Can you help me find this statue?
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I found this image of a(n angel?) statue with the title "Greece Burning" but i can't find any other details. Can you help?

Link to the image: click here

thanks. =)
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I found the same image here, part of a blog post about a large fire in Greece. The Guardian has a caption for the photo as well.

I found that link using TinEye, the new image-search tool discussed on the blue today.
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Yes, that's Nike -- the Goddess of Victory. Most famously, the Winged Victory of Samothrace.
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See here.
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oops. took too long. chudmonkey beat me to it.
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Needless to say, the Winged Victory is safe and sound in the Louvre. The sculpture in this photo is modern, and after some determined googling ...

It's "Torch of Peace" by Georgian sculptor George Shkhvatsabaia. It was erected at Olympia in 1992 for the Barcelona Olympics -- probably for the torch-lighting ceremony.

There are some other views of the sculpture in this YouTube "gallery" of his work. (at 1:55)
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