May 23

is there anything at Doors Open Toronto that a 9-year old kid would like

Asking for a 9-year-old kid [more inside]
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Bird Bath Bowl Help

I am hunting for a bird bath bowl or a bowl that can be used as a bird bath. I'm hoping to find something larger than 24 inches in diameter - would be thrilled to find something 36 inches diameter! It needs to be shallow enough for the birds to like it... [more inside]
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Retirement Gift Ideas

I need suggestions for a personal retirement/leaving gift for a treasured employee. They are a dog lover/owner, are looking forward to sitting poolside with a cocktail, transitioning to part-time work outdoors or with animals, and possibly moving out of state. Ideas? Budget is $100-200. [more inside]
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Dried Yogurt in carpet—solution must be fragrance-free

I have discovered an aged spot of dried yogurt in a room of my home. I need to clean it up, but cannot use any products with fragrance in them. What are my best techniques? [more inside]
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vegan potluck desperation!

my ex-girlfriend has invited me to a vegan potluck. i need a recipe for something easy to prepare. (foolishly scheduled too much on the same day so i only have about 2 hours to cook) [more inside]
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Do I need a new therapist?

My therapist lambasted me for "judging someone by their past" and said I was "dead wrong" for not totally believing people can change. [more inside]
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Guys peeing in movies: examples? ... and why??

(CW: discussion of, well, male-bodied people urinating in films) Yesterday my film club got on a riff about men peeing in movies. It seems to happen more than you'd expect - guys peeing behind a truck; men peeing in public restrooms; men peeing on the side of a road; men peeing in hotel bathrooms. We're trying to collect of list of movies that have this, and more importantly - why?? What's the cinematic benefit? Is it to convey a long passage of time, or manly-mendom, or humanization, or...?? All examples and all theories welcomed!
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Can I download a Google Workspace shared drive to a local HDD?

I use Google Workspace for work, and would like to start backing up some of the shared drives to a local, physical, 6TB backup drive. Is this possible? How? [more inside]
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Excel question - possible to generate image previews from a URL?

If you're a freak in the Sheets, this is the question for you! [more inside]
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Tell me about the economics of bridal fashion

I am interested in the relationship between bridal designers and bridal shops and samples and orders. I have never been a bride or a bridesmaid or a bridal shop owner. What can you tell me? [more inside]
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Nutritionist - tell me about "Net Carbs" please

Lately I am seeing this food label; "2gm Net Carbs" and then in smaller type; "14 gm Total Carbs - 12 gm Fiber = 2 gm Net Carbs." What does this mean in relation to glycemic index? Has this been the way carbs and fiber have worked forever? Is this some strange magic? Is this just a scam?
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Gift advice for my Dad's birthday

You're a retired guy in your 70s. Your interests are travel, golfing, music (mostly top 40), movies, and wine. You watch a lot of sports and finance news. You're a big fan of tech and gadgets. You like reading, but golf-related books have been your standard birthday/Father's Day present since your kids were toddlers and are a little played out. What do you want for your birthday from your now 30-something child? [more inside]
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Please suggest more jazz *albumsI* like this

I'm quite smitten with the theme music from the show "Monsieur Spade". I know the score is by Carlos Rafael Rivera, but the rest of the soundtrack, nor his other work that I've sampled, isn't a similar enough style. Is it jazzy blues? Bluesy jazz? [more inside]
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Advice on traveling to Edge Esmerelda in Healdsburg, CA.

A friend of mine is going to be attending a multi-day event in Healdsburg, CA. in June. They are trying to figure out the best way to travel from San Francisco airport to Healdsburg, CA for the event, and then to travel from Healdsburg to Berkeley, CA after the event. What's the best (most time efficient and cost effective) way to do this?
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Division of property

How to batch personal property when dividing an estate? [more inside]
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Reflecting on friend's new boundary

I could use some help and perspective in thinking about a conversational boundary a friend of mine has set. It seems reasonable, but it's a big shift in our friendship and emotional connection, and I am having some feelings about it all and trying to figure out if it's worth a conversation or something I need to instead process on my own and with my therapist. [more inside]
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Car unexpectedly accelerated. Next steps?

This morning while turning into a space in a public garage, my car suddenly accelerated. I smashed into the concrete curb at the end of the space, damaging the front end of my car and damaging the curb. What are my next steps? [more inside]
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How to download campaign creative assets from Google Ads

Non-technical management people want to see all campaign creatives for over 200 campaigns. I am hoping there is a way to generate this that is not manual. Anonymous since my manager may want me to spend 100s of hours doing this as busywork. [more inside]
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Looking for suggestions for a UK fundraising platform

I have started a volunteer group of residents who help with the upkeep of a local cemetery. There have been various expenses, which I've so far just covered myself. I'm thinking of starting a JustGiving or similar fundraising campaign where people can contribute towards expenses if they wish. We are not a charity or association, so I would be the only beneficiary at present. [more inside]
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May 22

Looking for a shih tzu video

This question is very dumb. It involves finding a specific video of a specific shih tzu. [more inside]
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Help me replace my busted hammock

I have a metal hammock stand with a padded fabric hammock that has steel spreader bars and attaches with two chains at each end rather than the more typical 1. The fabric is shot so there's a real risk of making a high speed descent if we use it. How do I find a new one without replacing the stand which is fine? [more inside]
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How do my spouse and I take care of each other during dual crises?

Through some recent hard times, I’ve found the concept of “comfort in, dump out” to be massively helpful. And in the last few months, I’ve been in the middle of the circle, with very strong support from my spouse. Now he is entering a very similar crisis, while I still struggle with the day-to-day. Please help me navigate this. (Content note: parental death) [more inside]
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Which medical specialist(s) for chronic ankle, lower leg, foot pain

Help me identify the right kind specialist for my Dr to refer me to for chronic lower leg, foot and ankle pain that is most likely the result of muscle and tendon problems (definitely including but potentially not limited to the peroneal muscles and tendons) [more inside]
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How to stop my kindle from falling out of bed

I read on a kindle in bed most nights. Every few nights, my kindle falls out of the bed and crashes to the floor. My wife is not pleased. Solutions? [more inside]
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I got no time for livin’

I'm looking for OSHA regulations with respect to construction workers. In particular, I am looking for numbers like maximum allowed number of hours work/day and days/week. Can you point me in the right direction? [more inside]
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Bee hive/nest filter

What is this? Looks like an old nest/hive to me, but not sure. On our three season porch. A few bees around, but not many. New England.
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Frankenstein's grocery cart: retrofit my transformer hand truck

Problem: I currently find transporting large loads of groceries from my semi-distant parking garage to my apartment to be a major drag. Existing resource: I own a multi-functional and fabulously useful Cosco 4-in-1 convertible hand truck. Desired solution: Is there a way I can attach some sort of soft add-on bag structure to my existing hand-truck, so I can easily carry groceries with it (ideally with the hand truck in the traditional upright position)? [more inside]
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Objecting to meta AI

Facebook tells me it will now absorb my posts to feed its AI, but that I can object. Does anyone here have good suggestions on how to answer the impact questions inside. [more inside]
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Chore and payment app for older teens?

I want an app to track daily and weekly tasks, as well as optional project work, for a 17-year-old living at home and a 19-year-old who's home for the summer. The 17-year-old has severe social anxiety, some depression, and likely ASD, and has a very hard time planning and executing tasks. I've read about various phone apps so am looking for suggestions and testimonials. [more inside]
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Please just tell me what kind of use hybrid vehicle to purchase

Whelp, my 2008 Prius transmission just crapped out on me unexpectedly and now I am suddenly in the position where maybe I need to buy a new car. I want a gas hybrid. I hate cars and I hate this whole process. Specs inside. [more inside]
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Want to listen to Peter Capaldi

What can I listen to that will fill my ears with Peter Capaldi? Any good audiobooks (besides "Watership Down")? I love his vitriolic "Thick of It" delivery, but I'm willing to give almost anything a try.
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box spring cloth cover?

Over her puppyhood, my dog tore up the gray fabric underneath the bed's box spring. She seems pretty much done with it now. Did the cloth do anything important? It has never made any difference to sleep quality or spring noise, AFAIK. Is there any reason not to just cut away the rest of the cloth to avoid mess?
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Fragrance-free hair balm

What do people like as a fragrance-free hair balm for holding my hair in place without affecting the feel too much? [more inside]
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Any experience with eInk devices outside of e-readers?

As someone who's a chronic (almost daily) migraine sufferer and realizing that laptop screens are almost certainly a contributing factor, I've been looking into alternative eInk devices as a possible replacement for various tasks. Curious if the hive mind has any experience with these devices and wanted to weigh in? [more inside]
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Outlook calendar x 2

I work at two different companies and use Outlook for both their email addresses. I was using the Share Calendar feature on the webapp to share my calendar from Company A with my coworkers at Company B and with myself at Company B, so I can see my whole calendar no matter where I'm logged in. All that sharing worked but I also seem to have shared Company A's calendar with myself at Company A somehow, because Company A has all events twice (the second instance shows the limited Busy/Not Busy view I was sharing with others). What do I do? [more inside]
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How to deal internally with a friend not wanting me to come visit him?

My friend is going to Maine for an August getaway/vacation for the entire month, and we discussed the possibility of me coming for a weekend to visit him. Today, he did an about-face and stated he didn't want anyone to come at all. I feel hurt and misled, but acknowledge my emotions are heightened right now because of possible bad news with my cancer/lifespan. [more inside]
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Should I investigate these blood test results further?

YANMD, but I am confused by my HBA1C blood test results that my doctor (on the NHS) apparently didn't consider worthy of comment. [more inside]
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Fitting a fridge

I want to buy a fridge. It will fit the available space, but it will be tight. Too tight? [more inside]
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May 21


Car people, help. The two front control arms on my 2017 Subaru Forester apparently need replacing. This would be fine, except I have to make a 500 mile roundtrip this weekend. Should I? [more inside]
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I need a library catalog for digital files.

I have a lot of digital files that I need to organize and associate quite a bit of metadata with. What's the best way to do so without learning how to build a database from scratch or paying $$$ for academic library software? [more inside]
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Sending a parcel/package internationally to a pick-up point in USA

I want to send a small parcel from the EU to someone in a small city in CA. I want the recipient to collect it from a post office, pick-up point, locker etc. rather than having it delivered to their home address. The recipient does not have a PO Box. Is this possible? [more inside]
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YANMD but help me figure out why my kid is sick so often.

My five-year-old is sick for I think the 12th time since fall. Help me piece together what I am missing, if anything, to get her some relief from missing out on life/activity so much because she is constantly sick. YANMD but if any of this sounds familiar from your own parenting adventures and anything you did, tried, or advocated for that we are not. [more inside]
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Event during Eid?

Some friends and I are starting up an event series (public discussions on intimacy in all its forms). We are planning to do a bi-weekly-ish series over the summer. Looking at venue availability, our own calendars, etc, it would be appealling to have the event on the evening of June 18 or 19, which is during Eid al-Adha. Trying to figure out whether to reschedule, if there's a way to make it work, etc. [more inside]
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Stovetop insulin?

Once, as a kid at a parent's friend's house (mid eighties to early nineties), I recall someone warming up their insulin on the stovetop before injecting themselves. I recall the insulin being in a gold-ish-colored metallic cube that was placed directly on the burner element. Did I make this up? Was it insulin or something more spicy?
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Help for Cat Siblings Please!

My friend is at her wits' end. Read on if you know about tricky cat situations. [more inside]
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Heavy Periods--Tranexamic Acid? Hysterectomy?

I have a question based on personal experience with heavy periods (NOT expecting medical advice, I know you are not my doctor, etc.) [more inside]
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No turn by turn directions in Maps using CarPlay

I recently got a new iPhone 14 to replace my old phone. Everything worked fine before that. Now when I’m using Apple Maps through CarPlay in my BMW I don’t get turn-by-turn audio directions, I do get told about speed checks and red-light cameras just not the turns. Everything else in CarPlay seems to be working well. Any ideas?
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Toronto, Late Summer: Recs & Side Trips?

We have beloved cousins in Toronto that we visit all the time. We've asked for tips before. This time, we're going in late summer, probably the week at the end of July/beginning of August or the first full week of August. We're interested in fun recs for things to do and places to eat, and this time, we'll have the time to venture a bit outside of town if it's worth it. More inside. [more inside]
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Page turning audiobooks

I have recently gotten into audiobooks! I need some recommendations with certain criteria below. [more inside]
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Avoid import tax.

I want to send a friend a small gift that I made. Like a mosaic mirror. Value $200.00. He is in Italy. I am in USA. Is there a way for me to pay the import tax, instead of saddling him with the tax charge?.Or maybe I could send him a Money order or personal check to cover the charge. Thanks.
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I think I'm in the middle of a con

I saw the potential setup for a con, but I couldn't see the point; the money wasn't worth it. Now I spotted the money coming. I think I am hooked but they haven't hit me for the payout yet. Help me get out without further injury? [more inside]
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Deciding whether to take Paxlovid

Just tested positive for Covid for the first time. I'm deciding about Paxlovid and want to know whether it decreases my risk for the particular concern I have. Also would like any other advice about how to come out of this fully healthy. [more inside]
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How long do I need for Customs in Canada?

I'm planning a trip to Quebec City and found that there are no direct flights from Boston. There are many options with layovers in Montreal or Toronto, but some of them have a very short (less than 1 hour) layover, and I'm wondering if that's enough time to go through Customs and get to the gate for the next flight. Any advice?
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Can you give me some dance vocabulary?

Like millions of others, I was really taken with the choreography in Back On 74 and Dominoes by Shay Latukolan – I think I've always danced in a weird blend of 80s styles with Fosse. I want to dance like that but to indie pop like this, this or this. What styles of dance should I look into? What choreographers should I know about? Is anyone at all dancing in a contemporary way to music like that – on YouTube, TikTok or elsewhere? I don't even know where to start answering these questions. Can you help?
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Can someone break down the Drake-Kendrick Lamar feud for me?

As I age I find myself more and more behind when it comes to key pop culture moments. We seem to have to reached one re Drake and Lamar and I am completely, 1000% in the dark. Please shed some light. Thanks
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May 20

Should we name our son Camille?

My partner (French) and I (American) are choosing a name for our son and we both like the name Camille -- we would mostly call him Cam. He will likely spend much of his formative years in a liberal, east coast American city. Basically we have two questions: 1) If you're from the US, to what extent does "Camille" read as gendered to you? (if you're not really familiar with the name, that's helpful to know too) 2) Are we signing him up for a world of bullying still in 2024? [more inside]
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With expansion screws borrowed from your aunt

Could you realistically actually expand a room using galvanized steel beams (and eco friendly wood veneers)? [more inside]
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Feeling unworthy of love after past relationship mistakes

I was recently broken up with, much of the reason being I had a naive view about romance and did not know how to connect deeply with my partner. I was also depressed at the time, could not recognize it yet, and further failed to respond to my partner's needs at the time. I feel a constant guilt for my actions. How does anyone cope with being the reason a relationship falls apart and feeling worthy again? [more inside]
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How can I buy orthodontic wax with less packaging?

I'm getting orthodontics done now and I've been going through a TON of orthodontic wax since my fixed appliance was installed. Orthodontic wax typically comes in little plastic cases with 5 strips in each one Example on Amazon. I don't have a need for all these tiny cases and I doubt they can be properly recycled due to their small size. I want to find a way to buy orthodontic wax that comes in larger cases or uses more sustainable packaging. Any suggestions? [more inside]
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With eSIMs, how does calling home internationally work at all?

I'm looking into a prepaid phone+data SIM plan for my Uncle who is visiting Canada. This is the first I've heard of eSIM apps on Android and iPhone. Are eSIMs worth using? Moreover, are they a dealbreaker if my elderly uncle might need to make calls back home internationally, in case of a rare personal exigency? [more inside]
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