Watching media together in a virtual living room, is it possible?
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Are there any sites online that let people watch movies or listen to music in sync with each other?

One of my best friends has recently moved across the country. One of our favorite things to do together was watching movies, but it's pretty hard to do with a few thousand miles between you. I was wondering if anyone knows of a site where you can either listen to music or watch movies together, and be able to pause so it will stay in sync with the other person watching.

I'm especially looking for something flash based, no software to install. If that doesn't work, I am thinking about setting up a stream with vlc. Has anyone else ever set something similar up? I know technically how to do it, but I don't know if it's really something feasable to do (and yes I have a very fast connection, so upload speed is not an issue.)
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A similar question was asked before, though the offered solutions might be more complex than you would like.
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Best answer: Oh, also, SeeToo claims to let people do just this.
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Been doing this for years with "remote desktop" or vpn to eachothers machines. Prolly works fine with a remote support session too.
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There's CMU's End System Multicast, but it would require installation. And it's more geared towards having a group of people watching, rather than just two of you. SeeToo looks pretty good though.
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Are you gamers? The upcoming system update for the XBox 360 will include exactly this feature - google xbox "live party".
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