Help me move my stuff to my new Edinburgh flat!
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Where can I park a van with all my possessions in it safely for a few hours in Edinburgh?

I'm moving up on the morning of the 5th Sept in a big self drive van, into a rental flat in Comely Bank. I need somewhere safe/cheap to park the thing while I go and sign the lease/inventory etc. at the letting agents'. I know there's a small amount of free parking on Fettes Avenue nearby, but does the Edinburgh quarter of the hive mind have any better suggestions, within an hour's bus ride of Shandwick Place? I don't mind a longish trip from where I've parked so long as the van's safe. Thanks!
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I'm a pedestrian, so this is not from experience, but IIRC, there are a couple of pay-for car parks around the city centre. If you're worried about security, those might be a tad safer than a typical side street.
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Not Edinburgh-specific, but how about in front of a police station?
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i'd suggest the Castle Terrace pay car-park - as multistoreys go, it's quite well lit and visible, if you stay on the top floor.

alternatively, there's onstreet parking in rutland street. again, very well lit and lots of people walking back and forth, with the two hotels in close proximity.

there's an element of risk in all choices, i imagine.
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If you are willing to take a bus trip.. how about Edinburgh Airport?

Short term parking there is reasonably priced (though naturally more expensive than regular paid multilevel car parks in the city). But should add an extra level of security.

It is well connected by buses (about 20 minutes to the city centre). Many of the buses I believe also go down Shandwick Place.

Just a thought....
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"all my possessions"

are they worth the fee for a few hours work of a private security guard? cops also do private security work in their free time. I don't see how that would be unaffordable.
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...If you're worried about security, those might be a tad safer than a typical side street.

If you're not, though....
There are always a lot of available spaces on Spottiswoode Road (free on weekends, I think). My family and I used to live in Peebles, and whenever we drove up to Edinburgh we would park there. It's just south of the Meadows.

But seriously, I think that's quite a safe neighborhood.
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Response by poster: Great! THANKS - all these answers really helpful.
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I live in Comely Bank (though I don't own a car). It's very quiet here and I can't imagine you'd have much trouble. FWIW, of the suggestions offered, the only one more convenient to Shandwick Place than your intended location at Fettes Avenue is the deck at Castle Terrace (which is really convenient). It will only take you 15-20 minutes to walk to Shandwick from Fettes.
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