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Website that compares McCain and Obama's policies in a non-biased way with references/sources?
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Best answer: Here is a very thorough comparison of their tax plans:
A Updated Analysis of the 2008 Presidential Candidates' Tax Plans: Executive Summary - August 18, 2008

Barack Obama has fairly detailed proposals on his website here: Issues

John McCain has a similar section on his website as well: Issues
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Best answer: I've always liked as a neutral third party because they cite-link to quotes and actual voting records. The problem is that I don't think it's been updated with the latest quotes for this summer (e.g. Obama saying he'll allow offshore drilling). It's still good for actual voting record, though, and ultimately that's the only nonbiased information you can find about a candidate besides quotes and theoretical "policies," which can always be changed without notice.
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For healthcare policies, try this side-by-side.

Disclaimer: I work for the place that produces this; I have no input into the policy side of things or the production of pieces like this.
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I also like Project Vote Smart. Unfortunately, the information is not side-by-side, but rather you dig into each candidate one at a time.
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Best answer: The McCain/Obama tax plan is best summed up by the Washington post in this graph.
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I feel like it's easier than usual to compare these candidates, considering that they're senators and have voting records. However, putting their issues side-by-side (in a non-partisan way) is kind of difficult considering that you have to do a bit of interpretation.

So, I'd second or nth
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Couldn't be any clearer than this
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There are a number of comparisons aggregated at (for this, As the title suggests, its approach is a bit binary.
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