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Best book for grant writing?

I would like to pick up a book to learn the basics of grant writing. I've perused the Amazon listings, but they all look the same to me. Assume I know absolutely nothing about grant writing (which is true), and point me in the right direction. Thanks!
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I learned a lot from Joel Orosz's book "Insider's Guide to Grantmaking," which provides a most needed perspective - that of the person who will be evaluating your applications and proposals. I've read Chapter 12 on Key Principals dozens of times and refer to it every time I write a proposal. The other books by Orosz are worth your time, too.

One online resource I use a lot is the Kellogg Foundation website, It's a great resource even if you're not applying to Kellogg. The evaluation toolkit there is especially helpful.

You didn't provide any information about why you need to learn about grant writing, but I'm also going to recommend the book 'Play to Win -- the Nonprofit Guide to Competitive Strategy' by David LaPiana, because grants are never the entire answer to any organization's needs.
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Ultimately, I think a book is overkill. But, if you really must have an excellent introduction, the Kellogg Foundation's Logic Model is an excellent framework on which to build not just a grant application, but entire projects/programs. And the text (PDF) is free.

My former employer has an excellent set of links to grant proposal development introductions and guides. Most of them are practical guides, and they cover a wide range of proposals, from fellowships to large, institutional grants. (For that matter, the entire links page is worth checking out.)
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I overused the e word, there.
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