Teach me to breakdance!
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BBOYZ! Teach me how to dance, specifically popping, locking, and breakdancing. Any tips you can give will be appreciated.

I want to learn to breakdance. Any websites or video tutorials or advice will be readily accepted. Anything from moves (air flairs, glides, windmills) to technique on popping and locking, to ideal shoes, to diet and exercise to turn me into a b-boy. Anything that helped you get better and simplified the learning curve, let me know.

About me: I listen to quite a bit of freestyle music, and I find it ideal to break with. Specifically, anything you can find in this CD collection.

I'm a little overweight (like 10 lbs or so) and know very little basics. I'm just perfecting my arm waves and glides haha.

I live in the middle of nowhere, so there is no place that offers breakdancing classes, or even dance classes in general. I'm open to learning a wide variety of dances, but breakdancing is what caught my interest.

Thanks in advance!
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Start with Mr. Wiggles.
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Best answer: Here ya go.
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Best answer: Here's a post I made on the blue about clown walking, a form of hip-hop dancing that includes many of the moves you're describing. Have fun!
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Look for videos on youtube and the like. As for learning windmills and stuff, don't try to be cool and learn on a hard surface. You can break one of the notches off your spine like I did. You know those gym mats that are blue that you can velcro together? Buy some of those. They are slippery and padded and perfect for learning that stuff.
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Response by poster: Camofrog, Netbros:

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! Need more though, keep them coming guys!

God I love ASKMEFI
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Try the "Street Dance" section of Videojug.

Here you go.
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Oh, and watch "So you think you can dance" on TV...

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