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It's a little early to be asking this, but I'm heading to Atlanta, GA for a week in December, and I need ideas for what I, as a 19 year old who will be alone most of the time, can do there. (Details within)

I'm from Oregon, used to travel multiple times a year as a child, but I haven't been out of the surrounding states since I was 12. My mom has started traveling for work and I have an open invitation to come along with her anytime I want to, and her Atlanta trip is the first opportunity I'll have to go.

I'm a cooking student, so I definitely want restaurant recommendations. My other interests are art, books, music, animals (trip to the zoo is already on the itinerary.) Where should I go? What is there to do specifically in early December? I'd be glad to hear about more interesting/obscure things than the ideas I've gotten from city guides.
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Always, always, go to as much Dad's Garage Theatre as you can. The rest is just Waffle House baby.

And the zoo kind of blows, but I was there just to see giant pandas, which as a species kind of blows as far as entertainment value is concerned.
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here are two upcoming exhibits at the high museum of art.
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The King Center and the Ebenezer Baptist Church are good places to see, especially if you are interested in the history of the Civil Rights movement.
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Of course, there's also the Clermont Lounge if you're more into the stripper/hipster thing.
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I second the King Center & Ebenezer Baptist Church. A powerful spot. Then visit Stone Mountian for its tribute to the Confederacy. Enjoy the cultural disconnect.

If you like to cook well, you should visit the Varsity when downtown, if for no other reason than to see how not to eat.

CNN Center and the World of Coca-Cola are kinda touristy and probably worth skipping. Little Five Points, if I remember correctly (it's been a while) was a cool place to shop for used books & records. Definately pick up a copy of "Creative Loafing" when you get to town to see what's going on in the dirty south.
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If you just want to screw around for an afternoon, Little Five Points is a fun neighborhood (and my old 'hood). Criminal Records and Wax and Facts are good record stores, or you can just people watch. There's often some form of impromptu live music happening in the little triangle part of Euclid and Moreland, but beware panhandlers. They are ballsy and will ask for change or anything you happen to be carrying at the time. (Like an egg. An egg! I'm walking down the street with a carton of eggs and the man wants one. What's he going to do with a damn egg out in the middle of the sidewalk?)

And it's a short cab ride from the Clermont if you want cheap beer in a can and sad strippers on coke as part of your experience.

Avoid: The Underground (like the freaking plague, man), The World of Coca-Cola (unless you really, really, really like Coca-Cola) and, on preview, even Stone Mountain, unless you are a huge Gone with the Wind fan.

Oh! There is a really awesome graveyard, the name of which escapes me, that you can see from MARTA which is pretty excellent if you're into graveyards.

Finally, take cab money, because look, MARTA is probably not going to get you everywhere you want to go.
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Manuel's Tavern. Damn fine burgers and beer ... though you can't yet drink the beer, being 19 and all.
Whole World Theatre. Like Dad's, a font of glorious improv comedy. Unlike Dad's, they curse a lot more.
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The graveyard is Oakland Cemetery. Very worth your while. And if you go on Sunday, eat your pre-walk-through brunch across the street at Bluebird Cafe.
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No seriously, go to Waffle House. Never in daylight. Get the hash browns.
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Early December? The Nutcracker Ballet at the Fox!
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I second avoiding the underground, but the world of coke is great fun! make sure you try the "beverly!"
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I second Little Five Points. It rocks. Also, if you're a music lover and willing to drive another another 1:15, head up to Athens, with the best music scene in America (or some magazine said, I swear). On any given night, you can see a truely rockin' band. For food, do you mean just local classics or the places where the food deserves in a 5-star restaraunt (I hate The Varsity while WaHo makes my heart leap with indegestion, smothered, covered, scattered, diced, and chunked)? I dunno if it's local or national, but my favorite won't make your go broke, yet nice restaurant is Houston's. Best spinach ardichoke dip EVER.
Oh, I also love Piedmont Park. Very nice, especially if you have a pet.
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Restaurant Recommendations:

Bacchanalia if you have loads of cash to spend. Even if you don't eat there, you could go just to visit the Star Provisions shops. Their cheeses and pastries are superb.

For good bread and tasty sandwiches, try Alon's.

Watershed in Decatur is very good and not too pricy. The modern decor is one of its main attractions, and it's owned by one of the Indigo Girls.

For something a little more funky, try The Flying Biscuit. As you can guess by the name, their specialty is buttermilk biscuits, and they're gorgeous.
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Oakland Cemetery! Yes! Thank you. And three cheers for Manuel's! I love that place. Huh. You people almost made me miss Atlanta.
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Amazing breakfast at the Flying Biscuit. But for dinner/late night try out R. Thomas (odd holistic menu, but v. good and I would think a great draw for a cooking student) on Peachtree kinda between Buckhead and Midtown. Then cross the street for dessert at Cafe Intermesso where the pastry cases have a tour guide and the wait staff is all bred on a secret runway model training compound.
Little Five Points is cool, but it's cooler if you are 15. Onion rings from the Varsity (it's an institution).
It's hokey and redneck but if you have an open evening go see the laser show at Stone Mountain.
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Hey, you're coming south, you should eat some southern food. That means a BBQ joint and a meat and three.
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