Do Muslims watch women's sports?
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Do they show women's Olympics competitions in conservative Muslim countries?

I mean, I've been watching the track & field and the gymnastics and all, and I know that many conservative, Muslim-dominant countries don't even let women participate in the sport. But I've been wondering how Arab eyes in particular must see all those nearly nekkid women (with the one Arab exception I saw on the track) running around in their "underwear." Do they even air those competitions in those countries? Is their controversy about it? Or is the fact that those women are "infidels" anyway negate the offensiveness of their booties hanging out?
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Best answer: Slate, explainer: Beach Volleyball in Iran?How do conservative countries handle scantily clad Olympic athletes?


yes, as long as they aren't wearing leotards or swimwear.
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As I understand it, many of the popular broadcasters in the middle east (e.g. Al Jazeera) are free-to-air satellite stations, so the audience's local authorities don't have any control over their content.
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It's being shown on local channels here in Dubai, though I don't think it really qualifies as "conservative"
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