Advice on hoodia
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Does anyone have any real life experience with taking hoodia? Does it work? Have you noticed any unfortunate or alarming side effects?
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Ive taken it, I believe I tried 2 or 3 different manufacturers and as far as I can tell, it really doesnt do anything. One brand did feel like speed. I believe it was cut with something that I didnt find or recognize on the label.

Perhaps the raw plant does something, but the pills dont seem to effect me.

The one study on this plant for weight loss proved its ineffectiveness.
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Didn't do anything for me. No side effects, no intended effects. I didn't, however, take it consistently, so YMMV. I find a cup of hot tea works better than anything else for suppressing hunger.
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I took the kind that comes in Zipfizz capsules. Didn't do anything to suppress the appetite but did give me some shakes much like I got when I use to use ephedra (Ripped Fuel).
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