How to get from Newport, RI to JFK without driving?
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Is there any practical way for an individual to get from Newport, Rhode Island to JFK airport for an 11:30am flight on Monday, September 2nd, 2008 without driving? Something like LimoLiner or a bus or something?
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You'd have to leave Sunday evening, so I'm not sure how practical it is, but: van to Kingston RI (call 401-295-1100 for reservations), Amtrak to Bridgeport CT, ferry to Port Jefferson on Long Island, LIRR to Jamaica Station, AirTrain to JFK.
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(Monday is September 1st.) Amtrak runs a train to Penn Station from Kingston, RI, but the earliest train (7:41a) doesn't get in until 10:55a. The last train leaves daily at 10:46p and gets you into NYC at 2a.
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You're going to have a long morning.

There's a 5:45 Acela Express from Providence that gets to NY Penn Station at 8:45...theoretically. It is the fastest train in the country and Amtrak owns the line, so you'd have the greatest possible likelihood of making it. It's pricey at $101, but reserved seating and I think there's even a money-back guarantee if you're more than 15 minutes late.

However: there is no RIPTA bus this early - the first #14 that gets you to Providence leaves Newport Gateway Center at 5:01 but doesn't get to Providence Kennedy Plaza until 6:11. If you can get a ride to Providence, though, this is the best option.

There is another Acela Express that leaves at 6:50 and arrives at Penn at 9:45.

This second train would seem to be cutting it really close - if you got in exactly on time and had 21 minutes to buy an LIRR ticket (for the first leg) and a Metrocard (for your second leg) get the 10:06 Long Island Railroad train to Jamaica (arriving at 10:26) and connect to the AirTrain to JFK (departs every 2 to 12 minutes, trip duration 10 minutes), you'd arrive at the airport with maybe an hour to spare. Maybe. Assuming no delays, breakdowns, etc. I hope you're not checking a bag.

Getting the early train from Providence, though seems the only way to really be (mostly) safe.
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Correction: I can't find any evidence of the on-time guarantee, and Amtrak owns most of the line.
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If anyone can figure out how to get from Newport to New Haven, CT slightly before 7 am, there's a 7 am Connecticut Limo that takes you straight to JFK by 10 am. Advance reservations are necessary. Price is something like $50 maybe?

Or, you could take the Peter Pan bus from Newport to Boston Logan Airport for $31, departing 6 am arriving 8:15 am, and then fly from Boston to JFK. I found a Delta flight that leaves at 9 am, arrives 10:30 am, for $115 on Not being a Logan Airport or Peter Pan expert I have no idea how feasible this is.
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Also, you can fly to JFK from TF Green in Warwick; there must - there's a Delta flight that leaves at 6:00 that gets into JFK at 7:30, and a United flight via Washington Dulles (!) that leaves PVD at 6:00, has a 45 minute layover in Dulles between 7:30 and 8:15, and gets into JFK at 9:30.

The Delta flight is $229 one way; the United flight is $240 one way.
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there must -

Uh, not sure what that was, sorry.
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