It's NOT an REM song about the end of the world, I know that much.
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I'm looking for a poem whose first lines are "When the sun dies there will be eight minutes of light/Not enough time to hoard lemons or bulbs . . . " and it goes on from there. Next line is something like "or let the camera record the slow explosion of a rose." Can't find it anywhere! Ungoogleable. It's driving me nuts! (I heard it a decade ago.)
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It couldn't be About Eight Minutes of Light, by Robert King, could it? It's the closest to that idea I could find, though the complete text requires paying money.
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The complete text of the Robert King poem is about halfway down on this page. It doesn't seem to be the right answer, though quite nice in its own right, and first published in 2001, I believe.
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Right idea, wrong poem. I do like it a lot, though!
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If the sun dies by Ray Bradbury is probably not it, but worth mentioning.
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Nope, but thanks!
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I was lyrics-googling and stumbled across this and remembered this post--probably not what you're looking for, but I thought it was worth a mention.
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