October 2

How to hustle when you're not a hustler

Go-getters and the self-employed of MeFi, how do you do it? How do you thrive and get results when YOU are your own accountability? [more inside]
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Can I Eat It: Canning

I made my annual batch of mustard. The recipe doesn't call for processing it but I do so anyway, in a stove top canning pot. Two questions! [more inside]
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How to talk to an 11 year old boy about sexism/racism/etc

How do I keep up the lines of communication with my 11 year old so that he doesn’t get red-pilled? My 11 year old who is sharply verbal, oppositional, and technically on the spectrum, loves all types of media and has (my personal bias aside!) an unusually sophisticated ability to analyze media and discourse. (Check my posting history for more on him.) He is “all boy” as they say, also white and middle-class. Unlike some other similar boys, we are actually raising him in an extremely economically and racially diverse environment. However this environment is not politically diverse - at all. And he is a tween Holden Caufield. [more inside]
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Unlock MacBook with Watch only at certain times?

I can unlock my MacBook with my Watch, but I want to disable this feature at night. Is this possible? [more inside]
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Finding fee-only eldercare consulting

How do I find an independent consultant who will help me place my parents in the right assisted living/memory care facility for them? [more inside]
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Experiences with physiotherapy for joint hypermobility?

I would like to hear about people's experiences of adapting their life to accommodate mild joint hypermobility, and in particular whether targeted physiotherapy was helpful. [more inside]
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October 1

Current nonfiction about Indigenous Peoples in the Americas?

I'm interested in reading up-to-date nonfiction pieces about Indigenous peoples, especially those in the Americas. Ideally, these would be under 1000 words. I'm looking for recommendations that are suitable for a general readership, yet informative enough for someone in college. Any suggestions for where to find such materials?
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Need “dad” level advice on car and finances

I’m making (small) payments on a 2014 Honda CRV, bought in 2018. It’s starting to show some wear and tear, and I’m getting worried I should trade it in. [more inside]
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Good better best beginner Mexican cooking

What are your best beginner recipes for making for Mexican cuisine at home? [more inside]
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Mixing in GarageBand: Show me the way to go

I’m looking for a good absolute-beginner tutorial for mixing (banjo/vocals) in GarageBand. [more inside]
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Is Ronnie from Undercover Boss still screwed?

Ronnie was an employee on Undercover Boss in 2013 who worked at the Boston Market restaurant. On the show, his boss fired him on the spot after catching him making disparaging comments about customers (not to their faces). Three months later, they did a follow-up episode and showed him still unemployed. Now it's ten years later and he'd be almost 30. How likely is it that he's found another job since? [more inside]
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Looking for interesting poems about crime & laws

I'm using them for an English class. I have "Oh Who Is That Young Sinner" by AE Housman and the enclosure poem that was recently referenced on the Blue. Can you think of any others?
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Best way to get vet advice while my vet is closed?

I have a question that doesn't require a vet visit but merely a relatively informed vet or reasonable facsimile thereof. Do you have an opinion on this question and/or do you know of another resource? [more inside]
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Help me understand this Turbo Tax email?

Wowee here's a very boring question re: a notice I got from Turbo Tax. I'll put the thrilling details inside for you tax, accounting and numbers experts! [more inside]
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Rush passport renewal—best options?

I messed up big time and forgot to check my passport renewal date. Now I have international travel planned in about a month. It looks like I have two options and I’m wondering if anyone has experience with these? [more inside]
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yet another todo project management etc question

I'm seeking recommendations for the unicorn of life management tools. [more inside]
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Is there a standard way of teaching or structuring pottery classes?

I've started taking a beginner's pottery class, I've only had two lessons so far and I can't figure out if the instructor is decent... or if the problem is me! Is there a standard-ish way of teaching pottery that instructors generally follow? [more inside]
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Standard practices of editing Deaf subjects in documentary video?

I am editing a documentary film in which several Deaf subjects were interviewed (being asked and signing their responses in ASL). What should I know about the ethics / standard practice of how to show or not show signing folks on camera? [more inside]
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Like Duolingo, but for other activities? How to “gamify” my life?

Digital or otherwise, in what areas of a life might be good ways to bring in aspects such as used in Duolingo, the language-learning system? The best features for me are the monitoring of the streak (with some allowance, such as earning “freezes”) and the fact that it can be done in short segments (such as five minutes to an hour). Any methods suggested should ideally be free or very low cost.
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How to play Go

I'd welcome suggestions for websites or videos that simply and effectively teach the game of Go. Thanks in advance!
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Changing dates of imported posts on Substack

I just started a Substack and imported a bunch of posts from Medium. The imported posts still have the date of first publication on Medium, and I want to edit the date to today. Posts are in my draft folder now. I've tried "settings" and "edit" and clicking the three dots and import settings, and I still can't figure out how to change it. Can you help? Thank you.
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YAYNABQ (Yet another YNAB question)

I thought I had YNAB pretty much down, but now a new snafu has arisen. I have one credit card that I pay off in full every month. This month I made an extra, early payment, because I am expecting some large transactions soon due to a renovation. For some reason, YNAB is now saying my Credit Card Payment category is now overspent, and it's reduced what I have to budget for October. But it's not overspent, I just paid part of the balance early. Any insight/tips/help? I'd like to fully budget for October. [more inside]
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How to best wash couch seat cushions (cloth)?

I have two couches that have cloth cushions. Over the years, I’ve done numerous wipes of them, but they’re getting disgusting and I want to wash them. I recently discovered the cushions has zippers, but instructions still say not to wash/dry them. [more inside]
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Bed me

In the market for a new bed frame that doesn't break the bank - what are my options? [more inside]
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Distinguishing different types of highways on online maps

When my wife & I take road trips, I do a lot of the driving because my wife really doesn't like to drive on major freeways. (Merging traffic makes her nervous, particularly if she's the one merging from an on-ramp.) She's perfectly fine with driving on two-lane or divided four-lane "surface highways", though. Is it possible (on Google Maps or any other mapping app) to easily identify which roads on a long-distance route are controlled-access highways vs. smaller roads? Short of using Street View to preview the whole damn route? [more inside]
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My beloved undies but less dull

For the last few years, I've worn elusively Gap Breathe Shorty underpants. They are soft and amazing. But they only come in boring colors. I'd want brightness and patterns! [more inside]
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Diagnosing audio streaming issues

When wireless speakers stop working, how on earth do you diagnose what's going wrong? Is there any software available in particular that can tell what is happening? It's so opaque. [more inside]
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September 30

AirPods Max--are they worth it?

I've been wanting a set of these headphones for a long time but keep balking at the price. I have a set of regular AirPods, which are great for their portability, but I don't currently have anything that will offer the immersive experience you can generally only get from over-the-ear headphones. But are the AirPods Max worth the price? Have you been happy with yours? [more inside]
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Giant home depot skeleton- Y/N?

I'm thinking about getting a 12 ft. skeleton. Might I use it year round? [more inside]
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troubleshooting young dog training

I got my dog that I posted about previously, and I'm instantly in love with and obsessed with her (small likely pomchi mix 9 months, Trixie). But I have run into a couple of issues! [more inside]
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How do I do Halloween this year at Church & Wellesley (Toronto) ?

I need suggestions for where to go, the night of Oct 31st to have drinks with 4-6 people to celebrate a 19th birthday in the Village. More below the fold [more inside]
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How do I architect an Azure application?

I'm used to AWS and really like the CDK/SAM/modular architecture/ability to generate API endpoints/wrapping it in localstack, etc. Most of all AWS is really well-documented. I'm also really confused about the Azure infrastructure. Do I use the SDK? The Azure Graph API? Basically I need to add users to Teams projects, create folders in Teams "drives," place files on them based on what's in other drives, create calendars, monitor files for changes, etc. I have a bunch of bash scripts that have gotten out of control and other people want to do this. I'd like there to be a Web API of some sort, a "service principal" that monitors and does tasks based on events like what would come out of EventBridge (file changed, monitor what changed, and respond to it). Also, store things in a db of some sort at some point. I'm not tied to any language/framework for the backend but will probably go with Typescript or Python and for the frontend I care less about organizing as it will just authenticate and call the API (leaning towards WebComponents/Lit with a MaterialUI component library). Thoughts on the backend having some like AWS has? Bonus points if it is well documented? [more inside]
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The Ultimate Sandwich

Tell me about the best sandwiches you have ever made or eaten. [more inside]
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Building a wall, hopefully non-hatefully

I'm thinking about getting a brick wall built to replace our chain link fence. Has anyone done this? How did it go? What should I look for in a mason? How much did it cost? (We're looking at about 60 linear feet.)
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Is this vintage hot sauce safe to eat?

An old bottle of Trinidad-style Hot Sauce (Scotch Bonnet, vinegar, garlic, & various things) has been in our fridge for several years (uh let's say at least five or so, used occasionally). It seems to smell and look like it should. Safe to use in moderation?
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Should I talk to my vet about the way my dog passed away?

TW: pet loss. My dog passed away suddenly a few days ago. I have my dog's lab results that were taken a few hours before he died, and after looking into what those high numbers mean, I believe my vet may have undertreated my dog's dehydration and potentially led to his sudden death. I have had a great working relationship with this vet for years, so it is breaking my heart thinking she may have made such a serious error. Should I talk to her about what happened? Ideas on coping with this? [more inside]
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How can my group curate shared digital photo albums?

I want to create shared digital photo albums, but need suggestions for the most convenient platforms to let everyone contribute conveniently. [more inside]
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Stuff to do in Hackney/Dalston, London UK—first in a series: FOOD?

Hello there! I am going to be visiting London for a week at the end of October, and staying in Hackney Central, while walking to Dalston daily. I'll be posting more questions over the next couple of weeks about other stuff to do while I'm there—but with this question, I would like to focus on recommendations for local eateries and food shopping. See inside for special snowflake stuff. Thanks! [more inside]
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Tips for deodorizing artwork?

Do you have any tips for deodorizing artwork on paper with a musty smell that cannot get wet because the ink will bleed? I am currently putting it in the sun for a bit, but I am pretty sure that it will need more work.
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A fresh start without moths

How do I kick out my clothes moths during my upcoming move? There’s been some great asks before, but I have specific questions about furniture as well as clothes. [more inside]
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How can I stop YouTube showing me links to suggested videos?

Sometimes I need to look at a YouTube video that is not embedded in a web page, because a link sends me to YouTube itself. When that happens, the regular YouTube page contains not just the video I want to watch: it contains a long list of other videos suggested by YouTube. They are intensely distracting for me – I can't stop noticing them, and merely looking at them destroys my concentration even if I never click on any of them. Is there any extension for Safari (or another browser) that will remove those suggested videos completely? [more inside]
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Please help me record my guitar and voice.

I am looking for any advice I can get on how to record myself playing the guitar and singing, to help it sound as good as possible given my considerable limitations on both instruments. I have a small mixing board, an audio device, a Heil PR-22 microphone, a Sennheiser e835 microphone, and Audacity (though I'm happy to consider a different DAW solution, especially if it's free or cheap.) My acoustic guitar has a pickup and electronics, but I'm unsure of their quality or if mic'ing the guitar would be better. I know very little about recording, mixing, any of that. I'm not looking to become an expert audio engineer, just to do my little thing and have a decent recording to share around to friends and perhaps MuMe. Any tips much appreciated, including mic technique for singing.
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Word question about candy

X is to gummy candies as full-size chocolate bars are to miniature chocolate bars. What is X?
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Do you love your Concept2 BikeErg?

We've researched the Concept2 BikeErg and it seems to meet our requirements: solid, quiet, provides a good workout, app options, doesn't have a huge footprint, two people (5'6" and 6' with inseams in the recommended range) can use it comfortably, two people can carry it up to a third floor apartment and set it up without professional intervention. Before dropping coin I wanted to ask the BikeErg owners of MeFi: 1. What do you love about it? 2. What do you NOT love? 3. What do you wish you had known before buying it? Thank you!
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I must save this musty wool coat!

Hi! I got a great, unworn wool/polyester blend peacoat from Poshmark, in a gorgeous plum color! Yay! But... while it is unworn, it has clearly been stored in a storage unit or basement or something, and it smells very musty. Not moldy, and there are no stains or anything -- just a noticeable smell. The nearest dry cleaner to me is out of my way -- any at-home tips for de-0stinking it? Preferably without leaving it strongly scented with perfumes or anything?
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Best lamb cookbooks

We have access to delicious locally raised, grass fed lamb (and sometimes mutton). What are the best cookbooks that have a strong focus on lamb? We are looking for a cookbook with LOTS of different recipes. [more inside]
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September 29

Linguistic difference between "poo" vs. "poop"

Is there a definitional difference between "poo" and "poop"? Seeking evidence-based linguistic answers. [more inside]
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What are the coolest mom-cars?

Given my lifestyle, what used car should I buy? [more inside]
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Craft: DIY non-plastic drawstring toggles

I have been sewing and embroidering drawstring bags and want to figure out how to secure them with the same efficiency of a plastic toggle with a spring, but without using plastic. Happy to buy a replacement product, even happier to learn how to make my own. And yes, I can tie a knot but those tighten over time - unless you have an awesome boat knot that would work? Crafty mefites help me get my dream of putting everything in my house in an embroidered bag.
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Looking to buy new slippers

Hi. Usually my questions stem from my lack of tech-savviness, but not this time. With cooler temperatures returning in my little corner of the world, and having grown tired of cheap slippers that fall apart shortly after I buy them, I'm ready to pay more in order to get a quality product designed to last. [more inside]
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Like a zombie without a smart phone or penchant for brains

What are things I can do to zone out that don’t involve screens or eating? [more inside]
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Help with this relative clause question.

English grammar question: "The house __________ we visited yesterday was beautiful." [more inside]
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What are the Want Ads of 2023?

Where do people sell things locally? Craigslist seems to be dead, Facebook Marketplace is nothing but scammers. How do I get rid of stuff that I don't want but that is too valuable to give away? [more inside]
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Mon Dieu!

We (our family) like to yell PG exclamations at each other - OMG! Sheesh! Whoa. Oh COME ON! etc. Now that 12 yo is learning French, we want to do some French exclaiming, too! What do French people yell at each other? [more inside]
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Does my mom have to fill out the American Community Survey?

My elderly mom received a survey which appears to be run by the US Census bureau. It says its the American Community Survey. She knows it's not a Census year and asked me for help as she thought it might be a scam. She finds the questions extremely intrusive and would rather not fill this out. Has anyone received this? Is it really compulsory or can she skip filling this out?
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What is the purpose of the paperboard sleeve in English muffin bags?

Whenever I buy English muffins, regardless of the brand, they come in a package with a paperboard sleeve that stacks them in three rows of two. It takes up a lot of space, and I've also been told the sleeve retains moisture and encourages mold. So why waste money on it? [more inside]
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Surgery recovery suit for cats

So... my cat had surgery to remove an intestinal blockage and has another 10 days at least of wearing the elizabethan collar to stop them from getting at the sutures. Have you used a surgery suit for a cat (male)? Would you recommend one?
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Gmail security alerts on attachments

My work uses Google Workspace to host our email. Some emails that come in have attachments flagged as “can’t be verified as safe”. How do I test if they are safe to open? [more inside]
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Can an online service provider update CC info without asking?

Hi, just got a bill from a service where the card on file was expired, and it looks like they still somehow billed me. It appears that they may have updated the cc expiration date to make it go through but I still need to call them to ask. [more inside]
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Catfilter: how to deal with indoor/outdoor cat during house remodel?

Frankie is an indoor/outdoor cat. I tried keeping her inside for over a year but it made us both miserable. Fortunately I live in a pretty safe neighborhood. This winter my house is being remodeled and I’ll have to move out for 3-6 months. How should we keep Frankie safe and out of harms way during this time? [more inside]
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