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Where can 2 vegetarians eat, drink and be merry this weekend in Virginia Beach?

My girlfriend and I are going to Virginia Beach for the weekend. We're staying on Atlantic Ave & 35th St. We're both vegetarians (not vegan): What/where are some good restaurants with a decent amount of vegetarian options (i.e. more than a veggie burger and a salad bar). We're looking both for places to get dinner and breakfast/brunch places. They don't have to be fancy, though if you know of any nicer places, we wouldn't necessarily be opposed to them. We'd prefer that they be within reasonable walking distance from our hotel. Breakfast is a bit trickier than dinner- not only are we vegetarians, but my girlfriend doesn't like eggs, so any place with good pancakes or bagels would be ideal. (We are New Yorkers. When I say "bagel", I mean a good bagel, not a piece of bread shaped like a doughnut.)

Also, where should we drink? At home, we tend to prefer dive bars without a huge crowd. No need to fancy cocktails, but a pool table would be a big plus. Again, walking distance is preferred.

Anything else we shouldn't miss while we're there? We'll be there from Friday through Sunday, and our days are pretty open. The only things that we specifically don't want to do are bike rentals (I don't know how to ride one) or surfing lessons (Not there for long enough/I'm a terrible swimmer.)
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Mt. Trashmore
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Most of the places that cater to the Vegetarian crowd that I can think of are on 21st St and Colley Ave in Norfolk. It's about 20 minutes away from the oceanfront. Down at the strip you're more likely to find the normal tourist kind of food(burgers, pizza).
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Hate to burst your bubble, but if you're looking for uncrowded bars at the beach good luck. Most of them are full of what I would call kids and squids. 18-24 crowd and Navy guys on leave. Add all the normal tourists traffic in and you're looking at packed bars as far as the eye can see.
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You want good breakfast? Go to Mary's, corner of Virginia Beach Blvd and Mediterranean Ave. Pancakes to die for, man. It's about two miles from where you will be, but it's good.

wavering is right, the good vegetarian fare is going to be in Ghent, around 21st St. You're not going to find a whole lot within walking distance of your hotel.
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