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Where can I get a copy of Jeffrey Steingarten's Beijing Restaurant Guide?

I found it a few days ago off Google but now it appears Vogue online has pulled the PDF file (previously here.
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Best answer: If you aren't fussy about your file format, google it, and click on the "view as html." I found it on google with the search " steingarten beijing" but I'm sure there are many other equally successful permutations.
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Best answer: In case you are picky, I just made a PDF of it and am about to mail it to you. Anyone else who wants one can request one...
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Hmm, whatzit, that search isn't giving me any results. Maybe they took it down just now!
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MSN Live Search still has a cached HTML copy; search for same string as google one provided above.

I took a look at the guide and it is rather... lackluster. There are ony a few restaurants in there, and they are all well-known and well-overpriced by Chinese standards. Any guidebook like the Lonely Planet will likely provide you with more or less the same list.
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