoiding the things that make you unhappy become unhealthy? [more inside]
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Best state in the US for Health Insurance

Chronically ill, fixed income US expat. Is it possible to get affordable health insurance in the US? This is pretty much a hypothetical question, but I figure I’d do some research anyway. Snowflakes after the fold: [more inside]
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Can I wear these vintage pierced earrings with my nickel sensitivity?

I bought this pretty lot of vintage post earrings on Etsy only to discover that I can't even wear sterling silver any longer due to increased sensitivity to nickel. I didn't pay a lot but I love them and would be so happy to wear them. Details inside. [more inside]
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Rear-end collision (3 cars, second driver fled), am I screwed?

Hi MeFi, I was on the receiving end of a car accident which occurred last week during rush-hour. I was traveling home from work on a very busy Charlestown Ave when I got had another car smash into mine. I had a bad case of whiplash and went sorta blank for a second but after I came out of the car I noticed a busted BMW behind with a driver still sitting there. The girl from the second car fled the scene. My suspicion was that she didn't have a license or didn't own the car or both. So in short, BMW (Car A) > smashes into grey vehicle with (Car B) which in turn smashes into me (Car C). My insurance adjustor is saying this is a complicated case because of how 'many impacts' I felt or heard. What the hell does this even mean? It felt like someone hit me with a hammer. He said the first party which caused the scene hasn't yet accepted responsibility and they have 30 days to do it or not. I'm sorta left broken and had two trips to ER and two MRIs taken which showed I have an upper disc injury in neck and shoulders. The back side of my car is completely damaged with me being unable to shut my trunk. It is still drivable but it looks like hell. I don't want to dish out $500 for a rental since I'm already drowning in bills. Insurance is telling me that I can't get reimbursed for the rental until someone accepts responsibility. Is this how it usually goes with insurance companies in USA? I'm flabbergasted. Should I get an attorney?
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Living room gaming/htpc box

In which I make some queries regarding a gaming/htpc box for the living room. [more inside]
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What to do if I've used up my pepto allowance for the day - stomach ache

I have some kind of stomach bug and so far pepto has been keeping it at bay but I'm nearing the maximum daily dose (every half hour up to 8 times in 24 hours). The nausea/stomach pain seems to still be creeping back each time after the half hour and I don't know what to do after my last dose. What do I do after my 8th dose if it comes back? Is it harmful to take any more? Is there an alternate medication I can switch over to?
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Coke Classic Rock

Help me build a playlist of coked-out, airless rock songs from the 70s and 80s, in the vein of Jackie Blue, Sentimental Lady, Hey Nineteen, and Only Over You. [more inside]
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Chronic Prostatitis?

Are the groin symptoms I've been suffering from recently indicative of a chronic prostate issue? [more inside]
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I Want this Sitar Christmas Carol!!!

Where can I find this sitar based Christmas carol that I heard on NPR? [more inside]
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The Diamond Age: Familying long distance

I'm going to be a world away from my 9 year old nephew. How can I a) set up a Windows 7 netbook in a kid safe way so we can keep in touch, and b) provide some basic tech support, remotely? [more inside]
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Best apps for a Pebble watch

My husband got me a Pebble watch for Christmas. It's awesome! What are some great apps to go with it? I have an iPhone 5S.
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Shielding oneself from advertising

I've recently become aware that as much I might be aware of advertising's intent, mentally screening out all the low-level emotional messages is impossible. How do you prevent advertising from reaching you? [more inside]
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Looking for a Kindle Paperwhite cover that works as a stand in bed

I like to read in bed, and I'd like a recommendation for a Kindle Paperwhite cover that will prop up the Kindle in landscape mode so I can read in bed without holding it up. [more inside]
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restaurants in Madrid, Spain or roads exiting for 2 pm tomorrow?

At short notice we'll be flying into Barajas tomorrow at 11am, picking up family at Av De America bus station at 12.30 and driving down to Malaga. I haven't lived in Madrid for 20 years but I do know that restaurants around Principe de Vergara are unlikely to have come down in price! Are there smaller locations as we exit Madrid that would be better options for a family of 6? what's traffic like at this time of the year? what's the latest serving time? thanks..
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low-hanging piano fruits

I am a mediocre pianist but would like to come across as a much more capable one. Hence I am looking for suggestions for songs to learn for music that sounds impressive but isn't that hard to play. Thanks.
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December 25

Bernard Law Montgomery biography?

At dinner with my 85 year old uncle yesterday and he asked me if I could recommend any good biographies covering Field Marshall Montgomery. I could not but I thought perhaps some folks here might be able to suggest a solid biography or two. Uncle Bill is aware that Monty was a controversial figure and is seeking a balanced account of his life (or perhaps just his WWII exploits.) I'd like to buy one or two for him so availability in the US would be helpful. Thanks!
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Cat floor scratching behavior

My cats scratch the floor sometimes. It seems to have something to do with food. What does this behavior signify?
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What to do in Austin this weekend?

Will be in Austin this weekend, and haven't been before. What are some magical things to eat, see, and do?
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Which prepaid smartphone should I get for international travel?

I'm planning my first (and hopefully not last) international vacation and I'd like to get a smartphone for traveling that can be used on a prepaid basis for both voice and data. When not traveling it will not be used as a phone, although I'd still like it to perform double duty as a mp3/move player at home. Home is the united states and travel will be to Iceland (and beyond). [more inside]
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Do I put myself on hold to honor my parents wishes?

I have a great guy and we see a life together, I have the perfect opportunity to move closer to him and growing my career at the same time- however the parents are not cool with it all. Details below. [more inside]
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Paris, 1877. Who was the Professor?

I'm in the midst of a research project, and my subject (a first-year medical student in Paris in 1877) mentions taking "...Prof. Frény’s course at the Museum, where I got the honor to be received by him in his laboratory." The student was also taking classes at the Sorbonne at the time. Help me figure out who Prof. Frény was, and which museum is referenced. (And yes, I've already tried Google...) Merci beaucoup!
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Can you break me out of my fitness rut?

I'm looking for creative suggestions on new fitness activities (and concrete suggestions on how to get started) that would play best to my body type. Blizzard inside. [more inside]
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How do I treat a toilet that won't be used for months?

Toilet not being used for months. How do I keep it from getting gross? [more inside]
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ID this plant, please?

Hello! Can you ID this plant for me? [more inside]
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What is the right kind of device for me to purchase at Best Buy or Micro Center, if I am ONLY interested in doing NETFLIX Streaming? [more inside]
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Looking for Fortune magazines

Are pre-1940 issues of Fortune Magazine in an on line archive?
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Online or digital adult piano lessons?

I played piano for over 7 years as a child, quit playing (we moved away from the piano), but stayed in choir well into my 20's. [more inside]
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How do I get rid of things, and where do they go?

So I am at my mom's house (my childhood home) and I am trying to clean out some of the decades of detritus. Some of it's easy - recycle paper trash, donate books and clothes - but what do I do with all the other weird stuff I've accumulated? Snowflake: garbage makes me really really nervous. [more inside]
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Envious and fixating

How do I get over the envy that my boyfriend has had more exciting life experiences than I have, when I'm hypersensitive to every reminder? [more inside]
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"Run over by a reindeer" is not an option

My very difficult, very sick elderly grandmother doesn't have a lot of in-family care options left. How do we unpick this mess? Bonus family drama inside. [more inside]
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He doesn't like my Christmas.

I got my husband a painting by his favorite artist for Christmas, and never doubted for a second he would love it. I was ... incorrect. How do I keep up my Christmas Spirit? [more inside]
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Doggy personality change?

So, our dog has been a bit... weird lately, not quite like her usual self, and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this sort of thing or has any theories about why? [more inside]
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Setting up the software side

Guided by the wisdom of AskMeFi, I recently purchased a tricked-out desktop computer. It's a whitebox build, and rather than have the builders install the operating system(s) for me, I asked that they just format the drive. I want the learning experience of installing my own. I know how to find tutorials-- what I'd like are your tips and tricks, both about the OSs and the software running on them, that I might not find in a tutorial. [more inside]
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CPU overclocking resources -

I recently built a pc based on a Core i7-4790K CPU and an ASRock z97 Extreme4 motherboard and I'd like to dip my toe into the confusing, but interesting, world of overclocking. Please point me in the right direction(s). [more inside]
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Why yes, it's because of Hogfather. Why do you ask?

How does Death speak in Discworld translations into non-alphabetical scripts? [more inside]
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I need sheet music. With Christmas songs. Like, right now.

I imagined this would be really easy. Google, find, pay, download. Turns out it's not. Looking for Christmas sheet music in pdf format, available for download immediately. Needs not be free BUT I already paid for a subscription to 8notes, and the login information still hasn't arrived (after an hour), and the customer service does not operate today, so I am wary of subscribing to more sites and encountering a similar problem. Can you help? [more inside]
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How to notify online contacts of a death?

I need to notify someone's online contacts that they passed away. Complications below. [more inside]
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December 24

The Value of Growing Up Poor

My (hypothetical) offspring will know a level of privilege and wealth early on in their lives that... frankly, blows my mind. How do I make sure that my kids grow up to understand the nuances of poverty, affluence, and everything in between? [more inside]
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Marrrrrrrrrrio Bros.

On the box for the Orbo Jr. 4GB Android tablet, there is a picture of the tablet with a game on the screen. Assuming this is a real app/game (even if it's edited in later for the product packaging, which I assume it is), what app/game is it? It looks awfully similar to Super Mario Bros. 1-1, but with a pirate character instead.
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Cheapest way to send money?

What is the cheapest way to transfer money to a friend who is currently in the Middle East? [more inside]
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What books from 2014 blew your socks off?

What literature from 2014 would you consider to be the best? I'm looking for page turners that tempt you to stay up late at night and exceed your expectations to a great degree. Fiction, non-fiction, short stories, space opera, graphic novel, anything goes. I'd like the best of the year to enjoy over break, and I'd like the recommendations to come from other like-minded mefites.
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Mac app that shows image overlaid over another app?

I'm looking for an app on Mac OS X (Mavericks preferred. Can't use Yosemite). The app would simply display an image with adjustable transparency such that a second app could be positioned behind this image-displaying app, and I could see the image overlaid. [more inside]
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Bagless dogs on Brooklyn subways recently?

In the last month, I've noticed a lot of people bringing their pet dogs on the train with no bag? Has anyone else noticed if MTA has been more relaxed about this recently? This last gal strolled her black lab across the platform at Morgan Ave L in front of employees with no repercussions. Does MTA really care enough to ticket anymore? [more inside]
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Conversation stopper

How do i deal with my cousin's "magic conversation stopper?" [more inside]
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Custom DIY picture framing 2014

What are the current best places for ordering custom-sized picture framing components to assemble myself at home? [more inside]
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We Want to Break Up With Grandma.

I was legally raised but mostly neglected by a single mother who spent most of her time trying to find a husband, going to clubs, the racetrack and otherwise leaving me to my own devices since I was old enough to use a microwave oven safely. I moved 6 hours away as soon as I was able and now only see her once a year, but it's the worst few days of every year. While I believe that people do the best they can, with competent help I came to realize that I actually don't like my mother. And that's okay. I don't respect her choices and I don't like the black cloud she brings to every phone conversation and in-person visits. Pure and simple, she's a nasty, unpleasant person. [more inside]
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Trying to track down some specific Caribbean music

Several years ago (it might have been around 15 years ago) I was on vacation in the Caribbean, I believe in Anguilla although I might be getting confused, and I heard two songs during a cab ride. The choruses of these songs have been stuck in my head since then. I believe the style of music was Calypso, but I'm not an expert on Caribbean music. I'm trying to track down the artist who performed the songs and/or the songs themselves. I'm having no luck online, so I'm hoping someone here can help… [more inside]
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A very mons-y pubis

How do I come to peace with the appearance of my mons? [more inside]
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Please help me enjoy concerts in SF.

How can a non-marijuana user avoid marijuana smoke at an indoor venue? [more inside]
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Second Cat ... could be a disaster, right?

I wrote this question a while ago and now we are all settled in and getting ready to adopt a male kitten to join our established Cat. But - I've got more questions! [more inside]
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New washing machine that actually uses water?

We just got a new washing machine we want to return. It seems like almost all new washing machines use almost no water and despite the claims they don't clean well. Stains remain, hairs remain, soap doesn't get rinsed out properly, clothes dont feel or smell clean, etc. Has anyone else gone through the process of buying a new washing machine recently that has some insight on what machines actually use water or give you control over the water or at the very least clean really well?
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A lamb in two parts

I am roasting a whole lamb leg for Christmas day. I would like to cook it most of the way at my house, take it out, transport it to my sister's place and finish it off in her oven, so that it will be hot and freshly cooked when we sit down to lunch. Is this a fool's errand? [more inside]
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Christmas Eve in Chicago?

Our Christmas Eve plans in Chicago were cancelled. What should we do instead? [more inside]
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Need a lawyer for employment contract review; how much should that cost?

I have been recruited for a senior level management position at a startup. Things are moving fast and I'm about to hire an attorney — but I'm unsure of the fees and how much I might end up paying. Can any MeFi attorneys weigh in and tell me what a normal cost range would be for this kind of work? [more inside]
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Can you recommend me a website to buy cheap posters to decorate my room?

Hello, I'd like to decorate my dorm room with posters depicting famous paintings (I have the Wanderer above the Sea of Fog in mind) or abstract art such as this one. It would be awesome if it's cheap and ships internationally to France. Thanks a lot!
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How much longer can I eat it (cream filling edition)?

I made version #2 of this whoopie pie recipe, including the cream filling recipe at the bottom. I substituted coconut milk instead of milk, but did include the egg white. Somehow there is now a whole bag of leftover cream filling in my fridge. How long can it stay there and be used again to fill cupcakes or other goodies? Can it be frozen? Squeezing it all directly into my mouth immediately is also an option, if necessary.
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How can I feel better right now?

I haven't had anything worse than a mild sniffle in years, but now I'm down with a raging flu. I feel horrible and am getting cabin feverish, and I HATE IT. Do you have any tips or tricks for me to feel better right now? [more inside]
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How unsafe is wifi protected setup anyway?

I like to use long wifi passwords and for stuff like desktops,laptops,tablets with copy and paste ability it's painless. But, for stuff like my kindle/vita it's a pain in the ass. So what I have been doing is enabling wps in my routers settings and once connected turning it off again. Is this safe?
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ResMed S9 CPAP PSU in Edinburgh, UK?

Where can I get a PSU unit for a ResMed CPAP in a hurry in Edinburgh? The sole UKsupplier is in London and now shut until the New Year, and there's no post anyway. Nobody seems to be answering the phones at my London clinic or the Edinburgh equivalents. PSU is custom and has non-srandard connectors: hacking an alternative seems a non-srarter. [more inside]
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Data Scraping for Private Kindle Collection

I need some kind of script that can comb through my Amazon emails, extract the titles of books I have downloaded, then visit Amazon to create a database of titles, ISBNs, genres, blurbs, reader ratings and reviews for my collection of Kindle books. With a concordancer I can search through the resulting corpus of reviews to create my own annotated catalog. [more inside]
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December 23

Recommendations for swampy fringe folk/americana music?

Looking for music recommendations (particularly instrumental recordings) that capture the mythically haunted swampy vibe of the American gulf coast. Older/obscure/authentic tracks are welcome, but I'm also interested in contemporary americana tunes that capture the spirit of the Louisiana swamps. [more inside]
posted by myrrh at 11:07 PM PST - 28 comments

Nature photography at night?

My 7 year old nephew really wants to be able to take pictures of animals at night. He watches a lot of nature documentaries and sees the night vision video and wants to replicate it. Assume we're not going to spend thousands of dollars but between his saved allowance and Christmas money we might get up to the multi hundred dollar range - is there something that would work for this? Googling and trolling Amazon haven't turned up anything that looks like a great solution. Thanks!
posted by macfly at 9:58 PM PST - 9 comments

Physiology Question for Star Wars Fans

What is the appearance of Dathomiri blood? Color, viscosity, anything like that. [more inside]
posted by Fenriss at 8:46 PM PST - 5 comments

iTunes + Internet Archive

Is there an easy way to make concerts I nab from the Live Internet Archive play nicely with iTunes (esp. iTunes 12)? [more inside]
posted by Ufez Jones at 8:21 PM PST - 5 comments

evening computer science classes in NYC?

I'd like to take a computer science class after work, with as little hoop-jumping as possible. My interests are broad: compilers, programming languages, type theory, distributed systems, OS, numerical analysis. I am looking for relatively academic courses, basically advanced undergrad or grad school without committing to a master's program, not some kind of learn-to-Rails/MEAN/h4x0r boot camp. Is this possible? Any NYC-specific recommendations? [more inside]
posted by d. z. wang at 6:46 PM PST - 8 comments

How do I remove iTunes as a desktop in Mission Control?

How do I remove iTunes as a desktop in Mission Control? [more inside]
posted by deern the headlice at 6:36 PM PST - 6 comments

Baby steps to being a grownup about money

I am in a very privileged position, now that I've finished school and have a real job and no pressing financial problems. But I'm realizing I'm not managing my financial situation in any way, and it's about time to start taking care of myself as an adult. My mental block is that I find figuring out the whole "financial situation" to be such a monumental task that I can't seem to get started. Perhaps you all can help me break it down into some manageable chunks? [more inside]
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North Korea Internet Outages

As of this writing, North Korea has had two Internet outages in 48 hours. A lot of people seem to watch when Internet service goes down for countries and companies. But I don't recall anyone saying North Korea's Internet had gone down until within the last couple of days. Has anyone reported North Korea's Internet going down in the past?
posted by CollectiveMind at 5:14 PM PST - 4 comments

The perfect SF bar that's open on Christmas Eve?

So a friend and I are recent transplants to SF, originally from NYC. For reasons, neither of us can go home for Christmas and we barely know anyone out here. So we've decided to try to find a place to hang out tomorrow and could use advice from locals. [more inside]
posted by Dormant Gorilla at 4:59 PM PST - 4 comments

"My name is Orson Welles"

Just finished watching "The Magnificent Ambersons," and missed a crucial plot point. What specifically drove the surviving clan into poverty? There was no reference to the grandfather having made bad investments; it just sounded like they couldn't find the deed to the house. I could go read the book, but it's not the same plot. Who got the mansion?
posted by mmiddle at 3:47 PM PST - 5 comments

Facebook cover - LA

Help me find a great picture of Los Angeles for a Facebook cover image. [more inside]
posted by lewedswiver at 3:23 PM PST - 5 comments

Music software with smart playlists that's not itunes?

What non-itunes music software can make complex smart playlists based on logical rules? [more inside]
posted by medusa at 2:05 PM PST - 6 comments

Help me understand what happened to my car's engine.

Why did my car engine suddenly go bad? [more inside]
posted by fignewton at 2:04 PM PST - 21 comments

Daily writing medium

I want to get into the habit of daily writing in 2015, and one way I'd like to do this is by fleshing out a single poetic prose piece/novella/novel over the course of a year, through daily posts to a site, with possible social or RSS features so people can follow along if interested. What is the best medium for doing so? [more inside]
posted by naju at 1:38 PM PST - 7 comments

oh no. i screwed up.

In true sitcom-character form, I've gotten myself in a situation. I promised weird and exciting Christmas presents for work people by accident. I was half-bluffing half-joking, but now it has been taken seriously, and I didn't kill it soon enough, so now it is too late. And I need to deliver. By tomorrow. [more inside]
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Help me find and visit an anechoic chamber in SoCal!

Anechoic chamber filter: Are there any in Los Angeles/Orange County area? I'm really interested in trying to visit one to see what it's like, but the only ones I've been able to find are for electronic testing and are radio-anechoic, not human-hearing-range anechoic.
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Christmas breakfast in Seattle north of downtown

I'd really like to go out to breakfast on Christmas morning, without having to venture downtown or Capitol Hill. Looking for a place in Ballard, Greenwood, Phinney Ridge, Broadview, even Shoreline. Anyone know a place that would be open, or a place that has been open in prior years that I can call to check? Thanks! (Prefer a regular breakfast joint vs a fancy set-menu brunch.)
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Can I Eat It? Pot Roast

My wife accidentally left a pot roast (beef) thawing overnight last night. It was still covered in ice when I went to bed around 11PM, and it was thawed (but still cold to the touch) this morning, when we put it back in the refrigerator. Will we die if we eat this?
posted by mkb at 12:08 PM PST - 41 comments

Where's Rick's Cafe?

I'm in Reykjavik for Christmas! But what should I do? [more inside]
posted by iNeas at 12:03 PM PST - 3 comments

Walkable Urban Living in Central New Jersey (Princeton area)?

Hi All, I am a single 30-something guy that will be moving to the central New Jersey area to take a job near Princeton and I am currently looking for a place to live. I prefer to live in a walkable, urban environment where I can walk to restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores. Are there any places like that near Princeton? [more inside]
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Please Help Me With Dell Notebook Battery Question

Confused but getting there - so Dell Latitude D430 - now I need to replace the battery - and I'm seeing all these different batteries with 6 cells and more. What should I be looking for and getting? Are more cells better? Longer lasting? [more inside]
posted by watercarrier at 11:07 AM PST - 2 comments

Help a victim of enhanced interrogation

I suspect it was my no-good brother who held my vinyl baby doll's foot over an open flame about 30 years my daughter wants to play with it and is unhappy with the state of the foot. There's a substantial hole/cavity in it. Picture. Any idea how to fix it? [more inside]
posted by The Toad at 10:45 AM PST - 11 comments

Midnight Mass in Warwick, RI?

We are looking for a "midnight" mass Christmas service in Providence or Warwick, RI. We are not religious and don't live there, but nonetheless have very specific desires (after the break). [more inside]
posted by obliquicity at 10:38 AM PST - 9 comments

My ATM card won't work...

So how else can I use cash as an American travelling to Malaysia? [more inside]
posted by pullayup at 10:03 AM PST - 12 comments

"Consider Yourself" with an American / North American accent?

I'm looking for a version of Consider Yourself sung with an American accent (we're staging a musical at my school that is loosely based on "Oliver" and we want to include this song as a nod to the original). [more inside]
posted by rossination at 9:46 AM PST - 2 comments

Replicating Fage greek yogurt at home - where can I get this starter?

I'm trying to replicate Fage greek yogurt at home but I'm having trouble finding a yogurt starter with this exact mix of bacteria: L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidus, L. Casei. Can anyone suggest a source?
posted by exhilaration at 9:32 AM PST - 22 comments

This is awkward. Why yes, we met on

A friend of mine wants me to meet a friend of hers at her Christmas party tonight. I think that she may be playing matchmaker. I have reason to believe that I may have been in touch with her friend on a few months back and it went nowhere. If this is the same person, what would be an appropriate reaction on my part if it's clear that she figures this out but doesn't say anything? I am supposing that this could be an awkward situation. [more inside]
posted by Che boludo! at 9:03 AM PST - 18 comments

What are the best albums with five tracks or less?

I recently discovered that I have access to Sony's Freegal music download service via my local library, but my limit is five tracks a week. Since I prefer to get full albums, I'm wondering what your favorite albums are with five tracks or fewer. So far I have Miles Davis' Agharta but that's it. I'm a fan of jazz and rock.
posted by Clustercuss at 8:59 AM PST - 34 comments

Like This Is My Jam, except for articles, books, and other reading

I just signed up for This Is My Jam, and would like to know if a similar service exists that easily allows one to share a favorite article, blog post, book, or other reading of the moment? Must be format-agnostic, or at least able to capably document different types of readings. Similar to This Is My Jam, it would be great if this service could easily embed an image (e.g. book cover, image from the blog), allow users to add notes, and create a widget for displaying one's current highlighted reading. [more inside]
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Looking for a good multi-function tube amp.

I've been looking to make the switch to a integrated tube amplifier for my music listening. My price range is around $1500-2000. I'm a bit lost on what are good brands are, or if there's anything that fulfills my plethora of requirements. [more inside]
posted by Dr-Baa at 8:50 AM PST - 4 comments

How late can you stay at MoMA?

The museum closes at 5:30pm. Do they begin clearing the galleries then, or do they just stop selling tickets at that point? If you are already inside could you get, say, half an hour more of viewing time before being kicked out?
posted by molla at 8:25 AM PST - 6 comments

ISO Inexpensive Parking at SF's Fisherman's Wharf

I'm looking for inexpensive over-night parking in or near Fisherman's Wharf for Christmas night. We'll be taking 2 cars, but our hotel only allows parking for one. [more inside]
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80's Computer Animated Morning T.V show

Trying to remember a Saturday morning T.V. show, my brain dump is inside: [more inside]
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What are some other songs like the Nutcracker's 'Pas De Deux'?

My wife and I love The Nutcracker's Pas De Deux (yt), particularly the section that features unison strings playing a descending scale on top of the brass playing slow chord progressions. Can you recommend some other symphonies or works that have this same swelling, somber, almost gut-wrenching feel? [more inside]
posted by JohnFredra at 7:51 AM PST - 7 comments

I don't want to buy your CRM!

I have a job that I really love with a young company that involves managing relationships with current (subscription-based) customers - what is sometimes labeled in software as "Customer Success." Because the company is young, I've been granted lots of freedom in creating this role, and I'd like to seriously own it. My research efforts have stymied me, however - everything I come across seems to be selling me something. [more inside]
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What's the best glue to bond dry Fimo Air air-dry clay to an acorn cap?

Crafters, what's the best glue to glue an acorn nut made of dry Fimo Air Basic air-dry clay to the underside of an acorn cap? Is hot glue good enough? [more inside]
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Pitch Perfect lyrics question

Question about a musical number from the movie Pitch Perfect. Contains spoilers. [more inside]
posted by grouse at 7:19 AM PST - 3 comments

Good places to eat between Jersey City and Bristol, TN?

We'll be making a long car trip sometime later this winter from Jersey City to Bristol, TN. We'll pack a cooler, but any suggestions for good restaurants to eat at on 78 West to Harrisburg and then 81 South to Tennessee? [more inside]
posted by pipti at 7:01 AM PST - 12 comments

The best, the most beautiful, and the most metaphorical lemonade

It is said that "There are no mistakes, only opportunities". My mind is blown by kintsugi, the art of repairing ceramics using precious metals so that the repaired piece is arguably more beautiful than the original. Are there more things like this? [more inside]
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Favorite Fishing Spots

I'm curious as to some of your favorite fishing spots, whether they are local or they were part of a fishing trip. [more inside]
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1. Show Up 2. See What Happens 3. ??? 4. Profit!

An episode of Sports Night refers to Napoleon's Battle Plan as being: "First we show up, then we see what happens." Does this have any grounding in reality, or is it just Sorkinism gone wild? [more inside]
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Bulk picture frames.

I'd like to buy a bunch of frames for art prints I hope to sell online. Mostly standard sizing, a few slightly nonstandard panoramic sizes. Where can I find volume pricing? Thanks and happy holidays!
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What should I learn next about computer networking?

I really enjoy the parts of my job involving networking, and I want to plan out a learning path for myself. I've studied the basics, but what would you recommend next? [more inside]
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Infuriating seasonal wi-fi problems... a Christmas mystery to be solved

I have an elderly Lenovo IdeaPad G770. It's due for retirement very soon but needs to last just a bit longer. It just came back from the menders for a broken hinge and is now claiming that 'No connections are available'. But... [more inside]
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Creative ideas for turning time into money

I'm a poverty-stricken grad student writing a dissertation. I want to use what free time I have to supplement my income. Ideas please. [more inside]
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December 22

Portable speakers on par with the Retina Mac

The speakers on my 15" Retina MacBook Pro sound remarkably good for portable, low-profile speakers, and even the best ultra-portable speakers I've heard can't compare, especially on the high end. Do any ultra-portable speakers use the same "advanced design" as the Retina Mac, or are there ultra-portable speakers that truly match the levels of volume and clarity in the mids and high end as the Retina MacBook? (I'm hoping for responses specifically from people familiar with the sound of the 15" Retina Mac.)
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We need a name for our sewing business

We've been using "Pieceworks" for a small division that employs women from the families we work with to make school uniforms and small handicrafts, but absolutely no-one likes the name except me. The division is being spun off into a social enterprise and we need to rename it this month. [more inside]
posted by viggorlijah at 9:47 PM PST - 24 comments

Best point-and-shoot digital camera for someone with shaky hands?

90+% of the photos I take are blurry because of my hand tremors. Obviously a tripod would help (so I'll get one) but I'd still like to be able to take candid photos in circumstances where I don't have the time/space to set up a tripod. Are there any small, easy-to-use, inexpensive digital cameras with really good image stabilization? Thanks!
posted by Jacqueline at 8:49 PM PST - 20 comments

Android tablet is hung up on a system update

I've got a refurb ASUS ME173x tablet here, that I bought to give my one of my kids for Christmas. It's actually one of four identical tablets that we bought for our four (non-identical) kids. I've updated three of them to Android 4.2.2, per the notification that popped up on each. This last one, though, seems to be hung up on the actual installation. [more inside]
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Where to pet a fox in Ohio?

THE SITUATION: One of my good friends loves foxes. "Obsessed" is a strong word, but... she is deeply enamored. Fox socks, fox backpack, fox everything. [more inside]
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Spacehead 'pacehead 'pacehead

What's that drum and bass music video with the song that used clips from the original devvo interview in both the audio and the video, with some extra devvo footage of him smashing things and the like [more inside]
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Large printed horizontal 2015 wall planner

I found the following template online and the design really appeals the way I think and plan but (a) I can't find anyone selling this kind of printed design commercially and (b) I'd like it to be large (24"x36" aka 60x90 cm) and so I can't print up a template myself. Here are screenshots from the template: SCREENSHOT1 SCREENSHOT2 [more inside]
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the road is calling; help me answer the call!

where should i go/what should i see/what should i do between portland and zion? [more inside]
posted by violetk at 6:01 PM PST - 7 comments

Windshield Wiper Me

What are the best windshield wiper blades money can buy? [more inside]
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Can you recommend some classic or contemporary jazz albums with the same aesthetic as Sun Ra's "Sleeping Beauty"? [more inside]
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How can I find a programming job with purpose?

I've been working as a software engineer for 10+ years an I really love programming, but the jobs I've had so far haven't filled me with a sense of purpose. How can I find a job where the work I'm doing has a positive effect on the world? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 5:39 PM PST - 21 comments

Best way to organize bringing lots of food to an office?

So as part of my (New) New Year's Resolution, I'm going to be doing the Men's Fitness 7% Body Fat Nutrition Plan. It's a more involved nutrition plan than I've done before, and it involves six meals a day, four of which I'll have to bring with me to the office. I'll be doing a ton of advance prep, of course, but how do my fellow office drones/fitness geeks on mefi organize and prep and store their food when they're going to the office every day and have to deal with four or five meals before going home? [more inside]
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Which concert should we choose?

Someone I know wants tickets to a concert at Disney Hall for Christmas, but I can't figure out which to choose. Can any classical music lover take a look at this schedule for the next couple months and point out what might be particularly good? [more inside]
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Where to have a rehearsal dinner in the Milford CT area?

Mrs. Beagle and I will be hosting a wedding rehearsal dinner in October, 2015, for 15-20 people somewhere in or near Trumbull, CT (which is just outside Bridgeport). We would appreciate venue suggestions. [more inside]
posted by beagle at 5:21 PM PST - 2 comments

Uniquely fun restaurant and bar recommendations in midtown Manhattan?

I'll be coming to NYC from Jan. 1-4 with some fun party people in tow, primarily to see the Gogol Bordello show on Jan. 2. I was wondering if any kind Mefites might have some recommendations. [more inside]
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I loooove Candy Crush. What are some other browser-based games I'd like?

I got sucked into the Candy Crush vortex and hard. I'm even head over heels for Candy Crush Soda Saga. But I want some games to play on my computer, too, not just on my phone. [more inside]
posted by Charity Garfein at 5:03 PM PST - 10 comments

Can I Deduct These Trips?

Self employed person who blogs (money generating and part of the business) about a personal hobby considering a trip related to the hobby, wondering if you can consider it a business expense and tax deductible, or how to figure it out. [more inside]
posted by christiehawk at 5:00 PM PST - 3 comments

Help me reorder my after-hours life?

I recently had knee replacement surgery and it went fabulously! I have not been active in years and years due to the knee pain, and the set up of my home and habits reflect this. [more inside]
posted by harrietthespy at 4:20 PM PST - 12 comments

Pensions for convicted elected officials?

Do congressmen who have been convicted of felonies still get a pension? [more inside]
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how to deal with the un-deal-with-able

This is sort of a meta-question about how to deal with the un-deal-with-able, because I know there's no real answer here. My doctor believes that I have an immune disorder. It's not a sure thing, but that's their suspicion based on some health problems I've been having. I just don't know what to do with myself. [more inside]
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Brutal washing machine destroying my clothes: please help

I moved into a new building a few months ago, and since then the washing machine (new GE top loader, stacked with dryer) has been busily destroying everything I own. Towels and sheets come out frayed, sweaters and t-shirts sprout holes, a cuff has just gotten half-ripped from its sleeve. Please help me figure out how to protect my stuff before it's all destroyed. [more inside]
posted by Susan PG at 3:29 PM PST - 7 comments

Lawyer for Mortgage Assumption?

I'm doing a mortgage assumption for a co-op in NYC. It was co-owned and the other owner was bought out, with their name now being taken off the mortgage and the co-op stock certificate. I'm paying for a lawyer for the bank. Do I need a lawyer for myself, too? It seems straightforward to me but I wanted to be sure there's nothing I need a lawyer to do for me that the bank lawyer won't take care of.
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Help me make a restaurant journal before Christmas!

My boyfriend and I want to have some kind of restaurant journal where we can record the different items we've gotten from various restaurants and whether we liked them or not. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to make the layout. Details inside. [more inside]
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How Did the Colbert Report "Yard Sale" Actually Go Down?

Rather fervid googling turns up not a single first-hand report of attendance at the Colbert Report yard sale. Obviously, it wasn't a big advertised thing (which would have created an unwieldy mob at odds with the intentionally low-rent vibe of the bit), but the customers certainly did seem like regular folks. Has anyone seen reports re: how it actually went down?
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Looking for iPhone games that will get me out into the real world

I recently installed Ingress, a massively multiplayer augmented reality game for smartphones, which involves walking around in the real world to find and capture virtual "portals". I thought it was a neat idea, until I realized that it's a thinly disguised Google data mining project. Boo! Are there similar games which aren't (or at least don't appear to be) creepware? [more inside]
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What to make for breakfast on Saturday for 8?

I need to plan/make breakfast for 8 people on Saturday at my brother's flat. What should I make or do? There are complications including dietary restrictions, travel and lack of equipment. [more inside]
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Delicious non-starchy vegetable sides, easily scaled up for many people

My mom just called; I'm suddenly in charge of two vegetable sides for her Christmas dinner tomorrow, which will have 30 attendees. What should I make? Both dishes need to be vegetarian and I'd like one of the two to be vegan. She has the potato/starch end of things covered. [more inside]
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Punch Recipes, Please!

We're throwing a small holiday party for some friends, and we've promised to have at least two kinds of punch -- one with booze, and one without. But we always make the same sorts of punch over and over again, and I'd love some ideas! [more inside]
posted by Narrative Priorities at 1:29 PM PST - 18 comments

Accidentally caramel hair

I may have had a home hair color mishap! Help me fix it, or live with it (am open to convincing that caramel is a hot color trend)? [more inside]
posted by magdalemon at 1:10 PM PST - 15 comments

I want to work part-time.

I recently got a job as a public librarian. This is the first time I've had a permanent, full-time job and I've realized that it's not for me. I think I'd be much happier with the hours and flexibility of part-time work. [more inside]
posted by toby_ann at 1:01 PM PST - 11 comments

What restaurant for a large gathering of 35+ people?

Every year our family gets together for a post-holiday dinner at a restaurant near our house, in Durham, NC. People are coming from all over the region, so a potluck would be difficult. We normally do this at Golden Corral, but they are booked at our preferred time, and my partner and I just really, really don't like Golden Corral. What are other restaurants that can handle our party? (Details within.) [more inside]
posted by Tooty McTootsalot at 12:47 PM PST - 7 comments

Seeking Holiday Tunes

I would like to build up a large playlist of songs celebrating Yuletide, Solstice, and winter in general, but leaving out Jesus and the Christian god. Can you help? [more inside]
posted by Urban Winter at 12:36 PM PST - 15 comments

How to print an envelope or two on the Mac?

How can I simply print an envelope or two from my Mac to any printer that can handle envelopes? I'm printing directly on the envelope, but it's a standard #10 envelope--no labels, no odd sizes. I'd like USPS barcodes. I've got a copy of EasyEnvelopes and I've been trying to print from it, but nothing happens on my printer and I can't update it because they charge for it now. Printing other docs works fine. [more inside]
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How to deal with not dealing with things well

I have had a long, difficult year, and I'm starting to crack. All year, I was dealing with things pretty well and now I'm not, and I can't stop beating myself up over losing my grip. [more inside]
posted by whodatninja at 11:39 AM PST - 18 comments

Message in a (Teeny Tiny) Bottle

What would you put in a tiny glass bottle pendant, sealed with a cork? I'm making them for Christmas presents and so far, one pendant contains tiny fossilized shark teeth and gold glass glitter. Another was filled with tiny river stones. Help me find other fillers! [more inside]
posted by sparringnarwhal at 11:14 AM PST - 25 comments

Basic (but difficult) Bodyweight Workout for Self w/ caveats

I am not short on bodyweight books. In fact, Your Body is Your Barbell and You are Your Own Gym are a few. I like the first book the best but it is so jammed with stuff I don't know what I should do first to modify for my own attention. Some caveats are that I have a rotator cuff irritation so cannot do too much with overhead lifting along with a sloooooow healing plantar fascia (working through) where I cannot do certain running in place things that strike the heel. [more inside]
posted by chicaboom at 11:04 AM PST - 8 comments

Eenie Meenie Miney Movies

I'm looking for as many examples of the game "eenie meenie miney mo" being used in movies or TV shows (or video games). [more inside]
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Is there really a point to "gender" verification?

Is there any real, concrete reason for genetically testing female athletes like Castor Semenya? It seems to me to be an exercise in gender policing and humiliation rather than anything else. [more inside]
posted by Enchanting Grasshopper at 10:37 AM PST - 19 comments

How can I make a website? Or two, actually.

I need to make two websites and I am not sure how best to go about it. One needs to be a nicely maintained place to park documents; one is a place for me to post class materials and can be sort of bloggy in feel. I have a weird constellation of website abilities and am not sure how best to proceed. [more inside]
posted by Frowner at 10:18 AM PST - 14 comments

Credit card stolen, again and again and again

My credit card was stolen, again, for the fifth or sixth time this year. What gives? [more inside]
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Major "Antique Roadshow" score, or just plain cute?

Meet "Razzles" (our name for him). My son brought him home from a local (Connecticut) antique/junk shop last Christmas as a gift for his mom. [more inside]
posted by ZenMasterThis at 9:58 AM PST - 9 comments

best practices or resources for renting out your house from a distance

I may be relocating to the opposite coast for a job opportunity and will need to rent out my historic single family house outside of Washington, DC. I have a good property management company ready in place, but I wanted to tap the hivemind and see what things folks thought I should think about or be ready for. [more inside]
posted by waylaid at 9:54 AM PST - 13 comments

What the hell is this thing on my eyelid?

Seriously, what the hell is this thing on my eyelid? (Not gross, not disturbing, boring looking eyelid bump shown.) [more inside]
posted by DirtyOldTown at 8:24 AM PST - 14 comments

iPhone Klaxon Ring Tone Lost in iOS 8.1

I had my iPhone 5s set to sound the old-fashioned klaxon "Ah-OOOO-gah" ring tone under iOS 8.0. When the phone downloaded iOS 8.1, that choice disappeared. Is there any way to get it back?
posted by KRS at 8:20 AM PST - 6 comments

Monitor how much bandwidth applications on my laptop are using over time

Is there an easy way to monitor how much bandwidth various websites and applications are using on my laptop? I'm on a fairly restricted plan when home for the holidays and don't want to use more then my share. [more inside]
posted by Canageek at 7:38 AM PST - 8 comments

What's the opposite of "over your head"?

I do tech support for a complex software/hardware package and for some customers, I have no idea their experience level, and I start with the basics. I have to ask questions that might come across as very obvious to an experienced user and I want to know the safest and most tone-proof way to do this. [more inside]
posted by ftm at 7:35 AM PST - 25 comments

Kitchen sink sprayer reattachment

Please help me fix a broken sink sprayer attachment. This has nothing to do with pipes or else I would call a plumber. I am trying to reattach the base of the sprayer back onto the sink. The sink is stainless steel but the sprayer base may actually be plastic painted to look like metal. Pics: [1], [2], [3]. [more inside]
posted by bobobox at 7:19 AM PST - 6 comments

Are pen-names still a thing?

Is it acceptable to use a pen name in contemporary fiction / creative nonfiction circles? [more inside]
posted by ista at 6:51 AM PST - 8 comments

sort-of vegan seeks less deadly holiday meals

I want to add to my family's holiday traditions with vegetables. What recipes would fit? [more inside]
posted by quadrilaterals at 6:25 AM PST - 23 comments

Struggling with a needy mother

While I love my mum, she seems to see me as a centre of her happiness and the amount of contact she needs feels like a burden. How to navigate this without upsetting her? [more inside]
posted by sabina_r at 3:38 AM PST - 23 comments

How have you become OK with not being okay with some people?

I feel very unsettled when I have unresolved conflict with people, or if people don't like me (even if I don't particularly like them). Were you once like me and managed to cope better? How? [more inside]
posted by Chrysalis at 3:32 AM PST - 16 comments

Reputation in an academic department – should I stay or should I go?

When I was an undergrad, I took a class with a high-profile professor, had a bit of a personal crisis, and handled relations with him poorly. I'm now hoping to do my doctorate in the same department. Do I have a chance of forging a good academic career there, or should I move on? [more inside]
posted by jejak at 1:53 AM PST - 17 comments

Methods for maintaining children's culture and language

How do families maintain cultural heritage and language when living in other cultures AND the parents are the exclusive transmitters of home country culture (I.e. there are no nearby communities and infrastructure for language lessons, cultural activities and groups)? [more inside]
posted by k8t at 12:28 AM PST - 10 comments

December 21

So I'm the common denominator, right?

I'm struggling with the idea of not internalizing rejection and trying to come to terms with why I've had so much trouble with relationships in a romantic context. Normally I'm able to make really good decisions, but for some reasons with relationships I seem to be hitting the proverbial brick wall. Please classify my snowflake. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:42 PM PST - 14 comments

Insecure Attachment in Relationships - resources please.

My marriage can be very good, but it can also be very challenging, and has been particularly so in the past few months. Based on our interactions, I've been reading up on attachment and suspect that we both struggle with different types of insecure attachment. I'm looking for resources (online or print) that can help me better understand how our different issues are playing out in our relationship. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:40 PM PST - 3 comments

I want to want you to want it (that way)

I am having trouble directing my kinky desires towards my long-term partner. Help? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:39 PM PST - 8 comments


What is the deal with buying a car from a NIADA member? [more inside]
posted by falsedmitri at 9:29 PM PST - 6 comments

I want to wear serious and fun grown up clothes.

I love making outfits. How do you find chances to wear clothes that are not office clothes? [more inside]
posted by ichomp at 8:54 PM PST - 7 comments

Is there a dive medic in the house?

Blindingly painful headaches upon surfacing after scuba dives. I know it isn't related to dehydration, mask being too tight, or trouble equalizing as I have been addressing these potentialities methodically to no avail. More relevant details inside. [more inside]
posted by egeanin at 7:05 PM PST - 9 comments

Why has my dog turned into a puke machine?

My dog seems to be suffering from a stomach bug and I'm not quite sure what to do. Exhaustive details inside. [more inside]
posted by zeusianfog at 5:48 PM PST - 11 comments

cheap Chicago parking for short visit

I'm staying at Hostelling International. It's near the corner of LaSalle and S Michigan, practically adjacent to Millennium Park. I'll try to use public transit as much as I can for the 3 days I'm here, but I expect to use my car a couple times. I'm willing to trade a little convenience to save a little money. Where should I park? Thank you.
posted by stuart_s at 4:45 PM PST - 6 comments

Hit me with some cross-rhythm!

I'm looking for simple examples of songs that use cross-rhythms or polyrhythms. [more inside]
posted by still_wears_a_hat at 4:18 PM PST - 11 comments

Paleo and/or Whole30 "granola" bars

What is your favorite packaged whole30 and/or paleo snack bar?
posted by gocubbies at 4:18 PM PST - 9 comments

How do I fix the rear light on a 2003 Pontiac Sunfire (4-door)?

One of the rear lights on my car has gone out. I believe it's just a burnt out bulb. The problem is that I can't figure out how to change the bulb. I've inclued a few pictures to show which light I'm referring to and the backside "access" to that light. How do I fix it? [more inside]
posted by asnider at 4:12 PM PST - 6 comments

How to wire a dimmer on a 3-way switch?

Need help wiring a dimmer on a 3-way switch circuit. [more inside]
posted by Mid at 4:09 PM PST - 13 comments

dirty town kitty children's book?

For years I have been looking for information about a children's book about a mother cat and her kitten and a (coal?) town where it was so dirty that no cat would stay there, despite the wishes of the inhabitants. The mother cat has to make a trip and isn't sure she can leave her kitten in the dirty town, but someone comes out of a building (maybe, where all the residents have chosen names they'd give a kitten if they could have one?), and (maybe beats a pot with a spoon? and) calls out all the cat names one after another in hopes of calling the kitten. Mother cat is convinced and leaves kitten. [more inside]
posted by diodotos at 4:02 PM PST - 3 comments

Need me that Smashbox photo finish primer stat!

I think a MeFite once linked to an awesome website that sold all my favorite brands (Smashbox, NARS, MAC, Urban Decay) at a discount, and it was reputable. Does anyone know which one it is or any reputable website that you've used, sells at a discount and is reliable?
posted by discopolo at 3:48 PM PST - 2 comments

Help me find the perfect pink creme blush.

I love the crème blush in the Too Faced "The Secret to No Makeup Makeup" palette. However, they don't sell that blush individually and I don't want to have to buy the whole palette for just the blush if other options are available. Please help me find a replacement creme blush! [more inside]
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Sex Pain

I'm starting to be sexually active after a long hiatus. I'm having issues that I've never had before. Let me tell you the details! [more inside]
posted by kittensofthenight at 2:37 PM PST - 20 comments

Who does good photo printing in Midtown East NYC?

I'd like to get some digital photos printed tomorrow (Monday), and I work in Midtown East. I don't trust drugstore printers- they rarely seem to keep them calibrated correctly. I don't need retouching or anything special, just some good quality 5x7 prints. Online submission is nice, but not required. What are my best options?
posted by mkultra at 2:26 PM PST - 3 comments

Jurors liable if they find someone competent who later injures someone?

I am an attorney assisting with the representation of an elderly man in probate court in Michigan. Certain family members of this man are trying to have the State of Michigan declare the elderly man incompetent and to appoint a guardian in probate court. The attorney for these family members has hinted to the jury that the jurors themselves could be liable later if they find the elderly man competent and do not appoint a guardian, but then he subsequently goes out and injures someone somehow. [more inside]
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Who sells fukubukuro (mystery bag) style items online?

I know of both Woot's Bags of Crap and Meh's fukubukuro, as well as Archie Mcphee's Mystery's mystery boxes but I'd love to know of more. I really like the idea of buying random stuff online, and nothing better than literally buying a random assortment.
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Help me remember this novel about a fake death

I've searched without success for a novel that I read and enjoyed sometime in the 90s or early 00s. As I recall, it was about a man who had to fake his own death (maybe he had accidentally killed someone?) and started a new life, working as a photographer. He caught something big on film (possibly a fire) and became an overnight sensation. The price for his works went through the roof but it brought him to the attention of someone from his old life and he had to disappear and start over again. He was trying to be a photographer, but since he no longer had any name recognition, no one was interested in his work. [more inside]
posted by Wet Hen at 1:55 PM PST - 2 comments

Getting data off a broken external hard drive?

I have a maxtor 1tb external hard drive which is broken - it kinda works but then starts clicking and the playback locks up or the data doesn't transfer. Is there any software that can deal with this and reset the head and try again, and remove as much of the data as possible? Preferably free - I am currently using ubuntu - but anything that works will do.
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Can I get a poem printed on canvas before Christmas?

I am looking to get a poem printed on canvas.... before Christmas. I am in Manhattan, NYC. Does anyone know of either a place locally or somewhere online with rush shipping that I can get this done?
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Like Taylor Swift, but for people who don't like Taylor Swift

What is some music that will be liked (hopefully loved) by people who like Taylor Swift and other sorts of Top 40 pop/country, but that I as a person who hasn't gotten into that genre much will also love? [more inside]
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Help Me Find a Doctor in Richmond, Virginia

I am a 44-year-old guy who recently moved back to Richmond, Virginia. I am looking for a general practitioner so that I may channel my mid-life crisis into health and wellness, starting with a physical examination. Who would you recommend? [more inside]
posted by 4ster at 11:32 AM PST - 2 comments

Can I get my AppleTV to speak Thunderbolt?

Trying to connect an AppleTV to a thunderbolt (a1407) monitor from Apple. The monitor has not HDMI in. A quick look around online mostly reveals naysayers but I am hoping the mighty hive mind can do better. [more inside]
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Desserts for the unmotivated

What dessert can I bring to a family holiday get together when I've lost all my love of baking? [more inside]
posted by Aranquis at 11:00 AM PST - 35 comments

Restaurants in NYC open on Christmas + Food Allergies

Hi! Looking for two restaurants that are open on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day. I'd like one or both of these restaurants to be somewhat upscale. They should be able to accommodate vegetarian + no dairy + no shellfish + no fish. At more expensive places they're usually very helpful and willing to prepare me something off-menu, but I'm having some trouble narrowing down the field. Brooklyn ideal, Manhattan okay, Queens is probably pushing it. [more inside]
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Help a hacking amateur singer out?

I'm singing in the chorus of Handel's Messiah tomorrow at Carnegie Hall, and as luck would have it, I seem to have caught a whale of a cold, which by now has more or less calmed down to just a pretty bad cough. I'd rather not collapse in the middle of the Hallelujah Chorus (or any other choruses, come to think of it). Any advice for dealing with a pretty bad cough in the short term when you can't just take to your bed? [more inside]
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What arrangement of What Child Is This did I hear?

A few years ago I heard on a classical radio station a version of "What Child Is This" that I'd love to find again. It was for choir, either alone or possibly with piano? and the harmonies became increasingly... strange. [more inside]
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Gift for Utah lover

I'd like to give a gift to someone who adores Utah and will be making his second trip there next year. Any suggestions for the best travel books or some kind of unusual service/gift certificate I could give him? He likes wide open spaces and adventurous travel off the grid.
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Japanese Comfort Food

A friend of mine is having to be in the hospital for the next ten days or so. I've promised him I'll make him dinner when he's out, and his request is for Japanese comfort food. I've done some googling and ramen and/or miso soup was already going to be on the menu, but I'm really interested in vetted/actually-from-Japan recipes and I don't have enough knowledge of Japanese cuisine to evaluate them. [more inside]
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How do I interpret air quality numbers?

If an air monitoring station near me says

Ambient Air Quality Standard for PM 2.5:
Annual Standard: 12 µg/m3
Daily Standard: 35 µg/m3 [more inside]
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More Spicy than Sweet

Another Christmas gift question! My older brother loves to BBQ – and since we live in the Southwest, it’s grilling season. Last year I gave him a box of spices from Penzey’s, so this year I’d like to give him a nice set of BBQ sauces. [more inside]
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Making family recipe Christmas pudding in Seattle

Where can I buy zante currants and sultanas (golden raisins) in Seattle? Amazon has some options but the reviews appear mixed, so ideally I'd buy them in person.
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Need help blocking spam with Postfix

I've been getting increasing amounts of spam through my Postfix server, and I'm not clear on why my header_checks isn't able to block it. Any ideas? [more inside]
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Family Drama Filter: Help me distance myself from a parent

I've come to realize over the years that while I love my father, I am so different from him, and do not share his and his wife's (he is remarried) lifestyle and values and really wish I could come to accept it and completely distance myself from them. Please help me do this. [more inside]
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How to keep people informed by web/email about my father's illness?

We are looking for a good way to keep people informed about my dad's cancer treatment. Specifically: I'd like to be able to write posts that are visible on a blog or site of some sort, but that can also be sent to a couple dozen friends and family members by email. I looked at caringbridge, but it looks like there's no way to automatically sign people up to get email updates: They have to sign in and set their notification options, which seems more complicated that we'd like. [more inside]
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I'm hungry. And bored.

Can you recommend any unusual restaurants in the Boston area? [more inside]
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Non-boilerplate resume help, on the double!

Yay! Almost a year after taking the NYS Civil Service/Professional exam, I finally got my first canvass letter, from the NYS Insurance Fund, asking me about my interest in being considered for a Personnel Administration traineeship. Going by my previous questions, you might imagine that I'm VERY, VERY interested.. They want a resume before they'll even consider an interview. That's a problem. [more inside]
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Barney's "Castle So High" chords/tune - what are they reminding me of?

The chorus of Barney's Castle So High, starting around 19 seconds into that video, is giving me a massive dose of "I've heard that tune before!", but I can't put my finger on where. Any ideas? A musical, maybe?
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Hit me with your foundation recommendation: yellow-based.

I'm looking for a yellow-based foundation that will cut some of the pink in my face. [more inside]
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What should the future with my ex look like?

My husband cheated on me and left me after nearly two decades of a wonderful, loving, respectful marriage. The betrayal came out of nowhere, and involved emotional and on occasion physical abuse. I can't just go no contact, because we've got a daughter, we're financially entangled, and we will be for years. I am having trouble forging a new, post-marriage relationship with him because I'm deeply hurt, raw, angry, sad, and disoriented. I also can't picture what that relationship even looks like. And he has asked to spend all day on Christmas here at the house ... I don't know if I can handle it. [more inside]
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Post-coital repulsion

I use sex-related words in my question, so I've placed it in the extended area in case anyone is browsing at a prudish workplace. [more inside]
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Twisted and weird, disturbing but not gory

If I like(d) The Babadook, Confessions, Under the Skin, Gone Girl, and Welcome to Night Vale, what should I read/watch/listen to next? [more inside]
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December 20

Looking for new space opera games

My favourite games in the world are Ur-quan Masters, EV Nova, FTL and Out There. What other Mac, PC, or iOS games like this should I be playing?
posted by Dag Maggot at 10:55 PM PST - 11 comments

Strep throat in the wrong country

I am almost positive I have strep throat. I'm in the US for the holidays but I live in Canada and all my health insurance is based there. What are the easiest, cheapest options now? [more inside]
posted by raeka at 10:03 PM PST - 9 comments

Decline request from colleague with minimum damage to relationship?

A couple of months ago a coworker asked me if I could help him, in exchange for a fee, write a rather lengthy research paper which he needs for career advancement. At the time I said I would be busy till January, but that I would probably be able to take up the assigment then. But things have changed... [more inside]
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Help me fix audio problems with my desktop PC.

Until recently, I was able to plug headphones or audio cables running between the Line In jack on my monitor into the green Line Out jack in this picture, and successfully hear sound. I don't know what happened, but now I get nothing. There has been a weird unprompted change in my volume control settings: it looks like this when before I'm pretty sure it was a speaker icon. I can click on the slider and do a test like so, but no actual sound comes out. Can you help me troubleshoot?
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Can birds fog up windows/mirrors?

Imagine a large bird like an ostrich. Could its breath fog up a window? We are watching Jurassic Park and wondering if the raptors' breath could fog up the window in the kitchen door.
posted by curious nu at 8:41 PM PST - 4 comments

The job(s) that got away

So, after an 8-month long job search since graduating, I've finally found a job in my field (hooray!), but I still feel a bit sad when I think about all of the jobs I didn't get. How can I stop thinking about these missed opportunities and focus on what lies ahead? [more inside]
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Martha Stewart/Le Creuset

Back in the late 90s, I remember seeing in a catalog a Martha Stewart line of Le Creuset cookware. What I remember is that the pots were light brown on the outside and eggshell blue on the INTERIOR. Google image search is showing me nothing, but I SWEAR these existed. Does anyone else remember this? Do you own this? Do pictures exist of these? [more inside]
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What to do in Berlin on Christmas Day? and the next 6 days...

We're headed to Berlin for the holidays. We have a general sense of where to go and what to see from previous MeFi posts but wonder specifically: What's the city like on December 25th and over the holidays in general? Are there any activities, sights, events occurring during this time that we shouldn't miss? Oh, and where should we eat? [more inside]
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Need to sell a car, Title not available for 1-2 weeks (Oregon)

I'm selling a vehicle and for reasons I'm unable to answer have somehow misplaced the title... [more inside]
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The Professor Is In

Where can I find a classic, professor-style tweed blazer... cut for a woman? (Serious bonus points: before Christmas??) [more inside]
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Oh crap, not again! PadFone X and bumblefingers.

Is it possible to have two phones, one number? [more inside]
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I need to melt conte crayons

Do you have experience melting not crayons but CONTE crayons? Conte crayons typically come in rod shapes. I want to melt the rods down and re-form them into flat slabs, probably 3x3x1/4" for use in sketching. For normal crayons I'm seeing a lot of crafters do 350-400° for 15-30 minutes, but I don't want to ruin my contes. I know their composition is different that regular crayola crayons, they being wax and fine clay and pigment, not just wax and pigment. (I believe) Any help appreciated!
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What's wrong with my electric cordless kettle?

My cordless kettle is one of those plastic ones that has a small lever switch at the bottom of the handle. Normally you would fill the kettle with water,set it on the circular base (that plugs into the wall), and then push the switch down. When the water boils, the switch pops up. However, recently, when I fill the kettle and put it on the base, I can't push the switch down. This only happens intermittently. Why? And how can i fix it?
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Depressed, distant and asking for space. What to do now?

I've been seeing a guy exclusively for 2 months, sleeping over 3 nights a week with nice dates. We're in a gaming group together. On 2 occasions he murmured I love you while half asleep. We never went a day without texting good morning/good night and we chatted frequently. Our dates were getting longer, and Monday morning he acted enamored. He messaged me as usual to gush about me. By the end of that day, he already seemed distant. By Thur he had still not mentioned seeing me again. When I asked if he wanted to hang out after the party or Fri, he didn't acknowledge the question. He seemed very interested in chatting about everything else but no longer seemed interested in flirting/sexy talk. We were attending a party Thur and normally he says "Excited to see you!" but he didn't even say it back. At the party, he was affectionate & seemed himself at first. When it was time to leave, he was distant, avoidant to the point of being rude, and gave a lame excuse for wanting to hang out Friday instead. [more inside]
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In what way are our wants actually bounded?

It is said that economics is about scarcity, and scarcity is defined by economists as the fundamental economic problem of having seemingly unlimited human wants in a world of limited resources. What economists and other social scientists have cried out and poked at this idea? [more inside]
posted by curuinor at 4:42 PM PST - 6 comments

Is there a service that will print & snail-mail PDFs?

I tried an online text form-to-postal-mail service, and it left me a bit disappointed. It charges by the page, and the text formatting controls are minimal. Even images aren't allowed. Is there a service that will let me upload a PDF and then mail it (in the U.S. via postal mail) to an address I specify?
posted by circular at 3:53 PM PST - 4 comments

Best way to organize a bilingual comic book

I am trying to write a memoir comic book about my time in Cairo, Egypt. I'm in the very beginning planning stages, and am trying to figure out the best way to make both an English and Arabic version. I'm planning on drawing the comic by hand on paper and using water color (here is a preliminary version of the first page to give an idea of what the comic will look like), but I would appreciate advise on how to set myself up so that I can easily add the text in another language at a later stage. More questions inside? [more inside]
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how to curtain curved window?

I have two small (2' across, 6' high) convex windows in my living room. I really want to put one sheer panel up in each, but the wall and frame portion are also convex. To imagine, it's an old Victorian house with turrets and other architectural peculiarities. [more inside]
posted by tippy at 3:20 PM PST - 5 comments

Was this a weird thing to do or am I just having major anxiety?

How can I escape a spiraling anxiety and shame based mood and be realistic? I'm drivong myself crazy. [more inside]
posted by anon1129 at 2:45 PM PST - 32 comments

Mac iTunes users: How do you deal with miscellaneous MP3s?

I recently switched to an iMac after a lifetime of being a PC user. It's been great, except for this one mystery: What's the best way to play single MP3 tracks that you don't much care about, without them mucking up your pristine iTunes database? [more inside]
posted by flod at 2:41 PM PST - 12 comments

Best Of Silver Age, Marvel Unlimited Edition

Looking for Marvel Unlimited Titles, Snowflakes Inside [more inside]
posted by KernalM at 2:33 PM PST - 6 comments

Hive Mind: please recommend a Brave Little Toaster

Yesterday the last of a long line of El Cheapo toasters finally kicked the bucket and I need a replacement. Except, this time I want the Rolls Royce of toasters and price is no object. What do I buy? [more inside]
posted by ninazer0 at 1:48 PM PST - 21 comments

Experiences with MPH degrees...would you recommend one?

I've been thinking about an MPH (Master's of Public Health), but I'd like to hear about others' experiences. How did you decide on an MPH? How was it getting employment? Are you satisfied with how it's worked out career-wise? Anything else I should know - is there a "bubble" of grads, for instance? Thanks!
posted by Seeking Direction at 12:53 PM PST - 10 comments

Salutations from the 1950's

My mother just sent me a Christmas card addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lastname". Help me prove to her that such a salutation is outdated and that my identity didn't get swallowed up when I got hitched. [more inside]
posted by Elly Vortex at 12:16 PM PST - 38 comments

Please help a tech dummy remove malware from her Mac!

My husband somehow got malware installed using safari. The malware is a popup that will not go away and looks like this. We have a mac running OS X. What do we do? Truly, we are tech dummies and need instructions a 6 year old could follow.
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How do I protect myself emotionally as a submissive?

I'm a bi female in my early 30s, just out of a decade long very vanilla relationship. I live in NYC and have been exploring my submissive side. Really enjoying it. Like, alot. I have never had better sex in my life and it is amazing. I am extremely submissive and I'm having a little bit of difficultly making sure I am emotionally safe. Because of the nature of my situation, I can't really talk to my usual family or friend connections when I need to vent. [more inside]
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ShoeFilter: Help me find slip-on sneakers with fixed laces

I love these casual men's Diesel sneakers, which are slip-on but also have fixed shoelaces for appearance sake without the need to tie/untie. Unfortunately, Diesel doesn't make them anymore. Can you help me find similarly styled slip-on sneakers that have fixed laces and are available for purchase?
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Not loud place near SF Ferry Building to share a drink on first date?

Hi! I have a date planned near the Ferry Building and would like to get a drink somewhere not too loud. I went to Local Edition a month ago and found we had to YELL above the chatter of the bar. I would like to avoid that again. Where would you recommend?
posted by yaymukund at 11:07 AM PST - 13 comments

Pro tips for setting up iPad for elderly mom

This question - how to set up an iPad for an elderly relative - has been asked frequently before. I'll summarize what I learned from those threads and ask a few new questions related to new iOS 8 features and cases, keyboards, and styluses. [more inside]
posted by kovacs at 10:20 AM PST - 11 comments

How can I get a plastic shopping bag out of my tree?

There's the remnant of a plastic shopping bag caught in a tree in my backyard. It bothers me. It's about 20 feet (maybe 25 feet) off the ground. It's not visible in summer, but very visible in winter. Here are a couple of photos. The bag is circled in red. [more inside]
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I'm looking for a solid science fiction novel...

I'm looking for a solid science fiction novel to enjoy and then send along to a friend whom I owe a book. Recommendations will be much appreciated; a few details are provided below the fold. [more inside]
posted by mr. digits at 9:44 AM PST - 36 comments

Trying to think of a song...

I was listening to this number by a Pakistani band earlier this week. It has lots of lovely synth-pop elements infused with punk energy, and reminds me feverishly of a song from the 80s (or the 90s?) by a band similar to New Order (especially the part from 2:35 - 2:55). [more inside]
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Inspire a lapsed foodie to eat healthier

Ever since daylight saving time hit this year, I have gone from "eager and willing home chef who loves her grains, fresh veggies, lean protein, and fun but complicated recipes!" to a lazy, uninspired glutton of convenience foods. HELP. [more inside]
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Tips to Pass the Adobe Certified Exam for Photoshop

I have a little over a month before I take the Adobe Certification Exam for Photoshop. I bought a study course that supposedly has a 1:1 correlation with the exam, and I am really struggling with the magnitude of the keyboard commands I have to memorize. If you've taken and passed this specific test, do you have any tips for me? [more inside]
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Interesting Recipes using Prepackaged Gnocchi?

I have a 1 lb. package of tri-color gnocchi. I need to make some kind of dinner with it, but we're exhausted of red marinara-style sauces, and I can't handle eating an Alfredo-style cream sauce. What can I make for dinner with this? [more inside]
posted by PearlRose at 8:39 AM PST - 19 comments

French spelling question - rýsistant aux instead of résistant aux

I bought some French glassware (Lys brand) recently, and the descriptions on the box had some unusual spellings that I hadn't encountered before. É was changed to Ý ("résistant aux" was written as "rýsistant aux"), and À was changed to Ô (so "adapté à" became "adaptý ô"). Can someone explain this for me?
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Sober living communities in New York - do they exist?

Sober living communities in New York - do they exist? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:50 AM PST - 11 comments

Christmas gift for Columbian guests

My family is hosting a teenage girl who is an orphan from Columbia for Christmas eve. She is here with one of my sisters as part of a Catholic Charities and KidSave program which helps older kids to network with people to look for potential adoption candidates. [more inside]
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Amazon won't ship certain items to me in China.How do I get around that?

There are certain items I cannot buy in China. So I tend to use Amazon for cases like this. But there are some items they refuse to ship to me here. [more inside]
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December 19

Android phone being picky with video files

I'm trying to e-mail a couple of .mp4 videos to my girlfriend's LG G3 Android phone. The first one worked fine, but both of my attempts of the second video are apparently an "unsupported file type." I encoded the videos myself from QuickTime .mov source videos using Avidemux, and I'm at a loss as to why one works but the others don't. (technical info inside) [more inside]
posted by clorox at 11:12 PM PST - 5 comments

Name that patch of ground I took a picture of!

I took these pictures last winter during two commercial airline flights -- one from Boston to Detroit, and the other from Phoenix to Detroit. There are a lot of landscapes I'd like to identify geographically. Can you help me fill in the blanks more specifically?
posted by not_on_display at 11:10 PM PST - 15 comments

googling "poems about death??"

What's the name of this contemporary poem about death and uniqueness? Details I'm sure about: the poem was fairly short, fairly contemporary. It was about how upon death, the world would lose the small, unique details of a person (their laugh, way of speaking, etc.) and would have to remember them. It was literary and not too obscure. The mood was warm and melancholic. [more inside]
posted by glass origami robot at 9:13 PM PST - 4 comments

Driving from Seattle to Austin... tomorrow

I've driven cross country many, many times, but never this route and never in winter. We're taking interstates to SLC & Cheyenne, then south on 25 into NM; I've checked weather conditions and everything seems hunky dory. We've chains, new tires, and an Odyssey in good repair; any advice on making this trip would be appreciated: essential apps, websites, etc. (tho we've already been to AAA for my first Triptik in 30 years- yay!) Bonus points for suggestions on saving money at pet-friendly motels... Thanks!
posted by carterk at 9:03 PM PST - 13 comments

Identify this mystery gift, please!

My sister recently had a young Japanese student staying with her family. As a parting gift, he left one of these small mat type things for each of her young girls. She didn't ask what they were at the time, we don't read Japanese, and we're both stumped. Can you tell use what they are? [more inside]
posted by Dorinda at 8:33 PM PST - 10 comments

Scrabble Peeve Filter

Is there some kind of discernible justification for the allowance of the word "em" (meaning, the letter "m") in Scrabble, and not, say for example, the "word" "ee" (meaning, the letter "e")? I mean, who the heck decided "em" was a word, and if it is, why aren't all letters "words"?! [more inside]
posted by latkes at 7:32 PM PST - 20 comments

Paranoid of my internet footprint

I have a future plan which includes working in an ivory tower then sliding into the political scene after I rub elbows with those who hold the power and money. I wish to participate in online discussions, but am worried about future foes using my words out of context or my attempts at humour winding up being offensive. Do I just continue to watch conversations from the sideline or should I just try to be careful with my commentary? [more inside]
posted by This is the decision I made. at 7:22 PM PST - 15 comments

How to do business in Colombia?

How do Colombian think? The do's and dont's of doing business in Colombia. [more inside]
posted by yoyo_nyc at 7:16 PM PST - 8 comments

How to handle a toothache for four days?

I have a fairly painful toothache due to an exposed nerve that started a couple days ago. Unfortunately, I couldn't get in to see a dentist until next Tuesday, but the pain is definitely getting worse. I'm probably going to go to the campus clinic tomorrow to see if I can get some painkillers (and maybe antibiotics if they decide I need them), but are there any other ideas out there for dealing with tooth pain? I'm not a huge fan of taking opiates for longer than I need to (drowsiness, addictive potential, acetaminophen side effects, etc.), and I've found that the oral numbing gel is ineffective.
posted by PlasticSupernova at 6:40 PM PST - 14 comments

How do I stop feeling like this?

It hurts me to recognize that I will never be the person I have dreamed of. How can I learn to be okay with this? [more inside]
posted by 8LeggedFriend at 6:37 PM PST - 22 comments

Exporting iPhone SMS Messages - How To?

I have a bunch of text messages that I need to use to substantiate certain statements. I would like to export many messages from my phone, for two reasons... [more inside]
posted by Mister_A at 5:04 PM PST - 6 comments

Generating Income with a Property.

Anyone have any creative ways to generate income with a property other then renting or selling it? This is a multi-million dollar property I am in possession of, but can't sell or rent. It's located in NJ about 30 minutes from NYC.
posted by MrLLG at 4:14 PM PST - 15 comments

Worst christmas present evar!

I'm pregnant. Do I tell the boy*? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:03 PM PST - 57 comments

2015 wall calendar

Recommend me a neat 2015 wall calendar whose purchase benefits a good cause!
posted by threeants at 3:56 PM PST - 6 comments

Perfecting Percussive Prize

I'm trying to find some music with simple instrumentation and composition with a focus on drums/percussion/heavy guitar and intense/strong vocals. I'm not sure how to describe what I'm looking for, but I do have a couple of examples. I blame the bear for reviving this intense need... [more inside]
posted by ThrowbackDave at 3:43 PM PST - 8 comments

Best cross-platform free messaging option for 9-year-olds?

My 9-year-old daughter has an old wifi-only iPhone. Her 9-year-old friend has an old wifi-only android phone (i.e., neither is on a contract). They want to be able to message each other for free. What's the best option? [more inside]
posted by leahwrenn at 3:26 PM PST - 15 comments

Optometrist recommendation for Portland, OR?

I've been putting this off for too long, so it's time to see an optometrist. Ideally in the inner east side, or around Portland State. Thanks!
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What is there to do in Austin on Christmas Day?

We're going to be in Austin for several days before and including Christmas Day. What is there to do on Christmas Day, including places to eat (bonus for vegetarian) - i.e., what's open?
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Truth or Consequences

I am taking my partner on a long weekend trip to Truth or Consequences, NM as a Christmas gift. I don't know the area at all, so I'm looking for suggestions on what not to miss while we're there. [more inside]
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chocolate chocolate chocolate ack

I need the BEST CHERRY CORDIALS IN THE WORLD that can be ordered online and mailed! [more inside]
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Apple tech geek needs to expand Android horizons

My loyalties are firmly in the Apple camp. I've owned many iPhones, iPads and various Macs. However, I know nothing about Android devices... and it's about time I learn. I'm a self proclaimed tech geek for pity's sake, but yet I am woefully ignorant about all things Android. I want to change this! [more inside]
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US visa application times

I'm applying for an H1-b visa to enter the US. All my documents are ready. All I need to do now is go to the embassy in London: I have an appointment on Monday, which is the 22nd. The problem is this: I already have a flight booked back to the US on the 31st. Should I change my flight now, or wait? [more inside]
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Rehoming a dog and different attitudes on pet ownership

Some family members have a dog that they can no longer care for. Their lives have gone through a lot of upheaval in the last year. At some point I guess getting a puppy seemed like a good idea? Well it wasn't and now they have an approximately 9 month old dog that is not trained, he barks a lot, and is basically chewing everything and anything including the walls. He is medium sized maybe 40 lbs. A poodle pomeranian shih zsu mix. But kind of looks like an all white lab. I don't know much about dogs. [more inside]
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How do heat settings work on dryers?

How can a dryer with 2 thermostats have three heat ranges, especially since only one is on the blower element? [more inside]
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Not just Bob Dylan's Christmas album

I'm going home for the holidays for the first time in five years. Help me assemble the perfect soundtrack for my trip. [more inside]
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Invoice vs. Receipt - Am I Culturally Clueless?

Are there areas outside the U.S. -- or well-run organizations within it -- where the words Invoice and Receipt are properly used interchangeably? Cultural issues below [more inside]
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Combatting Type II Diabetes

In July I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Since then I've made significant changes to my lifestyle. I'm wondering what to expect on my next doctor visit. [more inside]
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Stay-dry salt for a grinder/mill

The weather where I live is very humid. Which type of salt is most likely to stay dry enough to use in a salt grinder? [more inside]
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Charitable Donations for Dad for Christmas

My dad put together a not-really-serious Christmas list which includes items such as "world peace" as well as a few other clever things. This year I'd like to give multiple charitable donations in his name targeted to the causes/issues he touches on in his list. Help me select a few organizations. [more inside]
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The Salary is Great ($400k/yr), but What About the Benefits?

I highly doubt the President of the United States signs an employment agreement (Does s/he?), but is there any written documentation on the salary, benefits, expense accounts, etc for the job? [more inside]
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One Book For College Guy

Asking for a friend. What one book would you recommend for a college aged son who has specifically requested a book "to learn about something"? He's a really great kid who has really matured a lot in the past year - business major, likes sports. Open to all suggestions!
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Best time of year to bicycle from NYC to SF?

I want to ride from NYC to SF in 2015. I have 8 to 10 weeks (maybe 12) to do it. When would be the best time of the year to do so? [more inside]
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What do I call the spring loaded metal bit that holds watch bands in?

I have been gifted a Samsung Gear Live, and in the process of struggling to put a backpack on over a heavy winter jacket, I ripped off one of the watch bands. The band itself is fine, but the metal post or whatever that attaches it to the watch face is bent. Can I buy just the post somewhere? [more inside]
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Indie/Twee Playlist for a when you've been DTMFA'd?

I would like your suggestions for the Twee-est, Saddest, Shambliest songs for needing to process some heartcrap. Think The Softies, Brighter, Unrest etc. [more inside]
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Bringing Home the Bacon Steak

I'm going to splurge on some Burgers' Smokehouse Thick Bacon Steaks for dinner tonight. What can I cook that will really take advantage of having super thick flavorful bacon? [more inside]
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What's the best digital video option for a 16 frame per second movie?

Is there some standard set of frame rates for digital video files? I have some video from 8mm film scans, the source is 16 frames per second. How should I convert them with Handbrake to play on standard computer players? [more inside]
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How long do you keep trying, with kids in the mix?

At what point in the long, slow, steady decline of a marriage with young children does "we should keep trying to work things out, if only for the kids" become "for the kids' sake, we shouldn't be together"? [more inside]
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Help Transition out of Education Into Data Analytics and Computer Scienc

I am currently a public high school teacher teaching science and would very much like to transition into data and policy analytics, with a particular bent on computer programming and economic analysis. What are ways I can transition into these fields. One thing I have found that is a fellowship program from Education Pioneers. Are there other resources like this? What routes would you advise that I take? More information inside [more inside]
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Seeking Late 19th Century Weather Data for Far NorCal

Calling all Reference Librarians: I'm looking for daily weather data for Shasta County in California from 1892. I have no idea where to begin. Help? [more inside]
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CD/song filter - Make Me a Channel of your Peace - Harlem Choir

I'm looking for a CD or a song DL for, what was described for my mother as, "Prayer/song (Prayer of St. Francis, Where there is Peace, etc.) sung by the Harlem Choir (New York)." [more inside]
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A scandinavian video tradition

I remember something on the blue, likely last year, about a day's long video of a boat sailing somewhere in Scandinavia. Thought it might be Christmas related. Does anybody have a link to last year's or even better whether they're doing it this year?
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It's big, it's heavy, it's wood

Do you know where I can watch a video of actual logs rolling into an actual river? [more inside]
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Help with belligerent but not elderly Parent

My father is 58 years old and recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He also may have issues with his colon but that hasn't been confirmed. He has become very aggresive, angry and hostile towards me and my family since the diagnosis. He has a history of acting like this in times of high stress but now he is been extra hurtful. As a result I have stopped talking to him. I feel bad about not being there for him in this difficult time but feel I still deserve respect and that he should be responsible for his words. How do I deal with this? [more inside]
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Help me get paid!

I need to write a letter to my employer about how the constant errors in the payroll are causing a financial burden. I am not at all tactful-- what do I say? [more inside]
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Online psychological resources for sexual issues

SFW version : I have no problem getting 'it' up, but I have a problem reaching climax. My basic research says it's likely psychological. So I'm looking to you guys for recommendations. The version inside is NSFW. [more inside]
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Give me your best non-boozy easy bread pudding with caramel sauce recipe

I have never made bread pudding before, but am looking to tackle it for a holiday meal next week. What’s your go-to recipe that bread pudding eaters of all ages enjoy? We are open to apples and nuts, but there are raisin haters in our group. There is a going to be a lot of cooking happening that day so I’m hoping to find a failsafe recipe that can be prepped ahead, uses standard grocery store bread ie. French or croissants, and isn’t too fussy. Doesn’t have to be caramel sauce, but we are sauce loving people. Any other tips or tricks to pass along? Thanks in advance.
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That's a LOT of beef

I have 4 5-lb chuck roasts I'm cooking for a Hanukkah party tonight - too much to fit in my slow cooker or dutch oven. They've been sitting in the refrigerator overnight slathered in garlic, Dijon, and herbs. I've got a big roasting pan, a rack, carrots, potatoes, onions, herbs, wine, homemade broth...beyond searing them, what I don't have is a cooking method guaranteed to make them succulent and tender. Rack or no rack? How much liquid in the pan. Temperature and time? Veggies in the pan or roasted separately? Other tips or advice?
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Help me find a Jewish fable about bluffing in a negotiation

When I was young, I remember reading a Jewish fable, or maybe even many different versions of a fable, about a wily trickster who outwits someone or something who is holding him or his community hostage. It might have been Herschel or Hillel, but whoever it is, he succeeds by bluffing that he is going to do something awful if he doesn't get what he wants. [more inside]
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Where can I find an affordable method to build a copper (or copper effect) heat reflector for behind a stove? [more inside]
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Business marketing on a shoestring budget.

Our company once had a full fledged marketing department but after years of downsizing we're on our own. Some of my coworkers want to build brand awareness ahead of projects that will be rolling out in the new year. They have the green light from higher ups but no one knows what to do and where to start. How can self motivated individuals learn a crash course in business marketing? [more inside]
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Reykjavik, Iceland for 24 hours

I'm going to London in early February for work and thinking of taking advantage of the fact that Icelandair doesn't charge extra for stopovers in Reykjavik. Would this be worth doing in early February for 24 hours on a pretty small budget, and on a Sunday? [more inside]
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I want to run my legs, not run a fever!

I think I might have the flu. My first half marathon is 4 weeks from tomorrow. Can I still run it? How can I get on the mend fast, and back to training ASAP? [more inside]
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Can a London landlord enquire on a tenant's housing/DSS benefit status?

Asking for a friend: Landlord says "no DSS". Is it legal to withhold that you receive DSS and apply for housing benefit without the landlord finding out? [more inside]
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December 18

need help recording my own core body temperature overnight (rectally!)

I need a reliable way to measure my core body temperature while I am sleeping, so I can review the data when I awaken. The sensor needs to be rectal. [more inside]
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Recommend me some sushi roll recipes without raw fish?

Tell me some of your favorite sushi roll recipes that don't contain raw fish - they can be vegetarian or not. Are there any that are a good substitute for that melt-in-your-mouth texture of raw fish (vegetarian or not)? Also if there's any recipes that use (and work well with) cooked fish would be awesome as well!
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My parent survived child abuse. Is it impacting us now?

What information and support is out there for adult children of people who themselves survived child abuse (including physical, sexual, and verbal / emotional abuse)? How can abuse survivors' families (including adult children) navigate the effects of untreated trauma? [more inside]
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They forgot my birthday... again

My birthday is a week and a half before Christmas. My family has forgotten my birthday several years in a row now. I kinda don't want to visit for Christmas anymore. [more inside]
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Novels or books featuring how to run a startup?

I find the legal and operational nooks and crannies of running a startup detailed in Neal Stephenson's novel Cryptonomicon fascinating. (Example: "People like Avi and Beryl, who have been in business a lot, have this noticeable preference for two-person conversations [to protect other corporate officers].") Do you have any recommendations for novels or non-fiction with similar storylines, passages and advice?
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Flying into LAX on Dec 25th, with kid, long layover: argh. Advice?

My family including young kids (aged five and up) is flying into LAX on Dec 25th, arriving at around 6:30 AM after a fifteen-hour flight from Australia. We have a seven hour layover. What should I expect from LA traffic on that day? What, if anything, will be open? How easy will it be to call cabs? Any recommendations for kid-friendly things to do, bearing in mind the time constraints, possibly-grumpy kids?
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Best comic books for a three-year-old?

What comic books should I buy for an (understandably illiterate) three-year-old? So heavy on the (beautiful, inspiring) artwork, and light on the dialogue. Her parents will be reading along, but I want something the little bugger can also appreciate with her eyes only.
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Is my employer in the right to pay me less than promised?

Is my employer in the right to pay me less than previously communicated? [more inside]
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I don't know how to handle this

I just found out my 12 year old son was sexually molested 8 years ago, and has now molested his 4 year old cousin. I am not dealing well with this knowledge. Help me figure out how to cope. [more inside]
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Workplace gift giving

At my workplace, there are 6 people on my team along with 2 leaders who we all report to. Collectively, we bought group gifts for both leaders. I had been planning to get a small gift (a few jars of homemade jam) for each of the people I work with (both leaders and my co-workers) and I had been thinking of doing this since before we decided to get a group gift for our leaders. I'm wondering if it's somehow inappropriate or weird to be getting my leaders a gift on top of the group gifts that I already contributed to? But then, the alternative of just getting my co-workers, but not my leaders a gift seems awkward too. I suspect I'm overthinking this, but I feel like I don't have a good sense of what the right thing to do here is.
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Spanish language disputes (with no hyphen!)

In English, you don't need to be a specialist to argue about Oxford commas, split infinitives, "verbed nouns", etc. ¿What are some examples of similar disputes with respect to the Spanish language?—grammar, vocabulary, or style. [more inside]
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Is it weird/creepy to attempt friendship with a one off acquaintance?

Recently I had to take my car in for repairs. I visited the shop for an estimate, spoke on the phone to the receptionist and dealt with her when dropping off my car and picking up the courtesy car. Not only was she very helpful in providing me with some information I needed (a previous shop I went to weren't helpful at all) but she was fun to interact with. She and I seemed to hit it off and chatted each time for a few minutes, about the car and also about some other random topics. After interacting with her I just felt like I wished she was my friend. The converation was light and fun and I think we share a sense of humor. Just to provide some more information: I'm a female in my early 40s and I think she is maybe late 40s. [more inside]
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Boyfriend texting another girl?

When my boyfriend (of 6 years) and I had a fight, I noticed he was texting all night. I had a look at his phone out of anger, and I wish I hadn't, because now I can't un-see what I saw, nor stop thinking about it. It's probably nothing, but it's got me checking. I know I need to stop, but I need to deal with this issue at hand first. Should I confront him? [more inside]
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Keep that spooky spirit while driving all year round!

I'm looking for well produced spooky story podcasts. Radio Drama? Spoken word? It's all good, with exceptions... [more inside]
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From IT to a non-screen, non-exempt position.

I'm interested in stories from individuals who formerly had a substantial IT career who transitioned to a job that neither relied heavily on sitting in front of screens for long periods, and was also not an "exempt" position (ie, overtime work in your new position was paid as overtime). [more inside]
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Develop a relationship with non-English speaking woman?

Hi, I am a US citizen who has met a Cuban woman through a dating website. She lives in the same US city I do. She knows some English, very little. The attraction to me is almost completely physical. She's beautiful, happy, and good spirited. I have seen her sense of humor. We have watched a movie at the theater together and a Spanish language movie at my house. She really enjoyed the Spanish movie, as did I, it being one of my favorite movies of all time. We have been doing most of our communication through texts, using translators. Our next date will be dinner at my home. I am a little nervous because we will probably be trying more conversation this time. So does anyone have any experience or advice for my situation?
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Chirstmas in NOLA

We decided to not worry about the in-laws this year and booked a last-minute Christmas trip to New Orleans instead. So where do we eat on Christmas? [more inside]
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Generating factual statements from data

Let's say I have a large set of time series. There are a large number of factual statements that could be made about it, including some that are trivially algorithmically generated (e.g. "Soy beans are appreciating in cost faster than corn"). Is there a term for generating statements like this?
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Traffic ticket Massachusetts

While driving in very remote small town I was cited for Failure to Stop. There are problems with the case, details here are not pertinent, I meant to contest in a hearing but forgot to send in the papers. Now MA wants to suspend permission to drive in the state unless I pay $380 to avoid the suspension. I barely have half that and rely on monthly social security. What can I do to find a solution to this problem? Before Dec. 31.
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Nyakers gingersnaps locally

Anyone know if and where I can physically buy Nyakers gingersnaps in the Philly area? Preferably the Christmas tin but any other package is fine.
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Is it still "worldbuilding" on a space station?

I'm looking for science fiction with excellent worldbuilding surrounding a particular scenario: a population trapped in an enclosed environment that they can't leave for generations, so that they have to produce or reuse everything within that environment. Preferably something like a space station or a generation ship, but those details aren't required. [more inside]
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Online resources for studying genetics?

I'm gearing up for a final exam in my undergraduate level genetics class, and I'm finding my textbook (iGenetics by Peter Russell) and the professor's slides are not sufficient for my study needs. I'd really like some more sources to review over the next few days. The topics on this final exam are operons, conjugation/transformation/transduction, genomic imprinting, and differential gene expression. Do you have any favorite online resources for studying these subjects? The more specific the better (i.e. a specific youtube playlist or a specific section of a website, rather than just a generally genetics related channel or site).
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Cheap & Cheerful eLearning

I’m looking for an eLearning alternative to training 250 folks in person (because of logistics, shifts etc). The material is a 20 slide PowerPoint deck, and I’d need to track that each user has completed & understood the deck – I’m assuming using a test (I’d also need to limit folks skipping through & asking their buddy for the answers). Anyone have any experience doing this/ have recommendations for free tools to achieve this goal? The users in question are split between Macs & WinXP/7 boxes, but all have access to a local SharePoint site.
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Fantasy books with a music as an element

My uncle is interested in reading science fiction or futuristic fantasy books that involve music as a strong narrative element. He has read some Anne McCaffrey that did this, as well as Patrick Rothfuss, but was hoping to find other options, and I drew a blank. Can you guys think of any more music-tinged works?
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Please translate this mug

Can any [Japanese? Chinese?] speaker please translate this mug? I realize I only have a pic of one side of it, but it would be nice to know the gist of what it says. Thanks!!
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Anybody know the TURKISH word for "brotform" or banneton?

Brotform is used in english, but is actually a german word, I believe. Similarly, banneton is french, but also borrowed for use in english. Both are words for the bowl that hunk of dough is put into and allowed to rise (and take the shape) of the bowl. Would like to know what they call that in Turkish, please. Thanks in advance!
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An Irish Real Estate question...

I've been looking at real estate in County Cavan, Ireland and have a question about the wording. I notice that the word "derelict" is used - does this have a specific meaning in Irish law as it relates to property, or are they using it in the common sense of neglected? There are a lot of properties that are described as derelict but look entirely livable with a few weeks labor. [more inside]
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I need a replacement for delicious

I have been using delicious as a bookmark manager and lately it is just not cutting it. Can you suggest a replacement and one that I can import my bookmarks and tags into reliably. I am looking for something easy to set up and use. Mac OSX/Mozilla/Firefox
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Retina MacBook Pro screen lag

I'm suddenly in the market for a new MacBook Pro. I'm trying to decide between the Retina and non-Retina options. I remember hearing a while back is that the Retina display would lag or stutter sometimes, especially when switching between Spaces. Is that still true? I use the heck out of spaces and usually have an external monitor as well. If you have a recent rMBP, any testimonials would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Replacements in RSS reader for Gawker media outlets

Looking for replacements for Lifehacker, io9, and Gizmodo (to distance myself from the exceptionally slimy practices of Gawker) for my RSS reader so I stay abreast of certain fields/venues [more inside]
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Walked into an glass door, thinking of filing a lawsuit.

I walked into a unmarked glass door outside a popular chain restaurant, and ended up with some injuries. I'm contemplating a lawsuit, but am not sure how to approach this and would appreciate advice on how to proceed. [more inside]
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Will the mold kill me?

I thoroughly cleaned my water bottle just now and wiped black stuff from the sides of the inside. I assume it's mold, and I think it's probably been there for a while (days? weeks?) already. I drink at least 1 L of water from it daily. Will I suffer any effects? [more inside]
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Advice for cashing out an IRA

I have about $3,000 dollars in an IRA from before I went back to school and was working full time. Half of that is money I had contributed, and half is from my former employer. Due to a teaching assistantship falling through this semester I could use a little bit more cash to feel financially secure. I'm considering cashing out the IRA, but would appreciate advice. [more inside]
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Let Me Gladly Google That For You

How can I get paid to be a human Google + Wikipedia + Snopes? [more inside]
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Is office culture in England really as lewd as portrayed in The Office?

Of course I am referring to the BBC version of the show here. I am currently rewatching the series and a few scenes stuck out to me as kind of bizarrely sexist and lewd, in a way that goes above and beyond the usual bounds of a comedy. If there wasn't some bit of truth to these scenes I can't imagine they would have worked that well as jokes in the first place, so I ask thee who have worked in that culture... [more inside]
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Grant Management from the Granting Agency side?

Looking for software recommendations for managing grants from the perspective of the granting agency, ideally on a limited budget. [more inside]
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Where is Marina Abramović in this video?

Just wondering if anyone happens to know where Marina Abramović is at about 5:30 in this video. It's near the beginning of the documentary The Artist is Present. She's walking along a ridge at a mountain observation point. [more inside]
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I want to wrap presents here and give them in another city. HOW?

Every year I buy a bunch of gifts, schlepp them home, and wrap them surreptitiously in a secret corner of my mom's house about 3 minutes before I have to give them over, all in the name of national security. Am I being stupid? Can I do this differently? [more inside]
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Where did the use of "delight" as a marketing buzz word originate?

In the last few years I've frequently heard business people and business journalists using the word "delight" in relation to their customers' experiences in a way that makes it sound like a very specific buzz word from a very specific source. Like a marketing book that called out "customer delight" as a key metric or something. Is there a known original vector for this bit of word virus?
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35 Years Ago I Dropped out of College but Now I Need a Degree

I dropped out of college after my first year and for the past 35 years I've been self-employed, successfully running my own company, however, I'm now planning to enter the job market for the first time and want to get that degree on my resume. Is there an institution I could go to on-line where my business experience would be applied towards a degree?
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Did I Just Make a Rookie Mistake?

I just signed my first publishing deal after the publisher approached me directly. I had been noncommittally talking to an agent before this--no representation agreement or anything, just hypotheticals and suggestions. When the publisher contacted me, I just jumped for it and didn't tell the agent until it was done. Did I just screw over that agent, or is this just business? [more inside]
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Rebalancing file folders?

How should I go about rebalancing alphabetized file folders so certain drawers aren't getting crammed over time? [more inside]
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But I'm worth it NOW!

I'm having trouble finding system for rewarding weight loss that doesn't mess with my head. This is possibly a question about goal-setting, too. [more inside]
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Is my car going to ruin Christmas?

UK car. Have had to become Belgian resident, must register car but this takes weeks and my insurance runs out in a week and it's Christmas and I might be moving back in 3 months anyway and temporary insurance is absurdly expensive and aaarrrgh! [more inside]
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Hand controls for aging drivers?

An older relative has been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy in his legs. It isn't debilitating, but it is causing problems with driving, as some days he can't feel the pedals well enough to control the car safely. Would hand controls help him stay independent? [more inside]
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A new beginning

I got a new ASUS laptop with Windows 8.1. I've removed some of the obvious bloatware, but I'm still getting minor hiccups in games, so I want to wipe everything and reinstall (I don't have the CD). I'm considering using the "Remove everything and reinstall Windows" feature under the "Update and Recovery" settings. According to the official website, "Only apps that came with your PC will be reinstalled." Before I waste several hours, will this actually remove the bloatware?
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Anybody from Grand Rapids, MI area know a nice affordable night out?

I would like to get a friend and husband a gift card to a restaurant or something that is nice, but not super expensive at the same time. I don't know how hard it is go get around in the area, but their address is in Ada if that matters.
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General Purpose Gifts Under $8?

What low cost item has changed your life recently? I'm looking for gifts that you could give to anyone; male or female, 20 to 60 years of age. Preferably in the $5-$10 range. [more inside]
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Creepy children's book

I am trying to find a picture book that freaked my siblings and I out in the early 1970s. [more inside]
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December 17

Chicago/Antioch coffee and vegetarian recommendations

Where can we get excellent local coffee and snacks and a great vegetarian meal while in Chicago/Antioch next week? [more inside]
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Long-term effects of bismuth subsalicylate (a.k.a. Pepto Bismol)?

I'm looking for scientific articles on the topic. I understand that the mechanism of action is not well understood but I'm curious about the existence of any long-term effects. [more inside]
posted by onecircleaday at 8:20 PM PST - 4 comments

iPhone MP3 weirdness...

I run a website that hosts almost 2,000 sermon MP3s (all content that we own or have permission to host). I have one iPhone user who says that when they listen to THIS SERMON (just the first 2.5 minutes) the audio skips and loops back to the beginning. I had 4 other iPhone users listen and cannot reproduce this issue. I have Googled until my fingers bled. Anyone know what could be causing this? It plays fine on Windows and Linux as well.
posted by brownrd at 7:58 PM PST - 6 comments

What was this late night cartoon?

So when I was a kid, I used to watch a lot of Cartoon Network (in the late '90s). I vividly remember watching one about a man that got into a cloning machine, made clones of himself, and then got the clones and/or himself killed in the compacting/smashing machine next to it. Now I'm trying to figure out where to watch it again. [more inside]
posted by zer0render at 7:49 PM PST - 8 comments

MigrationFilter: PC and Mac can't see each other over Ethernet cable

I finally broke down and got a Macbook Air today. In trying to use Mac Migration Assistant to move files from my PC to the Mac, I went with best practices and connected them with an Ethernet cable. They can't seem to see each other. They see each other fine on my wifi (estimated wifi transfer time: 89 hrs), and both the Ethernet cable and the Mac Ethernet converter are working. Hope me, hive mind!
posted by Atrahasis at 6:24 PM PST - 14 comments

Scraping real estate sites for private statistical use

I would like to grab as many "sold" listings as possible from a site like as xml or some sort of structured list that I can reformat into a csv type file for running some statistical analyses. I know javascript and some python, and once I have the data in some sort of structured form, I'm comfortable reformatting and then using R for the stats. It's just the scraping stage I need help with. [more inside]
posted by lollusc at 6:06 PM PST - 16 comments

The best places to eat in Milwaukee

I need to get my cousin and his lady a christmas present. They both live in Milwaukee and love food. Where should they eat? [more inside]
posted by pilibeen at 6:00 PM PST - 15 comments

Suggestions for Small Group Decision-Making/Voting Online?

Please help my little union find an online platform for decision-making. We would like a secure way to dis/approve proposals and vote yearly for officers. Anonymous voting with a unique identifier is required. Bonus points for discussion capabilities and ease of use. [more inside]
posted by willie11 at 4:54 PM PST - 2 comments

Mysterious start-and-stop cylinder misfires on a 2001 Forester

Car Talkers of MeFi, help me solve a mystery! My 2001 Subaru Forester had a cylinder misfiring: car shook, check engine light flashed. Then it healed itself and the mechanic couldn't tell what was wrong, or that anything was wrong at all, so I brought it home. Then it started misfiring again tonight. Then it healed itself partway, but the check engine light is still on. What should I think and what should I do? Details below the fold. [more inside]
posted by escabeche at 4:46 PM PST - 22 comments

How can you tell if a job offer - is binding or nonbinding?

Without having to ask HR directly, I am wondering if a job offer is binding or nonbinding. [more inside]
posted by proficiency101 at 4:27 PM PST - 10 comments

Tell me about your experiences running Estate Sales or having one

I have been going to a number of estate sales lately, and they always vary so much. I have a number of questions about structure and what-not, and I am hoping that people who either have run them, have worked for companies that have run them, or have used companies to run them, might be able to help me. [more inside]
posted by Slinga at 3:21 PM PST - 8 comments

How do I convince someone I only want to give, not exchange, gifts?

I need help wording a Christmas card that's accompanying a gift. The message I want to convey is that I really, truly, do NOT want a gift in return. [more inside]
posted by paperback version at 3:17 PM PST - 16 comments

Crazy roommate please help?!

My roommate is snooping and sleeping in our rooms when we're not home. I'm scared there's more to it and I need advice. [more inside]
posted by shesbenevolent at 3:13 PM PST - 16 comments

Learning to smile?

I got my front teeth fixed a year ago. 34 combined years of teeth not growing in, braces, terrible falling bridges, and bad dentists had taken their toll before I managed to find a dentist who could do a good job. I do smile and did smile before but it was often self-counscious; nice kid, shame about the teeth. [more inside]
posted by parmanparman at 2:42 PM PST - 8 comments

Best Fitness Tracker For 63 Year Old Mother

For Christmas, my mother has said she wants a fitbit/jawbone style fitness tracker and I'm trying to pick one out for her. I'm looking at newer, mid/high range models that will sync with ios and are easy to use. [more inside]
posted by pugg at 2:13 PM PST - 11 comments

Best basic vegan cookbook?

A lovely friend of mine in London is keen to go vegan, but there are some requirements for the cookbook below. [more inside]
posted by Kitteh at 1:48 PM PST - 25 comments

Stories, passages, essays, and books to read aloud to lovers

Turns out reading aloud to lovers in bed is hot, but I’m close to exhausting my library of things that work for me. I’m looking for stuff that… [more inside]
posted by cocoagirl at 1:43 PM PST - 22 comments

U.S. train travel around the 1860s

I'm looking for descriptions of mid-19th-century passenger rail trips. I prefer contemporary accounts, and particularly of travel in the South. I can also use later research, and descriptions of travel anywhere in the country are helpful. [more inside]
posted by LonnieK at 1:19 PM PST - 6 comments

Quickly search attachments/messages by person in Outlook 2013

I guess it's time to finally give up Xobni... [more inside]
posted by veryhappyheidi at 12:53 PM PST - 3 comments

Name (and software) for technique of tailoring clothes from triangles

I've seen a few articles about dresses, clothes and other structures designed by algorithm: you input a shape (a scan of a body, a 3d model of a dress, etc), and the algorithm reduces it to a mesh of triangles. These triangles can then be cut out of fabric and stitched together to make an odd-looking but well-fitted garment. What's this technique called? Is the software freely available? [more inside]
posted by metaBugs at 12:46 PM PST - 14 comments

"Babymoon" weekend trips within 2-3 hours of Baltimore?

Mrs. Sense and I live in Baltimore, and we'd like to take this coming weekend for one last shot at a quick weekend getaway. Help! [more inside]
posted by CommonSense at 11:29 AM PST - 10 comments

Why is DNS lookup failing for both my computer and my smartphone?

Why is DNS lookup failing for both my computer and my smartphone when connected to public (library) wifi, when it is working for everyone else? [more inside]
posted by alligatorman at 11:12 AM PST - 8 comments

How much to tip building staff?

I live in largeish, "luxury" apartment building (all rentals) in Brooklyn, with sixteen staff members. This is my first holiday season in such a building and I'm unsure how to handle tipping, despite having read previous Ask MeFi questions on the topic. Should I follow Curbed's tipping guidelines? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:07 AM PST - 14 comments

Where can I learn about auto dealer's monthly and annual sales targets?

I'm in the market for a new Mazda. Invoice prices, holdbacks, dealer cash, special financing deals, and the like are all out there on the Internet. But I can't find is what bonuses Mazda offers to car dealers for hitting various monthly and yearly sales goals. How do I find out about this? [more inside]
posted by Mercaptan at 10:58 AM PST - 3 comments

How do you maintain or build mental discilpline?

How do you keep yourself from growing mentally flabby, falling into lazy thinking, defaulting to mindless entertainment, devolving into a decreasing attention span and ability to focus?
posted by roaring beast at 10:08 AM PST - 22 comments

Help me name this collective of cinematographers

Can you help me come up with a name for a group of very talented cinematographers based in New York? Naturally the first place I went to was the dictionary (word by word), jotting down everything that had to do with the craft. The technical terms are not interesting to them because they prefer a nice name that focuses on the artistic/storytelling aspect of it. Help? [more inside]
posted by cyrusw8 at 9:49 AM PST - 18 comments

Dreaming of a clear Christmas - get the yellow off my icicles

My lovely clear plastic icicles have aged through the years and I need help returning them to their pristine wintry looks. [more inside]
posted by leafwoman at 9:48 AM PST - 7 comments

Feel-Good Non-Fiction

Can you recommend some rousing, feel-good non-fiction? [more inside]
posted by kristi at 9:42 AM PST - 15 comments

A place to think...

Where in the US can I live for a month with a budget of $1000? [more inside]
posted by laptolain at 9:27 AM PST - 19 comments

Help me find an awesome sweater for a Chicago NYE wedding outfit

I (38, hipsterish, female) am attending a wedding on New Year's Eve and I'm looking for the right sweater or coverup for the dress I'm planning on wearing. Help me look fabulous in front of all my boyfriend's friends! Bonus points for other accessory advice as well. [more inside]
posted by misskaz at 9:23 AM PST - 27 comments

New England Getaway

My boyfriend and I are spending the holidays with our families near Lake George, NY and Great Barrington, MA. We would like to spend a couple of days between Christmas and New Year's away but in the area. Looking for location suggestions, as well as things to do and places to stay. [more inside]
posted by i_am_a_fiesta at 9:07 AM PST - 6 comments

Radio Kandy

Any chance that somebody out there knows of an archive of the late '80s radio show, "Radio Kandy", made by John Candy and other SCTV members? mp3 files would be ideal. Thank you!
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Seeking resources on 19th century American vegetable and herb gardens

I'm trying to find historians, writings, examples... whatever I can about 19th century American (especially mid-Atlantic) veggie and herb gardens and could use some help! I'm basically looking for resources on what someone might have had in their home garden. [more inside]
posted by youcancallmeal at 8:57 AM PST - 15 comments

Advice needed for self-publishng an e-book.

I wrote a 45-page nonfiction book I would like to put out as an e-book. Need input on how to go forward. [more inside]
posted by sitecoach at 8:56 AM PST - 5 comments

Repairing Circadian Rhythm With Little Daylight

Because of recent trauma and a manic episode that lasted several weeks, I seem to still be without a circadian rhythm. I am familiar with the most common suggestions, such as getting daylight, putting yourself on a sleeping/waking/eating schedule, and exercise. These have mixed benefit to me for reasons I'll explain below. I'm looking for tweaks to make those things work better and am also seeking other ways to reset biorhythms because this is astonishingly disruptive and makes all other order impossible. [more inside]
posted by mermaidcafe at 8:19 AM PST - 17 comments

Black Lace Fashion Ensemble

I have this dress. What do I wear with it? [more inside]
posted by RoadScholar at 7:32 AM PST - 23 comments

Is improperly-stored salsa safe to eat?

Please reassure me that eating this questionable item is fine! I opened a jar of salsa and the left it (closed, unrefrigerated) in my backpack for a week. Oops! I've been pretty sleep-deprived of late, and so more forgetful than usual. [more inside]
posted by i. shishkin at 7:03 AM PST - 29 comments

Hammer Arresters and HE Washing Machine

I have a high efficiency washing machine that shakes our pipes loudly when it takes its incessant micro-sips of water. Does anyone have experience adding hammer arresters like these to their washers? [more inside]
posted by Admiral Haddock at 6:37 AM PST - 5 comments

IUD and infection

New IUD and possible infection is depressing me. Probably TMI. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 5:58 AM PST - 15 comments

No family doctor; needs an obgyn check up

Where in Toronto can I get my girly parts checked out, if I don't have a family doctor? I have OHIP and have access to the university health centers, although I kinda want to have the check up soon. I've been kind of negligent and haven't gone for a check up in years. I'm 30.
posted by anonymous at 5:57 AM PST - 7 comments

Turning a single column of data into a four-replicate column

My data are outputted from the source as a single-value column, but I'd like the data formatted as a four-replicate column. Is there a function in Excel for this? [more inside]
posted by Tandem Affinity at 4:56 AM PST - 17 comments

In Russia, Arbitrage Prices You!

Given the recent collapse in value of the ruble relative to the dollar, how can I buy things from Russia and have them sent back to the United States? I am especially interested in silver and silver snuffboxes. Are there any reputable English language websites folks would recommend?
posted by oceanjesse at 4:54 AM PST - 4 comments

How to spend National Day in Iceland?

We (2 adults, 2 kids) will be in Iceland over National Day (June 17th). Before we found out that we would be there for National Day, we had planned on leaving Reykjavik to drive the Ring Road on the 17th. Now that we know about National Day, should we stay in Reykjavik one more day to experience National Day there? Or is National Day better experienced in a smaller town? We are open to anything, but just want to really experience Iceland.
posted by Mrs. Green at 4:52 AM PST - 3 comments

I'm Not (that kind of) Quitter!

My most recent position is not ideal, and it's time to move on. How best should I phrase my departure and, if you were a hiring manager, what would you want to hear? Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
posted by Ashen at 4:35 AM PST - 15 comments

Help me identify this San Francisco brownie

A few years ago, I ate an incredibly moist, decadent brownie from San Francisco. I was never in SF - the brownies were shipped to my landlady, who then shared some with me. Help me figure out which magical bakery this was. [more inside]
posted by Xere at 3:46 AM PST - 3 comments

I have £200k cash, homeless, aimless, what should I do with it?

I'm currently homeless, bumming around Europe aimlessly. I am lucky enough to have a bit of cash, £200k UK. But no idea what to do with it. Sorry if this is an annoying question to some... [more inside]
posted by molloy at 3:05 AM PST - 18 comments

My family are not cats and resent being herded

My job (project manager) involves keeping track of lots of niggly details, checking up on everything and everyone regularly, delegating tasks, and planning ALL THE THINGS. Unfortunately, this tends to spill over to my personal life, where my family (SO, parents, inlaws) don't like being treated as human resources and would appreciate a more relaxed and carefree me. But lately I've been having problems with separation of work and home life, as relaxation at home comes with slipups at work, and increased productivity at work comes with more tasks done at home but also with arguments and fuming SOs. Help? [more inside]
posted by gakiko at 1:21 AM PST - 8 comments

Help! Our roots are out of control.

We have some orchids next to the window and each one has roots growing out of the pot. [more inside]
posted by gorcha at 12:53 AM PST - 2 comments

Crowdfunding a review blog

I have an idea to review and compare a category of product that is not currently widely reviewed. Reviews exist, but they are spotty and only cover a few items, not nearly all of them. I'd like to do a comprehensive review site. This would involve some sort of crowd funding, as I can't afford to simply go buy one of everything in this category. [more inside]
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December 16

Am I the asshole in this relationship?

I want an honest opinion on whether what I am upto could be considered cheating. It's a long read but I want to find out if I am wrong in what I am doing since I suspect my actions are hurting a woman emotionally. Apologies for the wall of text that is about to hit you but I want to put in as much detail as possible. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:25 PM PST - 57 comments

Ring resizing in Reno?

I need to have a ring resized. The ring is in Reno Nevada. The ring holds a great deal of sentimental value and I don't want to be worrying about hypothetical bad outcomes. Does anyone have a recommendation for a reputable jeweler or jewelry repair business in Reno?
posted by tabubilgirl at 10:42 PM PST - 4 comments

Billboard listings question

When listing music labels, what do the numbers mean? For example Decca 29418, Decca 32230, etc.
posted by dilaudid at 10:32 PM PST - 3 comments

Classes on interviewing?

I am an exceptionally hard-working, enthusiastic, and passionate (says my managers) employee with terrible interviewing skills (says my lack of job offers). Are there classes I can take on interviewing? [more inside]
posted by tweedle at 10:21 PM PST - 6 comments

Sports in the Maritimes

Who do the Canadian Maritimes root for in the major sports? [more inside]
posted by Crashback at 9:17 PM PST - 14 comments

Help me lose five pounds when my lifestyle is already fairly healthy!

I want to lose five pounds. I don't have a specific deadline for this weight loss, but perhaps losing the weight over, say, two months would make me happy. The issue is that tips like "kick the soda habit!" and "cut out bread!" might not work for me, because I already have pretty healthy lifestyle habits! [more inside]
posted by fernweh at 9:12 PM PST - 26 comments

Identify these shoes for me

Does anyone know what brand/designer/name might be attached to these shoes? Seen very near The Metro Hotel in San Francisco, CA.
posted by agregoli at 9:04 PM PST - 3 comments

What is my next career step and how do I get there?

I’ve spent a couple of years in my current position doing entry-level nonprofit program coordination. It turns out it's not my ideal career field, so I am in search of a new and different challenge. What kinds of positions might I qualify for that would offer me interesting and stable work and help me progress in my career? What can I do to make myself a good candidate? If you do something that I might really enjoy, can you tell me more about your career path? [more inside]
posted by robot cat at 8:53 PM PST - 5 comments

Most lucrative way to get rid of 40+ pairs of Levi's?

I have dozens of men's Levi's that I would like to sell in bulk if possible. I do not want to sell on ebay unless I can be convinced otherwise. [more inside]
posted by futz at 7:40 PM PST - 17 comments

i7-4790k or i7-5820k for FEA and Engineering Analysis?

I need some help trying to put together another computer system beyond my current machine for primarily performing finite element optimization type tasks and other engineering analysis. I haven’t built a system for long time. [more inside]
posted by cycleback at 7:06 PM PST - 7 comments

Calculating radiation received at distance from light source?

How do I calculate the radiation energy that a surface / object receives at distance d from a light source of power W watts? I'm familiar, in theory, with the inverse square law but need help thinking about how to apply it. [more inside]
posted by Joey Buttafoucault at 5:50 PM PST - 6 comments

Not depressed, just food obsessed

After decades on antidepressants, I titrated off of them several months ago with my doctor's approval. I feel great except for one thing: I am ravenous and inordinately interested in all things related to food. [more inside]
posted by summer sock at 5:50 PM PST - 9 comments

Help Me Give the Gift of West Wing Jokes

Is there a better way to gift sound other than mp3s burned onto CDs? [more inside]
posted by Doublewhiskeycokenoice at 4:44 PM PST - 4 comments

Will a japanese turntable work in the US?

Recently I found a good deal on a direct drive DJ turntable which was manufactured for the japanese market. I know japanese consumer electronics run on 100V while US runs on 120V. I have heard conflicting things on whether this would be an issue. It seems like the turntable would likely run but I have heard some reports that this difference in voltage might eventually damage it. Is a power adaptor a permanent solution to this problem? Is a power adaptor even necessary?
posted by bigspoon at 3:53 PM PST - 3 comments

"Even though I'm a Jew..."

Try to find a Christmas song I saw on YouTube years ago. It's sung by a young woman, I think in a big city, I remember coffee cups, possibly Starbucks reds, and that there was a lyric about liking Christmas "even though I'm a jew..."
posted by feelinglistless at 3:41 PM PST - 4 comments

How to respect boundaries between friend and SO.

I have a good female friend whom I have some history with and a girlfriend. My friend is hurting as I prioritize her less and my girlfriend more. I want to respect both of them and their feelings. [more inside]
posted by Durin's Bane at 3:11 PM PST - 59 comments

Where to live in San Antonio?

Help me figure out where my family should live in San Antonio. [more inside]
posted by cute little Billy Henderson, age 4 at 3:05 PM PST - 6 comments

MP3 players with excellent battery life?

My beloved ipod nano (4th gen) has finally died after a solid 6 year run. What are my options for a replacement? [more inside]
posted by randomnity at 2:57 PM PST - 14 comments

Last minute trip to New York: Restaurant for a vacationing couple.

I go to New York about once a year, and have been to many restaurants over the years -- both high-end and (more often) not so high end. My favorite restaurant used to be Bellavitae on Minetta Lane, but it's been closed for more than a few years now. Tia Pol in Chelsea is still around, but I was there last time. [more inside]
posted by Lescha at 1:51 PM PST - 8 comments

Seeking DIY food gifts that can be packaged

What great DIY food gifts are out there that can be made on short notice, don't contain pricey specialty ingredients, and can be packaged in cellophane or something similar, to be transported and given out as individual treats? [more inside]
posted by rachaelfaith at 1:49 PM PST - 37 comments

Angeleno musicians, how do you find one another?

I'm kicking my band back into existence after 15 years. Where does one find professional and committed fellow players in L.A. nowadays? [more inside]
posted by mykescipark at 1:19 PM PST - 3 comments

Holiday Tip at no-tip salon

I go to a no-tip hair salon. I do not see the owner. Is it appropriate to give a cash tip for Christmas?
posted by natasha_k at 12:55 PM PST - 11 comments

radiators 101

This is my first winter in an apartment with radiators and I am trying to understand what to expect from them. So far, it pretty much feels cold all the time. Is this normal? [more inside]
posted by fingers_of_fire at 12:26 PM PST - 21 comments


One of my favorite little and silly gifts to give people is adopting a lobster from the UK's National Lobster Hatchery. What are other similar inexpensive and slightly silly -- but ideally also socially/environmentally conscious -- gifts you like to give people? Ideally it's a similar deal where they don't actually get more stuff to deal with, or if they do it's some sort of small acknowledgement that they won't feel bad about throwing out or recycling.
posted by naturalog at 12:10 PM PST - 17 comments

Help me make tiny pumpkin pies

How do I adjust my pumpkin pie if I'm making them smaller and with crusts from scratch? [more inside]
posted by RobotHero at 11:31 AM PST - 12 comments

Trivia Nights/Pub Quizzes in Austin, Texas

Where are the best trivia nights in Austin, Texas? I am looking for something that is fun, but treated seriously and with thoughtful, wide-ranging, difficult questions. [more inside]
posted by Falconetti at 11:17 AM PST - 8 comments

Nasty, harsh, scathing literary criticism

I enjoy reading erudite yet caustic criticism of literature. [more inside]
posted by standardasparagus at 10:41 AM PST - 33 comments

books about cerebral palsy

I'm looking for recommendations of books and resources on cerebral palsy. [more inside]
posted by gerstle at 10:35 AM PST - 11 comments

Welcome to the club! Here's your ____________.

So, I was born at a summer camp (well, in a nearby hospital, but that was where we lived when I was born). Since then, there have been 7 other kids born there, and as the oldest I'd like to give them all something as a sort of "welcome to the club" gift. But what?? Requirements inside... [more inside]
posted by exceptinsects at 10:11 AM PST - 13 comments

Game design competition, for children?

Do you know of a program like First Lego League, but for game design? This is for some 12-year-olds who are into programming, and could benefit from more structure. [more inside]
posted by The corpse in the library at 9:32 AM PST - 2 comments

We'll be Board for Xmas

Help me find some awesome board games for my daughter and me! [more inside]
posted by ian1977 at 9:26 AM PST - 35 comments

Listening Skills

Looking for self-help books with a workbook style to improve listening and reading, or exercises that you know of for daily practice that can help with this. [more inside]
posted by sockymcpuppeterson at 9:17 AM PST - 5 comments

Salvaging items from county-owned vacant land

While exploring the woods this past weekend, I spotted a unique item near the river. [more inside]
posted by foot at 9:03 AM PST - 11 comments

Why won’t you listen?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! We are going to fail!

A friend and former colleague came to us as subject matter experts in international sales and market development. He came to us for our expertise but he will not listen to our recommendations and is putting us on the brink of failure and this is a company that should not be failing. What are techniques for dealing with stubborn people that refuse to listen and learn in a professional situation? [more inside]
posted by Che boludo! at 8:15 AM PST - 17 comments

Making choices about whether to drink alcohol when at home or not

My 58 year old husband who is soon to retire from a CEO job(ie high stress) loves alcohol and drinks each night. When we are at home, he offers it to me. I have a love/hate relationship with it and seem to get pulled into drinking with him and then regret it when I get sleepy during a movie or feel somewhat impaired reading a book. [more inside]
posted by seekingsimplicity at 8:13 AM PST - 31 comments

show me the money and / or equally awesome things

in midst of a contract negotiation, and am looking for things to negotiate when pay and vacation are inflexible? [more inside]
posted by crawfo at 8:05 AM PST - 10 comments

Have I gone rogue -- from lawful good to unlawful good?

I'm involved with two organizations - one volunteer group, one professional group. In the past week, I unintentionally stole the thunder of someone in each group, in front of the whole group. Is it a coincidence, or do I have a blind spot here? [more inside]
posted by Bentobox Humperdinck at 7:57 AM PST - 12 comments

Help Us Light the World with Tiny Glowing Screens for Christmas

What would be the best (lowest cost / least hassle) way to get my immediate family (wife, son, daughter, myself) up and running on iPhone 6s for Christmas this year? [more inside]
posted by doctor tough love at 7:32 AM PST - 11 comments

Am I fooling myself?

I'm a gay man, and I'm letting myself live / linger in an amorous state with a guy whom, for all I know, is straight. What am I doing? [more inside]
posted by Kwadeng at 7:31 AM PST - 22 comments

I have purchased and returned every pillow at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

I need help finding a pillow. I have read through the posts by other people who needed help finding a pillow, but no one seems to have had the specific issues I have, so, I pose to you this question. [more inside]
posted by millipede at 7:16 AM PST - 36 comments

Golf GPS Database

Databases of standard golf course information (address, scorecards, etc) are available from providers such as US Golf Data. However I am wondering how companies are able to provide GPS maps of the courses (as can be seen in apps like GolfNow, MobiTee, and GolfShot). These all appear to be separate companies, did they really each do the mapping themselves (isn't this a huge amount of labor?) or is there a known licensor of GPS golf maps? [more inside]
posted by solmyjuice at 7:12 AM PST - 2 comments

My laptop died and was backed up online. Now what do I do?

My laptop completely died and I backed it up automatically on Crashplan. I cannot get a new laptop. Where can I save all the data? [more inside]
posted by anya32 at 6:54 AM PST - 7 comments

Santa got it really wrong this year.

The Grandparents sent our kids gifts that are ridiculously wrong for them. Do I return them ASAP and buy things they would actually like? Do I address this with them? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:37 AM PST - 46 comments

Iceland for a few hours. What should I do?

I will have a nine hour layover in Iceland. Are there any must-do items I can do in this amount of time? [more inside]
posted by Sheppagus at 6:22 AM PST - 7 comments

Please help me name my web dev business and website! I'm hopeless here

This is not my strong suit and I want to avoid being misleading. I have narrowed down to two formats, and I need help picking one. I have over-analyzed this to the point that I can't even figure out what I prefer. [more inside]
posted by banjonaut at 6:15 AM PST - 6 comments

ISO perfect Christmas tree decorating album!

Mom and I have been searching for a choral Christmas album that we love since our favorite Christmas tape died. Naturally, snowflakes follow. [more inside]
posted by chaiminda at 5:24 AM PST - 7 comments

Getting started selling erotic fiction.

New to selling erotic fiction, looking for guidance and suggestions. Mostly likely an nsfw thread. [more inside]
posted by TomMelee at 5:20 AM PST - 15 comments

App to copy everything from folder A that folder B doesn't have to B?

Is there an app to copy everything from one folder to another folder that isn't already in the other folder? Suppose folder A has contents {a, f, j} and folder B has contents {f, m, v}. I'd want to be able to press a button that will figure out which files A has that B doesn't have, namely {a, j}, and copy them to the B folder, so that afterwards B will have {a, f, j, m, v}. [more inside]
posted by Eiwalker at 5:06 AM PST - 18 comments

December 15

Winter in San Francisco

It doesn't get really cold in San Francisco, but my bedroom's 45 feet from the nearest source of heat, so it's time for heated mattress pads! But I don't like the one I have. Help me find one with no hard or crinkly parts. [more inside]
posted by aubilenon at 11:49 PM PST - 9 comments

Scratch my earworm, please

I am mildly obsessed with Odesza's "Say My Name". Thankfully there are literally a hundred remixes of it on SoundCloud, so I can listen to it effectively indefinitely. But I'm looking for more songs that would scratch whatever itch this song does. Others that seem to do it are Chromeo's Jealous and Lizzo & Caroline Smith's Let 'em Say. [more inside]
posted by BungaDunga at 9:56 PM PST - 6 comments

Is this an Irish or Gaelic symbol? Does it mean anything?

This is from my recently deceased father's belongings. Scarf
posted by toastchee at 9:46 PM PST - 8 comments

Webpage about Chris Claremont's work on the X-Men

I'm looking for a webpage or series of webpages that detail Chris Claremont's original tenure on the X-Men books back in the 70s and 80s. Examined were his style of writing with serialized character-driven stories such as the Dark Phoenix Saga and the Shi'ar Empire, etc. More about the website itself inside. [more inside]
posted by Fukiyama at 8:27 PM PST - 4 comments

How do I sell an invention?

I come from both a design and engineering background, although never got to do design+engineering for a living. But I have lots if ideas for inventions that I think are viable. However, I have no interest in going on "Dragon's Den" or similar. I don't want to manufacture these devices or run a manufacturing company. I'm not a businessman, I'm an ideas man. I can express my ideas in a way an engineer would understand due to my background. How do I sell my inventions to companies?
posted by Gabriel ricci at 8:14 PM PST - 15 comments

Bowling for ramen

My SO and I like to get take-out ramen from Japanese restaurants, but our bowls are woefully inadequate. (Usually I use a regular bowl and have to go back for seconds and thirds, while he awkwardly slurps it out of a salad bowl.) I'd like to get him some appropriately-sized bowls for Christmas, but I'm not even sure what to search for or where to look. Any suggestions, recommendations or pointers? Doesn't have to be fancy or Japanese, just a good size to hold all the deliciousness.
posted by radioamy at 8:09 PM PST - 20 comments

How does Google Books decide which books are open access?

Many apparently out-of-copyright books on Google Books are open access. Others return limited sections in response to search queries. Yet others are completely inaccessible. Why?
posted by dontjumplarry at 7:47 PM PST - 7 comments

Should I encourage or redirect my little kid's interest in death?

She is a happy and healthy three-year-old who is very curious and bright, and one of her growing interests is death and horror. Currently, we redirect to less morbid topics, but with the comparatively same level of interest in for ballet, we've got books and ballet costumes and play ballet music and have taken her to watch ballet classes, etc, so we're uncertain how to handle this goth phase from our own biases. [more inside]
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Ever seen this handout that helps you memorize the US presidents?

As an elementary schooler during the early 1990s, I was tasked with memorizing all the US presidents. The instructor provided an illustrated handout that was supposed to help us remember the names in order by using mnemonic devices and sound-alikes. I would LOVE to see this handout again! Description inside. [more inside]
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Why are "court fees" legal when you're not convicted of anything?

Why are "court fees" legal when you're not convicted of anything? If all charges against a person have been dismissed, or you've been found not guilty, why is a court still allowed to penalize you monetarily? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:54 PM PST - 12 comments

Do I tell or do I let it go?

My soon-to-be ex-wife is having a long-term affair with a married man. Should I tell his wife about it? [more inside]
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A good dip for raw veggies?

I have volunteered to bring a vegetable tray to my in-laws' holiday gathering this weekend, and I'd like to take along a few dips for the veggies beyond the usual suspects. I also have some constraints, detailed within... [more inside]
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Could I dry-clean this?

I have two sweaters, and while the label on both says hand wash in cold and line dry, could I dry clean them? [more inside]
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How can I translate a Japanese PDF?

I need a quick translation of a pamphlet in Japanese. It doesn't have that much text, but has several pages of annotated pictures. The text is part of the image and I can't highlight and copy it. Normally, when I need a translation, I use a service called Gengo, but they only take text. Does anyone know a) how I could extract Japanese text from a PDF or b) where I could find someone to quickly (even roughly) translate this? Thanks!
posted by three_red_balloons at 5:24 PM PST - 9 comments

ISO a tiny car in LA

As with many transplants to LA, I am in need of a new-to-me small/tiny car, as well as a mechanic somewhere between Santa Monica and Koreatown. Any small car advice or other welcome; ca(r)eats inside. [more inside]
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How would I find a list of great restaurants with mega menus?

So what I'm looking for is great or famous NON-chain restaurants that are famed for having a lot of dishes. Doesn't necessarily have to be all different. Could be 100 kinds of sandwiches. Or 90 calzones. But it's gotta be a big list. I keep trying to search but I can't find what I'm looking for. Thoughts?
posted by rileyray3000 at 3:55 PM PST - 26 comments

Set Top Streaming Box for Classic Cinema

I'm looking for a device to give my elderly parents for the holidays to help them reduce their TV costs. I expect to have to buy them a few subscriptions too. They aren't technophobes (in fact my step-mom is a very quick study) but the interface has to be at least a little bit intuitive, and most importantly, I need to get her as much "classic cinema" as I can. [more inside]
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Searching for signs... literally.

Every time I'm in Austin, I enjoy driving around and looking at the unique signage of various local businesses, signs which are often works of art in steel, paint and neon or bulbs. Las Vegas, of course, has the most epic signage (and even a graveyard for signs of deceased businesses), and I've been impressed with many of the googie-styled artifacts while visiting LA. On the contrary, every time I'm in my hometown, I'm saddened by the way the custom steel signs of the past have given way to illuminated plastic rectangles. What other cities have large numbers of amazing, steel-fashioned, illuminated signs?
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How to resolve Google Chrome bookmarks bug?

I'm wondering if anyone has a simple fix for resolving a major bookmark syncing problem with Chrome. For whatever reason Chrome duplicates bookmarks, so much so that it affects the performance of my browser. The only fix I have been able to find is that I should disconnect my Android Chrome profile from my desktop profile, but that seems to defeat the purpose of have a Chrome profile. Any thoughts? [more inside]
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Where are all the Sony documents?

Every journalist on earth seems to be able to search the sony douments. Where are they?? Any search of terms like "sony stolen documents" or "sony hacked documents" brings up links to news stories about the documents, but not the documents themselves. nothing I could find on the smoing gun, wikileaks or wikipedia. I feel like a complete idiot. Where are they hiding in plain sight??
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Any CE devices that can recharge AA/AAA batteries within themselves?

I'm wondering if there exist any (portable) consumer electronics devices - so like music player, mouse, flashlight, audio recorder - that take any chemistry rechargeable AA or AAA batteries, and can recharge them right in the device. [more inside]
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Audiobooks for a preemie in the NICU?

I have a dear friend whose son has been in the NICU since June 25th. He's responded incredibly well to classical music, Aphex Twin and loves other types of "light" stimulation, especially anything with repetitive patterns/sounds (he cries when bath time ends, for example, and loves watching a little light/music toy that we hold outside his crib). They're exhausted from coming up with ideas for things to play/do with him within his very limited environment, and he is immune-compromised so most "typical" baby toys are out. Downloadable via a plus! [more inside]
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Where there's smoke, there's flavor? Difficulty level: vegetarian.

So, my guy has discovered he loves lapsang souchong tea. There's something about the distinct smoky-ness that he just can't get enough of. What other vegetarian super-smoky flavored things should we try out? Candy? Spirits? Snacks? Lay it on me! [more inside]
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Replacement for Tazo Green Tea Sold by Starbucks

My husband loves the Tazo China Green Tips green tea sold by Starbucks, but it has been discontinued. He is distraught! The version of Tazo China Green Tips sold in retail locations is not a suitable replacement. He needs to find a new favorite tea! [more inside]
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What can replace Magento Calendar's syncing (and other) features?

Magento Calendar announced today that they are shutting down on December 23, 2014. I discovered them a few weeks ago and have found it to be the best calendar app for my needs. It especially handles Exchange/Google calendar interaction well, and I'll be missing that the most. [more inside]
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What is wrong with my throat?!

I have a doctor appt tomorrow but just wanted to ask if this sounds serious enough to merit worry or if it's no big deal. I have a sore throat on the left side of my throat only, and the lymph node in my neck is swollen on that side as well. In fact the whole left side of my neck hurts... [more inside]
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Compelling true-life mysteries that end with a definite resolution

The final episode of Serial will be released this Thursday, and I fear that there will not be any sort of satisfying conclusion to the central mystery of what, exactly, happened to Hae Min Lee. So, as an antidote to the frustration that I'm likely to feel soon, I'm looking for real (non-fiction) mysteries that do get resolved in an unambiguous way. [more inside]
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This doesn't seem to mean much... or does it?

Asking for someone else: What does "wall-to-wall crystal" mean in the description of a watch? This is for translations purposes. [more inside]
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How do I tactfully ask what a job pays?

I have a situation where I interviewed for another position within the company where I am employed, I got a positive response and the hiring manager has told me he is going to work through some details with HR before he can give me a definite yes - problem is, I'm still not sure what the new position pays. [more inside]
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Let me ride through the wide open country that I love; don't fence me in

Tell me about the current best open-world games for the Playstation 4! Very few snowflake details, just want to give someone the top titles in their favorite genre for Christmas. [more inside]
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What is the optimum length for a YouTube video?

I was hoping to get some input as to what the best length of a YouTube video is for a new user/blogger. [more inside]
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Beading gifts

My impossible-to-shop-for mother has gotten into beading this year. I know absolutely nothing about beading except that involves beads. What are some good gifts for a beading person -- things that she might not buy for herself? [more inside]
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Are these jeans real or fake Hermès?

Bought a pair of women's jeans from Goodwill -- they are labeled Hermès but I am assuming they are fake. (I bought them JUST in case.) Google is not helping -- no matter how I search, all I can find is info about spotting fake Birkin bags. There must be a good guide online, but I'm just not finding it.
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What are the objections against Amazon?

Some of my favorite writers have spoken out against Amazon, and Amazon does seem to be in the news more frequently over the past year or so, but I don't know enough about the publishing business to understand what the issues are. The whole situation seems rather complicated to me, and I can't tell if the complaints are about Amazon's philosophy or about it's business practices. Will someone please explain? I know MeFi has quite a few members who are in this field, so I thought this would be a good place to ask this question.
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Best way to leverage local college to offer scholarship money?

Just starting to get into the whole applying to college and looking for money game. I want to find the best way to get some scholarship assistance from the local University. Special details inside.. [more inside]
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I mean.... I just don't want to talk to you anymore?

I've tried to slow fade a friendship, but the slow fade doesn't seem to be working. [more inside]
posted by Enchanting Grasshopper at 10:20 AM PST - 28 comments

Vinyl Records for Kids?

My one year old nephew loves to listen and dance to music from his dad’s old record player, so for Christmas I’d like to get him some of his very own records! I’d like the music to be something that his parents can enjoy too, but I’m not quite sure where to start. [more inside]
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A few years on and still clueless-which shoes the sequel!

Which shoes with this dress? [more inside]
posted by Mnky197 at 10:05 AM PST - 12 comments

Need image reference for Chinese business/office interior

I'm in need of some image reference for Chinese business interiors, with an emphasis on decor vs. architecture. [more inside]
posted by Jack Karaoke at 9:50 AM PST - 3 comments

Which moisture absorber should I use?

Amazon sells a bunch of different kinds of moisture absorbers, mostly silica based. They are variously "rechargeable," by plugging them in or putting them in the oven for hours (!). Reviews are all over the place. I need to be able to store some mattresses wrapped in plastic in my damp basement. Which absorber(s) do I want for placing inside the plastic?
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Negativity & Negative Thoughts

I was curious what others do to fight off negativity in their life. I am not talking about negative people but rather one's own inner demons. I went on a four mile walk yesterday and instead of relaxing and enjoying it, I was thinking about all the potential things that could go wrong in my life. I don't say this because I embrace thinking in a victim mentality but rather that to point out that I am aware that a lot of really bad things can happen to a person. [more inside]
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Losing Weight - Difficulty Level:Parent

I'm reaching the upper-limit of my weight range where I can even comfortably call myself "chubby." If it was just up to me, I'd be able to change my diet pretty drastically, but I live in a household that doesn't lend itself to any food changes or restrictions. I need some advice before I give up and buy several pairs of mom jeans. [more inside]
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Partytime! Death threats!

Asking for a friend: How seriously to take a jealous ex-boyfriend's drunken threats of violence when you're the new guy? [more inside]
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What would be a good martial art for me?

I've recently been thinking that I would like to take up a martial art of some kind. My goal is not so much to learn to fight as to improve my physical fitness and self-confidence, and develop discipline, confidence, and mental clarity. The physical and mental goals are equally important; what should I be looking at? [more inside]
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Numbers to Words

I want a plain text file listing the English words for number 1-100 (ideally, one per line any delimiter will be fine, I can fix that). One, Two, ..., One Hundred. It's got to be somewhere on this great internet. Can AskMe find it fast?
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Lease or Buy Our Next Car?

We are staring down a new car -- both of our 12/13 year old cars are on their way out. We have no clue what to do, because we put very low mileage on our cars. I know conventional wisdom is that leasing is not as smart as buying, but I'd like to understand why. Here is where we stand: [more inside]
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HIPAA/Medical Release for Emergency Situations?

In the event of an emergency, what can be done to ensure that doctors/hospital can share information with another unrelated adult? [more inside]
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Books appropriate for a middle school boy

I've been tasked with finding my 13-year-old relative a good science fiction book. [more inside]
posted by rainbowbrite at 7:14 AM PST - 31 comments

How can I keep my son's laptop from gettin' the cooties?

My son is about to get his first laptop, a Windows machine. I'd like to install the necessary software to keep it free from all the nasty stuff Windows machines can catch. We're a Mac family so my knowledge of personal A/V software is minimal. [more inside]
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How does this co-working thing go again?

After management shenanigans I've decided to leave my current company and head out into the world. I've landed a contract role in my home city for a 10% salary bump and am looking forward to a new challenge. Only thing is that the new role is exclusively office-based, and I've been telecommuting for > 5 years. Help me adjust to (UK) office life again. [more inside]
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How to calculate the true cost of an investment?

My wife and I are trying to get our retirement accounts organized and allocated properly. When we're comparing our investment options, how can we be sure that we're taking into account all the costs? [more inside]
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How do you get someone who likes you to stop harassing you?

My brother's too much for me to handle. How can I get him to stop calling and showing up so often? Simply telling him not to do it isn't working; he keeps coming up with dumb excuses for doing it. Though I hate the word 'creepy', what he's doing is what many would consider just that. And his behavior is almost stalker-like. [more inside]
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Can you fix bad habits or should I focus on one at a time?

I have a lot of bad habits, should I try to change one at a time or all at once? [more inside]
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Never mix friends and business! Lesson learned.

On my recommendation, my husband hired an old friend of mine to design his website last year. She behaved quite unprofessionally, and I haven't talked to her since both because of that and because of physical distance (we'd had only sporadic contact since university). But I'd like to at least get in touch with her for the holidays, because I do miss her. Should I break the ice? If so, how? [more inside]
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December 14

Feast or Famine: Working Too Much

I'm working waaay too much at both of my jobs and I have no social life, I see my boyfriend once a week, and I am super bitter about all of it. Help me talk to my boss and make it through the holidays, please! [more inside]
posted by ablazingsaddle at 11:35 PM PST - 14 comments

Can an introvert fake charisma on stage?

I'm an introvert, and have made peace with that. Over the years, I've gotten much better at relaxing around people, but if I have to be honest with myself, I completely lack charisma. I'm in academia, which requires a lot of people-time: teaching, giving talks, and networking. How do I practice becoming a more engaging speaker? [more inside]
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What's the quick and dirty on Korean Ginseng tea?

In the 24 hours I spent in South Korea, I noticed that the price and semi-magical claims of ginseng varied wildly. Besides hearing that it supposedly lowers your LDL levels, I know nothing about the studied effects of it. But I love it! Would there be any point in seeking out high quality, possibly expensive Korean Ginseng Tea for my stepdad who recently had a heart attack? Are there known varietals, factories, or families that produce particularly good stuff? Any help is welcome. Any recommendations in the SF Bay area would be especially helpful. Thank you!
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Ethics of downloading ebooks

Please help me decide how to ethically consume books now that I'm the owner of a brand shiny new Kindle. [more inside]
posted by Aizkolari at 8:19 PM PST - 30 comments

Where to stay in and around Salvador, Bahía, Brazil

My lovely wife, our 7 year old and myself will be in Salvador, Brazil, for 10 days February / March 2015. Where should we stay? What should we do? [more inside]
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Hindi Transliteration

Hello MeFi: I'm trying to transliterate a friend's name into Hindi, a language I'm quite unfamiliar with. The Google's and the Yahoo's are giving me different options for each consonant and vowel sounds. The name (her last) is Hackman - any tips on where to look or someone who knows Hindi well enough to help me out? There is also a Delhi street name that I'm trying to find in Hindi too! thanks!
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How do I get more bands to have shows in drive-thru land?

I live in New Mexico, drive-through land for musicians, bands and tours. I've seen plenty of artists and groups stop multiple times in Texas, Arizona, and/or Colorado, but skip New Mexico all-together. Could I get involved with local music promotions to get more musical events in New Mexico? [more inside]
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Are probiotics a good idea for lingering digestive ickiness?

For the past several days, I've felt really queasy, especially after eating. Also, the general poop situation has been, um, less than solid. I'm assuming it's some kind of lingering food poisoning or stomach virus. Would probiotics be a good idea at this point? I've never tried them before. [more inside]
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First words

It would make me so happy to wake up to podcasts in the morning. Do you do this? How? It seems easy enough, but I can't figure out how to configure my iPhone (iOS 7) alarm to play podcasts. The current options it gives me are ringtones or an iTunes song. Is this simply the matter of finding the right app? Thanks!!
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Yes, you have to eat with strangers.

Can you tell me about your experience with shared or "communal" tables at restaurants or coffee shops? Where are they common? Can you point me to any research, analysis, or good commentary about them? [more inside]
posted by delezzo at 6:19 PM PST - 54 comments pop behinds

Starting a couple of months ago, some of my favorite web sites started producing pop-behinds that tried to load advertising from I've got that URL blocked now, so the pop-behinds come up empty. But they're still happening. It's obvious they're coming from an included Javascript file hosted somewhere else, but I haven't been able to figure out which one it is. Does anyone know who is perpetrating this atrocity? [more inside]
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Now this is a story all about how...

I am looking for SoCal music, the newer the better. It doesn't have to be from there necessarily but it has to evoke it. No Eagles. [more inside]
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Local and Global Energy Expenditure on Finding a Stolen I-Phone

My I-Phone was stolen last night. I have the "Find I-Phone" app and know where it is right down to the address. The phone is 3 years old and outside of a cracked front it works well. [more inside]
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Help - I'm terrified of being fired but cannot seem to keep up

About 6 months ago, I started a new job. A number of us were hired for the same position at the same time, and we spent several months in training that schooled us on policy and procedure. About 8 weeks ago, we were given our own work load, and though I am working as hard as I can, I cannot seem to keep up the pace, and don't really understand how anyone is able to. This is making me extremely anxious, and really damaging my self-esteem. Should I start looking for a new job? [more inside]
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I want to talk (and think) about what I read.

I am looking for a system or tips on, basically, how to write a summary of a book that explains its main points. [more inside]
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How to escape the spiral of loneliness

How do carry on living in the world and trying to make connections when your lack of validation and friendships over all of your life has worn away at you so much it feels impossible? When you're so lonely and sad you need so much from other people that you're bound to frighten them off? I feel like I am turning into stone. [more inside]
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At least he'll always have fresh air in a crowd

My husband is a giant (6'7")and I'd like to get him some Christmas presents that will make his life better. [more inside]
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Why would moving a car stereo break the aircon?

My wife removed the stereo from our 2006 Renault Scenic to extract a coin that had been stuffed in the CD slot by one of our lovely children. This wasn't the first time she'd done this, and there haven't been any problems in the past. However, upon returning the unit this time, the dash controls for the stereo were found not to work, only those on the steering column. She removed the unit again, checked the fuses, replaced the unit - and now the bloody air conditioner is dead. [more inside]
posted by obiwanwasabi at 3:01 PM PST - 5 comments

Anatomical structures, medical conditions, etc. named after women?

Can you help me find pieces of medical terminology named after women, or female medical eponyms? I'm talking about anatomical structures, diseases, conditions, collections of symptoms - hell, even proteins or genes would work! Wikipedia has a list of human anatomical parts named after people, but none of the people listed appear to be female. [more inside]
posted by lizzicide at 2:37 PM PST - 6 comments

How do I restore and maintain my wood front door?

Our house has a really nice front door, which appears to be made out of wood. It looked amazing when we moved in a few years ago. The outside part which is in the sun all the time now looks dull and faded. Pictures within. [more inside]
posted by primethyme at 2:06 PM PST - 12 comments

Movers for a smallish move from SF to Seattle?

What moving companies or services should I consider to move a limited amount of furniture from San Francisco to Seattle? Moving from one apartment to another. We'll have boxes for clothes, dishes, etc., but we're only moving the "nice" furniture: a dining table with six chairs, a mattress and frame. I don't want to waste money, but I'm willing to spend for the convenience of not having to do heavy lifting or driving. [more inside]
posted by CruiseSavvy at 2:03 PM PST - 9 comments

USPS mail volume data

Is it possible to get monthly or yearly data on the volume of incoming and outgoing mail from each US post office? [more inside]
posted by molla at 1:29 PM PST - 2 comments

Firefox graphics glitch?

There are odd characters appearing on top of my Firefox window at the active tabs. Is this just a harmless glitch? [more inside]
posted by Countess Elena at 1:08 PM PST - 4 comments

Portable clothing washer/dryer suggestions?

Moving into an apartment with no laundry; landlord has OK'd getting a portable washer / dryer unit. What should we consider? [more inside]
posted by pseudostrabismus at 1:06 PM PST - 10 comments

Fun times in slc tonight?

Due to a series of unfortunate events, I'll be in the Salt Lake City airport from 4pm-1am today. Is it worth going into SLC from the airport? Anything exciting going on tonight? Anything worth checking out in the airport?
posted by pi at 1:00 PM PST - 7 comments

The Physics of Water Pushed Upwards into a Shoe

My waterproof shoes are now letting water in slightly, but the store, after sitting them in water for a bit, says they do not leak. Seems to me there's a big difference between shoes sitting in a pail vs. shoes pounding the pavement. [more inside]
posted by tenderly at 12:56 PM PST - 12 comments

How do I move photos from iPhone to Picassa?

We have an extensive library of photos on our desktop Picassa set-up (Windows). Most of the photos on there come from our digital cameras. I recently tried to copy photos from my wife's iPhone 4s to Picassa and found it didn't work right. The photos copied over were just partials of the original photos. So how do I get the photos from her iPhone onto Picassa? Secondarily, should we be using something like Picassa for this? Thanks!
posted by Rad_Boy at 12:30 PM PST - 7 comments

How do I spend my leave of absence from university?

I can finally put my mind away from school for about 8 months, but I feel like these 8 months will be the critical period and my last chance to gain a sense of what I want to do. [more inside]
posted by JYuanZ at 12:05 PM PST - 9 comments

What are some new journalism forms in "non-free" societies?

I'm a high school journalism teacher, and I'd like my students to do individual research projects that fulfill this standard: "JRN 1.8: Explain how new technologies are affecting the events or dissemination of information in non-free societies, such as some countries in the Middle East, Africa, or Asia." What are some topics they can look into? [more inside]
posted by Alexandra Michelle at 11:44 AM PST - 9 comments

Rediscovering Folksy Classics

I've enjoyed how recent video games have featured old bluegrassy/folksy hymns. Any recommendations for further exploring this sound? [more inside]
posted by Solon and Thanks at 11:14 AM PST - 15 comments

How to make a useful USB thumb drive that won't get dumped like TMFA

I have about 100 brand new very high quality USB drives (between 8gb and 256GB...most of them are the larger end). What can I do with them? I bought them thinking they were going to fail, and I was going to go through them. But I found out that high quality shit doesn't fail within 6 mos. [more inside]
posted by hal_c_on at 11:13 AM PST - 11 comments

What does "Low Pressure" mean in the context of CCTV?

I've found a couple of unsecured IP cameras that show a "LOW PRESSURE" warning overlayed on the video. Is this some kind of built-in barometer or warning against conditions that might damage the camera? [more inside]
posted by cellphone at 10:49 AM PST - 3 comments

Good resources on how to write comics?

I'm a big comics fan, and just for the hell of it, I wanted to try my hand. I am looking for resources that discuss the medium itself, as well as how to write for it... especially format-wise (i.e. what is a typical work-flow for writing comics, how do people format it, that sort of thing). I am also open to any resources, period, that you think would be useful. Thanks!
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What do you call this situation

Sometimes people who hurt get angry at something or someone and then direct their anger at the person close to them in life, not the cause of the anger. I have seen it happen with my dad getting angry at my mom in his final days of cancer. What is it called if the person with the anger cannot help directing the anger at the one they love?
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Minecraft in a Box

I'm buying my 6 year old nephew the PC version of Minecraft for Christmas. What can I wrap up in a box that will convey this to a 6-year-old in a succinct and exciting way? [more inside]
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Movie about a Father and Daughter From the 80s or 90s

I'm trying to find the name of a movie that was either made in the late 80s or early to mid 90s. It was about a washed up actor reuniting with his young daughter when she is beginning a career as a child star. I vaguely remember the actor who played the father had blonde hair and maybe facial hair, and the young girl had long curly brown hair. The movie climaxes when the young girl needs to cry for a role and she is able to successfully cry because she thought of not being with her father.
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Help me break into my closet

My closet door handle has broken, on its inside. I can turn the knob freely, but doing so does not move the bolt. I've tried various things to attempt to open the door, but have been unable to do so. What else can I try? More info inside. [more inside]
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Finding a Sometimes Standing Desk Topper

I would like to stand while I work sometimes. Ideally I'd like to find a topper for the desk I have at work (which I cannot replace with a full standing desk) that I can easily adjust to standing or sitting heights throughout the day. The ones I've found for sale are incredibly expensive ($300). I use a desktop computer with a monitor and all I really need is to raise and lower the monitor easily. [more inside]
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Gently mournful, decidedly modern: suggestions for memorial music

As part of my job, I'm coordinating an informal memorial service for a young graduate of my school who died this summer in an accident. I'm looking for music to play/have playing at the beginning , as people arrive, and at the end as people leave. Can you help? [more inside]
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Gift Ideas for family I'm staying with while I heal.

I'm pretty immobilized while I heal from a complicated broken leg, and I'm staying with friends while my SO is out of town. They are waiting on me hand and foot. I'd like to get them Hanukkah gifts, nothing too fancy, and a birthday gift for one of them. [more inside]
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I suck at negotiating and purchased a vehicle worth less

So I bought a vehicle at a dealership and this was my first time doing so. I suck at negotiating and I thought I had done my research enough, I was wrong. I ended up buying a vehicle and later finding out that it is worth $2000 less than what I paid for. I signed all the documents and drove away and am having second thoughts. Is it too late? Is there a worst-case scenario? Do I suck it up and learn from my mistakes for the next time? [more inside]
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Should I boil the rubber, too?

Bottling hot sauce for Christmas. I have a quick question re: sterilizing the bottles. [more inside]
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Am I looking a gifthorse in the mouth?

I found the greatest guy when I wasn't even looking. But I'm not too long out of a relationship (10 months) where I think I really loved him (despite current man looking so much better on paper), intimacy is taking a while to grow and I just feel a bit wary and not sure I'm into him some of the time. It's been 3/4 months of dating but I'd now say we're firmly headed to relationship territory. But I don't want to stay and waste this person's time if he's not the one for me. I also don't want to throw away something which could be really special, and this person is special, but maybe I know that on paper but don't really appreciate it which doesn't seem like a good start to a relationship. [more inside]
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Now that the walls are open, what should we do?

My husband and I just bought a serious fixer upper. What should we consider, address, add, fix, now that all of the walls and ceilings are out? [more inside]
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Nervous about leaving a bad job

I have a job that went from great to not-so-great over the last several months. I think I might be leaving soon and am feeling a little stressed about my departure. [more inside]
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How will I know?

If it were someone else describing their marriage I would tell them to get a divorce. My brain screams this at me every time some new bullshit happens, almost every day. But the thought of our actual real-life relationship breaking up and going away, and him being out there in the world alone, makes me feel sick and sad. Does that mean we shouldn't get a divorce? What does it mean? [more inside]
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How to nom de plume?

I am starting to write a novel. I have a totally different career in another field and want to write controversial / disturbing literary fiction. How should I handle this? [more inside]
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I'd like to edit an e-book series with multiple authors. How?

The bottom has basically fallen out of the music journalism market, and I'd like to do my part to keep great longform music writing alive by starting an e-book series where some of those critics and thinkers can do their thing. I have no experience in book publishing, though, and I don't know yet how digital book publishing works, aside from the fact that you can self-publish on Kindle. Help me get my bearings. [more inside]
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December 13

Why my potassium citrate gently weeps

My pillbox is gross, and it seems to be coming from a pill. What the heck? [more inside]
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User friendly camera that takes great close up photos?

My wife loves taking tight photos of flowers, bees and other stuff of that scale. She's not really trying to do true macro photography and I'm not entirely confident that she'd have the patience to deal with a complicated DSLR. I know that all the new point and shoots out there are capable enough to do closeup work and this question has been covered in previous years but I'm wondering if there are any standouts in the late 2014 camera lineup. [more inside]
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ID scifi story about telepresence touch?

I'm looking to ID a scifi short story that was posted online, probably within the last 5 years, about a couple getting a black-market telepresence system implanted in their skin. When one of them touched their own skin, the other one would feel it. [more inside]
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Corn Questions.

I have issues digesting corn, and also digesting information related to digesting corn! Do you have the answers to these corny (had to) questions? [more inside]
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Made a mistake last night - how to improve the situation

I'm crushing hardcore on a co-worker. I've put him on a pedestal (he is genuinely a very nice, very great guy). I work in a tightly knit sales environment and have made a few close friends here. I struggle hard with depression, insecurities, loneliness, drug addiction, all kinds of issues. I've been obsessively thinking about this guy, fantasizing and re-playing any situations over and over again in my head. It's been bad. Yesterday, I went out with a bunch of people from work to the club, proceeded to get very wasted, and made a few terrible decisions. Can you help me mitigate them or offer me guidance? [more inside]
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Different mediums to seal hardboard for oil painting?

I bought some hardboard for oil painting; I plan to cover it with acrylic gesso. I've been told by an experienced painter to use GAC100 to seal the board to prevent discoloration due to chemicals leaching into the paint from the hardboard. I've read articles that say either GAC100 or high-quality (e.g. Gamblin) PVA. Do you use those, or something else, for this purpose? Will any acrylic polymer substitute? [more inside]
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Teach me how to Dilbert

Just accepted a new job. Yay! It'll be my first 8-5 Monday-Friday job ever. And I'm in my 30s. I'm apprehensive about the switch. Right now I work 3 twelve hours shifts and I have a fair amount of freedom to move. In my new position I'll be more tethered to my desk. Give me tips on how to survive. I've read all the guides about the desk exercises, and those are helpful, but I still feel like I'll be struggling to stay focused and not get bored.
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What are these terrifying bugs? Are they out to eat me?

About a week ago, I noticed a dozen small dots moving on the wall of my shower. When I say small, I mean borderline microscopic. I caught one on some Scotch tape and filmed it under ~30x magnification. Please help identify. I've had a few itchy bumps, and surely this is the cause. How do I get rid of them? Link to video. [more inside]
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Denim experts/custom tailors in New York?

Where in New York can I go to find someone to either make or find me a pair of women's jeans that will fit me? [more inside]
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Is there an Android chess app that has a full audio mode?

Is there a chess app for Android that works like the Mac desktop chess program in voice command mode? [more inside]
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Connect cell phone to car stereo through usb port

I have a car with a factory stereo which has both an aux jack and a usb input, but no bluetooth. Is there a commercially available device which would connect to an android cell phone via bluetooth and the car stereo via the usb port? My objective is to use the car stereo as the phone speaker. I do not need to stream music from the phone to the stereo. I know there are aux jack devices, but they require periodic recharging. A usb device should be able to operate indefinitely off usb 5V power
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Giftfilter: Book ideas for a hobbyist writer?

I recently learned that my (retired) mom is interested in writing, and I would like to get her a book in support of this. Bird by Bird would have been perfect, but she's already read that one. Can you suggest other books have that same feel? [more inside]
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Processing hard veggies into cubes?

I love the blend of cubed root veggies on the salad bar at Whole Foods. From the research I've done, however, these pea-size cubes can't be made by a regular food processor, only by special cube blades that run over $100 and are meant for use in professional kitchen equipment. Is this true? Is there any way other than chopping by hand do get the same results?
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Help me contact my brother in Cuba

My brother is missing/not in contact/has gone to Cuba and we can't reach him. This is not a 'he ran off' situation; he is supposed to be in Cuba for work. He is the operations manager of a jazz band who are playing a music festival there. He flew from Mexico into Havana last night -- we think. The last we heard from him was in Mexico. He is traveling on a US passport but not entering from the US. He has done this before. He has a large group of people with him. [more inside]
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Feasibility study templates?

I am looking for a high-quality feasibility study template that can work on an international level (this is for a proposed startup in Europe/MENA region). Have you ever come across a template that you thought was well-planned? I don't mind paying for it but if it's for free, it would be great.
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Is it mold?

Is this cheese moldy? [more inside]
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Save the drama for your momma - oh wait, that's me!

Something crazy happened at work while I was on maternity leave...can you help me figure out what it was??? [more inside]
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Any recs for American History Trivia card games?

I love trivia, and I especially love keeping stacks of trivial pursuit cards in the car for roadtrip entertainment. But what I would really like is an actual game as opposed to just poaching the cards from another game! also, make all the questions about American History! Help me find what I'm looking for? [more inside]
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Amsterdam me!

I lived in Amsterdam for more than nine years, moving away about ten years ago. Although I've been back since, I've always had little time to spend. Now, I've decided to give myself some down time over the very long Christmas weekend (Tue - Sun) in Amsterdam. I'll see some friends, but I also intend to spend a fair amount of time alone, by choice. So, what should I do / see / eat - especially if it's something new in the past decade? [more inside]
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What were the most prescient criticisms of "shock therapy" in Russia?

Which articles, written before and as "shock therapy" economic liberalization policies were being implemented in Russia, have best been borne out over time? [more inside]
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Something awesome for someone in Chicago

A friend of mine is doing something awesome for me (artistic-wise), but doesn't want to ask/take my money for this. So I want to give him (and/or his family) something awesome in payment. A few things about them inside. [more inside]
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What recipes should I use for 1/2lb of chanterelles?

We have a 1/2lb of chanterelles! What recipes should we consider? Caveat: we don't eat flour, rice, starches or sugar. [more inside]
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"Or no" or... no?

Lately I've started noticing the construction "or no" in places where I would have expected "or not". [more inside]
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Chuggers = charity muggers who hassle you in the street

What is the Miss Manners approved method for dealing with chuggers? [more inside]
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Help me find a place to donate a small amount of money to?

I have two gift cards with small amounts on them (just under $5 total) and to be honest I'd much rather give it to a charity than mess with trying to spend it at the store. It seems like a trivial amount but I figure it'd be better than nothing. The problem I'm having is finding a cause that will accept less than ten dollars by card. Any ideas?
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What do I need to know when buying a microwave?

I'm looking at buying a microwave. These microwaves list a whole bunch of features that I know nothing about. What one's are the most important? I'm trying to keep it cheap.
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December 12

Name my marimo!

For Quonsmas I was gifted a new pet: a marimo! (Marimo are balls of green algae that live in lakes and also now many aquariums and jars.) My particular marimo came with a jar, a nice wooden tag, and instructions to "Write the name of your new Marimo on the wooden tag provided." [more inside]
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stealthy one-off TJ grocery shop for struggling family

I'm visiting some dear friends who are barely scraping by in the South (US) with two kids and a third on the way. I'm plotting a covert op to Trader Joe's tomorrow to buy them a whole bunch of groceries before I leave. I'd welcome all ideas or suggestions on what would be most useful for them! details inside [more inside]
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Gimme your cool brown bag lunch tool ideas!

My wife is a nurse and she works long shifts and packs her lunch. She loves cool kitchen food gadgets. Does anyone have any suggestions? [more inside]
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Sure, We Can Fire Everyone... If You Want

I run a technology organization within a corporate environment and am struggling with the strict network security rules currently in place on our corporate network. After a lot of debate, I've been given an audience with the executives to try and sell them on why blocking everyday sites like Google, Evernote, Facebook, Reddit, etc is evil and leads to people hating us as a corporation. I need your help! Most specifically, I want to hear from those of you that work for technology organizations (Apple, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Yahoo, etc)... what restrictions are in place for you? What is your experience? [more inside]
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Commuting vs. Campus

Room and board for my university costs $13k a year. My family lives 10 miles away from campus. Please help me come up with pros and cons for commuting, and let me hear your experiences as a commuter student. [more inside]
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I can't swallow pills. Will this ever be, like, a life-threatening problem? [more inside]
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My sister constantly asks me if I'm okay

I know she has my best in mind but she is constantly asking me if everything is okay. [more inside]
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Tablet for hearthstone

I'm looking to buy a sub-$200 tablet primarily to play Hearthstone and watch Netflix. I'm finding it confusing to to pick out the best quality tablet in this price range that will run Hearthstone well, do you have a suggestion? I am open to Windows, Android, or Apple. If I understand correctly, the Hearthstone app is not out for Android yet but it should be available soon.
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Organic and Unflavored Lip Balm

I'm looking for organic and unflavored lip balms that are available for purchase in Canada. The organic part is very important and by unflavored I mean no fruity flavors (mint flavor is fine, but nothing is preferred). I've checked other posts on lip balms, but a lot of the suggestions do not seem to be organic or the products do not ship to Canada. So far my list consists of Burt's Bees and Dr. Bronner.
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Buying a house to rent to older parents?

Did you buy a house to rent to your parents? How did that go? Would you do it if you had it to do over again? Am I off of my own rocker? [more inside]
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A website with breakdowns on votes of historic legislation?

I was looking for a website that provided information on the breakdown of votes for historic legislation in the United States Congress. [more inside]
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Is "Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold" really a Pashto proverb?

In seeking the origin of the supposedly Klingon proverb from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, I have come across claims online (for example, here and here) that it is a popular central Asian or Afghan saying and not, as asserted elsewhere, a line from the book "Dangerous Liaisons." (See here.) Is this true?
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Warm sneaker recommendations

I'm looking for some recommendations of sneakers or similar type shoes to wear in the cold weather. Many details inside. [more inside]
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I have six months to prepare for a talent show...

I have six months to prepare for an office talent show. Pressed to make a decision, I said I'd do a magic trick. I need to entertain 50 people for 5 minutes. I have no previous magical experience. What can I do?
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This desk is actually a yoga mat?

Can you help me sneak a pretend spa retreat into my actual life as a working mother? [more inside]
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Good experience-based gifts for 6yo/2yo children in Seattle/Edmonds

We are friends with a family that has a 6-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl. I was thinking it might be nice to give them an experience-based gift this year instead of stuff. What are some good things that we can do with them and also take their mom and dad along? [more inside]
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Mail Merge to PDF

Can someone walk me through how to make a mail merge from excel data with a word letter so that each individual letter will be a separate PDF? If it's easier via an Apple/Mac program, let me know. I have access to both a windows computer and a mac.
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No Dogs Go To Heaven Under Any Circumstances

There are widespread reports that the Pope now claims that animals go to heaven, based on this article from the illustrious Daily Express newspaper, and in particular this line: “One day we will see our animals again in eternity of Christ’, Francis quoted Paul as saying. Is this a real quote attributed to Paul, or is the Express making shit up, or is Francis making shit up, or what is happening
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How can I let people know I'm claustrophobic?

People throw around the term claustrophobic to describe tight or otherwise uncomfortable spaces. I actually am claustrophobic, to the point where I'll have panic attacks or come close to blacking out. How can I make this clear to people like my landlord who do not understand the severity of the problem? Would a diagnosis help? [more inside]
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Your favorite 2014 music by olds?

What are some great songs/albums released this year (2014) by people over 40? [more inside]
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Alternatives to Woody Allen

A friend wants to get that witty romantic 70s NY film fix without the obvious choice of Woody Allen. What are other films in that same genre?
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What to do about someone presenting your artwork as their own?

My best friend just found out that someone bought a bunch of his drawings and paintings online, framed them, and then probably presented them in a 2-person gallery show as their own work... [more inside]
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Motion-activated video capture in low light?

What's the best, most reliable way to capture video in a low-light situation for a short period of time (say, up to 2 minutes) that's motion-activated? Cheaper is good. [more inside]
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Upgrading mom's pills delivery.

I need a new cup to give mom her pills with. [more inside]
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How do I make myself do things?

I've always been really bad at motivating myself to do necessary tasks. However, this has finally gotten to a point when it's actually hurting both my personal / work life. What's the best way to solve this problem? Simply telling myself: "you have to get this done before you can do X" never actually works. [more inside]
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Do you know how to make the lemoniest cookies that ever lemoned?

I love citrus and sour things, and would like to make super-lemony delicious holiday cookies. Do you have a recipe that just knocked your socks off with lemon power? Either cookies or bars, as long as they are transportable, are acceptable. My friends and family thank you, as do I.
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How do I banish these bitter feelings?

Long story short - I'm getting married next September (Yey). I live in Canada but I'm originally from England so two of my Bridesmaids are English. One Bridesmaid, A, is my very best friend from growing up, we've known each other since we were 2. I travelled to England for her wedding a couple of years ago and there was never any question that she'd do the same for me. [more inside]
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Is it safe to drive to Daly City tomorrow?

We were planning to go to Dickens Fair at the Cow Palace tomorrow, but...y'know, Stormageddon happened. [more inside]
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Please help ID a novel about a woman who was in a magdalen laundry.

I read the book about 6 or 7 years ago and it was to do with a woman in her late 40's to 50's who became pregnant when she was a teenager and was sent to a Magdalen laundry type place where she stayed for a quite a long time. After she left she became a midwife. [more inside]
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Durable kids' train / activity table with storage?

I want to find my son a durable play table that he can set up his wooden railway toys on, and that we can store some of them in - do you own one you can recommend? [more inside]
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Moving out of a gated community into Hermitsville

Pinterest is behaving more and more like a gated community when I'm not logged in first and I'm not fond of some of the other recent changes, like the addition of auto-generated keywords to the bookmarks I post. I want to keep the account, but move my bookmarking habits elsewhere. Is there a way to bulk export my pinterest content with minimal fuss that doesn't break the years of work I've put into using a 3rd party solution? [more inside]
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There isn't mushroom, but lettuce figure it out!

Next week, there is a get together at my work place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Due to a fasting period (over 200 days a year are fasting days!), almost everyone is abstaining from all animal products, including honey... What cold appetizer/canape can I bring? [more inside]
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What research is there on the use of RCTs by the UK government?

A few years ago, Ben Goldacre and some people from the Cabinet Office published a paper, 'Test, Learn, Adapt: Developing Public Policy with Randomised Controlled Trials' calling for UK government departments to use more randomised controlled trials in the formulation and evaluation of UK public policy. Can anyone point me to research tracking RCT usage by the UK government both before and after the publication of the report? [more inside]
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Need business-minded advice about specializing in 2 artistic mediums

I do both analogue photography and watercolor paintings; very different mediums! I have a webpage for my photography which currently has a menu tab for my artwork, though it doesn't fit in at all with my photography or the theme of the webpage. Should I make a separate webpage for my artwork? I also sell my photography on Etsy, and would like to start selling art prints. Should I make a separate Etsy shop for my artwork? Pros and cons of keeping 2 different mediums of work together vs. separating them? Opinions or anything else I should consider?
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How do I mindfulness?

The stock answer to everyone who's posted an Ask about being stressed or anxious lately has been "Mindfulness! Meditation!" But, um, what does that mean, exactly? Please share anecdotes, techniques, references. What - exactly - did you do, and how did it help? Walk me through this like I'm five. [more inside]
posted by telepanda at 7:46 AM PST - 42 comments

Help me not second-guess my physician.

New physician could be too quick to pull out the antibiotics...or I might be the unreasonable one. Help me decide. Warning: frank discussion of possible dysentery inside. [more inside]
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I really am a people person. Really. But go away.

YANMT, but maybe you can help me figure out why I push away the very people I'd like to get to know better, both in romantic and platonic capacities. I'm asking as sort of a follow-up to this question but I really wanted help exploring that specific facet of things a little more deeply. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Manhattan on 12/26?

We're thinking about making a quick visit to Manhattan the day after visiting my family in the Hudson Valley for Christmas. Is this a bad idea? If we decide to do it, what (other than the Midtown Xmas dept store display / Rockefeller Center sights, which I know about) would be good activities, including cheap but yummy lunch options, we might not have thought of. For reference, we visit NY a couple times a year, have done so by both train and car, just not usually at the holidays.
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Don't know what to believe any more about my BF and incriminating emails

I am going through a major dilemma right now. I am not sure if I can continue with my relationship with my boyfriend, due to a very incriminating set of emails I saw in his inbox. My question is, do you think this is something to break up over? Or can I believe his story and give him the benefit of the doubt? See more details inside. [more inside]
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Can *someone else* eat it? Flu + cookies edition.

So. Wednesday I felt totally fine, and baked a batch of (delicious!) cookies for a work party on Thursday. Woke up on Thursday and felt like death. Fever, chills, vomiting, the works. Slept all day and feeling pretty ok again today. Here's my question: are the cookies safe? I've eaten a few, and so has Mr. Arkham but we figure we're already exposed/immune to whatever it was. Think they are safe to share though?
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Unique gift/book stores in NYC along the lines of Kinokunya

I'm doing some holiday gift shopping in NYC this weekend and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for one-of-a-kind stores that are fun to browse and would provide gifting inspiration! [more inside]
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Best approximation of listening to 90s radio?

I was a child in the early/mid 90s and loved listening to the radio. I'd like to find the best free option of replicating that experience. I don't just want a "best of the 90s" playlist with the very biggest hits. Details inside. [more inside]
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Talk To Me About Translating Web Sites

I'm working on a web site proposal that includes a subset of pages that need to be translated into 8 languages. How do I estimate the level of effort on translation? [more inside]
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two travel booking questions

I'm putting together some travel plans for 2015 and am considering my online travel booking options. [more inside]
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Camarillo or Camarillo Springs?

There are multiple mudslide reports in "Camarillo Springs, CA" in Ventura County. But isn't just called "Camarillo"? Isn't the golf course "Camarillo Springs?"
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Help me manage my club.

Looking for a web-based membership record / mailing list system for a small club [more inside]
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December 11

Best December of my life

I had bronchitis and was getting better. Now I have the flu. Due to weakness I'm having a really hard time coughing enough to clear the secretions in my chest. Could I get pneamonia, too, and if so, how screwed am I getting it with the flu? [more inside]
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TWAIN document scanning in Win7 under Parallels on a Mac?

Hi I am desperately looking for a TWAIN document scanner for a SAAS program that has to run under Windows 7 on a Mac. [more inside]
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You're Not The Boss Of Me

What's the best way to deal with a bossy coworker who isn't, welp, the boss of me? [more inside]
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I'm going to die and puke- in that order

I'm a 20 year old female. Since Tuesday morning, when I drank a glass of milk at lunch on an empty stomach, I've been feeling awful. Nausea and stomach pain got worse Tuesday night. I called my school's on call doctor and they told me to try and wait it out till the morning. [more inside]
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American Police Disappearing Citizens?

Besides during the high profile civil rights period in the South, has there ever been any suspicions as to whether police in any of America's police forces "disappeared" anyone?
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What font is this/this/this?
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Open-Source Replacement for iTunes

iTunes has a nice interface but it sucks deep down. Is there a good open-source iTunes alternative for Windows? Linux and Mac OS are nice but not a necessity. [more inside]
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Help me come up with a title for a colloquium

I'm scheduled to give a talk in a couple months at my undergraduate institution and need some help coming up with a title for my talk. [more inside]
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Comms. reading material over the holidays

Not too heavy but not too light [more inside]
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Is this what "goal accomplished" should feel like?

Hi Mefites, I just finished a huge project, and now I'm in this awful vacuum state… I've never had a baby but my friends joke it might be a postpartum thing… Please help me. It destroys me, it destroys my relationship with my SO. [more inside]
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These meows are breaking my heart.

World's most frightened scaredy-(stray?)-cat hangs outside our front door and meows constantly, yet bolts at the slightest movement towards him. My heart is aching for this little kitty--what can we do? [more inside]
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Slept on my iPhone cord.

Woke up this morning, to find that I slept on my plugged-in iPhone wall charger for at least part of the night. My phone was not being charged at the time, so it was just the cord hanging out in my bed. What the hell? Was I mildly shocking myself all night in a way that I should worry about? [more inside]
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Help me un-tight my business and enjoy sex

I really want to enjoy sex but my vagina is too tight for that to happen. [more inside]
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Private domain registration for Spanish domains?

I am trying to register a .es domain but the extension does not support WHOIS privacy. What are my options? [more inside]
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The best darn animal sanctuary EVER!

A long-held dream of mine has been to start an animal sanctuary. Of course, I know that doing such a thing would take a lot of time, effort and money. Setting those issues aside for the moment, I am looking for people to point me to existing sanctuaries that are on the cutting edge in terms of how they house their animals, how the animals' lives are enriched (I.e., do the animals get to do something other than sit in their pen or paddock every day?), how they operate (e.g., is it a standard "take in, adopt out" scheme, or do they do something else), and maybe even how they fundraise. [more inside]
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A speech recongition program that can convert audio files to text?

One that can convert an audio file to text (not looking for dictation to text). Preferably free.
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Should I get tested for tuberculosis?

I work in a social work setting. One of my clients was diagnosed with tuberculosis today. Earlier this week I interviewed him for about an hour. Should I be worried about potential exposure to the disease? [more inside]
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Is there a language in existence that has gender-neutral Pronouns?

In English it is grammatically incorrect to be gender neutral. When speaking of an entity you must speak of them either in terms of female or male. It seems that most languages are like this. [more inside]
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YANML, LA City Parking Edition

As much as I like to support my local government, I prefer to do it through taxation or other more-or-less straightforward revenue-collection practices. Parking enforcement, to me, is a completely irrational form of revenue generation. So, on the basis of pure principle (and $73), I ask: if the city issues parking citations for vehicles parked on street cleaning routes, (presumably) because such parked vehicles cause the city injury (or whatever, you know, tangible bad thing) by impeding street cleaning, what is the method most likely to succeed of challenging a ticket issued after street cleaning has concluded, on the basis that the city suffered no injury? [more inside]
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What does "selected corn" mean on an ingredient list?

It's listed as the first ingredient in Doritos here in Canada. Why wouldn't they just say "corn"? Is it some sort of quality grade?
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On evening in Dublin next Monday. What to do?

Thanks to the UK border agency inconveniently scheduling my visa start date, I have to leave the UK and re-enter after 15 Dec. Since flights were very cheap to Dublin, I decided to book a flight to Dublin, stay an evening, then fly back. I'll be by myself. I've never been to Dublin. What should I do? [more inside]
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Who died and left me hall monitor? Oh, wait...

Managing a Twitter account for a professional education/networking group: what do I need to know? [more inside]
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Top quality men's boots

After reading this AskMe, my future men's shoe purchases will all be top quality. With that in mind, I really like these Chelsea-style Allen Edmonds boots (bigger pic, slightly different style), but unfortunately, they no longer make them. Can you recommend a similar boot from a similarly high-quality company? [more inside]
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Should I Retract my DMCA Complaint?

An organization who used one of my copyrighted images wants me to retract the DMCA complaint I filed with YouTube. The offending video has been removed and YouTube placed their account on some kind of hold/probation for 6 months? Should I retract my complaint? [more inside]
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How did you get your child to sleep?

We have a 3 year old that doesn't sleep through the night yet. A good night is a single wakeup, a bad night is 3 or 4. I thought by the age of 2 they generally start to sleep consistently. Any pointers to get there? Is "crying it out" really the only option?
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Resolving a Google AdWords Billing Error

Short story: We're up-to-date on our AdWords payments, but due to a glitch in their system, they still show us to be in arrears. We haven't been able to reach anyone who's able to ... fix ... the glitch. [more inside]
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What is this blue plastic thing?

We got these blue plastic discs at work as part of a promotional campaign, but no one here seems to know what the item does, exactly. Googling has failed us. Has anyone seen one of these before? What does it do, besides stump people? (You can see the full extent of its functionality in the linked video.)
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Is there a way to easily check all showings of Chicago art house films?

I used to love cin-o-matic, which allowed you to read about upcoming releases, save certain theaters as your favorites, and track when movies come to town. Is there a way for me to view showtimes at smaller Chicago theaters like the Gene Siskel Film Center, The Logan, the Music Box, and the Landmark Century Cinema on one website? [more inside]
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I need to delete pages from a PDF, in Windows, locally, for free.

I have some very large PDF files, and I have to print out some pages, but not others. Is there some Windows freeware that will help me prepare them for easy printing? [more inside]
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In-language podcasts

I am looking for non-English language podcasts that do NOT focus on language learning. [more inside]
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Gifts for couple relocating to Austin, TX

My sister and her boyfriend are moving to Austin (for his job) this month. Ideas for Christmas gifts as new Austin-ites? [more inside]
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December 10

awesome apps for an eighty year old?

Senior (and friends of senior) mefites: what are fun/funny/amusing/uplifting/enlightening phone apps for an eighty year old? [more inside]
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Let There be Light?

Is there such a thing as too much light in a living space? I'm looking for a new apartment. One possibility is a large studio in a high rise tower (30th floor) with floor-to-ceiling west-facing, unobstructed windows. This is in the Northeastern section of the US (an area known for hot and humid summers). The property developers have not included cellular shades, only standard mini blinds. It is lovely now in the winter and makes the apartment seem large and cheerful, but will I regret signing a lease come July?
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VPN no longer letting me stream music from geo-blocked websites

I suddenly can't stream music from Songza, Spotify, etc despite using a VPN that shows me as being in the US. [more inside]
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Is ice skating too dangerous for my niece and me?

I don't want to return my four-year-old niece to her mother with a blade injury or broken nose. As for myself, I'm about to purchase ice skates but I'm worried about taking up a dangerous habit at age 37. Assuming we never attempt spinning jumps, is ice skating dangerous enough to be avoided? ACL tears and so forth?
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What am I likely to pay for rent in Portland, Oregon?

Job offer in Portland. Yay! Only thing is, it is very modestly compensated. I have never lived in Portland and have never even been there, so I really have no idea how much things cost. If I were to look to live with roommates, how much would I be likely to end up paying? [more inside]
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It's a hard, it's a hard, it's a hardwood's a-gonna dry

How long should we wait to move into a house that's just had floors redone? [more inside]
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Shower in a bottle

So, I really like fresh, clean smelling perfumes - like you just stepped out of a shower. I love Pure Grace by Philosophy, which pretty much encapsulates this. My only issue is that the scent doesn't last long and I have the EDP version. Can you recommend a fragrance that smells like soap and water but has longer lasting properties? Basically Pure Grace except with staying power.
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creative, non-invasive solutions for turning a space into a wall?

Architects, craftspeople, interior designers, anyone me with ideas for closing off my open bedroom in a heavily eaved, converted attic! Cross-section of the entryway space here. More after the fold. [more inside]
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Help me outline in Word

MS Word Outline filter I need to create a long, detailed outline with 4-5 levels. Word’s own outline function is horrifying: different fonts, sizes, colors, all designed to cause seizures... [more inside]
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Down Vests That Don't Make Me Look Like The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man

I wear my puffy down vest everywhere in the (San Francisco) wintertime. It feels comfy and cozy, but it balloons out and puffs up around the sides for a "winter sports" look that makes me look much larger than I am. I'm looking for a down vest with a more polished and fitted look. Can you recommend some down vests that are still warm but cut to flatter a woman's body? Price range < $170. [more inside]
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Wordpress - white screen of death login issues - and then some

The owner (Mr Firstname Lastname) of a website I manage ( notified me of a plugin issue that was visible to users on the front page of his site. So I went to try to login to admin. Oh no! WSOD! No login option! So I googled... [more inside]
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Need computer science maven! Predicate languages...

I was peripherally involved in a recent work project predicate languages parsing and some natural language. I am interested in learning about modern development environments in these areas. Very basic and on up - I know what predicates are and natural language processing at a beginner level, decent understanding of code and networks, but not computer scientist. I want to easily parse and database a string of predicates from another application, set a value, quickly evaluate only if relevant, evaluate them against a database and set a shared memory location. All thoughts appreciated!
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Help me turn my son from Pigpen to a presentable young adult.

My 19 yr old son has poor hygiene and it's impacting his job prospects. What steps can I take to motivate him to clean up his act? [more inside]
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How well do dime-sized TV antennas (like the ones Aereo used) work?

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know why no one sells a dime-sized TV antenna like the kind Aereo used in its datacenters? Or does anyone know where I might buy some? Or.. how well they work? (I assume they work since plenty of people bought Aereo's service and were happy with it... until it got shut down.) [more inside]
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Attending the wedding of a friend against gay marriage

My boyfriend's wonderful, kind, generous sibling is getting married, hooray! But they think gay marriage is immoral, and as a queer person with many queer friends I don't know what to do now. [more inside]
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Horse Racing

I live in Charlotte, NC. A friend and I were discussing how we'd like to go to a horse race and make some bets. We don't even know where to begin on that. We were thinking we could drive to Kentucky. I know of the big tracks out there like Churchill Downs but does horse racing have a minor league? Are there tracks with a lower profiles where betting happens but you don't have to own a yacht to attend?
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Seeking info on decorative plate from Central PA area

Collectible plate features imprint from defunct department store- how old is it? [more inside]
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How to explain why I want a position without seeming self-serving?

I have an interview for a position that could possibly be a big career-starter for me - however, it does not exactly align with my desired focus. How can I answer the inevitable questions about why I want this position? Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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Does my obsessive worrying mean I was wrong to break up?

I am a 23 year old woman who recently broke up with my first serious girlfriend (32 yr old) whom I dated for 18 months. I cannot stop obsessing that it was the wrong decision even though there were many reasons why we wouldn't have worked. Is this normal or a sign I'm making a mistake? [more inside]
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Looking for a gift that is made to be destroyed

I committed a party faux pas at a dear friend's fairly rowdy Christmas brunch and I'd like to get her an apology gift, with a twist. [more inside]
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Mental Health for a Teen in BFE

Apparently, my nephew witnessed a friend commit suicide and is now falling apart. I'm 2500 miles away and his parents don't seem motivated to get him some help. They live in the middle-of-nowhere. How can I get him hooked up with some help? [more inside]
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Help me misremember a stage production on TV.

Can you help me recall the name of a play on TV? I have a very distant memory of watching a stage production on TV, the premise of which was that it was behind the scenes of an actual stage production. (how meta, huh?) [more inside]
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How to dispute a utility bill

I moved in December of last year. One year later my gas bills are still messed up. Dealing with the gas company for the last 8 months has not been productive. What are my other options? [more inside]
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Need suggestions for fried pies that can be mail ordered.

Fried pies have fallen out of favor, and the ones available at local grocery stores are too sweet and taste gross, so I'm hoping to find better choices being sold online. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Do I have to?

I'm a month-plus into an ambiguous breakup/break/whatever situation, it's freezing cold where I am, I'm broke, and staring down the end of the workday. Is it really so bad to just go home and read a novel until bedtime? Or should I push myself to go to a yoga class or something? [more inside]
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Name this Russian mail-order bride movie. (No mobsters or Nicole Kidman)

Okay, help me AskMe, you're my only hope. Everybody gets at least one, and now it's my turn to be stuck on the name of a movie I once saw and loved. It is basically about a Russian mail-order bride, but it is definitely not Birthday Girl, despite certain keyword similarities. It's a little indie movie with no name stars. There are also no mobsters. It's not a thriller at all. It's very sweet. Basic plot summary inside. [more inside]
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Pleas help me find this type of French soap

My favorite aunt is retired from her job where she traveled widely; she misses her favorite French soap. I am looking for sources as my Google-Fu has failed. [more inside]
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Worst shank ever

I slapped an opposing player while playing sports. I'd like some advice on how to avoid doing something like this again. [more inside]
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Marriott in Washington DC

We will be visiting DC at the end of December for the first time. Any suggestions on which of these Marriott hotels would be most desirable. [more inside]
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Copyrighted architectural design work for a previous employer

I'm an unregistered architectural designer with about 12 years experience in the architectural field. After 5 months with a residential design firm I was let go for lack of work. I am currently seeking employment and wrote to my former employer requesting copies of the design documents that I had produced, these being the only proof that I have of the quality and suitability of my work. She replied that I was not entitled to use any of them as they are federally copyrighted intellectual property of the firm. [more inside]
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Good turn-based games to play online with friends?

What are the best turn-based games one can play with a group of people? Ideally these would be web-based games that allow you to set the waiting period between turns and that don't require a GM. [more inside]
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What are your favorite men's winter hats?

My go-to winter hat for years has been a plain grey knit cap. I was recently informed by a friend, and then another friend who agreed, and then another that the hat makes me look "like a bum," (in their words). I like having warm ears and a warm head, but I'd also like a better winter head covering that doesn't look frumpy and low effort. What's some good head gear that is both warm and relatively fashionable. [more inside]
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You Never Cleaned Your Room And That's Why Mom and Dad Got a Divorce

I think my mom blames me for the collapse of her marriage, I'm not quite sure how to process that. [more inside]
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My graduate program is a disappointment. Now what?

I'm at one of the best schools in the world. So why does my program suck so much, and what should I do about it? [more inside]
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Does AT&T change IP addresses for ios devices?

My IP address on my iDevice (iPhone & iPad) shows one thing when I go to "", but my email server shows something different. What is going on? [more inside]
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Is This A Phone Scam? My Health Insurance Company Calls Me...

What can a phone scammer do with your home address and kid's date of birth? I've heard that phone scams are getting "better" in terms of sounding very professional and being able to spoof caller ID, so I'm paranoid that I just told some scammer too much. [more inside]
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Wrapper's Delight

Inspired by this thread, I'd like to go all out wrapping Christmas gifts for my wife this year. What ideas, concepts, methods, etc. have you used in the past, or seen online that are sure to impress? [more inside]
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Reasons that crazy is problematic.

I said something that offended people. I will not say it again, but would like to know why it's so offensive. [more inside]
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Searching for a dentist in Philadelphia

I'm looking for the calmest, least nerve-wracking dentist's office in Philadelphia. A few details inside. [more inside]
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Best Shaving Mirror?

I have been tasked with a very specific Christmas request: the best illuminated, magnifying shaving mirror available. That's the sole requirement. I think they'd also like if it had a reservable regular mirror side. What is the best illuminated, magnifying shaving mirror out there?
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Child seat for the small car.

We're looking for recommendations for car seats that can fit a child who weighs between 20 and 65 lbs, fits nicely in a small hatchback, and has relative ease of placing/retrieving the child for a two-door car. [more inside]
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Diarrhea of the mouth.

I just can't seem to stop talking. Help me stop. [more inside]
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Remembering the dead

I lost my husband this year, and my adult children lost their beloved father. I would like to start a tradition for remembrance this Christmas, at a meal or at gift opening. Ideally it should be short, meaningful, and accommodating of a wide range of beliefs, from atheist, to agnostic, to believer, to alternate religion. Any suggestions?
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How to buy life insurance/ disability insurance?

My wife and I (under 35, good health) would like to buy life insurance/ disability insurance. We don't know where to start. [more inside]
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Of Questions Angelogical

Two-part question about books of angelology: one specific and one more general. [more inside]
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How to handle 'very assertive' (?) people.

I just called up a job to clarify something they'd ask for in the application as it was such an unusual request. I was going to just do it, but wanted to double check and arrange to visit. The guy clarified they did want this thing and I asked, I thought in a friendly inquisitive way, about them asking for it as it was unusual. I was also (I felt) making a bit of conversation. He said that was an inappropriate question as he could 'ask what he liked'. [more inside]
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How can I deal better with being passed over in the dating world?

I’m looking for stories, examples, wisdom to make me feel better about not getting asked out on a second date. [more inside]
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Sexual Assault? Was this man raped by a woman?

Roughly 20 years ago, I went to college in a rural state. An experience with someone in a position of perceived power left me scarred for life. Details within. Please be kind. [more inside]
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Keystone → UC Denver morning of 3 April

I need to go from Keystone to the University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus the morning of 3 April 2015. So far, my best option seems to be to take an early morning Colorado Mountain Express shuttle to Denver International Airport, and then take a taxi to UC Denver. The first CME shuttle that goes directly downtown doesn't arrive until 12:30 p.m. I don't want to rent a car. Are there better options?
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Japanese translation - what does it say on this wood block art?

Could a kind Japanese speaker please translate these characters? Years ago at a street market in Nara I bought these two simple pieces of wood, which were both hand-painted with kanji and a picture of a cat. I just loved the cheeky face of the cat but I've always wondered what the characters say. [more inside]
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Looking for a 80s Trivia / Fun Facts Book

Growing up, I owned a trivia book from the mid-to-late 80s (or, possibly, the early 90s) that I foolishly gave away at some point. Try as I might, I haven't been able to find another copy. Unfortunately, I can't remember the title or its author(s). Here's what (I think) I know: [more inside]
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Looking for rollmops/gravlax/etc. in Philadelphia

Is there anywhere I can find pickled/preserved fish in Philadelphia? West Philadelphia and Center City down to Washington Ave preferred. I'm looking for stuff in jars that I can keep in the fridge. Specific store names/vendors would be very helpful. My stomach thanks you!
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How do I safely change the water in a small aquarium?

Aquarium pros, please help me change the water in my kid's fish tank for the first time. [more inside]
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Trustworthy solicitor (lawyer) in Ealing

Does anyone know personally a trustworthy solicitor in Ealing or Brentford areas? I have asked around and so far had no success. It is just for a standard Will, but there are a few complications and intricacies, so need someone very clever and very honest but reasonably priced-will pay the going amount of course. Impossible?
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How best to present catalogue of data online?

We've surveyed 80+ organisations, to build something like a database of their answers to questions that we know our members want to know. But how best to share the results? You guys know this stuff and have good ideas about it: please share! [more inside]
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Timelapse photos as gift--ideas?

For more than two months I've been taking one photo of the view overlooking the river and trees outside the kitchen window. Is there a visually creative way yet somewhat quick way I can print this into a wall sized poster? [more inside]
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More easy listening, non-classical piano music?

I like this album, especially tracks 1, 4, and 11. Which other composers or pieces should I look into? I have a very limited knowledge of music outside of classical piano, and it's hard to know where to start or what reference to use. I know of Philip Glass, and Yann Tiersen, and would like to learn about the broader spectrum that includes these styles.
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December 9

Christian Loubutton

I'd like to replace the buttons on my women's winter coat to change/elevate the look a bit (I've done this on jackets before). Is there a particular brand (or shop) of button that has a great reputation? Any I should avoid? Do you have a dream button? Anything I should watch out for, aside from obvious things like "make sure they fit the button hole"? Thanks!
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Tiny Instant Ice Pack

Has anyone come across instant ice packs around 2''x2''? Retail or wholesale. Everything I can find is 4'' and wider.
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White Space

Why are there so many white men in space? [more inside]
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Number of recent Congressional bill banning certain expert testimony?

During the week the Keystone Pipeline bill failed in the Senate (Nov 17-21), another bill passed the House of Representatives that barred experts from providing testimony about a study if they had been involved in the execution of the study. Does anyone remember the number? [more inside]
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A television, but please no TV

We have one TV and several devices (Windows, IOS, laptops, tablets, phones). We have no cable service, no antenna, dish, no DVR, no VCR, etc., and we don't want them. We receive all the content we want on our devices, via broadband. We just want to play that content on our TV. Without wires. So ... we need hardware to pick up a wireless signal from our devices and transmit it, via a wire, to the TV. What hardware is that?
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I will give you space until it comes out of your ears

It's early days in our relationship yet, and I like this guy tremendously, but his communication practices are driving me up the wall. Am I being too demanding or do I have some basis for feeling neglected? more flakey snowflakeness inside [more inside]
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How do I vocals in GarageBand?

I want to record vocals in GarageBand for iPad. Please recommend a microphone and any other necessary gear I might need. [more inside]
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Best battery-operated CPAP machine?

My father-in-law needs a CPAP machine to sleep well. What do you recommend for a portable, battery-powered version? [more inside]
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How much $ to give a child who just earned a bundle?

Basically by accident my kid is about to earn a large chunk of money. How much should we let him keep, how much should be saved, etc.? [more inside]
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Coping with uncertainty after asking alcoholic husband to move out

Last night after the final trampling of my boundaries, I asked my husband to please move out. I'm sort of adrift now. Hope me. [more inside]
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Gift ideas: Cosmetics (history) nerd

I am appended to a cosmetics nerd, who is daily engrossed in the theory, history, and practice of makeup in Europe and the US. This is someone who has shelf space devoted to books on, like, the material culture of powder compacts between the great wars. [more inside]
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How do I solve for a percentage of a total budget...

This will be easy for someone, but math is my second language so I'm at a loss. How do I solve for the percentage of a TOTAL budget, when one line item is unknown (and is part of the total budget)? [more inside]
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Schools that allow faculty to retain IP rights over online materials?

Are you aware of any schools or universities that allow faculty to retain intellectual property rights to their course materials that are used online, and perhaps also receive royalties from the school for its use, above and beyond a normal faculty contract? [more inside]
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Tell me about being a "good enough" mother

How can I deal with freaking out about being a good parent? [more inside]
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Married for 38 years -- divorcing now -- how painful?

After 38 years of a struggling marriage things fell apart this past weekend. MeFites give me some assurances that this is the right thing to do at this stage in my life. [more inside]
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Furniture Makers in Brianza region, Italy

Hi, My partner and I are going to Italy in a couple of weeks. We're going to spend 3 days in Milan. We are aware that Milan is great for shopping and we're definitely planning on visit some of the furniture showrooms in the city. But internet search also says the Brianza region right outside Milan has the greatest concentration of furniture shops in Italy. But I have a hard time figuring out logistics of visiting these shops. [more inside]
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Box Spring Mattress Stuffing?

There is stuffing crammed into the corners if my box spring mattress. Why? And can I throw it away? [more inside]
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My friend constantly flirts with my crush. What should I do?

Hello, I'm a college student and I've had a crush on a classmate for a while now. We don't talk very often so he doesn't know I like him. In one of the classes, he sits next to my friend and I've noticed them talking and laughing to each other. I saw him bringing her coffee in the morning sometimes or inviting her to lunch. The whole time my friend knew that I have a crush on this guy yet she continued to flirt with him. She's very sociable and flirty around all guys in general. She already has a boyfriend so I don't know if she likes my crush or not. One time, I told her that I think my crush likes her and only pays attention to her in class. I was hinting that she should back off of him because I really like him. Since then, she pretended like we never had the conversation and continued to flirt with him. She even sent me snapshots of their text convos and based on the texts, I can tell he really likes her. I'm really sad and I don't know what I should do in this situation. Please advise. Thank you!
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Pretty movies that are not slow

My attention span is usually awful, especially for movies. I've never been able to get into slower filmmakers like Ozu and Tarkovsky. I do love filmmakers/cinematographers who make lush, beautiful movies that engage with film as a medium, but I need them not to be slow. Examples of non-slow, pretty ones I like include Sofia Coppola, Wong Kar-Wei, and Michel Gondry. I have Hulu Plus and Netflix streaming, plus can find other titles online. Any other suggestions for movies?
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What kind of bag on a sailing trip?

I am looking for a waterproof backpack for my dad who is really getting into sailing. He's taking all the exams necessary to sail on international waters, and practices like crazy! What kind should I buy? [more inside]
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What does a 15 year old boy need to have for his school trip to Germany?

My son is travelling to Germany with his school choir in February. He has his passport, luggage, and spending money. He has asked us to get him a travel pillow and a passport holder. Do you know the best travel pillow and/or passport holder? If so, please point at them. What else should we get him to help him have a fun and safe trip? [more inside]
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Looking for edible babies (read on, read on)

My favorite hobby is making homemade ice cream. Next year for Mardi Gras, I'd like to do King Cake ice cream (cake flavored, with ripples of frosting). Traditionally, King Cake has a small plastic baby hidden in the cake, which is supposed to bring luck and prosperity to whomever winds up with the baby in their slice. Yeah, it's weird. [more inside]
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First (only?) trip to Israel next month, best side trips for 3-4 days?

I'm going to Tel Aviv next month for a school function for about 5-6 days, that will include a 1-2 day side trip to Jerusalem. I'll also have a couple days before and after on my own, what should I do? [more inside]
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Recommend a woman-written pop culture blog

What are some good, smart, thoughtful popular culture blogs written by women? I'm mostly interested in more generalized coverage than a focus on a single medium/genre. Doesn't necessarily have to have a strong feminist perspective, though that's fine. Thanks for any suggestions!
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Whenever I get sick, I also get concurrently really sad. Something about the physical crapness and being alone all day really gets to me. Any suggestions for keeping your spirits up when you're feeling low both physically and mentally? What has worked for you? [more inside]
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Room-Temperature Winter/Autumn Potluck Dish

I need a dish for a potluck for work lunch on Thursday. I don't do potlucks well anyway, but now I have to figure out a dish that I can cook (or assemble) Wednesday night, bring in to work at 8am on Thursday, and serve for Thursday lunch. We have refrigerators but no stove or oven. There is a small microwave. I will not have time to go out and get something during the day before the lunch, as the potluck is following a mandatory meeting, and most stores will be closed that morning before I get to work. [more inside]
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Best / Cheapest routes to New Zealand from the United States?

Traveling to New Zealand from the United States (Raleigh) in January, any travel pro routes to NZ that are non-obvious but might be cheaper? [more inside]
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Can I contact a social worker to deliver a gift?

A homeless man in my neighborhood mentioned his social worker's name to me; can I ask her to deliver a care package to the homeless man? [more inside]
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I would like to be invited back next year...

I'll be spending my second Christmas with my boyfriend's lovely family, and want to get them a gift they'll enjoy. Unfortunately, I don't know them that well, and feel pretty stuck. Deets inside. [more inside]
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Shopping - Help me find a wallet just like this, except it works!

My wife found her dream wallet, but its card pockets were too small. I'd like to surprise her with one like it, but am having a hard time finding similar things. It is the JOYN Navy zig-zag wallet - Here it is at TOMS, where we found it. [more inside]
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Video I saw on the blue. Animation. Monsters. Loud. Bombastic.

Help me find a video, an animation of geometric monsters, set to the music of what I believe was a female British, composer. Orchestra. Synths. Huge sound. I first saw it on a link I found on Mefi (or AskMeFi, or MetaTalk), no more than 2 years ago, I'm guessing.
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Two days in Seattle: Any must-sees or must-eats?

I'm visiting my brother in Seattle this weekend, flying up Saturday morning and back down Sunday night. I'm already doing Theo Chocolate tour and I've done Seattle underground but he's never been to Seattle at all and I haven't been in a few years. [more inside]
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White Elephant gift for work: Something yellow, under $15, can buy today

White Elephant gift for work: Something yellow, under $15, can buy in-person in SF [more inside]
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Online resources for brushing up on basic math skills?

What are some good, free online resources for an adult who needs to brush up on basic math operations such as working with fractions, percentages and ratios? Other than Khan Academy. The more interactive the better.
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Scrooging, or Too Generous?

How have you worked within a relationship with both have very different views (extreme?) on gift giving/receiving (to other people, not to each other)? In what ways have you managed your potentially irrational feelings regarding something you feel conflicted about? [more inside]
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I want to improve my Spanish while living in Brooklyn. Any suggestions?

I will be in Brooklyn and Manhattan for about 6 months and would like to improve my conversational Spanish skills. Are there any good classes or groups for this that are informal and fun? [more inside]
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German philosopher quote

Which (German?) philosopher said something like: art/writing is perfect in proportion to the degree to which the personality of the artist isn't detectable in it?
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Did you know the original Maverick was slow on the draw too?

Ever since "upgrading" to Mavericks my iMac runs as slow as dirt. Preview especially seems to have a lot of difficulty but across the board the main theme song is Spinning Rainbow Wheel whenever I have more than one program running. What can I do to make this work better? [more inside]
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Am I being an immature procrastinator?

After being very ambitious in my 20s, my priorities have shifted. In short, I don't want to work full time. Am I being immature or is this a solid, valid choice of lifestyle? [more inside]
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A different kind of photography website

I want to build a site similar to Paul Stamatiou's photo site. Images are big, design and interface is state-of-the-art, video is integrated nicely. What other similar sites do you know of? [more inside]
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What kind of doctor to see for abdominal aortic aneurysm?

My SO was diagnosed several years ago with an abdominal aortic aneurysm and had been going for monitoring ultrasounds every 6 months or so. However we need a new doctor now -- what kind of specialist can/should we be looking for? [more inside]
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Armored Cable? Springy Stand-off?

When I use the hedge trimmer to do anything except trimming hedges (such as trimming the weeds that grow between the wooden steps out back), I inevitably nick the power cord. I need something that will either help keep the power cord away from my feet (like an extra-long "strain relief" spring), or a better shielded cord that is trimmer-proof. Suggestions?
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Selling MP3 downloads via mobile.

What options make the most sense for selling audio drama MP3s for mobile users? [more inside]
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Did I lose all my data on my iPhone during iOS upgrade?

I plugged my iPhone in to my computer and it says you need to upgrade your software. So the phone was updating to iOS 8.1.1 and it errored out. It says upgrading failed, you need to restore to factory setting and you will lose all the data. So I tried to upgrade again and it failed again. I took it to the geniuses at the apple store and they said there is no hope of recovering my data. Does the hive mind know of a way??
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Treating During Loose Leash Walking Practice (Stupid Cold Edition)

Our 10 month old pup, Kesugi, is still struggling with loose leash walking. We were doing reasonably well with the combination of a Gentle Leader and very frequent high-value treats, but then real winter hit. Now what do we do? [more inside]
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Of Pencils and Pixels

I want to read scholarly work about why doing things with "digital" tools (like word processors or MIDI music keyboards) is experienced differently from doing things with "analog" tools (like typewriters or pianos). [more inside]
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Name of novel where US is evacuated, Europe filled w/ American refugees

There's a novel I remember getting from the library when I was very young, and it mostly flew over my head. I'm trying to remember its name. I believe the premise was the US had to be evacuated for some reason, and much of the rest of the world filled up with refugee camps and ghettos of Americans. [more inside]
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Tips to Minimize Stress at the Doctor

I haven't been to the doctor in a long, long time. I am experiencing a rapid heartbeat and am making an appointment. I am pretty convinced I'm dying, and am sitting here crying while looking up doctors online. How can I make this process as painless as possible? [more inside]
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Browser apps on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 installed but missing from list

This is the dumbest thing and I can't believe I'm wasting a question on this. Help me get a browser shortcut on my Note 3. [more inside]
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How much revenue should a nonprofit carry over at year end?

I do development for a nonprofit whose budget is roughly $1 million. Last year, I raised about a quarter million more than we projected and I just saw that almost the full quarter million was unspent at the end of the year. Is it normal for a nonprofit to carry over this much as a hedge against fundraising uncertainties? [more inside]
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Like Third Ward, but actually, um, working.

Is there anything like the Brooklyn Brainery in Philadelphia? [more inside]
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How should I tell my grandpa I am pregnant and getting married?

I am so excited to be having a baby due in July. My partner and I were planning to start a family and marry in the new year, but were surprised early (my IUD failed!) and now everything is getting pushed forward. I will marry just before the new year I need help figuring out the best way to deal with my grandpa. [more inside]
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Deck me out for th'office party! Fa la la la la la la la la....

I am the world's WORST accessorizer. It is known. Last time I wanted to up my fashion game, Mefites were super helpful. Can you do it again, in a Partner's-Holiday-Office-Party flavour?! (Seasonally appropriate) snowflakes inside! [more inside]
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Six-Year Old Has Discovered Lying -- Strategies for Dealing

Our otherwise delightful six-year-old daughter has begun to tell an increasing number of lies over the past 6-7 months. The lies tend toward the lazy, (e.g., "yeah, I've already done my homework") rather than malicious or fantastical, but the frequency and ease with which she dashes them off is alarming -- as is her increased propensity for fabricating more elaborate tales. I know some lying by kids is to be expected (I certainly was no saint at that age), but do any parents out there have any winning strategies to help deal with this? [more inside]
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Break a Leg!

I'm looking for books or blogs about actors trying to break into show business. Fiction or non-fiction. [more inside]
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Powdered soap has gone hard, how can I break it up?

I have a large bucket of LD Carlson Easy Clean home brew sanitizer that is a solid block, not the granulated powder that it once was. How can I break it up so I can scoop it again? [more inside]
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identify that book filter: a short, illustrated book with a cowboy.

Ok, I read this book as a kid even though it was not a kid's book. I assume it's a bit obscure. It's a western (I guess?) In that it's set in the desert with a cowboy, but it's not a cowboy book. The story, from what I remember, involves an old, frail but strong cow who has just given birth and her stand-off to death with an old, frail but strong mother wolf or coyote and her cubs in the desert. [more inside]
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Chewy pencil toppers for adults?

My SO has the endearing habit of constantly chewing on the tops of pens and pencils. Even the really nice ones! I thought I would try to get him a set of chewy things you put over writing utensils, but the ones I found online seem to be bad quality or are overtly aimed towards kids. He rarely uses regular wooden pencils, so the ones built to fit precisely over them might not work either. Are there any other objects that could serve a similar purpose that are appropriate for adults? ++ if shippable through Amazon Prime. [more inside]
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Did I imagine this definition of terrorism?

I'm sure I heard somewhere that one definition of terrorism includes the criterion that the perpetrators must have a vote in the country where they live, the idea being that those who don't have a vote are freedom fighters, whereas those who can vote cannot justify acts of aggression because they have a democratic means of recourse and are therefore terrorists. Except that I now discover that I might have dreamed the whole thing. Is this ever used as a definition of terrorism? If so, which individuals or organisations have used it?
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Vegan cooking classes in NYC?

Do you know of good cooking classes in NYC that are suitable for vegans? Classes that focus on how to prepare full meals, not just individual dishes, would be preferred (but I'll take whatever suggestions you've got). [more inside]
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US GAAP Tax Accounting Textbook

I have accepted a new position with a U.S. company where part of the responsibilities will include assistance with tax accounting (i.e., reserves, DTLs, DTAs, reconciling tax returns to stat accounts, etc.). I am looking for recommendations for a good textbook that includes in-depth explanation of the principles as well as some exercises and worksheets to practice with. [more inside]
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Save my gf from career hell!

My girlfriend hates her job and feels trapped by it - it's really depressing her at the minute! Help her come up with some ideas for a new job / career to pursue. She's good at languages, good with people and has experience of managing... [more inside]
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December 8

How does a graphic designer get hired in a bio-tech entry position?

I have a solid graphic design resume. I want a job in a fermentation/life-sciences/food science firm. I recently went back to school and took some math, chemistry, and statistics to start my transition into a food science/fermentation career. I have recently moved and have found a great starting-level position I want to apply for but how in the hell do I write a resume that tells them I am serious and qualified?
posted by Foam Pants at 10:23 PM PST - 5 comments

No job, no friends, no hope in NYC

I'm lonely, unemployed, broke, and absolutely miserable after moving to New York City after finishing school. Please help me. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:59 PM PST - 24 comments

Confrontational Work + Low self-esteem, Body Image Issues = ???!

How do I navigate an environment where I'm expected to challenge power and authority constantly, while struggling with my own deeply-rooted issues with body image, self esteem, depression and anxiety? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:58 PM PST - 11 comments

Blank uniform templates for branding

I'm looking for high-quality, blank uniform templates for this identity I am designing. If there are images from several angles, it would be awesome. I'm primarily interested in t-shirts but I am open to everything else as well. [more inside]
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Can I slave a Drobo to a Bluray player to a TV screen?

Seems like a pretty easy to navigate digital video solution: Drobo with digital video files, USB to Bluray player, HDMI to TV. Can you suggest a specific model Bluray player that will accommodate this use? I REALLY need to shift my DVD collection to some kind of HDD-based (I think?) system, but ease of navigation and simplicity of set-up is very important to me. If I am barking up the wrong tree, please suggest a more appropriate solution.
posted by Exchequer at 8:09 PM PST - 7 comments

Insane frustration setting up multi-AirPort home wifi network - help?

I'm trying to use a couple of AirPort Expresses to extend my home wifi network but am having great difficulties. Please help? [more inside]
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Is there any benefit to being medically diagnosed as lactose intolerant?

My child recently (in the last three weeks or so) has been complaining of stomach aches and I think they are correlated with dairy. I am more than fine trying an elimination diet by avoiding dairy for a time and reintroducing it. But, I was wondering if there is any reason I am not thinking about to see a doctor. Is there any benefit to having a lactose intolerant diagnosis? Is there anything I should be considering for my daughter? I know of some of the tests you can take but should we bother? [more inside]
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What replacement power cord do I need?

I have a Koss HG857 stereo (1, 2) with an amazingly corroded power... wall plug part (?) on the power cord. Anyway, what is the name/type of this power cord? The end that plugs into the stereo doesn't match any of the cords I've been able to find. [more inside]
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This shivering is bullshit.

So, I lost a fair chunk of weight in the past year, which has had many beneficial effects, to be sure. Unexpected downside: I have turned into a complete wuss about cold. After years of considering myself innately warm-blooded, merrily running around hatless through all the winter months, I am now dreading going outdoors even to grab a quart of milk. This will not do. Fellow cold-wusses, how do I adapt? What are your best tips, tricks and products for dealing with the cold? Or alternatively, toughening myself up so it doesn't bother me so much? [more inside]
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Indonesian speakers on the green?

I'm looking for the appropriate translation of a couple of key but relatively obscure phrases for our visit to Indonesia with a baby in tow in a month's time. We'll be in Bali. [more inside]
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Getting a CA ID quickly.

I was stupid and put off getting a new ID (after a cross-country move, to the bay area in California) after my old one expired. I have a flight on the 18th. What do I do? [more inside]
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Relocating to Sacramento - advice needed re furniture & dogs

I just got a new job in Sacramento and will be relocating there next month from Washington. (Yikes! That's soon!) Should I bring everything (furniture-wise) with me or is there a good furniture consignment place there? Also, anything a dog owner should know? [more inside]
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Places to hit things in montreal

I'm looking for a gym in montreal where I can hit things. I did karate for many years, did circuit kickboxing after that. I've been inactive for months and find I mostly miss hitting things. What are good places to do that? [more inside]
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What is the name of the electric toy car

I'm doing some Christmas shopping for my nephew and wonder if this exists still. As a kid in the 80s I remember an electric car set where you pieced together a track and 2 matchbox size cars could zip around it with the the controller handling speed only. [more inside]
posted by ridogi at 5:02 PM PST - 12 comments

How do I get a refund from Priceline for hotel booked in the wrong zone?

Priceline accepted my bid for a hotel, but it's not in one of the geographic zones I specified when I made my bid. This will not work for me. How do I cancel the booking and get a refund? [more inside]
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Dating advice for an inexperienced neurotic person

I've been using OkCupid for a few months now and have been on around 4 dates with different people. I (22) started talking to a woman (also 22) last month and we really hit it off online. We've met up twice now and had a lot of fun together (both dates were over 6 hours long) and we ended up kissing the last time we were together. At the end of the second date we talked about meeting up again, however I'm having serious doubts and anxiety. [more inside]
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My company used my design without my consent. What do I do?

My parent company is implementing a rebrand based on a design I made for a project I worked on years ago, all without my knowledge. They have acknowledged this, and it seems like they are oblivious that this is a problem for me. I have made my feelings known to my boss, and am waiting for further developments. I don't know what to do next. Do I have any rights? What are my options? Backstory follows. [more inside]
posted by brappi at 3:48 PM PST - 18 comments

Holiday Giftfilter - Theater Books

My cousin (highschool senior) has been in all of his highschool theater productions so I figured I should give him a theater-related gift. [more inside]
posted by just.good.enough at 3:41 PM PST - 8 comments

Seeking a winter get aways with kids in New England

The alms family (2 adults + 8 y.o. + 4 y.o.) is looking to spend 2-3 days in a rural setting over the winter break, with activities like sleigh rides, bonfires, snow shoeing, nature walks, board games, tubing, possibly xc skiing, and other kids activities. We don't downhill ski or snowboard ourselves although we’d consider a ski resort if it has enough of the other things going on. We think a full service inn catering to families is probably the best bet but maybe there is a farm-inn stay, ski resort or rental that would work. [more inside]
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I (Heart) Rebuses

I love rebuses! Is there a webpage or book that has tons of them? I've googled, but have come up short.
posted by matkline at 3:17 PM PST - 7 comments

How to enjoy reading (for fun) again!

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I work in libraries and I haven't read a book for pleasure in almost a year. How on earth do I take up reading as a hobby again?! [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:11 PM PST - 25 comments

Instructor wrote nasty comments on my paper - how to react?

A graduate student instructor at my public university handed back my paper today with various snarky comments about my performance in class. Am I overreacting? Should I respond? Complain? Just ignore it? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:11 PM PST - 67 comments

A word that is something along the lines of...

Looking for a word that means something like "a feeling of contentment while continuously striving for improvement." Any ideas?
posted by Cybria at 2:47 PM PST - 6 comments

Craver of the Savory Flavor

I love savory beverages. In the summer I love a good bloody mary (virgin or with vodka) and in the winter I sip hot chicken broth or miso. Can you recommend some other savory drinks? [more inside]
posted by gumtree at 2:13 PM PST - 22 comments

Myofascial Pain Syndrome

I have Myofascial Pain Syndrome. Do you? I have questions! [more inside]
posted by altopower at 1:58 PM PST - 8 comments

Finding entry-level nonprofit work

I’m trying to figure out the best way into nonprofit work, ideally grant writing and development. Most of my work history has been in retail and food service, but I’ve been volunteering for a tiny Friends of the Library group for the past year. Where should I be looking for work? Americorps? Keep refreshing like a madwoman? [more inside]
posted by book 'em dano at 1:50 PM PST - 13 comments

History buffs with specific interests, recs from your interest?

I want to read very good history books. I know such threads exist. But I want recommendations from people who are very well read (decently well read, even) in the subject. If you have a particular interest, what is it, and what are some excellent books you've read and recommend? [more inside]
posted by Rams at 1:30 PM PST - 20 comments

How do I hide my internet bookmarks / searches

Ok, I'll be straight with ya.....Mid 40's Male. Married. Two young kids. Using a Mac Book Pro completely updated...Using Google Chrome as my browser.....(more after the jump) [more inside]
posted by TwilightKid at 1:23 PM PST - 31 comments

Should I call out my friend for racially insensitive Facebook posts?

The Ferguson incident has of course sparked many reactions from people. Facebook makes it easy for people to share images, articles, and thoughts related to their views on the incident. One of my best friends (since middle school) has been sharing things lately that skirt the boundaries of tolerance for me. I'm uncertain as to the best way to respond to her, or if I should even respond at all. Her latest share on Facebook was offensive to me, and shows a lack of sensitivity and understanding of the real things black Americans are fighting for. [more inside]
posted by starpoint at 1:08 PM PST - 41 comments

What's the best chip+PIN card I can get right now for a trip to Europe?

All of the credit cards I use are magnetic stripe + signature, which is still the norm here in the US. We're planning a visit to Europe in spring of 2015 and I'd like to have an honest-to-God US-issued chip + PIN card by then. Who has the best one available at the moment? [more inside]
posted by komara at 12:55 PM PST - 23 comments

Blog reviewing games of chess in fiction?

I'm sure I remember reading some entries from a blog that pithily reviewed games of chess from fiction (novels, TV shows, movies) for plausibility and quality, but I'm coming up with nothing when I google for it. [more inside]
posted by spielzebub at 12:51 PM PST - 3 comments

1999 alternative to the 1994 Prestige Proof Set

The state quarter sets are pretty cheap and boring, so is there something I'm not seeing that could provide a nice substitute? [more inside]
posted by rhizome at 12:41 PM PST - 4 comments

Outside the circle of fire.

I'm a field recordist and a solitude-lover. I'd like to camp in the most sound-rich environment possible for New Year's. I'm in Southern California. Suggestions? [more inside]
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Diagnosed w/ADHD, afraid to take Ritalin bc my brother is schizophrenic

For as long as I can remember, I've experienced anxiety, depression, and concentration problems. After finally going to a therapist/psychiatrist for these, they think I have ADHD and want me to start on Ritalin. Problem is, my brother has schizophrenia, and I'm right in the target age range for it to hit me as well. Stimulants can trigger this. Thoughts? [more inside]
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What city in Southwest Florida is the best place to live?

I'll be finishing a masters degree in school counseling and have given some thought to moving from Idaho to Florida. Big jump, I know. So far Tallahassee, Gainesville, and Southwest Florida appeal to me the most. I'd like some info and advice on SW Florida. [more inside]
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What tools for combining multiple frames into single non-panoramic image

I would like to take multiple photographs, or video frames, and combine them in different ways. An example of this would be to take many frames of a monument on a busy day, and then generate a picture of the monument with no people by taking the empty spaces from different frames. Or to simulate a long exposure by averaging multiple frames taken over time. [more inside]
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How to stop self-sabotage and fear of success

For a few months I have seriously been working on getting control of my binge-eating disorder. I tend to have a binge-free streak going with weight dropping off and control over my eating - then once I start to see change and get excited about the future - I binge. This is complicated by recent changes in my social life. [more inside]
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What's the most efficient / least inefficient way to heat 3 season room?

Our house has three season room we love. Winter is not one of the three seasons. What's the most efficient / least inefficient way to heat it up for an afternoon periodically? [more inside]
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Paris/Europe in Feb/March

How crazy would it be to travel to Europe in late Feb/March for a 5 day vacation? [more inside]
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How to find a doctor for prescriptions outside your healthcare plan?

My PCM says she wants to prescribe me a drug that is in common usage, but she is not allowed to do so. She says that I should find a doctor outside my health plan that can prescribe it. Is this a good idea, and if so, how do I do this? I don't want to waste time or money, or do something idiotic. [more inside]
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Restaurants between Astor Place and TriBeCa?

One friend works in Tribeca. The other in Astor Place. They'd like to find a quiet, not terribly expensive place in the middle-ish for food and chatting. [more inside]
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Is learning to code really a good job option?

It seems that "computer programmer" is often listed as one of the best jobs in America. There are cram schools popping up promising six figure salaries in 12 weeks. And even a former celebrity has chosen it as a second act. All this because there's apparently a tech talent crunch. But is learning to code the best strategy for a viable career? [more inside]
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Renting a car in California under DC MedicAid - should I be ok?

I'm renting a car in California while being under DC MedicAid. Would I be covered in an accident? [more inside]
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Christmas songs or carols that aren't triumphant or especially joyful

I want to put together a couple playlists of good Christmas songs and carols that are sad, wistful, somber, or maybe just quietly reverent. The key is that they not sound triumphal or celebratory. I like Joy to the World and its ilk, but I'm actually happier listening to something a bit more melancholy. I want to make one list of popular songs and another of carols. Do you have any suggestions?
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Trello Question - To Do Grid

Per another question last week, I am trying out trello to manage the different projects and activities I have going on. Mostly for work, some personal. I am looking for the ability to arrange open activities/projects into a grid/dashboard using tiles. So similar trello lists, but the ability to stack lists under another list. Is this functionality possible using Trello or other To Do list software?
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Puppy Dance Party

I work from home, and I want to institute periodic dance breaks throughout my day, to force me out of my chair and pump me up a little, since I'm prone to desk hypnosis. Also, my dogs think it's awesome when we dance. [more inside]
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storage units for smoke damaged house contents - Hudson County NJ

We're looking for storage places in or near Hudson County to stash an apartment's worth of soot/smoke damaged (but not burnt) furniture and books, so they can air out for a bit. Obviously we need a complany that is not bothered by the current odor of the stuff, but we'd also love a place that had electric outlets in the units to run an air filter / scrubber for a while. [more inside]
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How to keep email functional?

I used to be an inbox-zero person, but I can't do it any more.; I simply don't have the time. I've got a vast army of filters in use already. I just need a workable system for using email. Client & gmail etc etc inside. [more inside]
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Empirical data of flight delays to and fro DEN vs SFO around December?

Just booked my int'l flight by way of Denver a little under 24 hours ago. Could anyone help me get empirical data (at least a prior probability) of flights to and fro DEN cancelled or severely delayed, compared against ones in and out of SFO around this time of year? I'm slightly concerned about my flight into DEN potentially snowed in, and wanted to get a better sense if it's worth switching to an alternative flight to the same destination via SFO on the ~same day. Thanks a lot!
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What to do when house won't sell?

My husband and I recently moved to be near my family (we have a 2 year old and a newborn). We are staying at my moms until our house sells and it just won't sell. We are cramped here and I hate the feeling of being stuck for the foreseeable future. We can't move out on our own until the house sells. How do we sell a house that just won't sell, and how do we make our situation more bearable until it does sell? [more inside]
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Bean soups are, generally speaking, fairly boring.

Bean soup is convenient for lunch and winter-friendly and healthy and all, but in reality most of them are mind-numbingly boring. (Sorry, Bean Soup.) I am looking for very lively, assertive, strongly-flavored bean soups. [more inside]
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Best resources for learning about choreography, choreographers, & dance

Recently I've found myself exceptionally moved by a couple of documentaries about famous choreographers, namely Life in Movement about Tanja Liedtke, and Pina about Pina Bausch. I know very very little about choreography or choreographers (or really dance in general), and would really love to dive into this area, so please recommend me the best books, podcasts, documentaries, magazines, websites, etc. to help me learn more - basically anything informative and/or inspirational. [more inside]
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Stuff needlepointers (who also like horses) like

Needlepointers/embroiderers of MeFi: what do you like, gift-wise? Especially if you like horses, too. [more inside]
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How can I proactively prevent anxiety from limiting me in life?

Anxiety runs in my family. I'm watching how much it affects my mom and I want to keep on challenging myself to take risks so that I never get so afraid that it limits me from doing stuff and enjoying life. How do I do this? [more inside]
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What are the most lucrative healthcare jobs?

I am thinking of changing careers completely from finance to healthcare. I’m trying to get an understanding of where the jobs are, and which ones pay well. [more inside]
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A jacket for talking fast and drinking coffee.

A friend is looking for the jacket Rory wears in several episodes of Gilmore Girls S2. It looks like this. [more inside]
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What's the easiest way to spy on my cats?

Is there a cheaper and easier set-up for spying on my cats than setting up something like Simplicam or Dropcam? [more inside]
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Finding debates about the "controversy' of evolution/climate change?

Where are the best places on the web to find long comment sections of debate about the "controversy" of evolution and global warming? CNN had very long comment sections until they wised up and began opening comments for very few articles. Yahoo Answers has some, but they often only have 10-20 replies. FreeRepublic tends to veer into slamming Democrats, and I'm looking for more religious and non-science based arguments, like, "My grandpa was not a monkey," and "It's freezing outside, some global warming, huh?"
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Comfortable floor seating for tall adult?

My husband is 6'0 and often finds himself playing a board game/building a Lego masterpiece/watching a video on the floor with the kids. Although he is quite slim and fit, he has a history of spinal fusion and it is very uncomfortable for him to sit on the floor for long periods. We have a few seat cushions that he can use, but these don't provide enough support. Hivemind, what kind of seating should I be looking for? [more inside]
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Help my mom get her Gmail back

My mother's Google account was recently broken into by phishers. They changed her password and phone number. In her attempts to recover her account, she made several major mistakes early on and it now seems like she may not be able to recover the account via the tools provided by Google. All of her financial information is in this account, and she's going a little nuts. [more inside]
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Christmas Present for a Trip to Lisbon?

My family is taking a trip to Lisbon in May! We are very excited. What present can I get my mother to make this trip even better for her? Looking especially for specific tours or tickets although other ideas will be considered. [more inside]
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Cobweb Control

We need to paint our basement before showing the house for sale. However, the basement currently looks like Shelob's Lair. Help! [more inside]
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Gap between window and wooden sill letting in cold air

Last night as I was closing the shades I noticed cold air coming in and discovered what I think is a fairly recent gap between the wooden window sill and the vinyl windows. The gap is letting in quite a lot of air, and I am trying to figure out a) what caused it and b) if this is something we can fix (temporarily) ourselves. [more inside]
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Belief in North Korea's claims

The Kim dynasty in North Korea makes explicit claims about the family's divinity and recounts absurd propaganda about their accomplishments. Do the Kims believe any of it? How many North Koreans believe them? Do the Kims think anyone in the rest of the world does?
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knitting question: adjusting yarn gauge to existing pattern

I found the perfect yarn and the perfect pattern to make a baby sweater. only problem? the gauge is kind of different between the pattern and the yarn i want to make, and i want to make this sweater in the actual size of the pattern. is there an online gauge calculator so i can plug my pattern into the computer and give it the new specs and it will spit me out a new number of stitches to cast on and new number of rows to knit? i am able to do this on my own using MATH but i prefer to let a computer do the work. thank you! [more inside]
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My Google Calendar is Not My Own

I posted about getting misdirected GMail. It's gotten worse. Now my Google calendar is chockful of someone else's life. [more inside]
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Translating fragments of 'Circuito Interior' from Spanish to English

I'm really taken by the poetry of Efrain Huerta, and I would like a fragment of his poem 'Circuito Interior' translated to English. [more inside]
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now my kid believes in Santa but we don't want to lie to her

When my daughter was born my partner and I decided not to do the Santa lie but this year (she's five and a half) she is really upset about it all now that she's picking up on other people's beliefs. What do you say about beliefs when it's the rest of the world who did this to your kid? [more inside]
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Help me soften a lot of rage, please?

I want to quit my French au pair job because it's not great. I just got a call to interview for a new job in ONE week. How do I tell the parents? [more inside]
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December 7

Should I give up on living overseas?

Is living overseas too risky for a person who has gone through a psychotic episode? Should I give up on the idea of going back to teaching overseas? [more inside]
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Arabic note at the bottom of Facebook notifications

I received this note in Arabic at the bottom of my Facebook notifications. I didn't think anything of it because a lot of my Facebook friends post Arabic quotes that have a similar look, and I just thought it was a glitch between my newsfeed and notification page. About 8 hours later, another friend sent me a screen capture (the linked photo) of the same thing, asking me if I could translate it for her. I did, but does anybody know where it's from, or how the message got on Facebook? I haven't found any source or similar quotes in google searches. [more inside]
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Can I teach myself to tune a piano using only the internet as a teacher?

Some people say this is a skill one cannot teach oneself; an apprenticeship is necessary.
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How to get better at asking questions at work?

I've been working at my current job, in an actuarial capacity, for nearly 3 years. The problem I'm having is that I find it difficult to ask questions about new tasks in the workplace. I think a small part of this is the fear of coming across as dumb. If I end up asking something really basic, it may look bad to my boss. I've read about imposter syndrome and think that's part of what I'm experiencing. But, I think a bigger part is that I have trouble actually articulating a question clearly about something unless I actually have a pretty complete idea of it. If someone is explaining something new to me, I have to spend some time letting it sink in and digesting it before I can actually form a clear, coherent question about it. It's frustrating, because I see other co-workers of mine who seem able to ask questions immediately upon being given new tasks, but I struggle a lot with it. I generally want to be able to ask questions more easily - how can I best achieve this?
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Dramatic voiceovers

What are some movies with dramatic voiceover introductions?
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Traveling alone to DC on Christmas weekend. What to do?

So I have a few days off and just want to get away on a small budget. I have decided that I will take the bus to Washington, DC over the Christmas weekend, and will probably be staying at a hostel or maybe couchsurfing. I will probably stay for one or two nights. I don't have any friends or family in the DC area and, so far, I couldn't find anyone to travel with me, so I will be traveling alone. [more inside]
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Is it too late to max out my 401k?

I get paid monthly, usually at the beginning of the month. I just realized I can contribute a bit more to my 401k since I'm under the $17500 limit for the year. However, my last paycheck has come in (unless HR decides to pay the next one in late Dec rather than early Jan). Has my window of opportunity closed?
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Employee busted her butt for me this year... non-creepy gift?

I've looked through the archives, and all the usual websites, but I'm not finding what I'm looking for, and was hoping someone might have the perfect Idea - She's 26, my employee, and has taste that I don't have... [more inside]
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Casual Farm Game without IAP/Microtransactions

I've been really enjoying those casual farming games like Hay Day and Farm Ville, but I hate the way everything is designed around getting you to shovel money into them. I just want a game that lets me grow crops at a leisurely pace (so nothing with time pressure) without stretching everything out over multiple hours to try and tempt me to pay money to speed it up.
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Home sunk a little - who do I talk to for advice

Bought a home in rainy Washington 5 months ago, 70 yrs old, we knew there was some settling in one bedroom at the corner of house, of 4 inches, and the inspector cited settling from a cracked foundation (which was patched with a little patchy concrete) and possibly settling from water pooling from clogged downspouts, but said the settling should be over now. But we now doubt that... [more inside]
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Recommend me an awesome boardgame

So I'm thinking of dropping a few bucks on a REALLY GOOD, REALLY REPLAYABLE boardgame this week. Provisos inside. [more inside]
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Big Bandwidth in the Big Apple

I need to upload several GB of data fast while on travel to New York. How do I pull this off? [more inside]
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Ah, well...

Tips for getting past a breakup..ish... [more inside]
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Should I let my executive function coach speak to co-workers?

I've been doing some work with an executive function coach who has suggested that our process would benefit if she has some contact with key people that I work with. I'd like to think through the risks that that might entail, in order to decide if it's a good idea and worth it on balance. [more inside]
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Sundays are not for sleeping.

I work late one night a week. What's best - getting up the next morning at the time I usually get up, or sleeping for 8 hours? [more inside]
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Does it ever make sense to get a second undergrad degree?

Ages ago, I posted this question. Sadly, I'm still stuck in pink collar admin hell and still looking for a way out. I'm not interested in climbing the ladder to get past the admin assistant jobs - I want to get away from this world altogether. More education seems like the only option, but my terrible undergrad record means that graduate school is out. [more inside]
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Laptop battery replacement

Hey, all. I have a three-year-old Gateway laptop (NV55C) that was having battery problems, so I bought a replacement battery from Amazon. When I got the replacement battery, it included a list of battery models it replaces, and the model of my old battery was not among them. Is this bad? [more inside]
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Getting vested in equity - what does that even mean?

My friend finally convinced me to help him with his company. I have verbally guaranteed him a minimum of 5 billable hours/week in exchange for a percentage of equity in his company. What should the written terms be? [more inside]
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Realistically, is there anything else I can try before Metformin?

I've read all the other questions about Metformin, and most about PCOS, but I think this is a slightly new twist, so I hope you can help me. I know YANMD. I have already tried everything I can think of to manage without meds, and I'm wondering if any of you have other suggestions, or if I should just give in and start Metformin. [more inside]
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how do you secure a christmas lawn ornament to the ground?

How do you secure a Christmas lawn ornament to the ground? I'm talking about the plastic 40 inch high decorations, like the Santa Clauses, and Mrs. Clauses and snowmen. [more inside]
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Looking for a joint blog/email blast platform with options

I indirectly oversee someone who forwards a lot of good emails, but it's a lot of emails. I've asked for this person to start using their organization's blog (run on Wix), but it might not be the best solution. Is there a blog platform that will also automate email blasts, with options for frequency of such emails? Bonus points if it works with the Wix blog platform. [more inside]
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Does a bloodied face signify the end of a fist fight?

I am trying to find some confirmation (or refutation) of the idea that at least in some contexts (schoolyard fisticuffs and other low-stakes, non-lethal brawls) the bloodying of one combatant's face is a kind of an "okay, the fight is over, we have a winner, everyone go home" signal. [more inside]
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Wine delivery in NYC?

I would like to gift some wine to a friend in Manhattan. What's the best way to do this? [more inside]
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When should I tell Social Security about my name change?

I'll be changing my name very soon. Problem: My employer will also file my W-2 soon. I don't want mismatched documents to make SSA or IRS send a no-match letter. It'd inconvenience us both, and since this is due to a gender transition, it would also accidentally out me. Is there some time early next year when all the W-2 forms will be processed, and I can tell the SSA of my name change, then my employer, without triggering a no-match? Or is my best option to tell everyone ASAP and hope for the best?
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Bock bock boooock bock bock bock bock boooock

I'd like to put together a playlist of songs sung by non-humans. [more inside]
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Please help me not be a simmering cauldron of rage

I recently moved to New York City. I find getting around the city seems to involve constant interior thrum of unwarranted anger at other people. I would like to stop being a person who is heading to work or the grocery store while being mad at most everybody else; it's not a good way to live. Any tricks or heuristics or habits of thought you use would be very helpful! [more inside]
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How many times *has* Eli Roth died on film?

Eli Roth seems to be secretly going for the world record for the number of times someone can die on screen - but it's so secret that it's not even in IMDB. How else can I find all of Eli Roth's uncredited deaths? [more inside]
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Using a 16gb iPad when you're got 24 gibs of stuff

First up, let's ignore the obvious solution of getting a newer iPad. Want to explore other option first! The wife is using the iPad as her main computer. Which is usually fine, she doesn't need to do much. But it gets a bit hard to a times, especially with photos. She takes a lot and would like to to have access to them all, among other things. Is there an App or technique where one can set aside say 2 gigs of space on an iPad that is only a subset of larger cloud space, without deleting anything? We have a terabyte on Dropbox. Are iCloud or iCloud Drive an option? Ideally she would be able to see lists of all the files and then open whatever, which downloads the file to the 2 gig space, which makes room by removing files which haven't used in awhile from the iPad only. They're still in the cloud and can be opened/downloaded again. Does this exist or it simply to elegant and useful to be implement by companies wanting us to spend more money?
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Transitioning to a Long Distance Relationship with limited connectivity?

ProfMiasma, my partner for over two years (cohabitating for 9+ months), is going off to do fieldwork in West Africa for the next 1.5 years. For the first 6 months, she'll be "in the bush" with limited access to communication technology. Given this limited connectivity situation, what practices and tools can we use to make the best of our long-distance relationship situation? (More Details Inside) [more inside]
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Does Green Christmas still exist?

Back in the '60s, NPR or PBS in Boston did a dramatic production of Stan Freberg's Green Christmas. It was rebroadcast every year for quite some time. Great stuff. Now, I can't find a trace of it, even on Wikipedia. Has corporate America managed to completely erase this wicked indictment of the commercialization of Christmas, or is there some obscure site hosting a record of it?
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Easiest way to rip and/or burn DVDs on my new Windows 8.1 laptop

I just received my first Win8.1 computer, and I am having some trouble adapting to the new interface. The computer I got has a DVD read-write drive, but I bought the "Signature Edition" of this laptop (Acer E5) from the Microsoft store and that means it doesn't come with the usual pile of bloatware. This is apparently both a good and a bad thing... [more inside]
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Hair help for a new step-dad.

My new 12 year old step daughter is really into new hairstyles, the funkier the better. I have seen an amazing 'do on a girl her age and would like to re-create it for her. I have already straw-polled her friends, but none of them had heard if such a style. Description over the page. [more inside]
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Christmas ham - without a conventional oven

We have been assigned the ham for this year's Christmas party. We will be roughly 20 kids (age 0-16) and 17 adults. What do I buy and how do I cook it given that my conventional oven does not hold a temperature? [more inside]
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Any advantage to paying off a garnishment early?

I have the money to pay off a garnishment and am fine with doing so. I wonder if there is any benefit to paying it off early in terms of my credit rating. [more inside]
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How to stop car alarm

Asking for a neighbor: On ~10 year old Honda Accord, door lock broke so neighbor crawled in through the trunk. Upon starting engine, alarm activated (horn) and she couldn't get it to stop. I disconnected the battery & gave her a ride to an appointment. What next? [more inside]
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Fun/funny/quirky/cool "Of The Month" Club for a 14-year-old boy?

My son picks up the mail for us every day and there's hardly ever anything for him. Let's fix that. [more inside]
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Did Guatemala really ban the Magnificat in the 1980s?

In doing research on the Magnificat (Mary's Song in Luke 1 in the New Testament), I keep running across references to the public recitation of the Magnificat having been banned in Guatemala in the 1980s. This smells like a legend to me, but I'd like to know for sure. Is there any truth to this idea? [more inside]
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Anybody used Lyft in Orlando (from the airport and back)?

I am thinking about using lyft to get to and from the Orlando airport to my Disney world resort. Usually it's $70 by cab but lyft gives an estimate in the 30s, so it's tempting. My flight gets in at 11pm however so I am worried there won't be any availibily then. Also when taking it back to the airport I obviously need it to reliably pick me up. A couple questions: 1) anybody ever done this and what was the experience? 2) what is the wait time for pick up? 3) what was the cost?
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Seeking specific black teacup