Meditation Classes in San Francisco?
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I'm looking for some sort of meditation class in San Francisco.

I've been getting sick a lot recently and am pretty sure a major contributor to that is my proclivity to be stressed out extremely frequently. My mind never seems to be able to slow down or chill out which is helpful at times but also annoying. I feel that some sort of guided meditation classes might be a really helpful activity to help me chill out a bit more. To be specific I'm not looking for a spiritual practice, per se, but I'm not sure if they are as separable as I'd like.
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If you don't want a spiritual practice as such, you might try yoga, a martial art, or getting some relaxation training/therapy (e.g., biofeedback). Some other techniques you might want to look into are Focusing and also Middendorf Breath Experience

If you don't mind a buddhist slant, there's Kadampa and San Francisco Zen Center.
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Mindfulness meditation is an excellent way to reduce stress. While Buddhist in origin, it has been used quite extensively outside of the Buddhist context. UCSF has a series of mindfulness-based stress reduction classes that you might want to check out. Also take a look at the San Francisco Insight Meditation Community.
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Read Wherever You Go There You Are.
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