Is there anyway to display a word document as a webpage?
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im developing a *low key* department site for the company intranet. We've decided that ill write a simple menu that loads a word document into the facing frame for each menu item - this way i don't have to write any SQL or an interface for keeping the performance data up to date (the department employees will simply keep the word files up to date)

now the question - is there anyway to display a word document as a webpage (meaning: without the rulers and such along the sides and top)?

**important** I realize the employee could simply 'save as webpage', but that is more room for error than i am comfortable in handing them.
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No. If you want to view the document in a browser, you'll need it to be in some form that a browser can use -- and MSDOC is not one of those. If you're so desperately tied to Word, you might instead want to throw your navigational functionality into some monster macro-filled Word document that will sit on a file server instead of trying to cram Word into the web.
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I very much doubt that your dept. is running Safari under OS X.3 but I view Word docs in my browser using this plug-in.

Surely something similar available for Win/IE?
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majick - aparently IE can read MSDOC because its loads them just fine - however it adds measurement rulers, tab setting tools etc etc to the side and top.

im not bound to word exactly, i just don't want to be stuck A) making changes to the site as the data grows out of date, or B) writting an interface to store/edit/add/change the data.

i_cola - IE can view word docs by default... it just adds controls/tool bars that id rather not have cluttering the page.
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Just a thought. Could you get your web server to automatically convert the word documents to pdf format before serving them as links.
Or you could (and I don't know how you would do this), embed the word file as an activex object in the webpage. Hopefully, the activex control will allow you to switch off rulers, etc.
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aparently IE can read MSDOC because its loads them just fine

No it doesn't. It opens an instance of MS Word in your browser. Just my personal opinion, but the long-term maintenace of the system you describe will be much more painful than setting up a proper system.
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Try making a cgi that automatically runs wv against the document and presents the output from wv to the web-browser.

Specifically, you want wvHtml. Enjoy!
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Have them save it txt format and use blosxom?
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