I have a GIS question.
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Basically, I want to build mapping system, similar to google maps, using something like Map server & open layers. Take in my own image, such as a building map, define roads or “hallways”, and import points via a XML or RSS feed. I want an interface that I can take the xml feed and run it under the map in a box, displaying it under the map, allowing users to click on the event, and being able to see where they need to go, and using a current fixed position, being able to see how to get there.
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Are you willing to spend money? ArcGIS may be what you need.
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Response by poster: How much? Can I demo it?
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Response by poster: I needs to be web based.
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ArcGIS Server let's you write web-based apps (requires .NET / windows server, I believe). Here's a video showing it in action.

I don't know pricing (a buddy of mine licenses it for an airport GIS system he's building), but I'm sure it's extremely variable, depending on seats, access, etc.
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i've been playing around with it today. it's similar to mapserver but runs as a servlet. the geowebcache plugin makes tiles that can be loaded into google, yahoo, etc.

i'm not an expert yet, but it can definitely do what you want. however, an understanding of GIS basics will make your learning curve much less steep.
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also: it's free.
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Response by poster: where could I learn the basics?
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